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#thor odinson x reader
mostly-marvel-musings · 3 hours ago
The Intern - Chapter Two
A/N: I’m so inconsistent, but there isn’t a cure. Anyway, feedback is love as always. Happy reading!
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, Thor x Reader
Warnings: general fluff.
Word count: 1400ish
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Series Taglist: @daniw7 @babypink224221 @darklydeliciousdesires
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Tags open! If you wish to be tagged in future chapters or any of the Taglists, send me an ask or DM.
As the clock ticked closer and closer to the time of the interview, you found most of the women working in your office coming out from the rest rooms after reapplying their lipsticks and sprucing up their hair.
Shaking your head, you went through some of the emails that required immediate responses. Not long after, Wanda knocked on your door informing you that the probable new intern was here before you asked her to let him through.
Thor walked through the door and you immediately understood what the fuss was all about. He looked like a man straight out of a fairy tale, rugged looks, heavy built, and the bluest eyes you had ever seen. He wore a dark blue suit and a kind smile as he approached your desk.
“Thor Odinson. Very nice to meet you ma’am.”
“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), please have a seat.”
You shook hands returning his smile before sitting down, staring pointedly at Wanda who lingered longer than necessary before rushing out of your office. The man’s towering presence made your office look smaller even when he was sitting.
“So, what makes you the right person for this internship program, Mr Odinson?” you began, leaning forward and placing your elbows on the desk, waiting for him to answer.
“Well, I was looking for a new start, had to leave my old life behind for personal reasons. Begin afresh even if it meant starting from the bottom. I came across your brand when I got here, read your story and it is really inspiring. I found myself wanting to be a part of your company. It sounds dramatic I know, but it’s the truth.”
His answer brought a genuine smile to your face.
“It’s not dramatic, it's just very honest. Something I haven’t heard from an employee in a long time.”
You went on asking a few technical questions and qualifications before rising from your seat to shake his hand one last time, accidentally knocking over a photo frame which fell flat on the table with a clang. Thor’s quick reflexes caught it before you did and he kept it where it was before accepting your handshake.
“Thanks. That’s my daughter Emily.” You somehow felt it necessary to reveal this information as you shook hands because in your head, he had already got the job.
“Oh, she’s beautiful, looks a lot like you.”
Thor’s compliment turned your cheeks warm, you thanked him again for coming in, letting him know that someone would get in touch soon and led him towards the door as you said goodbye.
As expected, the week that Thor joined, there was a significant increase in your female colleagues turning up sharply dressed than they did before. His desk was like a chick magnet where you found pretty much everyone but especially Wanda with her lingering stares and flirty touches.
Not that it mattered to you but, Thor never indulged any of the approaches, he mostly kept to himself but was polite nonetheless.
A particularly hectic Friday evening, you were preoccupied dealing with a shipment related issue when there was a knock on your cubicle door. Rubbing your temples you mumbled a ‘come in’ without bothering to open your eyes.
“Burning the midnight oil, Boss?”
Thor’s voice startled you, you weren’t expecting him to stay back this late, it was way past office hours.
“Almost done. You didn’t leave?”
“I actually had to dismiss Paul after I caught him drinking in your car earlier today. I took the keys from him, hope you don’t mind a different chauffeur tonight.”
You were glad Thor looked out for you, there had been a few occasions when you had noticed Paul’s flask in his coat pocket but never acted on it. Lucky for you, there hadn’t been any accidents yet.
“Oh I guess he had to go some time. Thank you Thor, I appreciate it.”
Noticing how drained you looked, he grew concerned.
“Do you need anything (Y/N)? Have you eaten today?”
You shook your head in a no, confirming his worry.
“Truth be told I’m famished.”
“Alright I’m gonna order some food for you right away. Pizza?”
“That sounds perfect.”
You felt guilty for not calling Steve back home. He and Emily had gotten used to you missing dinners and didn’t wait up, but that never stopped you from feeling bad.
Typing a quick text to your husband, you got back to work while Thor ordered food.
Twenty five minutes later, you shut your computer with a huff and stretched out your neck, just in time for Thor who walked in with a pizza box that smelled tempting enough to make your tummy growl in hunger.
He was going to leave you alone when you asked him to join, telling him you wouldn’t be able to finish it by yourself anyway.
“So, where did you live before moving to New York?”
You questioned, biting into a slice of your pepperoni as Thor sat on the opposite side of the table.
“Wow, that must’ve been a massive change for you then.”
“It was, but I found this city welcoming. Lovely people, great food, extremely kind bosses, I already feel at home.” Thor nodded, gesturing towards you with a chuckle as you brushed it off with a wave of your hand.
Conversation flowed easily between the two of you as you ate dinner. You occasionally brought up funny stories of Emily and he listened to them eagerly, laughing alongside as you narrated.
“Oh look at the time! We must leave, I’m sorry to keep you here with me.”
The clock indicated half past ten which meant it was way past Emily’s sleeping time, you thought with a sad sigh.
“Something wrong?”
“No it's just. I miss kissing my daughter good night. I find her fast asleep all tucked in bed by the time I’m home you know? I miss being the one who’s putting her to bed sometimes.”
You admitted, gathering your things and putting them in your purse before turning the light out and walking out of your office, following Thor towards the car.
“I’m sure she knows you’re working hard and she has her father too. Plus you have the whole weekend to make up for lost time.”
Thor added cheerily, opening the passenger door for you like a true gentleman before getting in the driver’s seat.
Once your apartment came into view, you smiled to see the kitchen light switched on, Steve was probably waiting for you.
“Thank you once again for the pizza, Thor. Have a good evening. I’ll see you Monday.”
You placed a hand on his shoulder, unmistakably feeling the muscles underneath the shirt. He must work out a lot, you wondered before removing your seatbelt and getting out.
“Take it easy (Y/N). Good night.”
You watched him drive off before he turned the corner and disappeared, you had offered him to take the car home after he willingly agreed to chauffer for you everyday.
To your surprise, Steve wasn’t home. Instead, you were met with his mother who had offered to babysit Emily while he went out for something urgent with a friend, as Sarah informed.
Thor turned the corner of your street, something to his right caught his attention and he found your husband Steve, deep in conversation with a woman with dark wavy hair and a red dress.
He thought nothing of it though unconsciously slowed the car down, just in time to witness Steve cupped the woman’s cheek and leaned down to press a kiss to her lips.
Tumblr media
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ivybucky · 4 hours ago
Please leave feedback on today’s fic! I don’t write for thor, or even angst, that much so I wanna know how I do
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avengersbau · 5 hours ago
if anybody would like to send in some blurb ideas for marvel i’d really love to write them 🥺 i need some things to do and stay occupied! i love you all ✨🥰
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ivybucky · 6 hours ago
somebody else - thor x fem!reader
Request by Anon: SUPER ANGSTY THOR X FEM!READER, please? I want to have a full-on breakdown, and the internet doesn't have enough Thor angst.
description: thor and y/n have been exploring their feelings for each other for the last year, but he always leaves to help out a 'friend' in the worst moments. y/n isn't stupid, but he seems to be ignorant to the fact that she's ready to love him now, not when it's convenient.
a/n: this is the first thor thing i've written in a very long time. i'm always in love with angst that ends in fluff, but that wasn't requested here. this hurts, and there's not a happy resolution.
CW: angst, sneaking around (no cheating), heartache, sad ending, implication of sex, some cuss words, naked bodies
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Tumblr media
author: abby</3
words: 1732
Tumblr media
The warm sunlight filtering through the window is what wakes her. Soft sheets are tangled around her bare skin, twisting loosely around her thighs and stomach. Y/N reached her arms up, allowing her joints to crack and muscles to stretch, with a soft groan she kept contained in her mouth. Her gaze falls on the body next to her, a soft mess of blonde hair was a stark contrast to the white linen of the pillow. She smiled, remembering heat kisses, soft and firm touches, and sweet sounds that filled the space of her bedroom the night before.
Her body turned from her back to her side, allowing herself to take in the more peaceful face of the god of thunder. He had seen so much pain in his lifetime, she knew to enjoy the moments where he was blissful. Y/N brought her fingers to trail over the spanse of his back, nails scratching slightly at his own bare skin.
Thor hummed under her touch, smiling softly before opening his eyes to see the woman beside him. The deep timber of his voice vibrated against the mattress, “Good morning, my dove.”
She smiled, resting her palm against his skin. “Good morning, my darling.”
He chuckled, wrapped a toned arm around her middle before pulling her to his side. “This is my favorite version of you.”
Her laugh was bright, still holding onto the remnants of sleep. She gestured to the length of her body. “This?”
“Mmm yes,” his nose pressed its way into the crook of her neck, pulling a thigh over his body “Peaceful, beautiful, restful.”
“Don’t forget, utterly fucked out.” He pinches her bottom cheek, releasing a squeal from her mouth.
