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#thor odinson
insomniumstella · 23 minutes ago
meant every word pt. 2
thor x reader
summary: literally just a part 2 to my ‘meant every word’ fic. will they kiss this time?:)
warnings: bad writing. i sat down with no intention to write this, but the words just kept spilling and spilling into my computer
word count: 1,588
Tumblr media
“Sometimes I think you like getting punched.” Natasha is looking down at her, a small smirk on her face.
“Shut it.” Y/n replies and in a couple swift seconds she’s back on her feet again. Noticing Natasha’s about to swing at her, she quickly moves out of her way and starts heading to the lockers.
“So you’re just going to walk out of here without saying what’s wrong?” The redhead shouts after her, confused at what has just happened.
“Yes.” Y/n shouts back, hearing some mumbled sentences Natasha keeps saying, but paying it no mind, she collects her belongings and disappears out of the gym completely.
The next time Natasha asks her what’s wrong it’s 2 days later and they’re getting ready for one of Tony’s parties. Wanda observes them from a distance, but doesn’t say anything, too interested at the scene that’s about to play out. Shoes and dresses are scattered all throughout y/n’s room, but neither of the girls bother picking anything up, as y/n rummages through her closet and pulls out more options. Handing Wanda a dress she thinks the witch would look good in, y/n takes off the previous dress she tried on and slips into a new one.
“I know you kissed Steve.” She says, observing herself in the mirror and holds up a pair of earrings to check if they match her look for the night. Natasha’s calm exterior doesn’t falter, as she keeps her cool under the stares of the two girls in front of her. Zipping Wanda’s dress, she grabs a lipstick and walks up to Natasha “I think this would look good on you.”
“Thank you. So do I.” y/n nods, leaning against her vanity table and examines Natasha’s expression; it’s static, calm, except for a very slight twitch in her mouth most wouldn’t notice. The spy is good at covering up her emotions.
Coming up from behind her, she inches near her ear “Don’t bother coming up with an excuse.” Pushing Natasha’s hair to the side, she grabs a necklace from one of the trays and starts putting it on for her “I know you broke the deal.” She whispers.
“That deal is stupid anyways.” Natasha turns around so they’re face to face.
“It wasn’t when I told you about Vis and I going on a date.”
Scoffing, Natasha breaks their eye contact to look at Wanda.
“Yes, because he’s a robot and I don’t like him.” Turning her head, Wanda examines Natasha’s reddened face and comes up to them, taking y/n’s hand and leading her out of the room.
“See you at the party.” Once they’re in the hallways, y/n can hear Wanda raging about Natasha and her opinions, but she doesn’t listen, thinking about her and Thor at the beach a few weeks ago. She wonders if he’ll be here tonight, but doesn’t get her expectations up as Thor left to Asgard as soon as they got back from the Bahamas.
“Ladies.” Steve nods at them once they enter the party. “Fashionably late as always.”
“Oh, Steve.” Y/n orders a drink from the bar and places a hand on his left shoulder “Try picking the perfect dress yourself.” She looks him up and down and smiles slightly “You wear the same outfit to every party.”
“That I do.” Steve laughs, taking a sip of his own drink. “Want to say hi to our beloved blonde?” He suggest.
“No one except for you likes Sharon.” She rolls her eyes, noticing Steve’s disappointed expression and pats him on the shoulder “Kidding, of course.” That part she says so low, it sounds like she’d be embarrassed if someone heard it.
“First of all, Sharon’s a great friend.” Steve sticks out his arm for y/n to wrap her hand around. “Second, I was talking about Thor.” Turning her head to the side, she notices the blonde, the one she actually likes anyways, and her breath stops for a moment. He looks rich and elegant, and for some weird reason y/n thinks he’d taste like the finest wine. He probably would, but that strange thought she pushes out her head as soon as it comes in. She holds tightly onto Steve as they walk up the god, hoping she doesn’t fall because of the high heels she’s wearing. Smiling at y/n’s slight wobble, Thor greets them.
