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#thor x reader
youreobsessedwithmarvel · 39 minutes ago
hey everyone, sorry that i haven’t posted much in the past few days. my finals are this week and next week (they literally just got posted today) so i’m dealing with that. but, i currently am working on a request (that i sadly have been working on for a while) and part 9 to Through The Years. so, hopefully those will be out by the end of the week. but i am so so so so sorry that i haven’t posted, once i get my finals done, i will no longer need to worry about school until august. so yeah, as i have said many times already, i am sorry and i promise i will try to update more during summer break
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mostly-marvel-musings · an hour ago
The Intern - Chapter Two
A/N: I’m so inconsistent, but there isn’t a cure. Anyway, feedback is love as always. Happy reading!
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Thor x Reader
Warnings: general fluff.
Word count: 1400ish
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Series Taglist: @daniw7 @babypink224221 @darklydeliciousdesires
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Tags open! If you wish to be tagged in future chapters or any of the Taglists, send me an ask or DM.
As the clock ticked closer and closer to the time of the interview, you found most of the women working in your office coming out from the rest rooms after reapplying their lipsticks and sprucing up their hair.
Shaking your head, you went through some of the emails that required immediate responses. Not long after, Wanda knocked on your door informing you that the probable new intern was here before you asked her to let him through.
Thor walked through the door and you immediately understood what the fuss was all about. He looked like a man straight out of a fairy tale, rugged looks, heavy built, and the bluest eyes you had ever seen. He wore a dark blue suit and a kind smile as he approached your desk.
“Thor Odinson. Very nice to meet you ma’am.”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), please have a seat.”
You shook hands returning his smile before sitting down, staring pointedly at Wanda who lingered longer than necessary before rushing out of your office. The man’s towering presence made your office look smaller even when he was sitting.
“So, what makes you the right person for this internship program, Mr Odinson?” you began, leaning forward and placing your elbows on the desk, waiting for him to answer.
“Well, I was looking for a new start, had to leave my old life behind for personal reasons. Begin afresh even if it meant starting from the bottom. I came across your brand when I got here, read your story and it is really inspiring. I found myself wanting to be a part of your company. It sounds dramatic I know, but it’s the truth.”
His answer brought a genuine smile to your face.
“It’s not dramatic, it's just very honest. Something I haven’t heard from an employee in a long time.”
You went on asking a few technical questions and qualifications before rising from your seat to shake his hand one last time, accidentally knocking over a photo frame which fell flat on the table with a clang. Thor’s quick reflexes caught it before you did and he kept it where it was before accepting your handshake.
“Thanks. That’s my daughter Emily.” You somehow felt it necessary to reveal this information as you shook hands because in your head, he had already got the job.
“Oh, she’s beautiful, looks a lot like you.”
Thor’s compliment turned your cheeks warm, you thanked him again for coming in, letting him know that someone would get in touch soon and led him towards the door as you said goodbye.
As expected, the week that Thor joined, there was a significant increase in your female colleagues turning up sharply dressed than they did before. His desk was like a chick magnet where you found pretty much everyone but especially Wanda with her lingering stares and flirty touches.
Not that it mattered to you but, Thor never indulged any of the approaches, he mostly kept to himself but was polite nonetheless.
A particularly hectic Friday evening, you were preoccupied dealing with a shipment related issue when there was a knock on your cubicle door. Rubbing your temples you mumbled a ‘come in’ without bothering to open your eyes.
“Burning the midnight oil, Boss?”
Thor’s voice startled you, you weren’t expecting him to stay back this late, it was way past office hours.
“Almost done. You didn’t leave?”
“I actually had to dismiss Paul after I caught him drinking in your car earlier today. I took the keys from him, hope you don’t mind a different chauffeur tonight.”
You were glad Thor looked out for you, there had been a few occasions when you had noticed Paul’s flask in his coat pocket but never acted on it. Lucky for you, there hadn’t been any accidents yet.
“Oh I guess he had to go some time. Thank you Thor, I appreciate it.”
Noticing how drained you looked, he grew concerned.
“Do you need anything (Y/N)? Have you eaten today?”
You shook your head in a no, confirming his worry.
“Truth be told I’m famished.”
“Alright I’m gonna order some food for you right away. Pizza?”
“That sounds perfect.”
You felt guilty for not calling Steve back home. He and Emily had gotten used to you missing dinners and didn’t wait up, but that never stopped you from feeling bad.
Typing a quick text to your husband, you got back to work while Thor ordered food.
Twenty five minutes later, you shut your computer with a huff and stretched out your neck, just in time for Thor who walked in with a pizza box that smelled tempting enough to make your tummy growl in hunger.
He was going to leave you alone when you asked him to join, telling him you wouldn’t be able to finish it by yourself anyway.
“So, where did you live before moving to New York?”
You questioned, biting into a slice of your pepperoni as Thor sat on the opposite side of the table.
“Wow, that must’ve been a massive change for you then.”
“It was, but I found this city welcoming. Lovely people, great food, extremely kind bosses, I already feel at home.” Thor nodded, gesturing towards you with a chuckle as you brushed it off with a wave of your hand.
Conversation flowed easily between the two of you as you ate dinner. You occasionally brought up funny stories of Emily and he listened to them eagerly, laughing alongside as you narrated.
“Oh look at the time! We must leave, I’m sorry to keep you here with me.”
The clock indicated half past ten which meant it was way past Emily’s sleeping time, you thought with a sad sigh.
“Something wrong?”
“No it's just. I miss kissing my daughter good night. I find her fast asleep all tucked in bed by the time I’m home you know? I miss being the one who’s putting her to bed sometimes.”
You admitted, gathering your things and putting them in your purse before turning the light out and walking out of your office, following Thor towards the car.
“I’m sure she knows you’re working hard and she has her father too. Plus you have the whole weekend to make up for lost time.”
Thor added cheerily, opening the passenger door for you like a true gentleman before getting in the driver’s seat.
Once your apartment came into view, you smiled to see the kitchen light switched on, Steve was probably waiting for you.
“Thank you once again for the pizza, Thor. Have a good evening. I’ll see you Monday.”
You placed a hand on his shoulder, unmistakably feeling the muscles underneath the shirt. He must work out a lot, you wondered before removing your seatbelt and getting out.
“Take it easy (Y/N). Good night.”
You watched him drive off before he turned the corner and disappeared, you had offered him to take the car home after he willingly agreed to chauffer for you everyday.
To your surprise, Steve wasn’t home. Instead, you were met with his mother who had offered to babysit Emily while he went out for something urgent with a friend, as Sarah informed.
Thor turned the corner of your street, something to his right caught his attention and he found your husband Steve, deep in conversation with a woman with dark wavy hair and a red dress.
He thought nothing of it though unconsciously slowed the car down, just in time to witness Steve cupped the woman’s cheek and leaned down to press a kiss to her lips.
Tumblr media
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ivybucky · 3 hours ago
Please leave feedback on today’s fic! I don’t write for thor, or even angst, that much so I wanna know how I do
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avengersbau · 4 hours ago
if anybody would like to send in some blurb ideas for marvel i’d really love to write them 🥺 i need some things to do and stay occupied! i love you all ✨🥰
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ivybucky · 5 hours ago
somebody else - thor x fem!reader
Request by Anon: SUPER ANGSTY THOR X FEM!READER, please? I want to have a full-on breakdown, and the internet doesn't have enough Thor angst.
description: thor and y/n have been exploring their feelings for each other for the last year, but he always leaves to help out a 'friend' in the worst moments. y/n isn't stupid, but he seems to be ignorant to the fact that she's ready to love him now, not when it's convenient.
a/n: this is the first thor thing i've written in a very long time. i'm always in love with angst that ends in fluff, but that wasn't requested here. this hurts, and there's not a happy resolution.
CW: angst, sneaking around (no cheating), heartache, sad ending, implication of sex, some cuss words, naked bodies
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Tumblr media
author: abby</3
words: 1732
Tumblr media
The warm sunlight filtering through the window is what wakes her. Soft sheets are tangled around her bare skin, twisting loosely around her thighs and stomach. Y/N reached her arms up, allowing her joints to crack and muscles to stretch, with a soft groan she kept contained in her mouth. Her gaze falls on the body next to her, a soft mess of blonde hair was a stark contrast to the white linen of the pillow. She smiled, remembering heat kisses, soft and firm touches, and sweet sounds that filled the space of her bedroom the night before.
Her body turned from her back to her side, allowing herself to take in the more peaceful face of the god of thunder. He had seen so much pain in his lifetime, she knew to enjoy the moments where he was blissful. Y/N brought her fingers to trail over the spanse of his back, nails scratching slightly at his own bare skin.
Thor hummed under her touch, smiling softly before opening his eyes to see the woman beside him. The deep timber of his voice vibrated against the mattress, “Good morning, my dove.”
She smiled, resting her palm against his skin. “Good morning, my darling.”
He chuckled, wrapped a toned arm around her middle before pulling her to his side. “This is my favorite version of you.”
Her laugh was bright, still holding onto the remnants of sleep. She gestured to the length of her body. “This?”
“Mmm yes,” his nose pressed its way into the crook of her neck, pulling a thigh over his body “Peaceful, beautiful, restful.”
“Don’t forget, utterly fucked out.” He pinches her bottom cheek, releasing a squeal from her mouth.
“Cheeky thing, you are.” She laughs again, pulling her body closer to his. Her fingers come up to tuck a loose strand of his hand behind his ears before caressing his bearded cheek.
“This is my favorite version of you as well.” Her voice is soft as she speaks, full of the love she’s grown accustomed to feeling around him. He tipped his mouth forward, catching her lips in his. Their kiss was lazy but firm, an expression of the emotions around them, in the quiet soft of the morning. They pull away from each other and Y/N’s gaze flickers between his eyes, searching for a recognition of the feelings swirling in her chest.
Her thumb brushed over his cheek bone, a rush of courage building in her chest. “Thor,” he smiled, kissing the palm of her hand. “Thor, I-”
His phone, the one he had gotten to stay in contact with those on Earth while he remained there, began to ring loudly. Y/N felt his body stiffen slightly as he let out a groan. “One moment, dove.”
He rolled over the mattress, checking the name on the phone, and sitting up quickly in recognition. “Hello?”
The voice on the phone was muffled enough for Y/N not to acknowledge it greatly, being only a little annoyed at her own due confession being interrupted, especially after almost a year. “What’s wrong?”
Y/N’s frown deepened at his words, a worry and concern she had not heard before etched in the tone of his question. He begins to dress quickly, throwing on the clothes he had worn before in a rush. “I’ll be there soon, don’t worry.”
He hangs up the phone as he continues to gather his things. “Thor?”
“I’m sorry, my dove,” he says without meaning. “My friend needs my help, I have to leave.”
“But I-”
“I’ll see you soon,” he moves towards, her pressing a quick kiss to her forehead.
Y/N watches with confusion etched on her face as he leaves her apartment with haste, her front door shutting loudly behind him. The room is now silent, disrupted of the peace she had held in her grasp only minutes before.
He pulled her against his sweating body, kissing at her mouth sloppily with chuckle. She moaned softly before pulling away with a laugh. “Darling, you’re all gross.”
“And? I thought you liked me working out, dove.” He pinched her side gently as she turned to move into the kitchen. She laughed again, smirking in his direction.
“I like you working out with me and we’re sweating together,” she winked as she bent over to take a plate out of the dishwasher.
“Then why did we stop kissing?” he teased, hip resting against the countertop.
Her face scrunched in mock disgust. “You’re kind of smelly, hon. Take a shower and we’ll see about that.”
His deep chuckled echoed throughout the apartment as he walked into the bathroom. She smiled to herself, hearing the water of the shower turned on. She busied herself in the kitchen, putting away the dishes and picking up whatever she could.
She didn’t mean to look at his phone, she really didn’t. However, it was just an instinct to look at what created the noise as she passed it. Her whole body paused at the words that read on the screen.
Jane: Do you have time to talk? I have some more questions for you.
She could feel the frown deepening on her face. She knew Jane, well, of her. She knew what she was to Thor, and she knew how it hurt him for her to leave. She was unaware that Jane was still a part of his life, however. Someone who still reached out to him, someone he still communicated with. And now it stood blankly in her face.
