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#peter parker one shot
wrongcrowdposts · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings; angst, smut and SMUT, unprotected sex.
Summary; You didn't like Peter, and you liked to humiliate him every time you had a chance to do so.
Authors note; this is the first time i do smut so pls tell me if its good so i can keep doing it ✨
Temperaments heated up every time your father insisted that you train alongside Peter. You didn't hate Peter, but you didn't like him either. You even thought that he was a bit annoying and spoiled. You just felt annoyed with the presence of him near you. Typical Starks temperament.
Peter was not far behind, he knew that he was not to your liking at all, but Parker just did not seem to understand why. He didn't know anything about you, the only thing he knew was what anyone knew about the starks, a reputation for big parties that Tony seemed to have left once you and Morgan were born. But you followed the legacy of parties until you ended up with someone different under your sheets every night.
"Okay guys take a break but not to long." Tony pointed a finger as the sweat fell from their foreheads. “Jarvis monitors everything so if you spend more than the exact time i will know.
"As if that matters." You mumbled, heading towards the locker room that the Avengers base had.
"I heard that (Y/n)" Tony answered raising his voice watching you walk away. You turned around still walking backwards.
"Good, because I wanted you to know."
You wet your hands removing the sweat to wash your face, both would return to combat but you prefer to feel fresh and relaxed for minutes. When you looked up in the mirror reflection you saw Peter standing looking at you directly, he probably was going to do the same as you to wash some parts, but he was standing there looking at you seriously.
You had no problem challenging Tony, much less Peter.
"What do you want Parker." You turned around, leaning your hands on the sink, giving him that stupid little smile that you knew bothered him about you.
"Why do you hate me so much (Y/n)? Or Tony, are you always rude to people who try to be nice to you? "
"What the hell is your problem man?" You said indignantly crossing your arms, highlighting a little your muscles that Peter secretly lowered his gaze towards them. “My father and I is none of your business, or should I call you stepbrother now? I don't even know you and BELIEVE ME, I have no intention of doing so. Mind your own business, will you?
"What else could I expect from someone who wakes up with a different person every morning, because a mature attitude I don't think so." Peter challenged leaving you speechless, you were the one doing that, not him. “I have heard the rumors and stories of the incredible (y/n) stark and his magnificent reputation. But what if he's just an alter ego? And that you pretend to be the tough guy and not show that soft part of… .—
Peter couldn't finish as soon his spider sense warned him too late that danger was approaching. You pushed the boy on his shoulders causing him to bump his back against the metal lockers.
"And what about you Peter Parker." You started out with bitterness. It was your turn, Peter didn't know where he had gotten that guts, you always seemed to have them. “The classic loser who gets teased at school trying to get noticed by the girl he's in love with? C´mon Peter, you are nothing, the only thing that makes you special and why people would see you is because you are Spiderman. What else would make you special? Be a good kisser? A good boyfriend? You don't have any of that because you are alone. You are a lonely virgin.
Right on the guts. You knew it because Peter didn't bother to answer your push, he just stared at you with a combination of feelings, anger, sadness.
"Screw you man." Peter muttered pushing you with his shoulder before walking out of there.
You couldn't feel bad for him, you enjoyed the pain you caused to people you didn't like. You followed in his footsteps and when he had already left the room you heard your father's voice in the microphone of the communicator that was on the wall.
"Where´s he going? You have training. "
"He's a Nerd dad, He probably go back to his room to read a comic or something." You responded by pressing the button. “Now I'm going to do what I do best.
You caught the shot glass between your teeth and lifted your head letting the bitter drink enter your throat in a single movement. The others started clapping and praising you like you were a party god. You threw the glass on the floor, breaking it, wiping your lips with the sleeve of your expensive shirt.
"Well? Does anyone want to challenge the leader of the parties or are you all a couple of chickens?"
You said flaunting yourself as the thrusters slowly brought you down from the air.
"I'll do it."
The metal boots hit the ground, your gaze focused on Peter and his new look that hardly made you think he was the same Peter you had humiliated at the base of the avengers. His hair pulled back, black pants, and a stylish short-sleeved shirt. The stark scholarship left money.
"Penis Parker." You said mockingly, the alcohol was starting to rise between your veins. "This is going to be interesting. Come on come up here baby. JARVIS! Serve another round.
The round of drinks increased more and more, neither of you took their eyes off the other. Neither wanted to lose to the other. Peter didn't seem to show any signs of dizziness or being drunk, and you knew why, his blood and spider abilities gave him certain advantages that you didn't have. You could already feel a minor headache.
"St..op.." You said stamping your glass on the bar when Peter was about to finish the drink. "I'm going to ... find--... another bottle.
"Sure Stark, take your time." A random boy replied patting your shoulder.
You went through the people leaving everything behind and climbed the stairs escaping from the embarrassing scene that you were going to happen if you didn't get out of there fast. With one hand on your stomach feeling dizzy you entered the closest room closing the door looking for the closest piece of furniture and contain your urge to vomit, you had to go back, Parker would not ruin your reputation.
"Looks like the legend himself (Y/n) Stark can only hold 10 drinks."
Peter entered the room putting the lock to make fun of you seeing you with your eyes closed barely catching your breath.
"If you want to vomit there is a bathroom, I can hold your hair while you are on your knees."
"Fuck off." You responded to his sarcasm. "Was it necessary to be bitten by another spider for you to bring out this manly behavior?
"Only when someone challenge me." Peter crossed his arms, that's when you realized that his school sweater hid some marked arms. You only raised an eyebrow. "And I came to prove to you how wrong you were in what you said, I wanted to enjoy that you recognized that you were wrong but I think that will not happen, right?
"In what part?"
The two were close enough now, Peter was enjoying it. Peter rubbed his half-open mouth with his lips with yours kissing them in a matter of seconds when you turned your head to the side laughing with your eyes closed. You could swear Peter's fingers were already resting delicately on your waist to draw you closer to him.
"Now are you just trying to seduce me? Please try something better and not when I just had a drinking battle with you."
"Which I won and you can't admit."
"Because of your blood type."
"Yeah, whatever."
You could feel the heat burning inside you when Peter kissed you again. You didn't even know if it was because of the alcohol or because of the sensation that he made you feel. Sensation that you wasn't going to admit that it felt good for someone who was sexually active like you.
The kiss was more and more attempt when Peter's hands were in your hair pulling it towards him with a few force and your hands were on his cheeks squeezing them while their mouths combined into one and your tongues soon found the other and make the kiss wetter than it already was. The pleasure made the surrounding weather turn hotter, Peter pulled your hair back allowing the apple of your throat to be marked and he began to kiss it along with each part of your neck.
Both soon stumbled onto the bed where you desperately sought to get rid of each other's clothes, almost tearing them up to get under the sheets. The erections soon brushed making your lips part and you glanced down with a surprised sigh as both caught your breath with slightly swollen lips.
"I thought that being your room it would be a kind of room with games or something like that."
"How many adult movies have you seen?" You asked dumbfounded, Peter turned out to be the sassy guy.
"Well when we were in Germany and I met your father I ...---"
"Peter I really don't want to know, it was sarcasm." You interrupted before he continued. "And it's not my house so I don't have my things." Peter raised both eyebrows. "What?
"You don't plan on stopping do you?"
"Do you want me to continue?"
Peter got up a bit to place a soft kiss this time on the corner of your lips.
"Okay... uhhmm.... open up."
You said taking your fingers to the mouth of Peter who opened catching them. His gaze was on your hand. His tongue moved between them, internally you bit your lip so as not to moan at the sensation and image you were seeing.
"It's enough." You mumbled after a few seconds. Peter opened his mouth and you pulled your fingers from his red lips. "Do you want to continue?
"Will you take away the honor of being with a Stark?"
You giggled in denial, with your other hand you slid down his entire left leg until he raised them to your waist and had a position. Your free hand took his member massaging it giving him a little pleasure and excitement when Peter closed his eyes leaving his mouth open, if anyone knew how to make someone feel good, it was you.
While you distracted Peter, you continued to set him up. Your fingers sought the entrance where you slowly inserted a finger to which Peter responded with a groan, the first you had heard since he entered the room. You moved it slowly and when you thought it was right, you put the second finger.
"Uh..hh ... this is ... new ..."
You smiled when you heard him trying to speak properly and not moaning. You took your fingers out after being inside it for a while and took your member licking you lip. You got him into position and to push yourself in slowly and carefully, you came face to face with Peter.
"Wow ..."
"Peter shut up." You said in a whisper rubbing your nose with his. "Does it hurt? Tell me how it feels so I can ...
"It feels perfect (Y/n)." Peter opened his eyes to meet yours. For the first time, you felt good about him. "You can...uhhmm... move.
You nodded, hiding your face in his neck, biting it and leaving marks on the points that you knew the human body was weak, you proceeded to bite the lobe of his ear while Parker sank his fingers into your bare back with one hand and with the other he pulled strands of your hair. . It was not difficult to know that taking your hair was Peter's fetish.
At first your movements were slow, you didn't want to hurt him and go fast. Slow was the way the pleasure was distributed, demonstrating it in the kisses both had while you did it. Within minutes you decided to try and go faster trying not to make noise from your skin hitting Peter's.
When you were about to reach your point, the veins were marked in your calves. You got out of Peter and you reached out to your member and started to pull it.
"Wait ..." Peter sat on the bed stopping you after straightening his hair. You let go of your hands and Peter started doing what you were doing.
Your hands were now the ones moving Peter's hair. Peter's hand moved quickly, it didn't take him long to reach your climax and release everything on his abdomen to what Peter looked at for a few seconds when he stopped.
Your heavy breathing made your sweaty chest rise and fall. Peter ran a hand over his abdomen with a surprised smirk.
"Wow. Did I really provoke this to you?"
"Don't flatter yourself, it's natural body reactions." You corrected and Peter wiped his hand with his leg taking your waist turning you now staying on top of you.
"Come on (Y/n), it's not that hard to admit some things from time to time. I want to hear it."
You remained silent, but not because of that, but because you were experiencing the sensation of your being the one that was down for the first time.
"Then I guess I'll make you say it." Peter murmured into your lips, running his fingers between them and repeating the same thing you had done with him. "God this feels so good.
You put your legs behind him arching your toes as well as your back. As soon as you felt Peter inside you, he made slow movements in and out as he bent down to kiss and bite your nipples.
Your eyes went wide than normal as you stroked his hair gently. Peter paused with his mouth still on your left nipple. You stopped your caress feeling the heat in your lower waist, inside you.
"Peter? Did you ... uhmmm ... cum already?"
Peter let go of your nipple looking at you embarrassedly with his cheeks redder than a tomato as he realized that he hadn't lasted at all as soon as he entered you. Peter came out of you slowly draining a bit of what he had released into you.
"They are reactions of the body, aren't they?" Peter mumbled sadly lying next to you where they both covered their bodies.
Peter brought both hands to his face, you turned to see him even with the awkward silence between you.
"Hey it's fine, actually.... aggg I'm going to kill you if you say this to someone." You said shaking your head, Peter slid his hands from his face turning his body towards you. "You're the first time I've ever had someone ... you know ... on top of me doing that.
"Uuuhhh, I feel, flattered I guess." One hand was under your neck and the other rested on your abdomen. Which Peter looked at in detail. "You are my first person.
You were quiet for a few seconds.
"I shouldn't have made that stupid joke that you were a lonely virgin." You spoke with regret in your soft tone. "But I enjoyed it .... and you on top of me too.
"Do you want to go out tomorrow? Like we're starting over."
"That sounds good."
"So I'll see you tomorrow at 8:00 at dellmars. The best sandwiches in Queens." Peter said cheerfully as he searched the floor for his pants. "We should do this more frequently.
"Fight or have sex?" You raised an eyebrow.
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wrongcrowdposts · 17 hours ago
✨ not gonna lie, im in the mood for writting peter parker x male!reader smut and post it in a few hours. ✨
Peter gives me the bottom vibes i cant help.
All i can say is; its stark!male!reader.
Tumblr media
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twjournals · 19 hours ago
What's Wrong is Right
Tumblr media
This is the sequel to So Wrong, It's Right.
Warning: dark!Peter Parker x reader, age gap BUT BOTH CHARACTERS ARE OF AGE, DUB-NON, pregnancy, mentions of abortion
PLEASE READ MY WARNING BEFORE CONTINUING. I am not responsible for your media consumption. Any and ALL negativity will be blocked. The majority of my content is 18+.
Word Count: 7k
Summary: You’re an old troubled friend of May’s. Your life consists of being a workaholic, a party animal, and bringing home the shittest of guys for a one-hit-wonder. Just when you get your life in order, you’re knocked right back into your old habits. Peter has watched you suffer long enough. He can make it all better.
Taglist: @discoverwhattheworldhastooffer
Things could not have felt any better than they did right now. You were still sound asleep beside him on the bed. You were so peaceful when you sleep, so perfect. Even with your hair a mess and what was left of your make-up on your face Peter still thought you were the most beautiful girl in the world.
As much as he could sleep, he did not want to miss a second of you. He longed to touch you again, to kiss you awake and go another round or two. He could stay the whole day in bed with you if you would let him. The thought of you coming undone underneath him replayed in his mind and his cock twitched in response. He needed to calm himself down, but that felt nearly impossible around you. The only thing stopping him was the fact he knew you needed the rest.
Peter laid on his side, taking in the sight of you. He could not understand how guys would use you the way they do, how they could hurt you and be okay with it. He could not understand the type of guys you went after either. They were all the same. It was almost like you were signing yourself up to get hurt. Peter just wanted to take all that pain away. He wanted to be the guy you needed. He was the guy you needed.
He let a sigh before pressing a warm kiss to your head. Sleep had finally won the battle. He let his eyes fall shut as his arms held your sleeping figure close. If only he could fall asleep like this every night.
When you awoke, the sun was shining bright the small cracks in your blinds, and seemed even brighter than usual considering your hangover. You rub your head as it ached. If there was one thing you did not miss about drinking, it was this.
You froze still when you felt the grasp around your body grow a little snugger. You were scared to see who was in bed with you. You tried to think for a moment, thinking back to last night. It was such a faint memory, a blur. Could it have been your ex? There was no way. Even drunk, you would not have fallen into that trap. You peaked over your shoulder, instant regrets washing over you. What had you done? You were in fact naked so there was no doubt what you had done last night.
May was going to kill you.
Your phone buzzed on the nightstand beside you as if on queue and you glanced over at it. Oh my god, May! You were dead. Your heart was beating so hard it could have beat out of your chest. You were panicking. You carefully eased out of Peter's grasp to keep from waking him, resting his arm back on the bed. You grabbed a big shirt you had still laying on your floor and a pair of underwear from your dresser before hurrying out the door, closing it behind you.
You tugged your shirt in a hurry before you answered it on the final ring. "Hello?" You tried to play it cool, holding your phone against your ear with your shoulder as you pulled your panties up your legs.
"Good morning sunshine. How are you feeling?" She greeted you.
You started down the hallway to the kitchen. You would feel the aching of your core with every step you took. "Tired." You admitted, moving behind the counter to start a pot of coffee.
"I bet. You needed last night though with everything going on." You bit your bottom lip.
You could not agree more, but you wondered to yourself just much of it as actually needed. You leaned against the counter, watching the drip of the coffee as it filled the pot. "You're not wrong."
She laughed slightly. "I'm just glad Peter could take you home. I always get nervous when you go home with random strangers." Your teeth sunk further into your bottom lip. "Speaking of Peter, do you know where he is?" Your heart was beating so out of control, you were surprised it wasn’t a heart attack in the making. The thought of losing May as your friend after these years, especially over something as big as this, it pained you.
You had to think and think fast. "I think he mentioned something about going to Ned's. I’m not entirely sure though.” You reached into the cupboard to retrieve a mug. "He probably stayed the night." You lied, trying to control your breathing as you poured yourself a cup of coffee. You prayed to yourself in hopes that your lie would be enough. Or what if she already knew Peter was still at your apartment? No, no, she could not have, not sounding this collected.
"I should have guessed that. I'll try to call him again later." She sighed. "I just worry about him sometimes."
"I'm sure he's fine. He's not a kid anymore, May." You reminded her, though a part of you felt like it was a reminder to you as well. If he had not have been who he was, maybe this all would have been a different situation but not when your friendship was on the line.
"I know, I know. It's just the Aunt in me I suppose"
You mixed in your cream and sugar and stirred. "It's Peter and Ned we're talking about, May. They were probably up playing video games all night."
"You're right." She finally admitted. "Well, I'm sorry for waking you. I just wanted to check on you."
"No worries. Let me know when you hear from him." She agreed before you ended the phone call with a goodbye.
You finally let out a deep breath of air. It felt like you had been holding it the entire time you were on the phone. It would not have surprised you if you had. You did not know where to start or how to make it all make sense. Maybe that was because none of this made sense. Peter could not be anymore more than a friend, especially when he was your best friend's nephew.
How had this even got this far? You had never thought of Peter like this and yet you ended up in bed with him. You held the mug, letting it warm your hands as you stared down at your coffee in thought. Peter had been nothing but good to you, but this had been more than you could have asked for. There was a hole in your heart from another man and you had pushed yourself on Peter last night to try and heal it. That’s what you had made yourself believe. You took had taken advantage of his kindness, took things too far and now you had to get things back in one piece.
This was nothing like the hookups you had in the past. This was Peter. It was not like you would never see him around again. It was not like you could just throw him out and be done with it.
You jumped instantly when Peter's voice pulled you from your thoughts. You pushed yourself off of the counter, taking in the sight of him as he moved across the kitchen over to you.
“Good morning.” He smiled and you glanced at his messy hair sticking up in different directions. It was the perfect mix of bed head and sex hair.
“Hi.” You said shyly. How would you break the news to him? God, how could you get yourself in this situation?
“I was looking forward to waking up to you.” He moved over to you, his arms wrapping around your waist as if this were all normal and pressing a kiss to your jaw. Your eyes met his curiously. What was he thinking this was?
“Peter, I think- I think we need to talk.”
Your breathing was shuttered as he held onto your waist, nudging his nose against your neck.
“Oh? What about?” He looks down at you.
