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#bucky barnes x reader fluff
marvelswh0re · 3 hours ago
Not A Bad Guy // Bucky Barnes
Hi! This is from a collection of oneshots I’ve been writing and I thought I should post it. It’s my first ‘fic’ on here (I’ve only had tumblr for a week lol) but I hope you enjoy regardless.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 943 (it’s a short one)
Warnings: None, it’s just a little sad.
Summary: Reader hears a noise in the middle of the night and decides to investigate.
The sun had long since disappeared below the horizon and stars now littered the skyline, twinkling brightly. With your laptop perched atop your knees, your fingers flitted across the keyboard, tap-tap-tapping as words appeared on the open document. Stifling a yawn, you stretched your arms above your head. Despite your tiredness, you were determined to finish the status report. 
Apparently being a full-time secretary and an Avenger don’t really work together.
Gazing out the window, you watched as cars flowed like little ants through the streets; so many despite the late hour. Up so high, nestled safely in the Avengers Tower, everything seemed so insignificant.
Giving up on the report, you crept down the hall towards the kitchen, careful to avoid the squeaky floorboard outside Steve’s room. A few doors down, a soft glow lit the floor outside Bucky’s room, emitting from the gap beneath the door. You didn’t hear anything as you passed, but you found it odd that he was still awake. He was usually the first one to retire in the evening.
Shrugging to yourself, you continued down the hall into the kitchen. Filling a glass with water, you leaned against the marble counter and took small sips, trying to put off going back to the report for as long as possible. Your moment of solitude was interrupted by a thud. You paused, setting my now-empty glass on the counter.
“Friday,” you whispered. Immediately, the kitchen filled with a soft blue light as the small monitor that Tony installed in the room switched on. “Where did that sound come from?”
Auditory disturbance seems to have originated from room 4C.
Bucky’s room.
Would you like me to investigate, ma’am?
“I’ll check it out, thanks Friday.” The monitor switched off, plunging the room into darkness. Going back the way you came, your footsteps light upon the ground, you stopped outside Bucky’s door. The soft light was gone, and all was silent. Maybe he’d gone to bed? Something had probably just fallen off a shelf. 
You were about to walk away, ready to get back to the report, when you heard it. Barely perceptible through the thick wood of the door; a choked sob. 
Without knocking, you tested the knob and the door swung open soundlessly.
“Bucky?” You whispered into the darkness. 
No response.
You flicked on the main light, showering the room in pale gold, and your words died in your throat when your gaze landed on the hulking form curled up in the corner. His back against the wall, his head between his knees, hair hanging in his face. Bucky. 
A few feet in front of him sat a notebook; red cover with a black star in the middle.
Oh no. No, no, no. 
Locking the door behind you, you rushed to his side and placed a hand on his shoulder. Bucky jolted, his gaze snapping to yours, but the intimidating glare he attempted to give you fell away and sadness took its place. There was a tear rolling down his cheek so you reached out, wiping it away with the pad of your thumb. Before you could pull your hand away, Bucky cupped it in his own, holding it against his cheek. 
“Buck, what are you doing?” You asked, flicking my gaze to the notebook then back to him. His eyes fluttered closed as he let out a long, shattered sigh.
“I was─ I─” He furrowed his brow, shaking his head slightly before he tried again. “I’m not a bad guy.”
He said it more to himself than to you, and your stomach twisted as the pain in his eyes became more apparent. 
“I know, Buck. I know.” Leaning in, you pressed a quick kiss to his forehead, settling yourself beside him on the floor. “But I thought Tony put that notebook in the safe.”
“He did, but I took it back. I wanted- I needed to make sure.” Bucky tilted his head, resting it against the wall. Readjusting yourself so you were looking up at him, you rested your hand over his heart, feeling it thump, thump, thumping against your palm. 
“You needed to make sure you weren’t him.”
Bucky nodded in confirmation, lowering his gaze to you.
“Will you read them?” His eyes were glassy, tears threatening to spill over. You furrowed your brows in question. 
“The triggers, will you read them to me? To make sure.”
Nodding, you reached out and grabbed the notebook before crossing your legs, facing Bucky head-on. Flicking through the pages, you found the small list of words scribbled in Russian. You lifted your gaze to Bucky, giving him a chance to stop you if he wanted to, but he motioned for you to begin.
“Тоска.” Longing. 
“Ржавый.” Rusted.
“Печь.” Furnace.
The Russian words felt odd as they spilled from your mouth, but you continued on. Your gaze never left Bucky’s, even when his jaw tightened as he tried to hold back a sob.
“Рассвет.” Daybreak.
“Семнадцать.” Seventeen.
“Доброкачественный.” Benign.
“Девять.” Nine. 
“возвращение домой.” Homecoming.
“Один.” One.
“Грузовой вагон.” Freight car.
When you were finished, you closed the notebook and slid it across the carpet, away from the two of you. You took Bucky’s face in your hands and pressed your forehead to his. And he was not the only one crying as your lips met. Warm and soft, searching for reassurance. Brushing his hair back out of his face, you pulled away until your noses touched.
“You’re okay, Buck,” you whispered, eyes fluttering closed. “You’re free.”
“I’m free.”
“You’re free.” A small smile graced your lips as another tear rolled down his cheek.
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bloodorangesoup · 4 hours ago
Work Song
Request: Have you ever heard work song by hozier? It gives me such bucky vibes 🥺 like imagine him waking up from a nightmare & singing it to calm him down
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 2.05k (this was supposed to be a drabble but I got carried away lol)
Warnings: Slight angst, fluff, bad singing (unless you can actually sing), Bucky being a big softy
Notes: Anon you need to name yourself cause you obviously have good taste in music and I kinda want some moots on here. This song is so perfect for Bucky. I truly appreciate the suggestion, it gives me inspiration of what to write while procrastinating on works in progress <3
You were awoken when the sheets and comforter were yanked off of you, shocking you awake with the chill of the night air. You squinted your eyes open only to be faced with Bucky’s back as he was sat up in bed. You could see by the rhythmic curling of his spine that he was breathing fast and heavy, prompting you to sit up with him.
“Baby,” you groaned as you stretched your back and faced him, “you alright?”
His eyes stared forward, expressionless, until he snapped out of it and looked at you with a worried face. It was almost as if Bucky hadn’t even noticed you had sat up until he heard your voice. You wanted to kiss in between his eyebrows to smooth the lines that the furrow of them had formed. You leaned towards him and laid your hand on his back, feeling the expansion and deflation of his breathing, it had calmed a bit but you could feel the still rapid beating of his heart. He opened his mouth for a second, hesitating before releasing a breath and answering.
“Yeah, yeah. I’m okay. Sorry I woke you up. There's still a couple hours left before you have to get up, lay back down.” He said, motioning with his head towards your pillow. You simply shook your head and dragged your hand from his back up to his neck and around to his cheek. He leaned his head into your cupped palm, closing his eyes at the comfort your touch gave him.
“Can we cuddle then?” You asked, more for him than you. It was an unspoken declaration in the air of “you’re a terrible liar,” but by now in your relationship, Bucky knew that if he wanted to talk about his nightmares, you were always there and ready to listen. If he didn’t want to talk then you could at least try to get him back to sleep or calm his nerves.
He answered you with a nod. You grabbed his pillow and stacked it on top of your own, giving you a cushion to comfortably lay down with your back slightly elevated. He understood what to do and without hesitation crawled over to you and wrapped his arms around your torso, laying halfway on top of you and resting his cheek on the top of your breast, right over your heart. Both your bodies shifted a few times until they found the perfect interlock with each other, sinking down into the bed.
“Do you remember that song I showed you the other day, the one you said you really liked?” You didn’t know where you were trying to go with this conversation, but you figured that getting him sleepy again would be hard, so talking about whatever came to your head might help put him down. Bucky could feel the vibrations of your voice all throughout your chest. He wished in that moment that the two of you could stay like this forever, that he could feel your sweet voice like this for the rest of his life.
“The “take me to church” one?”
“Yeah, that one. The dude who sings that has another song I really love, it makes me think of you whenever I hear it.”
“What’s it called?” He mumbled weakly. You gave him a squeeze and continued.
“Work Song.”
“Hmm,” Bucky hummed against your chest, waiting a moment before speaking, “could you sing it for me, doll?”
“If you want, but I can’t promise it’ll sound pretty,” you answered with a breathy chuckle. You wanted to comfort Bucky, but you definitely weren’t a singer. It was difficult enough to be in tune with songs, you weren’t sure you could even manage with half his body resting on you.
“It doesn’t have to sound pretty, if you sing it it’ll be perfect. Please?”
It took Bucky a long time to be okay with asking for things and accepting that receiving favors didn’t equate to weakness. You knew that him asking you to do this for him was hard and you weren’t going to let him down.
“Alright.” You cleared your throat and breathed in before exhaling quickly, cutting the words out of your mouth as your brain tried to think of how the song goes.
“Well, it starts with a low piano note and this soft clap, and there's a harmony that goes ‘hmmm, hmm mmm’ and then another clap and ‘hmm mmm’,” you explained, emphasizing every clap with a light tap if your hand on his back. You looked down at him and lifted your other hand, weaving yo fingers through his hair to gently move back and forth over his scalp. You looked back up to the ceiling with your eyes open, imagining how the stars would look if the roof was gone.
“And that part goes on for a bit…” you said into the silence of the room. As you explained, Bucky had shifted his head to rest the underside of his chin flush against your chest and looked up at you. Due to the way your face looked up he couldn’t see it completely, but he could see how the light of the moon pouring into the room cast a glow across your cheekbones and jaw. He watched as you fumbled through the intro, trying to explain to him how the different sounds come together, and he swore you had never looked more beautiful.
He drank in the way the hums of the song rattled under his chin, how you would pause for a few moments trying to think of what came next in the song. He felt your heartbeat against his throat and the rise and fall of your chest with every breath you would take before letting out another hum. He was right, you could be singing any song and it would be perfect.
“And then he starts singing, he goes,” you took in a breath before singing.
“‘Boys, workin' on empty
Is that the kinda way to face the burning heat?
I just think about my baby
I'm so full of love I could barely eat’
“‘There's nothin' sweeter than my baby
I'd never want once from the cherry tree
'Cause my baby's sweet as can be
She give me toothaches just from kissin' me’.”
He noted how the corners of your mouth tilted upward at that last line. You weren’t singing it exactly as the song went, the melody was a bit off and the pitch was much lower than it was supposed to be, but Bucky felt like every word you sang floated out into the world, carrying its refreshing life and coolness into his soul.
“And then there's this really deep bass note that hits and then the chorus goes,
“‘When, my, time comes around
Lay me gently in the cold dark earth
No grave can hold my body down
I'll crawl home to her’.”
Bucky thought of how he always seemed to crawl back to you. For once, he didn’t feel guilty for his presence in your life. He relished in the feeling of having you under him, in the knowledge that of all the people in the world, you would let him crawl home to you. If he had to crawl to someone, he would thank any and all higher powers that it was you.
“And then the song gets lighters and the hums come back,” you mumbled.
“‘Boys, when my baby found me
I was three days on a drunken sin
I woke with her walls around me
Nothin' in her room but an empty crib’
“‘And I was burning up a fever
I didn't care much how long I lived
But I swear, I thought I dreamed her
She never asked me once about the wrong I did’.”
Memories swirled around in Bucky’s head of all the time he felt like ending it all. He knew he was perfectly capable of doing it, but there was always a stubborn sliver of hope splintered in his head that prevented him from going through with anything. He didn’t like to think back to those times, but hearing the words leave your lips made it clear to him that you were the sliver of hope, some force of the universe had kept him around long enough to reach you and hold on. He closed his eyes and listened as you gently worked through the chorus twice more.
“‘My babe would never fret none
About what my hands and my body done
If the Lord don't forgive me
I'd still have my baby and my babe would have me’.”
Bucky’s brows furrowed as he thought of how unconditionally you cared for him. You weren’t blind to the troubles that came with loving someone like him, with accepting what he did and offering him sanctuary from himself. He didn’t know if he would ever be sure of the idea that he deserved love, but he was okay with being selfish if it meant having you by his side.
“‘When I was kissin' on my baby
And she'd put her love down, soft and sweet
In the low lamp light, I was free
Heaven and hell were words to me’.”
Tears had started to well in Bucky’s eyes. He looked up once again at your face, delicately bathed in moonlight, and thought of how he looked in the light, how you both looked together in the light. If you looked so beautiful and lovely, maybe he could too. He didn't feel exposed or ugly, he felt safe, he felt free. He was overwhelmed with emotion. His heart was pounding and he was choked up, he had never felt as completely and dramatically in love with you as he did in that moment.
You wrapped up the song, carrying it out with the same hums and claps that brought it in. Looking down, you saw Bucky’s face buried in the space between your breasts and could hear a sharp intake of breath, indicating that he was crying. You ran your hand that had been tapping his back up and down his spine. You took your hand from his hair and used it to push his disheveled hair out of his eyes and off his forehead, causing him to look up at you.
To Bucky, you looked like an angel. You both laid in silence, looking into each other's eyes, while Bucky simply hugged you closer and let his tears fall freely. You leaned down and placed a few gentle kisses on his forehead. He finally settled his breathing and sniffled a few times before speaking, he was ready to talk.
“I’ve killed enough people,” he sniffled before continuing, his voice croaky, “I’ve killed enough people to give me nightmares for the rest of my life.” He sighed and closed his eyes, feeling too shameful to keep looking at you.
You sank down lower in the sheets and tightened your hold on him, bringing his face and body up and closer to you.
“I’m so sorry, Buck. I wish there was more I could do.” You finally let go of the few tears building in your eyes, letting them roll down your cheeks to the corner of your lips.
“You’re here. You love me. That’s all I need,” he let out with a sob. You nodded your head and tugged on his body, signaling to him to come up.
He shifted himself higher in the bed, his face coming parallel to yours. You snaked your hand around his neck and craned him to look into your eyes. You observed the glassiness of them and how it accentuated the bright blueness within them. You thought of how, even when he was sobbing, he looked more beautiful than ever.
“I love you so much, y/n” he whispered with shaky breaths.
“I love you too, Buck, more than anything.”
You pulled him completely into you, your swollen lips gliding against one another, mixing your salty tears. You brought your hands to the sides of his face, rubbing your thumbs over his cheekbones, feeling how beautiful he was even with your eyes closed. You both pulled back slowly, only far enough to rest your foreheads together.
“I love you.”
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cherryblossomskye · 4 hours ago
You Always Came Back (Part 2)
Pairing: Prince!James Barnes x (F) Seamstress!Reader
Warnings: kisses, proposal, a little bit of self doubt, mentions of needles for sewing, sleep deprivation(kind of but not at all), sewing, Bucky is a warning himself lets be honest!
Prompt: SIMS CHALLENGE : Line-You have bewitched me, body and soul. (Pride and Prejudice, 2005) Place: Castle WHATRAMBLES CHALLENGE: AU: Royal AU
Word count: 1,225
A/n: Here is the dress that inspired the readers mothers dress as well as the necklace that James gives the reader:) ! This is for @simsadventures​ MIXED ADVENTURE 6k followers writing challenge! (Happy Birthday too!!!) As well as @whatrambles 500 follower celebration! Congratulations to you both and I am so happy! This is also part two to You always came back!! I hope you enjoy!
(Divider by @skylightlantern )
Continued from: A small chuckle left his lips. "Oh, angel. I never wanted to marry that witch who lives across the sea. And I never want to see that stable boy near you. Why don't we introduce you to my father? He would adore you just as much as I, little one."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Meeting Prince James was one of the many great things that had ever happened to you. Possibly the greatest. He had taken good care of you, just as you had taken good care of his clothes. And the day that he came back for the last time was in fact not heart breaking!
"...Why don’t we introduce you to my father? He would adore you just as much as I, little one.” Your cheeks turned pink at the compliment. Shying away from James's gaze, you walked to sit down. Taking in the offer on meeting the King. "I certainly don't think so, James. I assure you, I will be just fine mending the clothes of royalty. Not wearing them." You chuckled to yourself.
James didn't respond. Instead, he strolled to your closet. The closet you held him in before the guards decided to interrupt. Opening the doors, he looked through the endless amount of fabric. You watched as he pulled out one dress in particular. It was your mothers wedding dress. "How about you wear this? You would make this dress even more beautiful than it already is." Your cheeks were as red as a strawberry, and you turned away from James's powerful, yet gentle gaze.
Wearing the beige and white wedding dress that belonged to your late mother would make you feel so special. Standing out in the crowed would be one thing. But having the personal knowledge that your mother physically made the dress that sat in Jame's grasp, was made by your mothers own hands.
Day and night, up until her wedding to your father she was hemming, mending, sewing together, picking, unstitching, etc.
"Hey, hey, little one?" He sat the dress down on the table just next to the closet and made his way to you.
Kneeling down in front of you, he tilted your head with a gentle finger hooking under your chin. Your eyes met his, and the soft skin around them crinkled. His smile warmed your heart, filling it up to the brim with happiness. You couldn't help the feelings, but neither could James.
Both hearts pulled the two of you closer until your lips met in a chaste kiss. Strengthening the relationship that had always a bright future. As cliché as it seems, James is your knight in shining armor. Literally. Your smile grew with each second that passed, living the dream you always had: To fall in love with a prince.
"Come on, little lamb. Let's get you dressed and ready to meet my father." James said, gently tugging you up and off of your seat.
Tying the final string of the dress, all that was needed was a smile. Seeing James, put that smile on your face. "W-wow..." he says behind you in the mirror. He looked as though he had seen an angel. And perhaps he did! "You look absolutely beautiful, sweetheart. I- hold on. Let me look at you."
He grasped your hand in his much larger one, gently guiding you into a twirl. The bottom of the lace dress fanned around your feet as you spun around in at least 4 circles before having to throw the towel in; fearing you would get sick.
Your attention was brought back to the mirror. The framed glass pictured the young woman that you are. Not who you were, or who you will be. No. Just who you are. And James had thoughts no prince should have for an un-betrothed woman in his presence.
James's tall frame towered above you, and you followed his gaze to your neck. Lifting his arms over my head revealing a simple yet intricate vine and rose style necklace. A small gem in the charm just hanging off of it. "James..." You say wistfully. "I- it's beautiful." You didn't know what to say as he clasped the necklace on the nape of your neck.
He turns you around and his large hand is rested on your cheek, his thumb brushing softly on the apple of your cheek. "You, are beautiful Y/n." His smile warmed your heart once again, and he gently pulled you towards the door. "It's a bit chilly out, here." He hands you his jacket that is many sizes too big for you and he chuckles. "That should keep you warm until we reach the throne room to meet my father, sweetheart."
The golden shimmer of the double doors came into view and your heart beat quickened. James grasped your hand and his other arm wrapped around your shoulders. "He is not scary at all, little one. I promise you. You are going to do great." James said with a soft smile, and a kiss to the temple of your head.
