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lyuboveviana · 17 hours ago
Y/N: Uh, I think I got your lunch. *Holds up a note that reads: ‘I am very proud of you. Love, Tony’*
Peter: Oh yeah. I didn’t think this was for me. *Holds up a note that reads: ‘Be good. For the love of God, Please be good.’
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helpinghanikan · 23 hours ago
Holiday, everyday
Avengers (and Matt Murdock x Reader)
Sum: Sometimes a series of fluff and holiday imagines are needed in these times.
AN:  I'm gonna be honest and say I ran out of Holidays real quick. Instead of trying to write about Holidays I have no idea about I just did "important" days and didn't think too hard on it. Hopefully you don't think too hard on it either.
Steve Rogers: 4th of July
Call it an act of irony, of God, or of just the universe screwing around but Captain America was born on the 4th of July. Because of this Steve had laid everything out for you a month in advanced.
“Please, PLEASE, no flags or decorations. Really, just stay away from red, white and blue all together.” He says before bedtime. Holding your hands to keep your attention. “In fact, just forget it’s my birthday. Let’s pretend it’s on the 5th.”
Although you (and Bucky) knew about his feelings, the rest of the world didn’t. Two cakes were made for the day, both decorated with red, white, and blue icing. Steve smiled and thanked everyone for remembering, for caring, but it was little more than a polite smile. Only taking a bite of the cake after you fed him. And that was just for the audience too.
Whether America was your home or not, you weren’t going to escaping the patriotism for the country. Especially when you didn’t want to leave Steve alone with the constant noise, yelling and celebrations he was pulled to throughout the day.
“Do I know anyone here?” he asks after finally getting back home. Only to be immediately greeted by balloons and decorations on the apartment door.
“This is what you get for making eye-contact with neighbors.” Is all you can say while getting the door open.
After a long day of sugar, noise and those three stupid colors it’s no surprise that Steve immediately hits the couch. Toeing off his shoes and groaning with an arm over his eyes.
There was no point in trying to hide what you were cooking. A hearty steak bought a day in advance to try and soak up the sweets eaten throughout the day. Although Steve likely heard the opening of cabinets and could smell the spices and meat he didn’t look until the steak started to actually cook. Peaking out from under his arm as if he were trying to be sneaky.
“I know you’re tired of red, among other colors, but I’m not gonna burn a perfectly good steak for you.” This wasn’t the only piece of the meal, but it was obviously the most important.
He doesn’t say anything while getting up from the couch. Leaning on the kitchen counter and smiling (actually smiling) while you try and cook while being watched. It’s only when it’s finally plated, and ready that he speaks.
“I fucking love you.”
Tony Stark: Taxes
“Just as a heads up, we gotta get some tax stuff done.” Was said by Tony in passing.
It was literally said as he passed by in the kitchen. Too late in the afternoon to do anything but too early to go to bed. At the moment you had taken it as a joke, chuckling and going “sure, babe, we’ll get to it this week,” before completely forgetting about it.
But, for once in his life, Tony wasn’t just making a quip.
Your man sat in the middle of the living room. Pile of papers on the coffee table and more surrounding him. Whatever color the living room’s minimalist style allowed was washed out from all the white.
Tony’s smile was the same a child would give after breaking a lamp. “I know you said sometime this week but…I got impatient.”
There were the obvious questions: “Why is there so much?”, “Why did you print it all out?”, and “Don’t you have people to do this for you?”
All asked as you just gave into the situation. Taking a seat on the couch behind Tony and picking up the closest paper. Reading through the numbers and mumbo-jumbo as Tony leans back against your legs.
“Eh, doing this myself is just another nice habit from dear old dad.” He says, pen clicked and ready to go. “Numbers and facts are like meditation, you know? More productive than sleeping. Easier than thinking.”
That was the only full sentence you got from him for the rest of the day. The rest were single word answers or simple gestures that got the point across. If he wasn’t going to really involve you (other than to have you hand over things) why had you been invited? Even asking if he wanted a coffee or something to eat was met with just a nod.
Maybe it was just to observe. To see the difference between the Tony who blasts music in a windowless workshop while working and the Tony who simply reads and fills out in silence and covered in natural light. His face was relaxed while filling things out, no knitted eyebrows or under breath mumbling. A hand on his shoulder was the only thing that seemed to have affected him. A, rather dull, sandwich put in front of him but your hand.
“We’ve been doing this for a while,” you say. “Wanna take a break?”
It’s only after Tony takes a bite, and takes a look around, that he responds verbally. Unfortunately, with a mouth full. “I’m doing pretty good, it looks like. Why? Getting tired?”
The laugh that comes out wasn’t supposed to be so hard. But it took you back to sitting on the couch. Absentmindedly picking at the crumbs in Tony’s beard that he allows to happen.
“I haven’t been sitting on my knees for hours, you have.”
“I really wanna make a come back about that but this sandwich is keeping you safe.”
Thor: Easter
It’s rare to see Thor in bright colors like this. The god of thunder’s “Sunday best” usually involved metals and armor and a cape of red that almost touches the ground. This Sunday was different, starting with the replacement of his helm with bunny ears. He looks good in yellow and light blue. A nice compliment to the light-colored formal wear you wore.
The entire park was taken up for the easter celebration. Bouncy house, games, face painting, food and (of course) an easter egg hunt that spanned whatever was left. The entire event was a community open, no formal wear required. Thus, separating the guests into two groups: those in t-shirts, shorts, and weather appropriate attire. And those fresh from church in bright collars and fluffy skirts. The air filled with parents trying to keep their children from ruining their easter best, not that it ever stopped them.
“It took me an hour to get them ready,” one parent says, looking out from your little group. “At least they’ll sleep, I guess.”
Although your little conversation group consisted of parents you could sympathies. “We got Thor’s suit special for today. The jacket didn’t even make it twenty minutes.”
The jacket in question currently hung over your arm. The expectation for the day was to be a picture fest, people shoving and asking for pictures all day while he sweated in pretty colors. Instead, everyone seemed to have forgotten an actual Avenger was coming. Who could think of that when there was candy to find and stocking’s to ruin?
This created a genuine smile that matched the children. Finding the bunny ears along with other adults who were blessed with the gift. Acting as the climbing tree for children as they laughed and ignored the problems of the world.
 Bucky Barnes: Super Bowl
It’s hard to tell what situation could bring up bad memories for Bucky. Secluded alleys, driving at night and someone whispering into his ear seem to be the most prominent triggers. Others you don’t notice until he searches out for your hand. Strong metal almost crushing your fingers every time, but you refuse to react. Instead, simply squeezing back.
Hotels, parties, places with multiple people are easier for him. Never needing to stay by your side or excuse himself from the party. This is especially so in the company of those in the know, allowing a more relaxed, freer Bucky.
You can see it from across the living room. Just barely able to see your man’s face among the other men and women on the couch and chairs. His head is up, constantly on a swivel to look about the room at the different people all trying to talk at once. His smile is eyes, sometimes lowering during a lull but never fully disappearing.
And his eyes; usually lowered enough to be hidden in the shadows he prefers were now wide and moving. This made especially so now that he had finally gotten a haircut and looks like a grownup. That being said, you still missed the little swish his hair made when he looked for you in the crowd.
He only has to scan for a second, chin up like a searching cat, to find you. When he does you’re already watching. Smiling wider at his own natural reaction of your face.
Although no words are spoken (as you would have to shout across the room) you both understand. This is fun, this good, and it’s even better when you’re together.
 Natasha Romanoff: Thanksgiving
For a master spy Nat had some serious trouble with knives while in a kitchen context. It’s only after watching her suck on an injured finger that you figure this out.
“Is this why we usually order out?” You asked from the island’s stool.
Natasha looks back at you with a joking glare. Finger still in her mouth which she removes before turning back to continue cooking.
“Well, there goes my half of our orders.” Natasha says, although her cut of the payment was way more than half. “but you can get it back by skinning the potatoes.”
Natasha broke many stereotypes of a trained killer. No stoic attitude or constant frown every time you see her. Violence isn’t the first choice but is always somewhere in the other options. And she refuses to choose loneliness when given the option, hence the cutting and skinning this night before Thanksgiving.
Before it was soup kitchens and charity work that kept Natasha company. After that it was with the Clint and his family, year after year Auntie Nat came. With whatever dish she decided to try her hand with. This time it would be mashed potatoes with skin and enough butter to put the entire family into a coma.
T’challa: New Years
Although the sunset is beautiful no matter where you look it wasn’t the focus of the view. Rather, the people just below are what you focused on. As no activities would happen until the sun was gone and most of the work was completed. Hence the rushing around on the streets below.
Just like the older adults you were smiling at the young people especially. The teenagers and twenty to thirty something year old whose voices rose above everyone else’s. Although you had a decent grasp of the language it was difficult to understand them while their voices are overlapping eachother. Maybe a word here or there, mainly the words “alone”, “later” and “please?” caught your ear. Something that forced you to smile and note for later when parents start to wonder where their teenagers disappeared to.
It was unlikely you were going to be able to do the same with T’challa. This was when people either pushed their issues aside or went at eachother in an attempt to start the new year right. Although the Dora Milaje would handle any fights that break out in the castle, T’challa would have to be the one to receive the apologies Supposedly there was going to be a line of people looking to apologize for their behavior towards you. Not that any of the apologies would find their way to you.
Although you were always welcomed to walk the halls to meander around the city (with a guard, of course) you stayed in royal family quarters. Leaning over the railing to watch the city and see the lights all around start to light.
Everything echoes in the quarters. Specifically designed to make sneaking around harder. This is especially notable on the doors. As it was near impossible to open or close them without some type of slamming. Even more so when you’re tired and haven’t dropped the calm demeaner of a king yet.
It’s only when the doors close behind T’challa that he lets his face fall. Lines of stress still evident even on his relaxed face. Not even a half smile is manageable as he walks over, a kiss to your shoulder as he stands on your right. Toying with the dress strap like he was genuinely fascinated with the fabric.
“Long day?” You ask after a few minutes of silence.
“Are they ever short?” He retorts, trying to subtly fix the strap he had just loosened with his toying.
As entertaining as it was to watch this, usually, put together man be defeated by a superstore brand dress you eventually gave him some help. Moving his hands to slides the strap back into place. T’challa taking the time to finally look out over his country.
“It’s gonna be a longer night.” You say, leaning into him that he welcomes with an arm around your back.
“I know.”
“You wanna get dressed? Get ready and all that?”
He hums at your suggestion. It was a good idea to start getting ready now, then there wouldn’t be a rush, and no one would be kept waiting to practically kiss his feet. But he ignores it and gently brings you to lean into him. He’s warm and solid against your cheek.
“Not yet.” He finally says, but only when the door is knocked on.
 Pietro Maximoff: Halloween
Out of all of the Avengers Pietro is the least likely to be recognized by the general public, especially so while in costume. Wearing the cheap cop uniform that came with the orange of your prisoner costume.
Not the most unique of couple’s costumes but it got you a compliment from the cat selling tickets in her booth. Smiling at Pietro and winking at you when handing over the tickets.
“Enjoy, hopefully all of you come back out this time.” A pre-written line she was likely supposed to say with every guest. But arriving to the haunted house early in the evening allowed you to catch the last bit of her genuine joy before it became tired and forced.
An internet search had brought this particular haunted house to your attention. Yeah, it was a drive to get there and the outside wasn’t the most original set up (old building, scary windows, booth covered in cobwebs) it was still something fun to do. Pietro seemingly more excited than you were as he led the way inside, holding your hand and promising not to rush through.
He stayed ahead of you for the first part. The dark of the first hallway making his grip tighter, lights slowly turning to red as silence began to be replaced with a deep bass. The hallway turning into a room with flashing lights that slowed Pietro down. Nearly stopping.
“You okay?” It seemed almost useless to ask him this. As he said exactly what you would expect a ‘good’ boyfriend to say.
“Why? Are you having second thoughts?” He asks with a smile although his grip is still strong. “There’s still time to turn around.”
Your smile matches his; “Not a chance.”
“Then ladies first,” He says, but keeps the tight hold on your hand.
Barely into the first room and you’ve become the leader of this little adventure. A crying woman in the corner stays in her chair while entering. About midway through the small space dressed up like a nursery she starts to stand. It’s a male scream that alerts you to her closeness. A cleaver, probably fake but raised high over her head, poised to strike while she runs screaming straight forwards.
Although fear was the flavor of the night laughter couldn’t be stopped from coming out. After suddenly being in the hallway with Pietro’s arms around you, tighter than hug could be.
“I thought we weren’t gonna rush through it?” You ask, not fighting his arms but instead playing it off like he was simply hugging. Something Pietro wouldn’t acknowledge but was grateful for as he relaxed into a normal hug.
“We’re not,” He says, taking your hand once again and continuing forward. “Let’s keep going. If you can.”
There’s no point in arguing that Pietro was scared. Him grabbing and running could easily be brushed off as instinct to keep moving at danger. Pietro wasn’t one to play the trauma card, but he likely would in order to save face.
Pietro leading only lasted past the second room. When the coffins against the wall started banging from whatever spooky creature was inside of them. Refusing to go limp and allow him to just slide through you caught his arm with too much nail. Forcing him to look into your face and see the smile that came with it.
Although there wasn’t a point in pretending to be brave Pietro kept up the façade. Keeping against your back the rest of the way. A few times his face presses into the nape of your neck at some moment or another. Until it reaches the final corner, where the hidden camera was supposed to take your picture at the height of fear. Instead, the shot was just a blur. A blur that had left bruises on your arms from holding you so tightly.
 Peter Parker: Valentine’s day
On the fourteenth pink and red are splatter periodically through your world. Some lockers had hearts, a few hands had flowers and even more cheeks had kisses. One of those being yours as Peter rushed across the lawn. His regular slight hesitance gone today, replacing it with a kiss against your cheek when he was close enough.
Yeah, Valentine’s day was fun for the couples who cared about the romance and typical things of the day. But it was the fifteenth that the real fun happens.
The fourteenth was barely more than a regular day for your relationship. Maybe a little more socially acceptable PDA or spending the bag change to get one another a snack. But you left after the last bell in the same pattern you would have the day before.
On the fifteenth, as the same bell rang, Peter met back up with you.
“You ready?” He asks but doesn’t really need and answer.
“Yep, let’s hit it.” You reply.
It’s on the fifteenth that every piece candy with the Valentines day theme goes on sale. It’s goes even lower on the sixteenth, but by then all the good stuff would be gone. Most of the good stuff was already picked through by the crowd smart enough to hit the stores early. But there were still some good bits.
“I can four suckers for a buck,” You say this from the store’s floor. Waving them at Peter. “Wanna go halfsies?”
“Are you actually going to share it?” He asks.
“Only if you share the gummy bears.” You answer.
He doesn’t reply, but it was obvious that neither of you would share.
 Stephen Strange: The Olympics
It’s a stretch to say that the Olympics counted as a holiday, it was more of society wide event. The news and media forcing your attention onto the games even if you don’t know what’s going on. Luckily, diving seemed to be understandable enough while watching.
“He’s going to catch the board coming down.” Stephen says from his side of the couch. One of four books open in his hand.
“You aren’t even paying attention,” You say, although, you weren’t either. Your phone taking up just as much of your eyesight as Stephen’s book. “You don’t even know who’s up.”
“He’s gonna catch the board,” Although he looks away from the book he doesn’t bother with eh TV. Immediately looking at you with his stupid smug face. “I know, I already know. Watch.”
The next participant up was a young man. Like the ones before he’s taking deep breaths at the end of the board. The announcer’s voice long since being ignored, even as he explained how the dive would happen and what points would be needed to make a difference.
Phone put away and sitting up straight you were now entirely focused on the TV. This young man wasn’t even representing your country. Yet him succeeding suddenly meant more than any gold metal could ever be. Just to show that Stephen Strange could be wrong.
“He’s going to catch it, I’m sorry to say.” Stephen says unapologetically.
The man takes a small bounce before jumping back. Knees tucked to his chest to ensure the quicker spin four times in a row. Ending straight into the water with a body tight and the watching crowd cheering.
“Ope! What now, Dr. Smartass?” The young man had gotten the points, but you were the real winner of the hour.
Stephen is sitting up straight in his seat right next to you. Instead of the satisfying look of disappointment you wanted it was instead one of pressed together eyebrows.
Maybe calling him Dr. Smartass was a little too far?
The cheering crowd is replaced with announcers talking the smaller details. The world continuing on even as Stephen is frozen in time. Only starting to move when you reach out with a hand.
“Stephen..?” You ask before making contact.
Your hand is on his shoulder for barely a second before he’s up and off the couch.
“This is not good,” He says turning from the room. A swish from the doorway bringing the cloak onto him. “This really isn’t good.” He reiterates and is gone into a glowing portal.
Was it worth being right?
 Matt Murdock: St. Patrick’s
Foggy had been introduced to the bar-crawl before he could legally participate. It was a tradition on St. Patrick’s to take in a drink at as many bars as possible. Starting with the local bars and expanding into the city where the bar tender wasn’t known by name.
Although labeled a “tradition” Matt had only attended two of these, and both times he was the chaperon. First time in college, when the best place to stake out trouble would be in the bars, anyway. The second was also Karen’s first time, before the truth was out and she had begged and pleaded and threatened until he said yes. Although disappearing after the second stop to follow the shambling couple with a fast-walking man behind them.
