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#peter parker x fem!reader
golddustharrington · an hour ago
Stuck In The Web of Love (Peter Parker x Stark! Reader!) |Spider-Man: Homecoming- Chapter 8|
Spider-Man: Homecoming Masterlist
Story Summary: Being Tony Stark’s kid can have its ups and downs. One of the downs is that you are in danger when your dad comes out as Iron Man. And one of the ups is that you are protected by the avengers. But what happens when you meet someone that you met a long time ago. As the two of you get closer when you go to Midtown Tech, meeting Ned, MJ, and everyone else. What happens when you catch feelings for the geeky brunette, especially when he has feelings for someone else? Will you hide these feelings or tell him at the right time… or the wrong time?  
Chapter Summary: the reader and peter are working at the weapon core they found the night before in the shop with some help from ned. its decathlon time and its seems to be the perfect time for peter to sneak off, right? peter talks to karen about his feelings, but about who.
Word Count: 8.2k+
Warnings: fluff and language 
I love interacting with you all! Feel free to ask, private message or leave a comment below! 
Note: grammar, punctuation and spelling errors 
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“You want to tell me why the hell you came home late last night with your clothes somewhat wet?” Pepper questioned you, watching you grab two pieces of toast from the toaster and placed them on the white plate that you were holding before you. You were wearing a white ivory shirt with a maroon plaid button up with light washed skinny jeans, paired off with black vans. 
“I was hanging out with Peter at the party, and we ended up staying late, okay?” You lied as you placed the plate onto the counter and grabbed the jar of your favorite jam to put on the toast. Pepper sighed in annoyance as she looked at you, her head placed in the palm of her hand as she looked at you with a look of disbelief on her face.
“Mhm,” She hummed, stealing a quick glance down at the screen of her laptop. Probably an important email or something like that. “So, what’s your explanation for your clothes?” She looked at you with a raised brow and you returned the look after taking a bite for your toast, swallowing the bite before you spoke.
“There was a pool. I lost my balance and fell into the pool.” You lied again before taking another bite of the toast. Pepper took a deep breath before looking at her laptop before her and started typing, the way she looked at you and how she reacted to what you said was telling you that she didn’t believe you.
“And what did Peter do?” She questioned as she continued to type, her eyes moving word after word that she was typing in her computer. Trying to get more out of you, looking up at you quickly.
You shifted on your feet as you got rid of the little crumbs of toast off your hands as you finished your breakfast. “He jumped in to make sure that I was okay,” You lied to her once again as you placed your plate into the sink. “And we just hung out in the backyard with Ned afterwards.” You finished. You were met with typing as it echoed throughout the room.
You sighed and glanced down at your watch that sat on your wrist to see that it was time to go to school, and from what Peter texted you when you woke up that morning was that he was bring the glowing purple item in school and was wondering if you wanted to help him dismantle it to see what it was.
Of course, you agreed to do so.
“I’ve got to go,” You informed Pepper as you grabbed your bag from a chair at the table. “I’ll be back some time after school.” You added as you began walking towards the elevator.
“Don’t you have that Decathlon competition coming up soon?” Pepper questioned as you pressed the button to go down. You looked over your shoulder to look at her.
“Yeah. Why?”
“Just wondering,” She answered, turning around in her seat to look at you. Her arm sitting on top of the chair as she looked at you. “You might want to pack beforehand, Y/N.” She suggested, to which you nodded to her as the doors of the elevator opened.
“Have a great day at school, Y/N.” Pepper said over her shoulder as you walked into the elevator, placing earbuds into your ears. “Have a great day, Pepper.” You repeated as the elevator doors began to close. You sighed and leaned against the railing of the elevator, watching the numbers count how many floors you passed by.
The numbers telling you how close you were getting to going to school.
At the shop with Peter, trying to dismantle the glowing object that the two of you found to look at the glowing item better. Peter hitting the item a few times with a hammer to see if that freed the object from the wiring. Causing the object to glow purple after hit after hit. 
It did lose up a piece of metal that was placed on the object, letting Peter remove it just as easily as it came loose. 
“Hey,” Ned said as he walked up to the table where you and Peter were. “Thanks for bailing on me.” You and Peter looked up from the object to look at your friend. 
“Yeah, well, something came up.” Peter informed, looking down at the glowing object and back at Ned. Showing him what the two of you are working on. Ned looked down in shock. 
“Oh, what is that?” Ned asked in shock as he studied the object just you and Peter were. You picked some tweezers and began removing the wiring as Peter informed Ned about what happened last night. 
“We don’t know,” Peter shrugged, glancing at you quickly before looking back at Ned. “Some guy tried to vaporize me with it.” Peter said, causing you to look at Peter with a look of concern. 
“Why the hell didn’t you tell me that Peter?” You questioned the brunette as you tossed some metal onto the table. Peter looked over at you and shrugged once again, swallowing nervously. 
“Did… didn’t cross my mind at the time Y/N.” 
“Mhm.” You hummed as you returned to dismantling the object. Tossing more things that came from the object onto the table.
“Really?” Ned asked in shock, making his friend look away from you and back to him. 
“Yeah.” Peter nodded.
“Awesome!” Ned exclaimed, causing you and Peter to look at him with an indignant look making him back track immediately. 
“I mean, not awesome,” Ned shook his head to disapprove of what he said before. “Totally uncool of that guy. So scary.”  You and Peter glanced up at him from the device to look at with the same look you gave him before looking back at the device and disassembling it. 
“Well, look, we think it’s…” Peter looked quickly over at you. “A power source.” He said, making you nod your head in agreement. “Yeah, but it’s connected to all these microprocessors,” Ned pointed at some of the wires. “That’s an inductive charging plate. That’s what I use to charge my toothbrush.” 
“Well, whoever’s making these weapons is,” You began as you pulled a wire loose.
“Is combing alien tech with ours.” Peter finished your sentence, making you look at him. Earning a tug at your heart. You gave him a soft smile and nodded your head. 
“Yeah, that.” You sighed. Peter reciprocated the same soft smile you gave him in return. The two of you having a red tint to your cheeks.
“That’s literally the coolest sentence anyone has ever said,” Ned said in amazement, making you and Peter look over at him as he stared off. You two of you looked at each other and shrugged. You went to start moving the wires, feeling Peter’s hand brush against yours.
Causing sparks to flow through your skin.
“I just want to thank you for letting me be a part of your journey… into this amazing-“ Ned said, beginning his speech until you moved your hands away from the device to allow Peter to slam the hammer down on it once again. Making a loud noise echo throughout the shop and the glowing object to jump out of the device it was held in, onto the table, also causing the three of you to jump and to quickly look over at the teacher, who was reading a book at his desk.
“Keep your fingers clear of the blades.” His voice boomed throughout the shop. The three let out a sigh of relief and turned back to the device. “We gotta figure out what this is and who made it.” Peter informed.
“We’ll go to the lab after class and run tests,” Ned added, which not too so afterwards do their handshake as you just chuckled at them with a small shake of your head as the three of you continued to look at the glowing object.
Wondering who in the world would want to combine alien tech.
In Peter’s room, you were spinning in Peter’s desk chair. Staring blankly up at the ceiling as you tried to understand what you were just told over the phone when Peter called you. Talking quickly through the phone.
“So, let me get this straight,” You sighed, running your fingers through your hair with your eyes clenched closed in concentration. Peter sitting on his bed looked at you with his head in the palm of his hand, staring at you admiringly. “The guys that tried to vaporize you came to the school because they…” You trailed off and looked over at Peter for help.
“They had an energy pulse in the shop and were searching for it. So, I put a tracking device on one of the guys boots to see where they might be going.” You nodded your head at this information, moving the chair back and forth slightly as you pursed your lips in thought.
“And what are you going to do when you figure out where they are?” You questioned the brunette. Peter sat up fully as this question and looked at you confidently.
“Easy, I’ll go after them and stop them,” His cheeks began to turn a light pink as he looked at you shyly. “With your help if you want to.” He suggested shyly, making your cheeks feel hot.
“I’d like to Peter, but my-“ But you were cut off by Ned sitting in front of the two of you as a holographic map with a blinking red dot on a device with excitement in his voice and on his face. You were going to tell Peter about the tracker inside his suit, but it was too late when Peter looked over where Ned was with excitement. 
“This is so awesome,” Peter laid on his bed to be closed to his best friend and you moved from the chair to sit on the floor and lean against the bed as the three of you looked at the holographic map that sat in Ned’s hand.
“I know, right?” Peter agreed as the three of you watched the red dot move along the map. You sighed and moved around to get comfortable, having a feeling that this was going to be awhile until the three of you figured out where they’re going to stop at. You glanced over at the map to see that the red dot moved.
“They’re in Brooklyn.” You sighed as you crossed your arms against your chest.
As time moved on, the three of you moved around the room as you watched the red dot move on the map.
“Staten Island.” Ned said as the three of you were snacking on chips, you and Ned sitting on the floor and Peter hanging upside down from the top bunk of his bed.
“Leaving Jersey.” You yawned as night fell on the three of you. The only light sources helping the three of you see were the holographic map, your phone that you had in your hand as you texted Pepper that you might be late coming home, and the streetlights shining in through Peter’s bedroom window.
Not too long ago, Ned fell asleep on Peter’s bed, wearing the Spider-Man mask. You were laying down on the floor with a pillow cushioning your head as you looked up at Peter, who was on the ceiling. The two of you having random conversations after one of you brought something up. 
“Do you remember when we first met?” You questioned him as you looked up at him. Your heart beating fast as you looked up at him curiously. Peter furrowed his brows at you with a small tilt to his head, making your heart do backflips. 
“Of course I remember Y/N,” He said softly. “I have a fucking picture that aunt May took of us sitting on the fucking jungle gym. I remember bumping heads with you and meeting you, it was one the best things that happened to me.” He smiled softly, making you do the same. 
“It was the best thing that happened to me as well,” You sighed, but then sat up and looked at the brunette curiously. “One of the best things that happened to you?” You questioned him. Peter looked at you with another tilt of his head and began to lower himself from a web, stopping to be face to face with you even though he’s upside down. 
“Yeah, meeting you again was another best thing that happened to me, Y/N.” He confessed, his cheeks having a light pink tint to them, you felt your cheeks heat up at this confession as well. 
“Same,” You smiled at the brunette. “I wish I didn’t lose that picture though. When my dad came back from where our house used to be in Malibu with just a few things that were left behind and didn’t have that picture I felt my heart shatter,” You confessed, looking down at the ground. Playing with your fingers as you did so. 
“Y/N,” Peter said softly, making you look up at the boy with brown eyes. He reached over and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, kept his hand there as the two of you looked at each other. Both of your hearts feel a tug on them. 
“I’m sorry for losing it.” You apologized softly as you continued to stare into his brown eyes. Peter shook his head at your apology. 
“You don’t have to apologize for losing it, Y/N. You didn’t know that your home was going to be destroyed that day,” He began, watching at a passing headlights of a car pass by his bedroom window move across your face, showing your features that caused another big tug at his heart. 
“I can make you another one if you’d like.” Peter offered with a soft smile. 
“No,” You shook your head. “I can’t ask you to do that Peter.” You were being stubborn, something that your dad, Pepper, Happy, Rhodey, the Avengers picked up on when they were around you. Tony telling you that you act like your mom when she’s stubborn, especially when you cross your arms and tap your foot when your firm about your decision.
“Y/N, please let me do this for you,” Peter begged as he pushed the same strand that came loose when you shook your head. “Please.” He pleaded softly to you. You stared at Peter and opened mouth to say something, but the sound of a beeping noise interrupted you and the bed shifted as Ned sat up on the bed and grabbed the device that had the holographic map. 
“They stopped.” He informed, causing you and Peter to turn in his direction to look at the map. 
“Maryland?” You questioned as you looked at the red dot with furrowed brows. 
“What’s there?” Ned questioned the two of you. Peter shrugged as he answered him. 
“I don’t know. Evil lair?” 
“They have a lair?” Ned asked, surprised. 
“Dude, a gang with alien guns…” Peter began his sentence. 
“Run by a guy with wings?” You questioned, you and Peter looked at each other with a pink tint still on your cheeks but probably slightly brighter before looking back over at Ned. 
“Yeah, they have an evil lair.” The two of you said in unison. 
“Badass,” Ned said, impressed with a nod of his head, but titled his head to the side as he looked at Peter. “But how are you gonna get there if it’s like, 300 miles away?” The three of you stared at each other for a second before looking over at the decathlon poster simultaneously.
“It’s not too far from D.C.” Peter stated, forming a plan inside his head already. But looking at the poster made your eyes widened from what you and Pepper talked about that morning, causing you to stand up quickly. Being careful to avoid bumping heads with Peter as you did so. 
“I’ve gotta go,” You informed as you patted your jean pockets to see which pocket your phone was in to text Happy you need a ride home. “I’ve got to pack for the decathlon and I told Pepper I was going to be home earlier and it’s late…” You rambled as you texted Pepper quickly after texting Happy. You glanced up at Peter and Ned as they looked at you. 
“I’ll see you guys later,” You sighed as you walked over to where they still were. You leaned down to hug Ned goodbye. 
“Bye Ned.” You said.
“Bye Y/N.” You gave him a soft smile before you turned around to see Peter still hanging upside down but still eye level with you. You couldn’t really hug him like this so you had to think of another way to say goodbye. 
“Bye Peter,” You said softly as you leaned a little closer, your heart beating fast in your chest. 
“Bye Y/N.” Peter said with a shy smile on his lips. Thinking you were going to back away and walk away like he thought, you didn’t. 
Instead you leaned in a little closer making Peter shallow nervously as he watched you. You quickly looked at the brunette before pressing your lips softly to his cheek like you did years before at the playground when you had to leave. 
When you pulled away you saw that Peter’s cheeks were a bright red as he looked at you and you were pretty sure your cheeks were exactly the same. 
"I… I'll see you guys later," You said softly as you stood up fully and started walking towards Peter's bedroom door. 
"Bye Y/N!" Ned waved happily at you. You returned the wave with a shy smile and watched Peter land on the floor on his feet. And turned around to look at you in awe. 
"Bye Y/N." He breathed. You felt a tug at your heart at this. You opened the door as you said before you walked out the door. 
"Bye Peter." 
Once you stepped outside his bedroom door, closing it behind you, you pressed your lips together to hide your smile as you walked to the front door of the apartment. 
Saying goodbye to May as you did so. 
You were standing in front of the bus with Ned and the rest of the decathlon team, helping everyone load up the bus wearing your yellow decathlon jacket with a river green short sleeved t-shirt with different variations of colors that were gathered in bouquets on the shirt. 
The colors consisted of; yellows. whites, pinks, and blues. The dark blue skinny jeans finished off with black vans. You were looking around to see if Peter was going to show up or not, you were worrying your bottom lip between your teeth as you looked around the school. 
“Where are you Peter?” You mumbled underneath your breath. What if Peter decided to not go with the plan that he told you over the phone that morning when you woke up. What if it was because of the kiss you left on his cheek? You shook your head at the thought followed by your cheeks heating up at the thought. 
As you looked forward again you felt your heart almost leap out of your chest. Peter was walking over to where all of you were standing. A smile broke out on your lips as you waved at him with a smile on your face, making Peter return it. 
“Hey, it’s Peter.” Abe shouted, giving Peter away. Everyone turned their attention to the brunette that was getting closer to all of you. 
“Guys,” Peter greeted as he stopped in front of everyone, taking a few steps back when he got too close to Liz. 
“Peter?” Liz asked, confused with her brows furrowed in confusion as to why he was back after quitting. 
“Hey, I was hoping I could rejoin the team. Peter said, looking at everyone in the group. Before anyone can say anyone, a voice that annoyed you to death so much that you knew who it belonged to spoke up. 
“No, no, no way,” Flash spoke up, annoyed as he walked towards Peter. “You can’t just stroll up and be welcomed back by everyone.” And just right on cue, Mr. Harrington stepped off the bus and greeted Peter with a smile and did the exact opposite Flash just said. 
“Hey, welcome back Peter,” Flash looked at Mr. Harrington with an annoyed look just as Mr. Harrington looked at him. “Flash, you’re first alternate.” You laughed when you heard this, covering your mouth with the fist of your hand. 
“What?” Flash questioned, acting like he just got punched in the face. Making you laugh even more behind your hand. 
“He’s taking your place.” Abe shouted out to Flash, making people silently chuckle to themselves. 
“Excuse me,” Michelle spoke out from the back of the crowd, stepping forward a bit so that she could be seen. “I was hoping to get some protesting in front of an embassy before dinner, so.” Michelle added as she looked at Mr. Harrington for his response. 
Mr. Harrington nodded his head as he understood where Michelle was coming from. “Protesting is patriotic,” He nodded towards the bus towards him, telling all of you to get on. “Let’s get on the bus.” 
As everyone began getting on the bus, Flash shrugged off his jacks and thrusted in into Peter’s arms before getting onto the bus in annoyance. Bumping into people as he walked up the steps of the bus. You walked up next to Peter and bumped your shoulder against his. 
“He deserves it,” You sighed and looked over at the brunette with chocolate brown eyes. Peter chuckled as he removed his backpack and handed it towards you to put on his decathlon jacket. “He’s a dick.” 
“Not to you at least.” Peter sighed as he pulled his right arm through the jacket sleeve. You rolled your eyes at this and an aggravated groan. 
“It’s because he likes me and doesn’t know how to take a no as an answer.” Peter snickered at this as he grabbed his backpack from you and put it back on his back with a smirk on his face. 
“You should tell him that you have a crush on Spider-Man.” Peter joked. You felt a tug at your heart and your cheeks when Peter said this. You wished that Peter knew what he said was true. You really wished he did. 
But it needed to be at the right place, at the right time. 
“Hahahahahahaha,” You sarcastically laughed as you bumped your shoulder against his again as you walked towards the steps of the bus. “Like that’s gonna stop him. It’s only gonna motivate him even more.” You added, walking past Peter to get onto the bus. Your cheeks heating up even more if that was possible as you heard Peter’s light footsteps against the concrete and grass to catch up with you. 
With one foot stepping onto the bus, you felt Peter grab your hand, sending sparks down your spine. Even more were sent down when he intertwined his fingers with yours. The two of you holding hands until it came to walking down the aisle to get to your seats is when you let go of his hand, and him letting go of yours. 
Much to both of your dismays. 
In their hotel room, Peter and Ned had his suit hooked up to Ned’s computer after getting to the hotel for the competition. Peter wanted to get rid of the tracker that Happy mentioned to him on the bus when heading to D.C. Why didn’t you tell him when you had the chance? 
Were you going to tell him anyways? Let him know about the tracker or keep it a secret from him? 
But here he is, sitting on the carpet floor on his knees. Tweezers in one hand, flashlight in his mouth, while his other hand is holding onto a piece of his suit that held the embedded tracker. 
“Peter… what are we removing the tracker from your suit?” Ned questioned him. Peter looked at Ned quickly and back to his suit, and took the flashlight out of his mouth so that he could speak. 
“I gotta follow these guys to their boss before they move again…” Peter answered, dropping his voice a little as he looked at his friend. “And I don’t want Mr. Stark to know about it.” 
Ned furrowed his brows at Peter in confusion. “So you’re lying to Iron Man now? What about Y/N? Wasn’t she going to go with you?” He questioned, making Peter look at Ned with his brows furrowed as well when he mentioned him lying to your dad and leaving you out on his little mission. 
And Peter has thought about you going and he decided not to. He noticed how you were enjoying being a normal actual teen for once on the bus with everyone else, more specifically having separate conversations with Michelle during practice on the trip to D.C.
“No, I’m not lying. He just doesn’t really get what I can do yet,” Ned rolled his eyes with a shake of his head in annoyance. “And for Y/N… I just want her to enjoy this trip as much as she can. She’s never got to do something like this for a while. She deserves this.” Peter placed the flashlight back into his mouth and started concentrating on the tracker once again. 
Feeling his heart flutter at the little scenarios of taking you on little dates if the two of you were to date. If you shared the same feelings as him, the keyword being if. Scenarios where you can be a normal teen with him by your side, as your best friend and boyfriend. 
“Gotcha,” Peter muttered as Peter held the tracker up between the tweezers and removed the flashlight from his mouth and moved towards the lamp. “All right, Happy, enjoy tracking this lamp.” Peter smiled as he placed the tracker not the lamp shade while Ned was looking at the coding that was on the screen of his laptop.
“There’s a ton of other subsystems in here… but they’re all disabled by the Training Wheels Protocol.” Ned smirked with a laugh leaving his lips. This caught Peter’s attention and moved to Ned’s side to look at the screen in annoyance.
“Training Wheels Protocol,” Peter mumbled to himself as he looked at the screen. “Turn it off.” Peter demanded. 
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Ned disagreed and pointed at the screen to prove his point. “I mean, they’re probably blocked for a reason.” Peter sighed in annoyance with a roll of his eyes
“Come on, man, I don’t need Training Wheels,” Peter got up and got onto a bed and stood on it. “I’m sick of him treating me like a kid all the time. It’s not cool.” He complained. Ned looked at his friend with furrowed brows in confusion. 
“But you are a kid.” Ned pointed out. 
“Yeah, a kid who can stop a bus with his bare hands.” Peter remarked. Ned looked at Peter with a worried look. “Peter,” Ned began, he gestured to the screen in front of him. “I just don’t think this a great idea. I mean, what if this is illegal?” Ned asked, cautiously. Peter jumped down from the bed in panic and got down on his knees next to Ned. 
“Look, please. This is my chance to prove myself. I can handle it. Ned, come on.” Peter pleaded with his friend to follow on with disabling the protocol in his suit. 
“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Ned stated, disapproving of the idea. 
“The guy in the chair.” Peter said, trying to tempt Ned. Ned sighed with a roll of his eyes, trying not to fall under his friend’s temptation. 
“Don’t do that.” 
“Come on,” Peter begged. Ned sighed and typed away on his laptop, disabling the protocol. The two of them watching light blue lines run over the suit and stopped. 
A sign telling the two of them that the plan was taking place and that Peter was no longer under the Training Wheels Protocol. 
“Come on, Y/N,” Liz urged you as you, her, and some of the people on the team were rushing down the hall of the hotel with snacks, towels, and wore white robes around yourselves, giggles leaving your mouths as you tried to “sneak”. All of you were rushing down to the pool before the day of the competition, which is the next day. 
You never got the chance to do something like this, especially when your dad took you out of school earlier on when you were little. You never got the chance to do the things you haven’t, like this. Not being able to be a regular teen with friends and do things that teens do. 
So here you are in a light purple two-piece bathing suit with a white robe around yourself as you ran down the hard floor of the hotel with your friends. Right when you went around the corner of the hallway, you saw Liz and Peter talking. You tell it was Peter, even with a hood over his head, was some of his chocolate curls peeking out from underneath the hood of his jacket. 
While everyone ran past them, Flash slapped Peter’s ass as he did so. Starling Peter while it made you laugh. You stopped in your tracks while Peter and Liz talked about something and then Liz looked over Peter’s shoulder and gave Peter a smile before walking off. 
