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crystalessenceswrites · 3 minutes ago
When We First [Chapter Two]
Tumblr media
Boba Fett x fem!reader Rating: G (subject to change) Warnings: brief mentions of violence, mention of injury, swearing and alcohol  Summary: How were you to know the role Boba Fett would play in your life when you first crossed paths? A series of firsts between Boba and his partner as their lives and the galaxy unfold before them, an expansion on my one-shot, We Never Stopped.
[Masterlist] [Chapter One] [Chapter Two] [Chapter Three]
When we first started did you know we’d never stop?
When you first let me in did you know then I’d never want to leave?
You had seen Boba step in to end brawls on more than one occasion, seen his hand rest over the grip of his blaster, a deadly threat to anyone who dare oppose him, but you could not truly appreciate his skills until the first time Jabba sent you out on a hunt together. He was a force on the battlefield. Deadly. Precision unlike anything you had ever seen before. A master of his craft. Flawless. It sent chills down your spine to watch him work. The stories whispered in darkened corners of cantinas about his prowess could never capture the true power Fett wielded. He was a testament to the strength and skills of the Mandalorians, to the legacy of his family. You had heard of the reputation of his father once, the legendary Fett that came before Boba. An old, retired guild member had recounted the tales of his jobs with Jango Fett to you not long after you earned your way into the business. At first you had simply been humoring the geezer, but it did not take long for him to have you hanging off his every word. Now you stood and watched his son with the same rapt attention as if the whole world around you had slowed to a halt.
Fighting by his side was something else entirely. Neither of you uttered a word yet you fell into step with each other, as if you had spent a lifetime on the battlefield together. You’d never had a bounty hunting partner you could trust to protect your back. As you watched your last target fall, chest smoking from Boba’s well placed blaster bolt, you thought Boba could be the one exception to that rule.
The two of you silently gathered up the bodies Jabba had requested, depositing them into the cold hull of his ship. At first the silence had been unnerving. Jabba did not usually direct his hunters on who to work with and Boba was a notorious lone wolf. You assumed Jabba’s orders for you two to work together on this job had come across as an insult to the infamous hunter’s skills. While you had been growing your own reputation since capturing Vale, you were still relatively new to the underworld scene. Insinuating Boba needed help from someone so green could not have gone over well. On your way through hyperspace, you’d half expected Boba to either snap or just drop you out the airlock, yet neither had occurred, leaving you confused but content. As you had both gathered info on your targets it became more apparent Boba existed in his own silence. He did not waste time or effort on unnecessary words. Direct and to the point, cutting an imposing figure as he struts around in his beskar. Most folks do not linger near him to chat anyways. So, as you two prepared for the trip back to Tatooine the last thing you expected was to hear the rough crackling of his helmet’s modulator.
“I’m sorry?”
“I asked if you needed the med kit,” his visor is trained on you standing in the entrance to the cockpit, helmet tilted ever so slightly, “you took a good hit to the shoulder out there.”
A sniper had caught you both off guard and managed to clip you in the shoulder. Considering you still had use of all your fingers the damage could not be too severe. While you did not don blaster proof beskar, you were decked out in some decent, and pricey, body armor.
“I guess we’ll see,” you shrug. Settling down into the copilots chair you discard your cloak before peeling off the top layers of your armor. Your shoulder piece now has a serious new dent, but it’s not pierced all the way through. Rolling up the sleeve underneath reveals a growing bruise nearly the size of a dinner plate. Boba hisses for you at the blotchy skin before wordlessly passing you the med kit. “Well not too bad, considering.” You were luck the sniper had not been using a high enough caliber to cut through your armor. The armor had distributed the harsh impact, leaving you bruised but in one piece.
Boba nods, turning back to the ship’s controls. “Nothing bacta can’t fix.”
“Praise the Maker, or whoever else, for that.”
You swear he chuckles under the helmet, a static sound from the modulator cutting through the silence. A long moment passes as you maneuver a bacta patch onto the darkening bruise one handed. Boba navigates the ship into hyperspace with practiced ease. The stars speeding by the only indication of time passing you two by.
“You’ve got a question, ask it.”
Wide eyed you stare at the back of his helmet, “what are you a kriffing mind reader too?”
“No, but I can hear you thinking from here.”
You scoff, “bantha shit.”
“Whatever helps you sleep at night.”
Was that a sense of humor hiding under all that metal and ego?
“You’re not wrong though, I have plenty of questions.” How could you not?
He chuckles, “what is it they say, “curiosity killed the loth-cat”?”
“Like to think I’m not so easy to kill.”
“You did prove that today.”
And you were proud of it. Maybe that is why you bite the blaster bolt and ask anyways.
“Do you ever take the helmet off?”
You’d only ever seen him in Jabba’s palace and now his own ship. Considering the rabble that frequented the Hutt’s company being perpetually prepared made sense. Blaster fights were not infrequent in the belly of the old temple and plenty were not above a viroblade to the back if it so suited them. Yet here in the safety of his own ship, and he was just as stiff, helmet firmly in place.
Fett shakes his head, another huff of static crackling through his helmet. You can imagine you were not the first to be curious about what sat underneath the olive-green helm, and there was no way you were the first to ask.
“Why do I want to know?”
The bounty hunter nods, his visor now squarely trained on you.
You shrug, “seems like it gets annoying after a while. Fresh air is nice and all, plus you’ve got to eat eventually, right?”
Boba just shrugs back, spinning around in the pilot’s chair to return his attention to the ship’s controls. Your unanswered question sitting heavy in the air between you.
Jabba is satisfied when the two of you return with his targets in tow. Or rather what’s left of them. Their bodies are strung up as a grotesque warning against all those that dare cross The Jabba the Hutt. A reminder even to favorites like you that no one was beyond his reach in this lawless corner of the galaxy.
After a series of acclamation and lauding from Fortuna on behalf of his slimy master you’re paid handsomely, even after having to split the credits with your helmeted companion. The party returns to full swing as Boba motions for you to join him at the bar. You never could understand why he frequented that spot when he never bought any drinks for himself. He had no problem buying them for you though. He slides a glowing fuchsia drink into your hand as you slip into the space next to him.
“To a job well done?” You pose as you tip the bright liquid back, the surprisingly smooth cocktail leaving a pleasant warmth in your belly.
He grunts before dropping a chit key onto the bar top, “to another job, hopefully going just as smoothly.”
You roll the plastoid piece between your fingers, sending a questionable look to the hunter. Boba worked alone. The only reason he had tolerated you had been to appease Jabba’s orders. Right?
“Imperial big-wig wants some skeletons taken care of. High roller, plenty of payout to split.”
“And you want my help?” You can do little to hide your shock at his proposal.
He sighs, “could use another body.”
Figures the man could not admit he wanted help. If you weren’t so thrilled at the idea, you probably would have given him more crap for it, but you wanted this opportunity too badly now.
“Count me in.”
He nods as you pass the chit back into his waiting palm. “Now we drink to a job well done.”
Confused you watch as he flags down the bartender, ordering a refill for you and a spotchka for himself. As the rodian wanders away to fulfill the request you nearly miss the quiet hiss as Boba lifts his helmet up, depositing the precious metal onto the bar top between you. For the first time your eyes drift across smooth bronze skin, dark ochre eyes and a mop of ruffled dark curls. You know you’re staring but you don’t give a flying fuck as you try to memorize every minute detail of his features, of his expression, of the man behind the mask.
Huh, maybe that’s why he doesn’t take the helmet off.
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blobbyclouds · 5 hours ago
Protective Mando headcanons
Listen, listen, I know I've never so much as mentioned Star Wars here, let alone the Mandalorian buuuut.... I could not resist. This blog is multi-fandom after all, so what's more fandom to add to the variety?
-Din Djarin-
Whenever you're in new areas, he always goes first to do a quick look around of the area -- make sure it's safe for you and Grogu and, if not, where the closest exit is. Then, he'll usher you two in
He's always hovering a step away until he's 100% certain this new place is safe, intimidating strangers and making it very clear you're under his protection
He just likes having you close, being able to have you in his arms and shelter you from everything else
He doesn't touch you too often in public, simply because a Mandalorian being a bit too touchy could draw unwanted attention. It's the little touches that convey just how much he cares for you: little nudges on your back when you need to walk past suspicious people faster, brushing against your shoulder just so you know he's there
Scared of losing you in crowded areas, so he'll gently grab your shoulder or the back of your shirt to avoid losing you
As protective as he is though, he isn't suffocating or anything. He lets you be independent and have fun, and keeps his paranoia to a minimum for your sake
Whenever trouble is rising, his body subconsciously shifts to stand between you and the danger
He will use himself as a shield for you
Sometimes he has nightmares of bad things happening to you or Grogu. The best way for him to get through them is to just check up on you in the night, which usually results in him standing guard outside your bed/room for awhile
He teaches you the basics of combat after a particularly bad nightmare, so he could have some peace of mind
When violence arises, he always directs you and Grogu away from the gore -- neither of you need to see that
Any sign of fear in you literally breaks his heart. He's a protecter, and sees it as his job to keep you safe
If anyone so much as jokes about your safety, Mando will see red
The same brutal hands that pull triggers and end lives will be so delicate for you, tucking back your hair and rubbing your hand
Mando has given you very specific instructions on what to do if something ever happens to him -- safe houses, friends who owe him favors, where to find weapons/money, etc, so that you could basically survive without him in case... you know
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seateajessi · 7 hours ago
Oh boy - not fair at all
@mari-place​ <3 lots of love for you girl
word count: 459
failed at writing smut...still gonna post a little be ready for Anakin Skywalker/CEO...
Tumblr media
Excitement built in your stomach as you stared in astonishment at the massive building complex in front of you.
"Republic banking center," it said on the massive entrance and welcomed you to a new life. This day not only started your new career moreover you laid eyes on the most handsome man you had ever seen in your whole life.
Not only your life changed that day, but you also changed. A lot to be honest.
Dreamily you picked with your fork in your lunchbox while you stared at the scene that played in the conference room.
Anakin Skywalker was simply gorgeous, the way his dirty blond curls framed his handsome face, the way his ocean eyes would become so intense when he demanded someone to listen to him.
His jaw tightened and his gaze would become cold and distant, his eyes kept a dangerous sparkle and his posture was proud and intimidating at the same time.
You felt it and everyone around him felt it.
You couldn´t help but let a slight gasp escape your mouth as you watched him, guiding the other associates to the exit. Realizing that he would head in your direction you quickly turned around, suddenly starting to panic.
Hastily you closed the lunch box and replaced it with a stack of paperwork hoping he hadn´t caught you staring at him the whole time.
Of course, he had to stop right at your desk and the pure presence of him had your mind go blank.
With the most dazzling smile, he placed his hand on your shoulder, and electricity shot right through you, as he leaned down and whispered in your ear "Meet me in my office after work."
“Not fair”, you huskily whispered and bat your lashes at your paperwork.
There was no way you would look at him right now.
He walked past you leaving you stunned while he casually nipped on his cafe, halfway turned around, and winked at you.
Okay, that was it.
There was no way you could concentrate on the paperwork now, that only seemed to multiply while you impatiently watched the big office clock tick time away.
The time you weren´t with him.
There was one question that bothered you though - Why?
Until now there only had been glances from time to time, longing, staring. Of course all that but nothing more.
Your mind couldn't help but wander to his broad shoulders and how it would feel to run your fingers through his soft hair. 
His lips kissing your neck and hands wandering all over your body slowly reaching the area where you needed him the most.
You instinctively pressed your thighs together, hoping to get some relief out of it.
The time went by and with the last employee leaving, you slowly approached the office that had a tag on the door that said "CEO".
Your heart began racing and you collected yourself before knocking softly.
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KISS THE SCARS | Din Djarin x F!Mandalorian!Reader
Tumblr media
Description: You and Mando are forced to remove your helmets to save the child. But to you, it means more than breaking your creed. To you, it means revealing the thing you're most insecure about.
Length: nearly 6k
Trigger Warnings: Facial scarring from childhood injury, thoughts of unworthiness, self doubt, insecurity, foul language, female!reader.
This was crazy. If anyone had ever told you that you’d be in imperial territory clad in trooper gear, getting cheered for ‘Bringing glory to the Empire’, you’d have knocked them clean out for the insult to your morals. But here you were, your closest friend from your covert by your side trailing after a known Imp criminal by the name of Miggs Mayfeld.
You and Din had been friends since you had both sworn the creed when you were just eighteen rotations old. You had never seen Din’s face, you just knew him from the many bounty rewards you’d seen him bring back to the covert, with you earning just as many. You were the first in your rank to earn enough coin from bounties to obtain a cuirass, and you’d been the talk of the covert for a week. That is until Din was shortly behind you and had strolled into the covert with a chest plate of his own.
Then came his vambraces, which you earned yourself too soon after, then the pauldrons. In fact, the two of you quickly developed a game of sorts just one rotation after meeting to see who could get their entire armour the quickest. When you'd done that, the game became who could hunt the most bounties, and your relationship only blossomed from the competition. He was funny, in a quiet sort of way, and when you got him talking he could be the sweetest man you’d ever met.
You’d known you liked him for a long time now. He was rare as lightning in a bottle and you knew you were a goner by the time you hit twenty.
So when he reigned hell on Nevarro and your covert jumped in to save him like the family you were, you didn’t hesitate to chase after him when you saw him escaping in the Crest, an oddly shaped little brown bundle in his arms.
As it turned out that small bundle would become like a child to you and Din. After traversing the galaxy with the pair of them, raising hell wherever you went in the hopes you’d return the baby to his own kind per the Armorer’s guidance, it was hard not to get attached to the little aliit you’d found in your boys.
And then Moff Gideon happened. You cried furious tears under your helmet as the dark troopers took him away screaming for his mother and father, cursing the Empire for taking away another family of yours. You swore, as you and Din stood side by side, the Crest now all but ashes behind you, that you would make them pay for taking your child. You’d do anything, even betray the only teaching you’d ever known to get him back and it seemed Din would too.
Mayfeld had said you needed a terminal to find the coordinates of Gideon’s ship and the quickest and closest one was in a hidden Rhydonium refinery on Morak.
It was dangerous to get in, you and Din having to fight off pirates trying to detonate the loads attached to the back of the trucks before even entering the base. But now you were here, deep in Imp territory and the best part was they hadn’t suspected intruders for a second, though that was down to the fact you and Din were clad in very convincing disguises. The helmets these troopers wore was piss poor compared to the one you had known your entire life. It was tight around your ears, and the inside rubbed against your forehead in a way your own helmet never had. Yet you felt so exposed, like you’d walked into the Imp base practically naked. This armour, if it could at all be called that, held no weight and was flimsy, not like the density that you called home in your Beskar, but you had no time to complain. The terminal must be close by. Then you and Din could cut and run, whether or not Mayfeld was with you, and crawl back to the safety of your second skin.
So there you were. Two Mandalorians dressed as troopers in a high-security Imp base just looking to get their son back.
The three of you strolled through the crowd, and you fought the urge to shy away from the Shoretroopers patting you all on the back affectionately, instead accepting it and nodding back to them as though you were genuinely their crewmate.
“It’s probably in the officers’ mess,” Mayfeld said, leading you and Din through the crowd towards a small canteen area to the side of the base. You stuck close to them.
