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#sebastian stan x reader
evanstan-hoe · 59 minutes ago
Pregnancy and Party
Words: ~1k
Warnings: 🤷‍♀️ It's just thrown together if that counts
Tumblr media
Your hands shook as you waited anxiously for the test before you to read a response, eyes flickering to the other four tests on the counter beside you. They all read the same thing, which caused you to pee on just one more.
You began to pace along the time in the bathroom, teeth chewing on the inside of your lip before your alarm rang out in your phone. You scurried closer to the test after turning the alarm off quickly and picked the test up and turned it around in a hurry.
A hand covered your mouth as a smile broke out across your face as you sat the fresh response along with the other five— all reading the same way.
You screamed internally, jumping in excitement silently as a knock on the door brought you back to reality.
“Doll, are you okay in there?” Sebastian called through the wooden door, his tone dripping with worry.
Frantically, your brain ran through a million different options to tell them that you were pregnant.
Set up a prank that tells them?
Cook them a surprise dinner and tell them?
Create a creative masterpiece that lets them know?
Buns in the oven until they get it?
Instead you opened the door wide, a shit eating grin plastered on your face, and saw both Sebastian and Chris standing on the other side, looking worried.
“Baby?” Chris started, a hand reaching out to massage your arm comfortingly before you can turn around and wave them closer to the sink. “What’s on the counter, Bubba?”
Sebastian followed you to the sink with Chris and grabbed one of the tests from the counter, eyes wide as he processed what was happening.
“Doll, is this real?” Sebastian asked breathlessly as you bounced on your feet excitedly.
You watched, hands grabbing at one another as Chris slowly came to realize what was going on, fingers reaching out to grab one of the positive pregnancy tests slowly.
“We’re gonna have a baby,” you whispered to them both as a way to tell them but also as a way to tell yourself.
They both erupted into a fit of excitement, grins adorning their faces as they hugged one another and yourself.
They were over the moon about your pregnancy. They’d wanted to have a child with you for a while now, but having a child in a polyamorous relationship in the limelight requires a lot of figuring out before you dive into it.
Throughout the pregnancy, everything went well. You were lucky enough to have an “easy” pregnancy, and Chris and Seb made it their mission to make it even easier— if they could.
Every late night craving: “You got it, babe.”
Every sore muscle: “I’ll get it, Doll.”
Every time you were hunched over the toilet: “We’ve got you, baby. It’ll be okay.”
Chris and Seb’s family insisted on having a gender reveal party together, and wanted to i time your family as well— as an olive branch.
Because you were waiting for the party to know the gender, this meant that at every doctor’s visit, you looked away from the screen, you stashed away the ultrasound photos, and you waited on pins and needles for the party to find out. You didn’t want to risk spoiling the party, so you simply only let the doctor tell you how things were going with baby, and she was more than willing to help keep you three in the dark.
So the day of the party, you all get together at Chris’ family house, and your family shows up, too. There’s a box in the middle of the yard waiting for the three of you to open it and you guys can hardly contain yourself while waiting for the appropriate time to open it.
“Okay, it’s time!” Sebastian announced abruptly, standing from the patio table surrounded by family. You giggled as you completely agreed despite his mother’s grumblings.
“Sebastian, desert first?” She requested from beside his empty chair.
He shook his head, pulling your chair out to help you up as Chris simply explained, “We’ve waited months. It’s time.”
So the three of you anxiously walked to the box, hands grasping one another nervously as you gathered around the sides of the box.
“Okay, doll, open the box,” Sebastian instructed, a hand anxiously landing on Chris’ shoulder.
Nervously, you opened the box, watching as pink balloons flew from the box, standing as straight as they could without flying away, tied to the bottom of the box.
The three of you gasped, embracing one another excitedly as your families screamed and yelled in excitement.
In the midst of the excitement, you almost missed Chris’ sister bringing out another box. Your eyes widened as you saw the box, equally as big as the first. “There’s two?” You exclaimed, hands clasped together as she nodded slowly.
“Oh my god,” Chris laughed with Seb, both taken aback but equally as shocked.
Chris stepped forward, hands reaching for the box as he opened it and waited for the balloons to fly to the top as the others had, this time they were blue.
“Shut the fuck up!” You screamed excitedly, jumping into Sebastian’s arms as everyone cheered again.
“A boy and a girl? That’s so great!” Chris exclaimed, wrapping his arms around you and Seb as he left a kiss to your heads.
Sebastian beamed brightly at the both of you as you stood on your feet again. He kissed Chris before kissing you, his forehead leaning against yours as he relished in the moment, muttering, “This is amazing, doll.”
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forever-rogue · an hour ago
17 and 34 for hugs with bucky
I feel like this is so...Bucky? 😏
17. Hugging from behind & 34. Hugging while grabbing butt
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
You always knew that Bucky was an ass man...well, he was an everything man when it came to you, but there was something about your ass that he just particularly loved. Especially when you wore that one pair of leggings that drove him wild. You’d gotten them on a whim, thinking they would make you look good, and by the way Bucky couldn’t seem to keep his hands off you when you wore them, you had been right. 
Sometimes he would decide to get handsy at the most inconvenient times - to him there was never a wrong time, even if you insisted there was....
You were standing in line, waiting to check out with a bunch of groceries, while Bucky had gone to grab a few last minute things. You were playing around on your phone while the line seemed to move achingly slowly. When he came back and wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you in a tight bear hug, you almost jumped. 
“Bucky,” you playfully groaned as he rested his head on your shoulder, pressing a kiss to your cheek, “give me some warning! I almost screamed and was ready to punch you!”
“You know I’d never let anything happen to my girl,” his voice was husky in your ear as you tried not to visibly shiver. Immediately the thoughts of everything you wanted him to do to you flooded your mind as you bit your lip. He must have sensed what you were thinking because a large hand splayed over your belly as he pressed you against him, "look so fuckin' good honey. Wearing those damn leggings again. You tryna kill me?"
"Bucky," his name was a squeak from your lips as you tried to ignore the warmth coiling in your belly, "we're in public!"
"And I shouldn't have let you out if the house like this," his hand moved to your ass as he gave your bum a firm squeeze and you tried not to moan out loud, "should take you right here and now. Show everyone who this ass belongs to."
"Behave," you whispered softly as you tried to pull his hand away from your ass. It was no use - he was much stronger and more determined, "we're almost home."
"And then I’ll have my way with you,” he almost growled and he ground himself lightly against your ass and you could feel he was getting hard already, “gonna fuck you till can’t even remember your name.”
“Bucky,” you closed your eyes as the sound of a soft hello met your ears and the cashier started to ring up your items. Your whole face felt warm as you slapped his hands away and cleared your throat before turning back to him and whispering, “James. Half an hour and then we’re home. Then you can fuck me all you want. But only if you’re good until then.”
“This better be quick,” he groaned as he looked at the mountain of groceries, “fuck me.”
“Soon enough!”
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hoebrowsalad · an hour ago
greetings tumblr goers 😌✨
just a notice that I'll be late with my update on the black of the widow series because I have an exam this friday 😩 I will however try to post chapter 2 this weekend!
thank you for the love and support! ❤️
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winter-james · an hour ago
Drum sticks
Summary: Sebastian shows you the things he had to learn and get for his new role.
Word count: 1.1k
Author’s note: Based on the video Sebastian posted on instagram.
Warning(s): mention of sex, sexual tension, making out
Feedback is always appreciated and don't forget to reblog and like if you liked it and want to see more. Thank you!
Tumblr media
Sebastian had been preparing for his role as Tommy Lee for a few weeks now, growing out his hair and getting that goatee you absolutely did not like. He had another costume fitting today and you truly didn’t know what he would come home with. He had said that you would like it but you would rather see it for yourself.
You were sitting in the living room when you heard the front door opening, your heart skipping a beat in excitement. You waited for him to walk in and when he did your whole body froze on the couch. His arms had tattoos from his wrists to his shoulders. Your mouth was open in shock as he stood there.
"So what do you think?" he smirked, knowing you liked tattoos on men. You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out as he walked over to you and knelt down in front of you. "I guess you like it?" you only just noticed the tattoo on his neck peeking out from under his shirt. He saw where your eyes were stuck on. "There is more." he stood up to take off his shirt, revealing a big tattoo in his stomach, but the big surprise came when he turned around and you saw the wings on his back.
"Oh my god!" you exclaimed, hiding your mouth behind your hands. He gave you a slow spin showing off the full look. He knelt back down, placing his hands on your thighs.
"So?" you couldn't take your eyes off of his now naked torso between your knees.
"So?" you repeated in disbelief. "It's crazy!" you ran your fingers along his arms. "But I absolutely love it!" leaning forward, your faces were inches apart as you grabbed the back of his head crashing your lips together, pouring all your passion into the kiss. He looked way too good with the ink covering his body and you just wanted him to take you into the bedroom so you could show him how much you loved it, and it seemed like he had the same thing on his mind as his lips traveled down to your neck. Goosebumps rose on your skin, which didn't go unnoticed by him, liking how he made you feel he smirked into your neck. Your fingers ran through his hair and gripped it, pulling a little on the strands. He nipped at your tender skin in response, making you let out a sigh in content. His palms brushed along your thighs, stopping at the place where your torso met your legs and grasped you. You shuddered at the felling of his thumbs being so close to where you wanted them to be. You leaned back, pulling him with you. He put one knee onto the cushion of the couch between your legs for support while he didn't break his assault on your neck. You pulled his head up into another heated kiss, his soft lips driving you crazy as his hands went under the shirt you were wearing. You broke away from him, throwing your head back at his touch with a moan leaving your lips. He went back to your throat that he had full access to and your hands found the wings on his back, definitely your favorite one out of all, your nails leaving slight scratch marks in their path making him groan into your skin.
"I'll get tattoos if this is how you'll react to them every time." he mumbled, teasing clear in his voice.
"Please" you keened, not even knowing what you were asking for.
"Please what, baby?" his lips moved to kiss at the skin under your ear, your right hand going into his hair again to push him closer. "Please get tattoos? Or please fuck me on this couch?" he whispered in your ear, his voice an octave deeper. Heat spread across your middle as you whimpered.
"Yes" all you could get out was one word, him grabbing your left leg, pulling it up and bending it at your knee, making you lose all senses and only focus on his touch. "Yes. Please." words were spilling out of your mouth without you wanting them to.
He grasped your hips and forcefully moved you sideways so you were lying on your back, him on top of you, between your legs. Mouth open in a silent moan, eyes hooded in desire you looked at him as he hovered over you, heart beating rapidly. Sebastian brushed his finger along your cheek, your eyes closed at the feeling, sighing. Having him kneeling on top of you with all his tattoos was a fantasy come true. You licked your lips at the view and lifted your hips to meet his, grinding against the growing bulge in his pants. His hands caught your movement, stopping you and pushing you back down. You whined at the lack of friction against your core, becoming more and more needy as the minutes passed.
"Use your words baby. What do you want?" he dragged his hands along your torso, over your breasts and down your stomach. They stopped at your hip bones, waiting for your response.
"You. I want you" you bit your lower lip.
"I'm right here." rolling your eyes at his teasing, you grabbed his hands and pulled him down on you, his face now inches from yours.
"You know what I mean" you buckled you hips against his again, trying to get him to give you what you wanted.
"I do" he reached for your shirt and pulled it off of you, kissing down your skin until he reached your pants and god did he make you feel like you were in heaven.
The next time he said he had something to show you was a few weeks later, making you excited all over again.
"If it's anything like last time I'm in" you said to him over the phone when he called you, making him chuckle at the memory of you and the couch.
"Oh I think you will like it even more" he teased, your heart jumping in excitement at his tone.