Telling you it was your chance to talk to him. So you did so. You started making your way towards the brunette, your feet lightly hitting the hard cold floor. 
“Hey,” You said softly, making Peter jump and turn around to see who it was. He had his jacket all the way zipped up, and you already knew why. He had his suit on underneath. “I see that you’re ready to go swimming.” You joked, pointed to his jacket and jeans. Peter looked down at the clothing he was wearing and back at you. You had a white robe on like everyone else that passed by him. 
“Y-you’re g-go-going swimming to?” Peter asked, stuttering. You nodded with a soft smile and burning cheeks. 
“Yeah,” You nodded, playing with the soft fabric on the towel that you were holding. “I haven’t been swimming in a while, which feels like forever. The only time it feels like I’ve ever been swimming was in…” You trailed off and looked at Peter, feeling a tug at your heart. 
“Malibu.” You and Peter said in unison. Peter looked at you sympathetically as you gave him a shy smile. You let out a sad sigh as you thought about the memories you had in Malibu, everything that you missed and remembered. 
“You miss it? Don’t you?” Peter inquired, making you look up at him with another sad sigh and a shrug. 
“Yeah, sometimes I guess,” You looked into his brown eyes with a sad smile, playing with the cuff of your robe. “I miss the beach, the water, surfing on the waves.” You listed off with a laugh, closing your eyes imaging everything you listed off. The sound of the waves crashing around you, encompassing around you as you were knocked off your surfboard. Peter joined in the laughter as he looked at you, the lights showing your features like in his room. 
But this time it made it seem like you were an angel from how it was behind you. 
But then your laugh faded and your eyes opened to look at him, sadness prevalent in your eyes as you looked at him. Almost like you were hurt or upset by something. 
“What’s wrong?” He asked, concerned. You bit your lip nervously as you looked at the brunette. 
“It’s just that…” You sighed as you ran your fingers through your hair. “If I stayed there, meaning that the house wasn’t destroyed. I might not have met you and that would really suck, because you’re my best friend.” You admitted with a shy smile and a burning of your cheeks. You looked down at the floor real quick before looking up to see Peter looking at you in awe. 
His brown eyes showed admiration as he looked at you with a smile and light tint on pink on his cheeks. You just wanted to kiss him, telling him how you feel also and hopefully he’ll feel the same also. You wanted to have little dates with him and hold his hand across the table, make little jokes between the two of you during dinner with your dad, couple things that you’ve read in books. 
Even though sometimes they’re not sometimes exactly accurate. 
Unfortunately your little scenarios of Peter were interrupted by a voice calling out to you. 
“Y/N,” You groaned and rolled your eyes and looked over Peter’s shoulder as Peter looked behind him. Flash was standing there waiting for you with his hands on his hips. “You coming or what?” He questioned. You sighed in annoyance and looked at black haired teen in your eyesight. 
“Give me a damn minute, okay?” You looked at Peter quickly, mouthing to him. “He’s so annoying, my god.” Peter snickered at this as you looked over his shoulder to see Flash throwing his arms up in annoyance and walked off. Allowing the two of you to start laughing at loud. 
You leaned forward, clutching your stomach and placed your head on Peter’s shoulder. Trying to catch your breath but failing to do so. 
“He really doesn’t know when to leave you alone, doesn’t he?” Peter chuckled, he felt you shake your head no as you continued to laugh. “No, I-I guess he doesn’t.” You giggled. The two of you continued laughing until the reason why Peter’s out here dawned upon the two of you, causing the laughter that was shared between the two of you to stop. 
You lifted your head up from Peter’s shoulder, your lips closer than you thought. Making your cheeks burn from how close the two of you are, you could feel Peter’s breath lightly hit your face as the two of you look at each other. 
“I should let you go, huh?” You questioned. Peter nodded, looking down at you sadly. You nodded, understanding that he had to go. But then something popped up in your head. You nudge your nose against his lightly, making your heart flutter even more. 
“I can go you know, help you catch the bad guys. I can hurry back to my room and get changed and we can go.” You suggested. As much as Peter would like that, he still remembered the decision that he made earlier on. 
“As much as I’d like to, Y/N,” Peter whispered, nudging his nose against yours like you did before. “I can do this on my own. I want you to be able to have fun with teens our age without having to deal with any superhero duties for a day. You should be able to have a day to be just a teen.” 
“But I want to have those days with you.” You admitted with a whisper. Peter felt a tug on his heart when you admitted this, Peter nudged his hand with yours and yours reacted to his small touch by nudging against his. And you pressed your forehead against his, making your heart flutter even more. 
“I promise…” Peter trailed off with a nervous swallow as he closed his eyes. “After all of this is over we can hang out somewhere. Just you and me.” He promised. You hummed as your response and moved your head a little, making the brunette curious. But he soon figured it out when he felt a light peck against his cheek that made his cheeks flush even more and a hard tug at his heart. 
“Please be careful, I don’t want to lose my best friend,” You whispered in his ear before you pulled away. Peter opened his eyes to see you had a bright pink flush on your cheeks that probably matched his. “Please make it back safely. Please.” You begged as you began backing away towards the direction of the pool. 
“Y-yeah.” Peter stuttered with a smile on his face as he watched you get closer to the corner that led you to the pool. You returned the smile as waved him goodbye before turning around and rushing around the corner before Flash came back to get you. Your hair flying in the wind. 
Peter did not know what was going to happen tonight and neither were you. 
Waking up from a hard shake from the dark trailer of a truck, Peter woke up with a groan and sat up a bit, holding his head. 
“Oh, my head,” Peter groaned. He vaguely remembered about what happened. He knows that he found the bad guys and went after them, but then the bird guy came over and everything went fuzzy from there. He continued to groan as he got up from the floor, his vision a little bit wobbly, causing him to hold onto the crates in front of him. 
“You appear to have a mild concussion.” The voice lady in his suit informed him. Peter removed his hand from his head and looked around the area that he was in. Confusion setting on his mind as he looked around. The metal crates around him full of things that he didn’t know. 
“Hey, so where am I right now?” Peter questioned the voice lady. 
“I’m not sure,” The voice lady answered as Peter looked into the crates. “The container walls are hindering my sensors.” 
 “Wait a minute,” Peter whispered to himself as he looked around his surroundings once again. “They must have hijacked the truck and taken me to their evil lair.” Peter looked around once again before whispering. 
“Okay, suit lady, we’re gonna have to fight our way out of this one.” 
Peter turned around to face the doors of the trailer, getting into stance and to break down the doors.  
“Three, two, one.” Peter began to run towards the metal doors of the trailer. Bracing his arms in front of him for impact. Peter breaks the doors down of the trailer and looks around to see that he’s in a warehouse full of containers, making him look around the warehouse on guard. 
“What is this place?” Peter asked himself. “Suit lady, where am I?” Peter asked his suit. 
“You’re in the most secure facility on the Eastern Seaboard. The Damage Control Deep Storage Vault.” The voice informed Peter. Peter turned around to see a huge door with the letters. 
Peter placed his hands in panic as he started at the huge door. “No. Seriously.” Peter said, groaning in annoyance at the end. Moments later, Peter crawled to the door and tried to open it, but nothing would budge. 
“The door will most likely remain closed until morning.” The voice lady informed Peter as he landed back onto the concrete floor. Peter kicked at the door in annoyance and looked up at it. “Morning.” Peter asked in disappointment. Peter sighed after hearing this and looked around the warehouse to see if there was any other way for him to leave. 
But when he found nothing in return, Pete was left to find something to do in the meantime until morning.
“Hey, suit lady. I kind of feel bad calling you ‘suit lady’, you know?” Peter asked as he laid down on a web-made hammock. “I think I should probably give you a name,” Peter said, thinking about names. And one came to mind. 
“Like Liz,” Peter suggested, but then immediately regretted it. “No, no, no. God, that’s… weird.” 
Later on, Peter was swinging on a web with one hand. Still coming with names for the suit lady. 
“What about Karen?” Peter suggested as he dropped onto the concrete floor below him gently on his back. He was wondering what you were doing right now? Were you wondering if he was okay or where he was at? The thought of you made Peter’s heart do backflips.
“You can call me Karen if you would like.” Karen said, breaking Peter out of his thoughts. Soon after that, Peter was hanging upside down on a web reading a textbook. “Hey, Karen, what else can this suit do?” Peter questioned, trying to break his thoughts from the last time he was hanging upside down like this. 
It reminded him of when you kissed him on the cheek before you left the night before everyone left for D.C. The thought of you not only kissing his cheek in his bedroom, but also in the hotel hallway. He felt his cheeks heat up at the feeling of your lips pressing softly against his cheek. 
But then suddenly, web wings popped out from under his arms. Snapping him out from his thoughts and from the textbook that sat in his hands in shock. 
“What?” He gasped. 
Peter then moved onto standing in front of an empty wall, wearing his yellow decathlon jacket over his suit. A laser of the Spider-Man emblem on the wall, while Peter is examining the options for his web. 
“Maybe we should run that refresher course.” Peter mumbled under his breath. 
“Ricochet web.” Karen said as Peter selected an option for his web. 
“Ricochet web.” Peter repeated, aiming towards the empty wall where a ball of a web was shot out towards the wall and then ricocheted off the wall into a trailer, making Peter duck when it bounced off the wall. Peter turned around to look at the container in amazement. 
“Whoa! Cool!” 
Later on, the wall is covered with patches of webs. No longer being as empty as it was before. Peter was walking around the area of the wall full of webs, selecting another option. 
“Splitter Web.” Karen said as Peter selected another option, making two different webs shootout in different directions as Peter continued to walk.
More time had passed by and the wall was even more messier from Peter practicing each option he was learning. 
“Web grenade.” Karen named another option Peter selected. 
“Web grenade!” Peter exclaimed, as he jumped and threw another web and it exploded into a giant web and then later on Peter used some web and started to jump rope. Just trying to find something to pass time. 
Hoping that time will speed up so he can go to the competition in time before anyone notices he’s been gone. And so he can be there with you before you start to worry even more than you probably were. 
After learning about his different options, Peter was laying on one of the trailers. One hand placed on his stomach as many thoughts ran through his head. Like, what would you do when you see if? Would you run towards him and hug him so tight that he couldn’t get out of it unless he pushed you off. 
Which he didn’t want to do. 
Or would you kiss him on the lips instead of the cheek this time. In front of everyone. Telling them that you both liked each other. But there was that little doubt inside his mind that was telling him that even though he liked you, doesn’t mean that you liked him back. You were kind of out of his league. 
“Should I tell Y/N that I like her?” Peter asked out loud, not knowing that he did so as he stared up at the ceiling. 
“Y/N Stark?” Karen questioned him, making Peter jump for a bit but then embarrassed when he realized that he asked something out loud instead of his head. 
“Uh… y-yeah. She’s just… heh. She’s awesome and so caring, you know. And she’s just the best. And, uh… Yeah, I just… I really want to tell her, but it’s kind of weird, you know? ‘Hey, I like you, do you like me?’” 
“What’s weird about that?” Karen questioned the brunette. Peter let out a deep sigh as he thought of his answer. Thinking about any other boy that might catch your interest who isn’t him. Someone that might catch your interest more than him gaining your interest. 
“What if she’s more into someone like Flash? Imagine how she’ll be when I tell her. What if she rejects me after I tell her that I like her?” Peter questioned out loud, throwing his arms up. 
“Well, if I were her, I wouldn’t reject you at all.” Karen reassured. Her reassurance made Peter feel a bit better, giving him a little bit of hope that you might like him back. 
“Thanks Karen. It’s really nice to have somebody to talk to,” Peter thanked Karen, but then something popped inside his head. Something that he was trying to keep a track of time he had left until morning so that the doors could open. “Hey, how long we been here anyways?” Peter questioned Karen. 
“Thirty seven minutes.” Karen answered. This was a shock to Peter since he thought that it was less than that and this frustrated him. 
“What?” Peter sat up immediately, getting ready to leave the warehouse. Not waiting for anyone to open the doors to the warehouse he was in. He needed to leave now. “Thirty seven minutes? That’s insane. I cannot take this anymore. I gotta… I gotta get out of here.” 
Peter then flipped off the trailer he was laying on and walked into the trailer that he was in when he woke up. He sighed as he took off his yellow decathlon jacket and he’s other jacket he wore at the hotel. 
“There’s got to be something in here I can use.” Peter said to himself as he kneeled down on the ground and unzipped the bird man’s duffle bag. 
“Okay, let’s see,” Peter said as he began going through the duffle. Peter pulls out a wheel-shaped metal piece and puts it aside, finding it not useful for what he’s trying to do. 
He then reached inside the bag again and pulled out a head of a robot. “That’s awesome,” And then also put it to the side like the wheel-shaped metal, the robot head making a clanging sound as it hits the metal of the floor. Peter reached into the bag again and pulled out a similar glowing thing that you and him found when the two of you were walking back to Liz’s house. 
“Ah, hey, it’s like the glowy thing Y/N and I found.” Peter said out loud. Examining the object close like he did with the one that Ned has currently. 
“That glowy thing is an explosive Chitauri energy core.” Karen informed Peter. This new information that Peter just received made him drop the Chitauri energy core carefully. Not wanting to disturb it and cause it to blow up, if that could be the possible cause. 
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You mean, we’ve been carrying around a bomb?” Peter questioned, panic in his voice. 
“It would require radiation to transform it into an explosive state.” Karen informed. While Karen said this, Peter rushed to the pocket of his jacket and pulled out his phone to try to call Ned, but the call ended itself from getting any reception. 
“No, no, no, no, no.” Peter panicked. Peter then rushed out of the trailer and used his webs to swing to the warehouse doors, clinging to them once he reached them and started banging and shouting. Hoping that someone nearby will hear him and get him out of there. 
“Hey! Please! Please, somebody, let me out! Hey!” But then caught Peter’s attention from the corner of his eye. It was a time lock, sitting there for someone to put in the right sequence to be opened and make the doors open. “Karen, you have to help me override that time lock.” 
After gathering his stuff into his backpack, Peter was hanging upside down in front of the time lock with a notepad and a pen in hand. Putting numbers into the lock panel in hopes of the doors opening. 
“Okay Karen. Lower the voltage and run it.” Peter ordered. 
“Trail unsuccessful.” Karen informed. Peter began crossing out the wrong sequence into his notepad, panic settling in his bones. 
“Okay, we’re just gonna have to try every sequence.” He said. After he began writing another sequence that’ll override the lock, Peter yawned as he pressed in the numbers of the finished sequence he wrote down. 
“Initiating trail 247.” Karen stated, the massive warehouse doors groaning as they opened made Peter look over in relief. 
“It worked! It works!” Peter exclaimed. Right when the warehouse doors had a big gap between the two of them, Peter swung out in his webs, crawling on a ceiling outside the warehouse afterwards and then dropped on a trailer on a departing truck. When the truck was passing by an armed guard, Peter quickly laid down to stay out of sight of the armed guard. 
The only thing going through his head was that he was hoping that he was going to make it to the decathlon to see you and Ned and the Chitauir energy core. 
Hoping that he wasn’t too late, but something was telling him that he was. 
You might want to remember about the picture that the reader lost and what Peter told her what he can do. It’ll be REALLY important in a future chapter!
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romanovacane · 19 hours ago
In Your Dreams
pairing: peter parker x reader
prompt/synopsis/notes: "you're mad at me because of something i did in your dream but you won't tell me what it was." taking a break from studying! here is a quick drabble because i miss y'all. based on this prompt by @dailyau. written in virtually no time so excuse the mistakes xx
-my masterlist -my inbox
Tumblr media
The East Coast is colder at night, and unbearable during the winter. Despite all of that being as of current, you’re fuming where you lay. You can hear him before you see him. The sudden footsteps beating against the metal of your fire escape, then that familiar sea of brunette emerges through the window pane.
Groaning, you unlock the hatch and raise the glass.
“Okay. You haven’t responded to any of my texts all day. Not even when I sent you a picture of that dachshund I found on the street.” Sighs Peter as he slings one leg over the windowsill, tucks his head under the frame. “What’s up. I know somethin’s bothering you.”
You shoot him a grimace over your shoulder, “Nothing.”
“C‘mon. Y/N. I know that face.”
“You heard me.”
You know how ridiculous you would sound if you did tell him. So you bite down on your lip, lock your arms across your chest, and turn away from your boyfriend. You avert your gaze out the window, down to the sidewalk, tracing the number of people that strolled by. So many different people, all those stories. Only in New York.
For a moment, one lovely moment, you’ve calmed down a bit. But then Peter’s voice nettles you back to reality.
You glower.
His corner lip is quirked lightly; he’s amused.
“Y/N. I’m sorry if I’ve upset you, but honey, what did I do?” His voice is a quiet tremor. It makes you ache - just for a moment.
Rolling your eyes, you lament, “You killed my succulent.”
“What. When?”
“Last night.”
“I wasn’t even here last night. Mr. Stark asked me to stay for a bit long- Isn’t that your succulent right there?”
“No. No. I mean last night.” You squinch your eyes shut - mainly to ignore the way your boyfriend’s face contorts to stifle a laugh. “In my dream.”
Peter’s jaw slacks open. He blinks once, twice. “In your what.”
“You killed my succulent in my dream and I am still pissed about it.”
“About something I did .. in your dream.” Drags the boy. His features are puckered a bit in an attempt to hide the smile that teased his lips.
God, you sound so stupid. So, so stupid. But you’re already this far into it, you might as well follow all the way through. You straighten your posture a bit, chest puffed out, cheeks sucked in so the hollows of them accentuate those cheekbones he loved so much.
“Yes.” Firm, confident. Like you should be.
Your brows are scrunched too, you realize. But not until he lets out a chuckle, low, into the air and it causes you to soften a bit.
“Well if it’s any consolation, I’m glad I was in your dream last night.” Cautiously, he places a hand on your shoulder. You let him. Then Peter plants a kiss onto your forehead; his lips are warm, chapped. You let him. “But I don’t think that was why you’re mad at me. I think something else is going on.”
“Wha’dd’ya mean?”
Peter, skin still on skin, sighs. “Honey, I know I haven’t been around lately. I’ve been so busy with this Avengers stuff, it must upset you to some degree. I’d be more surprised if they didn’t. I am sorry I can’t be with you as much as I used to.”
Now he was hitting all the marks. You didn’t have to apologize. Peter just knew; he always did. You all but pout up at him, and he runs a thumb across your cheek. You lean into the touch. Oh, how you missed his touch.
“My sweet girl.” He cooes, rather subliminally. “What if I didn’t go home tonight.”
“Just say the word and I’ll text May that I’m staying over. Would you still be mad at me then?”
Before you can respond, he nuzzles his nose into the crook of your neck. The action causes a giggle to escape your lips, and you scrunch your nose as you pull away, just enough to see him through the pale moonlight. Just enough for you to drag out a “fine” through an exhale.
Brown doe eyes meet yours. Entire galaxies are latent beneath those pupils.
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˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ 𝐂𝐀𝐍 𝐘𝐎𝐔 𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐒 𝐌𝐄 𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐄? | 𝐩. 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐫 ೃ࿔₊•
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
❥⋆。˚ 𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒 | 𝘤𝘢𝘯 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘬𝘪𝘴𝘴 𝘮𝘦 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦? 𝘸𝘦'𝘳𝘦 𝘴𝘰 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘨 𝘸𝘦 𝘢𝘪𝘯𝘵 𝘨𝘰𝘵 𝘯𝘰𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘰 𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘦. 𝗯𝗮𝘀𝗲𝗱 𝗼𝗻 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘀𝗼𝗻𝗴 "𝗸𝗶𝘀𝘀 𝗺𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗲" 𝗯𝘆 𝗱𝗼𝗷𝗮 𝗰𝗮𝘁 & 𝘀𝘇𝗮 ♡.
❥⋆。˚ 𝐏𝐀𝐈𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 | 𝘱𝘦𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘬𝘦𝘳 𝘹 𝘧𝘦𝘮!𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘥𝘦𝘳
❥⋆。˚ 𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆𝐒 | 𝘍𝘓𝘜𝘍𝘍, 𝘣𝘶𝘯𝘤𝘩 𝘰𝘧 𝘬𝘪𝘴𝘴𝘦𝘴 𝘸𝘪𝘵𝘩𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘢𝘯𝘺 𝘱𝘭𝘰𝘵 𝘸𝘩𝘢𝘵𝘴𝘰𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳, 𝘥𝘦𝘴𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘱𝘵𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘮𝘢𝘬𝘦-𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘴𝘦𝘴𝘴𝘪𝘰𝘯, 𝘰𝘩 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘮𝘰𝘳𝘦 𝘍𝘓𝘜𝘍𝘍, 𝘭𝘰𝘵𝘴 𝘰𝘧 𝘭𝘢𝘶𝘨𝘩𝘴 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘨𝘪𝘨𝘨𝘭𝘦𝘴, 𝘰𝘩 𝘥𝘪𝘥 𝘪 𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵𝘪𝘰𝘯 𝘨𝘪𝘨𝘨𝘭𝘦𝘴? 𝘢 𝘩𝘪𝘯𝘵 𝘰𝘧 𝘴𝘶𝘨𝘨𝘦𝘴𝘵𝘪𝘷𝘦𝘯𝘦𝘴𝘴 𝘢𝘵 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘦𝘯𝘥, 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵𝘴 𝘪𝘵? :)
❥⋆。˚ 𝐖𝐎𝐑𝐃 𝐂𝐎𝐔𝐍𝐓 | 593 ( its a short but sweet one )
⇢ 𝐚𝐮𝐭𝐡𝐨𝐫'𝐬 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬: i haven’t posted a peter parker fic in ages wow. well here i am with a peter oneshot if you could barely call it that so i hope u guys enjoy! i love uuu *sorry for it being so short* <3
────✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ────
your loud giggles could be heard miles away due to peter teasing and tickling you for the last few minutes you’ve been cuddling with eachother. peters giggles followed right behind yours at the way you kept squirming, trying to get away from his attacking hands.
“give me a kiss and i’ll stop!” he echos with a whine in his voice that could even convince a small puppy.
a squeal like “fine” left your lips and soon peters hands fell flat against you and you were left there breathing heavily while peter sat and stared at you with chuckles escaping him. “im waitinggg” he singsonged almost in a child-like way that made you giggled again.
you raised up from laying straight on your back, to put your weight on your arms that were behind you. bending down to his level, you began to press your lips to his pink, pouty ones gently.
the kiss you shared with one another was so so soft and sweet but urgent at the same time. peter kissed you like he longed for it and have been waiting all of his life while yours were sending a message. one neither of you can place at the moment but have a feeling its love and need. peter rose up from leaning on his arm to place his hands on your burning cheeks, delicately,
while yours moved to grab at his bulging biceps through his plain white shirt. he started to swipe at the bottom of your lip with his tongue in question, almost like if he’s asking you. you respond back with your own tongue against his lips and he understood your actions quickly. he tug very lightly at the roots of your hair, causing you to sighed out quietly. peter took that moment to enter his tongue into your mouth, a quiet groan left him at the feeling of your mouth while your quiet moans were directed at the nice intrusion.
you slowly pulled away from peter, his flushed face and tousled curly brown locks that you loved so much appearing right in front of you. a beat of comfortable silence passed before you felt his fingers move pieces of your hair away and behind your ear, keeping it locked back there.
