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#stephen strange
doctorofmagic27 minutes ago
Wait... He's dying for real? 馃槶
Hi, dear anon!
We don't know yet but as I said it before, I hardly think Marvel is killing him for good. It will probably be a resurrection arc to prove the character's importance in the universe (hopefully).
We'll find out in September! Until there, I'll be here suffering for him, as usual ofwoifhwf
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alidafirtup33 minutes ago
tony: i feel like we're starting to lose the 'b' in our 'bromance', bro
stephen, pausing from kissing tony's neck: hmph?
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incorrectkamartaj47 minutes ago
Stephen Strange: Died and came back as a cowboy, I call that reintarnation.
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kiki-shortsnoutan hour ago
Ironstrange- Cuddling please 馃榿
Thanks for the ask! Especially for a cute one like this!
IronStrange Cuddling: How do they like to cuddle?
My headcanon for these two is that while Tony doesn鈥檛 mind touching people (shaking hands, pats on the back) he鈥檚 not really used to cuddling much. That doesn鈥檛 mean he doesn鈥檛 like it, he鈥檚 a total cuddle monster in bed, to the point he won鈥檛 let Stephen go. Like Tony, Stephen isn鈥檛 one for hugs, he finds them awkward and he鈥檚 not really the touchy-feely type. But with Tony? Behind closed doors, he鈥檚 more than happy for Tony to drape himself all over him, to rest his arm on Tony鈥檚 shoulders and hip when they hug, but he never initiates it, not sure how to.
But after nightmares about his time in the Dark Dimension he鈥檚 desperate for reassurance, and Tony never questions him, never talks about it, he just scoots across in the bed and rolls Stephen over, acting as the big spoon and holding Stephen until he stops trembling.
After sex? Tony flops on Stephen鈥檚 chest and Stephen enjoys resting his head on top of Tony鈥檚, stroking his hand up and down his spine, just basking in the afterglow and closeness.
Thank you once again! These are really fun and a great motivation for more IronStrange fanfics!
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stark-strange-love22 hours ago
Stephen: Can I speak to the manager, this service is terrible
Ebony Maw, in the middle of torturing Stephen: can you please shut the fuck up
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third-siren2 hours ago
I'm scared for Stephen
Every single series preceding MoM has some emotional breakdown moments.
WanVis: Wanda cries a lot
SamBucky: Bucky cries, too. The notoriously mighty Winter Soldier cries.
Loki: ain't that Loki series without him crying for his family or homeland about Stephen 馃槶馃槶馃槶馃槶
We need to prepare ourselves before watching it.
And pls have a reminiscing scene with Tony pls馃槶馃槶馃槶
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stark-strange-love25 hours ago
Stephen: if you think about it uptown girl is just billy Joel singing about his sugar mama
Tony: so am I your uptown boy? 馃槈
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snarkyship5 hours ago
Tumblr media
another floating sorcerer
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d0ct0rstrangewife6 hours ago
Y/N: You lying, cheating, piece of shit!
Stephen: Oh yeah? You鈥檙e the idiot who thinks you can get away with everything you do. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD
Y/N: I鈥檓 leaving you, and I鈥橫 TAKING WONG WITH ME
Wong, picking up the monopoly board: I think we鈥檙e gonna stop playing now
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cyborgpunkmonkcreations7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Did this quickly for the fun of it & curiosity. Also used a couple filters. (Might redo with more effort later).
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villainquoteoftheday9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淚 did not boast when I said you could not defeat me鈥擝ut told the simple truth.鈥
-Shuma-Gorath, Marvel Comics
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ir0nstrange11 hours ago
Stephen : I'll take care of you.
Tony : It's rotten work.
Stephen : Not to me. Not if it's you.
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funkylittlebidiot12 hours ago
Chapters: 7/? Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Doctor Strange (2016), Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Tony Stark/Stephen Strange Characters: Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, Peter Parker, Harley Keener, Other Avengers, Original Child Character(s) Additional Tags: Irondad, Tony Stark/Stephen Strange Parenting Peter Parker | Supremefamily | Strange Family, it's a triquel so you know what to expect honestly, so self-indulgent, Author does whatever she wants Series: Part 4 of About Them Summary:
Parenthood is about one thing; preparing your children for the future.
