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#bucky barnes au
puppypeter · an hour ago
Tumblr media
✨ All fics are complete! ✨
He Loves Me Cause I’m Cute, He Thinks I’m Pretty Funny | 2588 words 📱
He watches it back one more time after it posts, checking for typos in his subtitles and captions, and has to laugh again.
Steve fucking Rogers? His brain thought he could pull Captain America, literal superhero and America’s favorite sweetheart?
“Hello I’m a 35 year old amputee living in New York and I think that I could get Steve Rogers.”
the one where bucky posts a tiktok and steve is utterly smitten.
Summer Slipped Us Underneath Her Tongue | 10712 words 🧳
Bucky is a tour guide who enjoys sharing the rich history and culture of each city they pass through with a bunch of early-20's college students who just want to know the cheapest place to get drunk.
Except for Steve, who asks Bucky for a personal tour around his hometown.
The rest is, as they say, history.
You Make My Heart Skip A Beet | 3853 words 🧑🏼‍🍳
“I made soda bread.” Steve lets out the 6’2” supersoldier equivalent of a squeak. “Oh, I love soda bread,” he says eagerly, rolling forward on the balls of his feet like he does when he gets excited. “My mom used to make it all the time when I was growing up.” The tips of Barnes’s ears turn red, and he mutters something that sounds suspiciously like, “I know.”
Ollie Meets Bagel | 5517 words 🥯
He was a skater boy, Steve said let's get bagels, boy.
Steve wants to start doing this twenty-first century thing properly. He gets help in the form of skateboarding, skateboarders, bagels, and Sam Wilson.
Taxi | 5113 words 🚕
Bucky Barnes was, he hoped, a good taxi driver.
He's so good, he actually tries to return lost property that ends up left in his car and... well. It has some unexpected consequences involving a National Icon.
Enough said.
Leg Day | 12157 words 🏋️‍♂️
“So talk to him,” Sam says.
“I can’t,” Bucky groans. “I can’t, Sam, I. He just.” He fluffs his hair up and stares at Sam, distraught. “I want him to bench press me.”
“Okay, so it’s serious,” Sam interprets. “Got it."
(Or: The one where Sam is Bucky's long-suffering roommate, Bucky is a hot mess of a millennial, and Hot Steve spends far too much time on the Lat Pull-Down machine.)
Love In Aisle Four | 2127 words 🛍️
When Bucky needs to swing by the supermarket after a long, hard day of work, the last thing he expects is to meet a cute grocery clerk named Steve…
Coming Up Easy | 45515 words ✍🏻
“Listen, I was just thinking,” Steve says, his face open, eyebrows raised in a tentatively hopeful expression. “Why don’t you come stay at my place for a while? I’ve got an office that I barely use, and a change of scenery might do you good, right? Help you beat that writer’s block?” With a crooked smile, he adds, “I promise I’m not a serial killer.”
While Bucky would normally crack a joke about how that’s exactly what a serial killer would say, right now, all he can do is blink at Steve in surprise, heart tripping over itself in his chest. Steve wants him to come and stay at his place. In Massachusetts. Just the two of them.
"Oh," Bucky croaks. "I- Wow."
“I mean, no pressure,” Steve says hastily. “Totally fine if you don’t wanna. I just thought I’d offer, in case it might help, y’know?”
“Yeah.” Bucky ignores the little voice in his head that sounds an awful lot Nat and Becca, telling him he’s setting himself up for heartbreak. “I mean, if you’re sure, that would be amazing.”
Anywhere The Wind Blows | 8845 words 👨‍🚒🎖️
After a catastrophic fire that shakes him to his core, Steve Rogers quits his job as a Brooklyn firefighter and relocates to a cabin in the remote Canadian wilderness, wanting quiet and solitude and to maybe never have to speak to another human being ever again. He gets his wish, more or less, until a recently injured Bucky Barnes is discharged from the Army and rents the cabin next door.
The Safer Course | 7918 words | Part 1 of Won’t You Be My Neighbor 🏡
When Steve moves to the suburbs in 2033, he intends to retire from superhero life.
He does not intend to fall in love with his pain-in-the-ass neighbor.
Every Year I Have You | 7064 words | Part 2 of Won’t You Be My Neighbor 🏡
Steve set the bar pretty high, as birthday presents go.
Bucky is determined to outdo him when July 4th comes around.
Beneath The Mistletoe | 21203 words 🎄
Bucky had a bet with his sister that if he didn’t have a boyfriend to bring home for Christmas by the time he was 25, he had to give her $200 and go blonde for a year. But now he's 25, it’s nearing December, and not only is Bucky as single as ever, but he’s also running low on cash. He doesn’t exactly want to bleach his hair, either.
At least Steve is willing to upgrade their relationship from best friends to fake boyfriends.
The Settler | 52203 words 🍞
“What do you want to do?”
Steve pauses and looks at them.
What he wants is to stay with them. He doesn't have any family left, they all died before he even joined the war and became... this. Captain America turned whatever he is now. But Natasha and Sam have become his family over the years. Not just because they're on the run together, fugitives and vigilantes, but way before that too.
He doesn't want to leave that.
But he knows that, realistically, he can't stay with them and they can't stay with him.
So he looks at them with a smile and lies. “I don't know.”
OR; In which Steve retires and finally finds a place to call home.
You Can’t Put Your Arms Around A Memory | 1148 words 🐈
"Alright, Bucky," Steve slows his steps, watches his neighbour stop at the bottom of the next flight of stairs. There's a canvas bag in his hand that Steve didn't notice earlier, cream coloured with the figure of a sleeping, black cat painted on it. "Have a good day."
He thinks Bucky's cheeks pink up a bit right then and there, but Steve can't tell. He's too distracted by his pounding, foolish heart, by the way Bucky smiles bashfully, and ducks his head. The way he seems like he wants to stay.
To Believe In Tomorrow | 3959 words 👨🏻‍🌾
Bucky's mornings at the community garden get a little more interesting when the new guy shows up.
Maybe This Christmas | 24873 words | Part 1 of Maybe ❄️
Bucky’s not going home for Christmas. But it’s fine. He’s spending Christmas alone in his apartment, but it’s cool. He’s not feeling up to seeing his family after his accident anyway, plus he has to work. He’s totally fine with it. But then he runs into Steve, literally, and suddenly his Christmas isn’t looking so empty after all.
Hurrying was a bad idea. Bucky’s foot hits a patch of ice and slides out from under him in what would have been a comical cartoon banana-peel-like trip, if it wasn’t happening to him, and he braces himself to hit the ground. This is going to hurt.
“Fuck,” Bucky screeches, but as he lands on his back, it’s not the cold hard concrete he expected, but a solid mass beneath him. Oh god, Bucky thinks as he realises he smacked into the person behind him and took them down with him.
Maybe This Year (Will Be Better Than Last) | 133868 words | Part 2 of Maybe ❄️
Last year, Bucky Barnes met Steve Rogers. Well actually, he slipped and fell on him. What followed was the best Christmas either of them had ever had. But what happens when Christmas is over and life returns to normal? What happens after the Christmas miracle?
Bucky should have known. He did know. When things seem too good to be true, they usually are. And Steve is the best thing that has happened to him in a long time, possibly ever, so of course it couldn’t last.
Maybe This Time (I Hope I Get The Chance To Say Goodbye) | 34561 words | Part 3 of Maybe ❄️
Steve and Bucky Barnes are happily married. They've made it through some hard times and come out stronger and happier, together. Then Steve gets called on to come out of retirement for the most important mission of his life and everything changes. Everything.
“Have yourself a merry little Christmas…” Steve starts singing along softly, and Bucky chuckles, before leaning his head onto Steve’s shoulder, always happy when he’s in Steve’s arms.
“From now on, our troubles will be miles away…” Bucky joins in.
Dancing round their living room, just as in love as ever, their troubles seem light-years away, if not non-existent.
Sadly, they’re closer than they think.
The Unexpected Gift | 9504 words | Part 1 of When Winter Comes 🐕
Steve Rogers is fine.
After ending a long-term relationship with Sam Wilson, Steve moves back to New York. He's tired and lonely but depressed? No. At least, that's what he thinks.
From the window of his apartment, he watches a dark-haired man and his service dog sitting in the park, wondering what his story is.
The Winter Storm | 2218 words | Part 2 of When Winter Comes 🐕
"If I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability you see yourself through my eyes, only then would you realize how special you are to me."
After Bucky and Steve confessed their feelings for each other, life has its own twisted way to challenge the most profound love.
One January Night | 4213 words | Part 3 of When Winter Comes 🐕
Before going back to work, Steve Rogers still has things to learn: 1- Depression is a bitch and the battle against it isn't an easy one. 2- Dating a person with disabilities comes with its share of challenges.
Bucky Barnes Has His Shit Together (And Other Lies He Tells Himself) | 14159 words 🔒
You’d think a guy who owns one of the most successful bakeries in Brooklyn, has a million-dollar smile and that antiquated good ol’ boy charm, blond hair and blue eyes and biceps for days, would know what’s what.
But don’t let that fool you: Steve Rogers is a mess.
Obvious | 917 words ☕
"Oh, I have a prompt! So, it makes me laugh how painfully obvious Steve and Bucky's feelings are to everyone when they're in that pining, slowburn, does-he-doesn't-he phase. But imagine Steve and Bucky working in a coffee shop together and constantly bickering, nudging and playfully flirting with each other. And all the employees and patrons are so invested in their relationship and just want them to kiss already but no one realizes that Steve and Bucky have been married since they got out of HS."
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anika-ann · an hour ago
No Strings Attached - Pt.1
Y/N vs. The Mutual Crash
Type: Modern-college-professor AU x CHUCK, part of Attached series More info here and on the Attached masterlist
Pairing: professor!Steve Rogers x reader   Word count: 2900
Summary for the series: When you literally run into a cute guy named Chuck in school hallway, you soon learn there is much more to him than meets the eye. Unfortunately for you, you learn the hard way.
What’s worse, the encounter sets events in motion you couldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams – and it make you question everything you know.
Warnings: for this chapter - tiny bit of 18+ nsfw smut in the beginning though it’s barely there, swearing, mention of a migraine... that’s it?
A/N: Just so I don’t spook you, we’ll start off easy… with a 2,9k chapter… enjoy and thank you if you’re giving this crossover a chance. You don’t need any knowledge of Chuck, not realy.
Tumblr media
Attached & No Strings Attached masterlist
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
Almost as soon as you woke up, there was a feeling in your gut; today was going to be strange. Strange in a way that you might not be entirely able to put a finger on, nothing all that special happening, but even though it was only half past six, you knew it was going to be one of those days.
Maybe it was the fact that you cautiously dropped a forehead kiss on Steve’s still sleeping form only to find out he was very much awake. His arms swiftly took a hold of your waist and pulled you on top of him, drawing a startled yelp from your lips, which he quickly silenced by a passionate good-morning kiss.
Maybe it was the fact that you nearly ended up being late.
You were not the only one waking up with a peculiar mood. After Steve’s kiss stole all air from your lungs, he was rolling the pair of you over, trapping you against the mattress, arousal evident, hands wandering and sneaking under your sleepshirt, trailing higher and higher until they reached one of his favourite playgrounds. The rest was history; it was quick and little sloppy but undeniably lustful. Still, it led to mutual satisfaction and to not having even remotely enough time to get ready for the day.
Maybe it was the e-mail Bucky sent yesterday at almost 10 p.m. informing his students that there would be a last-minute change of classroom, because special guests were coming to give a lecture. A lecture that started at 8 a.m.. You hated early morning classes; the only thing making them bearable was Bucky, because he was a damn good and funny professor.
God knew if the guests were about to be a blessing or a punishment. Either way, you had a hunch today was going to turn out kinda weird.
And you only had that confirmed as you rushed through the corridors, the home-made coffee in your opened thermo cup in hand—and suddenly it was gone.
Because you crashed into someone. Well, someone crashed into you. It was a mutual crash.
Point being – a hiss of pain escaped your lips, cup slipping from your fingers as the last remnants of coffee stained it, hands thrown in the air—only to slap the person’s shoulder in the process, because they happened to be in the way.
“Dammit!” you cursed, shaking your hand to distract yourself form the mild burn.
You eyed the puddle of brown liquid at your feet before your gaze moved up, noticing a few droplets on your jeans, and finally you fixed your gaze on your crashmate.
A relatively tall brunet stared at you, dark eyes wide, an apologetic expression on his face.
“I’m sorry!” you both blurted out at the same time.
Short awkward silence followed as you just kept staring at each other, unable to utter a word. And then you chuckled at the absurdity.
You noticed the guy’s lips curling up in a brief smile as you shook your head and went to find tissues in your backpack.
It wasn’t funny – more like annoying, actually. But you did find it funny. Maybe it was because you had a perfectly steamy morning quickie with your fiancé, making you giddy. Maybe it was because this guy, dressed in a grey shirt and black dress pants was kinda cute, the dark curls of his hair causing him to look rather endearing and charming at the same time and—he was smiling too. There was an air around him; a very friendly air.
“Oh, no, let me help!” he rushed to crouch by the offending puddle before you could even open your backpack and you swiftly lowered yourself too.
“It’s no problem, the cup was pretty much empty, luckily…” you mumbled, shooting him a forgiving smile. He met your eyes, one corner of his lips rising higher.
Oh no. He really was cute.
Now, after the mess with Daniel, you were wary of cute guys, even if it came to innocent flirting. But this one, your crashmate… well. There was something about him screaming ‘trust me’; with Daniel, when you looked back at your first encounter, everything screamed ‘smug jerk’.
The brunet reached for the pack of paper tissues you were holding and so you shrugged, handing him some. If he wanted to help, who were you to stop him? It was both yours and his fault.
“Well, I’m glad it wasn’t full and I didn’t go all Hugh Grant on you,” he uttered as you both worked.
You stared at his Converses for a full second and then it hit you, drawing a surprised laughed from you.
“Was that a Nothing Hill reference? Am I Julia Roberts in this scenario?”
He smiled unsurely at you, seeming rather embarrassed – but seeing your expression, he relaxed. “Yeah, but luckily, you’re not, because the cup was almost empty. Still sorry about the coffee though.”
Picking up the soaked tissues, you went to find the nearest trash can.
“Well, if I-“ didn’t let my fiancé fuck me raw when I was supposed to be getting ready for the day-  “-was watching where I was going, this wouldn’t have happened, so we’re good,” you assured him.
“Are you sure that I shouldn’t, eh,” he pointed somewhere behind him vaguely in a sweeping gesture, smile a smidge shy, ”run to the cafeteria or something to buy you a fresh cup?”
Alert! A guy’s asking you out!
And alert it was; after the fiasco with Daniel, you made it a point to cut things off before they could develop into a sticky situation.
“Oh! That’s really nice of you…?”
You didn’t remember seeing him around before. New student? An exchange student? Because it always went so well with those…
“Right, Chuck. Nice to meet you,” you quickly uttered, introducing yourself as well. “But I don’t really--- I, eh-“
You gave up and just awkwardly showed off your left hand. The beautiful ring that once belonged to Steve’s mother – and goddammit, wasn’t it still making you feel all soft and fuzzy – sitting on your ring finger.
Chuck’s gaze zeroed on the jewellery for a moment and then it seemed that something clicked in his brain. He swiftly raised his hands in a no harm gesture, brief panic crossing over his face.
”Oh no! That’s not what I meant, though--- congratulations, but I really didn’t mean to ask you out or something-“ he babbled, hands clenching and unclenching, toying with the belt-loops of his pants the next moment.
You felt your cheeks heat up. Was he trying to cover for the fact that he was embarrassed for wanting to ask you out or had you totally misjudged this situation?
“-though this totally was a meet-cute if I’ve ever seen one and it’s not that you’re not good-looking, I mean attractive and beautiful, because of course you are-“
Oh god, he wasn’t cute.
He was an adorable disaster! You didn’t even care what the truth was at this point.
“-but obviously you’re engaged and I really wasn’t making a move or anything—and I’m gonna have to stop talking right now,” he finished breathlessly, closing his eyes with a self-depreciating smile, his chest rising and falling as he was trying to calm down.
Your cheeks burned from smiling so wide, a cackle fighting its way past your lips. Even if you didn’t want to laugh at him.
“Okay, Chuck. I think I get what you’re saying,” you assured him and because he was clearly adorable, he warily cracked one eye open as if to check if the embarrassing situation you two found yourself in went away. When he noticed your smile, his tense shoulders relaxed, both eyes opening.
“I’m glad. I’m sorry for embarrassing us both. I might as well be that guy from Nothing Hill…”
You laughed – like honestly, nearly having to clutch your belly, laughed. You couldn’t help it.
“Well, you’re charming enough. But I’m afraid I’m no movie star in hiding.”
“You’re cute enough to be one, no discussion here,” he said, his twinkling eyes gave your face a very quick once-over. Somehow, you found his compliment both funny and flattering. A lopsided grin appeared on his face, twisting into a grimace as he hesitantly raised his finger. “But, if we’re talking meet-cutes, I’m afraid I’m more of a Richard Gere here… I got a little bit lost. Point me the right direction, please?”
Whoa, he was stepping up, talking Pretty Woman now. You really liked that dorky comment though.
“Where you headin’?”
You blinked in surprise, wondering if you heard wrong. Because that was where you were heading.
“Oh? Interesting…” you muttered, earning a curious head tilt from him. Glancing again at your jeans, you grimaced. Those stains had to go… guess direction would have to do. “Yeah, that one is a little tricky… and dumb. You have to go through 2.33. Not that there’s any badge on the door on anything.”
He gasped theatrically. “Tricky!”
“I know! It’s a test of our interhuman skills; can’t really finding without asking someone first. I’ll see you there, I suppose, gotta clean up the cup and… well, me.”
“I’m sorry, again. And thank you,” Chuck said politely, sending you a final smile.
“You’re welcome, Chuck.”
Here’s a thing about hunches: sometimes, they come true.
Being run down in a hallway was nothing too weird, oh no. Not even when a funny charming guy was involved.
Things only got weird when you entered the lecture hall and finally realized why was Chuck heading to the same room as you did. He stood next to Bucky at the professor’s stand, quietly talking to a stunning blond woman in a dress suit and glasses.
Feeling blood rushing to your head, setting your cheeks aflame in embarrassment, you went to find a seat, noticing everyone was sitting with a space of at least three seats between them and never behind. As if you were about to write an extremely important test. Great.
Could this day get any better?
Two taps sounded through the room as Bucky tried the microphone.
“Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. Well, good for some of us, at least,” Bucky stated, unmistakably finding you in the crowd as if he knew exactly how your morning went – at least the part before you left the apartment. You wanted to sink through the floor – and wasn’t that a familiar feeling under Bucky’s knowing gaze. “Find your seats, please, so we can start. We have some special guests from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today with us to present you a special program you can apply to, so… you know. Pay attention. They’ll tell you the rest.”
Oh, so you had run into a guy from Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Spectacular.
To be fair, he had been a dork. How were you supposed to tell he was important?! He was still pretty cute standing there.
Also: the blonde by his side? Yeah. You understood now why he reacted the way he did earlier. Because if he knew a woman like that, the idea he was trying to ask you out – or anyone, really – was laughable. Hell, you’d ask her out.
“Morning, my name is Charles Carmichael and this is my colleague, Sarah Walker,” Chuck started off pleasantly, if little nervous from having all eyes on him.
“Like your professor said, we’re here to present you… with an opportunity to get a training for special analyst in one of departments. And before you ask why we’re ambushing a history class when we’re looking to fill an analyst vacancy…”
Several people laughed and you did too – he sounded like the guy from the hallway, only a bit more presentable.
“-it’s because we really talk about this with pretty much every student on this university, so you can see we have a lot of presentations still ahead. Anyway, I’m gonna talk a bit about the program and about our ministry in general, so… yeah. Please listen carefully and watch carefully too. Spoiler: it’s important. Thanks.”
The lights dimmed and he started the presentation, slowly pulling you in and making you forget the incident in the hallway.
And despite his charming ways… the presentation was rather strange too.
It was just one of those strange days.
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
You didn’t think there would be anything to add insult to the injury, to turn into the so-called cherry on top.
You were wrong.
Chuck, or Charles Carmichael, was an alright presenter. He remained a dorky character, only enough to hold all of the students’ attention, that was quite okay. It was the pictures that appeared in between those images that felt perfectly in place, that were… just weird. Like… a rose. A beach. New York skyline. Pictures that were not at all related to what he was talking about. He always played it off as a joke – supposedly placing them there to keep you on your toes – but there was something that just felt… off.
And during what you later found out was like the last third of the presentation, you felt a headache starting to build. Not a terribly intense one, but strong enough to be fairly annoying and insistent on bugging you, just above your eyebrows. You couldn’t remember your head ever hurting in such way.
Then things got worse; you indeed got a test to complete. The nice people from Ministry of Foreign Affairs told you not to worry about getting it wrong affecting your marks in your course, obviously, so you didn’t, not really.
But it was hard to ignore that it was the weirdest fucking test you had ever seen.
In each task, pick five of ten words you associate with the word in question, read the instructions. Which on its own could be considered strange, but… it was the supposedly associated words that truly confused the heck out of you.
For ‘rose’ there were clear answers like ‘thorn’ and ‘flower’. The rest of the offered words? Non-sense. Like—utter nonsense. Bulldog, Victoria, Sao Paolo, camp, mirror, Tower Bridge, eagle, heroin. You stared at the words, reading them over and over, the pressure in your forehead growing more vexing by the minute.
For some inexplicable reason, your mind kept on gravitating towards the Sao Paolo, eagle and heroin; surprisingly vivid images of each flashing behind your eyelids as you closed them to relieve the headache. The light was starting to hurt your eyes despite being rather low. It was irritating.
Deciding the stupid test didn’t matter, you went with the first thing that came to your mind for each question, finishing among the firsts. It was rather relieving to see everyone’s face as confused as you imagined your looked.
Leaving the class, you spared Chuck one last glance, finding him staring at you with eyebrows furrowed; brief glance at Bucky told you why, for he wore the very same expression. It seemed that you weren’t very good at masking your suffering. You attempted a lame smile, knowing that you were about to ditch the class that followed.
Catching up with Linda, one of the girls who were with you in Callahan’s class, you begged her to give him your apology; the headache was turning into a splitting damn migraine.
Linda shot you a compassionate smile and assured you she would vouch for you looking absolutely terrible and having no other option than leaving.
“Thanks,” you chuckled weakly, nails digging into your palms as a mild case of vertigo threatened to throw you completely off balance.
“Hey, do you want me to call someone? Take you to the infirmary?” Linda worried, sporting a textbook example of having concern written all over her face. “Not joking, you do look like you’re gonna pass out. Rogers’ gonna be out for blood if he finds out I talked to you and let you wander off in this state.”
The image of Steve stalking down the hallway with an exasperated expression on his face searching for your classmate seemed rather amusing; but that was unlikely to happen.
“Nah, he should be all sunshine. Lots of endorphins released this morning,” you mumbled, absently rubbing at your forehead.
You only realized what you said when a dramatic silence followed, soon broken by Linda’s snort of laughter. The shock of you blatantly revealing something like that in your compromised state helped you to focus a bit more, bringing some clarity to your vision.
“I so didn’t need to know that. Good thing I have Callahan now and not him, I wouldn’t be able to look him in the eye. I’d be imagining him shirtless with a perfect case of bed hair. Gosh, you’re such a lucky bitch.”
“Don’t I know it,” you offered with another weak smile.
“I’m sure you do,” she hummed, lightly patting your shoulder. “Now you get home safe and get some rest.”
“Thank you, Linda. Really.” She only shrugged it off as if it was nothing. The friendly display brought an honest smile to your face and caused you to perk up enough to joke. “Oh, and Steve usually sleeps in a t-shirt, sorry to break it to you. But his bed hair is dreamy.”
“…I hate you.”
“No, you don’t.”
She would have if you added that the rumour about Professor Rogers being true. That he was indeed packing.
With a smirk at that thought alternating with a grimace whenever a sharp pain hit the back of your head, you headed home.
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
Chuck characters
⊱-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦ ✉ ◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-◦-⊰
Thank you for reading :-*
In case you missed one of my way too many announcements, in Chuck, every episode was named Chuck vs. Something. I decided to keep the theme and go against my usual not-so-frequent use of Y/N in my stories.
P.S. – if any of this felt familiar to Chuck fans, know, some of the plot is a big nod to episode 1x07 Chuck vs. the Alma Mater. It’s one of my faves for many reasons – the plot, hilarious lines, the LOTR references… Honestly, they had me at this scene (0:05 – 0:25  though you can watch the full 2 min, obviously)  
Anika Ann out
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loveforpreserumsteve · 2 hours ago
Those Who Fall: "APTF" Story (Modern Domestic Stucky AU)
The dark and quiet was a breeding ground for Steve's anxieties. As the alcohol wore off, his mind started running through all the What Ifs. Even weighed down by Bucky's strong arm and with the brunet's snores coming behind him, Steve couldn't help it. His mind just wouldn't shut off.
What if Brock had been at the party? If he wore a mask, he could blend right in. It was a costume party, after all. Steve tried to think back to if anyone who had been around him and Bucky seemed out of place. But that was the thing; everyone seemed out of place.
What if Brock had seen him and Bucky leave for their room? What if he had followed them? What if he was going to try to convince a maid or something that it was his room and he was able to sneak in? What if --
Laughing broke through Steve's thoughts but only amped up his paranoia. He tensed in Bucky's arms and glanced around the dark room. Afraid that he would find a dark figure waiting for him. Luckily, he and Bucky were alone in their room and the people in the hallway were getting harder to hear the further they got.
Then, a worse stream of thought came to him.
What if Brock had waited for him in the school parking lot? What if Brock had followed him? What if Brock had found out where he lived? Lived with his children. What if Brock had arrived at their house? What if Brock scared his mother? Scared his children?
A bad feeling settled in the pit of his stomach as he wondered how the kids were. Hoping that they were okay. Hoping that some twisted bastard hadn't terrorized them. Hoping that Sophia and Ethan hadn't woken up from a nightmare only to realize that he and Bucky weren't there.
Wiggling out of Bucky's embrace, Steve made his way over to the dresser where their overnight bag was and promptly got dressed in a pair of jogger sweatpants and one of Bucky's cozy #1 Dad sweatshirts.
As Steve finished dressing, Bucky rasped, "Stevie?"
Shoving on his sneakers, Steve assured, "It's alright, go back to sleep."
"Where're ya goin'?" Bucky asked, flipping on the table lamp.
Both squinting from the sudden light, Steve worried his bottom lip as he tried to think about how to phrase his current paranoia. So, he decided on, "I wanna go home."
Bucky's brows furrowed but he still climbed from the bed. Not arguing or questioning, Bucky got dressed and assured, "I'll call an Uber."
"Thank you," Steve melted, standing on his tiptoes to kiss Bucky. He was lucky to have a loving husband who would be willing to leave a fancy hotel at two in the morning for no other reason than Steve wanting to leave.
Entering the bathroom, Steve took care of his business. He could hear Bucky on the phone and Steve tried not to break down. He needed to hold it together. For just a little while longer, at least. Once he saw that the kids were fine and that Brock wasn't there and that Brock hadn't been there at all, he could cry himself to sleep in Bucky's arms. And only then would Steve tell Bucky about his icky feeling and how afraid he still was.
With everything packed into their bag and both of them dressed, Bucky led the way out of the room. Slinging the bag over his broad shoulder, Bucky held his hand out for Steve to take. Lacing their fingers together once he did as they entered the elevator.
"Hey," Bucky shook their hands to gain Steve's attention. Once he had it, he tried to comfort, "It's okay."
Dropping his gaze, Steve shrugged and trailed off, "I just…"
When it was clear that Steve wasn't going to finish his thought, Bucky tried to lighten the mood, "You know how I hate sleeping on hotel beds. Too soft. Like a marshmallow."
"Whatever," Steve good-humoredly scoffed. Teasing, "You were sleeping like the dead."
"Only because I was with you, and I always sleep better next to you," Bucky tugged Steve closer and kissed his temple. Dropping his hand, Bucky wrapped his arm around Steve's shoulders and said, "Whatever's bothering you, it's gonna be okay."
"I just --" Steve cut himself off as the emotion and fear threatened to choke him "-- I just need to see it. Believe it."
Bucky pressed another kiss to Steve's temple; not knowing what else to do to comfort him. Steve wasn't sure what else he could do either. But being close to Bucky helped. So, Steve stayed close as he climbed into the back of the Uber and Bucky climbed in after him. Instantly taking Steve's hand in his and lacing their fingers together.
Monster Mash played on the radio and Steve focused on his breathing. Schooling his fear and keeping his tears at bay. All he could do was hold Bucky's hand. All he wanted to do was hold Bucky's hand. And he was lucky enough to have a husband who didn't mind.
When they finally reached their house, Bucky thanked the driver and climbed out from the backseat. Holding his hand out for Steve and helping the petite man out. Once they were free and clear, the driver left and Steve started up the front steps.
The ceramic planters were broken and the jack-o-lanterns had been smashed. In disappointment at the destruction, Steve sighed, "Casualty of teens on Halloween."
Bucky exhaled the way he did before having to discipline their kids, then yawned. Holding the keys, he gestured for the door and said, "We can worry about it tomorrow."
Nodding, Steve didn't dilly-dally as he followed Bucky up to the door. However, the door wasn't shut. Steve's heart stuttered as he grabbed onto Bucky's arm. Regaining the tired man's attention, Steve gave the broken-open door a pointed look, "Something's wrong."
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slothspaghettiwrites · 3 hours ago
I just wanna hear more about Serial Killer Bucky (maybe a returning vet? All those anger issues)
Tumblr media
What if this Bucky is like a sniper-type killer? Vet!Bucky in my mind is still a sniper, but let’s say he gets a taste for killing in combat and has all this pent-up rage and anger with the system when he gets back. So he starts taking out public officials. It puts all of the city into lockdown, and to get suspicion off of him, he lets himself get captured, only to have you the reader, pull the trigger on a different politician. 
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punemy-spotted · 3 hours ago
In This Life and the Next
Chapter 2: May it not Become the Evil Eye
Summary: They remember, but you forget. You can run from the ties that bind, but it’ll be right into their arms.
Chapter Summary: Face it. It is raw and broken and it is calling.
Pairings: Reader x Helmut Zemo & Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes
Reader is Desi and Muslim Coded on Occasion
Warnings: DEAD DOVE: DO NOT EAT; Rape/Non-Con Elements; Deeply, Deeply Dark; Character Death Involved; Dubious Consent; Dark!Steve; Dark!Bucky; Dark!Zemo; Political/Mafia Elements; Obsessive/Manipulative Lovers; Workplace Sexual Harassment/Assault; Political Corruption; Pleasepleaseplease read at your own discretion
Chapter Warnings: Minor Dub-con/Non-con, Threats, Mention of wings being clipped
Notes: Chapter 2! Finally, I post a second chapter. In which Steve makes a promise and an ultimatum.
Tumblr media
A cage of gold is still a cage.
You are joy.
You are joy, flowing through the rivers of his memory, a flurry of silks and color, a birdsong of ringing bells, ready to take flight. Oh little dove, will you not raise your wings to the sky and let the aria of your laugh reach the ears of your beloveds? Can you not see, little bird, that you are precious, that you are delicate, that you must be protected?
Don’t you understand, sweetling, don’t you see?
(You can never fly away from me.)
Your dreams are different now.
You knew they would be. You almost miss the nightmares.
Your hands ache with the longing of memory when you wake now, fingertips recalling the softness of kisses and the scrabbling of brick, crumpled memories tossed around your subconscious and struggling to be put together. Like glass case upon unyielding stone, the dust of time has dulled the pieces and nothing fits together anymore.
Nothing, that is, but the red ring on your finger, calling you to follow the strings and seek completion.
Why do you shy away? What are you afraid of in the cold-dark of the unknown? Is it the bright steel of their eyes, the slyness of the Baron’s smile and the sharpness of his guards’ scowls? How did your bond diverge this way and what will you do about it?
Do they know?
Of course they do, they have to know, they have to have felt the burn on their hands, dragging them back, coaxing them to turn and acknowledge that which the universe was begging them to do.
But they didn’t. And, in their defense: neither did you.
So where do you go from here?
Back to work, technically, staying hunched over your paperwork for an indeterminate amount of hours. You ought to go get lunch, escape while the Senator is busy arguing the budget in a committee meeting. Get fresh air and rid yourself of the miasma of his gaze, if for a little bit. But you’re busy. Busy and therefore perfectly willing to forgo — Excuse me, Miss…
You’re too proud to admit that the yelp pouring from your lips actually belongs to you, but it does and when you turn to face the reason for your racing heartbeat, you can see the bemused quirk of his lips as he looks at you and knows.
Sorry, did I scare you? He speaks with a voice like rasping silk, steady and quiet but used to being heard and listened to. By you, especially.
You don’t know why you know that.
Yes you do.
It’s fine. Good girl, wave it away and pretend you aren’t panicking. Smile. Fake it. How can I help you? You’re from Baron Zemo’s office, right? Um… You remember him, the one Zemo didn’t name, composed of furrowed brows and soft lips and a beard you were suddenly imagining running your fingers through and snap out of it, girl!
Yeah. Captain Steve Rogers — I’m chief of his security team.Oh. That makes some sense, but now you’re wondering what the Hell he’s doing here, standing in front of you. The Senator around?
Oh. No, he’s in a Committee meeting, but I can ca — he cuts you off by stepping closer to you, eyes fixed onto you.
Eyes fixed onto your hand.
No. It’s you I want.
You knew this conversation was coming, didn’t you? You knew someone would come, and now here he is, daring you to ask him all the reasons why. Daring you to acknowledge that which you won’t, that which you’ve tried to hide by denying your nature and that… that is the greatest sin of all, little dove.
Excuse me?
You’re not stupid, sweetheart, and I know you heard me. Stand up.
Don’t move. You’re not a marionette on strings, are you? So don’t move, don’t do anything but cross your arms over your chest. Don’t acknowledge the coiling heat in your core when that brow of his furrows further, when he looms over you just like that, when his hand shoots out and grabs your wrist before you can react, when he pulls you to your feet whether you want him to or not. Don’t. React.
When I give you an order, sweetheart, you better learn to listen. Low and dark and in your face, right against those surprise-parted lips and shock-widened eyes, filling your vision with the absolute supremacy of his will over yours.
Didn’t run fast enough, rabbit.
He doesn’t give you time to think, time to sharpen your talons and swipe at him, save yourself. He cages you instead, slamming your back against the wall beside your desk, pressing in closer, eyes trained unerringly on yours. The hand on your wrist shifts, sliding up until he’s forced your fingers to lace with his and presses the back of your hand up against the wall, just beside your head. Did you think you got away?
What are you talking about? And let me go!
The chuckle in your ear is low, paying no attention to your free hand pressing against his chest, to the way you try to close your legs and push his thigh between them out. A soft chuff, really, like a lion laughing in the face of prey. We gave you a week, sweetheart. You can’t avoid us forever.
A week.
A week since Baron Helmut Zemo and company had walked into your workplace, spoken to your employer, and revealed they were your soulmates, all three connected by a red thread, converging into the ring around your finger. A week.
You had been avoiding them.
You open your mouth to fire something back, maybe something snappy, maybe something cruel, but his free hand has you by the face before you can, squeezing your cheeks with rough fingers while the palm of his hand presses your jaw up and swallows your words. No.
The heat flares again, pulsing over your skin like a wave of fire, settling in your lungs and heaving your chest, demanding more air as you huff through your nose and try to push him away but he is an immovable object and you are not an unstoppable force, girl, you are only a girl in the face of a cold and cruel Adonis and you can never escape.
Don’t make me clip your wings.
It’s for your own good.
I’m done waiting around.
You want to hate him. You want to slam your fists against his chest and scream and draw attention to his crimes but the mouth that slides over yours is warm and familiar and the hand that was once bruising your jaw is now holding you so tenderly you might as well be made of delicate crystal and he is…
Soft, on your lips, the pressure of plush warmth and gentle breath, faint sighs from the both of you melding together a moment before blue eyes meet yours and he rests his forehead to your temple. I’m done waiting around, sweetheart.
It’s not a threat.
It’s a plea, soft and sweet, and don’t you want to give in? Don’t you want to surrender to the warmth of him, the strength of him, don’t you feel saferight here, in his arms? You do. You feel it in your bones that you do.
So why is it that when you open your mouth again, you say I can’t and let his eyes shift from begging-soft to hard as ice?
Why do you always try to fly away?
He strokes your cheek like a regret, wiping away a tear, a streak of blood, a memory of pain, and the second kiss is no longer asking.
The plushness of your mouth is his own playground, teeth tugging at soft lips and soothed with a brush of his tongue, demanding surrender and if you do not give it he will win this war for your affection, do not tempthim… or do. Do tempt, curl your fingers into the harness at his chest, feel the warm expanse of him swell with the longing of unknown lifetimes and fall.
