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ao3feed-peterparker · 16 minutes ago
The princess effect
read it on the AO3 at
by N8schatten
That was until the six years old crashed into his legs. It was a small girl in a yellow pair of dungarees over a Spiderman t-shirt. After a moment of silence she looked up at him. Her eyes big and brown sparked with something Bucky couldn’t immediately place and there was a wide grin on her lips that revealed two missing teeth. Both upper front-teeth. “Princess.” The girl cooed and Bucky just stared down at her.
*** In which Bucky Barns is a Disney Princess, the problem is that nobody told him.
Words: 3729, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: James "Bucky" Barnes, Tony Stark, Peter Parker, Sam Wilson (Marvel)
Additional Tags: Bucky Barns is a disney princess, Fluff and Humor, Everything is fine in here, Peter Parker is a Good Bro
read it on the AO3 at
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ao3feed-peterparker · 16 minutes ago
En Pointe
read it on the AO3 at
by Hale13
No matter how much she hates the Red Room, ballet is still Natasha’s go to stress relief. Peter is just curious and eager to learn.
(For the Summer of Whump on Tumblr Day 24 Prompt - Stitches)
Words: 2311, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Series: Part 24 of Summer of Whump 2021
Fandoms: Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: Gen
Characters: Peter Parker, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Tony Stark
Relationships: Peter Parker & Natasha Romanov, Peter Parker & Tony Stark
Additional Tags: Summer of Whump, Summer of Whump 2021, Peter Parker Whump, Hurt Peter Parker, Human Disaster Peter Parker, Broken Bones, Blood and Injury, Natasha Romanov Is Not A Robot, Whump, Ballet, Tony Stark Acting as Peter Parker's Parental Figure
read it on the AO3 at
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justasociallyawkwardgeek · 20 minutes ago
Peter: Hey, Mr. Stark? Can you come pick me up from my rap battle? It’s over. No, I lost. He saw you drop me off and did a pretty devastating rap about it
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hale-13 · an hour ago
En Pointe
By Hale13
For the Summer of Whump Day 24 Prompt - Stitches
No matter how much she hates the Red Room, ballet is still Natasha’s go to stress relief. Peter is just curious and eager to learn.
Words: 2311, Chapters: 1/1 (Complete), Language: English
Fandoms: Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies)
Rating: Gen
Relationships: Peter Parker & Natasha Romanov, Peter Parker & Tony Stark
Characters: Peter Parker, Natasha Romanov, Tony Stark
TW: Broken Bones, Blood
Read on AO3 or below the line break.
“You do ballet?” Peter asks curiously as he watches Natasha tear the shank out of her new pointe shoes. Her old pair is still in pretty decent shape since she only dances on occasion now but its always been relaxing to sew and break in a new pair and it never hurts to have a few back ups.
“Sometimes,” she answers cryptically as she steps on the toe box with her bare heel to flatten it out, Peter watches her fascinated, venturing further into the room and sitting cross-legged a few feet from her. He’s careful not to touch any of her old shoes or the ribbons and other tools and materials spread out in a semi-circle around where she’s sitting. “Why?”
Peter’s fingers are twitching where he has them pressed into his thigh like he’s holding back from touching. “I did ballet as a kid. Just a few months of classes before my parents died and I was terrible but it was fun.”
Natasha hums as she reinforces the toe of the shoe with glue and fans it a little to dry it out. “You probably wouldn’t be so terrible now,” she tells him as she bends one shoe and then the other, enjoying the cracking noise they make as she works them in. She looks over to Peter to consider him for a moment. “Want to try?”
“With you?” He squeaks and its kinda adorable how nervous he is. Nat suppresses a smirk as she puts on her toe spacers and worn out toe pads – the lambs wool she modified these with is absolutely perfect and she won’t even consider using another pair until these designate around her feet.
“Of course,” she answers, standing up and bending first one shoe and then the other before going up en pointe and squatting to work in both shoes. She’ll need to dance on them for a few hours before they start feeling really good but they aren’t too bad right now. Sometimes new shoes just aren’t right no matter how well she prepares them but she has a good feeling about this pair. “You seem mostly coordinated as Spider-Man at least, I think you can handle a few basic positions.”
