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#mcu masterlist
onlyjamesbarnes · 18 hours ago
Add Yourself to my Taglist!!
Tumblr media
Be the first to read my newest fics my adding yourself to my taglist!
Click this link right here to be sent to a google form, where you can request to be added to a taglist for my fics. It can be all of them (my permanent tag list) or simply just a character, actor, or even series that you're obsessed with!
To be taken off, simply dm me or send me an ask with the user you'd like to take off!
(full credit for the google form idea from the amazing @nsfwsebbie)
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themculibrary · 20 hours ago
Bath/Shower Masterlist
1941 (ao3) - JessRoseDraws Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: Steve and Bucky share a bath on a cold winter night in 1941
Accept Me (ao3) - Slvrdragon1090 Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Tony, Clint/Phil
Summary: Steve wants to take a bath with his boyfriend, but Tony bolts and Steve has no idea why. Tony is afraid Steve won't accept his insecurities.
Cleanliness Is Next To... (ao3) - slipsthrufingers Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Clint/Natasha
Summary: Or Five Memorable Showers Clint Barton and Natasha Have Had, and One Time There Was a Bath Instead.
Cleanliness is next to godliness (only in a very abridged dictionary) (ao3) - Odsbodkins Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: For the Steve/Bucky fest prompt: "Five Times that Steve and Bucky had a bath together set in movieverse."
Concussions and Bathtubs ( - buurose Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Peter comes back tired from a mission and takes a bath, only to pass out from a head wound in the tub.
Delicate, hand wash only (ao3) - mollynoble Rating: Explicit Pairing: Bucky/Clint
Summary: “Hey, Buck, what do you need?” Clint moved closer, he wanted to reach out but he resisted the urge, that could be a bad idea right now. “What can I do to help?” He pitched his voice low and soothing.
There was a pause, then Bucky's eyes focused on him. “Right now all I want is a bath and then sleep.”
En Suite (ao3) - valtyr Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: Written for Avengers Kink. Prompt: "Tony/Steve. Shower sex."
In Twin Rivers (ao3) - RurouniHime Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: In Twin Rivers, Tony springs for a hotel room.
Let Me Take You Higher (ao3) - BlossomsintheMist Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: “Good,” Steve said, and squeezed him gently around the waist. “I guess we should see about having an actual shower, huh?”
“It might be a good idea,” Tony allowed, smiling a little. It felt loose and warm and wide on his face.
Make You Clean (ao3) - TheRaven Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: After a particularly draining mission, Steve decides that Bucky needs a good, long bath.
post mission baths (ao3) - dustbear Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Maria/Natasha, Clint/Phil
Summary: Maria and Natasha share a post-mission bath.
Sex Bomb (ao3) - Darth_Claire Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: With Bucky out of town, Steve plans a relaxing night in the bath. Bucky surprises him by returning early.
Shower Fun (ao3) - AkikoFumi Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: Anonymous sent: "NSFW prompt: Steve and Tony having shower sex for the first time. Please."
The mind melt (ao3) - wolfypuppypiles Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Peter was burning up, his temperature far higher than any normal person could survive and so, May does the only thing she can. She calls Tony.
This Shower Isn't Big Enough for the Both of Us (ao3) - AShortInfinity Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: The four times that Tony Stark interrupted Steve's shower time and the one time Steve interrupted his.
Toy Soldiers (ao3) - Fyre Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: Sometimes, two boys from Brooklyn fall back on old habits.
Wash Away (ao3) - sahiya Rating: General Pairing: Bruce/Steve/Tony
Summary: Tony isn't hiding a broken wrist this time, at least. But he also isn't really okay.
We Sinners (ao3) - Lise Rating: Explicit Pairing: Clint/Natasha
Summary: There's always going to be bad days, sure; but there's always going to be evenings like this, too.
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onlyjamesbarnes · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
loki laufeyson/odinson | god of mischief
18+ fics are noted with an asterisk (*)
popular fics are noted with a star (✪)
main masterlist | mcu masterlist
Tumblr media
One Shots
Let Her Go ✪
Request by @davidteninchme
After having a tragic, terrible dream of Thanos murdering the love of his life, Loki vows to never leave her side and to never let her go.
Written for theweasleysluts’s 2k Writing Challenge
You may just be Loki’s previous servant and current prison guard, but his plan requires you more than either of you realize.
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lqvenat · a day ago
mcu masterlist.
Tumblr media
requests: open
steve rogers
↠ good 4 you
bucky barnes
↠ already gone
peter parker
↠ a soulmate who wasn’t meant to be
↠ till forever falls apart (coming soon)
wanda maximoff
↠ too late (coming soon)
natasha romanoff
↠ nothing yet
pietro maximoff
↠ mr. perfectly fine (coming soon)
↠ nothing yet
carol danvers
↠ nothing yet
sam wilson
↠ nothing yet
thor odinson
↠ nothing yet
loki laufeyson
↠ nothing yet
↠ nothing yet
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lqvenat · a day ago
masterlist of masterlists.
Tumblr media
request are open!!