Your free hand was pressed against his chest with a sigh. “Did you want some coffee?” You offered.
His eyes lingered on you for a moment as if he was trying to figure out what you were thinking before letting go of your waist. “No, thank you. Is everything okay?” He tilted his head slightly. You seemed nervous.
You took a hold of his hand, placing your mug down on the counter before leading him into the living room. You brought him over to the couch, sitting down. “So last night… can you tell me what happened? I know we had, ya know, but how?”
His face grew pink with a slight blush. “How?” He repeated your question.
“I mean, did I make you? I know I can be a bit much when I drink.”
“What? No.” He shook his head. “I mean it surprised me, but of course, I wanted you. I’ve always wanted you.”
You grew quiet, trying to process what he was saying. You sighed. "Peter, I-" I tried to gather your thoughts together. "It should have never happened and I'm sorry that it did."
Peter's eyes grew wide as he tried to take in what you were saying, but he could not bring himself around to believe you.
"No. You don't mean that." He shook his head.
You frowned. "I do mean that."
He shook his head again. "You don't. You told me I was good to you. You even said before you hope you meet someone even half amazing as me."
"You kissed me! How can you say this should have never happened?"
You run your fingers through your knotted hair and pushing it back out of your face with a sigh. "Peter, I was drunk. I wasn't thinking clearly."
"Drunk words are sober thoughts. Even if you hadn't meant to say it, I know you have been thinking about it." He frowned, taking a hold of your chin and tilting your head to look at him. "Why can't you let just accept how you feel? You deserve to be happy."
You turned your head out of his grasp. "That's just it, Peter. I don't know what I'm feeling about anything. I just had my heart broken a week ago by a guy who I thought was my soulmate. I wasn't ready for any of this to happen. I'm sorry I kissed you and confused you."
He could not believe you were saying this. You could not mean this. Not after last night. Not after the word you clung to him. Not after everything you said. It hurt his feelings. He opened his mouth to say something, but the words would not come. He was not sure what to say. He did not want to overstep, but he could not understand how you could easily fall for assholes like Chris and never a good guy like him.
"You are good to me." You admit. "You have taken good care of me in the past, but we can't be anything more than friends. We can't do this again. I feel like I have overstepped a line with May. She wouldn't want this."
"It's not about what she wants." He snaps. "I can make my decisions for myself now. I'm not a kid anymore, Y/N."
"Peter, you will always be a kid to me. You can do so much better than me. Someone closer to your age. Someone who has their life together. You are such a great guy. I know you will make some girl very happy." You smiled reassuringly, though to him none of this was reassuring.
There was no "better than you", even when he was committed to you. He tried to understand that feeling was new to you considering you always felt in competition with other girls. Truth be told, no one came close to comparing to you in his eyes. He wished he could make you see that, make you understand just how much you really meant to him.
He could feel his phone vibrating again and he sighed, standing up from the couch. He knew it was May. "I should go before Happy sends out a search party."
You stared up at him, nodding slightly. "I understand."
He threw his hand up in an awkward wave before making his way to the door.
You stood up from the couch, hugging yourself. "Hey, Peter?"
He stopped at the door, holding it open and looking over his shoulder at you.
"I don't want this to ruin our friendship." It could never. You just needed time, he thought to himself.
"It won't." He smiled at you. "I promise."
Even though you did not want it to affect your friendship with Peter, you both knew that it had, for better or for worse. You did not see much of Peter after he left your apartment that day, even when you would go see May, the house was already quiet. Neither of you had mentioned a word to May. Peter was always out or on his way out when you showed up. You would only really had time for a quick "hey" before he was on his way. You figured college had him pretty busy for the most part, or Ned, maybe even a girl.
He had properly busied him in hopes to give you space. In hopes, you would realize things on your own and do the right thing. He may have been between college and keeping an eye on the neighborhood, but he never strayed far from you. He never failed to keep an eye out on you. Peter knew how much you needed him, but it was your turn to realize that for yourself.
Peter wasn't the only one keeping himself busy. After some time you had taken off, you finally had gone back to work. In a way, you were glad you had because it kept you distracted. You had decided it was time to focus on yourself.
You had stopped drinking since the night at the club after realizing the trouble it putting you in and the pain it was actually causing you. Drinking did not stop the heartbreak. It might have slowed it down, but when you were sober again, the ache was still there. Drinking kept you from dealing with it. As much as you wished you did not have to, you knew it was the only way for you to move on.
It had been a month since you split with Chris. Thankfully, you were starting to get back in the groove of things fairly quickly.
You sat at your desk, typing away on your computer when your phone buzzed on your desk. You did not look away from your work until a knock on the window of your office door caught your attention.
Your eyes widened at the sight of Chris on the other side. He lifted his phone, mouthing for you to check it.
You lifted your phone over to check, reading the text from him.
Can we talk?
You blinked, glancing at him before turning back to your computer to keep working.
Your phone buzzed again.
You looked up at him again. He had his hands together in a plead while he mouthed "please". You sighed, getting up from your desk to answer the door. You pulled the door open and he smiled slightly though you had not attempted to return it.
"I don't know if you've noticed, but I am working." You blunted pointed out.
"I know. I'm sorry for bothering you. I just knew you wouldn't answer my messages. That's the only reason I'm here. I feel like I've had a lot of time to think and I want to talk to you about things."
"Once again, I'm at work." You reminded him.
"When is your lunch then?" He questioned.
You held onto the door. "I don't think I'm gonna take one. I have a lot I need to get done."
He sighed, looking down at you. "Come on. I know you've gotta be hungry." He glanced at his phone to check the time. "Don't you usually take your lunch around this time?"
You tried to stand your ground even though your stomach growled in hunger. You hated when he was right. You hated to give him anything he wanted after how he did you. It amazed you he had remembered what time you took your lunch. Maybe he did pay attention to you after all.
"I'll pay." He insisted. You sighed.
"Fine. Let me get my bag."
You had agreed on a sandwich shop just down the street. You were not in the mood for anything big. You settled down at a table by the window with a wrap and iced water. You took a bite of your wrap, staring out the window at all the traffic on the road.
He was the first to break the silence. "How have you been?"
"Fine. You?" You continued eating, taking another bite.
He had yet to touch his own food. "I've been alright. Can I say something or do you think I am wasting my time?"
"Can you hear me out? Just this once, that’s all I ask."
You sighed, finally agreeing to listen since he had after all bought you food. You sat the rest of your wrap down washing it down with some water while listening.
He sat in silence for a moment to gather his thoughts, trying to figure out where he should start. “I’m sorry for what I did to you and for how I treated you. Nothing I say is gonna take back what I did, but I do regret it all. I know I said some ugly stuff at the club that day. Once again, I know I can’t justify it but I had been drinking and I was coping with losing you. I get that I ruined things. I messed up and you have every right to be mad at me. I was selfish and I never took your feelings into consideration. I didn't think to help you with the wedding because I thought of it as your big day. When it should have been our big day." He leaned against the table, crossing his arms. You pulled your gaze from the window, looking at him for a moment before looking down at your lap. "I missed how spontaneous we use to be. Every day was a surprise. You amazed me every day, but we fell into a routine and I was worried about marriage might be like that." It shocked you that he was even apologizing right now.
"You were so calm when you did it though. Like it was okay for me to see that like you wanted to hurt me." You broke your silence, your eyes finding his and he frowned.
He exhaled a deep breath. "I didn't wanna hurt you. I guess I had convinced myself I had done nothing wrong, but I realize now how bad of a thing I did."
"You could have just talked to me about this before you went and made me feel like I couldn't be enough. We could have put the wedding on hold and fixed this. Sometimes I get carried away with things. I just- I wanted everything to be perfect. I didn't know what you wanted and so I was working twice as hard to get everything to be how I thought you might like it." You wrapped your wrap back up when you lost your appetite. "I think the realization of everything hurt more than walking in on you. Realizing how much I was doing and how little you did-"
"I know and I want to fix that. I want to do more for you and for us. I want to prove to you I can change. We've invested so many years in this. I don't want to throw it all away. I didn't realize how much I needed you until I didn't have you." He reached across the table, taking a hold of your hand and he rubbed his thumb across the back of your hand. It surprised him how didn't pull your hand away and that's how he knew he might have convinced you. He might have a shot again. "If you really are through with me, I do not blame you. I deserve that. Just tell me when and I'll come to get my stuff."
You sat in silence for a moment, thinking to yourself. You were not sure what to say. You never thought he would get this far with his apology. You did not expect him to apologize considering he seemed pretty pleased with himself.
"I don't know what to say right now." You mumbled, looking down at his hand holding onto yours.
He held your smaller hand in between his. "You don't have to say anything. Just think about it. I respect whatever you decide. I just want to know if I have really lost you for good."
"I don't know." You finally admitted, biting your bottom lip slightly and gently taking your hand back from his hold. "I need time."
"Take all the time you need." He ensured.
"We'll see." You glanced at your phone, checking the time. "Thank you for lunch, but I should really be headed back."
He nodded his head, gathering his still wrapped sandwich and drink as you both get up from the table. "I'll walk you back."
The rest of your workday felt like a waste considering you could not focus on anything. You did not get done much of anything you had planned to get done. Why did guys have to make things so complicated? If he had just communicated about it before, maybe you would still be together.
You tried to focus on the computer screen in front of you, letting your fingers hover over the keyboard. Focus, Y/n.
You knew you should not want him back. You did not owe him a thing. You knew there would always be the risk he had not actually changed, but he was all you knew. You grew to him. Your life had changed for your future with him. You had been so wrapped up in the wedding, you had not been paying attention to him. But then again, if he had helped, participated in his own wedding plans then so much would not have been on you.
You rubbed your temple, saving your progress and shutting off the computer screen. You were just gonna call it a night. You had a girls' night planned with May and you did not want this to get in the way of your friendship with May again.
You reached into your pocket to collect yourself, shooting May a quick text.
We're still on for tonight, right?
You gathered your papers off of your desk, shuffling them up neatly before pulling them back in its folder and putting them in the drawer of your desk.
Don't be late.
You smiled at her message before pulling open the door to your office.
You had kept your word to May and showed at a decent time. She was setting up for movie night when you arrived. She tsked when she saw how overdressed you were.
"If I had stopped for a change of clothes, I would have been late." You reminded her with a laugh as she entered the living room again with a bottle of wine and a bowl of popcorn. She placed them on the coffee table in front of her.
"You're welcome to grab some clothes of mine." She offered as she sat down on the couch, tucking her legs underneath her and covering herself with a blanket.
You had already stripped yourself from your blazer as you walked down the hallway to May's room. You grabbed a pair of shorts and a shirt from her dresser before going to the bathroom to change out of your pencil skirt and blouse.
You stared at yourself in the mirror as you changed the set of clothes. Your eyes were glued to your stomach, noticing how bloated you looked and frowning slightly. You knew your period would be any day now, but usually, you did not bloat this bad. Your clothes had seemed a little snug today. You shook the thought as you fold your clothes and set them up on the bathroom counter. Your head spinning from everything going. Just when you had thought things were calm, it picked right back up. You left the bathroom, walking towards the living room where May was.
"Hey, Aunt Ma-" Peter called out as he came out of his bedroom, knocking into you in the process. He quickly grabbed a hold of your waist to keep you falling. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-" He started to rumble.
"It's fine. I'm okay." You laughed quietly, making him smile suddenly when his eyes finally met yours. "You wouldn't happen to be avoiding me, would you?" You tease. You understand even if he was, but you had hoped that he was not avoiding you. You did not want to be the reason driving him out of his own home.
He blushed slightly. "Just giving you some space." He told the truth. You hadn't realized how close you two still were.
"I don't need space, Peter. We're okay." Your eyes flickered across his face for a moment, biting down on your bottom lip when you noticed how close he was still holding you. "Peter-"
"Y/n, are you coming? The movie is about to start!" May called out from her spot on the couch. She had already poured you both a glass of wine.
"Did you want to join us?" You question absentmindedly. He smiled at your words. Maybe you were coming around after all.
"I might later. I have some work I need to finish up." He answered, letting go of his grasp on your waist. You nodded before giving him one last look and continuing down the hallway back to May.
You were halfway through the movie when you turned to May, snacking on a few pieces of popcorn from the bowl that sat between the two of you. "So the weirdest thing happened at work today." You started, pulling her attention from the movie. "Chris showed up."
May turned down the movie a little in order to hear you better. Her eyes were slightly wide and you laughed a little at her reaction. "That was my reaction as well." You pointed out.
"Well? What happened? What did he say?" She encouraged you to continue.
Peter had just come out of his room just in time to get a snack along with something to drink. He had been finishing an assignment. He took his earbuds out one by one, hearing you in the living room as he walked through the kitchen.
"Well, he took me to lunch, and basically he apologized for everything. He wants a second chance."
Peter's eyes grew wide, listening to you talk. You did not have to say his name to know who you were talking about. He peaked in the living room at you and Aunt May on the couch, leaning against the wall as he listened in.
You shrugged.
"I'm surprised you even let him take you out." May pointed out as she took a sip of her wine.
"Honestly, it surprised me too but I was hungry and he offered to pay so I gave in." You rubbed your arm slightly as you leaned back on the couch.
"So what's the plan?"
You looked over at May, raising an eyebrow curiously. "Plan?"
"Well I mean, what did you say to him?"
You got quiet for a moment. Peter felt as if he was holding his breath just to make sure he heard your answer correctly.
"I told him I would think about it."
May seemed surprised by your answer. Peter, on the other hand, was less than pleased.
"He's all I know. I'm comfortable with him. I don't know how to start over and at this point, it seems pointless." You explained as you picked at the blanket over your lap. "He said he didn't wanna give up when we have invested so much time and that he was willing to prove himself."
"Maybe he needed this. Ya know, like a reality check." May suggested and you nodded your head.
Peter could not believe you were going back. You were giving up. After everything he put through, everything he said, and how worthless he had you feel, you were going back. Had you not learned anything? His fists clenched at his side, trying to keep himself calm. He could not listen to another second of this.
He stormed past you and May. "Hey, Pete-" May started, but Peter swiftly interrupted her.
"I'm going out. Don't wait up." He mumbled. Your heart skipped, realizing that Peter had heard everything. You were so sure he had been in his room. He glanced at you before pulling the door closed harder than usual, making the both of you jump. You frowned, looking down.
Peter sat on top of a roof, leaning against a brick wall as he looked down over the city. He did not know what else he could do to prove himself to you. He finally had his chance and you only pushed him away. Chris had years to prove himself and he had. He made his intentions pretty clear, but even that wasn't enough to steer you away.
He was convinced you were scared to be happy. Scared to find that happiness with him when his Aunt was your best friend. Sure you were a little older, but none of that mattered to him. You were the only girl who could ever make him feel the way he did. It could not just be him feeling this way.
The streets were not as busy due to it being so late. Peter closed his eyes with a sigh from the built-up frustration, letting his leg hang over the side of the building. You were so stubborn.
His eyes snapped open at the roar of laughter beneath him. He glanced at the group of men before quickly having to do a double-take when he realized who it was.
"Come on, Chris. Admit it, you have Y/n wrapped your finger." The men shared a laugh, giving Chris's shoulder a playful push.
"Not like I use to, but I know she'll take me back." He chuckled. "She's waited long enough for that ring. She's not gonna give up now."
"You really think you're ready for marriage? What about the other girl?"
"Guess we'll see about that," Chris smirked and Peter's nose flared in anger. "Women like Y/n just need a ring and they're content. Besides, she's the perfect little housewife."
Peter tried to restrain him, but he could only hold himself back so much. He shot a web at Chris which hitting him over the mouth, sending him and his group in a panic trying to pull it off of his face with no luck.
"Dick." He muttered, shooting a web at another building and pulling himself onto the next building. He had enough. Chris didn't deserve someone like you. You deserved someone to take care of you, to cherish you, not just the other way around.
You stared down at the test in your hand. You never expected to find yourself here this soon. It was not long after Peter stormed out that you decided you should go home. You were upset with yourself and with everything going on. This was just the icing on the cake. You mindlessly walked by the calendar in the kitchen on your way to the bedroom, counting the days since your last period. You were late and at this point in your life, you could not ignore it.
The positive plus sign stared back at you and your eyes watered. You had not had sex with Chris in months so you knew it was Peter's. You covered your mouth, letting out a sob into your hand. This was not how you pictured yourself getting pregnant. This was not where you wanted to be in life when you planned on getting pregnant. You were barely making it taking care of yourself. You could not take care of a baby too.
Your body shook as you cried at the foot of your bed. You knew with the baby being Peter's, Chris would never want to be with you. Peter was just starting his life, barely even out of college along with being the Amazing Spiderman. You could not interfere with a baby.
A knock on your bedroom window startled you, making you drop the test. You looked the window to find Spiderman kneeled down on your fire escape, motioning for you to let him in.
You wiped your face of your tears and walked over to the window, unlocking it before pushing it up.
"Now isn't a good time, Peter." You stated bluntly, taking in the sight of him in his suit.
"I really need to talk to you, Y/N. It's important."
"Can we not talk about this another day?"
"No, it can't." He slipped under your arm into your bedroom, pulling his mask from over his face. "It's about Chris."
You raised an eyebrow, crossing your arms over your chest. "What about him?"
"He doesn't love you, Y/n. He will never care about you like you have cared about him. He is just using him as a housewife and that's all you'll be to him. Just someone to take care of him. You deserve so much than him." Peter paced back and forth as he ranted.
You stared at him as he paced. "That's what you came here to tell me? I know you heard me talking to May. I should have known you would come up with some way to make me feel like shit for thinking about going back."
"Y/n, I didn-"
"You did! You don't get it! It's my heart that was broken. I have loved him for years. You don't understand how hard this is for me."
"I don't understand?" His mouth parted at your words. You didn't know half of it. "How do I not when I have loved you years longer than he's been in your life? Even when you loved everyone but me! You fall for assholes like him and the good guys like me go overlooked!" He exclaimed, throwing his hand up as he shifted back, his foot stepping on the test you had dropped on the floor.
He glanced down to see what he had stepped on.
Your eyes got wide, trying to get his attention. "Peter." You stepped toward him but it was too late. He stared down at the pregnancy test, wiping his thumb over the plus sign as if checking to see if it was real.
