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#steve rogers x you
mads-weasley · 21 minutes ago
Love & War Masterlist
40s!Bucky x Medic!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: When she volunteered as a combat nurse in the war, (y/n) (y/l/n) did not think that she’d end up working with the Howling Commandos. Most of all, she definitely didn’t expect to fall as hard as she did for a sweet brunette from Brooklyn.
New Beginnings: A young girl travels overseas to help her country during the Second World War.
Coming Soon!
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luminousbarnes · an hour ago
ok here’s the sleep scenario i’ve hyper fixated on for the last week: falling asleep while studying so steve comes in and carries u to bed and tucks you in so u kinda wake up a little but it’s the kind that ur not sure if ur dreaming and while ur half asleep steve is telling you about how much he loves u and just rubbing ur arm gently and softly
jem this is so soft i can’t 😭😭😭
• • • 
It’s getting late.
Your notes that sit in front of you are starting to become a bit blurry, and you find that your eyes are falling shut every five minutes. You try to fight off the exhaustion as best as you can. 
Unfortunately, you end up falling asleep.
In what feels like a dream, strong arms lift you bridal style from the seat and carry you towards your room. You mumble incoherent words under your breath, still half asleep, and Steve chuckles as he tucks you into bed. 
“I know you want to ace those tests, (Y/n), but you gotta remember that you need to rest.” 
His lips press softly against your forehead. “Steve?” you ask.
He rubs your arm gently and nods. “It’s me. I’m so proud of how hard you’re working. And I love you so much, doll–you’re my whole world, y’know,” he says softly. 
“Love you too,” you mumble. 
You drift off to sleep again, a small smile on your face.
let’s have a sleepover!
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mads-weasley · 2 hours ago
Love & War
Pt. 1: New Beginnings
1940s!Bucky x Medic!Reader
A/N: This is going to be a series about the Howling Commandos during WWII! It’s going to be slightly anon because we don’t know much about their different missions. I’m such a sucker for 40s Bucky! Sadly, I do not own any of these wonderful characters except (y/n). Bucky isn’t in this chapter btw, but it’s important for the rest of the series. I hope you like it!
Summary: When she volunteered as a combat medic in the war, (y/n) (y/l/n) did not think that she’d end up working with the Howling Commandos. Most of all, she definitely didn’t think she would fall as hard as she did for a sweet brunette from Brooklyn.
Warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of blood, gunshots, World War II, mentions of death, descriptions of injuries.
(y/n) - your name
(y/l/n) - your last name
(y/n/n) - your nickname
(y/h/c) - your hair color
Tumblr media
As (y/n) is packing her small bag for overseas, she can’t help but feel excited and terrified at the same time. Since the attack on Pearl Harbor, she wanted to do her part for her country, so when she got the opportunity, she took it.
“Why do you have to go, (y/n)? There are plenty of other girls who are nurses.” Her best friend, Allie, asks.
Taking a deep breath, she speaks passionately. “Well, Alls, if not me, who? I’m sick and tired of sitting on my butt at home knowing I could help so many people over there!”
“You could work in the factories like the other women! They’re doing their part! You could so do that!”
“No! I want to save people, Allie! I can’t do that here.” Her voice softens to just above a whisper, tears welling in her eyes. “Please, I don’t want to fight during my last day here.”
Allie walks up to her and envelopes her into a big bear hug that made both of them start crying. After many, “I’ll miss you’s,” the girls broke apart and went to have dinner. Being from North Carolina, (y/n) wanted to have some bbq as her last meal before she shipped out.
Laughing inside of Gary’s Diner, they drank milkshakes and reminisced from their childhoods. As both of them were about 25, they had a good bit of funny memories to share with each other, many involving the other. After stuffing their faces full of food, they walked arm in arm back to (y/n)’s house.
Looking at her watch, Allie sighs. “Less than 12 hours, (y/n/n). I’m going to miss you so much. Please, please, please be careful. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”
Wrapping her arms around her friend, (y/n)’s voice betrays her by cracking before correcting itself. “I’ll miss you too. But it’s a good thing that I’m not going to be saving people. You know me, if I got hurt, I’d just patch myself up and I’d be fine.”
Seeing Allie’s lower lip tremble, she realized she should not have let that slip out of her mouth. Trying to backtrack, she sputters, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! I’m not going to be on the front lines anyway. I’ll be far, far, far away from the front.”
The new nurse sends her friend a sweet smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes. With one last hug, the duo says goodbye and (y/n) walks into her house. She gathers the last of her things and goes to bed thinking of all the things that could happen in Europe.
6 Months Later
Above the chaos of battle, bullets, and heavy artillery fire, “Medic!” Can be heard around the battlefield. A young woman with a bloodstained uniform runs to the man who called out. When she reaches him, she immediately sees the empty space where his forearm was supposed to be. Biting back the bile that rose in her throat, she shakily tried to sooth the soldier while giving him a shot of morphine.
“Hey, kid. What’s your name?”
“D-Desmond.” He replies with a pained sound.
“Well, hi there, Desmond. I’m (y/n) and you’re going to be just fine.”
She applies a tourniquet to his bicep and places gauze to the bloody stump of what used to be his arm. He cries out at the action, resulting in her apologizing for the pain it caused him. Quickly calling for a stretcher, she reassures him and moves on to the next man who needs her help, crouching to avoid the bullets flying above her head.
By the end of the day, her once spotless uniform was littered with dirt and blood. While in the field, she can’t let her emotions show, but when she is alone, she lets them flow freely. The death that surrounds the young woman is enough to break the strongest men, but she refuses to crack. The last place (y/n) thought she would be was on the front lines in France.
The place her unit, the 107th, is currently residing in is an old abandoned school. The classrooms are still intact, minus a few that were destroyed during different bombings. Normally, (y/n) would stay with her friend Betty, who was also a medic. Tonight was different though. She had lost more men today than she had in quite a while.
The Germans rolled out a new weapon that took out soldier after soldier, leaving them screaming in agony in the mud. Seeing this day in and day out took a toll on her, and she often isolated herself to deal with it. With a soft “Goodnight” to her friends, (y/n) found herself wandering the school to find a empty classroom where she could be alone.
When she finally finds one, she closes the door behind her and sinks to the floor, knees pulled up to her chest. Every time she closes her eyes, she just sees the men she couldn’t save; the ones begging her to save them. It becomes too much and she starts to sob quietly.
Suddenly, the door opens and an middle-aged burly man with a mustache walks in. The man looks familiar, but the absence of light in the room made it hard for her to make out his features. His eyes soften when he sees (y/n) against the wall.
“Hi there.” He says softly, bending down or her level.
Sniffling and looking up at him through her lashes, she replies. “Hi. I’m sorry. I’m such a mess. I’ll be ri-“
“It’s okay, sweetheart. Don’t worry. Everyone does this, even us men. You’re a medic right?”
She nods, her mind thinking back to the day. “I’m sorry if I couldn’t save someone you knew. I-I really tried, and th-there were ju-“
“Hold your horses. I watched you save so many men. Our squad has been needing a medic, and I think you’d be a great fit. What’s your name, kid?”
Head shooting up in confusion, she replies.“(y/n) (y/l/n), sir. What unit are you in?”
“Let me introduce myself. I’m Dum Dum Dugan, and my unit is the Howling Commandos.”
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amonrawya · 2 hours ago
Mourning Bucky After His Death in 1945
Tumblr media
(Inspired by^ this channel is wonderful, their ambiences always get my head in the right place for writing: beware, angst)
You got the news late, when the Commandos came back from the mission...and there was one missing. They didn't need to say a thing - the gap in their ranks, and the look on Steve's face, said it all.
Being a nurse, you couldn't stop to feel the pain or even really process it. But once the rush ended, and you stepped into the quiet street, everything fell on you at once. Tears poured, and your heart felt like it could burst. Bucky usually picked you up when your breaks came. His absence hit you like a truck.
Instead, you walked along the street in a thin army uniform and shivered all the way. A bitter wind blew through Brooklyn this time of year, but the cold you felt had little to do with the weather.
Somehow, your feet brought you to the old docks where Bucky worked through the summers. That was years ago, now, and seemed like a different life. You couldn't help but smile, recalling the laughter and choice language that used to fill the air.
Once, when you began to realise the full extent of your feelings, you came to the docks and watched him for the whole day. Instead of hiding away how you felt, you relished in it.
Sixteen was a hell of an age to fall in love, especially in the thirties. But reciprocated blossomed and bloomed so beautifully. With Steve, your brother, you and Bucky built a life together.
It was always Steve who talked about their future...without him. The sickly boy never expected to live past thirty, and, despite how painful the idea was, neither did they.
Never in a million years did you imagine Bucky going first.
You couldn't hold it anymore. The sobs ripped out, and you sank to the ground by the water. One hand tightly clasped the other, a cold, glinting ring pressing into your skin. A promise, a nothing but a memory. The life you talked about, planned so dreamily, even in the face of the war, gone. Destroyed in an instant.
Deep hatred and a desire for vengance reared its head in you. Bucky always said you and Steve were too alike. But the decision already cemented itself in your mind.
When Steve crashed the Valkyrie, no one was left behind. Two days before, you had vanished on a mission in Switzerland - presumed dead. He had nothing, not even Peggy, really, to keep him on Earth.
Little did he know, that the two sweethearts had been reunited. And Hydra would make good use of them both.
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amonrawya · 3 hours ago
You Sacrifice Your Life for Your Family: Steve, Bucky, Peter.
Tumblr media
(Inspired by^)
You stared at Thanos, shivering from the icy wind billowing around the mountain top. Blood dripped from your lip, and splattered over your side where your arm was tucked to give some semblance of support.
His eyes were like nothing you ever saw - soulless, determined, and utterly focused on this one goal. Another shiver ran through you. This time, it had nothing to do with the wind.
"You choose one to save," he said, speaking softly, "the others die."
Your eyes drifted over their faces. Steve, Bucky and Peter. The three most important people in your life; a brother, a partner, and an adopted son. Thanos chose well, you thought bitterly.
They were scattered in the snow, beaten and bloodied, held in place by the power of the stones. Their eyes searched for you, wide, panicked, fearful. You smiled, but it faded too quickly to be genuine.
"If..." you turned back to Thanos, determinedly avoiding the others, "what if I die? Do they all live?
Thanos cocked his head, curiosity glinting in his eyes. A chorus of protest rose immediately from her left, pleading and desperate struggling.
"Yes," Thanos said, and triumph burned in his voice; this was the outcome he wanted.
"Y/N, no!" Steve hissed, "don't you dare. I'll die, pick me!"
You finally faced them properly, smiling softly at your brother, answering him with a slight shake of the head. "No, Steve...this is how it has to be."
He opened his mouth to object again, but your arms wrapping around his torso cut him off. You almost laughed, still expecting to embrace a thinner frame, even after all this time. "Look after them, Stevie. Look after yourself."
His face was wet as you pulled away, but he forcefully nodded his head. You sighed, content in knowing he would honour that.
Bucky's whole body strained to free itself, fury slowly falling away to fear as he looked at you. "Doll, please...Y/N, don't leave us."
"Mo cridhe, this is the only way for you all to live," you said, stumbling forward to gently cup his face, "how can I choose between the three I love more than anything in this universe?"
He choked back a sob. "But, Y/N..."
You pressed a kiss to his lips, holding back tears of your own as thoughts and memories raced through your mind. Discreetly, you slipped your dogtags and the locket you kept with the precious pictures from the 30s, updated with a few from the present, into his pocket. You knew he would need them more than anyone.
Pulling back, you smiled. "What a life we've led, James, what a life..."
"Y/N...mum..." Peter whimpered, sniffing.
Quickly going to him, you enveloped him in a warm embrace. He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck, tearings flowing freely.
"My brave, brave boy. I'm so proud of you, Pete. So proud. You remember that, alright? I love you, I did this for all of you."
You kissed his forehead, accidentally smearing your blood over his cheek. He sobbed, head dropping.