“Cheeky thing, you are.” She laughs again, pulling her body closer to his. Her fingers come up to tuck a loose strand of his hand behind his ears before caressing his bearded cheek.
“This is my favorite version of you as well.” Her voice is soft as she speaks, full of the love she’s grown accustomed to feeling around him. He tipped his mouth forward, catching her lips in his. Their kiss was lazy but firm, an expression of the emotions around them, in the quiet soft of the morning. They pull away from each other and Y/N’s gaze flickers between his eyes, searching for a recognition of the feelings swirling in her chest.
Her thumb brushed over his cheek bone, a rush of courage building in her chest. “Thor,” he smiled, kissing the palm of her hand. “Thor, I-”
His phone, the one he had gotten to stay in contact with those on Earth while he remained there, began to ring loudly. Y/N felt his body stiffen slightly as he let out a groan. “One moment, dove.”
He rolled over the mattress, checking the name on the phone, and sitting up quickly in recognition. “Hello?”
The voice on the phone was muffled enough for Y/N not to acknowledge it greatly, being only a little annoyed at her own due confession being interrupted, especially after almost a year. “What’s wrong?”
Y/N’s frown deepened at his words, a worry and concern she had not heard before etched in the tone of his question. He begins to dress quickly, throwing on the clothes he had worn before in a rush. “I’ll be there soon, don’t worry.”
He hangs up the phone as he continues to gather his things. “Thor?”
“I’m sorry, my dove,” he says without meaning. “My friend needs my help, I have to leave.”
“But I-”
“I’ll see you soon,” he moves towards, her pressing a quick kiss to her forehead.
Y/N watches with confusion etched on her face as he leaves her apartment with haste, her front door shutting loudly behind him. The room is now silent, disrupted of the peace she had held in her grasp only minutes before.
He pulled her against his sweating body, kissing at her mouth sloppily with chuckle. She moaned softly before pulling away with a laugh. “Darling, you’re all gross.”
“And? I thought you liked me working out, dove.” He pinched her side gently as she turned to move into the kitchen. She laughed again, smirking in his direction.
“I like you working out with me and we’re sweating together,” she winked as she bent over to take a plate out of the dishwasher.
“Then why did we stop kissing?” he teased, hip resting against the countertop.
Her face scrunched in mock disgust. “You’re kind of smelly, hon. Take a shower and we’ll see about that.”
His deep chuckled echoed throughout the apartment as he walked into the bathroom. She smiled to herself, hearing the water of the shower turned on. She busied herself in the kitchen, putting away the dishes and picking up whatever she could.
She didn’t mean to look at his phone, she really didn’t. However, it was just an instinct to look at what created the noise as she passed it. Her whole body paused at the words that read on the screen.
Jane: Do you have time to talk? I have some more questions for you.
She could feel the frown deepening on her face. She knew Jane, well, of her. She knew what she was to Thor, and she knew how it hurt him for her to leave. She was unaware that Jane was still a part of his life, however. Someone who still reached out to him, someone he still communicated with. And now it stood blankly in her face.
She wondered how long she sat there, mulling over the information, before she heard the water turn off and move back to appearing to do work. He walked out of her bedroom, clothed and refreshed, looking as happy as he did when he walked through the door. He pulled her back to his chest, kissing her neck. “What about now, my dove?”
“Hmm?” she asked, distracted.
“Do you want to work out together?” his deep voice was husky in his ear. She turned around, pushing whatever thoughts she had out of her mind to focus on him. Her arms wrapped around his neck.
“Hmm,” she thought out loud. “You do smell a lot better.”
Before he could do anything, his phone sounded off again. He glanced over at the screen, before pulling away from her arms and picking it up to respond. Her heart raced at his movements as he pocketed the phone and looked at her with a sorry expression.
“I have to go help my friend,” his shoulders dropped slightly, taking in the dejected look on her face. “I’m sorry, my dove.”
“But we were-”
“I know,” he pressed a kiss to her forehead once more, grabbing his keys from the hook by the door. “I promise to make it up to you.”
And then he was gone.
As quickly and quietly as he left before, leaving Y/N to stand in the kitchen in silence, with confusion written on her face and anxiety bubbling in her chest.
“Hi darling, where are you?” She stood outside of the restaurant, feet pacing patiently on the sidewalk.
“Hello, my dove,” his voice was already apologetic.
“You’re not coming are you?”
He sighed heavily into the phone, and Y/N wanted to believe he regretted his decision. “I’m so sorry, my friend needs my-”
“It’s her, isn’t it?” she tried to keep her voice from wavering as she asked the questions she needed answers to. “Jane?”
His end of the line went silent. “Yes,” his voice was almost shaky, but after all the time, she didn’t believe it. “She’s been writing a paper on her discoveries about the realms. I’ve just been helping her.”
“If that’s all it was,” her voice shook in her throat. “Then why didn’t you tell me?”
“Dove,” she shut her eyes, trying to calm her emotions. “I just didn’t know how you would react.”
“Thor, I thought-” she paused, not wanting to finish her dark thought.
“Y/N, you know I would never-”
“I know,” she sighed, staring down at the ground. “But, what happens when I need you more? If I needed you now?”
His line went silent once more. Y/N let out a sigh once more.
“If this is it, if all you’re doing is helping her,” she turned her body, walking up the sidewalk back to her apartment. “Then we can talk about this more later. Just help her now, and I’ll see you soon.”
“Of course, my dove,” his voice was soft, in a way that just made her sad.
She hung up the phone and continued walking, letting the breeze from the evening weather calm her as it brushed against her face. She desperately tried to ignore the worry that filled her heart, knowing she loved his man to the ends of the earth already. But she knew what first loves could mean to people.
The streets were quiet in a busy way; nothing loud, but lots of soft noises, like the quiet murmur of people talking, or the bristling of the tree leaves. She made her way down the block, a nice enough night to not want to take a cab. Until she passed the bar.
She caught sight of his blond hair, the one she loved to run her fingers through when they laid on the couch together, moving from one end of the bar. She paused to watch, him bringing two glasses of a brown liquor over to her. Y/N had seen her face before, remembered it well enough to recognize her here. The thing that hurt the most was his smile.
After a year of being together, she had never been on the receiving end of that smile before. He thought he looked at her with adoration, but she could see now that he had never looked at her with that much love. And then his eyes shifted.
Y/N’s breath left her lungs as he made eye contact, expecting him to do something now that he had seen her. His smile faltered as he took in her watery eyes, but quickly regained his own composure as he turned his gaze back to Jane.
She turned and continued walking, tears falling freely now as she recognized what it meant, what it would always mean. She would always be second to his first.
Tumblr media
Forever tags: @avengers-do-it-better @maisondumepris @hamiltonwrite12
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wednesdayadams228 · a day ago
Hugs - Loki
warnings - none
Based off of a TikTok I saw a couple days ago (still trying to find it so I can give credit lol)
"Hello" you said stepping into the elevator next to Loki.
"Hi" He said annoyed.
"Do you want a hug?" You asked him
"What- no Y/N why would i-"
"Because you look sad and whenever I am sad I like hugs" You quickly said with an optimistic tone and smile cutting him off.
"No Y/N I do not want a hug." He said looking at you then looking at the ground.
"Okay." You said then looked at the ground. "It would have been nice though."
Loki then looked at you again with a sad face.
"I'm sorry Y/N. Now get over here and give me a hug before anyone sees us." He says as he pulls you into a hug.
"I love you." You say as he holds you.
"I love you too Y/N. I always will."
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drdaddystrange · a day ago
Loki:Say something happy.
Thor:Well, dad’s dead.
Loki:That’s close enough.
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In the rain
Tumblr media
Pairing: Thor x Reader
Warning: fluffliest.
Dull grey clouds promised showers but your mood was gloomier than the weather. A longing you felt for a particular other worldly being lay heavy in your heart, enough to dampen your spirits.
A crack of lightening right outside your balcony pulled you out of your reverie and brought you outside finally, after a busy day of absolutely nothing.
The thunder could only mean one thing. He was back.
Right as your eyes landed on the silhouette of the Asgardian King, the gloominess melted away being replaced by joy as he gave you a heart-stopping smile.
It was drizzling as you stepped out frowning as no drops fell on your body, or his. Not that it mattered, your mind was busy running through ideas for ways with which to stay mad at him for being away so long.
That was proving to be difficult with each passing second as his eyes raked over your disheveled form - a loose-fitting white sleep shirt that left your legs bare and hair that was in a state of utter ruin. And yet his ocean eyes held nothing but love.
“I’ve missed you, my dearest (Y/N).”
“Well then, why did you leave?” You slapped yourself mentally for coming up with that after everything your mind scanned through.
“Maybe I wanted to see if you longed for my return.” Thor’s voice dropped as he held back from gathering you into his arms. The intensity of the rain had increased considerably in the meantime.
