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trypthych · a minute ago
Brendon is watching through the glass window as she brings her little hand to cup her pussy, rubbing her fingers at her clit. Even though he can't hear the little girl pleasuring herself in her lonely living room, he can only imagine how angelic her moans would sound like.
Just the sight of it makes Brendon's cock throb thickly inside his tight pants, and he absentmindedly grip his hard dick through the thin material. Her mouth is wide open as she continues to penetrate her little hole with her small fingers — and god, if only that was Brendon. If only that was him fucking his long and thick fingers inside her cunt until she's screaming and begging for him to stop.
"Fuck, what a whore," Brendon says to himself, his cock is already leaking in his boxers as he imagine what disgusting things he could possibly do to his little girl. She'll be his soon. And if the time comes, Brendon would do anything to not let anyone touch her, nor lay a finger on her or so help him God he is not afraid to commit a murder. "Hang in there, doll. I'll come for you."
Brendon couldn't care less for the cold breeze of the hair outside her house because he's too busy watching his baby thrusting her little fingers in and out of her tight wet cunt. His mind is full of thoughts of impaling the poor little girl from behind and even corrupting her mind until Brendon is the only one thinking for her, controlling her.
"Get ready tommorow night, princess. I'll make sure you won't get away this time for sure."
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avenger-fluff · 4 minutes ago
I will do anything
Brother-Scott McCall
(part 1)
You are bored sitting down watching your brother Scott play his single player game. You decided to annoy him maybe he will give you attention. You flicked the back of his hand. "Hey, what was that for" Scott said still in his game. A few minutes went by so you decided to strike again. You got up and ran into his room. You looked around for something to throw at him that wouldn't hurt. You saw a blanket and grabbed it. You quietly walked back to where he was gaming. You threw the blanket over his head and ran back to his room. "Y/n what was that your gonna get it" Scott said come too his room. You scrambled to hide making you fall on the floor. Scott came in with his hair a mess from the blanket. He giggled seeing you on the floor. "What are you doing down there" he asked walked over to you. "I fell" you say getting up. He picked you up and placed you onto his bed. "Why did you throw that blanket on me" he asked putting his knees on either side of you. "I wanted your attention" you say watching him move giggling nervously. "I'll give you some attention" he says then starts spidering his fingers up and down your sides. You start to laugh. The feeling of 10 fingers on your sides wiggling softly just made a weird feeling. "Scotttt stoppp" you say through your laughs. "I thought you wanted my attention" he says teasingly. He stops and you take this opportunity to turn the tables. You quickly pounce ontop of him and tickle his neck which caused a cute laugh to come out of him. It was just so funny and cute to see him laugh and be happy. He grabbed your wrist. "Hey this is spoose to be your time" he said sitting up still with your hands. You hide you face in his shoulder hopefully to not get attacked. "Please don't I will do almost anything" you say remembering the time you had to prank Derek. -Flashback- "PLEAAASEE STAWPPPPP I WILL DO AHA AHANYTHING" you yelled out. You were getting attacked by Scott and Stiles. They both stopped and smirked. "Anything hmm" Scott said wiggling a finger for Stiles so he can tell him something. He moves his ear for him to whisper something and they talk and break away. "Ok, we have something" Stiles says then Scott says "If you prank Derek today we won't tickle you this time". You sigh knowing what happened to Stiles when he pranked Derek with a pie in the face. "Fine" you say then the boys let you go to do your mission. You decided on taking all of his clothes and putting in only putting in Scott's old t-shirt. You hid his clothes in Scott closet to try and hide the blame onto Scott. You sat down on your bed. Around 20 minutes later you hear Scott scream which made you smirk slightly at your prank that aimed at him, but then see Derek open your door and stand in the door frame. You panic on the inside, but stay still. "H-hey Derek" you say waving, but knowing that your screwed. "Your brother over there told me that you stole my clothes" he says crossing his arms. "W-what do you mean I-i didn't" you say shuddering a little bit. "Yea sure" he said walk towards you. "If you hurt me Scott will kill you" you say backing up against the back of your bed which was against the wall. "Oh I know I won't hurt you" he says with a death eating grin. You gulp and decide to run for it. You get to the door before getting thrown over Derek's shoulder. "Please don't" you say nervous already knowing what is coming. He walks into Scott's room and places you down next to Scott who is on the ground. Derek was to your left and Scott on your right. *TO BE CONTINUED* (sorry this was turning too long)
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daidoki · 4 minutes ago
Kuroshitsuji: Daughter of A Demon
"Whatever I had is none of your business" She retorts, looking away. "Come on Anna, open your mouth and tell me that you didn't have eyes for him in our relationship"
Anna stands up and heads to leave before she was slammed near the door.
Sebastian's eyes glowed red with anger. Hands started to tighten around her shoulders, "Tell me it's not true, refute what I said!"
"Even if I told you, would you have believed me?"
Sebastian stood frozen, the next second his eyes glowed a deep red as his hands went to wrap around her throat. "TELL ME IT IS NOT TRUE, REFUTE WHAT I JUST SAID!"
"S–Sebastian!" Anna muttered. Trying to get rid of his hands which wrapped around her throat, "Tell me, Anna! TELL ME!"
Anna burnt his hands making him yelp. She gasped for air as she fell to the floor, Stelios barged in and looked at her who still gasped for air.
He held her close to his chest, patting her back so she could breathe correctly. "You! Are you out of your mind?!"
Sebastian laughs like a maniac and glared at the two.
"Haha! I'm sorry but, if anything I'm not letting Anna go! Guards!" Several knights came barging in and waited for Sebastian's order.
"Take them away and lock them in"
The knights grabbed Anna and Stelios and dragged them away, they tried to fish out of their grasps when they were a few miles away. Only for it to be successful, "Anna! Come on!"
They both ran to the gates of the palace to only be stopped by another set of guards. "Keeping the Emperor and Empress of the Southern Empire, don't you think you're going too far?"
"I think when you touched another woman who was not yours, that is going too far" Sebastian slowly walks to the two who were shocked by his presence.
"Ha! She is not your woman, that was decided when you divorced Anna!"
Sebastian's gaze had sharpened. He looked annoyed by Stelios's claims, "You did something to seduce her didn't you?"
"He didn't, I proposed"
"You want to be on this man's side?"
"Don't you see he only wants you for his gain?"
"I also want him for my gain"
Their faces were shocked by her statement, Stelios even glanced at Anna with widened eyes. " that so, just as I said. I will not be letting you go"
"Send Anna and the Southern Emperor to the Kyros Residence and don't let them set foot outside until I say so"
Tumblr media
They had been confined in her family's estate for about two days. Numerous guards were patrolling her residence making it hard for her to escape, she heard someone knock on her terrace door and she went to investigate.
"Duke Fritz—!" She exclaims as she opened the door, she let him in as he removed his cloak.
"How are you?" He asks, turning to look at Anna. "I am faring well if that's what you want to hear"
"You don't look like it"
"What do you need? Did Sebastian send you here? If so, I will not listen"
"No, nothing like that. He doesn't know I'm here"
Anna leads him to the table near the window and seats him down, Duke Fritz stretched and continued to talk.
"I never knew my shame could ever amount to this" He uttered, eating a biscuit. "What?" He muttered something else that wasn't audible to Anna, but she brushed it off immediately.