“Hi.” He face looks so pure, so innocent, his body clad in a beautiful designer suit, Tony probably bought him for Christmas. Thor is in fact a god, but tonight he looks the part more than ever. “I can take it from there.” Thor laughs, putting his hand on the small of her back when she removes her hold on Steve. The three avengers chat for a while, but all y/n can focus on is how great the warmth of Thor’s hand feels against her body, how amazingly intoxicating his cologne smells and how he keeps pulling her closer to his own body, leaving little to no space between the two of them. “Would you mind going for a walk?” He blurts out when Steve leaves them to greet some important guests. She doesn’t say anything, nodding instead, and letting Thor lead her through the crowd into a large balcony. He closes the doors, when they step out into fresh air, and walk up to where y/n’s standing near the railings.
“The view from up here is fucking amazing.” She blurts out and turns her body to face Thor.
“Steve told me about his and Natasha’s kiss.”
“Must’ve been heartbreaking to hear they broke our team’s promise.” She laughs, but it comes out bitter and cold, almost as if she hopes Natasha’s listening. Thor ignores her reaction and leans against the railing. He doesn’t say anything for a while, switching his gaze from the city to his feet every few minutes. Once he does finally speak up, his voice is as loud and clear as thunder.
“It wasn’t. Actually, I felt relieved.”
She doesn’t know what has gotten into her, but before she can think over her words, y/n replies with “I wouldn’t feel relieved if someone broke my trust.” Thor catches her tactless words, and sights.
“You knew about this when we were in the Bahamas, didn’t you?”
“Before that, but yes.” Stepping closer to y/n, Thor’s face looks a mixture of emotions she couldn’t identify.
“Why didn’t you say something?” To that, she doesn’t have an answer.
She knows he expects her to say something, and the only thing she can come up with in the moment is “Didn’t think you’d care.” When she notices his little head tilt, she sighs, fixing Thor’s shirt slightly and turns her body back away from him. “I know you’re a man who sticks to his promises.”
He laughs softly. “That I am.” Placing his hand on her waist, he turns her body to face his. “But for you I’d be willing to break it.”
It’s both everything she’s wanted for a long time and everything she despises. “You know” she starts “the words break it leave a lot of room for interpretation.”
Pursing his lips together, he studies her face. Thor knows y/n is playing with him; he knows the closeness of their bodies is both reassuring and uncomfortable. Wrapping his other hand around her waist, he brings her closer. If she can toy with the man so can he. “Break Steve’s nose for betraying me, or” He sounds unsure of his words “leave the Captain alone, and break the deal instead.”
She smiles slightly. “It would be a sight to see you break his nose.” She says, which causes Thor to frown in confusion. “Kidding, of course.” Y/n trails off, but the next words to come out of her mouth are loud and clear. “Break the deal instead.” She repeats his own phrase back to him.
And even though Thor is always a man of his words, he doesn’t feel guilty for breaking the deal. He moves one of his hands to her neck, leans down, stopping once their faces are almost touching, and when he sees that y/n doesn’t pull back, he slowly kisses her. It seems as if time has stopped. This was their and only their moment. Y/n wasn’t the best person to know how dreams feel as she almost never experienced them, but if someone asked her what dreams feel like, she’d probably say they feel like Thor’s lips on hers. He didn’t taste of the finest wine, like she first thought he would; he tasted better. A taste of cherries of his tongue, his lips heavenly soft. Every breath Thor took smelled like y/n’s perfume, and for the first time since he’d known himself, he felt happy about breaking his promise. If the world around them would disappear that very second, neither would notice, too lost in each other, only separating to come back for air. Y/n’s hands tangled in his hair, both of Thor’s hands on her waist, bringing her closer and closer, till no space is left between. Thor was a good kisser too as she found out when their tongues danced together in perfect rhythm. If it wasn’t for the knock on the balcony’s door, they would’ve kept kissing, eventually disappearing from the party all together.
“It appears mister Stark wants us back at the party.” Thor chuckled once they finally pulled apart.
“It appears so.” Smiling for ear to ear, she offered Thor her hand. “Ready for Tony’s lecture about the importance of keeping your promises?”