"Be a good boy for Bucky, yeah? Listen to him and uncle Steve. Promise me?"
He nodded slowly, voice shaking. "I promise..."
"Good boy, you're a good kid," you said, pressing a hard, final goodbye kiss to his hair.
Drawing away from him took more energy than expected, and you staggered slightly, breathing heavily. You had stopped stemming the blood flow from your side, now the clock was reaching its end.
Thanos waited, patiently expectant, on the cliff edge. You huffed, rolling your shoulders, and walked steadily forward. But you paused, one last time, and looked back at your family.
"Remember how much I love you, all the good days we spent together, our glorious life..." you met Bucky's eyes, the man you called husband, and grinned the most radiantly he ever saw, "because it was glorious, wasn't it?"
You stepped off, and the clouds cradled you on your way to the end of your line. The smile you wore never wavered, neither did your resolve falter, thinking of golden days of youth and love, the laughter of the family you built ringing in your ears.
Their screams followed you all the way down, your name in their mouths the last thing you ever heard.
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buppybucky · 3 hours ago
babysitter || b.b
PAIRINGS! dad’sbestfriend!bucky x f!reader
SUMMARY! bucky looks after his friend’s daughter as both her parents decide to go on a well deserved date.
WARNINGS! age gap (reader is 18), 18+ minors please do not interact, spanking, cheating (undefined relationship), unprotected sex, verbal bucky, breeding kink, fluffy ending
A/N! my first post! (on this account) my old acc was shadowbanned and it wouldn’t lift so.. here i am! hope u enjoy <3
Tumblr media
it would never be the same. not after that night at the bar.
bucky was invited to a bar with his bestfriend and his daughter for her first drink. the night moved quick, one second they were laughing at the small t.v, the next bucky was locking the bathroom with the girl in his arms.
he had her over the sink, plowing into her mercilessly. the small room was filled with her loud moans and cries as her cunt was being abused by bucky. her knuckles were white from the grip she had on the sink.
her head was dazed and she was in an area of full pleasure. bucky’s hands were imprinted into her hips in dark bruises, which restricted her from wearing jeans for a few weeks.
she was restricted from walking due to how deep bucky decided to fuck her, hitting every spot inside of her. her walking was limp and slow, yet none of her parents even noticed. the feeling of him inside of her remained for days.
bucky was like a drug, she had a crush on him since she was thirteen and to finally have to chance for him inside of her, she couldn’t help but accept it the second it was brought up.
she didn’t care about the consequences that would soon creep up, like not being able to sit in the same room together, or y/n’s parents catching onto the obvious awkward tension. their usual thursday night dinners weren’t as exciting as they once were.
y/n’s parents decided to have a date night, turning to the only person they knew that could handle their daughter. bucky. he stayed in the living room, watching the tv with a bag of chips in his lap.
y/n was in her room, twirling a strand of hair around her finger. her legs were crossed and in the air, while her lip with sitting comfortably between her teeth. “i miss you.” the male voice said over the phone. her thighs squeezed together as she giggled with a blush.
the conversation went on for almost an hour, slight giggles followed by words. “y/n! come down!” bucky yelled from the living room, where he was holding his phone and the number for a pizza place. “i have to go, i’ll call you tomorrow.” she said, hanging up the phone.
she walked downstairs and smiled at bucky awkwardly. “im ordering pizza, what do you want?” he asked, punching the number into the phone. “nothing, i’m not hungry.” she said, going to walk away. “hey! hey, c’mon, you’re hungry, i know you.” he said, making her roll her eyes.
“i’m really not, i have an ice cream in the freezer.” she said, giving him a quick smile. bucky put the phone down and sighed. “whatever y’say.” he said, walking to the kitchen. he opened up the freezer, pulling out her tub of ice cream. “hey! that’s mine!” she complained. she walked over to try and take it, which failed.
bucky lifted it with a smirk. y/n groaned and pushed him slightly. “don’t make me spank you.” he said, grabbing a spoon. y/n rolled her eyes and walked upstairs. bucky chuckled as she walked off in huff. she picked up her phone again and punched in her friends number. “i’m sneaking out, do you want to go to starbucks?” she asked once she picked up.
“yeah okay, i’ll meet you there.” her friend replied. y/n smiled and walked back downstairs. “buck?” she asked, walking over to the couch. bucky looked over at her, mouth full of ice cream didn’t stop him from flashing a bright smile. “can i go out with my friends?” she asked, sitting next to him.
she took a chance to place her hand on his thigh, moving it up slowly. “bubbles, your curfew.” he whispered, looking down at her hand. y/n smirked and placed her hand over his crotch. “c’mon, what’s a few hours?” she whispered, leaning up and kissing under his ear.
bucky smirked and gripped her ass. “not a chance.” he whispered into her ear. y/n groaned and pulled away, crossing her arms. bucky bit his lip and looked her up and down. “go on back up to bed and stop irritating me.” he said, hitting her thigh slightly.
she huffed and walked upstairs, thinking of ways to get out. she called her friend again, telling her to wait about an hour so bucky could fall asleep and that she would call her again when she left.
all she did during the hour was sit in her room and wait, it was starting to get late so she decided it was time to leave. she walked downstairs quietly and walked to the door. “should’ve left through your dads office, would’ve brought you right to the yard.”
y/n jumped and gasped, falling against the door. “fuck! jesus bucky you cunt!” she yelled, throwing her head back, falling against her door. bucky smirked and looked over at her. “get over here, y’need to be punished.” bucky teased, patting his lap.
y/n groaned and walked over, sitting on his lap. “no, no, like this.” bucky said as he lifted her up, bending her over his lap. “bucky i’m not four—“ she started, being stopped by her skirt being filled up. bucky rolled his eyes and slowly massaged her ass, before slapping it roughly.
“dick!” she yelped, gripping his thigh. bucky shook his head with a scoff. “you count them, not shout at me.” he said, slapping her ass again. it was quickly followed by a low ‘two.’ bucky smirked and continued spanking her.
her ass was red and throbbing, tears were staining her cheeks. “that hurt, darlin’?” he asked as he continued to spank her. y/n whimpered and continued to count the spanks. bucky pulled on her panties and pushed them down her legs.
her eyes squeezed shut as she knew where this was going. “tell me to stop, and i will, if you don’t i’ll keep going.” bucky whispered, rubbing her clit with his middle finger. she whimpered and opened her eyes. “good girl.” he whispered, sliding a finger inside of her.
y/n opened her mouth and moaned softly, her eyebrows knitting together. bucky slid another finger in, pumping them in and out slowly. y/n moaned louder, her stomach tightening slowly. “that’s right, bubbles, nice n’ loud for me.” some how, the childhood nickname turned her on more.
bucky moaned his fingers faster, curling them and fucking her knuckle deep. y/n was pulling on his jeans, screams threatening to fall from her mouth. “c’mon, bubbles, give it to me.” he whispered, playing with her hair.
y/n felt the knot in her stomach tighten, ready to release. she let go, loud moans slipping from her mouth. “that’s it.” he mumbled, rubbing his fingers all over her slit, collecting her release before sticking his finger in his mouth.
“so sweet.” he said, lifting her up. bucky looked up at her with complete love in his eyes. “gonna fuck a baby in you, gonna take you away.. italy, live the life we want together.” he whispered, kissing her softly.
y/n placed her hands on his face, kissing him hungrily. she hadn’t ever thought of life after the moment, life if she left with bucky. of course he sprung up the idea last time they did it, but she never took time to think about it.
he unbuckled his belt and hurriedly pulled down his pants, not wanting to waste anymore time. “c’mon bubbles, lay down.” he smirked, helping her down onto the leather couch. oh how she would regret agreeing to a leather couch.
she opened her legs for him, like she did before. he knew he would have her wrapped around his fingers, for his use always. “fuck.” bucky whispered before hovering over her. he slid in quickly, moaning at the tightness of her. y/n followed with a loud moan, gripping his hips.
“whenever you’re ready, bubbles.” he said, his breathe suddenly being taken away from him. all he wanted to do was fuck her dripping cunt until she was brain dead and the only word she knew was his name. she nodded and softened her grip on his hips.
bucky smirked and started thrusting slowly, earning moans from each of them. “faster— please.” y/n begged with a small whimper. bucky nodded and complied, thrusting faster. his quick thrusts soon turned rough, merciless. y/n’s head was thrown back and her back was arched.
small sweat beads appeared on her body, sticking to the leather. bucky had sweat dripping everywhere, the quick and rough thrusts being a good work-out. bucky gripped her hips and continued to thrust into her, the bruises from last time reappearing.
“so good— fuck.” bucky moaned as he lifted her legs, placing them on his shoulder to go deeper. y/n let out a loud scream, gripping onto the sides of the couch. “fuck!” she moaned, her eyes rolling to the back of her head. bucky smirked and moved his hands up her shirt.
he fondled with her breasts, showing each of them equal affection before letting go. he felt a knot in his stomach appear abruptly, making him gasp. the living room was filled with the loud slapping of skin, followed by moans and cries.
“that’s right, y’take me so fuckin’ good, s’like you’re made for me.” bucky moaned as he wrapped his arm around her wrists, pushing them above her head. he continued to snap his hips against hers, moaning at the tightness.
y/n felt dizzy, not like she was going to pass out, like she was drop-dead drunk. she hadn’t ever felt like this, it felt amazing. she felt loose, and unhinged, a feeling she would crave from now on. the knot in her stomach tightening again.
“bucky! oh god.” she whispered, her toes curling. her face scrunched together in satisfaction. the knot snapped loose, making her yelp as she released her second orgasm. she felt a tingle in her legs.
bucky smiled and kept his thrusts deep, not caring about how hard or fast he was going, all he wanted was to plant himself deep inside of her. “fuck.” he groaned as he released inside of her, continuing to thrust.
“gonna make you a pretty momma, havin’ my baby.” bucky moaned, thrusting his seed deep into her. he pulled out and sighed, falling on top of her. “oh god.” he whispered, kissing her clothed shoulder. y/n gasped and gripped his shoulders.
bucky took a few seconds before getting up. “you speak french, right?” he asked, taking his phone off the table. she nodded and took her panties off the floor. “wanna move in together? in france?” he asked, looking into her eyes.
“dont joke about that.” she chuckled, pulling her panties up her legs. “i’m not, let’s start a new life, we just drop everything here and run away, the two of us, forever.” bucky said, grabbing her arm and placing his forehead on hers.
“i know you want to.” he said softly, placing a kiss on her lips. the kiss was slow and passionate. “i can book two tickets for a flight in three hours, we can leave all this.. we won’t have to hide anymore.” bucky finished.
y/n bit her lip before nodding and wrapping her arms around his neck. “whatever, i can always come back.” she said, sitting on his naked lap. bucky smiled and kissed her.
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darkbucky · 3 hours ago
imagine dark!bucky using his heightened sense of smell against you.
when he catches you staring at steve and smells your slick running down your thighs, he shames you until you're a little ball of submission, “you're a fucking whore, wanting someone else to fuck you after I had my way with you. are you that desperate to be filled up? want all your holes stuffed with cum, don't ya? am I not enough? no, you're just a greedy lil bitch.”
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darke-15 · 4 hours ago
Chapter 44 // Ghost Resurfaces
Live in six hours (Sunday, May 9 12:00am MDT)
Tumblr media
That man was the only one that he had gotten a good look at. And his face was seared into his memory. His eyes were almost glowing yellow, the sneer on his lips making him look...unhinged.
Bucky slammed his back against a wall, bracing himself against it to hold himself up. A headache was scorching behind his eyes. The pain was almost unbearable as he returned himself to the fray.
| Battle Scarred : Aftermath | »Darke15
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deexchanel · 5 hours ago
Pretty girl (Sebastian Stan)
Word Count:
Warning: swearing. fluff and funny moments!
Summary: Euphoria is the worker that takes orders from the cast and goes to pick their food up. She finds friends along the way.