You couldn’t lie, you were afraid. You had never been this deep into an enemy base before, and one small mistake could have all three of you shot before you could give up an excuse. The crowd began dying out, Mayfeld throwing up a salute to another trooper to keep up the pretence you were pleased with your success. The canteen seemed to be mostly unoccupied, other than a few men and women clad in officer’s uniforms and some stormtroopers making conversation, keeping guard. Mayfeld advanced forward in the doorway, his eyes locking on the machine in the corner of the room as you and Din lingered behind him. He rounded back on the two of you, bobbing his head slightly as he spoke quietly to the two of you, “There it is,”
Din nodded to him, “Good luck,” He said simply, but you could tell by his tone his nerves were as shaky as your own. Din wasn’t a man of many words, you’d come to realise in the years you’d known him, but you could read his smooth timbre like it was basic galactic at this point. He was nervous and you fought the urge to grab his hand to quell his discomfort, though it would be more for your own courage than anything.
Mayfeld stepped forward into the canteen for merely a second, before you saw him freeze. You only saw the back of his head, but you knew something was wrong. This wasn’t just him hesitating or playing it cool for the sake of appearances. No, he had seen something to make him freeze like an animal in headlights. And with that, under your false armour, your stomach turned with nausea.
He spun on his heel, striding back to you and Din with a shaken look on his face, “I can’t go in there.” He said, lowly.
Your heart rose in your throat as your fears were confirmed.
“Why not?” You asked, trying to stop your hands from shaking. You needed that terminal to get the coordinates if you had any hope of finding your son and there was not a single thing on this planet, or any other in the galaxy for that matter, that was going to stop you or have you leaving without it.
“That’s Valin Hess,” Mayfeld replied, stepping forward to avoid any unwanted ears intruding on your conversation.
“Who?” Din asked, and you sensed the irritation at the thought of leaving without the data had gotten to him too. You discreetly looked over Mayfeld’s shoulder at the man he was talking about, only for your blood to freeze in your veins. He was already looking right at where the three of you stood. He was slim in the face, you noted, with a steely cold look that was only achieved with the cold-blooded murder that Imperial officers executed on a daily basis. There was no remorse there, no humanity, only calculating emptiness. He looked like death himself.
“Valin Hess. I used to serve under him.” Mayfeld replied as you looked away from the corpse-like man in an attempt to appear casual. This situation was spiralling downwards fast, but you were not leaving without those coordinates.
“Will he recognise you?” Din asked, as your mind spun at the options the three of you had. Abandoning the child was certainly not one of them, not when you’d made it so far into the base without raising suspicion as of yet. The terminal was merely a few feet in front of you, it would be all but a slap in the face to walk away now.
“I don’t know. I was just a field operative, but I’m not takin’ the chance. It’s over.” He made a move to leave only for you and Din to simultaneously put your hands on his front to stop him.
“Let’s just do this quick and we can get out of here, okay?” Din tried to reason, but your heart plummeted as Miggs continued to shake his head, a look of despair on his face.
“I can’t do it, okay? We have to abort. I’m sorry.” he said with an air of finality, and you felt your shoulders sag with defeat. It would have to be down to you or Din if you were to get this information.
“No. We can’t. If we don’t get those coordinates, we’ll lose the kid forever.” Din said, his grip strong on Mayfeld’s shoulders to stop him from leaving.
“Give me the data stick,” You said, very aware of the attention you were bringing to yourselves from Valin Hess. His beady eyes seemed to narrow in on your trio as you argued amongst yourselves. He was growing suspicious, you saw it in the sinister tilt of his head, and he was soon to notice how you avoided his eye contact. You were screwed if this took any longer.
“It’s not gonna work.” Mayfeld started, making you huff in annoyance, “In order to access the network, the terminal has to scan your face.”
Just like that, your plan came to a screeching halt. That would mean removing the helmet, leaving behind the only thing that had kept you safe since you were a child. You would have to abandon your whole belief, your morals, everything you’d fought tooth and nail to protect.
You couldn’t. At least, not before Din said the words that shocked you to your core.
“Come on, let’s go.” You were still mid-thought when Mayfeld made a move to shove past you, only to be stopped by Din’s huge hand.
“Give it to me,” There was determination and undoubtable bitterness in his tone as he grabbed the data stick from the man’s hands, looking it over before he made a move to enter the canteen. You audibly gasped under your helmet, and without thinking you followed after him, hoping to either talk him down to a different plan or offer him some semblance of comfort if he was actually going to go through with this.
“Din,” You whispered, and he hesitated at the door, the officers in the canteen clearly having their attention drawn by the sight of the two of you.
He looked at you, and you felt his eyes scan over your helmet from behind his own. “It’s the only way we’re getting him back,” He said and just like that, your heart split more than it had when they took the kid. He sounded so broken, so desperate, to get his son back. Hearing only set off a chain reaction of guilt and sorrow within yourself for being so selfish as to not have thought of it first, but there was no time to discuss it as it was clear you had garnered the attention of the superiors in the room. You simply nodded to him, telling him silently that you were there with him, for him, and that you would do it together the way you’d done since the day you’d chased him onto that maker forsaken ship on Nevarro.
You’d get your son back, no matter the consequences. You’d be a family again.
The two of you moved into the room, each footstep as hesitant and unsure as the others and you took a silent, shaky breath out to try calm yourself. You tucked your hands behind your back as though you were walking with military standards, but only you knew it was to hide the fact they were shaking at the fact so many commanding Imperial officers were staring at the two of you. You felt a sweat break out on your hairline and you gave them a wobbly salute the way you’d seen Mayfeld do. Din did the same, looking almost as out of place as you did and you just prayed that it wasn’t obvious that you had no idea of the customs of troopers and their superiors.
You and Din walked over to the terminal, the man beside you shoving the data stick into the port quickly, wanting to be done with the job already. The screen fumbled around a bit, before a light shot out from the top of the device and attempted to scan Din’s helmet. You prayed it would be enough to bypass the system and you held a loaded breath as it did so. Your shoulders sagged with disappointment however as the screen flashed red and you saw Din’s do the same.
“Error. Error. Facial scan incomplete.” A woman’s automated voice rang through the system. It hadn’t worked. He was going to have to go through with it. “Ten seconds to system shutdown.”
It felt only natural for you to quickly reach out and squeeze his hand for reassurance and you saw his armoured head tilt towards you. You couldn’t see his expression but you knew he was grateful by the way he squeezed your hand back. It was the least you could do to comfort him, and yet nothing could ever be enough to make up for what he was about to do.
But you had no choice. There was nothing you could do to get the child back except this.
“It’s going to be okay,” You whispered to him, not knowing how else to tell him just how fucking sorry you were for what was about to happen. The woman began counting down, loudly, and it was clear he had no time left. He nodded back and with that he reached up to lift his helmet off.
You turned around almost immediately, moving so you were somewhat blocking the Officer’s view of Din’s face. You wondered what he looked like, maker you had thought the same thing since you were just a teen. You were hopelessly enamoured with the man who was furiously punching in controls to encode the coordinates onto the data stick.
You kept your head down, but you could feel a burning gaze on the two of you and you knew exactly who it was coming from. You raised your head the tiniest amount to see the cold, unforgiving eyes of Valin Hess staring right back at you. Your breath caught in your throat as you saw him watching you, his curious glare unrelenting even after you give him a nod of acknowledgement.
You felt your heart pounding so hard against your suit, as though it were a tiny trapped animal throwing itself against the chest plate. You prayed that Din would hurry up, though you didn’t doubt he was feeling the gaze as much as you were, despite your best effort to cover his face from the officers’ stares.
“Troopers,” Valin called and with that, your heartbeat stopped altogether for a moment.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
There were no other troopers around so it was clearly meant for you. You stood to attention as he got out of his chair and made his way over to the two of you. You heard Din keep his head down and continue to punch away instructions at the terminal, hoping that Hess would only address you.
But as he drew nearer, it became clear that wasn’t the case with the way he eyed you suspiciously, before moving his gaze to the man behind you. “Trooper,” snapped his hoarse voice, as though he had spent the whole day barking orders at his peers.
You and Din froze immediately and the man behind you yanked the data stick from the port before turning to face Hess. You caught the way the Imperial officer scanned over his face, taking in every detail with meticulous calculation.
Part of you wanted to cry that it was finally over, that Din’s entire life spent adhering to the creed was gone. Valin had taken it all away with his cold, dead stare in seconds.
Din nodded at the superior to acknowledge him and you could have sworn you heard his breath hold for a moment at the fact someone was staring at the thing he’d kept hidden for the past twenty-something rotations. The thing that had been just his was now up for scrutiny from the man that looked at him as though he was a bug on the wall, one that needed to be swatted at.
“Pay attention when a superior addresses you,” Hess quipped, his eyes trailing Din’s nervous face before he rounded on you, who stood to his side attempting to avoid all eye contact with the man who sent chills down your spine. “You. Helmet off, now.”
That had you almost wrenching with sickness. Your head snapped to the voice that had barked it at you as it seemed all attention was off Din now and onto you. You couldn’t, couldn’t, throw away everything you had ever known and have your face seen by someone as lowly as Hess. That was reserved for your riduur, for whatever soul you chose to marry and bind yourself to in the future. The thought of showing it to someone as disgusting and heartless and cruel as an Imp officer made your heart drop and tears sting at your eyes.
You couldn’t do it, and yet you would have to.
He must have seen your hesitation as an act of defiance, as he stepped towards you, leering over you as he spoke through gritted teeth, looking down on you with white-hot fury.
“Did you hear me trooper?” You couldn’t do anything but give him a shaky nod, turning to meet his gaze. It was then you caught the tiniest glimpse of Din in your peripheral. It felt sinful to even see that much of him, but you had no time to take him in fully judging by the way Hess stood over you threateningly, “Then helmet off. Now.” The commander seethed.
Din wanted to beat Hess to a pulp for the way he spoke to you, for the way he loomed over you with clear menace. He wanted to hurt him, and every single person who had stopped at the booming of Hess’ voice to watch you shakily raise your hands after a single beat of hesitation, and remove your helmet.
He knew how it felt. The horror and self-repulsion, the sheer disgust at your actions that was clear in your face as you unveiled it to him. But that wasn’t what got him lost for breath.
Because it was then you looked at him, and both your worlds came to a sudden halt.
He was so fucking beautiful, that’s all you could think. His dark, Chestnut hair still with light curls even after wearing a helmet for as long as you both had. His scruff of a beard muttered with light grey, messy and unkempt. The way the short hair sat delicately on top of a set of beautifully parted lips, chapped yet inviting. His nose was something to wonder at, curling downwards in a way that framed his face so perfectly, making him look strong and intimidating, as masculine as his huge frame did. His skin, an olive colour that you had only seen on his hands, that complimented his hair and his beard and looked so perfect even from a short distance. But his eyes, oh his eyes were so soft. The deepest brown you had ever seen, round and wide as he took in your own face, and you felt like crying there and then that it had taken you so long to see them, yet it was so forbidden that you had.
You hated yourself for being so in love with the way Din looked. You hated yourself for loving those soft eyes.
He hadn’t had much luck not falling in love with you right then either. He had always known you were special, always kept you close and felt that spark between the two of you. But seeing you was something else entirely. Your hair suited you perfectly, he’d decided that the second it spilt out of the helmet, and your nose only fitted your face even more so. Your lips, the way they parted with the deep inhale of breath you gave; feeling the fresh air, not filtered through a helmet like you were used to, invade your throat with a silent gasp as you looked at him. Your lips were so soft, as alluring as the eyes that stared up at him with a look he knew mirrored his own.
Both wonderment yet guilt. Pure, unadulterated guilt that you had seen each other. And yet he couldn’t look away, and neither could you. He was like a thirsty man taking in water for the first time in days, drinking in every single one of your features with every microsecond that passed, eyes flitting over your face to take them in before you put the helmet back on and your raw beauty would be stolen from him again.
But the most noticeable of your facial features was the scar. It had made him almost reel back in surprise when the helmet had come off seeing as you had never mentioned . It started just below your lip, pulling the skin taut in a crevice that told him it was old and hadn’t healed well. It spun from the left side of your lips, discolouring the skin it ran over, and ran along the side of your nose, over its bridge up to split the middle section of your right brow. It had the occasional branch of extra scarring on either side, like a bolt of lightning over your face.
You were so fucking beautiful. He couldn’t take his eyes off you. He just wanted to kiss you all over, kiss down the scar and tell you just how perfect you were, that you were the finest of all the maker’s creations. He wanted to tell you how he had travelled the galaxy, seen every forest and ocean and mountain range you could ever dream of, how he’d reached one summit a few years ago and seen where the light touched the water and could have sworn it was the most exquisite thing within the universe, and how he felt like such an idiot having thought that because here you were. Here you were proving him wrong.
Here you were, so perfectly you. The most divine thing he’d ever laid his eyes on. He didn’t care if he had to burn his eyes out to keep your creed intact, or even put a blaster to his chest because he had seen the golden gates of the maker’s land and it was you. He could die a happy man having seen your face, and the guilt he felt didn’t even compare to the sheer awe Din felt seeing you.
You had only been staring at one another for all of two seconds, but you both felt as though you had plummeted deep into one another’s souls right there and then.
“Maker. What happened to you, Trooper?” That was the second time that day Din had to hold himself back from strangling Hess and ruining the mission. He saw the way the sound of judgement in the man’s words had you looking to the ground, looking small and nervous, guilty almost for the fact your scarring had been so unapologetically addressed in such a rash and disgusted tone, and he wanted to slaughter the commanding officer right there and then.
“I was attacked by a Tusken Mastiff when I was young,” You told him, which was the truth. The beauty of wearing a helmet for almost every hour of the day was that your secret, your past and the horrible reminder of the accident with the Tuskens was hidden, it was yours to keep to yourself. But now Din knew, he’d seen it and you suddenly hated the way his eyes trailed your face, knowing he was looking at it, he was scrutinising it the way every person would. The way Hess was.
You even saw Mayfeld’s eyes widen when you looked up at him as he came over to rescue you and Din from the officer’s questions you couldn't answer. You even knew the men you called comrades were still looking at it as you sat with Hess, their eyes lingering on the diagonal marking. You could somewhat deal with Mayfeld, but Din was the one that winded you. He was still looking at you, his eyes never leaving your face the entire time you sat with Hess, no matter how obvious he was being. You avoided his gaze, tears burning in the back of your eyes. This was no longer about breaking your creed. No, this was about him, and how he was so unapologetically staring. How he probably thought you were unattractive and that the scarring made you a face only a mother could love.
Not someone a riduur would love. Not him.
And even after the shooting had started, when Mayfeld couldn’t contain his anger and had killed Hess, creating chaos in the canteen, you felt your heart break that this was it. They had seen what you looked like now, there was no turning back, no turning back time and reclaiming what was your secret, just for you and you alone to sit on as long as you’d like.
So when the blaster fire settled for a mere second, and Mayfeld held out your helmets to both you and Din, proclaiming that he understood your decisions and that he didn’t see anything, you looked him straight in the eye, tears filling your own as you smacked your helmet to the ground as Din put his own back on instantly.
The men both looked at you, their eyes trailing your broken expression, the downturn of your lip as you held yourself back from crying at a time like this. Din felt selfish, but he would much rather have never had seen under your helmet if it meant he wouldn’t have to see you so distraught. And he understood, he understood more than anyone else could. How fucking heart wrenching it was knowing his creed was gone, was worth nothing anymore because he had been seen by people. But he hated, despised, with every fibre in him that look of sodden devastation on your face right there. He saw it in the way your brows quirked upwards, in the way your lip wobbled slightly, and he felt himself split in the centre as you choked out “Yes, you did. You both saw everything.”
You had forced down your tears by the time you walked off Boba’s ship to meet Fennec and Cara, and both women were kind enough not to mention the lack of a helmet or the scar. But you saw how they avoided eye contact too obviously, how Cara instantly averted her gaze when you caught her momentarily staring at your marking, and how Fennec decided it was safest to simply board Boba’s ship and leave you altogether.
Their obvious avoidance was almost as bad and the men’s obvious staring.