She wondered how long she sat there, mulling over the information, before she heard the water turn off and move back to appearing to do work. He walked out of her bedroom, clothed and refreshed, looking as happy as he did when he walked through the door. He pulled her back to his chest, kissing her neck. “What about now, my dove?”
“Hmm?” she asked, distracted.
“Do you want to work out together?” his deep voice was husky in his ear. She turned around, pushing whatever thoughts she had out of her mind to focus on him. Her arms wrapped around his neck.
“Hmm,” she thought out loud. “You do smell a lot better.”
Before he could do anything, his phone sounded off again. He glanced over at the screen, before pulling away from her arms and picking it up to respond. Her heart raced at his movements as he pocketed the phone and looked at her with a sorry expression.
“I have to go help my friend,” his shoulders dropped slightly, taking in the dejected look on her face. “I’m sorry, my dove.”
“But we were-”
“I know,” he pressed a kiss to her forehead once more, grabbing his keys from the hook by the door. “I promise to make it up to you.”
And then he was gone.
As quickly and quietly as he left before, leaving Y/N to stand in the kitchen in silence, with confusion written on her face and anxiety bubbling in her chest.
“Hi darling, where are you?” She stood outside of the restaurant, feet pacing patiently on the sidewalk.
“Hello, my dove,” his voice was already apologetic.
“You’re not coming are you?”
He sighed heavily into the phone, and Y/N wanted to believe he regretted his decision. “I’m so sorry, my friend needs my-”
“It’s her, isn’t it?” she tried to keep her voice from wavering as she asked the questions she needed answers to. “Jane?”
His end of the line went silent. “Yes,” his voice was almost shaky, but after all the time, she didn’t believe it. “She’s been writing a paper on her discoveries about the realms. I’ve just been helping her.”
“If that’s all it was,” her voice shook in her throat. “Then why didn’t you tell me?”
“Dove,” she shut her eyes, trying to calm her emotions. “I just didn’t know how you would react.”
“Thor, I thought-” she paused, not wanting to finish her dark thought.
“Y/N, you know I would never-”
“I know,” she sighed, staring down at the ground. “But, what happens when I need you more? If I needed you now?”
His line went silent once more. Y/N let out a sigh once more.
“If this is it, if all you’re doing is helping her,” she turned her body, walking up the sidewalk back to her apartment. “Then we can talk about this more later. Just help her now, and I’ll see you soon.”
“Of course, my dove,” his voice was soft, in a way that just made her sad.
She hung up the phone and continued walking, letting the breeze from the evening weather calm her as it brushed against her face. She desperately tried to ignore the worry that filled her heart, knowing she loved his man to the ends of the earth already. But she knew what first loves could mean to people.
The streets were quiet in a busy way; nothing loud, but lots of soft noises, like the quiet murmur of people talking, or the bristling of the tree leaves. She made her way down the block, a nice enough night to not want to take a cab. Until she passed the bar.
She caught sight of his blond hair, the one she loved to run her fingers through when they laid on the couch together, moving from one end of the bar. She paused to watch, him bringing two glasses of a brown liquor over to her. Y/N had seen her face before, remembered it well enough to recognize her here. The thing that hurt the most was his smile.
After a year of being together, she had never been on the receiving end of that smile before. He thought he looked at her with adoration, but she could see now that he had never looked at her with that much love. And then his eyes shifted.
Y/N’s breath left her lungs as he made eye contact, expecting him to do something now that he had seen her. His smile faltered as he took in her watery eyes, but quickly regained his own composure as he turned his gaze back to Jane.
She turned and continued walking, tears falling freely now as she recognized what it meant, what it would always mean. She would always be second to his first.
Tumblr media
Forever tags: @avengers-do-it-better @maisondumepris @hamiltonwrite12
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daddyloki · 10 hours ago
just some friendly helpful advice for smut/fic writers (:
reblogs appreciated (:
if you like writing ____Xreader my BIGGEST suggestion is to avoid using things like y/n, y/h/c, y/l/n, y/e/c, y/f/c etc. as someone who’s written and read fics for a very long time i find it detaches the reader from the story and almost creates an OC in itself without even trying. when i read y/n i almost never picture myself. INSTEAD find a way to reword the sentence that wouldn’t require the person speaking to use their name at all or even think of a nickname or pet name that the character might use!
y/n example: “hey y/n i was wondering if you wanted to go get something to eat later tonight”
without y/n example: “hey! ive been looking for you everywhere! I was wondering if you wanted to get something to eat later tonight?”
nickname/pet name example: “hey doll, wanna grab a bite to eat with me later tonight?”
in each example you can see just how much more personal it feels without having the y/n in the sentence!
Another tip/suggestion is something that i noticed in my older writings that i was guilty of doing and that’s being cautious of your perspective! what i mean by this is the use of the words “me” and “you” in the same writing but referring to the same character.
example: he looked at me with those piercing blue eyes that let me know where home is. (if you get that reference i love you) you shiver as you felt his gaze drag down your body.
you could see how those two uses in the same scripture could feel a bit jumbled to the reader so it’s just something to be cautious of as a writer which is why proof reading is such a wonderful thing! (:
got writers block? we’ve all been there! don’t feel too stuck! writing is a creative process and sometimes putting too much pressure on yourself to come up with something amazing can leave you feeling burnt out and with no ideas. the best suggestion i have for you is gonna sound silly but bare with me. watch your favorite movie, listen to your favorite song, watch the show, or movie, or anime, or reread the book that the character or person your writing about is in and draw inspiration from that! it could be something silly like going on a drive and listening to a playlist with that character or something serious like thinking you’re going to loose them to someone else. whatever it maybe that sparks your inspiration just take that small little inkling and run with it, the possibilities are endless!
lastly HAVE FUN with it! i get inspiration for things to write everywhere! i get ideas for fics and blurbs at the most random times, while driving, getting ready to shower or go to bed, out to eat. even if you can’t sit down right at that moment to write it jot down the idea in your notes app! your writing should always come from you even when doing a request! find a way to fulfill the request while still adding your own personal touch.
i hope this helps! 💕
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rhubarb-barnes · 14 hours ago
this is for my starshine's 500 followers writing challenge, @blackberrybucky I wanted it to be angsty as an ode bc she does angst so well.
Warnings- badly written angst, one mention of the sex, bad relationship (but not abusive, just bad, like rotten fruit),
Two Weeks Ago
The door slammed shut, his boot steps getting fainter the more he walks away.  The more he walks away from you.
‘Fine!  Walk away, its all you know how to do anyways, I don’t know why I expected anything else!”  You scream at the door, praying just a little he would come back.  Deep down you knew he wasn’t, it had always been you crawling back.  Always been you, scraping together what remained of you two after every fight.  Never once had he tried.  All those years, all those damn years and not a single ounce of effort from that man.
You collapse onto the greasy couch, not even crying.  You were used to this.
You knew the routine pretty well by now.  After drinking the local pub dry, Thor would fall asleep in his car.  Thankfully it never left the parking lot.  As always, the bartender took his keys.  Thor would be back in about 22 hours with a bouquet of daises and amazing make up sex.  In about 4 or so months the cycle would repeat, as it has for the past five years.
You.  Were.  Done.
Last Tuesday
“This apartment doesn’t have in-unit wash, but it does have a dishwasher and a parking spot.” You look around; this was your chance at a fresh start.  As disgusting as it might be.
“Great.  I’ll take it.”  “But you haven’t even seen th-” You narrow your eyes and send a glare to the bald man. “I said.  I will take it.”
Thor was five feet away from you front window.  He noticed the geraniums you set out in a pot.  Not like her, he notes.  The place was a drab beige, and needed a new roof.
He rings the doorbell and not five seconds later it opens. “Hey, its okay if you’re late, I hear traffic’s a bit-  What are you doing here?”
You grip the door until your knuckles turn opaque.  “I was expecting a Grubhub delivery.  You have three seconds to leave.”
He splays his hands out, “Now wait justa minute!  Can’t I talk to you?  I wan-” “No.  Leave.  Now, Thor.”
He scoffs.  “After all we’ve been through yo-” “Don’t give me that shit!  We are both terrible for each other.”
He smiles, as if remembering something he can almost reach out and touch. “But weren’t there good times too?”
“Yes.”  You hang your head down, ”Not enough.”
“If we’ll just try again, maybe with time.” He tries but his voice falls away.
“But just how long can I keep singing the same old song?
How long?  This is all we ever do.
We fight, you leave, and I put us back together.
That’s who we are.  I’m done.
I don’t ever want to see your face again, not unless its on the obituary page.”
With that, you slam you door.
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shyficwriter · 15 hours ago
Who's Tougher part 2
Guardians of the Galaxy fanfic | Reader x Guardians (With Yondu and Kraglin!) Guest starring Thor
Summary: So the Guardians now know you aren't Terran. That makes things awkward, but things only get more awkward when they find out what you are.
Author’s Note: Part 1 here.
Word Count: 3,337
"Any chance we can just forget that happened?" you ask, nervously chuckling as you wring your hands. "I promise I'll fix that-" you stand up and look again at the ruined metal that was once the arm of a chair, "or uh... replace it?" You grin hopefully, though you were sure it came out more like a grimace.
"No! Of course we're not just gonna forget that happened!" Peter cried, his face a mix of startled amazement and incredulity, like he couldn't quite believe what he had just witnessed from his friend. "Are you crazy!? What are you!?"
You shrank back a bit, his words stung a little, whether he intended them to or not. "Ok, I had a feeling that wouldn't fly..." Your gaze dropped to the table. What were you? You were his friend... right?
"Why did you lie?" Gamora asked, not nearly as harshly as Peter, but it hurt more regardless.
You furrow your brows as you look up to her, insulted. "Hey! I didn't lie!"
"You said you was from Terra." Kraglin interjected. "An' you ain't a Terran. Think that counts as lyin'." He sat back in his chair, eyeing you. Yondu still stood next to him, doing the same.
Drax, still sat in his chair but removing his electrode leads, then threw in a, "Friends shouldn't lie," with Groot nodding in agreement as well as Mantis, but you ignored them.
"I was born there- Pretty sure that counts as 'being from' someplace." You suppressed the urge to call him a jerk and crossed your arms in front of you with a hurt expression. "Not my fault you filled in the blanks yourselves."
Yondu spoke up now. "Ya didn't exactly tell us otherwise, either." He doesn't sound angry or as confused or suspicious like the others, his statement was more matter-of-fact. You had been with the team longer than he had, but in the time that he had known you, you had never given an inclining that you were anything other than a normal Terran like Quill- or well, maybe that's a bad example... but now that Ego is dead that probably makes him a normal Terran, right?
You merely responded to him with, "You didn't ask." You had a feeling that likely wouldn't go over well, but you were too busy being offended for being called a liar to give it much thought before it was out of your mouth.
Peter made noises that couldn't be classified as words as he waved his hands around in exasperation. "Wha- You- HOW- Were we really just supposed to ask, 'Hey, do you have any cool or weird powers you haven't told us about? Like glowing eyes or the ability to crush metal with your bare freaking hands?!'"
You don't respond, just stare off into a corner.
"I think you better start talking. Or, ya know, we can always hook you back up to this thing you hated so much until you spill the goods." Rocket said with a chuckle, holding up what you now mentally dubbed as a torture device. You couldn't quite tell if he was trying to lighten the mood or not, but either way it didn't work.
You blush and instinctively wrap your arms protectively around your middle. "You don't have to be mean about it..." you say, not making eye contact with anyone.
"Ok," says Gamora, trying to calm the situation down, holding her hands up in a placating gesture. "I think what Peter means is why didn't you say anything? Why didn't you feel you could trust us?"
That hurt. You didn't want them to think you thought so little of them. You sigh, "It's not like that. I just- I dunno."
"You don't know?" Gamora repeated, an eyebrow raised.
"Look, I'm sorry. Ok? It's not that I didn't trust you, I trust you guys with my life! I do! I- I just couldn't. I don't have a better answer." You did actually, but it was too complicated. You wanted to melt into the floor.
"Hey, I got a question." Kraglin spoke back up when everyone else seemed to be at a loss for words. "'While back, when Thor was here, he told you he thought ya looked familiar, and you got all nervous-like when you told him he was mistaken. Now, at the time I thought you was just crushin' on him mighty hard, but now you've got me thinking maybe you didn't wanna be recognized."
