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#tom holland fanfiction
tommydarlings · 16 minutes ago
She's a maniac | t.h
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: Finally it's here!!! Like I already said, when you can't read stuff like that, then please don't even try it!!! It could be really 'dangerous' for your mental health! Btw, I do not 'support' any of these serialkiller's! I just really love the topic! I hope you like this one as much as I do, anyway, enjoy! :) ily,liz <3
pairing: serialkiller!reader x Tom holland
warnings: swearing, talking about serialkiller stuff?, talking about murdering, talking about other serialkiller's, neatly sex? brief mention on necrophilia
w/c: 3.9k
Requests: CLOSED
Summary: Tom and his family are watching a live footage of the most dangerous women on earth, it's disgusting what you've did, but does he fall in love with you anyway? Well, yeah.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
"Tom, darling can I turn the TV on?" Nikki asked as she sat on Tom's couch. "Yeah, of course mom" he answered before Nikki turned his TV on. Dominic and the twins came out of the kitchen with a big bowl full of popcorn and sat down next to Nikki. "Are you guys coming?" Dominic asked from the living room while he looked at the kitchen. "Yes, we're coming dad!" paddy answers right before he and Tom came into the living room and sat down. "Any movie recommendations?" Sam asked his family. They all shook their head before Harry said, 
"Isn't there any good stuff on the TV" the redhead said quietly. Nikki zapped through the channel until she stopped at one. "What's that?" Tom asked as he looked at the screen that just showed a room with two chairs and one table in it. It kinda looked like a live footage. "Um… what is it called?" paddy asked after a while. They all shrugged while Tom took the remote and spoked up, 
"It's just called 'the most dangerous woman on earth - y/n y/ln" they all looked at each other with confusion written on everyone's faces. "Maybe the title does have nothing to do with the show? serie?, I don't know" Dominic said after a while. Suddenly, a police officer came into the room and spoke up, 
"Test, test, is the camera on?" he said while he looked at the camera in the corner of the room. So it is live. They all though. After a few seconds, the officer nodded and sat down onto one of the chairs. Suddenly someone opened the door and two police officers walked in with a woman in an inmate suit and handcuffs around her wrists. The police officers sat her down in the other chair and left the room. 
"Do you know her?" paddy asked quietly. They all shook their heads and went ahead with staring at the TV without any clue about who this woman was. Who you were. They all watched you with curious eyes. 
"So dear miss y/l/n, could you please explain to me what you have done?" you let a tiny but at the same time wicked laugh before you answered his question, 
"Do you want me to answer that question in detail?" you said. The officer shook his head and told you to go ahead telling him just the most important things about what you have done. "Well, in total I killed six men" you told him with a shrug. "What else have you done miss y/l/n" you smile before you said, 
"I followed them, I seduced them, I killed them, not more" 
"Not more? Well these pictures tell me otherwise" the police officer said before he opened a file and took six pictures out of it. He put them infront of you and you looked at them for a few seconds before the police officer spoke up again. 
"Would give me the honor and explain every single picture to me please?" the men asked teasingly. You shrugged before you accepted it and started to explain. 
"Men number one, Andy Richardson, he was an alcoholic, a stupid little motherfucker, I seduced him and then I hit him a few times with a crowbar on his head before I buried him in the woods" you smiled. "Men number two, Nicholas brown, he was an abusive dad and husband, one of the worst, I slid his throat and let him drown in his blood, just like he deserves it, then I took his body and laid it in his bathtub so it looked like suicide" and so on and on and on, with every single men got the police officers mind just more and more disturbed while he imagined all these things the man had to go trough. 
"Did you had any sexuall activities with the corpses afterwards?" the police officer asked you. You laughed before you leaned forward and answered quietly, 
"I'm honest officer, no, I didn't had any, not with a single man but I had my own little playroom, not the same like Christian Grey, but in my playroom, the men screamed, cried and begged too" and then you leaned even more forward and whispered, 
"Just like in Christian Grey's, and it was so much fun" you whispered with the biggest smirk ever. 
"This girl is sick" Nikki said while she shook her head desperately. "She has to go to a therapist quickly" Harry said after a few seconds of silence. They all agreed except for one person. Tom. He was so whipped. He thought that y/n was gorgeous and just breathtaking. But at the same time he felt extremely bad for thinking of her in that kind of way. She is a fucking serialkiller, she killed six men with her own hands. That is so disturbing and sick. 
Suddenly you stood up and walked around in the small room. "What are you doing miss y/l/n?" the officer asked. You shrugged before you answered. "I'm just walking around, is that a crime?" 
"No, but what you did to these men is a crime" 
"But probably a good one" 
"What exactly do you mean with that miss?" 
"This case is probably the best you ever had, right? You don't have to answer officer, I know that my case is the best that you ever had and that I'm basically your biggest trophy on the shelf. I'm your career break" you smiled widely. "How-how do you know that?" the officer asked while the fear started to rise in him. You laughed quietly, almost like the devil in person. 
"I studied this topic a lot, you know, serialkiller, crimes, murder, I studied all of this for years, so believe me when I tell you that I know much more about every single case and every single crime that was ever committed in the history of serialkiller's than you ever could" you said loudly and proud. He shook his head slowly before you laughed nervously and looked at you,
"I don't think so miss-" but you interrupted him immediately,
"You know officer, I maybe was really bad at school, like reallyyyyy bad, but when you believe that you know more about that topic that I basically live for, then think again mister, do not underestimate the things that I could do and especially the things that I know about the topic of serialkiller's, because I'm pretty sure that we both know by now that I have much more knowledge in that topic than you could even dream of" you told him smugly. The officer was shooked. He was frozen, he couldn't even look at you right now. He was fucking scared-
"I could hang there one day, haha" you said while you laughed and painted at the wall where pictures from other seriakiller were hanging. He looked at you with confusion on his face before he answered, 
"But first of all we have to take a picture of your face-" 
"No, no, no, not a picture of me, my head, my head could hang there one day you know? Haha, that would look so funny, my pale face hanging on the wall while blood is dripping down my throat and my eyes wide open while I stare at you. Ever. Single. Day" you said while you still stared at the wall with an amused smile on your face. 
"O-okay, i-I have a few questions now" he said quietly. "Go on sir" 
"favorite Serialkiller?" 
"Ted bundy" you answered immediately. 
"Why?" he asked while he looked at you. "He was a fucking genius, he was like the second jack the ripper the only problem was that he got caught, he was basically my inspiration and my role model. I loved him" the officer just sighed and went on, 
"A Serialkiller you don't like?" 
"Charles menson, he was a pussy, he just hired people to do the shitty job for him" 
"When and how did Ted bundy got executed?" 
"On January the 24th 1989 by the electric chair, easy" you laughed. 
"What kind of murderer was Jeffrey Dahmer?" 
"A cannibal" you answered smugly. 
"Who was John Wayne gacy?" 
"He was pogo the killer clown" 
"okay, what is necrophilia?" 
"Having sexuell intercours with a corpse" 
"Who is Richard ramirez?" 
"The night Stalker" 
"What is the quickest way to kill somebody?" 
"Either you shot him directly in the head, between his eyes or you slid his throat with a beautiful. sharp. knife" you whispered. 
"Why did you dismember your victims?" 
"Because it's fun, it's calming and even though it's a mess, in my way it's a beautiful and hot mess" 
"So you think that killing and dismember man is a beautiful and hot mess" 
"Torturing" you answered quickly. 
"What?" the officer asked. 
"Torturing. You forget that. You said 'killing and dismember' but I tortured them too, and that was even more fun" you laughed quietly. The police officer nodded while he though about the awful things you have done with your own hands. 
"You are disgusted" you said quickly while you looked him deep in the eyes. "What?" 
"You are disgusted from the things that I have done aren't you?" you asked with a grin. "How-how do you-" 
"Like I said, I know everything, you can't beat me in that topic, bundy was a fucking genius, ramirez was not that bad either, Dahmer was maybe even better than him but I'm, I'm the fucking goddess" you answered with the biggest smirk the police officer ever saw. He was really terrified to death now. He shouldn't be, but he was. "Do you have a family? Do you have kids?" you added. 
"Yes, yes I do have two kids" you hummed quietly before you spoke up, 
"We serialkiller's are your husbands, we're your son's, and your children are gonna be dead by tomorrow" you whispered without any emotion in your face. And that was the moment were everyone realized that you are cold. "I know that Ted bundy said that he is the most cold hearted son of a bitch you've ever met, but believe me when I tell you that I'm more cold hearted than he could ever be" you whispered. 
"I know that there's an age difference, but budy and you would have been the prefect couple" he answered. You laughed loudly. "But when wouldn't have lasted long" he raised his eyebrow. "Why?" 
You slowly leaned forward before you answered, 
"Because I would have chopped his dick off and took his eyes out and then I would slowly and maybe even gently cut his throat until he drowns in his own blood" you said quietly. Everyone was shooked and terrified to death. The police officer and everyone infront of the TV right now. 
"What is your family thinking about you?" this question surprised you. You didn't expected it all. 
"They haven't contacted me yet" you said while you looked at the wall behind him. 
He just nodded and wrote something in your file. 
"This girl is a fucking maniac" Sam said while he stared at the TV with wide eyes. 
"I think I'm gonna throw up" Paddy said quietly. 
"Yeah, sick bitch" Harry agreed with his brother. "I'm not sure if I'm able to sleep alone tonight" paddy said with pure seriousness in his voice. Nikki looked at him and hugged him tightly before she spoke up,
"Don't worry my love, she's never going to come near us, I promise" she told her son while Dominic nodded his head, agreeing with his wife. 
"Tom, are you okay?" Harry asked his big brother. Tom snapped out of his daydreaming zone and answered quickly, 
"Yeah, yeah of course" he said. "It's disturbing, I know, unbelievable that women like her are even allowed to sit in this room, she didn't even deserved that" Sam told his family, but Tom couldn't even focus. He was so stunned by your beauty, what is bullshit because he definitely shouldn't, is he doing it anyway? Is he daydreaming right now how your lips would feel on his lips? How your hands would feel on his biceps or how your hands would feel when he would hold you tight-
"Tom?!" Dominic yelled. "What?!" he yelled back. He quickly apologized before his father said, 
"We're going now, okay?" Tom nodded quickly and gave them all a quick goodbye before he went to bed. Still thinking about her. "Fuuuuck" he whispered to himself while he laid in bed and rubbed his hands over his face. "Fuck it" he said before he grabbed his phone and searched her up on Google. "Holy shit" he whispered as he saw what else she had done to these men."They didn't even discuss half of what she had done in the live footage" he said quietly to himself while he stared at his phone screen, reading all the awful things that you had done to these men. He was terrified but at the same time was he… fine with it? He couldn't give a fuck anymore, he just wanted to go to sleep now, when that's even possible now. He's gonna start filming spiderman 3 soon so he has to wake up early tomorrow. Let's wish him luck. 
"Tom!, Hey holland!" Jack yelled from his trailer on set. They were currently back on set, filming Spiderman 3. Tom walked to Jack's trailer and said, 
"Yeah, what's up Jack?" 
"I actually want you meet someone, one of my closest friends, actually she's my best friend" Tom looked at him curiously. "I thought that I was your best friend" he said sarcastically. Jack just laughed before he answered, 
"You are Tommy, but she is my best friend too" Jack said. "And who is she? Do I already know her?" he asked him. Jack scratched the back of his neck nervously. "Well, yes, you probably know her but you never met he personally" 
"Why are you so nervous all of a sudden?" Tom asked Jack with a little laugh. Jack shrugged and answered quickly, 
"I'm not nervous, it's just that I'm a little bit scared" he admitted quietly. Tom looked at him with confusion all over his face. "Why?" 
"Well, she's… special?" jack answered nervously. Tom just nodded with his head before he answered, 
"She can't be that bad jack, c'mon" 
"Okay, but you have to promise me to not freak out and run away" 
"O-okay?" Tom answered but it sounded more like an unsure question. "How about we meet up all together? Like zendaya, Jacob, you and me? At her house?" 
"Yeah, that's fine with me" Tom answered before he got called on set again to gon on with filming. After a few hours of filming, Tom went to Jack, Jacob and zendaya. "So is that okay for you guys?" Jack asked the group. "So, you pick us up at about 2 p.m?" zendaya asked Jack. He nodded quickly before Tom spoke up, 
"As long as she's no Serialkiller or something like that, then it's fine with me" he laughed loudly while Zendaya and Jacob joined him. Jack remained silent. 
Oh, if they would only know… 
"When are we here?" Jacob asked from the backseat. Tom sat in the passenger seat while Jacob and zendaya sat in the backseat. "Soon, in about 10 minutes we should be here" Jack answered. They all groaned but then nodded with their heads. 
"What is her name?" zendaya suddenly asked. Jack opened his mouth but he couldn't get a single word out. "Are you okay mate?" Tom asked his best friend. Jack nodded quickly before he answered zendaya's question. "It's uh, uhm… y/n?" he told her but it sounded more like a question. "Are you nervous? It's just a name jack you can chill dude" Jacob told him with a tiny laugh. "Yeah, you're right" Jack said. "Can you just please promise me that you won't run away? Or cry? Or yell at me or at her? Please, I beg you" Jack added. "Again Jack, why should we be scared?" Tom asked him. "I just-I don't know okay? You will see" Jack said quietly. They all looked at each other curiously before they all fixated their eyes on the road again. 
"Finally" Tom said while he stepped out of the car quickly. "Wow, the house is really pretty" Zendaya said. Jacob nodded with his head slowly before jack spoke up, 
"You ready?" he asked the group. "Yes Jack c'mon" Jacob answered quickly with a laugh. Jack scratched the back of his neck again. Something that he's doing when he's nervous. Jack knocked at the door three times before a women opnend it. 
It was you. Y/n y/l/n. The most dangerous women on earth and one of the biggest serialkiller in history. 
You smiled at Jack before you said, 
"Jacki my darling, finally you're here, who are they?" you asked while you hugged Jack and looked at the three of them. They all remained silent and just stared at you like you were some kind of alien. 
So obviously everyone knows who you are. 
They all obviously knew who you were because of the little footage. That by the way kinda went viral. Since that day, everyone knows and fears you. Especially men. So that's the reason why you are obviously single, who would have thought? 
"Come in, come in, please" you said happily. They all stared at you and then quickly at jack for a moment before they entered your house. "Do you guys want something to drink?" you asked them all while they sat down on your couch. They shook their head slowly before Jacob whispered into Tom's ear, 
"I-isn't that t-the-" 
"Yes it is Jacob and now you better shut up before she may kills us" Tom whispered back at his friend while he stared at your figure standing in the kitchen. "Don't you want to introduce your friends to me jack?" you asked him. He nodded quickly. "That's zendaya, she play's mj in spiderman, that's Jacob, he play's ned, the best friend of Peter Parker, and that is Tom, Peter Parker himself" 
"Nice to meet you all" you told them while you shook their hands. But as you shook Tom's hands, you felt something, something in your stomach. 
And he felt it too. 
Currently you were in the shower, just enjoying how the warm water ghosts over skin. Suddenly the shower curtain opens and a naked Tom steps in. "Well hello handsome" you told your boyfriend. "Hello darling" he told you as he stood behind you and wrapped his hands around your waist. He buried his face in the back of your neck and whispered, 
"I love you darling" 
"I love you too Tommy" you told him while you turned around and gave him a gentle kiss on his lips. "I'm so nervous" you admitted after a few seconds of just staring into each other's eyes. "You don't have to be my love, my family is gonna accept and love you, maybe it's gonna take some time but they will appreciate you I promise" 
"But you told me that you watched my footage Thomas, they heard what I said, they saw the way I acted! They are either going to act like they love me or they are going to be scared of me the entire time!" you told your boyfriend while you laid your head on his wet chest."But I know that you've changed baby, I know it. I know that your a better person now and that you will never do something like that ever again okay?" he said. You picked your head up and looked him deep in the eyes before he grabbed your legs and picked you up and leaned you against the shower wall." I love you so much, thank you" you told him while you put both of your hands on his cheeks. "I love you even more babygirl" he said before you slowly started to make out. 
Tom knocked on his family's door quickly before his mom opened. "Hey son, how are you my dear!" she asked him while they hugged. "I'm good thanks mom" everyone hugged Tom as he came through the door before Dominic spoke up, 
"So, where is the lucky girl you want us to meet?" he asked with a tiny grin. "Yeah mate, where's she?" Harry added. "She is a little bit shy okay? So please be 'gentle' with her okay?" he told his family. They all nodded before they heard a voice, 
"Tom, can I come?" you asked from the front door. "Did we already met her?" Sam asked. "Yeah, I don't know either, her voice sounds so familiar" Harry added. Tom just laughed nervously before he said, 
"Just please be gentle and kind okay?" they all nodded curiously before Tom told you to come in and there you stood. Infront of your boyfriend's family. They exactly knew who you were and what you did. They were frozen, they were still but at the same time were they terrified. 
"Hey, my n-name I-is y/n, y/n y/l/n" you slowly said while Tom put his arm around your waist. 
"O-oh m-my God" Nikki whispered with fear in her voice. 
"Tom, what, do y-you even k-know who s-she-?" Harry stuttered. 
"Yes, yes I know who she is, she is y/n y/l/n, my lovely girlfriend" he answered proudly with a smile. 
"Thomas are you crazy-" 
Suddenly, paddy went to you and extended his hand in your way, 
"Hello y/n, you're really pretty, my name is paddy" he told you. He knew who you were, but he saw you and knew that you won't be trouble. He believed in you. 
"Hello paddy, the pleasure is all mine" you told him while you shook his hand. 
"Calm down guys, please, she changed okay?" Tom told his family. 
"You don't know that Thomas" Nikki stated quietly while she looked you in the eyes. You honestly felt kinda guilty. "I love him" you suddenly blurted out of nowhere. "What?" Dominic asked you. "I love your son and I'm gonna prove it to you that I'm a good person, I know what I did in the past but like Tom already said, I've changed and I love him so please give me a chance" you asked them. They all looked at you before harry spoke up,
"You know what, yes, I believe in you too just like paddy so" he stepped forward and hugged you quickly before he said,
"Welcome to the family"
You couldn't be happier.
"Darling where are you?" Tom yelled from the bedroom. You were just about to go to sleep but you had other plans. "Coming!" Suddenly you came through the bedroom door with a beautiful but at the same time extremely sexy lingerie in red. Tom's favorite color in you.
"Oh lord have mercy with he" Tom mumble quietly to himself while he looked you but you heard it loud and clear. You giggled quietly before you made your way to Tom and sat down onto his lap. He put both of his on your ass and looked at your breasts. "My eyes are up here Holland" you said. "Sorry, you just look so… tasty" he said before he leaned in and kissed you passionately. After a few kisses, you leaned in to whisper in his ear,
"Fuck me daddy"
He laughed wickedly before he whispered into your ear,
"Oh kitten, I'm going to fucking destroy you, now your going to be the one that is crying begging and screaming"
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golddustharrington · an hour ago
Stuck In The Web of Love (Peter Parker x Stark! Reader!) |Spider-Man: Homecoming- Chapter 8|
Spider-Man: Homecoming Masterlist
Story Summary: Being Tony Stark’s kid can have its ups and downs. One of the downs is that you are in danger when your dad comes out as Iron Man. And one of the ups is that you are protected by the avengers. But what happens when you meet someone that you met a long time ago. As the two of you get closer when you go to Midtown Tech, meeting Ned, MJ, and everyone else. What happens when you catch feelings for the geeky brunette, especially when he has feelings for someone else? Will you hide these feelings or tell him at the right time… or the wrong time?  
