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#steve rodgers x you
mrs-moonchild · 9 hours ago
Long ago (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
A/n: I had so much fun to write this <3 I would love to make a second part, so please let me know if you wanna see one.
Warnings: none I think, but if you find something let me know 
Word count: 1600+
Two pairs of eyes were staring at you, they watched every single move you made. Analysing every action, trying to figure out, what you would do next.
"Would you guys stop it?", you asked annoyed and turned around to face the two men, that were sitting in the back of the car.
One guy, you believe Sam was his name, shurged while crossing his arms before his chest. "I don't know... If you would tell me who you are, trusting you would be a lot easier."
A sigh escaped your lips. "I don't own you or anyone a explaination.", was all you said before you turned back to watch Steve talking to some Shield agent.
"And yet you are here to help.", you rolled your eyes. "I am here because Steve needs my help, all of you idiots do."
Suddenly Sam went quiet, saying nothing anymore. "What? Did you get shy or something?" - "You are the one Steve talked about.", he then said.
Your blood froze in your veins. Did Steve tell him about it? Did he tell him what happend?
"What are you even talking about?", you pretend, that you didn't know what he was talking about. Maybe it would work.
Sam looked at you through the rear-view mirror. "The person he saved in the Hydra Base. The agent." - "You don't know anything about me, so you better shut up before I make you shut up."
You didn't like it when people tried to find out stuff from your past. Whoever tried would break their neck.
It were true, when you were working on the Winter Soldier case, Hydra had captured you and tried to find out stuff about Nick Fury.
Steve found you, nearly dead in an old Hydra Base. He rescued you. Saved your dear life.
So of course when he asked you for a favor, you agreed. You owned him big time and maybe you could get equal for helping now.
Ironically you were helping the Winter Soldier. James Buchanan Barnes. You didn't find much about the Winter Soldier back then, but at some point you could put a few pieces together.
Unfortunately you also had to the feeling, that you need to help Bucky as well. So in short, you were just trying to pay your debt.
Your gaze fell back on Steve, who was now kissing that Agent. You made a grimace, that was nothing you really wanted to see. You were not really into all this relationship stuff.
Since Sam stayed quiet, it looked like your words were working and he was avoiding a conflict.
Curiously your eyes flew to the other man. Bucky or how you used to call him, a pain in your freaking ass. He gave you many sleepless nights and now he was just sitting in the car, looking quite peacefully.
You shook your head as you notice Steve coming back to the car. He sat down in the driver seat and gave you a reassuring smile.
He was thankful for your support, that you had agreed to help him.
"Everything okay?", he asked with a worried look on his face. You nodded. "Of course, just trying not to fight against the bird guy.", you said, already prepared to hear Sam complain, but nothing happened.
Steve sighed while you shruged and looked outside the window. "You got yourself a girlfriend? Or was that just a goodbye kiss in case you die?", he blushed slightly, ignoring your questions.
"Hey, don't act like I am not here Rodgers, that hurt my feelings.", dramaticly you placed a hand in your chest, right were your heart was.
"Wait you have feelings?", Sam asked, which really made you even more annoyed. "Probably more than you will ever have."
You could hear Steve sigh. "Can you guys stop it please? We need to work together in this." - "Steve I won't ignore the fact, that you are the only reason I am here. If I got a problem with the bird guy, it won't affect this.", you said annoyed.
Apparently Steve liked to forget, that you were a professional and feelings didn't affect your work anymore.
They did long ago but you made sure that would stop before something bad happened. It was easier in the end of the day, the guilt was the only thing, that would never leave you.
"Remind me to never agree to something like that again.", you mumbeled, unfornately loud enough for Sam to hear. "You can go if you don't wanna be here."
Sam earned a warning look from Steve. "What? I don't trust her." Now it was enough. That guy were really getting on your nevers. "You don't trust me because I don't go and tell you every single detail about me? Because I don't wanna talk about the worst time in my life? Then fine, I can live with that."
It was quiet now, everyone in their thoughts, not wanting to make the mood any worse.
Your thoughts kept wandering to a certain person in the car. You had fight against him, he was the one who helped Hydra to catch you, but he was also the reason they didn't kill you that day.
First you were fighting against another Hydra Agent, they were ready to shoot at you but a mental arm came out of nowhere and pushed you to the ground.
"They need her alive."
Those were exactly the last words you heard before some strong arms picked you up and bought you to the Hydra Base.
You had heard his screams, those screams which made you cry out for help. Not help for you but for him.
He never knew who you were or how you wanted everything to end for him.
Then after all your researching, all your struggels to find out who he was and how he was the perfect killer, after all that you knew he was a broken soul. Just like you.
"Y/n?", Steve voice made you come back to reality and you looked at him questioning. "What?" - "We are there."
You nodded and got out of the car just like the others did.
A man was walking towards Steve while a woman was climbing out a Van. "Cap", the guy said, and if you were right, that man must he Clint Barton.
You let them their privacy and stayed back at the car, watching them though. Bucky stood next to you.
"You haven't changed since then.", he whispered, which caused you to look at him. "I can see you did."
His blue eyes narrowed you, trying to figure out whether you were still mad at him or if you had forgive him.
You turned back to the others as a man was climbing out of the back of the Van. He seemed really excited to be here, unless like you.
"Thanks... " - "You saved my ass and I save yours.", you said giving him a serious look. Even though you wished it was diffrent, Bucky had saved your life back then.
"We should get movin' ", Bucky now said loud enough for everyone to hear. Then a few seconds later, an annoucement in german was made.
That made clear that you were running out of time, so either this would be a day to kick asses or to get the ass kicked.
"Suit up.", you heard Steve say before he walked towards you. "Y/n, can I have a second?"
You looked at him suspiciously. "What is it Cap?" - "I need you to stay with Sam and Bucky when we fight.", you gave him a are-you-fucking-serious look.
"Why? I thought I would walk with you to help you fight Stark.", you said now annoyed at the sudden change of the plan. "That's the point, Natascha and Stark shouldn't know you are here."
Confused at his words, you frowend before you nodded. "Fine, whatever ya want cap." It wouldn't help to agrue with Steve, he wouldn't change his mind anyways.
After you had put on your suits, you were in a building with Bucky and Sam. Not really wanting to be there, but not really having a choice made it all suck even more.
But who were you to complain, you brought yourself into this mess. You knew what would happen when you agreed to help Steve.
You watched Cap walk out, meeting Tony and his friend? No clue who that guy was. More and more people came to join them. "Wow... Just like a big family reunion.", you mumbeled.
It was Sam, who shoot you an annoyed look before going back to his birdy stuff. Honestly you didn't think too much of his super-high-tech-whatever wings.
Bucky also looked at you, but not in an annoyed way, you couldn't quite identify what it was.
As fast as you could you looked away hoping to fight someone soon. Spending time with people wasn't really your thing. Not wanting to wait any longer, you looked back at Sam.
"Can you maybe hurry?", you asked before going back to observing the group of people outside. "Can you maybe be patient?"
You rolled your eyes. "I am never gonna work with you again Wilson.",you said and didn't expect his reaction. He smiled at you as he went to look at his screen. "Finally we agree on something."
He wasn't wrong, but you decided to ignore his comment. Instead you got out your knieves and carefully put them onto your belt.
"Knieves?", you could hear Buckys voice ask, which caused you to look up. "I learnt a few things about them while fighting the Winter Soldier.", a smirked appeared on your lips as you said those words.
He nodded, probably remembering all the times you two fought. You were the only person, that didn't made him regret who he was.
The only person the Winter Soldier had ever saved.
"Okay lovebirds, I found it.", Sam interpruted you, barely hiding his annoyance. "Well we should let Steve know. Tell him, I am gonna check the doors and make sure everything is clear.", you said, giving Bucky a small smile before walking away.
This sure would be a lot of fun.
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msbadass · 6 days ago
Screaming Colors // Stucky Soulmate AU
Part four
pairing: stucky x reader Bucky x reader
summary: based off the TikTok series by @SerenaIvory.
warnings; fluff, marriage stuff, kidnapping, violence, cheating, angst, language, fighting, potential smut.
word count: 1.6k
a/n: omg I’m so glad you guys are like this series! I’m not going to be sticking to a posting such at all. I’m going to be posting them as I’m writing. some parts might be coming slower than others. super excited !!apology ahead of time for any grammar error or typos :)
Tumblr media
After a few hours of research and resources we were able to find out that a group that goes by the name ‘The Flag-Smashers’ is who took (Y/N). One of Sam’s partners out near Libya; Joaquín Torres was already trailing them. He was able to give us the last know location of their hide out. Some abandoned building in Atlanta. Once we knew where we to go; we took off on the quinjet.
Bucky was a nervous wreck. Particularly because he had no idea what we were walking into and if was going to find (Y/N) severely hurt or even dea- Ok yeah, he needed to stop preparing himself for the worst case scenario. That is exactly what his therapist doesn’t want him to be doing.
The quinjet came to a stop mid air, hovering over the provided location. All three of the trained soldiers jumped out and found their way into an abandoned close by. They throw in their ear pieces and spilt up. Sam to the skies, Steve on the second floor and Bucky to the empty garage in the building.
“Sam, do you have visual on anything?” Steve asks
“It looks like some of them just left on one of the trucks parked near the building you guys are in.” Sam replied
“I see one” Steve said
“I see a truck as well” Bucky confirmed
“I’m going to scan for (Y/N).”
Bucky sees redwing flying down above the truck, scanning for any sign of her and the flag smashers. Just as the scanning starts the truck begins to pull off.
“Got em’!! They have (Y/N) in the red one” Sam says
“On which one?” Steve questions
“The red one.” Sam replies
“I can’t see the colors, Wilson.” Steve says, getting frustrated.
“I got her” Bucky says, taking off as fast as his legs can carry him. He’s practically flying down road. He is able to catch up to the red truck, jump on the back and open up the containers doors. He pulls himself inside.
“(Y/N)?” He says looking for her.
“Bucky!” She yells out. He runs to the back of the truck to see her zip tied, no visible injuries. He’s immediately relived, just glad that she’s ok
“It’s ok doll, I got you” he pulls out a knife, to cut the ties around her wrist and her ankles. She looks up at him. (Y/E/C) filled with fear and concern.
“Bucky, you have to go I’m not alone.” She says
Bucky feels himself being grabbed and thrown into the truck behind him. The impact catches him off guard but is able to grab ahold with his metal arm just before falling. He looks up to see a curly red headed girl jumping from the truck, onto this one. Bucky begins to climb up only to be meet by the girl. She pulls in him, she’s insanely strong. She shouldn’t be this string she’s only have his size. She punches him in right in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. Is she a super soldier? Is there more serum?
“Bucky!” (Y/N) yells
“Run! Get out here, Sam and Steve are coming!” He yells back while fighting the curly haired girl.
(Y/N) jumps from one truck to the other, she makes her way to the top. She runs towards the girl, just right feel her arm being grabbed. She looks back to see it’s the man to took her. She throws a punch. He grabs her hand pushing her down.
“Don’t you dare touch her!!” Bucky yells, he starts punching the girl while running towards the man hurting (Y/N). He grabs his arm, yanking him off the truck watching him fall onto the road. The curly haired girl, still coming after him.
(Y/N) seeing this runs towards Bucky knocking them both off the truck. Bucky quickly wraps his arms around (Y/N) He holds her close, protecting her from any impact. They start rolling fast down a hill.
They come to a stop; both catching their breathe. Bucky on top of her. “Are you ok doll?”
She coughs and looks up at him. “Yeah-yeah I’m alright.”
They just stare at each other for a moment. Neither of them moving. Not sure of what to say or how to act. Him laying her wants necessarily awful either, there was no tension. It just felt very calm.
“(Y/N)!” They both recognize as Steve’s voice coming towards them.
(Y/N) pushes Bucky off of her, he picks him self up and helps her up as well.
Steve is booking it towards the both of them. Once he reaches her he grabs her and pulls her in for a hug. “Oh-oh my gosh. Honey are you ok? I’m so sorry. I should’ve been home with you. I should’ve nev-” He rambles on, tears filling his eyes. (Y/N) embraces him. Reassuring that none of this was he’s fault and that she was ok. Steve grabs her face and plants a kiss to her forehead.
Bucky starts to feel awkward, like he shouldn’t be witnessing what is happening in front of him. He offers to go back and grab the quintet to distance himself for just a few moments.
Tumblr media
A couple hours later. Everyone is back home. Bucky went with Steve and (Y/N) just to make sure the both of them were ok. Steve makes (Y/N) go rest in bed, it wasn’t even a few seconds after laid her head down that she was dead to the world.
Steve comes back down stairs and makes a beeline towards the fridge. Grabbing two beers for the both of them. Steve pops the top off of one of them, takes a swig then rest his head in his hand.
“It’s my fault.” He states “I should’ve been here.” He takes another swing from his bottle
“She so home now” Bucky replies. Grabbing the other bottle laid it for him. “She’s safe now. That’s what really matters.”
“Yeah..” Steve said. “I guess you’re right”
“Of course I am, I’m always right.” He said with a cocky grin, causing Steve to role his eyes and smirk.
A few moments go by, both of the super soldiers just sitting in silence. The occasional sip of beer coming to ear.
“So..” Steve says “When we’re you going to tell me you’ve found your soulmate?”
A tinge of panic runs down Buckys neck. Steve must’ve remembered when I saw the red truck. Normal people can’t see colors idiot. Does he know about (Y/N)? Shit.
Bucky takes a swig from his beer then looks to Steve. “It happened awhile ago.” He starts to feel his hands clamming up.
“Tell me about her?” Steve asks
“Oh gosh, she’s amazing. Has the kindest heart and is braver than she looks.” Bucky could go on about how he cares for (Y/N) “but it’s doesn’t matter, it’s impossible.” He shakes his head.
