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#harry potter imagine
1800-barnes-slut · 28 minutes ago
Hooking Up Young!sirius x reader
"I love your ass high up in the air." From behind you and through grit teeth, Sirius said while he rocked his hips back and forth. He had never defined himself as an ass or boob man before, but since having met you, he couldn't keep his hands off it. The boys teased him that he might start worshiping it soon or try to eat his breakfast cereal off it. Ever since Sirius had realized that it was a giant mistake to confide in James and Remus that he had been having dreams about it. He decided from now on to keep it to himself, but it was the morning of his birthday and you had told him the day was all about him. You had presents tucked away in the back of his closet for him and a surprise party planned with the help of the marauders, but he just wanted some alone time with you. He said you two could go get breakfast after, but for now, he just wanted to lie in bed with you. However, lying in bed with Sirius, even if you were watching television, almost always turned into ardent and animalistic sex. He had both hands on your behind while he moved a little bit faster, shorter, and sharper thrusts, and he watched as you looked over your shoulder back at him. "You look really good, babe. This is my favorite position to have you in." You smiled back at him and moved your head to look down, your manicured fingers gripping at the white bedsheets. They should have been ripped by now considering how hard Sirius was starting to go. "It feels good, babe." Softly, you called back. "Think you can fit all of me this time?" He had tried to go balls deep into you before, but it was just too much and he felt terrible as soon as you let out a scream of discomfort, your face contorting in pain. So, he always held out a few inches and hoped that eventually you would get used to him and it would happen on its own. During oral, it was always fine, and Sirius didn't mind that much. It was just something he fantasized about...a lot. "You can try." Quietly, you gave him permission and bit down on your bottom lip. Sirius worked his way up to it, slowing down his pace and taking more considerate strokes, longer but shallower. He could feel you dripping down his member and knew it wouldn't hurt you if you were as soaked as he had made you. He took a deep breath and gripped your hip with one hand while reaching under with the other to rub your clit furiously with three fingers. He grunted before pushing himself all the way in, your head moving back and hair flying as you tensed up around his cock. "Oh, fuck, babe. It feels so good. You're so good." Sirius grumbled out. The ecstasy he was feeling made his words sound as if they were being choked out. He fucked you hard, always making sure every inched of himself was considered. "I'm going to cum." He told you quickly, almost sounding worried. "Let's cum together, babe..." As much as he loved getting off and it was his birthday, Sirius loved knowing he could bring you to climax. He pulled out of you, his dick shining from your wetness and moved you onto your back so you could reach up and stroke his dick while he fingered you to orgasm.
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shelby-love · an hour ago
Tumblr media
I bet you 1$ you didn’t see this coming! 
I’m probably making this bigger than it actually is, but hey, it’s what I do.
Dramatics aside, I’m happy to say that I’ve never been more excited, and here’s why:
Summer has officially started for me, hence why I’m here now. All of my hard work has paid of when it comes to school, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. School is the reason behind my (unannounced) hiatus, and the sole cause of my many sleepless nights. It’s why my motivation went down the drain and why your requests have been sleeping inside my ask. But that’s all over now, and before I really jump back into my normal (though this time upgraded) routine, there are a few things that need to be said.
Tumblr media
First and foremost, I would like to redirect you to my schedule. Here you can see how many requests have been written and posted on Ao3. Unfortunately, due to the amount of time other requests have been sitting in my ask, they will (as far as I know) not be written. I had a clear idea for each one of them, but those ideas were never started on paper. If I had time to put them into words, I would urge myself to finish them, just like I did many of these. I would much rather put out quality than quantity, so that’s why they will not be written.
Tumblr media
Secondly, I would like to share with you all that my request box is now open! The ball is on your side of the field (quoting my math teacher here lol). Send me fresh, new requests, and I’ll make them happen. If you don’t know what fandoms I write for, you can check out this list where all of them are listed, and if you want more in depth regarding characters you can check that out here.
Tumblr media
Apart from being active when it comes to writing, I am, and this is a pinky promise, going to be a lot more sociable on here. Discussions, events, and challenges will be a normality here once I build up the audience. I want to be friends with all of you, and I want this blog to be your haven as well, not just mine. Oh! Book discussions!!! I love that, prepare for it!
Tumblr media
I have yet to start preparing my Wattpad exclusive content, so I will take my time with that. As you can see, I am trying to preserve my energy. I don’t want to overcook my brain. Ao3 is still my early access and is going to be for a loooong time! Everything in my schedule is already posted on Ao3.
Tumblr media
I have never given writing advice, but because I have been expanding in rl more and more of my friends know about my love for writing and have praised it immensely. If you wish, I can be your beta reader or a simple hand of support. I didn’t have that when I began this account, and I seriously wish I did.
Tumblr media
With summer comes more time, and with more time comes more reading! My side-blog is through time, as I read more fanfiction on here, going to be a real fanfiction archive. It’s something I’ve had on my mind for a long time, but haven’t had time to pursue. Hopefully that will change!
Tumblr media
I’ll get going now...thanks! <3
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kuroosmikasavolleyball · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
welcome to kuroosmikasavolleyball
(a 🍪 for you if you get the reference)
hi! you can call me lana; welcome to your local anime, harry potter, and marvel page. please feel free to ask/request/message/or just talk to me I’m lonely. learn more on my about me page<3 enjoy your stay!
Tumblr media
recent work:
Cedric Diggory- Abendrot
rules | about me | main masterlist |
started: 06/2021
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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eeveelustion · 4 hours ago
(Short One)
Tumblr media
Requested: N/A
Type: Reader and Harry is Shocked
Imagine: Y/N and Harry are twins but Y/N was taken away at birth. Y/N had her named changed the Rebecca. They don’t find out the pair is twins until The wand keeper slips up as says it
(GIF Rights: From Google)
You pick up the letter and open it. To your shock it starts to talk,
"Rebecca, You have been accepted into Hogwarts school of Magic. Below is a list of the following items you need. We will be waiting for your arrival."
It finishes and falls to the ground.
You look at your parents shocked, "Are any of you a witch or wizard?"
The both shake, "No,” Your father saying shocked.
"Honey, do you want to go?" Your mother caly asks you.
"I will only go if you both are fine with it." You tell them.
The nod, "We are fine if you are fine." Your father tells you.
I look at the letter again, "I want to go." You tell them.
I pass them a letter of books, wands, and cloths you need.
Both of your parents stayed by your side, sure you got weird glares and stares from the other kids and their parents but that's okay.
Its perfectly okay to be different.
"Honey, look at that bank!" Your father points out as you all walk in. As you walk up to one of the tall desks obve of the works calls out to you.
"Rebecca Goodyard." He says looking over the desk, down at you.
"You have a account with wizard money in it." He explains getting down from his desk. You and your parents follow him to a vault. A bunch of shiny gold coins in a massive pile.
“Use this buy your school equipment, school cloths and your wand. Also take some to buy snacks on the train.” He explains as he hands a couple of small bags full. 
“Thank you sir!” You thank him, “Thank you so much.” Your parents tell him.
“No worries.” He says as you and your parents walk out of the place and into a wand shop.
“Welcome young wizard! I can tell this is your first wand!” The shop keeper says as you walk inside.
“Hmm, yes. a new witch. Y/N Potter.” He says. 
You look at the shopkeeper confused. “No, My name is Rebecca Goodyard.” You correct him. 
“Oh no, It’s Y/N Potter. Who said Your name is- Oh....” He relieses his mistake.
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slutforsalvatore · 4 hours ago
Behind the Words [Remus Lupin]
pairing - remus lupin x fem!reader
type - fluff, lil angst
note - basically i got this idea after writing a non context ship from my old celebration post hehe, and i loved it so much so i decided to write an official imagine!
summary - after finding your diary, remus discovers you’re in love with him. will he exchange the feelings?
warnings / includes - language, little suggestive (if you squint) lil fighting, lil crying, remus being a nosey fuck for no reason, you two are one year apart, cute ending :)
*gif isn’t mine*
Tumblr media
“Godrick Gryffindor! This place is a mess!” Remus exclaimed as he walked into the boy’s dormitory.
You, James, and Sirius looked up at Remus, eyes wide and totally clueless. But as you three looked around the bedroom, little, sheepish smiles appeared on each of your faces. 
“Sorry, Rem. We’ll clean it u—”
“Actually,” Sirius interrupted. “I have a Potions essay to write.” He scrambled up off of the floor, grabbing his book bag and stuffing the left over candy he had and into his pants pocket.
“Y-Yeah, me, too,” James chuckled. He got up, swinging his book bag over his shoulder and fleeing to the door.
The two zipped out of the dormitory and down the stairs, dust clouds following them like a cartoon. Remus chuckled incredulously, shaking his head in disbelief.
“Ah, boys, am I right?” He sighed.
You laughed helplessly with him, feeling a tad bit awkward.
“S’alright. The mess is only just on my side of the room,” he rolled his eyes.
“M’sorry, Remus. I’ll help you clean up, I promise,” you sat up on his bed.
Remus turned his head to you, eyes widening as you were sitting on the heels of your feet, your skirt riding up your thighs. He tore his eyes away from your exposed skin, not wanting to make you any more uncomfortable than you already seemed.
“Uh, it’s alright, really. I’m sure you have a test to study for, too. Or an essay to—”
“No!” You exclaimed, getting up off the bed immediately and appearing right in front of him.
His eyes widened as he stared down at you, his eyes gazing down upon your lips as they were pulled into a small apologetic, but eager pout.
“Sorry, I um… Just feel bad,” you rubbed the back of your neck, looking down at your shoes.
Remus shook his head, a small smile resting on his face as he put his hand on your shoulder reassuringly. “No worries. You don’t have to help, but if you insist, be my guest.”
You looked up at him, eyes shining bright as a wide smile spread on your lips. Remus’s heart did a little pitter-patter at the sight, his own smile getting wider without him even realizing.
“Alright!” You nodded, moving away to clean up your own mess before anything else.
Remus mirrored your actions, going to clean up the biggest mess in the room, which he definitely could tell it was Sirius’s. As you threw trash away, you pulled out your wand, muttering a spell so the record player your father had got you started to play. Remus looked at you, not being able to fight off a grin as he saw you dancing to the music. He tried to, but he just couldn’t take his eyes off of you.
“So bye-bye, Miss American Pie. Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry,” you hummed.
“You’re a good singer,” Remus spoke up.
You clamped your mouth shut, heat crawling up your cheeks. You kept your back to him, afraid he would see the beads of sweat that were running down your forehead.
“T-Thank you.”
“Of course,” he hummed.
You let yourself smile widely, tying the trash bag and throwing it in the bin by James’s bed. You let the song finish before speaking again, wanting to try and make small talk.
“So, are you excited to graduate?” You asked.
“I am. How is sixth year going? Ready for your N.E.W.Ts?” Remus asked.
“I think. I mean, I know I still have another year, but I’m a little scared about Herbology. I only got an A from my O.W.Ls and I need it to go well next year if I want to become a healer,” you sighed.
“An A is still a passing grade. There’s a reason why you were placed Herbology again. You’re a fantastic student, Y/n. If you ever need help, though, just write me a letter and I’ll help you the best I can,” Remus offered.
You looked back at him, smiling appreciatively as you saw he had already been looking at you.
“Thank you, Remus. I probably will be writing to you some, so be ready,” you chuckled.
“Will do,” Remus laughed with you.
“What do you want to be again?” You changed the subject.
“Auror,” he replied with a proud smile.
“Very nice. It’d definitely suit you,” you said.
“Thank you. I think so, too. I’m just worried I won’t get it,” he frowned, turning back to making Sirius’s bed.
“What are you worried about? You’re very qualified, if not the most qualified person to get the job.”
“Oh, it’s just… self doubt,” he shrugged, not wanting to reveal his little secret to you.
You noticed he was holding something back, but didn’t push. “Well, take some pride in yourself. You’re a fantastic student, too.”
“Thank you, Y/n.”
“Of course,” you smiled. You fluffed up Remus’s pillows, letting out a tired sigh. You felt your bladder beginning to tingle and you finished making the bed before letting Remus know you were leaving for a few moments.
“I need to use the restroom. I’ll be back,” you notified.
“S’alright,” Remus nodded.
You picked up your book bag up from the floor and swung it onto the bedpost. As you walked away, something fell out of your bag and you failed to notice. Remus didn’t notice until he heard the small ‘thump’ the object made loud and clear.
He turned around, brows furrowing as he saw it was a brown book with a silver lock on the cover. He stepped over to it, gingerly picking it up. There were words carved into the cover. It read: Y/n L/n’s Diary.
“Oh,” Remus gasped.
He heard a clink from the bathroom and his head shot up immediately. He was ready to throw the book down, but he then realized you had dropped something and weren’t coming out yet.
He took a seat on his bed, running his fingers over the cover. He ran his fingertips over the lock, eyes flying open as the lock fell suddenly.
“Faulty little thing,” he muttered.
He eyed the pages, his fingers itching to open it. He opened the cover, chuckling as he saw your handwriting saying ‘Property of Y/n L/n’s. Don’t read or all hex you into next week’. Honestly, he wanted to read, but he knew it would be an invasion of privacy. He respected you the most out of anyone he knew, really, and he knew that if you caught him, you would definitely kill him. But maybe one peek wouldn’t be so bad…
So he opened the book hastily, flipping to the first page that was dated to the beginning of the school year. He guessed that you had a diary for each year. He found it admirable, really. He had tried to keep a daily journal before, but he never kept up with it. Even with his werewolf issue, too. He just relied on his memory or his friends to burden him with the information.
Your first entry was a summary of your first day of sixth year, and your feelings towards it being your second-to-last year at Hogwarts. Remus smiled at your sentimental words as he related deeply. Hogwarts was basically a home to both of you. Remus didn’t have a mother, and his father sure as hell didn’t care for him. Remus knew you had troubles at home, too, and often spent the holidays at the castle, or often visited your friends, Lily Evans, and James and them during summer.
He flipped through the pages, skimming the entries, his cheeks quickly becoming numb. As he got to the middle of the book, he stumbled upon more secretive, gossip-y entries than daily summaries. You talked about how the boys in your Potions and DADA classes were atrocious, and you wrote a little bit about a few popular Ravenclaws and Slytherins that Remus could tell you didn’t favor. But then he stumbled on him and his friend’s names. Remus read these paragraphs with great intent.
You wrote about how thankful you are to have James and Sirius as your “big brothers” at Hogwarts. You wrote about Lily being the big sister you never had and how happy you were to be able to talk about boys, get your nails done, and squeal during horror movies with someone other than yourself. Remus found himself chuckling fondly at your descriptions of your relationship with his friends, knowing that they were basically your family. He didn’t see his name until a few pages later. He kept a steady smile, but his brows raised as he kept reading further.
And then there’s Remus. Merlin, where do I start? He’s one of my best friends, of course. Well, maybe my number one best friend, actually. But… I feel more than that for him. He makes me so incredibly happy. Ever since he helped me with navigating the corridors in my first year, we’ve been best friends. We just clicked, y’know? I mean, I know I’ve written about others I like, but I like Remus more. I… I think I’m in love with him.
