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aingealcethlenn · 3 hours ago
Finding Home Chapter 20
Chapter 19
Returning late at night after the mission, we all sat through the debriefing, barely managing to keep our eyes open. Once Steve finished rambling on, he made one final announcement.
“Everyone has the day off tomorrow.”
“This isn’t some trick, is it Cap?” I laugh.
“No trick. We all deserve a little downtime.”
Nat looks across the table at me and smiles. “Pizza and game night?”
“Hell, yes!” We both laugh loudly.
It was decided - mostly by us, but we aren’t going to let the others out of it. We will all end our day off with some pizza and games as a team.
We all happily part ways, each excited for a much-needed day to ourselves.
Steve, Bucky, and I retiring to our floor, sharing a lingering glance between myself and each of the men before entering their rooms. Things are different; I know that, but I’m not sure any of us realize just how quickly things are going to change.
The Tower is silent as I lay in my bed, tossing and turning for a couple of hours at least. Unable to sleep, unable to get comfortable. Between the nightmares that flash each time I close my eyes and the lack of -- well, the lack of comfort, it just isn’t happening.
That is when the screams break the silence.
I know that Bucky isn’t adjusting to our first night back very well, either. I hear Steve’s door open with a thud and his feet hitting the floor as he runs into Bucky’s room.
Lying there, quiet, I just listen.
Listen to Steve try to wake Bucky from the scene that is plaguing his mind. I listen to Steve try to calm Bucky once he is finally awake. I listen as they both make their way to our small kitchenette for some coffee.
Stepping out of my room quietly, I start to walk toward the voices of my two floor-mates. I stand back in the shadows and just listen for a moment.
“I don’t know what it is about her, Steve. But that week we spent…”
I hear him pause. We had promised each other that we wouldn’t tell anyone about waking up in each other’s arms each day of the mission.
“I never once woke up. Let alone screaming.”
“I don’t know what to tell you, Buck. Have you tried to talk to her about it? Maybe she can shed some light on it for you.”
“She won’t say anything more about it. I’ve tried. All week I tried.”
“Give her time. She’s like a locked safe when it comes to certain things.”
I quietly make my way back to my room. Screw the coffee. I’m going to try to sleep again instead. It is still dark outside, after all.
Lying there again, with my eyes closed, I am still unable to drift off to sleep. Instead, I allow the stray tears to trickle onto my pillow as I think about what Bucky said.
I’m not sure how long I was there - I all but refuse to open my eyes until my alarm goes off this evening for our team game night - but I hear the door open quietly. Trying to decide if it is worth moving or not, the door clicks shut again, and the lock clicks into place.
I never hear the footsteps approach my bed; I only feel the mattress dip behind me. My blankets move, just slightly, allowing him to slip underneath them - feeling that cold metal against my bare skin, my body immediately relaxes.
Feeling him slide closer, pulling me back at the same time, he nuzzles his face into my hair and takes a deep breath. My body forms to his, and my breathing slows.
No words are spoken. They don’t need to be.
We both drift off into a blissful sleep for the remainder of the morning and afternoon, only stirring when my phone goes off, alerting me that it is time for dinner.
Try as I may, I can’t break free from Bucky’s hold. I turn under his arm and face him. I take in every tiny detail of his face because this is the calmest I have ever seen him within the Tower walls.
Kissing his nose gently, I watch as he scrunches it up. Groaning, he slowly opens his eyes.
“I need to go help Nat downstairs, Buck,” I whisper.
“So?” His voice still full of sleep.
“So, I can’t get out from under your arm.” I giggle quietly.
“Oops. Sorry.” He smiles before closing his eyes again.
Finally free of his grasp, I throw on some clean clothes and make my way downstairs, leaving Bucky to rest in my bed peacefully.
Standing around the island, we are all enjoying some pizza and just an overall beautiful relaxing evening. Everyone is laughing and having a good time.
Most of the group has decided to play their version of twenty questions. I’m not ready to answer most of them, so I just sit back, pretending to listen, smiling and laughing when I see others react.
I did my best to tune out the conversations going on until I hear my name. It seems Nat feels I need to partake, at least a little, in their game.
“Huh?” I look up, confused.
“Have you ever been in love?” Natasha asks again. The room is suddenly silent.
“I-I-.” My voice quiet and innocent, “I don’t know.”
I think for a moment, trying to remember all the times I was with the Soldier. I try to think of what love is supposed to feel like and if it was something that I felt for him or if it was something else.
After debating for what seemed like an eternity, I can feel their eyes burning into me - my tone changes from soft to cold and harsh. “It’s painful, pointless, and overrated. Why would anyone want that?”
My eyes flit to Bucky before focusing back on the cup in my hand. Undetected by most, but not going unnoticed by Nat.
“Would you ever love someone?” She pushes.
I take a deep breath, staring blankly in her direction. "Doubtful. But then, in this world, nothing is certain."
Setting my cup in the sink, I make my way toward the elevator to go back to my room. Wanting to avoid any more questions along those lines. It is too late, though; Nat knows it all from just one small action.
No sooner did I press the button, she is behind me with a gentle hand on my shoulder.