“Nothing is really impossible, I mean look at (Y/N) and I. We still haven’t seen colors but I know we are made for each other.” Steve replies.
Bucky immediately feels pangs of guilt crawling up his spine. “What would happen if she saw the colors with someone else?” .
Steve huffed, “Ya know, I’ve asked myself that question too many times.” He takes another drink. “I can’t ever find the right answer. Any answer really.”
“Would you let her go?” Bucky said before even realizing it came out of his mouth.
“I don’t know. It would be the right thing to do.” Steve said.
Bucky looks up at him starting to feel even heavier in his chest. Steve meets his eyes.
“But I’ve lost so much already, I wouldn’t stand loosing her as well.”
Bucky nods at him.
How much more complicated can this get?
Tumblr media
@spookyparadisesheep @sherd-nerd @whatotherisleft @theseuss-asshole @addietagglikesbands @redsalv20 @intothesoul @fictionalboyofthemonth
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msbadass · 9 days ago
Screaming Colors // Stucky Soulmate AU
Part Three
pairing: stucky x reader bucky x pairing steve x pairing
summary: based off the TikTok series by @SerenaIvory.
warnings; fluff, marriage stuff, kidnapping, violence, cheating, sad bucky, angst, language, fighting, potential smut, drugging.
tfatws spoilers!!
word count:
a/n: omg I’m so glad you guys are like this series! I’m still trying to figure out a posting schedule. I’m going to aim for once or twice a week with this series! not to sure how many chapters it will be!! I’ll be taking it at my own pace!! this is my first time ever writing a fanfic and I’m actually really proud of it. please be nice. apology ahead of time for any grammar error or typos :)
Xoxo Ms.badass
Tumblr media
(Y/N’s) POV
Two weeks later..
You and Steve returned to New York from your honeymoon. Happy was at the airport to pick you both up. He helped you both into the car and insisted on putting the luggage in the trunk himself. Seems like head of security misses his first job some. Or maybe just a force of habit.
You’re honeymoon was a beautiful trip but you can definitely say it didn’t go as expected.
Considering the recent events..
You were an emotional wreck the whole time. Crying whenever you had a moment alone. Which was normally in the restroom or when Steve was sound asleep. Trying to hide the fact that you were now seeing color is incredibly difficult. If not only feels like you’re lying to him, but you are lying to him. Your best friend, your husband. It was even harder to hide the fact that his best friend is the one the universe destined you to be with. Like, some sort of practical joke. Are we’re you going to tell Steve?
“I have a surprise for you.” Steve said, smiling like a little kid. Practically jumping up and down in his seat.
“Oh gosh, what now Rogers?” You questioned.
Happy came to a stop in front of a beautiful brick town house with a a big burgundy door and stairs leading up to it.
“Come on, get out I wanna show you!” He opens the door. You look towards Happy in suspension and he just gives you a wink. Obviously in the know.
You exited the car to see Steve hold up two sets of keys. “I bought it.”
“You bought it?”
He steps towards you, grabbing a hand while looking at you. “Do you remember our first date?”
You shake your head yes.
“Well, I was so excited to show you where I was from. To show you where I grew up, some of my fave places, where I used to get beat up.” He chuckled to himself. ”That day, I saw my love for my home in you. That’s when I knew you were a home to me.” He stepped closer to you grabbing your face. “So, why not plant our new life together where it was first born? Our home. Brooklyn.” He looks at you with kind eyes. Kind blue eyes, the blue eyes you used to long to see.
“Well? Can you say something?” He laughs nervously
“Wanna show my inside?”
He smiled so bright and pulled you in for a kiss. Grabbing your hand and pulling you up the steps. Pretty much dragging you.
He put the key in the lock and opened the door to a new life. A very complicated life.
A few hours later..
After Steve showed you around your new home, he had to go run a few errands. Which left you alone in this big empty town house. It was beautifully honestly. White and exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, ironing railings on the steps. Even a beautiful fireplace to keep you warm during New York winters. He must have had Pepper full furnish and decorate while we were on our trip. Everything was cozy and comfortable. She even managed to get some of the wedding pictures already framed and hung up.
Everything you own is here.
Everything Steve owns is here.
We’re together. Married.
Gosh, running and hiding from this would be the easiest plan, best way to deal with it so you don’t have to hurt Him. You could always buy a ticket to some far off country and never be seen again. No matter how much you don’t want too. You had to talk to Bucky. The both of us can’t just go on carrying this massive lie for the rest of our lives. Constantly avoiding each other as much as we possibly can. Ignoring the fact that whatever higher power wants us to be together. The dreams didn’t help. Every since your color came you’ve been dreaming of his eyes. The first blue eyes you’ve seen. A beautiful steel blue, engraved into my brain. Eyes like that only exist in fairytales.
No, this is wrong.
You should not be think about Buckys dreamy eyes.
Ugh, as difficult as it was to admit
You have to talk to Bucky.
A knock on the front door pulls your attention. You walk over and answer.
It’s a younger gentleman, maybe in his mid-twenties. Dressed in a nice suit, carrying a smaller black briefcase.
“Hi Ma’am, are you Mrs.Rogers?” The younger man asks you.
“I am, can I help you?” 
“Yes ma’am. Your husband sent me to have you sign some paperwork for him regarding the house. We just need your signature on a few forms, if you have the time.” He replied.
“Oh yes, of course. Come on in.” You said moving out of the door way, directing him towards the living room. “Make yourself comfortable.”
You both sit down on the brown leather sofa. After a few moments of casual conversation he pulls out the paperwork. He shows you where to sign and date.
“Thank you again, Mrs Rogers.” He said
“It was absolutely no trouble at all and please, call me (Y/N).” You smiled at him.
“Can I use your restroom real fast?” He asks politely
You nodded yes and pointed him in the direction of the restroom. Just a moment after you feel your phone buzzing. Pulling it up to see Steve’s contact photo. You answer.
“Hey you. You on your way home?” 
“Just picked up dinner. On my way back now. How is everything? Missing me yet?” Steve asked. You can just feel his smirk through the phone
You chuckled. “Maybe a little bit. Everything is fine here. I just finished filling out all the paperwork you had sent over.”
“Paperwork? What paperwork?” He questioned
“Just some forms the realtor needed. The man said you sent him here for my signature.”
“I never sent anyone (Y/N).” His voice is filled with worry. “Is the guy still there?”
Your blood ran cold, heart racing. “The who the hell is in our house Steve?” You whispered.
Suddenly you were grabbed with a rag held tightly to your face. Phone flying from your hand to the floor, you can hear Steve’s muffled yells. You try your best to fight and scream the man off of you but fail. You begin to fade away. Darkness consuming you..
Buckys POV
She’s all he has been able to think about about since the wedding. Her beautiful eyes. The way her face lights up when she smiled or laughed. The way she carried herself with Grace. She’s not his though. Not his in the slightest. Not even at all.
She’s married
To his punk of a best friend
Her husband
Steve is her husband
Gosh those words send a bitter taste down his throat. Not saying that Steve doesn’t deserve to be happy with someone that truly loves him; but it would be his luck that his soulmate would marry his best friend.
“Maybe this is what you deserve.” He says to himself. Looking up at the reflection in the mirror. Still disgusting with who was made to be. “Yeah, this is definitely what you deserve.”
“Mr. Barnes. Sam Wilson has requested you to come to the Common area. It’s urgent.” FRIDAY announces.
Bucky throws a shirt on and makes his way down to a common area; only to see Steve completely shaken up. Sam by his side, trying to soothe him.
“What’s going on?” He’s asked Sam.
Sam looks up and nudges Steve. His eyes were filled with anger and fear. “It’s (Y/N) Buck..” Steve handing him a note. Buckys heart drops. What about (Y/N)? Is she ok? Is she hurt?? What’s going on?
With shaky hands, Bucky reaches for the note. He slowly opens it to read
“This is all just apart of the process. One world. One people” with a red handprint in the corner of the paper.
Buckys feels the blood pounding in his ears, his vision becoming disfigured as if he was looking through a fish eye lens. Rage is filling his veins. Who would do this? Why would they do this?
“We’re going to find her, Steve” Sam says, looking towards Bucky for some sort of re-encouragement.
“Let’s go get our girl back” Bucky replied.
Reply to be added to taglist! 🤍
@spookyparadisesheep @sherd-nerd @whatotherisleft @theseuss-asshole @addietagglikesbands
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thisisarcanereverie · 10 days ago
Should’ve Known Chapter 9
Tumblr media
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Wanda or Steve they are owned by Marvel, I don’t own the gif either.
WARNINGS:Angst, Swearing, the stages of grief, loss, dark themes, 18 + from here on out.
WORDS : 5,144 
SUMMARY: You finally remember that fateful day and Wanda meets Agatha. 
In case you missed last chapter
series masterlist
You passed through the barrier with ease, almost as though it were a long lost friend. You barely stumbled as it passed through. 
A moment ago the place where you stood was littered with SWORD agents and SWORD tech and vehicles. Now it was replaced with a circus. 
You couldn’t help but laugh a little at that. You looked around to see if you could see Hayward dressed as a clown, much to your dismay it looked as though he got away from the unexpected barrier shift. Which begged the question, why did Wanda shift the barrier?
You knew she wouldn’t expand on a whim. Your bet was that either she couldn’t help but to expand or it had something to do with Vision. 
Your money was on Vision. 
You continued to stroll through the newly found circus, admiring how much detail went into it when you happened upon the answer to your question. 
You saw the magenta man laying on a bale of hay next to an empty but running funnel cake truck. At the thought of funnel cakes your mouth starts to water, you would gladly give up your dominant arm for a funnel cake at that moment. 
You only had funnel cake a few times, the first time was with Natasha almost immediately after she and Nick recruited you for a Jr. SHIELD apprenticeship. She had taken you to a festival upon hearing that you had never gone to one, she considered it a personal crime.
You remembered how she laughed at your expression after you took the first bite. 
You smiled fondly at the memory before you felt a pit in your stomach form. Reminding you that she was no longer there, that there would be no more festivals and funnel cakes with your adoptive older sister. The feeling of loneliness starts to creep up on you before you saw Vision shift slightly on the hay. 
You knew that you finding Vision near a running but seemingly forgotten truck wasn’t a coincidence. Nothing in the Hex was. It was always either Agatha’s doing or Wanda’s. 
You were willing to bet that this was Wanda telling you to drive into town and to bring Vision with you.
The message was received loud and clear. 
You carried Vision from where he slept on the Hay and gently placed him on the passenger’s side. After buckling him in you made your way to the drivers side. You silently thanked Wanda for not making it a Stick and began your drive to Westview. 
Wanda knew you were back, she could feel the real you outside the barrier and made sure that you weren’t hurt. She didn’t want your mind wiped again, she didn’t want you to become this mindless puppet anymore. Wanda sent everyone in Westview to bed, the children included. 
She ignored her ‘brother’ as he asked what she was doing. Wanda dragged her feet as she walked back to her home. She opened the door and saw her magic already at work with rearranging her home into a more modern setting. 
Usually Wanda loved the redecorating, but she just couldn’t seem to care enough to look for more than a few seconds. 
Wanda got under her covers, not bothering to change out of her uncomfortable costume or make up before getting in. She didn’t see the point of keeping up the pretense that she was ok any longer. 
She laid in the bed and stared at the ceiling, thoughts of you and Vision plagued her mind. Her head turned to the empty side of her bed and felt the pain of loneliness hit her. 
Wanda never could sleep alone. Growing up her brother Pietro and her had to share a bed since there was not enough room in their small Sokovian apartment for more than two. For a while she had grown used to sleeping alone while volunteering for HYDRA. Then Vision came along and seeing as he never really needed sleep he just stayed with her until she did. She had slipped back into the routine of depending on sleeping next to someone again. Then Thanos took him away and once again she had to get used to sleeping alone. Wanda tried sleeping on the couch and watching sitcoms, tried sleeping with a body pillow. They worked a little but nothing compared to having someone next to her, ready to hold her and remind her that everything was alright. 
You did that, without a second thought you slept next to her all night and held her hand. You woke her up when she started to replay Vision's death in her dreams, the battle of Wakanda, turning into dust, coming back and finding Tony and Natasha dead. You rescued her from reliving through those memories at night. 
Wanda felt guilt weigh on her chest like an anvil when her heart began to flutter like butterflies at memories of you. 
Wanda wasn’t a fool, she knew that she had begun to like you a little more than she should. You were still recovering from Steve’s betrayal. Steve had been your first love much like Vision had been hers. But somewhere along the line, your face became the highlight of her day most days. Your genuine smile was infectious. Your hands holding hers helped bring Wanda back out of the darkness. 
Wanda would always love Vision, she knew this, and part of her felt like these feelings that she harbored were betraying the man that she loved.
The other part told her that you would never forgive Wanda for what she has done. That you would never forgive her for pushing you away, for enslaving your mind like every person in Westview. 
Wanda made you drown in her darkness with her. For that Wanda could never forgive herself. 
“We know you have him.”
“I’m sorry like I said-” The man was caught off when your hands slammed against the counter, not enough to shake anything big, but enough to cut the man off. 
“Listen to the lady before I make you.” You usually were much nicer to people but at this current moment you had next to no patience. You knew this man was just doing his job, you weren’t angry at him. However, you were angry at the man you sent you and your friend on a wild goose chase for a solid 2 months. That piled on the multiple positive pregnancy tests hiding deep in your bathroom garbage, you really weren’t in the mood to be nice. 
“Please,” Wanda continued, her eyes darting down to her open palm before darting her green eyes back at the man behind the counter. Her desperation was evident in her voice and eyes. “Please,” she paused, you could see her trying to gather enough strength to say the words. You instinctively put a hand on her shoulder in support. Finally Wanda continued, “When I came back he was gone.” there was another pause, this time her eyes became misty as she uttered the next sentence. “His…..body.” a single shaky breath that Wanda kept in escaped. “And I know he’s here.”  Another pause before you stepped in. 