He looked up at you. "You're pregnant?"
It was too late to lie about it. It would have required too much energy to keep it going if you had, and you did not have any fight left in you.
"How far?" He simply questioned. He was so sure it was his, but he wanted to hear it from you.
"If you're asking if it's yours, I can assure you it is. I haven't slept with Chris in months. I don't know how far I am. A few weeks is my guess."
He stared at the test a little while longer, a smiling forming on his lips. "We're gonna have a baby." He smiled at the test. He couldn't help himself. This had to be the best news he had heard in his life aside from becoming an Avenger.
"No." You shook your head.
He furrowed his eyebrows, looking up at you. "What?"
You moved over to him, taking the test from him and tossing it on your dresser with a sigh. "I can't keep the baby."
He frowned at your words. "Sure you can. What do you mean?"
You shook your head again, your eyes already getting watery again. "I can't, Peter. I'm not ready to be a mom. My life is a fucking train wreck and you're just now starting yours. I can't ruin that for you."
"Ruin? No, no." His frown deepened, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you into his arms for comfort. "This is the best news I've heard. This could never ruin my life."
You cried against his shoulder, clenching onto his suit as he held you close in a hug. He pressed a kiss to your temple, stroking your hair down. "I'll do everything I can to keep you and our baby happy. You will never have to worry about another woman because no matter what, I will always choose you. I'll take care of you." He let his hand slide underneath your shirt, rubbing his hand over rounding stomach. "I'll take care of our baby."
You push his hand away out of your shirt, pushing yourself away from him. "I-I can't. I'm not keeping the baby. I'm gonna go to the clinic tomorrow. It'll be better this way."
Peter's mouth fell open slightly as his eyes filled with tears. "Y-You can't be serious."
"I am and nothing is going to change my mind."
"Y/n..." He reached up to cup your face, but you grabbed his wrist. "That's our baby. Don't do this."
You stared at him with tear-filled eyes, some falling down your face, but you didn't speak a word.
He was getting heated by the second. If he thought he was hurt before, he was really hurting now. He didn't understand why you wouldn't take this as your fate and run with it. Run with him. Tears fell down his cheeks. He didn't bother to wipe them, only continued to look at you. He wanted the truth.
"Why? So you can go back to him?"
"This isn't about him."
"Then what is it about, Y/n? You want to get rid of a part of both of us! Can't you see how much I care about you? I would never hurt you like him. You don't have to change yourself to please me. You will never have to worry about not being enough." He moved closer to you, cupping your face in his hands and making you look at him. "You are so perfect, just the way you are. You are more than enough for me."
You try to turn your head to look away, but he leans in, capturing you in a firm passionate kiss. You melted into his kiss, gripping onto his suit. You wanted so badly to push him away, but you couldn't bring yourself to do it. You didn't want him to change your mind. You needed to do this.
He backed you up until your back of your knees hit the bed, letting you fall back on the comforter and falling with you. He supported himself above you, kissing your swollen lips softly as he wipes your face with a swipe of his thumbs.
"You are everything I have ever wanted." He mumbled against your lips, pressing warm kisses over your face and letting them trail down your neck. His hands began to push your shirt up and you quickly regained some focus, trying to catch his hands.
"Peter, we shouldn't..." He caught your hands and pushing them over your head, shooting a web against your wrists to hold them in place against the headboard. You cried as you looked up at him with frightened eyes.
"You don't have to do anything for me. Just let me show you how much I love you. Let me take care of you."
He pressed on his chest, letting his suit go limp on his body and sliding it off as he continued to work his way down your chest. He was left in his boxers. He had pressed your shirt up above your chest, kissing over your breasts and swirling his tongue over your aching nipples.
You whined at the feeling of his tongue, pulling on the webbed restraints. Your nipples were more sensitive than they had ever been before. His hands feel to the shorts you still wear of May's, pulling them down your legs with your panties.
"Peter, stop..." You tried to close your legs but Peter only held them open at the sight of your slick folds. You better how much you lied to him, your body could never lie to him. Your body only told the truth.
"I want to make you so happy." His lips brushing over your lower bloated stomach, kissing over it and mumbling against it. "You're going to make such an amazing mother."
You shook your head as you wiggled underneath his body. He pushed off his boxers before returning to his place between your legs.
He nodded even when you shook your head. "You will be."
Peter dragged the tip of his cock through your glistening folds, biting his bottom lip as your juices coated it. He let the tip of his cock push against your entrance, pushing his hips forward to slide inside of you and your head rolled back with a whimper.
You hated how much control he really had over you. You hated feeling so weak.
"Peter-" You choked a sob as your walls clenched onto his thick length. You were embarrassed how quickly your pussy pulled him back in when he would thrust.
"Oh," He groaned as his cock pushing in and out of you, hitting you in all the right places as he held your hips in his hands. "I love you. I love you so much." He mumbled against your lips as they brushed together every thrust. His breathing was staggered against them.
You could not fight the lust that clouded your mind. He knew it would take time to steer you in the right direction, but he was willing to spend all the time he needed. You knew how wrong it was to be underneath him, even if you were stuck there, that did not stop what was wrong from feeling so right.
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loveaffaire · 20 hours ago
Love Language
Pairing: Boyfriend!Tom Holland x reader
Summary: Even though Tom tells you that he loves you all the time, he has several other ways to show you that he loves you. (Really just Tom being a very loving, caring boyfriend)
Warnings/tags: mention of the pandemic, mention of a surgery, pure fluff, boyfriend!Tom
Word count: 1.6k
A/N: This photo is the whole reason that this fanfic now exists because Tom is giving off strong boyfriend vibes, enjoy🥺
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You stared out of the huge window as you stood in the cold kitchen, swirling the spoon in the cup as your pretty little boyfriend, Tom, walked in the kitchen.
“Baby” he said, “I woke up alone” he complained.
You looked back at him to answer, “I had to use the washroom and then I couldn’t fall asleep so I just woke up”
Tom nodded as he walked to where you were standing and wrapped his arms around your waist.
“Why are you swirling the spoon in your milk?”
You let out a soft giggle, “I’m mixing sugar in my milk”
“Oh,” he frowned his eyebrows as he rested his chin on your shoulder, “don’t have too much sugar”
You walked to the kitchen sink to keep the spoon down as you turned around to take a look at Tom, “I’m 23”
“Sugar can affect anyone” he shrugged his shoulders as he opened the refrigerator to take out the ingredients to make pancakes.
“Touché” you said, sitting down on the kitchen counter.
“Did you take your vitamins?” Tom asked, raising his eyebrows at you.
“I forgot” you said and before Tom could scold you, you quickly said, “I’ll take them right now”
You scurried across the kitchen to open the small cupboard to take out your vitamins and gulped them down with the milk.
“I don’t mind reminding you to take them but what if I’m not here some day” Tom shook his head as he waited for you to answer.
“What do you mean by if you’re not here some day?” You stared at him stunned.
“No, no, I don’t mean it like that!” Tom hurried to you as he almost laughed, “I didn’t mean I won’t be here like that, I meant what if I’m at work”
“Yeah, like that,” Tom chuckled.
“You scared me” you frowned, gently hitting his shoulder.
“I worry about your health” Tom whispered as he gave you a small peck, “so don’t forget to take your vitamins, please”
“I promise, I won’t” you mumbled against his lips.
Tom taking care of your health and keeping a check on if you’re taking your vitamins is his way of showing you that he loves you.
Even though you consider yourself a huge introvert, the lockdown was kind of killing you. It has been a whole year in this lockdown and it was finally getting to you. The tragedies that were happening around the world because of the pandemic was breaking your heart and you thanked the heavens for keeping you and your family safe every time you watched the news.
Tom and you both had work from home now and even though you were thankful for being in the comfort of your home, the chair in your home office was starting to kill you and you desperately wanted to leave the house, even if it was just for a little while.
As you sat in your home office, typing away on your laptop, you huffed. It was so late and you were so tired, your back was killing you and you were pretty sure that your lip was bleeding by now because of biting on it too much.
You heard a knock on the door and then it was slowly pushed open, revealing Tom. He peeked inside of the room, his eyes landing on you as his lips stretched in a small smile.
“Can I come in?” He whispered.
“Yeah” you softly said, you twisted on your chair to face Tom as he approached you with a tea cup.
“I got you tea” he said, carefully putting down the cup on your table so as to not spill any liquid on your work stuff.
Your heart melted as you stared at his tired face. He bent down to give you a quick peck but you cupped his face in your hands before he could pull away. You gave him a chaste kiss, moving to his cheeks, you littered small kisses on his cheekbones.
“You just had a meeting, right?” You asked.
“Yes, I did” Tom nodded, his hands coming up to your shoulders to massage them.
“And instead of relaxing after it, you made me tea?”
Tom smiled against your lips, “I know you’ve been tired, just wanted to take care of ya”
You smiled as you pulled him down further, he was half sitting on your chair now, “if you keep doing that, I won’t be able to leave,” Tom laughed.
“I love you, thank you” you said as you nudged your nose to his, he softly giggled.
“Anything for you, I’ll do anything for you” Tom said sincerely.
You bit your lips as you stared at him lovingly, “stop biting your lip and come to bed when you get over with work” Tom said as he softly pulled at your bottom lip with his thumb.
“I’ll be waiting for you” he said as he got up, slipping out of the room and shutting the door behind.
Tom making you tea even though he’s just as tired as you is his way of showing you that he loves you.
“Hi baby” Tom gushed when you slipped under the covers.
“Hi” you whispered, laying down on the bed and opening your arms for Tom.
He moved closer to you, hiding his face in the crook of your neck and softly kissing your neck.
“You smell good” you hummed, your face pressed to his soft brown curls.
“I used your shampoo today” he whipped his face up to look into your eyes.
“And also my conditioner,” you said, taking another sniff of his hair.
Tom laughed as he agreed with you. He pressed his face into your chest as his hand snaked under your camisole.
“Tom” you muttered, pulling at his arm to stop him.
You had a kidney stone surgery months ago and that surgery left a pretty big scar on the side of your stomach. Even though it’s been 5 months to it, you still didn’t like how it scarred your body and Tom knew that very well.
You didn’t change your clothes with the lights on anymore and sometimes you wouldn’t even take off your night dress when Tom made love to you.
“What?” Tom huffed.
“Don’t do that” you said as you pulled down your camisole.
“Y/N, I told you, the scar is nothing to be worried about” Tom pulled his body up as he looked up at you.
“It’s ugly” you whispered.
“It’s not-” Tom sat up straight as he held your hand in his huge ones.
“Listen to me, you struggled with something and fought it, the scar shows that you’re brave. You were so strong to go through a wholeass surgery and you didn’t even cry, not even once”
You smiled as you heard Tom ramble, he went on, “hell, do you know I was crying in the waiting room and Harry was laughing at me. He said that if I’m crying about a normal surgery then I’d probably pass out when we’ll have a baby”
“We’ll have a baby?” You asked with your hand on your heart, he was just so cute.
“What- I mean- yeah in the future” you raised your eyebrows at him and Tom’s cheeks flushed red, “but that’s not the point, the point is that-”
Tom sighed as he lifted your camisole and you let him, he gently traced your scar as he bent down to give your scar a soft kiss.
“This scar isn’t ugly, it’s beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful” he praised.
“Okay, please stop” you said as you covered your face with your hands, “I’m gonna start crying”
Tom laughed as he moved up to your face and pressed a kiss to your lips. You hummed in the kiss, content with how the conversation ended up.
Tom kissing your scar and telling you how beautiful you are is his way of showing you that he loves you.
Tom always had this strong urge to cuddle you in the middle of his sleep so even when he would be in a deep slumber, he would always always always want to hold you as you both slept.
And that was what he was trying to do right now, he switched from his left side to his right side and stretched out his arm to find your body to grab and pull in.
But as he mindlessly felt your side of the bed with his hand, your body was nowhere to be found. He barely opened his eyes to peek, only to see your body almost hanging off at the side of the bed.
You must have moved on the further right side and now you were close to falling off the bed. As Tom realised that you were going to fall, he quickly sat up and scooped your body in his strong arms, pulling you away from the side of the bed.
“Tom” you mumbled in your sleep.
“You were gonna fall off the bed, baby” he mumbled back as he settled you in the middle of the bed.
He pulled the covers over both of your bodies as he wrapped his arms around you to cuddle.
You gently smiled in your half asleep state, “oh”
Tom sighed in happiness as he kissed your shoulder, his body relaxing as sleep took over him again.
Tom saving you from falling off the bed and on your ass in the middle of the night is his way of showing you that he loves you.
Tumblr media
© loveaffaire
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dreamy-clousds · a day ago
𝐑𝐚𝐢𝐧𝐛𝐨𝐰 𝐑𝐨𝐚𝐝
Summary: Y/n and Peter get up to some fun of their own after the kids go to bed.
Pairing: Peter Parker x wife!reader
Warning: Language. Fluff
Universe: MCU
Word count: 261
A/N ~ This is so short I'm sorry :(
Masterlist <33
Tumblr media
Gif from here
Y/n silently shut the door to her son's room making as little noise as possible, just as Peter emerged from their daughter's room.
"Asleep?" He whispered.
"Asleep," Y/n confirmed. The two stared at each other for a second, before they took off down the hall and towards the living room. They pushed the other out of the way as they ran past. "No fair," y/n whined as Peter beat her to the living room.
"Better get used to it, 'cause I'm about to beat you again."
"Not if I have anything to say about."
Peter smirked as Rainbow Road loaded onto the screen. "You're about to eat your words."
Y/n and Peter played the level, with y/n eventually ending up in the lead. Right when she was about to cross over the finish line, another character came zooming up next to her and just barely beat her.
"No! What the fuck was that!"
Peter shoved his face in the pillow, failing to hide his laughter.
"What are you laughing at?" y/n hit him with a pillow. "You weren't even in the top five!"
He could barely understand her through all her giggles. "I don't care, it was worth it to see that!"
It took a good ten minutes for the both of them to stop laughing.
"We gotta play again, I gotta show this Bowser bitch who's boss." Y/n leaned into Peter's side as she tried to stifle her giggles.
"Just so you know, I'm rooting for Bowser."
"Fuck you, Peter!"
🏷 ↴
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Tom Holland & Peter Parker Masterlist 🕸
The title is pretty self-explanatory 😊 These are all stand-alones unless stated otherwise
Tumblr media
Tom Holland x oc!Sophia
Tumblr media
“My boyfriend’s Spider-Man”  
Headcanon of me meeting Tom  
Pretend it’s okay. 
Like in The Movies
and they lived happily ever after ... or whatever
Tumblr media
Peter Parker x oc!Mia
Tumblr media
Funny Girl 
It’s my party (and I’ll cry if I want to.)
By Your Sides
Tumblr media
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request guidelines
i prefer you request through my inbox, however messaging me works too
please only request the same idea once
who i write (as of right now):
-all harry potter characters
-the outsiders
-teen wolf
-harry styles
-niall horan
-peter parker
-tom holland
-elizabeth olsen
if you want me to write for someone that is not included on this list — there’s no harm in asking!
i currently don’t write smut!!
i will write polygamy! just ask ;)
requests are open!
-abby <3
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kayxleeee · 3 days ago
His Pet Names For You
Warning: NONE! All for funzies
A/N: it’s kitten or puddin for meee!
Summary: IMAGINE. Includes: Tony, Steve, Bucky, Peter x2
Word Count: 36
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
-Sweet Cheeks
Peter P
Tumblr media
Peter Q
Tumblr media
-Angel Legs 
-Sweet Thang 
-Hot Stuff 
Comments, Questions, Opinions :)
See more of what I have written so far: Masterlist
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twjournals · 4 days ago
So Wrong, It's Right.
Tumblr media
Sequel: What's Wrong is Right
Warning: dark!Peter Parker x reader, DUB-CON, manipulation, age gap, drinking
PLEASE READ MY WARNING BEFORE CONTINUING. I am not responsible for your media consumption. Any and all negativity will be blocked.
Word Count: 5.4k
Summary: You're an old troubled friend of May's. Your life consists of being a workaholic, a party animal, and bringing home the shittest of guys for a one-hit-wonder. Just when you get your life in order, you're knocked right back into your old habits. Peter has watched you suffer long enough. He can make it all better.
Your life was far from where you thought you would be. It was sad to say, but you were anything but a role model. Yet May still tolerated you, regardless of Peter. Maybe she used you as an example to show Peter what not to be or maybe she was just too good of a friend to leave you on your own. To say the least, your life was a mess but you could not be more grateful to have a friend like May.
"Peter, go get me a wet rag, please," May spoke quietly. Peter left your side once he helped May get you over to the couch. You were beyond the limits that someone should be drunk.
You were in a fit of hiccups, giggling to yourself as May bent down to take off your heels. You had far too many drinks, that much was clear.
"Maaay, you.." you hiccupped, "are suuuch a good.." you hiccupped again, "friend."
May shook her head with a sigh, taking in the drunken sight of you. She was not sure how you managed to let yourself get this far gone, but every time you would drink, this is how you ended up. Either you had zero limits or you loved to push the limits you did have.
"Pet-" May started to call over her shoulder, but Peter was already hurrying in the room with his hands full.
"I'm here, Aunt May." Peter reminded and she watched as Peter sat the trash can nearby the couch. He then placed the bottle of water on the table with some medicine for the headache he knew would come with your awake in the morning. He kneeled down beside you on the couch, pressing the rag to your forehead.
May only smiled to herself as she pulled the blanket from its spot on the back of the couch and pulled it over your figure. She didn't say anymore. Peter had seen his Aunt May take care of you many nights when you were so shit-faced it was a wonder you could still see faces.
Your head was propped up against a pillow on the couch as Peter wiped your forehead with the cool rag. Your skin was burning up. Peter could not help but wonder how you let yourself get like this. You were quite a few years younger than May, but it amazed him how different the two of you were to be the best of friends.
You were fast asleep in no time, making Peter smile as his eyes gazed over your face. He had always thought you were so beautiful. Too precious to be taken advantage of by the guys you went after. He witnessed many nights when you had told Aunt May about a new guy you had hooked up with. Everyone knew it was nothing more than a one-night stand, but Peter could not help but hate any guys that touched you only for only their benefit.