“Uh yeah,” Peter says, jumping to his feet like an over eager puppy and making Natasha smile a bit. “Yeah that sounds great!” She can almost see his tail wag.
She gestures to the barre running the length of the studio Tony had put in the compound just for her and has them face each other, correcting Peter’s posture as she goes. His sneakers are ratty and falling apart and she wrinkles her nose at them. She taps them with the hard side of the box of her shoe. “Lose those. I don’t have a pair of men’s shoes lying around so you can just go barefoot for now.” Peter hastens to do as she steps into some resin, crunching the small rocks into powder and rubbing it into the sole, box and sides of her shoes. By the time she’s done, Peter has positioned himself back at the barre, barefoot and with the hems of his pants cuffed up to mid calf.
He looks a little nervous and intimidated so Natasha give him a little smile as she hands the barre with her left hand and adjusts herself into first position as Peter stares intently. “We’re going to do some plié to start I’ll show you the positions; this is first.” Peter’s more graceful than she expected, his legs easily falling into place without shaking or him losing his balance like most new students was. She’s almost impressed.
Peter’s a surprisingly quiet student – she’s seen him in the lab with Tony and in the field where the kid is definitely what she would describe as a chatterbox. He asks a few questions here or there but, for the most part, he just observes and follows her lead. He picks up the positions quickly and Natasha puts on some music and instructs him through her usual warm up. By the end he’s sweating a little but he looks relaxed and a little pleased with herself.
“Can you teach me to spin?” He asks her a little shyly but with an undercurrent of excitement, shifting his weight from foot to foot like an overeager puppy and Nat gives him a soft smile.
“Sure,” she says, ditching her point shoes and slipping into some flats. “So you want to start off…”
He falls over the first few times but he nails a sloppy spin the fourth time. He stumbles a little once he stops, arms akimbo and legs spread for balance with a surprised look on his face. He looks at her for a second with a clear expression of ‘did I just do that?’ before letting out an excited laugh and fist pumping. “Holy shit!” He says under his breath and Natasha laughs with him – his good humor infectious. “That was so fun!”
“Try it again,” she says. “And this time keep your arms tucked in tighter and you head fixed on a point. Like this,” she demonstrates again, focusing on a dent in the wall to keep her head from spinning with her body and to keep her from getting dizzy. Peter tries again and cleans up his form a little.
“I think I’ve got it,” he says after another few turns and then he starts again, spinning once, twice, three times and, on the fourth rotation she sees his ankle twist as if in slow motion. Peter lets out a grunt as he loses his balance and, instead of falling, tries to stick to the floor with his abilities. His momentum continues to pull him though and she hears his leg crack in a sound that echos through the studio over the soft music and makes her hair stands on end.
“Fuck!” Peter exclaims and he drops, hitting the smooth wood floor hard and immediately dropping onto his back, face ghostly. His tibia has broken cleanly in two near his ankle and twisted to break through the skin in a grotesque fashion, leaking blood onto the previously pristine floors. Natasha immediately falls back into her extensive first aid training and drops to the floor next to Peter, tying one of her leftover ribbons around his upper calf in a crude tourniquet.
“Let’s get medical down here FRIDAY,” her voice is calm even though her heart rate is elevated. Peter looks about two seconds from passing out but pushes himself up with prodigious effort only to turn green when he sees his leg, turning away from her abruptly to gag and retch. “Get it all out,” she tells him, rubbing a hand across his clammy back.
“It’s…” Peter gags again. “The bone… I…”
“Don’t look at it,” Natasha says firmly, pushing him back to the floor. “Tony told me you were accident prone but I didn’t know you were this bad,” she tells him with humor, pulling off the shrug she had put over her leotard and leggings and mashing it firmly into the wound, making Peter moan and turn white.
“It’s Parker Luck,” he tells her, sounding out of it. He looks like he may pass out and that just won’t do – she needs to keep him awake.