This time, the third time, things were different. He wasn’t the only eyes on the Kitchen and could even call in a favor every now and then. This time was also different because of your presence. Someone suspiciously too eager to be the chaperon of several adults.
“I wanna see what lawyers look like with their collars loosened.” You had said when questioned.
On the way to the first bar Foggy had made you take the oath of the Designated driver/chaperon. Having you raise your right hand and swear that “No matter the scene, no matter the comedy, I will not blackmail anybody.”
“Or leave after two bars?” Karen adds in.
“What? You weren’t even there!” Matt defends, but this wouldn’t the first time someone would bring it up.
Josie had the honor of being the first bar. It was also the lamest stop on the night, the only bit of decoration to be found was an upturned hat on one of the tables. Minding it’s own business when you arrived, and but used as a garbage by the time you left.
Matt’s arm was around your shoulder on the way to the second. This done so casually, as if he were protecting you from the cold. Adding more and more weight to your shoulder as the night goes on.
Alcohol was always a gamble to take part in. A pleasant buzz for most would be a license revoking amount for Matt. Nights out with Foggy and Karen involved a little game of tiny sips, quick pouring into other’s mugs (who, at Josie’s usually welcomed the free drink) and overall avoidance of drinking more than one bottle of anything.
This game was harder to win with more people watching, on unknown ground, and with his senses losing their edge with every sip. By stop five you were wearing him more than walking alongside.
“I need to tell-I NEED to tell you a secret.” He says at the second to last stop of the night.
Matt had needed air (he probably needed air about an hour ago) which resulted in your guidance to just outside the bar. Close enough you could still hear everyone inside but away enough that Matt was your full attention.
“You don’t have to do anything right.” He’s rocking back and forth while your say this. One of your hands on either of his biceps to keep him from going too far back or forward. “Just gotta breathe and drink some water. Drink a lot of water.”
“No, no- water is- water is not my secret. My secret, you gotta know because, because I love you.” He rocks too far forward, his face pressing into your shoulder while feet and legs work to keep him standing up.
“I love you, too, Babe.” His breath is awful, so much so that you have to turn away from him.
“No, like, like, LOVE you and you gotta know.” He takes your face in both hands. In his drunken state he probably thought this was a serious situation. Continuing on, “Honey, you gotta know I’m a devil.”
The smile you gave the same given to a toddler who tripped. Placing your hands over his and gently pulling them down. “You won’t go to Hell just for drinking. Even, if you do, a majority of other Catholics will be there to keep you company.”
“What? No, no, that’s not what I meant. I’m a devil. No, I’m the devil.”
“We reached chatty Matty level, didn’t we?” Foggy was leagues more coherent than Matt. Obviously buzzed still able to move around. When you asked ‘how?” he opens his arms, gesturing to himself smugly. “Mix of experience and genetics. Something that Matty should have but doesn’t.”
“He’s, yeah, I don’t know if he’ll remember this tomorrow.” You say, “How’s everyone else?”
“I’m the only one who can still wobble a straight-line. We’re just gonna cut out the last stop and head home. I’d say it’s like herding cats, but cats are smarter.”
Before you could ask how many cars you’d need to call Matt has joined the conversation. Reaching an arm out towards Foggy as if to stop him from getting away.
“Foggy, Foggy, tell her I’m a devil. I’m the devil. Tell ‘er.” He says, if it weren’t for your arms around him he’d probably fall straight to the ground. “She’s good with secrets. Real good.”
It’s a silent few seconds while you smirk and laugh while Foggy’s thoughts hit hyper speed. Lawyer brain finally taking over and he laughs too.
“Okay, I’m gonna take over Matt duty.” Foggy reaches out and takes Matt’s arm. “cars are already on their way; you can head out.”
“What? Isn’t the whole point of a designated driver to, you know, drive everyone?” You say this but don’t stop Foggy from taking on Matt’s weight.
“Not when it’s New York, go on. Get.” He says the last part more as a joke, but it forced your eyebrow to raise at the behavior. “Seriously, chatty Matty always leads to hangover Matt, and you don’t wanna deal with that.”
There’s no point in arguing with a man who does it for a living. Instead, just shrugging and letting him go. “Alright, call me when everyone is safe. Or if all the cats get away.”
Foggy laughs and nods his heads. Waiting for you to be a few blocks away before letting the façade drop. Secretly wondering what would have happened he just let the alcohol release the truth.
 Carol Danvers: Christmas
The rate of communication between you and Carol has slowed to a crawl. It probably takes longer for your message to reach her than it would have back in the Victorian period. Instead of chasing down the post man as his carriage pulls away you have to stalk and harass whoever was connected enough to the Avengers to send a message. There was always someone who handled the records and paperwork, and that person always listened to whatever Captain Marvel had to say.
You, on the other hand, weren’t so important. Your designated postman, an intern going by the name Gale, always answered your calls with more than a little bit of annoyance.
“When the Captain leaves a message, I will send you that message. That is how this works,” They said, acting as if it was four in the morning rather than the reasonable eight in the morning.
If this were a few months, or even weeks ago you might have made a joking (but not really really) offer of baked goods in exchange for information. At this point, though, things had been hard. The distance and gaps in contact has weighed so heavily onto your shoulders they’ve started to sag at this entire situation.
“…I just wanted to check. Thanks.” You barely get out the last word before hanging up. Embarrassment is the best way to describe the building feeling. It’s better to focus on the embarrassment of being scolded rather than the sadness of not having your woman nearby to warm the newly fallen snow.
Any other feelings other than loneliness have eventually left you as the days pass on. Leaving to visit their own loved ones while you pretend to be happy for them. It’s the same voice and acting you’ve used with friends and family over the phone and in passing. That everything is fine, you’re good, and that they should enjoy their time off as you intended to do.
Although you weren’t lying about intending to enjoy the time off, this wasn’t going to happen. Rather than decorating or enjoying the countless specials playing across the screens you were just…there. Waiting for the season to end and be able to check up with Gale. Just once, just to be sure.
Pounding on the door takes you away from harassing thoughts. With Christmas even tomorrow it was either the landlord or a last-minute gift someone forget to give. Opening and the door and it appears to be the latter.
“The Captain is actually paying me for this.” Gale stands in the doorway. Metal box held before them, that was promptly thrusted into your arms. “It’s already set up, just pull it out and follow the paper.”
They’ve turned away before you could ask what this was or say thank you. Raising their hand to wave goodbye while walking down the hall.
Inside the box was a rectangle which snapped out like an umbrella into a long piece of shiny metal. A thick square on either side to keep it stable on the ground. On the end of the right side was (at one point or another) the shield symbol, now scratched off until it was only an outline. Looking at it for too long felt incriminating so it was for the best that you placed the entire thing on the ground. Instead focusing on the smaller remote in the very corner.
It was half the size of a TV remote, with all but two of the buttons covered with black tape to match the hard material it was made from.
‘press right to call’ Was written on the yellow note attached to the bottom.
Although you pressed it without hesitation there was nothing. Not even a little click to show that it had gone through. It wasn’t until seeing the “on” switch that you realized it required power.
The bar lights up and blinks in your dark room. Turning off the TV to keep the screen from distracting from…whatever this thing was. As the blinking continued at a steady pace until glowing bright. Brightening the mostly darkened room until a stream of the same color created from the bar builds straight up. Creating a screen for you to look upon.
A woman appears on the screen. Loose dark pants, tank top and blonde hair cut short to better show a smiling face. Carol sighing in happiness that her present worked, even happier that it was timed perfectly for her to spend some real time with you.
“Hi, Baby…” She says, her voice trying to stay strong but it’s obviously full of emotion.
 Sam Wilson: Anniversary
Although the reservation was made days in advanced neither you nor Sam remembered until lunch. There was nothing that indicated today was any more important than the one before. With Sam spending his time between missions acting as a trainer/nanny for the baby agents and you with your own work, there wasn’t time to take a breath and look around. Not until the schedule notifications hit your phones at the same time.
‘Busy tonight?’ Sam’s text came in seconds after the notification.
It was a scramble to align your schedules after this. Name dropping Wilson could get anything you’d want. Even a sudden night off without any warning other than your feet approaching the boss’s door.
After that it was a game of rapid-fire questions: “where’s our reservation? Is it casual? Is it formal? What time do I have to get up tomorrow?” None of which were answered until you were home and able to pull it all up.
After finding the place and realizing you were gonna have to shave Sam entered the game.
Although no one would say this to his face, Sam had an easier time getting out of work suddenly. Literally patting the next man on the shoulder and saying, “you got this,” before leaving was the equivalent of a two week notice for Sam.
His privilege giving him the time to race to his sisters. Saying hi to the nephews while asking about the one formal clothing left he could wear. This jacket and pants combination hasn’t been worn since his twenties, but at least it hadn’t been worn to a funeral or government hearing. One of the kids were likely to wear to prom at some point, they just didn’t know it yet.
“Have you been here before?” You ask after a peck is placed on your cheek.
Sam only stays nearby long enough to see the restaurant. “I’ve passed by it and Sharon swears by it. I haven’t. rather not wear uncomfortable shoes all night if I have to.”
“I feel that.” You glance over at the suit Sam set out on the bed. Then to the bathroom where you would have to take a shower (probably cold) and shave now if you were going to make the reservation on time. Not to mention, the uncomfortable shoes.
“How…badly do you wanna try this place?” it was an innocent question, as innocent as it was gonna get at least, but Sam still stopped moving about the room.
“Sharon says it’s good, but…why?” Another innocent question, this time directed at you.
“The drive is gonna be long and I’m not even close to getting ready and the portion may be small…” babbling reasons was a poor kind of defense but it was a classic. Just keep saying different arguments and eventually one will stick.
Instead of interrupting or trying to comfort you Sam took a seat on the end of the bed. Stupid, knowing, smile on his face while waiting for you to run out of steam.
It takes a second to realize he’s waiting before you finally shut up.
“We could just stay in and enjoy this night off with beer and ordered steak.” He says, both as a question and a statement.
For whatever reason, his ability to understand your wants and give a suggestion was almost embarrassing. Why was that? Were you really this predictable or was this an instance where Sam legitimately wanted you to decide. Either way you nodded and closed the restaurant page.
“Yes please,” There’s really no point in saying this. Sam was already making calls and tossing the suit away.
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chaoticgaysstuff · 3 days ago
Painful Splattered Teardrops | Peter Parker x Male! Reader
A/N: Requested. Hope this is some good enough angst for you, my good sir. Hope everyone else likes it.
Tumblr media
"What? What are you saying, Y/N...?" 
Peter stared at you and he could feel a stinging sensation in his eyes. He shut them tightly, forcing back a sob that threatened to tear from his throat. 
"I'm saying this isn't working between us and I want to break up." You spoke in a deep, monotone voice, sounding quite emotionless that made Peter's heartbreak even more. 
He didn't understand why you were doing this time. Why were you saying those words? Did he do something that could have caused this? You were his first love and everything seemed to be going great between you both.
Just yesterday, everything was fine between you and him. He had invited you over to his apartment when Aunt May was out and you both spent most of your time cooking. Then cooking turned into you both throwing food on each other, which resulted in the both of you getting dirty and took a shower afterward. 
You both had fun and you seemed happy, especially when you told Peter you loved him, which is one reason he stared at you in complete shock. 
"I..." Peter swallowed the lump in his throat, "I don't understand why you are saying this. Why do you want to break up? We love each other!" 
A humorless, dark chuckle fell from you as a smirk made its way onto your face that caused the wall-crawler to shiver, "You really thought that I loved you? That what we had was something special? If you thought that then you're pretty stupid, and you're supposed to be the smart one here." 
It didn't seem like you were the same person Peter fell in love with. He fell in with your beautiful smile, your hugs that are always so full of affection, your soft H/C hair, your kisses that are so full of love, the sweet, kind side of you, and so much more.
His mind launched into a series of memories involving you. 
He remembered the first time he asked you out. You were sitting at the table with some of your other friends at the time when Ned and MJ encouraged him to ask you out. He expected you to laugh at him, reject or punch him in the face, but you actually agreed to date him and he was surprised when you agreed to see him again. 
He remembered all the dates that came after that, falling asleep in your arms, the passionate kisses, affectionate hugs that could brighten someone's day. 
Peter shook his head in denial, "You do love me. Please tell me that you love me?" He begged softly, taking a hold of your hand. 
Did you really not love him? Not care for him in the slightest, despite being together for seven months?
"What do you see when you close your eyes, Peter?" You suddenly asked, catching Peter a little bit off guard. 
"I don't see anything." 
"Exactly, that's what you are to me. You're not anything to me. You're nothing to me. Worthless in a sense." 
Peter felt his heart shatter into a million pieces, "Why can't you love me...?"
Tears now started falling out of Peter's eyes as he tightened his grip on your arm, not wanting to let you go. He wants your love and affections that you once gave him. He craves it. 
"Oh, my sweet, sweet, Peter," You stood up from the park bench as he did the same, still not letting you go at all, "You're not worth my love, or anyone's for that matter. You don't matter." 
Peter now thought back to the first time you told him that you loved him. 
It was five months into the relationship and you were both lying on Peter's bed with his body on top of yours, his chin propped up on your chest as you both chatted with one another. 
"You're such a dork, Peter." You laughed at the words that came out of your boyfriend's mouth. 
"Well, being a dork is fine with me because that's your type." 
"Who said that was my type?" 
"It obviously is since you like me and I'm the king of dorks." Peter exclaimed. 
"Oh, I used to like you because you were so sweet and adorable." You said and watched as Peter's face fell slightly. 
"Used to like me...?" 
You nodded, "Yes, I used to like you, but," You took a deep breath, "But now I'm in love with you." 
Peter was so happy hearing that he leaned over and brought you into a kiss. 
He's been waiting for you to say it back to him for some time now, but he didn't want to force you to say it back. 
He broke the kiss and you wrapped your arms around his waist as he leaned his ear on your chest, hearing the sound of your rhythmic heartbeat. 
"I love you, too." 
Peter's jaw clenched as a small sob tore from his throat and you stood there, completely emotionless and unfazed by the sound of Peter's sob. 
It was scary how much power you had over him. To make you beg for your love when he should have left after every hurtful word that came out of your mouth, to make him plead to stay by your side when you didn't want him to, to make you love him when it was clear that you didn't want him. 
You planted a kiss on his pink lips and slip your hand out of your grasp as you went to leave, but Peter grasped onto your left leg, wrapping his arms around it as he begged you to love him and to not leave him.
He has been extremely happy all the time because of you. You were his first love and he wanted you to be his only love. No one has ever made him feel the way you do. You were like a drug. Sweet and addictive. So vibrant and strong. 
He didn't want to lose you. He would stop being clingy if it meant that you would stay. 
"You're not worthy of my love, Peter." 
You walked away from the park as Peter screamed, begging and pleading for you not to leave him. Some people at the park stared at him, but he didn't care. 
He lost the one he loved the most. 
The door to your bedroom door opened and you stared up at your visitor. 
"I have done everything you asked me to do," You whispered hoarsely, "I broke up with the love of my life, isolated my friends, more specifically, Ned and MJ, and so much more horrible things. Give me back what I need and then leave me alone!" 
Your voice was very hoarse and broken as you stared up into those forest green eyes. That cold and calculating stare could freeze anyone right in their tracks with one single look. 
"You'll get what you want, but you have one more thing to do for me before I can do that." 
"...And what's that?" 
"I want you to kill Spiderman." 
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3mcmarvelisruthless · 3 days ago
She Said Yes!
Tumblr media
A/N: (f/f) = favorite flowers (f/s/l/s) = favorite slow love song
Warnings: none
Peter and I had been best friends since middle school, always riding the bus together and buying comic books together every week. Sleepovers all the time at his place, binging the Star Wars movies, and pulling 3 am snack raids on his kitchen.
Recently though he's been acting...wierd. We don't hang out as often anymore and he's always stuttering when he talks to me. The sleepovers stopped and the 3 am snack raids became nothing but a memory.
And then, he dropped a bomb.
He told me he's Spider-Man.
I was shocked at first, who wouldn't be? But afterward I was just proud, and a little relieved. I had thought, well he told me his big secret so now maybe thinks can go back to how they were? But no, there was no more late night talks, no more me blushing and grinning like a fool at Peter when he'd shoot me that adorable, dorky, little smile. No more Star Wars marathons. Just a void in our friendship that continued to grow.
And then one day I got a message from him, surprising me since we stopped texting often a while ago.
Spidy-boy: Hey, wanna meet up at Jasmines Cafe 2morrow after school??
Me: Uh sure?
Spidy-boy: great! See u then :)
The next day I went to the cafe, staring expectantly at Peter as we sat down.
"So why are we meeting up?" I questioned him.
He furrowed his brows, "Am I not aloud to hang out with my best friend?"
I snorted, my disbelief evident as I said, "'best friend' is that what I am?"
His forehead got all crinkle-y as he asked, "what do you mean?"
"Seriously Peter? You don't know what I'm talking about?" I asked him, both incredulous and a little hurt.
"No?" He questioned.
"How about the fact that we haven't hung out at all in 2 months, or that we text each other like once every 2 weeks? Have you really not noticed this growing cavern between us?" I asked him.
He frowned, looking at me both concerned and guilty. "I'm sorry (y/n) I promise I never meant to hurt you. I just thought-" he stopped himself.