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ashley-jones14 hours ago
Between Worlds
Chapter 2
True Hero
芯褌褋褌褍锌懈褌褜 (Back Down)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Boys kinda off putting, mean and cruel difficult little bastard.." Constantine mumbled. The 4 walked through Selina's portal, the entrance closing behind them and appearing in a dark enclosed area. A woman walked out glaring at the group. "Intruders have entered the branch. Attack!" she yelled. Selina turned growling, eyes glowing dangerously.
"芯褌褋褌褍锌懈褌褜!" she yelled. A bright red light shot from her slamming the assassin's back against the wall. "Witch!" the woman yelled. The woman ran at her causing a smirk to entrance from the female. She held out her hand catching the woman sword, landing inches near the teens head. "芯褌褋褌褍锌懈褌褜" she whispered. The woman backed up dropping her sword once a deep voice told them to back down. Selina tossed the sword to the side checking her now ripped glove. "Rude.." she mumbled.
"hey kid.." John awkwardly said. The tall male walked out dressed in black and a red cloak, a tall black dog standing beside him. "This seems like a waste of time.." Selina growled. "Found a few people that came from a differeng Dimension, perademons are attacking their world slammed them right through a portal.. Little lass needs electricity to create a new portal." Constantine explained. "Very well." the boy stated.
He turned and walked away, the group slowly following. Stephen walked beside Selina keeping a close eye on her. 'she hid the stones within herself before entering here.. smart girl.' he thought. They where led to a room of beds, Wong immediately collapsing along with Constantine. Selina's eyes moved around the room taking in every single detail and remembering each passage they took to get to the room; a trick that she learned from being in Hydra for so long. "Come with me." the boy stated. He looked at the female then towards Constantine. "And you, don't steal anything." he ordered.
Selina followed the boy pulling her arm from Strange's grasp and placing a spell on the levitation cloak to stop it from following her. "Where are you from?" he questioned. "New York, but not yours.. Ours is still somewhat alive, but my friends and I need to get back to London. Our time is frozen or at least I believe it still is.." she explained. He looked back at her taking in how she watched and located every detail around her, almost as if she was an assassin being led into a trap.
"Our world is being reconnected into bounds, we have nothing there that they could possibly want." she mumbled. "Maybe they're not their for what's in the city." he stated. She stopped and looked at him then placed a hand over her stomach. 'Infinity Stones.. Thanos is gone and so is Tony.." she thought. Her eyes widened when reality struck her like lightening. 'They want me..!' her mind screamed. 'nit just me.. but the stones!' her mind cried.
She shook her head and quickly caught up with the male. He led her into a room filled with computers along with a large screen that sat above everything. "Will this do?" he questioned. She looked over towards him taking him completely. "Uh.. yes, thank you." she stumbled. He nodded and left the room quietly shutting the door behind him.
Tumblr media
Selina pulled her jacket off and set it down on the back of the chair. "This is nothing like Tony's new technology but it'll work." she simply said. She sat down pulling out her tracker and set it down connecting the USB to the bottom of it. She turned it on and pressed the bottom. "This is Selina Maximoff, Infinity Agent 347, I am with Dr Strange and Wong the keepers of time. We have been transported to dimension district 34678. Again this is Selina Maximoff, Infinity Agent 347, I am with Dr Strange and Wong the keepers of time. We have been transported to dimension district 34678. Does anyone copy?" she repeated. Static filled her ears before a voice rang out, her head quickly shooting up. "Selina, Selina this is Banner, I copy you Maximoff!" he called out.
"Banner!" she quickly said. She sat up smiling brightly, her heart beat speeding out. "Banner, I need you to find a way to create a portal to transport us back to our District, the planet is once more under attack." she ordered. "Yeah we know! Clint is here along with the Wakandan's.. Could really use you guys.. I'll find a way to get you 3 back here! Just be patient!" he ordered. The tracker cut out making the female curse. She disconnected the tracker and quickly stood up, grabbing a hold of her jacket.
The technology wasn't upgraded enough for her create a portal, but if Banner was able to get to Tony's lab then the portal could easily be conjured up by using Jarvis and a bit of Shuri's help could get them back home safely, and in time before the perademons take over completely.
Her heels clicked along the stone and walked into the room going to speak but stopped when she noticed everyone was fast asleep. She sighed quietly and slowly took the bed closest to the door. Her heart began pounding at an extreme rate. The area was way too quiet for her liking. Selina was use to the noises of the city, or listening to Stephen astrol project at night.
She quickly stood, her crop top and long split skirt reappeared and she immediately made her way through the hallways and outside. She passed by the guards quietly and disappeared from the closed in area.
