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#peter parker x stark!reader
spideyobsessed · 5 hours ago
Before It’s Too Late Ch. 2
peter parker x avenger!reader
Synopsis: With all the life changing events taking place, will you ever get to overcome some of your biggest fears?
Might wanna read Ch. 1
Tumblr media
You run and run and run until your legs nearly go numb. Bumping into people, tripping over your feet, the sounds of your heavy breathing getting louder and louder. There’s only one thought etching itself into your mind: Tony’s words.
If you got your powers from that thing, then I’m positive you can do a lot more.
A lot more.
Why now? After years of having these abilities, why now? It’s almost like the words he spoke yesterday were a trigger and now they’ve awaken something that’s been dormant inside of you.
I heal and that’s it. I heal and that’s it. This can’t be happening right now.
You finally take a right down an alleyway and slow down to a stop. No words can be strung together to perfectly describe the sensation you’re feeling. It isn’t painful, but you ache. Energy is surging through your veins, but you feel like you need to lay down and rest. You feel anxious, but if the circumstances were different, you can find this quite enjoyable. It’s confusing.
You sit down right next to a dumpster and bring your knees up to your chest, fighting the urge to let out a gut wrenching scream. You can feel something inside of you bubbling up and growing stronger. It’s a tight feeling, like your body is a champagne bottle and the cork is going to skyrocket any minute now. For a brief moment, you come to the conclusion that you are literally going to explode and accept your fate. can do a lot more.
Your hands cover your ears, your thoughts ultimately becoming too loud for you to endure. It’s like all of your senses are heightening, yet numbing all at once. You can’t pull it together. Your face scrunches up as you unintentionally hold your breath. Useless.
Involuntarily, you let out a cry that you’re sure can be heard throughout all of Queens. You feel your body jerk harshly three times before, all at once, everything stops.
A breath of relief escapes your lips as you finally relax your tense body, but the anxiety remains. Nothing new. Your entire physique feels tingly. Too fatigue to immediately spring into action, you remain sitting in your spot.
After a few moments, you take in your surroundings. The alley, although it was noticeably trashed when you entered, looks horrendous. The dumpster is about three feet away from you now. The windows in surrounding buildings are shattered. Several car alarms are blaring.
“What just happened to me?”
- - - - -
“You better keep your little girlfriend in check, Parker.” Flash threatens Peter before purposely bumping into him.
Unfazed by him, Peter turns his attention to Gwen. “Uh, is she..” He trails off.
“Yeah, she’s fine! I should still go check on her though. Best friend duties, ya know?” Gwen chuckles awkwardly.
Ned speaks up, “I totally get that. Being the superior friend comes with a lot of responsibilities.”
Peter furrows his eyebrows before shooting a look at his best friend, who is supposedly superior to him. “Don’t act like you didn’t know.” Ned says simply, earning a laugh from Peter.
“Exactly! So I gotta go.” Gwen says as she tries to walk away from the dorky pair.
“Can I come with you? I’d like to check on her, if that’s okay.” Peter asks.
If this were any other time, Gwen would’ve agreed before he even finished his sentence. She’s been rooting for you and Peter from the start, along with several other people, considering you two have made your feelings for each other extremely obvious to every except each other. It warms her heart to see your crush of four years finally getting the courage to get to know you.
However, having seen your hands radiating that familiar glow with her own eyes, she has to lie.
“You actually can’t b-because she’s just...on her period?” She lies horribly, but it’s perfect enough to fool two young men.
Peter immediately backs off, understanding that it’s not really his department of expertise. “Yeah I think you got this. Tell her I’ll text her later please?”
“Gotcha. Bye guys!” She waves at them before fast walking in the direction you went.
The two boys stay in place, as quiet as they’ve ever been. Both of them are obviously thinking the exact same thing. They don’t even have to say it out loud, but of course, they do anyway.
“I know.”
“I KNOW!!”
They giggle together happily as they do their signature handshake before sharing a celebratory hug.
“She’s so into you!” Ned cheers when he pulls apart from his best friend.
“Do you really think so?” Peter questions, “That could’ve been strictly platonic.”
“Trust me, man. It wasn’t! She’s practically in love with you!” Ned over exaggerates, but he wasn’t wrong.
Peter doesn’t respond to his comment, but instead looks down at the ground and smiles to himself. “
‘Does she actually like me?’ He thinks.
The short events of today made him even more excited for the party tomorrow. Although he’s nervous and still very doubtful about your feelings for him, he planned on confessing his feelings for you at the party.
Ned continues to ramble on about “the birds and the bees”, (Peter doesn’t even know how he got to that topic), when suddenly chills plaster Peter’s body. He lifts up his arm and sees that every single hair is reaching straight up.
“Spidey sense. So cool.” Ned chuckles.
“Not cool. That means something is wrong, Ned.” Peter states as he begins to let his legs carry him to wherever feels right. Coincidentally, it’s in the direction Gwen just went.
As he rounds the corner, just as you and Gwen did minutes before, he spots the blonde girl standing in the doorway of the girls’ restroom. Before he can even get halfway to her, he watches as you make a beeline for the nearest exit of the school.
“I thought you said she was fine.” Peter says, strolling up next to Gwen.
“I thought you said I got this.” She quickly retorts, hoping he didn’t see your hands or eyes.
“Yeah, well look how that went.” He responds back.
He takes a few steps to walk after you, but comes to an instant halt. Peter turns on his heels and walks back up to Gwen.
“I’m sorry, that was sort of rude.” He apologizes sincerely. He looks back at the door you stormed out of and back at Gwen once more, “I’m just worried about her. Something is telling me to go check on her.”
He lightly jogs to the exit before Gwen can spit out another lie to protect you. Peter pushes the door open with determination, the cool wind breezing against his face. His head snaps left and right, looking for any sign of you.
A group of girls chatting.
Someone rushing through their homework.
A guy skating across campus.
“There she is.” Peter mumbles when he finally spots you.
He’s able to take one step before being yanked backwards by his backpack.
“Leaving so soon, Mr. Parker? It’s not even lunch yet.” He hears the voice of his principal.
“Uhh I have gym class next. I was just going to get a head start on my mile.” Peter lies through his teeth with a sheepish grin.
He might be good at fighting crime and protecting his neighborhood, but if there’s one thing Peter can’t do to save his life, it’s lie.
The principal obviously saw right through him and chuckled dryly. With a firm grip still on his backpack, Peter gets walked back into the hallways of his school. His principal even takes it upon himself to watch the young boy walk into his next class, earning laughs and taunts from Mj.
- - - - -
It was only a few minutes into physics whenever Peter’s senses started sounding off alarms in his head again. His eyes scan the classroom, every student with their heads down and focused on their work. He glances at the teacher, who is steadily typing away at her laptop.
“Psst. Ned!”
Ned, who is sitting directly in front of him, turns around, surely prepared to make some outlandish comment. However, upon seeing the worry on his friend’s face, he decides against it.
“Spidey sense?” Ned asks simply.
Peter frantically nods his head, “I’m almost positive it’s Y/n. It feels different. It feels the same way it did whenever I thought she was being followed.”
He takes one more anxious glance around the classroom to make sure none of his classmates were eavesdropping.
“I need you to create a distraction.”
Ned gives him a single nod before swiveling his seat back to its prior position. He obnoxiously clears his throat, “Uh ma’am, I think there’s a mistake on this paper. Here let me show you.” He rises from his seat and as soon as he does, everyone hears a mysterious low rumble.
Peter and Ned make eye contact, knowing that it’s already too late. Whatever Peter was being warned about is already happening. Without a single notice, the entire school is shook by a harsh vibration.
The students begin to talk amongst themselves worriedly before another vibration strikes. Panicked yelps scattering all around the classroom.
“Everyone stay calm. There’s no need to get worked up.” The teacher attempts to calm the students, despite sounding panicked herself.
If every fiber in Peter wasn’t going haywire already, there’s no doubt that they are now. It’s almost like he can felt the movements before they happen. He flies out of his chair and peers out the window.
He’s not sure if what he’s witnessing can be seen by everyone or if it’s just his heightened senses. “What the hell is that?” He mumbles to himself.
Peter watches as a violent ray of purple aura heads straight for them, everything in its way viciously convulsing. His heart rate quickens as he turns to face his classmates.
“Everybody get down!” He shouts, the people surrounding him do not waste a second to fling themselves onto the floor.
Peter grabs a hold of Ned and together they hit the deck just in time.
A purple wave is washed over them, shattering the large windows in the process. Glass flies everywhere as the terrified shrieks of each individual fills the air.
The wave left just as quick as it came. Peter and Ned are the firsts to pop up from the ground, breathing heavily with shaky limbs. They look out of the broken window and are absolutely astonished by the amount of destruction that was caused in such little time.
“Still think it’s Y/n?” Ned chuckles in amazement.
Peter doesn’t answer because at this point he doesn’t know what to think. He definitely doesn’t want to rule it out. Whether it was you or not, he can only hope that you’re okay...wherever you are.
“Okay ladies and gentlemen, we need to evacuate now! Get on your feet and start calling your parents, we need to move!” The teacher instructs.
Everyone hurriedly follows in pursuit.
- - - - -
You let out a groan as you slowly pick yourself up from the floor of the dirty alleyway. Aside from being a little lightheaded and having a slight sharp pain on your side, you’re feeling 100 times better.
You dust yourself off, taking another look around as you do so.
Okay. Maybe that stone isn’t amethyst after all. You admit to yourself.
A dry cough erupts from your throat as you begin to walk to... well you don’t know where you’re going. You don’t want to go home yet, just in case an episode like this happens again. You wouldn’t want to put Alice in danger.
Just as you exit the dimly lit backstreet, an old man with thinning white hair and a white mustache to match it speed walks over to you.
“It’s the damn aliens!” He shouts as he whips out a tinfoil hat.
Where did he get that from??
“It’s the aliens, I say! They’ve finally arrived!” The man continues to yell as he carries on.
He wasn’t the only one in a frenzy. Everyone roamed the streets talking to one another. Theorizing what great threat they think has struck New York now, complaining about their vehicles, using some pretty strong language.
The pit of anxiety residing in your stomach quickly turns to guilt. You’re fully aware that you couldn’t control your actions, but it doesn’t change the fact that you still caused all of this damage. The further you walk, the guiltier you begin to feel.
How far did it reach?
You thought you only affected a block or two at most, but now you are starting to believe you victimized the entire city.
“Kid!” You hear a familiar voice.
You snap your head to the left and see a black vehicle with tinted windows. In the backseat sits none other than Tony Stark.
“You are in huge trouble. Amethyst crystal my ass.” He scolds.
The door pops open, “Get in.”
Not having the energy to argue back, you slide yourself into the car.
“I didn’t do it on purpose.” you clarify.
“Well I sure hope not. Happy, to the tower.”
The drive wasn’t long, only about 20 minutes, but the silence made it feel like hours. You’ve tried apologizing multiple times, but every single time you were dismissed by the lift of a hand.
Once in the tower, you didn’t even have time to look around in wonder at all the high tech features of the place. You were put in a room with Tony sitting directly in front of you. His eyebrows are furrowed, eyes focused on you, and his leg is bouncing so fast he could drill a hole in the ground. He still has yet to speak a single word.
You open your mouth to say something, but your phone begins to vibrate. Instead of answering, you freeze, not wanting to make Stark even more upset, if that’s possible. You also don’t want to see all the angry texts from Aunt Alice.
“You gonna get that?” Tony questions.
“Oh, he speaks.” You attempt to make a joke, but you’re the only one laughing.
Your smile falters as you take your phone out of your pocket to see who’s calling. Peter.
The smile returns once you lay eyes on the goofy contact picture he took on your phone. As much as you want to answer, you figured it would be better to wait for another time. It would be sort of hard to explain everything. Especially while Tony is shooting daggers into your head.
You take a swift scroll through your texts.
Gwen: That was so cool and kinda scary at the same time! Was that you??
Peter: Hey! Don’t mean to bother, I just wanna check up on you. Sorry I say that a lot haha.
Peter: Text me back when you’re feeling better. I hope you’re okay!
Alice: Y/n, you NEED to call me back. NOW!
Alice: You’re not in trouble, I just need to know if you’re safe.
Peter: I also want to say thank you for standing up to Flash for me. Even though I totally could’ve taken him myself! Okay okay, sorry for triple texting!
You send Alice a simple message back just to ease her nerves and not ground you before locking your phone.
You look up to see Tony still staring at you quite intensely. If you didn’t know any better, you could’ve sworn he hasn’t blinked yet. You clear your throat.
“Look, Mr. Stark, I really didn’t mean for-“
He cuts you off, “No no no, it doesn’t matter if you meant it or not. That’s not going to reverse what you just did!”
His tone of voice makes your heart shudder, the guilt you were feeling from earlier returning. You decide not to talk again unless he tells you to.
Stark runs a hand through his hair in frustration before cradling his left hand as he pushes himself out of his seat.
“I know you couldn’t control it.” His tone is softer now. “It’s not fair for me to take my anger out on you, I’m sorry.”
You still don’t dare to say another word. He sighs and walks over to the window that has a perfect view of the city.
“I’m not really angry. I’m just...scared.” Tony admits.
This is not the man you’ve been seeing all over the news for years. Tony Stark has never been one to be so vulnerable and open about his feelings. Or anything for that matter. You sure as hell didn’t expect a superhero to ever get scared, much less admit it to someone he barely met yesterday.
“Scared of what?” You ask quietly.
He turns and makes eye contact with you once again, but this time you don’t feel like he’s ready to attack. There’s a beat of contemplation coming from him before he says, “The little outburst you had might’ve sent a signal to a really bad guy. A really bad, really powerful guy. His intentions aren’t the best, and it won’t be long until he comes here.”
You blink a couple of times trying to process what he’s telling you. If an avenger is this scared of some “guy”, then you really have a situation on your hands.
“He’s coming for me?” You squeak.
Tony returns to his seat in front of you, “Not technically. But he will be coming for the stone that you have locked away in a desk drawer.”
“So if I’m in the way...”
“He won’t be afraid to move you.” Stark affirms.
You sink down in your chair, taking it all in. How has your life completely flipped upside in just two days. Two days! Just as you might finally get a chance with Peter after crushing on him for so long, you possibly just devastated the entire city. Maybe the entire country. Maybe the planet. You don’t really know how bad it is, but you feel too sick to your stomach to bother asking.
“How long until this dude gets here.” You ask.
Tony snorts at your usage of the word “dude” when describing someone who has destroyed multiple planets, but of course, you don’t know that yet.
“Our very own time telling wizard gives us about a week. A week and a half, if we’re lucky.” He answers.
“Great.” You sigh as you pinch the bridge of your nose.
You take a look at Tony, who sends you a sympathetic smile. You return a defeated one, tears burning at the corner of your eyes.