↠ mcu masterlist
↠ x-men masterlist (coming soon, requests are open)
↠ teen wolf masterlist
↠ stranger things masterlist (coming soon, requests are open)
↠ it 2017/2019 masterlist (coming soon, requests are open)
↠ grishaverse masterlist (coming soon, requests are open)
↠ the maze runner masterlist (coming soon, requests are open)
↠ the 100 masterlist
↠ harry potter masterlist
↠ avatar: the last airbender masterlist (coming soon, requests are open)
↠ the legend of korra masterlist (coming soon, requests are open)
↠ outer banks masterlist (coming soon, requests are open)
↠ fate: the winx sage masterlist (coming soon, requests are open)
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i-smell-sass · a day ago
this will all be Male character X Male reader, sorry ladies! Here is my MxM ship masterlist! MARVEL Thor Odinson-
Loki Laufeyson-
Tony Stark-
Bruce Banner-
Steve Rogers-
Bucky Barnes-
Pietro Maximoff-
You didn't see that coming?~ [Pietro Maximoff x Stark!Reader] Pt1 : Saving him
You didn't see that coming?~ [Pietro Maximoff x Stark!Reader] Pt2 : Date night
Peter Parker (ALWAYS 18+)-
Clint Barton-
Sam Wilson-
Scott Lang- None
Luther/Number 1-
Diego/Number 2-
Allison/Number 3-
Klaus/Number 4-
Five/Number 5-
(Provably none ever)
Ben/Number 6-
Vanya/Number 7-
IT (2017)
Losers Club
Eddie Kaspbrack (18)-
Richie Tozier(18)- None
Bill Denbrough(18)- None
Ben Hanscom(18)-
Stan Uris(18)-
Mike Hanlon(18)-
Bowers Gang
Henry Bowers(18)-
Patrick Hockstetter(18)-
Victor Criss(18)-
Belch Huggins(18)-
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plentyoffandoms · a day ago
MCU Masterlist
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
*Smut* - if you are a minor do not read these.
Joaquín Torres
Somebody's Hero Part 2 Part 3
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thisisarcanereverie · 2 days ago
Should’ve Known Chapter 18
Tumblr media
A/N: Hey I know I said Saturday is when I would post this but once again, life happened. I got called into work last minute and I couldn’t finish writing the chapter. 
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own Wanda or Steve they are owned by Marvel, I don’t own the gif either.
WARNINGS:Angst, Swearing, the stages of grief, loss, dark themes, talk of death, existential stuffs, violence, and kidnapping. 
WORDS : 1,732
SUMMARY: Four Years later and nothing is as it was. 
In case you missed last chapter
series masterlist
-- Four Years Later --
You are often worried about what the future holds, you catch the odd gray hair or notice a wrinkle every now and again and you can’t help but spiral. Not because you were aging, no, you consider yourself lucky that you were aging relatively gracefully, slowly. However, it’s when you look next to you and see your beautiful wife, a woman that time hasn’t touched that you begin to worry. 
You always knew, deep down, that Wanda was going to outlive you by years, decades, hell maybe even centuries. 
You and Wanda talked often about everything and yet nothing. 
You’ve never talked about your death with her though. 
You knew that Wanda didn’t handle death well, she had seen so much death and destruction in her life but she was still so human to it all. 
It’s one of the things you loved about her though, how deeply she cares for someone or something despite it all. It is easy to become insensitive and cruel and blame it on the world around you, however, when someone still finds the strength to love and to care despite it all, that’s something so precious and rare. Wanda is one of those people, you knew it since she sat in that car with you and listened patiently to the radio all those years ago.  
You worried about how Wanda would one day handle your passing, you worried that in her grief she’ll once again create the Hex, or worse, become the Scarlet Witch from myth. 
You also worried that as the years after your death go on, that she will forget you. You worried that you’ll become a faint memory to her when she’s a hundred years old, the glow to her skin never dimming and her hair just as vibrant as it was when she was twenty nine. 
You didn’t want to be her destruction, nor did you want her to forget you. 
You didn’t know what you wanted. 
You wiped the corners of your eyes and walked through the portal that Strange had made back to your home in Scotland. 
You admired the exterior of your home for a second. Your garden and raspberry bushes are ever thriving. When the twins turned eight you and Wanda had no choice but to completely renovate the once quaint one story cottage into a decently (if not large) farm home. Painted white with red shutters, a porch that wrapped around the entire home as well as a balcony. The twins now had their own rooms and an extra room for guests, which was mostly occupied by Steve. 
Steve and the twins grew closer after that first family dinner. They still called him Uncle Steve even though they knew the truth. Steve never asked them for more, always wanting them to be comfortable with him. That bit of distance worried you a bit, you knew the twins didn't mean any harm by it and you couldn’t say you blamed them. However, that didn’t mean that you didn’t worry about it. 
You learned quickly that constant worrying was part of being their mother.
You admired the home you had built for a second, with it’s raspberry bushes and red shutters, with it’s memories and dreams it held, and your family inside. 
You looked up to the orange and red gradient sky and silently smiled. You didn’t know if you believed in an afterlife, however you hoped so. You hoped your brothers and sisters, Natasha, Tony, everyone you ever loved and lost could see you now. See what you’ve accomplished since they’ve been gone and were happy for you. 
The thought of Natasha’s smile, not the aloof crooked smile she gave everyone but the toothy genuine smile she reserved for you and Tony’s smart remarks brought back the grief that you still carried in your heart. The grief and pain had faded over time, but it never truly left. Same thing for your brothers and sisters that were killed during the lab fire, you still feel the weight of that loss in your heart, but you’ve learned to live every day to the fullest, for them. 
You’d say you had a good life, one not always full of happiness and love, but definitely not one without. 
“Солнечный свет,” You look away from the sky and your eyes settle on the beautiful vision that was your wife. Her hair pulled back in her typical half up half down hair-do, the sweet smile on her lips reaching her emerald eyes. Her figure is relaxed, she wore her red cable knit sweater along with what she refers to as her comfy pants. 
You thank every star and god in the sky that she existed and that she was here with you. 
“What are you up to?” Wanda asks, taking a sip of the steaming tea from the mug in her hand. 
“I’m just watching the sky turn babe.” You assure her, not alluding her to your thoughts. Normally you were more open than that, letting her in willingly. 
This wasn’t a normal day. 
You proceeded to walk to her, savoring every moment you had. 
