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#spiderman x reader
andilovetowrite · an hour ago
Punch to the Heart (Part 3 Teaser)
Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: After repeatedly blowing you off on plans, events and trips, you have finally had enough. But Peter soon regrets it as he sees the harsh reality of almost losing his best friend.
Based on a request, you can find it here!
Here is my Masterlist in case you want to find more of my work :)
Part 1
Part 2
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Tumblr media
We’ve got he--r
Stay with us Y/nnnn
C’mon, try anythin--
Oh, thank go-
Words swam in and out of your head, floating in front of you and into your ears. Voices shouted from either side of you at some point. You could feel yourself slipping into some type of unconsciousness, with bright white light shining through your eyelids. You could hear Peter’s voice mix in with your parent’s voices. You could hear May’s voice and through some type of veil, you could hear Uncle Ben’s voice as well. Sure that you were hallucinating, you tried to open your eyes, but blacked out before you could try….
You regained your consciousness at some point, your brain making sense that you were unable to move your body. Which meant you were unable to move your eyes. But you could feel things. The blinding sorts of pain in your stomach and right thigh. The rough material of some type of gauze covering your entire lower body. Your back bare, with your front covered in a flimsy cloth. And for a quick moment, you thought you were back in the van, with kidnappers and terrorists. And the thought alone made you pass out again…
The last time that you woke up, you were hit with a multitude of sounds and noises. Carts being pushed, metal creaking, glasses clinking. You could hear voices as well. The soft drawl of some lady next to you, one that you vaguely remember. A comforting voice, one that you were familiar with because she woke you up in the mornings. Your mom. Another deeper voice trying to calm her down. Your dad. A worried, yet the firm voice that you knew since you went to her house every other day. Aunt May.
But one specific voice was loud and clear to you. High, slightly cracked, chocked up. A voice that you could recognize even if you were half dead. A voice that you grew up with, a voice that was by your side for years. A voice that now seemed to be crying softly from the other side of the room.
So with whatever energy you had left in you, you opened your eyes and whispered. “Peter”
The full part will be out probably sometime next week :) Hope you liked this tiny excerpt and can't wait to finish the whole thing. Until next time 😌
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borntobewondering · 3 hours ago
Fated, Part Two
Pairing: Peter Parker x Female!Stark!Reader
Synopsis: You and Peter hate each other, but some visitors from the future, and some unresolved feelings, may change your lives forever.
Word Count: 2.1k
Warnings: A curse word or two. Mentions of time travel. kinda angsty
Note: My work is not to be posted anywhere else on any other platforms. If my work is posted elsewhere on any other platforms it was put there without my permission. Also, I do not own these characters.
Masterlist - Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
“What?” Your father repeated his question and you could tell that there were too many gears turning in his head. And you didn’t necessarily like what conclusions they were leading him to. 
He turned in Peter’s direction, with his blaster aimed at the spiderling’s chest, and spoke with a tone of voice that you’d never heard from him in your life. “You got my daughter pregnant?” 
Peter’s eyes grew about three sizes, and you knew that he knew he was a dead man. 
“Mr. Stark-” But your father wasn’t having it.
“You have five seconds to run.” And run he did. You’d never seen Peter move so fast, and your father waited with a small amount of patience as he counted to five before he took off after his protégé. 
You turned back towards the two teens standing in front of all of you. “You have the wrong person. I don’t have kids.” 
“Not right now. But a few years down the line you will.” The boy started and you were far from convinced. 
You’d all faced people who were lying just to get inside your head. Even a few seemingly non threatening teenagers could be some kind of villainous masterminds. 
“Prove it.” You needed some way to believe them, and there wasn’t going to be a sure fire way. DNA tests could be tampered with, but not if they were done at the compound. 
“How?” The girl finally spoke up, her eyes barely meeting yours. 
“A DNA test.” Banner spoke up, and you nodded in his direction. “Come with me.” The two adolescents followed behind him as he led them to one of the labs. 
You knew everyone on the team was looking at you, and you didn’t really know what you were supposed to do. You could see Steve looking at you from the corner of your eye. 
“What?” You asked, not at all attempting to hide the agitation in your voice. 
“Aren’t you going to go with them?” He asked, for some reason he was expecting you to immediately care about those two kids just because they claimed to be your kid. As though you shouldn’t be able to take any time to process what had just happened. 
“I trust Banner. He can take care of it.”
“What about Peter?”
“What about Peter?” What should he matter to you?
“Shouldn’t you go and make sure your dad didn’t get to him?”
“As much as I would love that,” You said not at all sarcastically, “I have to go get MJ.” And with that you made your way back into the elevator. MJ was still seated on the floor in your bathroom when you came back in. She sprung up when she saw you and she practically tackled you to the ground.
“You’re okay.” She said under her breath, and you chuckled as you tried to take in a little more air. She’d definitely caught you by surprise. 
“I’m fine. Just a little bit of a shock down there. But everyone’s fine.” 
“What kind of shock?” She asked as she stood up and extended her hand in your direction.
“Apparently two people who claim to be my kids have traveled back in time to this very day.” You expected some kind of laughter at the absurdity of it all, but she just nodded. “That doesn’t surprise you?”
“Crazy stuff happens all the time. Nothing phases me anymore.” Fair point. “So what are you going to do?”
“About what?” You asked as you got up off the ground and went to sit at your desk.
“Your supposed future offspring. You can’t just leave them to fend for themselves in a time before they existed. It’d look sketchy if they went out saving the day before their alter egos are even supposed to exist.”
“How did you know that they’re heroes?” You asked, and all you got in return was an unamused look.
“Your dad is a superhero. You’re a superhero. You were raised around superheroes. Hell, I bet that their father is a superhero too.” Your silence was all the answer she needed, and that answer was so sweet. “He is, isn’t he? Oh this is just too good.” She was snickering to herself, completely ignoring the glare that you were sending in her direction. “So, which above average human is it?”
You mumbled something under your breath, it was so quiet that no person with average hearing would be able to pick up on it.
“What was that?” She asked, and you rolled your eyes to high heaven at her excitement over this nugget of information.
You mumbled once again, this time loud enough that she could hear you. But she wasn’t satisfied with just a few grumpy mumbles, she wanted to hear you say it. To hear you admit that she’d been right all this time. “Sorry, I didn’t catch that.”
“Peter Parker.” Your voice was still quiet, but it was certainly enough. More than enough. MJ would never let you live this down. She was beaming, she’d never been so pleased to be proven right. 
“This is the best day of my life!” She said, her cocky smile prominently displayed as you groaned. 
“Please don’t rub it in.”
“But I want to.” She pouted, and you almost cracked a smile. Almost. 
“Can we please just figure out what the hell I’m supposed to do about this?” What was one supposed to do when their “kids” appeared out of thin air from several years in the future? 
“The first thing we’re gonna do is get some answers.” She extended her hand, and you took it as she led you through the compound. She walked as though she owned the place, but you didn’t even know where she was trying to take you. 
Eventually, after getting turned around about a million times, the two of you found yourselves in front of Banner’s lab. “You know there was a simpler way to get here.” You said, and she rolled her eyes.
“We’re here, aren’t we?” She walked through the doorway, and found who she assumed were the two teens in question. After a few seconds you finally gathered up the nerve to walk in there yourself. The kids were sitting down in spinny chairs as Banner was off by one of the monitors going over the results. 
“So, are they really her kids?” MJ asked, knowing that you didn’t want anything to do with all of this. 
“We really should wait until Peter gets here.” For an attempt at evading the question, it was enough of an answer in and of itself. 
You looked up at the two of them, and you noticed that their eyes hadn’t left you since you walked in. They had a strange emotion behind their eyes, one that you couldn’t quite place. It was like they were afraid you’d break into a million tiny pieces at any second. 
“What are your names?”
“Benjamin.” The boy spoke up first, and, after having a conversation completely through eye contact with her sibling, his sister followed suit. 
“Toni.” After your father and Peter’s. If you looked at them closely enough you could spot a resemblance. But you didn’t want to spot a resemblance. You wanted to be able to deny that any of this was happening. 
Before anyone could ask another question, the door opened and in walked your father and Peter. Peter’s eyes were glued to the ground and your father immediately walked over to the monitor. Reading over the result before turning back to face all of you. 
“They’re yours.” He said, and he could tell by your expression that you were anything but surprised. “Now onto the more important piece of this puzzle. How did you two get here?”
The kids shared another glance before speaking up, “It’s a long story.”
“We’ve got time.” Your dad said as he crossed his arms over his chest. 
The kids looked around for some kind of way out, hoping that either your or Peter would let them off the hook. But neither of you were budging. 
“So, a few years ago we were up against this villain. All four of us. This guy had sprouted up out of nowhere, and people were disappearing left and right whenever they went against him. We thought we could fix that. Put a stop to him and bring all of those people back. But that’s not what happened.” The girl began, and her eyes drifted back over to Peter. 
And when she trailed off her brother picked up, seemingly knowing that his sister wouldn’t be able to make it through the explanation. 
“That guy, he was a lot more powerful than we were counting on. And we didn’t know enough about his powers. So instead of us saving the day, we lost one of our own.” And everyone’s eyes, except for your daughter who was now looking at the floor, landed on Peter. “He sent you through a portal. Six years ago, and we haven’t been able to bring you back.”
“I would never let that happen.” Your dad said, and you knew it was true. He loved Peter like a son, and technically in their time he is Tony’s son in a way. Your dad would find a way to get Peter back to you. 
“You’re not really around anymore.” That’s quite a way to beat around the bush. To not come right out and reveal your father’s fate. 
“That still doesn’t explain how you’re here.” You finally spoke, and the two of them tensed up at the sound of your voice. 
“That villain disappeared after he sent dad through that portal. And no one had seen him, until two weeks ago. There were reported sightings of him popping up out of nowhere. So, we decided to investigate. We wanted his help to bring dad back from that portal. But he wasn’t really in a talking mood. And then he sent us through a portal, then  we ended up here somehow.” 
Everyone in the room didn’t have any hesitation in believing the story. They can’t dispute the existence of some future foe, how could they? They didn’t know what their future problems would be. 
But there was one thing nagging in your mind, and you couldn’t just let it slide. Everyone else’s future, save for MJ, had been addressed. Everyone but you. 
“What about me?” You asked, and the two kids looked at you. A little nervous about having to answer you. “Where am I in this future of yours?”
The room got very silent, everyone’s curiosity was piqued, and now you were just waiting for an explanation. 
“You, um, you are closed off. A bit of a wreck. You barely leave your lab. You haven’t stopped looking for dad since the day he disappeared.” Your “daughter” said, and it sounded like a roundabout way of saying that you had gotten to a point where you were ignoring your children. Your attention had been diverted from your own kids. 
What kind of a mother did that make you? You’d been ignoring them for six years. You nodded your head slowly, tapping your toe against the ground for a few seconds before you turned on your heel and left the lab, and everyone in it, behind. 
You could hear MJ calling after you, she knew you well enough to know that you weren’t going to be okay with any of that. To know that you turned out to be like your own mother. A neglectful parent that was turning a blind eye to her children all because of a man who had vanished from your life. You turn into the one thing that you never wanted to be. 
You had a bit of a habit of running away from your problems. Running away from all of the things that you didn’t want to believe were true. 
And that’s exactly what you did. You ran, not as far as you possibly could, but you ran to the spot where you usually went when everything got to be a little too much. 
You went up to the roof, laying down against it as you stared up at the clouds in the sky. Was it strange to wish away the future? Especially when it had just been sitting right in front of you. 
You just didn’t want to believe that that was your future. Turning into the thing you despise most is its own kind of curse. Its own living hell. How could you possibly turn out like that?
You were so caught up in your own head that you almost missed the sound of the door opening. Almost. 
“I’m fine MJ.” You said as you sat up, getting a better look at the grounds instead of just the fluffy white clouds lingering in the sky. 
You heard footsteps grow closer, and it wasn’t until the person sat beside you. And it wasn’t MJ at all. It was Peter. 
So, there was definitely no way that you were avoiding this. 
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bethanyjade77 · 3 hours ago
Routine - Peter Parker
Masterlist / Requests / Taglist
Warnings: Little bit of violence (knives) and a whole lot of fluff.
Word count: 2.1k
Tumblr media
There you were again, standing at the counter reciting your order to Delmar. Every day, at 7pm, you came in here to order one sandwich. Then you’d hang around for twenty minutes, swiping on your phone while you picked at your food. Peter didn’t intend to remember your routine off by heart, it just happened. He even shifted his routine around, just so he would be here at the same time as you were. Part of him felt creepy, but it wasn’t like he was stalking you or anything. He just didn’t have the confidence to approach you, so instead, he stole sneaky glances while you ate.
There he was again, sitting on the chair by the door. Every day, at 7pm, he sat there and ate his sandwich. Then he would pull out a textbook, skimming it while he sipped on his drink. You didn’t intend to memorise the boy’s routine, it just happened. Now you tried to find ways to stay for a little longer; by eating your sandwich slower, ordering a cookie, anything you could to linger in the presence of a boy that didn’t even notice you. Part of you felt creepy, staring at him longingly from a distance. You just didn’t know how to approach him, so instead, you stole sneaky glances while he ate.
You left at 7:40pm; you stayed for almost twice as long as usual, which surprised Peter. The smell of your perfume hit him like a truck as you strolled past his table, and it left him gazing at your retreating figure like a lovesick puppy. With a sigh, he put his books back in his bag and stood up to leave.
“Don’t think I haven’t noticed, kid, just talk to her.” Delmar shrugged, making Peter stop like a deer in the headlights. The stunned boy spun around, his mouth opening and closing like a fish.
“I - erm - She wouldn’t be interested.” He sighed, and his eyebrows sank in disappointment.
The deli owner snorted at his answer and leaned over the counter, “She looks at you the same way, you know.”
Before Peter could respond, his enhanced hearing picked up on a potential emergency outside. He mumbled his goodbyes and ran out the door, racing to the ally where he stashed his suit.
The teenage superhero swung across a few roofs before finding the crime in progress, and his heart thudded against his chest when he saw you, a knife to your throat while you were getting mugged.
The boy wasted no time and dropped down, pushing you behind him protectively.
“Well, this is no way to treat a lady.” He quipped, and roundhouse kicked the man before webbing him up. 
Peter’s heart almost shattered when he turned to see your trembling figure, eyes wide and glassy. Being in the suit gave him confidence that he didn’t usually have, which is why he reached out to place a comforting hand on your arm.
“Hey, you’re safe now.” He assured, but you were still in shock, eyes darting between him and the man. Parted lips and puffy eyes wasn’t how Peter liked to see you, this version of you made his heart drop.
He nervously scratched the back of his head, “Why don’t I swing you home?”
Your eyes snapped up to the superhero, only just processing what just happened. The lump in your throat made you not trust your voice, so you gave him a slow nod instead.