“What’s that?” She asks, brushing the hair off his forehead in a tender gesture and massaging his scalp a little.
“Just my specific brand of bad luck,” Peter says a little sardonically, his voice wavering from the pain. She wants to ask more but the door at the opposite end of the studio flies open hard enough to hit the wall and bounce back as Tony – helicopter mentor extraordinaire – skids into the room and literally trips over his own feet to get to Peter’s side. Natasha would roll her eyes if she wasn’t so concerned herself.
“What happened?” Tony asks her, tone accusatory and Natasha gives him a sharp look.
“We were doing ballet and he spun just a little too hard,” Peter groans from the floor, this time from embarrassment and covers his face with his hands muttering ‘just let me die’ under his breath. Tony flicks him on the forehead.
“Don’t be a dramatic little shit,” he chastises, still looking more worried than anything. “Only you would manage to give yourself a compound fracture learning ballet of all things.”
“Don’t be mean to me,” Peter whines. “I’m injured!”
Natasha can’t hold back her snort at this, the situation would probably be a lot less humorous if she didn’t know Peter would likely be completely back to normal in a couple weeks or less with his healing factor. The kid was like rubber.
“What did you do this time?” Bruce calls from the doorway, pulling a gurney and followed by a small gaggle of nurses. Natasha steps back and away as one of them takes over putting pressure on the still bleeding puncture and pulls Tony with her. She knows that if he had his druthers he would glue himself to Peter’s side and aggravate Bruce and the other medical professionals to death.
The team is quick and efficient in stabilizing Peter’s leg with a temporary splint and loading him on the stretcher, bustling out of her studio with Tony following just as quickly as they came in. Nat isn’t a big fan of crowds so she stays behind, cleaning the tacky blood off the floor before it dries and sets. As it is, the fine grains of the wood are tainted and she knows she has no chance of cleaning all of it out and resigns herself to dealing with flaking blood on the toes of her pointe shoes for the foreseeable future.
Satisfied with her clean up job, she slinks back to her room and showers, washing the remnants of Peter’s blood off her hands and forearms and the sweat out of her hair. She changes into some loungewear and dries her hair and, figuring she’s probably stalled long enough, grabs a book at random from her bookshelf and makes her way to the medical floor.
The halls are silently when she arrives thankfully and the waiting room is empty bar Tony. He’s seated in one corner facing the hall that leads to the operating and recovery rooms and tapping something into his StarkPad, reading glasses perched onto the tip of his nose and in danger of slipping off the end. He looks relaxed which she takes to mean the Peter will be just fine – not that she expected any different.
Tony jumps when she settles into the chair next to him, glasses falling to the floor and nearly fumbling his tablet. He sends her a glare without heat – he’s always complaining about her sneaking up on him but its not her fault he isn’t observant – and sets the tablet aside.
“Well?” She asks, quirking one eyebrow in expectation.
“He’ll be fine,” Tony tells her, relief clear in his voice. “They’d normally have to put in a pin or two but, with his healing, they just want to flush it out really well to prevent infection and then reduce the fracture and throw in some stitches and a brace. He’ll be on bed rest and crutches for the next week or so until the stitches can come out and he can transfer to a boot but he’ll be back up in no time.”
Natasha nods, she expected all of this really and pulls her legs up to sit cross-legged in the small chair. She didn’t do a cool down after her work-out and she can already feel all of her ligaments tightening up – her hips and knees crack as she adjusts and make Tony wrinkle his nose in obvious disgust. “He was doing pretty good for a while,” she says breezily. Kid’s got natural talent.”
“He can’t walk across a flat surface without tripping,” Tony tells her. “Don’t let all of his Spider-Man acrobatics fool you – Peter’s as clumsy as they come. His aunt should have wrapped him and put him in a bubble years ago.”
She laughs, elbowing Tony in the side and dodging his returning nudge. “He’s good for you,” she tells him honestly and Peter really is. She’s known Tony for a long time, considers him one of her closest friends barring Clint and this is the happiest and most settled she’s ever seen him. It makes her happy.