“We’re not going down without a fight, kid. That’s the one thing I can promise you.” He says sincerely, trying to make you feel better.
Although you appreciate the sentiment, you don’t respond in fear that the lump in your throat will make your voice crack. Instead you change the subject.
“Why do you keep nursing your arm like it’s a defenseless baby goat?” You ask, earning a hearty laugh from the man in front of you.
“Well after 10 years of being one of earth’s mightiest heroes, you’re gonna walk away with some battle scars.” Tony explains.
You let out a light chuckle, almost forgetting exactly who you’re talking to. With a smirk on your face, you stand on your feet and walk towards him, “May I?”
He scoffs and gives you a strange look, but nonetheless, offers his hand. You take it with both of yours and close your eyes. It isn’t long until you feel the warmth of your energy flowing through your veins and to your palms. Tony watches in amazement as his hand is engulfed by the same sensation that shook the city just hours ago.
You finally let go and open your eyes just in time to see the dumbfounded look on his face. He closes his hand into a fist, and then opens it as he wiggles his fingers around.
“Who’s the happy fingers now?” You tease. “I can’t heal 10 years of injury after injury in one sitting, but it should feel a little better now.”
Tony is still shocked beyond belief. All he can do is let out small breathy chuckles and stare at this hand that’s nearly good as new.
“Y/n.” He manages to say.
You’re shocked to hear him say your actual name. Weirded out even.
Stark finally puts down his hand and gives you a look of astonishment.
“How would you like to be an avenger?”
Your eyes widen and your jaw drops. Tony Stark, aka IRONMAN, wants you to be an avenger. After you’ve wrecked miles and miles of property, he’s asking you to be an avenger?!
“What? I mean...w-what?!” You let out an incredulous laugh. “You want me to- even after every- I can’t..I-I..” All you can do is stammer.
“Well don’t say yes too quick” Stark rolls his eyes.
“Sorry, I’m sorry! It’s just that I didn’t even know the avengers were a thing anymore. I also don’t know the first thing about being a superhero. All I do is heal tiny animals and cure hangovers.” You ramble.
Tony stands whiles still wiggling his hand around, enjoying the extra mobility it suddenly has. “And if you can do what you did today in a more controlled manner, you’ll be unstoppable. A bit of combat training wouldn’t hurt either.”
You think it over in your head. What he’s saying makes a lot of sense. You still don’t know what happened to you today, and you’d love nothing more than to figure it out. Tony is the perfect person to help with that.
Being an avenger is a lot of pressure though. Only a week and a half to train and fight some “really bad, really powerful guy”? It’s impossible. You’d be way over your head. You would get yourself killed.
“I know it’s a lot to take in.” Stark saying, practically reading your mind. “But I believe you can do it, and I’m never wrong. Scratch Saturday, you’re coming in tomorrow for immediate testing and training. Expect to be here all day.” He orders, returning back to his assertive persona.
All day tomorrow?
“I actually can’t tomorrow, Mr. Stark sir.” You say a little under your breath.
“You what now?” Tony stops in his tracks.
“I-I can’t come tomorrow. I’m going to a party, I sorta have a date.” You explain, getting quieter and quieter after hearing how pathetic you sound.
It’s his turn to laugh incredulously, “Yeah, sweet cheeks, and the world is sorta in immortal danger. I’ll let Happy know he needs to take you home and I’ll see you tomorrow.”
You don’t bother trying to protest or be a smart ass because he makes a very valid point. “See you tomorrow.” you say, mostly to yourself.
- - - - -
Three knocks echo from your bedroom door as you sit at your desk doing some chemistry homework.
“Hey hun! I brought oranges slices.” Your Aunt Alice shuffles past the doorframe. As she comes closer, the brightest smile on her face, You notice she made a smiley face on the plate full of poorly cut oranges.
You let out a giggle and set down your pencil, “Thank you Ali, they look great!” You begin to eat the juicy treat while Alice takes in the atmosphere of your room.
“Those weird earthquakes were crazy today, huh?” She absentmindedly makes conversation.
“Earthquakes. Right. Yeah it was crazy. They really shook me at the core.” You say sarcastically, soaking in the irony.
Alice only hums in response. You watch her eyes dart from your trophies and then to the chair with clothes piled on it and then to the plants perched on your window until they finally land on the picture of her, your mom, and yourself.
It was your 11th birthday and you had cake smeared all across your face. The memory is so vivid, you can still hear the beautiful melody of your mother’s laugh dancing through the air. It’s the last picture you have of her.
“I miss her too.” You speak quietly, fearing if you spoke too loudly, the memory would go away.
Her gaze returns to you, tears brimming her eyes and her smile a little less bright. “You remind me of her so much, Y/n.” All you can offer her is a warm smile.
You’ve already cried all the tears you had left. You clear your throat, “Thanks again for the oranges, Ali.”
She wipes the tears that manage to break free before placing a quick kiss on the top of your head.
“Take out will be here soon.” She informs as she exits the room, her cheerful tone returning.
“Sounds good.” You respond.
You take one more glance at the picture of the three of you before getting back to work. However, like most things here lately, you didn’t get very far.
“Shoo, shoo! Stupid bird. I hate you!” You hear a muffled voice coming from outside. You wouldn’t have found this odd, if you weren’t on the fourth floor of an apartment complex.
You rush over to your window and peek outside, and much to your surprise you see just the person you needed to see. You snicker before unlocking your window and pushing it up.
“Peter, what are you doing up here?” You whisper.
“Oh, ya know, just...fighting some birds.” He chuckles weakly at being caught.
You smile wildly at the sound of his voice and the sight of him covered in feathers. You’re feeling too giddy to even question how he got up here. “Get in!” You move out of the way so he can crawl into your room.
Oh my god. Peter Parker is in my bedroom!
You hurry to shut the door, so Alice doesn’t see a boy in your room. You turn back around to see Peter stealthily make his way past your potted plants. He hops in with a soft grunt.
“Hi.” He says shyly once he finally looks at you.
“Hi.” You say back in the same tone.
Peter looks down at his hands, causing you to just notice he’s holding a plastic bag. “Um this is for you. You never answered my texts so I thought I should just...sneak by.”
You take the bag from him and sit on your bed, Peter copying your actions. Your breath hitches as your shoulders touch.
You pull yourself together enough to take a look in the bag.
There are several things inside. Two chocolate bars, your favorite ice cream, a large bottle of water, a box of tissues, and a dvd of your favorite movie.
You look towards Peter with the softest smile to ever lie upon your lips.
“What’s all this for?” You nearly whisper, your heart aching at the gesture.
“Gwen mentioned that it was that time of the month for you, so I brought you some things. I asked her for your favorite snacks and stuff.” He explains as his face burns with a rosy tint.
You’re not on your period, so you just assume that Gwen covered for you earlier today. She could’ve come up with literally anything else because her lie is kind of embarrassing, but you’re not complaining at the moment.
After you don’t saying anything in response, Peter starts to ramble nervously. “I’ve seen this movie once, it’s pretty good! I don’t know if it’s Star Wars level good, but I’d recommend it to someone. Now that I think about it, I don’t know why I brought you a copy. If it’s your favorite movie, you probably already have it so that’s kinda stupid of me I guess. Did you know that-“
You could listen to this boy talk for hours and hours, but for now, you interrupt him with a tight hug. It takes him a second to process, his mind and his heart going just as crazy as yours. He recoups soon, wrapping his arms tightly around your lower back.
“Thank you, Peter. You really didn’t have to do this.”
“I just wanted to make your rough day a little better.”
And that, he did. More than he even knows. The two of you hug for a little while longer before pulling apart, your faces only inches away from each other.
You gulp as you look into his brown eyes. You’ve never seen them this close before. Chills are sent down Peter’s spine, but for a different reason this time. A better reason.
His eyes begin to flutter shut as he leans in and you mirror his movements.
It’s finally happening, and so fast too! Peter Parker is now literally in the palm of your hands. You try your best to maintain your excitement. Another uncontrollable episode is now what you need right now.
You can basically feel his lips on yours already. Your first kiss with Peter...
“Y/n! The food is here!”
...was too good to be true. Of course.
The sound of Alice’s voice makes you and Peter jolt to opposite ends of the bed. You run your hands over your face and let out an exasperated sigh. “Yeah Alice, I’ll be right there!”
The air becomes still as you and Peter look at everything in the room except for each other. He’s the first to speak up, “Well uh, I should let you go eat.” He rubs his hands on his legs.
“Yeah I probably shouldn’t keep my aunt waiting. She’s scary when she’s hangry.” You joke to lighten the mood.
You both share a small laugh before you walk Peter over to the window he’d just entered through.
“Thank you again for everything. You’re a really good friend.”
He doesn’t show it, but that word just stabbed him in the heart. Friend.
“Anything for you, Y/n/n. You should go, I don’t want you to see me climbing these walls.” Peter says truthfully, but plays it off as a joke.
You laugh along with him, “Call me if you hurt yourself. I have ways to fix ya up.” You say truthfully as well.
Neither of you catch on to the other’s honesty.
You give each other an endearing smile before parting way.
Once your back is turned, you whisper to yourself, “Friend? Why did I say that?”
Here’s one more thing to beat yourself up about all night long.
“Y/n, The food!” Alice yells, the hunger taking over.
“I’m coming!” You should in an equally frustrated tone, but because of a different type of hunger.
/ / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /
Sorry it took a while to post this chapter!! I tried making it longer than the others to make up for it :)
Omgg my Tom fic, The “Friendship” Test is currently sitting at 800+ notes, that’s insane!! Thank you guys so much, I know I say that a lot but I truly mean it!
((excuse any typos, i write at night))
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writtenfangirl · a day ago
Hot Chocolate Nights
An Avengers Fic
I don’t really want to say that it’s a Bucky fic since I see Y/N and him as more platonic than love interests but if you prefer it to be a romantic relationship, go ahead!
I wrote and finished this at 2 in the morning. I tried to make it more bearable but honestly, I think it’s beyond saving. It’s a waste of effort not to post it though so here.
Requests are open!
TW: The darkness/voices are euphemisms for depression, Y/N is an insomniac, instances where world destruction and violence are mentioned.
Tumblr media
When you’re an Avenger, there are certain responsibilities that the world expected from you, one of which was being a protector. The person the world could call on when they experience a disaster that they couldn’t face without their help. The Avengers are, after all, a group of remarkable people and this was the sole reason why they were created.
Watching Nat, Steve, Tony, Thor and the rest of the other Avengers in action – yes, Y/N found that it fit them, being called protectors. That was who they are at their very core. Steve would jump in front of a speeding bullet to protect a child; Nat would run in straight lines rather than zigzags if she was being shot at, if only to avoid civilian casualties; Tony would sooner protect Pepper by casting his suit towards her rather than himself if it meant that she would be safe. They were, at the very core, protectors.
Perhaps that’s why Y/N felt like she didn’t quite belong. She wasn’t a protector, she was the person the Avengers should be protecting the world from.
It was silly, really. Even now, after a full year of working with the Avengers, she still couldn’t fathom what possessed the team to try and turn her into a hero.
Wanda and Pietro? She could understand that. Sure, they’ve done some deplorable things but they did it in anger and though it doesn’t quite justify their actions, Y/N saw them easily fitting in with the team. At their very core, Wanda and Pietro were good.
Y/N couldn’t relate to that. She wasn’t good. She was anything but good.
When the Avengers had rescued her from Hydra, she was sure that they would kill her. She would have, if she was in their position. She was a freak, after all. A weirdo with abilities that shouldn’t exist on this Earth. A power that was no match for anyone, not even Wanda.
She was autopotent. She had complete and limitless control over herself, which brought her closer to the status of a god rather than a human being.
If she wanted, she could give herself the ability to shape shift or the ability to alter reality. One thought and she could have fire dancing at her fingertips or give herself the ability to plunge the world in darkness. Her limitless power could end worlds just as easily as she could create them. She had no limit, no end. She was Eternity and she was infinite.
She hated it and she hated Hydra for turning her into this.
She’s tried to purge herself of her powers several times in the past and some of the attempts had even caused her to accidentally end her own life but nothing she did worked. She’d wake up the next day just as powerful as ever. Her abilities clung to her like tar, unwilling to give up the powerful vessel they inhabited.
She thought she could live with the power and that, perhaps, it may even be a good thing. After all, power over oneself? Most people would kill for that. Except, she doubted they’d end a life if they found out that with her power came the horrible, evil voices that refused to leave her alone.
They whispered to her every day, flooding her mind with horrible images. Her friends dead at her feet, blood pooling from their eyes, the world laid to waste, fire and destruction enveloping the world, erasing the greenery and the life and plunging the world in darkness.
She could ignore it easily enough when she was surrounded by her friends. Sam and Bucky’s banter often made her laugh and her laughter deafened her ears to the whispering darkness; physical training with Steve, Nat and Clint often left her ears ringing and her mind too tired to take notice of the darkness; playing video games with Thor, Loki and Peter helped her to ignore the whispers; experimentation with Bruce and Tony and even movie marathons with Wanda and Vision made the darkness disappear. They couldn’t touch her when she was happy and with her friends, not when she was so full of life and light.
But when she was alone, when the sun has faded and her hunger was satiated, when she was isolated and by herself, that is when the whispers began to scream.
Tonight, they were loud, unbearably so. Image after image of destruction flooded her mind. Every blink she made was agony, images of her dead friends searing across her eyelids.
These are what will come to pass, the voices said. Let destruction rain on humanity and welcome death’s embrace.
She almost wanted to cry. She wishes she could tell her friends what was going on with her but she couldn’t burden them with these. They had enough on their plate as it is.
She sighed and sat at the edge of her bed. It was clear that sleep would not come to her tonight as it rarely came to her at all.
Let go of your rage and fury. Let destruction rain.
She ignored the voices and trudged out of her room. The voices followed her out like a dark, fetid breeze but she’s found that when she was in motion, it was easier to ignore the voices.
She was quiet, her slippers in her hand as she shuffled around the compound in her bare feet. When she was out of the sleeping quarters, she placed her fluffy slippers by her feet, wore them and walked. She passed the dining room, the living room, the sitting room and the elevators before she finally arrived in the dark, empty kitchen.
“Friday, do you think you can turn the lights on?” She said into the emptiness, her voice quiet, only a step above a whisper. She was afraid to shatter the stillness in the compound and though she knew she could make as much noise as she wanted without fear of waking any of her friends because of how far the kitchen was from the sleeping quarters, she was afraid that saying anything too loud would seem like an invitation to the darkness.
The lights turned on and Y/N stood there for a moment, her eyes adjusting to the light. When her eyes adjusted, Y/N shuffled towards the pantry. She pulled the door open and the light above her came to light, illuminating the space. The space was large, as most things were when Tony created them. There was enough food in here to last them at least a year, even if they ate three square meals a day at the compound. A variety of snacks and chips lined the wall as well as canned goods, loaves of bread and packs of powdered drinks. There was even a wall dedicated for coffee syrups for when the Avengers had gotten into a whole boba phase and Tony had attempted to create some for the team. It didn’t end very well.
