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#avengers drabble
agentofbarnes · 7 hours ago
hackers heart is now on my mind fuck so here’s a request
reader gets jealous at a gala with a lot of girls flirting with steve so she starts to act up but he puts her in her place 😉
captain’s princess — steve
au: hacker’s heart
warnings || smut, spanking, size kink, brat behavior, degradation, steve’s got a big cock, marking, tiny!reader, throat fucking, rough sex, slight hair pulling, dom!steve, captain kink, platonic!bucky x reader
word count || 3k
note || this was supposed to be short and then turned into a whole fucking fic....anyway, happy 4k to me! here’s absolute filth for you
Tumblr media
Something Steve hadn’t realized until this very moment is that you were a jealous woman. He would have suspected it, really. You were clingy to him, wild and unashamed. But more importantly, you liked showing the world you were his girl.
He doesn’t know why he’s surprised you started to misbehave when some girls seemed to crowd around him. You had promised to behave and you were doing so good until the girls started flirting with him.
You really had been so good up until you saw that girl’s hand on Steve’s chest and how he smiled sheepishly at the touch. He was yours, you had thought with a clenched jaw. You huffed out, hand clutching the wine glass in your hands. Another girl had grazed her hand over his bicep and you swear you turned feral.
You felt the glass of wine in your hand disappear, making you turn to find Bucky Barnes in front of you with the glass between his fingers.
“Look like you’re gonna go ape shit, figured you didn’t want to break the glass and cut yourself.”
“Oh I’m gonna cut somebody,”You grumbled, shoulders scrunched together grumpily as you glared at the women surrounding your boyfriend.
“He doesn’t realize they’re flirting,”Bucky told you, looking at you pointedly.”You know you’re his girl.”
“Yeah, but they don’t,”You mumbled, crossing your arms.”He isn’t an idiot, Bucky, he knows they’re flirting, he’s letting them touch him.”
“He doesn’t notice,”Bucky tried to persuade you from doing something stupid,”All he’s probably thinking about is when he can get back to you.”
“Yeah, right,”You murmured, taking the glass of wine and downing it quickly.”I’m gonna hack them.”
“Of course you are,”Bucky sighed, glancing down at your hand which you held out to him. He looked at you with a puzzled expression.
“Phone, Buck,”You explained, motioning for him to hand over his phone.
“Where’s yours?”
“Steve has it, he wanted me off screens for the night,”You told him with shrug.
“I really don’t want to get in the mid—hey!”
You reached your hand into his pocket and got out his shiny new phone,”Oooh, finally upgraded like I told you,” You commented, quickly jailbreaking his phone and linking into your code to get a look at all the screens in the room. You sent a virus into both their phones, while also making one their phones blow your with notifications about the device over heating when you overloaded. You didn’t need to look up to know Steve knew what you were doing. You just ignored his glare.
Just as you were about to continuing hacking into the phones, Bucky took it back with a frown,”You made your point, you got his attention. Why can’t you be normal and just flirt with other guys to get his attention, you always gotta break the law?”
“Why didn’t I think of that?”You replied, a little smirk on your lips. You can feel your boyfriend’s eyes on you,”Oh, where’s Thor? I’m gonna have him bench press me.”
“That’s a terrible idea, why am I helping you?”
“You’re bored ‘cause Nat isn’t paying attention to you either,”You said like it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“Maybe I should flirt with Thor...”
“Bet he could bench press you too.”
Bucky laughed at that, rolling his eyes,”Why don’t we just ignore them and have fun?”
“I stress you out.”
“That’s...true, but hey, fuck it, I could use a little wild energy.”
“Wanna dance?”You asked curiously, tilting your head at him.
“Oh now you’re using me to get him jealous?”
“Bet it will Nat jealous too.”
Bucky took your hand in his immediately, making you laugh and you guys just danced ridiculously around the room. You almost forgot about the jealously seeping into your chest, just having fun with one of your best friends.
He showed off some old moves, playfully spinning you around until you collided against Steve’s chest. The blond capturing you with a hard stare, frown etched across his face. His hands tore you away from Bucky just as Nat finally found the brunette soldier.
“You think I haven’t noticed you ignoring me, huh, princess?”He towered over you easily, his hands clutching your waist tightly. You rolled your eyes at him, pushing out of his grip. You knew since you were in public he’d be less rough and would let you go.
“I haven’t been ignoring anyone, just figured you were busy,”You shrugged, taking a step away from him and going towards the bar. You have Captain America stalking after you with an annoyed expression, and you just really loved getting on his nerves.
“You said you’d behave,”Steve whispered into your ear, close behind you as you got another glass of wine.
“I am behaving, not that you would notice, too busy getting felt up by all those pretty girls, or did you think I wouldn’t notice?”You snapped, jaw clenching after taking a long sip of the red liquid.
“Is that what’s got you acting like a brat, dancing with my best friend and hacking into innocent girls’ phone?”Steve asked, taking the glass from your hand and seizing your arm to pull you towards the corridor.
The party noise got quieter as Steve dragged you down the hall until he reached the elevator. With a gentle shove, he pushed into the uncrowded space.
“It’s not my fault you’d rather get fangirled over than dance with me,”You bite back, pulling away from his grip and standing on the other side of the elevator with a dramatic huff.
“Oh, you’re really going for the whole brat act, aren’t you? Something doesn’t go your way and you always have to act up, baby, I don’t know how many times I can tell you that you are the only one I want,”Steve tried to get across, his arms coming to cage you against the wall.
“You let them touch you,”You said softly, looking up at him with sad eyes. Steve softened at the sight of you, but it was short lived as you tried to evade the conversation once again by trying to slip under him to get away. You almost succeeded.
“Can you stop running away from me and have an actual conversation?”Steve scolded, gripping you tightly by your waist now. You avoided his gaze until he hooked his finger up your chin.”You’re my girl, my princess, I didn’t realize how they would effect you, okay? I’m sorry, but your behavior was inexcusable and you know that, you wanted me to pay attention, didn’t you? I’m right here, baby, and I’m all yours.”
You chewed on the inside of your cheeks and he can tell you are contemplating whether you’re gonna give in to him. Steve can tell you’ve forgiven him, but you had a twinkle in your eyes. A look he knew very well, you wanted to be tamed. You wanted him to claim you as his and vice versa.
“I dunno,”You rolled your eyes,”Think I might like hanging out with Bucky more or maybe...just maybe I’ll go drink with Thor, bet he could show me a fun night.” The words made Steve growl, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder when the elevator doors open. He carried you to your room easily, naming you grin at you hang from his broad shoulder.
Steve threw you onto the bed, your stomach hitting the soft bedding. He grabbed your ankle, pulling you down so you were towards the end of the bed. He forced on your hands and knees while he ripped the dress from your body.
“That’s was really expensive,”You hissed out.
“I don’t care,”Steve grunted out, his hand smacking at the flesh of your ass.”Brats don’t get nice things.”
“Fuck off.”
Both of his hands came down on your ass, the flesh jiggling and reddening under his blows. You let out a wanton moan, pushing your ass up towards him. Steve smirked, shaking his head at you.
“You’ve got such a mouth of you, I oughta fuck that pretty throat till it’s raw,”Steve rasped, pulling you back by your hair until you were up on your knees. His lips are on yours, his rough kiss went straight to your core. He positioned you to lay down with your head hanging over the bed. Your view of him was upside down and you know what’s coming.
Steve unbuckled his slacks, ridding his body of all his clothes until he was standing over you tiny body. His cock slapped against your face, his size making your mouth water at the feeling. His heavy member was so big compared you, the head of his cock ending mid-throat with him lined up to your pretty face.
“Gonna fuck my throat, Captain? Think you can handle me?”You taunted, licking at his thick cock.
“Open your mouth, princess,”Steve demanded, spitting onto his cock and your mouth. You held your jaw open, moaning when Steve’s cock stretched past your lips. He wasn’t gently, slowly easing into your throat all the way until he could see the outline of his cock down your neck.
Steve groaned, taking in how you choked around him. He pulled out quickly, his hard dick coated in your salvia.”Fuck, Captain.”
“Shut up,”He commanded, thrusting back into your mouth to see how you accommodated his massive length. You closed your eyes, your jaw wide and tongue sticking out to lap his cock up. His balls hit your face with every thrust, his hips moving back and forth. The squelching noises of you choking around him only encouraged him further, determined to fuck the attitude out of you.
“You look so fucking good like this, princess, taking my cock like it was meant for you,”He uttered with a whine, fucking into your throat with no mercy. You took his like a good girl, eagerly sucking on him until you could feel the way he throbbed over your tongue. One more thrust, his cock bulging in your throat as he shot his seed down your throat. He held you there, copious amounts of thick ropes into your pretty mouth.
Steve pulled out, slapping his cock against your face and then pushed into you one last time before stepping away. He leaned down to kiss you sweetly, his taste lingering in your lips. You whined against his lips, panties ruined with how wet you were for your boyfriend.
“Please,”You croaked against him,”Need to touch you...”
“You gonna be a good girl, follow your captain’s orders?”He asked carefully, grabbing ahold of your body and bringing you into his grip. You wrapped your arms around him, nails digging into your biceps while he laid you on the bed. His weight draped over you, his body pinning yours into the bed.