"Thought what?" I questioned.
"I thought you didn't need me anymore." He said, looking at his hands that were fiddling with a napkin on the table.
"You thought I didn't need you anymore." I echoed. "Well damn we're both idiots." I said, relief flowing through me.
"Yeah I know I've been an idiot- wait why'd you say, 'we're both idiots'?" He asked, confusion all over his face.
"I had thought we had stopped hanging out because you didn't want to be friends with me anymore, you have all your amazing, cool new superhero friends. And I'm just that girl from Queens who's never done anything heroic or amazing in her life." Finally telling him how I felt.
Somehow he managed to look even more confused. "What're you talking about? I mean the Avengers are cool, but (y/n)-you're one of the most important people in the world to me. You're intelligent, brave, beautiful, and just downright awesome. I stayed away because I thought that was what you wanted."
"Thank you Pete, and I'm sorry. I should've just told you how I felt about our lack of hanging out." I told him, ashamed that I was getting angry at him when I was also to blame.
"You don't need to apologize, we both made a mistake. But as long as you stay in my life I'll be good. So what do you say we head back to my place, put on Star Wars and catch up with each other?"
I grinned, "sounds amazing, let's go."
The next couple of weeks were awesome, us hanging out more than ever. He even taught me some basic self-defense, and I taught him how to play the guitar.
But there was something new, a tension in the air when we'd be all alone watching movies with each other. And our eyes would meet for a long moment, eventually putting our gaze back on the screen. Or when we'd hug, both of us would stay in the embrace much longer than a normal hug.
And then I realized it, I had a crush on my best friend.
I mean sure I've always thought he was adorable, but now it was like he wasn't just adorable. When he was in his Spiderman suit and I'd catch myself staring at his 6-pack that was outlined with the tight suit. And afterward I'd silently berate myself for ogling a boy I'd known since we still thought the opposite gender had cooties.
I never told him though, I wasn't worried he'd hurt me. Oh no, Peter Parker is the sweetest person in the universe. If I told him he might be a little awkward but he would probably just blush and say how much that meant to him that I liked him like that. Then he'd give me a hug, tell me that, even if he didn't like me that way he still loved me because I'm his best friend.
I chose not to tell him because if I told him and I got rejected that would mean no hope. But right now there is no definite answer so I still have hope even if it's a little.
Peter Parker POV
I nervously paced, being careful that the flowers stayed perfect.
Everything had to be perfect, I had timed it so that when he walked in the door the song, (f/s/l/s), would play. Then I'd give her the flowers (f/f), of course, and I'd tell her how I felt about her then ask her out. Hopefully she'll say yes.
The door opened, the song gently playing out on the speakers as she stepped in. I watched as a smile full of wonder lit up her face. I stepped in front of her, apparently startling her because she jumped falling and grabbing onto me so she wouldn't hit the floor. I steadied her, making sure she was alright. In the process knocking over a candle and lighting my shirt sleeve on fire. I patted it out quickly.
Then I looked around, the flowers were on the floor, all rumpled and petals everywhere, the music had died and the candle on the table next to us had spilled wax everywhere.
I sighed, the whole setup ruined. Oh well might as well go for it, "(y/n) for a long time you've been my best friend, always supporting me and always right beside me. And I really hope this doesn't ruin our friendship but would you like to go out with me?"
"Yes!" She responded quickly.
" Ok well I hope it isn't awkw-wait what you said yes? " I didn't believe my ears.
"Of course I said yes, I've had a crush on you for a little while and no one has even done anything this sweet for me."
"Sweet? But I messed it up? The flowers are broken and my shirt was on fire." I said, not yet believing what she was saying.
"So? It was adorable, plus it's the thought that counts right? "
I just nodded completely dazed.
She said yes!
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Taglists for Bucky Barnes, Peter Parker, Loki, MCU, Sherlock BBC, Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid), Stranger Things (Billy Hargrove, Robin, King Steve)
Hey Kiddos,
So I didn't know that people would want taglists for my work, but there has been an uptick in demand. If you are looking to be tagged in any of these works, please ask below. I will also create a master list.
On another note, please leave suggestions in my inbox or in the comments and I will do what I can to get them out promptly!
Stay golden!
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chaoticgaysstuff · 4 days ago
Maybe It's Time | Peter Parker x Male! Reader
Summary: Peter is ready to do it, but you aren't quite as ready as he is yet.
A/N: Had an idea and than this was created. Some angst in here.
Tumblr media
"And then I managed to take out all five of those men and returned the money to the bank safely!" 
Peter had come into your room that day and told you stories about him fighting crime like he would do every day after he was done patrolling to spend time with his boyfriend. 
You were dating the amazing Spiderman though no one knew you were dating. 
"Awesome, Peter! And I have to say, the thought of you fighting someone in that tight suit of yours is something I find to be very hot." You said, tightening your grip on Peter as he blushed, snuggling his face into the crook of your neck. 
Your house was surprisingly quiet. Like really quiet, which was probably cause your brother wasn't home right now.
At least that's what you thought.
Peter formed another conversation, nerding out as you listened and talked with him because you actually knew some of what Peter was talking about. 
Soon, you and Peter were kissing, followed by a slightly heavy make-out session. Unfortunately, a knock coming from your door made you quickly move away from Peter as the door opened. 
"Yo, little bro – Oh, hey, Peter." Dixon greeted once he saw Peter sitting on the bed with his hair slightly disheveled. 
Peter sent your brother a small wave. 
"What did you need, Dixon?" 
"Okay, so you remember that cute cashier girl at Delmar's Deli & Grill?" 
"Um, Lexi? Yeah, I remember her, why?" 
"Well," Dixon pulled a small piece of paper out of his sweatshirt pocket and handed it to you. You opened it and saw that it was a phone number, Lexi's number, "She was shy, so she told me to give that to you and tell you to call her.   I think you'll look cute together." 
You let out a forced chuckle, "I'll be sure to take that into consideration." 
You put the piece of paper in your pocket as Dixon left your room, shutting the door on his way out. Turning around, you almost let out a sigh when you saw the expression on Peter's face. 
"Now, Peter-" 
"Are you ever going to tell him?" He interrupted you, voice sounding distant, "Are you ever going to tell your family that you have a boyfriend and that you're not into girls?" 
Peter was bisexual and you were gay.
He was also open about it. Aunt May accepted him, his friends accepted him, and the Avengers accepted him as well. 
On the other hand, you were afraid to come out because you didn't know what reaction your family would have. Would they be upset? Would they kick you out? Would you lose them? You weren't sure, but you didn't want to find out. 
You sighed, "In all honesty, I don't know."
Peter stood up from the bed and walked over to stand in front of you, "How long are we gonna keep sneaking around until we finally tell people that were together? I'm tired of being a secret." 
Peter hated that you both had to keep hiding. He wanted to tell his family and friends that you were dating. He didn't want to keep sneaking around and telling lies. He wanted to show everyone that you were his boyfriend. 
"I don't know, okay?!" 
"Are you ashamed of me or something? You could try and tell your family now. You'll never know how they'll react until you at least try and tell them!" 
"Of course I'm not ashamed of you. And I can't do it, dammit! I'm not losing my family and my reputation just for you!" 
Your eyes went wide as the realization of what you just said hit you like a ton of bricks and watched as a hurt expression crossed Peter's features. 
You sighed and put your face in your hands, "Peter, I... I didn't mean that I-" 
"Goodbye, Y/N..." 
Sadness was in Peter's voice as he pulled his mask over his face and hopped out of the window with his bag as you heard when shooters. 
You stood right in the center of the room with your eyes glued to where Peter was standing, and you could feel a couple of tears slip down your face. 
What did you do?
You sat on the window seat in your room, looking outside the window. 
The sun was just beginning to set.     The sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun and it gave a warm orange tinge to the beautiful sky. 
Goodbye, Y/N. 
Those words played in your mind on a loop like a TV show on autoplay. 
Honestly, you didn't know why you even said those words in the first place. It was like it slipped out of your mouth. And you didn't even mean the last part. 
Every phone call and text message went unanswered. You didn't know if you were broken up or not, but hearing the tone in his voice and the heartbreak expression that crossed his made you think that it was the end. 
"-N! Y/N!" 
The sound of your mom's voice cut through your train of thought, and you turned to see that your parents were sitting on your bed, giving you looks of concern as you sat up into sitting position. 
"Oh, hey, mom and dad. I didn't hear you guys come in. Did you need something?"
"Well, your father and I came up here to tell you that it's date night and to order a pizza for you and your brother if he'll still be here," She said, "Are you okay, Y/N?" 
You didn't know if you should lie and say that everything's okay, or actually tell her what's on your mind. In the end, you decided that maybe you should tell them what's going on. Maybe it's time.
"To be quite honest, I'm not okay," You spoke honestly as you sniffled slightly, "Something has been going on with me for a while that you both don't know about, not even Dixon knows about it." 
"Oh my God, did you get a girl pregnant? Are you doing drugs or something?"
You laughed at your mom's accusations, "No, it's not drugs and I didn't get a girl pregnant either. It's something else." 
"What is it, son? You know that you can tell us anything!" Dad exclaimed. 
"I know I can," You responded, voice hoarse as you swallowed the lump in your throat, "I'm just afraid that you'll both hate me after I tell you what's going on?" 
"What?" Mom questioned quietly, "We could never hate you. You're our son, and we'll always love you. Please tell us what's happening?" 
Your heart was thumping loud in your chest and your eyes shined with tears in the corner of your eyes. Your lip started quivering as you gulped, feeling as if you were unable to breathe. You can do this. 
The confession was so soft, but they both managed to hear it and silence soon followed after. 
You didn't want to look at them, didn't want to see the expression on their face. Probably anger and disgust along with disappointment. That was one thing you didn't want to see. 
"Look at us, Y/N." You heard your dad demand, but you only shook your head. 
You felt like they were ashamed of you. Like you were a disgrace, "You can both tell me the truth. You're both ashamed of me and don't love me anymore." 
You felt them both sit down next to you and your father placed his hand on your shoulder, "We will never stop loving you. You're our son and we love you, regardless of who you like." 
"We love you unconditionally and were so proud of you for telling us. Your sexuality doesn't defy who you are. You're Y/N L/N. Our son and a gay guy. And we are damn proud to call you our son. Do you understand that?" 
You nodded as tears fell from your eyes and onto your S/C cheeks. You felt them both hug you from both sides of you. 
"Do you think Dixon will be okay with it?"
"I'm pretty sure I'll be okay with it," The sound of Dixon's voice came from the doorway and you looked up at him. He walked to stand in front of you, "You're my little brother and I love you no matter what. Guess I'll have to tell Lexi you won't be calling her, and never be afraid to be yourself, okay?" 
A sob tore your throat as those words left your older brother's mouth. 
You stood up and gave him a huge hug as he wrapped his arms around you and you sobbed into his neck, his arms tightening around your body. 
"Don't think you'll be having any boyfriends without me checking them out first. You may be an adult now, but I'll be making sure any guy is good for you. Big brother mode is always on, okay?" 
You laughed nervously. Oh boy, wait until he finds out you were dating Peter. 
You have a lot to tell them about what's been going on and figure out how to fix things with Peter. If you still could. 
You took a deep breath in and out before knocking on the door. 
You fumbled with the string on your hoodie nervously as you waited patiently. The door opened to reveal May and you sent the lovely woman a smile, "Hello, May. Is Peter still here?"
"Hello, Y/N. Now might not be the best time. He's getting ready for school and-"
"You can let him in, Aunt May." Peter's voice came from inside, sounding quite small and you figured he told her about you. 
May opened the door wider and stepped aside, allowing you to enter. You entered and saw Peter standing near the couch with his backpack on. 
You could tell Peter had been crying. His eyes were red and swollen, which were different from a normal pair. The way he spoke was another indicator and your heart broke at the sight. You caused this.
May stepped out of the room, giving you and Peter your own space as you both stared at each other, standing inches away from one another. 
You both stayed silent for about a minute or two before you spoke up. 
"I came out to my family." 
Once that sentence left your mouth, Peter's eyes went wide, "Y-You did?"
You nodded in confirmation, "Yes, I did. It went better than I expected and I came here to apologize to you." 
Peter shook his head, leaving you a little confused, and sent him a questioning look, "You don't need to apologize. I'm the one who should apologize for expecting you to come out and-" 
"Stop," You whispered softly, and he stared at you, allowing you to speak,      "I was the one in the wrong. I've kept you a secret for five months because I was afraid of what my family will think, but I'm not afraid anymore and I'm ready to do this with you if you'll let me, that is." 
"Do this? As in you want to..." 
"Come out together? Yes. I want to do this with you." You finished his sentence and Peter ran into your arms and you wrapped them around his body and planted a gentle kiss on his forehead. 
"I love you so much, Y/N." 
"I love you too, Peter." 
You both stood there in the living room, enjoying the embrace of one another. Until Aunt May came into the living room to tell us to get to school or we'll be late. 
Even though Peter wanted to stay at his apartment with you the whole day, he knew that you both needed to get to school and said goodbye to May and walked out of the apartment with you. 
You drove to school in your car that your dad got you for your birthday and made it there in no time. 
Both of you got out of the car and you stood next to Peter in front of your car, turning to look at him, "You ready?" 
"Peter nodded confidently, "I'm ready, but are you sure that you're ready? This could probably destroy your reputation and I-" 
You shut Peter by pressing a gentle kiss on his lips which proved to be effective. He blushed as some people looked over at you guys. 
"I'm more than ready for this. I don't care about my reputation. The only thing that scared me was losing you. And as cheesy as this may sound, I can do this as long as I'm with you," You frowned, "Gosh, I'm changing. What are you doing to me, Peter? I'm supposed to be a badass!" 
Peter flickered you on the forehead and you raised your eyebrow at him who had a smirk on his face, "You are badass. You're my badass." 
"You're right. I am still a badass!" 
"Well, Mr. Badass, I hope you don't mind that I told the Avengers about us dating and they want to meet the guy who makes me happy." He mumbled. 
Meeting the Avengers wasn't something you ever plan on doing. Granted, they are Peter's teammates sometimes and he fawns over them a lot, especially Stark. But you were a little nervous to meet them, which you would never admit because you were a badass. 
But you would do it for Peter. 
You sent Peter a smile, "That's fine and I'll be happy to meet them. Now," You took Peter's right hand in your left,     "Are you ready to do this?" 
"I'm ready to do this." Peter said confidently and kissed the back of your hand. You both stepped inside the school and immediately everyone's eyes were glued onto you and Peter's figure. 
Everyone stared at you both and it was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. Whispers started happening throughout the hallway as you both started walking. 
Some girls were jealous and sad once they realized you were into boys. Some people jumped up and down happily for you as others looked confused. You saw Ned's mouth open in surprise and MJ had a smirk on her face, knowing that you and Peter would get together. 
You threw her a wink once you passed her by and you were so happy that you could now be open about your relationship with Peter.
Could finally shout it from the rooftop that you had a cute, dorky boyfriend. 
You both continued to walk down the hall. 
Hand in hand. 
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3mcmarvelisruthless · 4 days ago
He Knew
Tumblr media
A/N: so I was sent this picture ^^ on my wattpad account and asked if I could write a one shot to go with it. Thank you for my first request and I hope I did good.
"Its been five years, come on they need us." Was all Dr. Strange said as we stood on the alien planet looking around confused.
"Huh?" Peter asked.
I looked around for my father, but he wasn't there. I did however, see 3 of the 4 people we had met right before everything had gone all dusty.
"What happened?" I asked.
"No time to explain we have to go," and with that he made the portal and opened it. Revealing a battle field, I could see Steve looking around as more portals opened all around us.
I saw my father, "dad!" I ran to him. He threw his arms around me mumbling, "you're ok, you're ok." My dad greeted Peter, bringing him in for a hug after he started rambling.
"Here, give me the gauntlet I'll get it to someone who can use it." I heard Peter call out.
I threw it to him, turning back to fight the alien monsters tying to kill everyone.
"Don't do it kid! Give me the damn thing!" I heard the pain in my father's voice.
My blood ran cold when I spun and saw Peter pulling the gauntlet on. I flew, making the thrusters on my suit go as fast as they could.
Even then I only managed to land at his side as he said, "I just wanted to be like you." To my father.
He tilted his face to look at me, giving me a weak smile. His eyes full of hope and love, like they were telling me it was going to be ok, telling me he loved me. I sobbed, watching the light fade out of his eyes, "no! NO! Peter come back! Don't leave me! Dammit Pete I never got to tell you I love you!" I collapsed into my dad's arms, sobs racking my body.
My dad mumbled against my head, "it's ok, he in a better place now." His voice broken, both of us knew there was no rewind for this. No stones would bring him back.
"It's not ok, I never got to tell him." I cried, tears clouding my vision, "please Peter I never got to tell you."
"Hey, it's ok."
"No, no, no NO!" I felt someone pick me up, moving me from his body. "NO! PETER! PETER! NO LET ME GO! I HAVE TO STAY WITH HIM!"
"I'm sorry honey."
Standing there.
Staring at the newly dug grave.
Feeling a tear roll down my face.
Not bothering to wipe it because more would just take it's place.
"Hey (y/n), Peter left you something." I heard the soft voice of Peter's aunt.
I turned around slowly, wiping the tear off my cheek to meet eyes that were just as red as mine. The eyes of someone who had lost someone they loved, even if it's a different kind of love.
