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luminousbarnes · 11 minutes ago
i’ll be seeing you – b. b.
Tumblr media
pairing: 40s!bucky barnes x f!reader
summary: after you receive the news of bucky’s death, your world falls apart
word count: 1.1k
warnings: swearing, grieving, character death, angst (i’m sorry)
a/n: flashbacks are in italics!
It’s the morning of the day Bucky has to ship out.
The two of you are in bed still. You’re laying on top of him, his arms wrapped around your waist as your legs tangle together. You rest your chin on his chest, and Bucky smiles as he reaches out to brush your hair away from your forehead.
“Promise me you’ll come back home,” you whisper.
He leans forward slightly and presses his lips to yours. “I promise. We have big plans–or did you forget already?”
You laugh softly. “How could I?”
“I can’t wait to be able to call you Mrs. Barnes,” Bucky grins cheekily.  
“I can’t believe you’re gonna be my husband,” you say, heart staring to pound at just at the mere thought.
His eyes sparkle. “God, I’m the luckiest damn man in the world.”
You smile wide and press your face into his bare shoulder. Then, suddenly, you turn serious. “Write to me,” you mumble. 
“I will. Every single day. You’ll get tired of how many letters I’ll send.” 
Tears suddenly build in your eyes and you lift your head to lock gazes with him. “Bucky–” Your breath catches in your throat.
“Hey, hey. It’s alright,” he says. The two of you move into a sitting position and he cradles your face, wiping the tears away. Your eyes flutter shut as you lean into his touch. “I’ll make it back. I can’t leave my girl here all here alone, now, can I?” 
You sniffle and shake your head. “You better not.”
“I won’t,” he promises. “You don’t have to worry about me, doll.” 
You’re sitting cross-legged on the couch, reading one of your favorite books, when a knock sounds at the door. You dog ear the page and place the book down. Jumping up from your seat, you rush over, opening the door with a smile on your face.
It falls immediately when you see who it is.
Suddenly, it feels like the air has been knocked out of your lungs. You feel like you’re going to throw up, and you reach a hand out to lean against the doorway in an attempt to steady yourself.
“I’m sorry for your loss, ma’am,” Colonel Phillips says, handing you a sealed envelope. “He… he was a hero.” 
His words sound far away and muted, like you’re listening to him from underwater; everything around you becomes blurry and suddenly you can’t breathe. Your hand shakes as you take it from him. “I… Thank–thank you.” 
He gives you a small nod, his eyes sad, before he turns and walks away. 
The second you’re back inside behind the closed door, you crumble to the floor with a loud cry, your legs unable to hold you up any longer. Sobs wrack your body and you place your head in your hands. 
Bucky had promised.
Before he left, he promised you that he would come back. Your mind drifts to the wedding you’ll never have, and your heart aches at the thought of spending your life with someone who isn’t Bucky.
As you sit there, you aren’t sure how much time passes, but you couldn’t care less.
By the time your eyes are dry and you have no more tears left to cry, you can tell through the windows that the sky is dark, the neighborhood streets deserted. 
For the next few weeks, you feel numb. Nothing feels real. Life without Bucky is dull, boring. You’re not sure if there’s a point to anything anymore.
It isn’t until around a month has gone by that you realize something. Bucky wouldn’t have wanted you to be like this. He would have wanted you to move on, to be happy–in fact, if he saw you acting this way, he’d probably hit you upside the head and tell you to go “live your best life” or some shit like that.
So, one morning, you decide to actually get dressed and go outside to enjoy the nice weather. 
As you walk down the streets of Brooklyn, regret is quick to settle in your stomach. Everywhere you look, you’re reminded of Bucky.  
The cafe on the corner of this street? That's where you went for your first date.
Bucky smiles, and the sight makes your stomach fill with butterflies. “So… tell me about yourself.”
Your mind goes blank. “What?”
“You know.” He laughs, and you love the way his eyes crinkle adorably at the corners. “Your hobbies, interests, anything really. I want to know all about the magnificent (Y/n) (L/n).”
You duck your head, biting your lip. “Oh. Um, I–I think I’m rather boring, if I do say so myself…”
He shakes his head. “Now I don’t believe that one bit. Come on, there must be something you can tell me.”
Your mouth quirks up into a smile. “Well…”
That little park? You and Bucky would sometimes sit for hours on end on one of the benches and talk about nothing and everything. 