Tony blushes and clears his throat, trying to hide it but she can see the satisfied little smile on his face. He can’t deny his happiness. “Anyway,” he tries, changing the subject swiftly – she lets him. “You’ll have to help keep him entertained since part of this was your fault after all.”
“Not my problem the kid’s an accident waiting to happen,” she says with no heat. She already plans to hang around during Peter’s recovery. She can teach him more about ballet if he wants, he could shape up to be a pretty decent partner with some practice and she thinks it might help him a little with his balance and enhancements. Control of your body is important for both after all.
Later when Bruce leads them to Peter’s recovery room he gives her a knowing look that she ignores in favor of perching on the edge of the bed and teasing Peter about his poor technique. He’s high as a kite from the enhanced pain meds and cackles at her good natured jokes. Tony threatens to put him in a cushioned room for the rest of his life and Peter rolls his eyes like this is all par for the course.
He falls asleep again pretty quickly, drooling onto the pillow and twitching a little as he dreams and Natasha feels her chest feel with warmth.
Yes, she thinks Peter will make an excellent student.
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hesthermay · an hour ago
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ peter parker x f!reader
ʚϊɞ peter wants y/n, and y/n wants peter—but neither one has a single clue 
ʚϊɞ 1.3k 
ʚϊɞ angst, mutual pining
Tumblr media
The long hallways of Midtown School of Science and Technology were buzzing with life, students swarming together to gossip about the past week’s problems and plan the upcoming weekend’s festivities. The days had seemed to drag on and on, time moving as slow as a snail throughout the course of the work week; but today was Friday—the day that all work ended, all worries disappeared, and everybody let loose.
Everybody, that is, except Peter Parker. His plans had no mention of work ending and worries leaving; in fact, it was the exact opposite. All he seemed to do nowadays was complete homework, fight crime, and worry about somebody figuring out that he fights crime.
It was slightly difficult to balance it all, but it’s not like he had much of a social life before becoming Spider-Man, so some things didn’t really change. It did suck that his free time with Ned was growing slimmer and slimmer, but he was as understanding as ever.
Though he couldn’t fool Peter; he loved having a superhero best friend.
But one thing that had only worsened over time, festered and multiplied and grown, was his feelings for Y/N L/N. The way she occupied his thoughts 24/7, caused his heart to speed up faster than he thought was humanly possible, made his nerves buzz under his skin and sent tingles down his spine—it had only become more drastic since he discovered his abilities.
It was something he couldn’t explain, because it made no sense to him. His plate was full—full of something dangerous and life threatening—yet all his instincts told him to run to her, to make the dreaded first move. He knew better than that, though; he knew he needed to stay miles away from her for her own good, but his soul sung for her every second of the day. He loved and hated it all in one.
The way Y/N made him feel, the way she made everything brighter and more fun, the way that she brought the excitement to his days, was something that some people spent years of their life searching for—Peter was well aware of that, yet he wouldn’t be able to look at himself in the mirror if he didn’t at least tell himself that it was wrong.
It was wrong to want something so pure, something so special and unique, when all he would do is just trap her in the spider’s web; tangle her up in the dangers and evils of the big, cruel world out there. It was wrong to even humor the idea that he could bring her everything she deserved, him of all people—the boy with the target on his back. 
And it was wrong, so wrong, for the tiny part of himself that he’d buried away under a thousand pounds of stress and worry and suppressed longing to suggest that maybe, just maybe, he wouldn’t snuff out the burning light that was her. And if he did, perhaps it would be worth it for just a second of happiness.
But the very next morning when he walked into school and migrated down the halls and saw her leaning against her locker, chatting away with a glint in her eyes that made him rethink everything from the night before, he promised to himself that she was forever off limits; forever out of reach but just in view.
So far, but close enough to dream about.
And when Y/N, leaned against her locker and eyes scouting her surroundings, spotted shy and quiet Peter Parker with his brown curls and almost permanently blushed red cheeks, her own heart yearned for him.