“I’m sorry, Marena.” Her voice is quiet but sincere.
“It’s fine, Nat.” I don’t know who I was trying to convince more? Myself, or her?
“Barnes, huh?” I turn and look at her with narrow eyes.
“I don’t wanna talk about it,” I state coldly.
“Come on, сестра (sister). You have to tell someone this story. It’s eating you up inside, I can tell.”
I pull away from her, stepping into the elevator without another word.
Arriving at my room, I quickly discard my clothes and throw on an oversized t-shirt. Crawling into bed, I pull the covers up tightly against my neck and try my best to fall asleep.
Maybe Nat is right. Maybe telling someone about it all will help to ease my mind. But do I want to remind myself of everything? Everything I caused him?
After a few hours of lying alone in my bed, I finally hear Steve and Bucky return to their rooms.
“I think I’m going to skip the run, tomorrow man. I’m exhausted.”
“That’s fine, Buck. You need your rest. I’ll see you in the morning.” With a click of a door, I know Steve has gone into his room.
A moment later, I hear Bucky’s door open and close. I secretly hope he hasn’t entered. I got my answer when I hear my door softly click open — listening as Bucky closes and locks the door silently behind him.
The bed dips behind me again, but this time I don’t wait for him. I roll over, facing his solid form, and slide toward the middle of the bed. He matches my movements, wrapping his arm around me, pulling me in. I bury my face into his chest and feel myself relax.
“I’m sorry about earlier, doll. I don’t know what upset you, but that wasn’t Nat’s intention. You know that, right?”
“I know Buck,” I mumble against him. “I’ll be okay. I just need some sleep.”
“Do you want me to -”
“No. Stay. We both know it’s better for both of us.”
He presses a kiss against my hair, and we both quickly fell into a deep slumber.
Chapter 21  - Masterlist - Tag List @lostinwonderland314​
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minka-g · 6 hours ago
The Wind Will Carry Us
It started in the cold; in the snowy ice drifts at the top of the world.  A man and a bear and a flash of flame in the pale light.  Blonde hair stained with blood and tears that turned to ice on red-blotched skin. Hands covered with death and a mind muddled with despair.
It started with a whisper into the night and ended with a ghostly answer floating on the winter wind.
A haunting tale of love across the ages, and souls that never die.  
Tumblr media
New three part Stucky fic coming soon (as in, tomorrow!)
Get in early and listen to the playlist!
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sunshineskyscraper · 8 hours ago
Summer, June. You came to visit the village and you were sent to the garden to pick flowers. In the man mending the hedge you will recognize the boy next door you were friends with many years ago
- Well, hello princess
- I'm too old for this nickname
- I do not think so
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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callmemaeve-y · 9 hours ago
me at 14: Explicit, Porn without Plot, a variety of sexual tags, doesn't have the patience to read long plotty fics, fluff and romance? pfft i only know hardcore sex, can read smut in public with a stone-cold straight face
me at 17: Teen and Up Audiences, Fluff and Humour, 100k slow burn with actual character development, prefers sweet fics and loves to go on the journey with the characters, becomes a giggling mess when something sweet/funny happens in the story
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quintonsloves · 16 hours ago
I just realized Bruce went through with Tony's advice from the first Avengers movie in Endgame.
Tony told him to let the hulk loose and learn to control it, like he did with the arc reactor in his heart. Tony wanted him to embrace himself.
And that's exactly what Bruce did in endgame by merging with the hulk. Embracing himself gave him more control over his hulk form as well.
Time to cry again ig 😃
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spicymocha · 16 hours ago
Faking Sleep Blurb
Warnings: fluff
parings: Bucky x GN!Reader 
Summary: Bucky feels himself blush as he tries not to disturb your ‘sleeping’ on his left shoulder. Bonus: Bucky confess his feelings, without knowing the reader is faking their sleep and hears his confession. 
Tumblr media
Bucky doesn't know how to react when you fall asleep on his shoulder; specifically, his left shoulder connected with his metal arm, which he hated. He didn't feel the heavyweight until he shifted in his position, trying to find something comfortable. He watched as your eyes closed, the way your head nuzzled into his neck comfortably. Bucky's hand twitched - ready to carry you into the bedroom and let you sleep until you awoke, but he decided against it at the last minute. It would be incredibly rude of him to wake you, such a peaceful slumber, and now that you're unconscious. Bucky could look closely and study all the small features of your face without needing to embarrass himself or getting caught staring at you. "How silly of you to do this to me, y/n," he murmurs to himself. "To think that of all of the people, you'd be the one capable enough of breaking my guarded walls. Heh, and here I thought the humane emotions I had were gone, but I guess you've proved me wrong." He wonders why he's confessing his hidden feelings out in the open, where the both of you felt at your most vulnerable. Bucky leans closer to your face, his lips brushing against your own. With his nonmetal hand, the brunette caressed your face, softly brushing away a strand of hair behind your ear. Bucky finds himself enhanced by your beauty as he stays in the closed position for a long moment before he reluctantly pulls away - blushing. Looking off, Bucky doesn't notice the slight blush on your face as you struggle to keep your eyes closed. Maybe later, you can give Bucky a surprise of a lifetime cuddles and an innocent kiss. 