“Do you ever wonder?”
You’re cuddled into Bucky’s side as you sit on one of the park benches, his arm resting behind you. He glances sideways at you. 
“Wonder about what?”
“About what it would be like if we had never met,” you say.
His face scrunches up and he shakes his head. “I don’t even want to think about that. Can’t imagine life without you, doll.”
Your heart skips a beat. “I can’t imagine life without you either.”
“I guess that means we were meant for each other, huh?”
You nod and let out a content sigh. “I guess so.”
Your eyes prick with tears and you take a deep breath, trying to gather your composure. 
Memories continue to play out in your mind as you make your way down the street. You try to ignore them, but they’re persistent, one after the other. Eventually you give up trying to resist it and let them fill your thoughts. 
Around an hour later, you decide to make your way back to your apartment before you break down in the middle of the sidewalk. Thinking about Bucky this whole time has made you feel sick to your stomach–you miss him so much that it physically hurts.
When you make it back, you immediately go to your room and plop yourself onto your bed, letting out a trembling sigh as you curl up on top of the comforter. 
As you sit there, alone with your thoughts, you start to realize something.
Bucky will always be a part of you.
Yes, he might be gone, but that doesn’t mean he won’t still be in your heart. And he’ll be in the small, ordinary things. Like the sun, bright and warm. And during the nighttime, the moon shining in the dark sky with bright stars littered around it.
You take a small semblance of comfort in that, and the corners of your mouth quirk up into a smile. 
And besides, you’ll be seeing him again.
You’re sure of it.
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deepseapeaches · 14 minutes ago
warnings: mentions of alcohol,some angst, mainly fluff
pairing: female reader x natasha romanoff, x wanda maximoff, x vision, x bucky barnes.
summary: Tony makes a party mandatory. Natasha points out that Bucky will be there. What does that have to do with you?
listen with: She - Harry Styles
A/N: I’m a music addict. Every time I write a fic I’m usually listening to a song on a loop that helps feed the aesthetic. I will be adding each song to my fics <3
Tumblr media
Tony was hosting another one of his parties at the compound. In the email, Tony stated it was mandatory. He knew how much we despised them. It felt wrong. The world outside was suffering and we were in here celebrating whatever Tony felt like celebrating. You only look forward to them because you actually get an opportunity to have a somewhat normal conversations with Natasha and Wanda. Any other time you spoke was about whatever mission or task was at hand.
There was a knock at your door.
"Come in!" you shouted as you stare at your closet.
"I knew you'd be staring at your 3 pieces of clothing." Natasha joked.
"Well, I never go anywhere so I just have basics. Do you think it matters if I just wear jeans and a hoodie?" you say as you turn with the hoodie in your hands.
"If you truly had what you call basics you would at least have a black dress," Wanda says as she walks in behind Natasha.
"It doesn't matter what you wear. Just note that Tony won't let you forget it and need I remind you Bucky will be there." Natasha says as she takes your hoodie away from you.
"Ugh Tony still hasn't left me alone for wearing jeans to the last dinner we... w-wait hold on, what does it matter that Bucky will be there?!" you say turning toward Wanda.
"We have seen how you watch him," Wanda says.
"I DO NOT watch him!" you blurt out.
You look at Steve Rogers the same way. Don't you? There is something about Bucky right? I think he sparks everyone's curiosity. His demeanor, the way he carries himself just makes him interesting... Right?
"Let's go to my room I think I might have something for you to wear, Mrs. Barnes." Natasha laughs as she takes you by the hand out of your room.
You 3 are walking down the hall.
"Does anyone else think I 'watch' him?" you question.
"No, Vis didn't understand what I meant," Wanda said looking around for Vision.
"You talked to Vision about it?" you sigh.
"You need to just talk to him already," Natasha says as she reaches for the door.
"Crap, I left my jacket. Come with me to go get it?" you ask.
"I'll see you inside, Vis is waiting on me." Wanda slips past you.
"Nat please?" you whisper.
"I see you inside." she smiles.
You walk back to your room to get your leather jacket. Once you get back to the party you freeze. You're going to walk in alone and everyone seems to be inside already.
"Just breathe and look for Natasha," you mutter to yourself as you open the door.