The double doors opened, and King Barnes came into view. You audibly gulped, and James squoze your hand reminding you to take deep breaths. "Father, this is Y/n Y/L/n. Before you say anything I want to say that she is not her father. She is not a person who has done bad things. She is the purest form of a human anyone could ever witness. She is my little one and I want to make her mind forever. Father, please allow me to betroth Y/n and make her Princess to this kingdom. A very worthy ruler."
Your cheeks were bright red, and you looked to the equally red carpet just under your feet. You wouldn't be being honest if you said you weren't terrified. King Barnes the IV was sitting above you, his crown on his head standing tall and proud in authority.
His eyes were burning holes in your head as you bowed it, showing him the respect you had learned from your father. "James, you have been sneaking to this woman's home to see her. Now you bring her to me and say you want to marry her? Dear, will you please step forward?" You anxiously stepped forward away from James and lifted your head.
"Do you love my son, Y/n?" With out a single hesitation you nodded. "Very much, my King." Your eyes met James's, and all time stopped. He was knelt on the ground, holding out a ring made of solid gold with one round diamond sitting proudly on the middle. Looking back to the King, he nodded, allowing you to approach his son.
"Little one, ever since I met you I knew you were the one. Your personality and your attitude was one reason to my returns to your home with more than one messed up uniform. I would be lying if I said those were accidents. You have bewitched me body and soul. And I love... I love you. Y/n Y/n will you do the honor of marrying me?" Your eyes grew teary, and your hands shook with excitement and the final nod came from your head.
A smile and a breath of relief escaped the Princes mouth as he stood up, sliding the beautiful engagement ring on your finger of your left hand. "I love you, little one. I love you so much." Your smile grew as his lips attached to yours in a soft, loving kiss. It was not an every day romance in a kingdom. But in this kingdom, it was the talk of the town and happiness was found in all of their hearts.
"I love you more, James. I love you so much more."
Tumblr media
@tom-hlover @build-a-bucky​ @buckybarnesismyair​ @whatrambles @finleyjayne @jobean12-blog​ @bugsbucky​ @imerdwarf​ @miraclesoflove​ @purselover2​ @charmedbysarge​ @Christopherevansownsme(Would not let me tag you:(   ) @chris-evans-whore​ @white-wolf1940​ @zaphdekota​ @stucky-my-ship​ @emmabarnes​ @thehumanistsdiary​ @its-sky-scraper​ @ragnaroqk​ @cycysplace​ @iloveangstposts​ @amelia-song-pond​
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jhiddles · 7 hours ago
The Silver Shadow
Work Summary: You are a free agent. Killing for over a hundred years you have a dangerous reputation. Suddenly, however, an attraction to the God of Mischief himself threatens everything your life has become...
Word Count: 2,036
Warnings: PTSD, aggression
Tags: @daisy116
Other Chapters: Fic master list
Tumblr media
The back of a SHIELD security truck was dark, cold, and cramped. The armored vehicle violently jerked around. Every bump in the road sent the strapped-in passengers flying a few inches above their seats before falling on their tailbones. The small space was illuminated only by the tiny slits near the roof, where the light shone through the bulletproof glass.
Steve Rogers and Wanda Maximoff sat in uniform on the left side of the compartment. The remaining seven seats were occupied with CIA and SHIELD agents in full combat gear, weapons loaded and ready. All eyes were on one man that sat in the middle. He was tall, much taller than everyone else in the compartment. He was dressed in a yellow jumpsuit that looked hideous against his pale skin. The bright yellow contrasted and drew attention to his long greasy black hair. Green eyes pierced through all of the colors; with just one glance into them, anyone could tell that he was amused with all of the precautions.
"To be completely honest, I do not think that this procession is necessary," he had said, "I have no intention of escape."
"Tell that to the God of Mischief and Lies then." Maximoff had responded. She and Rogers had a feeling that he was indeed very interested in escaping. It was Loki, after all. This man, or rather this God, was responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage in New York City. After leading an alien attack and killing hundreds, no one was inclined to trust him. Not only that, but his brother Thor had told them all stories of Loki's trickery on Asgard. If the past is any indication of the future, Loki was not to be believed.
"Can you please tell me where we're going?" Loki asked. The party had been sitting in silence until now.
"You know we can't tell you, Loki," Steve said.
"Oh, but you can. We're going to your Tower, are we not?"
"Yes, how'd you know?" Wanda said suspiciously.
With a smirk, Loki answered. "Witch to witch, you already know the answer. You do it to all of your so-called friends back at the Tower."
Wanda withdrew almost immediately. Loki had read Steve's mind. Back at the Tower, she had been doing the same thing. The only one who knew was Vision, who was sworn to secrecy. Maximoff was already on thin ice with Fury after Lagos and was anxious to stay in the Avengers. She had lost her parents, home, and brother and wanted to stay with them, who had become her new-found family. It was not in her best interests to reveal that she knew everything.
"As expected." Loki chuckled to himself. Steve was now perplexed. Wanting to change the subject, he just stopped talking. Now the car was back in silence.
After a while and more thought, Loki asked the question that had been burning in the back of his mind, "I thought I was to be placed on the Raft. Why am I being transferred?"
"Well, you're bound to find out one way or another," Steve muttered to himself. Loki heard and gave one silent acknowledgment. "Yesterday, the train that was taking you to the Raft was hijacked." This piqued Loki's interest as he was unaware of this conspiracy. "The hijacker's name is y/n y/l/n. She has been on international watchlists for the past one hundred years. It is our belief that she was trying to break you out. That's why we're transferring you. At the Tower, we will be better equipped to confine and protect you."
"And you're wondering if I have anything to do with her"
"Yes. Do you know who y/l/n is?"
"Of course not. In my short time in this despicable realm, I have only been able to acquire the most basic of knowledge. Y/l/n is not someone I am familiar with. Unless you would care to inform me."
"And have you creating an alliance with her? Absolutely not" Steve chuckled. Did Loki really think he was that stupid? You, the most wanted woman on Earth with the most dangerous man? Anyone could tell that would not end up well. Together you and he could take down entire governments with ease.
"I am only asking Rogers. I would not be able to 'take over the world' from my position," Loki said sarcastically. He had once again read Steve's mind.
But the most wanted woman on Earth... He thought- blocking Wanda from reading his thoughts; together, we COULD be unstoppable… Think of what we could do… But who is y/l/n… I would very much like to meet a woman with her reputation…
"y/l/n is an assassin much like Natasha Romanoff. You met her. Only she has stayed under the radar and influenced politics using deadly force." Wanda piped.
Yes!... I must meet her…
Angered at such information going to a criminal, Steve chided her. "Wanda!"
"What. As Loki said, he can't do much in chains."
"Or these restraints that you put on my magic. I mean, do you honestly think so little of me?"
"Yes," both avengers agreed. They did indeed think so little of Loki.
Just then, tires screeched, and the truck came to a stop. Without a moment's hesitation, one of the agents grabbed a sack and put it over Loki's head so he wouldn't be able to see. Two others grabbed each side of him while the rest opened the door. They shoved him off the truck and began marching him into the Tower and into the basement where the prison was located.
"Again. Is this necessary!" Loki shouted. He was not used to being treated so poorly. He was a former prince and a God, after all.
"Shut up," the captain ordered and jabbed Loki with a baton, "Keep moving!" he called. The posse disappeared into the elevator and out of sight from Steve and Wanda.
The two avengers stood in silence outside the truck. All of that had happened so quickly they didn't have time to process it until now. Fury hadn't told them that they would be the ones accompanying Loki down to his cell, but he didn't tell them that was going to happen either. Neither of them had ever seen a prisoner being handled that violently. Regardless, Steve and Wanda were used to Fury pulling stunts like that, so they shrugged it off. It wasn't their place, and Loki was being detained. That was all that mattered.
Wanda glanced at Steve, who ushered her to go ahead. They walked inside the Tower and to the elevator. Instead of following the agents down into the basement right away, the button they pushed in the elevator was marked 73. That floor contained offices for the Avengers and other agents employed by Tony Stark.
Inside the elevator, Steve simply said, "Well, that was interesting" to Wanda. She responded with an "Agreed" before they both went back into silence. The elevator doors dinged and opened to a walkway around a courtyard. The middle went all the way down to the lobby, and the top was the glass of the slanted side of the Tower. You could see hundreds of offices, conference rooms, labs, and lounges below from the edge. Also occupying Avenger's Tower was Stark Industries. The Avengers got the top 20 floors, and Stark Industries got the bottom 70. Wanda and Steve began walking down a hallway to one of Fury's offices.
"Before we go inside…." Wanda began with a mischievous grin, "...Did you go out with- what's that one girl- the other night? Asking for Nat, not me."
"Sure," Steve replied as he rolled his eyes, "and her name was Roxanne. Definitely pretty, but not for me."
"Why not. You should have someone. It's not fair that you're alone."
"I'm fine, Wanda. Honestly."
"No, you're not. I can see it in your eyes. You're lonely."
"Wanda! I'm fine! Let's just get Fury and go down to talk to Loki again. He's hiding something. And I want to know what."
The Avenger's gym was located on the 85th floor. Although it was rarely empty, the only person in the room was Bucky. He had his headphones in, blasting music so loud that you could hear it next to him. The punching bag he was hitting rattled loudly before falling to the floor. Instead of being shocked, Bucky fell to his knees and pulled his torso into a ball.
"Hey there," a voice in the dark said.
Bucky made a lousy attempt at acknowledging. He just grunted. Stepping out of the shadows, Natasha walked over to him and squatted down to his level.
"Bucky, I know this is hard. It's hard for me too." She gave Bucky a quick hug and got up to walk away. She was halfway to the door when Bucky finally spoke.
"She was my partner for a little while." He was crying. "Only for a year or two. I don't know. But she was so sweet. Like a little ball of sunshine. I miss her."
"Let's find her then. Get her back."
"For Fury to stick her in a cage?"
"Me, you, and her have a lot in common. We're criminals. Fury can't take us all in. Some of us have to pay for our crimes."
"But not us?"
"Not us."
With that, Natasha walked out of the room. Bucky sunk back into his ball and rolled to his side. His black hair fell over his tear-stained face.
Soldier?Ready to comply.
Good. I have a new friend for you. This is y/l/n. She will be your partner on your next mission…
Capture the Georgian president…
It's a trap!!!!... Run…
Soldier? Yes? Why do you not have the target? Or the Shadow? I don't know…
Flashbacks of his time as the Winter Soldier flew in and out of his mind. Your name had triggered them, and he had no idea how to stop them. Even when he was only a shell of a person, he had loved you like a best friend. Then when you abandoned him in Georgia, he was heartbroken. You had been his only companion who cared for him. You had felt bad for him. To be a puppet for an organization, you had fought and almost died against.
If he ever finds out, he'll be heartbroken. To do all that he did for someone who he despises. It will kill him.
That's what you had thought about him. No one had told you who he was when you had arrived at HYDRA, but it didn't take much digging to find out. You were shocked when you did. Captain America's sidekick!? HYDRA's puppet?! Since you were unable to help him, you treated him with kindness and empathy.
HYDRA had asked for your help in controlling the Soviet Union's smaller governments back in the sixties, and you agreed. You had gone to several small countries like Latvia and Estonia to assassinate or kidnap government officials who HYDRA didn't like. You were with them for a year and a half before you were sent to Georgia and walked right into a trap. Instead of helping Bucky and finishing your mission, you escaped by yourself and ran away. Your own skin was worth more than one man. Even after having his mind wiped after his mission, he felt a presence was missing. When he didn't know it, he missed you. Now that Bucky had gotten his memories back, he missed you more than ever.
"Hey Buck," Steve whispered. Bucky hadn't noticed Steve come in. "Nat told me you weren't doing so good."
"I knew her. I miss her." Bucky croaked out.
"Well, let's get her. Then you can see her again. Okay?"
"Sounds good."
"Let's go then. Loki's here, and Fury's talking to him. We need to come up with a plan if we're going to catch her." Steve kissed Bucky on the top of his head and stood up.
"When we get y/n, are we just going to put her in a prison cell? She doesn't deserve that."
"We'll see Buck. We'll see."
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deexchanel · 8 hours ago
Part 11
Word Count:
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Angst and Fluff.
Summary: Hanging out with Chris, Seeing her ex boyfriend.
A/N: Ahhhhhh enjoy!😁
Tumblr media
(What happens when you fuck with Sebastian's girlfriend 🤣^)
-1 week later-
"Euphoria get up, we're going to be late!" Chris shouted hitting me in the face with a pillow. Half sleep, I used my arm to block it.
"Late for what?-"He cut me off with another hit. "Chris put the fucking pillow down!" I catched the pillow mid strike. He stopped, dropping it on my chest.
"We have some last minute shooting today. I came over to see if you wanted to ride even though you don't have to come in today."
I groaned trying to rub the sleep out of my eyes. I see that he was fully dressed with freshly groomed hair. "You woke me up just to say that? ugh! I'm coming hell." I rolled my eyes getting out of bed not caring about what I had on. Which was just some underwear and a tube top.
"We're stopping for hibachi too so do what you need with that information." I heard him say as I walked into my bathroom, grabbing my toothbrush and toothpaste so I could brush my teeth. "No I want chick-fil-a christopher."
"Well we'll get both now hurry upp."
Feeling refreshed from the nap chris woke up from, we did go to both food places. Chris and I walked onto set looking like bad bitches.
In terms of, he had on a extra pair of my sunglasses. "Chris I watched that interview where you told the reporter your hamster name. I think Gemini Flanagan should be our names. You're Gemini and I'm Flanagan!" We both giggled kind of tipsy. Chris put his arm on shoulder, laughing his ass off.
"Gemini F-Flanagan!!"
He could barely get his words out. I snickered at his goofy ass."Chris stop laughing damn, it's not even that funny." His laughing turn into wheezing making me laugh."Look Chris go into your trailer, I'm going back to the truck to grab my jacket so I'll be right back."He nodded still laughing going straight into his trailer. Guys, chris is drunk as hell
I let out a little laugh shaking my head at him. As I was walking back from the truck, I heard someone call my name. "Euphoria!"
"Who the hell is calling my name?" I mumbled to myself peaking over my sunglasses. My blood ran cold when I saw who it was. It was my ex who technically isn't my ex because we didn't date but only talked to each other. Eric was head over heels for me but I wasn't for him. I didn't lead him on, I told him from the start that I didn't want a relationship.
He was manipulative, abusive with his words, attitude problem and when he was angry, he grabs my arm tightly. I moved away from him because I was tired of the toxicness. I acted like I didn't hear him and continued walking. "Bitch I know you hear me! You can't run from me."
That right there made me stop in my tracks. I turned around ready to give him a piece of my mind. "Bitch? You're the bitch Eric! Stop following me!"When he got closer to me, his tall frame stood over mine. Normally I'd be a sucker for that because it be Sebastian's tall frame. Now I'm terrified since it's Eric's tall frame.
"You belong to me! You're leaving with me right now!"
"Like hell I am Eric! Get out of here before I call the police. I've never had feelings for you! Stop. Stalking. Me." I grit through my teeth. In one swift movement, his hand wrapped around my neck. Eric was choking me.
I hit his arm trying to breath but he wasn't budging. "We're leaving right now." He lets go but before I could gasp for air, he back hands me. My face fling to the side as I let out a yelp. Both my face and throat felt as if it was on fire. "Don't ever talk back to me! Do you understand?" He grabs a head full of my hair, gripping it.
My chin trembled as a couple of tears trickled down my cheek." Ah!" I reached for my hair but he gripped it tighter.
"I said do you understand??"
"I understand!" I cried out and he lets go of my hair. I was scared of him and I wanted to call Sebastian so bad but he wasn't mine anymore. "Let's go." Eric pointed to his truck. Before we could walk off, out walked Hemmy, Chris, and Sebastian from the building. My heart starts racing, Eric was going to hurt me more if I told them what happened.
"Euphoria what happened to you coming back?" Chris questioned when they closer, obviously not tipsy anymore. "Who is this?" Hemmy asked menacingly, pointing at Eric. Sebastian stayed quiet looking back and forth between me and Eric.
"This is uh um.." I stuttered trying to think of an answer but Eric spoke up for me. "I'm Eric, her boyfriend." Sebastian clenched his jaw in anger then he looked at me trying to see if it was true. I was choked up my words, knowing it was a lose lose situation.
"Well I need to talk to Euphoria so excuse us."Sebastian sneered grabbing my waist so he can pull me away from the conversation.Eric began to say something but coward down when Hemmy tall frame stood in the way.
"I'm going to ask you this one time. Tell the truth Euphoria." Sebastian told me with anger written across his face. "Did he hit you?" I looked up him beginning to sob giving the answer he needed. "Go get in the car!" He clenched his fist.
I've never seen him so angry like that, it scared me. I heard Eric speak up as I walked to Sebastian's truck."Where is she going? Why is she-" I quickly closed the door. I placed my head in my hands, not wanting to see what was going on outside. I could hear the muffled shouting coming from Hemmy, Chris and Sebastian.
I hyperventilate knowing that I was the cause of all of this. "Hey, Hey, Hey Euphoria calm down. Breath, you're okay now." Tom reassured pulling me to his chest. I didn't even notice him getting in the truck. I just wanted all of this to be over with. I broke down in my best friend arms, just wanting to shut the whole world out.
"It's so hot in here." I grumbled flipping the covers off of me, opening my eyes. There sat Sebastian at the edge of my bed. "Sebastian?" I sat up trying to see if it was really him. He turned around with no emotion on his face.
"Yes. You alright?"
"I'm fine, I just wasn't expecting you to be here." I picked at my nails not knowing what else to say. He took a deep breath before speaking up. "Euphoria did you know him? Did he come into the picture after me and you break up?"
"No, He stalked me all the way to here. I used to talk to him when I stayed in Texas. He was so toxic and I didn't want to be around him so I left. Sebastian I didn't do anything the whole time we weren't together. I wanted to prove you that all I want is you."
"I beat his ass for placing a hand on you. Euphoria I wanted to kill him for even being near you."
I get out the bed going over to stand in front of him. Us not being together was killing me. Fuck it. I ran a hand over my face"God Sebastian can you hold me?"
Seb gets up from the bed engulfing me into a well needed hug. I inhaled his amazing scent, not wanting to let go. " I missed you so much. I was wrong about everything. You were right, I wasn't r-ready but now I am. I want to be the best girlfriend for you. I'm so sorry Sebastian." I cried with each word, I broke down more. He placed a finger under my chin, lifting my head so our eyes can meet.
"Doll, I forgive you. It's been hard not having you by my side. That made me realize that I can't live without you. Stop crying okay? I'm not going anywhere. I love you so much."
Relief flooded through my body. He used his thumb to wipe the tears from under my eyes. "I love you more." I sniffled then leaned forward closing the gap between us by placing my lips onto his.
I am in completely in love with Sebastian Stan.
this is weird to me . I don't really know. it took me all day to write.
but tag: @majo240820 😁
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noshame-bb · 8 hours ago
A/N: uuuhm sorry, I did not mean to make this so sad. i’m putting this out because i’m a shitty writer and haven’t written part 2 of “a switch” The song is Jealous by Labrinth!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Rating: angst, sweet ending
Word Count:1659 (oh wow-)
feel free to leave some feedback, or come talk to me!