She smiled against the memory and for a moment, the voices quieted themselves as warmth and joy flooded her. The feeling was fleeting and soon, the voices returned.
You are a god in a sea of mortals. End their lives claim your power.
She grabbed a random pack of instant noodles with one hand and on the other hand, she grabbed the open canister of cocoa powder.
“Did you find everything you needed, Ms. Y/L/N?” Friday asked her as she closed the pantry’s door behind her.
“I did, yes. Thank you, Friday,” Y/N said with a soft smile.
She opened one of the cupboards and with a wave of her hand, two pots floated from the cupboard and towards the waiting stove. Another wave of her hand and water flowed from the sink and towards the two waiting pots. A thought had the fire roiling beneath the pots.
Fire shall cleanse the world and purify it. Destruction is imminent.
She walked towards the refrigerator and took out the carton of milk, a small can of condensed milk and a single egg.
You are power, life and death itself. The Avengers are but a limitation you placed upon yourself. End them and let yourself reign.
She let the monotony of her actions drive her, center her. They helped to drown the voices out, and so she carefully studied each of her actions as she went through the motions, almost like she narrated them in her head.
When the water turned into a roiling boil, Y/N placed the uncooked noodles and its seasoning in one pot while she lowered the heat of the other and added tablespoon after tablespoon of the cocoa powder. She added the milk and a touch of the condensed milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon before she turned the heat off and poured the dark liquid on her favorite mug. She frowned when she realize that she’s made too much hot cocoa. She added the egg on the other pot and instead of transferring its cooked contents into a bowl, she simply took a pair of chopsticks from one of the drawers and waved her hand, the pot and mug following her as she walked towards the empty kitchen island.
The smell of the noodles wafted through her nose, causing her mouth to salivate. As she took the chopsticks and raised the noodles to her lips, she heard a set of shuffling footsteps and, strangely enough, Bucky walked in wearing a simple pair of boxer shorts and a black t-shirt. His short, fluffy, hair stuck up at odd angles, which made it obvious that he’s just rolled out of bed. His eyes were shut against the sudden bright light of the kitchen, his metal arm hiding his face in shadow as he waited for his eyes ro adjust. When it did, he regarded her curiously. “Y/N? What are you doing so early in the morning?”
She looked comical with noodles hanging from her mouth, her chopstick raised in midair. She slurped the noodles in the most unladylike way possible and covered her mouth with her hand before she answered Bucky, who was looked at her with an amused expression. “I’m eating.” The words came out garbled because of the food in her but Bucky understood her nonetheless.
“I can see that,” He said with a smile as he walked towards her. “Is that hot chocolate?” He pointed to her mug.
She swallowed her noodles as she nodded. “Yeah. I made extra if you want some.”
An image flashed across her mind, Bucky dead on the floor, his body a mangled mess of injuries. She pushed the image away.
He took a mug from one of the cupboard, filled it with the hot chocolate and raised it to his lips. A look of pleasant surprised graced his features as the flavors of the chocolate filled his mouth. “Wow. This is really good.”
Y/N gave him a smile, his compliment warming her body and silencing the whispers, if only a little. “Thanks. I’d give you the recipe but it’s a secret.”
“Well you are full of secrets,” Bucky laughed as she took the seat next to her on the kitchen island. “Eating out of the pot, I see.”
“I don’t like doing dishes,” she said with a wrinkle of her nose.
“I don’t either.”
Y/N slurped some of her noodles, this time in a smaller quantity to make it easier for her to chew and swallow it. “Do you want some?”
Kill him and end his ceaseless suffering.
She handed the chopsticks towards Bucky’s awaiting hand and watched him slurp some of the noodles down.
“So what are you doing up this early?” Bucky asked her when he handed the pot back to her.
“I haven’t really gone to bed yet,” she shrugged. “Couldn’t really sleep. You?”
“Same.” Bucky said with a tight smile. “Nightmares.”
Y/N gave him an understanding smile. She may not understand what it’s like to have nightmares but she understood torment. She experienced it everyday. And though Bucky’s torment came in a different form, suffering was something they shared.
“Do you want to talk about it?” Y/N asked gently.
“Nothing really to talk about. It’s the same old nightmares about Hydra. How about you? Do you experience insomnia often?”
Y/N gave him a rueful smile. “Everyday.”
“You don’t really seem tired.”
She waved her fingers and sparkles of magic fell from her fingers. They disappeared before they reached the floor.
“Right. Superpowers,” Bucky chuckled.
Y/N took a big bite of the noodles and handed the pot back to Bucky who did the same.
“I’m guessing your nightmares are about Hydra?”
Bucky stared at her intently. For a moment, Y/N thought she may have intruded and offended him by the callousness of the question but he smiled at her and her worries eased.
“Yeah. They can’t seem to get out of my head,” he replied. “It’s mostly about my missions though. The people I’ve…” he trailed off and Y/N instantly understood the shame that lodged in his throat, stopping the words from coming out.
A killer. He doesn’t deserve to live.
She gave the supersoldier a reassuring smile. “I get insomnia because of the voices.”
Bucky’s attention snapped at her in surprise. “Voices?”
“I’m not crazy,” Y/N added hastily before Bucky could say anything. “No need to call Bruce on me. I just… the voices, they come with the territory. I think it’s because of Hydra. Some kind of psychological experiment they were trying on me. The scientists in charge of me died before they could finish the job and the Team rescued me soon after. The voices tell me to do these terrible, awful things and they show me horrible images. It’s why I can’t sleep at night. It’s exhausting to push them away.”
“You haven’t tried to use your powers to make them go away?”
“I have. Believe me, I have. They go away but they always managed to find their way back to me.”
Kill him and let blood rain. We are your only true friends.
“You should tell someone,” Bucky said softly. “Maybe Bruce can find a way to—“
“Bucky, if I can’t fix it, no one can.” She said the words gently, like she was the on reassuring him. “This is just my reality. There’s no changing it anymore. I just have to learn to live with it.”
“Do you spend all your nights like this? Drinking hot chocolate and eating ramen?”
“Sometimes, it’s ice cream,” Y/N said with a chuckle. “Or chips or leftover food we had for dinner. Sometimes I bake. The hot cocoa always stays though.”
“Is that why our kitchen always smells like chocolate chip cookies?”
Y/N nodded eagerly and Bucky let out a loud laugh.
“Steve and I always wonder why our kitchen smells so good in the morning,” Bucky smiled, or what looked like the ghost of it. Something about the way Bucky smiled often reminded Y/N of a promise. A slight lilt at edge of his lips, his eyes alighting just a tad, almost like he was teasing you, daring you to ask him to smile. “And you spent your time alone? What do you do all these hours?”
“Lots of things. Sometimes I read. I can go through an entire book in one sitting. Sometimes, after I eat, I train my magic or my fighting skills. Other times, I go out on a run.”
“Alone. Always alone.”
Bucky stared at her, his face unreadable. He let the words settle on his skin, let it echo and rattle in his head.
Always alone.
Not truly alone.
A lonely existence. It was awful, Y/N had to admit. She lived in a building full of people and yet she was always lonely. Somehow, Y/N knew that this was a premise to the rest of her existence. She didn’t know why has these abilities or how she even got them. And some part of her knew that she was probably immortal and that she would live a lonely, wretched life until the Earth turned into dust, most likely by her hand, by her limitless power.
“Well with the exception of Friday,” Y/N joked.
There was a hum as Friday powered up at the sound of her name. “Happy to be of service, Ms. Y/L/N.”
“But this night—“ she gestured with her hands “— it’s my first night with someone else. I have to be admit, it’s nice. I like your company, Barnes.”
Bucky matched her smile and she found the simple gesture warming her insides faster than the hot cocoa. “I like your company too.”
Conversation ebbed and flowed easily between them, the voices fading into a dull sound and the edges of her mind. Soon the ramen was finished and their cups drained to the bottom but that didn’t stop Y/N and Bucky. A bond had formed between them, a silent understanding. Though their circumstances were different, there was always something about torment and shared trauma that bound people together.
They talked about the years they spent in Hydra, memories that they remembered from their previous lives and who they were before they were taken. They talked about the team, the little habits that the Avengers had that annoyed them, the things they loved about them. They talked about anything and everything and they only stopped when the sun’s golden fingers reached across the sky, alighting the once dark canvas into shades of pink and purple.
The next night was the same. Voices, her vision edged by darkness.
Slaughter them. Kill them. Reclaim your right as ruler of the world.
She waited until she was sure that the whole house was asleep before grabbing her slippers and padding out of her room and straight into the kitchen. After taking the opened box of hot cocoa and she went through the motions of creating her signature hot chocolate and this time made sure to create enough for four people. Last night, Bucky had mentioned that he’d like to have some of it again and perhaps even share a cup of it with Steve and Sam.
Tonight, she decided that she would bake.
They all deserve to die. They are ants, mere insects in your presence. End their petty existence and take your place.
With a wave of her hand, bowls, measuring spoons and cups and ingredients floated all around her before finding their way on top of the kitchen counter. Another wave had a cookbook flying towards her, opening at the page for creating brownies. It levitated a few inches off the ground, as though propped up by invisible hands.
An image flash in her head. Her friends laying under the rubble of the compound, their eyes open but glassy, crushed under the weight of the cement. She pushed the thought away.
She was just about to crack and egg over a bowl when she heard the shuffling of feet. Several feet actually. Her attention turned towards the door where she found the Avengers piling into the kitchen, all dressed in pajamas, with Bucky leading the group.
“Guys,” Y/N said in disbelief. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you all be in bed?”
They mean to disrespect you. They deserve to perish.
“We could ask you the same thing,” Nat said with a smirk.
“Barnes here said you made a mean hot chocolate and I for one would love to try it,” Tony said as he circled around the kitchen. He reached for her still steaming mug. “This it?” Before she could even reply, he’d raised it to his lips.
Y/N gaze snapped to Bucky and he gave her a sheepish smile.
End them. Kill them. They mean to offend you.
“That is good,” Tony said after a loud sip. “Oh that is really good. You guys have got to try this.”
Tony passed the mug to Nat who took a small sip. She closed her eyes, a happy and content look on her face. “That is amazing.”
“Thank you,” Y/N said, almost in astonishment. She couldn’t even bring herself to be upset that Tony had stolen her chocolate. “I didn’t make enough for all of us though. You’ll have to wait if you all want some.”
“That’s alright,” Steve said, taking a seat on one of the vacant chairs on the island. The other Avengers followed suit, taking their own seats, filling up the counter like customers in a diner. “We can wait. We’ll even help you.”
They deserve nothing but death.
“It’s my secret recipe,” she said sheepishly, unable to contain her blossoming smile. “You all sit there. I’ll make it.” And so she got more cartons of milk and more condensed milk and more cinnamon powder and even more cocoa powder. She even got some cacao nibs from the pantry, to add a little something extra to the hot chocolate.
“Are you baking something?” Wanda asked from where she sat, peering at the still floating pages of the open cookbooks.
“Brownies,” she answered as she whisked the chocolate.
“What are brownies?” Thor asked them curiously.
“You’ve never had brownies, Mr. Thor?” Peter asked in surprise as he entered the kitchen.
You are darkness, eternal. You are the life of the universe. They are nothing.
“Kid,” Tony said with a sigh as he ran a disappointed hand over his face. “You have school tomorrow. You should be in bed. What are you doing here?”
“Mr. Bucky Barnes said that there was a team meeting…” Peter’s sentence trailed off, suddenly unsure.
“At 2 in the morning?” Sam asked with raised eyebrows. “C’mon, kid. This is an adults only meeting. Come back when you can grow a beard.”
“Stop bullying him,” Y/N laughed from where she stood, stirring the chocolate to make sure that the nibs were broken down. “He can stay.”
“T-thank you, Ms. Y/L/N,” Peter stuttered taking the last vacant seat.
“Do you need help with the brownies?” Wanda asked. “We’d love to help.”
Y/N smiled. “Sure. You guys can get it started.”
“What are brownies?” Thor repeated.
“They are baked goods, I believe. Created out of chocolate and flour and eggs. The internet often gets into debates about which pieces are the best.” Vision replied.
Easy conversation soon echoed around the room, followed by the sound of clinking glass bowls and spatulas and spoons scraping and mixing batters. It replaced the quiet that Y/N has come to associate with the kitchen. She smiled as she heard the team chatting amongst themselves and she could feel her heart swell with love.
She saw Bucky approach her and he helped her fill the mugs she had set in place.
“You didn’t have to do this for me, you know,” Y/N said with a smile.
“I wanted to,” Bucky smiled. There it was again, that promising smile. “You need to know that you are not alone. Not when you’re with us.”
Y/N stared at him. She noted the openness in his face, at his languid posture and his promise of a smile. He continued to fill up the mugs, oblivious to her stare.
Y/N held his metal hand stopping him from scooping the last bits of chocolate. He looked at her in surprise and she said in a quiet voice so that the others couldn’t hear, “Thank you.”
Y/N watched as Bucky’s smile widened from a promise to a promise accomplished, a resolute feeling that could only be appreciated in the certainty of fulfillment.
Y/N knew she would tuck this memory away forever, frame it in the deep recess of her mind. This was one of the few times she felt truly loved, surrounded by her friends, her family. Never has she felt such a strong feeling of affection and contentment, never has the voices been silenced and stayed silent.
She knew they would come back, as was inevitable. When the plates where washed and the laughter has ceased and her friends had returned to their respective rooms, she knew the voices would return. But worrying about the future only served to take away the peace of now.
So, she shook the thoughts away from her head and served the hot chocolate and, with some help from her friends, laughed the night away.
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Morning Sweetheart
🌧-Both ☁️-Undecided/I don’t freaking know ⚡️🔥-Triggering Possible
Word Count:1369
Warnings: IDRK
Lowkey based off of the ending of Hunger Games: Catching Fire
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Y/N gasped, looking around as she awoke. There was a soft light in the room. She recognized it as the med-room in the Tower. She realized something was on her face and moved her arm to take it off. She grabbed the top off it, feeling that it was an oxygen mask, and pulled it off. She sat up and looked around, finding that she was the only one in there. She pulled the IVs out of her arm and was surprised that nothing went off. She got out of the bed and began to walk to the door. She grabbed a syringe, just in case she needed to fight back, and walked out of the room. 
She walked down the stairs and into the library. Pulling the book she walked down the dim hall to the "meeting room”. She stopped in front of the automatic door, hearing voices inside. She faintly recognized them as Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, and Peter’s.
“She’s gonna lose it when she finds out about her father.”
“Do you think she’ll still cooperate?”
She could hear Wanda’s sigh, “With her dad still being out there? There’s no guarantee.”
