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#spider man x reader
sunshineandaisies · a day ago
Pairing: Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Words: 930
Warnings: language, plenty of angst
Tumblr media
Peter found you on a random rooftop in Queens, your knees drawn up to your chest as you sat in front of one of the many murals of Iron Man that painted the city following the victory over Thanos.
You knew he was there before he even said anything.
Despite the sounds of the city below, you heard his gentle landing behind you, heard his light footsteps as he padded closer and closer, heard his soft sigh as he realized just what you had been doing since you disappeared from the Tower over an hour ago.
He quietly sat beside you, pulling his mask off before finally saying, “Pepper’s worried about you. You kinda just disappeared in the middle of dinner.” Peter was a comforting presence beside you as you struggled to stay afloat in your grief; your personal life preserver in your tide of emotions. “I told her I’d find you and convince you to go home before it gets too late.”
“Home,” you muttered and laughed mirthlessly. “It doesn’t feel like home without him.”
“Y/N,” Peter breathed, his voice hardly louder than a whisper. “I know that you… I miss him, too.”
“This isn’t the first time I’ve lost him,” you whispered, your voice breaking ever so slightly as a sob threatened to escape you. Tears were blurring your vision, but no amount of tears would distort the image of Iron Man - of your father - enough to forget the pain that just seeing the tributes to him caused without fail. “I’ve lost him before, but he’d always come back. He’d always come home.” You furiously swiped at the stray tears, hating how weak it made you feel, how broken it made you feel. Especially in front of Peter. It was useless, and new tears swiftly replaced those that you wiped away. “This is the first time he’s not coming back.”
Peter didn’t respond. What do you say to someone who lost as much as you had? Your sobs filled the silence, and Peter hung his head in defeat.
“Why did it have to be him?” you choked out. You hadn’t expected Peter to answer. Hell, he was probably wondering the same thing. You tore your gaze away from the mural for the first time in nearly forty minutes, your frustration bubbling to the surface. “He knew what those fucking stones could do to him, and he still used them anyway!”
You wanted to scream and rage and cry and...and you wanted to hug your dad and never let him go. You couldn’t even remember the last time you hugged him. Had it been on the battlefield? So much had been happening around you that you couldn’t even remember if you’d hugged your dad.
The tears kept coming, faster and faster. Had you hugged your dad one last time before he died, before he sacrificed his life to put an end to Thanos once and for all? You didn’t know, and it only made your loss hurt even more.
“Why did it have to be him?” you repeated, leaning into Peter and resting your head on his shoulder. Instinctively, his arm wrapped around your waist, holding you close to him. “Why did he have to leave me? What about Morgan? What about Pepper? What about you? Why did he have to leave us?”
“He saved us,” Peter answered, but it sounded strangled, as if he were feeling just as lost without your dad as you felt. “He beat Thanos.”
You finally looked up at your companion, scanning the features of his face. His eyes were rimmed red, unshed tears shimmering within them, and the dark circles beneath them were even more pronounced from the shadows cast over his face by the lights of the city. “We could have found another way. There had to be another way. There just had to.”
Again, Peter didn’t respond. He didn’t know how.
Instead, he took your face between his hands, gently wiping your tears away with a soft brush of his thumbs. You sat there in silence, just staring at one another and trying to communicate what neither of you could bring yourselves to say.
‘Don’t leave me, too’.
The sound of a notification on your phone broke the moment, and you hesitantly pulled your phone from your pocket to see a barrage of texts from the last hour. Some were from Pepper, a couple from Rhodey, but most were from Peter himself before he’d found you. The most recent text, however, was from Pepper, asking if you’d be home in time to say goodnight to Morgan.
Having read the text over your shoulder, Peter asked, “Want me to swing you home?”
There it was again. Home. How could the place that taunted you with memories of your father ever be a home to you again?
You glanced at the boy beside you, the boy that had been your companion in grief for the last few months. Peter was the only one that could dry your tears and ease the ache in your heart. It was no surprise that it was him and not Sam or Rhodey or even Pepper that came after you once you disappeared in the middle of ‘family dinner’ at the Tower.
“Will you stay with me?” you asked, and after a brief flash of panic in his chocolate eyes, he nodded.
And just like that, with a simple nod of his head, an immense weight lifted from your shoulders. Maybe the Tower would eventually feel like home again so long as Peter was by your side.
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spideyanakin · a day ago
Dead Poets Society (Chapter 2)
Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis - 1959, your grandfather being the headmaster of Welton Academy - an all boys Boarding School, wanted you close to him after your parents death. Forcing you to join beyond any rules to be a student there. Despite strict rules you still fell in love with one. But Tom seems to be loosing the will to live when his strict family forces their wishes on him. Can one amazing teacher change your lives forever?
Series Masterlist 🍓
Normal Masterlist 🧚🏼‍♀️
Tumblr media
Chapter 2 - Carpe Diem
September 15
The year wasn’t so boring after all.
“What do you mean you went to see her at her school?” You stopped Sam as he darted from Tom’s room to his.
“An angel.” He grinned as he planted himself in front of you with a dreamy look in his eyes. “Love of my life.” He mumbled making you smile.
“Well, what did she say?” You bounced on your heels in anticipation.
“I don’t know.” He looked away and then back to you. “I didn’t talk to her.”
“What do you mean you didn’t talk to her!?” you punched his chest with the back of your hand, hating the ending of his story. “Why!?”
“Her boyfriend...” He slumped his shoulder and walked back to his dorm, lightly slamming the door behind him. As if on cue your own boyfriend arrived in a fury running in the hallway like a mad man.
“I found what I truly want to do!” He looked into your eyes before shoving a piece of paper into your hands.
“A Midsummer night's dream?” You raised an eyebrow as you watched him jump up and down on his bed. You shared a concerning look with Harrison. “What does it have to do with you?” You fought back a smile.
“They’re putting it on a Kingston Hall.” He replied/scream earning raised eyebrows. “Open Tryouts! OPEN TRYOUTS!” He shouted turning to you and moving his hands towards you like he wanted to just grab your face and kiss you but couldn’t. He huffed in frustration and made a full circle.
“I’m going to act!” He smiled with a dreamy look in his eyes. “YES! YES! I’m gonna be an actor!” You watched your boyfriend as his eyes filled with sparks. “I wanted to try this forever but my father wouldn’t let me!”
“Yeah, I remember when you wanted to try for the summer play last year.” You smiled in admiration, leaning on his doorway.
He looked at you like the world couldn’t get any better “For the first time in my whole life, I know what I wanna do. AND IM GOING TO DO IT! CAARRPEE DIEEEEEAM!” He screamed with a chuckle.
“Tom, hold on. What if your father finds out?” Harrison broke in.
“To hell with him!” You giggled, happy to see Tom happy.
“Yes.” He turned to you and huffed a laugh. “He won’t. First I need to get the part and then I can worry about him finding out.” He looked at you and smiled again. “If I don’t ask him, at least I won’t be disobeying him.”
“I’m happy for you.” you reached for him and squeezed his shoulder, the contact being short but sending shivers down both your bodies.
“No touching!” Harrison joked imitating your grandfather’s voice. You scrunched up your nose.
“Ew. Don’t do that again, Haz.”
September 28
“When are you getting the audition results?” You asked Tom as Sam took Harry's place in the middle of the circle.
“Next week.” He whispered back.
“My actor.” You ruffled his hair before pressing a kiss to his lips.
Sam cleared his throat when the kiss wouldn't stop. You both blushed with a light chuckle, resting your head on his shoulder to look at Sam who was ready to say his poem.
