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#loki x female reader
generalfoolish · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
No Prisoners
Prompt #488:
“You kissed me.”
“You kissed me back.”
“And I’m not here to apologize.”
Day Two of the Follower Party!
Pairing: Loki x GN!reader
Word Count: 350
Warnings: 18+ Mentions of gore, violence, death, smooching
A/N: Day two is a little Loki one shot! I kind of pictured this in the Mayhem Times Infinity universe, but it can be a stand alone! All prompts from @creativepromptsforwriting Top Ten!
As always, let me know if you want to be tagged!
You panted heavily, and took a second to prod the slash across your side. The wound was weeping blood, but not at an alarming rate. You’d live. You scanned frantically for Loki, he had just been beside you. You had lost him amongst the sea of warriors. Your adrenaline was crashing, somehow, and your middle was throbbing. You screamed his name, a strangled thing that sounded foreign to your ears.
Without warning the green mist appeared beside you.
“What is it, darling? Are you injured?” His face was twisted tight with concern and fury. You shook your head.
“I mean kind of, but I lost you. I thought I had lost you.” You scrambled, fighting off a new wave of creatures. He flipped a dagger into one of the warriors coming at you hard, and cast a new wave of himself to fight at your backs.
“You could not, even if you tried.” He told you, his voice tight with emotion. He closed the small distance between you and his lips crashed to your own. It was heated, but rushed. A frantic melding of lips, and they were gone too soon.
“You kissed me.” You told him, dumbly. Sure, you had flirted. Sure, you had wanted to kiss him. You never thought it would happen, though. He smiled, a blinding thing that danced into his emerald eyes.
“You kissed me back.” He was studying you with wonder, as if you would disappear if he let his eyes wander for even a moment.
“And I’m not here to apologize, Mayhem.” You told him, going on your tiptoes and pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. You rolled back onto your heels, using your momentum to throw you into your next attack as you opened a portal beneath a few creatures, sending them into the collapsing black hole.
You threw Loki a smile over your shoulder as he absorbed his casts, and threw a few daggers in quick succession. You had a new reason to survive this, you realized.
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mischievoushiddleston · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Plot: Loki and Bucky spend a night of passion with a woman. It was supposed to be just one night, but the three don't know yet that one night wouldn't be enough for Bucky, Loki and Y/N...
WaF Masterlist here!
My Beta-Reader: @fa-me
Chapter 10
Y / N, Bucky and Loki were heard from Loki by a loud knock on the door. The three moans annoyed and foggy from sleep. "Get out of here!" Loki yelled and put his forearm in front of his eyes for the light.
"Your Majesty, I come with a message from the All-Father." The diner's voice came through the door. Y / N propped up on her forearms and looked at Loki and Bucky. The two men sat up, the blanket only covering their lower half. Y / N pulled the covers up to her shoulders.
"Come in!" Loki called annoyed. The diner stepped into the room immediately and when he saw the three he quickly averted his gaze. "What is so urgent to disturb my early morning rest?" "
The Allfather requests your presence in the throne room, Prince Loki." He explained and Loki dismissed him with a wave of his hand. Loki got out of bed, completely naked, and snapped his fingers, a green shimmer surrounded him and he was wearing a simple green linen shirt and black pants.
"I'll see you at breakfast, Y / N, Bucky." He explained, kissing Y / N on her lips before leaving the room. Bucky lay down on the bed again and took Loki's pillow, he put it in front of his eyes. Y / N smiled mischievously and crawled under his covers. She kissed the tip of his cock and took the tip in her mouth. Y / N sucked on it and put more of it in her mouth.
"God ... Y / N ..." Bucky groaned and wrapped her hair around his metal fist. She took more of his cock in her mouth and began to stroke what she couldn't put in her mouth with her hand. He lifted his hips and started poking her mouth. Y / N stroked his balls and her free hand wandered over her body. She opened her crease and ran her finger over her pussy. Y / N licked his cock and stuck a finger in her pussy. She quickly pumped her fingers into her and quickly rubbed her clit with her thumb when she felt Bucky's cock begin to pulsate. His sperm filled her mouth and after a few more seconds Y / N began to shake uncontrollably when she came. Bucky pulled away the blanket covering her and pulled her up to him. "You're a naughty girl, Y / N." Bucky smiled. Y / N leaned down and kissed him before getting out of bed. They both got ready quickly and left the room and were taken from a diner to the dining room.
Meanwhile Loki stood in front of Odin, who was sitting in his golden throne. “What did you think of your little theater? We are the mockery of the nine realms. ”Odin said angrily.
"What kind of theater?" Loki smiled mischievously. "I just danced with my girlfriend and her other boyfriend."
“Loki, you should be careful what you do. You're a Prince of Asgard, ”Odin admonished as if he were a little child. "Not only did you fall in love with a mortal woman, no, you share her like a cheap whore with another man."
"Odin, you may be King Asgard, but should you call Y / N a whore again, it will be your last word." Loki explained and smiled wickedly.
“You dare to threaten me? I could throw you in dungeon for that. "
"We both know you won't because Mother won't agree." Loki spread his arms and disappeared into a green mist with a sly smile. He appeared next to Y / N and stole a grape from her plate. "Have you already started to eat breakfast?"
"No, just me and I eat for two." Y / N smiled and continued to eat, unimpressed by Loki's little trick.
"It occurs to me that we should visit the healers today and then we can see Asgard." Loki took another grape from Y / N. "
Stop eating my food, Loki." Y / N said playfully. He smiled and the three began to eat.
"So what did Odin want with you?" Bucky asked, interested.
"He wanted what he always wanted, just to determine everything." Loki explained briefly. He caressed her flat stomach briefly. Shortly after breakfast, the three of them went to the healing chamber and were received by Astrid Jörgendottier.
"Your Highness, what brings you to the healing chamber?" She bows.
"I want absolute discretion and that not a word that is uttered leaves this room." Loki ordered sternly and coolly.
"Of course, my prince." Astrid confirmed and asked the three to follow her. She asked the other healers to leave the room. "I'm Astrid." She imagined Y / N and Bucky.
"I'm Y / N and this is Bucky." Y / N explained and Astrid smiled. They followed her into the healing chamber.
"What can I do for you?" She asked, looking at Loki. The two men opened their mouths awkwardly. Y / N couldn't believe that the silver tongue couldn't find any more words.
"I'm pregnant." Y / N explained with a smile.
"Congratulations. Please lie down on the couch. ”Astrid explained and Y / N lay down on the golden couch. A golden projection of her body formed over her and Y / N watched her intently. “It seems to me that you are two weeks pregnant. You can see the babies here. ”She pointed to two small dots in the projection in the belly of Y / N. She leaned on her arms and the three looked at Astrid in surprise.
"Babies?" All three asked at the same time.
Taglist is open! @smoke-and-sunsets @everybitch @coco-puffses
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mellowavengersstuff · 5 hours ago
Loki series
Please do not repost, copy or translate my work without express permission! :)
{will be updated every week after the new episode comes out}
Summary: You and Loki find each other in the TVA. There's a new journey to go on, together.
Loki - the start of a journey
The variant 2.0
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anonymousfiction211 · 9 hours ago
Loki’s game: 6
Tumblr media
First day on the new job
‘You’re late’ Loki grumbled, while not looking up from his book. You looked at the clock ‘only 5 minutes’ you replied. Loki was sitting at your desk in your office. Giving you no other choice than to sit on the opposite desk. He didn’t say anything to you or even looked at you. ‘So… what do you need of me?’ you asked him. Loki then looked at you with eyes full of mischief. ‘You, my darling, are going to hack into the S.H.I.E.L.D. files and find everything you can find about the Tesseract’ he said. It took a moment for you to register what he said. ‘No way, if they found out I will be put in jail’ you told him.
Loki gave you a wide grin. ‘Best not get caught then’ he said. When you didn’t move he sighed. ‘Tony, Bruce and Steve will back you up if Fury finds out. We believe there is something they’re not telling is’ he explained. ‘Fine’ you grumbled. It was going to take you the whole day anyway to get past the security. In the meantime, you could confirm with Tony about all of this. You got your laptop and turned it on.
‘Aren’t you hot?’ he asked, gesturing at your sweater
‘What?’ you asked
‘I asked if you weren’t getting warm? Since you’re wearing such a big sweater’
‘I’m fine’ you grumbled. You had spent too long doubting what to wear today. You had three options, wearing the shirt Loki changed for you, wearing a red shirt and piss him off or wearing a completely different shirt. To play on the safe side you had put on the dark green T-shirt but put a large sweater on as well. Hoping to cover up your outfit.
Loki just grinned widely at you. He got up and adjusted the temperature of the room. He sat back down and went on with his own research. You ignored it for now and got busy with your own work. Luckily for you the rest of the morning the both of you worked in silence. Steve came to get you for lunch, and you gladly accepted it. During lunch he was checking up on you, wondering how your first morning with Loki went on and if you needed some help. You checked with him about hacking S.H.I.E.L.D. and even he reassured you that you would not get into trouble.
You came back from lunch and your office felt like a million degrees. You went back to your laptop, but it was getting harder to focus. Sweat drops were beginning to form on your forehead. You looked at Loki who was studying some papers, really focusing. Hoping he wouldn’t notice you took off your sweater, revealing the green T-shirt. To your surprise Loki didn’t look up or even commented on it, so you went back to your work. A few hours passed and you were finally getting into the groove, you forget how much fun hacking was.
Suddenly you felt two hands grab your shoulders from behind. It snapped you out of your trance and you shrieked a little. ‘You look rather ravishing today, pet’ Loki purred right into your ear. Before you could respond your chair was pulled backwards and his hands were in your hair. He pulled it rather hard, making you hiss in pain. He pulled you up and bent you over the desk. His free hand started to roam and squeeze your butt. You whimpered as he touched and stroke you. He lifted slipped his hands under your shirt, his fingers leaving a trail of goosebumps wherever he touched you.
‘Loki, stop’ you panted. Hating how your voice came out wanton and needy. ‘Why? I bet when I slip my fingers beneath your folds I will find you wet and ready’ he mused. You felt his hands started to undo the button from you pants. You started to squirm, making him laugh darkly at you. He let go of your hair and pulled down your pants and underwear. You felt exposed, but somehow couldn’t get yourself to move. ‘Already so compliant’ Loki praised you. Two fingers slipped between your folds and the moan that lift your lips made you embarrassed. Loki let out a low growl. You heard his zipper pull down and he retracted his fingers. You didn’t have time to whimper from the empty feeling, because his hardened cocked slipped inside of you.
You were so wet by now, he met no resistance. His started a relentless pace. With every trust the air was knocked out of your longs. You felt your orgasm build up rapidly and cursed him for it in your mind. Loki grabbed your hips almost painfully to increase his pace. He was rutting into you like a beast. ‘When I saw you take your sweater off I almost lost it’ he grunted. Loki’s thrusts were becoming sloppier, and you felt your own orgasm getting closer and closer. With a loud grunt Loki came and you felt his seed spill inside of you. He stilted inside of you until his breath evened out. He retracted from you and fixed his clothes straight.
You were still leaning on the desk. Your orgasm was still close, but was slowly ebbing away. You were still wet, horny, and now seed was dripping from you pussy on your thighs. You slowly got up and turned around. Loki’s face showed the most sadistic smile you had seen so far. ‘W- w..’ you started but couldn’t form a coherent thought or sentence. The only thing you wanted right now was for Loki to start fucking you like he did a minute ago. He grabbed your chin and gave you a kiss. ‘If you want to come today, you can visit me tonight. You know where to find me’ he winked at you. And suddenly he was gone.
You blinked a few times before you realized he was really gone. You were absolutely furious. How dared he to use you like that, and then expected you to come begging towards him. You let out a frustrated groan, pulled up your pants and made your way to your own room. You threw the clothes in the hamper and got under the shower to clean yourself up. After a long hot shower, you still were suer pissed at Loki. You got even more pissed at dinner when Loki completely ignored you, he didn’t even look at you. It only added to your anger.
After dinner you got back to your room. You tried to relax but and up pacing around. You actual were considering taking him up on his offer. You needed a release and Loki knew how to get you there, fast. But if you did, you would be accepting the way he treated you today, and you weren’t about to do that. No, he needed a taste of his own medicine. You didn’t know what you would exactly do, but you needed to yell at him. So, you stormed out of your room and into his. If he was startled by you bursting into his room, he didn’t show it. ‘Ah, took you long enough’ he commented. He looked amused by your angry body language.
‘Listen, this stops HERE! We are DONE! Do you hear me? No more games, no more fucking it ENDS NOW!!’ you screamed at him. He quickly got up and in a few paces stood very close to you. You saw anger in his eyes, but there was also a twinkle you couldn’t quite place. ‘Why is that?’ he asked like he truly couldn’t think of any reason why you were so angry. You scoffed ‘You can’t be serious. I don’t have to explain myself. I was just letting you know’. You turned around to walk out, but Loki grabbed your wrists and pulled you flush against him. ‘What has gotten into you, kitten?’ he asked again.
‘You, I hate what you did to me’ you said accusingly.
‘You seemed to enjoy it at the time’ he purred.
‘Just, let me go’ you set while struggling against him. His grip only tightened around you.
‘Is it that you didn’t got to come?’ he said with an innocent look.
You felt yourself heat up and knew that you were blushing hard. Suddenly Loki grabbed you by the waist and threw you over his shoulder. You yelped in surprise and asked what he thought he was doing. He threw you on the bed and was on you immediately and pinned you down with his weight. ‘FINE, if you want to come that badly I’ll make you come until you beg me to stop!’ he growled. ‘And you know what I will do than?’ he asked you. He grinned so widely his teeth were showing. There was nothing remotely civil about him anymore, his look was full of lust. He looked like a feral beast and you were his prey. ‘N- no..’ you stuttered. He put his lips on your earlobe and his tongue licked it, making you moan slightly. ‘I’m going to ignore you’ he told you in a low seductive voice.
Tags: @delightfulheartdream​ @the-best-phineas​ @theaudacitytowrite
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mossybank · 21 hours ago
Favourite Trinket — R. R.
The story of Ravonna and Y/N's engagement
Ravonna Reyslayer x GN!Reader
Warnings: no spoilers but I'd still watch episode two before reading, also if you read this after the series has aired and Ravonna is nothing like this then uh... Whoops?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
With an office full of trinkets from missions of her own and of subordinates, Ravonna claimed to never pick favourites and without fail she would always gave the same answer everytime upon being asked which object she liked best within her office. She would look down at her hands, fiddling with a ring on her finger before clearing her throat and looking back up,
"I've never been one for favouritism." She'd claim, but it wasn't hard to tell her most valuable trinket was in fact on her person at all times as opposed to being locked up in her office.
And the story behind said trinket, to say the least, was nothing but sweet...
Y/N's leg bounced nervously as they took a seat in Ravonna's office, a box burning what felt like a bottomless pit in their pocket, as their eyes stalked her around the room.
"You look like you need this." Ravonna commented, her usual welcoming smile she showed Y/N on her face, as she passed them a drink—whisky, neat— and put hers down on the table between the two, though not without grabbing a coaster first.
Y/N let out a quiet thanks, drinking the liquid before cringing at the burn in their throat, something that always slipped their mind with whisky,
"I see your collection has grown," They made a hand gesture towards Ravonna's display, a cabinet of oddities if you will, keepsakes for each mission, "When did you get those go-go boots?"
Turning around to look at the boots,a classic white and knee high heeled staple shoe of the sixties, Ravonna answered, "An analyst had a case in the mid sixties a few days back, brought these for me.. They're my size too, actually, but definitely not my style." She chuckled, "Though I'm yet to have you bring anything back." She points out and Y/N feels the tips of their ears heat up with the spotlight on them, awkwardly scratching their neck.
"Ah, I didn't know it was a requirement." They joked, causing the two to share a light laugh before silence could hang in the air.
Silence with Ravonna was never uncomfortable, in fact the two spent many afternoons just sat in silence in her office doing paper work and this time wasn't much different. Well, it wasn't much different so far.
Y/N and Ravonna had been together for a while, with how differently time passed in the TVA it was hard to give an exact estimate but to Y/N it felt like a happy eternity... Maybe more.
"You know," Y/N started, standing up to pace, either to emphasise their words or to quell their anxieties, "I've been to many planets doing this job and they're all so different, but a lot of them share at least a few very similar traditions."
Stopping her paper work to look up at Y/N, she coaxed them to go on.
"Uh, marriage," They found their hand resting in their pocket, a tight grip on the small box that took home inside, "On all planets, whether it be romantic or platonic, they all have some kind of union of love.."
".. Are you asking me what I think you're asking me?" Her brows raised, Ravonna leant forward and turned her body to face Y/N's, her accusitory look burning into their mind.
Gulping, Y/N continued, holding back a nod, "I was just thinking... Well, we've been together for so long and maybe it was about time the TVA was introduced to a new tradition?"
The woman's expression softed as Y/N pulled a small red box from their pocket, struggling to open it.
"Ravonna would you.. Marry me..?"
They opened the box to reveal the ring, a deep red and square cut gem stone with a simple golden band. After a second of no answer, Y/N felt nerves kick back in.
"Sorry, bad ide—"
"No, no, Y/N, of course! I just.. I didn't expect it!" A smile took over Ravonna's face and she stood up to meet with Y/N, taking their hands gently in her own to admire the ring.
"You like it?" They ask, slipping it into her finger, "Guess I finally brought something back from a mission."
"I love it." Ravonna whispered, titling her head up to peck Y/N on the lips.
In the end, it shouldn't have been the proposal Y/N was scared of but rather funding someone in the TVA who could actually marry them... But that's another story.
Tumblr media
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Tags— @amourtentiaa @tatestripedsweater @tatesimper @evanmybeloved @mxlti-fand0m-imaginess @crssjjh @peterskindacool @emoevansupremacy
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audreysmusings · 23 hours ago
“worth the wait” | loki laufeyson
pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Female!Reader
summary: a ball is being hosted in honor of asgard’s princes. loki will only attend on one condition, with you by his side. having been best friends for years, this is no problem to the reader, but will the pair make it through the night without hidden feelings getting in the way?
setting: before the events of thor (2011)
word count: 2.3k
warning(s): unedited, any & all grammar mistakes are my own, nothing that i can think of, let me know if i need to add any!
tags: @powerpuffluuvv @buckyandlokirunmylife @lokistoriesblog
author’s note: hi everyone!! if i’m being honest i’m really not sure how accurate this is in terms of canon & all that since researching asgard’s mcu history kinda had dead ends. with that being said, i tried to keep things vague & believable for you! this is my first time writing for loki so please don’t hold it against me, i hope it’ll improve. i left this ending open for a possible part 2 & have some ideas for it so lmk if you want a sequel. i appreciate any feedback from you, so please don’t hold back! if you’d like more loki or marvel content send me an ask or a message. also if you want to be tagged in this story should it continue please let me know, it’s no problem.
if you made it this far, thank you, & i hope you enjoy :)
Tumblr media
Growing up on Asgard was a dream come true. The land was beautiful and the people were kind. Your parents were wealthy rulers neighboring the Palace of Valaskjalf, and due to their status, you visited often when you were younger. It didn’t take long for you to befriend the two young princes that inhabited the palace, Thor and Loki.
The three of you grew up together and caused more chaos than you’d like to admit. If one was near, the other two weren’t far behind. You’d spend your summers living in the palace when your parents travelled and became an honorary member of the family. If you were being honest, you spent more time with them than your own family.
Of course there were rules you obliged to, but they were more like suggestions for you than anything. As you all grew older, Thor, the more social of the brothers, branched out and made new friends. Loki, on the other hand, stayed by your side and the two of you grew even closer.
When Thor would be off with Lady Sif and the Warriors Three, you and Loki could be found in the library or simply walking the palace grounds. Thor, although a bit arrogant, was always kind to you.
If you fell, he’d carry you to safety. If you needed someone to talk to, he’d be there. Thor was a good man when it came down to it, the strength of his heart paralleled that of his physicality.
Loki was different. When you first met him he was quiet and reserved, but the more you got to know him the more he let his true colors show. He was always gentle with you and paid attention whenever you spoke. He was in tune with your feelings and could read you like a book. He complemented you perfectly.
Around others though, he was a bit different. Where there was softness with you, there was mischief and mess left for everyone else. The dynamic of your trio worked really well you thought. Loki would play into Thor’s gullibility and you’d clean up the mess they made.
Though he’d never admit it, Loki felt very strongly for you. You were his best friend. He doesn’t know what he’d do without you.
You felt the same way, even if you didn’t say it.
The connection between you two went unnoticed by no one expect maybe yourselves. It was uncertain if the two of you were completely oblivious or simply too happy to care about the implications others made about your relationship.
Neither Loki or you were bothered by the whispers or knowing glances, for you were too busy enjoying one another’s company to care.
When you both were younger it was fine, but now you both were nearing an age where it was less acceptable to not have any romantic ties, especially when all of your time was spent with your childhood best friend instead of possible suitors.
Your parents were concerned you’d never marry if you kept staying by Loki’s side. His parents didn’t seem to mind, well at least Odin didn’t care. Frigga simply wanted what was best for her son and didn’t push too much when it came to love. Though she could tell by the way Loki looked at you that you were more than just a friend.
This week both boys were off to some other world, currently fighting in what you’re sure will be another long and dramatic battle story over dinner. Not that you minded, they’d often include you in their dramatic reenactments as whatever part they needed filled.
Now the boys didn’t know this, but Odin has planned a ball in honor of their bravery and to strengthen relations between neighboring kingdoms, including yours.
Sure, balls and that sort of thing were always something you felt were best played out in fiction, but with your status these sort of things aren’t really a choice, they’re a lifestyle you abide to. While you still honored tradition, some of it was was just silly to you.
That’s why having Loki by your side to mock all of the posh practices and phony traditions was perfect. You’d never admit it, but secretly you enjoyed some of these events. A dinner in honor of an old man you’ve met once? Not too enticing. But a ball shared with all of Asgard? It’ll be entertaining at least.
Once the boys had returned the talk of the palace was all about the ball and preparation for it. It was being taken extremely seriously and there wasn’t anyone who wasn’t excited.
Well, besides one of the princes it was being thrown for.
“I’m telling you (Y/n), this is ridiculous. It’s just my father’s excuse to get dressed up and drunk and hopefully make a few deals with other rulers!” Loki said with an exasperated tone.
