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storiesbystarlight · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The Parker-Wilson Family Masterlist
Sam Wilson x Parker! Reader, Peter Parker x Mom! Reader
Fandom: The MCU
Y/N Parker-Wilson, Spider-Man’s mom and Sam Wilson’s girlfriend. These are some stories from their small family
A Soldier Comes Home
Y/N Parker, Peter Parker’s mother and Sam Wilson’s girlfriend, comes home from deployment
A Growing Family
It’s Sam’s birthday, and Y/N has a special gift for him
In Louisiana
Sam Wilson makes a layover in Louisiana after a mission, and and is met with a surprise
Baby Parker-Wilson
The new member of the family is finally here
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storiesbystarlight · 27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Baby Parker-Wilson
Sam Wilson x Parker! Reader, Peter Parker x Mom! Reader
Fandom: The MCU
Parker-Wilson Family Masterlist: More stories in the same universe
Summary: The new member of the family is finally here
Warnings: Mentions of childbirth and labor, some medical stuff (they’re in a hospital), father missing the birth of his child, stressed Sam, fluff
April 9th had been an exhausting day for every member of the Wilson-Parker family, though Sam and Bucky were oblivious to the stress the rest of the family had experienced that day. The two had been away on a mission for two weeks, something Sam was very anxious about.
The due date for his and Y/N’s baby was drawing ever closer, and he didn’t want to risk missing it. Sadly, skipping this mission hadn’t been an option, and they had been away for longer than either of them had expected.
“What’s that on the door?” Bucky asked as he slammed the car door shut.
Sam turned to see what he was talking about, and saw what appeared to be a note stuck on the front door of the house. After slinging his duffel bag over his shoulder, he walked onto the porch and stopped to read said note.
Sam and Bucky,
If you’re reading this, you should be done with the mission. We’re at the hospital, get your asses here now
“The hospital?” Bucky said, as realization struck Sam.
“Shit.” He said, opening the door and throwing his bag in, before moving back to the car. “Put the bag inside and get over here.”
“What’s- oh.” Bucky realized the situation, and quickly followed Sam’s instructions.
He’d barely had time to close the car door before they were driving away again.
“Pete.” Sarah stuck her head out from the hospital room to look at her nephew. “You can come in if you want.” She said, stepping out of the room and holding the door open for him.
He immediately stood up and walked into the room, seeing his mom half sitting half lying on the hospital bed.
“Hi honey.” She said, smiling at her son.
“Hi.” He replied, sitting down next to her. “How’d it go?”
“I’ve been told it went well, but I’ve barely seen for myself yet.” She said. “They took her away pretty quickly to clean her and such.”
“Well that’s good.” Peter said, relaxing slightly in his seat. “How’re you feeling?”
“Exhausted. But I’m happy it’s done.” Y/N said. “It’s been a long nine months, but now she’s here.”
“Knock knock.” Sounded from outside the room as the door was pushed open, and in stepped Dr. Kenny, along with a nurse who was holding a small bundle of blankets.
“We’re happy to report that your baby girl is happy and healthy.” Dr. Kenny said as the nurse handed the baby to Y/N.
Peter leaned in closer to look at his new baby sister, and a smile quickly spread on his face.
“Thank you Doctor.” Y/N said, and she smiled in response.
“Just doing my job.” She said. “We’ll be back soon, there are still some things to take care of, but we’ll give you some time alone.”
Dr. Kenny made a swift exit along with the nurse, and Y/N looked back down at her daughter.
“Hi baby.” She cooed, watching as she opened her eyes. “Welcome to the family.”
Y/N shifted slightly, allowing Peter to get a better look.
“Hey Tiny.” He said, reaching a hand out, and let her small fingers close around one of his. “It’s nice to finally meet you. We’ve been waiting a long time for you.”
“Speaking of waiting, I wonder where your daddy is.” Y/N said, glancing at the door.
As if on cue, the door opened and Sarah looked in. “Guess who finally showed up?” She said, and Sam entered the room.
Sarah gave him a shove towards his wife and kids, before closing the door again.
“Speak of the devil.” Y/N said, looking at him, and that seemed to shake Sam from his trance, and he chuckled.
“Sorry I’m late.” He said, in typical Sam fashion, and moved to sit on Y/N’s other side. “Can’t believe I missed it.”
“You’re here now, that’s what matters.” Y/N said, moving to hand the baby to her father.
“Hi baby girl.” He said, looking down at the bundled was now holding in his arms. “Sorry I wasn’t here when you arrived.”
“She doesn’t seem to mind too much.” Y/N said, smiling at the way the small girl reached up towards Sam’s face.
“Decided on a name yet?” Sam asked.
“Well, I had one in mind, but I didn’t want to decide without you.” Y/N said, and Sam looked at her. “Riley Darlene Wilson has a nice ring to it, don’t you think?”
“I think it sounds great.” Peter said.
“I think you’re right, Spider-Kid.” Sam said, making Peter roll his eyes.
“It’s Spider-Man.” He said, and both Y/N and Sam chuckled.
“You’re still our kid though.” Y/N said.
“Fair enough.” Peter conceded, before he perked up and pulled out his phone. “Can I take a picture to send to May? I promised I’d update her.”
“Get over here.” Sam smiled, and Peter rounded the bed and took a picture of Riley before sending it to May.
“Are you sure about Riley?” Sam asked, looking at Y/N.
“Why wouldn’t I be?” She asked. “He meant a lot to you, and something tells me she does too.”
Sam smiled, and blinked away the tears in his eyes. “That’s an understatement.”
There was another knock on the door, and Bucky stuck his head in.
“Think we can come in? I’m starting to feel bad for Sarah having to keep me and the boys in check.” He asked, and AJ and Cass peeked in behind Bucky.
“Have at it.” Y/N said, and the remaining family members, well, the ones present, piled into the room.
The boys gathered around Sam, who was still holding Riley, while Sarah went to stand next to Y/N.
“So what’s Tiny’s name?” Bucky asked, a hand placed on the back of Sam’s chair, looking down at the baby girl.
“Riley. Riley Darlene Wilson.” Y/N said.
“You didn’t name her after me?” Bucky said, placing a hand over his chest. “I’m offended.”
“Get over it, Cyborg.” Sam said, you could practically hear his eyes rolling.
“Alright, I guess I will.” Bucky joked, and clapped Sam on the shoulder. “You did good, Bird Man.”
“You really did.” Sarah told Y/N, who gave her a grateful smile.
“It seems we did.”
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beyondspaceandstars · 49 minutes ago
Late Night Confessional
Relationship: Natasha Romanoff x Reader Warnings: N/A Summary: (slight) Neighbors!AU - After you come back from yet another bad date, some fluffy romantic confessionals occur between you and your neighbor. (Based off the prompt: Person A: “What would you say if I told you I was in love with you?” Person B: “That you have terrible tastes.”) A/N: Surprise, happy pride month - I write wlw, too, because I am, in fact, consider myself to be sapphic (or wlw or however you’d condier it ) :) p.s. this is an older piece of writing but i still enjoy it and wanna write more of this nature
"Shit," you muttered as your heel got caught in a crack in the sidewalk. Furiously, you pried off the obnoxious heels and decided trucking back home barefoot was the best option. If that was what was going to get rid of any other annoyances tonight, then so be it. You were absolutely over it.
Everything had started out fine — which was what got you — but shit turned south once he opened his mouth. He was a date you had met on one of those dating apps. You couldn’t remember which one since they’ve all just started blending together from the obsessive swiping and small talk.
With him, though, it didn’t seem so bad at first. You two texted for a few weeks and seemed to really vibe with one another. Even when you first sat down at the bar, you thought for a second this could work well.  
Then he started to get handsy — drunk and handsy. In your experience, it was never a good combination and you kicked yourself for not seeing how it was going to go once he started throwing back drinks. It happened very quickly and right there in the bar. It made you want to pull your hair out.
You felt you had been so blind. What man strung a girl on for almost a month just to be hunting down a quick lay? This man — and he might as well have just admitted it to you. He liked the chase. He liked the resistance with you, he admitted when his hand began to wander. You had been a hard one to "reel in" and at that comment, you pushed him off the stool and marched out of the bar.
It didn’t make sense, but what could you do about it anymore? All that was left was to march back to your apartment, pour a hefty glass of wine, and indulge in a long bubble bath. Maybe relationships weren’t your thing, maybe love needed to take a back seat, you contemplated.
You let out a sigh of relief once you made it to your apartment building. You were suddenly overly thankful you had set up the date at a bar close to you.
After punching in the entry code, you made your way up the stairs still barefoot. Concentrated on not stepping on any trash or scraps, you didn’t see someone at the top of the landing. Unexpectedly, you collided, both of you fumbling backwards a bit. You heard a basket hit the ground as your shoes landed on the stairs with an unpleasant bang.
"Jesus, I’m so-," you began, fumbling for your shoes, as your eyes registered the person you ran into. It was was your neighbor and, arguably, best friend Natasha. She looked a bit exhausted herself. Her hair was in shambles and she wore pajamas — not something you quite always saw her in. She was usually much more together during the day so this get-up always made you chuckle. "Sorry, Nat, seriously didn’t see you there."
She smiled back, collecting her laundry back into the bin, "You end up going blind tonight, hon?"
You shook your head, playfully rolling your eyes. Scoffing, you said, "That’d be the cherry on top tonight."
Natasha looked back at you with a frown. She took in your appearance — knee-length flowy dress, pantyhose, jean jacket, and barefoot with heels dangling in your hand.
"Date went sour?" She asked, a hint of actual wonder in her voice. That was what you loved about her. Not only was she a good (quiet) neighbor, she was also a… friend. Yeah, a friend. She didn’t make your heart jump or stomach do backflips with the looks she’d shoot you. She certainly didn’t make you blush when she actually took interest in your problems or interests. It was just friendly.
You nodded, "He buttered me up for almost a month just to try to get me in bed. Scores points for dedication, I guess."
Natasha picked up her laundry and motioned for you to follow her. You made your way, shoulder-to-shoulder, suppressing any other thoughts, to her apartment. Unlocking it, you followed her to her living room where you could finally sit and relax your feet. Natasha stood by the side table, folding the laundry.