You had stayed silent as they let Mayfeld leave and as Din handed Cara the data stick with Gideon’s coordinates on it. It felt weird having the breeze flow so openly on your face, the sunlight warming your skin in a way it hadn’t since you were a child. You would almost enjoy it, were it not for the guilt that lingered, festering in you like a parasite that was sucking your resolve out of you.
Because it wasn’t just that you had broken your own creed, your own religion that day, but you had broken Din’s too. You had looked at him. You were so fucking selfish that you couldn’t have avoided it for just a few minutes. He was a blessing to your eyes, the most beautiful specimen you’d ever laid witness to, and yet you felt nothing but sinful to have done it. Like you had seen the maker himself, his own secret creation made from only the best materials he could gather. It was so odd that you and Din were made from the same atoms, the same basic pieces of skin, bone, flesh, scars, and yet he was put together so spectacularly.
He could see the guilt, the shame on your face, and it was odd that he could now read you so easily. Before it had been through your tone, through your body language, though he could read that just as well after all these years. Yet now, it was in your eyes, those eyes that made him want to blind himself so he could have one lasting image burning into his skull of just you and your beautiful eyes, your ethereal face. He just wanted to see you for the rest of his days and the twistedly heedless part of him was glad you hadn’t put the helmet back on.
But that was a part of him he would keep secret. Right now, you needed comfort, that much was clear. He waited until Cara had gone inside the ship, data stick in hand to give to Boba, before he said anything.
He laid one hand on your arm as you made a move to follow her, and you stopped, turning your face away from him almost guilty. “Cyar’ika,” Came your nickname from behind his vocoder and you winced at how it sounded, thinking back to his voice raw in your ears, unfiltered when he had spoken to Hess.
Your energy to not cry died out then with his single word. He saw your shoulders shake and heard your tiny whimper of a sob, and he pulled you into him. He enveloped his arms around you and you only cried harder when his gloved hand came up to hold the back of your head over his shoulder, the trooper armour you both wore pressing together tightly.
“I’m so sorry, cyar’ika,” He whispered as you cried into his neck. You could hear his own voice coated with tears. He was hurting just as much as you were, you reminded yourself. He had just had his past ripped away from him the same as you had. “I’m so so sorry. But we did it for the kid-”
“I looked at you, Din,” You said through tears, taking a stuttered gulp of air after your words, “I looked at you- I couldn’t help it. I’m so sorry- you were just so beautiful I couldn’t help it, Din,” His heart beat against his chest at your confession. Ofcourse, he had felt insecure almost being that on show to the woman he had lusted after for the past twenty years, but hearing you say that was so unexpected. His stomach somersaulted with something akin to butterflies, but your sobs grounded him back to Morak, and he was reminded that your words had been from sorrow, not glee.
“I know. I looked too, meshla. It’s okay,” He tried to comfort you but you only shoved him away with that, leaving him to grab your forearms as you stared straight at him with a sodden fury, one he knew was fueled by regret instead of hatred.
“How is it okay, Din? How can you say that?” You half yelled, the tears dripping off your cheeks and onto your cuirass. But he had no chance to say anything, nor did he look like he was going to by the way his helmet was tilted towards you in quietude, and you knew he was looking at you again. You could feel his eyes on you, on the marking you wished you could forget. “You’ve seen my face now,” You said angrily, wrenching your hand free from his grip and pointing at your scar, “You’ve seen this now. How can you say that that’s okay? That this is beautiful, Din?”
You quietened down, expecting his silence to speak for itself. You didn’t doubt he thought it repulsive, thought it ruined what average of a face you had by the way he stared. You knew it had ruined everything.
But you were so wrong. He proved you so wrong.
He lifted his now free hand up to cup your bare cheek, and the touch alone made you freeze. No one had touched your face since you were young but the fact it was him warmed you more than the beating sun. It was soft, completely the opposite to the Mandalorian warrior you knew he was, soft like his eyes whispered the love soaked part of your brain. His thumb traced where the scar met your lip, his glove dipping in the small ridge it created and moving up to brush against the healthier skin on your cheek.
“Because it’s you, sweet girl,” He whispered, and your heart stopped. This was far more intimate than you’d ever been with him. There was always this spark, this energy between you, but this was something else entirely. And before you could even stammer for a reply he continued. “It doesn’t matter to me if you put the helmet back on, or that this scar is there. It’s what makes you you. You’re strong and beautiful with or without the armour, with or without your scars. You’re you. And I’ll know you forever,”
Your breath was held the entire time until his final sentence, when you let out a small gasp of air, attempting to meet his eyes behind the helmet. Those soft eyes. If only you could see them now, after he’d just said that. The first line of the riduurok. The first marriage vow.
“Din, I don’t understand,” You said quietly, as he let go of your other arm to cup the other side of your face so he could now trace where your scar split your brow, leading it upwards to tuck a piece of hair out of your eyes before returning to cup your face and stare at you from behind his own helmet that he wanted to rip off then and there.
It suddenly weighed him down much more than his Beskar ever did.
“Marry me, my love.” Was all he said.
AUTHORS NOTE: I have a lot of discolouring and scarring on my body and my face from my allergies and how bad my skin condition can get sometimes. It’s hard to be confident in my own skin but I’m getting there so I wrote this as a kind of reminder that everyone is beautiful in their own skin, even if you don’t always feel like it!
@evyiione @greeneyedblondie44
if you’d like to be added to a tag list just send me a message, comment or ask and I’ll add you to whichever you like! 💜
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obi-wan kenobi 🤝 din djarin
having sexual tension with every person they fight
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spicymayo1983 · 9 hours ago
Hiya. This is part 2. Poe Dameron has arrived to help you and your father mourn the loss of your mother.
A flood of wonderful memories of the Summer romance you enjoyed as teenagers has returned.
As you prepare to lay your mother to rest you find yourself falling in love with him all over again.
Warnings, grief and mourning, flashback memories of smut, angst, not for anyone under 18.
Tumblr media
Poe was gorgeous. Almost to the point of where it should be illegal. He was a cute teenager yes, but as the old cliche said he had aged like a fine wine.
Even though you had grown up with this man the mere sight of him today rendered you speechless.
"Poe, I haven't seen you since you were a kid, how have things been?"
Your father immediately cracks a bright smile when he sees Poe. The two men share a hug, you're delighted because it's the first time you've seen your father smile in days.
"You were such a bad influence on my daughter". Corr teases, laughing a little. "But she always seemed happier when you were around".
"Oh dad". You reply quickly, your face turning deep red. "It wasn't what you think".
"No it was more". Poe confesses, a naughty grin appearing on his beautiful face. "But we were what? 15? There were a lot of hormones at play".
Your smile quickly fades and you lose interest fast in the conversation. You assume that Poe saw you as a hormone fueled, teenage Summer fling and it made you angry.
For 20 years you held those encounters dear in your heart and remembered them with great fondness. He was your first but you had a sense and could tell that Poe wasn't so innocent. He knew what he was doing, he may have fumbled a little but he had definitely had sex with someone else before you.
You head upstairs to the guest bedroom, which has two single beds, while Poe and your father talk and catch up.
You've already drifted off to sleep when you hear the bedroom door crack open. You open one eye and are surprised to see that it's Poe, apparently he is your overnight guest.
Thinking that you are asleep he strips down to his underwear and climbs into the extra bed.
In the dim light shining from the hallway you catch a glimpse of his smooth, muscular body and the large bulge in his underwear.
Wow, you mouth to yourself silently, or at least you thought so.
"I heard that, I take it you enjoy what you see?" Poe says with a laugh as he sits up and switches the light on.
"What would make you think that?" You grumble as you sit up quickly.
Poe can see that you're mad at him. He moves from his bed across the room and sits down next to you.
"It's been 20 years but you're more beautiful than ever". He says with a deep sigh and a slight smile as he moves closer to you. "Those days and nights together were amazing, I loved exploring the jungle and temple with you".
"You made it sound like a torrid fling". You explain with a deep sigh. "I don't know, I always thought we were more than that".
"We were so much more". Poe continued, gently taking your hand in his. "I wanted to drop the subject quickly because your parents are like a second family to me and I thought it would be disrespectful".
"You weren't a virgin, were you?" You ask with a slight laugh, your face turning a little red.
"How could you tell?" Poe replied quickly, his smile getting bigger.
"You knew how to and where to touch me". You continue, as you move even closer. "The oral sex kind of gave it away."
"I was a lonely kid, a bored kid most importantly". Poe explained. "As soon as puberty hit me I began to read, ahem, some adult materials, and I learned some tips and tricks from those I guess".
"So you were a virgin?" You tease, giggling a little.
"Absolutely". He continued, blushing just a little. "I wanted to be with you first, because I've known you the longest, and I trusted you".
"I'll always remember the waterfall". You tell him, looking deeply into his eyes.
"Ohhh the waterfall, how can I forget?" Poe replied, laughing a little.
The waterfall, Yavin 4, 20 years earlier
You've spent the morning hiking through the jungle with your best friend turned boyfriend Poe Dameron.
You're exhausted, and overheated, by the time you reach the beautiful, and famous, underground waterfall.
Poe showed you the way to the cave with the stunning underground waterfall. You were overheated, and the cave was extremely cool.
"It's so beautiful, I can't believe we've never been here before". You tell him as you start to unbutton your shirt.
"I wanted to save it, you know, for when we were older and could appreciate it more". Poe explained as he removed his own shirt and pants.
He joins you on the blanket that you've spread out on the cool ground. The two of you embrace, sweaty body against sweaty body. You share a passionate kiss as you reach between his legs and begin to stroke his fat cock.
"Mmmmm gods that feels so good". Poe moans as you begin to stroke him faster.
You bring him to the brink of cumming, and then suddenly stop. With a slightly pained groan he rolls you over on your back, spreads your legs open and begins to lick, suck and tease your wetness.
When you're nice and ready for him Poe gets on top of you and you wrap your legs around his waist.
With the sound of the rushing waterfall in the background Poe fucks you hard, fast and deep.
You've never felt such pleasure. The two of you had been hooking up most of the Summer and with each tryst both of you were getting better.
You end up cumming while Poe is buried deep inside of you, your bodies feel like one. Your own orgasm triggers his own release, and before he can pull out Poe ends up cumming inside of you.
It felt so good that he couldn't, or didn't want to, stop.
"I'm so sorry". Poe apologizes as he pulls out of you, a look of horror appearing on his face.
"I'm sure we'll be fine". You explain with a nervous smile. "It's just a little messy".
"You're right, we'll be okay". Poe replies with a nervous laugh.
The heat and humidity, combined with the exhaustion of the hike and your amorous activities has made both of you extremely tired.
With his protective arms wrapped around your body you both drift off to sleep.
When you wake up some time later it's dark, and you're terrified.
"Poe, wake up, we need to get home". You tell him nervously, jabbing him in the ribs to awaken him.
Poe immediately sits up, his eyes widen a little when he realizes how late it is.
"Fuck". He curses, quickly standing up to get dressed. "My dad and your parents are going to kill us".
You quickly get dressed and the two of you navigate the eerie, dark jungle in the dark. Finally, some time later you make it home. Poe kisses you goodbye and then runs next door to his own home, as soon as you walk through the front door your mother confronts you.
"Y/n, where were you?" Your mother shouts, the anger and fear evident on her face.
"I was with Poe". You confess, trying your best to be truthful. "We hiked to the cave with the waterfall and we fell asleep, I'm so sorry".
You give your mother a hug but she isn't having it.
"You're grounded for a week". Your mother tells you sternly. "Your father and I were worried sick".
Without protesting much you go into your bedroom and slam the door. The worry that you did have about possibly being pregnant were put in the back of your mind for now.
The next morning you are awakened by the sound of a light tapping on your bedroom window, you open the curtain and see Poe standing there, smiling sheepishly.
"I'm grounded, for a week". You complain, opening the window wide enough so he can come in.
"Me too, my dad was really pissed, he thought I was dead". Poe tells you with a laugh as he sits on your bed.
"Then why are you here?" You tease, leaning over and kissing him.
"I'm not really the rule following type". Poe confesses, smoothing down his curly hair with one hand. "My dad knows this too".
"I came over to check on you, to make sure you're okay". He continues, smiling a little.
"I can't possibly know if I'm pregnant yet". You tell him with a nervous laugh. "But I should know in about a month, I'll keep you updated".
"What if you are?" Poe asks, his face looking both terrified and sad. "We're too young for this".
"Don't worry, I'm not". You reassure him, as you shoo him out of your bedroom before your parents discover him.
Truthfully you were nervous too, but you kept a brave face on so he wouldn't freak out. A month after your encounter passes and sure enough your period is late.
You are almost certain that you were pregnant but too frightened to take a test. You tell Poe, and of course he's terrified.
One afternoon you go over to Poe's house and he surprises you with a pregnancy test, that you reluctantly agree to take.
A few moments later you get the results, negative. Much to your combined relief you are not pregnant.
"What happened then?" Poe asks, a look of confusion appearing on his face.
"I don't know". You reply with a quick shrug of your shoulders. "Just one of those things I guess?"
Present day
Recounting the infamous waterfall story made both of you burst into laughter.
"Your mom took us both to that weird little clinic and had us put on birth control". Poe recounted, laughing so hard he was on the verge of tears.
"The way you surprised me with that pregnancy test". You recall, still laughing. "You were more worried than me, you were even picking names for the baby out".
It's been 20 years since you've gotten to spend any quality time with Poe. To be honest it felt like he had never left. The comfort level between the two of you is still there.
It was like he had never left your life.
"Why didn't our parents try to keep us apart after that?" You ask, still laughing.
"I guess they just thought that there was no use, that we were both going to just run away and get married to each other some day". Poe explained as a broad smile appeared on his face.
"My mother loved you Poe". You tell him, the tears streaming down your face. "You were the son that she never had".
You've been strong during the entire ordeal but you're unable to conceal your emotions anymore. You break down and start sobbing and shaking.
"Oh y/n". Poe says to you softly as he leans over and kisses you on the forehead. "Mom wouldn't want us to be too sad".
"She was sick for so many years". You explain, you are hyperventilating because you are dangerously close to a nervous breakdown. "I ran away to join the resistance and abandoned her".
Poe takes you in his strong arms and holds you, gently rocking you in an attempt to get you calm.
Once your breathing returns to normal you look at him, smile a little and say,
"Thank you".
"Can I hold you tonight?" Poe asks, looking deeply into your eyes. "If you say no I understand".
"I would love that". You tell him.
Poe squeezes in next to you on the twin sized mattress and wraps his strong arms around your body.
You feel safe there. Poe gives you a gentle kiss on the back of the head before both of you drift off to sleep.
You had an early, emotional day ahead of you. It was your mother's funeral.
End of part 2
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reginasansrex · 9 hours ago
Obi-Wan Kenobi x Jedi!Reader
Genre: 18+ only, angst, hurt/comfort, romance (gender neutral)
⚠️ WARNING: Torture scene. And just to be safe, also death. And heartbreak.
A/N: This fanfic is based on this Ask. I don't own Star Wars.
Tumblr media
It surprised you:
How a heart can keep loving even when it has been broken.
You had all the reasons to be angry at him and, thus, to betray him. But you won't.
Wanting to know where Obi-Wan Kenobi was, the Sith had been determinedly coaxing you to anger.
"Why are you protecting someone who would not do the same for you?"
"Liar!" you said.
Obi-Wan would do the same, for anyone. His gentle heart, not easily seen, shows when he helps anyone in need of protection.
"You fool. He doesn't love you."
Your pursed lips quivered, making the Sith grin.
"Why care for someone who doesn't care for you? If he does, why isn't he here?", the Sith continued.
