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#steve fluff
wheeier · 2 hours ago
trust me
summary: steve coming out to you as bisexual :)
warnings: fluff !! nervous steve, maybe emotional reader bc that would be me
i got teary-eyes writing this but yeah anyways
bisexual!steve harrington x fem!reader
steve had been thinking about it for three months now. at first he didn't believe it – thinking it's not real and he's just insane, because all he know is boys like girls, and girls like boys. poor boy doesn't even know that the word bisexual actually exists. but after robin came out to him as lesbian almost a year ago, maybe the feeling he has was right this entire time. he isn't crazy as he think he is.
steve decided to talk to robin about the situation, since she knows better about this than anyone else.
"i just don't know why you won't tell her," robin says as she puts phoebe cates' standee in place, scrunching her face at her friend, who was visibly stressed out about the current situation. "(y/n) obviously loves you and will accept you no matter what. hell, she's like, head over heels for you. anyone can tell if they see you two together." she finishes as she walks near the boy.
steve lets out a huff, "i know she loves me, i do too. but i'm still scared." he says quietly, thinking anyone would hear, although they were about to close the store and no one was around except them two.
"that's fine. you know, i was so afraid to tell you about me, too. but you've gained my trust, dingus. and you're stuck with me for life." robin pats his shoulder as a way of her saying that his feeling is totally valid and also a way of her saying thank you.
trust. it's a big word for steve. he had trusted so many people in his life, but most of them betrayed and hurt him. he already lost the person he once truly loved and trust, nancy wheeler. it hurt him so much, like someone took his glass heart and dropped it, stomped on it, destroyed it in a thousand pieces.
he doesn't know if he can handle it if he loses you too.
"i'm just- what if she gets upset? what if she runs away?" steve turned his head to robin with a terrified face. "then it's her loss. you're an amazing person, steve. although you're a dumbass most of the time." steve lightly punched her shoulder, making her laugh.
"in all seriousness, just tell (y/n) what you feel when you're ready. i'm sure she won't do anything that would hurt you. i'm telling you she loves you more than anything you could ever think of."
a week after that conversation with robin, he was finally sure about what he is and what he likes.
the phone ringing from the living room caught your attention right after you put the pancakes on the plate. "it's just 7 in the morning, who the hell calls this early?" you muttered to yourself.
he immediately felt bad when he heard your frustrated 'hello' on the other line. "babe, hey. good morning, i'm sorry if i interrupted you or anything." you smiled upon hearing his voice. "hey, it's fine, don't worry about it. what made you call this early?" you asked as you sat on the floor. "i..i need to tell you something, but not here on the phone. i wanna tell it in person." you could tell that his voice was mixed with seriousness and anxiousness, which made you assume the worst.
"oh, okay. um.. are you gonna come here? i just made pancakes, i know you love those." you suggested, glancing back at the table as the smell of the pancake filled the house.
steve agreed and told you he would be there in a few minutes so you prepared breakfast for him and prepared some orange juice.
as expected, steve came ringing the doorbell and you fixed your hair a bit before opening the door. you half-expected him to look smiley and happy, but it was different. you stepped aside to let him in and shut the door.
"what is it that you wanted to tell me?" you said calmly, almost comforting that made steve melt. you brushed a strand of his hair away from his face and rest your hand on his cheek. "can we..sit?" he mutters quietly and you nodded.
you intertwined your fingers with his and dragged him to the kitchen where his favorite breakfast lays. he sat beside you, not saying any words. his heart was beating so fast and he's sure that you can practically hear it.
"everything okay?" you asked after putting the pancakes on your plate. you were starting to get nervous, thinking it's really that serious. "how..where do i even begin with this.. uh.." steve started mumbling to himself, you placed your hand on his forearm, letting him know that he can trust you.
steve let out a breath that he didn't know he was holding. "you know you can tell me anything, right? whatever that is, you can trust me." he stared into your eyes, searching for any hint of lie – but there weren't any.
he slightly nodded before looking around but you. "i like you, i mean, of course i do, you're my girlfriend. jesus, uh.. you know i love you, right?"
"yeah," your voice was quiet, unable to speak clearly because of the loud beating of your heart, but at least he admitted that he actually loves you. "yeah. of course."
steve took a deep breath, having the courage to look at your eyes. "before i say it, if you get mad i totally get it, but i hope you won't be. i just, don't wanna lose y-"
"just get to the point, please. i promise i won't be mad." you gave him a reassuring smile, and he returened you one.
there was a few seconds of silence before he speaks again. "..i like girls. and.." he started, and you made a confused face. "and..i'm pretty sure i'm attracted to..guys, too." his voice trails off but you were able to catch it. he started to panic when you didn't say anything.
he looks down on his palm, picking his nails like he used to when he's anxious. "robin said it's called bisexual, at first i didn't know what it means but now i'm sure that i am that. and i've been thinking about that in the last three months but i didn't know how to tell you, because.. i was scared that you will leave me," his voice almost broke and when he had the courage, he looked back into your eyes. "but just know that i love you so much and if you don't love me anym–" he was interrupted with your hug, slowly letting out a sob which made him worry.
"(y/n)?" he was relieved when you looked up with a smile, sniffing as you let go of him. "sorry, this should be your moment, i just got carried away." you slightly laughed as you wiped your tears. he didn't say anything, he just looked at you, waiting for an answer.
"steve harrington, what made you think that i would ever leave you?" you held his hands with yours, drawing circles using your thumb to help him relax.
"you're not-"
"mad? no, of course not." you shook your head in disagreement. "why would i be mad at you? in fact, i am so so proud of you," you rest your hands on either side of his cheeks, his eyes still wide. "i know it's hard for you to do this but you did it, you're brave, and.. that's one of the things why i love you too." the tears went back to your eyes, "and i am glad that you did this, it means so much to me because i know that you trust me."
you sniffed, then let out a shaky breath. "i have no reason to be mad at you, steve. there's literally no reason. nothing will change. i'm still (y/n), your girlfriend and you're still steve, the love of my life and the one i would marry someday." steve smiled at your words and was about to make a joke about it, but stopped himself because he doesn't wanna ruin the moment.
"you became true to yourself and accepted it. there's nothing wrong with that." at this point you didn't care about the tears in your eyes, because he was crying too.
when he didn't say anything you just wiped his warm tears and pulled him for a hug, which he returned this time. "i love you so much, steve. more than anything you could ever think of."
his mind recalls the time when he talked to robin — when she said the same exact thing, and she was right.
"me too. i love you."
you were the first one to pull away from the hug that seemed like hours. "hey, stop crying now because i'll cry even more. i'm an emotional mess, remember?" you both laughed at your comment as he wiped your tear-stained cheek. you were glad to hear his laugh again, that laugh that you always admired. "okay." he chuckles as he nods, wiping his own tears too.
he turned to the table, ready to eat the now-cold pancakes you made. you remembered he even said that it doesn't taste the same if it wasn't you who cooked it.
once you both finished eating breakfast and cleaned the table, you headed back to the living room, prepared the movie ferris bueller's day off and he sits beside you, lower than usual so that your chin reaches the top of his head. you notice him look up at you, so you tilted your head down to see. "what?" you grin.
steve quirked an eyebrow, remembering your words from earlier. "so you're gonna marry me someday, huh?" he teased, but he knows you were serious. "no, actually. that was just for show." you rolled your eyes jokingly while a smile was visibly showing on your lips. "of course, dummy. there's no other person in the world that i would want to marry but you." when he smiled, you planted a kiss on his forehead before continuing to watch the movie.
you wrap your arm around his shoulder as you brush his hair with your other hand and not even an hour yet, he was already sound asleep in your arms.
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winteralpine · 2 hours ago
Requests are open
Hey guys I would love to get your requests so please send them in!!!!
All MCU Characters
Chris Evans Characters
Sebastian Stan Characters
Tom Hiddleston Characters
Please keep in mind that even though tough I opened my requests it may take a while as I am in exam phase but I want to write during studying phases ❣️
Tumblr media
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mostly-marvel-musings · 2 hours ago
The Intern - Chapter Two
A/N: I’m so inconsistent, but there isn’t a cure. Anyway, feedback is love as always. Happy reading!
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Thor x Reader
Warnings: general fluff.
Word count: 1400ish
Series Masterlist
Series Taglist: @daniw7 @babypink224221 @darklydeliciousdesires
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Tags open! If you wish to be tagged in future chapters or any of the Taglists, send me an ask or DM.
As the clock ticked closer and closer to the time of the interview, you found most of the women working in your office coming out from the rest rooms after reapplying their lipsticks and sprucing up their hair.
Shaking your head, you went through some of the emails that required immediate responses. Not long after, Wanda knocked on your door informing you that the probable new intern was here before you asked her to let him through.
Thor walked through the door and you immediately understood what the fuss was all about. He looked like a man straight out of a fairy tale, rugged looks, heavy built, and the bluest eyes you had ever seen. He wore a dark blue suit and a kind smile as he approached your desk.
“Thor Odinson. Very nice to meet you ma’am.”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), please have a seat.”
You shook hands returning his smile before sitting down, staring pointedly at Wanda who lingered longer than necessary before rushing out of your office. The man’s towering presence made your office look smaller even when he was sitting.
“So, what makes you the right person for this internship program, Mr Odinson?” you began, leaning forward and placing your elbows on the desk, waiting for him to answer.
“Well, I was looking for a new start, had to leave my old life behind for personal reasons. Begin afresh even if it meant starting from the bottom. I came across your brand when I got here, read your story and it is really inspiring. I found myself wanting to be a part of your company. It sounds dramatic I know, but it’s the truth.”
His answer brought a genuine smile to your face.
“It’s not dramatic, it's just very honest. Something I haven’t heard from an employee in a long time.”
You went on asking a few technical questions and qualifications before rising from your seat to shake his hand one last time, accidentally knocking over a photo frame which fell flat on the table with a clang. Thor’s quick reflexes caught it before you did and he kept it where it was before accepting your handshake.
“Thanks. That’s my daughter Emily.” You somehow felt it necessary to reveal this information as you shook hands because in your head, he had already got the job.
“Oh, she’s beautiful, looks a lot like you.”
Thor’s compliment turned your cheeks warm, you thanked him again for coming in, letting him know that someone would get in touch soon and led him towards the door as you said goodbye.
As expected, the week that Thor joined, there was a significant increase in your female colleagues turning up sharply dressed than they did before. His desk was like a chick magnet where you found pretty much everyone but especially Wanda with her lingering stares and flirty touches.
Not that it mattered to you but, Thor never indulged any of the approaches, he mostly kept to himself but was polite nonetheless.
A particularly hectic Friday evening, you were preoccupied dealing with a shipment related issue when there was a knock on your cubicle door. Rubbing your temples you mumbled a ‘come in’ without bothering to open your eyes.
“Burning the midnight oil, Boss?”
Thor’s voice startled you, you weren’t expecting him to stay back this late, it was way past office hours.
“Almost done. You didn’t leave?”
“I actually had to dismiss Paul after I caught him drinking in your car earlier today. I took the keys from him, hope you don’t mind a different chauffeur tonight.”
You were glad Thor looked out for you, there had been a few occasions when you had noticed Paul’s flask in his coat pocket but never acted on it. Lucky for you, there hadn’t been any accidents yet.
“Oh I guess he had to go some time. Thank you Thor, I appreciate it.”
Noticing how drained you looked, he grew concerned.
“Do you need anything (Y/N)? Have you eaten today?”
You shook your head in a no, confirming his worry.
“Truth be told I’m famished.”
“Alright I’m gonna order some food for you right away. Pizza?”
“That sounds perfect.”
You felt guilty for not calling Steve back home. He and Emily had gotten used to you missing dinners and didn’t wait up, but that never stopped you from feeling bad.
Typing a quick text to your husband, you got back to work while Thor ordered food.
Twenty five minutes later, you shut your computer with a huff and stretched out your neck, just in time for Thor who walked in with a pizza box that smelled tempting enough to make your tummy growl in hunger.
He was going to leave you alone when you asked him to join, telling him you wouldn’t be able to finish it by yourself anyway.
“So, where did you live before moving to New York?”
You questioned, biting into a slice of your pepperoni as Thor sat on the opposite side of the table.
“Wow, that must’ve been a massive change for you then.”
“It was, but I found this city welcoming. Lovely people, great food, extremely kind bosses, I already feel at home.” Thor nodded, gesturing towards you with a chuckle as you brushed it off with a wave of your hand.
Conversation flowed easily between the two of you as you ate dinner. You occasionally brought up funny stories of Emily and he listened to them eagerly, laughing alongside as you narrated.
“Oh look at the time! We must leave, I’m sorry to keep you here with me.”
The clock indicated half past ten which meant it was way past Emily’s sleeping time, you thought with a sad sigh.
“Something wrong?”
“No it's just. I miss kissing my daughter good night. I find her fast asleep all tucked in bed by the time I’m home you know? I miss being the one who’s putting her to bed sometimes.”
You admitted, gathering your things and putting them in your purse before turning the light out and walking out of your office, following Thor towards the car.
“I’m sure she knows you’re working hard and she has her father too. Plus you have the whole weekend to make up for lost time.”
Thor added cheerily, opening the passenger door for you like a true gentleman before getting in the driver’s seat.
Once your apartment came into view, you smiled to see the kitchen light switched on, Steve was probably waiting for you.
“Thank you once again for the pizza, Thor. Have a good evening. I’ll see you Monday.”
You placed a hand on his shoulder, unmistakably feeling the muscles underneath the shirt. He must work out a lot, you wondered before removing your seatbelt and getting out.
“Take it easy (Y/N). Good night.”
You watched him drive off before he turned the corner and disappeared, you had offered him to take the car home after he willingly agreed to chauffer for you everyday.
To your surprise, Steve wasn’t home. Instead, you were met with his mother who had offered to babysit Emily while he went out for something urgent with a friend, as Sarah informed.
Thor turned the corner of your street, something to his right caught his attention and he found your husband Steve, deep in conversation with a woman with dark wavy hair and a red dress.
He thought nothing of it though unconsciously slowed the car down, just in time to witness Steve cupped the woman’s cheek and leaned down to press a kiss to her lips.
Tumblr media
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starduststevie · 3 hours ago
curiosity broke the heart // steve rogers x reader
Warnings: smut, mind-reading, mean steve, endgame abiding, angst
Words: 6.3k
Summary: you were only there for a story, but you got much more. you got an least for a moment in time.
another repost from my old tumblr but with a new title
Tumblr media
| somewhere | 2021 |
Oh to see without my eyes
This new world was strange. You weren’t able to move. Not really. It’s like you’re trapped in a bubble-you’re allowed to move but not enough. Every movement you made was restricted. But what was worse was that you were not able to remember much. You were back there for a second, existing as normal, and then a few more passed and you were taken to wherever you are now. People around you were falling apart and you panicked. And then it happened to you.
Everything began to feel light. If it had happened any other time, you probably would have made the joke of losing a couple of pounds. There was no pain. Just weightlessness until the wind came and carried you away. When you began to fade, you slowly lost all of your senses. Feeling was the first to go. And then taste. Hearing was the last.
You heard the panicked screams and cries of anguish before you fully perished. It happened rather quickly. One minute you were surrounded by people. And now you’re in this...prison. Body, mind, and soul. Trapped in a purple bubble. There are many people here. Some are still crying to be let out. Others have accepted their fate. But you weren’t able to speak to them or feel them. You were only able to hear their cries and pain. It was a fate worse than torture. This purgatory was worse than anything a person could have created.
You were in the middle. You had just one sliver of hope left: Steve. You wanted to see him again; wanted to feel him again. To get back to the normality of life before...before it all happened. The thought of life before made your eyes well up. It was funny how you could still do that in this place.
Thoughts of Steve and your old life kept you going. You remembered everything about him for a while but then the memories began to fade. Little details left your mind through no fault of your own. And then you forgot his voice. The way he sounded first thing in the mornings or late at night. That broke you. But you still had the memories.
It started when you were sent to Edinburg to follow a lead. Somebody said that they had seen the Avengers there. Or at least some of the Avengers. Even if you did not believe that they would be in the UK, you were still sent to try and find them. To do what? You had no idea. It would be impossible to get a picture let alone an interview. But at least you were put up in a cushy hotel with all expenses paid for.
| edinburg | 2017 |
There were a number of things you were not warned about when you were sent up to Edinburg: it was cold, it was wet, and there were certain areas you should not have been walking through alone at night, let alone exploring alone. Like every place, there are alleys and roads you should avoid. But that night, it was unavoidable. You had a job to do and you were there to do it. Even if every atom in your body protested. You had to do your job, you reminded yourself, chanting it like a twisted mantra.
You clutched your coat tighter around your body as you walked further down the dimly lit alley. Each building you passed was covered in graffiti and every other light was broken. It could have been a scene out of a safety commercial reminding women and children not to walk down alleys alone at night. You should not have been out so late. You should not have cared about your job so much. It was detrimental to your health and to your sanity.
Every once in a while, you heard a noise behind you which made you turn back to inspect it. Most of the sounds were from rodents scurrying around and scavenging for food. Your heart pounded against your chest as you got further and further away from the main road and less and less lights worked. The safety of people and cars faded as you continued to try and find the Avengers in hiding.
Once you had reached the derelict building from the picture your source sent, you shoved open the door. It was a mistake. A stupid fucking action. You were loud and drew attention to yourself almost instantly. If only you just turned back when you felt uneasy. But still, you made your decisions, and you had to face the consequences. As the door creaked open, you were greeted with thick layers of dust. The kind that almost choked you. But that was not the issue. It was the rotting grey figure in front of you that was. It looked like an alien corpse or something just as unpleasant but you were not able to get a good look at it.
Before you were able to react, he reached out and grabbed your throat. Your first thought was how cold his touch was. Instinctively, you wanted to run away from it. ‘Stupid little girl,’ he taunted. HIs sickly breath made your stomach turn and then a bony, shrivelled hand was clamped across your mouth. The thing was too strong for you to fight but still, you tried and struggled to free yourself from his grip. Soft, rubbery flesh fought you but not even your will to live was able to cull the sickening feeling of impending doom.
