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meklarian · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Host and Visitor: Grevillea (”Long John”) and Rufous/Allen’s Hummingbird Descanso Gardens Guild La Cañada Flintridge, California, USA March, 2021 ~ ex: Grevillea - 300mm @ f/4, 1/2500s, ISO 1600 Hummingbird - 300mm @ f/4, 1/2500s, ISO 640 all on Nikon D800E
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yomgert · 8 hours ago
I’m so jealous of Allen. imagine having a type of hummingbird named after you.
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photoopss · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Female Calliope Hummingbird (Selasphorus calliope)
taken in California
status: least concern
The single semi-clear photo I managed of one of the several hummingbirds darting around this tree. It is the smallest bird native to North America. The males have beautiful bright plumage and a pink/purple iridescent throat.
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fknbratsplayroom · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
My first hummingbird!
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lostgirl23sthings · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A rainy spring morning and a special visitor in my azalea bush
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afoolforatook · 22 hours ago
My WIP list is out of control
Tagged by the lovely @drbtinglecannon
Rules: Post the file names of all the files in your wip folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous the name.
Send me an ask with the title that intrigues you the most and I'll tell you something about it!
Tag as many people as you have wips. no spoons for thinking of people to tag rn, so just whoever wants to
My doc naming is an absolute mess so, some of these are nonsense to anyone but me but
And read more cause this is shamefully long (some of these were supposed to be for FGW 2020...)
LA ch 2A/C Master (FG)
LA ch 2B Dialogue restart (Loving Ch2 revision) (FG)
Hockey au notes/hcs (FG/Horseshoes)
Watching (FG smut)
Sensory Clover's pin (FG)
Summer dream (Hummingbird)
Ironqrow hockey history Clover asking (IQ, FG)
Breaking rules and hands (as in breaking rules/hands fgw not breaking hands....) (FG)
Hockey - Qrow Branwen 'Neat' (FG)
Saying I love (Eclipse ch 3/4) (FG)
Hockey Clover and Qrow meet (FG)
Ironqrow injuries history (IQ)
Controlled Burn follow up (FG smut)
Goalie pads (Horseshoes)
Deep pressure (FG/Horseshoes smut)
In Your Hands ch 4/5 (FG smut)
Hands and Glasses (Domestic Distractions ch 2/3) (FG smut)
Wrists (FG)
Our Relative Colors master (FG)
Revival Clover and Summer talk (FG/Hummingbird)
Anthology complete doc (FG) (38 finished, ~20 prompts/notes left)
Anthology sequel No kissing/platonic intimacy (FG)
Fair game tickles (FG)
Spice mines (misc smut ideas, FG/Horseshoes)
Sensory Cuff (FG)
Clover nonverbal (FG)
Reaching Autumn (Finding Spring sequel) (FG)
James' Nightmare (Horseshoes)
Hockey au versions (FG/Horseshoes)
A Symphonic Pitch (busker/orchestra au) (FG)
Clover's cello (FG)
At the mall (FG)
Musicians au - Clover hearing lullaby (FG/Hummingbird)
Qrowtober (FG)
The giant STR/QJCOOG polycule breakdown (....many)
Confident Crow!Qrow (FG)
LA ch 3A/B/C Master (FG)
LA ch 4A/B/C Master (FG)
LA ch 5 Ruby and Yang talk (FG)
LA ch 6 start of check ins (FG)
LA ch 8 The talk (FG)
LA ch 9 Mission moments (FG)
LA ch 10 touch starved (FG)
LA ch 11 light check in/Qrow's good dream (FG)
LA ch 12 intimacy discussion (FG)
LA ch 13 moments w/kids (FG)
LA ch 14 Clover's Not Okay (FG)
LA ch 15 Qrow on his own (FG)
LA ch 16 check in post CNO (FG)
LA ch 17 touch starved 2/tickling/sensory (FG)
LA ch 18 Every Part of Ourselves rewrite (FG)
LA ch 19 Every Part Epilogue (FG)
LA ch 20 announcement (FG)
LA ch 21 getting dressed - sad happy (FG)
LA ch22 Qrow and Jaune talk (FG/Hummingbird/Arkos)
LA ch 23 'seeing' Summer (FG/Hummingbird)
LA ch 24 To Grow Old rewrite (FG)
Fair game ideas/aus notes: Frozen, Luthier/expanded musicians, Abhorsen, HTTYD, Modeling (Corvid Affair), Stardust, Moulin Rouge, Qrowley and Az, Expanded hockey, Orpheus, Welly boots
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talenny4life · a day ago
Of Stars and Hummingbirds
Chapter Thirteen: The Fallen Star
It was very late at night when the knock came to ACME’s door. Almost everyone had gone home, but not quite. Carmen had been keeping watch of Sydney, as she always did at night, when she heard the knock. A bit of confusion as to who in the world it could be arose in her, but nonetheless, she walked carefully over to the door and opened it.