Indeed, why care? You have been asking yourself the same question.
If Anakin was his brother, you were Obi-Wan's best friend.
A misunderstanding had caused you and Obi-Wan to drift apart. You had tried to patch things up with him and you forgave each other but it hasn't been the same, leaving you to wonder if he still held your memories in his heart, if he had some love left in his heart for you even if just as a friend.
Here you were, still choosing him after all these years, after everything.
Here you were, refusing to disclose his whereabouts under duress.
But it wasn't just Obi-Wan; you knew that he had a child with him and your conscience would not allow you to endanger a life, especially a child's.
The Sith sighed.
"I tried being nice—"
Electricity coursed through your body.
The Sith would stop using Force lightning to ask if you had changed your mind.
But each time, you refused to say where Obi-Wan was.
A part of you wished that he would come just like he did during missions when you needed assistance. But you knew that even if you called out to him through the Force and even he wanted to help you, he couldn't.
"Don't worry Obi-Wan. Just keep safe", you whispered as you lay face down on the floor, tears trickling down your face.
The Sith crouched down next to you and delicately lifted your chin a bit with his fingers.
"What's that? Where is he going, darling? Tell me, and I will spare your life."
You cringed at the word; the way he said "darling" was gentle but devoid of affection, so unlike when they fall from Obi-Wan's lips.
You closed your eyes, too tired to argue and resolute in your conviction to protect Obi-Wan and the child.
"I love you", you whispered, before you slipped into unconsciousness.
Tumblr media
A breeze blew across Obi-Wan's cheek as he watched twin suns set. He lost a lot so fast—Anakin, the Jedi Order, his colleagues and friends, himself—in what seemed like only yesterday.
With the two stars side by side, his thoughts drifted to you again. It has been a year, but he still wondered if you were able to hide and he still hoped that, like him, you were mostly safe from the Empire's reach.
Deep down, Obi-Wan wished you were here with him. If you were, he thought, you would watch over the child together and he would be able to tell you how he really felt now that he is freer—Yes, he loved you. In truth, more than as a friend. And he still does.
You stayed on his mind long after the falling out, coming into the fore of his consciousness when something reminded him of you and at random. He had wondered how you were; if you were having fun without him; and had imagined, what if he picked up his comlink, rang you up, and said he wanted to start over?
His chance has passed.
He knows that he let it pass. And all the time that went by where he limited his interactions with you to matters concerning work came back to him, stinging his heart.
It surprised him:
How a heart can keep loving even when it has been broken.
He had had all the reasons to be angry at you and, thus, to forget you. Yet he couldn't, and he won't.
But it would surprise him more later, when a familiar figure appears in the desert like a mirage:
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whenweloveagain · 13 hours ago
For A Lie (Tech x Reader)
Tumblr media
- Once upon a time, there was a girl who believed that she could conquer the world. How she enjoyed those days growing up, when the world seemed to fit her every whim. A place. A safe place in her mind where no one could harm her.
- Your intelligence and hard work meant that very quickly, you ascended the ranks of the Republic, becoming the youngest senator since Padme Amidala to speak for your home planet. To make things better.
- It was on the ruins of Orto Plutonia that you met the man who changed you permanently.
- “Senator (Y/N).” The Chairman gestured for you to sit. “A pleasure to finally meet the woman who has done so much for us.”
- “Chairman Ontomarda. Do you know why I’m here?”
- “To discuss diplomatic relations between our respective planets of course. The question I have is, are you willing to give me what I want?”
- You grab his hand before it touches your thigh. “The question I have Chairman, is what made you betray the Republic?”
- The smile drops from his face. “I beg your pardon? These are aggravating words.”
- “Money? Women? Power and prominence? Did you think you could sell out the innocent to help profit for the guilty?”
- His bodyguards linger at his side. That silly sneer seems to comfort him as he chuckles, rising to his full height. “You know, such a beautiful woman shouldn’t travel alone.”
- “First thing you got wrong. I’m not alone.”
- Taking down this particular sector of the Crime Syndicate was the first of many jobs in which you used your political affluence to help the Bad Batch finish a job. 
- “What’s up with you?”
- Tech swallowed. “There’s nothing ‘up’ as you say. I’m glad you’re well.”
- “’I’m glad you’re well . . .” You punch his arm playfully but find the smile is not quite meeting his eyes. “Have I done something to upset you?”
- “No. It’s fine. Put it out of mind.”
- “But . . .”
- Only later when everyone was asleep and you were heading back to Coruscant did you find anything out. Hunter was in the cockpit. He never sleeps at night. You think it’s because the silence leaves him alone with his thoughts.
- “Hunter?”
- “Senator . . . (Y/N). What’s keeping you up?”
- “I’ll be quick since you’re so busy. What’s Tech’s problem with me? This isn’t like Orto Plutonia is it?”
- “Where he almost took a man’s throat out for hitting you? Who knows? Listen (Y/N), I’ve been thinking . . . you’ve done a lot of missions for us, with us. You’ve been a tremendous help.” Waiting for the penny to drop. Can he see the beginning of tears in the dark? 
- “But?”
- “I think you know. We’re bound by the same laws (Y/N). Tech’s developing feelings for you. And we can’t be in relationships, we can’t have lovers.”
- “But what about Cut . . .”
- “He gave up a world that didn’t mean much to him. He’s happy with that. But the Republic is everything to us. You know Tech. Are you going to make him give up everything, for a lie?”
- Your excuses sounded better when you spoke them to yourself. You close your eyes. You’re not a liar. Not to yourself. Not to others. It happened once. Never again. 
- “This is the last time then.” When he says nothing, you take it as confirmation. When you arrive at Coruscant the next day, you come to leave the ship. Tech reaches for your arm, the way he always has. But this time you don’t take it. This time you can’t look. 
- “I’ve been really happy with you Tech.” You don’t look up because you don’t want him to see you cry. “I’ve always admired . . . how you take care of your brothers. And how you take care of me. You’re going to do really amazing things.”
- Those are the last words you spoke to him. 
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mip-trys-something-new · 13 hours ago
During the Storm
Tumblr media
I do not own the GIF.
Word Count: 1106
Sand was all you knew. All you've known. The dry grit that sticks against the sweat glistening on your skin. The desert heat that always fans out in the flat climate. The waves of glistering sun burns and harsh winds carrying sand to bury you for days.
Dry heat. Fever inducing weather. Hot withered ground that cracks beneath your weight and kicks up small storms of sand. Dust storms for days on end.
Until the Mandalorian had offered you a place on the Crest. As one of the only mechanics on the planet of Tatooine that wouldn't swindle him. Peli was nice, but she had nothing on you who could finish repairs on the ship in mere hours. With work that would put anyone to shame despite their experience in the field.
Flying in space was a different experience you've never encountered. The feeling of weightlessness, no gravity to bite against worn and tired muscles. Yet the force that hit your body like a bantha running over the desert with shaking impacts.
It was a feeling you had surprisingly enjoyed. The feeling, the weight that was foreign yet inviting. Mando had looked at you out of the corner of his visor, enthralled with your expression.
The light in your eyes reflected the swirling blues and whites of hyperspace. The way your knuckles turned white grasping against the sides of the chair, yet your weight was on the very edge of the seat. Leaning forward the slightest bit to absorb any and all experiences of space.
It was endearing, the way you were naive about things. Having lived on Tatooine all this time, you had never seen space. Never felt cold air or the drowning wet of the ocean. You eagerly told Mando tales of when you grew up on Tatooine.
Things including traders, bounty hunters with a strange knack for trading strange items. A funny story of you losing the only ship you had, stolen and crashed. You had a tone of bitterness to it when you spoke of that experience. Even if the ship was intact, you would've never been able to properly pilot off the dusty grounds of Tatooine.
And sometimes Mando would promise you. Let you see the vast galaxy with him. Explore and experience things you've never seen before. Like the way your breath had turned into a white puff of air when you first landed on Hoth. It was such a surreal experience.
The way your eyes widened. You had never experienced anything other than blistering heat. The freezing climate of Hoth was a nice surprise for you. Without Mando's efforts of shoving a parka onto your eager form, you would've caught a cold within the first few minutes of existing with the ice and snow.
You would write in the small journal you had brought with you. Telling all about the new experiences you had with Mando. Play fighting in the snow, feeling the cool texture of ice against your skin. It fascinated you how much water could exist in one place, and get frozen due to the frigid temperatures.
It was like a foundling experiencing the joy of being loved by someone. You would ask questions every few seconds, and Mando would patiently answer every question. Some questions were pure curiosity. Others were strange questions that had Mando rolling his eyes underneath the helmet.
"What's the stuff raining from the sky? Looks like cold sand. But it melts."
"That's called snow. A frozen version of rain." Your eyes had widened in disbelief.
"The sky gives rain?" Mando nodded.
"A lot of temperate planets have a lot of greenery. Jungles. Humid moist heat and rain that could last for months at a time."
And he could still remember the shrieks you made when first using the shower. Your hair was flat against your head as you had stared at the amused form of the Mandalorian through the cracked open door of the refresher.
"This thing has water?"
"That's what normal showers feel like."
"I'm never going back to a sonic shower again!" Sometimes whenever you felt exhausted, or missed home you would be in the refresher. You were always reminded the Razor Crest could only hold so much water, but Mando would never stop you from running it. Maybe just a small stream of water from the shower. Just enough to dip your hands in and play with to ease your worrying mind.
And the first time you had landed on Sorgan. It was beautiful. Not the environment, but the expressions you had made. With large glowing eyes and deep breaths. Stripping off the sleeved tunic for a short sleeved shirt. The way you would play and frolic between dewed grass. A bright smile plastered on your face when you had played with the smooth soft petals of a flower, or felt the grass beneath your feet for the first time. Even the mud had fascinated you. It was wet and squishy, a huge difference between the grainy sand on Tatooine.
The favorite memory Mando had of you was when it rained for the first time. It didn't matter that there was a storm coming, or the wind that harshly angled the water in different directions. You had eagerly ran into the rain, twirling around with your mouth open and arms wide.
It made Mando smile. The way you eagerly danced in the rain, enveloped in the cool water that soaked you to the bone. But you didn't seem to mind. The rain was comforting. You hadn't had water that fell from the sky. Always from moisture farms. Never seeing more than a few gallons of water at a time.
Mando had finally convinced you to come into the shelter of the Razor Crest. Shouting out to you,
"Come inside! If you get sick, you can't explore the jungles and swamps of Sorgan. You won't be able to see the marshes and rivers and lakes." That had finally gotten you inside. Mando had affectionately wrapped you into the warmth of his cape and ushered you to dry off and change into new clothing.
It was relaxing. Having your presence. Having the innocence that sat on your shoulders as you experienced things that Mando had taken for granted. The small things that made you smile and stop. Things like watching the sunrise or stopping to enjoy the scenery and wildlife.
It had taught Mando to relax every once in a while. To let go and feel the way you saw things. And the way you saw the world was beautiful.
Just like you.
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ithebookhoarder · 13 hours ago
Relationship A - Z: (Obi-wan x reader)
A/N: Yet again, for anyone who wants to know, I’m using Dameronlogy’s list here for this prompt. You can find it on their blog, or here. Thanks for all your love and support recently - and happy pride!
Tumblr media
a - actions. what sort of things do they do to show they love their s.o?
Being a Jedi you’d probably end up spending quite a lot of time apart with him being away on missions and assignments. So, I think a large part of it would be giving you ways to remember him when he’s not there. Whether it’s gifting you one of his shirts, giving you one of his favourite books that you need to read while he’s gone, or bringing you a gift when he comes back. This could be something expensive or even just a pebble or a flower. It’s still some way to show you he thought about you when he was gone.
b - beginnings. how did the relationship begin? how has it changed?
I feel that Obi is the kind of person who falls in love slowly but deeply. He most likely met you as a youngling, still in training. He’d have been super shy and awkward around you until he finally got a bit older and more comfortable around you. Eventually, he’d just get so used to having you in his life he can’t ever imagine it without you.
c - comfortable. how comfy are they with each other? peeing with the door open close, or would they rather keep the mystery?
I think at the start, he’d try and keep some mystery and distance - but only because he’s so nervous about messing it up. It’s only when you’ve been together for a while that his walls come down and he allows you to insert yourself into his life completely.
d - dates. do they consider dates to be important? what kind do they prefer?
Given how little time you’d get together, yes, they are hugely important to both of you. Obi-wan would want to make the absolute most of the time you get to spend together, so you can bet your ass he has these dates planned to a t. They don’t have to be large or extravagant, but he knows all your favourites places and how best to spoil you rotten. Whether it’s simply grabbing breakfast at Dex’s diner, or strolling through the local park, he is determined to make sure you have a great time, simply enjoying being in love like any other couple.
e - engagement. how would they propose? who would even pop the question?
I think he’d have an agreement with you, having proposed in private once. I say proposed but I mean it’s more of a promise to be yours eternally, rather than an agreement to get physically married. After all, he’s a Jedi, you know you couldn’t have a proper ceremony or publicly declare yourselves married. So, instead, you have a quiet agreement between you both that you can hold onto.
f - fundamental. for them, what is the most fundamental part of a relationship?
Honesty and trust; he doesn’t care if you’ve done something terrible so long as you tell him so he can help fix it. He might moan and lecture you till he’s blue in the face, but he’ll never abandon you. There’s enough dishonesty in the Jedi order and in the politics he’s surrounded by on a daily basis. He can’t bear it in your own life. As it is, were he not scared of the risk he’d probably tell Anakin about you… and that he knows that Padme is more than just a friend to Anakin. Still, they kind of know the other knows, so they can live with it in silent agreement.
g - gratitude. how do they show their appreciation for you?
You can always tell when he’s grateful because of that subtle smile he’ll shoot in your direction. It isn’t loud or obvious, but it doesn’t need to be. It’s between the pair of you and you can feel all the love and gratitude he’s trying to convey in his expression alone. He’ll be more than happy to express his gratitude physically, after you two are finally alone…
h - home. a random domestic headcanon.
Obi-wan is such a homebody it’s unreal. This man loves to cook and clean like it’s nobody’s business because it’s a luxury he doesn’t normally get to enjoy in the Temple. Even after long missions, he always comes straight to your apartment and tidies it, organising things and cooking meals for you to enjoy together.
i - infinite. do they believe their love is endless, or is there something that could break it?
Infinite. I genuinely think - given what we know about Qui-Gon and his attitude to love - it’s likely Obi-wan inherited his ideas about love. Like, he respects the risk it can pose when manipulated and twisted into something that pushes a Jedi to the dark side. But love itself isn’t the issue, just how people exploit and repress it, which is why he stops fighting the love he feels for you and just embraces it. After all, it’s often sometimes the only thing capable of inspiring him to keep on fighting.
j - jokes. who's the funny one?
He knows he’s the funniest and he doesn’t even have to try. He just has a dry, sarcastic kind of humour that causes you to spit your tea out every time you hear it.
k - kiss. how do they kiss? favourite type?
Oh, Obi is a master at stolen kisses. He’s practically a ninja at stealing a kiss, pressing it to your forehead, your cheek, your hand… He just loves how your face lights up and your nose often wrinkles in surprise. It’s also one of the only times he shows you a more playful side to him, treating it like a private game between you.
l - longing. who's the clingy one? how are they with long distance?
Unfortunately, you’d both be pretty experienced with long distance. It’s part of the deal of being with a Jedi. You also have a life of your own, so it can be ages before you two are able to call one another, let alone see each other in person. It just means when Obi is with you, he’s the clingy one - refusing to leave your side for a minute. He wants to make up for lost time, and who are you to deny him that?
m - marriage. do they wanna get married?