As you begin to step forward you realize the door is about to slam behind you. You brace yourself as it slams and everyone looks over at you. A black satin slip dress has never felt more restricting. You feel all eyes on you. You try to keep your cool. As you walk down the steps you look for Natasha. You have scanned over everyone looking up at you. Was a door slamming such an issue? You see Bucky at the bar glazing a look from your feet up to your eyes. As soon as your eyes meet he glances away to make it seem like he wasn't staring. At the end of the steps, you meet with Natasha.
"Well that was awkward," Nat whispers at you and proceeds to walk over to a couch, sits and taps the seat next to her.
"Easy for you to joke when you weren't the one to let a door slam so loudly" you say as you sat next to her.
"I wasn't talking about the door slamming," she says as she sips her drink.
You look up at her and before you can respond she nods in the direction of where Bucky is sitting. You hesitate to look. You keep your eyes on Nat. She tilts her head forward and smirks at you. You begin to look over in the direction of where Bucky is sitting. Tony steps in your line of sight.
"Glad you could make it kid, go get a drink." he prompts you.
Does he know? or was that just his way or saying hi? Either way you get up and walk over to the bar. You hardly ever drink but you need a drink, something strong.
"Y/N, may I get you a drink?" Vision says as he places a cocktail napkin down in front of you.
"Let me get a Manhattan." you say forgetting that Bucky is sitting at the bar.
"I'll take one too." you hear a smooth voice say, almost appreciating your drink order.
You look over and smile at Bucky. "Good choice."
You haven't even gotten your drink yet and your nerves are settled. His voice soothed you. He was what made you nervous this whole time yet his voice settled you.
"I don't believe we have formally met, my name is James Buchanan Barnes but you can call me Bucky." he presses both his hands on the bar never looking away from you.
Vision sets both drinks on the counter "She knows who you are, she "watches' you." he winks and walks away. You cringe as you hear the words come out of his mouth. Memo to self, explain to Vision that he was not helpful.
"Y/N" you manage to let out as you’re reminded of the nerves you had in the first place.
"So, you 'watch' me?" he attempts to say seriously but he can't hold back his laugh.
You bite your lip and take a huge gulp of your drink, "Hmmm don't try that. You're not so slick yourself." You look at him the same way he looked at you when you walked into the room.
"Fair enough Y/N" he nods in agreement. He takes a seat at the bar "Would you like another drink?"
"You read my mind." you say as you take a seat next to him.
He smiles "We'll take another round."
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blangg · 14 minutes ago
Tumblr media
If they don't cast Timotheé Chalamet as Teen Loki I'm storming marvel's headquarters and commiting arson I'm not joking
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margarethx · 17 minutes ago
No, you don’t understand! ;-;
Because before tfatws caatws so many posts about Sambucky were just very mean and focused on Sam being annoyed with Bucky to the point where you were confused why it’s even tagged as a romantic ship. But now almost every post and artwork I find is just so... tender and soft, and they watch the sunset together, and Bucky flies feeling safe in Sam’s arms, and they hug on their family boat, and look at each other with absolute love and adoration, and Bucky thinks that Sam is the best person to ever live... and it’s so much better than: “poor Bucky wanted to eat breakfast, so Sam throw all their food away, hahaha” that I saw all the time in earlier years. And I’m so grateful :’)
Not to ignore the work of all the great people who were making positive Sambucky content before their show, but it was sometimes really hard to find art or incorrect quotes about their relationship that didn’t focus on them disliking each other without any suggestion of underlying romantic feelings.
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harkximoff · 20 minutes ago
Tommy: On a scale from 'damn daniel' to 'Fre sha vaca do', how are you feeling
Darcy: In between 'it's an avocado, thanks' and 'how did you defeat Captain America', but as a solid answer i would say 'I don't need a degree to be a clothing hanger'. How about you, little guy.
Tommy: Probably 'road work ahead'
Agatha: Am i having a stroke? Is this what a stroke feels like
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jojo-reference44 · 27 minutes ago
the loki series will be released in june
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saturn-barnes · 29 minutes ago
Steve Rogers x Reader but the reader is like...a gothic punk and the rest of the avengers dont know and when he brings her for like a party or something they're all suprised that Mr-watch-your-language is dating a punk who cant hold their tongue and probably smokes and plays like bass or something
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emilynightshade89 · 34 minutes ago
Eddie and Venom need a farm.
Or a house in the country. Think about it! There, they could have plenty of chickens running afoot outside, maybe a cow (or two if venom doesn't eat one first). They could have some peace and quiet (no loud city noises/noisy neighbors).