That night when he got home you couldn't see anything different on him.
"So what changed?" your eyes ran up from his shoes across his chest to the top of his head, but nothing was out of place.
"Did I say it had anything to do with my look?" he cocked his head to the side, smiling.
"What is it then?" you stepped closer, heart beating fast. He pulled something out from his back pocket, which, you realized, were drum sticks. "You learned how to play the drums?" you looked up at him, confused.
"No" he laughed. "This is what I learned." he spun one of the sticks in between his fingers. That was the single hottest thing you've seen in a long time. Your mouth hung open in shock.
"Do it again" you said, mesmerized by how easily he used his fingers. He obliged and you almost let out a moan at how sexy it was. All the tattoos and now this was just too much.
"Holy shit" you mumbled.
"You like it then?" he smiled smugly.
"Do I look like I don't like it?" you raised your eyebrows at him. He kept spinning the wooden stick in his hands like it was no big deal. Your thoughts were going crazy, all the filthy things you wanted him to do to you running through your mind. You stepped closer to him, eyes half closed in desire, focusing on his hands. He had a simple white t-shirt on, showing off his tattoos, which made him even more attractive. You put your hands on his chest, eyes still stuck on the spinning stick. "My god, that's so hot" you couldn't control your mouth as the words tumbled out of it. He stopped, making you look up into his eyes as he grabbed your waist pulling you flush against his body.
"You want me to teach you how to do it?" he held the stick out to you. You shook your head at his suggestion.
"I have different things I want you to do" you bit your lip, circling your arms around his neck and pulling his head down to give him a desperate kiss. He immediately understood what kind of different things you were thinking of, his hands pulling you up, making you wrap your legs around his waist. He walked into the closest room, which was the kitchen, and placed you on the table, standing between your legs.
"I might be able to help with those too." he mumbled into your lips, his hands running up your back and ending up on either side of your cheeks. " I love how turned on you get by these things" he bit on you lower lip and pulled on it, earning a moan from you.
"How could I not, when you look like this?" your hands pulling on his black hair made him pull you as close as possible to his body, your breasts pressing against his chest. His lips finding your neck he bit down on your flesh, then soothed the pain with his tongue. You closed your eyes at the sensation, legs wrapping around his hips once more to brush your clothed center to his. In the past few weeks you libido was through the roof, never getting enough of Sebastian. You were always ready to go to bed with him, but lately as a result of him having the tattoos and the long hair you were ready to jump him any time he had more than a few minutes to spend with you.
You gripped the bottom of his shirt and pulled on it, signaling to him that you wanted it off. He took it off as quickly as he could, dropping it on the ground. You bit your lip as your eyes ran over his chest.
"You like what you see?" he teased you, knowing full well that you wanted to jump his bones. He loved the effect he had on you and he liked to use it to his advantage. He never said no to you when you climbed onto his lap and started kissing him.
"You know that I do." you rolled your eyes, hands going around his neck to pull him into another passionate kiss. He grabbed the bottom of your shirt and pulled it off of you, his hands immediately exploring your naked skin only covered by your bra. You pants were the next one to go, followed by his, leaving both of you in your underwear. His hands were playing with the hem of your panties, his warm tongue running along your teeth, teasing. "Seb" you moaned as his hand brushed your clothed core, a wet patch already forming on it from your lust. His mouth found your neck again kissing down until he reached the strap of your bra, pulling it off your shoulder with his teeth.
"You want to see how good I got with my fingers?" he mumbled into your skin. Your heartbeat rapid at his word.
"Yes! Yes please." you arched your back, your head thrown back. His hands going behind you to unclasp your bra, he threw it away. His mouth kissing down as he found your nipple and pulled on it with his teeth. You whined at the sensation, pushing yourself into his mouth more. His kisses traveled down lower along your stomach, stopping at the hem of your panties and he looked up at you from behind his lashes, mouth not leaving your skin. Wetness pooled between your legs at the scene in front of you.
He gripped your ass as he stood up, your hands circling around his neck as he lifted you up from the table making you wrap your legs around him, your center meeting the bulge in his underwear, both of you moaning at the touch. You circled your hips while you left open mouthed kisses on his neck. The desire almost unbearable.
"I can feel how wet you are, baby" he groaned into your ear, his hands tightening on you.
"Then do something about it" you murmured, hips moving as much as it could in your position.
"I told you that you would like what I had learned" he smirked as he carried you up the stairs and into the bedroom to give you orgasms after orgasms. Maybe he should bring home the drum sticks more often.
Permanent taglist: @byatomoe
(let me know if you want to be added)
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blissfullybarnes · 3 hours ago
could you do a bucky one where he’s in a relationship with natasha, but has a deeper connection with natasha’s best friend, y/n? sorry if this doesn’t make sense 😭 I love your writing!
Hi baby! Little disclaimer: I don’t condone cheating and obviously think it’s horrible, but I’ve been in a position where I’ve had feelings for two people, more than once and wasn’t sure how to handle it, so I wrote something like that for you! ☺️🥰NSFW below the cut!
She was your best friend, she always had been. From the time that you were a naive nineteen year old, looking for solace any place you could find it, to now, halfway into your thirties, where you discovered who you are and what you were seeking all those years ago.
He was her boyfriend, although, you could tell by the way he looked at her that he wanted to be more. His smile stretched just a little wider when she was laughing, his eyes sparkled just a bit brighter as he looked at her with admiration, although she never saw it.
You did.
You always noticed the little things about him, whether you were meant to or not. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair that you fell in love with a man whose heart belonged to someone else, your best friend, nonetheless, but love worked in mysterious ways.
After the first time, you told yourself it would never happen again.
But then you found yourself pressed up against the door of the powder room while everyone was still outside enjoying the sunset.
Well, everyone except you and Bucky who had excused yourselves for completely different reasons but found yourself in the same place moments later.
“We shouldn’t be doing this-“ You let out between rough, needy kisses.
“I know-“ He agreed, unbuttoning his jeans and sliding them to his ankles before he removed his boxers, letting his cock spring free. “Tell me if you want me to stop, alright?”
You nodded as he gave himself a few pumps and you rid yourself of your underwear. There wasn’t anytime for foreplay , but you didn’t need any. You were already soaked.
“Hurry up, Buck-“ A small whine left your lips as you placed a hand on his shoulder and he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “They’re going to start looking for us soon.”
He knew you were right. Someone could walk in at any moment and find the two of you engaging in illicit activities, but truthfully, not even the thought of getting caught could overtake the desire he had to feel you around him.
“Can’t help it, doll.” You could hear the smirk in his voice as he teased your folds with the tip of his cock. “You’re just so fucking perfect.”
In a single thrust he buried himself deep inside of you, his hand quickly coming up to your mouth to cover the moan you let out as your eyes rolled back in pleasure.
He loved you. He really did, just not the way he loved Natasha. He loved her too, in a way, just not the same way that he loved you.
Send me some requests! 
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Spilled Coffee
Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader 
Summary: You love reminiscing about the day you met the love of your life. 
Warnings: pure fluff, slight cursing 
A/N: I thought of this idea last night and just had to share it with you all. I hope you enjoy and as always, feedback is appreciated! Thank you!!
Tumblr media
“The Course of Love, The Course of Love, The Course of.... Ah, found it!” you say, pulling the book off the shelf. 
“Perfect,” you whisper, as you stare at the book’s front cover. You’ve been dying to read this book, but since work has been so hectic recently, you haven’t gotten around to it until now. 
With the book in your hand, you turn around and start to head off towards the front register. No point in browsing, you’ll only end up buying more than you need to. 
After walking a few steps, you’re abruptly stopped by another body slamming into you. Hot liquid spills onto you, burning every part it touches. You yelp in pain and the book in your hand falls to the floor. 
“Oh my god, I am so sorry,” says the person in front of you. 
Taking a minute to register what just happened, you finally look up, only to be met by the stare of piercing, blue eyes. When you realize who’s standing in front of you, you mentally facepalm yourself. Sebastian fucking Stan just spilled his coffee on you. 
“Are you okay?” he asks, speaking again since you have yet to respond to him the first time. 
“Uh, yeah, yeah, I’m alright. A little hot,” you respond. A little hot? What the fuck are you even saying? 
“Your coffee,” you continue, as he starts to look at you with a confused expression on his face. “Your coffee was hot.” 
Realization dawns on him. “Oh my god. I didn’t even think about that. Here, let me get you some napkins.”
He is about to run off, back towards the café where he can grab napkins, when you reach out and grab his arm to stop him. 
“It’s okay,” you say. “I’ll just go to the bathroom to clean up.” 
Sebastian nods at you and then looks down at the floor, staring at the book you dropped. He picks it up. “The Course of Love? Were you about to buy this? I love this book. It’s one of my favorites.” 
“It is?” you ask surprised. “I’ve been wanting to read it. I finally have some time to. Figured I’d come pick up a copy.” 
“You’ll love it.” He looks down at the book again. “Shit, it’s stained with coffee. Let me buy you a different one. To repay you for…,” he gestures towards your clothes, “this. It’s the least I can do.”
“Oh, you don’t have to do that.” 
“I want to,” he insists. “Please.” 
You slowly nod your head. “Okay, um, let me just go get cleaned up and then I’ll meet you at the front?” 
“I’ll be waiting.” He gives you a small smirk. 
Practically swooning, you somehow manage to walk yourself over to the bathroom. 
Once inside, you grip the edge of the sink and stare at yourself. “Okay, Y/N,” you whisper. “You’ve got this. You’re going to clean up, walk out this door, and meet Sebastian at the register.”
Grabbing some paper towels out of the dispenser, you run them under the sink before wiping them onto your clothes, trying to get some of the coffee stains out. After vigorously wiping for five minutes, you decide you’ve done the best you can do and head back out to the front of the store. 
Sebastian is standing there, waiting for you. He smiles when you reappear at his side. 
“I did the best I could,” you say as you gesture towards your clothes. 
“You look great,” he replies. “Coffee stains and all.” 
Smiling back at him, you follow him as he heads towards the front doors. 
“Don’t we have to pay?” you ask, confused. 
“I paid while you were in the bathroom.” He reaches out and hands you the book. “Again, I’m really sorry about the coffee. I should’ve been paying attention.” 
“Things happen. It’s okay. I mean hey, I got a free book out of it,” you joke. 
Sebastian laughs loudly. “That you did.” He opens the door to leave, before turning around to look at you one more time. “I just realized that I never asked what your name is.” 
“Y/N,” you answer. 
“Y/N,” he repeats. “It was nice to meet you, Y/N. I’m Sebastian.” 
“It was nice to meet you too, Sebastian.” 
He gives you one last smirk before leaving. 
After watching him walk away, you look down at the book and realize there’s a small piece of paper sticking out of the top. 
Curious, you pull it out and gasp when you see what is written on it. In Sebastian’s writing, it reads: “Let me know what you think of the book…”, followed by his phone number. 
When you look back up, a car is driving by. Sebastian sticks his head out of the car window and waves to you. You wave back and watch as he drives away. 
“And… that is how we met,” you say to Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans, having just explained to them the first time you and Sebastian had met. 
“I can’t believe we’ve never heard this story before. Leave it to good ol’ Sebastian to spill hot coffee on you,” says Anthony. 
“I think it’s kind of romantic,” says Chris. 
As the two of them continue to talk about it amongst themselves, you turn to look over at Sebastian, who’s standing across the set room, getting ready to film a scene for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. After sensing that someone is staring at him, he turns to lock eyes with you and smiles. You smile back and wave, before returning your attention back to Anthony and Chris. 