Like I said, he’d love to if it was an option for you both but it likely isn’t. Maybe one day, once the war ends and he’s done his duty to provide peace to the galaxy - that’s when he says he’ll leave the order behind. For you. For both of you, so that you can finally be together in public and not in private. He’ll probably drag you to a register office the minute he quits, desperate to finally make it official. He doesn’t need a big white wedding and neither do you. You just need each other.
n - nicknames. what ones do they like?
Obi loves calling you by a title, especially when flirting. When he says ‘my darling’ or ‘my love’ and gives you that damn smoulder too… yeah, you’re a goner. You also love how red he turns if you call his ‘master’, but you only ever do so in private. Most of the time, you simply stick with Obi and the informality is enough to feel special.
o - over the top. are they ever ott? or are they more low-key?
Obi has his moments (especially when cloaks are involved). Most of the time, however, he is very low key but that makes his extravagant moments all the more shocking when they do appear. Like, he is the king of drama - something Anakin clearly inherited from his master - but he knows when to use it.
p - picture. what's their favourite picture of them and their s.o?
I feel it would be something really simple and intimate - like you laughing at a joke he’s just told, or you smiling at him over the top of a book you’re reading, snuggled in bed beside him. It’s a snapshot of the life you have together and the life you both want to build.
q - quintessential. what is one they would refuse to compromise in their relationship? what's a deal-breaker for them?
As I say, trust and honesty are the two most important things to Obi. Keeping secrets or lying about something is a massive no-no and the quickest way to start some kind of row between you.  
r - rage. who is the most likely to start an argument?
You, probably. As we’ve seen with Anakin, Obi-wan often has the patience of a saint. It would take something pretty severe for him to lose his temper with you. Chances are he’d simply talk to you if something was bothering or upset him. It’s only when you both talk about certain sensitive topics that he might react more rashly - such as leaving the Jedi order, or one of you risking your life/putting yourself in some kind of danger.
s - sickness. who gets sick most often? what are they like when they’re sick?
More detail can be found in the post I did before, BUT I think Obi would be reluctant to admit it when he is the one who is sick. He loves giving attention to others, but hates it when it is bestowed upon him instead. It would take quite some persuasion before he’d agree to stay in bed and let you tend to him. The herbal draught you put in his tea also helps massively, knocking him out in minutes …  Thank you Padme, for the advice about handling stubborn jedis.
t - tattoo. would they ever get matching tattoos with their s.o, or a tattoo for them?
No. Not really. Not as a Jedi.
u - understanding. how understanding are they? or are they a little difficult?
I feel in general, Obi-wan would be incredibly understanding - (I repeat, he had Anakin for a padawan). However, he does have a stubborn streak which has been known to show itself from time to time.
v - vases. do they buy flowers?
As explained with letter a, Obi would 100% bring you flowers. He even knows what type and colour are your favourites.
w - wandering. do they wanna travel? or immediately settle down?
Sure, Obi has travelled far and wide in his time as a Jedi but I feel he’d love the chance to re-visit places simply to enjoy and explore them, rather than as part of a military campaign. Like, there is so much to see and so many wondrous things he never got the chance to stop and savour when out on missions. He’s only too happy to take you and share them, before settling down.
x - ex. how many exes do they have? any horror stories?
We all know Obi has Satine as an ex, so he probably has a few here and there. The code only bans relationships, not hook-ups, so it’s more than likely he’s had a couple dalliances but he rarely talks about them. You’re the only one who’s truly meant enough to him to risk being caught with. He’d also be pretty understanding with you when you talk about any past relationships you’ve been in.
y - you. favourite thing about their partner?
The fact you’re so patient and understanding about the limitations that come with his lifestyle, being a Jedi and all. It isn’t easy a lot of the time, but somehow you always take it in your stride and that means everything. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve someone as wonderful as you but he knows he’d be a fool to ever let you go.
z - zeal. how excitable are they? who's the calm one?
Oh, Obi is totally the calm one most of the time. He’s had years to perfect his composure - for which you know you have Anakin to thank. It takes something pretty spectacular to break him, but most of the time it’s something to do with you and pushing his buttons…
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wickedapollo · 15 hours ago
If I become known as that one star wars drabbles writer that includes alien races into drabbles instead of just human readers I will cry,
Diversity is a thing. It deserves to be talked about, even in a universe where there are more than humans
In DND related games you are allowed to romance people of the opposite race, and you are allowed to be something that you aren't in real life
Reader Inserts for the games allow themselves the freedom of letting the reader be an Orc or an Elf; but that's crazy! Right?
But why is it crazy? Is it crazy because it only happens there in that fandom?
It shouldn't just turn out like that. People should understand, not including races is like having a purely white set of characters that all act the same.
Spice it up, come on. You're human, you make mistakes, but so do other races.
Thirdly, who wants to be a cardboard copy cut out of human, it's so boring.
Have you seen the star wars races? They're goregeous.
We give love to all that George Lucas has made for us; we include the races but not as the Reader Insert character.
Like??? Breathing underwater??? Seeing in the dark??? Webbed feet???
And the key is; just... don't make it hilariously obvious? They're people, and often times people don't want to talk about what makes them different.
Think about how different environments effect them. Let them transverse and become one with your story.
Okay, my rant is pretty much done. I'm still... salty, but that's the everyday normal. I hope you all have a wonderful day, stay safe!
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starcrosseddreamer · 16 hours ago
Young Padawan
Title: Young Padawan Word count: 1438 Genre: fluff/h/c I guess? Pairing: Obi-Wan x fem!padawan!reader (not romantic) Request by anon: So, reader is obi wan’ padawan, and she is a very loud person, who likes to make jokes and these things. So the other jedi don’t like her, and always criticize her, but Obi just protect her from all this hate. Can you please do it? A/N: My dear anon, first of all thank you for your sweet request, I hope you will like this little piece, this is my first ever ff about Obi-Wan, so I’m a bit nervous! (⊙︿⊙✿) taglist: @savspersonalproperty​ (if you want to get tagged in my stuff just let me know 🥰)
Tumblr media
Being a Jedi apprentice and becoming a Jedi knight was all she could ever dream of. Ever since she was little, she would listen to elders in awe who told stories about them, thinking about all those heroic actions the Jedi did for helping the people in need. She decided back then, that she would want to be one of them, and fate was good with her – a few years later she was accepted into the Jedi academy. But unfortunately, she realized, that nothing was as easy as it seems – her free spirit, happy, bubbly personality was often looked down between her peers, who were mostly serious, very withdrawn personalities, who took all the Jedi teachings to their heart and core. The first few years of the academy was the worse – being among all these people all day every day, who she knew didn’t really like her. She was very lonely, and sometimes wondered if she made the right choice at all, or she should’ve stay in her small village on a faraway moon.
Then she finally reached the part of her training where she would get a master – she was lucky enough to get one of the most skilled Jedi knights, whose heroic actions they told stories about all the time, and oftentimes was referred to one of the best Jedi Masters ever.
“(Y/N)”, he said, voice low and calm, waiting for his apprentice to step forward. She took a deep breath, slowly exhaling through her nose, trying to calm her trembling hands. She stepped forward, and looked at her master – his blue eyes looking at her in a way that calmed her immediately, a friendly smile on his face. He bowed his head a little, and she did the same.
“Master Kenobi” – she replied, a smile on her face. She didn’t know why, but she felt safe and understood by his master already.
A few years has passed since, and in retrospect, she feels like her initial judgement of Kenobi was accurate. Since then, she could be absolutely open with her master about her thoughts and worries, and he would always help her out. He didn’t mind her personality, on the contrary – it perfectly made up for Obi-Wan’s always cool and calm nature.
“C’mon Master, that’s all you can do?” she asked teasingly, letting out a little chuckle while adjusting her position and spinning her lightsaber in her hand, eyes never leaving her master, waiting for his next move.
“Don’t let it get to your head, young padawan” Obi-Wan answered, quickly spinning around to get to her left, striking with his saber, which she blocked perfectly, holding the saber above her shoulder, still looking at her master. “Good work, (Y/N). Don’t just use your senses to observe your enemy – use the Force to predict their next steps.” Another spin followed, and he stood back to the position where he would launch the previous attack.
“I still think you are going easy on me” she smiled, standing back to the starting position as well, focusing her mind on the force around them, trying to figure out her master’s next move, as he taught it. “Or” she started, smug smile spreading across her face, “I’m right, and that’s all you can do.”
Her saber spun in her hands, and she decided to try to surprise her master, because as they say, best defense is offense after all. She used the force to jump above her master, quickly trying to strike with her saber, but obviously she failed, Obi-Wan blocked the attack without even flinching, smiling under his moustache, grabbing her via the force and slowly putting her on the ground in front of him.
“You did good today, young padawan” he smiled, putting away his saber, patting her on the shoulder slowly. “Now I’ll have to go to an important council meeting, if you’ll excuse me. I’ll see you later, (Y/N).”
“Master” she said, bowing her head slightly, and he mirrored the motion, then turned his back on her and walked away. She took a second to catch her breath, stood still for a second and closed her eyes, getting lost in her thoughts a little. Obi-Wan was always nice for her, teaching her in a way they both found comfortable, always being understanding of her feelings, even if they were sometimes things a Jedi shouldn’t have feel – but he never ignored those and always helped her understood them and deal with them, which made her a better padawan. Her appointment to Jedi Knight was close, at least Obi-Wan would assure her that it was. The thought warmed her heart, her dream being so close she could almost touch it, and she smiled on the thought. Obi-Wan would be so proud of her.
She started to walk towards her living quarters, lost in her thoughts, when she suddenly heard familiar voices from the distance, so she decided to stop for a second, focusing her mind on the voices, to make sure she’s not interrupting something. One of the voices was her master’s.
“Obi-Wan, I’m afraid we see this topic differently” said a low, husky voice, which she recognized as Master Windu’s. She barely knew him, only met him a few times during her time on the academy, and occasionally before missions. Obi-Wan was pretty good middle link in the chain of command, meaning she barely ever had to talk to the rest of the council.
“Reckless and cocky, your padawan is” said Master Yoda’s old voice, letting out a small hum at the end of the sentence. She felt her legs root into the ground, and her heart beating faster in her chest. She didn’t mean to eavesdrop on important conversations, let alone one about herself. She put her palm against her mouth, furrowing her brows, listening carefully – she couldn’t help herself.
“Master, with all due respect, I think I know my padawan much more, than members of the council. The whole point of having masters and padawans work together is that they understand each other better than others, and this way we can raise the best Knights possible.”
“Don’t let your feelings cloud your judgement, Master Kenobi” said Windu, and there was something in his voice which made it seem like he scolded Obi-Wan.
“I feel like it’s not my judgement, which is clouded” he replied. “You are the ones, who let your prejudices decide your opinion about her, ignoring the fact, that she was one of the best students in the academy, and one of the best padawans I ever had the chance to work with.”
“Obi-Wan” started Master Yoda, but he got interrupted by her master.
“Now if you’ll excuse me” he said quickly, bowing his head slightly, then turning around. His voice almost sounded annoyed with the conversation, but that couldn’t be, it was not like Obi-Wan to get annoyed.
Her arms fell to her side, as she exhaled sharply after unintentionally listening to this conversation, her back against the wall, eyes shut. She felt that feelings were creeping up in her body that she shouldn’t have felt – sadness, disappointment, maybe even a little bit of anger. She tried to quickly regulate her breath, easing her mind, trying to meditate, releasing the negative feelings, when she felt a hand touching her shoulder. Her eyes flew wide open, and felt embarrassed as she saw Obi-Wan standing next to her.
“Master, I didn’t “, she started, but was interrupted by her master.
“(Y/N), I know. I’m sorry you had to witness that” he said, eyes exploring her face, all the emotions on it. She tried to hide them and was pretty good at that, but he knew her for so many years, she couldn’t hide her thoughts from him.
“Is it true? Will I never become a Jedi Knight?” her voice barely a whisper, eyes looking at her feet in embarrassment. The thought that her dream could just fade away made her heart ache.
“Of course it’s not true. You’ll be the best Jedi Knight I’ve ever seen. The council just needs some time to realize that.” His voice was calming and relaxed, just as she got used to it. To her surprise, shortly after he finished the sentence, he wrapped both his arms around her, embracing her in a tight hug, resting his face on the top of her head. “I promise, young padawan. Now it’s time to get back to practicing, shall we?” he asked, a smile spreading across his face, which made her smile as well.
“Hadn’t had enough this morning, old man?” she replied smugly, flashing a bright smile on her master.
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codenamewitcher · a day ago
Star Wars Masterlist
Key: ** Smut/NSFW and 18+ content ||  💛 x GN!Reader (will also be marked as x Reader) ||  💜 x F!Reader ||
Main Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Din Djarin (The Mandalorian)
Betrayal  💜
Wicked Games**  💜
Edee Ni  💛
Hooked from the Start** | Sneak Peak  💜
One Gun and an Alibi (Hooked from the Start Pt 2) | Sneak Peak  💜
Trouble Don’t Last Always  💛 (Coming Soon)
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Return to Me - Chapter Thirty-Six
Chapter Thirty-Six: How Can I Desert You
Tumblr media
A/N: Hi guys! I know it’s been a long time, and I’m sorry! I don’t want to make any promises, but I forgot how much I love this story, and how long I’ve been working on it. So, hopefully, I’ll keep up with it and finally finish this piece! Anyway, I love you all, thank you for sticking with this story for so long. Hit me up with any questions or comments or whatever! Also god he’s so beautiful
Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader Word Count: 2,499 (It’s a little short sorry) Synopsis: The reader makes a tough decision in putting things back together, in their life, and in the galaxy.
Tag List:  @xeniarocks, @too-many-baes, @araceli91103, @idocarealot, @treblebeth, @treestarrrrrrrr, @thescarletknight2014, @cspr-2, @ibikus, @mellow-f1, @mrsdaamneron, @trustme3-13, @missjess71, @ella-solei, @minelskede, @gleigh42, @usuallyweepingnacho, @givemethatgold, @and-claudia, @constantdisgrace, @wordsinwinters, @readingvogueonprivetdrive, @trshbb, @kaitlynw011, @ihave2muchtimeonmyhands, @fairytalesforever, @thanos-jeep, @mixedfandxms, @pastelbunny1501, @emotionalcal, @danicalifxrnia, @getyourselfaunicorn, @spider-starry, @jimhalpertcanbuymelove, @angelicaxhouston, @roserrys, @blushingwueen, @sam-wilsonnn , @commondazy, @throughparisallthroughrome, @ms-dont-care , @bubblegumcat229 , @barnesdameron , @i-hope-the-roof-flies-off , @deliriousgeek , @elisearts​ 
Previous Chapter
It didn’t take very long. Once your video was released, it only took a mere hour or two for it to spread across the galaxy. 
Delicately, the Resistance released the footage to some of your loyal friends, and they shared it with theirs, and before you knew it, everyone across the galaxy was watching the horrifying footage of the village on Chandrila and the speech you gave afterward.
“So, Bhavisama is back,” Nové said, nudging your elbow as you looked at some of the responses you had already received to the video. You smiled slightly and brought up the holo again, watching yourself give the speech for the millionth time.
“Some of you may know me as Queen Bhavisama of Naboo. Some of you may know me by other names, like Y/N Y/L/N Dameron. I present this message to you now, just as Y/N, because we are running out of time. I come to you all now, without my title, without anything other than the horrible future we are all facing. I beg you all to see reason, and see the atrocities of the First Order. 
“After seeing this video, and learning the things I’ve learned about the First Order, I can no longer stay silent. The Galactic Republic died claiming that the First Order wasn’t a threat, that it was in all of our best interests to ignore the problem, that they would eventually go away. The First Order isn’t going anywhere. Not until we do something about it. 