Chapter Summary: the reader and peter are working at the weapon core they found the night before in the shop with some help from ned. its decathlon time and its seems to be the perfect time for peter to sneak off, right? peter talks to karen about his feelings, but about who.
Word Count: 8.2k+
Warnings: fluff and language 
I love interacting with you all! Feel free to ask, private message or leave a comment below! 
Note: grammar, punctuation and spelling errors 
Taglist: @write-from-the-heart @ayejaysshite @est19xxshit @hallecarey1
“You want to tell me why the hell you came home late last night with your clothes somewhat wet?” Pepper questioned you, watching you grab two pieces of toast from the toaster and placed them on the white plate that you were holding before you. You were wearing a white ivory shirt with a maroon plaid button up with light washed skinny jeans, paired off with black vans. 
“I was hanging out with Peter at the party, and we ended up staying late, okay?” You lied as you placed the plate onto the counter and grabbed the jar of your favorite jam to put on the toast. Pepper sighed in annoyance as she looked at you, her head placed in the palm of her hand as she looked at you with a look of disbelief on her face.
“Mhm,” She hummed, stealing a quick glance down at the screen of her laptop. Probably an important email or something like that. “So, what’s your explanation for your clothes?” She looked at you with a raised brow and you returned the look after taking a bite for your toast, swallowing the bite before you spoke.
“There was a pool. I lost my balance and fell into the pool.” You lied again before taking another bite of the toast. Pepper took a deep breath before looking at her laptop before her and started typing, the way she looked at you and how she reacted to what you said was telling you that she didn’t believe you.
“And what did Peter do?” She questioned as she continued to type, her eyes moving word after word that she was typing in her computer. Trying to get more out of you, looking up at you quickly.
You shifted on your feet as you got rid of the little crumbs of toast off your hands as you finished your breakfast. “He jumped in to make sure that I was okay,” You lied to her once again as you placed your plate into the sink. “And we just hung out in the backyard with Ned afterwards.” You finished. You were met with typing as it echoed throughout the room.
You sighed and glanced down at your watch that sat on your wrist to see that it was time to go to school, and from what Peter texted you when you woke up that morning was that he was bring the glowing purple item in school and was wondering if you wanted to help him dismantle it to see what it was.
Of course, you agreed to do so.
“I’ve got to go,” You informed Pepper as you grabbed your bag from a chair at the table. “I’ll be back some time after school.” You added as you began walking towards the elevator.
“Don’t you have that Decathlon competition coming up soon?” Pepper questioned as you pressed the button to go down. You looked over your shoulder to look at her.
“Yeah. Why?”
“Just wondering,” She answered, turning around in her seat to look at you. Her arm sitting on top of the chair as she looked at you. “You might want to pack beforehand, Y/N.” She suggested, to which you nodded to her as the doors of the elevator opened.
“Have a great day at school, Y/N.” Pepper said over her shoulder as you walked into the elevator, placing earbuds into your ears. “Have a great day, Pepper.” You repeated as the elevator doors began to close. You sighed and leaned against the railing of the elevator, watching the numbers count how many floors you passed by.
The numbers telling you how close you were getting to going to school.
At the shop with Peter, trying to dismantle the glowing object that the two of you found to look at the glowing item better. Peter hitting the item a few times with a hammer to see if that freed the object from the wiring. Causing the object to glow purple after hit after hit. 
It did lose up a piece of metal that was placed on the object, letting Peter remove it just as easily as it came loose. 
“Hey,” Ned said as he walked up to the table where you and Peter were. “Thanks for bailing on me.” You and Peter looked up from the object to look at your friend. 
“Yeah, well, something came up.” Peter informed, looking down at the glowing object and back at Ned. Showing him what the two of you are working on. Ned looked down in shock. 
“Oh, what is that?” Ned asked in shock as he studied the object just you and Peter were. You picked some tweezers and began removing the wiring as Peter informed Ned about what happened last night. 
“We don’t know,” Peter shrugged, glancing at you quickly before looking back at Ned. “Some guy tried to vaporize me with it.” Peter said, causing you to look at Peter with a look of concern. 
“Why the hell didn’t you tell me that Peter?” You questioned the brunette as you tossed some metal onto the table. Peter looked over at you and shrugged once again, swallowing nervously. 
“Did… didn’t cross my mind at the time Y/N.” 
“Mhm.” You hummed as you returned to dismantling the object. Tossing more things that came from the object onto the table.
“Really?” Ned asked in shock, making his friend look away from you and back to him. 
“Yeah.” Peter nodded.
“Awesome!” Ned exclaimed, causing you and Peter to look at him with an indignant look making him back track immediately. 
“I mean, not awesome,” Ned shook his head to disapprove of what he said before. “Totally uncool of that guy. So scary.”  You and Peter glanced up at him from the device to look at with the same look you gave him before looking back at the device and disassembling it. 
“Well, look, we think it’s…” Peter looked quickly over at you. “A power source.” He said, making you nod your head in agreement. “Yeah, but it’s connected to all these microprocessors,” Ned pointed at some of the wires. “That’s an inductive charging plate. That’s what I use to charge my toothbrush.” 
“Well, whoever’s making these weapons is,” You began as you pulled a wire loose.
“Is combing alien tech with ours.” Peter finished your sentence, making you look at him. Earning a tug at your heart. You gave him a soft smile and nodded your head. 
“Yeah, that.” You sighed. Peter reciprocated the same soft smile you gave him in return. The two of you having a red tint to your cheeks.
“That’s literally the coolest sentence anyone has ever said,” Ned said in amazement, making you and Peter look over at him as he stared off. You two of you looked at each other and shrugged. You went to start moving the wires, feeling Peter’s hand brush against yours.
Causing sparks to flow through your skin.
“I just want to thank you for letting me be a part of your journey… into this amazing-“ Ned said, beginning his speech until you moved your hands away from the device to allow Peter to slam the hammer down on it once again. Making a loud noise echo throughout the shop and the glowing object to jump out of the device it was held in, onto the table, also causing the three of you to jump and to quickly look over at the teacher, who was reading a book at his desk.
“Keep your fingers clear of the blades.” His voice boomed throughout the shop. The three let out a sigh of relief and turned back to the device. “We gotta figure out what this is and who made it.” Peter informed.
“We’ll go to the lab after class and run tests,” Ned added, which not too so afterwards do their handshake as you just chuckled at them with a small shake of your head as the three of you continued to look at the glowing object.
Wondering who in the world would want to combine alien tech.
In Peter’s room, you were spinning in Peter’s desk chair. Staring blankly up at the ceiling as you tried to understand what you were just told over the phone when Peter called you. Talking quickly through the phone.
“So, let me get this straight,” You sighed, running your fingers through your hair with your eyes clenched closed in concentration. Peter sitting on his bed looked at you with his head in the palm of his hand, staring at you admiringly. “The guys that tried to vaporize you came to the school because they…” You trailed off and looked over at Peter for help.
“They had an energy pulse in the shop and were searching for it. So, I put a tracking device on one of the guys boots to see where they might be going.” You nodded your head at this information, moving the chair back and forth slightly as you pursed your lips in thought.
“And what are you going to do when you figure out where they are?” You questioned the brunette. Peter sat up fully as this question and looked at you confidently.
“Easy, I’ll go after them and stop them,” His cheeks began to turn a light pink as he looked at you shyly. “With your help if you want to.” He suggested shyly, making your cheeks feel hot.
“I’d like to Peter, but my-“ But you were cut off by Ned sitting in front of the two of you as a holographic map with a blinking red dot on a device with excitement in his voice and on his face. You were going to tell Peter about the tracker inside his suit, but it was too late when Peter looked over where Ned was with excitement. 
“This is so awesome,” Peter laid on his bed to be closed to his best friend and you moved from the chair to sit on the floor and lean against the bed as the three of you looked at the holographic map that sat in Ned’s hand.
“I know, right?” Peter agreed as the three of you watched the red dot move along the map. You sighed and moved around to get comfortable, having a feeling that this was going to be awhile until the three of you figured out where they’re going to stop at. You glanced over at the map to see that the red dot moved.
“They’re in Brooklyn.” You sighed as you crossed your arms against your chest.
As time moved on, the three of you moved around the room as you watched the red dot move on the map.
“Staten Island.” Ned said as the three of you were snacking on chips, you and Ned sitting on the floor and Peter hanging upside down from the top bunk of his bed.
“Leaving Jersey.” You yawned as night fell on the three of you. The only light sources helping the three of you see were the holographic map, your phone that you had in your hand as you texted Pepper that you might be late coming home, and the streetlights shining in through Peter’s bedroom window.
Not too long ago, Ned fell asleep on Peter’s bed, wearing the Spider-Man mask. You were laying down on the floor with a pillow cushioning your head as you looked up at Peter, who was on the ceiling. The two of you having random conversations after one of you brought something up. 
“Do you remember when we first met?” You questioned him as you looked up at him. Your heart beating fast as you looked up at him curiously. Peter furrowed his brows at you with a small tilt to his head, making your heart do backflips. 
“Of course I remember Y/N,” He said softly. “I have a fucking picture that aunt May took of us sitting on the fucking jungle gym. I remember bumping heads with you and meeting you, it was one the best things that happened to me.” He smiled softly, making you do the same. 
“It was the best thing that happened to me as well,” You sighed, but then sat up and looked at the brunette curiously. “One of the best things that happened to you?” You questioned him. Peter looked at you with another tilt of his head and began to lower himself from a web, stopping to be face to face with you even though he’s upside down. 
“Yeah, meeting you again was another best thing that happened to me, Y/N.” He confessed, his cheeks having a light pink tint to them, you felt your cheeks heat up at this confession as well. 
“Same,” You smiled at the brunette. “I wish I didn’t lose that picture though. When my dad came back from where our house used to be in Malibu with just a few things that were left behind and didn’t have that picture I felt my heart shatter,” You confessed, looking down at the ground. Playing with your fingers as you did so. 
“Y/N,” Peter said softly, making you look up at the boy with brown eyes. He reached over and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, kept his hand there as the two of you looked at each other. Both of your hearts feel a tug on them. 
“I’m sorry for losing it.” You apologized softly as you continued to stare into his brown eyes. Peter shook his head at your apology. 
“You don’t have to apologize for losing it, Y/N. You didn’t know that your home was going to be destroyed that day,” He began, watching at a passing headlights of a car pass by his bedroom window move across your face, showing your features that caused another big tug at his heart. 
“I can make you another one if you’d like.” Peter offered with a soft smile. 
“No,” You shook your head. “I can’t ask you to do that Peter.” You were being stubborn, something that your dad, Pepper, Happy, Rhodey, the Avengers picked up on when they were around you. Tony telling you that you act like your mom when she’s stubborn, especially when you cross your arms and tap your foot when your firm about your decision.
“Y/N, please let me do this for you,” Peter begged as he pushed the same strand that came loose when you shook your head. “Please.” He pleaded softly to you. You stared at Peter and opened mouth to say something, but the sound of a beeping noise interrupted you and the bed shifted as Ned sat up on the bed and grabbed the device that had the holographic map. 
“They stopped.” He informed, causing you and Peter to turn in his direction to look at the map. 
“Maryland?” You questioned as you looked at the red dot with furrowed brows. 
“What’s there?” Ned questioned the two of you. Peter shrugged as he answered him. 
“I don’t know. Evil lair?” 
“They have a lair?” Ned asked, surprised. 
“Dude, a gang with alien guns…” Peter began his sentence. 
“Run by a guy with wings?” You questioned, you and Peter looked at each other with a pink tint still on your cheeks but probably slightly brighter before looking back over at Ned. 
“Yeah, they have an evil lair.” The two of you said in unison. 
“Badass,” Ned said, impressed with a nod of his head, but titled his head to the side as he looked at Peter. “But how are you gonna get there if it’s like, 300 miles away?” The three of you stared at each other for a second before looking over at the decathlon poster simultaneously.
“It’s not too far from D.C.” Peter stated, forming a plan inside his head already. But looking at the poster made your eyes widened from what you and Pepper talked about that morning, causing you to stand up quickly. Being careful to avoid bumping heads with Peter as you did so. 
“I’ve gotta go,” You informed as you patted your jean pockets to see which pocket your phone was in to text Happy you need a ride home. “I’ve got to pack for the decathlon and I told Pepper I was going to be home earlier and it’s late…” You rambled as you texted Pepper quickly after texting Happy. You glanced up at Peter and Ned as they looked at you. 
“I’ll see you guys later,” You sighed as you walked over to where they still were. You leaned down to hug Ned goodbye. 
“Bye Ned.” You said.
“Bye Y/N.” You gave him a soft smile before you turned around to see Peter still hanging upside down but still eye level with you. You couldn’t really hug him like this so you had to think of another way to say goodbye. 
“Bye Peter,” You said softly as you leaned a little closer, your heart beating fast in your chest. 
“Bye Y/N.” Peter said with a shy smile on his lips. Thinking you were going to back away and walk away like he thought, you didn’t. 
Instead you leaned in a little closer making Peter shallow nervously as he watched you. You quickly looked at the brunette before pressing your lips softly to his cheek like you did years before at the playground when you had to leave. 
When you pulled away you saw that Peter’s cheeks were a bright red as he looked at you and you were pretty sure your cheeks were exactly the same. 
"I… I'll see you guys later," You said softly as you stood up fully and started walking towards Peter's bedroom door. 
"Bye Y/N!" Ned waved happily at you. You returned the wave with a shy smile and watched Peter land on the floor on his feet. And turned around to look at you in awe. 
"Bye Y/N." He breathed. You felt a tug at your heart at this. You opened the door as you said before you walked out the door. 
"Bye Peter." 
Once you stepped outside his bedroom door, closing it behind you, you pressed your lips together to hide your smile as you walked to the front door of the apartment. 
Saying goodbye to May as you did so. 
You were standing in front of the bus with Ned and the rest of the decathlon team, helping everyone load up the bus wearing your yellow decathlon jacket with a river green short sleeved t-shirt with different variations of colors that were gathered in bouquets on the shirt. 
The colors consisted of; yellows. whites, pinks, and blues. The dark blue skinny jeans finished off with black vans. You were looking around to see if Peter was going to show up or not, you were worrying your bottom lip between your teeth as you looked around the school. 
“Where are you Peter?” You mumbled underneath your breath. What if Peter decided to not go with the plan that he told you over the phone that morning when you woke up. What if it was because of the kiss you left on his cheek? You shook your head at the thought followed by your cheeks heating up at the thought. 
As you looked forward again you felt your heart almost leap out of your chest. Peter was walking over to where all of you were standing. A smile broke out on your lips as you waved at him with a smile on your face, making Peter return it. 
“Hey, it’s Peter.” Abe shouted, giving Peter away. Everyone turned their attention to the brunette that was getting closer to all of you. 
“Guys,” Peter greeted as he stopped in front of everyone, taking a few steps back when he got too close to Liz. 
“Peter?” Liz asked, confused with her brows furrowed in confusion as to why he was back after quitting. 
“Hey, I was hoping I could rejoin the team. Peter said, looking at everyone in the group. Before anyone can say anyone, a voice that annoyed you to death so much that you knew who it belonged to spoke up. 
“No, no, no way,” Flash spoke up, annoyed as he walked towards Peter. “You can’t just stroll up and be welcomed back by everyone.” And just right on cue, Mr. Harrington stepped off the bus and greeted Peter with a smile and did the exact opposite Flash just said. 
“Hey, welcome back Peter,” Flash looked at Mr. Harrington with an annoyed look just as Mr. Harrington looked at him. “Flash, you’re first alternate.” You laughed when you heard this, covering your mouth with the fist of your hand. 
“What?” Flash questioned, acting like he just got punched in the face. Making you laugh even more behind your hand. 
“He’s taking your place.” Abe shouted out to Flash, making people silently chuckle to themselves. 
“Excuse me,” Michelle spoke out from the back of the crowd, stepping forward a bit so that she could be seen. “I was hoping to get some protesting in front of an embassy before dinner, so.” Michelle added as she looked at Mr. Harrington for his response. 
Mr. Harrington nodded his head as he understood where Michelle was coming from. “Protesting is patriotic,” He nodded towards the bus towards him, telling all of you to get on. “Let’s get on the bus.” 
As everyone began getting on the bus, Flash shrugged off his jacks and thrusted in into Peter’s arms before getting onto the bus in annoyance. Bumping into people as he walked up the steps of the bus. You walked up next to Peter and bumped your shoulder against his. 
“He deserves it,” You sighed and looked over at the brunette with chocolate brown eyes. Peter chuckled as he removed his backpack and handed it towards you to put on his decathlon jacket. “He’s a dick.” 
“Not to you at least.” Peter sighed as he pulled his right arm through the jacket sleeve. You rolled your eyes at this and an aggravated groan. 
“It’s because he likes me and doesn’t know how to take a no as an answer.” Peter snickered at this as he grabbed his backpack from you and put it back on his back with a smirk on his face. 
“You should tell him that you have a crush on Spider-Man.” Peter joked. You felt a tug at your heart and your cheeks when Peter said this. You wished that Peter knew what he said was true. You really wished he did. 
But it needed to be at the right place, at the right time. 
“Hahahahahahaha,” You sarcastically laughed as you bumped your shoulder against his again as you walked towards the steps of the bus. “Like that’s gonna stop him. It’s only gonna motivate him even more.” You added, walking past Peter to get onto the bus. Your cheeks heating up even more if that was possible as you heard Peter’s light footsteps against the concrete and grass to catch up with you. 
With one foot stepping onto the bus, you felt Peter grab your hand, sending sparks down your spine. Even more were sent down when he intertwined his fingers with yours. The two of you holding hands until it came to walking down the aisle to get to your seats is when you let go of his hand, and him letting go of yours. 
Much to both of your dismays. 
In their hotel room, Peter and Ned had his suit hooked up to Ned’s computer after getting to the hotel for the competition. Peter wanted to get rid of the tracker that Happy mentioned to him on the bus when heading to D.C. Why didn’t you tell him when you had the chance? 
Were you going to tell him anyways? Let him know about the tracker or keep it a secret from him? 
But here he is, sitting on the carpet floor on his knees. Tweezers in one hand, flashlight in his mouth, while his other hand is holding onto a piece of his suit that held the embedded tracker. 
“Peter… what are we removing the tracker from your suit?” Ned questioned him. Peter looked at Ned quickly and back to his suit, and took the flashlight out of his mouth so that he could speak. 
“I gotta follow these guys to their boss before they move again…” Peter answered, dropping his voice a little as he looked at his friend. “And I don’t want Mr. Stark to know about it.” 
Ned furrowed his brows at Peter in confusion. “So you’re lying to Iron Man now? What about Y/N? Wasn’t she going to go with you?” He questioned, making Peter look at Ned with his brows furrowed as well when he mentioned him lying to your dad and leaving you out on his little mission. 
And Peter has thought about you going and he decided not to. He noticed how you were enjoying being a normal actual teen for once on the bus with everyone else, more specifically having separate conversations with Michelle during practice on the trip to D.C.
“No, I’m not lying. He just doesn’t really get what I can do yet,” Ned rolled his eyes with a shake of his head in annoyance. “And for Y/N… I just want her to enjoy this trip as much as she can. She’s never got to do something like this for a while. She deserves this.” Peter placed the flashlight back into his mouth and started concentrating on the tracker once again. 