"Oh honey," she looked so sad, holding out her arms to me.
I hugged her tightly, feeling tears roll down my face while I could feel her trembling with quiet sobs.
I pulled away gently once her son's stopped, my voice raspy as I said, "you said he left something for me?"
"Oh, yes here." She pulled a small box out of her purse, handing it to me gently.
I sat on my bed, staring at the box resting on my palm. Apprehension filling me as I wondered what it was.
I opened it, my fingers shaking as I pulled a small cube out. The cube had a round button on it, along with a lense.
I pressed the button, shock filling me as a small hologram of Peter Parker floated in front of me, watching as his mouth opened.
"Hey," he said, rubbing his arm nervously. "So if you're watching this then something happened. I guess this mission didn't go as planned but let me rewind. I built this little device when we started dating, before I told you I'm Spiderman. That message was to explain my disappearance to you, but I figured that because you know who I am I should change it.
So it's 2018 and we've been dating for 6 months, I wanted to make this message to tell you everything in case something ever went south."
I sobbed, "oh Pete you have no idea."
"I'm going to assume the worst happened if you're watching this, and I just want you to know that I love you."
"I love you too," I said, wiping my puffy eyes.
"And I know we've never actually told each other this before, but I really, really love you. Like you can't even imagine how much, well" he smiled, "maybe you can. In those moments when we just hang out with each other and it's just us two, I know you love me. And I just wanted to tell you, in case I couldn't before, that I love you and I know you love me."
I bawled, relief flowing from me like the tears streaming down my face.
"(y/n) Are you ok?" My dad's panicked voice interrupting me, him stopping abruptly when he laid eyes on the hologram.
I hugged him, "he knew dad, he knew."
So how'd I do? Any suggestions, requests?
I hope you liked it and you're having a good day, bye.
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3mcmarvelisruthless · 4 days ago
Sorry Boys
Tumblr media
The first  part of this chapter is on a group chat with all the original six Avengers, Loki, Bucky, and the twins. The other part of the chapter is a regular oneshot.
Glorified Tincan: Avengers Assemble!!!!
America's Ass🙌: Hey! That's my line!
Glorified Tincan: shut up grandpa
Russian Spy👀: when did Steve learn how to text?
Manchurian Candidate: he learned earlier
Speedy: when did you learn how to text!?!?
Me: I taught Bucky and Steve
Reindeer Games: I am not your brother! You bumbling imbecile turn off your caps lock and you do not need so many question marks! And I have learned quite well how to text. But (y/n) if you would like to help me, come by my chambers later darling😉
Speedy: I think I just threw up a little in my mouth
America's Ass🙌: same
Manchurian Candidate: Me too
Reindeer Games: you're all just jealous that my darling is with me
Speedy: you sure about that? you know her lips are even softer than they appear
Legolas Wannabe: Oh shit! Pietro you better run if you don't want to get attacked by a knife wielding maniac!
America's Ass🙌: we're under attack?!
Russian Spy👀: nah just Pietro
Glorified Tincan: yeah we have two knife wielding maniacs here, youre gonna have to be more specific Barton
Legolas Wannabe: well it was just Loki but our second maniac looks like he's about to attack
America's Ass🙌: Oh no
Paprika Twin: get ready for the show
I looked up from my phone when I heard the yell.
"Loki get back here! We talked about this! No chasing people with knives!" I heard Thor bellow from somewhere in the compound.
"You too Buck! No chasing people with knives!" Steve exclaimed.
"Don't worry! Pietro doesn't have a knife!" I heard Bucky shout, I laughed slightly but then heard a crash.
I stood up quickly, running down the hallway towards the noise. When I walked into the room I saw Bucky and Loki glaring at Pietro, each with knives in their hands.
"Damn Barton, you weren't lying," I exhaled.
I watched as Thor walked between Loki and Pietro, "calm down brother! You must let the quick one go."
I stepped toward them, "don't worry Thor, most likely they won't be able to hit him."
"Most likely? Really gorgeous? I thought you had more faith in me, I do have super speed after all." Pietro accented voice filled the room.
"Yeah but you also have an ex-assasin and a literal god trying to attack you sooooo." I told him.
"Well none of you boys need to be jealous of Pietro anyway," Natasha said as she strutted into the room. I
"Any why is that?" Loki questioned.
"Because you should be jealous of me." Nat responded, quickly spinning me and capturing my lips firmly in hers. She pulled away and with a smirk asked, "isn't that right babe?"
"Babe?! When did this happen?! How did I miss this!? I ship it!!!" Wanda squealed as she walked into the room.
I smiled, "about 2 months ago, sorry boys."
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multifandomwriter · 5 days ago
Marvel Requests
Tumblr media
Looking for someone to write your marvel x reader requests??
I am taking requests for the following characters!!
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Steve Rogers x Reader
Stucky x Reader
Peter Parker x Reader
Loki Laufeyson x Reader
Wanda Maximoff x Reader
Natasha Romanoff x Reader
Thor Odinson x Reader
Feel free to make requests for any of these characters by submitting an ask or messaging me!! You can also find my masterlist - here -
If you want to be added to the taglist for any or all of these characters, let me know!!
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shadow-dixon · 7 days ago
Peter : Where's Y/N?
Wanda : I saw her outside a minute ago.
Tony : Its Fucking raining!
*Y/N Outside in the pouring rain with a sword*
Y/N : Is this what you want?
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randomfandomimagine · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: Visiting Peter and May for Hanukkah
Requested by anon // GIFS CREDIT
A/N: I’m not Jewish and I don’t know a lot about the holiday, so instead of butchering info about it I preferred to write the imagine this way, I hope you enjoy it! If you wanted something a bit more specific, let me know!
You didn’t know a lot about Hanukkah, but you wanted to. That was why you were there, stood before their door and wearing a Hannukah sweater, very excited to learn.
Thrilled to share that moment with Peter, you knocked on the door. After a few seconds of waiting, he answered the door himself. Although his features resembled confusion at first, he then grinned at the sight of you.
“Y/N!” He walked to the side, inviting you in. “What are you doing here?” 
“Well, I thought I could spend the holiday with you and May” You took your jacket off, showing off your festive sweater. “And learn more about it”
“Sure!” Peter was beaming, absently taking your coat and putting it on the hanger.
“Who is that?” May then showed up. “Is that Y/N?” 
“Hi, May” You waved at her. “Could I stay here for a bit, for Hanukkah?” 
“S-Sure” She chuckled, pleasantly surprised. “Come in, you must be cold”
“This is gonna be great” Peter took your hand, excited to show you all about their traditions. You gladly followed him, just as happy.
Tag list: @call-me-harley-quinn / @wonderlandfandomkingdom / @xionroxas / @dancewaterdance02 / @spilled-almond-milk / @elllie-does-the-posts / @c-taylor-wanna-be-a-glader / @fortheloveofbenyandtom / @suenami3 / @caswinchester2000 / @bitchingpretty / @lookinsidemyhead / @danietoww04 / @x-joie-x / @locke-writes / @trunks-kiwi / @andreasworlsboring101 / @goldenhoney-cas / @sinister-sleep / @lxncelot / @its-just-kit / @anxiouslyreckless / @qtmeryr / @captainshazamerica / @24-stilinski / @okay-j-hannah / @under-the-clouds / @everyday-imfangirling / @timeladygallifrey / @swanimagines / @imaginationismykingdom / @hhmmmmmmmm // If you want to be added or taken off the tag list for these fandoms or characters, send me an ask!! // Feedback and reblogs are appreciated!
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moonjavaswriting · 8 days ago
want another drink? | peter b. parker x reader
TW: mildly dubious consent, alcohol / drinking
AO3 version
After a long day at work, you find yourself at the local bar with a friendly Peter B. Parker to keep you company.
(AFAB reader) (NSFW)
It was late by the time you finally managed to get out of work, not that you really minded. The hours didn’t bother you as much as it did some of your co-workers. If anything, you liked walking through the city streets at night. It was kinda peaceful to finally have silence in a place that was usually bustling with noise.
However, it was the weekend and you were feeling a little more sociable than you normally would. You thought about running to the liquor store around the corner for a bottle to share with yourself, but that sounded sadder than you cared to admit so you caved and found yourself sitting in one of the somewhat nicer bars in the area.
The tv was playing the local late-night news station, crime rates had been down for a few weeks so things were quiet. You sat near the end of the bar, putting some distance between you and the louder, drink-happy people that were spending their Friday with friends or dates. 
You liked this bar, mainly because it never got too much traction on weekends, though you guessed that was out the window considering how filled it was tonight. Plus, it was seriously annoying having to overhear parts of passing conversations that you didn’t want to be a part of.
This was the closest you would get to “going out” anytime soon and you weren’t even there with anyone. Though you were starting to bum yourself out, you ordered a drink and tried to tune more into your own thoughts and ignore the people around you.
As the night went on, the room gradually got more and more empty, the swell of laughter dying out would normally make the average person feel melancholy but it did nothing more than make you feel relieved that it was now quiet again. The bartender began washing and putting away glasses, and with an occasional clinking sound or two, the atmosphere was beginning to make your eyes feel heavy.
You noticed at some point that it was just you and a man left sitting at the bar. He must have been drinking there all night, but you hadn’t recalled seeing him before now.
The man swirled what was left in his glass around and looked over at you, looking tempted to say something before turning back and taking one last swig.
“Bad night?” His voice was low but once you got a good look at him it seemed like he was tired, or had just been drinking for too long. “I, uh, don’t wanna come off as pesky. Just curious.”
You weren’t normally the type to talk to strangers, but again you were feeling pretty bold.
Adjusting a little in your seat, you turned to look at him and cleared your throat before you spoke. “Not really bad. I got here after work on a whim that it would be more quiet than my apartment.”
“I hope I’m not disturbing that at all.” He was quick with a reply before gesturing the bartender back over for a refill of his glass.
You shook your head, smiling a little.
“Want another drink?” He looked back at you, smiling back.
Thinking about it for a moment before agreeing, you took off your jacket and draped it over your stool. “Sure, only if you pay for ruining my quiet time.”
Chuckling, the man threw some money on the table for your drink. He then turned to hold his hand out for you to shake before speaking again. “I’m Peter. Peter B. Parker.”
You shook his hand and told him your name, seemingly embarrassed by the fact, you felt a lot better than earlier. “It’s nice to make your acquaintance, Peter.”
Peter drank from his glass. “You too.”
The two of you sat and chatted for a while, sharing flirtatious glances between conversation every so often. It’d been a while since you last found interest in someone like this, not that you really minded. It was kind of exciting.
The two of you sat and chatted for a while, sharing flirtatious words and glances between conversation every so often until the last glass had been put away and the bartender had to kick you both out.
Peter held the door open for you as you stepped out into the dimly lit street, following behind and feeling the chill in the air. You stared up into the dark sky from the street, hoping to see a star or two with no luck.
“You really made my night a lot better you know.” You started, taking a deep breath before spinning around at Peter who was already looking at you. “So, thanks.”
Peter smiled, walking closer to you. “I enjoyed myself too. Hell, I should be the one thanking you for keeping me company so long.”
You threw your arms around his neck and giggled. “Is it bad of me to say that I’m not ready to go back home yet?”
He stood staring at you for a second. “Only if it’s bad of me to say I feel the same.”
Pulling him down into a kiss you were waiting for, the two of you clashed teeth and tongue, and already tasting the liquor from earlier on each other only made it that much harder to wait to taste him more.
Breaking from the messy kiss, Peter wrapped his arms around your waist. “God, you taste good.”
There was so much impatience in the way you touched each other, it felt like you were gonna burst. Maybe it was the boldness that came along with drinking, or the fact that you just made out with a man you just met, but you couldn’t wait any longer.
You grabbed Peter by the wrist and pulled him into the first alleyway you saw. “Woah, woah, we could get caught like this you know.” Peter was definitely trying to be the voice of reason here, but you weren’t interested in listening.
Reaching down to unbuckle and unzip his pants, you gave him one last kiss before getting down on your knees. “If anyone sees, let them have a good show.”
“Oh, fuck..” There goes the voice of reason.
You could already see he was leaking precum through his underwear. To tease him, you placed your mouth on the tip between the fabric, getting a surprised moan out of Peter.
“I bet you taste good here too.” Taking him out, you gave a small lick on the underside of his shaft before starting to kiss and suck him there. Peter took shaky breaths and placed his hand on the back of your head, gripping your hair in a fist to guide your pace.
“God, just like that,” He groaned out, bringing one of his hands up to wipe the sweat dripping down his forehead. “I’m gonna cum down your throat, okay baby?”
You popped off for only a second, messily kissing the tip again before nodding your head and going right back down on him.
Peter thrusted into you when he came, a quiet moan escaping his throat once he watched you swallow every last drop. Pushing the hair out of your face, he smiled at you and went to pull his boxers and jeans back up.
“Feel good?” You asked, standing back up and gathering yourself a little.
“Felt great.” Peter grabbed your face and pulled you in for a hard kiss, he made it obvious he wasn’t done with you yet.
Whining into the kiss, you popped off and breathed heavily. “Hey, at least give me a chance to breathe.” You put your hand on his shoulder, putting some space between you.
Peter’s finger traced your cheek and he bit his lip, looking up to the small bit of sky he could see from the alley.
“Can we go back to my place?” You let your hand move to his bicep, slightly squeezing it through his jacket.
You pulled on his sleeve, throwing yourself towards him, pressing yourself up against his chest. “It’s too cold out here now.”
He nods and the two of you start your walk to your apartment. The wind picked up as you got closer to your building, zipping your jacket shut and huddling closer to Peter kept you as warm as possible until you got inside. You didn’t really mind and Peter didn’t seem like he did either, you were both just excited for the rest of your night spent together.
Once you got to your number, you turned the key and opened the door. Aside from the flowers you got from your birthday a few months back and one or two pictures on your fridge, your apartment really didn’t look lived in at all. It still smelled like the vanilla candle you lit this morning while you got ready for work.
“It’s nice.” Peter awkwardly spoke, stepping inside and throwing his coat over one of the chairs in the living room.
“Thanks,” You replied, opening your bedroom door and walking in, holding your hand out to gesture for him to follow. “Make yourself at home.”
Throwing yourself onto your cotton bedsheets, you adjusted one of your pillows and flopped onto your side to stare at Peter, who still hadn’t gotten past your doorway.
He walked in and kneeled on the bed, reaching over to hold your face up to a soft kiss. “Are you sure you wanna do this?” He asked, backing off for a second.
You nodded and wrapped your arms around him, pulling him closer to you. “I’m sure.” 
Peter was so gentle with you now that the two of you were all alone. He strung his fingers through your hair and moved his hand to your hip bone and held it there, just hard enough to leave a small bruise. You moaned into his mouth as he kissed you once more, digging your nails into his back, you pulled on his shirt for him to take it off.
“God, Peter, take this off already.” You frustratedly groaned out at him, still pulling on his shirt.
He chuckled and put his weight back to his knees, pulling it up over his head and flinging it somewhere on the floor behind him. “Alright, alright. No need to get your panties in a twist.”
Meeting your lips again, Peter decided to move his fingers up to your breasts, cupping and squeezing them through your clothes. You continued to moan into his mouth, wrapping your arms back around his neck.
“Can I take this off?” Peter asked, pulling at the top of your work-shirt.
You breathed out and nodded. “Yeah, yeah of course.”
You watched as Peter unbuttoned you, starting from the top and working his way down. He reached a hand inside to help you slip your arms out of it once he was done.
“Cute bra.” He added, leaning down to kiss your collarbone while his hand stayed squeezing at your breasts.
His lips felt so hot against your skin, it felt like you were burning up from just his touch alone.
Peter reached down and started undoing your jeans to get them off of you. “Can you lift your hips a little for me, baby?” You did as he asked and he slid them down your legs and threw them to sit with the rest of your clothes on the floor.
Like this, you were left in your underwear while Peter had managed to keep his pants on. You reached down, grabbing at his bulge and massaging it through the denim. Hoping that he would get the picture that it was time for them to come off.
Peter groaned, looking at you with dark eyes before reaching down to unzip his jeans.
You reached down and pulled him out of his underwear once his pants were open, holding his dick in your hand you gave him a few light strokes before lifting your hips up and grinding yourself against him.
“That feel good?” Peter asked, gripping both hands down on your hips again to hold you there.
“Fuck, yes,” You thrusted your hips against him, already feeling how hard he is through your underwear. “I can’t wait to feel you inside of me.”
Peter bit his lip and thrusted up, surprising you a little.
One of his hands left your hip and moved to push your underwear to the side, giving him the access he needed to please you. “You’re so wet already and I haven’t even touched you here yet.” Peter commented, rubbing small circles into you.
You moaned out a little louder than before and grabbed his wrist to try and push his hand down further, noticeably getting upset when he brought his hand back up to his mouth, licking his fingers and sending another hot wave pulsing through you.
Peter looked at you for confirmation that you were enjoying yourself and smirked, moving his hand back down to slid it along your folds, prodding you before slipping one of his fingers in.
“Oh, fuck, that feels good.” You said, placing one of your hands on top of his shoulder, squeezing it.
Peter chuckled. “This is just the beginning sweetheart.” He replied before leaning down to playfully lick at you, his finger moving in and out of you slow enough to build up that sweet tension in your body. You were gonna melt.