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Did I choose to write my TFATWS series centering Sam and his daughter because he is severely under-appreciated in the fandom, he deserves better, and I love him so fucking much, it is absolutely insane?
Did I also choose to write my TFATWS series centering Sam and his daughter because I knew I wanted the reader to call the other guy their uncle and I could absolutely not write that series having the reader repeatedly refer to him as “Uncle Sam”?
Also yes.
Did I also just realize that “Uncle Bucky” sounds a lot like “Uncle Buck” and am now this close to chucking myself out the the fucking window?
Sadly, also yes.
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ivorydragoness44 · 19 hours ago
Dialogue Prompts from Movies/Misc. Vol. 4:
"Not bad for the end of the world."
"Unfortunately, I am awake."
"I just want to sleep."
"Can I go back to sleep now?"
"Never tell me the odds."
"Anything more to say?"
"Survivors, we adapt."
"Yeah... probably."
"So what?"
"Your fear is unnecessary."
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erika55wolf · a day ago
Fanfics lovers, i need some help!
I bought a new phone and i'm looking for a way to transfer the thousand open ao3 tabs I have on my old phone to the new one 🙏🏼😂
I know "mark for later" is an option but, honestly, it's not the same and I like the mess
If anyone can help I really appreciate!!
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squishneedsahero · a day ago
Dancing and Drunken Cuddles
All or Nothing
Part 2 of 1
Word Count: 2646
Uhhh idk y'all I have cravings and just need to get them out. As always no smut cause we sex repulsed up in this house babes. Anyways this is a Loki x Bucky x Reader imagine. And also the reader is a werewolf.
Like I said it's a lot and idk but I needed it to be written
A/N: Shout out to @superheroesandstardust fueling me to write this with some sweet tags on the last part.
Exhausted. That was what you were, nothing but exhausted as you lay on the floor of your containment cell. It had been an especially rough night in your wolf form, both of your boys weren't there since they had to go on a mission, and they'd figured out a way to calm you down on the nights of the full moon. It wasn't much and you were still extremely dangerous but with a combination of Loki's magic and the both of them holding you but it helped with the stress and made the transition the next morning more bearable.
So, yeah, not having them there to calm your nerves, plus an especially hard night, you couldn't bring yourself to get up off the floor. They weren't even there for you if you got up and went to your shared quarters, so, you might as well stay there until you have the energy to get up. You end up falling asleep right there on the padded floor, which made sense seeing as you didn't sleep on these nights, meaning you were up for over 24 hours at least.
You wake up around noon, sitting your head up you're surprised to see that you weren't in your cell but in your bed. From there you realize you're thoroughly trapped with two sets of arms around you, a head using your stomach as a pillow and a tangle of legs at the end of the bed. You relax your head back, letting it fall to the side, bringing you face to face with a sleeping Loki, yeah, you weren't getting out of here any time soon if your moving hadn't disturbed them at all.
It wasn't so bad to be trapped in their arms, you honestly loved it, the only problem was you were starving. When you were a werewolf all you wanted to do was eat, you couldn't do that though because humans didn't need to be eaten, but all the energy that went into transforming then trying to shred the walls of your cell as you tried to get free then transforming back, left you running on empty.
Oh so carefully you begin to untangle your legs from their's, then you begin escaping their arms. You're so focused on doing so without disturbing your two boys that you don't notice the fact that their legs once again entrap yours or that an arm you'd thought you'd gotten out from under was back around you. You keep trying, slowly growing more and more frustrated.
"She's quite cute when she's frustrated, don't you think?" you hear a voice say with a hint of a smirk to it.
"I believe she is, but she's always cute, though I do think she might begin trying to kill us if we don't let her go eat soon," the voice comes from the head on your stomach.
Your head flops back onto the pillow with a groan. "Might?" you ask with a hint of sarcasm as a hand cards through the hair on your scalp.
"Fine, love, I suppose the two of us can make do without you for a time," Loki responds in your ear as his arms remove themselves from around you.
You turn your head to look at one of the two men you loved so dearly, "thank you my trickster, it was quite difficult being without you last night."
You feel Bucky roll over on your other side and move so his head is by your's and Loki's rather than on your stomach, "hey, what about me?" he asks teasingly.
You give each of them a kiss, "yes, yes you too Bucky." You say as you get off the bed, "though I'm sure the two of you didn't miss me nearly as much since you had each other," you say with a dramatic hand to your forehead as you walk out of the room. Unfortunately for everyone else in the compound Loki's taste for theatrics had begun to rub off on you and Buck.
When you head down stairs you find everyone hanging out on the couches around a coffee table piled with pizza, you don't hesitate to grab an entire box and plop yourself down on the couch next to Nat.
"The beast as awoken I see," Tony  taunts.
Once you shoot him a glare you say, "yeah, I have and I haven't eaten yet so I suggest you shut your trap before I decide to eat something besides pizza."
"I'm sure theres a reason she's down here without those two love sick puppies Tony, on that note keep taunting her it seems like fun to watch," Clint says from his spot on the other side of Nat.