“He deserves a funeral at least,” you said eyes narrowing at the man, “she deserves that.” 
Just as the man was about to speak again, the phone on the desk rang. As he went to answer it, you took this chance to hold her hand and give it a supporting squeeze. Letting her know that you’re there for her, and that you weren’t leaving her to do this alone. 
“Yes sir,” the man answered a few seconds later responding, “Yes they’re still here.” You look away from the man and notice an active security camera filming you and Wanda. “Are you sure?” the man asked as you nudged Wanda and pointed with your eyes to the camera. You felt Wanda’s grip on your hand tighten in offense, her head tilting. 
“Of course,” the man hung up, bringing yours and Wanda’s attention away from the camera. The man looked up nervously at the two of you. 
“Through the doors, down the hall, two lefts and a right.” the man said pointing to said doors. Just as you and Wanda moved to the doors the man started talking again. 
“He said only Miss. Maximoff!” 
“She’s with me,” Wanda responded over her shoulder, neither of you slowing down. 
“I still have to buzz you in!”
“I got it,” Wanda said her hands were already encased with glowing red mist, “thanks.” and with a single wave of her hands, the blinding white doors opened. 
You matched Wanda’s pace as you made your way through the halls. Two lefts and a right later as you make your way down the hall you hear a door being unlocked. You and Wanda shared a look, you gave her hand another squeeze before opening the door to reveal a man. His hair greying at the sides and an overall ‘punch me’ vibe. 
“Wanda Maximoff,” the man greeted her before his eyes settled on you. His eyes didn’t hide his disdain, “and (Y/n) (L/n). What a pleasant surprise. I wasn’t aware that I had an appointment with you as well.”
“You don’t,” you respond, “I’m here in support of Wanda.”
“Either way, it’s an honor to meet two of our worlds beloved Avengers.” he responded, the fake hospitality evident. 
“Who are you?” Wanda asked, you could see his ego shrink at the question. 
“Director Tyler Hayward,” he responded, straightening his tie,”I understand you’re here to see the Vision.” he paused, “ to recover the body that is, that is right?”
“Well I am his next of kin.” Wanda said, her hand instinctively reaching out to hold yours. Firmly holding it for support. You could see that action didn’t go unnoticed by the Director. 
“I understand,” he said slowly motioning to the side of his office, “I’d like to show you something.”
“And then you’ll release his body to her.” You interjected, his eyes made his way to yours. He had obviously not planned for you to be here, however he seemed to have prepared for Wanda. 
“Please just follow me,” he said, not answering your question. You and Wanda went to move together when the Director stopped you.
“Just Miss. Maximoff please.”
“As I said before,” Wanda said holding your hand tighter in her grasp as though she might fall if she let go. “She’s with me.” 
The Director paused, as though weighing out his options before sighing in agreement. Obviously realizing that picking a fight with the most powerful Avenger wasn’t in his best interest. 
You and Wanda made your way to the wall of glass ahead of you and looked down. You could see workers working on something, the noise piercing the air with whirring of machinery and footsteps. You saw armed guards guarding them and it confused you. Why would there be armed guards near the workers?
Then it hit you, it hit you before it hit Wanda. 
“What is this?” she asked not grasping why he was showing her this. “Why are you showing me this?”
“Because you asked to see it.” 
Wanda turned her head again and looked down, finally paying attention to what the workers were working on. 
You had stood there wanting to vomit at the sight for all of 5 seconds before the worker that was in front of his head moved. Revealing Visions caved head. 
You felt Wanda shake violently at the sight. You understood what she saw. 
While others saw wires and metal, she veins and bones. She saw Vision not as a piece of machinery, but as a living person. 
The sight was gruesome, his once bright magenta skin had turned into a rotting gray, his eyes were milky white and void of life. The severed limbs and exposed wires and the inside of Vision. All you could see was veins, blood, and mutilation. 
“Stop…” Wanda whispered shakily, her hand left yours and came to rest against the glass. “Stop” she repeatedly desperately tried to muster the strength to raise her voice. Her lips quivered and tears began to make home in her eyes. 
“What are you doing to him?” she asked desperately, her green eyes never leaving Visions mutilated corpse. 
“We’re dismantling the most sophisticated, sentient weapon ever made.” Hayward replied, his face showed no remorse. No indication as to believe that what he was doing was wrong. Your anger got the better of you as you pinned Hayward to the glass wall behind him leading into his office. 
“Vision isn’t a weapon you monster!”
“I believe this is the pot calling the kettle black.” 
“Vision isn’t a weapon, you can’t do this” Wanda responded, her eyes resting on Hayward's pinned figure. 
“The fact of the matter is that it’s our legal and ethical obligation to attempt to do so.”
“You had five years and I imagine you have produced zero results.” You spoke lowly and dangerously, “I seem to recall a legal form Vision signed that said and I quote ‘In the matter regarding an unplanned shut down, do NOT attempt to reboot.’ and I’m almost certain that form was legalized and acknowledged by SHIELD.” 
“SHIELD is no longer what it once was,” Hayward replied, “After being overrun by HYDRA, SHIELD lost most of its notoriety, resourcefulness, and overall relevance. The nail in the coffin was the stunt you and Captain America pulled in 2015 which resulted in the Avenger Civil War and eventual division.” 
You hated the fact that he was right. Even now SHIELD was no more than a shell of what it once was when they found you all those years ago. After the HYDRA infiltration was revealed no one could trust SHIELD operatives anymore and SHIELD became a symbol of failure. 
“I just want to bury him” Wanda said gently pulling you away from Haywards figure causing you to release your hold on him. “That’s all I want.”
“Are you sure?”
You were gonna kill this son of a bitch.
“Excuse me?” Wanda asked, her eyes wide with the audacity that this fucker had. 
“Not everyone has the power that could bring their soulmate back online,” Hayward cleared his throat, “forgive me, back to life.” 
You felt Wanda shake next to you, your eyes widened at him. It was obvious that he was attempting to manipulate Wanda. Tugging and scratching at still fresh wounds of grief. You knew Wanda was the most powerful being you ever met, had Thanos not sacrificed over half his army, Wanda alone would’ve killed him. But even she couldn’t bring the dead back to life. She was close to a god, but not that close. 
“No I can’t do that,” Wanda explained, still reeling from his statement, “That’s not why I’m here.” 
“Okay,” he nodded now, openly displaying his distaste, “but I can’t allow you to put three billion dollars worth of Vibranium just to put it in the ground.”
“Vision isn’t a it,” you interrupted as Wanda went back to look out of the glass window at Vision's body. “Vision may not have been human, but he was a person. And he was of sound mind and body when he made Wanda his next of kin, ultimately she has rights over Visions body.” 
“I don’t seem to remember the Constitution or Declaration of Independence or even the Bill of Rights. Protecting anything that wasn’t human. Ultimately, Vision is property of the US Government and the US Government gave SWORD the Visions body with the intention to reboot it.” Hayward said, you moved to stand next to Wanda whose eyes hadn’t left Vison’s since you interrupted. 
“The best I can do is let you say goodbye to him here.” 
Wanda placed both hands on the glass, the workers hadn’t stopped working since they arrived. They pulled Vision apart, piece by piece in front of Wanda. 
“He’s all I have.” 
“That’s just it Wanda,” Hayward said, “He isn’t yours.” 
Before you knew it, Wanda had tilted her head dangerously and broke the glass. You could hear the millions of little pieces crash onto the ground. She floated down to where the guards had already taken aim and were ready to shoot, meanwhile the workers had fled. Upon seeing this scene panic filled you, you climbed down the stairs to meet her on the ground. 
“Fall back,” you heard Hayward command, “it’s fine let her see for herself.” 
The soldiers withdrew their guns and an uneasy pit settled in your stomach. You knew that you and Wanda had played right into his hands. He had easily manipulated the situation to where he wanted it to be. What you couldn’t understand was why. 
Once you reached the bottom of the stairs Wanda already was where Visions head laid. His eyes unfocusing, milky white staring into dead space. No indication that he was still in there. 
Her fingers twirled over where the stone once was, red mist searching for something, anything that was in there. Finally you saw a single tear slide down from her cheeks onto his frame. 
“I can’t feel you.” she whispered the red mist no longer there as she just stroked his head. “I can’t feel you.” she repeated. You gave her space, she needed you on standby, but not suffocating her.  
Wordlessly she left, you took a minute to look at Hayward, who seemed pleased with himself. 
You paid him no mind as you approached Vision's body. You and him weren’t close, but you had still considered him your friend and you mourned for him. Not as much as Nat or Tony. However, you still were upset. 
You went to the head as well and stroked it. 
“I promise I’ll take care of her Vision.” You whispered before placing a small kiss on his cheek, “I won’t let her drown.” 
And with that you find yourself sprinting to catch up with Wanda. 
When you finally do she’s in the car, gripping the steering wheel for dear life. You tap on her window and she presses the button to roll it down. 
“You’re in no condition to drive.” 
“I don’t think you’re in a better condition than I am to drive either.” Wanda replied.
“Move over.” You said as Wanda complied. Not having enough energy to argue. As she sat in the passenger's seat you had just buckled in. You put on the radio and both of you sat there, listening to the mindless junk that came on. 
You both sat there for maybe a good 30 minutes before Wanda handed you the piece of paper she had read this morning. You gave her a look, silently asking her if she was sure she wanted you to read it. Wanda nodded, her fiery locks bouncing slightly as she did. You opened the letter to reveal what seemed to be building plans for a property in a place called Westview. What stood out to you though was the bright red heart in the middle of the page, and it read. 
‘To grow old in
Your heart sinks and breaks a little upon reading the words. Vision had bought them a place to settle down in. no it wasn’t just a place. 
It was a home. 
Something Wanda hadn’t had since that bomb took her parents away. 
Since Ultron took her brother away. 
No wonder she had clung onto you for dear life this morning. You were probably the only reason why she hadn’t fallen apart right then and there. 
“It’s not far from here.” Wanda said her voice was still shaky. “I don’t think I can go there alone.”
Without further explanation you turned the keys and pulled out of the SWORD parking lot. 
It really wasn’t that far, like an hour and half drive until you saw the rusty and worn sign that read ‘Westview 
Home, it's where you make it’ 
As you continued driving you saw how Vision could find this place charming. 
You saw a little locally owned coffee shop where a blonde haired woman seemed to be having afternoon coffee with her husband. A small park with a nice gazebo. A man hanging up Piano lesson flyers on the local bulletin board. Kids riding their bikes. Overall it seemed quiet and quaint. It was nothing like the burning war zone of Sokovia, or the loud and busy streets of New York. 
It was simple and normal. 
Everything that Wanda was deprived of. 
You look over at Wanda occasionally, to see her staring out the window to look at the residents of the town.
Finally you reached the address and saw that the house had been torn down. The rust and weathered foundations lead you to believe that Vision must have bought the house when it was freshly demolished. He must have planned to build the house from the foundation up with Wanda. Making plans together on how to decorate. 
You see Wanda smile a little and shake her head. 
“Vision knew that I loved interior decorating.” Wanda said. That sentence lingered in the air for a while. 
“If you want I can wait in the car.” You said, squeezing her hand, “I’m not going anywhere.”
Green eyes met yours in a grateful manner before opening her door, the paper still in her hand. 
You watched as Wanda slowly walked through where you assumed the front door was supposed to be. You took this time to grab the notebook out of your bag. 
You weren’t sure if you wanted to read it or not. You felt like reading it would be like opening Pandora's box. Your hand unconsciously graced your stomach.
You hadn’t had much time to process the fact that you were expecting. This morning felt like a lifetime ago. 
You look up and see Wanda on her knees sobbing. You threw the notebook in the backseat before getting out of the car not bothering to close the door. 
You rushed over to her. By the time you reached her however, you heard her let out a mournful wail as you were almost pushed back by the force of her magic escaping her. 
Her sobs and wails continued as her magic lifted her up, encasing you in it’s red mist. The sheer force of her magic was almost enough to put you on your knees. However, your feet had yet to stop their slowed journey to the woman. 
The once empty home, now had walls of grey and white, it looked like something straight from the Vic Van Dyke Show. Just as you put a hand on her shoulder her back bended and another explosion of red came from her. This time traveling outward of the home. The sinking feeling in your stomach grew. 
Suddenly her eyes met yours and she whispered. 
“It’s going to be ok,” she whispered to you. “We deserve this.” 
Before you could ask Wanda, her back bended in an unnatural way and suddenly you could feel your heart pounding erratically. Golden light escaped from both you and her, two figures began to form from that light. At first there were feet, and then hands. 
Finally the golden light stopped emitting from your chest and the beating of your heart slowed and Wanda’s back began to straighten. 
It took you a good few seconds to recognize the newly formed figures in front of you. 
You paid no mind to the monochrome Vision. 
Your eyes immediately found his. 
His hair was shorter than you last remember, and he looked younger. 
Especially his eyes. 
His eyes no longer looked haunted by all that he saw. 
His shoulders no longer looked weighed down by the weight of all of the loss he had endured. 
He no longer looked like a man out of time. 
He was just Steve. 
Your Steve. 
“Hey doll,” Steve greeted. You were so enraptured by him that you hardly noticed that Wanda had transported you both to your new home. 
“Welcome home.” 
You took a step to him, your new heels clicked against the floor and your dress swayed. 
“It looks like it might rain,” Steve said, his eyes never leaving yours, “why don’t we stay in tonight.”
“That sounds lovely.” you responded, both you and Steve sat on the couch. His left hand resting your crossed leg and the other gently cupping your cheek. His eyes looked at you in a way that left goosebumps and chills down your spine. 
