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forever-rogue · 7 minutes ago
Video Games
Tumblr media
Summary | You’re just trying to play video games but Bucky has other ideas, much more fun ideas...
Pairing | Beefy!Bucky x Fem!Reader
Word Count | 3k
Warnings | language, smut [cockwarming, piv, possessive!Bucky, use of pet name (bunny), mentions of cum and oral sex] - minors dni or you will be blocked
Masterlists | Bucky, Main
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
There was a wicked smirk on Bucky’s face as he came up behind you and slowly slid part of your headset off your ear, “hi little bunny.”
“Fucking hell!” you almost jumped out of your giant, overstuffed bean bag as you threw the controller onto the floor out of reflexive instinct. Bucky’s arms were crossed over his chest as he just watched you in amusement. You threw off the headset and gave him the finger before clutching at your racing heart, “asshole! You almost gave me a heart attack!”
“Always be aware of your surroundings, bunny,” his grin was wicked as you huffed, pouting your lips at him.
“You scared me!”
“I called your name but you didn’t hear me,” he insisted as you scoffed, trying to walk past him and into the kitchen. Your game was already long forgotten; you were sure you’d lost the match at this point anyways so it didn’t even matter. As you tried to push past him, he was quick to wrap an arm around your waist and pull you against his broad chest, “don’t be mad, bunny. I didn’t think you’d get that scared.”
“You shoulda let me finish,” you huffed as his large hands found their way to your ass, earning a small sound from you as he pulled you against his chest, “now you’re not playing fair.”
“I’m not playing fair? What about you walking around the house looking so fuckin’ fine?” he asked as he slapped your ass, causing you to gasp slightly. You were in a pair of panties, not even cute ones at that, and one of his shirts. Hardly what you’d consider sexy, but that hadn’t seemed to deter him,  “how am I supposed to keep my hands off of you?”
“James,” his name was a breathy whisper off of your lips as he pulled you against him and crashed his lips against yours. His kiss was harsh and biting and it wasn’t long before you were grinding your hips against his, “it’s Sunday morning.”
“And?” he tilted his head down and pressed some kisses along your jaw before going to your neck. A small little moan escaped your lips and you could feel him smirking against your skin as he did his best to leave lovebites all over you.
"We have things to do, J-James," you insisted softly, resolve already weak, just like your knees, "like we should get breakfast and then there's-"
"Love when you call me by my name, honey," he mouthed against your skin. His hands wandered under your shirt, fingertips ghosting up your skin before stopping just under your breasts. He stopped, blue eyes watching you intently, but instead you grabbed his hands and placed them directly on your soft flesh, “I thought we had things to do?”
“We do,” you agreed as he gently massaged your soft flesh, gently tugging on your nipples as you mewled softly into his ear, “but t-this is good too.”
“You’re right though,” he stopped and pulled his hands away from you, causing you to look at him in surprise, “we do have a few things we need to do. No rest for the wicked.”
“Bucky,” you stomped your foot lightly as he just chuckled at you. Instead of saying anything, he just looked at you with an amused expression on his face. He licked his lips as you all but melted at the sight, “now you’re not playing fair.”
“Sorry honey,” the words were like liquid gold spilling from his lips as he gave you that look. You had half a mind to take him then and there. Instead you just stared at him, admiring the sight of your beefy boyfriend in only his boxers. Fuck - it wasn’t fair for him to look so good all the time, "but you’re right. We’ve got things to do.”
"I changed my mind," you whined, "its nothing that important - can we just...not?"
"Bunny," he shook his head as he took your hand and pulled you into the kitchen, "it won't take long. Can you be a good girl for a little bit? Then we can do whatever you want."
"I'll be good," you promised with a hopefully little smile, "and then I want to be lazy and play video games and fuck you."
"You know you like it," you insisted, hopping onto the counter as he smirked at you. You reached for his hand and pulled him towards you, whispering in his ear, "don't put on a shirt. I like you like this."
"Well then," his hands for the hem of your own shirt, slowly pulling it up and tossing it over your head, grinning at the shocked expression on your face. You tried to cover up, but he was faster and pulled your hands away from your chest, "I think this is only fair."
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
It was almost two hours later and both of you were filled with breakfast and had gotten the weekend chores done, leaving you both with...nothing but free time. By now, you’d both gotten showered and dressed, ready to spend the day doing whatever you desired. 
“Come on,” you tugged on Bucky’s hand as you dragged him back to the living room. At first he stood still as a statue, proving to be immovable due to his large stature. After you tried for a few moments he laughed at the expression on your face before giving in; he effortlessly picked you up and hauled you over his shoulder as he carried you, “you said I get to pick what we do! I pick video games because I want to kick your ass for making me lose earlier.”
“You’re going to go down every time, little bunny,” he said as he gently laid you down on the couch, “you really wanna do this?”
“Duh,” you grabbed your controller and tossed him his. You took the large, soft blanket from the top of the couch and threw it on the floor before plopping down on it and patting the space next to you.