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newagepromo · an hour ago
Tumblr media
so, after some change in server, we have some UPDATES to our MOST WANTED list as a few characters have opened up again. 
we kill to have KORIAND’R/STARFIRE join us. and we would also kill for a WANDA MAXIMOFF, especially given our current magical arc that is kicking up!
it is important to note that with KORI, we require anyone interested to drop us an IM or ask first just to get some information on things that have been established so far with her. but please, we would LOVE to see someone’s take on her. 
it is also important to note with WANDA that we are of course, NOT compliant with any post-endgame TV shows since we have been around since long before these shows started and would like to see more of a comic blend. please also be sure to look over the app of our pietro and be sure to take his being alive once more into consideration!
we’d also still DIIIEEE to see someone complete the DC trinity by bringing us a CLARK KENT/SUPERMAN!    but we’d also LOVE to see the god of thunder, THOR ODINSON. 
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lilatreus · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The mighty Thor (2011) #12.1
The fact that they actually did the myth and incorporated it into the comics 
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Can someone make a Loki fluff when him and the reader is on a field having a really cute picnic and it starts to rain so the reader drags Loki up and makes him dance with her in the rain. Then they have a really cute rain kiss. Can someone PLEASE do this I have been thinking about this for so long but I’m not a skilled writer.
Tumblr media
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mcu-incorrect · 3 hours ago
rocket: you’re so tall, do you play basketball?
thor: no, do you play mini golf?
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lilatreus · 3 hours ago
NSFW ish??//
Tumblr media
Is there a reason as to why thor has the aurora borealis near his crotch area???
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lilyofthesword-writes · 3 hours ago
Sweaters & Couches (Loki Drabble)
Summary: Loki returns from a lengthy mission to find something he did not anticipate. Although it’s not unwelcome.
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Word Count: 552
Warnings/Disclaimers: None. Just exuberant amounts of fluff.
A/N: After all the angst I’ve written, this little bit of fluff popped into my head. Thought it would work best in what I’m now calling the Couches Mini-Series. Just little follow-ups to Cafes & Couches, fluffy moments you and Loki share. Check the Masterlist below for all works in this series.
Tumblr media
Absentmindedly picking at his cuticles, Loki was slouched forward in his seat, anxious to return to the Tower. Thor sat across from him in the Quinjet with an almost subtle smile plastered on his face.
“What is it, brother?” Loki growled in annoyance, leaning back into the headrest.
That smile turned into a knowing grin. “You seem anxious.”
“Only to be out of this infernal contraption and away from you,” the trickster replied without missing a beat.
“Is that all? Far from out of the ordinary for you,” Thor’s laugh bellowed through the tiny jet.
Rolling his eyes, Loki folded his arms across his chest, his leg bouncing up and down to replace the fidgeting of his hands. He hated these long missions for multiple reasons.
The pitch of the Quinjet’s thrusters changed, and he could feel the craft begin its descent. It could not have come sooner. His leg was practically vibrating at this point. Thor’s chuckle made him hyper aware of this, and he forced his foot solidly on the floor to stop.
Once settled on the landing pad, Loki was the first off, practically dashing inside to the locker room showers. The first thing he wanted to do when he entered his suite was head to bed, and he was not about to do that all covered in grime and sweat.
Cleaned up and in more comfortable lounge clothes, he swiftly made his way to his floor. He opened the door slowly, assuming you to be asleep. And he was right, just not in the way he expected.
You were not in bed, anticipating for him to join you, to wrap him in your arms and lull him into sleep. No. You were curled up on the couch, one of his favorite sweaters loosely hanging off your smaller form.
The mischievous god found himself frozen in the doorway. Even after moving in with him, you’d never pilfered his clothing. At least, he wasn’t aware of you doing so. You were respectful of others’ belongings and personal space, almost to a fault. Had you missed him that much to seek comfort in that well-worn sweater?
Seeing you like this, dozed off on some living room furniture like you were waiting for him... Well, he wasn’t sure which emotion to pick for how he felt. A warmth spread through his chest, one he only became familiar with after he met you in that cafe.
Finally sliding inside, Loki silently shut the door and headed right for you. He could wake you to tell you he was home, or he could carry you to bed without disturbing you. As he approached, a third option rang through his mind. He liked that one best.
He laid on his side next to you, draping the blanket from the back of the couch over you both. One arm snaked under you to swaddle you in his embrace. You stirred just enough to tuck your head under his chin, nuzzling into his neck.