“And? What did you see?”
He had asked Heimdall to keep him informed about you so technically he hadn’t missed what you went through in his absence.
All those times you opened kitchen cupboards to check on the boxes of pop tarts you’d kept for him, times you’d wrap yourself in the blanket and sit out in the balcony glancing skywards and wishing you’d rather be wrapped in those muscly strong arms.
Thor’s eyes had a mischievous glint as in a fraction of a second, instead of answering, he let you get drenched in the rain, the invisible umbrella that was shielding you suddenly gone.
A gasp left your lips as the water made the shirt stick to your body, the sheer fabric leaving little to imagination as your unsupported nipples stood erect due to cold or him, you weren’t sure.
“What even?”
“Looks like you missed me a lot, my love.”
He chuckled, finally cupping your face, thumbs caressing your cheeks as he leaned down to press his lips to yours in the most dramatic yet romantic kiss you’d had in your lifetime.
Tumblr media
PS: To the person who requested this, again I am terribly sorry for deleted the ask. It wouldn’t go back in the drafts and I had stupidly left it queued. Thank you for this lovely request! ❤️
1500 Follower Milestone
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For headcanon night
A platonic Thor x reader having a beauty day
A/n: fjkdljkfdljk great prompt so I hope you like this! btw although not outright said it is implied that it is a fem!reader. I hope it’s not to obvious that I’ve never been to a spa. 
It was Thor that came to you with the idea first to your surprise (and to the surprise of the team who was in the room with you)
Apparently he had seen a commercial advertising the benefits of a spa day (or beauty day as he liked to call it)
Tony snickered a little and called him a girl but stopped when Natasha gave him a glare
Thor was confused since the commercial didn’t mention anything about it only being for girls but you quickly reassured him that it was for everybody
Since he was still useless at earth technology you were the one to book an appointment
Thor seemed genuinely excited and it was kinda cute the way he acted like an overgrown puppy
When it was the day of the spa he wanted to try a little bit of everything
He loved the feel of the mud masks although he couldn’t stop moving he face muscles so a lot of it fell on the ground
He liked getting his nails painted too, choosing to have a pink and orange pattern on his toes and sparkly purple for his fingers
It may or may not have taken over half an hour of cooing over all the pretty colours before he finally choose
You didn’t mind though, after all it’s not every day you see a god squealing over sparkles and different shades
His favourite part however was at the end when your hair was styled
The stylist washed and dried it out, brushing it well and applied some product that made it all smooth
He also got two braids done at the front, one on each side
He couldn’t stop swishing it around after, loving the way it felt
When you returned to the compound Thor ran around and showed everyone the nail polish and hair and raved about the ‘masks of dirt’
He didn’t know it but his excitement over small things was contagious and for the rest of the evening everyone else was in a good mood
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raggedy-dxctor · a day ago
scenarios to imagine:
pt 1: marvel characters
Tumblr media
dancing with bucky in the rain
late nights in the lab, glued to tony's side as you help him design new suits
bringing an exhausted bruce coffee in the morning
comforting thor with tea and light hearted jokes to calm him down when he's stressed or upset about loki
comforting loki with hot chocolate and sweet nothings when he's scared thor hates him
walking around the city in foggy weather, with a coffee and stephen's hand in yours
exploring museums with sam, hand in hand as he stares at the exhibits in awe
combat training with nat, she makes sure not to hurt you and often lets you win
sunrises with steve, the cold mornimg air causing you both to stay in eachother's warm embrace
bundled up in warm blankets with wanda, watching sitcoms and your comfort films
star gazing with scott, kissing him everytime you see a shooting star
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xxwritemeastoryxx · 2 days ago
Bound to Break Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Author: xxwritemeastoryxx
Pairings: No set pairings, eventual Loki x Reader
Word Count: 2.9K
Warnings: Nothing really? Unless you count movie rewrites as a warning.
Author’s Note: Welcome to chapter 2! I hope you guys enjoy this one just as much as you guys enjoyed the first chapter. This one had been typed out pretty quickly and I just couldn't wait to show it to you guys. I promise things will get more interesting as we go. While this is following Thor, I promise there are several new things that I've added that makes things a bit different.
Feedback gives me life and motivation for future things. ♥
Tumblr media
The Buzzing in Y/N’s head had only increased. It caused a groan to pass her lips as she held on tighter to her head. The others around her and Clint had already begun to scramble to get to their positions. A perimeter breach as this one could easily be handled in most cases. But seeing as the buzzing in her head was consistent, Y/N could only believe that the owner of the hammer had come to collect it.
“Talk to me, Y/N.” Clint said as he came to crouch down beside her at her station. “What’s going on?
Y/N could barely even register the words Clint had been saying at first. The buzzing mixing with his words in a way that made it sound so jumbled to her. It took another moment or two for the buzzing to stop altogether.
“I’m fine.” She said as she looked over at Clint.
Clint’s eyes widened for a moment as he had taken in Y/N’s eyes. They were glowing in a way he had never seen before. “I’d ask if you somehow slipped contacts on, but I think I know the answer to that one.”
Y/N could see it in his eyes as to what he was talking about. The green glow she normally had emitting from her body had taken over her irises. “It happens quite often when I get that buzzing in my head.” She gave a slight chuckle.
I need eyes up high, with a gun. Coulson’s voice came over the coms.
Clint nodded his head at the orders knowing that was his queue. “You’ll be okay?”
She nodded her head. “I’ll be fine, go.” With that, Clint was running out to get to the lift.
L/N I need you with me on standby.
“On my way.” She said getting out of her seat and heading towards where she knew Coulson would more than likely be waiting for her.
Just as she walked up to him, he had noticed the same thing Clint had. “I take it that’s a side effect?”
“Doesn’t usually stick around this long, but I’m assuming it has something to do with the fact we have someone attempting to take back what is theirs.” She said with a slight shrug of her shoulders.
He nodded his head before he began walking, with Y/N following close behind as they went into one of the other surveillance rooms. Y/N’s eyes scanned the monitors as she walked in. Everything on the screens had been flickering, no image still for more than a second from the interference.
“What have we got?” Coulson asked as he looked over at Sitwell.
“There’s a massive electromagnetic surge coming off of that thing.” Sitwell began as he turned and began looking at the monitors before him. “Systems are barely coping.”
Y/N watched as the two looked at the screens for a moment. At the same time, she could easily hear the chatter going on outside the room. Whoever it was that was trying to make it to the hammer, was having fun no doubt.
“Barton? Talk to me.” He said into the walkie-talkie he had in his hand before they were on the move once more. Coulson kept his eyes on the security footage as he passed, taking in the damage that the trespasser had created so far.
Want me to slow him down, sir? Or are you sending in more guys for him to beat up?
That had caused Y/N to chuckle. At least she wasn’t the only one that was noticing what was happening.
“I’ll let you know.” He said into the walkie-talkie once more as they began making their way down the hall.
Could always send L/N in.
“And do what?” She asked. “Melt him?”
It worked well with my arrow. She could hear the smirk on his face as he said the words.
From the door she and Coulson had exited, they could see the hammer from there. They could also see the movement through the tunnel at ground level as one of the agents had attempted to stop the trespasser from getting to the hammer.
The blonde-headed man had almost been close before the agent had knocked him over. At least there was someone that had been able to stop him, even if it was only for a moment. The way he had gone through the men had been strange to Y/N. Most people wouldn’t have been able to do that.
A small smirk pulled at her lips as the man had begun to fight with the agent. It seemed whoever this person was, he knew what he was doing. Even as they broke through the plastic wall, Y/N could still see their silhouettes. When the agent was down, she looked over at Coulson.
“And who exactly is this?” She asked. Sure there weren’t many theories when it came to 0-8-4s, at least from what she knew, she was hoping he had some idea.
“That’s what we’re trying to figure out.” He said as they both continued to watch.
Better call it, Coulson, cause I’m starting to root for this guy.
Y/N chuckled. At least she wasn’t the only one who seemed to be wanting the guy to succeed.
They all watched as the man ripped through the lining once more and began making his way towards the hammer. They watched as a grin pulled at his lips as he walked around it until the handle was facing in his direction. A knowing look on his face as he closed the distance and reached out for it.
Last chance, sir.
Y/N looked up and could easily see Clint aiming at the man. The bow pulled back, ready for the moment he was given the okay. And just as Clint had been ready, Y/N had been ready as well.
A slight glow of green emerged from her hands. While she may not have known the full extent of this new power or what all it could do, she knew that it could at least do something to stop the man once given the order.
“Wait,” Coulson said into the walkie-talkie. “I want to see this.”
Y/N took a step towards the railing, right beside Coulson as they watched as the man wrapped his hand around the handle of the hammer. The smug look on his face beforehand had made many of the agents that were watching him believe that he might just be able to lift it when so many of the others had failed.