Four years ago, after Sebastian left his number in the book he bought for you, the both of you went on multiple dates together. At the end of the sixth date, he asked you out. You’ve been together ever since. 
Now you were with him in Georgia, as he filmed for his new show with Anthony. Chris had come down from Boston to visit, saying he wanted to witness the new Captain America in action. 
Anthony’s voice snaps you out of your thoughts. “Speaking of him, here comes lover boy now.” 
Sebastian comes up behind you and wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his chest. 
“Hey, beautiful.” He kisses the top of your head. “Did I miss anything?” 
“Y/N here was just telling us how you two met,” says Chris. 
“Yeah,” chimes in Anthony. “We heard you were real smooth, Seabass.” 
Sebastian blushes and looks down at the ground. Turning around, you reach out and squeeze his cheeks. 
“Hey now, nobody messes with my Seb,” you joke to Anthony and Chris. 
“Besides,” you say, smirking at Sebastian, “I think it was really cute.” 
“And, that’s all that matters,” Sebastian replies as he leans in to kiss you. 
“Whoa, cool it with the PDA,” Anthony jokes. “There are children around.” He gestures to Chris. 
Chris looks at Anthony in shock and points his fingers to his chest. “I’m the child?”
You and Sebastian sit back and watch as Anthony and Chris jokingly argue with one another. 
Sebastian wraps his arms back around you and rests his head on your shoulder. 
“I love you,” he whispers into your ear. 
“I love you too,” you whisper back.
You look down at the outfit you’re wearing and smile. After multiple attempts of cleaning, you finally managed to get the coffee stains out of your clothes. To this day you still wear the outfit, for it represents your favorite memory: the moment you met the love of your life.
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chloecatina421 · 4 hours ago
Now Taking One Shot Prompt Requests!
Currently writing for:
Chris Evans
Chris Pine
Sebastian Stan
Henry Cavill
Tom Holland
Tom Hiddleston
Bucky Barnes
Steve Rogers
Pete Davidson
Timothee Chalamet
Karl Urban
Leonardo Dicaprio
Daniel Sharman
Bradley James
Harry Holland
Evan Peters
Send me who you would like and a brief description of what you would like. My anons are on.
If there is anyone who is not on this list you would like to request, that is 100% ok too! I just listed some of my favorites.
Also, you don't have to follow me but if you did, that would be much appreciated and I will follow you back!
Tumblr media
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starduststevie · 5 hours ago
heir f i v e // ceo bucky barnes x reader
Warnings: more awkwardness and angst
Words: 3.1k
Summary: as much as you loved him, you couldn’t tell bucky about your son. he left you for his empire and now he’s looking for an heir. not that he knows that he already has one
Chapter Summary: a not so pleasant family reunion and a far happier one with an old friend
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
Nothing was solved by Bucky’s visit and you both agreed to have a proper conversation about it over the weekend. An adult conversation. Although he is gone from your home, you’re unable to shake off his presence. If anything, it seems as if he is clawing his way into your life and poisoning it from the head. Sadly, the week caught up with you and now you’re stuck battling an anxiety-inducing Saturday.
It was impossible for you to sleep that night. The possibility of Bucky taking Luca away from you was crippling. You were completely inconsolable; even a promise from Bucky would not have sufficed. There was far too great a chance that you are going to lose Luca to Bucky. But you don’t know when..
In preparation for the talk with Bucky, you arrange for your parents to pick Luca up from softball. They love spending time with him and offer to take him for the entire weekend, giving you a little time and space alone. You don’t speak to your parents about Bucky because of how he hurt you. According to your parents, he is considered to be enemy number one and so you want to keep the little detail as to why you need a babysitter out of the situation.
But Bucky is a problem for later; your current problem is getting Luca ready to leave the house. ‘Luca, hurry up, you’ll be late to softball if you keep dragging your feet,’ you shout, running up the stairs towards Luca’s bedroom. Once you open the door, you’re greeted by Luca struggling to get his head through one of the sleeve holes. Stifling your laughter, you help him into the shirt before playfully rolling your eyes.
‘It’s not my fault!’ he squeals as you tickle him and then proceed to usher him out of the house. With the keys jingling in your hand, you make your way down the stairs and try to shake off just how much Luca looks like his father. Memories of going to watch Bucky play baseball flood your mind and you squeeze your eyes shut and try to ignore the constant pain.
‘Okay. Seatbelt, please,’ you command, switching on the ignition before making your way to the field. Luckily, you manage to get there with five minutes to spare, allowing for Luca to have a catch-up with some of his softball buddies. Before leaving, you watch your child bound over to the field with a wide, toothy grin and greet his friends.
Leaving the field, you decide to grab a coffee: you’ve not been sleeping very well recently but cannot afford to fall asleep and not speak to Bucky tonight. A new coffee shop opened up down the road a week or so ago and you’ve been meaning to try it but haven’t had the time. Now is the perfect time, you tell yourself, walking towards the smell of freshly roasted coffee.
You’re lost in your thoughts when you hear somebody call from across the street, ‘hey, excuse me.’ The voice is familiar, prompting you to turn around, and you see Sam smiling broadly at you. ‘It is you! I thought I recognised that face!’ Sam pulls you into a very welcome hug. You haven’t seen him since before you and Bucky broke up…
‘Sam! How are you?’ you greet him with the same enthusiasm he gave you. ‘Fuck, I’ve not seen you in, what, a decade?’ You throw your hands in the air, half surprised, and half full of glee. Holding him at arm's length, you just look at him; he has aged a little, but really, he just looks happier now.
‘Yeah? And whose fault is that?’ he teases. ‘But that doesn’t matter. It’s just nice to see you...after everything that happened. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to really keep in touch with you after it all happened. But seriously, how are you?’
‘I’m alright,’ you lie, forcing a smile that doesn’t meet your eyes. ‘But I am in desperate need of a coffee, if you would like to join?’ Sam agrees, prompting the pair of you to walk into the shop and grab a table. ‘Coffee’s on me. What do you want?’
After getting your orders, you return to the table where Sam is still smiling. There is a warmth to him that you haven’t felt in a long time; the feeling of companionship, maybe. ‘Tell me what you’ve been up to,’ you ask, grinning. ‘And don’t even think about leaving out any juicy details.’
‘I’m still working at the VA,’ he says, casually, shrugging one shoulder. ‘But I’m a coordinator of the programs now. I still have my group but I also make sure that as many vets get the help that they deserve.’ You find yourself nodding as Sam speaks: he has a way with them and you’re no exception to his charm.
‘Congratulations! I had no idea,’ you say before taking a sip of your coffee. Feeling the caffeine enter your system, you let out a small sigh of satisfaction. ‘How long have you been at your current role? Ten years changes a lot and wow. I’m really happy for you, Sam.’
‘I started the coordinator’s job last month. But that’s enough about me. What is going on with you?’ Sam’s question makes your stomach sink. You tell yourself that you are not going to lie to him but you won’t go into the messy and particular details of the mess you are currently in.
‘Well, I’m mostly just looking after my son and working, honestly. Between those two things, I have little time in my life to do much else,’ you’re neither upset or resentful, but the tone in your voice leaves room to interpret some sort of longing. It’s clear that you’re withholding some information but Sam doesn’t push for it.
‘Wow, congratulations. How old is your son?’ Sam seems genuinely curious and you can’t blame him. His face morphs into one of confusion and then recognition when you tell him that Luca has just turned ten. It’s evident that he is doing the maths and joining the dots. ‘Is he-’
Cutting him off, you state, ‘yes.’ Taking another sip of your coffee, you try to buy some time before answering the next obvious question. ‘And yes, he knows. He found out on Monday.’ Sam looks stunned for a split second before returning to a neutral face.
‘As in this Monday?’ he raises his eyebrow and you simply nod. It’s hard not to feel guilty when Sam is judging you. But you remind yourself that Sam is Bucky’s friend. You met him, and became friends with him, through Bucky. And that is where his loyalties will lie. You know that. ‘Where is he now?’
‘Softball. I dropped him off and made a beeline for the coffee,’ you lift up your mug for extra emphasis. ‘Humour me; do you have a girlfriend or wife right now? Any kids of your own?’ Sam shakes his head with a chuckle and it becomes time for you to not pry.
‘Tell me; how is Bucky?’ as Sam asks, you realise that he hasn’t spoken to Bucky either. Your stomach lurches as you realise that Bucky doesn’t have anybody left, really. Steve is still in the military and Bucky is alone in his ivory tower. But you’re not able to feel much sympathy for him seeing as it is the life that he chose.
‘Pissed,’ you say with a dry chuckle before finishing off your coffee. ‘But other than that, I have no idea. I’m having dinner with him tonight but maybe you should talk to him. I genuinely have no idea how he is. Or who he is anymore.’ Your tone is light but you really do want Sam to reach out to Bucky. Maybe Sam will save him from himself.
‘Maybe,’ Sam sends you a small smile before patting the table. ‘Anyway, it was great seeing you but I’ve got to go back to work. You should keep in touch.’ You agree, handing Sam a card with your number on it. Saying your goodbyes, he gives you another strong hug before you go your separate ways.
The doorbell rings and you sigh: Bucky has arrived. At this moment, you’re grateful that Luca is not at home to witness the inevitable argument. It hasn’t been good for him knowing that you are not happy but you’re also incapable of pretending to be fine. It is practically impossible.
Answering the door, you’re taken aback to see Bucky wearing casual clothing. It’s something you don’t recognise anymore: he’s always photographed in expensive suits and stuffy clothing. You’re certain that his outfit costs more than your mortgage but relaxed looks good on him.
Finding yourself staring, you clear your throat, ‘um, come in…’ Awkwardly, you shuffle back to let the door open and Bucky enters. His tall frame makes your modest home look tiny. He has always been imposing and intimidating, but you had never felt it until you saw him earlier on in the week,
‘Do you want a drink or something?’ you ask a little timidly, wanting nothing more than to escape from the entire situation. He nods and asks for water, giving you some time to go to the fridge and hide from him a little. Letting out a deep sigh, you try to calm yourself down before returning to the lion’s den. ‘Here.’
Bucky accepts the bottle and thanks you. ‘We have to talk about it,’ his voice is stern yet a little broken. Your stomach sinks once more and you’re not sure how it is still able to. It’s gut-wrenching knowing how high the stakes are. But the stakes are always high when it comes to Luca. There is nobody you would fight for more than your son.
‘We do. But I...I saw Sam today,’ you’re sombre. Prolonging the conversation will not do much but it gives you some time to prepare yourself. ‘He says that you haven’t spoken to him in a while. You guys were such good friends, what happened?’
‘Don’t act like you care about me. If you did, you would have told me about Luca,’ he scowls at you, clutching the water bottle tight in his metal arm. Anger radiates off of Bucky in waves; each of them being sent into your surroundings. ‘And don’t act like you know what’s going on with me, either.’
‘Do you really think that I didn’t want to tell you, Bucky?’ you gasp, astonished that he thinks that low of you. ‘I wanted to tell you. The moment that I found out but protecting Luca came first. And it will always come first.’
‘What did you need to protect him from?’
‘You,’ it’s said barely above a whisper but it rings loudly in your ears. It hurts to admit over and over again but the truth doesn’t change, and neither does your answer.
‘I still don’t understand. You don’t need to protect Luca from me. His father,’ you feel Bucky grow angrier and angrier. He grips the water bottle so tightly that it pops in his metal hand sending water flying across the room. ‘I thought you loved me. How could you do that to me?’
‘I did love you. And I asked myself that same question, “how could you do that to me?” every night. I still ask myself that,’ tears fall and your voice cracks. ‘But I love Luca more. I have always loved Luca more. If you asked me if I would go back in time and change everything: for us to be together again but lose Luca, I throw you out. He is the light of my life; he kept me going after you left me.’
