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#mafia!steve rogers
angrythingstarlight · a day ago
I think it would be hilarious if when the reader in any of the mafia stories gets really pissed off, she steals Bucky/Steve’s credit card and donated some ridiculous amount to something like curing STDs in horses or establishing a museum to knitting in Nebraska or a wing named after them in that penis museum in Europe. They can’t even be that mad since it’s charity and they get the tax write off.
Tumblr media
"She bought what?"
Steve shakes his head. "I don't even know why she's mad at us. Let her buy whatever, get the accountants to write it off."
You poke your head in the office. "Keep laughing Barnes, let's see how funny I am when you have to fuck your fist tonight because neither of you jackasses are getting any."
Tumblr media
Sleepover asks
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myavengersimagines · 2 days ago
Snakes & Ladders: Part 2
Tumblr media
Description: You're on holiday with your Mafia boyfriends Bucky and Steve, but the weather leads to you all having a miserable time. Bucky and Steve come up with a great idea to pass the time whilst they wait for the sun to come out.
Word Count: 3.1K
Warnings: Smut, Use of nicknames (Princess, Doll, Baby, Daddy, Good Girl, Sweetness, Whore), swearing, F/M/M, Mafia AU, Mob AU, cockwarming, BDSM elements, Dom Bucky, Dom Steve, edging, under 18s dni
Notes: Every decision made during this fanfiction is made using snakes and ladder board, random number generator and coin flipping generator. I wanted to try and make every option as random as possible to see where the story is going to lead to. I have already generated all the numbers for the entire snakes and ladders game, so now I'm just filling in the space around it.
<< Part One || Part Three >>
There you go. That’s a good girl. The sound of Bucky’s voice rumbling so lovingly in your ear as you perched on his lap, thick cock seated deep within your velvet walls. It felt as if you were drunk from the feeling of his cock as your eyes flickered to the game board laid out lonely on the coffee table in front of you all. The edges were curled from age and the surface was littered with scratches and marks that told a million different stories.
The game board was a daunting surface to observe in those moments. There were 100 spaces between starting this game and winning it, that if Bucky or Steve didn’t make it there first. Each individual space held so many rewards or punishments, it seemed that rarely there was an empty space which meant a much-needed rest would be gifted. There was a part of your mind that knew that soon enough you would be craving those empty spaces.
It was difficult to think straight with the way that Bucky’s heavy cock was resting inside of your pulsing walls. You gnawed gently on your lower lip as you lifted your eyes to be looking at Steve who watched you both hungrily. His eyes flickered down to the soft apex between your thighs to watch the way that your glistening lips stretched so beautifully around Bucky’s cock. Jesus, such a pretty girl~ His voice was practically a drunken slur as his strong hand reached between your legs and he began to rub his thumb over your swollen bud at an agonisingly slow pace.
“Stevie~” A short whine pulled from the back of your throat, walls squeezing Bucky’s length at the assault on your sensitive clit causing the mobster to groan at the sensation strangling his cock in such a wonderful way. “You said n-no teasing~” Your voice caught in. your throat, feeling your features warming as your back arch against the warmth of Bucky’s strong chest. “St-stop~”
Pap. The sound of skin slapping against skin filled the room and you gazed down to see Bucky swatting Steve’s hand away in a moment of frustration. “Our princess has a great point, Steve.” The brunette’s voice was practically a growl as his deathly glare set on your boyfriend. “Rules is rules~” Steve sung in response, licking his lips slowly as he gazed down between your legs once again.
Allowing yourself and Bucky a moment to calm Steve hummed soothingly as he leans over and plucking the six-sided die from the table and setting it gently in your open palm watching you curl your fist around the object. “Good luck~” Bucky pressed a soothing kiss to your shoulder blade as Steve leaning down to press a kiss against your knuckles. “I hope that Lady Luck is on your side, sweetness~”
A tender huff slipped from your lips as you leaned forward and allowed the die to spring from your palm, tumbling across the game board, once, twice, and then a third time before coming to a stop with the number 5 pointing upright. Steve was kind enough to pick up your pink game piece and count aloud as he moved it five spaces into the board. “One, two, three, four, five.” A cunning smirk pressed on his lips as he set your game piece down space which held the tail-end of a snake. No. You whined knowing that just landing there would mean you would have to do a punishment roll.
Both of your mobsters were hardly able to contain their joy. A grin pulled across Steve’s dazzling features, ocean-blue eyes lighting up in pure joy and you felt the way that Bucky’s cock thickened inside of you. “Oh, y’know what that means, Princess~” The brunette cooed softly as he nipped playfully at your earlobe. “Roll again~” He urged, slipping his hands up and down your thighs, causing you to squirm softly in his lap, jostling his cock inside of your quivering walls. “That’s enough of that.” Bucky huffed smacking your inner thigh as a way of scolding you.
Being the helpful mobster that Steve was he leaned to snatch the die from the board again and plopped it down into your open palm. Nothing terrible. Please. Nothing terrible. You whimpered under your breath much to Bucky and Steve’s amusement. Once again you allowed the die to slip from your fingers and watched as it rolled across the board at what appeared to be a sickeningly slow pace. It skidded to a stop with the number 6 pointing upright this time.
It appeared that none of you was versed with the rules yet and Steve craned himself to observe the set of rules. “Oh, I know that you’re gonna fuckin’ love this, Buck.” His voice was filled with perverse humour before those dangerous blue eyes flickered back in your direction. “Edge.” Your voice whined as you tilted your head back against Bucky’s shoulder as a laugh barked from his lips.
“Princess, it looks like Lady Luck doesn’t like you all that much.” The condescending tone of Steve’s voice came from beside you as his warm hand patted your inner thigh once again making your form squirm on Bucky’s lap, causing a quiet groan to pull from the back of his throat. From where Bucky was sitting you could hear the way that he was hyping himself up for your punishment. Bucky was pulling in these deep breaths, making you feel the way the broad surface of his chest expanded whilst he slowly exhaled and placed small kisses against your shoulder and throat. It was going to be torture for you, but it wasn’t going to be that fun for Bucky either, having to feel the way that your cunt would squeeze and milk him as you would get closer and close to the precipice.
Once again Bucky proved just how easy it was to manoeuvre your form, hooking his arms under your knees and lifting you just as he begins to grind his cock slowly inside of your already sopping walls. A tender hum formed in Steve’s throat as he leaned forward slightly to observe the act. From this view he was able to watch as your lips expanded around Bucky’s girth, accepting him so beautifully and repaying his beautiful cock by coating it in your juices, winding and spirally all the way down to his balls, making a true mess of his aching member. “Give it to her, Buck~” Steve urged lovingly which only spurred Bucky on watching as he began to snap hips upwards in quicker and sharper thrusts, burying his face into the nape of her neck.
The feeling of Bucky’s cock pressing deep within your walls, kissing your cervix with every agonising thrust was maddening, especially when you knew that it was going to end with you craving and wanting more. It was sliding deep inside, pressing you open in a way that made you gasp and hiccup with every thrust, managing to hit and massage all those sensitive spots so easily.
That familiar feeling was beginning to build in your lower stomach, biting your nails into Bucky’s thigh as he continued to jackhammer inside of your accepting cunt, each thrust making your toes curl and head tilt back into his strong shoulder. The sound of your wet walls sloshing and stretching around Bucky filled the room, along with the incoherent sound of your whimpering. Fuck, Daddy. Fuck. More. More. Please. More. You cried so desperately knowing that even your most pretty moans and begs wouldn’t get you what you truly wanted.
Completely hypnotised by the whole situation Steve commanded in a husky tone. “C’mon, Buck…” He purred lovingly. “You can push her a lil’ further.” He encouraged only to hear the slurred words of Bucky speaking into your throat. S’not your fuckin’ cock she’s grippin’ like a vice, pal. He did begin to piston his hips with more ferocity, snapping up against you searching for something that you both weren’t allowed to find.
The abuse on your cunt continued for a few moments longer, however to you it felt like an eternity. Steve had kept his eyes on you the entire time, watching as your eyes rolled gently to the back of your head before muttering in a low huff coldly. “That’s enough.” And without any hesitation Bucky’s hips faltered, keeping you spread on his cock but releasing your trembling thighs to have them resting overtop his own again.
Watching your quivering form speared on Bucky’s cock was more beautiful than any piece of artwork that Steve had procured. There was a light sheen to your form now, beads of sweat forming over your forehead and clavicle, your nipples had hardened and pebbled against the thin material of your bikini top and your painted toes were slowly beginning to uncurl whilst your nails released their biting grip on Bucky’s outer thigh.
All the while you were attempting to recover Bucky was trying to do the same and it certainly didn’t help when he felt the way your hips instinctively rolled against him, shunting his cock deep into your walls as if searching for just that smidge more friction to finally throw you over the edge. Fuckin’ whore. His voice was a low warning as his strong hands took hold of your waist and squeezed in a threatening way. “Any more of that defiant shit and I’ll fuckin’ stop this game early.”
After that they allowed you a few moments to regain what little composure that you had before, pulling in deep breaths into your tight lungs and trying to ignore the burning stretch of your cunt that was so desperately seeking your release. As you slowly reopened your eyes you caught sight of Steve who was sat beside you with a knowing grin plastered firmly on his lips. “Oh, I think you might have pissed Daddy off~” Steve joked, and it only earned a full glare from Bucky as he released his grip on your hips and slowly soothed the skin up and down with warm touches. “You wanna go next, Buck? I’d say you earned it~”
Reaching across Steve snatched the die from the centre of the board and dropped it into Bucky’s open palm. With little fanfare Bucky threw the piece of plastic onto the board, it skidded to a halt with the measly number 1 pointing upright. In a helpful way, Steve then moved Bucky’s red game piece one space forward on the board landing him on empty space without any rewards or punishments.
It was the blondes turn next, grabbing the die in his sweaty palm and clasping his other over the top, smirking as he held out his clasped fists in your direction and announced. “Kiss for good luck, Princess~” You leaned your head forward and brushed your lips against his scarred knuckles and hummed before pecking them fully. Good girl~ Steve whispered in approval before jostling the die between his hands and releasing it to allow it to spring from his palms and out onto the table. The three of you watched as it toppled and rolled before finally coming to a stop with the number 6 pointing upright this time. Steve then took his time moving his own game piece six spaces forward on the board, he landed on an empty space too.
Round two of the game went much the same way, you rolled a 4 and much to your relief this time landed on an empty space too, giving yourself a roll of respite even as Bucky’s heavy cock continued to press deep inside of you. Bucky was next to roll and got himself another low roll of 3 moving forward until he reached the 4thspace of the board another empty space. Steve was last to roll for this round, without that much fanfare this time just moving the die across the board and matching Emily’s roll with a 4 being the leader at space 10 at the end of that round.
“Quiet round.” Bucky hummed softly from behind you, pressing a few kisses into your shoulder blade as you reached forward to accept the die from Steve’s nimble fingers and nodding in agreement as you allowed it to roll from your hands, tumbling across the board to finish on 1 and pushing yourself forward to be besides Steve making him smirk and wink at you in a playful way. “Quit lookin’ at me like that.” You whimpered breathlessly as your skin became sinfully warm under his watchful eyes.
A tender chuckle came from Steve as he responded with a soft. “Sorry, baby~” His fingers reaching across to pinch our chin in a loving way before plucking the die and handing it to Bucky. The brunette jostled the piece of plastic a few times then allowing it to spring from his hands, the three of you watching as it skidded across the board landing with the number 3 facing towards the ceiling.
Being the helpful gamemaster Steve moved Bucky’s game piece those three spaces and a surprised chuckle pulled from his lips as it moved swiftly up the first ladder of the game and came to a stop on space 29 with Bucky very firmly in the lead. Gettin’ all the fuckin’ luck. Was the cold mutter from Steve as Bucky hollered in victory before holding his hand out in a grabby motion for the die once again. “I believe I get a reward for an expert roll like that~” He boasted happily.
Another roll fell from his hands and then time the number 4 was facing upright for them to observe. Steve took another glance at the rules sheet before quirking a brow softly and looking at Em with a smirk. “You’d better beg sweet and pretty for Buck~” He urged and you whimpered breathlessly as you allowed yourself to lean back against Bucky’s powerful form, the firm and rigid feeling of his strong body behind your own made you have to resist the urge to squirm and the feeling of his calloused fingers rubbing your ribs playfully made you gnaw on your lower lip.
Mmmnn, Daddy. You whimpered breathlessly, bowing your back against his damp chest and fighting a smile as you tilted your head to be gazing up into Bucky’s dangerous steel blue orbs. “I can’t wait for this game to be over so that you can fuck me properly, Daddy~” You cooed, keeping your voice low and intimate for the brunette. “I want you to fuck me all over this villa. In the bed. In the shower. On the kitchen counter. In the Ocean. I want the world to know just how good I can take your big cock.” Bucky suppressed a feral growl as you nipped at his jawline playfully. “I want you to fill me to the brim, Daddy~”
“Careful, Doll~” It was a warning that made you hesitate but one that only seemed to spur Steve on in a more dangerous way. “D’ya hear that, Buck?” His voice was a low drawl of lust. “Our lil’ Princess wants you to fill her up ‘til she’s full with your cum.” Bucky huffed and growled, gripping at your ribs making you whimper breathlessly. “Ain’t that right, sweetness? Tell your Daddy how you wanna be dripping with his cum.” Steve pressed before a loud buzzer filled the room and the timer that Steve had set for the reward announced itself abruptly.
The way that Bucky’s cock was twitching inside of your sopping walls made you believe that you had done a great job. The brunette fell backwards on the couch and rubbing his hands lovingly up and down your arched back, massaging the muscles lovingly and hissing. “It’s takin’ everythin’ not to just fuck you right now, Doll.” He warned you breathlessly and you curled your toes in response, trying to remain as still as possible knowing that if you accidentally made Bucky cum then there would be no end to your punishment.
“My turn~” Steve chirped in an excited tone, snatching the die from the board, and shaking it between his clasped hands and allowing it to spring from his fingers. The number 2 was facing up and he moved his game piece before a giant smirk spread across his perfect lips. “Another reward for Daddy~” Steve announced happily, and Bucky chuckled as he moved slowly to an upright position, interested in where this could lead. “I wonder what we’re going to be this time.”
It’s not fair. You moaned and Bucky bit the conjuncture between your throat and shoulder as a warning for speaking out in such a way. Equally, as excited Steve snatched the die again and took his second roll, this time the die stopped with 3 pointed upwards, Steve checked the rules and pumped his fists up into the air, cock bobbing comically between his legs at the action. “Thrusts.” He announced happily. “I’d better roll to see how many you’ve gotta take, baby~” One more time picking up the die and rolling it to reveal 2.
Steve huffed. “That isn’t as many as I wanted, but I’ll take anything.” He licked his lips slowly, standing and helping you from Bucky’s lap, standing and turning so that you were facing the brunette now, placing both of your hands on his strong shoulders and Bucky smirked up at you as Steve lined himself up at your entrance. “I like this view, doll~” He quipped, steadying his hands on your waist as Steve made his first thrust inside of you. One~
The way you jostled forward was something akin to a car crash, squeaking and squeezing your eyes closed as Steve’s long cock buried itself in your walls. The slick that had built up from Bucky being inside of you made Steve burying himself to your hilt an easy task. In an agonisingly slow way, Steve pulled his cock from your walls, leaving the head of his cock nestled inside your warmth. Two~ That was your only warning with Steve thrust forward once again, the tip of his cock knocking against your cervix in a beautiful mixture of pleasure and pain.
As you reopened your eyes you were greeted with the lusty steel gaze of Bucky gazing up at you as Steve hummed and picked you up swiftly, moving back to be perched on the couch with you in his lap in the exact same way that Bucky not that long ago. As you perched there on Steve’s warm lap you had to remind yourself that you were only three rounds into this entire game, Bucky had a substantial lead, and both had been rewarded whilst you were already punished. It really didn’t feel like luck was going to be on your side tonight. “You’re up~” Steve nipped at your earlobe.
Tumblr media
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shxdowsummoner · 3 days ago
my savior (2)
summary || taking the offer you you begin working for bucky. though, later he has to save you again
pairing || mafia!bucky x female!reader
warnings || creepy guys again (briefly)
note || i wasn’t going to make a second chapter, but i have more inspiration for this
should i make a part 3?
requests are open <3
please don’t steal my work!
part 1
Tumblr media
It was noisy. Bass echoed throughout the club. The white shirt you wore was tight against you, and the black skirt you wore was slightly shorter than you wanted it to be. You kept pulling at the collar of your white shirt as if to stretch it out.
Your job was easy. All you had to do was serve drinks and occasionally work behind the bar. You ran into the man that saved you occasionally, but you still didn’t know who he was. Most people seemed scared of him often bowing their heads out of fear.
He on the other hand already knew who you were. He had Sam research you to check if you were dangerous. Someone as powerful- as Bucky who owned almost the whole city- he needs to make sure a rival didn’t send a spy in.
You were cleaning up the bar that was off in the back. When the door opened in the front. You could see people stepping aside for what you could only assume was him. His entourage followed behind him as they descended up the stairs that were nestled in the corner.