"I'll cut straight to the chase, I shan't interfere with your relationship with Viktoria," He said wiping off the excess crumbs of his lips.
"Grab a few things and go out the back door"
"I'm getting you out of here, it was a request from your ladies-in-waiting" He stands up and grabs his cloak heading to the terrace. "Thank you—!"
"Ah, your reaction is boring" He pouts and leaves her alone.
She confusedly stares at the place Duke Fritz had once stood.
"Ah, I should tell Stelios"
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micahs-bird · 5 minutes ago
Sleepless in Shady Belle
This is my first go at a GN!Reader fic, I hope it's OK but I'm happy to receive pointers if it could be better!
Relationships: Arthur Morgan/Charles Smith/GN!Reader – Mentions of GN!Reader and Micah having a ‘thing’ but that's about as far as it goes.
Warnings: Mention of torture. Nothing graphic.
Notes: Got a bit of writer’s block for my main fic, so decided to throw this little one shot out there for fluffy times. Gotta love some fluff.
It’s the middle of the night and yet again, you are plagued by nightmares. Usually, your go to snuggle buddy would be Micah (in secret, of course), but he’s currently banged up in Strawberry Jail for yet another total cock up.
You sigh, rubbing your hands over your face and sit up, deciding to talk a short walk around camp to wear yourself out. Failing that, you’ll take a bottle of whiskey from Pearson’s wagon and drink yourself into a coma.
Pulling on your worn riding pants and a loose plaid shirt that you’d stolen from Bill a few days ago, you wander out of your tent and towards the campfire, wiping the gritty feeling from your eyes and yawning.
You hear voices coming from the campfire and see Charles and Arthur sitting side by side, arms around one another, leaning against a log. It warms your heart; it’s about time Arthur found someone to love him for him. He’s always looking out for the others around him and to see someone finally do that for him, it makes your heart swell.
You creep up on them, placing for your face between their heads and pucker your lips, making kissy sounds, causing both men to jump and leap apart, laughing and shaking their heads.
“Good evening Little Bird.” Charles smiles warmly. “To what do we owe the pleasure?”
“Well, I was gonna go for a walk, y’know? Can’t sleep.”
Arthur shuffled away from Charles a little and patted the ground between them. “C’mon darlin’, have a seat with us and we’ll see if we can’t bore you to sleep.” He gives his half-sided smile as you climb over the log and sit between them, having both scoot in and wrap an arm each around your shoulders.
Charles begins stroking your hair as Arthur lays a blanket over the three of you. You sigh contentedly, reveling in the warm radiating from both men and the campfire.
“You havin’ nightmares again, pumpkin?” Arthur asks, tucking the blanket up to your chest. You nod, tears welling up in your eyes. “You wanna talk about it?”
“It’s the same as usual, Colm torturing me for information I don’t have.” You shudder at the memory.
“Damn Colm O’Driscoll.” Charles says, tensing. “You’re safe, Little Bird. We won’t let that monster near you ever again. We promise.”
Arthur nods his agreement and your heart warms.
“Thank you; both of you. I know I usually seek comfort elsewhere…. But I, well, you know what happened.” You place a hand around each man’s head and pull them close. "You two are the only ones I trust with that little bit of information, so I appreciate you keeping it to yourselves."
“Yeah, darlin’, we know. Feller’s a damn fool.” Arthur replies gruffly. “Dunno what you see in that man, I really don’t.”
“We love you, Little Bird. No matter who you choose to care for.”
Arthur and Charles lean down to you, kissing a cheek each, earning a giggle in reward. “I love you both too.” You whisper. “I’m glad it was you two that found me. I don’t know what would have happened if you hadn’t-“
“Shhh now, don’t be thinkin’ like that, pumpkin. C’mon now, you rest those eyes. We’ll keep you safe.”
Arthur pulls you closer and you lean your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes and thanking the lord above for the family you have found.
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acatnamedpusheen · 9 minutes ago
More [M]
Jaebeom x Reader
Genre: Smut (Cockwarming, vanilla sex)
Words: 1,124
Snippet: "Well, for starters, we would both lie down...and then I'd start kissing'd be pulling my hair as I pick up the pace...I'd give you more...I'd touch you just enough to drive you crazy...and from there we both know how it'd go"
A/N: I know I said I'm on hiatus but this scenario suddenly popped in my head and I had to post it. I don't know where it came from honestly :")
"You know, I really missed you these days"
Your voice came out in the form of a sigh once you had lowered yourself on him, arms finding purchase on the expanse of his shoulders.
The groan he released from the back of his throat was enough to let you know he had been longing for that kind of contact as well.
"I'm sorry, love, I haven't had much spare time lately."
His lips on your neck made you burn, causing your fingers to run through the back of his steel black hair.
As much as you wanted for both of you to stay still, it was proving to be more difficult than you'd imagined and Jaebeom himself wasn't being much of a help either, as he kept kissing your sweet spot.
"No need to apologize, baby. Besides, I could never complain about all these photoshoots." you smirked once he had pulled away, making him chuckle, suddenly feeling shy.
Indeed all these magazine photoshoots and covers only made you feel proud of your boyfriend. It was high time his looks and work were acknowledged and you couldn't be happier about it, even if it meant you hardly ever got time to spend together.
"I'm lucky to have such successful and sexy boyfriend."
A huge smile was painted across his features. A smile capable of lighting your whole day, a smile you'd never get enough of, a smile you'd do anything so you could see it as often as possible.
"I should be the one calling myself lucky for having you. You're always there for me even when I can't be there for you."
His eyes bore into yours, hands rested on your thighs that straddled his lap.
Nights like these where special. When Jaebeom would be home at a reasonable time and you'd both be initially too tired to make love, yet needing each other's touch, you'd sit on the bed with him fully sheathed in you. Simply staying like that, connecting, talking, catching up with each other until you grow too impatient to move and end up in a slow endless cycle of pleasure leading you into the wee hours of the morning.
"That's the least I can do for you. I am and always will be here when you need me, Jaebeom. It's my promise and I'm not planning on breaking it."
His answer came in the form of a deep kiss that had your tongues dancing. You held one another tightly, driven insane by the touch of your bare skin.
Lost in the moment, you involuntarily clenched your walls around him causing him to groan against your lips.
One would think you were both just torturing yourselves, by refraining from the instant pleasure of sex, but one could never truly understand the connection you were establishing. How you craved to feel each other when no movements were involved. Reaching for your souls, touching your hearts through the physical contact of two naked bodies.
"I was thinking" you began talking, slightly out of breath once you'd broken the kiss "When you finish all your projects and you get some more time, we could go somewhere, just the two of us." your right hand went to comb a section of hair that was falling over his forehead.
"What do you have in mind, love?" he moved to rest his back against the headboard, staring at you adoringly. The slight change of position adding to the warm feeling between your legs, arms never leaving his shoulders.
"Paris maybe, or Venice. What do think?"
"I'm fine with both, you decide. I just need you, an equally beautiful city and a comfortable bed." his subtle smirk made your cheeks red and your eyes wide.
"Im Jaebeom you-" he was quick to silence you with yet another passionate kiss you couldn't resist, and you kept making out until you desperately needed some air.
"Can I move now?"
"Only if you tell me what you need that comfortable bed for." your voice barely above a whisper, as a mischievous grin brought out the tease in you.