You cringed. You knew what he was referring to. When Thor had briefly been with the Guardians he came up to you, stating he swore he knew you from somewhere. You had replied that you merely had 'one of those faces' and that he was mistaking you for someone else before scurrying off to talk to Gamora.
You had lied.
Kraglin continued. "Cuz now that I think about it, you're kinda like him... Kinda like a-"
You knew what he was about to say, and you hated it. "Please don't-"
He finished the sentence anyway, "-god."
Something seemed to click for the rest of the team and they now stared at you wide-eyed. Little Groot's mouth dropped open, while Mantis covered hers. Peter and Gamora exchanged stunned glances with Drax. Yondu and Rocket each raised an eyebrow while Kraglin just looked at you expectantly for an answer.
You pinched the bridge of your nose. "Please don't call me that."
Peter stared at you. "You're a god?!" All this time... All this freaking time one of his friends had been a god and never told him?? Were you a celestial like Ego? Were you another Asgardian like Thor? He had so many questions, but couldn't verbalize any of them in his shock.
You shoot Kraglin a pained look. "Dammit! You've gone and made it all weird!" You turn back to Peter. "No! I'm not a god!" This seemed to relax the others some, but not much. Yeah, you seemed cool, but why hide you could do what you just did to the chair? What else were you hiding?
"But ya are, aren't ya? Like Thor, I mean." Kraglin pressed.
You scrambled for the right words. "I- No- Well, not exactly..." You hated this. Everything was so simple ten minutes ago, couldn't you just go back to that?
"I'm calling him." Rocket says, pulling out his media pad and beginning to dial.
"Wait! No no no no no!" you exclaim, stepping forward with your hands raised. You realized you shouldn't have done that, it looked suspicious as hell, but you panicked.
Rocket looked up at you, smirking, "Why? Is it because he'll recognize you and confirm you're like him? Or... wait..." He thought for a second. "Are you some kind of fugitive?"
"No!" you say, wincing. "I mean-" You brush a hand over your face. "Ok. I did know him," you admitted, making Kraglin laugh out a "Knew it!" You shoot him a look before returning to Rocket. "I'm not a god- or a fugitive- I would just rather he -uh- didn't remember me." Truthfully, it wasn't Thor you were worried about, it was his brother, and if Thor remembered you there was a chance he'd bring it up to Loki. But, that was another story for another day. Or never. Never was good.
The rest of the team gave you a weird look for a moment. Eventually Gamora asked suspiciously, "Why?" You being vague wasn't exactly helping you right now, but you couldn't help it.
"Just... personal reasons." you reply, hoping it would be enough.
Spoiler: it wasn't.
"Yeah, no, I'm calling him." Rocket said, he had already dialed and it was ringing. If there was one thing Rocket liked, it was uncovering other people's secrets, usually to hold them over there heads, and Thor was clearly a lead to figuring out yours.
Your eyes went wide in panic again and you tried to stop him, but before you could do anything Thor's face appeared in the screen and you muttered an, "Aw, fuck."
"Rabbit! Hi! It's been a bit, what brings you to call me?" Thor said cheerfully. "And everyone else is there, too! Hello!"
Mantis waved cutely at the screen and the others verbalized their greetings. Well, aside from Yondu and Kraglin, who just gave a nod to be polite.
"Hey Thor," Rocket started, "I was hoping you could settle something. You remember our friend here, right?" He turned the screen to you and you quickly changed your expression from exasperated pleading as you mouthed the word "No!" over and over with a wave of your hands into to a forced smile as you waved and awkwardly said "Hi, Thor..."
Rocket grinned, taking glee in watching you squirm. Yes, partially because he was a dick, but also because he was actually offended that you, his pranking buddy, had kept something like this from him. It hurt, and this was how he was choosing to deal with that.
"You know, I thought I did, but I was told it was a misunderstanding... although..." Thor said thoughtfully, squinting his eyes.
Your stomach sank.
Thors face lit up. "Oh yes! I knew I recognized you! You were one of mine and Loki's playmates when Mother and Father would visit old friends on Earth!"
You winced but retained your forced smile, but it immediately fell with what he said next.
"You were the lovely Nephilim girl that Loki would get into so much trouble with!" Thor laughed heartily. "My, it's been a long time. I don't really remember why we didn't keep in touch..."
Your eyes grew wide, you didn't expect him to just blurt out what you were right there and then. Part of you had still been naive enough to think it could have been avoided altogether. However, you didn't have much time to dwell on it before the other shoe dropped. Your stomach jumped into your throat when he asked, "Loki's around here somewhere... Would you like me to fetch him?"
"No!" you say, a little too loudly, before trying to cover, "No, that's fine Thor. I- I don't think that's the best idea!"
Thor didn't hear you, he was already too busy calling for Loki.
The others could see you were real nervous about Thor putting Loki on the call. Yondu and Kraglin exchanged a look that was a mix of suspicion and amusement. It was evident now you had been telling the truth about not being a fugitive, but why were you so nervous? Was this Loki fella an ex-boyfriend or something? And what even was a Nephlilim?
The question on Gamora's mind was why were you avoiding what were apparently your childhood friends if they didn't seem to be angry with you?
Rocket just grinned a shit-eating grin, clearly thinking he was about to see something very funny -- meaning completely embarrassing for you-- happen.
He wouldn't get to see that happen, however, because with a quick, "Goodbye, Thor!" you lunged forward to push the button that would end the call just before Rocket could pull away.
"Hey!" Rocket complained, "You know I can just call him back, right?"
"Later, Rat." Yondu said, looking at you inquisitively. "He said ya were a Nephilim, what's that?" He didn't think you were dangerous from what he'd seen of you before today. You were about as damn goofy as Peter was... but what if that had been a cover this whole time? He did just see you destroy that chair arm without even realizing, like it was nothing. Why else would you have hidden who/what you were from the team? He had to be cautious.
Peter spoke up. "I've heard of those. My grandparents made me go to Sunday school. It's like the baby of an angel and a human... and they're like... super powerful... but- but you're not supposed to be real!" he said, amazement in his eyes. "I thought that was all religious bullcrap! Does this mean that God, like thee God is real??" He was asking out of utter disbelief rather than anything, having never actually believed in any of that stuff, especially after being taken by Yondu when he was a boy.
You cringed so hard. "Peter please. You're being so embarrassing right now!" You covered your face before letting your hands fall again. The rest of the team just kind of stared at each other, not really sure what to do with all this information. "Look, if the dude exists, I've never met him, and that Terran religion stuff made things so awkward for people like me. And you wonder why I didn't tell!"
Now Peter looked a little sorry, and to your surprise he actually apologized. "Look, ok, I'm sorry. You're right, but can you blame us?"
Your shoulders fell and you sighed, breaking your gaze from his. "I get it, I do. And I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but why does it matter what I am? I'm still me. I'm still the same person."
Drax spoke up for the first time in a while, standing up from his chair to stand with you as he patted you on the shoulder. "This small neffle-thing is right. We are family. It shouldn't matter what anyone is."
You awkwardly pat his hand on your shoulder, honestly not expecting the sudden solidarity. "Thanks, buddy."
"I do have a question though." he added, removing his hand.
You dropped your head, muttering, "Dammit."
"Peter said your kind are very powerful, does that mean this whole time you've been holding back on missions?"
The realization of what Drax had asked put strange expressions on half the faces of your team. The kinda look that says, "Hey! You've been holding out on us! What the hell?!" Rocket nearly verbalized this sentiment as such with a, "Hey! He's right! How many jobs could we have just been in and out of with a snap of your fingers?! Rude, is what that is."
"Ok, first off, I can't make anything happen 'with the snap of my fingers,' ok? I just want to make that clear," you scolded. Your cheeks began to grow hot as you continued, "and secondly... um... none."
"None!? Quill just said you were some super powerful being, and you're really gonna tell us that none of your powers could have helped us on any of those missions?" Rocket stood staring at you in disbelief, his hands on his hips in a way that would have been super adorable if you weren't so uncomfortable right now.
"Yeah, I'm not exactly great at... controlling them." you admitted, rubbing your arm.
"You can't control them?" Gamora asked, sounding a bit surprised, and maybe a little sympathetic too.
"No." You admitted again, begrudgingly. You saw they were looking at you like they wanted some sort of explanation, so you sighed before making wildish gestures with your hands at the ruined chair arm, saying sarcastically, "Exhibit A! I broke the damn chair just because the damn trash panda... tickled me too hard with his electrocution-torture- thingy..." your sentence trailed off in a mix of bitterness and embarrassment, your face flushed a decent shade of scarlet as you crossed your arms. "You know, if you ask me this is all his fault. We wouldn't be having this conversation if it weren't for him."
"You can't blame me! It was supposed to hurt! Not my fault you didn't tell us you're some weird-god thing." Rocket then proceeded to mock you. "oH No! NoT AN elEcTRiC SHOCK! IT TiCkLES TOO mUcH! i'm GOnnA bEg ROCkEt FOR MERCY And BreAK A ChAIR BeCAUsE eVEn ThOUgh I'm a GOD i'm StiLL a Big bABy!"
"I hate you," you say flatly, glaring at him before looking up at the ceiling in frustration as you said, "and stop calling me a god, I'm not a god!"
The sound of laughter brought your gaze back to the team. It was Rocket, of course. Yondu and Kraglin were also snickering, mostly due to your pouty expression, but Rocket was definitely the loudest. You frowned. "It's not funny."
"The hell if it ain't," Yondu laughed. Everyone had been so surprised by what you had done to the chair that they actually had forgotten what had made you do it in the first place.
"Aw, don't give us that long face," Kraglin teased, still laughing. "It could've been worse. Getting tickled til ya break a chair is a whole lot less embarrasin' than gettin' tickled til yer pissin' yer pants."
You gave Kraglin a scandalized look as his comment earned snickers from more of the team. He might have been trying to make you feel better, but he had actually only embarrassed you more. The only one not actually laughing was Gamora, and she looked like she was going to tell the others off for you, but she was cut off by Rocket.
"Oh cheer up, or I'll do it again!" Rocket laughed, giving you a mischievous look. "That'll teach you to blame me! If you and Quill hadn't been bickering all the time I wouldn't have made this thing to shut you up!"
You glared at him. "Threaten me with that again and I'm taking it," you warned.
To your surprise, Yondu took that moment and actually snatched the device from Rocket himself. This surprised Rocket too, and he looked up at Yondu with a dejected, "Hey!"
"Sorry there, Rat, but we don't need anymore broken chairs." He chuckled and slipped you a wink as he slipped the device into one of the inside pockets of his duster. He might have been making a joke at your expense as he did it, but you were grateful for the gesture nonetheless. You didn't need Rocket threatening you with it every time he wanted something from you- and you know he would have. As did Yondu, hence why he snatched it. You may have been a goofy little shit like Peter, and you may have hidden powers (and don't get him wrong, he was still going to keep an eye on you), but he still liked ya well enough to save you from a sadistic raccoon, for now.
Rocket pouted, muttering something about "Never let me have any fun!" as he collected Groot and sulked off.
You smiled at Yondu in return, glad the mood had been somewhat lifted, even if it was at your own expense. After a beat you look back to Peter. "Are we good?" you asked, with so much more meaning behind those three words than just asking if you two were good. Peter could see that you were desperately asking not only for forgiveness, but acceptance. There was thinly veiled fear and nervousness in your eyes that he might cast you out for keeping this secret from the team, from him. It made him feel a little guilty.
He looked at you softly. "Yeah. I mean, I still have a lot of questions, but yeah, we're good."
"I guess that's fair," you say, a relieved grin cracking your face. "But another day, ok? It's late and I'm tired." With that you excused yourself for bed, barely waiting for an acknowledgment of what you said before you were walking away, eager to just get away from this conversation for now. You did smirk a little, however, when you heard Drax ask Peter if you being a "Neffleling" meant you were the tougher one, only for Peter to sigh irritably and say, "No, Drax," and Kraglin to laugh in response and say to Peter, "Nah, I think it does," just to rile him up.
Once you were gone Kraglin spoke again, wondering out loud what had happened with Loki that made you so nervous when Rocket called Thor.