Fall right into him.
Let out that whimper of a moan when his lips travel along your jaw, when he finds the tenderness just below your ear, when he nips at you and threatens to mark you his here and now. But you are his.
Come with me, sweetheart. Rasping and warm and there’s the heat again, snaking through you and pooling slick around your center and here you are, snaking your hand up to his shoulder and around the back of his neck and there go your fingers winding through that soft long hair and That’s it, sweetheart, hold me closer, I’ve got you.
You want to.
You shouldn’t.
Steve, please d — you’re cut off by the sound of his snarl and then the sudden release as he pushes himself off the wall and away from you, leaving you to crumple against that sole solid surface on shaky legs as his thigh leaves the space between yours and you realize just how molten your body had become.
He steadies you by holding your wrist again, making you look at the red ring on your finger, his other hand showing you his, the strings tangled between you both. You can’t keep running from this, sweetheart, and we’re not gonna let you, understand?
The further you run, the tighter we will hold you.
And you. You gape at him with love-swollen lips and slick warmth in your panties and you have the audacity to try to wrench your hand away and snap I’m not running. I’m right here — you leave me alone!
And oh, he looks cut to the quick when you say that, the lust-blown darkness in his eyes fading fast, less angry than hurt and dropping your wrist for you to take back. Slink into your chair, girl, and look at the wounded lion before you.
Look what you’ve done.
Sweetness… he reaches out again, saying your name like an apology, watching you flinch from his fingers and shushing you softly, I’ll give you one more chance to get used to it. You know where to find us. Find me.Don’t make us come after you again, sweetheart, cuz we ain’t gonna be patient long.
And with that, he turns you around and leaves you to face the consequences of your reactions.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @gorgeourrific-nerd
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midtownrogers · 3 hours ago
Long short story.
Social media au.
Meet the characters, Instagram profiles 2/2.
The Queens.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Boys.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That trio.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bonus: YN secret acc.
Tumblr media
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sunstalgia · 5 hours ago
.˚✦ ๋࣭ˑ ִֶָ 𓂃 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐧 𝐢𝐧 𝐡𝐢𝐝𝐢𝐧𝐠 | 𝐬. 𝐫𝐨𝐠𝐞𝐫𝐬
Tumblr media
my universe
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
notes: this one has been in my drafts....forever. never really liked it too much but fuck it. maybe i can redeem it in a part 2??? this is more of a prologue if anything. idk we'll see. happy reading!
pairing: modern!steve rogers x reader, former!bucky barnes x reader, bucky barnes x natasha romanoff
concept: bucky was all you'd ever cared about, wanting him more than anyone. until he comes along, showing what it actually means to love someone. welcome to heaven in hiding.
warnings: 18+, sexual content, jealous!reader, bucky being a dick, soft!steve, heavy angst, steve is a funny lil shit at the end
wc: 3.9k
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
It felt unbearable to be here. Watching how fondly she still looked at him, after all this time, not missing a beat. It was suffocating, surrounding you by a sea of water and having no other option than to drown. Greedily, his love swallowing you up in your entirety.
He did really try to dodge her looks of longing but still, even now he felt the pull to her. It didn’t really matter how long they were absent from each others’ lives.
As you sat next to him, you could feel him slipping from your grasp. Far beyond your control, way out of your depth, he was falling. Deep down, you couldn’t really blame him. The pictures you’d seen of her did no justice, she was truly a vision. Much brighter than you would ever glow and it made you wonder if what he spoke just a few hours ago still held meaning.
Not to mention, she seemed to be as beautiful on the inside as she was on the outside. Making you grow even more envious of her.
Sure, she had broken his heart but it wasn’t beyond forgiveness. She had simply put herself before the relationship and if you had been in her shoes you could imagine yourself doing the same. All she wanted was a better future for herself, at least it’s what he had told you.
Now sitting here you couldn’t stop thinking about how she looked at him with admiration and love laced in her eyes. Truly, if she still wanted him in her arms there was nothing stopping her.
Surely, not you. You two seemed to live on two different planes of beauty and hers was the kind you dream of having but only have a very little probability of obtaining. With her ruby hair and glossy lips, tempting nearly everyone around her to the way she carried herself and spoke to you like you were the only person she was invested in.
It wasn’t difficult to see why he spoke of her so much. You would, too.
You tried to enjoy the wonderfully prepared meal Pepper and Tony had made, well mainly Pepper. It was delicious, but your senses had gone bitter and it had nothing to do with the food.
You weren’t sure when you started to drift off, maybe it was when Bucky began looking at Natasha like she hung each and every constellation in the sky. Or maybe it’s when you heard her melodic laugh when Bucky delivered the punchline.
It was like Steve, Wanda, and Thor didn’t exist. The lovely couple in their own little bubble, speaking in a language only the two of them understood. Utterly and completely unaware of any and all of their surroundings.
“You okay?” Steve questioned, placing his hand on top of your hand, giving it a small squeeze. Discreetly and under the table away from prying eyes.
“Yeah, I’m fine. I think I just need some air.” You weren’t sure what could remove the nothingness inside of you, but maybe some space would provide some comfort.
You felt like your heart had been ripped out right in front of you, again. He said he wouldn’t do it again, that he wanted to be with you, but all she had to do was come to town and he’d been chasing her just like he always did.
Excusing yourself you dipped out until you were out on the back patio. Alone to just think and mull over any little thing that should have tipped you off, but didn’t. You let it slide on, blinded by how much you thought you loved him.
You weren’t left in the peaceful night long, until Steve was joining you with two wine glasses in one hand and a bottle of red in the other.
“You looked like you could use a glass or two.” Steve gibed carefully. “I’m just using your sour mood as an excuse to escape from the party.” You were about to object when a full glass of wine was shoved into your grasp.
“I’m not in a sour mood. I’m just swell.” You spoke before taking a big swing of the drink, nearly emptying it’s contents, sending it barreling down your throat.
“Sure, honey. Just like the green monster isn’t oozing out of you.” You found yourself intentionally growling at him, just a little agitated of the truth he spoke.
The absolute audacity on this man seemed to never end. Whether it helped you or caused more misery than he intended.
“It certainly doesn’t help that she's so goddamn perfect. Was she fucking made in a lab? Jesus Christ.” You were jealous and if Steve already knew there was really no point in hiding it. It was written all over you, the longing look you were giving Bucky all night, desperately wanting to be the one he wanted.
“She’s not perfect, nobody is. Just better at hiding her faults than everybody else.” He said it like it was some known fact. Something you should’ve already known, but insecurities tended to eat you alive. Truthfully, it didn’t help that Bucky acted like Natasha walked on water in his hopeful, gleaming eyes. Stinging you like a bee piercing your soft, plush skin for the first time.
He really loved her. It didn’t matter how many times she messed up, what he felt was all the same — she was the one.
“Really? I don’t buy it. Name one.” Steve perched himself on his knees in front of you, his hands on the armrest of the chair you made yourself comfortable in. “Okay.”
“How about the fact that she loves Bucky just about more than anyone else but she’s too selfish to let him go? Then, for months she leads him on and promises she’ll come home but always leaves him heartbroken.” Steve let it flow all in one breath, as his body rested between your legs.
“Sounds gruesome.” You confessed because it hit a little close to home. “Yeah, it is and he has no right to do the same thing to an angel like you.”
You hated how he was right, truly hated it, but anyone with eyes could see how much Bucky dragged you through the mud. He had a good heart, but it just hadn’t been good to you.
Bucky’s intentions weren’t malicious and it didn’t seem like he was either but it didn’t take away from how much he continued to hurt you. All of the unintended consequences only affected you as he went on with his day.
Over and over, he continued to cause you pain and he didn’t even know it. Or he did and just neglected to acknowledge it. If he did, he’d actually have to deal with just how much he was actually hurting you.
It wasn’t like either one was particularly gunning for the latter, but Steve was. It wasn’t the first time Bucky had left you high and dry whenever the red head, beauty stepped foot into town. Although it was the first time you had a front row seat to the attention she commanded from him.
You both sat there in silence for the moment, taking in the starry night as he rested his cheek against your leg. He began running fingertips up and down your exposed calf, letting him soothe you.
“I’ll keep thinking I’ll be alright. That’ll get over him, but he just keeps pulling me back and jerking me around for his ride and I let him.” If anyone saw you besides Steve, you didn’t think you could handle it but you’re comfortable around him.
He’s continuously been there for you everytime Bucky pushed to the side for her. Always so sweet, so tender, comforting you in his warmth. Never once judging you, always taking the time time to just sit and listen to you.
“I don’t think it’s even about him anymore. I’m just chasing this unattainable moment, just so I fill this void in me. Maybe if he loves me I can love me, too.” Mumbling under your breath, hoping he didn’t hear you.
“Bubba.” You smiled for a second, as his voice dripped in concern. “You don’t need him or what little he can offer. Not when you can love yourself better than anyone else can.” He pulled himself up to his feet, picking you up from the chair until you were surrounded by just him.
“We love you. I love you, so stop listening to those nasty little thoughts, bubs. They’re far from the truth. You are truly amazing, incredibly beautiful, and deserve the absolute world.” With slight pressure from his index, he tilted your chin up, letting your eyes drown in his.
“Don’t expect anything less.” Steve breathed out, before testing the waters. He just held you there, caressing your back as you just sunk in his arms, allowing his warmth to ease your hurt. Just like he’d done so many times before.
Somehow, Steve seemed to know exactly what you need to hear. You didn’t know how he managed to be so wonderful all the time. Maybe you could just stay there forever with him shielding you from every single evil in the world out to get you.
“Can you take me somewhere? This is the last place I want to be.” Steve simply nodded before lacing your hand in his, before making your way back inside.
The moment the two of you stepped foot into the house, it was silent. Everyone looked at the two of you. Steve took notice of the Bucky’s bugged eyes at the joined hands of his two best friends, but knew better than to verbally acknowledge it.
It wasn’t something Steve and you hadn’t done, but never in the prying eyes of Bucky. Thor and Wanda had taken note of it a few times, but never spoke a word about it. Secretly, Wanda hoped it meant something for you, because she could see just how much Steve adored you.
He never spoke a word, so you remained clueless to a feeling he never felt like he had a right to speak on. No matter how strongly he felt, he knew if he confessed, it would do more damage than good.
You had become one of his closest friends in the past few years he’d known you and he wouldn’t jeopardize it for anything. Selfishly, he left you under Bucky’s radar because being your friend was far safer than risking the rejection he was sure would be sent his way.
He knew you were close to cutting Bucky off from your life completely, he just had to wait it out. Natasha being here tonight was the icing on the cake for Steve, because all he had to do was be here for in a way Bucky never could. Not when he was slicing through your heart every time his attention diverted from you to her.
Just because he was stuck in a past love instead of the future and Steve would fully take advantage of it — being there for you in any way you needed.
Regardless of everything, he wanted to — needed to. He couldn’t live with himself if he let you go through the hurt and heartache alone. Not when so many times you had seeked the comfort of him to lean on. Steve would never be one to say no to you.
“Are you leaving, doll?” The endearment Bucky intended to be sweet but left a sour taste in your mouth. More than that, you didn’t miss the way Natasha’s eyes widened slightly at the use of his pet name for you. The one she thought was only reserved for her.
Maybe if he held affection for you like he did earlier today, your heart would be filled to the brim, but he didn't. So, you weren’t. “Yeah, Steve’s going to take me home. I have an early morning tomorrow and I’ve already had a bit too much wine.” Bucky didn’t argue, nodding with a tight lipped smile.
Perhaps his indifference is what made you hurt even more. He didn’t care about anything, not even you with you so closely tangled with Steve. It didn’t have an effect on him because the woman sitting by his side, draped over him held more value than you ever could.
“You sure? I can make sure you get home safely.” Bucky pleaded, but before you could respond Steve did.
“I got it, Buck. I’ll make sure she gets home.” He looked like he wanted to say more but he decided to stay silent as he watched you walk out the door with Steve, hand and hand.
The drive home in the Uber was silent, Steve didn’t say a word, just the weight of his arm holding you close. He took note of how you refused to look at anything but the luminescence of the New York’s city lights captivating your vision.
Even if it hurt Bucky only chose you whenever Natasha wasn’t around you couldn’t help but focus on how hot and heated your body felt with Steve so close to you. Holding you so tightly like he was afraid you would let go.
Perhaps it was a bit shady of you to drape yourself over his childhood best friend whenever he rejected you, but now you were finding yourself finding solace in Steve in everything, like you used to with Bucky. He had become this safe place for you, where you wouldn’t be shamed for how you felt or what you were going through.
Even if he knew how much you were hurting from your own obliviousness to Bucky’s behavior, he always let you find solace in his strong, comforting arms. Always sturdy enough to hold the weight of your hurt and what he was carrying too. Just like tonight.
“He’s never going to love me the way I want him to — like the way he loves her.” It wasn’t a question any longer, it was a stone cold fact. Something you’d tried to ignore over the past year, especially.
Not wanting anything in this moment but him, you laid your head on his chest, his steady heartbeat giving you a sense of peace in the aftermath of your heartbreak. The crisp material of the white button up he was wearing shifted from the weight of you, he didn’t really mind.
“I think it’s time for me to let go of this image I have of him, one he can never live up to and accept him for who he is and where he’s at right now.” Steve nodded, still not saying a word, slipping farther and farther away from you as he let his thoughts consume him entirely.
It’d been happening a lot more lately. This. The close, excruciating intimacy between Steve and the woman he was in love with.
Over the past few months, anytime you were upset about something, you would show up at his doorsteps crashing into him as you wept. Always wanting to be close to him, snuggled up to his side, bleeding your heart out to him, something you hadn’t done with anyone.
Not even Bucky.
Then there was the one kiss on New Years’ Eve a few weeks ago which stayed imprinted on the forefront of his mind. He remembered when he woke up the following morning, he was holding you to his chest, the both of you bodies laced with one another.
He got up before you were there to consciously witness it, but it was all he thought about weeks after. Being that close awoke the need to be near you. It was already there, but now he knew how it felt to hold you in the comfort of his own bed.
It nearly killed him when you woke up, making your way down the stairs from his bedroom, wearing nothing but his boxers and the shirt he wore last night. Steve wasn’t drunk enough to completely forget the whole night, nothing had happened in his room last night. Seeing you, in here, in his apartment, made him think what his life could possibly be like with you here.
If he was ever to be so lucky.
As of yesterday, when you told him Bucky finally wanted to move forward with you, it broke him. Even if he kept his true feelings hidden, he felt you crush his heart with one fatale squeeze. Any particular hope he once had, was diminished into a fantasy far from reality.
The both of you were Steve’s best friends — he had to be happy for you.
Then, Natasha came to town. Storming through Bucky’s heart just like she’s always done. When Steve invited you to the dinner his best friend was trying to keep you from, he knew it could possibly be the last fatale blow to whatever string your relationship with Buck was. Maybe his, too.
Steve knew going after you could mean losing his really good friend, but he simply couldn’t stop himself. Not when you were a pure goddess ascending from above in all of your glory, capturing his heart in every single glance you threw his way. At this point, he didn’t care what it’d cost him.
As long as he had you, it would be worth it.
When the car pulled up to your street, you let your hand glide down his chest, resting on his lower abdomen. Not missing the way his body trembled under your touch, the thin material of his shirt doing nothing to protect him from you — not that he wanted to be anywhere but here.
As soon as those sinful words left your mouth, he knew he was done for.
Perhaps, if the both of you hadn’t been tipsy of the bottle of wine you shared, you wouldn’t feel the urge to invite him up, but he smelled too good and acted too perfect for any other consideration.
“Do you want to come inside, Stevie?” You purred watching the gears switch in his mind. Contemplating if he really should go through with it. Now that it was within his reach, he was becoming hesitant to grab it. You were drunk, he was drunk. Hence the uber and the both of your cars left behind in Tony and Pepper’s driveway.
“I don’t think it’s the best idea for me to go up there, bubs.” Instantly, you pouted. A deep frown etched on your beautiful face. “Why not? I think it would be a wonderful thing. Don’t you?” With one swift movement, you were cupping his crotch, making your intentions more than clear.
The grunt leaving Steve’s mouth was animalistic as he tried to exercise the very little restraint he was holding onto. It seemed to become increasingly difficult as you refused to move your hand away.
“I need you to take care of me and I’ll take care of you.” Finally releasing your grip on him, you exited out of the car and you didn’t have to look back to know he was falling you into the lobby of your apartment building.
After a silent elevator ride, with you tucked into his side you made the walk down the narrow hallway into your home, fidgeting to open the door with Steve’s hands caressing your sides. Carefully watching as you kicked off the painful heels, the bottom of your feet thankful, pulling you deeper into the apartment.
“We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” You retreated, afraid someone else might turn you down, too. If Steve did, you wouldn’t be able to handle it. He’s been your person you can count on and now you couldn’t imagine your life without him.
Stopping your movement once you reached your bedroom, you were still waiting for his response. Meticulously, he reached for hand before twirling you around your back pressed against his front. Sighing, when his hand dragged up your spine, while the other hung on your waist with his hand pressed against your stomach.
Pushing the thin strap of your velvet dress, letting it fall off your shoulder. Soft, firm lips touching your soft skin, you couldn’t help but lean back into him. Tilting your head back, offering yourself up to him on a silver platter.
His touch felt like heaven and you didn’t think you’d ever want him to leave. Not when you always felt safe wrapped up in his large muscular arms. Never making you question if you felt wanted.
“Right now, my body wants you as badly as it ever has.” Steve confessed while his lips migrated towards your neck, giving you some much needed attention.
“Does it?” You questioned him, losing any other train of thought as let his other hand push the other strap off your shoulder, the slinky dress falling to floor pooling at your feet.
“It does, sweetheart, but it’ll have to wait.” Already pouting like the brat you were, ready to seduce him right into filling you up, just like you brought him here tonight for.
Dropping down to your level, Steve whispers in your ear, “Because when I fuck you just the way your pussy is aching for it won’t be when you’re drunk, princess.” Throwing gasoline on the fire he created, sharply he bit your earlobe, making you moan.
“I’ve thought about this so much, princess. At first, I thought I would take you from behind, but then I wouldn’t see those begging, doe-eyes itching for a release.” You were trembling for him. His filthy words flooding straight to your slick, crying for him already.
“Maybe you’d want to ride me, huh? Do you want to fuck yourself on my fat cock?” At this point, if it was anyone else, you’d be embarrassed if he found out just how wet you were. Your panties are completely ruined because of him.
