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#the avengers x reader
forever-more-never-again · 29 minutes ago
I Don’t Dance (A Request)
Tumblr media
Requested: Anonymous
Word Count: 1658
Pairing: None, Platonic Avengers X Teen!Female!Reader
Warnings: slight swearing
A/n: Sorry for the long wait guys! I’m going to try to get back into writing steadily again but I don’t want to get your hopes up too high! so be patient with me please! Requests will still be closed until I am caught up with the requests I currently have sitting in my google docs.
Ps: Do you like my play on the title? :) If you know where it’s from then I hope you got the song stuck in your head now!
Request: Could I request an imagine with the avengers where teen!reader plays softball (shortstop maybe??) and they all watch?? Maybe it can be a close game. It’ll be up to you if reader’s team wins or not. But if you don’t want to write this thats ok too. I really enjoy reading your stories!! :)
You breathed out deeply, focusing on the white noise surrounding you and the feel and weight of the metal bat in your hands.
Your eyes met the piercing gaze of the pitcher and you smirked, egging her on.
Time seemed to slow as the pitcher wound up and then released, right away you could tell it was a curveball. But unluckily for her, you were one of the best batters’ in the league and with a well-timed swing, hit the ball straight out to the far outfields. 
“Yes! Go [Y/n]! That’s our girl!” The loud voice of one Tony Stark rang out over the field as you raced around the bases, getting the final home run and winning the game for your team with a score of 7-5.
Dropping your helmet in your bag once back inside the dugout, you wiped the sweat from your forehead as you accepted the congratulations from your teammates and captain.
“Amazing as always [Y/n].” Your coach caught you before you could leave, patting you on the head, before she smirked and looked behind you for a moment, “Though maybe next time your friends can show up incognito and not distract your teammates, the score shouldn’t have been that close together.”
You laughed, looking over your shoulder at the Avengers who were all in their suits, covered in dirt and other questionable stains and bruises.
With a final good job, the coach sent you on your way and you jogged over to the Avengers, “Did you guys finish the mission? I thought you wouldn’t be able to make this game?” 
Steve ruffled your hair, his smile lighting up the sky it seemed, “We wouldn’t miss a single of your games [Y/n]. Don’t worry about the mission.”
Wanda sighed, but she was smiling as she moved to your side, “What Steve means is that we finished the mission just in time. But until you're officially an Avenger, you should just stay focused on school.”
You laughed along with the Avengers. Ever since you had been a child, they had been your friends, like older brothers and sisters, as they helped raise you. You had been found alone as a baby wandering the streets without any memory of parents or a home when Clint Barton and Natasha Romanoff had stumbled across you. A normal child by all standards, but they must have seen something in you because they never turned you into 
Taken in by the Avengers, you never imagined you would have a normal life. And that was true to some extent. From the time you were a toddler to a pre-teen, you had been homeschooled and taught advanced science and mechanical engineering from Bruce Banner, Vision and Tony Stark. You had been given martial arts lessons and defence from Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton and Wanda Maximoff. 
Then you met Peter Parker, the spider-man and Tony Stark’s apprentice. He was close to your age and you grew close to him, the first contact you had with someone young. Together you convinced the team to let you go to a normal highschool. So you entered Midtown high alongside Peter and soon discovered your joy and affinity for Fastpitch.
A beast at shortstop and a hell of a batter, you rose through the team until you were the youngest and apparently fastest player to hit Varsity.
“Hey [Y/n]! Oh!” Peter skidded to a halt beside you, a red flush on his cheeks as he rubbed the back of his neck, “Hi Mr. Stark!”
You punched the boy’s shoulder causing him to yelp, “What is it Peter?”
Peter jumped and then smiled, “Oh! I was going to ask if you wanted to play a quick round since the field is now clear.”
The Avengers immediately perked up and looked at you excitedly causing you to giggle and point at their suits, “Aren’t you guys tired from the mission? We can play on another day.”
Tony swung an arm around your shoulder and gestured wildly, “Today’s a perfect day though [Y/n]! And we’re the avengers! If we couldn’t handle an easy game of fastpitch what type of protectors would we be?”
You smirked, “Easy you say? Alright, let’s pick teams. Peter and I are captains.”
Everyone shifted uneasily, seeming to sense the shift of tension and your smirk grew wider. They may be the Avengers, but fastpitch was where you shone the brightest.
“I’ll take Bucky.” You started off the nominations.
By the end, the teams were decided with you as the captain alongside your players, Bucky, Steve,  and Natasha, while Peter had Tony, Bruce and Wanda, and Vision deciding to be the referee with Clint as the catcher for both teams.
“We’ll take the field first.” You made the executive decision, deciding not to leave it to a coin toss. “One inning outfield and one batting for each team, the one with the most homeruns wins.”
Tony preened, “You already know who’s going to win.”
You tilted your head and asked, “Do we?” Before turning away and walking back into the dugout you had just occupied for the past several hours. 
Your team took the field first, and you took your spot as shortstop. Steve took first base while Natasha stood in the far outfield and Bucky took up position as the pitcher. 
Tony sauntered up to bat first, his Iron Man suit almost completely off except for the gloves and shoes. 
He smirked as he swung the bat back and forth before taking up a stance, eyeing Bucky who took a deep breath and then wound up for the pitch, using his metal arm to pitch.
The ball moved so fast, you couldn’t track it with your eyes. The crack from the bat hitting the ball was as loud as thunder and you couldn’t hold back the flinch.
“Would you look at that!” Tony laughed, but he was interrupted by Peter shouting, “Run you old man!”
Tony looked back, affronted with a hand to his chest,  “Who are you calling old?”
And then Vision called out, “Mr. Stark, you are out.”
Tony flipped around, “What?”
You laughed, pointing to where Steve stood on first base, a ball in his hand from where Natasha had caught it and thrown it to him. “Next time you should run around the bases before trying to brag.”
Peter’s team finally managed to get a homerun after Wanda manipulated the ball a bit, which caused a bit of a stir about whether abilities should be allowed or not. 
Finally it was your team’s turn to be at bat and you started off strong with Bucky. Wanda pitching for Peter’s team as he stood on first, Tony was at shortstop and Bruce was out in the outfield looking distinctly uncomfortable holding the glove on his hand.
You went through your roster and finally it was your turn up at bat. The teams were tied and you were the last to bat, with two strikes against your team. 
Taking up a stance, you breathed out deeply and focused on the weight of the bat in your hands, the sand under your feet, the sun on your face and the look Wanda gave you as she wound up the pitch.
You shouted out, “Don’t go easy on me guys just because I’m not an Avenger!”
The others exchanged looks and then nodded at you, making you pleased.
When Wanda released her pitch, your eyes tracked the ball. You didn’t have super strength, or flight, or were a trained assassin, but Fastpitch was your lifeblood and you knew from the bottom of your heart that you could hit this ball out of the park.
You mentally spoke to yourself, not yet, not yet….now! And swung with everything you had. 
The ball made contact and though it didn’t create a thunderous crack, it did ring in your ears and hands as the bat vibrated from the force of the connection. 
You dropped the bat and ran like the devil was licking at your heels. Your mind focused on the bases in front of you as you rounded them, but half an ear out listening as Tony yelled for Bruce to ‘Throw the damn ball already!’
You internally smirked, breathing evenly as you pumped your arms, getting to the last stretch towards home base.
A flash of red energy and Wanda stood over home base with her hand outstretched, ready to tag you.
But being the best batter wasn’t simply just about hitting the balls. With a short leap, you fell to the ground, the momentum carrying you forward still as you slid underneath the surprised witch.
“Safe!” Vision’s voice shouted out and broke the calm that had befallen the field at your slide.
“Yes!” You jumped up and fistpumped the air.
Your team came streaming from the dugout and Peter’s came in from the field. 
Tony shook his head, sweat flinging from his hair, “Hate to say it kid, but you won.”
You smiled at the man, “Fastptich not that easy now, is it?”
Tony laughed, “Nope, definitely proved me wrong kiddo.”
You sighed, running your hand through your hair, “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m beyond tired now and ready for some greasy food.”
“Hell yeah!” Peter jumped up with a grin.
Clint gasped and slammed a hand over Peter’s mouth, causing everyone to look at him. Clint just looked around at everyone with a grave look, “Who taught the baby to cuss?”
Everyone stared a moment longer and then everyone broke down laughing. Even Clint broke his composure and laughed, releasing Peter.
As you all began walking back to the tower, you thought about your life. The abnormalities and the people in it. And realized you wouldn’t trade a thing about it. Your life may not be exactly normal, but with your friends and family, you knew your life would be amazing. 
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morganstark15 · 42 minutes ago
These are just some clarifications about what I’m going to write about and I would greatly appreciate it if you read it.
So I’ve decided that I’m going to begin writing the story I talked about last week.
If you didn’t see it I said this:
“I want to write a story about a girl who is the biological daughter of Tony stark but has powers because of the Greek gods. So kind of a crossover between Percy Jackson and the avengers.
Where like the day her mother was giving birth or very late in the pregnancy the gods were having a fight and it caused a natural disaster which affected her mother or something or they felt bad and awarded them with gifts that are powers.”
But I’m going to specify now a couple of things:
The reader will be female and mixed race (daughter of Tony stark and a black mother)
She will have CHAOS POWERS, which are born from a chaotic storm that was formed during a dispute between the twelve main Greek gods.
She inherited a little of each of them and it resulted in a great amount of energy born both out of the goodness and evil surging in that moment.
Her mother and Tony were never in a stable relationship. They had a one night stand where the reader was conceived.
After giving birth she dies and Tony takes her in, but is unaware of his daughters powers. (This will be explained in more detail in the story)
Thanks for reading this if you have and tell me what you think!
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barnesdogtags · 43 minutes ago
hi guys! i’ve gained a handful of followers the past few days, so i wanted to post that i’m still taking requests! you can send them here - i write for steve rogers, sam wilson, bucky barnes, sambucky and stevebucky. 
i’m currently working on a fake dating story with bucky, chapter one will be up later today. be sure to check out my masterlist for my previous work! 