"Did he at least buy your drinks?" Natasha asked.
You laughed, "Nope."
She rolled her eyes as she threw a folded t-shirt on the coffee table.
"Was there any conversation?"
"At first," you shrugged. "It turned unbearable pretty fast. He was such a great guy in text messages, though, that’s what I cannot get over."
She finished up folding the basic stuff like t-shirts and jeans and abandoned the rest to come sit next to you on the couch. It was such a sudden movement your heart nearly jumped.
"Well," Natasha began, getting situated on the couch. She sat criss-cross with her back to the other couch arm, facing you. You shifted in your seat to copy her stance. "Men can be super weird — hell, anyone can be super weird — but, at least you tried it. You seem very persistent when it comes to dating."
You felt yourself blushing as Natasha gave you her world-famous knowing smirk. She knew you too well. She’d seen you after nearly every date that went down the drain. She sat through the rants and wine nights offering something to you and each time, feelings kept building. But it could never — could it?
You started playing with your fingers and averted your gaze to the leather couch, praying she didn’t pick up any signs even though that was impossible. The woman was trained. She was one hell of a superhero — not to even mention her lengthy past — she knew what you were doing, but didn’t give any notions of it.
"Yeah, well, it may be time I give it up for a bit,"
The words even just leaving your mouth stung. You didn’t want to give it up — you just wanted something that appeared forbidden. No woman you went out with and certainly no man you ever encountered could compare to the red-head staring at you.
"Well," Natasha sighed, her gaze averting to her kitchen. "What would you say if I told you I was in love with you?"
Time froze. Your focus on the couch got more intense. Your heart dropped a hundred floors. You didn’t even know if you could properly move. She didn’t say that — did she? Are you just imagining what you wanted to hear? It was a joke, right? It was a joke. Just a nice little fib, two besties playing around, you decided.
Composing yourself the best you could, with a shaky voice you tried to casually respond, "That you have terrible taste."
You thew in a chuckle at the end, trying to show you knew it was a joke and that you could play along — but Natasha’s look didn’t match that. Her gaze came back to you, jaw slightly dropped. She readjusted herself to sit up straight, taking a much more serious position.
"Y/N, I’m serious," she said, carefully, enunciating every letter it felt like. Her eyes were so strong, it pulled you almost. Her tone was one with her — serious and never shifting.
She… she had. She had done that and it wasn’t a stupid prank or something. Someone actually good and caring in this world was taking an interest in you. Fuck, she loved you and you loved her… but you hadn’t said it yet. Oh shit, you hadn’t said a substantial word yet. Natasha was starting to get uncomfortable with the stunned silence but just as she was about to ask you to leave, your brain found your voice.
"I love you," you blurted out with all the force you could muster. Gosh, you hadn’t even admitted that to yourself but it was true. It felt good to say, good to accept. Of course you loved her. She’d stay up with you gossiping or discussing another crappy man from Tinder. You two had regular Sunday brunches at the pancake house down the street neither of you dared to miss. She’d indulge in your interests, watching the twinkle in your eyes while you’d be there ready to set out for whatever new adventure she wanted to take. Heck, she even managed to drag you camping — you hated camping but you loved her and that was all that mattered. You spent so much time hunting the web for your soulmate when really she just lived across the hall.
"You- you mean that?" Natasha’s voice was suddenly so soft. You had never heard her like this. She seemed… nervous. Soft and nervous. She was just as unsure as you were and that was understandable.
"Yeah," You chuckled, a smile playing at your lips. "I do mean it. I love you. I- I think I have for a while."
Natasha spent a second looking for any hints of lying before quickly placing her lips on yours. The movement came at you so fast, you both nearly fell off the couch, but once your brain registered, your lips moved like they belonged. She gripped your waist as the passion in the kiss drove up. Your arms found their way around her neck, your hands playing with strings of her hair.
She broke away for a second and whispered, very much out of breath, "I love you. I’ve always loved you."
You chuckled and whispered it right back. The passion matched the kiss and you pulled her down, sinking into the couch, hands wandering recklessly.
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blueathens · 54 minutes ago
Tumblr media
For my Dusk Till Dawn series
Firstly if you haven’t read this yet, you should know that this series is going to be an endlessly long series that happens in the Marvel crossed X-Men world following OC characters.
Second of all I know that I’m only on Iron Man (Act One) on Tumblr, but I am also writing Act 2 now (14/06/21) which happens between Iron Man 1 and Iron Man 2, following the proper start of Blue Stark, who for the people who’s already reading this knows she isn’t ‘normal...’
I was planning to make Blue Stark end up with Peter Maximoff (most likely), and I just wanted to state that as the story goes on Peter’s character will mature more (he will have still have the same characteristics but he’ll be more mature (if that makes sense)). The reason for this is so it can fit in with my ideas and because of certain events that will happen in the story, and he will have a healthy relationship with Blue.
Third of all I’m going to need you’re help with ideas as this story goes on.
You could come up with ideas you want to see in my story
I’m going to need help making up villains (In Act 2 there be a villain called Vex Schlect). And this help could be you creating a full on character profile, or the name of villain, motive for crime etc. The villains could be anything and they don’t have to be ‘super’ villains. They could be serial killers, kidnappers etc. (This reason will be more understandable as the story goes on, but there is a hint in Act 2).
You could also say what villains you want to see in my series that appear in the comics, or things that happen in the comics that you want to see. (E.g. Bucky and Nats relationship will make an appearance in my series as they deserve more recognition).
Obviously I can’t guarantee all your ideas will appear, but I will try and make them happen and fit them into the series.
Ideas may come as the story goes on.
You could send these ideas through the comments, message me on here, or request them in any way you’ll like.
I just kinda want you guys to be involved with the story in any way possible.
Any idea you have send it my wayyyy.
All ideas will be credited to you for a thank you for your brilliant ideas.
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marvelmusing · an hour ago
Twin Flame
Helmut Zemo x GN!Reader
Part 4
My Masterlist • Series Masterlist
Part 1 • Part 2 • Part 3 • Part 4
Tumblr media
Once you land in Madripoor, Helmut pulls you aside.
“[Y/N], I would feel much safer if you were to remain on the plane with Oeznik until I return.” You smile softly at his concern.
“I can handle myself, Helmut. Besides, I can help. You’d better have a plan, because Selby doesn’t give anything for free.”
“How do you know Selby?”
“I’ve been to Madripoor before, quite a lot actually.” He looks at you, surprised. You both consider each other for a moment.
“Promise me, you’ll be careful?” He offers.
“I promise.” He nods, you must have reassured him because he then opens a cupboard. He pulls out an outfit for you, before giving you a moment to change. You dress quickly, taking a moment to admire the outfit. When you’d seen Sam’s disguise you’d feared it’d be too revealing or have some gaudy pattern. But it’s stylish and respectable. You hear a knock and you open the door to Helmut. His eyes widen and you sense a mixture of emotions from him. You look down at the carpet self consciously. He feels the embarrassment flare in you, and gently tilts your chin up to meet his eyes.
“You look incredible.” He tells you. You swallow the lump in your throat and manage a small,
“Thank you.” He offers you his arm, which you take, and the two of you head to the exit of the plane. Bucky and Sam watch as you both descend the stairs towards them. The four of you approach a nearby car. Helmut opens the passenger door, gesturing for you to sit. You settle into the car, shaking your head slightly at his formalities. You watch him as he moves around the car and opens the door to sit beside you at the wheel. “So what’s the plan?” You ask, glancing at Helmut as he drives.
“We go in, I talk with Selby, she gives us the information we need, we get out.”
“That’s not a plan, that’s a to do list.”
“Is there a problem?”
“Do you have a better idea, [Y/N]?” Sam calls out from the backseat. You sigh slightly, a plan forming in your mind. You nod,
“Yes actually. If you’re all up for it?” They all nod, agreeing.
“What do you need?” Helmut asks you. You look back at him.
“Well, for starters I need your coat.”
Tumblr media
You pull at the fur collar of Helmut’s coat, finding comfort in his scent and the lingering warmth from when he first slipped it across your shoulders. You take a deep breath, surveying your group before you enter the crowd.
“Okay, has everyone been to the toilet?” You joke. They all smile slightly, and Helmut nods. “Phones all switched off?” You add. Bucky nods, though Sam quickly reaches into his pocket, pulling out his phone. You laugh. “It’s a good job I’m here then. I thought you were professionals.” Bucky shakes his head at Sam. With that the four of you set off into Madripoor. You walk into the Brass Monkey bar, with Helmut following closely behind you. Sam and Bucky trail after him. You stop at the bar giving the bartender a nod.
“[Y/L/N]. Usual?” You nod again. “Smiling Tiger. Wasn’t expecting you.”
“We have some business to do with Selby.” You answer.
“The usual?” He asks Sam, which he replies with a serious nod. The bartender sets your drink in front of you, and hands a shot to Helmut. He then pulls out a dead snake, which he guts viciously before adding the snake’s insides to the drink which he gives to Sam.
“Your favourite.” You tell Sam. He nods tensely. He picks it up, eyeing it warily.
“I love these.” He says, very unconvincingly.
“Cheers, comrade.” You hear Helmut murmur. You clink your glass with his, as the two of you watch Sam down the snake guts. You pull your gaze from Sam to scan the crowd, noticing a man approaching your group.
“I got word from on high. He’s not welcome here.” The man nods towards Helmut.
“He’s with me. I have no qualms with the Power Broker. Me and my associates are here to speak with Selby.” You tell him, gesturing at your group, letting your hand lean towards Bucky. The man’s eyes follow your gesture,
“New haircut?” He quips, nodding to Bucky. He then turns back, and disappears into the crowd, hopefully to tell Selby not to kill you all.
“A Power Broker? Seriously?” Bucky retorts quietly. You nod.