“Yes, yes, just please,”You begged, head dipping into the crook of his neck to leave kisses against his hot skin. You licked up his neck, feeling his vein pulse against you befor you bit harshly at his tough skin. You sucked and nipped until there was a large purple mark showcased on him.
“That’s it, princess, ‘m all yours, mark me all you want,”He encouraged, feeling you move on to another spot. You left bruises in your wake, attacking his shoulders, his collar bone, and he chest. You were possessive, he realized that now and he liked it. His cock jumped at the feeling of you claiming him, making him rut his hips against your wet cunt.
He dipped his fingers between your thighs while you kiss every part of his body, whimpering and whining as he fucked you open with two fingers, then three. He rubbed his thumb against your clit, encouraging you to cum for him quickly so he could stuff his cock inside you. You quivered against him, moaning out his name as you clawed at his chest.
“Need your cock, Captain, want you to destroy me,”You whined, spreading your legs for him.
“My pretty princess, gotta fuck all thought negative thoughts from your head, don’t I? Is that what you need? That dumb baby brain of yours has been making you act out, hasn’t it? Just need me to fuck the brat out of you.”
You’re nodding under him, capturing his lips with need. He grabbed your face gently, kissing you with such love and dominance.”Please, Captain...”
Steve nodded back at you, lips staying on yours as he grasped his cock in his hands. His dick was already hard again, his stamina and drive superior to literally any other man on the planet.
The bulbous head prodded against your entrance, walls stretching around the large member as he pushed in slowly. Steve swallowed your whines, gasping into your mouth when you squeeze tightly around him. He held your thighs open, his hips rutting into you. He sank inside you, sheathing his sensitive cock fully into your sopping cunt. You were so wet for him, squelching as his cock thrusted into you.
“Can you hear how wet you are for me?”Steve uttered, lips trailing down your face to the sweet spot on your pulse. He sucked another mark onto your skin, groaning when you rocked your hips against him.”So warm and tight for me.”
“‘s all for you, Captain,”You mewled, arms wrapping around his shoulders to press his chest down against you.”’m your princess.”
Steve smirked against your jaw, his heart preening at that. You were his princess, his best girl, and the love of his life. The fact that you thought anything different earlier today made him desperate to show you.
“Yeah, you are, Captain’s little princess, so perfect and gorgeous,”He drew his hips back, his cock nearly all the way out of your clenching pussy. He slammed back in one smooth motion, causing your back to arch off the bed into him.”You were fucking made for me, weren’t you? Made to take this cock, made to be mine.”
You can barely utter out any words, just a soft uh-huh of agreement while he pounded into you with his brute strength. His cock bulged in his belly, protruding slight in your small frame. You feel so fucking full and good with his cock stuffing your cunt. The bed rocked with every harsh thrust, the headboard banging against the wall carelessly. Steve didn’t care who heard, he needed you to know you were his and he was yours. He wanted everyone to hear. The banging against the wall is loud and it only encouraged him to fuck you hard as you turned into a mess of whines underneath him.
You scratched down his back, nails leaving red marks down his back. It made him moan out, his mouth attacking yours in a class of tongue and teeth. He loved how you marked him, his hand squeezing the flesh of your thigh. He moved one of your legs to hang over his shoulder while he fucked into you. With this angle, he hit that spot that made you tremble. He didn’t let up, his thrusts rocking the bed underneath him. His hand went to brace himself on the headboard, pounding into you as your moans echoed off the walls. He wanted everyone to hear.
His grip tightened around the wooden frame, the headboard and frame cracking under his strength at the same time. You gasped out, you body jerking when the frame collapsed underneath you. Steve wasn’t even phased, his pace never faltering into your welcoming cunt.
“Fuck, Captain!”You cried out, the fact he had broken your entire bed made you gush around him. Nails clawing into his back to the point that you actually break skin, making Steve groan.
“You gonna cum, princess, know you’re close, can feel your tight little pussy squeezin’ my cock, so go ahead, cum for your Captain, be a good girl for me,”His forehead head in against yours, hands holding himself up over you. His fists grasped the sheets, broken bed rocking and squeaking under your passionate fucking.
“Steve!” You sobbed out, tears leaking from your eyes from the incredible pressure releasing from your tummy. You felt like you were floating almost, nerves vibrating at incredible speeds as your body quivered underneath him. With your walls tightly wrapped around his cock, Steve spilled inside you. He pumped his hot cum into your eager pussy, a guttural groan emitting from his throat.
Steve nearly collapsed onto you, careful not to crush you. He flipped onto his back, the bed cracking more when he pulled you against his chest.
You heaved out heavy breaths, kissing him slowly and gently before giggling at the state of your room.”You broke my bed.”
“Yeah, I did...”He grinned at you,”Guess you’ll just have to sleep in my room, princess, gonna have to stay with me indefinitely.”
“Mhm, how about forever?”You whispered, hands resting against his chest. You smiled at the marks that cover his body, knowing you claimed him put you at ease. The possessive feeling subsiding now that you now that everyone will see your bruises and scratches on him.
“Sounds perfect...”Steve looked at you with such love and admiration,”You’re not gonna make me hang up all those picture on our wall are you?”
You glanced over to your little collage of shirtless Polaroids of Steve and a gossip article with you straddling him at restaurant displayed in the middle,”Oh definitely, can’t not have my wall of hotness.”
He shook his head, holding you close to his chest. Steve just can’t stop smiling when he looks at you,”I love you, princess.”
You beamed at that, chewing on your bottom lip,”Even when I’m wild and a brat?”
“Yeah, even then,”Steve kissed you gently once again, peppering your face with loving kisses. He drank up your giggles and smiled,”’m not gonna stop till you say it back...” His fingers danced along you waist, making you squirm and fall to his side. He moved over you again quickly, the bed falling completely on the ground with a loud thud.
Both of you laughed out at that, holding each other close and just enjoying the love you shared.
“I love you too, Stevie, forever,”You uttered with a huge grin, another laugh escaping your lips when he molded his lips against yours sweetly.
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officialcharactersimp · 15 hours ago
okay bestie, i loved the poly!bucky,nat,steve,reader relationship. and i am super curious about how you write them and also i love a bit of angst so,,,,
could you maybe explain the whole vibes with steve better. like is it more of a friendship dynamic or like still romantic just simply not as strong as with bucky and nat?? does that ever cause issues with the group dynamic?? are there any times where maybe someone just doesn’t feel very wanted in the relationship because of this??
of course!!
I feel that things with Steve develop slower. I think between Natasha and him will always say on that fine line between romance and friendship, but between you and Steve, it's just a little more of a slow burn. You didn't go into the relationship thinking about Steve romantically, and just because you're in the same "constellation" doesn't automatically mean you're madly in love with each other, y'know?
Steve's charm eventually wins you over, though. And you win him over, too. He can't get over all the little things about you, your quirks and mannerisms that he's not even sure you're aware of. The way you smile at a joke, the sounds you make when you eat really good food, the way you sleep with your hand tucked under your chin... it's all so precious to him.
For you, it's the way he's so gentle and caring while at the same time sure of himself and firm. The way he calls all three of you doll. The way he'll cover anybody with a blanket if he sees they've fallen asleep. The way he's always so gentle with you, how he cradles you to his chest if you've fallen asleep on the couch.
It doesn't take long until you two are sitting out on the balcony one night, talking and having a late-night drink while Bucky and Natasha are asleep. He absolutely insists on giving you his coat and sitting right beside you.
"Don't want you getting cold," he argues. You let him.
"Steve?" you ask after a little silence.
"Yeah?" he asks.
"I'm pretty sure I love you," you say, not looking up at him. You watch the cars below go by and hold your breath.
"I'm pretty sure I love you, too, y/n," he says, kissing the top of your head. He puts and arm around you and pulls you closer. You lean your head on his shoulder and close your eyes.
"That's good," you hum. He chuckles.
"You're sleepy, aren't you?" he asks. You nod. "Ready for bed?" you nod again and let him pick you up and take you to bed. He nestles you in between Natasha and Bucky, like always, but throws one arm over his boyfriend to hold your hand. You give it a squeeze, which he returns, and then you start to fall asleep, happy, safe, and loved.
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darthbloodorange · 20 hours ago
Just Missed Him
Rating: Pg Characters: Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson Pairings: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers Universe: Avengers Assemble Warnings: Minor Injuries Major Tags: ShrunkyClunks, Fluff and Humour, Firefighter Bucky Barnes, Steve has a Crash, Drabble
Summery: Steve wakes after being rescued by his favourite firefighter
For the Steve|Tony|Bucky Bingo prompt “Firefighter” [G2] (Link to Card)
Read below or on AO3 >HERE<
Steve wakes with a groan, head pounding. He opens his eyes to see Sam's grinning face.
He takes in the feel of the hard ground below him. The sound of sirens, of people shouting orders. Of the feel of dirt, soot and burns across his body.
"Wha' happen'd?" he slurs.
"You got trapped in the back of the warehouse. Crossbones set it on fire. And..." Sam's grin grows wider. "That firefighter that you have the hots for, Lt Barnes, got you out. Had you flung over his shoulder. It was a sight."