They watched as he pulled at it several times. The grunts that passed his lips proving that he was giving everything he had to pull the hammer out of its place. And yet, it never budged in even the slightest. The pained scream that passed his lips as he looked up to the sky showed how upset he had been that he couldn’t lift the hammer.
The defeat evident in the way he had fallen to his knees a moment later as he looked at the Hammer. And as Y/N watched him, there was something within her that even felt that he was meant to lift the hammer. But there was something that had prevented him from doing it. It made her even more curious as to who he was.
“Alright, shows over,” Coulson spoke into the walkie-talkie once more. “Ground units, move in.”
Y/N watched as the ground units came in and began to arrest the blonde man. She watched as he didn’t even bother to put up a fight as he had moments ago. The actions of not being able to lift the hammer had taken a toll on him that he didn’t have a care in the world that he was being taken elsewhere.
“Seems like I wasn’t needed after all.” Y/N said as she looked over at Coulson.
He looked towards her for only a moment before sighing. “It’s better to be prepared. From the looks of things, we may still be looking for the rightful owner.”
“How sure are you of that?” She asked. “The way he was determined to get to the hammer, you could see he knew all about it.” She shook her head slightly. “This wasn’t someone just trying to break in for shits and giggles.”
“And until we speak with him and get information, that’s all it was for.” His shoulders shrugged slightly. “If nothing changes by the time we agreed upon, I’ll hold up my end. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go speak with our visitor.” Without another word, he left Y/N.
A huff passed her lips as she watched him leave. She would have much rather have been anywhere else than here. And if the last several hours had proved anything, she felt that she wasn’t needed here.
By the time she had gotten back to her station, Clint was back into the next one beside her. His feet had been propped up on the desk as he watched the screens before him. As she walked up to her seat, she smacked his feet, causing them to slide off the desk and fall to the ground.
“Oh, come on.” He began as he looked over at her. “I was comfortable.”
She shrugged slightly. “If you wanted comfort, you should have stayed home.”
He laughed. “You know that’s not possible. Not when we have to be here.”
“I remember there was a time we talked about retiring.” She said as she took a seat.
He shook his head. “No, you talked about retirement while I constantly told you it was a bad idea.”
“I didn’t think it was.” Her eyes moved across the screen before she switched it over to the interrogation room. “If I had retired like I wanted to, I wouldn’t have wound up with something I don’t understand.”
Clint watched as her eyes scanned the screen again. “It’s not a bad thing to have.”
He wanted to let her know that even though she now had these powers that she hadn’t changed. He couldn’t see anything that was different to him. Sure she had some kind of power emitting off of her and her eyes could glow with that power, but she was still the same person he had become friends with.
“It is when I have no way to control it.” She said as her eyes flickered between the screen and him. “I have no idea what kind of damage I could possibly do. I’ve barely even learned how to channel it to my hands.”
“Some training would help.” He offered.
“With who?” She asked, finally taking her attention off the screen and looking over at him. “I tried that, remember? Attempting to train with someone when we don’t have any idea how I might hurt someone was a liability.”
“The real question is, was it the liability issue or the way everyone began treating you differently?” The way her face fell slightly he knew the answer.
“Both.” She said before forcing her eyes back to the screen. “I became something unknown. The unwelcomed attention I got made me feel like I shouldn’t have been there anymore. Toss in that one time I tossed whatever you’d call my power at an agent when she pissed me off.”
Clint chuckled. “That was my favorite thing. She deserved it.”
A small smile pulled at her lips at the comment. She watched as Coulson spoke with the man. While the sound couldn’t be heard, she knew along the lines of what it was he could be saying. The basics of wanting to know who he was, where he was from and how he learned to fight as he had would have been at the top of the priority list. Y/N had been in enough interrogation rooms to know what was being asked.
But the whole time Coulson spoke, the man never once said anything. From what Y/N could tell, he wasn’t even looking at Coulson. His eyes seemed to be looking elsewhere as he sat there in his seat. She watched as a moment later, Coulson dug into his pocket and pulled out his pager. Just as he had, another round of buzzing played in her head.
This time the buzzing was softer. Not as intense as earlier. But it was enough to be annoying to her. A soft sigh passed her lips as she moved to rub her temple as she watched Coulson leave the room.
“Another buzzing?” Clint asked, watching her.
She nodded her head slightly. “Just the rather annoying one that lasts for like a second and leaves.” Just as she said the words, it was gone.
“Nothing to be on high alert about?” He was curious as to how she knew which ones to listen to and which ones to ignore. This one was different in comparison to the one he witnessed her have earlier.
“Doubt it.” She said with a sigh. Her head tilted to the side as she took in the image on the screen. A new person had been standing in the room with the trespasser. The dark green suit sticking out in comparison to the black that most wore around there. “Who’s the guy in the suit?”
“Coulson.” Clint said with a raised brow.
Y/N shook her head. “No Coulson walked out a few seconds ago.”
Clint sat up in his chair and moved it closer to her to look at the screen. He looked at the screen before looking over at Y/N. “What suit?”
When Clint had looked at the screen there was no one else in there. There wasn’t anyone else standing there besides their guy sitting. If anything, it looked like he had been talking to himself. For a moment he had believed Y/N was seeing things.
“Right there.” She said as she pointed to the screen. Right where her finger laid there was a man standing there. She looked over to Clint who now looked worried. “I’m not crazy.”
“I didn’t say you were.” He said as he raised his hands up.
“You really don’t see him?” The question itself had begun to make her feel crazy. Even as she looked back to the screen a moment later, she could still see him there, speaking. Shaking her head, she stood from her seat and began walking away.
“Y/N/N,” Clint called as he stood from his own seat. Instead of answering Y/N simply raised a hand up in the air.
She was heading down towards the interrogation room. She needed to be sure that she wasn’t going crazy. Part of her hoped that Clint was just messing with her. That he was attempting to pull some kind of prank on her.
As the interrogation room came into view she could still see the two inside having a conversation. There was a bit of relief that was beginning to wash over her when she saw Coulson begin to walk back over and the room door slides open. But when it did, it even caused Y/N to stop in her tracks. The man that had been standing there moments before had been gone the instant Coulson walked in.
Y/N took a few steps backward as she tried to get her mind to wrap around what she had just seen. While stranger things have happened before, this one was a bit different. She’d never been able to see someone that wasn’t there or even seen someone disappear in a blink of an eye as she just witnessed.
Another buzz played through her head causing her head to tilt as she winced in pain. This one was a bit stronger. Bracing herself through the pain, she began walking towards the exit to the hammer. She needed air, even if it was to the small enclosed area.
The moment she passed through the door, she walked up to the railing and placed her hands on it. Taking a few deep breaths she tried to get the buzzing to stop. It was as it stopped that she noticed who was walking up to the hammer.
The man in the dark green suit she had seen earlier. From here she could see how his raven hair had been slicked back. The way he had carried himself as he walked over to the hammer had been filled with curiosity.
Y/N began making her way down the stairs just as the man began to wrap a hand around the handle and pulled. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she watched as he grabbed it with two hands attempting to free it from its hold. But no matter how he tried to pull it, it wouldn’t budge.
“I’ve seen a few try to free it and it has yet to move,” Y/N said as she came to stop on the other side of the hammer. She watched as he let go of the hammer and began looking around. As if wondering who she had been speaking to. “I am talking to you if that’s what you’re wondering.” She walked around the hammer until she came to a stop right in front of him. How is it that no one else can see you?”
“I believe the better question to ask is how are you able to see what you aren’t meant to?”
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Lost & Found - Loki X Reader - Chapter 10
A/N: Sorry for the long wait in between chapters. Inspiration died and well, I needed a little break but... I finished this chapter! Yay! Just... Just please do not hate me when you read it!
Warnings: fighting, character death, sadness, so many bloody emotions and feels, honestly, I cried writing this.
Marvel Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You didn't know where the screaming was coming from; yourself or Jane but all you knew, was that the fire was rampaging through your veins again, the fight for dominance in your body.
The fire would win.
You knew it would because you couldn't take anymore, you wouldn't.
Then came the words. Or the start of them at least. You caught a few here and there but nothing was sinking in, nothing was getting through the wall that had built itself up against your head.
Frigga, you guessed. Keeping your mind safe.
But it wasn't your mind that needed saving, it was your body, the more they pushed, the more it started seeping out from your skin, pushing through like water behind a dam that had just burst.
"Stop it! Stop it your killing her!" Jane shouted, the words floating to your head, imprinting on your mind.
You were dying and there was no Loki, no being wrapped in his arms and whispering sweet loving words to each other. No, you'd die on a chair, with fire pouring out of you and Jane screaming your name.
At least someone was with you.
Your voice grew hoarse from the screaming, the chair growing hot underneath your skin, everything burning burning burning...
"You stole the wrong girl." You heard Loki say, just before the fire consumed you.