“Now" He stretched his arms and cracked his knuckles. "In honor of my love for Chris.”
"Who I still haven't met by the way?" You raised an eyebrow. "I need to check if she's worthy of you."
"You'll meet her soon enough." He chuckled. "Anyways, I have prepared a poem.”
“Like the one you wrote for class?” Harry grinned.
“No.” Sam deadpanned before clearing his throat again, straightening himself, and opening the book of verse. “This one is from Romeo and Juliet.” He gave Harry a death glare.
“Well, c’mon do your poem.” You grinned, Tom wrapping his hand a little tighter around your waist.
“But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Chris is the sun.” Everyone laughed at the name change, the vibration of Tom’s laughter making your heart skip a beat. “Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief, That thou her maid art far more fair than she:”
You thought for a second as you heard Sam’s words. You lifted your stare to look at Tom. You couldn’t help but stare at him as the words of love escaped your friend's mouth. You loved Tom more than anything in the whole wide world, and nothing could alter that.
Right here, at that moment, you knew he was the one you were meant to spend the rest of your life with. The one you wanted to spend the rest of your life with.
“Wait a minute.” Harry broke Sam’s speech as he watched you look at Tom with a love-struck expression. “Didn’t Romeo and Juliet get married like the second they met?” His lips broke into a grin.
“Yeah. They fell in love and got married right away. Why?” you replied.
“You two should get married.”
“What?” Both you and Tom turned your full attention to Harry who couldn’t stop smiling at the idea.
“It would be just the poets. There’s a village far enough they won’t know who we are, but close enough we can go by bike right now and come back before curfew. It's Saturday who cares if we leave campus? They have this beautiful little chapel. You guys should do it! Carpe Diem right?”
You blinked as his words soaked it.
“Make this Romeo and Juliet but without the death! Write your own story! Seize the goddamn day! Carpe Diem for Christ sakes” He continued. “The two of you love each other so much you would get married someday anyway!” You cheeks flushed at that comment. “Why not do it now!?” He aggressively banged his hands together to make his point.
You turned to look at Tom, he met your eyes for a slight second before turning towards Sam. “Give me the book.” He waved his hand and Sam handed it to him.
“What’s your favorite poem again? Some with the sea?” You didn’t understand what he was doing but you replied anyway.
“Yeah, Out of the rolling ocean the crow by Whitman. Why?” You looked at him while he flipped through the pages. “I think it’s page 289.”
Tom took your word and went to page 289 - indeed seeing the poem.
“Does anyone have a quill?” Everyone’s stare was glued to Tom who looked in a hurry. Harrison handed him his and Tom scribbled something on the neighboring page before ripping out the one with your poem on it.
“Tom, what the heck?” Instead of answering you, he stood up and walked to the other corner of the cave turning his back to everyone.
“Sam, will you help me with this?” Sam awkwardly nodded before trotting towards Tom.
Harry took the book from the floor and read what was scribbled. ‘Sorry if this page is missing, I needed something to propose the love of my life with.’ Harry shook his head and smiled.
“You son of a bitch” He chuckled and you looked at Harry in confusion. Before you could even grab the book and read it for yourself Tom turned around and stared down at you.
“Stand up.” He asked and you followed orders, dusting some dirt off your pants when you did. You looked at him up and down and noticed he was hiding the paper behind his back. “Y/n?” His soft tone echoed through the cave. All the boys stayed silent as they carefully listened.
“Yeah?” He took one of your hands in his free one, still locking eyes with you. He slowly got down on one knee and that’s when you realized what he was doing. The page was folded into a ring. 
He looked up to you with hope-filled eyes and started speaking again.
“To the one who took my heart,
I have loved you ever since I saw you,
as my love for you is as boundless as is It true.
Heaven is where you and I kiss each other,
So will you marry me?
And if you do agree,
I will be yours forever,
Dead Poet’s Honor.”
He squeezed your hand as he waited for your answer.
You took a second to really look at him. Taking in the sight of the love of your life. He looked gorgeous in the light of the moon. His messy hair and brown eyes sparkling. You thought about how literally 2 minutes ago you thought about the answer to that question and a huge smile painted your lips. You nodded as happy tears started coming to your eyes.
“Yes.” You blurt out jumping into his arms. “Yes, yes, yes, yes.” You cried as you attacked him with kisses. He wrapped his arms around your waist as you did, taking in every second of happiness that this moment was bringing him.
“I love you so much.” He smiled before you crashed your lips to his again, smiling into the kiss.
He suddenly pulled away and grabbed your left hand, placing the poem ring on your finger. The whole cave echoed in claps and cheers worst than the time you had told Tom you loved him back, and the whole group started patting your backs.
Harry looked at his watch. "C'mon guys let's go!" He yawped with joy.
Tom locked your lips with his before picking you up bridal style. The cave still rang with chants and claps, and they didn't die out as you made your way back towards the campus.
He dropped you once you were back, and you all sprinted towards your bikes.
You all took random ones, Paddy almost tripping on one as the hurry got to him. You all started heading towards the road until an idea popped into your mind.
"Wait." you were almost out of the school's territory before you dropped your bike and sprinted towards the headmaster's house that was just near the perimeter.
They all watched you as you disappeared in between the trees, getting a glimpse of you when you climbed your window and stepped into your room.
You caught your breath before walking towards your closet, grabbing a chair on the way. You couldn’t remove the smile off your lips as you climbed on it and pushed out of the top shelf the huge Louis Vuitton Malle where all your mother's best belongings had been stored.
You opened it, taking in your mother's scent. It brought a sudden wave of nostalgia towards you as you sat on the floor and removed old photos that rested on top. You laid them on the floor of your room as you searched for the piece of clothing you wanted. You smiled when you saw the picture of your parents’ wedding that sat on a beautiful soft silk fabric.
You removed the picture, smiling when you saw it. The smile on your mother’s and father's face brought a feeling of pure happiness inside you. A sudden thought passed through you - you were going to get to live that happiness right now, with Tom.
That’s when you realized. Pictures. You at least needed someone to take pictures.
You jumped up and walked back towards your closet, fumbling with a few things before finally getting your hands on a camera. You dusted the lens and tried a picture, smiling when it got out in perfect condition. You got all your recharges and put them in your duffle bag along with the camera itself.
You walked back to the suitcase. Removed a few pouches, opening them to reveal the most beautiful pieces of jewelry. You’d just have to pick your favorite.
Finally, your hand landed on what you wanted.
The silky dress that was under the wedding picture. Your mother’s wedding dress. It was a simple dress but it was still the most beautiful one you had seen. You unfolded it and admired the hand-sewn details.
You didn't care if it fitted, but you packed it. You played around with all your jewelry collection until you made the perfect match. A necklace, pearl earrings, a beautiful shiny bracelet, and pretty hair clips. You even grabbed a bracelet that use to be your father’s for Tom.
You placed everything back in the Malle, and that’s when you realized there was something glued to the back of the wedding picture.
A transparent bag with two wedding rings. You didn’t think twice before taking them.
Your heart pounded with anticipation, a shiver of excitement passing through you when you jumped with the duffle bag on your shoulder, landing on the soft grass and running back towards the waiting boys.
“What's that future Mrs. Holland?” Tom wondered when he saw the bag over your shoulder, stealing you a kiss before you mounted your bike again.  
"Something - A surprise." He liked the sparkle in your eyes when you said it.
"And where's Harry?"
"He left too - said he needed to grab something."
