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#thor x you
endofthelinegang · 6 hours ago
Father's Day Special
Pairing: Y/N x Avengers Dads
Request: No, but anyone is welcomed to request anything off of this
Summary: In honor of father's day I turned my favorite MCU men who are not father's into them.
Tumblr media
Loki Laufeyson
Tumblr media
Perseus Luka Lokison: 8 years old (oldest twin - 1st born)
La'Luna Frigga Lokidottir: 8 years old (youngest twin - 2nd born)
Arista Nyx Lokidottir: 6 years okd (3rd Born)
Freyja Fae Lokidottir: 3 years old (4th born)
Ceres Vulcan Lokison: 1 month old (5th born)
This magical family is considered "The House of L", Perseus and Luna were both very happily planned out and started out the most perfect journey of a lifetime. Perseus takes after his father in so many ways. They look identical to each other and they share the same type of magic. Sometimes, it’s hard for them to get along but regardless they love each other. Most of the time they bond over books, stories of Loki’s childhood, and Loki teaching him magic. Luna doesn’t lack in magic, but comes the best when she is a frost giant. She can easily switch between her normal pale skin to being a blue ice magic user. Her and her father bond over this quite a lot due to how beautiful he believes she is while like that. Though he won’t admit it to any of them, Luna’s ability to use her magic and look the way he is scared makes him envious and proud. She leans on him for so many things, especially when she’s scared or needs help turning back from being a frost giant/ Then there’s Arista, the mommy’s girl who gets along best with Perseus. She uses her connection to the underworld to conjure up demons, monsters, and spirits of all kinds. She can also use her magic to kill easily, if anyone tries to inflict pain on her she can channel the injury into them. Arista’s body turns halfway into a deadly looking demon with a skull face. The first time this happens it scares Perseus to death, he panics both you and Loki and will not let go of Loki’s hand nor leave his side. When you go check on Arista she is writing out her alphabet just like she was supposed to. She just looks different, and she doesn’t act any different. So, you explain that to Loki and you both take the time to explain to the twins that it’s just something that happens. Like how Luna and Loki turn blue. After that you and Loki agree that’s enough kids, until of course Mobius agrees to watch your 3 kids and things get out of hand between the two of you. This is where the biggest daddies girl of all, Freyja, comes from. She uses basic magic to move things around the room, she can take things from books and put them into real life, and she can phase from one room to another. Anytime she talks it’s to her father, and if it’s not directed at him it’s about him. She is always attached at his hip and will constantly do little things to mess with Loki. Then last but not least is Ceres, dark hair, light eyes, and unlike the rest never quits crying. This is unless you, his mother, walk him around. If you stop or put him down he continues to cry. He is also the only baby to be born a frost giant, which almost killed you due to your body temperature dropping. Overall you are a big happy family, dysfunctional, magical, odd, but happy. You all reside on Midguard in a big beautiful home, and Loki stays working for the TVA.
Thor Odinson
Tumblr media
Fleur Olympia Thordottir: 8 years old (1st born)
Natalia Calypso Thordottir: 4 years old (2nd born)
Romulus Elio Odin Thorson: 2 years old (3rd born)
Running with the guardians is not the easiest life to live. There is always bartering, making deals, killing all sorts of creatures, and catching wrong do-ers. But of course you had to take a break when you fell pregnant with a blonde hair, blue eyed little girl who speaks and acts like you. She is incredibly strong, fast, and talented for someone her age. Fleur, once the peak age of 8, helps out fixing things at home and on the ship constantly. She also learns how to shoot a bow and arrow amongst other weapons very early on (she just got attached to that one the most). Then Thor had to take another break to help you take care of Natalia. Another blue eyed, blonde haired baby who acted identically to her father. Though little she can conjure Mjölnir, the first time she did this was on the ship. Quill and Thor decided to show her some of the galaxy when all of a sudden she reached out and the hammer went directly into her hands. All the guardians were in pure shock, so was Thor. But that shock was short lived when she decided to start slamming the hammer into the table in front of her. Though you and Thor were incredibly proud and happy with your daughters, you could tell that there was something in Thor that wanted a son. So without bringing this idea up to him you told him you wanted one more child. You begged to Odin for it to be a boy, and sure enough you ended up with a little boy. This time he looked a lot like you with the blue eyes and blonde hair. He was an incredibly peaceful baby and did nothing but sleep, which concerned the two of you since the girls were loud babies. The older he got the more he acted like Thor, at the ripe age of two he was able to change the weather outside based on his mood. When he was happy it was beautiful, when he would stir there was some snow or hail, but when he was upset a storm flew over the home and lightening would strike everywhere. Thor continues to go with the Guardians and get rewards from those whom they help.
James Barnes
Tumblr media
Rebecca Winifred Barnes: 8 years old (1st born)
Grant Howard Barnes: 4 years old (oldest twin - 2nd born)
Anthony Thomas Barnes: 4 years old (youngest twin - 3rd born)
Stephanie Diana Barnes: 8 months old (4th born)
This family did not have a fair start when it comes to beginnings. You were a captive of Hyrdra, due to the fact that on your birth records you just didn't exist. You were listed as a stillborn baby. No one knew you were alive. The only reason you were alive was because of the traces of infinity stones injected into your bones as a baby. So, you were easy to experiment on and use. Therefore you were the head pawn for the project "SOLDAT, WINTER'S CHILDREN". This captivity and abuse was where Rebecca was born, in the winter without any heat. Of course you had to take care of her yourself because Bucky was in absolutely no shape to do so. You kept her and her abilities that you knew she had subdued. You couldn't let them take her away from you. Then you were subjected to more, which is where Grant and Anthony came from. Grant was lucky to survive, being born mostly deaf, much smaller, and sick. Though Bucky was not Bucky and was in no shape to be helpful he would bring you things and try to help you in anyway he could that was not overly empathetic. Then eventually they tried to subject you to the electroshock that they had put Bucky under due to his escape and with your magic you destroyed the building and took your children with you. Rebecca developed abilities in the realm of sound manipulation. She could destroy things, create force fields, and control what people did, thought, and said just with her voice. Anthony could create small forcefields, move things with these small bubbles of energy, and slow down or speed up objects with the energy. Grant wasn't deaf after all, he had super-hearing. He could hear anything and everything from miles away, so you developed him special hearing-aids that could turn up or turn down sound to help him be able to rest and settle down. Grant could also move inhumanly fast and could be inhumanly strong. You raised the three of them for the longest time, until a short haired man and an avenger showed up on your porch. After a lot of talking, meeting, going on dates, meeting the kids, and becoming a solid part of all of your lives, you decide to give Bucky what he seemed to want. A second chance, and he never got a chance to raised any of his other three kids from birth. Which is where little Steph came from, she was a perfect baby. You were jealous at how lucky he got it. She slept carefully, loved to snuggle, ate and burped easy, and never fussed or cried. Grant was incredibly close to James, when he's scared or in public he clings to him. He loves his metal are and never lets go. Anthony is more attached to you, he is always by your side and rarely ever picks James over you. Rebecca loves James and you about evenly. She splits her time and need for different things equally, though she is a bit more attached to you. Stephanie is daddies girl forever, anytime she sees him and he leaves the room she acts out and kicks and reaches until he comes to get her. Her favorite place to sleep is on him and when she's playing shy she prefers do it on him. James continues to work with Sam and eventually S.W.O.R.D, he also goes on to help others get pardoned and help those who were pardoned lead different lives and be better people.
Steve Rogers
Tumblr media
Sarah Natasha Rogers: 4 years old (1st born)
Carter James Rogers: newly born (2nd born)
The blip, possibly the worst thing to happen to the world since wars and plagues. As terrible as it all sounds, the world is finally quiet and settled down. You watched and tried to help and Steve struggled with the loss of his teammates and friends. He tried to think of every single way around believing what happened really happened. But eventually, with some convincing you were able to get through to him. He moved out of his little apartment, and took his things from the compound and moved with you out of the city into the more rural area. After settling in for a while you decided to get married, right after that you decided to start a family. Which is where little Sarah came from, she was in your spitting image but with her fathers eyes. She was gorgeous and continued to be gorgeous as she grew up. She had incredible bouts of energy, and constantly wanted to play games, run around outside, do puzzles, draw, paint, and hear stories. She rarely slept and was even born with her eyes open, she never shut them until her body forced her to sleep. Steve enjoyed having a little ball of energy that was so well attached to him. She was always climbing on him, holding his hands, sitting on his lap, and taking naps on him. Sarah helped him overcome the sadness and failure he felt after the war. Then after about 4 years of having Sarah, you fell pregnant with a little boy. Carter, he was Steve's twin and looks and in his attitude. This baby was already stubborn and noisy at random times. He never gave up the screaming or laying how he felt it comfortable (even though it was not safe). Steve continued to council people and help out Nat when she needed it, until Scott showed up on the security cameras.
Doctor Stephen Strange
Tumblr media
Antoinette Eugenia Strange: 7 years old (1st born)
Beverly Leda Strange 4 years old (2nd born)
Time is a very valuable thing, and no one knows that better than Stephen Strange. A careful calculated man with a lot of responsibility at his hands at all times. He always saw what was coming and nothing unexpected ever happened. That was until he came to bed one night to you sitting up waiting for him instead of being curled up asleep. Not 9 months later you had Antoinette, a dark haired, dark eyed little girl who was so quiet you forgot that you had her. You had never met a little girl quite like her. She never spoke unless it was something that needed to happen. She cleaned up after herself without being asked at a young age, and never had anything but a neutral-happy look on her face. Unless her father got it out of her, he could make her laugh and smile like children should. The two of them had talks about books, time, and ancient history all the time. For someone so young she was incredibly intelligent. Then later on you had Beverly, though she looked like her older sister she acted completely different. She loved to play with toys and be loud. Hell, she liked to be loud in general, she preferred to be the center of attention. Beverly loved to build things and use technology, it's what she understood. Her and her father got along over science and scientific research. Whenever one daughter was closer to the Stephen the other was closer to you. The two of them did not get along, at least not to you and Stephen's knowledge. That was until one night he went to check on Antoinette and she was missing from her bed. So, he peaked in on Beverly and the two of them had made a fort to fall asleep in. They played together and did different activities together in the same gentle space. Stephen continues to keep track of time and help different people while supporting his family.
Tumblr media
Andrina Mertle Mobius: 11 years old (1st born)
Atlas Milo Mobius 9 years old (2nd born)
Adella Maria Mobius: 3 years old (3rd born)
Imagine living where time was more confusing than somehow anywhere else. That is the life of Mobius and Y/N, you are not an agent, but rather someone he had gotten close to during a very long variant search. The TVA being there caused your presence to become 'variant', so you were taken in for questioning. When you weren't found guilty of anything Mobius opted to take you in, and that was the start of everything. When you first found out you were pregnant you weren't entirely sure what to do. Especially considering how odd Null-Time worked. You of course were the only one worried about this, up until Andrina was born. She was beautiful, but incredibly sassy from the moment you met her. She refused to sleep, eat when you wanted her to, sleep, or allow you to swaddle her and change her clothes. That sassy and stubborn attitude never ever left her, and that certainly did not make her any nicer to her little brother Atlas. He was a comedian, a bullheaded, sarcastic, and wild little comedian. Atlas consistently picked on everyone in the home including his big sister who did not like putting up with his shit. Mobius constantly has to break up fights between the two of them. This usually ends up with Andrina sitting next to him and or doing something with him, and Atlas doing something with you. This is until the numbers in the house become uneven with Adella. The princess of the house who only behaves well in front of Mobius, not even you. In front of you and the other two children she is loud and destructive. But the moment she sees her father that all changes, and all she wants is to be in his arms. Of course Andrina is able to also pull that card, which gets Mobius both his daughters snuggling with him and constantly behaving in front of him which is good enough to him. At the end of the day full house sleepovers in your shared bed are quite normal. So is talking bad about all of your kids just to end up talking about funny things they've done or how much you love them. Mobius continues to work for the TVA and you and your family live in Null-Time near the TVA Headquarters.
Peter Parker
Tumblr media
Mae Mary Parker: 4 years old (1st born)
Benjamin Richard Parker: 2 years old (2nd born)
Having kids young was never something Peter Parker saw himself doing. But, seeing everything now he wouldn't change this for the world. Though he himself was a big kid, it made him an even better and energetic dad. Mae was born in the freezing cold snow, and Peter kept her wrapped in her blanket and put her inside his suit, like how a kangaroo carries it's baby. That was the start of an amazing bond, the two of them were attached at the hip and equally attached to you. They hung upside down together, played video games, played board games, built legos, read comics, watched Peter's home movies that he made on missions, and she watched him do all sorts of science stuff. On movie nights, regular nights, or anytime the three of you sat together to do something you had her in your lap and Peter had you on him. He would always try to braid and fix her hair and she would put bows in his, and then together they would try and fix yours. Then you had Benjamin, Peters identical twin. He looked just like him and was attached to you the way that Mae was attached to Peter. The only difference was Benjamin was very shy toward Peter. Peter tried to get Benjamin to be close to him but it was really hard, him and Mae got along, and Benjamin loved you which left Peter out. Until one day he went on a mission and came back to hear his son yelling "daddy" wanting him. Peter continues to work as an Avenger and works hard with science and technology to better reform the world.
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mandonnan · 8 hours ago
𝐥𝐚𝐬𝐭 𝐤𝐢𝐬𝐬 - 𝐥𝐨𝐤𝐢
pairing: loki x reader
the last time you kiss loki, inspired by a sad taylor swift song
warnings: heartbreak, angst, mentions of smut, frigga and loki bonding time
Tumblr media
your name, forever the name on my lips
he had never had a reason before, to feel as human as everyone wanted him too. He loved his family, but they adored their other son so much more, or so he had thought.
It wasn't until he met you that he began to see beyond the disdain and resentment he had grown so attached to. he heard your name, the first name to ever cross his lips that felt right. It felt so right that he needed to hear it again and again; he visited you on Midgard whenever he could get away.