He was almost an anomaly of sorts, something that broke the mold of everyday life in this cookie cutter school and left her questioning everything. What was he like? Why was he so quiet? Why was it so difficult to pry a conversation out of him? Why did it feel like he avoided her at all costs? Why—
It hadn’t always been this way, her and the boy had went years without crossing paths, never meeting or speaking or letting stupid feelings mix in and make everything weird. But during the September of tenth grade, in third period lunch to be exact, she had set her sights on him for the very first time as she made her way to the empty table right beside his.
He was worried about something, and whatever he was saying to the boy by his side was urgent; but when he looked over at her—quite literally feeling her gaze on him, as if having an extra sense—sitting there with her lunch spread out before her but eyes locked on him, she could have died then and there.
She was done for after that. She learned who he was through others, sneakily interrogating friends and mutual classmates to figure him out, and then she started noticing him everywhere. He was in the hallways with her, he was in the cafeteria, he was in the library, the parking lot; everywhere. Peter Parker seemed to plague her thoughts and her school life, and her heart suffered for it.
She tried to speak to him, he was awkward and fled as soon as possible. She waved at him when they made eye contact, and he flushed red and looked the other way. He avoided her yet sought her out just as much as she did, and it left her mind racing and temper rising.  
She knew he had at least some interest in her, and she knew it was painfully obvious that she had feelings for him, so why did he brush her off? She could write a list of questions that she would give a limb to ask the brainiac, and it would be miles and miles long. And as she made her way towards her locker to drop her books and binders off for the weekend, and Peter stood by with his own with eyes trailing her, the list grew just a bit longer. It was pathetic, the way she pined for him when he seemed to be at war with himself about her.
It was pathetic and she was tired of it. Her back was turned to him but she never felt his gaze stray, and it only drove her more mad. With every textbook and journal that she pulled from her bag and aggressively tossed into her locker, her determination grew and grew. This was pathetic, and she was tired of it. Today would be the last day that she longed for the elusive Peter Parker, the last day that she watched him from afar while in her own pity party.
With a dramatic flourish, Y/N slammed the metal door to her locker closed and whirled around to face the rest of the corridor; more specifically the nerdy boy with his pale blue sweater and bag clutched tightly to his chest, gaze settled on the tiny screen of his phone.
Deep breath in, hold, exhale.
She manifested the confidence, the swagger, the groove she needed, and she was off. She took her first stride, then her second, and then her third, but before any more distance could be closed her target was overcome by a wave of panic that almost stopped her in her tracks. He scrunched his brows and shook his head, and the facade began to fade for Y/N.
She wasn’t confident, and she didn’t have this handled; because without sparing a single glance in her direction, Peter slammed his locker and took off down the hallway, towards the exit of the school and towards the outside world. Her heart dropped to her toes at the same time the doors opened with a loud bang that reverberated throughout the hallway.
It was pathetic, the way that Y/N L/N pined for Peter Parker, and would continue to do so for who only knows how long.
It was wrong, the way that Peter Parker yearned for Y/N L/N, and would continue to fight it off for who only knows how long.
Tumblr media
ʚϊɞ reblogs are always appreciated luvs ! ʚϊɞ
Tumblr media
all works on this blog belong to do not copy, repost onto other sites, or claim my content as your own. 
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planecrashdreams · 2 hours ago
You Say Good Morning When It’s Midnight
Peter Parker x Female Reader
Summary: [This is a part 2 of my first fanfic “Blame It On September”] Peter is away in London, studying at an Ivy League school, while you are still in Queens studying at NYU. You both miss each other and stumble through the changes of being away from each other, but what happens when Peter calls you one night missing you?
Inspired by the song Jet Lag by Simple Plan + Natasha Bedingfield
Warnings: *fluff* *swearing* *slight smut?* *phone sex*
Peter and Y/N are 18!
Tumblr media
Your POV
“How long has it been since you guys talked?” MJ asks, as you both sit down in a café sipping on the straws of your iced coffees.
“We talk all the time.” You reply quickly but nonchalantly. “No Y/N, I’m not talking about memes and texting. I’m talking about actual talking. You know, on the phone, face time?”