Tony shuts up after that, leaving you alone to eat. "So, how'd things go?" you ask Steve, since you always felt bad when you couldn't join them due to wolfing out. They brief you on what happened and how they all got some sleep in the quinjet, except those two boyfriend's of yours who were up all night worrying about you. That gets a smile out of you as you finish off another piece of pizza. You roll your eyes, "I told them I'd be fine," you say, blushing a bit, knowing how over protective they could be.
"My brother isn't one to leave the things he loves alone," Thor says.
"Yeah," you say softly, a smile coming to your face as you think about it, as much as Loki got on your nerves for being possessive and over protective it was cute.
"Oh, now you've done it- y/n is being sappy."
That gains Clint a glare from you. Nat jumps in to change the subject from off of your love life, since you could be just as overprotective as the other two thirds of your relationship despite you being a bit more subtle about it. "So, the three of you planning on joining us for Tony's party this evening?" she asks.
This causes you to pause, you'd been in this relationship for nearly a year now, but you all preferred to keep it quiet. So, this meant you didn't usually go to parties together since when you got the least bit tipsy you had trouble keeping your hands off of them, "not sure, I'll ask." The three of you were reformed war criminals, you weren't exactly sure how the world would take it knowing you were all in a relationship. Sure, you kept each other stable, Bucky was reformed, Loki didn't want to take over the world anymore, but you on the other hand were still dangerous even if you didn't want to be. No matter what you did you'd all always be seen as threats.
An hour later you're back in bed with your boys, "Tony's having a party this evening, do you guys want to go?" you ask.
Loki answers first from his place propped on his elbows over you and Bucky, "it's up to you two, I've always said I have no problems with going to a party and being able to show the world that you're mine."
You giggle, your heart fluttering as it always does when he calls you his, and turn your head to look at Bucky, "what about you Bucky?"
"It's been a while since I was able to go out dancing," he says, fingers combing through Loki's hair, "I'd love to spend the night doing that with my two favorite people, doll," he says to you.
You smile, "then it's settled, we'll go out tonight and let the world know that you're both mine and I'm yours," you giggle once more before leaning to kiss Bucky's stubbly cheek.
You movement opens your neck up for Loki to press a kiss to it, "that sounds perfect darling," he practically purrs. From there he turns and kisses Bucky, "right love?" he asks him.
"It does, Lo," he responds, his hand once again running through the other man's hair. A smile settles on your face, everything was perfect.
"Love," you use Bucky's pet name, "could you zip me up?" You ask hours later as you turn your back to him, after asking for help with your dress.
"Of course doll," he responds gently and you feel him run a finger up your spine before he zips up your dress that matched your eyes beautifully. His arms then settle around your waist and trap you against him, you giggle as you feel him lean down to press a kiss behind your ear.
You turn around and lock your arms around his neck, "I love you," you say softly and kiss his lips.
"Might I say, the two of you look ravishing this evening," Loki's voice says from the doorway before he comes over to join in the hug. "It's going to be quite the challenge to be sure that no one else looks at either of you."
You laugh and turn your head to look at him, "I could say the same for you darling," you free a hand to cup his cheek and give him a kiss, "I cannot keep others from looking at me, but I can tell you the only attention I want or need is yours and Buck's."
Loki turns his attention to Bucky with a slight shake of his head, "I suppose," he says running a hand through the other man's hair, "I could play nice for this evening."
Bucky laughs gently and kisses Loki, "at least for a little, you probably don't want the wolf mad at us again, especially cause last time she kicked us out of the bed for the night."
You laugh and shake your head, "that's a lie and you know it. I tried to kick you out of bed but as soon as the both of you gave me those puppy dog eyes you've perfected I let you right back in bed."
"Tsk," Loki clicks his tongue, "no worries darling, the two of us will behave," he pauses and smirks at Bucky, "until we're alone... You on the other hand, I'd be surprised if you can keep your hands off of us, y/n."
This gains a pout from you, "it's not my fault you two can't get drunk," you mutter. They both laugh at your reaction to their teasing before each one linking an arm with yours and escorting you out of the room and down to where the party was being hosted.
The room is set up magnificently, Tony knew how to host a good party, as always it would start out with some casual conversations, drinking and dancing. After the first couple hours it could then go one of two ways, elegant and royal ball like, or like a club with everyone hammered and dancing up on each other. No matter which way the party ended up going all of you always had fun with it.
The three of you weren't exactly late, but you entered after enough people arrived to cause a bit of a scene as everyone's heads turned to see you with an attractive man on each arm walk into the party. You immediately forget their teasing from a few minutes previous and let go of their arms to go get a drink from the bar. They both shake their heads, exasperated but knowing they were in for a fun night. "Might I have this dance, Love?" Loki asks, offering a hand to Bucky.
Bucky accepts the hand with a smile, he hadn't danced for reals since the 40s and he was excited, he'd always loved dancing and so had Loki. They move amazingly together, and you're more than happy to just sit and watch your two boys twirl one another around the dance floor since dancing wasn't so much your thing as it was theirs. They go on for a few songs and when they finally stop they were glowing with happiness. as they then approach you at the table where you had settled yourself with your drink.