“you’re... so beautiful,” peter grinned, his teeth coming into view. you kissed the palm of his hand in reply to his compliment before pulling him back to you. “kiss me more, pete” he nodded before scooting closer to you, mindlessly pushing your guys half eaten delmars sandwiches aside so there more room for you both on his bed.
you suddenly felt a bite at your bottom lip that didn’t hurt at all but still surprised you. the action followed by a terrible teasing growl coming from peter.
“ugh! stop it!” you shrieked, pushing at him lightly on his shoulders, the curly haired boys laugh loudly booming against you. peter started laying you down gently on your back to where he’s now on top of you, careful not to put all of his body weight on yours.
before gravitating back to your lips, peter felt the familiar feeling of you lifting your hips up to meet his slowly. the slow motion of your hips consciously grinding up to him in need. the sight making the corners of his lips quirk up into a soft smirk.
“woahhh baby, just kisses for right now tiger” the groan leaving you made peter roll his eyes playfully, his lips placing a light peck right against your neck. “but i’ll make sure to treat you later”
────✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ────
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aprilbeanos69 · a day ago
*Peter and Y/n bouta do some dumb shit*
Y/n :Bruh If we die we gotta make sure they make a Netflix documentary about our death
Peter: *Realizing Y/n is the girl he wants to marry*
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miseryholland · a day ago
blurb request; reader is having a bad day so tom makes her a bath and shampoos her hair 🥺✨
a/n; ugh this makes my heart hurt. had to put a gif for this blurb bc he’s so pretty
∘₊✧─── clearing out ask box ───✧₊∘
Tumblr media
anything tom did while he was home from filming revolved around you and the shared splendors of romance. God, he didn’t know it was possible to be quite literally wrapped around someone’s finger. if you told him to melt into a puddle right now, he surely would. not that he felt obligated to, tom found elation in pleasing you and keeping a smile to adorn your sentimental features. smothered in love— but .. a good way.
fuck, he couldn’t get enough of you.
from your slumped and horror filled figure sauntering through the front door though, you’ve appeared to have had enough. his grey pull over that he’d left in the back of your car when the two of you went out for tea, hung over your left shoulder, clinging on for dear life on your right. hair in a messy bun, black pants covered into plenty of condiments, and a collared white shirt that smelled of fried food. a nine to five that you were dying to leave but you hadn’t found an assisting job of some sort, which is about what you went to school for. not wanting to depend on tom. today, by far, had to have been the most physically sickening day out of working at the restaurant for over a year.
the were working you far more harder, while the rest of the servers sat around and talked. you picked up their slack so when customers got mad for not getting their food fast enough, you got cheered out. which happened a total of three times. one was because you misplaced her onion rings with fries, the next was because you didn’t get the bill to a family fast enough, and two was because you forgot to put ice in a drink.
took one measly look at you, for tom to jump from his seat on the couch. hurling your purse across the roam, you instantly fall into his arms. he hushed your whimpers, wanting to hear none of it. only relishing in the instance that you were home and safe, despite a rough day. your nostrils sullen at his sweet scent, almost wanting to mold against him for eternity. he’d allow it, tom didn’t mind sharing oxygen, he just wanted to get lost inside of your lungs.
“reckon’ my sweet girl had’a shitty day, didn’t she ?” tom’s lips parted past your ear lobe, pecking it just a little. your face nuzzled into the muscle of his neck, closing your arms in— as if you couldn’t get any closer.
“mhm,” you hum, mumbling a tad. tom’s lips steady themselves, nearly suckling at your neck as if it was his favorite candy. he’s so gentle but nearly rough at the same time, backing you into a corner before he inches out what he’s got to say.
“tell you what ..” he breathes, gripping his strong hands at the bottoms of your thighs, lips still printing shapes against you neck. you helplessly lean into him, gripping your ankles around one another at the small of his back. guiding his sock classes feet, past the shared bedroom and into the en-suite bathroom.
he felt an urge to take care of his little love.
you gasp upon your feet hitting the tiled floor, tom ached at having you away from him now. but nonetheless it wouldn’t matter, knowing he’d gotten the opportunity to take care of you. tom’s fingertips meet with the nozzle of the porcelain-bathtub sink.
“arms darling,” he directed. you stood aimless, with your mouth dry-shut. you felt no emotion, the sensation of tom’s hands removing his jacket from your body entering your mind. all you wanted to elapse in this second was tom, his comforting and soothing notions leading you to oblige. besides, you were willing to jump off of a cliff after being today’s royal push over.
your chest flashed bare, your wrists intertwining to cover yourself up. tom was having none of it, quick to pull away at the pants that burned circulations seems into your skin. “you and me m’love, don’t hide from me.”
tom acknowledges your naked position, though he wanted to drill and pounce on you like a teenage boy he knew you were weak and were need of his wandering affection. a vulnerable encounter, turned perfect for two lovers. uncovering yourself, you were quick to step into the hot water. that sent goosebumps about your body, tom found himself in a trance. it took the small splashes of water for him to roam back into reality. your cheeks grow red, tom undressing himself in a mildly slow manner. pushing yourself forward to give way for tom, he swivels over the bathtub— all of him on display. sinking beneath the water thats- up to his torso, he grasps the ends of your hips and pushes you against him.
“so delicate, too good for a run down restaurant,” tom coos. walking a lump in his throat, he pushes his hair over your shoulder to meet eyes with your bare back. he doesn’t mind that you don’t respond, understanding that you don’t have the energy to. reaching behind him, grabbing a bottle of oat milk shampoo. you took pride in your bath-time shelf. consisting of scrubs, exfoliants, shampoos, conditioners, and lotions.
your lids slowly flutter, the gulps of shampoo filling tom’s palm. he swirls it into you hair, finger nails grazing and colliding with your scalp— for a proper cleaning of your hair. “gonna’ take care of you lovie okay ? i’ve got you, sit still.”
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Guys! I got a taglist now!
You can add yourself to it if you don't wanna miss any of my fics jdbdjd i also got abt 3 or 4 wips which means i'll update sooooon
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Cabin Fever Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: What was meant to be a weekend at the cabin with Peter, Pepper, and Morgan very quickly turned into a weekend alone with your best friend and your recently acknowledged feelings for him thanks to a certain assumption made by your step-mother.
Pairing: College!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Status: On-Going
Words: ~3.6k+
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Part One
Part Two
More Coming Soon
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could you write something where the reader joins tom for a red carpet event and she’s pregnant and she’s really insecure about her big bump and tom just reassures her and stuff?
a/n: this was so cute and fun to write! hope you enjoy, reblogs are appreciated!
requests are open (responses slow) so send in!
— 。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ —
Tumblr media
you hated being talked about, whether that be in a positive, or negative way, it was the one thing you absolutely hated about being in the public eye, but you couldn’t seem to escape it. you knew it was out of your control, people had opinions and things to say, and considering you were married to a well-known actor, it increased the amount of attention brought to you.
not that it was tom’s fault, it never was. you loved him for the person he was at heart, not what the media made him be, but with the amount of activity he was involved in with the media, it felt as if you were always brought and mixed into everything that involved him.
being six months pregnant, and going to your first ever award show as a pregnant woman, was something that truly made you scared for what the reaction was going to be. you loved being pregnant, tom and you were lucky enough and were blessed with a life-changing experience, how could you not be anymore happier? it was the amount of toxicity brought into your lives because of the voices of the media.
you tried your best to ignore it the majority of times you were faced with comments and judgments, but there were points in time that it really went to your heart, and took a toll on you. tom, however, was your safe haven. he always was there to pick you back up on your feet and lift you off of your wings to soar free without any of the troublesome worries of others, that’s what you loved most about him. he made you feel like the only girl in the world, getting to live his best life with the woman of his dreams, despite what others had to say.
that’s why today, in your hollywood house that you had invested in six months after marrying tom, you hoped that you’d be able to see him help you calm your nerves before the storm. you looked in your tall mirror, admiring your outfit of a long, silk, champagne coloured dress with a v-cut down to rest right before your baby bump. your hands were placed on your growing stomach, a habit you picked up during your pregnancy, while you rubbed the fabric that covered your skin. you took deep breathes in and out while continuing to look at your image in the mirror. all you could think about was the little, beautiful angel soon to be welcomed into this world, and how much you couldn’t wait to meet them. interrupting your thoughts, you hear a quiet knock against the door of your walk-in closet, before it slid open to reveal tom who was in his dress pants and matching dress shirt that was buttoned up all the way, except for the last two, exposing his broad chest.
"is this like our wedding where i'm not allowed to see you before the event, or can i come in and see my beautiful wife." tom cheekily questioned, making the heat rise to your cheeks and you look down, still astonished at how after however many years of being married to tom, he never failed to put a smile on your face, and make you flustered.
"no, you can come in, goofball." you replied, turning around to face tom as he walked up to you, wrapping his arms around your shoulders and turning you underneath his arms so you were facing the full-length mirror again.
"how are my two favourite girls in the entire world?" he mumbled against your cheek, placing a kiss on your delicate skin. his arms instinctively wrapped around your waist, but because of your bump, his arms rested on top.
"they're nervous, especially mommy." you said as you sucked in a breath, anxiously. tom stood up straight and stepped in front of you, looking into your eyes with a concerning look on his face.
"what's wrong, my love? is there something wrong with the baby?" tom asked, now worried that someone had gone wrong.
"no, no, nothing like that- the baby's fine. m'sorry for scaring you." you reassured, rubbing tom's shoulders to relax him.
"then, what's wrong? i don't want you to be nervous." he asked bringing his hand up to rub his thumb against your cheek.
"i'm just worried about this," you said, tears brimming your eyes as you motioned down to your growing baby bump. "you know how judgemental everyone is, and it's been a while since my last event- and now that i'm pregnant, i'm worried they're going to say hurtful things about me." you said as your voice wavered, looking up at the ceiling to try and not let the tears spill from your eyes.
tom tuts his tongue and he frowns, "y/n, you are the most beautiful and breath-taking woman i have ever met in my entire life, and i am so grateful that it's you who's carrying my child." he says, looking at you and holding your sides, "that's our child in there, something we made- so don't let anyone tell you things about something that isn't theirs." he said, motioning to your belly that kept a space between you and him. "i know it's scary, because you don't want our daughter growing up in the public eye as soon as she's welcomed into the world, but i promise you not to worry, because being pregnant, and carrying our little monster in you for nine months- having to go through all the things you've gone through so far- that makes you so strong and powerful. all you deserve in life, and with this pregnancy, is to be serenaded and spoiled with love- and it's my job to do that." he said. by this point, tears were freely streaming down your face at tom's kind words, and you had linked your hands together with his.
"y/n, i love you, and you are beyond beautiful. so, please never be scared to show people the true beautiful side of you that i get to see every day of my life, for the rest of my life."
tags: @angelic-tom @blissfulparker @bi-lmg @beachwoodrry @cherrytholland @cherryxholland @evermoreholland @felicityparkers @gyllenhaalstories @hoodieofholland @honeyspidey @lmaotshollandd @londonspidey @mathletemadison @moonshineholland @multiholland @ptersmj @parkersholland @pparkersbitch @parkers-gal @rhapsodyparker @sunshinehollandd @sunsetholland @spidey-sophie @tomhollandd @veryholland @spideyspeaches @saturnpeter @whoreology @dummiesshort @amourtentiaa @lowkey-holland @hollandcrush @marvelouspeterparker
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Animal Crossing
Spider-Man: Homecoming/FFH
Pairing; Peter Parker x Female!Reader
Summary; You and your boyfriend play Animal Crossing wherever you are.
Word Count; 372
Warnings; none
Authors Note; a week ago I reset my island to start fresh again and I haven’t stopped playing since! So I thought a cute and short fic about Animal Crossing could be a good start to test the waters in writing for Peter for the first time! (Peter is 18+ in this) Hope you enjoy <3
Main Masterlist || Peter Parker Masterlist
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Credit @ anakinskywalkers for the wonderful gif
Tumblr media
Ever since you and Peter bought a pair of matching Nintendo Switch Lite each, you had been obsessed with playing Animal Crossing together. It would become a regular thing to catch the two of you playing together wherever you were. At school, at the library, or when you would go for a hangout together in the local park.
No matter where you were, your noses would be buried deep in a screen each as you catch bugs and fish, water flowers, pay Mr. Tom “Greedy” Nook ridiculous fees, had cute picnic dates, and helped each other to decorate both islands to perfection.
You would most of the time sit on his lap as he had his arms around you to make it easier to have an overview of both screens. The two of you in your little Animal Crossing world as the world around you became a blur and unimportant.
One of your favorite places to hang out and play would be high up on a building as you dangle your feet over the edge together, cozying up together shoulder against shoulder. At the same time, you had the most beautiful view of the busy city below.
Even on a school night, you and he would be up playing together for hours until the early light in the morning.
There was a light knock on your bedroom window, and you immediately knew that it was your boyfriend that had come over to play some Animal Crossing with you as planned. It was the dead of night, and your parents were sleeping just down the hall.
“Did you bring the goodies?” You whispered as low as possible when you had opened the window to let him in.
“All of our favorites,” he answered in the same tone while he held up the bag of drinks and snacks that would be consumed by the two of you in a heartbeat.
You were snuggled up together on your bed, the twinkling lights in your room creating a cozy atmosphere. The snacks and drinks are long gone by now. You would both steal a few kisses here and there as you were having fun and enjoying each other's company both in the real and fictional world.
Tumblr media
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hands | p. parker x gn avenger! reader
Tumblr media
summary: a completely self indulgent fic about Peter’s hands 
words: 770
warnings: uh hand on thigh ? idk its v fluffy 
a/n: thank you all so much for the love on my first post, i was not expecting that! i’m going to try to post every few days, i have a bunch of ideas in mind but you’re always welcome to send in requests! i primarily want to write for peter (duh), bucky, and spencer reid but i’m down for hp and outer banks characters. i’m also looking to make more mutuals if anyone’s interested! 
You were obsessed with your boyfriends hands. You loved every aspect of him but you were especially infatuated with his hands. Despite them reflecting his hero duties, being littered with cuts, burns, bruises, callouses, you constantly told him how pretty they were. You loved to hold and fiddle with them. Its become a habit of sorts, sometimes doing it absentmindedly. You would watch them as he did the most mundane of things with such adoration in your eyes.
It started on a mission, a rather lowkey one both you and Peter were permitted to go on. You were noticeably bursting with excitement, as it was a rare occurrence for Tony to let his precious prodigies and the youngest avengers on a mission. As you neared the location your excitement simmered down to nerves. Peter swore he wasn’t hyperaware of you in an overbearing boyfriend way he was just... observant and particularly in tune to your emotions. He knows you and loves you hence how he immediately picks up on the sudden mood change. 
He also knows you’re far too proud to admit your nerves and didn’t want to agitate you by prying, so he did the next best thing to comfort you. He dropped a clothed hand into your lap and rubbed it up and down your inner thigh. After a minute he rested it on your upper thigh and looked up at the side of your face. You look down at your lap and hold his hand, cupping it with both of yours. He smiles at the action and tucks some stray hairs behind your ear giving him access to your cheek, then presses a soft kiss to it.
You had held hands before of course, but this time it felt especially intimate, despite the nearby spectators littered around the quinjet. No matter where you were Peter made you feel so safe and protected. The sweet gesture immediately alleviated your nerves. 
Since then he would drop a hand on your lap or thigh to ground you when you got anxious. Or more selfishly when he wanted your attention, as you could never resist holding his hand and playing with his fingers.
Sat on his lap while he was playing video games you couldn’t help but admire his hands gripping the controller, accentuating his veins. You inch up the sleeve of his hoodie to further reveal them to you. Slowly, like a tiger about to pounce on its prey, you reach out to trace the prominent veins on his hands, up his arms. Peter adjusts himself to rest his head on the crook of your neck, placing a kiss there.
You and Peter were sat on his bed facing each other, you on the end, him by the headboard. Both with your respective schoolwork sprawled out around you. As you finish up the last page of notes you’re reviewing you look up as Peter let’s out a frustrated sigh. Searching his face you conclude he’s stressed and needs a break. Shuffling closer you grab the hand that’s frantically flipping through a textbook and bring it to your lips, pressing a soft kiss to it. Peter looks up and smiles at the gesture.
“Let’s take a quick break, I’ll make us some tea,” you say in a soothing voice.
Peter nods and follows as you stand, hands still intertwined, Peter tugs your hand towards him, pulling you into his chest. He then brings you into a sweet, slow kiss, trying to convey his thanks. As you break apart and make your way to the kitchen Peter silently thanks whatever higher power sent you to him, you always knew what he needed when he need it, sometimes before even he did.
In between his legs, your back pressed up against his chest, you were reading Pride and Prejudice aloud. Peter wrapped his hands around your waist, pulling you in as closely as possible, soaking in your soothing voice and hanging off your every word. After you flipped the page instead of returning your hand back to the book you peeled Peter’s off your middle and held it. Peter smiled and raised your intertwined hands, opening his making yours do the same. He admired how much bigger his hand was compared to yours. 
“You’re so small and cute, like my own little person,” he muses only half jokingly. 
Blushing, you respond with a teasing “shut it.”
Breathing out a light chuckle, Peter tilts your head to face his with his other hand and mumbles an “absolutely adorable” into your mouth before connecting your lips in a slow and sultry kiss. 
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lamentation | TWO
Tumblr media
{peter parker x fem!reader AU}
based on All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
word count: 3,495
warnings: depression, anxiety, mental illness! angst, fluff if you squint really hard
18+!!! minors stay away
Peter Parker was relentless, insufferable, and extremely annoying. It all started the morning after what you'd decided to call The Encounter, and it had been unending ever since. Nearly a week had passed since that fateful night, and you'd yet to see a day at school where Peter didn't try his hardest to get under your skin.
On Monday he sat next to you in Calculus, and no matter how blatantly you ignored him for the entire class, he continued to whisper facts about himself and stupid little jokes to you. You wished you could say you hadn't listened, but ever since that morning you'd been unable to forget that his favorite color was red, his Aunt packed him a lunch every day that he threw away because she couldn't cook, and his middle name was Benjamin. Why he thought you needed or even wanted to know such things you weren't sure, but even more befuddling was the fact that you couldn't un-learn them.
When Tuesday rolled around he stepped it up a notch, much to your dismay. He sat with you during Calculus and insisted on jogging with you during gym class, feigning that he was out of breath despite your slow pace and the fact that you were certain he could run for miles without getting winded. He told you more jokes then, too. One of which you begrudgingly found yourself exhaling a little harder over whenever it popped into your head; what did one stranger say to the other? Nothing. They didn't know each other.
Wednesday was the worst, because Peter made a scene. You came into calculus late and the teacher scolded you in front of the class, at which point you got flustered and tripped over your untied shoe laces. Your books spilled to the floor and you tumbled to your knees in front of everyone, and the whole class laughed. But Peter? Peter just had to be the hero, and your blood boiled at his actions.
He'd dramatically swept all his books off of his desk, feigning surprise at the loud clatter as if he hadn't done it intentionally. When the teacher scolded him, too, he just apologized and made a show of picking up each of his things one by one. "Why did you do that?" you'd hissed as you sat down, scowling at the brown-eyed boy who just blinked at you innocently.
"Do what?"
He'd ran with you in gym class again, and he'd even followed you to your locker afterwards. In all the years you'd known of Peter, you had never known him to be much of a talker. In fact, he seemed like a rather shy boy who didn't like to branch out much. With you, though, that was far from the case. Silence was a pipe dream with him around.
On Thursday he sat next to you in Calculus, ran with you in gym, walked you to your locker, and went so far as to sit with you at lunch. You'd put your earbuds in and blasted music as loud as you could without hurting yourself too much, but every time you looked up you could see he was still talking. Part of you wondered why he was being so relentless, but you didn't want to ask. If you asked he would think you cared, and you didn't. You didn't care at all, and the sooner he figured that out, the sooner he would leave you alone.
Or, at least you hoped so. As you walked into school on Friday morning, you groaned at the sight of Peter waiting patiently beside your locker. "What do you want, Parker?" you gritted out, glaring at him as you twisted the dial to enter your combination.
He grinned in spite of your glare, "I'm walking you to Calculus today, obviously. How was your night, (Y/N)? Do anything fun?"
"What part of I don't need friends did you not understand?" you demanded, giving him a stale look as you swung the metal door open with a clang. Peter blinked at you, clearly not used to you actually speaking back to him, and further uncomfortable with your hostility. What did he expect? Did he expect for you to suddenly be happy? To not be completely fucked up anymore just because he started talking to you?
He replaced his lazy smile and shrugged, retorting, "You know my secret and I know yours. That makes us friends."
You wanted to scream at him. You wanted to shout, yell, stomp your feet, and throw a tantrum fit for a child. Friends were not something you wanted or needed, and you certainly didn't want to be friends with Peter Parker. You didn't want to be friends with someone just because they were worried you'd spill their dirty little secret, or because they pitied the girl who wanted to die.
The black hole in your chest was worse than ever that day, and it sucked away all the fight you had in you. So, with a roll of your eyes, you stuffed your earbuds in your ears and tuned him out once more. Just like he had at lunch, Peter continued to ramble even though he knew you weren't listening, and you pretended you didn't see his lips moving at the speed of light.
For once, at the very least, he at least shut up in class. You were thankful for the break from his incessant chatter, the endless monologue you couldn't escape from when you were stuck in a desk while Mr. Tinley droned on and on. Calculus was far from interesting, but you found yourself beyond relieved to finally be able to pay any sort of attention to the lesson.
Friday was steadily continuing along the same path every other day had since The Encounter. Peter thankfully parted ways with you after Calculus, but quickly rejoined you two classes later in Gym. From Gym he was glued to your side through lunch until you escaped to your Spanish class, which you thankfully didn't share with him, but the solitude was short lived. Your last class of the day was one you also shared with Peter, and prior to that day he had remained seated with his friends.
That day, though, he plopped down in the seat beside you with a cheerful smile. "Ready for our new project?" he asked, skipping the greeting he knew you wouldn't return.
"Huh?" you asked, blinking at him in bewilderment. New project? Our? What was he talking about?
Peter beamed back at you, clearly pleased that you hadn't snapped at him for once. "Our new project! Didn't you see the list on the door? We're partners." he explained, and you stiffened.
It was too big of a coincidence to truly be happenstance. All week Peter had been pestering you, perpetually following you around and talking your ear off, and now he just happened to be assigned as your partner for the final Speech project? He did something. That was the only logical conclusion.
Your eyes narrowed as you stared at him with as much intensity as you could muster. "Peter, what did you do?" you growled.
Peter's eyes widened at your tone, and he shifted in his seat nervously with a sheepish smile. "What do you mean?" he questioned coyly, and you scowled at him fiercely. "I didn't do anything, (Y/N)."
"Bullshit." you snapped, "I find it hard to believe that we just happened to be assigned partners after how obsessively you've been harassing me all week."
He gaped at you, "Harassed? What?" he stammered, "(Y/N), let's calm down--I haven't... I haven't been harassing you. I just want you to know I really do want to be your friend."