Your eyes followed his broad frame as he disappeared. You couldn’t help, but have a slight attraction to the man. Who wouldn’t though? With his charming personality and handsome looks, he could practically have any girl. You’ve seen firsthand how women just drop to his feet.
“Y/n they’re requesting you,” your co-worker Natasha turned to you. The two of you became friends rather quickly.
“Why me?”
“Dunno, the boss just asked for you though,” Natasha’s red locks framed her face as she shook her head.
Walking up the dingy stairs you could hear the chatter above grow louder. You didn’t know that the whole upper level was a giant casino till you entered. People cheered happily as they took the money they had just won. Guards were stationed all around. In the back of plush sofas, you saw him sitting with several other people. Only one you recognized. A man who wore an expensive suit with messy hair. Tony Stark, the famous billionaire.
Walking up to them was hard enough. You could feel a bundle of nerves rise in your throat as they turned to you.
“Who is this,” Tony tossed an arm over you. You could see him giving Tony a look you couldn’t place.
“That’s Y/n,” Bucky stood up and gently pulled you to his side. Tony just sat down again a smile on his face.
“Is she your girlfriend?”
“No,” Bucky’s voice was sharp as he slowly let go of you.
“Mmm,” Sam hummed a content smirk on his face as Bucky looked at him. Anger raging in his blue eyes.
“Well Bucky this has been fun, but I must go,” Tony had suddenly got up and was heading towards the door, a woman draped on his arm.
So his names Bucky.
“Don’t forget about my offer!” Tony yelled across the room as he disappeared with the woman.
Nervously you placed one foot in front of the other, “Can I get you all something to drink?” They must have forgotten you were there because all eyes turned towards you.
As they rattled off their orders Bucky’s eyes didn’t leave your figure. His gaze was intense and unwavering. The way back towards the bar was darker than it originally was on the way up.
The club was even more crowded than before. As you waited for Nat to hand you all the drinks you felt someone slid next to you.
“Can I buy you a drink?” A gravely voice rumbled deep next to you.
Your body went still. Not turning towards the man you swiftly replied, “No thank you.”
“What about-”
“She said no, you idiot.” Bucky stood behind you. Anger clear as day on his face. The man went running off in fear. Your eyes met his ocean blue ones as you silently thanked him he was there.
“You always need saving don’t you?”
“Apparently,” your body relaxed as Bucky chuckled deeply.
“Well I’m glad I’m your savior then.”
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drysdale-barnes · 4 days ago
Mafia! Steve finds out his engaged reader is on the run? 😬
“what do you mean she’s ‘on the run’?’” Steve bellows, steam practically rolling out of his ears.
“i mean...” the man starts, “that she’s gone. she’s running from someone important, it seems like.”
“well, find her!” he shouts, “i can protect her. she should know this by now.” he storms out of the room and into your shared bedroom, rifling through piles upon piles of items in search of anything that may give even the slightest hint to your whereabouts.
meanwhile, you’re in a car, driving — well, speeding — your way out of the city before anybody can find you. you love steve, that much is true, but you can’t be with him anymore. well, you think you can’t anyway. you have to put as much distance between yourself and him. for both of your safety.
unfortunately for you, steve has many more contacts and resources than you, and he locates you within a week, even finding your new phone number.
“sweetheart?” steve’s voice is too calm over the phone, and that terrifies you even more than his anger. you don’t answer, frozen to the spot like a deer in headlights. “angel. i know you’re there. i’m coming to get you.”
“what do you mean no?” he asks incredulously, his hand tightening around the phone dangerously.
“you can’t. i can’t stay with you anymore, they’re gonna find me.”
“angel, i’ll protect you. why would you possibly run from me?”
“i don’t want to put you in danger too. and if he finds me, he’ll kill me.” you whisper, worrying your bottom lip between your teeth.
“james barnes.” steve’s biggest rival — his enemy. they’ve been at war for years, and now you’re entwined into the fight, steve is livid.
“i’ll kill him.” steve hisses into the phone. “where are you?”
“i said, where are you?” he repeats his question, more sternly, fury dripping from his every syllable.
you cave and give him the address of the motel you’re staying at and he gets there within a couple of hours, storming into your hotel room and scooping you up into his arms.
“angel...” he murmurs as he buries his face into your hair, inhaling your scent like he hasn’t seen you in years.
“‘m sorry for running, stevie. i got scared.”
“baby, i’ll always protect you. you should’ve told me what was going on.”
you cling to him like he’s your lifeline and he presses a desperate kiss to your lips.
“let’s go home, okay?” he murmurs. “you’re still in trouble though. you’re mine, don’t ever fucking forget it.”
and he’s going to make sure that you never forget it. ever again.
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captainapple · 6 days ago
Scotch and Bourbon - Prologue
Pairing: Mob!Steve Rogers X Reader
Warning: bombing, arson, 18+ (because there are smut and violence on several chapters of the series).
A/N: This is my first time starting a mafia AU series. The first chapter is going to be uploaded if you are interested in it. Part of my bingo as well.
Tumblr media
The smell of gasoline is in the air. Steve flicks the lighter couple of times, watching the flame lit and dim. When he promised you to bring the whole Brooklyn down, he meant it.
He looks at his watch, five minutes before midnight. As if on cue, a black limo enters the mansion. The passenger window rolls down, revealing Steve’s second in command, Bucky. Steve asks for confirmation through his look and Bucky nods. He turns around and steps closer to the mansion. His finger flicks the lighter for the last time and tosses it to the puddle of gasoline on the ground. Just like that, the whole mansion is engulfed in raging fire.
Steve enters the limo afterward. Both him and Bucky do not say any words as they watch the fire climbing up pillars and reaching the roof. The driver turns the car around and drives away from to the gate. Steve’s eyes fixate on the flame while his expression remains stern.
The limo arrives at a hangar. There are several black cars parked there. Some of his men are waiting for his arrival. The private jet is ready to fly, away from soon-to-be-damned Brooklyn. Steve steps out from the car first, talking and giving orders to his men.
“They are waiting for your command”. Bucky approached him. “The bombs are set.”
“Do it.”
The jet fly over the city. The city lights of Brooklyn look blurry as the plane moves further. Seconds later, a couple of big blasts sweep away the city, building by building. Now, Brooklyn is not more than ruins and debris. Steve closes his eyes and hums after taking a sip of his bourbon.
“We did it, doll.”, he muttered under his breath.
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myavengersimagines · 6 days ago
Snakes & Ladders: Part 1
Tumblr media
Description: You're on holiday with your Mafia boyfriends Bucky and Steve, but the weather leads to you all having a miserable time. Bucky and Steve come up with a great idea to pass the time whilst they wait for the sun to come out.
Word Count: 3.2K
Warnings: Smut, Use of nicknames (Princess, Doll, Baby, Daddy, Good Girl, Sweetness), F/M/M, Mafia AU, Mob AU, cockwarming, BDSM elements, Dom Bucky, Dom Steve, minor mentions of violence, under 18s dni
Notes: Every decision made during this fanfiction is made using snakes and ladder board, random number generator and coin flipping generator. I wanted to try and make every option as random as possible to see where the story is going to lead to. I have already generated all the numbers for the entire snakes and ladders game, so now I'm just filling in the space around it.
Part Two >>
When both of your Mobster boyfriends offered to take you away on a stunning vacation to a secluded beach-side Villa on a remote Island, you hadn’t particularly imagined that it was going to raining for close to a week straight. Instead, you had imagined the feeling of the sun beating down on your skin whilst Bucky used his skilled hands to rub lotion into your skin, taking great care with every inch stay still; we don’t want your beautiful skin to burn and blister, doll he’d warn with so much tender longing in his voice. Then you’d be carried into the sea by Steve’s strong arms. He’d dunk you underwater, kissing you beneath the surface and make you completely forget about your need for oxygen.
Crack. The deafening sound of thunder came from the skies overhead following by the blinding lightning that always followed. You found yourself narrowed your eyes as you glared out the glass windows of the villa, watching as that tranquil sea that you desired was a deathly black colour crashing with a foamy substance against the shoreline, stretching far out and almost meshing into those dark rainclouds over the horizon.
There was almost this feeling of guilt that was brewing inside of you. Almost. At first, you had come to terms that everything that was happening was completely out of their control; however, it was easy for them to slip back into work mode. It felt as if there was nothing else that could be done, so Bucky and Steve had found themselves getting more and more invested in work back in Brooklyn, having these long phone calls ordering Natasha and Sam to take care of business whilst they were away. It was when Steve hadn’t joined you both for dinner one night whilst speaking to the Odinson’s that you felt this resentment growing; you were all supposed to be enjoying this vacation together without worrying back home.
It probably wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that you had maybe binge-watched almost everything on Netflix. Back home in Brooklyn, Steve and Bucky kept you busy with escorts to gala events, parties and meetings that you hadn’t had time to even glance at a TV, but it appeared that this vacation was the perfect time to catch up on all those shows that you friends had gushed to you about.
Every now and then, either Bucky or Steve would duck into the bedroom, check that you’re doing alright or if you needed anything, if you were lucky, they might even snuggle up beside you and start asking mundane questions about these shows Who is that? Why are they doing that? Who killed him? That’s not the best way to dispose of a body… Until finally, you ordered them to leave, and they did with a smirk and a playful smack on your rear.
It was difficult for both Bucky and Steve to see you this upset. This vacation was something that you had been looking forward to since they had given it to you as a gift for your birthday. It was a whole three weeks of their undivided attention, sunbathing and snorkelling, eating good food and just being together. If there had been any other problems, they would have been able to solve them with a snap of their fingers, but the weather was an unruly mistress – not dissimilar from their beautiful partner.
In all their wisdom, Bucky and Steve had even charted a private plane to take you off the Island to another sunnier destination. But, the airport soon put a hole in their plans as the weather conditions were too bad to fly anywhere. So Steve and Bucky took out their frustration on the poor pilot and had literally beat the messenger, leaving him a bloodied mess on his own private jet before leaving to ice their knuckles and try and decided what their next option could be.
An afternoon of mauling over ideas of how to turn this vacation around had led them to come to a brilliant solution. Bucky sauntered through the quiet Villa, hearing the sound of voices coming from the bedroom, leaning against the doorway and watching you curled up in the centre of the bed with your eyes fixed on the screen. “Doll…” His voice was gentle, but it caught your attention immediately. “We got a little surprise for ya~” Bucky stuck his tattooed hand out before him as an invitation. “Come with me.”
This invitation seemed to pull a hefty sigh from your lips as you remained unmoving on your bed. “Can I just watch the end of this episode first?” You gesture to the screen across the room. A sense of anger burned with Bucky’s chest as his dangerous blue orbs lingered on your lump in the centre of the bed. Ever since this vacation had turned sour, Bucky noticed a change in their usual good girl as you acted more defiant and abrasive than usual. It wasn’t a good look on you, and it wasn’t something that either he or Steve would allow for much longer.
Even though your eyes remained fixed on the screen, you could hear Bucky shuffling around the room behind you. “I’m sorry, Doll, but made that sound like a request?” He was standing beside the bed now, and you could feel your body locking up in fear of his wrath. You opened your mouth to argue before you saw that look on his face, and it made your blood run cold before you quickly snatched the remote and shut off the TV without a second thought. Then, with a clumsy clambering, you climbed from the bed and stood beside Bucky with a kind smile on his features, hoping to subside his anger. “Good girl~” His voice was a low grumble as he leaned down to peck your forehead in a tender way.
“Now, I understand why you’ve been so grumpy.” His voice was thick as he cupped both of your cheeks in his hands, causing you to have to look up into his loving blue eyes. “This wasn’t the vacation that any of us wanted. Doll, I wanted to watch you flaunt around in all those bikini’s that we brought, but the weather Gods had different ideas.” Bucky said with humour to his voice, and you took your opportunity to let out a soft giggle.
At that wonderful sound, Bucky couldn’t help but let out a dreamy hum and muttered in a soft voice. “There’s our pretty girl~” His voice cooed in an adoring way. “Stevie and I’ve been neglecting you, hmm?” Then, leaning down, Bucky’s soft lips brushed against your jawline, leading all the way up until your ear. “We got a surprise for you. I think you’re going to like it a whole lot.” Then nipping at your earlobe in a playful way that made you squeak before suddenly shrieking as Bucky lifted you with ease and threw you over his shoulder, and carrying you through the Villa.
The sounds of your displeasure to be carried sung throughout the entire building, and it only made Steve grin madly as he spotted Bucky rounding the corner with you thrown over his shoulder. “Did our girl show some resistance?” Steve rose from where he was sitting across the plush couch and drew his arms over his chest in an expecting kind of way. “Oh, no…” Bucky said before dropping you onto the couch opposite where Steve was standing and laughing as you bounced softly against the comfortable surface. “I just like carrying her wherever I go~”
A deep scoff came from Steve before he responded. “You’re gonna spoil her, Buck.” Then gazing down at you as you pulled yourself to an upright position and looked over at Steve. Just the look of you made him want to melt on the spot; it was only now that they had come to the decision that they had neglected you on this vacation. It didn’t matter if the weather wasn’t on their side. That certainly did mean they were allowed to leave you high and dry. “Did the punk tell you about our little game?” Steve rose his brows at you, and you felt your stomach clench in wonder and intrigue before shaking your head.
Then they both gestured down to the coffee table between the two couches, and a firm frown set on your lips as you saw the board game ‘Snakes and Ladders’ laid out on the table. “This a game for babies.” You muttered coldly before crossing your arms over your chest. You scornfully found yourself already hating their idea of theirs and found yourself wishing that they had just left you to your own devices and allowed you to continue binging Netflix.
“Oh, but that’s where you’re wrong~” Steve chose to ignore your petulant tone with a big grin spreading across his cheeks. “This is a much more adult game of Snakes and Ladders, baby…” Then he reached down onto the table and picked up a stray piece of paper resting beside the board and held it out in your direction for you to accept. “You give that a read and then decided if you still want to throw a tantrum.” The writing was neat and legible, meaning that Steve had certainly written it, though some of the vernacular used was certainly that of Bucky’s. These rules were a joint effort.
Game Rules
- For the entirety of the game, Princess must remain seated on one of Daddy’s cocks.
- If a player lands anywhere on a ladder space, they will roll for a reward.
- If a player lands anywhere on a snake space, they will roll for a punishment
- There is NO cumming permitted during the game. If these rules are not met and a player orgasms, then they will roll for a punishment.
- Any gloating, teasing, tempting or brattiness will result in a punishment roll
Princess Rewards
1. Thrust(s) (roll for the number of thrusts, then roll for the intensity of the thrusts)
2. Hair pulling
3. Praise
4. 10-second touch (1-2 Daddy Stevie touch, 3-4 Daddy Buck touch, 5-6 Princess touch)
5. Dirty talk
6. Marking
Princess’ Punishment
1. Spank(s) (roll for the number, then roll for the intensity)
2. Humiliation (1-3 decided by Daddy Stevie and 4-6 decided by Daddy Buck)
3. No rewards for 2 turns
4. Teased
5. Vibe on clit for 30 seconds
6. Edge
As you came to the end of the rules, you found that your mouth had become increasingly dry whilst your bikini bottoms that you were wearing as panties were becoming more soaked by the second. For a moment, you wondered how they might have come up with this idea, but you remembered the type of minds you were dealing with. It took you a second to truly accept that this was all true, opting to re-read the rules a few times over before finally looking between both Bucky and Steve. “Does that sound more fun than just a stupid game of Snakes and Ladders, doll?” A tender nod came from you before Steve urged. “Use your words, baby.”
“Y-yes, sir.” Those were really the only words that you were able to form, and it made both of the men beam a smile at one another, truly enjoying this moment. It gave them this great sense of power and joy, knowing that they could short-circuit your brain in such a way with only a piece of paper and some dirty threats.
With a soft clearing of his throat, Steve responded. “I’m glad to hear that, sweetness~” His voice purred as he rounded the coffee table and pinched your chin softly between his thumb and forefinger. “Now, we are gonna need you to be a good girl and think of some rules for your Daddies too, hmm?” Steve hummed, and he leaned down at her lips, slipping the paper from her hands and turning it over to the blank side. “We’re gonna need 6 rewards and 6 punishments. It can be whatever that beautiful mind of you can dream up~” He urged, slipping a fancy looking pen into your fingers.
The two of them observed the way that your hands trembled as you began to jot down your rules. Bucky hummed as he watched your write in beautiful lettering. Whether it was messy or neat, it came from you, and that drove Bucky wild. He loved nothing more than receiving little love notes from you, finding them hidden around rooms with dirty little promises and secrets hidden between the pages.
It didn’t take long for you to begin to fill the page with all these ideas and promises of what you wanted both of these incredibly handsome men to do to you and wanted you wanted to do to them in returning finding yourself feeling this slight part of cynicism as the tables turned. Now it would be completely up to lady luck, for, however, would get rewarded or punished.