After a moment or two, Peter slid another finger inside, this time curving them upwards and making you squeal out.
“Peter..” You moved your hand to his head, pushing it down into you.
You could feel Peter smirking against you as you threw your head back to hit the pillows, moaning out and completely losing yourself in him.
That familiar heat rose through your body and you squeezed your thighs in on him, one of your hands gripping the bed sheets while the other was deep in his hair. He thrusted his fingers in and out of you so fast you could almost see stars, Peter was good at this.
You would be lying if you said the wet sounds your body was making didn’t embarrass you but God, it felt too good for you to really care. Peter brought you to your climax quicker than any guy you’d slept with before.
Peter took his mouth off of you, pulling his fingers out and bringing them up to your own mouth to taste yourself, licking and sucking his fingers while Peter adjusted back onto his knees.
Once his fingers were clean, Peter moved his cock to meet your face, holding it out for you to lick too.
“My turn.” Peter said, watching you open your mouth and drop your tongue out for him.
You weren’t always the best with blowjobs, but you wanted to do your best to please Peter after the amazing head he just gave you. You slid your tongue along the bottom side of his shaft and kissed the tip, looking up at him with hungry eyes to let him know how bad you wanted this.
Peter gripped your head and looked down at you as you lined his cock with your tongue. You finally took all of him in your mouth and only slightly gagged at how far down you managed to get him.
He bit his lip, getting a fistful of your hair and pulling it in. “Am I allowed to fuck your face?” Peter asked, watching your face intently as you nodded for him to continue.
“Good girl.” He quickly added before he began thrusting in and out of your mouth. You weren’t sure if your throat could handle this but hell if you didn’t try for this man.
You moaned onto him, closing your eyes to focus while he held your head like a toy.
Peter groaned out a cuss word or two here and there before you felt him pause and pull out, stroking himself one last time while he waited for you to take your tongue out for him. You opened your eyes back up to see his face while he came in your mouth.
He sat back on his legs and looked at you. “Don’t feel obligated to swallow just for me, I know it’s kind of gross.”
You took a hard gulp and brought your hand up to your mouth to wipe your lips. “It’s not that gross to me.”
Peter pressed one of his hands onto the bed beside you, hovering his body over you and kissing you again. This time it was a lot messier, both of you were beginning to grow impatient for one another after all.
Using his free hand, he moved it down to your underwear and slipped one of his fingers into the elastic, tugging at them to come off.
You lifted your hips again and helped him pull them down your legs and watched as they disappeared behind him, leaving you bare and exposed for him.
“Am I allowed to really fuck you now?” Peter asked, fire behind his eyes while he looked at you.
You wrapped your legs around his waist and nodded. “Please.”
Reaching into your tableside drawer, you pulled out a condom and handed it to him.
Once he got it on, Peter lined his cock up to your entrance, waiting a moment before pushing in and joining you in moaning out in pleasure.
He waited a moment before he started to move, just to give you time to adjust to the feeling. Not that you really needed it, you were soaking wet laying underneath him.
“This good?” He asked, kissing your forehead.
“It’s great, Peter.” You replied, flinging your arms back over him to pull him closer to you.
The soft aroma of vanilla that lingered in your room was now replaced with a lewd smell that you knew would probably last the whole weekend.
Peter messily kissed you after he began moving, tasting every bit of each other was not something you expected to be a turn on, but there’s always time for kink development.
Your legs tightened around him and you moaned into his mouth, feeling so close to your next climax and you’d only just gotten him inside of you.
He sped up his thrusts, noticing how close you were already. You hid your face in his shoulder as he pounded into you mercilessly.
“God, Peter just like that!” You moved one of your hands to desperately grip at his hair while you reached your peak and moaned into his skin.
“Fuck, I’m close too.” Peter held you so tightly underneath him while you both shared a long orgasm, collapsing into each other with heavy breaths.
He toppled onto you, his sweaty skin slightly sticking to yours as you both laid silently with the other. You could feel how fast his heart was beating now that your chests were pressed together.
“That felt amazing.” You were the first to speak, your voice a little hoarse after all that.
Peter turned his head and met your gaze. “Yeah, it did.”
The two of you shared a passionate kiss before he pulled himself off of you, taking off his condom and tossing it in the trash can that sat in the corner of your room.
He sighed and laid back down beside you, wrapping one of his arms over you and pulling you in closer to him for a cuddle.
“You okay?” He asked, kissing one of your temples.
“Perfect.” You said, feeling your heavy eyes shut as you drifted off to sleep.
The morning sun leaking in through your blinds felt like it came too soon as you opened your eyes unwillingly and woke up. You yawned and stretched when you noticed Peter wasn’t beside you anymore, a little bummed out, you pulled the covers back over your eyes and tried to go back to sleep before you heard a small knock on the door.
“Are you up? Want coffee?” Peter asked from the other side in a quiet voice, obviously trying not to wake you if you were still asleep.
You slowly pushed your blanket back down and wiped your tired eyes. “You’re still here?” You asked.
Peter opened the door and walked in, holding two cups of coffee. “Good morning, uh, here, this is for you.”
You sat up, taking one of the hot cups in your hands and taking a deep breath. “Where’d you get the coffee from?”
Peter blew on his coffee and looked at you. “Oh, I went down to the café in the lobby of your building. I hope that’s okay.”
“You could’ve used my coffee machine, you know. I wouldn’t have minded.” You replied, smiling a little while watching the steam rise from the cup.
Peter sighed and sat down on the bed next to you. “Well, I didn’t know that. You were sleeping.”
“Next time, just wake me and I’ll make it.” You laughed a little before placing your drink down on the coaster on your nightstand, running your fingers through your messy hair.
He smiled and cocked an eyebrow. “So there’ll be a next time?” 
You froze, plopping your hands beside you on the bed. “Well, uh,” You looked at him. “If you want there to be.”
Peter chuckled and took a sip from his cup. “I’d love that.”
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greasymarshmello · 8 days ago
D.S x Reader!Platonic Chapter 5
Doctor Strange x Reader (PLATONIC!!!)
This takes place after the movie and before infinity war and endgame//
Summary I guess// You are out late one night and you get snatched into an alleyway by some random sorcerer. The man attacks you and demands money, but of course you don’t have any, so he tries to kill you before another man comes out of a portal, scared , you try to run away after the man that tried to mug you is killed, but the sorcerers cape grabs you before you make it out. You are spelled unconscious and wake up in a sanctum, you meet the man who saved you, and you learn the mystical arts. What happens to you and this man you will eventually call family? And what happens when you lose it all?
This is going to suck
Chapter 5 //Past and explanations//
Stephens POV
I honestly felt bad for y/n, she obviously has had a rough past around doctors. It's been a half hour since the doctors have been done with her, and I refuse to leave her side until she wakes up. We can't have her freak out and possibly open up any stitches. While she's been asleep, well, half asleep, she keeps whispering words. Just random words. Like she's whispering for 'help' and chanting the words 'sorry' and 'I didnt mean to'. I'll have to ask her about it once she's stable, and awake.
y/n POV
I slowly start blinking awake in a dimly lit room. I panic again for a split second until I see Stephen. I am still strapped down to the bed, and my wounds are cleaned, stitched, and bandaged. I guess they did mean well, I'll have to apologize to the lady I kicked in the shin. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
" Stephen. " I say getting his attention. " Oh, y/n are you alright? '' before i could answer he cut me off- " Oh what am I saying of course you aren't, you were burnt and cut when I found you and then I forced you to relive an obvious trauma- " Now it's my turn to cut him off. " Ste, your hands are shaking again calm the fuck down. " I say casually. He gasps dramatically, putting his hand to my heart. " y/n Hailey Wilson! " He says to me, his voice and octave higher. I know what he's doing now, he's just trying to get a smile out of me, he does that when he knows if somethings wrong. " Stephen Vincent Strange. " I say back with a shit eating grin on my face. " First of all, language, second of all, how do you know my full name? " He looks at me, and I just stare back.
" Wong " We eventually say in unison. I start full out laughing, tears threatening to spill. Stephen is next to me laughing as well.
We both calm down and just enjoy the silence. I just then realize that Stephen hasn't let go of my left hand ever since I woke up. He must have been worried. He doesn't usually show emotion, unless it's anger, he shows that one the most but I think it's just to get me off his scent.
He's not just an emotionless prick like I first thought.
Stephens POV
And she's not just another kid with a huge ego.
Hey it's marshy, just to clear things up, this story is a bit confusing at the moment. The next few chapters will explain most of the crap going on. And just to let you know- school starts soon for y/n, starting her junior year at midtown, and yes you guessed it, her best friends include Peter Parker, Ned Leeds, and MJ, and you guessed it again- this is a future Peter Parker x reader story// I'll be changing some of the people who get snapped away, ik ik im not supposed to do that but it's what I wanna do.
Also I'll give a follow to anyone who can guess the future crossover and who y/ns long lost brother is (it's pretty easy) :)
bye bye see ya next chapter.
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swtltlmrvlgrl · 9 days ago
Accidents Happen
The story is set in an alternative MC universe where Tony Stark is still alive and is paying for Peter Parker’s college tuition fees. The college life is not really something that he looks forward to, especially when he’s far away from Ned and MJ. But luckily he was able to meet the reader!
This story is part of my one-shot compilations inspired by the song “You Shine” from the musical “Carrie”, wherein two people see the way each other shines.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Warning: Fluff, awkward university students, accident, injury
Word Count: 2,906
First Day of School. Peter Parker cringes at the thought. It’s not that he hates school, he just feels uneasy at the thought that he’s new and he doesn’t have his friends, Ned and MJ, with him.
And I’m Spider-Man, I have better things to do, he thought.
If it wasn’t for his promise to Mr. Stark, to finish his college degree in exchange for full access to the Avengers Compound and all the tech that comes with it, he would’ve webbed his way out of the school before he could even get in the school.
Tony Stark, a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, initially wanted to enroll Peter in the most elite school in America but good thing Peter was able to convince him not too. With the looks of how the students dress up and the amount of cars outside the parking area, this would’ve gotten much worse if he followed Mr. Stark’s initial plan. Peter adjusts his second-hand, thrift-store-bought backpack and walks straight towards his classroom.
Before entering the classroom, he double checks the text written on his ID to see if it matches the name of the room. He slowly enters the room and lo-and-behold, a classroom that can be converted to an IMAX movie theater, welcomes him.
He scans the room and decides to sit on the desk located a few meters away from the exit door. With his elbow on the desk and his chin resting on the palm of his hand, he observes the students already forming groups amongst themselves. Peter made no attempt to join a clique or to join any group, just looking at his wrinkled plaid shirt over his 5-year old white shirt, he knows he doesn’t belong. But he knows that’s not enough of a reason to just stop making new friends.
You’re an Avenger, man. With all the courage that he could muster, he scans the room and tries to find at least one person who hasn't had any chance to make friends yet.
Before he could turn around to check if the seat behind him is also empty, you walk towards Peter’s direction. You were wearing a blue oversized sweatshirt. A tinge of reds were peaking through the gaps between the folds of your black denim pants and white sneakers also caught Peter’s attention.
This is my chance.
Before Peter could even speak with you, a voice coming from the professor disrupted Peter’s plans.
“Hi class. Good morning.” The professor flashes his name and the subject name on the screen of the projector. “For today, I will be discussing the syllabus, I think we’ll finish early. I won’t be sharing the soft copy of my slide, so please take down notes.”
Bummed that he wasn’t able to talk to you, Peter made a mental note to at least try to start a conversation with you after class. He then rummages through his things, only to realize that he wasn’t able to bring any pens. He vaguely remembers Aunt May borrowing it earlier, but he’s not really sure if she was able to return it. “Oh no.” He whispers and takes out his notebook instead.
Peter is in the middle of pretending that he’s taking down notes, when he feels a soft tap on his shoulders.
“You can borrow this if you want.” You offer a ballpen to Peter.
Peter is taken aback by this sudden interaction.
“Ah!” You exclaim. “Don’t worry, the case is pink but the ink’s black.”
“T-thanks.” Peter stuttered. “I - I don’t mind the color.”
I don’t mind the color?? What the hell does that mean?! Peter smiles at your direction while mentally cursing at his awkward self on the inside.
The professor finishes up his lecture and you start to fix up your things.
“Thank you for this.” Peter interrupts, while you were in the middle of putting your notebook in your black leather backpack. “I-I left my pen at home and -” With his left hand, he rubs his nape, as he hands you the pen with his right. “I’m Peter, by the way, Peter Parker.”
“Y/N. Y/N, L/N.” You respond and push back the pen. “You can have the pen for a while. You’ll probably need that for your next classes.”
“Oh. Uh!.” That… makes sense. Not gonna lie, Peter was a little surprised by your response, he definitely did not include that in his list of possible scenarios. “Right. I’ll just return this tomorrow.”
“Sure! What time’s your lunch tomorrow?” You ask, as the two of you walk out of the room. “My lunch time is...” He looks at the back of his ID, “a little early… 11:30AM. How about you?”
“Ow. Too bad. Mine’s 12nn.”
Your small pout wasn’t left unnoticed (and it was a little cute and Peter couldn’t help but smile.) “Wanna compare schedules?” Peter asks.
“Sure!” you answer excitedly.
“So…” Peter scans your schedule. "We’re classmates in… Literature… and…”
“History.” You add. The two of you looked at each other and smiled.
“I guess we’ll see each other a lot?” Peter comments.
“Yeah. I hope so.” You answer and smile at him.
The two of you started eating together ever since the day returned the pen to you. Seating next to Peter is probably one of the best decisions that you made in your life. Having someone to eat with during lunch time was a thorn out of your chest because eating alone is one of your fears.
Generally, it takes a long time before you can adjust yourself to someone (contrary to the popular belief that you’re “friendly’), but Peter’s obvious awkwardness and warmth just made it more comfortable for you. Knowing that someone is as shy as you, but still trying to converse with you is something that you really appreciate 0 it makes you want to try to converse too.
From having lunch together, you two ended up walking home together, as well. Some days you would wait for him, some days he would wait for you and then some days he has to go earlier because he had something to do for Mr. Stark. Walking home together wasn’t really something that you explicitly told each other to do, it just felt like a natural thing to do.
“Hey.” you say, one day. “Let’s go to the clinic on our way home.”
“Why?” Peter asks, his voice sounds a little worried.“ Do you feel sick?”
You don’t answer and continue walking instead. After arriving at the clinic, you open the door and Mary, the University nurse, greets you with a warm smile.
“Y/N! What’s up?” Mary inquires.
“Hi Mary!” You stride inside and Peter follows. “Can I have some of your bandages?”
“Sure! Why? Don’t tell me you got injured again.” Mary echoes your soft chuckle. “No, not me this time.”
Mary pauses whatever she’s doing and observes you, as you point at the empty chair to where Peter can sit while you look for the bandages in the cabinet. Peter looks a little confused. With a white square bag in one hand, you approach the chair where Peter was seated.
“Give me your hand.” You instruct Peter, he hands you his left hand. “Your other hand, you silly.” You smile.
“I don’t think -” The pain he felt after you touch his right hand stops him mid-sentence.
“Sorry.” You whisper. Peter was wearing a long-sleeved flannel shirt that you had to slide up. His hand is swollen as you expected.
“I-” Peter starts. “I fell from the stairs.” Of course that is a lie. Because, he, in fact, fell from a building because he was running late for Literature class. He didn’t really mind it, because it happens all the time and he knows he’ll heal eventually.
You gently place a cold compress on Peter’s hand. “I noticed that you were having a hard time writing a while ago.” You pause for a while and look at him. “You don’t have to explain anything Peter. Plus, since you injured your dominant hand, I just thought you might need help with wrapping this up.”
“My mom’s a nurse.” You mention, while wrapping the bandage around Peter’s hand. “We used to pretend to be injured and wrap bandages during play time.”
Peter hums, amused. “You’re amazing, you know.” He comments. “You’ve always been like this since the day we first met. It’s like, you can read my mind.”
You laugh. “I don’t know why, but I always get that comment about me.” You pull down and button up Peter’s Sleeve. “But I don’t think I’m amazing, though.”
Before Peter could say anything, you stand up, fix the chair and return the bandage to where you got it. “Let’s go home?”
Peter nods and you bid goodbye to Mary.
“Bye, Mary. Thanks.” Peter echoes and waves his hand briefly.
“Take care, you two.” Mary responds.
On your way home, Peter stops in his tracks and points at the ice cream truck by the park. “Hey. Let’s get some ice cream. Sit by the bench over there.” He pauses and looks at you. “I’ll go get you some. My treat.” He winks and runs towards the truck.
You sit down on the bench located under a tree, stretch your arms a little while taking a breath of fresh air. A few moments later, you see Peter striding towards the bench. He stops in front of you, with two ice creams in his left hand - his fingers strategically intertwined to make sure the ice creams won’t fall down. One of the ice cream was probably cookies and cream flavored and the other one was chocolate for sure.
“You know” You comment, as you reach out for what you assume as the cookies and cream flavored ice cream. “If you can hold two ice cream cones in one hand you should might as well try to write with it.”
Peter laughs and sits next to you and hands you a paper towel. “I’ll put that on my to-do list.”
You grab the paper towel that Peter handed you and the two of you proceed eating. You were silent for a whole minute until Peter started speaking again.