You shrugged, “Well is it that bad? Last time I checked you liked getting dressed up and getting drunk.”
Loki rolled his eyes, “Still, at least call it what it is, everyone’s making a big deal out of a simple party.”
“Mmm, be careful with your words. I think the staff would die if they heard you call it simple. I don’t think there’s been this much activity here for a while, everyone’s excited.” You told him.
He quirked his brow, “And you?”
You paused before speaking, “Well, I think it’ll be fun. Drunk fools dressed to the nines? And dancing? It’ll be a night to remember for sure.”
Loki chuckled, “I suppose you’re right. As long as we’re not the drunk fools dancing.”
You both laughed at that before you spoke again.
“It’s kind of romantic too, in theory.”
He furrowed his brows, “Go on.”
“It’s like something out of a fairytale. Dancing can be so intimate and personal, don’t tell me that the grand flirt you are didn’t consider that.” You teased. “You have a reputation to uphold.”
“No, no, I did. The idea bored me.” Loki deadpanned.
You shoved his shoulder lightly, “Oh, come on! You’re a prince having a ball hosted in your honor-“
“And Thor’s.” Loki interjected.
“Still,” you continued, “you’ll have lines of hopeful faces waiting for a dance with you. Doesn’t sound too bad to me.”
He considered what you said, “That’s true.”
Loki paused before speaking again, “Now tell me, does the (Y/n) (Y/l/n) have a date for the ball?”
“I’m not sure yet. There’s a few possible suitors, but nothing is set in stone.” You replied coyly.
“Ah,” Loki nodded. “Do go on, I must know who.” He faked intrigue.
“Well,” you started, “there’s this prince I have my eye on if you must know.”
“Only a prince?” He tsked, “We both know you can do better than that.”
You chuckled at his antics and continued, “He’s incredibly dreamy.”
“Mm, well I’m sure he is.” Loki said.
“Yes, he’s got this dazzling smile, gorgeous eyes, and the most smooth voice.” You gushed.
“Anything else?” He asked cheekily.
“Mmhm,” You paused and looked at Loki with a shy smile, leaning in close enough to feel the warmth radiating off of him, “He’s got this silky blonde hair that I could die for.”
Loki sighed, “Oh, please tell me you’re not talking about-”
“Thor.” You sighed dreamily and swooned, falling into his lean frame.
Loki’s face fell and you couldn’t contain your laughter anymore. He shifted out from under you, leaving you laying down, laughing on the library bench.
Loki rolled his eyes and crossed his arms across his chest as your fit continued, staring down at you.
“Are you done yet?” He asked.
“Yes , I promise,” you said breathlessly. “I’m sorry, but you should’ve seen your face! It was hilarious.”
“I’m sure it wasn’t that funny.” Loki retorted.
“Mmm it kinda was.”
“After this stunt the only prince you’ll be going with is Thor.” Loki said pointedly.
You brushed him off, “And if that happened, you’d wish it was you the entire time.”
He chuckled and ran a hand through his dark hair, “Maybe, but I hope we won’t have to find that out.”
You quirked your brow at his admission and sat up straight, facing him.
“Loki Odinson, are you asking me to go to the ball with you?” You asked.
“Only if the answer is yes.” He said plainly.
“And if isn’t?” You retorted.
“I don’t know how I’ll recover.” Loki replied, dramatically brining his hand to his chest.
You swatted his arm lightly and took his hands in yours, pulling yourself up to his level.
“Well in that case, I’ll say yes.”
“Atta girl.” Loki said with a wink.
“Now, what are we going to wear?”
From then on, Loki’s approach to the ball shifted from absolutely against it to slightly interested. You both agreed on staying within the preferred color pallet: emerald green, gold, and black.
Your palace’s staff took over with your attire. The seamstresses sewed an entirely new dress for you from scratch, you were given access to the royal vault to select any accessories you desired, and were even able to get a new perfume designed for the night.
Sure it was all very traditional and materialistic, but this was all too tempting to stay away from. If you were to go to this, why not go all the way?
By the time the ball came around you were more nervous than you’d expected to be. Loki treated the ordeal like a chore more than anything, but you could tell there was a small part of him that was looking forward to it.
These sort of events were a common part of his lifestyle as a royal, but since you were officially going as a pair he wanted to treat it a little differently. When he asked Frigga for a necklace to give you to go with your gown, she gave him a knowing smile and sent him towards the palace’s jeweler.
He wanted something “simple, yet still ornate.” When the necklace was finished, it was perfect. It had a plain gold chain with a teardrop shaped emerald pendant in the center.
The stone’s silhouette was decorated with gold leaves, the detailing impeccable. Loki hoped it wasn’t too much, but besides birthdays and various holidays he never gave you presents and this was the perfect opportunity to thank you for your companionship over the years.
But now that he was waiting for you to arrive he wasn’t so sure about the gift, what if you hated it? What if you completely laughed in his face?
Before his thoughts could spiral further, Thor forced him to come down and greet the guests with him. The palace was already full and the ball hadn’t even started yet. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement. Even the staff was buzzing with energy.
The ball room was typically shut up and covered in dust since it wasn’t used very often, but tonight it was like a completely different room. The gold accents in the room mixed with the never ending supply of candlelight created a warm and intimate atmosphere.
The music playing was upbeat and lively, as well as the attitude’s of the people in the room. Everyone was dressed beautifully and the entire palace screamed one word: indulgence.
As people entered the ballroom, their official titles were announced by the doorman as they made their way down the grand staircase.
The entire set up was gaudy and flamboyant in nature, Loki loved it.
More and more people made their entrance, but still there was no sign of you. He knew you were sometimes late, but he’d assumed you’d be on time tonight considering all of the buzz around the ball. Just as he was about to really begin to worry, the doorman loudly announced the name “Lady (Y/n) (Y/l/n)!”
Like something straight out of a book, the crowd looked up at you and you bowed slowly before descending down the stairs. Loki couldn’t help but stare, it was like he was frozen in this one moment in time, taking in you.
He always knew you were formidable in your beauty, it’s not like this was new to him, but something about tonight made you radiant in a way he’d never seen you. Maybe it was the intoxicatingly thick air or the music swelling as you approached him, but Loki was truly at a loss for words.
The gown you were in was stunning. It was the perfect style for you and the fabric looked almost too flawless to be real. It was flattering in every way and was truly made only to be worn by you.
Pulling himself together, Loki walked towards the end of the staircase and extended his hand to you. You locked eyes with him and smiled gracefully, taking his hand and squeezing it lightly as the two of you made your way into the crowd.
As if you were strangers, you stared at one another, unsure of what to say. Loki was dressed nicely too, sporting new robes with gold accents and a deep green as the base. As a pair, it was clear to even an outsider you went well together.
You both started to say something before you stopped, willing the other to speak.
“No, no, go ahead.” You said with a chuckle.
“You first.” He pushed.
“Well now I forgot what I was gonna say, so please just tell me already.”
Loki rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers, revealing a sleek box in his hand with green smoke wafting from it.
“I have something for you.” He said plainly, extending the box towards you.
You looked between him and the black box suspiciously, “This isn’t a prank, is it?”
He chuckled and shook his head.
Still skeptical, you spoke lowly for only Loki to hear, “Let me remind you that we have an audience,” you gestured to the various guests tuned in on you two, “and they’re all looking at their prince.”
Loki smirked at the guests and moved closer, speaking lowly and softly, “Believe me, they’re all looking at you.”
You could feel your face heat up and stepped back, “If you’re lying I won’t let you hear the ending of this.”
“No lying, I promise.” He grumbled.
You looked back down at the box and back to Loki, curiosity beating out your skepticism.
He grinned and slowly opened the box, revealing the necklace. You couldn’t help the faint gasp that escaped your lips as admired the piece of jewelry, taking in its intricate design. You could still feel the guests’ eyes on you, but you chose to ignore them.
You met Loki’s gaze and noticed the nervousness behind his eyes.
“Do you like it?” He finally asked, his eyes searching yours for a reaction.
You nodded slowly, “Loki, it’s so beautiful. I- I don’t know what to say or if I can even wear something so finely done.” You confessed.
“Well, I could tell you were excited about this whole ordeal and wanted to give you something to go with your fairytale night.” He offered. “I never really gift your things so consider it a token of appreciation for your, uh, companionship over the years.”
You couldn’t help your heart swelling at his words,“Oh, Loki, I love it.”
“I’m glad.” He replied, his eyes not leaving yours.
You looked back down at the necklace and went to touch it, but before you could, Loki snapped the lid down on your fingers, causing you to jump and making him laugh. The weight in the air was gone in an instant and filled again with lightness.
You then joined in on the laughter and it was a moment so simple, yet so wonderful you worried you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing. When the two of you realized the exchange wasn’t unnoticed between the nosy guests and most of their faces were confused, you both brushed them off and laughed even more.
“Now,” you said, regaining your composure, “will you help me put it on?” You asked.
Loki nodded and you both made your way into the main hall, finding a mirror. You adjusted your hair, as needed for him to be able to access the back of your neck, and watched in the mirror as he moved behind you to clasp it on.
His cool fingers brushed against your neck and you shivered at his touch. Either he didn’t notice or he chose to ignore it for your sake. Most likely the latter.
His sharp features were somehow even made more handsome as he concentrated on the necklace. Once he finished, he looked at you in the mirror and moved his hands gently across your collarbone, adjusting the necklace and caressing it lightly, putting in in place.
You both stared at one another for a moment and you realized how close he was to you.
It felt like the air around you was glass and one faulty move would shatter everything around you. You shifted your gaze from him to the necklace and touched it lightly, placing your fingers over his, and admiring it on you.
Loki watched you intently before leaning closer to you.
“Something this beautiful deserves to be seen on something worthy of its beauty.” He murmured into the shell of your ear.
You weren’t sure whether he was talking about the necklace or you, but you didn’t care. You were both getting too close to crossing that one line you’ve danced around and never crossed all these years. You were too scared to break it now.
Before he could say anything else, you spoke softly, backing away from the mirror and facing him like normal.
“I’m so sorry I was late, we lost one of my shoes before we left and it took forever to find it.” You confessed.
Loki, noticing the shift in your attitude, took his cue to back off and chuckled softly, “You could be hours late and it still wouldn’t matter. I’m just glad you’re here.”
“Still, I hate to have kept you waiting.” You said honestly.
Loki faced took your hands in his, “Oh, believe me. It was well worth the wait.”
You rolled your eyes and bit your lip to hide a smile, “And there’s the sweet talking again.”
Loki shook his head and held your gaze, “No, I mean it. You’re breathtaking, (Y/n). I would’ve waited years just for this moment.”
You shifted your gaze away from him and cleared your throat, “So what royal duties must you follow tonight?”
Loki grinned, “Absolutely none.”
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A Sister’s Power | l.l angst fic
Summary: What if when Loki thought he was sending the Dark Elf after Thor and ended up sending him to Frigga, that it was not Frigga the Dark Elf targeted, but Y/N Odinsdaughter? How will Loki react to seeing his sister kidnapped due to him in his file?
Authors Note: I fully acknowledge and support Loki being genderfluid. In this fic, I will be using he/him pronouns for Loki since those were the pronouns they’ve used for Loki in the show so far, indicating that at the time this fic is set, Loki’s genderfluid identity is of a man. Should those pronouns/identity change, so will the pronouns for my fics. I do not intend to be harmful in any way so if this is harmful to the genderfluid community, PLEASE let me know!
Request to be on a Taglist (or multiple) here! (Taglists are at the end of the fic)
MCU Masterlist #1 | MCU Masterlist #2 | Main Masterlist
PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.
header c @sithsmcu on twitter
Tumblr media
Mobius pauses the film at the moment the Avengers defeats Loki and turns to his companion, a smirk playing at his lips. “Now, after you got conquered, you were supposed to go and live on imprisonment in Asgard, but instead, you created this alternate timeline,” he recounts.
Loki rolls his eyes, bored, and leans back in his chair, mockingly folding his hands together on his lap. “Yes, thanks for stating the obvious,” he quips sarcastically in a monotone voice.
Mobius just scoffs and turns back to the screen. “Now, you’ll get to see what happens in the correct timeline,” he says, paying Loki’s cheek no mind and pressing play.
Loki rolls his eyes again but directs his attention to the screen, eyebrows slightly raised. He watches as he was delivered to Asgard, sent to an imprisonment by his father, and given books by his mother. He expected as much, and yawns out loud, hoping to give Mobius the hint that this wasn’t providing any new information or helping him.
However, something ends up piking his interest.
He had been sitting in his cell when the muffled sounds of screams filled his ears. Loki sits up in the chair and leans forward, eyebrows furrowed. He watched his future self observe as one of the Kurse’s in the cells reveals his status as a Dark Elf and broke out, fighting the Asgardian’s who tried to stop them.
His future self smirks and rushes up to the bars of the cell, gripping them, smirk turning devilish. Loki’s future self is far too happy to let the directions to the exist spill out, wishing to enact one last trick on his father and brother.
“You see, you think you’re messing around with Odin and Thor,” Mobius comments, stepping back to give Loki a better view of the screen.
The scene switches to show a new person, and Loki blinks when he recognizes the person as his younger sister, Y/N Odinsdaughter. Y/N is followed by Jane Foster, his brother’s girl, but being the master of mischief, Loki easily spots that the girl is one of Y/N’s illusions.
Y/N rushes with the illusion into a room and goes to lock the door when it is thrown open. She stumbles back, eyes widening when she sees the dangerous face of Malekith.
Loki doesn’t know what this has to do with him, but he finds himself not caring. He’s preoccupied with the worry for his sister that grows like a beanstalk in his stomach. The nausea brings to crawl through his throat, itching to escape, and he digs his fingers into the table to center himself, clear his brain.
Yet he can’t.
Immediately Y/N’s fingers fall around her sword and she swings it at Malekith without thinking, being forced to stumble back more as he enters in further. They begin in a fierce fight, and Loki feels just the tiniest bit relieves when Y/N’s blows get sharper and she gets quicker, falling into her usual fighting style and training. She’s shaken off that initial surprise and is bringing her all.
For just a moment, a smile crosses Loki’s lips - one Mobius catches - as he is proud of his sister and her valiant moves. She is doing well, sure to beat him, when the unthinkable happens: the Dark Elf that Loki had given the directions to bursts inside and comes up from behind Y/N, grabbing her roughly and pinning her back. In seconds, the fight turned on her, since as she struggles against the Dark Elf’s unmatchable strength, Malekith rips her sword from her hand, pointing her own sword at her.
Loki stills, dread and horror flooding his body. His knuckles turn white as he digs his nails into his fresh, mind racing a million different directions.
Malekith raises her sword, pressing it against the tip of Y/N’s throat. She stares at him and ceases struggling against the Dark Elf, going as still as a stature. Loki watches intently, fear coursing through him for his sister - her life. 
Then, Malekith smirks and swiftly lowers the sword, enjoying having installed fear in her. He turns to the illusion of Jane and in quick strides is standing in front of her. He goes to get the aether but then freezes, realizing he’s been tricked. 
In a sudden change of mood, he turns back to Y/N. “WHERE IS SHE?” He yells, cheeks heating up and spit flying from his tongue.
Y/N does not say anything. She forms her lips into a tight line, only her eyes holding emotion: defiance, determination, passion. She won’t give in. Loki is proud of his younger sister, but wishes she could spare herself harm. 
Malekith’s cheeks return to his normal color and his eyes lose its anger, but he carries fury, reels it into his body instead of at Y/N, and quickly raises his fist, smacking Y/N in the face and knocking her unconscious. 
Loki raises from his chair, his force kicking it back, and glares at the screen. He’s too angry to even form words when he sees the Dark Elf carelessly pick his sister up and throw her over her shoulder like she’s nothing - when she’s everything. To him. To Asgard. 
“Bring her back to Svartálfheim. I’ll use her as leverage to get the aether,” Malekith orders. 
“NO!” Loki screams, raw with emotion as he brings his fists forcefully down on the table, sending the other objects flying. He pants with his entire body, needing to get to his sister, to save her, to stop this. 
But Mobius pauses the film and turns to Loki, oddly calm. “What makes you do the evil that you do?” He asks, ignoring what just happened. 
Loki turns to Mobius. “WHERE IS SHE? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?” He screams. 
Mobius did not expect such a reaction. He didn’t except for Loki to care so much about his sister. “Loki-” He begins to stay, still calm. 
Loki interrupts him with a seething tone. The words leave his lips like they are the most important golds and riches in the world. “You need me. That’s why you kept me from returning to the ‘sacred timeline’. I’ll help you - but only if you help me save my sister first.” 
Mobius frowns and steps forward. “That’s not how it works. Once you two return to the sacred timeline and the one where your sister is freed gets reset-” he says. Loki interrupts him again. 
“Or you can continue struggling with whatever threatens you until it conquers you. It must be bad if you turn to a criminal for help, and it must be big if you need an Asgardian,” Loki points out. 
Silence fills the air for a few beats. A stare contest breaks out. Until Mobius relents. “Fine. Have it your way.”
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Happy birthday
Tumblr media
Summary: Everyone has forgotten your birthday, expect your loving boyfriend Loki who has a special evening planned for you.
Word count: 2.588 words
Happy birthday When you woke up this morning you were so excited. But now, you couldn’t wait for this day to be over. The whole day went by and everyone had forgotten it was your birthday. There were no text messages from friends, no cards in the mail, not even your parents had bothered to call you. At work no colleague had congratulated you, there wasn’t even a cake – apparently the office tradition broke with you. And adding to your misery, Loki was still in Asgard and you had no idea when he would be back. For a moment you though about leaving a message for Heimdall, Loki had taught you how. But you didn’t feel like yelling to the sky, to a men you never met, only for him to tell your boyfriend that you were sad. And then what? You would only wonder the rest of the night if Loki had gotten your message or if he also didn’t care like everyone else.
Deciding against leaving a message you drove the rest of the way home in silence. By the time you arrived at your house you were actively holding back your tears. Somehow you had hoped that maybe it was all a trick and there would be a surprise party at your house. But there were no cars and you didn’t see the lights on in your house. You sat in your cars for a few minutes, taking a few deep breaths. You would just order a pizza, watch a movie, and go to bed. At least it was weekend now, and you could spend the weekend doing all the things you love like reading, baking, playing the piano and maybe buy a few more plants. You rumbled through your purse, looking for your keys. You got out of the car and opened your front door. You entered your hallway and the first thing you noticed was that there were lights on, and you could clearly hear someone walking around in the kitchen.
You briefly wondered how you didn’t see the lights from the outside of the house, you should have. But panic rises as you realized that someone was in your house. The problem was that your phone had died, so you needed the phone in your living room. But once you would call the person inside your house would hear, and that could lead to a very bad situation. You put your purse and keys down as quietly as you could. You grabbed an umbrella and slowly made your way to the kitchen. If you played this right you could knock the person out, tie them up and then call the police. With the umbrella in your hand, you slowly opened the kitchen door. There was a man in front of the furnace, standing with his back to you, but you recognized him immediately.
‘Loki?’ you asked.
He turned around and smiled brightly at you. ‘Happy birthday, love’ he said.
You immediately ran towards him and he opened his arms to catch you. It took a moment for the two of you to let go of each other. When you did he kissed you.
‘I missed you’ he said.
‘I missed you too. How are you even here? I thought you had to remain there until the end of the month?’ you asked him.
‘Darling, like I ever was going to miss your birthday’ he smirked.
Normally, you would laugh. But the remark hurt and you started to cry. Loki’s happy expression changed into a worried one. He pulled you closer and let you cry against his chest.
‘What’s wrong?’ he asked when you stopped crying.
‘Nothing’ you mumbled, nuzzling closer to his chest. You didn’t want to admit it that everyone forgot your birthday.
Loki grabbed your shoulders, moved a bit away from you so he could look at your face. ‘Tell me’
You stared at the ground until a finger under your chin made you face Loki again. You sighed. ‘You’re the first person to remember today’ you said, your voice barely higher than a whisper.
You saw the hurt in Loki’s eyes before he pulled you into another tight hug. ‘That’s awful’ he whispered.
‘I’m really glad you’re here’ you said back.
‘Me too, and I will do everything in my power to make you happy tonight’ he said.
‘But why are you holding an umbrella? It isn’t raining?’ he asked.
You broke the hug and put the umbrella on the ground next to the door. ‘Ah, well. The lights were off, but when I entered I saw them on and heard you in here. I thought you were an intruder’ you explained a bit sheepishly.
‘And you were going to attack me with an umbrella?’ he cocked one of his eyebrows in amusement.
You shoved him ‘Shut up, that was the best plan I could think off’
He just laughed a little. ‘Sorry to startle you. The lights would be my doing. I really wanted tonight to be a surprise’ he explained.
How he did the trick with the lights you didn’t ask. You knew that once Loki started to talk about magic, he would be talking for hours on end. The kitchen timer went off and you noticed that Loki had something in the over. You were curious and tried to look passed him, but he blocked your view.
‘Go sit at the dining table. I have a few surprises for you tonight and you are far to curious, kitten’ he mused.
You wanted to protest, but the look of excitement on his face was way too adorable to ruin. So, you did as you were told. You walked to the dining room that was just across the hall. When you entered you froze. Not only had Loki already set the table, there also was a large bouquet of roses, candles were burning and your favourite wine was in a wine cooler. This was by far the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for you. You sat down in your chair when Loki walked in with two plates, covered by a lid.  
‘You like it?’ he asked
‘I love it’ you smiled at him.
He sat the plates down and instead of removing the lid, grabbed the bottle of wine. He poured you a glass, which was thoughtful, but you suspected that he liked to drag out his surprise meal a little longer. He poured another glass for himself and sat down. He sat very close next to you, adding to the intimate dinner. Finally, Loki removed the lid from the plate and you saw your meal. It was your favourite, steak with red wine sauce, oven baked potatoes covered in herbs and green beans. It tasted amazing and suddenly you realized that Loki didn’t cook.
‘How did you manage this? I thought you couldn’t cook?’ you asked.
‘I wanted to do something special so, I learned this dish’ he explained a bit flush.
‘Hmm, don’t you remember early in our relationship that you explicitly stated that Gods don’t cook?’ you teased him.
