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eventhewhoknows · 2 minutes ago
i can talk with my eyes shut being cut from literally anything feels like a personal attack
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poemkinz · 2 minutes ago
may i please get a rainbow sayori stimboard (if thats even possiblee?)?
it is! i'm sorry that it took so long ;-; it's been posted!
-mod monika 🎹🖊️
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celeste-headcanons · 3 minutes ago
Heyo! Is it alright if I request dating headcanons with Hajime, Togami, and Makoto? (Separately if you may)
Of course! ^^
Dating Hcs for Togami, Makoto, and Hajime.
It took a while for him to fully open up to you, hes stubborn and at first was unsure of all this.
He despises PDA and will scold you if its despalyed.
However when you two are alone hes a lot more open to affection. He isnt the most physically affectionate but he will on occasion kiss you on the top of your head or let you rest your head on his shoulder.
He prefers to show his love through words.
You and Togami usually go on fancy and expensive dates at restaurants. More often than not he'll book a time where it'll be private. He doesn't like to be annoyed by other people so he will make sure it'll be just you and him.
Togami doesn't get jealous very easily as he believes jealousy is immature but he can and will lecture someone if they're getting too touchy with you.
He is very, very honest and won't lie to you about anything. Sometimes his honesty is brutal. But although he has a very cold demeanor, he never truly wants to hurt you.
If you were to call him a petname, especially in public, expect him to scold you
"S/O, I do hope you acknowledge we are in a public space and that behavior is completely inappropriate. I'd expect you to already know that."
He cares for you a lot but sometimes has difficulty expressing it.
He gets flustered quite easily
Hes pretty awkward but hes trying
He'd shy away from a lot of things, at least at the beginning of the relationship.
He loves taking you to get breakfast in the morning. It's one of his favorite things
He doesn't really like PDA. He won't get that mad at you if its displayed, but he will get embarassed. So he may be blunt and tell you not to do that.
Hes another person who is a lot more affectionate when you two are alone
He is a person who is overwhelmed easily so you sometimes have to remind him that it's okay for him to give himself breaks.
He tends to ramble alot. Whether it be about certain topics or his day, he tells you everything.
He isn't used to praise so whenever you compliment him he gets all sheepish.
He is so sweet to you-
A lot like Hajime he too was a bit shy at first but he quickly warmed up to you
He loves to see you smile, it's his favorite thing in the world
He loves holding hands with you
He lets you wear his sweater when it's cold out
You two lend/borrow eachothers clothes quite often actually
Makoto is a bit insecure about himself but luckily your love and reassurance helps him a lot with that!
He is very optimistic! So if you were to have a bad day he'd make sure you knew that better days were ahead and that your future is going to be fantastic
Because he is a rather jumpy person there have been times when you caught him in your arms before he tripped. You two both usually get a small blush and laugh about it for a while
He loves going on dates! Its always very enjoyable for the both of you. He will typically take you to nice restaurants for dinner
I really hope you enjoyed these! Lmk if you'd like anything changed!
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ixwrites · 5 minutes ago
For my Mike/Miche Reader!:
I've started and trashed your request, like, four fucking times now, but I finally found a groove I can get with! I hope to have it finished by tomorrow, though I can't really speak to how short/long it will be.
Tumblr media
Thank you for being patient!~❤❤
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alanaswriting · 8 minutes ago
okay! i have an imagine coming soon so I promise i haven’t disappeared! it’s a bellamy blake x reader where he comforts her during a panic attack! it should be up soon but I’m still recovering so I’m sorry I’ve been slow. requests are still open and I’m working on multiple but that will be my first published one since my seizure! so please continue to send requests as I gratefully appreciate them. (:
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retromafia · 14 minutes ago
Tommy in a very serious gang meeting with billy kimber and he goes like "Y/NNNNNNNNNN"
"THERES THIS FUCKING GUY RUINING THE CLUB" and the reader just "listen here your motherfcker-" while tommy and the boys jist like " what she said" maybe grace is like 👁👄👁
I love your part3 of drinks or two love!!