‘I did it for the company. You know that. Why haven’t you accepted that yet?’
‘The same reason that you cannot seem to accept that I had to save Luca from you. From becoming like you,’ you cry out the last few words. The fear is far too great and far too overwhelming. It hurts you so much to tell Bucky your fear of Luca becoming like him. The way he is not.
‘I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want him to be like me. I have it all: the money, the power, the lifestyle. Why are you depriving Luca of it? You’re being selfish,’ Bucky scolds. He’s condescending and cold. ‘You’re a terrible mother, you know that? What sort of mother doesn’t want the best for her kid?’
You are so shocked and offended that you slap him in the face. ‘How dare you criticise me? I have worked my arse off to put food in his stomach and clothes on his back. Do you not hear yourself? That is the reason I’ve had to protect Luca from you. All you care about is money and power. You disgust me, Bucky.’
‘That’s rich coming from you. But you better know that I will get the court to give me full custody of Luca if you do not let me see him. I want to know my son. I deserve to know my son.’
‘Not that easily. You aren’t going to come into his life and fuck everything up. If you want to have any sort of relationship with Luca, you will do things on my terms. And, more importantly, on Luca’s terms. He is what matters in all of this and don’t you forget it,’ you start to speed up your speech in your anger. ‘And you are not going to simply groom him into being your heir. He is your son. You will treat him like it.’
‘That’s the first time you’ve called him my son,’ Bucky speaks quietly and reaches out to grab your hand before quickly retracting it. ‘I-I guess that’s fair. But I want him to stay with me over the weekends. I have a decade to catch up with him.’ Bucky stares you in the eyes and you force yourself not to flinch or look away.
‘No. Not yet. I will not let my son spend a weekend away with a stranger. We will take things slowly,’ you’re stern and Bucky doesn’t raise any resistance. ‘You can start by coming over and spending time with Luca. You will not tell him you are his father until you prove yourself to actually care about him. That you can be a reliable parent. From there, you can take him out on the weekends but he comes home to sleep.’
‘Why are you being like this?’ Bucky growls but his face softens when he sees just how hard it all is for you. ‘Fuck...okay. I understand where you are coming from. But I’m his father. I deserve to have some say in his life.’
‘No. Right now, you are a man he admires and his sperm donor. Prove yourself to be his father. I simply want the best for him and I hope that you do too. I can pick him up from my parent’s and you can spend some time with him if you’d like. I want him to have both parents in his life. He’s a good boy and he deserves a good life.’
‘I’d like that,’ Bucky smiles and squeezes your hand. You fight the urge to get away from him, and just smile back. ‘We can be a real family.’
‘We shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves, Bucky. We are taking baby steps.’
‘Mom! What’s Bucky doing here?’ Luca rushes to take off his shoes so that he can play with Bucky who is sat on the floor surrounded by Legos.
‘Well, sweetheart, Bucky wanted to spend some time with you and get to know you,’ you say. Looking up, you find Bucky smiling at you. He’s grateful that you’ve given him the chance to speak to Luca but you know that it is killing him to hear Luca call him by his name.
‘Hey buddy! Your mom told me that you like building things so I go some Lego here for you,’ Bucky smiles as Luca runs towards him and lunges towards the Millennium Falcon set.
‘Luca, what do you say, sweetheart?’ you chide at his lack of manners. You know that he’s excited but it is no excuse for him to not have any.
‘Thank you, Bucky,’ he says with a wide grin. You watch as they both open multiple boxes of Lego and pour them onto your floor. It alarms you at the sheer number of kits Bucky brought. It’s all far too much. And far too expensive, too. ‘Mom, look! There’s so many pieces!’
‘I know! And you better clean them all up because if I step on a piece, it will be game over for both of you,’ you shoot a mock glare at both Luca and Bucky. Your son laughs but Bucky knows that you will hold true to that threat: Lego hurts and he went overboard with buying them.
‘I promise that I will help Luca clean it all up and not a single piece will injure your foot,’ Bucky smiles broadly at you before laughing. ‘I’m being serious, though. Because any stray Lego pieces are also a risk to my own feet.’
You watch as Luca plays with Bucky and you notice that Luca’s not building anything from the manual. He slowly builds up what seems to be an arm. Using the grey pieces from the Falcon kit, you realise that he seems to be making his own version of Bucky’s bionic arm.
‘Which edition of your arm is that, Bucky?’ you point towards him. There is something so familiar yet different about his new appendage and you see Luca inspect it further as Bucky lifts it in the air.
‘It’s a new prototype. I’m starting to test it out now. What do you think of it, Luca?’ Bucky smiles down at the boy who is in absolute awe of it. ‘The design hasn’t changed much; at least not for me. Some people really like the realistic looking ones but I’ve always preferred the metal look. And I remember that you did, too.’
‘Wait! Mom, did you know Bucky before?’ Luca looks towards you in amazement. He is more than intrigued by Bucky and you’re aware of it. You flash a look of help towards Bucky who tries to console you from across the room.
‘Yes I did, baby. We knew each other a long, long time ago,’ your answer doesn’t seem to satisfy Luca’s curiosity. ‘I knew Bucky before you were born, Luca.’
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The King And His Queen / Think About Touching Her I Dare You 7
A/N: I don't have much to say just suffering through allergies right now, as I type this, and umm I hope you like it, feedback is always appreciated if you want to be Tagged, either send an ask or comment on this or click on Taglist open.
Wordcount: 2409
Warnings: Bucky still being protective, mad reader, Smut, and angst
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Tags: @cherryblossomskye - @babylooneytoonz - @wonderlandfandomkingdom - @miraclesoflove - @amelia-song-pond
Tumblr media
Once moved in and settled into Bucky’s penthouse at Brooklyn Point he lived on the 66th, 67th, and 68th floors of the building; the rest were regular residential apartments. Brooklyn loved her new room; it was large Bucky had made it more than she could dream, and just down the hall from yours.
As for your room suite, it was huge. You were surprised that there wasn’t a kitchen. “Yeah no, I can’t take this.” You told him.
“Yes you are and you will.” Bucky told you. “My room’s direct across the hall.”
You nodded firmly. “I know where your room is.”
After living there for the first few weeks, everything seemed normal well as normal as it can be when your baby daddy is a mob boss, that was until one morning. You walked down the steps of the first floor out of the three floors of the penthouse, you stopped when you saw the tufts of blond hair standing talking to Bucky, you knew this wasn't necessarily your home but Bucky had asked you to move in with him right now you sure as hell didn’t feel safe. You went to turn around and go back upstairs.
“Y/n, nice to see you again after what three years?” He questioned.
You sighed. “Good to see you too Steve...ya’ know what? I’m gonna go wake up Brooklyn, take her to Wandas, and then to the park.” You told Bucky, walking back up to the third floor.
“Ya’ just gonna let her tell you what to do?” Steve teased Bucky.
Bucky cleared his throat. “Y/n raised that..our kid on her own, so technically she can tell me what to do when it comes to her.”
“That kid’s softened you up.” Steve told him.
You woke up the three-year-old. “You wanna go to aunt Wanda’s for pancakes.”
She stretched. “I want waffles.”
“Aunt Wanda does waffles too, you know that.” You tell her. “And then we’ll go to the park.”
The tired girl nodded her head. “Okay, mommy yeah.” You helped her get ready.
You walked her down through the first floor ignoring Steve as you rode down in the elevator, almost as soon as the doors closed Bucky was calling your phone. “You forgot something...or rather Someone.”
“We're just going to go to Wanda’s chill. We don't need Sam or Scott.” You told the control freak of an Ex-boyfriend.
“Y/-” You hung up the phone.
You hit the bottom floor where you walked out into the parking garage where your car was waiting for you. You unlocked it and put Brooklyn into her car seat. You got into the driver's seat and pulled out of the parking garage. You drove to Wanda's shop, and walked in, and sat at your regular spot.
“Where you’ve been?” Wanda asked.
“In a penthouse.” You shrugged.
Wanda looked at you with furrowed brows. “Since when do you have money to afford a penthouse?”
“Aunt Wanda?” Brooklyn asked.
Wanda looked at the young girl. “Hmm? Sweetie.”
“Can I get waffles today with chocolate milk please?” Brooklyn said.
“Coming right up and for you Y/n, you're regular?” The red-haired girl asked. You nodded. After her telling her brother what to cook Wanda came over to you and she talked together. Then yours and Brooklyn's food was ready. After thinking for a minute she realized how you could have a penthouse. “Y/n tell me you didn’t.”
“Didn’t what?” You asked her.
“Didn’t move in with Barnes.” She said. You sighed, but before you could say anything she continued. “Why! Don’t you remember last time? And I’m not talking about how you broke up, I’m talking about your relationship as a whole, unless it was something he needed to do for work, he basically locked you in that mansion.”
“I told him that he couldn’t do that this time.” You told Wanda.
Wanda looked at you with a ‘yeah right’ look. “What's stopping him?”
“The fact that I have full custody of Brooklyn.” You said matter of factly.
She looked at you with an arched brow. “That’s not gonna stop him for long.”
You rolled your eyes at the girl. “Don't worry.” You and Wanda continued bickering over the subject of Bucky.
Oh, do you wish you listened to Wanda those weeks ago. Bucky started putting up boundaries, again as to where you could and couldn’t go, always having a bodyguard around watching you and Brooklyn.
So you decided to confront Bucky about it, you walked into the kitchen one morning and found him. “We need to talk James.” You said.
“Yeah, what's going on?” He asked.
“You're breaking your promise.” You told him.
He scoffed. “What do you mean? I have not broken my promise.”
“Yes, you have.” You told him.
He shook his head. “Nope, for one I have not locked you in the penthouse and another one is I haven’t broken any of the rules, we have not had sex, nore have I flirted with you, I also haven't had any business around Brooklyn and lastly we, as far as I know, have not slept in the same bed, therefor I’ve not done anything wrong, I’m making omelets for breakfast.”
“Wanda’s gonna get suss about me and Brooklyn not coming around.” You told him
“Wanda doesn't need to worry about you and Brooklyn anymore.” He told you.
Seven Years Ago (2014)
You’d been working in a stripper bar as one of the servers and strippers you’d been dancing that night on the stage.
Bucky walked into the small building, with a few business associates. They’d ordered drinks and sat at a table in front of the stage. Bucky admired the girl dancing. He licked his lips as he watched her body move. After the dance went to the bar and asked the bartender who you were. ‘Y/n.’ is what the bartender told him as he walked behind the curtain where other dancers were getting ready for their dances.
“I’m looking for Y/n.” He told one of the dancers. They pointed to a corner where a dressing room was. He walked in.
“Whoa!” You yelled and covered your body with the clothes you’d brought. “Uh, I think you're here on the wrong night buddy.”
“Are you Y/n?” he asked.
You looked at him with furrowed brows. “Uhh...yeah why ya’ lookin’ for me? Front row guy, I always remember a face.”
“Yeah, I’m looking for you.” Bucky said.
“You gotta problem? ‘Cause, we can always go around.” You said.
“Scrappy one, but no I don’t hit women, I wanted a private dance.” Bucky told you.
You laughed. “Sorry guy...sir whatever, my shifts up gotta get home then go to sleep in the silk pajamas that I don’t own and come back tomorrow.”
“How about I bring you home? You give me a private dance and you get extra money, and you can sleep in a pair of silky pajamas that you can own.” He said with lust in his eyes.
“Sure.” You said. Bucky smiled. “Now let me get dressed, I'll meet you in the front row.”
“Alright.” Bucky said as he walked out.