His little secret; you were what he fled to when he felt isolated and alone. He showed you some of his magic, smiling as you giggled and begged him to show you again. He showed you the stars on freezing nights beside a fire, pointing out every constellation and their history to you as you listened in awe. He never talked about his family, only that he was from a beautiful place called Asgard, where the stars shone ten times as bright.
He kissed you, and promised that you would see it one day, with all its glory and riches. You were something he didn't want to share with his brother, nor feel guilty or ashamed of by his father. You were something he wanted to cherish and never let go, because you made him feel real.
You made him feel like so much more than the shadow behind his brother, he felt alive and in the sun with you. He was a fool; falling in love with a mortal who would die in the blink of an eye in his lifetime.
But he loved you.
When you kissed him, giggly and handsy in ways that made his head spin-- he felt alive; the purest forms of affection would spill from your mouth as you climbed into his lap. Your hands wound into his hair, rubbing and touching and moaning-- completely in love. It wasn't until you both were half naked, panting and chasing each other while at a standstill that he finally said it-- "I'm in love with you."
You had grinned and tackled him, peppering his lips with kisses and more happy giggles. He had never stopped smiling, even as you both fucked until the light of dawn bled into the room.
When he woke up, you were snoring softly beside him. He had retreated to Asgard and left you a note, saying he would be back in three days time. He left you a single rose from the garden, red and sweet and alive.
"Loki?" Frigga greeted him when he arrived back, worry on her face. He smiled at her and swept her in a hug. He was overjoyed, in love, and it oozed out of him liberally. "Where have you been?"
Loki was hesitant to tell her, but he couldn't resist. He had a soft spot for his mother, and he trusted her with everything. "I was on Midgard, I-I met someone. I've been with her all this time, she makes me feel so alive!"
Her face creased, the worry reaching down to her lips. "Does she know of your lifespan? Of your destiny?"
"I thought maybe if I visit so often, make time to go there and be with her, maybe she could come back with me and live-" He broke off, looking at the pain in his mother's face. She was worried.
"She is not made for this world, and even though I would give anything to see you happy, she belongs there-- you belong here."
Deep down he knew you belonged on Midgard, Earth, your home. He couldn't ask you to leave it for him, he wouldn't. He thought of staying on Midgard, but the look in his mothers eyes held worry. He loved her, and the thought of leaving her heartbroken pained him.
"My sweet boy." Frigga held his face in her hands, watching as tears welled in his eyes. "She is a mortal, her love for you is temporary, but the heartbreak you will feel when she leaves you will last forever."
He knew she was right; you would die and he would break in two. He knew what he had to do, but he didn't know how he would survive it.
He appeared in three days, eyes red and raw from anger and sadness. He appeared to you, black suit and eyes cold. You saw him and vaulted into his arms, inhaling every aspect of him as you smiled. "I missed you so much."
"And I you my dear." He pulled away and laid a hand on your waist, holding you to him. "Kiss me."
You grinned and complied, lips so sweet and soft and yearning for him. He kissed you, knowing it would be the last time he ever did. A tear escaped his eyes, falling down to where your tongues clashed.
You pulled away, worried as you saw him avoid your gaze. "What is it?"
"I can't see you anymore. We don't belong together. It has to stop."
He would never forget, as long as he lived, the way your heart broke in front of him. He watched your eyes well up, tears spilling down your cheeks as you cried. Your hands were still in his, and he raised one to his lips, kissing it as you both cried. You wanted to ask him why, but somehow you knew. He laid a kiss to your forehead, memorizing how your skin felt, before he detached from you. He was not out of your arms for a second before you spun to find him again.
But he was gone.
you told me you loved me, so why did you go away?
your name, forever the name on my lips.
He was gone.
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wandamaximoffswifey · 9 hours ago
I’m sorry, I was just informed that people are hating on Hunter B-15 for rightly being suspicious and cautious around Loki? Rightfully stating that he shouldn’t be able to help on the missions since Loki ran away the first chance he got? If I see any of you on this app/website hating on her, I’m not kidding - I’ll send you a full essay as to why Hunter B-15 is the best character on Loki so far, I STG.
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peterbparkerth · 14 hours ago
The Cloaked Rose ~Chapter 5~
Tumblr media
*The Cloaked Rose Masterlist*
Summary: What happens when a Psychic Nexus who feels anybody’s energy comes in contact with the Avengers but most importantly someone she thought she’ll never find.
Bucky X OC!Character
Avengers X Platonic!Character
A/N: The main character’s personality is based on myself and she’s not like Wanda just imagine the main character to be a different type of nexus and Wanda being just a witch not a nexus. Also it starts after Thanos dies meaning the falcon and winter soldier time but Tony and the rest are alive and Steve is a Nomad but the government is okay with him since He gave the shield to Sam. John Walker aka the US agent still exists but he’s on the down low. Loki is also an avenger now so chill.
Chapter 5
Alara’s POV
I was happy that Bucky pulled me away from the dance floor as I was very uncomfortable dancing with a stranger.
When Nat left the booth, Bucky sat on the counter chair and I did the same. “Alara” he said and cleared his throat to speak again “you need to stop dancing with strangers, they can be harmful to you. I don’t want anything to happen to you..” he sighed and then continued “You mean so much to me Al, so much ” he then looked at me. I only nodded letting him know I agree with him.
He took a deep breath and after a while he spoke “I care about you Alara, you can say that I even like you”, his confession made me realize my feelings for him. “I care about you too Bucky and trust me I feel the same” I finally said, he smiled at me and held my hand softly. He shouldn’t have touched me because the moment he touched me I felt being in deep pain the pain being too much for me, I looked at Bucky as he knew something was wrong, but before he could say something I ran away from him. “Alara!” I heard everyone call me but I kept running towards my room.
I had no idea when I slept but I woke up in my room in the same dress from last night, I quickly changed into casual clothes but didn’t want to go to the kitchen. Just then Wanda knocked on the door and said “Alara we need to talk about what happened last night”, I sighed and turned to look at her “okay Wanda get in.” She nodded and sat on the edge of the bed, “so why did you leave last night in a hurry. Bucky must be feeling his worst today” she said. I coughed a bit and then told her “When Bucky touched me last night, I felt a lot of pain from him and I thought he was not being truthful to me”.
Wanda nodded and replied “I understand how you feel Alara, but give him a chance if you feel the same way. Maybe it’s your powers telling you to take all that pain away from him”. I looked at her surprised “you think that?” I asked and she nodded smiling. I got out of my room and walked to the kitchen. “Where’s Bucky?” I asked Steve when I walked in the kitchen. “Well morning to you too Al, he’s in the training room” he replied and I ran towards the training room.
I saw Bucky training his shooting skills with Nat and jealousy hit me a lot. I opened the door and ran to Bucky. “Bucky!” I said as I ran to him, he turned around and was immediately hugged by me. He chuckled “Doll, how are you feeling today?” He asked as he hugged me back, “sorry I left without saying anything, I’m sorry” I said but all he did was kiss my forehead to calm me down. “Want to go have breakfast with me love?” He asked me and I blushed as I nodded.
Within a few minutes we were sitting on the dining table having our lunch when suddenly Clint switched on the news, it showed how someone with powers escaped the prison only to get to another dimension. “This is bad” I said, everyone else looked at me needing to know more.
“MTF captured that prisoner after such a hard fight. If he escaped there must be a dangerous reason for it” I said. “What do you mean dangerous?” Loki and Thor asked at the same time and then looked at each other.
Before I could say anything, a portal opened in the middle of the lounge and in came Ryan clearly in stress. “We have a big ass problem Alara” he said, I rolled my eyes and walked to him “Just because Derine escaped, it doesn’t mean the world will end Ry” I said and let him on the couch.
“Who’s Derine and what’s his story?” Peter asked as he got into the lounge “Peter, he is one of the men of Kalike who is just like Hydra but in other dimension” I let him and everyone else know.
“No, he’s not.” Zaire suddenly came to the lounge with other MTF men. I looked at her and smiled “Derine not only work for Kalike but they both are the soldiers of Voltron” she said and I looked at her “Voltron who’s that?” I asked her.
She looked and me and sighed “Voltron is the destroyer of dimensions, the worlds we live in. He’s after Alara’s powers” she answered me. “What does he want from Alara?” Tony asked
“She’s powerful and he just wants to take her powers” Zaire said before she handed Ryan a confidential file and left the lounge. I looked at Bucky “I’m just a psychic that controls the portals” I said.
“If your safety is at stake you should go live somewhere for a while” Natasha said, everyone looked at her “well that’s not a bad idea after all” Sam said and nudged Bucky who then said “I’ll go with her and she can be under my supervision” Steve and the rest smirked at me and I rolled my eyes “I’ll see what’s the easiest way to get you out of here” Tony said and told Friday to look for early flights to any country.
“Dubai will be much better for Miss Alara, Mr Stark.” Friday responded and I sighed then went to my room to pack for Dubai even if I had to leave after a week. Bucky came into my room and said “Doll, don’t worry once everything is safe, I’ll bring you back”. I looked at him and smiled “I trust you Bucky” I said as he hugged me.
Third Person POV
While Alara and Bucky were planning to travel to Dubai, there was someone else who was travelling. But he was travelling dimension to dimension, why? Just for Alara.
Voltron has always seemed to want to control the flow anything that’s different. He never liked different beings, but on the same time he wanted power and superiority amongst others.
“Did you find her?” He asked his men “No sire, we’re unable to find her on earth 242” one of the men said. Voltron got out of his throne like seat and walked out to see the begging faces of the people of earth 242. “Where is Alara Kaymak?!!” He shouted at the captured people.
“She’s not here with us” one of the local men replied, this angered Voltron as he signalled his men to “Kill them” right after he used his powers to tear one of the locals piece by piece. “Find her and bring her to me!!!” He shouted at his men as he went back into his plane.
“Master where should we travel to now?” The plane pilot asked, “Earth 355, you fool!” Voltron growled at he used his powers to throw one of his men from one place to another, just for fun.
As Voltron continue his journey to find Alara, no body questions him “Why Alara?” Well that secret will soon be revealed.
@exmachina187 @httpscarletwitch @madisondelstan @amayatheowl @motherbarnes
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stanknotstark · 14 hours ago
Odinson M.D. (Loki x reader) Pt. 1
I’m excited for this series honestly. I’m doing a lot of research so I write this medically correct tho, if yall see anything wrong don’t be afraid to tell me ^^
Tumblr media
Summary: Y’all wanted a House AU so here it is. Loki is a doctor who keeps most people at bay with his sharp wit and sarcasm. He doesn’t understand the need for romantic ploys and casual human discussion. He thrives in the hospital, trying to figure out the unknown, even if his methods turn a bit morally ambiguous at times. That’s why he has Thor and Frigga to keep him in line although he would argue he has no need for it. You just happen to be a doctor on tenure under Loki’s tutelage along with Steve Rogers and Peter Parker. Can you convince the jaded doctor you’re just what he needs to keep him on his toes? 
Loki feels the, what had started as pin pricks now, full blown boredom eating away at his overactive mind. He folds sticky notes, from his rolling chair, into small balls and flicks them over to his brother, Thor, who stands fiddling with a broken, plastic Santa sitting on the desk they hang around. Thor proudly wears his white lab coat on top of a nice plaid button down and brown, pressed slacks. Loki prefers to stick to his more casual clothes, if not a bit fashionable for casual, for a doctor. He wears a black cashmere sweater with gray, pressed slacks, a nice pair of oxfords to finish his style. It’s enough to keep him warm during the winter season.
Christmas, such a mainstream holiday. Loki abhors this season what with all the festive cheer and decorations that litter NYC. You can’t walk two feet without being guilted into giving money to the people who stand on corners with bells for the Salvation Army. You can’t buy something nice without a cashier smiling at you, as if all knowing, and asking who you’re giving this gift to with cheerfulness in their high pitched voices. What he especially hates is that Odin expects him to show up to the family dinner every Christmas, seeing as Thor has a wife and has to spend half his time with her family. Loki is the black sheep that’s expected to pick up where his brother has neglected. All in all, Loki would demolish this one holiday from existence if he had the even the slightest chance.
The only good thing about being a doctor was that meant he could get away from most of the holiday by working through it. He couldn’t always escape the dinners seeing as his mother, Frigga, was of administration and Dean of Medicine on his floor. Not only did that hinder him but his father owned the hospital, so he was at a disadvantage, if only by a bit. 
“We are condemned to useless labor.” Loki sighs out, his fingers playing with another yellow sticky note, crushing it into a ball. 
“Fourth circle of hell,” Thor replies with a roll of his eyes as a paper ball launches towards him, hitting him in the cheek before falling to the ground. “Charting goes a lot faster when you eliminate all classic poetry, brother.” Thor says lightly. A suggestive twitch of his lips all Thor gives to a bored Loki.
Loki takes time from making paper balls to look over at the pile of charts next to him, sitting on the clinic’s lobby desk, waiting for his attention. He’s sure if the charts came to life they would resemble a dog, desperate for attention, wagging its tail with excitement when he finally looks at it. “Writing down what we already know to be read by nobody,” Loki brings his attention back to making another paper ball, completely ignoring the fact that Thor had rolled his eyes so hard he probably has a headache. “Pretty sure Dante would qualify that as useless,” Loki says lightly, a frown on his lips.
“You’re two weeks behind on your charting!” Thor says with exasperation, stopping his fiddling with the Santa to look at Loki as if he had offended Thor personally. 
Loki flicks another ball at Thor, however he misses his target and, it sails past Thor, hits Frigga on the chest whom had just walked into the clinic. She watches the paper fall to the ground, giving Loki a look of disappointment. The man gives his mother an innocent smile from his seat. “Oops! I missed.” 
“Are you eight years old?” The poised woman asks with a squint in her eyes as she walks over to the side of the desk Loki and Thor reside at. She picks up one of Loki’s charts and reads it with flickering eyes.
“Could an eight year old do this?” Loki asks, catching Frigga’s eyes, and sticks his tongue out at his mother who rolls her eyes. What is it about Loki that causes everyone to roll their eyes? Something he’ll never get the answer to, not because he can’t but because he doesn’t care enough to find the answer when it’s so painfully obvious. 