“Missed you...” Your voice was barely a murmur.
His fingers combed through your hair, across your scalp. “I missed you as well, dearest. Now sleep.”
With a hum, you drifted back off with Loki following soon after.
Thor had been right. There was more to his anxious fidgeting, and this was it.
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incorrecthick · 4 hours ago
Thor & Carol: Surprise! We're having a baby!
Izzy: What?!
Thor & Carol: *pull out adoption papers* It's you!
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incorrecthick · 5 hours ago
Izzy: I am strong! I beat Loki at arm wrestling!
Thor: Anyone can beat Loki at arm wrestling.
Loki: Hey-
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incorrectquotesmcu · 8 hours ago
Thor: How many drinks of alcohol do you consume a week?
Valkyrie: One.
Thor: That’s it, one drink?
Valkyrie: One shelf.
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houseofeternalnerds · 9 hours ago
I want Thor to have this moment where he realizes that his life was pretty fine for 1500 years and then he went to earth this one time since then his life has gone to hell.
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teamthorsblog · 10 hours ago
The End - Chapter 1
(Infinity war AU: Loki lives and leaves the Statesman with Bruce Banner. Multi chapter fic, enjoy the ride babes xo)
taglist: @woahthisguy (ask to be added if u like!)
When Loki woke, part of him still thought that he was on the Statesman. Still aboard that cursed vessel, with smoke filling his lungs and the maddening glare of the stones shining before his eyes. Rays of sunlight filtered into his vision, and he felt broken wood under his fingertips - but part of him still expected to see Thanos’s golden boot step into his vision. Still expected to see his brother, bloodied and bruised, a lifeless body tossed beside him. Expected to hear his last pained scream as the power stone touched his head, to smell the ozone building in the air and to see the final flash of lightning that would signal his brother’s journey into Valhalla.
What he heard was the sound of birds.
Muffled by walls, but there. Birds, nature, the faint sounds of traffic and conversation bleeding in through the ringing in his hears. He opened his eyes, grunting slightly as he felt splintered beams digging into his side from where he fell. A neat hole in the ceiling signalled his entry; he stared up at the familiar sun and sky, and let his eyes fall shut again with a groan.
But not just anywhere in Midgard. He inhaled the musty air, coughing out the dust from his throat. Magic - he could sense it everywhere. It clung to every surface of this place, seeping into the floorboards with a familiar sense of order and learning. Not just magic - sorcery.
Loki sat up. Pulled himself out of the hole he’d created in the floor, and almost buckled under the weight of the familiarity of this place. The Sorcerer’s Home. Where he’d been suspended in animation for over half an hour, only to be dropped onto the marbled floor and told that they were going to see Odin. He remembered Thor’s voice, then. That was one of the last times he’d sounded like himself. Before the Norns had twisted the last few strands of their monstrous tapestry, and brought their world crashing down around them. Around Thor, to put it more aptly. Loki had shed no tears for Odin. Hadn’t felt the same coiled rage in the pit of his stomach as when Frigga had died. But it had signalled the beginning of the End, for them. The beginning of Ragnarok. The twisted path that had dragged them from Midgard to Sakaar to Asgard and finally to a barely held together spaceship crawling through the stars.
And then to oblivion.
Loki flexed his fingers, stepping onto the cold marble floors, and allowed himself a moment of respite. This wasn’t good. Out of the frying pan, and into the proverbial fire. Midgard may have meant refuge for Thor, but not for him.
Voices sounded from outside the doors. Loki stepped quickly, pressing himself against the wall - not that it would do any good. The Sorcerer had sensed them from oceans away, last time. He could pluck him out of thin air if he so chose, and deposit him at his feet. But it felt right, at least. Sensible. Slinking his way in and out of the shadows was what he was used to, and he needed some familiarity right now. Stability in any form; even if it was just a repeated motion from a lifetime that was now obsolete.
“The Avengers broke up. We’re toast.” Smooth, honeyed tones from beyond the door; a voice that could have been roughed with anger, but the edges smoothed down into something more palatable. Stark.