You sighed blissfully as your lips enclose his in one of many kisses that night. Your mind completely forgetting, just for a bit, the events that had just momentarily occurred, because for right now. Steve was yours, one hundred percent yours. 
Just like it should have been. 
You woke up with a start. At some point during the drive your head began to throb and you couldn’t focus properly on the road. You did the responsible thing and pulled over and took a nap. You didn’t see much harm in it at the time, Vision was likely to be out until morning and you were already a few miles away from where the border was. 
You finally remember that day. Vision was an extension of Wanda, and Steve was an extension of you as well. You looked to the side and saw a pair of pale blue iris’s staring at you. 
“Good Morning.” Vision greeted, you uttered a quick morning as well. Gently laying your forehead on the steering wheel. 
“Morning (Y/n),” 
You jumped at an unfamiliar voice from the back of the truck. Not remembering bringing a third person with you into the truck. You whipped your head back and met eyes with Monica. 
“Monica?” You said, not completely believing your eyes. There was something off about her, something that you hadn’t quite placed. “What the hell?” 
“While you were asleep I crossed the barrier again,” she explained, “it didn’t take me long to catch up to you.” 
“Agent Rambeau has been informing me about the reality outside Westview.” Vision spoke, his eyes darting between you and the curly haired woman.
So apparently a lot had happened while you were asleep, judging by the sky you guessed that you had been asleep for half a day. The only bright side you could think of to this was that your head had cleared up and you regained your memories. 
“I remember,” you revealed, both Monica and Vision looking at you quizzingly before you continued. “I remember everything that happened the day Wanda made the Hex.” 
There was a silent pause that lasted a couple of beats before Monica broke the silence.
“Well,” she started, “we can talk about it on the way to town.” 
When Wanda woke up she saw that half the day had passed, her sheets had changed to a hexagonal pattern. The only things that hadn’t changed were Wanda’s clothes and her lack of energy to get up. 
She was tempted to stay in bed, curl up in her new sheets and stay there. However, Wanda knew that you and Vision were bound to show up sooner than later and she would rather do it in modern clothes than her makeshift costume from the previous night. 
Wanda slowly climbed out of bed, the urge to climb back in and pull the sheets over her head was overwhelming. However, the costume was uncomfortable and the thought of you and Vision compelled her to continue changing. 
Wanda didn’t know where ‘Pietro’ was and quite frankly she didn’t care. He wasn’t her brother, she had no idea who he was but it certainly wasn’t her Pietro. 
Wanda climbed down the stairs, not even bothering to admire her work on her home. Instead she headed immediately to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and cereal. 
As she poured the milk in she noticed something strange. 
The carton of milk began to glitch, changing in form from a carton to a glass bottle. Red to Gray. Wanda then noticed it wasn’t just the milk, it was everything. From the walls of her home, to her furniture, to even the tv. Everything was glitching and falling apart right before her. 
Dread filled Wanda as well as worry. Wanda closed her eyes and tried to focus on how everything looked before, how her home had looked like before everything started glitching. When she opened her eyes, everything seemed to have calmed down and gone back to ‘normal’
Wanda nervously fiddled with her fingers, she could feel it. She was losing control over this reality she had created. She didn’t know if it was because now she was aware that none of it was real or if it was something else. All she knew was that her Westview was hanging on a very thin thread and that if she wasn’t careful there would be chaos. 
She couldn’t stay at home, stewing in her anxiety any longer so she pulled on a pair of sweats and decided to pay Agnes a visit. Wanda found it weird that she hadn’t heard from her since yesterday and a part of Wanda worried. 
Wanda went to knock on Agnes’s front door when it gently creaked open. 
“Agnes?” Wanda called as she stepped foot in the house, eyes darting looking for the dark haired woman. 
“I’m down here neighbor!” Agnes called, her voice coming from the open door leading into what Wanda assumed was the basement. 
Wanda closed the front door behind her and followed the sound of Agnes’s voice. 
“What are you doing down there Agnes?”
“Ralph went with a few buddies to the circus so I decided that now would be the perfect time to get some of his junk out of here!” Anges explained, “would you actually mind coming down here and helping me for a second?”
“Sure thing Agnes,” Wanda responded. The steps creaking silently under Wanda’s weight. When she got down to the basement Wanda could see dust. 
Immediately Wanda felt something was off as she made her way through the basement. Her suspicions was soon confirmed as she saw what looked like roots leading somewhere deeper in the basement. 
Wanda felt a pit in her stomach as she followed the trail of roots to what looked akin to an ancient ruin. Strange symbols covered each wall, and a book on a mantel. It was glowing, and seemed to almost whisper to her, begging her to look. 
“Wanda, Wanda” Agnes tutted, Wanda turned her head to see Agnes’s once neat hair now wild as she held her pet. “You didn’t think you were the only magical girl in town did you?” with a flick of her wrist the door Wanda had walked through closed. 
“The name’s Agatha Harkness,” Agnes revealed, “lovely to finally meet you dear.”
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whereforewriter · 10 days ago
laundry day
summary: your laundry machine breaks down and steve rogers saves the day.
pairing: steve rogers / f!reader
tags: flirting, fluff, literally just steve being a himbo
warnings: uhhh laundry kink???
word count: 889
a/n: this is just an idea that's been in my head for a while since rewatching sharon and steve in civil war. just fluffy flirting. i wish steve would let me do laundry at his place because my god (mj do not interact) ((pls ily))
Tumblr media
“No, no, no,” you pleaded with the dirty white machine slapping your palm against the side of the plastic. “Come on, stupid machine.” The dead silence following each turn of the knob gave you enough answer that this washing machine was not turning on.
Just another call to your landlord where he wouldn’t do anything about the problem for two months despite you begging. Even then, he’d grumble and groan about the cost to him to replace.
Never mind that now, you must have some spare change in the couch cushions.
With enough quarters to power the entire laundromat across the street, you balanced the basket on your hip while your phone nestled between your shoulder and ear. “I don’t know why you stay in that apartment, y/n.” Your cousin rambled off as you gathered the detergent and walked propped open the apartment door. “Seriously, what’s even keeping you there? It’s not the amenities.”
As if on cue, Steve Rogers dashed up the stairs, a puzzled look thrown over his shoulder at the basket of dirty clothes. You gave a sheepish smile to your neighbour and rolled your eyes at the phone. “I happen to like it here, Taylor. It has a certain charm to it.” You admitted, eye flittering away from Steve and back to lock your door. “Look, I gotta go. I’ll talk to you later, alright?”
Before she could answer, you hung up the phone and dropped it on top of the basket.
“Machine broke again?” Steve asked the smile he always wore directed towards you. Christ, how was he even real? Besides the whole, you know, frozen in ice and stuck with wacky drugs that made him a human tank.
Now, he was just your neighbour.
Humming in reply, your lips rubbing together in attempts to spread what was left of your chapstick. “I think it finally gave out for good this time. Just as well, the machines probably older than this entire building.” You mused, more so to yourself than to Steve. The sound of him chuckling took you off guard, and you grinned back at the sound. It was warm, sending a tingle up your spine and down your arms.
Two beats of silence, comfortable but long enough to make you turn slightly towards the winding staircase with thoughts to leave. “If you want,” Steve began, shaking his head before starting over. “If you want, you could use my machine. Probably cheaper than the one across the street. I heard that one eats every second quarter anyways.”
That offer made you pause, tilting your head slightly at the flustered man before you. “Oh yeah? How much does it cost?”
The comment was bold, borderlining on flirting, surprising even you but taking it back was no longer an option, and you really didn’t want to go across the street. You really wanted to go inside Steve’s apartment and use his machine.
“Cup of coffee?” Steve asked, the words catching in the air and lighting a fire in the atmosphere around you both. It had been lined with gasoline for so long, but neither took the chance to burn. Now, you couldn’t put the fire out.
A playful grin graced your features, one that had you looking down at your feet as he waited with bated breath for your answer. “Yeah, I think I could swing that. I’ll pay; I have enough quarters.”
It was rare to see Steve stunned, at a loss for words, and even rarer for you to have that effect on people. Maybe it was a holdover from his days as the scrawny kid who couldn’t get dates unless Bucky set it up.
He never even got his date with Peggy.
Now, he took the laundry basket from you and unlocked his door with ease despite the slight balance needed to do such a thing. His apartment smelt like cedarwood, and you didn’t know how to explain how much sense that made.
He showed you to the washing machine, tucked away in a little corner hidden behind closet doors. It took no time at all to shove your clothes inside the silver machine and hit the start-up button. (This time, it didn’t rumble and complained as yours had.)
Steve had set up the old vinyl player to sing out a song you hadn’t heard since your grandparents were around. It was soft, a woman singing over a jazz band and that old tinge that all old music has that keeps it vaguely haunting.
“Was this the type of music you’d take all the girls dancing to?” You asked, leaning against the kitchen island with one foot pressed against the wall. He shook his head, laughing like a private joke had been told, but you weren’t a part of the club that didn’t know the punchline.
“No, I didn’t dance much. Still don’t.”
“Why’s that?”
The lack of hesitation was most surprising when Steve said, “hadn’t found the right partner.”
With what little confidence you had, the ability to be embarrassed, something you considered but didn’t rely on in this exact moment as you nodded.
“What about now? You think you found the right partner?”
The same lack of hesitation came back around as Steve took your hand in his and gave a simple shrug.
“Only one way to find out.”
tags: @haphazardhufflepuff @belladonnabarnes @lilyblackx @mamacitaybrujita
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carpediemm-18 · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
The Adventures of Steve & Buzz Rogers Feat. Y/N
Chapter 1 - The One Where Steve Gets a Friend
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Buzz Rogers x Female! Reader.
Summary: It's all in the title.
Genre: Tooth rotting fluff
A/N: Do not publish my work anywhere. I don't consent to it. Likes, comments, and reblogs are welcome, I love them.
Steve Rogers Masterlist
It all started with a thought, thought that crept in your mind after Steve passed on the mantle of Captain America to Sam and retired from the superhero life. Now he was just Steve Rogers without the labels that defined him for the most of his life. His only identity now was of a loving fiancée to you, loyal best friend to Bucky helping him settle in a world that was still alien to both, yet they belonged here.
But the one role that he cherished most was taking up the role of Morgan’s guardian in Tony’s absence. That girl and Steve both brought immense joy to each other, whenever they were together which was often. Their bond put Pepper’s heart to rest knowing Morgan will grow under someone who was close to Tony as well as her grandfather.
Oh wait! There is one more role Steve loved in his life and that was the role of arts teacher at the school. He was everyone’s favorite Mr. Rogers who had numerous tricks up his sleeve.
Despite all this, you would often find Steve looking alone and wanting a companion, a friend who belongs to just him and no one else. You’d often think of hours what or who should be the one to give Steve the company that he is craving for.
Your thoughts were answered the day when you both were walking in your neighborhood park on a fine summer evening. The sun was going down and breeze running through your hair was the best feeling you experience. You and Steve were walking hand in hand talking your day when Steve noticed a dog barreling towards you.
Before the pup could run away, Steve acted swiftly and put his feet on the leash, making the pup stop in his track. Stupid super soldier serum, you thought as you rolled your eyes. But what shocked you was the interaction between the dog and Steve. They were so friendly with each other as the dog licked his face while he scratched her ears.
You never thought Steve loved animals because his arch nemesis was Milli, Bucky’s cat. Whenever they were in a room together, they both always shared pointed looks and made faces. It became a competition between them as to who can have Bucky’s attention. It was funny for everyone else but poor Bucky was tired.
The smile on Steve’s face made you realize who can be cure to loneliness and PTSD and you soon got to work by calling the animal care shelter. You worked in silence and secret without letting Steve know about it. Finally, everything fell in place and you could pick up his surprise on his special day, his birthday.
Steve was in the lake house with Morgan on the afternoon of his birthday, everyone was together, and you all had planned to celebrate it with a barbeque dinner. You sought Morgan’s help in keeping Steve busy as you traveled to get his surprise birthday gift. After being absent for couple of hours you walked in with a huge cardboard box with a bow attached to it as a symbol of gift.
“Happy birthday, Stevie,” you gushed walked into the cabin where Morgan and he were watching movies. “Hey babe,” he pecked your lips and your gift box jumped. “What’s in that y/n?” Morgan asked curiously. “Steve’s birthday gift,” you ruffled her hair as she jumped in excitement. “Y/N you do….”, the next words died in his throat as he heard an excited woof. His eyes grew bigger as he looked at you like a child looks at candy. You put the box down on the table and answering all his prayers, you took out the tiny pup that you picked up from your local animal shelter.
Tumblr media
“Oh my god, “Morgan exclaimed as Steve took the pup in his arms. The dog took an instant liking to Steve as he snuggled in his arms giving him few licks and making him laugh. “So, what should we call him?” Your words broke his attention when Morgan chirped, “We should call him Buzz.” She gestured towards the TV where Toy Story was playing. Steve liked the name as he cooed, “welcome to your new life Buzz. We are going to have great adventure buddy.”
Taglist: @christhickevans @madbaddic7ed @tonystankschild @idowikeit @ilysmcevans
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write-orflight · 12 days ago
Watch Over Me: Chapter One
Tumblr media
**Gif Not Mine**
Prev -  Next
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: M
Words: 3.2K
Warnings: none for this chapter: innuendo, language
Summary: Steve Rogers learns about the future from a woman stuck in the past.
A.N This is my jazz club reader fic I’ve been talking about writing. This fic isn’t gonna be long but I like it so I hope yall do too. I’m not using my perm taglist because it’s different than my normal content. reply, message, or inbox to be tagged. Devil Has Lilith will be updated Saturday.
Slang used in this chapter:
Dish: An attractive Woman
Butter and egg man: The money man, the man who comes to town to blow a big wad in nightclubs.
Dip the bill: Have a drink.
Corn: Bourbon
Cake-eater: A ladies’ man
Jalopy: An old car.