It’s crazy, probably… I don’t know. But whenever he smiles at me, my whole world lights up, even when I’m in the worst of moods. And oh, his laugh. It’s quite literally music to my ears. It’s a deep chuckle that is sure to get stuck on replay in my head. Oh, and he’s so incredibly kind. He definitely is so much more different from his friends. He is mischievous sometimes, and likes to play tricks, but he’s also considerate and just good. He’s a good man. He’s a good person. Thank his parents or whoever raised him for bringing up such a perfect boy. He’s so nice to me, too. Especially nice. He helps me whenever I need it, even if it’s in the dead of night. And argh, whenever he looks at me, my throat goes dry and I start to sweat and I get so nervous. I can’t help it. He just has the effect on me.
And maybe we aren’t the best of friends, because sometimes he holds back on telling me things, but I love him nonetheless and I wouldn’t have it any other way.
Anyways, I must sound like a crazy, school girl with the biggest crush on the most handsome, smartest boy in school. But can you blame me? Exactly.
“See? Maybe I don’t sound as ridiculous as I thought,” Remus read the last words on the page.
He blinked at your written confession, heart racing and a sheer covering of sweat lining his forehead. He began to smile widely, relief washing over him. All this time you liked him, too. How amazing is that? Now he could finally ask you to Hogsmeade, or a picnic, without the worry of you saying no.
Remus didn’t even hear you open the bathroom door, or much less see you standing behind him, jaw to the floor, eyes wide, and body shaking with anger and embarrassment.
“What the fuck!” You screamed.
Remus jumped, your diary falling out of his hands and falling open on the floor. Remus’s whole body tensed as you stomped over to him, picking up your diary and waving it angrily in face.
“Really, Remus? You know, I thought you out of all people would respect my privacy. But no! Of course, you had to take a leap and precede my expectations, huh?” You scoffed in exasperation.
He looked up at you, his chocolate brown eyes begging and regretful like a little puppy’s.
“I-I’m sorry. I kn—”
“You knew what? That you shouldn’t have read it? Yeah, no fucking shit, Remus. I can’t believe I even thought I could trust you alone with this—”
“I didn’t mean t—”
“Oh, you didn’t mean to what? Look through my bag? Pick the lock? Invade my privacy? Well, I got news for you pal—”
“You like me?” He interrupted.
You dropped your glare, your expression then replaced with confusion.
“I-I mean, I like do, but not right this mo—”
He then got up quickly with a smile, snaking his hand up your face to cup your cheek, his other hand holding your lower back, bringing you closer to him. You gasped in surprise, and in pleasure, as your bodies met. Remus kissed your lips softly, but with passion. You stood bug-eyed, your whole body frozen in shock as he kissed you. You were beginning to loosen up when he pulled away, and you let out a quiet whine of disapproval.
“I mean like-like me, love. Like, in-love type of like,” he grinned down at you.
Your whole face got warm by the second and you felt your underarms start to perspirate.
“U-Uh… Where did you get that idea?” You laughed nervously.
“I read your entry about me. And while I am sorry about going through your personal belongings, I’m not sorry for finding that out,” he stated.
“Why?” You snorted. “I know you’re just going to reject me.”
Remus’s eyes widened in disbelief. “Did you not just see me kiss you a few seconds ago?”
Your lips upturned into a grin and you looked down shyly. “I suppose I did notice you do something of that manner.”
“Hm, do you need a reminder, then?” He suggested, wrapping both his arms around your waist.
“I definitely wouldn’t mind,” you giggled.
He smiled with you, cupping your cheek again and bringing your foreheads together.
“I’m in love with you, too, you know?” He whispered.
“Oh, really? I couldn’t tell,” you remarked.
“Are you going to be this smart with me when we’re 80-years-old?” Remus raised his brow.
“Maybe. Why? Don’t think you could handle it?” You challenged.
“Oh, no,” he shook his head gently. “I can handle you just fine.”
He gave you a cheeky as he pressed his lips to yours once again. You melted into him immediately, savoring the feeling of completion and relief as you kissed him.
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angelblacksmith · 5 hours ago
Dating with Harry Potter would include:
Tumblr media
He's a very popular boy
And as we know, Harry likes girls who know a lot about Quidditch
You would probably play on one of the teams (or be a fan)
You would be the brain in your relationship
You used to try to get Harry out of trouble
Harry dotes on you
You automatically become the most popular Hogwarts couple (get ready to run away from his fans)
Go to Hogsmeade together
Best Friends with Hermy
Friendship with Ron
Harry will spend the summer at your house
He will hug you often
Kisses on the cheeks
And on the forehead
Sleep in a hug
Enemies with Malfoy
But if he does anything, Harry will stand up for you.
Or Ron and Hermie
Snape doesn't like you
You kiss him after he's caught the Snitch.
This is a very good relationship, lmao
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official-weasley · 7 hours ago
Love, William (Bill Weasley x OC) - Chapter 3
WARNINGS: Bill being awkward, minor fluff, Fred, George and Charlie being a pain in Bill's arse 🤭
Chapter 3 - Charlie's Idea
Bill woke up the next morning, hearing a loud bang in the other room. He sat up so abruptly, not used to so much racket ever since he moved away, that he bumped his head into the bed above him.
He was glad Percy wasn’t at home because he would already listen to him groan and complain if he was.
Before he could get up, the bang repeated and this one was accompanied by voices.
“Oh, no.” He heard Theodora say.
“George, what did you do?” Fred questioned his brother.
“I just know that this won’t end well.” If Bill didn’t know his brothers he would say that George sounded concerned.
Bill’s attention was diverted from their conversation to the loud footsteps coming from the floor above them. Before the footsteps started down the stairs Bill already sighed – he knew what was coming.
He couldn’t say that he was all that surprised and should honestly expect it at least a dozen times this summer. For some reason, he was hoping that the twins grew up a little and are going to cause mum to lose less hair now that they were 17.
“WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?” Molly said the second she opened the door next to his.
“Mum, we can explain...” Fred mumbled.
“A GIRL IN YOUR ROOM? WHAT DID I SAY YESTERDAY!” Mrs. Weasley shouted at her sons.
“I...mum...she...” George couldn’t find the words.
“Don’t you mum me! I promised Mrs. Cork that her daughter is going to be taken care of and here you are sneaking her into your room and playing with fireworks!”
Some might think that Mrs. Weasley was calming down since she lowered her voice but Bill knew that it’s only going to get worse from here. He might be sitting on his bed, his bedroom door closed, but he knew exactly what kind of expression his mum had on her face right now.
A vein showing on her forehead, lips turning purple from the pressure of pursing them so hard, her entire face turning red and her wrinkles getting closer to each other making her look as if she is going to explode at any moment.
When Bill was still living at the Burrow, Molly had that facial expression almost every single day, every time the twins were at home and even though he and Charlie used to find it funny, he couldn’t deny now that he was on mum’s side and wished Fred and George would give her a break.
“Mum, you can ask Ginny, Theo slept in her room during the night.” Fred finally gathered the courage to speak.
“We woke her up around 6 and brought her to our room to work on something.” Added George.
“I...I’m sorry, Mrs. Weasley. I don’t want to give you any trouble. I’ll go back, no problem. I apologize for disrespecting your rules.” Theodora’s stuttering brought a smile to Bill’s face.
She had such a nice voice.
Bill shook his head. What is wrong with him? She’s a teenager!
He rubbed his eyes, stood up, and took his elastic from the nightstand to put his hair into a ponytail.
“Oh, Theo, darling.” Molly changed her voice completely. “I am not blaming you for this. I know how these two manipulate people to get what they want.”
With his mum’s voice softening, Bill took the opportunity to leave his room. Perhaps one of the bathrooms was still unoccupied and he wanted to take a shower in peace as he had a feeling it’s going to be a long day.
“What is all this noise?” Charlie opened the door of his room, yawning. “Ginny and I need our beauty sleep. Don’t we, Gin-Gin?” Charlie turned to his little sister, who was sticking her head out of her room, curious what was going on.
Ginny nodded enthusiastically and with a big grin on her face. Bill couldn’t believe how much she grew since he last saw her and she just finished her third year at Hogwarts! Suddenly, he felt old.
He didn’t have Charlie’s free spirit, or Ginny’s energy, or twins’ humor. He was always the serious one, perhaps that’s why all his siblings always teased him to loosen up a bit. Perhaps, when he was younger he could’ve changed that about himself but now, being 25, he had to act responsibly.
“Finally, Bill!” Molly spotted her eldest standing in the doorway waiting to sneak past her and into the bathroom. “You take care of these lot while I go make breakfast.”
“But, mum I just wanted to...”
“To what?” Mrs. Weasley took a step closer to Bill and looked up at him.
“To take a shower,” Bill whispered, ready to lock himself in his room again.
He heard giggles behind mum and saw Fred and George with their hands over their mouths. He knew they were going to mock him later for this but he didn’t want to talk back to his mum and make her angrier than she already was.
“A shower!” Molly scoffed. “You didn’t even do anything today yet. What do you think this is, William, a wellness center?”
“No.” Bill shook his head while taking a step backward, hoping she won’t start shouting at him.
“You’ll shower in the evening, you’re going to help your brothers and Theodora degnoming the garden.”
Everybody waited for Molly to go downstairs before saying anything.
The twins started laughing the second they knew she couldn’t hear them anymore. Charlie started whining, saying he didn’t do anything wrong and why is he being punished by having to degnome the garden. Ginny was giggling, looking at her brothers knowing she has a free afternoon.
Bill’s eyes locked with Theodora’s, who was silently leaning against the doorway of the twins’ room, biting her lip and being amused by everything that just went down. She bestowed him with a gentle smile and mouthed ‘good morning’ but before Bill could reply Fred grabbed her wrist and hurried with her down the stairs.
If he thought that they are going to have a peaceful breakfast he was wrong.
The twins were wrestling for the last pancake with Ron. Ginny was stealing pieces of dad’s pancake off his plate because he was too busy reading the newspaper. Charlie was knitting himself a new pair of gloves and singing with such confidence not caring at all that he was a bad singer.
In a way, it was kind of nice. It has been an hour and a half since he woke up and nobody made fun out of him yet. Because nobody was paying attention to him and because his curiosity got the better of him, he kept looking in Theodora’s direction.
She was sitting next to Charlie and Bill had a feeling she did that deliberately just to have some alone time away from the twins. She already finished eating and was leaning on her elbows, reading a book.
Yesterday, when he couldn’t fall asleep he tried to remember how did she become such good friends with the twins. Observing her like this, seemed as if they had nothing in common. He never saw Fred or George read a book. Perhaps, she was dragged into their madness.
“You’re drooling, lover boy.”
Bill almost fell off his chair, getting caught off guard by Charlie’s voice. The twins stopped their fight with Ron and looked in their direction. Charlie didn’t exactly know how to whisper so of course, the whole kitchen heard what he said.
Fred and George narrowed their eyes, switching their look from Bill to Theodora, who, still reading her book, was the only one who didn’t hear what Charlie said – or she chose to ignore it – which would be even better for Bill.
The twins caught on to what was going on and started giggling. George winked at Bill a few times and if mum wasn’t sitting right next to them, Bill would take out his wand and hex him.
If they are going to go on like this for his entire stay, he is going to lose it. But then again, it was his fault they were teasing him, he has to stop being a creep and stop staring at her.
He didn’t even know why he was doing it. He was going about it in his head last night already and he couldn’t figure it out. She was just a friend of his brothers. He didn’t even know her.
Maybe that was the case because he did feel this constant urge to get to know her better but he couldn’t figure out why. He couldn’t deny that there was something about her that intrigued him and she was beautiful and she seemed more mature than Fred and George will ever be.
What he couldn’t figure out was why he felt this way. If she was older, he would understand but she wasn’t even 18. He can’t like her like that! It would be wrong on so many levels. But he couldn’t take his eyes off her either.
If he was alone right now, he would walk to a nearby wall and slam his head against it. This has never happened to him before. All the girls that he talked to were always around his age.
It was true, there weren’t that many women at his work but he wasn’t desperate to have a girlfriend. He didn’t mind being single, he was busy enough as it is.
He shook his head, snapping back to reality, and realized he was looking at her again. Before he could sigh and get back into his head, he looked at Charlie, who had his lips pressed together and wiggled his eyebrows at him, still knitting.
“When are we degnoming the garden, mum?” Bill turned to her, trying desperately to occupy his mind with anything else because he was getting rather annoyed.
“If you finished your breakfast, you can start straight away.” Molly stood up and took the empty plates off the table.
“Let me help you, Mrs. Weasley.” Theodora took a bookmark out of her pocket, placed it where she stopped reading and closed her book.
“Oh, that’s alright, dear.” Molly swung her hand. “If you’re done with breakfast, you can help Bill in the garden.”
Theodora gulped. She wanted to be helpful and aid Mrs. Weasley around the house as she promised her mother she will do but she didn’t want to be anywhere alone with Bill.
It was enough that she couldn’t fall asleep –thinking about him – and Charlie and her two best friends weren’t helping by teasing Bill so much. She didn’t know why they did it but she didn’t like it.
She could tell that Bill was uncomfortable and even though it wasn’t pleasant to admit, she understood why. He was 8 years older than her and she wasn’t even 18. She was fine with having a crush on him but she knew that nothing will ever come out of it.
Bill was always the serious one and she knew he wouldn’t even think twice about someone like her. He was handsome and at the right age to find a beautiful girl and settle down, why would he waste his time on her. He was way out of her league and she was too young for him anyway.
“Okay, let’s go children.” Charlie tried having a rough voice to sound strict.
He gestured to the twins to get up and to Ron and Ginny to help their mum clean the kitchen.
“Come on, Theo.” Charlie put his arm around her shoulder and ushered them all outside.
Bill started towards the garden straight away, happy for a distraction. George followed him, while Theodora and Fred were whispering about something that sounded like explosions. He tried tunning them out – it’s better if he doesn’t know.
After disappearing for a few minutes, Charlie came back with their equipment. He gave each a pair of leather gloves and something that looked like a peg.
“What is this?” Theodora observed the item Charlie placed in her hand. “It’s for your nose.” Fred chuckled. “Why will I need this?” Theodora raised an eyebrow.
“Sometimes, when you pull a gnome out of its hole, the smells that come with them aren’t pleasant,” George explained.
Theodora just giggled and put the peg into her jeans pocket.
“Alright, are we ready?” Bill asked the group when they all geared up.
“No,” Charlie said with a serious voice, shaking his head.
“What’s wrong?” Bill frowned.
“We can’t do it like this.” Charlie sighed.
Before Bill could ask for an explanation, Charlie walked to Theodora, who was standing next to Fred and George on the left side of the garden. He snatched her wrist and pulled her to the right side of the garden, making her stand next to Bill.
“You spend way too much time with those two. I think you need a break.” He lifted his chin, proud of his new arrangement. “I’ll stay with Freddie and Georgie on this side while you help Bill.” He winked at her and walked over to the twins who were already giggling as if an invisible hand was tickling them.
“You’ll have to help me, I have never done this before,” Theodora whispered to Bill, biting her lip, a bit embarrassed.
Her mother wasn’t fond of gardening so they never had to deal with gnomes. She was happy about that because if they did, she knew that she would have to do all the work on her own.
“Don’t worry, it’s quite easy.” Bill bestowed her with a smile that made Theodora happy she was on her knees instead of standing because she couldn’t feel her legs.
“You take this,” Bill grabbed a tool that looked like a small shovel, “and you scrap the dirt where you see a hole forming. Then you stick your hand inside until you feel something in your hand as if you were to hold a potato and you pull it out.”