Steve sighs. He's disappointed that he missed that.
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agentofbarnes · a day ago
When mama calls him Grant or speaks to serious he gets all worried and sad My name isn't Grant, my name is baby 🥺
I have so many ideas for prompts and headcanons, so in love with the Barnes family
baby boy — the barnes’
note || takes place during her third pregnancy, but they don’t know it’s twins yet, it’s very early. okay but seriously, this is my last fic tonight, i just couldn’t help myself
Tumblr media
You rarely call him anything else but baby boy, cause that is what he is. He’s your only son.
Even when he thinks he hates it, he gets offended when you call him by his name.
It’s when he had friends over that he whined about being called baby boy because they made fun of him.
You had been saddened by Grant snapping at you that he wasn’t a baby anymore. You want to blame it on the hormones, and you should be surprised he is sixteen years old now.
Still, you couldn’t help the tears that came to your eyes when you walked into the bedroom where Bucky had just gotten out of the shower from his afternoon work out.
When he saw his pregnant wife crying...he was literally thinking about grounding Grant. He knew that was harsh, Gray didn’t know how sensitive you were right now. You hadn’t told Grant and Becca about the pregnancy yet.
“He’s so grown up,”You cried, leaning your head into his chest and sniffling at the thought of Grant not being your baby.
“Hey, he’s probably just embarrassed ‘cause his friends,”Bucky tried to comfort you, a soothing hand coming over your belly.”He is still your baby, he’ll always be your baby. He’s just being a teenager.”
You sighed out, frowning still but you understood.”I think I wanna take a nap.”
“Yeah, you’re probably tired, carrying a baby does that to you,”Bucky chuckled, kissing your cheeks. You smiled faintly, looking down, and lifting the large shirt you were wear, at the little bump already forming. It was pretty early for the bump to already be showing, so you had been wearing a lot of Bucky’s shirt.
Bucky kissed your lips sweetly, nudging his nose against yours. You sighed out peacefully against him,”Stay with me? I wanna be held...”
“I’ll always hold you, baby doll.”
The next morning when all his friends had left, Grant joined you for breakfast. You were starving, making yourself a ridiculous amount of food. Becca was still asleep and Bucky had taken Alpine to the vet for her yearly check up.
“Morning, Ma,”Grant yawned, coming to sit behind the island while you cooked.
“Morning, did you sleep well, Grant?”
His brows scrunched together, not liking the sound of his full name in your mouth. He let it slide though, it wasn’t until later that morning that he finally got fed up.
“Grant, can you help me clean the living room before Dad gets home with Alpine?”
“Please stop,”Grant whined, standing in front of you with a pout.
“What? Did I do something?”
“Just stop calling me that,”He frowned, chewing on the inside of his cheek.
“What? Your names?”You asked confused, wondering what exactly you were supposed to call him.
“‘m not Grant, I’m baby, your baby, why are I in trouble?”Grant’s eyes matched your saddened look front the night before.
You cooed at him, cupping his precious face,”Oh baby boy, no,”You pulled him into your arms and he just completely relaxed into you.”I thought you didn’t want to be my baby anymore.”
“I mean, my friends were kinda being dicks about it, but”Grant shrugged, kissing your cheek.”I love my mom, I don’t care what they think, you do everything for me. They aren’t as lucky as I am.”
You started to cry and Grant was flooded with your overwhelming emotion, something he had noticed what quite mixed these days. When he pulled away, he realized your tummy was bit firmer.
“Are you...”Grant stopped talking, not wanting to offend you, but you can tell he knows.
“I am, yeah,”You whispered, kissing his nose like you used to when he was a kid. He still loved your affection,”But you’re still my baby.”
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beyondspaceandstars · a day ago
“Show me how much you really love it.”
Relationship: Natasha Romanoff x Reader Warnings: SMUT, NSFW, bondage, fingerings, dirty talk - 18+, minors DNI Drabble Summary: Natasha learns just how much you enjoy a little bondage Words: 497
“Comfortable, sweetheart?” Natasha asked as she tightened the ropes holding your wrists together. You were kneeling on the bed, legs spread, wrists bound behind your back, practically on display.
You nodded. “Yes, ma’am.” Natasha let out a borderline dangerous laugh at your tone. 
“You sound so innocent,” she sighed. “But that’s not the case, is it? No innocent little girl would be this worked up just from a little rope.” 
Then, without any warning, Natasha ran a finger through your folds, collecting some of the wetness that was growing quickly, and brushed over your clit. Your gasp turned into a pleased moan. 
“Hmm,” Natasha began, “You are really enjoying it.” She slowly began rubbing small circles on your clit. 
You didn’t know what to do besides nod. You couldn’t register much other than the feeling of her fingers and that burning orgasm building. Yes, you loved this so much. You loved being at her mercy, unable to do anything but just take whatever she decides. It didn't have to be anything intricate, just being lazily spread out on display for her without freewill made your whole body hot. The entire situation was already too much as your eyes began fluttering shut. 
Natasha wasn’t allowing that, though. She gave a hard yank on the rope binding you, forcing your eyes to open. She was kneeling over one of your thighs now, still keeping up the rhythm on your clit. She was looking down at you as she held your wrist’s rope tightly. The material was scratching and burning your skin, sending a whole new sensation to your core. Pain and pleasure.
“Keep your eyes open, baby,” she gritted. “I wanna see your eyes as you get off to the fact you’re under my control. You’re bound for me and you absolutely love it.”
Her hand suddenly switched its pace. She inserted two fingers in you, keeping her palm pressed hard on your clit. Between the rubbing and pumping… you were about to lose it.
“Yes, yes,” you cried out. “I love it so much. I love being at your mercy.” She picked up the pace, now hitting that spot that made you just gush. You let out a loud shriek.
“Yeah, you love it?” Natasha asked. You nodded weakly, staring into her lust-filled eyes. “Then cum for me. Show me how much you really love it.”
Next thing you know you were yelling nonsensical words as Natasha worked you through the orgasm filling your body. You squirmed at her touch but she held you in place, close to her and really at her mercy. You bucked your hips a few times then felt as the sensation began fizzling. Natasha gave a couple extra pumps of her fingers before pulling away, satisfied.
“You okay, honey?” She asked, watching you slowly try to recover. 
You gave her a weak smile. “Yes,” you sighed, happily. “Thank you.”
“Anything for my baby,” Natasha smiled then placed a sweet kiss on your lips.
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Disconnected Drabble (2)
Summary: In which you learn to deal with jealousy
Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, MCU
Pairings: Steve Rogers x Mutant!Reader, Avengers x Mutant!Reader (platonic)
Warnings: seriously just silly fluff, some language, I may have traumatized Sharon
A/N: A drabble for my completed Disconnected Series that nobody asked for. I keep going back to this pairing and this universe when I need a little pick me up. This is me just getting my writing mood back up and hopefully it entertains some of you.
No permission is granted to repost, translate, or steal my work. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
Tumblr media
Drabble 2: Learning to Deal with Jealousy
Tony had taught you that it was only natural to sometimes feel jealous and protective over people and things that are important to you. You understood that pretty easily. Tony was protective of you because he was a sort of father figure or big brother to you.
“If Steve breaks your heart I’m going to shove him back in the ice myself.”
You were protective over Peter too, wanting to preserve that starry-eyed wonder he always had whenever you were working with new tech.
“Y/N! Can we build a tiny army of exploding ninjas?”
“We can build whatever you want, sweetie.”
Jealousy though sprouted with Sharon. Now that you were in an official relationship with Steve, it kicked in that you didn’t like having another woman making the moves on him. America’s ass was yours. You trusted Steve, but you didn’t like that Sharon was being persistent despite knowing about your relationship.
“Put the flame thrower away, Y/N!”
“She keeps touching him, Tony!”
You’ve never felt jealousy before so Tony had to teach you firmly that it was okay to feel it, but it wasn’t okay to set the other person on fire. It apparently also wasn’t okay for you to demand that they never work together on any missions. However, Natasha also told you that you shouldn’t just let another person disrespect you like that either.
People were complicated.
So you had to get creative.
A briefing was underway for a mission you weren’t involved in. It was just Tony, Steve, Nat, and Sharon in the conference room going over the intel. Naturally, Sharon took your absence as an opportunity to sit close to Steve. Just as she was about to lean in closer to him, the table rumbled and made a whirring sound. A glass partition folded out from within the table to snap in place between the two.
Sharon huffed and tried to go around the barrier, but it adjusted quickly to again block her path. She tried several times and each time it zipped into a perfect position to stop her. The glass also kept wiggling back and forth as if taunting her, daring her to go keep going.
The other Avengers couldn’t help, but chuckle. Tony was particularly relieved that your methods now didn’t include fire or shrapnel and Steve found it endlessly adorable. He couldn’t wait to get out of this meeting and kiss the life out of you.
None of them expected you to have installed the same across the whole Compound. It didn’t matter if they were in the gym, the kitchens, or any of the hallways. Some type of barrier always came up to block Sharon’s advances. One time it smacked her right in the face as it came out from the ceiling. It needed some adjustments. It was a prototype. It wasn’t intentional.
Not at all.