The night proceeded normally, it was Sunday so Steve came over and helped make dinner and then ate with you. You and Wanda did dishes while Steve caught up with the kids before getting them ready for bed. 
They didn’t need your help on that front much anymore, other than to tell them they needed to go to bed and tuck them in. 
They had grown so much and it only felt like yesterday you were sobbing and cursing in your room as they came into the world. 
Lettie’s hair had grown significantly and the tooth she lost while playing came back. 
Stevie no longer liked being called Stevie and often got embarrassed by it, preferring to be called Steve. 
One thing that hadn’t changed was that their eyes still retained their innocent glimmer. 
Other than the twin telepathy they had, nothing else seemed to show. However, you still held your breath, you had a feeling the shared telepathy was only the tip of the iceberg of what they were capable of.  
You had just finished brushing your teeth and getting ready for bed when you feel plump lips gently kiss the exposed skin of your neck. 
“Somethings bothering you,” Wanda whispered against your skin, her arms wrapped around your middle, her hands gently playing with the belt to your robe. 
“After all these years and you still are able to read me like a book.” You mused as you leaned into her touch. Her soft lips still gently caressing the exposed skin on your neck. 
“Wonderful years might I add,” She says lovingly before gently turning you around to face her, “what’s wrong Солнечный свет?” 
You sigh deeply as you hold her hand. 
“I’ll tell you in the morning babe,” You bring her soft hand to your lips before closing the gap between you and kiss her passionately. You savored the taste of mint and the familiar scent of roses and pomegranates.
All thoughts of the pamphlets and the piece of paper stuffed in your purse became nonexistent. 
You and Wanda weren’t heavy sleepers, however that night you and Wanda fell into a deep sleep. When you woke up and glanced at the alarm clock on your nightstand you nearly had a heart attack. You had never slept past nine o clock. The digital numbers, however, claimed it to be past one o'clock in the afternoon. 
You nudged Wanda awake, the red head stirring slightly and her eyelashes fluttering revealing the dazed look in her green eyes. 
“Wanda, it's past one we need to get up.” 
“Why do we need to wake up at one in the morning?” Wanda asked groggily, her eyes fighting to stay open. 
“I mean one in the afternoon.” 
Wanda immediately shot up after that, her eyes now wide and aware of the sun bleeding into the room. 
“We’ve never slept past nine before.” Wanda said, confusion evident in her tone. A moment passed before fear and lead made home in the bottom of your gut, it wasn’t until another solid moment passed when you flew from the bed in a panic and towards the twins rooms. 
You had never woken up past nine because the twins would always wake you up before then. It was like clockwork with them, a routine that you’ve found yourself depending on to wake up at a decent hour. 
Scarlet’s room was the one closest to yours and when you flung her door open to discover unmade sheets and no sign of your daughter, you sprint to your son's room to discover a similar scene. 
Only there was a crimson stain on the floor. 
“STEVE!” You call out, “SCARLET!” 
“(Y/n),” You hear Wanda start before she looks into Scarlet's room. Her eyes widen with panic as she rushes towards Steve’s room to discover the crimson stain on the floor. 
She hesitates there for a moment, staring at the crimson stain and prays it isn’t blood. 
You rush outside and barely a few steps out the front porch you see Lettie’s pink slipper, discarded, scarlet staining the pink fluffy material slightly. 
You picked up the slipper for a closer look, hoping that you were wrong, that it wasn’t crimson. 
You hated being right. 
You let out a sob that you hadn’t known you had kept in until you were already on your knees clutching the slipper in your hand for dear life. 
Wanda broke from her spell and rushed to you, the first thing she saw was you on your knees. Shaking horribly and clutching the pink slipper to you as you sobbed. The next thing she saw was the crimson on the slipper. 
Wanda dropped to her knees beside you. 
You handed Wanda the slipper and the images that popped into Wanda’s mind became overwhelming. 
She sensed fear and pain. She could hear Lettie’s voice plead for help pleading for her brother. Wanda could hear the grown men in black suits yell at her to shut up and slap her. 
Wanda let go of the slipper and your sobbing had subsided. You both looked at each other. You both felt fear and grief. 
But mostly you both felt unbridled, breathtaking, terrifying rage. 
You were going to get your children back. 
You and Wanda.
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themculibrary · 2 days ago
Homelessness Masterlist
and when you get there, is it perfect? (ao3) - hailingstars Pairing: Pepper/Tony Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Peter Parker is homeless, a thief, and involved with things he shouldn’t be.
Tony Stark has knack for adopting kids.
And that doesn’t change when Spider-Man pops up on the Avenger’s radar, and they launch a new mission, operation catch a spider.
A Place to Rest Your Head...and Maybe Call Home (ao3) - PeterStark Rating: Mature Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: After May and Ben die, Peter is put into the system. After going through too many homes in too short a time, he decides he'd be beter off alone. Living on the streets, Peter makes the best of what he has by using his brain and his powers to his advantage. He was prepared to hide out until he was old enough to hold a job and be considered an adult by the state. He'd find a way to live and survive until he could get back on his feet again. Then an internship changes everything. It may even change his Parker Luck.
child's play (ao3) - spicyjarvis Rating: Not Rated
Summary: spiderman has been missing for one year, two months and five days. clint comes across a homeless kid named peter parker before they find him.
From here to infinity (ao3) - everythingispoetry Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: In a world where superheroes are still secret, Steve walks past a homeless man every morning on his way to work. Then they save the world together - but it's not enough.
Home Is Where The Heart Is (ao3) - LiesToFeed Rating: Mature Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: Bucky has been homeless for almost half a decade now, if he's right. He has been since he was kicked out of college. Ontop of that, his only remaining family passed away just mere days after he was evicted. Life has been just a dull and rough existence, just his cassette player and his shitty job at a grocery store were the only things he counted on nowadays.