It was not until you had eventually settled down with a guy you had met from one of your nightstands that you finally stopped ending up on May's couch. You had moved on with your life, still keeping in contact with May every now and then. You were happy. Not just the sex but he was truly seemed like a guy you could see yourself spending forever with.
You had stopped drinking. You had stopped going out to parties. After the first year, you had moved into the city and got an apartment together. Another year later, you guys were engaged and everything seemed to fall into place. After 3 years, the wedding was right around the corner.
Your world moved at a quicker pace now considering all the things you needed to get done before the wedding. In between work and house chores, you were planning for your big day.
As time went by, you were so wrapped up in your own little world you did not notice the slow-burning flame in your partner slowly being put out. While your plans had been coming together, your relationship was falling apart. You had for the most part ignored all the signs and assumed he was having a bad day. It amazed you how many he was having. When you would try to talk to him, it seemed useless since you could never get him to talk about it. In reality, it all brewed into something bigger. It all hit you like a ton of bricks.
You had been working later hours than usual for extra money. It wasn't cheap, but you had told yourself it was okay to want the things you wanted. After all, this was going to be your first and hopefully wedding. You wanted everything to be perfect. You even tried to get opinions from your fiance to include his vision of it, but he insisted you were better at this sort of thing. You couldn't argue with that.
You wrapped up your work at the office fairly early so you decided to call it a night and surprise your fiance. You felt like everything was on track. One night worry-free was much needed. You had earned it.
You pushed up the front door to your apartment before walking through the living room into the kitchen. You sit your keys on the counter, placing your bag on the stool by the counter. You peered around the apartment for a moment. All the lights were off and it was quiet. Had he already gone to bed? You checked the time.
You were surprised you did not hear his game or at least him yelling at it. You started down the hallway to the bedroom you shared, staring at the closed door. Why was it closed when it was just him? You shook the thought a little too soon. Maybe if you had just thought a little longer, you would have prepared yourself for what was on the other side.
You pushed the door open just a little to see inside when you heard a faint moan from the other side. Your heart stopped. You stood in shock taking in the sight of the man you were in love with hovered over another girl in your bed under your covers. Your face was hot in embarrassment, anger. You were feeling so many things right now you could not think straight. You were hurt.
"Are you serious??" You blurted out, causing them both to jump to try and cover themselves.
"You're sick, Chris." She shoved his chest, pushing him off of her as she quickly got out of the bed. "He told me you guys were no longer together."
She scowled as she hurried to gather her clothes off the floor and pulling them on. If it were even possible, your eyes could have burned holes through the girl. You were in disbelief. Your jaw would have already been on the floor if it wasn't connected to your face.
"I'm so sorry." She mumbled, embarrassed as she hurried past you out of your apartment.
You were left to deal with Chris. You starred at him with tears kissing your eyes.
You took a deep breath, shaking your head. "Don't."
"I can explain." He started to get out of the bed to dress.
"There's nothing to explain, Chris." You stared at him, trying to restrain yourself from coming across the room and punching him in the face for acting like an explanation could even justify his actions.
"She meant nothing to me." He started to walk over to you.
“You told her we weren’t together. How is that nothing?”
“It felt like we weren’t. You were so busy.” He tried to touch your arm but you shoved his hand away.
"Don't you dare think about touching me when you were just touching another woman." You looked at him with dark eyes, struggling to fight back the cry. He wasn't worth your tears. "I want you to get out."
"Get out?! Where am I gonna go?"
"I don't know." You shrugged your shoulders. "Maybe you could have thought that through."
He frowned, running his fingers through his hair frustrated. "It doesn't have to be like this. Can't we just talk this out?"
"No!" You shouted at him, making his eyes grow wide. You could tell he wasn't telling this as seriously as you. "I don't want to look at you right now." You turn to leave the room, but he grabs your arms to turn you to face him.
"Please. Look, I can- I can stay on the couch tonight. I'll give you your space and when you're ready we can talk about it. I was wrong for that. I fucked up and I'm sorry." You yanked yourself from his hold.
"You can give me space by leaving. Pack yourself a bag and go."
"I love you, Y/n. I never meant to hurt you."
You shook your head as your eyes wandered over the bed to where they once were before meeting his eyes. "You mean you never meant to get caught."
He sighed before hanging his head in defeat and walking by you to gather up some of his things. You didn't move from your spot. Only stared at the mess of a bed. The place you made love to him while he made love to another. You listened to the front door close behind him on his way out before you finally covered your face, letting the tears fall.
For days, weeks, all you could seem to do was feel sorry for yourself. You couldn't find the strength to get out of bed. No matter how many calls you received, you let them ring through to voicemail. Everything you had felt for him was in ruins. You changed for him. You let yourself grow for him and even that wasn't enough. After all the time you spent picking up after him, cooking, cleaning, planning, staying loyal for crying out loud. You didn't know what else he could of you.
You had called off the wedding in the time you stayed closed up in your apartment. Even took some time off of work to handle it all. You took that time to gather every piece of him scattered around the apartment and packed it up. You wanted to end this as painless as possible aside from the pain you were already feeling. You had thrown away the sheets and replaced them, even get a new comforter and it still didn't feel the same anymore to lay in your bed. You stared at your phone beside you as it lit up for what felt like the hundredth time. You finally sighed, lifting the phone. You knew without even looking at the name it was from him.
You canceled the wedding? It doesn't have to be like this. I still love you, Y/n. You were so busy with work and all the planning. You abandon me. Whenever I wanted your attention, you were always too tired to pay any attention to me.
It's like the girl I fell in love with was gone. Some time ago, you couldn’t keep your hands off of me now it’s like I have to beg you to touch me.
You're being selfish.
You can't be THAT mad, Y/n. I’m a man. I have needs. You were busy and she was willing to help. We can fix this. Don’t give up 3 years. Don’t give up on me.
There were loads more, but you could not care to bother reading the rest. You tossed your phone back down on the bed, rubbing your hands over your face. You didn't owe him anything, not even a response. The girl he was talking about was not gone. She was only on hold to plan a wedding by herself and it was more stressful than he knew. You wanted to forget everything that had happened. You wanted to forget you wasted 3 years of your life planning on growing old with this man.
You weren't sure how you had got this far and with that being said, May wasn't either. You had talked May into joining you to a night out at a club. She needed a night to herself and you needed a break from everything. Along with that, if you had stayed inside that house a moment longer, you might have gone insane.
"You're going to be hammered if you keep on like that." May reminded with a laugh, both of you clinging onto the bar and each other for the extra support. You thanked the bartender as he pushed your last round of shot glasses in front of the two of you.
You smiled, passing a glass to May before keeping one for yourself.
"We can only hope." You winked at the bartender who only chuckled before clinking your shot glass with hers and downing your shot.
Your throat was already numb from all the alcohol you had already numbed it with. May wasn't far behind you. You took your final shot, grinning and pulling May along with you to the dancefloor to get lost in the sea of people. You threw your arms around May's, moving your hips as you both danced to the music.
This was the therapy you needed. Sometimes you had longed for nights like this. You had freedom. You had no worries, aside from worrying who you might wake up beside. But you had fallen in love and even though you had grown up, you had not nearly grown out of this lifestyle. It was all too familiar.
"Hey! I'm going to the bathroom! I'll be back!" May moved closer to you, raising her voice to be heard over the loud music. You nodded, watching her pushing her way through the crowd of people to get to the ladies' bathroom before easing yourself back into your dancing.
You swayed, grinding your hips with the rest of the crowd. You weren't the slightest bit bothered to be dancing by yourself. You used to lose yourself on the dancefloor for hours days after days years ago.
"I've missed this." You heard a familiar voice speak from behind you, startling you when their hands landed on your hips with your sway. They pulled you back against them, catching you off guard. "I've missed you." He mumbled in your ear, sending chills down your spine.
You peaked over your shoulder to make sure your mind was not playing tricks on you. It wasn't. You prayed it was an old one-night stand, but of course, it was the one person you were trying to get away from.
"It doesn't work like that, Chris." You dropped your hands down to his on your hips, trying to push them off your hips but they only hold you tighter. "Get- get off of me." You gritted through your teeth as your eyes glared at him. "Get off!" You raised your voice.
"Now, now, let's not cause a scene. You've had quite a bit to drink haven't you?" He wrapped your arms around your figure, making your blood run cold as his body pressed to yours.
"That's none of your business."
"I'm your fiance. You are my business."
"Ex." You corrected him. His nose flared slightly.
"You really want to go there? You're nothing without me. You're shit-faced in the middle of the club and you can't even accept my help?" He growled and you pushed on his arms.
"I don't need your help."
"You're drunk. You don't know what you need." He spat.
The sound of someone clearing their throat interrupted your argument. "I think I've got it from here." You looked up to put a face to the voice, your eyes widening slightly.
"And you are?" Chris didn't budge while staring down Peter as if challenging him.
Peter was reaching his hand out for yours. "Her boyfriend." You stared up at Peter in shock at how much he had changed over the years and he smiled reassuringly.
Chris stiffed slightly and you could feel his eyes burning a hole into you. "Is that true?"
You didn't take your eyes off of Peter, taking a hold of his hand and letting him pull you out of Chris's arms. "Yes." Your voice was hushed.
Chris scowled. "Wow. I wish you luck there, man. She's a real catch." He laughed, making you look down. You couldn't believe he was really trying to ruin your night when he had already ruined everything else.
Peter only snaked his arm around your waist, letting his hand settle on your hip while his eyes never left Chris's. "She certainly is." He agreed. He gave your body a warm squeeze, grabbing you closer into his embrace. "Now, if you'll excuse us."
With that, he guided you through the crowd off of the dance floor.
"You okay?" He finally broke the silence once he got you back to the bar, sitting you down on one of the stools.
You nodded, letting your eyes wander up to him as he motioned the bartender over. "I'm just curious as to why you're here right now. Aren't you supposed to be in college?"
He smiled as he pulled out his wallet to pay your tab and you grabbed his hand, shaking your head. "No, no. I can pay for my own."
"What if I insist?"
"I don't have to, honestly. I have money."
You started to reach into your purse for some cash but Peter covered your hand, giving you another reassuring smile.
"You'll have plenty of other times to pay. I'll get it this time." He reminded you and you sighed in defeat, giving him a playful scowl. He only grinned, proceeding to pull some cash from his wallet to give to the bartender.
"You didn't answer my question." You continued as he turned back to you.
"I'm still college. I just sometimes stay with Aunt May on the weekends."
"And you just so happened to be here?"
Peter chuckled, pointing in May's direction as she stumbled over her feet returning back to the two of us. "Aunt May called."
You raised your eyebrow, looking over at May as she stood beside you now. "You called Peter?"
"Someone has to get you back home." She reminded you and you hit her arm slightly, tilting your head.
"May, I could have got a taxi or an uber. You didn't have to call him for me." You scowled at her and she shook her head in a tsking manner.
"No, no, no. I called Peter so I can rest assured you got home safely and not by some random stranger."
You rolled your eyes slightly and Peter butted in with an awkward chuckle. "I really don't mind. I don't consider this anything out of the way. I'd rather it be me than some stranger or someone." He noticed him giving the floor a swift scan around the three of you.
"Fine." You pouted your bottom lip slightly before rising from your seat at the bar. "You guys make me feel irresponsible or something." You grabbed a hold of May's arm and pulling her with you to the exit of the club while Peter followed behind the two of you.
"Are you coming with?" You muttered over to May and she shook her head.
"Happy is here." Just as the words left her mouth when you started out the door, you spotted Happy parked in front of the building to pick up May. "Peter isn't too bad of a driver." You stopped in front of Happy's car.
"Oh goody, rest secured." You muttered and she laughed. Your arms looped around May's neck, hugging her tight. "I'm so glad to have you back. Message me when you get home." You told her and Happy a quick goodnight before letting her go.
Peter led you over to his car, unlocking the car and opening the passenger side for you. You settled comfortably in the front seat, leaning your head back against the headrest. You didn't like how it felt as if you couldn't take care of yourself, but you were in no position to complain when Peter Parker had yet again saved the day.
Peter glanced over at you in the passenger seat from time to time as he drove the distance to your apartment. He tried to keep the glances quick to keep you from noticing. You were just as beautiful as he remembered. It had been years since he had actually seen you, but you seemed like the Y/n he still remembered. Not that it was anything bad. He adored you then, and now a bit more.
He had always had the hots for you for as long as you remembered. Of course, you never minded when you ended up staying with him and Aunt May. You were always kind to Peter and he did his best to nurse you back to health to take on the hangover that awaited you the next morning.
He had never forgotten what you said to him one day while you were sick from the night before. You had been clinging onto the toilet and he had taken the opportunity to hold your hair back out of your face to keep from getting anything in it.
You sighed as he rubbed your back in soothing circles. You leaned against the toilet miserably. That was the day you learned to stay away from tequila.
"I hope I meet a guy even half as amazing as you someday, Peter."
No doubt did the compliment hide its way to his cheeks. He blushed a deep shade of red. He tried to restrain himself from making a big deal but it was a big deal to him. Though he knew he didn't stand a chance right now with his age, it meant if he had been of age, he took a chance. He thought about it even when you had stopped coming around so much. He knew this was all a coping method for you. You were hurting then and he could tell by the way you seemed toward the guy back there that there was more to that counter.
He noticed your shiver as you stared out the window. You mentally cursed yourself for wearing something this revealing. You rubbed your arms to try to warm yourself a little. Peter reached behind him in the back seat to retrieve a hoodie of his he always forgot in the car and handing it to you.
"Here." He offered before fumbling with the heat in the car. He smiled at your quiet thank you, putting your arms in the hoodie and pulling it close for warmth with putting it all the way on. He tried to control the big grin threatening to break across his face.
"I'm sorry you had to keep seeing me like this." You looked over at Peter as he kept his eyes on the road. He didn't realize how thankful you were for him in times like this. It was embarrassing how many times this had happened but you were still thankful Peter didn't think any less of you.
"You really don’t have to apologize.” He smiled at her before turning his attention back to the road.
“I really do though. I feel like you’ve taken care of me enough. I’m grown, you know? It should be the other way around.” You giggled and Peter glanced over at you.
“I’m 21.” He reminded you.
“And I’m pushing 30.”
“You’re 28. You’re still young.” He chuckled.
“Almost 29!” You huffed as he pulled into the parking lot to your apartment. “My point is- you know what my point is.”
He couldn’t help but laugh at your frustration. Your age didn’t matter to him. He could always settle for his MJ, his best friend, but seeing you tonight relit the flame to his crush for you. There was just something about you.
He parked the car in the parking lot, walking around to your side to open the door for you. You slid your arms out of his hoodie and leaving it in the seat as he helped you out of the car. You could feel the shots hitting you all at once when you stood. You stumbled out in your heels, grabbing onto Peter’s arms for support.
“Easy now.” He held onto your waist as he guided you to your apartment, asking for your keys. He took your keys when you dug them out of your pocket, letting you in your apartment.
You couldn’t help but notice all the little things he did for you. You kicked off your heels at the door, stumbling over your own two feet again as you wandered down the hallway to your bedroom. You could hear Peter in the kitchen getting you a bottle of water from the fridge along with some medicine from the medicine cabinet.
You sat on the bed when you hear his footsteps coming down the hallway toward the bedroom. You looked up at him, pouting your bottom lip out slightly when you saw him with a bottle of water and medicine for the headache to come.
He set them down on your nightstand, noticing your pout. “Hey, what’s wrong?”
“Peter, you’re seriously too good to me.” You sighed.
“How’s that?” He looked down at you as he towered over you.
You motioned over to the stuff he had placed on your nightstand and frowning. “All of this. You- you really didn’t have to do this for me.”
“You’re right I don’t. But I want to. I would want it done for me if I ever in your shoes.”
You laughed slightly at the thought of Peter drunk and you smiled to yourself. “I would definitely be anytime you needed me.”
You thought back to all the time you had ever been drunk, remembering all the time you woke up to water and medicine from him. Only from him. Even a trash can in case you were to ever get sick, but you never got that with Chris. You always took care of him, but no one ever took care of you. You shook your head with a frown. You had tried so hard to hold it together, but it felt like you were slowly falling apart. He wasn't worth your tears, yet he was always the cause of them.
He kneeled down in front of you, tilting your head up to meet his gaze. “Talk to me. Everything okay?”
You couldn’t stop the words from coming out. “Why am I never enough?”
His eyes widened at your words. “You are more than enough and anyone who doesn’t see that, who doesn’t appreciate you and the things you do for them doesn’t deserve you.” He corrected you, his thumb stroked over your jaw as he held your face to keep your attention.
You didn't know what to say. All you could do was stare. Your eyes scanned over his face before stopping at his lips. Don't. Don't you do it. You mentally told yourself. You couldn't control the effect the alcohol had on your mind and your actions. You tried to fight back the urge but the alcohol only pushed down the buriers you had built.
Your lips smashed against his firmly, catching him by surprise. He was frozen about your lips for a first, in shock, this was actually happening but he surely gave in the kiss. Your hands grabbed at the back of his neck and pulling him onto the bed with you without breaking the hungry desperate kiss. His body hovered over yours as your fingers curled against his shirt, gripping on it. You knew it was wrong. It was so wrong, but you couldn't bring yourself to stop.
Your smaller hands slid underneath his shirt, brushing your hands over his defined abs. He was sculpted by a God. He knew he should stop, but he couldn't find it in him to stop. He didn't want to miss his chance to prove himself to you. He wanted to take care of you.
Your lips parted for air even though you left like you could hardly catch your breath when his lips started to kiss down your neck. Your hands tugged on his shirt until you started to pull it up and over your head.
His hands pushed your tight dress up the curves of your body, tossing it beside the bed once he peeled it from your body. Your lips still tingled from the loss of his and you whined quietly, your hand grasped the curls at the nape of his neck to bring his lips back to yours.
He kissed your lips passionately and letting your lips mold together. He could taste the alcohol on your tongue but it didn't bother him any. He had dreamed of this moment since he was a teen. Your fingers worked desperately to undo his jeans, feeling his bulge already through his pants before your hands pushed his pants off of his hips along with your boxers.