This made Peter look back and share a look with the rest of the team. Kraglin was right. You were nervous enough to hang up the phone when Thor called for Loki to join the conversation. Nervous enough to wish Thor didn't remember your face.
What had happened?
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icesnaps · 19 hours ago
Avengers with a YamiKawaii model male reader
Warnings?: none
Requested?: nope
Spell checked?: nope
A/n: first of I’m gunna say my friend @yandereseptilper just started writing their own fiction so please check them out! They are knew to the whole thing so keep any requests as tame as you can!!! Secondly I’ve not been in a good place of late, abs haven’t found motivation to write, I ended up forcing myself to write this, hope you can’t tell!
Information for reading: YamiKawaii is a type of fashion that mixes themes of cuteness with themes of sickness, and it’s my personal fashion taste! Note that YamiKawaii isn’t just fashion but I’m going to stick to fashion and the main values of YamiKawaii only for this!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~•at first the avengers only saw you wile on missions or at meetings to discuss said missions
•as such they only saw you in a standards boring old Shield uniform, or your hero outfit, which was built to suit your power and stealth, being high tech and printed shades of black and grey, much to your disappointment
•but sooner or later Steve and Tony are able to convince both fury and you that you do enough work with them, and are close enough friends with them to be considered friends (ignoring any crushes that may be brewing that is) and as such should become a member and move on with them
• so you moved in with the avengers a week later!
•you set up your room by yourself, and when you went to eat with the avengers that night you wore a simple shield issue hoodie and joggers for comfort
•during the meal you mentioned that you had to get up early in the morning tomorrow to do your second job, the one you do when your not a shield agent
• “what do you do (y/n)?” Steve asked with a smile as he started picking at his salad “oh! I’m a model!” You couldn’t help but smile wile saying it, you loved your job after all
•it checked out with the team, in their opinion you did look like a model “I mean with a body like that of course your a model!” Tony chuckled with a wink added on at the end to get his message across
•he got a elbow in the ribs from nat after that “what agency do you work for? I would love to see your work” she hummed kindly “ I work for Byōkidakedo kirei magazine”
• none of them could speak Japanese, so they didn’t know that Byōkidakedo kirei meant ‘I’m sick but pretty’
•in the end they decided it would be cool to see your work, so when you were at work that next day, Tony went out and bought a bunch of Byōkidakedo kirei magazines
•they passed them around and looked for you, skimming the other models until their eyes landed on you
•wearing a black bunny hoodie with a pink needle graphic on front, matching with your pink jeans, that had black stains all over, your wore a chocker with a blood drop charm, in your hand was a bright pink gas mask with cute jewels on it, your eyes were red and irritated at the corner, and your cheeks seemed pale
•they didn’t expect this to be the kind oh fashion you did, but they weren’t really disappointed at all! In fact they loved it! Well for the most part
•Tony never seen this kinda fashion before!
•it made sense though, the Japanese influences were clear to see, very different to American fashion he was used to
• he finds the fashion interesting and really cool!
•he knows that it’s not meant to make fun of mental illness and illness, in-fact it seems that you bring attention to it with your modelling
•and he finds out that YamiKawaii isn’t all about mental health and illness despite that being the main points of it
•he gets you to wear it more around the tower and in public, he might even try to sneak elements of YamiKawaii into your hero outfit-
•whenever he’s shopping or out and he sees something related to medicine, syringes, death or just something cute in a morbid way he will buy it for you on the spot!
•expect to get a few very limited edition clothes and alike
•he will actually start wearing little bits of YamiKawaii himself, though only small, he might cover up his eye bags less to get the sick look, and he wears a cute syringe with pink liquid pin you got him
•he gets you in contact with much bigger modelling companies, and helps you grow your social status, a very important thing for a model of any genre, even more so such a niche one as YamiKawaii
•expect Tony to be front row at all if your live fashion shows from now on!
•after he will take you out for a ‘friendly’ and flirty dinner as a congrats for a job well done
• Clint is in complete and total awe!!!
•like... since when could anyone be that cute?
•he ends up subscribing to your magazine company, just so he can get photos of you as soon as they come out! He thinks it’s creepy at first but you insure him it’s normal
•he’s hella supportive, in the very fatherly way, he always tells you that your doing what makes you happy, so your doing the right thing!
•he would also support you if you wanted to quit the avengers to model full time
•Clint likes when you wear more formal looking YamiKawaii outfits, think pastel suits with black skull pins and virus patterns detailing, it makes you look so proper
•he also likes the more revealing outfits, you can guess why
• finds them super hot
• that all veins said he doesn’t like the eye Blush makeup you often do with all your looks
•he full understands the make up is meant to make you look ill, drained and sickly... and that’s why he doesn’t like it!!!
•he hates the idea of you being ill, even if much of YamiKawaii fashion is inspired by illness... lord help if you get a cold-
• on a happier note... his daughter will see one of your photos and go “he’s so handsome!!!”
• Clint just ends up saying “agreed~” and then he introduced her to you and you get her into a little bit of YamiKawaii
•he has a room at his home styled for you if you ever want to come over for a night
•he invited you a few times!
•Natasha is used to dark colours, she wears mostly black after all, and no one in the team wears pastels... well until you that is
•so Nat is kinda like... why is it so colourful... yet the i spear took of illness is so dark?
•after she gets over the fact she feels like she looked into the sun after years trapped in the basement-
•she really loves it!!! And will actually maybe adopt a few little bits of YamiKawaii into her fashion
•but nothing more then a necklace or a lazy t-shirt, and all in darker colours then the common pastels you wear
•anyone who gets on your case about your Choice in clothes is getting a death glare
•and they will get a death threat if the reason they get on your case is your gender, she hated when people say guys should wear such ‘girly’ or colourful clothes
•Wanda sees your model shoots and is so overjoyed-
•she finds your style so cute and unique, she hasn’t seen anything like it before! And she loved that about it!!!
•she will 100% buy herself a few bits and pieces to wear, if not borrow a few items from you
•you would find yourself going out with her wile both of you are in YamiKawaii
•she’s very curious as to how you got into YamiKawaii
•she would ask stuff like when did you find out about YamiKawaii? How did you find out about it? who was your biggest inspiration? And so on!
•she tends to come to your live shows with Tony Just to watch you work close up and in real time, a lot different to looking at all your photos
•and to say she in impressed is one hell of a understatement!
•she gob snacked... like she didn’t expect you to come down the stage so powerfully with this aura of confidence
•she ends up asking you to teach her how to do the model walk... and then she randomly dose it around the tower much to everyone’s amusement
•she also finds it funny that you accidentally do the model walk wile on missions-
•she understands it’s muscle memory and all, but still-
•like you knocked out a hydra agent that had been causing the team trouble... and then just... model walk away!
•she can’t help but laugh when she sees it, it almost makes her unable to pay attention to her powers when it happens
•Pietro loves your taste in clothes
•he had seen it once or twice before when he took a quick run to the fashion district in Tokyo
•though he had never seen a male model of it until you, and he finds you adorable!!!
•that being said...
•he would never wear YamiKawaii, it’s just not his style in the slightest!
•that being said...
•if you beg enough he will let you and only you see him in one of your YamiKawaii outfits... only if you give him a kiss in return
•you can decide if that’s a negative
•he will take you to Tokyo to buy clothes at proper YamiKawaii shops!
• he would claim you owe him big time for it, but in reality he just wants to see you smile and you don’t actually owe him anything
•but if you ask what you owe he will just say “a kiss” if you actually Kiss him he’s flustered as hell for the rest of the day
•he’s doing laps to calm down
•Bruce’s reaction isn’t really much of anything
•the most unfazed by it
• he gives you a good about of compliments
•will pick up a copy of a magazine your in if he sees it in the shop
•still hella supportive!!!
•now onto the one person who have a... less then impressed reaction
•that would be Steve, he finds the whole YamiKawaii thing a bit childish
•with all the cutesy bright colours
•and contradictory, like he doesn’t get why you would pair topics so loaded as mental illness, illness, death and more with such a overly cute style
•he doesn’t get that the fact they contradict is half the point of it!
•he asks you to wear it less and says that that fashion isn’t for men... to which the whole team gave him a death glare
• you end up being the one to show him a lot about what is now allowed
•it takes him a bit... but he sooner or later comes to not hate YamiKawaii
•he doesn’t really like it, even if he’s learned about it, it’s just not his kinda thing in the slightest
•that being said he dose complement you and let you wear it whenever you want
•he dose find it kinda cute on you
•Bucky on the other hand loved your choice in clothing a whole hell of a lot, he wasn’t as stuck in his time as Steve so it made a bit of sense
•he would shower you in compliments whenever he could, and I mean whenever
•he wouldn’t actively go out and try to find YamiKawaii for himself to wear, but if you gift him something he won’t hesitate to wear what ever it is
•he likes your model persona, he finds it kinda funny how you can go from your usual self to a walking doll with enough confidante to scare some people
•he also kinda likes when you slip into the persona by accident and just take control... then realise Half way through that you are In your persona and then get flustered
•Thor thinks your cute!
•that’s all I really got for him
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outofplaceoutinspace · 20 hours ago
Them being home with you would include: - gentlemen
18+ Reader = gender-neutral reader
Pairing (couple): character x reader (choose your favourite/s)
Warnings: None.
Category: fluff
Requested: No.
A/N: Does anyone even read A/N's or am I the only one? Guess I'll never really know. But, those of you who have read some of my preferences so far will notice that some peeps are missing. The sole reason for that is that I have trouble finding so many different ideas, that's why I have limited myself to these. If you want me to write for someone that is not included here, don't hesitate to make a request! (Everything you need to know can be found on my pinned post! Also, you don't have to follow me in order to make a request. It would be nice, but it's not necessary.)
Now, I hope you still enjoy it!
Bucky Barnes
Tumblr media
lots of cuddles
watching movies together (oldies and modern one's)
going on walks together
you making sure he gets a good night's sleep
him telling you stories about his life before the war
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
slow dancing to '30s, '40s music in the evenings
him drawing you when you don't notice
cooking together
you showing him new books, movies and music
Sam Wilson
Tumblr media
lots of hikes
baking and cooking together for the cook-outs
the pair of you babysitting his nephews
playful fights
cosy evenings with cuddles & movies
Tumblr media
him telling you about Asgard and other planets
you introducing him further to terrestrial things
bear hugs
you cooking him various meals he never had before
Tumblr media
you giving him lots of classical books to read
cuddling & you listening to him telling you stories about his homeland
teaching him how to cook
him entertaining you by playfully mimicking your favourite actors
walks in the woods
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helpinghanikan · 22 hours ago
Holiday, everyday
Avengers (and Matt Murdock x Reader)
Sum: Sometimes a series of fluff and holiday imagines are needed in these times.
AN:  I'm gonna be honest and say I ran out of Holidays real quick. Instead of trying to write about Holidays I have no idea about I just did "important" days and didn't think too hard on it. Hopefully you don't think too hard on it either.
Steve Rogers: 4th of July
Call it an act of irony, of God, or of just the universe screwing around but Captain America was born on the 4th of July. Because of this Steve had laid everything out for you a month in advanced.
“Please, PLEASE, no flags or decorations. Really, just stay away from red, white and blue all together.” He says before bedtime. Holding your hands to keep your attention. “In fact, just forget it’s my birthday. Let’s pretend it’s on the 5th.”
Although you (and Bucky) knew about his feelings, the rest of the world didn’t. Two cakes were made for the day, both decorated with red, white, and blue icing. Steve smiled and thanked everyone for remembering, for caring, but it was little more than a polite smile. Only taking a bite of the cake after you fed him. And that was just for the audience too.
Whether America was your home or not, you weren’t going to escaping the patriotism for the country. Especially when you didn’t want to leave Steve alone with the constant noise, yelling and celebrations he was pulled to throughout the day.
“Do I know anyone here?” he asks after finally getting back home. Only to be immediately greeted by balloons and decorations on the apartment door.
“This is what you get for making eye-contact with neighbors.” Is all you can say while getting the door open.
After a long day of sugar, noise and those three stupid colors it’s no surprise that Steve immediately hits the couch. Toeing off his shoes and groaning with an arm over his eyes.