"May I doll?" Bucky then asks you to dance and you accept before following him out to the dance floor. The night continues on like this the three of you taking turns dancing together, clearly together for everyone to see, and you of course get a little handsy later in the evening once you're a bit more than tipsy.
Finally all the guests leave and this leave the three of you and the rest of the team sitting around a table chatting and drinking some more. It's at this point that Thor brings out the Asgardian liquor dubbed "excelsior" and pours out four shot glasses, passing one to Steve, Bucky and Loki before keeping one for himself. Your two boys take the glasses offered to them, glancing at each other then you, happily zoned out across their laps, before taking the shots.
Bucky had one of your hands trapped in his and Loki was dealing with your other one that kept trying to creep up his shirt. You were lucky you were cute because you were quite the handful as drunk as you were. They weren't more than a little tipsy from the Asgardian mead they'd had access too, now the excelsior was beginning to set in for them, and let them both get drunk for once. They were still interested in talking with the others while you had given up on conversation a while before, preferring to lounge on them and keep trying to make out with them.
They were having fun with their friends and brothers so they were succeeding with ignoring you for the time being. Plus you were tired out from dancing so even if you did manage to drag them back to the room you'd only pass out after maybe a few kisses. You free your hand from Bucky's eventually to begin running it through his hair while your other hand continues to rest just under the edge of Loki's now untucked button up shirt.
Once the stronger stuff had been consumed by the two men, the three of you didn't last long remaining with the others. It had been really easy for you to get them to carry you to your bed, sure they weren't as drunk as you but now they were more than just tipsy, It had just been a matter of you pulling Bucky into an awkwardly angled kiss, since you were lying across his lap, and the hand that was resting on Loki's side moving so your fingers were just under the waistband of his pants. With that the three of you were getting off the couch, you being carried in Bucky's arms while Loki puts his arm around both of you and teleports you to your room.
Once you're in your bedroom you're suddenly motivated to move on your own, slipping out of Bucky's arms and standing on your own. You struggle with your dress for a few moments, forgetting about the zipper, before Loki rescues you. You giggle drunkenly and kiss his cheek before stripping down to your underwear, stealing one of their shirts off the chair it had been thrown over and flopping down on your side of the bed and promptly passing out. It wasn't exactly your side since you were usually in the middle but they made do, climbing in on the other side of the bed.
They organize themselves and get comfortable, letting Loki be the little spoon and Bucky the big spoon. At least until you roll over and throw an arm and a leg over top of both of them and slip your other arm and leg underneath them to make yourself the biggest of all the spoons. Somehow you're comfortable despite the fact that you are in a position similar to that of a sloth in a tree, completely wrapped around them.
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shatteredxdreams · a day ago
continued from [ x ]
“Jesus are you always this dramatic?” Sam said, pulling the screwdriver away as Bucky chastised him for making the screw just a little bit too tight.  He shook his head and laughed as his eyes fell on the other only to notice the grease stains on the side of his nose. He pulled out the hand towel from the back pocket of his jeans and tossed it in Bucky’s direction. “And just because someone thinks he’s a know it all, doesn’t mean he can’t be a complete dumbass. You got a little something on your face,” he said, gesturing towards his eyes.
Tumblr media
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loki-laufeyson965 · a day ago
Scary Clowns
PAIRING: Loki Laufeyson x OFC (Taylor Willow)
RATING: PG-13 (implied smut)
TW: Scary clowns harassing Taylor, Protective Loki, Threats, Fluff, Implied smut
SUMMARY: Taylor gets an unpleasant surprise whilst working and Loki is there to save the day.
Tumblr media
Loki had been on midgard for a little over a year and a half. At first he loathed the realm. He thought the people to be rude, gross, and just stupid.
That was until he met Taylor; a 23 year old, brown-haired, green eyed barista. He had no idea that when he went into the small coffee shop The Bean that he’d meet her.
She was working the cash register. While most people cowered away and steer clear of him, Taylor gave him a bright smile and asked for his order. When he was confused as to what the coffee's on the menu were, she was more than happy to explain what they were and even gave him recommendations.
After that day he found himself coming into the shop almost every day. On the days where business was slow he would stay beside the counter and talk to her until customers came in.
When he witnessed a few older men checking Taylor out and saying some crude remarks about her, he felt anger like never before. He made sure that once Taylor couldn't hear or see anything, to make sure those men knew not to come near her again.
After a couple weeks, he decided to stay with her while she closed the shop. He stayed out of her way while she did the cleaning and the closing duties and walked her to her apartment.
It’s been 4 months since the first day they met. They’ve gotten considerably closer and Loki knew he fell for the young girl. How could he not? She was the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen; and he’s seen a lot.
Loki was currently reading his book the house that Stark let him live in. Granted, he made major adjustments to it with the help of his magic. He usually heads to the shop at 5 since it closes at 7. That gives him ample time to talk to Taylor while also not staying there too long. He looked at the clock on the wall that read 4:36 and continued reading, at least until his phone rang.
This alarmed him for a moment since he rarely uses the device, and very few people have his number; Taylor was one of the few.