Tumblr media
Living in Louisiana with the Wilsons was great. You helped Sarah cook and clean while the boys trained or were on a mission. You and Bucky wanted to stay, maybe find a house together, get a cat. Problem was, you weren’t together and that could cause problems. Sam eventually found his own place, so you and Bucky got to move into the guest room, instead of sleeping on the couch. You didn’t mind sharing a bed with Bucky, you both weren’t a fan of touch but, if it was just the two of you, you were okay with cuddling. 
You had been friends with Bucky since the Avengers days. You both were closed off to others, always had your walls up. You never socialized, keeping to yourself most of the time. You both waited for people to leave the kitchen before you went in, and never participated in an annual movie night. You both had guilt on your shoulders from being ex assassins. That was the thing you had in common, the thing you kinda bonded over. After a nightmare, you’d walk out to the balcony, just to cool off, only to find Bucky already sitting there. You’d ask another about the nightmare, neither wanted to say anything. You’d just bask in the quiet of the night. That’s how you and Bucky became inseparable. 
Back to present day, it was a rainy day in Louisiana. The thunder shook the house with it’s booms, and was followed by a quick strike of lightning in the distance. It was far enough away that it didn’t worry you when you went outside to the wrap around porch. The Wilson house was beautiful, with a huge yard, and porch, it was a dream. You rubbed your arms at the sudden gust of wind mother nature decided to blow in. You looked to your right, seeing the old piano that sat there. It taunted you everytime you walked outside, practically screaming, play me! And you were finally giving in. You sat down at the dusty bench, the wind picking up. You fiddled with the keys for a minute before you decided on what to play. 
I’m jealous of the rain
You started to play the beginning keys of the song. Softly singing along. It was the song you’d play late at night, when the thoughts consumed you, and everything got hard. 
That falls upon your skin 
This song always reminded you of Bucky. He may have a hard exterior but, he was secretly a softie. I mean, he cried at Bambi and made me swear I wouldn't tell a soul. 
I’m jealous of the wind, that ripples through your clothes
The song perfectly describes how you feel about him. You get so immersed in everything Bucky. Jealous of the way the sun kissed his skin, wishing it was you giving him a gentle touch. 
It’s closer than your shadow, oh i’m jealous of the wind
Cause I wished you the best of all this world could give
As the song got louder, so did you. You wished you could tell Bucky, he deserves all the love in the world. He deserves to be showered in compliments and treated like a normal human. Not like the monster he thinks he is. He deserves happiness, and kindness and-
You were so lost in the music, just finishing the chorus,  you hadn't noticed Bucky creeping up behind you. 
I’m jealous of the nights, that I don’t spend with you
All those nights you never spent with him, made you achel. You wished it was you fighting alongside Bucky or driving him home after a long day, just being there. Bucky came to sit next to you on the bench. You looked over to him, startled, and stopped playing.
“Don’t stop on my account. It’s beautiful.” You gave him a shy smile, and picked back up where you left off. 
I’m jealous of the love, love that wasn’t here
You looked at him when you started to sing, hoping he would understand you. Those words hit home,you always felt like Bucky would never reciprocate the love you had for him. He deserved more than you. More than someone who can’t pick up his broken pieces when you were still trying to pick up your own. 
You got into the chorus of the song, a crescendo of sorts. You had to break eye contact with him, all of the emotions overwhelming you. All the thoughts, the love, the emotion behind the song, shone through as you sang the lyrics out to him. Portraying everything you’ve ever felt for this man. All the heartbreak and misery. All the waiting around for him, and the constant heart ache. It’s hard to know that he may be happy without you. 
As i sink in the sand
Watch you slip through my hands
Oh, as I die here another day
Cause all i do is cry behind this smile
Bucky couldn’t help but watch you in awe. The way your fingers moved against the keys, or the way he could see you move with the music, the passion behind your eyes. It was like the rain and you were in sync. Thunder clapping at the right time, and it was almost like the rain was keeping tempo. God, he was so in love with you. He hoped that this song was your way of telling him you loved him too. 
I wished you the best of, all this world could give you
You looked over to him seeing unshed tears in his eyes. You knew the lyrics of the song, the passion you put behind it, was getting to him. And you couldn’t hold the tears in any longer, making your voice waver. 
But I always thought you'd come back, tell me all you found was
Heartbreak and misery
It's hard for me to say, I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me
You looked at him again as you sang. The song coming to an end, as you started to play the final chords. Your years dropped on the keys, and soaked your face. 
It's hard for me to say, I'm jealous of the way
You're happy without me
You couldn’t look at him. Your facial expression would give away exactly how you felt. So helplessly tied to this man, clinging to every word he said, tended to every wound. It was hard falling in love with Bucky, knowing he would never let himself fall in love with you. You wanted to hold him in the night, cook his favorite meal when he was sad, and watch old 40’s movies with him. You just wanted him to be happy, even if it meant never being with you. 
“Doll?” You head snapped up at the name. You barely heard it over the raining falling on the roof, and the occasional boom of thunder. Doll, that was a good sign. You didn’t really respond, just a slight hum, voice hoarse from singing. 
“Do you really feel that way? That you don’t make me happy?” He said with exasperation. You could only nod your head, and sign. You didn’t know what to say, you’d never thought he would ask such a heavy question. You honestly expected him to get up and walk away. 
“Y/N I- You make me so incredibly happy. Seeing you, being in your presence is like- sunshine coming out on a rainy day.” As cheesy as it sounded, he meant every word. Bucky brought his hands up to cup your face. You quickly leaned into his embrace, loving the contrast of his warm flesh hand, and the cold vibranium hand. 
“I can’t even put into words how happy you make me. You brought out so much good in me, even when you were struggling, you always told me to keep my head up, always there to make sure I’m okay.” More tears streamed down your face as he continued to confess. 
“I mean- I love you so fucking much Y/N- I can’t believe you ever doubted that. When I’m around you, god doll, it’s hard to think, hard to focus. Being with you is like- a breath of fresh air I never knew I needed. Loving you is like watching the sunset- you're so warm and soft and gentle an-and so kind. You were always so kind to me even if-even if I didn’t deserve it.” 
Looking in his eyes, you knew he wasn’t lying. You could see the love in his eyes, in the soft way he spoke to you, even with the harsh rain coming down. 
“You will always deserve love James. You deserve all the kindness, gentleness, warm feelings any other person has. You, James Buchanan Barnes, are an amazing, kind, incredible human being. That’s what I love about you. You may think you act tough but, deep down you love Sam like you Steve.” It was your turn to cup his face with your hands. He closed his eyes the minute you made contact with his face.
“I love you so much Bucky.” You choked out. Everything came rushing at you. Knowing he loved you too, made all the different. You’d never have to feel alone, or forgotten ever again. You never had to talk to a brick wall- no- . You would go to the ends of the earth for Bucky, and it was a great feeling knowing that he would too. 
“I love you doll” He said before he pulled you in for a sweet kiss. At that moment, thunder clapped, and lightning strikes. The earth sounded like it was coming to its climax and you never wanted it to end. You never wanted this...feeling to end. The feeling of serenity in Bucky's arms, the feeling of harmonious embrace. 
You both knew that it would never end. You would love one another until your dying day, and you were content with that.
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capxwinter · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
© credits to the author, i found on pinterest. if you own it, let me know so i can add your @
bucky barnes x reader
Summary: bucky sees you without makeup and wearing glasses for the first time
Requested by: @happydazzz123
Word count: 739
Warnings: extremely fluffy shit and mentions of insecurities
Author's note: thanks for the request, darling. it was lovely to write this, hope you like it!
english it’s not my first language so I’m deeply sorry for any mistakes or inconveniences. xoxo, lola
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Tumblr media
You and bucky met in the compound a couple of years ago, you were one of tony’s best hackers in the whole country, and when he needed help with something he called you.
After that day you started to hang out more at the compound, always trying to improve tech and helping the avengers with all you could.
Natasha and Wanda were the first friends you made, they were sweet and always trying to help you fit in and so you did. and in a short period, the compound became your home and the avengers your family.
The brunette super soldier became really comfortable around you after a couple of months, it started with you helping him with his vibranium arm, and when you noticed the two of you were hanging out together every damn time of the day.
The bond evolved smoothly, you two spent years as friends before realizing the different feelings for each other, but nothing stood in your way when you finally did.
You had a lot of insecurities, for example, none of the avengers has ever seen you without any makeup on or with your glasses, not even your boyfriend bucky. until one day.
F.R.I.D.A.Y was malfunctioning and nobody could figure out why, without being able to sleep you went to the lab in the middle of the night, your only goal was to put F.R.I.D.A.Y back online before everybody woke up.
The first thing that everyone that entered the lab would notice was the mathematical equations all over the place, a cup of coffee that was refilled every 10 minutes, and a hyper-stressed and full of energy girl.
You couldn’t understand what made the AI shut down, tony had said that that type of thing has never happened before. letting you fix it while he was on vocations with pepper and morgan was one of the hardest things he ever did, he hated when people would shove their noses on his tech but after Pepper’s threat, the man gave up and gave you the password to F.R.I.D.A.Y hard drive.
Two floors above you Bucky was sleeping peacefully, he had gotten home from a mission a couple of days ago and he would sleep for hours to recompose his energy. Even super-soldiers would get tired with the never-ending missions.
Bucky woke up and went to your bedroom, when he got there and saw the door open and the empty room he knew exactly where to find you.
You were staring at the board where most of your notes were, when you felt two big hands wrapping your waist and bringing you close. “what are you doing in the lab in the middle of the night?” with a raspy voice bucky whisper into your ear. 
You turn around to face him and he gets a little confused but lets you talk first.
“im just trying to fix F.R.I.D.A.Y i wanted her to be online before everybody wakes up but i am exhausted and i don’t even have a clue of what’s going on” you notice the confusion in bucky’s eyes “what’s wrong?” your question makes a smile appear on his face.
“nothing… it’s just that a didn’t know that you wore glasses…” you quickly take them of your face “HEY! why do you do that?” you turn your face to the other side, your body was filled with embarrassment.
“i don’t look good with glasses… and without makeup” bucky stood in front of you taking the glasses of your hands and putting them in your face then he cups your cheeks with his hand. 
“you look beautiful with glasses and even more beautiful without makeup” then he kissed every inch of your face, making sure that you knew how beautiful you were. 
The last kiss was planted on your lips, a soft and long kiss with the intention to transmit all the love he felt with a simple act. you couldn’t help yourself from giggling in the middle of the kiss.
“what you think about going to your room and trying to sleep a bit? you can fix F.R.I.D.A.Y tomorrow morning” you hugged bucky’s tall body resting your head in his chest 
“it’s an amazing idea” he kissed your head and you two walked out of the laboratory.
You had one of the best night of sleep of your entire life, it was impossible to be sad while wrapped in bucky’s arms.
Tumblr media
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Freaks; Part 2
Summary: After breaking Zemo out of jail and arriving in Madripoor, you and the boys make a few shocking discoveries, as well as a reunion will and old friend. As you gather more leads, you can't help but think, what will happen when you finally reach your goal?
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark! Reader
Tumblr media
Key: Y/N = Your Name, N/N = Nickname
(a/n: hey hi whoa, this stpry blew up quick. I got in the shower last night and woke up with one hundred something notes. also, this part is super long, plus it took me longer to write then expected. I love and appreciate all of you, *mwah*. thank you to everyone, and send a request if you want to be in the taglist. smooches!(๑°꒵°๑)・*♡)
Word Count: 19,013
part 2/??
part 1 here
“James Buchanan Barnes, what the hell did you do?!” You yelled as alarms were heard in the distance. “I did what I had to do.” He replied calmly, which only fueled your anger. Before Sam could enter the conversation, Zemo himself entered the doors. “Whoa, whoa whoa, what is he doing here?!” Sam yelled. “I knew you were being too casual about it!”
“Y/N, Sam, we need him, you can't deny it.” Bucky looked into your E/C eyes, giving you the look he knew you could never say no to. “If I may,” Zemo began, but the wonder twins quickly yelled at him to shut up. “Apologies.” “Sam, I think Buck is right.” You quipped, making Sam whip his head to look at you. “Y/N Maria Stark, what the hell has gotten into you?!” Sam yelled in his strident tone.
“Samuel Thomas Wilson, nothing! Although I don’t trust Zemo, I trust Bucky.” Sam fake gagged. “Ok. Fine. But you don't move without our permission. Now where do we start?”
Zemo greeted the flight attendant in russian, making you miss home. “Привет, Озник, я доктор Y/N Старк, приятно познакомиться. (Hello Oeznick, I am Dr. Y/N Stark, it’s a pleasure to meet you.)” You said, shaking the man's hand. The five of you entered the plane Zemo had claimed was his, and took your seats. “So who in their right mind names their child ‘Selby’. Did they misspell Shelby or something.” you joked, taking a swig of the room temperature champagne.
Oeznick came in to offer food. “Если он не проходит испытание на запах, отдайте его американцам.” (If it doesn’t pass the smell test, give it to the Americans.) Zemo said. “Pада, что ты меня оставил.”(Glad you left me out) You said in russian, making the two men laugh. “Where are we going?” Sam asked cutting out what he saw as “fun”.
Zemo was reading a book in his lap, seeming enthralled. “Sorry, I’m just confused. Who is ‘Nakajima’ ?” Zemo asked, to which Bucky shot out of his seat, his hand around Aemos neck is less than a second. “If you touch that again, I’ll kill you.” “James. Sit.” You ordered, to which he complied.
While the boys began talking about god knows what, your phone began ringing. You quietly excused yourself to go stand behind the boys seats. “This is Dr. Stark.” “Hi N/N!” You smiled at the voice. “Hi Morgie. Is everything alright?” The boys snapped out of their conversation to eavesdrop on yours. “Yep!” She said, popping the p, “Peter came to look for you but you weren’t here, so now we’re getting ice cream! Peter, say hi to N/N!” The camera moved quickly, presumably because she was running to the boy.
“Hi Dr. Star- I-I mean Y/N! I hope it’s ok that Morgan and I got ice cream, oh and look, Ned and MJ are here too!” His smiley tone only filled you with more glee, happy that Morgan knows she still has people there for her, even if your Dad was gone. “Are you and MJ finally dating?” You teased making Peter go bright red and fumble with the camera. “N-No! Why- Why would you say that!” Peter awkwardly laughed. “Here Morgan, talk to your sister!” He shoved the phone in the young girls hands, making you silently laugh.
“He’s too scared to ask her out.” Morgan whispered into the microphone, making you laugh. “I know Morgs, I know. How are you doing? How’s your mom?” “I’m good! I got a 100 on my science test! Mommy is ok, but she's very quiet. Oh also, she read the book to me! You know, the one you gave me!” You made a mental note to call Pepper. “Did you enjoy the book, printsessa?” You asked, making her giggle. You know she likes it when you speak russian to her. “It was great!” She yelled, exaggerating the r. Zemo cleared his throat, making you remember that you were here for an important mission.
“Hey honey, I’ll call you back again later, I have some important stuff to do. Be a good girl for Peter, Mommy, and Happy, won’t you?” “Yes ma’am! Peter say bye to N/N!” “Bye Y/N, stay safe! Call me if you need any help!”
“Sister troubles?” Zemo asked as you retook your seat. “Quite the opposite, the kid was looking for me but ended up spending time with Morgan instead. Now, what are we wearing?”
“Zemo, you bastard, this dress covers nothing!” You yelled, trying to pull the dress down. It was a very beautiful dress, a short strapless black dress with light sequins, as well as a very low back. “The heels I have no issues with, but isn’t this dress over the top?!” Zemo simply chuckled, as the other two men shared a glance. “Here, take this.” He handed you a masquerade mask, to which you were hesitant to put on. “You’re a Stark, there’s no way they won’t recognize you.” You had to admit, he was right. For years and years, you and your father were always on the front page of every newspaper. ‘Iron Man and daughter Huntress, the perfect team!’ ‘The Huntress strikes again!’ ‘Dr. Y/N Stark, aka Huntress, set to take over Stark Industries at late fathers request.’
“Fine.” You snatched the mask and put it on your face. “Are you ok?” Bucky said, standing behind you, making sure to cover the parts of you that he felt only he was allowed to see. “You son’t have to do this if you're uncomfortable, we can handle it.” You grabbed his flesh hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. “I’ll be fine, Buck. I can take care of myself.” “Just making sure.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead, then each cheek, ending with one on your lips. “Lets go.” Zemo said as you approached the car.
Some time after the car ride, the four of you arrived at what looked like a very exotic club. Walking along the path, you pulled the dress down with every step. “For now, you are not a Stark. You are Eviana Nikiforov, my assistant.” Zemo said, making you roll your eyes. “Why assistant, can’t we be equals.” Zemo ignored the question and led you down the path. You stood close to your lover, him being afraid of losing sight of you.
“This place is… interesting.” Sam poked as he looked around the room. “C’mon, Tiger Boy.” You dragged him away from the fish tank. “I know you’re a bird, but don’t eat the fish.” You teased, making him scoff. “Ready to comply, Winter Soldier?” Zemo said in Russian, but Bucky didn't respond. Once again, you gently squeezed his bicep, letting him know that you’re in this together. Whispers surrounded the club, and the adrenaline started to kick in.
You looked around the room, silently reading the clubbers thoughts. It seems like all these people care about is drugs, alcohol, and freedom. The bartender placed down a few shots of tequila, and started… cutting up a snake? You internally laughed at poor Sam, who was just about to chug. He tried to keep a straight face, but you could see his thoughts. He hated it.
“You ain’t welcome here.” A man approached Zemo. “I have no care for the Power Broker, but if he would like, he can come and talk to them.” He signalled to you and Bucky, who stood there silently. “Who’s the Hooker? Didn’t expect you to be that type of guy.” The man continued to Zemo. Bucky clenched his jaw, using all of whatever self control was left to not rip the man's arms off right there. His thoughts were racing, and unfortunately, you couldn’t reassure him since you both were ‘in character’.
“That is my assistant, Eviana Nikiforov. Now, bring Selby for a chat.” The man walked away, his eyes trailing up and down your body before he left. You shuddered at the look he gave you, making sure all senses were on guard. You sensed a familiar presence, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. “Power Broker? Really?” Bucky rolled his eyes in disbelief. “Every kingdom needs its king. This one just so happens to have a rather… bizarre name.”
“Земо, они идут.” (Zemo, they're coming.) Zemo didn’t move a muscle, but a man put a hand on his shoulder. “Attack.” He spoke in russian, to which Bucky grabbed the man's arm. You knew not to use your powers yet, so you were going to stick to hand to hand combat. You followed closely behind Bucky, Swinging at whoever dared come near. One man was particularly difficult, not giving up after the plentiful of punches, You managed to dodge a few, till you got distracted by that same familiar presence. He landed a blow to your nose, and your eyes began to involuntarily water. You swiped at your nose, only to be met with blood.