In the end though, he doesn't think he has it that bad. And he'd thank his shitty job any day for bringing him Steve Rogers.
I told you I had issues (ao3) - Bergen
Tony Stark, genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, and right now, a little exasperated. Because some guy is swinging around New York, shooting webs and making trouble, Fury is breathing down his neck, and his latest intern took off with his coupon for a free coffee. Thank god for Pepper Potts. -- ...or, a Spider-Man AU where a set of bad circumstances begin to push Peter Parker down a wrong path, and where Tony is probably not the best person to deal with it, but he does anyway.
On the Doorstep (ao3) - CeliaEquus Rating: General Pairing: background Bruce/Phil, Clint/Steve
Summary: Clint Barton didn't mean to pass out in front of Stark Tower. He was just waiting for the Avengers so he could ask them to visit the homeless shelter before it closed. He never expected them to try to recruit him.
Disclaimer: I don't own the Avengers, or any other Marvel thingummies, nor am I making money from this.
peter's stars (ao3) - IronPengu, parkrstark Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: Steve and Peter lose their apartment and are kicked out on the streets. Steve has to juggle between jobs to earn whatever money he can, take care of his son while resfusing to let him realize how much they're trouble in, and keep them warm and safe on the city streets in winter.
So, he really doesn't have time to date the billionaire that flirts with him everyday as he buys his cup of coffee. Even if he did, he can't let himself fall for the man. Because if he knew that he lived from a backpack and showered in a public bathroom there's no way he'd still want him...right?
Reintroducing Hope (ao3) - Fernandidilly_yo Rating: General
Mute, and living on the streets after his aunt has a heart attack, Peter isn't sure life could get much worse. He desperately waits for his 18 birthday when he can finally have a life again. Until a seeming to be normal friend, Sam Wilson helps turn his life back around. With the help of the rest of the Avengers of course. In the middle of sorting all this out, Hydra causes even more trouble for our heroes. And Peter once again is left in the middle of the chaos.
Shelter From Cold (ao3) - torchestogether Rating: Mature Pairing: Peter/Wade
Summary: The snowstorm was too severe for anyone to sleep out on the streets. Peter knew it was a bad idea, but even Deadpool deserved to have someone looking out for him.
The Third Option (ao3) - Uncertainty_Principle Rating: Mature
Summary: Homecoming A/U.
Ben and May divorced before Peter’s parents died, so when Ben is murdered Peter goes into foster care. It takes just a tiny taste of superpowers for Peter to decide he doesn’t want to put up with his horrible foster father anymore—the streets are infinitely more appealing. All he wants is to be Spider-Man anyway.
So he leaves.
Simple, that is, until Iron Man needs Spider-Man’s help. Peter isn’t about to turn down an opportunity to fight alongside Tony Freaking Stark, but he also isn’t going to let his hero know that his recruit is a fifteen-year-old homeless dropout. So they strike a deal. Peter will help Tony. In return, the mask stays on.
And that’s when things get complicated.
The Trickster's Tale (ao3) - orphan_account Rating: Mature Pairing: Frigga/Odin, Jane/Thor, Clint/Natasha
Summary: Loki anticipated any number of harsh and painful punishments from Odin; instead, he is banished forever to Midgard almost immediately upon his return. Abandoned and alone, Loki sinks from anger to depression as he loses all hope of love and redemption. He never expected the hand that reached out to save him, or that it would be Tony Stark who finally showed the kindness that would begin to heal his broken soul.
times Peter isn't okay (ao3) - PinkEasterEggs Rating: General
Summary: And the one time he is.
When May kicks Peter out after he refuses to give up Spider-Man, Peter finds it hard to adjust to his new life with Tony Stark and the Avengers.
To Lose a Home (ao3) - bethy_277 Rating: Not Rated
Summary: Stepping out of the apartment, Peter felt like he was shutting off a part of his heart. Everything had happened so quickly, and suddenly. He had lived in the apartment for the last 12 years after he lost his parents, and it was home. He locked the door and threw the keys in one of the backpacks and stepped away.
He was alone.
- Or S.H.I.E.L.D starts harassing Peter while he repeatedly declines, then May dies and Peter is out on the street without assistance. Enter Tony Stark.
War, Children (ao3) - Nonymos Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: After Bucky was released from the hospital, it only took him a couple of weeks to give up on himself. Difficult to believe in any kind of future when the simple act of staying alive was almost too big an effort.
Out the frosted window, across the street, there was a tiny homeless guy burrowing under an awning.
Without A Net Upon The Wire (ao3) - torakowalski Rating: Mature Pairing: Clint/Phil
Summary: Since he was abandoned by his brother and then the circus, Clint Barton has resigned himself to making his own way in the world. So when he ends up living on the streets of New York in the middle of winter, he’s not expecting to be taken in by injured army veteran, Phil Coulson, or accidentally involved in an escalating war against the Russian mafia.
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thestarssalign · 3 days ago
Marvel Masterlist
Angst (A)
Fluff (F)
Smut (S)
Pietro Maximoff
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
I Adore You (F)
it took steve a while to get used to the 21st century, how would he react to his girlfriend having tattoos
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson
Tumblr media
Midsummers (F)
as midsummers approaches, Thor brings the Avengers to Asgard and the Earth's mightiest heroes meets Loki's children
My Best Friend's Supervisor (and the guy I hooked up with last night) (F, S)
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beavtifvl-creatvres · 4 days ago
sleepover masterlist <3
join the sleepover!
