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sophiajardine · 2 minutes ago
Tumblr media
a nice garden
this one is definitely not finished
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huneyseven · 2 minutes ago
Zen: Hey, What kind of wallet is that?
Yoosung: Oh, it's my dad's old wallet!
Zen: I meant the brand but okay.
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eighth--wonder · 12 minutes ago
Wil!! You wanna hear about sumthin cool I did today?
yes!!! spill :]
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fujoshihatepage · 15 minutes ago
would anyone be interested in a male!mc yoosung route fic where the mc has some common sense and is into gaming and boys?? he's a transfer student from an unspecified location going to university near rika's apartment
here's an exerpt from what I have written:
MC: No one’s home. What’s the code?
He was prepared to throw the phone in and run, and then the door opened, and his phone buzzed.
MC: …I feel like I just walked in on something I shouldn’t have.
707: You did ^^
MC: Ah.
MC: I think my app is broken… first the creepy Unknown person and now this… I’m genuinely so sorry.
Jumin: How did you even get access to this app?
MC: The... app store? How does anyone get access to anything?
Zen: Could it be… I’ve found my soulmate?
MC: lol probably not
Yoosung: Who are you, anyway?
MC: Oh, my name’s MC. I’m a Uni student, I was trying to find the owner of a phone. Unfortunately I thought this was a pretty boy chatroom >.< As I am, in fact, pretty, I downloaded it.
Zen: You’re a guy?
MC: Yeah? Why wouldn’t I be?
Zen: :(
MC: Wait until they find out about bisexuality. That’ll be a wild ride.
Zen: Oh, I’m Hyun Ryu. The actor?
MC: I am fully not familiar with Korean media.
MC: Sorry.
MC: In my defense, I’m only here for school.
Yoosung: I’m a university student too!
MC: I heard.
707: Granted, he’s probably too busy playing LOLOL to get any school work done.
MC: No way, I love RPGs! I’m not really into LOLOL specifically, but it sounds super cool!
Yoosung: REALLY? Would you want to play with me sometime?
MC: That sounds amazing! Chat me your gamertag and I’ll download it. The devs are supposed to be fantastic too.
Zen: Another geek?? In our chatroom?
MC: :/
707: [img enclosed] that’s Zen
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yogeshnaikt · 20 minutes ago
#osho #sadhguru #zen #buddha #love #awareness #consciousness #enlightenment
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yogeshnaikt · 31 minutes ago
#osho #sadhguru #zen #tantra #love #buddha #awareness #meditation #consciousness #enlightenment
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quotespile · 38 minutes ago
Peace of mind produces right values, right values produce right thoughts. Right thoughts produce right actions and right actions produce work which will be a material reflection for others to see of the serenity at the center of it all.
Robert M. Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
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mahayanapilgrim · 49 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The Last Message of the Buddha
'When I am gone, my Teaching shall be your Master and Guide.'
Three months before His passing away the Buddha addressed His disciples and said: 'I have delivered sermons to you during these forty-five years. You must learn them well and treasure them. You must practise them and teach them to others. This will be of great use for the welfare of the living and for the welfare of those who come after you'.
'My years are now full ripe; the life span left is short. I will soon have to leave you. You must be earnest. O monks, be mindful and of pure virtue! Whoever untiringly pursues the Teaching, will go beyond the cycle of birth and death and will man an end of Suffering.'
When Ananda asked the Buddha what would become of the Order after He pass away, the Buddha replied, 'What does the Order expect of me, Ananda? I have preached the Truth without any distinction; for in regard to the Truth, there is no clenched hand in the Teachings of the Buddha°‚. It may be, Ananda, that to some among you, the thought will come 'The Master's words will soon end; soon we will no longer have a master.' But do not think like this, Ananda. When I am gone, my Teaching and the disciplinary code shall be your Master.'
The Buddha further explained: 'If there is anyone who thinks, 'It is I who will lead the brotherhood', or 'The Order is dependent on me, it is I who should give instructions', the Buddha does not think that He should lead the order or that the Order is dependent on Him. I have reached the end of my days. Just as a worn-out cart can only be made to move with much additional care, so my body can be kept going only with much additional care. Therefore, Ananda, be a lamp and refuge unto yourselves. Look for no other refuge. Let the Truth be your lamp and your refuge. Seek no refuge elsewhere.'
At the age of eighty, on His birthday, He passed away without showing any worldly supernatural powers. He showed the real nature of component things even in His own life.
When the Buddha passed away into Nibbana, one of His disciples remarked, 'All must depart---all beings that have life must shed their compounded forms. Yes, even a Master such as He, a peerless being, powerful in Wisdom and Enlightenment, even He must pass away.'
The parting words of the Buddha:
'Appamadena Sampadetha Vaya Dhamma Sankhara'.
'Work diligently. Component things are impermanent.'