You were going to die. There was no other way about it. At least that is what you thought until the door burst open. More figures rushed in and you were pulled even tighter to your attacker. ‘Ah, the noble Captain Rogers,’ the voice taunted. You were almost certain that was the only tone it knew. ‘Here to save another little human, are you?’
‘Let this be your only warning. Let her go,’ Steve said in a low voice. You were not entirely sure you recognised the version of Captain America in front of you. He had long, shaggy hair and a beard. He looked nothing like the all-American poster boy that was plastered on the television for years. He was a man. If you were attracted to him before, you had no doubts about the man in front of you. You noted that he did not have his shield with him and the star on his outfit was missing.
The thing’s grip on you only tightened. The Avengers slowly crept up on the creature until you were let go for it to fight them. As you hit the floor slumped, you felt a little tired. Maybe the adrenaline had worn off and you were left to fend for yourself. But a woman approached you and helped you up. It was difficult. You were exhausted. There was a throbbing pain that radiated from your head.
‘Hey, you’re okay. Can you stand?’ you recognised the voice to be that of the Black Widow. Fuck. The source was right, The Avengers were in Edinburg. You shook your head and rested against a wall sitting. She then ran back to the fight with a gun in either hand.
Your eyes closed before the fighting stopped. Maybe you hit your head at some point; you had no idea but you were lulled to sleep with heavy eyelids. All of your body felt heavy and it was hard to fight the urge to just get some rest and let your eyes flutter shut. You fell into the darkness quickly.
‘She’s awake!’ you heard a woman scream as you shifted in the bed a little. Your eyes still fought against the sunlight that crept in. They were nothing like beautiful golden beams but were akin to blinding hospital lighting. ‘Steve! Get in here.’ You kept your eyes shut but heard footsteps approaching. Slowly, you started to remember what happened the night before. hope it was the night before.
‘We know you’re awake. You can stop pretending now,’ a male voice boomed. You weren’t sure if he was shouting or if it was just from the throbbing in your head. ‘You can open your eyes. Come on.’ He encouraged in a patronising way. He was taunting you and you knew it but there was a pull to his tone. Like you could not disobey him.
It took a while before you were able to open your eyes. And then it took a little longer before your vision had focused enough to see that Captain America was standing over your bed. Glaring. ‘There you go. It wasn’t that hard now, was it?’
You felt the air shift. It was like you were being interrogated or something. Judging from the way he was looking at you, it was an interrogation. One without a lawyer or a way to call for help. ‘Why were you at the abandoned warehouse last night? Natasha said you didn’t sound Scottish.’
Unsure of what to say, you just gawked at him a few times; your mouth opened and closed like a fish. Before you were able to formulate a lie or speak, Steve spoke up once more. ‘Don’t even think about lying otherwise we’d get her,’ he gestured towards Wanda, ‘to look through your mind. Dig through all of your dirty little secrets. Got it?’
You nodded quickly and tried to explain but your throat was dry. Gesturing for a glass of water, Steve sent someone out to get it for you. They opened the bottle but did not hand it to you. Instead, you were given a drink like a child. Sipping on the water, you felt a little better. You clutched your hands together underneath the blanket and hoped that he did not realise just how scared you were.
‘I-I…’ you didn’t know what to say or why you were being asked those questions. When you were not able to formulate a sentence, Steve glared at you once more. His gaze, somehow, getting even darker. The Captain seemed impatient. It was as if he did not have the time for your stupidity but you didn’t really know what to say. Or if they would believe you if you had said it.
‘I don’t have all day. You got your water. Now speak,’ his authoritative tone made you weak. It was just like when he told you to open your eyes. You were compelled to. Maybe it was purely down to the fact that you were attracted to him. Any sane person would have been. He was incredibly attractive. Even more so when he was in a tight-fitting t-shirt so that you were able to see his bulging arms. ‘Let’s start with something easy, then. Why are you here?’
‘I’m a journalist…’ you let your sentence trail off. There wasn’t much more to say, really. That was the truth. You had no reason to lie. You were shitting yourself at the situation you have gotten yourself into.
‘Right. But why are you in Edinburg?’ it was evident that Steve had grown impatient and intolerant of your lack of answers. He did not seem like a man that had to struggle to get what he wanted and so your existence was annoying him. ‘Answer me.’
‘I had a source that said that they saw you here,’ you looked down at your hands not wanting to look at the man in front of you. ‘My boss sent me up here to try and get an interview. Or a picture as the bare minimum.’
The Captain let out a little huff in response. It was not good enough for him. ‘And what were you doing at the warehouse?’
‘That was where I was told you were spotted.’
‘You’re not going to tell them where we are,’ he ordered. ‘You aren’t going to tell your boss or get a picture, and you can be fucking certain that you’re not going to get an interview.’ His tone was stern and you felt like you were back in school getting scolded.
‘Yeah? But what’s wrong with you?’ you screamed at him frustrated with his attitude. ‘I did nothing wrong yet you kept me here and scolded me for ages. You could have just asked nicely and I would have answered you the first time.’ The anger you felt was unparalleled.
‘How dare you? If it were not for us, you would have been dead by now,’ he screamed back at you. The vein in his neck popped out. As angry as you were, you were not able to deny how attractive he was shouting at you or how right he was about you being alive. You wanted to do nothing more than to grab his face and kiss him. To initiate some kind of hate fuck.
‘Right. So I should be thanking you for luring these kinds of creatures to Earth?’ you bit back. ‘Was I meant to be grateful that you brought literal aliens onto my home planet?’ He looked at you a little shocked. As if he was surprised that you had the gall to speak to him in such a manner. Maybe nobody had ever told the dear fucking Captain that his actions had consequences and taking a fucking experimental medication made with alien fucking materials was a fucking bad idea.
‘I feel as if you forget that,’ he got closer to your face, his beard brushed against your cheek as he leaned into your ear, ‘I could kill you right now.’
It was your turn to gawk. He just threatened to kill you. Captain America just threatened to kill you. ‘I-I’m sorry?’ you managed to squeak out. ‘What did you just say?’
‘I said that I could kill you right now,’ he repeated with utter confidence. ‘But I don’t want to. Tell me about yourself.’ He ended his sentence with a little smile and you had no idea how you were meant to react. You felt a little sick to your stomach and uncomfortable at the concept.
With your eyebrows raised, you questioned him. ‘Excuse me? You just threatened to kill me and now you want me to tell you my life story?’ Steve nodded, amused at the situation. ‘Well, you can fuck right off.’ You said with particular emphasis on the last few words.
‘Well, that’s not very nice of you, was it?’
‘Neither was threatening to kill me,’ you said as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. And, in all fairness, it was. ‘I don’t know what you want from me, in all honesty, Mr Captain America.’ You didn’t want to admit that you were terrified. He was nothing like the man you heard about. The guardian of the earth. None of that. He was a cold son of a bitch.
‘How about a fresh start?’ he suggested.
| edinburg | two weeks later |
You were unsure as to why you were there. After your conversation with Steve, he asked you to meet him. And stupidly, you said yes. And so you were in another dodgy Edinburg alley looking for Steve Rogers. Some would say that you have never learnt your lesson. They would be correct but you lived for the thrill.
The creepy alley led you to a sideroad which you went down against your better judgement. But that was not the surprising part. Steve was there. At the end. With a little picnic. Unsure of what to think, you walked towards him. He sat on a little picnic mat beneath a streetlamp.
‘Steve?’ you called out and the super-soldier made his way towards you. ‘What...what is this?’ To say that you were confused was an understatement. You were completely and utterly bamboozled.
‘Consider it as an apology for my behaviour when you woke up,’ he smiled at you and guided you to the little picnic blanket that was elevated from the street. ‘I’m sorry that we can’t meet anywhere of the perks of being an international fugitive, I guess. However, I got your favourite pasta.’ He opened the basket and handed you a warm takeout box of pasta.
‘H-how did you know that it was my favourite pasta?’ you felt a little uneasy at his knowledge of you.
‘When you were knocked out, Wanda said that your mind was screaming for something and she had to check in case we were in any danger,’ Steve chuckled. ‘Only, you kept thinking about this pasta.’ He started to laugh and you felt mortified. Even when you were knocked out unconscious, you were unable to stop thinking about that damn pasta.
Heat rushed through your body and you had no idea what you were going to say or do. Fuck. You were humiliated. ‘Hey, don’t be like that. It’s kinda cute and it made it so much easier for me to decide on dinner,’ Steve tried to make you feel a little better.
‘Right, how aren’t I meant to be a little embarrassed that I was knocked out cold and the only thing my subconscious cared about was pasta?’ you made light of the situation and opened up your dinner. Your mouth watered at the scent of the rich tomato sauce. ‘It’s so good. Have you tried anything from there before?’
‘No, but I had to after Wanda told me about it,’ he shot you an earnest smile that made your heart flip. Steve opened his own pasta and offered you a fork which you accepted gratefully. You watched as he took a bite of the pasta first wanting to know his thoughts on your favourite place in the city.
‘Good?’ you asked, taking a bite of your own meal. Steve nodded and mumbled out a little ‘good’ of his own. ‘There’s a reason it’s the best Italian place in the city!’ Anybody would think that you were sponsored by the restaurant by how often you sang its praises.
‘Since this place was so good, maybe you’d have to be knocked out again so Wanda can find another hidden gem,’ Steve joked and you threw a scrunched up napkin at him.
‘Believe it or not, I could just tell you.’
‘But how would I know that you’re not just saying someplace you hate to prank me?’ you hadn’t thought about doing that but once Steve put the idea into your head, you were certain to do so. You made a mental note to search up the worst food places in the city for next time. ‘Don’t even think about it.’ Steve warned.
‘What are you on about?’ you said with a feigned innocent voice, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’
‘I can see the little glint in your eyes. Don’t even think about trying to mess with my food.’ Steve pouted. He pouted and you couldn’t help but laugh. There was something so cute about the large, bearded man in front of you pouting over food. You didn’t respond, instead, taking another bite of pasta.
| edinburg | two days later |
The first time that you kissed me
Since your date with Steve, you had been unable to get him off of your mind. It was difficult when he was both your job and a potential love interest. After a phone call with your boss, he told you that you had to stay until you got at least a picture of the Avengers and that he would payroll it all.
That meant that you were able to stay in Edinburg with Steve for as long as you wanted. In theory. But it felt wrong to spend your boss’ dime in such a manner. Paying no mind to the nagging in your head, you made your way to the hotel lobby. You instructed the person at the front desk to let Steve up to your room as soon as he arrived and that he had the spare key.
It was a little dangerous for him to have gone to the hotel but you needed to spend a little time with him away from the alley. The dim, grim streets of Edinburg were just that. And you wanted to spend some time with Steve in the light. Where you were able to just see him. To look at him and see the person he was.
A knock at the door startled you and you rushed to open it. Steve stood on the other side, a baseball cap adorned his head, and he wore a pair of glasses. A poor attempt at a disguise, you assumed. The curtains were drawn so nobody would be able to see him in your room and there was something so right about his presence.
‘Why are you looking at me like that?’ his voice was low as he took a step towards you so that your chests were touching. He felt hotter than you expected. Warmth radiated off of him and it drew you in. You wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch him but you stopped yourself, finding it inappropriate. You had met the guy less than a month ago and whilst there was something there, you did not dare to make any move upon it.
‘Steve,’ you said, voice heavy with apprehension. It was as if he was snapped out of a daze. His head jerked up and he tried to play off that moment. You both knew that there was something there. But neither of you had the ability to speak about it.
Instead, Steve cleared his throat. ‘Maybe we should uh...get going now.’ He looked uncomfortable and you felt worse than he looked. It took you a few seconds to return to reality and you nodded, grabbing your bag and keys before leaving with him.
Under the cover of nightfall, Steve took you to a little secluded area not far from the desolate warehouse you met him in. Sat upon a little hill, you watched the stars twinkle under a purple sky. Clouds covered the moon and there was a slight chill. It was almost as if mother nature herself had orchestrated a way for you and Steve to get close to one another. Taking her gift, you curled into his warmth and sighed as his hands rubbed against your arms, warming them.
‘How did you find this place?’ you asked, feeling a little knot in your throat. Maybe you weren’t meant to speak. ‘It’s so beautiful,’ you murmured, admiring the view.
‘Stumbled across it one night…’ Steve became lost in watching you. His sentence trailed off as his gaze was entirely focused upon your face and figure. A ray of sheer beauty in the middle of his shit show of a life. You outshined the same Edinburg skyline he watched every night. But you would be a sight he could never tire of. ‘I needed to get away from it all and just started walking and walking and then I found myself here.’
‘It’s nice up here.’
‘It’s quiet. I get to spend a bit of time just painting. I get to draw and paint and just escape the world,’ he pulled you closer into his body, enjoying the weight of your body atop of his. There was comfort in your body and he felt selfish for wanting to keep it all. It soothed him. You soothed him just as much as you riled him up.
‘How do you get all your art supplies? I’m sure every person would recognise Mr Captain America,’ you jested, feeling him laugh beneath you. It felt so right.
‘Well,’ he chuckled, ‘Wanda introduced me to this thing called “Amazon.” It’s really impressive.’ He spoke with amusement and it was then you remembered that he was so much older than yourself. And you had the ability to grow old with him by your side but...but he would not age.
‘Ah, yes, I’ve heard of it. A small start-up, right?’ Once more Steve laughed and you got lost in that sound. It was pleasant. Warm. ‘What do you draw?’
‘Mainly the skyline,’ he let out a dry chuckle, ‘there isn’t much to paint when you’re a fugitive, believe it or not.’ Your heart sank. Fuck. You hadn’t thought about the magnitude of pain Steve must have felt. He went from a worldwide hero to a fugitive. Everything he knew was taken from him. Twice. ‘But I want to draw you...if you’d let me.’
‘Paint me like one of your French girls, Captain,’ you managed to say it with a straight face. You were scared that Steve had not seen the Titanic and you were to look like a complete fool.
‘Is that a Titanic reference?’ Steve turned you so that you looked into his eyes.
‘Yeah, well done, old man,’ you smiled, watching him smile too. His eyes crinkled and you just appreciated the way that he looked. ‘I’m actually surprised that you’ve seen the movie!’ you exclaimed.
‘I...actually haven’t. Nat made that joke,’ Steve scratched the back of his neck as you laughed until you got a stitch in your stomach. His heart swelled. There was something so foreign about the way he felt about you. It was the sort of feeling he had not experienced since he met Peggy.
Steve leaned in, his hand cupping your face, and kissed you. His beard tickled your skin gently before he pulled away. His lips were soft upon yours and you decided that you had not had your fix of him yet and so you pulled his neck down so you were able to kiss him again.
‘Fuck,’ you whispered against his lips.
‘Fuck, indeed,’ he replied. You had never felt so close to another person before. It had nothing to do with where you were or what you were doing with Steve. There was something about him that made you need him. He drove you insane and you loved it.
He brought out a side of you that was young and dumb. A side you thought that you had retired long ago. But he brought it out and nurtured it with his own need. He was as desperate for you as you were for him. You wanted to be a part of him until he did not know which parts of him were imparted on by you.
| glasgow | six months later |
‘Is this your idea of a holiday?’ you rolled over to see Steve’s face. His eyes were closed and his arms were tucked beneath his head but you knew that he was listening. He loved just hearing your voice. It didn’t matter what you had said; Steve just loved to hear you. He loved that he was able to exist with you.
Even if it really was just existing. It was more than he had with another person in decades and he needed that. He needed you. ‘Anywhere with you is a vacation.’ He spoke with such earnestness that you had no way to respond. He spoke with such certainty, too, that you were certain that there was nothing else that mattered in the world.
You rolled over and pulled Steve’s face towards yours and kissed him. When you pulled away, your kisses trailed down his neck and bare chest, down his stomach and then you pulled down his boxers. Your mouth watered at the sight of him, semi-hard and ready for your mouth.
‘Don’t be a tease, sweetheart, I know you want a taste,’ Steve chided and you obliged. Stroking him with both hands, he grew hard and you were compelled to lick the pre-cum from the tip. Keeping his tip in your mouth, you moaned, the vibrations went through his body. Steve restrained himself from grabbing your hair and using it as leverage to fuck your face.
Licking from base to tip, you paid particular attention to the vein on the underside of his thick cock. It’s then that you took him as far into your mouth as you were capable of. Your hand played with the rest of his shaft as your head bobbed up and down. It did not take long before Steve had started to thrust his hips, making the tip of his cock hit the back of your throat.
You gagged around him but it only turned Steve on more. He loved that you had that power over him. Yet he somehow still had that power of you. Your mouth and hand worked in sync as you continued to suck him until Steve pulled you off of his dick. ‘I’m not coming in your mouth, sweetheart, I think that pussy needs to be stuffed.’
You moaned at his words; thighs clenched together. ‘Come here,’ he commanded and you straddled his torso. With you on top of him, he sat up and just looked at you. It was something you learnt that he loved to do. Just look at you. Steve pulled his shirt from over your head and kneaded your breasts in his hands. ‘Ride me, love,’
Once more, you obliged with his commands and sunk down onto his cock. Groaning at the feeling of him inside of you, you threw your head back before bracing yourself against his shoulders. ‘Good girl,’ he praised, ‘you look so fucking beautiful taking me so well like that.’
Your walls clenched as he praised you. ‘Come on, good girl, ride me.’ You bounced on his cock as Steve played with your clit. The closer you got, the harder it was for you to hold yourself up. Your eyes were clenched and your thighs trembled as you came. Your walls clenching around Steve’s cock. He groaned as he came inside of you, loving the feeling of your walls milking him.
| edinburg | 2018 |
Boundless by the time I cried
‘I have to go, sweetheart,’ he spoke with such regret, ‘it’s about all of us, the world. I can’t say no.’ You cried as you realised what Steve meant. He was going to leave and he had no idea if he would come back. That was the premise. But he did not say that many words.
‘Why?’ you were selfish but you needed him. ‘Why risk your life over and over again?’ Your heart sank and your stomach rolled. It made you nauseous.