"Well, for starters, we would both lie down..." he carefully flipped you over, your back now on the sheets.
"...and then I'd start kissing you..." his soft lips traveled from your jaw, to your neck and your collarbone, reaching the valley of your breasts, earning Jaebeom a humm of satisfaction.
"'d be pulling my hair as I pick up the pace..." you did as he said entangling your fingers between his locks, a moan falling from your lips when you felt him finally thrusting.
"...I'd give you more..." he took one of your breasts in his mouth with a grunt and as he kept going you let out moan after moan more frequently knowing full well how eager he was to hear every single sound you made just for him.
"Don't stop, Jaebeom, please" the sinful combination of his dirty talk and ministrations had your head spinning. Utter bliss was taking over you.
"Darling, I would never stop" his intense gaze was on you for a brief moment before he moved to your other mound.
"What would you do next?" you gathered all the fragments of sanity he'd left in you, aching to hear more of this unholy scenario in that velvet voice of his.
"I'd touch you just enough to drive you  crazy..." before you'd register what he said you gasped when his fingers came in contact with your clit. The pace he had set was slow but his thrusts were intense, pushing you closer and closer to the edge with the added stimulation of your sensitive bundle of nerves.
"...and from there we both know how it'd go." with a sharp thrust, he had you moaning his name.
Your hips were desperately chasing his own, matching the pace. Breathing heavily, you could only focus on him and the pleasure he was giving you.
It didn't take much longer for Jaebeom to reach his high and he came along with a string of groans and low moans of your name not once ceasing his actions. Before you knew it everything turned white and you were falling, flying across the thick clouds of euphoria with shallow breaths and cries of his name as your nails were slightly raking the milky skin of his back.
"Was that enough or do you want me to demonstrate some more?" he was panting, looking absolutely gorgeous in the post-sex glow. Despite knowing how he had already ruined you, he still wanted to tease you.
"Save it for later, just keep me in suspense for now." equally spent, you bit your lip suggestively, already feeling aroused by the thought of hearing and starring in his next scenario.
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emyluwinter · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media of. Great. Sevens!!!
You already have 101 followers !!!Like 101 Dalmatians !!!
(I feel like a little Divus Cruel)
I....I... I do not know what to say in such cases. But I am very grateful to you for the fact that you like my work so much!!!This really surprises me!!! because I can't always write very funny or big stories, but IT JUST BLOWS ME AWAY.
Tumblr media
I feel like Idia!! Why are there suddenly so many of you?! I'm not ready!!
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nekodzu · 11 minutes ago
cold evenings and a touch of night light.
(or, how they cuddle you)
ft. hq, bnha, aot.
(warnings: some hints of suggestive things?? nothing explicit! possible spoilers for non-manga readers for aot and hq! tried making it as gender neutral as possible!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— ## HAIKYUU !!
akaashi likes to cuddle you close to his chest, laying your head there as you listen to his heartbeat. his arms are wrapped around your shoulders, muscles lightly flexing whenever he fixes your posture so 'you wouldn't get a stiff neck'. the gesture never fails to make you swoon because of how gentlemanly he is to you.
kuroo loves it when you lay on your stomach on top of his body. it allows him to cradle you against him as you talk aimlessly from what happens in his line of work to wild theories you both came up with. it gives him extreme comfort to hold you like this until you both fall asleep.
suna rintarou doesn't cuddle while lying down. fatigue from being a professional athlete easily catches up to him as soon as his head lays on the pillows that smell like your shampoo. he'd rather sit together on your shared bed, limbs a tangled mess while you both do your own things. your head lays on his shoulders and you can easily sneak in a kiss on his neck, a gulp on his throat each time you do so.
despite being seen as a composed person to his many friends, tsukishima kei is anything but when he is overcome by drowsiness. he sleeps and lies down in many bizarre positions, his limbs making a mess of the bed by the time morning comes. however, there is a habit of his that is certain whatever position he finds himself in. it is his arm that's always looped around whatever body part of yours he can reach. your waist, arms or even your chest, his hold tightening to secure your warmth in place.
on nights he finds himself being burdened by work and burn out from music, semi eita hums sweet tunes to your ears. your back pressed against his chest as songs of his love for you flow freely from his lips. ranging from serenades to silly songs he came up from the spot, your lullabies vary and you always find yourself chasing Zs when he finally lands a kiss on your cheek.
ever the attentive and shy lover, yaoyorozu's hold on you has hints of hesitance. skinship is something she believes she doesn't excel in, as gifts and acts of services are her main languages in expressing her love. but everytime she sees you softly breathing as you snuggle further into her neck, she thinks she doesn't mind learning another language of love for you.
gentle in nature which translates into him being a lover, midoriya would rather you hold him on nights that hero work catches up to him. while you run your hands on his hair and whisper affirmations, he holds your body in somehow both a firm and soft way. each night without fail, he buries himself on your shoulders with a "thank you, f/n" and a lingering kiss before seeing you again in his dreams.
skinship was something he never really received as much, but bakugo is not him without trying to have a go on something. the way he cuddles might be odd, trapping you between stacks and piles of pillows and his body with the AC on blast, but you have never seen him so at peace. he holds your head in his sleepy daze and promptly brings you even closer to him, sleep talking about "sleep well, you dumbass" before patting your head.
versatile on both the hero field and his quirk, todoroki doesn't have a personal preference of cuddling you. at best, he switches up your positions depending on the current seasons. when flowers bloom and the sun shines, he has his right arm around you while lightly emanating a cold feel. on days that leaves settle on the earth and winter sheds her tears, he holds you on his left side while you cling to him trying to escape the cold knocking on the window of your shared bedroom. even if there are times he still hesitates to use his flames on the field, he prefers using it during domestic times like this.
uraraka adores seeing your eyes and so you cuddle facing each other. this way, she can see the way your eyes light up whenever you recall a funny memory from your youth or at your workplace. this way, she can see the distaste that creeps itself in your irises whenever you're reminded of something stressful that was done, and she makes sure that you're assured that it won't bother you anymore as she holds your hand and presses feather-like kisses to it. you fall into slumber with a content smile on your face, and so does she.
the world is beautiful, and yet, so cruel. when the last of mikasa's family has left her, she can't help but cling to you and assure herself by laying down on your chest that yes you're alive, and the rhythm of your heartbeat in her ears slightly bring tears to her eyes before tightening her hold on you. as if letting you go would make you drift into dust as those who left her did.
annie leonhart has never known soft nor domestic, being raised essentially as a soldier and ultimately laying down her power as a titan still fighting. so don't be too surprised if she's a little stiff and her hold is somehow suffocating. you chastise her a lot, complaints of being unable to breathe as a light hearted joke between the two of you. she deadpans that she'll learn how to cuddle properly, making it sound like cuddling you was a technique she'll use to conquer you one day.
despite aging and losing his youthful innocence due to being a soldier, connie springer doesn't fail in making you happy. in a peaceful world without titans, his hold allows him to squish you in numerous ways, your cheeks and arms being his first targets as well as the rest of your body. years of training is evident in his physique, his chest being a makeshift pillow each night that you laugh and he pinches your ticklish spots before succumbing to sleep in his embrace.
during the times you all lived in a terror-filled ignorance, hange zöe forgoes sleeping in favor of coming up with strategies for the corps, as well as paperwork and their own pursuit of knowledge about the titans. when moblit asks them to take a break, they rather you nap with them as they hold you loosely should they ever be needed on duty. the last thing they want is to rob you of your sleep, hence their hold on you. they make it up to you by giving you fleeting kisses on your forehead before departing to their dedicated duty.
domesticity is something that he yearned for when he was but a young soldier. jean kirschtein thinks that nothing can be more domestic than coming home to your warm hugs in your shared home in marley. he crashes his head into your head before you can even finish your greetings for him and just stands there in the doorway, swaying you occasionally from left to right while he thanks every deity who hears his gratitude for meeting you.