Selina reappeared on the roof of the building, slowly standing up to her full height staring out at the destruction around her. "You shouldn't be up here." Damian spoke. She looked down then back towards the tall boy. "I know. But I don't get tired." she talked back. He didn't seem to enjoy the smart talk as he seemed to tense and glare at her, not in an angered way but a feral type of way. She raised an eyebrow then looked back out over the 'city'.
"I know Constantine means nothing to you. So what about the other two?" he questioned. "They're my guardians. Strange the taller one keeps my mind and soul at bay and stops me from losing control of my madness. Wong the shorter male keeps Strange at bay with his emotions and abilities. Without them around me I'm dangerous and can lose full control of everything I've built up around me." she explained. Her hair blew in the wind a nourish of colors flouring around her creating a beautiful glow around her. "Without them around, you'd all be dead." she whispered. She smiled and disappeared back into the room as Stephen's voice filled her head.
"Kids lost a lot, her parents where killed in a bombing when she was a baby and taken by a dark association called Hydra and trained into a killer and a very dangerous weapon at only 13. Her siblings left her behind to go after Stark who later took her in after Hydra was destroyed. But she watched her older brother die, then later on watched her sister turn to ash and losing her best friend Peter. Just a month ago she lost 3 very very important people in her life.. People she refuses to let go.." Strange explained.
Selina stood outside the door, her fist clenched in front of the doorknob. Unknown to her Damian stood close by hearing every word through the thin walls. "I took her in after she collected the sources of her power.. They give her severe nightmares which is why she doesn't sleep, and it caused horrifying visions and inner demons to appear if she's away from one of us for too long.. Kids been through hell and back and she's only 18.." Wong added.
Selina didn't need people knowing her life story. She lived a painful life of torture and horror just like her siblings. She was 15 experiencing war and fighting a war that she lost. 16 being dragged around by Thanos' voice and threats in her head. 17 when she looked into the eyes of someone she finally admitted to falling in love with. 18 when she never saw her again even after she promised to see her in a minute! 18 watching her caretaker give into his sacrifice. 18 watching her second caretaker leave her behind. 18 watching everyone she has grown up with leave her behind. All she had left was Stephen and Wong.. Everyone left her without a care in the world.
Tumblr media
Selina pulled out her tracker as static poured from it. "Sel- Selina do you copy?" Banner spoke out. Wong was quick to look over, Stephen falling out of conversation with John and Damian. She stood up quickly and walked out, her heels clicking as she searched for a better single. "I copy." she answered. It's been 3 weeks since she finally contacted Banner, so when a bright orange portal poured out in front of her, Stark's hideout pouring out through the other side. Her tracker fell to the floor as she stared at it.
Damian ran out with the others looking at the portal closely. "Is that?" Wong questioned. "It's Stark's old Avengers hideout." Selina answered. Stephen and Wong walked through, Selina slowly turning to others. Her eyes pouring over the destruction of their city. "Come with. We have technology strong enough to create portals all along this dimension. We can bring survivors to safety. Instead, we're always in need of a new heros." she stated. "Bloody hell you don't have to ask me twice lass.." John quickly said.
"We could use a trainer for self defense and combat." she softly said. Damian looked at her then turned towards the standing league who stared with begging eyes. He then nodded, gripping his sword tightly at his side. She smiled and turned walking through the portal after Constantine, the league slowly following. "A true hero.." Banner whispered. "Yes she is." Stephen replied.
Selina stepped into her old room drying her hair with a soft smile. She wore a mesh black body suit with tight black ripped flare jeans, with black heels. It felt good to be back home, but it also felt better to have better connection with the perademons. She tossed her towel onto her bed and made her way to the lab. "Good evening Jarvis." she softly said. "Good evening Miss Maximoff, how may I be of service?" the AI questioned. "I need all information of creatures known as Perademons. They're breaching our earth and we need to stop them before they hit the surface once more." she ordered. Holograms appeared all around her of the creatures.
"Don't tell me you like the lass.." John mumbled. Damian quickly looked away from the window to the lab and glared towards the demonologist. "No." he growled. "Probably a good thing mate, she doesn't seem to be interested in any type of relationship. She's a true definition of hero." John muttered. The black pointed ears dog walked into the lab ignoring his master orders for him to stop.
Selina looked over slowly pushed the holograms off to the side and ordered for Jarvis to freeze his research. She smiled and held her hand out to the dog which he pushed his head against her hand. She smiled and kneeled down petting him, his head pushing against her shoulder. "Sorry.. Titus usually behaves.." Damian muttered. "He's fine, I love animals." she softly replied.