Loki’s mother lifts Loki’s chart, she had picked up, a little higher as if trying to garner Loki’s attention, after she had finished reading through it, and looks at him with frustration. “You have a patient in exam one, Loki.” 
Loki settles further into the rolling chair, throwing the pad of sticky notes on the desk, bringing his hands together over his stomach and lacing his fingers. Loki embodies the epitome of comfort and relaxation. He shrugs. “Yes but see I’m off at twelve and it’s already five off...” He shakes his head minutely with a look that says ‘Not much I can do’. He’s rather hoping his mother will let him off the hook this one time. He knows she has a soft spot for him and takes full advantage of that. Thor remains quiet on the matter, playing with the plastic Santa that’s supposed to sing when you press its button.
“She’s been waiting for you since eleven.” Frigga says with finality. Setting his chart down, Loki swears he could hear a gravel slamming down, and then she leaves but not without a pointed look at Loki. This meant Loki isn’t getting away this time. He sits there with his lips pursed and a frown etched into his eyebrows as he watches her retreating form.
“Melancholy without hope, which circle is that?” Loki pointedly asks Thor who looks at him with a sympathetic look only causing Loki to scoff and rolls his eyes as he stands, grabs his cane, and makes his way towards exam room one. 
Loki limps into the room, already conscientious about his gold and green cane, making sure it doesn’t hit the wall as he slips into the exam room. 
Looking back Loki doesn’t regret the choices his made on the cane. The man liked attention from the right people. He hates most casual people seeing as he usually finds them boring, predictable, and the need for small talk not something he takes much joy from. The cane definitely stood out and was the starter of conversation for common man that passed him by, unfortunately. This wasn’t enough to make Loki regret his ostentatious picks on his cane though.
The cane itself is light but durable. The stabilizer at the bottom had four anti-slip feet, covered by a wide quad base, all black and shiny. The cane, in all its glory, was emerald green, specifically requested by Loki, and had snakes engraved in the metal base. The snake outline, repeated around the entire cane, were then dusted in gold and, shined pretty and proper when in the sun. The snakes that run from the bottom to the top, run up the cane with open mouths as if devouring the brethren that followed up the last snake. When they reach the top of the cane, the handle’s edge, they stopped. The handle itself was covered in pure gold. The inside of it was carbon so it was lighter to carry but still very durable. The handle was fashioned after the head of a Black Mamba. Sleek and slim but one of the deadliest, most venomous snakes in the world. A symbol of Loki’s true power, or at least that’s what he told anyone that asks. In all honesty, Loki had picked the Black Mamba head because he thought it looked cute. He had a reputation to uphold, however.
Loki pushes his way into the exam room to find three nuns, one on the medical bed with two nuns on each side. As he closes the door he turns his head so he may let his eyes go wide without the women seeing his exasperated look. He turns his head back after the door is closed and he reins in his emotions.
“Hi, I’m doctor Odinson,” Loki supplies the three women, setting his cane aside in the room and looking up at the women with a small tilt of his lips. “What seems to be the problem?” He asks the woman sitting on the bed. 
“Show him your hands, Augustine,” One of the sisters demands of Augustine, the woman on the bed Loki tabs in his head. 
As the woman shifts the cloth covering her hands Loki takes the time to pop a pain pill into his mouth, swallowing without water if only because he’s been taking them for years for his disability. The use of the word disability is new, seeing how he didn’t take to the word too kindly in the beginning. As of now, he has accepted it for what it is and calls it as it should be, a disability. Something that may hinder him but does not define who he is or ever shall be. 
Sister Augustine lifts her hands in front of her and they shake a bit as she holds them out for Loki to examine. They look raw, red, and as if they’re wet but in reality it’s because they’re covered in an ointment and severe rash. They’re pruned as if they spent too much time in water. When she turns over her hands to show him the palms he notes that they’re also raw and red, but more so and bleeding probably from scratching.
“It looks like stigmata.” The sister on the right of Augustine needlessly announces to Loki, or possibly to no one in particular. The other sister on the left shushes at her. Loki has to resist the urge to roll his eyes at her remark. Of course this ignorant nun would condemn her sister for something as simple as an allergic reaction. She finds the rash to be a form of disgrace on her sister. Typical. 
Loki steps forwards, his eyes on her hands, “Must be all the talk around the holy water cooler.” He lightly supplies the three sisters with a joke to break the tension that had risen from the sister’s remark of stigmata. His eyes come to rest on her hands and as he reaches up to hold them in his own says, “You been washing a lot of dishes lately?” Loki glances up at sister Augustine’s aloof face.
“I help out in the kitchen.” Augustine replies. 
“Anything new in the kitchen?” Loki asks, trying to pinpoint what’s causing the rash.
“We just got a donation of pots and pans this week.” The nameless nun tells Loki which supplies Loki with an answer for her reaction. Dish soap, pots and pans wouldn’t have caused such a reaction. 
“I unpacked and washed them.” Augustin gives Loki, trying to help him out.
“Should have spent your time saving souls,” Loki says, his natural sarcasm coming over him, “It’s easier on the hands.” He says with a face that could be taken as contrite but is actually irony. “This is contact dermatitis. You’re allergic to dish soap.” Loki tells the nuns, his mind bored with how easy this diagnoses is. 
As Loki turns to write down his report in the chart one of the nameless nuns speaks up. “Nonsense! We’ve always used that soap, why would it be a problem now?” She asks Loki.
Loki lets his head tilt back as he looks at the ceiling with a playful look on his face. “I’ve been a doctor for years,” He looks at the nun who spoke up, “Why do I have to keep assuring people I know what I’m doing?” He asks rhetorically. Not only talking about the nuns, Loki thinks of the many times where he has had to convince his own mother, and brother, that he knew what he was doing, going so far as to proving it. 
“A person can become allergic to substances they’ve had repeated and prolonged exposure to.” Loki explains, his eyebrow raising perfectly, as if asking if the sisters had any other remarks to make before he looks down at the chart for Augustine to write his report real quick. 
Loki then makes his way to the cabinet and picks out a small box inside of it. “Good news is, free samples!” He gives a fake smile, and excited tone, to the nuns. “I’m giving you an antihistamine to stop the allergic reaction,” He explains his process. “Take one every eight hours, might make you sleepy, and get some over the counter Cortisone cream, for the itchiness.” Loki looks at sister Augustine to make sure she understood his words, nodding at her when she gives an understanding nod, then handing her two pills from the box he had pulled from the cabinet. 
“Thank you, doctor.” Augustine says with a small smile and nod.
“Want me to get some water?” Loki asks the women. 
“I have some tea!” A nameless nun says, grabbing her thermos and giving it to Augustine.
Loki nods at the nun and backs up to pick up the chart. “Relax for a minute, the pills work pretty fast.” Then he leaves the room thinking he is done for the day in the clinic, thank god. 
Loki throws the chart on top of his other charts he had left on the desk with Thor, in the lobby, and sighs as he limps around the desk and to Thor’s side.
“Still out by twelve.” Thor says, more so to grate on Loki’s nerves than anything. 
Loki lets it go but replies, “How do you solve the problem of dermatitis.” 
“Doctor? I want to thank you for your patience.” A sister says interrupting the conversation Loki was about to have with Thor. One of the sisters from Augustine’s side now stands in the clinic’s lobby with Loki and Thor. Her face showing she genuinely means it.
Loki manages to give Thor a disparaging look when he asks, “She talking to you?” As if shocked Loki was getting any kind of compliment. Loki can’t fault him there, he isn’t used to getting compliments either. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t bask in it but it is a little uncomfortable.
“I don’t know, she’s certainly looking at me...” Loki says back to Thor, shifting his weight from foot to foot in discomfort. He turns, watches, as the sister makes her way over to him, standing a little over a foot away. Enough distance to be comfortable since she is a stranger but a little too close for Loki’s comfort anyways. He hates people, so physical, so sentimental. 
“It’s so good to get a secular diagnosis.” The nun offers Loki with a gratified look on her face, her body swaying with her words like she really means them. 
Loki feels the frown come over his face and he tilts his head down at the sister. 
“The sisters tend to interpret their diagnosis as divine intervention.” The nun explains to a bewildered Loki. 
“And you don’t?” Loki asks, his voice not betraying his confusion but it’s definitely there. This sister is very...different from regular nuns, he can already tell. Her ideologies being promulgated so plainly are leaving Loki in an almost disoriented state. “Then you’re wearing an awfully funny hat.” Loki says, his sarcasm coming out to hide his true feelings on this whole conversation. The sister merely tilts her head with a look that says ‘Very funny’. 
“Oh boy.” Thor whispers behind Loki. Loki can feel him shifting as if he wants to escape this situation just as much as Loki. “Excuse me.” Thor says grabbing all his charts and reports so he may make a swift exit. Loki glances back at Thor, his face now shifting from its usual neutrality to a look of perplexity and a hint of longing as he wants to leave too. Loki looks back to the sister, hiding his emotions again as she speaks.
“If I break my leg I believe it happened for a reason. I believe God wanted me to break my leg,” The sister says, her face showing nothing short than utter earnestness that almost makes Loki gag. “I also believe he wants me to put a cast on it.” The sister finishes causing Loki’s lips to twitch upwards and forget his brief nausea. He likes her, something no one that truly knew him would take lightly. 
“Doctor! Something’s wrong!” The other sister says loudly as she races into the lobby. This breaks the little moment the sister was having with Loki and he stands at attention. 
They all make their way back to exam room one with hast in their steps and Loki’s limp. 
When Loki enters the room he finds Augustine to be hunched over, rapidly breathing but the air is filled with wheezes as if she can’t get breath into her lungs. Loki quickly tabs this as an asthmatic attack but grabs his stethoscope and brings it up to her chest. “Lift up your chin.” He demands softly, letting the stethoscope land on her chest when she does and moves it from the left to the right side listening to her lungs and heart as she panically breathes in faster. 
“Sister you’re having an asthma attack, I need you to relax,” Loki drops the stethoscope from her chest, taking it from his ears, and turns to the drawers in the room, “Roll up her sleeve, please.” He demands of the sister next to him. He quickly picks up an syringe from the drawer he opened and turns back to sister Augustine. “I’m going to give you epinephrine,” He explains. “It will open your lungs and help you breathe.” 
Loki uncaps the shot, by mouth, and quickly sticks the sister’s arm, injecting the liquid components of the epinephrine into her upper arm with fluid movements as if he’s done this a thousand times before, because he has. 
Loki looks up at sister Augustine to assess the situation. The cap of the needle still in his mouth which he lightly grinds around with his teeth, almost nervous but not quite.
Everything is quiet for a moment. Loki takes this time to remove the needle from the sister’s arm and replace it with a cotton ball which he presses to her skin with moderate strength to stop any blood flow that may have followed the intrusion. 
“What happened?” One of the sisters ask. 
Loki foregoes the answer to that question to ask his own, “Did she take the pill?” He looks at the sister next to him, the one that had warned him of the situation and had stayed behind with sister Augustine. The one that had called it stigmata.
“Yes.” She says in a tone that betrays confusion and defensiveness.
“It’s an allergic reaction.” Loki explains ignoring the sister’s emotions at his question. 
“She’s allergic to an anti-allergy medicine?” The same sister asks in an incredulous tone now. 
Sister Augustine sits there taking in small mouthfuls of air, as if she now understands breathing is a commodity. Her body is still hunched over as she grabs at the medical bed with a white knuckled grip. Loki looks at her sympathetically. “How are you feeling?” He asks thinking about what variations he can use to treat her allergic reaction on her hands now that the blood rushing experience is over. “I’ll put you on some steroids instead.” He decides out loud, capping the syringe he used and throwing it away in the designated red safety box.
“Is my heart supposed to be feeling so funny?” Sister Augustine asks breathlessly, Loki watching as she brings a hand up to grab at her chest. 
“It’s called adrenaline, makes the heart beat fast.” Loki says flippantly but puts two fingers on her pulse point on her wrist just to check if it’s something worth looking into. Loki looks at Augustine with concern, his eyes flitting around the room in thought, “But not this fast.” 
Sister Augustine takes in a deep breath, wheezing again.
“Get a nurse, please.” He tells one of the sisters in a calm but pressing tone.
Sister Augustine leans into Loki’s body with a whimper and he grabs her so he may lightly rest her on the bed in a supine position. He leans over her watching her and trying to figure out what’s wrong, what could possibly be causing this, and how to fix it, fast. 
“Somebody help!” Loki hears the nun call outside the room. 
His attention is diverted when sister Augustine passes out. He quickly puts the stethoscope in his ears and puts the diaphragm on her chest, checking for her heart beat first, then her lungs. There is no comforting beat to be heard and her breathing has completely stopped as if it never existed, pulling this situation from a simple allergic reaction to something far, far more serious than Loki had anticipated. 
“Somebody get in here!” Loki yells out frustrated no one has answered their calls for help. Finally a nurse in blue scrubs comes in, realizing the situation is of immediate emergency and looks at Loki so she may help. 
“Call a code and charge up the defibrillator, she’s got no pulse.” He says speedily, starting to perform CPR on sister Augustine. The nurse flees from the room in record time to grab a defibrillator and yell at someone to call a code blue. 
Loki manages CPR for a few minutes until the defib team comes in and takes over. They only barely manage to bring sister Augustine back to life. 
Loki stands at the doorway, the two other sister next to him praying, he bites at his thumb. His mind is racing with the need for an answer. What caused this? What was he missing? It’s an allergic reaction, there’s no doubt about that, nonetheless he can’t figure out why everything he tried sent her into further shock. She couldn’t possibly have been allergic to everything he gave her, antihistamine and epinephrine. There is a factor here that he doesn’t know about, something is missing, and he would figure it out if it was the last thing he did. 
Loki barely glances at one of the sisters as they take a drink from a thermos before going back to saying their Hail Mary’s. 