You scoffed at his excuse, "Shut up, Peter. Just leave me alone! I don't want to be your friend, okay? My lips are sealed. I won't tell anyone your secret, just leave me alone!"
With one finally glare, you lurched out of your seat and stomped to one far away from the still aghast boy. As you settled into your new seat, ignoring the strange looks from your classmates who witnessed your outburst, you wrinkled your nose and picked at your nails angrily. As much as you were angry with Peter, you were also angry with yourself.
You were angry that he'd stopped you, and you'd let him. You were angry at the world for letting your sister die. You were angry at your sister for saving you when she should have saved herself. Most of all, though, you were angry with yourself for how you were acting. Even though she wasn't there, you could almost hear your sister scolding you for how you'd treated Peter.
She always was the levelheaded, rational sister. The good sister. The better sister. She would have been ashamed of how you'd been ignoring Peter, ranting to you, "He's just trying to be there for you, idiot. Stop being such a jerk and let him help you. You need to stop being so stubborn..."
You listened eagerly to Ms. Lovell's lesson and instruction for the new project. It wasn't because you were genuinely interested, because you weren't, but it was something to distract you. It was something to drown out the voice of your sister that was echoing through your skull, rattling you to your core as you tried to keep your emotions at bay.
This was the hardest part of losing your sister. She'd been so close to you, so important to you, it was impossible to not think of her in every moment of every day. It was impossible not to think of what she'd have done, instead of what you had done. It was impossible not to think of what she'd have thought of your actions, what she'd have said to you, of what she'd have wanted you to do.
She had been your voice of reason, your confidant, your role model. She'd always been so much better than you, someone you aspired to be like, and now that she was gone the comparisons were so much heavier on your head. Why couldn't it have been you instead of her? She would never have had such a hard time like you were.
For instance, she wouldn't have been so bitter. She wouldn't have been so filled with rage, hatred, or despair. She wouldn't have blamed anyone, not even herself, and she wouldn't have hated the people who had killed you. She always did love a good superhero, and even if you'd have died at the hands of the Avengers like she had, she would have found a reason to still have faith in them. She would have forgiven them.
This project was going to be a tough one, and not just because you were going to have to work with Peter Parker. "This is going to be a persuasive speech, guys, so you're able to pick your stance freely so long as it pertains to the Avengers. For example, you could persuade us that they're bad, if that's how you feel." Ms. Lovell explained, "Just be prepared to face debate from the class. Each group has to face five full minutes of argument from the class and be able to firmly debate their stance."
A project in which you'd have to argue your stance pertaining to the superheroes that had killed your sister, and you were working with Peter-Spiderman-Parker. Great, you thought to yourself, this was going to be a nightmare. There was no way the two of you would agree on what stance to persuade; you hated superheroes, and he was one, for God's sake.
You glanced over at Peter, only to catch him already staring at you. The pair of you quickly looked away from each other, but you noticed the way his cheeks flared red in embarrassment. How long had he been watching you? Was he dreading the project now as much as you were?
He probably didn't know how you felt about the Avengers. Not many people really cared enough to read about what had happened to your sister, and you weren't exactly in the right state of mind to be out protesting the many shortcomings of the superheroes. You wondered, though, how he would react when he found out.
Lying was an option, but there was no way you'd be able to debate in favor of the Avengers without breaking. Could you debate against them without losing it either, though? You weren't entirely sure. It was a sore subject and you were certainly not looking forward to having to dedicate your time to speaking about them.
Peter lingered by his seat after class was dismissed, staring at you awkwardly as he told his friends he would catch up with them later. You could see the strange, weary looks they shot you, but you chose to ignore them. Everyone looked at you a little funny ever since the incident, and you'd long ago grown accustomed to it. This time, though, you couldn't help but think they were looking at you strangely for a reason other than your sister.
You had two options. You could suck it up and talk to Peter right then, or you could continue to ignore him until you were forced to do the project. Catching his warm brown eyes as he timidly watched you, you sighed. It was now or never; maybe if you were nicer he'd back off a little with the obsessive tendencies.
"So," you drawled, approaching him shyly, "how are we gonna do this?"
This was what she would have wanted you to do; that's what you chanted in your head as you forced yourself to at least seem somewhat approachable. "Uh, we could--we could meet up tomorrow? You could come to my apartment." he stuttered, scratching his neck awkwardly and fiddling with his backpack.
He radiated nervous energy, and the black hole inside of you consumed it greedily. You twiddled your thumbs just as nervously as you replied, "Do you, um, do you mind coming to my house instead? My parents are--they're a little weird about me going out because of... yeah."
God, his stutter was rubbing off on you, and you cringed at the way you stumbled over your words like a fool. It had been such a long time since you'd invited anyone to your house, let alone talked to anyone besides your parents and your therapist, and it was stressing you out. The exhaustion of the day was wearing you down rapidly, and having to socialize was making it worse.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, of course!" he spluttered, "Uh, could I get your number? So I can, like, text you when I'm coming?"
You hoped he didn't notice how much your fingers were shaking as you took his phone, struggling to type in your number as you mistyped multiple times. Once you'd saved your contact into his phone, you sent yourself a text so that you'd have his number too. You didn't exactly answer unknown numbers anymore, though if you were honest, you often didn't answer people you knew either. That was what drove your friends away.
Peter shot you a shy smile as you handed his phone back, and he asked, "Do you want to get started tonight, maybe? I could call you."
Biting your cheek, you paled. Tonight? You were exhausted, and the thought of having to talk for any longer made you nauseous. "No offense, Peter, but I... I really just need a break. This week has been a lot." you mumbled, avoiding his eyes as you stared at your feet.
"Oh, yeah, totally." he acquiesced, "I'll, uh, I'll see you tomorrow."
You didn't reply, only giving him a tight lipped smile that probably looked more like a grimace as you quickly walked away. Once you were out of his sight, your entire body drooped and the numbness steadily washed over you. It had been the longest day, and you were once again grateful for the escape from the overwhelming emotions.
Ever since she died, it was as if all your emotions were on overdrive. There were the many constant ones, like the guilt, shame, and anguish over her death. Along with those were more fleeting ones, like anger, disgust, and fear. Peter, though, he brought about a whole slew of new and equally as intense feelings that drained you.
He made you feel things like anxiety, apprehension, and hope. There was anxiety both due to his wild behavior in regards to you, but also because you feared he might tell people what he'd seen. The apprehension was due to your suspicion he was only so interested because you knew his secret, and was just as fearful that you would tell. But the hope, the stupid anticipation, was the worst.
It was the worst because a stupid part of you hoped he was genuine. You wanted him to really want to be your friend with no ulterior motives because, no matter how much you denied it, you really did need a friend. You wanted a friend. You wanted to let someone in.
You weren't buying it, though, because you were certain you couldn't handle the heartbreak of being wrong about his intentions and discovering he really did only care about his secret. You weren't going to let him hurt you, and if you had to shut yourself off from the world and hurt yourself to prevent it, then so be it. It was easier that way.
Peter Parker: hey i know you said you didn't want to start tonight but that doesn't mean we can't get to know each other
Peter Parker: so if you want, lets play 20 questions! i'll start. what's your favorite movie?
The typing cursor blinked at you tauntingly as you laid on your bed, huddled under the blankets with your thumbs hovering over the keys. That stupid part of you that wanted to make your sister proud begged you to go along with it, to let him be a friend, but you were terrified. You were terrified of the way you actually opened the text and went to reply without hesitation, something you hadn't done since before the incident. You were terrified of the way you wanted to reply, but the only thing that gave you pause was the fact that you didn't have an answer.
Movies weren't something you'd given much thought to in awhile. You knew all of your sister's favorite movies by heart, but your favorite movie? It was as if your brain opened an empty drawer. You didn't know what your favorite movie was.
You: i don't know
Peter Parker: what do you mean you don't know
Peter Parker: do you not like movies?!
You: i just don't know okay
You: i can't remember the last time i watched a movie.
That was a lie. You very well could remember the last time you'd watched a movie, and that was because it was with her. The weekend before she'd died, your sister had dragged you to the theater to watch some cheesy romance film she'd been gushing about for weeks. It was awful, but it was so utterly her that you'd weirdly enjoyed it. You enjoyed it because it made her happy.
Peter Parker: that's crazy wow
Peter Parker: no offense sorry
Peter Parker: it's your turn to ask
You: what's your favorite movie
Peter Parker: star wars but you can't ask the same question!! try again
You: fine
You: what's your favorite food?
Was talking to boys always this hard? You couldn't remember the last time you'd had to get to know someone, but you didn't think it had ever been so nerve wracking. Was something wrong with you? Was everything destined to be this hard now that she was gone?
Peter Parker: anything from Delmar's
Peter Parker: best sandwiches in Queens
Peter Parker: since you got a double and you technically didn't answer my first question, i'm asking you the same but also what's your happiest memory
Everything was always going to be hard. Reading his response, your lungs deflated in your chest and the numbness gave way to the all too familiar sensation of despair. She'd always loved Delmar's, insisting on getting the same sandwich from there every single Friday after school, and it had been your thing.
Would there ever be anything that didn't remind you of her? Remind you of the hole punched in your life where she used to be? It was hard enough dealing with the empty space in your room where her bed used to be, the empty chair at the dinner table where she'd used to sit, all the empty spaces she'd used to fill up. But the little things--the little memories of things she'd used to love--those hurt so much more.
You: i have to go
You: i forgot i'm busy tomorrow so we can't start the project
You: i'm sorry
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blindingdutchy · 5 days ago
lamentation | ONE
Tumblr media
{peter parker x fem!reader AU}
based on All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
word count: 2,725
warnings: thoughts of suicide! unsuccessful attempt! depression, grief, angst
18+!!! minors stay away! TRIGGER WARNING.
Nothing made sense anymore. The world was upside down, all messed up, and you were hanging by a thread. How could it have been a year since the incident? How could you be okay with being older than her now?
Grief is something that nobody expects to be easy, but you never expected it to be quite so hard. Every day people promised that tomorrow would be better, but it never was. It never got better. It never got easier. You were fairly sure it never would, because if it still hurt this bad after thirteen months, twenty-two days, and six hours, how could one more hour, day, month, or year bring any sort of respite?
It couldn't. It wouldn't. Sometimes you wondered if this was your punishment. Maybe you felt this way because you deserved to, because you had earned a life time of suffering when you let her die. Sure, big sisters are supposed to look out for little sisters, but at the cost of their life? That couldn't go unpunished.
Every day was the same since she died. Wake up, wish you hadn't, feel everything and nothing all at once, and go to sleep. It was a strange and horrible existence; people weren't meant to feel so many big things at the same time. The guilt, the shame, the anguish, the longing... it consumed every part of you like a black hole until you were left with nothing. Until you felt nothing, thought nothing, you were nothing.
They were all the same until today. It was your birthday, your eighteenth birthday to be exact, and for once that ever present black hole in your chest was gone. Instead of waking up to the constant weight of all those heavy emotions on your shoulders, you woke up with the familiar numb emptiness you felt at the end of every day.
There weren't words to describe how much that terrified you. Every single day since your sister died, you'd wished endlessly for those painful feelings to go away. You'd begged for relief, for peace, and you'd taken solace in the hollow of the evenings. Waking up already vacant and listless did not bring the comfort you dreamed of.
You were officially older than her. You'd finally reached that first milestone she'd never reach, and the thought of it punched a hole in your chest so large you wondered if there was anything left of you at all. It wasn't fair--how could you celebrate the big ticket birthday she'd yearned for so anxiously? You couldn't.
You didn't deserve to celebrate. You didn't deserve to achieve all those goals she never had the chance to. You didn't deserve to live through all the years, experiences, moments that she never would. You didn't deserve to live.
It was all your fault, after all. It was your fault that she was there that day, it was your fault she lingered behind, and it was your fault she died. If you'd just gone shopping like she'd asked instead of insisting on going to the park, she'd still be here. If you hadn't frozen like an idiot, she'd still be here.
With a mind swimming with all the reasons everything would be better if you just weren't around anymore, you snuck out of your bedroom window. It was finally dark outside; you'd managed to make it through the day for your parents. But, with the day over, you couldn't hold on any longer.
The letter you'd written for your parents to find was tucked under your pillow, and with one final glance around the bedroom you used to share with your sister, you made peace with your life. This was for the best. Everyone would be so much better off if it had been you instead of her, and now you were going to make things right. It wouldn't bring her back, but at least you wouldn't be there as a reminder of what should have been.
As ready as you were, you didn't really have a plan. There were a million possibilities as far as how you could execute your desires, but none of them seemed right. It had to be fast, though, and something that didn't require much work. If it took effort, conscious thought and execution, you wouldn't follow through. You'd learned that the last time.
That was how you ended up on the roof of one of the more swanky apartment complexes. It was a tall building, taller than those surrounding it, and a fall from that height would surely do the trick. Strangely, the moment your feet dangled over the ledge with your bottom firmly planted in place, your mind went blank.
All those thoughts of the stress and pain you caused went silent, and you finally could breathe. With a deep exhale, your body relaxed for the first time since the incident; you didn't feel any of the bad things anymore. There was no pain, no grief, no sadness, nor were there any of those empty or numb feelings. You just felt peace.
The peace was short lived as you looked down to the street far below, though. This was it, this was the end, and suddenly your mind was racing with all the what if's. What if it could get better? What if it didn't work? What if this made everything worse? What if this was a mistake?
What if, what if, what if, "Whatever, just shut up." you gasped, clutching your head in your hands to keep it from spinning. "Get it together, (Y/N), this is the right thing to do."
Pulling out the letter you'd written to your sister, you opened it and cried for the first time in months. You'd long ago stopped crying; despite how many horrible things you'd been feeling, the tears just never came. But reading the words you'd written to her, thinking of her as you came to terms with your decision to join her, it was as if a metaphorical flood gate opened.
Thirteen months, twenty-two days, and seven hours. You couldn't wait any longer. You couldn't do it, do anything, anymore; you just needed to rest. The clock was running out, and your time was up.
"You can do this." you whispered, "For once in your life, do something right."
With shaky hands and weak knees, you scrambled up onto your feet and stood atop the ledge. You weren't that tall, but somehow the new perspective made the drop look so much longer and your stomach heaved with fright. Sobbing, you stumbled back to your knees and threw up the little bit of cake you'd forced yourself to eat earlier that evening.
You wiped the sick from your mouth and stood up again, this time with panting gasps for air and knees that shook so violently you feared you might fall before you were ready to. Maybe that would have been for the best, though, because the longer you looked down the more doubts you had. No one would ever know it was an accident if that were the case.
A sudden noise behind you startled you, and your heart seized in your chest as your knees gave out and you tipped dangerously over the edge. You didn't fall, though, because a sticky substance latched around your arm and dragged you back over until you were laying on the roof. For a moment you just laid there, staring up at the empty sky where the stars were all drowned out by the city lights, and you tried hard to figure out what had just happened.
"Are you okay? Oh--oh my god, are you hurt? What were you thinking? Shit, oh shit, Karen, what do I do?" A masked head leaned over your face, blocking the starless sky from your view, and all the feelings came flooding back like a tsunami. "Um, can you hear me?"
One feeling stood out against the current, and your body tensed as you were overcome with seething, white hot rage. An anger like you'd never felt before; you were furious. How dare he stop you? How dare he ruin everything?
It was Spiderman, the friendly neighborhood hero who'd been gallivanting around Queens for some time now, and that made you even angrier. Spiderman was one of them, one of the ridiculous superheroes who'd killed your sister without a single care in the world. He was one of them, and he'd just stopped you from finally fixing everything they had ruined.
You stood so fast you nearly threw up again, but you swallowed the bile down and hissed, "You should have let me fall. I wanted to fall."
Spiderman pulled you back with a firm grip on the web that was still wrapped around your arm, stopping you in your tracks as you stomped back toward the ledge. "Hey, stop! I'm not going to let you do this." he shouted, but his voice was more nervous than commanding.
"Get out of here, Spiderman. You're not saving the day by stopping me, okay?" you snapped fiercely. No matter how hard you pulled against the webbing holding you back, you couldn't break free. It didn't budge when you pulled at it, clawed at it, or even pried it. "What the hell is this shit?"
He pulled you in further, and you stumbled over your feet as you tried to keep your distance. "I'm not going to let you do this. You don't need to do this." he repeated, this time more firmly.
For a moment you were silent, studying the masked hero as he stared back at you with a hidden face. "You don't even know me. Why do you care?" you tried again, but your voice was softer, more fragile. The numbness was creeping back in again and you knew that you wouldn't be able to follow through anymore, even if he let you go.
"I do know you, (Y/N), and you don't need to do this. We can--I can help you. Let me help you."
Your eyebrows furrowed as you narrowed your eyes suspiciously. How the hell did he know your name? Did you know him? Even though your mind was running wild with unanswered questions, you seethed, "You can't help me. Unless you can go back in time and kill me instead of my sister, you can't fucking help me."
The eyes of his mask widened at your shout, and he stammered, "I--no, I can't do that, but I can help you. I can be your friend, you... you can talk to me. I know what it's like to lose someone, (Y/N)."
You scoffed, "Do you know what it's like to watch a family member die right in front of you? Do you know what it's like to see someone get killed, and it's all your fault? You can't help me!"
"I do, actually." he stated.
Your entire body slumped at the revelation, the anger leaving you as the numbness finally took over completely. It was silent for a few long moments as you cried noiselessly, the only sounds being those of your still frantic breathing and the bustling traffic far below. "If you know, then you know why I have to do it." you whimpered.
Spiderman dropped the web keeping you in place as you collapsed onto your butt, your legs too weak to support you anymore from exhaustion. "I know why you think you have to, but I also know why you're wrong. This isn't the answer." he responded, tentatively taking a few steps closer to you.
You didn't respond, looking up at him as you wiped your cheeks and nose weakly, and he took the chance to continue, "I'm going to make you a deal. I'm going to take my mask off and show you who I am. If you still want to do it after, fine, but at least you'll know who will be blaming themselves afterwards."
True to his word, his fingers creeped under the edge of his mask as he stared you down intensely. Your breath faltered as you watched, completely still as you realized he was serious. Spiderman was going to reveal his identity to you, and you knew that once he did it was game over. As much as you felt the world would be better off without you, you couldn't bare the thought of leaving someone behind to feel the way that you did.
So, stubbornly, you squeezed your eyes shut tightly and refused to look. "I'll wait here all night if I have to. Besides, I could just say my name, you know. I'm pretty sure you know me too."
"Don't." you pleaded.
"Open your eyes, (Y/N). You want this, right? Knowing who I am shouldn't change anything, then." he urged, his tone soft despite his harsh words. "It's Peter. Peter Parker. I've sat behind you in at least two classes since freshman year, and I've lent you pencils before. You always give them back, and you always let Flash copy your homework even though he's a total dick to you. You--"
Your eyes snapped open as you cut him off, "Stop! Just because you know things about me doesn't mean you know me."
It really was Peter Parker, and the numbness faded a little to make room for anxiety and guilt. You knew Peter had lost too much in his life; his parents and his uncle, too. Could you add your name to that list? Could you jump when you knew he'd blame himself for the rest of his life?
You couldn't. You wouldn't. Peter's brown eyes were filled with worry and sadness as he studied you, his mask clutched tightly in his fist. When you remained silent, he sat down and spoke quietly, "I know enough to know the world would suck without you. I could be your friend, you know, you don't have to do this alone."
"I don't need friends." you huffed.
Peter frowned briefly, before rubbing his nose and hiding it again. "I did just tell you my biggest secret, (Y/N), so I think we kind of have to be friends now." he finally rebutted, a faint twinge of humor in his voice, "You might not want friends, but you do need one. I'll be your friend."
You stared back at Peter blankly, uncaring as he shifted uncomfortably in your silence. Why did he want to be your friend? He already got what he wanted. You weren't going to go through with your plan, and he wouldn't have to live with guilt like you did every day. So, why was he still here?
Part of you wanted to believe he really cared, because he seemed to pay a lot of attention to you to notice the little things you did, but you knew better. He didn't really care about you. He only cared that you knew his secret and now you had leverage over him. You could out him if you wanted to, and that meant he had to keep tabs on you.
"I don't need friends." you repeated stiffly, "Don't worry, Parker. Your secret is safe with me."
His eyes widened as he stammered, "That's not--"
"Save it, Peter. Can you please just get this shit off of me so I can go home? I want to go to bed." you cut him off with a deep sigh, gesturing to the web that was still hanging from your arm.
He looked like he wanted to argue, to further plead his case, but after a few moments he visibly wilted and gave in. "It'll dissolve in two hours. I'll... I'll see you at school, (Y/N)."
It was a statement, but it sounded more like a question. You knew he was still hesitant to let you out of his sight, fearful that you'd go back on your word and follow through, and this was his way of confirming you wouldn't do just that. Achingly stretching up off the ground, you muttered, "Yeah. Bye, Peter."
Peter tugged his mask back over his head, but didn't make any move to leave until you were opening the door that lead back into the building. As you stepped through the threshold he gave a forlorn wave, before jumping over the ledge and swinging away. The door shut behind you as the weight of the world settled on your shoulders once again. You'd failed, like always.
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blindingdutchy · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
{peter parker x fem!reader AU}
based on All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven
summary: you never expected, or wanted, to feel anything again after the tragedy. but, when a superhero shared his biggest secret with you and refused to leave you alone again, it was hard not to let him in. saving you was different than his usual battles, but peter parker was never one to back down from a challenge.
total word count: n/a
warnings: character death! talk of suicide, depression, anxiety, mental illness! angst, fluff, smut (once), talk of death/tragedy, survivor's guilt, lots of heavy shit
18+!!! minors stay away
angst--✩ smut--∞ trigger warning--☻
IRIS Goo Goo Dolls
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sunshineandaisies · 7 days ago
Cabin Fever (Part Two)
Cabin Fever Masterlist
Summary: What was meant to be a weekend at the cabin with Peter, Pepper, and Morgan very quickly turned into a weekend alone with your best friend and your recently acknowledged feelings for him thanks to a certain assumption made by your step-mother.
Pairing: College!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Words: ~2.0k
Warnings: language, sexual suggestions, angst?, too much overthinking, a tad bit of fluff
Tumblr media
Telling Peter that you had lied to him about why Pepper and Morgan had suddenly cancelled their trip to the cabin didn’t go exactly as you had thought it would. His response to that fact that you had lied, however, was exactly as understanding as you had expected him to be, just as he always was when you finally found the courage to tell him the truth.
“I know.” He glanced at you from the corner of his eye before pressing the bottle of wine to his lips, and- for fuck’s sake, were you jealous of a wine bottle? You rolled your lips together, your attention firmly on him as he wiped his wine-stained lips on the back of his arm. “Wanna talk about it?”
“No,” you blurted before shaking your head. “I mean, yes. Maybe?” You sighed as he chuckled softly, settling the half-empty bottle of wine on the dock between the two of you. “I don’t know. It’s weird. Pepper...made a few assumptions. About us. Together.”