You shook your head at the man who seemed to be maybe ten years older than your eighteen-year-old ass you’d been working here since you were kicked out of your house by your dad and stepmom. You pulled your shirt over your head and pulled on your shorts, and socks after that with combat boots. You walked out and found the man exactly where you told him to be.
Bucky looked you up and down, biting his lip.“Do I get a name or do I have to live in mystery?” You asked.
“Bucky.” He smiled. “Ready to leave?”
“Yup.” you smirked. The man, Bucky, led you out to his black sports car. He sped through the streets, he pulled his phone out, and was on a phone call for about five minutes. He took you to a nice-looking mansion.
You smiled. “Killer house dude.” Bucky led you into the house. Bucky took you upstairs to his room. You started to pull off your clothes having not put on a braw earlier and kicking off your boots and pulling down your shorts and panties. “How are we gonna do this? I dance naked, and you keep your clothes on or we are both naked.”
“You’ll see.” He smirked as he sat on the bed fully clothed. He tapped his lap. “Come here.”
You sat on his lap knees on both sides of his thighs as you started to grind on his clothed lap you. You got up and started to do one of the daces you had picked up. You leaned down bare ass right in front of his eyes. Bucky pulled you back to him he started to unbuckle his belt. You pulled out the rich leather from the buckle. He rolled on top of you he put his middle and pointer finger and started to help you adjust your vagina to the size of his dick. He started to plunge his fingers in and out of you. “Oh god!” you moaned. You started unbuttoning his shirt and felt his muscle-toned chest. “Put it in now.” You begged.
“You sure?” He asked.
You nodded. “Yeah.” Slid into you inch by inch. He let out a loud groan with each inch. You had him flip over as you started to ride him going up and down, up and down. His hand cupping your breast.
He flipped you around. “You're good at oral.”
“I’m a strippper what do you think?” You asked sarcastically.
“Fair point.” Bucky helps your head up and down as he helps you give himself a rough blowjob. Bucky came in your mouth and you swallowed his seed.
“Okay, my turne.” Your mascara had started running and your voice was rough and grainy from taking his huge dick down your throat, you were also out of breath. He smiled, his chest moving up and down out of breath from his orgasm. He sat you down on his face as he ate you out his tongue moving from your clit to your opening.
After you came Bucky got off the bed and walked over to his dresser, he handed you a pair of silk pajamas. “As promised there you go.”
“Uh thanks.” You took them from his hands and got them on. You and he laid in bed with Bucky.
“Tell me about yourself Y/n.” Bucky is tone kinda quiet.
“Well my dad’s a businessman, my mom’s a coke whor, and my step mom’s a bitch so that says a lot besides my dad and step mom kicked me out about a little while back and I’ve been workin’ at the stripp club since.” You told him.
“Hmm how old are ya’?” He asked.
“I’m 18.” You told him.
“A bit young to be stripping don't ya’ think.” He asked.
You scoffed. “It pays well, what can I say.”
You and Bucky had been together for months now, and along with it came with control freak-ness, and locking you into the mansion claiming that you had no reason to leave because he had you quit your job.
Steve would come to the house and you being fairly young he’d scared you, to say the least, you didn’t trust him, he was cruel not caring who he hurt other than Bucky, Bucky and he were like brothers inseparable at times. Every time the blond tuft of hair came around a pit grew in your stomach, he was unpredictable, and he’d made his hatred for you clear a few times, rather it be a grumble of annoyance or even a few times he’d ‘accidentally’ hit you.
“Why does Steve have to come here?” You asked.
Bucky looked at you. “He’s my friend and business partner.” He continued working on breakfast.
“I don’t like him around Brooklyn.” You said.
“You can’t use Brooklyn against me all the time Y/n.” Bucky said voice filled with irritation.
You looked at him with furrowed brows. “I don’t use Brooklyn against you...fine if you think I do, I don’t like him around me in general, he makes me nervous and he’s unpredictable.”
“Relax he’s not gonna do anything Y/n.” Bucky said.
“What? He’s literally hit me before.” You told him.
Bucky scoffed. “Sometimes when I look at you I still see that eight-teen-yearold I meat in a stripp club.”
“Well now I’m twenty-five with a three year old, and you're thirty-five with a piss ex and a three year old so grow your ass up and learn to be an actual adult for once James.” You told him before walking out. You were stressed about agreeing to this to moving in with him.
Your phone started ringing you looked at it with furrowed brows not knowing the phone number. You pressed the answer button. “Uhh, Hello?” You asked.
“Y/n?” A familiar voice said.
“Um yeah this is her, who are you?” You questioned.
“Oh thank god you answered.” The man on the other side told you.
“Okay who are you?” You were confused as to who the hell was calling you.
“Don’t you recognize your fathers voice?” He asked.
Your brows furrowed further. “Why the hell are you calling me? It’s been eight years asshole.”
“H-hold on Y/n.” He slerd.
“Your drunk grate.” You rolled your eyes.
“H-hey, st-stop don’t do-do that.” He sounded like a child.
“What do you want?” You asked for clear irritation in your tone.
“I want to talk...make amends with you.” He told you.
“Yeah no, your new wife and you kicked me out when I was seven teen asshole.” You said.
“Oh come on sweetheart you can't stay mad at me forever.” He sighed.
“Yeah I can.” You said.
“Where are you?” He asked.
“Not gonna happen.” You hung up.
Bucky knocked on the door to your room. “Can I come in?” he asked.
“It’s your house.” You sighed.
“It’s your room/supposed safe place.” He told you.
You rolled your eyes. “Come in.”
“I wanted to say sorry for not growing my ass up.” He apologized.
You sighed. “And I’m sorry for being a bitch, thank you.”
“Thank you for apologizing as well, see we can do this as adults.” He smiled.
Then there was a knock.
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Karma at its best(2/?)- B.B. (part 1 here ; repost from old account)
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m not currently taking requests(i’ll occasionally ask for ideas though!), but i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: Another family dinner, some more drama ensues, and things start to get brighter for Bucky and you.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, smut, unprotected sex, cheating, angst, fluff, specified age gap in first part(reader is of age, duh), Bucky is wealthy/non-avenger/modern day au
***also, i have barely started on part 3, so bare with me lmao***
Two weeks after your ‘dinner’ with Bucky, there’s to be another family dinner at Katlyn’s house tonight. Bucky hasn’t cut things off with her yet, but you’ve both been talking a lot more;and even saw each a couple of more times;…and by the happy tone of Kole’s voice ringing through your ears as you drive you both to his moms house for dinner, Bucky’s been over a lot less. “He’s legit stayed the night three times within the past two weeks and he has came over maybe three or four times during the day collectively!! I’m not sure what’s up, but i’m fucking glad he’s not around as much.” Your hand tightens on the steering wheel, not out of anger or being upset at Kole’s words, but out of sheer hope that this means Bucky is working on breaking the ties between him and Katlyn. “Anyways, how was work today?” Kole asks you, changing the subject quickly. You just picked him up from some sports practice that his mom nor Ash could grab him from, and he wouldn’t let Bucky even get near him with his car. “It was good, how was practice?” You ask him, remembering that you didn’t ask him when he got into the car because you were too focused on teasing him over the fact that him and his girlfriend were making out before you arrived and you saw a split few seconds of it. “It was good, tiring as always, but good.”
The next few moments are spent listening to the song that’s quietly playing on the radio, you think it’s something new because you’ve never heard it before. Then finally after a few more minutes, you come pulling in to the driveway. You park and Kole goes to get out, but you stop him. “Kole….” You sigh out before he can open your passenger side door. His head turns to you in question. “Please, just- keep it cool tonight? Yeah? For me at least.” He nods with a small smile before prying open the car door and stepping out. You huff, but then do the same after turning your car off, and Kole grabs his bags from your back seats.
You’re hoping Kole will keep his word, seeing as Bucky hasn’t been over as much, it shouldn’t be that much of a problem and there shouldn’t be that much tension within the room between the ‘family’.
You both head to the front door, as usual, and Kole walks right in. You follow shortly behind him, then shut the door. The aroma of homemade chili hits your nose and you hum in delight. Katlyn’s cooking has always been good, but her? No.
Kole parts ways from you as he heads upstairs to place his bags down in his room, and you walk over into the kitchen. “Ash not here yet?” You ask Katlyn as you watch her grab some bowls, you remember that her car wasn’t parked outside yet when you pulled up. Katlyn’s head turns around and she smiles,” No not yet. Work caught her up, she should be here pretty soon though.” You give her a small nod, then she turns back to attend to the pot. Bucky soon walks into the kitchen after hearing your voice, which is after Katlyn finishes her reply, with a big smile on his face as soon as he sees you….but he quickly has to discard of it and look at Katlyn when she whips her head around. “Hey you…” She says in a teasing tone. Your gut wretches and you want to throw up as she places a hand on his chest. Half of you wanting to punch her into next week, the other half of you’s heart is breaking as you watch the small scene unfold. “…can you go to the cellar and grab that wine?” Bucky nods and says a brief “of course” before his eyes are back on you. His gaze lingers for a bit, running down your body, before he walks off to go get the wine. You feel your cheeks heat up, but shake it off and walk on over to the dinner table.
Ash arrives right before dinner is served, something about a new shipment of tv’s came in and she had to stay and help put them on display was her cause of being late. As you all sit down at the table, Bucky sits across from you as usual, Ash beside you, Katlyn in front of Ash, and Kole on the other side of Ash. Conversation flows easily, Bucky mainly staying quiet as to not start trouble, and Katlyn talks to her kids. “So how was practice?” Katlyn asks Kole and he nods. He then goes on to talk about how it went, more in detail than he did with you, and the rest of you just listen as you eat. After Kole finishes his rant, Ash is next to talk more about work and how her week went at the beach last week. Bucky doesn’t talk all that much still, but his eyes say he’s not even listening to whatever anyone is saying. They’re nearly boring right into you, watching you, a small smirk on his face….and he’s lucky he hasn’t been caught by the rest of the table members.
“So, i have ice cream and brownies for dessert. Kole would you mind helping me grab the stuff?” Kole gets up along with Katlyn after she speaks, and Kole walks behind her to the kitchen, of course not telling her no to the help. You feel the sudden urge to pee, but you’re also hoping that you and Bucky can get some alone time as well? So why not kill two birds with one stone and excuse yourself for a few minutes? “I’m gonna use the bathroom right quick, let me know if i miss anything.” You suddenly tell Ash with a small nudge to her arm which grabs her attention and she smiles at you, “Of course, but you probably won’t.” Ash just laughs in reply as you stand up, your chair lightly scraping over the floor. “Ya never know!” You reply to her as you walk away from the table, with a small sway of your hips while you walk. Before you turn the corner to go down the pretty long hallway, you look back and see Bucky’s eyes are on you. Ash is already on her phone, clearly not wanting to be with Bucky alone, so you send him a quick wink and a lip bite, hoping that he’ll get the message. You then round the corner and walk down the plain hallway, entering the third door on the right to enter the bathroom. You walk in, shut and then lock the door, and begin to do what you need to do. Bucky on the other hand, goes to take an “important phone call”, excusing himself from Ash and the table, then makes his way outside. He plans on sneaking back in through the side door quietly, and then making his way to you in the bathroom within a minute or so.