Standing in front of her was a young woman, around Sydney’s age, with dark skin, brown eyes, and long hair with a silver streak in the front. She seemed to be a bit nervous upon seeing Carmen.
“He-Hello, is this...” she reached in her pocket and fished out a sticky note, reading it, “Is this ACME?”
Carmen was slightly suspicious, but she figured that the girl seemed sincere enough.
“That depends. Who’s asking?”
“My name is Northern Star. I was an operative at VILE... but I escaped. Will and Lady Arielle told me to go here.”
Carmen didn’t like the idea of allowing VILE operative, former or not, into the base, but if Will was the one who sent her here, she must have been approved. Plus, something about her seemed VERY familiar.
“Okay... come in. What’s your real name by the way?”
Northern Star stopped and sighed.
“That’s just it. I have no idea. I can’t remember anything before I was three years old. That’s when VILE said they found me. I don’t remember going by anything except Northern Star.”
“I see... well, we might be able to help you in the morning, but right now it’s very late. You should get some sleep, and we’ll discuss everything tomorrow morning, okay?”
Northern Star nodded and was lead towards the other spare bedroom. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t sleep... until she heard a familiar voice whispering from the other side of the wall.
“Northern Star? Is that you?”
“...Hummingbird?” she whispered back.
“My real name is Sydney, actually. Anyways, what are you doing here?”
“I escaped VILE. Will and Lady Arielle helped me out... wow. I can’t believe that Carmen Sandiego works here. She’s the one who let me in.”
“Oh yeah... about that...”
“She’s actually my mom.”
“You’re kidding.”
“I know, I know. It came as a surprise to me too. But it’s the truth. VILE kidnapped me as a baby to get revenge on her and try to stop her from always beating them, but it didn’t work.”
“Wow, that’s so cool. What about your dad?”
Sydney froze for a moment, the full force of guilt hitting her like a train.
“Oh... um... he’s...”
“Come on, babe, you know you can tell me anything.”
“You know when I was really weird a few weeks back? Well, that’s because VILE was controlling me and making me basically an emotionless fighter for them. And during that time... I killed him during a heist. And I feel so SO guilty about it.”
“Oh geez, that’s awful... I’m so sorry.”
“Don’t be... anyways, it’s great to be with you again. I’ve missed you so much.”
“I’ve missed you too. I was so lonely without you.” Northern Star yawned, “Sorry to cut this short, but I really feel tired. Goodnight. I love you.”
“I love you too, my shining star. I’ll see you in the morning.”
Both girls fell fast asleep, soothed by the fact that they were together once again. Hopefully for good this time.
Carmen smiled from across the hall. Truthfully, she’d heard everything, but she wasn’t telling the girls that. It gave her some solace knowing that her daughter had someone who truly loved and cared for her. Maybe things could truly be alright for them someday. At least she hoped so.
Meanwhile, over at VILE, Tigress was forming a plan. Knowing Will, he’d lead Northern Star straight to ACME, which was definitely where Hummingbird was. Tigress felt exasperated. Two of her best agents down thanks to that insufferable prankster Will.
But just like her namesake, Tigress was clever and quick. She knew that the best way to get them back was simple: Set up a trap.
If she could abduct even just one of them, then the other would likely come rushing over to save her. Then she’d nab both of them and flaunt it in ACME’s stupid face. Maybe she could even get her lifelong nemesis Carmen Sandiego while she was at it.
But whatever she did, she’d have to be secretive about it. The other faculty REALLY didn’t like her now, especially her ex wife Paper Star. So they were likely to disapprove of a plan like this. But who needed their approval anyway?
She was always told that she was one of the best in her class, if not the best of all time, and she always felt like the others were dragging her down. Preventing her from being her best, and never understanding her true brilliance.
But that would all change after she accomplished her plan. They’d dismiss her no more, and they’d praise her for once in her life.
“Finally,” she grinned, “my time has come. I’m gonna knock that bird AND her Star right out of the sky. And this time, the claws are out.. for real.”