Feeling his heart flutter at the little scenarios of taking you on little dates if the two of you were to date. If you shared the same feelings as him, the keyword being if. Scenarios where you can be a normal teen with him by your side, as your best friend and boyfriend. 
“Gotcha,” Peter muttered as Peter held the tracker up between the tweezers and removed the flashlight from his mouth and moved towards the lamp. “All right, Happy, enjoy tracking this lamp.” Peter smiled as he placed the tracker not the lamp shade while Ned was looking at the coding that was on the screen of his laptop.
“There’s a ton of other subsystems in here… but they’re all disabled by the Training Wheels Protocol.” Ned smirked with a laugh leaving his lips. This caught Peter’s attention and moved to Ned’s side to look at the screen in annoyance.
“Training Wheels Protocol,” Peter mumbled to himself as he looked at the screen. “Turn it off.” Peter demanded. 
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Ned disagreed and pointed at the screen to prove his point. “I mean, they’re probably blocked for a reason.” Peter sighed in annoyance with a roll of his eyes
“Come on, man, I don’t need Training Wheels,” Peter got up and got onto a bed and stood on it. “I’m sick of him treating me like a kid all the time. It’s not cool.” He complained. Ned looked at his friend with furrowed brows in confusion. 
“But you are a kid.” Ned pointed out. 
“Yeah, a kid who can stop a bus with his bare hands.” Peter remarked. Ned looked at Peter with a worried look. “Peter,” Ned began, he gestured to the screen in front of him. “I just don’t think this a great idea. I mean, what if this is illegal?” Ned asked, cautiously. Peter jumped down from the bed in panic and got down on his knees next to Ned. 
“Look, please. This is my chance to prove myself. I can handle it. Ned, come on.” Peter pleaded with his friend to follow on with disabling the protocol in his suit. 
“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Ned stated, disapproving of the idea. 
“The guy in the chair.” Peter said, trying to tempt Ned. Ned sighed with a roll of his eyes, trying not to fall under his friend’s temptation. 
“Don’t do that.” 
“Come on,” Peter begged. Ned sighed and typed away on his laptop, disabling the protocol. The two of them watching light blue lines run over the suit and stopped. 
A sign telling the two of them that the plan was taking place and that Peter was no longer under the Training Wheels Protocol. 
“Come on, Y/N,” Liz urged you as you, her, and some of the people on the team were rushing down the hall of the hotel with snacks, towels, and wore white robes around yourselves, giggles leaving your mouths as you tried to “sneak”. All of you were rushing down to the pool before the day of the competition, which is the next day. 
You never got the chance to do something like this, especially when your dad took you out of school earlier on when you were little. You never got the chance to do the things you haven’t, like this. Not being able to be a regular teen with friends and do things that teens do. 
So here you are in a light purple two-piece bathing suit with a white robe around yourself as you ran down the hard floor of the hotel with your friends. Right when you went around the corner of the hallway, you saw Liz and Peter talking. You tell it was Peter, even with a hood over his head, was some of his chocolate curls peeking out from underneath the hood of his jacket. 
While everyone ran past them, Flash slapped Peter’s ass as he did so. Starling Peter while it made you laugh. You stopped in your tracks while Peter and Liz talked about something and then Liz looked over Peter’s shoulder and gave Peter a smile before walking off. 
Telling you it was your chance to talk to him. So you did so. You started making your way towards the brunette, your feet lightly hitting the hard cold floor. 
“Hey,” You said softly, making Peter jump and turn around to see who it was. He had his jacket all the way zipped up, and you already knew why. He had his suit on underneath. “I see that you’re ready to go swimming.” You joked, pointed to his jacket and jeans. Peter looked down at the clothing he was wearing and back at you. You had a white robe on like everyone else that passed by him. 
“Y-you’re g-go-going swimming to?” Peter asked, stuttering. You nodded with a soft smile and burning cheeks. 
“Yeah,” You nodded, playing with the soft fabric on the towel that you were holding. “I haven’t been swimming in a while, which feels like forever. The only time it feels like I’ve ever been swimming was in…” You trailed off and looked at Peter, feeling a tug at your heart. 
“Malibu.” You and Peter said in unison. Peter looked at you sympathetically as you gave him a shy smile. You let out a sad sigh as you thought about the memories you had in Malibu, everything that you missed and remembered. 
“You miss it? Don’t you?” Peter inquired, making you look up at him with another sad sigh and a shrug. 
“Yeah, sometimes I guess,” You looked into his brown eyes with a sad smile, playing with the cuff of your robe. “I miss the beach, the water, surfing on the waves.” You listed off with a laugh, closing your eyes imaging everything you listed off. The sound of the waves crashing around you, encompassing around you as you were knocked off your surfboard. Peter joined in the laughter as he looked at you, the lights showing your features like in his room. 
But this time it made it seem like you were an angel from how it was behind you. 
But then your laugh faded and your eyes opened to look at him, sadness prevalent in your eyes as you looked at him. Almost like you were hurt or upset by something. 
“What’s wrong?” He asked, concerned. You bit your lip nervously as you looked at the brunette. 
“It’s just that…” You sighed as you ran your fingers through your hair. “If I stayed there, meaning that the house wasn’t destroyed. I might not have met you and that would really suck, because you’re my best friend.” You admitted with a shy smile and a burning of your cheeks. You looked down at the floor real quick before looking up to see Peter looking at you in awe. 
His brown eyes showed admiration as he looked at you with a smile and light tint on pink on his cheeks. You just wanted to kiss him, telling him how you feel also and hopefully he’ll feel the same also. You wanted to have little dates with him and hold his hand across the table, make little jokes between the two of you during dinner with your dad, couple things that you’ve read in books. 
Even though sometimes they’re not sometimes exactly accurate. 
Unfortunately your little scenarios of Peter were interrupted by a voice calling out to you. 
“Y/N,” You groaned and rolled your eyes and looked over Peter’s shoulder as Peter looked behind him. Flash was standing there waiting for you with his hands on his hips. “You coming or what?” He questioned. You sighed in annoyance and looked at black haired teen in your eyesight. 
“Give me a damn minute, okay?” You looked at Peter quickly, mouthing to him. “He’s so annoying, my god.” Peter snickered at this as you looked over his shoulder to see Flash throwing his arms up in annoyance and walked off. Allowing the two of you to start laughing at loud. 
You leaned forward, clutching your stomach and placed your head on Peter’s shoulder. Trying to catch your breath but failing to do so. 
“He really doesn’t know when to leave you alone, doesn’t he?” Peter chuckled, he felt you shake your head no as you continued to laugh. “No, I-I guess he doesn’t.” You giggled. The two of you continued laughing until the reason why Peter’s out here dawned upon the two of you, causing the laughter that was shared between the two of you to stop. 
You lifted your head up from Peter’s shoulder, your lips closer than you thought. Making your cheeks burn from how close the two of you are, you could feel Peter’s breath lightly hit your face as the two of you look at each other. 
“I should let you go, huh?” You questioned. Peter nodded, looking down at you sadly. You nodded, understanding that he had to go. But then something popped up in your head. You nudge your nose against his lightly, making your heart flutter even more. 
“I can go you know, help you catch the bad guys. I can hurry back to my room and get changed and we can go.” You suggested. As much as Peter would like that, he still remembered the decision that he made earlier on. 
“As much as I’d like to, Y/N,” Peter whispered, nudging his nose against yours like you did before. “I can do this on my own. I want you to be able to have fun with teens our age without having to deal with any superhero duties for a day. You should be able to have a day to be just a teen.” 
“But I want to have those days with you.” You admitted with a whisper. Peter felt a tug on his heart when you admitted this, Peter nudged his hand with yours and yours reacted to his small touch by nudging against his. And you pressed your forehead against his, making your heart flutter even more. 
“I promise…” Peter trailed off with a nervous swallow as he closed his eyes. “After all of this is over we can hang out somewhere. Just you and me.” He promised. You hummed as your response and moved your head a little, making the brunette curious. But he soon figured it out when he felt a light peck against his cheek that made his cheeks flush even more and a hard tug at his heart. 
“Please be careful, I don’t want to lose my best friend,” You whispered in his ear before you pulled away. Peter opened his eyes to see you had a bright pink flush on your cheeks that probably matched his. “Please make it back safely. Please.” You begged as you began backing away towards the direction of the pool. 
“Y-yeah.” Peter stuttered with a smile on his face as he watched you get closer to the corner that led you to the pool. You returned the smile as waved him goodbye before turning around and rushing around the corner before Flash came back to get you. Your hair flying in the wind. 
Peter did not know what was going to happen tonight and neither were you. 
Waking up from a hard shake from the dark trailer of a truck, Peter woke up with a groan and sat up a bit, holding his head. 
“Oh, my head,” Peter groaned. He vaguely remembered about what happened. He knows that he found the bad guys and went after them, but then the bird guy came over and everything went fuzzy from there. He continued to groan as he got up from the floor, his vision a little bit wobbly, causing him to hold onto the crates in front of him. 
“You appear to have a mild concussion.” The voice lady in his suit informed him. Peter removed his hand from his head and looked around the area that he was in. Confusion setting on his mind as he looked around. The metal crates around him full of things that he didn’t know. 
“Hey, so where am I right now?” Peter questioned the voice lady. 
“I’m not sure,” The voice lady answered as Peter looked into the crates. “The container walls are hindering my sensors.” 
 “Wait a minute,” Peter whispered to himself as he looked around his surroundings once again. “They must have hijacked the truck and taken me to their evil lair.” Peter looked around once again before whispering. 
“Okay, suit lady, we’re gonna have to fight our way out of this one.” 
Peter turned around to face the doors of the trailer, getting into stance and to break down the doors.  
“Three, two, one.” Peter began to run towards the metal doors of the trailer. Bracing his arms in front of him for impact. Peter breaks the doors down of the trailer and looks around to see that he’s in a warehouse full of containers, making him look around the warehouse on guard. 
“What is this place?” Peter asked himself. “Suit lady, where am I?” Peter asked his suit. 
“You’re in the most secure facility on the Eastern Seaboard. The Damage Control Deep Storage Vault.” The voice informed Peter. Peter turned around to see a huge door with the letters. 
Peter placed his hands in panic as he started at the huge door. “No. Seriously.” Peter said, groaning in annoyance at the end. Moments later, Peter crawled to the door and tried to open it, but nothing would budge. 
“The door will most likely remain closed until morning.” The voice lady informed Peter as he landed back onto the concrete floor. Peter kicked at the door in annoyance and looked up at it. “Morning.” Peter asked in disappointment. Peter sighed after hearing this and looked around the warehouse to see if there was any other way for him to leave. 
But when he found nothing in return, Pete was left to find something to do in the meantime until morning.
“Hey, suit lady. I kind of feel bad calling you ‘suit lady’, you know?” Peter asked as he laid down on a web-made hammock. “I think I should probably give you a name,” Peter said, thinking about names. And one came to mind. 
“Like Liz,” Peter suggested, but then immediately regretted it. “No, no, no. God, that’s… weird.” 
Later on, Peter was swinging on a web with one hand. Still coming with names for the suit lady. 
“What about Karen?” Peter suggested as he dropped onto the concrete floor below him gently on his back. He was wondering what you were doing right now? Were you wondering if he was okay or where he was at? The thought of you made Peter’s heart do backflips.
“You can call me Karen if you would like.” Karen said, breaking Peter out of his thoughts. Soon after that, Peter was hanging upside down on a web reading a textbook. “Hey, Karen, what else can this suit do?” Peter questioned, trying to break his thoughts from the last time he was hanging upside down like this. 
It reminded him of when you kissed him on the cheek before you left the night before everyone left for D.C. The thought of you not only kissing his cheek in his bedroom, but also in the hotel hallway. He felt his cheeks heat up at the feeling of your lips pressing softly against his cheek. 
But then suddenly, web wings popped out from under his arms. Snapping him out from his thoughts and from the textbook that sat in his hands in shock. 
“What?” He gasped. 
Peter then moved onto standing in front of an empty wall, wearing his yellow decathlon jacket over his suit. A laser of the Spider-Man emblem on the wall, while Peter is examining the options for his web. 
“Maybe we should run that refresher course.” Peter mumbled under his breath. 
“Ricochet web.” Karen said as Peter selected an option for his web. 
“Ricochet web.” Peter repeated, aiming towards the empty wall where a ball of a web was shot out towards the wall and then ricocheted off the wall into a trailer, making Peter duck when it bounced off the wall. Peter turned around to look at the container in amazement. 
“Whoa! Cool!” 
Later on, the wall is covered with patches of webs. No longer being as empty as it was before. Peter was walking around the area of the wall full of webs, selecting another option. 
“Splitter Web.” Karen said as Peter selected another option, making two different webs shootout in different directions as Peter continued to walk.
More time had passed by and the wall was even more messier from Peter practicing each option he was learning. 
“Web grenade.” Karen named another option Peter selected. 
“Web grenade!” Peter exclaimed, as he jumped and threw another web and it exploded into a giant web and then later on Peter used some web and started to jump rope. Just trying to find something to pass time. 
Hoping that time will speed up so he can go to the competition in time before anyone notices he’s been gone. And so he can be there with you before you start to worry even more than you probably were. 
After learning about his different options, Peter was laying on one of the trailers. One hand placed on his stomach as many thoughts ran through his head. Like, what would you do when you see if? Would you run towards him and hug him so tight that he couldn’t get out of it unless he pushed you off. 
Which he didn’t want to do. 
Or would you kiss him on the lips instead of the cheek this time. In front of everyone. Telling them that you both liked each other. But there was that little doubt inside his mind that was telling him that even though he liked you, doesn’t mean that you liked him back. You were kind of out of his league. 
“Should I tell Y/N that I like her?” Peter asked out loud, not knowing that he did so as he stared up at the ceiling. 
“Y/N Stark?” Karen questioned him, making Peter jump for a bit but then embarrassed when he realized that he asked something out loud instead of his head. 
“Uh… y-yeah. She’s just… heh. She’s awesome and so caring, you know. And she’s just the best. And, uh… Yeah, I just… I really want to tell her, but it’s kind of weird, you know? ‘Hey, I like you, do you like me?’” 
“What’s weird about that?” Karen questioned the brunette. Peter let out a deep sigh as he thought of his answer. Thinking about any other boy that might catch your interest who isn’t him. Someone that might catch your interest more than him gaining your interest. 
“What if she’s more into someone like Flash? Imagine how she’ll be when I tell her. What if she rejects me after I tell her that I like her?” Peter questioned out loud, throwing his arms up. 
“Well, if I were her, I wouldn’t reject you at all.” Karen reassured. Her reassurance made Peter feel a bit better, giving him a little bit of hope that you might like him back. 
“Thanks Karen. It’s really nice to have somebody to talk to,” Peter thanked Karen, but then something popped inside his head. Something that he was trying to keep a track of time he had left until morning so that the doors could open. “Hey, how long we been here anyways?” Peter questioned Karen. 
“Thirty seven minutes.” Karen answered. This was a shock to Peter since he thought that it was less than that and this frustrated him. 
“What?” Peter sat up immediately, getting ready to leave the warehouse. Not waiting for anyone to open the doors to the warehouse he was in. He needed to leave now. “Thirty seven minutes? That’s insane. I cannot take this anymore. I gotta… I gotta get out of here.” 
Peter then flipped off the trailer he was laying on and walked into the trailer that he was in when he woke up. He sighed as he took off his yellow decathlon jacket and he’s other jacket he wore at the hotel. 
“There’s got to be something in here I can use.” Peter said to himself as he kneeled down on the ground and unzipped the bird man’s duffle bag. 
“Okay, let’s see,” Peter said as he began going through the duffle. Peter pulls out a wheel-shaped metal piece and puts it aside, finding it not useful for what he’s trying to do. 
He then reached inside the bag again and pulled out a head of a robot. “That’s awesome,” And then also put it to the side like the wheel-shaped metal, the robot head making a clanging sound as it hits the metal of the floor. Peter reached into the bag again and pulled out a similar glowing thing that you and him found when the two of you were walking back to Liz’s house. 
“Ah, hey, it’s like the glowy thing Y/N and I found.” Peter said out loud. Examining the object close like he did with the one that Ned has currently. 
“That glowy thing is an explosive Chitauri energy core.” Karen informed Peter. This new information that Peter just received made him drop the Chitauri energy core carefully. Not wanting to disturb it and cause it to blow up, if that could be the possible cause. 
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You mean, we’ve been carrying around a bomb?” Peter questioned, panic in his voice. 
“It would require radiation to transform it into an explosive state.” Karen informed. While Karen said this, Peter rushed to the pocket of his jacket and pulled out his phone to try to call Ned, but the call ended itself from getting any reception. 
“No, no, no, no, no.” Peter panicked. Peter then rushed out of the trailer and used his webs to swing to the warehouse doors, clinging to them once he reached them and started banging and shouting. Hoping that someone nearby will hear him and get him out of there. 
“Hey! Please! Please, somebody, let me out! Hey!” But then caught Peter’s attention from the corner of his eye. It was a time lock, sitting there for someone to put in the right sequence to be opened and make the doors open. “Karen, you have to help me override that time lock.” 
After gathering his stuff into his backpack, Peter was hanging upside down in front of the time lock with a notepad and a pen in hand. Putting numbers into the lock panel in hopes of the doors opening. 
“Okay Karen. Lower the voltage and run it.” Peter ordered. 
“Trail unsuccessful.” Karen informed. Peter began crossing out the wrong sequence into his notepad, panic settling in his bones. 
“Okay, we’re just gonna have to try every sequence.” He said. After he began writing another sequence that’ll override the lock, Peter yawned as he pressed in the numbers of the finished sequence he wrote down. 
“Initiating trail 247.” Karen stated, the massive warehouse doors groaning as they opened made Peter look over in relief. 
“It worked! It works!” Peter exclaimed. Right when the warehouse doors had a big gap between the two of them, Peter swung out in his webs, crawling on a ceiling outside the warehouse afterwards and then dropped on a trailer on a departing truck. When the truck was passing by an armed guard, Peter quickly laid down to stay out of sight of the armed guard. 
The only thing going through his head was that he was hoping that he was going to make it to the decathlon to see you and Ned and the Chitauir energy core. 
Hoping that he wasn’t too late, but something was telling him that he was. 
You might want to remember about the picture that the reader lost and what Peter told her what he can do. It’ll be REALLY important in a future chapter!
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onewithnomightypowers · 7 hours ago
clandestine masterlist
PAIRING: Tom Holland x Reader (main), Harrison Osterfield x Reader
SUMMARY: y/n is in a crumbling marriage with Harrison (Haz), she is trying to make sense of how she feels about Tom
main masterlist
chapter 1: too wise to trust
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
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onewithnomightypowers · 7 hours ago
clandestine (chapter 1)
PAIRING: Tom Holland x Reader (main), Harrison Osterfield x Reader
SUMMARY: y/n is in a crumbling marriage with Harrison (Haz), she is trying to make sense of how she feels about Tom 
Chapter 1: too wise to trust
A/N: y/n is bisexual but not paired with a women. the characters have been aged up. the characters in no way portray how these ppl are in real life. i do not encourage cheating. i hope you guys like it as much is i do. if you want to be tagged them pls tell me. also comments are appreciated as they motivate me to write more and i love to know how you guys feel about the story.  
warning: cursing, mention of miscarriage, mention of sex, mention of cat calling, angst. fluff? 
word count: 1.4k
important: character thoughts are bold and italic, flashback is in italic
masterlist  series masterlist
She picked up her makeup bag from her vanity and started walking towards her empty suitcase which was wide open on her bed. “What time is your flight?” Haz asked while walking into their bedroom. “I think it’s at 6:30 in the evening but the car will be here to pick me up at 4”, she replied whilst folding her clothes.