‘Sweetheart, please don’t make leaving you any harder,’ he pleaded, grabbing your face and then pulling you into a thigh hug. He wanted to be a part of you. He needed to be a part of you before he left. In any way possible. He loved you. But he loved the world more,
‘Then take me with you it-’
‘It’s too dangerous,’ he tried to reason with you but you were too far gone. The tears made your vision blurry and you did not want to hear anything else Steve had to say if it was not him agreeing to take you with him.
‘Steve…’ you pleaded. You did not want to be away from him. If the world needed him, you needed him far more, and so you needed to be with him. There was no way that you were happy with the idea that he would be on the other side of the planet trying to save the world whilst you were stuck in Edinburg.
‘Sweetheart, don’t make this so difficult. I don’t want you to get hurt.’
‘Being without you hurts far more than the idea of being in danger. Take me with you.’ You pulled away and grabbed his face so that you were able to look him in the eyes. His soft blue eyes were hurt. You saw the pain in them and you wanted to take it all away. But you couldn’t.
‘Fuck,’ he pulled his hair. Once more, you pleaded with him and then he crashed his lips against yours. There was no way that you would have been able to live without him by your side. ‘Pack your stuff.’
‘Does that mean I can come with you?’ your voice was filled with hope.
| wakanda | four days later |
You were sat in the garden with the children as the fate of the world happened around you. You had no idea how Steve was. If he was alive or if he was dead. But you had faith. You had faith that good would beat evil. And you told the children that too. You all had faith in the heroes. The world’s heroes.
At some point, the noise died down and then you felt a little funny but paid no notice. It wasn’t until the children began to scream that you realised that something was up. When you looked up, you saw what seemed to be some of the children floating away.
You were petrified and screamed for Steve but then you faded too. You fell away piece by piece and then it all faded away.
| wakanda | 2023 |
You were back. In the same room where you disappeared from. The children were there too. They rushed to hug you. Their little arms wrapped around your body. But the only thing you could think about was Steve. You missed him dearly. Memories of the last date you had with him played over and over in your mind.
You had watched a film together. The name was lost in the years you were lost but the melody of one of the songs stuck with you in that time. It was one that Steve loved. He hummed it and sang a few of the lyrics after the film had ended. You loved the sound of Steve’s voice. Even though he hated it. But still, he sang it to you before you fell asleep that night.
There was something about the way that he loved you that made you believe in love. The way you felt for him was inexplicable. You had no words to describe it but it made you feel. You were able to feel something and that something was real now that you were back on earth.
It was your mission to get back to Steve. The first place you went was out to the field where Steve went to. But he was not there. You searched and scoured. You called his name over and over again but you were not able to find him. It pained you that there was no reunion yet. You had no idea where he went and that hurt.
You always thought that he would be there when you came back. A part of you felt sick to your stomach. What if he did not know that you were gone? Or if he had moved on? Bile rose in your throat and you just screamed. You screamed in anguish. In fear. Being back was nothing like you had imagined.
| avengers facility | three days later |
The facility was a mess by the time that you got there. You were greeted by Bucky who was warned that you were going to arrive there soon by T’Challa. You had no idea what to expect other than a man with a metal arm. Steve had told you so much about him that you were excited to meet the ‘Jerk’ to Steve’s ‘Punk’.
Only there was a small, resigned smile on his face when you arrived. ‘Bucky?’ you reached a hand out to him but he instead hugged you. ‘It’s nice to meet you.’
‘It’s nice to meet you too, doll,’ he smiled at you and it felt warm. It was different from the warmth you got from Steve but it was more than you had for years. It felt refreshing and good to feel warmth again. But the smile didn’t reach his eyes. And you had no idea as to why.
‘W-where’s Steve?’ you asked with apprehension. Bucky’s face faltered and something felt so wrong. But you had no idea what it was. All you knew was that something had happened but you were not told what it was. ‘What’s going on, Bucky? Please can you tell me where Steve is?’ You began to panic.
Was he dead? No. He couldn’t be. You needed answers. But the world began to spin and bile rose in your throat. You needed answers. Where was Steve? There was something going on and you needed to know. Chanting, you continued to ask Bucky where Steve was with no answer.
‘I think it is best that we speak inside.’
| the woods | that same day |
I built your walls around me
The familiar tune of the song Steve sang rang deep in your head and you finally felt your own pain. You finally understood the pain of the protagonist. ‘How much sorrow can I take?’ you sang to yourself, tears falling down your face and into your mouth.
Staring into the woods, you sat, and watched as the world went on. There was a pain you felt deep in your soul. The sort that you did not know existed. It was buried in your gut. A wrenching kind of pain and got worse the more you let yourself exist.
It cut at you. It hurt you. Steve hurt you.
But when you thought of him, there were happy memories. The good ones. It was like the film, It played over the happiest of moments and you understood. ‘Blackbird on my shoulder,’ you sang once more. Your voice broke and cracked many times but it was nothing like your broken heart.
You thought about it all. Your first kiss. The first date. All of it. ‘And what difference does it make, when this love is over?’ You were sobbing. Mourning. It didn’t matter. None of the good times mattered anymore. They never mattered again other than to haunt you.
The Steve Rogers you knew and loved did not exist anymore. You had lost him to another version of himself. A more selfish version. The one that he had always wanted to be. Before the serum, before the ice, and before you.
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the panel, c.e
a/n: i'm doing some writes to some of the fics i deleted this weekend!
reblogs/likes/feedback is greatly appreciated & highly encouraged! However, do NOT steal/repost ANY of my fics!
Warnings: angst, mentions of anxiety, fluff?
Word Count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
The green room is filled with people. Publicists, managers, coordinators, producers, hair/makeup teams, wardrobe- everyone you could possibly think of is packed into this tiny green room, prepping their actors for the panel. Your publicist and manager’s voices are being drowned out by the chatter of the others. Your attempts of focusing on one voice are failing. Your eyes flicker between people around the room and your fingers are picking at the skin around your nailbeds.
The lights are annoyingly bright, causing a light thumping in the front of your head. The chatter seems to be progressively getting louder the closer call time. The overstimulation bringing you closer to finding an excuse to cancel last minute.
The idea of sitting in front of a panel makes your body numb and your brain foggy. Small junket interviews with two other people are a breeze, but the panels with thirty-plus people in the room make you physically sick- no matter how much ginger ale you drink or how aspirin you take.
Susan, your publicist, is trying to get you to pay attention to the safe topics of discussion and ones to stay away from. No spoilers about the movie and no comments on future expansions of the universe. Everything else was on the table- including the news of your relationship with Chris, which has only been public for a week.
Chris stands listening to his team as well, fixing the buttons on his shirt. He sees your eye staring blankly ahead of you as you’re speaking to your team. The fidgeting of the nails, zoning out ahead of you, visibly uncomfortable, you’re anxious and he knows it. His team finishes up their prep and he makes his to you.
Your team finishes, but you can’t remember anything they have said. Shuffling behind the production crew and fellow cast members, Chris watches you take deep breaths trying to calm the knot that is forming in your stomach. Chris reaches for your hand. You’re shaking like a leaf. You look at him in relief, starting to let your chest rise and fall uncontrollably.
“Hey, it’s okay.” Chris’s voice softens as he realizes how severe the anxiety has gotten.
“Come with me,” His fingers interlock with yours.
He guides you through the mingling cast members, through the bustling hallway, into a smaller unoccupied green room. The sound of silence overwhelms you and you release Chris’s grip. You collapse on the couch, your hands covering your face. Chris sits next to you; he doesn’t touch you- but letting you calm yourself down for a moment. He doesn’t say anything either, knowing that no matter what he said at the moment wouldn’t help you. Just letting you come down and talk when you’re ready. It felt like you could finally breathe. Being able to just be, without someone talking to you every five seconds. When your breathing becomes steady and you take a deep breath before removing your hands from your face, surely messing up your makeup. You didn’t cry, but you were very close.
“I’m sorry-“ You murmur, finally looking at the unbelievably supportive man next to you.
“Don’t apologize. You’re okay,” He leans back, letting your body follow his.
The both of you slump against the couch, he wraps his arm around your shoulder, bringing you to close. You relax your body, taking Chris’s fingers, fiddling with them.
“Is there anything, specifically, you are nervous for?” Chris softly asks.
“I don’t know.” You mumble staring at his fingers.
Chris knew sometimes finding the root of the anxiety helps relieve some of it, but he also knew that sometimes you didn’t even know yourself what the root was. He places a peck on top of your head, rubbing small circles on your bare arm. The inner com sounded, “Places for entrance, Places for entrance.” You huff, not wanting to face the crowd. You believe if you and Chris stay where you are, they wouldn’t come to find you- but you were mistaken as you heard a knocking on the door.
“Mr. Evans and Ms. Y/L/N, we need you on the stage left please.”
Chris pats your arm, before removing himself from the couch. He holds out his hand for you to take. You didn’t want to grab his hand- or leave the dull green room, that was only decorated with a couch and a small vanity. To you, it has become shelter and your safe space. The safe space Chris is trying to pull you from. In losing the mental battle of staying, you stand to your feet, smoothing out your outfit. Chris’s arms around your top half and yours around his torso. The two of you hold each other for a moment.
“You’ll be sitting next to me. I’ll be with you the whole time. I promise you’ll be alright.” He whispers in your ear, his calming words giving you a small boost of confidence.
You hesitantly nod in agreement. The nerves start to swirl and twist, knotting in your stomach once again. The fog and thumping return the closer to walk to the side of the stage. Chris is still holding your hand, not daring to let go.
The reporters and cameramen are sitting in the crowd, waiting patiently for the cast to appear on stage. The stagehands have our line up in order of entrance. Chris will be the last of the original six to be announced so that you can be called after.
The setting is at a long table, relieving some anxiety. It will make it easier for you to hold Chris’s hand or fidget without the burning eyes on you. PDA is something Chris and you have discussed to be kept to a minimum. Strictly hand-holding, innocent touches, and small pecks.
Chris’s name is called igniting loud cheers and clapping. You step on the tape that lined the floor, waiting for your cue. You see the lights flashing and the original cast still standing, waiting for the rest of us to walk.
Your name is announced, and you muster the best fake smile you could get and walk onto the stage. You stand next to Chris as he kisses your cheek. This earns a awe from the crowd, it being your first public display of affection with each other.
As you all take your seats, the mc opens the panel up for questions. Your eyes flickering around the reporters and photographers. Your legs are crossed, but your top leg gently bounces.
The questions begin at the end of the table and bounce around to the other castmates. Laughter and cheering every so often as jokes are being cast and the other throw banter around. You sit quietly observing the session when an interviewer directs a question at you. Your heart falling to your stomach and your fingers find each other to start picking.
“My question was for Y/N. What has it been like working alongside your significant other? Has there been any challenges?” You swallow hard, the first question.
Chris notices your tick and slips his hand underneath the table, interlacing your hand with his. He wishes he was getting the relationship-related questions.
He knows how private you are and how much anxiety the potential of these questions was causing you. Not that you didn’t want to gush over him, but you liked the idea of keeping things between the two of you. His thumb runs over the top of your hand, while he is facing you as you answer the question. Quickly turning on your happy bubbly self,
“It’s defiantly the greatest privilege to work alongside him. He’s an amazing actor and extremely professional. So, when we work together, we try to keep it that way. I have complaints here.” You answer looking at Chris smiling. He smiles back at you, squeezing your hand.
“You did good,” He whispers away from the mic, you smile again not releasing the grip.
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gucci-hazza · 4 hours ago
Wanda : How did you know Steve was the one ?
Y/N : He looked at me the way every woman wants to be looked at.
Y/N : With fear.
Wanda :
Tumblr media
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People I write for <3
Tumblr media
⋆ Ransom Drysdale
⋆ Jefferson
⋆ Tom Holland
⋆ Chris Evans
⋆ Sebastian Stan
⋆ Sam Wilson
⋆ Bucky Barnes
⋆ Steve Rogers
⋆ Peter Parker
⋆ Oliver Wood
⋆ Fred Weasley
⋆ George Weasley
⋆ Remus Lupin
⋆ Sirius Black
⋆ James Potter
Tumblr media
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marvelmusing · 4 hours ago
Upcoming Fics
Here’s a list of ideas for series or drabbles that I’m either writing or planning to write (this is partly for me to organise myself - but also for people to follow if they’re interested)
Cover Stars and Stripes (the masterlist is here)
HYDRA Hunter (a couple more parts, you can find the first one here)
Living with Bucky headcanon (just domestic fluff)
Single dad!Bucky x reader AU (they work together and one day he asks the reader to pick his little girl up from school)
Time Travel fic (after the events of endgame the reader wakes up back in either 2012 or like just before Iron Man 2?? I haven’t decided yet - it’s essentially a fix it fic but I haven’t decided how long it’ll be)
Mafia boss reader x tfatws Bucky (they have a history together and meet up in Madripoor)
House renovators Stucky x Reader AU (based off of every home improvement show - just cute funny fluff)
Mafia boss reader x detective Natasha (Natasha’s undercover trying to get the reader arrested - the reader doesn’t know that Natasha is a detective - little angst, soft ending though I think?)
Zemo x fem!reader oneshot (you’re undercover together and you have to play the part of husband and wife - just cute fluff)
Meeting Steve Rogers oneshot (might be ace!steve idk yet - the rough idea I have is cute but it might just be short)
Wanda x witch!reader (might be a short drabble with a sort of happy ending idk yet)
I’ll update this list when I get more ideas or when I post something that’s on this list.
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darthbloodorange · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tony loves it when Steve allows himself to be soft around him.
For the Tony Stark Bingo Mark IV prompt "CANON: Ults" (Adopted)
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eternallytoph · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: A regular day at the compound turns out really great.
Warnings: Fluff, A little tension, Steve in his white shirt
Pairing: Steve Rogers x F!Reader
Word Count: 3k
Tumblr media
“Steve! Stop it! You’re stronger than I am!” you giggle uncontrollably while Steve has you pinned down on the mat as a result of your last sparring session. “Oh really? You sure do like to talk a lot about how much you could kick my ass. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is sweetheart?” He chuckles back, poking at your sides and tickling you. Steve loses his stance and you push him off of you, he flops over, laying beside you.
“I feel so out of shape whenever I train with you.” You chuckle breathlessly while pushing yourself off the ground. Steve pushes himself up and laughs. “You’re doing great, you’re putting the work in and that’s the most important part.” He smiles sweetly.
Steve was always a sweetheart. Half of the time it felt like there wasn’t a bad bone in his muscular body. He had the sweetest smiles and those perfect blue eyes to top it all off. He really was like a golden retriever but as a man.
“Mind if we use the mat? I would enjoy kicking Sam’s ass.” Wanda speaks up, her accent spiking through each one of her words. “Let’s not get too cocky now. You’re what? 5’5?” Sam chuckles back as Wanda glares at him.
“We’re done here anyway, go right ahead” Steve smiles before walking side by side with you, out of Sam and Wanda’s way. You both sit on the bench, drinking your water and catching your breath. “Who are you betting on?” you ask with a smirk. “Oh, so it’s a competition?” Steve replies in an intrigued tone. “I put $20 on Wanda.” you smile confidently. “You’re on,” Steve replies before sternly shaking your hand.
You both watch as Sam and Wanda position themselves. Wanda makes the first move but Sam quickly grabs her arm, twisting it behind her back. Wanda chuckles and loosens her posture like she had given up. Steve chuckles beside you and holds his hand out. You smirk and shake your head at him. He gives you a confused look before looking back at the two on the mat. Sam releases Wanda and chuckles. “I tol-“
Before Sam could even try to finish that sentence, Wanda kicks out his legs and pins him down on the mat. “Yes!” you cheer. She looks up at you with a smile. “That actually works? Men are so stupid sometimes.” She chuckles, her accent coating her words.
“Woah Woah, what was that?” Steve asks in pure confusion. “I would also like to know what the hell that was,” Sam replies, lying lifeless on the mat. “It’s just something I taught Wanda a little while ago, nothing crazy. It doesn’t work every time but it’s very effective when it does,” you reply before taking another drink of water.
“What did you call it again?” Wanda smiles. “3 Second Rule.” you smile back. Sam breathlessly chuckles while getting up off the mat. “So what? You just pretend to give up?” Sam asks. “That's what it looked like.” Steve chimes in.
“Want me to show you?” you ask Steve. He pauses in confusion before shrugging his shoulders and walking back up to the mat. You follow behind him, Wanda giving you a smile on the way. “Let’s do this,” Steve smiles.
“Okay, so let’s put ourselves in Wanda and Sam’s position, just for an example” you state. Steve lightly grabs your arm and holds it behind your back, pressing his chest against your back. You can feel his breath on your neck, tickling your skin.
“Like this?” he asks softly. “Yes.. yeah. Just like this” you stutter. “It has to feel real though, grip my wrist a little tighter. You have to act as if we’re really fighting” you instruct. Steve tightens his grip on your wrist and pulls you closer as you tense up and begin to try and free yourself. “Is that as hard as you can go? Come on Steve, imagine I was trying to kill you, or even someone you love. His grip tightens even more and you’re secure in his grasp.
You smirk at Wanda as she watches you and Steve from the bench. “You’re hurting me... I take it back, I can’t” you whine. Steve’s posture drops and he lets go of your wrist. You swiftly turn around, kicking his legs from under him and pressing your forearm against his neck once he hits the ground.
Sam and Wanda die of laughter on the bench as you smirk at Steve. He looks at you in pure confusion. You remove your forearm from his neck and he lets out a deep breath. “It’s proven that men hardly perceive a woman as a threat compared to a man. So when I become all innocent and act like I’ve given up, you gave in and let your guard down”
You help Steve off the mat as he looks at you in awe. “Once you let your guard down, it’s also proven that it would take you an additional seven seconds to again perceive me as a threat just because I’m a woman” you chuckle at his look of confusion.
“I didn’t believe it when she told me, but it really works” Wanda chimes in. Steve just breathlessly laughs and shakes his head. “It hit you like a truck too, didn’t it?” Sam asks with a chuckle. Steve just nods as he grabs his water bottle from Sam. “Women amaze me more and more every day,” Sam admits. You and Wanda chuckle before you decide it’s getting late.