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just-iimagine · an hour ago
Avengers x reader
Tumblr media
Pepper took a moment in the kitchen after Tony's message to compose herself. She didn't want little Morgan to see her cry. Placing her hand against the counter, she steadied herself and took a shaky breath.
"Pepper?" you called, hand placed on her shoulder and squeezing it softly. She needed comfort, that was clear. "I know, it doesn't seem like it. But things will be ok" you whispered to her. Hugging her as she turned to you. "You'll be ok, so will Morgan. You guys have an amazing extended family and they'll be here for you both" you promised her.
"You're too good" she whispered softly as she pulled away, wiping her tears from the corners of her eyes. "Come on, don't be alone. Come back out to everyone" you urged you, bringing back out to sit down with Laura and her kids who were playing with Morgan. Looking out the window, you saw the rest of the avengers. Gearing up to send Steve back with the stones.
Coming out to them, you stood beside Bucky as he disappeared before returning a few seconds later. Smiling as you recognised the old man in front of you all. Steve smiled as he saw you, chuckling a bit as he shook his head. "You're very bold. Staying this long" he said, confusing the men around you all. "Probably. Did the wedding at least turn out ok?" you wondered, rocking back and forth on your feet. "You'll have to go see yourself" he nodded a bit.
"I don't understand" Clint chimed in then. Feeling as if there was something he was missing. "Time travel is a little more advanced in the future," you told them all with a grin. Clicking your watch to turn into a more sophisticated machine. "Unlike Steve, we don't have to age as much anymore when travelling around" you glanced at Steve and smiled.
"Who are you," Bruce asked then, looking between yourself and Steve. Who seemed to understand exactly who you were. Before you could answer, Morgan ran up and jumped into your arms. "Ok sweetheart, so remember what I told you. What are we not going to do when we're 11" you tell her. Causing the child to giggle with laughter and repeat what you had told her. "Cut our hair." You nodded slowly, glad she had listened. "Because we regret it to this day" she added and you laughed in return with her.
"Your... Morgan?" Bruce answered his own question. "But why?"
"Four year old me lost my dad. I had the power to get to know him, the real him. So I jumped around time, from 2008 to now. To see him at his highs and lows. With mom, with Happy and Rodey. With his friends" you explained. To you it made sense. You had the technology and the time to do it. In your own timeline, you had missed around 3 days worth of time. Meaning you didn't age at all.
"Well, I better get back. I'll be late for our wedding" you said before kissing Morgans head and letting her down. Watching her run back off to Pepper who by now seemed to be a bit more stable. You knew the next few years would be hard for her. But she would be ok.
"And who do you marry," Thor asked. It was probably the least important question at that current moment but the thought had come to him. "Well, if I told you everything about the future. You'd never have any surprises" you teased him. Grinning a bit as he rolled his eyes. You pressed on your wrist pad again, your iron suit forming around your body. It was similar to your father's ones. Red but instead of gold, you had silver.
W.E.D.N.E.S.D.A.Y. spoke loudly then "Mark 424 is ready for the time jump." You nodded slowly and took some steps away from everyone.
Looking up at them all, you took in their faces. The Avengers, Shield agents, other heroes. It had been worth it. Getting to know them all. Being their friend, their ally. "See you all..." you said before stopping, saying soon seemed a bit silly. Morgan, younger Morgan, was there with them. She would never leave. "At the church, I guess" you chuckled. Morgan waved to you then from the porch of the house. Calling out to you and waving like a mad thing. You waved back before putting on your helmet. Pressing the button on your suit and jumping forward to the future.
You landed exactly where you wanted. The hotel room with your dress and things to get ready with. Pressing the core of your suit, it folded away to be the silver bracelet on your wrist again. You looked at the time. Just past noon, plenty of time to get ready for your wedding in three hours. You had missed three days, but no one knew you had gone. You had only told your brother, Peter. And he covered for you, you were sure.
"Sweetie, are you back?" Pepper asked as she came into the room, hair in curlers and in a dressing gown. She smiled as she saw you brushing your hair. "Yeah mom, I am" you replied. Sitting down and smiling back at you.
She helped you get ready, fixing your hair and makeup, fanning out the dress. "Your father would be so proud of you today" she whispered, tears coming to her eyes as she thought of what he was missing. Walking you down the aisle, dancing with you, instead, you asked Happy to be in his place.
"I know, mom. I know" you replied. Knowing exactly what your father would have felt.
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yelenaromanoffbelova · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Marry Me
Yelena Belova x Reader
"Alright pizza for Capsicle ,Tin Man, Thunderbird, Chinese for Bird boy,Bewitched,Red and Lena and I are having Burger and chips." You looked around confused when no one came running in at the smell of food "Guys come on I got your favourites let's go before it gets cold." With no replies you called out to your girlfriend "Lena darling let's go dinner." You sigh walking out of the kitchen and into the meeting room completely oblivious to their somber expressions "I've called you guys twice come on." "My love come on dinner." You shouted out. You knew she was home the mission wasn't going to take long and with Natasha you knew the mission would be even shorter and that they would be here for dinner "Y/N" Tony looked at you "Where is Yelena they are usually home by now." "Y/N." Your head whipped around at Natasha voice and how quite it was "Tasha where's Lena?" Your eyebrows forward in confusion as a pit formed in your stomach dreading her answer "I uh Y/N I we lost all communications it we eh it was an ambush and there was nothing I could do I tried god Y/N I really tried but I couldn’t find her." You didn't reply to her just running to your guys shared room bursting through the door hoping to see her on the bed perfectly fine smiling tiredly at you, but she wasn't it was empty and so quite without her rock albums from the 80s playing quietly in the background. You felt a hand touch your back and that's all it took for you to drop to the floor sobbing "No I no I can't I Lena no please please I will do anything anything just oh please." Natasha just held you as you both cried in the doorway of yours and Yelena's bedroom "shhh it's ok Y/N."
      Weeks went by three weeks to be exact you barely left the room and only talked to Natasha as she told you what ever updated she or leads they could find. You lay across the bed as you let your mind wonder with a knock on your door bringing you out of your thoughts "what." "It's Steve can I come in." "Sure." This surprised him you hadn't given anyone but Natasha the time of day but you knew Steve you have known him for a long time, he was the one who introduced you to the Avengers and evidently introduced you to Yelena and well he understood not knowing how the love of his life was doing. " I know you don't want to talk so can I just sit." "Yeah." They had all been trying to get you to talk but you didn't want to you only wanted to talk to her tell her how much you loved her and that was it any other words where a waste of air time. And so you both sat in silence for an hour before you broke "I miss her giddy laugh, her suit jackets, the little smirk she wears when she beats you or Natasha at training. I miss the way she strokes my hair and teaches me Russian I miss the way her eyes light up when she gets an idea or how she holds my hand when she drives god I miss her Steve, can eh can you promise me you won't give up please you... you got to find her for me." Steve just looked at "yeah Y/N I promise we will find her ok." He left after that and you drifted off to sleep.
      Two weeks later Natasha came running into your room "Y/N we have a location get up." You had never sprung out of bed so fast before in your life "can I come with you." You weren't an Avenger so usually you didn't but the team knew that if they touched down to get Yelena and you weren't there she wouldn't be to happy no matter if they had just rescued we or not "yeah let's go." You ran to the Quinjet and sat beside Steve "thank you" Steve just looked at her "for what we haven't got her yet." "I know but you didn't give up you kept your promise so thank you." You anxiously shook your leg as the Quinjet landed hoping that this was it that you where getting her back.
       Yelena trudged up the road sore and covered in blood she was not dying in that hell hole she was going to be back to you she has you promised burgers and chips for dinner well that and she just wanted to hold you and cuddle you and tell you how much she loved her. She stopped suddenly at the sound of feet pounding the pavement coming towards her as relief, happiness and love washed over her.
     The jet had landed and you had spotter her before anyone else "Y/N what is it." You didn't give a response to Steve as you took off up the road. It was her you knew it was her god run faster Y/N that's all you think as you raced towards her seeing the relief in her eyes it was you, you where there to rescue her. You didn't stop as you ran straight into her not bothering to care about the blood on her clothes. With a grunt she caught you and wrapped her hands around you tightly scared to let you go burying her head into your hair "Marry me." You pulled back from her "what?" "Marry me Y/N." You just grabbed her and held her tighter trying not to hurt her. You pulled back as tears welled up in your eyes at the extent of her wounds "oh god Lena I'll marry you right here promise me you won't scare me like that again though please." Yelena just smiled tiredly at you nodding her head.
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Can someone make a Loki fluff when him and the reader is on a field having a really cute picnic and it starts to rain so the reader drags Loki up and makes him dance with her in the rain. Then they have a really cute rain kiss. Can someone PLEASE do this I have been thinking about this for so long but I’m not a skilled writer.
Tumblr media
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multific · 4 hours ago
Project Winter (Part 2/3)
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Kidnapping, Blood, Unwanted pregnancy
Part 1
Summary: Project Winter was Hydra's great plan to success. The plan was to gather one of their best soldiers and replicate them in order to create the perfect army. And what better way to replicate than to reproduce?
You made it out, after passing a big gate, you heard another big explosion behind you, as you looked into the mirror and now saw the entire place in flames and pieces.
You tried to calm your hammering heart. You closed your eyes for a second. Then you felt a hand on your stomach. It made you jump a little, then you saw the man who just rescued you with his hand on you. 
"What are you doing?" you asked but you knew you won't receive an answer, you never did from the other men. But you did try your best to move away from his touch. 
You were nervous but when he didn't show any intention of hurting you or the baby, you calmed down a little.
"Mine," was all he said surprising you with an actual answer.
"What do you mean yours?"
"The baby is mine."
"Oh no. You... please don't hurt us," you said as you realized he might be a psycho who rescued you so he can have your baby. 
"No. The baby is mine. Yours and mine. Remember the day you saw me in the lab?"
"Yes." you nodded at him.