If you hadn’t been watching him closely for his reaction, you would have missed the nearly imperceptible widening of his eyes before he schooled his expression. “I see. And these assumptions, they-”
“She thought we needed a weekend alone after the busy semester we both had.”
He smiled and nodded, the implication of your words completely going over his head. “That’s nice of her. It has been a long time since we had some time to hang out, just the two of us. Last time was that weekend before winter break ended, right?”
“Mhm,” you answered noncommittally. “But Peter, I think you’re missing the p-”
“We had a movie night, and you accidentally bought Star Trek instead of Star Wars,” he reminisced, a small smile curving his lips as he leaned back on his arms and stared at the colors of the sunset beyond the trees on the horizon. “I had to spend all night explaining the differences in the two franchises to you.”
“Peter, I-”
“And I’m still not convinced that you didn’t buy the wrong movie on purpose, but the Star Wars franchise is a cinematic masterpiece and the movies deserve to be watched multiple times to truly appreciate-”
“Peter!” you interrupted. Your raised voice caused him to jump, but if you didn’t say what was on your mind now, you probably never would. You had just a fraction of a second to figure out how you wanted to proceed with telling Peter about Pepper’s real reason for not joining you that weekend, and in that miniscule amount of time, you panicked. There was no way in hell you could tell Peter that your step-mom thought you were going to spend the entire weekend having sex after a prolonged separation, so you did the first thing you could think of to put an end to the conversation altogether.
You pushed him into the lake.
Your mouth dropped open in shock and your eyes widened as Peter resurfaced, his hair sticking to his forehead and his already tight t-shirt clinging to his body. It took considerable effort to lift your gaze from his chest and the way that the wet t-shirt clung to his muscled form. You bit your lip and tried to keep your eyes trained firmly on his face, hoping that he didn’t see you openly staring at him like you wanted to completely devour him. And yet, staring at his face, as droplets of water trailed along his jawline and down his neck, did nothing to help the growing heat beneath your skin.   
You wanted to trace the trail of those water droplets. With your tongue. For fuck’s sake, when did he get so attractive? 
When he wiped the water from his face, his chocolate eyes narrowed at you. He looked absolutely adorable - pouting like that - and you couldn’t help the laughter that bubbled from you. You slapped your hand over your mouth to try to mask it, but it was too late. “What the fuck was that for, Y/N?” he questioned, and though he tried to look angry, the corners of his mouth were twitching into the ghost of a smile. 
You let yourself laugh freely then, feeling entirely more lighthearted now than you had only minutes ago when you were contemplating possibly making your weekend alone with Peter a thousand times more awkward by telling him the truth. “I had to get you to stop talking about Star Wars somehow,” you explained, and thankfully it was enough of a truth that he didn’t instantly spot the lie in your explanation. He really would have talked about Star Wars for hours if you let him. “Star Wars is so overrated, Peter.”
“You take that back!” he cried, wading through the shallow water towards you.
“Not gonna happen, Parker.” You laughed again, but your laughter was cut short when he stepped between your legs and wrapped his arms around your waist. The cool lake water seeping through the material of your shirt did absolutely nothing to douse the growing heat you felt at being so close to him. “What are you doing, Peter?”
“Do you take it back?” he questioned. 
You shook your head, watching him curiously.
His chocolate eyes sparkled with mischief, his brows raised in question, and his lips curled into a devastatingly attractive grin. “Take it back, Y/N. Last chance.”
Your mouth opened to respond, to tell him that you would never take back what you said - because really, the Star Wars movies needed to be knocked down a peg after Peter did absolutely nothing but talk them up - but you never managed to form the words. Peter’s proximity and the heat of his hands on your lower back made it impossible to speak. Hell, it made it impossible to even think straight. If you had managed to actually say something, you’re sure that it would have been nothing more than garbled nonsense.
“Time’s up.”
A scream tore through you as Peter tugged you into the water with him, and once your feet found purchase on the sandy bottom of the lake, you surfaced, sputtering and shivering and feeling significantly less heat now that Peter’s hands were no longer on your body. 
“You asshole!” you cried before bursting into a fit of giggles. He playfully splashed you, and you wholeheartedly returned the favor, sending a handful of water directly into his face. “What if I had my phone in my pocket?”
“I knew you didn’t.” He splashed again, laughing as you tried to shield yourself from the incoming water with your hands. “You left it on the couch. Besides, you asked for this when you pushed me into the water first.”
“Oh? I asked for it, did I?” you taunted as you waded through the water, closer and closer and closer until you were standing inches apart. “You sure about that, Parker?” 
He eyed you skeptically and took a step back, but he was still within your reach. You pounced, dragging Peter beneath the surface of the water with you. After a moment, strong arms wrapped around your waist and pulled you back to the surface. As soon as you and Peter locked eyes with one another, the sounds of your combined laughter echoed across the surface of the lake, but you quickly sobered and averted your gaze when you realized just how close you were.
You tried to ignore the feeling of his arms caging you against his chest, the feeling of his warm breath fanning across your cheek, the feeling of his heart beating beneath your hand on his chest. You tried to ignore the way that Peter’s hold on you never ceased, the way that Peter’s gaze was burning into your skin, the way that his fingers flexed against your lower back at the slightest move from you. 
“Y/N, I-”
“We should probably-”
You bit your lip, trying to hide the curl of your lips. Speaking at the same time was a talent that you and Peter had, never failing to irritate your dad back when you had first met, and it seemed that even a prolonged separation didn’t improve your conversational timing at all. “What’s up?” you asked him, finally getting the courage to look up at him.
You glanced up at him from under your lashes, and you were surprised to see him staring at you. The expression on his face had caught you off guard. It was so...soft, so tender with a certain heat hidden beneath in his chocolate eyes that you hadn’t seen directed at you before. It was a look that you recognized, though. You’d seen it when he looked at Liz during your sophomore year of high school, when he looked at MJ during your senior year of high school, when he looked at Gwen during your freshman year of college. 
But now he was looking at you. 
“What?” you asked, feeling suddenly shy under his intense gaze.
He stared at you, opening and closing his mouth over and over again as if he was trying to sort out what he wanted to say before he said something that made the situation ten times more awkward than it already was with your admission. His dark eyes, looking like pools of golden honey from the sunlight reflected in them, scanned your features, and you held your breath, waiting and waiting and waiting for him to say something, anything.
“I’ve missed this,” he finally said. “I’ve missed you. Is it selfish of me to say that I wished you never went to MIT? That I wished you stayed in New York with me?” After a beat of silence, he quickly added, “And with Harry and MJ?”
Of all the things you had been expecting him to say, that certainly wasn’t one of them. You thought he’d maybe tell you that the wet clothes clinging to him was making him uncomfortable or that he was hungry or that he wanted to force you to watch Star Wars until you finally appreciated his favorite movie series, but this... You hadn’t expected him to say something like that, not even in your wildest dreams.
Maybe you were looking into it too much. Just because he missed you, just because he wanted you to stay in New York - to stay with him - didn’t mean that he returned your feelings...whatever those feelings were. 
You shook your head, both in response to his questions and to attempt to clear your head. “I don’t think it’s selfish. Is it selfish of me to wish that you didn’t need to stay in New York? To wish that you could’ve come to MIT with me? To wish that we could spend everyday together in Cambridge, annoying the hell out of Harley with our endless pop culture references and trying every single pizza place on campus with Ned?” You rested your head against his shoulder to hide your flustered expression from his view. If he saw the way that you were staring at him with heart eyes you’d be done for. There’d be absolutely no hiding how you felt. “I missed you, too.”
“Even if it was selfish, I don’t think I’d care.” 
Well, shit. Peter Parker was going to be the end of you if he kept saying shit like that. 
“Is that right?” You allowed yourself to hope - hope that he felt the same about you, hope that his heart raced the same way that your heart raced whenever you smiled at each other, hope that he felt just as at home in your arms as you felt in his, hope that he he wanted to kiss you just as much as you wanted to kiss him right now.
But hope is a fickle bitch.
“Of course. You’re my best friend, Y/N.” He laughed then, completely unaware that his words had caused your heart to break just a little. “Don’t tell Ned, though.”
“Right.” You cleared your throat and stepped away from him. You pushed down the hurt and forced a smile onto your face. “Don’t worry. Your secret’s safe with me, Parker.” You gave him a quick wink before turning around and wading towards the shore, needing to get away from Peter as fast as humanly possible.
You didn’t want him to see how hurt you were by his innocent declaration.
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hiraeth-kody · 7 days ago
-Opposites- Peter Parker x Female Reader
   Kody: sassy reader for the win
   Movie/Show: Spider-Man: Homecoming / Infinity war / Endgame
   Request: hi, how are you? i hope everything is okay! it's ok if i ask for some peter×reader where the reader is all sass and peter is all shy and cute maybe? idk, don't really have something specific in mind, but i really like your writing thank you! 💕 @loudbluepancake
   Possible Triggers / Warnings: cursing, puke/throwing up/vomit, angst because i suck, Peter being to innocent for his own good
      people always say opposites attract. That two completely different people could cherish each other. You didn’t really believe in such superstitions for most of your life. That was until you met Peter Parker in chemistry class, it was like your whole idealism was thrown into orbit. 
   it was sophomore year and you despised anything science related. Mostly because you sucked at it- okay that’s the only reason. Your teacher had issued some work packet, about six pages to be finished by the end of class. The urge to throw yourself out the window was growing by the second. 
   you guessed your internal struggle became visible at one point because you felt a light tap on your shoulder. 
   your head snapped to the left like an owl, startling the brown haired boy in front of you “What?” you said rather harshly due to your stress. He purses his lips together, contemplating whether it was a good idea to come over to you after all, he just had to listen to Ned.
   he holds out his hand, offering it for her to shake with a nervous smile “I’m Peter- uh Peter Parker. I saw you were um- struggling? I can help” he says, stumbling over his words a bit, something he usually did. You eyed him up and down, noting his nervous stature. 
   narrowing your eyes for a second, you sigh “Yeah clearly. I’d appreciate that. I’m Y/n by the way” you reach and grab his hand, shaking it twice before letting go. “Pretty- i mean your name is pretty. Sorry” he apologized quickly. Watching him trip over himself was kinda funny.
   “Well i hope i don’t look ugly either” you said, a small grin on your face as his drops to a worried look. “No!-” he exclaims, earning a harsh shoosh from the teacher in front of the classroom and a few weird stares at his outburst. Peter takes notice and smiles nervously around the room. 
   he turns to look at you and sighs “That was joke wasn’t it?” his face scrunches up. He looked cute that way “Yeah, but i would actually like your help” you admit with a half smile. He blinks mindlessly for a moment before exhaling deeply “Alright”
   and that’s how it started
   six months later
   after your quick encounter, would would always bug Peter on chemistry work when it didn’t make sense to you, so most of the time. “I- I’m busy Y/n” he spoke, not looking in your direction “With what?” you asked, not believing him in the slightest. He was such a bad liar.
   his hands clench a bit as he crosses his arms “I’m going out of town for a bit” he says and Ned nods along with him. Ned didn’t look like he was lying, so you figured he was in the dark too? Unfortunately you were a hot head “when you want to buck up and tell me the fucking truth, delete my number” 
   Peter looks up at you, his mouth opening to say something. He wanted to say something, anything really, but he knew he couldn’t. How was he supposed to say he was going to Germany to fight Captain America with Tony Stark. Oh yeah he was also Spider-Man!, but he really wanted too. 
   his mouth closed and you took that as your cue to leave. Turning on your heels, you walk towards the door of the classroom “Y/n!” Peter calls out, but instead of turning round you lift your hand up and flip him off. As you walk out the door Peter drops his head onto the table. 
   “That girl has too much sass for her own good” Ned says, Peter just folded his arms and sighs, but he did agree. You on the other hand were huffing and puffing as you walked out, trying to calm yourself down and convince yourself that Peter blowing you off shouldn’t hurt as much as it did. 
   two weeks later
   you were sitting at your desk looking at your chemistry textbook and taking notes. The truth was you had been taking Peter’s study techniques to heart and were actually passing because of it. You had just gotten so used to Peter coming over to help you study for tests that you assumed he’d be there. 
   maybe it was selfish of you too expect him to bend to your will, but he was your only friend other then Ned and Maybe Michelle, but she was more of a loner at the moment, but she’d come around. You liked watching him teach you because he was confident in the way he spoke.
   but you loved his shy side, because you could get an reaction out of him by anything you said- that sounded more mean then it should. You were brought back to reality once you hear your cat meow next to you, since they were sitting on your desk. 
   “Do you think he has a girlfriend and that’s why he blew me off?” you ask your furry fellow who nuzzles it’s head into your hand. “It’s not like i would care if he had a girlfriend. We don’t even like each other like that” you shrug your shoulders, the words not feeling right as you say them.
   “Are you talking to your cat?”
   “What the fuck!” you shout and jump out your chair to face your window. Perched on the windowsill was a guy in a red and dark blue spider suit. Spider-Man. He raises his hands up in defense, almost falling back out the window “Okay okay, maybe i should have knocked” he joked.
   was he- making jokes?
   you turn to your desk and grab from the stack of textbooks, chemistry. You chuck it at him and he catches it “Yeah that’s not gonna work” he says with an amused laugh, but it’s cut short s you throw your english book next and it hits him straight in the head. 
   “Ow! What is your problem?!” he shouts and throws your books onto your bed. You deadpan and gesture to the room “Your in a 15 year old girls room you fucking creep!” you shout back. “If it makes you feel any better i’m also 15!” he says, dodging more flying books and throwing them on the bed.
   “It doesn’t dipshit, your still a man!” 
   “Okay okay, i’m sorry!” he apologizes, letting out a groan as he grabbed his his side. You narrow your eyes and drop the book you were holding “What’re you hurt or something?” you question, He lets out a small laugh “Ran into a mugger on the way here- i mean i live around here”
   “Right and you stopped by my room because?” you say, not fully trusting spider boy over here. “I heard you talking to yourself- well cat and thought you needed some company” he shrugs. At this point you thought he was either a creep or a really nice dumb guy. 
   “Why were you talking to your cat. Don’t have friends?” he said and you life up the book again to throw it at him “No no no i mean like you seem like a nice gal, so i assumed you would have friends?” he quickly mustered up the words. You roll your eyes “Nice save” you say before sitting on your bed.
   “I have three, one is busy with crime documentaries, one is building legos, and i’m not talking to the third” a frown overtook your face. Spider-man stepped through the window and sat down, leaning against the wall “What’s the reason?” he said, sounding unsure if that made sense. 
   “He’s a dick and lied to me” you reply, hoping off the bed to sit on the floor, but still lean against the wooden frame of said bed. “How do you know he lied?” Spider-man questioned “He shoves his hands under his armpits and doesn’t make eye contact with me. He’s also just a shit liar”
   Spider-man went silent after that, mumbling something to himself before eventually speaking up “Maybe he had a good reason?” he said and you rolled your eyes. “I told him everything about myself and he lied to me. Maybe everyone else was right”
   “Everyone else?”
   “Most of our other classmates and people in our year in general think i’m obnoxious, loud, and just overall an overbearing attitude. Ned, my other friend just calls it sass.” cracking a smile, you advert your eyes to your hands to mindlessly pick at your nails. 
   you weren’t able to see as Spider-man’s fist clenched before sighing “Does he know about what they say about you?” he asked, already knowing the answer “Nah” you shake your head “I didn’t want to worry ‘bout lil old me. I guess someone got to him”
   “I don’t think that’s true”
   “How so spidey?”
   “If i was your friend i’d never believe what other people say about you. You don’t seem obnoxious” he says. That was kind ff sweet of him “Well you don’t seem like the kind of guy to fight Captain America, plus some other avengers but i saw the news yesterday”
   he reached behind to scratch the back of his clothed neck “That’s on the news already?” he asked. You lift your head and nod “Yeah dude, some people stayed back and recorded it i guess” you shrug, thinking that was a plausible answer. “Aw man” he whines, making you chuckle. 
   “I think you held your own for a good amount of time. i would have probably died, but i can’t shoot webs out my wrist so it only makes sense” you wave your hands a bit “Hey! i also have enhanced strength, reflexes, and speed. I’m amazing” he gloats. 
   “Alright Spider boy don’t let that go to your big head” 
   “It’s Spider-man, thank you very much” he replies with as much sass “I’m already rubbing off on you, get out of here before you become my clone” you joke, standing off the ground, Spider-man doing the same. You saw his mask move as he laughed a bit.
   “I should get home and you better call your friend, even if it’s just yell. I’m sure he’d want to hear your voice after how long?” he asked, going over to the window “Two weeks” you say, stepping towards him “Yeah he definitely misses you. See you around”
   “yeah yeah i will. See you round Spidey. Get that rib checked out by the way” you point at him in a mock scolding tone. He shakes his head “I will too, bye” and with that he fell back out the window. You went over and looked at the sidewalk just as he swung passed you. 
   he waves and you do too before shutting the window. What a weird dude. You look back at your desk and spot your phone “Dammit” you mumble and walk over slowly, like the device was going to jump out and bite your damn finger off. Once your close you grab your phone and swipe up, unlocking it. 
   you click on the green phone button. It opens up and you click contacts until you see ‘P.B Parker’ it was funny at the time you made it, now it seemed stupid. fuck, why did this seem so hard all of the sudden? You quickly click the call button before your mind could make you pussy out. 
   it rang once, then twice.. “Hello?” you press the phone to your ear, feeling nerves nip at your skin “Hey Parker” you say and it went silent for a few moments “It’s- uh It’s nice to hear your voice, i thought you’d ignore me forever” he says with a nervous laugh. 
   “Nah, i don’t have enough friends to do that. What were you really doing the past two weeks?” you ask, hoping to get straight answer from him “I was working with Tony Stark, i got an internship with him. I wanted it to be a surprise” he said. “Now i feel like a bitch”
   “Don’t- i. I should have said something. I don’t like when your mad at me Y/n. It’s both scary and depressing” he admits, which made your chest feel a bit warm “It’s because i’m so amazing i know” you reply, making him chuckle “Yeah, you are”
   you two ended up talking on the phone for hours about nothing and everything. He seemed more confident in the way he spoke as well, but you will always like the shy side of him. It was also the night you figured out you liked your best friend. 
   one month later
   “Hey guys, Peter’s in his room. I’m making turkey meatloaf” May says as she steps aside so you and ned could come through. May wraps her arms around you and squeezes you tightly “May. Losing. Oxygen. Tell my mom. I love her” you say dramatically and she laughs, letting go.
   you smile as she kisses your forehead before going back to the kitchen “Five bucks says she burns it” Ned says and you nod, shaking his hand. Both you and Ned walk into Peter’s room, not bothering to knock because you both suck “Where the hell is he?” Ned asked and you shrug. 
   “May said he was here, so she probably doesn’t know he’s out. I’m not snitching’” you raise your hands, pushing the door a bit with your foot. Ned rolls his eyes and goes over to Peter’s bed placing the box of legos down “I’ll call him” he says and you nod, taking a seat at his desk. 
   Ned lifts his phone to his ear and you could hear as it rang a rang, but Peter never picked up “I’ll text him were here and i guess will wait?” he says, unsure. You shoot him a shrug “Whatever you want to do dude” you reply. Ned sighs as he texts rapidly on his phone before looking at you.
   “You are no help sometimes, you know?” 
   “Fully aware. Now let’s build that death star thing to rub it in his face” you suggest, going over to sit next to Ned “It’s just death star” he says and you roll your eyes this time “Yeah whatever. Now open it up before i put legos in your shoe”
   a couple hours later
   “I don’t even know what it’s supposed to look like, but damn that’s cool” you say, looking at the fully built death star in the hands on Ned “Yeah! We have to take a picture for Peter-” Ned stopped talking as you both heard the window to the left of you both. 
   you tilted your head to watch as the the similar figure wearing red and dark blue suit clung onto the wall. What. The. Fuck!? Both you and Ned are stunned into the silence at the fact that Spider-man just crawled through your best friends room. 
   was this a normal thing for him?
   you were just beginning to process what was happening until Spider-man reached up to grab his mask and rip it off his head. You should have looked away, but you didn’t and what you saw some reason made you feel sick. The dorky face of Peter Parker.
   Peter slowly crawled across the ceiling until he was a few feet to the right of his door. He lifts his arm and shoots a web, slowly pulling it closed. Once he could no longer do that, his feet detached from the ceiling and he was dangling by one arm for a second until that detached as well. 
   he went to the door and used his hand to fully shut it, letting out a deep sigh. He turns around and his whole body freezes up, his  brown eyes going back and forth between you and Ned. Ned drops the death star, causing it too crash onto the floor and break apart. Damn- 
   Ned stood up abruptly while you looked around, reaching for the trash can beside his bed. You grab it and release the lunch you had earlier in it. “What was that?!” May called from the kitchen. Peter looked back and the door with a worried look “UH! Nothing! Nothing!” he shouts back.
   he looked back at Ned, who looked like he was bubbling with questions already “Your the Spider-man, from youtube” he breathes out. Peter pats his chest as his suit deflates around him. You look up for a moment, wiping your mouth to see Peter just in his boxers. “I’m not. I’m not” Peter repeats
   fuck, Shit, Damn- 
   emotions were everywhere at the moment. Wait did he have abs!? “You were on the ceiling you dipshit!” you shout at him, pointing up with your finger. Peter looks like he’s about to implode “NO i wasn’t. Guys what’re you doing in my room?!” 
   is he- trying to- turn this on you guys?
   “May let us in. You said we were going to finish the death star?!” Ned explains hastily. “You can’t just bust into my room!” Peter shoust back just as the door opens, causing him to stand next to Ned as smoke came filing into the room. Jesus, was the house on fire- oh nevermind. 
   damn you owned Ned five bucks. May came in laughing to herself “That turkey meatloaf recipe is a disaster. Lets go to dinner. Thai? Ned, Y/n you wan’t Thai?” she says, reaching up to take the clip out of her hair. Ned smiles “Yeah actually-” 
   “No he’s got a thing”
   “A thing to do after” Ned corrects, smiling nervously as May looked at you, waiting for your answer “I just puked in this trash can so” you say simply making May’s face become worried “Okay, i’ll go get some stomach medicine” she says, grabbing for the handle 
   “Maybe put on some clothes” 
   Peter purses his lips together and grabs a grey sweatshirt off his desk chair quickly. May smiles and closes the door, Peter going back to standing in front of both of you. Ned raises his hand gesturing to the door “Oh! She doesn’t know!” Ned says. 
   Peter sighs before turning back to ned. “No, nobody knows. Well Mr. Stark knows, but that’s because he made my suit, but that’s it” he explains, showing his arms through the sleeves of the sweatshirt. “Tony Stark made you that? Are you an avenger?” Ned says in pure disbelief. 
   Peter’s mouth went agape for a moment until his head did that cute, stupid little nod thing “Yeah basically” he says, shrugging his shoulders. Ned dramatically leaned against the bunk bed “Oh Jeez” Peter went to stand directly in front of him. You finally stood up and stood next to Ned
    “Dude, you guys can’t tell anyone about this. You gotta keep this a secret” he says in a hushed tone. This is a first seeing him so serious “A secret, why?” Ned says and you facepalm next to him “Seriously?” you say, whacking Ned’s arm. who swats your hand away. 
