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imagine-loki · an hour ago
You are a palace maid. You originally worked in the kitchens but was slowly promoted to higher positions until you become one of Frigga's junior lady assistants. With your high position comes the privilege of having longer break hours for reading. But instead of reading in the library, you prefer to take a book in the gardens and read there.
You were obsessed with a particular realm, not knowing why since you lost your memories when you were very young. The earliest thing you could remember was walking in the rain and reaching the steps of Asgard palace and being cared for by the head of the kitchens. One afternoon, while you were reading, you suddenly remember a song and start singing it. Loki comes out of the blue and stares at you in shock and awe. You stare back, mortified, thinking you had offended him.
To your surprise, Loki hugged you as he sobs, stroking your hair and repeating "you're alive" over and over again.
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wizardofrozz · an hour ago
The Perfect Pair
Tumblr media
Warnings: swearing, violence, angst, blood and gore, character death
Pairing: Loki x OFC
Chapter 18: Hello Brother
I shot up into a sitting position gasping for air despite the burning in my lungs. Slowly, breathing became easier, suppressing the spike of anxiety but only momentarily as I stared at Violet’s unmoving body; I dropped my head, rubbing at my eyes, waiting. I heard a gasp then coughing a few feet away; quickly, my mind caught up, and I crawled across the floor to Violet.
           “Hey, you’re okay,” I soothed, rubbing her back as she choked on fresh air.
           “That was fucking miserable,” she hacked, pressing a hand to her chest. I burst into a fit of laughter, sitting back on my heels, and dropped my head onto her shoulder to steady myself.
           “Gods, I love you,” I managed through giggles.
           “And don’t you forget it,” she shot back, snickering. “Now, where the hell are we?” I lifted my head, breathing through the last of my laughter to look around the room but still having no answer.
           “No idea,” I shrugged. “Doesn’t matter; missiles are probably already flying towards the Avengers compound.”
           “Son of a bitch. Odin really couldn’t make that any less uncomfortable?” Violet swore, rubbing her chest.
           “Come on, you pain in my ass,” I laughed, getting to my feet. Violet grumbled in protest but grabbed my outstretched hand, gingerly getting to her feet. “Get changed, and we’ll go.” I took a deep breath and my simple attire started to morph; green and black leather crawling over my skin, my cloak fluttering down behind me, the familiar weight of my helmet settling on my head. I looked over at Violet, watching her armor materialize; her raven black hair braided tightly, charcoal breastplate swirling with purple accents appeared along with rich black cloak that fell around her. “Add some new designs?” My eyes followed the soft swirls of purple that littered her cloak.
           “Shut up, plain black is so boring,” she mumbled.
           “Ready, my love?” I reached for her hand, smiling softly; she thought for a moment before meeting my eyes.
           “Almost,” she whispered. I raised an eyebrow, but my silent question was answered when her lips met mine. “Now I am.” I laughed, shaking my head as my eyes fell shut; I reached for my brother, magic tendrils flowing in all directions in hopes of finding him.
           “There you are, brother,” I whispered, teleporting us with ease.
           “Oh gods,” Violet gasped. I opened my eyes slowly and was met with a sight that could only be described as apocalyptic; the compound was in shambles, falling in on itself, smoldering debris everywhere.  
           “It doesn’t even look like we’re on Earth,” I whispered, squeezing Violet’s hand.
           “Are you scared?” she asked suddenly.
           “Thank god I’m not alone,” she whispered. I looked down at her, fear creasing her beautiful features, only adding to my panic. “We have to get moving. Do you know where Thor is already?”
           “Not exactly. I followed him to this point, but I didn’t try for an exact spot,” I explained. Violet and I jumped when a blinding bolt of lightning exploded a few hundred feet below us, signaling we found Thor.
           “Safe to say we found him,” Violet laughed. Her laughed died off when Thanos slams Thor on his back, beating down on him repeatedly. “When are we supposed to step in!” Violet whispers harshly.
           “When we can get to Thor without running face-first into Thanos. Even with five of us, we can’t beat him,” I bark.
           “We may not make it to Thor,” she gasps. I snap my gaze to my brother to see Thanos leaning over him, pressing an ax into his chest.
           “We have to help.” I grabbed Violet’s arm, but she ripped away, her eyes still glued to the scene unfolding.
           “Look,” she mumbled to the left. I flicked my gaze away from her in time to watch Captain America catch Mjolnir; I almost choked on my own saliva, causing Violet to snort. Thanos kicked Thor through a pile of debris before facing Captain America; Thor tumbled a few feet away, landing with a thud on his back.
           “Now’s our chance,” I stated, grabbing her hand. When I opened my eyes again, my beaten and bloody brother lay unmoving a foot in front of me; Violet pulled me closer, nudging Thor’s leg.
           “Hey! Get up!” she half-yelled, kicking him harder. I ran my eyes over Thor, noticing his larger body shape, thick braided beard, and dreaded long hair.