“On that note, I think I’m gonna officially call it a night. I’ll be in my room if you guys need me” you smile before grabbing your stuff and heading out of the gym. The only thing you can think of is how amazing a shower is gonna feel after all of that, your muscles were already beginning to ache from all the work.
You loved living in the compound, it was spacious and everyone had their own little space. Each room was built like it was a personal apartment minus the kitchen. A comfy bed, decent closet, space for personal items, a bathroom with a good amount of counter space (which was always important). You enjoyed having your own space to decorate and call your own, it felt really warm and welcoming.
You quickly place your stuff down on your bed and head into the bathroom, starting the shower before peeling off your sweaty workout clothes. You pushed them in a pile on the floor before jumping in with a sigh. The cold water eased your aching muscles and felt refreshing.
You took some time to wash and condition your hair before scrubbing your body down and rinsing off. Once you turned the water off, you stepped out of the shower and wrapped your towel around yourself. When you exited your bathroom you immediately glanced at the clock on your wall. 11:18 pm
You dried yourself off, hanging the towel up before quickly picking out your clothes. You opted for your most comfortable pair of pyjamas before heading back into the bathroom to brush your hair. You combed through it, applying a few products so it didn’t go crazy when it dried. Before picking up your toothbrush you decided you wanted to eat something before going to bed. Late-night snacks were always better when there was no one around and the entire compound was quiet.
You quietly shut your door behind you before turning and walking down to the kitchen. Everyone was usually in bed around this time so it was the perfect opportunity. You smiled to yourself as you headed to the kitchen. Once you reached the kitchen, you were surprised to see a very tired-looking Steve leaning against the counter. He was holding a Stark Tablet in his hand, reading over what must be a recent mission report. His hair was messy, still a bit damp from the shower he must’ve had beforehand.
He wore a white t-shirt that was obviously too small for him, but then again nobody was complaining about the view. You cleared your throat and he looked up at you, smiling once your eyes met his. “Evening stranger,” he says softly. “Stranger? You don’t remember me kicking your ass not that long ago?” you reply, keeping your voice low in fear of waking anyone up. He just chuckles as he pushes himself up from leaning against the counter, turning off the device in his hand.
“What’re you still doing up?” he questions. “Well I was about to brush my teeth and go to bed, then decided I wanted a snack” you smile softly before walking up and opening the fridge. The fridge light is bright, filling the room completely. You pull out the washed bowl of grapes that you had put in there this morning, surprised that no one had eaten them.
“Your snack of choice is those grapes?” he chuckles slightly in disgust. “Woah there, what do you have against these grapes” you reply, pretending to be hurt at his tone. “I’ve just never really liked those ones. I hated them as a kid” he replies before reopening the fridge and pulling out a water bottle.
“You're telling me that you haven’t tried them since you were a kid? How do you know if your taste buds have changed or not?” you ask in disbelief. “That’s how bad they were! I hate just looking at them now” he chuckles. You quirk your eyebrows before giving him a smirk.
He looks at you in confusion before realizing what you’re thinking. “Nope. Not in a million years. Stay away from me” he protests. “Just one! If you don’t like it then you can hold it against me forever” you chuckle before handing him a single grape. He looks up and down, switching between your puppy dog eyes and the small grape in your hand.
“Fine. Just one” he groans. You drop it in his hand and he looks at it in disgust before putting it in his mouth and hesitantly chewing. His tense expression drops once he gets a taste of the grape. “I knew it” you smile at him. He is unable to hold back his smile before shaking his head in defeat.
You place the bowl of grapes back in the fridge and Steve leaves the kitchen with you. “Can I walk you to your room?” he asks softly. You nod with a smile. The walk is silent for the first few seconds before you decide to break that silence. “How was your day?” you internally cringe at your attempt at small talk but he smiles at the gesture.
“It was good. Early morning run, hung around until lunch, ate lunch, hung around again until you and I went for training” he replies in detail with a smile spread across his face. “And how was your day?” he continues.
“Good. I didn’t work out much, just kind of watched movies, read, worked on some files. The boring stuff” you smile. Steve was such a productive person, he woke up at 5 am every day for his run, he didn’t spend too much time on the couch or in his room. He liked to interact and move around. In that way, you were opposites.
You finally reached your bedroom and Steve shot you a sweet smile before turning around to head back. “Steve?” you ask, your voice projecting a little louder than you thought. He turns around and smiles “Yeah?” he asks, his tone a lot softer than yours. “Are you tired?” you ask.
He tilts his head and smiles at you before replying. “No, not really” he chimed. With that, you open your door wildly, motioning for him to come in. He hesitantly enters your room and you follow in behind him. You settle in while he stands there, looking around and admiring how you had filled and decorated the room.
“Have I never had you in here before?” you question. He shakes his head as he continues to look around. “I've been in here but it’s only been for seconds at a time” he admits. “Well, this is it” you beam while holding your arms out, motioning to all the things around you.
He chuckles as he turns and his eyes settle on you. You pat the spot beside you on the bed and he obeys, settling in the spot beside you. “You wanna watch a movie?” you ask cheerfully. He nods and you pick up the remote in excitement.
Steve hadn’t seen many movies outside the ones from his time. He had seen some of the classics but only because they were strongly recommended to him. “What do you wanna watch?” you ask while clicking through the choices. “Well, what ones are your favourite?” he asks in a genuine tone.
“I really like classic horror if I’m being honest. Have you seen Scream?” you ask with a big smile. “I haven’t seen that one, sounds interesting” he replies with an equally big smile. You search for the movie and hand Steve the remote. He presses play and you quickly run up out of the bed to turn off the lights, bolting back into bed once they’re off. When you jump back into bed you crash into Steve’s side.
His laugh is low and deep. “Why were you in such a hurry?” He laughs. “I didn’t wanna miss anything” you admit before giving your full attention to the movie. “I thought you said you’ve seen it before” he questions. “I have, I just like it a lot” you admit once again. The darkness of the room hides a lot, including the big smile that comes across Steve’s face as he watches you. Your eyes are filled with enjoyment and you look so happy, he liked that look on you.
As you watched the movie, Steve inched closer and closer hoping you wouldn’t notice and question him on it. When a jump scare came up, he would move slightly closer. Another jump scare came and Steve moved closer, you felt his arm brush against yours and you look over at him only to see he was already looking at you in complete worry. Your expression softened and it eased his worries.
You gently lifted his arm, placing it around your shoulder as you cuddled into his side. Steve’s heart began to beat fast and his skin felt hot. In the light, anyone would be able to see his face all beat red, paired with an uncontrollable smile. Your skin against his felt cool, it eased him and made him feel much better the longer you laid there.
Once the movie came to an end he looked down at you only to see you looking back up at him in anticipation. He furrowed his eyebrows and chuckled nervously. “Why’re you looking at me like that?” He asked. “I wanna know if you liked it or not,” you ask genuinely. His heart basically melts then and there as he sees the excitement on your face. “I liked it a lot. It was really good” he admits, enjoying watching the smile grow on your face.
Now that the movie was over, Steve wasn’t sure if he should leave or not. He wasn’t sure if the sudden cuddling meant that you wanted him to stay or if it was just in the moment. He shuffled a little underneath you and you looked back up at him, a tired look plastered on your face.
“Do you want to stay here tonight? Like this?” you ask softly, a yawn creeping up behind your question. “I would like that” he replies, pulling you closer into him. You make yourself comfortable and place your hand on his chest lightly. You feel Steve’s breath hitch and you look up to check if he’s okay.
“Are you okay? Do you want me to give you some space?” you ask worriedly. He shakes his head frantically and quickly. “I’m just a little nervous I guess” he admits, trying to avoid eye contact. You smile and a soft blush warms your face. The Steve Rogers was nervous around you.
You gently push yourself up to his level before placing a delicate kiss on his cheek. He sighs in relief at the contact. He searches your eyes before slightly parting his lips to speak. He leans in a little closer before softly whispering to you. “Is it okay if I kiss you?” he asks, anything quieter and you might not have heard him.
You nod and he closes the gap, interlocking his lips with yours. The kiss is sweet and genuine, his touch is soft and delicate. It was easy to tell that right now, Steve only had the purest intentions. Once you part, Steve lets out another sigh of relief. “Your lips taste so sweet” he whispers, pressing a gentle kiss on your forehead.
You smirk and let out a small chuckle. “Must’ve been those grapes” you admit. He laughs along with you before pulling you back into his side, holding you as close as he possibly can. His body feels so nice against yours, it’s almost like his physique is all an illusion, Steve Rogers may be 200 lbs of basically all muscle but to you, he’s the softest, sweetest and most comfortable person in the entire world.
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Nemesis: Retribution (5)
Summary: 10 years after the Avengers had left you for dead during a mission gone wrong, you unexpectedly re-enter their lives. Wholly unrecognizable from the person they used to know and now with a new team behind you, they ask for your help to stop a chain of syndicates who were manufacturing and peddling the super soldier serum. You were determined to say no until the chance at the vengeance you had been chasing for years was added to the offer.
Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, MCU, The Punisher, Daredevil
Pairings: Female Reader x (Frank Castle, Billy Russo, Matt Murdock, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Pietro Maximoff)
Warnings: EXPLICIT SMUT. SHAMELESS SEXUAL BEHAVIOUR (18+ ONLY. I WILL BLOCK YOU), human rights violations, polyamorous relationships, reverse harem, blatant disregard for canon timelines and events, angst, Punisher canon level of violence and gore, strong language, mentions of trauma, mentions of character death, fluff if you squint,
A/N: Okay okay. I’m finally happy with how this turned out. Goddamn that’s a lot of words. I’ll see you all in the party in the comments and reblogs! I love reading what you think. Don’t be shy. Jump in!
No permission is granted to repost, steal, or translate my work. Not even a credit makes it okay. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
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Tumblr media
1:5 Lemons
2 missions.
A 50/50 chance of getting Salvacion.
Your heart was pounding in your chest and you were on the verge of getting lightheaded from the anticipation. A decade of chasing this bastard and this was the closest you had ever gotten to him. The man was not only deadly in skill, but always seemed to manage to give you the slip every single time. Forcing yourself to face the life you left was worth it if it meant finally avenging Lily.
The briefings the past week had been long, but they were important to make sure everyone was prepared to end this. You were minutes away now from shipping off to the mission and your whole body was buzzing.
This was it.
There were two locations that you had to hit at the same time. Two locations with large shipments that you had to stop from reaching its destination. The teams needed to be split.
"Let's go over this one more time," Steve started, fully suited up in black that was truly a far cry from his old blue and red ensemble. "I'll be leading a team into the shipment yards with Bucky and Nem at the front. Sam will be on air support. Billy will manage a team of snipers in the surrounding area."
This was the smaller of locations, but with the larger shipment. The location itself entailed a more strategic approach. You weren't happy that there was a chance that Salvacion would be at the other location, but having Frank on that team put you somewhat at ease. He understood more than anyone how important this was to you and he promised he would take Salvacion alive. He was yours to kill.
Frank always kept his promises.
"I'll be leading the other team into the industrial district," Frank continued, his signature vest strapped tight across his chest. "Pietro and Matt will cover the perimeter and I'll be charging in with Nat and Wanda."
Their location was more complicated. It was too close to the residential district and the warehouses there ran 24/7. There was a high risk of civilian casualty if they weren't careful which was why almost everyone who was powered was assigned to that group. They needed every capability they could pull to make sure no innocent blood was spilled.
"Good," Steve nodded. "We'll both have a group of agents with us too. They've been briefed and are prepping transport as we speak. We leave in 20 minutes."
Everyone nodded their understanding, grabbing their gear and heading down to the transport docks. There was a fleet of cars standing by that would be used, gassed up and ready to go. Your hands were drumming repeatedly on your vest, itching to just get on the road. Frank and Matt lingered with you before they joined the rest of their group.
The towering marine stepped up close to you and tightened the buckles of your bulletproof vest, wishing you would have accepted the offer of better gear from the Avengers but also knowing it was hypocritical of him when he declined as well.
It just wasn't your style.
It was his own damn fault for training you in his own combat style. He had no doubt of your capability, but still he worried about you. He always worried about you and he felt a sense of responsibility toward you after finding you tortured within an inch of your life.
"Stay close to Steve, sweetheart."
You snorted, but a glance back at Steve who was already looking at you with a raised eyebrow made you grumble and relent. "Fine."
"Good girl," Frank chuckled, before leaning in to press a firm kiss on your lips as he held you by the buckles of your vest. You smiled into the kiss, feeling the steady protection and reassurance that he always brings.
He stepped away for Matt to get his turn. This was a tradition that just developed naturally between the four of you. A kiss before danger. A promise to keep safe. A promise to come home.
Matt took your face in both hands and kissed the breath out of you as if he was trying to outdo Frank. It wasn't uncommon. He was always more aggressive with his affections, always as if he was scared you might suddenly slip away from his life and you were happy to reassure him every time that you weren't going anywhere. He chuckled when you bit his lip, beating him to it. He gave you one more peck before stepping aside.
Billy came closer to your side and slung his arm around your shoulders, chuckling as he nuzzled his nose against the side of your face. It was amusing him to no end at how easily you were folding for Steve. It was a nice change of pace from the three of them never being able to deny you anything.
Most especially Billy.
"We're definitely keeping Steve around. I think I like you compliant," he snickered, turning your head toward him with a finger under your chin. He planted a quick chaste peck on your lips. Your eyebrows quirked at the unusual behavior.
"What you're not gonna try to outdo me too?" Frank teased.
"Nem knows I do my best kissing elsewhere. Don't you, pretty girl?" Billy winked at you and you rolled your eyes. You smacked him in the chest but didn’t comment further. He wasn't wrong, but he was smug enough as it is.
You were about to turn toward the cars when you were knocked back slightly to the side by a sudden peck to your cheek. You couldn't stop the laugh when you caught Pietro's grin before he vanished again, a subtle warmth spreading in your chest. You were still smiling when you took your seat beside Steve who intertwined your hand with his and raised it to his lips, smiling that soft boyish smile against your skin that now made your stomach flip. He didn't let go of your hand throughout the ride, even as he caught Bucky's yearning gaze in the rearview mirror.
You were greeted by an ambush.
Somehow the syndicates knew that you would be coming, setting up a small army as your welcome party. A quick distress call through the comms from Frank confirmed that they were facing the same in their location.
But you couldn't focus on that.
You were too busy tearing through the goons that kept coming at you. Having two super soldiers and Sam in the thick of it with you was a blessing, but even with the other agents and Billy's sniper support you were severely overrun. You would just have to trust that the other team can handle their own.
You emptied the clips of your pistols as you trudged your way deeper into the fray, not bothering to duck or take cover from the onslaught of angry men. You tossed your empty guns to the side and drew out another, catching a few bullets in your vest.
No time to reload.
"I got you, Hedwig. Give 'em hell," Billy said in your ear.
The deadly smirk on your lips was the only warning the men in front of you got. You charged again as the adrenaline coursed through your body, bullets flying precisely into their skulls.
One. Two. Three. Four men down.
When your bullets ran out, you dropped the gun and pulled out two daggers. Your eyes narrowed as you took off into a sprint toward the closest target, weaving effortlessly through the oncoming fire.
A slice to the forearm to disarm.
A dagger up the chin.
He dropped to the ground spluttering on his blood as you took the other dagger and sent it flying toward another's chest.
Rough muscular arms caught you by surprise and gripped you from behind, caging you as you struggled. You saw the gun in his hand and reacted.
Break the wrist to disarm.
You smirked at the loud pop of his bones. You grabbed the gun before it dropped to the ground as you slipped a knife from your vest. The pain in his wrist caused him to loosen his hold on you, allowing you to turn to face him.
Blade to the gut.
Bullet to the face. Point blank.
You didn't even flinch when his blood splattered across your face, joining the explosion of red already painting your figure. You could make out two more in your peripheral who dropped to the ground before they could advance on you, care of your guardian angel with a sniper rifle.
"Thank you, Blackbird," you said sweetly.
"Goddamn, doll," Bucky said, Steve stood beside him mirroring the same look of equal awe and fear.
This was the first time they had seen you in action. Hearsay and that little demo with Kim did nothing to prepare them for the sheer brutality you had when given the clear purpose to kill. You didn't hesitate. You didn't waste time. You didn't care that you were drenched in blood. You had a goal and you were going to meet it every time with ruthless violence.
This was who you were now.
"Are you hurt anywhere?" Steve came up to you looking worried after seeing you charging headlong at open gunfire.
He didn't like it. At least he had a shield. Skilled as you were, he didn't like that you were running every mission like you had a death wish. There was so much blood on you that it was difficult for him to tell if any of it was yours.
"None of the blood is mine," you dismissed, wiping your face with what was the only clean part of your sleeve. "Let's go. I hear more up ahead and Sam said that's where the shipment is."
Rounding the corner, you were faced with another cluster of goons with weapons aimed at your small group. They stood a good distance away in front of two shipping containers that were being readied for transport. Sam landed beside you along with a group of agents. Bucky pushed you behind him and Steve raised his shield to cover you both. Billy chirped in the comms that the snipers had repositioned and were ready. All of that barely registered with you, white noise against the rage that was brewing, because behind enemy lines was the goal you've been chasing for a decade.
"I have to say," he drawled. His voice, the first you're hearing of now, sending a chill down your spine. "I expected more from the Avengers. You didn't even bring Iron Man. I'm disappointed."
"Give up the serum," Steve growled.
"No. I don't think I will," he answered. "Kill them all."
All hell broke loose once more; fists, bullets, knives, and a shield flying in every direction. Bucky and Steve kept close to you, shielding you from most of the shots as you advanced. You gunned down every bastard you saw but your eyes never strayed from Salvacion who was just standing there watching the clash.
Taunting you.
Something nagged at the back of your head as you fought. It was unusual for the syndicates to be deploying this many people to a single location even if it was for the serum. While you were thanking every god you knew for luckily drawing Salvacion on this mission, his presence was also peculiar. Something else was going on.