Theodora tried hard to focus on listening to everything Bill was saying while demonstrating how to catch one of those little rascals but her eyes kept escaping to his long hair and the freckles on his cheeks and she wanted so badly to ask him what happened to his eyebrow.
“Huh?” Bill turning around and catching her staring at him made her come back from her thoughts.
“Did you get any of that?” He chuckled.
It was interesting to see how patient he was with her, while he seemed so frustrated with the twins this morning. She knew he was just trying to be polite and teach her how to do this properly and here she was – not paying attention.
“I’m sorry, I...I was just wondering what happened to your eyebrow.” She decided to be plain honest with him.
There was nothing wrong with being curious and it wasn’t a question that would give away the fact that she fancies him.
“Oh,” Bill said surprised as if he couldn’t believe she noticed that. “This thing?” He pointed his finger at his brow. “A rune gone wrong. I was trying to secure a treasure room, to see if there was a curse cast upon anything in it and a rune I cast rebounded and hit my eyebrow.”
“Wow.” Theodora gasped.
She wished she could have a cool story about any of her scars. Instead, she just had silly stories involving her either being clumsy or the twins dragging her somewhere without telling her the plan.
“It didn’t hurt or anything,” Bill continued, “it just didn’t grow back.” He shrugged, acting as if he wasn’t proud of it or thinking that it looked kind of cool.
“A nice memory then.” Theodora chuckled and Bill did the same.
They stared at each other for what seemed like minutes, neither wanting to look away.
“Emm, so where were we?” Theodora brushed a lock of hair off her face with the back of her hand, trying to hide the fact that her cheeks were burning.
Not that she didn’t like their eyes locked but she didn’t want Bill’s brothers to tease him again. This was the first time since he came home yesterday that he had some peace and quiet and that he genuinely smiled.
“Right.” Bill cleared his throat, snapping back to what they were doing.
Theodora watched Bill catch a gnome and then copied him but she didn’t get a single one.
“It’s okay. Most of their tunnels are empty, especially now that they know we are trying to catch them.” Bill smiled at her reassuringly, when she pulled her hand out with nothing but dirt in it again.
She felt better hearing his words as she was beginning to think she was doing a lousy job.
Degnoming the garden was a messy business but Theodora couldn’t deny that she was having fun doing it with Bill. He was so relaxed, catching the gnomes and sneaking looks at her, smiling gently every time their eyes met.
They managed to catch 6 gnomes together and went to the edge of the garden to throw them as far away from it as possible.
“I need a proper shower.” Theodora dusted her jeans.
“I think mum will allow us to do so now.” Bill giggled and clapped his hands together, making a dust cloud in front of him.
“A shower you say?” Fred sneaked up behind Theodora and tickled her.
“It’s going to be rather crowded.” George did the same to Bill.
“What do you say, Charlie?” The twins said together and they all turned around to see Charlie with the biggest smirk on his face.
“I think we can do something about that.”
Before Theodora and Bill could catch up on their plan, she was over Charlie’s shoulder, banging her fists against his back. The twins followed his lead as Fred grabbed Bill by his ankles and George by his wrists and they hurried to the nearby pond.
Halfway there, Theodora already gave up on escaping Charlie. With his muscles and working with dragons, she knew she didn’t stand a chance so she just dangled over his shoulder, looking unamused.
“!” Bill, however, didn’t give up that easily and the twins almost dropped him two times as he was moving and kicking as hard as he could.
In the end, Fred and George won and stopped next to Charlie in front of the pond.
“One...two...three!” The twins swung Bill back and forth and threw him into the pool of muddy water.
Charlie put his hands on Theodora’s hips and made her fall into his arms – bridal style –throwing her in as well, just as Bill started glaring at them.
“Now bond in the pond!” Fred and George said together, Charlie clutching his stomach behind them, laughing.
Without saying another word, they all hurried to the house before Bill could kill them with his gaze.
“I am so sorry.” Bill apologized to Theodora.
“It’s okay,” she chuckled, “I am pretty used to the twins pulling stuff like this.”
“And you are still friends with them because...” Bill frowned, trying to get up but his leg was stuck in a vine below water.
“They’re not all bad.” Theodora bowed her head then quickly tilted it back, her hair making a splash, and then pressed it against her skull for it to not get into her eyes. “They might like to prank people and they look like they can never be serious but they have a big heart and care for people they are close to.”
Bill’s angry expression softened at her words and her large grin. He never thought about his brothers that way before. If someone did spend as much time with them as Theodora did, one can see other qualities as well.
In a way, it made him happy that they had a friend – who despite everything they put her through –still loved them all the same. But he also couldn’t shake the feeling in his chest, the feeling that made him like her even more.
He remembers when he was 17 and when Charlie was and if he compared their way of thinking to hers, they weren’t nearly as mature. He admired that she is the kind of person who sees the good in people and can see past their flaws.
“How about that shower?” Theodora’s giggles brought him back.
“Absolutely!” He kicked with his leg one more time, finally freeing it, and offered Theodora his hand when he stood up.
He pulled her up and helped her out of the pond. His brothers better not be anywhere near him when they come to the house because he wanted to punch them all in the face.
What were they thinking? What were they trying to achieve? He was the oldest in the family and they shouldn’t be allowed to pull stuff like this on him. It was funny at first, but just a day in, he already had enough.
Bill couldn’t believe he could take a shower without someone barging in, turning off the hot water, or trying to take his towel. He hadn’t had such a peaceful time in the bathroom at home for years.
He stepped out of the tub and dried his body with a towel, before stepping to the mirror and wiping the fog off it so he could do the same to his hair.
“Bloody hell.” The second he tried, he realized that he would need a separate towel for his hair but since he was in the smallest bathroom he knew he would have to go to one of the others to get one.
He checked himself out of the mirror, his eyes looking at the scar that halved his eyebrow. He smiled to himself, remembering Theodora asking him about it earlier, then shook his head. He needs to stop thinking about her, otherwise, this will be a very unpleasant summer.
He didn’t even want to think about how different things could’ve been between them if Theodora was a few years older and, of course, if she would feel the same way about him.
He sighed, pulling his shorts on, not even bothering to put on a t-shirt – it would get soaked within seconds because of his hair – and exited the bathroom.
He tried clearing his head, ready to open the door of another bathroom to get to the towel, without thinking someone might be inside. Before he could do so, the door opened and Theodora crashed into him. Bill stumbled back, his eyes closed while she groaned from pain, as she hit her head in his chest.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone was...” Bill’s jaw dropped before he could finish the sentence.
He blinked a few times, trying to take in the scene. Theodora was standing in front of him, her hand on her forehead, wrapped in nothing but a towel. She was so beautiful. No, she was more than beautiful – she was heavenly. Her hair in a wet ponytail, looking at him confused as a smile started to paint her face, realizing what happened.
“I...oh, dear Godric...I...” Bill stuttered and hurried to cover his eyes.
He was thankful that Theodora’s towel stayed intact despite their collision but he felt guilty seeing her like this nonetheless. Theodora didn’t respond and with his hands over his eyes, he couldn’t see her expression, he just heard her giggle.
“Hey, if you wanted to shower with me, all you had to do was ask.” She chuckled.
Theodora had no idea why she said that or where she gathered the confidence to say it to Bill. Perhaps, it was because his eyes were covered and the damage of her blushing like an idiot because he saw her in a towel, her hair a mess, has already been done.
She wished she could stop time. She couldn’t help but sneak a look at his shirtless body while he wasn’t looking. He wasn’t nearly as muscular as Charlie but she could tell that he’s working out and she couldn’t deny that she was attracted to it.
As if her having a crush on him, fantasizing about holding hands and kissing him wasn’t enough. Now, she’ll have to go to sleep tonight, with his sexy figure in her mind. Maybe she can convince the twins to work on a new product all night long so she doesn’t have to be alone with her thoughts!
“” Bill was completely awestruck and shocked at Theodora’s comment at the same time.
Why would she say something like this? He felt guilty as it is and now she thought that he wanted to take a shower with her.
“That’s not,” he swallowed hard, “not what my intentions were.”
He wanted to make that clear, no matter what was going through his mind. This was her second time at the Burrow and the last thing he wanted was for her to feel uncomfortable thinking he was trying to make a move on her.
He lowered his hands and finally looked at her. The second their eyes met he wished he would just turn around and walk away, while still not be able to see, even if it meant hitting a wall. Perhaps, that way, he would get an image of her body and her cute smile out of his head.
With all the products the twins were creating, could they give him something to forget about the whole incident?
“Bill, relax.” Theodora took a step toward him and wanted to put her hand on his shoulder but changed her mind at the last second, putting it behind her back instead. “I was joking.”
A nervous laugh escaped her mouth, hoping he would believe her. Of course, she wouldn’t mind taking a shower with him but she was also smart enough to know that being so much older than her, it didn’t even cross his mind.
What would an accomplished man like him do with a girl that still had one year to go at Hogwarts? She has to stop torturing herself like this, giving herself false hope that there is a spark between them.
As if it matters! Soon enough he will go back to Egypt and she can start getting over him. All she has to do is spend every single day with him for
“Yeah, I knew that.” Bill’s nervous voice saved her from having a mini heart attack as she realized she was screwed, knowing full well she won’t be able to control her feelings.
“You don’t have to be so stiff around me,” Theodora started, “relax a little.”
She gave him a faint smile and slowly made her way past him. She didn’t have a clue what she was trying to achieve by saying that. She saw how mortified he was and she didn’t want him to be like that around her for the rest of his vacation just because he saw her in a towel.
She walked into Ginny’s room, thankful she wasn’t there and closed the door behind her. She leaned against it and sighed. She saw the whole situation as a very unfair one. Sure, she had a few boyfriends over the years and she thought that with all her failed love stories, she would at least forget about Bill.
But it was quite the opposite. It made her see why it never worked with any of them. They weren’t as kind and as attentive. They were immature and they never understood her like she felt Bill did without even saying anything. They weren’t him.
She sighed again, slamming her head against the door behind her before pushing herself away and putting on some clothes.
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Tumblr media
❀ – fluff, ✧ – angst, ♔︎ – smut, ❥ – fics
Marauder's Era
James Potter
Sirius Black
Remus Lupin
Golden Trio Era
Harry Potter
Ron Weasley
Oliver Wood
Fred Weasley
George Weasley
Draco Malfoy
Tom Riddle
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dreamy-clousds · 7 hours ago
𝐋𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐢𝐬 𝐚 𝐆𝐢𝐟𝐭
↳ 𝐬𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐚𝐫𝐲 | Luna and you raising your kids like the cottagecore lesbians that you are.
↳ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠 | Luna Lovegood x wife!reader
↳ 𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 | Extreme cuteness. Breastfeeding (implied)
↳ 𝐟𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐨𝐦 | Harry Potter
↳ 𝐰𝐨𝐫𝐝 𝐜𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐭 | 721
𝐚/𝐧 ~ I'm dying from how cute this is 💕
masterlist | taglist
Tumblr media
"Careful, Freesia!" You called towards your eldest daughter as she waddled over the tulips in your garden. You held your other daughter, Poppy, who was only about eight months old, in your arms.
You set the baby down carefully onto the pink, plaid picnic blanket. You plopped the pacifier in her mouth so that she would not eat any of the prepared food or make a mess while you rescued your toddler.
Running over to her, you swept Freesia up into your arms, coaxing a giggle from her tiny body as she let you take her.
"Do you like the flowers, Sia?" you pushed a stray golden hair out of her face and set her down next to her baby sister.
"Yes, Mama!" Sia giggled as your wife brought out the drinks and joined you all on the blanket. She kissed you on the lips and handed you a glass of lemonade.
She picked up Sia and set her in her lap. Luna handed her a sippy cup filled with lemonade and smiled at her daughter.
Poppy watched the three of you and started making noises, probably to grab the attention of her two moms.
"Aw, come here, baby," you cooed as you lifted Poppy, in her little green dress, into your lap. She giggled in excitement and Sia reached forward, Poppy grabbing her little fingers.
"What're you thinkin' about, love," Luna asked, noting the way you looked at the children with such adoration.
“Just thinking about how lucky I am.” Your little girls giggled as if in their own little world. “I love you, Loons.”
“I love you more, y/n/n,” she breathed as she leaned down and placed a kiss on her daughter's unruly curls.
You could feel Poppy get fussy in your lap. She was finally tired of her sissy’s games. “Okay, Sia, why don’t you help Mommy serve the food?”
“Okay!” She exclaimed and crawled off her mother’s lap.
The two set up plates of food as you held your daughter up to your chest and fed her. Once she was finally satisfied (and burped), Poppy fell asleep in your arms. Luna and Sia helped you eat your lunch as they all tried their best not to disturb the infant.
After the food was all gone, you allowed Sia to run around the grass fields as Luna and you watched; the baby was still asleep on you.
“You want another one, don’t you?” Luna casually asked, keeping her eyes on the three old wobbling and trotting through the flowers and the grass.
“I do,” you replied. “Is it obvious?”
“I wouldn’t say it was obvious,” she said. “Just that I can tell how much you care for these two. You were meant to be a mother, y/n.”
“I would do anything for them,” you sighed. “It wouldn’t be all that bad if we were to become five rather than four. Would it?”
It’s not that you weren’t satisfied. You were beyond grateful. Luckily, magic had allowed you and Luna to have biological children. You were definitely happy with what you had, but you couldn’t help but want another baby.
“Whenever you’re ready,” said Luna.
“We should wait a couple of weeks,” you said. “Maybe even a couple of months. Want to have a big enough age gap between Poppy and baby number three.”
“That sounds amazing, love.”
You leaned in to kiss her soft lips once more before pulling back to lay your head against her shoulder, cuddling your daughter further into your chest.
“Look, I found a ‘toolip’,” Sia called as she came running towards the two of you. She shoved the pink flower in front of Luna and you.
“That such a pretty flower, Sia. But it would look better…” Luna took the flower from her daughter’s hand and intertwined it into Sia’s braid. “ There you go, honey. Even more pretty.”
“How do I look, Mama?” Sia asked, turning to face you and showing off her new hairstyle.
“Gorgeous, baby,” you said. “I love it.”
Sia giggled and ran away, back to the flowers.
You smiled and put your head back on Luna’s shoulders. Nothing could ruin this moment for you. You wanted this for the rest of your life, and you were excited to be adding more to your precious family.
🏷 ↴
↪︎ @harrypotterwifey @90smalfoy @hotsauceonmychicken9 @elizabethrosecresswell @msmimimerton
Luna Lovegood:
↪︎ @headcannonship @gwlvr
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shutupanddance’s 50 Followers Challenge
Tumblr media
What’s up kids! If you don’t know me, I’m shutupanddance, I write reader-insert fan fiction, and my goal is to reach 50 followers by September!
In order to achieve this, I need your help! This post will contain a list of writing prompts and the fandoms I write for. Your job is to either reblog this post, or send in a request! I will answer EACH ONE and give you headcanons, an imagine, or a short fic! By reblogging or requesting, you help me expand my audience. Now, if you don’t want to request one of the prompts, you don’t have to! I’ll take any requests. The prompts are just there as a guide. Additionally, if you want to use these prompts for yourself, go right ahead! I don’t mind :)
Now, why should you participate?
My goal is to be the fanfic writer who writes where there is a lack of writing. There are so many times where I have been able to find ZERO reader-insert fan fiction for a character I love, and I want to fill those gaps. By helping me gain followers, you boost my work, and also the amount of requests I receive, meaning more and more people can ask for fics, imagines, and headcanons with their faves.