“You’ve seen the footage. You see how much they care about all of you. The First Order doesn’t want to bring any kind of balance to our galaxy. They want to gain complete control of every living being within the galaxy, and they won’t stop by any means until they reach their goal.
“I have a somewhat problematic relationship with the Republic and the Resistance, but I will say this again and again until it becomes clear to everyone. I am not going anywhere. I will not be running anymore. I will stand with the people of Naboo, with the Resistance, in standing up against the First Order.
“Together, and only together, can we put an end to the tyranny, and put the Republic and the galaxy back together.”
“I’m just glad it resonated with so many people,” you said, taking in a deep breath. “And I’m not sure Bhavisama is back. I don’t know if Bhavisama works anymore.”
“What do you mean?” Nové asked. 
“Like I said in the speech. I don’t want to be Bhavisama, or a member of the Resistance, or the Republic. I just want to be me, and do what’s right.”
“I’m not sure you can fully separate yourself from all you’ve done. But what does that mean for Naboo?” she asked.
“I’m not sure,” you said quietly. “But I think I need to talk things over with my parents.”
“I’ll get things set up,” she said. You nodded your thanks and watched as she exited the conference room. 
Poe and Rey had gone to a separate conference room about an hour ago to send out the video to their contacts, and discuss with Leia what she thought of it all. You and Nové stayed in your own conference room, sending the video to your Republic friends.
You hadn’t missed the tension between you and Poe when you were around each other, but you couldn’t deny that you could use his support right now. The idea had come to you during your speech, but you would be lying if you said you hadn’t thought about it before. 
You were thrust into the life of being queen, but maybe it was time to let that life go. It hadn’t been officially announced whether you would run for a second term, and you had been gone so long, you weren’t even sure your polling numbers could elect you another term if you wanted. 
But you had wasted enough time. The world you once knew was crumbling away, and if you didn’t reform the Republic, and soon, it would be gone forever. 
You walked into the hall, hoping to meet with Nové and your parents when you found Rey and Poe laughing in the hallway.
“Hi,” you said awkwardly. They both looked up at you, and even though there was bad blood and tension between you all, they smiled.
“How is the video being received?” you asked. “Leia--”
“Is happy with what we’re seeing,” Poe said. “She sends her gratitude.”
“It’s the least I can do,” you said seriously. Poe frowned slightly at that, but you wouldn’t let him say anything. “There’s something else I need to do. Are you still staying?” you asked Rey.
“I’m here to protect you,” she said simply.
“Okay. You are obviously welcome to stay, but I promise I can take care of--”
“I know,” Rey said, stopping you before you could make your argument again. “But it’s Leia’s wish for you to have--”
“I know,” you said, cutting her back off. You turned to Poe then. Rey glanced briefly between the two of you before taking off down the hall. 
“I’ll just be outside,” she said, excusing herself.
“Thank you,” you said to him, once Rey was gone from the hall. 
“For what?”
“For doing the video. For standing next to me.”
Poe smiled weakly. “That’s never been hard to do.”
“And I’m sorry. For . . .”
“I know,” he said, “I am too. What is it you have to do?”
“Something I should have done a long time ago,” you said with a small smile. “I’ll see you soon?”
“Be safe,” you said. You almost moved to hug him, but thought better of it, holding yourself back. Poe rolled his eyes and pulled you into a quick one. 
“You too,” he said when he pulled away. “We’ll be in touch.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
It was later in the evening when you finally got to see your parents again. You were already dressed in your silk pajamas, but you didn’t care about waiting a moment longer to speak to them. You went to their bedroom and knocked softly, even though they were expecting you.
“Come in,” your mother said in her lilting voice. 
She was sitting on the bench at the end of their bed, a book propped open in her hands. She looked tired, but smiled at you, genuinely smiled at you as you walked in. She held her hand out to you and you went to her, embracing her as tightly as she did you. 
“Where’s Dad?” you asked. 
“Here,” he called, walking out of the closet, also dressed in his pajamas. You spared a smile for him, seeing him for the first time in a long time as just your father, not the man and politician who had meddled with your life time and time again.
“How did it go today?” he asked, pulling up a chair next to the two of you.
“We watched the video,” your mother confessed. “We are so proud of you.” You smiled back at her, but thought you might see a trace of knowing in your mother’s eyes, like she knew exactly what you were about to say.
“It went well. Tensions are still a little high,” you admitted.
“That’ll change,” your father said. You looked into his eyes, and saw how hard he was trying to be supportive.
“I hope so. But the reason I asked to meet with you both is because the video got me thinking. I know the election was pushed back after everything that happened,” you began slowly. “And I meant it when I said I was grateful for all you two have done to keep Naboo safe when I ran. But I had a long time to think while I was gone, and . . .” you struggled over your next words.
“It’s okay,” your father said, “Just say it.”
“I’m not running again,” you muttered, almost like it was a question. Osira reached for your hand. “And it’s not about shrinking away from my problems, it’s about facing them head on. I love Naboo, and will always do what I can to keep it safe, but there is a whole galaxy out there, who I think I could help, too. 
“Naboo deserves a monarch who is dedicated to keeping her needs first. And I think the best way I can help Naboo is to give up the title, and make a better galaxy for our planet.”
“The Republic,” your mom said knowingly. 
“Yes. It’s time to stop planning, and start doing. In whatever capacity I am wanted and needed, I want to help put the Republic back together, bring planets back together, because that’s the only way to beat the First Order. To beat Broden.” 
At the mention of his name, your parents exchanged a guilty look. 
“As king regent,” your father said, “I accept your abdication of the throne.” 
“Thank you.” You took his hand and your mother’s and could have cried. Although there was still an uncomfortable tension between all three of you, there was a familiarity that washed over you all. This was the way they had raised you. To do what was right, even if it was hard, or in this case, seemingly impossible.
“You’ll have to have a proper abdication ceremony, though,” your mother said. 
“I know.”
“Well, then we better get started planning. We’ll need to send you off with all the pomp and grace befitting Bhavisama. Our Bhavisama,” she added. You squeezed her palm again, and this time you were certain a few tears trickled out.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
It took five days. Five days for your mother, Nové, and what remained of your High Council to plan the abdication ceremony. 
With the help of Osira, your handmaidens had spent a long time deciding what kind of gown you would wear, before sending the request to your favorite seamstress. When she had delivered the dress, just the day before, she had tears in her eyes as well. 
You weren’t sure if it was because she was going to miss your business, or your rule, but you were grateful for it nonetheless.
Your father had invited all of Naboo, and a select group of friends to come to the ceremony. In an abundance of caution, no one was to speak of the ceremony until it was done. It wouldn’t be until that night, when you would leave Naboo, for who knows what, that it would be announced that the Queen of Naboo had abdicated. In your place, Jobee Qod, the Gungan council member, would rule until an official election could be held.
Everything was arranged, and yet, when the sun came up and woke you from your fitful sleep, you couldn’t help but feel anxious. It was to be a simple ceremony. You would walk through Naboo, the procession around you spreading flower petals in thankful offering, and when you approached Theed Palace, you would say the ancient script that gave up your power and turned it over to Jobee Qod.
But as Sondé and Loré helped you dress, you couldn’t stop your thoughts from wandering. When you had thought of this day before, you had a clear picture of where you would be running to once it was done, or at least who you would run to. But once everything was done, you were boarding a ship with Rey, your handmaidens, and your parents, and you didn’t know what was waiting for you. 
“Well, I think the seamstress really outdid herself on this one,” Nové said, walking into your bedroom. You looked at her and gave her a small smile. 
“Don’t be so sad,” she muttered, stepping closer to you, “You’re doing the right thing. The people love you and appreciate what you’ve done. It’s going to be okay.”
“Thank you,” you whispered, taking in your appearance in the mirror. You elected to not wear the heavy makeup today. You wanted to tell Naboo goodbye, even if it was only for a few months, as yourself. 
“We’re ready when you are, Your Highness,” Nové said.
“Let’s go.”
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
There was a sinking feeling in Poe’s stomach, and he was certain it had little to do with the sparkling wine Leia had handed him. 
“Relax, Commander,” she said. “Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?”
“Maybe two years ago,” Poe said. “But with the task ahead of her, ahead of all of us . . .” he trailed off. “I think it would have been safer to have her stay here.”
“Don’t you think that’s exactly why she’s doing this?” Leia asked. “She knows that ruling Naboo is an important job, but she also knows it’s a safe one. One that doesn’t challenge her, and that won’t, try as she might, bring our galaxy back together. She’s fighting for our futures, just like you and I.”
“I know,” Poe said, “That’s what worries me.”
“Rey will be with her,” Leia said, as the procession started to make its way to wear they were standing. 
“For how long?” he muttered.
“We’ll just have to see.”
The procession rounded the corner, bringing light music with them, and at the center of the walk, you stood, dressed in finery befitting a queen. Poe couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face. When he had pictured this day, years ago, he had always imagined himself in the crowd, and when you left Naboo, you were leaving with him. And he supposed, in that fantasy, you were all safe, and there was no more fighting to be done. 
When you passed them, your eyes met his and you offered him a small, hopeful smile. He couldn’t deny that just one look at you, into your eyes, took his breath away. He smiled back, and watched as you ascended the steps to Theed Palace, the first step of many, in bringing the galaxy back together.
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A Warmer Refuge
Tumblr media
Chapter 5: Do You Trust Me?
Part 1 HERE
Part 2 HERE
Part 3 HERE
Part 4 HERE
Pairing: Din Djarin x Fem!Reader
Words: 4.4K
Warnings: Violence, mild sexual harassment.
Description: If you want to get this ship fixed, you and the Mandalorian are going to have to make a deal that could put your safety in jeopardy - do you trust him?
The clouds had mostly cleared by the morning, and I found myself apologizing countless times for setting back our journey. Graciously, he reassured me that it was fine, but the pang of guilt ate away at my chest for the rest of the day. So, I decided that I would do the best damn repair job he had ever seen. I would work my ass off making sure his ship was perfect at as little extra cost to him as possible – this would be the only way I could make it right. Additionally, I tried my absolute best not to alert him towards how much pain I was in. It actually seemed to be working, as he seemed to have no cognizance of the pain I was in. I supposed for someone who deals with violence for a living, he had probably suffered a million injuries far worse than mine, and so I caulked up his indifference to this as opposed to my brilliant acting skills; I could barely hold back my moans and groans as we climbed up and over that mountain. Finally, the trees become sparser, and soon we left the forest behind us. We trekked through fields, most of which seemed to be untouched, but distantly I could see smoke rising in small puffs. We eventually came across a gravel road that seemed to separate the wild from the colonized; on the other side were well-kept fields of strange fruit trees and neatly plowed dirt. We stopped for a moment as we reached the road, the Mandalorian looking down at the small navigation device in the forearm of his suit while I took a moment to catch my breath. I’d definitely seen better days. It was fortunate I hadn’t had too much of a chance to look at my appearance, because I’m sure I wouldn’t have liked what I saw. Much of my clothing, particularly around my injured leg, was ripped or stained, and I was almost certain I still had grease on my face from my hasty repair work a couple of days ago. The small stream that banked the side of the road and the tended fields beckoned to me, and so while the Mandalorian busied himself, I went over and kneeled down at its edge to scoop up some water and splash my face down. It was freezing and fresh, reminding me again of the beauty of this planet. I took a moment to feel the mild sun on my back and the cool water drip down my chin, before standing up and turning back to the Mandalorian. “Before we go,” he said, when I reached him, “I want you to carry this.” Out of his utility belt he pulled a rather sharp dagger. It was nothing flashy, except for the way it shone in the afternoon sun, but it pricked something in my heart. “I – I wouldn’t know how to use it,” I admitted timidly. “Are you sure?” He held it out to me in the flat of his palm. “It would bring me some comfort,” he admitted, and so I took it. “Here,” he said, reaching down to my belt. My heart skipped a beat as he attached a sheath for me to keep it in. “Hide it. It will be the most useful if no one knows you have it.” I nodded, carefully sliding the dagger in.