“I still think you’re amazing though.” Peter comments. While you were focusing on eating your ice cream, he looked at you briefly and looked away when you started laughing.
“Why are you bringing up that topic again?” A layer of ice cream got stuck on your throat making you cough a little, you clear your throat, and continue. “I don’t think being… hmm… how should I call this?” You pause to think for a second. “Sensitive? I don’t think it’s something amazing.”
“Why is that?” Peter was curious. “It’s like you’re a mind-reader! It’s amazing!”
You chuckle. “Why? Are you going to recruit me to the Avengers or something?”
Did she notice that I’m Spider-Man, too? “Hehe-he.” Peter laughs awkwardly and continues eating his ice cream.
“But seriously though.” You continue, while chewing some of the ice cream cone bits in your mouth. “As much as being...err...hyper-sensitive with other people’s non-verbal nuances is a good thing, especially when I have a friend like Peter Parker who tends to keep their struggles to themselves.”
“Hey! I don’t do that…”
You glare at him, smile a little and take a deep breath. “It’s not particularly amazing when I have to stand in front of many people…” You finish up with your ice cream and crumple the piece of paper towel on your hand. “...and notice every little change in expression each time you utter a word… Or when you sit alone in the middle of crowded places and just feel the eyes of people staring at you, judging you.” You look at Peter and smile a little more as you try to make it look like it’s not that big of an issue.
Peter had finished his ice cream as well. “Y/N…” Peter might not be as sensitive as you, but he looks at you as if he sees beyond your half-hearted smile. Peter moves and scoots closer to you while adjusting himself to face you. He takes your hand, opens it, and takes the balled up paper towel that you’ve been gripping while you were speaking. With his left hand, he puts the paper towel into his bag’s side pocket, while making sure that his right hand never left yours.
“I’m sorry… I never meant to make you feel uncomfortable.” You look at Peter. He was gazing at you, looking straight into your eyes.
“It’s fine, Peter. It’s not like you -”
“Y/N.” Peter cuts you off. “Whether or not I wanted to, I made you feel uncomfortable and I have to apologize. Okay?” Peter pauses. “Can you promise me one thing?”
“What is it?” You ask.
“I - I’m not as sensitive as you and I might not always notice whether you feel bad or not.” Peter continues. “If it’s alright with you… can you promise to not hide your feelings when you’re with me? I mean - it’s difficult, you know. Having to hide your feelings all the time. At least if you’re with me… even if it’s for a short time, you don’t have to carry the burden of hiding it.”
You smile at Peter, tears welling up on your eyes. “Peter…”
“But if you’re not comfortable with that, it’s fine -”
You release your hand from Peter’s hand, form a fist and raise your pinky finger. “I promise.”
Peter smiles and entangles his pinky finger into yours. “Promise.”
“Just promise that you won’t fall down the stairs again.” You joke.
Peter chuckles while reaching out for your face to wipe the tear that you didn’t notice fall from your eye.
“If you have presentations where you have to speak in front of the class, whether I’m your classmate or not, I’ll try to be there and maybe you can try to focus on me?” Peter clears his throat. “I mean… just to keep your attention out of the other people.”
You laugh and Peter joins you too. “Thanks, Pete.”
“I have something to buy at the grocery.” You tell Peter while the two of you are waiting for the traffic light to turn green. “You can go ahead.”
“Take care!” Peter shouts as the two of you go your separate ways.
“You too!” You shout back and make your way towards the grocery.
Peter waits until you’re out of sight before he goes to the alleyway to change into his suit and start his patrol. He webs his way up the building and gets a glimpse of you entering the grocery. He nods a little and webs away to find people he needs to help out.
Normal. That’s what Peter would probably describe the first hour of his patrol today - stopping thieves from running away, saving cats that got stuck on a tree and telling a lost man the directions. It was all just normal everyday, neighborhood Spider-Man things.
He was about to take a break when he felt the hair in his arms stand up.
Peter tingle.
“Y/N!” He exclaims as he hurries down towards the direction of the grocery where he last saw you.
I hope I’m wrong. I hope I’m wrong. He repeats in his head. Y/N, please, please be safe.
You were on your way to cross the street when a running child and stumbled into you, causing your groceries to fall down. You squat to pick up the groceries, you look up to search for the child, only to find him still running.
Towards the pedestrian lane.
Red light.
Huge truck.
You stand up and dash towards the kid, leaving your groceries scattered across the pavement.
Will I make it?
You run as fast as you can.
I won’t make it. The truck’s too fast.
You run faster.
A little more.
You reach for him and you push him towards (what you think is) safety as hard as hard as you can. All the energy in your body had left you and the last thing you can remember was the loud honk from the truck and then everything was silent.
Your eyes are still closed when you feel an arm tightly wrapped around you. You look up only to find yourself swinging in the air while being held and carried by none other than Spider-Man.
The two of you reach what seems to be the top of some building, you're not even sure what building it is because everything happened so fast.
Spider-Man put you down at last.
“Thank you.” You tell him as you pat down and straighten your clothes. “I’m sorry you had to...carry me. Is the - uhm - is the kid safe?” You ask him.
Spider-Man chuckles. “You were literally about to die a while ago and the first thing you think of is the well-being of other people.” He sighs. “Are YOU okay?”
You pause for a second to the sudden idea that popped into your mind while you're face-to-face with THE Spider-Man.
Oddly familiar.
His voice is a little muffled, but you know that voice. You hear that voice every day. And that height. You take a step forward. That scent.
That warmth.
“Peter?” You step closer to the man that you’re 90% sure is your friend, Peter Parker, dressed in the Spider-Man costume. “Is that you?”
A/N: It's my first time writing for Peter Parker! How was it?? Haha. I hope I did his character justice.
I'm so excited to write five different stories with different pairings inspired from the song "You Shine". I haven't watched the musical but whenever I hear that song, I feel so encouraged and it makes me feel assured that somewhere out there, there are people who can see good things in me that I can't see for myself. Next up, Bucky Barnes x Reader! Look forward to it!
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sunshineandaisies · 10 days ago
What’s in the Box, Peter?
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader 
Words: ~1.7k
Warnings: fluff, mentions of pregnancy
Note: Happy Mother’s Day to all the baby mommas, the fur mommas, the plant mommas, and all the momma’s in between! 
Tumblr media
Ever since you started dating Peter during your freshman year of college, you always spent Mother’s Day with him and May. 
Of course, you always had the customary FaceTime call with your own mother but with the prices of plane tickets constantly increasing, going home to spend the day with your family just wasn’t possible when all your money went towards rent and school expenses. 
So spending the day with Peter and May became tradition, and quite frankly, you wouldn’t have it any other way.
May Parker had practically inducted you into the family after only a few months of dating her nephew, and she was the very definition of what you thought motherhood was all about. She was understanding whenever Peter found himself in trouble - whether it be as Peter Parker or his masked superhero alter ego - and she was always willing to lend an ear whenever you or Peter needed to rant about something (even if it was about each other). She worried about Peter - of course she did - but she let him have his space to make his own mistakes and learn from them. 
She may not have been Peter’s actual mother, but damn did that woman deserve the best Mother’s Day that you and Peter could muster.
You’d stayed at May’s apartment the night before rather than at yours and Peter’s apartment on the other side of the city to save yourself the commute in the morning, and you were infinitely glad that you’d done so. An extra hour of sleep was definitely worth you and Peter squeezing into the small bed in his old bedroom. 
Peter still woke up early, though.
He always did, unable to really sleep in the days leading up to Mother’s Day. He grew restless and quiet, and you didn’t need to ask to know why. 
He pressed his lips to your cheek before he left for his visit to his mother’s grave that morning, his jacket tugged on to protect himself from the early morning chill and a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He whispered a promise of coffee when he returned, and your appreciation for him doubled in an instant.
By the time he returned, you were busy making pancakes and humming along to the song on the radio while May tittered around the kitchen despite your insistence that she let you take care of making breakfast.
It was her day, after all.
“Good morning,” Peter greeted, pressing a styrofoam cup into your hand. He pressed his lips to your temple before greeting May with a hug and wishing her a happy Mother’s Day. He set a small, wrapped box down on the counter, making you cock your head in curiosity.
“What’s that?” you asked, pointing at the box in question with the spatula. You were sure that you had already gotten May a Mother’s Day gift. In fact, you had wrapped her gift yourself the night before. Had you forgotten something? 
“Just a Mother’s Day gift,” he replied vaguely, a smile curling his lips. “You’ll see after breakfast.”
Your gaze kept flitting back to that mysterious little box as you finished stacking pancakes onto a large plate, as you filled three glasses of juice and set the table, and as you and Peter caught May up on all of things that you had accomplished over the course of the last semester. You were just barely managing to contain your curiosity enough to actively keep up the conversation and not be rude, and Peter wasn’t helping any. 
The way that he seemed extra fidgety and the way that his gaze kept flitting to you more than usual while he talked to May about his plans once you were both finally done with grad school had you wondering if you did something wrong or even worse- if he was planning something that you didn’t know about.
Oh, God. Was he going to propose?
Outwardly, you were smiling brightly and nodding in agreement to what Peter was saying about your plans for the summer, but inwardly, you were panicking.
You loved Peter, you really did, and you’d be happy to marry him. Just not now. You’d had the discussion about marriage over a year ago, knowing that you both wanted it at some point, but you and he had both agreed that marriage was off the table until you were both done with school. You both had at least one year of grad school left, and that was only if you - ever the academic - decided to not continue your education with further certification. A proposal was at least a year away, so long as Peter adhered to the agreement you had made nearly two years ago.
You cleared the table with lightning speed once everyone had finished with their breakfast, wanting nothing more than to know what Peter was hiding. You retrieved May’s gift from Peter’s bedroom and placed it in front of her while Peter held onto the small mystery box, his fingers flexing and unflexing nervously. 
Jesus Christ, you were about to implode from impatience and anxiety and-
“This is so cute!” May exclaimed, holding up the small succulent in a pot shaped like a dinosaur. “Did you find this at that shop on 47th?”
“I think so?” Peter looked to you for confirmation, but you only shrugged in response. “Y/N picked out most of the stuff in there. She has a better eye for things than I do.”
“Peter did pick out the wine, though,” you pointed out, nodding towards the fancy bottle of white wine that had cost more than your electrical bill last month. “I will, however, take credit for the plant and the memory foam slippers.”
You shared a small smile with Peter as May looked over her gifts happily. “This is so sweet. Thank you.” She leaned across the table and pulled your both into as tight a hug as she could manage with a table in the way.
“Happy Mother’s Day, May,” Peter told her, and the few happy tears she swiftly brushed away with her thumbs didn’t escape your attention.
“Happy Mother’s Day, May,” you repeated, feeling so incredibly grateful to have May in your life. “You literally deserve the best Mother’s Day for putting up with this guy for most of his life.” You gently nudged Peter in the side with your elbow as you teased, chuckling as he rolled his eyes at you while struggling to fight back an amused smile.
“Whatever,” he scoffed, and it only made you and May laugh harder. “You both love me.”
And suddenly your laughter died as your attention was dragged back to that mysterious little box, now pushed in front of you by Peter. “What’s this?”
“It’s for you,” he answered as if it wasn’t already blatantly obvious.
“I get that, but why?” You observed the small gift nervously. “It’s Mother’s Day, Pete, and I’m very much not a mother. Not unless you count being a plant mother. You didn’t need to get me anything.”
“What?” His face twisted in confusion, brows knit together and lips slightly parted. “You don’t know? I thought you knew.”
What the hell? Your brows knit together as you looked from Peter to May, trying to figure out what the hell was going on. “Know what? I think I would know if I was a mom, Peter.” You let out a breath and started to pull at the wrapping paper. “I mean, thank you for the gift, but this was really unneces-” Your words died on the tip of your tongue as you saw what was tucked neatly into the small box.
You lifted the mug from the box, staring at the words written across the front in pretty pink script. 
‘Happy (Expectant) Mother’s Day’
You blinked, too confused to speak.
“I thought you said she knew,” you heard May whisper to Peter.
“I thought she did!” your boyfriend whispered in return. “I thought she was waiting for today to tell me!”
You finally snapped out of your trance, placing the mug down on the table and turning to Peter. “Can you please explain what’s happening?”
After a beat of silence, he answered, “You’re pregnant.”
You snorted in disbelief. “I think I’d know if I was pregnant, Peter.” You took a second to mentally count the days, and your heart began to beat erratically once you realized you had been so busy with final papers and projects to remember when your last period had been. Well, shit.
“You are,” he said confidently. He draped an arm around the back of your chair before taking your hand in his. “Some nights, when it’s really quiet, I can hear the baby’s heartbeat. Scared the hell out of me when I first heard it.” Instinctively, your hands dropped to your stomach, cradling it tenderly. Leave it to your boyfriend to find out you were pregnant before you did thanks to his hyper-senses. “I thought you knew and you were planning to tell me today, you know, because it’s Mother’s Day.” He scratched the back of his neck and laughed nervously, his gaze flitting to May before he met your eyes again. “I, uh, realize now that you didn’t know.”
“We’re gonna have a baby?” He nodded, lips curling into a smile. “I’m gonna be a mom?” Another nod. “I thought you were gonna propose! I was so nervous!”
“I mean, I can still do that if you want,” he offered, a mischievous twinkle in his chocolate eyes.
“No!” you exclaimed. “I think one big life change is enough for today.”
You shared a soft, sweet kiss with Peter before turning your attention back to the mug on the table. Your fingers curled around it, holding it gently in your hands as you stared at the words again and a smile tugged at your lips.
A gentle hand on yours called your attention away from the mug and to May. The older woman was smiling widely at you and her nephew, i she’d tears glittering in her eyes. “Happy Mother’s Day, Y/N.”
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golddustharrington · 10 days ago
Stuck In The Web of Love (Peter Parker x Stark! Reader!) |Spider-Man: Homecoming- Chapter 8|
Spider-Man: Homecoming Masterlist
Story Summary: Being Tony Stark’s kid can have its ups and downs. One of the downs is that you are in danger when your dad comes out as Iron Man. And one of the ups is that you are protected by the avengers. But what happens when you meet someone that you met a long time ago. As the two of you get closer when you go to Midtown Tech, meeting Ned, MJ, and everyone else. What happens when you catch feelings for the geeky brunette, especially when he has feelings for someone else? Will you hide these feelings or tell him at the right time… or the wrong time?  
Chapter Summary: the reader and peter are working at the weapon core they found the night before in the shop with some help from ned. its decathlon time and its seems to be the perfect time for peter to sneak off, right? peter talks to karen about his feelings, but about who.
Word Count: 8.2k+
Warnings: fluff and language 
I love interacting with you all! Feel free to ask, private message or leave a comment below! 
Note: grammar, punctuation and spelling errors 
Taglist: @write-from-the-heart @ayejaysshite @est19xxshit @hallecarey1
“You want to tell me why the hell you came home late last night with your clothes somewhat wet?” Pepper questioned you, watching you grab two pieces of toast from the toaster and placed them on the white plate that you were holding before you. You were wearing a white ivory shirt with a maroon plaid button up with light washed skinny jeans, paired off with black vans. 
“I was hanging out with Peter at the party, and we ended up staying late, okay?” You lied as you placed the plate onto the counter and grabbed the jar of your favorite jam to put on the toast. Pepper sighed in annoyance as she looked at you, her head placed in the palm of her hand as she looked at you with a look of disbelief on her face.
“Mhm,” She hummed, stealing a quick glance down at the screen of her laptop. Probably an important email or something like that. “So, what’s your explanation for your clothes?” She looked at you with a raised brow and you returned the look after taking a bite for your toast, swallowing the bite before you spoke.
“There was a pool. I lost my balance and fell into the pool.” You lied again before taking another bite of the toast. Pepper took a deep breath before looking at her laptop before her and started typing, the way she looked at you and how she reacted to what you said was telling you that she didn’t believe you.
“And what did Peter do?” She questioned as she continued to type, her eyes moving word after word that she was typing in her computer. Trying to get more out of you, looking up at you quickly.
You shifted on your feet as you got rid of the little crumbs of toast off your hands as you finished your breakfast. “He jumped in to make sure that I was okay,” You lied to her once again as you placed your plate into the sink. “And we just hung out in the backyard with Ned afterwards.” You finished. You were met with typing as it echoed throughout the room.
You sighed and glanced down at your watch that sat on your wrist to see that it was time to go to school, and from what Peter texted you when you woke up that morning was that he was bring the glowing purple item in school and was wondering if you wanted to help him dismantle it to see what it was.
Of course, you agreed to do so.
“I’ve got to go,” You informed Pepper as you grabbed your bag from a chair at the table. “I’ll be back some time after school.” You added as you began walking towards the elevator.
“Don’t you have that Decathlon competition coming up soon?” Pepper questioned as you pressed the button to go down. You looked over your shoulder to look at her.
“Yeah. Why?”
“Just wondering,” She answered, turning around in her seat to look at you. Her arm sitting on top of the chair as she looked at you. “You might want to pack beforehand, Y/N.” She suggested, to which you nodded to her as the doors of the elevator opened.
“Have a great day at school, Y/N.” Pepper said over her shoulder as you walked into the elevator, placing earbuds into your ears. “Have a great day, Pepper.” You repeated as the elevator doors began to close. You sighed and leaned against the railing of the elevator, watching the numbers count how many floors you passed by.