When the caller ID read her name, he could feel his heart speeding up as he answered.
“Taylor?” He asked as he put the phone to his ear.
“Loki?” She replied quietly from the other end.
“What’s wrong dear? Why are you so quiet? Aren’t you working?” He shot out questions, his anxiety starting to rise.
“Can you come now please? There’s like 4 people dressed as creepy clowns outside the doors. They keep banging on the windows.” Taylor whispered, a small gasp coming out as Loki hears some noise in the background.
“Are the doors locked?” He asked as he was rushing out the front door.
“Yeah. They’re locked. I’m hiding in the back.”
“Good. I’m on my way darling. Don’t fret, I won’t let anything happen to you.” Loki assures her, jogging down the street. Taylor didn’t reply but she stayed on the phone. Loki could hear her letting out soft whimpers and it only made him run faster.
When he finally got to the shop he saw the punks Taylor was talking about. They were all dressed as creepy clowns and had some type of weapon with them.
“Taylor?” He called softly through the phone.
“I’m out here. I’ll handle them and then I’ll meet you in the back alright?”
“Be careful Loki. I don’t want you to get hurt.” She hurriedly said, making Loki smile.
“Of course, my love.”
When he hung up he made his way over to the person closest to him and roughly pulled them from the window. Before the person could react, Loki made a dagger appear in his hand and grabbed them by the neck.
“Woah woah dude chill. It’s just a joke!” The person yelled, pulling the mask off.
Loki rolled his eyes. “Scaring an innocent girl to death is what you consider a joke?” He seethed, pushing the guy harder against the wall.
“She rejected my friend man. It was just a little fun. We weren’t gonna hurt her.” The guy pushed.
Loki rolled his eyes. “You’re going to tell your friends to leave and never come back. Forget about her. If I see any of you around here again, or talking to her, looking at her, if you do so much as think about her, I will show you what I find fun. And it will be painful for you.”
The guy nodded and profusely apologized. Loki let him go and he scurried to his friends. After giving them a quick recap of what just happened, the other three looked at Loki who was still gripping his dagger, and took off.
Loki quickly made his way to the back of the shop and Taylor was waiting for him. She didn’t hesitate to jump into his arms and cry.
“Shh, it’s alright my love. They’re gone. They were just some idiotic boys.” Loki cooed.  It took a few minutes for her to calm down and when she did, she simply held him closer.
“Thank you Loki.” She whispered.
“Of course, my love. I will always protect you.” He assured her. “Now what do you say we go back in, you finish your shift, and then we can head to my place and partake in what you midgardian’s call a puzzle.”
“Really? You’d bring me to your house?” Taylor asked, pulling back slightly to look at his face.
Loki smiled. “Why wouldn’t I?”
Taylor shrugged. “It’s your place, I’m sure you don’t like people being there.”
“You’re not people. And I happen to enjoy your company more than I would like to admit.”
Taylor gave a big smile. “If you’re sure you’re okay with it then I’d love to.”
The pair made their way back to the front of the coffee shop and Loki unlocked the doors. As usual, Loki took the stool at the side of the counter and started talking about his adventures on Asgard. This was something he typically did when something was bothering Taylor and she needed a distraction. She loved hearing about Asgard.
There weren't very many customers for the rest of the day, to which Taylor was thankful. She wasn't sure how much more stress she could take in one day. Loki, being the lovestruck gentleman he is, did all the closing for Taylor by using his magic.
"I'll never not be amazed when you do things like that." She mumbled as she looked at the clean shop.
Loki chuckled. "I'll have to show you more of what I can do." He replied playfully, suggestively raising his brows as he made his way over and stood directly in front of her.
"Loki!" Taylor screeched with a laugh as she lightly shoved him on his chest. "Is that why you want to bring me to your house?" She laughed.
He caught her wrists before she could drop them and held them against his chest.  "While I would absolutely love to see you laying in my bed wearing nothing but one of my shirts, I invited you over because I enjoy your company. I fully intend on cooking you dinner, perhaps we watch one of the mundane movie you mortals love, and then, if you would like me to ravish you until you forget your own name and all you can say is mine, I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it." Loki's voice dropped an octave, causing Taylor to gasp.
For a few moments they just stood there looking into each other's eyes. Finally, Taylor leaned up on her toes just enough to press her lips beside his left ear. "Well Mischief, what are we waiting for?"