Daddy’s Rewards
1. 10 seconds of ball play
2. Make out with Princess
3. Thrusts (roll for the number of thrusts)
4. Begging from Princess
5. Edge Princess (roll for the number of times edged)
6. Expose boobs for the next 2 turns
Daddy’s Punishments
1. Edge
2. Princess has no punishments for 2 turns
3. Teased
4. No moaning for 3 turns (punishment roll for failing)
5. Princess gets to watch Daddy’s make out
6. Throat fuck other Daddy
It took you a couple moments, and you spent your time reading the words you had written over and over, wondering if they seemed fair compared to what Bucky and Steve were about to put you through. There was two of them you needed to try and turn the odds in your favour somehow. “I’m done~” You sung softly, looking across to the other couch where both Bucky and Steve were lounging now, holding out the paper for Bucky to snatch from your hands and begin reading it, trying to hide the smirk on his face.
They made soft humming noises, nodding their heads and looking at one another in small moments. It kept you completely on edge as you gulped softly and awaited your fate. “You like them?” You asked with a soft and vulnerable edge to your voice as you perched yourself up on the couch. “We love them, doll.” Bucky answered with certainty, “Now, what are you just sitting there for? Clothes off.” Again, you were reminded that Bucky didn’t request anything. No, instead, they were thick commands in your direction.
Without any hesitation, you clambered up from the couch. You began to tug at your clothes, throwing your sundress to the ground and pealing your bikini bottoms down your legs, watching as they fluttered the ground with a telling wet spot in the crouch. A tender blush pulled at your cheeks as your eyes fluttered up to Bucky and Steve, both undressed now along with you, their taut and primed bodies exposed to your greedy eyes, muscles wound tight and cocks’ firm and ready between their muscular legs.
“You are a sight to behold.” The warm voice of Steve seemed to drag you away from taking in every inch of their skin to memory and looking at him with a smile pressed to your lips. “Are you going to be a good girl and let us know who’s cock you want to warm first, baby?” He asked with genuine curiosity to his voice. It seemed like whenever you were forced to decide, you between our two men, that you became a bashful mess, and it appeared this time wasn’t going to be any different either.
There was this look of inner conflict that was pulling across your features, eyes darting from one member to the next and licking your lips all the while. Steve’s cock was long and hard, angry red tip that was practically dripping with pre-cum from how he had clearly worked himself up whilst creating their little game for you to play. On the other hand, Bucky was equally as hard but visibly thicker than Steve being just that shorter in length, soft pink tip that was glistening from his arousal. “Do you want us to flip a coin, beautiful?” Steve offered in a kind way to put you out of your misery.
“Yes, please.” Your voice was breathless in response, rubbing your thighs together softly as Steve reached onto the table and slipped the coin from the surface, flipping it into the air with ease and calling competitively. “Heads.” As it flipped once, twice and three times before landing on the rug beneath the coffee table with the outcome tails pointing upright. This filled Bucky with a great sense of accomplishment from doing almost nothing at all. Of course, it was 50/50 odds, but Bucky still felt as if he had won the jackpot.
The brunette held his hand out in front of him, and you stepped around the coffee table and took his hand. Bucky tugged you close in the next second and took hold of your waist, turning you around and slapping your ass, making you squeak aloud. “I hope that you’re ready for tonight, doll, ‘cause I’m not giving this damn game up until I win.” His voice was filled with venom as he tugged you down onto his lap.
The way that Bucky was able to manoeuvre and manhandle you to being in the exact position that he wanted you in always left you feeling more like an object than a person – not that you were complaining. You sat with your back, his taut chest, legs spread over his thighs, and cunt stretched deliciously over his cock, spreading your walls in a way that almost brought little crocodile tears to your eyes but instead made a mewl spring from deep in your throat.
“Does that feel good, sweetness?” The sound of Steve’s brought you back to reality for a moment. “Does it feel good having your little cunt spread wide of Buck’s big cock?” His eyes flickered down to the apex between your legs to see the way that Bucky’s cock was nestled deep inside of your cunt and humming as he licked his lips. “Jesus, if I weren’t so sure I’d get a good in that pussy later, then I’m sure it’d make me jealous,” Steve muttered, making Bucky smirk and pepper a few kisses against your shoulder lovingly. “Now, ‘cause you’ve been such a good girl whilst we’ve been on this vacation, we’re going to let you roll first.”
Reaching forward, Steve dragged back the coffee table so that it was closer to them all, within reach even with you perched on Bucky’s lap. He picked up the die in hand and placed them in your open palm. “What do you say?” He urged softly, and you squeaked. “Thank you, Daddy~” At the moment, it was difficult to focus on really anything other than the way that Bucky cock was spreading your walls in such a wonderful way. Still, you clutched the die in hand and allowed it to spring from your hand, tumbling a few times on the board before coming to a dead stop.
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shxdowsummoner · 10 days ago
my savior
summary || losing your job was hard especially in a new city. thankfully someone has a offer
pairing || mafia!bucky x female!reader
warnings || creepy guys (but bucky saves the day)
note || after this im gonna start doing other au’s beside mafia!bucky
please don’t steal my work!
part 2
Tumblr media
Losing your job was not part of the plan when you moved to New York. You still weren’t familiar with the city. It was pitch black dark out again with small street lights illuminating the sidewalk. You stay concealed underneath the shadows as you tried to make your way back home.
Loud music floated through your ears as you passed by bars and clubs which were at their full peak of excitement. You didn’t happen to notice a couple of guys standing deeper within the shadows of an alleyway. A cold sweaty hand gripped your wrist as you were pulled back deeper into the darkness.
“What’s a girl like you doing out here all alone?” A man cooed. Ice-cold fear ran through your veins as the man tried to tug you closer. Your other hand shot up to grab his wrist to try and pry your other wrist from him.
“Let go!” teeth gritted you pulled harder at your enclosed wrist. He tried to grab your purse, but you quickly ducked under his arm and ran away. Except for his hand again grabbed your arm as you tried to leave.
* ˚ ✦
He had been leaving the club early in hopes of finally getting some rest. Something had happened at the club and only he could take care of him: Sam and Steve trailed behind him as they laughed like schoolgirls about something.
“Let go!” A women’s voice came from nearby. Bucky came to a stop nearly making Steve and Sam run into each other.
“One of you start the car. I’ll be back.”
* ˚ ✦
“She said to let go.” A third voice came. The two men suddenly turned around to see a fourth figure emerge. You could barley make out his face, but by his voice you knew these men somehow knew him. They quickly ran away in fear of what would happen to them. The man came closer and you moved away a little bit in fear.
“I’m not going to hurt you. I just heard you and thought you needed some help.”
“Well, thank you. I’m glad you were nearby,” a soft smile came to your face as you got closer to the man. You were so close now you could see his features in the dark. His dark blue eyes seemed to expand and his short cut chestnut hair.
“If you don’t mind me asking why were you out so late?” His voice seemed to soften towards you.
“Oh, I went back to collect my things at my old job and got lost on my way back home.”
“Sounds like your new to the city,” a small smirk came to his lips as he watched you chew your lip slightly.
“I am. I moved here only a few weeks ago,” your eyes moved back to his as you noticed his full attention on you.
“I have a open position.”
“Hmm?” Your eyes were filled with confusion as you stared at the tall man before you.
“I have an opening at my club for a waitress position,” he pointed to the club down the street that had a line wrapped around it. You had heard your old coworkers talk about how it was the biggest club in all of New York City.
“I would love it. Thank you,” that soft smile you had only grown into a bigger one.
“No problem. Just get home safe,” he was hesitant to let you go home by your self and you could tell that he wasn’t quite sure.
“I’ll be okay. Thank you again,” you called as you turned the corner. A wider smile coming up on your face at the thought of having a new job.
* ˚ ✦
“What are you two waiting for?” A scowl etched onto Bucky’s face as he saw Sam and Steve waiting around the corner.
“We were waiting for you boss, but you took too long. Thought we could investigate,” Sam snickered slightly.
“One of you get the car please,” Bucky sighed running a hand through his hair.
“Boss?” Steve asked when Sam turned to go get the car. Bucky hummed in response.
“We don’t have a waitress position open.” Bucky turned to look at Steve his best friend who looked at him with a questioning glance.
“Well, then make one.”
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navybrat817 · 11 days ago
I know you have a TON of fics you're working on (and we thank you for that!), but I hope you write more mafia Bucky and Steve in the near future. Seriously love your work! ❤️
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hi, lovely anon. I appreciate it! Have no fear. They are on my list. I have a third part to my Play universe in the works. And I may write a different Mafia AU based around these asks. ❤️
Thank you, love and happy reading! ❤️❤️❤️
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oneoftheprettynerds · 12 days ago
Don’t Let Me Down: Dark!Steve x Reader (Mob AU)
Chapter 6 in the Lipstick and Crayons Series.
Chapter 5: In The Name Of Love 
Main Masterlist
A/N: Hi guys, thank you for being so patient with me! I have been editing this chapter a lot lol so i hope things make sense and there isn’t any plothole. Lmk your thoughts! Also I won’t update until August cause I have a very important exam in August and I’ll be giving up my phone soon. Hope this chapter was worth the wait, I’ve been so tired. Yesterday I passed out for a few hours while studying lol. Nevertheless, happy reading!  
Warning: Non-Con, Sickening Threats, Drugs, Mob Themes, Violence, Death, Manipulation, a mild mental breakdown, Cheap Tricks.
Genres + Characters: Mob AU, Single Parents AU, Steve Rogers x Reader.
Summary: Steve can’t ever repay you for what you did. After meeting you, Steve believes his broken family is the missing piece in the puzzle of your own wrecked one. Indebting the crime lord to you has been the biggest mistake of your life, cause now you can’t get rid of him, no matter what. Loyalty and favours go a long way in the mob.
Word count: 6K [whew]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chapter 6: Don’t let Me Down
Dozing off while you were kidnapped and in unchartered territory wasn’t smart, but your day had been long and fatigue had worn you out. Was it even the same day anymore?
The window behind you that provided you with light some mere hours ago was covered with thick translucent glass; that’s where your neck’s flexibility ended. The soft glow of the filtered light was no clue; the beam’s luminosity could very well be that of an early morning or of a setting sun.
Your shoulders were stiff, lower back ached the worst it had in years and wrist and ankles were raw, bruising. It reminded you of the time you had tried to go to the gym to shed the pregnancy weight, and how badly that failed. Your trainer was kind enough to go easy on you, keeping in mind your hearty toddler and hectic job. It was funny how in moments of demise, one remembers the small things, one they believed to be insignificant, their failures.
Your thoughts went to Grace and your parents next, the little sparkle in all of their eyes whenever they got a gift they had been eyeing for too long or when feasting on sugar. You sometimes believed that your dad and Grace purely bonded over their joy for cupcakes and desserts. Of course, that wasn’t true, that was the cherry on top reason for her to be his little princess like once you had been.
  While thinking about all of this, you did wonder if you would see your parents again. Given, you did worry about seeing Grace and her future but that was all you fretted about the past few days. If something happened to you, at least she’d be in the more than capable hands of your parents. Maybe it’d be for the best, they would nurture her far better than you could even dream of; a tear escaped at that reflection. You had to place your trust in the universe, it owed you at least Grace’s security for all that you’ve both went through.
Another area of your brain focused on one more concern; what about you and your parents? As much as you were a mom, you were also a kid who possibly might not be able to take care of her fragile, old parents either. They had the enthusiasm and the strength but they also needed you. What about that?
Wow, dark gloomy places can really be depressing.
Your dismal train of thoughts was interrupted by the grating sound of the metal door opening and you realized the room was more like a cell because metals bars were present in the place of one of the walls.
“I see you’ve woken up, sweetie.” The man from earlier, gigantic, burly and tattooed came inside and switched on the light. Your eyes ached as they uncomfortably adjusted to the brightness, a headache striking through your skull.
Surprisingly enough he waited, till you were done evaluating your now bright surroundings and done struggling. Not that you struggled much, you knew better than to anger the man whose mercy you were at. Look what happened with Steve.
“You ain’t a talker, I see. Well, good for me.” He let out a hefty snicker and continued, “The main rule here is don’t piss me off. My hospitality can and will get worse. Understood?”
You slightly nodded, your neck straining and stinging at the awfully easy task. Your mouth wasn’t gagged but it wasn’t hydrated either to answer this man. Besides you really didn’t trust yourself fully to not lash out at him. He was robbing you of your future, depriving you of your child’s future.
“I’m going to remove the restraints and you are allowed fifteen minutes in the bathroom. My man will give you the privacy but the door won’t be locked, so don’t try anything. Then I’ll feed you something and we’ll talk. This much sound good?” You nodded again and let him untie you; your eyes downcast the entire time, showing you weren’t stupid enough to pull anything.
His hands uncuffed yours and then he removed the rope tying your torso to the chair while you complied and sat still. He really went above and beyond to ensure your captivity, leaving room for no errors. His hands did wander but not quite far enough to warrant a reaction, but just enough to alarm you.
He patted your shoulders and you got up while he pounded the door twice. It opened and three men stood outside. He pointed to the door and tilted his head to the side, his eyebrows urging you to go.
You went outside as one soldier marched away, as if to be your tour guide, while the other two stood guard. Your legs wobbled with each stride as you struggled to catch up, limbs aching after hours of inactivity. Trying to keep track of the dingy hallways and the turns you took was a task you failed miserably at, your mind foggy, frame weary and soul spent. Your legs struggled to carry you even to the bathroom but you reached there somehow and collapsed inside on the toilet seat, your bruises from the restraints burning.
A sob threated to escape. Your reflection in the mirror was tainted and timorous, but over-all tired. Within hours of captivity, your face lost all its glow and your body all its strength. There was no way you’d be able to overpower even a single man here, much less the entire army of his with whatever strength they had in numbers.
You sighed and splashed your face as you tried to wash away the horrors with the grime.    
Tumblr media
"What about the call?”
“It couldn’t be traced. He was prepared.” Sam answered as he watched a fuming Steve. They had been at it for hours but without any clues. They had scoured Rumlow’s properties in the city, checked out each abandoned building and tried to hunt ‘The Vices’ scoundrels but each was in vain.
The man that snuck to Grace’s bedroom to capture the picture also evaded the cameras perfectly by sheer coincidence, nothing more than a black mass showing itself. Those were personal to him and it sucked that when he let his team take charge of the cameras, nothing came out of it.
It made no sense, even his allies got to know about you last week at Sarah’s party and even on assuming news spread from there, your abduction was far too planned and strategic. Your kidnappers almost knew your schedule as good as Steve: your work offs, day-care time, Grace’s bed time. They were even able to evade Steve’s man that periodically checked on you back then. Last time Steve checked, Rumlow didn’t even have the resources for this, far less for it to come to a point to trick Steve’s men.
Now that he had collected some records about it, he noticed that Rumlow had been buying new properties left and right. He wasn’t supposed to start the territory war, the claim for it should have taken at least a few more years according to Steve’s calculations. His growth and empire, although still less than Steve’s, was developing exponentially, almost as if he had stumbled upon some unknown treasure that funded him.
Hard questions then started hitting him; and although they were brutal, they made a lot of sense. Rumlow had a new associate.
“I’m thinking we might have a mole. Or maybe Rumlow has a new investor because look at the price of these properties.” Steve tapped the various documents lying messily on his table. “His trust fund wasn’t this well-off. We need to find his new ally. Look into it. Check our assets too, don’t leave the possibility of a mole compromising us. And get Tony on the line for whatever intel he needed to verify. I need something before the day ends. Clear?”
The men around him nodded and as soon as Bucky gave specific instructions to each, they marched off. Steve looked through the files of Rumlow’s activities to see if he missed something, to get any hint of his new partner. He did have some new recruits from his trusted allies’ legions but maybe he didn’t delve deeper enough in their backgrounds.
Bucky called Stark but reached his assistant who promised a callback as soon as possible while Sam tried to track the location again and make something out of the photo of you they had gotten. He was hoping to track the next time he called, which was scheduled tomorrow.
The boys were as busy as bees and efficient to get you back, you were as good as family. Steve huffed and got frustrated at his slip up, he needed to wind-up this foe, once and for all and bring you safely to his manor where you belonged, his little family as safe as protected as it could be. Grace might not notice your absence for a few hours but then what?
Tumblr media
You finished eating the sandwich the man had provided you, with hands still cuffed but this time in front of you. You hadn’t eaten anything even hours before your abduction, trying to get ahead of schedule just to get the errands done with.
You were the tiniest bit grateful to at least get a trickle of your strength back. He was patient and you were surprised by his calm demeanor; maybe it came easy to him because he had the advantage against Steve in whatever he was plotting.
You finished the entire bottle of water and looked at him as he put his phone down and faced you.
“Let’s start darling.” He was awfully jolly and you were annoyed beyond measure but you didn’t let it show. “I’m Brock Rumlow, your man’s worst enemy, leader of ‘The Vices’.”
It didn’t take too good a memory to remember the name of the crew that killed almost hundreds. A montage of the people that died, the children whose corpses laid on the muddy ground and the creeps that tried to abduct Sarah, endangering you and Grace in the process played in your mind. This man in front of you was a monster, ready to light the world on fire just to set off some rockets for his own entertainment; ready to drown the entire world just to enjoy the luxury of a cruise. Terror flashed in your eyes and this bastard seemed to relish in it.