Loki grabbed your hand kissed the back of it. ‘He does for the one he loves’ he said, making you fluster and blush. He smirked at the effect his words had on you. The rest of dinner the two of you talked about what had happened in the three weeks he was away. Loki, of course, had many stories that involved tricking and annoying Thor. Once you finished your meal Loki grabbed the plates and told you he was right back. He came back with a large slice of cheesecake the two of you shared. He told you proudly that he also made the dessert himself. When the two of you were finished you started to clean up, but Loki stopped you. He conjured up a blindfold and you looked questioningly at him.
‘I don’t want you to see just yet’ he mused.
You rolled your eyes but let him put on the blindfold. He steered you through the house. When he told you to stand still you felt him move in front of you. He undid the blindfold and once it was off he moved to the side.
‘Surprise’ he mused.
You gasped when you saw. Loki had set up an enormous blanket fort in your living room. There were blankets, large pillows and he had al kind of snack set up on the table. There was a string of light that gave the whole room a romantic vibe. The fort was placed so you could still see the tv, there were multiple DVDs laying in front of it. Next to de DVDs there were several board games.
‘Remember our first movie marathon and we spontaneously build a blanket fort?’
‘Of course I do. That was the night you asked me on our first official date.’ you whispered a bit overwhelmed by his surprise.
‘A date that went so terrible you actually told me that the blanket fort was a much better date’ he mused.
‘Well yeah, you got us kicked out of the restaurant before our starters even came. It was pouring outside and you lost the car key’ you laughed. ‘But walking in the pouring rain with you turned out to be fun’ you added.
Loki grabbed your hand and guided you to the fort. He sat down and put you between his legs. The rest of the night the both of you cuddled, talked a lot, and played the games. A few hours later you decided to put on a movie.
‘Thanks for the amazing evening. This night was really the best gift you could have given me’ you said hallway through the movie.
‘Did you really think that this was your gift?’ he said.
You squirmed out of his grasp. Loki overdramatically sighed but laughed at your giddy attitude. He reluctantly let you go, so you could bounce up and down, excited to see what he was about the give you. He conjured up a small dark green box. When you reached for it he pulled it away.
‘I think I deserve a kiss first’ he smirked.
You rolled your eyes but started to kiss him. Knowing Loki, he would demand another kissed so, you made out with him for a while. The moment he lowered his hands around your waist you grabbed the box.
‘And they say I don’t play fair’ he teased.
You ignored his comment and opened the box. Inside the box was a beautiful golden necklace with a snake on it. The snake was in a s-form and there was a tiny green stone for the eyes.
‘It’s beautiful’ you said.
Before Loki could reply you grabbed his shirt and pulled him in for another kiss. He just laughed at your action and took the box from you, once you were done. He took out the necklace and you turned your back towards him. You removed your hair and he fastened the necklace around your neck. When it was in place you turned around and Loki pulled you flush against him.
‘Thank you, for everything’ you said.
‘I’m glad that you liked it all’ he said to you.
You kissed him again, more slowly this time. Loki moved his lips with yours and you felt his tongue asking for permission. You opened your mouth and he slid his tongue inside, exploring every inch. You moaned slightly in the kiss. Your hands were under his shirt and his were caressing your upper body. You stopped kissing him and pulled his shirt over his head. For a moment you stared at him, and you noticed Loki slightly blushing under your gaze.
‘Let’s make this more fair’ he whispered.
He removed your shirt and unclasped your bra in one smooth motion. He laid you down on your back and started to kiss your neck. He moved lower and swirled his tongue over every inch of your breasts. You were extremely aroused and your nipples were hard by the time he was done. You were breathing fast underneath him. He brought his head up to yours and kissed you deeply. He laid on his side next to you. His hand slowly trailed from your cheek down to your breasts. He pinched your nipple, earning him a gasp from you. He moved lower and undid the button of your pants. You eagerly kissed him back and stroked his naked chest. His fingers slipped between your folds. Once his fingers were wet with your arousal he circled your clit. He swallowed every moan and whimper that left your lips with his own mouth.
You felt the pleasure wash over you. Loki slowly circled your clit until your orgasm had subsided. He retracted his fingers and licked them clean.
‘You look very pretty when you come undone for me’ he whispered in your ear.
He pulled of your pants and underwear. Once you laid naked before him he removed his own. When his erect cock sprung free you licked your lips. You wanted to get up, to suck his cock, but Loki laid you back down.
‘Tonight, is about you’ he said.
He was on top of you and stroked his erect cock against your wet folds and your clit. In one smooth motion he pushed himself inside of you. Your legs automatically hooked around his waist and Loki started a slow pace. His eyes didn’t leave yours, unless he was kissing your mouth, neck or whispering in your ear. He whispered how beautiful you looked, how much he loved you and how incredible you felt around his cock. Because of the slow movements and your wetness, you could really feel every movement he made. Every movement was deliberate, it really felt like you were the only thing that existed for him right now.
To your surprise he stopped. Before you could ask, he rolled the two of you around. You were on top of him and due to gravity felt his cock slid deeper inside of you. Hitting just the right spot. You started to ride him in the same slow pace as him. It truly was a sight to have Loki lay underneath you, moaning and praising you. Once you felt your orgasm build up, you started to ride him faster. His hands went to your bouncing boobs and he started to play with them. This was definitely the most intense sex the two of you ever had, normally there were a lot of games and Loki was an enormous tease. Loki started to moan shamelessly underneath you, but you were doing the same at this point. When he started to circle your clit with his fingers you came undone immediately. You felt Loki’s cock twitch inside of you and his seed spill. After a few more thrusts you collapsed half on top of him. Once your and his breathing had gone back to normal you pulled him out of you. He immediately grabbed you back and laid you close to his chest.
He was stroking your arms. Goosebumps were forming and you started to shiver a little. Loki grabbed a blanket form nearby and pulled it over the two of you. He nuzzled his head in the crook of your neck and pulled you as close as he could.
‘This really is the best birthday I ever had’ you said.
‘It’s far from over yet, love’ Loki said while starting the kiss your neck and trailed his fingers to your clit.
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bizarrebarnes · a day ago
destiny led me to you | loki
Tumblr media
pairing - loki laufeyson x female reader
synopsis - driven by the heartbreak of losing your entire world by the hands of thanos, you set out to find him, leaving destruction in your path in multiple universes; thus creating a horde of branches in the timeline and catching the attention of the TVA.
but you would do it all again if it meant you could see him once more.
notes - this is hopefully going to be a series, depending on the feedback i receive, i plan to follow the episodes only slightly because i dont want it to be an exact copy of the show.
idea credit ( @horrorisunknowntoyou ) thank you for the inspo and allowing me to run with it!
warnings - death, violence, angst, and possible smut (in later chapters?)
wc - 2.4k
"Dread it, run from it. Destiny arrives all the same." A wrinkled hand reaches for your chin, running prune colored fingers along your jawline, doting; mockingly.
Your heartbeat pulses loudly in your ears, eyes glazing over with exhaustion and pain as you attempt to glare, the notion in vain as the titan merely chuckled amusedly.
"I can see great power in you, little one. An infinity stone pulses beneath your every vein. Tell me, where is the tesseract?"
You remain silent.
"We don't have the tesseract, it was destroyed along with all of Asgard." Thor interjects weakly from where he lies, his body held tightly in the arms of the black order.
Guilt sweeps across your being as you make eye contact with Loki, sharing a single nod as you both know what you must do.
Thanos grows annoyed with your unwillingness to comply as he walks over with loud steps, his footprints visible as he raises his gauntlet up, the power stone shining threateningly close to Thor.
"The tesseract, or your brother's head. I assume you have a preference." It's not a question. Merely a statement, one that Loki knows he must prove unbothered.
"Oh, I do. Kill away." To anyone else it would seem he couldn't care less about his brother's demise, but you know your love better than he does himself and you catch the glance of fear that washes over cerulean eyes.
You can only watch in trepidation as the stone makes contact with the God's head. Agonized cries escaping as his skin is burned by the mere power of the stone.
Loki does his best to look unaffected, but you catch the hitch in his breath as he batters inner turmoil. the universe, or his brother.
"Alright, that's enough!"
Loki turns his palm up, as a familiar blue cube materializes in his hand. The eerie blue glow casting a shadow upon his face.
Thanos steps away, smug. You force yourself to look away from Thor's accusing gaze.
"You truly are the worst, brother." Thor shakes his head, eyes disappointed but not surprised.
As Thanos moves to take the stone from his hand cerulean blue eyes make contact with your own and you feel a wave of fear wash over you as you recognize the look in Loki's eyes.
"I assure you, brother. The sun will shine on us again." He does not move his gaze from your own and you can't help but feel this is an unspoken goodbye.
"Your optimism is misplaced, asgardian."
"Well, for one thing, I'm not asgardian. For another, we have a hulk."
In a blur of color you are shoved from where you lie, a slithe figure covering your own as you breathe in the familiar scent of cinnamon and leather.
"We don't have much time, my love. I just want you to know that I love you dearly, and I am grateful for the time I had with you. May I see you again, in Valhalla." His eyes are teary and you barely process his words, as his hands grab hold of your face and pull you into a kiss.
The kiss is desperate, filled with love and grief and you can only briefly kiss your love back as he steps closer to Thanos, rambling on about undying fidelity.
You catch a glimpse of silver behind his back and you gasp as realization sets in.
You move to reach him just as he leaps for Thanos, the knife poised for his head, frozen in mid air as the stones across his knuckles pulse.
"Undying fidelity, you should choose your words more wisely."
You cry out as Loki struggles in his grip, his skin fading blue. You crawl forward, legs aching as you reach for him, your progress hinged by your inability to walk.
"You will never be a god." The rasped words are followed by a snap as his neck gives out beneath Thanos' hands.
A tortured scream rings out and it takes you a second to realize it's your own. A broken sob leaves you as you crawl forward to reach where Thanos has carelessly thrown the body of your love.
You heave as your shaky fingers caress his face, his lifeless eyes staring ahead as you clutch him to your chest.
You rock back and forth knotting your fingers in his hair as you plead for the nightmare to end.
"No resurrections this time."
A portal opens and closes behind you, yet you make no motion to move.
You simply close your eyes and welcome the sweet release of death as the universe explodes around you.
Tumblr media
N E W Y O R K 2 0 1 2
"'Coordinates for search and rescue, on my way now.' I mean honestly, how-" Loki is promptly shut up by the mouth guard that decorates his face, courtesy of his brother.
Displeasure makes an appearance as Loki is led to the elevator followed by the avengers that quickly file in. The only source of entertainment being the temper tantrum the green beast throws as he is denied entry. Loki can hardly contain his glee as he waves mockingly as the doors close.
As he is led to the ground floor his cuffed hands clinking annoyingly with every step he glances wearily around himself, dreading the lecture that is sure to come once he reaches asgard. He has no doubt in his mind that Odin will find perfect reason to throw him to the wolves, lest his mother get involved.
As he contemplates, his attention is caught by the sound of his brother calling for help, the guards holding him, attending to what he perceives to be a heart attack, to none other than the man of metal.
He watches, confused as a small stature kicks the case holding the tesseract away from view as the others tend to Stark.
Looking around bemused he watches to see what will conspire next. Before any other move can be made a shout is heard as the doors to the staircase along with the wall is torn apart, the hulk making his distaste for the tedious activity known.
For once since meeting the beast he feels thankful, as the case holding the tesseract is knocked open, the familiar cube sliding towards his foot.
A beat passes and grabbing a hold of the familiar cube he glances around, vanishing in a thin cloud of blue.
Tumblr media
Hurried footsteps echo down the corridor as the man moves with barely contained excitement. Tie swinging to and fro, a slightly wrinkled hand pulls at the collar of his neck nervously.
Mobius had seen many variants in his time at the TVA. Yet, none had ever come close to interesting as the file he currently held in one hand. Variant L1130 or Loki, as he was called, was perhaps one of the most complicated cases he had come across.
Born as a legend of mythology it was quite unbelievable to know that not only was he real, but he happened to be in their custody for creating a new branch in the timeline. Mobius could only hope Renslayer would agree to allowing him to be the God's superior.
Entering the courtroom, Mobius sits down and watches with rapt attention as Loki attempts to bargain with Ravonna. His plans are foiled as he tries to call upon his magic in a last effort to escape.
Mobius feels it's time to intervene when Renslayer makes it clear he is to be executed.
"You have no idea what I am capable of!"
"Actually I might have an idea of what he is capable of." He offers as he makes his way up to the stand.
His plea must be written across his face as Ravonna leans over to look at him directly.
"Whatever you're planning, it's a bad idea." She warns.
Nonetheless she reluctantly lets him go and Mobius has to fight off the urge to fist pump the air as he escorts Loki down the hallway.
"Oh, I'm Agent Mobius by the way." He offers a hand that is quickly ignored.
He can practically see the distrust written on Loki's face, his eyes calculating every move he makes.
Mobius is hardly surprised that as soon as he enters the room, his back turned to the God as he adjusts his projector, Loki is surging forward to attack. He doesn't even bat an eyelash as he clicks a button on his remote, resetting the God as if the action never even happened.
"C'mon, let's take a look at some of your greatest hits." Mobius waves a hand, as Loki curiously sits down, eyes trained on the projector.
He finds himself staring back at a hologram of his attack on New York. His blue eyes darting back and forth with glee as chaos erupts around him.
A feeling of something akin to shame runs down his spine as he recalls his reign of terror on the city, an illusion of preying on the weak to hide his own fear, lest he fail and succumb to Thanos and his minions.
Loki clenches his jaw, arms crossing over his form in an attempt to hide himself as he turns to avoid the screen.
"I see no point in this-"
"No, no wait, this is just getting good." Mobius grins as he points to the screen and Loki finds himself once again face to face with another variation of himself.
He briefly recalls the time he had lost a bet to Thor and had to change his form into that of a ginger haired man wearing a clean three piece suit, claiming he had a bomb and required over two hundred thousand in midgardian money just to see if he could pull it off. He did, in fact, pull it off, but his mother was not happy as well as the midgardians who failed to solve the case, naming him D.B. Cooper as they had no clue as to his real identity.
His attention is pulled to the screen as a familiar voice of silk enters the scene and he watches as his mother speaks to his future self, his eyes drawn into her face.
"Then am I not your mother?" He hears her ask. Yes, you are.
"No. You are not." Loki's eyes start to mist as he watches the look of hurt pass over his mother's features before she schools her expression into one of contempt.
"Always so perceptive, about everyone but yourself." She decides.
The screen flickers and he sees himself talking to an intruder, his voice amused as he suggests the monster to take the stairs to the left.
Then, his mother, Frigga, lying on the cold ground, a puddle of red growing rapidly beneath her body as her eyes remained closed.
His breath hitches, anger now licking up his spine. He turns sharply to Mobius who smartly remains silent.
"What is this! Some cruel joke? Where is she?! Where do you have her?"
Mobius steps forward, expression neutral as he speaks.
"She's dead Loki. This is the future, it's destined to happen, again and again because that's how it should be."
Loki falters his eyes narrowing as he spits "You're lying! I'll kill you!"
"What? Like you killed your mother."
There's a split second of silence before an angered shout is heard, a chair splitting the air as it crashes into pieces along the floor.
Before anything else can be said Mobius is summoned by Hunter B-15, his eyes falling to Loki who remains silent and he leaves with a slight tinge of guilt burrowing in his chest at the haunted look in the God's eyes.
"You think yourself so sly don't you." Loki looks up at the unfamiliar voice as the projector suddenly comes to life, a new image flicking gently on screen. His eyes catch upon your form and he watches in awe and wonder as you sit beside his future self.
"I don't think, love. I know." He grins leaning in to steal a kiss from you that leaves you both breathless.
He watches as your eyes are filled with nothing but love and adoration for him as you lean into his side.
"Yes, darling?"
"Do you believe in soulmates?"
Loki tilts his head in contemplation as he looks to you, before a soft grin pulls at his lips.
"I didn't until I met you. I know that no matter who or what tries to tear us apart, we will always find a way back to each other."
A smile breaks out onto your face and Loki watches in stunned silence as the clip ends with the two of your voices fading into laughter.
"You two are meant to be together."
Loki turns as Mobius slowly comes to a stop behind him, his expression thoughtful.
"I don't enjoy hurting people you know." He responds, motioning towards the screen in reference to his attack on New York and the death of his mother.
Mobius doesn't respond, and he takes that as a sign to continue.
"I do it because I have to. Because I've had to." He looks down as he fiddles with his fingers.
Mobius hums as he replies.
"Why? Why do you think that is?"
"It's part of the illusion. It's the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear."
Realization lights up in Mobius' eyes as he answers back.
"A desperate play for control. You do know yourself."
"A villain." Loki sums up.
"Not the way I see it."
There's a mutual silence between them before Mobius sighs.
"Look I can't offer you salvation but I can offer you something better. A fugitive variant has been killing our minutemen."
"And let me guess, you need the God of Mischief to help you stop him."
"That's right."
"How could I possibly be of use to you?"
"That's the thing. The variant we are hunting, we believe is y/n." Mobius looks towards the projector where your image is still.
"I beg your pardon?"
Tumblr media
Mutilated bodies line the floor as a hooded figure steps over them, eyes glowing an unnatural hue.
"Is it finished?"
A wicked laugh fills the empty space as a portal opens in the deserted land, a set of footsteps following through.
"I'm coming for you, my love."
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rose7420 · a day ago
When Y/n is afraid to speak up to Loki what will the consequences be?
Request from @lokiismyhubby
Tumblr media
“Would you like something to eat?” Loki asks his small friend who stands on the marble countertop fidgeting with her hands. He hears no response and turns his head down to properly look at her. Y/n’s head is turned downwards, looking at her feet.
Y/n is a rather shy person who only speaks her mind when absolutely necessary and right now is not one of those times. It’s not that she’s scared of Loki, sure his immense size is intimidating but she trusts that he is careful not to hurt her accidentally or on purpose even. It’s just hard for her to use her voice. Every time she feels the want to speak and respond to Loki her chest becomes tight, her hands clammy with sweat, and her breathing shallow.
Loki becomes irritated at Y/n’s silence; he has done nothing to make her so quiet and afraid of him. Taking a deep breath he tries to calm himself and leans down making his face level to Y/n. Her head tilts up to meet his gaze, a worried expression obvious.
“Are you mad at me?” She asks, fearing his disappointment in her.
Loki smiles in reassurance; something that was rare for him to do until he met Y/n.
“I just wish you would speak to me more often. I feel that the conversions we have anymore are one-sided.” Loki says sadly.
“But… what would you like to eat? I know you’re hungry Little Miss.”
Y/n blushes from the sweet nickname he has taken a liking to but does at least tell him what she’d like to eat. He seems proud when she speaks up, sending a jolt of happiness through her chest.
After Loki conjures what she asked for on a fancy china plate, he refuses to eat off of anything less, he picks Y/n up gently setting her upon his shoulder. He walks to the living room with their plates ready for a cozy, movie-filled night.
The next morning Y/n wakes up on her bed placed on the nightstand next to Loki’s larger one. She glances over at the already made-up covers, surprised to not see Loki anywhere in sight. She slides off her bed her bare feet hitting the cold hardwood.
“Loki?” She calls out. She can make out clanging in the kitchen which is odd. Loki usually always carries her into the kitchen or wherever he’s heading off to. He must not hear her as the noises continue. She peeks to the floor far below her perch on the nightstand and looks over to the bed. The nightstand starts to shake slightly indicating Loki’s arrival. Oh, thank God he didn’t forget about her. Her shoulders slump in relief as she sees his monumental form stroll into the bedroom, his head swiveling around as if he forgot something. He goes to his dresser and retrieves what he needs walking out of the room as if she was invisible. She wanted to call his name but what if she bothered him? Or if what she said wasn’t important enough?
Making the agonizing trip down the bedsheets is a feat way too big to be accomplished for 9 o’clock in the morning. She pads her way to the kitchen, wary of the furniture around her. She sometimes forgets how easy Loki makes her life, offering a gracious palm here and there to ferry her from room to room. She comes into the kitchen and stares up at the skyscraping counters that tower over her. She sees Loki come around the corner and stares up and up amazed that his hips clear the top of the countertop easily. She had momentarily forgotten how tall he was. Loki’s footsteps rattle her to the bone walking to the oven and back to the sink. Her mouth runs dry, her heart pumping furiously as his slippered foot comes down inches from her standing form. She screams in terror, sounding like a squeak to Loki’s ears. Y/n covers her head with both arms and falls down to her knees. He turns his head downwards and immediately kneels when he sees what happened.
“Oh, my God! Y/n are you okay?” He breathes out, terrified that he might have hurt her with an unaware step. He carefully scoops her up with shaking hands and sets her on the counter, resting a protective hand behind her.
Y/n looks up at him with teary eyes and sees that he is just as terrified. It seems they had gotten too comfortable with their different sizes; overlooking the dangers that could happen.
“Y/n, y-you should’ve called my name or something else to get my attention!” Loki scolds, running a hand through his hair. He should have just taken her with him this morning but he had wanted to let her sleep.
“I tried when I was in the bedroom… but you didn’t hear me,” Y/n says softly.
Loki kneels to see her eyes better, she downturns her head to avoid his gaze. Loki, gentle as ever, lifts her chin with a fingertip.
“Y/n you know I can’t hear you all the way in there. You gotta speak up.” Loki instructs.
A look of thought comes over his face as he scrunches his eyebrows.
“Hey, wait… I came into the bedroom a while ago. Were you in there at that time?”
Y/n wrings her hands and looks down at the counter nodding. Loki lets out an agitated sigh but says nothing more about the subject.
“C’mon Little Miss…. Let’s eat.”
Tumblr media
Y/n waited patiently in the living room chair, one that Loki had kindly made for her size. It was almost time for their daily walk which Y/n enjoyed. Loki would let her perch on his shoulder as he walked through a different part of the forest. He would point out unique flowers and offer a name and why they were called that. Y/n didn’t even know if that was their true name but Loki made it believable enough for her to not second guess. She had never actually walked on the forest floor partly because it was scary to a person of her size but also because she never wanted to annoy or interrupt Loki. But she was going to challenge herself today and actually ask Loki to put her down. She had loved how happy he looked when she spoke up earlier. She wanted to see that smile again. She tied her boots again and redid her hair to make certain it was out of the way waiting impatiently.
She felt Loki walking into the living room and stood up eagerly ready to go. But he kept walking by her, continuing to the front door. Without a glance back he walked outside on his own, ready to walk. Right when the door slammed did Y/n have the ability to speak and call out his name but it seemed it was too late.