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We Are Entranced Chapter Three
This mundane facade, the great lie that was Darcy Lewis, began to crack after she met God. Okay, she did not meet god, capital G. But she met a god, so it totally still counted.Her life which had previously been made up of poptarts snuck between science benders with Jane and worries over her impending graduation (the six remaining college credits that were gained through her internship assumed), quickly became one consisting of red tape and big scary governmental bodies who had the uncanny ability to steal iPods with no apparent repercussions. Suddenly she was graduating and moving to New York so Jane could bump uglies with her  God boyfriend. This move also meant that Jane would now have access to Stark tech and funding that made her threats to split open the universe (when Darcy tried to pry her away from science) that much more intimidating.Her lie, which she had spent her whole life perfecting, was starting to crumble away. And it had only been two months of living in Avengers Tower, rubbing shoulders with heroes who could put the Greek legends to shame.Two months of limited normality and Darcy could feel her shrewdly made front slipping. She was surprised no one noticed.Of course, with Natalia and James being away on a mission in Siberia for the last few weeks, it made sense that her slips had been given no consideration. Steve and Sam were far too trusting to think anyone in their inner circle could be hiding secrets, let alone one this big. They took anything she cooked for them with absolutely no questions asked, just a boy scout grin and an “aw shucks, thank you ma’am” attitude. Tony and Bruce often kept their heads firmly buried in the sand that was whatever new science project they were working on. When they did come up for air from their little love affair both were too self centered to notice her. Tony was more unapologetic about it, but Bruce gave the impression that he had to be a bit more removed in order to keep the other guy in check all the time. Clint, well Clint may have noticed, but he was often away from the tower, living with his family (a tidbit Daeira would never have been trusted with, but the non threatening and dearly held Darcy was).That only left the brothers from different mothers, Thor and Loki. One of whom was so proud of having a sister, however adopted and non official it was, to see any fault with her. The other, well Darcy had never really met Loki. Sure she saw him around, mostly in the elevators or during Family Movie Nights, but she had never worked up the courage to introduce herself. This was of course mostly due to the fact that should she ever do so, it was highly likely she would mention that nasty habit he seemed to have of cheating death and the time he tried to take over her planet. In short, Darcy was convinced that any formal meeting between them would be, well to put it lightly, bad.He was unnerving, always watching everyone in the unblinking way a cat stares at a particularly enticing bird.During Family Movie Nights, or any other time she had to be around him, Darcy could feel the burn of his stare on her and it always made her feel naked. Not in a fun sexual way, no, this was being stripped down to her core, her most basic elements put on display in front of a God who could never be trusted.The fact was, Darcy only ever truly felt like Daeira when he was around, and that worried her.
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Tumblr media
Imagine being Bucky's childhood sweetheart. You'd been just as inseparable as he and Steve for years and had developed a comfortable life together. So often at home time you'd find him leaning outside your place of work with a lopsided grin to whisk you to your favourite diner and every weekend had the two of you spinning around the dance hall late into the night or wandering along the pier under the stars.
This weekend, New York's World Fair had people filling the streets that you dragged Bucky and Steve down. Fully aware of how much of a nerd the charming man in uniform beside you was, you'd decided the three of you should mark Buck's last night before deployment with something special.
Weaving through the crowds towards the 'Technology of the Future' exhibit before coming to a halt, you felt arms go to your waist with a soft kiss pressed to your temple. "This is amazing doll, thank you."
Beaming back up at him you plucked his cap from where it perched on his head and settled it on your own. "Any time Sergeant." A series of flashes and loud music had you turning back to the stage as Howard Stark came striding out to give his presentation.
When Steve parted from the group towards another enlistment building, Bucky wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you toward the edge of the crowd. The harsh noises and lights began to lessen as the two of you became enveloped only in the company of your partner. Absentmindedly fiddling with his dog tags, as had become a habit giving you comfort in the last few months, you turned to face Bucky.
"You'll make sure to miss me right? And write all the time? And and" your ramblings were cut short when he kissed you intensely as if every answer and feeling could be put forward without words and would be enough to stave off an impending war.
"You know it sweetheart. Can't stay away from my best girl too long."
Satisfied to push the inevitable off until the last minute, you decided to call it a night - preferring to eke out the remaining hours wrapped in one another's arms in the small apartment that had become your sanctuary. The world shut out and replaced with the warmth and safety of James Buchanan Barnes.
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isolatedwriter0 · 2 days ago
12. Death/Rebirth
Prompt: Person A was being mind controlled and now Person B dying in their arms but Person B says it’s not Person A fault
If the end after the helicarrier went a bit differently
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serpentargo · 2 days ago
do we UNDERSTAND the amount of content we got? like... yesterday i couldn't fall asleep, so i decided to overthink about sambucky (as usual) and i actually couldn't count how many romantic, intimate and just gay moments we have in this show. i realized that we simply take all of them for granted, without recognising how crazy the situation really is.
try counting yourself.
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isolatedwriter0 · 2 days ago
1. Overheating/freezing
Alt universe where Bucky is present while Steve gets defrosted.
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aingealcethlenn · 3 days ago
Finding Home Chapter 19
Chapter 18
The first morning of our mission, I awoke feeling better than I had in years. I knew immediately why, too.
I had slept. A beautiful, deep, restful sleep.
Waking peacefully, with that massive arm wrapped tight around my middle, I knew that Bucky had finally gotten a good night’s rest as well. I was warm - almost too warm - which meant he had stayed close the whole time.
A small smile forms across my lips as I slip out from under his grasp. Turning to watch him sleep, only for a moment, he looks thoroughly at peace. I make my way into the bathroom to get ready for our day.
As I emerge, I see that Bucky has turned and is facing the bathroom. His eyes are open, and he is watching me.
“I… I didn’t hurt you at all last night. Did I?” He questions softly, his body visibly tensing up in worry.