“Oh, well, not so much. I don’t know, he’s busy. He’s got a lot to worry about at school.” You say honestly.
“You should call him tonight. You guys have been away from each other for 2 whole months. It’ll be good for you both to actually have a real conversation.” MJ says very nurturing.
“I’ll have to ask him to make sure he has time to talk tonight, I don’t want to keep him from studying.” You say still concerned about Peter’s studies.
“No! Don’t ask, just do it. Don’t even think about it. One talk won’t ruin Peter’s grades forever.” MJ replies passionately.
“Y/N, you both really need this, and once you call him tonight. You’ll be thanking me for the rest of your life.” MJ continues.
“Ok, I’ll do it.” You reply.
Peter’s POV
“Have you talked to Y/N lately?” Ned asks curiously.
“Yeah, I mean we send memes and talk a little bit every day, but I haven’t called her in a while.” Peter replies.
“I think she misses you dude, a lot actually.” Ned tells Peter concerned.
“Really? I miss her more than ever, I don’t want her to be upset. It’s hard being away for this long.” Peter replies saddened.
“Why don’t you call her tonight? I’m sure she’d appreciate it, and besides you need it.” Ned replies.
“Yeah, I could really use hearing her cute voice again. I miss her hugs, and her lips, an—“
“Okay, I think I get it Peter, but don’t you think you should be telling her this?” Ned says, saving himself from the PG rated thoughts spilling from Peter.
“You’re right! I’ll call her tonight, I hope she won’t be busy.” Peter says, now worried not knowing if you’d even be able to answer him.
“Don’t worry, I’ll tell MJ to make sure to have Y/N available tonight.”
Your POV
You arrive at your dorm and throw a cute light grey spaghetti strap top on, along with matching pj shorts. You toss your hair into a ponytail and head to your kitchen to make some dinner.
As you eat your dinner, you binge watch the newly added episodes of Rupaul’s Drag Race All Stars (yes, I’m a drag race fan :)) and catch up on some of your homework.
After a night of studying, you realize you hadn’t called Peter. You think to yourself it was probably for the best. You didn’t want to disturb him and you also had to study. “I’ll call him Friday night.” You say to comfort yourself.
You climb into bed and fall fast asleep. A few hours pass and you awaken to the humming of your phone on your nightstand. You answer to the sound of Peter’s voice.
“Hey, babe.” Peter greets, you could feel him smiling through the phone.
“Pete? I’ve missed you so much!” You reply still sleepy yet beaming.
“I’ve missed you too, how have you been? I’m starting to go crazy not seeing you.”
“I’ve been doing okay, it’s not the same without you. I’ve pretty much only been hanging out with MJ and Ned. They’ve been so good with including me in everything since you’ve been gone.”
“That’s good, I miss MJ and Ned too, I’ve made some new friends here too. They’re science geeks like me, which is great.”
“Aw Pete, that’s great, I never thought you’d make friends that are even bigger science dorks than you!” You say jokingly.
“Hey! I’m not a dork!” Peter says defensive.
“I’ve missed this Y/N”
“I did too, Pete.” you reply.
“I also missed other things too.” He says , catching you off guard.
“Like what?” You push.
“Your smile, your hair and how silky it feels when I run my fingers through it, your collarbones, that one spot on your neck that my lips fit perfectly into when I kiss there, I miss a lot Y/N.” He continues.
“I miss when you call my name, you’re the only one who calls me Pete. I miss you calling me that wh—“
“Peter Parker! Are you telling me you miss having sex with me?” You tease.
“Are you kidding, Y/N? You’re all I’ve been thinking about since I’ve left. And of course I’ve missed that.” He confesses.
“Well, how about I take some edge off for you?” You suggest seductively.
“Oh my god, is this really happening?!” Peter says now shocked over the fact that he’d be having phone sex. He never thought in a million years his girlfriend would want to do this with him.
“Lay back in your bed and get comfortable.” You demand.
“I could get used to this.” Peter says aroused by your sudden dominance.
“You know what I’m wearing?” You start as Peter hums for you to continue.