"I know what the doctor said to you. He told you that you were chosen in the project to bear a child of the Winter Soldier. They wanted a new army, an army of super-soldiers they can manipulate from birth." he took a quick look at you and saw how disturbed you were "I'm sorry." he ended up saying.
You tried to wrap your head around what he just told you. But it was too much at once.
"At least, it's not an alien." you ended up saying before you looked out the window seeing nothing but mountains and trees. 
All you did was thinking for the majority of the ride. You didn't know where you were or who you were with. It scared you, terrified you even. 
Then you entered a town, it was abandoned. The man next to you stopped the car and parked in a hidden place before you got out as well. He grabbed a suitcase which was filled with guns, you assumed, then he closed the truck.
You looked around, everything was old and nature started to take over the place. "Come with me." you heard him say.
"What's your name?" you asked as you followed him into a clothing store.
"Nice to meet you Bucky. My name is Y/N." you said politely as he started picking clothes off the rack.
Bucky suddenly started to undress, surprising you. You stared at his chiseled chest, but when he started to take his pants off you turned around as you felt your face felt heated.
He soon changed his leather suit to some jeans and a simple shirt. Then he handed you a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt to change into.
"Umm. I will go to the changing rooms," you said as you grabbed the clothes and walked to the back of the store.
Once you were changed the two of you walked around the town a little. You assumed you were looking for a gas station or something.
Bucky stopped in front of a house, he looked up at the second-floor window before he turned to you.
"We will stay the night," was all he said before he headed in to check the place. You followed him. The house was obviously as abandoned as the rest of the town, pictures were missing from the wall, but the furniture was still there. While Bucky was looking around probably for food, you headed upstairs. You found two beds and a little bathroom. The tap still worked, although the water was rather cold, it was better than nothing.
You walked to the bedroom and looked out the window. You could only imagine the family who lived here and how happy they were. You could see children playing in the back with a dog, everyone happy.
You wondered why did they leave?
"I found some food. Nothing much, beans mostly." you didn't hear him come upstairs, so when he spoke up, it made you jump a little.
"T-Thank you. I will go down in a second." you quickly turned and offered a smile to him. He gave you a nod and went downstairs again. You decided to rearrange the bedroom a little. You put the mattress back into the bed frame and you even found a couple of blankets and pillows in the closet.
"I found pillows and blankets, the bed is also good and there are two," you said as you sat down at the table as Bucky gave you a place with beans, corn, and some meat. It was all from a can.
"We stay the night here, and tomorrow we leave," he said as he ate his food. You wanted to ask so many questions but you were afraid to. You trusted him, that's for sure. And the fact that you were pregnant with his baby...that certainly concerned you.
You had a quick chance to take a look at him. His long hair pushed back into a bun, and his features.
He was handsome, there was no denying that.
"Will they come for us?" you suddenly asked as your eyes met his.
"They will want the baby if they find out that we escaped before the place exploded."
"What caused the explosion?"
"I'm not too sure, I did hear someone yelling about the lab but I didn't pay much attention."
"A-And if they come for the baby...what should I do?"
"I have a plan. We stay low, I have an old friend, Steve, who might be able to help us."
"So, you are not leaving, right?"
"No. As I said, the baby is mine as well. And I intend on keeping them safe."
That gave you a sense of relief. Sure, you were pregnant with a child of a stranger. But those awful people wanted to use an innocent child for their own gain, that disgusted you. But knowing that Bucky would be there to help you and keep the baby and you safe calmed you a lot.
After you both ate, it got dark outside rather quickly. Bucky told you not to turn any lights on in the house, in case they can see it and would find you.
You were taking a bath, the water was cold, but it was better than nothing to clean you. You looked at your stomach a lot. Not much changed, it looked just like before, except for the small little bump that let you know there is a small human growing in there.
The mattress wasn't the most comfortable thing, but it was better than the one in your cell for sure.
Bucky said he will keep watch while you slept. both of you locked into the room upstairs, Bucky sat by the window looking out for any movement. The shotgun he got from the truck in his hands in case he needed it.
You slept quite well. Suddenly a loud noise woke you up, you quickly sat up just as Bucky rushed to place his hand on your mouth, motioning for you to be quiet. He then slowly moved to the window and looked outside. He saw a big truck as it passed by. It didn't stop.
"I don't think they know we escaped just yet."
"Then we have to get to your friend quick before they realize and come after us," you said as you moved the blanket higher up on your body. "I cannot let them take the baby."
"They won't. I will not let that happen, I can promise you that," he said as he hugged you to reassure you. "We leave in the morning, I will wake you up, sleep some more, you need to rest, we have a long journey ahead of us." you slowly started to panic as your breathing got quicker.
He was so warm and his voice was so soothing, you didn't even argue. You moved to lay down once again and slowly drifted off just as he was running his hand up and down your back to keep you calm.
The next morning Bucky woke you up it was already sunny outside. You two ate some more canned food before heading back out.
"The truck has GPS in it, they can track us with that, but I did see another car broken down. I checked it out earlier and filled it with petrol, it is good to go."
"Wow. You think of everything," you said impressed by him.
You popped into the front passenger seat as Bucky started to drive.
"Where are we?"
"Canada. Close to the border, I know a place we can slip into the US and once we are there, we go to New York, find Steve and his team." Bucky said as he laid out the plan to you.
"And to think that a month ago I was just a shop assistant in a book store," you said crossing your arms as you looked at the trees passing by.
For some unknown reason, you felt so safe with him.
Bucky radiated confidence and with the way he talked about his plan, you knew you were in good hands. You leaned back in your seat and closed your eyes as Bucky turned the radio on.
You fell into a light sleep but you didn't miss the way he placed his hand on your stomach. He must have thought you have fallen asleep.
A small smile creeps up on your face. As scary as the situation is, you and the baby were in good hands, that is for sure.
Part 1
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charliedawn · 5 hours ago
Imagine Loki being jealous of Thor's popularity..until you tell him that he his your favorite Avenger ! (Childpov! Because I find it cute..)
Tumblr media
When Thor and Loki land on Earth, they both feel disoriented by their sudden shift in surroundings. However, once they are a little less confused, Thor is submerged by fangirls that ask for autographs and photos. Loki rolls his eyes dramatically at his brother's wide smile and surrounded by Midgardian females. However, he is surprised to feel a slight tug on his sleeve and looks down to see a child with a pen and a notebook. He arks an eyebrow, but the girl doesn't seem scared and only raises her objects with stars in her eyes.
" Could you please sign this ?!"
Loki frowns in confusion and looks around, wondering if your parents would interfere or try to get you away from him, but no one comes..He then looks back down at you before crouching in front of you with a small smile.
" You must be mistaking, darling. I'm not an Avenger. If you're looking for my brother, he's right over there.."
He says while showing you the tall blond man with his finger. But the child cuts him off to scream, almost indignantly, at his reply.
"Of course you are ! You tried to save the planet, didn't you ?! You fought Thanos and saved the people of Asgard !"
He is about to deny, but reconsiders when he realizes that you are right..for the most part.
" Well..technically."
He says with a certain uncertainty in his voice. It is bad to lie to a child, but he isn't really lying..Just not adding any information on how he killed thousands of people in New York. He takes the objects and frowns, not really sure how to use the objects you handed him. You smile and show him by mimicking the gestures. He finally gets it and signs his name on the notebook with his neat handwriting. You take the notebook and squeal in utter happiness as you clutch the notebook against your heart while jumping up and down excitedly. He can't help but smile before Thor arrives and frowns at the odd scene. He thinks the girl wants an autograph and is about to take the notebook when Loki grabs his hand, glaring at him warningly.
" Don't you dare. You have your Midgardian fans. Let me have this."
Thor is surprised by his brother's demeanor, until the girl wraps her arms around his leg and screams.
" Thank you so much ! I'll keep it forever !"
Thor sees a smile draw on his brother's face as he gently ruffles your hair.
" No worries, little girl. What is your name ?"
" My name is Y/N !"
You answer with a large grin.
" And do you know who he is, Y/N ?"
Loki glares up at Thor for asking the question, but is overwhelmed with joy at your answer.
" Of course ! He's King Loki ! He's the coolest Avenger ever ! And he's got those superpowers ! Mom says he's a magician ! I love magicians !"
Loki feels his heart beat loudly in his chest and if he could cry, he would have. He takes you in his arms and carries you onward, not giving one last glance back at Thor. Thor is shocked, but doesn't dare contradict his brother's action, only following you after a moment.
" Don't worry, sweetheart. We'll go find your parents, alright ?"
A couple of hours later in the Avengers tower :
Loki shows you to all of the Avengers with a wide smile as you look at everything with glitter in your eyes. He is so proud and happy that none of the others dare tell him to put you down..
" Hum..Should we tell him that the child is supposed to go home at some point ?"
Clint asks while eyeing the both of you warily, but Nat only smiles as she had never seen Loki so happy..Ever.
" No. Let him have his fun for the day. Plus, I already asked her and phoned her parents. They agreed for her to stay with him for the day..As long as we stay with them as well."
Thor only smiles satisfactorily as he sees his brother carrying the small human around.
" How much is a child on Earth ?"
The whole team looks at him with wide eyes and Tony sighs exasperatedly before pinching the bridge of his nose with two fingers.
"Oh no..Not again. When we thought it couldn't get any worse, even Thor is considering buying the kid.."
Thor, still staring at you both, doesn't think twice before saying nonchalantly.
"..Or kidnapping it."
This time, even Natasha is shocked and Thor only smiles at the whole team before adding.
" What ? You think we paid for Loki ? Can't you do that on Earth ?"
" Oh my God.."
Bruce exclaims, shocked and also horrified by the news. No wonder Loki hated him.. Steve sighs while looking at you and standing up to talk to Loki. The moment he announces that he has to take you back, nobody can tell who is the most heartbroken between the two of you. You hug Loki tightly and refuse to let him go. Finally, it's Loki that has to bring you back. Your parents witness your heartbroken goodbyes.