“I can’t believe the two of you are getting married” Harrison grinned. "What would his parents and your grandpa said if they knew?” He let out a chuckle of disbelief.
“They won't” You bit your lip fighting back a smile. “We’ll make sure of that.” You nodded and looked left to see Tom staring back.
"I'm here!" Harry screamed sprinting towards you with his bag going up and down.
"What's this?" Paddy raised an eyebrow.
"You'll see."
An hour later and you all parked your bikes behind a beautiful little white stone Chapelle. You smiled, gripping the handle of your bag a little tighter.
“Wait, before we go in!” You zipped your bag open and fished out your camera. Waving it towards the boys.
“You’re a genius.” Harry’s face lit up.
“I brought enough recharges to make at least 60 photos.” You grinned as you showed them some picture paper packets.
Harry took the camera from you. “C’mon guys.” He waved for you to come into a group, Tom didn’t hesitate to wrap his arm around your waist as you did. Harry clicked a few selfie-like pictures, one with you and Tom kissing as they all made disgusted faces, another one where you all did funny faces, and a more serious one with a few smiles.
You took a second to look at the Chapelle. It was a beautiful place. It was very small like it could host a max of 20 people and the outside walls were full of flowers and leaves that had climbed all the way up the roof.
“Shall we?” You wondered, sharing a smile with Tom that made your cheeks warm up. You walked inside, and the calmness of the place brought a certain feeling of peace inside, easing all your nerves at once.
A priest was standing at the other end, fumbling with something.
“How can I help you?” He wondered when he lifted his head to see a group of 6 teens staring at him.
“Yes.” You took a step forward. “We’d like to have a wedding. Right now if it’s possible.”
“A wedding?” He looked at you for a second, his stare shifting to yours and Tom's intertwined hands “I assume it’s the two of you?” You nodded. 
“Aren’t you a little too young?” He wondered at loud and quickly realized with the look in everyone's eyes that there was no arguing. “Are you sure you want to do this?”
“Yes.” You squeezed Tom’s hand.
“Alright.” He shrugged and turned to his altar. “Do you guys at least have better clothes? Or will you get married in those school uniforms?” He wondered with a chuckle.
"I do." You unshoulder your bag.
"And I got this for you." Harry gave his bag to Tom. "I couldn't let you get married in these ugly, lives threatening clothes now could I?"
“Harry?” You opened the back door of the chappel only to reveal your head.
Tom was changing behind a screen and the priest was starting some preparations around the altar.
There was no one but trees for kilometers away, so you weren't scared to get changed outside.
“Yeah?” He wondered as he met your eyes
“Could you come here for a second?” you asked and Harry looked around, confusion written all over his eyes. When you didn’t get a response you continued. “I promise I’m decent.” You chuckled. “I just need to ask you something.”
Harry shuffled with his Welton tie as he trotted towards you. You opened the door, staying behind it until you closed it. He moved his head up to see you - freezing when he took in your appearance.
You had untied and brushed your hair, it fell perfectly around your face, making you look like a goddess. You were personally surprised the dress fitted so well. It hugged every part of your body perfectly. The skirt was loose but the top part hugged your stomach and chest. The short sleeves fitted perfectly and the way it looked on you made you smile. It was meant to be.
Harry continued scanning your beautiful figure as the jewels perfectly reflected on your skin. He had never seen you like this - he felt his jaw drop.
“First, will you help with the buttons?” You wondered as you turned around taking your hair in your hands, making sure it wouldn’t get in the way. Harry nodded, feeling every word stuck in the back of his throat. You chuckled at his silence.
“You- you look beautiful.” He mumbled when you turned around.
“Thank you. Now I have something to ask you.” You looked into his eyes, a pause falling as he waited for your question. “Will you give me away?”
“Oh wow." His eyes lit up when he realized what you were asking. "I would love to!”
“Thank you.” You brought him into a tight hug. “This means a lot.” You let out a wobbly sigh into his arms.
“Don’t worry it’s normal.” He smiled awkwardly patting your shoulder. “You’re my best friend Y/n/n - I’m not going to let you walk down the aisle alone.” He scoffed like it would be an insult to let you do that.
“Also.” You pulled away from the hug and got something from your bag. “I found this in my mother's things. If you could give it to the priest.” Harry’s face lit up when he saw the rings.
“I knew we were missing something” He clicked his tongue with a smirk. “This is going to be amazing.” He shook his head.
“Tell me about it.”
“Nervous?” Harry wondered as you blew an agitated breath, holding on tight to a small bouquet of wildflowers.
“A little.” You smiled. “Excited nervous.” You looked at the Chapelle doors.
You were all ready and Tom was on the other end of the aisle, waiting for you - with all the boys sitting on the edge of their seats in the front row.
Sam had the camera lens locked on Tom’s face eagerly waiting to capture his face when you entered.
“Alright.” You smiled and Harry folded his arm so you could hold it. “Let’s do this.”
The air got sucked out of your lungs right there. You looked down the aisle to meet Tom’s eyes. He did indeed clean himself up as Harry asked.
He looked beautiful, in a suit you had probably never seen him wear before. His hair might have still been ruffled from the bike ride but that didn’t make him look any less godly. Candles reflected in his eyes making them look like pretty pools of honey.
You could just stare at him all day - and it took everything in you to remember how to walk.
Tom could say the same thing. All the sudden he forgot how to breathe. He had never seen you in a dress before and you looked like the way people say Aphrodite look like.
All the boys were starstruck by you - envying Tom but without an ounce of jealousy in them. 
Harry gave you a quick kiss on the cheek as you let go of his arm. You stepped up and met Tom’s eyes from close. You could bet he was on the edge of tearing up - and so were you.
You reached for Tom’s hand you felt sparks fly when they met. As if it was the very first time you had ever held him. His skin felt warm on yours and you never wanted to let go.
The priests said a bunch of random words but you were too focused on looking at Tom to hear them - so was Tom. He couldn’t stop staring and you and both of you blushed under each other's glances.
“Does anybody oppose?” Sam stood up and you and Tom’s heart went at lightning speed. All the boys looked at him like he was a mad man.
He cleared his throat. “I don’t actually oppose.” He gave a sheepish smile when he saw the weird look everyone was giving him. Everyone blew a thankful breath.
“I just- I wanted to say that I’ve never seen any two people who love each other the way these two do, Dead Poets Honor.” He put a hand over his heart “Even my parents don’t have the same look in their eyes. I love you both of you so much and I'm so happy you found each other. And I hope that someday Chris will look at me the way you look at Tom.” You puffed out a teary chuckle.
You wiped your eyes at his words and so did Harry and Paddy who nodded along - emotions catching up with everyone. You mumbled a thank you before bringing your stare back to your fiance.
“Well, thank you for that gentlemen. Now,” He turned his stare back to you and your husband to be. “Tom Holland, do you take-”
“Yes.” Everyone chuckled.
“Sorry.” He grinned when the priest looked at him with playful anger.
“I’ll repeat.” He cleared his throat. “Tom Holland, do you take Y/n-”
“Yes.” Everyone giggled at Tom.
“Will you please let me finish?” This time he seemed almost angry and Tom looked at him with a cheeky smile. “Alright, I know we all know the answer to this but formalities." He shrugged. "Tom Holland, do you take Y/n L/n to be your wife?”
“Yes.” Tom took a step closer to you as he placed the ring that was once your mother's on your finger. "Dead poets honor." He smile.
“Y/n L/n” He turned to you. “Do you take Tom Holland to be your husband?”