It truly pained Bucky that he couldn’t walk over to help you, but for now, he had to keep his act up. You laughed, loudly may I add. The man in front of you got a chill up his spine as you took 12 consistent punches to each pressure point, knocking him over. His wails of pain didn’t die down, so you looked to Zemo, who nodded. You quickly raised your foot, digging your 4 inch heels into his chest.
Guns cocked, and you stood back to back with Bucky. “She will see you now.” A new man said. Sam and Bucky walked close behind you, assuring you that they were still here. “Are you two ok? Y/N, how's your nose?” “I’m fine, Sammy. Let’s go.” That nickname irked Bucky, and Sam knew, so he let you call him that just to get on the Winter Soldiers nerves.
“Eviana. Ведите себя наилучшим образом. Не выпускай «Охотницу», пока она нам не понадобится.” (Y/N. Be on your best behavior. Don’t let ‘The Huntress’ out until we need her.) Zemo walked in slow even steps. Anyone on the outside would think he's overconfident, even prude. But you knew what the inside of him was like. He was scared, scared of it going wrong. “Я хочу, чтобы вы приняли тот факт, что я всегда Охотница, я просто предпочла не использовать свои силы.” (I wish you would accept the fact that I’m always the Huntress, I just chose to not use my powers.)
“Hello Baron. Winter Soldier. Smiling Tiger.” Selby greeted the men. “Ah what’s this, a new face? What’s with the mask?” She looked to you, who kept your face straight. “This is my assistant, Eviana. Eviana, this is Selby.” You only nodded. “Now Baron, why would you come into my bar and start giving orders?” “Not so much as orders, more of, an offer.” “Do tell.”
“Tell us what you know of the Soldier Serum, and in return, I give you him.” Zemo said, walking over and patting Bucky on the cheek. “I want the girl.” Selby observed you. Your stance was still, making sure not to let anyone know who you truly were. “The girl is mine. I offer you him.” Zemo said, to your surprise. While Selby tried to compromise, you freely let yourself into her mind. It was cold, very cold. Doors lined up for miles, each one labeled with certain aspects of her life. You saw large metal doors at the end of the hallway labeled ‘Soldiers.’.You ran towards them, but quickly got sucked into reality. This can only mean she agreed to tell you all of the serum.
“The serum is here in Madripoor. You’re looking for a man by the name Dr. Wilfred Nagel.” Nagel. You had heard of him somewhere along the line. All you knew is that he, like many, was trying to recreate the serum. You remember Bruce going on for hours and hours about this man and his research. “Is Nagel in Madripoor?” You asked, despite Zemo’s harsh glare. “So she speaks. But it will cost you.” But the worst thing possible happened. Sam got a call.
The two began to have a conversation about some boat, while Sam tried to stay in character. You couldn’t help but think about lending the siblings some money. You had enough to spare, so why not help them out? But then Sarah said her brother's name, and it all came crashing down.
One of the men behind you swiftly pulled your mask off, revealing your true identity. “Ah, Dr. Stark. Great costume, but I believe there is too much skin showing. Kill them.” A gunshot went through the window, killing Selby instantly. Guns started the shoot, but black aura released from your hands, immediately making the magazines within the guns fall out. Bullets clinked against the phone, and the men looked to you.
With the flick of a wrist, each man was on the floor, groaning in pain. Bucky’s hand found its way to your lower back, quickly helping guide you to the door. “We have a real problem now.” Zemo said. “Follow my lead.”
You carefully walked down the streets, sure to not make a sound, yet the gummen still found you. Shots echoed, and you put up a barrier, crushing the bullets as they hit the wall. “Run!” You yelled as you took the guns from the men. The array of guns floated above your head, cocking. They stayed there as you ran, grabbing Bucky’s metal hand on the way. He gave your hand a light squeeze and shot you a soft grin. Your heart melted, and wondered how this golden retriever of a man used to be an assassin.
The four of you reached a dead end with a man trailing close behind. Before you could attack, two shots came from a window above, as well as the familiar presence. Then it clicked. “Drop the gun, Sharon!” You yelled, not turning around. “Well well, the pretty princess and her three stooges.” You turned around, a light glow of black radiating from your body. The gun fell to the ground, but Sharon was still in the same position. “Speak.”
“I’m off the grid here. After I stole the shield for Steve and the wings for Sam, I became an enemy of the States.” You stood there contemplating what to do. “Y/N, let her go, she can’t breathe.” You snapped your head up, realizing you were choking her with your powers.
You let the spell go, and her knees hit the ground as she gasped for air. “Whoopsies.” You sheepishly scratched the back of your neck. “We need your help, Sharon.” Bucky pleaded. You rolled your eyes. Sure, the blonde could be useful, but was it really necessary. “Jealousy isn’t a good look on you, Y/N.” Zemo whispered in your ear. “Neither was that beard.” You quipped.
“It’s empty.” Sam looked around at the container. “Check back there.” You told Bucky, who followed your request. The music began to play louder and louder. Bucky pushed the wall, which revealed a door. Walking in, the room smelled of chlorine and some other chemicals you couldn't quite put your finger on. "Dr. Nagel?" You spoke, and the man jumped out of his chair. "Who are you? What do you want? Are you Dr. Y/N Stark?" "We know you created the super soldier serum." "Get out of my lab."
"Yes, I am Dr. Stark, I'm sure you know Zemo here. Now talk." aNgel scoffed. "Make me a better offer and I'll talk." You held up your hand, a black aura radiating off. He gulped. "Okay, Okay." The man began to tell his story about HYDRA, the CIA, and Karli stealing what serum was left.
"I was a god." He said. That irked you. In this moment, that man sounded just like Thanos when he spoke with you and your dad. You still hears your dads voice in your head. 'I am Iron Man.' The words echoed through your head, making it hard to pay attention now.
"Is there any serum in this lab?" Bucky asked, but Nagel didn't respond. You put your hands close to his head, going into his mind. You observed your surroundings. It was also cold, colder than Selbys. Every door was chained up, making you realize how truly powerful this man felt. As soon as you existed, you spoke to the men around you. "No, there isn't."
"You guys, we're seriously out of time here!" Sharon said, running into the compartment. Zemo pulled a gun out of his pocket, shooting at the Doctor. You were able to stop the bullets before he got shot, but had to let his go when a bomb struck. You grabbed Bucky, pulling him close, and put a forcefield up. "Are you okay, doll?" He asked concern painted all over his face. His thumbs caressed your cheeks as he checked for any blood or bruises. "I'm fine, Buck. Let's go."
The fire was everywhere, and you tried your best to control it while Bucky hauled Sam out. Another explosion struck, most likely from the fire mixing with the chemicals. "Wait for my signal!" Bucky instructed, but Sam went ahead. "Damn it."
You followed close behind Bucky and Sharon, stopping bullets and putting up forcefields where you could. Somehow, Sam and Bucky were on one side while you and Sharon were on the other. You sensed a presence, and saw a bullet heading for Sharon.
"Sharon, look out!" You managed to quickly shove her out of the way, the bullet entering your left shoulder. You hissed at the pain, but kept going. The boys were arguing about god knows what, and Sharon led you over to them. Your hand grasped the wound, trying to slow your breathing. "Doll, what the hell happened?" "Bullet." you shrugged, which wasn't the best decision considering you just got shot.
Suddenly, there was another explosion. Bucky held you from behind, turning his back to the impact trying to shield you. You all saw Zemo fighting a few men, and after making eye contact, Bucky hoisted you up bridal style and ran. "Buck, it's just my shoulder, I can walk." You jokingly rolled your eyes. "But I like holding you, princess." He replied so smoothly. Your cheeks became lightly tinted red. Gunshots were heard behind you, and you patted Bucky on the shoulder twice, signaling him.
He hoisted you up high enough to where you could climb on his shoulder, giving a swift kick to the man behind you as he threw a pipe at the girl in front. Sam pulled him in, and he grabbed your hand, taking you with them. Bucky broke through the other side of the shipment container, one hand still in yours. Zemo pulled up in a rather expensive car, no ones asking questions.
"You're going back to jail." Sam said, but Bucky disagreed. "We need him. There's at least twenty of them and only four of us." He opened the door, and you slid in the backseat, still holding your wound. Bucky slid in the seat next to you as Sam took shotgun.
"Well that was one hell of a reunion." Sharon slammed the door. "Come back to the states with us." You offered. No matter how much you and Sharon didn't get along, you knew she was important to Steve at one point, so you felt the need to at least be kind to her. "I told you I can't, but get me that pardon and we'll talk." "Thanks for everything." You and Sam said in unison.
As you drive away, Bucky tried to take a look at your wound. He took off your jacket, well, his jacket, and gently touched your arm. You flinched at the pain, gritting your teeth. "Im sorry, baby. I know it hurts." He hates seeing you in pain, and if he could, he would take away any pain you have. "Hey, hey, I got you doll. It's gonna be ok, You're gonna be ok."
Inside the plane, you were carefully situated on Bucky's lap, drifting off to sleep. After cleaning your wound, he insisted on having you close to him. Your arms circled his neck as your head was buried in the crook of his neck. His fingers traced gentle lines over your waist, only further feeding into your sleepy figure. Bucky and Sam continued their conversation while you slipped in and out of consciousness. The topic of the shield came up, and you spoke, still half asleep. "You shouldn't have destroyed it, dumbass. You should've gave it to me. Howard worked hard to create that shit, and you gave it away like it was nothing."
"I did what I thought was right." Same explained, but you were already quietly snoring. Bucky smiled at your figure. It never ceased to amaze him how you always looked absolutely stunning, no matter what you were doing.
"You really love her, huh?" Sam asked, taking a swig of his water. "Yeah. Yeah, I do."
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cxddlyash · 12 hours ago
Making Amends
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Words: 2900+
Author’s Note: The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (kinda) spoilers if you haven’t watched it. Uh, someone send help because I’m falling in love. I hope whoever reads this enjoys it as much as I did writing it. Much love to you all! xoxo
"Who's Y/N?" Dr. Raynor asks Bucky and his head snaps up, narrowing his eyes a bit. The therapist raises an eyebrow at his reaction to the question.
Bucky gets up from the couch before snatching the phone from her hands, not answering her question. He swallows thickly as he looks at the text you sent him, asking if the two of you could meet up.
He can feel his heartbeat quicken as Bucky hasn't seen you in almost eight years. The super-soldier licks his lips as he thinks about the last interaction he had with you, remembering his metal hand wrapped around your throat.
"She's someone I wronged years ago," he finally answers while continuing to stare at his phone.
"Well, you're working on making amends. Why don't you start with her," Dr. Raynor suggests and Bucky presses his lips together before slowly nodding his head.
The brunette sighs and texts you back, agreeing to meet up before showing his therapist the text. Bucky shoves his phone back into his pocket before standing up.
"I need to go. See you in a couple of weeks, Doc," he mumbles while walking out of the office.
Bucky runs his hands through his hair as he walks out of the building, thoughts of you filling his mind. He wonders why you want to meet now after eight years since the incident.
You happened to be strolling through the airport grounds when hell started to break loose. You were merely in the wrong place at the wrong time. Your eyes widened when you noticed a quinjet in one of the hangers, never seeing one of the Avengers vehicles up close.
Your eyes looked around everywhere as you tried to see if you could spot any of the mighty heroes. Two figures ran towards you and you jumped when one of the airport towers started to fall in front of the wide-open hanger.
"This isn't good," you mumbled to yourself and took a couple of steps back.
Everything started to happen so fast that you didn't see Captain America and The Winter Soldier run towards you. You went to move out of the way when the long-haired man wrapped his metal hand around your throat.
A gasp leaves your lips as you breathed in as much air as you could, your hand gripping his metal wrist. "Bucky, let her go," Steve told him and you could feel his grip on you tighten.
"I-I'm sorry," you squeaked out as tears filled your eyes, glancing towards Steve. "I-I just wanted to see the quinjet up close. I won't tell anyone I swear."
Your eyes met the Winter Soldier's cold blue ones before the super-soldier dropped you from his grasp. You gasped and started to breathe heavily while scrambling to get off of the floor.
Bucky's phone ringing snaps him from the memory he's having and he fishes the device out of his pocket. His breath hitches in his throat at your name flashing across his screen.
"Hello?" He hesitantly answers and your giggle comes through the speaker.
"Hi, Bucky," you greet him and Bucky swallows the lump in his throat as he sits down on the bench. "I'm sorry for calling all of a sudden, but I've been thinking about you."
He furrows his brows, not expecting such a warm welcome from you as Bucky licks his lips again. "You have?" Bucks asks.
"Yeah! The reason I asked to meet up is that I happen to be in New York for the first time in years," you explain to him and Bucky nods his head. "I know the first time we met wasn't exactly a fun one, but I figured we could put that behind us."
"Absolutely," Bucky sighs in relief, wanting to apologize to you for almost killing you that day in the hanger. "I've also been thinking about that a lot."
"Oh! That's great. Do you want to meet up for coffee or something?" You ask him and Bucky agrees. "Great! Uh, there's a quiet Café on the main drag that's right near the bookstore-"
"Oh, yeah, I know the one that you're talking about," Bucky mumbles and you mutter to yourself incoherently, a smile coming to the super-soldiers lips. "I'll see you in an hour?"
A grin settles on your lips as you look out the window of your hotel room, nodding your head before verbally agreeing with the plan. You bid Bucky goodbye and hang up the phone, sliding the device into your back pocket.
You've thanked Steve a few times already for providing you with Bucky's number. Captain America told you all about his past to try and make up for how he reacted in the airport hanger years ago.
You didn't blame him for his actions as you understand the reason why he did what he did. You just hope that the two of you can put your past behind you and be friends. "Here goes nothing…" you trail off before leaving your hotel room.
Bucky sits in one of the booths, fiddling with the gloves on his hands as he waits for you to arrive. He chews on his bottom lip when the bell attached to the cafe's front door chimes, making the super-soldier turn his head towards it.
His blue eyes soften at the sight of you. You're looking around the Cafe frantically before your eyes meet his. A smile comes to your lips as you give him a small wave and start walking towards him.
"Hey, Bucky," you greet and the brunette stands up from his seat. "You look great. The haircut suits you well."
Bucky awkwardly smiles and runs a hand through his hair. "Thank you," he whispers as his heartbeat quickens. "You look great as well. It's been… a while for sure."
A chuckle leaves your lips as you nod your head in response, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. "Do you want a coffee?" You ask him and Bucky shakes his head, politely declining your offer. "Okay. I'll be right back, hold on."
He watches you from the booth as you order your coffee. Bucky lets out a huff of breath, trying to relax his nerves before you come back over here. Am I really ready for this?
"So, what have you been up to?" You ask the brunette as you sit across from him. You look into his eyes while sipping the scalding hot coffee, awaiting his answer.
"Uhm, not much really. I-I go to therapy every few weeks. It was one of the requirements for my pardon," he explains and you nod your head in response. Bucky clears his throat and scratches the back of his neck, feeling the leather gloves tug on the small hairs. "I've been trying to make amends with people who I've wronged."
You hum with an eyebrow raise, swallowing the liquid before speaking. "Oh, that's good. Is it working? Like, how are you feeling about that?" You question him and Bucky swallows thickly.
I still have nightmares every night. He thinks to himself as he stays quiet, not really knowing how to answer the question. "Uh-"
"I hope I'm not prying too much," you cut him off with wide eyes, just now realizing your intrusiveness. "I just… Steve's told me quite a bit about you and I know that you almost killed me when we first met, but I find you intriguing, Bucky."
Bucky smiles softly and shakes his head, not noticing any sign of fear in your eyes. "You're intriguing," he states and you can feel your cheeks heat up at his words. "I had my hand wrapped around your throat and here you are, trying to be friends with me. It's incredible really. Something I've never seen."
You shrug your shoulders while fiddling with your fingers, a shy smile on your lips. "I believe in everyone having second chances," you mumble to him and Bucky nods his head.
"Well, I'm really glad you're providing me with a second chance," he softly whispers as his heart flutters in his chest.
You run down the streets of lower Manhattan, quickly making your way towards the building the GRC are held in. You heard about the hostage threat on the news and for some stupid reason, you wanted to be close to the action.
Once you make it to the front of the building and stand behind the police barricade they have set up for the public. Your eyes see Bucky's figure walking around on the other side and your eyes widen.
"Bucky!" You call out, causing some heads to snap your way. A blush covers your cheeks while mumbling an apology.
The super-soldier walks over to you and looks around him cautiously. "Y/N, what are you doing?! You shouldn't be here!" He quietly scolds and you look up at him through your lashes, heavy breaths leaving your lips.
"You know me… I like an adventure. You remember the airport incident," you remind him, and Bucky's jaw clenches.
"Unfortunately, I do, yeah," he comments and grabs a hold of your hand before leading you off somewhere else. "Listen, Karli and her team are here and she's using people against us. I don't want you getting hurt."
Your eyes trail down his chest, noticing the metal all he's currently sporting. "You changed it," you whisper and reach your hand out, gliding your fingertips along the cool surface.
Bucky swallows thickly as his eyes move from your face to your hand on his arm. "Y/N," he softly mumbles and your eyes move to his blue ones. "Please do me a favor and get out of here. Please."
"Okay," you tell him while nodding your head, causing the super-soldier to let out a sigh of relief. "Be careful."
Bucky chuckles and mumbles incoherently as you lean on your toes, kissing the corner of his lips. The laughter dies on his lips as a blush covers his cheeks, his hand moving to grip your forearm gently. You pull away from him and smile up at him before making your way back towards your apartment.
You begin to feel uneasy during your walk home, looking over your shoulder every few seconds to make sure no one's following you. A small scream leaves your lips as you find someone wearing a mask in front of you, blocking your path. You take a couple of steps back and swallow the lump in your throat as your back collides with someone.
You didn't have time to say anything before getting knocked out by one of the men, losing consciousness instantly. A member of the Flag Smashers easily picks up your body before bringing you to their leader, Karli.
When your eyes flutter open, you see a shorter redhead standing in front of you with a phone pressed to her ear. "Listen here, Bucky. I don't want to hurt you guys, but you're giving me no choice," she starts and you begin to panic slightly as you feel your wrists bound together behind your back. "So, I'm gonna make a deal with you. You and Sam pack it up and leave… or I hurt your precious Y/N."
Bucky's breath hitches in his throat at the sound of your name, his eyes dancing around the area he's standing in. "I swear to God if yo-"
"You've got one hour to make a decision," she cuts him off before hanging up. You look up at the girl as you breathe heavily, chest heaving rapidly. Karli walks towards you before crouching slightly. "Let's hope Bucky cares enough about you to listen."
"Sam, they've got Y/N," the super-soldier informs him through comms, his heart pounding in his chest as Sharon runs up to him. "We need to find her before Karli does anything to her."
"I know where they are," the blonde mentions to Bucky, and his blue eyes snap towards her. "C'mon, I'll show you the entrance."