“I want to ride you so bad, Stevie.” Maliciously, he laughed before giving your clothed pussy a rough slap, causing you to gasp out. Your nails digging themselves into his bicep as you reached for it.
“Well, if you had been a good girl, maybe I’d let you cum on my cock.” You turned around face to face, ready to bruise your knees for him in a heartbeat. In this space and time, you’ve never wanted anyone more.
Harshly, he gripped your chin as his thumb smoothed over your bottom lip, dragging it down so it plumped right back up. “Bucky will be here tomorrow morning, if not tonight. I took his precious little play thing home and he’s not gonna like that one bit.”
“He wants to have his cake and eat it, too. If you want to let him, by all means go right ahead. And if you don’t? You know where I live, princess.” Very much in contrast to the last few minutes, he sweetly kissed your cheek and headed out right back the door without so much as a second glance.
Leaving you with a hell of a lot to process.
─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ───
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odetolove95 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- "It's more than just a scrape. This is the second time! Here's what's gonna happen—from now on, I'll drop you to work. Or wherever it is you wanna go."
- "Come on, that's not necessary. I'm fine, Buck, really. I can drive."
- "Sure. My great grandfather could drive better than you."
- "It's not even that bad."
- "I've made up my mind. You're practically a toddler. Until you stop getting yourself into trouble, I'm gonna treat you like one."
- (incoherent grumbling)
- "Yeah, I love you too, dumbass."
Stucky AU - Just A Scrape
(Sorry for the inconsistent fonts. I added some of the subtitles at the last minute)
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Tumblr media
soulmate au where when you touch your soulmate you see glimpses of your future with them; the winter soldier touches you and realizes there’s so much more out there
series masterlist // previous // epilogue
part five
word count: 6k (v worth it me thinks)
a/n: the final official part has arrived bffs </3 i will be doing an epilogue of just pure fluff do not fret <333 i hope u all enjoy this one !! made it xtra long for y’all <3 let me know what you guys think pls !! , i cried writing jt and the ending is my favorite thing ever eeek !!!
You were sitting on the couch next to Natasha, it was quiet as the news played on the tv in front of the two of you, news reporters talking about the aftermath of Thanos’ doing. 
23 days.
23 days since you had lost half the team, since you had lost half the universe. Since you had lost bucky.
Life was dull, you cried for hours on end at night, longing filling your chest. Sometimes you would dream of him, a smile on your face as you slept. Then you would wake up, reaching out next to you in hopes of your fingers being met with the cold vibranium of his arm. You were met with cold sheets, emptiness.
Steve missed him too, sometimes he would sit next to you when you were in tears, placing an arm around you and comforting you as best he could. Natasha and him took turns watching over you, making sure you stayed healthy.
The sound of low rumbling brought you out of the trance you were in, you furrowed your brows and looked at nat, she looked back at you equally as confused. As you went to get up things around you started shaking, steve came of the restroom concerned.
“what the hell is that?” You questioned, Rhodey and banner walking into the room together. The five of you ran out into the yard, looking up your eyes went wide. You recognized carol carrying the giant ship, you had met briefly when she came to earth after receiving Fury’s signal.
Your mouth flew open and tears filled your eyes as you saw tony, a smile on your face as Steve ran to tony, steadying him as the woman next to him handed him off.
The rest of you watched from afar as pepper ran up to tony, the two hugging. You felt your heart tug in your chest as the two soulmates embraced.
You were sat next to thor as while the others explained what happened, though you figured from the pain in their eyes they had suffered the consequences of thanos’ actions themselves.
“whats wrong with them?” Tony asked, looking at you and thor.
“oh he’s pissed, he thinks he failed, which he did-” the raccoon continued to talk but you zoned out.
“did barnes..?” Tony asked softly and steve nodded, his eyes softened, if he had the energy he would’ve gotten up and hugged you.
As they continued to talk you could see tony getting angrier at the captain, you hated it. You hated knowing that things would most likely never be the same between the two friends. You watched teary eyed as the two argued, the lump growing in your throat.
Thor placed his hand on you arm gently, reassuring you everything would be okay. You looked up and saw tony take out his arc reactor, shoving it into Steve’s hand.
“here, take this. You find him, and you put that on, you hide” tony spat, immediately falling to the ground. Steve was quick to catch him, holding him up.
Before you knew it he was passed out, steve carrying him quickly to a bed with steve and Rhodey hot on his heels.
You sat back down next to thor, he handed you some of whatever he was snacking on and you smiled at him softly. The two of you watching the rest of the team bicker and talk about where thanos was.
“-unfortunately they didn’t have you guys” carol replied to Rhodey, you looked at thor, nudging him and he nodded, getting up while he still chewed.
Thor walked up to carol, holding his hand out as Stormbreaker came to him, barely missing carol. The two stared at each other before thor nodded.
“I like this one” he turned to you and you gave him a tight lipped smile.
“Let’s go get this son of a bitch” steve spoke, a determined look on his face as everyone moved to get ready.
“y/n are you not coming?” Steve spoke and you hesisted, looking around before shaking your head.
“I’m gonna stay here with tony and pepper, in case they need something” you replied, fiddling with the dog tags you still wore around your neck.
Steve knew that wasn’t the reason, but he didn’t push you, simply nodding his head, giving you a hug and then walking away.
You sat back on the couch after letting pepper know you would be there if they needed anything. You let your mind wander back to the flash on you and bucky at a picnic, the sun seemed so bright and you caught yourself smiling as you thought of bucky. Your eyes were closed as you seemingly looped the flash of your futures in your head.
“isn’t the sunset so beautiful james” you sighed contently, a small smile on your face as you looked at the pinks and reds. You turned to look at bucky, but he was gone. “Bucky?” Your heart raced, tears in your eyes as you looked around.
“y/n?” You whipped around quickly, mouth falling open as you saw bucky fading into dust.
“no!” You cried out, running to catch him.
Your eyes shot open and your heart raced in your chest. That can’t be right, that can’t happen. Bucky was your soulmate. Those visions were set in stone they had to happen, those were the rules, they can’t just change all of a sudden. Right?
You peeked into the room, checking in on tony and pepper.
“can i get some water actually?” Pepper asked and you nodded, quickly coming back with water and some snacks for her. “Thanks” you whispered and you smiled at her.
“they’ll bring him back, i know they will” pepper reassured you. You gaveher the best smile you could manage and replied, “i know.”
You held out hope for the time the others were out. Shaking away the thought of the flashes of your future changing. It’s just because I’m on edge, that’s it. You reasoned, your leg bouncing as you waited for them to return.
Everyone walked in, you ran up to them hopeful for good news, you looked at steve with a smile, hugging him and holding your hand in his. He felt his heart crush in his chest, this was the happiest you’d been since the decimation and it was going to be torn from you immediately.
“so? did you get the stones? when are we getting everyone back? Does someone need to snap or clap or what? did you guys kill him?” You rushed out, eyes shining in hope as you looked at everyone. Your stomach fell as you saw the look on their faces.
“he destroyed them” Natasha spoke cautiously, “there’s no more stones, we- there’s nothing we can do.”
“oh,” was all you managed to say, your hand going limp in Steve’s, you felt a new wave of pain coming up and you didn’t want to have another meltdown infront of them.
“y/n, please we’re here for you” steve spoke, trying to grasp your hand again after you pulled it out of his.
“I’m fine” you smiled, walking away quickly to your room. Steve sighed, going to follow you but Natasha stopped him, knowing you would want some space.
You laid on your bed, at first nothing happened, you just looked up at your ceiling, an emptiness in your chest. Then it all hit you.
Bucky was gone, there was nothing that could bring him back. The one person you were destined to was gone and you couldn’t do a single thing about it. The little time you had together wasn’t nearly enough to you. The two day trips to wakanda left you wanting more, but you could never get more time. You were always out of time.
For years you had been praying to finally touch your soulmate, to meet them and live a long happy life together. You knew you would never get that the moment you reached out to bucky and saw your future with him. You knew the road would be bumpy but you held out hope, both of you did. You tried to keep him within your grasp, you tried to hold him close to your heart for as long as you could despite knowing you were out of time. You thought of how he would embrace you, how he would keep you safe in his arms while you slept.
Now you slept in an empty bed, knowing there wouldn’t be a next visit to wakanda. Knowing your soulmate was gone and you didn’t get to say goodbye. Knowing you were back to where you started- Alone.
Five years.
It had been five years since the Decimation happened, everyone else called it the blip.
Gently, you set down the bag of groceries, finally closing your apartment door after your third trip up. You arranged everything quietly, 40s music softly playing from your speaker and the jingle of Buckys dog tags filling the apartment.
You never took them off. They were all you had of him, they were the only thing to keep you going. You would fiddle with them and hold them close to your chest. They brought you comfort. The same comfort bucky would give you, the comfort he had given you during your time in wakanda. The same you should’ve had right in this moment.
One more fight
The words rang in your ears, taunting you. Rage, sadness and pain all filled your chest, your heart aching as you finished putting everything away, shutting the music off and turning on the tv. You looked down at the dog tags that rested on your chest, tears welling in your eyes as you read over them.
The hot tears fell down your face and you held the dog tags tightly in your hands, mind going blank as you let yourself wallow in the pain for a moment.
Your phone rang and you wiped your tears away, sniffling as you saw Steve’s contact picture. You hesisted before answering.
“hi steve!” You spoke brightly, putting on your best act.
“hey y/n how are you?” Steve spoke smoothly and you wiped at your tears before replying.
“I’m doing good! Just got back from the grocery store” you wanted to hang up, to just watch reruns of your favorite show and forget about everything
“are you sure?” Steve spoke cautiously and you replied quicker than you intended, “course I’m sure!”
Then there was a knock on your door.
“great because I’m outside” steve replied happily, hanging up and waiting outside. Your stomach fell, you looked in the mirror, your eyes and nose were redándolo your cheeks flushed.
Quickly you ran to splash water on your face, taking in a shaky breath as you dried your face and moved to open the door, putting a smile on your face and greeting steve.
“if it isn’t my favorite captain” you smiled, steve looked at you warily, taking you into a hug after you let him in.
“you forget i have enhanced hearing y/n, i know you were sniffling right before opening the door” steve spoke bluntly and your shoulders fell. “y/n, you can’t keep shutting me out, Natasha is worried about you too” he spoke softly, taking your hand and leading you to your couch.
“i just miss him” you whispered and steve sighed, pulling you into him so your head rested on his chest, he wrapped his arms around you as you cried quietly.
“i know, i do too, we just have to learn to live without him, he would want you to start a life y/n, you don’t have to be alone” steve spoke. His presence was calming.
You and steve had been friends for so long, there was a reason he knew he could call you when SHIELD fell. You were the one to help him adjust to modern society, you were his first friend out of the ice.
“how about you go shower and change, and I’ll make some food for us okay? We can watch your show while we eat” steve smiled, he knew you hadn’t showered in three days from the way your hair was tangled and messily thrown into a ponytail.
“okay” you nodded, smiling softly as he helped you up, handing you some tissues before the two of you headed to do your own things.
You were grateful for steve, he had always been there to check up on you, constantly making sure you were okay. You had basically shut everyone else out, Natasha didn’t really reach out. You didn’t blame her.
You walked out of your room, the smell of pasta hitting your nose and your stomach growled, steve smiled as he set out the two plates.
“tried my best” he mumbled and you shook your head.
“thank you steve” you hugged him tightly and he returned it, letting go after a couple moments so the two of you could eat.
“i saw some whales the other day” you spoke up, “when i was coming up the bridge” steve smiled, glad to know you were leaving the apartment.
“fewer ships, cleaner water” he nodded, “might tell Nat, I’m sure she could use some good news” you nodded.
The two of you ate in silence, watching your favorite show as you did. Steve stayed for a bit longer before heading back to the compound. He hugged you tightly and you held onto him.
“promise you’ll reach out” steve pleaded and you nodded, “I’ll try” he smiled at your words, it was a start.
It hadn’t even been an hour when steve was calling you again, you rolled your eyes as you answered the phone.
“steve im not crying i swear” you joked, a small smile on your face.
“you have to get to the compound” he spoke in a serious tone and your stomach dropped, “scott Lang is here” you felt your heart race.
“wasn’t he- i thought he-” you cut yourself off, moving to get a jacket and your car keys, “I’m on my way.”
When you arrived you rushed towards the living room watching as Scott paced infront of steve and Natasha
As you set next to steve, scott began to ramble, talking about quantum physics and his time i. The quantum realm.
“wait, are you talking about a time machine?” You asked him, and he shook his head.
“no, of course not, it’s like a- yeah a time machine i know it’s crazy but there’s gotta be a way” scott mumbled.
“Scott, i get emails from a raccoon, nothing sounds crazy anymore” you smiled at natashas comment.
“so who do we talk about this?” Scott asked nervously, you and steve looked at each other for a second.
The four of you approached the cabin, your heart heavy as your eyes land on tony. You knew how much he wanted to just stay out of everything, he was happy for once, he was with his soulmate, he had a family.
“we know what it sounds like” Scott spoke as he finished explaining his plan.
You were quiet as tony and steve talked, Scott joining in when he mentioned his plan of a time heist.
“we can bring everyone back” Natasha reasoned and tony scoffed a little. “Or we could make things worse” he stated and you shifted. The four bickered for a while longer before you spoke up.
“Tony, we have to take a stand” his eyes landed on you and his gaze softened a bit.
“we did stand, and yet here we are” he spoke sharply.
“i know you got a lot on the line, a wife, a daughter, but i lost someone very importantly me, a lot of people did-” you zoned out as Scott spoke, your eyes resting on the lake and watching as the water moved slowly.
“Mommy told me to come and save you!” Morgan smiled as Tony picked her up. You smiled at the pair.
“good job, I’m saved” tony smiled at her, he turned to you guys before sighing, “i wish you’d come to ask for something else, i missed you guys” his eyes were soft and he spoke sincerely.
“I’m happy for you, i really am. But this is a second chance” steve pleaded and tony replied quickly, “i got my second chance right here.”
“Aunt y/n!” Morgan smiled as her eyes landed on you, wiggling out of her dads grasp as she ran to hug you.
“hi little stark” you smiled, picking her up with ease and carrying her on your hip.
Tony smiled at you as the steve and Natasha looked at you in confusion.
“i visit, I’m not a horrible person” you mumbled, you knew steve would have some choice words for you later.
“If you don’t talk shop, you can stay for lunch” tony spoke up, the others sighed, walking towards the car.
You set Morgan down, telling her to head inside. You gave Tony a hug, “I’ll visit soon, just haven’t been feeling the best” you mumbled and he rubbed your back.
“you always have a room here y/n” he smiled softly and you nodded, waving goodbye before going the other three in the car.
“we’re gonna need a big brain” steve spoke, Scott looked at him in disbelief.
“bigger than his?” Scott questioned and you rolled your eyes, knowing you would be seeing Bruce soon.
“can you drop me off at home actually?” you spoke up, steve looking at you for a moment before nodding, driving to your apartment building. You got out quickly and said goodbye, “let me know what you guys find” steve, Natasha and Scott nodded, wishing you goodnight.
The cold New York air nipped at your skin as you rushed up your stairs, holding your jacket tightly as you fumbled with your key and let yourself in, sighing when you closed the door.
You changed into your pajamas quickly, brushing your teeth before grabbing the notebook and your pen on your nightstand and sliding into bed. You flipped to the next empty page as you began to write.
hi james,
today was okay, steve came over and found me crying. he stayed and made dinner, he’s been taking care of me for a while now, i feel kinda guilty.
You continued to write into the journal, letting all your feelings pour out into the page. As you finished for the night you clicked you pen and set them on your nightstand. You had finished all the pages in the notebook already. With a sigh you got up from your bed, grabbing the small notebook and placing it on the floor as you reached for a container under your bed.
You reached for the lid and opened it, there were numerous other notes book, you placed the one you had just written in next to your last one, closing the lid and sliding it back under your bed.
For the past five years you’ve been writing to bucky, it helped you stay somewhat sane. If he ever came back you didn’t want him to feel left out, you wanted to make sure he felt like he didn’t miss those five years of your life. You wanted him to be there. Your hands fiddled with the dog tags as you laid on your side.
You needed him to be here with you.
The next morning you woke up to a call from steve, with fuzzy vision your answered the phone, bringing it to your ear.
“hello?” You mumbled and steve spoke quickly, your eyes widened as he spoke.
“tony found a way” was all you needed to hear to have you scrambling to get ready.
“be there in 30” you rushed out, a smile on your face. You felt hope blossoming in your chest, thoughts of the picnic with bucky flooded your mind as you got ready.
You were going to get him back. You were going to be together.
You ran into the compound as smiled at those around you, rocket looked at you in shock when you smiled at him.
“didn’t know she did that” he remarked and Scott looked at him equally as shocked.
“Steve! Tony!” You beamed, crashing into them and taking them into a group hug. You let out a sigh of happiness.
“Is it true? Can we actually get them back?” Your eyes shined and tony found his heart growing, it had been so long since you had been happy.
“we have a shot kid” he nodded, “Clint just tried it out and it worked,” your smile grew, throwing your arms around him as everyone gathered into the room
“well what are we waiting for? Let’s plan this heist!” You smiled, looking at everyone and steve nodded.
You listened as everyone spoke, sharing their knowledge on the stones. You sat next to Natasha who was taking notes, glancing over at them your gears turned, speaking up as they talked about Stephen Strange.
“he lived in New York?” You questioned and they nodded, Tony rolling his eyes at you, “are you paying attention?”
“if you pick the right year there’s three stones in New York” you replied quickly, everyone looking at you in surprise.
Not long after your realization there was finally a formulated plan. You were nervous, excited and hopeful. You were going to get everyone back, you were going to get bucky back.
“Six stones, three teams, one shot” you mumbled, everyone nodding as you looked at the plan you had come up with steve and tony.
“I’ll stay behind just in case, you all know what you’re doing and ive been out of the loop so” you trailed off and they nodded.
“you already did enough, i mean you came up with the whole plan” tony scoffed and you smiled at him.
“you guys got this” you encouraged them, natasha smiling at you. Without hesitating you pulled the three in for a hug, squeezing tightly before letting go.
“okay, go kick some ass” you smiled.
The team filed onto the time machine and you waited by the buttons, looking for steve signal.
“see you in a minute” natasha called out to you and you waved goodbye, pressing the buttons and holding your breath and they all shrunk and disappeared from your sight.