“So we have at least an hour to us”; he pulled her by the waist and started kissing her neck. She tried pushing his chest away but failed miserably. “Haz, I’m not in the mood, please stop”
“Fine. But you have been saying that for months now”, he was frustrated.
She ignored his words like always. 
He was right. They hadn’t had sex for at least five months now and it was starting to gain on Harrison. Their marriage, which had been ‘couple goals’ according to the internet, was now slowly falling apart. It was clear that Y/N was falling out of love but she couldn’t find grounds for it. She couldn’t reason it by making him the villain because he was a good man who, in theory, had done nothing wrong. Though, to her, it felt like he had. Maybe he didn’t love her enough or maybe all had gone astray when they had lost their baby last year.
“Will Tom be there?” his words felt like venom, entering her bloodstream.
She placed her hand on her forehead, trying to indicate that she did not want to have this conversation or the inevitable fight, again.
“Of course he will be there, he is my co-star. You should get off the internet, it’s feeding you poison”, she said in an almost nonchalant way. Trying her best not to give him the satisfaction of a reaction to his name. His name, which did not mean anything to her. Tom was her colleague whom the internet liked to ship her with, but he was just a friend. Haz found it hard to believe this because the internet told him so. Their relationship was so far gone that he had no other way of knowing what was going on in her life. 
His wife was so far gone. She was as distant as the sun is from the moon. The distance left coldness between them. The kind of cold that you feel when you pass a stranger. She was a stranger to him and the only reason he could think of was that she and Tom were having an affair. This was not true, but the ache in his soul found comfort in painting Tom as the villain. 
“I don’t believe you”, Haz spat out.
She threw her heels inside the suitcase in anger. “What do you not believe? That Tom is my co-star? Is that what you don’t believe?” her voice was louder than before.
“I don’t trust him.” Haz matched her voice.
“Do you trust me?”
Trust? Her? How can I trust a stranger?
It was his turn to ignore her.
She zipped her bag, put on her shoes, and left the room. “Fuck you”, she cried before slamming their apartment door and leaving for London.
Y/N had first met Tom at a cast and crew dinner in New York, six months ago. Greta, the director, had invited both her and Haz but he had decided to opt-out of the ‘fancy’ dinner. Y/N was excited to meet her new co-stars and mark the starting of a new project, a new phase in her life.
It was cold in New York, she figured she shouldn’t wear a dress. She put on black stockings underneath blue bell-bottoms to keep her warm. She wore a dark grey American Eagles t-shirt and over that, a tan leather trench coat. She liked commuting via subway because she believed ‘nobody gives two shits about who is sitting next to them on the train’; and a town car was much slower, especially when it had been snowing. She stuffed her heels in her purse and wore her commuting shoes.
Tribeca to West Village was a good ten minutes train. Her travel was mostly uninterrupted except for the catcalls which felt like the usual to a native. Just before ringing Greta’s doorbell, she got out of her Converse and wore her heels.
Y/N entered a packed house. Almost everyone was there and she was late. But someone was to arrive even later than her. She examined the room, everyone was mingling with each other. She didn’t know anybody there except Noah Baumbach from the time she auditioned for ‘marriage story’. She didn’t get the part but still loved the movie. She realized Tom was missing.  
Greta pulled her into a conversation about when the production of the movie would start or something like that. She wasn’t really paying attention. She was so eager to meet Tom that her eyes couldn’t stop roaming around the room, trying to find him, and just when she thought he wouldn’t show up, he did. 
Everybody’s head turned towards him when he entered the living room. It was as if every person in the room wanted him, including her. His dark brown hair, falling into place like a domino, had snowflakes in them.
“Excuse me”, Greta gave a small smile to Y/N and walked over to Tom. She greeted him and politely touched his back. “Now that everyone is here we should take the party to the dining hall”, she said in a loud and cheerful tone.
Following Greta, everyone started moving towards the dining hall. Tom sat right across Y/N on the grand dining table. “Hi, I’m Tom”, he introduced himself in his thick British accent. “And he’s English”, Y/N said, adding to her list of things she found captivating about Tom.  
“And?” Tom gave her a confused look.
Shit. I said it out loud.
“I-I mean hi, I’m Y/N”, she tried to cover up her mistake.
His dark brown eyes on her, made her thoughts run wild. It was wrong enough to feel right. The dinner was served and small groups of conversations were taking place. Somehow the whole table took on the topic of bisexuality. Y/N felt obligated to take part in the conversation, being part of the community herself. 
“I think bisexuality is a gateway to being gay”, Tom said to the whole table.
“You’re being bi-phobic, Tom”, Y/N called him out. All eyes were on her now.
“And how do you know that?” Tom asked Y/N.
“Because I am bisexual, and any decent human being would know that”
“Are you calling me indecent?”
“No, I’m calling you bi-phobic”
“But aren’t you married to a guy?”
“That doesn’t change my sexual orientation, and you’re being bi-phobic. Again.” There was silence, everyone was listening carefully. 
“Okay, so please explain to me how I’m being bi-phobic?”
“Just the fact that you believe bisexuality is a gateway to being gay and me being married to a guy, means my bisexual card has been revoked, portray your biphobia”
“I am a little confused”, Tom said while reaching for his wine glass. 
“Someone who is bisexual is attracted to both men as well as women. It isn’t a gateway to being gay, it is a legit sexuality of its own”, 
“Hmm, I suppose I stand corrected. I’m sorry if I offended you or anyone. I will go home, do the research and try to be more open-minded”, said Tom, smiling.
“Good”, Y/N said, feeling accomplished and impressed by Tom’s ability to accept his mistake.
Haz would have never accepted that he was wrong.
Y/N felt wonderstruck. Blushing all the way home. She hoped Tom knew how enchanting it was for her to meet him. She wondered if someone was waiting for him at home, like someone was waiting for her. She wasn’t quite sure whether Haz was waiting for her to reach home or not.
She reached home to an empty bed. Not knowing what to make of it, she got ready to sleep. 2 AM and Haz was still not home. She didn’t try to reach him because she knew all phone calls would go straight to voice message and all messages would go unreplied. She closed her eyes, feeling indifferent towards Haz. Even in her sleep, her mind echoed Tom’s name. She was unaware of the treacherous road ahead of her. And that gave her comfort. His thought gave her comfort.
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bvttercupbby · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
take care || tom holland 
word count: 1.3k+
summary: Tom’s been really over whelmed, over worked and over all exhausted recently so what better than his girlfriend to help take care of him.
warnings: none I think just really fluffy 
a/n: this is really cute, let me know what you think 🥺  also what do we think about the new banner?? 
this is not proofread 
You could tell Tom had been having a rough couple of weeks. He had just gotten back from filming, and he was just overall run down, drained, and just blatantly exhausted. He was pulling back from social media, sleeping more during the day, and more often than not he was staying with his family, just needing their presence to hopefully bring him back to life.
You hadn’t seen Tom in almost a week, your work schedule being a little busy causing you to work late nights and rely on mainly dry text messages from Tom. You were tired too but you knew that Tom could use a pick me up so after clocking out, you immediately headed to the store, picking out a few things that you knew you help de-stress your boyfriend. You chewed on your lip as you stood outside his apartment door, worried you might be overstepping since you had only been dating for a little under a year. Deciding not to use your key, you took a deep breath before lifting up your fist to the wood, knocking three times before taking a step back to rock back and forth on your heels nervously.
Your eyes snapped up towards the door when you heard the familiar sound of the lock clicking, your mouth forming into a shy smile when Tom’s hoodie-clad body was revealed.
“Hey,” you greeted.
“Y/n, what are you doing here?” he breathed, pulling you in by your waist for a much-needed hug.
“I know you’ve been stressed recently, and I wanted to see if I could help and I missed you,” you spoke, your voice mumbled by his sweatshirt. You pulled back slightly to look up at him, taking in his features, the bags underneath his eyes, his sunken cheeks. You brought your hand to his face and he immediately leaned into your touch, having to hold back a pathetic whimper.
“Tell me if I’m overstepping I just I-i just want to take care of you,” you admitted, heat rising in your cheeks. He dipped down to connect his lips with yours, softly but full of passion as his grip around your waist tightened slightly.
“Thank you, so much,” he mumbled against your lips, pecking you once more before pulling you inside of his apartment. Your eyes darted around his apartment, noticing the dirty dishes and clothes that have made their way around before getting spun around and pulled back into Tom’s arms.
“Missed you so much darling,” he mumbled, kissing your head multiple times before his lips were back on yours. Your hand cupped underneath his jaw, thumbing at his skin as your lips worked against each other.
“I brought my shampoo and conditioner, the apple one, figured we could shower?” you suggested after pulling apart, wrapping your arms around him.
“That sounds bloody perfect sweetheart,” Tom smiled, lacing your hands together to leading you to the bathroom.
“Turn on the water and I’ll grab us some clothes?” he asked. You nodded with a smile, watching with loving eyes as he walked towards his closet. You turned towards the tub, turning on the faucet to almost as hot as it would go.
“Brought my facemask too,” you called, pulling the shampoo and conditioner out of the bag to put into the shower. You pulled out your lavender-scented body wash, throwing that in as well before you felt a pair of arms wrap around your stomach.
“Which one?” he asked, pressing a kiss to your neck sweetly. You placed your head on his shoulder, nodding slightly as you felt his fingertips play with the hem of your shirt. He helped you out of it before doing the same, making sure to be respectful and try his best not to stare at your naked body.
“The sparkly peel off one, your favorite,” you smiled. He bit his lip to suppress a smile.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about love.”
“Mhmm,” you hummed, pulling him into the hot shower.
“Christ darling!” Tom yelped jumping towards you as the water hit his bareback making you giggle.
“Such a big baby,” you teased, reaching around him to turn the temperature down. Once the temperature was considerably lower, he sunk into the stream with a relieved sigh, his eyes fluttering shut as the warm water flooded his body. You reached your fingers up to his arms, running them up and down his smooth skin making him hum. He dipped down to connect your lips softly, dropping his hands down to your hips. As you broke apart reluctantly, he reached for the shampoo bottle.
“Wait,” you said, stopping his hand and grabbing it from him. He watched as you poured a generous amount of the pale green liquid into your hands, before reaching up to place your hands in his hair. He held back a moan as you lathered the shampoo against his scalp, lightly using your nails to scratch against it. His hands found your waist, pulling you close enough to press against his body, his eyes falling closed as your hands worked their magic through his curls.
“Put your head back for me please,” you whispered, not wanting to break the peace you knew he was feeling. He did as told, feeling you raise on your tiptoes to guide the stream of water through his strands, being sure to not get anything in his eyes. Next came conditioner, and it was then Tom realized your hair was still in the same bun it was in when you arrived.
“What about you love?” he asked, reaching up towards your hair tie, making you duck your head.
“I washed it this morning, this is about you,” you assured him, taking his hand to kiss his knuckles. You moved onto body wash, and Tom thought it couldn’t get any better but as your hands ran up and down his skin, working out the tense muscles in his shoulders and his back, he swore his knees were ready to give. He felt his eyes fill with tears as you littered soft kisses along his shoulder blades.
He had girlfriends before you, but no one had ever made him feel the way you do. He felt so cared for, so loved. And as he hyperfocused on the feeling of your fingers working against his shoulders and your lips moving across his skin, the feeling of love you filled him with was borderline overwhelming. He turned around suddenly, needing to feel your lips against his. You of course didn’t object, bringing your hand to cup his cheek feeling wetness that wasn’t from the showerhead.
“You okay?” you whispered tilting your head with a frown. He nodded rapidly, grabbing your face with both of his hands to look into your eyes.
“What is it baby?” you asked tenderly, turning your head to kiss his palm.
“I love you so much,” he uttered for the first time, the foreign words feeling so right coming out of his lips. He watched nervously as the corner of your lips twitched into a smile, before connecting your lips once more.
“I love you too Tommy,” you mumbled against his mouth, “so much.” He kissed you again but it was short-lived as both of your mouths grew into lovesick grins.
“Let’s get out before we turn into prunes yeah?” you suggested. He nodded, kissing your forehead and reaching for the towels as you turned the water off.
A few minutes later both of you were dressed in Tom’s clothes, his head in your lap as your fingers gently moved against his face as you applied the face mask, his eyes fighting to stay open.
“Don’t fall asleep on me bub, just gotta wait 15 more minutes,” you said.
“I’m sleepy,” he whispered with a yawn, opening his heavy eyes to look up at you with a dopey smile. You ran your hands through his hair with a giggle, enjoying the smell of apple that wafted through the air.
“Okay, I’ll wake you up when it’s time,” you agreed, letting him take your hand to intertwine with his to place against his chest.
“G’night pretty girl, I love you,” he mumbled sleepy, carefully pressing kisses to your knuckles.
“I love you baby, goodnight.”
Tumblr media
strikethrough means I couldn’t tag you 
taglist: @5-seconds-of-mendes​ @username2002​ @just-here-to-escape-from-reality @em-j18​ @ohmy-moonlightx​ @multiholland​ @Tomsgf @sonnydoesrandomshit​ @marajillana​ @spookybooisa​ @angeliquekalampoka​ @tommyparker15 @Tomhollandsbich @black-sweetie1 @viagracex​ @parkers-gal​ @thehumanistsdiary​ @becicamina​ @theheartwrenchingsunset @dreamydreamerwrtiting @hallecarey1​ @multixfandomwriter​
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tommydarlings · 15 hours ago
Am I gonna post the serialkiller!reader x Tom holland tonight? maybe. Am I excited? HELL YES!!!
Tumblr media
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cuddlemen0w · 15 hours ago
random prompt list 1 ;)
you can send requests from this (from one up to three lines)
characters u can choose from
“why the hell is you phone on light mode?”
“my stomach hurts, my head pounds and you’re talking too loud!”
“will you please watch howl’s moving castle with me?”
“go on, make a fool of yourself.”
“ladies and gentlemen, may i present to you-“ “who?” “well, i didn’t think of it that far.”
“sorry, do you mind if i punch him in the face?”
“it’s for the aesthetic.”
“sorry, i’m busy.” “doing what?” “making my pinterest board.”
“how in the hell did you get in here?”
“i’m a bad bitch you can’t kill me.”
“sorry is my existence bothering you?”
“for fuck’s sake please kiss me.”
“so do i put my hand here?”
“who ate my blueberry cake?”
“it was my grandma’s idea.”
“stop looking at me like that.”
“hi! my name is — and i’d like to meet your cat.”
“you?” “what’s so surprising about it?”
“i told them you’re my gay cousin.”
“that’s not the worst of it.”
“she’s been sitting on that couch for four hours, i’m starting to get worried.”
“double homicide.”
“why would they do this to me?”
“i just want a dragon.”
“miss/mr —, please get to the information center, we’ve got your boyfriend/girlfriend.”
“don’t mind him, it’s not your fault you’ve got body like a greek god.”
“pee break!”
“are you on drugs?”
“sheesh” “what does that mean?” “i don’t know”
“someone’s grumpy today”
“we’re adults.” “and?”
“i don’t like you like that”
“it’s not likely he’d be as stupid as he’s tall but here he stands.”
“would you kiss me if i was a toad?”
“my only friend is death.”
“isn’t he/she cute?”
“it’s not my problem you don’t like chocolate!”
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felicityparkers · 17 hours ago
› frat friday !!
so, given the name, frat!tom friday cause i adore frat!tom beyond words.
— request guidelines.
» fluff and angst only, suggestive content is more than fine !
» have fun requesting !!
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sam-hollandsgirl · 22 hours ago
Chapter One - My Sweet Angel
Warning: Explicit Smut -Dirty Talk and Oral (fem! Receiving)
Word count: 1544
Please forgive any mistakes, English is not my first language.
Tumblr media
Nothing else had happened after the kiss, you just said goodnight and went to your room, he was thinking that maybe you had regretted that idea.
But the next morning, as soon as he wakes up he finds a note on your bedside table with your handwriting on it.          
Rules of our little agreement:       
1- Thomas will teach anything Y/N asks.
2- Both sides of the agreement must be comfortable with what is going to be done.          
3- Let me know if you want to stop.  
4- I will let you know if I want to stop.          
5- Neither Harrison nor anyone else should know about this agreement, it will be our secret.        
Sign here at the bottom if you agree to my terms and let me know if you want to include any conditions.
He laughed, of course you would make a list of rules, it was exactly your kind of thing. After he finishes getting ready he takes a pen from the table and signs his name on the paper just below where his signature was and slips the small paper under his door before leaving for class.
You barely got any sleep last night, all you could think about was everything that had happened and when you did get some sleep you dreamed about Tom and woke up gasping for breath.
Your dream was incredibly real, you felt every touch, and the way Tom ate you in the dream made you needy for it.
Tom received a message from you during one of his classes.
Y/N: Meet me later in my room.
He answered a simple okay, trying to pretend he was calm when inside he was freaking out. Tom spent the rest of the day thinking about his message, barely able to pay attention in class.
Tom was thankful that it was Friday, all the boys were getting ready for some party at another fraternity leaving the house just for the two of them, as if fate was cooperating with their plan.    
"Are you sure you don't want to come?" Harrison asks Tom again.
"No man, today's classes were pretty tiring, I'd rather stay home anyway" Tom says.
"You're going to miss the best party of the year" Tuwaine says as soon as he enters the room.
"All these parties are the best of the year" He laughs, rolling his eyes.
"Y/N not coming with us?" Tuwaine asks Harrison who denies with his head.
"No, she said she had a new series on Netflix she wanted to watch" he says to his friend before turning his face to Tom and speaking "Take care of her ok?"
"I'll take very good care of her" he smiles.
If Harrison knew what would happen when he left the fraternity he would never let Tom near you again and would probably punch him in the face.
The two of you leave the house, and a few minutes later the other boys are leaving too, soon the house is empty except for you and Tom.
Tom walked slowly up the stairs, he was a little nervous to tell you the truth, he had slept with many different girls, given them orgasms that made his legs shake. But you were different, he wanted to give you the best experiences possible, give you all the wonderful sensations, and he would definitely need more than just one night for that.
"May I come in?" he asks knocking on the door.
You take a deep breath before answering "Yes."
He enters the room, he has been here countless times before, but he never thought he would be in here in this situation.
"I saw you signed the paper" is the first thing you say when you look at him.
"Yes" A silence fills the room for a few minutes.
"Sorry I'm a little anxious".
"You can quit if you want" he sits down on his bed in front of you.
"NO" You say a little too loudly.
He laughs at your reaction and holds your hand pulling you to sit on his lap with each leg on one side of your body, you take another deep breath and look at him.
Tom looks at your gaping mouth and licks his lips, holding himself back from giving in to the urge to kiss you right now, their hands grip tightly on your hips, probably impossible but you could feel yourself getting wet just from that touch and the way he was looking at you.
His lips come close to yours but pull away before you can kiss him and they move on towards your neck.
"I have a condition too" He says softly and goes back to spreading kisses across your pulse point.
"What?" His question comes out almost as a sigh.
"We are not having sex today".
"Why?" you ask disappointed, Tom had no idea how needy you were for him.
"Sorry honey, I don't think you're ready for this, but if you let me I want to do something else with you today" he looks at you as if asking permission.
"What's your idea?"
"I want to taste you". want to?"
"Actually I'm the one who's been daydreaming about it myself since last night angel."
Tom had already given her several cute nicknames, but angel was new, he had never called any girl that, at least not in front of him.