" Goodbye, king Loki. I always knew you weren't a villain.."
You hug him again and, to your surprise, Loki only stands up, makes a magical paper appear and goes to talk to your parents.
" Dear parents of Y/N, you may not know me that well, but I want your child to spend time with me. I think I just made a friend and I may not know anything about friendship, but what I know is that if anything happened to the small human, I would certainly destroy this world and take my own life. Please, accept to sign this contract that allows me to spend time with her, whenever you want..Just, please, allow me to see her again. She's my only fan, and I don't even know how that happened. So, I'm begging you, let me keep her for a day or two a week and I will be forever grateful."
Your parents, awestruck and impressed by the speech, look successively at you both multiple times before taking the paper. Their eyes widen at the money and from what they could see, the God was absolutely serious..
" We..We'll think about it ?"
You father answers awkwardly, not really sure of how to react. The God could easily crush him..Plus, that was one hell of a speech. Loki, satisfied with the answer, bows courteously before coming back to you and crouching in front of you with a smile.
" I'm sure we'll see each other soon."
You smile widely and give him one last hug before he gets back in the car.
2 weeks later :
You're adopted now, don't even try to fight it. You will be his best friend and he will take you wherever he goes as his personal emotional support and a way to never be humiliated again.
" See, brother ! I can be popular too !"
Thor rolls his eyes, the same way Loki did when he had fangirls around.
" Please ! Someone ! Take the child away!"
" On your left, Rogers!"
Tony yells, but Loki zigzags and succeeds in escaping before anyone could grab you. Loki runs with you in his arms, his helmet on your head.
" You'll never catch us ! Nyeheheehee !"
You say in your best evil laugh and the Avengers spend the rest of the day chasing you..The End.
I'm not gonna lie. I did this for fun. I know it isn't Shakespeare, but I still love it. 😂
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lotusss-flowerbomb · 5 hours ago
Nice To Meet You (2)
Bucky x Wilson!reader
Warning: 18+, Smut (seriously, children are not welcomed here)
Word Count: 3,152 (I literally tried so hard to keep this short)
The drive to the docks to meet Sam and Sarah was too quick. You wanted to spend more time with him alone.
Once you arrived, you kept your distance from both Bucky and Sam and helped Sarah most of the time. You were sitting something inside of the wheel house when she silently followed behind you. You paused to look at Bucky and then turned around almost crashing into her.
"You know those glances you've been giving him hasn't been as subtle as you think," she squinted.
"Girl, what are you even talking about??" You feigned innocence.
She just stared at you until you finally cracked.
"Damn it!" You looked out at Sam and Bucky talking.
"So?? Tell me everything," she motioned for you to hurry up with her hand. "How was it?"
"Amazing," you sighed as you thought about all the nasty things the two of you had done.
"Aye man, what are you smiling about? Are you even listening to me? Why are you so weird?" You heard Sam yell.
When you looked up, you saw the window was open. Your heart rate sped up. There's simply no way he heard that... Did he??
"I can't believe you slept with a man you just met and Sam's friend of all people, " she shook her head.
"You look out there at that man and you look me in my face and tell me that you wouldn't," you challenged her.
"Yeah, he's kinda cute for a white guy," she said.
"Besides, they're not friends... they're coworkers."
When Bucky started laughing, you knew he could hear you. He got a real kick out of hearing you use the line he'd tried using on you last night.
You slammed the window shut embarrassed. Once Sarah realized what had just happened she fell into a fit of laughter.
"It's not funny, that's so embarrassing," you put your face in your hands.
"I just want to know how you plan on telling Sam? You know how he gets, he's gonna shit a brick."
"I know and I don't care if he's mad at me, but I don't want him to be mad at Bucky."
"Ooh, a sneaky link," she danced.
"Girl bye!" You laughed. "What do you know about a sneaky link?" You walked outside.
"I got Tik Tok too," she bragged.
You all finished the work you were doing on the boat for the day. You were happy Bucky was there to help move things along faster. You shook your head at the way he and Sam constantly bickered back and forth throughout the day.
"I know what I'm doing, I've been fixing on this boat my whole life!" Sam would yell.
"Hey, pipe down. You're still wet behind the ears. Just let me show you!" Bucky yelled back.
"Will you two just get a room?" Sarah asked, finally getting them to shut up.
Back home, the boys wanted to spend the rest of their weekend at their friend's house and Sarah welcomed the break.
"Alright, my kids aren't here so I'm not cooking," your sister announced.
"It's Sam's turn anyway," you said.
"No, it's your turn," he fired back.
"I cooked yesterday, you weren't here. Bucky ate, so it counts."
"Bucky definitely ate," he said.
Sarah choked on her drink. Sam, completely oblivious, patted her back and made a comment about hef never knowing how to drink without choking since she was little.
"So, pizza? Yeah, I'll order pizza. Sam, Sarah your usual right?"
"Yep," she answered in between breaths.
"Got it, I'll go up and order online." You jogged out of the room.
When Bucky followed behind you Sam asked where he was going.
"I'm from New York, Sam. I'm gonna make sure she picks the best pizza place." He said matter of factly.
When you two finally got to your room, you smacked Bucky on the arm.
"Ow!" He whined.
"Oh, please!" You smacked him again, "are you trying to get us caught?" 
"Mmm hmm," he pulled you close and kissed your neck.
Your body melted into his. Unable to resist his advances, you put your arms around his neck and kissed him. Soon after your legs were wrapped around his waist and he had you pressed up against the wall.
"I want to fuck you so bad," he said in between kisses.
"Then do it," you teased.
Bucky didn't waste a single second turning you around and pulling down your joggers. He kicked your feet apart and pushed inside of you.
"Oh, fuck yesss," you hissed.
He put his hand over your mouth. The last thing he wanted was to be distracted by your sounds of pleasure and unable to hear someone coming.
Your pussy was so wet. The sloshing sound was driving him crazy and he wanted to get on his knees and suck it, but knew better.
He wanted to see your face, so he turned you back around and lifted you up again. This time he slid into your pussy slowly, watching as your mouth opened and you tried desperately not to make a sound.
"Do you know how good you feel?" He said into your ear. "I'm gonna cum in this tight little pussy. It's mine now and I don't care who knows it."
You grabbed his chin and pressed your lips to his. The knot in your belly unraveled as you creamed all over his dick.
"That's my girl," he fucked you quicker and harder as you tightened around him.
Bucky moaned into your mouth as his body stiffened and he came inside of you. He used one hand to brace himself on the wall and the other to keep you in place. He stopped you when you unwrapped your legs.
"No, wanna feel you," he panted into your throat.
"We don't have time for this, one of them will eventually come see what's taking so long," you wiggled out of his hold.
He let you down, but not before he got one more kiss.
He pulled his pants up while you grabbed a towel from the bathroom and wrapped yourself in it. You quickly placed the order for the pizzas and turned on your shower.
"Bucky, no," you giggled when he tried to follow you in.
"Fine," he kissed you and smacked your ass before leaving quickly.
"They've been up there for a long time," Sam said to Sarah.
"They're probably talking. You know how much she loved hearing old stories from daddy. He's probably telling her about how he was there when the wheel was invented or something," she replied.
"Mmm, I'ma go see," he said and walked away before she could stop him.
Bucky slipped into the guest room right before Sam hit the top of the stairs. He quickly rounded the bed and grabbed his bag as if he'd been looking through it.
"Hey, where's Y/N?" Sam questioned.
"Said she was getting in the shower," he never looked up.
"Oh... Why are your pants unzipped in my house?"
"Because I was also going to get in the shower, is that okay?" Bucky finally looked up at him and rolled his eyes.
Sam squinted at him before walking the short distance to your room. He could hear the water going in your bathroom, so he finally relaxed. Bucky came out of the guest room to go in the bathroom across the hall. He just shook his head at Sam. The man was definitely gonna pop a vein when he found out about the two of you.
While you all ate Sam and Bucky talked about their infamous first meeting.
"The guy puts his arm through my windshield and snatches the steering wheel clean off," Sam laughed. "Then I watched him jump over the side of a bridge and land on his feet."
"Come on, man," Bucky sounded embarrassed and looked over at you.
"It's funny now. Not so much back when you were trying to kill me, but definitely now," he took a drink.
"Alright, enough of those stories time for music," Sarah saved him. "Alexa, play some old school."
Alexa lit up and played Sexual Healing by Marvin Gaye.
"Nooo, Alexa, next song!" Sam yelled.
Alexa played Love and Happiness by Al Green.
"Oh, this the one right here," he stood.
You and Sarah stood on each side of him and let him take lead, eventually coming in to be his back up vocals.
Bucky couldn't help but smile seeing the three of you together.
"Ooh, come on, Buck, let's dance," you put your hand out.
"What? No, I haven't danced since the 40's," he said and took a sip of his whisky.
"Well, you're long overdue then," you grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet.
You both swayed to the music. He smiled at you as he held on to your hips and led the dance. You were so caught up in him that you hadn't noticed Sam stopped singing and was just staring at you.
It wasn't until the music abruptly stopped that you remembered your siblings were even there.
Sam's jaw was on the ground as he stared at the two of you. You jumped out of his arms and started to explain, but he made a beeline for Bucky.
He punched him in the face causing Bucky to flip over a chair.
"Samuel!" You and Sarah both yelled.
"He had it coming!" He walked away.
You helped Bucky up.
"Why didn't he hit that hard a few days ago when Walker was kicking our asses," he rubbed a finger across his eye.
"Are you okay? I didn't think he'd ever react like that," you checked his face.
"I'm fine," he assured you. "I should probably go," he said.
"You don't have to go, I'll talk to him. Besides, he just punched you; he didn't say you had to leave." You walked away to find your brother.
Sarah grabbed ice for his face and started cleaning up.
"Samuel Thomas Wilson!" You screamed when you saw his silhouette pacing back and forth on the dock. "Have you lost your mind?!"
"Have you?!" He yelled back.
"You're a real piece of work, do you know that?"
"Of all the men in the world, why did you have to choose him?"