“We’ll figure--” Natasha started.
“Just tell her when--” The door opened and Peter stopped speaking when his eyes laid on her.
Everyone turned their heads to look at her. She let in a shaky breath when she saw who all was in the cave. Those who she already knew: Sam, Bucky, Wanda, Natasha, and Peter. However, a few others were there too: Tony, Vision, Steve, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Rhodey, Scott, Carol, and Hope. No one who had one was even in their suits. Everyone dressed normally. Vision was even looking like a normal person and not a robot.
Bucky smirked while Peter turned away from her and Sam sighed. Everyone else just looked down at their hands. Bucky walked towards her and took the syringe out of her hand. After pushing her into a wall as she went after him. Plus he had to do it just to make it hard for her to be able to move. When he pushed her into the wall was when she noticed Loki and Yelena. She attempted to speak, but it came out as a hoarse whisper. “What are you doing with them?”
He just ignored her question and moved her arms to be over her head and held them both with one and took the syringe with the other. “You and a syringe against a bunch of 'heroes’?” He walked away slightly and let go of her wrists. And he tossed the syringe across the room so she couldn’t get it. “That is why no one allows you to make the plans.”
She stared at the god and the spy and it was as if Bucky knew she was about to pounce on them, he held her against the wall again. So she was left with just speaking in the hoarse whisper. “What the hell are you two doing here?”
Yelena was the one to speak, “Stop Bucky stop.” She looked at Y/N, “Y/N, just listen. Please.”
Tony was the next to speak, “With your father watching you, it was too risky for us to tell you our plan.”
Y/N finally pushed Bucky off of her when she felt his weight shift. He sighed and motioned for one of the empty seats at the table. “Sit.”
When she didn’t move, Clint walked over and grabbed her arm and gently pulled her over, sitting her in the empty seat next to him. Her actual seat. He took the bowl that Rhodey was handing him and placed it in front of her. “Eat. You’ll feel better.”
But she didn’t. She just stared at the bowl as Steve started to speak. “If we had told you what we were planning, it wouldn’t have worked. We knew your father was watching you thanks to Loki and Yelena pretending to be on his side, we were able to find you.”
Natasha spoke, adding something that triggered something in Y/N, “Bucky helped to create the plan. Then he told me so I could carry it on to my sister and Loki.”
Other words were said, but she didn’t acknowledge them. All that she could think of was how Bucky promised to protect her and yet her father still got her. And now she was being told that it was all apart of some plan that everyone was in on? That she was supposed to get taken so they could send everyone that was helping her father to jail again. So they could get some silence for a short time before one of them broke out again.
And she had no idea why she did it, but it was as she stared at her fingers, noticing that they still were almost as perfect as they were for the wedding that something in her snapped. She slowly looked up at Bucky. Not caring that everyone in the room could easily take her down. She quickly stood up and jumped over the table towards him. It was as if he was expecting it as he quickly pulled his arms up to protect him. She still got him. 
Somebody pulled her away but she elbowed them in the nose and ran over to Bucky again and began to slam her fists on his chest in anger. But even though she was angry, she was sobbing in pain. She was hurt that he let it happen. “You promised he wouldn’t get me!” It was barely recognizable due to the painful sobs coming from her. “You promised me! You lied! You’re a liar!” It came out even worse than the previous statement. He was probably the only one who heard her. But she didn’t care. She just kept repeating the two statements. You promised me! You’re a liar! You promised me! You’re a liar!
She didn’t know how long later it was, but soon she felt stab in her left and right sides. It didn’t take long for the effects of the drug to take place. Her vision soon began to blur and she began to lose whatever balance she had and fell to the ground. But she fought passing out. Even as she was on the floor, she fought it. 
She felt someone carefully lift her up and she was about to attack them until she saw it was Peter. She shut her mouth and focused on him. Faintly hearing him say something. Probably that he was taking her back to the room as they soon left the cave. It was as they exited the library that he finally spoke to her, “I didn’t know.” She didn’t realize what he meant until he said the following statements. “Neither did Vision, Clint, Bruce, Thor, Rhodey, Scott, and Hope. None of us knew of Barnes’s plans.”
She didn’t know why she said it because it wasn’t true. “I know.”
He looked down at her and smiled, “No you didn’t. You may know a lot of things, but that wasn’t one of them. You had no idea that we didn’t know.”
She felt herself being lowered down and soon felt the soft mattress behind her. “Maybe, but I’m happy knowing that at least I wasn’t the only one in the dark.”
He pulled the blankets over her and he pulled the chair next to her, “I was terrified when he and Wilson pulled me. They actually told everyone that you were just sick and I tried to believe it, but I knew it wasn’t true.” He carefully took her hand in his, “I-I thought that you were dead when we got you. were so still and cold. Your lips had turned blue and your skin looked like it was as pale as it could get..”
“I’m sorry.”
He shook his head, “Whatever do you have to be sorry for? None of this was your fault.” He was right, it wasn’t her fault, but she still felt like she had to say it. He kissed the back of her hand, “Go to sleep. I’ll see you more in the morning, okay?”
She nodded and closed her eyes. Sleep soon coming to her.
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the-second-tonks · a day ago
I like superheroes | P.P
Warnings : bullying (a bit) , anything else?
Pairings : In the past - Peter Parker x fem!reader , Flash Thompson x fem!reader (platonic) , Ned x Peter (platonic)
In the present - Dad!Peter x Mom!reader , Dad! Peter x children
Summary : Peter and his daughter Mary were pretty close . When his daughter vents out her frustration of crushing on her bully , Peter revises a chapter of his life to help her .
Key : E/C - eye colour
Tumblr media
"Good night Darlin' " Peter tucked in his angel in the bed , whispering this . Peter was very close to his first daughter and she shared almost everything with Peter . From the outside , he could here a faint voice of Y/N shouting "Anthony Ben Parker , get out of your little lab and go to sleep this instant!!" . He had had a long talk with his daughter , who shared how she was worried and sad that fancied the boy who bullied/teased her . He slowly moved towards the switch , clicked it off and closed the door as quietly as he could . Checking on Anthony jr , he walked over to his room .
On reaching his bedroom door , he pushed it open to see his beautiful wife Y/N , sitting on the bed with a book in her hand . Her beautiful E/C eyes scanned the words of the book as Peter continued to stare at her . "Pete , you're staring ." Y/N spoke , quickly lowering her book and turning her head to face Peter's . He smiled a bit and sat next to her on the bed . "Are Annie and Mary asleep?" Y/N asked , putting her book on the table next to her bed . "Yes. " Peter spoke shortly , a bit lost in his thoughts . "So , had a long talk with Mary ?" Y/N noticed his absent-minded tone . "Yes ." Again , Peter gave a quick answer in the same tone . "And .. ? Is Robert asleep?" Y/N asked peter again , carefully eyeing him this time . "Yes- , what? We don't have a child named Robert ? It's Anthony .." Peter spoke , confused . "Exactly Peter .. where is your mind ? What are you thinking about ? " Y/N asked , concerned . "It's nothing , just that , Mary was talking about a boy whom she fancies ." Peter spoke . "Um-hm , so ..?" Y/N pressed . "So , my dear wife , it's very similar to our love story ! Just , I hope the boy isn't some super hero or something" Peter spoke. Y/N smiled warmly and spoke "I love superheroes and so does she ! go to sleep now , Peter . You have to drop our beloved daughter and son to the school tomorrow. Love you. " Y/N , layed down on her side , switched off the side lamp and went to sleep . But Peter stayed awake , thinking about her daughter and her worries . He wanted his cheerful daughter back and for that , she needed to learn a lesson tomorrow .
The next fresh day , Mary got ready for her school while Annie was watching television . Y/N was quickly packing the lunch box for Mary , who impatiently tapped her foot , waiting for her mother . Y/N quickly handed the lunch box to Mary , who took it quickly , kissed her little sister Annie on the cheek and walked out of the house . Her father and brother were already waiting for her , but strangely enough , they weren't in a car . "How about taking a walk to the school today?" Peter asked . "Sure dad " Mary spoke while putting her lunch box in her bag . "You've never known how me and your mum fell in love and ended up marrying , right?" Peter asked once they had began walking . "Ew dad , I'd never ask that " Anthony spoke . "So , how about me telling it to you now?" Peter asked . "Why not , dad " Maria spoke , no enthusiasm in her voice as she was lost in her thoughts about the boy who bullied her . "Gross " Anthony interrupted . "Tony?!" Peter slightly glared at the boy , who silently murmured a 'continue'. "So , your mother and I studied in your school , same batch too . She and I were never friends ..." Peter continued , lost in his thoughts about the beautiful past of his life .
"Hey Penis Parker !" Flash yelled , followed by roaring laughter from some of his friends AND Y/N . "Be ready for the next prank Parker " Y/N spoke . Peter sat silently on the table with Ned as the group passed . Slowly , he glanced up to meet eyes with his first and the only crush till now , Y/N . She slowly looked down at him , a faint smile tainted accross her face , but the reason behind the smile was either Peter , which was impossible according to him or the teasing from her and Flash , which was possible . She slowly walked with away from his eyesight . She was Flash's bestfriend and their duo was unbeatable . But Peter was fumed with jealousy everytime he used to see him with Y/N to the point that he gave up . He knew he still had a crush on her , but he aslo kept in mind that she was out of her league . She literally was a bully to him and not to say , Peter had fallen hard for his bully . "Dude , you must find some other girl " Ned told this to Peter for the 'i-lost-the-count' times . "I don't know , Ned . I don't think I'll be able to get over her . It was just , when we were not so small , I saw her running around for the basketball , and I fell for her . That's it . I don't know why , but I still like her a lot . " Peter explained .
After a prank which was similar to the juice prank that Y/N had done months ago , school was finally over , and it was time for Peter to use his Spiderman suite he had been excited for . He loved using it. Walking to his house , before he could contemplate properly , he felt an itch . His spider sense told his someone was in trouble near him . Quickly scurrying away from the crowd , he found an empty alley , where he wore his mask and web shooters . His Spidey sense was so strongly indicating the trouble , that he didn't waste time in changing in his clothes ...
Going over to where the trouble was , he saw Y/N fallen on the ground , being surrounded by five men . Although she was trying her best to beat them away , the men were overpowering . Peter immediately lunged forward and webbed all five of them to a pole. He knew he had to run before Y/N recognised his clothes , even though he knew she would've hardly acknowledged his mere presence in the school . He swung away before Y/N could even get up . Being glad that Y/N was safe , he continued his day ...
The next day , he was a bit late . The corridor was empty while he was taking out his materials from the locker , when he heard a voice which made him freeze "uh..hey.. Peter " Y/N spoke , slightly nervous, to Peter's surprise . "Hey , uhm , Y/N " he turned around to face her . She had slight redness on her cheeks which made her look cuter . Just to add , Peter got lost for a second or two until she spoke "Peter , maybe , we could talk for a second ?"her voice slightly echoed . "Sure " Peter replied , gulping . Maybe she had noticed his clothes somehow? "So , how are you ?" She asked . "I'm ... Fine" Peter spoke , confused at the question . "I know we're not friends , don't give that look . But- ok let me come to this straight . Are you Spiderman ?" She spoke . Peter's eyes went wide and he opened his mouth to speak something but he couldn't . Finally finding his voice after few seconds , he spoke "N-no .. w-what makes you t-think so?" Peter was sure that she would point out his clothes or t-shirt specifically but Y/N took him of gaurd by answering "Your shoes . They're the same ones that spiderman wore yesterday and you wear everyday . " Peter choked out "Well , anyone could have same shoes as mine-" . Y/N cutt him off "yeah , with the same ruptured corner and the same stain of the juice prank that me and Flash did on you?" . Peter thought for a second about how come did she know the details about his shoes . But oblivious to him was Y/N's crush on him for years . Her way of showing it was quite different , that was teasing . She had been teasing Peter , literally bullying him to show her crush on him , but instead Flash thought that she hated Peter and included her in his gang.
Peter knew that it was over and so , he confessed "Yes. I'm Spiderman . " He knew that now , she would tell it to whole school and more than half of them will not believe it , making him look like an idiotic git . Not able to speak out that she liked Peter , she spoke "I like superheroes " she simply walked away ...
Even after that day , the unspoken glances , the never-ending teasing continued from Y/N to Peter . Except for the thing , that Peter , after thinking about the line 'i like superheroes' for 39 hours 52 mins and 30 secs , had finally asked her out and now they were dating ...
"that's how we ended up like this" Peter spoke , glancing at his daughter , who looked quite cheerful and full of hope. "But what about your secret?Wow , If she must've revealed it , I would be so famous!" Anthony asked . "Your mom kept it a secret " Peter concluded . Even though , Mary spoke nothing , Peter knew that she had contemplated and understood what he was trying to say . That maybe the boy who bullies her is like her mom . That maybe , his love language was teasing . That maybe , he liked her . That maybe , he was a superhero . But Mary had no problem if he was , because "I like superheroes" as she faintly whispered .
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erule · a day ago
All the things you forgot | p.p.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Stark!Reader
Summary: Peter and the reader were dating when he died, but now that he’s back, she doesn’t remember him anymore.
Warnings: spoilers from Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, au in which Tony Stark is alive, age gap of five years between Peter and the reader (they were the same age when he died in Avengers: Infinity War), reader is Tony’s daughter, angst
A/N: hello! Yes, this idea comes from The Vampire Diaries (season 6), but I wanted to portray that in a fic with Peter. Anyway, I hope that you like it. Feedback is always appreciated by a writer. Enjoy! 💌
Main Masterlist
Peter Parker Masterlist
Tom Holland Masterlist
Tumblr media
It was like he put the rewind button. Everything went back. Every memory, every touch, every time he said “I love you” to you, every Sunday morning that he escaped from your window because your father couldn’t find him in your bed, especially when you had school on Monday. Every limb of his body felt like disintegrating. When Tony embraced him into his arms, he almost crashed his ribs. He couldn’t breathe.
“She doesn’t remember you, Peter”.
No. That couldn’t happen.
“What?” He whispered.
He almost died for good. He almost lost her. But this was way worse. He was a stranger to her, now. Again.
“I’m sorry, but I’m late. See you later Dad, okay?” She said, giving Tony a kiss on his cheek. Then she waved at Peter, before she disappeared from their view.
Peter pushed Tony away, angry now. He clenched his jaw, while Ned was looking at him with concern in his eyes.
“You promised me. You promised that you would have protected her! We swore to each other that, if someone between us two would have remained alive, that person would have protected her. You promised me!” Peter shouted.
Tony grabbed him by his arm and brought him outside. The other students, Y/N’s students, didn’t have to know what has happening.
“I didn’t agree with what she did. Nat was her best friend, remember? She didn’t agree too. We think that Wanda did it, but she doesn’t want to tell us the truth. One day, she came back home and all I know is that she didn’t cry for your death that night. It happened one year later,” he explained. “She also stopped wearing the ring you gave her”.