           “I didn’t know we were taking on the likeness the Vikings imagined,” I snorted, keeping my eyes on his face. Thor’s forehead wrinkled, his eyes moving under his eyelids before a deep groan escaped his lips.
           “I was thinking the same thing. The beard is pretty impressive though,” Violet added, raising an eyebrow.
           “Usually, he keeps it short, makes him look younger,” I snickered.
           “W-wha…” Thor tried, his arm shifting at his side.
           “Come on, big guy, open those pretty blues,” Violet called, kicking his leg again.
           “Hey!” I protested, slightly hurt.
           “Are you really going to doubt me now? I’m your wife that came back from the dead to rule with you,” she deadpanned.
           “…alright, got me there,” I admitted, rubbing my neck. Thor screwed his eyes shut tighter, his arm finally moving, very slowly, towards his face, rubbing between his eyes.
           “I’m losing it,” he whispered, scrubbing at his face. “I'm still hearing their banter from beyond the grave.” Violet glanced over at me, raising an eyebrow as she tried to hold back a laugh; I covered my smile with the back of my hand, moving my gaze back to Thor.  
           “Can you lose your mind later? We have shit to take care of,” Violet grunted, shifting to place her hands on her hips. Thor froze, his eyes flying open, trying to adjust again; his eyes slowly grew wider as he looked back and forth between Violet and me.
           “What the fuck…” he whispered, his eyes still moving.
           “Woah, he uses that word?” Violet laughed.
           “But…” Thor tried again, only to fall quiet.
           “Listen, Lebowski, if you yell that we’re alive again, I’m putting you back to sleep.” Violet popped a hip out, her hands still resting on them as she glared down at Thor.
           “Lebowski?” I asked, my face scrunching in confusion.
           “What, I’ve watched movies before,” she shrugged.
           “How did you escape? I-I watched you both…” Thor stumbled over his words, tears forming in his eyes.
           “Come on, let’s get you up,” I offered softly, reaching a hand to him. I pulled Thor to his feet, throwing his arm over my shoulder to steady him; Violet wiggled her way under his other arm to help him walk.
           “To answer your question, you should probably thank your father for sending us back,” Violet said, smiling up at Thor. He turned to look down at her for a few seconds before turning his gaze to me again.
           “Odin did this?” he mumbled, supporting more of his weight on his own the longer we walked.
           “Yes, but we can discuss this later. We have a Titan to take care of.” I smacked Thor’s back, stopping in my tracks, not wanting to get too close before Thor could hold himself up.
           “We can’t win,” he groaned. Thor straightened up, rolling his head on his shoulders, stretching his arms; he already looked better than a few minutes ago. “Five of us isn’t enough.”
           “Good thing there are more than five of us,” I smirked, pointing towards the growing portals. I stepped behind Thor, resting my hand on his shoulder and grabbing Violet’s hand, teleporting us next to where Captain America stood.
           “Thor,” Steve said with a relieved sigh. “Wait, I thought you two were….dead,” he stumbled.
           “Doesn’t stick,” Violet joked, jabbing me with her elbow.
           “We’re here to help,” I added, glaring at Violet, who only smiled back sweetly.
           “Thank you,” Steve said with a smile. “I mean it.” Steve turned to look at the growing army but turned back to us. “You’re going to need earpieces.” Then, with a flick of my wrist, I felt a pressure in my ear and noticed Violet flinch, touching her ear.
           “Done,” I chirped; Steve smirked, shaking his head. I looked over my shoulder, noticing more people pouring out of portals, getting closer; a Pegasus circling overhead, caught my attention.
           “Hey.” I nudged Violet, pointing above our heads; Violet’s face lit up when she recognized the flying animal.
           “Bea? Bea!” she screamed, waving her arms. The winged horse descended, landing gracefully a few feet away, trotting towards us.
           “No fucking way!” Bea shouted, a huge smile spreading across her face. Violet blew her a kiss then turned back towards Thanos’ army, taking a deep breath.
           “You ready, trickster?” she asked, looking up at me.
           “As ready as I’ll ever be,” I sighed, dropping a kiss to the top of her head. Violet twirled the impressive long sword that materialized in her hand, squaring her shoulder. I sucked in a deep breath, deciding to use a long sword as well, and relaxing slightly when the weight settled in my hand.
           “Avengers!” Steve screamed. I chanced a glance back, swallowing a gasp at the sheer number of people filling the space behind us. “Assemble.” The misfit army erupted, battle cries filling the air as everyone took off towards Thanos’ army. Chaos commenced as the armies clashed, bodies slamming together with loud thuds; Violet was thrown back into my chest, roaring in anger.
           “Throw me up!” she yelled. I responded without hesitation, launching her in the air and using the momentum to throw a ball of magic at an approaching Chitauri. My sword materialized in my hand again as I slashed through an Outrider, pushing closer to Violet, who was jumping and spinning like a deadly dancer. I jumped out of the way of a giant fist as a man, who I assume was the Falcon, slammed into the massive creature’s chest, stabbing his metal wings into the gorilla.