We walked in relative silence, as we had for most of the day. But, unlike it was when we first met, it was a far more comfortable silence. A mutual understanding, of sorts, that we both had things we wished to mull over in our thoughts. I could only guess what he was thinking – he was still a mystery to me. But I thought about my plans on Kistern; where I would go, what I would… in truth, there wasn’t much use. I tried, desperately, over the whole course of the day to consider my plans. But I knew so little about the planet I would soon call home it was futile to try and pretend I did. I hated the uncertainty of my life at the moment (and of the past year), but I distracted myself by admiring the view around me and focusing on what I could manage in the near future; fixing this ship and getting off this planet in one piece. The sun was getting low in the afternoon sky by the time the once empty land began to become sparsely populated. But none of this planet’s loveliness could’ve prepared me for meeting its inhabitants. They were very similar to those back home on Yak’ish Temeen, in that they were a motley population of various races and species, but all equally unsettling. Roadside stalls and derelict houses intermittently spotted the side of the road, and we soon gained some unintentional company as more roads and paths began to diverge onto ours. By comparison to Yak’ish Temeen this was, on reflection, a far more diverse crowd – strange, large furry creatures towered over us, shepherding small and equally hairy creatures transporting goods on their backs, a group of Gungans manned a small cart of strange smelling purple fruit and humans at all wore equally unsettling expressions. They stared at us as we walked, glowering from a distance and occasionally whispering to each other. The Mandalorian must have noticed this, as he slowed down very suddenly to close the distance between us. “Walk near me,” he said quietly, not turning his head. “And don’t make eye contact. We’re not looking for trouble.” I slid my eyes down to the ground, trying to ignore the sensation of being watched. I felt my heart race in my chest. Eventually, we seemed to enter the settlement, marked by a higher density of houses and people. It was mostly one long street, flanked by various stalls selling strangely roasted animals, buckets of grains and other odd goods. Despite the fact I could hear children laughing in the distance, and that the general chatter of the place seemed civil, I followed the Mandalorian’s advice and stuck close by him. Although this was a new place to both of us, he walked with a confidence and direction that made him look like a seasoned local. By comparison, I was almost certain I looked frail and timid, shuffling along and intently staring at the ground. In times like this I was once again grateful for my peripheral vision. The Mandalorian veered off our straight course over to a stall on the right side of the road, where a man was talking to an Artiodac, both sitting on chairs under the cover of a low-hanging tarp. Under it and behind them I noticed a long table covered in various mechanical parts – all of which, I must admit, didn’t seem to be in the best condition. The Mandalorian conversed with the duo, who exchanged glances between each other, the Mandalorian and me. I shuffled uncomfortably under the weight of their stares, so I busied myself by trailing my eyes over the parts in the stall, scanning for anything I might be able to use. From this distance I could make out few bits that could be relevant – whether or not they were in usable condition was another question entirely. My heart stopped beating for a second, jumping out of my chest in shock as I felt a hand grab my arm gently. But it was just the Mandalorian, who was now facing in the opposite direction of me and the vendors as if to better prevent them from hearing what he was saying to me. “We’ll have to get the parts from here,” he said in a low, hushed tone. The baritone depth of his voice sent chills down my back. “Fill your bag with them. But don’t take long – I don’t trust these guys. Or anyone here.” I threw a glance at them; the man was murmuring something to his Artiodac colleague, both staring at us with dirty looks. I nodded in silent agreement with the Mandalorian, my arm still tingling as his grasp lingered on it, firm but tender. He let me get to work, scavenging through the piles of spare parts. As I did, he alternated between examining the pieces I presented to him and watching both the vendors and the general public. I tried my best not to let this creeping feeling disturb me, but it was hard to focus when I was acutely aware of the attraction we were drawing. I filled up my rucksack with the pieces we needed – although some of them were far rattier than I would’ve preferred, I figured it was better to clean and adjust them back at the safety of the ship than make any sort of complaint about it here. After about 20 minutes, I felt that I had truly ransacked the selection for all it was worth. What I had managed to collect wasn’t ideal, but I could definitely make it work, at least enough that we could get off this planet and to Kistern safely. Once I had informed the Mandalorian of this, he escorted me over to the two vendors. The human male gave me a look up and down, making me shuffle slightly – there was something almost hungry in his expression. He looked only a few years older than me and certainly didn’t look to be the muscle of the duo, but between his rugged facial hair and beady blue eyes, he felt threatening enough. Perhaps the Mandalorian saw this too, because he stepped forward rather pointedly, almost sizing up the man as he stood up. “Hand over the goods, lovely,” he said with a slick tongue. “Let’s see what you’ve picked out.” Turns out I didn’t need to hand over anything, as the Artiodac snatched the bag out of my hand with a low growl. “Watch it,” breathed the Mandalorian threateningly at him. The Artiodac took no notice, rummaging through my rucksack and conversing with the man in a foreign language as he occasionally gestured to certain parts. They seemed to be negotiating with each other, with the man occasionally spatting something at the Artiodac, who grumbled something back rather animatedly in return. Eventually, they seemed to come to an agreement, as they both turned back to me in unison. “You’ve got a good load here,” said the man, shifting his eyes slowly from me to the Mandalorian. “We’ve agreed it’ll set you back four thousand credits.” He exchanged a smirk with his colleague. “You’re overcharging,” said the Mandalorian in a gruff tone, which I could read as ‘I don’t have four thousand credits.’ “I can give you three thousand, no more.” The man raised an eyebrow, clearly bemused, and turned to the Artiodac to swap a few remarks in another language before turning back to him. “My friend and I agree four thousand is more than fair for a purchase of this size. However,” his gaze slid back over to me. “We’d be willing to compromise if you have something to offer that can… sweeten the deal.” The Mandalorian stiffened, seemingly understanding the implication of this statement. “Like what?” “My friend here,” said the man, shifting his weight to face me slightly, “is curious about what a Grat’anarian is doing in these parts. You see, he knows Yak’ish Temeen well, been there on a few business trips haven’t you, Uulog?” Uulog made a slurping sound as a reply. I shivered. “What’s your point?” The Mandalorian almost growled these words. “Well, if I’m correct, this one has a great bounty on her head… what with her refugee status, she has free entry onto all sorts of planets… planets me and my friend here, as well as many others, would love to gain access to. So, I’ll tell you what, you –” “I’m not bartering with her life,” said the Mandalorian, stepping even closer and slipping a hand silently onto his blaster. Uulog the Artiodac seemed to notice, as he reached for his blaster in the exact same manner, snarling. The man feigned a sympathetic smile, although the corners of his mouth remained sinisterly twisted. “Of course, of course! Such a pretty thing, I can understand how you wouldn’t want to part with her…” He looked at me and licked his lips. “However, I’m really not sure what else you have to offer that we’ll be interested in. Well, apart from…” he gestured with the silent tilt of his head to the Mandalorian himself. For a moment I was confused as to what he meant, but clearly the Mandalorian wasn’t, and his next words cleared it up. “My armor is not for sale.” “Hmm… what a shame. Well, then, neither are these parts.” The man studied the Mandalorian as if he knew this wouldn’t be the end of it; he was waiting for a better offer. The Mandalorian seemed stuck for a moment, and I could almost hear the cogs and wheels turning in his head. “Give us a moment,” he said to the man, who dismissed us in gratuitously generous gesture. Once again, the Mandalorian slipped his hand around my arm and escorted me to the side, shooting one last look at the vendors before turning to me. I could feel his gaze under the helmet and could sense his uncertainty. He had a plan, and I wasn’t going to like it. “Do you trust me?” I was taken aback dramatically by this question. My eyes, which had been trained in apprehension on the two conversing men, swiveled back to the Mandalorian in mild shock. His voice was almost a whisper, but I could once again hear what he was really saying – almost everything he said had another meaning, as I’d come to learn. I suppose a man of few words had to make the most of them. So, when he said, “do you trust me,” all I heard was “are you ready?” And despite my fear, despite the sinking feeling in my stomach, despite the hairs rising on the back of my neck and every instinct in my body telling me to run, I knew my answer to both questions. “Yes.” “Then play along,” he said quietly. We spared a moment, a split second to look at each other. I felt him squeeze my arm lightly, a small gesture that did a surprising amount to quell the rapid beating of my heart. Then, he turned back and walked over to the vendors. “Well, have we come to an agreement?” The man clapped his hands together enthusiastically, switching his gaze between the two of us. “You can take her,” said the Mandalorian. I’ll admit, I didn’t really have to feign shock at this statement. I knew, with the context of what he had just told me, that he wasn’t being serious, but his tone when he said it – so unbothered and emotionless – it fooled me for the few seconds it took to regain my senses. “What?!” I said, and he grabbed my arm with a force I was yet to feel from him, yanking me as if I was a bounty of his. “Ahh… an interesting development… I’m curious, what made you decide this?” The man’s voice was laced with civil suspicion; he seemed to find it hard to believe the Mandalorian would give me up so quickly. “Well, as you said,” said the Mandalorian, “she’s a very valuable bounty. But I need to get off this planet, so you can have her if that’s your price.” His grip tightened around my arm, and I took this as a silent signal; ‘you’ll have to sell this narrative’. “You bastard!” I yelled, and rather convincingly too. “You – you promised you’d help me! Over there you said – I’ll kill you!” I thrashed against his grip, but before I knew it, he was behind me, one hand tying mine together quickly with handcuffs and the other covering my mouth with his gloved hand. I knew this wasn’t the time or the place, but I couldn’t help my heart flutter at the feeling of my back pressed against the cold beskar breastplate behind me. The man’s smirk turned into a full grin, clearly entertained by our performances. “I have to say, you have not disappointed your reputation, Mandalorian. Cold both inside and out…” “There’s one condition,” said the Mandalorian, his hand still over my mouth. “I need her to repair my ship. You come with me, she repairs it, and then I’ll be on my way.” Once again, the two vendors exchanged brief and heated words in their language, before the man turned back to us. “You have yourself a deal. And, since we reached it so… amicably, I’m prepared to lower the credit portion of your price to just two thousand. As a symbol of… goodwill.” He smiled, that same twist at the corners of his mouth. I felt the Mandalorian nod in agreement behind me, and the Artiodac handed him back the rucksack, which he took with his now spare hand. “Perfect! Now, where is this ship of yours?” The Mandalorian slid his hand slowly off my mouth, faking a threatening glower at me before gesturing at the tall mountain we had recently climbed, which now loomed distantly behind the two men. Both of them turned around in unison, and the man made a sound of familiar acknowledgment. “Ahh, yes! The mountain of Pelesus! An important monument in Utaran history. I assume you hiked your way here, yes? Well, we do not mind in the slightest to give you a ride there… it would be in the best interest of all parties involved, no?” “Lead the way,” said the Mandalorian in return.
We were led further down the road before deviating off it and into what I can only describe as a shanty town, which proved this outpost was far bigger than we had initially noticed. Handmade lean-tos and shacks were piled haphazardly around, only making small alleys as paths between them. It was a strange and drastic contrast – the one between the beautiful, lush and rugged landscape around us with the squalors we were being led through. I wondered how this place could be so poor if it were so abundant with natural resources, and I sensed that something more sinister was probably at play on this planet. The man switched between conversing with the Artiodac in a hushed, foreign tongue to occasionally making cheery remarks to the Mandalorian, as if he were a tour guide showing us around the glorious city of Theed. Eventually, we made it to what almost appeared to be a junkyard on the outskirts of the town, where we were led to a landspeeder. “Wait aboard,” said the man, whose name we had learned on our walk over to be Raggard. I thought I may have a moment alone to ask the Mandalorian something, but the Artiodac stayed with us as we climbed onto the large and rusty landspeeder, eyeing us pointedly the entire time. I watched discreetly as Raggard waved over a few people who had been sitting around nearby and spoke to them in the same foreign language he had spoken to his colleague in. By the way they looked over Raggard’s shoulder at me hungrily, I could only assume they believed they would be getting their fair share of my worth when we returned. Which we wouldn’t, of course. I looked over at the Mandalorian, who sat next to me. He seemed unreadable at this moment, still as a statue and paying attention to nothing in particular. I hoped he knew what he was doing, because I certainly didn’t. His words, ‘do you trust me’, echoed distantly in my ears.
Soon we were off, the four of us in the landspeeder. The journey was only a few hours, and by far shorter than our hike here, but felt agonizingly long as I sat with anticipation and fear in the pit of my stomach. Finally, we arrived at the bottom of the other side of the mountain, and I could almost see the ship as I looked up its slope. We hiked the rest of the way up, the Mandalorian guiding me with a gentle hold on my arm, as my hands were still cuffed. Eventually, we reached the ship, by which time it was almost sunset. “You’d best get working,” said Raggard, walking slowly around the ship to admire it. “It’s clear you’ve got a lot of work to do before it gets dark.” As I collected and sorted the parts, I noticed the Artiodac grumble something at Raggard, who hissed something back in what seemed to be a low, yet heated argument. I tried to ignore it, focusing on my repairs and working as quickly as possible; the sooner we could do this, the sooner we could leave. The Mandalorian helped with repairs but no matter where we went, either inside or out of the ship, one or both of the duo followed us. Because of this, I had not a moment alone with him to ask what his plan was, although I had a strong feeling it would involve violence. Finally, not long after dark, we completed the repairs. The Mandalorian escorted me out of the ship to meet outside with the two men. I began to get nervous. “Well,” said Raggard, approaching us as we were followed out by the Artiodac. “It has been a pleasure, really. But I suppose now is the time to part ways.” The Mandalorian said nothing but didn’t let go of his grip on my arm – if anything, he tightened it. “It is a shame,” said Raggard, poetically, “that you must part ways with such a precious bounty.” He walked up to me, too close for my liking, reading over my face with a gleam in his eyes. “But I’m sure you’ll take comfort in knowing she’ll be of great use to us.” With a dirty, spindly finger he traced a line down the side of my cheek. I shuddered and bit down hard on my tongue to hide my disgust. “However,” he said, “although she will prove a most valuable asset, I just can’t stop thinking about that beautiful beskar armor of yours, I mean, how did you get it?” The Mandalorian didn’t indulge him with a response, but Raggard took his silence as one. “I know, I know, secrets of the Mandalorians. It has been exciting, really, to do business with you. But,” he said, slowly, exchanging a glance with his partner, “it will be even more exciting to kill you.” In the course of the next three seconds, I barely had time to do anything but fall to the ground in shock. As Raggard said these last words, the Mandalorian drew his blaster and simultaneously threw me to the ground. He shot over Raggard’s shoulder, and it was only then, when I looked up, that I noticed the figures drawing in from the forest around us. The men from back at the junkyard began firing at the Mandalorian, and from my position cowering on the ground I watched as he, one by one, meticulously shot them down. He didn’t even seem to look at them, he just knew where they were. When the Artiodac pounced it him from behind, I screamed in shock, but the Mandalorian shook him off in forward-roll drop to the ground, shooting him with a blaster shot straight to the head. I didn’t see what happened in the next few seconds and only heard the Mandalorian grunting as he spared in hand-to-hand combat with a few more goonies who had seemed to close the distance towards him. I was yanked up off the ground, and felt a cold blaster dig into my lower back, freezing me in fear as another arm wrapped around my throat tightly. I could feel Raggard’s hot breath on my neck and smell the sweat on his arm. I scrambled desperately at it, trying to pull it away so I could breathe, but it was no use. “STOP!” Raggard’s voice was shrill in my ear. My vision unclouded at last, and I was able to see the Mandalorian, standing only a few feet away from us, bodies sprawled around him. He turned to us, still holding his blaster in one hand and what appeared to be a spear in the other. “Let’s not – let’s not let this get more out of hand than it already is,” said Raggard, panting violently. I could feel him shaking with adrenaline. “I wouldn’t want anything nasty to come of this pretty little thing, but if we get too ahead of ourselves, I may have no choice.” But as he spoke, something strange happened. I felt the world fall away, and the sound of Raggard’s voice, the clench is arm had around my throat, the blaster in my back… I lost all sense that they were there. I felt my arms release from Raggard’s, falling to my side. Even though he was wearing a helmet, I knew he was looking at me. I could feel it, like I always did, the warmth of his gaze that, for once, seemed to slow down my heart as opposed to speeding it up. Right now, I could only feel him. Him, and… At my side, I slipped my hand into the folds of my shirt. In one swift movement, I unsheathed the dagger and plunged it into the arm that was so tightly constricting my throat. Raggard let out a yelp of pain, letting me go as he stumbled back. “Onto the ship!” The Mandalorian yelled, and I wasted no time scrambling aboard. Outside, I heard blaster shots and scuffling, but I didn’t give myself time to reflect on it. I ascended the ladder into the cockpit and, without even sitting down, began to start up the ship. My hands were shaking violently, and I tried so hard to keep my focus on the buttons I was pressing and not my concerns for the Mandalorian. Before I initiated take off, I almost jumped back down into the hull and watched in astonishment as the Mandalorian strode up the ramp, sheathing his blaster and spear in the process. With no hesitation he went right past me and into the cockpit, and only seconds later I felt the whole ship shake underneath me as we rose up from the ground and away from it all.
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m0mmat0rtle · a day ago
That Would Be Enough Captain Rex X Reader
This is another One shot in my Broadway inspired series. This one is inspired by Hamilton. No knowledge of the Musical is needed though.
Summary: Rex and the reader have been together for a while and with the fall of the Republic behind them, Rex expresses his desire to start a family with the reader.
Warnings: Innuendos, mentions of Sex but nothing past PG-13. BAD BATCH EPISODE 7 SPOILERS
Word count: 1196
Tumblr media
The sound of your husband coming home pulled you from your thoughts and memories of the past. Memories of long ago, serving the GAR as Jedi General along side your close friend Anakin Skywalker and a certain Captain that had managed to catch your eye. You had met the clone while serving the Republic during the Clone Wars. You recalled your meeting fondly, a top secret mission for Anakin, his padawan Ahsoka, and Captain Rex plus yourself. The mission was to infiltrate a separatist meeting, learn their attack plans for the future, and bring the information back to the Coruscant so the GAR could reciprocate accordingly. You were the bait for the mission, posing as a separatist leader and Anakin posing as your husband while Ahsoka and Rex made sure the mission went smoothly from a far, watching your back from any suspicious separatists. But all you could remember from the mission was how jealous Rex got whenever Anakin made a notion as your fake husband. He would make a passive aggressive remark every time Anakin flirted with you, touched you, or kissed you. You and Anakin both knew it was a charade to fool the separatists, hell, even Rex and Ahsoka knew that, but that didn’t stop him from getting jealous. Ahsoka would tell him to knock it off or to focus, but Rex couldn’t help it. He was thinking with what was between his legs rather then what was between his ears. He couldn’t help it, whenever he saw you all of his common sense went down the drain. The way you smiled drove him mad and the way you carried yourself as you walked was enough to make him swoon. “You’ve got it bad.” Ahsoka had told him with a laugh. “That Jedi has you wrapped around her finger.” She would tease him. But she was right. It took Rex ages to get the courage to ask you on a single date, to which you happily obliged. But once he discovered his feelings for you were reciprocated that was enough to kick start the tightest relationship the galaxy had ever seen.