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ratroyalty01 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Hummingbird in a flower cuz why not
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ritaro · a day ago
Tumblr media
Rita Ro art
collage from my scrapbook
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woopwritessometimes · a day ago
Boyfriends and Birthday Balloons
For my internet father, @unknownunseenunheard, who introduced me to TimKonBart around this time last year. Love you Da! I also wanted to thank my siblings @absolute-0zero and @queerbutstillhere, and my kiddo @dysfunctionalbatfam for helping organize this event. Love you guys too :)
Note that there aren't actually any balloons involved in this so the title was a lie, but titles are hard so shush. I didn't edit it, so please excuse formatting, spelling, and grammatical errors. No beta we die like Jason Todd and Wally West uwu
**Find it on AO3 here:** (X)
When Bart first came out, his biggest fear was getting judged for being gay. If not that, then for being polyamorous. Homosexuality was welcomed, but even in the 30th century, when he came from, polygamy still wasn’t fully accepted. Bart assumed he wouldn’t be fully accepted, but no. His biggest obstacle was that nobody actually knew what polyamory was. Not even poor Max, who Bart had to explain the concept to about seventy times before he finally got it. Max, who was originally skeptical, but thankfully supportive in the end of Bart’s sexuality. Max, who raised him. He loved Max so much. The only people that compared to Max, in fact, were Meloni, Cassie, Tim, and Kon.
    Tim and Kon. His lovely boyfriends. Those two little adorable fraggers. Their relationship, like most poly ones, started out... slowly. When he first asked out Kon, he happily agreed. Crash! This might be easier than he thought! Only later did he learn that Kon had no idea what polyamorous meant... having heard it twice in the song ‘Cult of Dionysus,’ he assumed it was a synonym for ‘funky.’ Funky ... Kon said he wanted to be funky with Bart… Yeah, Kon was a disaster.
    Tim was a completely different story. He actually did know what polygamy was, and even supported it. The problem, though, was that when he asked, Tim didn’t answer right away. Bart was facing away because he didn’t have the courage to ask Tim to his face. He was quiet for a few minutes, which to a speedster, felt like a lifetime. Bart began to wonder if he made a mistake- that he misread Tim. Or maybe Tim hadn’t heard him at all. Either way, he felt moded as hell.
    When Bart turned around to ask again, he could see Tim’s gears turning. He had definitely heard. Bart opened his mouth to apologize, but Tim cut him off to explain that he would love to, but Batman would never allow it.
    Nevertheless, and after a LOT of convincing, promises to, and shovel talk from various members of the Wayne and Kent families, he began to date both Tim and Kon at the same time- though Bart didn’t think he’d ever not be scared by Bruce’s disapproving glares.
    Another thing about his boyfriends was that they were both incredibly thoughtful. It was the morning of his birthday, and being a notoriously light sleeper, Bart knew something was off before he even opened his eyes. He couldn’t explain it, but he felt a presence and knew he was being watched. He immediately ruled out the possibility of it being Max or Wally because he expressed the only things he wanted for his birthday were a one, a superspeed puppy like Krypto that he could run with, and two, to be allowed the pleasure of sleeping in and not having to worry about his chores for the day. He took a quick breath before his eyes darted open, and sure enough, he wasn’t alone.
    Bart let out a small shriek when he saw Kon floating in the air next to his bed at eye-level no more than two feet away.
    “Happy birthday gorgeous,” Kon whispered.
    His muscles instantly relaxed. Tim and Kon climbing through his window in the middle of the night on weekends wasn’t a tremendously common occurrence, but it happened enough that Bart wasn’t surprised. It took him a few seconds to register what the half-Kryptonian actually said. Oh God, Kon didn’t do anything stupid, did he? Bart stretched before sitting up in bed and rubbing his eyes. After staring into the distance for a few seconds, he looked over to Kon.
    “Morning,” he paused. “Tell me you didn’t do anything too drastic please.”
    Kon only smiled and told Bart to get dressed and meet him at Wayne Manor whenever he felt ready before sliding out the window.
    About thirty minutes later, Bart jogged through the front gate of the manor only to see… Damian? The gremlin child was staring straight at Bart and speaking into a walkie-walkie from an upstairs window. Bart waved but the younger boy just turned around.
    When he rang the doorbell, he was greeted and wished a happy birthday by Alfred, and to his surprise, Dick, Cassandra, and Bruce as well. Alfred informed him that Tim and Kon were awaiting his arrival in the botanical gardens out back. The very same botanical gardens that Bart considered one of his favorite places because of how pretty it was. Bruce was quite the collector of exotic flowers and trees.