A warm tingle ran down his spine as he wrapped his arm around your waist and you secured yours around his neck. The two of you have never had a conversation or even shared more than a second of eye contact, and here he was holding you to his chest. You whispered your address so softly that you weren’t sure if he heard you, but he did, he always heard you.
“Hold on tight.”
It had been three days since the incident, and you were still pretty shaken up, Peter could tell. You sat at your table, eyes trained on the plate while you pushed your food around. A sigh left his lips. Why couldn’t he just walk over there and talk to you? Why could he only be confident in a blue and red suit? Spiderman and Peter were the same person, so why could only one of them speak to you? He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he almost missed you leaving, only realising you did when the bell on the door rang. He shot up and ran to the ally once again.
This was a new part of his routine, swinging above you while you walked home to make sure you were safe. Then as soon as you entered your apartment building, he started his patrol.
But that night’s patrol was different, because as he swung over your building there was a miniature figure perched on the edge of the roof. Curiosity got the better of the teenage superhero and diverted his swing to land behind the woman. As soon as he did, he realised the woman was you. He would recognise that hair anywhere.
“Erm, hi,” He said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. The sudden voice made you jump, and you spun around with a hand over your heart.
“Oh, its you.” You smiled, anxiously playing with your fingers. “I, erm, I didn’t thank you for the other day. It’s kinda been on my mind, like constantly on my mind. I just walked away after you save me, god who even does that? You must think I’m so rude, I am grateful. Like super grateful… so anyway, erm, thanks?”
You recoiled as the words left your mouth, embarrassing yourself in front of spiderman wasn’t on your to do list. While you internally groaned, Peter’s heart fluttered. Finding out you were as awkward as he was put him at ease, maybe he could talk to you without the suit after all.
He strolled over to you, pointing to the space on your left, “Mind if I sit?”
A genuine smile grew on your lips, and you nodded. That is how the two of you spent the next hour, eyes fixed on the city while you made casual, but awkward conversation.
It had been a month since the first night on the rooftop, and you had a fresh addition to your routine. At 10pm, every night, you waited for spiderman on your apartment’s roof. A strong friendship had formed, and you were crushing hard on the faceless boy whose name was a secret. How you could develop feelings for someone you didn’t really know was a mystery to you, but it just happened. You could walk past him on the street and never know it was the boy you spend hours talking to, which was daunting but also exciting.
Tonight, he was a little late. But you couldn’t complain, he was keeping the city safe after all. When the clock hit 10:30pm you began to worry, but you shrugged the feeling off. He was probably in the middle of kicking ass.
Right on queue, the masked figure flipped to land beside you with a small grunt. You didn’t need to see him to know that he was hurt, and you turned around to him with a concerned frown. The concern quickly turned to full-blown panic, his suit was ripped and covered in blood. His blood.
“Oh my god, what happened?” You asked, hands covering your mouth.
He waved his hand around dismissively, “Bad guys with a knife, I’ll heal… eventually.”
Peter watched as your face twisted in disbelief and you shook your head at him. You jumped up and held your hand out, making his eyebrows furrow under the mask. When he didn’t move, you groaned.
“Either you walk willingly or I’ll drag you, spiderboy.” You raised a brow, and he slowly stood up with a huff.
“It’s spiderman…” He mumbled, but trailed after you anyway.
The two of you snuck down the flights of stairs, trying to avoid your neighbours as you led him through the building. You really didn’t want to explain why you were sneaking spiderman into your apartment while your mother was at work to Mrs Mathews. When you opened the door to your apartment, Peter’s heart pounded against his chest. You gestured for him to come in and rushed over to the cabinet to grab the first aid kit.
“You know, you really don’t nee-”
You cut him off with a stern glare, “Sit.”
He obliged, flopping down onto the chair with a pained groan. Kneeling down, you scanned his stomach and bit the inside of your cheek in concentration.
“Your, erm, gonna have to take the suit off.” He tilted his head, and you peered up at him in panic. “Not the entire suit! Just the top part.”
Spiderman nodded, but Peter was freaking out. He was going to be topless in front of the girl he’s fallen in love with, even the false confidence the mask gave him wouldn’t help in this situation.
Slowly, he peeled the top half of his suit from his body, revealing his injured but defined abs. Your breath hitched in your throat, something that went noticed by the boy. While the suit showed his prominent muscles, you weren’t expecting him to be in such good shape underneath it.
After staring for a second too long, you shook your head and got to work on his wounds. The boy winced and hissed occasionally, making you mutter apologies under your breath. You rested your hand on his torso, and he sucked in a sharp breath. A blush formed on your cheeks at the feeling of his body underneath your hand, and Peter was glad that he had a mask on, because he was blushing just as hard.
“All done. You can, erm, cover up again.” You stuttered out, biting your thumb before rushing off to put the first aid kit away.
A wave of confidence rushed through the teenage boy, and he stood up, slowly taking his mask off as he shuffled towards you. He had been wanting to tell you for a while, but always chickened out at the last moment. What if you didn’t like what was behind the mask? The thought made him go to put it back on, but before he could, you turned around. Your eyes raked over the half naked teenage boy, and a gasp escaped your throat.
“Cute deli shop boy?” You asked, clamping your hand over your mouth when you realised you said that out loud. Hearing you call him cute made his cheeks heat up, and a weak smile played on his lips. He took a step forward, fiddling with his hands while he looked down at the floor.
Your mind was racing. Finding out that the two boys you were crushing on were the same person was unexpected, to say the very least. He was only a few steps away from you now, close enough for you to see the marks on his face. Without thinking, you moved closer and hesitantly brought your hand to his cheek.
“Your face is hurt.” You stated, your eyes running over his handsome features. He stared down at you through his thick lashes and cleared his throat, you being so close to him left him speechless. The mask was always his safety net when it came to you, now he was exposed and he didn’t know what to say.
“Your face is pretty.” He blurted out, and his eyes expanded in embarrassment. You let out a small chuckle, making his body relax again.
A genuine smile took over your features, “Yours is too.”
Both of you internally cringed at your inability to converse normally, but it was just the effect that you had on one another. Neither of you moved nor spoke, choosing to just stare at each other instead. Being this close to him made you notice new things; like the light freckles that dusted over his nose, and the small wrinkles that sat in the corners of his eyes. He placed a trembling hand on your cheek, and his heartbeat quickened when you leaned into his touch.
“May I - can I kiss you?” He asked, voice faltering from nerves. 
Your lips parted in surprise, and he was close to taking it back. But you quickly nodded, a blush forming on your cheeks. With a shy smile, he leaned down and closed the distance between the two of you. The kiss was gentle, an innocence to it that made both your hearts flutter. You both pulled back, and he rested his forehead against yours.
“My names Peter… by the way.”
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onewithnomightypowers · 7 hours ago
clandestine masterlist
PAIRING: Tom Holland x Reader (main), Harrison Osterfield x Reader
SUMMARY: y/n is in a crumbling marriage with Harrison (Haz), she is trying to make sense of how she feels about Tom
main masterlist
chapter 1: too wise to trust
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
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waitimcomingtoo · a day ago
The Proposal ~ T.H
chapter five: the truth
Synopsis: fake marriage, real trouble
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Before Harry could walk away from you, you grabbed his arm and pulled him into your room. You threw him down on the bed and blocked his path to the door.
“We need to talk.”
“Hm.” Harry looked at you innocently. “What about?”
“You know my secret.” You said, unamused.
“I do.” Harry smirked. “And I have to commend you, honestly. Marrying someone just to stay in the country? You must really love your job. I’ve been fired from 7 different fast food restaurants for not showing up to a one hour shift. You’re pretty dedicated.”
“How do you know about that?” You gasped. “Did Tom tell you?”
“Nope. I figured it out.” Harry said proudly as he tapped the side of his head.
“How?” You raised your eyebrow.
“One thing I know about my brother is that he can’t keep a secret.” Harry shrugged. “The second you so much as called him something other than “assistant”, I would’ve heard about it.”
“Your point?” You folded your arms.
“My point is there is no way he started dating you and didn’t tell us.” Harry stated. “And it’s not like you guys are very good at hiding that you’re not a couple. Mum and dad don’t realize because they’re too swept up in the excitement of it all, but I see everything. Every time you swat his hand away or remind yourself to look interested, I saw. I knew something was up from the first day.”
“Well how did you know about the reason for our marriage?”
“Oh, I knew that because my room is right next to yours.” Harry said simply. “And you guys yell a lot. Literally, it’s like all you talk about.”
You rolled your eyes at Harry, but he wasn’t done making fun of you.
“Wah, I feel bad. Wah, don’t feel bad. Wah, I hate lying. Wah Wah Wah.” He mimicked your voices. “Like, we get it. You’ve fallen in love with our family and can’t bear to lie to us. Boring.” He faked a yawn. “Don’t you guys ever talk about sports or the local news? A missing dog from down the block was found today, but you wouldn’t know that, would you?”
You rolled your eyes at his jokes before grabbing a handful of his shirt and pulling him close to your face.
“Listen, curly.” You growled. “Tom and I have a lot riding on this so I need to know that you’re gonna keep your mouth shut. Are you gonna tell your parents?”
“No.” He said as he stared at you in fear. “That would make them liable if this all goes to shit.”
“What about you?” You narrowed your eyes at him. “You could get in trouble for knowing and not stopping us.”
“Then do me a favor and don’t get caught.” He said. You looked Harry up and down before releasing his shirt, deciding that he was trustworthy.
“We’ll try.” You mumbled as you smoothed your clothes.
“He likes you, you know.” Harry told you. “That part isn’t fake.”
“I like him too.” You said quietly as you avoided his eyes.
“You better.” Harry stated. “Don’t let my brother go to jail, okay? He’s too pretty for jail.”
“He’s a little pretty.” You smiled shyly.
“Yeah, well, he’s spent the past two years calling home to tell us how much he admires you.” Harry rolled his eyes. “He’s your biggest fan, Y/n. Don’t let him down.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you need to be the person he thinks you are and let him out of this deal.” Harry’s tone got serious. “There’s still time to end this whole thing. I’m sure you can find another bloke who’d do anything for you and use him for citizenship. Just leave my brother out of it.”
“He agreed to this.” You said quietly. “I didn’t make him do anything.”
“He agreed because he’s in love with you, Y/n.” Harry sighed. “He’d do anything for you without zero hesitation. “You know that and you’re taking advantage of it.”
“I’m not trying to take advantage of him.” You defended. “But I needed a husband and he wanted a promotion. It’s a win win.”
“The promotion doesn’t mean anything if he got it for doing you a favor. And when that sinks in for him, he’s going to hate himself. And he’ll hate you too.” Harry insisted. “He’s been working his ass off for that promotion and you’re only giving it to him so you don’t get deported.”
“That’s not true.” You protested. “He was always going to get the job.”
“Okay. Then forget that part.” Harry shrugged. “Let’s talk about how you’re playing with his feelings.”
“What?” You scoffed. “I’m not playing with his feelings.”
“Aren’t you?” Harry titled his head. “You knew he liked you. And now you’re parading around like you’re his wife and I guarantee he thinks you’ll still like him once all of this is done. You’re letting him think he has a chance with you so he doesn’t back out of the deal.”
“He...he does have a chance.” You said quietly. It was the first time you said it out loud, but it was true. If Tom wanted to make the fake relationship real once your marriage was official, you wouldn’t exactly be opposed. All the small moments; him giving you his shoes, giving you his bed, kissing him when no one was around, and all his selfless acts of kindness were adding up. He wasn’t who you thought he was, and the person he turned out to be was someone you were seriously falling for.
“He better.” Harry stated. “Because if he ends up in jail or with his heartbroken, I’m gonna be pissed.”
Your heart sank as Harry’s words made all your guilt come flooding back. Every time you had qualms about lying to Toms family, Tom assuaged you by telling you they’d never find out. Now that Harry knew about the deal, there was nothing keeping you from feeling guilty.
“Look, I really like you, Y/n.” Harry said when he noticed your sad expression. “And I want you to be part of the family. But only if it’s for the right reasons. If you’re just using us for citizenship, then I want nothing to do with you. And once everyone finds out the truth, they won’t want you either.”
You felt tears come to your eyes as you realized he was right. You had grown to love Toms family, and going through with this marriage meant you’d be selfishly using them for your own benefit. A tear rolled down your cheek as you were faced with a tough decision. If you stayed, you could marry Tom and keep your job. If you left, you wouldn’t have to lie to a group of people who treated you with nothing but kindness. You opened your mouth to speak, but found yourself with nothing to say.
“Harry, Y/n.” Dom’s voice rang from the kitchen. “Breakfast is getting cold.”
“Think about it.” Harry squeezed your shoulder before leaving the room. You waited a few seconds before following him into the kitchen. Tom immediately noticed your ghastly expression when you sat down at the kitchen table. He had been nervous to see you after the makeout session in his bed, but now he was just concerned.
“Are you all right, love?” Tom asked as he squeezed your hand. You blinked a few times and looked at him, feeling all your guilt come back. You picked up Toms hand and pressed a long kiss to the back of it, making him look at you curiously.
“I’m fine.” You forced a smile. “We’ll talk later.”
You went straight to your room when you finished breakfast after telling Tom that you needed a minute alone. A few tears had slipped down your cheeks once you were alone, knowing the fantasy of staying in the country with your new family was over. You jumped a little when you heard something outside your door, followed by the sound of footsteps departing. You opened your door to find a bowl of cut up strawberries on the ground, with Nikki’s perfume still lingering in the air.
“Nikki?” You called out, and she came back.
“Hi, sweetheart.” She smiled warmly at you. “I wasn’t sure if you were in there. Do you like strawberries?
“I love them, thank you. You didn’t have to do that.” You said as you picked up the bowl.
“I just noticed you looked a little upset at breakfast.” She explained. “I wanted to make sure you were okay.”
You looked down at the bowl of strawberries and sucked in a sharp breath, feeling overwhelmed at the simple act of kindness.
“I’m okay.” You said weakly. “Thank you for the berries.”
“Of course.” She cupped your face and wiped a tear with her thumb. “Follow me. There’s something I want to show you.”
You silently followed her into her bedroom and ate some of the strawberries as she disappeared into the closet. After a few minutes, she came out of the closet with a long white gown in her hands. It’s was simple, made of silk with braided straps. Your eyes lit up at the sight of it and you quickly set the bowl down.
“Oh, Nikki.” You gasped. “It’s beautiful.”
“It’s yours.” She smiled eagerly. “Go on. Try it on.”
“I can’t.” You said quietly. After the conversation you had with Harry, you felt wrong trying on her wedding dress.
“Please?” She asked hopefully. “It would be an honor to have you wear it when you marry Tom.”
“All right.” You reluctantly agreed. “I’ll try it on.”