           “Cap, what do you want me to do with this damn thing?” Hawkeye’s voice erupted in my ear.
           “Get those stones as far away as possible!” Steve answered. I ducked, dodging another large punch, knocking the gorilla back with another blast of magic.
           “No! We need to get them back where they came from,” Bruce shouted.
           “Bruce!” I heard Violet’s voice next.
           “Violet?! You’re alive!” Bruce exclaimed. “Loki?”
           “Hello, Bruce!” I yelled, grunting as an Outrider slammed into my chest.
           “No way to get them back. Thanos destroyed the quantum tunnel,” Stark’s voice cut in, interrupting our greetings. I struggled against the weight on my chest, holding back the creatures snapping jaws; suddenly, the weight was lifted, and the Outrider was knocked away.
           “Now’s not the time for rest, brother,” Thor laughed, pulling me to my feet.
           “Hilarious,” I snorted, shaking my head as he flew off again. I shook my head, landing a kick against the chest of another Outrider, sending it flying back. I heard the faint sound of music from somewhere off in the distance.
           “Anyone see an ugly, brown van up there?” Steve’s voice came through again.
           “Yes! But you're not gonna like where it's parked!” Bea shouted. Ignoring the intercom system, I glanced around, catching a glimpse of Violet, eyes glowing an unnerving bright purple before a blast of magic burst from her chest, knocking numerous Outriders back. I tore through the few Chitauri between us, almost stumbling into her from the force of ramming my blade through one a Chitauri.
           “Hey baby!” she yelled, yanking her sword up through the upper body of an Outrider. I noticed her cloak was gone, and she was covered in gore but smiling so brightly, it could put the sun to shame.
           “You’re incredible,” I laughed. Violet winked before yanking me forward, twirling to bring her sword down on another creature. I regained my footing and fell into a rhythm with Violet, gracefully moving around her as we tore through the endless hoard of creatures. When the first cannon exploded from above us, Violet and I froze, watching missiles rain down on the battlefield.
           “Well shit,” Violet grunted. I huffed a sigh, close lining a passing Outrider before stabbing it in the chest then spinning to avoid being tackled.
           “What the hell is this?” Falcon’s voice erupted in my ear. I backed up into Violet as I looked at the ship, seeing the canons changing direction.
           “What the hell?” she mumbled, narrowing her eyes.
           “F.R.I.D.A.Y., what are they firing at?” Stark said this time, but I didn’t hear the answer.
           “Something’s coming through the atmosphere,” Violet said, pointed at the crackle of light flying through the clouds. A figure emerged from the clouds, bursting through Thanos’ ship, tearing a hole through it, causing an explosion.
           “Oh yeah!” an unfamiliar voice screamed.
           “Danvers, we need some assistance here,” Steve’s voice cut in.
           “Danvers?” Violet mumbled, raising an eyebrow at me; I shrugged. “I think it’s time,” she says, nodding over my shoulder. I glanced back, realizing how close we got to the van everyone was looking for and catching a glimpse of the Titan stalking through the battlefield.
           “Go, I’ll watch your back,” I stated, ushering her forward. Violet jogged towards a group of three women I didn’t recognize, stepping into Thanos’ path; I couldn’t fight the terror that seeped into my bones as I watched her face off against the Titan again. I fought off two Outriders, catching a glimpse of the blast that threw Thanos back as a streak of light flew past. I jogged closer to Violet, meeting her halfway, only to be knocked back slightly by a wave of energy.
           “What do we have here?” Thanos laughs, his eyes falling on Violet and me. I closed my eyes, forcing as much of my magic as possible into a compact ball between my hands; quickly seeing Violet mimicking me, I nodded, pushing the magic forward. The green and purple wave of magic launched Thanos back, sending him skidding through the dirt; I tried to step forward, only to fall to my knees, head spinning. Out of the corner of my eye, I can see Violet is bent at the waist, close to falling too.
           “Brother!” Thor yells, wrenching me to my feet, smacking my face.
           “Go!” I yelled, pushing him forward when I noticed Stark slamming into Thanos. Thor hesitates for a second longer before attacking Thanos with help from Captain America. “Vi?” I called, still a little unsteady on my feet.
           “I’ll be okay,” she pants, swaying as she stood again. We tried to move forward, only to notice a second too late that Thor’s body was flying right for us, knocking us off our feet; the three of us rolled a few times, landing in a heap.
           “Damnit, Thor!” Violet cried. I tried to blink away the black spot in my vision to find her; I shouted at the sharp kick to my kidney. Well, that’ll clear my vision.
           “Hold still!” Thor yelled at Violet. Thor gently rolled onto his back, relieving the pressure from my chest and the weight off Violet’s legs.