    As he neared the botanical gardens, he heard a sound that made his heart sing. Under a willow tree, Tim was laughing at something Kon said. They were both sitting on a red and white checkered picnic blanket. In the middle of the blanket sat several bags of what looked to be Big Belly Burger that were set next to some plates, napkins, and silverware. Tim was leaning back on his hands with his back turned to Bart and Kon lie directly across from him with a smile on his face.
    “Timmyyy,” Bart cried as he dove to hug Tim from behind.
    The sudden attack startled Tim and caused him to noticeably jump, which earned a laugh from both Bart and Kon.
    “Hey, handsome. Happy birthday,” Tim chuckled before leaning back to kiss Bart’s forehead.
    Bart hugged Tim and planted a kiss on his hand then crawled around to give Kon a kiss on the cheek before sitting down cross-legged on the blanket with his back against the trunk of the willow.
    “So. What’s all of this?”
    Tim explained that after a lot of thought, he and Kon settled on ordering Bart’s favorite sandwiches from Big Belly Burger and buying an assortment of cupcakes from the bakery downtown.
    “We would have MADE you the cupcakes, but we had absolutely no idea what we were doing,” Kon beamed.
    “Well I think we made up for that,” Tim continued. “The bakery has good ratings… but anyways, instead of having Alfred make some fancy bubbly fruit water because… well we’re fruity and it’s good… Kon reminded me that your favorite drink is chocolate milk so-“
    Bart cut him off with an “OHMYGOD YOU GOT ME CHOCCY MILK?!”
    It turns out the food and the blessing of being in Tim and Kon’s presence weren’t even the tips of the iceberg. No- they decided that Bart deserved gifts as well- a sentiment that made his heart melt. There were two gifts- one was a set of custom-made cookie cutters shaped like the signature Flashfam lighting bolt from Tim, which was sick. A little-known fact about Bart- he actually loves to bake._ I’m definitely going to teach these boys to bake._ The other gift was a stack of comic books (to appease Bart’s inner nerd) from Kon that Bart could read out loud while the three of them snuggled.
 Apparently there was going to be something else but Tim’s hand shot out to cover Kon’s mouth before he could finish his sentence and refused to tell Bart anything else.
    Bart would never know, but that thing was a puppy. Kon almost bought a puppy, but Tim luckily called him in time to prevent that disaster.
    “Yeah… okay,” Kon said before hanging up with what was probably the most dejected look on his face that he had ever made.
    Before Bart could even open his mouth to thank them, Kon, without hesitation, chimed in: “It’s your birthday, but we’re the ones that should be celebrating the most. Our favorite person in the universe was born on this day.”
    “Yeah,” Tim nodded. “Though one day a year isn’t enough to celebrate someone as special as you.”
    Bart couldn’t help but cry a little bit. Sure things were a bit difficult sometimes. Sure Kon and Bart would argue over whether sushi is good or not. Sure Tim and Bart would argue about who got to sleep in the middle at sleepovers. Sure they’d often lecture each other about putting themselves in unnecessary danger. Still, Bart was dating his two best friends, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
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woopwritessometimes · a day ago
Woop’s TimKonBart/Core Disaster Week 2021 Navigation
Please note that I don’t think I’m going to be able to get everything up on time due to real life conflicts, so make sure to check back even after TKB Week is over :D
Day One: Bart's Birthday | First Kiss
Day Two: Not doing// merged with Day Five
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marchenahometeam · 2 days ago
I always enjoy the hummingbirds in my backyard. #hummingbird #hummingbirds #nature #backyard #pond (at Temecula, California)
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jamiekaler · 2 days ago
You’re daily moment of “Wren”. I’ve been told by a few people that my #hummingbird is actually a #jenniewren . Any #ornithology people out there? I’m looking for a name for her as well. Jennifer seems to make sense but still deciding. #namemybird Either way, I love this daily check in. I’m so intrigued. Is she sitting on eggs? We’ve protected the whole area the best we can. She and I have a bond at this point. I hope she looks forward to our daily check-ins as much as I do. #nature #birds watch til the end to see just how tiny she is. Size of my thumb.
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undertakersmom · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Oh to be a hummingbird traveling through flowers 💐
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trizenic · 2 days ago
My favorite author thanked me for my review of ‘Hummingbird Salamander’ and RT’d it! Such a rewarding experience.
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nessysplanthaven · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I went to a nursery today and saw lots of early spring plants 💚🪴 it’s giving me ideassss 💡
Tumblr media
My camera isn’t very good but they had a couple hummingbird moths flying around pollinating ❤️ so cool
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emmebeephotography · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anna's Hummingbirds Crossroads at Silverbell Marana, AZ March 2021
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loxias · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Hummingbird and bees sharing a drink at a fountain
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