"Miss Maximoff, my apologies for interrupting but Mr Banner wishes to see you in the training grounds." Jarvis spoke. "Thank you." Selina replied. She stood to her full gently scratching under Titus' neck who whined in enjoyment. "Cute dog." she whispered. She smiled and walked past him the dog almost immediately following after her, making Damian sigh with red cheeks and quickly followed after her.
Tumblr media
Selina walked out onto the training grounds searching for the large green male. "Banner!" she called out. "Look out!" Damian yelled. She turned catching the flying blade before it landed into her shoulder. She looked over quickly seeing Clint standing with his arms crossed, but he wasn't alone. She tossed the sword to the side and walked towards him taking in the sight of Bucky standing tall. His hair was cut perfectly and he had a different arm as well from the Wakandan's.
"Bucky!" she quickly said. She ran and tossed herself into his arms smiling brightly. His large arms wrapped tightly around her waist, her legs wrapping around him tightly. Clint rolled his eyes glaring at the girl. "How rude of you kid, you say hello to the old man before you say hello to me!" he roared in jealously. "Hey she was taught to respect her elders." Bucky joked. He lowered her and smiled down at her ruffling her still drying hair.
"You must be Damian, I'm Clint, this is Bucky." Barton introduced. Damian shook their hands trusting them considering the hug Selina gave the one armed male. Bucky nodded then looked back towards Selina. "Caught something that you might be interested in seeing. Can't get near the damn thing but I'm sure you can." he stated. Selina nodded and smiled and Damian who was examining Barton's arrows.
Bucky led Selina into the lower base, an area she knew quite well. She's been locked up in this base more times than she'd like to admit. "Good luck.." Bucky mumbled. He walked out leaving the female with the large creature. She walked inside shutting the glass door behind her. The creature slammed against the electrical bar yelling out when shocks ran through it.
The demon finally looked at her with hungry eyes. She stepped forward spinning the chair around and sitting down. "You've lost so much." the demon growled. She hummed cocking her head to the side. "We need you." he growled. "We need your powers." he added. "Oh I know. Everyone wants a part of the Infinity Stones." she joked. "But you won't be getting them." She growled. She stood and pushed the chair back against the wall and began leaving. "Don't fall in love with someone who shows no emotion Selina Maximoff." the demon stated. She looked back at him with confusion then turned and walked out closing and locking the door.
"Don't leave, woman!!" It yelled. She turned and looked at it with a glare. "I have a name demon. It's Selina not woman." she stated. She then smiled and raised her head confidently. "And don't worry yourself with who I choose to fall in love with or who I choose not to." she softly added. She turned and walked up the steps with a confident smile.
Tumblr media
"A party? At a time like this?" Selina questioned. She was sitting outside in the training area watching Damian and Barton go at it. Titas was sitting between herself and Sam. "You wanna grab attention don't you, what better way than to throw a party. We can honor Tony, Nat, and Steve and all those we lost in the war.." Sam explained. She sighed and leaned back crossing one leg over the other. "It's not a bad idea.. I would say contact Pepper but I don't wanna bother her and Morgan.." she mumbled. "I'll call her, and I'll invint my sister and have her bring a few old friends for more traction." he happily said.
Selina shrugged with a soft smile then looked up towards Bucky. "What do you think?" she asked. "I don't like parties, but it could use for good attraction for your target doll." he answered. She hummed then looked forward once more, holding back giggles as Burton was brought to his ass once more. "Damn Barton, you're getting your ass kicked by a kid!" Bucky yelled. "Piss off!" Burton yelled back. "Language!" Sam and Selina called out.
"Assholes.." Clint mumbled. He pushed himself up nodding at Damian. "You're good, really good." he gasped out. "Been trained all my life, but I hope to get even better." Damian replied. "When it comes to extreme training I'd go to Bucky, he's 106 years old, trained Selina in combat and weapons. Probably the best person to go to." Clint offered. Damian nodding with a small smile. "I'll do that. Good challenge." He replied. Damian shook Clint's hand then made his way over to 3 sitting. Titas let out a bark causing Selina to shift and look over at him.
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thewildthorberrys14 hours ago
Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
*header by @dcarveledits鈥
Bucky Barnes Matt Murdock Sam Wilson Stephen Strange Steve Rogers Thor
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