"Are you okay?" he asks with a smile.
When you nod, he quickly kisses you. He had really been wanting to taste you since you left his room, daydreaming about what you would taste like.
One of his hands goes up your thigh, lightly lifting your skirt until it reaches the fabric of your already wet panties, his thumb makes a circular motion over your covered clit making you moan between kisses.
"I barely touched you and you're already wet" he says with a smug smile on his face.
"Actually all I could think about was you all day.... Tom" you moan his name as he pulls your panties aside to properly touch your clit and feel its wetness.
"Did I make you wet all day, angel?" he already knew the answer, but wanted to hear it coming from your lips.
"Yes." He picks her up in his lap and lays her down on the bed getting on top of your body and kissing you again, his kisses trailing a trail again to your neck.
"May I?" He asks holding the hem of your shirt and you affirm, he quickly pulls it off your body and bites his lips as he sees your breasts in the pink bra.
"I think I'll let you, you look amazingly hot in it" you blush at his comment.
He kisses the top of your breasts and runs his thumb over one of the nipples making you sigh, he runs his tongue slowly over it and even though the fabric prevents full contact the sensation is still wonderful.
The kisses move down to your belly and soon he is pulling your shorts off your body and your panties are the only thing keeping him from touching you where you want them.
"Tom, please," you beg as he kisses the inside of your thigh.
"Please what angel?" he gives you a mischievous smile.
"I need you."
"You do?"
"Yes, please."
He finally removes her panties from her body and stands between her legs placing one of them over her shoulder for easy access.
"Fuck" he says as he runs two fingers over your entrance "you are fucking wet" his fingers reach your clit and you push your hips towards his touch "so needy".
First he just licks a long strip from your vagina to your clit and you take a deep breath at the yummy sensation.
"Better than I ever dreamed of" he says before sucking you again.
One of your hands holds his hair tightly, while the other you place over your mouth to avoid moaning. Tom quickly removes it from your mouth.
"I don't want you to be silent, I want to hear how good I am making you feel."
He mentally thanked himself for doing this, her moans and sighs were the most beautiful melody he had ever heard.
Tom wanted to make it as pleasurable as possible for you, he took his time to form your orgasm slowly tasting you until he brought you to the edge.
"Holy shit, Tom" he knew you were already close and he goes even deeper.
He clamps his lips around your clit and sucks it making you even more needy, he moans against your pussy and you whimper loudly.
"Tom...Tom it feels so good"
His gaze settles on yours as he still sucks you, you cry out his name and feel as if you might explode at that moment.
He sucks your clit one last time and you finally cum on his lips throwing your head back in ecstasy with your mouth open in an inaudible moan. This was surely the dirtiest scene Tom had ever seen.
Your body falls to the bed, your breath panting, your chest heaving. Tom could never get tired of seeing you like this, he stands over your body again and kisses you slowly, you taste him in your mouth and sigh between kisses.
"Thank you" you say and he just smiles in response.
He lies down on your side and pulls you to lie on his chest.
"I can help you" he says looking at your very apparent erection and running his hand down to your sweatpants.
"Don't worry about me angel, this is about you" he moves your hand away from there and hugs you tighter "now try to get some sleep ok" he kisses the top of your head.
You fall asleep a short time later hugging your body. He leaves your room before Harrison arrives and finds you there, but before he leaves he leaves a small note on your bedside table.
I hope you enjoyed today, I loved it, I think I will dream of your flavor for the rest of my days. Because darling, you are my sweet angel - Tom.
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I DO | Part 2 | P.P
hello, again! here’s a bit more angst and thrill for you guys. i hope you like it! (:
It had been a week and a half since I spoke to Peter.
The pain was almost unbearable at times as I wondered how he was doing and if he was okay. And then I would scold myself for always catering to his needs and not my own.
I know I deserve better than this. I didn’t deserve to be treated like a side piece he was unsure of keeping. I didn’t spend years giving him the best of me just to be here at the end of the day floundering in the midst of our troubles.
My mother had been giving me hints that maybe it was time to look for a loft or apartment of my own. She mentioned open spaces at buildings we passed during our daily walks and she would even try to get me to go inside.
I would just brush it off and tell her that we could another time.
But truthfully, I wasn’t sure if maybe I would end up packing my things by the end of the day and head back home to Peter. I missed him and our time apart was killing me inside. It was pathetic, but I couldn’t care less. I just wanted him to hold me.
Later on that night, I spent too much time on the couch with my mom. We were watching movies and crying at the incredibly cheesy scenes. Then my mom found one movie she said helped her with the toughest breakup. Obviously, I knew she meant my father.
“He’s Just Not That Into You?” I scoffed. “Are you trying to tell me something?”
“No,” she laughed. “I just like the movie.”
I’m sure there was something she wanted me to see, so I obliged and let the movie play. When Jennifer Aniston and Ben Affleck came onto the screen, I felt my shoulders slump in defeat.
“God, Mom, I don’t want to watch this.”
My hand waved for her stop and I got up from my seat on the couch. “No, no. I’m going to head on to bed. Night.”
She only mumbled a goodnight back before I went into the guest bedroom. The only belongings of mine was my suitcase I packed with a few outfits and toiletries. I had went over to put some of my things together once Peter had gone to work the next morning after our fight that night.
When he got home later that day, my phone continued to blow up in calls and text messages.
Honey, why did you take your suitcase?
Please call me.
I love you. I miss you.
Can we talk, please?
I really want to work this out.
Honey, come home.
Every single voicemail and text made my heart ache more. I wanted to go home so badly, but there was no use if I was just wasting my time with him. So, I sucked in a breath and dialed his number.
It only rang twice before he whispered my name into the mic of his phone.
When his voice seeped into the speaker, I could feel my entire body fighting to melt. I cleared my throat, though, and instead I spoke clearly for him.
“Hi. Are you busy right now? I know it’s late, but—”
“No, no. Do you want to come here? Home?”
I wanted to say yes and hurry on over. Everything in me screamed to find him and rush into his arms just so he could tell me everything was going to be alright.
But it wasn’t. Because this wasn’t a movie. This was real life. The cold, hard truth.
If we kept things the way they were, neither of us would be happy. I couldn’t be happy.
“I can head over, but I think it’s best if we take a walk.”
The silence on the other end was nearly deafening. When I heard him swallow and release a tiny breath, I could almost feel him nod.
“Sure. See you in a few?”
“See you in a few.” And then I hung up.
I felt a tiring wave rush over me, my body craving for any sort of relief I could find under the covers.
But instead, I put my hair into a bun and slid a denim jacket over my shoulders. When I headed into the living room, my mom had already gone to bed. I did my best to keep quiet as I shoved my feet into my sneakers.
The walk was short as usual. There were hardly any people in the streets as it was nighttime during the beginning of fall. The chilled air felt nice against my warm face.
When I rounded the corner to the apartment building, Peter was already outside. He was sitting along the steps, his fingers twisting and pulling at his hair or the strings of his hoodie. Even from here, I could see his tired eyes.
I took a step forward and he turned to look at me almost immediately. His incredible hearing was slightly annoying at times.
“Hi,” he breathed out, scrambling to his feet.
Shyly, I gave a single wave. “Hi.”
He licked his chapped lips before fumbling with his hands as he shoved them into the pockets of his sweat pants. “Do you still want to go on that walk? It’s a little cold. I know you like it, but it’s late, too. We can just head inside—”
“Here is fine, Pete.”
His eyes lowered to the ground for a moment and he nodded stiffly. He sat back down at his previous spot and moved over a couple of inches for me to follow. When I did, I almost leaned in to take his hand. I guess it was a habit after eleven years.
“Tomorrow’s our anniversary.” Peter noted, his eyes carefully looking at my features. They were searching for something and I pretty much knew what it was exactly.
I looked away for a moment to catch my breath. Staring at him was so overwhelming at times and I couldn’t even show my affections as a result. He was beautiful in every way possible, that I just had to caress his face or even his hands as a way of letting him know I was in love.
After recollecting myself, I whispered. “I know.”
He cleared his throat and he faced me better as he spoke. “Can we just— I want you back home. I can’t stand that you’re not there with me. I mean, I see your things, but not you. I miss you so much. Please, honey. Come home.”
Tears pricked at my eyes, a couple falling shortly. My hands went to wipe them away, but he was already doing it. His warm hand felt nice against my face as it swiped away any signs of pain.
“I can’t, Peter.” I croaked.
“Why not?” His teeth gnawed at his lower lip and I almost scolded him.
Instead, I stood up again. He followed suit as I took a few steps down. When I turned to look at him, his eyes were now brimmed with tears, as well. He was nearly shaking. I knew well that it wasn’t from the cold. His temperature was always a bit warmer than the natural one of an average human.
“I can’t be with you anymore, Peter. Not when I know that the rest our life looks so unsatisfying to me.”
I sighed heavily as my head began to ache. My feet started to pace the pavement. “We can’t keep just dating for the rest of our lives. I meant what I said the last time we spoke. I can’t just be your girlfriend for the rest of my life. I won’t do it!”
He looked nearly broken down, but his words had a slight edge to them. “You really just can’t live with the fact I don’t believe in marriage?”
“No! Because that’s bullshit! We talked about it before. We fantasized what it would be like and where we would move to next when we got the chance! We dreamed of getting married and having kids, starting our family! Now—now, what? You just don’t want it anymore?”
Peter got down the remainder of the steps to lock his gaze on mine. His eyes were sharp, but passionate as he usually was when he argued. “We can still have kids, Y/N. I love you and I am committed to you. Why can’t that be enough?”
“I already told you why!” I nearly screamed, my finger digging into his chest as I prodded him. “What happened that made you so against it? What happened to our dream?”
“It was your dream—”
“It was OUR dream! You know it wasn’t just mine, it was ours! You were the one who brought up the idea!”
“We were kids!” His voice was broader now, nearly shaking me at my core. But I wouldn’t back down. Not without a fight.
“But they were real!” I cried. My hands shook almost violently as I tried to stand my ground. The tears by now were nearly blinding me, but I blinked them away each chance I got. “I saw it in your eyes when we talked about our future. You were excited and determined. What happened that you can’t even imagine it anymore? Peter, I told you what I want and if you can’t give it to me, I can’t—I can’t stay.”
“I’m serious, Peter. I can’t do this anymore. I won’t.”
He was quiet then, his mouth open to find the words to magically make things better. But we both knew there was nothing he could say at this point to calm my tears. Nothing that could make me come back.
“Um,” I sniffed, wiping away the tears and calming my racing heart that was shattering by the millisecond. “I’ll be by this weekend with a truck to get the rest of my stuff when you’re at work. I think it’s best if we get some space, too.”
Those words must’ve caught him by surprise as he was then trying to catch his own breath. “You don’t mean that. You don’t,” His head was shaking, reaching for me as I backed away. “Y/N, you don’t mean that!”
“Yes, I do.” I whimpered, the sight of him so hurt destroying me. “I love you, Pete. More than life itself. I just can’t keep waiting anymore. I have to get a move on with my life and so do you.”
“There is no life to live without you.”
I covered my face to hide my silent cries. I just needed this pain to end. How badly I wished I just stayed in and hid under the covers. Or how I should’ve kept my mouth shut that night I left. But I also wish he felt different. I wish he could change this one thing about him. But that’s not how it should be. Neither of us should be making sacrifices or compromises.
“Please. Don’t leave me,” His voice was hoarse as he cried along with me, his hands prying at mine to look at me. He was successful as he cupped my face. “I can’t do this without you. Please, please.”
Every fiber in my body ached for him. I wanted to comfort him in any way I could. He always needed me in the same way I needed him. How was I going to go on now? Living a life where I didn’t have my partner by my side?
“I love you,” he whispered tearfully. “I love you so much.”
I shut my eyes and soaked in the feeling of his touch on my skin. His forehead leaned into mine and my legs almost gave out underneath me.
He tugged my face closer to his, capturing my lips into a kiss. It was messy and rough, almost like we were trying to mesh our bodies into one.
I wanted to pull away, but I couldn’t. Not when it felt like I was supposed to kiss him for the rest of my existence.
Our hands were grabbing at one another, entangled in the other’s hair or tugging at our shirts. The rest of the world was absent. It was like a symphony had played in the background, louder than the cars and chatter of the world. Truthfully, it felt the same as our first kiss. Maybe it was best that this was our last.
I untangled myself from him, my eyes still tearing up. “I love you, Peter, but I can’t stay.” And with that, I left him.
When I had gotten home, it felt like the walls were crumbling and the ceiling was collapsing in. I tried to keep quiet as I hid in my duvet. My chest hurt physically and I choked out soft sobs into my pillow.
The next day, I ached all over. My head throbbed and I could still feel the lingering pain in my chest. I decided then that I was staying in bed for the rest of the day. I spent my time looking at the window, the blinds shut. The sun tried to peep through the blinds, but all I could see was the shadow as the day passed.
My mother tried to get me to speak to her about why Peter was calling to ask how I was doing. I didn’t know how to respond to that, so I didn’t. She left me alone shortly after that.
While I laid there, rotting away, my mind filtered through the past eleven years. I was daydreaming about all the special moments with Peter. And then I angrily wished I could have told myself then to protect my heart and not give all of me away.
She was so disgustingly in love. Her entire world was wrapped around this boy who she couldn’t even count on—this boy who would betray her.
When I fell asleep, my dreams betrayed me by showing my younger self. She wasn’t alone, but attached to the younger version of Peter as well.
They were kissing and laughing and hugging as they stood underneath a willow tree. It swayed with the wind filtering through its leaves as Peter and my younger self danced.
I woke up with another throbbing headache and tears brimming my eyes, evidently falling down my grief filled face.
When the weeks inevitably passed, I was forced inside the dressing room of a wedding shop. My cousin, Elizabeth, was getting fitted as the rest of her bridesmaids did the same.
“I just don’t get why you’re having the wedding so soon!” My other cousin Beatrice prodded, her eyes sneaking looks at her sister who was watching me being fitted.
I kept quiet, letting the seamstress do her work. The dress was a pretty lilac made with a fabric that allowed me to comfortably move.
Meanwhile, my cousins bickered back and forth over the incoming wedding. It was already a week away. Truthfully, I didn’t care nor needed to know too many details. I just heard it would be held at a banquet hall and the groom paid for it to be lavish, feeding Elizabeth’s expensive taste.
I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad envious, but I was happier for Elizabeth. She met the one in a span of two years and he was ready to give her everything she wanted.
“Quit it! Victor and I are happy. It’s just what two people do when they’re in love, they get married!”
The air left the room as soon as she said that, but I was too busy staring at the way the dress hugged me nicely. I had gained a tad bit of weight, meaning my breasts and hips filled the dress.
When I realized they were staring at one another and me, I looked up to send them a knowing glare.
“Guys, it’s fine—”
“I shouldn’t have said that, I’m so sorry!”
“How are you doing, sweetie?”
“Yeah, I heard you moved into your loft!”
“Oh, right! Nana said you loved it.”
I held a hand up at my cousins, exhausted of the pitiful stares.
“It’s okay to talk about the wedding and love and commitment and whatever else. I don’t need you to filter your words just to make sure I won’t have a nervous breakdown. I’m fine.” When I stepped away from the mirror one final time, they looked at me nervously.
“Are you really?” Mariah asked me carefully.
I swallowed the lump in my throat, but tugged a few strands of hair behind my ear. When I nodded, I said, “I’m okay. Let’s talk about something else now, yeah?”
Thankfully, they obliged.
When the following week flew by, I did my best to keep it together during the reception. I wiped away a few tears and played it off as happy ones. In reality, I was miserable. Emotionally, at least.
Things at work were going great and my group of friends took me out every weekend. It was nice in some ways. But when it was time to go back home to my quiet studio, I tried not to dwell too much on everything I had lost.
“Don’t you just look beautiful,” a voice said from behind.
I turned my head, my eyes widening at the sight. “Harry!”
He smiled a glamorous smile and shot me a wink. “Hey, gorgeous.”
Immediately, I stood from my seat and wrapped the man in a tight hug. “Jesus, you’ve gotten taller?!”
His laughter was quite charismatic, too. He pulled away at arms length, analyzing me shamelessly. “It seems I have. But look at you! How did you get even more breathtaking?”
The way my face must have been crimson red was slightly embarrassing, but I shoved his shoulder playfully. “Quit it. Why are you here? Groom?”
“Yes, ma’am. He’s a good friend from college. Now, he works for me over at Oscorp.”
“What a small world!” I gasp.
He sends me another one of his glamorous smiles and helps me back into my seat, pushing in the chair. When he got situated next to me, he cleared his throat. “So, where’s Peter? Last I heard, you two were living somewhere in Queens?”
I take in a deep breath. “Well, we broke up.”
“What? No, really?” His eyes had practically bulged out of his head, his hand swiping over his hair once. “My, gosh. No ones safe, huh?”
I look at him in confusion.
“Well, you two were the couple everyone just hoped to be like. I mean, you were Peter and Y/N. Always together, always so close. It’s been over ten years! Gosh. I’m so sorry to hear that. How long it’s been?”
I tried not to seem too fazed over his words. So many people have said the same thing to me plenty of times since the news broke out. “Over a month and a half now.”
Yet it still felt like a fresh wound.
Harry takes my hand then, his thumb tracing over my knuckles. “I really am sorry, Y/N.”
“It’s okay, really. I’m fine.”
His tongue drags over his bottom lip and he looks at me intently, as if trying to determine if I was lying. His hand let go of mine at some point, but not until he complimented me again. Thankfully, he didn’t say anything else about the previous subject and instead asked about other things like my work. When we began chatting about his, he let me in on some information about his benefits and how he’s enjoying himself.
“That sounds great, Harry. I’m so happy for you. I always knew it’d work out for you, didn’t I?”
He laughs at that, his hand resting at my knee now. I took a mental note that he had been more handsy with me than usual. In high school, he was more aware of Peter by my side and respected him enough to not do anything out of our comfort zone.
“You were my number one cheerleader, N/N.”
I smiled warmly then. “You just needed someone to believe in you.”
“Thank goodness I had you, huh?”
“I suppose,” I shrug, but not before flipping my hair over my shoulder dramatically.
After the two of us laughed, there was a moment of silence. It wasn’t awkward, which I was thankful for. But I could tell his mind was racing.
“Harry, what’s wrong?”
He looked up at me with his brown doe eyes, before clearing his throat. “Well, I’m in a bit of a predicament.”
When I didn’t say anything, he continued.
“How long should someone wait before going on a date after a break up?”
I paused. “Well, however long that person needs.”
“How long do you need?”
My eyes widened at his brave words. I tried to say something, but I was practically bewildered.
“Harry. . .”
“I know it might be too soon, but I’ve always felt something for you, Y/N. Always. Can I please take you out to dinner next week?”
His gaze continued to bore into me. I didn’t know how to feel yet, but as if I had been sure, I smiled.
“Yes. I’d love to have dinner with you.”
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The Proposal ~ T.H
chapter five: the truth
Synopsis: fake marriage, real trouble
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Before Harry could walk away from you, you grabbed his arm and pulled him into your room. You threw him down on the bed and blocked his path to the door.
“We need to talk.”
“Hm.” Harry looked at you innocently. “What about?”
“You know my secret.” You said, unamused.
“I do.” Harry smirked. “And I have to commend you, honestly. Marrying someone just to stay in the country? You must really love your job. I’ve been fired from 7 different fast food restaurants for not showing up to a one hour shift. You’re pretty dedicated.”
“How do you know about that?” You gasped. “Did Tom tell you?”