           “Everyone okay?” I panted, pulling myself into a sitting position.
           “Wonderful,” Thor grunted, sitting with his back to me.
           “I’ll live,” Violet groaned, getting to her knees next to me.
           “We should go….” Thor vaguely gestured towards Thanos. “It’s-“A blinding white light cut off Thor. “No…” Thor blanched, snapping his head towards me, scrambling to his feet.
           “Thor!” I called desperately, reaching a hand towards him. Thor pulled me to my feet and reaching down to yank Violet to her feet by her arm.
           “No, Odin told us how it should go!” Violet whispered harshly, jogging after Thor. I stopped as I rounded the corner of the debris, causing Violet to run into my back. “What…” she broke off.
           “It did,” I whispered, slowly dropping to one knee next to Thor. Violet followed my lead, dropping her head forward, sighing raggedly. Thor sniffled next to me, wiping at his face aggressively; I threw an arm over his shoulder, pulling him close. He froze for a moment before sagging against me; Violet crawled around to his other side, rubbing circles on his back. Thor wrapped an arm around her, letting her head fall on his shoulder while he rubbed her arm.
           “It’s over,” Thor whispered.
Series Masterlist | Chapter 19
@criminalyetminimal​ @marvelfansworld​ 
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imagine-loki · an hour ago
Imagine you are Loki's younger sister and you have a very strong bond and he dotes on you and is the best older brother anyone can ask for in the nine realms.
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tiffanymarsou · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
LOKI (2021) ~ ep 01
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starselfships · 3 hours ago
My half of an art trade with my best friend @sigridfreyrsdottr / @iskraartiles (she has two self-ship blogs)
Tumblr media
(click for better quality)
She mentioned that she wanted to do an art trade with someone, so I told her I would happily do one!
For my drawing for her, I decided to draw the prince and princess of Asgard; Loki and Sigrid! I thought it was appropriate since I was the matchmaker behind these two lovebirds!
I hope you like it @sigridfreyrsdottr ! I can't wait to see what you've drawn for me!
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lokis-little-kitten · 5 hours ago
Teaching Assistant 4
Title: Teaching Assistant Writer: Lokis-Little-Kitten Pairing: LokixReader Rating: Mid Warning: spankings, mentioning of masturbation, ED, college, teacherxstudent Summary: You get a job as a teaching assistant for you professor Loki Laufeyson. Quickly the relationship takes a turn when Loki offers to teach you the robes of BDSM.
Class is over after a  long time of listening and angry glares from your professor. You pack up your stuff and wait for everyone to be gone. When the last student closes the door Loki leans against his desk with another cross glare at you. 
‘’I’m sorry about being on the phone. I should have listened to your lecture,’’ you start out silently. ‘’Get your ass to my office, now pet!’’ Loki is absolutely cross, more than you have ever seen him in the three years before. 
Quickly you get up and start walking. When you arrive Loki throws his door open and points at the inside. ‘’March it.’’ Quickly you duck down and run in. When inside he slams the door closed and locks it. 
You turn around to him biting your lip. ‘’So you thought it funny to disobey and then to ignore me?’’ Quickly you shake your head. ‘’No master! I’m sorry but my phone died,’’ you lie. You’re already on the brink of tears and his intense glare doesn’t make it any better. Why did you do this to yourself again? You should have known Loki would react something like this. 
You fidget with some wounds on your finger and pull on loose skin around your nails. ‘’Were you home,’’ he asks folding his arms together. He looks even bigger in the small office in front of the wooden door. ‘’Well, yes?’’ What is he planning? 
‘’You could plug it in and let me know as soon as you were able, couldn’t you?’’ You look down at the dark carpet and fidget some more. ‘’I ehm…’’ You don’t know what to say. It was a dumb excuse. You could have seen it coming… 
‘’Well, I-’’ ‘’Lied?’’ No point of denying it now. He takes a step towards you towering over you even more. ‘’Yes, master… I’m sorry.’’ You give a quick glance up but don’t like your view. Loki his piercing green eyes fuming with anger. ‘’Do you know why I asked you to that?’’ 
You slightly shake your head.’’No…’’ ‘’Because food, little one, is important for you and I was scared you would be too much into your head to remember to eat. Quite frankly I was right!’’ 
The first tear now rolls down your cheek. You hate it when he is cross with you, you decided. It’s no fun! You quickly wipe away the tear but two take its place. ‘’Stop crying,’’ is all he offers you. He grabs your arm and pulls you towards the chair in the corner. He sits down still holding onto you. 
‘’What are you-’’ he cuts you off by pulling you over his knees. He pulls up your skirt- you stupidly decided to wear this morning- and lays his hand on your ass. ‘’I will spank you for a total of twenty times. Five for ignoring me. Five for lying to me and ten for not eating. Understood?’’ ‘’Yes master.’’ A tear rolls down your nose onto the carpet. ‘’And you will count!’’
