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kondoor · a minute ago
Put out my eyes
Put out my eyes, and I can see you still,
Slam my ears to, and I can hear you yet;
And without any feet can go to you;
And tongueless, I can conjure you at will.
Break off my arms, I shall take hold of you
And grasp you with my heart as with a hand;
Arrest my heart, my brain will beat as true;
And if you set this brain of mine afire,
Then on my blood-stream I yet will carry you.
Rainer Maria Rilke
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mandiepoesie · 2 minutes ago
She pierces my heart With its warm thorns A cloud of petals On which my ear Rests passionately
— Mandie Poésie
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themindsjournalposts · 2 minutes ago
I looked at everyone and wondered where they came from, and who they missed, and what they were sorry for.
Jonathan Safran Foer
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renochoada · 4 minutes ago
Appreciate those people that willing to give you time especially in the morning, some people are struggling waking up in the morning because they’re a night person or something. It’s a big deal for them. Respect everyone’s time and effort just to prove something to someone.
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brandonwritesstuff · 4 minutes ago
Keep Safe Please (WIP)
Like a light in the dark you came to me
You were perfect as far I could see
A smile so warm and laugh to match
Eyes so full you were such a catch
But I wasn't anything to you
It was something that I always knew
I wish that meant it wouldn't hurt
But truthfully that’s not how these things work
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hazardxstone · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
How is it you're so ensconced with the darkness of earth, when I sit here like your moon gushing with the light of your infinite worth?
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a-whale-at-the-stair · 7 minutes ago
night time stroll           4/5
night time boardwalk stroll 
splinters kindly avoiding 
my sandy bare soles
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livrnll · 7 minutes ago
Just one more lonely night,
and I always want something
else than this cold darkness.
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don’t get in a fight with a safety pin
of of you’s sharper and clearly will win
when safety pin fighting you’ve nothing to gain
don’t fall for it’s trickery leading to pain
you’ll surely regret it whenever it’s done
so remember that safety pin fighting ‘s no fun
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penandwind · 9 minutes ago
I’m told you’re out there, Heart of hearts, love true, I am told you are out there, And I must have faith, And effort must be made, Nothing worth having is easy, And so I put in the effort for you.
But how much until I am worthy enough? How much blood do I spill before I know your name? How many bones do I cast into flame, to hear your voice? How much sweat off my brow, before I see you?
As I am now, Must not be worthy of you, That is the only thing that makes sense, And through effort I must change, To be better, for you my love, To be worthy of you, And yet, my blood runs low, And my bones grow brittle, And I fear no amount of effort, Will lift my lowly visage to your sight.
And as I  make my last gasps, As my heartbeat slows, I hear someone say, That I should be loved as I am, And my last words, a laugh, How foolish, such a notion of love, I would tell you of it if I  were worth hearing. Perhaps next time around I’d be worth you, I would love, if once in some lifetime, I’d finally know, what you are, my love.
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dbaydenny · 10 minutes ago
A better person
underneath the undertow
trying to rise up
fighting for breathe and more strength
still willing to be rescued.
D W Eldred
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aztramira · 10 minutes ago
Tumblr media
— Courtney Peppernell ( I Hope You Stay )
Tumblr media
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braincandyforyou · 12 minutes ago
I've fallen in love. Not with you, but with life.
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