   Peter’s voice suddenly got very high in pitch “You know what she’s like. If she finds out people are trying to kill me every single night, she’s not going to let me do this anymore” he says, gesturing to the door every couple words. “Come on Ned please” Peter begs. 
   “Okay, okay, okay, kay I’m gonna level with you.I don’t think i can keep this a secret ” he says and Peter sighs, turning his head away “This is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me” he says. He acted like he just found out that he himself was Spider-man instead of Peter. 
   “May can not know. I can not do that to her right now, you know?. With everything that’s happened with her I- please” he pleaded his case once more, his voice cracking a bit. It would have pained you to see him like that a little more if the urge to strangle him wasn’t there. 
   “Just swear it okay, both of you”
   “I swear” Ned says and Peter looks at you. “Yeah i swear, for May’s sake” you make sure to point out you were still pissed at him. “Thank you” Peter says anyway. “Okay” you shrug your shoulders. Peter ran a hand through his hair “I can’t believe this is happening right now”
   “Is the internal freakout kicking in Spidey?” you say with a small grin on your face. “Can i try the suit on?” Ned asked “No“ both you and Peter say at the same time. “How does it work? Is it magnets?” How do you shoot the strings?” Ned kept the questions rolling. 
   Peter grabbed his arm, leading him towards the door “I’mma tell you this at school tomorrow okay?” he said and Ned nods as Peter grabs the door handle “Great. Wait ” Ned says and they both stop at the door. Did he forget about you. “How do you do this and the Stark internship” he asks. 
   Peter gives him a strange look “This is the Stark internship” he says and Ned smiles, nodding “Oh” Peter shakes his head and shoves Ned through the door “Just get out” he says and shuts it. He turns his back and leans against it, exhaling deeply. 
   you take a seat on his bed and grab your black sneakers so you can slip them on. “What’re you doing?” Peter asked, pushing himself off the door “Leaving. What does it look like genius?” you snap at him as you stand up once more “But May said she’d bring you some-”
   “I’ll tell her i’m fine. I just want to go home” you say and go to grab your bag off the floor when Peter shoots a web at it, pulling it towards him “I know your mad at me” he says “Oh so he is a genius, what do you want? a cookie. Give me my bag Peter” you say bitterly. 
   “I wanted to tell you, i really did. Especially after that night in your room-”
   “Don’t even bring that up”
   “Y/n please, just let me and explain” he begs as you walk towards him and go for the handle, but he shoots a web onto it before you can even touch it. You sigh and look at him with a glare “Fine” you submit and he nods, dropping your bag beside him. 
   “I was a normal kid my whole life and then my world was flipped over. I could do things no one else could and it was awesome, but i knew i couldn’t tell anyone but at the same time i knew i could help people. So i did and it became my new normal”
   you listened quietly, trying not to give off any emotions or whatever “then six months ago i met a girl who couldn’t do her chemistry work, so much so that she was breaking her pencil and didn’t even notice. Everyone calls her obnoxious and full of attitude, but i think she’s perfect”
   “Are you flirting with me Peter?” you asked and he smiles sheepishly “No- well yes, but i’m trying to tell you i like you. Like- like like you” he said then immediately averted his eyes away from you. “Oh” you breathed out, in shock yourself.  
   a few moments went by and both of you didn’t say a word, just stared at each other awkwardly. Peter seemed to become antsy by the second because out of nowhere he grabs your face with both of his hands, planting his lips on yours. It took you a second, but you kissed him back.
   pushing him away, you wipe your mouth “Peter i just puked in your trash can dumbass!”
   two years later / senior year
   “I fucking hate bridges” you groan, slumping down into your seat. Field trips sucked ass, especially when you had to drive over a bridge. “You’ll be fine” Peter reassures, wrapping an arm around you. You narrow your eyes and look at him “When we drive off this bridge and die. I’m blaming you”
   Peter shook his head before his face dropped and he looked at his arm. The hairs on his arm standing up. He takes his arm from around your head and places his hand over the hairs, causing your head to fall back “Ow. What the hell Peter?” you glare, 
   you sit up in your seat and spot what he’s looking at. Oh aliens- that’s fucking great. Wait your boyfriend is a superhero “Peter” you say, but he looks at the back of the bus before reaching in the front to tap Ned in the face. Ned takes out his earbud and looks back at him.
   “Hey Hey. I need you to cause a distraction” 
   “Ned don’t” You say, but it’s too late, Ned spots the spaceship, his face lighting up “Holy shit. We’re all gonna die!” he shouts, getting the attention of everyone on the bus. “Peter” you say again. Everyone gets out there seats and strats to crowd the back of the bus. “It’s a spaceship!”
   Peter reaches into his backpack and pulls out his web-shooter, slapping it on his wrist. It connects automatically. He points it out the window on the other side of the bed and shoots a web at the latch, pulling it open. You grab his arm, finally catching his attention “Peter for fucks sake think about this”
   “It’ll be fine. I always come back, you know this. I’ll see in a couple hours okay?” Peter flashes you a smile. You sigh and nod “Fine, come back soon” you say and he nods, leaning down to peck your lips. “I Love you, bye” he spoke quickly before launching himself out the window. 
   he had never said i love you before
   you were at home, religiously watching the news on your phone, switching to other channels if they didn’t have any view of Peter.  Speaking of Peter, he was currently holding onto Doctor Strange as something was beaming it up “Peter just let go” you say to yourself. 
   but you knew he wouldn’t
   you watched as the light post that was keeping him down was ripped out the earth and your boyfriend shot through the air, leaving earth with that spaceship. He was gone, but he would come back. That’s what he told you. Like she had been watching herself Mj’s contact appeared on your phone. 
   scrambling across your bed, you grab your phone, answering it “Y/n” she says before you have a chance to explode on her “He’s gone Mj What am i supposed to do?” you say, your words breaking like you had forgotten how to speak. Mj waits a few seconds before responding.
   “He’ll be back. No get some rest it’s late will meet at the cafe next to your house with Ned”
   two days later
   “Y/n, you looked like you haven’t slept” Ned points out, causing you to send a glare his way “Yeah no shit, my boyfriend is in fucking space and i haven’t seen him for two days, but yeah thanks for pointing that out dickwas” you snap, leaning back in your chair. 
   Ned purses his lips and looks around, begging for Mj to show up with your drinks already. “He’s my friend too, my best friend. I’m scared, but you know Peter. He’ll be back” he says. You look at him and sigh “Yeah i’m sorry Ned” you say and reach across of the table, opening your hand. 
   Ned takes your hand into his and you smile “You guys having a seance without me or something?” you both turn your heads to see Mj standing in front of the table. She places the drinks down, one in front of you and one in front of Ned. “God, did we have to chose a table outside it’s hella freezing”
   you laugh at Mj’s comment “I needed the fresh air. My room smells like depression and doritos” you say, making Mj snicker this time. You lift up your drink and look at Ned who is frozen in fear. “Ned” you say, placing your cup down.
   Ned doesn’t say a word, only lifting his finger, pointing at something between you and Mj, who had taken a seat next to you. Both you and Mj turn around to see people- people turning into dust and floating away like a old dandelion you blew to make a wish on as a kid. 
   Mj’s eyes widen “We have to go!” she shouts and just as you were both ready to take off- “Guys” you both turn to look at Ned. He’s staring at his hand, watching as he came apart and floated away “Ned!” you shout and jump out the seat, going over to him. 
   Mj grabs his hand, but he goes right through it. You can see her eyes watering, you can’t remember ever seeing her cry before “Ned, it’s going to be okay” she says. “I- i feel weird” Ned spoke. You both lift him out the chair, but it’s too late. The last bit of him had flown away.
   “Oh god” Mj spoke, looking at her own hands, she was fading away as well. You grabbed her shoulders, both of you in tears at this point “Mj you can’t leave me, okay? That’s not how this friendship works. Your to stubborn for this bullshit” you spoke through sobs.
   Mj’s knees buckled under her and you fell with her. As soon as her lower legs touched the ground she was gone. You didn’t know what to do, your best friends and vanished in front of your eyes. Like you were on autopilot, you grab your phone from your pocket and click the phone icon.
   ‘P.B Parker’ you click the call button and it goes straight to voicemail 
   “Please leave a message after the tone”
   “Peter. Ned and Mj vanished into thin air and i don’t know what to do. Your usually the logical one and- fuck Peter why did you leave. I’m so scared and all i can think about is how you told me you loved me on the bus, you really know how to make an exit”
   as you spoke you saw your hand beginning to fade as well “shit- I love you too Peter Parker” your boyfriend would never hear that message.
   titan (sorry in advance)
   Peter Parker clung onto Tony “I don’t wanna go” he kept repeating like he could convince the stones to let him stay. 
   “I don’t wanna go Mr. Stark”
   Peter fell, taking Tony with him “Y/n- find her and make sure she’s alright please. I should have stayed with her- i-” Peter was choking on his words “I’ll find her kid” Tony assures him and Peter cracks a small smile, before looking Tony in the eyes.
   “I’m Sorry”
   and the universe lost Spider-man
   23 days later
   “It’s been 23 days since Thanos came to earth” Rhodey spoke as pictures of the avengers and other people related and were blipped flashed on the screen. “world governments are in pieces and parts that are still working are trying to take a census and it looks like he did-”
   Natasha stopped speaking for a moment “he did exactly what he said he was going to do. Thanos wiped out fifty percent of all living creatures” as Nat spoke Tony saw Peter’s face and quickly looked away “Where is he now, where?” he asked.
   “We don’t know, he just opened a portal and walked through” Steve replied, leaning against a table. Tony sighs, a bitter smile on his face before his head turns to see Thor sitting away from the rest and points at him “What’s wrong with him?”
   “uh he’s pissed. He thinks he failed, which of course he did, but you know there's a lot of that going around ain’t there” Rocket chimes in, sitting on the floor. “Honestly, until this exact second i thought you were a build-a-bear” Tony says, point at Rocket.
   “Maybe i am”
   “We’ve been hunting Thanos for three weeks now. Deep space scans and satellites and we got nothing.” Steve admits to the room before looking at Tony “Tony you fought him” he adds. “Who told you that?” Tony asked, holding onto his robe. 
   “Your a fighter”
   “No he wiped my face with a planet while the bleaker street magician gave  away the store. That's what happened. There was no fight.” Tony corrected. “Okay” Steve nods, noting Tony’s agitated behaviour. “Did he give you any clues, any coordinates, anything?”
   Tony shakes his head “Pfft! I saw this coming a few years back. I had a vision. I didn't wanna believe it. Thought I was dreaming.” he says. He was starting to act like a child. Steve sighs “ Tony, I'm gonna need you to focus.” he says, trying to calm him down. 
   but Tony’s anger was already bubbling up and ready to boil over “and I needed you. As in past tense. That trumps what you need. It's too late buddy. Sorry. You know what I need?” he asked, standing up from the table. He reaches into robe and pulls out a camera and a cellphone. “I need you too watch this and listen”
   “What is this?” Steve asked, looking at the tables contents. “Oh you know just some things i asked Happy to grab from Peter’s apartment. Let’s have a look shall we?” Tony said. Everyone in the room looked tense at the mention of his name. 
   “Friday play the video on the screen” Tony instructs as he steps back. Everyone turns towards the screen and the first thing they see is Peter, laying on his bed with a smile. He turns the camera and shows you peacefully sleeping on his chest, wearing his shirt. 
   “Peter if your recording me, i’m going to break that camera” okay maybe you weren’t sleeping. The camera is placed on his chest “You uh- looked cute” he spoke and you shook your head, leaning up to kiss him, it only lasting a couple seconds. “Friday pause” Tony says. 
   “Why are you showing us this?” Steve asked, but his questioned went unanswered. “That right there is Y/n L/n. B to C student at Midtown high, only child and all that. She was also the kid’s girlfriend for three years. He told me to find her and i did”
   “Friday play the security footage outside of Steamin’ mugs cafe” Tony says, Friday replying with a ‘yes boss’ before the footage of you crying on the phone before you vanished into nothing. Natasha looked away, having see that too much for her own good. 
   “I’m kinda happy for her. At least i didn’t have to tell her i watched him turn to dust in my arms, but you know i got here the last thing she said to him. It’s a real tear jerker. Wanna listen?” Tony says, going over to grab Peter’s phone off the table. 
   “You made your point Tony” Rhodey says. Tony turns to Steve once again “ I said, ‘we'd lose’. You said, ‘We'll do that together too’ and guess what, Cap? We lost and you weren't there. This is what we lost. This is who we lost. You didn’t know her, but it matters. It matters is because they’ll never see each other again  ”
   five years later
   (Kody’s endgame so no death lmao)
   everyone was in front of the destroyed base. Thanos was gone and everyone was still around to see it happen (i wish). Doctor Strange has just finished returning everyone to where they belong. “I must say i did not think we would win” he admits.
   “Thanks for the optimism buddy” Rocket says, looking up at him. Peter stood up from the rumble he sat on “I need to see someone, can you bring her like- here?” Peter asked Strange, who already knew who he was talking about because- it’s Doctor Strange what do you expect?
   he nods and backs away to do his thing.
   you took a large gasp of air as you saw light. What happened? Didn't you just vanish? It was only a second ago. You look around and see people staring at you strangely. “Aw damn my head hurts” you heard Mj groan. You instantly tackle her to the floor “and now it hurts more”
   “Yeah cry about it i just saw you vanish”
   “I’m here too, ya know?” both of you turn to see Ned and the hug became a group tackle as you both smiled and embraced each other. That was until you were pulled into a orange portal out of nowhere. You end up facing a bunch of rubble and debris.
   “What the fuck?! I’m so tired of the super magic bullshit!” you shout. 
   you turn your head and see a couple of avengers like Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and thor stare at you. You already met Tony. “Hi Mr. Stark’ you say, raising your hand for a awkward wave. Tony smiles and gestures his hand to Peter who was standing, in a new suit might you add and a nervous smile. 
   you didn’t care much for embarrassment after that and ran towards him, practically leaping into his arms “I’m back” he says, digging his head into your shoulder “Yeah no shit, you went to space you dumbass. I think i called you a hundred times or until my phone died”
   Peter let out a breathy laugh as his arms tightened round you “I’m sorry,no more space okay? Just you and me on earth. ” he suggests and you nod “Yeah i like that. About what you said on the bus by the way” you let go a bit to look up at him. 
   his nervous, shy stature set in quickly “What uh- what about it?” he asked, hoping for a good answer. “i love you too dork” you smile and he sighs “Oh thank god. I was about to dust away again’ he says and you whack him in the arm “What?” he asked, slightly hurt. 
   “Too soon Peter” you explain and he nods “Right” he says and a silence falls on both of you. Was he going to do anything “Oh my god- Kiss her!” Tony yells from behind you both. Peter’s face flushes in slight embarrassment before he shrugs, grabbing your face. 
   you both share a sweet kiss, long overdue by the amount of time spent apart. Even if it was just two days and five years to everyone else. Both you and Peter end up spending weeks together, alone just cause you could. You made Peter promise no more space trips and he begrudgingly agrees. 
  a girl with two much attitude and a boy who was too shy somehow managed up the nerve to talked to said girl. They were polar opposites and some would say completely different people, but they managed to fall in love and make it through anything. 
    who wouldn’t want love like that
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    Kody- i haven't slept yet and i pulled this plot out of my ass. It’s 8am and i’m going to go pass out. Anyways, peace. 
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starryspidey · 7 days ago
Peter Parker x fem!reader
Summary: You’re hired to take out Spider-man, but what happens when you fall in love with the man behind the mask?
warning: swearing, mentions of death/ murder, fake science (because i did not pay attention in my chem class)
w/c: 9.1k 
a/n: I really like how I ended this, but I’m also thinking of doing a part 2 so lmk if you want it, but it will definitely be less then 9k because this took a lot out of me lol. Also the indented words are texts and italicized words are inner thoughts, let me know what you think too! Enjoy!
Unknown Number: 59 Patterson ave, 4th floor, room 49.
Unknown Number: 5 Minutes.
You gave out a heavy sigh, putting your phone in your back pocket, you looked up to the building you were standing in front of. It was dark and run down, with a trashy paint job that was peeling off. You swung open the door and walked inside, the floor bored and squeaking as you went up the stairs. 
Unknown Number: 3 Minutes.
You got to the fourth floor and started looking on the wall room numbers. Eventually you saw the faint numbers. You pushed open the door and switched on the lights, you saw what looked like the remains of a hotel room. A bathroom door to the left of you and further in the room you could make out the remains of a bed frame and dirty bed linen.
You looked over to the desk and saw a black business case sitting on the desk, you went over and sat down on the tattered seat and opened the case. 
Unknown Number: A minute late.
Unknown Number: Be better.
You rolled your eyes at the message and looked inside the briefcase, there was a manila folder and underneath was a credit card. You looked in the folder and there was a single sheet, with a single sentence written on it.
You put everything back into the briefcase and left the room and headed back onto the street. It was a little after midnight, and the streets were bare. No one except the occasional suspicious character, including yourself, was out at this late in this part of New York. 
It was a little chilly with the cooled breeze, but relaxing; it helped to take your mind off of your life and what you do. But it was unrealistic for you to forget everything, the walk to your flat was a short one and right as you shut the door you started to get yourself organized on the task on hand. 
But your task was simple, right? 
‘Find Spider-man, find out everything he has to offer, then eliminate.’
The next day you started working. You scoured the internet, looking for any patterns in Spider-man’s sightings. According to the Daily Bugle reporter Mj, Spider-man has currently caught the most amount of criminals in Greenwich village, where a couple years ago it was Queens. 
Spider-man seemed to be in good shape, and judging by his stunts he has to be in perfect condition, so he is most likely around your age. Younger people mainly move to Greenwich Village if they want to go to Empire State University, meaning he went to high school when he lived in Queens. To confirm your theory you checked ESU’s crime report and like you thought it’s gone down since Spider-man must have moved in. 
You also know that Spider-man first made his national appearance when he went to Germany and to fight Captain America, and if he was on Iron Man’s side and joining the Avengers he would have signed the accords. But, minors could not sign an official document as official as that without a legal guardian, and you know damn sure that Mr. Tony playboy Stark would never become a guardian, or at least in that time of his life.
Lastly, you know that ESU has a 8% acceptance rate, so you know Spider-man must be smart. So if he was smart, he would have gone to a good school. After little research, you found Midtown High school for Science and Technology, the top school in Queens for ‘academically gifted’ students.
So if Spider-man became Spider-man as a high schooler, then you know he has slipped up, or if you can’t brag about being Spider-man you must either be a huge fan of Spider-man and have a weird obsession, or he has some shit alibi. 
You pulled up the entire class of Midtown high school in the correct graduating year, then pulled up all of their history using their email accounts. You eliminated all of the ineligible people, started looking for keywords like, Spider-man, Avengers, Tony Stark, frequently used.
A few names came up, Eugene Thompson: who frequently looked up ‘Spider-man x male!reader’ fanfic. An obvious no. Next, Ned Leeds, who’s main search history consisted of Stark Tech. Another no, why would Spider-man need to look up Stark tech? Surely he would have access to the tech himself.
After eliminating a few more names, you came across Peter Parker. He fit everything, even the traumatic superhero past. You looked on his Instagram, and the first thing in his bio read: Stark Intern, with the most recent photo one of him and Tony Stark.
This was too easy. 
You decided to do a bit more internet stalking, you found out his major being biophysics, and then a couple of his classes. Lucky for you, it was the start of the semester, so you could easily ‘sign up’ for a class. You hacked into ESU’s registration system, and entered your name and picked the same major as him, and ordered everything you will need for the class with the credit card your client gave you. 
Once you were done, you had to figure out what your approach should be, you knew for sure that you should flirt with Peter, it’s the easiest way to get into a boy like him to fall in love with you and tell you information; but, you never had gone after a superhero. 
You decided to stalk him a bit more to figure out his exact type. You figured out he dated only a few people, his earliest being Mj, the reporter, so no wonder she knows every detail about Spider-man. 
Next was a girl named Gwen Stacy. Wow Stacy was a familiar name, she must be the daughter of Chief Stacy, which no wonder it didn't work out. The chief was well known for his hatred of Spider-man and judging by how short the relationship was, Gwen must have had that same hatred. 
You also found out how he more recently broke off with Harry Osborn. And no wonder it didn’t work, no way Stark's adopted kid could get along with the offspring off of the monster named Norman Osborn.
It was perfect, he was vulnerable, needing someone to care and look out for him. All you need to make an impression, become friends, then save him to make him fall in love with you. But how the hell are you supposed to save a superhero?
That was a problem for another day though, first thing first is, you have to become friends with him.
“Peter come on, don’t make us late for the first day of classes!” You heard someone yell from behind you. You looked over and saw Ned, one of Peter’s friends. And judging by Ned’s search history, he definitely knows, and most likely helps him with Peter's duties. 
“I know I know, you didn’t let me put on my shoes correctly though!” That must have been Peter. Perfect.
You faked tripped and fell onto the concrete, dropping your inconveniently open backpack. “Fuck!” You slowly got up and heard feet racing towards you.
“Hey, are you ok?” You looked up and met Peter’s honey brown eyes. He gave you a small smile and helped you gather your dropped books and bags. “Quantum mechanics, huh?” He handed you the book and you smiled and put it in your bag.
“Yea, I’m on my way to that class actually, but I switched my major to biophysics last semester and I couldn’t find the class and I’m about to be late and I-” 
“-hey, hey.” Peter helped you up and put his hand on your shoulder, “Ned and I are actually going to that class right now. And I’m also majoring in biophysics, so we can help you out. I’m Peter.” He removed his hand from your shoulder and gave it to you to shake.
“Thank you so much, I’m (y/n),” You stuck out your hand and shook Peter’s. “Nice to meet you too Ned!” You gave a small wave with a soft smile that Ned returned.
“Nice to meet you too, but we should hurry up so that we don’t miss out on class.” Ned started to push you two along and you all half jogged to the lecture hall where your class was taking place.
“Do you wanna sit with us (y/n)?” Peter gestured to a spot where there was enough space for the three of you and spaced out from other students.
You nodded your head and sat down next to Peter, and took out your computer to take notes. You didn’t expect to stay in this class very long, not even to midterms, you just needed to make sure that you looked serious about your studies.
You leaned over to Peter as the professor was getting ready to start, “thanks for helping me, I should have said it earlier, but I really appreciate it.” You whispered.
Peter gave a light laugh and leaned into you again, “don’t worry about it, I was there and you needed help, I’m not heartless” Peter joked.
“Awe, you're just my little superhero. Giving Spider-man a run for his money.” You sarcastically said. You looked over to find Peter starting to turn red, and it made you laugh. 
You turned your attention towards the professor as they started lecturing. Every now and then you would brush your arm next to Peter’s and feel a little spark, and you would see Peter blush. You caught Peter stealing glances at you the whole time, and you couldn’t help but meet his glances. 
About an hour later, the lesson had ended and you started packing up your supplies. You stood up and slung your bag over your shoulder, “thanks for helping me, it was really nice meeting you two!” You gave a warm smile and headed towards the door.