“We go way back but not as buddies as you’d have already guessed. I need something that the bastard is too stubborn to hand me and that’s why you are my leverage.”
The story was short and vague but it had everything you needed to know. These idiots thought that Steve would submit and surrender just to save you? They didn’t realize you were easily replaceable and their plan would be in vain. You have known Steve, for what, just over a month now? You held no significance to him except for being a sort-of a plaything for him for a few weeks at max. Did they just spot you together and assume you were a couple?  
Your mind made theories while your eyes followed every one of his moves. He picked up his phone again and still caught you off-guard, “Look into the camera, sweetheart.” Your eyebrows furrowed and he snapped a photo, your eyes blinking away the sting due to the flash. “His demands.” He shrugged. “I need to send him proof of you being okay and unharmed every day until Monday. So, you are unscathed.” He paused and thought. “Well, for now.” He shrugged and your eyes widened at the implication. You deciphered two things. Firstly, Steve had agreed to some sort of a deal to save you.  And secondly, it was confirmed that he was not going to hold up his end of the deal on keeping you unhurt.  
Your subconsciousness broke your vow of silence as you whispered in surprise more than wonder, “What is that supposed to mean?” You didn’t know why you were so astonished; you were already accepting of the possibility of not making out alive but the way he said it made you queasy. Maybe he was going to kill you anyways for revenge, or to send a message. Or some other greater ploy.
“Sad to be the bearer of bad news, but you won’t make it out of here breathing, darling. A pretty face gone to waste, such a shame.”
“You’ll never get through to Steve then.” You stupidly enough played his card back at him, trying to convince even yourself that Steve did care about you and for once that might save you. The bastard smirked at you, taking your words as a light teasing and whipped out a cigarette with a lighter, smoking right in your face.
You looked down as a tear escaped, your mind numb as you registered your subtle pathetic pleading. Not so accepting of death now, are we? Well, who could blame you? You were only human. And survival is the most basic instinct of all.
A stream of tears slid down following the traitor, your nose scrunching, not at the burn due to the joint, but at the realization of not even getting to say goodbye to Grace.
“Aww,” the fiend mocked, “I really did want to keep you, alive and as my personal slut, as a reminder to that bastard that lost and what a fine asset, I must say.” He eyed your cleavage. “But I have to hold up my end of the deal, sweet-cheeks, and I promised your sexy body in a bag.”
You felt naked under his lewd gaze, mind speculating on who hated Steve so much that they wanted you dead? You were just an unsuspecting lady and in a matter of weeks, someone had marketed you as an important person in the Rogers’ household. And this false information now promised you your demise, literally, in an attempt to retaliate to Steve, who you don’t know why still bothered with you. But you were glad he did, the fact that he coming for you, even though he might prove to be late, was the only solace you could find in this dingy cell of yours. It was unexpected of him, but somewhere deep within you, you were glad he was willing to take the extra leap.
Rumlow left you alone to attend a phone-call and you wallowed in self-pity meanwhile. At least, whoever hated Steve and somewhat, loathed you, didn’t despise either of your kids.
Tumblr media
Steve strode into Tony’s office, hoping that Tony calling him all the way out from his headquarters to Stark industries across the city bridge better be worth the time he was losing. Tony had called Steve back himself an hour later to invite over the next day, promising intel he couldn’t discuss over the phone. Irritated at the lack of clues he was able to collect in regards to your abduction, he agreed in a heartbeat, though slightly disappointed to wait an entire day.
Steve was ready to give a whooping thirty percent of his territory up for you initially when he got the call for specifications, but the motherfucker demanded sixty-five percent. If the deal would be conducted fairly, he would even be ready for that, yes, you were that precious and he was a man of his word, but his team and his intellect both knew that Rumlow would play a trick. Or he would go through the deal and then attempt an assassination on him, continue the enmity.
Because Rumlow and him despised each other so much, that words couldn’t explain the rivalry. They had been in the same premises only thrice till now, no party hosted them together anymore. One celebration had ended with a fist fight that sent Rumlow to the ER with broken ribs, a dislocated shoulder and a shattered jaw. Another had ended with Rumlow killing his own ex-spy, aka Steve’s late wife in front of everyone and then grazing even Steve’s chest with the same gun.
    Needlessly to say, they both hated each other’s guts. It was like they came out of the womb as enemies.
Steve broke out of his pondering when Jarvis greeted him and stepped into Stark’s lab on the sixty-ninth floor. Sometimes, he felt Stark was a child trapped in a man’s body, which, of course, wasn’t true given how much of a prodigy he was, how his genius was known overseas.
He found Tony examining a small black device, barely visible to the naked eye, more like a piece of tape and also drinking brandy out of his favourite glass, one that hardly left his table to even get washed. He began pouring some for his blonde friend on spotting him but Steve shook his head. No matter how appealing alcohol seemed right now, he needed a clear head to get you back home.
“This shit better be good, Tony.” He came to stand beside his tech-savvy friend, who juggled and caught the device in his fist and then opened one of his hologram screens. “It is.”
“You must have come to some conclusions about the entire ordeal by now, Cap. Tell me.” Tony sipped his brandy while Steve grew exasperated, probably due to the lack of liquor, Tony concluded.
“Fuck you if you brought me here to play games, Tony. I have so much shit to fig-” Steve was getting impatient with each second that went by and left him uninformed. He needed to know you were safe and get you home; because he knew Rumlow was a man-whore and it wouldn’t be long before he tried something if he hadn’t already. And Tony’s games didn’t help.
“That’s mean, Cap. You are busy being a hotheaded piece of shit to your best friend and here I’ve already done the entire work for you.” Tony said, remembering to curse him back, and entirely unfazed by his fuming best friend.
“What? I swear if this is-”
“I don’t joke, you should know that, Capsicle.” Joke. “And I will tell you everything I’ve figured out but first I want you to tell me your deductions. Entertain me, I want to know how good you are at this, it’s been a while since the last time I got to see you in action.”
Steve felt relief and annoyance all at once. He wasn’t even sure since when his emotional range had gotten so vast, that he felt respite and anticipation for whatever data Tony had, anxiety and apprehension thinking of you, wrath and pure rage for that son-of-a-bitch, a little anger for Tony too for drawing this out, his pal really needed to learn how to read a room. Or at the very least, his friend. He was sure though; it was after he’d met you. Beautiful and charismatic you. Oh, how he missed you. Rot in hell, Rumlow.
Steve’s jaw ticked and tensed but he complied, the sooner he danced for Tony, the faster he’d get what his friend had brought him out here for.
“I know Rumlow has a new investor, who helps from the sidelines though. And I’m also eighty percent sure, I have a mole, or more than one of them. Maybe I didn’t check properly after those four at the carnival. I don’t know how else they got a whiff of her because only you and Pepper had met her prior to the party and I know it’s not you guys. I completely trust Wanda too so-”
Tony clapped Steve’s back to stop him from rambling and grinned, rapt by his analysis of the situation. “Impressive. Now take a look at this.” He gestured to the screen still floating there as a video began to play, a video of the penthouse that he had visited with you weeks ago.
Tony poured the glass Steve had earlier refused and handed him, “You are going to need this.”
Tumblr media
It was day two or three of your captivity. You didn’t know exactly but you realized the passage of one night after you had woken up and talked to your captor.
You didn’t really want to sleep and be vulnerable at the claws of the men here but your barely-fed self had no choice but to conserve whatever left up energy you had through slumber. That didn’t mean you were rewarded uninterrupted snooze time, nope. Your creative as fuck mind chose to show you exactly what you suppressed while awake, a mosaic of memories of your kid.
You remembered her first steps at your parent’s house in the living room towards her Pops, the time she’d snuck up on you in the garden, her footsteps light and soft; her first nightmare and how tight she clutched you, the first time she spelled her name. You didn’t even remember your life before Grace, fuck her piece of shit biological father. It was you and her against the world.
When you had somehow gotten through the night, your day was ‘graced’ by Rumlow’s presence. The man was repulsive and a total creep, his lewd comments never stopped. Neither did his wandering hands when he untied you himself twice both the days. You slept on the chair the first night and when you woke up, he was in the room, watching like a hawk.
Rumlow generally didn’t stay to check on captives personally but you were an exception. Keeping you in sights made him grin every time; you were a trophy of his dominance over Rogers. A pleasant reminder that he had already won the ensuing battle. With the territory came the allies, as everyone favored the strong, and soon he’d set out to achieve the kingpin title that Steve was too much of a pussy to.
“There you go, sweetheart.” His terms of endearment made you heave on the inside but you didn’t react much externally, remembering his one rule of not angering him. You shook your free hands as he untied your torso, his hands playing with the clasp of your bra through your shirt after. He slid his hands up to your shoulders, dangerously close to your neck and whispered, “Twenty minutes today. Shower if you want.”
You pranced out of your chair after that and his snicker reached you, bouncing off the dingy walls of the room that held you captive. Even prisons were better than them. You made the mistake of looking back at him because you found him palming himself and winking at you.
You’d have to look for bleach for your eyes.
This was the fourth time you were in this rest room and every time, you wanted to smash the mirror, take a piece of glass and slit Rumlow’s throat. You would have been worried about your thought process if you weren’t practically in the jaws of death.
You had already killed a man, why not kill another?
Unfortunately for you, your plan had too many flaws. The sound of the mirror breaking would reach outside and his men would restrain you in an instant. The low-pressure shower and the taps won’t be able to mask the noise. And even if, by some miracle, you’d be able to do that, you would go out on a limb and say that overpowering three of his men that stood in the path that led to him was unachievable for you. Besides surviving for your kid was more important to you than revenge.
You sighed and got frustrated at the fallings of your plotting, you needed something, anything that would amount to hope in your brain. Screw your rational brain for the lack of optimism.  
This bathroom was your safe space here, you refused to show emotions in front of the men but here, you allowed your thoughts to wander, even if only for a few minutes. Here, you mourned everything you were going to lose and everything you had already lost.
You sobbed and closed your eyes as your mind kept reflecting the agony you were in, as if you were trapped in a kaleidoscope, with the jewels replaced by horrors you couldn’t fathom.  
You didn’t even get to say goodbye to Grace. You didn’t know that that morning would be the last time you’d get to see her off to school. That her lunchbox would be the last time you’d cook for her. That New Year would be the last time you’d get to celebrate something with your parents. You’d miss out on her growing up; that there was a possibility she’d be orphaned. You’d miss out on experiences that were destined to be yours, well were yours until Steve had ruined it all. Brock was your personal Grim Reaper here though, and you had never hated anyone as much as you did him for robbing you of your life, not even Steve.
You wanted to scream. You wanted to shout and wrangle your abductor with your bare hands. It was because of his insolent existence, his delirious need for greed that dug your grave as a normal human. It was the realization that men like him, men like Steve, killed more than a couple hundred people, even thousands with no second thought for their lives.
And even though they were alike in their torment and ambition, you hated yourself for preferring Steve over Rumlow. Maybe it had something to do with Rumlow promising you your death on a silver platter. In case of Steve, you were destined to be just another notch on his bedpost, but with Rumlow, you were fated to be one of his prized executions.
You washed your face and shook you head, wiping your tears. You still had the generous time Brock had given you but you decided against showering, you didn’t want to undress anywhere in this building, the comfort of your unclean clothes was far greater than what a shower would have provided. Maybe, he’d be repelled by you, the dirt and grime. You grimaced as you recalled him calling you attractive like this. You hoped he hadn’t meant it, that some odor would repel him.
The man led you back to the cell, and you could see the disappointment by the lack of hygiene in your captor’s eyes. He smirked in your face though a moment late, seeming to take this as a challenge. You trembled being within arm’s length of him but by the grace of God, his phone rung, a generic ringtone interrupting the looming silence before your impending doom.
He pointed his index up, as if asking for a moment and fetched his phone. Still wary of him, you scrutinized his movements closely, the name on the screen sending you reeling back. He rolled his eyes reading the name and stormed out, likely predicting a longer conversation than he had wanted.
For the first time here, you were without bounds and free to move but you couldn’t get out of the heavy metal door anyway. Besides, you were a bit preoccupied with what realization just hit you.  
“See that?” Tony knew Steve missed what he was pointing out, because to him it was just two ladies gossiping, getting drunk on Chardonnay. Because that was what he himself saw on first glance, nothing out of the ordinary, just his fiancée and her Maid of Honor.
Steve shook his head, looking quizzically, his nose scrunched and his face was in an adorable frown. Tony was impressed that Steve didn’t whine again, instead waited patiently for an explanation. The crotchety Capsicle was now a tolerant dad, oh how the times change.
Tumblr media
“This,” Tony opened his fist to show the black gadget he was playing with earlier, “is a high-tech bug. I mean it, really impressive nano-technology. But no one could one-up The Tony Stark.” He scoffed. “I found six of these, one in each of my main properties. This video right here, it shows how and when they were planted.”
He replayed the video with 150x zoom on the flower vase. The men saw as clear as day, when the blonde woman lifted it to admire the pattern and adhered a very minute, small black rectangle akin to what Tony showed earlier, disguised very well in the pattern. It was no thicker than a sticker or a piece of paper and yet it had transmitting capability far impressive than a lot, Tony told.
Steve absorbed each statement spoken to him, eyes bouncing between the documents on the glass table, the screen and his genius as fuck friend, Anthony Stark.
“So you mean to say-”
Rumlow didn’t come back for the rest of the night and for that you were grateful; you had a lot of thoughts to string together.
“Sharon Carter has changed allies. She wins the psycho ex contest.”
Tumblr media
If you were not mistaken, and you knew you weren’t, Sharon’s name had flashed across Rumlow’s phone earlier. And you knew of only one Sharon, the one you met at Sarah’s party. You had no doubt assuming her to be involves, there were few with the name and in the same ‘business’. It made no sense, why would she betray Steve just to help a lowlife like Rumlow rule the city? You thought she loved him? Was it aversion you mistook for allurement?
You didn’t sleep that night, pacing around the room coming up with reasons, involuntarily trying to defend the blonde woman you had met only once. This right here was your problem, Your stupid heart of gold. This is why you saved Sarah, gave Steve the benefit of the doubt, and now were mentally defending a woman who had brought you to ruins. If the guards outside heard your pacing and murmurs, they didn’t disturb.
You didn’t even realize how the nighttime had morphed into the dawn, the evanescent glow of the stars turning into the glimmering orange light that intruded the cell through the thick glass. At some point, you had sat down, your head in your hands.
You prayed to God that if Steve really wanted to save you, he’d see right through this traitor amongst his allies. That he’d use that smart, conniving brain of his to do at least something right by you. You were miserable coming to terms with all this, and even though you hated it with every bone in your body, the truth was it had come down to you placing your hope in Steve. Only he could help you find your way to your daughter.  
The clank of the heavy door brought you out of your contemplation, hands wiping any wet residue on your face. Your head was pounding, questions clawing at your throat just threatening to spill themselves about how and why to the man in front of you.
And so, just when the bastard was about to delve in his tormenting mind plays, you impulsively yet idiotically interrupted him.
“You know, I could hear you stomping-”
“Sharon is behind this?! Why would she even-” A hollow snivel interrupted you, just like you had Rumlow. You were afraid that he might be angered but you were still dumbfounded by the revelation. Why would she even want that?
“Nosy little bitch, aren’t you?” In contrast to his crude words, he was actually amused. More so entertained than actually mad. Maybe he was just being kind for your last days; well as kind as this mobster could possibly be.
“Yes, Sharon arranged the entire deal. You’d be surprised at how much intel that minx had and even more so at the price she was willing to pay to get rid of you.” He elaborated.
“That makes no sense. Was she always a rival in disguise? And why would she go after me? We have only met once! Sharon had-” Your brain to mouth filter had just disappeared. You, in your sane mind, would never mouth off to your dangerous captor like this, as if he was your friend with all the answers. But all your wit had away and disappeared with your time in solitary, hungry and introspecting.
It was almost some reward for the bad things you went through in span of last seventy-two hours that your abductor found you amusing and your musings hilarious and chose to answer, relishing in the horror that struck across your face at each revelation like some cruel sadist.
“Wow, you are oblivious as fuck, darling.” He sniggered and then resumed with a smirk, “Aw come on, you had to be blind to not see how desperate she is for Rogers’ cock. She wanted a family with him, house full of shitty kids. Looks like that cunt didn’t tell you they were exes.”
“Then why betray him? And where do I come in this? Me and Steve weren’t even exactly friends!”
Did you offend her somehow at the party? Was that why she wanted you dead as side task?
“Well, she viewed you as a threat, silly girl.” He shrugged, marveling at your turmoil while you were literally losing your mind, you were going to die because of a ridiculous crush. “She is a silent partner; we had a one-time deal to screw both you and Rogers over. I get the expensive land and a shit-load of money to dispose you off while she gets to pick Rogers’ pieces up after your loss and weave her way back into that household. I’d say she is at a loss because of the pathetic goals she wants to achieve, but it is what it is. A cock-drunk slut is what she is.”
He concluded and smoked a cigarette, not bothering to tie you up even after realizing that you’d been unrestrained the entire time. It was fun watching you get aggravates; people with expressive faces were few and far between in this trade full of disguised immoral humans.