"Oh please, you're acting like I ran off and married the guy," you rolled your eyes.
"That's just it, the man's been through enough. He doesn't need you playing with him and trying to figure it out."
"Wait, you're mad at me?? Why the hell did you hit him?"
"I'm mad at both of you. I don't want him hooking up with my kid sister. He's too damn old, " he said, finally starting to calm down.
"Hate to burst your bubble, but I'm not a kid anymore and the man is too old for everyone." You sat down and swung your feet over the edge.
"You'll always be my baby," he sat next to you.
"How's your hand?"
"Hurts like a bitch. The guy is very literally hard headed," he chuckled.
You found Bucky in the guest room lying in bed with the ice pack on his face.
"How's the eye?" You leaned up against the door.
"It'll survive," he looked over at you.
You walked over to the bed and laid flat on your back next to him. You were quiet until you couldn't hold in your laugh any longer.
"What's so funny?"
"He socked the shit out of you."
"Right?!" He laughed along with you. "But it was worth it. Besides, I had it coming. I did rip the man's steering wheel off while he was driving after all." He chuckled, referencing the earlier conversation.
"You know, he just jumped at the very first boyfriend I ever had and that poor guy never called me again," you moved the ice from his face.
"Yeah well, I don't scare that easily," he pecked your lips with a soft kiss.
You put your hand out for him to grab.
"You sure I'm not gonna get punched again," he laced his fingers with yours.
"Oh please, it was just a little love tap," you led him to the bedroom.
He locked the door behind you then quickly scooped you up to lie you down on your back.
"Bucky," you giggled as he kissed the insides of your thighs.
"I'm going back to Brooklyn tomorrow. I need to taste you one more time before I go." He pulled off your pants.
He slowly slid your underwear off and stuffed them in his back pocket. He definitely needed something to remember this moment by.
Bucky rubbed your pussy and then slowly pushed two fingers inside of you.
"Fuck, look how wet you are and I've barely touched you." He admired the wetness on his fingers when he pulled them out.
You opened your mouth wide and stuck your tongue out, letting him know you wanted a taste.
He happily stuck his fingers in your mouth. His dick pulsing as he watched you suck on his fingers. He could no longer resist diving in between your thighs after watching how much you enjoyed tasting yourself.
Bucky expertly rolled his tongue over your clit. Watching you as you struggled to keep quiet.
He rolled over onto his back while keeping you in place, so you were now riding his face. You buried your face in the pillows and let out the moans you'd been holding back.
"Fuck my tongue," he smacked your ass.
You bounced your ass on his face while he licked and sucked you.
Bucky stroked his cock. His balls were so full, he'd be cumming in no time.
"I'm gonna cum," you gripped the sheets.
Bucky flipped you again, as much as he wanted you to cum on his face, he wanted to see you come apart beneath him even more.
He pushed your legs back and nudged into you. Your breath caught in your throat as he stretched you.
He rubbed your clit as he fucked you slowly and deliberately. Putting his hand around your throat and squeezing lightly until damn broke and you shattered to pieces.
He caught your screams with his mouth and kept fucking until he could no longer hold back. He came inside of you for the second time that night.
After getting cleaned up, he wrapped his arms around you and before long he was asleep. You thought about what Sam said about him having been through enough. Sure, you had your time when you were just living life and didn't take men seriously, but after the blip you've realized that life is way too short. Besides, you actually liked Bucky and wanted to get to know him.
You ran your finger across the stubble on his sleeping face. His soft breathing continued as his fingers flexed lightly on your back.
Normally, even that light touch would've awakened him, but right now, he was completely comfortable and felt safe there with you and your family.
The next day Bucky got up early. He decided not to wake you and made his way down the stairs. Sam was already outside throwing the shield around.
Bucky walked up, but the two men didn't speak for a while. It wasn't until Sam threw the shield and Bucky caught it did they break the silence.
"I should've said something. The moment we got to the boat, I should've told you," he said.
"Yeah, you should have," Sam finally stopped to look at him. "That's my baby sister, man."
"I know and I didn't plan for it, hell, I didn't even know you had sisters... Or a boat? Which she got on my ass about by the way," he smiled.
"As she should," he laughed.
The two men talked about a few things and finally Bucky opened up to Sam a little bit.
"You still having those nightmares?" He asked.
"All the time... Except these past two nights." He inhaled as he felt himself becoming emotional. "For the first time in a long time, I felt a little at peace. Even when I was in Wakanda, I always felt like someone was coming, but with Y/N, I just..." his words trailed off.
"You know the Wilson's, we good for the soul man," Sam joked. "You can't use her as a crutch though," he became serious.
Bucky nodded in agreement. He knew exactly what he meant.
"You ready for a little bit of tough love?" He asked the older man.
You and Sarah watched out of the window while the two men talked.
"Oh look, they're doing the little high five dap thing," you said.
"He's walking away. Wow, that man broke your back and now he's leaving without saying goodbye," she teased.
"The hell he is," you ran to the front door.
"Hey!" You yelled after snatching it open and running out.
You ran past your brother and jumped into Bucky's arms. Wrapping your legs around him, you gave him a long, tongue filled goodbye kiss.
He set you on your feet after finally pulling himself away. You reached up and pinched his arm.
"Ow! Why is this family so violent?!" He yelled dramatically.
"How dare you try to leave without saying bye to me?" You huffed.
"I'm sorry, doll, but I'm not so good at goodbyes," he hugged you close. "I have some things I need to do back home, but I promise I'll be back as soon as I can."
"You'd better," you kissed him again. "Come on, I'll take you to the airport." You tugged him towards your car.
It had been weeks since you'd last seen Bucky, but you spoke on the phone almost everyday. You were excited when he told you that he was coming back to visit and would be at the big cookout.
You mingled with the people while you waited for him to show up, sitting with a group of friends talking when AJ and Cass took off running past you. You turned to see where they were headed and you saw Bucky walking up with a cake in his hand and sunglasses on.
"Damn, he looks better in person," one of your friends said.
"That he does. Excuse me, ladies," you vacated your seat and walked over to him.
The smile that stretched across his face was a mile long.
"Hey, baby doll," he wrapped his arms around you and kissed you passionately.
"Alright, alright, enough of that. We're trying to eat here." Sam said.
Bucky clapped his friend on the back and you all sat down together.
Bucky looked around the table at all the smiling faces. He never thought he'd have happiness. Let alone people he could call family. He kissed you at your temple one more time. The way you looked at him made his heart flutter.
Finally. The calm he'd been searching for.
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midnightbabylon · 6 hours ago
Piece Of Your Heart
-Part 2-
Tumblr media
summary: Y/N was a part of the USAF (United States Air Force) convoy which escorted Tony Stark in Kunar Province. She was badly injured but recovered. Tony made sure that she was honorably discharged and gets to live a better life. Years later she gets a call because the Avengers need her skills. But they don‘t know that her nightmares are haunting her. Only one former sergeant next to her room can hear her screams.
A/N:The story takes place in 2023 after endgame but Nat and Tony are still alive. English is also not my first language so please excuse any mistakes. XX
pairing: bucky x fem!reader
word count: 984
warnings: mentioning of wounds and nightmares
Bright light blinds you. You keep your eyes closed. Where are you? Are those voices? You can’t really tell. Why doesn’t that beeping in your ear stop? It’s too loud. You lift your hand up to cover your eyes. A groan left your lips. “Ms y/ln you are in the hospital. Can you talk?” You wanted to respond but nothing came out of your mouth. You weren’t standing or sitting, you laid on something. Probably a patient stretcher. You remember being in an Humvee with your mates and Tony Stark. There were a lot of gaps in your memory and you wish you could remember. A sudden rush of adrenaline went through your body like you were bitten by the most dangerous spider of the world. You were sitting on the stretcher now. Oh wow a bone! More specifically, your bone. You even could see little grenade fragments in your open wound. Now you’ve been conscious of everything. You almost died in Afghanistan. Breathing was harder for you. It felt like someone was pushing the air out of your lungs. Your heart was beating much faster than it should. Probably all the people around you could hear it, too. Your fingers clawed into the stretcher. However, the light was dazzling again. You heard a loud bang, a door? Or you’re still in the desert. A panic scream left your mouth.
Bucky‘s POV
I really needed the workout session in the training room. There’s been a lot going on here the last few days. I wiped my face with a towel. Now I just need some time for myself. My gaze was on the immaculate stairs when I heard voices. I paused. Tony and who? The other voice, a female voice, I’ve never heard before. I shook the thought and went into the hallway. The door right next to mine was open. Pepper put fresh flowers and a pack of chocolates on the small table. She gave me a look, but I didn’t say a word. Did Tony invite someone over? Steve mentioned something last night, but I can’t remember it. It wasn’t that important I guess. F.R.I.D.A.Y. opened my door and I took a hot shower. My muscles were on fire. I ran over my face and after I got dressed I cleaned the metal arm. Totally exhausted, I lay down in bed and grabbed a book. The others were probably all in the common room, but I wanted my peace. For dinner, I’ll see what the others are up to. Somehow I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was almost midnight. I rubbed over my eyes and moved to the door. “ F.R.I.D.A.Y. is anyone still awake?” “Yes sergeant Barnes. Ms y/ln is awake and Steve.” Who is that? “Thanks F.R.I.D.A.Y.” As I walked out the door I stared into y/e/c eyes. The next breath got stuck in my lungs. Okay. She’s new and she definitely went in the door next to mine. I stretched my shoulders after hearing the soft clicking of the closing door. I blinked a few times and walked into the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle of water and an apple. Shortly after I had a bite, Steve came around the corner. “Hey Buck! Nice to see you. Where were you the whole afternoon? We have a newcomer and you are the only person who haven’t met her. Her name is y/n and she stays in-.” “The room next to mine I know.” I interrupted him and took another bite. “Oh you met her?” “Just saw her for a second.” He nodded. “Okay I am gonna get some rest. See you tomorrow. Training at 9 am?” I winked. “Like always.” I finished my apple and took the bottle of water with me. I stopped at her door. I was curious. All I could hear were restless breaths. I could also hear some murmuring before a scream cut through the silence. I flinched. “F.R.I.D.A.Y give me a status report of y/n vital signs.” “She has an elevated heart rate and her temperature is rising. But she is sleeping.“ Nightmares. I furrowed my brows. “Thank you F.R.I.D.A.Y.” I decided nothing to do about it. I knew that feeling too well. Just yesterday one of my nightmares haunted me. I was free but HYDRA was still ghosting my head from time to time. Instead I grabbed my phone and googled her name.” I breathed in loudly. Wow that was devastating. I heard another scream followed by loud sobs. The light in the hallway went on and I heard footsteps. When I heard no more noise, I had F.R.I.D.A.Y give me her file. She was very young when she went to the army. There was no information about family or friends. Suspicious. After 2008, there was nothing left in her file. It’s like she is a ghost. Fifteen years have passed and she barely exists? My thoughts kept me awake for a while until I woke up with the sunrise. After a quick run to the bathroom I grabbed my sports clothes, a towel and a bottle of water. I entered the training room when I noticed a silhouette. Steve hasn’t been here yet. I went quietly to the sports equipment. It was y/n. She was sleeping. As I was about to shake her shoulder, she grabbed me by the wrist. She was awake all of a sudden. With a quick move, she threw me over and my back hit the mat. I hissed because I was so surprised. Her eyes are widened and she panted. I saw panic in her eyes. She straddled me and was in full soldier mode. “Sorry.” I gulped because she was sitting right in my lap. “I have to say sorry I shouldn’t-“ She took me by surprise and stood up. Before I could say anything she left the room. Wow what an first encounter.