Heeeey!!! 😂
As you may know I adore Billy Kimber as a character and I'd love our Reader to meet him omg I mean, she's not stupid, so she wouldn't want to mess with him, but she'd feel safe with Tommy, John and Arthur around + she'd be pissed at Kimber so... She would snap. Oh, yes, she would 😂
Thank you for your suggestion!!!
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retromafia · 16 minutes ago
Hi!!! Is diamond's and Rust finished? I honestly love the little family they have and I never want it to end 😅😘
Hi hun 💞
Well, technically it was suppose to end with Part III, but I wrote Part IV as well and... Well, I miss them, not gonna lie. Someone suggested in the comments that Amelia should meet her sibling, so I think I'm going to write that additional chapter 💖 But idk when 😌
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stimnasium · 18 minutes ago
hi! im sorry if this seems a bit silly but can you do a self care kit for perry the platypus ,,, think taking care of yrself after a long day of workin , n also maybe smthn art oriented to relax? price range is like no more than 15 for each item pls,,, n thank you !!!!
hi!! not silly at all, i hope i picked things that help :) here you go! i hope you like it, pls let me know if you want anything changed!
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- They pick up the sketchbook and start flipping through the pages, they didn’t seem too disturbed despite it’s strange contents, after a minute or two of looking through they spoke -
If you don’t mind, i’d like to know about them. Is this some sort of legend that i should know about?
- They look up from the book, tilting their head slightly -
(They watch as the asker flips through the pages, also not disturbed by the content in the sketchbook, a pencil also now in their hand, though their attention turned to the asker.)
Ӌօմ աօմӀժ Ӏìҟҽ էօ ҟղօա ʍօɾҽ ąҍօմէ էհҽ ᎠའƐȺⱮƐའ? చҽӀӀ... į ąʍ ղօէ ąցąìղʂէ էҽӀӀìղց վօմ ահąէ į ҟղօա ąҍօմէ էհҽ ᎠའƐȺⱮƐའ.
(With a light sigh, they quickly gather their thoughts before speaking up again.)
Ͳհìʂ քӀąçҽ էհąէ աҽ ɾҽʂìժҽ ìղ, ą քӀąçҽ մʂҽժ էօ çօղէąìղ էհҽ ɾҽքɾҽʂʂҽժ ƒҽąɾʂ ąղժ ʍҽʍօɾìҽʂ օƒ ą էɾօմҍӀҽժ ʍìղժ. βꝈȺ↻Ҡ ϚφȺ↻Ɛ. Ͳհҽ օքքօʂìէҽ օƒ చǶįͲƐ ϚφȺ↻Ɛ, մʂҽժ էօ ʂմքքɾҽʂʂ ʂմçհ ƒҽąɾʂ. ȺӀӀ çօղէąìղҽժ ìղ էհҽ հҽąժ օƒ էհҽ ᎠའƐȺⱮƐའ.
(Another sigh, heavier this time.)
ꝈìէէӀҽ քҽօքӀҽ ɾҽʂìժҽ ìղ ҽìէհҽɾ βꝈȺ↻Ҡ ϚφȺ↻Ɛ օɾ చǶįͲƐ ϚφȺ↻Ɛ, ҽ×çҽքէ ƒօɾ ʍҽ ąղժ էհҽ ᎠའƐȺⱮƐའ. Ͳհҽ օղӀվ քօքմӀąէìօղ օէհҽɾ էհąղ էհąէ ìʂ ìղ ǶƐȺᎠϚφȺ↻Ɛ. Ͳհҽ ժɾҽąʍ çɾҽąէҽժ էօ ժìʂէɾąçէ.
(Tapping their pencil against their thigh, they look down pensively for a little bit, before turning back to the asker.)