Tumblr media
wendy's love letter: ummm... hi?? ASDFGHJKL i'm so sorry for being MIA for who knows how long?? anyway this is my first time doing hcs in this blog so feedback about how i did is really appreciated! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤ also, please let me know of any warnings i might’ve missed! 
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kazuhaverse · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TOMORROW I'LL LOVE YOU AGAIN FEAT. XIAO, GENSHIN IMPACT had time made him weaker or was it just you?
note: i got an ask abt this but i accidentally deleted the ask so im so sorry frog anon. content warnings for mentions of blood, death and stuff so read at your own discretion! not beta read what is beta read
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The first time he saw you, was a time he longs to relive badly.
It happened way before the Archon war that shaped Teyvat into what it is now, before he fell into the hands of a wicked God who sought him nothing but torment, way before he became one of the Mighty and Illuminated Adepti. He saw you as Alatus first, who was nothing but a demigod with limited prowess compared to that of a God. He roamed the earth for years, until he stumbled upon you.
You were sleeping underneath the shade of a tree that bore sunsettia, a fruit plump and juicy to the taste buds. Relaxed figure paying no mind to the dangers outside of your bubble world, if he cared enough to disturb your rest he would but instead he chose to lay down beside you, a hand raised to shield your eyes to the rays that managed to peek through the cluster of leaves and branches. Hours passed and you woke up with a groan, whispering a soft ‘hi’ when you saw the man with the red strands upon a sea of black. Xiao, Alatus, could only inwardly gape at your indifference to the sudden company while you slept.
He didn’t know why, but he continued to stay by you. Alatus can barely convince himself that it was because your carelessness was so rash that he couldn’t help but look out for your safety. After all, you were a mortal, and he was a being higher than you. A demigod, who can protect and fend for himself and probably capable enough to protect you as well.
The time was so short, but it saved himself a bitter parting. You died in his arms of old age, and your last words made him want to have more time with you. He still had the youthful glow to him, he never aged, so he teased you for having gray hairs sticking out visibly. It was a time well spent, as you said in your last breath.
“..You’re a great companion, I hope fate makes us meet again when it’s destined.”
He promised he’d wait (for you).
Even when he’s willed under a god’s grasp did he still hold onto the hope of meeting you again. But as days bleed into each other like the crimson liquid that reminded him of agonizing torture, every whisper of his victims, every cry as he ate their hope. Alatus was no more than a hypocrite. He could only feel mortified when the cries drowned the remainder of you, the promise he swore to you. He couldn’t remember you anymore.
Alatus was no more; he was treated as a weapon, he would be when he lets go of you unwillingly. And he did. Until Morax found the husk of what once was him, he was liberated, set free from the chains of the vile god. He aided his savior in the Archon war, easily dominating the battlefields, he did that nameless. Alatus was no more.
Only after a couple years did Rex Lapis name him ‘Xiao’. Although he couldn’t help the small inkling feeling that the Archon is mocking his height, he accepted it without a complaint. He had his life and freedom indebted to Rex Lapis first and foremost, complaining would only disgrace him. He battled with a newfound fierceness upon receiving a new identity, and in the battlefields did he saw a glance of you.
Your figure was visible for less than a second, and even though he couldn’t remember what once was warmth, he wanted to chase what could’ve been. But he waited far too long, and he came across you again, laying underneath the same tree. Withered was your body, blood lathered all over your clothes, with a stilled breath. Xiao couldn’t fathom the sudden drop of his stomach, he saw corpses more gruesome than yours yet he didn’t bat an eye to those, the unfamiliar tears came out so sudden. What made you so special?
He gently embraced your body close to him, hoping that it’ll send you some comfort in the afterlife. The tree refused to wither, years later.
Xiao hasn’t slept for ages, but he did besides your grave. A promise forgotten echoed through his mind, and all he could think about the world that didn’t grant him any mercy. How cruel, his heart cried out. He longed for your company, as he did many years before. Was it the company or you he wasn’t sure about.
Every day went so quick, for an immortal being like him. He held many regrets close to his heart like the promise shared between the two of you, it was supposed to be a memory left as if a temporary parting. He treated the last seconds of your last life like temporary goodbyes. He had hesitated in your second, and it was what killed you.
Heavens above couldn’t even spare him a chance to say his thanks, for being a friend to him, and an almost soulmate ( if he believed in that he does ).
For your third life, however, you witnessed the beginnings of Liyue Harbor. Having a father who worked tirelessly to make ends meet in the relatively expensive city, with mora barely even being multiplied. He worked as one of the men who builds, and you often accompany your father to work when your mother is away. He met you again a day before your twentieth birthday, in the fields once roamed by gods and immortal beings, laying once again under a sunsettia tree.
Only this time, you were awake. And very much alive.
You were a cautious person this time around, a big difference from your past life where you were as carefree as the wind. You had a vision, and you almost used it at him when he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Xiao had hoped that you’ll stick around longer, his plans became futile. You wanted to ascend to Celestia once you’re given the chance. Who was he to deprive you of something you wanted? He couldn’t. You deserve to find happiness, and if it was not in his arms then so be it.
He’ll wait for you to return, as you did every single time. After all, he had already waited for years, what’s a few more?
In your fourth life, you were a Sumeru scholar who actively pursued him. You had recollections of your memories for your third, and you traveled from Sumeru all the way to Liyue, where you waited in the fields, now named as Guili Plains, under the tree once more. He humored you on your endless questions; it seemed like you were a curious one, a contrast to your previous personality. You introduced him to a dish you learnt from your two mothers, a light almond tofu.
The taste was like the dreams and hopes he used to eat. Any food paled in comparison to yours, Xiao noted.
You spent the entirety of your fourth lifetime trailing after him, although it would’ve annoyed him to no extent had you be just another mortal. You weren’t just any mortal, he refuses to group you with the rest. He knows you hold a part of his heart, and only would it be complete when you’re with him. What makes you so special, he hadn’t got any clue. You’re.. You. That one simple reason makes him weak at the knees.
Had time made him weaker or was it just you?
You passed on with another promise to meet him again, and again. He told you he’ll wait for all this time, until you come back and love him again.
The next lifetime of yours were eventful, you were born in Mondstadt where you met the pellicular traveler and helped them in their search for their missing sibling. Unlike previously, you only had bits and pieces of your past memory, so you couldn’t recall who he was until a few months had passed since you last saw him on the lantern rite.
Xiao had long since grew accustomed to the voices in his head, you did nothing to quell them, but your presence helped him feel tranquility once in a while. Like the way he felt warmth for a long time ago when you lay your head on his lap as the two of you spent time on the Wangshu Inn balcony.