“In Madripoor the Power Broker is judge, jury, and executioner. Let’s hope we stay under the radar.” You remain facing the bar, feeling Helmut’s eyes searching the room. He turns to face you, leaning close as he murmurs,
“We’re about to have company. Three men, at your 8 o’clock.” You nod towards Bucky,
“It’s a good thing we have your bodyguard.” Helmut seems to understand your plan. Not taking his eyes from you he speaks in Russian,
“Winter Soldier, attack.” His eyes flicker down to where one of the men is about to grab you. Then Bucky’s seized the arm and is pulling him away. As the fight breaks out Helmut steps closer to you, wearily eyeing the men. Though Bucky has soon taken care of them. Within no time he has one of the men pinned against the bar by his throat. All around you people are drawing their guns. Sam has a hand on Bucky’s arm. You nudge him subtly, giving him a tense look.
“Stay in character.” You warn him quietly. Helmut nods slightly in acknowledgment, before referring to Bucky.
“Well done, Soldier.” The bartender looks over at you.
“Selby will see you now.”
“Thank you.” You tell him, pulling the collar of your coat and stepping over the unconscious men on the floor. The boys soon trail behind you as you walk through the bar towards the back.
“Coming into my bar and making demands. I really should have you killed for that.” Selby calls out from where she’s perched on a couch.
“And pass up on the offer of a lifetime? That’s not like you, Selby.” You reply confidently. Sam circles the room, standing close to Selby. Bucky mirrors him, standing on the opposite side of the room looking somber. Helmut moves to a chair across from Selby, which you’ve casually leant beside.
“This is quite the entourage.” She comments. “Smiling Tiger, you’re taller than I expected.” Sam looks down at her, not saying anything. “And the last I heard he was rotting away in a German prison.” She gestures to Helmut as he sits at your side.
“Well you know me. I always get what I want.”
“So what’s this offer?”
“I was looking into the business of super soldiers, though I heard that the Power Broker is out of stock. You wouldn’t happen to know where the serum was created?” She smiles, clearly planning how she can get you to pay for this.
“You were right to come to me. A little cocky. But right. It’ll cost you though.”
“I’m more than willing to negotiate.” She shrugs,
“Make me an offer.” You push away from the chair, making your way to Bucky.
“Him. The fist of HYDRA at your disposal, along with the code words to control him of course.” She grins.
“Dr Wilfred Nagel is the man you’re after. He was employed by the Power Broker to make the serum,” she pauses, shrugging nonchalantly, “things didn’t go as planned.”
“Is Nagel still in Madripoor?” You ask.
“The breadcrumbs you can have for free, but the bakery’s gonna cost you.” You turn to face Helmut. You sit on the arm of his chair and drape your legs over his lap.
“How about a Baron?” You offer. His eyes meet yours and you stare back as you talk. “Extensive knowledge of HYDRA, excellent military skill set, and the pretty face doesn’t hurt.” You add with a smirk, brushing a finger along his cheek. “How about it?” You face Selby.
“Nagel has a laboratory at the docks. Container 4261. You should find him there.” You smile.
“Pleasure doing business with you.” You pull a piece of paper out of the coat pocket, “The code words.” You elaborate, holding it out towards Selby. “I’m sure Zemo will help you with the pronunciations.” You give him a subtle squeeze on the shoulder, before pulling away from him.
“Pleasure’s all mine.” She replies, taking the paper from your hand. You and Sam both head towards the door. You give Bucky a look that means: you better bring him back to me. You see the determined look in his eyes. You and Sam make your way through the bar and out into the street. The two of you hold onto each other tightly, barely looking at where you’re walking. You’re both concentrating hard on your soul links. You both stand waiting in a back alley for about half an hour before you spot Helmut in the crowd, making his way towards you. You see Bucky close behind him.
“Let’s go.” Helmut says quietly. You nod, taking his hand and leading your group through the streets.
“I won’t ask how you two got away.” You say to him.
“That’s most likely for the best.” You shake your head at his dramatic tone. You’re making your way through a quiet alleyway when your phone pings. You hear Sam make a quiet remark about how you’re allowed your phone on, but you ignore him. You look down at the screen and swear suddenly. The boys look at you sharply as you pick up the pace.
“What’s wrong?” Helmut asks you.
“Selby’s noticed you’re gone.” You read the message on your phone aloud. “Winter Soldier: two million, alive. Baron Zemo: two million, alive. [Y/N] [Y/L/N]: half a million, dead or alive.”
“That is a problem.”
“I know. I’m definitely worth more than that.” You retort. You hear gunshots echo from behind you. You duck down hurriedly and begin to run. You can hear Sam’s protests,
“I can’t run in these heels.” Sam and Bucky duck into an alleyway. Helmut grabs your arm and pulls you down behind a line of cars.
“Are you alright?” He asks, eyes searching you for any injuries.
“I’m fine. Are you-“
“I’m alright.” He insists, you sigh quietly. Helmut shifts slightly, peering back into the street. He stands, holding his hand out for you. You take it and he pulls you close. The two of you follow the alleyway that Sam and Bucky ran down, soon catching up with them. Two motorcyclists pull up close to them, but before you can warn them, two shots ring out and the motorcyclists are on the floor. “Seems you have a guardian angel.” Helmut comments, as you approach them. You look up to the window where you’d seen some movement, but there’s no one there. Helmut subtly picks up a gun from the floor, which you choose to ignore.
“Well isn’t this perfect.” A voice calls out from behind you. You turn quickly, as the figure appears from the shadows. Sharon Carter.
Tumblr media
Tagslist: @justfangirlthingies @that-stupid-head-tilt-thing @mischief-siriusly-managed @somethingthatsaysbubbles @fillechatoyante @obissimp @fandom-lover-4 @chipster-21 @purehuntress
If you’d like to be tagged, just ask!!
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myavengersimagines · 2 hours ago
Chapter One: Snakes & Ladders
Tumblr media
Description: You're on holiday with your Mafia boyfriends Bucky and Steve, but the weather leads to you all having a miserable time. Bucky and Steve come up with a great idea to pass the time whilst they wait for the sun to come out.
Word Count: 1K
Warnings: Smut, Use of nicknames (Princess, Doll, Baby, Daddy), F/M/M, Mafia AU, Mob AU, cockwarming, BDSM elements, Dom Bucky, Dom Steve, under 18s dni
Notes: Every decision made during this fanfiction is made using snakes and ladder board, random number generator and coin flipping generator. I wanted to try and make every option as random as possible to see where the story is going to lead to. I have already generated all the numbers for the entire snakes and ladders game, so now I'm just filling in the space around it.
Part Two >>
When both of your mobster boyfriends had offered to take you away on a stunning vacation to a remote Island, you hadn’t really imagined it was going to rain for a week straight. The sea was crashing harshly against the shores, and dark storm clouds had gathered overhead whilst rain splattered down against the glass window. You had practically sulked the whole week as Bucky and Steve apologised and cursed the weather Gods for dampening their vacation.
“Doll…” A voice called through the villa. You rose your head up to see Bucky standing in the doorway with a mysterious little smirk playing on his lips. “Wanna come with me? I’ve got a little game for us to play…” He held his hand out in your direction, and you huffed and stood up, taking his hand and letting him lead you through the house. “I know this hasn’t been the vacation that we were all hoping for, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have fun, right?”
You hummed. “I guess…” He led you into the open living space towards the couch where Steve was already lounging with a smirk on his face whilst a game board layout in front of him. “Snakes and ladders…” You hummed with a frown forming on your lips.
“Not just any old snakes and ladders, baby…” Steve said as he sat upright and held out a piece of paper in your direction; on there was a neatly written set of rules, this was Steve’s handwriting, and your eyes widen at the rules.
- You must remain seated on one of Daddy’s cocks at all times
- If the player land anywhere on a ladder space, they will roll for a reward
- If the player lands anywhere on the snake space, they will roll for a punishment
- There is NO cumming permitted during the game. If these rules are not met and a player orgasms, then they will roll for a punishment.
- Any gloating, teasing, tempting or brattiness will result in a punishment roll
Princess’ Rewards
1. Thrust(s) (roll for the number of thrusts, then roll for the intensity of the thrusts)
2. Hair pulling
3. Praise
4. 10-second touch (1-2 Daddy Stevie touch, 3-4 Daddy Buck touch, 5-6 Princess touch)
5. Dirty talk
6. Marking
Princess’ Punishment
1. Spank(s) (roll for the number, then roll for the intensity)
2. Humiliation (1-3 decided by Daddy Stevie and 4-6 decided by Daddy Buck)
3. No rewards for 2 turns
4. Teased
5. Vibe on clit for 30 seconds
6. Edge
Your eyes flickered up to look between both Steve and Bucky in amazement; your throat felt dry as you looked down at the page again and then back up at them both. “Does that sound more fun than just snakes and ladders, doll?” Bucky asked with a smirk forming on his lips. “Yes~” Your voice was practically a moan, feeling yourself growing wet at just the thought of the fun they would have in this game.
“Good, baby…” Steve hummed before sliding over a slip of paper in your direction, an expensive-looking pen placed on top. “Why don’t you get to work writing down rules for your Daddy’s hmm? 6 rewards and 6 punishments, it can be whatever your mind can dream up~” He grinned at her then before moving aside so that Bucky to sit down next to him.
You began to scribble onto the page, bottom lip sucked between your teeth as she concentrated real hard;
Daddy’s Rewards
1. 10 seconds of ball play
2. Make out with Princess
3. Thrusts (roll for the number of thrusts)
4. Begging from Princess
5. Edge Princess (roll for the number of times edged)
6. Expose boobs for the next 2 turns
Daddy’s Punishments
1. Edge
2. Princess has no punishments for 2 turns
3. Teased
4. No moaning for 3 turns (punishment roll for failing)
5. Princess gets to watch Daddy’s make out
6. Throat fuck other Daddy
A soft hum came from you as you read over the rules a few times before sliding the paper in their direction. Bucky picked up the paper and scanned his eyes over it, and smirked. “I like this one, doll.” He chuckled, pointing at one on the list. “I knew you’d do with that one, baby~” Steve mentioned pointing at another on the list all the while you sat with your cheeks turning a soft pink colour.
“You like them?” You asked nervously, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear, and they both nodded before standing and beginning to shed their clothes. “What are you waiting for, baby?” Steve asked as he neatly folded his clothes and hung them over the back of the couch whilst Bucky haphazardly tore his from his form, allowing them to land on the ground by their feet.