“Nope. I figured it out.” Harry said proudly as he tapped the side of his head.
“How?” You raised your eyebrow.
“One thing I know about my brother is that he can’t keep a secret.” Harry shrugged. “The second you so much as called him something other than “assistant”, I would’ve heard about it.”
“Your point?” You folded your arms.
“My point is there is no way he started dating you and didn’t tell us.” Harry stated. “And it’s not like you guys are very good at hiding that you’re not a couple. Mum and dad don’t realize because they’re too swept up in the excitement of it all, but I see everything. Every time you swat his hand away or remind yourself to look interested, I saw. I knew something was up from the first day.”
“Well how did you know about the reason for our marriage?”
“Oh, I knew that because my room is right next to yours.” Harry said simply. “And you guys yell a lot. Literally, it’s like all you talk about.”
You rolled your eyes at Harry, but he wasn’t done making fun of you.
“Wah, I feel bad. Wah, don’t feel bad. Wah, I hate lying. Wah Wah Wah.” He mimicked your voices. “Like, we get it. You’ve fallen in love with our family and can’t bear to lie to us. Boring.” He faked a yawn. “Don’t you guys ever talk about sports or the local news? A missing dog from down the block was found today, but you wouldn’t know that, would you?”
You rolled your eyes at his jokes before grabbing a handful of his shirt and pulling him close to your face.
“Listen, curly.” You growled. “Tom and I have a lot riding on this so I need to know that you’re gonna keep your mouth shut. Are you gonna tell your parents?”
“No.” He said as he stared at you in fear. “That would make them liable if this all goes to shit.”
“What about you?” You narrowed your eyes at him. “You could get in trouble for knowing and not stopping us.”
“Then do me a favor and don’t get caught.” He said. You looked Harry up and down before releasing his shirt, deciding that he was trustworthy.
“We’ll try.” You mumbled as you smoothed your clothes.
“He likes you, you know.” Harry told you. “That part isn’t fake.”
“I like him too.” You said quietly as you avoided his eyes.
“You better.” Harry stated. “Don’t let my brother go to jail, okay? He’s too pretty for jail.”
“He’s a little pretty.” You smiled shyly.
“Yeah, well, he’s spent the past two years calling home to tell us how much he admires you.” Harry rolled his eyes. “He’s your biggest fan, Y/n. Don’t let him down.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean you need to be the person he thinks you are and let him out of this deal.” Harry’s tone got serious. “There’s still time to end this whole thing. I’m sure you can find another bloke who’d do anything for you and use him for citizenship. Just leave my brother out of it.”
“He agreed to this.” You said quietly. “I didn’t make him do anything.”
“He agreed because he’s in love with you, Y/n.” Harry sighed. “He’d do anything for you without zero hesitation. “You know that and you’re taking advantage of it.”
“I’m not trying to take advantage of him.” You defended. “But I needed a husband and he wanted a promotion. It’s a win win.”
“The promotion doesn’t mean anything if he got it for doing you a favor. And when that sinks in for him, he’s going to hate himself. And he’ll hate you too.” Harry insisted. “He’s been working his ass off for that promotion and you’re only giving it to him so you don’t get deported.”
“That’s not true.” You protested. “He was always going to get the job.”
“Okay. Then forget that part.” Harry shrugged. “Let’s talk about how you’re playing with his feelings.”
“What?” You scoffed. “I’m not playing with his feelings.”
“Aren’t you?” Harry titled his head. “You knew he liked you. And now you’re parading around like you’re his wife and I guarantee he thinks you’ll still like him once all of this is done. You’re letting him think he has a chance with you so he doesn’t back out of the deal.”
“He...he does have a chance.” You said quietly. It was the first time you said it out loud, but it was true. If Tom wanted to make the fake relationship real once your marriage was official, you wouldn’t exactly be opposed. All the small moments; him giving you his shoes, giving you his bed, kissing him when no one was around, and all his selfless acts of kindness were adding up. He wasn’t who you thought he was, and the person he turned out to be was someone you were seriously falling for.
“He better.” Harry stated. “Because if he ends up in jail or with his heartbroken, I’m gonna be pissed.”
Your heart sank as Harry’s words made all your guilt come flooding back. Every time you had qualms about lying to Toms family, Tom assuaged you by telling you they’d never find out. Now that Harry knew about the deal, there was nothing keeping you from feeling guilty.
“Look, I really like you, Y/n.” Harry said when he noticed your sad expression. “And I want you to be part of the family. But only if it’s for the right reasons. If you’re just using us for citizenship, then I want nothing to do with you. And once everyone finds out the truth, they won’t want you either.”
You felt tears come to your eyes as you realized he was right. You had grown to love Toms family, and going through with this marriage meant you’d be selfishly using them for your own benefit. A tear rolled down your cheek as you were faced with a tough decision. If you stayed, you could marry Tom and keep your job. If you left, you wouldn’t have to lie to a group of people who treated you with nothing but kindness. You opened your mouth to speak, but found yourself with nothing to say.
“Harry, Y/n.” Dom’s voice rang from the kitchen. “Breakfast is getting cold.”
“Think about it.” Harry squeezed your shoulder before leaving the room. You waited a few seconds before following him into the kitchen. Tom immediately noticed your ghastly expression when you sat down at the kitchen table. He had been nervous to see you after the makeout session in his bed, but now he was just concerned.
“Are you all right, love?” Tom asked as he squeezed your hand. You blinked a few times and looked at him, feeling all your guilt come back. You picked up Toms hand and pressed a long kiss to the back of it, making him look at you curiously.
“I’m fine.” You forced a smile. “We’ll talk later.”
You went straight to your room when you finished breakfast after telling Tom that you needed a minute alone. A few tears had slipped down your cheeks once you were alone, knowing the fantasy of staying in the country with your new family was over. You jumped a little when you heard something outside your door, followed by the sound of footsteps departing. You opened your door to find a bowl of cut up strawberries on the ground, with Nikki’s perfume still lingering in the air.
“Nikki?” You called out, and she came back.
“Hi, sweetheart.” She smiled warmly at you. “I wasn’t sure if you were in there. Do you like strawberries?
“I love them, thank you. You didn’t have to do that.” You said as you picked up the bowl.
“I just noticed you looked a little upset at breakfast.” She explained. “I wanted to make sure you were okay.”
You looked down at the bowl of strawberries and sucked in a sharp breath, feeling overwhelmed at the simple act of kindness.
“I’m okay.” You said weakly. “Thank you for the berries.”
“Of course.” She cupped your face and wiped a tear with her thumb. “Follow me. There’s something I want to show you.”
You silently followed her into her bedroom and ate some of the strawberries as she disappeared into the closet. After a few minutes, she came out of the closet with a long white gown in her hands. It’s was simple, made of silk with braided straps. Your eyes lit up at the sight of it and you quickly set the bowl down.
“Oh, Nikki.” You gasped. “It’s beautiful.”
“It’s yours.” She smiled eagerly. “Go on. Try it on.”
“I can’t.” You said quietly. After the conversation you had with Harry, you felt wrong trying on her wedding dress.
“Please?” She asked hopefully. “It would be an honor to have you wear it when you marry Tom.”
“All right.” You reluctantly agreed. “I’ll try it on.”
Nikki beamed in excitement before handing you the dress. She clapped her hands happily as you disappeared into her closet. You shut the door and slipped the dress on, the way it fit you perfectly making you feel even worse. After zipping it the best you could and smoothing it out, you left the closet.
“Oh, you look so beautiful.” Nikki put her hands over her mouth. “It’s perfect on you. You look enchanting.”
“Thank you.” You said as you looked down at the dress. “It’s beautiful. Thank you for letting me wear it.”
“Wait here.” She clapped her hands again and went under her bed. She pulled a box out and set it on the bed before opening it up. Inside was a delicate white crown and long, tulle veil. Nikki placed the crown on your head and adjusted the veil so it perfectly framed your face. She backed up to admire her work and clasped her hands under her chin.
“There.” She grinned. “Now it’s perfect.”
She walked back to you and turned you around, letting your view yourself in the mirror. Her hands continued to play with the veil as you stared at yourself. You’d never seen yourself in a wedding dress before, you never even imagined wearing one. The combination of the proud look on Nikki’s face and the sight of yourself in the beautiful dress made your face scrunch up in pain.
“Oh, honey.” She cooed as you began to cry. “It’s okay to be emotional. I cried the first time I saw myself in it.”
You turned around and let her mother you, allowing her to wipe your tears with her hands. She was so excited for the wedding, and all you could think about was how much it would crush her if she found out the truth.
“Thank you. For everything.” You told her. “I know it’s only been a few days, but you’ve really made me feel like part of the family. I really appreciate everything you’ve done.”
“Of course, sweetheart.” She smiled. “Anything for my daughter.”
You sucked in a sharp breath when you heard this, making a fresh tear fall from your eye.
“No ones called me that in a long time.” You smiled sadly.
“Sweetheart?” She asked.
“Daughter.” You answered.
Nikki looked at you fondly before pulling you into a hug, comfortingly rubbing your back. You squeezed your eyes shut and hugged her back, assuming that that would be that last time.
“I always wanted a girl.” She said as she stroked your hair. “Heaven sent you to me.”
You looked up at the ceiling as tears fell from your eyes, feeling sick to your stomach with the guilt. When you pulled away, you sheepishly wiped your tears and gave her a smile.
“Um, I better change before Tom sees me.” You said. “I don’t want any bad luck.”
“Smart girl.” Nikki patted your back and sent you back to the closet. You changed out of the dress and gave it back to her, excusing yourself as quickly as you could.
You rushed back into your room and got your suitcase out from under the bed. You began to hastily throw your clothes inside, tears making your vision blurry. You didn’t hear Tom come into the room, not noticing him as he watched you pack.
“Y/n?” He spoke up. “Is everything okay?”
“I can’t do this.” You said without looking at him. Your tears and breathing were becoming hysterical and Tom realized you were having a panic attack.
“Hey. It’s okay.” He put his hands on your shoulder to stop you from packing. “What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong?” You laughed sadly. “I’m gonna ruin your family like I ruined mine. And I’ll ruin you too.”
“Woah woah woah.” He pulled you into a hug. “It’s okay, darling. Nothing is getting ruined.”
“Yes it is.” You cried into his chest. “I roped you into this mess and now you’re stuck committing fraud and getting married to someone you don’t love.”
“I’m not getting married to someone I don’t...” Tom trailed off when he realized he might be saying too much. You were too busy trying to catch your breath to hear him as you began to pace the room.
“You’re just getting nerves about the wedding. I’m sure all brides worry about committing fraud two days before their wedding.” Tom tried to lighten the mood with a joke. “Don’t worry about me, okay? We’ll figure this out together.”
“Stop doing that.” You snapped as you continued to pace.
“Doing what?”
“Being nice to me!” You cried. “I have never been nice to you.”
“It’s okay. It’s-“
“It’s not okay.” You cut him off. “I never would’ve done this for you. I wouldn’t even call you by your name.”
“Why are you freaking out? What happened?” Tom pulled you back towards him and rubbed your shoulders.
“Your mom cut up fruit for me.” You said through tears.
“That’s what’s making you freak out?” He asked. “Because she cut up fruit for you?”
“Tom, she left it outside my door.” You stressed.
“So? That’s what moms do.”
“I know that’s what they do. But she did it for me.” You cried. “And your dad let’s me use his lucky golf ball and I have inside jokes with your brothers and your grandma texts me memes she sees on Facebook.”
“I’m sorry, but I don’t see what the problem is.” Tom said calmly. “Why are these things bad?”
“They’re not.” You sobbed. “They’re good things.”
“So why are you upset?”
“I forgot, okay?” You shrugged sadly. “I forgot.”
“Forgot what?” He tried to understand.
“What it feels like to have a family.” You whimpered. Tom looked at you in confusion as he stopped rubbing your arms.
“What?” He asked quietly.
“I forgot how it felt to have someone teach you what they know and love you and miss you and hope to see you at the holidays.” You dry heaved. “I haven’t felt that in years and it’s all coming back and I can’t handle it.”
“Hey, shhh. It’s okay.” He pulled you into his arms again and held you tightly. “How could you forget those things? What about your mom?”
“My mom is dead.” You whispered against his chest. Tom stiffened at your confession but never loosened his grip on you. He continued to rub your back and let you speak when you were ready.
“We got in this fight one night because I was being a bitch like I always am and I ran out of the house.” You gulped as you tried to catch your breath. “She drove around looking for me but it was raining really heavily and she couldn’t see where she was going and this truck-“
“It’s okay.” He cut you off. “You don’t have to tell me. It’s okay.”
“I ruined her.” You whispered. “I ruined our family.”
“Shhh. I got you. You’re okay.” He mumbled as he stroked your hair. You sniffled a few times before pulling out of Toms arms. You looked at him sheepishly as you wiped your tears and snot.
“I’m sorry.” You said weakly. “I didn’t mean to dump all of that on you.”
“You didn’t dump anything on me.” He assured you. “I told you it’s okay to open up to me, remember? You can tell me things like this. I’m going to be your husband, after all.”
“Thank you.” You smiled weakly. Tom smiled back and reached out for you again. You let him pull you into a long hug, allowing his warmth to comfort you.
“I’m so sorry about your mom.” He said before kissing the top of your head. “I had no idea about any of this.”
“And I had no idea that you had your mothers eyes or your fathers handshake.” You pulled away suddenly. “Or that all of your brothers have the exact same smile. You were never a person to me before all of this. But now I see you have this whole life outside our office and I’m no longer okay with messing it up.”
You fully pulled away from him and went back to your suitcase, throwing the rest of your things inside.
“Why are you packing?” He worried. “Where are you going?”
“I’m going back to Canada.” You said without looking at him. “I can’t use you like this. I can’t ruin your life.”
“You’re not ruining my life.” He came up behind you and tried to stop you. “My family loves you. They haven’t been this happy in years. And we have a deal, remember? You’re not using me if this benefits me too.”
“The deal is off.” You shook your head and zipped up your suitcase. “I can’t risk you going to prison for me.”
“Why not?” Tom began to panic as you went for the door. “You had no problem with it last week.”
“That was before I started falling in love with you, Tom.” You raised your voice suddenly.
You and Tom both fell silent at your unexpected confession. Your eyes immediately dropped to the floor as his mouth hung open in shock.
“Shut up.” You instantly cut him off. “I don’t want to hear another word from you”.
“You love-“
“Stop speaking.” You spoke loudly over him. “That’s an order from your boss.”
You tried to leave the room with your suitcase but he grabbed your arm to stop you.
“Y/n, wait a minute.” He said sternly. “We need to talk about this.”
“No we don’t.” You stated. “You’re dismissed now, assistant.”
“Y/n.” Tom tightened his grip on your arm without hurting you.
“Just leave me alone Tom.” You whispered. “You don’t want this. You don’t want me.”
“I love you too.” He said suddenly, making you drop your tough act. Your face softened as you stopped fighting him to leave.
“I love you too.” He repeated. “I fell too.”
Your gaze fell down to his lips, the urge to leave behind replaced by the urge to kiss him until you couldn’t breathe. You swallowed thickly before shaking your head at him.
“No.” You decided. “You don’t.”
“Yes I do.” He insisted. “I love you, Y/n. And I want to help you.”
“You’re only helping me so I make you editor.” You laughed sadly. “You don’t love me. This has nothing to do with me.”
“I do love you.” He promised. “I’m doing this so you stay in the country. We can’t be together if you’re all the way over in Canada.”
“So then we won’t be together.” You shrugged and tried to leave again.
“But I want to be with you.” He said sadly as he stepped in front of you. You looked into Tom’s eyes for a minute, hating the sadness that you put there. All he wanted to do was love you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to let him.
“You deserve a nice girl, Tom.” You said after a beat. “I’m not that. I’m not good enough for you.”
“I don’t want nice.” He said quietly. “I want you.”
“I want you too.” You told him. “But not if its like this.”
“I’m sorry.” You said sincerely. “But I have to leave.”
You moved past Tom before he could get another word out. You walked into the kitchen with your suitcase, stopping in fear when Toms entire family stared at you in confusion.
“Where are you going, sweetie?” Nikki asked when she noticed the suitcase. “Is everything all right?”
You looked back and forth between all of them, feeling a panic rise again in your stomach. You didn’t expect them all to be there when you left, and that made it so much worse.
“I’m s-so sorry.” You stammered. “I have to go home right away.”
“Oh no.” Dom frowned. “What’s wrong?”
“Family emergency.” You lied, wincing a little at the irony. “I’m so sorry. Thank you, all of you, for everything. These past few days have meant a lot to me.”
You looked around at everyone’s confused faces and dropped your bags suddenly, running right into Sam’s arms and hugging him tightly. You whispered a short thank you into his ear before moving onto Paddy. Then you went to Nikki, letting the hug linger as long as you could.
“Goodbye, Nikki.” You whispered tearfully. “Thank you for everything.”
“Oh, you’re welcome.” She said sadly as she rubbed your back. “Goodbye, honey.”
You pulled away from her and gave her a sad smile before hugging Harry.
“You’re doing the right thing.” Harry mumbled in your ear. You tightened your grip on him as a tear slipped down your cheek, knowing he was right. You pulled away and hugged Dom last, just as a tearful Tom came into the kitchen.
“We’ll see you once you get back, right?” Dom asked when you pulled away.
“I....I’m not sure.” You said weakly. “I’m sorry. I have to go.”
You turned to pick your suit case back up, making eye contact with Tom as you did. You ran to him and threw your arms around his neck, hugging him as tightly as you could.
“I’m so sorry.” You mumbled in his ear. “I wish things we’re different.”
You pulled away from him and picked up your suitcase, leaving without another word.
You caught a cab back to your apartment and collapsed on your bed as soon as you got home. You knew Harry was right about you doing the right thing, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. If you had it your way, you’d stay with Tom and his family and live in peace. The IRCC wouldn’t bother you and you could continue working your job with Tom as your editor. But of course, it wasn’t that simple. You’d have to get your citizenship the normal way and hope your job was still waiting for you when you got back to the UK. And hopefully, Tom would be there too.
When you woke up the next morning, you got ready to go back to your office. Slipping into your high heels after nearly a week of wearing Toms old tennis shoes made you feel the slightest bit back to normal. Your heels clicked underneath you as you strutted into your office, feeling relieved as the employees shuttered in your presence.
Before stopping by your office to pack, you stopped by the head of the company’s office for a quick conversation. You had a few things you wanted to say to Mr. Reynolds before leaving the company. After speaking with him, you went to your office to pack your things. You held your held up high every time you carried a box of your items to your car. You were about to carry the last box out of the office when you heard a knock at your door.
“I thought I’d find you here.” Toms voice sent goosebumps down your spine. You looked at him and gave him a tight smile, hoping to avoid any awkwardness.
“I was just leaving.” You said as he took another step into the office.
“Can we talk?” He asked as he stepped in front of you. “There was a lot I didn’t get to say yesterday.”
“Can it wait?” You asked. “I have a flight to catch.”
“A flight?” Tom sighed in disappointment.
“Could you just-“ you voice cracked a little as you forced out a smile. “Could you smile, please? I don’t want my last memory of this place to be of you frowning. I made you frown enough over the past two years.”
“You don’t have to do this.” Tom said sternly.
“I do.” You said, face sinking when the irony of the words hit you. It was technically your wedding eve, and you were spending it saying goodbye to each other. Tom felt the irony too and his eyes welled with tears. You gulped and turned away, not wanting to see him upset. You saw a stack of papers on your desk and were reminded of what you had done before packing your office.