“I was wondering if you were ever going to come home.” You said as you stood to greet him. “I got busy.” He replied flatly as he walked over to you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you into him in a warm hug. You relaxed in the arms of your husband, breathing in his warm scent. “By busy do you mean going on another rogue mission?” You asked as you looked at him and Rex chuckled nervously. “Who told you?” He asked. “Trace and Rafa.” You replied. “Said you were going after a rogue group of clones… did they mean-” “Clone Force 99. Yeah.” “Why didn’t you tell me?” You asked curiously. Rex had a bad habit on going on spur of the moment missions and not telling you about it. You didn’t mind him going on missions but you would like to know where he was running off to. “I forgot.” He admitted. “But I’m home now. Safe and sound.” You giggled softly, letting his negligence to contact you about his mission slide this time. “Yes you are.” You replied as you pulled him closer into your home. “Mesh’la,” He began as he followed you closer inside, “I’ve been thinking.” He stated as he sat down across from you on your shared bed. “About what?” You asked curiously as you tilted your head to the side while looking up at his intent golden eyes. “Do you remember when we served the Republic how much we wanted to have a baby?” He blurted out and you suddenly found yourself short of breath. Back when you both served in the GAR when you had just married, he had mentioned to you his desire for a child but he had always stressed that the current war was no place to raise a baby. Therefore you had promised that as soon as the war was over, you two would try to have a kid. But that was ages ago and you had honestly thought he had forgotten, you nearly had. “I do.” You replied slowly. “Well, the war is over now.” He replied, hoping you would connect the dots on your own, which you did. “Yes the war is over.” You replied. “But the fighting’s not.” His expression stiffened as he looked at you. “What do you mean?” He asked carefully and you sighed. “Rex you may be done fighting in the Clone Wars but you haven’t given up fighting the Empire. I know you’re a soldier and it’s what you’re bread to do but I cannot bare you a child until you are done fighting.” “Mesh’la, please,” Rex began, “I know I am still fighting but it’s nothing like the fight against the separatists. Things are different now.” “I know that.” You replied and Rex placed a gentle hand on your thigh to calm you down, sensing your rising stress. You let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding in. “I can’t become pregnant with your child while you run off on some life or death mission every day and I never know where you are, who you’re with, or if you are even going to make it home in one piece.” Finally, all the emotions were out in the open. Rex placed his other hand on your cheek, his calloused thumb brushed against your cheek gently. “Cyar’ika.” He said softly, his voice was low. “You won’t loose me.” He promised you. “And if me ending my fight is what it takes to start a life time with you then I guess it’s time I stopped fighting.” Your eyes widened at his words. “Wait are you serious?” You asked and the Captain nodded at your words. “I want to start a life with you, not just survive.” He added and you couldn’t help yourself. Your hands moved faster then your mind. In an instant your hands were on either side of his face, pulling him to you as you crashed your lips into his.
His hand moved to the small of your back as his other hand slipped up your arm. Your lips moved against his in perfect rhythm, letting them become intoxicated by the warmth of Rex’s soft lips. Rex gently nibbled at your bottom lip, a signal to you that he wanted to deepen it. You allowed him the pleasure as you parted your lips against his, giving Rex the chance to slip his tongue into your mouth. You nearly yelped, however, when Rex used his strength in one swift movement and had you pinned underneath him on your shared bed. He pulled back just to look at you for a moment, his eyes haddarkened as he gazed down at you. “So let’s start a family?” You spoke softly to him, your voice was barely a whisper. “Would that be enough?” You offered and he chuckled lowly as he dipped his head down to press a kiss in the crook of your neck, a spot he knew that was your weakness. “That would be enough, cyar’ika.”
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Dating Luke Skywalker Headcanon
Tumblr media
Author’s Note: This is my first headcanon so don’t judge me lol 😂
- Your first kiss with Luke was at the Lars homestead (the two of you were watching the setting of the twin suns on Tatooine when he confessed his feelings)
- Ever since then, you have been inseparable
- He loves to buy you little gifts because it’s how he shows his affection (lots of times they’ll be something he’s tinkered together himself)
- Cuddling with Luke is the best (he either likes to lie on his stomach with his head on your chest or he’ll be the little spoon when you fall asleep together)
- He gets along with all of your friends and you get along with all of his
- Luke tells you he loves you at least a million times a day because he doesn’t want you to forget it or feel unwanted
- Stolen kisses are literally his brand
- Uncle Owen and aunt Beru love you and have you over for dinner twice a week
- He is the best nurse when you get sick and takes care of you so well (makes you soup, gets you medicine, gives you back massages, all the good stuff)
- Luke sometimes feels trapped at his house and his life and always finds comfort in talking to you
- He is an AMAZING listener and is always willing to lend an ear (plus he loves the sound of your voice)
- He gets very touchy and lovey with you when he gets drunk (which isn’t very often, but Biggs will convince him to go drinking at a cantina every once and a while)
- Luke isn’t the jealous type, but he is very protective of you and your feelings
- You rarely fight with him and when you do, he always apologizes first (he’ll come up behind you and wrap his arms around your waist, saying that he’s sorry through kisses on your cheeks)
- He tends to undermine his abilities, but you always let him know that he is smart and talented
- Luke is a surprisingly good cook and loves cooking for you
- You love watching him work on fixing droids and speeders (he is very good at it and is willing to teach you a thing or two)
- He always gives a hundred percent and tries his hardest to keep you happy (which you appreciate tremendously)
- All in all, Luke is a wonderful boyfriend and treats you like a queen (because you are in his eyes)
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spicymayo1983 · a day ago
Hiya. You are an X wing pilot for the red squadron. You've returned to your home planet for your beloved mother's funeral after she died from a long illness. You bump into an old friend, Poe Dameron, who is also there mourning her loss.
Poe was one of your best friends when you were growing up. As the two of you navigate grief and loss together you begin to explore a potential romantic relationship with him once again.
Warnings, angst, mentions of death and the grieving process, fluff, flashback memories of smut, I'm still going to add the under 18 warning as the series progresses because there will be harder core stuff later.
Tumblr media
You've been wanting to return to your home planet but you never wanted your homecoming to be like this. Your mother had been battling a long, terrible illness for years and has succumbed to it.
Your father is Corr Lanith, a humble farmer, when he was young he was an A wing pilot. As was your mother, Kya Eris.
You are staying at your father's small farm. Your father is beside himself with grief and can barely function.
You've cooked him his favorite meal, a simple vegetarian stew made from vegetables picked from the large garden in the backyard.
The same garden that your mother so lovingly tended to even as the terrible disease ravaged her body.
Your mother was considered a hero to the rebellion. She had fought in the battle of Endor alongside Poe Dameron's mother Shara Bey.
After his mother's sudden death Kya stepped in and became Poe's maternal figure. The family farms were very close together and Poe would often come over to play.
You were his best friend, your relationship was like that of a brother and sister.
And then your teen years arrived. Poe seemed to change from a little boy into an extremely handsome young man overnight.
Inevitably, you explored these feelings together, forever changing your relationship.
20 years earlier
"Beautiful weather we've been having lately".
"Since when do you care about the weather?"
"I don't know, since maybe tonight?"
"You're such a dork, Poe".
It's a warm, summer evening on Yavin 4. You and Poe have been exploring the ancient temple all day and decided to take a small break near a waterfall.
You're seated on a blanket together, enjoying the usual banter that flowed so easily between the two of you.
You've known each other since you were kids. He was like a brother to you, you loved him, but up until that night it was strictly platonic.
Puberty hit Poe like a proverbial ton of bricks. He went from a fresh faced child to a young man with stubble on his face, a deep voice and muscles rapidly that summer.
Your body has changed too. You had breasts and hips now. You could tell from the way he looked at you that Poe noticed, and liked what he saw.
You liked what you saw too. A lot. The purely platonic feelings that you once had were fading due to raging hormones.
Your feet are aching so you remove your boots and socks. Poe does the same thing.
Like a gentleman he takes one of your small, delicate feet in his strong hands and begins to massage it.
"Eww, why are you doing that?" You tease, giggling as he playfully tickled them.
"Doesn't it feel better?" Poe replies, blushing a little with a slight laugh. "That's the point".
"But my feet are gross". You complain with a somewhat embarrassed giggle.
"No, I think they're pretty, like the rest of you". Poe confesses, his face turning a deeper shade of red.
After the massage the two of you relax on the blanket together, Poe pulls you close to him and nuzzles your neck a little.
"Can I kiss you?" He asks, whispering into your ear.
"Of course". You reply quickly, the embarrassed smile still on your face.
You sit up together and look deeply into his beautiful, dark eyes. Poe pulls you close and the two of you share an awkward, yet intimate open mouthed kiss.
His kisses slowly go down your neck. Almost like a cue or instinct you unbutton your blouse.
He quickly removes his shirt, revealing a gorgeous tanned, muscular torso. Poe is physically aroused too, you can see the impressive bulge in his pants.
"Tell me if you want me to stop". Poe whispers as his kisses keep going lower.
You surprise him a little by removing your bra, revealing your bare breasts. His eyes grow big as he looks at them for the first time.
With a naughty grin on your face you begin to tug at the waistband of his pants, silently begging him to remove them.
Poe obliges, revealing a large, firm erection barely concealed by underwear. You've never seen one up close and personal but you know that he's above average length and girth wise.
You want him, but you're scared that it might hurt.
"Is that going to hurt me?" You ask, laughing a little but your question is serious.
"Not if you're ready for me". Poe explains, continuing the kisses. "I know just the thing to get you ready".
He helps you remove your pants. As you relax on your back, wearing only panties, Poe gently removes them and spreads your legs open.
His head dips between them and he starts to lick the sensitive little nub that you've only recently discovered, carefully inserting a couple of his fingers inside of you.
"Oh gods, that feels good". You moan, as Poe quickly brings you to your very first climax.
After a handful of these pleasurable sensations your body is tingling and you are relaxed. Poe spreads you open further, gets on top, and carefully begins to penetrate you with his cock.
At first he only inserts the tip, as your body warms up he gives you more and more.
"Am I hurting you? Do you want me to stop?" Poe asks breathlessly, kissing you and looking into your eyes the entire time.
"Whatever you do, don't stop". You reply quickly, laughing a little. "But I would like you to move quicker".
Poe laughs a little and gently thrusts his hips a little, penetrating you deeper and popping your cherry.
The pain hits you like a dagger at first but quickly turns to pleasure as you feel his thick cock stretch you out for the first time.
He's fumbling along a little due to his own lack of experience but you can tell that he's trying to be gentle with you.
Poe pulls out and cums on your stomach, making you giggle.
You bled a little, actually quite a bit. Poe cleans himself up and then helps you.
"Ouch, I'm so sorry". Poe apologizes, a slightly terrified look appearing on his face.
"No, it's okay". You explain, smiling softly. "This is supposed to happen".
Poe leans over and kisses you. The two of you relax on the blanket, together, still nude, and cuddle.
"My dad is going to kill me if I'm not home soon". Poe confesses, laughing a little and sitting up.
"I should get going too". You reply, sitting up and hastily putting your clothes back on.
Present day
You hooked up with Poe several more times that summer until he ran away to join the spice runners and you lost contact.
You ended up becoming an X wing pilot and so did Poe. Your paths didn't cross much at all because you were in different squadrons. Perhaps a quick, fleeting glance.
Your mother lived long enough to see you become a pilot, and she was proud of you.
Your father still isn't talking much that night. The overwhelming grief has silenced your usually jovial father. You are in the living room together, struggling with the deafening silence, when you hear a firm knock at the door.
You stand up and open it, the extremely familiar, dashing figure before you instantly makes you crack a tiny smile.
"Poe, it's nice to see you". You tell him, a few tears stinging your eyes.
"Y/n, it's been so long". He says with a smile as he embraces you in a hug that feels intimate. "I'm so sorry that it's under these circumstances".
The two of you go into the living room to catch up. Poe has gotten even more handsome, the last time you really had a good look at him he was an awkward teenager with wild hair.
And now, he was a man. An extremely gorgeous one too.
The end of part 1
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m0mmat0rtle · a day ago
Her Voice
Chapter three
<Chapter Two
Warnings: none
Words: 836
Tumblr media
"Woah, who's the girl?" Fives asked as he walked over to the group with Calypso. "Wow." Fives said with a grin at the woman. "What's your name?" Calypso rolled her eyes at the desperate attempt of flirting and looked over to Kix who seemed to be the only one who could understand her. "What's you name?" She signed to him. "I'm kix." He replied before gently reaching out to her hand. "May I?" He asked softly and Calypso nodded. "K-I-X" he signed the letters against the palm of her hand ever so gently. Calypso looked from her hand to his face. Her blue eyes met his. "This is Rex." He introduced his captain and Rex gave a respectful nod. "R-E-X" he signed into her hand once more, gingerly pressing each letter he made with his fingers against the skin of her palm. "Princess!" A shout came from the palace steps causing them all to turn to see a frantic woman who only Calypso knew running towards them. Miss Turner quickly approached the blonde girl, her face red as she was out of breath. "Miss Calypso, your highness, your father has requested your presence at once." She said in between breaths. "Princess?" Kix said as his eyes widened. He looked at the girl. The mute girl was one of the twelve princesses? He couldn't believe it. "And dear," miss turner said, her tone being much more panicked, "he knows about this morning."
Calypso became pale as she looked at the maid and realization washed over her. She turned to Kix and quickly signed to him. "Goodbye. It was nice meeting you 'K-I-X'." And with that she followed the maid back to the palace. Kix watched with his brothers, unable to sign back fast enough, as the mute princess was escorted away for what he knew to be forever. He had never met someone like her. He had never needed to use sign language before now either. Calypso was unlike anything or anyone he had ever known. And there was something about her that absolutely captivated him without end. It could have been her floral scent, or her loose long golden locks, or maybe the way her blue eyes sparkled like the sea when the sunlight hit them. Or maybe it was her voice. She didn't need to speak at all for kix to know she had the most beautiful voice he had ever heard.
"Calypso," King William addressed his youngest daughter as she was escorted by Miss turned to the grand hall. Padme had left and now it was just Calypso's sisters, their father, and now herself as well. "So nice of you to join us." Her father added and anyone could hear the sarcasm in his voice. King William was not having it today. "I'm sure you're well aware of the courting banquet tomorrow." King William announced. "Senator Amidala will be our honored guest to observe our local costumes." The discussion with the Naboo senator must have gone well, Calypso assumed. "A potential suitor will be brought fourth for each of you. It is imperative that you go along with your suitors. It is for politics, after all, and we are trying to avoid a war as much as possible." He said and many looks were exchanged between the girls. "Yes father." Many of them replied. "I will have the maids tend to any of your needs for tomorrow. But as for now it is back to your studies with all of you." He said and the girls nodded in unison before turning to leave. "Except for you, Calypso." The king called. "I'd like a word with you."
"Calypso," the king said as he sighed and rested his head in his hands. "What were you thinking?" He asked and Calypso looked up at him with keen blue eyes. "Leaving the palace gates this morning? Have you lost your mind?" He added and Calypso sighed. "It was only for a little bit." She signed up at him, her fingers shaking lightly as she spoke with them. A sign that she was upset. "I don't care how long it was, those rules are in place for a reason." Her father stated with much more authority in his voice. Calypso narrowed her eyes at him. "Calypso," king William called her name much softer now. "You know I have these rules to protect you, to keep you safe. I do this because I love you." "I know." Calypso signed back. "You look just like your mother." William said, his shoulders sagging slightly as he spoke. "I see her in your eyes, in your spirit." He added. Calypso looked down, starting to feel a tinge of guilt for her actions. "I tell you to stay within the palace walls to protect you. Because I cannot loose you, much like I lost her." "I know papa." Calypso signed this time her fingers moved much more gently with her response. "I will be more careful I promise."
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