Something else was here.
The syndicates were pushing back on your team hard, but you were making a dent in their numbers. When you saw Salvacion start walking away, that was when you felt the panic stir in your mind.
"I can't let him get away, Steve!"
You ignored his and Bucky's calls for you as you made a mad dash straight through the fight, efficiently shooting and stabbing anyone who dared get in your path. You were consumed with the purpose of reaching him, of finally being able to end it all.
You left the larger fight behind you in favor of this more personal one, the noise receding as you chased him farther. You caught a glimpse of him making his way up stacked containers and you sped up your run. You didn't even think twice about climbing the height. Nevermind potential broken bones. Nevermind getting cornered. Nevermind that you had no backup.
Salvacion would die today.
When you reached the top, you were surprised to see him standing there waiting for you but also that he wasn't alone. You raised your gun to match the one he was aiming at you, but he merely tutted and smirked. His other hand also had a gun, this one aimed up the chin of the person he was holding captive in front of him.
The amount of irritation this woman was bringing into your life was starting to get on your nerves. She was delegated on your team for this mission and you stifled the aggravated groan as you noticed that she was bleeding heavily from both shoulders causing her to not be able to fight back.
Top agent my ass.
"Hello, Nemesis," Salvacion grinned at you. "Or should I call you Y/N? Much more personal given our history, don't you think?"
Your name on his lips caused a wave of nausea and a sneer to grace your lips. You raised your gun higher, narrowing your eyes as his own pressed harder against Kim's skin. It wasn't an idle threat.
"Nice of you to show up for once. Was beginning to think you were avoiding me."
"Come now. Don't you enjoy our little game of cat and mouse?"
A game.
This was all a game to him and the malevolent smile on his face confirmed that. The fury in you burned, almost making you physically shake. Killing Lily was nothing to him while it had completely consumed your life. It had become your driving force while to him you were merely entertainment.
"You're going to let me go," he declared, fully confident.
"Is that so?"
"Yes," he dragged out. "Or else your teammate here will die."
"What makes you think I give a shit?" you scoffed. "Go ahead."
The way Kim's eyes widened in terror brought a sick sense of pleasure in you that you shouldn't be proud of. Salvacion let out a low laugh, amusement clear in his tone.
"Oh, dear child. No matter how much spite you wrap yourself with, you are the same naive hero wannabe you always were," he snickered. "Self-sacrificing. Even at the expense of your sister."
"You don't talk about Lily, you bastard!" you screamed, your grip shaking slightly on your weapon.
All of a sudden it was hard to breathe and your heartbeat was hammering in your ears. You didn't expect that finally facing him, hearing him talk about Lily like she was inconsequential, would shake you to your core. This was what you have been waiting for. This was what you have been building up to for the past decade. This was your purpose for living.
What were you waiting for?
"I am feeling generous today. Consider it my gift to commemorate our first official meeting," he said.
"What the fuck are you on?" you growled.
"Open the containers," he smiled. "See you soon, Y/N."
He abruptly tossed Kim to the side, pushing her off the ledge of the containers you were on and bolted away with a mad cackle. You shot at his retreating figure, desperately trying to aim through the turbulent emotions he inspired in you. You were going to chase after him when a yelp of pain caught your attention.
Kim was hanging by one hand off the edge, obviously struggling to hold herself up with her busted shoulders. You were too high up for her to survive the fall and she was too injured to help herself. Her grip was slipping.
"Y/N! Help me please!"
A dark shadow passed through your features. Saving her would mean Salvacion would definitely escape. Again. You didn't know if you would ever get another chance at him or when that would be.
You didn't like this woman. You never did. She tormented your youth, took joy in it even and as you reunited nothing changed. She was the same egotistic bully she always was. This was a dangerous mission. People die in the line of fire.
It happens. No one would blame you.
You dropped your weapon and clasped both hands on hers to pull her up. You strained with the effort, Kim being a deadweight adding to the struggle. You let go when half her body was safely on top, her legs swinging up to roll herself flat onto the surface. She was crying and whimpering from the fear and pain. You couldn't help the anger that bubbled to the surface.
You slapped her face.
"Get your goddamn shit together," you roared at her. "I don't have time for this. Call for evac, princess."
You ran toward the sound of helicopter blades, jumping onto crates and jolting your bones at the impact. You didn't care. The renewed rage had steadied you, calmed you almost to the point that the only thing you could see in your mind was taking him out. You had faltered and you would beat yourself up about that later, but you couldn't let him slip away again.
The helicopter was already starting to take off, Salvacion clearly visible through the open door. You cocked your gun and fired away. Empty. You slipped another gun out and fired. Empty. You kept running toward him, drawing and firing every last bullet you had as you screamed your frustration with every shot that missed.
You noticed that you managed to get a few through him by the way his body jerked. You were feeling optimistic until he reached around and pulled out a rocket launcher. You saw the sinister grin before he fired.
"Nem!" You heard your name being called, but you were too stunned by the horrible realization that you had failed today. You watched the helicopter slowly make it's way farther and farther behind the rocket that was hurtling toward you.
Even if you ran, the area of impact would still tear right through you. You were frozen in place, unable to process that this was how it would end. That it would end in you dying by his hand as well. That it would end without you making it up to Lily.
Your internal struggle was interrupted by a large body completely engulfing yours. The impact of the rocket threw you both to the ground and the loud explosion accompanied by ripping metal deafened your ears.
You struggled with your vision, the ringing in your head was painful and your body sore from crashing down. Oddly, your skull itself didn't feel injured. All of the pain seemed to be concentrated on your torso. You blinked a few times to focus the blur of your eyes as the repeated chanting of your name became louder.
"Are you okay, doll? Answer me, Nem! Come on."
Your sight finally focused to find that it was the brunette super soldier on top of you, covering you from what would have certainly been your death. The dread on his face gave way to a tired relief at you finally responding.
He pressed his forehead to yours and closed his eyes, taking deep steadying breaths. You noticed now that he was wincing and that his flesh arm was underneath you, supporting your back and cradling your head. His metal arm was detached, a mangled mess of forcibly severed wires and metal plates sticking out from his shoulder. Your eyes widened in realization.
"Bucky, your arm," you started to struggle underneath him, knowing he must be in a world of pain.
He shushed you by rubbing the tip of his nose against yours. Your eyes met icy blue ones and you saw him smile weakly, as if telling you it was worth it. He wouldn't hesitate to catch a missile with his arm again if it meant protecting you.
The rest of the boys reached you shortly after, Sam took Bucky and informed you that evac and medics were here. You were still in shock from what just happened. Billy took you gingerly in his arms, endlessly fussing at you and apologizing for not being able to do more even if you understood it was impossible for him to have tracked you through the chaos. Steve stood to the side, obviously furious at himself for not going to you even if you understood it was only right that he led the main fight.
Your body felt like it had gone through a war and you were too emotionally distressed to address anything else. You felt defeated. You felt at a loss. You failed Lily again today. Suddenly, you remembered what he told you.
His gift.
"Steve, Salvacion told me to open the shipments. He said it was a gift from him."
You didn't wait for them to respond, dragging your battered body limping across the yard to the crates. Billy recovered first, quickly jogging up to support your battered body straight with his. Steve followed closely behind, the uneasiness clouding the three of you. The locks were easily broken by Steve's shield and soon your gift was revealed.
What you saw drained the blood from all of you and caused your skin to immediately chill. It was the most sickening thing any of you have ever seen in your lives and that was saying something. How anyone could do this was beyond comprehension.
People. Dozens of people.
Crammed inside the steel box were dozens of people in various states of distress. All of them had barely any life left in them, barely sustained by the various IV bags hooked on their bodies. They hardly reacted when the doors were opened, too spent by what they had been made to go through to even blink. You suspected that a good portion of those who were not moving at all were dead. The smell was horrendous and this was coming from people who were about to be shipped to god knows where.
The horror you felt heightened to epic levels when you noticed that some of the drip bags held a different colored fluid, the distinct color of the super soldier serum. Then it clicked and the nausea finally overcame you. You poured your guts out onto the pavement, your stomach heaving violently as the truth made your vision spin.
Human testing.
Human experimentation.
And you had let the bastard escape.
Steve was going to approach you, clueless as he was on how to help you at that moment, but you had scrambled out of reach and ran out of the shipment yard. He called after you readying himself to go to you, but Billy's grip on his forearm stilled him.
"We're not who she needs right now, Cap," Billy shook his head. "Right now these people need us more."
"Where's she going?" Steve asked, swallowing hard on the lump in his throat and reluctantly agreeing.
"She'll be fine. Matt will find her."
Matt found you hours later. He had returned badly beaten and bruised from their own mission, but upon receiving word from Billy he pushed aside every painful injury he felt and rushed to where he knew he would find you. His chest tightened when he was told what you had seen. It was bad enough that you were carrying the guilt of your sister's death, but now you had the weight of all the lives that were victimized by these sick people too. It was too much for one person to bear.
He found you in the confession booth of the church on the corner of a quiet street and he couldn't see the broken look on your face when he opened the door, but he could feel it. He heard it in your unusually slow heartbeat, as if your organs were trying to give up. He heard it in the shallow breaths you took, as if the act of living was a betrayal in itself. He heard it in the cry that was begging to break through you throat. He could almost taste your despair.
He slowly knelt in front of you and pulled you urgently into his arms, squeezing himself into the tight space. He held you against him, clutching you tight and rocking you gently back and forth. This was an open secret shared between the two of you. When the darkness was overwhelming, you turned to each other and confessed. He pulled away after a long moment, cradling your face firmly in his palms. His thumbs brushed against your dry cheeks. Of course you hadn't been crying.
There were no more left to shed.
"Talk to me," he muttered, pressing his lips softly against yours.
"He experimented on a lot of people," you muttered. "And I let him go, Matty. I've been letting him carry on for ten years."
Your tone was almost a hoarse whisper, devoid of much emotion apart from a cold defeat. This worried him, but at least you were talking. You had known when you were being tortured that they Hydra hadn't perfected the serum. They kept torturing you in the hopes that they could get you to reveal anything about the formula, Steve and Bucky's abilities, or where samples of their blood were stored. You didn't talk.
Maybe you should have talked.
When the syndicates got their hands on the incomplete formula, they were faced with the same problem. A problem they apparently decided to solve by trial and error on actual people. You knew this. At the back of your mind you knew this, but it didn't register until you saw it for yourself tonight. Somehow you had ignored that fact because you had only been focused on your own grief.
"I let him go. I did this, Matty," you breathed, the guilt clear in your voice.
"No! You did not let him go. The bastard got away," he insisted. "And this is not your fault. I won’t let you think that this is your fault."
"No," you argued weakly. "I let him go. I had a shot at stopping him tonight and I didn't take it."
"Steve told me. You stopped to save Kim." The movement of his thumbs on your cheeks changed to soothing circles. "You stopped to save a teammate. That was a good thing."
You scoffed. "I wanted her to die."
"For a solid moment as she was hanging on for her life, I wanted to let her die."
"She's alive now because of you, Nem. You fought it. You're strong. You didn't give into it."
"But what if that's what I need to do? If I did I could have ended Salvacion tonight."
You could have ended it all tonight.
Salvacion's words tonight plagued you. if you didn't try to play the hero then this whole twisted operation could have been stopped. If you didn't try to play the hero then you would have gotten your revenge for Lily. If you didn't play the hero then Lily wouldn't even be dead. You had wanted to save people so much, make a difference in the world, that you didn't stop and think about how that would impact the people you held most dear.
"You don't honestly believe that, do you?" Matt asked cautiously, he knew more than anyone the struggle you faced. All of you were just a bad day away from completely snapping.
"I don't know," you admitted in defeat. You sounded so tired and confused that it broke his heart.
He held you for a moment more, waiting for your heart and breathing to return to normal. He didn't know what else to do or what else to tell you. He didn't know how to help you this time. Just then, he sensed the arrival of a Maximoff twin.
"Pietro's outside. I'll ask him to take you away for a while," he shook his head when he felt you were about to protest. "You need a break and you need some peace."
He led you outside, his pace slower than normal as your shoulders slumped lower to the ground in resignation. He exchanged a few words with Pietro before he pressed a kiss to your temple and pushed you toward the other man.
"Come with me, little star. I'll take care of you."
The next thing you knew, Pietro had lifted you into his arms and asked you to close your eyes. You buried your face into his neck as you felt the world around you dissolve in a blur, your hair whipped around but you weren't scared. The steady grip he had on you assured you that you would be safe. When he told you to open your eyes, you had no idea where you were or how long you had been traveling.
"Where are we?"
He gently set you on your feet as you looked around the area. It was beautiful. A dense lush forest that opened up to a lake with a small cabin. Isolated. Quiet.
Immediately you felt your body relax in the new environment. It was so far removed from anything and everything that it allowed you to let go of the tight hold you had on your life. It allowed you to let go of the rage for a moment.
"Sokovia," he answered. "This is mine. When Wanda and I were little, even before the enhancements, our connection was strong and can be overwhelming. I needed a place that was only my own."
"Wanda doesn't know about this?"
"No, it is the only secret I have ever kept from her. I've never brought anyone else here."
Turning to him, you could see the shy smile on his face. There was a reluctance there, as if he was nervous that his little hideaway would not be good enough for you. You were quick to shoot that thought down.
"It's beautiful, Pietro. Thank you for sharing this with me."
His smile brightened as he approached you and held both your hands in his. "We can stay for as long as you want to. I can go into town and get us more supplies. We can swim in the lake if you like and I can cook you paprikash. You'll love it."
He was so excited. So happy to be able to spend time with you. Elated to be able to share this sentimental place with someone else, but he saw the sadness in your eyes and it made him force himself to slow down. The smile on his face dimmed.
"Do you want to go somewhere else? I can take you anywhere you like."
The heartbreak and disappointment in his voice alerted you. You hurriedly wound your arms around his shoulders and forced his eyes to meet yours. You recognized the way he looked at you, but it was only now that you really noticed that he has always looked at you that way. He was so pure. So honest. So good.
He was too good for you.
"No, Pietro. This is perfect. You're perfect." You tried to smile up at him. "I don't deserve you."
Just like that he understood you. He drew you closer by the waist and pressed a soft kiss at the corner of your mouth. When he drew back, his smile lit up his face again.
"Why do you need to deserve me, little star?" he chuckled at the puzzled look on your face, finding it adorable. "Can I not just choose to love you?"
You frowned and he just laughed more. He shushed your protests by pulling you flush against his body, lowering his head to hover his lips mere inches from yours. He left this small distance as your choice to make just as he has made his.
"Let me choose to love you."
You could feel his breath on your face at this distance, see the sparkle of anticipation in his eyes, and his tongue darting out to wet his lips.
You made your choice.
Kissing Pietro has to be the most comforting experience that you had ever felt. He tasted like hot chocolate on a rainy day and you felt your body melt when he returned the gesture. You were sighing against his lips when the now familiar feeling of him dashing turned it into a surprised squeal. You blinked and you were lying down on a soft mattress with Pietro grinning down at you.
You laughed as you shared more kisses, hands giddily exploring each other and tearing away pieces of clothing until nothing lay between you. For the first time in a long time, you felt insecure about your scars. For the first time, you were reluctant for someone to see them. Again, just like that he understood you.
"You're beautiful, little star. You have always been beautiful to me."
He kissed you again, deeply and full of emotion that you melted into the bed. His lips traveled down your neck, your chest, your stomach. He stopped to nip and suck at the inside of your thighs causing you to involuntarily moan his name. Lower he went until his mouth was working gentle swirls on your sensitive bud. Your hips grinded against his tongue, desperately seeking more.
He pressed his mouth fully on you then, adding a finger much to your delight. He ate you like he worshipped you. Like he was blessed with the opportunity to bring you pleasure. Your body sang his praises, reacting with equal enthusiasm by soon reaching your orgasm. You shook beneath him as he allowed you to ride out your high, soothing you with gentle hands rubbing circles on your hips. He was smirking at you when he crawled up, satisfied that he had made you cum but clearly aiming for more.
He kissed you again as he lined himself up against your core, sliding it against your slit to coat it with your slick. He wasn't even inside you yet and you already felt like you were ready to cum. He held your gaze, silently asking for permission that this was still what you wanted. Instead of answering, you moved your hips to slip his length inside causing him to drag out a hiss and capture your mouth again. The groan you both let out when he bottomed out vibrated through your fused lips.
"You feel incredible," he whispered. "You feel so good wrapped around me. Just like I always thought you would."
"Pietro, please."
His strokes were slow and deep, hitting that special spot inside you that had you panting with want. The smooth roll of his hips was quickly driving you higher and higher toward another orgasm. It was so gentle. So sensual. So personal.
"Tell me what you want, little star."
Everything about Pietro's life had been one big event after another. Rushed decisions. Angry fighting. Missions. Even his very enhancement relied on speed.
He didn't want that with you.
With you he wanted to slow everything down. He wanted to savor every moment. He wanted to stop time if he could, keep you in his arms for as long as possible. Freeze you in this exact moment when all you felt was pleasure.
"More," you pleaded.
Maybe he could speed up just a little bit.
His strokes gradually hastened and he glowed with satisfaction at seeing you delirious with desire because of him. He palmed at your breasts, nipped at your neck, and bucked his hips just a bit harder.
He smiled. How could he deny you? He lifted you up until you were seated on him, holding you firmly with an arm up your back with his hand fisting in your hair. The other hand he slipped between the two of you to rub against your clit. You saw the wicked glint in his eyes before he dipped his head to lave at your breasts.
You felt like you were going to explode from the different sensations. That was until he decided to move your body to bounce on his cock, his own hips thrusting up to meet you and his hand on your back guiding you to wind your hips as you came down. Your clit hit his pelvis each time and another wave was added onto your building climax. You whined, moaned, and pleaded his name. Begging him to grant you release.
“Let go for me. I have you. Let go.“
He growled against your breast and pounded up into you until you screamed and shook above him, clenching him so hard you pulled his own orgasm out of him. He spilled into you, crushing you against him as you continued to flutter around him.