Tumblr media
Loki rolled his eyes as he heard Thor's voice behind him. He knew it wouldn't take long for him to find him but he thought he'd have a few more moments to run in and slaughter as many as possible.
"Hey, Mischief Managed," Great, someone even more annoying than his brother, Tony Stark. He landed down next to Thor, the Iron Man helmet opening to reveal a pissed off face, "You can't just run off without a plan!"
"I have a plan." Loki said, shooting a smirk over at him.
"And what is it?" Tony asked but the look from Loki's face made him wish he hadn't asked. Tony rubbed a hand over his face before motioning around him,
"We have the rest of the team scattered about, ready for the order to storm the building. You have to let us do it our way, Jane and Y/N could get hurt if you just... What are you doing?"
Tony turned to Thor, just as he threw a rock at Loki, the rock travelling straight through him and to the other side.
"What the hell just happened?" Tony asked and Thor rolled his eyes.
"Projection. He must have split off as you were talking."
"Then where is...?"
But the sound of gunfire coming from inside the building and Tony swore under his breath before giving quick orders to the rest of the team.
Thor used his lightning to break down the door before Tony had a chance to use his blasters. Tony flew off to the roof, Cap replacing his position as they stormed in.
Sure enough, there was Loki, using his knives to slash and out at agents, the green magic shooting out of his hands at those agents holding Jane.
His sole focus was on you, strapped to the chair, fire pouring out of you as your screams echoed around the building.
The screaming was tearing at his heart.
"You stole the wrong girl." Loki said through gritted teeth, watching as the flames grew higher, your whole body being consumed with them.
Green magic shot from Loki's hand, wrapping around the agent, Brock if he had remembered his name correctly.
Muscles strained as Brock tried to get away but Loki held on tight with his magic.
"You can't save her."
"I can and I will." Loki replied, but Brock laughed, getting Loki's attention.
"Maybe. How about you offer us your services and we'll at least give her back to you in some sort of normal state. You'd do anything for her, wouldn't you?"
"Brother, don't listen to him." Thor said, walking over to where he was stood.
"Go ahead." Loki told him, the green magic loosening from around him.
"You were always the goal, get the girl, get Loki. If there's one thing we've learnt, it's your complete devotion to her."
Brock smiled as Loki watched him, face impassive, not giving anything away but the brief flicker to where you lay, fire around you, made Brock know he had almost got him.
"Let me go and I'll set her free once you promise you'll be Hydra's man. As long as you comply, she's safe."
"Brother, Loki, don't do this."
"And just how safe will she be?" Loki asked, ignoring his brother.
"Free from that chair, free from the brutal training. Hey, I might even give up my pursuit of her. She's not usually my type but I wouldn't mind breaking her in a different way if you..."
Bones snapped in Brock's neck before he finished talking and the projection holding Brock in its green magic disappeared.
"Nice to see you had faith in me big brother." Loki said, walking past him and the chair. He couldn't even see you anymore, it was just fire but the hoarse screaming was dying down. Loki knew that it was too much for you, that you were dying. Just like Bruce had said.
He'd been through the loss of losing you once before but that was nothing compared to this.
This one, he could see, could feel. Felt the raging in his veins as he neared you.
"Loki, what are you going to do?" Thor asked but he wasn't prepared for the utter heartbreak in his eyes. It made Thor take a step back.
"Stay with her," He said, "You might want to get everyone out. The building will catch soon and then..."
He didn't finish the sentence because he couldn't.
Loki could survive a lot of things but this wasn't one of them. Losing you again would end him.
"Let me stay with you."
"It'll burn you to bits, brother. I'm the only one who can survive it."
Without another word, Loki stepped into your fire...
Tumblr media
You were still burning, Loki's voice had long since disappeared from your head. You thought you must have dreamt it, must have been one last thing your mind decided to give you before you perished.
You were trying to hold back the flames, trying to give Jane a chance to get out, maybe even be saved but it was getting harder, the need to let it go was getting stronger and stronger and soon you'd let it out.
The pain was too much, your screaming had long since died out and you tried so many feebled attempts to talk to Loki like you had done in your mind at the tower but no one was answering, maybe no one ever would.
Not the way you wanted to go but the fire didn't like you, rebelled against you and this was its final stand at being forced into the confines of your body.
You'd never quite understood how they had managed to do it; liquid that burned your veins and came out like this but however it was done, you hoped it would never be done again.
Opening your eyes, you saw Loki stood in front of you - green and black leathers and his helmet on his head. He took it off, placing it on the floor as he walked over to you, taking your hand into his, lips kissing your hand.
He'd gone through the fire to do that and it gave you some comfort.
"I know you can't talk, that the pain is too much, so I'm here to help you."
Within a blink of an eye, the pain had gone, the fire had gone and you were stood on the wide balcony, overlooking a night sky at Asgard.
The silk green dress Frigga had given you swayed around your legs in the soft breeze and you turned to see Loki stood behind you, his lean and muscular body covered in a black suit with black suit and tie.
"Why are you stood so far away?" You asked, pulling him to you as you wrapped your arms around him.
You gave a contented smile as you looked at him and his face softened as he looked at you.
He was a trickster God, magic and chaos in his veins but with you, he didn't show that side. With you, he was soft and caring and loving.
Reaching you, you tucked a piece of his long hair behind his ear, placing a hand on his cheek when you were done and he kissed your palm, lips lingering there as though he never wanted to let go.
"How did we get here?" You asked, "The last thing I remember is..."
You nodded your head, realisation coursing through you.
"You've taken the pain away."
Loki still didn't speak and you gave him another soft smile, your other hand reaching up to clasp his face.
"Why won't you speak?"
"I can't..." He said, looking away.
"Loki, look at me."
He turned his green eyes to you, the eyes that looked like they were holding back tears and you took a deep breath, smoothing your fingers over his eyes, his nose, his lips.
"I have never been happier in my life. The day I met you... Everything fell into place."
"And then I lost you." He whispered.
"But you found me again. Granted I wasn't the best version of myself but you stayed and you loved me. In the way only you know how."
"And now I'm losing you again."
You were both silent, his hand tightening around your waist, pulling you as close to him as he could, if he could pull you into his body and keep you alive that way, he would.
"I don't remember what it's like to not feel broken, all those years being brainwashed, being kept from you, I never thought I'd feel whole again."
"Don't... Don't leave me." Loki said voice breaking and all you could do was smile.
"I'll always be here." You placed your hand on his heart but he shook his head.
"It's not the same. I thought I'd have years with you, thought I'd have more time to memorise every smile even though I know them by heart already, more time to see you happy, more time to taste and savour every part of your body, make every moan and sigh a melody to my ears but it's ending too soon. I'm not prepared for this. Bruce said... He said it would consume you but... I didn't think..."
Loki took a deep breath as he cut off, trying to keep his emotions in.
He shook his head but you insisted, making him look at you again.
"Kiss me."
He did, mouth moulding to yours like it had been made to, his arm tightening around your waist to hold you closer, always closer. Your fingers carded through his long hair, feeling the silky strands beneath your fingers. You wanted to hold on forever but you gave a little groan of pain, pulling away from him as you stumbled.
"It hurts..."
"I'm sorry, I thought we had longer... Let me..."
"Loki, just hold me. Please."
Loki grabbed you, holding you as you both sunk to the floor. He brushed the hair from your face, eyes tracking over your face as quickly as he could, memorising everything.
"I love you."
"Don't..." His voice cracked.
"Say it. Say it because once I let go..."
"I love you," He said, the tears finally spilling over his cheeks, "I never prepared myself for you, never knew I could love anyone as much as I love myself."
You both laughed, your laugh ending in a whimpered pain and he shifted his weight, holding you closer to him.
"But I did. There will never be anyone else."
"Who could ever replace me anyway?" You joked, reaching up to wipe a tear away from his cheek.
"The sun will shine on us again," He told you and you nodded, "Let it go. Let the fire go."
And the vision disappeared as you let the fire loose, the flames catching on to every part of the building and everything inside it.
You don't know how long it went on for, don't know how long Loki sat there holding you, but you remember that there was no longer pain.
Your body was finally free.
And with that, you closed your eyes...
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y/n: loki?
loki: yes, little Midguardian?
y/n: 1, please dont call me little, 2, why do you always wear long sleeves?
tony: *pops head around corner suddenly*
loki: *voice cracking* no one has ever paid that much attention to me. gOOD ATTENTION.
y/n: *worried*
y/n: loki-
loki: *jumps onto y/n* im keEPING THEMMM!!
y/n: *sad and happy*
loki: *wails and teleports away to cling to y/n longer*
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Tumblr media
Updated: 05/15/2021
Check out my Request Prompts!!!!