“What if.. I took too long for you to continue to wait for me?” You asked him suddenly, breaking the silence that hung around prior. The same silence returned, as he carefully mulled over the question. Right, what if you won’t return again? What would he be when that happens? Alatus found a friend in you, while Xiao seeks a different kind of affection. Will it break him even though he’s already beyond repair? He hates it, how your life feels so brief.
Alas, all he knows is to wait for you so he mutters a low, “I’ll still wait, even then.”
Although it went unsaid, tomorrow he’ll love you again. That, he’s so sure of. Even if you can’t return to him like you said you would do.
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jelly-originals · 12 minutes ago
since leo is sensible, can i get some nipple play? 👀 i bet he would be dying inside first, and then soooo red with the moans he would make
| Leopold Carnaby | GN!Reader | +18 |
Oh, the blushy boy is here again!
»»———— ★ ————««
Genuinely dying from the first moment you touch his nipples. He didn't even think those could be pleasurable, and his general sensitivity just makes it so much more good.
He's embarrassed and kind of wishes he was anywhere else right now, but it's not because it's his nipples your touching. It's because he's embarrassed about feeling pleasure in general.
If you twist them just right, his whole body will lock up followed by an intense full body shudder. This will happen every time, and it will overwhelm him in the best way possible very quickly.
Can and will cum from you touching his nipples alone. Though to be fair he could cum from you touching him anywhere enough so...
In general, he likes it but like with most things won't admit to it and won't ask for it again, so if you want it to be a thing again you'll have to initiate.
‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Jelly ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙
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savnofilter · 12 minutes ago
b. katsuki masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
                      rules | masterlist | req . list
Tumblr media
ᴀ/ɴ: yk bakugo was my first husbando even before i watched bnha and look how the times have changed nbljgnbl,, anyways!! bakugo masterlist cause i write him too much! enjoy. cc:
Tumblr media
          【bold is nsfw, scenarios is italicized】
         【normal is head-cannons and sfw. ♡】
Tumblr media
〔 > 〕 first works! 〔 ✩ 〕 special events! 〔 ♡ 〕 friend birthday! 〔 ♔ 〕 poc works! 〔 ❦ 〕 lgbtq+ works!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✩ Bakugo & Kaminari Kabedon HCs
✩ Be Natural
➣ Bed Rest
➣ Blue Balls
➣ Comfort
➣ Cuddling w/ Neko!S/O HCs
♡ Fancy You
♔ Fem!Muslim S/O HCs
♡ Fem!S/O W/ Belly Piercings
➣ Get Groovin’
✩ Going to Aquarium or Beach HCs
➣ Helping Fem!Reader Get With Her Girl Crush HCs
➣ Hugs From Bakugou
➣ It’s Raining Cats & Dogs
➣ Mineta Hitting on S/O HCs
➣ Receiving Bear Hugs From Reader
➣ Scared to Love S/O
➣ “Shit sorry, am I going to fast?”
➣ Sleeping w/ S/O HCs
➣ S/O That’s An Olympic Figure Skater HCs
➣ S/O That Works as Hentai Voice Actress HCs
➣ Study Buddies
➣ Time to Love, part two
➣ Why We Don’t Take You Out
➣ Wolf!Bakugou HCs (Domestic AU)
♔ Woke, part two
✩ You’re Perfect
Tumblr media
> Bakugou Katsuki A-Z (NSFW)
➣ Bakugo Breeding Kinks HCs
➣ Bakugo Friends W/ Benefits HCs
♔ Bakugo & Midoriya W/ Black!S/O HCs
➣ Being Called Daddy HCs
➣ Boasting About Bakugou Over the Phone HCs
➣ Bottom (female), Bottom (male)
➣ Busty S/O HCs
♡ Busty S/O w/ Nipple Piercings HCs
➣ Caught
➣ Caught Masturbating HCs
➣ Consider This Thirst Quenched
➣ Crying Kink HCs
➣ Dabi & Bakugo W/ S/O Who Has a High Sex Drive HCs
➣ Daddy
➣ Early in the Morning
➣ Giving Oral HCs
➣ His Little Omega
➣ “I’m not Jealous”
✩ In the Changing Room
➣ Jealousy’s In the Air
➣ Keepin Him Up ;)
➣ Keep Quiet For Me
➣ Kiribaku Relationship HCs
➣ Omega!Bakugou HCs
➣ Our Little Secret
➣ Sassy S/O HCs
➣ Pups
➣ Reacting to S/O Ahegao Face HCs
➣ Riding Bakugou for the First Time
➣ Show Me
➣ Slim Thicc S/O HCs
➣ Somnophilia HCs
➣ Squirting for the First Time, part two
➣ s.y.m.w/.c
➣ There for You, part two
➣ Thigh Riding
➣ Wipe That Smirk From Your Face
Tumblr media
all rights reserved © savnofilter
Tumblr media
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alingawngaw · 13 minutes ago
GENRE. angst
CONTENT WARNING. gender neutral!reader and a spoiler.
A/N. i don’t know if this is okay but yeah, this is me fighting my writer’s block lol
Tumblr media
The amount of silence that was embracing deeply the atmosphere makes your stomach turn. It is too unbearable for someone who always on the field, fighting with devils and hearing the wails of the townspeople, however, today is different.
You are assigned to be Angel’s partner for missions that your fingers can’t even count. Countless deaths, bloodsheds, and some other gore scenes that you witness in front of your two eyes but, today is different.
“Hey,” Angel replied indicating that he doesn’t want to continue the conversation you are planning to. Suddenly, he went ahead of you with few inches apart even though you always want to try to touch a little bit of his close but he is really so distant to you.
“Can I touch you?,” suggesting it while running to him to catch up and walk beside him, nudging him a little on his right shoulder, you giggled at what you did. Given his ability, one-touch and your lifespan will be reduced. You are a fool for still asking to grant what you are asking.
“Dumbass. You know you can’t,” he said in a no tone and distant himself again.
Being partnered with him was heaven, truly. Not just because he is an angel but you just love how he is so stoic yet still kind.
You looked at the ruins that were made by the Bomb and Chainsaw. The buildings were wreaked by the havoc of endless fighting in the air and resulted in some innocent people that were burst out of nowhere because of the pressure brought by the battling.
Still walking through the sidewalks and has no idea where you both going since you are just Angel’s assistant and you do not need to know other information except him, being your partner again. But then again, today is different.
Angel is seemed too kind to you today. No more snob response that makes your heart aches, no more rolling of eyes when you say something stupid, and he didn’t leave you when you are spacing out earlier.
Putting your right hand on his shoulder and bringing your left hand on your back, holding your katana tightly; you made him stop from walking. He immediately shook your hand and you expect him to get angry at you again but no, he didn’t.
Angel is looking at you soft-heartedly like you are one of his most prized possession that he has. You are more shocked when he let a small smile peeked in his pinkish lips that you always want to touch. He is definitely different today.
“I wish you’d stop doing that.” You felt your heart pulsing as he faced you, looking up a bit so he can see your eyes, so tragic yet can still be serene. “... and I wish you would stop being so annoying because neither of us are getting what we want anytime soon,” he said and finally, granting your wish.
You felt your tearing seeking for an opening to flow freely. He tiptoes so he can reach your face, I knew it’s soft, he thought. Looking at him now, few inches apart feels so different and good. You hold his hand that was sitting on your cheeks, caressing it because no one knows this might be your last time holding it.