He’d left her all alone.
Y/n sat down on her chair with a tightness in her throat. Even her heart seemed to hurt. All the eagerness she had previously had evaporated. She rested her elbows on her knees and put her hands on her head. One tear slipped from her eye and she wiped it away hastily. But it didn’t matter as the next one slipped out and re-wet her cheek. She let the sadness take over feeling more alone than she ever had.
Later that night Loki made dinner and offered her some but she refused. She felt stubborn and truthfully wasn’t a bit hungry. She didn’t want to bother him with her presence. When he made tea and brought it over to her in the little blue mug that she loved, she left it untouched. It was her favorite tea too, honey chamomile. Loki noticed this of course but he chose not to speak of it.
Y/n was still holding hope though for the night. After they had dinner and their tea Loki would read aloud the novel they chose. She’d snuggle close in the crook of his neck to see the words better and partially because she liked to feel the vibrations of his voice. She sat stiff as a rock in her chair now waiting for him to pick the book up and reach for her.
Once again, it never happened.
Instead, Loki stood to his great height and wished her a good night as he retreated to his bed. Y/n watched his form go with sad eyes. Anger bubbled up in her. He had no reason or right to treat her this way. She eyed the book laying on the coffee table and decided she would just read for herself. She managed to jump up to the dark wooden surface of the table and marched her way right to the hardback. As she stood next to it though she realized this would be no easy feat.
First, she had to open it.
The stacked pages came up to her shoulder. A good two inches tall. She dug her fingertips into the cover and lifted with all her might. She was able to raise it but couldn’t exactly get it over her head to fall to the other side. After three more attempts her arms were sore and her fingertips red from her tight grip. She admitted defeat and slumped against the book, wrapping her arms around bent knees.
Tumblr media
Loki hadn’t really gone to bed. He stood outside his room at the door frame waiting for Y/n to call his name. Plead for him to come back and do their daily reading. It saddened him when she said nothing about him leaving her for their walk this afternoon. Perhaps she no longer liked them as much as he did?
He figured that surely she would speak up when they didn’t read. But she didn’t. He had taken post here and began watching what she would do. At first, watching her try to open the book was funny. He then saw how much it angered and saddened her when she couldn’t get it over her head. How she had given up and leaned against it. Quiet sniffles sounded through the air, turning into louder sobs.
Oh no.
He straightened from the wall and beelined for the coffee table. There she sat looking even smaller curled up in a ball. He sat down criss-cross and nudged her shoulder with a finger.
“Y/n?” He said softly.
She looked up at him with red and swollen eyes. Her shirt was stained with tears.
“Oh, my little dove…” He scooped her up and held her to his chest.
“Do you not want me around anymore Loki?” She said shakily.
“Of course I want you around, why would you even say that?” He was taken aback.
“W-well you left me here today and then didn’t want to read at all. I-I figured I had done something.”
Loki mentally winced, it seemed his plan had backfired.
“Oh no, listen Little Miss,” He held her right to his face. A stray tear ran down her cheek, he used the pad of a thumb to wipe it away.
“I only did those things because I wanted you to speak up. This morning with our incident...I realized how dangerous it is if you don’t speak up. I could have killed you Y/n.” She couldn't help but flinch at his vulgar words. Loki noticed this and gingerly rubbed her back.
“So I figured since you like to go on our walks and read together that you would have no trouble speaking up. It seems I was wrong.”
A moment of quiet passed and Y/n looked up at him.
“It’s just hard for me to talk sometimes. It not that I’m scared of you I just worry that I’ll be annoying or you’ll tell me to shut up.”
Loki looked at her tenderly and fiercely. “Y/n I would never tell you to shut up or that you are annoying. Even if you were at the time.” He grinned.
Y/n smiled back at him and leaned against his middle finger. “You know today I was even going to ask you if I could walk in the forest on my own…” Y/n said.
“You were?!” Loki exclaimed.
Y/n laughed and nodded.
“Then we will have to accomplish that task tomorrow but how about I read that book now?”
“I’d like that.” Y/n agreed.
She settled upon his shoulder, a little envious of how easily he opened the book. But when he started reading it was forgotten.
"I love you Lokes." She said snuggling into his neck.
"I love you more Y/n..."
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wandaloki · a day ago
New Loki | Loki x Female Reader
Loki (Marvel) X Doctor Who
Tumblr media
You become acquainted with the new Loki and it isn’t exactly smooth sailing as you find it difficult to accept this new version of him and he doesn’t plan to fill the gap your Loki left behind.
Part Fourteen | Part Sixteen | Chapter Index
Words: 1.6k
Warnings: angst?
Read on AO3
Once you woke up you were sharply alerted to the ache that ran through your neck, due to the fact you had slipped into sleep while you were still on the floor of your bedroom. You had no idea what time it was as you pushed yourself off of the hard floor with a groan of pain, in that moment you were positive that you would never allow yourself to fall asleep on a floor again.
Your headache had failed to disappear, in fact you believe it had only worsened, while your eyes felt heavy and irritated as you shuffled towards your en suite in search of something to remedy your sore head.
You paused in front of the mirror above your sink and took in your appearance, your eyes were puffy and blood shot while dried tear tracks stained your cheeks, your hair was disheveled and your lips were chapped.
You let out a tired sigh as you pulled open the cupboard behind the mirror and searched for a bottle of pain killers which rattled together as you twisted off the lid and dropped two into the palm of your hand, before you returned the bottle to its shelf.
You ran the tap and gathered some water in your cupped hands which you brought to your mouth to help swallow the pills and then you splashed your whole face with some cold water to help awaken and refresh yourself.
When you looked back at your reflection, with your palms lent on the edge of the sink, droplets of water fell from your chin and the tip of your nose and some wisps of your hair clung to the sides of your wet cheeks. You let your eyes fall shut and remained like that for a moment as you basked in the silence.
You startled when you heard a knock on your bedroom door, at first you contemplated ignoring it but whoever it was persistently knocked again. You sighed with defeat as you grabbed a fluffy white towel to dry your face and made your way across your bedroom to answer the door.
As soon as you laid eyes on Loki, your face dropped and you immediately tried to shut the door back in his face but he slammed one of his hands against it and forced it to remain open as he said your name, which caused you to freeze because this version of Loki hadn’t ever been introduced to you.
“How do you know my name?” You asked him, rather harshly.
“He put it in my head, the other version of myself, he put everything in here.” Loki explained as he gestured to his mind, “everything you did together.”
“They’re his memories, not yours.” You stubbornly told him, as if he had stolen your Loki’s memories from him.
“Look, I know this is difficult for you to wrap your head around, but we’re the same person-”
“Don’t patronise me!” You brought your hand up to point at him, “I’m not stupid, I know you’re the same person but you’re not my Loki and you never will be! It doesn’t matter if you have his memories, I didn’t experience them with you, you’re not the one I fell in love with. I can’t just start over with you and pretend you’re my Loki because you’re not and you won’t replace him.”
“Good, I wasn’t expecting to.” Loki bluntly replied. “I didn’t experience any of those things with you either, I’m not here to pick up where he left off. A few hours ago I didn’t even know you existed.”
“All right.” You nodded before you paused, “why did you come here, then?”
“I came to tell you that your auntie and the Doctor are missing.” Loki told you and you instantly stood to attention.
“What?!” You stepped out your bedroom and brushed past him as you rushed down the corridor. “Why didn’t you tell me that first?! Where did they go?”
“You interrupted me.” Loki defended himself as he followed behind you, “and I didn’t see where they went, they were already gone by the time I woke up. On the floor, might I add, it was extremely uncomfortable.”
“I fell asleep on the floor too but you don’t hear me complaining about it.” You rolled your eyes.
You were walking ahead of him and didn’t even bother to look over your shoulder as you talked to him, as you focused your attention on looking through each door you passed on the corridor in search of your auntie and the Doctor.
“Sorry, am I only allowed to complain about something if you complain about it first?” Loki sarcastically asked.
“Yes, precisely.” You answered in a deadpan tone. “Donna! Doctor!”
“Oh calling their names, why didn’t I think of that? I don’t know what I would ever do without you.” Loki mumbled to himself behind you and you shook your head with an annoyed sigh.
“What are you doing here?” You asked him as you finally turned around to face him.
“Believe me, I’d rather not be here.” He answered.
“You know how to fly the TARDIS, why don’t you go? Or did my Loki not put that in your head?” You asked, practically daring him to take the ship and leave.
“Oh, no, he did. I just didn’t think the Doctor would appreciate me flying his ship without his permission.” Loki shrugged.
“How very considerate of you.” You retorted, “but that never stopped you before.”
“Ah, you’re getting me mixed up with the other me again.” Loki called you out and you glared at him.
“So, what? You’re the righteous version?” You asked as you crossed your arms over your chest and Loki pulled a face, almost looking offended.
“Heavens no. Since it would appear you don’t need my help, I will be on my way.” Loki decided as he brushed past you, his shoulder knocked yours as he did.
You paused as you watched him take large strides towards the control room from over your shoulder in silence. You considered your situation and weighed up your options and by the time he was out of sight you realised you needed his help. With a sigh of defeat, you reluctantly followed after him.
When you entered the control room, you saw Loki silently staring at the screen of the monitor and from the look on his face you could immediately tell that something wasn’t right.
“What is it?” You asked as you approached him with caution and he raised his head to glance at you before he looked back to the screen.
He rubbed his fingers back and forth over his chin, “I think I know why your auntie and the Doctor have disappeared.”
You shuffled closer to him with wide eyes, eager to know what his suspicion was, while you tried to control your worry from overwhelming you.
At the mention of his name you felt sinking in your chest.
“If was successful and erased half the universe, they might have got caught in it. You see, the Doctor didn’t jump to a different time after we left the refuge ship.” Loki explained, his eyes on the monitor which displayed the time and date.
“No,” you shook your head in denial, “they must be somewhere. I will find them.”
Loki’s eyes followed you as you rushed around the console.
“What are you doing?” He straightened his back with interest as he followed you.
“I already lost my Loki, I’m not losing them too.” You determinedly whispered, mostly to yourself, as you stood in front of the telegraphic interface and dug your fingers into it. You closed your eyes and let your mind clear of everything except Donna and the Doctor and when the TARDIS began to rumble beneath your feet, Loki ran to the monitor to watch the screen.
As tremors continued to shake through the control room, Loki held onto the console to keep himself steady as he watched the date on the monitor quickly scroll up, every second that passed a new year was displayed.
“The TARDIS seems to think they’re somewhere.” Loki thought out loud, he made no effort to hide the amazement on his face, since your eyes were closed.
Once the tremors subsided, the date on the monitor stopped on 2023 and as if they had been hiding in a pocket of space, Donna and the Doctor were thrown into the control room out of nowhere.
At first you jumped back with a gasp after opening your eyes, surprised that it had actually worked, while Loki gawped at them as if he had seen a ghost.
The Doctor immediately started patting himself down, before he brought his hands up to his face, feeling his cheeks, his chin and his nose, while Donna was engrossed with looking at her own arms.
Once your mind shifted back into gear, you ran around the console and straight into Donna’s arms, to wrap her in a tight hug, which she quickly reciprocated.
“What happened?” She muttered into the hug, while the Doctor ran around to the monitor and mumbled a quick ‘excuse me’ to Loki as he placed both his hands on his waist to shift him out of the way, Loki offered him a glare in response.
You began to quietly explain what had happened to your auntie once you both pulled back from the hug, explaining as much as you knew about Thanos and his plan, by scraping together everything your Loki and the other one had told you about him.
Meanwhile the Doctor was piecing it all together himself, by eavesdropping on your conversation from where he stood at the monitor which he had used to look at his reflection to ensure he hadn’t regenerated.
You were all too distracted to notice that Loki had connected himself to the TARDIS’ telepathic interface, until you heard the sound of the wheezy engine fill the control room which began to quake with turbulence, as you all silently stared at the God of Mischief, wondering where he was taking you.
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moonbaby26 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Title: Point of no Return
Pairing: Loki x Goddess!Reader
Summary: Story set nearer the Viking Age. You were a Greek sea goddess who crossed paths with the god of mischief. Continuation of previous chapter. Waking up together, you and Loki make up for lost time with some well earned intimacy. But after returning to Asgard once more, he finds the net of suspicion growing tighter as Thor, Sif, and the warriors three begin to take notice and turn their attention further to him. Later, while you confess a little to Muninn, Loki also faces the self realization of his own deepening emotion.
Warnings: *contains smut* This chapter includes sex, mention of masturbation, ejaculation, and Loki wanting the reader to show a little more confidence/dominance in bed.
Chapters: Previous Chapter Here
Taglist: @rosaline-black , @lawfeys , @insanitybyanothername , @just-wordsandthoughts , @cringingmemeries , @loveableasshole , @plutoneu
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Just as every time before, Loki again woke before you. In the silence, he could even hear the soft sounds of the snow still falling lightly against the cabin’s roof. Only that and your soft breathing beside him.
As he shifted he could also feel just the slightest remnants of sand against the mattress, scraping his skin. Something he’d probably just have to get used to he thought, now looking back over at you.
The dull remnants of last night’s headache still remained, but far weaker and entirely manageable as he felt his normal mental clarity had returned. He’d left the doors to his quarters in Asgard locked before leaving last night. And those at the palace could all assume he was still sleeping off that alcohol fueled haze, buying him a little more time now.
But borrowed time was all it was. Though it was still so strange. Never would have he expected to find anything or anyone in Midgard that he was willing to work for in this way. To scheme and plot incessantly it felt like these days just to try and make this all work out in his favor.
Was he actually still afraid though? Was that really what it was? Fear that something so unexpectedly found, could be all the easier lost? Of course, initially when he’d thought of all the ways this could go wrong, there was always someone else to blame.
Odin primarily if his Father would not accept the relationship. Possibly Thor if his brother would somehow charm you in that inexplicable way of his, just as he had already taken their family’s and their people’s attention without even trying.
But for the very first time, Loki was having new, rogue thoughts.
Because what if it was only himself? What if he was the one that would fail to know how to capture this? What if he didn’t know how to maintain it? That had never been a concern before.
People had entered his bed in the past, and they had left it. He never missed them. He might miss the feeling. But if he ever did, he just found another. It was all the same.
But what happened when he didn’t want another? What in the gods’ names did someone do then? He did not like that new uncertainty. Not at all.
He’d fantasized about you one day standing beside his throne before now, yes. But fantasies were often fleeting. And just claiming a trophy was not the same as this, whatever this was. A foreign sense, almost comparable to dread was now creeping into his mind as he looked at your sleeping face.
Yet he refused to be a coward either. His pride competing with his uncertainty as he grazed his hand down the side of your cheek. He wouldn’t make the same mistake of yesterday morning at least. He wouldn’t wait so long to the point that he’d have to rush back to Asgard wholly unfulfilled again.
No, he felt you’d now slept long enough, his hand then tracing further down your naked form beside him as he leaned in to begin kissing your neck.
Yet even with the touches, you only shifted slightly. Closer to him even instead of away as he smirked despite himself against your skin. How anyone could sleep so deeply, he did not know. Were you really so trusting?
Did you trust him?
You hadn’t initially. He knew this as he remembered that first day he’d ever seen you. As you hid behind those trees with your spear clutched, yet wholly to him looking like you’d never once driven the weapon through anyone at all.
You were nervous he thought, especially when his illusion had caught you off guard. He’d known right away that you weren’t human, but he wasn’t sure what else you really were as he’d only wanted you to leave then. He’d been so annoyed to find that even in the barren wilds of Midgard, that he would still run into any other being so quickly.
It was strange to think now that maybe in some minuscule way he really did owe Odin and Thor for that chance encounter though.
He’d been infuriated at them, after Father’s very public declarations which had all but cemented Thor’s path to the throne. Loki had felt he was going to do something he may actually regret if he hadn’t left Asgard then and there to go cool down. And he’d been so concerned that Thor would only follow, Midgard had just been the first place he’d thought to blurt out to Heimdall. The last place Thor would guess, somewhere in the south as well where he wouldn’t have to run into any of those who still worshipped either his father or brother.
Yet all that seeming idle rage had just put him on a direct course to you. But he knew there were so many who still believed only in the predetermined. That everything was already fated and all would always transpire just as it should.
Loki still vehemently refused these notions however. He wanted to take credit for the things he’d earned. Never did he wish to be only a puppet on a string to higher powers. If he could keep you, it would solely be because he was worthy.
And that was always a secret at his core. How badly he wanted to be worthy.
His touches grew more insistent at that. His palm splaying low on your abdomen as he kissed even harder at your throat. And when he felt you move, he even started to suck at that skin, hoping to leave marks as one of your hands tightened on his arm.
“Loki?” You’d asked sleepily at last.
Yet he pulled back enough to taunt in return. “And what would you do if it were not?” A darkly funny thought really. He’d never yet seen you be truly violent, as he didn’t count any of those instances with the mortals. That was only like swatting flies. You hadn’t even been angry. And it intrigued him to imagine you actually fighting someone, anyone. Did you even know how?
But he didn’t really give you time to answer him either. Now knowing you were finally awake, he moved over you to kiss your mouth instead. Deeply, as he took advantage of you both already being nude beneath the blanket as he started to slide himself back and forth against you.
He didn’t miss that little moan you gave against his mouth either, pleased to know you could be so responsive even just upon waking.
Even though he’d only teased you the other day about self soothing in his absence, he would love to know if you’d ever pleasured yourself while thinking of him. Did you ever fall asleep imagining him between your legs, or wake up envisioning this very thing?
He was already growing hard at just the feel of your body against his, and now these added hypothetical thoughts of you still needing him even when alone. He had no qualms about admitting it himself. Those times he’d laid in his bed in Asgard, legs open and thrusting into his own hand as he’d envisioned you. It would make no sense to just sit there and suffer when the urges could be dealt with with a little imagination.
As it was now though, his hand concerned itself with the very real woman right in front of it as he started to rub his fingers between your legs. He’d never asked if you’d actually been a virgin before that first time he’d claimed you. He remembered some comment you’d made about your own intimacies being closer to never.
Yet it didn’t matter of course. Virginity was more just a concept than any real world value, especially to him. But he thought he was right in his sense that you were inexperienced at least. Which did stroke his ego as well to hope he was giving you pleasure beyond whatever you’d previously known.
And you did get wet easily he’d found. The amount of foreplay he gave you was more to stretch out the time together, even if he could already tell you were ready for him as smoothly as his fingers slid inside you then. It was a balance surely, not letting things be over too quickly, but also being so hard already himself and wanting to be inside you.
But he still delayed his own need, working his fingers methodically, trying to get that tell tale tremble to go through your legs. Those nerves were so sensitive he knew. Of course, it could be said that he had a very unfair advantage over other men in that arena, as obviously he’d practiced in his own female form many times as well.
He knew exactly how it could feel. How it did feel to get that stimulation. And he smiled as you moaned a little again, though maybe in time you’d learn to be louder for him. There was still a bit of shyness and pride there most likely, you holding back somewhat from what felt so good.
Yet he had got you going that night in the cave. Calling him “King”, telling him to fuck you. You’d just been trying to say what you thought he wanted to hear he was sure, but it hadn’t mattered for as good as it had still sounded coming out of your mouth.
He wondered how you would respond though, if it was him begging for you. He liked the idea as he now started to finally rub the tip of his erection against your entrance. He certainly didn’t have to fake anything on his own side though, knowing he must have that needful expression on his face by now for how badly he wanted to hurry and sheath himself inside you.
But he didn’t, instead grabbing hold of you to roll the two of you so he was now on his back with you straddling over the top of him. His swollen member now helpless against your stomach.
“Come on-” He groaned, almost calling you by your real name, though just barely stopping himself as Muninn was still here. He knew last night, even drunk as he’d been, he’d never actually called you a goddess or uttered your name in front the creature. And that was only for your protection.
But otherwise, let that spy dare bring news of this to Odin as Loki bucked a little beneath you, intentionally making a shameless moan as his cock scraped your abdomen roughly. And he did not miss the surprise on your face as he did so. He wanted you to ride him now, to let you control the force and the speed.
He knew you understood too. You weren’t that naive. But the hesitation in you was evident, making him have to speak further.
“Please,” He growled, honestly that desperation in his own voice triggering him even more. He did like this, the little role reversal. And oh, how many different games the two of you could play whenever you were finally more comfortable with him. No, he didn’t think any bedroom with you in it could ever become boring for him.
“Loki,” You had breathed in return, and he could hear that arousal permeating your own voice as well. It made his name sound so good, he wanted to hear it again and again even as he watched you lift yourself over him, blanket now thrown back and out of the way.
The view was exquisite. Watching you sink down onto him, feeling how tight it then was inside you as it took all his willpower to not immediately begin thrusting.
He was breathing harder now, trapped between your legs and loving it as you shifted, still trying to get accustomed to his width and length again before you would really start to move.
He still didn’t mind encouraging you though, guiding one of your hands then to splay it on his chest, wanting you to press down on him to steady yourself.
“Go on,” Loki all but begged. He could see that needful look returned in your own eyes however as you finally began to pump your hips.
Soft and rhythmic at first, he looked to the ceiling as his fingers dug into the outside of your thighs and he bit into his own lip at the torturously slow sensation. But this kind of delayed gratification was a torture he’d gladly accept an infinite amount of times over.
A reflexive gasp escaped him though as you suddenly raised up and slammed back down on him. Gods. Yes, that was the way.
“Harder,” He pleaded, your hand on his chest pushing into his sternum now almost as hard as your hips were moving against him.
Over and over, your bodies hitting together. He heard you hiss through your teeth though, his length finally hitting at a harsh enough angle to cause you real pain. But it would only have been your own doing, as he was still staying as still as he could.
Yet at the sound he forced his torso up, even then with your fingernails scraping down his chest as your hand slid down. He raised himself up enough to reach one of your breasts, mouthing it roughly and kissing it to distract you from the pain.
That elicited another real sound of pleasure from you before the hip thrusting started all over again, and you pushed him back against the bed with both your hands.
He grinned as his back hit the bed again. But you followed him down, your chests then colliding as you kissed him, still on top of him, still sliding him in and out so roughly between your legs.
And he couldn’t help it, grabbing you possessively, not letting you back up as the two of you kissed and he bit your tongue lightly then. This is what he wanted as he felt himself already so close to orgasm.