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This page is 18+ ONLY!!!! NO MINORS!!!! Because I like to use foul language and about 99% of my writings are smut. I do NOT write dub-con or dark fics. I’ve had a horrible past with stuff like that, so I’m not going to write it. I do write fight scenes and graphic violence. Especially with Marvel writings. I will try to add graphic violence warnings at the beginning of a fic that involves violence. If I forget please let me know, and I will fix it!!!!
I write reader insert fics but sometimes if I feel like it I will write one of my OCs in a fic. {List of my OCs} I prefer to write either Marvel or Supernatural characters. When I write reader insert fics I write vague descriptions of them. But for aesthetic purpose I will sometimes add-on some body modifications like; piercings, dyed hair, and tattoos. I will also write wlw fics, so look out for those. I also welcome constructive criticisms. So please let me know. 
I am taking requests and asks! There are a few things I won’t write;
~ Sub Females (I just can’t get in the mindset)
~ A/B/O Dynamics
~ dub-con/rape
~ underage
~ toilet stuff
Okay, onto the links! I will work on adding the other characters Masterlists, when I finish them. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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melwilson · 2 days ago
i love you | drabbles (part one)
different ways they say those three little words without actually saying those three little words.
“let me know when you get home,” w/ steve
it was late. steve had told you it was okay to stay over. in fact, he slept better with your body pressed against his. however, you worked the next morning and didn’t want to bother. you had already stayed at his apartment twice this week and it was just wednesday night.
the blonde pressed the sweetest kiss to your lips, hands tugging at your waist. he didn’t want you to go- that much was obvious. and truthfully, you didn’t want to, but you needed to.
“let me know when you get home, okay?” your safety was always steve’s top priority. with his occupation being what it was, he was big on communication. he could be overbearing at times, but it never bothered you. it just showed you how much he cared.
“i will. i promise.” your voice was soft and you placed one final fleeting kiss to his lips before walking out the door.
you kept your promise.
have you eaten anything today?” w/ sam
it wasn’t uncommon for you to overwork yourself. your hours were already outrageous, thanks to working for the demanding intelligence agency that is shield. so sam took it upon himself to make sure that you didn’t accidentally overwork yourself and succumb to death in your office. at the same time everyday you could expect sam to show up at your door bringing his heartwarming smile and infectious energy.
you paused as sam turned your chair around taking in your appearance. you were dressed in workout clothes, hair thrown messily into a thick bun atop your head. his eyes softened at the bags under your eyes and the small smile you sent his way. you looked exhausted.
“have you eaten anything today?” he already knew the answer, but he always asked.
you shook your head sheepishly as you leaned back in your chair, muscles relaxing.
“you can’t keep doing this, bub. if you’re not sitting at this desk, you’re training a rookie, and if you aren’t training a rookie, you’re doing something else asked of you. which is great an’ all, but you won’t be able to do any of those things if you aren’t eating right and i don’t want you passing out on me. so why don’t you set that aside,” he gestured to the paperwork on your desk, “get your pretty ass up, and come eat with me.”
“let me take care of you,” w/ bucky
steve had sidelined you and you were not happy about. pissed was a probably a better word for it. you were injured during the last mission after taking a blow to the ribs. you reassured steve constantly that you were fine, but he proved otherwise after you couldn’t last in the sparring ring for more than a minute. the doctors had diagnosed you with two broken ribs and a mild hip contusion. you should be fine in a week, but you still hated sitting out.
tonight, you found yourself in the gym, hands steadying either of the punching bag in front of you. the team would go absolutely berserk if they caught you, not that you cared. two minutes pass and you’re leaning against the bag for support. you’re finding it hard to catch your breath and spots are clouding your vision.
“you better be glad it was me who found you and not steve,” a familiar voice said. bucky’s hands gently grasped your shoulders as he steadied you. “let’s get you upstairs, yeah?”
“i’m fine, buck.”
you didn’t miss the concern flash through his eyes as his grip tightened protectively. “it’s okay for you to rest, y/n. let me take care of you.”
you sighed, body slumping into his. “you don’t have to do that...not for me.”
bucky’s eyes softened, exhaustion laced in your voice and the weakness of your body. you would never admit it, but you needed him right now and it brought him joy to he needed. “i want to, y/n.”
“i trust you,” w/ tony
tony stark didn’t trust easily. he may have played the part of the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, but when he was alone he was anything but. he was quiet and reserved and tended to his own business. he no longer extended his arms and showed off the flashiness that was his life. (he’d been screwed over one too many times for that.) he had set up a barrier between himself and the world, one that wasn’t easily broken.
but then you placed yourself right between him and that barrier. tony wasn’t sure how you managed to do it. it could have been your sweet smile or the lingering, yet reassuring glances you sent his way. one day you were going over stuff in the lab and the next you were helping him to his room after a panic attack.
“what’s on your mind, y/n?” you could feel tony’s stare as you shifted in your seat. you had been uncharacteristically quiet and tony didn’t like it. you weren’t the most talkative person in the world by any means, but he liked hearing your voice. it grounded him.
“i- i don’t know. i just feel bad i guess...for invading your privacy like that yesterday. i didn’t mean to. i-“
“y/n,” tony chuckled, “it’s okay. i trust you.”
you glanced up at him eyes wide in surprise. “oh.”
“yeah,” tony responded, “but don’t get used to it.”
“you’re cute when you’re angry,” w thor
“are you kidding me!”
an amused smile tugged at thor’s lips as he entered the kitchen. your hands were balled into fists at either side of your waist, eyes trained on the empty takeout box in front of you.
“something wrong, dove?”
a growl emitted from your lips as you turned to him. “is there something wrong? of course there’s something wrong. somebody ate my damn takeout.” the larger man laughed and you sent him a glare. “why are you laughing at me?”
“you’re cute when you’re angry,” thor said softly.
“cute? you did not just call me cute. unbelievable.”
the blonde took a step toward you, hands reaching out for yours. “how about this? i’ll get you some more takeout if you stop yelling at me.”
your eyes narrowed. “are you bribing me?”
“yes,” thor shrugged, “is it working?”
“yeah, it is. let’s go.”
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buckysbloom · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Loki - God of Mischief
Go on - bare your teeth at me.
I'll pull them out one by one.
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lizzymacy555 · 2 days ago
Cloudy Eye
Tumblr media
Thor x Reader
Soulmate AU
Plot: You and your soulmate share an eye colour in your left eye. You had been super excited to meet your soulmate, but you lost hope when the once blue left eye’s colour changed 
Warning: thinking someone is dead, smut, swearing, oral (female receiving),  vaginal sex (unprotected), 
Word Count:1889
Divider by @writeyourmindaway 
This was my first time writing smut, so I apologize if it is bad
Tumblr media
Ever since you were young, you have been wanting to meet your soulmate. Every time you looked in the mirror and saw the blue eye of your soulmate, you got all giddy. But as the years moved on, and your friends were finding theirs, you were left alone. “Come on (Y/N), you will find them. Your eye is still bright as always,” (Y/BF/N) says. You just sigh before looking back out the window. You had met (Y/BF/N) out for coffee today and the topic of soulmates had come up.
“That’s easy for you to say, you had already met Bruce,” you bit back.
You had introduced (Y/BF/N) to Bruce Banner, as you work within the science field yourself. You were very happy that your friend’s soulmate was someone that you respected, but you were also jealous of them. You look over to (Y/BF/N) and let out a sigh.
“Sorry, it just hasn’t been my week is all, and you don’t deserve my backlash,” you say while taking a sip of your coffee/tea.(Y/BF/N) gives you a sympathetic look, before placing a hand on yours.
“Hey, it will all work out in the end, ok,” they say.
You nod before going back to enjoying each other’s company.
Tumblr media
The morning you had woken up and couldn’t see anything out of your left eye. This made you very concerned about your soulmate, seeing that they could be dead. You rushed to the bathroom to see what had happened and you were greeted with a cloudy blue eye instead of the sky blue eye. Your heart broke in that very instant.
You quickly call (Y/BF/N).
“Hello?” she responds sleepily.
“MylefteyeiscloudedoverandIdon’tknowwhatishappening,” you spit into the phone.
“Wow, wow, calm down. Take a deep breath and run it back.”
You take a deep breath before speaking again.
“I woke up this morning and I couldn’t see anything out of my left eye so I went to the bathroom to see what was the problem, and saw that it had clouded over.”
The silence that came from the other side of the phone was heartbreaking. Tears start to fall as you have gone to the worst-case scenario. You fall to the ground and a sob rips from your mouth.
“Hey, I am on my way,” (Y/BF/N) quickly says before hanging up.
You lean against the wall and tears just race down your face. Your brain racing with you living without your soulmate. Your chest starts to ache at the thought of it. Your racing thoughts were stopped when a hurried knock is heard.  You get up slowly and open the door to be greeted with (Y/BF/N) and Bruce behind her. They rush in and bring you into a bear hug. You just cry into their shoulder, leaving Bruce in this awkward moment.