A/N: I don't know how to feel on this one so hopefully everyone likes it.
Tumblr media
I locked my phone sitting in the chair waiting on my order to be done. I applied to this job to help for modeling that I want to do. Basically all I do is get coffee, give water when needed, pick up their food orders and anything else needed. Basically like a nanny sort of.
The baristas had to get all her co-workers to bring all the donuts and coffee I ordered. I mean its a big cast. My backseat was filled with coffee, donuts, croissants, bagels and tea.
"Deep breaths." I said to myself when I got to the building. Some people walked out to my car grabbing the food. And in the next couple of seconds I was in the break room standing by the table preparing to call their names.
People start to pile in the room ready for their breakfast. I take a deep breath and picked the first coffee with the name on the side.
"Scarlett Johansson?"  A gorgeous woman walks up to me with a smile.
"So you're the new girl the russo hired? You're really gorgeous!"
"I literally just thought about that for you!!" I smiled being nice."I hope you enjoy your coffee!"
"Thank you!" She said walking to a table filled with people.
"Tom Hiddleston?"I questioned looking around for whoever this is. A tall man walked up with a smile.
"Me! Thank you!"
I melted at his british accident passing him the tea. god his voice is everything!
"You're welcome."
"Tom Holland?"
"That would be me. You're Euphoria right?" Tom took a sip of his tea. "Word around here is you're the new food person."
"You know my name? wow um yea, today's my first day!"I smiled.
"Yea know holding secrets is something I can't do. We were talking about you earlier." Tom said."Seb looked up your instagram."
What the hell!
"Damn I haven't even passed out everybody coffees and you guys already know who I am." I laughed.
He laugh as well," We can't let strangers in here. I'm just the only one that wasn't scared to talk to you, rest of them some pussies."
"Oh yea I can definitely hang with you!"
"Same. After our last session today, meet me at my trailer?"
"I will surely meet you there Mr.Holland." I laughed and he winked walking away.
"Robert Downey Jr?" I wondered. I don't know none of these actors, I'm just here to get paid. He walks up to me squinting his eyes.
"You called my name like you don't know me."
"Mr. Downey I don't really know none of you I just call the names thats on the side of the cup."
"Mr. Downey makes me sound old call me Robert. You're sassy, I like that. Spidey boy must've spilled the beans about us looking you up on instagram."
"In fact he did. You guys do not need to tell him anything that you wouldn't want the whole world to know."
"Yea we're trying. You better have gotten my coffee right!"
"Dark with one creamer and extra sugar. Please don't play with me Robert."
"Oh yea she got my coffee right. Get this sassy bitch a raise!" Robert yelled to everyone in the break room while he walked back to his table . My face turned red from laughing so hard.
"Sebastian Stan?" I questioned trying to think of who he was . Shit at this point I give up on trying to figure out who's who. A nice looking gentleman walked to the table taking the coffee from my hand. Don't get me wrong he is fineeeee!
"Euphoria right? You really don't know who we are?"
"No I don't Mr. Stan. I just need a job before I start my modeling career."
"Well you look like a model. You're very pretty. And please call me Sebastian or Seb."
"Sebastian are you trying to flirt with me right now?" I joked to see what he would say. His face turned red from nervousness.
"W-What? No! I just- I just thought you were pretty-" I cut him with laughing.
"It's fine Sebastian , I'm just playing."
"Oh that's cold. I'm gonna get you back for that one."
"Sure! I'm the prank queen so try it on someone else!"
"We'll see about that. Chris she think she's the prank queen!" He laughed pointing his thumb at me to a nice looking man who had a perfectly groomed beard.
"Oh you're in for a treat! I'm the best!" The bearded man came over to where we was. Damn I really need to remember names.
"Oh no sirrr! I can't be topped." I bragged brushing the imaginary dust off my shoulder.
"Sureee! I'm Chris Evans by the way." He said putting out his hand for me to shake." Anthony should be coming in any moment."
"Euphoria. Who's Anthony?" I questioned confused. "I'm sorry I don't know any of you guys names." 
"THE PARTY'S HERE WOOOO." A darkskin man in the break room. I'm guessing that's Anthony.
"What's up!" He dap up Evans and Stan not realizing I'm standing there.
"Hey my brother!" I said dapping him up. He went along with it not knowing who I am.
"What's up my sister! Who the hell you is though ?"
"Shit we both black . I thought we should stick together." I said." Hug me Brotha!"
Anthony, Chris, Stan and I laughed so hard, I had tears in my eyes. Anthony actually gave me a hug after our laughing fit.
"You cool people, I can definitely hang with you ms funny girl."
Soon I was done passing out food until lunch time. Most actors wasn't going to be here until lunch time.  I was walking behind Hemsworth to his dressing room as he told me his order.
"Make the lemonade a large and that will be all!"
"Okay Mr.Hemsworth anything else?" I asked continuing to write his order.
Chris stopped in tracks looking at me."Yes, what made you want to work for us even though you know none of us. And please call me Chris."
"I want to be a model Chris but I don't have enough to get started. I'm just going to be here until I get enough."
"That's good! Oh and get me some beef jerky too, I'll love you foreverrr." Chris said in a sing-song voice making me laugh. These are some funny ass people. We were walking pass some big boxes but I fell behind him because I was still writing.
"AHHH!" I scream dropping my stuff, jumping on the back of Chris's back. It's the fact that he caught me and didn't fall to the ground. I turn to see Chris E. holding his chest laughing hard as hell.
"Jesus fucking christ Chris! I'ma get yo ass back. Had me jumping on Hemmy back like that." I huff picking up the notepad and pen I dropped . Chris H. was laughing as well
"You thought jumping on my back was going to save you?"
"Oh shut up! I'm not friends with either of you Chris's. Big meanies." I said crossing my arms over my chest,walking off." Don't talk to me!" I yelled over my shoulder like a little kid.
"Euphoria wait!!" Chris E. said but I ignored him and kept walking. "Euphoria I'm sorry!!"
"You get her Chris?" Seb asked once the three of us came where everyone else was.Oh so his ass was in it too?
"Yea Seb I got her ass good." Chris exclaimed placing his hand on my shoulder but I pushed it off. "Euphoria I had to get you."
I rolled my eyes. "Oh so you were in on it? oh yea we not cool nomore. I'M NOT FRIENDS WITH CHRIS EVANS, HEMMY, OR SEBASTIAN STAN." I yelled playfully flipping them off. Both Chris's stood in front of me while Sebastian stood to my side.
"I've never heard nobody call me hemmy. Only you can come up with something like that."Hemmy said shaking his head." I feel special, I got a nickname."
"I want a nickname!" Sebastian whined like a child. "How he get one and I don't , I thought I was your favorite."
"Me too!" Chris said raising his hand. Me and Sebastian caught a glance at each other for a second. I looked away , a blush creeping on my face.
"I have to tell the two apart but I never said that Seb. Holland is actually my favorite." I sassed hoping the blush wasn't on my face, flipping my hair looking around for spidey. "He didn't laugh at me today."
"Awww Euphoria you're my favorite too." Holland came from nowhere hugging me from behind."See ? you boys have to be nice!"
"Oh thomas hush!"Seb said pulling me away from him into his chest. He had on a loose shirt and by accident I touched his stomach. His skin felt like heaven:"She's mine!"
Hemmy pulls me from Seb into his chest as well, with his thick accent." Um no she's mine!"
"No actually she's mine!" Chris said pulling me to his chest too. "I'm the best duh!"
"Guys I have go get you guys food. We'll settle this debate later!" I chuckled placing my head on Evans shoulder." Now give me a hug so I can go!"
They each me a hug but Sebastian hugs me longer. He smelled so good!
I went out to get the food and made sure I picked up Hemmy's jerky.
This a series sooo I really hope you like it!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NEW FIC ALERT: I Knew You Were Trouble — Chapter Preview
The woman couldn’t sleep. 
With her countless escapades at the log cabin and knowing her way around without a light, she crept out of her room, making her way down and out toward the backyard which led to the lake. There was a fishing dock. It was the same place where she had her first kiss, where she learned how to swim, where she had gone skinny dipping for the first time; the dock/lake held many first memories. 
Wrapping her heavy blanket around her shoulders, Rebecca sat on the ledge, her legs hanging just enough to where her toes scrapped the cool water. The moon provided enough illumination for her to see the other side of the bank; the light cascading off the lake and creating a mural on the ground. She admired it. Always a night person, Rebecca peeled her gaze away from the river and to the night sky watching as the stars twinkled beside the moon. She listened to the silence around her, hearing the occasional night creature bustling through the trees, crickets chirping and fish emerging from the waters. However, she was so lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear the crescendo of footsteps.
New Story coming to a screen near you!
TAGLIST: @ocappreciationtag @ben-bcrnes @mer-writes @ocfairygodmother @koiwrites @zoeliemyers @ohhitherekatie @sgtbuckyybarnes @starcrossedjedis @annibunnysworld @misshiraeth98 (pls let me know if you’d like to be added or removed!)
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dameronology · 6 hours ago
knowing me, knowing you {steve rogers}
summary: breaking up is never easy - but it's the best thing you can do (yes, it's based on the song by abba and no, i have no regrets)
warnings: mentions of drinking, swearing
i don't even know what possessed me to write this but? i've been neck deep in angst rn and sometimes, it's nice to explore a healthy break up bc shit happens. enjoy!!
- jazz xx
Tumblr media
In the middle of Brooklyn, about twenty minutes away from the Bridge, there was an unassuming townhouse. It stood between several other identical brownstones, with a messy garden and unkempt tangles of bushes - you nor Steve never had the time to tend to do it, with your jobs and your lives pulling you in a thousand different directions. The inside, though? That was what had mattered. It was filled with years of memories - photos of you on the fridge, ticket stubs from your trips to the movies, clutter from so many Christmases and birthdays - that were all contained between the four walls. Home had been important to Steve, given how often he'd moved around. And it couldn't have been that home without you.
Now you were stood at the foot of the front garden, a pile of collapsed boxes resting in your arms. The last time you'd been here was when you and Steve had tried to talk it out -- it had ended with the door slamming behind you. The conversation had ended badly, but your relationship had ended even worse. And even though you had both tried to hard to blame one another, finding fault had been hard. You'd just...fallen out of love. It wasn't something either of you could help, nor was it something you could force. Your frustration and anger, and the shouting and fights, had never been at Steve, but rather the situation. He had always said that finding you, and simultaneously loving you, had come out of nowhere; it was something he had never sought out. You were just there one day, and it changed everything.
Sighing to yourself, you headed up the path and towards the front door. You'd been dreading this day for months -- moving out years worth of stuff, and trying through bleary eyes not to look at the photos on the wall or the millions of little reminders that your relationship had left behind in its wake. There was a dent in the hallway, from your first Thanksgiving in the house when Steve had gotten a little too drunk, and the massive crack in the kitchen floor from where you'd managed to drop the kettle. It was littered with memories and callbacks and evocations. The house was haunted with the ghosts of what was, and what could have been.
You could at least take comfort in the fact that you'd tried - several times, actually. There had been couples counselling and forced, romantic getaways in a last-ditch attempt to trigger something, anything, to get back your dying spark. It made it better and worst - better, because you knew that you'd done everything in your power to salvage things, but worst, because it had all been a waste. A sign that your relationship had gotten so bad that it had crossed the point of no return.
Sometimes, breaking up was the best thing to do. It hurt now, but it hurt much less in the long term compared to what could have been if you'd stayed together.
Placing the boxes by the door, you shut it behind you and quietly crept inside. There had been no communication with Steve other than a few horribly formal emails - after all, you did still work together - detailing your plans to sort the house out. It had been sitting derelict for months, your former home collecting dust. He'd sought refuge at Bucky's loft across the River, whilst you'd been hiding out in Natasha's spare room.