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gureishi · an hour ago
Is it possible to do the rfa + Saeran and V reaction if their s/o had body hair and were insecure about it (this sounds so weird I’m sorry-)
Not at all weird! Thanks for the ask, my dear anonymous friend. In classic me fashion, some of these got a little off track—but I hope you like them. <3
Yoosung understands about being self-conscious—though he thinks you are perfect in every way. He constantly feels as if he is not attractive enough, and he’s got a million insecurities. He can hardly believe that there’s anything you’re insecure about—he finds you so stunning he doesn’t even know what to do with himself. But he’ll listen, if you wanna talk about it. Tell him everything—he wants to understand every single part of you.
Zen has spent a lot of time trying to make himself look good, and he’s no stranger to insecurity. If there is any form of self-care you want to do, he’ll help you. But he thinks you’re gorgeous just the way you are! He adores your body; he doesn’t think you need to change one single thing about it. He’ll shower you in attention and kisses and touches till you forget where you are.
Jaehee is very practical. If there’s something that makes you anxious, she wants to alleviate that. What would help you? If you want to tell her why you feel insecure, she wants to hear it; if you want her to tell you her favorite thing about every single part of your body, she’ll do it—joyfully. She thinks you look wonderful just the way you are—and she can tell you in meticulous, remarkable detail exactly why.
Jumin cannot wrap his head around this. There is something you are insecure about? But your are his angel—but he looks at you with hearts in his eyes, and he can’t understand how you could ever dislike any part of yourself. You’ll have to gently explain what you mean—and ah, he wants to worship you. He’ll kiss every inch of your skin. He hopes you know that you are perfect in every way.
Saeyoung has his fair share of insecurities, too. He doesn’t bat an eye when you tell him this is something you’re worried about, because he worries about everything. He gets it. And he thinks you are the most attractive human being to ever exist on the planet—which he’ll tell you, every day (every minute if you’ll let him). But if you wanna explore different hair removal methods? This boy shaves every inch of his body (except his head, of course) when he gets dressed up. He’d LOVE to help.
Jihyun wants to show you the way that you look to him. When you met, he couldn’t see you clearly, of course—so his impression of your beauty was formed through touches and scents and tastes. Nowadays, he can see you: and you are like a dream to him. If you don’t mind, he’d love to photograph you. Better yet, he wants to paint you. He’ll paint a portrait that takes your breath away. This, he says. This is how I see you.
GE Saeran has never really thought about his body. After leaving Magenta, he has to think—for the very first time—about how he wants to look. This is all new to him. And you, he thinks—you are magnificent. He is a very good and patient listener, and he wants to understand why you feel the way you do. And then he wants to press his mouth to your skin and whisper that he thinks you are the most stunning, radiant person who’s ever lived. There is a lot that he is still figuring out—but he knows how he feels when he looks at you: like he is seeing the universe expanding before his very eyes.
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eighth--wonder · an hour ago
My main has been found. I see no point in being on anon anymore. I'm so mad. I am going to blast piano covers of love songs through Bluetooth speakers directly outside Loverboy's house. I am going to punch something. What the fuck.
aww, i'm sorry
and yes, it better be adele
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quirky-and-kind · an hour ago
Settling in to watch the episode of Zen’s new drama curled up next to him on the couch with a bowl of grapes to munch on. You hate spoilers so when a huge tragedy suddenly befalls the lead character the tears that brim in your eyes are real. Sniffling you struggle to grab a tissue from the coffee table in front of you. Smoothly Zen reaches around you grabbing the box with one hand while pulling you in against his chest with the other. “Sorry princess I knew this was going to hit you hard.” Chuckling lightly he kisses the crown of your head as you bury yourself against him. “My acting is so incredible you can’t help but get upset for me.” Rubbing slow circles around your back. Caring gently for you until you calm down again.
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acalmpeacefulmind · 3 hours ago
I don't know what to do with myself.
I don't feel like sitting in front of the computer. I don't feel like sitting in front of the TV. I don't feel like reading. I don't feel like taking a nap. I don't feel like going anywhere.
Okay, I guess I'll just stand here.
- Jed Mckenna
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awareadult · 3 hours ago
Life is Like a Bag of m&m's
Let's say you have a bag of m&m's. You reach down to grab the next one, and you can think about it one of many ways:
- "Oh I hope it's a blue one!" and if it is, wow how happy you are! Without this hope, this satisfaction would never have happened.
- "Oh I hope it's a green one!" and if it is a blue one, wow, what disappointment. If you wouldn't have had your hopes up, you would've left no room for pain.
- "Oh I don't care which color." and if so, do the colors blend together as you eat the bag, no highs or lows, or do you just notice and delight at their colors still? Is it better to have a preference and open up the chance for joy or hurt, or be like the buddhist monk in pursuit of the perfect neutral they call nirvana, and never let anything shake you?
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useful-boy · 4 hours ago
Was hoping to do my laundry today since I'm kind of running low on some things, but my apartments are down to two working washers, and both are taken
We used to have six
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quirky-and-kind · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Day two without any Zen chat rooms. Dragging myself through each chat. The end is in sight. It looks like the RFA returns during the final chat of today. I can do this! I’ll hang in there for him!
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