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outerbanksfashionblog · 7 hours ago
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May 16th, 2021
Madelyn Cline wears the Melinda Maria Jewelry The Diamond Drop Necklace in Silver/White Diamondettes ($180.00) while at Craig’s LA after the MTV Movie & TV Awards 
Worn With: Rosetta Getty Vest & Culottes
Photo Credit: Backgrid
Identified by @/madelynclinestyle on Instagram
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So I’m the maybobbisif anon…and I have tons of ideas. Janelle monae as sif. Let’s throw in Anna Diop as Natasha or Lucy liu, and maybe a Latina actress for Maria hill. Add Brunnhilde. So it’s May/bobbi/sif/Natasha/Maria/Brunnhilde. Idk the ship name tho…Oof. It’s a polycule of 6.
ok considering that heimdall and lady sif are supposed to be siblings I think Janelle would be good as Sif.
Tumblr media
Anna Diop as Natasha
Tumblr media
stephanie beatriz for Maria Hill
Tumblr media
Laverne Cox for Bobbi Morse
Tumblr media
Melinda May
Tumblr media
and of course Brunnhilde
Tumblr media
I’m loving it!!!
mod laina
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primrosesjemma · 22 hours ago
melinda may with a fringe/bangs supremacy
Tumblr media
like. this was a look. it was a great look. i wish we saw more of it.
(screenshot from "Love, Melinda // Philinda Fanmade Trailer" by Isabelle le Fanult on YouTube)
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korraavaatu · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ➤ Favorite Character Caps
⤷ m a y
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agentsofcuteanimals · 23 hours ago
Melinda: *Walks down the hall*
*Footstep sounds*
Melinda: *Stops*
Melinda: *Turns around*
Daisy: *Standing behind her*
Melinda: What are you doing?
Daisy: Nothing... Quick question, where are we going?
Melinda: We?
Piper: *Joins in* Yah we.
Melinda: WE are not going anywhere. I'm going to look for some peace and quiet.
Daisy: Oh ok ok cool, we'll come too
Fitzsimmons: Us too. *Joins the line*
Melinda: No
Elena, Davis, and Mack: And us. *Longer line*
Melinda: *Glares*
Phil: Hey Mel. *Even longer*
Melinda: 😑
Deke: And me!
Melinda: . . . Fine you can all come *Turns around and starts walking with a small smile*
The team: *Follows* 🥰🥰🥰
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lokigodofaces · a day ago
Michelle, Marvel, & Pride 18 Part 2
Link to questions.
Lots of characters wear colorful things! Put some Marvel characters together to make some pride flags for yourself! You can either show us fanart, copy and paste pictures/gifs of them in that order, or just tell us the order and the costume.
Sorry, tumblr has an image limit.
Demiromantic (using aromantic flag because that's a little easier):
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Part 1
Previous | Next
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agentsofcuteanimals · a day ago
Tumblr media
Philinda: *Going for a test drive*
Salesman: Alright let's take this for a spin!
All of them: *Gets in the car with Melinda behind the wheels*
Salesman: Ok if you just take a left from-
Melinda: *ZOOOOMS*
Car: Beep beep *150mph*
Salesman: Uh- MA'AM?
Melinda: *Makes a stop for Phil to get donuts*
Salesman: *Wants to throw up*
Melinda: *ZOOOOMS back to the car dealership*
All of them: *Gets out of the car*
Salesman: *Throws up*
Melinda: Not bad
Phil: The car or the donuts?
Melinda: Both *Smirks*
Phil @ the salesman: We'll take this one 😊
Poor salesman: 🤮😭🤮😭
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sparkledits · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
✦ melinda may — header
   • fav/reblog if you save
   • credits to celiastjamz on twitter
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primrosesjemma · 2 days ago
aos team headcanons
the next get-together for the team is a picnic at the fitzsimmons cottage
alya LOVES flint. they have an awesome time playing with each other
sometimes people call alya "al" for short, and mack calls her "little al"
when there are new additions to the team such as new babies, the team starts meeting up more frequently
bus kids jr grow up being great friends with each other
fitzsimmons have twins after alya who are just like mini version of fitz and simmons
sousa turns out to be a great chef and at these get togethers, everyone looks forward to eating sousa's cooking
he is also very good at making pies and cookies, and every so often the team members recieve a parcel of cookies
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fury: agent may, would you like to explain what you are doing?
may, with the bus kids, mackelena, and huntingbird following her: they have accepted me as their mother.
coulson, excitedly: i’m the dad!!
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agentsofcuteanimals · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Phil: *Coming back from a mission, banged up but alive*
Melinda: *Stood there with her arms crossed and a serious expression*
Phil: *Walks towards her with his stupid smile* Turns out they had more–
Melinda: *Throws herself on to him* That was stupid and reckless and you know it.
Phil: *Wraps his arms around her and sigh* I know.
Melinda: *Buries herself in his arms and grumbles* Idiot... reckless... likes coffee... paperwork... talk too much...
Phil: How are those related to today?
Melinda: *Grumbles louder* DUMB...ASS PO...TA...TO....
Phil: *Chuckles and place a kiss on her forehead* I'm ok, Mel. I'm home.
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agentmmayy · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
someone said daisy and may with undercuts and I couldn’t stop thinking about it
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ajrob81 · 3 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All the times that i have tried to draw Clark, obviously with no success 😅😅😅, and once i draw Ming-Na a little better, i think 🤭🤭
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agentmintea · 3 days ago
I just stumbled across your art and your blog. It is absolutely stunning, gorgeous, and adorable. Also, it’s your birthday? Happy birthday!
Awww thank you so much!!! I feel I need to do my due diligence and warn you that 99% of the time this blog is Critical Role screaming and not this MCU art roll I seem to be on. But I'm very glad you're here! Have a doodle Melinda :)
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ladylanera · 3 days ago
At Any Cost
I would like to apologize to Melinda May for this fic--and also Maria Hill. I am so sorry, ladies. It’s the bunny’s fault.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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agentsofcuteanimals · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Melinda: *Sipping tea and reading a book*
Daisy: *Runs in and crashes into Melinda*
Melinda: Ooof *falls on the floor* What the...
Melinda: Daisy Johnson
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Tumblr media
one-shots/mini series 💫
You Made Me Soup?? // Dousy — Ao3
Daisy comes home from a mission feeling a little off. NBD, until she’s sneezing and can barely stand. Luckily, Daniel comes to the rescue.
The Best Medicine // Dousy (pt 2 of YMMS)
After Daisy recovers from her cold, she and Daniel have an amazing few days. But, as the universe is wont to do, it flips the script and Daniel catches Daisy’s cold.
A Philindaisy Christmas — Ao3
Ah, the holidays. They only come once a year, and Melinda May's house is full of family. Chaotic family—who are giving her a headache. Luckily, her chaotic family knows exactly how to cheer her up.
Sorry, I’m Married // Dousy — Ao3
While on a mission with Coulson, Daisy encounters a not-so-unfriendly criminal. She sets him straight.
coming soon
Daisy x R
Sneaking Out//Daisy Johnson x Reader — Ao3
After a year apart from Daisy, you finally find time together during a rare party at the Lighthouse. Too bad the party isn’t as interesting as your girlfriend. (coming 12a EST)
coming soon
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