Nikki beamed in excitement before handing you the dress. She clapped her hands happily as you disappeared into her closet. You shut the door and slipped the dress on, the way it fit you perfectly making you feel even worse. After zipping it the best you could and smoothing it out, you left the closet.
“Oh, you look so beautiful.” Nikki put her hands over her mouth. “It’s perfect on you. You look enchanting.”
“Thank you.” You said as you looked down at the dress. “It’s beautiful. Thank you for letting me wear it.”
“Wait here.” She clapped her hands again and went under her bed. She pulled a box out and set it on the bed before opening it up. Inside was a delicate white crown and long, tulle veil. Nikki placed the crown on your head and adjusted the veil so it perfectly framed your face. She backed up to admire her work and clasped her hands under her chin.
“There.” She grinned. “Now it’s perfect.”
She walked back to you and turned you around, letting your view yourself in the mirror. Her hands continued to play with the veil as you stared at yourself. You’d never seen yourself in a wedding dress before, you never even imagined wearing one. The combination of the proud look on Nikki’s face and the sight of yourself in the beautiful dress made your face scrunch up in pain.
“Oh, honey.” She cooed as you began to cry. “It’s okay to be emotional. I cried the first time I saw myself in it.”
You turned around and let her mother you, allowing her to wipe your tears with her hands. She was so excited for the wedding, and all you could think about was how much it would crush her if she found out the truth.
“Thank you. For everything.” You told her. “I know it’s only been a few days, but you’ve really made me feel like part of the family. I really appreciate everything you’ve done.”
“Of course, sweetheart.” She smiled. “Anything for my daughter.”
You sucked in a sharp breath when you heard this, making a fresh tear fall from your eye.
“No ones called me that in a long time.” You smiled sadly.
“Sweetheart?” She asked.
“Daughter.” You answered.
Nikki looked at you fondly before pulling you into a hug, comfortingly rubbing your back. You squeezed your eyes shut and hugged her back, assuming that that would be that last time.
“I always wanted a girl.” She said as she stroked your hair. “Heaven sent you to me.”
You looked up at the ceiling as tears fell from your eyes, feeling sick to your stomach with the guilt. When you pulled away, you sheepishly wiped your tears and gave her a smile.
“Um, I better change before Tom sees me.” You said. “I don’t want any bad luck.”
“Smart girl.” Nikki patted your back and sent you back to the closet. You changed out of the dress and gave it back to her, excusing yourself as quickly as you could.
You rushed back into your room and got your suitcase out from under the bed. You began to hastily throw your clothes inside, tears making your vision blurry. You didn’t hear Tom come into the room, not noticing him as he watched you pack.
“Y/n?” He spoke up. “Is everything okay?”
“I can’t do this.” You said without looking at him. Your tears and breathing were becoming hysterical and Tom realized you were having a panic attack.
“Hey. It’s okay.” He put his hands on your shoulder to stop you from packing. “What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong?” You laughed sadly. “I’m gonna ruin your family like I ruined mine. And I’ll ruin you too.”
“Woah woah woah.” He pulled you into a hug. “It’s okay, darling. Nothing is getting ruined.”
“Yes it is.” You cried into his chest. “I roped you into this mess and now you’re stuck committing fraud and getting married to someone you don’t love.”
“I’m not getting married to someone I don’t...” Tom trailed off when he realized he might be saying too much. You were too busy trying to catch your breath to hear him as you began to pace the room.
“You’re just getting nerves about the wedding. I’m sure all brides worry about committing fraud two days before their wedding.” Tom tried to lighten the mood with a joke. “Don’t worry about me, okay? We’ll figure this out together.”
“Stop doing that.” You snapped as you continued to pace.
“Doing what?”
“Being nice to me!” You cried. “I have never been nice to you.”
“It’s okay. It’s-“
“It’s not okay.” You cut him off. “I never would’ve done this for you. I wouldn’t even call you by your name.”
“Why are you freaking out? What happened?” Tom pulled you back towards him and rubbed your shoulders.
“Your mom cut up fruit for me.” You said through tears.
“That’s what’s making you freak out?” He asked. “Because she cut up fruit for you?”
“Tom, she left it outside my door.” You stressed.
“So? That’s what moms do.”
“I know that’s what they do. But she did it for me.” You cried. “And your dad let’s me use his lucky golf ball and I have inside jokes with your brothers and your grandma texts me memes she sees on Facebook.”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t see what the problem is.” Tom said calmly. “Why are these things bad?”
“They’re not.” You sobbed. “They’re good things.”
“So why are you upset?”
“I forgot, okay?” You shrugged sadly. “I forgot.”
“Forgot what?” He tried to understand.
“What it feels like to have a family.” You whimpered. Tom looked at you in confusion as he stopped rubbing your arms.
“What?” He asked quietly.
“I forgot how it felt to have someone teach you what they know and love you and miss you and hope to see you at the holidays.” You dry heaved. “I haven’t felt that in years and it’s all coming back and I can’t handle it.”
“Hey, shhh. It’s okay.” He pulled you into his arms again and held you tightly. “How could you forget those things? What about your mom?”
“My mom is dead.” You whispered against his chest. Tom stiffened at your confession but never loosened his grip on you. He continued to rub your back and let you speak when you were ready.
“We got in this fight one night because I was being a bitch like I always am and I ran out of the house.” You gulped as you tried to catch your breath. “She drove around looking for me but it was raining really heavily and she couldn’t see where she was going and this truck-“
“It’s okay.” He cut you off. “You don’t have to tell me. It’s okay.”
“I ruined her.” You whispered. “I ruined our family.”
“Shhh. I got you. You’re okay.” He mumbled as he stroked your hair. You sniffled a few times before pulling out of Toms arms. You looked at him sheepishly as you wiped your tears and snot.
“I’m sorry.” You said weakly. “I didn’t mean to dump all of that on you.”
“You didn’t dump anything on me.” He assured you. “I told you it’s okay to open up to me, remember? You can tell me things like this. I’m going to be your husband, after all.”
“Thank you.” You smiled weakly. Tom smiled back and reached out for you again. You let him pull you into a long hug, allowing his warmth to comfort you.
“I’m so sorry about your mom.” He said before kissing the top of your head. “I had no idea about any of this.”
“And I had no idea that you had your mothers eyes or your fathers handshake.” You pulled away suddenly. “Or that all of your brothers have the exact same smile. You were never a person to me before all of this. But now I see you have this whole life outside our office and I’m no longer okay with messing it up.”
You fully pulled away from him and went back to your suitcase, throwing the rest of your things inside.
“Why are you packing?” He worried. “Where are you going?”
“I’m going back to Canada.” You said without looking at him. “I can’t use you like this. I can’t ruin your life.”
“You’re not ruining my life.” He came up behind you and tried to stop you. “My family loves you. They haven’t been this happy in years. And we have a deal, remember? You’re not using me if this benefits me too.”
“The deal is off.” You shook your head and zipped up your suitcase. “I can’t risk you going to prison for me.”
“Why not?” Tom began to panic as you went for the door. “You had no problem with it last week.”
“That was before I started falling in love with you, Tom.” You raised your voice suddenly.
You and Tom both fell silent at your unexpected confession. Your eyes immediately dropped to the floor as his mouth hung open in shock.
“Shut up.” You instantly cut him off. “I don’t want to hear another word from you”.
“You love-“
“Stop speaking.” You spoke loudly over him. “That’s an order from your boss.”
You tried to leave the room with your suitcase but he grabbed your arm to stop you.
“Y/n, wait a minute.” He said sternly. “We need to talk about this.”
“No we don’t.” You stated. “You’re dismissed now, assistant.”
“Y/n.” Tom tightened his grip on your arm without hurting you.
“Just leave me alone Tom.” You whispered. “You don’t want this. You don’t want me.”
“I love you too.” He said suddenly, making you drop your tough act. Your face softened as you stopped fighting him to leave.
“I love you too.” He repeated. “I fell too.”
Your gaze fell down to his lips, the urge to leave behind replaced by the urge to kiss him until you couldn’t breathe. You swallowed thickly before shaking your head at him.
“No.” You decided. “You don’t.”
“Yes I do.” He insisted. “I love you, Y/n. And I want to help you.”
“You’re only helping me so I make you editor.” You laughed sadly. “You don’t love me. This has nothing to do with me.”
“I do love you.” He promised. “I’m doing this so you stay in the country. We can’t be together if you’re all the way over in Canada.”
“So then we won’t be together.” You shrugged and tried to leave again.
“But I want to be with you.” He said sadly as he stepped in front of you. You looked into Tom’s eyes for a minute, hating the sadness that you put there. All he wanted to do was love you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to let him.
“You deserve a nice girl, Tom.” You said after a beat. “I’m not that. I’m not good enough for you.”
“I don’t want nice.” He said quietly. “I want you.”
“I want you too.” You told him. “But not if its like this.”
“I’m sorry.” You said sincerely. “But I have to leave.”
You moved past Tom before he could get another word out. You walked into the kitchen with your suitcase, stopping in fear when Toms entire family stared at you in confusion.
“Where are you going, sweetie?” Nikki asked when she noticed the suitcase. “Is everything all right?”
You looked back and forth between all of them, feeling a panic rise again in your stomach. You didn’t expect them all to be there when you left, and that made it so much worse.
“I’m s-so sorry.” You stammered. “I have to go home right away.”
“Oh no.” Dom frowned. “What’s wrong?”
“Family emergency.” You lied, wincing a little at the irony. “I’m so sorry. Thank you, all of you, for everything. These past few days have meant a lot to me.”
You looked around at everyone’s confused faces and dropped your bags suddenly, running right into Sam’s arms and hugging him tightly. You whispered a short thank you into his ear before moving onto Paddy. Then you went to Nikki, letting the hug linger as long as you could.
“Goodbye, Nikki.” You whispered tearfully. “Thank you for everything.”
“Oh, you’re welcome.” She said sadly as she rubbed your back. “Goodbye, honey.”
You pulled away from her and gave her a sad smile before hugging Harry.
“You’re doing the right thing.” Harry mumbled in your ear. You tightened your grip on him as a tear slipped down your cheek, knowing he was right. You pulled away and hugged Dom last, just as a tearful Tom came into the kitchen.
“We’ll see you once you get back, right?” Dom asked when you pulled away.
“I....I’m not sure.” You said weakly. “I’m sorry. I have to go.”
You turned to pick your suit case back up, making eye contact with Tom as you did. You ran to him and threw your arms around his neck, hugging him as tightly as you could.
“I’m so sorry.” You mumbled in his ear. “I wish things we’re different.”
You pulled away from him and picked up your suitcase, leaving without another word.
You caught a cab back to your apartment and collapsed on your bed as soon as you got home. You knew Harry was right about you doing the right thing, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. If you had it your way, you’d stay with Tom and his family and live in peace. The IRCC wouldn’t bother you and you could continue working your job with Tom as your editor. But of course, it wasn’t that simple. You’d have to get your citizenship the normal way and hope your job was still waiting for you when you got back to the UK. And hopefully, Tom would be there too.
When you woke up the next morning, you got ready to go back to your office. Slipping into your high heels after nearly a week of wearing Toms old tennis shoes made you feel the slightest bit back to normal. Your heels clicked underneath you as you strutted into your office, feeling relieved as the employees shuttered in your presence.
Before stopping by your office to pack, you stopped by the head of the company’s office for a quick conversation. You had a few things you wanted to say to Mr. Reynolds before leaving the company. After speaking with him, you went to your office to pack your things. You held your held up high every time you carried a box of your items to your car. You were about to carry the last box out of the office when you heard a knock at your door.
“I thought I’d find you here.” Toms voice sent goosebumps down your spine. You looked at him and gave him a tight smile, hoping to avoid any awkwardness.
“I was just leaving.” You said as he took another step into the office.
“Can we talk?” He asked as he stepped in front of you. “There was a lot I didn’t get to say yesterday.”
“Can it wait?” You asked. “I have a flight to catch.”
“A flight?” Tom sighed in disappointment.
“Could you just-“ you voice cracked a little as you forced out a smile. “Could you smile, please? I don’t want my last memory of this place to be of you frowning. I made you frown enough over the past two years.”
“You don’t have to do this.” Tom said sternly.
“I do.” You said, face sinking when the irony of the words hit you. It was technically your wedding eve, and you were spending it saying goodbye to each other. Tom felt the irony too and his eyes welled with tears. You gulped and turned away, not wanting to see him upset. You saw a stack of papers on your desk and were reminded of what you had done before packing your office.
“I almost forgot.” You picked up the papers and handed it to him. “Here.”
“What is this?” Tom asked without looking at the cover.
“It’s a wedding gift. I published your book.” You smiled weakly as Tom looked at you in disbelief.
“You what?” He gasped as he flipped through the pages. Sure enough, it was the book he had submitted to you.
“20,000 copies are being sent out to the public next month.” You continued. “It was one of my last actions as editor in chief.”
“One of your last?”
“After I published it, I stepped down from my position and nominated someone to take my place.”
“Who?” He asked.
“You. Congratulations, Mr. editor at a big shot publishing company.” You tried to smile. “Editor in chief, actually. This all belongs to you now.”
“Y/n.” Tom whispered as he stared at you with tearful eyes.
“You deserved this promotion without having to marry me for it.” You assured him. “It was always yours. I’m sorry it took me so long to give it to you.”
“I don’t want to work here if you’re not here.” He said as a tear slipped from his eye. He was very aware that this could be your last conversation for a while, and it was killing him.
“You’ll make a great boss.” You continued. “The employees deserve someone like you for a boss. Someone...nice.”
“Please, stay here.” He pleaded. “I don’t want you to leave. You just started letting me in. Don’t run away from me now.”
You looked at Tom for a minute before putting your hands on either side of his face and pulling him into a kiss. He kissed you back passionately, hoping it wouldn’t be the last time he felt your lips on his. You pulled away and pressed your forehead against his, sucking in a sharp breath as you inhaled his scent.
“I have to go, Tom.” You whispered. “I’m sorry.”
“Why are you doing this?” He asked as you went for the door.
“We had a few good days, Tom.” You shrugged. “That’s all. That’s not love. Not really. That’s just a few good days.”
“We could have more if you stay.” He pleaded.
“I don’t think love is something that should be messed with.” You said sadly. “Not like this, anyway.”
Tom didn’t say anything, instead letting his eyes stay on his manuscript. He knew he couldn’t look at you without breaking down, so he kept his eyes down.
“Goodbye, Tom.” You said softly. “I couldn’t have had a better assistant.”
“I would’ve been a good husband too.” He mumbled.
“Yeah.” You laughed sadly. “I bet you would’ve.”