There was no point in trying to hide what you were cooking. A hearty steak bought a day in advance to try and soak up the sweets eaten throughout the day. Although Steve likely heard the opening of cabinets and could smell the spices and meat he didn’t look until the steak started to actually cook. Peaking out from under his arm as if he were trying to be sneaky.
“I know you’re tired of red, among other colors, but I’m not gonna burn a perfectly good steak for you.” This wasn’t the only piece of the meal, but it was obviously the most important.
He doesn’t say anything while getting up from the couch. Leaning on the kitchen counter and smiling (actually smiling) while you try and cook while being watched. It’s only when it’s finally plated, and ready that he speaks.
“I fucking love you.”
Tony Stark: Taxes
“Just as a heads up, we gotta get some tax stuff done.” Was said by Tony in passing.
It was literally said as he passed by in the kitchen. Too late in the afternoon to do anything but too early to go to bed. At the moment you had taken it as a joke, chuckling and going “sure, babe, we’ll get to it this week,” before completely forgetting about it.
But, for once in his life, Tony wasn’t just making a quip.
Your man sat in the middle of the living room. Pile of papers on the coffee table and more surrounding him. Whatever color the living room’s minimalist style allowed was washed out from all the white.
Tony’s smile was the same a child would give after breaking a lamp. “I know you said sometime this week but…I got impatient.”
There were the obvious questions: “Why is there so much?”, “Why did you print it all out?”, and “Don’t you have people to do this for you?”
All asked as you just gave into the situation. Taking a seat on the couch behind Tony and picking up the closest paper. Reading through the numbers and mumbo-jumbo as Tony leans back against your legs.
“Eh, doing this myself is just another nice habit from dear old dad.” He says, pen clicked and ready to go. “Numbers and facts are like meditation, you know? More productive than sleeping. Easier than thinking.”
That was the only full sentence you got from him for the rest of the day. The rest were single word answers or simple gestures that got the point across. If he wasn’t going to really involve you (other than to have you hand over things) why had you been invited? Even asking if he wanted a coffee or something to eat was met with just a nod.
Maybe it was just to observe. To see the difference between the Tony who blasts music in a windowless workshop while working and the Tony who simply reads and fills out in silence and covered in natural light. His face was relaxed while filling things out, no knitted eyebrows or under breath mumbling. A hand on his shoulder was the only thing that seemed to have affected him. A, rather dull, sandwich put in front of him but your hand.
“We’ve been doing this for a while,” you say. “Wanna take a break?”
It’s only after Tony takes a bite, and takes a look around, that he responds verbally. Unfortunately, with a mouth full. “I’m doing pretty good, it looks like. Why? Getting tired?”
The laugh that comes out wasn’t supposed to be so hard. But it took you back to sitting on the couch. Absentmindedly picking at the crumbs in Tony’s beard that he allows to happen.
“I haven’t been sitting on my knees for hours, you have.”
“I really wanna make a come back about that but this sandwich is keeping you safe.”
Thor: Easter
It’s rare to see Thor in bright colors like this. The god of thunder’s “Sunday best” usually involved metals and armor and a cape of red that almost touches the ground. This Sunday was different, starting with the replacement of his helm with bunny ears. He looks good in yellow and light blue. A nice compliment to the light-colored formal wear you wore.
The entire park was taken up for the easter celebration. Bouncy house, games, face painting, food and (of course) an easter egg hunt that spanned whatever was left. The entire event was a community open, no formal wear required. Thus, separating the guests into two groups: those in t-shirts, shorts, and weather appropriate attire. And those fresh from church in bright collars and fluffy skirts. The air filled with parents trying to keep their children from ruining their easter best, not that it ever stopped them.
“It took me an hour to get them ready,” one parent says, looking out from your little group. “At least they’ll sleep, I guess.”
Although your little conversation group consisted of parents you could sympathies. “We got Thor’s suit special for today. The jacket didn’t even make it twenty minutes.”
The jacket in question currently hung over your arm. The expectation for the day was to be a picture fest, people shoving and asking for pictures all day while he sweated in pretty colors. Instead, everyone seemed to have forgotten an actual Avenger was coming. Who could think of that when there was candy to find and stocking’s to ruin?
This created a genuine smile that matched the children. Finding the bunny ears along with other adults who were blessed with the gift. Acting as the climbing tree for children as they laughed and ignored the problems of the world.
 Bucky Barnes: Super Bowl
It’s hard to tell what situation could bring up bad memories for Bucky. Secluded alleys, driving at night and someone whispering into his ear seem to be the most prominent triggers. Others you don’t notice until he searches out for your hand. Strong metal almost crushing your fingers every time, but you refuse to react. Instead, simply squeezing back.
Hotels, parties, places with multiple people are easier for him. Never needing to stay by your side or excuse himself from the party. This is especially so in the company of those in the know, allowing a more relaxed, freer Bucky.
You can see it from across the living room. Just barely able to see your man’s face among the other men and women on the couch and chairs. His head is up, constantly on a swivel to look about the room at the different people all trying to talk at once. His smile is eyes, sometimes lowering during a lull but never fully disappearing.
And his eyes; usually lowered enough to be hidden in the shadows he prefers were now wide and moving. This made especially so now that he had finally gotten a haircut and looks like a grownup. That being said, you still missed the little swish his hair made when he looked for you in the crowd.
He only has to scan for a second, chin up like a searching cat, to find you. When he does you’re already watching. Smiling wider at his own natural reaction of your face.
Although no words are spoken (as you would have to shout across the room) you both understand. This is fun, this good, and it’s even better when you’re together.
 Natasha Romanoff: Thanksgiving
For a master spy Nat had some serious trouble with knives while in a kitchen context. It’s only after watching her suck on an injured finger that you figure this out.
“Is this why we usually order out?” You asked from the island’s stool.
Natasha looks back at you with a joking glare. Finger still in her mouth which she removes before turning back to continue cooking.
“Well, there goes my half of our orders.” Natasha says, although her cut of the payment was way more than half. “but you can get it back by skinning the potatoes.”
Natasha broke many stereotypes of a trained killer. No stoic attitude or constant frown every time you see her. Violence isn’t the first choice but is always somewhere in the other options. And she refuses to choose loneliness when given the option, hence the cutting and skinning this night before Thanksgiving.
Before it was soup kitchens and charity work that kept Natasha company. After that it was with the Clint and his family, year after year Auntie Nat came. With whatever dish she decided to try her hand with. This time it would be mashed potatoes with skin and enough butter to put the entire family into a coma.
T’challa: New Years
Although the sunset is beautiful no matter where you look it wasn’t the focus of the view. Rather, the people just below are what you focused on. As no activities would happen until the sun was gone and most of the work was completed. Hence the rushing around on the streets below.
Just like the older adults you were smiling at the young people especially. The teenagers and twenty to thirty something year old whose voices rose above everyone else’s. Although you had a decent grasp of the language it was difficult to understand them while their voices are overlapping eachother. Maybe a word here or there, mainly the words “alone”, “later” and “please?” caught your ear. Something that forced you to smile and note for later when parents start to wonder where their teenagers disappeared to.
It was unlikely you were going to be able to do the same with T’challa. This was when people either pushed their issues aside or went at eachother in an attempt to start the new year right. Although the Dora Milaje would handle any fights that break out in the castle, T’challa would have to be the one to receive the apologies Supposedly there was going to be a line of people looking to apologize for their behavior towards you. Not that any of the apologies would find their way to you.
Although you were always welcomed to walk the halls to meander around the city (with a guard, of course) you stayed in royal family quarters. Leaning over the railing to watch the city and see the lights all around start to light.
Everything echoes in the quarters. Specifically designed to make sneaking around harder. This is especially notable on the doors. As it was near impossible to open or close them without some type of slamming. Even more so when you’re tired and haven’t dropped the calm demeaner of a king yet.
It’s only when the doors close behind T’challa that he lets his face fall. Lines of stress still evident even on his relaxed face. Not even a half smile is manageable as he walks over, a kiss to your shoulder as he stands on your right. Toying with the dress strap like he was genuinely fascinated with the fabric.
“Long day?” You ask after a few minutes of silence.
“Are they ever short?” He retorts, trying to subtly fix the strap he had just loosened with his toying.
As entertaining as it was to watch this, usually, put together man be defeated by a superstore brand dress you eventually gave him some help. Moving his hands to slides the strap back into place. T’challa taking the time to finally look out over his country.
“It’s gonna be a longer night.” You say, leaning into him that he welcomes with an arm around your back.
“I know.”
“You wanna get dressed? Get ready and all that?”
He hums at your suggestion. It was a good idea to start getting ready now, then there wouldn’t be a rush, and no one would be kept waiting to practically kiss his feet. But he ignores it and gently brings you to lean into him. He’s warm and solid against your cheek.
“Not yet.” He finally says, but only when the door is knocked on.
 Pietro Maximoff: Halloween
Out of all of the Avengers Pietro is the least likely to be recognized by the general public, especially so while in costume. Wearing the cheap cop uniform that came with the orange of your prisoner costume.
Not the most unique of couple’s costumes but it got you a compliment from the cat selling tickets in her booth. Smiling at Pietro and winking at you when handing over the tickets.
“Enjoy, hopefully all of you come back out this time.” A pre-written line she was likely supposed to say with every guest. But arriving to the haunted house early in the evening allowed you to catch the last bit of her genuine joy before it became tired and forced.
An internet search had brought this particular haunted house to your attention. Yeah, it was a drive to get there and the outside wasn’t the most original set up (old building, scary windows, booth covered in cobwebs) it was still something fun to do. Pietro seemingly more excited than you were as he led the way inside, holding your hand and promising not to rush through.
He stayed ahead of you for the first part. The dark of the first hallway making his grip tighter, lights slowly turning to red as silence began to be replaced with a deep bass. The hallway turning into a room with flashing lights that slowed Pietro down. Nearly stopping.
“You okay?” It seemed almost useless to ask him this. As he said exactly what you would expect a ‘good’ boyfriend to say.
“Why? Are you having second thoughts?” He asks with a smile although his grip is still strong. “There’s still time to turn around.”
Your smile matches his; “Not a chance.”
“Then ladies first,” He says, but keeps the tight hold on your hand.
Barely into the first room and you’ve become the leader of this little adventure. A crying woman in the corner stays in her chair while entering. About midway through the small space dressed up like a nursery she starts to stand. It’s a male scream that alerts you to her closeness. A cleaver, probably fake but raised high over her head, poised to strike while she runs screaming straight forwards.
Although fear was the flavor of the night laughter couldn’t be stopped from coming out. After suddenly being in the hallway with Pietro’s arms around you, tighter than hug could be.
“I thought we weren’t gonna rush through it?” You ask, not fighting his arms but instead playing it off like he was simply hugging. Something Pietro wouldn’t acknowledge but was grateful for as he relaxed into a normal hug.
“We’re not,” He says, taking your hand once again and continuing forward. “Let’s keep going. If you can.”
There’s no point in arguing that Pietro was scared. Him grabbing and running could easily be brushed off as instinct to keep moving at danger. Pietro wasn’t one to play the trauma card, but he likely would in order to save face.
Pietro leading only lasted past the second room. When the coffins against the wall started banging from whatever spooky creature was inside of them. Refusing to go limp and allow him to just slide through you caught his arm with too much nail. Forcing him to look into your face and see the smile that came with it.
Although there wasn’t a point in pretending to be brave Pietro kept up the façade. Keeping against your back the rest of the way. A few times his face presses into the nape of your neck at some moment or another. Until it reaches the final corner, where the hidden camera was supposed to take your picture at the height of fear. Instead, the shot was just a blur. A blur that had left bruises on your arms from holding you so tightly.
 Peter Parker: Valentine’s day
On the fourteenth pink and red are splatter periodically through your world. Some lockers had hearts, a few hands had flowers and even more cheeks had kisses. One of those being yours as Peter rushed across the lawn. His regular slight hesitance gone today, replacing it with a kiss against your cheek when he was close enough.
Yeah, Valentine’s day was fun for the couples who cared about the romance and typical things of the day. But it was the fifteenth that the real fun happens.
The fourteenth was barely more than a regular day for your relationship. Maybe a little more socially acceptable PDA or spending the bag change to get one another a snack. But you left after the last bell in the same pattern you would have the day before.
On the fifteenth, as the same bell rang, Peter met back up with you.