Around two-ish minutes later and you’re washing your hands, a knock is placed on the door. You swing it open and Bucky pushes himself into the bathroom. You don’t even question how he managed to leave without speculation, you just know you’re horny and so is he. “Think we can make it quick enough for them to not realize?” His voice is husky in your ear, then his teeth graze the shell of it. Chills run down your spine and your eyes flutter closed. A subtle nod is all Bucky needs from you and he’s bending you over the big granite counter in less than a second. He’s quick to undo your jean button and zipper, then he tugs them down your legs until they’re at you ankles along with your panties. His metal hand hikes your shirt up and you can’t help but gasp at the cool sensation on your skin. “Let me feel how tight you are baby.” His voice is low, sultry, and dominating. His cool, metal finger soon dips through your folds and pushes into you. You let out a small gasp at the feeling, Bucky let’s out a low groan, and he wastes no time in pumping it in you. Within seconds you’re already a wet mess, biting your lip nearly until it’s bleeding, but he pushes another metal finger into your hot core. He groans again a bit louder this time at the sounds your pussy makes, sucking his fingers in, he’s never been so hard in his life….only for you. “Damn, doll. Not even gave you my cock yet and your pussy’s already sucking my two fingers in. Fuck-!” He growls out, suddenly removing his fingers from your cunt, becoming even more impatient to be inside of you. You whine, and shake your ass a bit, trying to coax him in, wanting to hear his pants hit the floor like yours had done. As if Bucky read your mind, you soon hear his pants falling to his ankles and the tip of his cock is running in between your wet folds, pressing right at your entrance. Bucky can feel the heat radiating from your tight pussy, and he’s holding back from just going ahead and pushing into you. He wants you to beg for it first, he wants to hear you whine. “Give me the words babydoll and i’ll give you what you want.” His right hand runs over your back, then grabs at your hip. The metal one helps continue to tease you with his cock. “Please, Bucky. I need you so bad! Please fuck my pussy, want you to fill me up.” You whine, making sure to control your volume so the rest of the people outside can’t hear you. “I’d love to make you beg even more sweetheart, but we are kinda on a time crunch.” He pushes his cock into you then without hesitation, and you let out a silent moan, your mouth dropping open wide. His grunt is a tad bit loud, but you’re almost sure he doesn’t give a fuck.
“God….i love this pussy, doll. It’s so good to me, you’re so good to me.” His metal hand grabs onto your other hip and he begins thrusting. His whole length is buried into you, over and over again hitting spots you didn’t even know existed. Your body ruts into the counter with each thrust he supplies to you and your cheek is pressed into the granite. “Love taking you like this, sweetheart. Love the way your ass bounces while i fuck you.” He grunts out, quiet profanities leaving his mouth afterwards along with your name. You can’t help but whine and whimper under him, a bit of drool falling from the corner of your mouth as to how good he’s making you feel. The wet sounds of your pussy turning you on even more, and his thrusting gets harder after you move your hips back to synchronize with his. “Nuh-uh baby, i’m in control and you know it.” He whispers, but the words have such a dominant tone over them that you know he means business, so you don’t dare do it again.
Bucky is soon to change the angle slightly by pressing his weight onto your back; his hands no longer on your hips now. He thrusts deeper, harder, hitting that spot inside of you and you almost scream if it wasn’t for his hand cutting you off. “Shhh babydoll, can’t let them hear you. They’d kill us. i’d love to hear your screams and moans, but the sound of your pussy being wet at the cause of me will have to do, i guess.” Bucky taunts and you have tears forming in your eyes from the wave of pleasure that’s continuously building inside of you all because of his cock. If you were at your own home, or his, fuck- you’d be screaming his name. You’d be screaming his name over and over again until the cops were called by annoyed and pissed off neighbors, but you’re here. You’re in Katlyn’s home, his girlfriends home. You can’t be as loud as you want unless you want everyone in the room down the hallway to hear and find out about you getting fucked by Bucky, and you can’t let that happen…. not yet anyways and not like this.
“Want me to cum in your pussy, sweetheart? Want me to fill you up with my cum?” You nod your head as best as you can with his hand pressed over your mouth, and you hear him chuckle. “That’s a good girl, cream on my cock for me then i’ll fill you up. In fact……..i’ll give you all the cum you deserve later when i go over. Would you like that, angel?” The thought of it makes your head whirl, spin, makes it hazy. The fact that he mentions even going over to your house has you wanting to confess your love for the man that’s ruining your pussy. “Hmm, would you like that?” He uncovers your mouth for a split second to let you answer. The answer comes out in a whiny “yes, Bucky” and he immediately overs your mouth back. “That’s my girl, now cream on my cock. I wanna feel your tight, little pussy squeeze me, sweetheart….and i know you can.” Right as your orgasm is about to wash over you, a knock is sounded at the door. “Hey, y/n….we have a bit of a problem. When you get done, we need you out here. You good?” Your orgasm crashes on Ash’s ninth word and you can’t help but to shake and tremble. Your legs wanting to give out but Bucky doesn’t dare let you collapse. Your moans are cut off by Bucky’s hand that’s still there and you’re so glad you’re good at keeping quiet when needed to be.
Thankfully, your aggressive high ends and Bucky removes his hand a few seconds after Ash finishes speaking. “Yeah…..i’m good. Be out…soon.” Your sentences are short but a bit labored and before Ash can even answer, Bucky stills inside of you and cums. His hand leaves your shoulder, where he had placed it after removing it from your mouth, then moving it to his to bite down on it, and the feeling of his cum spurting into your pussy is enough to make you cover your own mouth this time. The feeling is making you want to cum again but you know now is not the time for that. “Okay, uh….,hurry if you can.” You then hear her steps retreating at a fast pace and you thank whoever is listening up above that she didn’t hear you guys. “Guess you’re needed huh, doll?” Bucky whispers in your ear before placing a kiss to your cheek, then several to your neck, as if the two of you didn’t almost just get caught and he didn’t fill you up with his seed while your best friend was out side of the fucking door. You nod weakly, then he pulls out of you and you hear his pants shuffle back up a few seconds after. You then hear the sound of the toilet paper roll rolling on the holder as you lay chest down on the granite still, too tired at the moment to move. Bucky then cleans you up and helps you pull your jeans up, standing you up afterwards. “You okay?” He asks, arms around your waist as you two look in the mirror. Thankfully your hair isn’t a mess, and you only look a little “fucked out” but nothing anyone would probably ask about. “Yeah, i’m great.” You sigh out of contentment with a small smile, and Bucky places a kiss to your head before he opens the bathroom door, “Two minutes then come out.” You nod at his instructions and then you begin to wait when he leaves.
When you feel as the two minutes have been up, you flush the toilet for a second time, wash your hands again, and then exit. You suddenly hear yelling and you’re wondering what exactly is going on, hoping that the two of you didn’t get caught because that would be awkward and embarrassing. You pick up your pace as you smooth out your hair a bit, and when you round the corner, you see that the front door is wide open. The dishes are splayed out on the table, some dirty and some with melted ice cream and brownies still in them, and you see Kole and Ash standing a little ways from their mother who is talking to another man outside. Bucky is standing in the doorway, arms crossed, watching whatever is happening. “Mom! Mom! So you’re telling me you’ve been seeing this guy behind Bucky’s back? Look, i’m not fond of the dude but- you’re in the wrong yet again, what the fuck is wrong with you? First dad and now Bucky? What happened to your other boyfriends, did they get cheated on too?!” Kole yells his questions as he gets closer to Katlyn. You can just see pass Bucky’s shoulders, Kole is almost in his mom’s face, pointing at the other guy who’s holding a bottle of wine and looks like he’s unaware of what’s going on.
You make your way behind Bucky and place your hand on his back. He immediately knows it’s you and turns to look at you. “Some “normal dinner” this was supposed to be.” He huffs out, referencing to the shit that’s happening outside on the lawn. Ash looks back at the door and finally sighs of relief when she sees you, thankfully not noticing your hand because she can’t see it. “Kole” she mouths to you and you nod. Bucky let’s you out of the house and pass him, then you immediately go to Kole. “Kole!” You yell and his actions and voice falter. “Look, this isn’t your shit to get into. I know she’s your mom but, she’s the one who needs to fix her own fuck ups. Yelling and shit isn’t going to help this. Your point is valid, but Katlyn needs to deal with her own problems and not cause her kids to get into them!” Kole’s demeanor changes and he rolls his eyes. His arms then fall to his side from where he was pointing and waving then around. Not long after, he rushes up the set of stairs then pushes pass Bucky into the house to go to his room. You hear Katlyn sigh and you look over to your side, and you see her rubbing her temple. She then looks up and just as she’s about to say something to Bucky, he buts in, “Katlyn, we’re done. I’ve known about you doing this shit, and i can’t do it anymore.” Bucky looks at Katlyn then at the guy, then at you. “I’m leaving, i already got all of my stuff out last night. You and whoever he is, can do whatever when i leave.” Bucky then turns around and walks off, leaving you four outside. “Well, i wasn’t fond of Bucky, as Kole said, but no more family dinners for me mom. I’m done, this is so fucked up.” Ash’s tone is serious and her face even tells you that she’s not lying, she’s definitely not coming back for a while. “You coming in?” She taps your shoulder and you nod. You start to think about leaving, and you finally make your mind up that you don’t want to be here any longer. “Yeah, i’m actually going to leave too. I’ve had enough drama for a good while.”
You and Ash make your way into the house, which leaves Katlyn and her new man outside. You just need to grab your phone and keys then you can go. As you’re making your way to the table to retrieve them, you see Bucky grabbing his jacket and pulling it on. “Keep an eye on Kole.” You tell Ash as you watch Bucky and grab your things. She replies back, “Of course i will, might let him spend a few nights with me honestly.” You nod at her, agreeing with her idea. You then turn around to her, and give her a short hug. “I’ll talk to you later.” You mumble in her ear and she just gives you a reassuring squeeze.
When you get home, Bucky has followed you there. “You didn’t have to make it creepy, ya know?” You joke with him as you twist your keys in your fingers, finding the one to your house as you both walk up the small, brick steps. “It wasn’t creepy, you knew i was coming over, why not make it a bit sooner than i intended?” You can hear the smirk on his lips as he speaks, but you can’t bring it in you to not smile. “Shut up.” You chuckle as you unlock your front door. You swing it open and let him in, closing it and locking it right after he enters. Before you can even take your shoes off, Bucky is hoisting you up over his shoulder which earns a squeal from you. “Bucky!” “What? Just getting started on what i had planned, nothing bad.” You laugh as you feel him squeeze your thigh and you already know he’s taking you to your bed room. “Bucky, i can walk.” You add in and he lays a smack to your clothed ass, “And so can i?” You just roll your eyes before you’re plopped down onto your neatly made bed, your eyes peering up at him. “Bucky….” “Y/n……” His blue eyes stare into yours as he leans down eye level with you. You can’t help but to feel so small when he stares at you like this. His hands gently grab the back of your knees and pull you towards him so that your faces are merely inches apart. “Your eyes are so pretty.” You mumble, not really feeling like you have any control over the words that come out of your mouth; almost as if you’re in a trance by him and just his presence. “Yours are even more beautiful, doll.” Bucky’s voice is a tad bit louder than yours when he speaks, making sure you hear him. His eyes study over your face and he licks his lips hungrily almost. “You are beautiful.” His lips then press against yours in a kiss and your heart is pounding. His hands wander up to your thighs and he pulls you even closer to him so that he’s in between your legs.
Tongues and teeth clash together and moans can be heard as the kiss only gets more heated. His hands are gripping at your waist now and your arms are wrapped around his neck, fingers lightly tugging on the strands of his brown hair. Your breaths are heavy and you feel the ache in between your legs worsen when he suddenly brushes his knee over your clothed pussy. A moan vibrates from you through to him and he smirks into the kiss, knowing how easily he can get you so needy for him.