Fucking jealousy got you into this mess. You’d have been more than happy to let Steve go, even though he never was yours to begin with. At least he succeeded in his task of advertising you as his. Well, good for him.
A simple conversation could have avoided this. If only you had gotten a chance to prove you absolutely hated the man. Was it even rational for her to reach out and talk? You didn’t even know each other!
Well exactly! How was she so bold in assuming you were dating Steve? Bitch should have used her ‘shitload of money’ for confirming that.
You would have been concerned by your cursing but you allowed yourself a pass days before fucking dying. You deserved a happy future with your kid; you deserved to witness her first day of elementary, even college, her first boyfriend, or girlfriend whatever; her first heartbreak and walk her down the aisle decades from now! The universe owed you that much, and you were only settling. You had deserved to watch her grow, shine. Witness all her seconds, and thirds and everything she’d go through. And now, because of one blond bitch and one misunderstanding, you’ve been stripped of that.
You collapsed on the chair as you veiled your face in your hands, not wanting the man to see you cry, after you had shown days of resilience; not wanting him to witness your acceptance of the future you’d lost.
Rumlow left the room to attend a call once again and didn’t come back for quite a while but you couldn’t care less. Your heart burned and throat hiccupped as your vision remained blurred for hours. You knew you didn’t have much time left, neither to plot nor on Earth.
You cried without restraint, your screeches echoing off the walls and back again into your own ears. You just wanted to hug your little girl one last time, clutch her as tightly as she did when she had her first nightmare. That’s all you wanted your last wish to be.
But you came to the terms with the fact that you won’t get to do that. You knew your life wasn’t that generous, and you’d have to make-do with memories of her; you just hoped you’d live on in her memories after this.
The only question that remained in your mind, after hours and hours of incessant crying was, were you willing to go down without a fight? After all, you had to buy Steve some time.  
Tumblr media
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stevesbestgirl · 13 days ago
A Moment of Your Time - Part 19
Mob!Bucky x f!Reader (2337 words)
Warnings: reader drops an f-bomb, thats pretty much it
Series Masterlist - Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 🔥 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17 Part 18 🔥
A/N: Happy mafia Monday everyone! This chapter isn’t super exciting, but it’s important for character development. Things will spice back up next part and we should be getting a peek at some dark!Bucky soon!
A few more days ticked by without incident. You knew you were distracting Bucky from his work, so you’d been working diligently on your orders to stay busy. When those ran out, you began working on your own designs, needlepoint, and reading every book you’d brought with you. It was a little tiring, but if you weren’t busy, you’d distract Bucky, who was all too eager to be distracted by you.
You weren’t sure if it was a soulmate thing or if it was because it had been so long since you’d been touched, but you felt pulled to Bucky like a magnet. You couldn’t seem to stop yourself. Bucky had missed the latest episode of “The Amazing Mr. Malone” because of you. Five minutes in and you’d been pressing kisses to his neck and fiddling with the buttons on his shirt.
Staying busy seemed to be working so far, but it was making you feel cooped up in the apartment, so you’d decided to take a walk each morning. This morning you had strolled around a couple of city blocks with Peter at your side. If you were being honest with yourself, you felt safer around Clint, but Peter’s easy chatter made him better company. And according to Bucky, there hadn’t been a peep from Rogers since the incident at his home, so you didn’t feel as nervous.
The walk had also served as a distraction, since the weekend had finally arrived and you were nervously anticipating card night. Wanda had come up to let you know that she was hosting the ladies and you’d spent most the morning fussing over which of the new dresses you were going to wear after a small batch of them had been finished the day before.
“Okay, last one,” you chirped, marching back into Bucky’s office. “Is this the best one or am I just desperate?” You blushed when you caught sight of an unfamiliar man in one of the chairs across from Bucky, “I’m sorry.”
“No need to apologize, doll,” Bucky chuckled. “This is Stephen Strange. It’s about time you two met anyway.”
You raised a hand in an embarrassed greeting, “Nice to finally meet you.”
“A pleasure,” he flashed you a brief smile before returning to his conversation with Bucky.
Bucky held up a hand, his gaze still on you, “Hang on.” He appraised the dress you were wearing, “You’re right, this is the best one.” He sent you a smile, “I’ll be out for lunch in a few minutes.” Your stomach danced at his eyes on you; you’d both been in good moods, but Bucky seemed particularly excited about card night.
You took that as your cue to give him a minute, so you left, busying yourself in the kitchen with lunch. When Bucky joined you fifteen minutes later, his good mood appeared to have disappeared, his expression looking sour just long enough for you to notice.
“What’s wrong?” Your fingertips brushed his arm as he leaned against the counter.
“Nothing, sweetheart.”
“Bucky,” you urged.
“Got bad news,” he grunted.
He heaved a sigh, “Rogers is moving people around in the field again. Nothing aggressive, but enough to keep an eye on.” He clenched and unclenched his fingers, popping his knuckles, “Got me worried he’ll try something again.”
You bit your lip, “Is now a bad time to tell you I wanted to go to the library today?”
“I’ll make time to take you, doll, don’t worry.” He said not to worry, but it was obvious he was stressed.
“I can wait, Buck. I know you wanted to finish work early for tonight.”
“No, no, you shouldn’t have to wait for me-”
“Or Peter can take me,” you suggested. “We were fine this morning.”
“That was before I knew Rogers was out and about,” he insisted.
“And we were still fine,” you said soothingly. “I trust Pete, he’s good at his job.”
He ran his hand up the back of his neck, “I don’t know, sweetheart.”
“We’ll been gone for two hours tops,” you promised. You rinsed your hands in the sink and dried them off before sliding them under his jacket, “You won’t even know I’m gone.”
He chuckled, the tension in his shoulders loosening a little as his hands trailed over the curve of your hips, “I wouldn’t go that far. I miss you when you’re in the next room.”
“Well, if I get some more books, I can curl up in your office with you and keep you company,” you teased.
He sighed, “Fine. But no more than two hours. I’ll come out looking for you myself.”
You smirked, “That a threat or a promise?”
He pulled your hips into his, his voice low, “You wanna find out?”
An hour later, you slid into the Roadmaster and Peter drove you to the library. Wandering the stacks, you plucked book after book from the stacks, the stack in Peter’s arms growing taller with each pass.
When you were satisfied with your choices, certain they would hold you over for a while, Peter toted them up to the counter for you. The clerk gave Peter a stern look over the stack, “Sir, we have a limit. You can’t borrow more than five books at a time.”
You started an apology, moving in to narrow down the pile, but Peter reached across, blocking your path. He’d pulled a card from his pocket, sliding it across the counter and speaking softly, “I can have Mr. Barnes check them out himself, if you prefer.”
Clearing his throat, he began stamping the books, “That won’t be necessary, my apologies.” He noted the library card you’d put on top of the stack and handed it back, “Enjoy.”
Once you were out of earshot, you laughed, “I’m gonna have to remember that trick.”
Peter grinned sheepishly, “I usually try to solve those problems without it, but the boss said we’re on a time crunch.”
You laughed, “Maybe a self-inflicted one. I told him we would be fine.”
He brandished the stack of books, “I’m putting these in the backseat, but I’ll bring them inside when we get there.”
You grinned guiltily; Bucky’s men were quickly catching on to your tendency to be stubbornly independent. “I can carry my books, Peter.”
“Maybe you can, but Mr. Barnes would kill me if I let you.”
Blowing out a sigh, you rolled your eyes, gaze falling on a small bakery a few shops down. You could pick up something to bring something to Wanda’s tonight.
“Peter, I’m just popping into this shop really quick!”
“Y/N, wait! Come to the car with me first!”
But you’d already opened the door, the little bell tinkling overhead. You felt guilty ignoring Peter, but you could see the car from here.
Leaning in to appraise the display, you breathed deeply. The smell of fresh bread and confectionary sugar was thick in the air. You dimly registered the bell as you gave your order to the girl behind the counter, who bustled into the back.
“Looking for something sweet, sugar?” You blood ran cold as a large hand settled on the glass next to you, blocking your path to the door. Your breath hitched and Rogers chuckled, “I know I was. But imagine my surprise when I see your sweet, little self walking in.”
You felt frozen to the spot. You wished nothing more than to go back in time and wait for Bucky to take you to the library instead. Remembering Peter outside made you breathe a little easier and as if on cue, the door tinkled again and you heard Peter barrel inside, “Step away from her, Rogers.”
“If she wants me to go, she can ask me herself.” You could hear the smirk in his voice as he challenged Peter to do something about it.
“Get away from me.”
“Oh, looks like my little kitten found her claws, huh? Strange, I seem to remember you promising to be good.”
“I’ll show you claws when I burn your fucking house down.” You stamped backwards, wishing you’d worn the heels Bucky had bought you.
Rogers cursed and the shop girl returned from the back, pastry box in hand. The girl froze and you stepped away from Rogers, closer to Peter, who had his hand on his hip.
“I-Is there a problem?” The girl was nearly trembling, her eyes locked on Rogers.
“No, no problem here,” you said firmly, handing over cash in exchange for the box. “Keep the change,” you added softly. The poor kid deserved it.
You were proud of how you’d handled yourself, chin tipped up as you wheeled around, but Rogers caught your arm, muttering low, “If Barnes thinks his little puppy dog can protect you, I’ve got some bad news for him, kitten.”
You hardened your gaze, “Peter isn’t the one you need to worry about. Bucky will tear you apart.”
He smirked, “I’d love to see him try.”
“Keep your hands on me another second and I promise you will.”
His grin widened, but he released your arm, slowly pulling his fingers from your skin. Peter ushered you out of the shop, but you kept your strides even and purposeful; you weren’t going to have Rogers thinking you were running away.But once the car had left the curb, you dropped your head into your shaking hands.
Peter seemed just as eager as you to get home, no doubt ready to give Bucky a full report. You tried to dismiss him after he dropped your books off, but he insisted on waiting to report to Bucky. You were at least talking to Bucky first; you weren’t going to have Peter getting in trouble because of you.
You pushed his office door open and he spoke without looking up, “Back in an hour-fifteen. Were you scared I was gonna come after you, doll?”
Chuckling weakly, you sat across from him, “Not exactly.”
His head rose, eyes searching your face, “What’s wrong?”
You fidgeted in your seat, “We ran into Rogers.”
His hand clenched into a fist, “I knew it was too risky to send you out without me.” He was out of his chair in a second, running his hands over your arms, “Did he touch you? What happened? And where’s Pete?”
“Peter insisted on waiting to talk to you, even after I tried to send him home. And I’m fine.” You knew it wasn’t exactly convincing when your hands were still trembling. He captured one of them and squeezed.
Taking the seat next to you, his gaze was soft, but his voice firm, “Walk me through what happened.”
“We left the library and I wanted to stop at this little bakery. Rogers came in behind me.”
“Wasn’t Pete keeping watch?”
“Peter was putting my books in the car for me.” He tensed and you added quickly, “He was just outside and I walked away from him. Not his fault.”
Bucky chewed the inside of his cheek, displeasure barely simmering below the surface, but he nodded at you to continue. You laid out the conversation, leaving out your threats- you were a little embarrassed by your words now.
He mulled it all over, finally nodding, “Alright. Send Pete in.”
“He’s not in trouble, is he?”
Bucky’s nostrils flared, “You don’t need to worry about it.”
“Bucky! It was my fault! And I’m sorry!”
“Believe me, we’re gonna talk about that. But it’s his job to protect you, even if you don’t make it easy for him.”
“You can’t-”
“I can.” His voice was hard, but under control. Not like when you’d argued before. “Doll, I’ve made a lot of adjustments for you. But I need you to let me run my business.”
That stung a little bit. Clenching a fist in your lap, you stood, “Fine.”
You expected him to call you back as you left, but he didn’t. When you glanced back, he was still standing where you’d left him, arms crossed and looking broody.
You sent Peter in and grabbed one of the new books, taking up residence on the sofa while you waited. You weren’t actually retaining any of the words; you were sulking and you knew it.
When Peter emerged a little while later, his face was impassive. If it had been anyone else, you would have said they were fine, but Peter was usually so expressive. A tendril of guilt snaked it way into your stomach and you mouthed an apology as Bucky’s steps followed him down the hall.
You buried your nose back in your book as Bucky saw Peter out and strode into the living room. He leaned against the arm of the couch silently until you finally broke and looked at him, surprised to see a slight smile on his face.
“You didn’t tell me everything, doll.” Your brow furrowed and he chuckled softly, “Did you really tell Rogers you were going to burn his house down?”
Instantly, your face felt hot, “Peter told you that?”
“And that you also said I’d tear him apart if he didn’t keep his hands off you.”
“Was I mistaken?”
He sat on the edge of the couch next to you, “Course not. But it’s still cute.” He laughed, “I can’t picture it, say it again for me.”
“It’s not funny! It’s because I’ve been spending so much time with you!”
He smiled, “It’s because you know I’ll protect you.” That much was true; you trusted Bucky to keep you safe. He sobered, “But I can’t do that if you don’t listen.”
“I said I was sorry.”
“I know you are, sweetheart. We’ll talk more about it later.”
“What did you do to Peter?”
“Pete is off guard duty until I feel he’s ready.”
“That’s it?”
“That’s it.”
You bit your lip, feeling a little guilty now, “Thanks.”
He smirked, “As much as I wanna take the credit, I didn’t do it for you, doll. If I can’t keep you reined in, I can’t expect Pete to, can I?”
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gwenavibra · 15 days ago
Fuck you, Steve
This started out as something small and got out of control, like most things in my life do.
Tumblr media
r. mob!steve rogers x reader | w. 3.3k | cw. a little nsfw +18, minors dni. a whole bunch of angst with maybe a happy ending, cheating, cursing, alcohol and drug consumption, Steve being an idiot, toxic personal relations, manipulation, lying. note. hello lovies. first, I would like to say mob men are as dumb as they are powerful, can’t change my mind. I absolutely adored this request; it was so much fun and painful to write. so, thank you so much for requesting it @sohosteve. as always, I hope you enjoy. be nice and tomen agüita💋
Tumblr media
Steven Grant Rogers was the love of your life, there was no doubt in your mind or your heart. He was everything you could’ve ever asked for, and you knew he felt the same way. From the first time you saw each other, you both knew it, this was it. You would either live happily ever after or burn in hell, either way, it would be the two of you. However, not everyone was as enamored with this union as you two were, not that anyone would say it to your face. You see, from the moment he met you, Steve gave up in his old ways. Drugs? Not for him, thank you. Girls? He already had the one he needed. He knew, had he not done this, you would’ve never been with him. You were a smart girl, working as a model, making your way in the big city; you were independent and strong, and weren’t about to put up with some thirty-year old man-child’s bullshit. So, Steve cleaned himself up, his days consisted of taking care of his business, which was demanding enough, being the biggest mob boss of New York, and worshipping you.
This didn’t settle well with Steve’s friends. They wanted the fun guy back, the life of the party, the spontaneous let’s-go-to-Vegas-on-a-thursday Steve. The one they could take advantage off. Still, they never said a word to you. You genuinely thought they liked you, everyone welcomed you with open arms and you didn’t really have a reason to second guess it. They were practically Steve’s family after all. They, however, saw you as a nuisance, and it only got worse the moment you announced your engagement. It took a week for Steve to ask you to marry him, and even though it could’ve been a red flag, you knew he really meant it. Yet, you said not yet, and he kept asking you, until a year later, you finally said yes.
That was six months ago, your wedding was just a few weeks away and you could not have been more excited. You were busy planning every little detail, everything had to be just perfect for the happiest day of your life. And everything really was, until it all burnt to the ground.
It started a few weeks ago, you knew Steve’s fascination for accessories, he was always wearing some type of jewelry and he bought you more trinkets that you could count. So, as a wedding present, you decided to give him a limited edition, vintage Rolex with a lovely inscription on the back. Since you wanted it to be a surprise, you had to be very careful around Steve and he picked up on it. He knew you, he loved you and he knew you loved him. So, why was he worried? Well, it certainly didn’t help the comments his friends would make. That’s how he decided to have you followed, he told himself there was nothing wrong with it. He was a powerful man, and you were going to marry him, he needed to know if you were hiding something from him. He had Bucky handle it, he trusted him, Bucky would never lie to him. Or so he thought.
Bucky hired a PI to follow you in your trip, you had to go to Paris to pick up Steve’s present and your wedding dress. René was a long-time friend, you knew him from the fashion world, and he was the one selling you the watch. You had been so happy that day, after trying on your dress you went to meet with him, and after seeing how perfect it was you couldn’t help to hug Raphael and thanked him for his help. Following that, you both went to get dinner with René’s boyfriend Jean. All this was recorded in the photos the PI took of you. However, the full results of his investigation weren’t shared with Steve. Bucky knew the truth about René, but he chose to ignore it. This was his last chance to get rid of you and get his best friend back, and he was not going to waste it.
You came home a day later, tired from the trip and missing your man, the sight that was waiting for you shattered your heart into a million pieces. Laying on your couch was your fiancé, naked as the day he was born, fucking some blonde barbie while he kissed a redhead. Bottles were scattered all over the floor, cocaine lines on the coffee table, bags of pills and a pile of bodies laying everywhere that you recognized as his friends. Stumping to the speakers, you quickly turned of the music and yelled loud enough to be heard in the entire apartment.