It was only a minute later when they all appeared, you smiled as you ran up to them, quickly doing a headcount. Your stomach fell when you saw Natasha was missing.
“Clint wheres nat” you asked quietly, voice shaking. He didn’t reply. You stumbled back, teary eyed as you walked out.
You looked at the lake, steve, Tony, thor, Clint and Bruce gathered around you.
“do we know if she had any family?” Tony asked and you scoffed.
“us” steve spoke up and Thor looked at them confused.
“you’re acting like she’s dead, why are we acting like she’s dead?” Thor spoke up, his voice growing louder and you winced as he continued, Clint soon jumping in and arguing with him. The two men shouted and you let your tears fall silently, steve noticed and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you into his chest.
“she’s not coming back” Bruce mumbled quietly.
“we have to make it worth it” you spoke up, wiping your tears and standing up.
“we will” steve spoke, getting up after you did.
“the what are we waiting for” you looked at them with a small smile, squeezing Clint’s arm before walking past him and into the lab.
You waited anxiously for them to finish the gauntlet, jumping up when rocket walked in with it in hand.
“who’s gonna snap their freaking fingers?” Thor spoke up, immediately volunteering.
“no Thor, wait a second” you stopped him, everyone else protesting his actions.
“what we’re just waiting for the right opportunity?” He huffed and Scott spoke up.
“we should at least discuss it”
Thor nodded his head, speaking up again, “I’m the strongest avenger this is my responsibility, it’s my duty” you were quick to stop him.
“it’s not about that” you spoke gently. He furrowed his brows and turned to look at you angrily.
“stop it! Just let me!” You could see the tears in his eyes, “let me do something good, something right”
Tony explained to him the power the stones had, trying to reason for him to not do it. Thor argued right back before Bruce cut him off, explaining how it almost killed thanos when he snapped and how no one else could survive it.
“how do you know you will?” Steve asked cautiously.
“it’s mainly gamma, it’s like i was made for this” he whispered as everyone moved back you noticed Nebula was missing.
Bruce’s grunts of pain made you focus back onto him, “are you okay? talk to me!” You screamed, frantic as he yelled in pain.
“I’m okay!” He spoke fighting against the pain and snapping his fingers, you held your breath as he did so, your heartbeat thumping in your ears.
You looked out the window and saw two birds, a smile on your face as you realized it had worked. Clint had a smile on his face as he answered a call, “honey, honey!” He spoke.
You turned to tell the team it had worked, but before you could you were blasted away by missiles, the compound crumbling underground.
You groaned as you heard rocket calling out for her, you and Rhodey doing your best to free him. Finally he wiggled free, the three of you sighing before your eyes went wide. A flood of water washing over the three of you as you panicked.
Rhodey called for help and you heard Scott on the other end. You kept your head up high, trying to not drown, rocket clung onto you as Bruce tried to hold the structure up.
“see you on the other side” Rhodey spoke and you geared up shaking your head.
“Hang on! I’m coming!” Scott yelled and you tried your best to stay above water, Rhodey struggling next to you as rocket clung onto your back.
Before you knew it you were clinging onto Scott as he turned into giant man, Rocket continued to Clint onto you and Rhodey held on for fear life.
Scott placed you and rocket down, you spotted the wakandans next to you and ran towards them, smiling as you saw t’challa and shuri amongst them.
“shuri!” You cried out, hugging her tightly. She handed you a gun and some knives and you quickly strapped them to you. “How’d you know” you smiled and she shrugged.
“you people never seem prepared for battle” she teased and you smiled, standing next to her as you prepared to face thanos’ army.
Your eyes scanned the crowd for bucky, heart beating louder and louder and you couldn’t find him. You ran onto the battlefield with everyone, immediately shooting and fighting the aliens off.
You shot them as fast as you could, but they were quickly surrounding you, grunting as one of them tackled you,
Before you could even think of grabbing a knife it’s body fell limp and you pushed it off you, looking at the bullet wounds.
“hope you haven’t been fighting like that this whole time doll”
You felt your heart drop and your stomach flutter. Bucky.
You turned around quickly, a smile on your face as your eyes met his baby blue one. Your smile grew as you ran towards him, dropping your gun and throwing yourself onto him. He picking you up as you wrapped your legs around his waist, holding you tightly.
“you’re here, you’re back, you’re here” you spoke over and over, tears streaming down your cheeks as you buried your face into the crook of his neck.
“I’m here doll” he reassured you, holding onto you tightly and closing his eyes for a moment. The sound of an alien screaming made you snap out of your bubble.
You groaned as you picked up your gun, shooting it in the head before turning back to bucky, you smiled at him before crashing your lips onto his. He smiled into the kiss, leaning in for a second before the two of you pulled away.
“been waiting five years to do that” you spoke breathless and bucky smiled at you.
“after this you can kiss me all you want sweets” he spoke and you giggled, moving to press your backs against one another, shooting at the aliens.
You thought back to wakanda, how familiar it all was. But this time you would win. This time it was your last fight, you would win and you could go home with bucky. You could be with your soulmate.
You watched as the other tossed the gauntlet around, trying to keep it away from thanos.
“Bucky we have to go help them!” You called out and he nodded, the two of you running towards where steve, Thor and tony were, helping fend off the aliens attacking them.
You saw thanos get the gauntlet and you felt you blood run cold, you froze in your spot. Please, not again. You turned to bucky, dropping your weapon as you clung onto him tightly.
“not letting you go again” you mumbled, kissing him before letting go and grabbing a knife from your suit and running towards the titan.
You threw the knife at thanos with all you had, lodging it in his shoulder. He cried out in pain as it stabbed him, giving Tony the chance to attack him once more, pulling the gauntlet before Thanos punches him away.
“I am inevitable” thanos spoke, your blood ran cold as he snapped, flinching away when he did. When nothing happened you looked at him once more, a smile on your face as you saw the glove had no stones.
“And i” tony spoke, “am Iron man” he snapped his fingers, the white light blinding you before bucky pulled you into him, shielding you from the light.
As the two of you looked again you saw the aliens fading into dust. You held Buckys hand tightly, your knuckles white. You looked at him in excitement, wrapping your arms around his neck when you realized you had won.
You had won.
Turning quickly you ran to look for tony and steve, the smile falling from your face when you saw peter over Tony’s body.
You ran towards him, falling to your knees next to him.
“tony? no you can’t” you shook your head, tears welling in your eyes and he turned to look at you.
“hey kid, take care of my girls yeah?” He smiled and you shook your head, “you can take care of em you have to hold on a bit longer” you protested.
“always told you that you had one hell of a throw” he chuckled dryly, “‘ts what helped me get the stones” he smiled gently and you broke down into tears, “you have him now, you’ll be okay” he whispered.
Bucky pulled you aside, letting pepper speak to tony. You cried into Buckys chest, not knowing what would happen to you if you looked back.
It happened so fast.
You were in a black dress outside the cottage you had visited countless time. You didn’t imagine the next time you visited would be for Tony’s funeral.
Bucky held your hand, his thumb making small circles on the back of your hand to calm you down. You could help but lean into him, his presence relaxing you immediately.
You smiled fondly as you thought back to the time tony tried to talk you into breaking up with bucky one time after you came back from wakanda. You knew he was joking but he still felt a little bad, buying you dinner as compensation
As the service ended you followed bucky, steve and Sam to the time machine where Bruce waited.
You stood next to bucky as steve said goodbye to Sam, walking up to you guys next.
“Don’t do anything stupid ‘til i get back” steve spoke and bucky smiled.
“how can i? you’re taking all the stupid with you” the hugged tightly for a bit before pulling apart.
“gonna miss you buddy” bucky sighed and steve looked at him softly.
“it’s gonna be okay buck” he turned to you.
“bye steve” you let out softly, bottom lip quivering. He hugged you tightly, kissing your temple softly.
“you’re still gonna be my favorite best friend” he spoke softly and you smiled, letting out a soft chuckle before sniffling.
“you finally have him back y/n, you’re gonna be happy, i promise” you nodded and hugged him one more time, knowing it would be the last time.
As he stepped into the time machine you melted into Buckys side, he put an arm around you and kissed the top of your head.
Steve vanished as he went to return the stones, seconds later Bruce signaled to bring him back, but he didn’t appear.
“where is he?” Sam spoke, worry lacing his voice.
“I don’t know he blew right past his time stamp, he should be here” Bruce panicked and you and bucky looked around your eyes landing Onondaga older version of him sitting on a log.
You nudged bucky as you heard sam and Bruce arguing.
“sam” you called out, looking at him before back at steve. Sam walked towards you cautiously as you pointed at steve.
“go ahead” bucky spoke to the man, the two of you smiled at sam as he approached steve.
You and bucky smiled as steve handed sam the shield. A grin on your face as he put the shield on his arm.
“he’s gonna be a great captain america” bucky smiled fondly and you nodded. “Steve made the right choice” you added.
The two of you walked away hand in hand, getting into your car and heading back to your apartment. Bucky settled in quickly, sitting on your couch and pulling you down with him, a small squeal leaving your lips as your back crashed onto his chest.
“missed you so much buck” you mumbled, wiggling so that you could cuddle into him, leaving open mouthed kisses on his neck and onto his jawline.
“i missed you too doll” he whispered, kissing you softly, his hand moving to the back of your neck. He pulled away when he pinky felt the familiar chain of his dog tags, hooking it onto his pinky and pulling them out from under your shirt.
“you kept them?” He looked at you teary eyed and you nodded, heart racing.
“they were the only thing left of you, course i did” you smiled, taking them off and placing them onto him, fixing them so that they laid on his chest.
“that reminds me!” You smiled, getting off of him and running to your room, pulling the bin from under your bed and carrying it towards bucky.
“i- uh- when you were gone i wrote in these journals almost everyday, to kinda keep you up to date for when you got back” you smiled sheepishly and bucky felt his heart grow in his chest.
“you never lost faith?” He questioned, he could hear his heartbeat in his ears. You shook your head.
“sometimes i wanted to” you mumbled, holding his hand in yours, “but you never took me on a picnic so i wasnt letting you go so easily” you pouted and he smiled, kissing you.
The two of you smiled into the kiss, giggling and he peppered kisses all over your face.
“I’m your forever y/n y/l/n” bucky whispered, his forehead resting against yours. You felt your heart rate speed up, your stomach full of butterflies. Closing your eyes as you relished the moment.
“and I’m yours forever bucky barnes” you kissed him softly before opening your eyes, the two of you pulling away a bit.
You reached out and caressed his cheek, you smiled at each other. You finally had your soulmate, and you had forever together.
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peachstyles · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Getting denied by Bucky turns you into a brat and punishment occurs.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 13.8K (idk what happened)
Warnings: angst, light fluff, dom!bucky (he is pretty soft tbh), oral sex (f/m recieving), spanking w/ paddle, daddy kink, little bit of degradation, use of sex toys, edging, f being tied up, petnames, needysub!reader, orgasm control, unprotected sex, little bit of cock warming, use of 'yellow' safe word, mild subspace (i hope thats everything!)
18+ ONLY - NO MINORS !!!!
Notes: uh hey, this is like my first fic that i have written since i was like 14. This has been in my head for like weeks now and yes i am aware that it is mostly pure smut, don't judge me and my horny brain. anyways, i felt the need to write it and its far too long but oh well. Enjoy!
“Little girl, I do not give you permission to get yourself off, that pleasure is mine, not yours.”
“I can happily fuck your face if you don’t do your job correctly, but I was letting you off a little by letting you go at your own pace”
A/N: since it's long, may as well.
Being denied is an interesting and frustrating thing, you can never understand what it does to your brain, it’s like all of a sudden, a switch in your brain turns on and your entire personality changes to being a horny brat. The first two times of being denied weren’t Bucky’s fault, they were justified, but by the third time, you were so frustrated that you took it out on him, which he didn’t like at all. Three Days Ago, It’s been two weeks since you have seen Bucky. With him being a part of the Avengers, you had become used to being away from him while he was on a mission, but it still doesn’t make it any easier when he is gone. He makes me stay at the Tower in case something happens, and you are more protected there than at your apartment. You love staying at the tower, it truly is your second home, you just much prefer it when everyone is home.
The team is expected back at the Tower any minute now. You cannot wait to be in his arms and just have him close to me for the first time in 14 days, everything seems to be at an equilibrium when you’re with him and you miss that feeling. Like it appears out of nowhere, you hear the sound of the Quinjet landing and immediately, your body gets a sense of excitement and nerves for seeing Bucky, without even realising what your body is doing, you make my way up to the landing strip and wait for the team to walk out of the jet.
You haven’t heard about how the mission went, but if something goes wrong, you are typically informed in-advanced, so like you do every time you’re waiting for them to come back, you are just silently hoping for the best outcome. Firstly, you see Natasha walking out of the jet, she is walking perfectly fine with that fierce strut that she always has but by the look in her eyes, she is ready to sleep in her own bed. “Hey girl, it’s so lovely to see your face” Nat walks to you giving me a big and comforting hug. You had missed the team so much and you were so excited to catch up with them all, but you had more important things to do first.
Sam and Steve walk out of the jet and towards you, they both give you a hug and kiss on the cheek. Your heart is suddenly racing with worry and questioning why he is the last one out of the jet. Seeing your worried face, Steve says “He’s fine, just a bit tired” “But god, he is so excited to see you, if I have to hear about him talk about missing you any longer, I’m going to shoot him and then myself” Sam groans, making your chuckle but feel so much better. You’re so glad that they all came home safely. “Piss off Sam, I’m allowed to miss my girl. You are just jealous that I have someone to come home too and you don’t” The sound of his voice makes you soften, even when it sounds grumpy, it’s still your favourite voice in the world. At your first look at him, he looks perfectly fine with no injuries but when staring at him for a little while, you can see his tired eyes and the little sluggish walk he has, showing that his body is tired and sore, it looks like he can feel the weight of his metal arm more than usual. But the moment he looks at you, his beautiful Brooklyn smile is at full beam. “Hey Darling” Bucky smiles and wraps his arms around your body, you feel him melt into your hold and sigh out loud like he does every time he has home from a mission. “Hey Buck, how was the mission?”
“It went good, so happy to be home though” Bucky pulls back to look at you face better and to fit his slightly chapped lips onto yours. “I missed you”
“I missed you too” Later on, after everyone had settled to their own rooms for the night and Bucky had taken a long and needed shower, you are both lying in bed and completely melted into each other’s arms. You and Bucky slept in many different positions, the two most common is you laying on his chest or being spooned by him. But every single time after a mission, you both lay on your sides with your foreheads lightly touching and legs all tangled together so you can steal kisses every now and then. You think you two lay in this position so you can look and admire each other’s faces after not seeing each other for a while. You like to gently caress his face; the feeling comforts the both of you. You can see that he needs to rest but after staring at his face and feeling his body, your need for him become strong. You begin to shift your hips and start to place sweet kisses on his cheeks and lips trying to make it clear as possible that you want him. His metal hand comes to your hips to halt your actions “Baby, I truly want you, but I am so tired, can we just get some sleep, and this can continue in the morning?”
“Of course” “I’m sorry” “Don’t be” you whisper, giving him a peck on his lips and then settling into the crook of his neck. “I love you sweet girl” “I love you too Buck, I’m so happy you’re home” That was the first time you were denied, and Bucky wasn’t able to complete his promise of continuing in the morning as your sleep was disrupted far too early by Steve. “You have to go don’t you” you sleepily groan, trying to grip on to him so he stays in your bed. “I’m sorry Darling, I have reports to do and other shit with Steve” Bucky weakly smiles at you. “I’ll make it up to you I promise” With a kiss on your forehead, he was gone. Two Days Ago, You have not seen Bucky all day today, you know he said that he would make it up to you, but you couldn’t see it happening today. You just got him back from a mission and it’s like he is still gone. Of course, you understand that he has a job to do but its 7pm and you still haven’t seen him since this morning. You don’t understand what Steve still needs from him. Even if you weren’t here, Bucky deserves to have the day off to recover. You have texted him asking if he is having dinner with you, which you got a short response of just ‘Yes’ so begun to cook dinner hoping that he will come home before you finished. You hear the small sound of the elevator, announcing that someone had arrived on your floor, you watch your boyfriend stroll in looking at a folder with an intense look on his face. You can tell that he is stressed about something. Finally, he looks up at you, “Hey honey”
“Hey, is everything okay?” “Yeah, of course” Bucky just shrugs and puts the folder on the bench “Come and give me a kiss”
After double checking that everything your cooking is okay, you walk over to Bucky and slip into his arms to give him a kiss. Bucky places his hands into your hair to deepen the kiss which makes you feel dizzy in the best way. “You still owe me a continuation of last night” You mention after a few heart clenching kisses Bucky chuckles “Yes you needy girl, I am aware of that and I will give you what you need after dinner” You grab his hips pushing him into yours, slipping your hands down to his firm butt “It’s been 15 days, excuse me for being needy” “Did you follow my rules baby?” “Yes” You whisper into his lips.
“Yes what?”
“Yes daddy, I followed your rules” “Good girl” Bucky smirked very pleased with your words.
One of the things that you learnt very quickly about Bucky is that is a greedy and controlling lover but in the best and loving way. He is also very kinky which matches you perfectly. Bucky has one main rule, which is that he has to give you the permission for every orgasm you have, he loves knowing that he has control over such an intimate act. This rule can be very challenging since he goes away on missions for somethings weeks or one time a month but over the time that you have known each other, you both found ways to ease the struggles of his rule, you have had many Facetime, phone calls or even texts to make sure that you both get what we want – you an orgasm and him to have control. “I really hated that we had zero communication on that mission.” You signed, “14 days has been far too long” “or you are just a greedy girl” “or most people don’t have someone else controlling when they are allowed to come or not”
“That is true, but you do so you’ll just have to wait until I’m nice enough to give you permission” He smirks at you, this makes you pull out of his grip to check on the food. The faster we have dinner, the faster you can get the release you need. “I better get that permission tonight” “Or what, little girl?” His words make your body heat up and you get a great need to clench your thighs together. God, you had missed him. Bucky looks at you with a straight face, but you can see by his eyes that there is a hint of tensing at his words. Bucky is typically a very giving lover and he loves making you come as often as you can but sometimes, he really enjoys making you work for his permission. “Or nothing Daddy” you smile sweetly at him; not want anything coming between you and hitting that sweet spot tonight. After dinner is finished, you both clean the kitchen and get ready for bed. Your body is waiting in anticipation for tonight, but you try your hardest to not look so desperate for him. “Join me for a shower?” Bucky asks putting his hand out for you to take. Showering together is something that you had been doing since the early days of your relationship. Most of the time, it’s nothing but innocent comfort and just having time to yourselves. You are hoping that tonight won’t be so innocent. You let Bucky guide you to the bathroom and you begin to undress yourself, while he turns on the shower and then does the same. You are are only looking at each other with a strong gaze, he tilts his head at you with a smirk on his face when he realises that your chest is raising a little higher than normal. “Are you expecting something during this shower sweet girl?” Bucky chuckles at me when you just shrug, obviously you are expecting something but not wanting to jinx anything.