You softly raised to her feet and tugged your little sundress over your head, pushing the bikini bottoms down to your feet, leaving on your bikini top knowing it was part of their reward system. “Good girl~” Bucky hummed, taking your hand and pulling you towards him, tilting his head and leaning down to join them both in a kiss. “Whose cock do you wanna warm first, doll?” Bucky breathed as he tugged away from your lips.
They couldn’t help but chuckle as you looked conflicted, gnawing on your lower lip as your eyes flickered between both of their lengths. Steve was long and hard, tip red and glistening with pre-cum clearly worked himself up whilst thinking of these rules. Bucky was equally as hard but thicker than Steve slightly smaller in length. “Wanna flip a coin?” Steve offered, you nodded, and he dug through his pant pocket and flipped the coin. “I’m heads,” Steve called dibs leaving Bucky with the option for tails.
The coin landed on the ground, tails up, and Bucky grinned as he pulled you back towards the couch, sitting down himself and spinning you around to sit on his lap, pulling your legs open and sinking you onto his cock. Both of them groaned and moaned lovingly. “Fuck, baby~” Bucky hissed, and Steve looked on wantonly as he sat beside them. “Cause you’re a good girl, we’re gonna let you role first~” Steve informed her lovingly. “You remember the rules, baby?” You nodded as she took the dice from Steve’s open palm, leaning forward carefully and rolling the dice onto the table.
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Ms.Bohemia - Steve Rogers/Avengers AU (1.3)
Tumblr media
Summary: Ms.Bohemia. She’s HYDRA’s #1 enhanced assassin, yet her loyalty is only to herself and the highest bidder. She has no burdens, no conscience, heart as cold and rigid as ice. But in the right temperatures, ice melts.
(A/N: If you’d like to be added to the taglist, message me! This is a reminder that this is an AU! To fit in Jo’s story I changed the timeline a little bit! )
Warning: mature themes: torture, murder, violence, sexual themes 18+,
Case File: Joia Persephone Saunders
South Korea
As Joia healed, she started nursing Wanda. Of course, Wanda ignored her pain until it became hard to suppress. Ultron claimed that there wasn't much to do but to wait as he got the Cradle readied for him. He had Helen Cho wrapped around his chains thanks to the scepter. After getting some nourishment in her, the two met Pietro at the door to the lab.
"Cellular cohesion will take a few hours, but we can initiate the consciousness stream. We're uploading your cerebral" Dr. Cho explained.
Whatever the hell that means.
"I can read him. He’s dreaming." Wanda says out of the blue. Joia turns to her. "What can you see?"
Wanda approaches the Cradle and places her hand over it. After a moment she gasps in terror and pulls away. Pietro and Joia instantly grab and pull her further away. "Wanda, what's wrong?" "How could you?" Wanda asks Ultron.
"How could I... what?" "You said we would destroy the Avengers, make a better world." "It will be better." "When everyone is dead?"
Joia shot her head up at him. "Oh you bloody..." "That's not-The human race will have every opportunity to improve..." "And if they don't?" "Ask Noah."
"Oh fucking knew it. The movies called it too, you know." Jo spat pulling the twins behind her. Wanda shook her head, "You're a madman."
"There's incoming. It's the Quinjet."
"Come on. We're leaving." Jo announced. "Jo- "We will regroup but right now we are sitting ducks." She hisses. Pietro grabbed them both and sped off.
"Wait! Guys!" Ultron called. Yet, they were already gone.
"I should've stopped it. The minute I knew something was off. I should've pulled us out." "So what now?" Pietro asks.
"Well now we get the fuck out of here. And far away from that bucket of bolts."
"Jo, we can't just leave. We caused this. We gotta try to fix it." Wanda protests "He's a megabot who's evolving into a being made out of vibranium. Are you kidding me? You know I love a challenge but that-
"The Avengers." Wanda cut in. "They need to get the Cradle away from him. We need to help." Jo bit her lip. "What's to stop them from arresting us when this is all over?" "Jo, if this goes wrong we're all dead, just like that. The entire world does not deserve that. We have to fix this."
Jo sighed, groaning. They heard a huge crash in our vicinity. The twins turned back to Jo waiting for her agreement. She begrudgingly nodded. She grabbed Pietro as he took them in the direction of the crash and the trio found themselves on a train off the rails. The twins stood before Ultron while Joia stood behind her.
"Please don't do this." Ultron begged.
"What choice do we have?" Wanda retorts. Ultron turned back to an angry Jo before flying out the train. The train was still going at a dangerous speed. Steve Rogers emerged. Jo couldn't help but roll her eyes. "The civilians in our path." Pietro sped out the train to clear the path. He turns to Joia and Wanda. "Can you stop this thing?"
Wanda and Joia turn around and use their powers to stop the train successfully. Out of breath, they leave the train and find Pietro catching his own breath. Jo and Wanda kneeled down to check him out.
"I'm fine. I just need to take a minute." He insists.
" I'm very tempted not to give you one." Joia closes her eyes in disgust in the authoritative tone. She turns to Steve, "I'm sorry, in what language is that a ‘thank you’?" "You're expecting a thank you? For what, trying to kill me?" "Let's not forget who started this debacle, cupcake."
"The Cradle! Did you get it?" Wanda asked, cutting off the argument. "Stark will take care of it." Wanda frowned, "No he won't." Joia scoffed. "Looks like we're goners either way." "You don't know what you're talking about, Stark's not crazy."
"Oh. Sure he isn't. And I'm not an assassin." Joia said sarcastically.
"Ultron can't tell the difference between saving the world and destroying it. I wonder where he gets that from." Wanda says.
"Stark will take care of it. You'll see. Come on."
Avengers Tower
"I can't believe I came back here. Willingly." Joia huffed to herself audibly in the elevator. "Just be grateful you're not in your cell right now. Unless you'd like to get reacquainted." Steve offered. Joia rolled her eyes and mimed putting her hands around his neck in a choking fashion. Wanda slowly put Joia's hands down. Needless to say there was no love to begin with.
When they turned up to the lab, Tony and Bruce were fiddling with the cradle.
"This framework is not compatible." "The genetic coding tower's at ninety-seven percent. You have got to upload that schematic in the next three minutes."
Joia looked at the twins and then back at Steve. "I'm sorry, you were saying?" She whispered, arms crossed. Steve rolled his eyes as he made their presence known, "I'm only going to say this once."
"How about nonce?" "Shut it down." "Nope, not gonna happen."
Joia rolled her eyes as she watched the children bicker.
"You don't know what you're doing." Steve argued. "And you do? She's not in your head? They're not in your head?" Bruce argues. Joia scoffed and rolled her eyes. She looked over at Wanda, who seemed apologetic.
"I know you're angry-" "Oh, we're way past that. I could choke the life out of you and never change a shade." "Oh, try it! I bloody dare you." Joia snapped, stepping closer to him, but Wanda pulled her back.
"Banner after everything that's happened-" "That's nothing compared to what's coming." "You don't know what's in there?" "This isn't a game." "The creature..."
Can everyone please shut up?
Pietro sped around and disconnected the framework. "No, no. Go on. You were saying?" Suddenly Barton shoots a bullet below causing the glass where Pietro stands to smash as he falls through.
Joia gasped. We should've never followed America's Freak.
"Pietro!" Wanda shouted. She moved to defend herself as Bruce pinned her hands behind her back. "Go ahead, piss me off." Joia clenched her fist and moved it to his head ready to blast his temple.
'I'm only going to say this once Dr. Jekyll. I will not hesitate. It won't kill you, but it will hurt like the bottomless pit of hell. Release her. Now." "You're nothing against him." "Maybe so, but I have invisibility on my side, therefore it won't be our problem. Release. Her. Now."
Before he could respond Thor enters and pounds his hammer into the cradle bringing power to it. Bruce released Wanda while Joia pulled her close. All of a sudden the creature hops out of the cradle.
"Blimey. Now I want to go to my cell." Joia sighed.
"I'm sorry...that was odd..." The creature said.
Odd? Okay sure let's go with that understatement.
"Thor, you helped create this?" "I've had a vision. A whirlpool that sucks in all hope of life and at its center is that." "What, the gem?" "It's the Mind Stone. It's one of the six Infinity Stones, the greatest power in the universe, unparalleled in its destructive capabilities."
Infinity Stones. How intriguing.
Steve was confused. "Then why would you bring it to..." "Because Stark is right."
"Ha!" Joia exclaimed. "Oh, it's definitely the end times." "The Avengers cannot defeat Ultron." "Not alone." "Why does your "vision" sound like JARVIS?"
"We...we reconfigured JARVIS' matrix to create something new."
This is so intriguing. So intriguing. What a circus. The Maldives. That's where I'm going when this is over.
"If we're wrong about you, if you're the monster that Ultron made you to be..."
"What will you do?" After a pause, he continues, "I don't want to kill Ultron. He's unique, and he's in pain. But that pain will roll over the earth, so he must be destroyed. Every form he's built, every trace of his presence on the net, we have to act now. And not one of us can do it without the others. Maybe I am a monster. I don't think I'd know if I were one. I'm not what you are, and not what you intended. So there may be no way to make you trust me. But we need to go." The Vision holds up Thor's hammer and hands it to him as he walks off.
After a moment of silence Joia snickers, "wow," she huffed quietly.
"Three minutes. Get what you need." Steve orders, "Ultron knows we're coming. Odds are we'll be riding into heavy fire, and that's what we signed up for. But the people of Sokovia, they didn't. So our priority is getting them out. All they want is to live their lives in peace, and that's not going to happen today. But we can do our best to protect them. And we can get the job done, and find out what Ultron's been building. We find Romanoff, and we clear the field. Keep the fight between us. Ultron thinks we're monsters and we're what's wrong with the world. This isn't just about beating him. It's about whether he's right."
The twins got dressed and grabbed some things with Joia when Tony approached them.
"Saunders." Joia whipped her head as Tony signaled her over. She reluctantly walked over to him and followed him to the lab. Her suit was sitting in the center. She completely forgot that they confiscated that. That's how crazy these last couple of days have been.