“Yes.” You nodded fighting back a tear when you placed your father’s wedding ring on Tom’s finger. "Dead poets honor"
“Congratulations. You are now husband and wife... You may kiss the bride.” The priest smiled when he saw the way you and Tom and looked up from your hands to each other’s eyes.
Tom took a second to step closer to you, placing his hand on your cheek to wipe a falling tear. He took your appearance in and you did the same.
For a second you felt like the only two people in the world and nothing else mattered. You brought your hand to his chest as he suddenly leaned in kissing you like it was the last time your lips would ever touch.
He held your waist as the kiss deepened, and you smiled when you were brought back to earth with the numerous cheers and claps that echoed in the small Chappell. The boys cheered and sang like this place wasn’t sacred, or was suppose to stay quiet. It was the best moment of your life.
In this moment, you knew life was never going to be boring again. 
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hollandlover19 · a day ago
orgasm denial with sub!tom would be UGHHH imagine him begging u to cum
Oh you don’t even know
He would get so desperate
But then you’d make him count his edges:
“How many baby boy?”
“Fu-t- 21- fuck- baby please- please let me c-cum,”
but you’d just keep edging him and edging him,
“But you’ve been a bad boy, and bad boys don’t get to cum.”
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hollandlover19 · a day ago
ok but choking sub!tom while you ride him🤤🤌
Oooohhhh imagine tho
He wants to touch you so bad but he’s not allowed to so he’s fisting the sheets and he’s not allowed to move his hips ether but it’s getting hard cuz he knows he won’t be able to get over the edge if he doesn’t and you know it too so you wrap your hand around his neck and start putting a little bit of pressure on his pulse point, then you watch his eyes roll to the back of his head as he cums
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hollandlover19 · a day ago
spitting in tom’s mouth 👀
Meh I’m not that into spitting kinks
Totally fine if you are tho☺️
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shaded-echoes · a day ago
Inauspicious Stars // Chapter I
Stark!Peter Parker x Rogers!Reader
About ten paragraphs in I stopped just doing word for word translations into modern English.
Romeo and Juliet Taglist: @potters-heart
<<<Previous Part
“Up next: fanatics from Team Iron Man and Team Cap clash in the streets. Ever since the Civil War, a minority of overzealous supporters have had brawls all over New York City.” The news anchor grabs your attention, and you stop flipping through the channels.
The camera switches to a live video feed, showing the fight escalate. You watch as War Machine arrives, arc reactor gauntlets moving to point at different people. “Alright, everybody, just calm down. Stop fighting.”
Clint jumps down to where Rhodes is floating, specially-designed arrow drawn and ready. “Seriously, threatening these cowards? Shut up, Rhodes, don’t have those be your last words.”
“Look, man, I’m just trying to stop the fight. Put down your weapon, or use it to help me.”
Clint scoffs. “Wow, aiming at people and talking of peace? I hate that word, as much as I hate hell, all Team Iron Man’s, and you. Come at me, coward!”
With the involvement of Clint and Rhodes, the fight only grew. Finally, Thaddeus Ross’ Accords enforcers and the police show up. Steve Rogers, your father, and Natasha Romanoff-Rogers, your mother, aren’t too far behind.
“What’s happening? Quick, Nat, grab my shield!” Steve exclaims, ready—per usual—to rush headfirst into the fight.
“You need a crutch, not a shield. Calm down, Steve.”
Tony Stark and Pepper Potts-Stark arrive as well.
“Grab my shield!” Steve insists. “Stark is here, in his suit!”
“Aww, Rogers, sad that you’re too old to fight me?” Tony coos mockingly.
“Tony, if you move so much as one inch and fight...” Pepper allows her voice to trail off threateningly.
All further discourse is halted by the arrival of Thaddeus Ross, soldiers at his side. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Neighbor fighting neighbor, and for what? Misplaced enthusiasm in warring superhero factions? This is why the Sokovian Accords are in place, why they’re necessary. Can’t you see? You would let superheroes rule your lives this much?
“I’ve chosen to be lenient this time. The next time a brawl like this breaks out, my men have orders to take down instigators with extreme prejudice and no discrepancies between side, age, etcetera. All of you, leave. Rogers, come with me; Stark, we’ll have a talk this afternoon. Again, on pain of death, everyone leave.”
Under Ross’ watchful eye, the crowd slowly begins to disperse. Steve attempts to catch Tony’s eye, but his mask shutters closed as he takes off, Rhodey following. Pepper sends a glare towards Steve and Nat as she climbs into the car and Happy drives her off. No one notices the high schooler with a fedora get in on the other side but Pepper, Steve heading off with Ross and Nat heading home with Clint.
Once Happy, Pepper, and Ned reach the tower, catching up with the far faster Tony and Rhodey in their suits, Pepper, Tony, and Ned end up in the living room talking.
“What idiot started the fight?” Tony asks no one in particular, shaking his head as he mutters. He shifts, locking eyes with Ned. “Ned, you were there, what happened?”
“There was this huge crowd of Iron Man and Captain America supporters fighting when I was walking, I don’t know why, I missed the start of it. Mr. Rhodey showed up to stop them, and right then came Mr. Hawkeye, looking to fight, and so he goaded Mr. Rhodey and attacked and they started fighting. Mr. Rhodey was doing it in self defense, though. And then I heard somebody insult Peter, so I decked him and I got involved too. Well, I attempted to deck him—it didn’t work out too well.” Ned points to his black eye. “And then more people kept coming and coming, fighting for either side, until Mr. Ross showed up as well and stopped it.”
“And where’s Peter? Have you seen him yet today?” Pepper questions. “I’m glad he at least wasn’t involved in this fight.”
“Well, yes. I think? I mean, I went to go find him, ‘cause I got stuck on the new Lego Death Star—I finished the Millenium Falcon—and he hadn’t wanted to help build it before but I thought he might now so I went to go see him. Turned out, I finally found him, but he noticed me and swung away and I couldn’t catch up. I figured he wanted to be alone and was like thinking of something or something, so I thought it’d be best to leave him be and talk to him when he wasn’t busy.”
Tony sighs, plopping down on the couch beside Pepper. “I’m going to have to put my foot down,” he mutters, running a hand over his face. Louder, he adds, “Kid keeps staying up all night. Teens and their angsty heartbreak crap. Just sits there, sullenly not doing anything but sighing. And then once the sun comes up, it’s like he runs away from it, coming home and locking himself in his room all day. Won’t even come in the lab—the heck happened with that?—or patrol except as an excuse to be out at night. Locks himself in his room and closes the blinds, surprised he’s not asked me to paint his room black yet.”
“Mr. Stark, do you know... why?” Ned asks tentatively.
“I don’t know and he won’t tell me.”
Ned thinks hard, trying to come up with something, but his eyes widen when he notices Peter shuffling his feet sluggishly as he walks down the hall, slouching and hunching in on himself.
“Peter!” Ned calls out excitedly, missing the other’s expression once he sees his friend and increased pace to the kitchen. To Tony, Ned says, “Mr. Stark, I bet I can get him to tell me what’s wrong.”
Tony nods, offering Pepper his arm. “Thanks, kid. Tell me what’s wrong later.”
With that, the couple leaves. Ned goes off to the kitchen after his best friend.
Peter closes the fridge door, pile of food in his hands. As he meets Ned’s eyes, he freezes like a deer in headlights.
“Morning, Pete!” Ned greets cheerily.