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*Peter and Y/n bouta do some dumb shit*
Y/n :Bruh If we die we gotta make sure they make a Netflix documentary about our death
Peter: *Realizing Y/n is the girl he wants to marry*
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hford0311 · a day ago
Secret, Secrets (Pt. 2-Finale)
Wakanda wasn't horrible, but it was not the life you wanted to live, especially in hiding. You had no contact with anyone outside of the country. Everyone thought your depression and self-isolation was from all the other events that happened, which it was to an extent. Peter had no idea what happened to you kept you tossing and turning throughout the night and why your eyes were hardly not crying. "Why did I introduce myself," you mumbled to yourself one night. You thought about going the same route as Bucky, going to a state of having your brain re-wired.
Years went horribly at an agonizingly slow pace.
"Itsy, bitsy spider went up the water spout," you cried into your pillow, "down came the rain and washed the spider out." For the life of you, you could not finish that damn nursery rhyme because the sun had yet to come out for your spider. Five years since the snap. Eight years since you've seen Peter. None of it seemed to matter anymore. After coming back to New York, Steve thought your mood would at least brighten a tad, but it never did. "Hey, sweetie," Nat walked into your room. "Go away," you muttered, swiping some of the tears from your cheeks. You heard her sigh and sit next to your lying figure on the bed. "Are you finally going to tell me what's wrong?" She questioned, stroking your hair. "I wished I was snapped away," you sobbed. Nat continued her actions, "I feel the same way. But then I remember your dad, Rhodes-" "And all the other people that matter! I know!" You cut her off with frustration. Her hands stopped in your hair. "Y/n," her voice was threatening soft. You didn't budge.
"Nat! Y/n!" Your father yelled into the room. "Tony's back." You sniffed and sat up. "Tony?" You questioned in disbelief. "Yes." He confirmed and encouraged you out of the room. You had the most energy you've had in eight years. "Tony!" You happily cried as you saw your second dad. Your arms flung around him before he could even respond. "Oh! I missed you!" You sobbed into his shoulder. He said nothing and kissed your forehead. As you released from his grasp, Tony looked you over. "You've grown, haven't you," he slightly joke. You lightly laughed and nodded. Steve had a breath of relief. He hadn't heard a laugh even as close to that in ages. Just Tony being alive and with you distracted you from your heartache. Just for thirty minutes. "I-is P-Peter-" You couldn't even finish the sentence. Tony's looked matched yours as he shook his head. "I'm sorry, kiddo," you nodded and wiped the vicious tears from your eyes. "I-I at least k-know f-for s-s-sure n-now." You sobbed. "I'm sorry," you quickly stated and ran back to your room.
The plan, both fortunately and unfortunately, went as it should. Your black dress gave you all the reality that was ahead of you. "Hey, Y/n," Your father gently spoke at the doorframe of the room. You looked at him with sad eyes. "I know," you said so quietly that Steve could hardly hear you, "he chose to do it. He did it for the good of the world." You finished and stroked a tear away. "That wasn't what I was going to say." Steve responded. You looked at him with a questioning look. "There's someone you might want to see," he added and wrapped his arm around your shoulders and led you to the front of the house, away from where the funeral was going to happen. You saw the soft dark curls and the doe brown eyes. Steve watched your eyes go from exhausted and despondent go to animated and spirited. "It can't be," your voice still soft but encouraged instead of mournful. Then, he looked up and saw you. His face had the same exchange of emotions that yours did. You didn't speak; you just ran. His strong arms caught you. "Hey, Underoos," you sobbed and deeply kissed him. Pepper witnessed the special reunion of the youngest Avengers with Steve. "Just how Tony wanted everyone. Together."
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Inauspicious Stars // Chapter I
Stark!Peter Parker x Rogers!Reader
About ten paragraphs in I stopped just doing word for word translations into modern English.
Romeo and Juliet Taglist: @potters-heart
<<<Previous Part
“Up next: fanatics from Team Iron Man and Team Cap clash in the streets. Ever since the Civil War, a minority of overzealous supporters have had brawls all over New York City.” The news anchor grabs your attention, and you stop flipping through the channels.
The camera switches to a live video feed, showing the fight escalate. You watch as War Machine arrives, arc reactor gauntlets moving to point at different people. “Alright, everybody, just calm down. Stop fighting.”
Clint jumps down to where Rhodes is floating, specially-designed arrow drawn and ready. “Seriously, threatening these cowards? Shut up, Rhodes, don’t have those be your last words.”
“Look, man, I’m just trying to stop the fight. Put down your weapon, or use it to help me.”
Clint scoffs. “Wow, aiming at people and talking of peace? I hate that word, as much as I hate hell, all Team Iron Man’s, and you. Come at me, coward!”
With the involvement of Clint and Rhodes, the fight only grew. Finally, Thaddeus Ross’ Accords enforcers and the police show up. Steve Rogers, your father, and Natasha Romanoff-Rogers, your mother, aren’t too far behind.
“What’s happening? Quick, Nat, grab my shield!” Steve exclaims, ready—per usual—to rush headfirst into the fight.
“You need a crutch, not a shield. Calm down, Steve.”
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts-Stark arrive as well.
“Grab my shield!” Steve insists. “Stark is here, in his suit!”
“Aww, Rogers, sad that you’re too old to fight me?” Tony coos mockingly.
“Tony, if you move so much as one inch and fight...” Pepper allows her voice to trail off threateningly.
All further discourse is halted by the arrival of Thaddeus Ross, soldiers at his side. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Neighbor fighting neighbor, and for what? Misplaced enthusiasm in warring superhero factions? This is why the Sokovian Accords are in place, why they’re necessary. Can’t you see? You would let superheroes rule your lives this much?
“I’ve chosen to be lenient this time. The next time a brawl like this breaks out, my men have orders to take down instigators with extreme prejudice and no discrepancies between side, age, etcetera. All of you, leave. Rogers, come with me; Stark, we’ll have a talk this afternoon. Again, on pain of death, everyone leave.”
Under Ross’ watchful eye, the crowd slowly begins to disperse. Steve attempts to catch Tony’s eye, but his mask shutters closed as he takes off, Rhodey following. Pepper sends a glare towards Steve and Nat as she climbs into the car and Happy drives her off. No one notices the high schooler with a fedora get in on the other side but Pepper, Steve heading off with Ross and Nat heading home with Clint.
Once Happy, Pepper, and Ned reach the tower, catching up with the far faster Tony and Rhodey in their suits, Pepper, Tony, and Ned end up in the living room talking.
“What idiot started the fight?” Tony asks no one in particular, shaking his head as he mutters. He shifts, locking eyes with Ned. “Ned, you were there, what happened?”
“There was this huge crowd of Iron Man and Captain America supporters fighting when I was walking, I don’t know why, I missed the start of it. Mr. Rhodey showed up to stop them, and right then came Mr. Hawkeye, looking to fight, and so he goaded Mr. Rhodey and attacked and they started fighting. Mr. Rhodey was doing it in self defense, though. And then I heard somebody insult Peter, so I decked him and I got involved too. Well, I attempted to deck him—it didn’t work out too well.” Ned points to his black eye. “And then more people kept coming and coming, fighting for either side, until Mr. Ross showed up as well and stopped it.”
“And where’s Peter? Have you seen him yet today?” Pepper questions. “I’m glad he at least wasn’t involved in this fight.”
“Well, yes. I think? I mean, I went to go find him, ‘cause I got stuck on the new Lego Death Star—I finished the Millenium Falcon—and he hadn’t wanted to help build it before but I thought he might now so I went to go see him. Turned out, I finally found him, but he noticed me and swung away and I couldn’t catch up. I figured he wanted to be alone and was like thinking of something or something, so I thought it’d be best to leave him be and talk to him when he wasn’t busy.”
Tony sighs, plopping down on the couch beside Pepper. “I’m going to have to put my foot down,” he mutters, running a hand over his face. Louder, he adds, “Kid keeps staying up all night. Teens and their angsty heartbreak crap. Just sits there, sullenly not doing anything but sighing. And then once the sun comes up, it’s like he runs away from it, coming home and locking himself in his room all day. Won’t even come in the lab—the heck happened with that?—or patrol except as an excuse to be out at night. Locks himself in his room and closes the blinds, surprised he’s not asked me to paint his room black yet.”
“Mr. Stark, do you know... why?” Ned asks tentatively.
“I don’t know and he won’t tell me.”
Ned thinks hard, trying to come up with something, but his eyes widen when he notices Peter shuffling his feet sluggishly as he walks down the hall, slouching and hunching in on himself.
“Peter!” Ned calls out excitedly, missing the other’s expression once he sees his friend and increased pace to the kitchen. To Tony, Ned says, “Mr. Stark, I bet I can get him to tell me what’s wrong.”
Tony nods, offering Pepper his arm. “Thanks, kid. Tell me what’s wrong later.”
With that, the couple leaves. Ned goes off to the kitchen after his best friend.
Peter closes the fridge door, pile of food in his hands. As he meets Ned’s eyes, he freezes like a deer in headlights.
“Morning, Pete!” Ned greets cheerily.
“It’s only morning?” Peter grouses, grumpily sitting at the kitchen island and beginning eating. His hair is a mess, unbridled and tangled, and his eyes have dark circles under them.
“It’s only nine,” FRIDAY offers helpfully.
“Time slows when you’re having sad,” Peter mutters. Louder, he questions, “Was that Dad who left so quick?”
“It was. Why are you having the big sad sad?”
“Because I don’t have the big happy happy,” Peter snarks rudely.
Ned gives his best friend another once-over. His eyes widen in understanding and he makes an unintelligible noise of comprehension. “Ohhhh. You’re in love,” he says wisely.
“Lucky me,” Peter grumbles.
“Lucky her.”
“She doesn’t want me.” It comes out as a whine at the end.
“She’s so pretty, she might as well be Venus.” Peter sighs dreamily before launching into a soliloquy of his puppy-love crush’s perfection. A full five minutes later, he turns to Ned, eyes narrowing. “You’re not laughing?”
Ned pats his friend’s back awkwardly. “No, I’d never laugh. I’m more likely to cry than anything else?”
“Cry at what?”
“You’re so... depressed. I don’t like seeing you this way. I don’t know if even my fedora can fix this.”
“Well, I think I’m going to prove that one can literally die of a broken heart,” Peter bemoans. Changing his tune, he peers up at his best friend. “You really mean it?” Without waiting for a response, Peter goes back to mopey and depressed, giving Ned whiplash from the mood swings. “Honestly, you being sad just makes me sadder. Why is everyone sad now? I think it’s because love is sad. Saaaaaad.”
Honestly, at this point, Ned is wondering if Peter is high (he’s not), but he’s too busy being the supportive caring best friend to pay too much attention.
Peter stands, done with his food. “Welp, bye, Ned.”
“Here, I’ll come with you. And before you say anything, you’ll hurt my feelings if you don’t let me come.”
“I’m not here for you to come with. I’m not Peter, he’s somewhere else. I’m just a sad, empty husk of a person.”
“At least tell me who you’re crushing on, then.”
“It’s not a crush, it’s love,” Peter whines.
“Okay, okay,” Ned placates. “Tell me who you’re in love with.”
“I love this girl.”
Ned barely manages to not roll his eyes. “I figured, when you said ‘she’ so many times in reference.”
“See! Astute. Oh, and she’s pretty.”
“Yeah, because it took Sherlock Holmes to figure that out,” Ned mumbles sarcastically.
“She’s as smart as Sherlock Holmes,” Peter waxes dreamily, “and witty, and pretty, and in the Decathlon, and has good common sense. She’s not the type of person to fall in love with the handsomest jock or anything or act dumb and stuff, she’s sensible.”
“So what’s the problem?”
Peter’s smile drops. “She’s lesbian,” he says sadly.
“Oh.” Ned understands. Peter is respectful—if someone says they don’t like him, he won’t ask again, and he won’t make someone uncomfortable by asking if he already knows they don’t.
“Yeah,” Peter agrees miserably. “She’s too smart and too pretty to like guys. I’m doomed, Ned, doomed and dead.
“C’mon, Pete, forget about her.”
“And how do you propose I do that?” Peter challenges.
“Find some other pretty girl, you’ll be fine.”
“Do you hear yourself?” Peter is flabbergasted. “No one’s as pretty as she is, Ned. It’s impossible to do. And you really think I’d fall out of love with her for some other girl? She’s perfect, I wouldn’t do that. Bye, Ned. I can’t just forget her.”
“I’ll believe it when I see it.”
With that, the two leave.
Next Part>>>
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why r there no ned leeds fics wtf put respect on my mans name and give him his own fic dammit
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Breathe- Peter Parker Imagine (Spider-Man)
Tumblr media
Title: Breathe
Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader
Requested: Nope
Word Count: 422 words
Warning(s): cussing, negative self-talk (be nice to yourself, please)
Summary: After doing something that felt ridiculous, (Y/n) turns to Peter for comfort and someone to rant to.
Author's Note: This is inspired by something that happened to me and I needed some self-comfort.
I shoved open the door to Peter's place and slammed it shut. May watched me as I threw my bag to the floor and rubbed circles into my eyes.
"Nice to see you too," May mumbled, walking over.
"May," I asked. "May I please swear?"
"If you need to," she replied hesitantly.
"FOR FUCK"S SAKE," I yelled before taking a few deep breaths.
"Oh no," she pulled me into a hug without any more questions.
"What's going on," Peter asked as he walked into the room.
"Don't know yet," May replied. "But... how about you two go talk and I'll bring up some food in a minute."
"Thank you," I muttered before stepping back.
Peter grabbed my bag off the floor before wrapping an arm around me and leading me to his room. I sat with my back against the pillows. Peter sat next to me and placed my bag at the end of the bed. His arms wrapped around me again.
"Now," he said. "Let me know what's going on?"
"It's dumb," I shook my head.
"Not if it's this upsetting."
"I... I was studying for one of my classes and I got through the whole chapter and then found out that I had studied some completely wrong chapters," I said. "So I did extra work and am still behind."
"Oh, sweetheart," Peter kissed my forehead as he saw how upset I really was.
"I just feel so stupid."
"Hey, it's alright, you're alright."
I curled into Peter's side and hid my face from him. He rubbed his hands up and down my back. He occasionally kissed my head and whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I looked up when I heard the door open.
"Pizza," May asked, holding the box out as a peace offering. Peter chuckled and nodded, mumbling a thank you to her.
I sat up and thanked her properly. Peter sat up with me, grabbing a slice for both of us.
"I've just... I've had no motivation to keep working," I explained. "Why would I want to when I made such a ridiculous mistake?"
"I could help you," Peter offered.
"We aren't in the same classes," I chuckled.
"I can still help," he leaned over and grabbed my bag. "What class do you need the most help in?"
"Peter, you don't have to-"
He leaned over and pecked my lips, "I want to... okay?"
"Okay," I nodded. "Thank you."
"Of course," Peter kissed me again before pulling out one of my textbooks. "Now, let's get to work."