“What do you wanna play?”
“Mario Kart!”
He looked at you with raised eyebrows for a moment but when he saw you were being serious, held up his hands in apologetic defeat, “alright, alright, don’t death glare me - I didn’t say anything!”
“Get ready to have your ass kicked, Barnes,” you switched on the console and gave him a serious look, “I happen to take my gaming very seriously, as you know.”
“I do,” he acknowledged as you started the game, “let’s see if you make good on that threat. If you lose, it’s my turn to play a little game.”
“Alright,” you agreed, “you’re so on. And you will lose.”
Bucky said nothing, but made a small, thoughtful sound in the back of his throat. You picked the course and started the round, putting on your game face. You were sure that you’d win. Bucky wasn’t nearly as competitive as you when it came to gaming.
You were so sure that you would win that you could barely believe it when you...lost.
“Look at that, little bunny,” Bucky’s voice was thick and raspy in your ear as his arm snaked around your waist as he pulled you towards him, “I think you’ve lost…”
“You cheated,” you insisted as you tried to pull out of his strong grasp but it was no use. You pouted as he pulled you into his lap, “James! You’re playing dirty and I know you cheated somehow!”
“Nope,” he promised as both of his arms around your waist, resting his head on your shoulder before trailing kisses along your shoulder. You arched lightly into his warm body, tilting your head to give him more access to your neck and jaw. Bucky eagerly obliged as he toyed with the waistband of your shorts. Your eyes fluttered closed as you gave into his touch; you could already feel his hardness against your ass, “see what you do to me, honey?”
“James,” his name was a breathy whisper as he slipped a hand inside your shorts and quickly worked down to your already slick folds. He ran a finger through your folds coating it in your juices and circling around your clit. You couldn't help but lightly buck your hips into his touch, already wanting more, "don't tease."
"We said that if I won, I get to pick the next challenge," he reminded you, slowly teasing your entrance as a small moan escaped your lips, "think you're up to it?"
“Mhmm,” it was a whimper as he slowly pulled his hand away and settled them on your hips, “Bucky!”
“You’re gonna be a good girl,” he insisted and quickly lifted your ass up and quickly pushed down your shorts before pulling down his own sweats and freeing his hard cock, “you’re gonna sit on my cock and warm me up real good. And you don’t get to cum unless you win the next round.”
“Bucky, ‘s no fair,” you could feel him running the head of his hard cock through your folds as  you squirmed in his grip. Before you could argue and say anything else, he slowly lined himself up at your entrance before setting you down on his cock. A small cry escaped your lips at the delicious stretch of him filling you up, “fuck.”
“You feel so good,” he breathed in your ear, his lips warm and gentle against your skin, “you were made for my cock. Don’t move, just play.”
“Please,” you whined, fully aware of how pathetic you sounded. His cock just had that effect on you. You were just so blissfully stuffed, “please lemme move.”
“Nope, you just gotta sit still and play,” he handed your controller back to you and selected the next round, “win and you get to cum. Lose and you have to watch me touch myself and you don’t get to touch yourself.”
“That’s mean!”
“Better not lose then,” he said as he pressed start.
You were willing to do anything to do anything to win. It was a herculean effort to focus on the screen and successfully surpass Bucky. Especially when you felt so deliciously full of him. That familiar coil in your belly was already tightened and your whole body was vibrating with lust and desire. You wanted nothing more than to touch your swollen clit and get some much needed friction. But you weren’t going to give in just yet, no matter how dirty he was playing. 
That’s when you got a wicked little idea. Every time Bucky managed to get ahead of you, you clenched your walls around him, causing him to almost moan in your ear each time. Technically, you weren’t cheating; you were still except for the vice grip your pussy had on his cock. 
“Watch it little bunny,” he was gnawing on his lip in order not to make a sound and lose concentration.
“What? I’m not moving or doing anything,” you replied sweetly, “it’s not my fault you love this pussy so much.”
He remained silent as he focused his attention on the game as well as he could. But it seemed that his little plan had backfired and you suddenly had upperhand. You did your best to keep your eyes on the prize and focus only on winning - the real prize would come soon after. 
It wasn’t long before the round was over and this time you were the winner. You cheered softly before tossing your controller to the side, and Bucky mirrored your actions. His hands quickly found your hips again as you wiggled against him. 
“You always get your way, don’t you?” he rasped as you nodded lightly. His hand, large and soft and warm, drifted down to your swollen bundle of nerves as he started to touch you. Your hands were on your thighs, balled into hips as you slowly rocked your hips against his, “look at you, pretty bunny. So needy and desperate.”
“Wanted you all morning,” you insisted as your mouth hung open, “Bucky, please, I’m so close.”
“Come on then,” he nuzzled his nose against your neck and trailed hot, wet kisses down against your exposed skin. He could feel your walls clenching around his cock as you pressed your back against his chest, grinding down on him, “cream all over my cock, make a mess.”