“It’s only morning?” Peter grouses, grumpily sitting at the kitchen island and beginning eating. His hair is a mess, unbridled and tangled, and his eyes have dark circles under them.
“It’s only nine,” FRIDAY offers helpfully.
“Time slows when you’re having sad,” Peter mutters. Louder, he questions, “Was that Dad who left so quick?”
“It was. Why are you having the big sad sad?”
“Because I don’t have the big happy happy,” Peter snarks rudely.
Ned gives his best friend another once-over. His eyes widen in understanding and he makes an unintelligible noise of comprehension. “Ohhhh. You’re in love,” he says wisely.
“Lucky me,” Peter grumbles.
“Lucky her.”
“She doesn’t want me.” It comes out as a whine at the end.
“She’s so pretty, she might as well be Venus.” Peter sighs dreamily before launching into a soliloquy of his puppy-love crush’s perfection. A full five minutes later, he turns to Ned, eyes narrowing. “You’re not laughing?”
Ned pats his friend’s back awkwardly. “No, I’d never laugh. I’m more likely to cry than anything else?”
“Cry at what?”
“You’re so... depressed. I don’t like seeing you this way. I don’t know if even my fedora can fix this.”
“Well, I think I’m going to prove that one can literally die of a broken heart,” Peter bemoans. Changing his tune, he peers up at his best friend. “You really mean it?” Without waiting for a response, Peter goes back to mopey and depressed, giving Ned whiplash from the mood swings. “Honestly, you being sad just makes me sadder. Why is everyone sad now? I think it’s because love is sad. Saaaaaad.”
Honestly, at this point, Ned is wondering if Peter is high (he’s not), but he’s too busy being the supportive caring best friend to pay too much attention.
Peter stands, done with his food. “Welp, bye, Ned.”
“Here, I’ll come with you. And before you say anything, you’ll hurt my feelings if you don’t let me come.”
“I’m not here for you to come with. I’m not Peter, he’s somewhere else. I’m just a sad, empty husk of a person.”
“At least tell me who you’re crushing on, then.”
“It’s not a crush, it’s love,” Peter whines.
“Okay, okay,” Ned placates. “Tell me who you’re in love with.”
“I love this girl.”
Ned barely manages to not roll his eyes. “I figured, when you said ‘she’ so many times in reference.”
“See! Astute. Oh, and she’s pretty.”
“Yeah, because it took Sherlock Holmes to figure that out,” Ned mumbles sarcastically.
“She’s as smart as Sherlock Holmes,” Peter waxes dreamily, “and witty, and pretty, and in the Decathlon, and has good common sense. She’s not the type of person to fall in love with the handsomest jock or anything or act dumb and stuff, she’s sensible.”
“So what’s the problem?”
Peter’s smile drops. “She’s lesbian,” he says sadly.
“Oh.” Ned understands. Peter is respectful—if someone says they don’t like him, he won’t ask again, and he won’t make someone uncomfortable by asking if he already knows they don’t.
“Yeah,” Peter agrees miserably. “She’s too smart and too pretty to like guys. I’m doomed, Ned, doomed and dead.
“C’mon, Pete, forget about her.”
“And how do you propose I do that?” Peter challenges.
“Find some other pretty girl, you’ll be fine.”
“Do you hear yourself?” Peter is flabbergasted. “No one’s as pretty as she is, Ned. It’s impossible to do. And you really think I’d fall out of love with her for some other girl? She’s perfect, I wouldn’t do that. Bye, Ned. I can’t just forget her.”
“I’ll believe it when I see it.”
With that, the two leave.
Next Part>>>
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hollandlover19 · a day ago
calling tom a pretty boy while he eats you out would be a fuckin dream 🤤🤤
Ooohhhhhh my god
His eyes would roll to the back of his head if he heard that, he would start drooling 🤤
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bi-bard · a day ago
Breathe- Peter Parker Imagine (Spider-Man)
Tumblr media
Title: Breathe
Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader
Requested: Nope
Word Count: 422 words
Warning(s): cussing, negative self-talk (be nice to yourself, please)
Summary: After doing something that felt ridiculous, (Y/n) turns to Peter for comfort and someone to rant to.
Author's Note: This is inspired by something that happened to me and I needed some self-comfort.
I shoved open the door to Peter's place and slammed it shut. May watched me as I threw my bag to the floor and rubbed circles into my eyes.
"Nice to see you too," May mumbled, walking over.
"May," I asked. "May I please swear?"
"If you need to," she replied hesitantly.
"FOR FUCK"S SAKE," I yelled before taking a few deep breaths.
"Oh no," she pulled me into a hug without any more questions.
"What's going on," Peter asked as he walked into the room.
"Don't know yet," May replied. "But... how about you two go talk and I'll bring up some food in a minute."
"Thank you," I muttered before stepping back.
Peter grabbed my bag off the floor before wrapping an arm around me and leading me to his room. I sat with my back against the pillows. Peter sat next to me and placed my bag at the end of the bed. His arms wrapped around me again.
"Now," he said. "Let me know what's going on?"
"It's dumb," I shook my head.
"Not if it's this upsetting."
"I... I was studying for one of my classes and I got through the whole chapter and then found out that I had studied some completely wrong chapters," I said. "So I did extra work and am still behind."
"Oh, sweetheart," Peter kissed my forehead as he saw how upset I really was.
"I just feel so stupid."
"Hey, it's alright, you're alright."
I curled into Peter's side and hid my face from him. He rubbed his hands up and down my back. He occasionally kissed my head and whispered sweet nothings in my ear. I looked up when I heard the door open.
"Pizza," May asked, holding the box out as a peace offering. Peter chuckled and nodded, mumbling a thank you to her.
I sat up and thanked her properly. Peter sat up with me, grabbing a slice for both of us.
"I've just... I've had no motivation to keep working," I explained. "Why would I want to when I made such a ridiculous mistake?"
"I could help you," Peter offered.
"We aren't in the same classes," I chuckled.
"I can still help," he leaned over and grabbed my bag. "What class do you need the most help in?"
"Peter, you don't have to-"
He leaned over and pecked my lips, "I want to... okay?"
"Okay," I nodded. "Thank you."
"Of course," Peter kissed me again before pulling out one of my textbooks. "Now, let's get to work."
What I Write For
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When Worlds Collide (Doctor Who Crossover Series) Masterlist
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folklore/evermore Writing Challenge (and Masterlist)
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hollandlover19 · a day ago
what names do you think sub!tom would use in bed?
Baby, is what he uses the most
Peaches, when he’s really desperate
And that’s all I can think of.
I’m not that great with pet names 😅
But please send more in
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sunshineandaisies · a day ago
Cabin Fever Masterlist
Tumblr media
Summary: What was meant to be a weekend at the cabin with Peter, Pepper, and Morgan very quickly turned into a weekend alone with your best friend and your recently acknowledged feelings for him thanks to a certain assumption made by your step-mother.
Pairing: College!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader
Status: On-Going
Words: ~3.6k+
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Part One
Part Two
More Coming Soon
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hollandlover19 · 2 days ago
If you insist lol concept: sub tom eating out his princess with his hands tied on his knees
Oooooohhhh okay
Imagine how whiny he would get cuz he wants to hold you down so bad and you keep moving and it’s making him frustrated and it’s even worse cuz all that frustration is going straight to his dick but hes not getting any friction cuz his legs are bent and it’s keeping his hips from touching the bed and he’s so horny he wants to cry but he doesn’t wanna stop cuz you taste so good, but then you push him on his back and untie his hands before tying them to the bed and make him cum so hard he screams 🤤
Send more in
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toomanyrobins2 · 2 days ago
drunk on indigo skies: coming May 14th
Tumblr media
Summary: Y/N “Indigo” Phillips had dealt in secrets her whole life. Working for Tony Stark at 16 and then falling in love with his son was never the plan. She also never expected that five years later, she’d be leaving Peter in the middle of the night with just a note on the dining room table. Now, she has to return to the Three Families as their whole world continues to be threatened by a dangerous rival.