Sam finally joins the two as they stealth their way through the building, avoiding any member of the Flag Smashers as best as possible. "She'll be okay," Sam reassures Bucky who clenches his jaw in response, hoping that he's right.
A pained yelp leaves your lips as one of the members punches you across the face. You lean your head back, growing tired of the questions Karli's asking. "Fuck you," you growl and spit some blood onto the floor beside you. "You think you're helping but you're making it worse."
Karli's nostrils flare up before nodding her head once more. The same man who's been beating you the past thirty minutes throws another punch at you, causing the chair you're sitting in to fall back against the concrete.
"You should think before you speak," she snarls before walking away from you. "C'mon, leave her here. We've got shit to do."
You pant heavily as you lay helplessly on the ground, the chair crushing your hands beneath you. "This is what happens when you adventure off, Y/N," you say to yourself while staring up at the ceiling.
Your ears perk up at the sounds of multiple footsteps, your heartbeat quickening as you think they've come back to finish you off instead. "Y/N?" Bucky calls out and a weight lifts off your shoulders while a sigh of relief leaves your lips.
"Bucky," you cry out and attempt to move.
The super-soldier kneels beside you before lifting your chair. "Hey, you okay?" He asks softly and you nod your head.
"As okay as I can be," you whisper with a pained smile. Sam undoes your restraints as Bucky places his right hand against your cheek, stroking your bruised skin gently.
"I'm sorry," you both say simultaneously, earning a chuckle from the brunette in front of you.
Bucky helps you stand up, his metal hand resting on your waist while the other grabs a hold of your hand. "I'm gonna give you my address and the key to my apartment," he tells you and you nod your head, listening carefully. "Go there and stay inside until I get back, okay?"
"Y-Yeah," you whisper and grab the key from his fingers, gripping onto it tightly. You swallow thickly as the pain begins to take over. A hiss leaves your lips and Bucky looks down at you with a worried expression. "You happen to have a first aid kit at your place?"
"Under the bathroom sink," he informs you, and you nod before heading towards the exit.
Bucky calls out to you and you glance over your shoulder to look back at him. You watch him as he quickly walks over to you before capturing your lips with his. A short gasp leaves your lips while wrapping an arm around his neck, threading your fingers through his hair. He pulls away after a few moments, his heavy breaths fanning your lips and you let out a soft chuckle.
“Come back alive and there’s more where that came from,” you whisper to him and Bucky lets out a laugh before shaking his head.
“But I’m one who kissed you,” he reminds you and you shush him, giggling.
“Well, if you want more, come back alive, mmkay?”
Bucky licks his lips before nodding his head in response, pressing a soft kiss to your lips once more. “I promise, now go,” he demands. You bite your lip and nod your head, continuing to walk towards the exit.
You sit on the kitchen island counter, swinging your feet as your eyes are glued to the television screen. It’s been a few hours since you arrived at Bucky’s apartment, your eyes widening at the very little furniture he has in the place. A sigh of relief leaves your lips as Sam comes on screen, the newscast recording the speech he’s currently giving.
You can hear the doorknob jiggle and your eyes snap towards the front door, watching Bucky walk through it. “Buck,” you whisper out with a grin on your lips, his blue eyes glancing towards you.
The super-soldier waltz’s over to you before wrapping his arms around your shoulders, bringing you into his chest. “I’m glad you’re alright,” he whispers and you nuzzle your face into his neck, inhaling his scent.
“I could say the same about you,” you tell him while dragging your fingers through his hair.
Bucky pulls away from you and drags his hands down your sides, kissing your forehead softly. “You get everything bandaged up?” He asks you and you nod your head, grinning like a fool.
“Yeah, nothing needed to get bandaged, but I’ll have some killer bruises,” you laugh and Bucky frowns, his eyes casting down to your torso. “I’ll be fine, Bucky.”
"I just worry," he whispers and your heart flutters in your chest. You bring your hand to his face, stroking his cheekbone gently as the brunette leans into your touch.
You lick your lips as you reach into your back pocket before pulling his little booklet out. "I, uh, found this lying open when I got here," you inform the super-soldier and his blue eyes look down at the small notebook. "I crossed my name out for you."
Bucky gently takes the book from your hand and shoves it into his jacket pocket before lacing your fingers with his. "Thank you… for reaching out to me that day."
You grin, leaning forward to kiss his lips gently and Bucky hums into the kiss. "I'd do it again in a heartbeat."
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✧ let me make your night better - bucky barnes
Tumblr media
-> asterie’s gif
Tumblr media
summary: it all starts as a fun girls night out with your friends but when you get the unwanted attention from a man, your mood completely changes so you decide to call your boyfriend bucky to take you home. which leads to him wanting to make your night better.
check out my bucky barnes x oc series let’s play fire with fire
a/n: there’s something about bucky riding that motorcycle........
warnings: creepy guy at the bar. oral (female receiving) +18!!
Tumblr media
“Do you actually have to go?” Bucky asked as his eyes were glued to your body while you were checking the outfit you picked for the night. You turned around to see the poor man giving you puppy eyes as he was sitting on the bed behind you. “I mean, you can stay with me and we can watch a movie or something-”
“Bucky, I haven’t seen my friends in person in a long time. And I see you everyday... c’mon, it’s just for tonight.” You left the mirror to get closer to him and stand in front of him to grab his cheeks with your hands and make him lock eyes with you, as his eyes didn’t seem to want to leave your body. “My eyes are up here, baby.” You bit your lower lip as he let out a little laugh and grabbed the back of your thighs to pull your body even closer to him.
“I’m sorry, doll, but the way you look on that dress... what I would give for you to stay tonight here with me.” He said softly while gently caressing your skin. You let out a little smile getting closer to his face to feel his breathing against your skin.
“Maybe when I get back.... someone has to take this dress off..” you said with the intention to tease Bucky and leave him with wild thoughts on his mind, but as soon as you tried to take a step back he quickly grabbed your waist and pulled you up to sit you down on his lap with your legs between his body.
“So you’re teasing me and now you want to leave? That’s kinda rude, doll.” Bucky said softly against your lips before pulling in closer to touch yours with his. You immediately felt the hotness of his skin against yours, feeling your body with that desire you would love to feel so much. But you needed to keep your head up and not give him what he wanted, after all, that was your favorite game.
You pulled away and bit your lower lip seeing how his eyes were filled with lust. “Save it for later, Bucky. We don’t want you to get tired now, do we?”
Before he could make any other movement you left his lap and gave yourself a last look in the mirror. That tight red dress fitted your body like a glove. Ending right in the middle of your thighs and those tall black shoes making your legs more longer. You felt hot... and for the way Bucky was checking you, made you feel even more sexy.
You turned around to face Bucky once again and noticed how his eyes were slowly going down on your body, making the butterflies on your stomach go wild. But no wanting to show any weakness under his eyes, you walked closer to him and grabbed his chin to make his eyes look at yours, once again. “Time for me to leave, baby. See you later?” You asked softly before leaving a simple yet hot kiss on his lips.
“You count on that, doll.” He said when you pulled away. You smiled at him and then turned around ready to leave Bucky and your apartment behind. But not before feeling those blue eyes on your body just one more time.
“Cheers, cheers, cheers girls!” Your friend Kelly said as the sound of the glasses clinching together hit your ears. “For a wonderful night, for a wonderful life filled with love, money and success!” Those words were followed with yours and your friends happy laughs before taking your shot to your mouth, feeling the burning sensation on your throat as soon as the liquid was going down your body.
“Another round, please!” Your other friend, Jessica said loudly to the bartender which nodded quickly.
“I’m not going to black out tonight, girls.” You said as a little laugh escaped your lips. Immediately, you had your two friends looking at you disappointed.
“What?! Why not baby?” Kelley asked while shaking your arm playfully.
“C’mon! We haven’t party like this for a while! Let’s bring back those nights Y/n!”
You let out another laugh as you were shaking your head the moment the bartender pulled another round of shots for you and your friends. “I’m not ready to wake up with a horrible headache and throw up everything I ate today. Not happening. I need more night outs to finally get to that point.”
“Alright, seems fair! But we’re dancing until your feet can’t no more.” You and Jessica quickly nodded as Kelly let out those words. You all grabbed your shots and lifted them up ready to toast again. “For a hot and sexy guy to take me home because I haven’t got any action for months!” Jessica said and you let out a loud laugh before taking your glass towards your mouth, feeling once again, the horrible sensation against your throat making you close your eyes and shake your head waiting for it to end.
“I feel you on that one, Jess.” Kelly said after leaving the shot glass on the table. “I haven’t had a guy on my bed for ages, I’m starting to wonder if sex changed or if I have my virginity back.”
“Definitely.” Jess agreed. “We need to look for potential guys to take home, please. Someone rich, if it’s possible.”
They both turned around to wonder around the club as you let out a smile looking at your friends being their goofy selves. But soon after, they all turned around to face you with grins all over their faces. “What?” You asked confused at their facial expressions.
“Since we don’t have any sexual encounters in our lives, we need to live through yours.” Kelly said making you let out a laugh feeling the hotness going towards your cheeks. “C’mon, tell us what that hot boyfriend of yours do.”
“Girls! I don’t kiss and tell!”
“Don’t be like that, Y/n! Help your friends out.” Jess complained shaking your arm. “I’m pretty sure that man leaves nothing to the imagination.” She lifted her eyebrows repeatedly making you shake your head while biting your lower lip as the memory of the other night came back to your head.
“Oh, am I seeing that correctly? Am I seeing Y/n remembering something? Oh, girl, c’mon tell us!”
“She’s probably thinking about her boyfriend’s huge-”
“What? C’mon, Y/n, I’m such touched starved!”
You looked at your friends but your mind was somewhere else, his hands touching you, his lips against your skin, your bodies dripping with water, your back against the wall... “The other night,” you started before your brain gave you a chance to decide about telling your friends “he decided to surprise me with something that he knows I like. He prepared a bath with roses in it and chocolate sented candles. We got in and well... one thing lead to another and we ended up-” you let out a tiny laugh seeing your friends carefully listening to your words “we ended up turning on the shower and doing it against the wall.”
Your friends pulled their bodies backwards to let their backs rest on the chair as they were covering their faces with their hands. “Steamy and wet, that’s the one right there!” Kelly said as you were letting out little laughs seeing how funny their reactions were.
“Please tell me he likes to go down on you.” Jess said and then carefully waited for your reaction, and then again, once you slowly nodded they both let their bodies hit the chair as Jess was waving air with her hand towards her face and Kelly ordered another shot. “Jesus, that man keeps getting hotter and hotter the more I found out about him.”
You gently punched Jess on the arm as she shrugged her shoulders. “Hey! That’s my man you’re talking about!” You said with a smile seeing how Jess took another shot like it was the easiest thing in the world.
“Yes! I know you lucky bitch!”
“I need to dance and shake my ass.” Kelly said with her eyes closed, feeling the burning from her shot. “Twerking is the only thing that’s gonna make me feel better.”
After Kelly grabbed you and Jess to take you two to the dance floor, you danced and danced until you started to feel your throat getting dry as you started to move along with the music. Your feet inside those heels were making your toes hurt so realising your defeat, you pointed at the bar to your friends and they quickly nodded, letting you know they got it.
Making your way to the chair you were sat down a half an hour ago, you let your body as well as your feet relax once your weight was on that tall chair. You let out a relaxing breath as you felt your toes getting comfortable and the cold wind that was entering the club hit your skin, making your sweat slowly fade away.
“Can I have a glass of water, please?” You asked the bartender and as soon as they nodded, you let out a tiny smile thanking them. While waiting for your drink, you pulled out your phone to check out the hour and as soon as the time ‘01:35’ appeared on your screen, you blocked it to leave it again inside your tiny black purse. “Thank you!” You said as the bartender left with a smile a glass of water in front of you.
With a quick move, you grabbed your drink and headed it towards your mouth to let it fresh your mouth and throat. Seconds later, the water was long gone and you were feeling better. So, with the intention to see your friends and check if they were still on the same spot, you turned your head around but when a strange guy walked in front of you making it impossible for you to see your friends, you slowly followed him with your eyes as he quickly made his way towards the chair by your side.
“Waiting for someone?” He asked letting his elbows rest on the counter as his face was facing you.
You let out a tiny smile after checking your friends. “No, I’m with my friends. They’re dancing right now, so-”
“Oh, don’t tell me they left you alone! They’re bad friends.”
You slowly shook your head while you locked eyes with him. “No they’re not. We were dancing together but I got thirsty so I decided to come here.”
The guy nodded as his eyes looked down to your lips. You moved in your seat uncomfortably as you felt his eyes under you. Trying to make it obvious that you didn’t want to talk you turned to the bartender and kept your focus on what they were doing. But when you still felt the guy by your side, you turned around to them once again to give them an awkward little smile.
“I’m Peter.”
“Do you want a drink?”
If guys ever approached you on the street you would usually tell them politely that you had a boyfriend of that you weren’t interested, making them to leave you alone or sometimes leaving the typical comment ‘you’re not that hot anyway’ in the processes. But for some reason, there was a feeling in your gut that this guy wasn’t good news. The way he was staring at you and after every word getting his body closer and closer to you, made you even more uncomfortable and wanting to go out of that situation as fast as possible.
“Not really. I already had a lot.” You said dryly and wanting the guy to leave you alone you faced the bartender once again, but instead, Peter touched your elbow with strength the moment he moved his body closer to yours.
“C’mon, what’s one more? Please, hey, you!” He snapped his fingers to call the bartender. “Two shots!”
“Hey, I said no.” You said shaking your head. “I’m sorry but I have a boyfriend.”
“And what about it?” Peter let out a loud as soon as the two shots were in front of you. “Can’t your boyfriend share?”
You stared at his eyes and soon felt how your heart dropped to your stomach. You looked at his hand handing you the shot but then quickly shook your head, grabbing your purse with the intention to go back with Jess and Kelly. “I better go find my friends, they must be looking for me.”
“You told me they were dancing so they’re probably having fun, Y/n! C’mon, take the shot with me.” Peter got closer the shot to your face which made you turn your head backwards. “Don’t be a party boomer!”
“I don’t want to.” You said firmly trying to take his hand out of your face’s way, but him taking it even more closer to your face made you unintentionally push his hand away, making the shot fall on his shirt.
“You little bitch! This shirt is new!” With the intention to grab your arm he lifted his now wet hand towards you but soon was stopped by the bartender grabbing his shirt and pulling him away. You quickly got up from your chair and looked how the bartender looked at you and once they noticed you were fine, they turned back to Peter.
“You better leave her alone, asshole.” They said and soon called the security guard, who grabbed Peter to take him out of the club after the bartender told him some words quickly. “Are you alright?” They asked and you quickly nodded. As they were about to say something else, you felt someone grabbing your shoulders and soon noticing your two friends standing by your sides looking at you worringly.
“Y/n! What happened?! Are you alright?” Jess asked as Kelly was looking around for Peter with anger on her eyes.
“I’m fine.” You said after gaining the control of your tongue. The realisation of what just happened hit your head so feeling annoyed at the music around you, you turned around to walk out the front door and leave the club behind, soon followed by your two friends.
“I’m gonna kill that guy!” Kelly said with anger while Jess was gently caressing your shoulder.
“Are sure you’re alright?” Jess asked softly and you slowly nodded pulling out your phone from your purse.
“I’m gonna call Bucky so he can take me home.” You said and your friends quickly nodded.
“We better go too.” Jess said turning to an angry Kelly, who was still looking around for Peter. “Kelly?”
“Yes, you call Bucky and tell him what happened because I’m sure he’s going to be down with me to kill that guy.” Kelly said but you quickly shook your head.
“No, I’m not telling him what happened.”
“What?!” Kelly turned to you confused. “Y/n you need to tell him.”
“No, that’s going to lead the whole situation into more chaos and I just want to go home.”
Kelly was about to say something else but Jess cut her off. “Kelly, is Y/n’s decision.”
Knowing that Jess was right, Kelly let out a sigh and walked closer to you to gently caress your arm. “Alright.”
You looked at your phone and once you saw the name “Bucky” on your screen, you let out a little sigh before looking at your friends. “Not a word, ok?” They both nodded and then you clicked on his name taking your phone towards your ear, already ringing.
“Hello? Y/n? Are you alright?” Bucky asked with worry in his voice the second the call was answered.
“Bucky. Yeah, I’m fire. I just- can you pick me up?”
“Why? What happened?”
“Nothing. I just want to go home. Jess and Kelly want to stay and I don’t want them to end the night earlier because of me. That’s all.” You looked at your friends and noticed the anger still coming out Kelly’s eyes, but her mouth stayed shut.
“Doll, you don’t sound alright what happ-?”
“Can you come Bucky?” You cut him off with your voice cracked. Something about him sounding so worry about you made your throat to close up and to feel some tears wanting to come out.
“Stay there. I’m on my way.” He quickly said before ending the call. Leaving your phone back in your purse you locked eyes with your friends and tried your hardest to keep your tears inside your body.
“Are we taking an Uber?” Jess asked to Kelly but before Kelly could answer, you shook your head.
“No, you guys stay. C’mon, it’s early. I’ll be fine with Bucky. Besides, you two still need to find someone rich so they can take us on their fancy boat.”
Jess and Kelly let out a tiny laughs while you felt your throat going back to normal. “I can’t promise you the boat, but a house on a lake is enough?” Kelly asked jokingly and you quickly nodded while a little smile escaped your lips.
Soon after, the sound of a motorcycle hit your ears making your head to turn towards the noise. You got up noticing the entire attention of the people outside the club was now on your boyfriend arriving while riding his motorcycle. Seconds after pulling over, he took off his big and black helmet off and left the motorcycle to make his way towards you.
“What happened, Y/n?” He asked with anger on his voice. “Did someone touch you? Who? Y/n, please tell me.” Not getting an answer from you, Bucky immediately understood and looked around with anger. “I’m gonna kill whoever touched you.”
“That’s the fucking spirit!” You heard Kelly say behind you.
“Where is he? Is he still here? C’mon, Y/n, tell me so I can show that guy that nobody touches my girl.”
“Bucky!” You yelled loudly enough to gain Bucky’s attention. He turned to you and once seeing the tiredness on your eyes, he quickly grabbed your cheeks and left a simple kiss on your lips. “Just take me home.” You said softly once he pulled away.
You moved back ready to walk towards his motorcycle and put the extra helmet on, soon followed by Bucky. Once you were on his bike sitting behind him and wrapping your hands around his waist, you turned to your friends and let out a tiny smile.
“With a lake house?” Kelly asked with a little smile and you nodded.
“Nothing less.” You said before Bucky turned the motorcycle on and started the way towards your apartment.
As the wind was hitting your skin you started to feel cold and your body to shiver, so trying to look for warmth you touched your forehead with Bucky’s back as you tried to get your body closer to his as possible. Moving your hips to his, you noticed how Bucky did a quick look to you on the back and understood what you were doing. Being able to manage his motorcycle with just his metal arm, he let go and with his warm hand touched your naked thigh with strength, giving it a little squeeze before gently caressing your skin with his thumb.