Like clockwork, you heard racing feet behind you, “(y/n)!” You turned and saw Peter running towards you with some books sitting out of his bag. “Do you maybe want to join me and Ned for our study session? It’s on friday if you want to come.”
You smiled “I’d love to.” You got a sharpie out from your bag and un capped it. You lightly took his arm and he rolled up the sleeve with his other hand. You saw his whole face blushing and it made you feel all bubbly, you don’t normally write your number on your target's arm; but this is Peter Parker, aka Spider-man, of course it was going to be different.
Unfortunately, that class you only had once a week, but Friday rolled around quickly. You had been texting each other back and forth getting to know one another, and maybe that part was unnecessary, but who knows maybe finding out his favorite Star Wars character would be important for your job, or the fact that he could never finish reading Wonder as a kid because he would always cry.
Peter told you to meet him at his apartment for the study session, which would give you the perfect opportunity to snoop around the apartment. You didn’t want Peter to know that you know about his double-life, not until you're sure he likes you and you need a final push to get him head over heels for you.
But being nosey never hurt anyone, so what’s the harm?
You walked up to his apartment door and knocked. You heard a pair of familiar footsteps and Peter swung open the door, “hey! Come in, come in!” Peter moved to the side and you entered his place.
You knew Peter shared his place with Ned, so you were expecting to see him in the kitchen or small living room. “Is Ned here?”
You continued to look over the apartment, scanning the place for any clues about his Spider-man life. But nothing so far, and you doubted that Peter had a Spider-man ‘lair’, so there were probably clues in his room.
“He wasn’t here last night and I haven’t seen him all day, so he probably is spending time with his girlfriend. I’ll send him another text, but until then we can start studying.” Peter replied.
“Great, where too then.”
“My room is right there, if you're comfortable with that.” Peter’s voice got a bit higher and you couldn’t help but let out a soft laugh. 
You made your way into his room and immediately started scanning it. His room was messy, his bed sheets all shuffled around, clothes on his floor that you weren’t sure were even clean, and his desk was covered with notes and stacks of books.
You went over to the pile of books and lifted up the top one, “Perks of Being a Wallflower?”
Peter put his hand to comb through his hair, and blushed, “well, I remember you said you liked the book while we were texting...”
You started smiling and flipping through the book, seeing all of these notes and how he was almost all the way done, “I told you I liked this book when I was in high school, why did you decide to read it?”
“Well, you said it was a favorite, so I figured why not?” Peter replied.
“I told you about it about a day ago. How did you start reading it so quickly?”
“My friend Mj had the book on hand, and once I started reading I guess I couldn’t stop.” At the mention of his ex you stiffened. What if Peter still has feelings for her? That would be bad for the mission. And if you were flirting with Peter, that could bring up unnecessary drama that would make your job that much harder.
“Your friend Mj has good taste, is she single?” You joked, trying to play it off cool.
Peter laughed and shifted in his stance, “actually I used to date her in high school. But we realized we were better off just being friends.” Peter rushed that last part a little too quickly, but then he realized he never answered your question. “She’s now really poured herself into her work, so technically she is single but she’s not looking.”
You let out a relieved sigh that you quickly turned into laugh, hoping he wouldn’t catch on, “don’t worry Petey I was just joking. Now, we should start studying.” You put your bag down on Peter’s bed and you sat down taking out your book and pens.
Peter let out a heavy sigh, then got his textbook and sat down next to you and got to work. You compared notes of what you were highlighting and what’s important for what seemed like forever. Peter heard his phone buzz from outside his room, and excused himself.
This is your chance.
You jumped up to his desk and quietly started to search his drawers, you started with the top drawer, looking for anything off. When you didn’t find one you started looking at all of the loose papers, and nothing
You opened the bottom drawer and it looked like a mini lab in which there was a white substance in a beaker. You saw a couple pieces of paper and saw that it was his Web Fluid ingredient list. You took a couple pictures or the most recent paper and quietly closed the drawer and sat back down on the bed.
You heard Peter finish with his call and come back into the room, “That was Ned, he is spending the day with his girlfriend, Betty so it’s just us. Are you ok with that?”
You nodded your head, “of course! But if I’m being honest, I’m kind of done with studying.” You threw your book across the bed.
“Do you want to watch a movie?” Peter offered.
“Depends on what one. What did you have in mind?”
Peter thought for a little while, “Ned bought La La Land a little while back, would that work?” You nodded your head and put your textbook on the ground and sat up on the bed. Peter got his computer and pulled up the movie. 
You laid next to each other and made comments about the movie as you watched, you were having a really nice time with him. You laughed when he made a joke and he liked your ideas about the movie. You ended up getting closer, arms and legs touching each other more, about halfway through you spoke up, “is it ok if I rest my head on your shoulder?” 
Peter tried and failed to hide his smile. “Oh yea, yea, of course.” You took a nice, calming deep breath, and put your head down on his shoulder. Moments like these you wanted to cherish, you were in a comfy place, watching a good movie, and sitting next to someone you might lik-
You heard and buzz from your phone and you quickly lifted your head off from Peter. You took it out from your back pocket and dimmed the lighting so it would be hard for Peter to read. You knew that buzz, you made sure it was something distinguishable from your other notification sounds. You unlocked your phone and saw the message.
Unknown Number: Making progress I presume?
“Is everything all right?” Peter asked. His voice was softy, almost sleepy.
You nodded your head, turned off the phone and stuffed it into your backpack. You went back to your previous position, resting your head on Peter’s shoulder and watching the movie. 
You woke up to sunlight coming through the window, you lifted your head and realized Peter was still asleep. You slowly sat up and memories of last night events filled your head. You checked your phone again, no new messages. 
“Are you ok?” You turned your phone off and looked over your shoulder. You saw Peter rub his eyes and slowly sit up next to you. 
You smiled and got up from under the blankets and started to gather your book that was on the floor and put it in your bag. “I should probably go home and change.” Peter got up and walked you to the front door. “It was nice studying with you tonight, and watching the movie.” You smiled and opened the door and got ready to leave.
As you stepped out the door, Peter lightly grabbed your wrist, “Um, can tell you something?” 
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“So, I like you.” Peter let go of your wrist, and put his hand through his hair. “And I wanted to ask if I could go out on a date with you.”
You felt like jumping up and down like a little girl, but made sure to keep your composer. “You think you can win me over with one date?” You smirked.
“Absolutely.” You have to admit, you thought it would take a little longer and a lot more than texting until three am each night to win him over, but you're not complaining. And it surprised you that he would make the first move; when you met him, he was all blushy and cute, but now? Things just got a little more... fun.
“Ok then, I’m free tonight at 8.” You smiled at Peter who seemed like he was going to faint from excitement. “Text me where you want to meet up.” Peter smiled and gave you a quick hug, you left Peter and headed home.
As you walked back to your place, you felt a little empty. If you were being honest Peter was maybe a little, fun to be around and stay up late texting. You took out your phone and immediately remembered the photo you took, you went to the photo app and looked at the photo you took.
As you scanned the picture all you saw were chemical formulas written down, but no instructions and amounts on how to actually make it. You guessed that Peter would have made it similar to glue but instead of it drying out, it would just stick and stretch.
As you entered your apartment you looked online for the chemicals, lucky they are all things you could buy at a hardware store, along with a few beakers. You knew it would be some trial and error to figure out the amount of each ingredient, then you would have to figure out a dissolvent to combat the webs; just in case if you need it.
You took off your clothes and got into the shower to get ready for the day and night ahead of you. As you got out and dried off, you put on some clothes and did your skincare routine.
You checked the phone clock, you and Peter woke up very late and you took awhile in the shower, but you still had enough time to run to the hardware store and grab all of the supplies you need. 
The trip to the store was short and quick and figuring out how the web fluid was made was even quicker. It took a couple tries to get the closest match as you could, but the solution was surprisingly simple and not complicated at all. But the challenge would be trying to make it dissolvent. 
You needed to make something that would make the web fluid dry and lose its stickiness. You thought for a moment, then it hit you. If you could somehow use a hot vinegar substance that could work. You knew that vinegar was a popular substance used to remove glue and it was hot and it could possibly dry it out.
You got some vinegar from your kitchen and started to heat it up, it only took a couple of minutes for it to boil. You put some in a small beaker to test it out on your make-shift web fluid, and it quickly dissolved. You did a small cheer and poured some on the hot vinegar in a travel sized beaker that would keep it warm. 
As you cleaned up the mess you made and heard your phone buzz on the other side of the room. You let out a small groan, guessing it was your client being impatient again, but when you got your phone, you couldn’t help but have a smile creep on your face. 
Peter: Meet me at the park near 7 in 20?
You: see you soon :)
Setting the anti-web-fluid aside, you quickly got a different change of clothes and got your bag, and left your apartment. The walk was short, and it was warm with a slight chill. You’ve never gone to this park before, and all you knew was that it used to be a popular informational nature site with young kids going there on school field trips. But a lack of funding must have made it unable to stay, so now there is just an empty park that people walk in.
You saw Peter at the entrance of the park holding two drinks and clearly nervous. You could see him trying to fidget with his clothes, trying to make sure that he looked nice.
“Hey! I got you a drink, I hope you don’t mind.” Peter handed a cup to you and you gladly took it. “I didn’t know what kind of drink you liked so I panicked and bought two hot chocolates.” Peter blushed and you couldn’t help but give out a small laugh.
“thanks, no one has ever gotten me hot chocolate on a first date.” You smiled and took a small sip, “but, it should of happened more often, this is really nice.”
“I’m glad you like it.” Peter took a small sip of his then cleared his throat, “I thought about a simple walk around the park, are you okay with that?”
“That would be perfect.” 
You both entered the park and it was beautiful. The street lamps lit your path and every now and then you could make out a couple of animals roaming around. As you walked you asked about his life and he would stutter when you asked about his Stark Internship, just saying it was something he was proud of and could work on a bunch of cool tech. 
When he would ask about your life, you tried to keep it broad, but you told him the truth, while still avoiding your work life and why you went to Empire State University and why you suddenly changed your major. 
As the walk progressed and you couldn’t even remember how Peter’s jacket appeared around your shoulders, but you didn’t care. It was warm and smelt like him, so you weren’t complaining. Eventually he put his arm around you and that was somehow even better. It seemed like whenever he touched or wherever he was around, everything felt calmer and at peace, almost like a drug.
But that drug eventually wore off. 
With his arm around you, you felt when he tensed with his hair sticking up and Peter looking flustered. “Can you excuse me for one second? I'm gonna see if they have a bathroom.” Peter pointed to the small ranger station and you simply nodded.
The little station looked closed, or unused in over a year. Even from your position you could tell it looked worn down and you doubted the bathrooms would look any better. After you could just make out Peter’s figure, you crept closer to the station, making sure not to step on any twigs so you could go undetected. There could only be one reason why Peter ran off like that, he sensed something.
When doing your researched about Spider-man, you saw that he had these advanced tingles that would alert him with any danger. It was how he was able to easily dodged his villains' attacks. And if Peter’s tingle was right, someone or something was out here with you.
As you creeped to the station you could make out a couple of grunts, almost like punches were being thrown. You poked your head out to behind the cabin, with the lamp lights you could only make out a few things: Peter or Spider-man, four men, and a variety of weapons.
You wanted to intervene and help him, but what good would that do? It would certainly raise questions as to how you could defend yourself and you doubted saying a self-defense class would work. But you so badly wanted to jump in and help him. Of course only because of your job, you didn’t have all the information yet, but it’s not like you enjoyed seeing him in pain.
A sharp and quick scream snapped you from your thoughts. As you looked over back to the fight, you saw Peter gripping the side of his torso. He raised his right arm and took the knife from the last criminal and webbed them to the ground.
You ran over to him right away, he was breathless and clearly in tremendous pain. You took his jacket off from your shoulders and moved his hand and used it to apply pressure. When he came to his senses, he saw it was you and his Spider eyes went wide. “I-I’m fine, you must have-”
“Peter not now,” You put his arm around your shoulder and helped him walk to the ranger station, figuring that they must have some sort of first aid.
When you got there, you were able to open the unlocked door and quickly brought Peter inside. It was quaint, with a few shelves and a microwave which must have been the kitchen, along with a dusty couch in which you threw Peter on.
You raced back to the kitchen area and opened all of the cupboards in search of a first-aid. You found a box with a big red plus sign and took it back to Peter who seemed to be doing a lot better than what you would have thought.
You opened the box and opened a small alcohol wipe that luckily had not expired, and when you leaned over the wound you realized that he still had his suit on. “I need to fix your stab wound so you need to take the suit off.” Peter just nodded and pressed the Spider emblem on his suit and the fabric loosed. You pulled it down his torso just enough so you could clearly see the wound. 
“This is going to sting.” You warned as you pressed the wipe onto the cut and he let out a sharp gasp and tensed, but he quickly got used to it and relaxed.
“How did you know it was me?” Peter asked and he reached to his mask and took it off revealing his face.
Think fast, “When you ran away I thought something was wrong so I followed.” You opened another wipe and started to clean the rest of his wound. “Once I saw no trace of you and only Spider-man, I put two and two together.” 
You finished cleaning everything and the cut looked remarkably better, while still being a cut that is. But it was healing surprisingly fast, just not fast enough that he didn’t need stitches.
You found a packaged needle and the stitches and thread the needle, “I don’t have any numbing agents so this is gonna hurt.” Peter nodded and closed his eyes, bracing himself. 
You’ve done too many stitches on yourself so you were an expert on how to do them quickly. As you were doing the first one, Peter hand gripped the shirt you were wearing, and he continued to do so as you applied the other stitches. You kept looking over Peter's face, seeing it all scrunched and he was trying to do breathing exercises to calm himself down. You hated seeing his face like that, it was too much, but you could barely look away; only turning away to do another stitch. 
You cut the thread with a pair of scissors you found and let out a heavy sigh, backing away slightly from Peter. “All done.”
Peter’s eyes fluttered open and started to fully take in where he was. You didn’t want to talk first, he just got stabbed so you didn’t want to do anything he didn’t like. But when he started sitting up, you quickly stopped him by putting your hand on his chest. He got the signal and laid back down. 
“Thank you.” He took your hand that was on his chest and held it with his hand, “I’m not very good at doing stitches on my stomach, or myself really.” He squeezed your hand and gave a weak smile that you weren’t sure broke your heart or completed it. 
“I’m sorry about not telling you I’m Spider-man. I don’t-” He gave a heavy sigh and rubbed his eyes with his other hand. “Only people that I’m closest to know about it so, could you uh-”
“-I’ll make sure to keep it a secret. You don’t have to worry.” You promised. 
Peter tried sitting up again, ignoring your protests. You eventually gave up and he moved so he was sitting on the couch with his feet resting on the floor. You moved to sit next to him, still holding hand.
“How are you feeling?” You asked and squeezed his hand again. “Is there anything I can do to make it better?” 
When you looked over to Peter he seemed to have a small smiling creping on his face. “I think one of those guys punched me in the mouth.” You smiled as you knew where this was going, and by the fact that Peter was blushing. “Do you think you could kiss it better?”
You slowly leaned in, nodding your head. You parted your lips as you leaned in and crashed them onto Peter’s. This kiss was loving, although it was not filled with lust, it was filled with pure happiness. Your hands cupped Peter's face as his hands were on your shoulders and back, almost giving you a huge mid kiss. 
Never had you felt so happy, so care free. Everything was perfect, and you never wanted the moment to end. To live in the pure bliss that was kissing Peter was the most perfect life you could think of in this moment. 
Peter smiled into the kiss, leaning in a little more so your foreheads were touching, causing you to smile too. You moved your hands away from his cheeks and rapped your arms around his neck. 
When the kiss broke, Peter had little eye crinkles from his smile that you could help but fall in love with. 
He laughed a little and went in to hug you, squeezing you. And as sweet as this moment, your heart couldn’t help break. The word ‘eliminate’ haunting you, causing you to hug Peter a little tighter. There were more things in play here that you didn’t even know, so you couldn’t let yourself get caught up in this relationship, -if you could even call it that- with Peter. 
But you so badly wanted to get caught up with Peter. This one date, this one walk, has made you fall more in love with him, then anything else. It felt as though nothing could make you as happy or as complete then him.
And you did not want to lose him.
It’s been about two months since your first date with Peter. You’ve gotten to know Ned more than your target’s friend, but as a friend who invented a surprising variety of really bad dance moves. You’ve even met Mj, who is an incredible person and you’ve really clicked with. It was ironic how you had to watch yourself more around Mj then Peter, who was the one with the super senses; you quickly saw how she took detail of everything. If for one moment you seemed distracted with your thoughts on the Unknown Number, she would ask about it.
Today though, Peter had wanted to introduce you to Aunt May over dinner. You’ve heard countless stories from Peter about her, how she raised him when his parents died, and how she kept herself together when Ben died so she could help raise Peter. 
To say you were nervous to meet her would be an understatement.
Truth is you really wanted to make a good impression. The naive part of you would still think that you could forget about your job and maybe actually become a student like Peter, and have an actual life that wasn’t filled with death threats and vauge text messages.
You and Peter walked into the restaurant, that was clearly too expensive for either you or Peter to pay for. You raised your eyebrow at Peter who leaned into your ear and whispered, “Happy is paying.”
You didn’t realize you would be meeting him tonight too. You didn’t know much about Happy, only that he was Tony Stark's assistant and helped Peter when he was becoming Spider-man. You remembered Peter telling you how he was hesitant to have Happy dating his Aunt, he was always so protective of her but from what you know about her, she's plenty capable of knowing who to date.
You walked up to the hostess with Peter on your arm, “Hi, where suppose to be meeting-”
“Peter!” You turned your head and saw a woman wearing a floral yellow dress waving over to you. She did turn a couple of heads but she seemed as though she couldn’t care less. 
You both turned back to the hostess who smiled and waved you off to the table. May had a large smile plastered on her face. She looked so happy at seeing Peter that she could cry. And when you looked back at Peter he looked just as happy. When you lose so many people that you love, you cherish seeing those you love when you can.
You saw a man who you presumed was Happy sitting next to her, wispy beard and greying hair looking tiresome and embarrassed with his cheeks rosy and looking around the restaurant to see if anyone was staring. It surprised you that May would settle for him, looking between the two May was stunning, her smile contagious and comforting like she was giving a hug.
May stood up and gave Peter a big bear hug, then when she was done with him she looked over to you. “(Y/n)! It’s so nice to meet you!” She came in and gave you a bear hug and you happily returned, “Peter has told me so much about you it all he talks about.”
You gave a light laugh and broke away from May, sitting down next to Peter and across from Happy, “That’s really nice to hear. It’s so nice to meet you and it’s nice to meet you too, Happy.” You stretched out your hand and he did the same and you gave a single shake, then retraced your hand.
Peter had taught you how to respond to May, warning that she's a hugger, but nothing about Happy, but judging by his suit and business attire you figured he would want a simple handshake. You looked over to Peter who held a subtle thumb up.
“So how long have you been dating?”
Questions about your relationship had continued the whole night, including a couple about your personal life. But apart from that, the dinner was nice, the food was excellent and spending time with Peter was always nice. 
Currently, you were waiting for your dessert to arrive, a mini chocolate souffle that May had insisted on saying was to die for. You felt a small buzz from your bag so you quickly brought your phone out and onto your lap. You took a sip of your water and opened the message.
Unknown Message: I wouldn’t call a dinner progress on your assignment.
You choked on your drink and quickly turned your phone off, putting it back in your bag. You looked over to Peter who luckily turned to look at you just after you put your phone away.
“Are you okay, love?” Peter’s hand went to your back and his other hand held your hand. You looked up and saw May and Happy looking concerned too. But quite frankly you had other problems in this restaurant then the people at your table.
You cleared your throat and sat up a little better, “I’m good, sorry. Must have swallowed the water a little funny.” You smiled to calm their nerves and it worked for Happy and May, but Peter removed his hand from your back but still kept a firm hold of your hand under the table and squeezed it and you squeezed back.
“Peter fucking Parker! Funny seeing you here!” Peter immediately tightened his grip on your hand. You looked over and saw none other than Harry Osborn, or Peter’s ex walking over to your table. You looked over to May and Happy who looked like they were throwing daggers at Harry with their eyes. 
“Hi Harry.” Peter’s voice seemed tired and annoyed more than anything else. Although you knew their breakup was about a month fresh from when you started looking into him, you weren’t sure how it ended. You assumed it was good, and maybe he even had a relationship like he had with Mj, but judging by Peter’s grip it most definitely did not.
“Who is this lovely lady next to you, don’t tell me you moved on fast.” Harry’s voice was dripping with sarcasm, and even though you barely knew the guy you wanted to punch him; and not only because he was Peter’s ex but by how entitled he was. 
“Harry I don’t need to tell you anything about my life. And last time I checked you weren’t one to care so much about relationships.” Peter responded. You squeezed his hand in support, you weren’t really sure what to do here, so all you could do was be a team player.
“(Y/n)? Right?” Harry raised his brow and you simply shrugged your shoulders, you didn’t want to do anything that could get a response out of him. Peter was clearly stressed and you just wanted to get out of this situation. “I’m getting the feeling that I’m unwanted here. Have a nice night Parkers.” Harry smirked then left you all alone.
Peter let out a small breath and he looked over to May, “Is it okay if (Y/n) and I call it a night?” 
May simply nodded her head and got up to hug Peter, “I’ll drop off your desserts at your apartment Peter. I love you.” Their hug was shorter this time and then May gave you a quick hug and a sympathetic smile. 
Peter reached for your hand and sped-walked out of the restaurant, “Can we go to yours? It’s closer and all I wanna do right now is sleep.”
“Of course Peter.” You walked down the street in silence but you could tell Peter wanted to say something. “Are you okay?”
Peter let out another heavy sigh and shook his head, “You deserve to know what went down with me and Harry, but the story was not really something I like to talk about.”
“Peter you don’t have to talk to me about it-”
“No, I can and should do it.” Peter took another deep breath and continued to walk down the street, holding your hand. “Harry and I started dating about a month before I met you for about two weeks. And you know how Mr. Stark and Norman Osborn have a weird rivalry? When Harry found out that I was close to Stark he used me to get information on the Avengers, but mainly Spider-man.
“He used me to get information and things never went far with him, I mean we only dated for a couple weeks, it just hurts to get used, yeah know?”
“Yeah, I do know.” Peter’s words cut through your heart. Isn’t that what you originally started doing with Peter? Using him for information on Spider-man.
Exactly the same thing.
“I wouldn’t call a dinner progress on your assignment.” 
“But I just wanna get something else off my chest, while I’m opening up.” Peter snapped you from your thoughts, his voice more nervous and happier than it was previously, a combination you did not expect from Peter tonight. “I think I’m in love with you.”
“You think or you know?” You asked, mainly for teasing him, but you couldn’t help but ask. Did he really love you?
“I know.”
“That is definitely not your best idea, but I can work with it.” You joked, a big smile on your face looking at Peter while he blushed,
“Do you love me?” Peter's voice was higher pitched and definitely nervous. But you simply gave a smile then a quick kiss. 