“James,” your eyes fluttered shut as you came with a small cry around him. He bucked into you as he kept touching your clit, working you through your orgasm, only stopping when you pushed his hand away, “too much, too much.”
“Good girl,” he cooed as he removed his hands and slowly lifted you off of his lap, gently setting you down on the soft blanket. You looked at him with a sweet little smile as he ripped off shirt and kicked off his sweats, “look at you. So fuckin’ beautiful.”
“Bucky,” you took off your own shirt and tossed it to the side, “please fuck me.”
“Say no more, bunny,” he loomed over you, bowing his head and kissing you slowly, but with a sense of gentle urgency.  You wrapped your legs around his waist and pulled him down against you, “fuck, I love you.”
“I love you too,” you beamed at him, reaching up and brushing his hair out of his face, before kissing him again. 
His touch slowly traveled from your lips, down to your jaw and neck before he trailed soft, featherlight kisses along your collarbones and down your breasts. You arched into his touch, a moan escaped your lips, causing him to smile against your skin. His warm mouth found your peaked nipple, gently sucking and tugging on it while he massaged the other breast with his hand. Before he pulled back, he lavished the same attention to the other breast while you gently ground your hips against his. 
“Such a needy little bunny,” he pulled back and found your lips again, admiring the fucked out expression in your eyes. You were so enamored with him and his gentle touch, “you gonna be good and let me fuck you?”
Bucky took his cock in his hand and stroked himself a few times before lining himself up at your entrance. He slowly pushed in, giving you a moment to adjust his size again. He was shameless with his sounds as he bottomed out, trying not to completely lose control all and just fuck you senseless at once. 
“Feel so good,” he buried his head in the crook of your neck as he started snapping his hips into yours, “tell me who you belong to, little bunny.”
“You,” it was a breathy whisper as he grabbed your jaw and turned your face so you were looking into his ocean eyes, “I’m all yours, James. All of me.”
“Good girl,” he kissed you roughly, fucking into you at a brutal pace, causing you your mouth form a small o as you already felt that familiar warmth pooling in your belly. He reached his cool metal hand down to your clit, gently rubbing it as he roughly fucked you, “taking my cock so well.”
“James,” it was all you could think as his name rolled off your lips like a breathy prayer. You wrapped your arms around him and raked your nails down his back in order to ground yourself on something tangible, “‘m so close, baby.”
“I can feel you squeezing my cock,” he groaned, “make a mess all over my cock. Gonna fill you up.”
You came with a small cry as your vision grew hazy. Bucky’s thrusts slowed and grew more sloppy before he came deep inside of you with a guttural moan of your name. He stayed buried inside, trying his best not to crush you as he grinned down at you. Tilting your head up, you captured his lips in a soft kiss, “I love you.”
“I love you too,” he whispered as he nuzzled his nose against yours, “god you’re fuckin’ perfect.”
“You’re just saying that because I let you cum inside me,” you gently ghosted your fingertips down his back to soothe the scratches you had given him earlier.
“Gotta make sure everyone knows who you belong to,” his grin was cocky as he slowly sat back down and slowly pulled out of you, causing you to hiss at the feeling of emptiness. He watched as your combined spend started to trickle down our leg. He gathered it with his finger, before slowly pushing it back inside you. 
“Cocky,” you leaned up on your elbow and grinned at him, before moving to stand up, but Bucky quickly put a hand on your tummy and pushed you back down, “James?”
“I haven’t had my dessert yet,” he slowly spread your legs again, taking in your spent cunt. A small squeak of surprise reached his ears as he settled in between your legs, “and I’m starving.”
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
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arcemo17 · 10 minutes ago
Sam: I hate you!
Bucky: …he shouted.
Sam: What?
Bucky: …he said.
Sam: Stop it!
Bucky: …he commanded
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marniesea · 13 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Selkie Chapter 11
She let out a quiet, high pitched whine at that, throwing her head back as he released her lip and turned his attention to the expanse of her neck. He closed his lips around her pulse, feeling it beat beneath his tongue, continuing to nip her skin on the way down. Not hard enough to bruise but enough to make her moan.
One of his hands had crept between their bodies as he covered her neck in wet kisses. His large fingers moved at a frustratingly slow pace, up her stomach until he stopped at the curve of her breast. At the same time, his mouth had reached the buttons of her shirt. He stayed like that for a moment, tonguing her collarbone, before he lifted his head to look her in the eyes. She looked feral , her lips parted and swollen before she leaned her head down to catch his mouth in hers again.
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bucksfucks · 15 minutes ago
do you think pornstar!bucky gets jealous of other guys/girls that work w you? he probably fucks so hard when jealous 😫😫
jealous!pornstar!bucky would probably act like it’s nothing and then when he’s fucking you he’s whispering “gotta fuckin’ remind you who you fuckin’ belong to. it’s me, no one else can fuck you like i can. no one.”