You both get in the shower and allow the water to fall over your bodies, your gaze is still on him making your heart race. Both stood under the water looking at each other for a total of 30 seconds before you were roughly pushed up against the wall and getting the air sucked out of you by the firmness of his lips. Your hands go straight to his hip for support as your mouths open up for each other to deepen the kiss. You hear him groan at the feeling of your bodies flushing together. “15 days is definitely far too long” Bucky grips the back of your thighs to lift you into his arms, the strength of his metal arm is enough to hold you up while his flesh hand makes its way around your body to sweet but firmly caress it. Things quickly get more intense and you begin to kiss down his neck, kissing and sucking at all of his sweet spots making him lightly gasp and moan. You both begin to consciously rock your hips to create friction, this causes you to get more aroused and needy. “Bucky, I need you please” You beg panting into his neck. You don’t think you have felt so turned on so fast in your life. “Already baby? I was going to take my sweet time with you tonight” Bucky’s hand wonders down to your breast, he gives it a little bit of attention before continuing down your body to where you needed him most.
“Can you just take the edge off please” you needly beg. You’re sounding so greedy at this point, but you really don’t care.
Bucky chuckles “You greedy girl, thinking that Daddy will get you off more than once tonight” His fingers slip lightly into your folds to feel how wet you are, he begins to stroke you, not giving you any pressure on your clit or pressing into your opening. You groan at his teasing “Please Daddy, I’ve been so good for you” “I know sweetheart, but you need to be patient” He kisses your lips while continuing to tease you which just makes you become more brattier than before. “No, Daddy” you whine, rocking your hips “I need it now” “Little girl, don’t be- “Bucky is cut off by JARVIS over the speaker.
“Sorry the inconvenience Sergeant Barnes and Miss Y//L/N but Captain Rogers is requesting Sergeant Barnes on the roof as soon as possible for an emergency situation” JARVIS speaks, making your heart sink and get down from Bucky’s grip. “Captain Rogers wants to inform you that hopefully this will only take tonight, and you will be back by the morning” That was being denied a second time and they weren’t back by the morning, no they didn’t get back till the next night.
“I’m so sorry baby” “It’s fine, you have to go” Yesterday
“Hey, I’m really sorry that Buck had it be called away to a mission, it wasn’t meant to take that long” Steve apologises, it was clear that he felt bad about taking Bucky away from you. “If it makes you feel any better, Bucky was angry at me the whole time for disturbing your time together.” “It’s fine Steve, stuff like this is out of everyone’s control” You smile politely at him, even though you are seriously frustrated at how long it took for them to get back, which is stupid because you can never put a time limit on missions. We are all sitting at in the communal area of the tower, they had been back from the mission for 40 minutes. Most of the adrenaline had worn off by now and they all looked so tired. None of them look like they haven’t rested their eyes since leaving. “Babe let’s get go to bed” You pull at Bucky’s hand; he looks so tired and you’re ready to cuddle with him in bed and most likely watch him fall asleep. “Goodnight everyone” Bucky calls out, they all respond with weak replies. You can’t see them staying up any longer.
“Sweet girl, I’m sorry for barely spending anytime with you in so long.” Bucky says bring your intertwined hands up to his lips so he can kiss them. “I’ll make it up- “ “Bucky, my love, it’s not your fault. Let’s just get some sleep and we can talk tomorrow.” you reply as we reach the elevator, you pull him to your body so you can give him a sweet kiss on the lips as a promise that everything is okay. Present Day Waking up in Bucky’s arms this morning became your definition of heaven. His body felt so warm and nice curled up around yours, getting to touch his skin and watch his chest rise and fall while sleeping. It all felt truly magical. Until his phone rang. Of course, it was the morning after a mission. He had reports to do. You hear him groan at the sound of his phone ringing. “No” you firmly say, moving to grab his phone to turn it off.
“What are you doing?”
“Declining the call, you aren’t going into work because then I won’t see you until later on tonight” “You can’t do that” Bucky takes the phone out of your hands to answer the call. “Hey Steve, yeah I’ll be there in 15” “Bucky” you whine “Don’t leave, I have had barely any time with you” This is when your brattiness started. “I know Darling and I’m sorry, but I have to go, I won’t be long” Bucky softly speaks to you, hoping to make it easier for you to accept. “No” you firmly say “You’re not leaving
Bucky raises an eyebrow at your tone and looks at you sternly “I have to leave, so please be a good girl and don’t make a fuss about this.” “No”
“Y/N please, don’t be a brat.”
“Fine, just go” you lay back down and turn your body away from him. You hear Bucky sigh and move to lean over your body. “Baby, I am sorry that I have to leave but I don’t have a choice” “You never do” You bite out, really frustrated as you just wanted one morning with your boyfriend, to reconnect and just enjoy his presence. “Don’t be bitter. I love you baby. I’ll see you soon” He kisses your shoulder while he waits for your reply. Another Bucky rule, since you said I love you for the first time, he had a rule that you always have to say it back, no matter what. Bucky pulled you on your front to grab your chin lightly “Say it back” You looked at him sternly “Kiss me first” Bucky’s face softens and bends down to kiss your forehead, both of your cheeks, nose and then lastly places the softest kiss on your lips. He then looks at you with a tilt of his head, waiting for you to say it back. You sigh with a small smile “I love you too” “Good, I’ll be back before lunch time. I promise”
“You better keep that promise” Did you wait on the couch waiting for him to get back at lunchtime, you bet you did. Did he get back before lunch time? Of course not. All you get is phone call at 1:30pm from Bucky. “You aren’t coming home, are you?” He immediately signs over the phone at your tone. “Baby, I’m sorry I have a meeting with Steve and some other officials that I can’t get out of. But we will both join everyone at dinner tonight. I have asked for tomorrow off so I’m all yours then, you’ll just have to wait a little longer.” Bucky near pleads for you to be okay with is answer. Obviously, you’re not.
You are seriously horny and in need for Bucky’s dick inside you now. All of your brattiness is coming to play right now. “Give me permission to get myself off, since you won’t do it yourself” Bucky growls over the phone, you can hear him move to a more private place to say “Little girl, I do not give you permission to get yourself off, that pleasure is mine, not yours.” “You haven’t given me an ounce of pleasure for too long. You don’t deserve to have my pleasure.” you argue back, knowing that you have pissed him off completely. You have never said anything like that to him before. “You better think very carefully about what you are saying right now. You don’t get to speak to me that way. I can happily deny you for longer brat.” Bucky voice sounds so cold, you have only heard him speak like that a few times, but never to you. “I am apologising to you for not keeping my promise, I am very sorry. But since you don’t have my permission, you can’t come, and you better not break that rule. You also need to fix your attitude by dinner time. Do you understand me Y/N?”
“No, I don’t. I won’t break the rule so if you want me to fix my attitude, come and fix it yourself” You hang up on Bucky and quickly widen your eyes as you realise what you have done. Fuck you were so screwed. You feel a buzz in your hand, It’s a call from Bucky. You hesitate but answer the call “I’m so sorry Bucky I don’t-“ You are cut off with words that send a chill down your entire body “Your punishment begins now” Bucky spits out “You do not get to speak to me like that, nor do you get to hang up on me” “I’m sorry”
“Don’t interrupt me when I’m speaking to you” Bucky near yells over the phone. Shit, you have really made him angry. “Starting now, you do not touch me until I say so, you do not speak to me unless I ask you a question” You panic at his words “We have a team dinner tonight though?” You whisper.
“I understand Y/N, but this is punishment, so you can figure that out. I doubt you want the team to know that you are being punished for being a brat” His tone is still cold, but he knows that you really don’t enjoy embarrassment, especially in front of his team. “Lastly, except for dinner, you will only call me Daddy” “Do you understand your punishment?” “Yes” “Y/N’ He warns “Yes daddy” You are quick to respond, whispering a small sorry afterwards. “Good” “I have to go but I will see you at dinner, you better remember the rules” “I will, um Daddy?” you question, your voice feeling so small, you know you’re not meant to speak but feeling a little overwhelmed you needed to hear it “What?” “Um, I love you” Bucky sighs over the phone, even when he’s angry, he has it say it back. “I love you too, I always will baby” He responses with a very soft tone, he pauses for a few seconds then hangs up. I sit down on the couch to take a breather about what just happened and what is going to happen tonight. Shit. I haven’t even thought about the actual punishment, those rules are nothing compared to what could happen during. You have been punished by Bucky before, it’s not a weekly thing or even monthly. But it has happened. You are typically really good, the only time you have been punished is when you are too needy and become a brat like today or when you have done something reckless or stupid, but it has never been this bad before.
-- The anticipation of waiting to see him at dinner is making you frustrated but when it finally arrives, you are all of a sudden dreading it. What if something goes terribly wrong and he is seriously angry at you, like more than the punishment. What if someone can tell what’s going on and brings it up? Oh god.
“Hey Y/N” When you walk into the communal floor, you see Vision and Wanda beginning to start dinner. You always loved team dinner, you feel so apart of their little family and the food is so good.
“Hey guys” You begin to make small talk with them and slowly everyone walks onto the floor until we are waiting for Steve and Bucky. “Where are dumb and dumber?” Sam asks you after realising that they are taking their time to get here. You bite your lip nervously, but you answer, “They had a meeting this afternoon with some officials, I don’t really know” “So you haven’t spent any proper time with Bucky for what 17 days?” Nat asks looking upset for you. If only she knew how you felt. “Not really, but what can I do about it” You laugh sadly, you get pity looks from all of them which you try to ignore, until you hear the elevator ding and all of a sudden, the air gets thinner around you. You can’t even look behind to see them walk in. “Here they are” Sam exclaims “Yo Bucky, you need to spend some time with your girl here, it’s been too long, she looks sad” Your eyes widen at Sam’s words, he has no idea how much worse he just made this situation for you. “Oh, is that right” Bucky tensely says “Y/N, is Sam correct?” You have to answer because he asked you a question and it’s a rule of the punishment. You turn to look at your partner, seeing his jaw more tense that ever before and hidden fury in his eyes. “Uh, kind of, I understand that you are busy” You are trying so hard to make this better for yourself, but you can’t see it working out well. “Well, I guess I’ll just have to do better then. I don’t want to upset my girl” The way he says it sounds sweet, but you can still hear the anger in his words. You have already told him today that he wasn’t doing enough and now hearing it from Sam, it can’t be nice for him to hear. He sits down across from you and while you want him to sit right next to you so you can be close to him, but it’s probably better that he doesn’t. This way you can fully see all of his expressions and body language. Bucky looks so tense and like he is vibrating with anger, you can see Steve looking at him trying to understand what is going on. You wonder if he has been this way since your phone call, you really hope not. It’s taking everything in you not to comfort him, but you know that you’re not allowed to touch or talk to him unless he says you can. You thought that the actual punishment was going to be worse than the rules but now you’re not so sure. Everyone is making small conversation while we wait for dinner to be ready, but you can’t find any words to spark a conversation. Bucky is talking to Natasha; he hasn’t even glanced in your direction once. After 40 minutes of this, your brattiness that you hoped had gone away, it’s slowly making a strong comeback. Vision and Wanda start placing the food on the table and as per usual Steve does a toast before we start eating, you don’t even pay attention to him, just looking firmly at Bucky who is aware that you are looking at him but won’t give you the time of day. And just like that, hands are going in every direction to grab the food that they want so you start doing the same thing. We all have a routine of asking and passing the food around to whoever wants it or if its closer to you so when Bucky asks for something, it was uncommon for your response.
“Y/N, can you pass me the bread” You look down at the bread that is close to you but within his reach if he wanted it. You could just tell he was asking you to do something to toy with you and he didn’t even say please. But he hadn’t realised that your brattiness had come back when you said: “No, you got hands, you can get it yourself” The entire table stopped and looked at you with shock, they have never heard you say no to Bucky before. You would never say no to something as small as that but because of your frustration, you couldn’t help myself. “Y/N” Bucky warned, looking really angry and disappointed that you didn’t lose your attitude. Which isn’t true, you did. It just came back in that 40 minutes of him ignoring you. You shrug and began to eat. Wanda who was sitting next to you, gives him the bowl of bread.
The table felt a little awkward, so you decided to break the ice, while ignoring Bucky. “Vis, this food is amazing, where is the recipe from?”
Just like that, the table chatter started to pick up again minus Bucky, who just looked at you with a very strong stare. You really tried to make your situation better, but it didn’t work so you’ll just deal with more punishment instead, at this point you didn’t care. “Y/N” Bucky starts to speak, everyone was in their own bubble of conversation and food “Look at me”
“Yes” “Don’t” That was it. Just ‘don’t’. It’s honestly like he is asking you to be a brat. “I have no idea what you are talking about James” You never call him James, like ever. Bucky sucks a deep breath in, trying his hardest not to lose his shit. You can see Steve staring at you with shock and confusion, he knows that you don’t call Bucky by his birth name. Now he has to know that something is going on.
“Y/N, you are making this harder for yourself” Bucky is trying his hardest to speak without saying too much. Even when he is angry at you, he still respects you enough not to embarrass you. You look at Bucky with a smirk, a true bratty smirk and just continue to eat your food. You’re sure he had a plan in his head for how tonight was going to go and it’s like you can see inside his head making this punishment worst for you as his anger increases. The more he becomes angry, the more you become a brat. It’s truly a fun game.
Bucky eats his dinner and when it is clear that everyone has finished eating, normally we move to the communal area to talk more or watch a movie but it’s clear that for Bucky and me, we won’t be joining them tonight. “Well, since everyone knows that I haven’t spent enough time with Y/N recently, sorry to leave you so quickly but we have places to be” You wince at his words, looking at him standing at the table. He nods his head at you, silently telling you to get up. You obey him and start to say goodnight to everyone, giving Sam, Vision and Steve a kiss on a cheek and the girls a quick hug. Steve gives you a silent good luck which you just smile softly at him. You are am fairly certain he knows that you’re being punished, even though it’s awkward for him to know, it doesn’t bother you too much. You look up to find Bucky who is waiting for you at the elevator. Either this is going to be one of the most awkward moments of your life or the most intense. It’s not until the elevator doors close, Bucky speaks. “You are going to go straight to our room, strip and kneel by the bed waiting for me. Y/N, I swear if you disobey me there will be no chance of you getting what you want tonight.” Bucky speaks coldly “I normally am more generous to you and your neediness, but you have pushed all of my buttons tonight, this really is a punishment.” You want to say that you understand and apologise even though you’re are far past that, but you just nod because you know that you’re not allowed to speak. Once the doors open, you make your way to the room and follow his rules. A small part of you wants to be a brat but you decide against it, your need to have an orgasm is bigger. You kneel on the carpet, fully naked and waiting for Bucky. This is normally how your punishments start but it has been a while since you have been in this position. Bucky walks into the room but you don’t look up at them even though your subconscious is telling me that you want to look at him, you really want to look at the man you love but you know that you’re not allowed. “Y/N look at me” Bucky is standing over you fully clothed, making your naked body kneeling on the floor blush all over. He looks so tense but oddly calm, you know that he enjoys your punishments because it allows him to have control and to push your body in ways that you never imagined it could. He just hates being angry at you. “Tell me what you are being punished for” You stutter but answered the question “I am being punished because I was disrespectful to you, I disobeyed your orders, I hung up the phone after saying mean things that I didn’t mean, I was rude to you at dinner, I was being a brat.” Wow, that was a long list, you didn’t realise everything that had happened today until now. You really were being a brat today. “Do you think there was anything else?” “um, I also hurt your feelings”. You whispered, you hated upsetting Bucky. Making him angry was one thing but upsetting him is something that you never wanted to do. “Hm.” Bucky nodded at everything that you said “Before we start the punishment, I will repeat the rules, so you understand”
“You are not allowed to speak to me unless spoken to, I will allow noises but no words except for 4 fours, what are they, Y/N?”
“Green, Yellow, Red and our safe word Brooklyn” you say them without hesitation. This part of the punishment you have heard many times but every time, it settles your nerves a little bit. “Good, you need to use those words whenever you need too. This is a punishment and I do have control, but you always have the highest control during this, do you understand? “Yes Daddy” That was a point that was always made very clear to you during the punishment, Bucky loved to have control and you loved giving it to him, but you always had the overall control, you could stop him doing anything by just one word.
“You aren’t allowed to touch me at any time until I tell you that you can. You must obey my orders when presented them, unless you used those four words and lastly, you must only call me Daddy at during this” Bucky finishes his rules with a steady breath, the room is feeling very intense now. “Do you understand all of these rules?”
“Yes, I understand Daddy”
“Good girl, can you please get up onto the bed but be in the same position” You follow through with his demand, this is one of your favourite parts of the punishment. You don’t know why but it seems to make everything feel a little sweeter. Bucky stands before you, placing his hands around your face, getting fairly close. “I know that I am about to punish you and speak and act a little mean but there is never a time during this that I don’t love you with my entire being and that I don’t cherish you and respect you, do you understand?” “Yes daddy, I love you too” Bucky smiles and continues “While I am still angry and upset at you for how we got here in the first place, I want to apologise for not giving you the attention that I know you need and deserve. This wouldn’t have happened if I just spent a couple of hours attending to all of your needs, mentally and physically so I am very sorry. We will talk more about this later, but can you accept my apology?” “I accept your apology Daddy” You sincerely say, wanting to apologize for your actions as well but you know that now is not the right time for that. “Thank you, I love you” “I love you too” You smile at him, trying very hard to not pounce on him to show your love and need that you have for him. and to top off the sweet moment, Bucky leans forward to place a soft and loving kiss, giving you your first kiss since seeing him this evening. But very quickly sweet and loving Bucky quickly turns into the same Bucky from earlier, angry and strong. The change gives you whiplash. “Y/N, I want you to get on all fours for me, facing the head of the bed.” His voice gives me goosebumps, you follow his demand. You know that being in this position means that you’re getting spanked with anything that isn’t his hand, which means that a part of your punishment is that he won’t touch you with his hands. This is truly one of your least favourite parts of being punished, you thrive on his touch and he knows that. Bucky places things next to you on the bed you didn’t even realise he had grabbed, it could be a number of things, you have a box that filled of toys that you have played with. You want to turn and look to see what he picked but you keep looking toward the head of the bed trying to please him as much as possible. “Y/N listen carefully, I am going to spank you with a paddle twelve times, I want you to count every time and if you need to use those four words please don’t hesitate. I know that twelve can be a lot with a paddle, but I believe that you can do it.” Bucky explains “Do you understand?” “Yes, I understand Daddy” You breathe out your nerves, you love being spanked but mostly when you’re over his lap and he is using his hand. This is different, you don’t have the comfort of being close to his body and having his touch. “Remember to count” Bucky says before landing the first hit on your left cheek. You gasp at the feeling, forgetting how much it stings “One” He switches to the right cheek “Two” Bucky pauses “Colour?” “Green daddy” as soon as the words leave your mouth, he lays the third one back on your left cheek, hitting right over the last spot. “Three” “Four” This is hurting more than his hand and you are missing the feeling of his hand rubbing the area when he’s done. He normally does it with is metal one which always soothes the area perfectly. “Five”
“Six” We are halfway there but each one is getting a little bit harder to tolerate, you are now wincing at each hit and your legs are starting to tremble. “Seven” you gasp out with tears pooling in your eyes but don’t fall down your face just yet. “Eight”
“Nine” You slightly sob at the pain; the hits are getting hard each time.