Plenty of space, maybe their house has more than one room! Eddie can have an office space just for work or something. Venom can practice his cooking in their big kitchen.
Plenty of fresh air. Beautiful mornings. Less stress for Eddie. 💕
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allthatmarvel · 41 minutes ago
A/N: Wow. Wow. Wow! I can’t believe all the support came rushing out for this story. I cannot thank you enough, especially when my heart is constricted by it. Thank you to those who liked the story, commented, reblogged, and even followed. Thank you! Also, as a reminder, this story wouldn’t be here if the amazing people (who I will retag because they always need more recognition in this life, epically with their talented skills in writing and having a big heart in welcoming me or just being amazing. So go see them, follow, and love their stories, as much as I do. 
[ @imaginedreamwrite @writemarvelousthings @heavenhatesme @syntheticavenger @roger-that-cap​ @harryspet​ @jurassicbarnes​ & many mores that I will soon tag in... cause like I said, they deserve all the recognition]
 Thank You
Chapter 2 
Your eyes speaks of love - Dhiman
Tumblr media
Even after three years, the bond between the three grew as if the way they grew throughout their times in age. And when the years grew, tension also grew around the world. Words spread that a war was on the brink of exploding into another world war.
And that was when Steve and Bucky began to talk: joining the war if the United States would ever get involved. Well, it was mostly Bucky tried to reason with Steve that if the worst case scenario came, Steve should stay with Y/N as he would defend his country. Whenever they weren’t with Y/N--which was rare--they’d argue behind closed doors, countless time until nothing was resolved but with heated glares and heavy breathing. In the end, Bucky knew Steve was stubborn beyond hell, so he couldn’t ask his friend of it no more. But they did agree that they didn’t know how to tell Y/N of their future plan, but they needed...wanted too. So that idea always gnawed at the back of their head,
Joining the war.
But when it got too much for them to bare, they decided to tell her. They took her to one of the local diner in Brooklyn -- a place where Bucky and Steve always met, and now it was with her.
Y/N knew something was up, because in her heart, she could feel the trouble coursing through her boys vein. So when they got their food, Y/N picked at it as she just watched Steve and Bucky also picked at their food. None of them had the appetite to eat.
“What’s going on?” she finally asked. None of the two boys dared to answer her. Fear clawed at Y/N mind, the biggest fear--a fear that came out when she washed away her days in the shower and or when she laid wide awake until the sun peaked out. “Are you regretting seeing colors... are you regretting seeing colors with me?” 
The both boys quickly looked up with wide eyes. The fries in Bucky’s hand slipped out of his grasp and onto the floor. He quickly slide out of the outer booth and slide into her side. He wrapped an arm around her as he used his other fingers to slowly tip back her head. “Why would you ever think that, Doll?” he then asked her, quietly.
“I don’t know,” she mumbled as she tried to look away from his pierced blue eyes. Eyes that warmed her heart and soul... her eyes to see, everyday.
 “Does this look like me” -- he turned to gaze at Steve, who sat quietly and watched the two-- “and Steve don’t love you?” He leaned down and captured her lips into his. It was a rough kiss but it held all the passion she needed to softly moan. A kiss that captivated her soul to catch flames, a kiss where it felt as if everything around her blurred away and all she knew was Bucky and Steve. Just them and her. 
Hey eyes wandered over to Steve as Bucky still had her lips in his. He held a small smile on his face, happy to see that what he was feeling was captured between the two physical contact. She then reached out her free hand over the table, and Steve gladly took it as he held it in his. It was just warmth and comfort. Love. 
When Bucky fell away from the kiss, he leaned over to push her hair to the other side and whispered into her ears. “I don’t want to ever hear that doubt out of your mouth again, Doll. Never doubt that Steve and I regret seeing colors, especially with you. Because we would trade our lives to see them only with you.”  Y/N pushed her face into Bucky’s shoulder, hiding away the blush in her cheeks. “Beside, that is not the reason why we are quiet cowards.”
He gazed at Steve, silently agreeing it was time to tell their girl what was on their mind. 
When Y/N got situated back again, still her hand never left Steve. It was then time for the truth to come out. 
“If and when the U.S is involved with the war, Bucky and I are thinking of joining the army.” Steve told her. 