Then all of the sudden and without notice Loki his hand slams down on your ass. He lays his fingers on the new bruise. ‘’Darling, count for me.’’ ‘’One…’’ ‘’Good girl.’’ Another spank comes down hard. ‘’What did you do wrong,’’ he asks you. ‘’Two...I ignored you.’’ ‘’Good.’’ 
‘’Three…’’ ‘’How could you have prevented this from happening?’’ ‘’I should have answered you.’’ ‘’Good girl.’’ 
‘’Four,’’ you say while your voice cracks. ‘’Now apologize to your master.’’ ‘’I’m sorry master! I won’t do it again.’’ ‘’There you go.’’
‘’Five.’’ Your body is shaking by now while Loki caresses your bruised ass. ‘’Good job.’’ He just continues his torture makes you answer the same questions as before. 
When it is finally done he pulls you up and onto his lap. He cuddles you close to his chest and hushes you a bit. ‘’Sh, you did so well darling. You didn’t complain or be rude. You did very very well.’’ You nuzzle your face in his neck hearing the praising. 
Loki wipes away some tears and kisses your forehead. Loki then stands up with you still in his arms. He gently puts you in the chair. ‘’I’m just going to get you a snack, okay little one? I will be back in a little.’’ You give him a pair of large doe eyes as to beg him not to go. 
‘’Don’t worry I’ll be back in five.’’ He kisses your forehead again and walks out of the room then. You take your shoes off and pull your knees to your chest. Maybe you did need this second alone. 
You don’t get any time, however, because your phone buzzes. You take it from your bag and look at it. 
Dimitri. Are you okay, was it bad?
You. I’m fine. He thought he punished me enough already in class, so he let me go off easy. Thanks
Dimitri Good to hear. Wanna meet up tonight?
You. I have work and kind of need a night for myself. Another time maybe?
When you see Dimitri is typing something back someone knocks on the door. ‘’Loki?’’ You recognize the dean's voice. Oh no… Quickly you send Loki a text that the dean is in while rushing to the door. 
Quickly you open it for professor Allfather. He frowns deeply when he sees you instead of his son. ‘’I’m sorry but I’m afraid professor Laufeyson is out, professor,’’ you softly speak. ‘’Hm, I’ll wait then.’’ The older man sits down in Loki his office chair. ‘’Okay…’’ You sit down pulling your skirt down as much as possible. 
You feel your phone buzz and hope with your whole heart it is Loki, you just can’t get your phone because it would be rude. ‘’Professor Laufeyson will be back any time now. He was just getting something,’’ you softly speak. ‘’Thank you. You’re his teaching assistant?’’ ‘’Yes… I am.’’ Among other things… 
The room goes quiet once again until Loki walks back in. He hands you some papers without even looking at you. ‘’Grade those.’’ 
There is that stern and rude professor you know again… Nice knowing you kind master Loki. You get yourself one of his red markers and starts grading some papers. Loki and his father discuss some important letters and other things.
It is all very… courteous. Not like a father and son should be, you suppose. 
When his father finally leaves Loki turns back to you. ‘’I’m sorry about that, little one. Are you okay,’’ Loki asks searching in his pockets. He takes out a package of biscuits and water for you. ‘’There,’’ he smiles and kisses your hair. 
You open the water to take a sip. The biscuits are harder, however. When you open the package you play with the plastic for a second and then break off a piece. You don’t want to eat it. 
He doesn’t want you to eat it. 
‘’How much,’’ you ask Loki carefully. ‘’Four,’’ he replies absently studying one of the letters he just got. You put away the drink and snack to grab your wallet. You take out a five-pound bill and walk to his desk. 
‘’Pet, I’ll pay attention to you again in one moment. Just let me… do this.’’ He reads and crosses things out until finally signing and putting it away. ‘’Now then,’’ he smiles and looks up at you. 
‘’What is it?’’ You try to give him the five pounds but he simply stares at it before chuckling. ‘’Want me to get you something else? Coffee?’’ Loki already stands up to go but you stop him. ‘’No, it’s for the biscuits.’’ 
He frowns and chuckles a bit before walking up to you. ‘’No need to pay me for that, besides you gave way to much. It’s only two pounds fifty.’’ He lays his hands on your hips and smiles at your confused form. 
‘’But you said four a minute ago!’’ He now laughs and takes the five pounds. ‘’I meant four biscuits.’’ His hand slides under your skirt until he finds your pants. He hooks the piece of paper under your strap and then pulls back. ‘’There we go. Now I would like you to go and eat.’’ You walk back to the chair and sit. 
The package of cookies is reopened while this time you also push him far into the back of your mind. No reason not to enjoy this. You take a good bite from it and relish at the taste. ‘’Thank you.’’ ‘’No problem, dear.’’ 