Tagging (because they showed interest for this series): @rosaline-black​ @blueberrynonnie​ 
I won’t tag yall in any other posts unless you specify you’d like that! i just wanted you both to know i started it and if you’d still be interested 😊
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dirtychocolatechai · 15 hours ago
i hated what endgame did to thor (mocking his obvious severe depression/fat-shaming) but not gonna lie, that end look with the lightning and the armour and the viking hair *chefs kiss* real fucking hot, real good. would let him rail me into next week. -tn
Tumblr media
omg me too!!! it was hella frustrating and asfhskjhfsk i have a lot of beef w/ endgame for a lot of reasons but the lightning + the armour + viking hair = 🥵🥵🥵
like oof imagine helping him undress after the fight, taking him into the shower and helping him get clean, running your hands over his body and massassing his shoulders to soothe the tension. adrenaline still pumping through his veins, his eyes crackling with bottled lightening, electric blue. every look shoots through you as he stands beneath the spray, his hair dark from the water and sticking to his chest.
eventually falling to your knees, tracking your gaze up the length of his body, admiring him until your eyes meet his. your eyes glittering with mischief as you press a tender kiss to the side of his belly, working your mouth down to the pink tip of his cock, tongue stroking across the weeping slit.
his hands in your hair, the grunts interspersed with praises falling from his lips, the little thrusts he can't help, your hands caressing his sides and urging him to go faster, harder, it's okay, you can take it.
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feral-yearning · a day ago
Pairing: Reader x Loki
Tumblr media
Relevant tags: non-canon compliant, secret relationship, 18+, degradation, praise
Maturity rating:
Warning(s): 18+ explicit
Word count:
Prompt: credit to @screnwriter
"A and B are dancing with other people, their eyes move across the dance floor, only to land on each other’s, they lock eyes, and their eyes stay locked on each other during the whole dance… even though they’re dancing… with other people"
You are never unprepared for a battle.
Though you were an archer in principle, you always had a number of concealed close-range weapons on your person despite the event. Experience told you that there was no shortage of enemies that would take advantage of any level of distraction. As a lady-in-waiting to Frigga herself, you had long since decided that there was never going to be a time in which you were not ready to defend your queen.
For this particular occasion (a celebration of peace in the nine realms), you took great care in concealing three knives. The first was sheathed in a pocket that had hurriedly been sewn into the bodice of your gown and easily accessed if you ripped back the fabric. The second dagger -- your favorite if you had to choose -- had a curved blade that was specially cursed so as to put your enemies to sleep. With that in mind, you elected to strap it to your thigh in its sheath. The third and smallest dagger was concealed in the sleeve of your gown so that you could slip it down to your palm without notice.
Sadly enough, it seemed that this revel would not be exciting enough to prompt the use of any of the three.
There were two grand speeches, one from Odin and the other from Frigga. The eating, drinking, and dancing commenced soon after and, unsurprisingly, the most raucous circle surrounded Thor and the Warriors Three.
From your spot beside Queen Frigga, you watch them tell the same tales of greatness that they had at the last celebration. You suppose that you should likely be glad they have no new stories, their battles did worry Frigga. The only audience member that is not laughing heartily is Loki, though the fact that he is also the only one not heavily drinking might explain that.
"Will you dance?"
You peel your eyes away from the vaguely amused smile decorating the younger prince and turn to find an identical one adorn his mother's lips. If you weren't so well composed, you might have blushed.
"No, I don't think I will," you say, offering an apologetic smile of your own. "I find that it is much more difficult to guard when I'm not actually guarding."
Frigga laughs airily, taking a sip of her ale. "Your dedication to going above and beyond the call of duty, while admirable, is not necessary at such an event."
"My Lady," you begin, hesitance evident in your tone.
"Do you not believe that I am capable of defending myself until you returned to my side?" She asks, her eyes narrowed in a playful challenge.
With that, you are forced to resign to her will rather than contradict her power. "I do not have a partner," you admit, turning your eyes toward the dance floor. Though that is not a lie, you do feel vaguely victorious in realizing that you could not decide to dance without a partner.
"And no one could possibly be introduced at a party," Queen Frigga retorted, resting her hand gently on your mid back.
Frigga wheels you around to face the dance floor and the moment you are turned from the circle of storytellers, there is the sensation of eyes burning into your back. You find yourself being gently forced to the edge of the crowded dance floor. The very first man you encounter there, a royal gardener, jumps at the opportunity to fulfill Frigga's request that he be your dance partner. You obediently take his outstretched hand and shoot Frigga a thinly veiled look of petulance before following your partner to the dance floor.
The moment you are otherwise occupied, the queen slips back into the crowd and disappears from your field of view. You suppose that she must have something to attend to that you were standing in the way of. It is fairly frustrating to wait on a woman that does not want to divulge details of her goings on... but you genuinely adore her anyway.
Though you were against the idea as a whole, you do enjoy being twirled around the dance floor by your new partner. He isn't much in terms of a conversation partner, but he does have strong hands and is able to lift you into the air at the appropriate time. You finish your first dance together and clap for the musicians along with the rest of the crowd. Your eyes scan the crowd of storytellers and can't find Frigga anywhere. You note that you can't seem to find Loki either and decide that she must be addressing him privately. You commit to one more dance before you set off to find her.
Frigga had once jokingly remarked that your eye was more watchful than even Heimdall's.
The applause dies down and you turn your attention to your partner. You suppose that he is rather handsome once you give him a chance to make an impression. He's tall, broad-shouldered, and his days in the grand gardens gave his skin a sun-kissed glow that you were not completely unaffected by. Still, you cannot engage each other for more than a few word-sparse pleasantries.
As the next piece is queued up, couples enter and exit the dance floor. When the music begins again, you can't help but notice that the younger prince is only a few yards away and clasping the hand of an objectively beautiful woman. It irks you, though you refuse to acknowledge that feeling. Instead you note that Frigga isn't with him and turn your attention back to your own partner.
At least... you try.
You move lightly through the steps, smiling more broadly than you had before so as to disguise the growing heat of your temper. With every turn, you were forced to acknowledge that Loki's eyes were unashamedly fixed on you.
If he truly wasn't with his mother, then there was no reason for him to presume that your coupling with this gardener was born from personal preference. He might be the God of Mischief, but even he did not dare contradict the almighty that was his mother.
Nonetheless, his eyes glow. He isn't simply dissatisfied by this arrangement of partners, he is smoldering with jealous rage.
A soft blush rises to your cheeks before you realize that he had every opportunity to ask you to the floor himself. He had scarcely deigned to glance in your direction before you were being guided away by his mother. You have every right to find another partner, though you hadn't felt the want.
Your indignation overtakes your embarrassment and you declare as much by meeting Loki with defiance that equaled his accusatory glare. You twirl with more vigor and enthusiasm, your smile widens, and yet when your eyes meet Loki's your true state of mind is betrayed.
Indulging such dangerous feelings as jealousy and indignation when considering Loki's station compared to your own thrills you to your core. And, though he is clearly incensed by the way your partner holds you close, you are sure that his heart quickens that same as yours every time your eyes lock together.
Eventually, the second dance ends. You offer a curtsey to your dance partner and then step away, pushing through the crowd that does not part for you the way it did with Frigga. Your step is as swift as your pulse, guiding you toward the royal dais that you had stood by some time ago. Frigga has not returned, though you do not doubt her safety as much as your own.
You scan the crowd as quickly as you can before retreating toward the nearest door. You don't spare a moment to scan for your pursuer, needing to maintain whatever lead you have. Moments are valuable when you are being pursued by a truly intimidating predator.
You exit the hall and find yourself on a balcony that is littered with couples and small groups, all trying to find the space for conversation. Rather than retreating, you rush to the nearest staircase and descend quickly, ungracefully hauling the majority of your skirt over one arm so that you don't trip. If anyone was watching, they would see the curved dagger strapped to your thigh.
It almost seems that you're successful when you hit the lower level, but you don't stop moving until you are far enough to hear only the very distant chatter of those on the outdoor balcony.
The moment you stop to catch your breath beside a large bronze statue you are plainly reminded that you are, in fact, trying to escape a god.
"Why run?" Loki asks, his voice unaffected by the chase. You reluctantly turn to face him, smoothing your skirts and attempting to stand on what little composure you have left.
"Why pursue?"
"Call it a hunter's instinct," he offers along with a deceptively apologetic smile.
The hair on the back of your neck stands up.
"I never took you for much of a hunter," you respond quietly, listening intently to the breeze. "I applied that to the other brother."
Loki chuckles amiably and took a few steps toward the balcony, forcing you to take equal steps until you are facing away from the bronze statue's pedestal. At the very least, you can be sure that he isn't behind you.
"I would not presume to say that I am as widely successful a hunter as my brother, no. But where Thor gathers any trophy that happen across his path --" Loki shimmers and melts out of view only to finish his sentence mere inches from your ear," -- I choose my prey rather carefully."
You swallow thickly, your eyes focused on the pillar that his mirage had been standing in front of.
"And are you successful?"
"I am."
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syntheticavenger · a day ago
Higher Ground
Alpha! Thor x Omega! Female Reader
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. Alpha, Beta, Omega Dynamics. World building, a lot of angst and an introduction to a few characters I’ve never written before.
Summary | Priding yourself on professionalism while running a department at a resort, you try your best not to go out of your way to cheer up a lonely Alpha.
Tumblr media
In hindsight, he should have cancelled the week-long vacation. Despite the white sand beaches, the stellar ocean front view of the hotel presidential suite, it made no sense for Thor to do anything but rethink his idea of coming here alone. Of course, he hadn’t been alone when he was planning it. Jane had decided on the five star resort for her birthday and what sort of Alpha would he be if he didn’t listen to his Omega? The trip had been in the books for months.
Until their relationship came down to a crashing halt.
“We’re living different lives,” Jane stressed to him over the phone a mere two weeks ago, his silence an invitation for her to continue her explanation. “We’ve tried to make it work. So many times. I think we can both agree that we’re not the same people we once were. We’ve grown apart.”
And perhaps they had. Though it didn’t sting less to find her halfway across the world with her co-worker, Benny, who she had long explained was just a friend as they held hands on a balcony in the French Riviera. Of course Jane believed that they had grown apart. It was easy to say so when she had already started to pull away.
It was little wonder she never wanted to be bonded. He respected her choice, of course. The salt in the wound was that Benny was a Beta and Thor can’t help but wonder what he can provide. Not that it isn’t any of his business anymore. On an impulse, he upgraded his business class ticket to first class and decided to make this trip worth it.
Now he sits, nursing a glass of the hotel’s finest bourbon and an ache to have some sort of revenge before he tosses his phone on the giant bed. He didn’t bother to do an official check-in, simply completing it over an app. The less people he has to talk to, the better off, he decides. His mood won’t brighten anytime soon. Not with the thought of how Jane would have looked in this bed.
He doesn’t want to think about the engagement ring he has to return. That’s the least of his worries at the moment when the knock at the door gets his attention.
“Who is it?” he demands loudly. He’s already starting to get drunk and it’s a feeling that he wholeheartedly welcomes without complaint. Numbing the pain isn’t his usual way to go but he’ll take it for now.
“Mr. Odinson? I’m dropping off your welcome basket.”
He raises an eyebrow at the voice. Feminine and professional, almost an order if he didn’t know any better.
“Just a minute.”
He has an image to uphold and thus, a quick check in the mirror allows him to straighten out his tie before he opens the door.
Watching your fingers grip the basket tighter at the sight of him, he inhales your scent.
You’re an Omega.
When you introduce yourself, it’s short and to the point, pushing your glasses up your nose once he takes it from your hands. He can’t help but look at your skirt that seems to hug the curve of your hips, blazer closed with just a hint of skin and a silver necklace. You’re taller than some Omegas he’s seen but he still towers over you by several inches.
“Hospitality Manager,” Thor repeats, looking at the card you give him. “VIP Services.”
“If there’s anything you need at all, please call that number. We’ll make sure to take care of anything you need.”
He studies the card as you wait for him to dismiss you.
“If that’s all,” you trail off.
“Ah, sure,” Thor agrees. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, Mr. Odinson. Have a pleasant stay.”
With a polite nod, you walk away, Thor watching you for a moment before he closes the door, still holding on to your card.
“Isn’t that Thor Odinson?”
You don’t look up from your monitor, still trying to sort out three reservation mix ups before the guests set foot on property. Peter Quill, your assistant, is still staring down at the people mingling around the buffet tables for brunch.
“What about him?”
“Uh, he’s only like the biggest name in pro-surfing? He owns Asgard? The surfing company?”
“Huh,” you murmur, eyes focused on the emails you’re trying to send. “A surfer.”
“He’s retired now,” Quill says with a dramatic sigh. “The waves weren’t the same that day. He went and got all serious with some astrophysicist. Jane, I think was her name? She dumped him.”
“You know entirely too much about that man,” you quip, looking up over your glasses. “And please stay away from the window. What if he sees you.”
“God, I hope so. I want his autograph.”
“Quill,” you warn, pushing your chair back. “Absolutely not. We have rules and you know better.”
“Yeah but it’s Thor Odinson.”
“Alright, alright,” Quill relents, putting his hands up in defeat. “I get it. Betas aren’t cool to Alphas.”
“That’s not what I meant,” you sigh, grabbing two folders. “I have to two more check-ins before lunch. Can you please try to get this James Barnes and Sam Wilson mess sorted out? They both requested ocean view, presidential suites. There’s only one left. You’ll have to see who requested it first. The last thing I need are two bickering actors making a scene over who got what first.”
“Sure thing,” Quill replies, slipping back into his chair. “I’m on it.”
You’re halfway down the path when you spot Thor, sitting alone as he scrolls through his phone, a pair of aviators over his eyes at a table within a few feet of you. He looks much more relaxed than when you saw him last, wearing a white shirt and a pair of dark shorts.
“Good morning, Mr. Odinson,” you greet, giving him a polite smile. “I hope you are enjoying your stay.”
“I am,” Thor replies, placing his phone down as he lifts up his glasses. You can already smell his scent, rich with hints of petrichor, tobacco and eucalyptus. You swallow down the beginning of your mouth watering, frowning at the physical reaction of being near to him.
“Good. I’m happy to hear that.”
You don’t know why you’re lingering but once you raise your eyes up to the admin building, you spy Quill looking down and you narrow your eyes.