Some tiny, distant voice of reason reminded him he’d already been careless twice in his overwhelming desire for you however. Once at the cave, and then again in the forest that first night the two of you had come to this village. He’d given you his seed both times, wanting to feel you to the very last moment instead of pulling out.
He knew nothing of Olympian biology and if it was even compatible with that of an Asgardian to be true. Never before had he heard of a half breed between the races. But as young as you both were, it was certainly not something he would really wish to keep risking. He had zero interest in siring heirs when he had yet to claim the throne for himself of course. He’d have to be as old as Odin before he’d even consider it, not wanting to deal with more possible usurpers to his own ambitions.
And as he felt that release building in him, reason did finally win out and he all too reluctantly forced you back. Even as he continued to kiss you, he just used his hands to hold back your hips. Keeping him from reentering you as he did the last thrusts on his own, sliding against the skin of your stomach once more before he came on you both.
In the aftershocks of his orgasm he didn’t even care about the warm, sticky mess then between you. He just laid back, panting a little as he looked up in your eyes.
But he could see that little bit of question there as he smiled in what he knew was just an intentional play at arrogance on his part, his hands still rubbing your hips gently. “What, dear? As excellent an example of breeding stock as I am, I don’t think we’re quite ready for that burden do you?”
You gave a weak laugh though, and he knew you hadn’t even considered that full potential really, just as caught in all this as he was. But you must not have minded the mess much either, just laying back down on him afterward as you rest your head against him.
And it was so tempting to just stay that way, his arms then moving back around you. If only the both of you really could. But the realms weren’t quite ready for this power couple that he was already envisioning the two of you to be.
As you finally stood again to pull your dress back on, you didn’t worry about any of the remnants of Loki still on your abdomen. You’d have plenty of time to go bathe in the sea once he was gone again, which would be happening in only a few moments unfortunately. You’d both lingered together in bed as long as you could have, but he now had to return to his palace once more.
He’d already dressed himself again as well, using his magic to pull his clothing back from the floor and onto his body in the proper order quite quickly.
“What are you going to do with him?” You’d finally said though, eyeing the all too quiet chest on the floor with some concern. If the bird had passed on sometime in the night, you weren’t going to forgive yourself for not intervening sooner. But Loki had been so adamant that Odin’s ravens were far more resilient than you knew.
“Just keep him here for now.” Loki answered with all the emotion of someone commenting on the weather as he fussed a little more with straightening out his cloak that’d gotten wrinkled from being in a pile the night before.
“Oh, so I can be blamed by Odin if he dies?” You retorted, before thinking further. “Or by you if he escapes?”
Loki smirked at you, one you thought was meant to be charming, though you did realize he now seemed in a far better mood than he’d been in the night before. “I wouldn’t let that happen to you.” He promised.
Your eyebrow raised in an entirely disbelieving expression.
But Loki just continued. “And he can’t fly until his wing regenerates. It will at some point. But it’ll still take time. So guess who gets yet another new pet?”
“How lovely.” You answered with fake appreciation. “But won’t they come looking for him?”
“Oh those two can wander the realms for weeks before they check in again. They don’t come back until they have something they think Odin would wish to know. I’m sure in the real olden days it was daily, but with mostly peace in the realms again, there really isn’t much new to report now is there?”
“You have an answer for everything don’t you?” You kept on, though realizing it entirely futile.
He moved closer then though, just smiling still, “I have to go.”
And maybe it was only more manipulation, conning you into complying once more, but he actually leaned forward and kissed you. It was different though. Gentle, almost…caring?
But over just as quickly as he then walked for the door. “Do remember he does bite. And watch what you say around him. He never forgets any information until he’s delivered it to the Allfather.”
A bit late for that you thought. But maybe Loki truly didn’t care. Or every rude and awful thing he’d already said around the poor bird was really how he always spoke to him anyway in Asgard. Either way, this was not comforting to you in the least.
“Goodbye.” Was all you could think to say, still unsure how your previously, relatively uneventful life had now become as complicated as this.
But he actually said it back, a little look back at you before he closed the door, teasing that nickname purposefully again. One he must not think Muninn would be able to use against you at least. “Goodbye, Kærr. I’ll return when I can.”
Asgard, later that day
“I’m telling you something is going on.” Sif reiterated, arms crossed as they all remained gathered in the courtyard, now watching as Fandral and Hogun paired up for the next sparring match.
Fandral glanced over at her, right away barely dodging Hogun’s mace Hridgandr as he raised his shield. “So Loki’s sneaking around. What of it? That’s-” He grunted, almost getting knocked off balance as he had to sidestep again before plunging ahead with his sword. “That’s what snakes do.”
“Mind your tongue, that is my brother you speak of.” Thor warned, albeit with his feet now kicked up as he sat on the nearby ledge. His head still throbbed enough from last night, he now winced a little every time one of their weapons bounced loudly off the other’s shield.
“He does take the form of a serpent quite frequently.” Volstagg offered though. “Bugger got in my helmet once. Hah, but joke was on him. We’d just gotten back from Vanaheim and I hadn’t seen a bath in three weeks! Never seen a creature come back out so fast!”
“Ugh,” Fandral and Thor replied simultaneously.
“The maids said his quarters were locked all the way until after midday food in the hall.” Sif just continued, “And he was acting so strange yesterday morning, even for him, he-”
“Well what would Loki care for midday feast? Skin and bones that boy.” Volstagg interrupted.
And Fandral questioned, landing another near strike against Hogun. “Which maid said that? Helga or Ulfid?”
Yet Sif tried to ignore the both of them. “I’m saying I think he’s been going somewhere else, he-”
“Well where were you and Thor last night?” Fandral just interjected again.
Sif’s tone changed to an even deeper annoyance at that, quickly defending. “I was in my quarters.”
“As was I!” Thor answered all too fast, but then realizing his mistake, tried to backpedal just as quickly. “I mean, I was in my quarters of course, not Sif’s.” He chuckled a little nervously, intentionally looking away from everyone then.
Yet Sif just rolled her eyes, “And where were you, Fandral?”
But Fandral smirked provocatively, “With the maids, Helga and Ulfid of course. That’s why I asked which you’d spoken to. I left my belt and I need to fetch it back, I-”
Sif raised her hands. “Gods. Just stop. I don’t want to know.”
“You talk too much,” Hogun cut in at Fandral, sweeping the chain of the mace under the other’s feet then and laying him decidedly on his ass. Yet Hogun only continued after, already offering a hand to help Fandral back up. “Why do you not just ask Loki? See what lie he gives and investigate from there.”
Thor came back in at this though, that little tone of defensiveness returning. “But why does he have to be lying? Maybe he really was at the library yesterday, maybe he had a hangover today? It could be the truth!”
And at that every single one of them looked pointedly at Thor.
He stared back at them, defiant by nature, but at the same time withering slightly under the combined judgement of all his friends. “Okay, yes. He likes to bend the truth at times. But he’s my brother and I’d like it if we could stop gossiping about him. Are we warriors or are we maidens?”
And at Sif’s resulting death stare, Thor cleared his throat, but still continued. “Gossipy maidens…you know, like the maids, not like you of course, Sif!”
But Fandral raised his rapier again at that. “Now wait just a minute, you keep Helga and Ulfid’s honor out of this. Sif is the one so worried for some reason.” He looked to her tauntingly. “Keeping a watch on Loki now, Sif? What, do you fancy him all of the sudden? They say opposites can attract after all.”
Thor looked only further distressed at this, even as Sif spun instantly, drawing her own sword. “Alright, move Hogun, Fandral’s mine!”
Volstagg just spoke up cheerfully though, pointing across the courtyard then. “Oh look, there’s Loki now. Let’s just ask and put an end to this here and now, yeah?”
Fandral smiled, looking over as well. “Speak of the devil and he shall appear, lads.”
“He’s not the devil.” Thor chided lowly, now hopping off the ledge to come to standing. He cupped his hands around the sides of his mouth though, then calling out loudly all the way across the large courtyard. “Brother! Hey!”
The lean figure in the black and green leather paused suddenly at that. He’d only been using one of the open air corridors that bordered the courtyard. Several books in his hands when he’d had no choice but to turn his attention towards that bellowing call.
Thor brightened a little to see Loki then striding towards them a few moments later, the thunder god wanting to have this subject done and over with.
“Yes?” Loki just asked with little emotion though as soon as he’d stopped in front of them all.
This actually caught Thor off guard a little however, expecting something more sarcastic possibly, or maybe even a reprimand for screaming across the entire courtyard to start with.
“How are you feeling?” Thor just asked abruptly though, as usual having no real plan and just blurting out the first thing that came to mind.
Loki’s eyebrows did furrow at this though. “I’m…fine? Am I supposed to be otherwise?” He responded.
“Well, uh, I didn’t know. I heard you almost missed the beginning of the victory celebrations yesterday. Which you gave a mighty fine speech at by the way.” Thor tended to compliment others when nervous, but he just continued awkwardly. “And then this morning, you were all holed up in your quarters through half the day. So I just wanted to make sure, as we know you usually rise with the sun.”
Loki gave a brief glance to all of them before just looking back to Thor. “I lost track of time while in the library yesterday morning, my apologies, brother. And after last night’s lengthy celebrations I still had quite a headache long into this morning. I kept to my quarters with a few books that I’d checked out the other morning. I was only on my way to return them now.”
Thor smiled, also looking to the others before giving Loki a pat on the shoulder. “Well, we won’t keep you then. Thank you, brother.”
“Always,” Loki only returned the smile, giving a little nod before walking back away.
The group waited until he was well out of earshot and completely out of sight.
“Well, he’s plotting something. Sif was right.” Fandral mused.
“You see. If you’d only listen to me the first time.” She agreed.
But Thor seemed surprised at their interpretation, “What? No. He literally just said-”
“Said with a smile,” Fandral countered.
“And with extreme politeness,” Volstagg added.
“He might just be in a good mood today!” Thor tried to argue back.
But Fandral gave him a sympathetic look. “Thor, my good man, he’s your brother, yes. We understand. But he did not come across his own title by happenstance. The god of mischief just walked away from us with a smile on his face. There’s some sort of trickery now afoot, I assure you.”
Thor crossed his arms, giving them all a displeased look, still very reluctant to agree. “And you propose we do what then?”
“Reconnaissance.” Fandral said simply.
“Oh, a scouting mission. We haven’t had a proper one of those in a while!” Volstagg replied with a little excitement.
“We could speak to the librarian. Ask how often he’s really been in there?” Sif offered.
“And next time he doesn’t come out in the morning, we take an excursion across the balconies to see if anybody is really home.” Fandral continued, sounding quite sure that this would be a fun idea.
Thor still looked troubled though as he glanced to Hogun. “Do you have any words in the matter, friend?”
Hogun looked unimpressed as usual, but shrugged a little. “It will be good training. We have fought many physical battles recently. But not all battles are fought so plainly. Subterfuge is another component of war. To which I agree…in that, your brother excels far above yourself.”
“That’s because Thor is honest!” Sif defended.
“I only state the truth as well.” Hogun countered, though not offended.
Fandral raised his sword, pointing it to the sky symbolically. “Then it’s decided by democratic process. We shall commence operation ‘Catch a Snake’ posthaste!”
“Can we not at least name it something else?” Thor complained, yet knowing well when he’d already been overruled.
Midgard, that night
You had a few bruises on your hands from this long process of trial and error today, but it wasn’t terrible as you spoke to him softly yet again.
“Now, Muninn. You have to drink at least.” You had managed to finally pick him up out of the chest around midday, which is where most of the bites had come from. You’d just gone back to the sea ever so briefly before to clean yourself up, and brought back a little raw fish for him that he’d refused to eat and you’d had to throw it back out.
You’d also found some rudimentary wooden cups and bowls in another little holding chest as well though. So you’d gotten freshwater from the stream in one of the bowls as you now tried to offer it to him.
Every time you got too close with the bowl though, he’d just try to flap away from you. Usually falling over back onto the bed pathetically with his one working wing as you now sat there with him.
“Listen, I know I’ve already said this many times. But I’m not going to harm you. I don’t like this any more than you do, really. Yet, it’s not my place to tell one of Odin’s sons what to do. Surely you can sympathize a little? You must know the inner workings of Odin’s palace and the power structure there better than anyone.”
But the bird only fluffed up again, giving you that same irritable look he’d given most the day.
You had nowhere else to be right now though, then just laying down patiently on the bed as you propped yourself up with your elbows and watched him.
“Are you cold?” There was no insulation to speak of in the dwelling, and now with the snow laid thick on the outside, you could feel how much more the temperature had dropped in here even in comparison to this morning.
You guessed Persephone must have returned to her husband Hades fully now. So all the plants and grasses would wither as always, that time of cold and darkness lingering for months until the rebirth of spring.
You wondered if Asgard had the similar passage of the seasons though. Did it even rain there? Did it snow at times or have blistering heat at other periods?
There was still so very much you didn’t know. Loki had warned you about divulging anything to Muninn that you wouldn’t want Odin to hear. But what if it wasn’t any groundbreaking information you had to share? What if it was actually questions you had instead?
“So, is it true you can traverse the realms then without even using the bifrost?” Loki had seemed pleased the other night, saying something about Muninn finding a door for him. “It must be very interesting to be able to see so many places either way though.” You continued, but obviously still aware how much the bird would have rather been as far away from you as possible, instead of stuck here with this forced socialization.
“I’ve never been anywhere else.” You said truthfully though, still talking to him kindly. “I can only imagine what exciting things the other realms must hold. You’re quite lucky really…I mean, normally anyway. I know you must be in pain right now.”
You could see his black eyes upon you, he was listening, but still with his feathers fluffed.
“I wish you’d just admit that you’re cold, and likely hungry and thirsty.” You tilted your head a little, having an idea then of another strategy to try with him. “You know, Loki doesn’t have to know whether we were nice to each other or not. If you’re trying to make a show of things, thinking it’ll make you look weak in front of him otherwise…that’s not necessary if he isn’t even here to see it.”
You scooted the water bowl just a little closer to him, but also then moving the blanket very slowly to bunch it up in a little circle around him.
Seeing the blanket moving, he immediately tensed again, mouth opening threateningly as his good wing flared out.
“Easy…” You said, glad he actually seemed more focused on the blanket than your hands in that moment as you didn’t get bitten again. And you kept edging that blanket closer around him until it looked fairly comfortable you thought. “See? Like a little nest. Far better than a dusty old chest anyway, right?”
With that, you laid down on your side fully on the bed. The water was still in his reach if he wanted it, but you wouldn’t bother him anymore trying to manually offer it.
“I’m sorry.” You said softly still though. “None of this was supposed to happen. But I’ve never…” You paused, giving Muninn a sort of sad smile. “I’ve never met anyone like him.”
Was it wise to confess anything at all to this servant of Odin? No, surely it wasn’t. But who wouldn’t infer this eventually anyway? Why else would you be here at all? Why would you still be participating in this clearly escalating bit of madness?
“I know you’ll return to Odin as soon as you are able. And whatever transpires after that, I just want that one truth known. Anything I did was for the prince, for Loki.”
Even now you still wondered where he was, what he was doing, and when you could see him again.
“I care for him.” Was all you said next so simply though. An understatement as well perhaps, but the look in your eyes conveyed the truth.
And to finally say even that out loud opened something deeper inside you. You couldn’t turn back now even if you’d wanted to.
Asgard, that same night
Loki sat alone in his room, books strewn around him on his bed. Some of the books were the very same ones he’d been carrying when confronted by his brother and his brother’s friends earlier in the day.
He’d had to make a show afterward of actually going to the library as if to return them, to back up his excuse in case he was followed. But in reality the majority of these hadn’t even come from the library. The ones he’d been carrying earlier were actually Frigga’s own spell books.
He was researching tracking spells, knowing Muninn would heal soon enough and that all the risk he had taken in capturing him would be for naught if he couldn’t trace him back to whatever portal between the realms the spy had found. Huginn and Muninn were the only beings he was aware of that were gifted with the ability to sense and find even those smallest rifts between the worlds. And they exploited that fully as they travelled from realm to realm, acting as Odin’s eyes on all that transpired through the kingdoms.
Yes, it was now more crucial than ever that Loki find this workaround. He was still inwardly seething a bit to know that Thor and his friends had already gotten this far on his trail. He would now have to forfeit using the bifrost for some time, knowing they’d likely be watching his every move.
If he went back to you too soon, they would only follow and force him to return Muninn and reveal everything before he was ready. But if he waited too long, the bird would heal and eventually escape, flying to Asgard before he could trace him back to the location of the portal. Then all would also be revealed with Loki still having no way to return to Midgard if Odin had one of his usual stern upsets and forbid it.
But as he poured through the ancient pages, he still found his usual focus somewhat missing. He just kept recalling that odd feeling from this morning. In the quiet of that cabin before he’d woken you. And the alcohol couldn’t be blamed by then.
He took a breath, that fear twisting around in the back of his mind once more. He didn’t want to name it. Objectively though, there were only a few things it could be called.
For the average being, the word was often characterized by some sort of euphoria though. Or at least a sense of warmth, a profound glow, all things that were supposedly so common.
Yet for him, it was like a weight, tightening around him. Dread…to have something, someone to lose.
No, he wouldn’t name it. He wouldn’t call it what so many others might.
(To be continued!)
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earlgreydream · a day ago
time for us.
| loki x reader | angst | fluff |
anon requested. loki has been working a lot lately and hasn’t really had anytime for the reader and he completely forgets about their anniversary and she doesn’t tell him for a couple of days but then he snaps at her and they have a huge argument
a/n: this doesn’t have any spoilers for the show— just mention that Loki works for the TVA (which isn’t canon at the time of me writing this)
Tumblr media
You loathed Loki’s new job, working for the Time Variance Authority.
Ever since Loki began at the TVA, they’d managed to occupy nearly all of his time and energy, leaving little to none left for you. Your relationship was strong, but only a few weeks of work had put a strain on the two of you.
He’d become more short tempered, and easily agitated. You tried to be patient, but little things seemed to antagonize you, and soon every small thing was becoming huge.
Above all, you hated to fight with Loki. You bottled up your frustration, shoving them down inside of you and keeping them hidden and locked away. Your limited time with Loki was precious, and you didn’t want to poison it with your annoyance. However, it was doing damage that you hadn’t yet comprehended, building a pressurized weapon that was bound to explode.
It took weeks, but the explosion came.
Loki had been so caught up in work that he missed your anniversary. It had escaped his mind entirely, passing like any other day. He was distracted by variants running wild, and the need to please his new boss. He felt responsible for things that were going wrong, and he had put your relationship on the backburner.
You’d been certain he’d take you out during the night, or at least do something to acknowledge the anniversary of your love, but you’d been dead wrong. You waited at home as hours passed, and when his normal arrival time had long passed, the pain in your chest grew until your entire body was throbbing with hurt.
You took your makeup off, along with the pretty dress you wore-- the green one that your husband adored.
Loki had stayed late at work, taking overtime and showing up just before ten. You were so hurt you could hardly speak, but Loki’s mind was too muddled with work to even notice. You were already in bed when he returned home, and he’d kissed your forehead and gone to sleep with less than five words leaving his lips.
You laid awake in bed that night, staring at the wall. You should have told Loki you were angry, said something then and at least gotten it in the open. But you shoved it down with everything else— every other hurt and grievance and annoyance that poisoned you.
“Can you set that down, please?” You asked, four days later. You tried to keep your tone even, but you were impatient. The bite in your words was all you could do to keep from tearing the file from his delicate hands.
Loki was in the kitchen, his face buried in a variant case file. He was supposed to be helping you make dinner, but you were dismissed and cast aside once again as his work outshined you.
“I’m working, Y/N! It’s important. Don’t you want me to get paid so you can have your pretty things?” Loki snapped, shocking you.
“No!” You screamed, slamming the cabinet door shut.
He stared at you, turquoise eyes wide in shock at your outburst. He dropped the file on the counter, a harsh glare adorning his stunning face.
“No, Loki! I don’t fucking care about the pretty things. I don’t even know that I care about YOU!” The words were coming out before you could stop them.
“You don’t care about me?! All I ever do is for you!” Loki met your anger, matching your energy and only fueling the fire of rage that was building in your stomach.
“You’re such a selfish liar! You don’t give a fuck about me, Loki! You’re in a relationship with your bullshit job, you don’t give a damn about me! All of your time and your energy... and fuck, even your kindness goes to the stupid fucking TVA!! There’s nothing left for me, and I don’t want your scraps!” You shoved him back when he took a step toward you.
“I’m selfish? You’re needy and dramatic! You’re a spoiled brat, acting out when not every ounce of my attention is being given to you. What, you’re mad that I didn’t help you make this salad? Grow up, Y/N!” Loki’s hateful words poured out, tasting like acid in his mouth.
“No! I’m mad that you forgot our anniversary and that you haven’t seen how much you’ve hurt me!” Tears burned as they streamed down your face, blurring your vision that was bleeding at the edges.
Loki’s lips parted, and realization suddenly crossed his features. He took a step back, recognizing his anger had spiraled out of control, and that your anger was justified.
“I didn’t mean it… I do care about you, I just want you to care about me.” Your voice broke, and shaky hands went to your mouth, stifling a sob. Guilt swelled in Loki’s chest as he saw you fall apart, unable to bear the weight of your anger.
“I’m sorry. You’re right. I don’t know how I’ve forgotten. Please, my love, forgive me,” Loki’s tone softened, and he knelt down to his knees before you.
He didn’t care about the messy floors ruining his perfect suit, nothing mattered to him then except for you.
“I shouldn’t have gotten so angry, I just miss you,” you were weeping, unable to hold the sobs at bay.
“It’s okay, scream and cry if you need to, but know I love you more than anything and I am terribly, terribly sorry.”
Loki gently pulled you forward, closing his arms around you. His forehead rested against your stomach, and you laid your hands on top of his head.
“I know. I know,” you stammered in shaky breaths. Your fingers trembled as you dragged them through his hair, overwhelmed with every emotion that washed over you all at once.
You got home from work, a couple of days after your fight. You had both apologized, easing the tension over. Loki hadn’t stopped apologizing, even when you promised him it was okay. It had been better since-- you weren’t keeping secrets or harboring anger, and you felt exceedingly better in the aftermath of your fight.