You were so desperate. You couldn't stop the whine that escaped against his lips. "Peter, please..." His cock twitched at the sound of his name falling from your lips.
He dragged your panties down your legs swiftly, placing himself back between them when he spread them open again. He peppered light kisses to your lips as he dragged the tip of precum-coated tip through your folds, not wasting any time to give you what you wanted.
You cried out as you clung to Peter's bareback, feeling his cock stretching you in all the ways you craved. You moaned out, letting him swallow them in a kiss as his hips rolled into yours again and again. He sighed in pleasure against your lips as your walls invited him in. You were even better than he could have imagined.
He couldn't believe this was actually happening. His lips covered your body in his kisses, admiring every part of your body as it sang for him. This was nothing like what you used to. He pressed small kisses against your bottom lip, nibbling on it as your core ached with a building climax. Your legs wrapped around his hips, causing you to gasp at the deeper strokes.
Your head fell back against the pillows, a loud moan drawing from your parted lips. Your fingers held onto Peter's hair as he hit that spot over and over, making your eyes roll slightly. You needed so badly for him to stop, but you couldn't bring the words to the surface.
"Oh my god..." Your core tightened with every deep thrust. His cock touched parts of you no guy had ever. You had never felt a climax so fast or so strong. "Please don't stop..." You couldn't fight the words from coming out. Your grip tightened on his dark hair, feeling yourself falling apart with an orgasm with every thrust.
"You're so pretty when you cum." He couldn't stop even if he wanted to. He was not far behind you by the way your walls sucked him in, milking him for all he was worth.
"Do it again. I want to make you cum again." He groaned against your chest as his tongue dragged over your hardened nipple, flicking his tongue against it teasingly before letting out a groan against your warm skin. He didn't want it to stop. He didn't want it to end. "You feel so good, Y/n..."
His hand reached between the two of you, rolling his fingers over your clit in circles. You gripped onto his wrist at the overpowering feeling. You were soaked to the core. This man made you crumble.
"I-I'm gonna cum.." His voice cracked slightly as your walls clenched around him tight In your second orgasm, pushing him over the edge into his first. His cum filled you full, marking you as he pressed delicate kisses across your neck while praising you in the process. "So beautiful, so perfect."
Your eyes were heavy with exhaustion, smiling to yourself when Peter laid down on the bed behind you. He wrapped an arm around your body, pulling you back against his chest.
It only took a matter of seconds for sleep to claim you as Peter pulled a blanket over the both of you tiredly. It was only a matter of time before the morning came to rain on your parade. Bringing along the guilt and regret that followed.
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kaylans-imagines · 4 days ago
In My Dreams
pairing: peter b. parker x fem! reader
synopsis: in which he meets her and sees her in his dreams 
↳based on the song by ruth b
warnings: none i can think of. lazy writing?
*gif credits to the rightful owner*
Tumblr media
Peter hated rich people parties. Galas, as wealthy people called them. Peter didn’t grow up with an abundance of money waiting to be thrown around at some fancy event that no one enjoyed, so when he got invited to his first one via the Stark Internship by Tony Stark himself, he was excited. But the more he attended, dread filled his bones whenever he thought of being forced to go. He hated how classy everyone was and how stuffy they made the room feel. He hated the fitted tuxedo he was always forced to wear and how expensive it was—that usually meant he had to be extra careful with what he ate and about what he did. It was limiting, and he despised it. But, he hated the fact that he didn’t fit in. Peter never did find a place amongst his peers in high school, he had his group of friends, and he was content with them. But that didn’t mean that he didn’t want people to know him as more than the ‘nerdy kid who’s so clumsy he can barely walk.’ He found peace with being regarded as a regular student when he graduated, and he was happy in college when no one cared about others. Being at these galas brought out the displeasure he felt when he felt like he didn’t fit in—because he didn’t; he wasn’t born into money, and he sure as hell wasn’t hellbent on pleasing everyone.
Peter left the main area as soon as he could find an exit. He wanted nothing more than to find a place to lean against the wall and not have to put up an interested front. He was sick of the fake smiles, the backhanded compliments, and the false praises he received whenever Tony introduced him to other wealthy people. Politely excusing himself from the lady pinching his cheeks, he stepped away and towards the open bar for a pick me up with a plan to hide away against the wall. That was the plan. That had been the plan. Until he leaned his back against the bar, and his eyes fell on her face. 
Her grin was brighter than any chandelier in the room and softer than any piano sounds echoing against the walls. He didn’t notice the bartender place the drink down next to him on a napkin or the way that he, too, had stopped to look at what had Peter so entranced. He had tunnel vision, and she was the light at the end, beckoning him closer and closer until he stood before her. 
“You should talk to her, pal,” the bartender spoke. He jumped at the sound of his voice and turned back to look at him. 
“I don’t know, what if I make a fool out of myself?” the bartender shrugged his shoulders and looked down at the drink in his hand before looking directly at Peter. Peter looked down at his glass before patting his pockets for spare change, pulling out a ten-dollar bill and giving it to the man. 
“What if you don’t?” he replied, slipping the bill in his pocket. 
“But she’s so out of my league,”
“You’re right,” the bartender agreed. Peter recoiled back and looked at the man with offense written on his face, “but maybe, she’s into guys like you.”
“I doubt it. She’s so gorgeous, and I’m so, not gorgeous,” the bartender, Adam, looked at him confused. He shook his head and rolled his eyes. 
“I think she’d be interested,” he replied.
“How can you be so sure?”
“Because she’s looking over here, and I don’t think she needs a drink or a man in a relationship,” Adam remarked before walking away and leaving Peter alone. True to his word, when Peter turned around, she was looking at him. Directly at him. It was like there was nothing else in the room but themselves. She smiled at him, and an imaginary pathway leading to her opened up right in front of him. To him, it seemed as if time and distance became something of the past. The bar seemed far away, and she got closer the more he got lost in his thoughts. It wasn’t until she was in front of him that he realized he hadn’t moved an inch. She came up to him. 
“Hi,” she smirked. She stood beautifully in a blue gown; it made her eyes pop, and it fit her perfectly as if tailored for her and only her, which made sense because, in Peter’s mind, she was the only girl in the world. He didn’t even know her name, and she already had him under her spell. Peter concluded that if she did, indeed, place a spell on him; he wouldn’t mind. 
“Hey-hello-hi,” Peter blinked in surprise. He wasn’t expecting to be smooth, but he knew he could do better than the word vomit he had spewed. She either didn’t notice, or she didn’t care because the next thing he knew, she was reaching to grab the napkin that once held his drink. Looking down at her watch, she cursed before grabbing a pen from her matching clutch. While she continued scribbling on the napkin, Peter took the time to admire her. He took in the way her hair curled around her face and the way the lights caused her skin to glow. Her makeup enhanced her natural beauty and there wasn’t an imperfection in sight. She was as gorgeous up close as she was far away. 
She handed him the grey paper napkin and closed her pen. Peter’s eyes trailed across the number and the words written on the paper. 
‘Don’t let my number go to waste ;)’
“What is this?” he asked, like an idiot. 
“Love at first sight exists; you just have to know where to look,” she said before looking behind her; with a sigh, she turned to him, “I have to go impress some rich, old people. Do as the napkin says.” And with that, she was gone. He grinned to himself and gently folded the napkin close, slipping it into his coat pocket for safekeeping. The rest of the night, Peter found himself unable to drop the smile on his face. For one night, one gala, the atmosphere he was forced into didn’t seem so bad. The fake praises, the false smiles, and the backhanded comments didn’t sting as bad as they usually did. For once, they were just words. 
That didn’t stop him from wanting to step away from the scene, this time to search for her. To find amongst the group of older men and women as they conversed with one another. He wanted to shout out her name, but he didn’t know it. He didn’t think to ask—too busy trying to keep his thoughts clear to talk to her like a human being—and the napkin didn’t say. He couldn’t go up to every woman with a blue dress—he’d get caught in too many conversations he didn’t want to be part of. For once in his 21 years of life, Peter Parker didn’t have an idea. 
“I’m taking off,” he told Tony, “I have an early class tomorrow.” With that, his mentor nodded and bid him goodbye. Peter walked down the museum’s stairs and waved at the driver that had brought him to the venue. Michael, his driver, opened the door for him and closed it before rounding the front to the driver’s seat. Peter took that time to take out the grey napkin and fiddle with it. The girl in the blue dress was enchanting and charming, and she was interested in him. But he had sworn to himself that after MJ, he wouldn’t let anyone get close. Their breakup was amicable; she had to follow her dreams, and he had to follow his; it hurt them both when they realized they would meet those dreams an ocean apart. The smile on his face fell at the thought of pain in his heart.
“You alright, Mister Parker?” Michael asked. Peter’s brown eyes met Michael’s through the rearview, and he nodded. 
“Yeah, it’s just, I met this girl,” he started. Michael looked back at the road ahead before looking at Peter again. 
“That’s great,” Michael smiled, “or it’s not great?” he asked after noticing the expression on Peter’s face.
“No, it is great, it really is,”
“I can’t help but think of what would happen if it ends up badly,”
“You can’t dwell on things that might not even happen, Mister Parker, that usually stops people from taking risks,” 
“I want to take the risk, but I don’t want to feel the heartache that comes with a breakup,”
“You’re young, Mister Parker; you’re going to feel pain and heartache; that’s the way of life. You’re going to go through all of that before you find the one who’ll put you back together again, but to do so, you have to take some risks,” Michael said as he pulled up beside Peter’s apartment complex, “I’ll tell you what, if you see her in your dreams tonight, you use that number she gave you and you take that leap. And if you don’t, we’ll forget it ever happened and never speak of it again.”
Peter nodded in agreement and bid Michael goodbye as he walked out of the car. The chances of seeing the girl in the blue dress were fifty-fifty; he either had dreams, or he didn’t. He couldn’t help but disagree with her, love, at first sight, can’t exist. There are too many things that make up love, and those things are built over time. A foundation needs to be laid; otherwise, the structure will tumble on itself, and the rubble wouldn’t be recognizable.
Deciding to end the night earlier than usual, Peter closed his eyes as soon as his head hit the pillow. He hadn’t realized how exhausted he was until he smelt the familiar scent of detergent his aunt used on the sheets and his pillows turned into clouds under his head. 
“Come on! I’ll catch you,” she sang, her voice as clear as day and as sweet as honey. Peter looked down over the edge at the abyss below them, beckoning him over. If he jumped the distance between the two building rooftops. He should have been used to heights and extensive lengths, being Spider-Man and all. But this was different. He didn’t have his suit or his webs. He was plain old Peter Parker in modern people clothes. But she was over there. The woman of his dreams calling him over.
“I can’t. It’s too far. What if I fall?” he called back, voice bouncing back into his ears. She only giggled, and he could see her silhouette shake her head in response. 
“Is that really such a bad thing?” she queried. Peter stepped back and thought about it. The obvious answer should have been yes, no one would ever want to fall into such an enormous chasm. As he thought about it, the answer became complicated. He didn’t know what was at the bottom, but one never knows until they take the chance. 
“I don’t know,” he answered honestly. He heard her hum in response and saw her figure get closer to the ledge and, consequently, closer to him.
“If you fall, I’ll fall with you,” she voiced. 
“With my heart,” he believed her. Walking backward and mentally preparing himself, Peter placated his nerves before running forward and jumping off the edge, leaping towards the other side. He didn’t think to look down, keeping his eyes on the gravel of the other building. With a grunt and an ungraceful landing, he was on the other side. Quickly standing up, his eyes scanned the area in search of her. They landed on her figure, standing in front of him, a smile decorating his face and donning a blue sundress. 
Taking his hands in hers, she looked at him, “I’ve been waiting for you.”
He smiled and moved to wrap his arms around her, “me too.”
Pulling away, he was caught off guard by the sight around him. They weren’t on the rooftop anymore. Instead, they were stood on the stairs of the museum, both wearing their fanciest clothes. The usually invisible moon illuminated their faces in a silver glow and stood amongst millions of small stars against the stark, dark night sky. 
“Would you care to dance, sir?”
“With you? Any day,” she grinned and took his hand in hers, leading the dance. They swayed to a beat only they could hear and the sound of two heartbeats becoming one.
“What is this?” she questioned.
“I guess love, at first sight, does exist,” Peter commented before speeding their movements up and getting lost in all that was her. The smell of her floral perfume, the small of her back, and the sequins on her dress. The way her body glittered and twinkled like the stars in the sky. She was here and in his arms, and that’s all that mattered. 
Peter groaned as light peaked through the sliver of light in between his curtains. He didn’t want to wake up and come face to face with reality. He hadn’t used her phone number last night. He could use it now; there was no time like the present. Stretching out of his bed, he looked around for the clothes from the night before. Grabbing the black suit jacket, his hand landed on the grey napkin from the bar. 
Feeling the adrenaline from his dream, he punched the numbers into his phone before pressing the green button.
“Uh, hi. My name’s Peter, we met at the gala last night, at the bar,”
“Hi, Peter. I’m Y/N, and I’m glad you called,” 
“Yeah, well, you were right,” he smiled, “love at first sight does exist.”
“You looked in the right places then?”
“Just one. I took a leap of faith,” 
“I’m glad,” 
He decided to bite the bullet, “would you like to grab some coffee with me?”
“With you? Any day,”
Peter smiled. For once, he didn’t mind being proven wrong. He was glad he leaped off the edge. And he was glad he saw her in his dreams wearing the blue gown that made her eyes pop and her beauty stand out.
Tumblr media
taglist: @jackiehollanderr  @multiholland @hommyy-tommy​ @visualhollands @wicked-starlight-collector @coni-martina @dummiesshort @nearlydanger9 @selenitawars @slytherinbth @misshale21 @y0ungandfuckingdumb @livinglifethroughfanfic @racheldon @popluckbih @ephemeral-limerences @tomshufflepuff @petersasteria @justafangirlduh @jayhlstead @just-a-littlebit-of-everything @savcks @sahi-raa @xeniarocks@hunnybunimdun @lou-la-lou @aussie-holland @parkerpeterparker2004 @adayasgeorgia @organicpurplepants @sadxaries @bagelofthelord @marlenetough @xxxxdelenaxxxx @racheldon @itsallyscorner @quaksonhehe @slutforsr@bxby_riah @woopwoopwoop222 @marauders-whore @Sarcasticallywitty15 @cutesparker @stillfindingmyway  @noonelikesori @saraintherain @okaybestfriend @lehmehgeh @joyleenl (if your name is crossed out, its bc i couldnt tag you D: lmk if you want to be taken off the general masterlist or have any name changes ;D) 
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Trouble fan fiction
Summary: Ruby Maxwell and Thomas Holland were some of the best spies in Europe. The pair was sent on a mission that could simply change the history of 21st century espionage, but they had one major problem. Ruby did not get along well with new partners, especially if he was a complete stranger. Through this mission, Thomas and Ruby will have to face their greatest fears and also themselves.
Will Holland be able to make his partner trust him?
Should Maxwell trust him?
(Story also available on Wattpad in Portuguese version)
Warnings: 🚨Some chapters may involve murder, use of illicit/licit drugs, sexual content, alcoholic beverages , use of firearms, adult language among other sensitive content for some audiences. When there are certain types of content, I will let you know at the beginning of the chapter 🚨
Chapter one
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter four
Chapter five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine
Chapter Ten
Chapter Twelve
Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Seventeen
Chapter Eighteen
Chapter Nineteen
Chapter Twenty
Chapter Twenty-one
Chapter Twenty-two
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bvttercupbby · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
In honor of my birthday coming this week (may 12th), I decided to do my first sleepover!! This will lat from today (May 11th) to Thursday May 13th! 
So feel free to... 
🎤need a new song to listen to? send me this for a song rec
🦋send me this for a blurb/concept! I'll write for tom, spencer, shawn, and peter (no smut please!)
🍒ask me anything!! don’t be shy, I'm an open book :)) 
🌸would you rather- send me in a would you rather for me to answer 
📝 send me this for a wip spoiler 
🧸send me this  + a brief description of yourself and I'll tell you I ship you with (also let me know if you want to be shipped with someone from tom’s world or the criminal minds universe) 
don’t want to send any of these? feel free to just come talk to me as well! need to rant? have a crush you want to talk about? a fic rec for me, etc. 
So yeah:) I think this will be a fun way to celebrate I can’t wait to talk to you guys🥰
tagging some mutuals: @leafy-holland @sunsetholland @5-seconds-of-mendes @aperrywilliams @alltooreid @multixfandomwriter @spencereidsupremacy @willowrose99 @rem-ariiana @spideyspeaches @shawnmendez @parkers-gal @evermoreholland @peterbenjiparker @vocalharry @spideybrie​ @softholand​ @mendesblurb​ @you-aremy-sunshineeeee​
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kiss me | tom holland
request: I saw your prompt list and I was wondering if I could please request one with numbers 8 and 13 for Tom Holland. Thanks in advance.
8. “sorry, i’m busy.” “doing what?” “making my pinterest board.”
13. “for fuck’s sake please kiss me.”
warnings: none
a/n: your wish is my command :)
Tumblr media
Tom was exhausted. He spent most of his day in his office, doing interview after interview and to add to it he was learning a new script.
He already drank about four green teas, because he just refused to even touch coffee. But now his pride was slowly fading. His eyes were glossy and sleepy from the blue light of the screen and all his moves were slow, exhausted.
He wanted only two things. Either coffee or a energy drink and a kiss.
“Lovie?” Tom called out into the house. His voice soft but still bouncing from the walls. “Do we have any energy drinks?” He still refused to drink the brown, hot liquid.
No response. Weird, he thought. His feet carried him downstairs, where the kitchen and living room was. He found one of the remaining red bulls, quickly opened the can and gulped half of it in one go.
“Where are you at darling?”
“Here!” you called out from the living room. He set the half empty can down and followed your voice.
You were on the couch, wrapped in a big fluffy blanket and hunched over your laptop. Tom found the sight adorable. He moved quickly towards you. His hands found their way around your waist, his face inching closer to yours, only to receive a small nudge to his ribs.
“You don’t want to kiss me?” he pouted, the hold on your waist disappearing. You huffed at his antics.