Y/N’s heart sunk and the feeling of what once had happen minutes ago, washed away into the black abyss of anger... denial... fear. “What?” she croaked out. “NO. NO. NO.” She placed her hand over her mouth to contain her wanting to scream at the two of them.
“Its an if,” Bucky jumped in to help his best friend out. “It’s an if.”
“I don’t care,” she rushed out her words. “Don’t do it. I need you here with me, I can’t lose you two.”
She couldn’t hear no more, and so she squeezed past Bucky and ran out of the diner. Rain cascaded throughout the sky. Her hair clung to her as she was poured down with rain and the salt of her tears. She knew that Bucky and Steve were to follow her, so she just ran, she ran as long as she could until fire was in her legs. She stopped at a store by the glass window display, where it played the news. News of what was going on in other countries... war. 
“Y/N!” She heard her name being called out, and she knew who voice it belong to. So she didn’t turn around; she just stared at the TV. A jacket was laid around her shoulders and an arm wrapped around her. “Don’t run, please,” Bucky begged.
She then heard another round of running steps and a breath that couldn’t contain itself. Steve. “Seriously,” Steve wheezed out as he stood on the other side of his girl, “I have asthma, couldn’t you just speed walk and not run for your dear life?” He kissed her left cheek. 
“Sorry,” she sighed as she too kissed him on the cheek. 
“Doll, please listen to me. I know this is hurting you, and its hurting us too. Believe us, we wouldn’t want it that way for our future, but deep in our hearts, we must serve our country, protect our country, one that you are in.” 
“In a way, we are protecting you,” Steve added in.
She didn’t say anything for a long time. Still, she looked on at the news report. Steve mindlessly watched, but Bucky just watched the two. He reached over and tapped Steve on the shoulder to grab his attention. And when Steve looked at his friend, he knew what he was asking of him. A plead. A plead from their past arguments. 
And for the first time in that argument, Steve agreed. “Beside... I might not be able to join due to my health.” Y/N looked at him and slowly nodded, her heart wasn’t that tight anymore. “Well, I will try, but I doubt they’ll let me in.” Steve gave a glare to Bucky now. 
“Okay,” Y/N resided. 
Before anyone could embrace each other, the TV broadcast flipped to breaking news. In the news, reports of an attack on US soil, in Hawaii - Pearl Harbor, and then to the president message of going to war.
And in that split moment, Y/N’s heart didn’t just drop but shattered away. She knew her boys were going to go into war. 
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sokoviarising-wanted · 50 minutes ago
Tumblr media
SOKOVIA RISING is a brand-new, literate, app-based Marvel/DC crossover RPG written by and created for longtime writers and passionate fans of Marvel and DC comics, movies, and media. Acceptances every Monday and Thursday!
                               When we sacrifice justice for safety, what do we lose?
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unitedwestandpromo · 52 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
UNITED WE STAND is an active, application - based and 21+ Marvel & DC crossover writing group hosted on Discord !
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clxste · 56 minutes ago
OPEN TO: m/f anyone
Tumblr media
     Theo looked through the scope watching the target in question frowning slightly as he studied them. “Got him.” He said mildly as he studied the surroundings quickly making sure there was no one that could be hurt when he took the shot. “Fuck what are they doing!” He hissed into the comms frowning deeply. “I don’t have a shot.” 
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jiminysjournal · 56 minutes ago
So, I’m seeing two potential ways the MCU could handle Teddy.
Be he introduced in The Marvels or Secret Invasion, he obviously can't be Mar-Vell's son, since she died in 1989, but he could be:
Mar-Vell's grandson. I could see her having had a relationship with one of the Skrulls.
Monica's son, perhaps with Talos' daughter (possibly the MCU's Anelle), although I don't know, if they ever saw eachother between their meeting in 1995 and their (assuming that was her) mid-credits reunion in 2023. There certainly wasn't any such mention of Monica ever having kids, either.
There's also the questions of whether or not the Minimoffs will get another age lift (which would affect how old Teddy is, of course), if their "pre-incarnations" already exist, whether there even is a Skrull Empire in the MCU, if Mary-Jo exists in the MCU (they COULD make her Talos' daughter's Earth identity), etc.
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xclownzx · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5 cursed Marvel images I think everyone should have pt 2
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Pepper: Tony is an... emotional spender.
Peter: Nothing big.
Pepper: When you died, what was it he got?
Peter: Depressed.
Peter: ...
Peter: And an alpaca.
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