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deepdarkdelights · 8 minutes ago
persephone namjoon can kiss. my. motherfucking ASS!?$& he’s such a piece of shit. he got a sweet special place in hell waiting for him 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍 cant waitz😍
percephone mc ill save u! ms. author - hold my earrings pls and thank u 😌
I will hold your earrings with pride while you open a can of whoop ass 💜
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deepdarkdelights · 8 minutes ago
Is that punishment physical though...🥺🥺 do you think JK will ever become Mr. Jeon though 😨😨
I don’t think he will ever become like his father, so we don’t have to worry about that 😅
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deepdarkdelights · 9 minutes ago
Ohh ohh ohh! Do you think you would ever write a blurb or drabble in any of the boys' perspectives? Bouquet series
Hm, I think so! I quite enjoy writing from their perspectives, I had a fun time doing it in Forbidden Fruit!
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deepdarkdelights · 52 minutes ago
how would 10 series jk feel if she flicked him off to hurt his feelings
“Shot through the heart and you’re to blame darlin you give love a bad name.” 
Every single one of you better know this song 😂
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deepdarkdelights · 53 minutes ago
If MC didn’t have the birth control pills and tried to get away when jk was trying to impregnate her. Would jk hold her down and still try to release inside when she’s clearly showing she doesn’t want this by struggling to get away?
Hmmmmmm...this one got me. 
I think some members would be more inclined to do so than Jungkook. I mean I would say yeah just for the whole throes of passion thing and not being able to pull out? Pull out game not strong 😔
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deepdarkdelights · 54 minutes ago
To 10 series JK: Please don't hurt our mc :( You Love her, don't you??
Oh he “loves” her alright, but that doesn’t mean she’s exempt from punishment 👀
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deepdarkdelights · 55 minutes ago
Jimins response to “why do you have to be such a weirdo” from the mc?
Probably something cheesy like: “I’m a weirdo for you.” sir, not today, not ever, not even at Walmart. Just no. 
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deepdarkdelights · 56 minutes ago
New fear unlocked🔓: Victorian porcelain dolls 😃
Yes. Just yes. 😂
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deepdarkdelights · 56 minutes ago
Omg I just googled Victorian Porcelain dolls... Whyyyyyyy :'( It's going to haunt me forever.. But in terms of putting it into perspective for the fic, thank you!
Hehe your welcome lovely.
Now, imagine me sleeping with one on a shelf at the foot of my bed for thirteen years. Nightmares....
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deepdarkdelights · 57 minutes ago
Anon about the birth mtl
Oh wow I knew that NJ would be somewhere at the top for my mtl, but I wasn't expecting the very top! Jungkook and Yoongi, oh hell yeah, but NJ for the most! Would you mind explaining that?
Well his whole goal is to impregnate the mc and get his heir so I just figured it made the most sense for him to be at the top I suppose 🤔
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deepdarkdelights · 57 minutes ago
Mtl likely get jealous if the MC pays more attention to their pet hehehe
Hehe here we go:
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deepdarkdelights · 58 minutes ago
I love Persephone the most of all your amazing fics. The ending was chilling and I'm sure that I'm not the only one who loves to hate Namjoon's character there. How would he respond if the mc's condition begins to go down, like depicted in the beginning of the fic, when she had nightmares, loss of appetite, all that happened after she developed her fear of blood.
Asoenfcfordnkwnvonv thank you so much this made my day 🥺💜💜💜
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deepdarkdelights · 59 minutes ago
Super random but I wish I have a different PMS symptom...mine typically involves crying for no/trivial reason n it's happening now so lol it's so annoying to be aware that this is just hormone messing around n simultaneously know that I can't rly control it😂 -🍫
Ugh I feel you babe, mine just ended.
Usually my symptoms involve intensely hating myself and crying about how I wish I was someone else for seven days. I envy the women who only have theirs for four days. 
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deepdarkdelights · an hour ago
omfg 😂😂😂
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deepdarkdelights · an hour ago
I love how Yn doesn’t say I love you back to Jungkook😌
It’s the little things ya know 👀
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deepdarkdelights · an hour ago
Do you remember a fic you recommended a long time ago on here that was kinda similar to ten seconds🙏
Hello lovely!
It was by a writer called Tournetae, sadly they deactivated and I don’t know where they went 😔
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iwishiwassmol · an hour ago
2, 11 and 37 for the number asks?
2. Favorite thing to wear to sleep?
I prefer to sleep naked, or only in panties
11. What color/design are your bedsheets?
I have a blue/black reversible duvet set with grey accent pillows/blankets
37. Makeup or natural?
I don’t do full-face ever but mascara and and eyebrow pencil are my daily. Winged eyeliner if I’m feeling ✨frisky✨
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fredweasleystan · 3 hours ago
Friendly reminder:
If you ever find a cursed ass image my inbox is always open 🧍‍♀️
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talk-to-the-mercs · 3 hours ago
Do you guys mind if I list all the reasons why Scout is probably definitely Hermes? Because there's a lot
Scout: Hermes, huh? Uh...Engie, y’know what this guy’s talkin’ about?
Engineer: He’s a Roman god, ain’t he? A messenger or somethin’?
Sniper: ‘Ermes is Greek. If you were lookin’ for the Roman translation, it would be Mercury. Son of Zeus, the king of the gods, and Maia, a nymph. When ‘e was just a babe, ‘e started makin’ trouble by stealin’ Apollo’s cattle, but made made it up to ‘im by makin’ the first lute out of cattle guts and a tortoise shell. Pleased ‘im so much he forgot about the cows.
Engineer: Well, now, I never knew ya liked mythology, Snipe.
Sniper: Oh, I, uh...took it
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