“You ready?” He asks but doesn’t really need and answer.
“Yep, let’s hit it.” You reply.
It’s on the fifteenth that every piece candy with the Valentines day theme goes on sale. It’s goes even lower on the sixteenth, but by then all the good stuff would be gone. Most of the good stuff was already picked through by the crowd smart enough to hit the stores early. But there were still some good bits.
“I can four suckers for a buck,” You say this from the store’s floor. Waving them at Peter. “Wanna go halfsies?”
“Are you actually going to share it?” He asks.
“Only if you share the gummy bears.” You answer.
He doesn’t reply, but it was obvious that neither of you would share.
 Stephen Strange: The Olympics
It’s a stretch to say that the Olympics counted as a holiday, it was more of society wide event. The news and media forcing your attention onto the games even if you don’t know what’s going on. Luckily, diving seemed to be understandable enough while watching.
“He’s going to catch the board coming down.” Stephen says from his side of the couch. One of four books open in his hand.
“You aren’t even paying attention,” You say, although, you weren’t either. Your phone taking up just as much of your eyesight as Stephen’s book. “You don’t even know who’s up.”
“He’s gonna catch the board,” Although he looks away from the book he doesn’t bother with eh TV. Immediately looking at you with his stupid smug face. “I know, I already know. Watch.”
The next participant up was a young man. Like the ones before he’s taking deep breaths at the end of the board. The announcer’s voice long since being ignored, even as he explained how the dive would happen and what points would be needed to make a difference.
Phone put away and sitting up straight you were now entirely focused on the TV. This young man wasn’t even representing your country. Yet him succeeding suddenly meant more than any gold metal could ever be. Just to show that Stephen Strange could be wrong.
“He’s going to catch it, I’m sorry to say.” Stephen says unapologetically.
The man takes a small bounce before jumping back. Knees tucked to his chest to ensure the quicker spin four times in a row. Ending straight into the water with a body tight and the watching crowd cheering.
“Ope! What now, Dr. Smartass?” The young man had gotten the points, but you were the real winner of the hour.
Stephen is sitting up straight in his seat right next to you. Instead of the satisfying look of disappointment you wanted it was instead one of pressed together eyebrows.
Maybe calling him Dr. Smartass was a little too far?
The cheering crowd is replaced with announcers talking the smaller details. The world continuing on even as Stephen is frozen in time. Only starting to move when you reach out with a hand.
“Stephen..?” You ask before making contact.
Your hand is on his shoulder for barely a second before he’s up and off the couch.
“This is not good,” He says turning from the room. A swish from the doorway bringing the cloak onto him. “This really isn’t good.” He reiterates and is gone into a glowing portal.
Was it worth being right?
 Matt Murdock: St. Patrick’s
Foggy had been introduced to the bar-crawl before he could legally participate. It was a tradition on St. Patrick’s to take in a drink at as many bars as possible. Starting with the local bars and expanding into the city where the bar tender wasn’t known by name.
Although labeled a “tradition” Matt had only attended two of these, and both times he was the chaperon. First time in college, when the best place to stake out trouble would be in the bars, anyway. The second was also Karen’s first time, before the truth was out and she had begged and pleaded and threatened until he said yes. Although disappearing after the second stop to follow the shambling couple with a fast-walking man behind them.
This time, the third time, things were different. He wasn’t the only eyes on the Kitchen and could even call in a favor every now and then. This time was also different because of your presence. Someone suspiciously too eager to be the chaperon of several adults.
“I wanna see what lawyers look like with their collars loosened.” You had said when questioned.
On the way to the first bar Foggy had made you take the oath of the Designated driver/chaperon. Having you raise your right hand and swear that “No matter the scene, no matter the comedy, I will not blackmail anybody.”
“Or leave after two bars?” Karen adds in.
“What? You weren’t even there!” Matt defends, but this wouldn’t the first time someone would bring it up.
Josie had the honor of being the first bar. It was also the lamest stop on the night, the only bit of decoration to be found was an upturned hat on one of the tables. Minding it’s own business when you arrived, and but used as a garbage by the time you left.
Matt’s arm was around your shoulder on the way to the second. This done so casually, as if he were protecting you from the cold. Adding more and more weight to your shoulder as the night goes on.
Alcohol was always a gamble to take part in. A pleasant buzz for most would be a license revoking amount for Matt. Nights out with Foggy and Karen involved a little game of tiny sips, quick pouring into other’s mugs (who, at Josie’s usually welcomed the free drink) and overall avoidance of drinking more than one bottle of anything.
This game was harder to win with more people watching, on unknown ground, and with his senses losing their edge with every sip. By stop five you were wearing him more than walking alongside.
“I need to tell-I NEED to tell you a secret.” He says at the second to last stop of the night.
Matt had needed air (he probably needed air about an hour ago) which resulted in your guidance to just outside the bar. Close enough you could still hear everyone inside but away enough that Matt was your full attention.
“You don’t have to do anything right.” He’s rocking back and forth while your say this. One of your hands on either of his biceps to keep him from going too far back or forward. “Just gotta breathe and drink some water. Drink a lot of water.”
“No, no- water is- water is not my secret. My secret, you gotta know because, because I love you.” He rocks too far forward, his face pressing into your shoulder while feet and legs work to keep him standing up.
“I love you, too, Babe.” His breath is awful, so much so that you have to turn away from him.
“No, like, like, LOVE you and you gotta know.” He takes your face in both hands. In his drunken state he probably thought this was a serious situation. Continuing on, “Honey, you gotta know I’m a devil.”
The smile you gave the same given to a toddler who tripped. Placing your hands over his and gently pulling them down. “You won’t go to Hell just for drinking. Even, if you do, a majority of other Catholics will be there to keep you company.”
“What? No, no, that’s not what I meant. I’m a devil. No, I’m the devil.”
“We reached chatty Matty level, didn’t we?” Foggy was leagues more coherent than Matt. Obviously buzzed still able to move around. When you asked ‘how?” he opens his arms, gesturing to himself smugly. “Mix of experience and genetics. Something that Matty should have but doesn’t.”
“He’s, yeah, I don’t know if he’ll remember this tomorrow.” You say, “How’s everyone else?”
“I’m the only one who can still wobble a straight-line. We’re just gonna cut out the last stop and head home. I’d say it’s like herding cats, but cats are smarter.”
Before you could ask how many cars you’d need to call Matt has joined the conversation. Reaching an arm out towards Foggy as if to stop him from getting away.
“Foggy, Foggy, tell her I’m a devil. I’m the devil. Tell ‘er.” He says, if it weren’t for your arms around him he’d probably fall straight to the ground. “She’s good with secrets. Real good.”
It’s a silent few seconds while you smirk and laugh while Foggy’s thoughts hit hyper speed. Lawyer brain finally taking over and he laughs too.
“Okay, I’m gonna take over Matt duty.” Foggy reaches out and takes Matt’s arm. “cars are already on their way; you can head out.”
“What? Isn’t the whole point of a designated driver to, you know, drive everyone?” You say this but don’t stop Foggy from taking on Matt’s weight.
“Not when it’s New York, go on. Get.” He says the last part more as a joke, but it forced your eyebrow to raise at the behavior. “Seriously, chatty Matty always leads to hangover Matt, and you don’t wanna deal with that.”
There’s no point in arguing with a man who does it for a living. Instead, just shrugging and letting him go. “Alright, call me when everyone is safe. Or if all the cats get away.”
Foggy laughs and nods his heads. Waiting for you to be a few blocks away before letting the façade drop. Secretly wondering what would have happened he just let the alcohol release the truth.
 Carol Danvers: Christmas
The rate of communication between you and Carol has slowed to a crawl. It probably takes longer for your message to reach her than it would have back in the Victorian period. Instead of chasing down the post man as his carriage pulls away you have to stalk and harass whoever was connected enough to the Avengers to send a message. There was always someone who handled the records and paperwork, and that person always listened to whatever Captain Marvel had to say.
You, on the other hand, weren’t so important. Your designated postman, an intern going by the name Gale, always answered your calls with more than a little bit of annoyance.
“When the Captain leaves a message, I will send you that message. That is how this works,” They said, acting as if it was four in the morning rather than the reasonable eight in the morning.
If this were a few months, or even weeks ago you might have made a joking (but not really really) offer of baked goods in exchange for information. At this point, though, things had been hard. The distance and gaps in contact has weighed so heavily onto your shoulders they’ve started to sag at this entire situation.
“…I just wanted to check. Thanks.” You barely get out the last word before hanging up. Embarrassment is the best way to describe the building feeling. It’s better to focus on the embarrassment of being scolded rather than the sadness of not having your woman nearby to warm the newly fallen snow.
Any other feelings other than loneliness have eventually left you as the days pass on. Leaving to visit their own loved ones while you pretend to be happy for them. It’s the same voice and acting you’ve used with friends and family over the phone and in passing. That everything is fine, you’re good, and that they should enjoy their time off as you intended to do.
Although you weren’t lying about intending to enjoy the time off, this wasn’t going to happen. Rather than decorating or enjoying the countless specials playing across the screens you were just…there. Waiting for the season to end and be able to check up with Gale. Just once, just to be sure.
Pounding on the door takes you away from harassing thoughts. With Christmas even tomorrow it was either the landlord or a last-minute gift someone forget to give. Opening and the door and it appears to be the latter.
“The Captain is actually paying me for this.” Gale stands in the doorway. Metal box held before them, that was promptly thrusted into your arms. “It’s already set up, just pull it out and follow the paper.”
They’ve turned away before you could ask what this was or say thank you. Raising their hand to wave goodbye while walking down the hall.
Inside the box was a rectangle which snapped out like an umbrella into a long piece of shiny metal. A thick square on either side to keep it stable on the ground. On the end of the right side was (at one point or another) the shield symbol, now scratched off until it was only an outline. Looking at it for too long felt incriminating so it was for the best that you placed the entire thing on the ground. Instead focusing on the smaller remote in the very corner.
It was half the size of a TV remote, with all but two of the buttons covered with black tape to match the hard material it was made from.
‘press right to call’ Was written on the yellow note attached to the bottom.
Although you pressed it without hesitation there was nothing. Not even a little click to show that it had gone through. It wasn’t until seeing the “on” switch that you realized it required power.
The bar lights up and blinks in your dark room. Turning off the TV to keep the screen from distracting from…whatever this thing was. As the blinking continued at a steady pace until glowing bright. Brightening the mostly darkened room until a stream of the same color created from the bar builds straight up. Creating a screen for you to look upon.
A woman appears on the screen. Loose dark pants, tank top and blonde hair cut short to better show a smiling face. Carol sighing in happiness that her present worked, even happier that it was timed perfectly for her to spend some real time with you.
“Hi, Baby…” She says, her voice trying to stay strong but it’s obviously full of emotion.
 Sam Wilson: Anniversary
Although the reservation was made days in advanced neither you nor Sam remembered until lunch. There was nothing that indicated today was any more important than the one before. With Sam spending his time between missions acting as a trainer/nanny for the baby agents and you with your own work, there wasn’t time to take a breath and look around. Not until the schedule notifications hit your phones at the same time.
‘Busy tonight?’ Sam’s text came in seconds after the notification.
It was a scramble to align your schedules after this. Name dropping Wilson could get anything you’d want. Even a sudden night off without any warning other than your feet approaching the boss’s door.
After that it was a game of rapid-fire questions: “where’s our reservation? Is it casual? Is it formal? What time do I have to get up tomorrow?” None of which were answered until you were home and able to pull it all up.
After finding the place and realizing you were gonna have to shave Sam entered the game.
Although no one would say this to his face, Sam had an easier time getting out of work suddenly. Literally patting the next man on the shoulder and saying, “you got this,” before leaving was the equivalent of a two week notice for Sam.
His privilege giving him the time to race to his sisters. Saying hi to the nephews while asking about the one formal clothing left he could wear. This jacket and pants combination hasn’t been worn since his twenties, but at least it hadn’t been worn to a funeral or government hearing. One of the kids were likely to wear to prom at some point, they just didn’t know it yet.
“Have you been here before?” You ask after a peck is placed on your cheek.
Sam only stays nearby long enough to see the restaurant. “I’ve passed by it and Sharon swears by it. I haven’t. rather not wear uncomfortable shoes all night if I have to.”