"What the hell did you do to my suit?" "This isn't your run of the mill suit. Quite the make up it has." "I’m aware. It's my suit." "Well I'm thinking you'd want this back. For what we're walking into."
Jo narrowed her eyes as she felt her suit and scanned it. "What did you do to it?" "I just made sure HYDRA wasn't infiltrating through the suit."
Joia scoffed as she started taking down the suit. "What?" He asked. "You guys just think you know everything. But you don't. That's all." "Funny, I could say the exact same thing about you." "Excuse me?" "There's a lot you don't know, Saunders. Even about yourself."
Before Joia could respond, the Vision entered. "We must go. Now."
Jo turned back to Stark before grabbing her suit and leaving the lab.
What the hell does he mean by that? I fucking hate this.
Taglist 💕 : @saud-adee​ @saralucilleburch​ @proudlittlewitchbitch​ @joibeans-o​ @perydaa3ch​ @musicalcoffeebean​ @talesfromthe90s @janajjj​ @universsdaughter​ @vibraniumdaisies @jnspencer19​ @dragonball-luver​ @joliebiijou @clydevevo @ashwow12​ @2fab4utheatrediva​ @myles-production​ @total-insanity01​ @purpledragon04​ @ami-2305​ @mmersades @420-mariii​
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𝐩𝐫𝐨𝐦𝐢𝐬𝐞 | 𝐥. 𝐥𝐚𝐮𝐟𝐞𝐲𝐬𝐨𝐧
Tumblr media
Summary: In the midst of chaos during Thanos’ rampage against the asgardians, Loki promises not to make any rash decisions. He always had been a liar.
Y/N’s heart thumped in her chest heavily. Her back was pressed to the wall as she hid from Thanos’ goons. Up until that moment, The woman had never even heard of the purple asshole until he ambushed her people’s ship. Given it wasn’t exactly hers, she wasn’t of royal blood- but she was close enough to the king and the prince that she garnered a level of respect among the other citizens. Having grown up in Asgard, Y/N’s mother was a chamber maid of the late king and queen. Odin and Friia.
The woman’s childhood was spent attending classes and lessons of all kinds of sorts with the village children- but on the nights when the palace had lavish parties and opened its gates to the people- YN ran around with the sons of odin and their friends, playing like there was no such thing as social class.
She grew to become their friend and confident.
As the years changed, Y/N grew into more of a woman, and her ambitions changed. She no longer wanted to simply become a wife and bare an asgardian’s children. She wanted to be a warrior, she wanted to feel powerful.
Which is where her and Loki got along rather famously. Although he was more power hungry than she ever was, and that his ambitions lied in rather dark intentions, she cared for him. It wasn’t her choice that he had gone down such an evil path.
But now as they stood at the mercy of a violet monster, Y/N was wishing things really had been different. Maybe things would’ve been better if he became king instead of Thor- although she knew that she was only thinking that because she feared what was about to come.
“Promise me you won’t do anything stupid.” Y/N turned to look at Loki, her hand holding onto his tightly. They may had started off as friends, but throughout the years while they changed, their relationships did too. Loki was no longer that annoying little brat with black hair that poked at her everyday. Now he was a tall and handsome little brat with black hair that poked at her everyday- but more importantly, he was Y/N’s lover. Her soulmate.
“I promise darling- I won’t put you at risk.” He pushed his lips to hers delicately before wrapping his arms around her and kissing the top of her head- Although Loki promised to not do anything stupid, Y/N could sense his goodbye in his actions- it brought tears to her eyes.
“I love you.” She told him, knowing that she rarely said it enough.
Loki smiled faintly at her- showing an uncharacteristicly soft grin. “You know I love you too.” He hid her back into the shadows before making his way into the middle of the floor- watching as Thor was placed onto the floor with a muzzle over his mouth.
He grimaced.
Thanos asked for the tesseract and Loki offered it up before smirking wickedly. “We have a hulk”
As if all of their fears and problems were magically solved, Banner- or well, hulk came from the corner and initiated Thanos into a fight- they had so much faith in him, but it was soon revealed that Thanos would be winning that match.
Loki launched himself at Thanos, only to get a large hand wrapped around his throat. Y/N’s eyes widened and she made an effort to go after him- Loki immediately locking his eyes onto her and shaking his head, as subtle as it was,  Y/N knew her place and made sure she stayed put. It killed her.
“You will ever be a god.” Loki croaked before a sickening crack echoed through the room- Thor thrashed against his restraints, crying out against the muffled muzzle as Y/N did the same- only crying into her hands. He was gone.
She was angry and hurt, devastated even. She vowed in that moment that she would Kill Thanos if she ever got the chance. It wasn’t long before thanks and his minions had disappeared, Y/N running to Loki’s body as he crumpled to the floor.
Y/N pulled him into her arms, his purple and blue figure becoming soaked in her tears. “You promised…. You fucking basterd- you promised….”
Things had been different after Loki’s death- Y/N rarely smiled, but she promised to stay with Thor and help him with whatever he needed. She followed him around the galaxy like a lost puppy- through his adventures with the guardians, until he resided in new Asgard.
She needed purpose, and Thor had become that purpose. Try as she might, she couldn’t save him from falling into his depression and his anxiety. She failed him- she thought it would be best if she went back to New York and stay with Natasha. Maybe help her out with the whole avengers thing.
But that didn’t feel right either, so she went out on her own- living in city after city until she finally considered ending it all and meeting Loki in Valhalla.
It wasn’t until Steve had approached her with the offer of joining them in their fight against Thanos did things turn around for her. She had helped them every step of the way and when it finally became time to get the stones back, she was there for that too.
Although the team had tried to convince her to go to Asgard with Thor and Rocket, Y/N couldn’t. If there was a chance that she could see Loki in New York, she had to. She needed to see him one last time.
She kept her distance and made sure that she didn’t let anyone see her- she hadn’t known the avengers at that time, she was off fighting with the warriors three during the battle of New York.
The plan didn’t work. The hulk had thrown Tony to the side and Loki got the tesseract. In a last ditch effort to stop him from getting away, Y/N came out of her hiding spot and grabbed him just as he tried to teleport. The two of them landed in an alleyway a couple of blocks away, tumbling to the ground- Loki freed himself of his confinements before preparing himself to attack the figure that had fallen out of the portal with him.
“Who dares to-“ He grabbed a dagger from his cloak and stood up, his eyes falling onto Y/N and visibly softening. “Y/N” he spoke in shock. His heart was racing and he immediately dropped the weapon.
His eyes searched her cautiously- “How… are you alive? I watched you die.” He hesitantly reached out to cup her cheek.
Immediately Y/N recoiled. She was absolutely stunned- here he was standing in front of her- although it wasn’t exactly her Loki… but a different dimension one. But still he knew her.
“What do you- I watched you die…” she bit her lip and gulped. She told him everything, and given it took him a while to understand, he couldn’t just leave her there. They took off together and Y/N cursed herself for leaving the avengers behind, but Loki was the love of her life and she couldn’t lose him again.
It turns out that in Loki’s dimension, Y/N had died in battle. He held her in her final moments and they even had a child together, unfortunately their child didn’t make it either. Y/N told Loki everything that had happened on her end. They knew that they were from different worlds, and that their lives had not come together the exact way they thought- but they were both seeing this as a chance to start over.
“You promised you wouldn’t do anything stupid…” Y/N smiled faintly, holding his hand as he brought her close.
Loki smiled and gazed at the floor. “You said the same thing.” He clicked his tongue.
They weren’t together perfectly, but neither of them were about to risk this chance at love again- after all, whether from different worlds or not, they were soulmates.
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alwaysmarveling · 3 hours ago
My Amazing Little Chef
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x fem!reader
Warnings: it gets suggestive for all of 2 seconds (but goes absolutely nowhere)
Word Count: 2.6k
Summary: You and Nat are going to have a cooking class one way or another
“Nat, c’mon, we’re going to be late!” you yelled down the hallway, shrugging a denim jacket over your shoulders.
“You always say that,” your girlfriend half-scoffed, half-whined as she slid down the hallway.
“Because we’re always late.” You tossed her her own jacket. “And be careful when you do that, you’re going to slip.”
“You’re taking all the fun out of socks, mom,” Natasha smirked. “Besides, I would never slip. Think about who you’re talking to, babe. And I don’t need a jacket,” she dismissed, throwing the piece of clothing on the couch.
“Nat,” you deadpanned, standing up after putting on your shoes, “You say this every time, and then every time you complain on the way home that you’re cold.”
“Not every time,” the redhead pouted. She gracefully slipped on one shoe while balancing on the other leg. “I only do it when it’s outrageously cold. So it’s justified.” You couldn’t help but smile at her protruding bottom lip, kissing away her pout.
“Well, it wouldn’t be ‘outrageously cold’ if you just brought a jacket like I told you to.” Natasha eyed you warily as she put on her other shoe, upset to see you grabbing the piece of clothing back from the couch. “You don’t have to wear it now, just bring it. Please? For me?” You flashed her puppy dog eyes that you knew she couldn’t resist, holding back a smirk when you could see her not-so-hard resolve crumbling.
“Fine,” she sighed.
“Yay!” you squealed, and Nat couldn’t help but grin at the little jump you did subconsciously. “Now, let’s go.”
“See, this is why we should’ve never moved out of the Avengers tower. Out of all days for the car to break down, this had to be it?” You rubbed your forehead as the two of you reentered your house.
“I’m sorry, babe, I know how much you were looking forward to this.” Natasha frowned as she thought about her bike, which was currently sitting somewhere in the Avengers tower so Tony could give it some “much needed upgrades.”
“Yeah,” you sighed, peeling off the denim jacket and tossing it on the same couch Natasha had thrown hers less than fifteen minutes earlier. “I just thought it’d be something fun we could do together.” Your girlfriend picked up your jacket, hanging up yours and hers in the closet before stepping closer to you to squeeze your shoulders.
“Anything I do with you is fun, malyshka,” she reassured you, pecking you on the cheek. “On the bright side, they said we could go to another cooking class whenever we want, so we can always go another day. And one of us already knows how to cook, so we won’t die of hunger,” she teased, squeezing your hips.