“Something wrong?”
“No,” you answer quickly, turning your attention back to Thor. “There’s are some activities listed for sign up. The amenities are free. My assistant let me know that you’re a surfer, is that correct?”
“Yes,” Thor answers, looking up at the window as Quill disappears from view. “But it’s been a few years since I left the professional circuit.”
“Ah. Well, we have surfboards available.”
“I prefer my own but thank you for the offer.”
“Of course. Have a good day.”
“Are you able to drink?” Thor calls out to you. “I could order you a mimosa.”
You turn around, shaking your head quickly at the thought.
“No fraternization,” you inform him, adjusting your glasses back on your nose. “Against the rules.”
“Ah,” he nods. “Understood. Worth a shot.”
You heart skips a beat at the question before you come to your senses. He’s probably just lonely. You’ve never broken your rules before and you aren’t going to start now. This job is your pride and joy, the reason you moved out of state to this tropical locale.
You’ve worked so hard to climb the top of the corporate ladder. There is no way you can throw it away.
Even if the lonely, handsome Alpha at the table asked you to have a drink.
Once you get to your destination, you spy a black SUV coming up the drive as it slows to a stop. The minute the perfectly manicured black fingernails touch the frame of the door, you gulp. You aren’t prepared for her visit and yet, when you look at the name on the file, you notice it’s her assistant’s name, not hers.
She stands at attention, giving you a sinful smirk, the black pinstripe suit hugging her body with her matching sky high pumps, her black hair twisted into a high ponytail that shows off her cheekbones.
An all-powerful Alpha, commanding in her presence while the folder bends in your hands. You lift your head, remembering your training and who you are.
“Miss Odinsdottir,” you acknowledge with a nod of your head. “What a surprise.”
“Mm,” she purrs. “You know better than to call me that.”
“Much better. Why the look of surprise? I’m only here to make sure that my best manager has been keeping this place afloat while I’ve been gone.”
“I wasn’t expecting you,” you admit quietly. “But your room is ready.”
“Of course it is,” Hela agrees. “You always take such good care of me. It’s what Omegas do. They protect and nurture. It’s why you’re perfect for this job.”
Hela looks around at the faces of the surprised staff, homing on in an Omega bellhop.
“You,” she orders, motioning to him with her finger. “Take my bags to my room. I’ll need a nightcap.”
“Yes Miss,” he answers quickly, rushing to comply.
“Good work, my dear,” Hela praises, walking past you while you fall in step behind her. “It’s almost time for your annual review, isn’t it?”
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myywritingspot · a day ago
Loki introduces you to Thor
Tumblr media
|Gender neutral reader x Loki
|No warnings (However do let me know?)
“Do you think he’s going to like me”
You asked nervously, playing with his long fingers as you two were relaxing in his chamber.
“Please y/n, he likes everyone, he’s like a human misgardian puppy” Loki laughed but when he turned around to see you he noticed you were truly nervous, he had a soft smile in his face, he held your cheek with the hand you were not holding as you kept playing with the other, something he had gotten used to and didn’t bother him, in fact thought it was very adorable.
“Y/n...Y/n you mean the entire world for me, of all the 9 realms and in all the many universes, there’s nothing or anyone I’d choose that’s not you. You make me feel loved, cared for and I want to give the same to you. I know my brother, Thor has his likes and dislikes, many times, I’m his dislikes, but you’re the most lovable person despite having a little mischief in you as well.” He paused to kiss you softly “ My dear. there’s no way Thor wouldn’t like you, nor my...nor my father, Odin.” He paused on his name, still processing that last part but his focus went back to you.
Your entire face turned red and you succumbed to his touch, his long cold fingers holding your chin as his lips kissed your forehead.
The servants were preparing you in a separate room meanwhile Loki and Thor chatted.
All your garments and accessories were gold and green, quite alike Loki’s which wasn’t intended, they just happened to be your favorite colors as well. The ends of the long sleeves and the shoulders were gold and the rest of the fabric was a fancy texture and hue of green. You were a bit unsure and nervous to come out the room, you took a big deep breath before opening the gate and made your way to where Loki and the rest were.
As soon as you walked into the long room filled of columns and the smallest most elegant details you felt as if you were too small or like you barely belonged if it wasn’t for Loki.
Suddenly all eyes were on you, most of them, a big majority were kind and welcoming faces with big smiles on their faces.
Loki was astonished when he noticed your garments, mentally already drooling, he might have let a bit of drooling out, enough for Thor to grin.
“You look fantastic, rocking those clothes y/n” Thor said way too excited letting out a laugh which was very contagious making you smile and giggle as your face turned red.
Loki set his eyes on you and it was like an internal communication, actually that was one of your many intimacy love languages, holding these “telepathic conversations”. You got closer to them and started to play with your wrists nervously taking breaths as you walked.
You extended your arm to greet Thor but instead he went in for a full bear hug, you felt as if he was crushing your insides.
“Hello Y/n, I’m Thor as you may know already, I hope my brother didn’t say false things about me to you”
He introduced himself to you still embracing you but Loki told him to let you breathe or else he was gonna crush you so he pulled away from the hug.
“He didn’t, although he did say that’s not your natural hair color” you said as a joke, hoping it was okay to say so in the inside and he laughed incredibly loud. “But no, he didn’t, I was quite nervous to meet you though, I’m y/n as you also know already”
“Yes he did say QUITE A LOT about you” Thor gave a small flirty eyebrow look and laughed “as soon as he said you can be as mischievous as him I knew I was doomed, having two people to look out for from now on, but I’m very happy my brother has found someone who gives him all the love and is on his same level, though more mature I hope”.
Loki could not care less about how Thor ended his words, he would be offended, and he might be later but at that exact moment it felt like fireworks going off inside of him. He looked at you, at your face full of happiness, no worries nor nerves left, you were smiling so big and laughing; everything connected like a finished puzzle. He was happy because he found you, you were happy because you found him, and the most important person to him was happy and proud of both of you, of course if his mom could be there she would be too that was assured. Loki let out a shy smile and bit his lip. He felt like he was in cloud nine.
He quickly held your hand in his and it stayed that way the rest of the visit, and as you chatted with everyone he was standing beside you making the comments he usually does and being Loki.
As it got late you two were sitting in the room you previously were getting dressed in, sitting at the end of a large bed, your head resting on the crook of his neck as both of your hands were playing.
“See, I told you Thor would adore you my dear, you had nothing to worry about from now on, and if anyone were to dislike you, remember, I’ve got powers, I can make them regret that quickly”
That sounds very much like Loki to you, you let out a small laugh before kissing him, connecting your lips to his followed by his hand letting go of yours only to be placed softly on the side of your face holding it in place.
“I love you Loki, thank you for this wonderful day”
“No, thank you for this wonderful life Y/n”
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earlgreydream · a day ago
| dark!loki x reader | angst | smut |
anon requested. Loki’s dramatic ass returning to Midgard to pull some shit again and Thor coming to Midgard with Loki’s spouse in hopes that they can put an end to his shenanigans before he starts hurting everyone
a/n: I’ve been getting asks for more badass y/n…
cw: slapping, angst, edging, orgasm denial, domme!reader, degradation 
Tumblr media
He was gone. 
You felt like you were back in 2012, watching Loki descend to Midgard in hopes of returning as the king of another realm. 
After Thor was crowned king of Asgard, Loki starved for rule. In his mind, he was entitled to a throne, royal by blood and the rightful king of somewhere. After failing to acquire Asgard’s throne, he’d decided that Midgard was the next best thing. And with Tony and Steve out of the way, he felt like he had a much better chance of capturing the human race. 
You’d woken up alone in the palace in Asgard, Loki long gone. You searched for him, your gowns sweeping the golden floors of the halls, coming up with nothing. Your husband was nowhere to be found, and a sinking realization settled in your stomach. 
You ran to your servants that guarded your suite, grabbing one by the wrist. 
“Where is Loki? What happened to him?” you snapped, hoping your fears weren’t about to come true. 
“Princess,” you corrected, your fear and anger creeping in the edge of your voice. 
“Princess Laufeyson, your husband went to the rainbow bridge in the night. He intends to travel to another realm.”
“And you let him go!?” You shouted, shaking the guard.
“I am in no position to stop Loki.”
You let go of the man, knowing he was right. Any objection and Loki would have smote him on the spot. 
You swallowed hard, turning on your heel and running for the throne room. You threw the door open, the guards moving into position to protect their king that was seated on the throne. 
“Get out of my way!” You shouted, parting the sea of golden-armored men. 
You ascended to the throne, your breath ragged in your chest, making your shoulders rise and fall erratically. 
“Y/N?” Thor stood, his brow knitting together in concern. His large hands wrapped around your arms, seeing the emotion wash over your face.
“It’s Loki. He’s gone to Midgard, he’s desperate for a throne,” you rushed out, looking up to the god for help. 
“We’ll go. We will go right now.” 
You nodded, thanking him. You didn’t know where to start. You had never been to Midgard, and you weren’t present during Loki’s first attempt at tyrannical rule. Thor was your best bet to stopping Loki before it was too late, and you weren’t one to deny help when necessary. 
“I’ll go, stay and rule in my absence,” Thor changed his mind.
“Absolutely not. Loki won’t go with you and you know it. Unless you want seven billion slaves, I’m coming with you,” you stood your ground to the god of thunder. 
The tension could’ve been sliced with a knife, everyone in the throne room holding their breath. 
“You’re right. Valkyrie,” Thor nodded at his right-hand, and she tipped her head in acknowledgement. 
You changed into armor, gold protecting your body from harm. Iridescent black fabric flowed fluidly with your movements, making you look even more like the goddess you were. You crossed the rainbow bridge with Thor, daggers strapped to your forearms, your fingertips brushing against diamond-encrusted handles.
“Can you handle this? You haven’t seen him when...”
“Don’t doubt me. I’m strong. I can handle Loki,” you sharply cut off Thor’s concern, stepping into the bifrost.
You were surrounded by skyscrapers, their lights shining through thick fog. You could feel everything-- the dirty city and the panic running through its people. 
“Where is he?” you asked, and Thor shook his head. 
“I don’t know. Let’s try the capital.” 
You were running, your feet slapping the damp pavement. You inhaled smoky air, noises of cabs flying past you, screaming in your ears. You could feel him. Loki’s magic and power surged through you like a second heartbeat. You could also feel the fear of his newfound subjects, making your nerves feel raw and your breath tight. 
“Holy shit.”
You rounded the corner, seeing Loki standing atop a flight of stairs, hundreds of trembling Midgardians on their knees before him. 
“Loki!” You screamed.
The god’s head lifted, his gaze connecting with yours. His blue eyes were blown black, making him look even more dangerous. Thor followed you to Loki’s makeshift throne, horrified at the people kneeling before the malevolent god.
“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” you hissed, glaring at your husband. 
“You cannot speak to me-”
“I can do whatever I want. I am not your slave, not like these people.” 
His eyes widened, and he stood up to his full height, towering over you. You didn’t back down, your body buzzing with anxiety and emotion. 
“Stand down. I am ascending my throne. It is my birthright!”
“You have no right to this realm. Leave these people and come to Asgard!” 
He raised his hands at you, and you drew the knives sheathed at your arms. 
“You will not threaten me!” Your heart was racing in your chest, your blade pressed to the base of his throat, unprotected by armor. 
“Don’t make me do this,” you breathed, staring into his eyes. 
“You will submit to me, as will these pathetic Midgardians. I wanted for you to rule at my side, but if you are to stand in my way, I will bring you to your knees,” he snarled, grabbing your wrist. 
You slid a metal circle into your palm, slapping Loki’s neck before he could react. A collar wrapped around his throat, his eyes widening in fury. His magic was useless with the TVA’s collar around his neck, and you held the key. He couldn’t fight against you, not with your power or your daggers pointed at him.
The trance on the people broke, and you felt the city exhale. Thor grabbed Loki, and the three of you headed for Asgard.
“Bring him to Valhalla,” you spoke to Thor, barely glancing at Loki. He tried to plead with you, manipulate you to remove the collar from his neck.
“No, no! Y/N you can’t just keep me in Valhalla—” Loki protested, dragged away while you stood on the rainbow bridge, the golden city laid out before you.
You wrapped your arms around yourself, staring out at your kingdom. The weight on your chest was crushing, seeing the god you loved succumbing to an evil, cruel whim. You’d heard of his past, but you believed in a brighter future. You’d been foolish, and ignored the signs of him building up to an insane entitlement.
The wind blew through your clothes, cold against your skin. You drew in a deep breath of the clean air, letting it fill your lungs.
You finally walked to the castle, the streets quiet in the night. Guards and servants bowed to you as you made your way to Valhalla.
Outside of the black doors, you excused the guards, making sure no one was around to hear you.
“Loki,” you spoke, your voice full of disappointment.
He raised his head, his bare chest heaving under the weight of his ragged breaths. He knelt naked on the floor, his wrists bound to the floor behind his back. The collar on his neck restricted his ability to escape, and he was helpless before you.
“Y/N,” he whined, his eyes clearly fearful.
“You need to be put in your place. You do not rule Asgard, or Midgard. Loki, you do not rule me.”
He sank into himself as you walked forward, stepping toward him as if he were your prey. 
“I know-”
“You do not. I will not have you threaten me with submission like some human who has fallen for your charm. I am a goddess Loki, we are equals. Right now, you will submit to me.” 
He nodded tightly, his breath strained as he struggled to breathe. You walked over, grabbing his jaw and forcing him to look up at you. Gold shimmered around you, your clothing disappearing with the magic. Loki whined, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth as he gazed up at you. 
“You’re not getting off. You will please me, then I will leave you needy here as long as I desire, until you’ve realized that you’re nothing more than a man with needs,” you hissed, your breath hot against his neck. 
Loki was cut off by you slapping him, before gripping his hair and tugging his head up. 
“You will not address me so intimately. Be silent.”
You stood over him, dragging his head between your legs. Loki didn’t need further instruction, and he was determined to please you, in hopes of getting out of the torture you planned for him. 