Tumblr media
dad!sam & uncle!bucky blurb masterlist
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MCU Masterlist
↳ ☹︎ Angst
↳ ☻︎ Fluff/Gen
↳ ❦ Sexual (not smut)
↳ ☠︎︎ Death; gore; murder
Hm.. It seems this section is empty at the moment..
check back soon or request a one-shot (If requests are open of course)!!
0 notes
Tumblr media
All fandoms (that I'm in ofc) one shots and preferences! Maybe sprinkle in a little bit of imagines here and there. Updates will be slow. Requests open!
Request form and prompt list
I will be writing for the following fandoms:
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson (basically the whole Rick Riordan series)
Marvel (All the movies)
Loki (I'm adding this separately because he deserves it!)
The Hunger Games series
Divergent series
One Direction
What if it's us
They both die at the end
Most Disney films
Julie and the Phantoms
(I'll keep adding onto the list as I remember😅)
I won't be writing any smut.
PJO/HOO - You meet for the first time - Part 1
PJO/HOO - You meet for the second time - Part 2
I’ll wait for you (Tony X Avenger!Reader)
Darkness (PJO) - Part 1
Darkness (HP) - Part 2
Cute Wolfstar (HP) - Part 1
Cute Wolfstar (HP) - Part 2
Just go away
I’m sorry (Hunger Games)
Yeah, she’s mine (Natasha X Avenger!Reader)
You waking up Heeseung (Idol!Heeseung X GN!Reader) (Enhypen)
Cutest couple (PJO)
Heaven (They both die at the end)
I'm working on more fics, I'll keep adding the links to the fics as in when I post them!
-TheBlueBookworm is out~~!!!!
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themculibrary · 4 days ago
Completed Chaptered Fics Masterlist
Anew. (ao3) - IViv Rating: Mature Pairing: Tony/Stephen
Summary: In death, there was no glory, no redemption, no salvation.
Only darkness and ice—or that was what Tony thought. He closed his eyes in a Siberian bunker and opened them again on his 41st birthday, with War Machine flying into the distance.
Astronomy In Reverse (ao3) - pansley Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: A year after the Winter Soldier failed his mission in DC, Bucky Barnes is doing his best to stay under the radar from both Hydra and Steve Rogers. His hope for a peaceful day-to-day life in limbo goes awry, however, when he meets Queens’ newest hero; a pure-hearted kid with a death wish and a ridiculous pair of red and blue pajamas.
The last thing Steve expects when he finally tracks Bucky down is that, not only has the man been living in Queens all this time, right under his nose, but also that, in the two years since they last saw each other, Bucky somehow acquired a kid.
Alternatively: How Peter Parker effectively fucks over Bucky Barnes, and also totally saves him.
Beyond The Walls Of Sleep (ao3) - Chaed, spacelaska Rating: Mature Pairing: Pepper/Tony, implied Bruce/Natasha, Steve/Tony
Summary: It started with a portal, a battle for humanity, an empty coffin at Tony Stark's funeral. (It started with a portal, a bomb that never detonated, an act of self sacrifice that was futile.)
Then a distress signal. A last ditch covert-op. A recon mission with little hope of success. (A Chitauri cell. A plague ship. Isolation.)
Four years too late they bring Tony home.
Circling Back (ao3) - chaya Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: Steve looks for Bucky, Bucky finds Steve, Steve tries desperately to put Bucky back together. Bucky tries desperately to let him. (Spoilers for Winter Soldier.)
Dimensional Dominoes (ao3) - flawedamythyst Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Clint/Bucky, Steve/Tony
Summary: Clint’s shoulders slumped. "Hi, I think I’m from another dimension. Here’s a tip: if the Fantastic Four ever offer you a beer, just say no."
Three different Clints from three different worlds. How hard can it be to get them each back to the right one, whilst also dealing with AIM, Hydra and the Mad Thinker?
Have I Changed? (ao3) - katling Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Tony/Stephen
Summary: I liked you more before you met the Avengers.
It's an offhand comment that Tony wasn't sure he was actually meant to hear. But he did and he doesn't know what it means. Lucky for him, Rhodey's got an answer for him.
Iron Man: Director of S.W.O.R.D. (ao3) - Pookaseraph Rating: Mature Pairing: Steve/Tony, Bucky/Natasha
Summary: In the wake of the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the Avengers need to pick up the pieces, and figure out where to go from here. Tony had a plan, at least he thought he had a plan, but Steve Rogers seems to have blown most of those out of the water.
Spoilers for CA:TWS, lots of them.
Summary is a little vague to avoid spoiling, but it's a plotty, post CA:TWS 'what do we do now' fic.
It's a Secret to Everybody (ao3) - StarPrince_Punk Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Pepper/Tony
“I have kids," Clint said. "I know dad behavior when I see it.” Tony blinked multiple consecutive times, processing the statement. “Excuse me?” “Tony,” Steve said now, “how long have you had a son? And how come we’ve never known about him?” “Yeah,” Clint spoke again, “I thought I was the only one with a secret family. Turns out you’ve had one longer than me!” ------- Peter gets to spend all summer living in Avengers Tower with Tony. When the Rogue Avengers get pardoned and come back to live at the Tower too, they're confused as to who Peter is. However, once they see how Tony acts around Peter, that confusion goes away, as they know for certain who Peter must be - Tony's secret son. Tony and Peter decide to make the most of the situation, and play along. They hope they can keep up the act all summer. But they soon learn that they barely have to act at all.
just say you do (ao3) - biblionerd07 Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: Steve just wanted a job. He wasn't expecting a marriage proposal. And he certainly wasn't expecting to accept.
Life In Reverse (ao3) - Lise Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: Home is where you make it. Or, the AU where Loki falls to Earth after Thor, wanders around trying to work out what to do with himself, and somehow ends up working for SHIELD. (Mostly because supervillains are so plebian.)