“4 months...” Angel said, his heart was shattered because of his impulsive and selfish doing but he knows you want this, too. You nod your head to let him know it’s okay. It is definitely okay because you finally felt him.
Today is really different because of few reasons; first, you held him, and second, your lifespan was shortened yet you are still happy and even grateful.
Tumblr media
tagging: @lazyezstudy, @onyxoverride, [@bakidose and @piscesfairies because you might like this even though it is an angst lol]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
© 2021 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED — ALINGAWNGAW. Do not modify, repost, and claim my work as yours. Do not share any of my work on any form of social media without my consent. Do not plagiarize.
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sunnysidekisses · 17 minutes ago
Serenity in silence
A/n: welcome back to me!! Here is my returning gift to you all. Ilysm bubs, good to see you again.
Soft patters came from the roof, rain still falling despite the hours that have passed since it started. Some would say they're the years of a diety, personally you believed that untrue.
Passing moments like this were often few and far between, the peace of night blanketing the thoughts running through your head.
Night time, while peaceful, stood vigil over secrets about ourselves even the sun didn't know. The sun was there to watch us smile and grow.
The moon was here to watch us rest and think. The moon watched many, but of course it was always a comforting prescence among the stars.
Suga was snoring softly to your right, lost to his dreams while you were lost to your thoughts. Thinking of stars, galaxies, and smaller things too.
Past arguments, words you wished had not fallen from your lips. Nothing to be done now, though as you stared out the large window next to you.
The wall was comprised of glass, and while rain was running down it you could see the city lights too. The activities of the nocturnal passing by to those unaware.
The silence does whisper of secrets, if you listen. If you even knew how. A skill, that you and many others didn't possess but could learn.
Another day, maybe. You had rest to catch up on and a boyfriend to cuddle.
The patters of rain eased off with your consciousness, a silent goodnight to you from the moon.
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thekinkyhippie60 · 17 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love her so much she’s everything 🥺👉🏽👈🏽💕
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kai-chan07 · 18 minutes ago
Bakugou Comfort
Warnings: self doubt, bad thoughts, lack of sleep
Requests are open!!
Tumblr media
Y/N sat alone and upset. It wasn’t that she entirely minded being alone, it’s just that it got to her from time to time. You know when your stomach hurts because you aren’t eating, but you’re not eating because your stomach hurts? Well, that’s how Y/N felt right now. She felt so alone because she was distancing herself from others, but she was distancing herself because she felt so alone.
Y/N blankly stared at the small sliver of light that managed to make its way through the closed curtains. Thoughts raced through her mind…
You aren’t fit enough for the hero course…
Your classmates only talk to you because they have to…
You annoy your friends so much that they’ve given up trying to tell you. They’re just playing along to make you happy…
A tear slid down her cheek but she didn’t bother to wipe it away. It’s what I deserve, she thought to herself. It just further proves the point that I’m too weak…
A soft knock broke Y/N’s train of thought but she didn’t bother to move.
“Y/N?” someone called quietly. “Are you in there?” Silence. “I’m coming in, ok?” The door opened and light flooded into the room. Y/N winced and looked away from the light, hiding her head in between her knees. 
“Oh, baby.” She could hear footsteps approaching the bed. The bed dipped beside her and an arm draped around her back. “What’s wrong?” The hand rubbed up and down Y/N’s back.
“Baku?” she whispered, avoiding eye contact.
“It’s me baby. I’m right here.” Y/N leaned into Bakugou, sighing. She buried herself into the boy’s side. “Is it alright that I’m touching you?” He could feel the girl nod into his side. “What’s wrong baby girl?” When Y/N stayed silent, Bakugou picked her up and placed her in his lap. She leaned into his chest, wrapping her arms around his stomach. Bakugou stood and carried her down the hall to his room.
“Let’s get you more comfortable, ok hun?” he asked. Bakugou set Y/N down on his bed as he pulled out a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie from his dresser. “Put these on ok? I’m going to go get you something to eat.” He set the clothes down on the bed and closed the door behind him as he left. Y/N lifted her head and slowly changed into her friend’s clothes. When she finally settled down, wrapped in Bakugou’s blanket, the boy entered the room with a bowl of (favorite food).
“I brought you (f/f),” he said, sitting down beside you. “Maybe it’ll cheer you up.” Bakugou fed you the delicious food until the bowl was empty. He set it on his nightstand and grabbed your hands from the blanket. “Talk to me baby,” he coaxed. “What’s on your mind? Is it me? Did I do something?” Y/N shook her head. She climbed on Bakugou's lap and wrapped her legs around his waist and buried her face against him.
"It's not you," she assured. "It's me." Bakugou ran one hand through Y/N's hair as the other rubbed up and down her back.
"What do you mean?" He asked. "You know you can trust me." Bakugou could feel his shirt dampen with Y/N’s tears.
“I’m not good enough,” she muttered, burying her face further into her friend. The boy suddenly pulled back and grabbed the girl by her shoulders, trying to get her to look at him.
“What?!” he exclaimed. Bakugou used one hand to lift your chin up. His heart broke in two when he saw how upset you looked.  “What do you mean you’re not good enough?! You’re one of the best in our class!” He used his thumb to wipe away a few tears. “Did someone tell you that you weren’t good enough?! Who was it? I’ll kill them myself.”
“It was me,” Y/N sobbed. Bakugou pulled her back into a hug. “I told myself that.”
“Why?” he asked. “Why would you ever tell yourself that?”
“Because it’s true,” she answered. “Look at me! I’m weak! I can’t do anything for myself and I always have to rely on others!” Y/N had sat up and started hitting Bakugou in the stomach weakly. He didn’t mind all that much; it was a way for Y/N to let out her emotions and it didn’t involve her getting herself hurt.
“You’re not weak darling,” he tried to assure her, grabbing her hands. He pulled them to him and kissed them softly. “You are so not weak.”
“Yes I am!” Y/N sobbed, falling into Bakugou again. “Look at me! I’m not pretty. I’m not skinny. I can’t live up to everyone’s expectations. I’m worthless!”
So that’s what’s getting to her, Bakugou thought to himself. A person can only be so happy for so long. He rested his chin on top of her head.
“You aren’t worthless,” he muttered, trying desperately to calm his friend down. “Look at me--hey, look at me.” He lifted Y/N’s chin once more and held it in place, maintaining eye contact. “You aren’t worthless. And you are good enough. Baby, you’re perfectly healthy for a girl your age. Your weight isn’t what you think. You don’t need to be pretty for people to like you. But you are pretty. You’re beautiful, you hear me?”
Y/N nodded, sniffling.
“You are perfectly capable of doing what is being asked of you. And if you think you aren’t, the whole class is here to help you,” Bakugou edged on. “We’re all here to love and support you for who you are, alright?”
“Alright.” Bakugou smiled, making Y/N grin slightly.
“Now, how about you take a nap, hm?” he suggested, ruffling the girl’s hair. “You’re starting to look like Aizawa…”
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fangurlingismyforte · 18 minutes ago
we wore a crown once (b.b. x reader)
request: nope
pairing: Prince!Bucky Barnes x Female!Reader, Royal AU
summary: he was desperately looking to be an ordinary man for a day. she never liked extraordinary things either anyways.
word count: about 1.3K
warnings: none that I can think of
A/N: this is my first AU. I made up the town names, just in case. criticism is appreciated as long as it's respectful!