The amount of safety he made you feel by just touching you it was unbelievable. Everything that you felt moments ago was slowly fading away, making you feel butterflies in your stomach and filling your chest with warmth. You unconsciously let out a tiny smile as the feeling of freedom hit your body, you let your chin rest on his back as his hand was still on your thigh. The way he made you feel on that situation, him riding his bike with you on the back, it couldn’t be described. You felt in movie, those things you were used to seeing in old movies where the guy is something so far off by reality that would always made you feel sad because you thought you were never going to find something like that. But there you were, with the man of your dreams driving his motorcycle while his hand was resting on your thigh, ready to protect you and make you the happiest girl in the world.
“Want something to drink?” Bucky asked softly as the door of your apartment was being closed by him and you were on the couch, taking your shoes off.
“Not really. Just want to take this dress off and go to bed.” You tossed your shoes aside and made your hair into a bun ready to head into your bathroom and take off your makeup.
As you feet touched the coldness of the floor in the bathroom, you shiver but quickly turned on the hot water to wash your hands and start with your routine. As soon as you grabbed the makeup remover, you sigh regretting going out with your friends. It made you feel so disgusting on the inside as the memory of Peter was slowly going back to your head. It was more anger right on that moment than sadness and shook, the way that some guys felt you were obligated to say yes to them just because they wanted to buy you a drink. No matter if you said no multiple times. It was sickening.
Your muscle memory made you remember his hands touching your elbow making you stop throwing with anger the makeup remover towards the counter and close your eyes to try and forget it.
“Doll?” A hand touching your elbow made you jump and quickly open your eyes. But as soon as your eyes locked up with his, your heart went down to its normal speed. “You ok?”
“Yeah.” You nodded before opening the cold water to wash your face. You opened your eyes to see the water dripping down on your skin but then your eyes went directly to the man behind you. Once you did, you slowly followed him and his lips as they were ready to kiss your bare shoulders. Feeling their warmth, you closed your eyes enjoying the feeling.
His free hand slowly traced your body until it arrived in your stomach to gently push you against him, to warm your bodies against the other. Slowly living kisses on your shoulder, he then moved his lips towards your neck. Wanting to leave him more space, you tilted your head sideways as little breaths were coming out of your mouth.
“Open your eyes, doll.” He said against your skin making you shiver the second your skin felt the air hitting you.
As he said, you slowly opened your eyes to meet his as his lips were leaving gentle kisses on your skin. Your left hand touched his, the one that was carefully resting against your stomach to gently caress it with your thumb. Without giving you the chance to do something else, Bucky turned your body to face him and quickly grabbed your cheeks to leave a simple yet full of passion kiss on your lips.
“Let me make your night better, doll.” He said softly right in front of your face making you feel the hot air leaving his mouth in your skin. His eyes were glued to your lips and his thumb was caressing your cheek. With his metal arm, moved a piece of hair that was covering your face and carefully tugged it behind your ear.
“What do you have in mind?” You asked when a grin escaped your lips. Suddenly, like Bucky was waiting for that exact answer, with his metal arm grabbed your waist and pulled you up, making you wrap your legs around his waist while he was making his way towards your bedroom.
Once inside, as he was getting closer to the bed he pulled up your dress and left it right on your stomach. He carefully dropped you and quickly positioned himself on top of you. Feeling the coldness of his metal arm it made you shiver once again, but soon it was covered by the hot kiss he left on your lips.
Leaving your lips, he started to move on your neck and then your chest while his other cold hand was slowly pulling your dress up. Soon after, you were wearing nothing but your underwear. Tossing your dress to the side, Bucky held his body up by his knees and stared at your body like he was staring at a piece of art freshly made.
“You’re so fucking beautiful, doll. You know that?” He said with a little smile and that made your stomach turn as you felt the heat going towards your cheeks. Even if he had been your boyfriend for over a year now, no matter how many times he had seen you naked or called you beautiful, it still made you feel like it was the first time.
Getting closer to your face once again, he united his lips with yours but this time he managed to make the speed faster than the ones before. His tongue touched your mouth so you opened it wider to let it play with yours. As slowly as they were moving, you could feel the heat growing in your body. He had his metal arm by the side of your head holding his body on top of yours while his other hand was slowly massaging the side of your thigh.
His fingers found themselves playing with your underwear, pulling it and twisting it while his mouth was still focused on yours. But soon leaving your lips desiring for more, he ended the kiss and looked down ready to pull your underwear down. Like he was a pro at it, with quick moved he sat down on the bed and with his metal arm lifted your waist so the thin underwear you were wearing would come off easily. Letting out a grin Bucky toss it aside and used his hand to touch your stomach and slowly move it up towards your chest.
You could feel your insides asking for more. Wanting to feel Bucky against your legs even more as his hands were tracing your body. Joining them soon his lips were now against your skin. Taking his tongue out he gently licked your bare chest around your bra. Needing to take it off, you arched your back to let his hand go under and with a quick move making it undone to take it off your body and again, toss it on the floor.
“I’m never going to get tired of watching your naked body under me, doll.” Bucky said softly making you let out a smile as his lips were already flying towards your mouth.
“Bucky-” you said against his lips.
“What, doll?” He asked leaving your mouth to slowly caress your cheek with his thumb as his eyes were staring you and your eyes full of lust. “What do you want me to do to you?” He asked with a smile and you bit your lower lips while million of ideas were flying around your mind. “What is it, doll?” He asked more with a joking tone than before. The grin on his face became even bigger as a smile appeared on your face. “Oh, you want me do the thing- I’ll do the thing, alright.”
A little laugh escaped your lips as Bucky moved his mouth towards your chest and left little kisses on it, but soon placed his body lower so his face could be closer between your legs. Ready to feel that sensation your body was desiring so much, you closed your eyes and soon felt his lips against your inner thigh. Wanting to make more space for his head Bucky grabbed your thighs and slowly separated them without taking his lips away from your skin.
He was taking his sweet time around your folds leaving little kisses making you feel the hotness and the wetness of it become even more stronger and noticeable. You moved your hips to feel his lips more strongly against your skin, noticing this Bucky let out a tiny smile and looked at the desire in your face. “Want me to move quicker, don’t we?”
“Fuck, Bucky.” You let out softly gaining a little smile from Bucky’s mouth.
Just like you wanted, soon after you felt Bucky’s lips against your inner lips making you slightly shake under his touch. He started to leave gentle kisses before taking his tongue out and slowly tracing every single angle.
You could feel the sweat starting to leave your body as Bucky was carefully moving between your legs. That burning sensation he would always make you feel it was starting to appear when he moved to the top of your inner lips, towards your clit. With the tip of his tongue he started to make circles around it making you embrace every feeling that was happening inside of you. The butterflies in your stomach seemed to have gone into riot mode as your heart was going full speed under his warm touch. It was like he was putting you under a spell, making your entire body to fall for him no matter what he did.
“Fuck, fuck.” You spitted out almost in a whisper as Bucky’s tongue started to move faster against your clit. The faster he was getting you could felt your legs starting to shake around his head. The tightness of your inner lips and lower stomach was starting to make their way into your body as his tongue was professionally moving against you. But once you felt like you were coming undone, Bucky stopped leaving you wanting for more. “Oh, fuck you.” You said softly while Bucky just grinned before going back to your clit and leaving gently kisses on it.
Taking his fingers closer to you, with his index finger started to caress your folds up and down, making you, once again, fall under his touch. You could feel the wetness of your sex becoming stronger and stronger the more he spent between your legs. Moving his index finger away and taking his thumb against your clit, he started to caress it to place his middle finger right outside your orifice.
Feeling how slowly his fingers was entering your body you slightly arched your back and let out a long breath. The combination of his thumb moving against your clit and his fingers inside of you was making you fall into such a big relaxation and lust that whatever your body did or came out of your mouth was no longer under your brain commands.
Your hand flew towards Bucky’s hair to gently caress as he moved his tongue towards your folds to trace them up and down. Now, you had him touching your folds, his thumb tracing your clit and his middle finger slowly moving inside of you. He was a damn good multitasker.
The sound of your wet vagina was now louder as Bucky entered his ring finger inside of you to accompany his middle finger and make your legs shake around his head even faster. He replaced his thumb with his mouth and started sucking on your clit with strength to help you reach that wanted orgasm.
With the tip of his tongue and with speed, he started play with your clit and moved it around making your feel everything around it turn tighter and your folds to burn.
“Fuck, Bucky, I’m close- don’t stop.” You said with your voice cracked as he was gaining speed and moving his fingers with more decision between your walls. As they started pounding he slowed down and took his fingers out to enter them once again, making you let out a loud moan in the process. “Shit.” You said as your legs were shaking and his tongue wasn’t stopping against your clit.
Seeing how close your were, Bucky removed his fingers from inside of you and took his two hands towards your thighs to spread them wider and make more space for his head once again and for you to feel his tongue even more deeper against your clit.
Faster than you could let out another moan, you felt your inner lips fill with lust and your clit to burn with passion as his tongue was slowly taking its speed down. “Fuck..” you said in a whisper and you felt the orgasm slowly fading away as Bucky was leaving gently kisses on your folds and caressing your thighs with his thumbs.
He slowly went back to your face as he was leaving multiple kisses on your skin. Once he arrived at your lips he left a simple kiss in them as you tasted yourself. As soon as he ended the kiss your heavy breathing started to mix with his, feeling how his chest was touching yours and his free hand tracing your legs up and down.
The amount of lust he made you feel under those minutes it was more than you ever felt with any other men in your entire life. The way he made you feel under his touch, under his eyes, under his presence... it was like no other. He was yours and you were his. You were his girl and he made sure you knew that, nobody was ever going to hurt you ever again.
“Feeling better?” He asked with a smile the moment you opened your eyes to meet his.
“Better than ever, Bucky.” You said softly before uniting his lips with yours one last time. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad night after all.
Tumblr media
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thefanbasewhore · 12 hours ago
Werewolf Bucky 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩 & possibly soulmate au
Summary || A head cannon for being Alpha (pack leader) Bucky's soulmate.
Warning/Content || Alpha Bucky, soulmate au, mates au.
Paring || Bucky Barnes x female reader
I'm thinking about making a mini series out of this, what do you guys think would you read it? Lemme know 😇
Tumblr media
It was a little past your 20th birthday when news of another pack was coming to visit your lands. It's not unusual, it's normal every few years to have mate ceremonies that allowed for individuals to meet their mates since they weren't born into packs.
It's late when they arrive, everyone else is sleeping except for your family. Only because it was respectfully for an alpha to greet an alpha with open arms, the whole family must be there.
You don't think much of it, the warm and unfamiliar feeling that takes your breath away, blaming it on lack of sleep but the moment your eyes meet seafoam blues with a handsome chiseled jaw line peppered with a short shadow, you understand.
The pull is there, the wolf inside of you howls, the moon seems brighter illuminating the soft curve of his nose, those pump, bright lips.
Everyone just watches, he clearly feels it too as he steps closer with no care of how you may feel. He's a man on a mission as his heart burns inside his chest for you, his tip of his nose runs from your cheeks, follows the structure of your jaw until it jabs the soft part of your neck where his mark will go. He inhales deeply, a please 'mmm' following.
"Are you the Alpha's daughter?" You nod unsure as he whispers into your neck. The noise of mechanical plates clicking startles you a cool, false hand presses against your cheek.
"You smell strong, my half. A female Alpha. You radiate power." It's not common, actually surprising since it hasn't happened in hundreds of years.
Being the first born of an Alpha meant you inherit the pack, except one thing held you back from that: being a female.
In the corner of your peripheral, you see your father's worried eyes. Bucky must sense he steps closer as his loving gaze leaves you as hard lines set into his forehead the face him but not the hand on your cheek never leaves.
"Alpha Barnes, can you take your hands off my daughter?"
"She is an alpha?" Bucky's words catch him off guard, watching as his eyes widen despite your father's natural bigger build Bucky almost towers over him.
"Yes.. she is."
"She is my mate." Eyes glance towards your mother watching as she covers her mouth, a mother would is never ready to give up her babies. "The packs are to merge together once we marry."
"Actually, she will not be Alpha." Bucky doesn't miss the way your slightly younger brother's head drops, guilty but strong. "My son will be. No female should claim the spot."
This makes Bucky snarl, "You deprive her of her natural born right? For what? Her sex?" He's fumming, chest puffing in order to intimate the opposing alpha but the small hand the grips his hand from moving from the skin of his cheek makes him stop, doing a double take as you nuzzle into his hand.
"Alpha Barnes, it's okay. Please stop."
In that very moment, his heart skips a beat. Throat drying and he really gets a look at how beautiful you are, hair all wild and with sleepy, red eyes.
"It's Bucky to you, my half." The words make your cheeks flush, a thumb rubbing comforting circles into it.
Nervously you peer up at your father, it's ridden with confusion and sadness.. his only daughter was to leave, go off to Bucky's lands once the ceremony was over.
"I look forward to getting to know you." The Alpha pokes his nose into your own, the upper most sign of respect. "And show you, your new home soon."
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howdoyouknowaboutgandalf · 12 hours ago
Hmmm, other than Bucky who is your favorite character? (AND HI, I HOPE YOUR DAY IS GOING AWESOME~ <3)
Sammmmmmm Wilsonnnnnnnnn
Tumblr media
And hi! You have a good day too.
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howdoyouknowaboutgandalf · 12 hours ago
What's your favorite thing to write for? Like is it angst, fluff, smut, etc. ?
Angst turned fluff!
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imaginedreamwrite · 13 hours ago
A Rose And A Bullet: Part 2
Blue eyes stared into blue eyes through a mirror, reflecting an image of a man who was unprepared and almost unwilling to go through with the event his ma set before him.
“Bucky-“ his ma’s voice filtered through the phone pressed into his ear and stirred him from his gaze.
“I’m about to go meet them.” Bucky’s lips were pursed as he riddled with his already styled hair and his waistcoat that was specifically picked out to emphasize the colour of his eyes.
“Be on your best behaviour.” His mother scolds him like a child, warning him not to act like a man-child and scare off the potential future ‘Mrs. Barnes’.
“There are 20 women outside waiting for me,” Bucky grumbled while he moved from the mirror to the window, looking through the upstairs window to the garden below, begrudgingly dragging his feet. “I have to go ma.”
The whole event was designed to find Bucky a suitable woman to stand by his side so he could take over the family business and the family empire. The whole event was conspired by his mother who was impatient and frustrated with Bucky’s choices to have different women for a night or a week. He chose relational freedoms over relational commitment, and he liked it that way.
He didn’t want to be tied down to one woman who was only in the relationship for the money or the power or even the title. Bucky would rather have random fucks and hookups because at least those were genuine. At least the random hookups gave him some resemblance of enjoyment.
Marrying a woman who only wanted money or power or a title, was horrifying and nauseating.
Maybe Bucky was a little fuck boy. Maybe he was a little dick for choosing a one-night stand instead of commitment.
Or maybe he didn’t want to spend his marital life with a miserable woman just to inherit the family business and empire.
“Put in a real effort, James. These women are-“
“-Pariah’s, ma. These women only want money.” Bucky took another gaze around the garden. At least they were beautiful, that was a saving grace.
“One of them will be your future wife. The one-night stands end here, James. Your father wants to retire, it’s time for you to take over. Grow up and get out there.” His mother, while being one of the sweetest women around, was a force to be reckoned with.
People were afraid of his father, but everyone was terrified of his ma.
“I’m going.” Bucky bid his goodbye and ended the call before he shoved his phone into his pants pockets. When he was ready, he turned away from the window and left the bedroom, moving throughout the massive estate autonomously. He moved without thinking until he reached the last barrier between him and the garden outside.
His parents had met when his mother was a waitress in this little dive café. His dad had gone to collect payment and caught sight of his ma, this little slip of a waitress, who threatened with him a grease-soaked spatula until he turned around and came back later with the request of a date that turned from one into succeeding dinners that eventually led to an engagement.
His mother was a woman of fiery class. She was stubborn and stuck in her ways, aggravating his dad in the most headache-inducing yet loving ways.
Bucky wanted someone equally as aggravating and headache-inducing because his parents’ relationship was real and true, it stemmed from a general connection and chemistry instead of a relationship based on power and titles and money.
“They’re waiting for you.” One of the many foot soldiers responsible for providing security for the event opened the door for Bucky to step through.
As he stepped through the door and came into the natural light of the sun, he pulled his sunglasses from their place in his pocket and unfolded them. He gave the women in the garden a good look at his eyes before he slid the glasses on his face and pushed the nosepiece up the bridge of his nose.
“Bucky, right?” It wasn’t long before he was surrounded by a small crowd of women, a small pack of well-dressed and done-up girls who were vying for his attention. “I’m Laura. I’m from the west coast.”
“Yeah,” Bucky humoured the eager women, even though he was internally pulling away, “Bucky.”
Laura was a woman with long brown hair and golden highlights. Laura was a woman who was wearing a dress that was skin tight and as revealing as possible to try and draw Bucky’s attention to her west coast physique.
“I’m Sarah.” Another woman from his left spoke, her strawberry blonde hair and bright green eyes twinkled as she leaned in and placed a hand on his chest. “I’m right from Brooklyn.”
“Yeah?” He was already disinterested in this whole event. He knew why at least half of these women were here and it wasn’t because of his personality.
Bucky felt smothered by these women clinging to him, hanging around him like he was their life source. He felt as if their presence was a vice squeezing the air from his lungs, leaving him grappling and gasping for some source of oxygen to keep him breathing.
“Nice to meet ya.” Bucky pat the inside of his suit pants pocket for the carton of darts tucked inside. Despite just having one, he felt as if he could have another. Or a drink of something stiff.
He gently pushed his way through the crowd of women toward the bar, aware of them following him while conversing together. He was followed to the bar and he was getting his ear talked off as he ordered a beer.
The head of the event was moving toward the small stage that had been built so the women could introduce themselves to everyone. It was a way to level the playing field and get the women familiar with the competition.
“Ladies please if I could have your attention-“
With his disinterest and the head of the event addressing the women, Bucky felt as though he had a brief moment of peace. He ordered his beer as they grabbed refilled champagne flutes from the wait staff to endure the rules of the estate and the event would pin 20 women against each other for the hopes of becoming his bride.
“You know for a man who has 20 beautiful women in his company,” a woman spoke from his right, “you’re glum. Isn’t this supposed to be the dream? A pile of women fighting over you?”
The woman who had spoken from his left wasn’t in a ball gown or a gala dress. The woman to his left was in a cable knit sweater and a pair of skinny jeans and heels. The woman to his left was beautiful and breathtaking, without seeming like she was putting on a façade to steal his attention.
“I could be wrong but,” the woman took a swig from her beer, “I think most men would kill to be in your position.”
Bucky turned and studied her, his head titled and his eyes narrowed slightly. Her accent was hard to place yet it was familiar enough to feel nostalgic.