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capsamwilsxn · 16 minutes ago
hello my loves! i think it's about time i drop in my two cents on the anthony mackie situation. fair warning, this is a long post and i don't make an effort to keep my language clean in it.
also important for me to note: i use "you" a lot in this post. it is a general you, directed at the group of people who have caused this problem. i am not directing this at all of the fandom. just the racists who caused it to get this bad in the first place. here we go!
i know people have pointed this out, but i want to make it very clear. yes, anthony mackie did word things strangely. you know what that means of him? that he's human. those of you who actively partake in fandom racism will take any white man doing the bare fucking minimum and elevate him to a pedestal that's unattainable by any people of colour in the same fandom, and as soon as a person of colour makes one (evidently dissonant with past actions) slip-up, they're the latest in the "which poc can we get out of the narrative today" game.
what makes the situation worse? a person of colour, in this case a black man who has consistently been activating and publicly lending support to many different and important causes as well as speaking up about his stance on the very issues that are so near and dear to people of colour in fandom, when they make a misstep, are absolutely torn to shreds.
meanwhile, you as a fandom whole will continue to apologise for white actors who continuously display problematic behavior, sometimes deliberately, and you either ignore it completely or make up some bullshit excuse to defend it. i'm not going to name names in this post, it detracts from the whole idea that i'm trying to get across, but these people are some of the biggest names in fandom. it is sometimes repulsive how you will use willful ignorance to apologise for them.
additionally, the full context of the interview with variety lends itself to many flaws, which you can read about in this phenomenal post by @thetransguard. the part of the fandom that attempted to eat mackie alive (which is most of the fandom) completely fucking missed this. it almost seems like you who went after him were searching for yet another reason to "fuck [poc name here], stan [white man 30495834] instead!" which honestly, is absolutely the case.
and that makes me fucking livid. you who are ripping him apart right now, your only concern for mackie and his character, sam wilson, has been sebastian stan and bucky barnes. mackie attends any interview, including interviews that are supposed to celebrate his achievements? he's only asked about sebastian stan. white fans discuss and love on "sambucky"? sam is just whatever trope he needs to be to make bucky cry, or smile, or feel better, or feel safe, and that is the extent of his character. that's disgusting. do you understand that?
stupid question. evidently not. mackie brings up valid points that yall stucky fans and now stucky turned sambucky fans continue to miss, he makes these points in admittedly a convolutedly worded fashion, but he makes them regardless. and you know what the other problem with white fans' reaction to it is? this is exactly what fans of colour in your very own beloved fandom have been trying to tell you. we attempted to make these points during the show. you know, when you lot were throwing steve in every damn chance you got and centering the show around bucky and steve and steve and bucky and who's sam? we don't know sam. all we know is a black guy who got steve's shield, and he won't pick it up, and that makes bucky sad, and bucky's doing his best, okay, he's not ignorant, sam's just mean to him, and--
it's fucking draining. from the beginning, this has been about sebastian stan and bucky barnes. you who are ripping anthony mackie to shreds were never here for him in the first place. you never listened to him. you never saw his character for who sam wilson was. and that's coming to a head in how you are receiving his words. and are you truly missing the point of his words? or is there another reason why you took apart that evidently hate-bait headline and used that specific word choice, when it was fucking clear mackie had a point that was an overtone to the words he chose, to turn mackie into a paragon of homophobia and problematic behavior?
yes, i believe there is. because it's the same fucking reason you will drown out the voices of fans of colour when we call you out for the utter bullshit you spout in regards to the media you are incapable of consuming beyond a shipping lens. it is the reason you take it upon yourselves to slam fans of colour for being selfish, or inserting into the narrative something that to your shallow interpretation wasn't intended, or reminding you that sam wilson, anthony mackie's character, is more than a racist trope prop for your favourite white character(s).
you will bemoan the lack of bisexual bucky in canon. you will throw bucky with any white man he looks once at. you will lament how "rude" poc fans are being when they ask you to focus on sam and his story. you take poc fans, black fans especially, talking and clearing up the commentary on racial and class themes that the show attempts to address, and you will tell all of us that "it's not that deep." you will turn around and shit all over bucky and sarah. sam and bucky to you is a prop to make your newly minted m/m ship canon, because stucky never became canon the way you insist it should have. that's the core of the problem, we say, that wanting the m/m ship to be canon has shifted from wanting representation to wanting two men, generally two white men, to kiss on screen so you can go crazy about it. bucky and zemo will never be canon. bucky and john walker will never be canon. you saw sam and bucky and you said, this is stucky 2.0, and you centered it around bucky and steve as an invisible third party. that is what you are advocating for. that is what mackie fucking addressed.
so the reason? the reason is that you know we're right and we have been right all along, but you're too fucking thickheaded to acknowledge that as a respectful human being. so instead, you turn to whatever the hell you can twist mackie's words into, and attempt to get him out of the fandom picture altogether. that's it, isn't it?
how fucking detestable.
just read the goddamn interview, read mackie's other interviews if you need to, and stop ignoring the truth of the messages he is trying to convey. maybe it'll do you some good to watch and read mackie solo interviews as opposed to sebastian and mackie interviews where all you focus on is the relationship between those two actors, completely ignoring what they, especially and generally mackie, are trying to convey. that's another problem, isn't it?
full circle. stop being fucking tone deaf and listen to poc fans and actors for once in your privileged, entitled lives.
thank you for reading all the way through.