Drop a dime: Make a phone call
Chapter 1: There's a somebody I'm longin' to see 
“I can’t watch this anymore!” Tony said storming into the compound’s kitchen one night.  Steve looked up from his sketchbook in confusion. “I can’t watch you sit in here another friday night. It’s tragic!” 
“Ugh, not this again, Tony.” Steve says, sighing. Nat and Bucky begin snickering next to him, knowing where the conversation was going. 
“Yes, this again. Cap, I excused it for the first couple of years because you were adjusting to the times but it’s been years! If you’re not on a mission, you don’t go out! Sometimes, when Pep is having trouble sleeping I describe your social life to her, puts her right slee--” 
“Alright, I get it!” Steve cuts him off, slapping Bucky, who was in full hysterics at this point, in the arm. “I know my personal life is--” 
“Non-existent?” Nat provides.   
“Dead?” Tony adds, laughing.  
“But it’s my personal life. I’m over 100 years old. If I looked it, you guys wouldn’t be questioning my staying home.”   
“Exactly, if you looked it, I wouldn’t. But you are not that old yet.” Tony says. “Come on, let’s just all go out once. If you don’t like it, I’ll never make you go out again. I’ll even get you a coloring book or a model ship, or whatever old people do.” 
“Fine.” Steve sighed, as the man next to him cheered. “But nothing like those places you typically go to. They’re too noisy and sweaty and--” 
“Yea I got it, old-timer. We’re not going anywhere like that.” Tony provides. “My friend recently opened a restaurant where their back room is a speakeasy, very accurately themed, you need a password and everything to get in. You’ll fit right in.” 
“Prohibition ended in the 30s.” Bucky says. “Long before Stevie could even drink.” 
“Even still, work with me a little here.” Tony says. 
“Fine.” Steve sighs.  
“Awesome. Now, you’ve got to come in costume to these things so I’ve already taken the liberty of telling my tailor to make you guys something.” 
“What if I had said no?” Steve asks. 
“Oh, Cap. You should know by now I don’t take no as an answer.” 
  Steve shifted uncomfortably in his uniform. It was almost exactly like the one he would wear out during down times in the war though he knew it wasn’t the real one as that one was in the Smithsonian. Still, Tony’s tailor did a good job with seemingly all the costumes. Tony looked almost identical to how Steve remembered Howard back in the day. Bucky was in a uniform that looked similar to his back in the day, Glove covering his metal hand. Natatsha was in a sleek red gown, white gloves and pearls that was more modest than he’d seen her wear but still made her look drop dead gorgeous. 
Tony led them down a dark alley to what seemed to be a back door. Steve looked around confused as they entered the smokey hallway. At the end of the hallway there were two large doors and a lady with pinned up hair and a black shimmery dress, smoking with her feet propped up on the desk she was sitting at. 
“Evening gentlemen.” She croons in an english accent. “And lady. Are you lost?” 
“We have a meeting with Dr. Volstead.” Tony says, confidently. 
The woman tilts her head back giving all of you a once over. “It’s a nice night, isn’t it?” She asks. 
“Yes, it is. But I prefer the rain.” Tony says.  
With that the woman stands and walks over to the large doors and knocks rhythmically 3 times. The doors open to reveal a large dance hall where couples are in full swing, laughing and drinking. A trio of girls crooned a faced paced song as a jazz band was playing behind them. For a moment, Steve did actually forget he was in the 21st century. 
“Enjoy Paradise, my friends.” The woman smiles, before shutting the doors to the outside world. 
You were in the kitchen, taking a much needed headache break from the facade you had been putting up for your tables all night long when your Co-worker, Dalia, came up to you. 
“Y/N, Y/N! You have to trade tables with me.” 
You looked at her with a suspicious look. “Why?” 
“Come on, It’s a 4-top anyway. I’ll even trade you the party table for it.” That made you even more suspicious. “50 bucks for it, come on.” 
“Don’t trade, Y/N/N!” Your co-worker and friend/roommate, Jade added. “Tony Stark is in your section. I bet she only wants to give you 50 for it because she knows she’ll make 500.” 
“Come on, that’s not even why.” Dalia groans. “Black Widow is also at your table and you know she’s on my ‘Celebrities I have to fuck before I die’ list.” 
“God, are the rest of the avengers here?” You ask. 
“Not all but you know who is here?” Jade asks. “Steve Rogers.” She says, in a mocking singsong tone, jabbing you. Your crush on Captain America wasn’t really a secret anymore after you confessed it drunk one night. “And he looks almost edible.”  
You hum, you didn’t really feel like taking another table but this wasn’t a normal table. You doubt you had a chance but you weren’t passing up on serving Steve Rogers. 
“I’ll make you a deal. I still want that 50 bucks and we share the table, I’ll consider splitting the tip.” You say, the idea of making your rent in a night did appease you. 
“Now ladies, I have a song to do.” You say, leaving the girls behind in the kitchen. 
Steve, for the first time in a while it seemed, was having fun. Tony was right, he did feel like he fit right in here. He clapped with the crowd, as the three girls bowed and left the stage. The piano man stood up and took the microphone Steve could tell was only styled to look old but actually wasn’t that old. 
“One more time for the Duclaw sisters folks.” The smooth voiced man said into the microphone, inciting another round of applause from the crowd. “Our next performer is actually the last of the night.” That incited a few ‘awws’ of disappointment. “Don’t cry just yet because Old Gary never disappoints, our next performer is my personal favorite. Sings like a Canary and the Cat who caught it.” That induces a laugh from the crowd and a small chuckle from Steve. “And maybe if you’re good she’ll come on for an encore later. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Sultry Sounds of Y/N L/N.” He says, moving from the mic back to the piano as the crowd cheers. Steve watches the stage as arguably the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen seems to glide out from the backstage. She’s wearing a floor length silver gown that seemed to glimmer with every step she took. Her hair came down in long fingerwaves, pinned back so you could see the sculpt of her face. Steve would be lying if he said that wasn’t his favorite part of her facade. She had on simple eyeliner, foundation, and a bold red lip he could probably see from mars. You were beautiful, in a timeless sort of way. 
“My, my.” She crooned in an sultry old new york accent that reminded Steve of the women he grew up around. “What would your wife say if she knew I was your favorite, Old Gary?” 
“She’d agree!” The man called from the piano, inducing the chuckle from the crowd. And a deep sultry one from you. 
“Well as they say, two’s just fine but three’s a party.” She winked at the old man in a way that would make Steve weak if he wasn’t already sitting. 
“You ok there, Cap?” Tony said, snapping Steve out of the mystery woman’s trance. “You disappeared for a second.” 
“I’m fine.” Steve said, fighting the flush that threatened to spread over his face. He looks out the side of his eye to Bucky, who was smirking at him knowingly. Of course, he knew. 
“You know, you saying something about being good got me thinking, Old Gary.” She said, as the man softly played behind her. “A good man is hard to find. Great men are great, bad men are good sometimes too.” She winked to the crowd. “But every girl wants a good man, someone to watch over her.” Old Gary seems to take the cue to start playing her song. 
“There's a saying old, says that love is blind. Still we're often told, ‘seek and ye shall find’” She began singing and it made Steve sit up in his seat. She had the kind of voice that was almost beckoning. She was becoming his own personal siren. “So I'm going to seek a certain lad I've had in mind”  
“She’s a looker, huh?” The server, who introduced herself as Dalia, said as she sat down Bucky’s drink. “Y/N’s the main dish of this place.” 
“I think I’m more interested in you, doll.” Bucky flirted, shamelessly. 
“And I think I’m more interested in dames, Soldier.” She says, winking to Natasha who smiles coyly at her. Steve hardly pays them any mind as his focus was on you as you finished your song and thanked the crowd and waved while Old Gary helped her off stage. 
You were changing from your stage outfit into your floor outfit when Dalia burst into the locker room.
“Y/N/N, I actually think I might have a chance with Widow. I mean, she’s kinda been ignoring me the whole night but when I mentioned I was into girls she smiled!” Dalia ranted, excitedly as you nodded. You turned your back to her so she’d get the clue to zip you up which she does. “Also, you should’ve seen the way Steve Rogers was watching you sing. He totally wants to hit that.” That makes you perk up a bit. 
“I doubt it. I have it under good authority that he hasn’t hit anything in over 70 years. I doubt I’m what he’s been waiting for.” You laugh. “Still, it’s fun to think about.” 
Dalia tugs you out of the locker room. “Come on, let's get back out there.” 
You sighed before stepping out of the locker room and seemingly out of this century. 
You fake laughed with a guest at the bar as you grabbed your tray of drinks and made your way over to the table that had been making you nervous all night. You placed the four whiskey rocks drinks on the tables. 
“Courtesy of Dean.” You say, placing the drinks down. Stopping at Tony Stark. “Don’t know why? You seem to be the butter and egg man out tonight. 
“Butter and egg?” He asks, looking to Steve and Bucky. 
“Means money man, High roller.” Bucky explains, Steve nods. 
“Ah, well I am that.” Tony says, laughing. “I must say Miss, what was it? Y/N?” You nod confirming. “I have to say you are quite the performer.” 
“Thank you kindly, Mr. Stark. Go ahead, dip your bill.” You say pointing to the drink, Hoping they’d get the hint. They did of course, after seeing Steve and Bucky take a sip. You watch Steve grimace slightly at the taste of the liquor. 
“Everything alright, fella?” 
You watch Steve flush at the attention being tossed his way. You can’t help the confident smirk that graced your face knowing it was you that had Steve Rogers flustered. “I’m fine, I just don’t enjoy the taste.” 
You hum. “Yea, it’s the big cheese’s favorite drink and he’s known for liking it rough.” You wink, somehow making Steve flush more. That made you want to push it more. “I’ve got some corn in the back they call the Y/N because it feels really good when it’s going down.” That makes Steve choke a little and induces a hearty laugh from the group. “Can I get you a glass, Soldier?”  
“Y-Yea, I’d like that.” Steve flushes. It was almost fun at this point. 
“I’d love to try the real thing.” Bucky says, flirting right back with a smirk you knew has to make every girl in the 40s weak in the knees. You didn’t indulge him though. 
“Well, aren’t you a regular cake-eater.” You smirk. “I’ll be back with two glasses.”  
“I see the serum didn’t enhance your ability to talk to pretty girls.” Bucky laughs as you want away. Steve can’t help but become a little distracted by the sway of your hips. 
The rest of the night seemed to go like that. You bringing them drinks and flirting with the captain anyway you could just to see the pretty flush that spread across his face. But soon the time came for the superheroes to take their leave. As you sat the check in front of Tony, you brushed a hand over the Captain’s shoulder admiring the broadness of them. 
“You’ll come back and see me, Sugar?” You say, phrasing it like a question despite it not really being one. Steve nods, dumbfounded by you. You smile and wink at him before walking away. 
You’re in the kitchen eating the pizza you had ordered earlier when your manager, Dean comes out of his office for the first time that shift. 
“Y/N!” You roll your eyes when you hear him scream your name. “What do you think you’re doing?!” 
“I’m eating dinner. Something I could’ve done on my break if I ever got one.” 
“You know you’re not supposed to be eating anything that couldn’t be made in the 30s. People pay for the illusion and if they see you gorging yourself on pizza, it ruins it.” 
“No one’s looking in the fucking kitchen, Dean.” 
“Uh-huh, and another thing. You know what kind of songs you’re supposed to sing.” You roll your eyes harder. You knew this argument was coming. “That song is from the 50s and you knew it.” 
“None of those bullshit hipsters know who Ella fucking Fitzgerald is!” You yell. “Much less what years her fucking songs came out. That song killed and that’s all that fucking matters.” 
“Change your set or you’re fired.” 
That makes you laugh in his face. “Uh-huh, as if you’re going to find a singer who’ll work as cheap as me.” You say, brushing past him. “See you tomorrow.” 
Steve comes back to the bar the following week. He tells himself that it’s just for a quick drink but he knew the real reason was because he could not stop thinking about you. He also knew you were probably just being friendly because it’s your job to. He just needed you to reject him so he could go on with his life. 
He found himself in that hallway again approaching the woman he had seen last week. 
“Evening, Sir.” She says. “Are you lost?” 
“Umm.. I have a meeting with Mr. Volstead?” Steve questions, not really recalling the password fully. 
The woman hums. “Nice night, no?” She says. 
“I prefer the rain.” 
The woman sighs. “I’m sorry. I typically would let you in because I don’t really care but technically I’m not supposed to let anyone who doesn’t know the password in… even if  they are kinda famous.” She says. “The password changes every week. I’m sure if you ask Mr. Stark, he can find it for you.” 
“Oh, no worries. Sorry for wasting your time.” Steve sighs, turning back out the building. 
He’s approaching where he parked his bike when he hears a string of expletives being screamed followed with a car stuttering before not starting. He looks over to see a woman angrily get out of her car and lift the hood to see it smoking. The woman lets out another stream of expletives before kicking the tire and leaning her head on the roof of the car, defeated. For some reason, he feels compelled to go over and see how he could help. As he got closer he couldn’t believe his luck, it was you. He tapped you lightly on the shoulder and you turned with the beginnings of tears in your eyes. 
“Oh, Soldier!” You said, quickly turning around to wipe your eyes and putting the facade you typically used with customers back up. “I almost got offended when you didn’t come back to see me. Imagine a broad’s old luck.” You said, smiling flirtatiously. Steve didn’t buy that smile for a second. He could see in your eyes you were still upset. 
“Everything okay?” He asks. 
“Oh, everything’s swell! This old jalopy has seen better days, gonna drop a dime to a friend hopefully--” You cut yourself off, switching into your normal speaking voice. “Listen, I’m sorry I just can’t keep talking like this off the clock. I’ll drive myself insane. Please, don’t tell my boss. I’m already on thin ice for not ‘maintaining the illusion’.” 