Obviously, you are in no way obligated to interact at all, but I would really appreciate it! If you are doing something similar, I’d be happy to help!
Anyway, here are the prompts!
Tumblr media
#1: “I’d agree with you, but then we’d both be wrong.”
#2: “Should I ask why you have a knife in your purse?”
”It’s a dagger, actually, and no you shouldn’t.”
#3: “Close your eyes and listen. And trust me.”
#4: Rosemary, broken glass, and an old gun.
#5: “Do you remember when I loved you?”
”Good, because I never did.”
#6: “He saw the notice in the paper.”
”Why would you let him see the paper?”
”What was I supposed to do, eat it?”
#7: “I didn’t catch your name!”
”I didn’t throw it.”
#8: “I’m not better than you, but at least I’m not you. And right now, that’s worth a whole lot.”
#9: Romantic dinner, but something is wrong.
#10: Forehead kisses during an apocalypse
#11: “This isn’t BBC Sherlock! You can’t just run around administering justice as you see fit!
#12: Trying to get a smoke detector to shut up
#13: Falling out of a closet during Hide N Seek
#14: Revealing a dark secret, but it turns out that they already know
#15: Once upon a midnight dreary
#16: The odds were never in our favor
#17: If I should die, think only this of me
#18: Attack hugs
#19: Afraid of ladybugs
#20: The dumb*ss God couldn’t stop
#21: “There’s a rumor going around that you’re the one to ask if someone needs to acquire rare and dangerous objects.”
”There’s a rumor going around that you’re an undercover cop.”
#22: A parking lot, a coroner, and snails
#23: “You’re the only person I know who calls me that.”
Tumblr media
Now, on to the list of fandoms!
- Marvel (MCU)
- DC (DCU)
- Harry Potter
- Sherlock
- Star Wars (trilogies, Clone Wars, Rebels, Mandalorian)
- Star Trek (reboots, original series)
- Pacific Rim
- Knives Out
- Night at the Museum
- LOTR + The Hobbit
- Jurassic Park/World
- The West Wing
*if you don’t see your fandom on the list, let me know! Sometimes I forget what I’ve seen :)
Thank you SO MUCH for reading this far! Can’t wait to hear from you :)
Tumblr media
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rippahwrites · 10 hours ago
X marks the spot, where we fell apart {F.W.}
Pairing: Fred Weasley x reader
genre: this fic doesn't really have a genre but maybe humour
word count: 1.1k
Trope: friends to enemies (implied)
warnings: none, mentions of paralysing, one or two swear words
A/n: Ok first Fred fic lessgo! Anyways this is a spy AU enjoyyy! Also I've written this in Fred's P.O.V.
Fred vaulted through the cut out window pane, landing on his feet on the other side and easily zeroing in on his brother a few feet in front of him. The room, as expected, was pitch black, the only light from George’s flashlight and the glassless window.
The job was simple- break into Malfoy Manor, secure the artifact and return to the Order’s headquarters. It had all been very carefully planned by Agent Granger, leaving no room for error. The occupants would be out of the house for the day, leaving it empty.
And predictably, when the owners were out, the servants left early and the guards reduced vigilance- creating the perfect environment for the Twins to sneak in and out undetected.
“Oy, Fred, over here mate” George called from the other end of the room and Fred walked over to him, careful to tread lightly. “Granger’s plan is practically flawless. Except for one tiny detail- this house is like a museum. To find the diadem we’ll have to split up since intel couldn’t zero in on its location” George said holding a flashlight over a map of the manor marked with all the possible locations for the diadem.
Fred nodded, “I’ll take the west wing, you take the east. Meet back here in 20 minutes”. He said, already turning around to go towards the west wing.
George murmured his agreement and the two took off in opposite directions, the sounds of their near-silent footfalls the only indication that they were there.
Fred soon found a room, solely occupied by glass cases full of diadems. He swore softly and pulled out the image of the diadem tucked into his pocket and began scanning the cases for the one he’d been asked to retrieve.
As he moved along the rows of glass boxes, he realised one of the cases was empty. Fred arched an eyebrow, confused. This room obviously held jewellery meant to show off wealth, not to use them. So it was out of question that Lady Malfoy had taken out the diadem to accessorize herself.
He whirled around, glancing at the other objects in the room wondering if it had been placed somewhere else, though he highly doubted it. His torch gleamed on a gem sitting on the wooden oak table in the centre and found the diadem sitting on a red cushion.
Fred’s instincts were on high alert now, something about the entire scenario just feeling wrong. But nevertheless he reached out for the diadem and picked it up, the cool metal connecting with the bare skin of his fingertips that poked through his fingerless gloves.
The base of the tiara was oddly damp, a strange liquid seemed to have been smeared there. Fred held it up to examine it in his torch light before glancing at his wrist watch. He had ten minutes left before he had to meet George at the rendezvous point.
There was a transparent liquid on the diadem, the torch light giving it a faint purplish hue. No, it was a very light purple. Years of training kicked in, his mind whirring to recognise what a faint purple tint meant in terms of poisons and serums.
Then it struck him- Gloriella, used for paralysing. Immediately Fred dropped the diadem back on the cushion, but the damage had been done. The gloriella had come in contact with his skin. He couldn’t even press the distress button on his watch as he felt his body go slack and slunk to the floor.
He was able to wrest enough control of his body to crawl towards the wall and hide behind one of the shelves. But after that all of his body below the neck felt numb, as if it didn’t belong to him.
There were silent footsteps and Fred hoped it was George coming to look for him, but he should have known better. He saw the smirk first, then the mischievous y/e/c eyes. Her hair had been tied into a braid and she had donned an all black suit to blend with the shadows.
“Hello Fred” she said with an amused smile on her lips as she crouched down to be eye level with him. “L/n” Fred growled out, his anger thrumming viciously in his veins. Y/n gave him a lilting laugh in response.
“You should have known better. Only an idiot would wear fingerless gloves when walking into uncharted territory” she drawled as if she had all the time in the world and considering that Fred was paralysed, she probably thought she did.
Well jokes on her. Fred thought ruefully. As soon as ten minutes are up George will see that I haven’t returned and come find me. He couldn’t help the smirk that pulled at his lips. Y/n noticed but her grin didn’t leave.
“Oh, don’t worry. I know all about the rendezvous in ten minutes. You and George may be good, but it was pathetically easy for me to tail you without you or your brother finding out” Fred blinked in disbelief. Him and George were the best in the whole Order when it came to operating covertly.
She noticed the look and her expression turned feline. “Fred, love, I trained with you for years. I know your style of fighting and operating by heart. But I have to admit, for any other adversary, it would have been a bit difficult to tail you”.
“Why sabotage me at all? Aren’t we on the same side?” Fred questioned and Y/n chuckled. “Fred, we may work for the same people and may work on the same side in this war to take down the biggest crime lord in London, but we are not allies. You are my competition and come in my way of gaining rank in the Order. If I retrieve the diadem instead of you, it will show that even you have limitations and are prone to error”
“Why?” was the only thing Fred was able to say and Y/n shrugged. “You know why” her eyes turned steely. There was a quiet beeping from her watch and she smirked down at it. “Looks like my ten minutes are almost up”
She got up and walked over to the diadem before picking it up with her latex gloves. “Now if you'll excuse me,” she said, sending Fred a wink.
Then she was gone, slipping out of the room and blending into the shadows.
Fred gave a long-suffering sigh as he waited for George to come find him and thought about the shit-loadof trouble that was surely waiting for him back at Order HQ.
Taglist: @theravenclawgal @lollandslop @blue-writes-things @ghosts-of-hogwarts @1-800-amortentia @satansspacebubblegum
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fleur2pint · 10 hours ago
“Like… fully?” {tom r.}
summary: after knowing your best friend tom for months now, you decide to get to know him on a much more personal level. soon finding out he’s a complete virgin.
warnings: smut obviously, loss of virginity, subby!tom x dom!reader, suggestive language, yadda yadda yadda you get it by now
a/n: after thinking about this for a while and getting many requests for this, this is my take on a subby tom (cute cute). there’s not much i can really say for this, it’s exactly how it sounds. also didn’t decide to go full-out sub on ya'll. Hope you enjoy it!! (the normal ‘most likely no proofread’ warning lol)
word count: 2k+
“You’re fucking lying!” You exclaimed, readjusting in your spot on Tom’s bed as you looked him in the eye. He shrugged as his eyes left yours and fell back on the pages of his textbook. His back sitting against the headboard of his prefect dorm bed. “Like… fully?” You pushed, still awaiting a response. “I mean yeah. If getting myself off doesn’t count.” Your body grew hot at his response. The thought of your best friend getting off. Who knew what he thought about, who he thought about. And he still managed to be a virgin.
There was no denying that Tom Riddle was the prized student of Hogwarts. All the teachers praised him and every girl in his year practically threw themselves at his feet. With his smarts, sureness, and looks, he could have anything he wanted. You and Tom just so happened to have met in your third year and his fourth year. You were incredibly gifted for your age, therefore putting you in classes that would challenge you a bit more compared to your other acquaintances.
One of these classes being a higher-up potions class that Tom just so happened to also be in. A classic story of being paired up by your teacher for a project thing happened and low and behold, you’re now inseparable. At first, he despised you for your intelligence, thinking you would come after his spot of being the clear best. But you soon grew on him. It was never an odd relationship where you would see him as a ‘big brother’ because who were you to lie and say that you didn’t have a little crush on him. But then that crush turned into a like, and that like turned into a desire.
You were now in the middle of your fifth year and him his sixth. It was a Friday night that he had reserved for studying, but you wrecked his plans and chat him up instead, like normal. First chatting about grades, then about teachers, then about students, then about love interests, then on the topic of virginity. Which leads up to this moment.
“Tom, I know you’re not dumb. Any girl would die to get in the sheets with you at this school, it’s not such a secret.” You reasoned, shifting your weight onto your arms to perch you up on your back. “Okay? What if I’m just not interested in that kind of stuff right now?” You could see his jaw clench at your questioning. “Tom… you know you could tell me if you’re gay, right?” You joked, trying your best to keep a straight face. “Y/n, stop.” He smiled. “I’m not gay, I just don’t find an interest in having sex with anyone here. I also don’t feel like risking my academic life for someone who wants to make us a ‘thing’ just because we did it once.”
You hummed in response to him being reasonable. You understood where he was coming from, but there was still that part of you that wanted answers in another department. “Well you said you masturbate, so you clearly get ho-” “Yeah, I’ll stop you there.” He breathes out. “Oh, come on, I’m your best friend. Who else are you gonna talk about this with?” You were now laying on your stomach with your fists, holding your head up to look at him. You could tell he refused to make eye contact with you. He was nervous, embarrassed.
“Fine,” He huffed as he kept his eyes on his book, “What do you wanna know?” You thought about your first question as you chewed your bottom lip. “What are your turn-ons?” You saw his eyes go wide as he took in the question. “I mean,” He started, licking his bottom lip nervously, “I guess just the normal stuff. Like, choking, slapping, being kind of rough.” Your body warmth continued to grow as you thought of Tom in such vulgar ways.
“Would you say you’re more of a submissive or dominant?” You pushed further. “I’ve never had sex. How would I know?” You could feel the annoyance radiating off of him. “You’ve never thought about a girl being completely soft for you?” You laughed, “Jeeze, you’re weak. I’m me and I even think about stuff like that.” You concluded. He looked up at you in confusion, “Y/n, are you a virgin?”
The question ringing in your ears as it rolled off his tongue. Even though you had never shared this with him, you indeed had already lost your virginity. Just a couple of months prior, in fact. The night of the Slug Club Christmas Party back in December. You remember being upset Tom had decided not to ask you to be his ‘plus one’ like he normally would, so you found a date, just for the night. You knew it made Tom incredibly jealous, that’s why you did it. But he was too scared to take what he wanted, what was rightfully his. One thing leads to another, and you were in someone else’s dorm for the night.
Since then you have hooked up with plenty of people. Girls, guys, you name it. At parties, just out of the blue, it didn’t matter. If you were into it, and they were into it, it had to be done. But those were things you never told Tom. Not because you didn’t want him to know, but because this kind of conversation never came up. Now it’s here, so now you should tell him.
“No.” You said flatly. He raised his eyebrows at you, “I find that hard to believe.” His eyes moving back to his book. “Believe what you want, Tommy. But I lost my v-card after Slughorn's party. The Christmas Party.” Tom scoffed at you. “Yeah right, did he light a candle or two for you, go down on you, tell you he loved you, and ask if you were okay after? For someone as smart as you, that situation seems pretty idiotic, especially with a guy like that.” Anger was laced in his voice, you could hear it. “You sound jealous, Tom. I think you’re just mad no one’s popped your cherry yet.”
“You know, I could walk out of here right now and go fuck anyone I want.” He looked up at you once again. You could see the fire behind his eyes. Was it anger? Passion? Lust? You weren’t sure. But one thing you were certain about was that his flustered demeanor was turning you on. “Then do it.” You said. His breath hitched. “W-what?” You batted your eyes up at him. “Then go fuck anyone you want. Why should I care?” His face grows red at your teasing. “Oh Tommy, are you too shy?”
Tom drops his shoulders in defeat with a sigh. You smirk up at his blushy face, begging for him to look at you mentally. You think up your next move on him for a moment. Did you really want this? Did you really have this desire? Fuck it. Just do it. You rose to your hands and knees, crawling closer to him on the bed, watching him purposely ignore you. You hovered over his body, looking at his face in front of you as he anxiously read his textbook.
You look down at the material and close the cover, flicking your gaze back to him. He is now forced to look you in the eye. He looked weak. Defeated. He wanted this, but of course, he was too shy to ask for it. “How about we change that, hm?” You say, drawing your face closer to his. “Change what?” He whispered, trying his best to hold back a whine. “You know what.” One of your hands found its way to his hair, gently tugging his roots. And it happened.
Your lips teasingly grazed against his before connecting properly. The kiss was soft and sweet, airy would be a good way to describe it. You pulled his hair a bit hard, letting him spill his sweet whimpers into your mouth. It was heavenly. You pulled away, watching him try to chase your lips, try to reconnect them. That’s when you knew you had successfully forced him into submission. Perfect.
“Was that your first kiss?” You whispered softly. He shook his head at you. “Seemed like it.” Your breath fanned over his neck. You could tell you were getting a rise out of the boy under you. You snaked your hand out of his hair, running it down his chest, past his navel, down to his crotch. Your fingers danced along the fly of his trousers, watching his chest rise and fall in the process. Watching his hips buck up for your touch. You palmed his erection, feeling it bulge against his clothes.
You chewed your lower lip in anticipation as you unzipped the fly. Tom tossed his head back, laying it back against the headboard. “Have you ever shown someone before?” He rolled his eyes at you. “Showed someone wha-” He was cut off by his own moan as your hand slipped into his pants. His perfect, plump lips parting in pleasure. “So fucking naïve.” You whispered against his neck. You felt his Adam’s apple bob against your lips as he let out a broken whimper.
Your hand fell lower and lower till you caught hold of his erection. His breath shuddered as you slowly pumped him. His eyes fluttered shut as you performed your magic on him. “Is this better than getting off yourself?” You asked, flicking your gaze back to his again. He pressed his lips together, trying hard to suppress his moans. “Just let them out, Tommy. Let me see how good I make you feel.”