You fought to catch your breath and when you caught each other's eyes, still hazy from lust, you laughed. You felt free. You felt renewed. You kissed him then.
"I love you too, Pietro."
He looked at you with unrestrained adoration. He had been chasing after you for so long that he could hardly believe that he had finally caught you. That he was finally yours.
"What? You didn't see that coming?" you teased.
He chuckled and pulled you in for another lingering kiss. You felt so good in his arms that he has completely forgotten how it felt to not have you in them.
"I meant what I said earlier," he murmured against the skin of your shoulder. "If you want to we can runaway. I can take you away from all of this. We can stay here or we can go anywhere else."
He smiled warmly at you and pecked your lips when he saw the internal conflict flash through your features. Again, without a word he understood you.
"But I know that is not what you want," he reassured you. "I just wanted you to know that you have that choice if you should want it."
Tempting as his offer was, you knew you couldn't let go of Lily's memory. You would never truly be at peace until Salvacion was rotting six feet under and his whole operation was blown to bits. You couldn't leave your mission unfinished. And you couldn't bear to leave four other men behind. Looking back at the events of the past night, it felt more accurate to say five. Still, there was a sense of security from knowing you had that option.
"Let's go home."
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𝘚𝘵𝘦𝘷𝘦 𝘙𝘰𝘨𝘦𝘳𝘴
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Tumblr media
None yet :)
Tumblr media
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uprootbasic · 16 hours ago
i've missed this
pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes
summary: Bucky forgot how much he loved cuddling with Steve.
warnings: does not follow the mcu timeline lmao, Steve found Bucky a few days after the helicarrier fight and brought him back to himself, badly written half smut. 18+ ONLY
a/n: this is my first Stucky fic, so I hope its not too awful!
Tumblr media
in the 1940's it was quite normal for this to happen.
when Steve was still scrawny and sick, he couldn't retain any body heat, so Bucky would have to cuddle up to him at night to keep him warm.
when Steve found him after the helicarrier accident, he realized he'd never cuddle with Steve again. he didn't need to body heat anymore. that thought made him sad. he missed being close to Steve like he was then, and he missed those conversations that could only be described as madness on drugs, sending both Bucky and Steve into fits of delirious laughter until they passed out asleep.
Bucky didn't know just how much he'd missed it, until Steve gave him a hug. Bucky'd had a rough night the night before, and Steve could tell just by the look on his face. he wrapped him up in his arms, and assured him he didn't have to, but that he was always there if he needed to talk about anything. Bucky nodded, and swallowed the lump in his throat that had formed at the brief contact.
Bucky didn't sleep the following night either, trying to get the thought of cuddling with Steve and how much he'd missed it out of his head. eventually, Bucky couldn't hold back the tears that had been threatening to fall for hours on end, and gave in to the desire swirling in his head to have Steve wrapped around him.
he got up, and stumbled on his overtired and overworked legs towards Steve's room, and knocked on the door. he tried to stop the tears falling, but couldn't. Steve opened the door, and Bucky couldn't hold back the sob that escaped his throat.
"Buck? what's wrong?" Steve asked, placing his hand on Bucky's shoulder. Bucky sobbed again and sniffled before speaking,
"c-can you h-hold me-e?" he stuttered out and Steve didn't waste any time in comforting him. Steve wrapped his arms around him, and guided him towards his bed. he helped Bucky onto the bed, and got him settled in between his legs. his head settled on Steves chest, and Steve smiled when he heard his heartbeat slow to a healthy and normal rate, and his breathing even.
"what's going on?" Steve asked tentatively, and Bucky snuggled closer to him and shook his head.
"y'gonna laugh at me," Bucky stuttered out, and Steve shook his head. "no. never. I lived with ya in the 1940's and had to listen to excuses about why you weren't going out with a certain girl anymore. I listened to your stupid rambling that sent us into tears of laughter every night like teenaged girls at a sleepover. nothing you could say about you being upset would ever make me laugh."
Bucky looked up at him. "I-i missed cuddling with you." he said, and a smile spread on Steve's face as he looked down at his best friend.
"well, that good because I missed cuddling with you too." Steve watched in contentment as a smile spread on Bucky's face.
"I just missed you in general." Bucky whispered, and Steve swallowed thickly at him. were Bucky's eyes always that blue? he'd never noticed it before, but he was glad he did.
something shifted in the air surrounding them, and neither could look away or focus on anything but each other. suddenly, Bucky had an urge to kiss Steve's pink and soft lips. he'd felt those urges before the war, and almost went through with it the night before he left, but didn't want to make things weird or have Steve regret anything if he died, but he was the one who ended up regretting it in the long run.
it seemed that Steve noticed this too, and took the jump. he leant his head down, and before Bucky could process that this was real, and Steve was about to kiss him, Steves soft and warm lips were on his, and they were kissing.
Bucky reacted immediately, and felt Steve smile into the kiss, before deepening it. the next thing Bucky knew, he was on his back, and Steve was wrapped around him. Steve rocked against him experimentally, and Bucky choked out a moan into the kiss. Steve moved his kisses down Bucky's neck, and rocked his growing erection against Bucky's more forcefully, hoping to draw out more moans.
he was rewarded with the small whimpers and whiny moans that were escaping from Bucky as he rutted into Bucky's hips faster.
less than a minute later, Steve was on the edge of his orgasm, but was determined for Bucky to come first, and he knew it was close to happening. Bucky's back was arched, his eyes squeezed shut, and was clinging to Steve for dear life.
"m-more," he moaned out, and Steve pressed into him more. Bucky stilled, and then began shuddering as the waves of his orgasm washed over him, and the pure sight of it send Steve into his own orgasm.
"fuck," he moaned, as the last bit of his orgasm ebbed away. "I love you," he moaned to Bucky, and Bucky gripped Steves sweat soaked locks and pressed a searing kiss to his lips.
"I love you too punk," Bucky said, and Steve chuckled.
Tumblr media
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imaginedreamwrite · 17 hours ago
Baby Girl: Part 5
“How are you?” The question was simple enough yet it felt like a loaded gun. It felt like it was a bomb and if you answered the wrong way, if you chose the wrong answer, it would explode in your face.
That’s how every interaction with Peter felt. Every time you were together, clinging to a relationship that was at it’d very limits, you felt as if one wrong move or one mis-cut wire would be the end.
“I’m okay,” you spoke but didn’t say anything.
“I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you about me seeing colour,” one tick on the bomb clock, “you were honest with me and I couldn’t give you the same respect.”
He met his soulmate, just like you met yours. Only you had felt the disconnect already. You had felt Peter pulling away while you were desperately clinging to him, desperately hanging onto a guy who wasn’t yours anymore.
“It’s fine,” your tight-lipped smile and the words spoken were a direct contrast to how you felt. You wanted to scream at him, you wanted to scream and shout and throw everything in your reach at him. How could he hide this from you when you had told him everything when you saw colour? How could Peter do this to you?
“I’m glad we’re doing this, it hasn’t been the same since-“
“That’s not my fault.” You snapped, your temperament shifting from the calmness it had been hovering around to how you were feeling.
“I’m not blaming you, Y/N,” Peter start then stopped, and ultimately sighed, “it’s awkward…being around them.”
The ‘them’ being the two super soldiers who were your soulmates. He thought it was awkward because he had to work with them and potentially go on missions with them if he wants in university.
“You don’t think I know that?” You hissed, your hands clenching and unclenching. “You don’t think I know how awkward it is between us all? You don’t think I know what kind of screwed-up situation this is?”
“No,” you cut him off, “you assume that I’m just going to hop into bed with both of them like some little sex bunny! You assume that I flirt with them to spite you!”
Your argument was broken by the sound of Peter’s phone ringing loudly in his pocket. He stumbled to pick it out of his pocket, scrambling to answer it.
“You have to go,” you frowned, not needing to hear what was being said to know, “we’ll talk later.”
You sidestepped Peter and started to move past him. You were stopped when his hand shot out and grabbed your wrist preventing you from moving too far. As you whipped your head around to look at him, you saw the apology in his eyes and the frown on his face as he listened to whatever was being said on the phone.
“I’m going to be late for work and you’ve got your stuff to deal with.” You pulled your wrist out of his grip. “We’ll talk later, Peter.”
** **
Your feet were aching by the time you got back to your apartment in Stark Tower. After a long shift on the medical floor, you were looking forward to having dinner with Peter and collapsing into your bed. Even if your relationship was on the brink of collapsing, you wanted to try and hold out until the last possible moment. And the heated argument from this morning had long since cooled down and now you had a chance to speak to Peter.
However as you walked into your apartment in the tower and noticed a lack of Peter, you thought that maybe you’d been mistaken about the time you were supposed to meet. With a sigh, you dug your phone out of your pocket and glanced at the time and the last message you’d sent this morning about wanting to meet.
“Maybe he’s in his place on the Avengers floor.” You shoved your phone back into your pocket and tossed your bag into your apartment. You closed the door and turned on your heel to go back to the elevator. If Peter wasn’t going to meet you, then you were going to meet him.
The two of you had a lot to talk about, a lot to figure out when it came to your relationship. Was it worth saving even though you both met your soulmates? Was it with throwing your all at it to save something that would eventually crumble anyway?
You arrived at his apartment door and didn’t bother to knock. You’d been here enough to know that Peter told you to walk in whenever you wanted. However, as you slipped into the apartment and closed the door behind you, you knew that something was off.
“Peter?” you called his name and moved toward his bedroom, your heart starting to race when you saw the closed door and steady thumping coming from his room. You knew. You knew what was going on yet you didn’t want to believe it. You could tell by the souring of your stomach and the way your heart was racing that what you were about to come upon would be the disastrous end to your year-long relationship.
Still, you opened the door. You opened pandora’s box despite knowing what evils could lay within.
“Peter-” you knew what you should expect yet it still stoke your breath and caused the entire world to stop when you see Peter hovering above another woman with his lips locked with hers. Your heart shattered into a million pieces when you saw the motion of his hips and the mutual moaning between the two of them.
“Peter-!” The other woman gasped and scurried away from Peter, her eyes wide and the sheet covering her naked body.
“You bastard…” Between your comment and the woman’s shock, you got Peter’s attention. “You asshole!”
You turned on your heel and fled from the room, aware that he was coming after you.
He followed you in the hallway, his state of undress drawing attention from the few avengers who were still at Stark Tower this time of night. He was quick-footed, his longer stride bringing him closer to you than you wished for and when his hand reached to grab your arm, you made yourself just as quick-footed.
“Y/N please-“
You had spun on your heels and struck him, your hand making instant and thunderous contact with his cheek. The force you had used on your boyfriend, now ex, was deafening. The crack that resounded in the hallway brought all activity to a standstill.
“How could you do this to me?!” Your voice was cracking, your vision was obscured and tainted by the bushes tears that pooled in your eyes. He was a blurry image, your handsome avenger who had been with another woman.
“I’m sorry.” He was also near the point of tears, although you didn’t know it that was from the force you had used or the series of events you caught him in. “I didn’t…we’re not soulmates and you were with Steve and Bucky-“
“Don’t you dare!” You seethed. “Don’t you dare try to turn this around on me, Peter!”
Your vision was just as blurred, even as the stinging alt tears started rolling down your cheeks. You could make out the form of him, the brown head of hair that you had been running your fingers through just days ago. You could make out the faintest shade of his chocolate brown eyes that now seemed so dim and lifeless.
“I didn’t cheat on you!” Your voice was cracking further still, your heartbreaking and your mind divided. “I didn’t cheat on you with them! I would never-!”
“Y/N,” the woman he was with shrunk a few feet behind him, “can I please explain…?”
“If you don’t get her away from me, I swear to God I’ll rip her throat out!” You point your finger at her, your voice taking a sharp spike as you temporarily focused your anger on someone other than Peter.
“She’s my soulmate, Y/N.” Peter stepped between you two.
“And I was your girlfriend. Despite everything that happened, we were still willing to try.” You hastily wiped at your tears.
Bucky approached from behind you, though it was the smell of his cologne that you picked up on before his voice. “What the hell is going on here?”
“Perfect.” You scoffed. “You just had to be here for this?”
You snapped at him, your cheeks growing warm from the rush of emotions that flooded you by the approach of Bucky and your relationship crumbling before you.
“What were you doing with them, if you weren’t sleeping with them?” Peter’s voice was accusatory, his eyes narrowed.
“I wasn’t cheating on you!” Your hands began shaking, your breath hitching in your throat. Ever since you had seen Steve and Bucky, ever since your world had burst into colour your life has been a disaster. Your life has been an entire clusterfuck of everything blinding and blazing about soulmates.
His soulmate was cowering behind him. His soulmate was clinging to him as a means of safety. His soulmate was already tied to him by that invisible chain that couldn’t and wouldn’t be broken.
Your relationship was over the moment you set eyes upon Steve and Bucky. You and Peter were just kidding yourselves by trying to make it work. You and Peter were playing yourselves for fools.
“I loved you, Peter.” You could see Steve and Bucky from the corner of your eyes. You could see them watching the situation unfolding before their eyes and for the briefest moment, you’d wished that you still saw the world through black and white vision. “I gave you my heart-“
He was empathetic, his eyes were cast down and his bottom lip trembled. He wanted to tell you that he loved you too, you could sense it, but his world could only revolve around his soulmate now.
You weren’t a part of his universe anymore.
“You broke my heart,” your bottom lip shook, “you promised you would never-“ “Get her out of here, kid.” One of them blocked the pair from your vision.
“It’s okay, baby.” Two strong arms wrapped around your waist, holding you as your knees gave out. “It’s ok baby girl. You’ll be okay.”
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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deexchanel · 18 hours ago
Beauty and Beasty 2.
Word Count:
Pairing: President!Bucky Barnes x Babysitter!BlackFem!OC
Warning: Swearing, Uptight Bucky.
Summary: This goes into Devora's back story a bit. When she comes home from picking the kids up from private school, James there waiting for them. She finally gets into contact with her best friend Alexis who is married to King Steve Rogers of Brooklyn. James makes way downstairs for a midnight snack to find her in the kitchen...
A/N: you guys love it so here is part 2.
Tumblr media
Devora Smith is the child of Deeva and Devon Smith. You shouldn't think too hard about how she got her name. The 22-year-old loves to cook. How she landed this job is a straightforward story to explain. Since she was 7, in her eyes, her dad was the best cook in the world. Devon owned a small restaurant that had enough attention to keep them afloat.
Devon always had Devora in the kitchen helping him cook; that's how she fell in love with cooking. Sadly, things happened, and her dad lost the restaurant due to the lack of money. Devora promised herself that she will make her dad proud by owning her own 5-star restaurant.
9 months ago, her best friend, Alexis, fell in love with King Steve Rogers of Brooklyn. They are now married and are expecting a child. Devora had complained to them many times that she needed a job to jumpstart her career. So when President James Buchanan Barnes of Romanian asked his best mate, King Steve, to help him find a babysitter. The king suggested Devora, and since it was last minute that he needed a babysitter. President Barnes hired her immediately.
"Hi, guys, how was school?" Devora questioned once the kids got in the Audi. While she drove, they were quiet, too quiet. "Uh, is anyone going to say anything?"No one responded so she stopped the car, putting it park on the side of the road. The babysitter gave Melanie her phone so she could be distracted by youtube. James doesn't allow the kids to use cell phones but do she does she care at the moment? No, and he isn't here to say anything.
Plus, Melanie gets fussy when she curses, so she doesn't do it around the kids unless she's really pissed off. "Roman, spill it." She sat Indian-style in the seat facing them. Devora knew that the 16-year-old boy couldn't hold anything from her. Unbeknownst to her, Roman saw Devora as his mother because she takes such good care of them.
He feels there is no reason to lie to her because she's such an understanding person and will always find a way to solve their problems."This guy from my class constantly bullies me because of my hair and what I wear to school. Declan saw him shove me against the locker, so he punched him and they start to fight. Sophie saw what happened so she jumped in by jumping on his back, hitting his head from behind."
Before Devora could utter a word out, Declan sounded off."I had to defend him, Devora. He's my brother and I'm not going to let him get bullied on my watch. Roman doesn't mess with anyone and I wasn't going to let that guy continue to bother Roman."
Devora tries to speak again but Sophie continued their justification, "We're so sorry Devora. Don't be mad at us; we didn't get suspended..."
This Devora did the cutting off."I'm not mad."
"...Or anything because of Father's status with the school." Sophie rambled out of nervousness then realized what she said. 'You're not mad?"
"I'm not. Want to know why?" She smiled ruffling Roman's hair causing him to smile. " Because you did what every big brother and sister are meant to do which is take up for your little sibling. Extra bonus points for beating his ass."
Melanie furrowed her eyebrow at Devora like a scolding parent. Everyone chuckled at her reaction. "Oops sorry, Melanie. Anywhoo you guys doing that proved to Roman that you'll always have his back. No matter what, you guys should always love each other. Never be in competition with one another, never judge, and never be jealous. Because at the end of the day you guys should always be able to depend on each other." The siblings looked at each other with a smile. Devora kissed each of their foreheads.
"I am so proud of you guys."
"Means a lot to hear that Devora. Thank you for being in our lives."Sophie hugged her neck. After their heartfelt moment, they were on the way home until Devora came up with a wonderful idea.
" How about you guys get a make-over?"
Roman perked up excitement, "Really? You would do that?"
"Duh you guys deserve it plus I might have the head chef's Mastercard." She winked at them through the rearview mirror. They all cheered in the backseat even though Melanie had no clue what was going on. Her phone ringed and Mel held the phone in the air, looking at the contact picture.
"Don't answer it!"
As they walked into the mansion from their shopping spree engaged in a funny conversation, James stood in the foyer. The children stopped their chat, standing still as if they were soldiers. Devora adjusted Melanie on her hip still holding hands with Declan, not phased by him.
"Where are there so many bags? Who do they belong to cause I am sure that I told you 3 that you aren't allowed to do your own shopping? I have someone to pick out your clothes precisely like how I want them. Did I not?" James dictated crossing his arms over his chest, holding a scowl on his face. That was new information to Devora out of her 7 months of being there. What was so wrong with them picking out their own clothes? Their teenagers for god's sake.