It felt odd being back; nostalgic and painful all at once. So much had happened in these four walls - good and bad, memorable and mundane - and you were feeling it all at once. It was seeping in through the cracks of your mind, the same way the tension had slipped through the cracks in the old walls and questionable foundations. It didn't matter that the place had been falling apart, because it had been so loved.
"I...I didn't realise you were coming today."
You froze at the sound of Steve's voice. He was stood in the kitchen, navy bomber jacket slung over one shoulder and a box of his belongings in his free hand. Hadn't you said that you coming today? Tomorrow was meant to be his moving day.
"Yeah," you swallowed. "I said in the email."
"Sorry, I must have misread it." He sheepishly admitted. "I was just gonna get my stuff and go."
"Me too," you nodded. "Figured it might take a while though."
"You do own a lot of crap," Steve gently smiled. "I just put the kettle on. Do you want a coffee?"
"Uh," your eyes fell to the floor, "I should probably just-"
"- it's just a coffee." Steve cut you off.
"Yeah, okay then."
You awkwardly took a seat at the breakfast bar beside him. God, was this really what it had come to? This time last year, you would have just been waking up and strolling into the kitchen, greeting your super soldier with a kiss as he prepared breakfast. You had a routine - you had a life. But that was exactly it, wasn't it? Life. You and Steve of all people knew how fucking unexpected things could be; how many curveballs and challenges could be thrown your way. In an odd way, your break-up had been even less expected than Ultron and Loki and HYDRA.
"It'll have to be black coffee," Steve said. "We only have coffee out the jar. No-one's been here for months."
"I know," you nodded. "I did used to live here, remember?"
"I think I'm having a hard time not remembering, to be honest," He said. "Being here is harder than I thought it would be."
"Yeah, I get that." You took the mug out his hands, giving him a small nod. "All this feels a lot scarier than aliens and robots."
"Ah, well," Steve tried to brush it off. "I never noticed how badly we beat up the place."
"Do you mean the dent in the hallway, or the crack in the floor?" You found yourself smiling.
"I meant the hair dye stains in the bathroom and the smashed window in the basement," he shot back.
"That was both of us. You wanted to play football inside, remember?"
"Only because you had got me drunk," he countered. "I don't think we'll get our deposit back."
"Y'think?" You quirked an eyebrow.
An odd silence fell over you. It was the first time in months that you were talking - and now that the pressure of being in a relationship was suddenly off your shoulders, some of the tension had faded away. When you took a step back and brushed aside the ashes of what had once been, there was still...something. Not love, and not a relationship, but the same common ground and interests that had brought you together in the first place. It was worth holding onto.
"Do you remember that time that your parents came to visit and you forgot to tell me?" Steve recalled with a soft smile, "and your dad just strolled in on me in the shower."
"It's not any worst than the time you gave Bucky a spare key and he broke in in the middle of the night to get milk for his fucking coffee," you chuckled.
"It was a good few years."
"It was," your eyes fell down to the dark bubbles of the coffee in front of you. "Pride and all that aside, I'm sorry it ended how it did."
"Hey, it's okay," Steve gave your shoulder a gentle squeeze, "it's no-one's fault. These things happen."
"I know," you said, "I just...we had a good thing going, didn't we?"
"We did, but we also did everything we could to try and fix things." He replied.
"And we couldn't," you recalled. "I know that breaking up was the easy thing-"
"- it wasn't," Steve cut you off. "But it was the right thing, wasn't it? Because we made each other miserable."
"As partners, yeah," you nodded, "but what about friends?"
Your eyes met again, and he smiled. "Yeah. I think we can manage that."
Admitting defeat was hard, but if it was what you needed to do in order to stay in each other's lives? It was the best you could do.
tags: @agent-catfish-kenobi
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Unintentional Father
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Steve Rogers had always liked you, from the first time you had stepped foot in the Avengers Compound, to your no-nonsense perspective in the world. Never taking shit from anyone, especially Tony; everyone liked you, liked your son who you bring along from time to time upon the request of Pepper Stark and many of the women in the compound. So how was it possible that he was here talking to Director Fury with you, and the small little fact that he was the father of your adorable blue eyed baby. How was that even possible when he couldn’t even ask you out on a date properly? CHARACTERS: Steve Rogers x Reader; son!OMC (Grant); Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes WARNINGS: Profanities. Suggestive Themes. Possible Smut(?) Grammar Mistakes. English not being my first language. [Not Beta’d tho] WORDS: 2,208 CHAPTERS: [1/3] A/N; This was supposed to be just a one shot, but i just turned into a life of its own before I know it. So--enjoy?
Playlist I was listening to while writing this. Boop. 
Part 1: Say Mama
You had always wanted to have your own child.
It was a given fact knowing how you had to take care of your own siblings growing up. A mother that works two to five part-time jobs daily and an drunk and mostly absent father, being the eldest gave you the role early on in your childhood. Caring for your siblings had also brought you this independence on yourself as a woman and as an individual, never to expect anything from men, never need men in your life to actually live a full and content life.
In your eyes, they are now simply reduced to their only sole reason for procreation.
Before giving the thought of Sperm Banks a try, you had thought of other means necessary. Adoption had been your primary way, but sadly most of the agencies would prefer for you to be married, and for a man to also be part of the child's life--a bullshit answer if you were being honest. Then there was the more dangerous method of getting yourself knocked up from a one-night stand. Relationships weren't much of a thing for you, and the men you had dated always seems so keen on never having kids, or they were, it was just the making process and you couldn't see to depend on them when it's time to care for the baby.
So when all the research and inquiries you had made, getting implanted with a faceless man's sperm was the best solution. It was quick, simple, and there was no need for the obligation and restraint of a man with whatever you would believe would be best for the child. Your mother had been apprehensive at first when the subject was brought up, the traditionalist in her worried, but you were stubborn and financially was at the best time to have a child of your own.
Raising in the corporate ranks in Stark Industry and the Avengers, you were head of the Finance Department, and no amount of money in or within both parties go under your nose without you knowing. It was what made you perfect for the job, and the very reason why you were also paid handsomely by both Pepper and Tony Stark. You had the money and the place to raise your child all on your own, it also didn't hurt to know that Tony was doing everything he could to make sure you don't leave, that amount of trust and bribing was enough to reassure you that having a child all on your own was the best thing to happen in your life.
"Behave for Mommy, okay?" You cooed towards your ten month-old son, with his chubby little fist on his little mouth. A small line of drool streaming through the side of his mouth. But no matter he still looked adorable as you wiped away the stream and fresh new line was quick to reappear.
It wasn't usual for you to bring your son to the Compound, it was more for his safety above everything else. But with the babysitter cancelling last minute and finally relenting to Pepper and Nat's request to bring baby Grant to the compound, this was the best thing you could do at the moment. Two birds with one stone. You knew a handful of people in the compound more than willing and more than capable of taking care of little Grant if a meeting or two would come and pull you away from your son's attention.
The usual mumbling and cooing could be heard from your son's mouth as you now had him rested on your waist, your journey towards the common room was filled with your son's cooing and your occasional baby talks that would earn a giggle or two from the child. You could only smile at the curiosity in your son's eyes as they wondered everywhere. Almost just as much as you had done the first time you had ever stepped foot in the Compound, like mother like son it seems. Eventually, the first person you had come across was the good Steve Rogers, coming out of one of the meeting rooms, it seems.
Freshly showered, and your eyes momentarily fell to his chest, in the confinements of the shirt that was one size to small for him. A part of you wanted to see how it felt like. How your fingers would feel like against the vast chest of his. The curvature of his abs also to be seen. All the nights you have once fantasized about this man, coming into full swing, his oblivion was a godsend in this embarrassment that was known as your little crush.
A smile on his face as his attention was quick to focus on your son still in your arms. It took a lot in you to control not to blush. Steve had been one of the few exception to your belief that all the men in this world were trash. He was far from it, in fact he was a perfect gentleman. Naïve at the advancement of times, but still a gentleman nonetheless.
"How you doing, Buddy?" Steve inquired and the excitement your son was displaying seeing one his favourite people in the compound.
Grant trying his best to get out of your hold and into Steve's own. It sometimes amazes you that a ten month old baby could have this amount of strength, there was just a few small things the books never really tell you about. Steve's blue eyes turned to you, almost asking with his puppy dog eyes if he was allowed to carrying your son.
In a momentary reluctance, you allowed Steve to carry your son. Chest tightening with a warmth you were not so certain what emotion was at the sight of your son resting his head calmly now on Steve's too-small shirt. Watching Steve rock gently only made you believe that whoever was the woman to give him a child, will be the luckiest woman alive. He knew what he was doing and his larger body was not a reason to not be as gentle as he was with your son in his arms.
"I'm sorry, I never asked about your day, Y/N." Steve had finally acknowledged your presence turning his blue eyes yet again towards you as the two of you continued on your way to the common room where you were certain the rest of the team were.
"It's doing great." You respond. You always been so out of words when it comes to Steve. He was charming, to a fault at times and it only made you think more about him in a much more personal setting. What was he like without the pressure of his work always bringing him back to his obligations for the team. "Some last minute change of plan, but that little monster making things better for me." You added giving your son a side glance, still he was snuggled against Steve's chest. A part of you envying his current position for some reason.
Focus. Y/N.
"I hope Stark isn't ruining your time with this little angel." He points out as the two of your finally arrive to the common room with almost everyone in the Avengers available. A rare sight if you were being honest with yourself. One or another would end up being pulled into a mission that would have them absent for days, weeks, or even months if it was a dangerous mission. It only brought relief for you, knowing the momentary peace in the world, in the compound.
"If I didn't know Baby Mama is way out of your league Rogers, I would have thought you two would make a perfect couple. White picket fence and all."
Trust Tony to ruin this little moment you had with Steve.
Sometimes Steve thinks he had perfected the mask, the façade of what everyone thinks of him, what the world would like to believe him to be. But with Tony Stark, he could see past his bullshit--Tony's words, not his. Was he always been obvious about his feelings for you? He had always been civil with you, never overtly flirting when the situation presents itself, and he would even go as far as admit he had been using your son, Grant, most of the time just to be able to talk to you in the past. But Grant, your bubbly ten month-old son had grown on him. Unlike with Scott or Clint, Grant would never cry in his arms as he had first feared he would--he was confident enough to think that he loved his presence just as much as he did.
The small cynical voice in the back of his head would often tell him that it was just a child that lacked a true paternal presence. It had been no secret to anyone in the Compound that Grant's father wasn't present in his life. You had later explained that the man was nowhere to be found. He believed you weren't seeing anyone, always letting them know, most especially Tony, that you would prefer to be at home with your child than to experience the nightmare of dating all over again and meet men like Tony. A comedic retort that openly offended Tony, but had shut him up nonetheless before he thought of another comeback.
One of the many reasons Steve had for liking you, there were also reason why he didn't have the balls to talk to you to ask you out. It was the fear of rejection. He had openly seen you tear the brave--and stupid number of agents and male employees (and even female employees at times) a new hole. No one was good enough for you, and you had always made it a point to let everyone know that if they did start dating you, Grant is part of it--in whatever shape, form, and capacity it may be. A package deal that didn't really worry Steve if he was brave enough to ask you.
"I see you still have the balls after last time, Stark." You began finally taking hold of your son. A fraction of a moment, when his skin touched your own, he could feel the shiver run through his spine.
Allowing you to finally take hold of your son. Grant's wide blue eyes beamed finally returned to his mother before his eyes turned back to Steve. If he hadn't known that fact that he knows how babies are made, he would have thought those eyes reminded him so much of his father's. Blue hues of the bays he would remember of his father's and of the lagoon between Brooklyn and Queens. An eyes that was almost like his own at times.
"Dada." The baby squealed taking everyone by surprised, a mix of happiness and shock now painted on your face. Was that Grant's first words?
"I'm sorry about that." You whispered as Nat and Wanda was quick on their feet to take your son out of your hands and hopefully dissipate the awkwardness of your son's first words and you believe was the last situation Steve should be placed in.