Peter swallowed hard.
“The ring? The promised ring? I wanted to marry her one day, Mr. Stark. I haven’t bought her a ring for nothing, I meant that! I stuck with my promises,” he said, glancing at Tony with rage but also fear.
Tony sighed.
“I know, kid. But to be completely honest with you, she was better without all the memories. We can’t understand her pain,” Tony said.
“I can! I don’t want to live without her!”
“Then, have her! Do whatever you can to get her back, Peter. Even if she’s five years older than you, know. Do something,” he said, putting a hand on his shoulder.
“I’m gonna get her back, Mr. Stark. If I have to make her fall in love with me again, I will do it. This is a promise”.
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loxbbg · 2 days ago
The Lost Girl
Chapter 14
series Materlist
"Has she gotten out of her room since you got back." Ever since Skyler left the tower Peter hasn't  heard anything from her besides one worded replies via text she screens his calls and had no contact with any of the avengers as far as he knows.
"No ever since she came home she's locked herself in her room. We tried going inside but we either got a book to the head to something heavier. Only person allowed in there is Alfred and the first couple of days he almost got hit with a knife or something." Peter knew this would impact you in some way and hearing Jason tell him about you made him feel helpless. He wanted to help you avoid this feeling.
"Maybe I should talk to her."
" I don't  know kid we tried and she wouldn't talk to us." Dick pipped into the conversation.
"Well I haven't lied to her or you know wipe her memory, so maybe factor that in." Dick looked away. Peter walked up to Skyler's room praying its not as bad as he thinks. Hoping he can help the broken girl behind the door.
Peter wished he could've helped her, If he knew after her leaving would hurt her this bad he would've tried harder to keep her to stay at the tower and try to talk to Tony rather than running. It was life after coming home she went from being happy to go home to not wanting to do anything with her.
"Sky?" He knocked on the door not wanting to just break down her door. When he got no answer he knocked again but harder.
"I believe she might be sleeping master Peter." The old man came with a cart of tea.
"I was just about to wake her up actually. She hasn't had anything since morning." he gently opened the door offering Peter to go in the room first. Once he entered the room he saw the little figure of a broken girl taken over by an entire bundle of blankets. Her brown hair all over the place. He stepped closer to her frame sitting at the edge of her bed but not too far from her where he could place a hand on her leg. He wasn't too far where he couldn't see the tear marks on her cheek. He wanted to wipe them away but didn't want to wake you up.
"Miss Skyler you need to wake up." Guess Alfred thought otherwise. Skyler shifted to face Alfred.
"Did you brush your teeth today?"
"Only thing I really did today."She noticed someones hand on her leg and Alfred was to far to grab her leg. She slowly got up following the persons hand to their face.
"Peter." She started to tear up she hasn't talked to anyone she really cared about besides Alfred for the past couple weeks.  She felt she disappointed him by coming back to the manor. She disappointed herself coming back to the manor she just needed to get away from Tony and Wanda she couldn't face them. Coming back was the best option in mind at the time forgetting about the people who put her in the position in the first place.
"I'm sorry Peter I-I." she stuttered. Alfred left the two to catch up. The boys gathered at the door seeing this, the only person other than Alfred she let stay in her room without a shoe to the head.
"Hey don't be sorry." He grabbed her arms pulling her closer to him as she began to cry. He smoothed down her hair trying to calm her down.
"I should be, I just left you and stayed away for weeks locked up in here."
"Hey you had all the right to after everything you found out I'm sorry I didn't come visit earlier."
"It's ok I probably wouldn't have let you in. How's Tony?" Before the words could fully leave her mouth they heard something break down stairs and then yelling.
"She's my daughter Wayne you can't keep her away from me." Tony was heard all the way from her room. The two teens looked at each other. Sky rushed to her closet to put on pants. They both rushed out of her room downstairs to be met with Tony's arm covered in armor and Bruce in a fighting position the boys all ready to fight him.
"Dad." Both men turned to look at the girl. She almost forgot.
"Tony, Bruce. What are you doing?"
"Skyler, I just wanted to see you but Bruce said that you didn't want to see me."
"I never said I didn't want to see you. I haven't  said anything to anyone besides Alfred since I've gotten back." She looked tired and just sick of the situation.
"You lier." Tony looked ready to blow someones head off.
"I was trying to protect her."
"Shut up with the trying to protect me. Please I'm tiered  of people saying that."
"Sky." Bruce whispered to his daughter
"Can I talk to Tony, alone. please?" She asked. They looked weary.
In reality Skyler really shouldn't be going through this much stress yes Alfred brought food for her but she never really ate, she never drank anything. She could bearly get out the bed to even use the bathroom. She's moving to fast she has no energy that her powers won't even work or she'll pass out.
"Skyler, I never knew about you If I did I would've taken care of you, I would've begged Wanda to give you to me If I knew you existed and were mine Sky I would've taken you without a doubt raised cuz you're my daughter Sky." Tony was crying trying to convince her he wanted her if he knew about her.
"You say that now Tony but Im a product of a one night stand what would've happened with you and Pepper. You were younger you can't say you would keep the responsibility of having a kid. Wanda did what was best to her she put me with someone who had children, who I would be well off with. Tony I'm 16 there's nothing you can really do besides clear up stuff for me. I would like to get to know you Tony but I don't know if I can have the relationship you want. Not right now."
"I understand Skyler thanks for giving me the chance to have a relationship with you at least. I will always consider you my daughter and I wish I knew of you earlier." Her world began to spin the lack of nutrition is getting to her.
"Ok can we go back to the guys I'm not really feeling too well."
"Hey kid are you ok what wrong." she fell to her knees trying to focus on one thing to gain balance. Tony picked her up running her over to Bruce and the boys.
"Dad." Skyler whispers reaching out for Bruce her vision was going in and out of focus. Bruce grabbed her from his hands her read hair falling over her his shoulder.
"What did you do to her Stark." Jason brought him closer to his face dragging him by his collar.
"Jay ..leave.. Dad ..alone." Everyone stopped what they were doing shocked. Maybe it was her lack of consciousness but even after everything she told Tony in her mind he has already gained the right as her dad after taking her in. But he still can't replace Bruce.
"Sir I think Its best we take care of Skyler and when she wakes up discuss this, its obvious she hasn't been eating or drinking anything in a while so let's get her to the med bay before anything else hap... " Before he could finished his sentence Skyler blacked out in Bruces arms going limp.
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kanataka-san · 2 days ago
(Y/N) got into another fight with his father- nothing new in the Stark family- which by now he got used to but then the only person young Stark cared and feel, got the love he so much craved for- broke up with him.
Peter: I'm sorry (Y/N)
The teen walked away leaving his ex lover with still expression on his face. Older teen hoped peter would turn around and run into his arms saying it was some kind of horrible, stupid joke....
... but nothing like that happend. The figure was faiding further and further away from him.
(Y/N) know he wasnt much affectionate and rarely showed shinship but he did care-
Deeply care- and thats why he was hurting-
Like he never learned his lesson-
From very young age he know he's not enough so why would he be enough now?
What changed that made him worth some love?
Sitting on a bridge in silence (Y/N) was looking at the water below and sticks that sometime pass by in the current when a black car stopped by and a man got out.
Happy: I know I would find you there.
Happy : you werent picking up so I got worried
This concerned the assistant bit he waited till (Y/N) do the first move not wanting to startle the young boy.
(Y/N): am I really such a dissapointment..?
(Y/N) lifted his head looking at Happy... tears running down his already wet cheeks what made Happy shoocked- the boy that hold pocker face everyday like nothing really got to him was now crying- looking so broken, so alone, so frangle, the voice full of hurt only a bit above wisper.
That broke the man.
Happy:(Y/N)- No- of course not.
older man come up to the teen and not waisted any more time to embrance the shaking figure that completly broke down the second his head touched Happy's shoulder.
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ahumannamedben · 2 days ago
Peter: lets go over worst things we have done as an avenger. Y/N you start.
You: i have only been a avenger for 1 week i havent done anything
Natasha: oh i skydived without a parachute,my car had a landmine on it..
Steve: hmm, i have nothing
Peter: i shot a web at water …
Tony: always getting my suit destroyed
Rhodey: being knocked out in the sky
Wanda: I held a town hostage in a 2000’s sitcom
Clint: i fought natasha and asked if were still friends
Natasha: thats because we had to choose what teams to be on i knew you were gonna choose fancy boy 😏
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Peter Parker x Y/N Stark (Fem! Reader)
*All the Avengers siting in the living room of the Avengers tower, having drinks*
*Y/N and Peter talking about colleges they want to go to. Y/N wants to go to Yale, Peter wants to go to Brown. Y/N is trying to convince Peter to go Yale*
Peter - "you may find this hard believe, but not everybody wants to go to Yale, because not everyone wants to be Y/N Stark"
Y/N - "well not everyone can be"
Tony - "she's definitely my daughter" *takes sip of beer*
Sorry this was a little longer than usual, and for the delay. I thought it was Sunday and that yesterday was Saturday. Then when I went go and post this, there were some technical difficulties. Again, very sorry for the delay
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the-second-tonks · 2 days ago
Hey! May I request a Marvel/LotR ship, please?
I'm 5'5, I have long thick dark hair down to my bum and brown eyes.
I love drawing, painting and reading/studying about new things(mostly poetry&biology). I am very curious and have a true thirst to learn more about this universe.
I also do HIIT pilates and love walking in the nature.
I'm usually the mom friend/smart friend. I'm sensible, jovial, sweet and dutiful. I've always been on the top of my class.
On the flip side I can be too sensitive, extremely private and moody. I am very introverted.
Hi hi !! Sure !
Um- I got two options , Tony or Peter....perhaps....
Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man :)
Tumblr media
He's going to love your curiousity about everything and maybe he'll buy you books for reading about the universe !
So, you workout too which makes you really fit ! He's gonna love that too !
Taking long walks in the park would be so obvious !
Even in a relationship you both are still going to be keep that friend thing and maybe then , you'll be the mom friend and he'll be like "fine , mom"
He gets your extremely private side and doesn't push you to open up until you do naturally !
About the moody thing , he'll try to cheer you up !
Always , his sarcasm is gonna be there , but he'll make sure not to hurt you !
He'll like how jovial you are !
Every once in a while when you introvert , he'll not disturb you but keep a check on you and your needs !
Overall , a very happy and healthy relationship !
Your bestfriend would be -
Peter Parker , MJ and Ned Leeds
Tumblr media
Ofcourse ! I mean they're going be your group !
Just like MJ , you're a bit closed off but maybe you'll open up to her !
Having regular competitions with Peter on topping the class !
Overall , a nice friendship !
I ship you with -
Legolas :)
Tumblr media
It just felt like calling .. he has a lot of knowledge so , I think you and him would spend hours talking and talking
Long hours of walk in the nature is a must !
He'll really like your dutiful nature !
He might braid your long think hairs !
But your flip side will be dealt by him nicely too !
Overall , a very transformative relationship for you !
Your bestfriend would be -
Tumblr media
Being with him while Legolas is busy and maybe making a bit fun of him too !
He's very going to give you wize advices tho !
Overall a very teaching friendship !
Gif and photo not mine
I hope you liked it !
Thank you for the ask ☺️
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ren-therose · 2 days ago
Stuck In the Web (PT. 2)
Peter Parker X Stark!Reader (WC: 2.9k)
Summary: Peter learns about the guilt that Y/N carries after letting down their mentor.
Warnings: Spoilers up to FFH, cursing
A/N: I love causing myself and others pain. We will start getting some more fluff after this...I think...
Tumblr media
Peter and you were both sitting across from the other on the floor, staring in silence as the sun continued to pass through the windows. Needless to say, seeing Tony, even if as hologram, was a little traumatizing. But what you revealed after was just as difficult.
"Are you ready to explain how you caused Mysterio?" Peter said slowly, not wanting to set you off again.
You placed your face in your hands with a sigh, shaking your head back and forth as you groaned. "Peter, it is so much more complicated than that".
"How is it complicated? Is he secretly your birth dad or something?"
You started laughing. "What is with you and who my dad is? Lemme guess, dead father figure syndrome." You slap your hand across your mouth, realizing that those words actually came out of your mouth.
Peter raised an eyebrow, his mouth pulling into a surprisingly devilish look. "Well, look who's talking? Besides, I have three dead father figures."
You muffle a snort behind your hand before shooting back, "Funny, me too". You both blink at each other before stifling your laughs. "Dude, this is so not funny," you giggle.
He coughs to mask his own laugh. "No, you're right it isn't funny."
"Are we too dark?" you say with a soft sigh, an unfortunate smile playing on your lips.
"Nah, we have enough trauma to justify it." You smile at him, knowing that despite the trauma, you were both incredibly strong. You'd seen it first hand.
"So... why is it so complicated?" he pushes once more.
You sit back, leaning against the chair behind you.
"Well, it goes back about seven years ago," you begin, but you're interrupted by Peter.
"Oooh, that's when Mr. Stark stole Quentin's tech; renamed it B.A.R.F, right?"
You roll your neck, the bones cracking with a threat. "Okay, first of all, shut up, please. And yes, that was the same year, but it doesn't have anything to do with this. What else happened that year?"
"Uhhhh, that was the year of my first battle, and when I met...oh..." he trailed off, realizing that it goes back to his beginning.
"Do you remember what Tony did when he first stopped by the apartment and introduced himself?" Peter shook his head.
"It was all kinda a blur, I was in shock a little so I only heard like every other word".
"How Peter of you."
"Excuse me?"
"Nothing. Anyways," you pushed forward, secretly pleased that you had peeved him "He showed those videos of that you thought were from Youtube; and while there was some clips from the interwebs, he was looking a little more personally. But we both know his way of watching isn't as literal as we had always hoped".
He nodded slowly, ensuring the understanding our similar sentiment, though it seems he still couldn't follow.
"You, Peter, were my first mission. I was 14 or 15 when I started, I can't remember. I had been trained by the team for a year, but Tony knew that tensions in the group were rising, with the aftermath of Sokovia and Lagos. He wanted to know about the 'spider-boy' in Queens. So I watched you. I wasn't allowed to interact, or do anything to help you unless absolutely necessary. You were a little reckless back then. I was coming behind you, cleaning any minor messes."
Peters face contorted in disappointment. "Are you joking? Mr. Stark didn't trust me?"
"You said it yourself Peter, he isn't the most trusting type. I didn't report every misstep like I was supposed to because, well, I could relate to the feeling of indepence and trust I craved from him."
Peters eyebrows raised, relief washing over him at the idea of Tony not knowing everything.
"So, after Germany, and all of that, I continued to keep my distance as much as I could. I watched how you bugged Happy and when he started complaining to Tony, Tony got an idea."
You pause for a breath, letting him settle with all the information you had just unloaded on him.