Sharon still didn’t give up though and she was convinced that she would get an opportunity when they shipped out for a mission. Outside of the compound you would have no control of the environment and wouldn’t be able to monitor her and Steve. The mission was successful and they were packing up to leave.
Natasha raised an eyebrow at the obviously predatory strutting Sharon was doing on her approach to Steve. The man saw and looked at his friend pleadingly, begging to help him avoid whatever the blonde agent had planned. He sighed when all he got as an answer was a shrug. He had been blunt with Sharon, clearly stating that all his affection was happily occupied by you.
“You wanna stop by my place when we get back for a drink?” she said in a sultry tone, fluttering her eyelashes up at him as she stroked down his arm. Natasha let out a low whistle at the audacity.
Before Steve could answer a low whirring could be heard coming from the star emblem on his chest. They jumped back as an opening appeared on it where countless Nano particles spilled out, swirling in mid-air until it formed a small robot that looked eerily similar to Eve from the movie Wall E. Steve subconsciously recalled your recent fixation on the animated film.
It turned to smile and coo adoringly at Steve, winked at Nat, then it’s digital eyes turned a glaring red toward Sharon. Its little arm raised and reassembled as a blaster aimed right at her shocked face. Tony said no fire.
But he didn’t say anything about water cannons.
Nat and Steve stared dumbfounded as the tiny robot relentlessly chased Sharon around the area, drenching her while it made noises that suspiciously sounded like cackling. During the ride home on the jet it settled on Steve’s lap, cuddling and purring against him like a pet cat while intermittently hissing at Sharon in warning.
Steve chuckled and shook his head as he petted the robot’s smooth head. He couldn’t wait to get home to you.
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agentofbarnes · a day ago
Imagine the reader with a tight dress while she is like 3-4 months pregnant with Becca and she has a small bump which is very visible and she and Bucky go to a parent meeting at school for their baby boy and all the parents are like *is she pregnant again* or just smth featuring the reader with her small bump would be soo cute
small bump — the barnes’
warnings || fluff overload, bucky being obsessed for his wife, also just absolutely doting, men being gross, moms being mean, grant being absolutely precious
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes had only a few weakness and you with your small baby bump growing his child was a big one. This man was practically on his knees for you, especially in the little dress you had decided to wear to the little event of Grant’s preschool.
He was obsessed with your bump, absolutely adored how you looked with the soft fabric of your dress stretching over your stomach.
“Oh my god, isn’t she just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”Greg, one of the dads of Grant’s friend, said to some of the other dads.
The wives rolled their eyes before you turned your body towards them. They gasp and immediately started whispering to each other.
“Is she pregnant?”
“How does she look so good? That’s so not fair.”
“She is literally glowing.”
“Look how her husband worships the ground she walks on, what a lucky woman,”One of the women sighed out.
“I don’t know why you are so surprised she’s pregnant, I swear those two can’t keep their hands off each other, it’s inappropriate, she always seem like a little slut to me, I’m surprised she isn’t always pregnant,”Greg’s wife, Amelia, shared.
Greg rolled his eyes,”With a wife like that, can you blame him?”He sneered back her.
“If my wife looked that good pregnant, I would have her knocked up all the time.,”One of the men grumbled, and the jealous towards Bucky could be felt all the way across the room.
You were completely oblivious, searching for your little baby boy in the crowd of toddlers. Bucky’s large hand was splayed out over your small bump, not able to keep himself from touching you when you looked so damn adorable.
“Mommy!”Grant’s little voice rang out excitedly, his small feet padding towards you with open arms. Bucky picked him up for you, holding you both close while Grant hugged on the both of you.
“Hi, baby boy, did you have a good day,”You cooed, cupping his squishy face and peppering kisses all over his face. He giggled so happily, trying to cup your face back.
Bucky was swooning at the sight of you with Grant and your little swollen belly. If heart eyes were a thing, Bucky had them for you.
“I did! Harry and I played!”Grant told you,”I was like daddy and cap and we saved the world!”
“How adorable, why don’t we got get some snacks while daddy finds us some seats for the little appreciation show your friends are putting on. You do what to stay and watch, baby?”
“Of course, bud,”Bucky grinned, kissing both your heads.”You sure you can hold him? How’s your back today, your feet aren’t hurting are they?”
“Tell daddy to calm down,”You say to Grant and he told him with a giggle,”I’m fine, Buck, I got him.”
You took Grant into your arms, the boy clinging to your body happily. You tucked his head into your neck, kissing his hair.
“I just worry, baby doll,”Bucky admitted, kissing your lips sweetly.”Let me find us some seats, I know you’re both feeling hungry, go.”
You smiled, talking to Grant as you walked towards the snack table. Bucky can’t help but admire how precious you look waddling with your son in your arms. He was such a lucky man.
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lotsoffandomimagines · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
carol danvers drabble requested by anonymous
pairing: carol danvers x reader
warnings: jealousy, pervy men 🤮
fandom: marvel
Some military guys could be gross. Carol knew that better than anyone. They were always the ones dragging her down or trying to invalidate her dreams. That she could deal with by ignoring their opinions. However the men on base crossed the line when they began messing with you.
Carol was well aware that you were attractive. If she didn’t think so why would you be dating? Unfortunately your good looks attracts unwanted attention and this time the attention was from the other pilots.
They’ve been making flirtatious and even crude comments to you from the moment you stepped on the military base. Being the protective girlfriend she was, Carol was reasonably upset and was close to shutting those men up.
“I can’t stand it when he looks at you like that...'' Carol growls under her breath as the two of you work on your plane. Looking over your shoulder you indeed saw one of her colleagues checking you out from afar. Carol wasn’t alone in her sentiments. The way his eyes wondered up and down you made your skin crawl.
Still the last thing you wanted was for Carol to jeopardize her own career for your sake. So you roll your eyes and send the guy your middle finger before turning back to your girlfriend. “Ignore him, he’s just a pig. Like I’d be interested in a guy like that”.
“I know but still. His face is really punchable right now”.
Honestly you can’t tell whether she’s serious or joking. Maybe a bit of both. Either way you knew what would calm her down. “How about you kiss me instead so we can show him who I belonged to” you suggest with a smirk.
Carol suddenly grins as if she loves that idea before rushing over to you so she could connect your lips. Oh yeah, after that no one had a doubt that you were together.
masterlist | buy the author a coffee
tags: @fangirlsarah16 / @sheridans-dynamos / @shadowcatgirl09 / @johnnyshellby / @locke-writes / @gruffle1 / @randomfandomimagine / @curlyhairedblueeyedangel / @thingsforimagination / @lucillethings / @scarletsoldierrr / @kaetastic / @zeldafreak688 / @thebookwormlife / @natasha-danvers / @moonlit-imagines / @bored-green / @lozzypoz321 / @captainshazamerica / @xxxtwilightaxelxxx / @schnapped / @johnmurphyisqueer / @ann-writes-things / @frenchgirlinlondon / @chxcolxtemilk / @xspideyboyx / @ofthedewthesunlight / @simonsbluee / @brithedemonspawn / @ravenmoore14 / @rabeccablake / @big-galaxy-chaos / @thedarklordapproves / @parkerlovebot / @czarinera / @goldenhoney-cas / @crapimahuman / @swanimagines / @snuggly-the-crow / @teenwonder / @tvwhoresblog / @beth-winchester21 / @akuri-shinsou / @mangoessassafras / @lost-girl-of-onceuponatime / @bonnisimpparker / @rqmanoff / @moonlight-onyx / @kpopiskpopyunho
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andilovetowrite · 2 days ago
The Spidey Suit
Peter Parker x reader
Summary: Everyone has wanted to try on the iconic suit of Queens’ superhero, but when you have an opportunity to actually do it, you land yourself in a bit of a sticky situation…
Warnings: Suggestiveness, but nothing too bad. A couple of bad words and a ton of flustered Peter.
Word Count: 1.2k
Here is my Masterlist, as well as the request it is based on! Thanks for reading this, and I hope you enjoy it :)
Tumblr media
“Hey Ms Parker”, you exclaimed, walking into Peter’s apartment. May smiled, quickly hugging you as she ruffled your hair.
“It’s May, Y/N. Ms Parker makes me feel old!” she says jokingly as you laugh.
“Well, can’t have that”, you say, laughing along with her. “How are you?”
May shrugs, her eyes getting a far-off look. “Oh, it’s fine...with Peter having Spider duties in the night and work starting late, I have a ton of time on my hand.”
You smile coyly, remembering what Peter told you before he came to pick you up on a date last week. “Oh, so you have enough time for a relationship? With a certain jolly man? Or was it Happy?”
You giggle, watching May’s face turn red, as she waved you off. “Oh shush! It’s nothing. Who told you?”
“Peter did. You should’ve seen his face!”
“Oh no!” May says, groaning. “Happy and I are not in any way dating!”
Sure”, you say, extending the word as you take off your jacket. “Also, speaking of Peter, where is he? Still out?”
May nodded, gesturing to his room. “Yeah, he is, but you can stay as long as you want...he should be back in about 30 minutes anyway.”
You smile, nodding. “Thanks, May. Any plans for the evening?” you ask, looking over your shoulder.