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Content warning: Mentions of alcohol abuse, sex, violence, murder
Tumblr media
// 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 //
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spideyanakin · 2 days ago
... You Never Truly Forget Them
Peter Parker x Reader
Part 1 Once you’ve met someone...
This is fully based on Haku and Chihiro from spirited away 🥺
Synopsis; Once you’ve met someone, you never truly forget them.
Tumblr media
Tony’s funeral was quiet. No one really talked and you pushed away the urge to talk to Peter.
He had just lost the most important person in his life, and you couldn't let your feelings get in the way.
The worst part was that you were falling for Peter, and hard. You had been fantasizing about your lost hero - and he exceeded all your expectations. Peter Parker was the nicest person you had ever met, at least from what you saw and heard from Tony. You had never even talked to him, but you had fallen in love.
You dreaded coming back home. You had to force yourself to walk into the apartment and to meet the faces of your confused family.
“Y/n? Oh my god is that you?” Your mother opened the door and hugged you. "Oh my, you’re all grown up.” You gave her a tight smile.
And that was pretty much all. Your family didn't care or ask how those five years were. They pushed it off like you had been blipped too.
The next day - you didn’t wake up to Nat making breakfast or to Steve cracking a joke. You woke up in a small apartment with your family who couldn’t care less about you or the fact that your mom’s cousin had passed away.
You grabbed your bag and walked downstairs. Your mother insisted on driving you even though it was just a courtesy of her.
“So... what’s this new school?” She questioned.
“Tony Stark said it was the best school he knew. I've been there for a while now.” You looked away.
“Tony Stark?” She questioned.
“While you were gone I lived with the Avengers.” You looked outside the window.
“The what?” She turned to you when she stopped for a red light. “We never said you could go and live with a bunch of dangerous superheroes!”
Your eyes widen at her comment.
“Excuse me?” You turned to her. “And I thought you were supposed to stay and be my mother but you all disappeared. So I couldn’t stay alone! they were going to take me to a center with other kids whose parents were gone.”
“Blipped.” Your mother corrected you.
“What did you want me to do! And by the way, Blip is an outrageous name. People who came back named it that. You can’t just call an event like that ‘the blip’” You folded your arms and you felt tears roll down your eyes. Silence fell between the two of you. “I still can’t believe you didn’t bother asking how my life went when you were away.” You wiped the tears and looked out the window. “we’re here.” You didn’t bother saying goodbye. You opened the door and ran into the school.
“Hey Brad.” you greeted.
“Hey, you ok?” He saw the dried tears on your face.
“Yeah don’t worry.” You smiled it off. “I’ll see you later.”
You pushed through the mass of old students that had disappeared as you made your way to class and froze in your steps when you saw Peter Parker. Standing right there talking with a guy you didn’t know. You gulped and facepalmed for not seeing it earlier. Of course, Mr.Stark would have put you in the same school as Peter Parker.
You walked forward and waiting in front of your classroom, Peter instantly seeing you.
"Hey, I didn't know you went here?" Peter took a step forward and told you with a bright smile. He wasn't crazy. You were the girl he saw at the battle. You were also there at Tony’s funeral. You were the one he had made eye contact with and felt sparks flying. The one he thought looked awfully familiar.
"You're an Avenger right?" He whispered.
"Y-Yeah, and you're Spider-man" He nodded. "Tony talked a lot about you you know?" You looked away suddenly feeling a wave of sadness taking over you.
"H- he did?"
"Yeah." You finally met his eyes and it felt like you were the only two people in the world.
He gave you a sad smile. One that sent butterflies to your stomach.
"How long have you been with the team?" He wondered as you inside your classroom, happy you apparently shared the same timetable.
“I arrived in the team the day everyone disappeared... I um... Natasha was my godmother... She took me in when my family was gone.”
“Oh. Im sorry.” He lifted his head to meet your eyes.
“It’s ok.” You gave him a tight smile.
“You want to talk? After class?” He asked with hope in his eyes.
“So? What did you want to talk about?” You played with the string of your backpack.
“It’s crazy, I feel like I've seen you before,” Peter said inspecting your face. He was obsessed with how beautiful you looked but had to push that thought away as he figured out who you were and why he knew you.
“Did you ever visit us? Before the blip?” It hurted you to hear him call it the blip. But what could you do about it? Everyone who disappeared didn’t know the pain and didn’t know calling it such a simple stupid name hurted everyone who had stayed.
“No.” You shook your head. “I never knew Nat was my godmother until I saw her after the... blip.” You looked up remembering the moment. “My whole family had disappeared. I was walking around New York and saw the Avengers, I honestly think I was lucky... I saw Nat, she thought she knew me. Turns out she was my godmother" you let out a shaky laugh.
Peter couldn’t get his stare away from you. His heart ached as he heard what you’d been through. He wanted to know you. He wanted to see you laugh. He was mixed between the mystery of knowing why you looked familiar and the mystery of what he felt when he saw you and talked to you.
You looked at Peter for a second, doubting yourself. You started doubting if he was really your hero. The person who saved your life all those years ago. How can a 16-year-old kid get you out of the East river?
“I um, I don’t know where we could have met.” You tucked a hair behind your ear. “I wasn’t even in this school before everything happened.” You smiled. “I went here because Tony told me it was a great school. And I think I know why he insisted on me going.” You looked at Peter who looked at you with wide eyes.
“He admired you so much Peter you don’t even know... I heard so many things about you, who you were, what you did, your friends, your life, Tony wouldn’t shut up about you. And I can see why.” A blush crept on both of your cheeks. A day after meeting Peter and you already saw why Tony Stark admired that boy so much.
You saw how he took on the responsibility of being Spider-Man and Peter Parker at the same time. He was just a kid, and so were you. You understood how hard it was being a young superhero and you saw how well he managed everything.
“Hey, Y/n?” A week later Peter tapped on your shoulder with a small smile.
“Yeah?” You turned around to meet his eyes.
“Do you um...” he scratched the back of his head and moved up and down on his feet in anxiety. “Do you wannagoonadatewithmesometime?” He blurted out but you still caught the hang of his sentence. A smile lit up your face.
“I would love to.” A blush made its way to both your cheeks and you were both smiling like idiots in the middle of the school hallway.
But the bell rang making your conversation cut short.
“7 tonight? Pick you up at your place?” He asked.
"Alright..." You thought for a second as you looked up to the stars. You turned your head around to meet Peter's eyes who were already on you. "Biggest regret?"
"Oh wow- what a happy thing to ask on a date." He chuckled.
"What!?" You laughed with him. "You said ask anything! And may I tell you the question 'most horrible thing you've done as a super hero' isn't the happiest either." You playfully nudged his arm which made him laugh a little harder.
"Alright, you've got a point." He nodded. "Mine is..." He thought as he looked back at the stars. "you know how I always make sure people I save are safe?"