"Soooo, what was it?"
You looked down into your lap, feeling self-conscious.
"Do you remember Karen?"
"Karen? K-Karen, oh you mean, Karen in my suit?"
"Yeah, Karen in your suit," you say with a sigh.
"Wait, did you make her?"
You shake your head with a soft laugh. "Actually, uh, I was Karen..."
Peters eyes widened as you looked up at him, a small smile playing across your face.
"Y-y-you were, you were Karen?"
"Well I wasn't supposed to be Karen, I was just supposed to be your suit AI. But, you kinda got attached to me, so I let it slide. Tony thought it was hilarious too, which was kinda great, until I didn't report you getting all the access to your suit."
"Oh...I'm sorry about that, I didn't think it would affect anyone".
You laughed. "Peter, you didn't know I was real, dipshit".
He blushes, reaching up to rub his neck. "I guess you're right..."
"Also, I thought you would figure out that I was real..." you trailed off, not wanting to reveal too much about your time with him that year. "I mean, I gave you advice about that chick! And I'd assume you'd tried having a normal conversation with Vision, and how did that go?"
He shakes his head with a small laugh. "He couldn't compute the emotions, just the chemical balance." He looks at you, still smiling, but a sadness clouding your eyes. "Vision must have been a big influence in your life, what with the super computer powers and all? Someone to relate to."
You looked down once more, feeling uneasy about the shift in conversation. "I'd rather finish telling you this other depressing story first."
Peter nodded, adjusting in his spot, aware of what was to come in the next year.
"I guess, you kinda know what happens. Thanos. Space. Blip." you breath out, uncomfortable saying all of those words back to back.
You can see him visibly shudder at the memory.
"Well, when you jumped on the spaceship like an idiot, I was supposed to meet you back on Earth. But you never came down, and neither did Tony. I lost contact with you both."
You leaned back, looking up to the ceiling to keep the tears from falling. "And then, I blipped."
Peter stared at you, both a feeling of understanding, but also confusion at the amount of emotions you were displaying. The blip wasn't incredibly painful beyond dusting away. He had felt like he blacked out, and then he was back. You were unlucky.
"I can see that you are trying to figure out why I'm sobbing when I haven't even gotten to the soul-crushing, defining moment in our life. It's because only my body blipped."
Peter stared at you, until the answer finally clicked in his mind.
"The database in your brain..."
"When I came back, I was jammed with five years of information in the span of a few seconds. It was the most horrific physical pain I had been in my entire life. By the time I was physically able to move, the fight with Thanos was in full swing."
"But the hardest part," you were choking back a sob as the files opened without warning in your mind, the multiple voices echoing over one another. "Tony was uploading video diaries to me in the hopes that I would see them, wherever I was. It was everything, about how I had a little sister, how the world was changing, and how he figured out the way to save everyone." You looked down, letting out a soft cry. "I think he knew he was gonna die before he even left because he left a goodbye vide-AAAAHHHHHH"
You let out an ear piercing scream as you dropped your head in between your legs, covering your ears.
Peter launched himself in front of you, reaching for your face, pulling you up to look at him. "You're okay Y/N, I'm right here," he said as calmly as he could.
Your eyes flew back and forth between his. You swallowed harshly, your throat starting to dry up as you tried to continue. You pulled away from his touch, his hands dropped back into his lap where they twiddled with anxiety.
"When I...when I final-finally got there, I saw Tony, with the Infinity Stones...then, he snapped."
The tears streaming consistently with no end in sight. You were starting to escalate in volume as you spoke quicker.
"I screamed. I screamed so loudly, I didn't care if people found out about me. I just wanted my dad."
It was the first time you had ever called him your dad out loud. Peter reached out to touch you again, but you pushed him away.
"No. Peter, don't." Your voice was rising, not intentionally, but out of pure emotion. "I tried to run to him, I tried to get to him. I was looking for Pepper too, but I could feel that it was too late. Still, who got there first?"
He began to stammer as he recalled that dreadful day.
"It was you Peter. Not Pepper, his wife, not me, his adopted daughter, but you. And in that moment, the years of respect and care for you, an-and, just so goddamn much, was gone." At this point you were seething. You jumped up and began pacing back and forth.
"I didn't get to say goodbye Peter. I didn't get to hug my dad before they took him away. And, you, you took that from me, and I hated you for that..."
Peter had tears streaming down his face, staring up at this girl who he had no idea about for years, only to find how important she was in his life. And she hated him.
You tried to regain your breath, still on edge but finding your composure.
"I left you. I gave up on you, and I gave up on Tony. I ignored Happy, ignored all of the Avengers. I visited Pepper and Morgan, but mostly lived here, in pain and grief."
Peter wiped his eyes, also standing up. "So, Europe?"
"I should have protected you. I knew Quentin, he was always so nice to me. If I had been there, I coulda stopped him myself, disabled the tech, something-"
"Stop. Please, stop."
You stepped back, realizing he hadn't said anything in close to an hour. There was a feeling of relief that he stopped you, even though getting most of the secrets off your chest.
"Y/N, I am not gonna blame you for Europe, or Mysterio."
Your eyes flicked up to look at him, while he stared at the floor.
"I would have done the same thing if I was in your place. Actually, I already blame myself..." Peter murmured.
You stepped forward and placed your hands on his arms. He looked up at you, tears still stinging his eyes.
"Peter, I don't blame you anymore. In fact, I blame myself instead of you..." you say gently. "None of it was your fault. I had no one to blame, so I made you the villain when in reality, you just had no clue."
"I remember seeing you."
You removed your hands from him, stepping back as he looked up at you with red puffy eyes.
"At the funeral. You wore a hat with a veil. I thought it was a little strange that someone would hide their face, but I was too focused on being there for Pepper. But I saw Morgan run up and hug you. You had pulled off your veil to kiss her cheek, then you both went inside."
"I-uh, i..." That day had been a blur of pain for you, and it was no surprise you didn't remember.
"But that wasn't the first time, was it Y/N?"
He stepped towards you, and you didn't dare breath.
"The Netherlands. I was never sure how I ended up in jail, but I I had come to for a few seconds when I was removed from the train. It was you."
Your face was red now, having been caught for leaving out that detail.
"You're right Peter. It was me..."
"You never abandoned me."
"But I didn't protect you," you say with a sniff, the tears coming back.
"No, you were protecting yourself, something anyone in grief would do."
Peter stepped towards you again, grabbing your arm and pulling you into him slowly. You were stiff at first, but soon relaxed, wrapping your arms around his waist. He rested his chin on top of your head, rubbing your back gently.
"What happens next?" he whispers. Your stomach felt funny, and instead of ponder on the feeling, you let go of him and stepped back, walking over towards the window.
"Well, we need to stay here for a while. I can't say exactly how long, but I know it's gonna be a few months, at least. Maybe Morgan can come stay with us for a weekend when it is safer," you state, straightening your posture and sniffing back the drainage from all the crying.
Peter turned to look at you, your hair still messy from when he had woke you that same morning. The sun was setting at this point, a whole day gone. He had gone from meeting a stranger to becoming stuck with an extension of his mentor.
"I think we should take some time to process this," you say quickly, before turning on your heels and making your way back to your room. "I'll order pizza," you call back to him before shutting your door.
Peter stood in the middle of the room, feeling queasy as all the information washed over him, truly setting in. As he went to sit down, your voice on the speakers interrupted him.
"Oh and your room is all set up in the basement. Your stuff is already there."
Peter looked around, remembering that you could do stuff like project your voice through the speakers. He sighed, rubbing his face as he made his way to the stairs. When he arrived in the basement, it was not only set up, but clearly with him in mind. It was more of a large studio apartment; a lot of Tony's tech was still set up, worktable at the center of it. In the back, a few of Peter's Spiderman suits were on display, while the back corner housed a large bed. Sitting on the blue comforter was a note, along with the glasses that Tony gave to him.
I swear to God, if you give these up again, I'll murder you myself. I left some of Tony's "toys" for you to tinker with. Oo, tinker. Tinker-BELL. You kinda fly, like Tinkerbell. Yeah, I'm gonna have to start calling you that.
Peter rolled his eyes at your note, placing it back on the bed. Hesitantly, he picked the glasses up and put them on.
"Hello Peter. Good to have you back," EDITH greeted.
"Hey Edith. Glad to be back. Can you pull up any information on Y/N?"
"As of today, the Peter and Y/N file has been unlocked as per Mr. Starks request after the viewing of his introduction video."
The frames lit up with multiple files, and Peter began to quickly scan through them. Each one confirmed the things that you had told him. As he got past the technical stuff, a video popped up.
"Hey Peter, it's me again."
There was Tony, for a second time today, talking to Peter.
"It seems like you met Y/N as of late, and once more, I have to point out, she is pretty awesome. If this video has popped up, it's because you're snooping through her files. I know that you probably want more information than just her side of it all. So, let me tell you mine."
Peter sat on the bed as he listened to Tony's retelling of meeting you for the first time, the fondness he had, and when you finally woke up. He was so happy that you were as tech savvy as him, as well as sarcastic. "She really is like my own, Peter. And I will always see her that way. That's why, I have made some videos about what I expect of you. I thought this might be easier than actually talking about the awkward or difficult stuff, but if you need to, you can talk to me."
Peter cringed slightly, but appreciated the sentiment. He wished Tony could do the latter.
"Anyways, I love her. And...I...I love you too, kid. But don't let that go to your head, or I'll take the suits again."
The feed ended and Tony dissipated from the frame. Peter fell back onto the bed, breathing deeply after the events of the day. A small plate on a floating device came down the stairs, three slices of pizza atop it. Making its way over to Peter, it dropped onto the bed. Once again, there was a note on the napkin.
I'm sorry to do all this to you. I'll make breakfast tomorrow.
Peter stared at the napkin, unsure what the next day would bring.
A/N: This series makes me emotional. If you repost my work, please make sure you give me credit! Also, liking reblogging and commenting really helps. Thanks xx
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spideyyboii · 2 days ago
Being The Youngest Avenger Headcanon
Tumblr media
main masterlist
the avengers masterlist 
Even though you weren’t that much younger than Peter the rest of the team acted as though you were a child which sometimes caused problems on missions.
“No you will not send the child out there. Their dad too young!” Thor argued becoming furious at the thought of you being out in danger. “Thor their the best for this job; quick, agile and an amazing shot.” Nat argued.
Whilst the team were arguing they seemed to miss the terrorists that were ready to kill them. If it wasn’t for Peter’s spidey senses you’d all be dead!
Everyday life in the compound was difficult especially when they were treating you like a child
“No don’t touch that little one it’s hot!” Clint exclaimed grabbing you and pulling you away from the stove. “Clint I’m not going to die. Just let me finish my soup!” You said anger in your tone “No! I’ll do it incase you hurt yourself.” With that you left the kitchen
Training was almost impossible as each Avenger was scared to injure you. “Peter no! You can’t punch them that hard!” Bucky shouted picking pulling you into a protective embrace. “Bucky stop being ridiculous on a mission an enemy isn’t going to go easy on her!” Peter shouted before storming away
Evenings at the compound were short lived for you as the team didn’t enjoy you to staying up late
Peter and you enjoyed staying up and watching as many Star Wars movies as possible. “Oh this is the best one!” The young boy said excitement in his tone eyes tired but not willing to give in to sleep just yet. “Both of you stop! It’s time for bed!” Tony said turning the TV off and sending both of you to bed.
“God you’d think we were five!” Peter said before leaving to his bedroom
Eventually you decided enough was enough and you began to go against every rule the Avengers had set for you.
“Why are you behaving like this? You know your rules.” Nat reprimanded you causing more anger to build up “Because I’m not a child and you need to stop treating me like one! You all act like I’m a child and I hate it! Peter’s only 3 months older than me and he has more freedom.”
After your outburst the team began to test you better and started to let you have more freedom.
However, there was a few things they couldn’t let go such as; keeping you away from the stove and avoiding sparring at training.
In the Avengers eyes you would always be the baby of the team and the need to protect you consumed them.
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bonky-n-steeb · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
⚠︎︎ - DARK | ♡︎ - SMUT
Your daily routine involves waking up in the morning, going to work and sulking at night. But then you meet the man you’ve fantasized about for your entire life, Bucky Barnes. At the same time, you've caught someone else’s eye and his first step in winning you over is to cook you breakfast. But will you be welcoming of that person’s affections?
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y/n: dad can you pass the screwdriver, i need to replace my watch battery?
tony: why? do you need a used battery?
y/n: ...what?
tony: aw honey it's nothing, just asking cause you got an economics degree for some reason. i thought you like collecting things :)
i'm sorry have fun THO hdJSADA ahahha
@bisexual-chupacabra @janetsnakehole02 @aynanasstuff
@2manytabsopen @bikinijuice
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Dancing w/ Our Hands Tied (part sixteen)
Summary: You know what they say, the best part of a relationship is the start. Except when both individuals are hormonal teenagers who don’t like talking. Shit summary, again, sorry! (masterlist)
Warnings: light swearing, kissy kiss oui oui, may being awesome, awkwardness, uncle ben mentions because the mcu refuses to give peter a real backstory like come on guys at least vaguely i-
Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader/Stark!Reader
Characters: Peter Parker, Tony Stark, May Parker, brief Wanda Maximoff
Word count: 3.5k
Tumblr media
"You know what?" Peter began. "I think I've finally got you figured out,"
You looked up from the bench, breathing heavily as you gulped down your water. "Oh?" You raised your brows, wiping your mouth with the back of your hand.
He nodded. "Uh-huh. You know, people think you're this... mysterious something-or-other that is cold as ice, and innocent. But I know exactly what you are," He said, standing up with his arms folded over his chest.
You cleared your throat, interest peaked. "And what is that?"
"A little shit,"
You snickered at that, chuckling at the unexpected answer as Peter's lips curved into a smile at the sight. 
"Wow, okay. Why am I ‘a little shit’ then?" You wondered, giggling as you pushed away some of your sweat-drenched hair away from your face.
"First of all, headlocks are totally against Miss Romanoff's rule," Peter gestured to the mats the two of you had just finished sparring on. "Second, why did you keep on making that noise?"
You furrowed your brows. "What noise?"
"Oh, come on, you knew exactly what you were doing," He argued, running a hand through his hair. "Nobody sounds like that when somebody they're pinned to the ground,"
"Well, maybe I just like it when you pin me to the ground," You teased, watching how he quickly his cheeks turned into a light shade of pink. 
You picked up the small towel near you and hung it over your shoulder, standing up
"Any plans for the rest of the afternoon?" You questioned.
"I was gonna take a shower and finish some English homework and just... watch a show," He replied.
You nodded and glanced to the door of the gym before back to Peter. "Need any help?"
"With my homework?"
"With the shower,"
He grinned at that. "Seriously? I think Steve and Wanda are here though," He mentioned.