You walked into your master suite, considering a hot bath or a shower after your day. You were lost in your thoughts as you kicked your shoes off, before turning to the bed. A dress was laid out on the end of the bed, glittery heels and jewelry in a box beside it. Loki wasn’t home, but a note was attached, telling you to get dressed and he’d meet you.
You smiled, lifting the black cocktail dress. You changed, fixing your hair and makeup in the mirror. Your day at work had been long, and you didn’t know what Loki had in store for you, but you were excited.
The lock clicked open on the door, signaling the arrival of your husband. You stepped into the foyer to greet him, met with Loki in an all-black suit. A grin spread across his expression as he noticed you, making warmth bloom in your chest.
“You look-” you both started at the same time.
You smiled and tilted your head, letting him speak.
“You look beautiful,” Loki spoke softly before giving you a kiss.
“Thank you. You look sharp. What’s the occasion, what are we doing?”
“I’m so sorry I missed our anniversary. I thought we could celebrate us tonight.”
You broke into a grin, nodding excitedly.
“Yes. Yes, let’s do it.”
“Of course. Let me set my things down,” he kissed your cheek and stepped into your master, cleaning up and dropping his bag.
You were driven to a fancy restaurant, one hand in Loki’s as the other smoothed over the wheel of his black sports car. He dropped the keys with a valet, and you were escorted to a table in the back of the place.
“Wine, Mrs. Laufeyson?”
“Please,” you nodded, and the waiter poured you a glass of sparkling pink moscato.
“I’ve gotten us a suite at the resort in the city. I have a bag packed for you in the car, I thought we could enjoy a weekend away. You deserve it,” Loki brought your hand to his lips, kissing your knuckles.
“You’re spoiling me,” you giggled, sipping your wine.
“As I should be.”
Elaborate French dishes were brought out on gorgeous plates, looking like something from a food blog. It tasted divine, and Loki told you some history about the dish from some time he was living or traveling in Paris. You listened to his animated stories, thinking about how you were so in love with him. 
“Why’re you staring at me like that?” Loki laughed softly, spooning sorbet into your mouth.
“Because I love you. And you’re charming and cute when you get excited,” you confessed with a grin. 
“I love you too. I’m sorry about everything,” he apologized. 
“It’s okay. We’re past it. Time moves forward for us.”
Loki nodded, leaning forward and smearing a kiss over your temple before retrieving your car from the valet.
“To the hotel?” he asked, sliding his hands over your hips and kissing your neck as you waited.
“Okay,” you giggled, squirming in his arms. 
He squeezed your bum, making you gasp before opening the door for you, helping you into the passenger seat. 
When you arrived at the hotel, there was a bouquet of roses on the table, and candles burning around. He kissed the back of your head, setting your bag down for you.
“Let me make this up to you,” his voice was deep as he unzipped your dress.
“Please,” you smiled, turning in his arms and pulling him into a heated kiss. 
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odnanerf · a day ago
hellllooo :) i hope you’re doing good and having a great day 😊 can i request a loki one shot (if you’ll write for him) where loki is forced to live in the tower and the reader is the only one who really accepts him and one of the other team members has a crush on reader but she ends up with loki? or something like that with fluff :) my boy loki needs all the love ❤️
omg anon this gave me such 2012 vibes, when everyone was writing fanfiction about the Avengers based on the 2012 movie!! And truly I LOVED writing it. It gave me nostalgia for the good old days :D Thank you for requesting!!
The Avengers Tower
Word Count: 2.8k
Tumblr media
The Avengers Tower was smack dab in the middle of New York. No one ever missed it, considering the large A highlighting its presence, and it didn’t even cost the city a dime, because it entirely ran off of an arc reactor’s energy.
In a way, it made 100% profit too, because people loved visiting New York just to see superheroes. Yeah, it was all marketing, but with the combination of money spent by tourists and the lack of need for funding, the Avengers were here to stay.
Unfortunately, for Loki, it sickened him to see so many people fawning over his captors, and he only wished he could tell people how wrong they really were. That his brother Thor, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Bruce Banner, even Clint, the man he had manipulated, they all sucked massively.
The Avengers were nothing but a fake group of people, advising based on nothing but well-made imagery. Sure, they saved lives, but Loki was in line for a throne, and he knew what people really wanted. People loved being ruled by fear, by the idea that they needed to look up to someone, no matter who it was. It didn’t matter if the fear was of an outside source, or if it was the very ruler they sought, it was still the same concept.
Of course, he could never tell anyone this, because he was here at their very disposal.
Loki never wanted to stay in this stupid tower, but according to Natasha, it was very, very necessary when it came to rehabilitating his image, and that was something he understood. Just like in Asgard, you had to do anything necessary in order to convince people that they were safe in your hands only. In power, there was certainly responsibility, as an annoying Spider-Child kept touting about.
“Primitive aliens.” Loki stared out the window, seeing crowds of people holding signs and merchandise, all embellished with the Avengers insignia. It seemed too pompous for this group.
“I love you, Iron Man!!” One woman screamed, ripping off her top as people around her cheered.
Loki rolled his eyes.
“Wish she said your name?” You appeared out of the blue, causing Loki to stumble and curse as he leaned against the wall.
“Not in the slightest.” He scoffed, drawing himself upward in a completely I’m-not-bothered way. It was always trouble convincing you, though.
“C’mon, Loki. We both know you probably miss your harem from Asgard.” You chided him jokingly, staring down at your fingernails as if it meant nothing to say such a thing.
“I never had a ha-” He coughed, suddenly, seeing your falsely innocent smile. “Not like I’d want adoring women in this world. It would be like talking to a Chitauri.”
“I didn’t realize you thought so lowly of us.” You simpered, walking towards him as he looked away. He didn’t actually mean that about you, and you knew that, but you loved teasing him anyways.
“Not you, Y/n.” He muttered so briefly, he could almost pretend like he didn’t say anything at all, against his better judgement. You were obviously so different to any annoying rabid fan, it almost pained him when thinking of how you were still a Midgardian. It conflicted with his feelings.
“Thanks.” You giggled, watching him try his best to look away.
Average Midgardian, you were not, since you were gifted with the ability of invisibility and phasing through physical reality. It was incredibly useful, but it led to a lot of sneaking around the Tower when you shouldn’t have been. In this way, you were similar to Loki, and you both loved gossiping about the random things you heard SHIELD employees talk about as a result.
You both began to walk away from the window, because it was lunch time, and the very annoying rule within this tower was that all meals must be eaten together. This was enforced by Fury, who laughed as you had complained about it.
“Seriously. You would think I hired a bunch of toddlers to be Avengers.” He had snorted. “You need to build some camaraderie.”
And camaraderie you did build, as you became closer to the Avengers over time. You were the newest addition (you would count Loki, but alas, he wouldn’t let himself be even considered a hero, let alone an Avenger), and they were all rather curious about you.
Steve was the easiest to talk to, because he was good at mentoring and tended to be kind, but you found out one day that he was a lot more stern than he had let on towards you. It was a good trait for a leader to have, to be so strongly rooted in his values, but you wondered why he seemed so soft towards you.
It only became really apparent the more you hung out with Loki. Loki was your closest friend, to the alarm of the other Avengers, but it wasn’t like you cared. He was the only one who understood being able to sneak into the shadows as you did, and he had a hilariously dry sense of humor.
As you walked together into the dining room, Thor raised his eyebrows, watching the two of you come practically attached at the hip.
“Loki. Leave Y/n alone, you do a disservice to her.”
Loki rolled his eyes, but still sat down next to you, ignoring Thor’s wishes entirely. It wasn’t always just Thor who would try to dictate him, he could also feel the general apprehensiveness from the other Avengers. They gave him a look over, as they usually did, and began to talk amongst themselves.
He knew they didn’t want him here, and the only reason why they did was to comply to an order. And it made Loki sick. Once again, he was an outsider to a family, and this one, he truly didn’t want a part of. Asgardian, Frost Giant, villain, it didn’t really matter, because he was still alone.
Of course, you turned towards him, smiling, asking what kind of Midgardian food he wanted to try today, and Loki was foolishly, utterly lost in your features. He didn’t mean for it to go so far, but you were the only sweet one in this clusterfuck of a group, and as a result, he was overly attached to you.
Attachment brought vulnerability which brings weakness, as Loki knew already, but he could not help himself. You were the only friend he had, and if he had to live in this godforsaken tower, he’d much prefer it with your company.
You ended up eating pizza, because to your surprise, Loki had never eaten it before.
“Who else, after being in New York for two months, fails to eat their most infamous dish? None other than Loki.” You snickered, watching him glower over his plate.
“I did not fail.” He swallowed another bite. “I simply took my time sampling all the different dishes offered here.”
“Uh huh.”
“Stop that.”
“Stop what?”
“You clearly don’t believe me.” Loki frowned, and you immediately felt guilty.
“Oh, no. I do believe you! I was just teasing, I swear.” You smiled at him, reassuring him, watching his frown disappear.
“Yes, you are a bit too teasing towards the God of mischief, Y/n. You should watch yourself.” He snapped his fingers, freezing your pizza instantly.
“Just some due punishment.” He chuckled, and you grumbled jokingly. Lucky for you, Thor let a teeny bolt of lightning flutter over your plate, causing the pizza to be reheated.
“Thanks.” You smiled, and he nodded, before going back to whisper with Steve about something. Whatever, two blonde idiots were bound to gossip a lot anyways.
“So, do you have a favourite dish?”
“Pardon?” Loki looked at you again, his green eyes crinkling in the light of his smile. That was what kept you right next to him. In your entire life, no one had ever come close to being so sweet towards you. You never knew why people hated him so much on Asgard, or here, (well you had a good idea, but you understood his reasons), when really, Loki was incredibly endearing.
Not to sound overly cliche, but as an invisible woman, the greatest thing feeling sometimes was truly being seen by someone.
“A favourite dish of New York.”
Loki paused. Sure, he had tried New York bagels, and the various deli meats that accompanied such fare, but if he was honest, his favourite food had to be one that he tried in Chinatown with Bruce. Bruce was being a little nicer that day, offering to show him around, and as a result, he especially loved the American invention of General Tso’s chicken.
He told you as much, and you laughed.
“Wanna go get some some day?” You asked, smiling gently. “I know that um, the Avengers can make it kind of hard for things to feel normal. And you probably don’t want to feel like you’re on house arrest, but at least you can’t really do anything that bad as long as you’re with me. Wait, not if you don’t want to, I don’t want to make it sound like I’m babysitting you.”
“It’s fine, Y/n.” He rolled his eyes, only stopping to smile when you shoved him. “Of course we can do that. Whatever pleases you.”
You giggled at that, knowing that he wanted to go out more than you did, and unbeknownst to your knowledge, both Thor and Steve gave you worrying looks. Thor whispered something to him, and Steve nodded.
Loki was scared.
Okay, he was a god. He had no reason to be as nervous as he was, and he chided himself over being so mortal like in his fears. But nevertheless.
Here he was, sitting on his bed, waiting. His mind was reflecting over the last few weeks.
You had constantly spent time with him, and a lot of the time it was simple things like reading books together, or getting lunch together, or practicing your abilities together. You had pranked Tony more than a few times now, and it was causing his heartstrings to pull, just at the thought of someone who enjoyed impractical jokes as much as he did.
He thought about how you had accidentally giggled, and even though you were invisible, Tony had heard you anyways. He fired a few warning shots, but you phased through the wall with Loki in tow, laughing all the way.
He admired your conviction for going all the way. In fact, it would be very apt and not at all a stretch to say that Loki liked you in a way that would usually invite a royal wedding of a God on Asgard. Of course, in this current situation, he wasn’t sure how advisable it was to say anything.
But now you were about to tell him something, and he was so nervous. He knew it probably had something to do with the fact that he ogled you too much, and you were probably going to leave him behind for real Avenger business, and he would have to become a regular captive man again.
You knocked on the door, and his heart began to race. “Loki?”
“Can I come in?”
“You don’t have to ask, imbecile.” He was speaking rather brashly out of habit, and because he really didn’t want to give off the impression that he had been worrying this entire time, ever since you had texted “I’ll be up in a few to talk.”
You entered his room, which, of course, was color coordinated in the most Loki way possible. Dark green everywhere, including the curtains and the bedspread and the candle on his desk, with gold accenting in the filigree of his headboard and his window sill.
Loki was sitting in a rocking chair, facing the window, admiring the dark clouds of the evening, and you sat next to him, on his bed.
He didn’t turn, and you spoke.
“Steve asked me out today.”
Loki froze instantaneously, knowing that asking out was a synonym for courting in this world, and it was one that he hadn’t realized he desperately never wanted you to talk about. Unless it was with him, of course, but either way, it was something that he couldn’t bring up now.
“That’s wonderful, Y/n.” He did his best to sound appreciative, and not jealous, definitely not envious of the fact that another man had swept you into his arms, and now he was going to pay the price. Loki didn’t want to be lonely in this way, in which he would long to be with you, but have to beat himself up in order to support you.
It was already hell to try and congratulate you, but somehow, the last thing he wanted to do was to get on your bad side. Better a friend than nothing at all, he decided, and if he had been paying attention, he would’ve seen how incredulous your look was from that.
“I’m sure Rogers will treat you most favourably.” He uttered softly, peering out through the window, wondering why he couldn’t be capable of detachment.
“I’m sorry, what?” You shook your head in mild confusion. “You didn’t let me finish, Loki-”
“What, and let myself hear the lascivious details of such an affair? I’d rather spare my ears, thank you.” He turned around and cut you off angrily, speaking from provocation, and he immediately regretted it. He had never actually blown up at you like that before, and now that he was taking in your face, he could see the hurt spreading across your features.
After a beat of silence, he spoke again.
“Sorry. I don’t know what came over me.” Genuine apologies had never come easily to Loki, and this certainly was a fake one. He was only sorry he had made you feel hurt, but he wasn’t sorry for speaking up.
“Well, I do know.” You said softly, touching his hand gently. He turned in surprise, and you stood up to lean against the window sill. Getting a better look at him. “I turned him down, Loki.”
“Oh.” His throat was rather dry now, having spoken up like a completely foolhardy child, easily angered by the smallest things. There was also the idea that you knew what he meant… which meant…?
“Don’t tell me a telepathic God needs it to be spelt out.” You snorted, ruffling his hair, and he turned a sharp red instantly. “I like you, and I know you like me, which is why you blew up two seconds ago.”
“Why did you never mention such a thing before?”
“I am now!” At that, he pushed you, and you fell on your ass. He immediately helped you up, and let you sit in the rocking chair as he stood, crossing his arms. “I never wanted to make you feel uncomfortable, and you already have been with all the crazy Avenger stuff, you know?”
“Oh, on the contrary, Y/n.” He smiled genuinely now. “You’re the only one who’s made me feel accepted here. I would never dream of feeling uncomfortable around you.”
“Well, thank you. The feeling's mutual." You squeezed his hand. "You don't feel accepted, not even by your own brother? I'm sorry.”
“Don't be. We both know that infantile blonde is still wet behind the ears.” He laughed freely, feeling the weight off his chest. “Speaking of blondes… why did you refuse Rogers? He must surely feel rather disappointed now. Not that I mind.”
Loki was a jealous God, and he liked hearing about his competition’s destruction, to feel more glorious and what not. You were never one to refuse badmouthing people with him, even if it made you kind of a gossip.
“He just wasn’t my type, Loki. He’s far too well-meaning for me to ever feel attracted to him.” You clarified.
“I will say he was upset, saying that he felt like we were getting along pretty well,” You leaned in and began to whisper. “But between you and me, I just don’t think he has much experience. I think he might crush on every woman that gives him the time of day.”
Loki snorted at this, placing his hand on your face. “I would tell you you’re absolutely right, based on everything I’ve seen in that man’s mind. But I don’t need to tell someone brilliant that.”
You blushed, and Loki felt pleased at causing such a reaction. He knew in due time, he’d want to do that again and again, anything to make you flustered. Such was the nature of this mischievous man.
He leaned in rather close, and although he was standing, and you were sitting, his mouth hovered over your own.
“What’s your type, anyways?”
“I guess, lithe, black-haired, snarky, cat-like men. The ones who can always stay on equal footing with you when it comes to wit. Does that a ring a bell?” You snickered, and then became silent as he drew himself closer.
“Oh, I think I know exactly who you’re talking about.”
He kissed you, and as he did, he knew he had definitely found his place in this Tower.
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steeeeeeeviebb · a day ago
Altair + Vega | CH. 14
Tumblr media
pairing: loki laufeyson x fem!reader   word count: 3.8k warnings: smut (18+!!!!), emotions, the gewd stuff. 
summary: Once lovers, Altair + Vega are two of the brightest stars in the galaxy. One, immortal and all powerful while the other, a mere mortal, were torn apart by the forces of those around them and placed in our nights sky separated by the endless Milky Way. But once a year, on the seventh day of the seventh month, the stars align and our two lovers, once separated by both time and space, are able to come together. Able to see one another, to touch one another. Then and only then, are the two lovers able to c o l l i d e.
It was a long few minutes of agonizing groaning and not knowing whether or not Loki was about to die before the God of Mischief finally stilled.
With your breath stuck in your throat, you hesitantly reached out and touched his naked shoulder with concern pinching your features. You had no idea what had just happened. One moment, he was kissing his way up your body and the next, the moment his lips met yours, it was as though his entire body had been overtaken by violent torments. He was screaming in what you could only describe as pain and clutching his head as something coursed through him.
But just what it was that made the man react like that, you didn’t know.
“Loki?” Your voice was quiet, timid, as you soothed his back down with your hand. His long hair was covering most of his face but you could just barely make out his trembling chin and strong jaw from the moon casting in through the open curtains. When he remained silent, you gave his shoulder a gentle squeeze and snatched your shirt from where it had been tossed only minutes ago. “Stay here, okay? I’m going to get Thor.”
“No,” his hand shot out faster than you could even register as he gently grabbed your wrist. “Please, no, not yet.”
His tone was thick, sullied with emotion, and as he finally looked up from the floor and caught your eye, your heart seemed to still for just a moment as his tear-stained face illuminated before you in the bleak glow of the moon. With your brows furrowing, you knelt down in front of him and gently pushed his hair back and away from his face. “What is it? What’s wrong?”
A guttural, almost relieved sob tore out of his throat as he rushed forward, throwing his arms around your middle as he pulled you onto his naked lap. His grip was vice-like as he buried his head into your chest, holding you pinned against him as his entire body shook with emotion. Your eyes were wide, and your mouth had fallen open in a slack-jawed ‘o’ as you struggled to understand what was going on. You could just barely hear him mutter a low ‘you’re really here’ into your skin before he pulled back to peer up at your face.
Through his tears, the man sat there grinning up at you as though you’d hung the moon. “Oh, my darling,” he kissed between your breasts and barked out a frenzied laugh. “Oh, my Starseed, it’s you.”
All you could do was blink down at him and offer up a small, confused smile. “What’s happening?”
He didn’t answer you, of course, because why would he grant you the mercy of knowledge after you quite literally thought he was dying seconds prior. Instead, he released his hold on you only to scrape his hands up and along the ridges of your body before cradling your face in his hands. Despite the darkness of the cabin, you’d never seen Loki’s eyes as blue as you did in that moment, nor did you see such affection, such genuine tenderness, in any one person before this moment.
It was as though he was memorizing your every pore. With one hand cupping your jaw, the other touched your face, brushing along your cheekbones and lips and fluttering against your eyelids and eyebrows as he took every square inch of you in as though he was seeing you with fresh eyes. He looked so happy, so relaxed, so wholly himself in those few moments.
That was when realization slowly dawned on you, making you still beneath his touch as you swallowed back a swell of nerves.
“Your memories,” you pushed out. It was more of a statement than a question but the moment those two words rolled off of your tongue, you felt the shift in Loki. The sheer joy on his face slowly contorted into uncertainty, into fear, as his hands slowly fell to your neck. You swallowed again and licked your dry lips. “Are they back?”
Loki’s breathing quickened as he tried to gauge your reaction. No longer confused by his past, Loki knew, without a doubt, that a moment the likes of this one would have sent him running for the hills. The moment where real life, where consequence, was about to rear its ugly head. It was inevitable, really, that it would after all of this time, but rather than run from it, from you, Loki found himself nearly immobile as he held you on that rutty cabin floor.
Because this wasn’t just a moment of potential reckoning that he could run from, this was you. This was the woman from all those centuries ago, the one he’d loved so wholly, the one he held so near and dear to his heart. You may have had a different, albeit still stunning, body, your hair a different shade and eyes no longer the colour they were on Asgard, but your soul, the one so intertwined with his own, was one he could recognize even in the darkest of caverns.
He’d been a fool to not feel the intensity of your connection, even with his amnesia playing a toll, before now. How could he have gone all this time without feeling this? The love he had for you hadn’t wavered for a single moment in the centuries that had so cruelly divided you so how could he have turned a blind eye to it before tonight? 
He’d been a fool. And he’d be damned if he made that mistake twice.
Desperation pinched his brow as he searched your eyes. “Please,” his voice was barely above a whisper but the despondency of his request was as loud as ever, “please don’t let this change anything.”
“I’ve done horrific things,” he interjected, shaking his head, “horrible things. I’ve hurt people: the people closest to me, strangers. I’ve hurt you, your mentor, Erik, your friends, I’m not asking for your forgiveness for any of that, not until I feel I deserve it.” Tears welled in his eyes and burned his nose as his thumbnail gently coaxed the curve of your bottom lip. “But, please, don’t leave me. Not again.”
Your touch was featherlight on his face as you brushed his thick hair off of his forehead. Squeezing his eyes shut as though to savour the memory of it, the tears that had been pooling rolled down his cheeks and fell between you as you sat there, still kneeling on top of him. “Loki,” you tried again, “what did you see?”
“Everything,” he admitted with a quiet sniff as he opened his eyes. “The good, the bad, everything. I’ve given you ample reasons over the years not to trust me, to climb off of me and walk out of this cabin and I understand all of that but I saw us, Starseed. Every moment we had before you…” He hesitated, knowing how absurd it would sound.
“Before I…?”
Releasing a shuddered breath, Loki’s hand trailed down your body to rest on your hips. “Died. I know how ridiculous this all sounds but it happened. We had a life together, a full one, on Asgard and then we didn’t. You’ve seen us, too, those dreams, those visions, were us but in another time not your own.” His eyes lit up as he held a hand, “I can show you. Just like we’ve done in the past with your little wet dreams.” Ignoring the look you gave him at the mention of wet dreams, he held his hand flush against the side of your head and closed his eyes to focus only to stop when he felt you gently push his hand back down. Loki’s heart fell to his stomach. “You don’t believe me?”