“Y/n, please,” He whined, “I need-” Your grip on his cock tightened, a light mewl leaving his chest. “What is it?” You tease a bit, “Use your words, go on.” You continued pumping him until he was on edge. His hips bucked to meet your touch, but every time he would chase his release, you would loosen your grip. Playing a small game of cat and mouse with the boy. Watching him get so excited for something that couldn’t be just yet.
“Hmm, poor baby. I know exactly what you need.” You removed your hands from his pants, hearing him groan out of sexual frustration. “I find it funny you wanna call me ‘baby’ when I’m older-” “I’m not the virgin in this situation.” You said as you changed your all-fours position to a straddling position over his hips. He watched you keenly. Waiting for you to advance. Knowing what you were about to give him.
You shoved his trousers and briefs down his thigh, watching his erection spring free. The tip flushed, desperately in need of your help. That’s when you took in the importance of this situation. He was fragile right now, vulnerable. In a position he’s never been in before. You had to be careful. You gently bunched your uniform skirt around your hips, causing his pupils to dilate with lust. You carefully wrapped a hand around his throat, squeezing it slightly. Listening to the small gasps escape his lips.
You planted kisses along his jawline as you used your other hand to glide the head of his cock through the slickness of your folds. “Fuck.” He breathed out as you kissed the corner of his lips. He wriggles his hips a bit trying his best to push into your cunt. “Ah-ah,” you tested, watching him raise his eyebrows at you. “You need to be patient.” “I hope you know that I don’t plan on being dominated the whole time.” He sassed. Your grip on his throat tightened. “Oh, baby, you don’t have a choice. I’m the one who’s gonna make you feel good. I think I have every right to be in charge of you.”
Your lips found their way to his again, tugging, sucking, biting them with such hunger. And he just sat there, relishing every second. You lowered yourself down onto him, eating up his pathetic whines as his cock was welcomed by your warm walls. His head flipped back as you moaned, loving the way he perfectly filled you up. You gave him no time to adjust as you bounced your hips against his. His teeth sank into his lower lip as he mewled. As your head lolled back in pleasure, your hand constricted around his throat more than before. You looked down at the boy under you. His hair messy, eyes closed, and plush, kiss-swollen lips parted as you fucked him.
You fucked him. Funny how when describing sex it’s always the man who says “Oh yeah, I fucked her”. Lord knows Tom wasn’t putting in the work for his orgasm. But could you blame him? You placed one hand against the headboard behind him to aid your bounces. The change gave him a full view of your breasts that were still secured in your top. “God, I’m gonna fucking cum y/n.” He whined, his voice cracking towards the end. Jesus, he sounded pathetic. You loved it. You felt your own orgasm approaching fast, but you held off for him. Knowing he would love it if you came with him. His groan grew as your hips forced themselves down on him violently. “Cum for me, baby.” As your words rolled off your lips, his seed painted your warm cunt.
His eyes rolled back as he felt you constricting around his cock. You arched your back as your own washed over you. Listening to his whimpers from you over stimulating him as you rode out your orgasm, eating them up. As you came down from your high, you panted, pulling him out of you and rolling onto your back. He looked down at you in his upright position. You admired his fucked-out eyes. “How was it?” You questioned. “Wasn't so bad, but I definitely would love to do it again sometime… With you maybe…” He said, flashing you a cocky smile. You rolled your eyes at him. “Mmm, I think I enjoy having you below me from now on. Watching you beg for me is pretty fucking hot, if only you could see the look on your face.”
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narcissa-my-love · 11 hours ago
imagine narcissa insisting that she does your hair and makeup
she would braid you hair and she would do the best makeup ever on you, she probably practiced on bellatrix or draco ajajaj
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slyttherins · 12 hours ago
Bloody Rita Skeeter | Fred Weasley x Reader
Summary: Fred wants to sleep in and have a lazy morning, but Rita Skeeter ruins his plan
Pairing: Fred Weasley x Reader
Word count: 737
''Ron is working this morning so I don't have to come in until noon. Isn't it great?'' Fred shuffled closer and kissed your shoulder, half awake. ''We can sleep in and perhaps-''
''We?'' You pulled away from your boyfriend's hold. ''Sorry to break it to you, love, but I'm not staying in bed with you. I got to get ready for work.''
Fred opened his eyes and whined, not happy with the news you dropped on him. ''Do you really have to go?'' He tried to cuddle into you, but you didn't let him, knowing that he wouldn't let go of you if he did.
''Yes, I do. Unlike you, manager Weasley, we, mere employees, can't skip work just because we feel like it.''
''Can't you call Hannah and ask her to cover for you? Just for the morning.''
''What am I gonna tell her? Hey, Hannah, can you cover for me this morning? My boyfriend wants me to stay in bed with him.''
''Yeah. I'm sure she'll understand. I bet she's done it a few times.''
Hannah was a bubbly and fun girl, but she and Neville had a very different relationship than you and Fred. They were more private. You doubted she'd ever skip work to sleep in with her boyfriend. Plus, Neville's new teaching job at Hogwarts didn't allow them a lot of mornings together as he was residing at the castle during the school year.
''Unfortunately, I can't do that.''
It was difficult to resist a sleepy and messy haired Fred Weasley who demanded cuddles, but calling in wasn't an option today.
''Rita Skeeter is releasing her new book about the families who fell from their pedestal after the war. She claims to be revealing their deepest, darkest secrets. The Malfoy family is among them and people are eager to read about their secrets and how poorly they were treated when Voldemort returned. I personally doubt the Malfoys gave her any interviews, she most likely invented everything that's in her book, but people are still gonna buy it. It's gonna be madness at the book shop,'' you explained.
''Bloody Rita Skeeter...'' the redhead grumbled. ''She ruined our lives with her lies when we were at Hogwarts and now she's ruining my morning.''
You rolled out of bed and began changing out of your night clothes, switching them for a blouse and tailored pants. It was plain and unflattering, but you worked at a bookshop, not Madam Malkin's.
''Are we still going to the Leaky Cauldron tonight?'' you asked, just checking in.
Fred hummed, still snuggled under the covers. Lucky bastard. ''George and I have to close the shop, but Angelina will probably get there before us.''
You grabbed your Flourish and Blotts Bookseller red pin and put it on your blouse. ''Is Ron coming too?''
''I doubt it. Hermione finally found time for him in her busy schedule. I think he's gonna spend the night with her.''
''Ooh. He must be on the moon. Hermione is so busy at the Ministry with her internship. I haven't seen her since Harry's birthday. We're in September.''
You finished getting ready in the bathroom, applying some makeup and fixing your hair - looking put together helped with the sales. When you returned, Fred was surprisingly still awake, watching as you searched for your shoes.
''Tell your boss to get new uniforms. Those pants makes your ass look flat.''
''Excuse you?!''
''Sexier uniforms might make their sales go up. I know I would buy more books if the salesperson's uniform was sexier.''
You rolled your eyes, knowing he hadn't picked up a book other than an instruction manual since Hogwarts.
''Or attract creepy men. It's a book shop,'' you reminded him.
''Lucky for me, I know what's under there,'' he said smugly, grabbing a handful of your ass through the fabric of your pants as you bent down to tie your shoes.
''Fred!'' you squealed, biting back a laugh. That boy...
He laughed, pleased with himself.
''You know, I was planning on coming here to change after work, but now I think I'll keep my work clothes.''
''Wha- No!'' Fred protested, sitting up on the bed.
You quickly left his room and headed to work, laughing to yourself.
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katherynshoward · 12 hours ago
𝐠𝐚𝐳𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐚𝐬 { 𝐝.𝐦. 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 }
synopsis: Y/n is enjoying Father’s Day with family, admiring the amazing father Draco has become. In a grim turn of events, y/n’s world is eradicated and norms are challenged. Y/n must learn to adapt to this new reality, scared of the consequences of acceptance and letting go of things we cannot control.
cw/tw: Extreme themes of death. If death is slightly triggering for you, do not engage with this one. It's sad bc I'm missing my dad a lot today and I couldn't stop thinking about dad!draco so, this is what we end up with lol. Happy Father's/Parent day!
content restrictions: All ages permitted.
word count: 1.8k
The gardens of the manor were always beautiful come spring and continued to thrive throughout the summer until Fall would claim them. Even in this melancholic residency that you always despised for the lack of sun. Each year, you watched the child you shared with Draco grow in these desolate walls. And despite her circumstances, she prospered. The most amicable and thoughtful little girl.
Still, you ached to move her from this place. Part of you was hopeful Draco would be more willing to rid himself of the burden of governing the estate now that Lucius and Narcissa had both passed on. Narcissa expressed once a keen desire that Draco take the child away from this cold place, three months before her passing. But he did not budge. And whenever you would plead with Draco about a cottage on the English countryside, your words lingered on deaf ears. He disregarded your appeals for reasons unfathomable.
The good news was that your little one would be eleven years old this summer, come August. She would be starting her first year at Hogwarts and maybe, she would learn to cherish the sun in the ways you do. Acclimate to a happier ambiance than what she was accustomed to.
“Daddy!” She called out after him, her long platinum locks swaying behind her with each hurried step she took.
You loved the way he styled her hair each morning. At first, he was terrible at it. But now, he could be his very own cosmetologist. You loved the way Draco oversaw multiple projects to build several playgrounds around the estate. You loved the way he loved so effortlessly by the way of subtle gestures. How removed all texts engaging the ideology of blood supremacy or shielded your daughter from the faded mark on his arm by always wearing long sleeve uniforms. He spoke his love in ways that were unconditional and done without much thought. Because he loved her so much and being a father was natural for him.
Her little legs carried her past you, towards her father. She always favored him in both looks and company. You tried your best to relate to her in the ways that he did, but perhaps she was just too much like you. Your words didn’t appear to interest her past the age of three. But that was okay. She was still yours.
“Look what I found!” She said excitedly, holding a flower up to Draco. “Your favorite! I want you to have it.”
You watched Draco kneel down onto one knee to level himself with her. He was wearing black today despite being a happy occasion that was Father’s Day. He always wore black. This was something he outgrew after the war to express his gratitude towards life. He was a changed man for a little while and preferred muted tones of several colors like greens and golds. But after the pregnancy, he seemed to revert back to this state of fashion that was so dejected. You missed him wearing colors. He seemed happier back then.
He took the flower from your daughter’s hand and you drew closer to them to take a gander. You instantly recognized the gazania he twirled thoughtfully between his index and thumb. He looked at her once again.
“You’re right.” He nodded. “Do you know why these are my favorites? Because they are your mother’s favorites.”
You felt your cheeks tighten and swell with the sweetness of his remembrance. It was like biting into the most saccharine peach you could taste.
“Really?” She asked. “I want to grow some more. Just for her.”
You giggled, clasping a hand over your mouth. You truly were prosperous in the family you created. Though it was a small one, it was all you needed. Nothing made you happier than the sound of your daughter’s voice on the saddest of days. Even though you spent most of your time weeping for reasons you couldn’t quite recognize, you could not deny your family filled a specific void. Sometimes, you just felt as though something was missing. Perhaps it was just being devoid of most human interaction outside of the manor. The fog didn’t help much.
“That can be arranged.” Draco smiled, swiping gently at her cheek with his index fingers in a loving gesture. “They hail from South Africa. Should we call for shipments?”
“Yes, sir!” She yelled out excitedly. “We will put them in Mummy’s spot.”
He nodded once before standing to lift her up by her waist and settle her into her arms. His dominant arm supported her while his other hand still held onto the flower. He walked towards you and you moved out of his way before following him to see where he was going.
“I love my gift, sweet girl.” He said. “I’d like to put this one in Mummy’s spot as well, if that’s alright.”
She nodded and nuzzled her head into his neck. She was such a daddy’s girl and Draco deserved it after the hellish life he led. It seemed to be she was the one good thing he had anymore. Sometimes, you wondered if he still loved you. He always seemed so distant. Never willing to converse with you on much of anything.
You followed Draco and when your daughter looked back, she furrowed her brows at you. You simply smiled. Her eyes widened and she looked back ahead of her, not saying anything. Her behavior was always atypical, but she was so safeguarded and sheltered away from the world. You wondered how well she would be at making friends come the impending school year. Hogwarts was always diverting when you attended until war threatened to dawn on the horizon. That wouldn’t happen again.
Something came to view as you neared, vision still partly skewed by the fog. But Draco stayed on path, his stride demonstrating motive. He knew where he was going, so you felt safe to continue despite hardly being able to see ten feet in front of you. You were uncertain of this spot they talked about. How did your daughter know of it but not you?
As you grew closer, you paused in your stride. They were approaching a mausoleum. A large tomb above ground.
“No.” You said out loud. Draco did not react, he simply continued on.
“Draco, no.” You called out to him again. It was like always. He ignored you. “Draco, please!”
Your scream caught your daughter’s attention and she again looked back at you. Draco disappeared with her inside the mausoleum and you let out a guttural sob.
How long? How long has it been?
You followed them inside, looking for answers. You felt so muddled, unsure of the stakes of reality. Who or what you were. When you entered, you were met by Draco and your daughter facing a single tomb. Candles adorned some empty space. A portrait of you was hung just above the grave. Draco set the single gazania on the sealed casket.
“We commemorate the dead, lest we forget where we come from and who we are. You didn’t know her, but she loved you more than anything. I don’t want you to blame yourself. It was not your fault, sweet girl. You were just a babe.” His voice was struggling over his words. “I hope you think I’ve been a good enough father to compensate for her absence.”
“Of course you have, Daddy. You’re the best dad in the world. And I’m sure Mummy thinks so too. I can ask her.”
Draco looked down at her curiously before placing a soft kiss on her forehead. You read the date of death attributed to your likeness. You died the day your daughter was born. He did not weep, though if it had truly been eleven years, it was doubtful he had much left in him to cry. He simply knelt down to the grave and began mumbling something to himself while your daughter watched him. Despite the absence of outward emotion, you could feel him somehow. The pain that he communicated to you specifically. Whatever he was saying, he was speaking it to your essence. He was praying.
This is why he wore black. This is why he wouldn’t leave. This is why he never paid you any mind.
You came towards him and knelt down beside him. Your arm, that he would not feel, wrapped over his shoulder. This felt surreal.
A harrowing presence interrupted your moment. When you peered up, a very becoming young man with long dark hair stood at the base of the room. His hands were folded behind him and he smiled an uncanny, yet comfortable grin. The world was devoid of all background noise when he was in the room. Complete and utter silence.
“Who are you?” You asked.
“I am neither friend nor foe. You know me, but I am a stranger to you. I know everything about you and you know nothing about me. Why, I am Death.”
You looked around the room and time had paused itself, though your daughter was looking at you with unsure eyes in her halted state.
“When the dead meet me at the crossroads, most are given a choice to stay or come with me. Some, however, are lost. You are one of the lost ones. This can happen in abrupt accidents, spiteful people or... unfinished business. I see it in mothers often.”
You didn’t take your arm off Draco who was still frozen, his expression filled to the brim with agony. You felt guilty, as if dying was his inconvenience.
“I give you a choice. Each year, you learn you are dead. Each year, you’ve chosen to stay. When you choose that, you forget. Come tomorrow, if you choose to stay, you will again forget what happened to you. That you are dead. You will again wander these halls until I come back. The choice, is entirely yours to decide.” He said monotonously.
You pondered for a moment. Eleven years. Eleven years in limbo just to assure Draco made the right choices of your kin. And each year, he did. Each year, he learned and was better than the last. He never once faltered in his duty as a father. You could trust him. And trust was letting go.