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lokiscepter · 7 hours ago
honestly i feel like thor would be the biggest lokius shipper and he would annoy the frick out of loki with his claims about loki and mobius being together and loki would deny everything but secretly enjoy it
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gaitwae · 7 hours ago
Deserving [|] Loki x Reader
Warnings: Mentions of emotional infidelity
Summary: You talk to Loki while preparing him for his “trial.”
Tags: @make-me-imagine @thorfanficwriter @bwemph @myraiswack @rorybutnotgilmore @loki-snape-our-hero @wolfish-trickster @lucywrites02 @mostly-marvel-musings @winterfrostsarmy @superheroesandstardust @castiels-majestic-wings @geekns @natandersonnla @cozy-the-overlord @megthemewlingquim @frostedgiant @whatafuckingdumbass @thebookbakery @delightfulheartdream @twhiddlestonsstuff @lokistan @the-emo-asgardian @amwolowicz @itscomplicatedx @sophlubbwriting @darkacademicfrom2021 @lilyofthesword-writes​
Tumblr media
Justice was never about the truth. That’s all Loki ever found out when serving in Odin’s court, and it was all that was true now. Here he stood, heart heavy, body weighed by chains, and whatever cavity where he soul laid was empty. He couldn’t think much past Thanos’s torture; past a pair of eyes he couldn’t remove from his mind; past his wife, Sigyn, and all she hadn’t asked for.
She never asked for a Jotun for a husband.
She never asked for a minion of a Titan.
She never asked for a spouse with a wandering heart.
You stood by him now as they shackled him up in as many cuffs as they could find. You tightened the restraints on his wrists. “Please,” Loki begged, “say something. Say anything.”
“What am I supposed to say?” you asked, your voice hollow. You sounded as if you had been crying. That was quite unlike you, so it couldn’t be true. You wouldn’t look at him; his wife had not spoken to him since this whole ordeal happened, yet your refusal to even meet his eyes was what hurt the most. The dungeon was dark. “Am I supposed to express my pity? Confess some undying love from our youth? What is it that you want, Loki?”
“I want…” Loki trailed off, sighing deeply. He wasn’t sure what he wanted. He did not know what to say to his long-time friend, nor did he know how to express the depths of his heart. He wanted to say many foolish things. He wanted to cry, to hold you, to whine like an unfed infant and cling to you. Y/N was not the faithful woman who had stood by his side, but instead a friend. He felt too ashamed to entertain the thought any further. “I want you to know I was not in control of myself.”
“Loki, enough of your lies,” you said quietly. You finally met his gaze. Your eyes were moist and red. You dropped his wrists. “It’s unfair to Sigyn. If you want to lie to yourself, that is fine, but do not lie to your wife.”
“I lie enough to her as it is,” he murmured. He blinked repeatedly. “Every time I say I love her, I feel so much guilt. Nothing I have done has proved that to her. I was forced to live through so much pain… yet I did not think of her.” 
“No; you thought of ruling Midgard and Asgard,” you spat. The rest of the guards had left by now. They were alone: alone to argue; alone to cry; alone for Loki’s secrets to say secret. He wanted to confess to you, just once, to make it go away. If he was going to live in solitude, at least his wife wouldn’t have to see his face or hear his true feelings. 
“I didn’t,” he said, just as harshly. “I couldn’t. I thought of running away to my love every day, but it was not her. Father thinks I am a monster; why shouldn’t I play into his prejudices and condemn myself? I have not kept my heart true; I have not deserved the love come from her!” He was getting too emotional now. He took a deep breath, then said lowly, “You must tell Sigyn to dissolve our marriage and to take a different husband.”
“Why must I do that?” you asked. “Who do you truly love? Does she not deserve to know?”
“She does,” he said quickly. “She does…”
“Then who is it?” you pressed, anger filling the tension between them. Loki swallowed, allowing the word to collect on his tongue before he spoke it. You were patient. Sigyn had always been patient, but you knew what he was really like. You had seen him after every outburst, every meltdown, and you were still here to speak with him. Sigyn had seen the charlatan and dubbed him  “husband.” You had seen the man and dubbed him “traitor.”  
So why did he love you?
“Forgive me,” he whispered, saying everything he needed to in the apology. Within the second he uttered it, you were crestfallen.
“Who is it?” you repeated.
“You already know!” he answered, a sob mixing in with his words. “Y/N, I’m so sorry I never said anything to you… I never wanted this to happen to us.”
“Oh, no,” you cried quietly. You shook your head, keeping your hands at your sides. Loki didn’t know if you wanted to throw a punch or grip him by the shoulders and shake him out of his nonsense. “Loki, no! Say it isn’t true!”
“I can’t,” he whispered. “I can’t…”
“You cannot love me!” You stepped back.
“I do!” he insisted. He kept his eyes on you, and Y/N didn’t look away. “Would I lie to you now, when I could very well die tonight?” 
You cupped his face with both hands. After a moment of contemplation, you spoke. “No. No, you wouldn’t. You’re too afraid of what people would think to lie about something so serious.”