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Writing To The Void 🌾 Chapter 14
Tumblr media
peter parker x oc story
SUMMARY: A series of letters written to Peter Parker, from his girlfriend while he was stuck in the soul stone.
A-N: ok ngl i liked how the start was coming along. But then i felt like i kinda rushed the last half of it lol. Hopefully it makes sense though
[series masterlist]
[twelve, thirteen]
Tumblr media
Dear Peter
Another two months have gone by already, and no matter how many days I have to go without being by your side. Without seeing your face. The pain is still there, not as unbearable and horrible as it once was. But it's still there, and hell I'm surprised It hasn't caused me to go insane or to break down in public yet. Sometimes I still wonder what it would be like if you were still here. If that day, you hadn't like many others, disappeared.
Would we be fine? What would we be doing together right now? I'd like to think we would be hanging out in your bedroom, either watching Star Wars or just hanging out while your Aunt May comes in every hour or so to bring us snacks or to just check on us. But we aren't, and how i miss those days. Where it's simply just you and me, with all our worries simply thrown out a window as we just spend time together.
Sierra dropped her pen onto her bedsheets, a single strand of brown hair falling into her face as she stared at the paper down in front of her. She didn't know what was with her today, she could not seem to find the words to write into the next letter to Peter. It was like everything that she wanted to say at that moment had simply left her mind. And it bothered her a lot. She's never had this trouble before when she wrote the previous letters, every thing that seemed to flow out of her and onto the page in bursts of emotion as soon as she would touch her pen to the paper. It seemed to not be there today.
She glanced briefly at the shoebox, filled to the brim with the previous loose letters and then at the one in front of her. As she gently chewed on her lip, simply confused. What did she want to write? Why wasn't anything coming to her like it it usually would? the thoughts quickly crossed her mind but she shook them away. Perhaps I'm just hungry or thirsty, that should help...right?
Sierra gently lifted herself from her bed and onto the carpeted ground of her bedroom. She glanced into the mirror which sat opposite her bed and beside her desk briefly. Her eyes took in the bags underneath her eyelids from lack of sleep before they moved across to the makeup situated atop her vanity when something caught her eye. The mismatched pieces of lipstick and other beauty products sat there waiting to be used, but that wasn't what she was looking at.
No, instead it was much rather the small jagged piece of glass which sat on the vanity's surface. She hesitated for a moment, before walking over and reaching over and hovering her hand above the small shard. It was like she felt some kind of pull to it in that moment. As if she felt the need to drag it along her arm and draw as much blood as she could. In order toctake away the pain of losing her boyfriend. She wasn't sure why though considering she'd never really been that depressed to even think about harming herself at all. But here she was. The thoughts were as clear as day, and she didn't even know if it was just the grief she's been feeling which was getting to her head or not.
"Sierra! dinner!" The sound of her mother could be heard shouting from downstairs. Which snapped the brunette out of the sort of trance she'd been placed in then. All the thoughts and the slight tugging she felt towards the shard of glass disappeared in an instant. As she managed to turn herself around and walk out her bedroom door without a glance back.
She carefully made her way down the stairs and onto the first floor of their home, hearing the the talkative voices of her family getting settled down to eat in the dining room. When she made it in, she found herself sitting down on one of wooden dining chairs opposite her older brother. The smell of steak, vegetables and gravy filled her nostrils as she sat there. She found herself glancing towards her parents and brother who were all seated around her, as she picked her cutlery up slowly.
"How was school?" Her father asked, after a few moments of awkward silence between the four. As he tried to make atleast some conversation with his family. Sierra shrugged lazily, it was the same as always in her opinion. Her routine hadn't changed since that day, she still only hung around Eleanor. With also Brayden added into their friendship group now. She didn't really feel the need to tell her dad that though. So she didn't.
The girl poked around her food with her fork, taking small bites every so often. Her intention clear on trying to avoid as much eye contact and talking to her family as possible through dinner. She probably would have eaten in her room if she could, not that she would've eaten much in the first place though.
Sure she did miss those nights where they used to hang out and talk amongst themselves as a family. But it felt different now, with everything that had happened with all these people who had suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth. It of still felt more awkward now at dinnertime and she still didn't think it would change atleast, even after it happened like a year. Well maybe not to her though. Despite, herself kind of coming back to her normal self, if you counted smiling again that.
Eventually, dinner came to an end and Sierra found herself pushing her chair back from the table and standing up. She said a mumbled good night to her family members, took her plate back into the kitchen for either her mother or father to wash up. Before hurriedly rushing back up the stairs, to go back to her room. Where she hopefully could finish the next letter, she wanted to keep writing then. Now that she'd gotten atleast some food into her stomach.
Tumblr media
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Where We Rot: Chapter 4—Let Me Let You Go
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky is the worst BEST at interrogating, Tony actually feels emotions and shit, Steve, once again, follows his moral compass, and Peter is a little fluff ball that likes planning date nights.
Word Count: 5.1k
Warnings: Swearing, hints to depression, hints to an ED
a/n: a lot of what’s in this chapter actually wasn’t suppose to exist lol. i kinda planned fewer chapters, but since this chapter had so many added scenes i decided to just essentially create a whole extra chapter :/ hope you enjoy and please let me know if you’d like to be added to the tag list for this or any of my future works! <3
Series Masterlist | Main Masterlist 
“Buck, you don’t have to go with us, y’know. I know how hard this has been on you.” Natasha placed a comforting hand on the super soldier’s shoulder. 
“No, I want to see her.” Bucky confirmed, nodding. “It’ll help with my closure.” 
Natasha nodded, and her and Bucky made their way down to the interrogation room. Peter, Steve, and Tony were all already down there, dreading the process of questioning that would soon come. 
“Queens, you should go back home.” Steve said, sitting in the chair next to Peter on the other side of the one-way mirror, as they watched you with your head down on the metal table in the adjacent room.
“No, I want to be here, Mr. Rogers. I deserve answers.” Peter’s eyes were red-rimmed and puffy. He sniffled every now and again and winced whenever he saw your anger get the best of you and you’d throw the oatmeal or soup that gave you at the glass, hoping to shatter it. 
You always got the angriest when Tony would enter the room for the interrogation. You would spit at him and thrash around. On one occasion, you even bit him when he reached across the table for a pen. Steve was the gentlest with you, but still, he received no answers. 
Natasha was the harshest. She’d yell and threaten, but you remained stoic. Peter never went in. He just watched on the other side and when it got too harsh, he’d go up to his room in the compound and cry. 
Bucky wanted a turn to interrogate; he felt like with your shared experience of HYDRA, he could get a better understanding and get more answers. He was sorely wrong.
“(Y/N)?” Bucky sat across from you, manilla folder on the table in front of him. “I know it’s hard to get away from HYDRA. Maybe you feel like they’ll always find you or that you’ll always have this part of you that—”
“I’m not brainwashed.” You stated, interrupting him. “I have my reasons.” 
“Okay well… then what are they?” He tried, “I remember your mother, but I don’t think I recall ever seeing you around.” 
“I stayed away from the brainwashed assassins. I didn’t like how helpless they looked.” Bucky nodded and wrote something down in the folder. 
“Okay um, what is your exact parentage? Ophelia is your mother and your father…”
“Out of the picture.” 
Bucky wrote another note down, just happy to at least be getting a few answers, no matter how little they helped.
“Do you know where the closest base is?” 
“Can you tell us?”
“You’re shit at interrogating, you know that?” You tilted your head. Bucky frowned but continued to press on. 
“(Y/N), I think—”
“I don’t care what you think.” You snapped, “I’m tired. I’d like to go back to my cell now.”
Bucky sighed but nodded and left the room, taking the folder with him.
“You okay?” Steve asked, patting his friend’s back. 
“Yeah, she’s a tough one though.”
“Yeah, she’s giving me a real hard time too,” Natasha frowned, “I’ll go in next.”
“She said she’s tired and wants to go back to her cell.” Bucky informed the group. 
Tony chuckled, “Well she’s not exactly in the position to back demands.” 
“Maybe I could try?” Peter spoke up, prompting the attention of all the Avengers. “I-I want to talk to her.” 
All of the Avengers looked at each other, each having silent conversations with their eyes. “Uh, well, if you think you’re up for it, kid.” Tony patted his back, giving him a small smile. “But the second it gets too much, you’re out of there.” Tony snapped his fingers and pointed behind him “Kapeesh?”
“Yes, sir.” Peter nodded, taking the folder from Bucky.
Peter entered the room when you had your head down. You didn’t lift your head assuming it was Natasha here to rough you up again. Peter cleared his throat, causing you to snap your head up.
“What are you doing here?” You frowned, “You need to leave.” 
“No (Y/N), I want answers.” Peter sat across from you. “I deserve them the most.” 
“I wish I could go back to that night.” You sighed, “I wish I treasured my time with you more, especially since I knew it was limited.”
“But above all, I wish things could be normal, just for a little while. I think I could really love you, y’know?” You frowned, “I’m sorry, I really am. I never wanted to hurt you, but there is so much you still don’t know—”
“Then tell me!” Peter slammed his hand on the table, denting it, “Stop lying and just tell me.” 
You remained quiet, staring at the broken boy in front of you, the one that you rolled over with your darkness and turned grey.
“I’m sorry,” Peter mumbled, running a hand through his hair. “I-I shouldn’t have yelled at you.”
“It’s alright.” You smiled sadly, “We both know I’ve done worse.”
Your “cell” was actually a pretty nice room. It had a queen-sized bed pushed up against the far side of the wall, an overhead light with a fan, and a nightstand with a small table side lamp. You didn’t know this, but Stark wanted to put you in one of his nicer guest rooms, just placing an enhancement-resistant lock on the door so you couldn’t escape. If you closed your eyes and tried really, really hard, you could almost believe you weren’t being kept prisoner.
Food was usually brought to the interrogation room for you. Every morning around 8 o’clock, Steve would wake you up and take you down to the bleak, grey-walled room where you’d spend most of your day being questioned. Steve always brought you oatmeal or cereal in the morning. You ate it about 4 out of 10 times, but most days the questioning would get on your nerves, and in a fit of anger you’d throw the bowl at the glass window or at the security locked door. 
Tony brought cheeseburgers for you almost every afternoon. He never stayed long, considering you’d cuss him out to leave, but he always left the burger on the table for you. The petty part you always throw it back at the door after him, uneaten.
If you weren’t being questioned, you were laying in your bed, staring up at the ceiling, wondering if your mother was even looking for you. Peter hasn’t been at the compound for nearly two weeks and you couldn’t escape the feeling of dread that lodged itself in your heart. Your mother always followed through, it’s the one thing you used to admire about her the most, and now it'd be your one love’s undoing. 
You could feel yourself getting weaker, without the food you needed or the training you always endured, you could feel yourself wanting to sleep more and talk less.
“(Y/N)?” Peter knocked on the other side of the door. “Can I come in?” It’d been so long since you heard his voice or seen his puppy dog eyes. He hadn’t visited you since the first interrogation he conducted. You couldn’t blame him though. You practically took his innocence whilst plotting to murder him, so it made sense that he’d want to keep his distance from you.
You didn’t respond, you just rolled over on your side to face the wall rather than the boy who you just knew wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer here.
“I-I’m gonna come in, okay? Please don’t attack me.” Peter hesitantly opened the door and peeked his head in, eyes turning sad once he saw how frail you had become. You were always a bit scruffy looking, with all your bruises and scars, but you were always able to hide that under baggy clothes and makeup. But now, here you were, in a tank top Natasha lent you—that was objectively too big— and pajama pants left in the room by Mr. Stark. 
“Hey.” Peter closed the door behind him, locking it back up with his workers ID. “Um, I brought you some food. Mr. Stark said you haven’t been eating much, so I brought you Delmar’s.” He held the brown paper bag up and shook it a bit. He frowned when you remained silent. 
“I’ll leave if you want, but you need to eat, (Y/N). You’re skin and bones.” Peter began unpacking the sandwich. “It’s a number five, with pickles and smushed down real flat. The same kind we shared that one time.” He smiled at the memory, sitting on the side of your bed. You scooted further away from him, pressing yourself up against the wall. “(Y/N), come on.” He frowned, sandwich clasped in his hand, “Please, at least look at me.” 
You finally turned around, your red puffy eyes met Peter’s concerned puppy ones. You’d been crying, that’s why you didn’t respond. 
“I missed you.” You sniffled, “You didn’t visit, and I know you probably didn’t want to and you don’t have to, but I missed you. I know you’re angry with me and that I disappointed you, b-but you just left and didn’t come back—” You heaved a sob, “and my mother isn’t looking for me. She’s disappointed in me too, but she never loved me like you loved me, and now you’re disappointed in me and it hurts so bad because I know I’m hurting you, but it's so complicated and you don’t understand and when I say that it just sounds like a shitty excuse. I just—I wish I could start over and be normal and just love you like I’m supposed to.” 
Peter’s eyes began watering again, like they had been doing so much these past two weeks. “I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I never meant to leave you like that.” He moved in to hug you and you flinched. 
“It’s not just that.” You cried, “I-I thought you were dead. I couldn’t kill you, so my mother promised that she would complete the mission.”
“No, no I’m here. I’m right here.” Peter moved in to hug you again, this time you let him. His warmth enveloped you just like the night you left him. You held him close, your boney fingers latching onto your nerdy t-shirt as you sniffled into his shoulder. Peter smoothed your hair out with his hand and rubbed soft circles over your waist where his arm clasped around you.
“(Y/N),” He pulled away, holding your face in his hands, “you need to tell them everything.”
“I can’t, Peter.”  You pulled away, ashamed at yourself for the look of disappointment that flashed across his eyes. 
He thought he was finally getting through to you, but one step forward always led to two steps back, and he was exhausted. This tango you had been doing with him had been wearing him down. 
“You can’t?” Peter frowned with a sigh, “You love me, but you can’t save me?” 
His frustrations from the past month were clouding his mind, his thoughts all centered around you and for once he just wished he could stop thinking about you and move on with his life. He was being selfish, but he was so tired. He took a break to spend time with May and focus on school, and when he came back, hoping the team had made some progress, he was met with none. Right back to square one.
“I-I—” You looked at Peter with such a sad and confused look, almost desperate to be free from these burdens. “I’m sorry.” was all you said before laying back down and curling up again, facing away from the boy whose heart you had broken once again.
Peter sighed and stood to leave the room, leaving the sandwich on your bedside table. As he opened the door he looked back at your silhouette in the covers.
“Um, I’ll come back soon, okay?” you didn’t move or speak, you just laid there, numb. “I love you.” Peter left with those final words, closing the door and locking it.
Peter entered the compound’s main living room, where all the Avengers hung out with each other. Thor was even in town for a few weeks while they searched for HYDRA bases in the area. Clint, Sam, Bucky, Steve, and Natasha were playing cards, Euchre or maybe it was Gin Rummy? Peter never learned how to play either of those. Tony was fiddling with one of his holograms with Bruce watching on, providing verbal help every few minutes when he would get stuck. Wanda and Vision were watching Love, Actually and cuddling on the couch.