“It will be ok, everything will work out, I promise,” they whisper into your ear. Your cries just drown out any type of comforting words that they were saying. Your heart is broken and you don’t know if it will ever be healed.
Tumblr media
It has been a month since you had lost the vision in your left eye and you haven’t left your apartment. (Y/BF/N) and Bruce would try to make you go places and experience life, but all you wanted to do was stay in your bed and forget about the world. They have made sure that you have food and that your bills are paid and you were very grateful for, but you just couldn’t pull yourself out of your depressed state. 
“Come on (Y/N), you need to come back into the world, just for a day,” (Y/BF/N) begs. 
You don’t respond and still hides under the blankets. 
“Bruce has been invited to Tony Stark’s party and I want you to come with us,” she says. 
You pulled your head out from under the blankets.  In your conversations with Bruce, he had mentioned his work with the Avengers and you had always wanted to work with Tony and the other Avengers, but never mentioned anything to Bruce.  
“ You want me to come to a Tony Stark party?” you quietly question. 
“Bruce may have mentioned your work to Tony and he wants to meet you,” they say. 
This perks you up, making you forget your heartbreak for a moment. Your mind was racing now. ‘Tony Stark knows of me?’ you think.  
“But I don’t have anything to wear,” you say. 
(Y/BF/N) get up off your bed and walks out to the living room and walk back with a  cocktail dress in your hands. 
“All ready ahead of you.” 
The dress was (Y/BF/C) and it fell to mid-thigh with simple lace adorning the dress. You smile before getting up from under the blankets. 
“Alright, let’s get you ready,” they say while pushing you towards the bathroom and the shower.   
Tumblr media
When they arrived at the party, soft music played through the penthouse. There were a lot more people than you thought would be there, but then again this was a Tony Stark party. (Y/BF/N) looks at you and gives you a small nudge.
“(Y/N) you will be fine, just breathe and have some fun.”
You smile at them before following them and Bruce to the bar. As you all are getting drinks another man walks up to Bruce.
“Bruce, how are you and your sweet soulmate?” the man questions.
You turn around and are greeted by Tony Stark standing beside Bruce.
“And you must be (Y/N),” Tony says while moving closer to you.
“It is nice to meet you, Mr. Stark,” you reply while shaking his hand.
“Please that was my father, call me Tony,” he says.
Tony and you start to talk about the work that you have done with (Y/BF/N) and even some with Bruce. You then found yourself excusing yourself out to the balcony to get some fresh air. She leans against the balcony and watches the cars drive through New York. As you watched the nightlife of the city, your thoughts started to drift back to your eye and why it was like that. As your mind starts to wonder, in the distance, between the chatter of others and the music, you could hear someone calling for you.
You turned to see Bruce, (Y/BF/N) and another person walking up to you. Without even being close to the stranger, a buzz of electricity goes through your body. The closer they got to you, the stronger the current ran through your body.
“(Y/N), this is Thor, he is from Asgard,” Bruce says.
Your eyes don’t leave the god and your eyes study his face. Thor sticks his hand out his hand and more electricity runs through your arms. You watch Thor’s eye change, realizing that he feels it too. You couldn’t hear anything at all before Thor brought you into his arms.
“Thor! Put her down!” (Y/BF/N) says while both Bruce and they were trying to get Thor to let you go.
Thor brings you closer, not wanting to let you go. You grasp his shirt and place your head into the crock of his neck. You then feel him start to move back into the tower and towards his room in the tower.
“This is my soulmate, and you will not take her from me!” he yells across the room, making everyone fall silent.
Thor moves quicker towards his room before any of the other Avengers could stop him.  The door closes and Thor places you onto his bed. He pulls away from you and gets a better look at you. He studies your face. He then brings his left hand and brushes it against your cheek. He looks at your clouded left eye, before letting your cheek go and places it onto the eyepatch he has been adorning.
“You are my soulmate. Even though we can’t tell with our eyes, I can feel a pull towards you and you were meant to be with me,” Thor says while getting closer to you.
You look into his blue eyes before bringing him closer. He then bridges the gap before his lips are placed on yours. The electricity from before returned, but it flew around your body. Thor pushes you back onto the bed and places his hands onto your exposed thighs. He then deepens the kiss and moves his hands up and pushes the dress up higher.
You break the kiss, needing air, and look up at him. You bring him closer and start to kiss his neck. Leaving a few hickeys on his neck, while moving your hands to the bottom of his shirt, pushing it up his torso, signalling that you want it off. Thor sits up and quickly takes his shirt off and then pulls your dress off, leaving you only in your bra and panties and him in his pants. He looks down at your body and the lust in his eye is in clear view.  
He then moves to your covered mound. He placed a few kisses against the cotton fabric before pulling it down your legs. He is then greeted with you being soaking wet. Thor then leans in and licks it. Your back arches at the feeling of the god’s tongue against your pussy. No one has ever treated you like this, and it felt like heaven. The scratchy feeling of his stubble against you made you wetter than you were before.
“Thor… oh my god… I think I’m gonna,” but you couldn’t finish your broken sentence before the heat flooded your body.
Thor drank in your juices and worked you through your orgasm. As you were coming down from your high, you watched as Thor quickly took off his pants, to reveal his painfully hard cock. Your mouth waters at the sight of it. You tried to reach for it, but Thor quickly grabbed your hand, stopping you. “Tonight is about you, my Queen,” he says before kissing your hand up to your neck.
“Mmmmm, Thor,” you moan and try to grind your needy pussy against his length.
“ I have a needy little soulmate, don’t I?” he jokingly asks.
“Thor, please I need you,” you beg.
Thor then starts to tease you by running the tip of his cock against your slit. You grip his bedsheets as you feel the heat return. Before you could beg him for more, he pushed his cock into your tight heat. The air in your lungs leaves quickly as you look down to see that he was completely inside of you. Before you could beg again, he starts to move.
“Thor, you are s-so goooood,” you moan out.
You wrap your arms around his shoulders and run your nails down his back, definitely leaving angry marks.  He started to thrust harder into you. He starts to leave hickeys all across your body, but you didn’t care at that moment.
“Thor, I’m gonna cum,” you moan to him.
“Then cum my Queen.”
You let the heat flood your body and grasp his shoulders. A shaky moan leaves your mouth. Thor gives a few more thrusts before he fills you up. He stays inside for a few more seconds before pulling out. You let out a whimper when he pulls out. He then lays beside you and pulls you into his chest.
“I am so happy that I found you,” he says.
“I thought I lost you,” you whisper.
“I will never leave you, my Queen. I will always be here for you.”
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gigglysokkamcu · 2 days ago
"I may be your sister/brother/sibling but if you don't get away from me I will kiLL YOU-!!"
“Was that a voice crack?” Thor grinned while closing in on you, his fingers wiggling in anticipation.
“SHUT UP!” You shouted back, your voice luckily not cracking this time. Nervous giggles began flowing from your mouth as you shrunk into the corner of the room.
“The sass!” Thor pretended to be offended, “You take after Loki too much.” He grabbed you and pulled you into his lap, squeezing your sides.
“See, just like Loki,” he teased, “You’re both extremely ticklish.” Thor chuckled at your frantic laughter.
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saturn-barnes · 2 days ago
Avenger!Reader but they're an biblecly accurate angel. With multiple sets of wings and golden rings around their head that have multiple eyes on them and a big ass sword and just approaches civilians during an alien invasion and is just like "Do not be afraid" like sure bitch im completely calm right now
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lokigodofaces · 2 days ago
My Fanfiction
I have fanfiction posted on Wattpad, Quotev, and Archive of Our Own, and I thought I'd post links to them all here. Since this is my Marvel side blog, I'll only be posting the ones related to Marvel. Which is all but two.
Two Worlds, One Goal
Fandoms: MCU, Riordanverse
Pairings: Percy/Annabeth, Jason/Piper, Frank/Hazel, Clint/Laura
Description: These two worlds have the same goal: survive. The veil separating two worlds is thin, which means interaction. If all of the heroes don't work together, then both of their worlds go KA-BLOOM! Luckily, some of the best heroes are the ones in this book. Percy Jackson. Captain America. Jason Grace. Black Panther. Annabeth Chase. Star-Lord. And the list goes on.
Additional Notes: This is the first fanfiction I started writing, so it kind of sucks, I will admit it. It also was supposed to be super long and all, but I have no motivation to continue it. So I'm going to finish the next chapter because that'll wrap things up a little better than just leaving it how it is now. I may come back to it, I may not. And, honestly, I'm putting it here, but I'm not really recommending it since the writing sucks, but, hey, if you want to, here you go.