“You mustn’t tell her,” Loki pleaded. “Sigyn was the only one who ever warranted my love… I would change it in a heartbeat if I could…”
“I don’t want you to,” you sighed bitterly. “That is the worst thing. I do not want you to love her; it’s selfish, it is horrid, but I want you, too.”
Loki gasped at that. “Stop it.” He shook his head. “Stop, Y/N, you’re better than that.”
You pulled him down to rest your forehead against his. “I know.” You gave a shaky breath. “I should have kept you by my side. I should have stopped the wedding, but… You are married. Odin might kill you, but if we’re lucky you are going to spend your life down here.” You closed your eyes. “Focus on Sigyn. She needs you. She is loyal. She loves you.”
“I love you,” Loki reminded you. “I have since we were children. The poor girl should never have met me.”
“Loki, don’t say dangerous things.”
Loki nudged your nose with his and stole a sweet kiss. His chest was on fire with misery, but he could allow himself this one pleasure. This one last pleasure. It was all he wanted… “I am the God of Mischief. Saying dangerous things is in the job description, my dear.”
You stood still. You cupped his neck. “Focus on Sigyn…”
Loki said nothing. He couldn’t. They just stood in the forbidden air they had created. As the time for his trial grew nearer, You pulled away from him and held his shoulder.
“Let’s go. Time for justice.”
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secretlifeoffangirls · 7 hours ago
I'm personally hoping the show goes down the "Loki, God of Stories" route From Loki: The God Who Fell to Earth.
It definitely seems plausible, especially with the line, "I won't let bureaucrats dictate the way my story ends!" "It's not your story, Mr. Laufeyson. It never was."
I’m also thinking that Thor’s quotes from Ragnarok (”you’ll always be the God of Mischief, but you could be so much more) will come back into play. 
And this post predicts that Loki will get the power up he deserves!
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giltandgreen · 8 hours ago
Loki: What's even the point of having a funeral if there isn't an open bar?!?
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pansexualcucumber · 19 hours ago
Day 14- Favorite LGBTQIA+ meme
Being non-binary, I would like to show everyone my favorite meme with the LGBTQIA+ icon Loki. I have always loved Loki, both in the Marvel Universe and in Norse mythology.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lex-the-flex · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Comforting Loki at the TVA would Include:
Contains Spoilers for LOKI
You’d accidently walk into Agent Mobius’ office to turn in some paperwork where you found Loki sitting on the small set of steps with his face in his hands. 
Trying not disturb him, you quietly set your stack of completed files and new paperwork down on the desk only to find the replica of the priceless Tesseract on the steps next to him. 
“Whatever it is, tell Mobius that he can have this bloody thing!” The man shouted, throwing the Tesseract in your direction, hoping it would break. 
The object landed at your feet and ricocheted off your pair of boots. This caused you to glance up at the man in desperation. So you decided to slowly approach the TVA’s newest detainee. After all, he was the most popular Variant in the building.
Extending your arm to the man, you held the Tesseract in front of him, offering the replica to him. 
Taking the object from you, Loki did his best to give you a kind smile, but he was too distressed. 
“Thank you. I’m Loki, by the way. Loki Laufeyson. But you probably already knew that.” Loki introduced himself. 
Sitting next to him, you left enough space in between the two of you, letting Loki remain in his personal bubble.
“Unfortunately, I didn’t. I work on the R.E.M. Floor, so I didn’t get the news.” You respond.
Looking toward you, Loki’s dark brows furrowed as confusion overtook his face. Then Loki did the unthinkable and fiercely flicked you in the arm. Earning a shocked and confused reaction from you, Loki couldn’t believe the sight before him. 
“I don’t believe this! I’m talking to an actual human! A real live human!” He exclaimed and rose up from the place where he was sitting. 
“Of course I’m real! As far as I’m concerned, I’m the most sane person here!” You replied, tenderly holding your arm. 
Standing up to face Loki, you snickered at his excitement, even though you had no idea what he went through in the past few hours.
“I’m Y/N. And I assure you, Mobius and I are probably the most decent people here, Loki. If there’s anything I can do, or if you just need someone to talk to, I’m here.” You say, extending your hand to him, returning the favor. 
“The pleasure is all mine, Y/N.” Loki replied, shaking your hand before the double doors opened as Agent Mobius walked in. 
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justfangirlthingies · 22 hours ago
Change of Plans (Loki)
Summary: You're having a bit of a down day and after seeing that you cancelled all your plans Loki takes it upon himself to see what's going on and to do everything in his power to cheer you up
Warnings: maybe a bit of sad reader, besides that it's just fluff and soft Loki comfort
Word count: 1024 words
This whole thing is dedicated to the lovely @thespiritoflife
I hope I can at least cheer you up a little bit with some Loki fluff!! 💖(Sorry I took so long to write it)
Sorry Loki, I'll have to cancel our plans for today...