“Hey, kid!” Tony looked up from the holograms he was working on at the boy. Peter gave him a small smile but proceeded to the kitchen without a word.
He grabbed a banana and a glass of chocolate milk before returning to the living room.
“Hey, Peter.” Steve looked up from his cards and smiled.
“Hi Mr. Rogers.” Peter gave him a tight-lipped smile in return. “What’re you playing?”
“Euchre, want to join in?” Sam surprisingly offered. He never really liked the kid all that much, but even he could tell the poor boy needed a pick me up. 
“No thanks. I’m gonna go watch the cameras.” Peter moved past the group onto the couch Wanda and Vision weren’t currently on. 
He pulled out his SI laptop and pulled up the cameras hooked up to your room. Tony handed the hologram tech he was working on to Bruce and joined Peter on the couch. 
“Hey, watcha looking at?” 
“Just checking to see if she ate that sandwich I brought her.” Peter sighed, he was angry with you. And he had a lot to be angry for, but he still wanted to take care of you. He didn’t want to watch you wither away, no matter how much you may have hurt him. He still loved you. That was his fatal flaw. 
“Yeah, good luck with that. I’ve wasted almost 15 cheeseburgers on that kid. The good quality ones too—” Tony was interrupted when the live footage of you showed you sitting on your bed, reading the copy of The Hobbit that Bucky left in your room for you, contently munching away at the number five with pickles, smushed down real flat. 
“Holy hell, kid.” Tony smiled, “you’ve got the magic touch.”
Peter smiled for the first time in a while too, just happy to see you so content and eating. 
“I know this has been really hard on you. Probably made worse by the fact that she was choosing this life, not forced into it. But I know she’s trying any way she knows how to do what she thinks is right. Things are pretty complicated for her right now and she still has reasons for her actions that are beyond our understanding. And I know that she loves you.” Tony placed a hand on Peter's shoulder, giving it a comforting squeeze. 
“What?” Peter whipped his head around, looking his mentor in the eyes, “how do you know?”
“It was about two weeks ago when you took a break from coming around that she really stopped eating. She never ate much before then, but she ate. After a few days without you visiting she stopped eating and instead she asked when you were coming. We obviously didn’t know the answer so we kind of just shrugged it off. But at night the notification for noise in her room would go off and I’d go to the cameras to make sure she was alright and she’d be crying your name in her sleep.” Tony’s eyes held so much sympathy. He almost teared up retelling how the past two weeks have been. He did tear up when he would watch you call out for Peter and wake up to no one. 
There was something about you that made Tony feel more. Normally, going nearly a month without answers, he’d send you to a different facility, somewhere they’d pry the answers out of you. He’d send you to SHIELD headquarters. But for some odd reason, he wanted to make sure you made it out of this okay, maybe not perfect, but okay enough to come back from this. 
Maybe it was the way he saw how much you loved Peter and Peter loved you, or perhaps it was the fact that you were still a kid to him. A kid who's spent her entire life being fed lies and being subjected to abuse. Tony couldn’t blame you for having your walls so high up. He couldn’t blame you for being so guarded and harsh. In a way, he saw a lot of himself in you, and it terrified him.
“All I’m saying is; as fucked up as it is, and as much and she probably doesn’t want to believe it, that’s love. Pure, unadulterated love.”
“Hey, kid.” A voice called from the other side of your door. “It’s Steve. Can I come in, I have some laundry and I need to change the sheets.”
You groaned and groggily flipped on your bedside lamp. “Yeah.” You called out, rubbing your wrists, reddening from the metal band they put on it to suppress your strength.
Steve used his card to undo the lock and he walked in, laundry basket in hand. He quickly shut the door, locking it up again before you could even get a proper glimpse of the hallway outside. “How’re you feeling?”
“Like a prisoner.” You deadpanned, getting off the bed and beginning to remove the sheets. 
Steve cleared his throat, “Right. Well, you know, if you could just tell us what we needed to know, then we could help you. Get you out of here and back to a normal routine.”
“I never had a normal routine.” You spat. “I was raised in a household where fear and hesitancy would get me killed. I don’t think any part of what I went through is fucking normal.” 
“Being with Peter felt normal, didn’t it?”
You froze your movements, looking up and glaring at the super-soldier putting t-shirt and sweatpants in the drawers of your dresser. “You don’t know anything about me.”
“You won’t tell us anything.” 
“I have my reasons. I’m not just going to throw away my entire life's purpose, not for you or anyone else. Everything I’ve done, I’ve done for myself. And maybe that’s wrong, but I’ve never had anyone to do it for.” You frowned, thinking back on your childhood. All the lies your mother told you. How what you were doing was for the greater good. How you always aimed to please her; to make yourself worthy of her affection.
Yet, she wasn’t here now. She probably knew where you were, but she didn’t come to save you. She abandoned you the minute things got complicated. No matter how hard you tried to hold on to her memory, to make it something happy and light, you always came to the same conclusion: she was the reason for your darkness. She was the shadow that shielded you from Peter's warmth.
“You have Peter now.” Steve pointed out, giving you a sympathetic smile when he saw the tears glistening in your eyes. “And if you wanted, you could have us too. You’ll never be too far gone, kid. It’s okay to feel lost, but just know, you’ll always be found again.” 
You rubbed yours eyes, but instead of thanking him, you yawned and began putting the new sheets on the bed. “Bottom drawer, left side.” You nodded your head to the dresser.
“What’s this?” Steve opened the drawer and pulled out a piece of paper. It had a detailed drawing of Bucky, holding a kitten and cuddling with it in a rocking chair. 
“It’s for Bucky.” You sighed, “I felt bad for snapping at him last month. I knew he was nervous, but I still made him feel stupid. So I felt bad and drew that with the crayons Scott gave me.”
Steve smiled as he admired the intricate details of the drawing. “That’s very thoughtful of you. I’ll be sure to give it to him.”
“Whatever.” You mumbled, “Can you go now? I want to go back to sleep.”
“So,” Tony began, staring at your sitting figure in the bleak interrogation room. “I thought maybe I could go in there and try to get some answers. The last time I went in, she threw her shoe at my head, but now she’s only wearing socks, so I should be fine.”
“Yeah, no. Sorry Stark, but she also bit you that one time and that shit got infected as fuck because you’re an idiot who wouldn’t clean it.” Sam said, shaking his head at the thought of Tony going in to interrogate again.
“Yeah, but when she’s angry, she tells us more.” Tony argued, holding his finger up to his chin, thinking it over. 
“All we got last time was that her father is a piece of shit, then she threw that shoe at you so…” 
“She told me she didn’t have a father.” Bucky cocked his head to the side and furrowed his brows. 
“No, you numskull, she said he was ‘out of the picture’. There’s a difference.” Natasha informed him, bopping him upside the head.
“I’ll do it again.” Peter offered. “But maybe we’d get more answers if she felt safer, y’know? Not in a bleak stone-walled room, I mean.”
“Kid might be onto something.” Bruce spoke up. “She tells Peter more than she’s ever told any of us. He probably would get more answers if she knew we weren’t watching her every move.”
“We can’t just not watch her. She’s dangerous.” Wanda piped up, motioned to the glass barrier between you and the team. 
“Actually, my love, the wristband she’s wearing removes her enhanced strength. She’s essentially a normal human now.” Vision spoke, holding a finger up.
“Well it’s the best plan we have.” Steve was the first to concede, “Where do you wanna take her, Queens?”
“I have just the place.”
“Where are you taking me?” You hesitantly asked as Peter led you to the woods next to the compound. 
“You’ll see.” He smiled, “Close your eyes?” He held out a hand for you to take and you reached a shaky hand out to clasp it. 
“I won’t hurt you,” He chuckled, beginning to lead you through the thicket. “It’s a good surprise, I promise.”
Peter led you deep into the woods. The picnic he set up was in a clearing next to a rushing river. When the sunset shone over the hill on the other side, the entire clearing lit up with a bright orange light. It was beautiful. 
He came here by himself a lot. It was his own personal tradition for him to come on Ben’s birthday after spending the day with aunt May. He loved her dearly, but in the evening they both took time to themselves to remember Ben on their own. To remember who he was to each of them individually. To May, he was her soulmate, the love of her life. And to Peter, he was a father figure, a mentor, and a shining light on his darkest days after his parents’ deaths.
“Okay, we’re almost there.” Peter said, guiding over a log and under a tilted tree branch. 
Peter walked you into the clearing, breathing a sigh of relief to see that his picnic basket remained untouched, and the flowers didn’t wilt or blow away while he helped you get ready. 
“Can I open my eyes now?” 
“Yeah.” Peter let go of your hand and stood beside the fluffy blue blanket he set out. “Okay, open them.”
Once your eyes adjusted, you saw Peter standing there, a bashful smile on his face and he scratched the back of his neck. Next to him was a bouquet of wildflowers, tied together in a yellow ribbon. There was a cooler next on the blanket next to the flowers, and a note on the cooler that said ‘For Peter and (Y/N): DO NOT TOUCH’, written by Tony.
Your eyes widened when you saw the scene in front of you. 
“D-Do you like it?” Peter asked, walking up to you, standing in front of you with a hopeful glint in his eyes. “It’s okay if you don’t. I wasn’t sure if this was your style. And it’s not like it’s a date—I mean, unless you want it to be, then it is. It’s just—things got pretty complicated for a while and my heart was kinda broken, but it’s okay now. I still love you—and you don't have to say it back. I just wanted you to know. Y’know? And we kinda did the thing, but I never took you on a date and that wasn’t very gentlemanly of me, so if you want it to be a date it is. But it doesn't have to be. I just want you to be happy—” 
You cut off Peter's incessant nervous rambling with a kiss to his cheek. “It’s a date.” You decided, pulling away and smiling at him. “Definitely a date.”
Peter beamed at you, leading you to sit on the fluffy blanket with him. Peter unpacked the cooler, pulling out two take-out boxes with Thai food and a bottle of sparkling cider. “Mr. Stark tried to sneak us some wine, but Pepper caught him at the last minute, so he got us this.” Peter said, pouring some of the cider in a fancy champagne glass.
“Why do you like him?” You said, taking the glass as Peter offered it to you. 
“Well,” Peter began, “he’s my mentor. After my uncle Ben died, I didn’t really have a strong father figure in life. Then Mr. Stark found me and took me in. He helped me to learn how to use my powers responsibly and how to watch out for the little guys. I don’t know, he’s like a father to me I guess.” 
You scoffed and rolled your eyes, causing Peter to look up and furrow his brows. “He’s a selfish ass.” You spat, “He was a playboy that sold his daddy’s weapons after inheriting a company that never should have gone to him. He slept around with countless women and then left them. I’m surprised he’s even married, to be honest.” You shrugged, the hatred for him evident in your eyes. 
Peter was appalled at the hateful words you were spewing about his father figure. “No, he’s changed, really. He’s a great father to Morgan and he’s so in love with Mrs. Potts it’s crazy. He shouldn’t be held accountable for his past actions when he’s done so much to atone for them now.”
“He wouldn’t even care about you if you were normal.” You sneered, “he’d pass you by without a second glance.”
Peter’s face fell, the hurt swimming around in his irises. You softened your gaze when you noticed how much your words had impacted him. You’d already put him through so much pain the past month, you didn’t mean to hurt him again.
“I’m sorry,” you said, quietly, “that was out of line. My issues with Stark shouldn’t affect your relationship with him.” 
Peter sighed but nodded, “He really has changed, (Y/N). Sure, he’s made mistakes, but each mistake was a lesson learned.” 
You nodded along, poking a fork into the pad thai in front of you. “I guess you’re right. We’ve all made mistakes before. I just—You wouldn’t understand.” You frowned. The secret of your parentage was the only leverage you’ve ever had over Tony Stark. By the looked of things now, you probably weren’t going to kill him. You’d have to kill Peter too and it’s become all too obvious that that task would be left unfinished, ergo you could not kill Tony. But the secret still shouldn't be let out. The world would break and Peter would feel so betrayed. All the progress you made would be for nothing.
“Mr. Stark cares about you.” Peter said, digging into his larb. “He watches the cameras in the room whenever he hears a lot of noise in there to make sure you’re alright. He’s the one that convinced the rest of the team not to send you to The Raft.”
You smiled at Peter, “That’s so minor though, compared to my reasoning.” 
“Then tell me your reasoning, (Y/N). I can’t help you or even begin to understand if you keep hiding things from me.”
“Some secrets aren’t meant to come to light, Peter.” You gave him a tight-lipped smile, “It doesn’t matter anyways; it’s in the past.” 
“It matters to me.” Peter held your hand in his, “I can tell you hate Mr. Stark, I think everyone can actually, but I love you so much, and Mr. Stark is like my dad. It would just mean a lot to me if you could learn to love him the way I do.” 
You nodded, “I’ll try.” 
The rest of the late evening was spent cuddling on the blanket, taking silly pictures on Peter’s phone. 
“(Y/N),” Peter sighed, arms wrapped around you and you both laid on the blanket watching the sunset. “You know you can trust me, right?” 
“I know, Pete.” You smiled, nuzzling your head into his neck.
“Then, can you tell me a little more? About you, about your motives. I want to understand. I want to help you any way I can. We all do.” 
“‘We all do’?” You sat up, Peter following, panic in his eyes when his brain caught up to his words. “What do you mean ‘we all do’? A-are they listening in on us right now?” 
You looked at Peter’s guilty face, offense and hurt flashing on yours. “This wasn’t a date, was it? You just wanted to butter me up so you could get answers for the fucking Avengers!” Your voice raised as you drew the final conclusion, anger seeping into your tone. 
“No, (Y/N)! It’s not like that!” Peter protested as you stood up and began packing the cooler back up to go back to the compound. You’d rather be stuffed in your prison of a room than sitting here with Peter. “(Y/N), please listen to me!”
“No, I don’t want to hear it. I know I hurt you. I know what I did was unforgivable, but you forgave me anyway. You continued to spout out that you loved me, and like a fucking idiot I sat here and believed you. I should’ve known I was too far gone for you.”
“No, (Y/N)! I do love you, you’re not too far gone, I can still save you!”
“Even if you were right, even if you did love me, you still tricked me into coming out here, telling me it was a fucking date, just so you could interrogate me for your stupid fucking team of freaks!” You threw the flowers he picked at him. 
“Listen to me for fucks sake!” Peter dodged the flowers, “I just needed answers, we needed answers. (Y/N) we’re running out of time! Your mom is still out there planning on reeking havoc, and we have to stop her.”
You were about to respond when the sound of a gun clicking interrupted you.
“Looks like you're already out of time, my dear.” 