“Peter Parker you are really dumb. I love you, but you’re an idiot for having to ask.” Peter smiled and kissed you again. 
As you both walk to your place your mind began to drift back to your interaction with Harry Osborn. Was it all too much of a coincidence and you’re just reading too much into this? Or could you finally put an end to everything?
Walking into your apartment you planned out your next few steps. Peter was tired so while he was sleeping you could deal with everything and come back before Peter even wakes up. 
“I’m going to bed, are you coming?” Peter yawned and rubbed his eyes, leaning on the door frame leading into your room. The first thing he did when you entered the apartment was go to your room and change shirts and ditched his pants so he was only wearing a shirt with a science pun on it and his boxers. 
Walking over to your desk you opened your computer and dropped your phone on the table, “I have stuff to work on that I just remembered. I’ll meet you there.”
“Ok, but if I fall asleep before you come in, goodnight. Love you.” Peter walked over and gave you a kiss on the cheek and left for your room. 
“Love you too.”
You knew it would only take a couple of minutes for him to fall asleep, given the event of the last hour and that he didn’t sleep last night. You sent a simple text to the ‘unknown’ number,
You: I know who you are.
You set your phone down, walked over to your shelf and took the gym bag off the shelf and opened it. Inside was the clothes wear for your ‘job’ and equipment including the dissolvent you made, and you quickly got changed. You glanced back to your phone seeing you had a text.
Unknown Number: Warehouse in between 34th and 19th
You set your phone down and turned it off. You glanced back over to the bedroom door, it was slightly ajar, and you could hear Peter’s light breathing from where you were. You hated leaving him, but after tonight, there would be nothing stopping you from being with him. You would come clean and hope that he would realize that it’s not your fault.
You shut the door closed to your apartment and set your way off to the destination.
As you enter the warehouse, it looks completely different from the outside. Inside it was updated and looked used, but on the outside it looked as though no one had touched this building in years.
You quietly walked forward, but when you came to a cross, you had no idea which way to go. But before you could make another step, you heard a thwip. You turned and saw Peter or Spider-man standing with a web string attached to your wrist. 
“What the hell is this place and what the hell are you doing here?” Peter asked in hushed whispers. 
“Can you get this off of me? I’ll explain everything when I’m done.” You asked and Peter didn't budge. You sighed and because you were in a rush you took out the dissolvent and put it on the web attached to your wrist. The web hardened and then fell off you, and you smiled as your solution worked. 
“Wait, what the fuck?” 
“Look, Peter, I need to deal with something here just please just go and I’ll explain everything when I come back. Please.” You hated Peter having to see you like this, and you weren’t sad or angry. You were scared. 
Peter shook his head and walked forward putting his arms on your shoulders, “I trust you so I’ll wait to ask you questions. But when I heard the door close then seeing you walk down the street, I was nervous. Just- just let me help you with whatever you're doing.” 
You thought for a moment, it would be better for Peter to be here because you had no idea what exactly you were going up against. But, you really didn’t want Peter to see you here, dealing with this. 
But this is the last time you would have to do something like this… only if it works of course.
“Fine, but do exactly-'' Before you could finish your sentence two metal doors stopped you from continuing forward, or even being able to go back the way you came, closing you in. Peter’s spider-man eyes went wide, and he started to scan the makeshift room you were both stuck in. 
You heard a soft noise from above you and saw an air vent, pushing out a translucent green colored smoke. You tried to put your hand over your mouth and nose, but what good would that do? The room went foggy and you started to feel lightheaded, like you’ve just gotten up too quick, and a wave of dizziness came over you like you just rode a rollercoaster and tried to walk. 
Trying to balance yourself you slowly lower yourself onto the floor and look over to Peter. He seemed to not be feeling the effects of the gas as much as you, but it was only a matter of time, as he paced trying to find a way out he wobbled back and forth, almost tripping over himself. 
There was no point in fighting this, all you could do was let your eyelids close and hope that when you wake up, Peter would be by your side.
The first thing you thought, or more like felt, was the hair on your neck stand up. You were freezing, the surface you were laying on was cold, the air temperature was chilly and just the general aura of the room made you shiver. 
You also felt a pair of eyes on you. 
Recollecting yourself, your eyes fluttered open and tried to take in where you were as you sat up. Peter wasn’t with you, which made your heart start to race. You had cuffs on your wrists, connecting to the cool metallic table you were just laying on. Your legs were restrained by some lock connecting to the uncomfortable metal chair you were in. 
And right in front of you stood the Unknown Number, the person who got you into this mess: Harry Osborn, staring at you with a smug smile on his face, wearing the same tailored clothes you saw him in earlier. 
You let out a groan as you thought about what was going to happen; probably a fight, one involving Harry’s men. Then, another fight between you and Peter about what the fuck this really is and your life.
“Is your little lover boy?” Harry finished for you, “He’s over in the other room waiting for us.”
“What do you mean waiting for us?” You asked. You were in no way wanting to deal with Harry’s puzzles or to figure out his riddles. All you wanted to do was leave with Peter by your side.
“Well, first of all, you came here to get this right?” Harry held up a red flash drive, playing with it like it was nothing, when to you, it was your everything; that is other than Peter. “Well you can have it back.” He set it on the table and slid it over to you so cuffed hands were able to just grab it.
“Why are you giving this back to me?” You were defenseless, Harry had the upper hand so what game was he trying to play?
“Because that little flash drive isn't enough to keep you… motivated, to do jobs. It seems Peter has taken its place.” Harry smiled cruelly and it made you want to vomit. This drive had the location of everyone you hold dearly, there was no way Peter could be worth more than it.
But then you started to think. Your past months with him has been the happiest you’ve been in forever. He was essentially the human form of dopamine, the person that with a simple glance could make you smile.
“Now, you are going to do exactly what I say, and if not I’ll kill him.”
In the next room over, Peter had been conscious for what felt like years. He was always bad at judging time, but when he met you, any moment away from you always felt long then what it really was. For all he knew, it could've been five grueling minutes or ten years.
But he didn’t regret following you, he would go to the end of the fucking  world for you. But, right now he was terrified. He’s in a room with chains that shock him any time he tries to get out of the cuffs, and more importantly you are not here. 
He remembers your hesitant steps into the building, the way you could barely open the door as he followed you. He remembers your face when you saw him with you, eyes wide mouth slightly open. You were terrified, and it was the first time he had ever seen you like that and he wanted it to be the last time too.
The heavy steel door screeching took him out of his thoughts. Harry walked in with you right behind him. You didn’t look scared, but you didn’t look as happy as Harry was.
Peter was able to get a couple of pieces into place, he knew that Harry must have used him for information on him, and information of the avengers must have been a bonus. But how could he know that Peter was Spider-man? And more importantly how did you fit into this?
“(Y/n) what's going on? Why am I cuffed?” Peter’s voice was more strained than what he wanted it to be. He didn’t like seeing you on Harry’s side, not out of jealousy but out of the pure hatred Peter has for him.
Harry glared at you and you took a step forward, taking a subtle deep breath. “I was tasked to bring Spider-man in.” 
Peter didn’t know what to say, your words were vague, but he grasped at what you meant. But, on the verge of tears, he had to make sure, “what do you mean bring Spider-man in.”
Harry rolled his eyes, clearly over this conversation already, “I hired her to bring Spider-man in, meaning to bring you in. Everything from the moment she met you was planned.”
Peter jumped out of the seat, breaking through the restraints on his leg that sent a painful shock through his body, but he honestly did not care. Harry slightly stepped back, while you stood your ground, looking down at the ground, not daring to meet his eyes. 
The tears started forming from his eyes, not from the pain he was in but from you. Everything seemed perfect, how could this all just be a fake? You can’t fake love? At least, that's what Peter wanted to believe. 
“What any of it real?” Peter asked, his voice a quiet tremble, causing you to meet his eyes. The soft brown on white were now bloodshot, tears rolling down his cheeks. But Peter didn’t care, all he cared about you, and if you loved him like he loved you. 
You held Peter’s gaze before taking another deep breath and answering, “I did what I had to. It’s my job.”
Peter looked down at the cuffs and used his strength to break away from them, causing sparks to fly. His suit was burned and the skin underneath was a painful red. He looked up back to you, eyes filled with tears streaming down his face. 
“Forget your fucking job.” His voice was louder, more like a painful scream. “Just tell me the truth: did you love me?” 
You held your breath with your hands in tight fists. You knew Harry’s eyes were on you, burning into your skin to see if you mess up. 
You're doing this for Peter, to keep him alive, to keep him living. It’s all for the best.
“No,” you lied.
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robin-cordelia-adair · 8 days ago
Star wars and his girlfriend's shirt
Peter Parker x fem!reader
Summary: Peter decided to take a break from patrolling for one night. He decided to spend it with his girlfriend, watching Star Wars.
Warnings: none, bad writing
Word count: 756
! Please don't repost my work anywhere without my permission. Thank you!
(Y/N) stood in front of her locker with 2 cups of hot chocolate in her hands. She was reading some documents from her chemistry class when Peter came into her view. She smiled at him and he grinned at her.
“Good morning bubba,” she greeted him and he blushed at the nickname. “Good morning love,” he said and wrapped his arms around her waist. She handed him his hot chocolate and he thanked her by kissing her cheek.
“So, how did you sleep?” (Y/N) asked Peter and he yawned in response. “I didn’t sleep much because of the patrol.” She shook her head in disapproval “You should take a break. This isn’t good for you.” Peter just nodded and took a sip from his cup.
“I actually wanted to have a break tonight. I also wanted to ask if you want to sleep over at mine.” He said with a slight nervousness in his voice and (Y/N) laughed softly. “That would be awesome. I’ll text my parents when we get into the class.” He nodded and they continued their way through the hallways.
“I will come over in about an hour. I need to get some stuff.” She informed Peter and he hummed in agreement. “In the meantime, I will make some snacks and turn on the movies.”
“Just please, pick something other than Star wars.” She groaned jokingly and Peter tried to look offended. “You don’t want to watch star wars? Well, I guess that is the end of this relationship.”
(Y/N) put her hand on her heart and made a wounded face. “Oh no, what am I gonna do without you in my life?” He snorted and pushed her shoulder very lightly.
“Star wars it is then.” He decided and his girlfriend said “Fine, I guess I’ll have to find a new boyfriend” in a sing-song voice, as she walked away. Peter just shook his head and started walking towards his home.
The sound of the doorbell rang through his apartment. ”May, can you get the door please?” Peter yelled and could hear May rushing to the door.
“Hey honey,” May greeted (Y/N) and she smiled at the woman in front of her. “Hey May,” she said back and May moved from the door to let her in. She put her shoes down in the hallway and dropped her overnight bag to the floor.
“May, you going somewhere?” (Y/N) asked and May nodded. “Yes, I’m going out with some friends from work. I should be back in few hours.” She explained. “Please don’t burn down the building while I’m gone,” May begged and (Y/N) threw her head back in laughter.
“Don’t worry May, It’s not gonna happen.” She reassured and May hummed in acknowledgment. “Okay, I’m done, how do I look?” she asked and (Y/N) grinned at her. ”You look very pretty.”
“Thank you, love, I’m gonna go now if you need anything, text me. I left some money for you in the kitchen just in case.” “Okay May, have fun. Bye” (Y/N) led May out of the apartment and closed the door when she left.
“Is that my shirt?” she asked Peter when she stepped into the kitchen. He stopped his movements and turned around to look at her. She moved towards him and wrapped her arms around him. Peter put his face into her neck and she laughed out.
“Is that my shirt Peter? Tell me.” He nodded his head and she put a kiss into his hair. “You look really good in my clothes.” She complimented him and he laughed shyly into her neck.
“You should wear my clothes every day.” She gushed out. He didn’t wear her clothes as much as she did his. Now that she thought about it, he only wore her hoodie once, when he was cold and didn’t have anything of his.
“Come on angel, let’s watch the movies.” He smiled and pulled her towards the living room. She plopped onto the couch and he laid on top of her.
(Y/N) took the popcorn bowl and the remote control from the table, and started the movie. Peter snuggled up closer to her and sighed happily.
“This is nice.” He stated and snuggled his face into her neck. She looked down and smiled at him. They weren’t able to hang out much lately because of their schedules. She snapped back into reality and focused on the movie.
With Peter in her arms. He was wearing her shirt. Everything was perfect.
She was content.
First of all, there are 20 people who follow me. I would really like to thank you for following and I hope you are enjoying my writing.
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If you have any ideas or requests for fanfics, blurbs, or headcanons, you can share them with me.
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-Robin xxx
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sunshineandaisies · 8 days ago
Cabin Fever (Part One)
Cabin Fever Masterlist
Summary: What was meant to be a weekend at the cabin with Peter, Pepper, and Morgan very quickly turned into a weekend alone with your best friend and your recently acknowledged feelings for him thanks to a certain assumption made by your step-mother.
Pairing: College!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Words: ~1.6k
Warnings: language, sexual suggestions, angst?, too much overthinking
Tumblr media
“So Pepper just called,” you announced, staring at your phone with a confused expression. “Her and Morgan aren’t gonna make the trip up here this weekend.”
Your travel companion popped his head around the door of the open fridge, staring at you with his big chocolate eyes that never failed to send your heart racing. Not that you’d ever tell him that, though. Nope, there was absolutely nothing between you and Peter Parker but good ol’, super platonic friendship. Absolutely zero non-platonic feelings. Nope. Nada.
“They’re not coming?”
You shrugged, tossing your phone onto the couch before you sank down into the cushions beside it. “Nope.”
“Did she say why?” Peter asked as he shut the fridge. 
You bit your lip nervously, your gaze sliding to Peter as he walked around the couch and sat beside you. Pepper had told you why, but you weren’t really sure if sharing that reason was the best course of action. Your step-mom’s reason had been a little presumptive, to say the least. 
“No, not really,” you lied, and you smiled at him reassuringly. “Maybe something came up at work.”
He nodded, but the skeptical look he sent you when he thought you weren’t looking told you that you hadn’t gotten any better at lying to him in the six years since you first met as high school freshmen. But, Peter being Peter, he let it go. He let you have your secrets, just as you let him have his.
The only problem with that was that you inevitably always ended up telling him your secrets, just as he always told you his.
Peter spoke up beside you, pulling you from your thoughts. “So if Pepper and Morgan aren’t coming, what’s our plan for the weekend?” He nervously played with his fingers, and your attention was drawn to the action. What did Peter have to be nervous about? “Should we just go home?”
“No!” you said more abruptly than you had intended. You averted your eyes and cleared your throat before turning back to Peter. “No, Pepper would feel bad if we just scraped the weekend altogether. We can still swim and play games and relax. You know, enjoy the first week of our summer break and celebrate surviving finals for another semester.”
The corner of his mouth twitched into the barest hint of a smile. “Yeah,” he agreed. “We should definitely celebrate the end of finals. This semester was kinda the semester from hell, wasn’t it?” 
You huffed. That was an understatement. Both you and Peter were double majoring - him at Columbia, you at your father’s alma mater, MIT - and it was slowly but surely draining the life out of you. Your only saving grace was the few weekends you returned to New York, splitting time between being home with Pepper and Morgan and staying with Peter in his far too small dorm room. Unfortunately, the workload for your courses during the past semester had made it nearly impossible to find a free weekend to go home, and you wanted nothing more than to enjoy a weekend with Peter. 
Pepper seemed to think the same thing, though her reasoning was slightly different than yours.
“At least I’ll get to graduate a semester early,” you answered. You closed your eyes and rested your head against the back of the couch, finally letting the fact that you had zero responsibilities for the next three months sink in. “If it weren’t for that, I definitely wouldn’t have overloaded my schedule like that. Do you think you can overdose on coffee? I think I nearly overdosed on coffee last semester.” 
His responding laughter made your eyes flutter open, and you drank in his appearance - cheeks flushed from the early summer heat, messy hair beginning to curl from the humidity, his muscled arms on full display in his tight t-shirt, and his chapped lips curled into the most adorable smile. You ached to reach out to him, to run a hand through his curls, to drag your fingers over his arms, to press your lips against his. 
You moved away and clasped your hands in your lap. “I, uh- I’m gonna go unpack, I think.”
If Peter noticed your sudden distance and change in demeanor, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he let you go, dragging your suitcase behind you to the bedroom that your dad had set up for you years ago in the hopes that one day he’d get you back after Thanos had turned you to dust alongside Peter. 
Tony got you back, but he never got to see you in the cabin he had built for his family, never got to see you in the room that he had set up just for you.
The first time you came to the cabin with Pepper and Morgan after the Blip, you hadn’t even been able to stay in the room for more than five minutes, and you had ended up sleeping with Morgan in her tiny bed. The only exception to that was the night of your dad’s funeral, when both you and Morgan had crawled into bed with Pepper, anchoring yourself to what little family you had left. 
The second time you came to the cabin with Pepper and Morgan, it had been for a weekend getaway before you left for college, and Peter and May had joined the Stark family. You’d only managed to sleep in your room that weekend because Peter had crawled beneath the blankets with you and held you close after he found you sat against the wall, your eyes bloodshot and wet from your tears. He’d slept with you in your room every weekend you’d spent at the cabin since.
And this weekend would be no different, even though the feelings that you felt for him were very drastically different than they had been all those other times you’d shared your bed with him. You were absolutely sure that sharing your bed with Peter Parker all weekend was slowly, but surely, going to kill you. Even the thought of  laying in bed with him, close enough to touch him, to kiss him was sending your heart racing. 
Fuck, you wanted to kiss him so bad and it confused you so much. He was your best friend, he was nerdy Peter, he was...he was so adorable and- and when did you stop seeing him as just Peter and start seeing him as so, so much more?
“You okay?” 
You jumped, startled. You spun around to face Peter, your eyes wide as they latched onto his concerned expression. You blinked, twisting the material of the sweatshirt that you held in your hands. “Um, yeah.” You cleared your throat and dropped the sweatshirt into your dresser with the rest of your clothes you’d brought along for the weekend. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just kinda...I don’t know. I’ll give you some time to unpack. I’m gonna get some fresh air.”
You slid past him in the doorway before he had a chance to protest, and after grabbing a random bottle of wine from the wine rack, you found yourself sitting on the dock, your shoes beside you on the wooden surface and your feet dragging through the tepid lake water. 
Drinking directly from the bottle, you thought back to the phone call with Pepper earlier in the day that had sent your thoughts haywire in the first place. 
‘You haven’t seen each other in months, Y/N,” she had said. ‘You deserve to have some time together. Alone.’
That in and of itself had been innocent enough. There hadn’t been any suggestive undertone to her words, no incorrect assumptions. It could easily have been interpreted as Pepper urging you to have a relaxing weekend with your best friend.
Except that’s not at all what she had meant, and that became abundantly clear as the call went on. 
‘Just be safe, Y/N. You and Peter are both adults, and I trust you to make good choices. I know your dad would have been over the moon to know how close you and Peter have gotten, but I don’t think he’d be too eager to be a grandpa if he were still around.’ You had nearly choked on your own spit when she said that, and before you were even able to respond she continued, ‘There are condoms under the sink in my bathroom if you didn’t bring your own. Seriously, Y/N, be safe. Enjoy your weekend with Peter.’
You had been too tongue-tied to say anything more than a quick goodbye, and the entire conversation had been playing on repeat in your head ever since. It was torturing you, slowly driving you mad in the same manner that your sudden change in feelings for Peter were driving you mad.
The wooden dock creaked, and without even turning to look, you knew that it was Peter padding down the length of the dock to join you at the end. He was silent as he pulled off his shoes and socks, silent as he sat beside you, silent as he plunged his feet into the water and nudged your foot with his big toe. 
You pressed the wine bottle to your lips and tilted it, drinking deeply and swallowing thickly. “I lied to you earlier,” you admitted. You held the wine bottle out to him in silent offering, and once he took it from your hand you twisted your hands together in your lap nervously. “About why Pepper and Morgan aren’t coming this weekend.”
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leetotters · 8 days ago
this is very short like every other fic i write, please i'm so bad at titles and summaries😐
peter parker x reader
summary: depriving peter and pleasing yourself
Tumblr media
You smirked devilishly seeing Peter squirming under your touch, your hands stroking his cock briskly bringing him to the edge once more depriving him from his orgasm for the fourth time laughing impishly when he tried begging you to make him come but it only came out muffled from the pair of panties you shoved in his mouth earlier when he dared to tell you were a jealous little bitch when you told off Liz when you saw her trying to flirt with him.
"Petey you want to come don't you" you spoke your voice disgustingly sweet running your hands down his tone abs placing a soft kiss on each one, looking up at him grinning when he started nodding his head vigorously shamelessly pleading you to make him come.
"I don't think you deserve it" you removed your fingers that were interlaced around his hard cock making a breathy groan erupt from Peter, his hands pulling on the steel handcuffs that were attached to the bed posts, his eyes closed in frustration making his forehead wrinkle.
"I am a bitch aren't I Pete" you inquired not really saying it as a question, grabbing Peters jaw in your hands facing him to you, your eyes firing with rage and excitement about what was going to occur next, Peter shook his head no, his cocoa-coloured eyes glossy regretting his words from earlier. "That's not what you said when I told off Liz, Petey" You twirled one of his curls in your fingers, bouncing when you let it go.
"No no baby, you're not a bitch" Peter babbled his words gibberish as he tried apologizing. You couldn't care less what he said only yanking your panties from his mouth, tutting when he began pleading to you to make him come. "Shut up" you demanded, Peter lips sealing instantly not another word uttering out.
"Lie back, I want to ride that pretty face of yours babyboy" you cooed pecking his lips softly, smiling wickedly when you pulled back making Peter whine. Peter didn't waste time, eager to have a taste of your pussy, the pussy he so dearly worshipped, he could never get enough of your tight beautiful pussy.
You crawled up Peter's body, positioning your glistening pussy above of his face, giving Peter a sight for sore eyes as he admired your God like core, your juices slipping down your inner thigh as you slowly lowered yourself, using your knees to balance and hands gripping on the head board, whimpering when your pussy reached his lips.
"Fuck my pussy with your tongue Pete" you spoke, rubbing your wet pussy on Peters face moaning when he began swirling his needy tongue against your folds, his eyes locked savoring the blissful moment, determined to bring you to your end as an apology for his unnecessary word earlier.
"Mhm so good Peter" you grinded on his face, your hands grappling Peters hair with one hand while the other held the head board with a death grip using it to support you. "Right there" you moaned as Peter sucked deeply on your pearl, his tongue circling your pussy drinking up all your mouth watering juices.
You came hard on Peters tongue, your mind blurring as the exhilarating feeling swept throughout you, your hands letting go of Peters hair, holding the headboard rubbing your pussy on his face relishing your mind altering orgasm.
Peter didn't stop his tongue assault, slurping your come and everything along with it, wishing he saw the way your face scrunched when you came.
"That was good Pete" you attempted to get up, but was stopped with two firm arms ceasing your movements, you gaped at Peter, eyes blown wide observing the broken handcuffs on the bed.
"Back on my face now," Peter ordered, laying back on the bed, his hands holding your hips steady inching your pussy back to his face. "That's enough control for you, 𝘣𝘪𝘵𝘤𝘩"
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