“Ten” The tears have fallen by now and you are starting to notice your brain becoming slightly foggy, this typically happens when you get spanked.
“Two more Y/N, you are doing so good” Bucky is noticing your body becoming unstable. He understands your body more than you do, so you have full trust in his ability to keep you safe while feeling a little more vulnerable than before. Bucky hits your butt cheek with the same force but on a different angle, so it wasn’t hitting the same spot as previous the hits. “Count Y/N” “Eleven” With the last hit on your ass, your legs give out and your body lands firmly on the bed while you mutter out “Twelve”
“Good girl, I’m so proud of you” Bucky gives you a moment to breathe and settle. All he can give you are his comforting words because you know that he won’t touch you. You turn over onto your back with a grim look on your face from the pain, but you want to see his face. All you can see is his face tense but with soft eyes and his fists clenched like it is killing him not touching you.
Without giving it a second thought, he reaches to you face only to wipe away the tears falling from your eyes and pulling back. “Colour?” “Green daddy” you smile ready for more. Your butt is throbbing, but your head still feels a little cloudy so the pain is less present than it should be. “Good, can you stand up next to me please.” Bucky spoke and began to unbutton his t-shirt, making you feel giddy at the chance of seeing him shirtless, even those you have seen every inch of his body more times than you can count.
Once his t-shirt is off and you are standing next to him, he begins to take off his pants but leaving his boxers on. He sits on the edge of the bed “Kneel between my legs” “Daddy” Your eyes widen when you realise that he is requesting, you quickly kneel between his legs and gently rest your ass on your calves without causing too much pain.
“I didn’t say that you can talk, you also cannot touch to me so put your hands behind your back.” Bucky instructs you; he shifts to make himself more comfortable which allows you to see his hard length in his boxers. You feel your body shake with excitement; You haven’t had Bucky in your mouth for 17 days which is longer than you are used too. Whenever this intimate act happens, you normally can take your time touching him and praising him, just completely worshipping his body but this is a punishment, so you know that you won’t be able to do that.
“Now because you are a dirty girl who loves having my cock in her mouth” you gasp at his sudden dirty words “I understand that this might not be a punishment for you, but because I am greedy and all this is because you wanted to get your release, I have decided that I get to come first while you still wait until you are given permission. You have been a brat all day thinking that your pleasure is more important than mine, but it’s not. So, you are going to suck my cock until I finish in your mouth and you are to swallow everything, I give you.” “Understand?” ‘Yes daddy” You grin at him which just makes him shake his head at you. Even though you are grinning, you are frustrated and so aroused. Sucking Bucky off makes you so much needier because it turns you on a lot. You love the feel of him in your mouth and giving him as much pleasure as you can.
Bucky reaches into his boxers to pull his cock out; he pumps it a few times with his metal hand to tease you knowing that you’re not allowed to touch him with anything other than your mouth. You stare intensely watching bits of precum trail down his tip, you look up at Bucky waiting for permission to get your lips around him. “Go ahead brat”
Leaning forward and trying to keep your balance, you stick out your tongue to lick everything that had been released from his tip, the familiar taste of his precum urges you on. “Don’t be a brat and tease Y/N, this is a punishment and it’s about me, not you” Bucky growls, lifting his hips a little to get you to take him fully in his mouth. Without even thinking, you take as much as you can into your mouth without releasing your hands from behind your back. “Fuck” Bucky groans throwing his head back. You guess it has been a while since he has had your mouth as well, but at least he was allowed to get off without anyone’s permission.
You pull up lightly giving the tip of his cock a tight suck, moaning a little so he can feel the vibrations on the most sensitive part of him. You look up at him to watch his facial expressions as you sink back down on his cock, allowing your mouth to take as much as you can until you can feel him hitting the top of throat. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of you deep-throating him just yet, you pull back up and continuing that motion for a bit, just appreciating the feel and the heat of him in your mouth “You can do better than that Y/N, don’t be lazy and get me off” Bucky grunts, thrusting his hips a little making your gag around him and your eyes water. You pull off him to take a breath and lick at his tip again, running your tongue across his slit making his breathing grow heavier, before swallowing your mouth around him to take him as far as it allows you. You can feel his cock twitch in your mouth a little making your mouth salivate and make this whole process a little wetter, but it’s makes it easier for his cock to slide up and down your throat. You slow down and try to take your time deep throating him, hoping to make this as pleasurable as you can for him, but he seems to have other ideas. “I can happily fuck your face if you don’t do your job correctly, but I was letting you off a little by letting you go at your own pace” You moan around his shaft, you haven’t had your face fucked since your last punishment. Bucky loves letting you take your time getting him off, for his own pleasure and yours. He loves the pleasure building up over time allowing him to have a stronger release and he loves watching you be a slut for his cock.
“Oh, is that something you want?” Bucky chuckles at your response “Little slut wants her face fucked, huh” Your entire body clenches at his words and you begin to feel your arousal slip down to your thighs. You nod lightly with him still your mouth, your body is craving a release but all you can think about is you gagging around his dick. Bucky is still not touching you with his hands, but he skilfully thrusts up, making you take his entire length at a strong pace. He continues this movement with little grunting noises until you feel your lungs burn, fighting to get air in. Bucky pulls back for a little bit, allowing you to get air into your lungs and suck at his crown tasting the salt that had released. “I am close brat, finish me off” It doesn’t take long but after skilfully using your mouth in the way you know he loves; he grunts out profanities and warm seed is filling your mouth making you swallow around him giving him extra pleasure on his now sensitive head. “Fuck Y/N, your dirty mouth is so useful, getting me off so well” You release him from your mouth, licking everything that was left remaining on his length, his cock twitching at the sensation. Bucky pushes you back softly to give you your next order, not wasting anytime. “Get up on the bed, on your back with your arms up” You finally take a quick glance at the items on the bed and see silk rope and your favorite dildo and vibrator. You realize what the rest of your punishment is going to be, after trying your hardest to get permission to come, you are now going to be edged and denied for as many times as Bucky sees fit. You hate being edged. You are too needy to be edged and you become the biggest brat. You would much rather be overstimulated and be allowed as many orgasms as your allowed. Now you are being edged, without being allowed to talk or touch Bucky nor are you being touched by him. This might be a little less frustrating if you were being edged by his fingers, mouth or cock but no, only your vibrator and dildo. Bucky reaches over you to tie your hands to the headboard, he is clearly doing everything in his power not to touch your body in the process. “Not too tight?” He asks yanking at the rope a little to make sure its secure. “No daddy, green” You give it a little pull yourself, to test how much movement you have in your arms, which isn’t as much as you hoped but you still felt comfortable. “Repeat the 4 four words to me” “Green, Yellow, Red and Brooklyn” Bucky nods standing up to look at you tied to your bed. “Look at you, so needy all day wanting to get off. I had all night and tomorrow planned to worship your body and give you permission to come as many times as you wanted because I knew that you needed my fingers, my mouth and my cock to satisfy you. But no, you had to be a spoilt brat and ruin my plans, you wouldn’t listen to me and be patient.” Bucky shakes his head while all I want is to sink into the bed feeling embarrassed by my actions today, but I have no choice but to be present and listen to everything he is saying. “You know I still haven’t decided if I’m going to give your permission to come tonight, you were so disrespectful to me today so I could be mean. I could edge you until I’m ready to bury myself into you and just use your holes for my pleasure, because my pleasure is more important, isn’t it Y/N?”
“Yes” you whisper with watery eyes from both feeling so frustrated and embarrassed.
“Yes daddy, your pleasure is more important than mine” You lightly sob, pulling at the ropes before responding “Yes daddy, your pleasure is more important than mine” “Spread your legs” You whimper at your request knowing that he is going to see how wet you are, see how desperate your body is for him. “You desperate brat, you are dripping onto the bed” Bucky laughs with a mocking tone “You must really be needing a release if you are this worked up, too bad you don’t have permission” Wanting to beg with everything you have to get him to touch you, you just nod and shift your hips as that is all that you can do. These rules are really affecting you; you hate not being able to talk to him. Bucky kneels on the floor, getting really close to your dripping cunt but not touching it, instead he does the cruelest thing and lightly blows straight at your clit while looking directly into your eyes. You groan at the sensation while he watches you with smirk. Your core is clenching at just that small act, feeling no relief at all. You just want to beg and plead for something. “Reminder than you are not allowed to come without my permission” Bucky states “I am giving you a heads up now that I am not going to be generous so don’t get your hopes up for a release anytime soon” You groan with frustration needing to get off right now. Since you have only ever been allowed to come until he tells you, your body has become fairly trained at holding off until you hear those words, but with the punishment happening and how long it has been since you came last, you aren’t too sure if you will be able to help yourself. “Remember the rules and I might be nice eventually” Bucky picks up the vibrator making my stomach twist in anticipation, you were hoping that he would start with the dildo first. While you can get off from just penetration, it takes longer unlike getting vibrators on your sensitive bud. All of a sudden forgetting all the times in the past that you have used this toy, you get a big shock when he turns it on and places it just above your clit moaning at the intense feeling. The vibrator is on a lower setting and isn’t directly where you need it, but it doesn’t stop you from moaning loudly and bending your knees finally getting an inch of release. “I’m sure that feels good brat but it just going to build and build, you aren’t going to get that release that you need” Bucky begins to tease you with his words and movement, the toy is now running up and down your soaked folds. “Stop moving, otherwise I will tie your legs down too” He orders after you began to shift your hips towards the vibrations. You can’t help yourself; he just isn’t hitting any of the spots that you need him too. Soft whimpers fall out of your mouth, hoping that he understands that you are begging for more, which of course he does when he turns it to another, more intense setting and placing it just directly under your clit. Your body spasms involuntarily and your mouth falls open with a silent moan.
Your pleasure is building a lot quicker that you thought that it would. It had only been minutes and you were so close to coming. If he put the vibrations directly on your clit, you were in serious danger of coming without permission. “You are so wet Y/N, it’s almost gushing out of you, are you that desperate that you need to come already?’ Bucky turns it up to another setting but keeps it in the same place, constant noises were falling out on your mouth at this point, you are wanting so badly to use your words to voice how you are feeling but you just nod quickly, you really need to come. “You need to hold it Y/N, you aren’t allowed that pleasure of letting go” Bucky sternly says watching you lose your mind trying to hold it. You are gasping for breaths with your chest rising and fall quickly, it feels like there is a band in your cunt that is wearing thin and wanting to snap any minute so you can orgasm, but you don’t let it. Bucky begins to circle the vibrator around your clit, hitting every nerve that you have. You back are now arched and if your hands weren’t tied up, they would be straight into Bucky’s hair griping tightly. But all you can do is just shake your head and clench your fist around the rope. You are so close to the edge that when Bucky takes it off your cunt, you groan loudly at both the frustration and there is always just burst of pleasure when you get a ruined orgasm, it’s not as good as the real thing but it feels so intense.
“Well done Y/N” Bucky praises watching you shake in response to how your body is feeling right now. “I know you need that release, but you didn’t let go” “Colour?”
While panting you say “Green, Daddy”
Your body is settling down a little, but you know that this time is going to be so intense for you and only going to get worse. Mentally preparing for the frustration, you look at Bucky for comfort. His body is standing tall at the foot of the bed and he is looking at you in awe and making sure that everything is green in your mind and body. While this is still a punishment, you can now see his anger diminishing and he is just enjoying watching your body being pushed to the edge and your frustration about the situation. You are aching for his touch; it has been too long since you felt his hands on your body, missing the feeling the coolness of the metal hand contrasting with the warmth of his right hand. How softly he caresses your body, giving you kisses and bites all over your body. Especially seeing him between your legs, all you want is to feel him place kisses in your inner thighs and grip them firmly. Paying attention to his movements, you watch him put down the vibrator that is glistening in your arousal and pick up the dildo. You suck in deeply looking at the toy, you and Bucky had used this often, your most favourite memory is him fucking you with it sitting on the floor with your legs spread in front of a mirror, remembering that moment and how amazing it felt, you grew excited at having it fill your cunt again. “Don’t get too excited needy brat” Bucky laughs at your excitement “You still can’t come yet, just have to take it in that throbbing cunt of yours” You groan at him saying the word cunt but spread your legs wider, giving him the green light at continuing, trying to communicate with him without using words. Bucky gets close to your pussy again, gently rubbing the toy up and down your folds, spreading your juices everywhere over your core and the toy. The sensation of the firm toy gliding over your cunt is nothing compared to the deep feeling of him pushing the toy into your entrance. It is taking everything in you not to shout out his name, all you can do is groan deeply at the feeling of being filled for the first time in over two weeks. Even though it’s a fake cock and you want the real one, you still welcome the feeling. Bucky just teases the toy in and out of your entrance, not pushing it in far just yet. This allows your walls to loosen and give way for the toy to fully slide in your cunt when Bucky allows it too. The toy isn’t as long or as wide as Bucky, it doesn’t have the same curve or feel as Bucky’s does, but it is still big enough to stretch your walls and it can fuck you well. “I know that you want the real thing because you are a greedy slut but you’ll just have to take this fake cock for now” Bucky says while thrusting the toy in and out of your cunt at a quick pace “Well you seem to be enjoying it as you are coating the fuck out of it with your juices, damn” You can feel yourself dripping down to your ass as all of your arousal is now getting played around with by the dildo. You feel the pressure build again at the dildo stroking your inner walls, hitting all the needed spots. Coming from only penetration can take a while but when you have been horny for 17 days and edged it seems to happen quicker. Your hips begin to rock with the movement of the dildo entering your body and moans leave your mouth each time the thrust hits deeper that others. Bucky angles the dildo in the perfect direction hitting that sweet spot inside you, a spot that his cock perfectly hits because of the curve of his length. “You getting close brat? I can feel you clenching the cock like you always do when mine is buried in you” Bucky keeps up with his motions, his words assisting your pleasure. “That’s how I know when you are ready to come, by how tight your pussy becomes when you clench around me” You moan out with a small sob because of the overwhelming feelings your body is going through, all you want to do is let go but you know that you’re not allowed to so you just relish in the pleasure trying not to let that band snap.
You look into Bucky’s eyes pleading for him to give in and let you come or to stop, the toy is hitting every spot so deep inside you. With your eyes and body being your only form of communication, you buck your hips and close your eyes tightly trying so hard to obey his rules. Bucky very quickly pulls the dildo out of your cunt, only to smack it down hard onto your clit for a spank making your legs pull together and your body arch at the sudden pain. “Fuck” you can’t help whining out and then widen your eyes because you broke a rule. Bucky looks at your sternly, angry that you spoke because you were doing so well. “Y/N, I didn’t give you permission to speak. But I’m going to let it go, just this once because you have been so good at obeying my rules. But don’t do it again” Bucky tone became very tense again, you didn’t mean for it to come out, you were just so caught up in the pleasure and then the sudden pain made your brain stutter. “Apologize” “Sorry for breaking a rule daddy” I croak out, my voice sound harsh from the lack of talking.
Bucky just nods and then in a sudden movement the dildo was thrusted deeply into my cunt again making me pull down on the restraints. You did not expect that, but your wet cunt welcomed the toy quickly, the pressuring began building once again as Bucky fucked you with it. Bucky continues to fuck you for a little while, until you tipped your head back to close your eyes as the pleasure felt so good, without any warning there was a strong vibration on your bundle of nerves. You immediately shout out and thrust your hips up at the sensation.
The need to release just became ten times more present and it’s all your brain was thinking about. Bucky didn’t let up on the thrust of the dildo or the pressure on your clit, you began to sob, tears falling out of your eyes having no control over your emotions anymore.
“Hold it. Do not come” Bucky orders watching you thrash over the bed in need for that band to snap but it doesn’t. You know that you don’t have his permission and you can’t break the biggest rule Bucky has. You whine and sob really loudly, everything is overwhelming and the need for his touch and the need to come is just too much. “Colour” Bucky asks, his thrusts have slowed down a little, but the vibrator is still firmly on my clit. You want to say green, because you hate saying anything else otherwise but knowing how important communication is to Bucky you say “Yellow” Bucky takes the vibrator away from your core but is still lightly thrusting the dildo in and down, letting the pleasure dial down slowly before stopping and removing the toy from your opening. “Good girl, I know how difficult that was for you. I am so proud that you said yellow.” Bucky praises me with the softest voice you have heard all night “I know that you need to come but there is still a little while longer, can you handle that?”
You take a few deep breaths and try to ground yourself so you can understand how your body is feeling. While doing this you realise how clouded your brain felt, everything was so intense that your brain wasn’t able to keep up. “Yes, green daddy” You say not knowing how much longer you had to endure this punishment. “Is there anything you need to say to me?” You pause wondering if you show how needy you are feeling right now but you don’t care at this point “I need your touch Daddy, I miss you.”
Bucky just softly smiles at you “Why am I not surprised that is your answer, you will get it soon okay?”