“I’ve seen men kill for less.” He rests his elbow on the bar top and angled his body away from the other women, gazing upon this one with heightened interest.
“Have you? What have you seen men kill for?” She questioned, passing the bartender the empty bottle of beer for another.
“James,” he extended his hand.
“James?” She furrowed her brow and pursed her lips.
“Bucky’s a nickname. James is my legal first name.” Bucky inched closer, interested in the woman that had something special about her that he couldn’t put his finger on.
“Y/N L/N,” she introduced herself after taking a long swig of her beer, “from Boston. I’m an elementary school teacher.”
“Not many single teachers where you’re from?” Bucky looked her up and down, his lips twitching as he almost smirked.
“Not many heiresses in New York?” She took another drink. “Or are there too many to choose from?”
“You got something against New York?” Bucky cracked a small grin.
“Only against the Yankee’s.” You had equally smirked when you knew you hit a nerve. “Red Sox are leagues ahead of the Yank’s. I think the Yank’s have reinvented the word ‘loser’.”
“Eh!” Bucky frowned and slammed his glass against the top. “Don’t come for the Yankee’s like that.”
The small laugh that had emitted from your lips was stirring.
His dad once said that when he came across his ma it was as if he was struck by lightning. It was as if he was struck with an irreversible curse that drew him to Bucky’s ma.
Was that what this was? Was this lightning? Was this the curse?
Was Bucky walking in his father’s shoes, experiencing the kind of moment that only came every few lifetimes?
“Boston!” You were called to the stage, your turn to introduce yourself to the crowd. After you were called, you’d set your bottle down in the same manner as Bucky had only you bent down after to fix the strap of your heels that was falling down your ankle.
“You better mention your bad taste in sports teams.” Bucky had finally emitted a smile; genuine and true. “Cause anyone who likes the Red Sox over the Yankee’s must have poor taste.”
“Seems like my taste in men is no better.” You threw a cheeky, flirty grin over your shoulder toward him along with a wink.
** **
*GIF’s are just for aesthetics*
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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bucky barnes | masterlist
Tumblr media
let it bleed (vampire!au): a series of non chronological one-shots and drabbles about a vampire and his human girl. | on-going
read here.
(un)cool (rockstar!au, 70's!au): in the summer of 1973, after covering the howling commandos’ concert for a night, you - a young and inexperienced music journalist - accidentally end up following the up and coming band from new york city across the country. between shows, parties, backstage nonsense, interviews and failed attempts at writing a cover story for rolling stone magazine, you end up developing a love/hate relationship with their brooding, but devilishly handsome, guitarist james “call me bucky” barnes. | on-going
read here.
Tumblr media
one-shots and drabbles
(they long to be) close to you
two slow dancers
perfection in the accident (soulmate!au) coming soon
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nastybuckybarnes · 13 hours ago
In a Heartbeat  -  Epilogue
Tumblr media
Pairing: Fireman!Bucky X Reader
Summary: You’ve always been careful with your heart. With your condition, you don’t exactly have any other choice. The last time you let someone in, you paid the price. A price you don’t plan on paying again. Until Bucky comes in and shatters your carefully crafted world.
Warnings: Angst, Language, Minor Fluff
Word Count: 1.2K
A/n: Grande finale! Oof plz don’t kill me but it’s so cute I loved writing this series so much and low-key I’m sad it’s over but it was so fun to write. If y’all have any ideas for anything you want me to write in the future, send em my way!
Series Masterlist
The wind is crisp, biting at the exposed skin of his face, his fingers.
He doesn’t mind too much though.
The sky is gloomy, like it might rain later in the day. The clouds are a deep grey colour and there's sorrow on the wind. He can’t help but feel like it’s fitting.
“I uh, I’m not sure what to say, I guess. Bonnie said it would be good to come swing by for a little while but uh I’m not sure if she was right.” His voice is shaky and he closes his eyes, hating the silence that meets him.
“I got you flowers. Didn’t wanna get roses cause it didn’t feel right, so I got you some carnations. Nat said that they last a while too which is nice. They’re real pretty. A light yellow type. Maybe peach is a better description of the colour but-” he cuts himself off with a laugh, shaking his head.
“Here I am, trying to describe the colour of the flowers to you when I’m sure you’ve got other things you wanna hear about.”
Deep breath in, deep breath out, just like the two of you always practiced.
“She uh, she turns two in a few weeks, but you know that. I don’t know if I can do it though. Not without you.”
A cold drop of water splashes against his cheek and it’s only then that he notices the warm tears falling down his face.
“I miss you, doll. Every day it feels like it gets harder, and Bonnie says that’s normal, but I don’t know. I feel like it should get easier with time.” He huffs a breath and squeezes his eyes shut.
“Doesn’t help that Beccs is the spitting image of her mom, that’s for damn sure. But you knew that from the first moment you laid eyes on her. You were all smug about it too, said you gave her all the good genes.” He chuckles softly and shrugs his shoulders, “you were right about that.”
He stuffs his free hand into his pocket, rocking back on his heels and trying not to break down right then and there.
“She’s beautiful, (Y/n). Absolutely gorgeous. She’s stubborn, just like you. Real talkative too. I asked Steve when to expect this kinda stuff but he says each kid develops at a different speed.” He clenches his jaw tightly, trying to swallow the lump in his throat.
“I miss you so fucking much. So damn much. I wish... fuck...” He stops, wiping away the tears and leaning his head back to allow the rain to clear his thoughts.
“I wish you were here. This whole ‘parenting’ gig would be a lot easier if you were here to do it with me. I feel like I can never do it right. And Beccs needs her mom. She’s got Nat, but she needs you.” He sniffles and wipes his nose on the back of his hand.
“I’m not saying this to make you feel bad, doll, I swear. I just... I can't keep it in. I feel like a failure. I need your help.” His bottom lip trembles and he makes the split-second decision not to hide it. No, he opens the floodgates and he lets the tears fall.
“Her uh, her favourite word is still ‘mama’. Got her sayin’ ‘dada’ though. And she absolutely adores Tommy. That’s her partner in crime.” He chuckles once, thinking about how the two interact.
A fresh wave of sorrow washes over him and he drops his head, looking down at the ground and letting out a shaky breath.
“I uh, I still can’t sleep in our bed. Steve says I should try but... I can’t. I need you there and I can’t sleep without you. I stay on the couch most nights. Nat gets worried but I think I’m okay. Yeah... I think I’ll be okay.” He lets out another pained breath then shakes his head and falls to his knees, eyes squeezed shut tightly.
“I miss you. I fucking miss you so much. And some days it just hits me so damn hard that I’ll never see your smile o-or hear you laugh. You won't be there t-to see Becca on her wedding day... you won’t hold your grandchildren... you won’t be there when she graduates and we won’t grow old together. No, you won’t see me all gross and wrinkled and old and you won’t tease me when I can barely lift my own damn body. Fuck, I’d give anything to have you back. I would give absolutely anything to see you again. I miss you so much and it’s so hard to live without you.”
He puts his face in his hands, shoulders shaking with sobs as he finally lets himself break.
And break, he does.
He shatters there on that gloomy Thursday morning, heart out for the gods to see, to pick apart. He bears his goddamn soul and he cries. He sobs and he all but screams out his sorrows.
It’s agony.
Living without you has been the hardest thing he’s ever done.
He’d lose his arm ten times over if it meant he could see you again.
When you died you took a piece of him with you, and he knows he’ll never get it back.
“I love you, Doll. So damn much. To the fucking moon and back.”
He kneels there for a long time, long enough for the rain to come and go, the sun peeking through the clouds and the birds emerging from their hiding spots.
He kneels there until his tears have run dry and his heart has stopped aching, his shoulders lighter even if the bags under his eyes are heavier.
“Daddy!” He glances over his shoulder, a wet smile spreading on his face as Rebecca bounds over to him clumsily.
He opens his arms and she runs straight into them, giggling madly and pushing her hair out of her face.
“Do you wanna give mommy the flowers this time?” He asks, handing her the bouquet of carnations. She nods eagerly, sliding out of his grip and gently placing the flowers down in front of the headstone.
“Love you, mommy,” she says quietly, pressing a kiss to the polished granite.
A gentle hand pats Bucky on the shoulder, and he looks up at the source.
Nat stands over his shoulder, a sad smile on her face.
“You’ve been here for a while. Thought we should come check up on you.” He nods, pushing himself to his feet and taking a deep breath.
“I’m okay now. Therapist said I should really talk to her, not just... lay down the flowers.” Natasha nods, pulling the man into a hug.
“We all miss her, it’s okay.” Bucky huffs out a breath, trying to fight the tears but they fall anyway.
“I want one too!” Rebecca exclaims, tugging on his pant leg. He chuckles and pulls away from Nat to pick up his daughter, holding her tightly to his chest and trying with all his might to keep it together, if only for her.
“C’mon. Let’s go get ice cream. My treat,” Nat says, ruffling Becca’s hair then leading the way to her car.
Bucky follows after, pausing for a moment and glancing over his shoulder, eyes tracing over the writing carved into the stone.
(Y/n) (Y/m/n) Barnes.
Beloved Mother, Daughter, Wife, and Friend.
Always on our minds.
Forever in our hearts.
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howdoyouknowaboutgandalf · 14 hours ago
Let’s play truth!!! Send random questions you have about me and I will have to answer. 🌸🦋
Taglist! @angel-of-hell-cece1967 @academiawhore @buckys2thicc @caritobbg @l-queen1 @mannien @sah1x1s @wakandabiitch2
I apologize if you aren’t tagged. I can’t exactly tag all 80 of my mutuals.😅
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ladyfallonavenger · 15 hours ago
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 4258
Warnings: Angst, fluffy fluff, a little bit of violence, trauma, homelessness, misunderstandings, romantic friendship, platonic friendships, traffic accident, drink driving, declarations of love, happy endings. This has no smut but my blog is 18+ so no minors please.
This isn’t beta read so all mistakes are my own. This is part of the wonderful Marie’s writing challenge using inspiration from the amazing edits by @nix-akimbo
I chose long hair number 13 (it’s my lucky number). This piece is actually about Biker Bucky, his recovery after an accident that changed his life and how he equally changed the reader’s life when she had nobody left.
Tumblr media
She wiped down the bar top whilst having a free rare moment. They were short staffed at The Lady Luck Bar again. She glanced around at the customers and wondered how she'd ever gotten to this point. She had a strong education but things changed pretty dramatically after she'd finished university. The sudden death of her mother and brother in a freak traffic accident led to her dealing with whatever was left behind. Her mother had accumulated quite a few debts. Y/N sold the house, paid the debts and for two funerals. After all the taxes, there was just about enough to secure a deposit on a flat in New York. It wasn't much but it was home. To afford living there, she ended up taking shifts at the bar, delivering sandwiches daily during the lunch period for 4 hours and doing weekend sessions teaching extra classes for kids needing extra help. Those sessions only paid for two hours but Y/N found she'd often end up there for another couple of hours helping the children who required even more help. She didn’t mind, it was fun because she felt she was making a difference. But despite having three jobs, she was lucky to bring home $1700 a month.
Three familiar faces entered and took seats at the bar. She greeted them with a genuine smile as they got comfortable.
"You're in late tonight fellas" she spoke as she automatically started pouring beers from the pump, already knowing their order.
"Aw did you miss us doll?" Bucky grinned while winking at her. She handed over the beers and took payment from Steve as she rung up the order on the till.
"How could I not miss the Three Musketeers, you three are my favourite customers" Y/N chuckled while handing Steve his change. Bucky watched Y/N as she went off to serve other customers at the bar.
"Man you have got it bad with a capital B" Sam taunted Bucky.
"I don't know what you mean" Bucky replied trying to look innocent. Steve laughed at him slapping him on the back.
"Every time we come here you stare at her with those puppy eyes" he joined in on the teasing.
"I do not" Bucky answered with a pout, he tucked some of his long hair behind his ear and took a gulp of beer. As the laughter died down, Steve checked his phone. He noticed the email from Tony.
"Tony wants us all at the party on Saturday" he informed running a hand through his hair and huffing. Sam shook his head, he knew Bucky hated these kind of things. Bucky would rather drive off into the night on his motorcycle dressed in his trademark denim and leather (if he’d ride again, that is) instead of slacks and a shirt. Bucky rolled his eyes at Steve’s comments and looked out at the bar where Y/N was now bussing tables. Truth be told, Bucky had been pining after her for some time. He couldn’t help it. He’d known her for a while. It was when he was at his lowest that she picked him up, dusted him off and helped him prepare to take on the world again.
He laid in the hospital bed. He didn’t want to see or talk to anyone. The accident happened so fast and was still vivid in his mind. He was wallowing in fear and self-pity. That’s when she broke him from his train of thought.
“Hi, Mister Barnes is it?” she smiled politely at him. “I’m Y/N, I’m a volunteer her and just wanted you to know if there’s anything you need, I’m here to help” she offered brightly. He nodded with a small grunt and said nothing to her, instead he opted to look away. She thought it was him being grumpy as he turned away from her. It was more embarrassment because he was trying to hide his sudden boner. Yes there were good looking nurses and doctors but there was something about her that jolted him and he wasn’t familiar with that feeling.
As the weeks went on, he started to memorise her work times and spent more time talking to her as he had reconstructive surgery on his knee while waiting for Tony Stark to get back to him on a prosthetic arm after losing his in that accident. She’d met Steve and Sam a few times as well as the Tony Stark himself but they didn’t faze her. She hated seeing Bucky looking so broken. She decided to start visiting him when she wasn’t on duty. It surprised him, but she enjoyed his company and even agreed to sit in on his physio sessions. During one visit, she took him for a walk in the hospital gardens, it was slow and steady to help him get used to the new knee. They sat opposite the rose bushes in silence.
“Did you manage to sort out your mother’s estate?” he suddenly asked, looking at her and trying to guess what she was thinking about.
“Yeah, everything is sold, all debts are paid including the ones I had no idea about that she and my brother set up in my name” she sighed.
“I’m sorry you had to go through that and alone as well” he tried to comfort. She smiled at him.
“Well I’ve not been alone, I’ve had you to visit and keep me company” she joked trying to deflect the actual fact that she had no real family to turn to now. He gave a wry smile realising what she was doing because he’d done it so often with Steve and Sam lately.
“What about accommodation?” he quizzed, he couldn’t help but feel concerned for her.
“I’ve got about enough to put down as a deposit on a flat but I need to give up volunteering here, I need to get another job to ensure I can afford to live there” she admitted. “But I’m still coming to visit you ok, I made a promise to help see you through this Bucky. In some bizarre way, you’ve become my closest friend” she confessed. She leaned her head on his shoulder and he rested his head atop of hers.
“I’m honoured doll” he breathed softly loving that she’d put her head on the shoulder that was minus his arm and showing that she didn’t see him any differently to anyone else.
She kept to her word, visiting him, supporting him and then being there when he was discharged. She’d go to see him daily at the home he shared with Steve and Sam, getting to know them in the process yet still insisting her and Bucky were just friends. Sam could see there was something there but since the accident Bucky was more reserved, he hadn’t been on his bike since the accident. He didn’t go out unless it was to work at the garage for Stark with Steve and Sam. It worried them both. So when Y/N told him she was working at the Lady Luck Bar in evenings now, Sam and Steve tried to get him into the routine of going to the bar after work. It was working too. Now all Sam and Steve needed to do was get them together.
As Y/N was collecting glasses, a bunch of rowdy young city workers started getting a bit fresh with her. Attempting to collect empty bottles and glasses from their table, one of the guys grabbed her ass, stepping back she responded with a slap. The guy stood up and towered over her, he reeked of beer, curry and stale cigarette smoke. Y/N tried to back away as this man, who the others were calling Randy, was swearing incoherently at her but his face was red with fury. He raised his hand to swipe at her but was stopped when a metal hand grabbed his wrist. Y/N looked up at Bucky with relief as he glared at Randy. If looks could kill, those steely dagger eyes of Bucky’s would have murdered him then and there. Steve and Sam stepped forward to back Bucky up.
“I think you owe the lady here an apology pal” Steve spoke sternly. Sam folded his arms and adjusted his stance to look more threatening.
“The whore doesn’t deserve it” Randy spat. Bucky started twisting and squeezing Randy’s wrist, he was yelling in pain. Steve and Sam just turned Randy’s friends who backed off leaving the bar and Randy.
“She. Is. Not. A. Whore. She. Is. A. Woman. Too. Good. For. This. World. And. You. Will. Treat. Her. As. Such. Am. I. Making. Myself. Clear?” Bucky grimaced trying to hold back from tearing Randy to pieces.
“Crystal… please… let me go” Randy cried.
“Apologise first” Sam ordered, nodding at Bucky who pressed his lips together.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have treated you like that” he was pleading for his release. Y/N nodded at Randy in silent acceptance as Bucky shoved him away. As he got up and moved to walk around Y/N, he muttered ‘bitch’ under his breath. Y/N tapped him on the shoulder, as Randy turned he was met with her fist to his nose with a loud cracking impact. It knocked him to the floor, blood spattering everywhere on his white shirt as it began to bleed. Sam opened the bar door while Steve threw him out and called time on the bar. The other customers grumbled a bit as they left. Steve locked the door while Sam collected the glasses. Bucky grabbed the first aid kit and pulled Y/N to a booth to look at her hand. It was red, swollen and painful. Bucky’s touch was light and soft. Apologising for every time she hissed at his touch, he looked up at her.
“You shouldn’t be working here doll, you’re too good for this shithole” he whispered. She met his gaze, her eyes glassy with tears threatening to spill.
“I have no choice Buck, I need to” she spoke under her breath. He looked at her with confusion. He knew that look too well on her. There was something she wasn’t telling him. Steve and Sam joined them.
“We’ve tidied up for you so that you don’t have to” Steve gave her that friendly grin that always made her smile. She always saw him and Sam like the brothers she’d never had. She thanked them and stood up to go to the bathroom and get her bag and jacket from the back.
As she exited the room Bucky shook his head and bit his lip frustrated. Steve noted it but chose not to push it. Bucky’s phone beeped, he checked it and rolled his eyes.
“Let me guess, the succubus” Sam joked.
“Yeah, she’s heard about Tony’s party and wants to know if I’m going to ask her” Bucky’s tone was irritated.
“How many times to you need to tell Dot no?” Steve chuckled.
“Man, I’m telling you she is so clingy and annoying. I’m so tired of it. Everyday she’s just there” he sighed. “I wouldn’t even entertain the thought of taking her to the Stark party. She’d be an embarrassment” he added. Y/N came out with her things and thanked the guys but insisted she’d be fine. Her demeanour was suddenly very different. Hurrying to lock up and get home, she seemed impatient. Now they were all confused. Once they were out and the place was locked up, Y/N excused herself fast not even hugging them. Wondering if it was just shock, they left her to it.