Steve laughs, a weight suddenly feeling lifted off his shoulders. Suddenly you weren’t this mysterious woman who seemed to have all the right things to say and how to say them. You were human, just like him. “Your secret’s safe with me.” He says. 
“Good.”  You say, smiling briefly. “Now, if you’ll excuse me. I’ve gotta call Triple A for a tow.” You say, pulling your cell phone out. Steve had to admit it looked a little weird to see you with a cellphone in your olden days attire. 
“How will you get home?” He asks. 
“I’ll probably hoof it.” You shrug. “Or take the subway.” 
“At night?!” Steve says, incredulously. “No, I can take you if you’d like.” 
You look at him, hopefully. “I don’t want to be a burden.” You say. 
“You won’t be one.” He smiles. God, that smile made you feel a little weak. 
“Okay.” You smile back. 
“Are you hungry by chance?” He asks, as the two of you walk back to his ride. “I was going to eat in the bar but I couldn’t remember the password.” He says, sheepishly. 
That makes you laugh out loud. “Those passwords are such bullshit, Dean keeps changing them to keep it ‘exclusive’ but they always end up online anyway.” You say. “Every server has their own password, to keep track of regulars coming in. If you tell them you have a rose delivery for Mae, They’ll take you to my table no questions.” 
“Mae?” Steve asks. 
“For Mae West.” You explain, That makes Steve laugh again, of course you liked Mae West. “I could eat though. There’s actually a diner right down the road from here.” 
“Perfect.” He says, straddling onto his bike. He raises an eyebrow at you when you hesitate. “Something wrong?” 
“I’ve never ridden on a bike before is all.” 
“As long as you hold on to me, you’ll be fine.” He says, smirking when he sees a flush creep over your face as he hands you his helmet. It was about time for you to be flustered by your interactions. 
“I have no problems with that.” You say, placing that helmet on your head after you straddle the bike behind him. Your hands are tight around his waist as the two of you ride out of the lot, leaving Paradise behind. 
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whereforewriter · 12 days ago
does anyone want a neighbour! steve rogers one shot this weekend? as a treat... also known as wherefore keeps thinking about how steve thought sharon was just a cute neighbour with laundry to get coffee with and i want!! that!! for!! him!!!
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write-orflight · 13 days ago
Watch Over Me: Sneak Peek.
Here’s a sneak peek of my new Steve Rogers X Reader fic. Let me know if you wanna be tagged
“There's a saying old, says that love is blind. Still we're often told, ‘seek and ye shall find’” She began singing and it made Steve sit up in his seat. She had the kind of voice that was almost beckoning. She was becoming his own personal siren. “So I'm going to seek a certain lad I've had in mind”
“She’s a looker, huh?” The server, who introduced herself as Dalia, said as she sat down Bucky’s drink. “Y/N’s the main dish of this place.”
“I think I’m more interested in you, doll.” Bucky flirted, shamelessly.
“And I think I’m more interested in dames, Soldier.” She says, winking to Natasha who smiles coyly at her. Steve hardly pays them any mind as his focus was on you as you finished your song and thanked the crowd and waved while Old Gary helped her off stage.
You were changing from your stage outfit into your floor outfit when Dalia burst into the locker room.
“Y/N/N, I actually think I might have a chance with Widow. I mean, she’s kinda been ignoring me the whole night but when I mentioned I was into girls she smiled!” Dalia ranted, excitedly as you nodded. You turned your back to her so she’d get the clue to zip you up which she does. “Also, you should’ve seen the way Steve Rogers was watching you sing. He totally wants to hit that.” That makes you perk up a bit.
“I doubt it. I have it under good authority that he hasn’t hit anything in over 70 years. I doubt I’m what he’s been waiting for.” You laugh. “Still, it’s fun to think about.”
Dalia tugs you out of the locker room. “Come on, let's get back out there.”
You sighed before stepping out of the locker room and seemingly out of this century.
You fake laughed with a guest at the bar as you grabbed your tray of drinks and made your way over to the table that had been making you nervous all night. You placed the four whiskey rocks drinks on the tables.
“Courtesy of Dean.” You say, placing the drinks down. Stopping at Tony Stark. “Don’t know why? You seem to be the butter and egg man out tonight.
“Butter and egg?” He asks, looking to Steve and Bucky.
“Means money man, High roller.” Bucky explains, Steve nods.
“Ah, well I am that.” Tony says, laughing. “I must say Miss, what was it? Y/N?” You nod confirming. “I have to say you are quite the performer.”
“Thank you kindly, Mr. Stark. Go ahead, dip your bill.” You say pointing to the drink, Hoping they’d get the hint. They did of course, after seeing Steve and Bucky take a sip. You watch Steve grimace slightly at the taste of the liquor.
“Everything alright, fella?”
You watch Steve flush at the attention being tossed his way. You can’t help the confident smirk that graced your face knowing it was you that had Steve Rogers flustered. “I’m fine, I just don’t enjoy the taste.”
You hum. “Yea, it’s the big cheese’s favorite drink and he’s known for liking it rough.” You wink, somehow making Steve flush more. That made you want to push it more. “I’ve got some corn in the back they call the Y/N because it feels really good when it’s going down.” That makes Steve choke a little and induces a hearty laugh from the group. “Can I get you a glass, Soldier?”
“Y-Yea, I’d like that.” Steve flushes. It was almost fun at this point.
“I’d love to try the real thing.” Bucky says, flirting right back with a smirk you knew has to make every girl in the 40s weak in the knees. You didn’t indulge him though.
“Well, aren’t you a regular cake-eater.” You smirk. “I’ll be back with two glasses.”
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msbadass · 13 days ago
Screaming Colors // Stucky Soulmate AU
part one
pairing: stucky x reader stucky x female reader
summary: based off the TikTok series by @SerenaIvory.
warnings; fluff, marriage stuff, cheating, angst, language, fighting, potential smut.
words: 1.1k
a/n: this is going to become a series not to sure how many chapters!! this is my first time ever writing a fanfic and I’m actually really proud of it. please be nice. apology ahead of time for any grammar error or typos :)
Tumblr media
You’re not sure if the intense knots in your stomach are from excitement or nerves. Probably both. To say you have the wedding jitters in an understatement. Many people will all be making eyes on you in just a few short minutes. You were never one to draw attention to yourself; Pepper planning this giant wedding should be enough social interaction for the next year or so and the panic of not being able to squeeze into your dress definitely wasn’t helping at all.
“Wanda, do think you could help me for a second?” You ask through the other side of bathroom door. You hear a slight knock and see the small Sokovian peak her head in.
“Everything ok, (Y/N/N)?” She slips in the bathroom and closes the door quietly.
“Yeah, I’m ok. I can’t get this thing zipped up by myself. Would you mind?” She nodded her head yes with a tight lipped smile. You stood up straight to make the job a bit easier on her.
“Deep breathe in for me.” She instructed you; the zipper went up with ease. You spun around.
“Oh wow (Y/N/N), you look so beautiful. Go and look in the bigger mirror!” Wanda pulled you into the main room. Gasps and awe slipped out of the mouths of your bridesmaids.
Wanda places you in front of the full length mirror, your stomach tied in knots again as you look at your reflection. Everything looks exactly like you pictured. You hair had been styled into a romantic loose updo, jewels all over your veil tucked underneath the stylish bun. Your face seemed glowing from the makeup artist work. Then dress. It was absolutely stunning, not too over the top hit just enough. The long lace train and off the shoulder style wear so romantic. It was truly something you’d read out of a fairy tale.
Only thing missing were those stupid colors. You’d hate to admit it but you longed for them. You would love to actually see the blue sky, the color of the flowers Steve bought you, Steve’s eyes..
The door to the room opened suddenly you turned your head to see Pepper wearing a head set and carrying her clipboard. “Oh (Y/N)” she breathed out, eyes starting to swell. “You’re the most beautiful bride. Steve is going die when he sees you.” She places a hand on your shoulder. You looked to her and smiling big. “Thank you, for doing all of this.” thanking her. “I mean it, no way I could’ve planned all this.”
“It was an honor.. now come on before I start tearing up again. It’s time to head to the ceremony.” She gives you a hug and makes her way out, along with your bridal party.
You grab your bouquet of peonies and chrysanthemums. You take one last look at yourself. Let’s go marry Steve Rogers.
“Do you promise to love and cherish each other through thick and thin as long as you both shall live?”
Steve squeezed your hands tightly, obviously fighting the urge kiss you
“I do” we said in unison.
“Then, by the power vested in me, and as witnessed by friends and family here today to pronounce for the very first time, as husband and wife, Mr and Mrs Steven Grant Rogers”. You couldn’t help smile at the big grin that was spread across Steve’s face. You were married, you were officially Mrs Rogers. Steve. 
“You may now kiss your bride Mr.Rogers” The officiant tells Steve.
Steve looks to you and smiles. He places both hands on your face and pulls you in for a tender kiss. This was it, you were now bonded in unity to the man you loved most in the world.
From the ceremony to the reception everything was perfect. Your family and friends all together celebrating made your heart happy. After the events of Thanos it felt nice to actually celebrate something, to be completely content for once.
You sat at yours and Steve’s table and just observed everything around you.
Everything was honestly perfect, not that’s you’d expect anything less from Pepper. She made sure everything was perfect, from the food to the music. She’s did a wonderful job. You even saw her busting a move with Sam on the dance floor. Sam was actually the worst dancer, you made a mental note to give him shit about it later.
Your eyes scanned for Steve. He was over by the bar laughing with someone he must know from past assignments and mission he’s been on. His eyes shot up at you, smiling bright. He excused himself from the conversation he was having and made his was towards you
“Hey baby, can you come here? There is someone I want you to meet” He asked you.
“Of course, Who is it?” You asked while grabbing his hand
“Hey Punk! Congratulations!” You look towards Steve who was hugging this person tightly. Like he hadn’t seen them in a long time, like they were someone important to him.
“Hey Jerk.” He patted his back and the looked towards you.
“(Y/N), I want you to meet Bucky Barnes. I’ve talked to you about him.”
You’ve heard of Bucky. Steves very best friend who he thought for many years was dead. Only to discover he was being used as a brainwashed weapon by Hydra for over 80 years.
Bucky turned around and locked eyes with you. Everything stopped in that moment. The world around you started to brighten, everything was vibrant. Everything slowly coming to life around you.. In that moment it was like everything in life started to make sense, piecing itself together. Like, a piece of you coming together. Every that’s ever been missing, you were now seeing. The soft pink peonies for centerpieces, the warm yellow hew in the room, and the beautiful bright blue eyes staring back at you.
Oh my god you were seeing colors.
Oh my god.
Oh no
My soulmate
This man is my soulmate
Bucky Barnes is my soulmate.
Calm down (Y/N)
“Ye-Yes, I’ve heard so- so much about you.” You said trying your very best to keep calm.
Bucky continues to stare until he comes in for a hug, catching you off guard. He whisper in your ear. “So, it’s you.”
You hug him back out if natural instinct. You’re trying your hardest to not fall apart right then and there. “Shhh, It’s okay. I won’t tell anyone.” He pulls away from the hug, you both turn towards Steve who is just grinning ear to ear. Happy to see the people he loves most in the world together.
“I-I need to use the rest room.” You excused yourself from the two super soldiers
Beginning to run to the nearest restroom, fight the edge to throw up. Once you reach the toilet you begin to vomit. You nerves were shot, everything around you was shaking. This can’t be happening. Not now, not today.
This can’t be happening
It can’t be
I just married Steve
This is my wedding day.
Oh no.
Bucky is my soulmate
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Tumblr media
Hello and Welcome to my blog! Please check out my May list for all current information and new fics.
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The bet request/song: Freak by Doja Cat tattoos
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Roommate Bucky
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Cowboy Bucky
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College Gemini Locations
A/N- These are all the loactions that may be featured in College Gemini, or may be refrenced in there, heres how I picture them and a little discription of them. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Coney Island- The boys (Bucky and Steve) used to go there a lot when they were kids, and love to take their dates there, win them prizes, and all the cute stereotypical date stuff. They haven't been back since they've started college, and since Bucky started dating Dot. The Avengers have plans to go and hang at the beach when the sun sets after a full day of riding rides and playing games.
Tumblr media
Shield's- This is The Avengers go to club, they always have a good time partying there. They never encounter trouble and every one of the staff members loves them and Gemini, they always have their VIP reserved even if they don't show up. The staff always love to hang with them when they party.
Tumblr media
Hydra's- This club is not the Avengers' first choice, they always seem to get involved in stuff, people trying to start fights with them, trying to get them kicked out. The place is rumored for some nefarious things a lot of people getting arrested there. They tend to avoid Hydra's, they only really go if they have to when they want to party. (IE when Shield's is closed or rented out for events)
Tumblr media
Mel's- This is the Avengers hang-out spot outside of college, after clubbing and partying. They're always down to get some greasy burgers and milkshakes, especially after a night of dancing at Sheild's and need to soak up the alcohol they drank at the club. Good thing Mel's is open 24/7.
Tumblr media
Howard's- Tony Stark's family diner, named after his dad, it's run by his mom and dad, mostly by his mom when Howard is teaching at the college. It's right next to the college, if you can't find the Avengers on campus, they'll most likely be there in their back corner booth, shooting the shit and eating, or even studying in some cases. It's a great place to hang with friends, this is a place they always recommend when people ask. They make the best cheesy fries and milkshakes. Just don't sit in the Avenger's booth, momma Stark will get mad you're sitting there.
Asteroid M's-  The Avengers' favorite place to go besides the bowling alley and the roller rink. They love the mini-competitions they have, who can get the highest score on Pac-man or some of the games. The best thing is it's right next to Mel's and the owners don't care if you bring take out from Mel's in there. Y/N / Gemini is saving her tickets to get the big prize of a brand new Nintendo 64. She vows she'll get it, and she will fight anyone of her friends and people to get it.