– What the hell is going on here? Steve, what the fuck? – You couldn’t formulate more elaborate questions, still trying to wrap your head around this situation. Steve lifted his eyes to look at you and pushed the blonde from his lap, but made no intent of getting up –
– It’s funny you ask me that, sweets. How long did you think you could make me look stupid? Did you think I would never find out about your little lover, huh?
– What are talking about? The only one that has some lovers is you.
– Don’t even bother, [y/n], I saw the pictures. There’s no point in trying to hide it.
He looked so tired, his eyes were hollowed and there were deep bags under his eyes. He was using again, you noticed. Despite your best judgement, it made you worry about him, and as you looked around at his crew you just wanted to grabbed him and get him away from all of this. You didn’t understand what was happening, but you could see the pain in his eyes. Before you could do anything, though, one of Steve’s brutes took your arm and pushed you out of the apartment. All your stuff had already been packed and was waiting for you at the lobby. Freeing yourself from the man’s grip, you just stared at your baggage for a few minutes. People were starting to whisper about you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. You couldn’t even bring yourself to cry. Everything was just numb. You felt like someone had ripped your beating heart right out of your chest and stomped on it.
Taking a deep breath in, you forced yourself to move. The valet took your bags and shoved them in a cab, as you gave him the address of the only place you could think. You sold your apartment the moment you moved in with Steve, so you didn’t really have a place to go and even though you had your savings, you didn’t want to be alone in a hotel room right now. Needless to say, the taxi driver wasn’t really of much help, the second you took the last bag out of his car he stepped on the gas and left you in the middle on the street. So, now here you were, struggling to carry your bags up the three flights of stairs to Nat’s apartment. When you finally reached it, you knocked the door and rested your forehead in it, falling on top of your friend the moment she opened up. Instinctively, she wrapped her arms around you and looked behind you at all your stuff.
– Oh, [y/n] …
Hours later, you had already taken a shower and were crying your eyes out while telling Nat what happened. In between sentences you would take a gulp of tequila, straight from the bottle, and you friend just looked at you from the other side of the couch. She let you finish your story and sob as much as you needed, after a while she grabbed your hand and squeezed it gently.
– I don’t know what happened to me, Nat. How the hell did this happen? I let that man consume my life and it made me stupid. I was such a smart girl, I had everything under control.
– You are smart… you just fell in love. And you can cry about it, and I know you really want to, but I also know you and I know that a part of you wants him to suffer for putting you through this – You cleaned your tears with the sleeve of your sweater and tilted your head to the side, frowning just slightly.
– I mean… Yeah, you’re not wrong – You cleared your throat after your voice broke mid-sentence – What are you thinking?
– I’m thinking you need a new job, and I know just where to start. You’re a model, for God’s sake, we’ll make sure your face is in every billboard in this city and he won’t be able to go anywhere without being reminded of what he lost.
It had been two months since the breakup. You buried yourself in your work, Nat took you in her home, and even you were doing good financially and could afford to go somewhere else, you both knew you weren’t ready to be alone. For the last few weeks, you hadn’t seen Steve, by now everyone knew about the breakup, you used to be a power couple and the break of your engagement was taken as a national tragedy. From what you’ve heard, he was living his full-on single life. Taking new girls and throwing them away like disposable cups from McDonalds. Still, he stayed away from any event where he could find you.
What you didn’t know is that he kept tabs on you, bought every magazine with your face on it, his phone flooded with pictures of you, he kept drinking and getting high but nothing helped ease the pain. He missed you. God, he needed you back. You could’ve fucked the entire east coast for all he cared, he just needed you back. Even his friends were starting to get worried about him, Sam tried to approach you at a party you both attended, but as soon as he explained what they had done your face turned to stone, smiling sweetly at him, you knee his groin and whispered a gentle fuck you before leaving him bending over himself.
A few weeks after the breakup, your dress arrived at Nat’s house. You had given them this address to keep Steve from seeing it before the wedding. That was a particularly hard day for you, and after many bottles of alcohol you made a stupid decision. The dress wouldn’t go to waist. And he would see you, damn it, even if it was the last thing you’d do. After making some very drunken calls, and arraigning everything, you had yourself a photoshoot. It was scandalous, no one would ever say no to this. The concept was simple, they would record your process of destroying the custom-made dress. Nat tried to warned you this was something you may regret later, but you didn’t listen and now sober, and sitting while you were getting your hair and makeup done to start, you started to think this was not such a good idea after all.
The same day your dress arrived, so did Steve’s present. Since you wanted him to wear it at the wedding, you planned on giving in to him as soon as it arrived home. Only, in reality, he was the one that received it. The box had a note attached to it and Steve couldn’t help but frown as he read it: This may be my favorite piece so far; I really hope your love will like it! – xoxo René. Not quite understanding what was going on, Steve opened the box just to find the silver watch staring back at him. Taking it out of the box, he examined it closely and he could feel his heart drop as he read the inscription on the back:
To my one and only. Steve, forever is not nearly enough. – Eternally yours, [y/n]
Steve spent the entire day staring at the watch, as usual his friends came and got drunk, but he suddenly wasn’t up for it anymore. What did all of that mean? You had cheated on him; he saw the pictures. So, then, what was this? The guys noticed the change, but didn’t dare say anything, just tried to distract him. This went on for weeks, Steve could feel himself sinking and he even tried to find the PI Bucky had hired to ask him what did he see during that trip, but he had zero information and was growing frustrated. And then the day came, your photoshoot came out for everyone to see it. Steve had been so caught up in his work that he found out late at night, after he came home to find the guys at his place again.
– I’m really not in the mood for this today, gents. Could we just call it a night?
– We thought you might need some emotional support after today.
– That’s sweet… I think. But it was just a regular day. I just need some sleep. – He frowned as he loosened his tie; Tony looked up at him and laughed –
– You haven’t even seen it, have you?
– Seen what?
– Oh, this is just perfect. I get to see the reaction first hand. – He giggled as he pulled his phone out and showed Steve the pictures. There you were. So beautiful in your wedding dress. Wait, what were you doing? You tore up your wedding dress? Did you hate him that much? – “If this isn’t a Fuck you, Steve, then I don’t know what is” – Tony read the reporters quote as he tipped his glass in Steve’s direction.
Steve felt how the air left his lungs and he suddenly needed to sit down. Bucky noticed this and went to get him a drink, as Steve was gulping it down, he couldn’t stop looking at the pictures. Tony laid back on his armchair and sighed.
– It’s a real shame, too. You guys really made a good couple. The whole fake cheating was just fucked up, man.
That made Steve turn his attention back to Tony, slowly standing up, he threw the phone on the couch and approached him.
– What do you mean fake cheating?
– Well, you know, Bucky’s plan to get you to hang back with us. I didn’t think it would actually work, even I could tell the guy was gay, but you actually believed it. Didn’t even questioned it. I can’t blame her for hating your guts, Cap.
By this point, Bucky could just stare in disbelieve and he didn’t even fight when Steve punched him so hard everyone heard the bones break, but he didn’t care as he grabbed his keys and stormed out the door. He knew you were staying at Nat’s place and the drive took him less than the time it would take him normally with how fast he was driving. Once he reached the apartment, he could hear the music coming from inside the place and the muffled voices, so he knocked the door loud enough for you to hear, making the door shake in the process.
Wanda opened the door; it was girl’s night and you were all in pajamas drinking your weight in alcohol. Steve ignored her completely and looked around the room until he found you laying on the couch singing out of tune. You were most definitely drunk and he was not going to spend another night without you. Wanda was trying to talk to him, but he just pushed her aside and made his way to you. You felt him before you saw him, his gaze on you was something you deeply missed and it burnt you to the core. You froze as he stooped down in front of you and gently pushed your hair out of your face.
– Hey, angel. I think it’s time for us to go home, don’t you think?
He didn’t let you respond, before you could say anything he took you in his arms and pull you up his shoulder. He completely ignored the girl’s threats and your kicking and screaming. It only took one look for Nat to understand he couldn’t care less if she called the police. As he grabbed your legs and made sure you wouldn’t fall, he made his way back to his car. He opened the door and sat you on the passenger seat as you tried to fight him; he was considerably bigger than you, so really it was a lost cause, but you were very upset and very drunk and didn’t really cared.
– Hey, hey! Listen to me! I’m taking you with me. Now, you can either fight and tire yourself or you can behave like the good girl I know you can be and let me take care of you.
– Oh, now you wanna take care of me? It’s been months, Steve, months! You packed my bags and kicked me to the curb while you were fucking some prostitutes. Screw you, I don’t need you to take care of me. I’ve been doing that myself.
His eyes softened as guilt filled him and he let out a breath as he took your hands in his and kissed them.
– I know I fucked everything up, and you have every reason to tell me to go straight to hell. But even if you do, I will spend every day of my life trying to get you to forgive me. I need you, [y/n]. And even if right now you want me dead, I know you need me too. It’s just us, angel, till the end.
His words reminded of better times and promises whispered in the dark and you lowered your gaze as your eyes filled with tears. Clearing your throat, you shifted in your seat until you could seat comfortably. Maybe you were being an idiot, and if anyone of your friends were in the same situation you would tell them to get out of there. But this was you and Steve. Even if only for one more night, you needed to feel him close.
– I’m not going back to your apartment… Ever. – You whispered so low he wouldn’t have been able to hear you had he not been right next to you; surprise was quickly replaced with relieve as he nodded. He would take you anywhere, as long as you stayed with him.
[three months later]
You were walking towards the man of your dreams. The warm tropical weather made your skin shine against the afternoon sun and you couldn’t help the happy smile that took over your face. Granted, this wasn’t exactly what you planned it. Instead of hundreds of guests, it was just the two of you, a private beach and an officiant. You were wearing a simple flowy white dress, but to him, you’d never looked more beautiful, a flower crown adorning your face. In the end, after many heartaches, you both learned what really mattered. Until the end of the line, wherever that may be, it was just the two of you.
Tumblr media
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navybrat817 · 15 days ago
Please tell me you're writing those mafia fic ideas. Pretty please? 🥺
Tumblr media
Hi, lovely anon. It's possible. ❤️ The way I see it, Steve stealing the reader from his rival and Bucky using Cupid's Kiss on the reader exist in the same universe. It would be fun!
Thank you. ❤️❤️❤️
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navybrat817 · 16 days ago
How about 📕 + mafia Steve?
Tumblr media
Hello, lovely. ❤️
Steve Rogers had no intention of falling for you. He only wanted to take you away from his rival and you became a pawn in his game. By the time he realized he loved you, it was too late. He knew you hated him now, but he would make you love him again. Whether you wanted to or not.
Thank you! ❤️
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boxofbonesfic · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Title: Talking Bird (Chapter Seven)
Chapter 6 Chapter 5 Chapter 4 Chapter 3 Chapter 2 Chapter 1
Summary: Sometimes when you stare into the dark, the darkness stares back in kind. You’ve been living in hell the past three years, so you’re familiar with the look of devils—so you think. They see darkness in you, and they’re determined to make you embrace it. As soon as your good-for-nothing husband is out of the way.
Pairing: Steve x Reader x Bucky
WARNINGS: DUBCON, Murder, violence, General criminal activity, Manipulation, Abuse (past abuse, but still), Abuse victim reader, breeding kink, forced impregnation
A/N : WHEW, I’m so sorry this installment took a little longer than normal to get out. We’re hitting the finish line now, just one or two more chapters left to go, and I couldn’t be happier to have shared this all with you. Please let me know what you think, and don’t hesitate to drop me an ask with any questions. ❤️ This is a work of FICTION, and it is Dark, so I assume once you’ve clicked through the link that you are comfortable with that. I do not give consent for my work to be copied, translated, or posted elsewhere, even if I am credited. This work is entirely mine, and unbeta’d, so read at your own risk! MINORS, DNI! Enjoy 😘
Chapter Seven: You don’t realize…the windows were open the whole time…
The sound of knocking woke you, and for a moment, you groped for Glenn’s body in the bed before realizing with a start that it was a useless exercise. You didn’t need Glenn to go to the door in the middle of the night to settle whatever grievance he’d caused—and even if you did, he would never again be able to. You sat up blearily, clearing your raspy throat. 
“Come in?” You croaked, swallowing with a wince.
The door creaked open, and Steve stepped in. He looked tired, like he hadn’t slept at all, and when you glanced over at the window, light was only just beginning to appear over the horizon. He ran his hand through his hair and leaned against the doorframe, smiling wearily at you. 
“Sorry to wake you, doll. I couldn’t sleep. Can I…?” He motioned at your bed, and you nodded quickly. He slid in beside you, sighing at the coolness of the sheets. You tried to relax, but now that you’d woken, your mind swirled with questions and dark thoughts. You took a deep breath and tried to steady your nerves. 
“What…what happens now?” You asked quietly, your eyes searching for his face in the dark. “I know… I know it can’t stay like this forever.” It couldn’t. The detective had seen to that. You’d had no pretenses about these men, but the more time you spent with them, the less loud the alarm bells in your head seemed to ring. Even now, there was barely even the fear you knew you should feel alone with someone like Steve Rogers. 
“No,” He sighed, shifting to pull you against him. “It can’t.” He tugged you to his chest, stroking your hair. “Are you afraid of me, princess?”
“I know I should be.” You admitted. And you knew something else, too, something you couldn’t voice. You knew that he would never let you go. They’d given you the illusion of choice, but even if you’d said no, you knew you would have ended up here. You didn’t know why the lie had given you comfort before, nor why it no longer did. 
Steve’s hands crept up your sides, stroking you comfortingly. “The world is so ugly, sweetheart.” He said softly, his breath puffing against the back of your neck. “Cruel.” A soft kiss against your skin, followed by the trailing of his cool fingers up your bare thigh. “Look how it treated you, doll. And you were good.” You had never been one of those people, people who felt owed for your poor treatment.
Maybe you are, the dark thing whispered. It was louder now, though it’s voice was more soothing in your mind’s ear. Life takes and takes and takes until you’re a husk of yourself—
“So I should return the favor?” You asked, no judgement or malice in your tone. 
“You should accept the gift being given to you.”
His touch burned, ignited something in you. You shifted, trying to ease the ache he’d lit in your core. A gift or a curse? You wondered, knowing that regardless of which eye you looked at it with, you had to accept it all the same. You were reminded of Bucky’s words just a few days prior. 
We see potential in you.
Potential for what? 
Steve’s fingers deftly moved your panties to the side, finding you slick beneath them. He hmm’d in approval, nuzzling further into your hair affectionately. “A-and what’s the gift?” You asked, and he chuckled—perhaps at the fact that he hadn’t yet rendered you speechless. He grazed over your clit and you hissed, your hips pushing forward to meet his fingers. 
“Oh baby, Buck’s the one that’s good at lists.” He murmured. He sucked your earlobe into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth as he drew back and forth maddeningly slowly down the folds of your pussy. “We want to take care of you.” He slid a single finger into your tight cunt, and you clenched greedily around it. He let out an almost pained groan, dragging his teeth down the side of your neck as he thrust against you. “Shit, sweetheart, you’re so wet already.”
You gasped and moaned, a needy, hungry sound. “Know he couldn’t knock you up, right, sweetheart?” Your eyes shot open. How does he know that? He’d blamed you for not conceiving, though you would both later come to realize it was because he was sick. He never apologized. “We’ll give you babies, doll. As many as you want.” His words shouldn’t have made warmth spread through your belly, even as the panic alarm rings in your psyche. Have I taken my pill since I got here? You wonder fleetingly, but Steve doesn’t give you more time to ponder it. “What else do you want, sweet? Big house? Nicer car?”
What’s your price?
What was pathetic was that it wasn’t even as high as all that. You didn’t require their money, their gadgets, their connections. What you wanted was both far less and far more at the same time—“I just want someone to love me.” Your desire lived in a quiet, exhaled breath between the two of you. You wished you were a pettier person, that what you wanted could be measured in dollars—perhaps then you wouldn’t feel so fucking stupid. It was the truth of you, the raw, bruised core that you tried to hide.
Love was all you wanted. 
And no price was too high to pay for it. 
“Oh doll.” His mouth was searing hot and soft on the back of your throat, and his teeth rasped against your skin. “That’s all we want to do.” Steve curled his fingers inside you, and you groaned loudly. “Keep that up and you’ll have Bucky in here too.” He chuckled. Steve withdrew his fingers from you, the wet noise of your cunt sucking at them seeming to echo in the cool darkness. You whimpered, only for him to replace it with his cock. He pushed into you painfully slowly, leaving you panting with every added inch. 
“G-God,” You whined, pushing your hips back toward his. Steve held you still with little effort, spooning you gently while he filled you with slow, heavy thrusts. It was almost agonizing, and you writhed in his arms. 
“I know, doll. You feel so fucking good, just like I knew you were gonna.” He groaned, palming your breasts and twisting your nipples. “Fuck, gonna take such good care of you.” You were full of Steve in every sense—his cock, his voice, and you were drunk on his promises too. You believed them, wanted them to be true more than anything. He sank into you as more muttered praises and words of assurance fell against your heated skin. His cock dragging along your sensitive, swollen walls was making you see stars as you choked on your breath. 