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latenightartist-author · 7 hours ago
Candle light
Pairing: Zemo x Reader
I don’t really like this one but here’s anothe Zemo one.
Tumblr media
Night like this were cold and dark. Y/n’s husband was asleep in there bed in the large mansion the power had gone out the only thing lighting the house was the moonlight refeclting off the snow. Y/n was looking around the room trying to find where Zemo had put the candles they had bought a few days ago. Y/n was feeling along the wall to walk down the hall with a blanket around her shoulders. She was in the living room area and tripped over the coffee table.
Zemo woke up from how cold the mansion was and noticed Y/n wasn’t beside him. He sat up and saw her blanket gone as well, “Y/n?” He said trying to turn on the lamp then realiing the power was out. He got up and went to get one of the candles he lot a candle and found Y/n on the foor, “Liebling are you okay?” he asked helping Y/n up.
“Helmut can we keep candles in our closet so this doesn’t happen again?”
“Of course Schatz,” He held her close and felt her shivering from the cold, “Sit down liebling.” y/n sat down and wrappe the blanket tightly around herself as Zemo lit the fireplace and sat beside Y/n. He put a balnket around himself and Y/n as the fire heated up the room. Y/n fell asleep against Zemo, “Goodnight Schatz.”
Tumblr media
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crypticwanda · 9 hours ago
I'm not sure if this is where I can ask for request but how about here it is hehe i hope you are comfortable enough and nothing is triggering with the request altho it is just calm i guess haha
How about:
Reader is the first and only survivor of the hydra experiment batch before wanda and pietro joined but reader never cooperated with hydra because she was only forced to be there (kidnapped) so they keep beating her up and then when wanda and pietro came, they become close, specially with wanda because they can communicate in their minds and one day maybe hydra is not happy with wanda's progress so they decide to punish her and then reader protected her, using her power for the first time
I'm so sorry if it's too specific. You can totally change a lot of things and you can decide the power. I just really want an overprotective!reader x Wanda 😂
Thank you so much for humoring me if ever hahaha i love your stories
Oh my god overprotective!reader is amazing and yes this is where you send requests, you did it right! Also thank you so much <33
To Protect You
summary: you are the survivor of an experimental group in HYDRA before Wanda and Pietro had arrived. You and Wanda are able to communicate through your mind due to both of your powers and become close to one another. One day, a guard starts hurting Wanda because of her performance, and you snap.
pairing(s): wanda maximoff x reader
warnings: overprotective!reader, violence, abuse, cursing
taglist:  @myperfectlovepoem @minnahbukharo  @supersourlemon13  @royalityofmultifandom @madamevirgo @b0mbdotc0m  @fayhar  @olsensnpn 
Tumblr media
Your eyebrows furrowed angrily as you walked down the white hallways of the HYDRA outpost. Your wrists were red and aching from the thick metal cuffs harshly hitting your wrists. "Keep moving." You heard one of the guards say as you felt a violent push on your shoulder, causing you to grit your teeth and grunt in annoyance. "I am moving." You growl in annoyance as the guard scrunched his face in anger.
The guard had prepared to bring up his hand to strike you, but the the other guard standing next to you hand held his arm. "It's not worth it." He mutters as the other guard puts his arm down. You couldn't even feel happy about it, you knew that the only reason he stopped him was so that they wouldn't get their asses in trouble. You turned your head back forward as your eyes continued to peer angrily ahead.
A loud metallic noise was heard when the door to your cell had opened vertically. You grunted as you felt one of the guards push your back harshly as you stumbled into the cell. “I can walk on my own.” You mutter as you saw the vertical door shut. “Experimental Group one has completed their tests for today, we will resume tomorrow.” You heard one of the announcers say into the intercom as the guards outside your door start to walk away while talking with each other. You huffed out air as you turned your body and pressed your back against the cold wall. Your body sunk to the floor until you were sitting on the floor with your back against the wall. The lights around you outside your cell began turning off as they slowly reached your cell and the only light visible was the soft light in the corner of the room, barely able to light up the entire room. You sighed deeply before bringing your hand in front of your face, the metal of the cuffs clinging together. A small orange light began to emit from your fingertips as you moved them around slowly. You smiled to yourself, knowing that you were still able to use your powers, even if it was in the smallest amount. You were unsure about what your powers were and how to use them, all you knew is that one day you would use them to get out of this horrid place. 
The next day, you were awoken by a loud beep sound that came from the doors in the hallways. You heard multiple footsteps emerging from the corridor and some guards talking to either themselves or someone else. You thought you could have heard chains as someone was walking, causing your face to scrunch in confusion. You grunted softly as you pushed yourself to your feet and walked over to the door of your cell and brought your head up to look out of the glass. Your eyes widened slightly as you saw two more prisoners around your age walking in front of the two guards. You observed closely as you saw both of them heading to the cells on the left side of you. Before they entered their cells one of them, a girl with dark hair and tired eyes, had looked back directly at you causing your eyes to peer slightly at her. You heard the loud doors closing, indicating that they were both in their cells. You huffed out air as you turned your body and resumed to the spot where you were sitting on the wall. ‘I wonder what they are doing here’ you thought to yourself as you looked down at your hands. 
“I could ask you the same question.” You heard an accented voice asking you, almost as if it was a headset but no one was around you. The sudden voice caused you to jump as turn your head rapidly to look around your empty cell. “What the fuck.” You muttered to yourself as your heartbeat was still increasing. “Calm down, I’m talking to you through your mind.” The voice was inherently feminine with a strong accent to it. You breathed in deeply as you brought your hands back into your lap. “You’re the girl, the new prisoner they just brought into the cell next to me.” You muttered to yourself, still wondering if it was in your head or not. “My name is Wanda.” She said, she was sitting against her wall in her cell, almost parallel to you in your cell. “Y/N.” You said quietly. It  almost caused her to smile just being able to talk to someone for the first time in such a long time. 
“You’re different, aren’t you? Most people can’t respond when I talk to them.” Wanda said as she was moving around a box in her cell with her powers. “We’re prisoners of HYDRA, I think we’re different than most people.” You smirk slightly as you spoke. You could hear her stifling a chuckle under her breath as you spoke. Just the small conversation had caused a smile to appear on your face, it was nice to not be alone for the first time in forever. 
Almost two months had passed since Wanda, and now you know her brother Pietro, had joined you in the HYDRA outpost. Ever since they arrived, you and Wanda had become close. She was the person you could talk to without even moving from your cell, it was comforting having someone to talk to. Although the treatment has been worse than ever. Usually the guards are rough, but with the Maximoff's they were worse, and it made your blood boil. If looks could kill, all the guards in that room would be dead by now. 
“Maximoff!’ You heard one of the guards say, even just the sound of his voice made you clench your fist. You heard the door to her cell open and the sound of footsteps leading into her room. “You’re progress has been declining rapidly over the past few weeks, almost like you’ve been distracted by something.” The voice made your jaw clench and your eyebrows furrow. Wanda looked up at the guard from sitting on the floor with her back against the wall. She didn’t respond to the guard, she just kept her head facing the floor. “Come here.” The words of the guard had you sprinting to your door, trying to look through the glass. Since the guard was already in Wanda’s cell, you couldn’t see them. You cursed to yourself as you violently hit the door with your fist. 
Wanda had hesitantly gotten up from the ground, the sound of her cuffs clinging together as she stood up. Slowly she walked over to the guard, her feet dragging along the ground as she did. Then, the guard violently grabbed Wanda by her neck, causing her to begin to choke as she gasped for air. You couldn’t see Wanda, but you could hear her suffering in your head and it made you snap. You stood in front of your door as you continuously began striking at the door with your bare fist. All you were feeling was rage coursing through your veins, and your blood was boiling. As you continued to hit the door, you started to feel an unusual feeling in your fingertips, almost like a tingling but more powerful. Then, you started to see the orange-yellow light begin to emit from your fist like once before, only this time it was brighter than before. 
As you brought your hand up into the air to strike once more, the irises of your eyes began to glow a bright yellow as your hand was emitting a powerful energy that was glowing yellow and orange. When you brought you hand down to impact with the door, an impulse of energy surged throughout the entire outpost and the door you were striking flew through the air and hit the other side of the wall with a loud clang noise. 