✧tags & moots✧: @ptersmj @princessofguineapigs @ptersmj @princessofguineapigs @peterbenjiparker @cherrytholland @itsapeterthing @justapurrcat @thirstiestpotato @kelieah @iovebug @waitimcomingtoo @rosyparkers @parkers-gal @allegra-writes @starktonyx @felicityparkers @hollandcrush @londonspidey @blissfulparker @spidernerdsblog @spidey-sophie @spideyspeaches @duskangxls @peterparkers-bad-youtube-apology @andilovetowrite @insomniac-nerd-posts-things @babebenhardy @blackxwidowsxwife @juliannaamonroe @sinisterspidey @amourmarvel​ @hollandsdream​ @annathesillyfriend​ @itsyellowbear25 @fckinel @hornyhoursonly
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hford0311 · 2 days ago
Secret, Secrets
Rogers!Reader x Peter Parker
It started in the deep of the fighting between Tony Stark and your father. Something about that web-slinging teenage boy hooked onto you. You hadn't realized he went to your school until after the airport battle. The voice became easily recognizable and almost memorized. The library was where you fixated on knowing the boy. He was muttering to himself as he was trying to figure out his homework. You walked behind and whispered into his ear, "Hey, Underoos." You smirked and sat in the seat across from him. "Hey! How-" "Shh!" You giggled and held your finger up to your lips. "Don't want to give away our secrets, do we?" You smirked as he quickly shook his head.
"Y/n Rogers," you introduced yourself and stuck your hand out to him. "Peter...Parker," he shyly responded but didn't shake your hand. "Going to leave me hanging, Parker?" You questioned with a slight pout. "Y-you're kinda on the other side," Peter innocently responded. You rolled your eyes and put your hand on the table, "Trust me, my dad and Tony won't let this live out forever. I was basically raised with all of them surrounding me. I'm everyone's child at this point. My dad won't allow a broken family." You explained, "Plus, technically, no one has to know you shook my hand or even know me. I mean if anything, we do go to school together, and we didn't even know it until recently." Peter nodded along with your explanation. "Y-yeah, I-I guess that's true." You raised your hand up to him again. "Our little secret." You smiled brightly and felt his handshake yours. "Our secret," he agreed with a small smile.
The secret meetings grew from there. The pair of you avoided the topic of what Tony and Steve talked about. You focused on each other and schoolwork since each of you realized the classes you had that was the same but at different times. The pair of you just grew closer and closer and not just in a friendship type of way. After a few months of the secret meetings, soft and quick kisses were exchanged. Giggles were shared between the two of you whenever it would happen. Your secret grew by finding remote spots between classes to exchange romantic kisses and statements to one another with schedules.
"Oh, come on, Peter! Just one more," you whispered in the corner under the staircase. "Y/n, we need to get going," Peter would respond before you cut him off with another kiss. "Okay, now we can go," you whispered, and the pair of you walked in different directions to your classes.
After school, the pair of you met in the library for study sessions, at least that's what you two told your guardians. To be fair, there were times where Peter or yourself would help the other in subjects. Just sometimes, it was just the study of the anatomy of the human lips, particularly when they met another pair of lips while being pressed against the back wall of the library.
"Happy five months," you whispered between the kisses to Peter. "Happy five months," he repeated in the same soft tone. Your eyes stared into his brown ones. "I fucking love you, Peter Parker." You said with a hush and pressed your lips to his. His hands pressed up against your back and pulled away from you for a second, "I love you, Y/n Rogers." You beamed. It felt like nothing could stop the two of you.
At the instance of the Siberian Battle happened, everything crumbled around you. Your family was broken. You no longer had a home. You had to go into hiding with your dad. You couldn't even say goodbye to Peter. It all happened so fast. You had nothing. Your life was destroyed and tossed into the wind without any care-just to leave the country and have no one find you.
*Part Two Coming Soon*
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toomanyrobins2 · 2 days ago
drunk on indigo skies: coming May 14th
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N “Indigo” Phillips had dealt in secrets her whole life. Working for Tony Stark at 16 and then falling in love with his son was never the plan. She also never expected that five years later, she’d be leaving Peter in the middle of the night with just a note on the dining room table. Now, she has to return to the Three Families as their whole world continues to be threatened by a dangerous rival.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Content warning: Mentions of alcohol abuse, sex, violence, murder
Tumblr media
// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 //
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gamerdestiny · 2 days ago
Devil Deep Inside (Mob!Tom Holland x Agent!reader) Part 1
Tumblr media
“We have another mission for you,” Matty says, as soon as the last of us enter the War Room. “Name of the target?” I ask, my hands behind me, standing in the ‘at ease’ position. “Exciting trip for you guys, its Britain’s biggest mob this time, hence in London,” Russ answers, “The Holland family usually stays under the radar, but recently they have been inviting other mobs over, too many of them at once. We need an insider, a skilled insider,” he continues, his eyes turning to me. Holland? Why did that name sound familiar?
I brush off that thought away, getting my mind back in the meeting. “Who am I infiltrating though?” I ask, a small smirk coming on my face. I like a good challenge now and then. “The Holland family’s eldest son, Thomas Stanley Holland,” Matty answers, tapping on the tablet in her hand, making a picture of him pop up on the big screen. No way! My poker face stays intact but on the inside, I wanted to shout ‘I knew him in high school, and he was no mob boss’ son then’ but I stayed quiet. Tom Holland was the biggest nerd of school, short and skinny but now he looked nothing like it. His face and arms were very well sculpted, his eyes a brown doe shade, looking kind and naughty at the same time. His curls looked messy to perfection, a perfect mop on his head. The fitting pants leaving very little to the imagination. And he didn’t even have a shirt on in the picture.
He was hot. Panty dropping hot. Who in God’s name is this Greek God? 
Tumblr media
“Y/N?” My focus returns to the meeting, “Yes?” “Are you listening? And yes this was a picture he shared with the world. No one knows why,” Matty says. “Yes, umm… how do I.. gain his attention?” I asked, coughing a little at the awkwardness. Was my staring that obvious? “Among his common interests or daily lifestyles, most remain unknown, but we do know this, he makes frequent visits to Platinum Lace -” Matty says. “- The Best Known Gentleman’s strip club of London,” Russ finishes. Matty again taps on the screen and the picture of a posh looking club shows up on the screen.
Tumblr media
“I don’t like where this is going…” Mac says slowly, his eyebrows creasing in worry. But at the same time, a smirk formed on my face, “Oh cmon have you never had a dream job in mind?” “Yes! And it's a normal one like being a scientist, and saving the world!” he remarks. “That’s why you don’t get laid. Mine was pole-dancing!” I shrug. “Good to know you’re on board with this. Let’s get you set up with the equipment,” Russ says, moving towards the door. “Wait! So we’re okay with it?” Mac questions, looking around the room. “It's Y/N’s mission. You all are backup. If she’s on board with it, then all of you have to be,” Matty says, then turns to look at me, “Are you on board with it?” “Yes!” ”No!” Mac and I reply at the same time, him obviously being the one saying ‘No’. I hit him on his shoulder, “My mission, my choices. I’m on board with it,” I start following Russ, “This is very exciting! It’s giving me the jitters!” 
I mean, what can go wrong? 
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spideyanakin · 2 days ago
... You Never Truly Forget Them
Peter Parker x Reader
Part 1 Once you’ve met someone...
This is fully based on Haku and Chihiro from spirited away 🥺
Synopsis; Once you’ve met someone, you never truly forget them.
Tumblr media
Tony’s funeral was quiet. No one really talked and you pushed away the urge to talk to Peter.
He had just lost the most important person in his life, and you couldn't let your feelings get in the way.
The worst part was that you were falling for Peter, and hard. You had been fantasizing about your lost hero - and he exceeded all your expectations. Peter Parker was the nicest person you had ever met, at least from what you saw and heard from Tony. You had never even talked to him, but you had fallen in love.
You dreaded coming back home. You had to force yourself to walk into the apartment and to meet the faces of your confused family.
“Y/n? Oh my god is that you?” Your mother opened the door and hugged you. "Oh my, you’re all grown up.” You gave her a tight smile.
And that was pretty much all. Your family didn't care or ask how those five years were. They pushed it off like you had been blipped too.
The next day - you didn’t wake up to Nat making breakfast or to Steve cracking a joke. You woke up in a small apartment with your family who couldn’t care less about you or the fact that your mom’s cousin had passed away.
You grabbed your bag and walked downstairs. Your mother insisted on driving you even though it was just a courtesy of her.
“So... what’s this new school?” She questioned.
“Tony Stark said it was the best school he knew. I've been there for a while now.” You looked away.
“Tony Stark?” She questioned.
“While you were gone I lived with the Avengers.” You looked outside the window.
“The what?” She turned to you when she stopped for a red light. “We never said you could go and live with a bunch of dangerous superheroes!”
Your eyes widen at her comment.
“Excuse me?” You turned to her. “And I thought you were supposed to stay and be my mother but you all disappeared. So I couldn’t stay alone! they were going to take me to a center with other kids whose parents were gone.”
“Blipped.” Your mother corrected you.
“What did you want me to do! And by the way, Blip is an outrageous name. People who came back named it that. You can’t just call an event like that ‘the blip’” You folded your arms and you felt tears roll down your eyes. Silence fell between the two of you. “I still can’t believe you didn’t bother asking how my life went when you were away.” You wiped the tears and looked out the window. “we’re here.” You didn’t bother saying goodbye. You opened the door and ran into the school.
“Hey Brad.” you greeted.
“Hey, you ok?” He saw the dried tears on your face.
“Yeah don’t worry.” You smiled it off. “I’ll see you later.”
You pushed through the mass of old students that had disappeared as you made your way to class and froze in your steps when you saw Peter Parker. Standing right there talking with a guy you didn’t know. You gulped and facepalmed for not seeing it earlier. Of course, Mr.Stark would have put you in the same school as Peter Parker.
You walked forward and waiting in front of your classroom, Peter instantly seeing you.
"Hey, I didn't know you went here?" Peter took a step forward and told you with a bright smile. He wasn't crazy. You were the girl he saw at the battle. You were also there at Tony’s funeral. You were the one he had made eye contact with and felt sparks flying. The one he thought looked awfully familiar.
"You're an Avenger right?" He whispered.
"Y-Yeah, and you're Spider-man" He nodded. "Tony talked a lot about you you know?" You looked away suddenly feeling a wave of sadness taking over you.
"H- he did?"
"Yeah." You finally met his eyes and it felt like you were the only two people in the world.
He gave you a sad smile. One that sent butterflies to your stomach.
"How long have you been with the team?" He wondered as you inside your classroom, happy you apparently shared the same timetable.
“I arrived in the team the day everyone disappeared... I um... Natasha was my godmother... She took me in when my family was gone.”
“Oh. Im sorry.” He lifted his head to meet your eyes.
“It’s ok.” You gave him a tight smile.
“You want to talk? After class?” He asked with hope in his eyes.
“So? What did you want to talk about?” You played with the string of your backpack.
“It’s crazy, I feel like I've seen you before,” Peter said inspecting your face. He was obsessed with how beautiful you looked but had to push that thought away as he figured out who you were and why he knew you.
“Did you ever visit us? Before the blip?” It hurted you to hear him call it the blip. But what could you do about it? Everyone who disappeared didn’t know the pain and didn’t know calling it such a simple stupid name hurted everyone who had stayed.
“No.” You shook your head. “I never knew Nat was my godmother until I saw her after the... blip.” You looked up remembering the moment. “My whole family had disappeared. I was walking around New York and saw the Avengers, I honestly think I was lucky... I saw Nat, she thought she knew me. Turns out she was my godmother" you let out a shaky laugh.
Peter couldn’t get his stare away from you. His heart ached as he heard what you’d been through. He wanted to know you. He wanted to see you laugh. He was mixed between the mystery of knowing why you looked familiar and the mystery of what he felt when he saw you and talked to you.
You looked at Peter for a second, doubting yourself. You started doubting if he was really your hero. The person who saved your life all those years ago. How can a 16-year-old kid get you out of the East river?
“I um, I don’t know where we could have met.” You tucked a hair behind your ear. “I wasn’t even in this school before everything happened.” You smiled. “I went here because Tony told me it was a great school. And I think I know why he insisted on me going.” You looked at Peter who looked at you with wide eyes.
“He admired you so much Peter you don’t even know... I heard so many things about you, who you were, what you did, your friends, your life, Tony wouldn’t shut up about you. And I can see why.” A blush crept on both of your cheeks. A day after meeting Peter and you already saw why Tony Stark admired that boy so much.
You saw how he took on the responsibility of being Spider-Man and Peter Parker at the same time. He was just a kid, and so were you. You understood how hard it was being a young superhero and you saw how well he managed everything.
“Hey, Y/n?” A week later Peter tapped on your shoulder with a small smile.
“Yeah?” You turned around to meet his eyes.
“Do you um...” he scratched the back of his head and moved up and down on his feet in anxiety. “Do you wannagoonadatewithmesometime?” He blurted out but you still caught the hang of his sentence. A smile lit up your face.
“I would love to.” A blush made its way to both your cheeks and you were both smiling like idiots in the middle of the school hallway.
But the bell rang making your conversation cut short.
“7 tonight? Pick you up at your place?” He asked.
"Alright..." You thought for a second as you looked up to the stars. You turned your head around to meet Peter's eyes who were already on you. "Biggest regret?"
"Oh wow- what a happy thing to ask on a date." He chuckled.
"What!?" You laughed with him. "You said ask anything! And may I tell you the question 'most horrible thing you've done as a super hero' isn't the happiest either." You playfully nudged his arm which made him laugh a little harder.
"Alright, you've got a point." He nodded. "Mine is..." He thought as he looked back at the stars. "you know how I always make sure people I save are safe?"
“Well, it might seem crazy but, the day we all blipped there was this little girl. The railing got smashed and she fell into the East river..." Your heart started to pound so fast you thought it was going to take flight. "I made sure she was alright. But I never knew if she really was... I don't even know if she found her family after that. I've always wondered if she was ok..." You sat up and Peter followed your move. "She didn’t seem alright. I was such in a hurry to find the Avengers... Never really forgave myself for it...”
“I remember...” You looked into the distance and Peter questioned your words. "I was looking at the ducks when harsh winds came, something flew into the railing sending me straight into the water. I couldn’t breathe, couldn't see. But then...”
“I saved you...” Peter finished your sentence for you.
You looked into his eyes. He was your savior. The person you wanted to put a face onto for years. You were sure now.
“That day, by the East River. You saved me.” Your eyes were getting glossy “The day everything went wrong.” You whipped a tear away. “You’re my hero” You smiled. “You saved my life.”
"So you're ok?" He wondered with a smile.
"Yeah Parker. I'm ok. You can stop blaming yourself now," You giggled.