Emelle is the name of the town this story is set in.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(gif and photo not mine, credits to the owner)
Bucky donned the clothes he had requested from his tailor: something befitting a common man, with gloves and sleeves covering up his prosthetic well. This was very much the first time he was wearing simple wool.
He didn't mind, though. Velvets and cashmeres only pleased a man so much. It didn't particularly please anybody who grew up in them, atleast not Bucky.
A quick single rap on his door made him aware that his ride was ready for him. He looked at himself in the mirror for the last time, hoping no man would recognise the prince out of his silks and velvets, and made his way out of his chambers.
He made sure the servants and knights didn't see his face, hoping that if nobody saw him like this, nobody would know the prince was gone for the day.
He wasn't a prince, he had to remind himself. Not today.
For today he was a common man.
James was his name, a man with no last name. A man without a surname meant a bastard, someone most people would not talk too much to. James would be free to explore for however long he pleased, or however long it took for Bucky's mother, the Queen Regent, to realise he was missing and send out knights to find him.
The chariot was waiting for him with his squire and best friend, Steve.
"Everything as planned?" he asked his friend.
Steve nodded and asked him to climb in quickly, lest they risk being seen.
The chariot only took them as far as the castle was in sight. After that, James hopped off and entered the city as a common man.
He did not know what he'd expect but he didn't expect, well, so much suffering.
It felt like a bucket of cold water was splashed on his face as he saw the reality of how most lived. It made him all the more determined to be a good prince and, one day, king.
But as he was explaining a rather empty, but economically well off, street with a handful of shops, he chanced upon a girl, possibly the most beautiful and cutest girl he has ever laid eyes on.
And Bucky Barnes had seen some of the most beautiful princesses and noble ladies in the world.
She was handling a bakery with an older woman, possibly her mother.
Without thinking, his legs took him to the shop.
She looked at him, plastering a friendly smile. "Hello, I'm (Y/N). How may I help you, Mister...?"
"James." he smiled. He had almost uttered Bucky.
"Hi, James."
"Hi." He knew he was flustered right now but he couldn't help it.
James didn't have the same confidence Bucky did.
She furrowed her brows in confusion. "How may I help you?" She repeated.
"What all do you have for sale today?" He enquired.
"All kinds of things. Cakes, breads, pies, you name it. Anything special you're looking for?"
"Do you have some plum pie?"
"We do!" She went behind the counter and picked up the pie. "Today is your lucky day, sir, because we don't make plum pies a lot."
"Today is a lucky day, indeed, my lady." He said, gazing at her intently.
She blushed under his attention, not accustomed to it. "Should I pack it?"
"Yes, thank you."
"Anything else?" She wanted him to spend more time at the shop. Not having seen him before, she wasn't sure if he was going to come here again.
"Nothing for now." He was trying hard to come up with an excuse to stay longer. Lord knows when he'll be able to sneak out of the castle like this again, if ever.
She packed the pie, handing him the bag and collecting the money.
"Are you free right now, my lady?" He dared to ask. "I had trouble finding places and was wondering if you could show me around?"
(Y/N) looked at the back of the shop, where her mother was busy doing god knows what. "Mother, can I go with Mister James and show him around for some time?"
Her mother looked up to the man, narrowing her eyes in what (Y/N) calls a motherly inspection. Finding something she was looking for, she softened her gaze and gave her approval, muttering something about a slow day.
(Y/N) put away her apron and came out of the shop, smiling at James. "So are you a tourist?" She asked.
He nodded. "I come from a small town called Aynor." Bucky had heard of the town on his last visit to Sokovia. It was part of his cover up. "It's just on the outskirts of Sokovia."
"Sokovia? I would've never guessed you come from overseas." She said.
For a moment, Bucky thought his ruse was caught, but she started talking about the town plaza and everything was back to normal.
His charade was still up.
The day went well. Really well. James and (Y/N) had a spectacular time together. James even learnt (Y/N) didn't like the Royal Family much but she had heard that Prince Bucky was one of the most handsome men in the country. That made him smile and flush slightly.
It was nearing dusk now and both of them were making their way along the river's shoreline that ran parallel to the town, going back to (Y/N)'s shop.
"Thank you for a beautiful day." James said.
"It was my pleasure." Initially, (Y/N) had apprehensions for taking a tourist around the town for free. However, after having an amazing day with the man herself, she almost forgot she wanted to ask for any kind of fee. Her family was well off than most in the city, so she wasn't desperate for the fee either.
"How long are you in town?" She asked the man beside her.
"Just today." He said, both of their smiles deflating.
"Oh. It was a pleasure having you in town today, Mister James."
Bucky hadn't noticed till now that (Y/N) didn't care that James was a bastard. Everybody else before her shared limited words with him. She was different.
"Will you be back soon?"
"I hope so." He said truthfully.
Me too, (Y/N) thought, though she didn't voice it.
The plum pie in James' hand was long gone, both of them sharing it as lunch under a tree near the riverbed.
"Your hands must have magic." James had said to her chewing the first bite of the pie.
(Y/N) had blushed. "My mother makes all the sweets. I only manage the finances."
He had shrugged and looked at her adoringly still.
Now, as her shop neared, she wanted to spend more time with him. He was a gentleman, also funny and witty. She had never met a man like him before.
He didn't seem to chase after all the material things that most people want to boast. For the most day, he was content looking at the town and its attractions, wanting to learn all of the history and townsfolk's opinions. He didn't seem to visit Emelle for its finest and most expensive handicraft, rather came with a genuine interest for the stories.
He was different, in all sense.
Her mother was closing up the shop, violet had already started streaking the sky above, and James had bowed low to both of them, thanking (Y/N) once again for a beautiful day. He took out two copper coins from his pocket, handing them to her as means of a fee.
"You were kind enough to not ask for a fee, but it isn't in my nature to ask for your time for free. You did a great favour to me today. Consider that a thanks." And with that, he turned his back to her. "I have to go now." His steps were brisk, his words hushed. She figured his ship or carriage must be taking off. Although people did not usually travel at night, it was not unknown.
In truth, Bucky had seen some knights further down the road, so he knew his time was up.
Nevertheless, he felt happy for the day he spent, determined to come to her again.
this is a new type of story for me plus this is also my first Bucky fic. please tell me what you thought of this introduction, it's appreciated! this was just to set their relationship a bit, I wish to explore the world more in later parts. no promises as to when the next part will be released tho :P
as always, thank you so much for reading!
taglist is open!