You pull away to catch your breath and his right hand hand cups your warm cheek, his thumb brushing over your skin. His eyes are filled with admiration for you, and he wishes so badly for you to be his, but he knows it’s too soon. “Tell me what you want, sweetheart. I can make it happen.” His voice is only a rumble in his chest and you have the sudden urge to say ‘you’. He’s what you want, but you don’t say it…’s too soon. “Need to feel you, Bucky.” You bite your lower lip in anticipation and he only smirks before his lips are on yours again.
As the two of you lay in your bed, your head on his chest, finger drawing shapes on his skin. Bucky’s metal hand rubbing over your bare back, his right hand rubbing your head. Bodies pressed flushed together, naked, slightly warm. Nothing else can be heard other than the sound of the AC running through out your home. You can’t help but to think about all of the things that happened tonight. You know it’s too soon to jump into a relationship with him, he just got out of one, but part of you doesn’t care, but you want this to last. “Whatcha thinkin’ bout, doll?” His chest vibrates under your head, and he startles you just a bit. His hands never falter their movements though, yours don’t either, you simply just answer him. “Just the whole situation tonight.” You hum, your breath fans against the skin on his chest and Bucky gets a shiver up his spine.
He continues to look down at you, the girl he’s come to love over the past few months, and a small smile appears on his lips. You can’t see it, but if you could you’d be smiling as well. “What about it?” “Kole, Ash, how shitty Katlyn is, and you. Doesn’t it hurt, just a bit at all?” Your head tilts up to look at him, his smile now gone from hearing your question. “It does a little, but i know that i have someone who actually cares about me laying in my arms, and i don’t want to let her go.” He whispers the last part before placing a kiss to your temple. “I mean everything i tell you, you know that? I really do care about you, y/n.” His lips ghost over your forehead as he speaks and you almost want to cry. The feeling he’s giving you is so surreal, you’re not sure how all of this is going to play out when you have to come to terms to Ashlyn and Kole about it, but you’re not extremely worried about it. You’ll worry about that when the time comes, for now, you need to figure out what’s really going to become of this whole situation.
Is Bucky going to love me, take care of me, be with me? Is he going to be more than just a fuck buddy, and does he actually mean the things he says? “Bucky?” “Yes sweetheart?” “Can you show me how much i mean to you?” Half of you is expecting him to hover over you again, kiss you, praise you, love you. The other half of you is expecting him to take you out to a nice dinner(where no drama would occur) and treat you to a night full of surprises and wondrous events. But what Bucky does next isn’t what you expect. “Okay, doll.” He stands up and grabs the boxers that were discarded from his body a couple of hours ago, and his shirt. He pulls the boxers on as you watch him, then he comes over to you and holds out his hand, “C’mere.” You gladly take it and he helps you up. You stand by your bed and Bucky helps pull the shirt over your body. He then grabs your panties and pulls them up your legs, “It’s not too chilly outside, right?” Bucky asks you and you shake your head. “Good, c’mon.”
Once he takes your hand into his, he drags you out of your room and towards your back door, you a bit confused. You have a little patio out there that you two sat on the last time he came over, so he knows where he’s taking you. He knows his way around your little house now and the thought makes your tummy flutter.
Once you reach the back door, he pulls it open and lets you walk out first. It’s now dark, and the skies are clear, you can see since you’re looking up. The moon is full and it’s casting a lot of glorious light down onto the Earth tonight. You hear the door click behind you, then two arms;one made of metal and the other human; snake around your waist. Bucky’s chin rests on your shoulder and you’re both now looking up at the sky. “Okay….where do i start….” He sighs out, and you furrow your brows. “What are you doing?” You chuckle and he presses a kiss to your cheek, “Showing you, well…i guess telling you as well, how much you mean to me.” His grip around your waist gets tighter and your heart skips a beat.
“So…..i feel like tonight the sky is clearer because you’re with me. If you weren’t here and we weren’t together, i don’t think the sky would be cloudless like it is. The moon is a full moon, it’s shining extremely bright. It reminds me of you, and how much light you brought into my life the moment i saw you. The short amount of time we’ve spent together, you’ve made me smile a lot more, you’ve made me brighter.” He presses another kiss to your flustered cheek and your hands wrap around his wrists as you lean back into him. “You’re like a star, one of a kind, glorious, and beautiful. You’re out of this world, and you make me feel things i’ve not felt in years if in ever, y/n.” His voice becomes a whisper as he presses his head to yours. “And last but most certainly not fucking least, the air feels a bit more breathable tonight. Usually it’s not as crisp and fresh as it is right now, but that’s what it feels like to kiss you, to hold you, when i see you, when i touch you. Like a breath of fresh air. Like you’re helping me to breathe, like i need you.” You close your eyes and take in what he said, and a small breeze blows as if right on queue with his words. Your lips curl into a smile and you can’t help but to feel an overwhelming sense of joy flood through you because of Bucky. “Yeah?” “Mhm.” “I love that, Bucky.” “And i love the feeling you bring me, y/n. Please don’t make it end.”
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colors materlist
bucky barnes x reader | winter soldier/soulmate au
summary: Your life is in black and white till you’re connected with your soulmate. Everyone gets one right? Or so you’ve been told. But all your life you’d come to never expect on. A monster like you doesn’t deserve one. But things happen when you least expect it.
theme: angst with future fluff, smut. 
warning: violence, torture, language, 18+ situations & death
part one
part two; blue
part three; red
part four (COMING SOON)
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Shout at the Devil
Tumblr media
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x reader
Word Count: 1,000 Summary: Bucky is finally starting to fall for you. So after catching you flirting with his tour manager, he decides to teach you a lesson.
Warnings: 18+, minors DNI, mention of drugs, drinking, name calling, explicit and degrading language, cursing, unprotected vaginal sex, creampie, DUBCON, some serious hate-fucking, angst, aftercare, lovey dovey Rockstar Bucky FLUFF !!!
A/N: This is a rework of I'm With the Band Part 6. I decided to flip the script and write it as a one-shot with Bucky. This Bucky is a leeeetle bit softer. Don't worry though, Rockstar Steve will get his moment! Much love to @thefanbasewhore & @sableseb for their sweet words of encouragement and beta help! 💕😭
You had probably re-read Bucky’s text four or five times before you finally plucked up the courage to peel yourself off the pleather bar stool and slink down to his suite. Your presence was requested and after the stunt you had just pulled, you owed it to Bucky to at least attempt an explanation.
Buck had meandered out to the parkade earlier that evening to meet up with his greasy dealer. It was Friday and his standing order was to snatch up an 8-ball - so you knew he would be preoccupied for the rest of the night. That's why you got dolled up and sat at the rooftop bar, accepting drinks from strangers and getting drunk off the attention.
The kiss with his manager was nothing more than a drunken blunder but when the photos made their way online within minutes, you knew Bucky would be big mad.
As you stepped off the elevator and onto Bucky's floor, a wave of sheer panic washed over you. His one rule was to not embarrass him and after that little show with Doc, he was going to flip. It was a cruel and trashy stunt, but you often struggled with impulse control. And the shots just kept coming.
The walk down the long corridor felt like it took eons - your head spinning as you tried to prepare what to say when you were finally face to face. As you approached room 1503 and rapped on the door ever so lightly, it dawned on you just how badly you had fucked things up. It wasn’t an excuse, but you were exhausted. Exhausted with competing for Bucky’s recognition - it seemed like all of his time either went into drumming or thin white lines. It felt nice to finally get some doting attention.
Bucky swung the door open abruptly, pulling you inside with one fell swoop. “You’re such a fuckin’ bitch,” he snapped, slamming the door shut behind you. Your head brashly thumped against the doorframe as he pinned you against it.
“What the FUCK is wrong with you?” Bucky chided, grazing the shell of your ear. he bared his hips forcefully down into yours and you could feel his pulsing cock nestled right between the cushion of your ass.
You wrestled to regain control but were no match for Bucky’s brute strength. Hands clamped onto your delicate wrists, forcing your arms above your head. His grasp was so ironclad that you felt your supple skin sting. He braces his forearms on either side of your head, pinning you against the frame.
“Bucky stop, you’re hurting me!”
As you continued to flail and fumble, his thumb slipped between your slightly open pout. “You're embarrassin', doll. It's pathetic."
You could feel a twinge of shame starting to bloom in your chest and though his words sliced deep, you knew they were true. You couldn’t blame him for trying to occupy himself while you traipsed around in a barely-there dress, desperate for the male gaze. There wasn't anything for you to rebuke because he was right.
He yanked the back of your head, fisting a handful of your auburn locks, “My cock not enough for ya, hey?"
Your mind was entirely muddled - you were flustered at the sight of angsty Bucky. This was a side of him you had never hoped to see, he was absolutely out for blood and yet the manhandling, the aggression, it unlocked a kink you didn’t know you had.
You felt your core tense up, a dampness floating between your thighs. So wet, in fact, that your pretty purple thong had stuck to your lips. "Bucky please just stop, we can talk..I'm so sorry!" you whimpered, rueful tears welling in your eyes.
"You think I called ya down here ta' talk? You’re here so I can fuck the attitude right outta ya,” his bottom lip slyly disappearing under his pearly whites. He planted open-mouthed smooches down the column of your throat as you continued writhing under his grip.
Bucky cradled his hands underneath your thighs, hoisting you up against the door, torso flush with his. He kissed you with a ferocity you had never felt before but had pathetically craved. He fumbled with his zipper, positing his length just up against you.
The initial press makes your toes curl as you back up onto his rock-hard cock. He plunges deep inside your tightness, the abrupt thrusts keeling you over like a ragdoll into the crook of his neck. Tiny, sweet squeals emerged from your lips as he drives himself further and further in.
“Fuckin’ bitch,” he spat, shamelessly fucking up into you.
You’re broken down and reduced to sounds as Bucky rips in and out of your ridges while whispering degrading garble into your ear:
“Fuck you, you’re nothin’ but a stupid skank.”
“You’re gonna take this cock like the one-track minded slut you are.”
“I hate you.”
Your skin was blazing hot and blood roaring feverishly, you feel him close to cumming and in retaliation, you clamp down on his cock to dole out a bit of punishment and selfishly make him last just a few moments longer.
You’re entirely fucked out and as your back keenly arches, you feel yourself close too. It doesn’t seem right, doesn’t seem fair for you to cum. But you relish in the sensation of Bucky rolling his cock forward and back, hoping in earnest that he can bring you to climax.
With one final stride he creams inside you, coating you from the inside out, spilling hot. As he pulls out, the smear of his cum drags across your taut stomach.
And almost like the flick of a switch, he’s suddenly saccharine: like Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde if they were transposed to a 21st century rockstar. He tips your chin down, kissing you softly: “You’re gonna smarten up, doll."
Bucky hands you a mug of piping hot chamomile tea. His hand sails along the side of your face and he smiles at you. The most beautiful, innocent smile. Bucky may have just hate-fucked you into oblivion but he makes sure you’re taken care of - that you feel safe with him. He ran you a tub in the beautiful porcelain soaker and room service was en route.
“I've never made tea before, hope it's okay..” he shyly sputters. How could the most notorious rockstar in the world be so bashful? You had realized that he felt most comfortable when he was balls deep inside you and emotional intelligence was unchartered territory for him. But he was trying. He was trying and that meant the world.
You swallowed thickly, cupping the scalding hot mug as you laid out in the bubble-filled tub.
“I love you,” he mutters, the words barely more than a whisper. "I want you to be only mine, okay?”
Thank you so much for reading, angel babies! 🥺
All other parts can be found here
If you like my smutty self indulgent ramblings, add yourself to my taglist here! xoxo
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octupus-on-the-moon · 8 hours ago
Masterlist to a Nightmare
First Update: 24 March 2021
Last Updated: Not finished
Bucky has got those horrible nightmares. Those where The Winter Soldier kills innocent people. Those were he, Bucky, is killing innocent people. One of them particularly hunts him. A woman, in front of his gun. He doesn't know what happend to her. Did he kill her? Who was she?