You looked at him for a second, mindlessly placing a hand on his cheek. You let out a short laugh as your lips were about to touch. Finally, you brought your lips to his, and you felt your entire world light up.
“My hero.”
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Through The Years (Part 8)
⛈-Angst 🌧-Both ✨-Series ☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know ⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word Count:3150
Warnings: language, me havin no idea what happens at a, VERY long
 I also have no idea what happens in a wedding soooooo yeah.
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Age 24
Y/N adjusted the towel on her body and moved to lay on her stomach, adjusting the computer screen too. “When you are guys supposed to get here?”
Peter scratched the back of his head, “Um...we should get there at about 5 for you, I think.” He looked up and nodded and looked back down, “Yeah, Happy just confirmed that it’ll be about 5. Why?”
“To know when I should leave to go pick you up.”
“I love how you’re casually making everyone else stay at a hotel and having me be with you.”
“Well, you are my boyfriend, Peter.”
He laughed, “Yeah I guess that makes sense.” He sighed, “What time is it for you?”
“Almost 4. I should probably get some clothes on.”
“I mean...I wouldn’t oppose to you not putting something on.”
“Peter Benjamin Parker!”
He laughed, “I’m joking!”
“You better be joking kid.”
It was her turn to laugh as Pepper’s voice faintly came through the headphones. “Well, I mean, I could always wear this tonight.”
“I love you.”
“I love you more.”
“No, I think I love you more.”
“No, I really think I love you more.”
“Who is flying all the way across the world just to see you graduate.”
“I’m sorry, but I did the same thing and I surprised you with it. So I think I win.”
He smiled, “I guess you do.” He moved a hair from his face, “Hey, Ima mute myself for a minute.”
“Okay?” He muted himself and got up. Y/N rolled her eyes when she saw he had a pair of Hello Kitty pajama pants on. Only her boyfriend could have the fashion sense of a 5 year old. She sighed and got up and walked into her closet. She grabbed a random t-shirt that she was pretty sure was Peter’s and a pair of jeans. By the time she was fully dressed, Peter was just sitting back down. “What took you so long?”
“Aunt May had to talk to me.”
“Ah, also, nice pants.”
“In case you didn’t notice, I changed them too. But thank you.”
She smiled, “Sorry, I too was getting dressed.” She looked at the clock on her computer, “Do you know how far out you are?”
“Oh yeah, that too, we’re about 30 minutes till landing.”
“Okay, well, I’m gonna go and leave. I have to feed my roommates dog before I go.”
“Okay, I’ll see you soon.”
“I love you.”
“I love you too.”
She ended the Skype call and closed her computer. She sighed as she placed it on the small desk. She grabbed her phone and keys off of her bed and flipped her lights off before shutting her door. She walked over to Katherine’s room and opened the door. She flipped the lights on and walked in. Kat’s small Yorkie was asleep on the bed. Walking over to grab the food bowl and food she sent a text to Kat to let her know. She placed the bowl on the floor and poured the food in. She heard the jingle of the collar and she looked over at the dog as she patted the ground. “Buddy, I have your food.” He jumped off the bed and dashed over to eat. She smiled and patted the dogs head. She sent a quick text to her other roommate, Taylor, to let her know that Buddy was fed and she would need to walk him when she woke up.
Y/N nearly fell on her face when she got out of her car and ran to Peter. She wrapped her arms around him and she heard him laugh as he spun her around slightly. She soon felt his lips on hers and she smiled at the old feeling. She had missed this. Being in his arms. Feeling safe. When they pulled away she smiled at him and moved some of his hair out of his face. “I missed you Spidey.”
“I missed you too Y/N/N.”
“C’mon, I wanna take you back to my apartment before we go eat. My roommates should both be gone.”
He gave her a knowing smile and quickly went to place his bag in her car so they could get there.
Y/N sighed as Peter took a shower. She had gotten done with hers about 10 minutes ago and was having to get redressed. She grabbed a jacket for a few reasons...well, two, but still, one of them being because it was gonna be below 50 and for her that’s cold and two, she wanted to hide any hickey’s that might appear.
“Shower would’ve been much more enjoyable with you in it.”
“Ah yes, but then neither of us would have gotten clean.”
“The whole point of the shower was so no one knew what we did.”
He wrapped his arms around her, “But everyone knows we’re dating.”
“Okay, fine, how would you feel if May showed up to something, obviously having just had sex.”
“You really think that May still has sex?”
“I--what the fuck Peter?”
“No, I--I need to know if my girlfriend thinks that my Aunt still has sex.”
Y/N rolled her eyes, “Really Peter?”
“Really! That’s very weird to me!”
She laughed, “Alright, fine.” She leaned in and kissed him, “I love you.”
“I love you more.”
He smiled and wrapped his arms around her waist, “I’m proud of you.”
She wrapped her arms around his neck, “Really?”
“Yeah, you’re graduating from Cambridge University with a Masters Degree in Jornalism.” He kissed her, “I’m so fucking proud and in love with you.”
She smiled, “Well, I’m proud and in love with you too.”
Y/N quickly woke up. her alarm blaring in her ear. “For fucks sake.” She grabbed her phone and pressed stop. Groaning she looked at the time, 10:20 AM. “Oh motherfucker!” She practically jumped out of bed and ran to her closet.
“I was meant to be up an hour ago! I have to be at the senate house in an hour and I still need to get ready! Fuck fuck, fuck!”
Peter was extremely confused as he watched her get dressed the fastest he’s ever seen her. “Want me to drop you off?”
“I’ll drive and park, you wait for the others, or you can stand with Miranda. She’s my roommate who’s number I gave you for today.”
“Can I stand with her while I wait for the others?”
“Yeah.” She grabbed all of her things and faced Peter, “How do I look?” He didn’t say anything and just smiled, “Peter?!”
“You look amazing, as usual.”
She smiled, “Thank you for boosting my ego. Now, let’s go.”
Y/N sighed as the music blared. The Avengers had decided to through a party for Y/N graduating. Some of her friends, her 3 roommates, were there too. The graduation finished hours ago and now they were at a place that Y/N’s dad used to own. It was surprising that even though he went to jail and was a fraud, he still had a lot of money and owned places. It was the funniest thing. Other than when it came out that he was gay, that was...surprising to those who didn’t know him.
Anyways, the loudness was getting to Y/N so she stepped out. Peter followed her, thinking about how this could be his opportunity to ask her. He knew he was young, but if he had to choose her or the sun then he’d be one nocturnal son of a gun.
The wind blew hair in her face and she kept brushing it away. Smiling at Peter as she looked his way. He gave her a soft smile back. God, he was still falling in love with this girl, even after dating for 3 years and being in love for over 6 years. He laughed to himself, he should mention that. 3. It was a common number in their relationship. Always appearing. Everything happening by divisibles of 3. He loved it, oddly enough. It was both predictable and not because you never knew how major it would be. Plus, some big things happened and they weren’t a multiple of 3.
“Hey, Y/N/N?”
She turned her head to him again, “Yeah?”
“Um...fuck, I really thought this would be simple and easy.” He let out an awkward laugh, “Wow, uh, well, Y/N, you know I love you, right?”
She nodded, scared. “Yeah.”
“I have loved you since we were...actually, you know what? I don’t know how long I’ve loved you. I spent so long convincing myself that I didn’t that I actually forgot how long I’ve loved you.”
“Peter, what’s happening?”
“Our life has happened in multiples of 3. We met when we were 3. My parents died when we were 6 and you joked saying I was Anakin and Luke,” They both laughed, “When we were 9 everything with your dad happened. When we were 12 we argued about what happened in DC and who’s fault it was and we had one of my favorite memories of Uncle Ben and I have no idea why it is. Then when we were 15, you were there with me when he died. 18, well, I don’t need to say what all happened.” She laughed at his comment, “But then 3 years ago I asked you to be my girlfriend and you said yes. So, now,” He got down on one knee and she gasped, “I’m asking you if you’ll be my wife.”
“Y/N Y/L/N Y/L/N-Hammer, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”
She nodded, “Yes, of course I will Peter.”
He smiled and slipped the ring on her finger. She recognized it as his mothers which finally made the tears come out. He kissed her and then pulled her into a tight hug. They stayed like that, in each others arms, for who knows how long. They only separated when Aunt May’s voice rang out.
“You two okay?” They looked at Aunt May and Y/N casually raised her hand up and they both heard Aunt May’s gasp. “Really?” They both nodded and she smiled widely, “Is that what you needed your moms ring for, Peter?” He nodded and Aunt May clapped, happily. “Congratulations! I’m so happy for you two!”
The couple was happy, they really were and in six short months, they were even happier. But also freaked out because well, it was their wedding day.
Y/N stood in front of the mirror. She was shaking out of fear. I mean, she was getting married. But she was getting married to Spiderman. They almost didn’t have a wedding because of what all was happening. Mysterio turned back up and Peter was having to deal with his again. But that didn’t matter. They set the date and so they had to go through with it. Y/N remembered how she laughed when he said that. It was actually funny because he was in a pair of Iron Man pajama pants and looked like a kid.
She jumped as she heard a knock at the door, “Don’t worry, it’s just May and Pepper.”
She let out a breath, “Then come on in.” The two women walked in and Y/N turned to them, “So?”
Aunt May smiled and walked over to Y/N. Kissing the top of her head she held her arms lightly, “You look so beautiful sweetheart.”
Pepper nodded, “May is right. You look as regal as a queen.”
“Thank you.”
“Peter went down 10 minutes ago. We came up because it’s gonna start soon.”
She nodded, “Okay, thanks. I’ll be down in a second.” Y/N looked down and tried to flatten out some invisible line. Trying to calm herself down. Aunt May gave Pepper a look and the latter walked out of the room. Y/N looked up and gave May a look, “Is everything alright?”
“I don’t know, is it?”
Y/N nodded, “Yeah? Why wouldn’t it be?”
“You look freaked dear.”
“Well I’m fine.”
May walked over to Y/N and hugged her, “Ben would be so happy for you two. He always told me that the day you two got married would be the best day of his life. Finally seeing Peter and you happy.”
“Yeah. He always wanted you two to realize that you really loved each other. He didn’t care that you were only 12-15, he knew the looks you two gave each other because he gave them to me when we first started to like each other.” May moved a piece of Y/N’s hair out of her face. “He always spoke of how he could care less about what else would be happening. That, if he was alive, your wedding would be the best day and always be celebrated.” May laughed, obviously trying not to cry. “It’s just...he would be so proud of the two of you. You’ve accomplished so much these past few years. And, I know you’ve heard it a million times but, I am so happy and proud of you, Y/N. You have always been there for everyone who’s needed you and I just...I’m happy that this day is finally here.”
Y/N smiled, “I am too. I--I’m so happy that we finally get this. Even with what all is happening, I’m happy that we finally get something happy.” 
May nodded, “As do I.”
There was a knock at the door and Sam stuck his head in, “Hello ladies, are we--oh my god, Y/N, you look amazing.”
Y/N laughed, “Thank you Sam.”
He clicked, “Anytime. Anyways, you ready?”
She looked at May and nodded, looking back at Sam, “Yeah. Yeah, I am.”
Peter stood, waiting for YN. Of course when he did she her, he didn’t expect to nearly fall in tears. She looked so beautiful. From her hair to her outfit to her shoes. She just looked so damn beautiful. He felt so proud to call her his. He held his hand out as Sam passed her to him. She placed her hand in his and followed him the rest of the way. As she mouthed a small ‘I love you’ he smiled and mouthed ‘I love you’ back.
All of that formal stuff had happened and the couple was just waiting for the final words. “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”
Her arms wrapped around his neck as his lips crashed into hers and his arms were around her waist. She smiled into the kiss. Happy to be here in his arms. Happy to be Mrs. Peter Parker.
Y/N adjusted how she was sitting as Peter was handed the mic. “Hi? Um, this is on right?” Murmurs of yes were heard and he nodded, “Awesome. So, I just want to thank you all for coming here. I uh...I’m just so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with the crazy lady known at Y/N.” She, along with others, laughed at that. He smiled at her, “Where to start? Oh god. Well, I’ve known Y/N for 21 years know. We met when we were 3 at the park. She’s been with me for years and has never left my side even when she probably wanted to.” He sighed, “I’m an idiot, honestly. I--I ignored my feelings for her for I don’t know how long. It literally was for so long that I have no clue anymore. But still. I’ve loved her for years but I was too chicken to tell her because I was scared I would ruin our friendship. Turns out, she felt the same. I felt like an idiot when I finally realized it. The signs were all there, but I chose to ignore them. You know, back to me saying there have been times where she could have and probably wanted to, leave me. I actually have an example.” 
“Oh dear.”
“The first would be when I was a complete idiot back in the summer of 2024. was obvious that she liked me now that I think about it, but I didn’t see it. I kept telling myself, ‘Peter, you like MJ, not Y/N. MJ. Not Y/N.’ Well, that was a huge lie. I remember, when Beck was doing everything that he was in London, all I could think was, ‘Oh god, don’t hurt Y/N. Don’t hurt Y/N. Don’t hurt my best friend.’ I did so much on that trip in general that she should have just stopped being my friend. But she didn’t.” He scratched the back of his head, “I actually have no idea what I’m supposed to be saying. So what I’ve said is probably stupid and dumb and makes no sense, but still.” He raised his glass, “Here’s to Mrs. Y/N Parker. First the love of my life, then my wife, but always my best friend and number 1 supporter.” Everyone took a sip of their drinks. Everyone but Y/N. She was crying. Peter made her cry with what he said. “I love you, Y/N.”
She smiled, “I love you too.” It came out as a whisper, barely audible for someone who wasn’t listening but everyone in that room heard her.
Y/N took the mic a few songs later, “Wow, I--how do I even compare to that? I--I mean, I’m still crying some.” She wiped away some tears. “Peter Parker, I remember when I met you, I was so excited that someone wanted to play with me. My friends had left me, yeah, a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds were already being mean and left me at the bench. If you were to tell me then that I would marry you one day, I would say you’re crazy...and that it’s crazy because boys have cooties. And cooties are gross.” People laughed and Peter shook his head while he did. “Now, if you told 15 year old me that in 10 years I would be married to Peter, I think I would ask you to punch me. Because why? Why would he love me of all people? Why would he love me when there’s MJ. That’s a question I asked a lot after I was blipped. I kept saying, ‘what do I have against her? He’s obviously in love with her. I should just back off.’ But...I wish I could tell 17 or so year old me that, hey, give it time, but you and Peter fuck like...right after graduation and then you casually wait for 3 years till you get together. But at least you fucked! So that’s out of the way!” She heard practically everyone laugh and so did she, “Yeah, not my proudest moment, but hey! At least we did something crazy before getting together!” She smiled and lifted her glass, “I love you Peter Benjamin Parker. I always have and always will.”
Which would never be a lie. Y/N has always loved Peter and she knew she never would stop.
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