“A dat- Uh, nothing. Just-uh hanging out with friends. Yeah, yep, that's what I’m going to be doing”, she says, and you understand where Peter gets his nervous stuttering from. You stifle a laugh as you nod at her, heading into Peter’s room.
Opening the door, you jumped into his bed, marvelling at how the room was so much more cleaner tonight. After getting the superhero gig with the Avengers, Peter had a ton of new gizmos and tech. Not only was his room always littered with new tech toys from the tower, but it was just usually messy. With college and his Spider-Man duties, there wasn’t a ton of time to pick up dirty clothes from the floor. At least, that’s what he says.
So it was a pleasant surprise when everything was spick and span, well...except for his closet. It was an utter mess, with the door overflowing with jumbled up pieces of clothing. Scrunching your eyebrows, you walked over, eyes widening when a mountain of shirts and jumpers fell out.
“What the hell?”, you muttered, noticing how they were just thrown in. Peter must’ve been in a hurry to find something, but what would it be in his closet-? “Aha”, you said, seeing something hanging off his bed.
The old Spiderman suit. Well...wasn’t really a suit, more like a hoodie made by Peter months ago. You picked up the red hoodie, smiling at the hastily drawn spider logo in the middle. You knew Peter was Spiderman soon after he had started fighting crime...being his best friend and all. But you only saw him when he had the “Mr Stark suit”, so you had never seen Peter in action with his old one.
But looking at it now, you felt a magnetic pull to it. Walking over, you hesitantly picked it up, fingers smoothening over the soft fabric, the tears and cuts, the stains still leftover from fights. Biting your lip, you look around, staring out the window as you brought up the suit to your body, wanting to see how it would look on you.
Having a superhero boyfriend was great since he saved people and all...but it was even better when you saw him in action wearing a skin-tight suit. You weren’t half as strong as Peter, but you desperately wanted to try it on, just to get a feel of what it would be like. Plus, it looked sooooo comfortable, despite the wear and tear of it.
Quickly looking around, and closing the door, you shed your shirt and shorts, pulling on the red and blue garment. “Holy shit”, you whispered, peering at yourself in the mirror. “This is awesome” Turning sideways, you pulled your wrist up, trying to figure out what was pressing into your skin, but as your fingers brushed against a small button, thick white liquid shot out of the compartment.
You gasped as you were pulled through air, landing smack in the middle of Peter’s bed. “Oh no”, you whispered, trying to pull yourself free but failing in doing so. The web. You didn’t realize it was still in there, but now you were in a sticky position. Literally.
May could easily walk through the door and see you in Peter’s old suit, which would thoroughly embarrass you. Or even worse, Peter comes in and sees you fidgeting with his belongings. Although he was the sweetest, most caring person on the planet, he had a strict rule about not letting his personal life interfere with his superhero life. And you might have just bent that rule a little… The best thing was that you just waited it out. This was probably the old web, which dissolves in an hour or so, which would be an awful lot of time, but it was better than anything else.
Sadly, the universe didn’t want to agree with you tonight, because, in less than 20 minutes, you heard the familiar THWAP of the web as Peter came swinging in through the window.
“Karen, I am so exhausted toda- What?”, Peter said, looking shocked at you sprawled across his bed, a familiar blue and red suit loosely covering you.
“Hey Peter”, you said weakly, “I’m really sorry about the sui-”
“You look so hot”, he whispered out loud, blushing bright red at his statement. “I-I mean-um...uh hi Y/N”
All your worries melted away as you saw Peter’s face, your heart squeezing as you stared at his stuttering, pink face. Ridiculously handsome face. “H-hey Pete. I just came in a while back and saw th-this and I just wanted to try it….”, you said, trying to gauge his reaction before continuing. “So I might have worn it, and mistakenly shoot out a web that was still in there, which is a terrible idea by the way!”
Peter laughed as his eyes roamed your body, walking over to get some dissolvent, but stopping halfway. “So, in conclusion, I might have gotten a teensy tiny bit stuck”, you said, smirking lightly. “Care to unravel me?”
Peter scoffed, walking over to you. “First you touch my stuff, and then get yourself in a sticky situation on my bed...and now you expect me to just let you out love?” He came closer to you, whispering hotly in your ear, “I think not Ms Spider, in fact, I’m going to let you be there for the next two hours as it dissolves”
You looked up at him, challenging him. “Two hours huh? Didn’t think it would take that long...I would think Spiderman’s web would come off much quicker”
Peter simply chuckled, “Oh sweetheart, Spiderman’s web won’t come off for a long time...might as well get ready for a long night”
Wow, got kinda spicy at the end...but yeah. This took so long to write, purely because of my lack of motivation, but I hope you enjoyed this! Hopefully, I’ll have another ff out in the next couple of days :) Please send me a message or comment on this post if you want to be added to the taglist.
Taglist: @idkatee @eternalscribblesforthesoul @loudbluepancake @poisondevotion @scram1326 @t-hollanderr @305weasley @starknik22 @marvelfansworld @lou-la-lou @lomlparker @marvelfansworld @wowitsel @vanteguccir @fullcheesecakeengineer @ladykxxx08 @allegras-sunflower @ifyouknewhowmiserylovedme @a–1–1–3 @hayhays
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rorybutnotgilmore · 3 days ago
i have created a questionnaire so that i can write content that everyone enjoys!! hopefully
it’s very short, so i’d appreciate if you took it so that i can have inspiration to write something as soon as i’m out of school!!
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
summary || bucky and his wife are apparently sex maniacs, or at least that’s what they’re kids think
alternative universe || the barnes’ au
warnings || smut, minors DNI, degradation, teasing, daddy kink, car sex, unprotected sex
note || dedicated to my love @gwenavibra of course cause we’re hoes of a feather
Tumblr media
You were in a mood. It had been weeks since the last time you and Bucky had been intimate. It wasn’t that you were growing apart but that life had been incredibly busy. Sam and Bucky had been on a mission for about two weeks. The week he had gotten back you had to help with the school’s fall festival to worry about.
With Grant being the class president and Rebecca being the star of the drama department, you had become quite the PTA mom. You had put so much work into the event, along with Sam’s wife, Lelia. Their daughter was sixteen, just a year older than Rebecca.
The night the festival arrived, Bucky had met you there at 6pm when it started. Becca and Grant hugged him tightly, kissing his cheeks before showing him around the festival.
“It’s good to have them back, isn’t it?”Lelia chuckled, watching how Sam and Samantha interacted at one of the game booths.
“I haven’t gotten any time with him, actually,”You sighed, watching as Bucky socialized with the suburban dads who seemed to glare at him when they realized he was your husband. It was no secret that you were hit with all the dads being an original avenger seemed to win all the points. It made them forget tug were a mutant.
“So, tonight’s the night, go get ‘em, the festival is done now enjoy it with your man,”She pushed your shoulder, making you roll your eyes.
She was right. You had come with a plan. Bucky hadn’t seen you yet, but when he laid his eyes on you he already knew the game you were playing.
You wore his favorite mini sundress, the one with the little skirt and tiny straps. It was red with little specks of white dogs covering it. You were sinful and precious in one perfect package.
Bucky bit down on his lip, not even saying goodbye in the conversation he was currently having. No, he had to have his hands on you.
You giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck when he captured your body against his. His large hands circle your hips, beginning to inch his lips towards yours.
“Dear God, baby doll, you are trying to kill me, you’re gonna give me a heart attack wearing shit like this, fuck,”He whispered, making you blush creep on your warm skin.
Just as he’s about to mold his lips against yours, he felt a hand on his shoulder pulling him away.
“No,”Grant interrupted them with a frown,”Not here, dad. Can you keep your lovey dovey stuff for home? My friends are here, they already think mom is hot—“
“They do?”Bucky raised a brow, frowning at the idea of anyone sexualizing you.
“Not the point,”Grant complained, sighing out.”I don’t need my friends and teachers knowing my dad is a sex maniac.”
You snorted at that, hiding your face in his shoulder to muffle the laughter. It was just too funny. You wished you could take a picture of a moment because your husband’s face when he said that was just pure baffled.
“I am not a maniac,”Bucky said very slowly, narrowing his eyes at you,”If anyone is a maniac—“
“It’s you,”Grant answered, shaking his head,”Mom wouldn’t do anything like that. You are a bad influence.”
Okay, now you couldn’t hold together your fit of giggles,”Okay, you’re killing me, Gray, I’ll keep him in check, okay?”
“Where’s your sister?”Bucky asked curiously, noticing she had run off.
“I dunno, probably with Tommy again, you know he moved back? I heard he—“Grant stopped himself, glancing at Bucky.”Never mind.”
“Wait what?”
And then Grant was off.
“Don’t worry about it,”You patted his shoulder, looking up at Bucky with a little smirk.”I missed you.”
“Behave,”He warned, towering over you which only made you want him to make you behave.
“How can I behave when I have felt full in weeks?”You murmured, making Bucky grunt under his breath.
“You are so not playing fair, our children think I’m a horny teenager, and they think you are an angel that in corrupting. This has got to stop, baby doll,”Bucky breathed out, making you pout when he released you.
“But I want you to corrupt me,”You whispered, but before you can say anything else, someone had approached you both.