The numbers telling you how close you were getting to going to school.
At the shop with Peter, trying to dismantle the glowing object that the two of you found to look at the glowing item better. Peter hitting the item a few times with a hammer to see if that freed the object from the wiring. Causing the object to glow purple after hit after hit. 
It did lose up a piece of metal that was placed on the object, letting Peter remove it just as easily as it came loose. 
“Hey,” Ned said as he walked up to the table where you and Peter were. “Thanks for bailing on me.” You and Peter looked up from the object to look at your friend. 
“Yeah, well, something came up.” Peter informed, looking down at the glowing object and back at Ned. Showing him what the two of you are working on. Ned looked down in shock. 
“Oh, what is that?” Ned asked in shock as he studied the object just you and Peter were. You picked some tweezers and began removing the wiring as Peter informed Ned about what happened last night. 
“We don’t know,” Peter shrugged, glancing at you quickly before looking back at Ned. “Some guy tried to vaporize me with it.” Peter said, causing you to look at Peter with a look of concern. 
“Why the hell didn’t you tell me that Peter?” You questioned the brunette as you tossed some metal onto the table. Peter looked over at you and shrugged once again, swallowing nervously. 
“Did… didn’t cross my mind at the time Y/N.” 
“Mhm.” You hummed as you returned to dismantling the object. Tossing more things that came from the object onto the table.
“Really?” Ned asked in shock, making his friend look away from you and back to him. 
“Yeah.” Peter nodded.
“Awesome!” Ned exclaimed, causing you and Peter to look at him with an indignant look making him back track immediately. 
“I mean, not awesome,” Ned shook his head to disapprove of what he said before. “Totally uncool of that guy. So scary.”  You and Peter glanced up at him from the device to look at with the same look you gave him before looking back at the device and disassembling it. 
“Well, look, we think it’s…” Peter looked quickly over at you. “A power source.” He said, making you nod your head in agreement. “Yeah, but it’s connected to all these microprocessors,” Ned pointed at some of the wires. “That’s an inductive charging plate. That’s what I use to charge my toothbrush.” 
“Well, whoever’s making these weapons is,” You began as you pulled a wire loose.
“Is combing alien tech with ours.” Peter finished your sentence, making you look at him. Earning a tug at your heart. You gave him a soft smile and nodded your head. 
“Yeah, that.” You sighed. Peter reciprocated the same soft smile you gave him in return. The two of you feeling your cheeks heat up.
“That’s literally the coolest sentence anyone has ever said,” Ned said in amazement, making you and Peter look over at him as he stared off. You two of you looked at each other and shrugged. You went to start moving the wires, feeling Peter’s hand brush against yours.
Causing sparks to flow through your skin.
“I just want to thank you for letting me be a part of your journey… into this amazing-“ Ned said, beginning his speech until you moved your hands away from the device to allow Peter to slam the hammer down on it once again. Making a loud noise echo throughout the shop and the glowing object to jump out of the device it was held in, onto the table, also causing the three of you to jump and to quickly look over at the teacher, who was reading a book at his desk.
“Keep your fingers clear of the blades.” His voice boomed throughout the shop. The three let out a sigh of relief and turned back to the device. “We gotta figure out what this is and who made it.” Peter informed.
“We’ll go to the lab after class and run tests,” Ned added, which not too so afterwards do their handshake as you just chuckled at them with a small shake of your head as the three of you continued to look at the glowing object.
Wondering who in the world would want to combine alien tech.
In Peter’s room, you were spinning in Peter’s desk chair. Staring blankly up at the ceiling as you tried to understand what you were just told over the phone when Peter called you. Talking quickly through the phone.
“So, let me get this straight,” You sighed, running your fingers through your hair with your eyes clenched closed in concentration. Peter sitting on his bed looked at you with his head in the palm of his hand, staring at you admiringly. “The guys that tried to vaporize you came to the school because they…” You trailed off and looked over at Peter for help.
“They had an energy pulse in the shop and were searching for it. So, I put a tracking device on one of the guys boots to see where they might be going.” You nodded your head at this information, moving the chair back and forth slightly as you pursed your lips in thought.
“And what are you going to do when you figure out where they are?” You questioned the brunette. Peter sat up fully as this question and looked at you confidently.
“Easy, I’ll go after them and stop them,” His cheeks began to turn a light pink as he looked at you shyly. “With your help if you want to.” He suggested shyly, making your cheeks feel hot.
“I’d like to Peter, but my-“ But you were cut off by Ned sitting in front of the two of you as a holographic map with a blinking red dot on a device with excitement in his voice and on his face. You were going to tell Peter about the tracker inside his suit, but it was too late when Peter looked over where Ned was with excitement. 
“This is so awesome,” Peter laid on his bed to be closed to his best friend and you moved from the chair to sit on the floor and lean against the bed as the three of you looked at the holographic map that sat in Ned’s hand.
“I know, right?” Peter agreed as the three of you watched the red dot move along the map. You sighed and moved around to get comfortable, having a feeling that this was going to be awhile until the three of you figured out where they’re going to stop at. You glanced over at the map to see that the red dot moved.
“They’re in Brooklyn.” You sighed as you crossed your arms against your chest.
As time moved on, the three of you moved around the room as you watched the red dot move on the map.
“Staten Island.” Ned said as the three of you were snacking on chips, you and Ned sitting on the floor and Peter hanging upside down from the top bunk of his bed.
“Leaving Jersey.” You yawned as night fell on the three of you. The only light sources helping the three of you see were the holographic map, your phone that you had in your hand as you texted Pepper that you might be late coming home, and the streetlights shining in through Peter’s bedroom window.
Not too long ago, Ned fell asleep on Peter’s bed, wearing the Spider-Man mask. You were laying down on the floor with a pillow cushioning your head as you looked up at Peter, who was on the ceiling. The two of you having random conversations after one of you brought something up. 
“Do you remember when we first met?” You questioned him as you looked up at him. Your heart beating fast as you looked up at him curiously. Peter furrowed his brows at you with a small tilt to his head, making your heart do backflips. 
“Of course I remember Y/N,” He said softly. “I have a fucking picture that aunt May took of us sitting on the fucking jungle gym. I remember bumping heads with you and meeting you, it was one the best things that happened to me.” He smiled softly, making you do the same. 
“It was the best thing that happened to me as well,” You sighed, but then sat up and looked at the brunette curiously. “One of the best things that happened to you?” You questioned him. Peter looked at you with another tilt of his head and began to lower himself from a web, stopping to be face to face with you even though he’s upside down. 
“Yeah, meeting you again was another best thing that happened to me, Y/N.” He confessed, his cheeks having a light pink tint to them, you felt your cheeks heat up at this confession as well. 
“Same,” You smiled at the brunette. “I wish I didn’t lose that picture though. When my dad came back from where our house used to be in Malibu with just a few things that were left behind and didn’t have that picture I felt my heart shatter,” You confessed, looking down at the ground. Playing with your fingers as you did so. 
“Y/N,” Peter said softly, making you look up at the boy with brown eyes. He reached over and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, kept his hand there as the two of you looked at each other. Both of your hearts feel a tug on them. 
“I’m sorry for losing it.” You apologized softly as you continued to stare into his brown eyes. Peter shook his head at your apology. 
“You don’t have to apologize for losing it, Y/N. You didn’t know that your home was going to be destroyed that day,” He began, watching at a passing headlights of a car pass by his bedroom window move across your face, showing your features that caused another big tug at his heart. 
“I can make you another one if you’d like.” Peter offered with a soft smile. 
“No,” You shook your head. “I can’t ask you to do that Peter.” You were being stubborn, something that your dad, Pepper, Happy, Rhodey, the Avengers picked up on when they were around you. Tony telling you that you act like your mom when she’s stubborn, especially when you cross your arms and tap your foot when your firm about your decision.
“Y/N, please let me do this for you,” Peter begged as he pushed the same strand that came loose when you shook your head. “Please.” He pleaded softly to you. You stared at Peter and opened mouth to say something, but the sound of a beeping noise interrupted you and the bed shifted as Ned sat up on the bed and grabbed the device that had the holographic map. 
“They stopped.” He informed, causing you and Peter to turn in his direction to look at the map. 
“Maryland?” You questioned as you looked at the red dot with furrowed brows. 
“What’s there?” Ned questioned the two of you. Peter shrugged as he answered him. 
“I don’t know. Evil lair?” 
“They have a lair?” Ned asked, surprised. 
“Dude, a gang with alien guns…” Peter began his sentence. 
“Run by a guy with wings?” You questioned, you and Peter looked at each other with your cheeks still heated up before looking back over at Ned. 
“Yeah, they have an evil lair.” The two of you said in unison. 
“Badass,” Ned said, impressed with a nod of his head, but titled his head to the side as he looked at Peter. “But how are you gonna get there if it’s like, 300 miles away?” The three of you stared at each other for a second before looking over at the decathlon poster simultaneously.
“It’s not too far from D.C.” Peter stated, forming a plan inside his head already. But looking at the poster made your eyes widened from what you and Pepper talked about that morning, causing you to stand up quickly. Being careful to avoid bumping heads with Peter as you did so. 
“I’ve gotta go,” You informed as you patted your jean pockets to see which pocket your phone was in to text Happy you need a ride home. “I’ve got to pack for the decathlon and I told Pepper I was going to be home earlier and it’s late…” You rambled as you texted Pepper quickly after texting Happy. You glanced up at Peter and Ned as they looked at you. 
“I’ll see you guys later,” You sighed as you walked over to where they still were. You leaned down to hug Ned goodbye. 
“Bye Ned.” You said.
“Bye Y/N.” You gave him a soft smile before you turned around to see Peter still hanging upside down but still eye level with you. You couldn’t really hug him like this so you had to think of another way to say goodbye. 
“Bye Peter,” You said softly as you leaned a little closer, your heart beating fast in your chest. 
“Bye Y/N.” Peter said with a shy smile on his lips. Thinking you were going to back away and walk away like he thought, you didn’t. 
Instead you leaned in a little closer making Peter shallow nervously as he watched you. You quickly looked at the brunette before pressing your lips softly to his cheek like you did years before at the playground when you had to leave. 
When you pulled away you saw that Peter’s cheeks were a bright red as he looked at you.
"I… I'll see you guys later," You said softly as you stood up fully and started walking towards Peter's bedroom door. 
"Bye Y/N!" Ned waved happily at you. You returned the wave with a shy smile and watched Peter land on the floor on his feet. And turned around to look at you in awe. 
"Bye Y/N." He breathed. You felt a tug at your heart at this. You opened the door as you said before you walked out the door. 
"Bye Peter." 
Once you stepped outside his bedroom door, closing it behind you, you pressed your lips together to hide your smile as you walked to the front door of the apartment. 
Saying goodbye to May as you did so. 
You were standing in front of the bus with Ned and the rest of the decathlon team, helping everyone load up the bus wearing your yellow decathlon jacket with a river green short sleeved t-shirt with different variations of colors that were gathered in bouquets on the shirt. 
The colors consisted of; yellows. whites, pinks, and blues. The dark blue skinny jeans finished off with black vans. You were looking around to see if Peter was going to show up or not, you were worrying your bottom lip between your teeth as you looked around the school. 
“Where are you Peter?” You mumbled underneath your breath. What if Peter decided to not go with the plan that he told you over the phone that morning when you woke up. What if it was because of the kiss you left on his cheek? You shook your head at the thought followed by your cheeks heating up at the thought. 
As you looked forward again you felt your heart almost leap out of your chest. Peter was walking over to where all of you were standing. A smile broke out on your lips as you waved at him with a smile on your face, making Peter return it. 
“Hey, it’s Peter.” Abe shouted, giving Peter away. Everyone turned their attention to the brunette that was getting closer to all of you. 
“Guys,” Peter greeted as he stopped in front of everyone, taking a few steps back when he got too close to Liz. 
“Peter?” Liz asked, confused with her brows furrowed in confusion as to why he was back after quitting. 
“Hey, I was hoping I could rejoin the team. Peter said, looking at everyone in the group. Before anyone can say anyone, a voice that annoyed you to death so much that you knew who it belonged to spoke up. 
“No, no, no way,” Flash spoke up, annoyed as he walked towards Peter. “You can’t just stroll up and be welcomed back by everyone.” And just right on cue, Mr. Harrington stepped off the bus and greeted Peter with a smile and did the exact opposite Flash just said. 
“Hey, welcome back Peter,” Flash looked at Mr. Harrington with an annoyed look just as Mr. Harrington looked at him. “Flash, you’re first alternate.” You laughed when you heard this, covering your mouth with the fist of your hand. 
“What?” Flash questioned, acting like he just got punched in the face. Making you laugh even more behind your hand. 
“He’s taking your place.” Abe shouted out to Flash, making people silently chuckle to themselves. 
“Excuse me,” Michelle spoke out from the back of the crowd, stepping forward a bit so that she could be seen. “I was hoping to get some protesting in front of an embassy before dinner, so.” Michelle added as she looked at Mr. Harrington for his response. 
Mr. Harrington nodded his head as he understood where Michelle was coming from. “Protesting is patriotic,” He nodded towards the bus towards him, telling all of you to get on. “Let’s get on the bus.” 
As everyone began getting on the bus, Flash shrugged off his jacks and thrusted in into Peter’s arms before getting onto the bus in annoyance. Bumping into people as he walked up the steps of the bus. You walked up next to Peter and bumped your shoulder against his. 
“He deserves it,” You sighed and looked over at the brunette with chocolate brown eyes. Peter chuckled as he removed his backpack and handed it towards you to put on his decathlon jacket. “He’s a dick.” 
“Not to you at least.” Peter sighed as he pulled his right arm through the jacket sleeve. You rolled your eyes at this and an aggravated groan. 
“It’s because he likes me and doesn’t know how to take a no as an answer.” Peter snickered at this as he grabbed his backpack from you and put it back on his back with a smirk on his face. 
“You should tell him that you have a crush on Spider-Man.” Peter joked. You felt a tug at your heart and your cheeks when Peter said this. You wished that Peter knew what he said was true. You really wished he did. 
But it needed to be at the right place, at the right time. 
“Hahahahahahaha,” You sarcastically laughed as you bumped your shoulder against his again as you walked towards the steps of the bus. “Like that’s gonna stop him. It’s only gonna motivate him even more.” You added, walking past Peter to get onto the bus. Your cheeks heating up even more if that was possible as you heard Peter’s light footsteps against the concrete and grass to catch up with you. 
With one foot stepping onto the bus, you felt Peter grab your hand, sending sparks down your spine. Even more were sent down when he intertwined his fingers with yours. The two of you holding hands until it came to walking down the aisle to get to your seats is when you let go of his hand, and him letting go of yours. 
Much to both of your dismays. 
In their hotel room, Peter and Ned had his suit hooked up to Ned’s computer after getting to the hotel for the competition. Peter wanted to get rid of the tracker that Happy mentioned to him on the bus when heading to D.C. Why didn’t you tell him when you had the chance? 
Were you going to tell him anyways? Let him know about the tracker or keep it a secret from him? 
But here he is, sitting on the carpet floor on his knees. Tweezers in one hand, flashlight in his mouth, while his other hand is holding onto a piece of his suit that held the embedded tracker. 
“Peter… what are we removing the tracker from your suit?” Ned questioned him. Peter looked at Ned quickly and back to his suit, and took the flashlight out of his mouth so that he could speak. 
“I gotta follow these guys to their boss before they move again…” Peter answered, dropping his voice a little as he looked at his friend. “And I don’t want Mr. Stark to know about it.” 
Ned furrowed his brows at Peter in confusion. “So you’re lying to Iron Man now? What about Y/N? Wasn’t she going to go with you?” He questioned, making Peter look at Ned with his brows furrowed as well when he mentioned him lying to your dad and leaving you out on his little mission. 
And Peter has thought about you going and he decided not to. He noticed how you were enjoying being a normal actual teen for once on the bus with everyone else, more specifically having separate conversations with Michelle during practice on the trip to D.C.
“No, I’m not lying. He just doesn’t really get what I can do yet,” Ned rolled his eyes with a shake of his head in annoyance. “And for Y/N… I just want her to enjoy this trip as much as she can. She’s never got to do something like this for a while. She deserves this.” Peter placed the flashlight back into his mouth and started concentrating on the tracker once again. 
Feeling his heart flutter at the little scenarios of taking you on little dates if the two of you were to date. If you shared the same feelings as him, the keyword being if. Scenarios where you can be a normal teen with him by your side, as your best friend and boyfriend. 
“Gotcha,” Peter muttered as Peter held the tracker up between the tweezers and removed the flashlight from his mouth and moved towards the lamp. “All right, Happy, enjoy tracking this lamp.” Peter smiled as he placed the tracker not the lamp shade while Ned was looking at the coding that was on the screen of his laptop.
“There’s a ton of other subsystems in here… but they’re all disabled by the Training Wheels Protocol.” Ned smirked with a laugh leaving his lips. This caught Peter’s attention and moved to Ned’s side to look at the screen in annoyance.
“Training Wheels Protocol,” Peter mumbled to himself as he looked at the screen. “Turn it off.” Peter demanded. 
“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Ned disagreed and pointed at the screen to prove his point. “I mean, they’re probably blocked for a reason.” Peter sighed in annoyance with a roll of his eyes
“Come on, man, I don’t need Training Wheels,” Peter got up and got onto a bed and stood on it. “I’m sick of him treating me like a kid all the time. It’s not cool.” He complained. Ned looked at his friend with furrowed brows in confusion. 