His skilled mouth worked at your sex, his tongue sliding through your folds and teasing your clit before fucking inside of you. You leaned forward, one hand flat against the wall for balance, and one hand pulling roughly on his black hair. You kicked his knees apart, preventing himself from any stimulation on his painfully hard cock. The god moaned against you, sending vibrations buzzing through your body. 
Your hips rolled forward, riding his mouth, and you pulled him tighter against you. He jerked at the chains around his wrists, longing to guide your hips as he ate you out. Electricity shot through your fingertips into his skin in warning, making Loki cry out in discomfort. 
“Just fucking get me off,” you hissed, dragging your nails down his back, leaving red lines in your wake. 
Your vision went dark, golden sparks pouring off of you as you came, your knees going weak. Your scream echoed off of the onyx halls of Valhalla, mixing with Loki’s choked cry as you yanked him off of you. 
His head fell forward, his chest heaving as he inhaled deep breaths, his face glistening from your arousal. He looked beautiful, and weak all at once. Loki’s gaze was wounded, and he jerked against his restraints fruitlessly, a silent beg for you to give him back his magic and let him touch you. 
“You’re going to stay here until every entitled desire is out of your system. If I can bring you to your knees and make you cry like a pathetic slut, you are in no shape to rule a realm.” 
Loki screamed as the heavy doors slammed shut behind you, closing the god in the tombs of the Valkyrie, powerless, needy, and restrained. 
“Do not let him out. Not until I come for him,” you ordered the guards, who nodded obediently. 
You joined Thor on the throne, draped in gold and surrounded by your subjects, kneeling for you and praising their goddess.
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sserpente · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A/N: That Hyundai ad hit different. *chuckles*
Words: 3097 Warnings: kidnapping, hostage
New York smelled pretty bad, come to think of it. You had almost forgotten the hustle and bustle of this huge city that never slept and if there was one thing you had not been missing at all after spending a few months in Morocco for work, it was the constant traffic jams.
It was hot, unbearably so. You’d been a sweating mess ever since your cab driver had picked you up at the airport and the fact that the air conditioning in the cab was broken didn’t exactly help with that. Your thighs stuck to the leather of the backseat, your forehead glistening and your make-up… well, it used to be make-up.
The cab driver seemed nice, at least and since the long snake made entirely of cars had not moved for at least an hour now, he had offered to park on the side of the road and get you both a bottle of water. Ironically, you were only a few yards away from Stark Tower.
Perhaps you shouldn’t complain about the traffic jam. Half of the city was a mess after the atrocious battle you had been fortunate enough only to have witnessed on the news on the plane. You could only hope that your tiny studio flat was still intact and quite frankly, it was short of a miracle that a cab service had actually agreed on picking you up so shortly after an almost-war—not to mention that the plane had actually landed.
You sighed, brushing a strand of hair sticking to your cheek out of your face. You were unbelievably tired—even more so knowing that you had dodged a catastrophe that would go down in history all thanks to work. Your eyes fell shut and you leaned against the car window when suddenly, the driver’s door was all but yanked open and someone who certainly did not resemble your cab driver, started the car and clutched at the steering wheel as if his life depended on it.
Your lips parted. Shackles and a muzzle, along with a blue glowing cube landed on the passenger seat with a loud clatter, followed by an annoyed groan. It was him. The man who had attempted to take over the entire planet only moments ago, he was here in this car and he was currently kidnapping you with it.
A scream escaped your lips, a mixture of shock and fear spreading in your body and fuelling the rising amount of adrenaline. It was only then the God of Mischief glanced at the rear-view mirror and spotted you there panicking—but by then, he had already stirred the car back on the road, straight towards the traffic jam.
“You… you are… Let me out! Let me out at once!” You screeched, the heat around you—along with your miserable appearance—all but forgotten. Loki rolled his eyes. Great. Another mortal.
“I am not stopping this car,” was all he said. Your eyes widened in utter shock.
“Then don’t! Fuck!” Danger was radiating off of this man like heat from an active volcano; so if necessary, you would jump out of the moving car as well. Biting your lower lip and wondering if you should go through with this risky stunt at the speed he was going, the wheels squeaking over the asphalt with every abrupt turn he took, or if that would be a suicide mission. It was probably the latter, and when you reached for the handle of the back door, it took the God of Mischief only a mere second to lock it, trapping you inside.
“Let me out! Let me out!”
“You’ll kill yourself.” Loki spat. You did not miss the patronising tone in his voice—stupid. He believed you stupid.
“And if I stay in here with you I won’t?” You retorted hysterically. And it was justified, really—for when your gaze drifted back to the road ahead of you, you could see him racing straight towards a long line of cars waiting for the traffic to clear up.
“Watch out! The other cars, watch out! Oh my God…” You screamed, squeezing your eyes shut and covering your face with your arms but the imminent crash never came. When you opened your eyes again, Loki had all but moved through the other cars as if by magic. God, what was this, Harry Potter?
With your heart in your mouth, you brought your trembling hands to your thighs and pressed down on them in a desperate attempt to fight off the panic attack rising within you like the forthcoming eruption of a volcano.
But even when you reached the suburbs, ironically moved closer to your home, and the car finally slowed down to a reasonable speed, making you wonder how a god from another realm knew how to drive a car in the first place, your dread kept growing steadily. What would happen once Loki decided he had reached his destination? What would he do with you? Would you end up as another casualty? You’d know where he was, after all, and only God knew how he had managed to escape after the Avengers reported his capture—not to mention that he was in the possession of that mysterious blue cube you were certain bore even more chaos and destruction in the wrong hands.
“I take it this vehicle is supposed to be a means of transport in exchange for payment?” He suddenly said.
“What?” You gaped at him, swallowing. “Yes! I mean, yes, it’s a taxi. That’s… I was…”
“Where do you live?”
“Excuse me? What, are you going to drop me off and expect me to tip you?”
Loki smirked. He couldn’t quite put his finger on why but he did like your feistiness. “I need a place to hide.”
“What… no! No! I am not giving shelter to a criminal!” You snarled, swallowing your fear of him—and then you made the mistake of peeking at the navigation system the taxi driver had set up next to the steering wheel, with your address on bright display to show Loki exactly where he’d have to go.
The God of Mischief tilted his head. “You don’t have much choice in the matter, my dear.”
You took a deep shaky breath, digging your nails into the backseat. If your lower lip was trembling, you didn’t notice. “P-please… please just let me go. I promise I won’t tell anyone where you are or where you went. Please.”
“I am not going to kill you if that is what you are worried about.” He replied after a long pause. When you said nothing, too stunned and scared to come up with another snarky comment, silence spread in the car like wildfire.
Hugging your knees to your chest, you closed your eyes, hoping that this was a bad joke, a terrible nightmare and any moment now, you would wake up safely on the plane, yet to land in half-destroyed New York City—but the end of slumber never came. You were wide awake; even more so when, after what felt like hours, Loki finally stopped the car. Of course, you had not noticed him observing you repeatedly through the rear-view mirror, almost as if to check if you were still alive.
Your eyes met and then, finally, he unlocked the doors. Only now, you did not move an inch. You had no idea what to expect if you stepped out of this car.
Naturally, Loki disagreed with your cautious decision. He yanked the car door open when he saw you frozen in place, grabbing your upper arm so fast you didn’t even have a chance to react, and all of a sudden, seeing the entrance door of the apartment building you lived in did not at all look as appealing as it had at the airport anymore.
His grip around your arm was firm but when you whined in pain, the God of Mischief actually softened it—if only a little, barely noticeable.
“Unlock the door, my dear, will you?” He inquired, smiling sweetly at you. Right beneath the surface, you could hear that there would be dire consequences if you failed to comply.
Surely at this point, he could hear your rapid heartbeat. Shaking, you fumbled for the keys in your bag until they were jingling in your palms all the while Loki watched you like a hawk. You had dismissed calling the police on your phone in the car already—for now.
Fuck, you had been kidnapped. You were about to be held hostage in your own flat, or… or… was he just going to enter and kick you out? Had he been lying about not killing you? Would he fling a dagger at you any moment now like you had seen him do on TV?
Loki followed you when you approached the door and unlocked it clumsily. One floor up and to the left. For just a brief moment, you wondered what would happen if you started screaming bloody murder, alerting your neighbours but even when you opened your mouth to attempt it, not a single sound would escape your lips.
Even a little further out and farther away from the centre of New York City, rent prices were horrendous. Your salary was not bad but your apartment was no more than a small studio equipped with a humble kitchen, a separate bathroom with a tiny shower and lastly, your double bed in the centre of the room, posing as your sofa during the day.
Loki looked around unimpressed when he entered. “Well… it will do.”
“N-now what?” You choked out.
Loki raised his eyebrows, his voice dripping with sarcasm. “Pretend I’m not even here.”
Right—because that was going to be so easy. He sighed and rolled his eyes when you only stared at him in horror.
“You don’t trust me, do you?”
“W-would you? You tried to subjugate our planet like ten minutes ago!”
“And for good reason too. This realm is lawless, your people slaughter each other day in and out and you feel threatened by me? I would have given you a new purpose.”
He had a point… but… “And what is that so-called purpose? Slavery?” Loki’s expression darkened, making you flinch back.
“S-sorry… I’ll… I’ll be i-in the bathroom taking a shower. Please just… I mean… whatever.” Would he stop you? Hesitating, you made your way to the bathroom, waiting for him to yank you back, press you against the wall and threaten you? Threaten you with what, exactly? Could you trust that he wouldn’t kill you? Loki felt like a ticking time bomb in your flat.
But a painful yank never came and when you locked the bathroom door behind you, you exhaled. Inhaled, exhaled, inhaled, exhaled, trying to process the fact you had a war criminal in your home.
Once you had gathered enough energy to do what you had come to the bathroom for and, an hour later, returned to the main room, Loki was sitting on your bed cross-legged, the Tesseract right before him, glowing away.
“I roamed your ‘kitchen’”, he said without glancing up to meet your eyes, “Do you have anything edible at all?”
“I was away for a whole month.” You argued. “I haven’t done any shopping yet because I was kidnapped by a space Viking.”
Loki smirked. Amused, he finally looked up. “Well, perhaps I should take you back to Asgard with me then. I could use a diligent little servant.”
Your reaction did not disappoint him. Chuckling to himself, he slid off the bed more elegantly than you could ever muster, the Tesseract disappearing into nothingness.
“What I am trying to say is that even gods need to eat and I am, quite frankly, starving.”
“That sounds like a you-problem.” You grumbled. And then, as if on cue, your stomach growled. Damn it.
“Fine. I’ll order some pizza.”
Loki had all but watched you like a hawk upon calling the local pizza place. Everything inside of you had screamed to let them know about your predicament, to beg them to call the police and send them to you instead of the pizza.
But as soon as the food was delivered, the mood in your apartment changed so rapidly it left you wondering if the only reason for Loki’s world domination attempt had been his hunger. The man devoured a family-sized pizza in but what felt like two minutes and, upon realising you were done with yours, leaving three pieces in the box, he devoured those as well. And never before had you seen someone eat pizza so gracefully.
It didn’t exactly make it feel like you had been kidnapped anymore. Perhaps… perhaps he hadn’t been lying about not wanting to kill you after all. Perhaps he wasn’t as evil as you… no, stop. He had literally just tried to take over the planet!
“What are you pondering on, little mortal?”
You shivered, the nickname affecting you in a way it truly shouldn’t, especially after he had lost his armour and magically exchanged it for more casual clothes—they still looked like they were from a different time period altogether but it wasn’t nearly as intimidating as before.
“W-why did you really do it?” You found yourself asking. It was a risk—but you were feeling braver now that your stomach was full even though part of you was surprised you had managed to eat at all.
“Why did you really try to take over the planet? Did you… do you really want to enslave us all?”
“A lack of freedom does not equal slavery. It offers protection from failure and bad choices.” He said. You frowned.
“You truly believe that?”
“You fight wars over opinions, religions and race among your own species. Your choices are suffocating the whole of Midgard. I would have changed that.”
“You can’t be serious.”
You looked down, reaching for the sweet treat that had come with your pizza to stop your fingers from trembling.
“What is that?”
“Oh, uh… those are marshmallows. This pizza place always packs them with your order, don’t ask me why.”
“What’s that?” He repeated, frowning at the plastic wrapper.
“It’s candy…”
“Well, it doesn’t look very natural.”
Woah. How had this conversation just gone from “humans should not have freedom of choice” to “marshmallows look unhealthy”?
“They’re… I mean they’re not. They’re made of pure sugar and artificial flavouring.”
“Then why do you eat them?”
“Because… because they taste good?”
Loki gave you a taunting look. See? It said. This is what I meant.
But when you opened the package and handed it to him, he took one out nonetheless. It looked tiny between his long fingers—as tiny as you must have looked next to him.
You gulped when it disappeared between his lips. When you reached out to take the package back, he snatched it away from you.
“They are quite delicious, actually.” Your jaw dropped when he popped them all into his mouth at once, winking at you. Not quite sure how to react to this, you averted your gaze, taking a feigned interest in your digital alarm clock on the nightstand instead.
It was only 5 PM but you were positively ready to pass out. Where would you even sleep tonight? Where would he sleep? Would he even sleep?
“You are tired.” He suddenly stated as if on cue. He couldn’t read your mind… right? He did have that weird cube of his, after all.
“Well, yeah… I got kidnapped, experienced a live remake of ‘Fast and Furious’ and I have a criminal in my flat.”
“I only understood half of what you just said but I can ensure you that I will not harm you when you sleep.” There it was again, that frown that almost made it look like he was offended. As if the very circumstance of him hurting an innocent for no reason other than malice insulted him.
“So by all means, retire to bed.” He went on, gesturing to the bed and eventually, standing up to make space for you. The pizza boxes disappeared in but a green shimmer of light and you watched Loki, albeit still suspicious, heading over to the small kitchen table. To be quite frank, it was the last thing you remembered.
Loki was gone, no trace of him left. It was as if he had never even been here. It was already past noon—the exhaustion from your flight as well as the racy car drive and last but not least, your shining time as a hostage had worn you out to the point you didn’t even remember falling asleep anymore.