“I feel that.” You glance over at the suit Sam set out on the bed. Then to the bathroom where you would have to take a shower (probably cold) and shave now if you were going to make the reservation on time. Not to mention, the uncomfortable shoes.
“How…badly do you wanna try this place?” it was an innocent question, as innocent as it was gonna get at least, but Sam still stopped moving about the room.
“Sharon says it’s good, but…why?” Another innocent question, this time directed at you.
“The drive is gonna be long and I’m not even close to getting ready and the portion may be small…” babbling reasons was a poor kind of defense but it was a classic. Just keep saying different arguments and eventually one will stick.
Instead of interrupting or trying to comfort you Sam took a seat on the end of the bed. Stupid, knowing, smile on his face while waiting for you to run out of steam.
It takes a second to realize he’s waiting before you finally shut up.
“We could just stay in and enjoy this night off with beer and ordered steak.” He says, both as a question and a statement.
For whatever reason, his ability to understand your wants and give a suggestion was almost embarrassing. Why was that? Were you really this predictable or was this an instance where Sam legitimately wanted you to decide. Either way you nodded and closed the restaurant page.
“Yes please,” There’s really no point in saying this. Sam was already making calls and tossing the suit away.
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Immersive Weekend one-shots
Hi! I came here just to remind y'all that you can still place your orders for the Immersive Weekend one-shots!
If you don't know what the heck is this, I'll make your character and write a one-shot with your fave character! The requests will be open until May 19th!
The first post will come out on the weekend!
Check the rules and send your orders here
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wednesdayadams228 · 23 hours ago
Hugs - Loki
warnings - none
Based off of a TikTok I saw a couple days ago (still trying to find it so I can give credit lol)
"Hello" you said stepping into the elevator next to Loki.
"Hi" He said annoyed.
"Do you want a hug?" You asked him
"What- no Y/N why would i-"
"Because you look sad and whenever I am sad I like hugs" You quickly said with an optimistic tone and smile cutting him off.
"No Y/N I do not want a hug." He said looking at you then looking at the ground.
"Okay." You said then looked at the ground. "It would have been nice though."
Loki then looked at you again with a sad face.
"I'm sorry Y/N. Now get over here and give me a hug before anyone sees us." He says as he pulls you into a hug.
"I love you." You say as he holds you.
"I love you too Y/N. I always will."
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welldonebeca · a day ago
I’ll (Never) Love Again III - XV
WC: 1.3k words Warnings: Canon divergence, abo dynamics, angst, fluff, emotional hurt and comfort.  
I’ll (Never) Love Again - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Year -10 (2010)
You were just done telling Queen Frigga about Austria and its beauties when Thor walked into the chambers you two were in, looking and smelling like he’d just bathed in a river of tears.
“Mother,” he spoke slowly.
Behind him, Odin put a hand on his son’s shoulder and then looked at you for a moment, before turning back to Thor.
It was strange to see him like this, standing in all his power and glory. Odin was an old man – you wondered how many thousands of years he’d already lived – and a being still beyond your comprehension.
This whole world – and if you were to be honest, this whole mess of a situation – was beyond your comprehension.
“I will talk to your mother,” he spoke and the weight of his voice echoed through the memories, making you release a breath you didn’t even know you were holding. It felt like talking to your father all over again. “You and the girl need a minute alone.”
Frigga moved away from you, and Thor offered his hand for you to hold, which you took with some brief hesitance, relaxing when his fingers laced through yours, and you two walked silently to the iridescent bridge before the place you landed on when you arrived.
It was broken.
“What happened?” you asked in a low whisper.
You could feel his pain just from his scent, and something different – like your bond with Bucky, before his death – inside you. Maybe it was whatever sort of bond you two shared.
“My brother is dead,” he declared.
You moved slowly, unsure, but wrapped your arms around him in a hug, completely losing yourself when Thor did the same to you, squeezing your body against his hard chest and allowing you to dive into the waves of his scent.
“Loki allowed Laufey and the Jotunheim into Asgard,” he told you. “He killed him, their king, to make father think he had saved his life. That was basically what we walked into.”
You listened quietly. No, you didn’t understand much of his world, but you did know his pain. You had lost your brothers and sister, and it hurt very much – and you had known for a shorter time than Thor knew Loki.
“I was so happy to meet you,” he smiled. “I wanted to introduce you two and see you getting along enough that you did things like… laughing about embarrassing stories he had about our childhood and talk about adventures…”
You just rubbed circles on his shoulder, keeping your confusion to yourself, and Thor moved, breathing in deep.
“I’m sorry. I just brought you here, I should be the one taking care of you and not the reversal, like this.”
You just offered him a kind smile.
“Don’t worry, I’m very used to being through into new realities and pushing through the first strangeness for a greater good,” you assured him, looking at the place for a moment. ‘This is not the most shocking thing I’ve gone through.”
He turned to you with a puzzled look on his face.
“And what was it?” he asked.
You stopped, breathing in deep while considering his question.
“Well, when I was 20, everyone says I died,” you told him. “I was ran over by horses, they broke my bones, my skull, I think I had internal damage too… My brother-in-law said they could see my brain when they first picked me up.”
Thor watched you, and you closed your eyes, still able to remember how your family reacted to your miraculous recovery. This was the best memory you had in your head, it was the most vivid thing you could come up with in your memory.
“But I just healed from it in mere minutes like it was nothing. It was the first time something like that ever happened to me,” you told him. “It was the day I stopped ageing, I think. We had to move out of the court, of course. People didn’t want to believe it was just a miracle, they were asking too many questions. I started being able to heal people, became stronger… It was too suspicious.”
Thor nodded slowly.
“Brother-in-law?” he repeated. “You were married then?”
You shook your head.
“No. He was my older sister’s husband. Well, she was my only sister,” you pointed out. “But I had many brothers.”
He stared at you, maybe waiting for names, and you extended out a closed hand, sticking out fingers as you listed them.
“First came Antoni,” you told him. “11 years older than me. Daniel was 9 years older, then the twins, Jakub and Joachim, who were five years older than me, and I was two when Dawid was born.”
You stared at your open palm. Five brotherly and you’d seen all of their deaths.
“And your sister?” he asked.
“Hannah,” you put your hands together. “She was born between Daniel and the twins.”
Thor nodded.
“Are they like you?” he asked.
“Immortal?” you asked. “No. They died, basically in sequence when I was around 60.”
“Sounds like a lot of losses in a short time.”
You sighed, realising you were doing nothing to lighten the mood between the two of you.
“Sorry,” you covered your face with a hand. “I shouldn’t be telling about this now.”
You have never talked about your family losses to anyone so soon in such a comfortable way.
“No, it’s okay,” he assured you. “I’m glad you had many siblings. Sometimes I wanted to play and Loki was reading or doing his magic things, and I ended up alone. I bet you never had that problem.”
You chuckled, shaking your head, remembering your childhood.
“Hanna always followed me around,” you laughed. “She loved to dress me, play mummy or play with me in general. My mother always joked I was her little doll. She was the one who picked my clothes for years until I started doing it for myself. But she styled my hair up to the day she got married.”
You giggled, remembering how she’s almost been late to her wedding because she wasn’t satisfied with what you’d done with your hair, but was rushed to the ceremony.
“I’m sure you looked adorable,” he affirmed.
“She was the one who lived the longest among them. I took care of her until the last day.”
“As a good sister,” Thor added.
You nodded, and offered him a hand. You didn’t know Thor, but he felt like a good brother. He would let his brother die without trying his best.
“You did everything you could,” you told him.
Thor breathed in and covered your hands with his, tangling your fingers together.
“I know.”
He kissed your knuckles and you sighed, watching his face and his eyes as he stared at you.
“Thor...” you started, but stopped, unsure of what to say.
“This is really new to me,” you told him. “I don’t know how to act or how to think.”
He squeezed your hand gently.
“I know,” he confirmed. “I know, I just...”
You waited, and he breathed in deep,
“When we met, I expected that you already knew,” he told you. “That you would be waiting and looking for me the way I did to you.”
You shook your head.
“I didn’t know,” you denied. “I think one of my friends did… at least she thought she had found something written about me, but she never really told me because she wasn’t sure.”
He confirmed with a soft sound.
“If you are...” he looked for words. “If you are open to trying, we could do it slowly. The Bifrost is broken, but you have your portals, and you’re welcome to come to Asgard and stay for as much time as you want. I would tell you to just move in, but I don’t think you’d say yes to it.
You chuckled.
“No, not really.”
“Will you stay for a few days, though?” he asked, staring at you with pleading eyes. “Please?”
You nodded without thinking. You could take a few days off, everyone would be okay without you on Earth for two days or so.
“Of course,” you confirmed. “I can stay.”
Chapters 16, 17 and 18 are already up on Patreon. If you want to read it before anyone else, come sign up! It’s just U$3 a month!
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tinyyoungblood · a day ago
don’t be shy,
post sum of those drafts
pairing: peter parker x avenger!reader
a/n: you asked and you shall receive. here are very random scraps that i pieced together and somehow it worked lol enjoy x
            ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
the avengers on long bus rides
long bus rides are the only times where the world is balanced and at peace (forced smile from steve)
it’s also the only times when everyone will chime in on those sea shanties that steve loves so much, so that’s a plus
the team knows that their captain is a sea shanty WHORE so they always go all out for him and do harmonies and quite impressive choreos
once they’ve run out of sea shanties, they switch to musicals and it’s kind of like football jocks meet theatre kids
everyone has their troy bolten moment at some point, but it’s loki who really shines
he gets really passionate and ends up singing all parts and no one can blame him because mans got the voice of an angel and he knows it
nat is super supportive and cheers him on while recording everything. no one questions why she has a folder on her phone that is called “blackmail material”
tony likes to show his support by throwing money at loki
the others reenact that scene from harry potter where harry tries to catch hogwarts letters falling from the ceiling although there are loads of them perfectly lying on the floor
they fight tooth and nail to catch the money with a ferocity that puts the gods in shame
peter shoots his webs to pin the dollar bills to the wall like he suddenly got a lifelong supply of them and clint acts like his arrows are made of harmless rubber
rhodey joins in, puts on his suit, and almost blasts happy ✨to death✨while trying to catch a one-dollar bill
happy swerve the bus off a cliff and someone screams
(it was loki)
wanda has to save them and proceeds to bench them all for an hour
bucky, friend to no vehicles, is grumpy the entire time but y/n has made it her temporary calling to cheer him up
“i don’t like vehicles and this is why” *y/n whips out a duffel bag and slaps it* “yea, well, but what are your thoughts on sudokus”
bucky curls up in the back like the senior citizen that he is, sandwiched between y/n and bruce with a lifelong supply of sudokus scattered around him
they quietly help each other out and it’s very wholesome
tony and peter can fall asleep anywhere on the bus with their necks and limbs turned at all kinds of unnatural angles and sam winces before tearing his eyes from them
he makes a mental note to buy them neck pillows
nat suggests playing ‘i spy’ because it seems less lethal than the yellow car game but clint, sam, and thor get way too enthusiastic about it
they have their faces pressed against the window, eyes wide and unblinking, unaware that they’re frightening half of the people sitting in the passing cars
at some point, they lose all sense and just randomly name everything
“i spy with my little eye something that is red” “that car” “no” “that car” “no” “clint’s sweater” “it’s not—” “bucky’s pen, the flowERS, MY SHOES, THE SKY”
rhodey and nat are surprisingly good at that game and their calm demeanour drives the others insane
“fine. i spy with my stupid little eye something that is amber—” “bottom left button on the inside of loki’s overcoat, try again”
wanda and vision are in charge of lunch and handing out lunch boxes to everyone is a delight to them and a very. scary experience for the rest of the team
“here you go, buck. a turkey sandwich with cut off crust and extra tomatoes” “oh you didn’t have to cut off—” “😠but you like it. don’t you😠” “...yes”
peter and y/n are sharing a seat and y/n shows him her online purchases on her phone. peter is really sweet the entire time and comments on everything with genuine interest until rhodey pipes up from behind them
“you ordered new shoes? y/n, you don’t even go outside enough to justify wearing shoes”
they shush him and proceed to share headphones to listen to peter’s current favourite songs
at some point, tony announces, “alright ladies and gentlegerms, cap is making us stop the bus so we can get out and go for a two-mile jog through the woods *unenthusiastic jazz hands* if anyone wants to fling us off a cliff again, now is the time, i repeat—”
they still end up running and it’s insufferable. it’s hot and musty and just ~unpleasant~
somehow the avengers have evolved into a chaotic Debate Team and now they’re discussing who gets to be carried by thor and bucky
at an intersection, the two of them stop to catch their breath and they’re both just staring at each other, sweaty and covered in avengers hanging off their limbs
thor, prying loki off his back: “i’m sorry but we’re gonna have to do something different here”
y/n is hopping off bucky’s back when there’s suddenly a loud, ugly sound reverberating through the forest, followed by many footsteps that seem to come closer by the second
they run
branches keep tearing at their skin as they bolt through the woods but they’re not stopping because it’s clear what is happening right now
they’re being chased by wild boars
at this point they’re just embracing death and if they survive it’s a bonus
a boar comes running towards bucky and wanda but bucky “i have been falling for 90 years and i’m sick of it” barnes stares it straight in the eye, daring it to knock them over and the boar just squirms and make a u-turn
another wild boar seems to have decided that clint is not part of the herd because it sends clint FLYING in a quite impressive and beautiful arc
steve tries to ditch clint and train the boar
clint wasn’t hurt by the fall, but he stares at steve as if he might as well have broken a rib
they’re back on the bus and happy cocks a brow when he sees that everyone is exhausted and covered in dirt. he chooses to say nothing when nat climbs in with loki half-leaning on her for support and glaring broodily at the floor
everyone just wants to sleep and forget that the avengers were almost defeated by boars but bruce and sam keep bickering in the front row
“it’s too bright in here” “it’s the sun” “the lights get too noisy” “…what” “make it stop” “what do you want me to do?? turn off the sun???”