You nodded.
“I think I am finally ready.”
“Good. I have been ready to welcome you home.” He smiled a wide toothy grin that was somehow unsettling, but felt safe.
Before you would agree to part ways, you of course had parting words. It was so difficult to say goodbye and perhaps that was part of the reason you stayed as long as you did. Love was a peculiar thing, so liberating and yet, so binding.
“Thank you.” You said to Draco who still did not move. “I don’t think a child could have asked for a better father. Our girl wants for nothing. And I am at peace. Because you’re such an amazing father. Happy Father’s Day, my love. My gift to you. I’ll be seeing you again.”
Without another word, you were gone.
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randomoutsiders · 13 hours ago
my request is dom!adrian pucey with daddy kink pls maybe after a game
warning/content: oral (male!receiving), third person fem!reader, whining, a bit of degradation, daddy!kink
"Y'want me to take it off?" The brunet raises a brow, the pink muscle of his tongue peeking out to smooth over his lips as he stares at the girl in front of him.
She's perched prettily on her knees, head cocked to the side while a vague image of confusion passes over her pouting features.
There's a subtle movement, one that dips her chin slowly into her chest in a nonverbal cue of affirmation.
"Use your words." The tenor trill of his command is thick with lethargy as he raises both brows; as if testing her ability to follow his simple instructions.
"Want it."
"Full sentences, baby, you're better than that. I know you are. You're my big girl, hm?"
"I want you t'take it off." Her bottom lip juts out in an illustration of aggravation - of desperation for the commencement as she squirms in her spot, the thick raven of her pupils blinding out the soft illumination of her irises.
"Wouldn't that be nice?" Although his fingers are undoing the leather ties of his jersey, they're trembling with anticipation, his heart a hammering presence within the confines of his ribcage.
"Look at you, doll. Look at you using your manners." He trills, the corners of his lips pulling upward in a proud visage as he observes the way her eyelids tug downward with fatigue.
With a slow, heavy blink, his top is discarded, the fabric tainted with the odor of perspiration and grungy earth as it lays in a crumpled heap atop the mahogany floor.
"Use your words, bunny." He admonishes, his long digits plucking at the ties of his quidditch pants, effectively removing himself of the unnecessary fabric so she can step forward, but she's stoic; unmoving in her position.
"C-Can I touch?" Her tongue is swelling in the cavern of her mouth as he rises from his mattress, and as his knees pop with the effort of his extension, affliction is bleeding across the back of her neck as she cranes her eyes to look at him.
"Y'gonna be good f'me, baby? I'm gonna show you my cock but you have to be gentle. 'Ve been hard all game and these tight fucking pants didn't help."
Her lips part, revealing the swirling, ebony depth of her mouth, the soft pink of her tongue making a slow appearance as it lolls out.
Another nod proceeds, one that prompts the male to swoop down and brush his chapped lip over the flushed flesh of her brow; an endearing action of affection that pulls a low cry from her lips.
The brunet hooks a forefinger under the bend of her chin, forcing her gaze further upward before he's sliding the calloused pad of his thumb over the mountains of her lips, lubricating the digit with slow movements.
"Open up, baby. Wanna see your pretty tongue."
He's throbbing at the mere sight of how obedient she is, her mandible dropping and revealing the column of her throat as she opens herself up for him, vulnerability such a prominent face in these endeavors that it nearly hurts him he's so sensitive.
His cock is straining against the fabric of Adrian's box before he's slipping it from its constraints, revealing a weeping, purplish head, and a throbbing base.
A low whine is twinging at y/n's vocal cords at the sight of it, her salivary glands roaring to life as she momentarily closes her mouth so she can lick at her lips.
"Shhh.." He chides, pressing down so that she can press the flat of her tongue against the slit of his cock, where pearling beads of precum are gathering and slipping over the rouge head of it.
"Suck my cock, baby. Atta girl." He coos quietly as her lips seal around the tip, suckling at the mound with fervor before she's pressing forward, allowing the thick shaft of him to sit heavy on her tongue as her cheeks hollow inward.
His long fingers slip through her tresses, getting a solid grip on the back of her skull so he can press her further downward, far enough down so that her nose is tickling at the delicate tufts of hair at the base of him.
"Shhh...." He trills when the muscles of your jugular constrict around him, sealing around his shift and creating suction, but with such an action comes your gagging, for your airways are completely sealing off. "Take it for daddy, hmm?"
As if the strong hand at the back of her skull would allow anything otherwise.
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partofmultifandoms · 13 hours ago
Theodore Nott x Fem!Ravenclaw!Reader
Description: Random conversations between a Slytherin and a Ravenclaw.
Warnings: Language, Google translated French
POMF’s Note: I DID NOT COME UP WITH A SINGLE ONE OF THESE. They were all text posts but I don’t remember the original creators. I take NO CREDIT but they made me giggle and Theo has been my recent obsession so there you go.
“I like your pants.” Theodore commented from his spot next to you in the Great Hall.
“Thanks, they were 50 percent off.” The slight rise of an octave at the end of your statement an allude to how good the quality of pants that were 50 percent off could be.
Suddenly a smug grin settled upon Theo’s face as he went on. “Well I’d like them 100 percent off.”
“Theo, what kind of a store just gives stuff away?” You asked incredulously, clearly having missed the point of his remark.
“No that’s not what I—,”
“That’s no way to run a business, Nott.” You shook your head as you turned back to your work only making Theo bite his lip and shake his head.
“Hey, Y/N.”
“Hi, Theo. What are you up to?” You asked as he caught up with your strides in the corridor between lessons.
“I have a fun Christmas idea. Let’s hang mistletoe, but instead of kissing, you have to fight whoever else is under it.” His eyebrows rose in a suggestive manner, clearly quite excited about this ‘brilliant’ idea he’d come up with.
“We are not doing that.” You glanced over at him, an exasperated sigh leaving your lips.
As if he hadn’t even heard you, he continued on, mumbling, “Mistlefoe.”
You had to stop in your tracks to look at the boy. He was clearly getting a kick out of the idea of it all, the smile on his face giving him away though he refused to meet your eyes.
“No.” You stated, continuing your walk to Potions.
It was dinner in the Great Hall and you had decided to sit at the Slytherin table with Theo and his friends.
“Who the fuck—,” Theo was suddenly cut off by you.
“Language.” You scolded, nudging his elbow with yours.
He paused for a moment longer before continuing, “Whom the fuck—,” Only to be cut off again.
“No—,” You shook your head, giving up as he gave you a ‘What?!’ look. Blaise, Draco, and Pansy all bursting out laughing.
It had been the longest of weeks for you as your homework began piling up - thanks to your procrastination skills, you had to start studying for exams, and you were trying to help plan the ‘Ravenclaw end of year’ party.
Theo sat on one of the cushioned benches under the long windows of the Ravenclaw common room as he waited for Luna to let you know he was here. You were supposed to be hanging out tonight.
You sleepily stumbled down the winding staircase, rubbing your eyes to get the white dots to go away. ‘Thanks, Luna, for opening the curtains and letting all the sunlight pour right into my eyes.’ you thought.
Theo stood patiently at the bottom of the stairs, watching your tired self slowly come down. “Morning, dearest Y/N. Sleep well?” He teased.
Stopping at the last step in front of him, you blinked slowly and mumbled, “I slept for almost twelve hours but I’m still tired so I might go for twelve more just to be safe.”
Theo repressed his laugh. “That’s a coma.” He pointed out.
You blinked slowly again finding it much too bright down in the common room. “Sounds festive.”
And Theo couldn’t help but laugh at that which caused you to giggle softly. “C’mon, sleepy head. Let’s just hang out here tonight.”
Theo had been your friend since second year. It started out with the both of you bonding over your mutual disliking of the Golden Trio. But you soon realized that you and the Slytherin boy had much more in common than mutual hate.
Unfortunately for you and Theo, said ‘friendship’ was starting to blossom into something else. Instead of hanging out with him and his friends or him and your friends, you two began hanging out alone. Instead of wanting to work with a big group, the two of you began working as just a pair on projects. You studied together. You read together. You walked together. You ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner together. The two of you were attached at the hip.
As Theodore Nott sat on the black, leathery couch in the Slytherin common room, he adoringly watched as you worked on a Transfiguration essay that was due last week. You were sitting on the ground, all your things spread around you and a book about the molecular structure of a rat propped on your knee. One hand would write a couple of sentences before continuing to read the line your finger was following along in the book.
Your hair kept falling in your face and you kept nodding your head to get it out of the way. It was actually quite distracting as Theo tried to read his novel.
“Je t’aime plus que tout. Tu es tout pour moi.” He muttered out, just loud enough for you to hear.
Without looking up at him you asked, “What does that mean?”
Theo closed his book, using his pointer finger as a bookmark. “You’re smart. Figure out.” This made you look up to meet his dark eyes.
So now you would have to find a book to learn French. “It was an insult, wasn’t it?” You rolled your eyes, looking back at the book on your knee.
“No.” Theo began. His voice was so soft it was nearly a whisper. He even sounded slightly unsure of himself which was unusual for him.
But just like that, his confidence was back. “And that’s why it was in French. There was no way in Hell I’d compliment you in a language you understood.”
This caused you to snort and look up but he had already gone back to his book. You tilted your head when you realized there was no grin or smug smile on his face. He had been serious.
[Alternative for those of you who do know French:]
Your hair kept falling in your face and you kept nodding your head to get it out of the way. It was actually quite distracting as Theo tried to read his novel.
“Je t’aime plus que tout. Tu es tout pour moi.” He muttered out, just loud enough for you to hear.
A blush began to form on your cheeks as you abruptly stopped writing. Biting your lip, you dared to look up, meeting Theo’s dark eyes.
“Tu es mon tout aussi, Theodore.”
His eyes widened when he realized you understood and he tried to keep the heat from creeping up his neck by clearing his throat and scratching his jaw.
“I didn’t know you knew French.” He stated, unable to meet your eyes again.
“I didn’t know you did either.” You looked back to your book to try to distract yourself from the pixies flying wildly in your stomach.
‘You don’t know French’ version: I love you more than anything. You are my everything.
‘You know French’ version: You are my everything too, Theodore.
If you actually speak French, let me know if the translations are wrong. Thanks!
Okay that’s it for the conversations but please look at this gif. You cannot sit there and tell me that would not be Theodore Nott with his S/O. It’s so soft ???? That it physically hurts my heart. Just thought I’d share.
Tumblr media
!! I love him !!
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To Have A Home Part 32
A/N: I'M ALIVE! Anyways... Here's Part 32! As always, I hope you enjoy!
Summary: After Draco is found guilty of an attempted murder, he is sentenced to the Lupin’s house with hopes he’ll finally understand what  it means to have a family. Only problem? Draco doesn’t want it.
When Remus came back to the house everything was… not the worst it could be. Draco was back on the couch with Abigail curled tight into her side. He could hear the shaky breaths from his son.
Abigail stopped running her hands through Draco’s hair when she saw Remus, and Draco looked up, mad that the brushing had stopped. When he saw the reason why, however, he found he didn’t mind.
Draco ran over to Remus, throwing his arms around him. He didn’t say anything, so Remus didn’t either. They simply stood there, arms wrapped around each other. Remus didn’t want to rush him, so he waited for his breathing to even out before he even thought of letting Draco go.
After a few moments, Draco found a regular breathing cycle again, and he felt Remus pull away.
“See, there was nothing to worry about. I was just fine where I was.”
“But Mom…”
“That won’t happen again. I know it won't, so you should too.”
Draco nodded his head along, but the clouded look in his eyes made Remus believe that he was not convinced.
“Come on, why don’t we go outside for a little bit; get some fresh air.”
“Better idea; why don’t we have dinner outside!” Abigail walked up behind the two of them. “You two go find a place to sit, and I’ll have Fred and George help me in here. Does that sound good, Draco?”
It took a moment for Draco to respond, but then he shrugged his shoulders. Abigail smiled, squeezing his shoulders.
“Alright, meet you out there.”
She called out for Fred and George to come help her in the kitchen as Draco and Remus made their way outside. They walked around for a few minutes, looking for the best spot for them to set up the picnic. There was the flower garden to the left, and Remus suggested setting up camp there, but Draco shook his head.
“There would be too many bees.” He remarked, pointing to the little dots that looked as if they were suspended in midair.
Remus nodded. “Where do you think that we should go then?”
Draco tugged at his bracelet, trying to get Remus to notice it before he started to speak.
“If this stupid thing were off we could go sit on the tree line.”
Remus chose to ignore his son’s protest. If he were to say anything either way, the rest of the conversation would not end well. He hummed to himself, pretending to be lost in thought before saying, “We could just go sit in the middle of the field. It’s away from the flowers, and there will be a nice breeze.”
He waited for Draco’s response, preparing for an outburst about the bracelet, but instead he was met with a nod of agreement.
“I’ll go find a place with even ground,” said Draco, not bothering to wait and finish his sentence by Remus. The older man chuckled, watching the boy run off. They had come a long way from where they started. Remus remembered when the faintest traces of a smile was all he got from Draco, and even those were a rare occasion.
Soon Fred came out with a large blanket, and Draco instructed him as to where to place it. The three sat there waiting for Abigail and George to appear. And when they did, what a feast to behold. There was so much food, the two together didn’t have enough arms. Some of the food floated easily behind them. They dined like royalty, and sat outside long enough for the sun to start making its way down from the sky. Fireflies started to come out, and Fred and George got up, making a game of how many they could catch. Draco watched them, looking like he wanted to join them, but something was stopping him. He looked back to Abigail and she nodded her head towards them.
“We’re not going anywhere, sweetheart.”
Draco smiled slightly, and got up to join the twins, almost knocking George over in the process. Remus scooted towards his wife, wrapping an arm around her. She sunk into him, watching the boys romp around in the tall grass.
“I could get used to this,” hummed Abigail, “The peace of the night. The boys getting along. This sense of…”
“Contentedness.” Remus finished for her. “And stillness.”
Abigail smiled, nodding. Out in the field Draco had managed to catch a firefly between his hands, his face beaming. Fred and George applauded for him, saying that they’d have to get a jar and make a nightlight. Fred raced off towards the house, and Remus and Abigail could hear him opening and slamming cabinets until he found a jar with a matching lid. He came back outside, where George and Draco had already collected a few more of the bugs to put in the jar.
“Have you told him about Galena yet?”
Remus’s question snapped Abigail back to the present.
“Well, yes. I said that someone would be coming tomorrow to talk to him about whatever he wants to talk about. I don’t want this to be something that he’s worried over all night.”
“From what I’m seeing, I don’t think that that’s a problem.”
Draco was holding the jar in his hands, watching the fireflies as they flew around in the jar. Fred and George were collecting twigs and leaves and things to put in the jar for the insects, joking all the while. And once again, it was peaceful. After a while of the boys running around, Abigail declared it was time to go inside and get ready for the night, to which none of the boys argued. They helped clean up and made their way inside, shutting the door to a calm, peaceful night.
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missdawnandherdusk · 14 hours ago
Draco X Reader / Ex!Harry X Reader
part one:traitor
Summary: So, you and Draco might know that Harry cheated on you, but how are you supposed to survive the rest of the wizarding world finding out? 
A/n: I adore this with every fiber of my body. It’s got Disney references, and Twilight references, and shenanigans, and heartache and growth and plants and ugh. Here’s to growth and new chapters and moving on from our exes. 