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alekscnder · 18 minutes ago
hi!! could i request some dating genya headcanons?? literally starving for content of her
pairing: genya safin x reader
warnings: none just fluff.
a/n: thanks for requesting! i hope you like it <3
you and genya were best friends before you stared dating
so you were already really intimate even before getting into a relationship
honestly both of you has always knew it was only a matter of time before you got together
she knew you liked her, you knew she liked you
but it took a looong time before any of you took a iniciative
because both of you were too scared your relationship would end up not working and then ruin your amazing friendship in the process
but you ended up turning into the best couple ever, actually
holding hands all the time
like all. the. time.
it became kind of a natural thing, you don't even realize you're doing it
you'd look down and oh
your fingers are intertwined
genya loves to spoil you
not in a material way
but just like, showering you with her love and affection
leaving little notes at your bedside table
just a cute heart drawn on the paper
or a simple "love you :)"
and your heart would melt everytime
you'd spent like several minutes staring at her perfect handwriting
genya would let you play with hair hair at the end of the day, her head on your chest and your arms around her as you too talk about literally everything that happened while you weren't around each other that day
her fingers drawing lazy circles on the skin of your waist until she eventually falls asleep to the sound of your voice
"genya? you fell asleep, didn't you?"
but you'd be smiling like a fool as you stare at her relaxed expression, leaving a soft kiss to the crown of her head
genya has the most comforting hugs ever
one of her hands running up and down your back, the other carressing your arm or your hair as she kisses your forehead and whispers "it's okay, i'm here." when you've had a bad day
she would do anything just to see you smile, actually
sneaking out of your daily activities so you can make out at some empty room at the little palace because you're that kind of couple
the two of you would be laughing the whole time tho because it's so stupid but it's worth it
genya would remind you of how beautiful she thinks you are every day
her fingers tracing along your features as you lay on the bed, your eyes closed but a soft smile on your lips as she whispers:
"you're perfect."
you're obsessed with her kisses
you don't know how, but whenever you kiss it always feels like the first time
her soft lips being the only thing you can think of when she's kissing you
and you'd be breathless when you pull away, smiling wide
genya dressing you up fancily when you're alone in your room some nights just because she can
and doing your hair!
she says it's because she needs to practice her styling skills but we all know it's just so she can admire you
you'd pose playfully, laughing when you look at yourself in the mirror
and genya would be watching you with the biggest smile on her face
"y/n, can you do something for me?"
"of course, genya."
"please don't ever change."
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fortune-fool02 · 21 minutes ago
Vampire Child Dio Brando x female reader
Requested by: anonymous
(I hope you like this one) can I request a scenario for the Vampire Kid Dip au? Like its about how y/n, Dio's friend, comes to the Joestar home one day and sees that Dio is now a kid and also a vampire and is asking what the hell happened?
Vampire Child AU
Please enjoy. 
Tumblr media
It had been exactly thirty three minutes since [Name] had entered the Joestar manor to visit Dio, a friend of hers, to return a notebook he had left when they were sharing a revision session. And it had been thirty minutes since she had found Dio but not as they last saw one another. 
The man sitting on the chair away from the window was not the late teenage years to early twenties man that she knew but a young, small boy whose eyes glowed a crimson light. Jonathan also stood by the chair, having finished explaining the situation to her. There was likely more in depth to it though Jonathan had given her the quick version of Dio accidentally using the Stone Mask that his family owned, and had somehow, been reverted to the age of around ten to twelve years old.
Though, from what could be assumed from his glowing eyes and the fangs that were hidden within his mouth, there was likely a strong chance of vampirism. She took a bit of time to process the mere idea of this. To be truthful, she would have laughed at the silly idea if she was not witnessing it for herself. 
“So....Dio is a child again, but also a vampire?” She broke down everything she was told into the single question to which Jonathan nodded his head. Dio, though, only sat in his chair, looking more smaller than he ever has. So odd. 
“Yes. We are unsure if this is a permanent-” 
“It had better not be permanent, JoJo.” Dio lowly hissed at the dark-haired man. Jonathan glanced at him for a moment before turning back to [Name].
“But we are looking for a way to try and reverse it and return Dio to his proper age again.” Jonathan finished and she nodded her head, letting her mind process this further. With the curtains closed, blocking out most of the sunlight, Dio stood up and walked over to her, hating how he had to look up at her now, instead of before when he had to look down a little. He hated this shortness. 
“You will assist us in finding a way to fix this, I doubt JoJo will be of aid by himself.” [Name] lightly sighed at his little shot at Jonathan, even as a child like this, his ego and pride were too big for his body. Still, [Name] could not deny that Dio did need help, even if he was too proud to say it openly. 
[Name] smiled lightly, her hand resting on Dio’s golden locks and gently brushed her fingers through his soft hair. An action that Dio enjoyed. Soothing. Crimson eyes lightly closing at the gesture, resting into her touch before shaking his head and giving a light glare. [Name] didn’t mind. She had learned a little of how to read Dio’s actions and behaviour, this little glare was no threat nor anger, just light irritation. 
“Don’t worry, Dio. We will find a way to help you, okay?” He huffed softly, crossing his arms a bit and lowered his gaze. 
“Alright. Fine then.” Smiling again, she quickly lowered down and pressed a quick kiss on his cheek. 
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classyfruit · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some are being chased through Dimitrescu Castle because they are unwanted guests. The others are chased out of the exact opposite reason. Who would you prefer to be caught by? 😏
This is part one of a series of kissing scenes about our RE8 ladies. 🥰 And OH YES, I have even more of those up my sleeve! 😈 We're talking Mother Miranda, Donna Beneviento, very likely more Alcina.... There's more to come next Wednesday.  
Until then, don't mind the canon! And take care of yourselves. Lots of love! 💕
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eroslove88 · 22 minutes ago
Drabble: Obviously you're of age in this. It's just Endeavor taking advantage of your daddy issues.
Pairing: Enji Todoroki (Endeavor) x Fem. Reader
Warnings: Dubcon, spitting, fingering, semi-public, orgasm denial (?), slight kidnapping mentioned, daddy kink (ish) and gaslighting
Notes: I haven't written in like a month or two, so my apologies! Enjoy.
Tumblr media
“S-sir…” your eyes wandered around the large bedroom, “A-are you sure this is ok?" you hesitantly asked your ‘idol’.
“You came to me. I'm only helping you” he responded with a hand slithering around your waist pulling you closer to his chest, “What's wrong?” his face lowered close to your ear. “Don't tell me I wasted all my time just for you to be ungrateful”
“No no not at all, I…. Your kids are home-”
“Who gives a damn?" with that he gave you no time to protest again before he pinned you down onto the mattress and burned your clothing to ash only leaving you in your undergarments.
One big hand grabbing your small hands and placing them above your head while he silenced you with his mouth muffling a small whimper. His other hand made its way down to your damp panties. His thick fingers rubbed small tight circles over your clothed clit as a deadened moan left your mouth.
A string of saliva connected both of your mouths as he pulled away and started kissing your collar teeth grazing your skin “Mm’daddy” your stifled voice called out.
You felt so embarrassed and small, he was fully clothed and you were currently barely covered by thin fabrics. This wasn't what you expected. The only reason you had come to him was because, well he was like a father figure. This was normal, right?
His fingers soon made their way inside your lace panties- obviously bought by the man himself. You bit on your tongue trying to repress your moans as they came out as small whimper.
A whine left your throat when his fingers heated up a bit burning the thin lace to ash. He pushed himself down before spitting on your folds making you squirm a bit. “Behave” he demanded with a small pinch to your nub.
Your eyes widened before you nodded with teary eyes and a small sniffle. Before you knew it his rough fingers pushing past your folds. Your mouth agape when his fingers curled, you couldn't hold back your moans anymore. The room filled with your moans and the sounds of your juices being squished. Warm saliva slid down your chin onto your neck as your eyes rolled back and legs shook.
“We'll finish this later” he says retreating his fingers from your sloppy pussy, wiping them on your shaky thighs.
“I said we'll finish later” he said getting up and tossing you a dirty, sweaty shirt. “Not like you've got anything better to do” like always he was right. Wasn't like you were gonna leave anytime soon.
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