You shrugged. "Then we'll have to be quiet,"
"I'll get my things. Go up to my room now and wait," Peter said.
"What about my clothes..." You trailed off, looking back to your duffel bag.
Peter raised a brow suggestively at you. You smiled as you realised what he meant. You promptly cupped his face and brought him down to you, pressing your lips against his feverishly. 
"Mm, you taste like sweat," Peter remarked.
You rolled your eyes at that. "Oh, shut up," You grumbled. "Be quick,"
He chuckled as you went off, walking out of the gym. He let out a breath, completely dazed by you. He started to pack his things up, putting his bag over his shoulder. 
The hair on Peter's arms stood as his senses indicated somebody nearby. 
"Hey, Pete," Wanda greeted from the entrance. "Why're you so smiley? Didn't you just finish getting beaten up by Y/N?"
He looked over to the witch and cleared his throat. "I didn't get beaten up by her. And um, I'm not smiley," He forced a more serious expression as he picked up your duffel bag.
She tilted her head at him, slightly puzzled. "You are smiley. Come on, spill. What did you and your girlfriend get up to?" She joked.
"Just- Nothing," He told her. "I'll see you around, Miss Maximoff," He gave her a small smile and strolled past her.
Wanda watched him go, more confused. 
That was the first time he'd never corrected somebody for calling you his girlfriend. 
You never pegged yourself as the kind of girl who spent 24/7 thinking about a guy. You weren't. Guys could be so complicated and the ones you had been with, you described as self-indulgent takers. You were a busy girl, you were smart, you were accomplished and educated.
But you were human. 
And Peter was... god, he was just always there. At the forefront of your brain was the stupid boy. The stupid boy with the stupid hair, and the stupid eyes, and the stupid laugh who made the most stupid jokes that made you laugh so hard you regret every time you ever forced yourself to not laugh.
Eventually, you had to face up to the lack of a label between the two of you. 
"Alright, here's my list of acceptable nicknames," Peter finished writing on his piece of paper, handing it to you from his desk.
You took it, lying down at the edge of his mattress with your feet in the air. You sighed and read it.
"Nope, no 'sweetheart'. For either of us," You stated. 
"Why not?" He wondered, standing up as he came over to you.
"Because my dad calls me that, I don't want my boyfriend to remind me of my dad," You said, not even realising the term had come out. "Honey's cute, kind of old-fashioned,"
Peter's eyes grew, hesitantly joining you on his bed.
"What? You don't like honey? I can shorten it like you do with me," You suggested, tilting your head at him. 
"No, um, just... Boyfriend, huh?" He smiled a little at that. 
You stammered, blinking a few times. You sat up, Peter using his elbow to keep his head up as you visibly panicked.
"I didn't- No, I-I just meant..." You tried. "We're... Are we... I assumed that...?"
He was entertained by seeing you so flustered instead of him for once. "Use your words, hon,"
You rolled your eyes and shook your head, curling your knee up to your chest as you rested your head against his headboard. "I didn't mean to say it, sorry,"
"Don't be sorry. Boyfriend. Huh," He repeated to himself. "I'm your boyfriend," He says again for good measure. "And you are my..." He didn't go on, looking to you to finish his sentence.
You sighed, staying quiet.
"Come on, say it," He taunted, moving so that he was closer to you as he leaned in. 
"Girlfriend, I guess," You mumbled, not looking him in the eye as you fiddled with the sheet of paper in your hands.
"Aw, you're my ‘girlfriend I guess’," He joked, looking to your lips and back up. "Never thought I'd say to Y/N Stark,"
You scoffed and looked to him, unimpressed by the remark as you folded your legs underneath your body and shoved the piece of paper into your pocket. Face to face with Peter, a few inches apart. He had a stupid smirk on his face.
"Aren't you gonna kiss your girlfriend?" You mused.
"My girlfriend? And who's that again?" He asked sarcastically.
You put your hand on the back of his neck, leaning down to him as you slid your hand into his hair and yanked him in for a kiss. Peter grinned against you, his mouth like burning fire as he all but devoured you, his hands moving onto your thighs and his tongue sliding into your mouth.
You lifted a leg and pushed him down onto the mattress, straddling him as you continued to kiss him. You pressed against him, a quiet moan coming out when he rolled his hips. His hand moved to your legs, smoothing up the side and then to your waist, squeezing as he bit your bottom lip, tugging on it before swiping his tongue over it.
You reluctantly pulled back from him with a proud smile, very much feeling just how aroused he'd become underneath you, giggling as your hands moved back, dragging down his chest.
"Why'd you stop?" He questioned.
"To remind you that your girlfriend can do this to you, and nobody else," You stated. 
He chuckled, his smile fading quickly as you got off of him, standing up as you adjust your hair in his mirror. 
"You're- Oh, come on, don't go now," He practically whined. 
"I need to head to the lab to prepare the Ohio shipment," You told him. 
"...Now?" He groaned.
You nodded in delight, facing him as he muttered a quiet obscenity, getting a pillow and putting it over his lap. 
"Go on, save the world," Peter encouraged. "Be awesome,"
You gave him a brief kiss on the cheek before leaving his room. Peter watched you go, exhaling deeply as he smiled to himself and laid back down on his bed.
He liked you.
He really liked you.
And he couldn't stop himself from admitting it any longer because it felt so right. Every freakin' second he wasn't around you, he was thinking of you. 
You were his first thought of the day and the last and he adored the feeling of being yours and you being his in every way.
"Are you even listening to me?"
Peter looked up from his phone to May as she sat in front of him in the cafe. "Huh?" He hummed, confused. "Yeah, of course, I'm listening,"
May furrowed her brows and glanced at his phone and back to him. "Really? What was I just saying?"
Peter hesitated, not knowing the answer. "That bitch from work?" He tried.
"Yes, so, she comes up to me with all this paperwork," May went on. "And she tells me I have to do all of Allison's work, like I have the time just because she took the day off for her cat's vet appointment and..."
His phone dinged again and his attention quickly was drawn back to his screen. Peter smiled a little too himself as he typed back a response.
"Peter," May interrupted again.
"Paperwork, yeah?" Peter said, not looking up.
May scoffed. "And pray tell, who exactly are you texting like a maniac instead of spending time with your wonderful aunt?"
"I am spending time with you," Peter assured.
"Sure doesn't feel like it. You're not the president, Pete, you don't need to be on your phone. Turn it off," May demanded.
He didn't listen, continuing to type away.
"Off, or else I take it for the rest of the day," May warned.
"I'm 18, you can't just take my phone away-" Peter began.
She easily swiped it from Peter's grasp, leaving Peter stammering. She raised a brow at him.
"Wait- No, May," Peter cried.
"No phone... until you tell me what's been up with you lately," May said, turning the phone off and placing it screen-first onto the small table.
Peter shrugged. "Nothing. Nothing is up,"
"Something is up," May argued. "Come on, tell me. Is it a girl?"
He sighed and paused for a moment. "No,"
May gasped, pointing at him. "It's a girl,"
"It is not..." Peter started, faltering as May looked at him knowingly. "Fine. It's a girl,"
"Well, why didn't you just say so? Is that why your phone is buzzing like crazy?" May quickly turned the screen to face her, seeing the notifications. Peter shut his eyes and hung his head. "Princess?"
Peter stayed quiet, resting his forearms on the table as he tucked in his seat. He sipped from his hot chocolate as May grinned in amusement.
"Where have I heard that?" She wondered aloud, puzzled, looking back to Peter. 
"I-I don't know, it's um, it's a common nickname," Peter stated. 
"Right," May mumbled, still confused as she thought about it. "I swear, it's on the tip of my tongue,"
Peter nodded along. 
"I'll figure it out," May dismissed and put the phone back. "Tell me all about her and when I can meet her,"
Peter scratched the back of his neck and looked around the crowded cafe. "Well, to start, she is... so smart. Like, genius-level smart," He said.
"Brainy, I like it," May commented.
"She's stunning," Peter remarked, inhaling deeply. "Gorgeous, really. I mean... everything about her, inside and out she's beautiful and I just..." He gushed, zoning out. "And funny, in her own way,"
May smiled at him. "Yeah?"
"Mhm," He cleared his throat. "She has very strong views and loves to express them. She's kind of a pessimist but it's cute because she's cute and it's like watching a puppy complain about the weather in a skirt. She's stubborn and hard-headed. It's frustrating sometimes. Hate's the mornings, which I'll never get either,"
"She sounds amazing,"
"She is. She is so amazing. I mean, I've never... It's just... Yeah, it's great. She's great. And-And I like her," He babbled nervously. "It's not that big of a deal,"
"It is a big deal!" May mentioned. "I have never seen you like this over a girl before. Seriously, when can I meet her, or are you two not at that stage yet?"
"Uh, you've... you've kind of met her already," He confessed.
May went quiet, in thought as she seemed to go through her memory. Her eyes widened as she opened her mouth to speak.
Both May and Peter jumped at the sudden voice, looking up to see Tony Stark standing there, holding a coffee with his dark glasses on. You stood by his side ineptly, fiddling with the strap of your sundress.
"Mr. Stark, hi," Peter greeted. 
May was practically giddy, trying to hide her smile as she looked from Peter to you deliberately.
"Well, what a coincidence," Tony chuckled. 
"Lovely to see you, Tony," May said once regaining her composure. "You look great,"
"I know I do. And you're looking beautiful as ever," Tony complimented, taking off his glasses. "I believe you've met my daughter,"
"Yes, I have, Y/N, nice seeing you again," May beamed, glancing back to Peter as she pursed her lips. 
"Yeah, good to see you too, May," You smiled. 
Peter refused to make eye contact with either of you, glaring at May as he took another sip from his hot chocolate.
"You know, Y/N and I were just in the neighbourhood to spend our usual father-daughter Sunday together but I'd love to catch up," Tony suggested. "Mind if we join?"
Peter choked on his drink, gaining the attention of a few strangers as he coughed. You snickered a little, using your hand to cover your mouth as you looked away.
"You alright there, kid?" Tony asked.
Peter nodded. "Yep," He answered with a raspy voice. "Actually, I-I think May and I were gonna go to... um... we were gonna go," He tried, raising his brows to her.
"I know you and Y/N don't get along but I'm sure you can put aside your differences for one lunch," Tony replied. "Right sweetheart?"
You hesitated, looking to Peter and then at May. "I mean... I guess," 
"That would be so great," May chimed. "Grab a couple of seats,"
Tony went over to a table a group of people were at and took a few of their spares, not bothering to ask as he placed a seat on either side. You sat between May and Peter, your dad sitting across from you as he began a conversation with May.
You awkwardly sat there, along with Peter as he casually shuffled his chair closer to you.
"So, father-daughter Sunday?" Peter whispered with a small smile.
You rolled your eyes. "Cheesy, I know,"
"Super cheesy, but cute," Peter assured, looking at May and Tony as they spoke. He looked back to you, eyes dragging up and down your form as you circled your finger near Peter's hand, subtly. "You look nice today. I really like that dress,"
"Yeah?" You hummed, looking down at yourself. 
"Yeah," Peter nodded, his hand resting under his jaw.
You licked your lips and you hesitantly looked at him again, eyes meeting. You nonchalantly checked Peter out, admiring how he looked on a warm day in a tee that was might've been a size too small.
"You alright there?" Peter asked quietly.
"I'm great," You replied. 
"What are you two chattering about?" Tony asked, effectively disrupting whatever moment you were sharing.
"Nothing," You answered, clearing your throat. 
Peter kept his gaze on you for a few more seconds before looking to your father with a tight-lipped smile.
Throughout the rest of the lunch, it was filled with a lot of staring. 
From May, specifically. 
You thought it was flattering at first until she started to hum 'here comes the bride'. Tony seemed oblivious to it, continuing to discuss with Peter about the internship.
"You know, me and Ben, we used to have to secretly date in High School," May told. "My parents were total control-freaks, so we'd sneak around and do all sorts of things,"
It was a mystery how on earth the topic had been brought up.
"My parents gave a rat's ass as long as nobody got pregnant and nobody got an STD," Tony recalled. "And turns out somebody did," He motioned to you.
You did a small bow. 
Peter chuckled, eyes fixated on you as you laughed along. Neither of you noticed the puzzled expression on Tony's face as he observed the two of you.
"When did you find out about this firecracker then?" May asked.
"Ooh, this is a good story," Tony tucked in his seat, excited. "Ten years ago, a seven-year-old shows up at my door holding tons of certificates and DNA results, and a bottle of scotch, which she still won't tell me how the hell she got. Apparently, it was supposed to help me decide if I should keep her or not,"
You nodded along, Peter staying quiet as he stewed in his own curiosity. 
"Wow. What about the mom?" May questioned curiously.
Tony stammered, floundering as he looked at you. "She's uh, out of the picture, right, sweetie?"
"Yeah," You sighed. "Uh, May, tell us more about you and Ben," You changed the topic.
"They were the epitome of a cute old married couple," Peter stated. 
"We were," May shrugged proudly. "Got married right after High School. My dad told Ben he didn't have his blessing and Ben was like, ‘screw that’ and we got eloped. Peter's mom and dad were our witnesses. Happened all down in the courthouse a few blocks away,"
"I didn't know that," Peter said.
"Kids always forget that adults had lives too, you know," May joked. "I was quite popular back in my day,"
"You're still quite popular with the butcher," Peter mentioned.
"What can I say? I've got game," May smiled. "Y/N gets it. She's gorgeous. Inside and out," She looked to Peter.
"Y/N? Game?" Tony scoffed. "I mean, as much as I hate to admit it, it's pretty much in our genes. Good looks and all," He sighed sadly.
You smiled and tucked a lock of hair around your ear, your fingers fidgeting with each other on the table cloth. 
"Alright. I think we've taken up a little too much of your afternoon, so," Tony stood up. "Y/N and I have some very important plans to attend to now,"
"Ooh, are you guys gonna save the world?" May asked curiously.
Tony hesitated. "We were just gonna buy a bunch of junk and watch horror movies. Sorry to disappoint,"
You chuckled, standing up. May stood up, hugging you tightly. You were confused by it, falteringly hugging her back. You glanced to your dad who just shrugged, not questioning it.
You patted her back and pulled back. May continued to look at you like you had told her you'd just achieved world peace. 
"Peter, I'll see your stupid face tomorrow," You said.
"And I will see yours tomorrow. Unfortunately," Peter replied, not standing up.
You rolled your eyes at that, you and Tony waved goodbye as you left the cafe.
May let out a breath and shook her head. Peter cleared his throat, pushing away his finished hot chocolate. "Princess," She said. "You called Y/N 'princess' right before she left the apartment,"
Peter nodded along.
"So, you two are...?" She trailed off.
He nodded again.
"And Tony doesn't know...?"
He nodded.
"And you guys have been pretending to hate each for how long now...?"