Tumblr media
“Pansy?” I took a step back, unsure until Draco walked up beside her. “You work for the Daily Prophet?”
“I freelance and journal, but Draco called in a favor,” Pansy gave a placid smile. “Believe me, we both know what it’s like to deal with the press about scandals.”
“This isn’t really a scandal,” I mumbled, taking a seat on the sofa.
“It’s going to be if we want the coverage we’re looking to get.” Pansy pressed. “We need to get your story big before Harry has any chance to say a word... so please, from the beginning,”
Draco sat beside me and slipped his hand into mine—a reassuring effort. Relaxing slightly, I began from the start of Harry’s relationship with me. How he promised me forever—soulmates he claimed.
“He said there was no one out there like me,” My gaze dropped as I stared my hand intertwined with Draco’s. “And then he—”
Draco shushed me softly, halting my tears and rabbit hole of pain. Taking a deep breath I forged on.
“I got home from work early—no one was really out in the cold and looking for a plant or herb. So I thought I’d stop at the Three Broomsticks for a warm drink then head home. Harry usually worked late on Wednesdays—it was paperwork day, and it has been for years. I never had reason to suspect...But I take a step into the Three Broomsticks, and I see—”
I took a sharp breath in. “I saw Harry kissing Ginny in a corner booth. He... He looked happy. They both did... They didn’t see me” I stood, fury coursing through me “Godric, I even asked about Ginny when we first started dating! He said I was paranoid! How could I have been so stupid!?” I fumed, angry at myself. “Then he had the nerve to bitch about Draco,” Scoffing, I rolled my eyes, tears escaping.
“So you called Draco?”
“Yes,” I smiled a bit wiping away the tears. “Draco and I grew up together. We were best friends... he warned me when I started to date Harry that things would change... Harry convinced me that leaving Draco would be good—” Betrayal coated my shoulders like a heavy weight. “I was so stupid—”
“Hey,” Draco consoled. “You didn’t know,”
“But I should have!” I said. “I should have known you knew me better. I never should have trusted Harry—someone who made me choose because he was so insecure! And now this is where it got me!” I paced away, staring out the front window. “He cheated on me. Harry cheated on me and he’s going to get away with it because he’s the chosen one,” The reality hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t know if I was angry or hurt—all I could feel was betrayal.
“He’s not getting away with anything,” It wasn’t Draco who spoke but Pansy. “Tell me what happened after you called Draco,” her soft voice compelled me to further my story. I didn’t turn from the window.
“I barely got out the words ‘he’s here with somebody else’ before Draco appeared right next to me. He... he ushered me in from the cold and let me cry it out in a corner booth in Puddifoot’s. I... I knew I couldn’t go home—back to Harry. Not after...” I took a deep breath, wrapping my arms around myself in a comforting effort. “Draco offered to let me stay with him. And I didn’t know how to say no,” A smile touched my lips. “Harry showed up then this morning... I told him not to come back and to leave me alone—he wouldn’t. And—”
“And then he asked to speak to me.” Draco cut in, allowing me to my thoughts. “He began to get aggressive and threatening, so I cursed him and locked him out—then I called you,”
“And that’s everything?” Pansy’s pointed question caused me to turn, locking eyes with Draco. Our night of my tears and guilt, and his reassurance and comfort were a secret that would be ours to always keep.
“Yes,” Draco’s gaze kept mine.
“Alright, I can get this out by the evening post.” Pansy closed her notebook and tucked her quill back into her perfect high bun. “Call me if you need anything,” She glanced between both of us—our spell broken with the closing of her book. “I’m really sorry Y/n,” She rubbed my arm softly before heading out.
“Are you—”
“Don’t ask,” I shook my head softly. “I don’t want to answer that,” 
“Okay,” Draco nodded.
“I... I should go in and check on my shop... the plants...” I closed my eyes. “God I just want to curl up in a hole and hide for the rest of my life,” I confessed. “People are going to talk... and look at me... and I don’t think I can handle pity right now,” I mumbled mostly to myself, but Draco heard every word.
“I know,” He sympathized. “This is going to blow up and it’s going to seem unbearable... but give it a couple weeks. I promise it will get better.” He took my hands into his. “If you want I can pull a few strings and keep a lot of the heat of the press off of you. No reporters, no cameras, no publicity—as normal as I can make it for you,” Draco tilted my chin up, waiting for my response.
“This isn’t normal,” I murmured. “But... that would be really nice,” Our eyes met again, and I could see the desperation and determination in Draco’s eyes to make this right. “I just feel so stupid,” I confessed.
“I know. Harry betrayed you and you didn’t see it coming. You’re not to blame for that,” Draco paused a moment before forging on. “I’ll go in with you to the shop. Do you have anyone who can cover for you while this...”
“Yeah, I can talk to Neville, he won’t mind. He’s normally there helping when he’s not scheduled anyway.” I shrugged on my cloak. “Thank you for doing all of this Dray,”
“What are friends for,” he smiled, his own cloak fastened around his neck.
The shop was quiet. It was my safe haven that it always had been. Soft soil floors and yellow light filtering in and refracting off of green leaves. I took care in checking each plant to ensure their health, Draco hovering all the while.
“I never knew you kept this up,” Draco mused. “I remember your old garden back when we were kids...” He ran his fingers over the soft leaves.
“They calm me,” I admitted.
The bell rang above the door, and it wasn’t Neville who walked in, but rather Hermione. I froze on the spot and grew skeptical, my eyes narrowing. Draco took a small step toward me, ready to throw himself in harm’s way at the first sign of trouble.
“I come in peace,” Hermione held her palms up. “And I want to let you know that Harry is a total arse, and I can’t believe that he did that to you. And I’m so sorry,”
I took a cautious step forward.
“Did you know?” Was the first question from my lips. “Did you know that he was seeing her?”
Hermione shook her head. “I had no idea... We’d only meet up once a week for drinks—I don’t get much time off as Minister,” I could see the sympathy in her eyes. “If I had known...”
“Thank you,” It was a peace offering.
“If there’s anything I can do, let me know. Ask and it’s yours Y/n,” Hermione promised.
“I’ll keep it in mind,” I nodded. “Thank you,”
“Draco,” She nodded at him on her way out.
“Hermione,” At least he said something, and it was sorta civil. “That was...” He started when we were alone again.
“Yeah,” I agreed. “I wasn’t expecting that,”
The door opened again, and in came Neville, looking flustered and out of breath. His eyes landed on me then darted to Draco before settling on me again.
“Godric, Y/n, you’re here,” He panted out. “Are you alright? I heard what happened! Can you believe his nerve!? Do you want me to hex him? I can poison him—not fatally, but—” He rushed out, his words tumbling together.
“Neville, Neville,” I laughed, shaking my head. “I’m okay—enough anyway. And what you do on your time is your own business,” I teased. “But if you could watch the shop for a few days? I’m—”
“Of course!” Neville cut in. “As long as you need! Are you sure there isn’t more?”
“Thank you, Neville, but that’s alright,” Smiling I made my way to Draco. “Send a message if anything goes wrong or you need me,”
“Yes ma’am,” Neville nodded a salute.
With him there I felt sure enough to leave, knowing that my plants and shop were in good hands. Neville knew how I kept the register and how to lock up at night, and his knowledge of plants rivaled mine closely, so I knew if anything died, everything had been done to save it.
“I’ll be back when things cool down,” I promised, as Draco and I apparated back to his apartment.
Options ran through my mind of where to go and what to do. A few days on the shore would be nice, to get some fresh air at the seaside. Draco wandered off to a knock on the door, and I grabbed my wand, ready for whatever was about to walk through that door.
It was Hermione again, with a large box in her arms and a suitcase at her side.
“I thought you might want this stuff back,” I could just see her smile over the box and amidst her mass of curls. “And I know you don’t exactly want to go back to Grimmauld.”
I shadowed Draco as he took the box from her grasp and disappeared into the flat, the suitcase following after him magically.
“Thank you,” I offered a small smile. “I’d invite you in for tea, but it’s not my place,”
“You’re very kind but I’m afraid that I must be off—there’s a council meeting today and I’m already slightly late,” She checked the watch on her wrist.
“Oh! Well, thank you for stopping by, I’m sorry that it made you late,”
“You worry too much,” Hermione smiled and then headed back down. the hall, leaving me to close the door and wander to wherever Draco had gone—still trying to plan my next step. Draco caught me in the hall, my box and suitcase both gone who knows where.
“I think I might go to the shore for a while...” I trailed off. “Then I’ll have to owl my parents... Merlin I don’t want to have to tell them,” I rubbed my face. “They really liked Harry,”
“He was the chosen one and all,” Draco teased lightly, not helping my mood one bit. “Sorry,” He apologized quickly. “But don’t go,”
“Draco, I really don’t want to be anywhere in town when tonight’s issue of the Daily Prophet comes out—” I went to grab my cloak for travelling.
“So we’ll go away for a few days,” Draco tugged at my hand pulling me back. “But after—stay here, with me. I’ll change the spare room up for you to stay. It’ll be like those summers we used to share at the Manor,” A smile played at his lips.
“You’re sure?” I raised my eyebrows at him. “I can go stay with my parents. I don’t want you to have to deal with whatever is coming,”
“I want to deal with all of that, and I want to be there for you when it does come,” Draco took my hands into his. “I’ve been a lousy best friend lately, but I’m here to make up for that,”
“I’m the one who chose him,” I pointed out and Draco gave me a look, not budging on the subject. “Fine,” I cracked a smile as his grew. “I’ll stay here,”
“Great,” He beamed. “Your stuff’s already set up in the guest room,” 
“Draco!” I scolded, laughing. “You’re such a twat,”
“Nah,” He grinned. “I’m just the best best friend,”
“Sure Malfoy, you tell yourself that,” I drawled. “And what was this ‘we’ I heard? You have a job Malfoy,”
“So I’ll take a few days off. I could take a few months of paid leave off if I wanted,”
“Ah yes, the great Draco Malfoy doesn’t take sick days—the great Draco Malfoy doesn’t get sick,” I teased alluding to the time he had told me that before he came down with a muggle influenza for two weeks.
“That was one time,” Draco picked up on my reference. “But seriously, we can go anywhere— I’ve even got muggle money if you really wanna go off the grid,”
I grinned. “Draco Malfoy living as a muggle for a few days?” A laugh bubbled through my lips. “Now I’d love to see that,”
“Then it’s settled,” He took my cheap shot as an approval. “Ever been to Washington State?” 
“America?” I asked dubiously, raising an eyebrow.
“Who’s high and mighty now?” Draco scrunched his nose before opening the hall closet and handing me a leather travel bag before grabbing one of his own—they were the same make but two different colors.
When the evening edition of the Daily Prophet hit the newsstands and a scandal spead in the European Wizarding world—Draco and I were enjoying brunch in a little café in a small town a few hours outside of Seattle.
“How do you even know about this place?” I asked, watching the misting rain saturate the earth, pulling vibrant greens from the surrounding foliage.
“I took some time off after Hogwarts and travelled,” Draco shrugged, nursing his latte. “This place always felt as if it were separate from the rest of the world, not quite magic, not quite muggle.”
I nodded, understanding what he meant. Though we sat in a muggle establishment in a muggle town, the trees about us held secrets and the air around us held enchantment. To further prove the notion, when I stepped out into the light rain, the water didn’t touch me—rather it accepted me and only fell where Draco and I weren’t. As if magic and non-magic refused to coexist, even for a moment.
“It’s something else isn’t it?” Draco asked softly, and watching him here, in the rain—the dark colors of earth and vibrant jade colors framing him—he looked free. He looked at peace. “I’ve spent a lot of my time trying to find places like this... this one is my favorite,”
“It’s... it’s like nothing I’ve ever seen,”
“There’s one on the outskirts of the Manor as well—it’s how I first knew they existed,”
“Thank you, for taking me,” I took his hand in mine. “It’s...”
“There’s more,” An excited smile on his lips grew. “You think we were just gonna stand and not get rained on for a few days?”
“I don’t really know,” 
“Come on,”
I learned quickly, in the little town, that there was no use for wands—rather magic flowed and ebbed easily and didn’t require honing. Draco took me to see the stars atop a mountain. Far from civilization—wizard or muggle—was a lack of artificial light and the noise of progress. No, here in the little clearing was thousands of stars and millions of stories to be told. Draco pointed out new constellations that I had never seen before and told me their lore—he also noted on a local wizard tribe’s myth of Spirit Walkers and Cold Ones.
“I’ve never felt the pull of magic to be this strong,” I breathed out.
Draco laced his fingers with mine. “It’s almost effortless,” He agreed. “A rift between worlds and the stars,”
Long forgotten here was Harry Potter and Hogwarts. Voldemort and the war had no meaning— no substance. Scandals and papers vanished. Only magic in its purest form existed here with Draco, the stars, and me.
Yet time moved on there as well—as soon as the issue was released, a gasp arose in the Wizarding world. Rumors flew, news stories scrambled for the truth—for a lie of their own. And lies were woven: I had run off with someone else; Harry and I were never together, and it was just a ruse; Ginny had Imperiused Harry into kissing her; that our relationship had been on the rocks a while—anything to make Harry the hero once more.
But those who knew Harry, and those who knew me, they knew the truth. They looked at Harry differently. There was something not quite right in their eyes as they gazed at the chosen one. Exhausted owls found me in my slice of in between begging for answers. Draco read the letters first, some were passed to me, some became kindling.
After a few days, the letters waned. Other than the occasional one from Hermione or Neville, no news came.
“I think I’m ready,” I whispered, heartache gripping my chest as I stared at the whitecapped waves of the foreboding pacific ocean. “I want to go back,”
“Are you sure?” Draco sat on a piece of driftwood beside me, prodding at a small fire we made in an effort to keep warm though a few hours of daylight remained.
“I... I can’t keep running away—pretending it’s some sort of fairytale dream here.” A single tear fell. “I lost my fairytale and it’s time I faced that,”
“Who said—” Draco began, pausing when I glanced at him. “It’s okay to start a new chapter,”
I closed my eyes, nodding at his words, fighting back tears. His words resonated with me though—it was okay to start a new chapter.
Madness fell as Draco, and I returned back to London. The moment I set foot into my shop I yearned to be back in the pacific northwest peninsula. Prying eyes and silent whispers followed me. My skin crawled with the glances that fell on me—the accusations that weren’t said, but thrown anyway. After barely an hour of checking on my plants—which were fine, as I knew they would be in Neville’s care—I went straight back to Draco’s and locked the door.
Draco found me by knocking on the bathroom door, interrupting my sobs as I sat in the bathtub fully clothed.
“Y/n?” His voice was soft and full of concern. “Can I come in?”
Sniffing, I croaked a soft yes before the door opened and I saw the worried grey eyes that match the voice. A small smile played at his lips.
“What in the world are you doing in there?” He asked, sitting crisscross on the other side of the porcelain tub.
“I... I don’t know,” I confessed weakly. “Felt safe to cry,” A shrug fell from my shoulders. 
“Today didn’t go to well then?”
I shook my head.
Draco transfigured a tea towel into a glass of water and handed it to me. I was forced to even my breathing as I made it through the cold water, feeling better as I did. Wiping away my tears, I inhaled deeply and rested my chin on my knees.
“You’re allowed to cry,” Draco smiled. “Though, albeit, in the shower is a bit odd,” 
“Oh shove off,” Sniffing, I smiled shoving him playfully.