"Nothing to be sorry about." Steve was quick to assured, the knowing looks on both Bucky and Sam's faces says otherwise.
A bubble of unadulterated happiness settled in his stomach. Dada. He never entertained such an idea for himself and for the life he was living. A child and a wife was the last thing he would thing he needed, for their sake, more than his own. But seeing you, seeing the angel that was Grant, he had let the fantasy live in his mind even for just a fraction of a moment.
"Still..." You shrugged, unable to say anything about the situation. There was really nothing that needs to be said. Grant was a baby, the concept of a father was still foreign to him. "I don't want to put you in a situation that you aren't supposed to be in."
Maybe he wants it. Pursing his lips, he nodded instead. It was not the time or the place to discuss something like it. He excused himself into the corner of the common room, where Bucky and Sam were already in their own little conversation--Steve didn't need to ask to know they were both talking about him.
"Want to talk about it?" Sam's brows wiggled and the shit-eating-grin on Bucky's face already had Steve want to end the conversation even before it began.
"No. I don't think I want to." Steve muttered watching as you gave your son a pepper of kisses on the cheeks while he played with Nat's red hair, before following Tony to talk business.
A glance of your body, the subtle changes from what you already had pre-pregnancy, the tightness in his trouser was the last thing he would want to think about--especially with the audience of his friends to see.
"Punk really thinks he's subtle." Bucky smirked earning a holler from Sam surprising the baby and bring him into tears in the process.
Wanda and Nat were quick to give the three of them a deathly glare as they tried their best to soothe the crying baby.
"Never said it was."
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Twitter Profiles Part 1
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taglist under the cut
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donutloverxo · 9 hours ago
His queen
Tumblr media
Please note that my stories are not to be stolen or reposted on any other site. Reblogs are welcome. This blog and this story is 18+. Do not read, follow or interact if you are not 18+.
Note - An anon asked for an au sequel to first night with no stucky but this can be read as a one shot. Thanks to lizzygal(link to ao3) for her advice on this! This is written for @sweetlyscared's 1k angst challenge! Congrats boo! I used the prompt 'Do you love her?' Although this is hardly angsty but it's as angsty as someone as soft as me can get🥺 Dividers by @firefly-graphics
Summary - Married life with Steve was amazing (although with a few bumps in the way) until you discovered a heartbreaking secret.
Warnings - explicit sexual content, painful sex, innocent naive insecure reader, dub con/noncon, soft dark Steve, jealous Steve, ooc villain Sharon, like a little breeding kink, some angst.
Pairing - soft dark king!Steve x reader
Word count - 5.3k
Tumblr media
Steve jolted when your palm hit him across his face, his hand circled around your wrist, ready to fight whatever it was that slapped him off, his grip loosening when he realised it was just you. You wiggled your hand away from his grip, mumbling incoherently before turning away from him, so that he could only see the silhouette of your nude back in the dim light.
Although he had been with a handful of women, he never had to share a bed with one. He didn’t think he’d ever have to, he was born in royalty, raised to be a king. While he liked having your soft warm body in his arms, he maybe could live without your hands slapping him, or both your legs over his thighs and hips.
It was customary for wives to have their own chambers after the honeymoon period was over. And with a heavy heart he had sent you to your own chambers, he made sure you were treated to the best luxuries possible.
But he found himself missing your presence soon enough. Your legs over his, you annoying him for attention whenever he was working, the way you hummed a song in your head, how you often clumsily bumped into things, your sweet beautiful voice, your scent, everything about you.
So he went to your room, told you that you were to live with him in his chambers from then on. You were hesitant at first, but didn’t say no to him.
You could never deny him anything. He loved that about you. How subservient you were despite being so fiery.
He was grateful to have made you move in, in times like these, when his cock was hard and achingly pressed against your thigh, he had you right where he wanted you.
He softly called out your name, he’d rather have you awake for this. He loved listening to the sweet sounds he could pull out of you. When you didn’t so much as stir he decided he would just have to wake you up another way.
Pushing your legs off his, spreading them apart to make room for him as he hovered over you, pressing soft kisses, rubbing his beard against your skin, he made his way down to his destination, he was parched for your nectar.
He kissed your petal, your cunt already oozing with need, your body would always want him even if you weren’t awake. He frowned when you didn’t move at all. He had been a bit too rough with you that night, exhausting you, making you pass out as soon as he was done, but he was growing more and more impatient.
Scraping his teeth over your clit, he bit it ever so lightly as you yelped awake.
“Oh!” you gasped when you looked down to find the king between your legs.
Swallowing a lump, because this was still so very strange to you. Your mother had told you how a man and woman make love before your wedding, but she never mentioned anything like this.
From your knowledge the king putting his mouth there wouldn’t result in you getting pregnant. But it did bring you great pleasure, to the point where it was maddening.
Sometimes it was the only thing on your mind.
It was as if you were addicted to it.
“My king...” you squirmed when you felt him push his fingers inside you, “I’m so tired... I have court tomorrow...” How he managed to do all his duties and still have you at least thrice everyday was beyond you.
“You don’t have to go. You’re the queen, the future mother of my children, you deserve a day off. Besides I do work you a bit too hard, don’t I?” he asked before plunging his tongue into your heat.
“Huh? No... I’m glad to be serving you...” And you had yet to give him any heirs.
It wasn’t long before you released all over his mouth, your cheeks heating up when you saw his beard coated with your slick as he wiped it off with the back of his hand.
“You can stay in bed all day tomorrow. That way you’ll be strong and ready by the time I’m back.” He told you before capturing your lips in a bruising kiss, as you tasted yourself on his mouth.
Tumblr media
Turns out a day off was everything that you had needed. You were born a princess, albeit of a kingdom standing on its last legs, you were the youngest of six sisters, your prospects weren’t all that great.
Your mother told you that you’d be lucky to get a rich lord, let alone a Duke or a prince. A King was out of the question. She taught you how to handle a household, she never could’ve prepared you for court or to be a queen. You always dreamt of marrying for love. Of running away after falling for a stable boy and living far away and being free.
But you married the King of the most prestigious kingdom in the whole world. While you had grown to love Steven, you didn’t love all the responsibilities that were thrusted upon you so suddenly, you didn’t like how you were always under scrutiny. Every move you made was watched and judged by others. You still couldn’t believe your life sometimes.
So it was nice to have a day to yourself. You had slept in till late in the morning, having your breakfast in bed before taking a leisurely bath and then decided to go for a walk in the garden just before the sunset before you’d have to go back up and have dinner with your husband before having to perform your wifely duties.
“Your grace,” you smiled upon hearing the familiar voice, turning around to see Lady Sharon approaching you.
You hadn’t seen her in over a month. She had been so kind to assist you and help you get acclimated to your duties, you’d always be grateful to her.
“I thought you were under the weather,” she frowned. It was the excuse you had given to skip court with your ladies that day. Which wasn’t a complete lie. You were a little sore between your legs. But a warm bath had fixed that.
“I’m feeling quite better,” you said, standing upright, a dignified smile on your face--formal and curt.
Always be formal and curt with everyone. Your instinct was to hug her when you saw her after her month long trip, like you would to any of your sisters or friends, but you must always act like a queen since you were one.
“How was your trip?” you asked her as she hooked her arm in yours so you could both resume walking.
“It went alright. Mama wants to marry me off to the Duke Stark, the trip was some sort of matchmaking ploy,” she snorted.
“What’s wrong with Stark? He seems so charming.” You remember meeting him at your coronation ceremony. Where he had got you beautiful pearls from an exotic country.
“He maybe charming, but at the end of the day - he’s manwhore.”
You gasped incredulously, your hand over your mouth as you looked around to make sure your maids didn’t hear you, “Lady Sharon,” you chastised her, “We can’t use that sort of language.”
“Forgive me, your grace,” she apologized, “I often forget how naive you are.”
“What? Naive?” you huffed. “Not using such filthy language hardly makes me naive.”
“Live a little, all royals are debauched in one way or another. I’m surprised to see just how much of a square you are.”
“Is... is being a square a bad thing?” You wanted to know. You never thought of yourself as a conformist, in fact your mother used to tell you you’ll die an old maid if you didn’t start acting more like a lady and less like a spoilt brat.
“Sometimes it is...” she pondered. “Well, for instance, being a square in bed might be boring for some men.”
“What?” you gasped again. Tightening your grip on her arm and walking at a faster pace to put some distance between you and your maids, “Give us a minute,” you told them.
“Lady Sharon,” you looked into her blue eyes, much like your husbands but a little darker, “Have you ever been with a man?”
“I have,” she shrugged. “Just the one. He was my true love.”
“Bu – but you aren’t married.” You frowned.
“So, how can you make love to anyone if you aren’t married...” Your mother had told you that making love only ever happened between a man and his wife.
“I... you do know what making love entails right? This is what I meant when I said you were too much of a square,” she chuckled.
“Don’t... don’t make fun of me...” you pouted.
“I’m sorry, your grace, it’s just,” she put a hand over her mouth as she cleared her throat, “Really funny. Two people, who aren’t married, can make love. Being married is good but not a requirement.”
“I suppose that makes sense, me and his majesty could do it even if we weren’t married...”
“Is he happy with you?” she wanted to know.
“What do you mean?”
“It’s just, you don’t know much about physical relations, and there needs to be a certain level of knowledge and experience for it to be good at it.”
“Do you think he is unsatisfied with me?”
“I wouldn’t know,” she shrugged. “Does he seem unsatisfied?”
He was always asking for it. Which you preferred, because you’d die of embarrassment if you ever had to initiate it. You couldn’t go for too long without it either. He had went on a hunting trip for just a couple of days and you wanted to jump on him and keep him in your bed as soon as you saw him.
Why would he ask for it again and again if he was satisfied?
“I’m not sure... since you know so much about it would you give me some advice?”
“My, I would’ve thought you’d call me a harlot or a whore instead you’re asking for advice...” she smirked.
“Oh, I would never. That is what my mother would say, probably, but you’re my friend. Besides, I would want to make love to Steve even if we weren’t married, and if he was a stable boy.”
“A stable boy?” she quirked a blonde brow.
“Yes! And I would be me, a princess. It’s just a silly dream I used to have,” you shrugged. “What happened to your love? The one you lost?”
“He got married to someone else,” she stated. And although she was firm and sophisticated as always, you could hear his voice wavering and how much pain she was in.
“Oh my... I am so sorry, Sharon,” you said, engulfing her in a hug to comfort her, now that you do actually love someone, now that you know what loving someone deeply means, how overwhelming it can be, you couldn’t even imagine what losing that love would feel like. “You’ll find someone better.”
“There is no one better, your grace. But I’ll give you some advice,” she pulled away from you, putting some distance between you both, “You have to pay special attention to his balls. Many ladies tend to forget them.”
“Ball...? Like toys? I don’t believe he has any.”
“Your grace,” she rolled her eyes as she snickered, “He does have them. That is where your children will come from.”
“Um... what? Wouldn’t they come from...” you looked down, to the place between your legs. That’s where kids come from. That’s what you had been told.
“Well, yes, that is where they will pop out of. But the balls... the ones right behind his manhood, that’s where his seed comes from.”
“Oh...” you nodded as you realised what she was talking about. “So... what about the... balls?”
“Just pay special attention to them. He would like that. Suck on them, tug on them... but gently!” she chuckled as she realised she would have to talk down to you since you were so inexperienced.
“Oh... alright... anything else I can do?”
“Try to be more... active... instead of just sitting there and taking it you know?”
“Alright. I think I get the gist of it.”
Tumblr media
“You ready for me, petal?” Steven asked as he looked down at you, naked and vulnerable, so beautiful and all his. He nudged his cock against your intimate lips, prodding at your entrance as he awaited your answer. He knew he could be too much for you sometimes, he was trying to do better. So he could make you love him at least half of as much as he loves you.
“Mm-hm... but um...” you trailed off. Not exactly knowing how you would go about asking to suck his balls.