“What do you mean, broke up? Like a band? Like the Beatles?” Another voice sounded off - this one inquisitive, confused, but still with a certain fog - like someone coming out of a long sleep, trying to recount a dream that was fading rapidly. Banner, then.
Loki leaned back against the wall, silently cursing his luck. Of all people he encountered, it had to be Stark. Someone who Loki’s last fond memory of was tossing him out of a window - and even that was marred with the faint blue tint of the mind stone’s power. He couldn’t even enjoy throwing Stark out of that window. Couldn’t even take credit for it, really.
He shifted his fingers again, feeling the familiar steel of his dagger morph into life in his hands. That brought a little comfort, at least. Even if he knew in his heart he wasn’t in much shape to fight off the Avengers right now.
He had Banner to vouch for him - maybe. But Banner didn’t have the same trust in him that Thor had. And Thor wasn’t here to echo that sentiment to his allies, because Thor was dea-
“Thor’s gone.” Banner’s voice resounded off the walls again, subdued and uncertain.
Loki didn’t know why that word suddenly made him so angry.
Gone implied things. It implied uncertainty; that they didn’t know where Thor was, or what had happened to him. Gone implied that Thor could come back. Gone implied hope.
It wasn’t Banner’s fault. He didn’t know any better, didn’t know the full extent of what Thanos could do.
Loki did.
And maybe that’s what drove him out of the shadows, moving just beyond the doorway to stand in the light.
“Thor isn’t gone. He’s dead.” Loki almost winced at his own voice - rough and jagged and far from the silver tongued smoothness he was used to.
But the look on Stark’s face almost made up for it. Alarm creeping into the eyes beneath the sunglasses, a memory of when Loki had last seemed glorious. Unstoppable. A raging inferno fanned by the mind stone, laying waste to Midgard’s streets with an army of monsters at his side. Memories of grand speeches and golden horns. Stark’s hands twitched, grabbing onto a small cord at the collar of his shirt that would probably unfold into some trinket or other, meant to blast him across the room with a quippy one liner to follow it.
Banner’s eyes widened for a moment, but softened just as fast, and he took a few steps forward. Not all the way - he was still too smart to move all the way - but enough. Enough for a placating gesture, at least.
“We don’t know that, Loki. He could’ve escaped, he could’ve-”
“Correction - you don’t know that. I do. Thanos wouldn’t leave someone like him alive.” Loki shook his head, a hollow laugh forcing its way out of his lips. “He was too much of a threat.”
“The Tesseract?” The voice of the sorcerer from his side caused Loki to turn, meeting Strange’s scrutinizing gaze with what he hoped was a mask of steel.
“Thanos has it. And the power stone.”
“Then he’ll be coming for the rest.” One gloved hand drifted idly to the necklace around Strange’s neck, his face setting in grim resignation.
“I’m sorry, am I missing something? Why are we all standing here talking to this guy? Last time I checked, he was working with Thanos, and was very much in favour of - I don’t know, murdering us all?”
Stark finally jarred himself out of whatever train of thought he’d been following, moving forward to grab Banner by the arm - like a mother, reaching out to snatch her children from sticking their hand into a campfire.
“Tony, it’s fine. Well, it’s not fine. But Loki’s with us on this one.” Banner shrugged his shoulders, batting at Stark’s hand with a twinge of embarrassment.
Stark scoffed, throwing his hands in the air in exasperation.
“So I’m just supposed to trust him because, what? It’s a ‘long story’?”
“Oh, God no. But he is on our side.” Bruce frowned, gesturing at Loki listlessly. “Look, do you think he’d look like that if he was working with Thanos?”
Loki shot him a glare, but tilted his dagger upwards to try and catch a blurred glimpse at his reflection. Even in the unclear mirror, he couldn’t deny that Banner was right. Soot smudged along his cheeks, rimming the glaring red cuts on his face with black. Dark circles stamped under his eyes, there was blood beneath his fingernails. He looked unhinged.
A stretch of the neck, a flex of the fingers, a flash of gold, and he was whole again. The grime still clung to his skin, but it was hidden now, at least. He tilted his chin up, spreading his hands out wide.