Tumblr media
Asgard's- Another place where the Avengers like to go, they love to put on their skates and go. It's where they can feel like they're flying, on and off drugs. Y/N sometimes goes but not when she has school work. Gemini loves to go and sometimes she partakes of the white powder they do sometimes. The place is trippy and so retro, especially on their 70's disco night. The place is owned by Professor Thor and Loki's family.
Tumblr media
The Garden Bowl- This is Y/N / Gemini's favorite bowling alley, it's on the other side of Asteroid M's, and the Avengers love to go there on some Friday nights when they turn off the lights and turn the neons on. Everything glows! Y/N likes this place because her aunt owns the place, her aunt is like her mother, plus her aunt is one of those cool aunts that lets you do everything. She, the aunt, lets the Avengers and Y/n smoke some green there and chill if they share with her. Y/N's aunt lets them shut down the place and bowl with no one there, as long as they want, and lets them drink there all they want.
Tumblr media
The Raft- The Avengers like to go here after a long week at college instead of going to Shield's they go to the drive-in movie. It's called the Raft because there are 4 movie screens, playing 4 different movies at once. The girls like to load up into Y/N's / Gemini's VW bug and meet the guys there, parking at the back of the lot in front of one screen, so they can smoke in peace. They lay out blankets and lay in the grass beside their cars and binge on pizza and beer that they brought into the lot, while they watch the two movies of the night. If the first movie they picked was followed by one they didn't like, they'd move to a screen that had a movie they did like or haven't seen before.
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mollysolo · 15 days ago
Warnings: Descriptions of depression.
Paring: Steve Rodgers X gender neutral!Reader
Summary: A song fic for Steve based off of lonely by Machine Gun Kelly. Also for more context, this one shot takes place during Infinity War and Endgame.
a/n: the lyrics are in bold and italicized. also just to clarify i don’t support mgk anymore, but i do still like some of his music.
Tumblr media
I got in trouble the first time my dad saw me dance with the devil. How are we so opposite?
“Are you sure this is going to go well?” you asked Steve as your eyebrows furrowed.
He looked over at you with pure sadness in his eyes and worry written all over his face.
“I don’t know but I really hope it does. I can’t loose you.” Steve answered.
“If we fail and one of us goes, I just want you to know that I love you.” you said as tears pricked at your eyes.
“I know, I love you too.” he said. Then as soon as he finished speaking, the war began and you immediately knew that Thanos was definitely not going to be an easy enemy to beat.
You both had no doubt about that.
And then he said goodbye way too soon and this don't feel right without you. Lonely, lonely, even when the room is full, I'd trade it, trade it, I would trade it all for you.
“Steve?” you and Bucky said in unison as you both started to dust.
Steve watched with tears in his eyes as you and Bucky continued to disappear.
“It’s okay, you’ll see me and Bucky again.” you quickly said with a nod.
Once you were both gone, Steve’s knees crashed to the ground and he put his hands on the place where you once stood.
“(y/n)!” he screamed out with agony in between sobs.
Natasha walked over to him and gently rubbed his back. “We’ll get (y/n) back, we’ll get all of them back. I promise.” she assured him.
—Time skip: Five years later—
After you had dusted, nothing made Steve happy anymore. He never left his room, he never ate. He only trained and slept. He didn’t want to live in a world without you.
He wanted you back and in his arms again so badly.
Every single Avenger that was left tried to help him, but nothing worked. Which made everyone realize that only you could pull him out of this depressive slump.
One night, Tony was actually able to convince him to hang out with team, at least for once. And even though he was surrounded by people he considered to be his friends, he still felt so lonely.
Nothing was the same with you gone. He would truly trade anything to get you back.
He just wanted to live in an a world where you, (y/F/n) (y/L/n) existed.
Bruce and Tony had been experimenting with time travel, and he wanted it to work but it was so hard to believe that it actually would. But he still hoped that it would.
He missed you more than anything else. He just wanted to be able to put his arms around you again.
The last time I saw you, I cried, I wish you had more time left. The last time I heard you, they held the phone, you took your last breath. Lonely, lonely, even when the room is full, I'd trade it, trade it, I would trade it all for you.
“It’s good to see you again. I’ve missed you Steve.” you said as you walked through one of the many gold rings behind you and went to Steve.
Steve’s jaw dropped as he looked over his shoulder and saw you standing there. Tears flowed down his dirt covered face as he pulled you into his arms. You cried with him.
His hand tenderly met the back of your head and he quickly ran his fingers through your hair. His soulmate was finally back in his arms, he couldn’t believe it.
You pulled away a few minutes later and sniffled as you shakily wiped his tears away. A smirk and a look of hope than appeared on your face a quick moment later.
“Let’s go win this war, together.” you confidently said.
Steve nodded at you as a smirk rolled out across his own face.
Once the battle was finally over and Thanos and his minions were defeated, Steve held you in his arms again. He held you tight and didn’t dare let go.
At least for now.
“I missed you so much, (y/n). Fuck, this world isn’t the same without you. I never want to be without you again.” he told you.
You subtly shook as he spoke and the second he felt your shaking he held you even tighter and rubbed your back.
As you and Steve’s lips connected it felt as if sparks were shooting out around you. You pressed one more soft kiss to his lips before you began to speak.
“I’m never leaving you again. I’ll be yours forever, I swear. How long was everyone gone anyways?” you said shakily.
He then made complete eye contact with you and quietly said, “Five years”
Your bottom lip trembled as you’d started to cry again.
“Oh Steve. I’m so sorry. I wish we could’ve come back sooner.” you said as you started to hold him.
“It’s not your fault. I’m just happy to have you back.” he said.
You felt so sad now, Steve the only man you had ever loved, had to be away from you for five years.
As he told you this, you promised yourself that you would spend as much time with him as possible and that you would always be by his side.
No matter what.
“We’ll make up for all of that lost time, okay?” you said as you cupped his face in your hands.
Your stroked his jaw as you waited for him to respond. He then nodded and whispered a simple, “Okay.”
Lonely, lonely, even when the room is full, I'd trade it, trade it, I would trade it all for you.
You traced gentle circles on Steve’s bare chest as you laid tangled with him beneath his sheets. You missed being so close with him and it honestly felt incredible to be in his arms again.
“I love you so much (y/n) and if I’m being honest, I do want to spend the rest of my life with you. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” Steve kindly told you.
You looked up into his blue eyes as he gazed into your (e/c) ones. Happy tears fell down your cheeks as you genuinely smiled at him.
“That’s all I’ve ever wanted too.” you replied as you slowly sat up in his bed.
Steve knitted his eyebrows up as he also sat up, then he leaned over to his bedside table and retrieved a sliver band from a small blue box. After that, he slid the ring onto your finger.
After he put it on, he opened his mouth to speak, but you cut off any possible words with a kiss. As he kissed you back he pulled out a second ring, put it in your palm and closed your hand around it.
Your eyes sparkled as you slid the ring onto his ring finger. You kissed him again once the ring was comfortably on his finger.
You smirked as you felt the cold metal press against your cheek.
“God, I love you.” he muttered as you two started to cuddle again.
“And I love you more than you will ever know.” you said as you grinned at him.
He hummed with comfort as your body’s perfectly collided again, like puzzle pieces.
marvel tag list: @lil-stark @mrsbarbesstan (if your username is crossed out it’s because i couldn’t tag you for whatever reason)
permanent tag list: @lil-stark @mrsbarbesstan
i hope you guys like this! and as always my request box is open. :))
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msbadass · 15 days ago
Screaming Colors // Stucky Soulmate AU
pairing: stucky x reader
summary: based off the TikTok series by @SerenaIvory.
warnings; fluff, marriage stuff, cheating, angst, language, fighting, potential smut, soulmate
a/n: this is my first time ever writing a fanfic and I’m actually really proud of it. please be nice. apology ahead of time for any grammar error or typos :)
Tumblr media
Wedding Rehearsals.
You’ve always wondered why they were considered to be just as important as the wedding itself. Fancy meals for everyone involved to have, cheap champagne toasts, everyone overly dressed. Outside of rehearsing the wedding itself it just all deemed unnecessary. Just a waste of time and money. You and Steve pictured having a small, intimate ceremony. Full of love for family and friends to share in.
Pepper had something much bigger in mind for Steve and you. She begged me to let her planned it all when she found out Steve proposed. “You won’t have time to plan a wedding with all the post-blip assignments! Please, let me do this for you.” she said to me.
A part of you knew she was looking for a distraction from Tony passing. It was really hard on everyone, you couldn’t imagine the loss she was going through. You didn’t have the heart to tell her you wanted something small. After everything she’d been through, she deserves something to keep her mind busy from mourning for a bit.
She has definitely took the distraction seriously. The compound looks completely different. No way anyone would believe the avengers lived here. White linens draped across the ceiling. Candles of every size we’re going to be lit everywhere. Huge round tables with giant centerpieces for guests. She’s probably invited over three hundred people. After all, who wouldn’t want to see the famous Captain America finally get hitched.
“You enjoying the party so far?” Pepper asked, pulling you from thought.
“It’s gorgeous Pep, You’ve really out done yourself.” You smiled
She gives you a small smile “Are you sure you love everything? I just want to be absolutely perfect for you and Steve.”
“Pepper, it’s beautiful! I promise.” You grab her hand to reassuring her.
“I just wish you could see all the colors! Wait, have you started seeing colors yet?”
Your face immediately drops. “No, but I’m sure they’ll show up over time.. it’s just different for Steve and I.. You know that.”
The age old soulmate question. You dread it. It’s all anyone ever talked about. See, once someone meets their soulmate for the first time you’re able see all the colors in life. Until then, you’re in a black and white world. Which isn’t so bad. You and Steve have yet to develop seeing color but we have faith our love will bring them out.
“Yes I know.. but (Y/N). Are you sure you want to marry Steve? What if.. you meet your soulmate later on or he meets his?” Pepper said
“Steve and I have already had this conversation; nothing will change between us.” You say, trying to hold your tongue.
“I trust you, but doesn’t that make you anxious? You might my ever get to see colo-“ You push past her pacing straight towards the main kitchen.
How could she think the rehearsal dinner for my wedding is a good time to bring up the fact that you still can’t see colors. Like I haven’t thought about enough. Steve can’t see color either, but we love each other. That should be enough and it is. Stupid soulmates. They make colors out to be everything, You’ve never loved anyone like love Steve. It’s hard for me to imagine that he’s not my soulmate. The colors will show up eventually. They will.
Once you reach the kitchen the glass of Merlot on the counter of call your name. Nothing a little liquid courage can’t fix .
“Not enjoying the dinner?” a stern voice said. A voice you would recognize as Steve’s. You let out a breathe you didn’t realize you were holding. He gives you a sad smile.
“Just needed a moment alone. It was a- starting to get overwhelming out there..” you look up at him, he makes his way towards the bottle of Merlot grabbing two glasses from the top shelf.
“Pepper talk to you too? About the colors?” He asks while filling up both glasses and handing one to you
You let out a small sigh. “It’s just not anyone else’s business but ours, ya know? We’re both in love so what does it matter?”
Steve places his glass down and steps in front of you. He looks down at you, his strong frame towering over you. His strong hands snake around your waist to sit you up on the counter.
“(Y/N).. I would rather live in a black and white world than one with color if that means you get to be in it. You and I, we got this.” He said while grabbing your face making you look up at him
You smile up at him, eyes swelling “ I love you Steve Rogers, you always know what to say to me.”
He lets out a chuckle “I love you, now come kiss your future husband.”
You laugh, leaning up to kiss his lips. His kiss is soft. Steve was always so gentle with you. Treating you like a glass doll. Always making sure you were comfortable. You liked how fragile he treated you. His hands sat firmly at your waist making sure you stayed still for him. Your hands raked up around his neck pulling him closer waiting more of him. His lips were so tender, so careful.
“So, I see you guys aren’t waiting until the wedding night.” Sam said loudly, causing you both to jump.
“Goddammit Wilson.” Steve huffed out while hanging his head
“Listen, I don’t want to break up your little tasting tonsil fest but it’s almost midnight which means it’ll officially be wedding day and you’re both not supposed to see each other until the ceremony. So, hurry it up lovebirds.” Sam say while snapping his fingers trying to rush Steve.
“We have a lifetime together coming up Captain, come on.” You said while hoping off the counter pulling him towards the door.
“You promise to make it up to me future Mrs.Rogers?” He smiled down at you playing with your fingers
This man, he always knew how to make your face heat up. “I promise I’ll be making it up to you the rest of my life.” You lean up to kiss his cheek.
“It’s 11:59, you better stop the chatting and get to skedaddling!” Sam yell from the other side of the kitchen door.
You let out a giggle “You better go get your man Rogers. I love you.”
He leaned down to kiss your forehead “I love you (Y/N), see you at the end of the isle.”
“See ya” you smirked and waved as Sam was pulling him out of the kitchen.
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buckysnumberonegirl · 16 days ago
Flash forward- Finders Keepers
Part 7
Read parts 1-6here
Warnings: plot development, fluff, angst
Parings- past!Hugh Drysdale x Reader, Gabe Jones x reader
Hi hi everyone who's reading this, I know this series is a long one and I appreciate everyone being patient with me as time passes. I’m quite happy with this chapter
Word count 1.4K
You weren’t sure what time it was when you got to Base camp. Walking into the building you ran into Howard who told you how sorry he was for your loss. “I met James a few times, he was a good soldier and a great man” Howard patted you on the back, excusing himself.
Gabe and the other commandos were all sat together having a drink. He stood and walked over to you when he saw you enter their room “Y/N what are you doing here are you okay?” As soon as he said it he regretted the question.