“Yeah, but the second I go on a mission, you’re screwed, babe.”
“You’d leave me to starve?” Nat pouted. You turned around, a full smile now on your face.
“Of course not,” you whispered, your noses now less than a centimeter away from each other. You pressed your lips to hers, allowing yourself to melt into the kiss until you heard the former assassin’s stomach growl. “Someone’s hungry,” you giggled. “And I did just say I wouldn’t let you starve…”
“You did,” Natasha murmured, trying to meet your lips again. You gave in but pulled away too quickly for her liking. “Where are you going?” You tugged on her hands, pulling her towards the kitchen. “Where are we going?”
“We are going to have this cooking class whether the car wants to work or not. C’mon, we’ll make dinner together.” You pulled a cabinet open, flipping through various recipes.
“Hm, I do like doing things with you.” Natasha tapped her chin, pretending to think over your decision.
“Shut up, you dork,” you laughed. “Go wash your hands. How do you feel about pad thai?” you suggested after pulling out the recipe, shuffling through various cabinets and pulling out all the ingredients you needed. You’d made it a couple times before, and it could be fun to make together. Plus, pad thai wasn’t hard to make—which, let’s be honest, was essential if Natasha was involved—and it was definitely a tasty option.
“Oo, you do love me.” You snorted, the corners of your lips curling up slightly.
“Let’s just hope this turns out well.”
“I’ve got the pizza place on speed dial if it doesn’t.”
“You won’t need to call them if you just listen to me,” you sang over your shoulder, thinking back to the last time the two of you had tried to cook together. You’d turned away for two seconds, during which Natasha had added baking powder instead of flour to the pizza dough. She’d insisted she’d done it correctly when you pointed out the discrepancy in ingredients. Needless to say, the pizza you ate that night was not one that was baked in your kitchen.
“Oh, be quiet, you,” Nat chuckled, smacking your ass playfully as you walked by her. You squealed, and your girlfriend couldn’t help but giggle at your reaction.
“Are my ears failing me, or did the Black Widow just giggle?”
“Y/N L/N, I swear to god, I will kill you. We are in a kitchen. With knives. I can do it.” You let out a fake gasp as you finished washing your hands, turning off the sink.
“You know where the knives are? I didn’t know you’ve been around here enough to know that!”
“Babe,” Nat whined. “You’re being mean.” You smirked at the pout that had taken over her face.
“Alright, alright. I won’t tease you anymore. Besides, something tells me that you don’t need any knives to kill me.” Natasha hummed, kissing your lips long enough for you to taste the cherry chapstick coating her lips.
“That something would be correct.”
“Softie,” you whispered before slipping away from her. “Now,” you started before she could whine again, let’s begin. So, first, you want to break that up-”
“What even is that?” Your girlfriend stared at the solid brick, her brows scrunched in confusion and mouth slightly gaping.
“It’s tamarind pulp.”
“Tamarind- wh- why do we even have this?”
“For pad thai. You can use it to make other stuff too, Natty,” you explained.
“Yeah, but it looks so…”
“So… what? Trust me, love, regardless of how you think it looks, it’ll taste good. Just break that up, yeah?”
“Okay…” Natasha gave you one last glance before following your instructions. You turned around to get some water before she could notice you smiling at the adorable look of confusion on her face.
Ten minutes and some more ingredients and mixing later, the sauce was done.
“Look, detka, I did it!” You laughed at her reaction, pressing your lips gently to her cheek in response.
“Yes, you did. But we still have a long way to- Nat, what are you doing?”
“Don’t we need to taste test it?” she asked, her mouth still wrapped around her fingers.
“I mean, I guess, but- Natty!”
“What?” she questioned, looking at you from underneath her lashes as she dipped her fingers back into the sauce. “It’s good, and I made it. Therefore, I deserve a reward.”
“You’re going to eat all the sauce before we even make the actual dish,” you whined.
“Okay, but, babe. Just taste it, it’s so good.” She stuck her fingers into your mouth before you could protest, giving you a look until you swirled your tongue around her digits, gathering up all the sauce that coated them. You sucked on her fingers with a wink before letting them go.
“You happy now?” Natasha nodded slightly.
“But wasn’t it good? That’s why I need to have more.” You grabbed her wrist before she could dip it back into the sauce.
“No more. I’m hungry, and I’d like to have my dinner the way it’s supposed to be. And no more sticking your grubby little fingers into the food.”
“Fine,” Nat sighed dramatically. “But maybe a little dessert before dinner wouldn’t hurt, would it?” she murmured, her lips now less than an inch away from your ear. “I was thinking, ba-”
“Uh oh. I’m going to stop you right there. It’s never a good thing when you’re thinking.” Natasha opened her mouth to defend herself, but you started talking before she could. “Cooking class, Nat. You’re learning how to cook. That’s it.”
“But why do I need to learn how to cook when I’ve got the best meal I could ever ask for right in front of me?” Her arms snaked around your waist only for you to hit them lightly until she let go. Face burning, you had to admit you wouldn’t mind giving in, but you had a mission of sorts to finish: make dinner with Nat without anything extraordinarily bad happening. “You don’t want me?” the spy whispered, not willing to give up so easily. Before you could respond, the room filled with the sound of her stomach growling once again.
“I always want you,” you chuckled, “But I think you want this pad thai more than you’re letting on. Can we go back to cooking now? Please?”
“I suppose,” Natasha gave in. “But you owe me.”
“I guess I’m okay with that,” you winked at her. “Now, you need to wash your hands again before you get saliva everywhere, and I’m going to cut this chicken.” Your girlfriend gave you one last kiss before obliging.
“Just be careful, baby,” she started as you picked up the knife. “I don’t need you accidentally cutting yourself.”
“I won’t, Nat,” you rolled your eyes. You had just started to cut into the meat when you heard a rushing sound and a high-pitched hum from Natasha.
“What the-”
“Huh?” You looked up from the cutting board and were rewarded by a searing pain on your middle finger.
“Are you okay?” Natasha turned the water off immediately before rushing to you, hands cupping yours. “Y/N, I literally just told you not to hurt yourself.”
“I’m sorry, I got distracted! The sink made that weird noise, and I’m clumsy. I just...”
“It was just the water pressure being all weird again, hon. Look,” Nat tsked. “You sliced the skin right off. Go wash that off while I grab a bandaid,” the redhead ordered. “And I’ll be doing the rest of the cutting tonight.”
“Nat, I’m fine. I can-”
“I don’t want to hear anything more from you. You cut yourself literally ten seconds after you said you wouldn’t. No more knife privileges for you tonight. Or maybe ever.”
“Natty,” you whined, this time it being your turn to pout. “I’m in pain, and you’re my girlfriend. I don’t need you chastising me, I need you comforting me.” You finished up washing your hands and met the woman at the counter. 
“Well, if you hurt yourself, I’m going to do both,” she muttered, concentrating on wrapping the bandaid around your still-bleeding appendage. When she finished, she lifted your hand gently, brushing her lips over the covered wound, her eyes never leaving yours. “Better?”
“Good. Now tell me how I’m supposed to cut this.”
“I guess, you’d say, what can me feel this way?” My girl...” Natasha sang along with the music as she tossed the food in the wok.
“Natty, be careful, you goof!” you giggled. Your girlfriend simply shook her head at you as she continued to sing, her hips swaying to the beat.
“My girl, my girl, my girl,” she winked. “Talkin’ ‘bout my girl, my girl!”
“Baby,” you laughed, “Pay attention to the food before it burns. You can sing later.” You turned down the volume of the speaker before Nat could get too carried away. “Okay, keep stirring the food in the wok,” you ordered. “I’ll be back in a second. Please don’t burn the house down before I get back.” You stepped away from your girlfriend for a second to grab some plates, chopped peanuts, bean sprouts, and the chicken you had cooked earlier.
“I’m not going to burn the house down,” Nat countered.
“I’m sensing some deja vu,” you warned, your back turned to your girlfriend. She simply rolled her eyes in response, taking her eyes off the wok to watch you and pushing some of the noodles out of the wok in the process.
When you turned back around seconds later, you sighed. “Natty, be careful. Look at the wok.” Upon seeing the now displaced noodles, the redhead let out a small breath as her shoulders dropped. “It’s okay, babe,” you reassured her, setting down everything before kissing her shoulder. “I would say you’ve done pretty well tonight. This is just a little slip-up. And look, no fire!”
“Yeah, no fire.”
“It’ll all be worth it when we get to eat. Speaking of which, this is almost done. You wanna go set the table, and I’ll finish this up?”
“Okay,” your girlfriend smiled. “Thank you, dorogaya.” Natasha pecked your cheek before going to grab the silverware.
“Couldn’t have done it without you, love,” you grinned, humming as you plated the dish. The sound of footsteps approached you from behind, and sure enough, Natasha wrapped her arms around your torso seconds later.
“Wow, that looks amazing. It smells even better.”
“You did that.” You brought one of your hands down and squeezed hers.
“I did do that, didn’t I? I did that,” Natasha said aloud, causing you to laugh. When you turned around, your heart melted at the look of pride on her face.
“My amazing little chef,” you praised, kissing her briefly. “Hey, Nat.” A smile grew on your lips as you got lost in your thoughts for a moment. “Do you think Tony can cook? Because if he can, do you think Pepper calls him her ‘iron chef’?” Natasha groaned at your joke.
“You’re way too cheesy, detka. And let’s keep the discussion on us. I do not need to be thinking about Tony’s love life.” Before you could turn back around to grab the food, Natasha pulled you back in for another kiss.
“Okay, okay,” you laughed when she finally let you go. “Are we going to stand here all day, or do you plan on letting us eat soon? Because I personally would like to do more than just stare at the food we made.”
“I guess we can eat,” Nat smirked as you brought the plates to the table.
“Hey,” you murmured, turning your face to look up at Natasha. She continued to run her fingers through your hair but shifted her gaze from her book to you. “Thanks for tonight. I had a lot of fun.”
“So did I,” Nat smiled. “Thank you for teaching me how to cook, printsessa.” You hummed for a moment before responding.