“I was just wondering if... I could... do that...” you fluttered your lashes, that usually got you whatever you wanted from him.
“And what is ‘that’?”
“You know... when you make me put my mouth on you...”
He didn’t usually make you use your mouth.
Most of the times Steven had a strict unofficial schedule he followed when it came to lovemaking. He wasn’t someone who liked or embraced change, he was always strategic, as a king and as your husband.
He’d kiss you till you were out of breath, then your neck, and then your breasts, he’d spend a long amount of time there, maybe because you liked that the most probably. And then he’d use his fingers to work you up, tasting you, eating you out and drinking your nectar.
That drove you mad, till you were on the brink of insanity.
You loved it as much as you hated it. You had never felt so out of control in your entire life. Not even when your parents told you they were going to marry you off to a kingdom far away, to a man you had never even met before.
Steven would complain that you thrashed and moved around too much, although he would encourage you to make all the noise that you wished. He pinned you down by your hips. Sometimes he’d make you make once, twice, thrice, it depended on how desperate he was to get his own release.
And then he’d have you on your back. Whispering the filthiest things to you as he fucked you, filled you up with his seed.
He’d hold you close to him, kissing your hair, kissing your cheeks and touching your ever so intimately. That was when you were the most clingy, you’d hold on so tightly to him. You were more vulnerable than usual. You would tell him about how, even though you love being the queen and his wife, it was so new and overwhelming, how you miss your family and your old life. How things had changed and so drastically. He’d always tell you that it would all be okay. That he would take care of you and never let anything bad ever happen to you.
Then he’d have you on your hands and knees. He told you he liked looking at your behind and spanking it.
After that you’d both fall asleep. Sometimes he’d wake up in the middle of the night and nudge you awake to love you some more. But he rarely ever made you suck him off.
“You wanna suck my cock?” he smirked as you meekly nodded. “Go right ahead then, petal. It’s all yours now, you don’t have to ask,” he told you as he sat up on his knees.
You looked at his cock. Hard and standing tall and proud up against his stomach. You now knew that being aroused made him hard and much much bigger. Maybe that’s why it’s often such a tasking job to take him--often leaving your cunt so sore.
Soft dark golden hair, much like that of his beard, and then you noticed them. His twin balls.
You took a deep breath as you took him in your mouth, suckling on his head, following your instincts and what he had taught you.
Your hand coming up and cupping his balls, massaging them gently in your hand. You stopped when you felt him go stiff.
Pulling his cock out of your mouth you looked up at him. “Did I do something wrong?” as you wiped your spittle and his preejaculate off your mouth.
“No,” he shook his head. It wasn’t often that he was stunned. Not ever really. But you, taking that kind of initiative, to touch him without him asking for you to, did shock him just a little.
He held onto the back of your head, bringing his balls just next to your mouth, against your soft lips, “Suck on them,” he told you.
You suckled at one, working the other one with your hand as he pulled at the roots of your head.
“Fuck! Stop!” he heaved, pulling you away, “I have to save it for your beautiful cunt, my queen,” he told you as he presses a soft kiss to your forehead before he pushed you back down on the mattress.
Swiftly entering you, you were still as tight as the night of your wedding, which meant he had to be patient while fucking you, and he tried. He really did. But he was not a patient man. Especially not when you had just put your mouth on him and worked your magic in mere seconds.
He put most of his weight on you as he slowly pushed in and out of you, your face scrunched up in pleasure as you dug your nails into his shoulders.
With your pussy hugging him so well, almost as if it was made for him, as if you were made by the gods just for him.
“What have you done to me?” he rasped, touching his damp forehead to yours. You had weaved some sort of magic on him, making him crazy for you. Now it was hard to tell where he ended and you began.
Tumblr media
You pressed a hand against your mouth to stop from giggling or making any sort of noise. Resting your back against the cool surface of the throne. You chose the back of the throne in the court as your place of hiding. Maybe it wasn’t the most strategic ploy but you were playing against a six year old.
Lila Barton had asked to play hide and seek with you. Only to receive a scolding from her nanny--to not bother the queen with such trivial matters.
It was as if you were reliving your childhood. You always felt you were made to grow up and be a lady too fast. With your mother and sisters telling you how important it was to act mature and be a lady, or you wouldn’t be able to marry well. Or marry at all.
So you jumped at the first opportunity to play with the kid. Making her count to twenty before looking for a place to hide. You had to go get your lessons for sewing so you didn’t have a lot of time, you hoped she would find you soon.
“But you’re not even considering it!”
You perked up when you heard the familiar voice, it was Lady Sharon! You had to thank her for all her advice, things had been going great with Steven ever since you listened to her. He had been opening up to you as well, although he was still as voracious in his love making. If anything... he wanted you even more now. Which you didn’t think could even be possible.
But some part of you absolutely loved it. And you knew you wouldn’t have it any other way.
You peaked out to see her, to maybe call her to join you on the floor, hiding behind the large throne. You frowned when you saw that she was holding onto Steven’s arm, looking up at him with a certain desperation in her eyes.
“There is nothing to consider. I’m a married man. It would be adultery – a crime,” he stated.
“Bu – but you promised, you told me you didn’t love her. You said you didn’t have any other choice. I’m not asking you to leave her for me, I know that’s not possible. I’m not a fucking idiot like her.”
You slapped a hand over your mouth again to keep your sobs in, tears streaming down your face as you watched your husband, and his lover, have a lovers quarrel.
You couldn’t hear any more of it. Couldn’t bear it breaking your heart anymore than it already had. You quickly got up, fleeing out of the room by the back entrance - which the servants often used.
“You watch your mouth when you speak of the queen,” he yanked his arm free of her, putting some distance between himself and her, “I didn’t make any promises like that. I told you I intended to be faithful to her even if I didn’t love her.”
He knew it was a mistake to ever get involved with Sharon. He never wanted to be a womanizer. But he had his needs. He didn’t think she would become so obsessed with him. He had broken off their short fling as soon as he became betrothed to you.
He felt responsible for all the rumours about him and her and her ruined reputation. So he had arranged for her to marry his good friend Stark but she had her mind set on him.
“I like the queen. She’s a good friend of mine. I don’t intend to replace her,” she explained. She had no interest in being a queen and having such tedious and boring responsibilities anyway—the power and the status that came along with it just wasn’t worth the hassle. She pitied you and how you just weren’t made for the job.
“But she can’t satisfy you, she can’t give you what you need-- What I can give you,” Being the Kings mistress would probably be better than being a Duchess and marrying some boring old man.
“Won’t you even think about it?”
“No I won’t. And you are to never speak of this again,” he warned her.
Tumblr media
“Your grace...” Lydia was completely confused. Standing there with your dress in her hands as you frantically stuffed your clothes in a chest.
She had never seen two people as in love as you and the king. When she first met you, it didn’t seem as if you and Steven would make a good couple. She assumed your marriage would be like any other she had seen. Cold and distant.
Steve had never been smitten with a woman, she always felt there maybe something wrong with him. But he had grown so fond of you in such a short time. Even going as far as asking you to live with him in his chambers. Having the king around often made her duties to you challenging. But she was happy for you.
“I don’t understand. What wrong? Why do you want to leave so suddenly.” Does the king approve of your sudden departure? If not would she get in trouble for it?
“He lied to me,” you sobbed. “I thought--” you let out a hiccup.
“Calm down,” she said as she rubbed your forearms. She wasn’t afraid to touch you in such friendly ways, you weren’t as stuck up as most royals.
You took a deep breath as you tried to explain to your handmaiden why you both had to leave as soon as possible. Before Steven gets back. You’ll move all your things to the room you were supposed to live in and just lock him out of your chambers.
“I would’ve been fine living on my own. Just being a wife and a queen. But he made me believe... that we could be more. That he loved me. It’s not true,” you shook your head. “He lied. He has another lover.”
“Oh,” she let out. She was disappointed on your behalf but not surprised. It would be strange if the king didn’t have any other lovers. “I’m sorry, your grace.”
“I’ll be fine,” you sniffled. “This'll be a good lesson for me. My mother always told me I have my head in the clouds and should live in reality. That’ll teach me to dream.”
It was almost funny for her to watch you babble nonsense, stable boys, princesses and backstabbing friends, take a break to cry your heart out and then resume packing and trying to order all the other servants.
“What’s going on here?”
Everyone stopped moving as soon as they heard the kings voice. He of course looked at the Lydia for an explanation.
“The queen wants us to...”
“I’m moving back to my old chambers,” you briskly walked to him, standing right in front of him, looking him in the eye. He was much taller than you, making you crane your neck to actually get a good look at him, but you still tried to look intimidating and confrontational.
“Why?” he frowned. “Put everything back just as it was,” he ordered everyone.
“No!” you stomped your foot, looking very much like an indignant child who had his toy taken away, than a queen, “Don’t! We’re moving!” But of course nobody would listen to you over Steven. Not just because he was their king, but also because he was much more intimidating than you.
“Stop it!” he reprimanded you. “Whatever troubles you may have, we can sort them out together, but you are not moving back. And that’s the end of that.”
“No! I’m leaving! I’d like to see you try to stop me!” You hmphed. Pushing past him and making way for the door. You didn’t need to take your things with you now, you could just send for them later.
You screamed bloody murder when you felt Stevens arm around your stomach, as he threw you over his shoulder in the blink of an eye, “HELP!!” You yelled at the guards and your maids, who didn’t want to get involved, quickly scurrying out of the room.
“Ring the bell if you need anything, your grace,” Lydia said on her way out to you before she closed the door. It didn’t seem as if the king intended to do any real harm to you so she wasn’t that worried about you.
You kept on hitting his back, thrashing around his hold to break free, “Put me down!”
He threw you on your marital bed, his fingers making quick work of ridding him of his clothes so he could show you how he was just never going to let you go.
“Why do you even care? If I leave or not? You can just call for your lover!”
“My lover?” he frowned as he tried to push your skirts up your legs, which was proving to be a difficult task. Maybe he should’ve asked the maids to undress you before making them leave.
“Do you love her?” you asked, looking up at him and stopping your futile resistance for a few moments, your lips wobbly as you felt your vision blue with tears. You were born a princess, living a relatively sheltered life, never knowing pain so unbearable. As if you would never recover from this, you would never be the same.
You would never believe in love again.
“I have no clue what you’re talking about, petal,” he said, getting frustrated with all the buttons and ties on your dress and ripping your skirt apart. Which he regretted, just a little because you started crying again.
“No! I like this dress.”
“I’ll buy you another one. I’ll buy you a hundred more.” He said as he hovered over you, diving in to kiss your beautiful lips and make you stop saying such preposterous things.
You sniffled as you tried to push him away, making him gather your wrists in one hand and pinning them above your head.
“Stop it,” he told you. “When will you understand that you belong to me now? If I say you have to live with me, here, then that’s what you’ll do.”
“I’m not your slave,” you retorted as you tried to wiggle your hands out of his grip.
“Stop listening to rumors! There are plenty going around. I do not have a lover.”
“No. I saw it with my own eyes. You and Lady Sharon. Just this afternoon.”
“What did you see?”
“I... she said she was your lover...?” You tried to think of what exactly had been said between them. But you couldn’t remember. You were blinded by your fury and your sorrow.
“We used to be lovers, before you and I ever met, but not anymore. I could never think of another, I could never love anyone else,” he said softly as he touched your cheek with his other hand, “You want to know why?”
“Why?” you pouted, feeling a little stupid now.
“Because you’ve ruined me, my queen. You’ve made me a lovesick fool. I could never love anyone else the way I love you. Do you want to know how much I love you?” he asked as you meekly nodded.
Pulling his cock out of breaches, he pushed your skirts up, exposing your thighs to him, he rubbed his cock along the slick of your pussy.
“Did fighting with me make you wet, my queen?” he asked, making you avert your gaze.
“I...” it was the way he had simply thrown you around, how he just wouldn’t let you leave, “Maybe...”