A nightmare
A message
A visitor
A photo
A deal
A plan
A roommate
All rights reserved
Based on the idea of @fireballmouthwash
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barnesplums · 10 hours ago
wanna go back into writing some more blurbs or fics, maybe headcanons
pls send some ideas or requests, all sfw, for bucky/seb and maybe Steve/Chris if you have any
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sweeterthanthis · 11 hours ago
Would Stepdad Bucky be into anal? Asking for a friend 👉👈
Tumblr media
Would Stepdad!Bucky be into anal? Pass on this message to your friend for me 😘 very 18+ below the cut.
Word Count: 673
Warnings: Vaginal sex, anal fingering, mentions of rimming, first time anal, anal creampie, a little cum play.
Stepdad!Bucky loves fucking that sweet, little pussy of yours. Loves watching those pretty eyes roll back when he hits that spot, likes grabbing at your breasts as they bounce from the force of his thrusts. 
But his favourite thing? Watching that ass bounce back against him while he rails you against your headboard late at night, can’t stop himself from pressing his thumb up against that tight ring of muscle between your cheeks, loves watching it twitch beneath his touch - untouched and so fucking tempting. 
Maybe one night he just can’t stop himself, has to feel it, kiss it, fuck it. 
“You gonna let daddy stuff that pretty, little hole, princess?” 
You’d freeze - just for a second - but the thought of him wanting you that way? The thought of having had him in every hole? Well fuck, you wouldn’t be able to resist. 
“Yes, daddy. Please, daddy.” 
He’d take his time with it. Get it nice and wet with his tongue, stretch it out with a couple of fingers - have you mewling until you were breathless, toying with your clit at the same time, making sure you’re relaxed and ready for him. 
He’d want you on your back, tell you to hold those legs wide open for him, make sure he had the perfect view of your asshole as he nudges the tip in for the first time, maybe he’d even want it to hurt, just a little bit. Loves hearing those strangled sobs, showers you with praise, takes his fucking time with it. 
“That’s daddy’s good girl, gonna take it all, make daddy feel good.” 
He’d be transfixed by the way you stretch around him, pulling out and slapping his cock against your virgin hole, smirking as your legs tremble and your pussy clenches. Tease you with just the tip until you’re begging for all of it, until you want nothing more than his cock deep inside you.
“Tell daddy what you want, princess.” 
“Fuck, daddy. Just want your dick in my ass. Please, please daddy.” 
He’d ease it in, inch by inch, toying with your pussy at the same time, grunting in satisfaction as you swallow him up, your asshole pulling him in hungrily. Never seen anything so fucking sexy in his life, never heard anything as sweet as the sounds that drip from your pouty lips as he buries himself balls deep inside of you. 
Gives you a moment to adjust, doesn’t wanna overwhelm you. Selfish as he is, he wants to make sure it’s good for you, wants to make sure you feel as fucking blissful as he does. 
He’d start off slow. Languid, easy strokes in and out; can’t help himself from reaching down and stroking the sensitive, stretched out flesh as you take all of him. Such a good girl for him. 
“That feel good, princess? Want more?” 
“Fuck, yes, gimme more daddy. Harder daddy, please.” 
He’d grip your ankles firmly, holding your legs open as you writhe and wriggle on the mattress, rolling your hips down to meet his quickening thrusts; your tight, little asshole fluttering around his cock and sending him feral. 
He’d look you straight in the eye, whispering intelligible filth and praise; egging you on towards your first anal orgasm, knows its gonna blow your fucking mind, revels in the fact that he’s turned you into his perfect, little fucktoy. 
He’d fuck you through your release, obsessed with the way your pussy visibly quakes, the way your back arches up off the bed and your fingers grip the sheets, the almost violent noises that erupt from your throat. 
Slow, dirty grinds as he presses his hips up against you, filling your used hole with his cum, fucking it into you nice and deep just so he can watch it all ooze out of you moments later, smear it all over your cunt with his fingers. Fuck, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. 
“Daddy’s princess, daddy’s tight little hole, daddy’s cunt, daddy’s mouth. All for daddy, ain’t that right?” 
“All for daddy.” 
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spideyobsessed · 12 hours ago
i know i pretty much have no followers (so i’m not really expecting to get an answer) but if anyone has any ideas for peter parker, the avengers, etc., let me know!! i always have such good ideas myself and i want to actually try writing them now :))
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cherryblossomskye · 13 hours ago
I’ve Gotchu Barnes (Part 2)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Recovery!Bucky x (f)Reader
Warnings: Cursing, name calling (the best friend type), a little bit of angst but not any at all hehe, a little bit of slow burn, Captain Rogers😍, no Bucky yet:( But we’re getting there!
Summary: A new avenger has the job of teaching Bucky how to use his phone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve Gotchu Barnes Taglist: (OPEN)
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Sebastian Stan Taglist: (OPEN)
@tom-hlover @build-a-bucky @buckybarnesismyair @whatrambles @finleyjayne @jobean12-blog @bugsbucky @imerdwarf @miraclesoflove @purselover2 @charmedbysarge @chris-evans-whore @white-wolf1940 @zaphdekota @stucky-my-ship @emmabarnes @thehumanistsdiary @its-sky-scraper @ragnaroqk @cycysplace @iloveangstposts @amelia-song-pond @dracoswhore007 @joeysbumpkinbatch @randomuser0917 @Christopherevansownsme
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random-imaginess · 14 hours ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope it was perfect!
Can I request a Bucky x reader where she is feeling scared to go out in the world post covid and Bucky is just cute and supportive?
Thank you! It was a fairly good day! I read this request yesterday and thought how fitting it was because I have spent a lot of time thinking about situations like this! A LOT of time..
This gif, to me, makes it seem like this is going to be more angsty than it actually will be, but it's gonna be cute and fluffy and it's gonna be ok! I didn't want to go too much into some stuff, even though having anxiety and concerns and doubts and a bunch of thoughts about a world post covid is VERY REAL, I just wanted to try and make this light-hearted and cute. I hope I was able to do that!
Tumblr media
The past year and a half had been a wild one, to say the least. There was anxieties about the virus outbreak, anxieties about the lock down that was only supposed to last a couple weeks, then six weeks, then a couple months... You were used to wearing masks when you absolutely needed to go out for food and supplies, talking about how great it was going to be when life would go back to normal.
What was normal, though? It hadn't felt normal in so long that you weren't sure what normal was anymore. You were fortunate enough to have Bucky at your side through all of it. Keeping you company, keeping you sane. Talking about what you were going to do first when things opened back up again, wondering what it was going to be like when it was all over. "What about the beach?!" You explained excitedly. "The smell of the ocean, the wind in our hair, the seagulls flying overhead, the warm sand! Oh, it'll be so incredible! We should go there first!." Bucky just grimaced. "The beach? The sticky, salty feeling you get on your skin, the sand, seagulls shitting on your towel, dive bombing you for your food, the SAND getting in places you didn't know it could get into, and you're washing that shit out for weeks after... I don't know."
You groaned playfully, thought you really didn't care where you went. "Fine, you big baby, no beach." You smiled as you rolled over to your stomach to look at him, propping your elbows up on the mattress. It was a lazy afternoon, the millionth lazy afternoon so far since you've been stuck inside. You couldn't complain too much, though, being with Bucky, no matter what you did, was always your favorite thing to do. He stared up at the ceiling as his flesh hand found a spot to rest on your back, a smirk forming across his face as he thought of other places you could go when it was all over. "What about museums? Art galleries? We could go to that space one in Los Angeles," he offered, and your face lighting up with more excitement. "Ooh, yeah! That would be so fun! Look through the giant telescopes and see how much you would weight on mars!" He laughed at made eye contact with you, thinking how adorable it was that you got excited about the smallest things. "Or we could go to the grand canyon, or Hawaii! Or... the movies! How long as it been since you've been to a movie theater? Eating buttery popcorn and chocolate candy while watching a funny movie that makes you laugh so hard your sides hurt? Or one so sad it makes you cry?" Now Bucky readjusted himself and turned to his side, propping himself on him elbow, a light smile playing at the corners of his mouth. "We've been watching movies every day for the past six weeks, I don't think there's anything left we haven't already seen." "I know, but the experience is so different when you watch it on a giant screen." Your hands subconsciously ran patterns against his soft skin, reminiscing about everything there was to do before the whole world closed up. "We'll do it all, baby," Bucky smiled and leaned forward to place a kiss on your forehead. "We'll do the beach, we'll do museums, movies, theme parks, tropical paradises, we'll go anywhere around the world you wanna go." You grinned at his words. "Even Norway?" "Even Norway," he smiled, looking lovingly at you. Now the time was here, when things were opening back up again, and rules were less strict, and every plan you had talked about doing together was becoming more and more accessible. It should have been exciting. You were finally able to see more than just every nook and cranny in your house and the inside of grocery stores, but you were scared. Breaking out of the bubble that you had built for yourself to keep you and those around you safe, it was now a weird feeling to try and break out of it. To get back into the routine of every day life that you gave no second thought to before everything changed. You and Bucky had finally agreed on starting your adventures with a simple day out. Getting lunch, now that more restaurants were open for dine in, maybe some window shopping, a leisurely walk through the park, or whatever else you felt like doing. But you were hesitant to go through with it. The anxiety of being around more people was getting to you. In the back of your mind you knew you were going to be OK, but it was the fact of not knowing that made you second-guess your decision to leave the house. It was been a weighing thought for the past few weeks leading up to you going out. Now that it was finally here, it was all too real. Bucky had picked up on your hesitancy, but didn't want to push you until you were ready to bring it up yourself. And you wanted to tell him about it, you just didn't know how to properly form it. It felt a little silly to be so scared. The unknown always got the better of you, made you doubt, and added more anxiety than was necessary, but it's just how you were.
The closer it got to you leaving, the heavier your chest became. "I think maybe we should wait for a different day to go out.." You blurted out, picking at the skin on your thumb. Bucky looked at you and grabbed your hand to get you to stop, knowing if he didn't, you'd just do it until it bled. "You don't want to go anymore?" "I do, I just think maybe it's still too early to be around crowds, you know? There's going to be more people without masks, or if they'll get aggressive for being asked to wear one... we won't know if they're vaccinated yet or whatever... I think we should wait. Just a little longer. Is that Okay?" "Of course it is. You know I'd never want to you in a situation that makes you uncomfortable." You nodded. "I do know that, I just... I feel silly, like I'm making this a bigger deal than it actually is, but I can't bring myself to go out there and pretend like everything is normal when it's not." He placed a gentle hand on the side of your face. "Well, I don't think we have to pretend anything is normal. We know it's not. But I think we need to be open to the idea of a new normal. It's not going to be something we can be ok with over night, though, but gradually." He rubbed his hands gently up and down your arms. "There's nothing wrong with your feelings about it, okay? Please don't feel like you're being irrational about wanting to wait. It's perfectly OK to wait. We can do something here, or go to our spot, have a little picnic.. we can do anything you want." You looked up at him and smiled, grateful that you had such an incredible, understanding man in your life. "A picnic sounds perfect. Fresh air would be perfect." "Alright," he smiled. "Let's have a picnic." You wrapped your arms around him for a hug, being engulfed in his secure embrace, and gave him a kiss on the lips, taking a moment to really appreciate how much it meant to you to have Bucky in your life. In a time of uncertainly, he always made you feel safe and heard, and you couldn't ask for anything better than that.
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