“The Barnes’, right?”
“That would be us,”You smiled innocently as if you weren’t just begging for your husband’s cock.
“Oh, Grant and Becca are godsends, your son is so precious, I’ve never met a more emotionally mature teenager in my life,”The woman told you, and you didn’t make any comment about how he was empath. Of course he had more emotional intelligence than anyone else, he could feel it all.
“We try,”You chuckled, leaning your back against Bucky’s chest. You pressed your hips just slightly against him, making him clear his throat.
“James, why don’t you join us and the other dads by the games, the boys have been dying to see the super soldier in action,”The man, Greg, suggested,”Think you can hit those small targets.”
Bucky laughed,”Oh, I think my military experience might finally come in handy,”He joked, kissing your cheek before joining the other fathers reluctantly.
You socialized for a little bit, joking with other parents and making sure your kids were having a good time. But soon, enough was enough.
You wanted your husband, and you knew the night was drawing to a close soon.
“Hey, Mom,”Grant breathed out, jogging up to you,”Is it okay if I stay with Harry tonight? I figured Becks is staying with Sammy tonight anyway, you can pick me up when you pick her up tomorrow, Harry doesn’t live too far away—“
“Yes!”You grinned, making Grant tilt his head slightly.”Sorry, I’m just exhausted, Gray. Yes, you can stay and just, take my car for the night, okay? I’ll drive back with your dad, but you are in charge of getting your sister in the morning.”
“Got it, thank you, mom,”Grant kissed your cheek, going to say goodbye Bucky next.
With the kids out of the house, you knew you could acted up all you wanted. A small smirk graced your lips, finding your way to the bathroom to slip off your soaking panties. You couldn’t help the ruined fabric, seeing Bucky show off his strength and skills to the other dads was so hot. You were just dripping for him.
You approached the men, slipping into Bucky’s arms with ease. You just barely pulled him to the side, grabbing him by the shirt to anchor him down to your height. You slide the wet fabric into his hands and it immediately made his mind goes blank.
You just barely graze your lips over his lobe, gently nipping at him before uttering those magic words,”I want you, daddy.”
“Holy fuck,”Bucky grunted, quickly shoving your panties in his pocket with a very dark gaze and pulling you away from the public eye. He had started you towards the parking lot.”You’re being a little brat today, you that needy, baby doll?”
“Yes,” You gasped out, wetness looking between your thighs when his voice dropped an octave.
His lips were on you, kissing the air from your lungs while lust consumed you. Bucky had a way of consuming you, his emotions and warm flooding through you. It only made you want him more. You craved how your auras mixed together. You needed it.
“You’ve got everyone thinking I’m the needy one, that I’m insatiable, but they don’t know much of whore you are for me, how addicted you are for my cock. Would ride me every morning if you could, isn’t that right?”
You whined just as Bucky caged you in to the metal of his car. The metal was cold against your open back, making you shiver.”Can’t help it, you’ve been gone so long...”
“Such a fucking tease, this tiny little dress and that innocent smile, you want me to fuck right here, hm? In the back of my new car?”
You had noticed the sleep Chevrolet Suburban Bucky had brought this time, a gift from the government for his service on one of his latest mission. You personally loved the car, enjoying the big space and the tinted windows.
“I’ll do anything if it means you’ll fuck me, James,”You paw at his shirt, smirking down at you. “Come on, daddy, you know you wanna...”
Bucky gave in easily, opening the backseat door to lay the seats all completely down into a flat surface.. He pushed in the back. With the seats all down, you had plenty of the room to get on your hands and knees. He slammed the door shut, locking the car before he dipped his hands between your thighs.
“Fuck, baby doll, you are absolutely soaking,”Bucky groaned out,”You know how fucking hot you are, how all the dads thirst over you. They glare at me, knowing I’m the only one who gets this sweet cunt.”
You pushed your ass against his hand, whimpering at the feeling of his cold digits hooking inside of you.
“Give it to me, Buck, please,”You gasped out, fingers clawing at the seats under you. His hands bunched your dress up, scrunching it over your back to reveal your perky ass.
“Such a pretty pussy, all ready for daddy to destroy, did she miss me? Three weeks and you just can’t contain yourself.”
“Stuff me full of your cock,”You arched your back, wiggling your ass while Bucky unzipped his jeans. You felt his thick cock against your ass, pre-cum dripping onto your smooth skin. He thirsted his cock between your cheeks before licking his lips.
“Shush, baby doll, I’ve got you,”He held your hips still, slowly pushing his large cock into the tight heat. Your walls squeezed around him snuggly, gripping him like your life depended on it.”Such a little brat, all you needed was my cock, huh? Fuck, pretty girl, you’re so fucking tight, so good to me.”
He’s so big, stretching your little cunt around his girth in the most obscene way. Bucky started out slowly, drinking up the whimpers that emitted from your throat.
“Fuck, James,”You moaned, pushing your ass back against him. Bucky can’t help but groan at the sight of you fucking yourself on his cock.
“So fucking needy, just gotta have my cock stretching this tiny pussy, she craves to be full, doesn’t she? Fuck, I’m going ruin you tonight, ‘m fuck you till you can’t think, how does that sound. You wanna be my dumb baby? Want me to fuck you stupid?”
His metal hand curved around your body, two vibranium fingers rubbing against your neglected cloth which throbbed under his touch.
Bucky grunted, fucking into you fast and hard. The car rocked with his strength, and he hoped no one noticed how he was giving you the fuck of your life. He didn’t need anyone to see how needy his wife was for his cock. That was for him and him only.
He heaved air out when your body trembled under him. Shockwaves rolled through you, your voice cracking when you screamed his name. Bucky whimpered out your name, spilling his hot, thick seed into your pulsing cunt. He had a tight grip on your hips as his hips sputtered. He threw his head back, pulling out and digging the panties out of his pocket.
Bucky helped you slip back into them, not wanting you to leak on the seat when you climbed up into the passenger seat.
“I needed that,”You whispered, reaching over the middle console to kiss Bucky gently. You felt so at home with his warm aura surrounding you, claiming you in a way that only you could feel.
“This night is far from over, baby doll, daddy’s just beginning.”
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
Okay but I would love to see about milf!reader going to Grant’s school for a teacher conference or to pick him up and all the dads just drooling and seeing the other moms be jealous and I can imagine the teacher being awestruck when having the meet with her !
starstruck — the barnes’
Tumblr media
You are the star of all events because you are the celebrity, one of the Avengers. You had been in New York in the very beginning and also, you were the definition of a milf now.
It started in middle school with Grant, the dads had begun to notice you more. The talked about how you dressed and doyen shared their opinions about how you looked in the iconic suit you had worn during your time as an Avenger.
Now, you were all short skirts and flowing dresses. Somehow, this only mad eut worse.
The single dad were always flirting with you, anything to get in between those smooth thighs you liked to show off.
The one time Bucky heard them talking about your thighs, he left hickies and beard burn on them. That would show them who you belonged to.
No. It didn’t.
It was always something new, they always found something to comment on.
“You see her ass in that skirt, what a slut, stop staring at her, Greg!”One of the moms scolded her husband.
You rolled your eyes, squealing when you see Grant in his baseball uniform. He was twelve and the most adorable thing ever.
Bucky chuckled at you,”Calm down, baby doll, he’s adorable, but don’t embarrass him.”
Everyone around you watched when you bent down in your dress, fixing his baseball cap and helping pulling his socks up so they didn’t bunch up in his cleats.
Bucky got just a little glimpse of the pretty lace panties you wore, but he realize if he could see them, all the men could too.
He swore he heard one of them make a comment about how tight your ass looked.
Bucky bent down behind you to cover your ass, his hand smoothing your skirt over.
You blushed at his touch, thanking him.
“Gray, you look so cute in your little uniform,”You cooed, kissing his face.
“Moooom,”He complained, rolling his eyes.
“She can’t help it, bud,”Bucky chuckled.
When the baseball game finally starts, you bouncing in the bleachers without a care in the world. Rebecca was playing with Samantha while Sam watched the game from the lower bleachers with his wife.
You have no idea how adorable and sexy you look yelling at the referee.
Bucky realized how the states you were getting were from your loud voice but for your short skirt and low cut cleavage. You were bouncing with excitement
He was starting to feel a little possessive, urging you come sit in his lap for the rest of the game.
When Grant scored, you screamed at the top of your lungs as both you and Bucky lifted you up before sharing a soft kiss.
That’s what had all the dads crumbling. Bucky would never let anyone forget that you were Mrs. Barnes and you belonged to him.
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
Wait going off of what gwen said about grant’s friends thinking his mom is hot. Can we talk about him having his friends over to play video games or something and bucky hears grant’s friends talking about how hot mama is while grant out of the room and he just laughs because he KNOWS
milf — the barnes’
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes knew he had scored the whole package. You were an amazing mother, a badass mutant, and a complete babe. He was so lucky to have you. He should have expected that when Grant got older that his friend would have crushes on you. He just hadn’t expected it to have so soon.
But Grant had invited two of his friends, Harry and Killian. You had entertained the three fifteen years old with complete grace. They had loved you, asking questions and wanting you to stay in the room for the movie. It was until Bucky had come to check on the boys later that night that he realized.