"Are you serious right now?"
James's blue eyes focused on her, not losing the hardened expression. "Serious as a heart attack."
Devora narrowed her eyes at him, "Well I took the kids-" Declan squeezed her hand, indicating to lie. "To get some ice cream to celebrate Sophie for passing this semester. Those bags are mine and that's all the explanation you're going to get."
His lip drew back in a snarl, "You live my house! Under my rules! Whatever you bring in here is my business. Why don't you ever just shut up sometimes and get with the program that I am in charge."
"That's what you think, "Devora mumbled rolling her eyes. James walked closer to her. "What did you just say?"
"Father, can we please go to our room now?" Sophie said while James and Devora never broke eye contact. "Yes."
Declan grabbed a sleeping Melanie from her arms and the children went upstairs. When they were out of earshot, Devora stepped to him. "Stop being so strict; they're just kids."
"They have to learn to deal with it; we have to uphold a perfect image." His tall frame hung over hers. The sexual tension between them was getting thick. Devora's eyes adverted between his plumped lips that looked so soft and his eyes. Trying to fight the urge to smash her lips onto his, the babysitter for once was lost for words.
James came to Devora's face; she could feel his breath fan against it. She gave up trying to look him in the eyes instead she stared at his lips, biting her own. He smirked, knowing that she was hooked. He pulled back taking her out of her sex-filled fantasy trace. James walked away leaving Devora's core throbbing for pleasure.
"Psst! Devora!" She heard when she walked past one of the kid's bedroom. The dark skin turned around to see who was calling.
His head peeked from the door."Yes, I need your help."
She walked closer to the door. "What is it?" Declan fully stepped out of the room. He pulled out the most beautiful necklace from his pocket.
"I bought this for a girl that I'm in love with. The only problem is, she lives in the village, and Father prohibits going to the village."
"So what does this have to do with me? You need me to cover for you while you gone?"
"Well it's the weekend and I normally go see her during first period but I cant' wait until Monday. The evening guard will be out but he should be sleeping like right."Declan checked his watch."Now. Can you come with me to go see her?"
"Come with you? Declan, your father already hates my guts."
"Please Devora? I really love her."
Vora saw that he was really devoted to seeing this girl. She just wants to see him happy, it makes her feel content. "Fine Declan, I'll go."
Devora plopped in her bed face first. Helping Declan sneak out and making sure both of them weren't caught was tiresome but worth it. Rose is her name and she was the sweetest. Her family was the best, they treated them like family not people with royal status.
Rose's mother gave her some cheese that she made by hand. What makes it so special because it was so expensive in the states. Devora already had made a plan to make mac & cheese after a shower.
Her mac book ringed from the edge of the bed causing the tired 22-year-old to groan. Devora smacked against the keyboard hoping it would answer the call.
"Devoraa!!! BESTIE!"
Vora swiftly lifts up seeing her best friend's face in the camera.
"I haven't talked to you in so damn long! How is going over at Mr. meanie's mansion?"
"it amazing here, excluding him. I don't want to talk about me, let's talk about you! How's Steve and the baby?"
Steve's face popped in the camera, drenched in water, "HI BESTIEEE!"
"HI BESTIEEEE, I miss you guysss!"
"We miss you too. and the baby's going fine."Alexis propped the phone up showing her stomach. Devora gushed at her 8-month pregnant belly.
"Me... and she... Steve...June..."
"Alexis your wifi is ass. Y'all live in a rich castle but have poor wifi. How does that work??" She didn't respond but flips the camera showing the outside-filled endless activities. From bouncy houses to water guns, to little kids running around with bubbles plus a couple of workers enjoying themselves.
"I love you bestie! I have to go! BYEEE"
"I lo-"The phone call hung up causing Devora to let out a sad sigh. The kids were always fun to be around but when she was herself, it's so boring. The mansion was boring. Vora was feeling homesick from them. "-ove you too."
After her shower, Devora was in the kitchen making from scratch mac and cheese. "Add a little bit of this.." She mumbled to her self dumping a whole measuring cup of cheese on top of the already cheesy pasta. Her tongue poked out a bit while she spread the cheese across the pan.
"I didn't know you did that when you're focused." James's deep voice said from the side of her. She glanced at him for a second then return her gaze at the dish.
"Because your head is always stuck up your ass."
James took a deep sigh, "Could you just stop with the smartness and backtalk for one damn minute." She bent over placing the pan in the oven feeling his eyes on her ass.
"Stop being so mean and I'll stop. Now quit looking at my ass, I'm trying to cook."
As James walked past her, his huge hand smacks against her ass cheek roughly. Devora quickly stands up clutching her now throbbing cheek."Ow!"
"No, I'm good. Thanks for the suggestion though." He winked opening the refrigerator door. "What are you doing up? It's late."
"Since you just have to in my business.." Vora leaned against the counter. James took a sip of his juice, "Your business is my business, I thought I made that clear."
"Whatever, anyhow I got some good cheese from R-..." Devora mentally cursed at how she almost gave Declan's secret away. Bucky raised an eyebrow which made her nervous thinking he caught on. "Rome. Yeah, Rome. Alexis and Steve sent it in as a gift because it's so expensive in the states."
James sat the cup down, coming closer to her."Is that so?"
Devora cleared her throat. 'Damn I talk too much. She thought to herself. "That is so Mister." James did that hovering thing like earlier but this she wasn't intimated.
"Do I make you nervous?"
She giggles mushing his face away from hers."James get away from me."
He laughs leaning against the counter beside her. He laughed like literally laughed. Devora looked at him like he grew three heads. He looked at her confused.
"Why are you looking at me like that?"
"You laughed. I need to pinch myself to wake up to see if I'm dreaming."
"So you dream about me?"
"No so don't flatter yourself, mister president."
"So you do."
"No now hush because you disturbing the peace and quiet I had in here while I cooked." Devora implied while picking up trash she had left on the counter. Surprisingly James started to help her clean up.
"You didn't have to Mr.President."
"I want to and quit calling me Mr.President. It feels like you're teasing me every time you say it."
"I mean what else am I supposed to say? I don't know your name and I didn't bother to ask the kids because I simply didn't care what it was."
James placed a hand on his chest, "Ouch why you gotta be so harsh?"
"I'm not being harsh sir, just being real with you. If you don't like it then find another babysitter."Devora shrugged throwing away some trash from the counter. James grabbed her hand pulling Vora to his chest.
"I don't want another one, having you is perfect."
Devora tried to keep the smile from forming on her face but what he said made her feel special. She couldn't help it and smiled anyway. "You have a smooth way with words. You flirt."
She pulled back, picking up the last of the trash. "I can't help it when you're always looking so good." James compliment watching her every move. It got quiet for a minute because she didn't know what to say.
Devora hoped that the niceness would stay and not disappear overnight. Being nice really suited him. The timer went off signaling the macaroni was finished.
"My name is James."
She pulled the pan out of the oven"Hmm?"
"My name is James Buchanan Barnes but you can call me Bucky." He watched her sit the pan on top of the stove. She reached up to grab some plates but struggled a bit. Bucky came from behind, grabbing the plate with ease. "You know I can get the maids to come do this for us. "
She shook her head, taking the plates out of his hands. "That's uncalled for when we been in here the whole time. My mom taught me to do it myself and not be lazy about anything and to reply to what you said. Your name fits you, I like it." She dipped herself a spoonful of macaroni. "Bucky do you want some?"
Bucky was mesmerized by the way his name flowed from her lips, "Yeah I want some." She beamed at the fact he wanted to try her food. She scooped him up some placing it on another plate. "Your mother sounds like a wise and good woman."
"She is. That one time when my Dad and I cooked random dishes in the kitchen, my mom got so mad at us when we didn't clean up behind ourselves. She told me, "Always clean after yourself. Never expect someone to do it for you. You are not a lazy woman."
"Are they still alive?"
She giggled as they both sat down at the island. "Yes, Bucky they are still alive. My parents are enjoying their time with me being away since I moved out to come here."
"You lived with your parents before you came here?"
"Bucky we can talk about some other time okay? I want to eat before my food gets cold." Devora pointed at the food, Bucky sigh wanting to know more about her but did what she asked. "Fine, I'll wait until another time."
He picked up the fork but she took it out of his hand. He looked at her puzzled, "How am I suppose to eat?"
"Let me feed you the first bite."
The way Devora looked at Bucky aroused him so much. Her boldness caught him completely off guard."Okay..."
"Crap I didn't mean to weird you out. Your beard hair is so perfect and I don't want you to mess it up by getting cheese on it."
Bucky crinkled his nose in happiness."Oh, you like my beard?"
"Yes, I admit. I love it." She dipped his fork in the mac and cheese. It was still hot so Devora blew on it a bit. Bucky pressed his lips together watching her's curve into an o-shape. Everything about her excited him. Vora watched him eat the food from the fork while her soft hand was placed under his chin.
The macaroni tasted like heaven in his mouth, Bucky let out a little groan while he chewed. Devora looked at him in worry.
"What? What is it? Is it nasty?"
Bucky shook his head with a smile, "No this is really good. You are an excellent cook."
"Thank you, means a lot coming from your mean ass."
"I'm not mean."
"All these amazing flavors hitting my mouth at once, what is that?"
"It's seasoning Bucky..."
"What is that?" He looked at her like a lost little kid. Devora snickered sitting down her fork. "It's all those 'amazing flavors that are hitting your mouth at once' "
"Ha Ha Ha you're so funny."
"Hehehe you think so? I'd say I'm pretty hilarious."
The two laughed at her little joke. It was a comfortable silence after their chuckling. Bucky was done eating while Devora finished up.
"Do my kids hate me?"
His sudden outburst baffled her."Huh?"
"Do my kids hate me as their father?"
She wiped her mouth with a napkin, "No they love you. It's just you're not letting them enjoy their childhood. I know about the image to uphold but kids will be kids. They deserve all the love and care from you. Bucky you're going to miss them when they grow up and leave the nest."
Bucky ran his hand through his hair."When my ex-wife left, it was hard on me and I just felt like they blamed me for her leaving. I'm just doing them how my father did me. I turned out just fine-"
"Buchanan you and your children are two different people. You are their parent, not your dad so you raise them differently. They do not blame you for anything. Melanie is 2 years old and knows her alphabet all the way up to the letter L. Declan wants to be better at building things. Roman wants to be a famous basketball player to bring recognition to Romania. Sophie wants to be everything, she such a smart little girl. Bucky it's sad that I know all of that and you only know their birthday. I can only do so much until they need their dad. You can be a parent that cares but don't be so strict. Let them experience things."
Bucky looked at Devora while she talked about his children. Her eyes twinkled with affection as she relays information about them. That's what hooked him on her line, she genuinely cared about the kids. "I'm going to do better, I'm going to make sure from now on they're happy."
"Don't just shower them with gifts, do that plus actually hanging out with them when you're not busy. Make time for them okay?"
"Okay I will, I'm going to make it up to them."
Devora yawned a bit, "I'm tired so I'm going to head to be. I had a great time being down here with you." She got up from the chair, placing both their dirty dish in the sink then walked towards the door.
He got up following her."Devora."
She stopped turning around to face him. "Yes, Bucky?"
"Tomorrow can I take you to my favorite spot? It could be like a picnic."
"Okay, that sounds nice. Should I make the snacks?"
Bucky smiled."Yes please."
Devora gave him a smile back.
"Anything for you."
yall this shit took all fucking day but I hope you guys like it because went into more depth with this one!
part 3 on the way! hopefully, it will be out tomorrow.
until then
stay slutty my friends.
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rodrikstark · 18 hours ago
everything and beyond (2/?) TEASER
steve rogers x reader (fluff)
summary: you pine after steve, and he pines after you. part 2: saying goodbye
(part 1)
a/n: a STEEEEEVIE pov!! will probably post this on wednesday. :) thank you for your lovely comments in response to part 1! very overwhelming! 🥺
Tumblr media
   “My, uh, ex and I were really into watching scary movies, so.”
   Steve remembers sitting in the common room with Sam and Tasha a few months ago to discuss logistics for some reconnaissance in the city, something about weaponry formerly belonging to SHIELD. You came downstairs and rushed to Tasha’s side so you could discuss the newest horror film in theaters.  
   The movie’s premise sounded terrifying and disgusting, but your eyes were alight with joy, so he listened anyway.
   “Curfew’s at 10,” Sam warned lightly. “Don’t be out too late.”
   “Call us if you need anything,” Steve murmured, unable to adopt that fake paternal tone that indicated Sam was teasing. 
   You stuck your tongue out at Sam, then Steve, before waving goodbye and letting your then-boyfriend whisk you away from the Compound.  
    “You need to get laid, Rogers,” Tasha had laughed. “Your eyes are starting to get green.”
   Handsome guy, kinda rich, definitely a dickhead. What was his name...?
   Then, he remembers. “You and Russo broke up?”
— — —
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buckyspainofheart · 20 hours ago
Steve was sitting on the couch with his sketch pad, staring out the window. It had been a cold day in brooklyn, meaning steve had to stay inside. He had just gotten over a horrible cold and did not want to try and handle one again. He sniffled and continued to draw the view from outside of his and Bucky’s window.
Steve had always struggled with the fact that he couldn’t really have adventures. He sighed, a small frown appearing on his face. Bucky was out with a girl again. He knew Bucky didn’t want to, but he had to. People would get suspicious. Steve shaded his drawing, biting his lip while focusing. He jumped and turned his head quickly when he heard the door handle to Bucky and his apartment jiggle. Bucky opened up the door, a fond smile immediately appearing on his face once he saw Steve. He shut the door and locked it, covering the windows with curtains.
“Hiya, sunshine.” Bucky mumbled, opening his arms.
Steve got up off the couch and walked over to Bucky, wrapping his arms around Bucky. Steve took a deep breath in, visibly relaxing.
“Hiya, Buck. Missed you.” Steve said, smiling while hugging Bucky.
“I missed you too, baby.” Bucky hummed, rubbing Steve’s back.
Bucky pulled back from their embrace and took one of Steve’s hands, walking over to the couch with Steve. Bucky let out a sigh of relief as he pulled Steve into his lap. Bucky smiled tiredly and kissed Steve’s cheek.
“How’s your day been, Stevie? Are you feelin’ alright?” Bucky questioned Steve, his protective side in full motion. Steve bit his lip again, laying his head on Bucky’s chest and listening to his heart.
“I feel fine, Buck. My day’s been alright. Just missed you ‘s all.” Steve responded, yawning and rubbing his eyes gently.
“You tired, Stevie? Wanna go to bed?” Bucky spoke, bringing his hand up to Steve’s hair and scratching his scalp softly.
Bucky stared at Steve, a content smile plastered on his face. He knew that Steve would get tired whenever Bucky scratched his scalp. Bucky was content with this moment, wishing it could stay forever. He was tired of having to hide. He kissed Steve’s temple and Steve’s eyes fluttered shut as he kept his head on Bucky’s chest. Just as Steve was about to fall asleep, they both heard a knock on their apartment door. Steve’s eyes shot open, hopping off of Bucky’s lap and grabbing his sketch pad, pretending to be sketching something.
Bucky sighed sadly, getting up and giving Steve a desolate smile. Bucky walked over to the door, opening it and faking a smile. He talked for a moment with the man at the door then promptly shut it. He made sure to lock the door, yawning and sighing.
“Landlord. Just wanted to ask how we were doing.” Bucky stated, his tone gloomy. He walked over to the couch and sat back down.
Steve scooted himself over to Bucky, sitting in his lap again and sighing. He hated seeing Bucky upset. He wanted to do everything he could to make Bucky happy.
“‘m sorry, Buck. I’m sorry we have to hide.” Steve murmured, laying his head on Bucky’s chest. As if on impulse, Bucky’s hand immediately found its way to Steve’s hair. When Bucky scratched Steve’s scalp, it didn’t just relax Steve. It relaxed him as well. Bucky took a deep breath in, shaking his head and pecking Steve’s lips.
“Baby, you don’t gotta say sorry. It’s not your fault.” Bucky looked into Steve’s eyes with a loving stare.
Since day one, Bucky had always been in love with Steve’s eyes. They way they’d shine just right during a sunset or the way they would light up when Steve would talk about something he loved, Bucky adored them. He didn’t have to think twice about Steve being his one and only. When he was around Steve, he felt as if everything fell into place. Everything felt right, he felt like he was home. Steve opened his mouth only to close it again, seemingly at a loss for words.
“I really love ya, Buck. Till the end of the line. Forever.” Steve began to struggle fighting for consciousness, realizing he was going to fall asleep soon.
“I love ya too, Stevie. Till the end of the line.” Bucky kissed Steve’s head, noticing Steve’s exhausted eyes. Bucky began to speak again, talking softly.
“Baby, you can go to sleep. I’m right here if you need anything. Get rest, love. You need it.” Then, Bucky watched Steve’s eyes slide shut and his breathing slow.
Bucky watched Steve for a moment, still scratching his scalp in a gentle manner. He supposed that this would be their life. Yeah, the secretiveness and hiding was awful, but in the end he figured it was very well worth it. All of it. Bucky yawned again as his eyes began to become heavy. Hopefully, things would change. Maybe they’d be able to be themselves outwardly some day. Until that day, though, Bucky had Steve and Steve had Bucky. That everything they both wanted.
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the-bau-quinjet · 20 hours ago
heyy do you think you can do a steve rogers x reader where the rest of the avengers try to matchmake them because everyone ships them (& everyone knows that they're both in love with each other besides themselves LMAO)? it would be EXTRA amazing if you could make it such that the reader is smaller/shorter than steve? personally really love the height difference in a relationship but if not it's fine too! thank you so much, have a great day ahead xoxo
Set Us Up
Warnings: 2455
Word Count: crude language, but mostly fluff
a/n: This took me a hot minute because I couldn't think of ways for everyone to try and set them up lol, but I think this is super cute! I hope you have a great day too!!
Tumblr media
"He totally has a thing for you! Nat, back me up." Wanda turned to the redhead.
You, Wanda, and Nat were supposed to be training. Instead, the two of them have been trying to convince you to make a move on Steve. As if that would ever happen.