“I am not here to pick a fight with you, Stark. Nor any of Midgard. But Thanos must be stopped, and you’re going to need more than the Avengers to do it. You can kill me, or imprison me, but buried beneath that colossal ego of yours, you know you need me.”
Stark’s jaw clenched, and for a few moments Loki expected the flash of a cannon and the impact of a missile hitting his chest. What he got instead was a sigh, tight and constrained, and a small nod in Banner’s direction.
“Fine. But if this blows up in my face, you owe me like...a million cups of coffee.”
Banner shrugged, and the three Midgardian’s continued their discussion.
It wasn’t a discussion Loki wanted to participate in - and by their hunched shoulders and wary looks, it wasn’t one he was privy to, either. Which was just fine by him. He tapped his fingers against his elbows, and wandered about the room.
So many artefacts that he hadn’t paid attention to last time. This room hummed with magic, every table, every chair, every floorboard was steeped in it; like fragranced smoke clinging to a curtain.
He overheard some of the conversation, of course. Talks of a great battle between their Captain America and the Iron Man; a rift between the team that had grown into a chasm - one that strangely he hoped would be mended. Not for their sake, of course; it would just be easier to fight Thanos if they all united as one, and fought together rather than apart, and -
Norns, he was starting to sound like Thor. He shut his eyes, shrugging his shoulders to try and rid himself of the sentiment. It was funny what a few moments of desperation could do to you. The death of his mother, and he worked with Thor again. The death of his father, and he saved a world he swore to hate. The death of his brother, and now he was talking of comradery with the Avengers.
Banner kept casting looks at him from across the room. Worried looks, but not for his own safety - at least, not entirely. Banner looked worried for him, and for some reason that filled him with vitriol, anger that was acidic and spiteful.
Banner thought he was exaggerating. He still saw Thor as a golden hero, unbreakable and untouchable. He didn’t know.
He didn’t know that it was better for Thor to be dead. That when Loki said that Thor’s fate was sealed, it was not out of spite or doubt of Thor’s strength; it was out of hope. Loki would rather kill Thor himself than have him die at the hands of Thanos.
At least Loki’s steel would have been kinder. The flash of silver and the seconds it took for the blood to leave the body would be a mercy, compared to the dazzling pain of the gauntlet. Seconds still felt like seconds, when you were stabbed. The infinity stones stretched those seconds into hours. Loki knew from experience.
Before, he might have relished at the thought of causing Thor pain. Wherever this sentiment had come from, these feelings of care and brotherhood, he wanted them gone. They’d settled on his skin with the dust from Asgard, baked into the clay of his being in the fires of a supernova, watched from a spaceship window. If he had nothing from the beginning, he would’ve been fine. If Thor had died at his hand, hating him, he would’ve been fine.
Thor had died believing in him. And that was so much worse.
Screams erupted from outside, and all four of them glanced towards the doorways.
“God, already? It’s been what, five minutes since you two crash through the window and now we’ve got more party guests?” Stark rubbed at his forehead, probably nursing an oncoming migraine.
“I guess they move fast. Let’s go.” Strange and Stark headed towards the doorway of the sanctum, but Banner lingered behind.
The scientist paused at Loki’s side, looking at him with a gaze that was suddenly inscrutable. No easily provoked anger that Loki could stoke into a wildfire to keep the sadness at bay. No mistrust. Just a hint of sadness, and a twinge of concern in his voice when he asked:
“Are you alright?”
Loki’s hand lifted to his face, feeling the wetness of tears gathering at the corners of his eyes. He stared at his fingers, before wiping them against the material of his jacket.
No time for this. Not right now.
“I’m fine.” Loki gritted his teeth, flipping his dagger in his hand.
Loki didn’t take much stock in legacy. He’d had his fair share of prophecies and purposes, and none of them had quite worked out the way he’d wanted - or expected. Fates could be changed with the flip of a dice - his birthright had been to die one moment, inherit the throne the next. He was destined to be the doom of Midgard and the saviour of Asgard and somewhere along these severed threads of prophecy he’d realised that it was all just chaos. He’d rather be an agent of that, than a warrior honouring the stories of someone else.
Thor’s story felt different, though. If he was going to honour anything in his life, maybe his brother could be the exception. Maybe he could help protect this fragile blue planet from this destruction; just this once.