You were quiet for a long time, too long, but your eyes never left his. Not even for a second. With a resigned sigh, you leaned back so that you were sitting on his bare thighs. “I believe you,” you concluded, “but no part of me wants to see myself die in another lifetime whilst quite literally sitting in the nude in a cabin with you.”
“But you do believe it?” He asked in quiet wonderment.
It was all you could do to shrug and give him a small smile. “I can argue about logic until I’m blue in the face with you but I can’t deny that there’s something inside of me that knows you better than I’d like to admit.” Reaching out, you glided your finger along his sharp cheekbone and watched those blue eyes soak every inch of you in. “I’ve been preparing for the day your memories came back, hoping they would, sooner rather than later, for your sake, but I know that with those memories comes anger, potential resentment. I’ve worked through my anger towards you, most of it anyway, since you crash landed on that farm, but you haven’t had the chance to deal with any of your real feelings because you didn’t have those memories to work through. At least not when it came to me.”
Loki’s long fingers trailed up and down the length of your thighs as the two of you sat, stark naked, quite literally wrapped up in each other’s embrace. His heart was thrashing wildly against his chest and his eyes, still not quite believing that you were here and had been all this time, danced across your pretty face.
“You foolish, oblivious, woman,” he teased, stretching forward to kiss along your collarbone. “My feelings for you have never bred resentment or anger. Quite the opposite, you’d find.” Peppering kisses up your neck, Loki’s hands scraped up your legs one final time as his erection grew against your inner thigh. “My memories may have been elsewhere for a short span of time but my innate feelings for you, that root inside of my chest, the one so deeply interwoven with the one inside of you, hasn’t waned for a single second.” His kisses spanned along your jaw, across your cheeks, to the tip of your nose, before hovering just above those perfectly parted lips. “Centuries have passed between us, but I’ll be damned if I let another moment pass before doing this.”
His tone was enough to make you believe him, but it was the effervescent look of pure worship resonating from his every pore that made you close the gap between you. Slowly, as though time meant nothing, his lips met yours in a kiss that sent shockwaves through your entire body. The way the two of you moved against each other, the way his lips felt against yours, the way your hands seemed to just know where to touch the man to make him feral. It went beyond sense, beyond logic. There was a fluency there, an unearthed passion, that ignited the very moment that kiss began and a connection there that had been sealed much before that.
His mouth was hungry, his kisses now desperate. He had centuries to catch up on when it came to making love to you, but he had all the time in the world now that he had you, truly had you, back. So, he took his time. His tongue was slow as it ran across your lip and massaged against your own as his hands, though yearning to feel your warm pussy against him once again, simply raked across your entire body, instead.
You were still soaked, your cunt still throbbing, from having his tongue lapping at your core only moments before and as he shifted so that his cock slipped between your folds, his entire body shivered in anticipation.
He needed you more than air in that moment. More than life itself.
A low growl ripped out of his throat as he fluidly got to his feet, yanking you up with him as though you weighed nothing. The perk of bedding a god, you thought as you released a humoured yelp. But his lips never left yours as he carried you towards the bed and, as you circled your calves around his back, holding his face as he kissed you fiercely, you felt his own small smile against mould against your mouth.
No ounce of Loki felt rigid or guarded as he set you down on the firm mattress. For the first time, at least in your recollection of your time spent together, Loki felt completely at ease beneath your touch. There was no trace of apprehension on his body, no trace of fear or uncertainty. Just a fluidity of sorts that came so instinctually, so habitually, that questioning his earlier sentiments would be foolish.  
Reaching down between you, you stroked his cock and smiled into his mouth when you felt him shudder at your touch. Pulling away from your lips, Loki’s handsome face hovered above yours as he pushed your hair back down on the pillows beneath your head. He said nothing, at first, but those blue eyes were so full of wonder as they danced along your face that words felt moot. That tenderness you often saw seep out of his stare was nothing compared to this. 
This was raw esteem, complete and utter devotion.
“Loki,” your voice sliced into the silence of the cabin and the sound of his name was enough to make him seemingly snap back to reality. “You keep looking at me like I’m going to disappear on you.” You smoothed back the unruly strands of hair that had gathered around his face again. “I’m right here,” you avowed, “I’m not going anywhere.”
A wave of emotion hit Loki square in the chest as he dipped his head once more to meet you in a bruising kiss. He couldn’t trust his own words in that instance, not when he had you, finally had you, after all of these years.
So, he did the only thing he could in that moment.
His cock throbbed as he positioned himself between your thighs and, as he slid the tip of it down your sopping cunt before finally slipping inside of you, it was as though the very bed the two of you laid upon had been set on fire.
A voracious moan slipped out of your perfect lips as he pierced into you. He was thick and his hips were agonizingly slow as his bucked into you, relishing in how incredible you felt, relishing in how well the two of you fit together.
Your nails ripped into his shoulders and sliced into his back as you wrapped your thighs around his hips. His thrusts began slow, methodical, as though every inch of him wanted to remember this very moment, but the longer he held out, the more primal the god became. And as you bit down on his lip, inciting a small trickle of blood to appear, Loki could no longer hold back.
His thrusts became animalistic and hard and the sounds of your body, your juices squelching, with every thrust became nothing more than the backdrop of how desperate the two of you were to feel each other in this way. You needed him inside of you, all around you, and he needed you, in every sense of the word, right back.
He kissed you greedily as he pounded into you. He needed to feel you closer, to feel his cock stretch you and take him with every thrust and swivel of his hips. Your name slipped out of his lips and echoed out around the cabin. He’d said it so quietly, like a prayer being uttered in secret, but the sound of it, the way it rolled off of his tongue and bled into the passion surrounding you, was enough to make your heart stop.
This was a man, unhinged.
A man so burdened by the effects of love that nothing else outside of that cabin mattered.
“I’ve been waiting for you,” his breathing was laboured, his voice thick with emotion, “for so long, my darling.”
So long. Too long.
But you were here.
With him.
Finally, the stars had aligned.
Hours passed in that cabin, though to the two of you, time was but a construct.
The minutes danced into hours but neither of you bothered to care. The only marker of time were the stars and the moon outside of the bay window. There was only the two of you for those few hours, catching up after a lifetime, several in fact, spent apart.
Finally, however, when the moon was just barely visible from the window, the two of you had managed to break apart long enough to take a breath. Coated in sweat, bruised and sore from the vigorous love making but more content than you’d ever felt, you collapsed against him and relished in the feeling of having him this close.
You might not have shared the memories of a life spent on Asgard, but you felt that pull inside of you spark to life whenever he was near. That root he had called it, that connection that seemed to just…exist. Whether or not it made any sense to you at all.
“How did we meet?” You managed to ask, curious about a life that was technically not your own but lived through by the very soul inside of your body. “Was I just really hot and you thought you’d take a shot with the hot Asgardian girl?”
Loki guffawed and the sound of it, the sound of his chest rumbling on account of genuine merriment, nearly struck you blind. This was a side to Loki you didn’t know well: this carefree, truly happy side. But, god, did you want to. The second the laugh echoed out around the cabin, you never wanted to hear anything else ever again.
It was warm and wholesome.
He was happy. Genuinely and truly happy.
“You were painting by the sea,” he told you, playing with your fingers that were splayed across his naked chest. Lulling his head to face your curious stare, he shrugged. “I didn’t even glance at the artwork though, I only saw you.”
“Jesus,” you snorted, “what a line.”
Another laugh and you felt yourself falling harder for the man. “You were commissioned by Odin, eventually, to paint for the palace. Summits and what-not that Odin held to impress the nine realms. You were quite the artist.”
You tried to think of yourself, painting by a sea on a planet not your own. The whole thing sounded so insane, so truly out of left field, but you believed him. The sincerity of his words, the gentleness of his stare, that was proof enough for you.
“How long were we together?” You asked, glancing back out of the window to peer across at the visible constellations outside of the window. You could spot Lyra easily enough which, of course, housed its brightest star Vega.
“Years,” he mused quietly, “too many to make sense of in your mortal brain.” You playfully pinched his nipple which incited a quiet hiss as he pulled you closer into his chest to kiss the top of your head. “Time felt different on Asgard,” he admitted eventually, “and while it might have been a long time, it wasn’t near long enough.”
Silence spawned after his words as you thought back to all of the dreams, you’d have of the two of you. The woman in your vision didn’t look like you but her memories, what she saw, felt, tasted, those recollections were yours.
“Did you recognize me in New York?” You found yourself asking.
Loki shook his head rather meekly. “I think a part of me did,” he admitted quietly, “but by that point, so much had happened. You didn’t look the same, but I felt that strange pull my mother often spoke of with you. I just didn’t want to believe it, I don’t think.” He seemed to ponder on it a moment longer before clearing his throat. “I don’t think I could have believed it, at that point. But, eventually I pieced it together.”
“After I went back to Asgard, once I was arrested. I had a lot of time to think whilst in a cell.” He chuckled darkly. “Too much time to think, if I’m honest.”
You had so many questions, questions that could have been answered so easily had you taken him up on his offer to show you what he’d seen, but, not knowing how much of it you were truly ready to see for yourself, you’d settle for this.
“Your mother,” you glanced back at Loki and noticed the way his entire face seemed to soften at the mention of the woman, “you were close to her?”
Loki swallowed and, for a moment, you weren’t sure if you were going to get an answer out of the man. But, ever so slowly, he gave you a small, single nod as his grip around you tightened. “I was,” he admitted, “so were you.”
Your eyebrows rose in amusement. “I was?”
“Oh, yes,” he gently pulled your head back down onto his chest and rested his chin against the top of your head. “She adored you. You were the daughter she never had.”
A small smile pulled at your lips as he spoke of the woman. You didn’t have a clue what she looked like, but somewhere in your mind’s eye, you saw a woman with kind eyes and a smile for anyone. The vision of it, the sense of familiarity she bestowed in your chest, hit you like a tidal wave. “She sounds lovely.”
“She was,” he simply said.
And then, silence.
Drawing circles into his chest, you focused back on the stars outside of the window as his own large hands toyed with the ends of your hair. “How does it feel to have your memories back?”
“Loud,” Loki acknowledged with another quick kiss to the crown of your head. “How does it feel bedding what you once called a repulsive space terrorist?”
You wrinkled your nose but found yourself smiling into the man’s chest. “You remembered everything, huh?”
“Every little thing,” he chuckled, pulling you back on top of him with ease. You were nose to nose with the man, completely naked on top of his chilled body, but all you could focus on was the large smile adorning his handsome face. Brushing some hair behind your ear, Loki’s hand remained on your cheek as those blue pools searched your face. “You’re truly here, aren’t you?”
“I am. And so are you.” Matching his smile, you leaned down to give him a quick kiss before tugging the thin blanket over the two of you, shielding you away from the rest of the world entirely. “So, let’s say we make the best of it, hmm?”
a/n: I promise its not going to be all sunshine and daisies but I also thought yall deserved happiness so LET ME KNOW IF YALL LIKE
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gigglysokkamcu · a day ago
I have a shorter one for y’all today! I just wanted a little something to put out! I have a lot of another one written out that I’m hoping to finish soon!
This one has a crap ton of fluff with the reader as (you guessed it) Thor and Loki’s younger sister! SO EVERYTHING IS PLATONIC
Peter also appears for a tiny bit :)
Warnings: lmao just siblings being siblings I guess
Word Count: 984
We Haven’t Done that in a While
“Thor, come on!” You yelled. He had you somewhat pinned to the ground after a small sparring match between the two of you.
You decided to make use of the weights room in the compound. It had been a while since you had trained, so you were a bit rusty.
“Well, you shouldn’t have cheated!” Thor struggled to keep you down. After all, you were the goddess of strength.
“It’s not my fault! Loki isn’t the best influence!” You grunted as you tried your best to raise your arm up.
“Stop struggling or I’ll resort to torture!” Thor threatened playfully.
“Torture?” You didn’t believe him for one second, “If you torture me I know plenty of people who would come to my rescue!”
“Not if it’s this,” Thor raised one of his hands in a claw while wiggling his fingers.
He wouldn’t dare.
Before Loki had taken over the throne and Ragnarok happened, your brothers would tickle you all of the time, but you had grown up a lot since then. You were almost what was considered to be the age of a legal adult on earth.
“No! Not that! Thor! I’m too old for thi-HIS!” You started laughing hysterically as Thor clawed your stomach.
“You’re never too old!” Thor chuckled, “Especially since you’re my baby sister!” He teased you and switched to your ribs.
“I’M NOHOT A BABEHEE!” You cackled.
“Yes you are,” Thor teased again, “Only babies are ticklish, so you must be a baby!”
“THAHAT’S NOT TRUE!” You shouted.
“What is going on here?” A familiar voice rang out in the room.
Thor temporarily stopped to let you breathe and you saw Loki standing in the doorway of the room.
“Oh, you know, just tickling Y/n,” Thor said casually.
“He called me a baby!” You struggled to get out of his grip.
“Well you are one, for many reasons,” Loki teased, which made you scoff, “but, I know that this one is still just as bad as you. Maybe even worse.” Loki pointed to Thor, whose eyes went wide.
Thor immediately let you go, but you practically shot your hands to Thor’s ribs, making him fall over in laughter next to you.
For a man with a deep voice, his laugh was surprisingly airy, but it was still loud.
You couldn’t stop giggling along with Thor’s contagious laughter, and when you suddenly felt a hand skittering over your own ribs, you pulled your hands away from Thor and both of your laughter filled the air.
Loki looked down on both of his siblings’ carefree faces and couldn’t help but smile. Loki also couldn’t help but notice how similar you were.
The way both of your noses scrunched and even how your laughter sounded. The way both of you were physically stronger than him and yet here you were, being tickled to pieces on the floor.
“LOKIHEEHEE!” You squealed as he took his attention away from Thor and began poking your stomach.
“Aww, dear sister, we haven’t done this in far too long,” Loki squeezed your sides and chuckled at your adorable laughter that came afterwards.
You were getting close to your breaking point until Loki was suddenly not on top of you anymore.
You sat up to see Thor pinning Loki and digging into his ribs.
“You’re right, baby brother, we haven’t done this in far too long.” Thor giggled at Loki’s flustered state.
“I’M NOHOT A BABEHEE!” Loki shrieked. You stood up and folded your arms across your chest.
“That’s exactly what I said, Loki,” you smirked, “According to Thor, only babies are ticklish, so that would make you two babies as well.”
Thor laughed before he stopped tormenting Loki and wrapped him in a hug while he was still on the ground.
You walked over to where your brothers were “hugging” and watched as Loki struggled to get out.
“Get off of me you tree!” Loki shouted from underneath him. You laughed at Loki’s name calling before Thor grabbed your ankle.
“Come here you,” Thor growled playfully and pulled you to the ground before squishing you in with Loki.
“Thor, I’m literally dying!” You tried squirming out from under Thor, but it was no use. Your arms were trapped.
“You’re literally dying?” Thor finally got up off of you and grinned almost evilly, “Would you like me to kill you?” He held up his fingers in a claw again.
It’s not that you didn’t want more love from your brothers, it’s just that you probably could not take any more.
“Nope! I’m good!” You grabbed his hand with yours and giggled in exhaustion before he let both of you up.
Loki grabbed his ribs and glared at Thor.
“I was almost squished to death,” Loki hissed. He looked angry but you knew he had fun.
“I thought it was nice,” you smiled. You threw your arms around Thor’s shoulders and gave him a hug, “We haven’t done that in a while.”
Thor smiled at your comment and held onto your hands.
Both of your brothers knew you loved it when you used to play back on Asgard, and they were glad you still did.
“Why do you look so angry, Loki?” You held back a smile, “I know you had fun.”
“If anyone finds out about this I will kill you two,” Loki whined.
“Too late,” another voice came from the doorway.
Of course it was Peter, and of course he had been recording on his phone.
“Peter,” Thor let go of your hands and stood up, “How long have you been standing there?”
“Ever since I saw Loki heading to the room,” Peter smirked.
You and Thor gave each other a look before looking back at Loki. All three of you were thinking the same thing.
Not too long after, Peter’s shrill laughter could be heard throughout the compound, as well as the heavy footsteps of three Odinsons.
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generalfoolish · a day ago
Master-list Update!
up to date as of 6/19
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mayhem Times Infinity Loki Series
No Prisoners Loki One Shot
Tumblr media
Din Djarin Masterlist Including a series and one shots
Han Solo Love Letter One Shot
We Go Together Poe Dameron Series
Tumblr media
Feel The Heat Masterlist Frankie Series
I'll Always Wait For You Santiago One Shot
Tumblr media
Do You Ever Wonder Masterlist Marcus Pike Series
Tumblr media
A Wonderful Prospect Ezra one shot
Tumblr media
Monster Masterlist A series of one shots featuring different monsters
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generalfoolish · a day ago
Tumblr media
Mayhem Times Infinity
Part One: Snapped Back
Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x fem!reader (enemies reluctant co-workers to lovers)
Rating: 18+
Warnings: cw mentions of death, gore, trauma; the snap, violence, comic mischief
Word Count: 3.7k
Summary: The newest Avenger grapples with her own acquisition of power, the loss of a dear friend, and the resurrection of a villain in the aftermath of the battle against Thanos.
A/N: Hey babes! Sorry for my absence! My mental health has been bad lol. Also, I rewatched the MCU and have fallen for Loki again. Hang with me for the first few, I'm trying to keep everything nice and canon compliant while I shred the canon. I did a few time jumps in this part that won't happen too much going forward. This is taking place after the Snap, and isn't connected to the new series. I hope you enjoy 💕
Masterlist | Part Two
Let me know if you'd like to be tagged in this btw! I didn't want to assume since we've jumped universes :)
You glanced down at the pack in your hands, and flipped it over to study the nutrient label. Your eyes glazed over a little as you zoned out on the facts. After re-reading it a third time, you just chucked it into your basket. You had told yourself you’d be more healthy, but the truth was it just felt like something to do. You were eyeing the chip aisle when you heard the first scream.
It curdled your blood, and you felt the hairs on the back of your neck rise. You reacted quickly, and raced for the exit. A person in front of you slowed you down, and you realized two things at once. There hadn’t been any gunshots, which was what you had feared was happening. And the other, shattered you, because the man in front of you turned to dust.
You looked to the other shoppers, and more were disappearing. Jars and bottles crashed to the ground, the shattering of glass scoring the sound of screams and sobs of confusion. You pushed through the crowd to get outside, and felt your legs weaken. Before you could comprehend the situation, before you could do anything, the world went black.
When you awoke, everything was quiet. What frightened you most, though, was that you were in the woods. You had passed out in front of the store.
You were sure you had died, or were going to die, or turn to dust. But as you examined your hands, you realized you were very much alive. A surge of power coursed through your body, and you saw the ending. A giant purple man, an axe buried in his chest, another man awash in light pushing it in further, and a golden gauntlet snapping.
The vision ripped through your mind, and left agony. All at once, you were burdened with knowledge. Thanos had won. The Avengers had lost.
Those words meant something to you. The Avengers were people with power, and were basically celebrities. They were always in the news. The Avengers facility burned through your mind, and you slammed your eyes shut trying to ease the pain.
You opened them, and gasped. You weren’t outside anymore, you were standing in the Avengers facility.
“Who are you?” The woman raised her gun at you, and you lifted your hands. “How’d you get in?” The woman asked, before you had a chance to answer her first question. You knew her, you thought. The Widow, maybe.
“I’m not really sure. I was just in Washington state, and now I’m here.” You stammered, trying to make sense of it. You were pretty sure the Avengers were located in New York.
“Did you fly here?” The woman asked, her eyebrow raised, and her arm lowering a bit.
“I couldn’t have. I’m you guys. This must be because of the dust? Some people got...dusted, and maybe some got scattered?” You asked, musing out loud.
“No. Thanos snapped half the population. He didn’t scatter anyone.”
“Well, look, I was just shopping, people started disappearing, and now I’m here. I don’t understand. I’m not special.” You told her exasperated. How could you make her understand that you were no one, just a park ranger, not someone who flew around.
"Wait, you just woke up?" The woman asked, lowering her weapon completely.
"Yeah, I must have blacked out when everyone was snapped, and then I woke up in the woods, and then I saw this place. It's like I had to come here."
"Thanos snapped everyone two weeks ago." The woman clarified.
"I...don't know what's going on." You told her, feeling suddenly light headed you sunk into a chair near you.
"You...hungry?" She asked, her voice soft. You shook your head.
"Why do I suddenly know everything about you, Natasha?" You asked, close to tears. Natasha, for her part, hid her surprise.
"I don't know, but I know someone who might."
You stood to the side, Chitauri evaporating all around you, and those close to him huddled around Stark. He was dying. That much was clear. He had given up everything, and you tried not to think about his little girl. Instead you sought out Carol. Hoping she was okay. Hoping that everyone was okay.
You knew that they were. You could feel them, battered and bruised, but very much alive.
"We need a word." You yelped in surprise as Doctor Strange appeared beside you.
"Right now?" You asked, irritated. He was snapped, you had never met, and here he was after the hardest fight of your life demanding your time.
"Yes." He answered briskly. You didn't get much of a choice though, because he flicked his wrist and sent you through a portal.
"Strange, what the he-" You whipped to ask, but you were alone. It took you a second to realize you were in space. And you weren't alone at all.
There were hundreds of people, floating in space, and they were all frozen, except one. You could feel his presence, and despite every fiber of your being telling you to run, you pushed forward.
He was bleeding, but not fatally wounded. He was scared.
He was Loki.
Loki from New York.
You knew this one. You didn't need your powers to help you know who he was. He was a terrorist. He had invaded Earth.
He was Thor's brother. He was supposed to be dead.
But he was alive.
You wrapped your hand around his forearm and blinked. You hadn't wanted to drop down in the wreckage, and accidentally impale yourself or...Loki.
He gasped deeply and cursed. You looked over his body, and saw that he'd live.
"You saved me." He told you flatly. You shrugged. "Who are you?" His eyes were wild.
"Were you snapped? Is that why Strange sent me to you?" You countered. He laughed. You tried to ignore the fact that the chuckle warmed your entire body.