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allaboutthebooz · 16 minutes ago
Still Learning Pt. Six
Summary: After having everything stolen from her, the reader meets Bucky and they form a relationship, that works for the both of them. She needs money and he needs the company. There are rules that need to be followed. What will happen when the rules are broken?
Warnings: just a bunch of flirting.
A/N: I had this written up days ago, but because I'm a mom, nothing gets done around here. Thank you all for being patient and I hope you enjoy it!
You can catch up here!
Tumblr media
You and Bucky stood in the kitchen of the current house he wanted you to look at. You tried to convince him that an apartment in the city was more than enough for you, but he insisted that it would be better to buy a house. He wanted you to be able to grow in the home.
You didn’t want something too far from the city and he didn’t want something too close to the neighbors. Didn’t need a nosy Karen peeping through the windows. He wanted room to have a decent fence or a concrete wall with a gate that needed a keypad and password.
He’d found the current home you were standing in and managed to get a private tour. It was an hour outside of New York in a beachy town called Island Park. The area seemed like it was newly built. The realtor explained that it was on 320 acres of land. That was half a mile before reaching the neighbor’s house.
“So, as I said before, there are five bedrooms and three and a half bathrooms. You’re not that far from the harbor. Everything is brand new, newly built. You will be the first ones to live here, the original owners built it and then had to move closer to family. This is the perfect place to start your lives together.” The realtor, Sara, explained smiling at you both. Neither of you bothering to correct her as you looked around.
You moved through the kitchen, examining they grey and black marbled counter tops and stainless-steel appliances. You turn to face Bucky where he stood on the other side of the island.
“What do you think, Doll?” He asks, sticking his gloved hands in his jean pockets.
Your stomach fluttered at the pet name. He started calling you that not long after everything started, and you were loving it.
“It’s great, but don’t you think it’s too much?”
He looks at Sara, “Can you give us a few minutes?”
“Of course.”
He waits for her to clear the room before moving towards you. You watch him move around the island and stopping when he’s in front of you.
“I didn’t ask if it was too much. I asked what you thought of it.” He says, his tone playful even though his face remained neutral.
“And I said it’s great, but-“
“Can you see your building a life here?”
You opened your mouth to respond but paused and closed it. You looked around the kitchen again and out into the living room, the open floor concept of the house allowing it. You moved around Bucky to stand in front of the wall of windows that provide a view into the backyard.
You imagined kids running around. Imagined their laughter. A dog barking. Bucky’s laughter as he chases them all. You pull your thoughts back to reality, not wanting to dwell of the life that’ll never happen with someone you’ve only known a few weeks.
You focus on the trees in the yard. “Yeah. Yeah, I can.”
“Then that settles it. I’ll make an offer and see if we can close today.”
“How much is it going to cost?” You ask, turning to face him.
He gives you a smirk. “That’s for me to worry about. What do you say we go look at a few cars after this? It’s still early.”
You want to protest, but now you really will need a car, living an hour from the New York. Instead, you nod, and he leaves you on your own to find the realtor.
You should probably call your dad and tell him that you’re moving. He’ll be happy that you’re leaving the city. He was never happy about you living there, especially once Matt took off. You wonder how you’ll explain everything to him. You had told him about Matt leaving, but not about him ruining your life and leaving you with nothing. You hadn’t told him about Bucky.
You pulled your phone from your back pocket, thinking of calling him now but figured you should wait. Instead, you typed in the address of the house to see if it would pull up on Zillow or
You found it on the latter website and your eyes bulged at the selling price.
‘A million?!’ You think.
Bucky has a lot more money than you thought, if he was willing to drop a million dollars on a house. You hoped he wasn’t paying cash for it. You knew if you asked him about it, he would tell you not to worry about it.
You quickly copied the link and sent it to Lexie and Deanna in your group chat with the ‘I’ll call you both later’ message so they didn’t try to blow up your phone while you were still with Bucky.
You put your phone back in your pocket and go to find him. You find him and Sara outside looking over the paper. He looks up when you close the front door and he smiles at you, making your chest ache as your heart thumps against it.
“Welcome home, Doll!”
“Already done?” You ask.
“Just finished. The owners accepted the offer right away. How could the pass up on a cash offer?” Sara explains happily.
Your eyes widen. “Cash? Bucky!”
“You shouldn’t have done that!”
“Too bad. It’s already done. Sara has the check.” You sigh. “Don’t do that. This is home now. Be happy.”
“We’ll talk about this later.”
He just laughs. “Whatever you say, Doll. We’ll get the keys in a few days and then we can start moving stuff in.”
“Okay.” You move down the porch steps and over to Bucky’s car. “Thank you for everything, Sara.”