“That little cute grey pj set, the one you bought me for my birthday last year... But, I’m not wearing any any underwear...”
Peter now starts to flush as you describe what you are wearing to him and he struggles to sit still.
“And... no bra.” You finish your description.
You knew just how to get Peter flustered. You knew exactly all the little details that turned him on and what he liked. He always liked when you didn’t wear a bra.
“Fuck... Y/N...” Peter sneaks out.
You start to whisper into the phone and start to tell him what you missed about him.
“Mmm Pete? You know what else I missed? When you’d pick me up and throw me onto your desk and kiss my neck and all along my chest. When you’d run your fingers through my hair before tugging on it. Running my fingers along your abs down to your belt and zipper.”
Peter is now starting to sweat and you can hear he’s now breathing hard.
“You ripping my bra off and nipping on my chest, your hands around my neck, your tongue in my mouth.” You say as you slowly take off your pj top, strap by strap. You can now hear muffled movement through the phone. You’re able to make it out just enough to know Peter had taken off his jeans.
You continue reimagining all of your nights shared with Peter and let out a moan thinking of him touching you.
Peter’s POV
My mind was racing, I was sweating and I couldn’t control myself when it came to her. I had to get rid of my clothes quick I needed this so bad, I needed her so bad. Only she could get me off. And that little moan, oh my god, she needed this too.
“I need you, baby.” She whimpers.
“Mmm, you do? Are wearing anything?”
“Not anymore, I couldn’t help myself.” She replies teasingly.
“I’ve been thinking, you know what I loved doing?” He starts, now wanting to get you off a bit.
“Hmm?” Y/N answers wanting him to continue.
“Giving you all of those hickeys the night before prom and that little moan you make. God, your moan is so addictive. And that look in your eyes when I’ve got you where I want you.”
Your POV
You were now laying on your bed inching your hips up and feeling hot to the touch. You couldn’t believe how seductive Peter could be without actually being there.
“I feel so dirty right now, Peter. My legs are missing you in between them.” You whisper so innocently yet seductively.
“You’re so naughty, you know that?”
“Mmm, I’m also very hot, like I need something to soothe the heat.”
Peter now thinks of that one night he tied your wrists with his webs. You liked when he took control.
“If you keep being bad, I’ll have to tie you up again.”
“But, I like being bad, your webs feel nice when I’m burning up.” You tease him back.
“I had to tie you down last time because you wouldn’t stay still. I had to make sure I got all of your sweet spots.”
You lay in your bed thinking about that night with him and relive all of those moments shared together and savour his touch and you melt just thinking about it.
You let out a moan loud enough for Peter to hear that he won complete control of you.
You however, couldn’t let him take the win. You had to get him too.
“Remember that one night I came over and Aunt May wasn’t home?”
“Yeah, and you slept over? That was a good night.”
“Yeah it was, because I was going down on you. Then May came home earlier than expected and you couldn’t be as loud as you wanted.”
Peter’s breath hitched for a moment from thinking about how good you were at blowing him.
“Well, next time I won’t let you off so easy. You won’t be able to contain yourself or your moans.”
Peter now loses himself and is panting on his end of the phone. You give a small giggle now knowing you got him back.
“That wasn’t entirely fair, you know? You know that is my weakness, I love when you go down on me.”
“I know, why’d you think I brought that up? I know how to whined you up.” You applaud yourself.
“Huh, if you’re so sure of yourself we’ll have to see just how skilled you are when I come home next Saturday.”
“You’ll see, and I’ve been dying to kis— wait! Next Saturday?!”
Peter laughs at your excitement. “Yeah, we get a midterm break and it’s for 2 weeks, so I’m flying back home. You’ll have to prove that you can whined me up, cause if I’m not mistaken, I was the one who got you off first.” Peter says really cheeky.
You knew too that he was making that face he makes when he thinks he’s right about something. It was cute but sometimes it drove you crazy.
“We’ll see about that, Parker.”
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ao3feed-peterparker · 3 hours ago
Just Bad Luck
by katesofheaven
It's been ten years since Tony Stark died and Peter is now 25 and dealing with grad school, crime fighting, and unresolved trauma. He's burned some bridges and he's been too busy to face his past, but it might just catch up to him anyway.