With a sigh you pressed send on your phone before completely turning it off and placing it on your nightstand. Today was just one of those days. You know the kind of day where everything is just off and you feel miserable for no apparent reason. The kind of day where you feel like you can't and won't accomplish anything, where you feel completely and utterly useless, so you just stay in bed. That is exactly what today was, so you just accepted your fate and tried to deal with your bad day by yourself. Cancelling all your plans, afraid you may feel like a burden or just wouldn't be able to handle socializing.
Feeling drained and exhausted, you took your blanket and made your way to the living room where you dropped the blanket and continued on your way to the kitchen to make yourself a bowl of cereal. where you poured the milk in first
Once you were back in the living room, you sat down on the couch, wrapped yourself in your blanket, turned on the TV and began munching on your cereal. The movie you were watching did a great job of distracting you, until you heard a knock on your door, that is. Promptly, you turned down the volume of the television and stayed as quiet as possible, in hopes that whoever was at the door would leave you alone if no one answered the door. But to your inconvenience the knocking didn't stop. "(Y/n) I know you're in there. Open up please." Spoke a very familiar voice with a very familiar accent. Your boyfriend to be exact. The same boyfriend you cancelled plans with earlier. "Did he not get the message I sent him?" you thought. Just when you thought the noises had stopped, you heard him rapping his knuckles against the door once again, then he paused in order to speak up once more "Please (Y/n), I beg of you, open up that door and let me in, my love. I'm worried about you"
You slowly got up as another heavy sigh tore itself from your throat, your nerves suddenly overwhelming you. What if he didn't like seeing you like this? Your hair a complete mess and you were just dressed in your pyjamas and wrapped in a blanket. You shook your head in an attempt to shake those thoughts off. That's not what he thought of you and you knew it. Your head was just trying to tell you otherwise.
The tapping of your feet on the floor could be heard as you slowly made your way to the door of your home. With trembling hands and a shaky exhale you reached for the door handle "You got this. You can do's just Loki. He's just worried...That's sweet, nothing to be afraid of..." You mumbled to yourself as you pressed down the handle and opened the door just a crack, which you immediately peaked your head through. Tears welled up in your eyes as you saw his handsome face and the worried expression imprinted on it.
You began rambling and searching for excuses as you examined him through the crack in the door "L-Loki...I-Didn't you get my text? I'm really not in the mood to do anything with any-" You sniffled, but as soon as you finished looking the young god over, you cut yourself off in the middle of the sentence. Instead of his usual Asgardian wardrobe or a suit, he was clad in a simple T-shirt, which you could see peeking out from underneath the hoodie he was wearing - the hoodie also being a highly unusual piece of clothing for him - and a pair of sweatpants. Around his shoulders hung a blanket and another additional T-shirt was draped over one shoulder. In his hands he held a basket filled with sweets, snacks and a DVD collection of your favourite movies and TV-shows. Your eyes watered once more as you considered his wordless proposal of activities for the day and you opened the door fully allowing him to step into your home. Before he did so however, he put down the basket and pulled you into his embrace. "It's alright darling, I'm here now." Loki murmured into your ear as he pressed a kiss to your temple, resulting in you nuzzling your head into his neck as you wrapped your arms tightly around him.
As he pulled away from you again he picked up the basket again and entered your home, closing the door behind him. "You know, I tried calling and writing to you on that Midgardian telephone you gave me. It seems to be broken...I never got a response" Loki spoke nonchalantly as he walked to the couch in your living room. An embarrassed chuckle escaped your lips " No that was because I turned it off." "Turned it off?" he replied, eyebrows raised. "Yeah, but that doesn't matter now. What is the extra shirt for?" you questioned and your boyfriend handed you the shirt "I thought you might like to wear something of mine, since you usually try to steal my clothes and wear them, you little minx" he grinned. His unexpected answer causing heat to rise to your cheeks and a shy smile to appear on your face as you pulled his shirt closer. "I'll be right back, I'll just put this on real quick"
Loki chuckled at that as he called after your retrieving form "I'll prepare the food and movie then!"
▪︎ ▪︎ ▪︎
And just like that, a bad day turned to a better day. A comfortable day spent snuggled up with snacks, under blankets and pillows with Loki. "Thank you" you breathed in his scent as you closed your eyes, head placed on the god's chest. "Of course (Y/n). Anytime and anything for you, my darling" You felt him pull you closer to his chest as he pressed a kiss to the top of your head...
That was the moment you finally realized that Loki would always be there for you, no matter what.
Tag list: @ateez-star @littlemissnoname13 @gwlvr @paulina1998
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mygenderismischief · a day ago
What’s holding me back from publishing my hurt/comfort Loki centric fic about taking control of your life and building your family on your own terms? I have become emotionally attached to the working title ‘Untitled Loki Fic’ and am currently unable to think of anything else
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