“You don’t want to give me a kiss?” he felt hurt now.
“Sorry, I’m busy.”
“Doing what?”
You only nudged him more to let you work on your laptop.
“Doing what?” he asked again, crossing his arms and looking over your shoulder.
“Making my pinterest board.”
The pictures on your laptop made sense now. All the ‘aesthetic’ photographs and graphics matched and on the top of the screen Tom could see a title saying, Dating Spider-man.
Few of the pictures were of him, a few of unrecognisable people, either turned around or just their shadows. Some were of various things, like a jacket or what seemed like a room full of posters. He let out a chuckle. “Why would you make this when you have the real deal right here?”
“Come on, love. Give me some attention.” His voice picked volume, not yelling, only whining in frustration.
“I said I’m busy.”
“Oh for fuck’s sake please kiss me!”
You shut the laptop in your lap, facing your boyfriend. “That’s the word I was waiting for.”
“What?” he said as you set the device and blanket away. “I could’ve just say please?” You nodded in reply.
“Please,” he pouted once more. “Kiss me.”
And you did. It lasted for a few minutes, only when you were short on oxygen, you broke out of it. Noses still touching, hands tangling in each other’s hair and goofy grins on both your faces.
“I love you, dork.” A few small pecks followed his sentence.
“I love you more, whiny face.”
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.:*・゚ Welcome to my masterlist. Here there’s some information about it :*・゚
⟶ Requests: open
⟶ Last update: 05/17/21
Fluff:💞 Request: 🔹 Au:🔆 Smut:🔥
Funny:🎭 Angst: 💔 Song:🎶 Blurb: 🔸
☾. °. 𝑇𝑜𝑚 𝐻𝑜𝑙𝑙𝑎𝑛𝑑☾. °.
Tumblr media
Spy!Tom Holland X Spy!Character
(Story also available on Wattpad in Portuguese version)
Summary: Ruby Maxwell and Thomas Holland were some of the best spies in Europe. The pair was sent on a mission that could simply change the history of 21st century espionage, but they had one major problem. Ruby did not get along well with new partners, especially if he was a complete stranger. Through this mission, Thomas and Ruby will have to face their greatest fears and also themselves. Should Maxwell trust him? Will Holland be able to make his partner trust him?
☾.°.𝑷𝒆𝒕𝒆𝒓 𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒌𝒆𝒓☾.°.
Tumblr media
☾.°.𝑨𝒓𝒗𝒊𝒏 𝑹𝒖𝒔𝒔𝒆𝒍☾.°.
Tumblr media
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loveaffaire · 7 days ago
Hi! I saw ur requests are open..could you write a shy peter Parker x shy reader , Like reader thinks he likes mj cause he spends more time with her but in reality he’s just wants to know how to ask reader out..and when he actually does it’s extremely fluffy and cute and blushing and embarrassment stuff. Not to forget stuttering and rambling from both ends and Peter being a hopeless romantic..please please please make him’s the cutest ever🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️ forward half a year later they are making out on the couch and aunt may walks in and she overall happy that they r not shy with each other anymore but not ready to be a grandmother yet or something 😭😭😭and embarrases them only to realise they haven’t changed much😭😂🥺❤️ thank you if you do this🤧✨
“It’s always been you”
Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: none, just fluff!
Word count: 3.7k
A/N: this is so cute🥺 I hope you like it!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You walk in the cafeteria as you scan the room for your three friends. When you finally spot them, your palms start to get sweaty, you see MJ and Peter sitting together with Ned nowhere to be found.
Peter and you have been friends for a while now and you have successfully developed a crush on him. You couldn’t help it, he was always so kind to you and even though you were extremely shy, you felt comfortable around him.
You really didn’t want to feel any jealousy towards MJ, she was a good friend of yours after all but you couldn’t help as you felt a shiver run down your back when you saw Peter throwing his head back in a laugh when MJ said something. Stop being so dramatic, it’s just a high school crush, you’d tell yourself.
Not wanting to sit there through the pain as Peter giggled about something, you started thinking of turning around and finding some empty classroom to sit in instead. Before you could make up your mind, Ned came up behind you and almost gave you a heart attack.
“How was your chemistry exam?” He whispered in your ear.
“Oh my god,” you gasped as he looked at you with wide eyes.
“Did I freak you out?” Ned smirked, chewing on his Lay’s chips.
“Yes and stop smirking” you laughed at him. Ned nodded as he scanned the room to find MJ and Peter.
“Why are you standing here?” Ned asked. Before you could answer, he was already clutching your arm and dragging you towards the cafeteria round table, “see there’s MJ and Peter.”
You couldn’t think of anything to get you out of this situation as Ned rushed you towards your other two friends. As you both reached the table, MJ looked at you,
“Hey, we were waiting for you” she said as she motioned for both of you to sit down.
“Hey, Y/N” Peter said softly as he bit his lips. You barely nodded your head as Peter frowned.
“How was your chemistry exam?” MJ asked as she looked at you with raised eyebrows.
“She doesn’t wanna talk about it” Ned said as he shook his finger from left to right.
“No?” You pouted at Ned, “it was alright” you told MJ with a small smile.
“You didn’t answer me when I asked you that so I thought it went shit” Ned giggled.
“You scared me when you came up behind me, I didn’t get a chance to answer you” you said as you smirked at Ned.
“Peter!” MJ shook Peter with a hand on his shoulder which led you and Ned to moving your eyes to him.
Your eyes caught Peter’s eyes when you looked at him as he was already staring at you. You both looked away as soon as your eyes connected, a rosy blush settling on your cheeks.
“Y-yes?” Peter mumbled, taking a bite of his sandwich.
“You look distracted by something” MJ said with a smug look, “or someone”
“No? No, no I’m not. No” Peter said quickly, shaking his head.
“Geez you can say no one time and we’ll get it” Ned laughed.
“Are you sure, Peter?” MJ giggled as she slightly nodded her head towards you. She probably thought you wouldn’t notice but you did and that left you confused.
“MJ, please” Peter whispered, begging with his eyes for MJ to stop whatever she was trying to do.
“Okay” MJ kept a hand on his shoulder and gave him a shake, “we’re just kidding”
Peter looked at you with a worried expression and you frowned, he gave you a nervous smile that sent butterflies up your stomach.
Shake it off, just shake it off, Y/N, it’s not like you’re in love with him anyway.
8:45pm - Ned and Peter
Ned: your so stupid
Peter had no idea what Ned was talking about, he frowned as he typed a reply.
Peter: you’re*
Peter: why am I stupid?
Ned: Y/N thinks you like MJ
Peter’s eyes practically bulged out of their sockets when he read the text.
Peter: WHAT?
Ned: yes, she asked me about you both in English
Ned: that she thinks you both like each other
Ned: because you both were laughing together and all in cafeteria today
Ned: plus you’re always with MJ so yeah
Peter: wait, did she say that she likes me? Or anything like that?
Ned: no but I think she likes you and she thinks that you like MJ
Peter: okay so, she likes me but she thinks that I like MJ
Ned: dude no, I said I THINK she likes you because she asked about you and MJ
Peter: omg but I don’t like MJ, I LIKE Y/N
Ned: yes we all know that but she doesn’t so do something about it
Peter’s hands were sweaty. He was dying to tell you how he feels but he was scared of rejection. Knowing that you asked about him gave him hope that maybe, just maybe, you like him too so he quickly texted MJ to make a plan.
9:16pm - MJ and Peter
Peter: Y/N thinks that I like you because we’re always together, HELP
MJ: no offence but you aren’t my type
Peter: AND YOU ARENT MINE but that’s not the point
Peter: she thinks that I like you (which isn’t true) and it’ll ruin my chances of asking her out!!!
MJ: chances? asking her out? You’ve liked her for idk 7 months and you still haven’t asked her out, I don’t think you’re losing any chances when you aren’t taking any:)
Peter: stop being mean :(
Peter: can you please tell her that I don’t like you, I don’t want her to have the wrong idea
MJ: what the fuck? No? You should ask her out and she’ll know that you like her and not me. That’s the plan
Peter: but
MJ: ??
Peter: im scared :(
MJ: then have fun dying alone as she gets asked out on a date by someone else
Peter: someone else? Is there someone else? WHO IS IT?
MJ: I was just saying but I’ve seen Harry Osborn making eyes at her in history
Peter: NOOOO! Do you think she likes him? Be honest:(
MJ: we don’t know but what we do know is that you like her so why don’t you just ask her out? What’s the worse that can happen?
Peter: she can reject me????
MJ: okay yes but you should just go with it, honestly I’m tired of seeing you daydream about her, it’s kinda gross. Cute but gross
Peter: okay stop omg!!!!
Peter felt little love bubbles busting is his stomach when he thought about asking you out, taking you to dinner, holding your hand and maybe kissing you if you’d let him. He was determined to ask you out tomorrow, he wasn’t going to let this chance go just because he was shy. He gave himself a pep talk about being bold and prepared his speech. He had a plan.
Peter didn’t have a plan.
He was flustered when he saw you in the hall near your locker. You were just there, opening your locker and keeping your books in and he already felt like he was going to collapse. Sometimes he’d even struggle to get simple words out when he was around you, how can he ever ask you out?
Before he knew what he was doing, his body automatically found its way to you in the crowded corridor.
“Hi- hey” Peter said.
You looked up away from your books and there he was, Peter.
“Oh, hey” you gave him a shy smile.
Peter looked at you in a daze.
“Are you high?” You whispered as you stepped a little closer.
“What- what? No!” Peter said as he shook his head.
Your eyes widened as you stepped away a little.
“Sorry! Your eyes are l-like dilated” you quickly looked away from his face, slightly fidgeting.
“They always get like that when I look at you” Peter whispered, your heartbeat skipped when you processed his words.
Your head snapped to Peter and he had his palm covering his mouth in shook, his eyes wide. Before any of you could say anything, the bell went off in the hall signalling for the first period.
“Uh” you gathered your books, shutting your locker, you turned to Peter, “I’ll see you later” you said, your eyes never met his. You felt too shy.
“Ye- yeah” Peter gave you a sharp nod as he stared at the ground.
You turned around and started walking to your class, too flustered to look back.
“I just don’t know how to do it” Peter let out, “I can’t do it, Ned”
“Calm down-“
“I can’t!” Peter almost yelled, getting some looks from the other students in chemistry.
“Every time I look at her, I can’t speak” Peter frowned, his voice lower now.
“Okay, dude, you have to ask her out or she’ll never know that you like her” Ned said.
“I don’t know how” Peter mumbled, resting his head on top of the table.
Peter felt exhausted. His feelings made him feel overwhelmed. You made him feel overwhelmed.
He liked you. He wanted to tell everyone that, he wanted to tell you, he wanted to scream that from the rooftops. But he couldn’t. He hated how all his words turned to mush when you were around, hated how he couldn’t express himself.
“You can write her a letter” Ned shrugged.
“What? No” Peter laughed, “I’m not doing that”
“Then you can watch from a distance when she becomes someone else’s girlfriend” Ned raised his eyebrows at Peter, his tone challenging.
“Don’t say that” Peter grumbled and Ned didn’t say anything.
Peter sat through the entire chemistry class in dread, not listening to a word that fell out of the teacher’s mouth. He was too distracted for chemistry today.
5:18pm - {group chat} 3 losers + mj
Ned: it’s Friday tomorrow
MJ: thanks for letting us know?
Y/N: 🤭
Ned: we should go to that new ice cream place
Peter: Near Delmar's?
MJ: I’ve heard they have really good mind chocolate ice cream
Y/N: ice cream in winter?
Ned: it’s autumn right now and they sell it all year round
Y/N: correct
Peter: okay all of us, tomorrow after school??
MJ: no, I can’t do straight after school, let’s do it at 5pm?
Ned: yes 5 perfect. Peter? Y/N???
Peter: works for me:)
Y/N: 5 it is then
“Hey, Peter” you whispered as you reached the entrance of the ice cream store.
You tugged on your sweater sleeve, a habit you picked on, you did it when you were nervous. The weather was cold, a light breeze in the air. The store wasn’t crowded, after all, everyone preferred to stay in their warm house over ice cream as autumn neared it’s end and winter came closer.
Peter turned to you as he heard your soft voice, “hey, I thought you’ll be coming with MJ” he asked
You frowned your brows, feeling your heart silently break as he asked about her.
“Because you stay near each other, not because I care about MJ” Peter said as you remained quiet.
Your frown got deeper and Peter noticed, before you could say anything, Peter spoke up again, “I mean- I care about MJ but like as a friend, I don’t like her”
You slowly nodded, confusion still evident on your face.
“I like her but I don’t like her as anything more, we’re friends, I like her as a friend” Peter quickly shrugged his shoulders.
Peter’s sighed and decided to be honest, “I just meant that I would have come get you if I knew you were going to walk here alone”
You bit your lips, looking up at Peter, you noticed he was staring at your lips. You shook your head and said, “Where is Ned and MJ anyway? It’s 15 minutes past 5”
“Oh yeah, I’ll text Ned and MJ”
“No, wait!” You quickly said, “I mean, I’ll text MJ, you can text Ned”
You took out your phone and typed a small ‘where are you?’ text.
“We can go inside and wait for them,” Peter said with a smile, “I uh don’t want you to get cold” he mumbled the last part.
Your cheeks flushed, you softly smiled at him and nodded.
Peter opened the door for you as you walked in. He was close behind you as you both decided to order, “they are late anyways and aren’t even seeing our text so maybe we should just ditch them and get our ice cream” you said with a giggle and Peter agreed with a laugh.
As you sucked on your plastic spoon, savouring all the delicious bits of your cookie crumb ice cream, Peter looked at you in awe, his cheeks felt warm as he stared at you.
“It’s been 30 minutes and they still haven’t texted us back, isn’t that shady?” You said, taking the spoon out of your mouth as you narrowed your eyes.
Peter pulled himself out of the daze, “um- yeah”
You raised your eyebrows at him, “yeah?”
Peter hummed, “I think that, maybe um-“
“What is it, Pete” you leaned on the table, waiting for him to continue.
Peter’s heart fluttered at the nickname you called him. You did it when you were trying to comfort him.
“I think they wanted to just get us alone” he said, looking down at the table.
“What do you mean?” you nervously laughed, “they don’t have any reason to do that”
“I can think of a reason” Peter mumbled but you caught on it.
“Um, tell me?” you pursed your lips together.
“I like you” Peter whispered as he softly played with his lower lip, his eyes staring at the table like it’s the most interesting thing in the world.
You were taken aback by what he said, your body jerked back at the surprise. For a second, you weren’t sure if what you’ve heard is what he actually said.
“What?” You cautiously said, unconsciously leaning closer to Peter.
Peter sucked in air as he prepared his lungs for the speech.
“I’ve liked you for a long time now so maybe Ned and MJ wanted to get us alone so I can actually tell you this” he furiously nodded his head as he looked at you, your eyes were wide, “for so long, I think it’s been 7 months now. I mean I’m not a creep and I swear I wasn’t being creepy about it, I just didn’t know how to tell you so-“
“But I thought you like-“
“MJ, yes, I mean no, no I don’t like her. I don’t like MJ, I hang out with her a lot because we’re friends, yes but also because I’d always be gushing about you to her-“ Peter aggressively rubbed his face, regretting the last sentence.
“Peter-“ you started, your body was on fire.
“No, listen to me, I like you so much and it’s always been you. And I want to spend every moment with you and I want to hold your hand and be able to kiss you- oh god, I want to kiss you so bad-“
“Peter” you were on your feet now, your hands pressed to his cheeks as you held his face in your warm hands.
You were both hidden in the corner of the store, barely anyone was in the store so it didn’t feel awkward when you displaced your affection so openly.
“Hi” Peter whispered as he realised just how close you were.
You giggled, “I-“ you gulped, “I like you too, Pete”
“You do?” Peter’s mumbled, pulling back a little to see your face, to check if you were joking.
“Yes, uh I’ve liked you for a long time too” you shyly mumbled.
“Can you say it again?” Peter said as he pulled you to the side of his seat. You both sitting on the same side now.
“I like you, Peter” Your breath trembled in nervousness, “I’ve liked you for a long time” you said as you glanced at his lips.
“You do?” You nodded, “even after the speech?” You giggled as you nodded again.
“I thought-“ Peter was cut off when you pressed your lips to his, you quickly pulled back and touched your lips with your fingers, you were shocked.
“You kissed me” Peter’s mumbled, he was nervous as fuck, he swore he was going to pass out.
“I’m sorry-“ you quickly let out, anxiety shooting up your nerves.
“No, I want to kiss you. Can I kiss you?” Peter said, holding your hand in his.
Even though you felt shy, you eagerly nodded, leaning in. Peter’s lips touched yours in an innocent kiss. His lips were cold but oh so soft as they moved against yours.
“Your lips taste like chocolate” you mumbled against his lips as he smiled.
You kissed him again, pulling him in as you pulled at his midtown hoodie. You liked how his lips felt against yours, it felt like heaven, holding him close felt like heaven and you didn’t ever want to let go.
“So it’s always been me, huh?” You giggled as Peter hid his face in his hands.
Everything was great. You felt like you were on cloud nine and Peter felt ecstatic. It’s been 6 months since you and him got together, you both were still in the honeymoon phase and it looked like it wasn’t going away any time soon.
Peter: I’m out at the front gate
Y/N: I’m coming.
Y/N: Mr. Lawton’s keeping us late, sorry:(
Peter: it’s okay, I’ll wait for you
Y/N: <3
You walked out of the school doors after 15 minutes to find Peter waiting for you by the front gates, just like he said he would.
A huge smile comes on your face as you walk up to him and he picks you up in his arms for a hug. You lock your arms around his neck as you kiss his cheek.
After the hug, Peter held your hand as he walked you back to his place. You both spent some quality time together every single week, on Fridays. It was a routine for you now. He unlocked the door to the apartment, telling you that aunt May is out with Happy, ‘her boyfriend or something’ as Peter said.
You took off your denim jacket as you entered his place and he took off his jacket too. You both decided on a movie and some popcorn. As you settled in the couch beside him, he wrapped his arm around you when the movie started.