Loki gripped the dagger harder, until his knuckles turned white.
Midgard waited on the other side of that door. A place that he had chosen to conquer, and Thor had chosen to care for.
If it didn’t die today, he knew it’d be a matter of time before it died from something else. But he wouldn’t let it be lost today.
Thor believed in him. He’d died believing in him.
Honour that, then. Honour his stubbornness, if nothing else. What better legacy was there to leave Thor with, than postponing the dying light of a planet just because?
Chaos and stubbornness. What better combination was there than that?
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lokigodofaces · 14 hours ago
Y'all I had the weirdest dream. Occasionally I have a dream that is a good fanfic idea (such as this) but other times they're just crazy. Well, this is what I got just now (absolutely crazy).
So, for some reason the characters of Thor, M*A*S*H, and the people of Grand Tour were all together. Which is already weird. Norse gods, Korean War Army doctors, and three comedic car guys all together.
Loki, Jeremy, James, Richard, Hawkeye, BJ, and Klinger got along together pretty well and messed around with everyone else in increasingly drastic ways. And messed with each other but they forgave each other for that. They all tried to do something crazy to Loki but he'd always catch them because he's the literal god of what they're doing. But after a couple times Loki just pretends to not notice them doing whatever it was so that the rest could frick with him a little bit.
Colonel Potter and Thor got on well together. Margaret, Jane, and Darcy became good friends. Winchester got along with everyone, but kind of hid it unless it was really important (someone was accused of communism, which did happen to Margaret in the show but I don't think it was Margaret in my dream. don't remember who though). Mulcahy got along with everyone and now everyone would die for him. But he's still trying to process Norse gods exist. Selvig gets along with the doctors pretty well.
Thor and Loki promised god was more of a title given by the Norse to them and Asgard just stuck with it. There can still be a Christian god. Because Thor and Loki cannot stand to see Mulcahy so distraught.
Everyone adores Radar and would die for him if needed. Radar is pretty shy about it and not quite sure how to handle it from all these new people.
Loki, a certified genderfluid person, gave Klinger tips for crossdressing. Also Klinger & most everyone else understood that transgenderism isn't a mental illness, but little understood in their time. But, this is a decent way to try to get discharged.
Jeremy, James, and Richard asked Loki something car related. What cars he's driven, that sort of thing. Loki answered that he's never driven a car. GT takes that as blasphemy and vow to make Loki drive. Loki pulls out the Tesseract and says that he could just teleport to wherever he needs to go. Which becomes a lecture on cars, and how they aren't just a monotone way of commute, but rather they have a personality. Richard then ends up talking about Oliver very passionately. Loki's watching, supporting his new friends in their love of cars, but having no idea what V8 or hybrid or any of those terms mean. They make a deal: GT teaches Loki how to drive and gets him a car they deem worthy for him to drive and he'll take them somewhere with the Tesseract. There is a lot of debate about the car. They want something sleek for Loki, sleek and sporty. They debate over a Veyron, some Jaguars, and a Ford GT. They never decided in my dream because I woke up before they could.
Jeremy, James, and Richard get a little obsessed over the vehicles the US has in the Korean War. Everything from Jeeps to helicopters is amazing for them. And they want to drive all of them. Potter lets them drive the Jeeps around the M*A*S*H, but puts his foot down on the copters. He doesn't want them up in the sky during a war in helicopters NK and China would shoot down. That's not their job, they aren't even supposed to be there. But he's not going to risk three civilians. Richard gets in a crash and the doctors have to help him.
Loki has some understanding of human anatomy and medicine. Selvig has some too, but in different fields than Loki. While it's not too much, when the casualties come in, they come to do whatever they can because there are so many and so few doctors and nurses. So they helps with whatever they can.
It was weird because sometimes it was Korea in the War and other times it was literally any random place on the planet near the present (no covid so I guess 2019 at the latest?) with no explanation as to why the change.
And it was really weird but I love Loki, Grand Tour, and M*A*S*H, so I'm not complaining. It was funny though because everyone was snarky, but I don't remember any specific lines unfortunately. But yeah, crossover I was least expecting but loved regardless.
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