“No, Buck. You didn’t.”
“Good.” I watch as he relaxes again with a sigh. “I was afraid… when you weren’t here…”
“I just woke up before you did, Bucky. I figured I’d get my shower out of the way. If it helps, I’ll stay in bed until you wake up next time.” I chuckle.
He offers a small smile as he makes his way into the bathroom.
I get dressed, putting on a beautiful yet simple dress and some heels. Standing in front of the mirror, putting on a little makeup, I hear Bucky make his way back into the room. Watching through the mirror, though never stopping my task, I can’t help but stare at the perfect man behind me.
It is unmistakable as ever to me at that moment - I missed my soldier. I wanted him, sure, but the truth was, I needed him.
But I couldn’t think of myself. I had to focus on the mission at hand.
With the comm piece in my ear, and the team chattering away, Bucky and I walk the streets. Hand in hand, a smile plastered on my face; we explore all the little vendors set up along the way.
Both of us are oddly relaxed. Our muscles aren’t tense and ready for a fight like they usually are; our eyes aren’t scanning everything around us, looking for a threat. Sure, we are still aware of our surroundings - the people, the vehicles, the action going on around us - but we had slipped, subconsciously, into a different frame of mind.
Typically, if you know what to look for - which the opposition usually does - you can pick out one of the Avengers from a crowd with ease. Even someone as good as Natasha can’t completely hide from a trained eye amongst the general public.
That was something Bucky and I have always been able to do, though. We could stay vigilant while still appearing to be typical people. It is one more reason that Hydra would send us together. Bucky and I could blend in with no problem - well, so long as we kept his left arm covered - but still get the job done better than anyone.
I have to say, I am thankful Bucky is listening to me and following my lead. Having him put that trust in me helped his mind open up to the things he didn’t know, or at least didn’t remember, he could do.
“You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you two had done this before Petrova.” I hear Tony quip in my ear.
“And if I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to blow this for us, Stark,” I mumble in a quiet reply.
“There’s a reason I said they were our best choice, Tony. Now let them do their job.” Steve jumps in to try and help.
“You two are hiding something from me. I know it.” He retorts.
I feel Bucky’s hand release from mine, but I pay no attention. I know he is safe - I trust him.
“Where is Bucky off to now?” I hear Steve question.
“How should I know? It’s not like we had a plan or anything.” Tony’s tone is a distinct mix of sarcasm and frustration. “Trust them, you said. They know what they’re doing, you said. So why don’t you tell us where he’s off to Capsicle?”
“Natasha, any visual?” Steve’s voice comes through again, seemingly ignoring Tony’s outburst.
“He’s at some fruit stand or something.” She can’t see much from her spot at the little cafe.
“That man and his plums,” I speak quietly, avoiding any unwanted attention. “He’s fine. I’ll make my way his direction.”
I smile at the vendor in front of me as I step away and walk toward Bucky. Never shifting his gaze from the food in front of him, his hand instinctively snakes around my hips and pulls me in closer to his side.
“Are you going to get some to take back to the room? Or only admire them here in the street?” I smile softly.
“I suppose we could bring some back with us.”
He finally looks down at me and realizes where his hand is. I smile again, reassuring him it is okay, even going as far as to place a gentle kiss on his cheek before reaching for a piece of fruit myself.
It wasn’t clicking in my head what exactly was happening.
Maybe a part of me wanted to ignore the sign. Revel, silently, in the calm and comfort.
Our time went by quickly.
A couple of days spent walking the streets. Putting on a convincing show for the lowlifes that were watching us.
A couple of days spent dealing with the crooks themselves, putting up the front as a power couple looking to make a large weapons purchase. We knew what to say, what information to give, and what to keep quiet.
Then, it was just a dull day of taking down their entire operation when they were stupid enough to take us to their warehouse to see their stock.
Each day of that week ended the same way, though with us lying quietly in bed, drifting off to sleep.
And each day - save for the first - began the same way. Bucky’s arm wrapped around me, pulling me in close as I waited for him to wake. Whether I was facing him or having my back pulled to his chest, I always awoke in his tight embrace.
That second day, when he cautiously opened his eyes and saw how we were lying, he’d been embarrassed. Unsure why he had me held so close and afraid I would be upset.
I can’t say I blame him, really, after the way I’d been acting towards him since my return.
I reassured him that it was of no consequence. If anything, I welcomed it, though I still would not tell him why.
Now, the only thoughts I had on that final night were how I desperately didn’t want the mission to end.
I wanted to continue waking up in his arms. Continue getting the best sleep I’d had in a long time. Continue feeling at home once again.
Chapter 20  - Masterlist - Tag List @lostinwonderland314
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little update
Hey guys! I’m sorry there hasn’t been a new one shot yet. Some uni stuff came up, that required more work than I had thought so I haven’t had time to sit down and write this week. I finally got everything done so hopefully, I can start on that Steve request tonight. 
To everyone who has sent me requests: I saw them all and I’m really excited to write them. It’s just gonna take a little longer so please don’t think I have forgotten you!
In the meantime, go check out my latest one shot here: another new york summer night
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