"Ever since she spent the night," Peter admitted.
May hummed to herself, exhaling deeply in thought before she spoke again. "I told you so,"
Peter rolled his eyes at that. 
"I told you she liked you, I told you!" She exclaimed, pointing at Peter.
"Yeah, yeah," Peter sighed.
May smiled and gave Peter back his phone. "Who else knows then?"
"Nobody. Ned doesn't even know. Not yet. Because we just... we only recently became ‘official’. Well, secretly. I-I don't know," Peter explained. "Don't tell anybody. Especially Mr. Stark. He'd kill me,"
"Alright, I won't, but just be careful. Ben and I might've been the 'epitome of a cute old married couple'," May replied. "But the secrecy can be tough. I don't support lying to parents, but... in this case, it is Tony Stark we're talking about,"
"Thank you," Peter said. "And I wish you spoke about Uncle Ben more often, I miss him,"
May gave him a sad smile. "Me too," She fiddled with her empty left hand.
Peter felt a pang of guilt for bringing up her late husband. He cleared his throat and straightened his back. "You know, Happy was telling me how he was interested in maybe asking you out for a 'courtesy' dinner," Peter told. "Something you'd be interested in?"
May rose a brow, intrigued. "He said that?"
"Yeah. I think he's got a crush on you," 
"I'd like that. He is pretty handsome. In a rugged kind of way, like-" She began.
"-Wrong person to talk to ," Peter cut her off.
A/N: Sorry for such sucky updating times, I’m in my last few days of term 2 so then i’ll have two weeks off. I’m gonna try post some more one-shots, maybe start another series and hopefully finish this one soon despite how much I love to write it I also kinda need a change of pace soon. Please leave feedback! I love hearing how I can improve, ideas, suggestions, grammar or spelling mistakes, really it’s all welcome <3 Also, May is so adorable, who doesn’t love her? Sprinkling more backstory, sprinkling sexual tension, sprinkling Peter POV and kissy fluff fluff. I’m sorry for those who expected angst 😭 x requesttt!
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sunnymuffins45 · 3 days ago
I have an idea pls bare with me
So peter Parker n reader are bffs (obyo in love) and one day peter goes to her place after patrol and reader was walking out of the shower NAKED cause she forgot her towel and Peter just barges in and reader started screaming and Peter starts rambling sorry sorry sorry and when it finally got calm reader on some clothes BUT OF COURSE PETER IS A LIL DUMB N SAYS SOMETHING LIKE “ur N*pples/boobs are very pretty” AND ONCE AGAIN POOR PETER IS JUST RAMBLING IN EMBARRASSMENT and once again reader just blushes like crazy and finally they both calm down....
BUT ONCE AGAIN PETER GOES LIKE “I thought I would wait until our wedding to see you naked” AND POOR BABY SAID THAT OUT LOUD AND READER N HIM JUST SIT THERE IN SHOCK LIEK WTF JUST HAPPENED but it somehow ends up in confessions and a sweet kiss
Pinky Swear
Tumblr media
A/n: I loved this request jijiji.
WC: 1.4K
Warnings: Fluff, swearing, Mentions of sex, Peter complementing you ✨bewbs✨.
Pairing: Peterparkerxbestfriend!reader
It was a Friday night, a hot and sticky kinda night. You opened the door to your apartment, your backpack hanging from your left shoulder.
Volleyball practice had finished just about an hour ago, and since Peter had patrol, he couldn't wait for you to get out of practice and drive you home. So you walked. As you entered the house, no one was home. Your parents were invited to a fancy dinner party that night, so you were home alone. Due to the state of the outside, you decided to take a shower and order some takeout. You made your way up the stairs and down the hallway to your room. Opening the door to your room, you threw your bag on the bed and pulled out your phone. You sat down on your desk, kicking your shoes off and dialing Peter's number. After four rings, he answered.
¨Hey y/n¨ You talked through the phone. You figured he was still patrolling around.
¨Hey Pete, watch doing¨ You asked him while entering the bathroom, closing the door behind you.
¨I just finish checking every corner of Queens. If you meant literally, I am sitting down on the edge of a roof eating a sausage and talking with you.¨ He told you, swallowing a piece of his food.
¨Cool, are you doing anything tonight?¨ You asked taking your shirt and shorts off. Holding the phone with your ear and shoulder.
¨Nah, May invited this guy she's been talking to for dinner. She says he isn't staying over, but I don't trust her anymore. The last time a guy came over for dinner, he ended up banging her-¨
¨Wow ok, talk about TMI!-¨
¨What it's true. Going back to the question, what do you have in mind?¨ He asked finishing his sausage.
¨So, my parent's aren't home-¨
¨Wow! I mean I always thought you were freaky or something but your my best friend-¨
¨Shut up, you idiot, and let me finish. I was saying, my parents, are gone until tomorrow, wanna come and order takeout ?¨
¨Yes, but only on one condicion¨, Peter spoke.
¨ Ugh, what?¨ You asked, turning the water to the hot setting.
¨ Can I sleep over? I will not be losing sleep over my aunt getting fucked again-¨
¨Yes! God yes, stop it, I don't wanna picture May doing it!¨ You told him ¨Alright, come by in an hour or so, ama take a shower and then order the food¨
¨Sounds good, cya¨ He hanged up, and you got inside the shower. You had this really bad custom of spending way too much time inside the shower. You loved turning the speaker to the fullest and dancing to each lyric of the songs. Right now, it was exactly what you were doing, music to a full volume and dancing around. You were having fun, a little too much, so much, you forgot about Peter swinging by later. Eventually, when the water started getting cold, you got out of the shower. When you stepped out into the bathroom floor, you remembered you had left the towel in your desk chair. You figured you would leave the bathroom without a towel since no one was home. You grabbed your phone and your speaker from the counter and turned the doorknob. As you opened the door, you scrolled through some songs in your playlist.
Your phone maintained you distracted enough for you to walk past your best friend, you bare naked. Peter stood there, mouth wide open, no words being able to exit. He had just entered through your window, never expecting you to come out of the bathroom in that state. Peter had no idea what to do. Should he make himself notice?. He decided to stay quiet and appreciate your body, soft and delicate skin, your curves, and your unique form.
You get to your towel and wrap it around your body, covering everything, everything Peter had already seen. All of a sudden, you turn around, and there he stands. Eyes wide open with a worried expression on his face. A million thoughts ran through your mind in the same amount of time it took you to turn around and find him.
¨Peter Benjamin Parker, What the actual fuck?!¨ You yell, holding the towel tighter to your body.
¨I am so-so, I- y/n, I didn't mean it. I just came here and you were- you were like on you- the phone and I- Damn It. Am sorry, y/n, like i-swear-swear I saw-like, like nothing. I pinky sw-swear¨ He rambled, sticking his pinky out for you to take. Peter was red, tomato red, and sweating, like a lot. Of course, he had a crush on you. He had a crush on you since that time in freshman year, you both went to the fair. You got scared when riding the Ferris wheel, so you held onto his arms the whole time. Peter knew from that moment, he would have a crush on you. He never expected it to last this long. Now, he was in love.
You just stood there not knowing what to say to him.
¨I- turn your ass around, ama change. DO. NOT. TURN. AROUND¨ You warned him, and he turned around. You opened the drawer and changed into some clothes. You ordered him to turn back around. Your arms were wrapped, resting below your breasts.
¨If it makes you feel better, you have really pretty boobs- I mean no!¨ He panicked again and you raised an eyebrow. ¨I mean yes, they are really pretty, I just mean-like not in like, am not like- I didn't mean to say that. No! I did- just not in like a-a sexual way, you- I-y/n, sorry. Ama just shut up¨ Peter was mentally slapping himself. You just laughed at your best friend's stupidity. You thought it was cute.
¨What?¨ He asked, confused as to why you weren't mad at him.
¨Nada, you just pretty cute Parker, your such a fucking dork, come here¨ You opened your arms to hug your Peter. You liked him as well, you weren't going to sacrifice your friendship for anything in the world, so you stayed quiet. He snuggled closer to your neck while on the hug. You both appreciated each other too much to make things awkward. Too blind to realize the love each other transmitted.
After that awkward moment that was going to haunt Peter for the rest of his living days, you both ordered takeout and laid in y/n´s bed watching movies. Both of you were enjoying your food, laughing at the comedy movie playing. Out of nowhere, Peter spoke.
¨I really thought the first time id see y/n naked would be the night of our wedding. Guess now I have more reasons to marry her.¨ Peter said, way too relaxed for what had just exited his mouth. You slowly turned your head around to see him eating his noodles peacefully.
¨What did you just say?¨ You asked with a shocked look plastered on your face.
¨I didnt¨ He whispered to himself and then closed his eyes and pressed them together in embarrassment. ¨I said that out loud didn't I?¨ He whispered, too embarrassed to open his eyes.
¨Youp¨ You nodded, lips pressed together.
¨Look, am, so-so fucking sorry, I don't want to lose you-ya know. I-i don't know what's go-going on with me today.¨ Peter was on the verge of tears. ¨I really, really don't want to lose you y/n, forget-¨ Peter was cut off by the feeling of your lips against his. He pulled away to open his eyes and kissed you again. He pulled you closer, cupping your face and you playing with his hair as you straddled his lap. You both pulled away.
¨Hi¨ You told him with a smile, his forehead resting against yours.
¨Hi¨ He smiled at you biting his lip ¨What was that about?¨ He asked looking for answers.
¨I like you, like love you, more than like. You know what I mean¨ You blushed.
¨I-i like, love you too y/n¨ He caressed your lip with his thumb.
¨Really?¨ Your whole face lit up and wrapped your arms around his neck.
¨Really¨ He kissed the top of your nose.
¨Pinky swear?¨ You asked, this time, sticking your pinky out for him to take.
¨Pinky swear¨ He took your pinky in his, kissing them together.
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the-second-tonks · 3 days ago
Could you please write a fluffy imagine about Bruce Banner and his reaction to his teenage daughter being sick? Thank you!
Sure ! Thank you for requesting !!!
Let's not panic ? | Bruce Banner
Warnings : Fluff , panic , mentions of disease , anything else?
Pairings : Dad!Bruce x teenage! daughter!Y/N , Peter Parker x Y/N (platonic , short mention) , Bruce x Tony (platonic) , Uncle!Tony x Y/N (short mention)
Summary : One fine day when Y/N decides to go to a party with her friends , her father Bruce has a hard time
Requested : Yes / No
Gif not mine !
Also to add , this is my first fluff imagine and English is not my first language !
I hope you like it !
Tumblr media
"Friday ! Is Y/N home yet ?" Bruce asked F.R.I.D.A.Y , who replied "No , Mr.Bruce . There's no one home yet " . Tony huffed and banged his pen on the table "Bruce , you're hardly concentrating here. We need your focus!" He spoke . "I am trying Tony , but it's the first time she's gone somewhere without me !" Bruce reasoned . "For the fourth time Bruce , Peter is there with her throughout the evening ! I trust that kid with my life , he won't let anything happen to our Y/N . And Y/N is a teenager now , Bruce . You need to give her some space ! " Tony answered . It wasn't as if Tony didn't care about Y/N. He did dearly , he also had set F.R.I.D.A.Y to notify him if Y/N was home , but Bruce had been going on and on today , more than everyday. Looking around the lab , Tony suddenly spoke "Let's go for a drive , Bruce" he spoke . Without waiting for Bruce's reply , he took him out of the lab . While driving , Bruce had been completely relaxed and seemed to be normal about Y/N when Tony recieved a notification from F.R.I.D.A.Y that Y/N was home . But on returning to the tower , Friday told Bruce that Y/N had made a dash for the washroom as soon as she was home , to vomit .
Later that night , Bruce quickly returned home to find Y/N curled up in her bed , sleeping . Bruce immediately panicked because Y/N wasn't the one to sleep without him being home , she always waited for him . He went to check the dinner first , which Y/N hadn't eaten . He ran to Y/N's room , where Y/N was sleeping peacefully. He pushed open the door "Sweetheart ! Are you alright ?" Bruce yelled . Y/N's eyes jolted open and she turned her head from her pillow to see her dad who was sitting on her level . "Hey dad , if you could not shout?" She spoke weakly . "Oh my god ! What's wrong with you dear ? What happened ? " He whispered , putting his hand on his daughter's forehead to check if she had fever . To Bruce's bit relief , she wasn't burning up . "Dad , I have a headache and a bit sore throat . I am tired too , so I decided to go to sleep " she spoke quietly . "What !!? Oh my god! Is this some kind of big disease ? I know you threw up too ! What if it's Crohns' disease ?! Should we go to the hospital ?! What if it is the reaction of having some Gamma rays in you ?! What if-" before Bruce could go crazy , Y/N interrupted "Dad ! It's not what you're thinking . It's just- , let's not panic and be logical ? I went to the party , I was drunk-" before she could continue , Bruce reacted "you've started drinking ! You're underage !! Oh , ofcourse , spending time with Tony must've taught you this " He yelled . "Dad ! Today was the first time I drank ! It's not due to uncle Tony ,Relax ! I was just trying it and got into the flow. Also , I was literally shouting on top of my voice and dancing . This is why I have sore throat and I'm tired. Also to say , this was the first party I've gone to , and so the party music resulted in a headache ! Well , thank my friend Peter that your daughter is back home and safe " she spoke . Bruce calmed down , but then again ,he began the train of his questions "Do you need anything? You've not even touched the dinner ? Water ? Medicine ? Or maybe-" Bruce was again cut off by Y/N who spoke "Dad , if I'll need anything , I'll ring your phone .. you must go , have some food and take rest ! Afterall you've been working the whole day " she answered . Bruce nodded a bit , unsatisfied but knew his daughter won't budge .
Though Bruce had left , Y/N knew he would come back in 2 mins to check on her . She didn't want her dad to keep checking over her the whole night so that he could have a good sleep . Exactly after 2 mins , Bruce was back , slowly opening the door and peeping in to see Y/N sitting up on her bed and already looking in his direction . "Caught you !" She spoke , smiling at how much her dad cares . "Okay , sorry but are you sure you need nothing? Water ? Food ? Or medi-" Bruce stopped when Y/N smiled with her puppy dog eyes , spread her hands out and spoke "Dad ! I need a big Bruce hug !" She spoke. Bruce smiled a bit , nervous . He had hugged her daughter only twice till now due to his fear of crushing her . The same fear was bugging him right now . "Don't worry dad , I know you won't crush me ! Come on now !!" She whined like a kid . Bruce chuckled and carefully walked over to her , wrapping her thin frame around his hands . He held his delicate prize in a fragile manner . But the comfort his heart and Y/N's soul had got was pure and ideal ..
Still , Bruce did check on Y/N the next day and the next and the next ..
"Dad ! I'm fine , these are not the symptoms of a heart attack !! Let's not panic and be logical?"
Do like or reblog if you enjoyed it !
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