That night, another article was released by Pansy, but there wasn’t a word from me in the article, rather it was the account of every one of my friends, giving their tale of the story, of my relationship with Harry—an attempt to dampen the rumors. Harry had still said nothing on the matter. The night air shifted that night and no longer dragged me down but rather just held me up and in place. As if it wanted me there—as if I belonged.
The accounts of my friends brought me to near tears. They finally fell when I came to Draco’s portion of the article. Someone who knew me like no one else—it was evident in the words written. With the paper still clutched in my hand, I threw my arms around him, catching him slightly off guard as he stumbled a few paces, having to catch us both.
“Did you do this?” I showed him the paper. 
“I thought that it might help,”
“Thank you,” My voice broke as I started to cry. “This is the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me,” 
For the rest of my life I kept a copy of that article and whenever my days were harder than the rest, I’d take it out and read it, reminding myself that I was loved and that I wasn’t alone. I had a family.
The post was no longer letters of sympathy or interview requests or a million other things that the Wizarding world wanted form me, rather it was a heavy weight envelope addressed to Draco. I passed it over to him without a second thought and went back to starting supper.
“Would you like to go to this Gala with me?” Draco pipped up, handing me an invitation from the letter.
“A gala?” I said flatly, taking the invitation and scanning it. “Draco, I haven’t been to a gala since I was ten.”
“All the more reason to go,” Draco smiled. “And it might be nice to see people again.”
“I see plenty of people,” I corrected matter-of-factly. “Hermione really invited us, huh,” Muttering to myself I glanced at the calendar and the date of the Gala. Had enough time passed?
“She wouldn’t have sent it unless she thought you were safe going,” Draco read my thoughts. “There’s nothing to worry about,”
“There are a lot of things to worry about,” I refuted. “I don’t have a dress, or shoes—I can’t dance for that matter... and he might be there,” My voice grew small. “I don’t want to see him— and I don’t want to see him with her,”
“So, I’ll have Pansy take you shopping, and I’m sure I can teach you to dance so you’re at least passable,” Draco teased lightly, tugging the invitation from my hands. “Problem solved.”
I gave him a look.
“Even if he is there with her, you have the entire Wizarding World wrapped around your finger.” A smile played at his lips. “If he has the nerve to show up he really is an ignorant fool,”
“I dunno Dray...” I trailed off.
“Y/n,” Draco’s voice cut through my doubts. “Come,”
“What?” I whined trying to find a good enough reason not to go. A smiled played at his lips.
“You want to learn to dance yes?” He mused, as if it were a present problem that needed immediate attention.
“I said that I couldn’t dance,” I clarified. “Draco, please, I’m a hopeless case... don’t waste your time on me. This is stupid anyway,”
“It’s not stupid and I’m not wasting my time, I’m investing,” He reassured as he pulled me to the center of the sitting room and music started, a smile on his lips. I sighed and took his hand as his other rested on my waist and mine on his shoulder. Our close proximity was not lost on either of us.
“It’s a pattern,” He told me. “One, two, three, four,” He instructed.
It took a few hours of stepping on toes and almost falling, but Draco was persistent. Soon I was spinning around his apartment laughing as I danced semi-flawlessly in heels and sweatpants. He pulled me in one last time on a final note and we both laughed, stepping back from another.
“I still don’t want to go,” I whispered, sobering, my eyes fixed on his hands in mine.
“I’ll be right beside you,” Draco reassured. “Do you think I’d let anything happen to you?” 
“...No,” I mumbled.
“And do you trust me to protect you from stuffy rich people at this gala?” His pointed question made me roll my eyes.
“Yes,” I grumbled, a smile peeking through.
“It will be okay,” There was no lies in his grey eyes. “I’ll never let him hurt you again,”
“Thank you, Draco,” Finding comfort in his embrace, I found resolve to make an appearance at this gala—far from our green mystical wood, but rather in the thicket of magic and trouble.
My nerves grew and quelled at the gala date drew closer. Pansy came by one day and whisked me off to go shopping for the event and I started to protest, knowing I couldn’t afford a sock in the sorts she wanted to attend.
“Don’t’ worry about that,” Draco smiled softly. “My gift to you for joining me,”
“Draco,” I sulked.
“I told you that I’d take care of everything, and I am,”
“Go,” He chuckled. “Have fun and stop worrying about everything. We’ve got you,”
In the streets of Paris, chatting easily with Pansy, my cares seemed to slip away. In Paris—albeit muggle, but very high end—no one cared who I was, or what had happened in my life. No one cared much about the chosen one or his affair. Instead they all worked together to create a narrative, a space between magic and muggle.
And perhaps, twirling around the shop in new dress robes that were more akin to a fairytale gown, I didn’t care so much either. It was a new chapter—and I could still be a royal without a knight.
“He’s gonna love it,” Pansy grinned.
“You don’t think it’s too much?”
“It’s just right,” She encouraged. “So, how did you convince Draco to go anyway?”
“I’m sorry?” I frowned, looking at her reflection behind me in the mirror.
“Oh come on, Draco hates these things—he avoids them like the plague,”
“He...” My mood became somber. “Then why... why is he doing all of this?” I asked myself. 
“What was that?”
“Draco,” I started again. “He... he asked me to go with him. He convinced me. He taught me how to dance and said he’d take care of everything—take care of me.” I trailed off. “And he doesn’t even want to go?”
“Maybe I was mistaken,” Pansy smiled and stood, coming to me. “Maybe he just found the right reason to go,”
“But we’re not—”
“I didn’t say anything,” Pansy smirked. 
“Hey, I didn’t say anything but point out what was already there,” She held her palms up in innocence. “And don’t you worry, Draco’s too much of a gentleman to rush you to do anything. You know if he knew you truly didn’t want something, he’d back off,”
At that point I didn’t know if she was talking about the gala or the possibility that Draco and I could be something together someday. The thought stuck with me until the day of the gala, occupying my slow days at the shop and the quiet nights where I could hear Draco snore softly in the room next door.
The thought followed me around until the day of the gala and the anxiety of having to go riddled me again. Draco and Pansy were both there to comfort and assure me as we readied for the occasion.
I gave it one last ditch effort at the top of the stairs of the Ministry ballroom.
“I’m not a lady of the court... I don’t dance... And this dress and these heels,” I tried to find any excuse to leave as I pulled back away from the crowd of people, who were no doubt whispering about me already. “Draco... I can’t do this,”
“Y/n, you’re okay,” Draco soothed, rubbing my arm softly. “I’ll be right beside you the entire night—he won’t get to you,”
“I’m not worried about him,” I hissed. “It’s everybody else,”
“This is the safest place to face them, darling,” Draco tried his earlier argument. 
“But all at once?” I squeaked.
Draco smiled softly and placed my hand in the crook of his arm before leading me to the top of the staircase, where we descended into a crowd of hushed guests. My thoughts settled on Pansy’s words: if Draco thought that I couldn’t do this, I wouldn’t be here doing this.
“Don’t worry, I won’t let you fall,” Draco teased, pulling me from my head space. 
“This is... ridiculous,” I decided.
“Why do you think I’ve avoided them for so long,”
A smile played at my lips as we reached the bottom of the staircase.
“See, easy,” he whispered; my smile grew.
After mingling a bit, Blaise asked me to my first dance. Draco was busy laughing too hard to try and save me and I had no idea how to say no. Greg was just shaking his head, chuckling as we took the floor, and the waltz began.
“I have to warn you, Draco only taught me to dance a few days ago,” I warned as the violins started up.
“Don’t worry, darling, I’m a good enough dancer for the both of us,” Blaise winked and albeit, was very patient with me—just like Draco was and after a while it was easy to imagine Draco and I waltzing across his living room, putting my mind at ease.
“Draco you’re going to have to tell her eventually,” Pansy stood beside him as they watched you dance with Zabini—your eyes were shining with laughter as Blaise waltzed you around the floor.
“She’s barely getting over Harry and tonight is supposed to help her with that—I don’t have any right to make it about me and how I feel,” Draco set down his glass of champagne.
“You know that’s not true. She might have been hurt by Harry, but Draco, she’s doing this all for you.”
“What do you mean?”
“Oh come on,” Pansy laughed lightly. “Just because she was your best friend doesn’t mean that I don’t know her as well. She’d much rather be barefoot in her garden. Not this stuffy rich politics. You know that too, you just refuse to see it.”
“Perhaps she’s changed through all this,” Draco mused.
“Perhaps she really does loves you—before she even loved Harry,” Pansy smirked. 
“Absurd. Now please—” Draco scolded.
“Just tell her Draco. She’s not going to yell at you,” Pansy said as she drifted back to Luna.
“No, she never does yell, does she?” Draco mused to no one. “Could you really be doing all of this for me?” Draco drifted into his memories, to the days just before you had gotten together with Harry—when you were still his best friend, even after the war.
“Hey,” Your face lit up as you entered his small apartment—his first foot at freedom since the war. “I brought fire whiskey to celebrate,” You held up the bottle triumphantly.
“I don’t know if I can—”
“Sure you can,” You smiled, sifting through his kitchen, looking for glasses. “It’s a housewarming present,”
“And here I thought you’d bring me a plant,” Draco teased, drawing glassed from one of the cabinets you hadn’t checked—his personal liquor stash.
“You’d kill it and I love them too much,” You popped the top off. “I can take this back if you don’t want it...”
“I said nothing of the sort,” Draco chuckled, pouring two glasses. “Here’s to new beginnings,”
“New beginnings,” You smiled, your face warm and lovely in the dim kitchen light. Draco’s heart skipped a beat. “I... I can’t stay long,” You confessed, “I’m meeting someone,”
“Who?” Draco asked, curious because you never mentioned someone before.
“No one I particular. He just asked me to dinner, and I didn’t want to decline,” You shrugged softly, a giddy smile pulling at your lips.
“You’re going on a date tonight and you didn’t tell me?” Draco dismayed. “Y/n!”
“I know!” You laughed. “I’m sorry, I just.. you’re gonna be grouchy when I tell you and I can’t stand it when you’re grouchy,” You jabbed, hiding behind your glass of whiskey.
“I’m not gonna be upset, just tell me,” Draco rolled his eyes. “Come on Y/n, it’s what I’m here for! I should know these things!”
“I... It’s Harry,” Draco froze, and you calculated every single one of his movements, or the lack thereof. “See I knew that—” You set your glass down, clearly upset.
“Does he make you happy?” Draco asked softly.
You opened your mouth to speak, but refrained, defaulting to a nod.
“Does he treat you right?”
You nodded again. “Draco you don’t have to—”
“Hey,” Draco smiled a bit. “I’d ask these questions no matter who it was. You’re important to me and I don’t want anyone to hurt you,”
“So... you’re okay with this?”
“Not that I dictate your relationships, but I suppose as long as those two answers stay yes, I’ll be just fine with anything,” Draco encouraged softly. “Now go, I don’t want you to be late,”
“I’ve got some time—I can stay—” “Y/n, go,” Draco laughed. “Tell me about it later,”
“Thanks Draco,” You grinned, grabbing your bag before heading for the door and disappeared, off to the company of Harry Potter.
Draco finished his glass of whiskey and poured another, not bothering to cut it off at a shot, or even two. He could feel the heavy burning taste on mouth, just like the burning taste that the idea of you on a date with Harry left.
Cursing, Draco leaned against the kitchen counter, working his way through a good portion of the bottle, drowning his new sorrows. You were his best friend, and maybe he was jealous, maybe he was possessive, maybe he still harbored hatred toward Harry, maybe he wanted to protect you... or maybe, he concluded, loved you first.
“Dating Potter,” He scoffed setting his glass down. “My Y/n dating fucking Potter,” Running a hand through his gelled hair Draco let a tear or two slip out.
“You’re brooding,” Your soft smile broke him free from his thoughts. The way you looked up at him reminded him of the moments before you broke his heart in the kitchen that night when you said you were going on a date with Harry—but now he was the one who made you smile like that. Draco was the one who made you giddy and smiley.
“Are you okay?”
“Fine,” He recovered, blinking away those thoughts. “Are you having fun?”
“Blaise is quite the dance partner,” You laughed. “Greg’s gotta be one hell of a guy to wrangle all of that in,”
“I’m sure,”
Your brow furrowed. He wasn’t being convincing enough and you knew something was off. Except you got it wrong and you blamed yourself for his sour mood, though that was far from the truth.
“I’m gonna go find Hermione,” Your eyes dropped to the marble floor. “Thank her for inviting us...”
Before he could call out to you and apologize for being moody, you had vanished into the crowd. Draco cursed himself and dove into the throng of people, desperate to find you and apologize. He didn’t want to ruin your night and he did it for such a stupid reason—Harry had broken your heart and Draco was still offput by the thought—the thought of you dating anyone else. The realization hit him like a ton of bricks as his urgency to find you grew. Pansy was right. It was time and he was tired of pretending like it wasn’t.
His heart sank when he saw you with someone else—bright blond curls piled atop of a wicked smile and prying eyes. Rita Skeeter. Draco beelined for you, only catching the tail end question: who accompanied you here?
“That would be me,” Draco cut in easily, his hand becoming a comforting presence on your waist. He could see you physically relax.
“Mr. Malfoy,” Rita took a minute step back. “I wasn’t aware that you were invited.”
“Minister Granger extended the invitation,” Draco put on a placid smile. “Now if you’ll excuse us, Miss Y/n promised me a dance,”
Draco all but dragged you to the dance floor, away from that wretched woman, as another musical number began, the one he and you had danced to for hours on end in his apartment. You continued to relax in his presence despite being cornered not moments ago.
“Thank you,” You whispered as you two fell into step.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Draco acted nonchalant, all of his attention on you.
“Saving me from that,” You rolled my eyes as he led you into a spin and pulled you back.
“I promised I’d protect you,” He murmured, and you flushed slightly. “I wanted to apologize for my behavior earlier, it wasn’t fair to you.”
“It’s fine,” Your gaze dropped.
“You weren’t the cause,” He clarified. “You were right, I was brooding,” Your smile was back. “Did I ever tell you, you look stunning tonight,” He said as he pulled you a bit closer.
“No, I don’t think you did,” 
“Well, you do,”
Your blush deepened. “You look handsome as always Draco,” You seemed almost scared to admit it.
“I wasn’t fishing for a compliment.”
“I know, you always look immaculate Draco,” Your giddy smile now accompanied your blush.
“Thank you,”
The room and people around him faded into nothing but you. Draco led you into a new step pattern before his hands moved quickly and he easily dipped you, having you secure in his grip.
“Draco!” You exclaimed and gripped for him as he righted you, a soft laugh coming from his lips.
“Did you think I was going to let you fall?” He teased as your dance slowed, the two of you closer than ever.
“Haven’t you already?” You asked, catching him off guard, that same excited look in your eyes and giddy smirk on your lips.
Draco froze at your words, and you seemed to be expecting his delay, because your smile didn’t’ falter, rather it stayed just as warm and lovely. The room around him faded back into view as a round of applause. You two were the only couple dancing and every eye had been fixed on you. You didn’t notice and neither did he. Now all Draco could think of was what to say next.
“They’re all staring,” You noted, not timid nor anxious, but rather mischievous—something that Draco had missed, and had always loved, as he had always loved you.
“Let them,” Draco grinned, and the crowd faded out once more as he leaned down and pressed his lips to yours.
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