į... Ϛҽҽʍ էօ հąѵҽ ɾąʍҍӀҽժ. Ϛօɾɾվ. Ɛìէհҽɾ աąվ էհօմցհ, էհąէ ʂհօմӀժ ҍҽ էհҽ ìղƒօɾʍąէìօղ էհąէ վօմ ɾҽզմҽʂէҽժ, մղӀҽʂʂ վօմ աìʂհ էօ ҟղօա ʍօɾҽ?
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thegracejournal · 22 minutes ago
If you guys could please pray for my family, I just found out that my grandfather will probably pass away in the next week or so. My mom and I will be flying out early tomorrow morning and my dad and sisters will be following sometime next week.
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bokutosproperty · 22 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Welcome to DK’s shop (^o^)/
Tumblr media
Heyooo! I’m dk (or Dakari) and I’m your humble shop keeper! We are are happy to make you anything you like but there are a few rules!
No Nsfw.
No dark content.
No fem readers.
No fighting.
No ship hating
No demanding your request to be done
No requesting the same thing more than once
Please follow our shop polices!!
Next let’s talk about who ISN’T allowed to shop here or enter our shop!
Female shoppers are strictly forbidden and if you are found out it be interacting with our products you will be banned and publicly called out!
But what about who IS allowed to shop here and enter our shop?
Our non-binary, gender queer, and male shoppers are welcome! Anyone posing as one of them will be blocked and publicly exposed when discovered
Stock status
Drabbles: open
Fics: closed
Imagines: open
Anons: closed
Aisle signs
My hero aisle
(Coming soon)
Haikyuu aisle
(coming soon)
Harry Potter aisle
(Coming soon)
Percy Jackson aisle
(Coming soon)
Abt the owner
I’m DK (or Dakari) and I use he/they/it pronouns! I started this shop for fun and with the help of my friend @kuroosbvoy I completely remade it into what I wanted it to be! I love watching shows and reading books. My current favorite show is criminal minds (Morgan is king)
Thank you for shopping at DK’s! Come back soon!
Tumblr media
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clownkillsyou · 26 minutes ago
hh there was anothr sanmos fic i gave up on cuz all i could really get out of it was one (1) description of a scene but it was abt their first kiss n i thought the concept was cute........... but head empty
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agentmintea · 27 minutes ago
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Your doodles are amazing! I'm not sure if you're still doing birthday requests, but maybe one with Steve and Peggy going to the movies? Thank you! :D
Hey thank you so much! <3
I'm slowly fulfilling all the asks I got but I'm definitely going to answer them all! Here you go!
Tumblr media
Edit to add: oh my god I didn't mean to choose a background colour that's just slightly off of the "low contrast classic" tumblr blue ahsjdksk
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causeimanartist · 31 minutes ago
Bruce in Fishnets, its literally thr only thing ive been thinking about- but hes not in a casual or sexy setting- hes in a business setting and just doesnt give a shit.
Tumblr media
“Maybe if you spent less time polishing your head, you’d have more time to plan better outfits”
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thewalkingnerdx · 32 minutes ago
I know this is a bit of a weird moodboard request, but can you do more of an environmental/setting/house one? I'm seeing very dark academia mansion vibes + old money family + spooky Victorian energy + some sort of greenhouse. I get if this is vague, but I think it'd be really cool c:
I love the idea! This will be a bit of a challenge, but I like the vibes I'm getting from these combined. Let me see what I can do!
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mothi333 · 33 minutes ago
can i have some names related to like, stuffed animals and overall childishness? idk how to explain it ;w;
it's okay, Moth understand!
Moth hopes you will like them !!
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imagine-a-dream · 35 minutes ago
could you write dating ross gaines headcanons pls :)
Hello, love! Just posted it, thank you for request ♥
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une-femme-de-lettres · 40 minutes ago
can you do one with akainu getting cock warming 👀 please and thank you 🥰
Oh yes I was definitely planning on doing one 🥵 I guess great minds think alike. Thank you for your message! 🥰
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