"She's right." Nat replied calmly.
"Would you two stop gossiping and just train with me! Please!" You have never confirmed your crush on Steve, but that didn't mean your two best friends didn't know about it.
"Y/N, I'm serious. That man is crazy about you." Wanda tried again while Nat easily defended your attack.
"Wanda, he's my friend. That it." You refused to make eye contact, knowing she would she the longing in your eyes. Instead you kept advancing on Nat.
"Friends don't look at each other like that." Wanda smirked, knowing you'd fall into her trap.
"Like what?" You continued sparring with Nat.
"Like he wants to fuck you against any flat surface available." She stated matter-of-factly.
"Wanda!" You finally turned to her. Unfortunately, that was the point where Nat went on the offensive.
She easily tackled you to the ground, unable to stop her own momentum. She folded you like a pretzel, resulting in a very pitiful whine from you.
"Ow." You complained from the ground, not bothering with trying to get up.
"I know exactly what you need." Nat smirked devilishly. "Steve!" She called across the gym, only making you wince further.
"Steve! Can you do me a favor?" Nat asked the super soldier, knowing he was never one to turn down a friend in need.
"'Course, what do you need?" He made his way across the gym to where you were still sprawled out on the mats.
"Y/N just took a pretty bad beating. Can you help her stretch?" Her and Wanda wore matching smirks despite trying to hide them. "I'd do it, but I promised Wanda I'd help her with something, and we have to go now."
Steve barely had time to respond before the two women were making their way out of the gym.
"Hey, Y/N." He greeted you kindly, looming over your body which was still on the ground. "Are you okay?"
You huffed, glared at the door where your friends just abandoned you, and then smiled at Steve. "Yeah, Wanda just distracted me and you know what that means when you're sparring with Nat."
He grimaced slightly, imaging the beating you just experienced.
"I've definitely been there." He gestured for you to put your foot in his hand. "Here, give me your ankle."
You followed his instructions, lifting your left leg until he grabbed onto your ankle. He slowly pushed your leg forward, helping to stretch your hamstring.
You couldn't help but laugh at the way he had to bend over slightly to fully push on your leg.
"What's so funny?" He tickled your leg before gesturing for you to switch.
"Nothing. You're just really tall." You snickered again at his hunched over frame. Your foot didn't even reach his hips, meaning his back was arched at an odd angle to give him the correct leverage to help you stretch.
"Maybe you're just short. Ever think of that?" He raised a brow, dropping your right leg back to the floor. "C'mon, give me your hands."
You raised your arms up like a petulant child, knowing he would have to bend down to reach your hands.
He rolled his eyes at your childish behavior, but ultimately bent down to grasp your hands. He pulled you to your feet a bit too harshly causing your body to stumble into his.
Your head landed squarely against his chest, really showing off the height difference.
"See," he put a hand on top of your head. "You're just short."
You shoved him slightly, backing away from his warm body. "That may be true, but that doesn't mean you can go around saying it." You playfully glared at the much taller man.
"I'm sorry. Come with me, I'll make you a smoothie to make up for it."
Despite your best efforts, you couldn't keep the grin off your face.
You just knew Nat and Wanda would be all smirks when you inevitably filled them in on this whole encounter.
"Who moved all the mugs?" You muttered to yourself. You spent the last five minutes standing on the tips of your toes trying to reach the mugs that, for some reason, had been move to the very top shelf.
Then you spent another five minutes looking for the step stool you kept in the kitchen.
You were about to resort to climbing on top of the counter when Steve walked into the kitchen.
You didn't even have to ask for his help before he was walking up behind you and reaching for a mug. His body briefly brushed against yours as he pulled the mug from the shelf, plopping it down on the counter in front of you.
"Thank you." You smiled at him, unsure if you could form any additional words.
"Anytime, short stuff." He smirked.
"Hey! It's not my fault someone felt the need to reorganize the cabinets." You whined. "Who does that?"
"I think it was Tony." He chuckled. "He said something about helping two idiots realized they're in love." He shrugged.
"That man is so weird." The two of you laughed, completely oblivious to Tony's plan.
"You ready to go, punk?" Steve could tell just by the look on Bucky's face that something was up.
"What did you do, jerk?" He eyed him suspiciously.
"Nothing!" He quickly looked down the hall, knowing you and Sam were supposed to emerge any second.
"Sam! You promised you would take me to Coney Island today!" You followed him down the hall, not realizing Bucky and Steve were already in the living room.
"I know, but I can't! I have to fix my wings." He glanced at Bucky conspiratorially. "Tin man, Tony said he needs you in the lab. Something about updating the tech in your arm."
Bucky looked back at Steve.
"Sorry, man. Gotta go." Bucky went to leave, but turned back before he made it out of the doorway. "Why don't you and Y/N go?"
"That's a great idea!" Sam added on. "You two go have fun."
The two of them ran from the room together before you could protest.
"Looks like it's just you and me." You smiled at Steve, grabbing your purse and heading for the door. "You coming?"
"Definitely." He smiled right back at you before leading you to the car.
The car ride took a while, but it felt like no time at all while talking to Steve.
"What's your favorite part?" He gestured to the park map as the two of you walked in.
"I've actually never been before. That's why I was so bummed when Sam said he was busy." You looked around the park entrance, taking in all the bright colors and happy people.
"I'll just have to show you all of my favorite parts then." He smiled at the look of wonder on your face, slowly reaching for your hand.
"I'd like that." You bit your lip nervously, butterflies swarming in your stomach when he took your hand.
He showed you around the entire park, starting with the rides. You went on every ride you could, only stopping when a fan asked for an autograph or a picture from one or both of you.
"Those are all the best rides." He smiled confidently.
"Really? No ferris wheel?" You pouted a bit. "I've always wanted to ride a ferris wheel."
"Don't worry, we will." He grabbed your hand again. "It's better to save that for the end of the night. Right now, it's time for games."
You couldn't help but smile at his antics. He genuinely looked to be having the best time in the world, and you honestly felt the same way.
"Lead the way."
The two of you made your way to the arcade, where Steve let every kid beat him.
His face lit up with joy watching them celebrate beating Captain America at various carnival games. When the game seemed unbeatable, he would win and let the kid choose a prize.
At the last game, he whispered with one kid as you looked on suspiciously. The little boy grinned, nodding his head in complete seriousness before turning back to the game.
When Steve won, the little kid smiled bigger than anyone else had all day. Steve walked back over to you with an enormous gray teddy bear.
"Your losing streak ends." You gestured to the bear.
"Yeah, well little Michael over there said I needed to win a prize for my pretty friend. He said he'd throw the game for me." He spoke with complete seriousness, causing you to giggle.
"That might be the cutest thing I've ever heard." Your face was the epitome of heart eyes as you looked between Steve and the bear. You pulled him into a massive hug before finally stepping back and trying to calm down.
"What's next?" You grabbed the bear, holding it tightly in one arm.
"Food!" Again, he held your hand as he lead you around the park.
He walked with you along the boardwalk, pointing out various spots to get different foods. Some had been there since he was a kid, others were clearly newer.
"This used to be my favorite." He smiled fondly looking at the Nathan's Famous sign.
"Well then, what are we waiting for?" You walked confidently up to the window only to realize you had no idea what to order. "Steve! What should I get?"
He laughed at the panic on your face. Without even realizing, he put his arm around your shoulder, drawing you closer to him. You went easily, leaning into his touch.
"Can we get two Coney dogs and a large order of fries?" He asked the attendant taking orders. "Do you want anything to drink?" He looked down at you as though this were an everyday occurance.
"A slushie!" Your eyes went wide, a giddy kind of excitement growing in you.
"And two cherry slushies, please." He fished out his wallet with his free hand, still holding you close.
You moved to get money as well, but Steve shook his head. "This one's on me, sweetheart."
You all but melted at the pet name, hiding your smile by burying your head between your bear and his chest.
You signed a few more autographs and posed for more pictures while you waited for your food. A little kid came up to the two of you just as your order was called.
"I'll get it." You gestured for him to talk to the child.
"Captain America!" The little girl smiled widely when Steve crouched down to talk to her. "Are you on a date?"
Steve's face reddened at the question, but it made him think. "You know what, I think I am." He shook his head when he finally realized that Bucky and Sam set the two of you up without either of you realizing it.
"My mommy's gonna be sad. She said you're really handsome." The little girl laughed.
"Well, she's right. He is really handsome." You whispered conspiratorially as you returned with the food.
The little girl laughed before running back to her mom.
"C'mon, we can go sit on that bench." Steve gestured to an empty bench overlooking the beach. The two of you joked and laughed while you ate, but Steve couldn't stop thinking about the little girl's question.
"It's beautiful." You looked out over the sand. The sun was low in the sky, reflecting off the water.
"Breathtaking." Steve agreed, his eyes focused on you rather than the view.
"It's later in the day. Does that mean it's time for the ferris wheel?" You smiled widely, a common occurrence for the day.
"Yep. The ferris wheel is the very last thing to do before leaving." He threw away the trash from your meal before taking your hand in his.
"Why's that?" You looked up at him curiously.
"It's slow enough for you to enjoy the ride, even after eating. Plus, you get the best view from the top when the sun is setting." The two of you stood in line as he explained his reasoning.
"I guess you really know all the best tricks." You smiled at him, hugging the bear to avoid any embarrassing actions.
"Not really. Just the old ones." He joked.
"Steve Rogers! Did you just joke about your age?" You gaped at him playfully.
"Hey! If I can't joke about your height, you can't joke about my age." He pressed a hand to his chest in mock offense.
"I guess that's fair." You nudged him with your shoulder, but he remained solid as a rock.
The two of you sat next to each other in the cart, placing the stuffed bear across from you.
"You were right. This is an incredible end to a marvelous day." You looked out over the park, taking in the pink and orange hues from the sunset.
"Y/N... I think Sam and Bucky set us up." He looked at you nervously.
"Yeah, they did a great job of it too." You replied easily, having realized much earlier than Steve what was going on.
"You're not upset?" He questioned, a confused look on his face. You decided to respond with an unfamiliar amount of bravery.
"Steve, I had an incredible day. The only way I'd be upset is if you didn't kiss me at the end of it." You smiled shyly.
"What if I kissed you now, even though it's not technically the end?" His smile matched your own.
"That'd be okay too."
"You both leaned in, meeting in the middle for a soft and romantic first kiss. His lips moved against yours as if they were made for each other.
"Steve?" You pulled back for air.
"Yes?" He smiled blissfully, forehead still pressed against yours.
"I think we're the idiots in love with each other." You whispered softly, thinking back to what Tony had said.
"I think you might be right."
He smiled, pulling you to kiss you again.
"Steve?" You pulled back again, a bright smile on your face.
"Yes?" His eyes remained closed, just breathing in the moment.
"The ride is over..."
His eyes snapped open, a blush painting his cheeks when the ride attendant awkwardly cleared his throat.
"Sorry!" He jumped from the ride, grabbing the bear in one hand and you in the other.
"Where to now?" You questioned, laughing as he pulled you through the park.
"Home, so I can end this date right."
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outofplaceoutinspace · 21 hours ago
Them being home with you would include: - gentlemen
18+ Reader = gender-neutral reader
Pairing (couple): character x reader (choose your favourite/s)
Warnings: None.
Category: fluff
Requested: No.
A/N: Does anyone even read A/N's or am I the only one? Guess I'll never really know. But, those of you who have read some of my preferences so far will notice that some peeps are missing. The sole reason for that is that I have trouble finding so many different ideas, that's why I have limited myself to these. If you want me to write for someone that is not included here, don't hesitate to make a request! (Everything you need to know can be found on my pinned post! Also, you don't have to follow me in order to make a request. It would be nice, but it's not necessary.)
Now, I hope you still enjoy it!
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
lots of cuddles
watching movies together (oldies and modern one's)
going on walks together
you making sure he gets a good night's sleep
him telling you stories about his life before the war
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
slow dancing to '30s, '40s music in the evenings
him drawing you when you don't notice
cooking together
you showing him new books, movies and music
Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
lots of hikes
baking and cooking together for the cook-outs
the pair of you babysitting his nephews
playful fights
cosy evenings with cuddles & movies
Tumblr media
him telling you about Asgard and other planets
you introducing him further to terrestrial things
bear hugs
you cooking him various meals he never had before
Tumblr media
you giving him lots of classical books to read
cuddling & you listening to him telling you stories about his homeland
teaching him how to cook
him entertaining you by playfully mimicking your favourite actors
walks in the woods
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Those Who Fall: "APTF" Story (Modern Domestic Stucky AU)
"I want to see mimi!" Sophia said while Ethan agreed, signing, "Me too!"
Steve struggled to put pants on a wiggling Holly, and knew that it was probably selfish of him wanting it to just be him and Sarah. But he also didn't want the kids to see her at one of the -- if not thee -- lowest moments of her life. The kids didn't deserve to see her frail in a hospital bed with a stitched-up head wound.
So, Steve dismissively told the kids, "Maybe later."
When they went to argue, Bucky held his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and told them, "Listen to your papa," before he went back to speaking with the insurance company.
Putting a pantless Holly back in the Pack 'n Play, Steve turned to kiss Sophia's and Ethan's foreheads. Reminding the littles, "Be good for daddy, and please listen. Okay?"
"Okay," Sophia slumped, plopping back down on the made bed that Bucky was sitting on.
While Bucky used the hotel phone, Steve kissed his forehead just like he had the kids' and motioned with his hand that he'd call him later. Then, Steve left the hotel and made his way to the hospital. Not at all prepared to see Sarah. Not prepared to see the wounds those monsters inflicted on her. And even more terrified about what they could be doing to Wanda that very moment.
Shaking his head, Steve didn't want to think about that. Not right now. Not ever. He had to keep hoping that she was okay. That somehow, Vis was keeping her and their baby safe.
Pulling into the hospital parking lot, Steve flipped down the visor and checked his reflection. Blanched face, dark circles beneath red-rimmed eyes, Steve knew that Sarah would be able to spot these things from a mile off. But honestly, Steve wouldn't mind at all because at least that meant that Sarah was okay.
Entering the hospital, Steve approached the welcome desk and politely told the older woman, "I'm here to see Sarah Rogers."
There was a flash of recognition, and perhaps it was because Sarah was a nurse at this very hospital, but the woman softly smiled and correctly assumed, "Steven."
"She talks about me?" Steve chuckled under his breath, already feeling his eyes getting glassy from building tears.
"Only all the time," the woman confirmed, "Plus your picture is up. You have a truly beautiful family."
The emotion nearly strangling him, Steve's voice was hoarse as he said, "Thank you."
Clearly seeing the expression on Steve's face, the woman didn't wait any longer before giving him directions to Sarah's room. The entire way there, Steve couldn't help but worry about everything that could go wrong. How close he had come to losing Sarah forever. How something could happen and he could still lose Sarah.
Steve's chest clenched. He didn't know what he'd do if that happened. Didn't know how he'd be able to go on.
"… Do you remember anything else? Hair color? Eye color? Your grandchildren said that they were wearing masks."
Pausing just outside Sarah's room, Steve's brows furrowed as he heard Brock interviewing his mother. Sure, it was his job. But wasn't it a little early? After all, it was only eight fifteen and visiting hours started at eight. Had Brock been here since eight? Or had he been there even sooner considering he was a police officer?
"No, sorry. They were wearing stocking caps," Sarah answered. "Oh! They did have tattoos though."
"What kind of tattoos?"
"Um," Sarah tried to think the best she could with a head wound. "Gears and wires. Like they were robots."
Steve squeezed his eyes closed because he knew it. They all knew it.
Hearing shuffling as Brock stood, Steve moved back from where he was listening. Crossing his arms as Steve heard Brock say, "Thank you, Mrs. Rogers. I really appreciate it and I hope you get better soon."
"Thank you," Sarah accepted.
Leaving the room, Brock kept his gaze on the floor as he closed the door behind himself. As he went to take a step away from the door, his gaze lifted and his eyes went comically wide when he spotted Steve. Steve bit on the inside of his cheek as to stop himself from laughing at Brock's expression.
Snapping his gaping mouth closed, Brock crossed the short distance between them and asked, "What are you doing here?"
Steve gave him A Look and pointed to Sarah's room, "Making sure my mother is okay. What are you doing?"
"Getting a statement," Brock shrugged.
"Yeah, and do you believe my kids now?" Steve quirked a brow, wanting Brock to realize he was wrong and that he should've taken it seriously from the jump.
"It was never about believing them or not," Brock started and Steve rolled his eyes. Sighing in exasperation, Brock explained, "It was about remaining unbiased. That's my job, Steve."
"Right," Steve nodded and repeated, "Unbiased."
Brock rolled his eyes and shook his head, "You know what, I'm too tired for this shit. Have a nice day, Mr. Barnes."
Shaking his head, Steve crossed the hallway to Sarah's room while Brock left. Knocking on the door before peeking his head inside and seeing his mom in bed with a bandage on her forehead. Instantly tears started building in the rim of his eyes.
"Well, ya gonna stand over there all day or are ya gonna give me a hug?"
At that, Steve's tears spilled over and he didn't waste any time crossing the room to her bed. Instantly wrapping his arms around her, but trying to remain mindful of her injuries. Although he knew that she was a strong lady with having to raise his stubborn ass by herself once Joe passed and putting up with his attitude riddled teen years. But of course she was strong, who else would Steve have gotten it from?
"Oh, honey," Sarah rubbed his back, "It's okay. I'm okay."
"I just," Steve sniffled, pulling back as he sat on the edge of her bed, "I was so worried when I found you there, and then the kids were missing, and I --"
"I know," Sarah soothed, pushing his hair from his face.
Crying again, Steve threw himself back at her. Wanting to be held the way that only Sarah had ever been able to. Comforting him in a way that only she could. Even after becoming an adult and becoming a parent himself, only Sarah could make him feel safe like this. Just as she would after he had a nightmare or came home crying because of a school bully. The way that Steve hoped his own children felt with him.
"We'll find her," Sarah assured, smoothing his hair down and kissing the side of his face as she promised, "We will."
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