Nobody's heroes (ao3) - boleyn13 Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: “This job... we try to save as many people as we can. Sometimes that doesn't mean everybody. But if we can't find a way to live with that, next time... maybe nobody gets saved.”
At the end of the day Steve did save everybody. He saved Bucky from Tony, his team from the government, the world from the Sokovia Accords. Some time would probably have to pass for things to blow over, and then everything would go back to normal. Couple of days. Tops. After all Team Cap saved everybody, showing the world how dangerous the accords were, how easily they could be abused. Even their supporters had to come to their senses now.
Yet five days after Siberia nobody feels safe. Things don’t calm down and suddenly it’s again Steve against the rest of the world. Only now it’s not some international organisation or government but the people. The ones he had saved. Slowly Captain America must realize that they don’t feel saved but angry, hurt and scared. The people demand justice for those who were really trying to save them and paid the price for it.
Poetic Justice (ao3) - Limmet Rating: Mature Pairing: Loki/Tony
Summary: When the time comes to pass sentence on Loki after the events in The Avengers, Odin decides to go for the poetic justice angle. For his attempt to enslave humanity, Loki has his magic and powers bound, and is sent back to Midgard and given over to Tony Stark to be his slave.
This was not a turn of events Tony had ever seen coming.
Reverse Games (ao3) - MsMoonstar Rating: General
Summary: Thor and Loki have been arguing since they arrived back on Earth and the Avengers are tired of it. Tony Stark comes up with a brilliant plan to make the two Agardian gods get along.
Second Time Around (ao3) - BeneficialAddiction Rating: Teen And Up Pairing: Clint/Phil
Summary: Upon learning that Phil Coulson is still alive, something breaks in Clint, maybe permanently. Leaving behind his team, his home, and his identity as Hawkeye, he falls back on an old name, living separately from the Avengers until SHIELD demands they begin looking for someone to take the missing archer's place and their sights turn to the rogue assassin Ronin.
What are the chances of being recruited by a shady government division of superheroes twice?
The darkest hour is just before the dawn (ao3) - StarryKnight09 Rating: Teen And Up
Summary: “Is this Peter Parker?”
“This is Dr. Nguyen. I’m sorry but your aunt’s been in an accident and we’re going to need you to come to Queens Memorial as soon as you can.”
Peter's life shatters with a phone call. The last person he expects helps him pick up the pieces.
The Fool in the Mirror (ao3) - thepinupchemist Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: The Avengers, SHIELD, and the world at large have underestimated the pain that Steve Rogers is in.
The night after a near brush with a suicide attempt, Steve discovers the world of support omegas, and in his desperation for relief from the battlefield of his brain, demands to have one.
Enter Bucky Barnes: retired marine, millennial, amputee, brother, son, and support omega. He maybe, just maybe, can help a broken alpha heal in the twenty-first century.
The Third Option (ao3) - Uncertainty_Principle Rating: Mature
Summary: Homecoming A/U.
Ben and May divorced before Peter’s parents died, so when Ben is murdered Peter goes into foster care. It takes just a tiny taste of superpowers for Peter to decide he doesn’t want to put up with his horrible foster father anymore—the streets are infinitely more appealing. All he wants is to be Spider-Man anyway.
So he leaves.
Simple, that is, until Iron Man needs Spider-Man’s help. Peter isn’t about to turn down an opportunity to fight alongside Tony Freaking Stark, but he also isn’t going to let his hero know that his recruit is a fifteen-year-old homeless dropout. So they strike a deal. Peter will help Tony. In return, the mask stays on.
And that’s when things get complicated.
this city bleeds its aching heart (ao3) - Anonymous Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: The one where Steve and Bucky pose as a happily married couple while on a mission for SHIELD, to catch an international arms dealer hiding in a suburban neighbourhood.
to memory now I can't recall (ao3) - Etharei Rating: Explicit Pairing: Steve/Bucky
Summary: While on a mission storming a HYDRA facility, James Buchanan Barnes touches one of the many strange alien devices collected by the Red Skull. He does this, in fact, twice— in the past, and in the future.
Next thing he knows, Bucky Barnes is opening his eyes in the 21st century, which is full of great gadgets and coffee, and at least includes his old pal Steve. (And, inexplicably, a different Stark.) Meanwhile, the Winter Soldier finds himself in the middle of World War Two, helping Captain America hunt down HYDRA (which is at least familiar), pretending to be Bucky Barnes (which is not), and figuring out the very noisy group of soldiers who call themselves the Howling Commandos.
Unquiet (ao3) - ealcynn Rating: Mature
Summary: Sam knows if anyone is not to blame for this clusterfuck, it’s Barnes. He’s a victim in all this. A murderous, terrifying, weaponized, six-foot, 260-pound cyborg victim.
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the-wintershade · 5 days ago
drabbles masterlist
Tumblr media
just wanted to make a page for shorter works so you wouldn’t have to go on a witch hunt to find smaller blurbs. all of my works are divided up into blurbs, drabbles, and non-series fics.