Grant must have gone to talk to you like he does every night, like clock work, he would sit on the edge of your bed while you did your nightly routine. You were close, and Bucky loved that.
As he went towards Grant’s room, he overheard the two teenager boys talking.
“Dude, Mrs. Barnes is a total milf, I thought you were exaggerating, but holy fuck, that little dress...”Killian commented, eyes trained on the violent video game on the screen.
“She’s definitely the hottest mom in the school, and my mom complains about her all the time, apparently all the dads have things for her, I know my dad does, but that’s why my mom hates her, you know? She hates anyone my dad looks at especially after the divorce,”Harry explained with a faint laugh.
“No offense, but your dad can’t score someone like that, Mrs.Barnes is top tier milf,”Killian replied, leaning back in the bean bag chair just as Bucky opened the door.
“You boys alright in here?”His voice is deep and husky, and it made them jump at the sound. They both share the same worried look that he had heard them.
“The missus and I are about to head to bed, so if you need anything, knock on the door and we’ll answer, alright? Try not stay up too late, and don’t be too loud,”Bucky instructed before getting back two yes, sir’s
Bucky chucked, rolling his eyes at the conversation he had overheard. Yeah, his wife was top tier milf, but only he got to have her.
Grant was exactly where Bucky expected him to be, on the edge of the bed while you out your lotion on.
“Your friends seem to really like to your mom, bud,”Bucky smirked knowingly, making Grant sigh in defeat.
“Did they say something weird?”
“Not to me, but there may have been talk about mama here being a milf.”
Grant groaned in disgust while you blushed all over your body in embarrassment for your son. You finished up your routine, pulling Grant off your bed.
“Go hang out with your friends, forget what your dad said, and just go have fun,”You told him, pushing him out the door after kissing his head.
“You are a milf,”Bucky said once the door was closed, pressing you against it while he locked the handle.”Definitely a mom I’d like to fuck.”
“Oh, yeah, how about you show me?”
Bucky growled in response, hands pawing off your clothes eagerly with the biggest smirk on his face.”You gonna be a good girl, be quiet for me? Wouldn’t want anyone to know what a dirty girl you really are.”
“Yes, yes, “You breathed, panting as you were thrown on the bed. Bucky quickly crawled over your body, and just looking at the devious look on his face, you knew this was going to be a long night.
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i-writes-things · 3 days ago
Old enough
Wanda x teen!reader
summary- you are Wanda's younger sibling
no warnings
Tumblr media
Not my gif*
"what do you mean i'm not old enough?"
"I just mean that- You could get hurt and you have school tomorrow. It's not a good idea Y/n." Wanda explains, trying to make you feel better about not being allow on one of the many Avengers missions.
"Well, Tony said that you guys would be back by sun down, anyways" You say trying to prove your point, that you are able to go
"Well, Tony doesn't really have his mind wrapped around that whole 'time' thing yet." She jokes...
Obvious she wasn't budging about it so..
"Please can I go. Please? please? You know I won't do anything I'm told not to do, and I can partner with whoever you want me to be with!" You beg of Wanda.
She thinks for a moment
"Fine!" She throws her hands in the air and down to her side "You can go but only if you do everything Tony and Steve tell you. Got it?"
You put your hand up in salute "Yes, Captain." you joke, thanking her for letting you go with them.
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
A Barnes AU drabble please where the kids walk in on Bucky and mama in the morning and as Bucky is stumbling over his words, trying to come up with an excuse and lie, Grant just says "We're you guys having sex?" Which horrifies Bucky and mama
summer mornings — the barnes’
note || oh my god i imagine this as teenager!grant and preteen!rebecca and oh my god, they are absolutely scare you and the kids
Tumblr media
Mornings were usually quiet in the summer. The kids slept till noon, which is exactly why you and Bucky tended to wake up so early. Those few hours of just getting to enjoy each other made the lost sleep worth it.
“Fuck, baby doll,”Bucky groaned into your ear quietly, rocking his hips against yours with a slow and hard motion that you a trembling mess. His body was molded perfectly against yours, your panties thrown to the side leaving you in just his shirt. The fabric bunched at your hips, his thick thighs spreading your legs apart. You hooked your legs over his hips, pulling him closer into you under the thin sheet strewn over your bodies.
“Shit, Buck, please, ‘m so close, feels so good, oh!”Your head fell back, lips connecting against his in the moment of ecstasy. It was just as Bucky spilled inside your clenching walls, smirking at the way you trembled under him that the door has swung open.
“Hey, Mom, have you seen—oh my god!”Grant screamed, immediately going to push Rebecca away from the door so her twelve years old mind could stay innocent.
“We’re just...your mom and I were just...”Bucky stumbled over his words, trying to find a good excuse while you covered you your bodies.
“You guys were having sex!”Grant said with wide eyes,”That’s my mom!”
If it wasn’t so embarrassing, it would have been funny. Bucky looked horrified by this,”I know she’s your mom, what does that—get out, we’ll be out in a minute!”
Grant closed the door quickly, ushering Rebecca into the kitchen where they sat at the table in complete awkward silence.
Bucky sighed out in defeat, his body draped over yours in shame.”Oh my god.”
“This is the worst, why are they awake? It’s like 9am???”You muttered out, running your hand through your hair before pushing Bucky off of you.
“Why did he act like I was defiling you?”Bucky asked after a moment, scrambling to find something to wear.
You pulled on a new pair of panties, dressing in a flowing sundress that may or may not give a little peek of the hickey forming on your neck. You bit down on your lip nervously.
“He’s my baby boy, he’s protective,”You shrugged, fixing your hair slightly before kissing Bucky’s cheek.”Look, they’ll forget it about this in a week, don’t be so freaked, okay?”
You left the room, allowing for Bucky to get dressed while you found the kids in the kitchen.
“What did you need, baby?”You asked Grant, making him glance up at you with scarred eyes.
“Pancake mix, Becca wanted pancakes,”Grant said, avoiding eyes contact.
“Look, you guys, I’m sorry...we should have locked the door—“
“Oh, please don’t make us talk about it...”
“Sex is natural, Grant, it’s healthy, how do you think you guys exist?”You went explain, making both children cringe.
“Mom, can we just forget it?”Becca begged.
“Please,”Bucky backed up when he came into the room.
“Can you get the pancake mix down from the top shelf, babe?”You asked as soon as he got in the room, giving him a kiss before he did what you wanted. Both kids gagged in response to the affection.
“Hey, I love your dad, I’m not gonna stop kissing him just because got two don’t know how to knock,”You looked at them pointedly, rolling your eyes.”Which is what we need to talk about. You should knock before you barge into the room.”
“We didn’t think dad would be all on you and...ugh, we didn’t guys would doing that!”Grant defended, shuddering at the thought.
“Wait, why am I at fault for this?”Bucky said, starting to make breakfast for the kids.
“Well, it’s not mom’s fault you can’t keep your hands to yourself,”Grant sassed, and now you laughed, covering your mouth with your hand.
“Me? I can’t keep my hands to myself, oh my god, your mom—“
“Please don’t finish that sentence,”Rebecca pleaded,”Please, dad, can we just forget it happened? We’ll knock now, we’ve learned our lesson, we’ve suffered enough.”
Bucky sighed, glancing at you with a little knowing look in his eyes. So, he let it go. He let them keep their innocent outlook on their mom.
No one needed to know it was you that couldn’t keep his hands off him this morning.
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
A drabble about Grant and Becca fighting over something and how Bucky handles it, please ❤
sibling squabble — the barnes’
Tumblr media
“Give it back!”Grant screamed from the living area, pulling at Rebecca’s hair. Bucky immediately was on his feet when he realized the kids were fighting. He closed down his work laptop, entering the living room just in time.
Without knowing her own strength, Becca pushed Grant back and he slammed into the way. The little girl’s eyes went wide.
“Rebecca Barnes!”Bucky scolded, going to check Grant for injuries. He seemed fine, just a little scared of his little sister’s strength. He was always consumed with Bucky’s concern, making him cry from pain and worry. Bucky sat him on the couch before turning to Becca.”You know better than that, violence is never the answer and you can’t push people around, look baby, you could have seriously hurt him, you can’ have to be gentle, no everyone is built like me.”
“I didn’t mean too! I just wanted the—“Becca looked down in shame and Bucky picked her up to sit with Grant. She went to go hug him, apologizing profusely with little sobs.
“What was all this about?”Bucky asked with his arms crossed, staring down at his children with a tight frown.
Both Barnes children glanced over by the floor toy bin, and Bucky followed their gazes to this stuffed animal.
It was an old stuffed bear, baby blue with little Captain America shield all over it. It was something you had since way before you had even met Bucky. It had been a gag gift to Steve one Christmas and he had left you the bear with a little note before he left forever.
You had left Grant have it when he turned one, and it was his favorite toy. He couldn’t sleep without it, he adored it. Bucky realized now that Becca seemed to be jealous of the toy.
“Becks, you can’t take your brother’s things, you know he loves that bear,”Bucky told her, already setting his own little plan in motion.”We can just get you your own bear, a stuffed animal that you can cherish like your brother does Cappy.”