“Of course you’re not okay I’m sorry for even asking, come sit down with us” he walked you over to the table where the rest of the men were, pulling you onto his lap. You put an arm around his neck as the men all talked about your cousin. You thought back to when you were children.
With little wooden guns you ran around your grandmother's backyard, on a top secret mission no one really knew the point of. Bucky took the lead as you crossed the log that fell across the creek. Running up into the woods the three of you giggled. You heard Bucky “ come on Steve you can’t slow down or we’ll get caught!”
‘Bucky he needs to breath’ you rubbed Steve’s back before he shot up “I can do this all day” he took off deeper into the woods. The three of you made your way into the old treehouse, hidden deep within the woods, a safe haven for you. You all sat on the floor pushing aside leaves and dust that had settled. Bucky gave you a wicked grin as he pulled out a pocket knife “ I read in a book once this thing called a blood pact, I think we should do one” he looked between you and Steve. “How do we do it?” Steve seemed nervous about the whole thing, he looked at you and you blushed. “Well we cut our finger and then we shake hands and say a saying or something that we’ll be together forever”
‘I like it let’s do it!’ You reached for the pocket knife making a small cut on both your index fingers, Bucky and Steve followed suit the three of you shook hands together giggling about what you were doing. “I know what our saying should be guys, I’m with you till the end of the line”
You and Steve repeated the phrase and you all agreed. You pulled a tiny first aid kit from out of your pocket handing everyone two little bandaids. You heard your grandmother calling, so the three of you scurried down the later before taking off. Bucky shouted like a war cry “the three of us! Till the end of the line!”
You looked down at your hands, they were folded in your lap. Holding out your two index fingers a tear fell as you saw the small white lines that matched up.
You wondered if Steve could see the same thing.
‘Gabe honey I should get going’ you kissed him before sitting up waving goodbye to the rest of the group. They met you with a chorus of goodbyes and condolences. “I’ll walk you home Y/N, it’s late.”
You didn’t argue, walking silently through London. When you got to your apartment game kissed you goodnight “are you sure you don’t want me to stay?” He looked into your eyes, and for a moment you felt the weight of the sadness you carried lift. ‘I’m sure, go home Gabe, I’ll come by in the morning’ you kissed his cheeks and smiled at him as he walked away.
You twist the knob to your apartment doorways to slide your key into the lock, but it pushes open.
You walk inside, an aching feeling washing over you along with a sense of dread. Something is wrong. You go to flip on a light when you see a dark figure sitting at your table. “You know Dove I’m hurt that you’d move on so fast”
The voice was dark but you knew ‘Hugh what are you doing here’
“Oh please, You were mine first” he spat on your floor. “How many night has he been here Y/N. I can’t believe I believe you when you said you wanted to wait until marriage. I hope he was worth it” you felt panic rise in your throat. You remember Peggy telling you there was a button installed under your kitchen counter, if you could get to it you would alert base camp that something was wrong. ‘Hugh I don’t know what your talking about, Gabes spent the night but we never’
Hugh shot up from the table, walking over you in less than 4 strides. “Don’t lie to me dove, it’s unbecoming of a woman” he walked into your kitchen, opening the cabinet he pulled out two wine glasses. You took this as your opportunity, walking into the kitchen with him and hitting the button while he reached into the fridge for a bottle of wine.
When you slid your finger off the button it made the tiniest click.
Hugh looked up at you and sighed, pouring the wine and handing you a glass “drink with me dove we don’t have long now until your friends get here” he took a sip from his glass. “What did I just say, drink” his voice was angry. You took a sip, Hugh grabbed the bottom of the glass and tipped it up forcing you to finish it.
“You know my plan was to keep you here, my own little pet as the world fell into place. We captured your cousin to use him as motivation for you when you stepped out of line but of course your captain America saved him. Had I known that I would have picked a different location. You see little dove you never had any control over this. We needed you and your cousin to weaken the Captain. But you, you have exceeded my expectations by also getting one of the commandos to fall in love with you. The team will fall apart when you go missing” he stopped speaking, your head felt like it was full of water. You dropped the wine glass and felt Hugh grab you. “What a shame that your lover will get here to find you gone. But do not worry my little dove I don’t plan on killing you, just hiding you away until we get rid of some of our problems”
You passed out shortly after that. Hugh carried you to his car and watched the outside of your building with glee. Steve arrived first, running at an almost inhuman speed into the building. Followed by a car with Peggy and Howard. Peggy jumped out gun in hand and ran in only to come out seconds later Steve following her. In Steve’s hand was the note Hugh had placed.
Hydra is always one step ahead Captain Rogers. Give up now and the girl will remain safe.
You woke up in a cold room. Your clothes had been changed and you were alone. You had no idea how long it had been but you knew everything felt wrong. Hugh walked into the room, smiling. “Your captain is Dead my dear, gone from this world after his plane crashed.”
You screamed hitting Hugh in the chest with your fists until he grabbed you, pushing you against the wall of the room. “ Do not test me girl I am the only reason you are alive, anger me and they will kill you” a gunshot rang throughout the room. Hughs weight fell against you three men entered the room two of them lifting Hughs body and carrying him away. You looked at the trail of blood and felt tears stream down your face.
The man in the room offered you a tissue. “ I apologize my dear, he was a poor representation of what we are, although he is correct in that your Captain has been dealt with.” You looked at the red skull embroidered on his suit... Hydra. Another man entered the room looking at you. “What should we do with her sir”
The man who had given you a tissue gave you a smile “she knows too much I’m afraid, but she will be helpful in controlling the wolf…” he paused “put her on ice and bring her to Serbia we will use her if Soldat gets out of hand”.
You were grabbed and dragged down the hall. You screamed and begged to be let go but there was nothing. They restrained your wrists and placed you in a small glass cylinder, it was cold enough that the touch of the metal stung where it touched you. You felt it get colder and colder within a matter of seconds you could no longer move. Just before everything went dark you swore, that soldier looked just like Bucky. A thought crossed your mind as you felt the knives of ice press into you you smiled a faint almost peaceful smile, So this was the end of the line. Then, everything went black.
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attentionplease · 17 days ago
May the smut be with you!
Yap, stupid wordplay, but I love it.
Tumblr media
Because I support and join the protest against hate, disrespect, stealing,etc to support other creators, the May challenge will be shorter than planned.
Tumblr media
Want to know what this is? Take a look here !
Tumblr media
You know I'm preparing a month full of smut. But not in the length like the usual ones, they are shorter, but as good as the usual smut you know from me.
In May the Smuterdays are having a break, but instead you'll have nearly a whole month full of short Smutties.
Prepare yourself for a hot month
And I have something for everyone:
We have:
and so much others
And now read and enjoy it my dear fellows.
Warning for all oneshots: unprotected sex
09.05 - TWD - Daryl - A quiet shift
( public sex, rough sex, Daryl's bandana )
Yeah, TWD and that fucking watchtower... I got a thing for that... and that red bandana... and prison era Daryl...
10.05 - BBC Sherlock - Sherlock Holmes - Fucking is a reward
(Edging, teasing)
We all know Sherlock is a teasing shit... and we love it, don't we?
11.05 - Boondock Saints - Connor MacManus - You deserve to be ruined
( Praising, Beggin, destroying orgasms )
yeah, Connor... he thinks you deserve better
12.05 - Marvel - Bucky Barnes - I need to know
Am I the only one trying to find out, how that fingers would feel?
Tumblr media
13.05 - TWD - Rick Grimes - Hey Mr. Policeman, I don't want no trouble
(role play, handcuffs, lick that dick, dominance play)
Do I have to say more? You have been a bad girl... and our officer friendly isn't always that friendly
14.05 - BBC Sherlock - Jim Moriarty - Enemies
(rough sex, Moriarty marking you with hickeys, regretting, throat grabbing, poisonous addiction, betraying your friends)
You got a slight addiction on Moriarty... which isn't the best for your best friend Sherlock
15.05 - Boondock Saints - Murphy MacManus - Is that your gun or are you happy to see me?
( accidential stimulation, teasing, quicky)
I quote my dear @phoenixblack89 here: Murphy and reader are hiding in a tight closet during a mission to surprise some mobsters and his actual gun is held between her legs...
16.05 - Marvel - 40s Bucky Barnes - Don't make a mess ( car sex, praising, saying goodbye)
the last night before Bucky goes into war, and he wants to make it special for you
Tumblr media
17.05 - TWD - Daryl Dixon - I know what I like
(tied up Daryl, teasing, limit testing)
Daryl doesn't believe you, how exciting a stupid rope can be ( YEAH I know I got a problem! No need to say*g*)
18.05 - BBC Sherlock - John Watson - Something new
(guided masturbation, shyness)
John and you discusses about how to spice up your sex and he has the great idea that you show him how you touch yourself when you're alone. Which isn't really easy for you.
19.05 - Boondock Saints - Connor MacManus - Just breathe
I mean... Connor again... we know this man must always be the best in what he does... so...after his brother mocked him, and you couldn't stop laughing, he had to proof a point
20.05 - Marvel - Loki - Why is there hay?
( watching porn for the first time, handjob, fingering) sorry for that title... but the germans here will understand...
Loki asks you, why humans are watching this stupid movies. You offer to show him. After only five minutes he regrets to do this, and tries to tell you this is just stupid stuff... But the bulge in his pants tells you another story...
Tumblr media
21.05 - TWD - Daryl Dixon - I'd rather die
(hate/angry sex)
I don't know if I'll write here only angry sex or if I make it hate sex... I'll decide in the next days
22.05 - BBC Sherlock - Sherlock Holmes - I need you to do this
(Sherlock got a new toy, urethral play)
Sherlock and his experiments... no one knows, how he came to this idea, but he wants you to test this new toy on him and gets surprised on how skilled you are
23.05 - Boondock Saints - MacManus twins - Why decide when you can have both?
(threesome, begging )
Just.... some pervert, drunk, irish twin stuff
24.05 - Marvel - Steve Rogers - stress helper
( friends with benefits, gentle Steve, rough Steve )
Steve had a stressfull day and you know well how help him.
Tumblr media
25.05 - TWD - Daryl Dixon - Pegging
Yes, I decided for Daryl... How to do this in a apocalypse? Easy... just stop at a sex shop when you're on a run with Michonne...
26.05 - BBC Sherlock - John Watson - There is nothing disgusting about this
(period sex, fingering)
As one in the comments said: John is a doctor, he doesn't have a problem with a bit blood. Even when you're a bit relucant at the beginning, he shows you, that your orgasms are much more intensive in this time
27.05 - Boondock Saints - MacManus twins - Forbidden love
(brotherly rivalry) NO ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!
It's just the reader is in a relationsship with one of them, but stupidly the other brother fell in love with you too...
28.05 - Marvel - Bucky Barnes - Never heard your name before
( anonymous sex / one night stand / quicky )
You're drunk, you're frustrated, you met this mysterious guy and you want him.
Tumblr media
29.05 - TWD - Negan - Who do you think you are?
( spanking, angry sex, rough sex )
I'm not really into Negan... can't believe I'm doing this... but the prompts I have scream after him
30.05 - BBC Sherlock - Sherlock Holmes - You need more of this
yes I know... the rope and this... I have a problem... maybe I really should try to go to church
31.05 - Marvel - Bucky Barnes - Never heard your name before
( public sex, blowjob)
Bucky comes back from a mission and you show him how much you missed him
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noshame-bb · 17 days ago
Hey! I really like your Steve and bucky pieces! Could I request a Stucky x reader where they are both having an off day cause Steve can't take the burden of captain America and bucky is upset cause of his past. So reader takes it upon herself to talk them through their worries and it's basically a comfort fic with lots of soft!Stucky x reader and fluff, endless fluff
Thanks for considering this 😊💗
hey sweetheart! first off, thank you so much 🥺. hearing people say they love my work melts me heart. second, I’m so in love with this, I will make sure to tag you when it comes out! thank you for your request ☺️
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marvel-sluts · 19 days ago
Hiya! I love your work by thw way. I was wondering if you could write a story based on peggy carter or the series agent carter? That would be great if you could
coming to terms
Tumblr media
pairing: Peggy Carter x reader (platonic)
warnings: mentions of death, mentions of war.
summary: after Peggy lost Steve you were there for her when no one else was.
a/n: this is set between Agent Carter and Captain America: The First Avenger. thanks for the request! enjoy <3
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
you hurried down the street, skirt blowing behind you slightly in the wind. you had just received a message that one of your best friends Peggy was back from the war. you and Peggy had kept close contact while she was away, you knew as much as she was allowed to tell you. including her little crush on Captain America.
within a few minutes you had arrived on her door, you knocked quickly, tapping your foot impatiently as you waited for her to answer the door. you hadn’t seen her in 2 years and you were looking forward to spending time with her again.
the door opened slowly, revealing the tear streaked face of your best friend. “hey y/n, come in.”
“Peggy, are you okay? what happened?” you asked, moving past her into the apartment. the apartment itself was a mess, bags filled with her belongings lay in a corner, it was cold, like the heating hadn’t been on and there were clothes strewn all around the room.
she shut the door with a sigh before turning to face you “well you know how I told you about Steve and me?” she started, tears pouring down her face.
“yes? what about it?” you asked, worried.
“it hasn’t reached the news yet so you can’t say anything, but Steve sacrificed his life to end the war and save all of our lives. he died to save us.” she said, breathing quickening as she collapsed into tears.
“oh darling.” you whispered, stepping forward and gathering her in your arms, as if you were trying to put the broken pieces back together. “you know that I’ll always be here for you right?”
“I know, thank you. can you stay for a bit?” she asked, pulling away and sniffing slightly.
“of course, whatever you need.” you replied. “let’s put some music on, how does ice cream and dinner sound? I can cook.”
"okay, that sounds great." she said quietly, smiling slightly at you. it would take a while for her to come to terms with Steve's death, but you knew she would go on to do great things. you had a feeling.
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