A loud alarm began blaring through the entire building as most of the guards looked up in confusion, Without even thinking about the power you had just unlocked, you turned and ran over to the cell next to your own. The guard in the room had turned his head in confusion as he let go of Wanda’s neck and she dropped to the ground, gasping for air. The guard had reached for his gun but you were already running towards him as you brought up your hand to strike him with a powerful burst of energy. His body flew and hit the back of the wall of the cell, leaving a large indent in the wall. The guard was knocked out cold, causing a bit of relief to flow through you. Even though you wanted to kill him right there, you knew Wanda’s safety was more important to you. “Wanda.” You pant as you turn to kneel down next to her on the ground as she kept a hand on her neck. You helped her stand up and to your surprise, she wrapped her arms around your neck and pulled you into a hug. You immediately reciprocate by wrapping your own arms around her and pulling her close to you. “It’s nice to finally meet you.” She said as a few tears began to well up in her eyes. 
As much as you wanted to enjoy this moment, it was interrupted when more guards began to crowd around the entrance of the cell door with their guns drawn. Your eyes widened as you heard one of the guards yell, “Fire!”. Before the bullets could reach you, Wanda had picked up the bed in her cell with her powers and held it in front of the both of you as a shield. “We need a way out!” You yell over the sounds of bullets. “Pietro can get us out quickly!” She yelled back as you nodded to her. As Wanda backed up, you stood up in front of the bed and kicked it far enough so that it would hit a few of the guards. You ran out of her cell and made your way over to the two guards still standing. One of them you had hit with your powers so that he would go flying across the room. The other one you had elbowed him in the stomach and then kicked him across the room until he hit the wall. You panted heavily as you turned to see Wanda walking over to Pietro’s room. You walked up next to her and balled up your fist as the orange-yellow began emerging from your fist. You drew your hand back before punching the door, causing it to fly through the air and hit the wall of his cell. “Pietro!” Wanda said worriedly as she hugged her brother. “Time to go?” Pietro asked sarcastically, his accent showing strongly through his words. “Take Wanda first, you can come back for me.” You told Pietro as he nodded. Wanda looked up at you with confusion on her face but she didn’t have time to react before Pietro picked her up and ran out with her in the blink of an eye. Within a second, Pietro was back in front of you and he quickly swept his arms under your legs as he picked you up and quickly ran outside where Wanda was. 
As you stood back on the ground after Pietro had taken both of you out of the outpost, you realized that you were both standing in the middle of a snowy forest. “So, what now?” Pietro asked as he put his hands on his hips. “We just keep moving forward.” You tell them, your breath becoming visible in the cold air. You turned towards Wanda as she kept her arms in front of her chest. “Together.” You finish as she looks up at you with a genuine smile. You didn’t know where you were going or how you were going to get there, all you knew is that now you weren’t alone anymore and you wouldn’t let anyone hurt them again. 
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Nemesis: Retribution (1)
Summary: 10 years after the Avengers had left you for dead during a mission gone wrong, you unexpectedly re-enter their lives. Wholly unrecognizable from the person they used to know and now with a new team behind you, they ask for your help to stop a chain of syndicates who were manufacturing and peddling the super soldier serum. You were determined to say no until the chance at the vengeance you had been chasing for years was added to the offer.
Fandoms: Avengers, Marvel, MCU, The Punisher, Daredevil
Pairings: Female Reader x (Frank Castle, Billy Russo, Matt Murdock, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Pietro Maximoff)
Warnings: EVENTUAL UNAPOLOGETIC SMUT. SHAMELESS SEXUAL BEHAVIOURS. (18+ ONLY), polyamorous relationships, reverse harem, blatant disregard for canon timelines and events, mentions of illnesses, momentary fluff, bit of angst care of Bucky
A/N: Let’s get it! Enjoy the momentary fluff as we lay down a bit of groundwork. Special thanks to my very best friend Sojiero for nerding out with me and bouncing scenarios around. You deserve the world, you special nerd!
No permission is granted to repost, steal, or translate my work. Not even a credit makes it okay. Tumblr is the only place I post my writing. If you see it anywhere else please report it.
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Tumblr media
1:1 Cotton Candy
Walking into the facility, your bright wild eyes couldn't decide what to take in first. The immaculately kept grounds were seemingly endless and there were several large buildings you were sure you were going to get lost in on a daily basis. More than the larger than life structure, you were overwhelmed with the sheer fact that you were chosen to be here. Never in your wildest dreams did you dare to think you would be among the short list of candidates that would work alongside your lifelong idols.
You were in the Avengers Compound and you were to start today your six months of intensive training and assessments to be part of their elite team.
You were going to help save the world.
It was right after high school that you applied for the SHIELD agent program. You had shown intelligence in class and a sharp quick wit for picking up things taught to you. You were also fairly athletic, track and Kendo being your favorites. The only thing that hindered you from being top of your class was the fact that you worked several jobs on the side to pay for everything including your older sister's hospital treatments.
Your heart always felt lighter at the thought of her. She was your only remaining family after your parents had tragically died in a car crash three years ago. Lillian had a rare disease that at the best of times, she functioned as a regular young adult. She had a job, a social circle, hobbies, a relationship. She had a life.
At the worst of times though she would be confined in the hospital for days to weeks at a time, needing constant help to do the most basic of things. She needed regular check ups and special medication to keep her on the best possible scenario and this required money. She was the reason you were happily enduring the fatigue and stress of trying to maintain your schoolwork while earning every penny you could. It was all for your love for her.
It was at her insistence that you apply for SHIELD. She pulled you aside one day in between one of your many shifts, her girlfriend Jillian smiling warmly at you by her side. You returned her smile, forever grateful that she was around when you couldn't.
Lillian and Jillian.
Lily and Jilly as you liked to call them.
"You have to say yes to the SHIELD recruiter," Lily said bluntly. She was never one to beat around the bush, contrary to you who always tried to look for the most diplomatic approach possible. She didn't like wasting time when she knew her illness could take her away at any day.
"Lily, we talked about this," you whined. It would pay much more than what you were earning now with multiple jobs and the health insurance would cover Lily too, but you couldn't take it. "It's going to take me away on long trainings and even longer missions probably. I won't know when I can come home. I won't just leave you alone like that."
Lily smiled sadly at you. The guilt had been eating away at her for years. She was the big sister. She was supposed to take care of you. She cursed at the heavens everyday for her condition but more for the burden that had fallen on your shoulders. She didn't ask for it, but you had determinedly taken it upon yourself. You never complained or even said that you were tired. You always just said you were fine before promptly asking how she was feeling. Her baby sister with the selfless heart and bright eyed optimism.
Traits that a hero should possess.
"I won't be alone," Lily said softly. You were puzzled for a moment before you realized that Jill was grinning widely at you.
"You're moving in!" you squealed as you leaped to hug them both. "I'm so happy for you. She's been whining about this for months. Finally!"
Jill laughed as your sister smacked the back of your head in disapproval of your comment. She ruffled your hair and patted the spot that your sister had playfully hit. Jill had a beautiful heart and you often told Lily that she better treat her right because partners don't come any better than Jill.
"You don't have to worry about her, Y/N. I'll keep an eye on her for you," she assured you, making sure to hold your gaze.
"You promise?"
Lily's heart ached at the conflict on your face. One side wanting to keep your self-appointed obligation to her and remain by her side, while the other was to fulfill your dream of being the lucky few to work with the Avengers. If Lily were to be asked, they were the ones lucky to have you on their team.
"Come here, Y/N," she said, pulling you closer to her and cupping your face. "I want you to have your dreams too. You deserve it and that's what mom and dad would have wanted."
Tears were shed that afternoon along with firm reassurances to keep in touch as often as possible and gentle scolding when your face kept showing your hesitancy.
Now, you were thankful for Lily giving you that push. You were practically vibrating with excitement when your batch was corralled into the training area and a number of Avengers sauntered in.
You were worried that they might notice your over eagerness, but you just couldn't help it. These were the Avengers. They were absolute rock stars in your book and you were going to be working with them. You were fangirling hard. You felt a hand clasp around yours tightly, turning your head you see one of your fellow recruits smiling just as widely as you.
Your friend circle had dwindled down to non-existent since you devoted yourself to your sister. You had always been quick to make friends but there just wasn't any time outside of your back to back schedules to hang out. Now with almost like a new chance at life for yourself, you were happy to say that you had made a friend in Anna. You had instantly bonded with her on the first day of basic training, sharing the same wonderment of being among a league of extraordinary heroes.
"Good morning, recruits," Captain America said in his low commanding voice that sent chills down your spine. "Congratulations for getting this far and I hope you're ready to jump right it. We'll be breaking off into groups and running some drills."
A few minutes were spent briefing you all more about what to expect and assigning you into groups. You struggled a little to keep your focus purely because Steve Rogers and the Maximoff twins were finally within touching distance of you. You felt like you might faint when you were assigned to the group under the one and only Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes.
It was both a nightmare and a dream come true.
You downright worshipped this man, from his service during World War 2 to his tragic time as the Winter Soldier to now as an official part of the Avengers. You had admired him not only for his incredible skills, but more for his resilient will and loyalty. His story was of redemption, friendship, and sheer fucking will.
The pedestal you placed him on was sky high.
You were following your group to a corner of the training area as instructed when, as luck would have it, you tripped. As you fell, you caught sight of the arrogant smirk on the face of one of your batchmates. Clearly this was no accident. You squeezed your eyes shut and braced for the physical pain and utter embarrassment of of face planting in front of everyone.
But it never came. Instead, you felt strong arms grip you and gently lift you back up on your feet. Opening your eyes you were met with the smiling friendly face of Pietro Maximoff. His hands were still on your shoulders when he spoke, his rich accent prominent in his words.
"Watch your step, little star."
His charm was endearing, you somehow managed to return his smile and mutter your thanks despite the heat rising on your face. He gave you one more smile before he vanished before your eyes. Across the room you saw him now standing beside his sister who was covering her mouth to hide her giggling, but the twinkle in her eyes gave her away.