“Hm, don’t start picking fights with me for no reason though. My poor heart won’t be able to bear it,” he cooed as he kissed your cheeks, wet from your tears. “You look beautiful when you cry, love, but I only want you crying when I’m fucking you, you understand?”
He pushed inside you, you were tighter than usual, it was difficult to even properly enter you. The pain of it of course made you cry again. You sobbed into the crook of his neck as he shushed you.
“You feel my love, darling,” he asked as he was buried to the hilt inside you, “I’ll give you a child soon enough. Then you’ll have a living breathing proof of it,” he whispered in your ear as he started steadily moving, making sure that he won’t hurt you.
“I wish... I was your one and only... like you are mine,” you sniffled as you held on to him, soon it is wasn’t hurting as much, it was a little uncomfortable but you could bear through it.
“You are my one and only. You’re the only woman I have ever loved. Do you love me, petal?”
He looked down at you, wanting you to say it. He needed you to love him, for you to say it to him, he needed to know you weren’t here just because you were scared of him.
“I love you, Steve,” you sniffled, rubbing your runny nose with the back of your hand.
He smiled at you, his hand trailing down both your bodies as he twisted your pearl between his fingers.
“It’s okay... it’s okay...” He kept telling you as you screamed at the top of your lungs, your climax making your mind and your vision fuzzy.
“I’m going to fill you up, petal,” he told you as he finished inside you, staying inside you for a long while after he was done just to make sure you knew how he belonged to you just as much as you belonged to him.
Tumblr media
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slutforcap · 9 hours ago
You: *hugs Steve from behind*
You: *plays with his hair*
You: *kisses his neck and cheek*
You: *lightly whispers in his ear* eat my fucking chocolate one more time and I swear to God it will be the last time you see the light of day.
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spoiling her rotten.
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this this blog. for more information on this blog’s commitment to protecting minors, read eun’s full statement here.]
warnings | ddlg (daddies!stucky x little!reader), smutTtT, fingering, implied oral (f receiving), multiple orgasms, squirting, forced orgasms? kind of getting there, restraints? (steve's holding reader down/open), dub-con? since reader is clearly reaching limits but they keep going, overstim
requested by anon | CONGRATS ON 2k+!!! i was wondering if i could request a stucky smut ddlg blurb :) something along the lines of little reader feeling kind of low so daddy steve and bucky cheer her up with multiple orgasms even when she’s super sensitive and saying she can’t anymore but they just keep praising her and telling her what a good girl she is <3
an | hi friend thanks so much for this request! tbh what a way to be cheered up lol, daddies would truly know just how to take care of you and get you feeling better. hope you enjoy!
"Come on sweetheart, just gotta let us take care of you," Steve hums into your hair as you writhe against him. He's got you positioned directly in front of him with your back pressed against his chest, your legs being held open by his own with his large hands wrapping around your thighs to keep your pussy nice and spread.
"That's right, doll. Gotta make sure we get our baby feeling aalll better," Bucky sings from his spot between your legs, two of his metal fingers pumping steadily into your soaking heat while he toys with your clit using his flesh hand. "What kind of daddies would we be if we didn't spoil our sweet little girl rotten, hmm?"
"Daddy, p-please," you pant, not sure which it is you're pleading to at this point, or maybe if it's both. "Too much, can't cum again," you whimper.
Chuckling, Steve raises an eyebrow, shifting one of his hands to pull back on the hood of your clit to allow Bucky to swirl his fingers directly over the swollen nub. "You can't? Oh, I think you can," he disagrees, both of the men smiling as they sense another orgasm quickly building up inside of you.
"There it is, that's it," Bucky encourages, quickening his pace inside you to ram almost painfully against your inner walls, the torturous sensation almost sending your eyes rolling into the back of your head. "Come on, little one. Cum for your daddies, goood," he croons as you cry out, clamping down on his metal fingers as you squirt out onto the already drenched bedsheets below.
"P-please," you beg as Bucky lowers his head down to come face to face with your quivering cunt, licking his lips at the sight. "No more, Daddy, please," but your efforts are futile.
"Shhh, it's okay," Steve soothes, lifting you gently and tilting you up to give Bucky a better angle. "Such a good girl for us, aren't you doll? Now let Buck have a taste of that pussy, honey. Gonna make you feel so good, don't you worry."
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Royalty au
Tumblr media
First night | 2839 words
You're nervous to consummate your marriage with your new husband.
Steve x reader x Bucky
Some help | 5871 words
Steve recruits his brothers help in knocking you up.
Epilogue (coming soon)
Steve x reader (no Bucky)
His queen | 5291 words
Married life with Steve was amazing (although with a few bumps in the way) until you discovered a heartbreaking secret.
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No Strings Attached - Pt.1
Y/N vs. The Mutual Crash
Type: Modern-college-professor AU x CHUCK, part of Attached series More info here and on the Attached masterlist
Pairing: professor!Steve Rogers x reader   Word count: 2900
Summary for the series: When you literally run into a cute guy named Chuck in school hallway, you soon learn there is much more to him than meets the eye. Unfortunately for you, you learn the hard way.
What’s worse, the encounter sets events in motion you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams – and it make you question everything you know.
Warnings: for this chapter - tiny bit of 18+ nsfw smut in the beginning though it’s barely there, swearing, mention of a migraine... that’s it?
A/N: Just so I don’t spook you, we’ll start off easy… with a 2,9k chapter… enjoy and thank you if you’re giving this crossover a chance. You don’t need any knowledge of Chuck, not realy.
Tumblr media
Attached & No Strings Attached masterlist
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
Almost as soon as you woke up, there was a feeling in your gut; today was going to be strange. Strange in a way that you might not be entirely able to put a finger on, nothing all that special happening, but even though it was only half past six, you knew it was going to be one of those days.
Maybe it was the fact that you cautiously dropped a forehead kiss on Steve’s still sleeping form only to find out he was very much awake. His arms swiftly took a hold of your waist and pulled you on top of him, drawing a startled yelp from your lips, which he quickly silenced by a passionate good-morning kiss.
Maybe it was the fact that you nearly ended up being late.
You were not the only one waking up with a peculiar mood. After Steve’s kiss stole all air from your lungs, he was rolling the pair of you over, trapping you against the mattress, arousal evident, hands wandering and sneaking under your sleepshirt, trailing higher and higher until they reached one of his favourite playgrounds. The rest was history; it was quick and little sloppy but undeniably lustful. Still, it led to mutual satisfaction and to not having even remotely enough time to get ready for the day.
Maybe it was the e-mail Bucky sent yesterday at almost 10 p.m. informing his students that there would be a last-minute change of classroom, because special guests were coming to give a lecture. A lecture that started at 8 a.m.. You hated early morning classes; the only thing making them bearable was Bucky, because he was a damn good and funny professor.
God knew if the guests were about to be a blessing or a punishment. Either way, you had a hunch today was going to turn out kinda weird.
And you only had that confirmed as you rushed through the corridors, the home-made coffee in your opened thermo cup in hand—and suddenly it was gone.
Because you crashed into someone. Well, someone crashed into you. It was a mutual crash.
Point being – a hiss of pain escaped your lips, cup slipping from your fingers as the last remnants of coffee stained it, hands thrown in the air—only to slap the person’s shoulder in the process, because they happened to be in the way.
“Dammit!” you cursed, shaking your hand to distract yourself form the mild burn.
You eyed the puddle of brown liquid at your feet before your gaze moved up, noticing a few droplets on your jeans, and finally you fixed your gaze on your crashmate.
A relatively tall brunet stared at you, dark eyes wide, an apologetic expression on his face.
“I’m sorry!” you both blurted out at the same time.
Short awkward silence followed as you just kept staring at each other, unable to utter a word. And then you chuckled at the absurdity.
You noticed the guy’s lips curling up in a brief smile as you shook your head and went to find tissues in your backpack.
It wasn’t funny – more like annoying, actually. But you did find it funny. Maybe it was because you had a perfectly steamy morning quickie with your fiancé, making you giddy. Maybe it was because this guy, dressed in a grey shirt and black dress pants was kinda cute, the dark curls of his hair causing him to look rather endearing and charming at the same time and—he was smiling too. There was an air around him; a very friendly air.
“Oh, no, let me help!” he rushed to crouch by the offending puddle before you could even open your backpack and you swiftly lowered yourself too.
“It’s no problem, the cup was pretty much empty, luckily…” you mumbled, shooting him a forgiving smile. He met your eyes, one corner of his lips rising higher.
Oh no. He really was cute.
Now, after the mess with Daniel, you were wary of cute guys, even if it came to innocent flirting. But this one, your crashmate… well. There was something about him screaming ‘trust me’; with Daniel, when you looked back at your first encounter, everything screamed ‘smug jerk’.
The brunet reached for the pack of paper tissues you were holding and so you shrugged, handing him some. If he wanted to help, who were you to stop him? It was both yours and his fault.
“Well, I’m glad it wasn’t full and I didn’t go all Hugh Grant on you,” he uttered as you both worked.
You stared at his Converses for a full second and then it hit you, drawing a surprised laughed from you.
“Was that a Nothing Hill reference? Am I Julia Roberts in this scenario?”
He smiled unsurely at you, seeming rather embarrassed – but seeing your expression, he relaxed. “Yeah, but luckily, you’re not, because the cup was almost empty. Still sorry about the coffee though.”
Picking up the soaked tissues, you went to find the nearest trash can.
“Well, if I-“ didn’t let my fiancé fuck me raw when I was supposed to be getting ready for the day-  “-was watching where I was going, this wouldn’t have happened, so we’re good,” you assured him.
“Are you sure that I shouldn’t, eh,” he pointed somewhere behind him vaguely in a sweeping gesture, smile a smidge shy, ”run to the cafeteria or something to buy you a fresh cup?”
Alert! A guy’s asking you out!
And alert it was; after the fiasco with Daniel, you made it a point to cut things off before they could develop into a sticky situation.
“Oh! That’s really nice of you…?”
You didn’t remember seeing him around before. New student? An exchange student? Because it always went so well with those…
“Right, Chuck. Nice to meet you,” you quickly uttered, introducing yourself as well. “But I don’t really--- I, eh-“
You gave up and just awkwardly showed off your left hand. The beautiful ring that once belonged to Steve’s mother – and goddammit, wasn’t it still making you feel all soft and fuzzy – sitting on your ring finger.
Chuck’s gaze zeroed on the jewellery for a moment and then it seemed that something clicked in his brain. He swiftly raised his hands in a no harm gesture, brief panic crossing over his face.
”Oh no! That’s not what I meant, though--- congratulations, but I really didn’t mean to ask you out or something-“ he babbled, hands clenching and unclenching, toying with the belt-loops of his pants the next moment.
You felt your cheeks heat up. Was he trying to cover for the fact that he was embarrassed for wanting to ask you out or had you totally misjudged this situation?
“-though this totally was a meet-cute if I’ve ever seen one and it’s not that you’re not good-looking, I mean attractive and beautiful, because of course you are-“
Oh god, he wasn’t cute.
He was an adorable disaster! You didn’t even care what the truth was at this point.
“-but obviously you’re engaged and I really wasn’t making a move or anything—and I’m gonna have to stop talking right now,” he finished breathlessly, closing his eyes with a self-depreciating smile, his chest rising and falling as he was trying to calm down.
Your cheeks burned from smiling so wide, a cackle fighting its way past your lips. Even if you didn’t want to laugh at him.
“Okay, Chuck. I think I get what you’re saying,” you assured him and because he was clearly adorable, he warily cracked one eye open as if to check if the embarrassing situation you two found yourself in went away. When he noticed your smile, his tense shoulders relaxed, both eyes opening.
“I’m glad. I’m sorry for embarrassing us both. I might as well be that guy from Nothing Hill…”
You laughed – like honestly, nearly having to clutch your belly, laughed. You couldn’t help it.
“Well, you’re charming enough. But I’m afraid I’m no movie star in hiding.”