"I don't know what or who that is." You pursed your lips. "In fact," Loki continued, his accent licking delightfully in your ears. "I'm afraid I have no idea who you are either." You let out a short chuckle of your own.
"That's right, you missed quite a bit didn't you?" You murmured, trying to piece it together in a coherent way for him.
"Would you care to catch me up?" He huffed, clearly growing impatient.
"Well, you died, for one. Like really died. Thanos killed you, Thor was pretty messed up over it. And then, the Avengers lost." You paused, knowing you'd just dropped a pretty massive bomb of information on him. He gaped at you, green eyes searching your face for any indication of a lie. When he found none, he swallowed loudly. You winced, knowing exactly how he died. His throat, bruised and bulging, snapped under Thanos' massive hands.
You cursed your powers for showing you, and you averted your gaze away from the man before you. His eyes, void of the bright life staring at you now, burned in your mind. You choked out a sob as you heard the bones of his throat crunching.
Loki raised to his knees and brought a hand up in comfort to your shoulder.
"I'm sure that I should be having this reaction, not you." He mused, the thin joke soothing you.
"Sorry, my...powers. I felt your death." You told him hoarsely, and fought back the burning in your eyes. He tensed beside you.
"Well, I am truly sorry that happened." You lifted your eyes to his, and noted the deeper emotions hidden there.
"I do have good news." You told him, wiping a hand down your face. You weren't really winning at the whole "Welcome back from the dead," thing.
"Do you indeed?"
"It took five years, but we brought everyone back. We beat Thanos, two of them actually." He crossed his arms.
"Thanos planned to rid the Universe of half the population. And he did it. But then you lot brought everyone back?"
"That's the gist of it. What do you remember?'
"Fighting Hela, Asgard destroyed, Thanos attacking, Heimdall dying, and then it goes a bit fuzzy, truthfully." He told you, placing a hand on his chin.
"Thor told us you challenged Thanos alone."
"That sounds incredibly dense."
"He said you sacrificed yourself to try to defeat him. You tried to save the universe."
"I won't be making that mistake again, then." He scoffed, and you pushed his shoulder. "What? Clearly, it was of no use. I died. I wasn't even sure I could...die." His admittance rocked you, but you held back your shock. You couldn't begin to imagine what that would be like, it explained the pomp.
"I'm just not sure why you're alive now at all." You admitted back. He looked like you had slapped him. You reeled. "No, not that I'm not...not that I would want you dead. Just, you died before Thanos had the stones. No one else was brought back from before the snap. Or after, for that matter." He considered your words, and rubbed his chin.
"I should take you to your brother." You voiced quietly, the realization of where you were and with who dawning on you.
"Yes, where are we that we haven't been interrupted?" He asked, standing and looking around. You felt your skin warming and awkwardly laughed. He spun on his heel and glared at you.
"We're in my old apartment. I kept it...for whatever reason, and it's pretty far from the epicenter of Thanos' attack." You mumbled the explanation, and tried to not think of what your life was like when you lived in this space. Or how dead the man before you was the last time you were here.
He ran a hand over his face. And glanced down at himself. He sighed and shrugged one of his shoulders. You looked on as you watched his appearance go from disheveled space man to clearly royalty.
"Nice party trick," you teased and he scowled.
"I was going to offer to clean you up, as well." He bit back.
"Why?" You asked, looking down at your dirty armor. It was torn and burnt. There were slashes across your body, mud caked on with blood, and pieces just straight up gone. You looked utterly disgusting.
Loki eyed you, unsure of what to say, or maybe how to say it. He titled his head and opened his mouth.
"I'm kidding. I just fought Thanos and like twelve million Chitauri, I'm nasty." He huffed a laugh out at you, and you smiled back. He flicked his hand and you gasped as you felt the fibers repair themselves.
"Thanks, bud." He clicked his tongue and rolled his eyes.
"What even are your powers?" He asked, looking suddenly too large for the small space.
"I'll tell you when you're older." You teased, and grabbed his arm. He was about to recoil, but you were faster.
The air was thicker here, heavy with smoke and death. The metallic smell of blood hung in the air, despite the loss of the bodies. The smoldering ruins of the avengers building reminded you that you were now homeless.
"Stone! Where the hell did you go?" You looked into the clearing and released a sigh of relief when you saw your team was safe. Your heart dropped, remembering Tony's sacrifice. You didn't know him that well, the time you had spent with the avengers aligned perfectly with his separation from them. You knew everything you had was thanks to him.
Well, almost everything.
"Space." You told Steve plainly. "I had to pick someone up." You nodded to Loki and you heard his sharp intake of breath.
"He's dead. Really dead." Steve deadpanned and Loki laughed.
"I keep hearing that, yet here I am."
"He tricked Thor, then? Again?" Steve asked, ignoring the God of Mischief.
"No, Steve. He really died." You shuddered as you remembered his bloodshot eyes, his broken body slumped on the floor. You felt a hand on your shoulder, and when you lifted your eyes you were surprised that it was Loki, not Cap, offering the comfort. Twice, you realized, twice he had comforted you about his own death.
"Well, Thor'll want to know. I'll see if we can catch him before he goes to New Asgard." You nodded, and watched Cap disappear back into the thick curtain of smoke.
"New Asgard?" You searched Loki’s face, and his happiness was too genuine to dash.
"It's a stretch from the Asgard you knew, but many Asgardians call it home." You told him.
A golden city on fire, Surtur dragging his sword and devastating a beautiful world, and your heart was clutched in ice. It was Asgard, in ruins. You knew it as well as your own home. You looked to Loki, knowing he was thinking of a home he could not return to, and you hoped he was remembering the glittering beauty and not the implosion of the planet.
You shuddered as you watched the battle on Asgard. Ragnarok, you knew it to be. You opened your eyes and found Loki transfixed on your face.
"You keep leaving." He murmured, and you laughed sharply.
"Not by choice, pal. Heavy emotion triggers my powers, and we're all feeling a bit of that today." He looked at you curiously, but didn't speak on it.
As if summoned, Strange floated to you.
"You found him." You rolled your eyes.
"You could have told me...anything!" You exclaimed. "I had no idea what I was going after, Strange. Or that I was even going." He smirked.
"You were the only one who could find him. Now that you're both here, I have to talk to you. It's concerning the Multiverse." You stared at the floating man, his cape billowing behind him, his goatee perfectly shaped, and you searched him. He was blank.
"Multiverse?" Loki asked before you could. Strange shot him a look you couldn't decipher.
"It's complicated. Meet me at the Sanctum Sanctorum in a few hours. We'll go over the details before you leave."
"Leave?" You echoed. Strange gave you that same look and simply teleported himself using his stone. You rolled your eyes.
"That was strange." Loki muttered, and you laughed.
"Doctor Strange." He gave you a curious look, and you laughed more. Today was too much. The world had gained so much back, but you were still reeling from the loss of Nat. You were dumbfounded over Loki. And now Strange was giving you riddles.
You closed your eyes and a scene slammed into you. It was the ship again. Thanos crushing Loki's throat again. Loki falling lifelessly to the floor again.
Your knees gave out, and you hit the debris littered ground hard. You looked up to Loki, who was already reaching to haul you back up. Tears streamed down your face, as pure, unbridled rage racked your body.
"Thor's here," you told him weakly. His eyes widened, and the air surged with electricity.
"BROTHER!" Thor landed hard on the ground beside you, and bellowed in pain.
Another scene burned through you, a betrayal, a knife in Loki, Thor's devastation and mourning.
Fluttering faster than you could process, memories burned into your mind: two children playing, anctics, love, adoration, jealousy, anger, hatred, forgiveness, betrayal, hurt, anger, rage, acceptance, betrayal, forgiveness, love, love, love burning bright in your core and a scream tore through the air.
Only when a pair of hands found themselves on your shoulders did you force your eyes open.
"I am truly sorry, Stone. I did not intend...I did not think…” Thor grasped for words, and you realized dumbly that you were the one screaming. You glanced at Loki and saw concern etched into his sharp features.
“It’s okay, Thor. I just need a minute.” You assured him, taking his hand and standing up. You walked a few steps away and tried to breath through the pain. Often, you wondered if your abilities were more of a curse than a blessing. Especially during times like these.
“I just think we need outside help. I can train you all day, but magic is beyond me.” Nat told you as you grabbed a water bottle from the cooler. You took a deep drink as you contemplated that. Who could help?
“You thinking Thor?” You asked, knowing that he had gone mostly off grid after the snap.
“No, Banner.” She told you, picking at her sleeve. You gave her a small smile, and nodded. You knew their history, it had taken half a bottle of vodka for her to admit there had been anything there at all, and the rest of the bottle for her to admit that it had affected her. Even still, you barely registered anything when she mentioned him. She kept her composure better than anyone.
“Give him a call.” You told her. “He’ll answer you.” You teased, wiggling your eyebrows at her. She scoffed and started towards the main room.
It only took him a few hours to show.
"Me? What do I know about magic? I can barely control the Hulk and that's science. And I know science." Banner had explained as soon as he exited the quinjet.
“You have like ten PhD’s, Bruce.” Nat had scoffed.
“Yeah, and none of them are in magic.”
“It isn’t magic, Banner. It can’t be. It happened after the snap, right? What if it had to do with the stones?” He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.
“Maybe. I can run some tests, and we can see what we’re working with?” He offered, and you had taken him up on it. Anyone else who could help had been snapped. Thor was unreachable, and Carol was off-world. She had done what she could, but answers were in short supply everywhere.
“Sorry, kid. All I can tell is that the properties of the stones are influencing you on a molecular level. I just don’t know how. The stones were destroyed, so you should have lost your powers when Thanos destroyed them.”
You had made to comfort him, to tell him you didn’t blame him for not finding anything out, when you were overcome with a feeling of failure.
Memories flooded through you, gripping you tightly, suffocating you. The destruction of New York, Ultron, Sokovia, Ragnarok, Natasha, one after the next crashed into you. Guilt, anger, frustration, rage, regret, sorrow, anger, and you knew you’d never reach him in time. You knew what he planned to do. You didn’t know if it was something he had already decided, though.
You had thanked him for trying and left the compound. Without meaning to you had brought yourself back to your old place. You knew that Nat had added it to the list of safe houses, and that it would be unoccupied. What you hadn’t realized is that no one had come here, at all. It was exactly the same as it had been when you left it a year ago. You had expected it to be scrubbed of your presence. You hadn’t expected the pictures of your family.
Whatever the stones had done to you, whatever they had changed, at the core of it, you were still yourself.
You tried not to listen to the interaction between Thor and Loki, you really did. But, you had special insight into how Thor was truly feeling. You, also, had insight into how Loki was really feeling, which you had gathered was fairly unusual.
“Truly, brother, I am not tricking you. Nor is this an illusion. I was fished out of space by your friend.” You looked around the barren landscape, and studied the twisted metal. You looked for the rest of the team, anything to keep from listening in. Of course, Thor’s boisterous voice made sure you did hear him.
“Join me then! Among the stars, the rabbit has offered a ride.” Loki scrunched his face in confusion, and you fought the urge to help or laugh.
“Actually, Thor, Loki and I have been tasked with helping Doctor Strange. Loki just couldn’t wait to see you.” You threw a small smirk to Loki, knowing he’d hate the sentiment, and you could feel the embarrassment on him.
“Yes, well, I didn’t expect there to be quite so much to see. You’ve really let yourself go, brother.” Loki sniped.
“Loki!” You snapped, knowing you had set him off, and regretting it. He merely shrugged. Thor laughed.
“It is true! Don’t worry Stone, it would take more than a mere insult to outweigh the joy I’m feeling at having my dear brother back. And knowing that he is continuing his hero streak is such a relief!” Thor clapped Loki hard on the back. “Farewell, Loki. Goodbye, Stone.” You squinted at the blue light he left behind, and turned to the God of Mischief.
“Let’s go meet a man about the Multiverse.” You joked, and Loki hummed. You narrowed your eyes at him.
“I have a plan.” He began, and you rolled your eyes. “Hear me out, first.” You shook your head and grabbed his arm.
He stumbled into you, and you righted him. He smoothed his jacket, and cleared his throat.
“That was quite rude. Stone, is it?”
“Hmm, some of the Avengers call me that.”
“Whatever for?”
“The Infinity Stones gave me my powers.” You told him, realizing as you said it that it may be a mistake to reveal. If he was to be trusted, he could potentially help you. He wielded the tesseract, and nearly died for it. He could, perhaps, understand its power. On the other hand, he could use that against you. You weren’t sure how, but he was mischievous, right?
“How peculiar. I refuse to call you ‘Stone,’ though. Surely, we can do better.” You gaped at him for a moment. “What? Loki and Stone? That’s hardly a properly named duo.” You scoffed.
“Good, you’re here. Ready to begin?” Strange asked, appearing on the sidewalk next to the building. You nodded, thankful for the interruption. He led you into the Sanctum Sanctorum, and you kept an eye on Loki. You didn’t think he’d run off, but he was far from trusted to do the right thing. Regardless of what Thor thought.
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Loki - Episode 2.0
A/N: hello hello hello kiddies episode 2 is out and I did just fall in love x2 with Loki. (The part two will have a part two. Like this episode shall be split into 2 parts.)
Summary: Some reflection is needed on yours and Loki's relationship.
*not tagging anyone because I don’t know who’s watched it and who hasn’t*
(also let’s take a moment to appreciate this beautiful piece of artwork. Go check their other stuff out. link is in the gif)
Tumblr media
You watch Loki shrug his new jacket on, carefully, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he grins at Mobius. His long, lean arms fit in snugly.
“How’d I look?” he asks Mobius, but you notice his eyes flit over to you, leaning on the archway nonchalantly.
He looks simple, in these brown and plain work clothes instead of his usual glamorous, glittering green-and-gold apparel. His hair flows down his neck and stops just short of his shoulder blades, dark and fashionably messy. His stance is sure, and wide, and he looks at Mobius with a knowing sort of mischief written all over his face. But when his gaze flits over to you, his firm grip on his hips loosens just a bit, those shark-grin crinkles around his eyes smooth over and his eyes glisten at you with perhaps something softer, something kinder than his usual harsh havoc.
But you know him too well for that.
You stroll over to him lazily, watching mobius step aside out of the corner of your eye. Smiling at him through half lidded eyes for all intents and purposes. (Although if someone asked, you couldn’t say what purposes.) Your fingers smooth over the lapels of his jacket, before tugging it down so that it fits his broad shoulders better.
“You look very handsome.” You say, finally, looking up. “But I never really did like these jackets. Too business like, for my taste.”
Loki’s newly sprung smile quickly dissolves into a thin line of grumpiness, and he turns away with a humph. “You never did have good taste.”
You laugh, peals of laughter ringing out in the empty office as you walk over to the small circle of minutemen that have congregated, all donning dark expressions and tense stances. You can’t find it in yourself to be embarrassed in the way he makes you laugh with such ease.
Hunter B-15 bites first. “C-20 and her team went dark shortly after they jumped into the 1985 branch. All signs point to another ambush.” You recognise the tension, the stress evident in the notes of her voice. They’re ones your familiar with after all.
“We've grabbed enough temporal aura to know it's our Loki Variant. But which kind of Loki, remains unknown.”
Loki smirks charmingly, leaning forward as if conspiratorially. “They're the lesser kind, to be clear.”
Hunter B-15 sighs, exasperated. “Let me see the back of that jacket.”
You peer at his back as he turns and feel a small of puff leave your lungs as the minutemen begin to giggle at him, gossip-like.
“Don’t be dicks.” You say sharply, eyes trained on Mobius, telling him to round his crew up. You notice Loki preen slightly at the way the room shuts up at the moment the words roll off of your lips, his head tilted curiously.
You tilt your head towards him, the same way he does you, watching as he frowns at Mobius’ inadept explanation of his various powers and tricks. As his dark eyebrows pull closer together, and his serpentine eyes narrow. As his mouth curls with pride as he rambles on about the various molecular happenings that occur when he uses Illusion-projection or duplication-casting, whatever. Showing them up, embarrassing them as they deserve, just before he leaves - in his eyes.
Oh, you know him too well.
Finally, as his eyes flit over to you and rest on your face, still gazing at him. “What about you? Aren’t you coming?”
You smile slightly as you shake your head. “I’m staying, just this once,” You explain. “Research, planning. You know that sort of thing.”
Loki frowns, and looks concerned for once, lines around his mouth tightening. “Alright,” he says finally, before turning back to Mobius and renewing his grin with new oomph, swept away in the tide of minutemen.
You grab the label of his jacket once more, forcing him to stop before the portal sucks him in. “Be safe,” you say.
He smiles gently, smoothing a hand over your shoulder. “I will, my dear.”
Before he can get another step in, you swoop in front of him, pulling him closer until your lips are next to his ear. Mobius looks away, scratching the back of his neck.
“It won’t work, Loki.” You whisper softly, right into the shell of his ear.
But there’s no time to explain, before you push him towards the portal, and he is gone again.
You glare at Loki, from across the extravagantly decorated hall outside of Ravonna’s office. He’s still smirking at you. clothes ruffled, hair a mess, looking all round fashionably dishevelled while sinking into the burnt-orange coloured leather couches. But still smirking.
(Nervously, you’ll admit. But that doesn’t soothe the burning rage he ignites in your very being. You warned him, and he still ignored you. Silly man.)
“You see,” he starts, licking his lips nervously, “that was a practice run.”
You keep your fiery gaze trained solely upon him, and raise an eyebrow, slowly. “Oh really?” your hands grip the arms of the armchair you’re sitting on so much so that they make slight indents, nails cutting small crescents into the shiny leather.
Loki gulps.
“Look, I’ll be honest with you –”
“-As you should.” You growl.
“I’m not happy with this arrangement. There’s always another way to seize power.” He whispers hoarsely, leaning forward to animate his words with hand gestures. “and I don’t think you’re too happy with it either. See, what I just did there – that stunt I so fabulously pulled – was merely a practice run. I’m seeing how these people’s minds work. What they fall for and what they’re suspicious of. How their mind crafts around my deceits. And when the time comes - ” he smiles, breathless with anticipation “-the TVA could be mine. Ours. All it takes is the right planning.”
You lean back in your chair, eyes now averted.
Downcast and focused on the ground, before turning up to meet Loki’s hopeful green ones. All he sees in your eyes are disappointment, and fatigue. “Don’t you understand” you plead, “It’s not possible. I don’t want to be here just as much as you, but there’s nothing, nothing we can do. And the sooner you accept that, the better, because –”
You are cut off by the swift swoop of a heavy door being burst open by Mobius, rushing by with files in hand.
Loki rushes after him, without glancing back in your direction.
“You're probably wondering what happened out on the mission. That was your first lesson in catching a Loki. Expect the expected.”
You roll your eyes at Loki’s poorly executed attempt at fooling Mobius again, and try to focus on keeping up with their breakneck speed storming down the corridor. You don’t bother to pick up the flyaway pages that are escaping his grip, hitting random agents in the face. it hurts that Loki doesn’t trust you enough to listen to your advice. However much you tell him to. Of course, it does; you’d tell him because you car. But he doesn’t.
(Or so it seems.)
You follow them, bickering, through winding long hallways and shorter, plainer corridors until you reach the golden elevators. The pair slow down, until they stop, face to face right at the shiny doors. One side of Loki’s face is caught in the metal’s golden glow. Mobius simply looks angry. You stand near them from the side, staring at the wide space in between them. Each is breathless, but still. You finally tune in to their useless quarrelling and spectate.
“I'll give you two options, and you can believe whichever one you want. A, because I see a scared little boy, shivering in the cold. And you kinda feel bad for that ice runt. Or B, I just wanna catch this guy, and I'll tell you whatever I need to tell you.” Mobius looks cruel, caught in the warm beam of the overhead lights and glow of the elevator.
You let out an audible, sharp inhale and turn your head swiftly just in time to see Loki’s step falter, as if he’s been slapped. Mobius’ adept description has stolen the gleam from his eyes, even if only for a moment. You know you shouldn’t care. Especially when he’s showed that he doesn’t, and you do, and he’ll use you for a hug when he’s sad or whatever, but never actually listen to you. but stupidly, foolishly, you can’t stop yourself.
“Do you really think that was necessary, Mobius?” you speak quietly, but by the sudden upward motion of Mobius’ eyebrows, you can tell your words didn’t go unheard. “Don’t be a bully. You exactly what you’re doing here. You get to choose exactly what happens here.”
Mobius tilts his head, and walks over slowly, until he’s right in your face. You’re not afraid. Your chin is up, hair out of your face, looking him in the eyes. But you know what’s coming.
“Look, you’re right.” He starts, not unkindly. “But you can’t leave the TVA anyways – what difference does it make?”
You knew it was coming. Still, you turn swiftly on your heel and walk toward the stairs leading towards the study, where you know they’ll head afterwards. Ignoring Mobius’ tired sigh, and the strange tilt of Loki’s head.
Loki can’t help but notice the way you steeled yourself before Mobius gave his final comment, the one that made you storm out like you did. Almost as if you’d been dealt that hand before. He is intrigued by it. The way you’re closed off – more so than before. Of course, you’re a warrior from one of the nine realms, born on Midgard but still a most formidable opponent. Even he admits it. It makes sense that you should be closed off. Warriors aren’t known for being overly emotional. (A ridiculous stereotype, he always thought. One can kick arse and still be an emotional mess. What about it.) In fact, he hasn’t been told anything of your sudden appearance. But then again, he may have to ask, to get that information.
Yes, he knows he fucked up.
(Regarding you and only you. He doesn’t fully regret lying to the TVA, and he’s not sure he ever will.
But maybe he should’ve listened to you.)
He lifts his head from the tedious file he’s reading, to look at you, bent over a book. Eyes moving fast across the pages of typed letters, in a dialect he cannot understand.
“Y/N, why are you here?” he asks, tentatively.
You don’t lift your head from your furious reading. Loki sighs and splays is hands on his desk, still looking at you. He should’ve expected that.
“I see. The silent treatment, they called it on Midgard. Alright, I’ll try with something else,” he says, nudging your foot with his and reaching across to your hand. “Can you help me?”
You lift your head, finally, and Loki can see that your eyes are slightly red rimmed. You sniffle as you look at him, in the dim light of the study. “You’re a clever man, Loki.” You whisper, after a slight pause. “You will be able to find the variant. I just hope you’re able to find you, in the meanwhile.”
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