You only realised now that it was your doorbell that had woken you up. Jumping out of bed and moaning when your vision turned black for a moment, you headed over to your speaker and pressed the button. Perhaps it was Loki. Perhaps he had locked himself out but then again… would he not be able to magic himself back in? Why had he insisted on you unlocking the door yesterday in the first place? You shook your head.
“Hi. This is Henry, I’ve got your delivery.” A boyish voice responded.
“W-what delivery? I didn’t order anything.”
“You did, ma’am, would you come open the door, please?”
You sighed. “Fine, I’ll be down in a second.”
You had fallen asleep in your clothes from last night, so one quick glance in the mirror was all you had before you headed back down and opened the main entrance door.
The delivery boy was holding both your suitcase and a jumbo-size package of marshmallows in his hands. Big marshmallows—the bonfire kind, to be precise.
“Who…” But you knew. You knew the moment you made the connection and knew the moment you looked straight into Henry’s eyes and noticed them glowing unnaturally blue when he handed the items to you.
It had not been a dream then. Loki had really been here. You had been eating pizza with the God of Mischief and now… the gesture was almost sweet. Was that his way of saying thank you? For what? You hadn’t exactly done much except for trembling in fear.
“He instructed me to tell you that you will meet again soon.” Henry announced and then, before you even had a chance to respond, he turned on his heel, hopped back into the delivery van parked in front of the building and left. You only realised now that the Hyundai taxi was gone too.
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Weekend Plans - 1
Tumblr media
Summary: Not all weekends are meant to be reserved for comfort food, pjs and movie marathons.
Warnings: Strictly 18+, extreme smuttiness, stuff gets kinky.
Pairing: Thor x Reader
Square Filled: Size difference
A/N: Written for @avengersbingo. I’m not even going to apologise. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy!
Read Part 1 here.
Thor Odinson Taglist – @raspberrymama @bitchycherryblossomlove @jennie22feona @innerpaperexpertcloud @thorfanficwriter @darklydeliciousdesires @longlostinanotherworld @miss-smutty
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He had made you turn around in his lap to discuss the details of the plan brewing in your mind but also distract you so he could get down to business sooner.
“Do we need a safe word?”
“Pop tarts?”
Thor’s deep chuckle at your choice of words travelled straight to your core as his fingertips travelled down your spine, leaving goose bumps in their wake.
“You’re very funny, my love.”
“That I am. You’re lucky you have me.”
“Indeed. I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
Such an honest confession from this fifteen-hundred-year-old God had your heart melt.
“No no we’re not getting mushy Thor, it’s supposed to be sensual.”
He agreed and sat up straight, the sudden compliance made you think if at all he’d ever be on board with one of your fantasies.
“Umm, I have a question. Do you like it when I take control?”
You felt self-conscious for a second before the eager spark in Thor’s eyes wiped it all away, excitement running through you as he nodded.
“I absolutely love it, my beautiful dove. Maybe we should try it more often.”
You pretended to think before pulling him in for a short kiss which turned into a lingering one as his hands drew your clothed core closer to his bulge, making his presence known.
“And what about lingerie? Yes, or no?”
“You look perfect in everything you wear.”
“As long as it’s not interfering.”
“Do you like it when I pull your hair, my love?”
“Ugh, yes. I love it!”
“Okay, what else?” You wondered, scratching your nails lightly against the back of his neck.
“Big yes!”
“This is bringing out a rather interesting side of you, my sweet.”
You winked as he caressed your cheek with the back of his hand. Just discussing it all was enough to send your adrenaline into overdrive.
Gearing up for a marathon indeed.
The bedroom was fading away into nothingness as your languid kisses turned fervent. Lips moving in harmony, tasting and exploring one another, tracing a familiar path.
Clothes a tangled mess, you hummed against Thor’s mouth as he laid you against the plush cushioned couch. His considerably larger frame looming over you before he met your eyes, a heady mixture of desire and love swimming in his electric blues.
Your legs parted willingly to accommodate him, the sweatshirt you wore rolling up enough to let your core meet the tent in his pants. Thor sucked in a sharp breath as your hips rose up for more friction.
“I thought you wanted to take it slow.”
“Maybe I don’t now…this is slow enough.”
Your voice came out a needy whine, adding to Thor’s amusement as he swiped his thumbs over your covered nipples before placing open-mouthed kisses over the fabric until they hardened. He was moving south, hands replacing where his mouth was as the pliant flesh of your breasts moulded against his touches.
When your hips lifted off the couch a second time, he pushed them down firmly, eyes flashing a silent warning for you to obey.
“Patience (Y/N).”
You thought he’d discard the piece of clothing, instead he revealed your belly, bunching up the sweatshirt around your middle. His tongue teasing your belly button as he parted your legs wider, getting off the couch and kneeling before pulling you to the edge as it wasn’t large enough to accommodate his size.
Securing your legs over his shoulders, Thor turned his head to place a small kiss on your ankle as he continued the path towards your awaiting core. Your breathing picked up as he trailed a wet line of kisses, finally reaching your inner thigh where he nipped the skin lightly, emitting a whine from you.
"Shh, don't worry, I'll take very good care of you, love."
And taking care of you he did.
Licking a thick strip up your slit with enough pressure to have your back arch off the back of the sofa with a gasp. Thor repeated the action a few times, keeping his eyes on every reaction of yours before his mouth closed on your bundle of nerves.
Pulling your folds apart, he exposed more of the sensitive flesh for him to feast on. Your hands found home in his shorter hair, pulling on the ends, guiding and encouraging his movements as desperate moans left your lips.
Moving over to tend to your entrance, Thor plunged his tongue inside all the while thumbing your clit, never leaving it unattended. He revelled in the way you tasted, like he always had, relishing you like his favourite meal and making sure to bring you utmost pleasure.
Sensing you were close as your hips thrust up against his face, he brought his hands up to fondle your breasts while circling his tongue around your clit once more, this time increasing the pace as you cried out loud.
Prying your legs open that threatened to clamp shut to make sure you rode out your orgasm he continued his relentless ministrations.
“Wow. I mean…wow.” You managed to mumble as your heart beat rapidly against your ribcage, tiny muscles in your thighs still twitching.
“I know.”
Thor emerged sporting your arousal all over his lips proudly, crawling over to share it with you as a wave of embarrassment washed over you. It was quickly replaced with an increased desire for your gorgeous man as his tongue battled with yours.
“I’m going for a shower.”
You stood up after him, confused as to why he’d leave with unfinished business that was currently poking at you through his shorts.
“I won’t be long. You stay put; I’m not done with you.”
A wink later he disappeared into your bedroom towards the attached bath, leaving you and your throbbing pussy waiting for more.
Guess you’d have to work some more on that patience he spoke about.
Fifteen minutes seemed hour-like as you tried but failed to obey your God of mind-blowing sex-skills and thunder. Lounging on the sofa had transferred onto your bed as you mindlessly went through your phone, trying to get your mind off of things but you needed more.
A collection of countless shirtless pictures of Thor served as a perfect means of spending your idle time, however it turned into something else rather quickly. Unconsciously, your hand travelled down your body to stroke yourself and try to relieve some of the ache left by the Asgardian till he returned. You were toying with your folds when the bathroom door flung open, it was as if he knew you were misbehaving.
“Were you touching yourself without my permission?”
Avoiding his gaze, you sat up against the headboard, waiting for him to say something trying to ignore the pounding of your heart and the desire that pooled in your belly. He let the low-hung towel fall away from his dripping wet physique.
“You want to try that again, little dove?”
Exuding all that was raw masculinity, Thor crawling over your tiny frame and flipped you over on your front. When you sat up to remove the sweatshirt, he made a disgruntled sound.
“I’m just helping you.”
“I’ll decide that, not you.”
You had to admit the sense of authority with which he spoke was hot, every now and then you enjoyed being put in your place. Pushing you down against the pillows, he brought your hands behind and held them together by the wrists with one while his other hand pulled your ass up for display.
"If you're going to act like a little brat then I'm going to treat you like a little brat."
With that, a sharp slap across your right butt cheek made you lurch forward with a gasp. To even things out, a strike across your left one was met with another cry as you bit your bottom lip, whimpering already.
“You don’t touch yourself without my permission, little dove. Do you understand?”
Another smack. This time to remind you how to properly address him when he was in control.
“Yes what?”
“Yes, my King.”
You knew it was the right answer when he smoothed your tingling skin gently.
“Part your legs for me.”
You obeyed immediately, wanting to please your lover. Thor’s thick fingers found your slit, dripping for him already as he smirked, relishing in the effect he had on you.
He palmed your cunt, spreading your juices around, slapping your butt once more when he found your hips pushing back in desperation.
“Please, my King.”
“Go on, tell me what you need, my dove.” His baritone sending shivers down your spine as you gulped and looked over your shoulder.
“I want your fingers in me.”
A chuckle that reverberated deep in his chest made your pussy clench onto nothing, that was until his fingers halted at your channel for a second before pushing in, two at once. With minimum resistance, Thor began massaging your walls with expertise, feeling you resist the urge to push back against them as you bit your bottom lip harder.
The more he impaled, he felt your legs start to twitch making him stop. There was no point in whining, you knew better than that by now, so you simply waited.
“What? No needy cries?”
“I want to be a good girl for my King.”
Your whispered admission made Thor’s cock jump, eager to be buried in your warmth. Taking pity, he plunged his fingers back in, this time increasing his speed and hitting all the right spots. Your legs starting to tremble as you felt the coil in your belly tighten.
"Look at you, I've only started using my fingers and you're already shaking."
The response you mustered crossed between a ‘yes’ and a strangled moan as he brought you closer to climax. Just when you were ready to let go, he pulled out it his fingers again.
"I don't care how good it feels, you'd better not cum until I tell you to."
Flipping you back over, Thor picked you up in his arms and carried you until a cool surface of the nearby wall hit your flushed back.
Lining himself against your entrance, he pressed his forehead to yours and finally entered you in one swift move. Your walls clenched around his length instantly, craving release at this point as tears prickled in the corners of your eyes.
Pulling all the way out, Thor pushed back in, a deep grunt echoing in the otherwise silent room as he set a slow but brutal pace.
You held onto his broad shoulders and buried your face in his neck as he pushed you up against the wall with every powerful thrust. Your moan got lost into his shoulder, making him pull you back with your hair.
“I know you can be louder than that.”
He carried you back to bed, slipping out of your slick in the process before laying you down gently and entering you again. You shuddered and let your moans slip out uninhibited as he fucked you relentless at this point.
You felt your entire body was on fire, every muscle working towards bringing you to your orgasm as Thor ploughed in and out of your heat with abandon, the air filled with the sinful sounds of skin slapping against skin.
“Cum for me, little dove.”
Your body quivered before your nails dug into his shoulders, your loud cry was followed by your walls fluttering deliciously around his mighty cock. Thor grunted against your hair as he felt you clamp down on him, triggering his own climax.
You felt a surge of warm buzz wash over you, almost electric as he emptied himself, thick ropes of cum painting your walls white as his hips faltered.
"I love the sounds you make when you come undone, my love."
A lazy smile formed on your face as you lay all limbs tangled and sweaty against the sheets, breaths steadying with every passing minute.
“Was this a part of your plan?”
Pulling your back against his chest, Thor wrapped his arms around you and kissed your temple softly. Feeling his erection poke against your hip, you stared back at the man, impressed and only slightly shocked.
“Get some rest, my love. The weekend isn’t over yet.”
Tumblr media
Happy weekend? 😈
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miss-smutty · 2 days ago
Immortal Masterlist
Summary- Aria had to avoid the God of Thunder at all costs, she couldn't risk his questioning. Questions that even she didn't know the answer to, at least not yet.
Pairing- Thor Odinson x OFC
Warnings- Smut, swearing
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
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arcticana13 · 2 days ago
.。゚゚・。・゚゚。 ゚。Mosaic Broken Hearts
 ゚・。・ - a Loki and Thor love triangle drabble ? I had a dream about this so why not
Tumblr media
They had set up camp in a deserted planet, long destroyed by Thanos. Loki sat and watched the debris of what once was a town. “ I don’t like where you’re going with this you know “ he finally spoke after what seemed years of silence. Ariel was setting up the tent as best as she could and laughed. “ Well I don’t like that you and your brother leave me with the men’s job but this is as best as I can give you” she said as she smiled at him. Loki smiled back and stood up. “ No dear I meant with your whole Let’s Outdo Thanos And Take The Stones Before He Does plan of yours” he said as he tinkled with the tent. She huffed and wiped sweat off her brow. “ Well we’re two stones ahead no? One more and we’re much closer to beating him “
“ As much as I admire you’re optimist views I fear you don’t understand how big this is”
“ I’m here aren’t I? I know “
Loki tore the tent apart and stood silently for a second. Thanos knew of her plan. Searched all of earth for the mortal who dared stood in his way. Killed half her family and friends, and so Thor took her from earth against her will at first.
“ Ariel , you seem to forget your vulnerability. You are no Hulk or god. You’re just a human. And that makes your actions more admirable but makes you more vulnerable. Say something happens to me and Thor. What becomes of you?” he said as he built the tent. Ariel let his words sink in. She knew she was nothing particularly special and she admit she would be nowhere without Loki or Thor .
“ I’ll make sure nothing happens to you or Thor “ she said and patted his shoulder. Loki could only smile.
“ Alright well it seems this area is secure “ Thor said as he walked up to them.
“ Ahh lady Ariel I knew you were the woman for the job! Look at this tent!”
Ariel laughed and was about to speak when Loki interrupted “ Well of course you know her saying, anything a man does a woman can do better “ he said and winked at her. Ariel rolled her eyes.
“ So lunch? “ Thor asked.
Nightfall came and for a depressing planet the skies were of light blue. Ariel sat in the tent and braided her long pink hair. Thor came in with a bottle of alcohol. “Oh no you didn’t Thor “ Ariel sighed out . “ Oh come on we have to celebrate our wins thus far!”
Thor brought out two pints and filled them up.