Tumblr media
[ratings]: a; angst, c; comfort, f; fluff, h; heat; ♛ popular
Tumblr media
blurbs: >1k
- 𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖛𝖊𝖑 𝖈𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖈 𝖚𝖓𝖎𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖊 -
- bucky barnes
i. swinging → hammocking | f & (♛)
- thor odison
i. crossfire → humans are fragile | a
- 𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖑 -
- carlos oliveira
i. spinning → awkward carlos attempting to ask you out | f
Tumblr media
drabbles: 1k-2k
- 𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖛𝖊𝖑 𝖈𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖈 𝖚𝖓𝖎𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖊 -
- loki laufeyson
i. these are the days that must happen to you → you’re hurt and almost unconscious and loki helps patch you up | a & c ii. real nightmare → mind control is really hard to break | a & (♛)
- bucky barnes
i. a heart doesn’t have to stop beating to be dead → bucky never became the winter soldier but someone had to take his place | a
- sam wilson
i. it’s horrible to learn about love from those who never loved you → he never really loved you just what you meant to other people and that hurts | a ii. trembling → something traumatic happened and you shake but sam is always there to have your back (literally...cuddles ‘cause why not) | a & c
- 𝖉𝖊𝖙𝖗𝖔𝖎𝖙: 𝖇𝖊𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖍𝖚𝖒𝖆𝖓 -
- connor | rk800
i. it’s tearing me apart → he breaks ties with you, thinking it’s out of love, but he sees you years later and realize what a fool he was | a ii. where you’re going the sun never sets → connor gets a taste of humanity right before you meet your end | a
- 𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖗 𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖘 -
- cal kestis
i. count me in → he’s always there to protect you but you don’t always need a hero | f
- 𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖓𝖙 𝖊𝖛𝖎𝖑 -
- carlos oliveira
i. i’m addicted to the way you smile → you’ve battled your way out of RC but sleepiness is one monster you can’t get rid of; you fall asleep on each other until things change a little when you reach your destination | f
Tumblr media
fics: 2k+
- 𝖒𝖆𝖗𝖛𝖊𝖑 𝖈𝖎𝖓𝖊𝖒𝖆𝖙𝖎𝖈 𝖚𝖓𝖎𝖛𝖊𝖗𝖘𝖊 -
- loki laufeyson
i. in another life (I surely was there) → he wants to be beside you and create a brand new world but his love is corrosive and you pay the consequences | a
- 𝖉𝖊𝖙𝖗𝖔𝖎𝖙: 𝖇𝖊𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖊 𝖍𝖚𝖒𝖆𝖓 -
- ruthless!connor
i. burning like hell → you use every trick he taught you but he never taught you how to have a heart and it’s hard to say if he has one | a
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queen-asteria04 · 5 days ago
Hello! Thank you for stopping by, if you would like to request something please look over my rules beforehand. Thank you very much <3
Julie and The Phantoms:
The Hardest Things - Reggie Peters x reader Warm Kisses - Reggie Peters x reader Rat Queen & Frog Prince - Reggie Peters x Mercer!reader Prom Dress - sunset curve x Mercer!reader
Harry Potter:
Holding you - George Weasley x reader Sweet Dreams - Male Weasley Loving George Weasley Dating Neville Longbottom I Just Wanted to Live a Little -  George Weasley x reader
The Maze Runners:
Sunshine - Newt x reader Everyone loves me - Minho x reader
Hey There - Sweet Pea
Cinderella - Tony Stark x Morgan Stark
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sunny-reys · 5 days ago
Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Loki Masterlist
Peter Parker Masterlist
Pietro Maximoff Masterlist
Sam Wilson Masterlist
Steve Rogers Masterlist
Wanda Maximoff Masterlist
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megthemewlingquim · 5 days ago
foreigner’s god.
Tumblr media
“Ain’t it a gentle sound, the rolling in the graves? Ain’t it like thunder under earth, the sound it makes? Ain’t it exciting you, the rumble where you lay? Ain’t you my baby, ain’t you my baby?”
- “NFWMB”, Hozier
Introducing foreigner’s god, a series with a beginning but no clear end. A series heavily inspired by the music and lyrics by Hozier, as well as “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman. This is an AU, one relating to Greek mythology.
Pairing: Hades! Loki x Persephone! Reader
The chapters for this series will all go here.
Because I do not write at my best when weekly updates are set, this will not be updated weekly. It will be updated when I can update it to the best of my ability. In addition, I admittedly have no idea where it will go. Rather than being a full, complete story, I would rather this be a collection of little stories that can relate to each other in smaller ways. Maybe I’ll even allow you guys to request plots for chapters, who knows? Time will tell.
I hope you enjoy!
one - someone new   coming soon
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imsebastiansta-n · 6 days ago
Falling - Part 4
Tumblr media
Warnings; very badly written smut; 18+ please!! 1 swear, and a mildly sad bucky bc of his shoulder scars; also 1 pic of said scars ☹️✨
Word count; 1320 ⭐️
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Requests are open 🌟
A/N thank you for 480 followers!! 🍄
The kiss was full of tongue, and teeth smashing. Bucky pulled away, both of you trying to catch your breath but neither one of you wanting to stop.
He leant in again, peppering soft kisses down your jawline towards your neck. He stops briefly as if he is contemplating on what to do next, when you feel him smirk as he sucks and nips softly, leaving behind a bruise.
“Bucky!” you tried to scold him, but it came out as a soft moan instead which went right to his pants.
“Sorry, babydoll. I had to mark what is mine.” He said breathlessly.
He laid you down gently and straddled you. Peppering soft kiss down your chest, going slow to make sure you wanted this and that you knew you can change your mind at any time.
He gripped the bottom of your dress and looked at you for permission, as you nodded. “Words, baby. Use your words.” He urged, as you complied. “Take it off, Bucky.”
Grinning, he lifted your dress over your head and looked at you in awe as he chucked it to the other side of your room. “Babydoll you are perfect.”
His words made you blush, “thank you.” You breathed as you ran your fingers through his hair, pulling softly earning a growl that went straight to your core.
Feeling his lips delicately placing kisses all over your chest made you crazy. The butterflies flapping like crazy in your stomach, the feeling almost making you dizzy. He looped his in your bra straps, looking at you again for your permission as you nodded.
He reached around your back and unclipped it, pulling your arms out and chucking it where your dress was. He wasted no time in wrapping his lips around your pebbling nipple, swirling his tongue, and using his other hand to caress and gently squeeze the other one.