“Steve, please, please…” You didn’t even recognize the needy whimpers escaping you—was that really you? A particularly hard thrust had him bottoming out inside you, the head of his cock planted firmly against your cervix. A gurgled moan left your lips as your head fell back against his shoulder. He continued rocking into you, each slow meeting of your hips sending tendrils of pleasure up your spine. It was both too much and still not enough, and you found yourself reaching back to run your hands over as much of him as you could reach, pleading as you sunk your nails into the flesh of his arm. 
“You want me to knock you up, sweetheart?” He growled into your throat as his pace increased, his hips snapping roughly against your own. You couldn’t think, the pleasure blanking every other thought from your brain. Your filter was gone too, every fleeting thought reaching your lips in that breathy whine. “
“Yes, Steve, fu-uck—” Tightness built in your belly, a sinfully pleasurable pressure that made itself known in the stars that burst behind your closed eyes. 
“I know, doll. You want me to fill that pretty pussy up with my cum till it’s leakin’ out, right?” It was less of a question and more of a statement of fact—he was going to do it whether you wanted him to or not, and luckily for you, you did. You wanted to feel the sweet ache of this later, feel the burning between your thighs and know he was the cause of it all. You nodded, unsure if you were imagining the hiccoughing, sobbing moans echoing loudly in the little bedroom.
You were drunk on him, spiraling higher and higher on the razor thin coil of pleasure that he wound tighter and tighter within you. Every breath you managed to draw in around your own blissful cries was immediately forced out of you again with the push of his cock against your cervix, rubbing against that part of you that made you see fucking supernovas.
 “Thas’ it doll,” Steve slurred, his words lost in breathy pants and the growls spilling across your skin. “Gonna soak my cock, yeah?” You could only mewl helplessly in response, there aren’t any words left on your tongue and in your brain that aren’t please and more and Ste-eve. “F-fuck, squeezin me so fuckin’ tight—” He let out a ragged groan as you did, your cunt sucking his cock into you and holding him there, the head of him pressed tightly against your cervix.
 His hips were pressing hard into your ass, less thrusting and more pushing, trying to shove himself  as deep inside of you as it’s possible to go—hell, maybe even deeper. He was the one to remind you snidely of your noise level, but he cums with a gutteral bellow that made your ears ring, and your cunt gush wetly around him as he held your hips still. You can feel him leaking out around the seal of his still throbbing cock, the combined slick of both of you staining your inner thighs. You’re not sure how long you laid there, gulping down eager breaths in the early morning darkness, but when your brain finally reboots itself, the first thing you hear is him. 
“Love you so much, gonna take such good care of you sweet girl—” over and over into your hair until you’re not sure if he’s still speaking, or if your mind is parroting the words back to you on an endless loop. Whether by stubbornness alone, or the bone deep exhaustion now settling over you, you forced your eyes shut and willed yourself to sleep as Steve’s fingers ran lovingly through your messy hair. 
And when you woke again, your bed was empty, the stickiness between your thighs the only indicator that he’d ever even been there. 
“Good morning, princess.” Bucky pulled you against his chest from behind, and your surprised squeal turns into a giggle as he tugged at the strings of your bikini bottoms with eager fingers. He ran his nose down the side of your throat, inhaling the scent of you like it’s the only thing that matters. You slapped his hands away before he could finish undoing them, and he made a show of holding the abused appendages to his chest, aghast. “You’re only getting away with that because I know you were a good girl for Stevie this morning,” His tone was warning, but there was a mirth in his eyes when he looked at you, and it made your stomach warm and your chest tight. 
You felt your face flush at his comment, and turn to peek at Steve through your hair. He winked at you, running his tongue over his lips hungrily. “A real good girl, Buck.” He cracked an egg into the frying pan in front of him. “So good I want to give her whatever she wants.” You don’t like spending their money, and it feels even less good to have them heaping it on you, but you already knew it was a useless exercise to argue. Bucky kissed your cheek, his hands massaging the flesh of your hips just above your cover-up.
At the reminder of this morning, you feel the comfortable warmth slip just a bit as you recall the fact that you haven’t taken a single birth control pill for going on three days now. It didn’t matter if you forgot with Glenn sometimes, he was impotent after all, and he fucked you with such irregularity that even missing a week probably wouldn’t have presented much of a problem. 
“I like the sound of that,” Bucky replied, his hands still warm on your hips. “You want to take a dip and then do a little shopping, princess?” He asked, grinning. “See if we can’t get some more pretty things for me n’ Stevie to tear off you.” Maybe it was your fidgeting that gave it away, or the hurried kiss you return to Bucky’s stubbled cheek, but he pulls away from you, frowning. “Something wrong, doll?” 
“No,” You said quickly—too quickly, because Steve peered up at you with the same curious, observant look as Bucky. “I just, I forgot something, um, in my room.” You know neither of them really buy the half-lie as it leaves your lips, but Steve returned to flipping his eggs, and Bucky watched you go with interested eyes. You pulled the door closed behind you, grabbing the sunglasses off of the dresser as a decoy. 
Your little, ratty duffel bag was still next to the bed, unzipped. You rifled through it until your hand closed around the pill bottle at the bottom. Heaving a sigh of relief, you peer at the orange plastic, squinting. Three—no, four—pills remain, rattling around inside. You perch the sunglasses on your head, before popping the cap off. I think I read somewhere you can take extra doses if you miss a few, right? Your phone was sitting on the counter right next to Bucky, so it’s not like you can check. 
Two days of missed birth control wasn’t enough to result in a pregnancy, right? You thought nervously, remembering just how thoroughly the two men in the kitchen have filled you at every opportunity, and suddenly you were frantically shaking a third pill out of the bottle. 
“Doll?” Oh no. You were almost afraid to look up, afraid to meet his gaze. You dragged your eyes reluctantly up Bucky’s form, your lip trembling as he leaned against the doorframe. “What is that?” 
“I, um… my birth control.” You murmur, clutching the pills tightly in your shaking hand. “I forgot when we got here, and I didn’t, I’m not trying to—” You know you’re terrible under pressure, and the weight of his eyes is too much for you as you struggle to explain yourself. Steve’s heated promises were as electrifying as they were scary; adding a baby to the mix wouldn’t have been wise from any standpoint. You tried to say as much, but the words were lost in the jumble, scrambling themselves in your mouth before they had the opportunity to leave your lips. 
“Come here.” Bucky’s voice was gentle, but firm. You took a tentative step, and he nodded. “Good girl.” He squatted in front of you, though with his massive height, he was only just below your eye level. He took your hand, and with soft strokes, coaxed your fingers open. “You don’t need these, sweetheart. Didn’t Stevie tell you we were gonna take care of you?” Your heart was hammering so fast in your chest you were sure he had to have heard it. You tried to close your fingers back around the slim, tan pills in your hand, but Bucky was faster, tipping your palm to the side so that they rolled right into his hand. 
“Let’s go throw these out.” He stood, looking down at them disdainfully. Wild panic erupted in your chest, and you tugged at his arm. Don’t you want kids? The dark thing hissed, and your steps faltered, just a little.
“Wait, Bucky—”
“Steve won’t be mad at you, baby, I promise.” He said, pulling easily from your grip. “I’m not mad either.” You didn’t know how to explain that it wasn’t their anger you feared, not this time. You could only watch helplessly, trailing behind him as he walked toward the bathroom and tipped them into the toilet. “Give me the bottle, princess.” He held his hand out behind him, and you dropped it into his palm, listening to the pill rattle as he shook it out into the toilet with it’s kin. He pulled you in for a kiss, and you didn’t resist, swallowing the protest that threatened to erupt out of you. 
“Let’s have breakfast, baby.” 
Give you everything you want, The dark thing reminded you, slithering through your psyche to settle heavily in your heart. Give you anything. Just be good. You hated the way you cowed, the way you nodded and pressed into Bucky’s hand as he stroked your cheek. You preened at his attention, even knowing he’d just hammered yet another bar securely into place in the gilded cage they were building for you. A baby makes it harder to leave. You knew that—you’d known it when Glenn had asked you too, just eight months into your union when things were already starting to sour. 
Do you want to leave? The dark thing caressed your face with smoky tendrils made of painful memories. They love you. The thought makes your chest ache with the impossibility of it all. You don’t know what good love looks like, not anymore, but perhaps this is the closest you’ll ever get. These men were willing to kill for you—had killed for you—who else could say the same? 
Steve was still in the kitchen, putting the finishing touches on the breakfast you were still surprised he’d insisted on cooking, with the sheer amount of food stuffed into the refrigerator. “Everything okay?” He asked, though you knew it was geared towards Bucky, not you. 
“Oh yeah.” Bucky digs into his eggs. “Silly princess didn’t know she could throw out her birth control.” He said easily, his hand still rubbing circles into the small of your back. A wide grin broke across Steve’s face, and as he set your plate down in front of you, he grabbed your left hand, smoothing his fingers across your palm, skimming purposefully across the indents left in your skin by your old wedding bands. 
“Eat up, doll.” He lifted your hand to his lips, brushing them across your knuckles as he smiled achingly sweet at you. “Long day.” 
You’re sleepy and sluggish from the sun and the sea when Bucky and Steve finally loaded you into the red convertible, lowering the top as Steve drove along the coast toward town. You watched the water sparkle, reflecting the bright sunlight like precious jewels. 
“Where do you want to go first, sweetheart?” Steve asked, looking over at you in the passenger seat. “It’s all about you, today.” You know what this is, of course; an attempt to smooth over the roughness of the night before and to placate you for your sacrifice this morning. 
I wonder what the typical diamond size is for knocking up your pet. The thought shocked you, partly because of its accuracy, and partly because it was the kind of thing that dark, slinky thing living in your mind and in your heart would say, not you. You were a pet, though. A pretty, cute little doll for them to dress and fuck and show off. 
You hated that you didn’t mind it. 
“I don’t know.” You played with the buckle of your seatbelt. “Is there… a used bookstore or anything?” 
“Yeah, I think so. Near the seafood place.” Bucky piped up from the back seat. He leaned forward, ignoring Steve’s irritated scowl as he reached into the front to point. “If you take a left up here, it’ll be easier.” You can’t help but giggle just a little at the way Steve threatens to bite Bucky’s outstretched finger. Their cute bickering made it easier to forget the hardness in Bucky’s eyes as he’d waited for you to hand over your birth control pills, and the satisfied expression on Steve’s face when he found out you had. 
Bucky and Steve helped you out of the car when you arrived, a wholly unnecessary feat that simply allowed them to grope you discreetly as they appeared to help you smooth out the wrinkles in your flouncy sundress. Bucky’s hand skirted under the hem of your dress to cup your pussy as his eyes flashed. 
“Ready, doll?” 
Even their constant hunger for the wetness at the apex of your thighs couldn’t spoil this moment—it was strangely exciting to be the one deciding where you went and what you did. You nodded excitedly, glancing up at the three-story building in front of you. They sold old and new books, and there was a cafe at the bottom, where Steve suggested the three of you could grab lunch when you were done. A little bell rang over the door when you pushed it open, and an older man with a scruffy beard barely looked up to greet you. “Used stuff’s downstairs. Top floor’s kids.” He clarified when you asked what the sections were. 
Finally, you were in your element, surrounded by old books and manuscripts. You had precious few books at home—only your most treasured books remained at your parents house, as you’d learned the hard way that when he wasn’t trying to break you, Glenn was just as willing to break your things. You didn’t even pull any out at first, content to walk slowly down the aisles as you ran your fingertips across the spines. 
The first book you slid from the shelves was a ghost story, an old one. You flipped gingerly through the pages before handing it off to Bucky, who stood dutifully behind you. “What’s this one?” He asked, and you glanced over your shoulder.
 “Horror. I… like scary stories.” You admitted with a blush. Bucky looked surprised, turning it over in his hands. You watched him read the summary, before beginning to flip through it. 
“Didn’t peg you for that kind of girl,” He said with a chuckle. “Real life not scary enough for you?” 
“It’s too scary.” You agreed, smiling a little. “But these are just…stories. I can put them down.” It went on like that for the entire used book floor, Bucky chatting idly to you about each one you selected, asking you why. It was… nice. Almost like a date. His hand was warm around your waist as he attempted to balance all of your selections in one arm. Going anywhere that you wanted to had always ended up being a struggle with Glenn, a contest of wills to see who could outlast the other. Bucky seemed satisfied to stroke the soft skin between your shoulders with the pads of his fingers, making quiet conversation as you browsed. 
“Tell Banner I’ll be there.” Steve followed behind, talking quietly on his phone about things you couldn’t hear, and probably didn’t want to know about. Soon, however, he was laden with at least ten novels, a fact you only realized when one of your recent selections thudded to the floor behind you. 
“Tell you what, sweet. Why don’t we go buy these, and when you’re finished, you can meet us down in the cafe.” You knew it was his way of telling you he was hungry. You nodded quickly. 
“I mean, I don’t need all of—” You attempted to steal back a few books out of the stack and return them to the shelves, but he dodged your grabbing hands. 
“No. As many as you want.”
“I’ll never read them all,” You said, laughing a little. Bucky shrugged. 
Steve pulled away from his phone to grasp your chin in two fingers. “Whatever you want, doll, remember?” He said hotly, before dragging his mouth over your own. When the two of them finally left you, you were breathless, leaning on the bookshelf behind you for support. 
Whatever I want. 
That phrase was starting to become almost too common in their vocabulary. You wondered what, if anything they would refuse you. You didn’t have a laundry list of things you wanted on standby, and you’d never been one to ask for lavish gifts. Their offers of opulence and money were all well and good—you just hadn’t a single clue what to do with it. That, and other, darker thoughts occupied you as you tried to focus on browsing after bidding your—men? boyfriends?—goodbye, and promising to meet them in fifteen minutes. 
But every time you tried to select a new book, the thoughts would return. They made you flush your pills. Didn’t really give you a choice. They’re killers. But… they were also sweet and doting, and you’d never experienced kindness like you had at their hands, not even from your own parents. You held a book in your hand, your fingers running idly over the pages you weren’t really seeing. 
It was probably why it was so easy to sneak up on you. 
“Good book? Haven’t read it, myself.” The low voice made you turn quickly, your heart roaring in your ears. It was the detective from the night before, standing next to you in the narrow aisle. He wasn’t facing you, standing as though he himself were merely browsing. You got the feeling his comment was a formality, a greeting meant to alert you to his presence. 
“I-I don’t know.” You immediately knew that you shouldn’t talk to him. Bucky and Steve wouldn’t want you to—perhaps that was why he was there in the first place, to get you alone. “I-I-I s-should go.” You tried to put the book back, and fumbled it a few times before replacing it on the shelf. 
“No, wait, please.” He reached out a hand to stop you. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you, really.” Fury smiled in a way you knew was meant to be comforting, but instead made you even more uncomfortable. 
“I don’t—”
“I just want to ask a few questions. Just about you, okay?” He held his hands up, a peace offering. “Not them. Just you.” 
“Just me.” You repeated, nodding. “Okay.” He exhaled a breath. 
“Okay.” He glanced around, checking for your protectors before proceeding. “What’s your name? Let’s start there.” Your eyes traveled the same paths his did before you answered. You hadn’t even heard your own name in so long—just doll, and princess. Baby. Sweetheart. He nodded. “Nice to meet you. I’m Nick.” His eyes stray to your bare left ring finger, and you know he sees the marks. “Married?” 
“Ye—No. Not anymore.” Everything about you was stiff, your face, your posture. You weren’t sure what to make of this, what to say, to do. This still felt like both a dream and a nightmare happening concurrently, and Nick’s sudden appearance was the pinprick that burst the bubble. 
“Are you here against your will?” He said quietly, and you swallowed thickly, recoiling backwards at his question. “Wait, wait, please, I can help you. I can get you out of here, into witness protection.” He fished around in his pocket, and produced a crumpled piece of paper, handing it to you. You unfolded it—a phone number. “That’s—”
“This conversation is finished, detective.” 
His hand was gentle but firm on your shoulder, and you melted into him, your heart finally slowing down. Steve’s here. You’re safe. 
Am I safe?
The tension was thick enough to be palpable in the air and you couldn’t stop looking back and forth between the two of them. “Are you okay, doll?” He asked without looking at you, his thumb smoothing over the skin of your shoulder. Suddenly you were more glad than ever that you were in the bookstore, and not in the club back home. If you were, you were certain Steve would be holding a gun right now. 
“I’m okay.” Steve looked down at you then, eyes narrowed, searching for something. “R-really.” You stuttered, your face heating as you looked away. He glared back up at Fury. 
“Don’t worry, sweetness. I’ll put in a call to his superiors.” Steve growled. “Make sure they know their officer’s here hassling women for no goddamn reason.”
“There a crime against shopping in bookstores now?” Fury shot back, a knowing smirk spreading across his face. “I’m asking you because I’m sure you’d know.” He looked at you again, nodding his head. “Ma’am.” 
“Don’t fucking speak to her!” Steve barked, and you jumped at the volume of his voice. 