“You’re cute enough to be one, no discussion here,” he said, his twinkling eyes gave your face a very quick once-over. Somehow, you found his compliment both funny and flattering. A lopsided grin appeared on his face, twisting into a grimace as he hesitantly raised his finger. “But, if we’re talking meet-cutes, I’m afraid I’m more of a Richard Gere here… I got a little bit lost. Point me the right direction, please?”
Whoa, he was stepping up, talking Pretty Woman now. You really liked that dorky comment though.
“Where you headin’?”
You blinked in surprise, wondering if you heard wrong. Because that was where you were heading.
“Oh? Interesting…” you muttered, earning a curious head tilt from him. Glancing again at your jeans, you grimaced. Those stains had to go… guess direction would have to do. “Yeah, that one is a little tricky… and dumb. You have to go through 2.33. Not that there’s any badge on the door on anything.”
He gasped theatrically. “Tricky!”
“I know! It’s a test of our interhuman skills; can’t really finding without asking someone first. I’ll see you there, I suppose, gotta clean up the cup and… well, me.”
“I’m sorry, again. And thank you,” Chuck said politely, sending you a final smile.
“You’re welcome, Chuck.”
Here’s a thing about hunches: sometimes, they come true.
Being run down in a hallway was nothing too weird, oh no. Not even when a funny charming guy was involved.
Things only got weird when you entered the lecture hall and finally realized why was Chuck heading to the same room as you did. He stood next to Bucky at the professor’s stand, quietly talking to a stunning blond woman in a dress suit and glasses.
Feeling blood rushing to your head, setting your cheeks aflame in embarrassment, you went to find a seat, noticing everyone was sitting with a space of at least three seats between them and never behind. As if you were about to write an extremely important test. Great.
Could this day get any better?
Two taps sounded through the room as Bucky tried the microphone.
“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Well, good for some of us, at least,” Bucky stated, unmistakably finding you in the crowd as if he knew exactly how your morning went – at least the part before you left the apartment. You wanted to sink through the floor – and wasn’t that a familiar feeling under Bucky’s knowing gaze. “Find your seats, please, so we can start. We have some special guests from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today with us to present you a special program you can apply to, so… you know. Pay attention. They’ll tell you the rest.”
Oh, so you had run into a guy from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Spectacular.
To be fair, he had been a dork. How were you supposed to tell he was important?! He was still pretty cute standing there.
Also: the blonde by his side? Yeah. You understood now why he reacted the way he did earlier. Because if he knew a woman like that, the idea he was trying to ask you out – or anyone, really – was laughable. Hell, you’d ask her out.
“Morning, my name is Charles Carmichael and this is my colleague, Sarah Walker,” Chuck started off pleasantly, if little nervous from having all eyes on him.
“Like your professor said, we’re here to present you… with an opportunity to get a training for special analyst in one of departments. And before you ask why we’re ambushing a history class when we’re looking to fill an analyst vacancy…”
Several people laughed and you did too – he sounded like the guy from the hallway, only a bit more presentable.
“-it’s because we really talk about this with pretty much every student on this university, so you can see we have a lot of presentations still ahead. Anyway, I’m gonna talk a bit about the program and about our ministry in general, so… yeah. Please listen carefully and watch carefully too. Spoiler: it’s important. Thanks.”
The lights dimmed and he started the presentation, slowly pulling you in and making you forget the incident in the hallway.
And despite his charming ways… the presentation was rather strange too.
It was just one of those strange days.
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
You didn’t think there would be anything to add insult to the injury, to turn into the so-called cherry on top.
You were wrong.
Chuck, or Charles Carmichael, was an alright presenter. He remained a dorky character, only enough to hold all of the students’ attention, that was quite okay. It was the pictures that appeared in between those images that felt perfectly in place, that were… just weird. Like… a rose. A beach. New York skyline. Pictures that were not at all related to what he was talking about. He always played it off as a joke – supposedly placing them there to keep you on your toes – but there was something that just felt… off.
And during what you later found out was like the last third of the presentation, you felt a headache starting to build. Not a terribly intense one, but strong enough to be fairly annoying and insistent on bugging you, just above your eyebrows. You couldn’t remember your head ever hurting in such way.
Then things got worse; you indeed got a test to complete. The nice people from Ministry of Foreign Affairs told you not to worry about getting it wrong affecting your marks in your course, obviously, so you didn’t, not really.
But it was hard to ignore that it was the weirdest fucking test you had ever seen.
In each task, pick five of ten words you associate with the word in question, read the instructions. Which on its own could be considered strange, but… it was the supposedly associated words that truly confused the heck out of you.
For ‘rose’ there were clear answers like ‘thorn’ and ‘flower’. The rest of the offered words? Non-sense. Like—utter nonsense. Bulldog, Victoria, Sao Paolo, camp, mirror, Tower Bridge, eagle, heroin. You stared at the words, reading them over and over, the pressure in your forehead growing more vexing by the minute.
For some inexplicable reason, your mind kept on gravitating towards the Sao Paolo, eagle and heroin; surprisingly vivid images of each flashing behind your eyelids as you closed them to relieve the headache. The light was starting to hurt your eyes despite being rather low. It was irritating.
Deciding the stupid test didn’t matter, you went with the first thing that came to your mind for each question, finishing among the firsts. It was rather relieving to see everyone’s face as confused as you imagined your looked.
Leaving the class, you spared Chuck one last glance, finding him staring at you with eyebrows furrowed; brief glance at Bucky told you why, for he wore the very same expression. It seemed that you weren’t very good at masking your suffering. You attempted a lame smile, knowing that you were about to ditch the class that followed.
Catching up with Linda, one of the girls who were with you in Callahan’s class, you begged her to give him your apology; the headache was turning into a splitting damn migraine.
Linda shot you a compassionate smile and assured you she would vouch for you looking absolutely terrible and having no other option than leaving.
“Thanks,” you chuckled weakly, nails digging into your palms as a mild case of vertigo threatened to throw you completely off balance.
“Hey, do you want me to call someone? Take you to the infirmary?” Linda worried, sporting a textbook example of having concern written all over her face. “Not joking, you do look like you’re gonna pass out. Rogers’ gonna be out for blood if he finds out I talked to you and let you wander off in this state.”
The image of Steve stalking down the hallway with an exasperated expression on his face searching for your classmate seemed rather amusing; but that was unlikely to happen.
“Nah, he should be all sunshine. Lots of endorphins released this morning,” you mumbled, absently rubbing at your forehead.
You only realized what you said when a dramatic silence followed, soon broken by Linda’s snort of laughter. The shock of you blatantly revealing something like that in your compromised state helped you to focus a bit more, bringing some clarity to your vision.
“I so didn’t need to know that. Good thing I have Callahan now and not him, I wouldn’t be able to look him in the eye. I’d be imagining him shirtless with a perfect case of bed hair. Gosh, you’re such a lucky bitch.”
“Don’t I know it,” you offered with another weak smile.
“I’m sure you do,” she hummed, lightly patting your shoulder. “Now you get home safe and get some rest.”
“Thank you, Linda. Really.” She only shrugged it off as if it was nothing. The friendly display brought an honest smile to your face and caused you to perk up enough to joke. “Oh, and Steve usually sleeps in a t-shirt, sorry to break it to you. But his bed hair is dreamy.”
“…I hate you.”
“No, you don’t.”
She would have if you added that the rumour about Professor Rogers being true. That he was indeed packing.
With a smirk at that thought alternating with a grimace whenever a sharp pain hit the back of your head, you headed home.
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
Chuck characters
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
Thank you for reading :-*
In case you missed one of my way too many announcements, in Chuck, every episode was named Chuck vs. Something. I decided to keep the theme and go against my usual not-so-frequent use of Y/N in my stories.
P.S. – if any of this felt familiar to Chuck fans, know, some of the plot is a big nod to episode 1x07 Chuck vs. the Alma Mater. It’s one of my faves for many reasons – the plot, hilarious lines, the LOTR references… Honestly, they had me at this scene (0:05 – 0:25  though you can watch the full 2 min, obviously)  
Anika Ann out
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dadplease · 9 hours ago
not in trouble.
[disclaimer: this blog posts content not suitable for individuals under the age of 18. minors are strictly prohibited from viewing, sharing, or interacting with this this blog. for more information on this blog’s commitment to protecting minors, read eun’s full statement here.]
warnings | ddlg (daddy!steve little!reader), some trauma vibes? reader feels need to punish self for dropping plate, softttt!steve, hurtcomfort
requested by anon | ddlg daddy!steve? he finds you crying in your quiet corner and when he asks why you say 'i dropped a plate, had to punish myself daddy' AND HE MAKES IT ALL BETTER
an | hi friend yes of course aww he would be so soft, i love daddy!steve so much and this turned out so so sweet! hope you enjoy!!
"Sweetheart? Y/n, where are you?" Steve's voice echoes through the house as you sit tucked up into your time-out corner in the dining room, hugging your knees tightly to your chest. A whimper catches in your throat; you're not sure if you should respond or not. You're in time-out, after all. Bad girls in time-out shouldn't be talking.
The tall man rounds the corner of the archway into the room, his eyes scanning the space until they finally land on you curled up in your corner, accompanied quickly by a worried frown. "Lovebug? What're you doing in time-out, honey?" Steve asks, quickly approaching and crouching down in front of you.
Flinching back, your bottom lip trembles as you fail to bring your gaze up to meet his. "Dropped a plate, Daddy. H-had to punish myself."
As soon as the words leave your mouth, a sympathetic smile begins to form on the supersoldier's face. Lowering himself to sit cross-legged in front of you, Steve shakes his head, cooing, "You did? That's alright, sweetheart. It was an accident, right?"
Nodding almost desperately, you can't help but let a few tears escape down your heated cheeks. "Hey, shhh. that's okay, doll. Everyone has accidents, right? Daddy'll never punish you for something like that. You're such a good girl for trying to do the right thing, but you can get up now. No need for a time-out, bub."
"'m sorry, Daddy. Didn't mean to," you sniffle, wanting so badly to collapse into his strong, safe embrace, but holding yourself back out of fear of making the situation worse.
"Hey, it's okay, baby. Com'ere, honey. Oh, my sweet girl," he soothes as he pulls you over onto his lap, rocking you gently as your tears continue to flow. "Daddy's not upset with you, darlin'. Not at all. Remember just last week when I dropped my coffee mug in the office? That stuff went everywhere, even stained the rug! But can you remind me what you said to me when I was feeling down about it, bub?"
Drying your eyes, you look up at Steve, warmth and affection radiating off his face as he smiles proudly down at you. "T-told you, 'S'okay, Daddy. Ev'ryone make mistakes."
"That's right, peanut. You were so nice to me, helped me feel so much better. So don't even worry about the plate, okay? We got plenty more in the cabinet." Leaning down, Steve presses a kiss to your forehead, rubbing your back warmly as your pounding heart begins to settle.
"Not in trouble?" you ask warily, some part of you still finding it hard to believe that you've made such a big mess without any repercussions.
"Not in trouble, sweetheart. Now, what d'you say we go find the dustpan and clean it up together, huh?"
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Tumblr media
arlo’s masterlist:
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Tumblr media
invisible string: chris evans x female!singer!reader
(part two)
Tumblr media
i wanna be yours: bestfriendsdad!steve x female!reader
Tumblr media
❧ coming soon
Tumblr media
❧ coming soon
Tumblr media
illicit affairs: (ongoing fic) dadsbestfriend!sirius x female!reader
Tumblr media
wildest dreams: fred weasley x female!reader
to be your remedy (ongoing fic) fred weasley x female!reader
you and fred had had a fight: fred weasley x female!reader
how long have you been standing there? george weasley x female!reader
Tumblr media
sorry what was that? i just keep getting lost in your eyes draco malfoy x harry potter
Tumblr media
sorry what was that? i just keep getting lost in your eyes draco malfoy x harry potter
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