“But you are a kid.” Ned pointed out. 
“Yeah, a kid who can stop a bus with his bare hands.” Peter remarked. Ned looked at Peter with a worried look. “Peter,” Ned began, he gestured to the screen in front of him. “I just don’t think this a great idea. I mean, what if this is illegal?” Ned asked, cautiously. Peter jumped down from the bed in panic and got down on his knees next to Ned. 
“Look, please. This is my chance to prove myself. I can handle it. Ned, come on.” Peter pleaded with his friend to follow on with disabling the protocol in his suit. 
“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Ned stated, disapproving of the idea. 
“The guy in the chair.” Peter said, trying to tempt Ned. Ned sighed with a roll of his eyes, trying not to fall under his friend’s temptation. 
“Don’t do that.” 
“Come on,” Peter begged. Ned sighed and typed away on his laptop, disabling the protocol. The two of them watching light blue lines run over the suit and stopped. 
A sign telling the two of them that the plan was taking place and that Peter was no longer under the Training Wheels Protocol. 
“Come on, Y/N,” Liz urged you as you, her, and some of the people on the team were rushing down the hall of the hotel with snacks, towels, and wore white robes around yourselves, giggles leaving your mouths as you tried to “sneak”. All of you were rushing down to the pool before the day of the competition, which is the next day. 
You never got the chance to do something like this, especially when your dad took you out of school earlier on when you were little. You never got the chance to do the things you haven’t, like this. Not being able to be a regular teen with friends and do things that teens do. 
So here you are in a light purple two-piece bathing suit with a white robe around yourself as you ran down the hard floor of the hotel with your friends. Right when you went around the corner of the hallway, you saw Liz and Peter talking. You tell it was Peter, even with a hood over his head, was some of his chocolate curls peeking out from underneath the hood of his jacket. 
While everyone ran past them, Flash slapped Peter’s ass as he did so. Starling Peter while it made you laugh. You stopped in your tracks while Peter and Liz talked about something and then Liz looked over Peter’s shoulder and gave Peter a smile before walking off. 
Telling you it was your chance to talk to him. So you did so. You started making your way towards the brunette, your feet lightly hitting the hard cold floor. 
“Hey,” You said softly, making Peter jump and turn around to see who it was. He had his jacket all the way zipped up, and you already knew why. He had his suit on underneath. “I see that you’re ready to go swimming.” You joked, pointed to his jacket and jeans. Peter looked down at the clothing he was wearing and back at you. You had a white robe on like everyone else that passed by him. 
“Y-you’re g-go-going swimming to?” Peter asked, stuttering. You nodded with a soft smile and burning cheeks. 
“Yeah,” You nodded, playing with the soft fabric on the towel that you were holding. “I haven’t been swimming in a while, which feels like forever. The only time it feels like I’ve ever been swimming was in…” You trailed off and looked at Peter, feeling a tug at your heart. 
“Malibu.” You and Peter said in unison. Peter looked at you sympathetically as you gave him a shy smile. You let out a sad sigh as you thought about the memories you had in Malibu, everything that you missed and remembered. 
“You miss it? Don’t you?” Peter inquired, making you look up at him with another sad sigh and a shrug. 
“Yeah, sometimes I guess,” You looked into his brown eyes with a sad smile, playing with the cuff of your robe. “I miss the beach, the water, surfing on the waves.” You listed off with a laugh, closing your eyes imaging everything you listed off. The sound of the waves crashing around you, encompassing around you as you were knocked off your surfboard. Peter joined in the laughter as he looked at you, the lights showing your features like in his room. 
But this time it made it seem like you were an angel from how it was behind you. 
But then your laugh faded and your eyes opened to look at him, sadness prevalent in your eyes as you looked at him. Almost like you were hurt or upset by something. 
“What’s wrong?” He asked, concerned. You bit your lip nervously as you looked at the brunette. 
“It’s just that…” You sighed as you ran your fingers through your hair. “If I stayed there, meaning that the house wasn’t destroyed. I might not have met you and that would really suck, because you’re my best friend.” You admitted with a shy smile and a burning of your cheeks. You looked down at the floor real quick before looking up to see Peter looking at you in awe. 
His brown eyes showed admiration as he looked at you with a smile and light tint of pink on his cheeks. You just wanted to kiss him, telling him how you feel also and hopefully he’ll feel the same also. You wanted to have little dates with him and hold his hand across the table, make little jokes between the two of you during dinner with your dad, couple things that you’ve read in books. 
Even though sometimes they’re not sometimes exactly accurate. 
Unfortunately your little scenarios of Peter were interrupted by a voice calling out to you. 
“Y/N,” You groaned and rolled your eyes and looked over Peter’s shoulder as Peter looked behind him. Flash was standing there waiting for you with his hands on his hips. “You coming or what?” He questioned. You sighed in annoyance and looked at black haired teen in your eyesight. 
“Give me a damn minute, okay?” You looked at Peter quickly, mouthing to him. “He’s so annoying, my god.” Peter snickered at this as you looked over his shoulder to see Flash throwing his arms up in annoyance and walked off. Allowing the two of you to start laughing at loud. 
You leaned forward, clutching your stomach and placed your head on Peter’s shoulder. Trying to catch your breath but failing to do so. 
“He really doesn’t know when to leave you alone, doesn’t he?” Peter chuckled, he felt you shake your head no as you continued to laugh. “No, I-I guess he doesn’t.” You giggled. The two of you continued laughing until the reason why Peter’s out here dawned upon the two of you, causing the laughter that was shared between the two of you to stop. 
You lifted your head up from Peter’s shoulder, your lips closer than you thought. Making your cheeks burn from how close the two of you are, you could feel Peter’s breath lightly hit your face as the two of you look at each other. 
“I should let you go, huh?” You questioned. Peter nodded, looking down at you sadly. You nodded, understanding that he had to go. But then something popped up in your head. You nudge your nose against his lightly, making your heart flutter even more. 
“I can go you know, help you catch the bad guys. I can hurry back to my room and get changed and we can go.” You suggested. As much as Peter would like that, he still remembered the decision that he made earlier on. 
“As much as I’d like to, Y/N,” Peter whispered, nudging his nose against yours like you did before. “I can do this on my own. I want you to be able to have fun with teens our age without having to deal with any superhero duties for a day. You should be able to have a day to be just a teen.” 
“But I want to have those days with you.” You admitted with a whisper. Peter felt a tug on his heart when you admitted this, Peter nudged his hand with yours and yours reacted to his small touch by nudging against his. And you pressed your forehead against his, making your heart flutter even more. 
“I promise…” Peter trailed off with a nervous swallow as he closed his eyes. “After all of this is over we can hang out somewhere. Just you and me.” He promised. You hummed as your response and moved your head a little, making the brunette curious. But he soon figured it out when he felt a light peck against his cheek that made his cheeks flush even more and a hard tug at his heart. 
“Please be careful, I don’t want to lose my best friend,” You whispered in his ear before you pulled away. Peter opened his eyes to see you were smiling bashfully, a smile that probably matched his. “Please make it back safely. Please.” You begged as you began backing away towards the direction of the pool. 
“Y-yeah.” Peter stuttered with a smile on his face as he watched you get closer to the corner that led you to the pool. You returned the smile as waved him goodbye before turning around and rushing around the corner before Flash came back to get you. Your hair flying in the wind. 
Peter did not know what was going to happen tonight and neither were you. 
Waking up from a hard shake from the dark trailer of a truck, Peter woke up with a groan and sat up a bit, holding his head. 
“Oh, my head,” Peter groaned. He vaguely remembered about what happened. He knows that he found the bad guys and went after them, but then the bird guy came over and everything went fuzzy from there. He continued to groan as he got up from the floor, his vision a little bit wobbly, causing him to hold onto the crates in front of him. 
“You appear to have a mild concussion.” The voice lady in his suit informed him. Peter removed his hand from his head and looked around the area that he was in. Confusion setting on his mind as he looked around. The metal crates around him full of things that he didn’t know. 
“Hey, so where am I right now?” Peter questioned the voice lady. 
“I’m not sure,” The voice lady answered as Peter looked into the crates. “The container walls are hindering my sensors.” 
 “Wait a minute,” Peter whispered to himself as he looked around his surroundings once again. “They must have hijacked the truck and taken me to their evil lair.” Peter looked around once again before whispering. 
“Okay, suit lady, we’re gonna have to fight our way out of this one.” 
Peter turned around to face the doors of the trailer, getting into stance and to break down the doors.  
“Three, two, one.” Peter began to run towards the metal doors of the trailer. Bracing his arms in front of him for impact. Peter breaks the doors down of the trailer and looks around to see that he’s in a warehouse full of containers, making him look around the warehouse on guard. 
“What is this place?” Peter asked himself. “Suit lady, where am I?” Peter asked his suit. 
“You’re in the most secure facility on the Eastern Seaboard. The Damage Control Deep Storage Vault.” The voice informed Peter. Peter turned around to see a huge door with the letters. 
Peter placed his hands in panic as he started at the huge door. “No. Seriously.” Peter said, groaning in annoyance at the end. Moments later, Peter crawled to the door and tried to open it, but nothing would budge. 
“The door will most likely remain closed until morning.” The voice lady informed Peter as he landed back onto the concrete floor. Peter kicked at the door in annoyance and looked up at it. “Morning.” Peter asked in disappointment. Peter sighed after hearing this and looked around the warehouse to see if there was any other way for him to leave. 
But when he found nothing in return, Pete was left to find something to do in the meantime until morning.
“Hey, suit lady. I kind of feel bad calling you ‘suit lady’, you know?” Peter asked as he laid down on a web-made hammock. “I think I should probably give you a name,” Peter said, thinking about names. And one came to mind. 
“Like Liz,” Peter suggested, but then immediately regretted it. “No, no, no. God, that’s… weird.” 
Later on, Peter was swinging on a web with one hand. Still coming with names for the suit lady. 
“What about Karen?” Peter suggested as he dropped onto the concrete floor below him gently on his back. He was wondering what you were doing right now? Were you wondering if he was okay or where he was at? The thought of you made Peter’s heart do backflips.
“You can call me Karen if you would like.” Karen said, breaking Peter out of his thoughts. Soon after that, Peter was hanging upside down on a web reading a textbook. “Hey, Karen, what else can this suit do?” Peter questioned, trying to break his thoughts from the last time he was hanging upside down like this. 
It reminded him of when you kissed him on the cheek before you left the night before everyone left for D.C. The thought of you not only kissing his cheek in his bedroom, but also in the hotel hallway. He felt his cheeks heat up at the feeling of your lips pressing softly against his cheek. 
But then suddenly, web wings popped out from under his arms. Snapping him out from his thoughts and from the textbook that sat in his hands in shock. 
“What?” He gasped. 
Peter then moved onto standing in front of an empty wall, wearing his yellow decathlon jacket over his suit. A laser of the Spider-Man emblem on the wall, while Peter is examining the options for his web. 
“Maybe we should run that refresher course.” Peter mumbled under his breath. 
“Ricochet web.” Karen said as Peter selected an option for his web. 
“Ricochet web.” Peter repeated, aiming towards the empty wall where a ball of a web was shot out towards the wall and then ricocheted off the wall into a trailer, making Peter duck when it bounced off the wall. Peter turned around to look at the container in amazement. 
“Whoa! Cool!” 
Later on, the wall is covered with patches of webs. No longer being as empty as it was before. Peter was walking around the area of the wall full of webs, selecting another option. 
“Splitter Web.” Karen said as Peter selected another option, making two different webs shootout in different directions as Peter continued to walk.
More time had passed by and the wall was even more messier from Peter practicing each option he was learning. 
“Web grenade.” Karen named another option Peter selected. 
“Web grenade!” Peter exclaimed, as he jumped and threw another web and it exploded into a giant web and then later on Peter used some web and started to jump rope. Just trying to find something to pass time. 
Hoping that time will speed up so he can go to the competition in time before anyone notices he’s been gone. And so he can be there with you before you start to worry even more than you probably were. 
After learning about his different options, Peter was laying on one of the trailers. One hand placed on his stomach as many thoughts ran through his head. Like, what would you do when you see if? Would you run towards him and hug him so tight that he couldn’t get out of it unless he pushed you off. 
Which he didn’t want to do. 
Or would you kiss him on the lips instead of the cheek this time. In front of everyone. Telling them that you both liked each other. But there was that little doubt inside his mind that was telling him that even though he liked you, doesn’t mean that you liked him back. You were kind of out of his league. 
“Should I tell Y/N that I like her?” Peter asked out loud, not knowing that he did so as he stared up at the ceiling. 
“Y/N Stark?” Karen questioned him, making Peter jump for a bit but then embarrassed when he realized that he asked something out loud instead of his head. 
“Uh… y-yeah. She’s just… heh. She’s awesome and so caring, you know. And she’s just the best. And, uh… Yeah, I just… I really want to tell her, but it’s kind of weird, you know? ‘Hey, I like you, do you like me?’” 
“What’s weird about that?” Karen questioned the brunette. Peter let out a deep sigh as he thought of his answer. Thinking about any other boy that might catch your interest who isn’t him. Someone that might catch your interest more than him gaining your interest. 
“What if she’s more into someone like Flash? Imagine how she’ll be when I tell her. What if she rejects me after I tell her that I like her?” Peter questioned out loud, throwing his arms up. 
“Well, if I were her, I wouldn’t reject you at all.” Karen reassured. Her reassurance made Peter feel a bit better, giving him a little bit of hope that you might like him back. 
“Thanks Karen. It’s really nice to have somebody to talk to,” Peter thanked Karen, but then something popped inside his head. Something that he was trying to keep a track of time he had left until morning so that the doors could open. “Hey, how long we been here anyways?” Peter questioned Karen. 
“Thirty seven minutes.” Karen answered. This was a shock to Peter since he thought that it was less than that and this frustrated him. 
“What?” Peter sat up immediately, getting ready to leave the warehouse. Not waiting for anyone to open the doors to the warehouse he was in. He needed to leave now. “Thirty seven minutes? That’s insane. I cannot take this anymore. I gotta… I gotta get out of here.” 
Peter then flipped off the trailer he was laying on and walked into the trailer that he was in when he woke up. He sighed as he took off his yellow decathlon jacket and he’s other jacket he wore at the hotel. 
“There’s got to be something in here I can use.” Peter said to himself as he kneeled down on the ground and unzipped the bird man’s duffle bag. 
“Okay, let’s see,” Peter said as he began going through the duffle. Peter pulls out a wheel-shaped metal piece and puts it aside, finding it not useful for what he’s trying to do. 
He then reached inside the bag again and pulled out a head of a robot. “That’s awesome,” And then also put it to the side like the wheel-shaped metal, the robot head making a clanging sound as it hits the metal of the floor. Peter reached into the bag again and pulled out a similar glowing thing that you and him found when the two of you were walking back to Liz’s house. 
“Ah, hey, it’s like the glowy thing Y/N and I found.” Peter said out loud. Examining the object close like he did with the one that Ned has currently. 
“That glowy thing is an explosive Chitauri energy core.” Karen informed Peter. This new information that Peter just received made him drop the Chitauri energy core carefully. Not wanting to disturb it and cause it to blow up, if that could be the possible cause. 
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You mean, we’ve been carrying around a bomb?” Peter questioned, panic in his voice. 
“It would require radiation to transform it into an explosive state.” Karen informed. While Karen said this, Peter rushed to the pocket of his jacket and pulled out his phone to try to call Ned, but the call ended itself from getting any reception. 
“No, no, no, no, no.” Peter panicked. Peter then rushed out of the trailer and used his webs to swing to the warehouse doors, clinging to them once he reached them and started banging and shouting. Hoping that someone nearby will hear him and get him out of there. 
“Hey! Please! Please, somebody, let me out! Hey!” But then caught Peter’s attention from the corner of his eye. It was a time lock, sitting there for someone to put in the right sequence to be opened and make the doors open. “Karen, you have to help me override that time lock.” 
After gathering his stuff into his backpack, Peter was hanging upside down in front of the time lock with a notepad and a pen in hand. Putting numbers into the lock panel in hopes of the doors opening. 
“Okay Karen. Lower the voltage and run it.” Peter ordered. 
“Trail unsuccessful.” Karen informed. Peter began crossing out the wrong sequence into his notepad, panic settling in his bones. 
“Okay, we’re just gonna have to try every sequence.” He said. After he began writing another sequence that’ll override the lock, Peter yawned as he pressed in the numbers of the finished sequence he wrote down. 
“Initiating trail 247.” Karen stated, the massive warehouse doors groaning as they opened made Peter look over in relief. 
“It worked! It works!” Peter exclaimed. Right when the warehouse doors had a big gap between the two of them, Peter swung out in his webs, crawling on a ceiling outside the warehouse afterwards and then dropped on a trailer on a departing truck. When the truck was passing by an armed guard, Peter quickly laid down to stay out of sight of the armed guard. 
The only thing going through his head was that he was hoping that he was going to make it to the decathlon to see you and Ned and the Chitauir energy core. 
Hoping that he wasn’t too late, but something was telling him that he was. 
You might want to remember about the picture that the reader lost and what Peter told her what he can do. It’ll be REALLY important in a future chapter!
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