Y/N got home pretty fast trying to fight that burning in her chest and lump in her throat. She looked around the almost bare apartment and sat on the floor by the door sobbing. She couldn’t believe Bucky thought she was clingy, annoying and an embarrassment. It was hard enough that she felt she was a burden on him when she had problems, it was even worse that the person she was in love with thought so little of her. She looked around the rest of her flat, she wasn’t going to be there much longer. She’d tried everything, but couldn’t raise enough money. In one day she was moving into her car, it was all she had left, the other option was moving into the Lady Luck Bar and doing full time shifts with pretty much no life and a sleazy boss. She couldn’t do it.
The next few days passed pretty quickly. Bucky, Sam and Steve had a lot of work on at the garage and were disappointed at the end of each day when turning up at the bar to find Y/N wasn’t working. She wasn’t even answering her phone. Bucky was really worried about her. Despite advice from Steve and Sam to give her a bit of time because she might have been shaken by what happened, he knew something was not right. That evening he turned up at Y/N’s flat to find no response. He asked one of the neighbours if they knew where she was. The old lady told him that she’d been evicted and was living in her car somewhere. Bucky was now filled with panic. Leaving the building, he figured he would try the free parking spaces at the end of the street. There she was, sitting in the back seat of her car. He knocked on the window startling her. Slowly, she got out of her car to talk to him.
“Y/N what the hell is going on?” he asked. There was concern on his face but she had to remind herself of what he’d said.
“It’s nothing for you to worry about” Y/N replied. Bucky was frustrated at the response.
“You are one of my best friends Y/N, how can you say that?” he tried to rein his voice in but it didn’t quite work that way. Y/N snapped her head upward to look at him with pain in her eyes.
“So you are embarrassed by all of your clingy and annoying best friends then or is it just me? Just… Just leave me alone Bucky ok!” she shouted at him, tears rolling down her cheeks as she got back in the car, locked the doors and pulled down the small car window blinds. Bucky was astounded. He wasn’t sure what to do next and left feeling like he’d been hit in the heart with an axe. This was the woman he was in love with. How could she think he thought that of her?
He got back to his shared apartment. Sam walked straight over to him to ask but saw that Bucky had been crying. Bucky shook his head and went straight to his room. He didn’t want to talk. He must have been in his room for about three hours before resurfacing to get some pizza. He sat on the sofa with Steve and Sam who were watching some sports comedy film that had Steve almost choking. Bucky remained silent and picked at his slice of pizza. He wondered if Y/N had eaten, whether she was able to get a hot shower. His mind was running a hundred miles per minute. Sam paused the film.
“So what happened?” Steve asked. Bucky shook his head, his long hair covered his face slightly.
“She’s been evicted and is living in her car” he spoke quietly. Sam’s brow furrowed as he and Steve exchanged baffled glances.
“Why isn’t she here, did you not tell –” Sam started to be cut off by Bucky almost shouting back at him.
“Yes I tried to talk to her Sam. She thinks I think that she is annoying, clingy and an embarrassment. Why would she even think that? I could never think that of the woman I love” his voice quietened towards the end of what he was saying but they heard it and their eyes widened. They knew he had feelings for her but never thought it was that deep. Steve slapped his own forehead suddenly.
“She must have heard you talking about Dot but thought it was her you were talking about” Steve pointed out.
“She won’t talk to me Steve so it won’t matter ok” Bucky dejectedly spoke. He got up and went back to his room. Once he was out of earshot, Steve and Sam started outlining a plan of action.
Steve and Bucky left for work while Sam called in a day off saying he had to help Sarah through something. Once they were gone, Sam got dressed and headed over to where Bucky said Y/N had parked her car. Sam’s heart almost broke seeing her in the back of her car. He knocked on her window. She got out of the car and he gave her a hug. Instantly she broke down in tears.
She wasn’t sure how he’d talked her into it but they’d driven to the apartment and he let her take a hot shower and get dressed into fresh clothes while he made her a hot breakfast. She couldn’t help but hum in contentment at the taste of the scrambled eggs. She’d not had a proper meal in weeks, when the money problems just got worse. She took a sip of the coffee Sam had given her and smiled into the hot beverage.
“So what’s going on Y/N? Why didn’t you tell us? Bucky’s been going out of his mind in worry for you” Y/N scoffed at his comment.
“He told you what he thought of me at the bar Sam” she huffed as she had a mouthful of eggs. Sam laughed.
“Girl he’s crazy about you. He was in tears last night and confessed that he’s in love with you. What you heard was him talking about Dot, you know Dot from posh boutique near the garage?” he asked Y/N nodded as she ate, “She’s been harassing him. He did one good deed for her then suddenly she got his number from somewhere and will not leave him alone” he explained. Y/N felt terrible, how could she have not known? She shook her head.
“Are you all going to Tony’s party tonight?” she quizzed.
“Tony wants us there but Buck really doesn’t want to go”
“It’s the fifth anniversary Sam” she reminded him.
“Oh shit, I completely forgot” Sam shook his head and sent a text to Steve. While Sam and Steve started messaging Tony, Y/N had an idea on how to sort things out with Bucky.
Bucky felt relieved that he didn’t have to attend the party, yes he’d been stuck with closing up but he didn’t mind. He knew by the time he got home they’d be ready to leave and pick up their respective dates for the evening. When he got there he couldn’t stop laughing at how the guys were running around like they were late for prom night.
“Buck can you grab my wallet from my bed while I help Steve with his bow tie please” Sam begged. Bucky laughed and made his way into Sam’s room. He saw Y/N sitting on the edge of the bed. She stood up and fiddled with her fingers nervously. Bucky closed the door behind him and turned back to Y/N.
“I’m sorry Buck. I got the wrong end of the stick and thought you’d said those things about me” she admitted with shame.
“I don’t care about that, why didn’t you tell me about the eviction? What happened?” he asked.
“A few months ago my rent was raised and I couldn’t make the payments. I pretty much sold every item I could, I wasn’t eating much and it still wasn’t enough. The only thing I kept was my car, to sleep in” she couldn’t bring herself to look at him. She could feel his gaze on her and didn’t want to see the look of disappointment.
“So you’ve not been eating properly either?” he double checked. She shook her head, “doll” he sighed pulling her into his arms, resting his chin lightly atop of her head. He could feel her trembling, her silent tears absorbed by his black t-shirt. They came out of Sam’s room to find that Sam and Steve had left. They sat down together. Saying nothing as they just hugged.
“I have something for you, I left it on your bed” Y/N confessed. Bucky looked at her as if she was crazy. He quickly made his way to his room. She heard him shouting happily, he returned wearing the leather jacket with the embroidered white wolf on the back. He went silent and tilted his head to one side with the softest smile she’d ever seen.
“Come here” he breathed huskily. She got up and walked over to him. He wrapped his arms around her and pressed his forehead to hers.
“I love you, I don’t mean as a friend, I mean I’m in love with you Y/N. I know that things have been tough but you don’t have to face them alone” he whispered pressing his plump pink lips to hers in a light kiss.
“I’m in love with you too Buck. I have been for five years” she admitted smiling into his kiss as he brushed his lips over hers again.
“Move in here, with me. You can take time to find a job you’ll enjoy, no more part time making ends meet struggles. I want to be there for you, take care of you and help you” his eyes were begging her.
“On one condition” she beamed.
“Anything” he promised. She slipped out of his embrace and made sure he had his keys. She led him downstairs to the back of the block where they lived. Next to Steve and Sam’s bikes was his old bike, clean, shiny and repaired. She felt his hand squeeze hers as he nervously swallowed. His palm was beginning to sweat a little. She hugged onto him and observed as he saw his bike for the first time in five long years. That’s how long he’d avoided riding. She wouldn’t force him to ride it, but she felt it was time that he saw the bike again. Steve had spent time rebuilding it over the last five years, Sam repainted it and gave it the old shine it used to have when he’d ride with pride.
“I figured you might like to get reacquainted with Pegasus. You don’t have to ride her now if you don’t want to. But she’s ready for you” Y/N promised earnestly as Bucky let go of her and moved around his bike slowly. Memories of that oncoming juggernaut lorry hitting him and dragging him under the wheels because the driver was inebriated and nearly seven times over the limit. The screams of terror and pain, losing consciousness and waking up to no left arm. He closed his eyes. He told himself it was over, he’d moved on and it was now time to face this. He could do it. He could especially do it if Y/N was with him. He took a deep breath, stood up straight. Straddling his bike, he ran his hands over the handle bars. He nodded to himself. Looking over at Y/N, he gave her a shy lopsided smile and patted the seat. She wasted no time sitting behind him. He instructed her on how to get comfortable as held onto him tightly and rested her head on his back. She whispered to him that she loved him. She couldn’t see how those words melted through his anxiety like a hot knife through butter. He started up the bike and they set out on the road.
Bucky felt free, like he was no longer chained to his fears as they zipped down road after road. It was contagious, those feelings flowed through Y/N as she felt Bucky relax into the ride. She’d never felt safer in her life. He slowed to a stop by a park near Stark Tower. They got off the bike and he looked at her with nothing but adoration.
“You’ve been with me through it all Y/N. I was so stupid to not realise there was something really wrong”
“Hey, it’s not a problem. I was at fault too. But one thing will never change and that’s how much I love you” she promised standing on tip toes to kiss him deeply, a move he immediately reciprocated.
“Ok kids move it along” Steve joked teasing them as he, Nat, Sam and Wanda approached them.
“Finally” Sam laughed looking at them both for answers. Y/N drew her line of sight to Pegasus and Steve’s eyes panned.
“Wait… Buck… You…”
“Yeah I rode down here with Y/N. She got me back on there,” he admitted proudly. He pulled Y/N to him to make sure there was no space between them.
“I’m proud of you Buck” Sam cheekily grinned. He nodded accepting it without a sniping comment in return. They heard Dot screaming at Brock Rumlow, an idiot in accounting who managed to get beer down her white dress. She stopped upon seeing Bucky and smiled at him.
“Hey Buck, I was thinking –” he cut Dot off.
“Dot, whatever you want the answer is no. Lose my number ok because I’ve got everything I need right here in my arms,” he paused to look at Y/N and kissed her tenderly, “I love you doll, you’re my saviour” he whispered.
“You’re my saviour too Buck” she replied thanking the heavens for that day five years ago when they first met.
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gibbyisbatman · 16 hours ago
Take A Seat
Bucky Barnes X Fem! Reader
Warnings: smut, oral(female receiving), face sitting, pet names(babygirl, princess), dirty talk
Laughter fills the air that is rich with the aroma of alcohol and stale cigarette smoke, not a care in the world outside of the people seated that chattered in the corner. It was a casual Friday for Y/N, she would change into something comfortable and casual after work to meet up with her friends at the local bar. It was a normal occurrence for Y/N to go out instead of staying at her apartment, not wanting to be up all night waiting for her boyfriend, Bucky, to get home from an assignment. Going out with company and drinking just enough to have a steady buzz while talking about all kinds of random things was just what she needed.
Two friends sit together in the booth in the far corner of the dimly lit, brick bar while a third stands near the bar waiting for a fresh round of drinks.The small wooden table was filled to the edges with almost empty beer bottles and several plates of hot food. Y/N stretches herself across the seat opposite her friend. "When does Buck get back from his mission? Rogers won’t tell me, says I don’t need to know about his whereabouts. Maybe I just wanted to surprise the Cyborg when he gets back, you never know." Sam speaks up with a mock tone when mimicking Steve Rogers, and finishes his claims with a considerable gulp of his cold beer. Y/N chuckles at the man’s antics, chewing her mouthful of fries. "He's supposed to get back in a few days, I guess. I don’t actually know much this time ‘round. All I can hope for is that he comes home in one peice." Y/N informs with a shrug. 
"So do you have any smutty plans for when your man comes home?" Natasha chimes asks with a wiggle of her brows as she returns with new beverages, which causes Y/N to shake her head no. "It's been almost a month since you got laid, you have to have some kind of hot sex on your mind for when Bucky walks through the door." The redheaded friend quips in shock, staring at Y/N from across the table who just returned a dumbfounded look. Sam straightens up in his seat, feeling shocked and uncomfortable with the sudden change in topic. “Alright then. On that note, I’m using the bathroom and I don’t want this conversation to still be happening by time I get back. Nobody wants to know about Buck gettin’ nasty!” The man grumbled while walking in the direction of the toilets, leaving Y/N and Natasha to laugh amongst themselves. 
Y/N reaches across the table with clear anxiety after Sam was out of earshot. "I want to try something new when he gets home, but how the hell do I do it or even bring it up?" Confusion rests on Natasha’s  features as well as a pang of concern. "What do you want to try? You make it seem like you want to peg the guy on the first date?"  Both of them chuckle lightly at the joke, the tension easing in the slightest. "It's nothing like that... I just want to, you know. I want to try... Fuck, I want to ride his face." Y/N finally spits out, cheeks red and hot. Natasha laughs by herself now, excited for her friend's sex life. "Oh Baby! That's nothing! Just tell him that you want to ride his face or try queening. That's not something bad, he'll definitely go for it."
After a few more drinks and finishing the food at the bar, Y/N decided to head home for the night. Nat’s words play over and over in her head, slowly convincing her to go through with the steamy idea that floats through her mind. She was so entranced in her own thoughts that she didn't notice that the lights were on in the apartment and the door was unlocked, but she did notice the tall and familiar form that stood against the counter. Y/N could barely contain herself as she leapt forward, practically jumping onto the person. "Oh my god! You're home early! How long have you been here, babe? I would have stayed home if I had known you were coming back."
Bucky’s face lit up with a giant smile, large arms wrapping around Y/N's excited frame. He chuckles and shakes his head at his girlfriend's rush of questions. "I just got in a bit ago, decided to put off the paperwork. Don’t worry, I’m glad you went out for some fun, no doubt with Romanoff and Birdbrain" He asks fondly, knowing that Y/N would go out with them often. With a happy nod, Y/N leans up for a heated kiss which Bucky reciprocates almost instantly.
Bucky easily lifts Y/N into his arms, encouraging her to wrap her legs around his waist securely to walk them to the bedroom. "I missed you so much, babygirl. God, how I've wanted to touch you." His voice low and guttural against Y/N's sensitive neck, pulling soft whimpers from her. "Mmm baby. I want to try something new tonight. Is that okay?" Y/N hummed, looking Bucky in the eye for agreeance or objection. He licks his swollen lips as his eyes darken. "Anything you want babygirl. I'm going to spoil you tonight. What do you want?"
Both of you rush off to the bedroom, Bucky tosses your body onto the soft mattress. "I want to um... well- I want to ride your face." Y/N sputters out in embarrassment, eyes searching his for any sign of rejection. She opened her mouth and was about to backpedal and tell him to forget what she had said, but to her surprise she heard a growl rumble from his chest. Bucky looks at her with hunger in his eyes and was ready to pounce at any moment. "Take a seat then, babygirl."
Bucky situates himself on his back and gestures for Y/N to climb up his body to assume her position. "Come on, baby. I think that you'll really enjoy this." His words easing the anxiety that flooded her senses and adding to the thick arousal that pooled in between her thighs. With a heavy sigh, Y/N removes her clothes quickly before sitting on her knees next to Bucky’s head. He places a comforting kiss on the tops of her thighs, encouraging her to properly sit over his head so he could begin the long night of pleasing her.
As soon as Y/N's legs settled on either side of Bucky’s head, his warm tongue licked along her slit. A sharp cry rang out as Y/N's hips jolted forward in surprise, hands gripping tightly on the metal headboard. Strong hands reach up to find purchase on the hips above him, pulling them closer to his body for better access. His eyes staring up into Y/N's, never wavering, just so he could watch her every reaction. His tongue licked and stroked at the sensitive skin, sucking harshly on the swollen clit until Y/N was bucking slightly, fighting the urge to thrust against Bucky’s bearded face. "Fuck my face, babygirl. Cum all over my face." The older man encourages with wet lips. 
With Bucky’s words of encouragement, Y/N gained the confidence to grind onto the man's mouth with a loud moan. "Ah. Fuck. That feels so good." Her hands slide down, tugging roughly on Bucky’s long, soft curls. His groan sends tendrils of pleasure shaking through her limbs, her orgasm hitting her suddenly. Bucky coaxes her through the end of her orgasm, letting her buck wildly against him as he drank down all she had to offer.
"I may just have to make you cum like that again, princess." The man chuckles lowly. "So you better hold on tight baby".
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baroness-zemo · 16 hours ago
Do you write for Bucky? Maybe like a Bucky takes care of sick reader if you do
Sick Days (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
Summary: You’re sick, and your boyfriend Bucky helps nurse you back to health.
Word Count: 528
Tumblr media
Bucky glared down at the microwave, watching the bowl of soup inside spin around. This had to be the longest 3 minutes of his life, all for a damn can of chicken noodle soup. But it was worth it, because it would make you feel better.
When the timer beeped, he grabbed the bowl with he vibranium hand, not wanting to burn himself, and added a few sprinkles of pepper before mixing the soup up.
Grabbing some crackers and a bottle of water too, he carefully carried the items to your shared bedroom where you were buried under the blanket.
“No no no, doll, you can’t cover up like that, it’ll make your fever worse,” Bucky sat down the items on the nightstand and pulled the blanket down to your waist, making you groan.
“But I’m cold.” You frowned.
“I know, but it’s because of the fever. Sit up and eat and you’ll feel better.” Bucky hated you being sick, and wanted to help you get better as fast as possible.
You sat up and grabbed the bowl of soup, looking in it. “Pepper?”
He nodded, “Yea, Steve’s mom would always put pepper in it when she’d make it for us when we were sick. Makes it taste better or something.”
Turns out, Steve’s mom was right; pepper does make it taste better. And Bucky was right too, eating did make you feel a bit better.
However, a few minutes after eating when you checked your temperature again, Bucky sighed. “Still 102. Leave it to you to have the worlds most stubborn fever.”
You threw a nearby pillow at him, making him chuckle. “Hold on,” he said before leaving the room momentarily, and came back with a cold wet rag.
Bucky sat down on the bed next to you and patted his lap, “Come on, lay your head in my lap.”
You did as he said and he placed the rag on your forehead. Immediately, it felt as though your skin cooled down. You sighed in relief and Bucky smiled, running his flesh hand through your hair. “Feel better, doll?”
“Much better. Thank you for taking care of me, Buck.”
He shrugged, “It’s the least I can do. You always take care of me, it was about time the roles were reversed for once.”
You agreed and he started lightly dabbing the rag against your cheeks, neck, and forehead. The entire time he never stopped playing with your hair either. Your eyes had fluttered shut long ago, on the verge of falling asleep.
Who would’ve thought Bucky Barnes, the infamous Winter Solider, would be so caring?
“You know Buck, you’d be a really good dad.”
“I don’t know... you think so?”
You hummed, “I know so.”
He was silent for a moment, but when he spoke again you didn’t even have to open your eyes to tell he was smirking. “So does that mean you wanna have a kid, cuz I mean, we can get started anytime-“
You groaned, and he laughed. “I’m just kidding doll.”
“Really? Well, there goes my plan, I was gonna say maybe later once I feel a little better. Oh well, I guess.”
He froze.
“Wait really?”
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