“I don’t know if I taught you how to cook. You still have a lot to learn, my young one.”
“Says the one who cut herself.”
“It was an accident! I was worried about you,” you protested. “I do hope we can go to that cooking class soon, though. Being your teacher is exhausting. No wonder Steve gets so aggravated with you during training.”
“Well, sorry,” your girlfriend scoffed, hitting your shoulder lightly. You dismissed her with a light kiss to the palm of her hand.
“It was really cute seeing you all excited and proud, though. I’d give anything to see you like that again.” Nat blushed, and you kept going. “Absolutely adorable, babe. You should’ve seen yourself.”
“Shut up and kiss me,” she finally interrupted you. “You taste like pad thai,” Nat chuckled.
“But it’s good though?”
“Mm, very good,” the redhead agreed, going back to her book.
“Like I said, it’s all thanks to my amazing little chef.”
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baevillier · 3 hours ago
𝐰𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐛𝐞𝐬𝐭, 𝐰𝐢𝐥𝐥 𝐚𝐥𝐰𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐡𝐮𝐫𝐭 | 𝐩. 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐤𝐞𝐫
Tumblr media
Summary: Peter and the reader are close friends, both hold harboured feelings  and refuse to make a move. After a night out, those feelings come to surface.
Sometimes the hardest thing in the world wasn’t learning to let go, but rather how to let someone in. To accept a stranger into your life, whether it be as a friend, an acquaintance or a lover. Every knew person you met was a story waiting to unfold, with no way of telling how each story would end, Each person was a chance at happiness, and also a risk for heartbreak.
This is exactly why Y/N had decided that through her entire life, keeping her circle small would be her best bet. All through her younger years, she went to school, studied and returned home. It was easier. Many of the kids
Y/N went to school with were nice and always tried to be her friend, but her social anxiety had limited her in who she felt comfortable talking with.
Peter Parker was one of those people.
He was kind and funny, a little clumsy at the best of times and a dork all through the others. But he had become someone that Y/N felt comfortable with. Although she could never replace his best friend Ned in a million years, The young girl knew that if she ever needed him, Peter would drop whatever it was he was doing to help her out.
Chatter echoed through the lunch room at midtown high, a prestigious school entered around the sciences. Not just anyone could get in, which made it that much more lavish. Even though many of the kids had secured their spots through parental donations to the football team or additions to the construction, there was a vast diversity of backgrounds for each student. Whether you were rich or poor, as long as you could meet the academic standard, midtown had a spot for you.
At the end of their middle school exams, Y/N knew that there was a very good chance she wasn’t going to be attending midtown with Peter and Ned the following year. She was smart, but after a poorly timed panic attack- she had blanked during one of her exams and missed quite a few marks. She would have to score at least high nineties on her last two exams if she ever wanted to see the inside halls of midtown. Y/N had all but given up.
That didn’t sit well with Peter.
It took many sleepless nights of studying with the boy-genius in order to get her marks high enough. But Y/N was grateful, without Peter she would have never made it to the school- he had really impacted her that summer. Adding fuel to what would soon be ignited into a crush.
“And then Hawkeye and maximoff started throwing cars at Iron man-“ “How could Hawkeye throw a car? He doesn’t have superpowers-“ The conversation between Flash and Liz had all but gone silent to Y/N’s ears. Their lunch table was full of kids just like every other day. But it seemed that during this particular lunch, Flash was overly enthused about the avengers recent break up in Germany.
Staring down into her notebook, Y/N frowned. The numbers along the page looked right, but they just didn’t make sense. She had seen her teacher go over this type of equation many times before and she knew what to do, but for some reason, whenever she sat down, she could never remember where to start or was to to next.
A slight nudge against her arm, brought her away from the paper- the furrow in her brown softening. “Stuck?” Peter asked, glancing down at her page of blank questions and answers.
The girl swallowed harshly and nodded. “I swear I know what to do I just-“ she groaned, dropping her pencil. “I just can’t keep up.” She admitted.
Peter frowned. He hated seeing Y/N stress about school. She had so much going for her and life that school should be the last thing she worried about. She was incredibly talented, they took an art class together over the summer of grade five and Peter remembered being astounded at her painting of a bridge, he didn’t know much about art- but he knew that she did a really good job.
“It’s okay! We’ll figure it out together okay? We can study tonight at your house if you want to” He offered her a kind smile. While Peter was usually awkward around girls that he liked, Y/N had been one of the only members of the opposite sex he was able to communicate properly with. He attributed that fact to growing up with her.
Y/N’s shoulders slumped as she let out a sigh of relief. “Thanks Pete.” She dropped her head onto his shoulder just for a moment, it was sort of like her version of a quick hug.
Putting her notebook back into her bag, The girl tuned into the conversation- Flash and moved on from his daily avengers talk and now Ned had brought up the new Star Wars movie the group was planning to go see. “We can go tonight- my friend works at the theatre so he’ll get us discounted tickets.” Everyone nodded in agreement except for Peter and Y/N.
“We already made plans tonight but you guys go have fun.” Peter shrugged. From across the table, MJ smirked she gave Y/N a little kick underneath the table and winked at her.
immediately feeling a sense of heat rise to her face, Y/N hummed. “Yeah but if Peter wants to go to the movie we can always make plans later-“ she tried to suggest, she knew that Peter had really been looking forward to this movie and she didn’t want to make him miss the opening night just because she could understand quadratic formulas.
Suddenly the expression on peter’s face faltered, he didn’t look excited but rather sad and disappointed. “Are you sure?” He asked gently.
Thinking it over, Y/N knew how screwed she would be if Peter didn’t help her with the worksheet that had been assigned. However the thought of her using Peter for her grades was also in her mind, and the last thing she wanted was for him to think that she was stupid or that she was using him. “Yeah it’s okay-“ she promised.
As the bell rang and singled the end of lunch, The group all sighed irritably. Two more classes and then the day would be over. Rushing from the cafeteria to her next class, Y/N caught the tail end of Ned’s voice. “Meet you all at the theatre for nine!”
Chemistry and Spanish was a breeze, Those were always Y/N’s favourite classes because Flash had chemistry in the morning with the same teacher so he would give Y/N his notes to review before her class. Being able to see what she was going to learn before the teacher presented it made her anxiety a lot better.
Knowing that she would have to meet everyone at the movie theatre that night, she decided to take some extra time at school and go to the library to study. She reread her chapter notes from Math class and tried to work through some of the examples on her own. She was getting better at them, while her answer wasn’t exact the majority of the time, the steps were being committed to memory and usually it came down to input error or her calculator.
It was nearly 7:30 by the time Y/N finally got back to her apartment. She lived in the older part of Brooklyn in a small two bedroom apartment with her grandma. Her parents both worked really important jobs at the oscorp building so through the week, Y/N stayed with her nana and then visited her parents on the weekends or days she was able to leave school early.
The jog up the stairs to her front door, was one that never failed to leave the girl breathless as she reached the top. “I should really start walking more.” She huffed out a breath. Unlocking the apartment, she walked inside- setting her bag on the floor and kicking her shoes near the closet. “Nana? I’m home-“ she called out.
“In the living room sweetheart-“ her grandmother called. Rounding the corner, Y/N was surprised to see Peter seated next to her grandmother on the couch. “Pete?’ She asked softly.
Peter frowned. “Hey- I thought I was going to help you study tonight.”
Y/N looked at him and shook her head. “But- the movies…” she trailed off, definitely confused that he was on her couch when she knew that he knew they made different plans.
Her grandmother ushered the two of them into Y/N’s bedroom so she could continue to watch her show quietly. Walking behind Y/N and closing her bedroom door, Peter sat on the foot of her bed. “I know we said we were going to the movies, but you were really struggling with the math- I just wanted to come early and see if I could help you.” He sighed. “Then I thought we could take the train together.”
Frowning softly, Y/N knew he meant the best. “Im sorry- I went to the library to try and study and see if I could figure it out- I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.” she mumbled. Reaching into her backpack, she took out her dirty clothes from gym class and threw them into her laundry hamper before sitting at her desk.
“I was only here for about half an hour.” Peter lied, he was not about to tell her he had spent the better half of the day waiting on her doorstep. He should’ve called her, but he thought that might have bene weird and for the first time in his life, feeling weird around a girl terrified him. Because it was Y/N.
His shy friend from middle school that could barely look someone in the eye when they talked to her unless she had known them for a while. Y/N- the same girl who he and Ned used to tease about wearing pink ribbons in her hair up until she stopped wearing them in sixth grade.
His best girl friend Y/N.
Shaking the thought from his head, Peter shrugged. “Did you end up figuring it out?” He asked. Going to look at her notebook. He flipped through her work and while he saw a few errors here and there, the more he looked the fewer he saw.
“Yeah- It started to get easier…” she mumbled. She still wasn’t sure if she would forget everything the next time she went to class, but she was hoping that maybe some of it would stick.
Peter’s gaze followed her figure around the room as she picked out a change of clothes to wear to the movies that night- when she motioned for him to turn around, he did so immediately, his own cheeks flaming. Even after spending countless summers in pools and waterparks, Y/N still managed to make him blush when she undressed.
“Okay you ready to go?” She asked, having pulled her sweater over her chest and smoothed out the wrinkles. Peter nodded, opening the bedroom door for her and leading her out.
“Alright nana- I’ll be back after the movie!” She called. Grabbing her house keys and jacket.
Peaking her head from around the corner, Her grandmother stopped her. “If it gets too late, you spend the night at Peter’s or MJ’s I dont want you kids walking back home here that late.” She instructed. “Too dangerous for little things like you.”
Y/N chuckled. Her and Peter headed out into the street, making their way to the subway. “So I guess you’re little now huh?” She teased Peter.
The boy let out a scoff. “I am not Little.” He smirked, rolling his eyes. He kept a careful eye, watching Y/N as she walked slightly ahead of him- and everywhere else to ensure they were safe.
“Whatever you say Parker.” Y/N hummed. She headed towards the subway and jogged down the stairs- punching her ticket before entering the loading bay. Peter followed after her, keeping his backpack tight to his shoulders.