“Well, it might seem crazy but, the day we all blipped there was this little girl. The railing got smashed and she fell into the East river..." Your heart started to pound so fast you thought it was going to take flight. "I made sure she was alright. But I never knew if she really was... I don't even know if she found her family after that. I've always wondered if she was ok..." You sat up and Peter followed your move. "She didn’t seem alright. I was such in a hurry to find the Avengers... Never really forgave myself for it...”
“I remember...” You looked into the distance and Peter questioned your words. "I was looking at the ducks when harsh winds came, something flew into the railing sending me straight into the water. I couldn’t breathe, couldn't see. But then...”
“I saved you...” Peter finished your sentence for you.
You looked into his eyes. He was your savior. The person you wanted to put a face onto for years. You were sure now.
“That day, by the East River. You saved me.” Your eyes were getting glossy “The day everything went wrong.” You whipped a tear away. “You’re my hero” You smiled. “You saved my life.”
"So you're ok?" He wondered with a smile.
"Yeah Parker. I'm ok. You can stop blaming yourself now," You giggled.
You looked at him for a second, mindlessly placing a hand on his cheek. You let out a short laugh as your lips were about to touch. Finally, you brought your lips to his, and you felt your entire world light up.
“My hero.”
Taglist - @averyfosterthoughts @justifymyfeelings@slytherinambitious @ourfavoritesergeantbarnes @criminaly-supernatural @trustfundparker @tomhollandreads @prettysbliss@ksmy-99 @sarcasticallywitty15 @bi-lmg @nerdy-collector-festival@lovely-blackinnon @hunnybunimdun​
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princess-of-thebes · 2 days ago
tom holland x reader
you are fasting for whatever reason. tom is waiting for your period to come so you can be excused.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Hey! I’m currently taking requests! Requests are currently open for Spider-Man/ Peter Parker, Bucky, Wanda, Nat and Loki. I might eventually branch out and do the other characters but for now I’d like to stick to those 3.
Important: if you want anything specific please put it in the request with the prompt. Example if you want the reader to be related to be related to another character, a certain aspect to the character, or certain race and gender. So please put the pronouns you want in your request and if you have any other details those too.
“Just calm down, things will be fine.”“My wife is being held at gunpoint and you think now is a suitable time to tell me to calm down.”
“Please don’t let me fall.” - “Never.”
“You take me instead, do you hear me? Give her/him/them back and you take me instead.”
* “Don’t tell me you’re fine, I can see the blood!”
“If you’re watching this then that means I didn’t make it.”
“No you can’t braid my hair.” “Come on please? Pretty please? For me?”
“Maybe if you actually stop staring at her and talk to her, you might have a chance.”
“You can sleep now. I’ll fight the bad dreams off if they come to get you.”
“You can’t have her and it’s killing you inside.”
“How many did you take? Open your mouth, I need to see.” (TW)
“The way he watches you. like he’s ready to take a bullet for you.” “Is that a bad thing?”
“Take my gun and go with Sam, please I don’t want to hurt you. I can’t hurt you” - “You won’t hurt me.” - “Please. Just do it.” (Bucky specific)
“Keep your hands over your ears, do you hear me? Even when the noises stop. Don’t listen.”
“It was working until you showed up, you Damn (nickname)! I mean, this isn’t fair. You had your chance with her! You had your chance and you blew it! And this is my chance and I am not going to blow it because we are meant for each other! And this is all just been one stupid mistake! I was gonna propose tonight.
“My mom told me to Never trust a man that can dance.”
“You’re absolutely beautiful.” He sighed into my hair. “And your ex-boyfriend is an absolute moron for letting a girl like you go.” “Yeah you are you dope now let’s go get some dinner.”
"I hate seeing you two be all coupley in public when I'M the one you're fucking."
"Hey! Wait for me my prince!". Loki stopped dead in his tracks, his breath shallow and wondering why that voice still made them feel this way. (Loki specific)
you obviously can't be trusted to take care of yourself, so let me do it for you.
“(She/he/they) don’t belong with (her/him/them)!” “Than who do(es) (she/he/they) belong with?” “…..with me.”
“You can cut me, bruise me and skin me alive, but you won’t take her from me.”
“You broke her heart and came back for more, you bastard.”
The pictures below are also prompts ( 23 and 24) you can request!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sunshineandaisies · 3 days ago
Eight Letters
Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader
Words: 935
Warnings: language, the briefest mention of sex, ANGST
Inspired by: 8 Letters - Why Don't We
Tumblr media
There are so many things that Peter loves about you.
He loves the way your tongue peaks out between your lips when you’re concentrating too hard on your chemistry homework. He loves the way you doodle in the margins of your notebook when you get bored in history class. He loves the way you draw patterns on the back of his hand absentmindedly during movie nights with Ned and MJ. He loves the way your nose scrunches slightly and your eyes crinkle when you laugh. He loves the way you look with nothing but his baggy t-shirt on.
He could go on and on.
There are so many things that Peter loves about you, but he just can’t bring himself to admit - to himself or to you or to anyone else - that he loves you.
It’s not that he doesn’t want to love you. It’s just that people he’s lost people that he loves.
He loved his parents, and they died. He loved Uncle Ben, and he died. He loved Tony, and he died.
Sure, there are plenty of other people that he loves - like Aunt May, Ned, and little Morgan - that he still has, but he doesn’t want to risk it.
Peter doesn’t want to lose you too, so he doesn’t say it, doesn’t acknowledge just how deeply he feels for you.
And some days he wonders if that’s fair to you, to deprive you of something you so freely have him months ago. The little 'I love you' had tumbled from your lips so easily as you laid tangled in the sheets beneath him, breathless and beautiful and so entirely too good for someone who felt as broken as he did. After that day, you spoke the words often, but you never expected anything from him in return.
You wait so patiently for him, and for that alone Peter wants to love you. You gave so much of yourself to him - your time, your body, your heart - and Peter wants to return the favor, but he just...can’t.
He’s come close to telling you what he knows you want to hear. He’s come so goddamn close, but every time the words are at the tip of his tongue, he swallows them whole and pushes the feelings down, down, down, down until they’ve disappeared from his mind completely. It’s like the minute he finally gives in to just how strongly he feels for you, you’ll slip through his fingers one way or another, and he’s not sure he could survive that.
He was still raw from Tony’s death, after all, and if he lost you now...
He’s pulled from his thoughts by a light flick on his forehead, and he lifts his eyes from his still blank assignment to see you smiling softly at him. “I can literally feel you thinking too hard, Pete,” you tell him, and though there’s a teasing lilt to your voice, he can see just how concerned you are in your eyes. “Wanna talk about it?”
He smiles at you in return, but the smile doesn’t quite reach his eyes. “No, it’s nothing,” he lies. You see right through him, just as you always do when he gets like this. He cups your face, the pad of his thumb brushing over your cheekbone tenderly. “I’m fine. I promise.”
You don’t push, you don’t prod. You never do. Instead, you give him the time he needs to sort through his thoughts and feelings, knowing that eventually he’ll open up. And when he does, you’ll listen closely, give advice if the situation warrants it, and reassure him that everything’s okay despite the worst of his worries.
It’s one of the many things that he loves about you.
“I love you, you know,” you say instead, leaning forward to press your forehead against his. Your breath fans over his face, smelling of the spearmint gum that you’re always chewing on, and the familiarity of it, of you, helps him relax just enough to forget his fears for a moment. Your fingertips trail down the length of his arm to his hand, entangling your hand in his.
You help ground him, anchoring him to you and to the present, and, again, he thinks you deserve to be loved in a way that he’s not sure he can. You deserve so much more than he can give you.
He wants to tell you as much, but Peter also wants to be selfish and never let you go.