“I almost forgot.” You picked up the papers and handed it to him. “Here.”
“What is this?” Tom asked without looking at the cover.
“It’s a wedding gift. I published your book.” You smiled weakly as Tom looked at you in disbelief.
“You what?” He gasped as he flipped through the pages. Sure enough, it was the book he had submitted to you.
“20,000 copies are being sent out to the public next month.” You continued. “It was one of my last actions as editor in chief.”
“One of your last?”
“After I published it, I stepped down from my position and nominated someone to take my place.”
“Who?” He asked.
“You. Congratulations, Mr. editor at a big shot publishing company.” You tried to smile. “Editor in chief, actually. This all belongs to you now.”
“Y/n.” Tom whispered as he stared at you with tearful eyes.
“You deserved this promotion without having to marry me for it.” You assured him. “It was always yours. I’m sorry it took me so long to give it to you.”
“I don’t want to work here if you’re not here.” He said as a tear slipped from his eye. He was very aware that this could be your last conversation for a while, and it was killing him.
“You’ll make a great boss.” You continued. “The employees deserve someone like you for a boss. Someone...nice.”
“Please, stay here.” He pleaded. “I don’t want you to leave. You just started letting me in. Don’t run away from me now.”
You looked at Tom for a minute before putting your hands on either side of his face and pulling him into a kiss. He kissed you back passionately, hoping it wouldn’t be the last time he felt your lips on his. You pulled away and pressed your forehead against his, sucking in a sharp breath as you inhaled his scent.
“I have to go, Tom.” You whispered. “I’m sorry.”
“Why are you doing this?” He asked as you went for the door.
“We had a few good days, Tom.” You shrugged. “That’s all. That’s not love. Not really. That’s just a few good days.”
“We could have more if you stay.” He pleaded.
“I don’t think love is something that should be messed with.” You said sadly. “Not like this, anyway.”
Tom didn’t say anything, instead letting his eyes stay on his manuscript. He knew he couldn’t look at you without breaking down, so he kept his eyes down.
“Goodbye, Tom.” You said softly. “I couldn’t have had a better assistant.”
“I would’ve been a good husband too.” He mumbled.
“Yeah.” You laughed sadly. “I bet you would’ve.”
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miseryholland · a day ago
blurb request; reader is having a bad day so tom makes her a bath and shampoos her hair 🥺✨
a/n; ugh this makes my heart hurt. had to put a gif for this blurb bc he’s so pretty
∘₊✧─── clearing out ask box ───✧₊∘
Tumblr media
anything tom did while he was home from filming revolved around you and the shared splendors of romance. God, he didn’t know it was possible to be quite literally wrapped around someone’s finger. if you told him to melt into a puddle right now, he surely would. not that he felt obligated to, tom found elation in pleasing you and keeping a smile to adorn your sentimental features. smothered in love— but .. a good way.
fuck, he couldn’t get enough of you.
from your slumped and horror filled figure sauntering through the front door though, you’ve appeared to have had enough. his grey pull over that he’d left in the back of your car when the two of you went out for tea, hung over your left shoulder, clinging on for dear life on your right. hair in a messy bun, black pants covered into plenty of condiments, and a collared white shirt that smelled of fried food. a nine to five that you were dying to leave but you hadn’t found an assisting job of some sort, which is about what you went to school for. not wanting to depend on tom. today, by far, had to have been the most physically sickening day out of working at the restaurant for over a year.
the were working you far more harder, while the rest of the servers sat around and talked. you picked up their slack so when customers got mad for not getting their food fast enough, you got cheered out. which happened a total of three times. one was because you misplaced her onion rings with fries, the next was because you didn’t get the bill to a family fast enough, and two was because you forgot to put ice in a drink.
took one measly look at you, for tom to jump from his seat on the couch. hurling your purse across the roam, you instantly fall into his arms. he hushed your whimpers, wanting to hear none of it. only relishing in the instance that you were home and safe, despite a rough day. your nostrils sullen at his sweet scent, almost wanting to mold against him for eternity. he’d allow it, tom didn’t mind sharing oxygen, he just wanted to get lost inside of your lungs.
“reckon’ my sweet girl had’a shitty day, didn’t she ?” tom’s lips parted past your ear lobe, pecking it just a little. your face nuzzled into the muscle of his neck, closing your arms in— as if you couldn’t get any closer.
“mhm,” you hum, mumbling a tad. tom’s lips steady themselves, nearly suckling at your neck as if it was his favorite candy. he’s so gentle but nearly rough at the same time, backing you into a corner before he inches out what he’s got to say.
“tell you what ..” he breathes, gripping his strong hands at the bottoms of your thighs, lips still printing shapes against you neck. you helplessly lean into him, gripping your ankles around one another at the small of his back. guiding his sock classes feet, past the shared bedroom and into the en-suite bathroom.
he felt an urge to take care of his little love.
you gasp upon your feet hitting the tiled floor, tom ached at having you away from him now. but nonetheless it wouldn’t matter, knowing he’d gotten the opportunity to take care of you. tom’s fingertips meet with the nozzle of the porcelain-bathtub sink.
“arms darling,” he directed. you stood aimless, with your mouth dry-shut. you felt no emotion, the sensation of tom’s hands removing his jacket from your body entering your mind. all you wanted to elapse in this second was tom, his comforting and soothing notions leading you to oblige. besides, you were willing to jump off of a cliff after being today’s royal push over.
your chest flashed bare, your wrists intertwining to cover yourself up. tom was having none of it, quick to pull away at the pants that burned circulations seems into your skin. “you and me m’love, don’t hide from me.”
tom acknowledges your naked position, though he wanted to drill and pounce on you like a teenage boy he knew you were weak and were need of his wandering affection. a vulnerable encounter, turned perfect for two lovers. uncovering yourself, you were quick to step into the hot water. that sent goosebumps about your body, tom found himself in a trance. it took the small splashes of water for him to roam back into reality. your cheeks grow red, tom undressing himself in a mildly slow manner. pushing yourself forward to give way for tom, he swivels over the bathtub— all of him on display. sinking beneath the water thats- up to his torso, he grasps the ends of your hips and pushes you against him.
“so delicate, too good for a run down restaurant,” tom coos. walking a lump in his throat, he pushes his hair over your shoulder to meet eyes with your bare back. he doesn’t mind that you don’t respond, understanding that you don’t have the energy to. reaching behind him, grabbing a bottle of oat milk shampoo. you took pride in your bath-time shelf. consisting of scrubs, exfoliants, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions.
your lids slowly flutter, the gulps of shampoo filling tom’s palm. he swirls it into you hair, finger nails grazing and colliding with your scalp— for a proper cleaning of your hair. “gonna’ take care of you lovie okay ? i’ve got you, sit still.”
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luciwritesstuff · a day ago
fine line | tom holland x reader
pairing: roommate! best friend! tom holland x reader
summary: the line between friends and lovers is deceptively fine
playlist:  fine line by harry styles; grow as we go by ben platt; adore you by harry styles; pillar of truth by lucy dacus; july by noah cyrus (ft. leon bridges)
series masterlist
Tumblr media
“This is going to be hilarious,” Harry tells you as you as you stand in the doorway, shaking your head with a laugh.
“Watch it only be funny until he steals a pair, then he’ll have some ‘splaining to do,” you tell him, eyeing the drying rack you’d put up.
Because you were practically going out of your mind with boredom, Harry had come into your room yesterday and laid out an elaborate plan to prank Tom and your other roommates. You’d done a load of laundry this morning and put out the drying rack, hanging some of your more ‘intimate’ items, which you usually hung to dry in your own room, on the rack. Ages ago you’d set up a sort of chore wheel that meant that everyone took turns hanging/folding the laundry, given you usually did it together to avoid wasting water, and Harry had had the brilliant idea for you to put up the absolute sluttiest panties you owned on the day Tom was supposed to do it, and film his reaction. Two months ago you’d have been embarrassed, but living with four men had taught you that there was literally no place for shame in this house. Besides, Tom had made fun of you all week for that time two weeks ago you accidentally turned on the blender without the cap and covered yourself in smoothie, and you were ready for some payback.
“So, how are you even going to get him to do it? You know Tom always leaves this crap to the last minute,” you tell him, and Harry smirks.
“Fear not, young one,” he replies, and you roll your eyes at the nickname, “He’ll do it if someone asks him directly, and since I’m on vacuum duty this week, I’ll ask him to put away the rack so I can vacuum properly,”
You give him a semi-impressed look. “You’ve given this a lot of thought,”
Harry shrugs. “I have way too much time on my hands,”
“I can tell,” you quip, and he glares at you.
“You’re the one providing the *spicy* items,” he points out, and you give him a disgusted look.
“Please do not call my underwear spicy,” you tell him, and he laughs.
“Fair fair,” he says, before checking his phone, “Okay, camera is set up, text is sent, he’ll probably be down in a couple of minutes and we should hide,”  
With that, you step into the hall, hiding semi out of view, eyes trained on the rack set up in the living room. Harry’s phone makes a sound, and he turns it towards himself.
“Okay, so basically, we’re very, very bored, so we’re pranking Tom. . . Y/N has generously donated some. . .er. . .stuff, and we’re basically going to try and make him as uncomfortable as humanly possible,” he narrates, and you let out a laugh, and he turns the camera towards you, and you give it a half thumbs up.
Sure enough, after a few minutes, you hear footsteps on the stairs, and Tom comes thundering down the stairs, dressed in his usual sweats and a Rolling stones t-shirt. He saunters into the living room, walking over the drying rack and plucking a t-shirt off of it, folding it up and laying it on the couch. His hand reaches for the second garment, before it stops short a few inches of the clothing, his body freezing. You know he’s spotted the underwear hanging on the rack, and you watch him stare at it as his hand retracts slowly. He stands for a second, looking at the underwear, and you can practically watch the cogs turn in his brain. He hesitates for a second, and you’re trying very hard not to laugh, covering your mouth with your hand. Then, he steps into the hall, and you and Harry have to duck down.
“Harrison!” Tom hollers up the stairs, and you’re desperately trying to stay quiet, “Can you come down here for a sec?”
There’s commotion upstairs, before Harrison appears at the top of the stairs.
“What is it?” he asks, sounding groggy.
“Can you er. . . I need your opinion on something,” Tom says, and you almost lose it right then and there. Harry is hunched next to you, and you can tell he’s desperately trying to keep it together, squeezing his eyes shut.
Harrison frowns, before he too, comes down the stairs, and follows Tom into the living room.
“What?” he asks as Tom gestures towards the drying rack, “Oh. Is that Y/N’s?”
“You know anyone else around this house that wears Victoria’s Secret?” Tom asks him sarcastically, and Harrison’s eyebrows shoot up on his forehead.
“Damn,” is all he manages to bring out, and Tom gives him a wide-eyed look.
“Damn, what? What am I supposed to do with them?” he asks Harrison, who shrugs.
“How am I supposed to know?” he defends himself, “Just fold them, Tom, I dunno,”
“That somehow feels like a massive invasion of privacy,” Tom comments, and you bite your lip, trying to hold in the chuckles.
“Well, she wouldn’t have hung them on here if she minded,” Harrison points out, “Just shout her down here and she can fold them herself,”
Tom grimaces. “That feels passive aggressive. . . I mean she folds all of our crap when it’s her turn. . .I don’t want her to think it bothers me or something,”
“Well, does it bother you?” Harrison asks, and Tom gives him a look.
“No of course it doesn’t bother me, they’re panties, Harrison, I’ve seen enough,” he says matter-of-factly, and Harrison chuckles.
“Classy,” he snorts, and Tom rolls his eyes.
“You know what I mean,” he says, and Harrison shrugs again.
“So then just fold them!” he says, and Tom grimaces again, before stepping back out into the hall.
“Tuwaine! Can you come down for a sec?” he yells, and you quite literally have to bite down onto your hand to stop yourself howling.
Sure enough, in a few seconds, Tuwaine also appears at the top of the staircase, making his way down. “What’s up?”
“We have a bit of a situation,” Tom says, and Tuwaine frowns.
“You what?” he asks, and as he follows tom into the living room, his eye fall on Harrison first, then down to the rack, and he lets out a low whistle, “Oh wow,”
Back in the hall, Harry lets out a sound, and you smack him, trying to contain you own sounds, ignoring the fact your cheeks are hurting from your smile.
“Damn G. . .” Tuwaine lets out a laugh, shaking his head with a smile. “Who knew she had it in her,”
“Well why wouldn’t she? She’s still an attractive girl,” Tom asks, and Tuwaine shrugs.
“Dunno, I’ve never thought about her like that,” he says, before turning to Tom with narrowed eyes and a suspicious smile, “Something you’d like to share with the class, Tom?”
Tom turns the color of beet juice as Harrison laughs.
“I’d like to plead the fifth,” he mutters, and Tuwaine lets out a booming laugh, clapping him on the back.  
“Well, what do I do?” Tom asks, and Tuwaine gives him an obvious look.
“Dude, I don’t know,” Tuwaine says, before raising a single eyebrow, “Just fold them? Unless it bothers you,”
“It doesn’t bother me!” Tom exclaims indignantly, “Why does everyone keep asking me that?”
“Cause you’ve literally called us both down there in the time it could have taken you to fold them,” Harrison says pointedly, and Tom glares at him, “So clearly, something is bothering you,”
“Jesus Christ,” Tom swears, before picking up a pair of black lacy underpants and waving it at them pointedly, “See? No issues here!”
Somehow, the image of Tom waving a pair of your underwear around like a flag is enough to send you rolling over the floor with laughter, and your bursts of laughter sounds through the hall, making all three boys look towards the door. You stand up as Harry howls with laughter, and step out from your hiding spot and through the door. When Tom catches sight of your enormous grin and the camera Harry is struggling to keep upright while his shoulders shake, he gets an incredulous look on his face.
“You utter. . .” he splutters, shaking his head as you step towards him, face creased with laughter, “You absolute wankers!” he accuses, which only makes you laugh harder, “I cannot believe you!”
“Problem with my underwear, Tommy?” you ask him innocently, and he shakes his head incredulously.
“I just didn’t want to make you uncomfortable!” he says defensively, and you feel your stomach do a somersault.
“Aw, Tom,” you say, laughing, before slowly pulling him into a hug, which he doesn’t return immediately, still giving Harry a semi-annoyed, semi-amused look, “That was very neat of you,”
“No, get off, you do not get a hug,” Tom says half-seriously, a grudging smile on his lips as the others laugh, but you tighten your arms round his waist, laughing into his chest, and his arms reluctantly come around your back loosely, “That was mean!”
“Your face,” Harry hiccups, phone clutched tightly in his hand, “I have all of that on tape. . . it was the bloody Council of the Cloven Elders in here!”
Tom shakes his head with a small laugh, mouth still slightly open in disbelief. You’re standing to his side now, one arm still wrapped around his waist, and you try not to blush as he wraps an arm around your shoulder, squeezing you to him tightly, bringing a fist up to muss your hair.
“Do something like that again and I’ll post the smoothie video,” he threatens, and you gasp loudly.
“You wouldn’t!” you exclaims, eyes wide and staring up at him, and he looks down at you, raising a playful eyebrow.
“Wouldn’t I?” he challenges, and you think about it for a second.
“Meh, still worth it. . . you should’ve seen the way you froze. . . like a deer in headlights,” you tell him, still chuckling, and he gives you a grudging smile.
“Who even thought of this?” he asks, and before Harry answers, Harrison interrupts, looking directly at you.
“I think the more important question is who exactly are you seeing wearing–” he picks up another pair, this time a bright red, lace, thong, “–this?”
Now it’s your turn to blush bright crimson as the others turn towards you expectantly, eyebrows raised, faces teasing. You don’t look in anybody’s direction, very aware that Tom is smirking down at you.
“I’d like to plead the fifth,” you mumble, and Tom bursts out laughing, squishing you to him again.
“Who knew you were such a fox, G,” Tuwaine jokes, and scrunch your face up in embarrassment.
“I’m leaving,” you say, grabbing the rest of your underwear as quickly as possible and fleeing the room, Tom hot on your heels.
“Still funny?” he hollers after you as you speed up the stairs, cheeks burning.
Tumblr media
“That looks like it’s going to give you diabetes,” Tom says as you put the boxed eclairs in your shopping cart.
“Worth it,” you say without a second of thought, shrugging your shoulders as Tom eyes the box.
“Those’ll put you in an early grave, you know,” Tom says, tutting, and you make a face at him.
“Then I guess I’ll die happy and fat,” you retort, and he rolls his eyes.
“It’s a miracle you aren’t already,” he mutters, and you aim a kick at his shin, which he only barely evades. You try again, but this time he takes several steps ahead, laughing as you follow after him.
“Yeah, you better run, you little shit!” you threaten after him jokingly as he disappears ‘round the corner of the shelves, laughing.
You shake your head with a smile, before reaching into the refrigerated shelf for a carton of milk.
The voice that sounds from behind you makes your arm freeze clean in the middle of putting the milk in your cart, and you turn around in the direction of the voice, praying to every possible god you can remember it doesn’t belong to the person you think it does.
Unfortunately, you’re out of luck, and as your eyes fall on the face of your ex-boyfriend, your stomach sinks. 
He’s standing a few feet in front of you, sky blue eyes trained on you, dark hair mussed and curly, just the way you used to like it. He’s dressed down in a pair of jeans and a plain blue t-shirt, but despite his casual look you’re surprised to find your stomach filled with familiar butterflies.
“Ben, hi,” you let out in one breath, eyes a little wide as you take him in. This had been the first time you’d seen him since you two had split almost half a year ago, and you have to admit you’re at a bit of a loss.
“Long time no see,” he says, giving you a small smile that makes your knees weak, “How’ve you been?”
You’re still in some shock, but manage to open your mouth and muster up an answer. “Yeah, good. . .you?”
“All good, yeah,” he says with an awkward smile, and you notice how his hands are stuffed in his pockets. He always used to do that when he got nervous.
“You still living with Tuwaine and stuff?” he asks you, trying to fill the awkward silence in which you simply stare at him, and you nod, swallowing hard.
“Uh. . . yeah, same old,” you tell him, and you wish your brain could conjure up more information, but just as you open your mouth, Tom materializes next to you.
“Do you think we should get more than 10 eggs? You know Harrison–” he pauses mid-sentence as his eyes fall on Ben, “Oh, hello,”
“Hi,” Ben returns awkwardly, and you’re fighting a serious urge to sink six feet underground.
“Er, Tom this is uh. . .Benjamin,” you manage to bring out, “Benjamin this is Tom, my roommate,”  
Tom frowns at you for a second, taking notice of your stiff composure, before sticking his hand out to Ben with a smile.
“Nice to meet you. You two know each other from class, or. . .?” Tom asks as they shake hands.
Ben nods with a tight-lipped smile. He’s trying to figure out why you’re calling him by his full name, given you never used to do it when you were together. “Something like that,”  
“Hey babe, did you manage to find the yoghurt?” another voice joins the conversation, and a pretty girl rounds the opposite corner Tom just came from. 
You don’t recognize her, but all you can register is that’s she’s all straight rows of pretty white teeth, a perfect tan and long dark hair.
Babe, she had called him.
“Hey, love, no not yet. . . this is Y/N, she’s a friend from way back, we went to Uni together,” Ben says uneasily, gesturing towards you, and the girl gives you a brilliant smile and a little wave. You try and return it as much as you can, but you’re pretty sure your smile isn’t nearly as warm as hers is.