It was a good thing that Pietro had been watching you from the moment he stepped into the room or else he wouldn't have been able to stop your fall. Among a crowd of standard looking agents, his sights had zeroed in on you. Something about you just made you stand out and it drew him in like a moth to a flame. Like a bright light in a dark night sky.
Dusting yourself off, you turned back to your group to be greeted by two scowling faces. One from Kim who had tripped you and Sergeant Barnes who was tapping his foot impatiently.
Way to make a first impression.
You chewed on your lip as you rejoined the group, head bowed and consciously deciding to make an effort to keep away from any more trouble.
Sergeant Barnes gave you all a simple task, grab a gun and shoot dead center on all targets. You steeled your focus and took a deep breath as you raised the pistol to eye level. There were five targets spread out in front of you at different distances, naturally the farthest one would be the most difficult to hit. You already had a year and a half of agent training where even though you weren't necessarily top of the class, you were well above average.
You released your breath and pulled the trigger, releasing a hail of bullets on the first two targets. You smiled, seeing they were all clustered close at the center. You risked a glance at Bucky to check if he saw, but he was at the other end of the line observing another agent. You moved to the next two a little disappointed, willing your breathing to even out before firing. Not as great as the first two but some were still at the center. You reloaded your gun before firing at the last one. You sighed and scrunched your nose, the smell of gunpowder pungent in the air. You saw your shot cluttered and none hitting the center on that last one.
"You're wasting ammo," a low growl sounded behind you making you jump. Craning your neck you saw Bucky scowling down at you. "A measly five targets and you're at two clips already. Do you expect everyone else to carry extra ammo for you?"
"No, Sir," you stammered, eyes going down to the floor again afraid to meet his disapproving gaze.
"Maybe if you weren't too busy flirting you would have better focus."
Your whole body burned with embarrassment and if the ground could just open up and swallow you that would be great. You were just thankful that he said it so quietly that the rest of the agents hadn't heard or god forbid for Pietro to hear and think of you as just some floozy. It was a small mercy.
"I'm sorry, Sir," you meekly muttered.
"Don't be sorry. Be better."
Your hands were shaking slightly when he walked away, palms sweaty and clammy. Distressed as you were, you also knew that he was right. On an actual mission, running out of bullets could mean the difference between life and death. It could mean the difference between mission accomplished and your team coming home in body bags.
You squared your shoulders as you pulled up your pistol again with renewed intent. You would take his advice to heart. You would be better. Days passed and Bucky kept murmuring the same feedback to you during weapons training.
"Close is not good enough."
"That target would still be alive and could have killed you."
"You would be a liability to your team."
Your confidence was taking a massive dip and it didn't help that it seemed like you were the only one getting this kind of treatment. Anna was in your group too and she had expressed her surprise at how accommodating Bucky was with all the pointers he was offering. You didn't tell her that it was a completely different experience for you.
Pietro had noticed the dip in your mood and decided that he did not like seeing a frown on your beautiful face. One day during training after another session of Bucky belittling your skills, you felt a gust of wind that almost made you topple over. Looking around your sights locked on Pietro who had a cheeky grin on his face and was gesturing to your pockets.
You furrowed your brows and your lower lip jutted out in a small pout as you reached into your jacket pocket. You were surprised to find something in there when you knew it should be empty. Your hand wrapped around crinkly paper, pulling it out you saw that it was a small chocolate bar. You beamed at Pietro, appreciating the sweet gesture and chuckling how chocolate was exactly what you needed right now to lighten your mood. He had a knack for knowing what you needed before you did.
Pietro's regular treats were helping your mood. One time you found a box of jellybeans on your bed and another time you found a packet of lollipops. It always brought a smile to your face no matter how bad the day had been.
Bucky though had escalated his demeaning comments and no amount of sweets could wash the bitter taste from your mouth. You were quickly getting demotivated and you turned to the one person you knew who could pull you out of it. You called Lillian late at night knowing she would answer despite the time. You felt only a little guilty when you heard Jill's faint sleepy mumbling.
"Maybe this just isn't for me. Maybe I should just get something in the tech or intelligence department. I mean I'm kind of good at that."
"Stop that right now," she interrupted your depressing rambling. "Tell me what I always complain about you."
"That I don't know when to quit," you sighed.
"Exactly! That's your most annoying trait and it makes me want to strangle you, but it's also your greatest asset."
"So what should I do, Lil?"
"You're going to go out there, work harder than you ever have in your life and that's saying something because it's you we're talking about, and you're going to show up that sour looking Sergeant."
You couldn't help the chuckle that escaped your lips at her words. She knew how much you admired Bucky and for her to talk smack about him on your behalf brought you comfort and a new energy. You thanked her, asked how she was feeling, then said good night.
You spent the next three weeks staying in the training area well after hours to practice, pinpoint your weaknesses, and take measured adjustments. You had even moved to using other guns and moving targets, wanting to expand your skill range. The sniper rifle had become a quick favorite for you. The hard work paid off with Bucky reduced to merely grunting his displeasure at you.
At least it was progress.
On assessment day, you used all the guns required and hit all the targets precisely with minimal shots. You beamed with pride after the last shot, looking at Bucky and expecting his approval. Surely you had proven your worth.
"Don't look so proud. Accuracy is a basic requirement."
Your face fell but you were quick to school it to a neutral expression. At least it wasn't an insult this time. You would take this as a win. Pietro and Wanda approached you after Bucky had moved to assess another agent. You had sparked an unexpected friendship with the twins during your late night sessions. Both had trouble sleeping and liked to unleash their powers when no one was around to relieve some tension. They were so accepting and casual that it wasn't difficult to become comfortable around them.
"Don't listen to the grumpy old man. You did amazing," Wanda said, smirking at the knowledge that Bucky would hear her.
"Here. Have a break for now, little star," Pietro said, handing you a bottle of water.
You took it gratefully and almost emptied it on your first swig. You didn't realize how thirsty you had gotten, having been so focused on the assessments.
You decided to keep the same routine even as your groups shuffled mentors. Your time with Wanda and Pietro had been the least pressured. Both were encouraging and quick to point out where improvements can be made, giving you all valuable insights when going against enhanced enemies. You hungrily took in all the information and kept practicing long after everyone had left.
As usual the twins would join you during your extended sessions, sometimes just one of them and other times both were there to keep you company. One time you and Wanda decided to just indulge in girl talk over cups of hot chocolate.
"You know. Pietro always asks me to read your emotions," she giggled.
"What did you tell him?"
"I told him to ask you himself."
You returned to your bunk house afterwards mulling over what Wanda had said about her brother. You were surprised to see that some of your fellow recruits were still awake. Unfortunately one of them was Kim.
"Look who's back from her late night rendezvous," she snickered. "Tell us. Are you still pining over Sergeant Barnes or have you moved on to Pietro now?"
Your eyes widened in surprise. Was it really that obvious that you harbored a crush for the former Winter Soldier? Despite his earlier treatment of you, you had continued to look for his face in the room whenever you think you think you did well at something. It was a reflex now at this point to seek his approval.
"You know very well I'm having extra training with the twins," you said plainly, immediately defensive of Pietro when he and Wanda had been nothing but nice to you. "I've offered for any of you to join, remember?"
Kim scoffed and flipped her perfect hair over her shoulder. "As if I need extra training. I'll leave that with people like you who are at the bottom of the barrel."
It was true. Horrible as she was, she was practically the poster child for the perfect SHIELD agent. Top of the class in all fields and beautiful to boot. She was already being called the next Natasha Romanoff. You gritted your teeth and chose to drown her out for the rest of the night. Just this week she had beaten you with ease repeatedly when you had been paired off for sparring. Bucky had a dark smirk of satisfaction each time you fell.
Hand to hand with Steve Rogers had to be the hardest part of training since you were each expected to take him down at some point. Your late night sessions were now centered on building up your strength and endurance to be able to have a fighting chance against him.
Steve was always kind though. He didn't pull any of his punches, but he was also quick to adjust to your level when he saw any of you struggling. His signature pep talks coupled with an encouraging smile also helped.
You tried out a new move during one of the sparring matches that had caught him off-guard causing him to react on instinct with a solid punch to your gut that sent you flying. You think you blacked out for a moment from having the air knocked clear out of you because the next thing you knew Bucky's worried face was right in front of yours.
"You okay, doll?" he whispered, as he helped you sit up.
The cold metal from his arm was a welcome relief on your aching shoulder that you had landed on. You groaned and clutched at your ribs. They weren't broken but they sure hurt like hell. This was sure to leave a massive bruise the next day.
"Don't you think that was a little much, punk?" Bucky snarled at his bestfriend who now came to kneel in front of you too.
"I am so sorry!" Steve said immediately. "I didn't expect you to try a move like that."
"I suppose I should take that as a compliment," you chuckled but quickly hissed from the pain of the movement. "I'm fine. I just need a minute and we can go again."
"Like hell you are!" Bucky growled. "You're going to the infirmary."
The look of permanent disapproval for you was on his face again, the soft worry completely gone. He obviously thought you were weak and this just pushed you to be more stubborn. You bit back the whimper as you pushed yourself to your feet. It was killing you to straighten your body but you forced yourself to do it anyway and stared willfully at Steve.
"I can keep going. I can do better."
A flash of admiration and a sense of familiarity crossed Steve's features. You reminded him of himself at that moment, beaten but not willing to give up. He appreciated that about you.
"You're done for today. I'll take you to the doctors," Steve insisted.
"I'll take her," Bucky oddly volunteered, looping your arm over his shoulder while his other hand supported you on your hip. "You still have a class. Mine is done anyway."
The slow walk to the medical bay was awkward and silent. You were more than just shocked that Bucky had taken the task of getting you treated. More confusing still was how he was the first to check on you and for a moment he looked at you with such genuine worry. The feel of his hands on you were also sending tingles to dance across your skin that were not at all related to your injuries. A glance at his beautiful frowning face confirmed it.
You were in love with Bucky Barnes.
You weren't sure how, when, or why your respectful admiration of him turned to a romantic kind of love. You just knew that this was the case now.
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