So instead, he says, “I know.”
You don’t deflate when he doesn’t say it back. You don’t frown or rip your hand from his or run from the room in anger and frustration and sadness. Instead, your smile grows wider before you press your lips to his.
Peter feels the guilt creep in, slowly overtaking the fear, and he wants to just say it so badly. He wants to tell you, over and over and over again until you’re sick of hearing it. But he doesn’t. He can’t.
“Y/N, I-” He tries, he really fucking tries, but he chokes on the words. Why is it so hard to just tell you what you deserve to hear? Why is it so hard to say it back? He feels so frustrated and so, so goddamn undeserving of you, and it hurts to think that he could be hurting you by not saying it back.
It shouldn’t be this hard.
You press your lips to his again and squeeze his hand reassuringly. “It’s okay, Pete. I know.” Another kiss pressed against his lips. “I know. I promise I know.”
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myoafflowerlight · 3 days ago
String Of Fate
Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader
Soulmate AU: red string of fate
Warning(s): angst, mild language
Summary: Y/n and Peter were lucky to find each other at a young age. Most people find there soulmate somewhere later in life, there string was unbreakable, until someone broke it.
a/n: this is after endgame so Tony is no longer with us :,( I’m thinking about making this into a series, let me know if I should.
Tumblr media
The string of fate is something that brings people together.
It connects people through friendship and love.
That red string of fate is unbreakable.
Well it was....
Until someone broke it....
And the two were never the same...
You already found him. The person your supposed spend the rest of your life with and live happily ever after.
You and Peter luckily met at a young age. The red string burst with life once you walked into the classroom.
It was the first day of school, preschool.
The string was tied around both of your left ring finger. It’s known as the vein that lead straight to your heart.
Everyone was shocked by the red light that filled the room. Most people don’t meet there soulmate until high school.
━━ ☆・*。
Peter was out on his Spider-Man patrol. The night has already fallen, but you’re still there, in his room. Waiting for him to get back safely like you always do. His been out there longer then usual.
Ever since he lost Tony he hasn’t been the same. His ditched you or stood you up to go out to save the city. He doesn’t want to talk about the loss of Tony, and if someone brought it up he would just push past it.
May already went to bed, having to get up early to go to work. So you lay in his bed hoping he’d be alright when you heard the window slide open.
It could be one too two people, Peter, or someone that has been stalking you for the past two months and is now taking the chance to kidnap you.
It was just Peter. You got stood up off from the bed.
Once he closed the window he noticed you. “Y/n why are you still here?”
“I was waiting for you to get back safely, why were you out so late?”
“I just wanted to stay out a while longer, is May still up?” He walked over to his closet
“No she has to get up early.” You sat back on his bed.
“Your staying over?” He got finished changing
“Yeah, why?” He never really has a problem with you staying over “oh nothing, I just have to get some school work done”
It’s now been a good 30 minutes with Peter doing work, you look over at him at his desk.
“Do you need any help Pete?” You slowly started getting up, making your way to him, you placed both of your hands on his shoulders and rested your chin on his left shoulder.
“Huh?” He said. His eyes never leaving the paper in front of him. Though it was a fairly easy question, it was just a review and he just stared at it.
“Do you need any help? I can’t stand being on the bed without you, the bed is empty without you,” you said.
“No I don’t need any help, I’m just really tired,” he said irritated
“That’s what you always say, it’s okay to ask for help, there’s nothing wrong with that.”
He turned to you with dark circles under his eyes, you already knew he wasn’t getting good enough sleep, and whenever you tried to help he’d just wave you off.
“It’s just a review y/n, I can do this in my sleep.”
“If you can’t do this when your awake, I doubt that you can do this when you’re asleep.” You mumbled, moving away from him.
He glared at you. It wasn’t a flirtatious glare. It was a glare that you’ve never seen him use before, and it scared you.
“If you can’t wait for me to finish then you can go home. I didn’t ask you to stay up late and wait for me.”
Your mouth fell open, you wanted to say something but nothing came out. Words that you can easily say, just died in your throat. You took a step back and shook your head. You grabbed your bag and looked back at him.
“Fine.” Was all you said, with that you left.
Peter stood up. The sound of the door slamming shut rung through his ears. It got louder after you shut the front door.
He looked over on his bed spotting the brown teddy bear you got him for Valentine’s Day.
He stared at its fake black eyes and its plastered smile.
He swung his closet doors open and stuffed in the poor little bear. He shut the doors and locked it.
He couldn’t sleep that night, he just stared at his plain white door.
━━ ☆・*。
By the time you got back the sun started to rise. All the lights where off when you got home. Your parents probably expected for you to stay at Peter’s.
All the time spent together, you never seen him use that tone. Especially with you. There was a tug in stomach from just that thought.
There was a sharp pain crawling up your left arm. You slowly looked down. The string was still there, tied to you left ring finger, but this time...the color...was dull.
━━ ☆・*。
The next day at school just made things worse. Being in the same class, you had to see him again. The pit in your stomach grew bigger from not talking to him. Since the day you’ve two met, there hasn’t been a day where you haven’t spoken to him.
The pit in your stomach only grew for the rest of your day. You kept glancing over at him, hoping he’d look back, hoping that there was still something inside of him that knew he had to apologize. But he only stayed quiet, he had his head down, and occasionally exchanging words with Ned.
For the first time ever. You sat at lunch alone.
━━ ☆・*。
You stood in front of Peter’s door. It had been days since you two have spoken to each other.
To you, that was pure torture.
Everyday since you tried to talk to him, and got nothing in return.
You kept reaching up to knock, but your brain said something, and it fell. It was after school and you have been standing outside his door for five minutes before the door opened. Peter towered over you like the first time you met. Only this time he didn’t meet your eyes.
“Did you need something?” The last time you talked he sounded angry and irritated, but now he just sounds tired.
“Why have you been avoiding me?” You asked. You lost your patience with him. You just want an answer from the person who never kept secrets from you.
“I’m not avoiding you.” He said, still not meeting your eyes.
You huffed “that’s bullshit.” Your voice sounded so stern and cold that he flinched from you. Even you flinched yourself.
What you hated the most was that you didn’t know why Peter was acting like this towards you. There was no reason for any of this.
“I—I don’t know what you want me say,”
“I don’t care what you say!” You exclaimed. “At least talk to me, say something, anything. Why have you been acting like this? Why are you so cold towards me? What did I do? What did I say that was so wrong? Give me a reason Peter! Something! We are fated with each other no matter what.”
Peter sighed, he pushed his hair back, and rubbed his eyes. “Sometimes even fate isn’t meant to be.”
You froze. And just stared at him.
And just like that, you felt the string detach from your finger and the light died.
Published: 5/4/2021
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yandereaffections · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This black and white schemed hero is a absolute gentleman, you'll receive the most 1930s like flirts you've ever heard from him with his hand rested on your waist squeezing ever so gently
Within each kiss or moan you manage to receive from him there'll be little comments, chest to chest with only the word "Amazing" stopping Noir from filling in the gap between your lips, basically thriving on pride when you whimper into his mouth
He's the type to encourage and supply you with a prize for good work, being such a sweet lil thing for him requires attention and he wouldn't hesitate to have you basking in pleasure by his hand, adoring each little way you squirm and jolt at his touch and explaining just how much he can spend the rest of forever in this position simply watching you contently, but alas it would be a shame to keep you pent up like this without you releasing all over his fingers that's accompanied by the heavenly sound of your bliss filled sighs
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