peter and y/n are huddled in a seat again, sharing headphones to drone out the noise and the moment he hits play, y/n looks at him blankly
peter, shrugging: “what? my 7 songs still go hard”
* * *
what are your seven songs that still go hard? pls tell me bc i desperately need new music <3 stay hydrated pals
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queenoffanfictions · a day ago
The sun will shine on us again - Loki x reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Loki died at the hands of Thanos. You try your best to bring him back, but what happens when you cross his path in New York in 2012? Is he still the man you love? Will he understand who you are and why you are here?
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femscottlang · a day ago
hi !! this is my first tumblr acc and i'm gonna post some one shots relating to the MCU so if you have requests ask away!!!
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sweeterthanthis · a day ago
'Quote Me On It' Masterlist
Tumblr media
A collection of fics written for my 'Quote Me On It' 6k Challenge 🖤
Check out these amazing authors and their wonderful creations! Thank you, truly, from the bottom of my heart for contributing to this challenge 🖤
Tumblr media
Peaches and Cream by @river-soul
Bucky Barnes x Reader
We Know by @saidrolav
Sam Wilson x Reader
A Promise by @there-goes-thefighter
Brock Rumlow x Coulsons Daughter OC
Underwater by @sweetlyscared
Steve Rogers x F!Reader
Love Potion by @thewildthorberrys
Thor x Reader
Coercive Notions by @sadachmesarthim
VeryDarkAbusive!Steve x Bucky (Take the warnings extremely seriously, please.)
Tumblr media
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andilovetowrite · a day ago
Initial Shyness(P.P x Reader)
Peter Parker x Reader
Summary: Confessions are cute, right? Especially when you have been waiting for years to say it out loud. But what happens when the initial shyness wears off? And we all know Peter isn’t as innocent as he seems ;)
Warnings: Nothing but some unending fluff. Lots of Peter rambling and awkward kisses :)
Based on a request, you can find it here!
Here is my Masterlist in case you want to find more of my work :)
Tumblr media
“C’mon, you can do it!” hissed MJ from beside you. She pushed you toward’s Peter’s door, making you stumble. Still, you tried to hold back against MJ, who you realized, was freakishly strong.
“I can’t! Nope. No way.” You shook your head, crossing your arms. MJ sighed, probably too tired for your crap.
“Oh come on Y/N! I cannot hear another word about Peter again.”, she said, looking too serious.
“Not one more word”
“So what you are going to do is go into his room, go up to him, confess your feeling, and then kiss him.” She looked at you expectantly. “Am I clear?”
“Uh- just one component you are missing out on….I don’t have the balls to tell Peter I like him!”
MJ rolled her eyes, coming to stand next to you. “Yes, you don’t. And that’s why, I am really really sorry for what I am going to do next.” You didn’t even have time to figure out what she meant before you were pushed into Peter’s room harshly by Ned and MJ. As soon as most of you was inside, they shut the door behind you and you heard the door lock behind you.
“Oh COME ON!”, you said, trying to open the door.
“You know what to do!”, MJ said back, her voice muffled. You sighed, turning around to see Peter looking at you, a slight smile on his face. Oh, and what an amazing smile he had. His eyes crinkled, and small dimples showed up on his face. His pearly whites showed through his pink lips that you have dreame-
“Hey Y/N...what’s up?” Peter asked, snapping you out of your Peter-sized daydream.
“Huh-uh, so um- MJ just wanted some-uh alone time with- with uh Ned. Yeah”, you said, trying to think of anything other than the fact that you had a gigantic crush on your best friend.
Peter’s eyebrows scrunched up, confused. “Why would she want to talk to Ned?”
“Uh-um wanting to know something about uh-English…”
“Okay”, Peter said, drawing out the word. You could see he didn’t believe you so you did the most logical thing. A logical course of action that anybody in your situation would do. Lie.
“Well, she actually wanted me to show you something, um-on the roof”, you said, biting your lip, trying to figure out what to do once you got on the roof.
“Alright, let’s go!”, Peter said quickly, holding his hand out to you. You grabbed it, feeling the warmth seep into your body and make it’s way up to your cheeks. You held on, knowing that this would be the last time if Peter didn’t reciprocate your feelings.
Jumping out the window, you let out a small yelp as Peter grabbed your waist, holding onto you tight as he pulled you two to the rooftop. Landing onto the ground, you held on for dear life, looking at Peter.
“Give me a warning next time! I thought you were going to chuck me out the window…”
“Oh please, then who would I have to annoy all the time?”, he asked teasingly. You let out a breath you didn’t know you had been holding in.
“Well, you would lose your best friend…”
You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t see the way Peter’s face contorted into a grimace as he looked down.
“Yeah, but not only my best friend but the coolest person in Queens!” You cracked a smile, a red tint making its way up to your neck as you heard him speak. “I mean, you are so damn smart and pretty...Not to mention, so badass. I mean, I saw how you elbowed Flash in the-”
“Okay, let’s not relive it” You interjected. Peter smiled at that, walking both of you over to the other side of the roof. “Where are we going?”, you asked, confused.
“Uh, so I just wanted to-uh. Just come and see this”, Peter said, scratching his head slightly. Not knowing what to do, you just followed him, hoping you would see what he was talking about. And you weren’t expecting this.
A plush rose blanket spread out across half of the roof, with rose petals thrown here and there. In the middle of it was a small picnic box, with food sticking out of it. You could see some books stacked in the corner and a couple pillows as well. The light reflected off the buildings around you, giving the entire space an orangish-pinkish glow. You were so engrossed in the spread, you didn’t even notice Peter shakily taking out a small bouquet of roses from behind him.
“Peter, wha-what is this?”, you asked, shocked.
Bringing out the roses, he held it out to you, a blush the same color as the flowers making it’s way up to both of your cheeks. “I-um, heard what you and uh MJ were talking about a-a couple um days ago. So-I uh decided to ask Mr Stark to help me out with thi-”
“Wait a second. Tony Stark helped you out with this?!”, you asked, shocked at why your dad would help Peter out with this small thing. I mean, it-he shouldn’t care so much about Peter’s best friend, right?
“Yeah-uh, so I um set this out for you, and asked MJ to help me get you in my roo-”
“MJ has been in on this?”, you asked, suddenly remembering how she and Peter had been talking discreetly a few days ago.
Peter just nodded, looking down as a dopey smile made it’s way to his face. You cleared your throat, trying to figure out what was happening. You weren’t dumb, but you didn’t want to jump to conclusions to quickly.
“Why-why would yo-is this-uh”, you tried to speak, with little success. You could feel you face heat up in embarrassment, so you just stared at the flowers in Peter’s hands.
“I-uh really, um like you Y/N. Like more than a-a friend. And much more than a best friend. I know yo-you may not like me back, but I couldn’t keep it in any longe-”
You know it’s rude to interrupt someone when they are speaking. But you couldn’t hear anyother word come out of his mouth, because otherwise you would’ve melted. So you did the next best thing. You kissed him. Hard.
His words got caught in his throat as his lips met yours. And for a second you were worried you went too far, pulling back. But as soon as he felt you doing that, his hands went to your hair, pulling you flush against him, kissing you back with fevour.
You wish you could’ve stopped time. Right there. During a beautiful sunset, on the roof surrounded by rose petals, and with Peter in your arms. And in your mouth. But sadly, you needed air to breathe, so you pulled away, probably looking like a fish straight out of the water. Opening your eyes, you could see Peter’s face. His pupils were dilated and his entire face was a pink hue. His lips were plump and red, but pulled up in a lovesick smile.
You knew you had the exact same expression on your face. Smiling softly, you looked at Peter, and at the same time, you both said.
“I really like you”
“I really like you”
Giggling, you hesitantly took the crushed flowers from Peter, breathing them in.
“They got squashed”, Peter said, running his hands over the petals.
You shrugged, not caring. “Well, it wasn’t only your fault. I think it was a two-person thing..”, you said cheekily, smirking at Peter.
He laughed, throwing his arms over you and pulling you in for a hug. You breathed in his signature scent and melted against him, your heart full. It would’ve been perfect if not for the eruption of clapping and whistles from behind you.
“GOOD JOB PETE!”, MJ yelled, running to the both of you, Ned and May close behind. Crashing into you, you laughed as she looked at Peter. “Better take care of her, got it?”
Peter nodded, kissing my cheek. And just as he did that, a flash went off fro next to you. “Nice job Underoos. Watch the lips though. Don’t get too close to my daughter.” Tony’s voice went through the air, making you jump.
“Dad?!”, you said, shocked.
“Mr Stark?!”
“Yes yes, I was spying on you. But at least I’m not like Nat and Thor. They have been circling the building for the last 15 minutes.”
Tony said, shrugging as he pointed to the sky, where you could see the two of them waving at you.
“Oh god”, you groaned, throwing your head back. Peter looked at you, white as a ghost, before giving a scared nod at your dad.
“Yes sir, I’ll be very-um-uh good to Y/N. I mea-she is uh so pretty-wait that’s not-uh and smart- but that’s not-,” he stuttered, eyes wide. Helping out the poor boy, you shooed everyone away.
“Bye, dad. Please take Nat and Thor home with you. We’ll be back soon”
“Not later than 11, got it? And remember Peter, hands to yourself.”
“Yes M-Mr Stark”
Giggling, you watched as everyone walked away, leaving you with Peter. “Sorry bout that”
“Oh, it’s fine. I got the girl of my dreams tonight. Nothing could beat that” Blushing you pulled him in for a short kiss, before hugging him tightly.
Wish you say that was the end of the story. That you both lived happily ever after. But sadly, with a group of friends and family, privacy was not the best. And you were very sorry to say that you scarred more people than you had hoped to scar in the next few months.
The first victim though was none other than Aunt May. And boy oh boy did she not look at you two for weeks after the incident.
Alright! This was really fun to write, and this is such a cute idea, so I kinda want to make this into a series where people walk in on Peter and Y/N, so let’s see where it goes. But the next part will be out in a couple of days once my exams end :) Also, on that note, wish me luck, since I have my math exam tomorrow. Anyway, until next time!
Taglist: @a--1--1--3 @idkatee @eternalscribblesforthesoul @loudbluepancake @poisondevotion @scram1326 @t-hollanderr @305weasley @starknik22 @marvelfansworld @lou-la-lou @lomlparker @marvelfansworld @wowitsel @vanteguccir @fullcheesecakeengineer @ifyouknewhowmiserylovedme @ladykxxx08
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