It wasn’t long before they had managed to take the train to the movie theatre, quickly meeting up with the rest of their gang. Everyone was excited for the movie other than Liz, MJ and Y/N. They weren’t as devoted to Star Wars as the guys- not that it was bad, but they weren’t under the impression that seeing it on opening night was a matter of life and death.
But still the way Peter’s eyes lit up as he talked about his theories for the new movie and his hopes for each character made Y/N smile. He was so excited and his lips always curled at the slightest mention of the new lego pieces him and ned would undoubtedly have to add to their death-star project.
In fact, Y/N was sure she had watched Peter more so than the movie. With every jolt of action his shoulders would rise and slump- eventually he had caught onto the fact that she was watching him- his eyes drifting towards her as she quickly averted her own.
Peter almost smiled, but he did his best to hide the twist at the corner of his mouth. He knew for a fact that Y/N had only tagged along because he and Ned wanted to go. If it was just Flash, then she would have stayed home- but Y/N cared a lot about him and his best friend, that she was willing to sit through a stupidly long movie just to make him happy.
There were a lot of times in their friendship that she did that. Whether it be following them to a comic book convention, or sitting in his room and watching he and Ned build a lego Death Star for seven hours, she always did whatever she thought was necessary to keep the group happy.
Not that she had to do much.
Peter was always happy when Y/N was around. She just had that personality about her. Her smile was contagious- her laugh was something that could bring Peter out of his darkest slumps- and that little thing she did with her head when she rested it on his shoulder? It was unimaginable.
He liked her. He really liked her. But he knew that if she were tog et hurt because of who he was, he would never forgive himself.  That was how he knew the difference between Y/N and any other girl he had ever “liked” With MJ and Liz, he was willing to take the chance and try to be with him- making the excuse that he would always protect them and never let anything bad happen to them. It was naive.
When it came to Y/N, he was mature enough to realize that he couldn’t control other people’s actions- and he couldn’t prepare for everything. If someone were to find out who he was and who Y/N was to him- there was no telling what would come her way….
So even though it meant having to smile and be supportive whenever Y/N decided there was a boy she liked, Peter would suck it up. Because watching her be with someone else would hurt a lot less than losing her entirely.
The theatre flooded out into the lobby as the movie came to a close. The girls were chatting in the corner as everyone made their trips to the bathroom and the boys fawned over the movie. Ned and Flash were bouncing around the cinema making their own impressions of the characters while Peter waited for Y/N near the exit.
When she left MJ- He could see that contagious smile on her face, the grin immediately bring one to his own lips.
“Did you like it?” Peter asked. The girl hesitated which caused the two of them to laugh. “It’s alright- I know you only came so that I could go tonight.” He reassured her. They started to walk back towards the direction of her house- the street lights flickering over head.
“It was good, I mean- I didn’t enjoy it as nearly as much as you or Ned or Flash- but I can still say it was a good movie.” She shrugged, it had good direction and flow- the story just wasn’t something she was interested in.
Peter smiled. “It was pretty good.” He grinned. He wrapped his arm around the back of Y/N’s shoulders- feeling protective over her as they passed a group of guys standing along the side of the road.
A wave of anxiety rushed over Y/N as she heard the men start to walk behind them. She immediately grabbed a hold of Peter’s arm, holding it tightly as they picked up the pace. They were too far from the theatre now to run back and call out for help- and in the middle of a dark neighbourhood where there was zero traffic, their options were limited.
“Peter…” the girl whispered fearfully. Her grip tightening on him as he pulled her closer.
“I know-“ he whispered into her hair, he started to pick up his pace, practically dragging her along with him. His grip around her waist had tightened and he felt her wince- but still he didn’t let up. He had no Spiderman mask with him. So if he started swinging around there would no longer be a secret identity. “Follow me.” Peter spoke stiffly, dragging Y//N with him down an alley as he tried to find a shortcut, or at the very least somewhere they could hide.
Maybe he could call Mr.Stark- or the police, he didn’t know, his mind was going overtime.
“Hey hey hey! What do we have here?” A large burly ma called out as they walked in front of the other end of the alley.
Whipping her head behind her, Y/N saw that the previous group of four that had been following them, had turned into two. They had peeled off at some point- they chased Peter and Y/N directly into their trap.
“Come on guys- we don’t want any trouble.” Peter laughed out nervously. Bracing Y/N behind him as he tried to shield her with his body.
Y/N breathing quickened as she watched the group slowly surround them. “Peter just do what they say.” She spoke quickly. Handing her purse off to one of the men as he ordered her to toss it.
“Thats right buddy- listen to your girlfriend.” The large greasy man from before went to reach out and grab Y/N- Peter’s eyes immediately darkening.
“Dont touch her!”
The man paid no warning and pushed Y/N to the side, the girl falling to the ground and staying huddled against a brick wall. “Give us your wallet, and that watch.”
Peter glanced down at his watch-A gift from his uncle “No-“ that wasn’t happening. Not a chance in hell was he giving that up.
“Peter!” Y/N cried- she was terrified that he was going to get himself killed.
Glancing around him, The young boy surveyed his options. He was outnumbered, and even with his super strength…. There was a real possibility that he was going to come out with a couple of bumps and bruises. But he couldn’t be sure of what would happen to Y/N.
“Y/N run!”
No sooner than the order was given, Peter launched into an attack- he threw his weight against the man that was closest to him, trying to knock him off his feet so that he could give the girl a clear exit- within seconds the group had swarmed both him and Y/N.
The girl’s screams- shocking Peter like cold water. Fists flew and legs kicked from every direction.
It was over in a matter of seconds.
Peter watched as the very last man ran down the alley. Scampering away and holding his arm to his chest.
“Their gone now- Y/N were okay-“ he turned around, his victorious expression faltering. “Y/N!” The girl clung to the corner of the brick building, her hand hugging her stomach. Peter rushed towards her and immediately brought her into his arms.
“Oh my god- are you hurt?” He moved her hand, scared that he was about to find blood.
Shaking her head, Y/N took a breath. “Im okay- just got punched in the stomach- it’s nothing serious.” She promised him.
He helped her stand up straight and Y/N gasped, noticing the small cut on his cheek. It was swollen and raised and she knew for a fact it was going to be a nasty shade of purple the next morning. “Peter- What were you thinking?!” She growled at him, slapping his chest.
Peter’s eyes widened, reaching out to stop her from hitting him but she was too quick. “You could have gotten yourself killed! You’re not a superhero Peter! You don’t get to jump into battle! And almost get yourself hurt!” She cried at him..
Y/N’s eyes were furious- and Peter swore he had never seen her look so angry.
Finally catching her wrists to prevent any further assault, Peter brought her into a hug “Im sorry okay! I couldn’t let them take my watch- or your purse- but that’s besides the point-“ he held her tightly.
They started to walk home again, faster than the last time as Y/N spilled out her worries to him. “You could have died- what if they had a gun, or a knife or a crowbar! I would’ve lost you!” She snapped.
“You mean everything to me Peter Parker! No more heroics do you understand me?” She grabbed his hand and held onto him tightly. “I love you.” She confessed.
Peter’s heart ached. If Y/N knew what he really did on nights he said he couldn’t come out, she would freak- and that would make him freak and he couldn’t deal with that. “I love you too… No more heroics- I promise.” Peter didn’t realize in that moment that Y/N was confessing her romantic feelings towards him, but he did mean what he said.
Peter couldn’t even keep Y/N safe from a couple of thugs on a walk home from a movie- his ego was shot, but there was one thing for certain.
Peter could never tell Y/N that he was Spiderman…. And he could never tell her how much he loved her, because he couldn’t keep her safe.
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marniesea · 4 hours ago
my fic gets really dark and angsty…and right now it’s literally all fluff and flirty
Tumblr media
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alloftheimaginesblog · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You felt almost slightly nervous as you walked into the nightclub. You weren’t used to dressing up and looking glam so it was a little out of your comfort zone. You looked great, though, you knew you did. You felt good and you knew that you looked good.
Bucky had text you telling you he was near the front of the club so as you weaved your way through the copious amounts of sweating bodies, your eyes landed on Sam Wilson and then Bucky Barnes. Sam saw you first, raising his eyebrows, smirking and saying something to Bucky. Oh, god.
Bucky turned to you, glass raising to his mouth, but when he saw you he stood straighter, hand slowly falling from his mouth without so much as taking a sip,  “Wow,” he murmured as you stopped in front of you, “You look... wow.”
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harleysarchive · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bucky calling you, to make sure that you are okay
Gif credit goes to buckysbarnes
The signals were still going and Bucky waited for you to pick up. With all the commotion with the Flag Smashers, he wanted to make sure that you were okay.
“Hello?” you answered on the other line. Bucky’s face broke out in a smile, he loved to hear your voice.
“Hey, doll. I wanted to make sure that you are okay.”
“I’m fine, but are you? Are you hurt?” you asked worried.
“No, no, I’m fine... Better now that I hear your voice.”
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So i know i have been asking what a lot of fanfics are but does anyone know one where reader likes to be all touchy feely with Bucky and steve tells her that Bucky doesn’t like touching because it brings him back to hydra days so she stops touching him and Bucky nightmares get worse and then Bucky and reader end up talking about it and get together. If anyone knows this can y’all tell me i have also been looking for this one. Thanks
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bethjames-1701 · 5 hours ago
Falling out of love with something that kept you happy and alive is truly heartbreaking.
Especially when there’s no real reason it just doesn’t spark love and happiness anymore.
all I can do is sit and watch as I love it less and less.
Tumblr media
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lesbian-deadpool · 6 hours ago
Steve: What’s a sugar daddy?
Bruce: Um... a... dad... who... gives you candy...?
Bruce: Don’t you dare.
Y/N: But-
Bruce: Don’t taint him.
Steve: ???
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loki-once-said · 8 hours ago
So a tik tok pointed out the fact that when Loki was at the TVA room watching his death scene, "End of the File" doesn't appears after Thanos snaps his neck.
It appears after the explosion...meaning that his life ended with it.
He was probably just paralyzed and still felt all the pain but most importantly: Thor hugging him.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Credit to the creator (because my insta page reloaded accidentally and I lose it, dm me if you know pls)
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