“Bucky, please.” You begged, as he looked at you and smirked. Changing to give your other nipple some much needed attention, your hips involuntary buck, meeting his and causing him to hiss at the friction.
He placed gentle kisses down your stomach, stopping when he got to the waistband of your panties. He looked you again, as you got up to lean on your elbows to watch him, you nodded. Lifting your hips to help him remove them. He spread your legs, so you were exposed to him. Licking his lips, he went to go down when you stopped him. “W-wait. Bucky, wait.” You grabbed his hair gently to pull him up, his eyebrows turning into a frown.
“Are you okay? Do you want to stop?” he asked, worried he did something you weren’t comfortable with. You shook your head, “no, no. its not that, it’s just...” you sighed, embarrassed. “No one has ever gone down on me before.” You hide your face in your hands as he chuckled slightly, coming back up to remove them.
“Hey it’s okay, doll. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We don’t have to do that right now if you don’t want to, we can leave it for another time.” He comforted you, making you feel better as you nodded and laid him down, straddling him.
“I think you’re wearing too many clothes, Professor.” You smirked as you went for his belt buckle, looking at him to ask for his permission, he grinned nodding his head. He lifted his hips to help you get rid of his jeans as you saw the tent in his boxers, causing your mouth to water.
Grinding against his hard length with your wet core, Bucky could feel your wetness seep through his boxers, which made him throb more. You giggled as you felt his hard length twitch under you, which made you stop as you watched him to finish inside you.
You leant forward, gripping the bottom of his shirt about to lift it when panic rose in Buckys stomach. “W-wait. No, please. I-its not a pretty site. Trust me.” He gently pulled your hands from his shirt as tears pricked his eyes, causing you to frown.
“Baby, it’s not going to scare me off. I promise. I’m not her. I’m not gonna run, I’m staying until you tell me to go.” You soothed him, as he took a couple of deep breaths and nodded slowly. “Are you sure? I want you to be one hundred percent sure, not until you’re ready.” You said stern, but soft. He nodded, “I’m ready.”
You gripped his shirt again, this time taking it slow, going at Bucky’s pace. He heart felt like it was pounding through his rib cage as his shirt went higher, and higher. Until it was completely off, he closed his eyes. Terrified of your reaction, a few tears silently fell from his eyes.
Tumblr media
He felt you lean forward, what he didn’t expect to feel was your soft lips placing delicate kisses to the scars were the metal met his flesh.
You gently placed your hand on Bucky’s cheek, using your thumb to wipe away his tears as he opened his eyes. “You’re beautiful, Bucky.” You soothed, smiling softly at him. “Absolutely perfect.”
You leant forward, catching his lips with yours as you grinded against him. “Let me make love to you, baby.” You whispered, as you looked into his eyes and saw as the blue in them had almost been taken over with black.
He nodded and helped you to remove his boxers, chucking them somewhere in your room. Straddling him again, you grabbed his cock and pumped it a few times, causing Bucky to moan slightly.
“You ready?” you asked him as you used his cock to tease your clit slightly. “I’m ready, doll.” He answered, choking slightly as you sunk down on his length slowly. He was a lot bigger than you’ve had before, thickness wise anyway.  
You stayed still for a few seconds, letting yourself adjust to his size. You gently ran your nails up his abs, and over his chest, making Bucky go crazy over your touch. “C-can you move? You’re so fucking tight.” He choked again as you accidently squeezed him.
You lifted your hips and began to gently ride him. Soft moans and groans echoed throughout your whole bedroom; pants of air were being breathed. Bucky couldn’t help but look up at you, watching as you fell apart on top of him.
He felt himself getting close, and he could tell you were too, as you kept involuntarily squeezing him.
“Doll, I’m so close.” He moaned against your neck, as he peppered kisses over it. “Me too. Let go, I’ve got you.” You whispered into his ear, which triggered him his orgasm, and in turn triggered yours.
You rode out both your highs when Bucky gently placed his hands on your bum, letting you know to stop. You fell forward onto his chest, both of you panting and gasping for air. Bucky slowly pulled himself out of you, both of you hissing at the sensitivity, and the feeling of both your juices sliding down both your thighs. You laid back down on his chest and cuddled into him.
“Thank you.” He whispered into your hair as he placed a kiss to the top of your head. You looked up at him, confused, “for what?”
“For being you, for not running away when you saw how much of a mess I am.” He chuckled, sadly. “Bucky, nothing will make me run away. And you’re not a mess, you’re so beautiful.” You leant down and pecked his nose, giggling at how he blushed.
You rolled off him and laid down as he got up. He walked into your bathroom and grabbed a wet cloth to clean you both up.
Once you both were clean, he climbed back into bed with you, and you curled up in his arms, and soon you were both lulled into a peaceful sleep.
Tags ⚡️
@nevenabadr 🌙
@multiplums 🌙
@songbird713 🌙
@shafverani​ 🌙
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simpingforsteverogers · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Name: Ellen Cooper
Species: Human
Love interest: Tony Stark
Face claim: Diana Silvers
Tumblr media
Name: Pamela Marie Pearson
Species: Human
Love interest: Steve Rogers
Face claim: Scarlett Leithold
Tumblr media
Name: Katherine Pamela Rogers
Species: Enhanced human
Love interest: Natasha Romanoff
Face claim: Philippine Urvois
Tumblr media
Name: Mary Elizabeth Rogers
Species: Human / TBD
Love interest: Bucky Barnes
Face claim: Samantha Cormier
Tumblr media
Name: Nyx Reed
Species: Inhuman
Love interest: Steve Rogers
Face claim: Isabella Valhosa
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