30 minutes in the movie, your hand found his hand as you tightly held on to it. You sighed in delight when Peter pulled you closer, his lips briefly resting on your cheek. You snuggled your face in the crook of his neck inhaling his cologne.
Even though you’ve been with Peter for a long time now, you still felt extremely shy around him sometimes. After you finally built some courage, you pulled back slightly and bought Peter’s face close to you so you could kiss him.
He quickly returned your affection as he slowly picked you up, as to not startle you, and placed you on his lap. His arms were around your waist as yours found their way to his hair.
“Oh my god, I’m- I should’ve knocked”
You and Peter flinched at the voice and you almost fell off his lap when you saw who was standing in the doorway.
Aunt May looked at you both, her face held a shocked look which soon turned into a smirk, “are you Y/N?”
“May! I thought you’ll be back by 6, what are you doing here?” Peter almost yelled as he quickly placed you back on the couch and stood up.
“Okay, calm down,” May rolled her eyes, “Happy got a call from work so he said he’ll get that done and come over later for dinner”
“But aunt May-“
“You’re Y/N, right?” May asked again, looking directly at you.
You felt out of place, you gave her a shy smile as you nodded. Your face was red and your hands gripped the material of your jeans nervously.
“So you’re the girl who is the main topic at our dinner table-“
“Please stop, May-“
“Trust me, he can’t stop talking about you-“
Your chest felt like it was on fire as you heard her words, she was exposing your boyfriend in all the right ways and you secretly loved it.
“You’re making her nervous!” Peter whisper-yelled as he walked to his aunt.
“Am I making you nervous, honey?” May asked you
“I’m fine” you said, your voice small as you bit your lip.
“See, she’s fine!” May said as she walked to the kitchen.
“As much as I support this young love, I don’t want to be a grandmother right now”
“May!” Peter yelled across the living room as he reached you.
“So be safe okay? I’ll be here if anything goes the other way but just be safe-“
Your cheeks flushed red as you saw May, her head popped out of the doorway as she peaked in the living room.
“Nothing’s going to happen, don’t worry!” Peter yelled as he shakes his head, he dragged you to his bedroom.
“You can shut the door but don’t do anything, okay babies?” May said, followed by a laugh.
“Okay, May!” Peter yelled and quickly shut his door.
You sat on his bed, your face as red as the roses he had got you for your birthday last month.
“I. Am. So. Sorr-“
“I love her”
“What?” Peter said as he walked to where you were sitting, he crouched to your level so you were face to face.
“Yeah, she’s really cute” you giggled in your hands.
“Yeah?” Peter’s eyes soften, a sigh of relief.
“Yeah” you nodded.
Peter held your hands and kissed your knuckles and you kissed his forehead, before you could kiss his lips, the door was pushed open-
“Oh, shoot”
May closed the door just as fast as she opened it, her muffled voice came through the door as she said, “I should’ve knocked, sorry for ruining your romantic moment!”
Tumblr media
© loveaffaire
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sam-hollandsgirl · 8 days ago
Chapter Two - Vibrating
Warning: Smut (vibrator use, fingering and dirty talk)
Word count: 1,817
I'm starting to think I'm terrible at writing smut, but I swear I'm trying to improve. I hope you like it
Tumblr media
You and Tom have always been close, everyone knew that, but after the events of the last week it seemed that you were even closer. He was always waiting for you so you could go to campus together, walking you to your class and taking you to the library before you went back to the fraternity.
"Megan said she is waiting for me in front of the library and can take me home later, so you don't have to wait for me today." You say to Tom as they walked to the library.
"Are you sure honey?"
"Yeah, see you later" you turn to look at him.
"Can I come to your room tonight?" He asks with a mischievous smile on his face.
Every time he smiled like that it made you nervous, you nod your head positively and he steps closer tucking a lock of your hair behind your ear before bending down a little to be your size and whispering.
"I can't wait to touch you again angel," you feel your whole body shiver at those words.
Tom leaves a kiss on your forehead and goes in the opposite direction from you.
When you turn to enter the library you see Megan with her arms crossed in front of her body looking at you suspiciously, you approach her and she pulls you inside the library quickly making you sit on one of the tables and sitting in front of you.
"You're going to tell me everything that's going on right now," she commands.
"What are you talking about Megan? Nothing is going on" you try to cover it up.
"Y/N I'm not an idiot, why are you and Tom suddenly so close?"
"We've always been close" you answer as if it's obvious.
"Yes, because he is your brother's best friend, but now you are acting like a couple, like you are fucking...OH MY GOD YOU ARE FUCKING" some people who were inside look at the two of you angrily.
"Keep your voice down please, and no, we are not fucking...not yet at least."
"Oh my god, what do you mean not yet?" She asks agitated.
"I asked him to teach me how to fuck" you say softly and embarrassed "he said yes and maybe he gave me a oral earlier in the week" you admit all at once.
She puts her hands over her mouth to avoid screaming again, and you can see the excitement in her eyes.
"Finally you're doing something about your feelings," she says with a smile.
"I don't have feelings for him" "A seriously" she rolls her eyes" You have liked him since first grade and he likes you too, you just never did anything because your idiot brother would kill him"
"That's not true" he tries to defend himself and she just looks at him with disdain.
"You can literally feel the sexual tension between the two of you."
"Anyway, it's just sex Megan, nothing else is going to happen, I just need the experience." You say. She suddenly gets up from the table again drawing glances at both of you.
"Get up" she says quickly grabbing her things.
"What? Why? I thought we were going to study".
"No, we're going shopping".
When your friend Megan said you were going shopping, you thought she was talking about going to some clothing store, but that's not what happened.
"Why are we here?" You ask Megan as soon as she has you enter a sex shop getting a blush as you look at the things there.
"I just thought since you started your sex life you might want a few things" She says laughing.
"If I had known you were going to act this way I wouldn't have told you" you roll your eyes "can we please leave".
"No, come on Y/N, have some fun, I know this isn't really your thing, but I guarantee that once you try it you will like it, you just need to give it a chance" she speaks while looking for something specific in the store.
"Try what exactly?" "
Here" she takes something from one of the shelves before turning to you again "try this on" she puts the box in your hand.
"No, no way" you turn red as you hold the small box of bal vibrator in your hand.
"Y/N, think along with me, you tonight, going into Tom's room and saying you want him to use this on you" she points to the vibrator.
You can picture exactly the scene perfectly and it sounds wonderful.
"I'm sure you'll kill him with a hard-on just by suggesting it, and you'll still have a wonderful orgasm, so...will you try it?" She ask.
"Ok, fine" you give in.
"Great" she smiles "don't worry, I'll pay, thank me after Holland makes you cum".
You ran to your room as soon as you arrived at the fraternity, only to take the vibrator out of the box and clean it, You also changed your lingerie for one that you had just bought. You wanted to impress Tom a little tonight.
As soon as you get dressed again and hide the small vibrator in the pocket of your sweatshirt you finally make your way to Tom's room.
"May I come in?" You ask knocking on Tom's bedroom door.
"Hey" he says as he opens the door and gives you room to enter "I was just on my way to your room, I thought you'd be here early" he locks the door.
"Megan and I decided to do some shopping" you say smiling and sit down at the study table.
"Did you buy anything interesting?" You ask curious.
"Yeah, I mean we went to some cool stores, forever 21, Gap, Victoria Secrets and Megan took me to a sex shop" you say as if it wasn't something interesting and Tom looks at you surprised.
"Megan took you where? He asks, maybe he had heard you wrong.
"To a sex shop," you shrug.
"Why?" he asks walking over to you and standing between your legs.
"I wanted to see something" you say a little nervously taking the small vibrator from your pocket "actually I wanted to try something"
"What?" Just imagining you going to a sex shop made Tom horny.
"I want you to use this on me" she puts the dildo in his hand.
He sighs as he looks at the vibrator and soon after he is kissing you desperately, his hands grip your waist tightly pulling you closer to his body.
Your shirt is the first to be removed and he stops for a moment just to look at your body, trapping his lower lip between his lips when he sees the red lingerie on your body.
"Do you like it?" He asks running his fingers gently over the strap of the bra "I bought it with you in mind."
"I think it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." He helps you remove your skirt without you having to get off the table.
"Can you take your shirt off too, please?" He smiles and removing his shirt, his hand touches your abdomen the direction before pulling you in for another kiss.
His fingers touch the inside of her thigh trailing towards her intimacy, both fingers touch the delivery catching the wetness and he brings them to his mouth closing his eyes as he feels her taste again on his tongue. His breathing fails, you never thought you would see anything hotter than this.
"Are you sure you want to try this baby?" He asks to make sure it felt comfortable.
"Yes, please."
He finally takes the vibrator and turns it on at the lowest speed.
First he slides it down the length of your neck stopping the vibrations right at your pulse point, you close your eyes and feel him moving further down, from the top of your breasts to your nipples making them hard against the lacy fabric of your bra.
"Stop teasing me, please," you plead, and he just smiles.
The vibrations travel down your belly and you feel your breath hitch as he reaches for the bar of your panties, he looks at you for confirmation and you say yes.
The vibrator finally touches your clit and you feel like you might die, but the vibrations are turned off soon after. You look at Tom trying to understand why he had stopped.
"Don't worry honey, just getting it out of the way" he says pulling your panties off your body.
He turns the vibrator back on and puts it in contact with your clit, he moves it down into your folds teasing your wet entrance, sighing you throw your head back feeling the pleasure in your body. Tom leans only his body on yours and leaves wet kisses on your neck.
"Tom, please" you moan gripping the curly locks of your hair tightly
"I need more". He chuckles against her neck before bringing the vibrator again to her clit along with his thumb making a circular motion.
"Don't stop please" she pleads.
"You don't know how beautiful your moans are love" he whispers to you and lets a light bite on your earlobe increasing the speed of the vibrator.
"Fuck, Thomas, I'm going to..." You close your eyes tightly feeling a tasty sensation in the pit of your stomach indicating that you were about to cum.
"I got you angel, cum for me".
Your body obeys his command and you come with a loud scream of his name, he turns off the vibrator but continues with the finger movements until you come down from orgasm.
You hug him tiredly letting your head fall on his shoulder, he quickly picks you up in his lap and lays you on his bed.
"Are you okay?" He asks pulling your hair out of your face.
"Yes, thank you."
"You need to stop thanking me for this" he smiles.
"Never, not until you stop giving me orgasms" she laughs a little before closing her eyes.
He lies down next to her hugging her body and sleeping next to her for the first time.
You wake up the next morning alone in Tom's bed, desperate to get out of there and not be caught by your brother, and sneak out of the room quietly.
When you are finally ready for your day and go downstairs to the kitchen you see Tom and Harrison having coffee alone since the other guys in the house were slow to wake up.
"Did you sleep well?" Harrison asks as soon as you enter the kitchen.
"Yes" you put the coffee in the cup and sit down next to him "Very well" you say looking at Tom.
"And you?" he asks Tom "did you bring any girls home last night?"
"What do you mean?"
"Dude, your room is next to mine, I heard all the moaning" Harrison says laughing and you choke lightly on your coffee "Don't stop, Oh Thomas, keep going I'm going to cum" you say imitating a female voice.
"Did you hear everything?" Tom asks nervously.
"Yeah, I don't know who the girl was, but I hope you made her cum at least," he says debauched.
"Yes, I did" he says smugly giving a cocky wink.
He walks past you to put the cup in the sink and when Harrison is not looking he whispers in your ear.
"And I hope for several more".
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tinyyoungblood · 9 days ago
remember that night? | p. parker
summary: peter spends a night on omegle and comes across a sleeping girl. peter decides not to skip her. he reads to her and talks to her about his problems, and when she finally wakes, they lose themselves in endless conversation until she hits him with the “see you in a different life, bye peter” (based on this tiktok)
Tumblr media
pairing: peter parker x reader
words: 3.7k
warnings: language, fluff
a/n: wishing everyone lots of luck and success for their exam phase <3 enjoy
            ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
“What you doing, kid?” Peter’s head snapped up as Steve entered the kitchen, empty mug in hand.
“Just doing school work.” Peter eyed the pile of papers in front of him. He was supposed to finish his history paper tonight but couldn’t find it in himself to even start. A glance at the small clock of his laptop revealed that he still had eight hours before school started. Sleep was for the weak anyway.
Steve stopped at the coffee machine and leaned against the counter, eyes raking the dishevelled boy with a hint of concern. “It’s almost midnight,” he said, flatly. “Your school knows that humans need sleep, right.” It wasn’t a question, so Peter didn’t reply. He watched in silence as Cap filled his mug and took a big gulp, clearly not bothered by the bitter taste nor the temperature.
Peter settled for a careless shrug. “There’s nothing I can do about it.”
He had barely finished his sentence when Steve scoffed and gave him a long look. “There’s plenty of things you can do about it, kid.” He pushed himself off the counter and stepped to Peter’s side. His eyes flitted across the books and scraps of papers littering the kitchen island. “If you need help with that, just ask. You know where to find me.”
A small smile bloomed on Peter’s lips. “You know humans need sleep, right.”
Cap chuckled. He shook his head and lazily lifted his coffee mug while walking towards the door. “I’ll be up all night anyway. Got paperwork to do.” And with that, he left Peter to the quietness of the compound kitchen.
“Sleep,” Peter mumbled, forcing out a long sigh like the idea of getting rest was a far-fetched pipe dream. Another glance at the clock made his stomach churn. He scrambled for a pen and a sheet of paper, staring hard at it as if the essay might just write itself if he looked at it long enough.
After five minutes of nothing happening, Peter scowled at the paper and fought with the idea of asking Steve for help. He was old, he’d been there when it happened. Steve could easily help him and be done with it, but Peter knew Cap had his own handful to worry about, so Peter pulled his laptop towards him and opened his internet browser.
With half of his brain already dozing off, he typed in the website’s name and watched as it instantly popped up. Bless Tony and his fast wifi.
Omegle was a weird place to be on at midnight. It generally was a hit or miss, but at that time of the day only insomniacs were on the loose. Peter had to skip a couple of people until he connected with three or two that were up for a quick chat. But even they were heading to bed soon, leaving Peter to roam the platform some more.
He was ready to log off and call it a day after skipping yet another black screen when he landed on what appeared to be a girl sleeping in front of her computer screen.
You were lying on your bed, blanket pulled up to your chin, and hair softly framing your face. Peter loosened a breath he didn’t know he was holding and carefully sat up straighter, trying to make as less noise as possible even though you were clearly deep asleep.
“Hello?” Peter was glad when you didn’t react. It meant you probably hadn’t heard how his voice had cracked. He cleared his throat and spoke in a much softer tone, “Hey, uhm, can you hear me?” Again, you didn’t respond. Peter turned on the volume of his laptop and leaned forward, nearly pressing his ear against the speakers only to pick out very distant, almost inaudible breathing.
“I guess you’re really asleep.” Peter chuckled, not sure what the protocol was when stumbling across someone snoozing on Omegle.
A thought struck him that made him furrow his brows and say, “How do I know you’re not a bot? Snore if you’re a picture, do a back flip if you’re real.” You did neither and Peter was okay with that.
“So, uhm, how has your day been?” He didn’t expect you to reply. Peter wasn’t sure what exactly he’d expected, but some part of him refused to skip you. He wanted to stay and keep talking to you. He didn’t know why. You just looked peaceful and that had somehow managed to calm his nerves.
“I didn’t have the greatest day,” Peter said quietly, poking his notebook with a pen. “I didn’t have a great week to start with to be honest. I did badly on my Spanish test and then fell on Mr. Banner’s microscope.” He let out a breathy chuckle as the vivid memory flashed before his eyes. “I don’t even remember how it happened. I was just taking a nap on the ceiling, I hadn’t slept in days, you know. Next thing I know I’m waking up on the lab table with the Avengers surrounding me.”  
Peter clamped his mouth shut when you stirred a bit. It made him hold his breath, anticipating you to wake up and look at him weirdly for talking to you while you were asleep. But you didn’t wake. Peter exhaled in relief. He picked up his history book and traced the binding aimlessly. His eyes were transfixed on your face. You had moved enough for him to actually see your face and he couldn’t help but find you extremely pretty.
“God,” he laughed and ran a hand through his hair. The little screen on the bottom left displayed his messy curls, but he didn’t bother to fix them. “I’m such a creep for watching you sleep.” You didn’t answer, of course, but Peter imagined that you would probably laugh and agree.
Peter spent the next few minutes imagining what your laugh might sound like while curiously studying your face. He did it with such care, not allowing himself to miss a detail. You were gorgeous. He was sure he could draw you in his sleep. Funnily enough, sleep was irrelevant to him now. Missing out on the chance to trace your features felt like a crime, so he stayed.
Peter read out of his history book for you, absently making notes while he was softly enunciating each word like it was a bedtime story. He had somehow ended up with enough material for a complete essay, but instead of working on it, Peter fished out some Ben & Jerry’s and talked to you about his struggles and problems of the week.
He let out everything he had bottled up and felt a lot better when he was done. The clock read two o’clock in the morning, but he didn’t feel tired at all. Peter tossed his empty ice cream container to the side and licked the spoon before pointing it at you. “You know, you’re a pretty good listener.”
He didn’t wait for your reply and stood up to wash his spoon in the sink. It was weird how none of the others had woken up yet to inquire about the noise but then again, Peter had been near silent, barely making any sounds that would wake you.
Until now.
The spoon in his hand was coated in soap. It slipped right out of his grip and fell into the sink with a loud clunk. Peter winced and whipped around, staring at the back of his laptop like he could see through it and watch you wake up, puzzled and ready to skip him.
Peter practically leapt across the counter and threw himself in the bar stool, and if the spoon hadn’t woken you up yet, his clumsy landing did. Peter watched panic-stricken as you slowly stretched your limbs and let out a small yawn. You took your sweet time and Peter prayed and prayed that you would just fall right back to sleep. His mind was racing with things he could say but nothing good came to mind.
At last, you turned towards the bright screen of your computer and rubbed the sleep out of your eyes. You didn’t look confused. Just sleepy. But Peter still felt the need to speak, so he blurted out the first thing that came to mind.
“You’re really pretty.”
It took you a minute to react, and it had Peter contemplate whether you might’ve just been a bot after all. But then a shy smile crossed your lips and Peter had to refrain himself from running away.