“Hiya, I’m Liv!” she says, and her voice sounds so clear and jovial it’s almost offensive. “It’s always so nice to meet this one’s uni friends, given he literally never talks to me about any of them,”
“Babe,” Ben lets out in an embarrassed breath, and she loops her arm round his.
“What?” she asks, semi-indignantly, “Is it so bad I want to get to know my future husband’s friends?”
Suddenly, it feels like someone has knocked all of the air straight out of your chest, and for a second you’re stupidly reminded of those ridiculously written sound effects in comics, with the big colourful lettering.
“Are you also a friend of Benny’s?” you hear her ask Tom as your vision tunnels a bit, your ears tuning out her voice.
“Met him about three seconds ago,” you hear Tom joke as you try and take a deep breath to steady yourself, and she chuckles, “I’m Tom, I live with Y/N,” Tom introduces himself with an oblivious smile, while you stare at Ben, and he stares back.
He’s looking straight at you, and he knows you heard her call him her future husband, and he follows your gaze as it falls on her finger. There, on her left ring finger, staring at you, taunting you, is a big engagement ring.
“You’re engaged?” you blurt out, eyes wide as you stare at Ben, trying your hardest to ignore the way your chest aches.
“Surprised me, didn’t he?” Liv says, flexing her hand as she looks down at the ring, “Told him I didn’t want a fuss and a ring, but I guess you know how he can be,”
“Congratulations,” Tom says with a polite smile, eyes trained on you, trying to figure out why you’re being so stiff.
“Gosh. . .yeah,” you manage to bring out in a breathy laugh, trying to let out the building pressure in your chest, and you’re trying with every fibre of your being to keep your voice from breaking, “Congratulations, I’m–. . . I’m really happy for you,”
“We should probably get going,” Ben says uneasily, and you know he’s still staring at you, gaging your reaction, but your eyes have moved, looking anywhere but at him, so he can’t see they’re filling with tears.
Don’t cry, don’t cry, don’t cry.
“Oh, okay. . .well, it was nice meeting you,” she says to you, and you look up at her, blinking hard, trying to smile.
“Yeah, likewise. . .good luck with. . . well, uh, everything,” you tell her.
“Bye, Y/N,” Ben says, and your eyes meet one last time as you swallow hard.
“Bye,” you tell him softly, and you watch as they bid Tom goodbye as well and disappear around the corner and out of your sight.
When you see the last of Ben’s head disappear, you let out a breath you didn’t know you’d been holding in, your chest exploding with pain. It feels as though somebody is squeezing their fist around your heart, and your throat feels so closed up you can barely get another breath in.
Future husband.
The butterflies in your stomach have turned to ice, and they weigh on your stomach like lead.
“They were nice,” Tom comments, but when he gets no response from you, he turns to look at you, watching as you stare ahead of yourself, at the spot they disappeared, eyes glassy and unfocused. He gently touches your arm, pulling you out of your thoughts as you look up at him, jumping a little, “You alright?”
“Yeah,” you bring out breathily, sniffing quickly, blinking away the tears, “Let’s go?”
“Yeah, okay,” he says, frowning a little as you turn on your heel and begin to walk down the aisle quickly.
You need to get out of this supermarket.
You’re silent the whole way home, which Tom finds more than strange, given you always have something to say, but he doesn’t pry. When you get home, you’re the first to get out of the car, grasping a few shopping bags and hurrying into the house without really even looking at Tom, and he follows a few steps after you, carrying a few bags as well. You put them down on the counter in the kitchen as quickly as you can.
“I’ll uh. . .unpack them in a sec, I just have to. . .” your sentence ends there, and you gesture towards the stairs.
“I’ll do it, no worries,” Tom says, trying to catch your eye. He’s a little worried about you. “You sure you’re alright, G?”
You nod wordlessly, absentmindedly, and he watches as you step out of the kitchen, almost running Harrison down in the process. You mumble and apology and just like that, you disappear, and Tom hears your hurried footsteps up the stairs.
“What’s with her?” Harry asks as he follows Harrison in, frowning, and Tom gives him a clueless look.
“No idea,” Tom says, frowning, “She was fine, and then we ran into a friend of hers. . .Benjamin, I think it was? And from there she didn’t speak a word,”
“Hold on, rewind, Benjamin? Tall, dark-haired bloke?” Harry asks, and Tom nods, brow creasing in confusion.
“Yeah?” he says, looking expectantly at his brother and friend.
Harrison lets out a pained sigh. “Shit, that’s Ben,”
“Ben. . .?” Tom asks slowly, still not catching on, before it clicks where he’s heard that name before, and his face lights up with recognition, then concern, “Oh my god, ex-boyfriend Ben?”
Harry nods wordlessly, looking at the doorway where you’ve just disappeared through. “What’d he say?”
Tom shrugs. “Nothing out of the ordinary, just hello. . . we met his–” Tom stops in the middle of his, realisation appearing on his features, “Fucking hell. . . he was with his new fiancée,”
Harrison sucks in a breath between his teeth, grimacing. “Ouch,”
“Wanker,” Harry mutter under his breath, “I always did hate him,”
“Can you guys do this for a sec?” Tom asks, gesturing towards the groceries, and he doesn’t even wait for a response before he hurries out of the doorway and into the hall, taking the stairs two at a time up to the floor you share. When he gets to the landing, he hears soft music coming from your room, and he knocks gently on your door.
“Y/N?” he says softly.
No response.
Usually he wouldn’t go in, but having put everything together and seeing the state you were in after, he’s seriously concerned you’re in there having a complete breakdown. He gently opens the door, putting his head through the crack, eyes searching. You’re sitting on the end of your bed, shoulder hunched, and as you hear the door creak, you look up and his eyes meet yours.
Your eyes are shining with tears, and the pain in your expression is so clear he swears he can feel it in his own chest. You stare at each other for a second, Tom letting himself in and gently closing the door with one hand.
“Are you okay?” he asks you gently.
He watches as you shake your head slightly, face crumpling, and you let out the most heart-wrenching sob he’s ever heard, shoulders shaking as your eyes close, tears rolling down your face. It feels like every neuron in your body has been set on fire, as white-hot tendrils of pain course from your chest, your heart, to the rest of your body. You put a hand on your heaving chest as you start to sob in earnest, tasting the salty tears on your lips.
Tom’s sitting beside you in a second, an arm wrapped tightly around your shoulder, your face buried into the crook of his neck, your body shaking with sobs. Your hand comes loosely around his waist as he grips you tight, fingers digging into his skin, and one of his hands is resting on the top of your head, absentmindedly stroking your hair as he tries to calm you down.
“Shh,” he says, his voice low and soothing, “It’s okay, darling, it’s okay. . .”
You lose track of how long you sit there with Tom, crying your absolute eyes out, his arms wrapped around you as what was left of your heart breaks into a million more pieces.
Tumblr media
“What is this we’re listening to?” Tom asks with a frown as he turns down the volume in the car.
“It’s Dua Lipa,” Harry says indignantly, “She’s literally been on repeat for the past month, it’s all Y/N listens to,”
Tom raises an eyebrow. “And now you too, apparently,” he tells his brother with a half-smirk, and Harry shrugs as the car turns the corner into your street.
“She’s catchy,” he says defensively, and Tom chuckles as he pulls into the driveway.
“Oh, what the hell is this?” Harry mutters, and Tom’s eyes fall on someone standing at the front of the house, peering through the living room window. He doesn’t recognise him immediately, but when the man turns around to look at the car that has pulled up behind him, Tom recognises the dark hair and blue eyes.
Harry curses. “What the fuck does he want?”
Ben gives the car a bashful look, and Tom’s quick to switch off the motor, unbuckling his seatbelt, eyes fixed on your ex-boyfriend. As he goes to open the door, Harry stops him.
“Don’t do anything crazy, you know she’d go mental,” he warns him, eyeing Ben, and Tom nods wordlessly, before he opens the car door and steps out, slamming the door shut a little stronger than usual.
“Nice wheels,” Ben says awkwardly, nodding towards the Audi, and Tom gives him a blank look.
“Can I help you with something?” he asks, and his voice is clipped as he stares at Ben.
“Er. . .I was looking for Y/N,” he says, stuffing his hands in his pockets.
“She’s at work,” Tom says curtly, “Can I pass something on?”
“Do you know when she’ll be back?” Ben asks, and Tom gives him a shrug.
“No clue, but it’s usually late,” Tom says frostily.
“I can always wait around,” Ben offers hopefully.  
“Don’t think that’s a good idea, mate,” Tom says, and even though his words are half-friendly, Tom’s tone indicates he wants nothing more than for Ben to get the hell out of his driveway.
“Sorry?” Ben asks, eyebrows knitting in confusion.
“Look, what do you want?” Tom asks him, voice a little more aggressive than it was a second ago, and Ben’s face changes from hopeful to annoyed.
“Don’t see how that’s any of your business, really,” he replies, and from the car, Harry watches his brother’s demeanour change from sort-of-neutral to standoffish.
“Shit,” he curses, reaching for the buckle on his seatbelt.
“You made it my business when you decided to trespass onto my driveway,” Tom says, and Ben lets out a scoff as the car door opens and Harry scrambles out.
“Come on, I’m not trespassing,” he says, and Tom raises a sarcastic eyebrow, expression stony.
“Aren’t you? Because last I checked, I most definitely don’t want you here, and it’s my house,” he snaps, and Ben runs his tongue over his top teeth in frustration.
“I just want to talk to Y/N,” he says semi-neutrally, clearly trying to keep his cool.
“Well, she doesn’t want to talk to you, and quite frankly it’s the last thing she needs,” Tom says, and the car door slams, Harry coming to stand next to his brother.
“Who even are you?” Ben asks, shaking his head incredulously, “How do you know the first thing about what she wants?”
“I know that you broke her heart because you needed to ‘move on’ and then blindsided her in the fucking supermarket with your new fiancée, barely six months later,” Tom says, and his tone is angry now, and Harry worriedly eyes the way Tom’s jaw is flexing the way it always does when he’s livid, “I know you’ve made her nothing short of miserable since, and that the last damn thing she needs is for you to come marching back into her life because you feel guilty for treating her like shit and need to feel better about yourself. She has about a million other things to worry about than satisfying your guilty conscience, including having a job and finishing her degree so she can actually move on with her life. So yeah, Ben–” Tom says his name with a certain viciousness, “–I do know the first thing about what she needs, and I suggest you get the hell out of my driveway and quietly disappear the fuck out of her life before I knock you into next week,”
There’s a moment of tense silence, and Tom watches the expressions on Ben’s face change; shock, then anger, fists bunching and his jaw clenching.
“Ben, I think you should go,” Harry says calmly, trying his hardest to make sure this doesn’t become a fist fight, and Ben’s eyes fall on him. He purses his lips and looks like he’s swallowing some choice words, before he sighs defeatedly.
“Fine,” he spits after a second, before storming past a frosty Tom and out of the driveway, disappearing around the corner.
There’s another moment of silence, before Tom lets out an angry breath. “Wanker,”
Harry lets out a relieved sigh. “Tell me about it,” he says, turning towards the car to get his bag out of the backseat.
“You’re not going to tell her, are you?” Tom asks, eyeing his brother cautiously, and Harry raises an eyebrow.
“What? That you threatened her ex-boyfriend with a beating if he as much as came within an inch of her again?” he asks sarcastically, before shaking his head, “No. . . you’re right, she’s better off not ever hearing from him again. Besides, she’d probably kill us both,”  
Tom looks relieved, before his eyes flash with guilt as he opens the back door to grab his golf clubs from the backseat. “You think I’m overstepping?”
Harry shrugs, closing the car door again. “Would’ve told him myself if I’m honest, but you beat me to it, and your way was probably more effective anyway. . . I’ve never seen you quite so protective, though, what is up with that?”
“Dunno, dude, I just–” he pauses, trying to find his words, “. . . she was so torn up after we saw them in the supermarket, I’ve never seen anything like it. . . besides, she’s my friend, a good one at that. . . I love her and I want her to do well, and I just know he’s not good for her, even if she doesn’t,”  
“You love her?” Harry asks cheekily, waggling his eyebrows teasingly, and Tom rolls his eyes at him, mouth curled into a half-smile.
“Platonically,” he says firmly, “Don’t you?”
“Got me there,” Harry admits, and Tom laughs, shaking his head.
“Not a word then?” he asks as they walk up the driveway.
“Not a word,” Harry agrees.
Tumblr media
a/n: i’ve never written a slow burn like this omg it’s only chapter three and i’m impatient myself. let me know what ya’ll think! and feel free to pm me your favorite parts about the series so far, I love love love hearing from you, it very much motivates me!
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One day at a time - Tom Holland part 2
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Warnings - Swearing, alcohol, fluff.
Word count: 1.5k
Part 1
Tumblr media
When you told Tom to take it one day at a time, you were expecting a transition period, or at least some kind of tension between the two of you. But Tom was on a mission. He was going to do whatever he could to make it up to you, starting the morning after his confession.
The sound of frying food and clanging pans woke you up earlier than you were expecting, and you let out a tired whine before rolling over on the surprisingly comfortable sofa. Footsteps rounded the coffee table, and you squinted up to see Tom holding a cup of tea out to you.
“Morning, darling.” He breathed, responding to your frown with a smug smile. “Breakfast is cooking, and I made you tea.”
This had to be a dream, or a parallel universe. It was such an abrupt change to how he usually treated you, but you weren’t going to grumble while he was offering food. You looked up at him with a confused, but grateful smile, before gently taking the mug from his hands to take a small sip. The warm liquid ran down your throat, and you hummed into the cup.
“It’s perfect, thank you Tom.” You assured. He beamed down at you, giving a goofy thumbs up before returning to the kitchen. A small smile played on your lips as he wandered off.
One day at a time.
You two had slowly grown closer over the past three months, and no one was happier about it than Harrison. Of course, it baffled him when Tom came barging into his room and asked how you liked your tea in a panic. But now he understood why, that tea and breakfast was the beginning of your truce and the aspiring actor needed it to be perfect. Now, your flat no longer felt like a war zone when Tom came to hang out, and you could all go out together without the two of you bickering the entire time.
“Thomas, get back here you twat!” You giggled, weaving through the crowds of the fair to catch him. He had just kidnapped your teddy bear, and you were going to make him pay. A massive smirk lingered on his face as he glanced back at you, sticking his tongue out before dashing around a corner. When you rounded the corner, he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Your eyes skimmed the crowd with a frown and you let out a loud groan when you realised you had lost the brown-haired idiot. Hands grabbed your waist, making you squeal in surprise. The potential attacker spun you around, and the honey brown eyes that you have grown to love met yours. Humour swirled in his irises and you tried your hardest to look annoyed, but he could see the corners of your lips twitching.
“Got you, darling.” Tom grinned, tapping your nose before letting you go. Harrison observed his best friends with a massive smile on his face, happy to have a front-row seat to watch your friendship evolve.
One day at a time.
You and Tom hanging out alone wasn’t a rarity either. He would come to your apartment at least three times a week insisting he was there for Haz, but within an hour he would be banging on your door until you let him in. Which you didn’t mind, unless you were trying to study, that is. Then you had to kick him out because that boy would do anything he could to get your attention, him prancing around in one of your dresses was a personal highlight.
A knock on your bedroom door pulled you out of your study session, and you let out a small sigh.
“Haz, I’ve told you 5 times, do your own washing! I won’t always be around to do it for you!” You yelled, picking up the highlighter again. The door slowly opened, and you groaned at your roommate’s persistence.
Low chuckles came from the doorway. “I’m not Haz, love. And I won’t make you do my washing either.”
A genuine smile played on your lips, and you patted the bed for him to sit down. His eyes raked over your body, making a small blush appear on your cheeks. You hadn’t been expecting company, so you were just wearing a pair of sleep shorts with one of Tom’s stolen shirts.
“You know, I used to have a shirt just like that. Then one day, it just disappeared.” He laughed and pulled at the sleeves until you slapped his hand away.
“That’s very odd, Tommy. I wonder how that happened.” You played along, moving your school stuff off the bed so you could get comfy. He shuffled up the mattress to sit next to you, a grin still on his lips.
“Well, I believe there is this really adorable clothes thief. And when I’m not looking, she sneaks into my wardrobe and steals my shirts.” Tom hummed. “But it’s okay, because they look way better on her than they do on me.”
Another blush spread over your cheeks, and he pinched one with a laugh before grabbing your laptop to open up Netflix. The device lay between you two, your head resting on his shoulder while his fingers drew circles on your thigh.
One day at a time.
It was 11pm, and as usual, there was a raging party being held in your apartment. Instead of joining the drunk teens, you sat in bed watching Netflix while you studied. Harrison had teased you all day for wanting to study instead of drink, and begged you to come out your room. He even tried bribing you, leaving you confused since he’s never been that desperate for you to come.
Your door handle rattled again, and you groaned. Horny teenagers. They were always trying to find a room to get it on, which made you extremely grateful for the lock you had installed.
“This room’s off limits, find another.” You yelled, tapping your pen against the textbook.
“Even for me?” Tom shouted back through the wood, and you could hear the grin that was plastered on his face.
Your mood immediately perked up, and you hopped out of bed to open the door. He leaned against the wall, twisting a beer bottle between his fingers. The top buttons of his shirt were clumsily undone, and he had rolled the sleeves up to display the veins that snaked up his forearms. A small frown settled on his flushed face as he scanned the crowd, his tongue clicking against his cheek. This casual dishevelled look was ridiculously attractive on him, and you couldn’t pry your eyes away. A cocky smirk appeared on his face when he caught you staring, and he turned his full attention to you.
You chuckled, “I suppose I can make an exception.”.
Tom strolled into your room, his eyes glancing around before taking another swig of his beer. A scoff left his lips when he noticed your textbooks were in use.
“Studying on a Saturday? Really Y/N/N?” He lifted an eyebrow, making you roll your eyes in response.
“Unlike you, I value my education.” You teased, and he rested his hand on heart in mock hurt. “Why are you in here instead of enjoying the party?”
He shrugged and stepped closer to you, “I missed you, I only came cause Haz said you’d be joining us.”
Those words made your stomach flutter. Tom Holland notoriously loved a party, and he had left one, just because he missed you. He kept an intense gaze on you and strolled forward until your feet touched. You sent a questioning look his way, but he either didn’t notice or didn’t care. A troubled expression took over his face, and he pushed a strand of hair behind your ear.
“I always miss you.” He murmured, running his thumb over your jaw. “I was right, you know?”
You stared up at the gorgeous man with parted lips, “About what?”
The words came out as a nervous whisper, which made him chuckle under his breath. His hand caressed your cheeks, inching his face closer to yours. Breath fanned over your mouth, and you let out a shaky exhale.
“That as soon as I let you in, I’d fall in love with you.” He admitted, sighing as his eyes flicked to your lips. “Do you want me to stop?”
Your heartbeat drummed in your ears, and your body melted under his hands. With no hesitation, you gently shook your head. A genuine smile played on his lips before he pressed them to yours, and his arm snaked around your waist to pull you closer. Your hands found their way to the back of his neck, playing with his hair as you deepened the kiss. It was intoxicating; he was intoxicating. His tongue explored your mouth while his hands explored your body. You didn’t stop until the burning in your lungs got too intense to ignore, and he rested his forehead against yours, running a thumb over your slightly swollen lips.
“I’ve wanted to do that since we went the fair.” He admitted, releasing a breathy chuckle. “What do we do now?”
“Take it one day at a time.”
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why r there no ned leeds fics wtf put respect on my mans name and give him his own fic dammit
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