“You’re welcome, Y/N. I hope you enjoy the place.”
“I will after I’ve beaten him to a pulp.”
You all laugh and say goodbye. Bucky joining you in the car. He pulls out of the drive and heads back towards the city.
“I can’t believe you just paid that much for the house, James Barnes.”
He doesn’t say anything, so you look at him. He’s glancing at you, eyes wide. “What?” You ask him, thinking you said something wrong.
“No one’s called me by my real name since the 40’s.”
“Well, if you keep spending money like this on me, you’ll hear it a lot more.”
“I like it. I like the way you say my name.”
You feel your face get hot. “Play your cards right and I’ll say it more often.” Your heart once again slamming against your ribs. You know he can probably hear it.
You see him smirk, not taking his eyes off the road.
“Are you going to stay in the house with me?”
“I will, until I know you’re completely safe. I’m gonna get that wall built and get security cameras set up. Make sure you’re a hundred percent safe before leaving you on your own.”
“Oh, okay. Maybe I’ll get a dog or two.”
“That’s not a bad idea.”
“It’ll be a big adjustment going from the city to such a small town. Living on my own.”
“I’ll be around as much as you want me to be.”
You nod.
Not much else is said during the drive. It was barely nine o’clock when you reached the city limits and Bucky was pulling into a private car lot. Bucky had wanted to go look at the house before the sun was barely peaking over the horizon. You glance at the cars as he drives by them, slowing to a stop in front of a building. A man steps out of the sliding doors and you both open the doors to the car.
“Mr. Barnes, lovely to see you.”
“Hey, Rich. How are you? He asks, shaking the man’s hand.
“I’m doing good.” He glances at you. “Who is this beautiful lady?” Rich asks.
You step up beside Bucky and out stretch your hand. “This is my girlfriend, Y/N.” Bucky introduces you. You try not to flush at the word ‘girlfriend’ and smile. You both agreed hat that is how you would be introduced to anyone. Playing the part that you were being paid for.
“Nice to meet you.” You speak.
“Likewise, Y/N.” Rich drops your hand, looking back to Bucky. “What are we looking for today?”
“That is up to her. Whatever she wants.”
They both look to you. “Uh-um.” You look to Bucky for help and just to have him grin at you. “I guess, maybe an SUV? Something not too big, but has plenty of trunk space and not a cramped backseat?”
“Is there a certain color that you would like?”
“Black or white is fine.”
“Okay. I might have something. Let me grab the keys and we’ll look at it.”
“Thanks, Rich.”
The man nods before heading back inside.
“Are you sure this is okay, Bucky?” You ask him, turning your body towards him.
He reaches out and takes your hand. “We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t okay.”
“No, I know. I just don’t want you to think I’m taking advantage of you.”
“You’re not. I’m doing this for the both of us. So, it’s for me too, not just you.” Bucky tells you, reaching up to brush a strand of hair from your face.
“Alright, you two. Who’s ready to look at some cars?” Rich asks, coming back outside.
Tumblr media
You couldn’t believe you drove off the lot in your new car. And not just new to you, brand new in general. It only had ten miles on it before you test drove it. There was no doubt that the car was made for you and Bucky was signing for it a writing a check before you had gotten out of it.
You’ve never bought a car that was brand new before. You could never afford it. Now here you were. Driving the brand-new Chevrolet Trailblazer, back to the hotel you were staying in, Bucky following behind you.
When you first agreed to this, you weren’t sure how you would feel having someone spend all this money on you. Now though, you were excited. You were happy. You had gotten a new home and a new car in the same day, and it wasn’t even noon yet!
You couldn’t wait to move and show the girls everything.
You pulled into the parking garage for the hotel, parking in a spot close to the elevator. You met Bucky at the back to the cars.
“What do you think?” He asks.
“I love it!” You squeal and wrap your arms around his neck. He laughs and stumbles back a step, wrapping his own arms around your middle. “Thank you so much, Bucky.”
“This is just the beginning, Doll.”
Tumblr media
“Did you have any plans for tonight and possibly the next few days?” Bucky asks, as he casually leans against the couch in your hotel suite, watching as you pack the things you had gathered onto the bed and in the bag you had brought.
You had moved out of your apartment a few days after you met up with Bucky. Your landlords allowed you another week to pack your things and out them away in storage. You probably could have paid them to stay until you found a new place, but Bucky wanted you safe. He managed to get you into a fancy hotel. Key cards were used to access any part of the building and armed security guards were around 24/7. You didn’t even know places like this existed.
“Aside from packing, which is almost done, no.”
“How about joining me? Sam’s oldest nephew is having a birthday party. He always extends and invite, but I know if I show up alone, he’s gonna try and introduce me to some girl.”
“Ah, finally time to introduce me to Same?” You pack away the last things in your bag and turn to face him, smirking.
“You knew it would happen eventually.”
“What’s the dress code for tonight?”
“It’s a twelve year old’s birthday party in Louisiana. How fancy do you think it is?” He says laughing.