“Thanks,” you said softly, and Peter’s jaw nearly dropped to the floor. He had gotten so used to listening to himself talk for the past couple hours; he had long forgotten that you might actually reply at some point. And he definitely didn’t expect to enjoy the sound of your voice as much as he did. It was the voice of shared secrets and late summer nights. There was something magical and wondrous to it—Peter loved it.
“You’re perfect,” Peter mumbled absently, still staring at your smile like it was the hidden treasure all along. His cheeks were tinged with a faint shade of pink when he realised what he’d just said but he didn’t want to take it back. It was the truth. And you didn’t seem to mind. You simply let out a soft laugh and smiled at him.
“You’re being awfully nice. I hope you’re not just spewing compliments because I was drooling in my sleep.”
“You weren’t!” Peter assured, realising how quick he was to respond. He chuckled nervously. “I promise you didn’t drool. You were…gorgeous, actually. I mean you still are—” Peter threw his head back and covered half of his face with an arm in an attempt to hide his blush. He groaned. “This was a lot easier when you were still asleep.”
You sat up and watched Peter with curious eyes, pulling your blanket along to drape it over your shoulders. You shrugged although he couldn’t see. “I can pretend I’m still asleep if that’s the kind of audience you prefer.”
Peter stole a glance at you from under his arm. You still had a sincere smile on your lips, waiting patiently for his response. It gave him the push he needed to remove his arm and loosen a breath. “No, it’s fine.” Peter shook his head. “I need practise talking to people when they’re conscious anyway.” He smiled sheepishly when you laughed.
“Lucky for you, I can do both.” You shot him a wink. “I’m sorry if I was being horrible company. I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”
“It’s all right,” Peter said, smiling. “At least you didn’t snore.”
You grinned and echoed, “At least I didn’t snore. I’m Y/N, by the way.”
Peter couldn’t help but think of all the names he had scribbled on the back of his notebook that he believed fitted you. He had to admit that none of them fitted you as perfectly as your actual name did. “It’s nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Peter.”
“Peter.” You let his name roll off your tongue, testing out the sound of his name. Peter was positively giddy at this point, and he had to stop himself from beaming at you. Your smile made it incredibly hard though. “It’s nice to meet you too, Peter.”
“So, tell me.” Peter shoved his notebook aside to place his arms on the kitchen island, resting his chin on them. “Do you nap often in front of strangers on the internet?”
After that, conversation flowed more easily. Everything became a topic of conversation. You talked about your upcoming exams and assignments and even helped Peter with his history essay.
Then you talked freely about the worries that troubled you, and Peter listened. He was glad to do so and watched how with each passing minute the weight was lifted off your chest. You talked about books, movies, theories, and all sorts of things. Neither of you were tired and time had stopped being a concept a long while ago.
It was only when Peter sneaked a glance at the clock that he realised how late it was. It was five o’clock in the morning. You had talked for three hours, not aware that it had become one of those moments where time just didn’t seem real anymore. Everything appeared out of place like you had both entered an alternative realm.
But in reality, he knew that in less than an hour, Steve would stroll through the door and probably offer Peter to join him on his morning jog.
“We’ve been talking for three hours,” Peter said, although he didn’t know why he did it. He didn’t want the conversation to end.
“Really? I didn’t even notice.” You twisted to look past the laptop screen and through your blinds. The sun was rising and more cars filled the streets. “Should we…end this?” Peter wasn’t sure if you meant the call, but he offered you a shrug.
“I don’t want to,” Peter admitted, chuckling. “But I guess we’ll have to. School starts soon for me.”
“For me too,” you replied gently, eyes casting downward as if you were glancing at Peter’s lower half of the screen. Peter had caught you do that a few times that night, but he’d brushed it off. You were always quick to lock eyes with him again.
You stared at each other for a long moment, neither of you saying anything. You just enjoyed being in each other’s company for a few more seconds, perpetuating what you had for as long as you could. Neither of you wanted the night to end.
You had yet to exchange numbers, and the thought of asking for it left Peter surprisingly nervous. It was ridiculous. He had spent an entire night talking to you like he’d been born to do it, but it still left him anxious. When Peter had finally found the courage to ask, you opened your mouth and Peter was glad to let you speak first.
“I guess, I’ll see you in a different life then.” You smiled softly as confusion began to cross Peter’s eyes. “Bye, Peter.” And with that, you clicked off—leaving Peter alone and stunned.
Peter opened his mouth to say something even if it was completely useless. You were gone and Peter was at a loss for words. He had not expected you to click off so abruptly. His mind still struggled to process your sudden departure.
Frantically hitting the blue skip button, Peter searched for any trace of you, any sign of a girl with the voice of spring wells and the smile of everything bright and good in the world. But you were gone. Just like that, you had left. See you in another life.
God, you were dramatic, Peter thought, bemused. If he weren’t still in absolute shock, he might have laughed out loud. But he didn’t. He just sat there in dumbfounded silence for God knew how long. He didn’t even register when Steve and Sam entered the kitchen, and he didn’t notice either when they repeatedly called his name.
“Kid?” Steve laid a hand on Peter’s shoulder, startling him. “You okay?”
Peter collected himself and mustered a half-assed nod. “Yeah.” His voice didn’t sound right. “I’m fine.”
“You don’t look fine,” Sam remarked, eyeing him suspiciously.
“Did you stay up all night?” Steve asked, voice carrying authority and concern. Peter glanced at the little screen of his laptop before shutting it. There was no point in lying when the deep bags beneath his eyes were answer enough. He didn’t reply.
“Jesus, Parker. Are you trying to beat a score or something? Is it a competition you have with Tony? To death?” Sam sounded amused, but Steve considered Peter in silence, probably wondering if he should let the boy stay at home to catch some sleep. There was palpably more than just exhaustion and tiredness clinging to Peter’s features.
Peter had to keep himself from squirming under Steve’s scrutinizing gaze. He gathered his belongings and tried not to seem like he was in a hurry to leave while mumbling, “I need to take a shower.” The two men watched as Peter shuffled out of the room.
“I wonder who broke his heart,” Sam said, opening the fridge once Peter was gone and taking out two water bottles. He tossed one at Cap.
Steve caught it and followed Sam out to the hallway, glancing at the doorway again that Peter had just walked through. He contemplated Sam’s words but came up short. “Maybe it was his history paper.”
Sam snorted. “Might as well have been the kitchen fairy.”
Peter didn’t end up taking a shower. Instead, he grabbed his backpack and was on his way to school. It was the only thing he could think of that wouldn’t leave him feeling absolutely defeated. The subway ride was long but nearly not long enough. His mind was still a cluster of thoughts when he arrived at Midtown High.
For the tenth time that morning, Peter pressed Ned’s contact, but his best friend didn’t pick up. It was too early anyway. There were barely any students present, and Peter knew that he couldn’t handle entering the school building yet. It would make him feel claustrophobic.
Peter dropped his backpack on the first step of the stairs leading up to the doors and sat beside it. He scrambled for the history paper he had carelessly stuffed into his bag when he was rushing out of the compound. It was only when Peter finally held it in his hands again that he could breathe properly. The wrinkles on the edges had become so familiar to him, it brought him comfort.
He dialled Ned’s number once more and waited. His voicemail answered and Peter made the impulsive decision to leave a message. “Ned, hey, uhm, I know it’s early and I’m sorry for calling you like a hundred times, but I met the most amazing girl last night on—well, it doesn’t really matter where, but I met her and we talked for hours.”
Peter’s eyes dropped to the stack of wrinkled papers in his hand, clutching them in fear they might disappear as well. “I really liked talking to her and I thought she did too, but then she just kinda clicked off without giving me her number or anything, and…I don’t know what to do.”
Peter laughed nervously, hand rubbing the back of his neck when he realised how crazy he sounded. But he knew he needed to get it off his chest, so he did. “Some part of me is just starting to believe that I might’ve dreamed it all and none of it was real. I just—”
A subtle peep made Peter trail off. Removing his phone from his ear, the display showed nothing but the regular phone app, and he let out a sigh before shoving his mobile into the back pocket of his pants.
“I just want to remember,” Peter mumbled under his breath to no one at all and stood up. He slung his backpack over his shoulder and turned around to face the double doors, the grip on his history paper never faltered.
Peter was halfway up the stairs when he thought that a distant voice had just called out to him. It was so far away and barely carried through the wind that Peter was sure that he had hallucinated it. He definitely needed a nap.
The voice called out his name once more and this time the familiarity nearly sucker punched Peter right off the stairs. He froze. Could it be? A second later, he spun around and went rigid.
Jogging across the football field was a girl he would’ve recognised anywhere. He had spent too many hours admiring her not to. He was stupefied.
You stopped right in front of him, doubled over and hands resting on your knees while trying to catch your breath. Peter’s eyes were wide as he watched you straighten and look at him.
If Peter had found you incredibly gorgeous through the small low-quality window on Omegle, then he found you absolutely breath-taking in real life. Peter was sure he was completely awestruck. It took him a second to note that you were grinning at him. He had to do a double-take.
Peter didn’t trust himself to speak, but he couldn’t care less if his voice was shaky. “Y/N?”
“Surprised?” You asked, amused. Peter’s breath hitched at the sound of your voice. It brought him an immediate sense of comfort. He remembered the long hours of endless conversation. He remembered how much he loved it and almost asked you to speak again.
“Well—” Peter shook his head in disbelief. “Yeah. How did you know where to find me?”
You pointed at his torso and watched as Peter’s expression shifted from sheer confusion to slow realisation. He had been wearing his Midtown hoodie the entire night. He even remembered the couple times when your gaze had flickered to it, but he hadn’t thought much of it. Peter’s eyes snapped up and locked with yours.
“You knew?” You nodded. “The entire time?” Another nod. “But you don’t go here, do you?” Peter was certain he would’ve remembered you. He wouldn’t forgive himself if he didn’t.
You shook your head. “No, I go to a school close by. But I recognised the logo last night and thought I might surprise you in the morning. See if you’re this cute in real life too.” Your shy smile made Peter melt into a hopeless puddle of wild emotions. His thoughts were a mess.
Last night. Those words stood out to him like diamonds in a cave—a shooting star in the dark. They made him feel like he had just travelled the world and seen it all.
It was a story he wasn’t prepared for, but it had happened and he would be forever grateful that it did. All he managed to do was say those very words out loud, “Last night.” His voice was barely a whisper.
“Yeah.” You laughed and smiled gently. “Remember that night?”
Peter’s grip on his history paper loosened. He folded them and tucked them into his back pocket, eyes never leaving yours. Then he nodded and gave you a soft smile. “I do.”
* * *
stay hydrated <3
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itsallyscorner · 9 days ago
Play Me A Song
Paring: Tom Holland x fem!reader
Summary: This is based off the video of Tom playing guitar that he posted on Instagram:) Tom facetimes you to help brighten up your day.
Warnings: none
A/n: Not me using fan fiction as a coping mechanism for my stress, yet ONCE AGAIN.
Tumblr media
✧───── ・ 。゚★: *. ☽.* :★. ─────✧
“Hellooo, gorgeous girl!” Tom cooed as his face popped up onto your phone screen.
You let out a nasally giggle, the side of your face snuggling deeper into the pillow Tom would use when he was over at your house.
Tom tilts his head at the phone, a hint of a smile on his blush colored lips. The action caused his mop of chocolate brown curls to slightly bounce, catching your attention. You longed for the feeling of running your hands through his soft hair. You missed the way it felt between your fingers and how it would make Tom nuzzle closer to you.
“How was your day? You sounded a bit upset on the phone.” He checked in, voice soft and sweet, yet full of concern. His brows furrowed, causing a wrinkle to form between his brows.
You breath in, smelling the hints of him on your pillow. He was miles away, FaceTime allowed you to see and talk to him, though it wasn’t the same as him being beside you. If you were together right now, he would probably envelop you with his protective arms, pull you into his warm chest, and press kisses all over any bit of your exposed skin. His curls would tickle against your neck while he buried his head into the small space between your neck and shoulders—though you wouldn’t mind the tickle because it would remind you that he was there with you.
You sighed, “Today was a rough day. My professors have been piling work on us and I got called into work on my day off. I haven’t even gotten to start that research paper for class—I’m just so burnt out. I’m tired of trying, Tommy.”
Tom pouted, bringing the camera near his face to feel closer to you. He only felt the heat of his phone screen against his face, but he could still feel the light vibrations of your voice through the phone’s speakers. He placed the speaker of his phone slightly atop his chest, so he could feel the rhythm of your words against him. It reminded him of the days you two would cuddle after the both of you had long days at work. You would tell each other about your days and bask in the feeling of being in each other’s arms. He missed the feeling of being close to you.
“I know you have a lot of work to do, but you need to give yourself breaks, darling. And don’t tell me that you don’t need a break, you’re human (y/n), there’s only so much you can do in a day.” He began. Tom knew how you could get when college got overwhelming. Sometimes there were weeks where you would throw yourself into work, with no sleep, minimal food, and too many cups of coffee. He adored the diligence you had for your education, he wished he could’ve had that when he was still in school, but he wanted to make sure that you were taking care of yourself.
“Listen, you got this, I know you do. You’re the most intelligent and hard working woman I have ever met in my life. There’s nothing you can’t do, because I know, one way or another, you’re gonna find a way to do it. You always do. I just don’t want you to forget to take care of yourself. I know your education is important, but so are you.” He finished, a small smile forming on his lips. You hum in response, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself Tommy.”
What you say seems to reassure him, his shoulders visibly loosened up and the smile on his face grows a bit wider. Your own lips turn up on their own, reciprocating his smile.
“How about you, how was your day?” You ask him. Tom sits up and leans against his headboard.
“Well they’re still renovating the house, so Harry and I decided to rent out a place not too far from mum and dad’s. We actually had lunch with them, I got to see Tessa—gosh, I wish you were here right now. Tess was bouncing all over the place and giving everyone kisses, you would’ve loved it. And Paddy! He’s gotten so much taller since I’ve last seen him, and his voice keeps getting deeper, it’s actually embarrassing for me to be beside him because I’m older and I sound like I’m the one going through puberty.” He rambled, one of his hands making gestures and his face making expressions as he spoke. You loved the way he could just go on about a certain topic, especially when it came to his family. As sad as it was to see him leave for the UK, you were also happy because you knew he’d get to see his family.
He continued to talk about his day until his leg bumped into something, causing a hollow thump to emit from the object.
“What was that?” He leaned forward, the sound of his sheets rustling as he moved to grab the object filling your speakers.
“My guitar.” He grunted, holding the instrument up. “Remember, you got this for me for my birthday!” He proudly reminded you. You had gotten him the Ed Sheeran edition Martin Guitar after he had been going on and on about wanting to learn how to properly play the instrument. At the same time, he had a little obsession with Ed Sheeran and his music, so when you saw the guitar in the shop, you thought why not? You knew he would love it.
You fondly chuckled at him, “Yeah I do! You even promised to write me a song one day after you opened it.”
The last part of your sentence caught his attention, “I will write you a song one day, I’m very serious about that promise, love.” He pointed at you.
“Oh, are you?” You tease him.
“Yes, I am. In fact, ever since I’ve gotten back home, I’ve been practicing again and I’m doing much better.” He confidently told you.
“Can you play me a song?” You softly ask him.
“I can play you ‘Grow as we Go’ by Ben Platt. It’s the song I’ve been practicing.” He placed his phone against a pillow, using it as a stand. He placed the guitar in his lap, positioning his fingers on the frets and strings of the guitar.
“Yeah, play anything. I just wanna hear you play.” You mumble, your voice coming out in a muffle against Tom’s pillow.
“Just a warning, it’s probably not that good.” He mentions, shooting you a playful look.
“I don’t care.” You smile. He starts to softly strum the opening of the Ben Platt song and you couldn’t help but smile. He looked away from the camera, trying to focus on the notes and giving you a good look at the side of his face. The light shines part of his face, leaving the features you can see dark in the shadow, though it didn’t stop you from making out his gorgeous brown eyes. His long fingers move fluidly along the strings, creating a sweet melody on the guitar.
He stumbles a bit, making him whisper “Bollocks.” The little hiccup didn’t stop him from playing and so he continued to strum the guitar. You decided to stay quiet, letting him be in the zone. He messes up again, this time saying “bollocks” louder than the first time. You see him slightly shake his head as he regains his focus and places his fingers on the proper strings again.
You fondly watch him as he play, admiring the man you call your boyfriend. His fingers twitch on the string causing him to pause. He sucks his teeth, a bit of a frustrated grin on his face.
“Mmm.” He looks at you before turning away, “Okay.” He plays again, brows furrowed together in concentration as he tries to play the part of the song his keeps messing up on. You couldn’t contain the giggle that came out of you when he cringed at the sound the guitar made when he tried to play past the note. He pauses looking at the ceiling and tries to figure out the next notes.
“Alright, last time.”
“You’ve got it.” You encourage him. Your words give him some confidence and he shoots you a sweet smile. He readjusts the guitar in his lap, this time keeping his eyes on the strings as he plays. He strums the song again, starting off slow then slowly getting faster. Though his pacing was off by a bit, the song still sounded great nonetheless. You were thoroughly impressed.
He stops playing sitting back against the headboard, “I don’t know why I speed up though. I don’t know why I decide to do it so quickly.” He says into the camera.
You laugh, “It still sounds great though, I really enjoyed it.”
Tom tilts his head at you, teasingly squinting at the camera, “Even with the amount of times I kept stopping?”
“Yes, even with the amount of times you kept stopping.” You laugh, adjusting your phone. Tom puts the guitar aside and grabs his phone. He lays back on his bed, his head resting on his pillow and his curls sprawling out on the cushiony white surface. One of his hands rest behind his head as he stares at you.
“I’m gonna keep practicing. So the next time I see your beautiful face I can serenade you with a song and my guitar.” He muses, a lazy grin on his features.
“That sounds like something out of a chick flick.” You snort. He shoots you a playful glare, “Shut up, you love it.”
Tom knew you were a sucker for chick flick gestures. Kissing in the rain, watching the sunset, you name it.
You sigh, scrunching up your nose, “Yeah, I do.”
“But only from you.”
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