 “No problem, Rogers, I was just leaving.” The detective turned and left, not looking back once as he exited. Steve turned you to face him cupping your face as he ran his fingers over your cheeks.
“What did he ask you, doll?” His eyes bored into yours. “What did he say to you?” His touch was soft, affectionate even, but his gaze was questioning. 
“I—he—he asked about me. Just me.” You said quickly. “He asked me my name. And… and if I was married. I think he saw my ring marks.” You held up your hand to show him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean—”
“You’re a good girl, doll. Aren’t you?” His grip tightened on you just a little, and you nodded hurriedly. 
“A loyal girl, right? To me, and to Buck.” His eyes were bright and cold then, and you were reminded of how he’d looked at Glenn. 
You swallowed thickly. “O-of course. I-I-I want to be with you.” You weren’t sure if you were saying it because he wanted to hear it, or because you really did. Maybe both were true at the same time, because the warm smile that broke out across his features made answering heat bloom in your chest. You liked when they were happy with you. You liked making them happy. Was that wrong? 
So what if it is? The dark thing’s touch lingered just underneath Steve’s, a phantom mimic trailing just behind him. Live. 
“I know sweet. I know you do. That’s why we picked you, knew you would be perfect and grateful.” He kissed you then, achingly sweet, his tongue moving gently against your lips until you parted for him easily. “So sweet,” he muttered against your lips. He gave your ass an appreciative squeeze before letting you go reluctantly. 
Live for yourself.
“Starting without me again?” Bucky groused from behind you, and you turned your head just in time for his mouth to come down hard on yours. He pressed against your back protectively, his tongue slipping between your lips to stroke your own. He pulled up to kiss your nose, before peering at Steve over your head. 
“He gone?” 
“Who fucking knows?” Steve replied exasperatedly. “He was meant to have left last night. Maybe he needs a clearer warning.” You could hear the threat in his voice, but Bucky shook his head. 
“I think we should go home.” He said, wrapping his arms around your shoulders as he rested his chin on your head. “I like this town, I don’t want to have a shootout here.” He quipped, and Steve was forced to laugh. He looked down at you. 
“Sorry to disappoint you, princess. Vacation’s cut short.” You were disappointed. You’d been having a good time, despite the confusing feelings warring with one another in your skull. How would this work back in the real world? 
“I, um, I understand.”
“Don’t pout, baby. You’re coming home with us.” You furrowed your brows in confusion. Of course you were going home with them—they’d driven you here. Seeing the confusion on your face made Steve’s charming smile even wider. “You’re moving in, doll.” 
This was good, wasn’t it? Proved that they wanted you beyond just this one time. So why did you feel like something had broken in you the moment he’d sad it? Something vital and precious. The shadow swept the broken shards from your consciousness, and it spoke with your mouth. 
“Thank you.” 
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angrythingstarlight · 17 days ago
Can I ask how you think mafia!Steve would get on with a woman pretty much exactly like him? A little cold, stubborn, a little agressive, but can be soft and generous with the right person?
Tumblr media
Steve would love her. Two forces of nature destroying anyone and anything that threatens their loved ones. Using their wits and skills to secure and defend their positions as Queen and King.
He would be so turned on and proud to watch her break down enemies who assumed was the nice one.
The fact that she has a reputation as an ice cold bitch but is the sweetest person within the walls of their home does things to his ego that accolades could never.
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shxdowsummoner · 17 days ago
2 am
summary || you walk in on your husband reading your daughter a book in the early morning
paring || soft!dad!mafia! bucky x reader
warnings || none
note || don’t mind me im just currently obsessing over mafia!bucky
please don’t steal my work!
Tumblr media
Your feet gently padded against the smooth wood tiles in the mansion as you made your way towards your daughter's room. No one was up at this hour leaving the hallways empty. Light peered under the door as you approached it. Muffled voices coming from inside caught your attention.
Opening the door quietly you saw your daughter curled up in Bucky’s arms reading a story. Her eyes were half-closed as her cheek rested against his chest.
Not wanting to ruin the cute moment between them you stayed silent for a minute. It was 2 am and your daughter should be sleeping, but you still couldn’t form words.
“Hey doll,” Bucky’s eyes tore off the book as he saw you standing in the doorway. He smiled at your sleepy figure as you pulled the robe closer. Your daughter’s face light up at the sight of you.
“Mommy come join us!” Her hands reached out towards you in a grabbing motion. A soft chuckle escaped your lips as you pulled back the cover that covered your husband and daughter.
You slipped in next to your daughter who’s head fell back on Bucky’s chest. His arm fell across your shoulder as your daughter was tucked between the two of you.
Bucky continued reading the story they were originally reading. You felt Bucky’s soft voice lull you into a deep sleep. You could see your daughter slowly fighting sleep like you until it finally took her. Her blue eyes fluttering close. The same eyes her father has.
“Go to sleep doll I’ll be here when you wake up,” Bucky’s soft voice said as he pressed a gentle to your temple.
“Don’t you have meetings tomorrow?”
“I’ll cancel them,” he reassured you gently.
“I bet Sam and Steve will be happy,” your voice began to fill with sleep as your words began to sleep.
“I’ll deal with them later.” Sleep pulled you in after that into a deep sleep. Bucky quietly shut the book as he saw his two favorite girls sleeping next to him.
He wouldn’t trade anything for you two. He would try to give you the world if he could. He let sleep soon to take him in two. The three of you cuddled together.
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evanstan-hoe · 17 days ago
!poly stucky mafia. The reader wants to know why the boys keep canceling plans with you and why they keep coming home at ungodly hours. She confronts them, which leads to a massive fight until one of the boys gives in and tells the other, you deserve to know, and they hope you still want to be with them and love them. After the truth comes out, you assure them you love them, and nothing will ever change that. All you want is for your boys to come home safe, and you want to know how you can help them. Now that you know the truth, this is when the boys decide one of them will always be home with you.
Truth Be Told
Poly!Mafia!Stucky x Reader
Words: 1486
Warnings: Pre kids Poly!Mafia!Stucky
Have to cancel tonight honey, We’re so sorry
The words flashed on the screen of your cell phone, drawing a loud groan from your mouth. “What the fuck!” You yelled at the mirror, the reflection looking back at you as you were in the midst of curling your hair for the date you were supposed to have.
You’ve been dating Steve and Bucky for half a year now. You guys were very much in love, but your patience was beginning to run thin because you were beginning to feel like something was wrong.
The boys consistently canceled plans and came home at ungodly hours. You didn’t want to feel crazy by thinking there could be someone else, but it wasn’t too far-fetched that they discovered they loved each other more than they loved you... and that thought hurt.
Not to mention, in the whole 6-month relationship, they had not once given you a proper answer as to what they do for a living. No matter how much you trusted them, and how convincing they could be, you didn’t believe them when they said they owned a security guard business... what does that even fucking mean?
And why would that keep you from coming home before 5 in the morning?
You huffed deeply, wincing as you accidentally burned your thumb in your frustration.
Enough was enough, it was time you got down to the bottom of this fiasco. You deserved honesty at the very least and your gut was telling you that something was up.
You continued to curl your hair, slipping out of the uncomfortable gown you’d put on for the dinner, and slipped into your silk bathrobe so you could lounge comfortably.
You waited up anxiously, feeling sicker with every hour that passed by on the clock.
1– the door opens.
“How sweet of them. They got home early tonight,” you thought to yourself, rolling your eyes to push down the anxiety bubbling up as you thought about the confrontation about to happen.
“Doll face, you didn’t have to wait up for us,” Bucky says as they walk into the living room.
You remained silent, stoic as they both walked over to you and left firm kisses to the top of your head before pulling their ties off.
They can feel the tension in the air, seeing you all dolled up and knowing it was meant for the date they cancelled.
Steve was the first to speak. “Honey, we’re sorry,” he said softly, scared at the fact you were never this cold towards them.
You stood up to your feet, whipping yourself around to look at them as you decided to bring it up now. “Why’d you cancel?”
Their eyes flickered to one another before taking deep breathes to prepare themselves. They both knew you deserved to know the truth, and they would love to tell you the truth; however, they were terrified that you wouldn’t understand. They were scared to lose you.
Steve ignored your question, leaving Bucky to deal with it as he walked into the bedroom.
“Work, doll,” Bucky explained shortly before following behind Steve slowly.
You followed behind them as you continued your quest for the truth. “Short staffed?” You quipped arms crossed as you sat on the bed while they began to get undressed.
Bucky bit the inside of his lip as his fingers worked ok unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it off his shoulders as he walked into the walk-in closet— effectively leaving Steve to deal with this question.
Steve shook his head, looking back at you through the mirror as he watched himself unbutton his shirt. “What? What does that even mean?”
Your eyes widened in frustration, “You tell me, Steve! How does owning security guards have you out all hours of the night?”
Steve responded quickly, pulling his shirt off as he turned around to look at you calmly. “It’s only midnight.”
His calm demeanor as you yelled at him left you feeling eerie, unsettled. It gave off the impression that he was getting mad, but attempting with every fiber of his soul to keep calm as you pressed on.
“I’m not just talking about tonight, Steve! This is the 6th time this week that you guys have come home after 10 and the 4th time in two weeks that you’ve canceled on me!”
Bucky emerged from the closet at this point, wearing only a pair of black Calvin Klein’s, lip still being devoured by his teeth.
“Bucky?” You asked, bringing him back to the argument as he hummed a response. “Why are you guys out so late and cancel all the time?”
He simply looked at Steve, who shook his head slightly at the man before disappearing into the closet as Bucky had before.
Your heart broke at the exchange, face dropping as tears picked the corners of your eyes. Your voice broke as you spoke up again, this time with a less threatening tone. “Do you guys not love me anymore?”
Bucky whipped his head to the side, looking you head-on for the first time all night. With his toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, toothpaste pooling at the corners of his lips, you could see his heart breaking at your accusation.
Steve walked out of the closet, sweat pants low on his hips for the moment, soon to be discarded to the floor so he could sleep, and he shook his head firmly. “Honey, please don’t be ridiculous. We love you so much, we just have work to do, right Bucky?”
Bucky wiped his mouth with the hand towel hanging by the sink, feet thudding on the floor as he quickly made his way over to you. He brought his hands around your face gently, urging you to look up at him, into his pain filled eyes, as he whispered softly, “Baby girl, we love you so much. We were working, I promise. It’s just not technically a company...” he started to say, hearing Steve sigh softly as he leaned against the chest of drawers.
“Just tell her, Buck. She deserves to know.”
“Know what?”
Bucky chewed the corner of his lip as he looked into your eyes, fear overtaking the pain in his eyes as Steve sat beside you on the bed with a hand on your back.
“Promise you’ll still love us,” Bucky demanded as Steve left a kiss to your shoulder.
The anxiety had begun to bubble once more, coupled with fear. “Bucky, you’re scaring me,” you whispered, hands wrapping around his wrists as you pulled them off your face to toy with his fingers.
“We’re in the mafia,” he whispered, eyes flickering between yours as he waited for your response.
The anxiety and the fear vanished. You dropped Bucky’s fingers as you looked over at Steve, who shared the same expression as Buck as they waited for you to say something.
“is that it?”
Dumbfounded, Steve nodded his head, wholly expectant of an outrageous response.
“Are you being safe?”
Bucky’s face softened, hands twisting around to grab yours as he left peppered kisses along your flesh. “We’re being so safe, doll. We’d never do anything to cause danger to you,” Bucky responded, a smile creeping up on his face as he began to feel better about the truth is out.
“That’s it? That’s your reaction?” Steve asks, chuckling in disbelief.
You shrug your shoulders as you laugh slightly. “I don’t care as long as we’re safe, baby. I mean, I thought you guys hated me or something,” you laughed, drawing a chorus of ‘no’s and ‘never’s.
Steve brought a hand to your head, petting your hair down gently as he pulled you in for a kiss. “I love you,” he whispered.
You giggled and pecked his nose whispering in return, “I love you too.”
You turned your head to peer at Bucky, who sat at your feet pouting. You laughed as you kissed his softly, whispering sweet nothings to him as well.
“Technically we weren’t lying, we do have people for security, we just don’t do a long of selling our protection to others...,” Steve reasoned, resting his head on your shoulder as you listened.
“We should probably delegate someone for her, too, Stevey,” Bucky suggested before standing up and walking to his side of the bed.
Steve nodded as he stood up to walk away from the foot of the bed as you crawled to your spot in between them.
“I get a fancy security guard?”
Steve lays his head in his hand as he lays on his back beside you, allowing you to cuddle into his side as Bucky spooned you. “Yeah, I think John’s a good idea.”
You felt the hum of Bucky’s approval behind you before Steve leaned over on his elbow, kissing Bucky goodnight before turning the lamp light off. “We’ll tell him in the morning, doll.”
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shxdowsummoner · 17 days ago
i’ll see you again
summary || mafia!bucky runs into you while taking care of business and now your all he thinks about
pairing || mafia!bucky x detective!female!reader
warnings || mentions of violence, blood
note || should i do more au’s?
not proofread
please don’t steal my work!
Tumblr media
His business deal had just gone sideways. His partner backing out at the last second. Rage had consumed him. The deal had already cost him so much money and now he was left to clean up the mess. He didn’t stop pacing when Steve entered. His long time friend who was also his right hand man.
“Boss.” Bucky briefly glanced up seeing Steve before resuming his pacing.
“What?” His voice shook with anger as his eyes met Steve’s.
“We found a mole,” Steve kept his voice even upon seeing Bucky’s face slowly lose color. This time ice hot rage slowly rose in Bucky. He stripped off his expensive blazer gently setting it across his chair. His metal arm shinned in the light as his scowl was illuminated by it.
“Take me to him.”
His rage had settled down slightly, but new problems arose. The mole was an undercover detective set to stop the business deal that was originally going to happen.
Bucky had enough money and power to rule the city. And he controlled it all. Most people so scared of him they wouldn’t go near him in fear of what he could do. Even the police, but this particular deal must have been important enough to try and stop him.
He had once thought of buying them so they wouldn’t get in his way, and now it seemed like the best option. He could always pay them off, but buying the station was much easier. It guaranteed they would never get in his way again.
So, here he was driving in his sleek black car towards it. His knuckles white at the steering wheel. The closer he got the faster he drove. When he immediately got out of the car nearby people cowered in fear as they stepped out of his way. Even inside the station people moved.
“Stop sending your people into my business.” The Chief of Police looked up to see the notorious mob boss staring down at him.
“It was nothing personal Mr. Barnes.”
“Of course it was nothing personal. You and I barley know each other,” Bucky’s voice dropped down to a whisper laced with venom making anyone want to run the opposite way.
“If you don’t stay out of my way again I’ll becoming here next time for more than a meeting,” Bucky’s message clearly got across to the older man sitting at the desk. His face morphed into a look of fear as he knew the words were true.
Bucky was about to leave when the door opened to reveal a young women. He hair in a lose ponytail as her eyes glanced over some papers. She didn’t notice the mob boss standing in front of her.
“Chief I got the-,” her words got caught in her throat as she saw the infamous mon boss standing in front of her. She struggled to find words as she began to take a step back as if to put some distance.
Bucky’s eyes wandered over her taking in every inch. From the her eyes to the uniform she wore. His breathe slightly hitched. It wasn’t audible enough for others to hear, but he noticed the ruby colored blush that lightly coated her cheeks.
She gently stepping out of his way he walked by getting a breeze of her perfume. His head felt dizzy even at the far proximity they were in. He briefly looked back to see her talking to the Chief now. Her eyes caught his thought for a brief second and all Bucky could see was her. He knew he wanted to come again just to see her again.
I’ll come again soon.
It was more of a promise to himself than a silent promise to you, but you were the only thing that he thought of now. He’d make you his one way or another.
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angrythingstarlight · 21 days ago
Starlight's June/July Masterlist
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist. Follow @starlights-library all new story notifications. Taglist is closed.
Summer Vibes
Each fic will revolve around a summer theme!
Tumblr media
June 1st:
Parking Lot Fun with Beefy Biker Bucky/First Bingo Square filled ✔
June 4th:
Steve x Dove and her ripped shorts.
June 5th:
Good Choice with roommate Bucky
Run all you want with soft dark mafia Bucky
June 6th:
A Few Good Reasons with Biker Steve/Second Bingo Square filled✔
Lemonade Stand Drabble with Biker Bucky
June 9th:
June 10th:
A Welcome Distraction with Senator Barber
June 11th
Hide and seek with Dad!Bucky
June 12th:
Breeding kink with dad!Bucky
June 13th:
Mafia Drabble
June 15th:
Baker Bucky Drabble
June 16th
June 17th
June 18th
June 19th
June 20th
Sunset Fics
Dark Summer Fics
Tumblr media
Biker Series
Tumblr media
Beefy biker by the lovely @tonarinotogepi
Tumblr media
Rock star Bucky by the lovely @slothspaghettidesigns
Cam boy Bucky parts 1 & 2
Firefighter Bucky
Cowboy Stucky
Tour Guide Bucky
Biker Steve
Alpha Bucky parts 1 and 2
CEO Steve
Dark Mafia Bucky
Mafia/,High roller Bucky
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