“Yeah, that’s where they live.”
“What time does the party start?”
“Not until later.”
“What? We’ll get there in time! I already have our flight booked.” He smiles mischievously.
“When do we need to be there?” You ask.
“Around six.”
You glace at the clock on the side table, it reads 12:30. “When do we need to be at the airport?”
“In like an hour. It’s a private flight and Sam will be picking us up. I usually sleep on his sister’s couch but got a couple of rooms at a hotel.”
“You weren’t kidding when you said I had to be at your beck and call at a moment’s notice.”
“Yeah, I wasn’t. Usually, most events are planned months in advance, but sometimes can be sprung on us at the last minute.”
“You’re lucky I’m already packed and that you’re extremely handsome.”
He smiles and lets out a small huff of a laugh, his cheeks turning a light shade of pink. “Handsome, huh?”
You roll your eyes. “As if you didn’t already know.”
“Yeah, but it’s nice to hear coming from you.”
“We’ll have to go by the storage unit to drop off the rest of my things before we go.”
“Then what are we waiting for?” He pushes himself off the couch and over to you, he grabs your bigger bags off the bed, like the weighed nothing. “Let’s go, Doll.”
“What are we going to do about my car?”
“Leave it here, I’m gonna have someone pick it up and have a few things adjusted while we’re gone.”
“Okay. This better be worth it, James.”
“Keep calling me ‘James’ and it will be.”
It was your turn to blush as you followed him out of the hotel room.
Tumblr media
Still Learning- @chipilerendi @vicmc624
Marvel- @shreddedparchment @redhairedfeistynerd
Forevers- @jamielea81 @dnnwnchstr22 @also-fangirlinsweden
*If you would like to added to the tag list, please send me an ask. I am able to keep up with them better that way!
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alirhi · 16 minutes ago
chapter 6
Title: Winter's Frost Chapter: 6/? Fandom: MCU Rating: R to be on the safe side Pairing: Loki/Bucky Summary: Loki never told anyone the real reason he became so obsessed with Midgard. Much better to let them think he wanted to hurt his brother than draw their attention to the one thing in the universe that makes the God of Mischief truly vulnerable.
WARNINGS: m/m Notes: omg so shoooort... Every time I tried to puff it up, it felt puffed. these chapters have all been unusually short for me to begin with, so this one feels kind of pitiful lol but hopefully it's not too bad...
"I need to go."
Loki sighed faintly, hugging his broken soldier tight. "I know, so do I. I don't want to, but we both have things to do." They were both clean and dressed, and had run out of excuses to linger.
The lightest of touches under his chin urged him to look up; he was slightly taller than Bucky, but he'd been staring at the floor. The pain in his lover's eyes made him wish he'd kept that up. "Loki, you have to stop looking for me."
"I wasn't looking the last time," he pointed out, moving back and crossing his arms over his chest. "I'd thought you were dead since HYDRA captured you sixty-eight years ago."
"And yet you seem to keep finding me." Bucky shook his head, reaching for him but stopping just short of actually touching him. "Stop. I mean it. I'm a lost cause, doll."
"Then don't call me that!" he snapped, shoving the damaged wraith that was almost Bucky but not quite. The other man stumbled a step or two before he caught himself, looking surprised. Then again, the practically blank slate always looked surprised, or confused, or both. "You cannot expect me to just give up and let them use you as they wish, not when you keep showing me that somewhere in there, you're still you!"
"That's the problem!" It was Loki's turn to feel – and probably look – completely confused as Bucky raked a hand back through his unruly hair in frustration. "The longer I'm around you, the more I feel... But I don't remember. I know you, but I don't remember you. I don't remember me. If you're still seeing habits, mannerisms, whatever, from this man you remember, then it means, under HYDRA control or not, I'm still me. At the end of the day, it's still me doing all these things. I can't possibly be this paragon of virtue you think I am when you're visibly horrified by the things I've done."
"Желание," Loki snarled, "Семнадцать."
"No!" Flinching, Bucky backed away from him with wide, frightened eyes. "Don't."
"Loki, don't!"
"What's the matter, Sergeant?" he taunted, livid. "If it's still just you either way, what does it matter? Рассвет. Печь."
With a low, guttural growl, Bucky had him pinned to the wall by the throat, the cold metal of his fingers digging into bruises that had already formed from this same move, though of course that had been for a much different purpose. "Don't."
"You're hurting me."
"I thought you said I couldn't."
"You can't do me real harm; that doesn't mean I don't feel pain." Smirking, Loki traced little invisible lines over the seams in the arm. "And I didn't say I minded."
Looking a little lost again, Bucky released him and backed away. "Please don't say those words."
"If you're so evil; such a cruel, murderous man, why are you so afraid? Is it a lack of control that frightens you? How, if it's still you choosing to do what they say?" He stormed forward, watching the timid little bunny in leather stumble back from him and simmering with rage for what his enemies had done to him. "Their trigger controls you or it doesn't, Sergeant. You can't have it both ways. So what are you so afraid of?"