“Promise?”Becca asked, sniffling quietly,”Can it be koala?”
Bucky chuckled,”Yes, baby, we do it and we can get a little Captain outfit like Uncle Sam’s, how about that?”
“Yes!”Becca giggled before Bucky went back I to daddy mode.
“But before anyone gets any new toys, I want to make something very clear, you can squabble all you want, but you cannot hit each other. You do that again, I will put you in time out and I will tell mommy.”
“No, not mommy!”Grant gasped, shaking his head.”She’ll get sad!”
“We don’t wanna make mommy upset,”Becca pouted,”Please don’t tell her.”
Bucky nodded,”Fighting helps no one. You guys can always work it out and if you can’t, you come find me and we’ll work it out together.”
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
Headcanon: Grant starts calling reader or even Becca baby doll cause he hears Bucky saying it a lot
baby doll — the barnes’
notes || oh my god, this is absolutely adorable to think about
Tumblr media
You noticed immediately when Grant started to use the affection pet name Bucky called you.
He’s like Bucky little sidekick and wants to be just like his dad when he was younger.
“Thank you, baby doll!”Grant squealed, the six year old giggled when you gave him his plate of dinosaur chicken nuggets.
You grinned so hard at that,”Baby doll? What happened to Mommy?” You asked with a pinch of his cheek.
“But daddy says baby doll.”
That was just the beginning. Grant started to uses it all the time.
Oh man, when Bucky hears him call Becca or you that, he think it’s so cute.
It’s when you’re sitting on the couch, watching the kids play while Bucky paints your toenails for you.
“I like this color, baby doll,”Bucky commented with a hum, the color a sparkling bright blue.
Grant and Becca immediately want to see what he’s talking about, gasping at the pretty colors because they are amazed by anything Bucky likes.
“It is pretty, I wanna paint my nails!”Becca said with pout.
“I’ll paint them, baby doll,”Grant said in a heartbeat, making you giggle at them.
Bucky smiled so big, looking at you with the sweetest and widest eyes. His heart was so warm with love.
“What color you want, Becks?”Bucky asked, handing the kids the polish.
The first time Grant calls you baby doll in front of him is a little different.
“She’s my babydoll,”Grant whined, curled up against your chest while Bucky tried to get him to go to bed. He wanted to stay with you.
“Oh, Grant, baby boy, she is mine,”He teased, making Grant shake his head and cling to you. You were in giggles at your boys’ antic.
“Nope, daddy,”Grant stuck his tongue out at him.
“How about we share, huh?”Bucky offered,”Baby doll, is that okay?”
“It’s more than okay,”You beamed at them, biting down on your lip to suppress more laughs.
“She’s mine at night, and you can have her in the morning, hm? That way you can get a good night sleep in your bed, and baby doll here gets some rest of her own.”
“I guess we do that...”
Bucky was magic with his children, scooping up the six years old who finally agreed to go to bed and getting him to go to sleep.
When Bucky gets back and he’s shaking his head with a grin,”That kid is gonna be heartbreaker if he keeps going around calling all the girls he likes baby doll.”
“Mhm, or maybe he’s find his baby doll, that wouldn’t be so bad,”You chuckled with a grin, making grabby hands for Bucky to come lay down with you.
“It’s so cute though.”
“He just wants to be like his daddy,”You smiled at him, adjusting your position so Bucky could rest his head against your chest.
“Well, I’m getting a little jealous of all the attention, you are my baby doll after all.”
You rolled your eyes, threading fingers through his soft hair.”’m right here, baby, all yours.”
And one day, Grant would find the perfect girl, the girl he calls baby doll and loves more than anything, but right now, the only girls that matter to him are you and Becks.
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agentofbarnes · 3 days ago
For your Barnes AU, imagine after the reader had one of their babies her nippers became so sensitive that Bucky could make her cum hard just by playing with them and not touching her anywhere else
sensitive — bucky
au: the Barnes’ au
warning || nipple play, cock warming, lactation kink, smut
Tumblr media
Bucky had a strict rule placed on him right before you had given birth to Grant and it was to never for any reason touch your nipples. Towards the end of the pregnancy, they hurt and swollen. Now, they still swollen and much less hurt rather made you feel sensitive. Not necessarily in a bad way, but an uncomfortable way.
Bucky hadn’t noticed there had been a shift in the sensitivity. You actually enjoyed feeding your child and being close. It had been a few months now and you had gotten used to it, so Bucky shouldn’t have been surprised that your nipples seemed to perk up when you accidentally rub against him when trying to go around him the kitchen. He ignored that slight gasp that left your mouth.
You sighed out when you came back into the room, frowning at the wet shirt that now graced your body.”I’m still leaking,”You frowned,”He’s not drinking enough, I still feel full.”
You cupped yourself breast in your hands, looking up at Bucky who seemed to have short circuit.”Hello? Earth to daddy barnes!”
“I Uh,”He cleared his throat,”I could help...I read this article that said if were to...well, if after Grant fed, I could...and it would actually be beneficial to you because you get the relief and it makes sure you continue to keep the right amount of supply...”
Bucky was a blushing mess at how he presented his idea, making him want to hide in a hole.
“My god, you can’t stand not being able to play with my tits, and now you want me to feed you?”You asked with curiosity like you weren’t wet at the idea of Bucky’s mouth on your breasts against.
“Hmm, I think you forget I can smell you, baby doll, that idea excited you,”Bucky rasped, hands coming around your waist and pulling you close to him. Maybe you were a little excited, a blush creeping on your cheeks.”Come on, the baby’s asleep, why don’t you come sit on my cock and let me take care of you?”
You gasped at his words and how his lips trailed down from your ear to the base of your neck. It had been awhile since you both had time or energy to just be with each other.”Okay,”You breathed, giggling when Bucky picked you up and took you to the bedroom.
It didn’t long for both of you to be fully striped down, his metal hands coming up to grope your full breasts.
Bucky made himself comfortable on the bed, back against the headboard while he guided your soaking cunt over his cock. Once you were fully seated on his large cock with your cunt so stretched out for him, Bucky stilled your hips.
“Shush,”He told you when you whined,”We’ll get to that, so needy, baby doll.”
“Bucky...”You gasped, his hands massaging over your breasts and making you jolt at how sensitive you felt. His cold digits tweaked at one of your nipples, causing you to moan quietly.
“Fuck, you’re so sensitive, aren’t you? Haven’t let me touch you like this in forever,”Bucky groaned, admiring how taut and responsive the little buds. When he pressed two fingers against your nipple, licking his lips when beads of milk emerged.”Gonna let me drink from you?”
You were already a mess in his hands, nodding weakly,”Please, touch me.”
Bucky smirked, dipping his head down between your breasts and left kisses all over the sensitive skin before enveloping your tit into his mouth. His warm, wet mouth made you jerk in response, crying out when he suckled on your breast.
Your back arched against his lips, skin vibrating as Bucky groaned into your breast. The sweet milk filled his mouth and he lapped your every single drop of it. His hand pinched and massaged your other breast, making you tremble under his grasp.
The pressure and stimulation was too much to handle. The fuzzy feeling in your belly built up and exploded inside you like a thousand stars. Nails dug into his arms, holding on to him tightly when he pulled an orgasm from your body.
You couldn’t believe you had done it until after the high ripped through. Bucky pulled over you, licking his lips with a tilted head.
“Did you just cum?”Bucky asked, his cock throbbing in your clenching heat. You were squeezing him so tightly,heaving your chest out as you tried to catch your breath.
“Yeah,”You whimpered, his tongue teasing at your redden nipple.”I can’t help it, you make me feel so good.”
“Oh baby, we are going to have so much fun tonight,”Bucky smirked, swiftly flipping you over with his cock still pressed inside you. Your back hit the mattress,”Baby doll, you taste so sweet, so good for me,”His lips surrounded your nipple once again, drinking your the milk eagerly while he had begun to thrust into your thought heat very slowly.
It was going to be a long night and you were already buzzing with excitement. You just hoped Grant didn’t wake up anytime soon.
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darthbloodorange · 5 days ago
The Question
Rating: Pg Characters: Steve Rogers, James “Rhodey” Rhodes Pairings: James "Bucky" Barnes/Steve Rogers Universe: Marvel Cinematic Universe Warnings: None Major Tags: Fluff, Avengers Compound, Avengers Family, Everything is Beautiful and Nothing Hurts, Happy AU, Drabble
Summery: Steve comes to Rhodey with great news.
For the Steve|Tony|Bucky Bingo prompt “James Rhodes” [B4] (Link to Card)
Read below or on AO3 >HERE<
Steve knocks on Rhodey door, a bright grin on his face.
“Come in,” he hears through the door.
Steve enters, finding Rhodey in his living room looking over documents.
“Steve,” Rhodey greets. The man’s smile brightens as he takes in the look on Steve’s face. “I take it Bucky finally asked you?”
Steve nods.
“Happiness is a good look on you, Steve,” Rhodey says, “Congratulations.”
“I, uhh… I was wondering,” He says. “If would like to do us the honour of officiating our wedding?”
Rhodey’s smile grows even brighter. Getting up from the couch, he pulls Steve into a hug.
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