Words: 2555, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies), Marvel
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Categories: F/M
Characters: Peter Parker, Michelle Jones, Happy Hogan, May Parker (Spider-Man), Original Characters, Original Character (villain), Ned Leeds, Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Relationships: Michelle Jones/Peter Parker, May Parker (Spider-Man) & Peter Parker, Happy Hogan & Peter Parker, Ned Leeds & Peter Parker, Michelle Jones & Peter Parker, Peter Parker & Morgan Stark (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Additional Tags: Action/Adventure, Angst and Hurt/Comfort, Trauma, Peter's dealing with some shit, Getting Back Together, Angst, there's a lot of pain there, let's delve into it, Mystery, Violence, Eventual Romance, Drama & Romance, Moral Dilemmas, Police Brutality, an original villain that i'm very excited about, Peter Parker Needs a Hug, Peter Parker Needs a Break
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neverlandwolf · 4 hours ago
Peter Parker Wears Tony Stark's Glasses Spider-Man Far From Home Coloring Page
Tumblr media
Peter Parker lost his father figure in the Spider-Man film Far From Home. Tony Stark's 'The Iron Man' is gone for good while saving the world from Thanos's attack. Tony leaves his sophisticated glasses to Peter and hopes Peter can take care of it.
Mysterio manages to trick Peter and get the glasses. With Tony Stark's advanced glasses, Mysterio can control a satellite missile that can destroy the world.
With great struggle and help from Ned and MJ, Spider-Man finally defeated Mysterio and reclaimed Tony Stark's glasses. The true identity of Spider-Man is finally revealed to the public in this film. Let's wait for the action of Peter Parker in the next film Spider-Man: No Way Home. Happy coloring the Peter Parker Coloring Page that I made
More Superheroes Coloring Page:
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crazyshay-gay · 4 hours ago
Part 1 of my Wrong Number Kid rewrite is out now!
Young Peter Parker finally decided to go to a highschool party. Even though he's tried to stay clear of parties in fear someone would figure out he's trans, he decided to join his friends at the party after they begged him to go to one for the past few months. But what happens when Flash Thompson gives his crush the number but writes down the number wrong? What happens when the number Flash gives Peter actually ends up being Tony Starks phone number?
This fic contains:
~Trans Peter Parker (ftm)
~FlashPeter (Peter x Flash)
~Tom Holland spiderman
Trigger warnings:
~mention of suicide/self harm
~mentions of religion
Chapter 1 out now! words in part 1: 1,309 more parts to come!
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katesofheaven · 4 hours ago
A new Peter Parker/Michelle Jones fic just for you!
It’s 10 years after Tony Stark’s death and Peter is 25, dealing with grad school, crime fighting, and unresolved trauma.
ao3, ongoing
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badendsofheroes · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Spider-man was held in a full nelson and blasted, then blasted again.
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fictionkinfessions · 4 hours ago
hello fellow kinfolk with jobs! your friendly neighbourhood spider-man here, and i work at a movie theater! so i might have sold you tickets to a marvel movie, haha.
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k-wame · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
showing off footy skills 
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downohsoverybad · 5 hours ago
Dream: You ran over a person!
George: You said "hit it"!
Dream: I meant the brakes!
George: No one means the brakes when they say "hit it".
Dream: I do! Especially when the sentence right before was "get ready to hit the brakes".
George: You said "hit it".
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graphicpolicy · 5 hours ago
Marvel Teases Spider-Man Beyond from Kelly Thomspon, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, and Zeb Wells
Marvel Teases Spider-Man Beyond from Kelly Thomspon, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, and Zeb Wells #Comics #ComicBooks #SpiderMan
Marvel dropped teaser images for an “exciting new Amazing Spider-Man era” dubbed “Spider-Man Beyond“. Creators involved included Kelly Thompson, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason, and Zeb Wells. We’ll get more information soon and you can check out the teasers below.
Tumblr media
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