"...Me." His back hit the wall and he gasped, visibly shaking as he looked anywhere but at Loki. "Okay? I'm afraid of me."
"It's not your fault." This time it was Bucky who dropped his gaze to the floor, and Loki who – albeit much less gently – forced him to look up. "You are not a monster, James Barnes. You are not evil. You are a victim. And no matter what it takes, I will save you."
"You're wrong. Just..." He broke free and bolted for the door before Loki could grab him again. Stopping by the shattered frame, he muttered, "Just let it go."
And then he was gone, and Loki stood alone. "No." He knew Bucky wouldn't hear him, but it made him feel better to say it aloud. No, he wouldn't let it go. No, he wouldn't give up on the only man who'd ever loved him.
No, he absolutely would not let Bucky live out the rest of his days as a slave, thinking he was a monster.
There was one thing he had to say for the soldier's stubborn refusal to see the truth, though: It certainly did fan the once-dying flames of Loki's desire for vengeance. Gone was the brief urge to just grab his lover and run. The people who'd hurt him needed to pay. One way or another, HYDRA would burn.
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Sam: you? You’d make a great boyfriend. Bucky: your smile? Makes my day. In another world, you’d obliterate me at boyfriendicism. Sam: you’re still the better boyfriend. Bucky: no, you’d make a better boyfriend. Sam: no, I-. Rhodey, cringing: a room? Fking get one.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
lol I can totally see it!
mod laina
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bucksfucks · 22 minutes ago
Omg and what about pornstar!bucky making fun of you bc you forgot the lines you’re supposed to say bc he’s just fucking you that good
“what’s that? dumb little baby can’t remember her lines ‘cause she’s gettin’ fucked so hard by me? c’mon, big girl words now, i know you can do it. or am i fucking you absolutely stupid?”
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dirty-holy-things · 22 minutes ago
okay but hear me out: a Bucky x Reader AU, based on the TV show New Girl.
of course Bucky would be Nick, and Reader would be like Jess
and I see Sam being like the Schmidt of the group, and Steve being Winston (could flip though, idk)
if someone’s already written this pls let me know bc I have a mighty need for this
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bucksfucks · 28 minutes ago
With Pornstar! Bucky I always think about doing a scene with him and getting really into it and at one point he just whispers in your ear “smile for the camera baby” before giving you the best orgasm of your life
yessss please and he’s so in control, like he knows exactly when you’ll cum maybe you’re making a homemade sex tape with him because….y not??
and you’ve entirely forgotten about the fact that you’re making one so when he suddenly starts thrusting really deep and slow—bringing you to the being he just whispers “smile for the camera, baby. wanna make sure you scream my name when you cum.” 🥴
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clakearts · 29 minutes ago
Tumblr media
sambucky best sun/moon couple
Reblog, don’t repost
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punkbuckybarnes · 29 minutes ago
ahahah haha fuck
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bucksfucks · 30 minutes ago
EL!!!!!! have you written about rockstar!bucky yet??👀
i-i have not 😩 i’m putting the cone of shame on myself
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rosecastorini · 32 minutes ago
really what does it say about me that some of the relationships i find most fascinating are the ones where a tragedy ruptures everything and then years later the characters find their way back to each other. something about knowing someone so deeply but also not knowing them. all the years apart, missing experiences that have shaped each of them into who they are, but still the possibility that the other knows the truth of them. something about having to be really honest now, because if they don’t seize the chance to build a solid foundation the past will swallow them whole. death and resurrection (sometimes literal) and is there a coherent self that exists through all of that? what can be said and what cannot. what has to be felt out, clumsily, in the dark. who were we then, who are we now, and who will we become? who could we become if, having lived separately, we decide to live together?
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bucksfucks · 32 minutes ago
and he would like have to stop himself from cumming right then and there like grunting “holy—f-fuck, oh my fuckin’ god. sweetheart, holy,” like it’s the hottest thing ever for him too.
and when he gathers himself he just smirks “well, there’s nothin’ holdin’ us back now, might as well finish the job right.” and u won’t be walking for days
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@spiderbitten​ sent to J. Barnes:
❝ I can’t prove that someone ISN’T a reptilian. ❞
Tumblr media
     Bucky could only stare. The kid was still talking. He was saying things that didn’t make sense. And Bucky was starting to regret why Steve left him with the kid. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.” He might have sounded confused but... he really was confused. “You’re speaking English but I don’t get what you’re saying.”
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astralhux · 35 minutes ago
rating: E
pairing: brock rumlow/bucky barnes
summary:  After a mission, it is permitted to use the asset recreationally. When Pierce discovers the asset is no longer capable of getting himself hard, he assigns the job to Rumlow.
usual htp fic warnings apply: rape, fucky morality, consent issues, etc. 
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please-buckme · 37 minutes ago
If you guys have read some dark, nasty, (a lil degrading) smutty smut for Bucky lately, hmu with it!! 🥰
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