“ And Loki? “
“ My brother is out on one of his nightly walks, he’ll come around and join us” Thor said as he took a gulp from his pint. Ariel merely took two sips and fiddled with a radio she found. She got a signal. To an old classical music station. She and Thor sat in comfortable silence enjoying the melodies. Thor stood up and extended his hand towards her. He had noticed she seemed a bit deflated lately and it broke his heart seeing her that way. She smiled at him and took his hand. She took his hand and he rested his hand on her waist as she rested her head on his chest . They swayed to the soft piano melodies and it was just them in that moment. He gently picked her up and gave her a swing. She let out a laugh. He put her down and smiled down on her. After all they’ve lost he was relieved he still had her and his brother. Ariel cupped his face with both her hands and lovingly squeezed. Loki cleared his throat causing them to separate. “ Oh no don’t let me spoil the moment” Loki spat bitterly as he walked past them and threw a map at the table.
“ Loki,…um would you like a drink?” Ariel asked as she took out another pint.
“ You know what I would like, if instead of fooling around we actually started looking “ he said as he threw daggers with his eyes at Thor.
“ Brother, she needs to rest. You need to rest we all do” Thor said
“ Rest? Is that what Thanos is doing? I doubt it” he opened the map and took a chug of the drink Ariel handed to him.
“ Loki I promise we’ll end this but we can’t do it if we’re exhausted “ Ariel told him as she sat next to him. She was right. Loki hated to admit when she was right. But where would he be without her voice of reason.
“ I’m going to step out for some air” Ariel said and walked out the tent.
Loki and Thor sat in silence.
“ Brother I think we need to discuss the elephant in the room “ Thor began
“ What? That we’re wasting time?” Loki asked annoyed.
“ That you and I seem to share the same feelings for Ariel”
Loki stilled. He looked at Thor. The one who stole it all from him. The spotlight. The crown. The woman he loved.
He scoffed.
“ I’m no fool Loki. But I don’t want it to come between us”
“ Us? We share nothing but the burdens your father left”
Loki stood up and prepared his bunk.
“ It’s not a competition you know, I see the way you look at her. You seem to hold her in higher regards than me. Anyone can see it” Thor said.
“ You’re delusional “ was all Loki said . Loki saw galaxies in Ariels brown eyes. He wondered why his whole life was spent in mindless relationships, she was worth the wait. But of course Thor had to take that too .
“ I’ll step back Loki, truly. I adore Ariel she’s family but when you look at her i feel quite wrong ever looking at her that way”
“ Listen Thor, I don’t want your pity. I don’t want you to step away because you feel bad. If you are what Ariel wants who am I to stop it. She’s mortal anyway I could care less. She’ll be gone in a couple years and I rather not have that burden on me” Loki said .
“ Burden?” Ariel asked quietly
Thor and Loki looked up to see a teary eyed Ariel.
“ No- I didn’t mean it like that-“
“ Is that why you’ve been pushing me away? You think I’m some burden ?!”
“ NO”
Ariel ran out the tent and Loki followed.
“ Ariel please wait “
She laughed through her tears
“ And here I thought I meant something to you after all we went through “
“ You do you truly do”
“ So after this what? You leave and I never see you again and you live another 1,000 years and find another countless Ariels? “ she asked. “ That’s impossible, there’s only one Ariel. “
Ariel crossed her arms and let the tears fall.
“ I know me being mortal makes me less important but-“ she sighed and shocked her head
“ But what?” Loki asked
She kept shaking her head in tears. He walked closer to her and tried to wipe her tears away but she pushed his hand away
“ BUT YOURE ALL I HAVE LEFT! I lost it all! I lost my family I lost myself. I left everything I knew for this. For a human this shit is intense and I always carry dread in my chest Loki I’m scared but I’m even more scared of losing the last bit of family I have. You, Thor, the avengers . I have something to fight for still. To think that to you I’m only a speck nothing more than a star destined to die out and you don’t want to deal with me it breaks my heart”
Loki stood in silence. Tears welling up in his own eyes. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her into his embrace. They cried. And held each other.
“ I’m sorry, I don’t pretend to know what you go through. I’m scared too. I’ve never cared so immensely for someone. Someone so fragile. I don’t know what to do” he said as he breathed in the scent of her hair.
Ariels grip on him tightened.
“ I never wanted this for you. I tried so hard to push you away from me but Thor brought you back. For once I’m grateful for my brother “ he said with a chuckle. Ariel smiled and looked up at Loki.
“ You should know it’s always been you “ she said and let him go and wiped her tears.
Loki looked at her confused. She wiped his tears away.
“ Wherever you are, I’m there. It’s no coincidence. I’ll follow you anywhere “ she said and walked back to the tent Thor who had been eavesdropping threw himself to his bunk bed and pretended to sleep. He smiled. He kinda knew it all along.
Morning came. They figured out the location of the stone. It was a couple miles away. It was a cold walk. Thor lead while Loki and Ariel followed behind. Ariel grabbed onto Loki’s hand the whole way.
“ We’re here “ Thor said with a sigh of relief
“ Well, let’s go “ Ariel said excitedly.
They looked up at the mountain. “ Must be up there, I’ll go first I’ll give you a signal if it’s safe “ Loki said as he began to climb.
He made it to the lonely top. The wind hitting his face . He walked around for a bit until he saw a figure.
“ Whose there !” He exclaimed as he drew out knives.
“ Welcome Loki, son of Laufey”
A red skinned man in a dark cloak appeared.
“ Who are you? “ Loki asked
“ I am the keeper of the soul stone, I presume that’s why you’re here”
Loki remained nodded and began to walk towards the figure
“ To obtain the stone you must lose that what you love “ the figure said as Loki walked closer to the edge of the mountain. He looked down.
“ A sacrifice . A soul for a soul”
Loki let out a chuckle and shock his head. Just as he was about to turn and walk away he heard footsteps
“ Brother are you alright “ Thor said as he and Ariel came nearer
“ Welcome Thor son of Odin. Ariel daughter of Stefan “
Ariel looked up at the figure and grabbed onto Thor’s arm.
“ We need to go” Loki said as he pushed both Thor and Ariel away from the edge
“ But Loki we’re so close” Ariel said
Loki began to hyperventilate
“ Loki relax what’s wrong ?” Thor asked.
“ He must choose. There is no turning back” the figure said
“ Choose what” Ariel said as she pushed the hair out of Loki’s face.
“ Who he will sacrifice for the stone”
Suddenly a purple light appeared and out of it Thanos came out.Thor and Loki stood up and pushed Ariel behind them.
“Ah we meet again, I told you your weaknesses would be the stop of your so called progress” Thanos said as he gripped his daughter Gamora by the arm.Then it clicked. Ariel knew what Loki had to do.She knew what must be done to win. Thor summoned his hammer and Ariel gripped Loki’s hand before he could arm himself. She grabbed his face and looked into his eyes. She kissed him. He could taste her tears. He grabbed her and deepened the kiss. She softly pushed him away.
“ I’ll find you. Somewhere out there” she said with a smile
“ What are you talking about ?” Loki asked
Ariel pushed him to the ground and ran towards the edge of the cliff “ ARIEL!” Thor yelled and ran as fast as he could. Loki stilled in shock watched as she jumped. And suddenly all he saw was a bright light.
He awoke breathless in a river. Thor beside him. “ Loki.” Thor said as Loki opened his hand and there it was, the soul stone. Loki screamed out in both anger and agony. Thor held him and Loki held onto his brother letting out the unbearable pain. “ I’m here” Thor said as he tried his best to comfort his brother. And the dark skies suddenly became pink and Thor knew they had to win now. They would win for her. For she’d be there alongside with them.
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syntheticavenger · 2 days ago
“I wish you would write a fic” where Mafia!Thor finds this person.
Literally any plot I just love your reading !
Cold Sweat
Mob Boss Thor x Mob Boss Female Reader
Word Count: 1K
Warnings: 18+ ONLY, heavy canon violence, arranged marriage.
Summary | A rival mob boss finds out your secrets and offers you a way out.
Tumblr media
In the span of an hour, your world had upended into chaos.
Your right hand murdered by your rival in a battle of gunfire, an alliance broken by a single secret that threatened your rein on your business.
You almost felt sorry for the poor bastard, his body riddled with bullets before you side stepped the blood that pooled on the ground. These were designer pumps and you wouldn’t sully them with his blood. His treachery was enough to make you want to take aim at a few of the bystanders who were watching your every move, your stoic expression belying your anger that surges through you when you lift your head.
“Do we notify next of kin?” the police officer asks you.
“I’ll do it,” you reply. “No need to make it worse.”
His wife will be devastated, no doubt. She warned him about the business and the association. In the end, it wasn’t the association that got him killed. It was his telling of your family secrets, giving away your plans that left him vulnerable.
He truly thought you didn’t know about his plans to take over. Many had tried before and failed. He would fall in line like all the rest. Your father had taught you well, his only child, a daughter that was his pride and joy. Your father was ruthless, they would say, vicious and violent.
You’d outdone him and then some.
But this was done out in the open. In front of witnesses so that there would be dialogue of whether you were strong enough to exact your revenge.
An open invitation for you to pay a visit to the one who pulled the trigger.
“Take care of it,” you tell your second in command. “All of it.”
All of it means the funeral, the payoff and your name out of the papers. Give him some dignity even if he didn’t do the same for you.
When you head back inside the car, you’re aware of your next destination, smoothing your hand over your diamond encrusted watch to check the time.
“Odinson’s,” you direct, settling back into your seat, scrolling through your phone to get plans in motion.
The pause makes you snap your eyes up to the rearview.
“I, uh, wanted to make sure I heard you correctly,” the chauffeur swallows. “Odinson’s?”
“Yes,” you affirm evenly. “I want to get this over with.”
When the car pulls away from the curb, the two black SUVs follow as back up, the crime scene fading into the background.
At the first sight of you, a bodyguard smirks.
“Didn’t think we’d see you so soon.”
You shrug, adjusting your blazer.
“Is he here?”
“You know he is.”
You nod, not willing to give him the satisfaction of having you ask for him. They know why you’re here. It was all over the news until coverage was pulled, thanks to the power of your father’s friends who owe you favors.
“He spilled blood. I’m not asking for him to come out, I’m telling you.”
“Or else what?”
It’s swift when you pull your gun from your purse, aiming randomly before you fire, the bullet hitting one of his men in the arm as he crumples to the ground.
“Then I keep picking your men off until he’s standing here in front of me.”
He knows the men behind you are armed to the teeth and he sneers for a moment, motioning to his men to pick up the man off the floor as he goes inside.
Within minutes, he returns, opening the door wider.
“He says just you,” the man orders. “They stay outside.”
You can hear their protests before you put your hand up for silence. This isn’t about whether or not you’re safe. You can hold your own.
Once inside, you keep your gun at your side, settling your purse over your shoulder as you hear your name being called. Turning to the left, Thor Odinson waits for you, his large frame blocking the view of his desk as he pours you a drink.
“Here I was, thinking it would take you a day or so to gather your wits about you,” Thor begins, handing you the glass. “It took less than two hours.”
“I’m punctual,” you answer, taking a sip without breaking eye contact. “And you have some explaining to do.”
He lets out a dark laugh, downing his glass in one fluid motion, tattoos etched on his knuckles with various symbols. He smiles at your comment, amused in his own way as he tilts his head to the side.
“So do you.”
“What was the point in killing him? Unsure that he would shop my secrets around?” you ask, watching him lean against his desk.
“I did it for you.”
“You killed one of my men for my honor? After getting every single secret from him? Is this some sort of fucked up insurance policy?”
“You can call it that, if you wish,” Thor hums, nodding to your glass. “Drink up.”
You hold the glass in your hand, Thor spying the gun still in your hand.
“I have a proposition for you. I know everything about your holdings, your territories and the list of people you’re planning to make disappear. If that was public knowledge, I’d imagine it would ruin you.”
You take another sip, waiting for his offer.
“I could take it all, you know. Your empire would be one of for the history books. But I like you,” Thor continues, his gaze all consuming. “A merger. Your assets and mine, together. We’d own the entire state and then some.”
“What’s the catch?”
He smiles at your question.
“You’re smart.”
You raise an eyebrow at his comment.
“You call it a catch, I call it necessary.”
“And what is that?”
“Marriage. You marry me and I offer you my protection. You’ll need it if this ever got out. I’d hate to see what would happen to you.”
You down the last of your drink.
“Fine,” you answer, watching his eyes narrow at your affirmation. “When’s the wedding?”
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profoundtyrantharmony · 2 days ago
I don't write fanfictions but i like a lot of them without reblogging them. I've decided i wanted this to change, so i'll start reblogging as much as i can but according to you is it better (for a multi chapters fic) to : reblog each chapters of a fic OR reblog the first or the last chapter and advise more people to read it ? Thanks you all for your opinion.
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editsxdetodo · 2 days ago
“No disfruto lastimando gente. Yo no gozo haciéndolo. Lo hago porque tengo que hacerlo, tuve que hacerlo. Porque es parte de la ilusión. Es un truco cruel y elaborado conjugado por el débil para infundir miedo. Desesperación por el control. Un villano”.
“A veces, alguien como tú se desvía de la ruta creada por los guardianes. A ellos los llamamos variantes. Quizá iniciaste un levantamiento o llegaste tarde al trabajo. Sea lo que sea, salirse del camino creó un evento nexus, que si no se controla, podría ramificarse hacia la locura, lo que llevaría a una guerra multiversal”.
“Nunca hizo falta que nos conocieras antes. Viviste dentro de tu camino prefijado”. Mobius a Loki, él le responde: “Vivo dentro del camino que elijo”.
“Me especializo en perseguir variantes peligrosas. Variantes específicamente peligrosas. Tú eres un simple gatito”
“La primera y más opresiva mentira fue la idea del libre albedrío. Para casi todos los seres, elegir engendra vergüenza, incertidumbre y arrepentimiento. Hay una bifurcación en cada camino, pero siempre se toma el camino equivocado
Estas son algunas frases que salieron en la nueva serie de Disney plus ¨loki¨ no se la pierdan
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