Wattpad Quotev Ao3
Fandoms: MCU
Pairings: Loki/[Y/N], Wanda/Vision, Scott/Hope, Tony/Pepper, Peter/Gamora
Description: You are the Blaze, newest member of the Avengers. Loki comes back to Earth, and gets what he wants: you. With magic keeping you from using your powers and Asgardian ropes binding you to a chair, Loki has you in his grasp. Loki treats you with a surprisingly large amount of respect, which only manages to keep you alert. Will the Avengers find you? Why does Loki want you? And is he really the bad guy you think he is?
Additional Notes: I would say that this is probably the best of my fics, and also probably my most popular. Wattpad was the first website I was on that I got into, and there are a lot of x readers there, so that's what I wrote because I knew that audience liked it. But it has done very well on Quotev and Ao3 as well. It's not completed yet, and I think you can tell that I get better at writing between the first and most recent chapter. For all of you Loki fans out there, it does feature flashbacks to Loki's time at Sanctuary. There are also lines the Avengers say that show how they completely misunderstand him (someone says something about him faking his death five times. In reality only one of those events was him faking his death, the others he thought he was dead as well). I totally cherrypick the canon I want (as one does). Also Loki is not killed by Thanos in the Infinity War-esque arc so that's a plus. Loki is also confirmed to be biromantic asexual outside of the story (though eventually there will be a discussion about sexuality in-story). I'm thinking I'll make him demiromantic or greyromantic or otherwise aro-spec, I'm just not sure what yet. There will be Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. sort of stuff in it, but I don't think you absolutely have to watch AoS.
Wattpad Quotev Ao3
Assemble [Heroes Book I]
Fandoms: MCU and Arrowverse
Pairings: Tony/Pepper, Dig/Lyla
Description: When the world is at stake, Nick Fury and Amanda Waller must assemble a team. A team of superheroes. To see if they could become something more, and fight the battles no one else ever could. Who do they assemble? Steve Rogers aka Captain America, the soldier out of time. John Diggle aka Spartan, the soldier turned vigilante. Thor, the god of thunder. Ray Palmer aka Atom, the shrinking scientist. Tony Stark aka Iron Man, the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Laurel Lance aka Black Canary, the high pitched assassin. But where is the threat from? That's the mystery.
Additional Notes: Basically, the Arrowverse has multiverse stuff, and the idea was that in one universe, the Arrowverse and the MCU were combined. I think that it's pretty good. The chapters in Steve's perspective are depressing, but that's fine, I guess. I don't really have motivation to write this, much less other books, and am honestly considering discontinuing it, but that's fine. Read if you want, don't if you want, I'll probably discontinue it or put it on hiatus.
Wattpad Quotev Ao3
Fandoms: MCU
Pairings: Steve/[Y/N], Peter/[Y/N], Thor/[Y/N]
Description: You are an avid fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You find yourself unexplainably in the world of your fandom. You know one thing: you can't directly tell anyone what happens in the future. Knowing you still have to warn the people of this world, you make a conspiracy theory blog that claims Norse mythology is real, Captain America is alive, and Peter Quill was abducted by aliens. When SHIELD meets Thor and finds Captain America in ice, Phil Coulson comes knocking on your door, demanding to know how you figured it out. Taking inspiration from Psyche, you claim you are a psychic that can see the future. And given what has happened, SHIELD eventually believes you. After having run-ins with Steve Rogers, Thor, and Peter Quill, you start to have feelings for the Marvel Chrises. But do they feel the same way about you?
Additonal Notes: This is a choose your own ending fic, which is a big part of why I write it as an x reader. If you have watched Psych, that was the inspiration. I watched the first episode and got the idea for this fic. I just need to remember to start writing pineapples into it. This and Captive are probably the most popular fics of mine. I will warn you that this starts kind of slow. There will be some limited AoS stuff. I'm also told that Loki is amazing in this and I had people literally beg me to make him a love interest too (but this is a Chrises fic, not a Toms fic).
Wattpad Quotev Ao3
Fandoms: MCU
Pairings: Steve/Tori
Description: "Half of the universe: gone. Half of my friends: gone. We failed. We couldn't stop him. We couldn't stop Thanos. My name is Tori Lowe. Since the day I was born, I've been different. I planned on hiding it, but fate had other plans. I joined a team, a team of people like me. We thought we could save the world. Through all the chaos, betrayal, battles, and fractures, I've walked back alive. I know it's because of the love of my life, Steve Rogers. The past week has been hectic. Half of everything is gone. Maybe I should back up farther. After all, a lot of things lead up to the Decimation."
Additional Notes: Tori is an OC, and idea for her literally came to be because I like a lot of Black Panther's feline fight stuff. The first chapter is really long and kind of just background info for Tori, Tommy, Zach (other OCs), and shows how Tori met Steve. After that you have a time skip to CA:TWS. The style of the story is that Tori is writing about the heck she went through as a means to cope after Infinity War, and then she adds to the book after the events of Endgame. So I kind of purposely write it in...interesting ways since this is more of a journal, but over time Tori becomes a better writer as she writes more and more (kind of like how I get to be a better writer. Yes, I just came up with a in-story reason for the differences in my writing caliber over time). Tori is bisexual.
Wattpad Quotev Ao3
Fandoms: MCU
Pairings: Loki/Mandy
Description: Mandy Angelle was just a typical British drama teacher at Westminster High. She never expected anything exciting to happen to her. But one day, she accidentally places herself in the same building as the God of Mischief. This surprise meeting will change her future forever. Will it make her life better or worse?
Additional Notes: This first starts during The Avengers. Basically, it goes into how Loki is the secret hero of the Marvel movies. In this, he wasn't controlled by the scepter, but he was tortured by the Chitauri, and he was planning on losing so that Thanos would lose two Infinity Stones. Loki is genderfluid, biromantic, and asexual in this story (and I'm considering aro-spec in some way). So far, it has been confirmed in the story Loki is genderfluid (I don't think that exact term is used, but it is highly implied that he is genderfluid because he says he is sometimes a man and sometimes a woman. He didn't say he was non-binary at times because he was talking to Mandy, who is from Earth, and he wasn't sure how she would take it considering *gestures at the queerphobia in the world*). Mandy is bisexual, though not confirmed yet.
Wattpad Quotev Ao3
Fandoms: MCU
Pairings: Peter/Rebekah
Description: Peter Quill was not the only Terran the Ravagers took, they also took a girl named Rebekah Black. Peter and Rebekah have always been close, being the only two Terran Ravagers. Eventually though, their relationship develops into something bigger.
Additional Notes: Rebekah is Jewish, so that's fun. A thing for her is attempting to worship in an environment where she is the only Jew. Also there is an inkling of a chance I'll discontinue/go on hiatus, but much less of a chance than the other fics where I said this.
Wattpad Quotev Ao3
Fandoms: MCU
Pairings: Stephen/Annette
Description: Annette joins the sorcerers. Never did she expect for Stephen Strange to meet her and talk to her. At first, they both are pricks, but they warm up to each other. The duo study the Infinity Stones together. And what happens when romantic sparks are released?
Additional Notes: Again, AoS stuff. And lots of domestic things actually between them, which is nice. Only a few chapters are out, and we haven't gotten the good stuff yet. Annette is demisexual? I mix up the sexualities in this and the next fic.
Wattpad Quotev Ao3
Let Me Help
Fandoms: MCU
Pairings: Bucky/Jennifer
Description: Jennifer King has had her telepathic and empathetic abilities as long as she can remember. They come to good use when she meets the Winter Soldier, broken and lost, terrified of himself and Hydra. How will she help Bucky? Will she end up in prison for it? And as time goes on, what will happen? And what of romantic attractions?
(You can probably tell by now I'm either horrible at descriptions or slightly less horrible at descriptions).
Additional Notes: Like I said, Jennifer might be demisexual, or it might be Annette, or they might both be, I don't remember right now. I'll update this page when I figure it out. I will someday write an alternate version of this fic that will be much, much darker and will have lots and lots of AoS stuff. Like you'll have to watch AoS for that one.
Wattpad Quotev Ao3
Band Kids
Fandoms: Any And All
Pairings: Any And All
Description: High school band is interesting, to say the least. I'm sure the rest of the band kids here agree with me that band is something truly special. We all have had crazy and amazing experiences because of a class we take where we blow air through metal tubes. And lots of us here are big in fandom. So why not combine these two beautiful parts of our lives? This book is a compilation of one-shots. These one-shots are AUs of different fandoms taking place in high school concert band, orchestra, jazz band, percussion, marching band, color guard, or whatever other similar ensemble you choose. You are absolutely welcome to submit one-shots of your own! Instructions on how to do so in the first chapter.
Additional Notes: No one-shots are published yet. I haven't even started writing them yet, I only published early in case anyone else wanted to write any. Just check out the info on how to submit if you want to (I think for the options to submit on Tumblr it only lists my main @cowboysrappin but you can absolutely DM this blog (@lokigodofaces) if that is easier for you). It's not up on Ao3 yet since there are built in functions for author's notes there and the first chapter is really just a big author's note.
Wattpad Quotev
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