You just nod, you truly have no idea how much longer he is going to edge you for, it has been three times so far and each one is getting harder to control. You are so ready to come, you are so surprised at how well your body is taking his punishment. “You ready, Y/N?” Bucky ask, picking up only the vibrator. You just nod, not find any words do speak. You can feel how sensitive your clit is right now, having the toy pressed against it again makes you feel so nervous, but you trust that Bucky knows how much your body can handle. You take a deep breath when you feel the toy back at your folds, not turned on yet. Bucky guides it up and down your pussy, building up the suspension of him turning on. Bucky is looking at your face, watching all of your expressions and body movements. Your eyes are glazed over which is telling him that you’re feeling a little floaty and emotional, but your body is ready for more, he can tell by your thighs trying to clench themselves and your hips lightly lifting when the toy glides over your clit. Without any warning as per usual, he turns on the toy at a low setting. You tightly close your eyes at the sensation and rock your hips at him still running all over your core. You feel your walls clenching with need, every time it reaches your clit your body pulses at the sensitivity. You whine when Bucky starts to focus on your clit, circling the toy around the small area. He increases the setting by one, allowing you to get use to the change before pressing it down firmly. Bucky starts showering you with praise, muttering how proud he is of you, for obeying his rules, for enduring the punishment. He is saying all of this only using your name. The whole night you have been aware that he wasn’t calling you by any sweet names like he normally does but the need to get a release or even to get him to touch you was more important. You don’t know if it’s because your head is all floaty and your emotions are all over the place or if you just miss those words, you begin to cry strongly. You begin to hate the sound of your name coming out of his mouth.
The feeling of the vibrator was overwhelming you and the pressure that is wanting to burst is only building every second, but you just shake your head at his words and choke on your cries. Bucky is a little confused on your cries but knows how emotional you get when you are at this point, so he just talks you through it
“You’re doing so well Y/N, I know that you want to let go but just a little bit longer” Annoyed by his words, you kick out one of your legs trying to communicate with him the only way that you can. This makes Bucky take the vibrator off you, understanding your limits. “Hey, It’s okay. Take a deep breath, just a little more” Bucky soothes, but you don’t care about the pleasure anymore, you just want him, you want his touch and his sweet words. Witnessing you cry and shake your head, “hey, talk to me. You can speak now Y/N”
“No” you cry, your brain only allowing one word to come out.
“No?” “If you want us to stop, you need to say the safe word” Taking a deep breath trying to slow down your tears so you can get your words out, but it doesn’t work. “Daddy” you sob, shaking your head. Your brain is just not focusing the way, you need it to. You begin to get frustrated, all you want is for him to call you baby, darling or anything other than your name. “I’m right here baby, just talk to me” Bucky coos, and just like that, your body begins to calm. Your emotions are so out of touch that one simple word makes everything better. Watching you calm down and lightly smile at him, Bucky is really confused on what is going on, he is looking at you, still crying but more relaxed. “Y/N talk to me” You frown shaking your head “No, not Y/N. Baby” You can only speak in simple words, that’s all your head can muster out. Bucky looks at you clearly not clicking on your words before it all seems to make sense. During your punishment he hasn’t said a single pet name and he knows how much you love hearing him call you pet names, with baby, darling and sweet girl being your favourites. “All this crying is because I wasn’t calling you a sweet name?” Bucky chuckles but find it so endearing, not realising how much you needed sweet talk during intimate moments until now. “Uh huh” you nod “Please daddy” “You are being punishing you know” Bucky teases smirking, his anger from today is completely gone at this point. He is still punishing you because you needed to be taught a lesson but the anger he felt before is gone. Seeing you behave so well during this punishment and getting an orgasm for himself helped a lot. “I know but I need it” you whisper, feeling a little shy and soft. “okay sweet girl” you smile at his words, your heart suddenly feeling a lot better.
“How are your arms feeling?” Bucky asks, the restraints aren’t that tight, and your arms are rested on the pillows above you, but he still felt the need to check in with you, especially since you are feeling extra sweet. “Good daddy” you said waving both of your hands for him to see. “I wanna touch you though” Bucky looks at your pout but knows that soon enough you will both get to touch each other so he denies you for now. “I know darling, a little longer. I wanna do something that I have be craving for 17 days first” “What daddy?” Your voice is sounding so soft and sweet, it makes Bucky’s brain feel like its melting, but you still need to be taught a lesson, so he isn’t letting you sweet talk him. “You’ll see, now back to where we were.” Bucky moves to between your legs “rules are back my love. No talking, only noises, understood?” “Yes daddy” “Close your eyes sweetheart” Bucky whispers and you obey, curious to find what he has been craving from 17 days. You feel sudden heat close to your core, it takes you too long to understand what that heat is until you feel his tongue deep into your folds, lapping all of the arousal still there.
Wanting to call out his name at the feeling of his mouth where you needed it most, but not being able to speak, all you can do is whine out and move your hips making all your arousal spread over his face. His tongue is targeting your clit to quickly build the pressure that has been wanting to be released for hours now, sucking at your clit making it throb but he soothes the area with small licks making your legs shake with pleasure. “okay darling, you have been such a good girl for me tonight. You haven’t been much of a brat since this punishment started and I know that you are sorry for how you behaved today so I’m going to give you permission to come on Daddy’s tongue” Bucky speaks softly, placing soft kisses surrounding your cunt. His words sound like magic, getting the permission you so desperately needed, you raise your hips in hopes that he will continue. He chuckles at your neediness to come now that you have permission. “Needy little girl” Whining at his words, loving that he is speaking to you with pet names again, you have always loved hearing little girl during times where Bucky is more dominate that usual and you are feeling subby and all floaty. Bucky continues to tease you with his tongue, not giving you enough pressure for it to get you off, you rock your hips into his mouth wanting him to give you more. He knows exactly how you like your pussy to be eaten so he is purely just toying with you to create more frustration, like he hasn’t done that enough already. You sob at his small movements craving more “I’m just teasing you baby, be patient” You have been patient all night, so you glare at him making him laugh into your needy cunt. Before he gives you exactly what you need, he flattens his tongue onto your clit putting the right amount of pressure and goes down lower to your entrance, he begins fuck you with his tongue lightly collecting all the juice that is seeping out before diving right into your core to fuck you properly.
You shout out at the feeling of his warm muscle inside you, all you are receiving is his tongue, no fingers or touch anywhere else. It’s frustrating you but not being able to complain, you just relish in the feeling of his mouth and tongue that is making its way back to your clit giving it attention.
Your eyes start to see stars and legs begin to shake as the band is getting thinner than ever. Bucky is assaulting your cunt exactly how you need him too. Not having the luxury of your pussy clenching around anything, you begin to lightly fuck his face instead feeling the tip of his tongue at the most sensitive part of your bud. Not holding back from your noises, Bucky can tell how close you are to coming. “Come for me sweet girl” He speaks, continuing to give you everything that you need to make that release and with the support of his words, that band finally breaks. Your body completely trembling as you reach your peak and instead of having it be denied, it finally washes over you more intensely that you have ever felt. Bucky watches you in awe getting your release, your legs shaking around his ears and you back fully arched perfectly. He slows down his acts but doesn’t let up, just collects all the wetness that was released during your orgasm. He moans at the sight and the taste on his tongue, he was finally getting the thing that he was craving as well. “So perfect baby” He coos, placing kisses on your thigh while you come back from your high. “So beautiful” Bucky crawls up to place his body over yours but not putting any weight onto you. He can immediately see how floaty you were by the pure and innocent look in your eyes. Also, by how it took for him to touch your face for you to realise his position. You gasp and your eyes tear up very quickly seeing his face so close to yours, after all this time, he was finally going to touch you. Bucky brushes hair away from your face with his flesh hand and leans down to give you a soft kiss, you moan at the feeling of his lips on yours, he pulls back as you chase him for more, not ready for the kissing to stop. “Hi, my love” Bucky smiles at you “you are so beautiful when you come” You smile softly at his words, lifting your hips to press your body to his. Now that you have had your release all you want is his touch and his body on yours. You may be really needy before an orgasm, but you are next level clingy after one, especially when being punished. Bucky’s touch radiates so much love that you just crave when feeling so relaxed and soft like you are now. “You can speak now sweetheart, but I’m not done with you yet” Your eyes widen at his words, being excited to communicate with him but also knowing that you weren’t finished yet. Even when still recovering from an earth-shattering orgasm, you still wanting more- you wanted him. “Daddy” you breath out “Touch” “I know darling, you need my touch, and you will have it. But you’ll have to wait a bit to touch me, okay?” Bucky reaches up to release your arms from the restraints, while he knows that you love being tied up, when you are any kind of subspace, whether it is only light or really deep, he doesn’t feel comfortable having you restrained. “Your arms need to stay by your side until I say otherwise, okay?” With your arms moving down to your sides, a little stiff by being up above you for long, you shake the feeling out a little “Yes daddy” “Colour baby?”
“So green” you whisper feeling sensitive but ready for him, always ready for him. “Good girl” Bucky kisses you sweetly, he gently grabs your thighs and slots himself between them, somewhere during your foggy brain he had removed his boxers and is now finally naked with you. The feeling of him between your legs is calming nerves you never realised you had, your body and mind finally found its equilibrium you had been waiting for.
“I missed you so much” you whispered to Bucky while gripping the bed sheets to stop you from touching him.
Bucky strokes your right cheek softy and places a kiss on your lips “I missed you too darling, I’m not going anywhere right now, I promise” “Good” you lightly tease “because I really need you in me” This comment gets you a full body laugh from Bucky and a pure smile “Okay, okay you little brat” Bucky immediately kisses you, moving his hands up and down the outsides of your thighs, this causes your bodies to mould together and both of you to moan into your kiss. After deepening the kiss and making out for a few minutes leaving you both breathless, his hands find his hard cock to tease it up and down your folds. Since your core is feeling so sensitive you shiver at the motion but whine because so quickly, you need more. “Please daddy” you whine into his ear rocking your hips into his “I need more, I need you” “Shh sweetheart, you got me” Bucky whisper, making sure that he is fully grounded and comfortable, he looks right into your eyes while sinking into your warm heat. The feeling was intense for the both of you as he bottoms out inside of you. You begin to pant out softy and he curses under his breath. After 17 days of being apart, you finally get to have that connection you need, your bodies finally become one and you both get to find so much pleasure from each other.
“Daddy, please move” He has stilled inside you to feel the stretch of your cunt around him and just the warm surrounding his cock and while you love the idea of his cock just resting inside of you, now it’s not the time for that. “You feel so fucking good baby” Bucky groans thrusting slowly into you getting as deep as you let him. His hands make their way to your lightly bruised ass to get grip on your body in preparation to move faster, you moan at the feeling of his hands on your tender cheeks and wait for him to start fucking you hard.
You both moan out at the change of pace when he thrusts into you hard and fast like you both needed. Sex with Bucky always feels so good, it was amazing when you first started dating and now years later, in love and so comfortable with each other, the feeling is more than you ever thought was possible. Raising your hips to meet his intense thrust, your walls being to tighten, and your body begins to feel so hot and the need to touch him, to have your hands in his hair or scratching down his back becomes so overwhelming that you beg for it.
“Can I touch you please” you beg “please daddy, you feel so good” “Go ahead sweet girl” Bucky grunts out, anticipating the feeling of your hands on his body after all this time. He always craves your touch, just as much as you do for his and even though you were being the one punished tonight, he did feel punished at times for not getting to feel your small soft hands caressing his body. Your hands reach around his core to bring you to his toned warm body with your legs wrapping softy around his waist. The change of your body makes him so much deeper into you and hits the spot you need so perfectly. “Fuck” Bucky groans rolling his hips while grasping one of your thighs “Darling, I’m going to need you to come soon” You can tell just how close he is as his body is trembling a little above you and his breathing is becoming harsh. You both move together so perfectly, hitting every spot over and over again. The pleasure building inside of you is making your moans very easily escape your mouth. Getting onto his level of high, your legs tighten around his waist at the same time as your cunt clenches around him. “Daddy, I’m close” “Let go baby, let me feel you” Bucky waits for your pleasure to wash over you, your eyes rolling back and chest pressing firmly into his, the feel of your release around his cock is everything that he needs to spill inside of you. Holding on your body so tightly as both of you recover from your high, Bucky’s head is nuzzling into the crook of your neck and his full body weight is now on top of you.
He sighs out, feeling happy and content, placing kisses into your neck while his member is still buried in you keeping him warm. Your arms curl around his back to lightly stroke his back the way you know he loves. Feeling so comfortable and still a little floaty you lay there with him in your arms, you realise that this is everything that you wanted for the pass 17 days. Both relaxed after reaching your high together, just lying in each other’s warmth, talking whenever you feel it’s necessary and soft kisses.
“I’m sorry for today, I did mean to be such a brat” I whisper tightening your grip on him “I think I just really missed you and miss not being able to be like this for so long, it sounds so stupid, but being like this with you, being vulnerable and just safe with you in your arms helps me so much” “Baby, how you feel is never stupid. I accept your apology because I understand and feel the same way. I’m just less of a brat about it” Bucky teases, making you huff and glare at his words. “But I love you so much and I love being intimate with you, it helps me too, in more ways than I even realise” “I love you” “I love you too sweetheart” he says before kissing you with all the love he has.
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caplanbuckybarnes · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Bucky watches you give birth.
Warnings; fluff, childbirth
Pairing: Bucky x female reader
Bucky shook his head in wonderment as he gazed down at her as she laid in the hospital bed, sweat dribbling down her face, teeth clenching and unclenching as the grip of her hand tightened in his.
“Just calm down, baby, calm-” Truthfully, the man was absolutely freaking out. Here he was, holding his wife’s hand, while she gave birth to his first child. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had retired from the team, much to the dismay of Steve and Peter.
He had to. Once he found out he was going to have a family, he couldn’t risk going on missions and not returning home to her. He wanted to remain in one piece.
“Bucky, I swear to hell, don’t tell me to calm down!” She grimaced as she pushed the baby out of her, earning a pleasant smirk fro Bucky.
Twelve hours.
Twelve long hours he sat with her in the delivery room.
And during that time, all he could think about was the discussion they’d both had only a month before the baby was currently being born.
“I can not believe you talked me into this; having a family!” She scoffed one morning while they sat for breakfast, Bucky handing her a glass of orange juice, while he himself drank coffee.
He smirked over his mug before taking a large swig and placing the object down before leaning over and placing his palm against the swollen belly.
“You don’t need to protect me on missions now, Y/N,” he grinned. “But I promise I will do my duty as a boyfriend and protect what is mine.”
She smiled at him before he leaned over and kissed her forehead and returning back to his coffee.
The wails of a baby sounded through the frantic room of doctors and Bucky felt his grin ever growing. “Oh, she’s beautiful,” he swallowed down the sob that yearned to escape as the nurse placed the baby on her chest.
She held the baby tightly as two tears slid down her cheek. “Bucky,” she whispered before looking up at him. “This, this is what you need to protect now.” Her eyes shimmered with happiness and joy.
“I promise,” he vowed, placing a protective hand over her wrist before leaning over and kissing her.
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cjsinkythoughts · 14 hours ago
omg did u get to see the new pics that seb posted?? definitely rockstar vibes!!🤯
I know! I'm excited because a lot of amazing writers I follow are talking about Bucky rockstar aus they're gonna write!
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baroquebucky · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
hi bffs !! will try to get part 5 of touch up tonight !! most likely will be up in two ish hours <333
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amarriageoftrueminds · 17 hours ago
concept: callback to Planet Hulk where Steve & the Howlies went to look for Bucky after he fell from the train but still believed he was dead... because they found his arm.
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livingprophecy · 18 hours ago
@serenitystored​   /   grishaverse bucky starter.   (for xena!)
Tumblr media
     𝐇𝐄 𝐈𝐒𝐍’𝐓 𝐐𝐔𝐈𝐓𝐄 sure how he ended up in the little cafe in ketterdam, and he’s even less sure how the woman sees right through him. but after the third time he’s come back for a cup of tea   (and this time, with a bruise on his face, but worse bruising across his chest),   she asks him to stay awhile, slipping an EXTRA PASTRY on his plate. the soldier hasn’t eaten sweets in… IN TOO LONG. wary eyes survey her once more while his fingers twist a piece of metal absentmindedly.   “you are being awfully kind to a man you’ve never met.”   he observes, when less people sit around him. perhaps he’s stayed, for one quiet moment of rest.   “especially considering i don’t have the kruge to pay for these pastries.”   his kerch is still a little rough around the edges, considering he’d only started learning last year, but it gets the job done. the soldier cocks his head.   “is there something that YOU WANT FROM ME?”
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livingprophecy · 18 hours ago
@aercana   /   grishaverse bucky starter.   (for talya!)
     𝐖𝐇𝐄𝐍 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐌𝐈𝐒𝐒𝐈𝐎𝐍 instruction came, detailing what had been done to the grisha woman, he felt his stomach turn. and when her original purpose was rendered impossible, they wanted to make her into a weapon, as if she wasn’t fighting the worst withdrawal symptoms she’d ever face in her life.   teach her to fight.   /   TRANSLATION:   MAKE HER A WEAPON, SOMETHING TO BE USED.   he can’t let another person be turned into a mindless puppet to be sent at their next intended target.   (so he teaches her to reclaim her agency, how to defend herself, because she doesn’t need help learning to kill).   tailors terrify him, and if she survives this, there’s no telling what she will be capable of too.
     𝐂𝐑𝐎𝐒𝐒 𝐋𝐄𝐆𝐆𝐄𝐃 𝐈𝐍 front of talya, he watches her face carefully, wishing he could know what was going on behind her eyes and between her ears. he can’t give her another dose of jurda parem — NO MATTER HOW MUCH SHE BEGS.   “can you tell me how you are today?”   he wishes he was strong enough a fabrikator to pull all traces of the drug out of her, to rid her body of this toxin.   (he curses the fjerdans for doing this;   and that’s what scares him, considering he’s never questioned them this much before).      “do you need anything?”
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livingprophecy · 18 hours ago
@eterneaty​   /   grishaverse bucky starter.   (for alina!)
     𝐓𝐎𝐎 𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐘 𝐌𝐄𝐌𝐎𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 knock against the inside of his skull, demanding to be heard. names come and go like they are meant to mean nothing.   if they did truly mean nothing, he wouldn’t be stuck on them, and his own name wouldn’t be part of the indistinguishable mess.   faces are even harder to place.   IF THEY ARE IN HIS HEAD, THEY HAVE TO MEAN SOMETHING.   but what’s most present is the knife in his belt — it’s currently clean, but he can practically taste the iron of past kills’ blood. and the look on alina starkov’s face when he’d had it against her neck, both terror and naivety. SHE’S JUST A KID.   (with horror:   I AM TOO).   he can’t report back to the fjerdans yet, not when the mission isn’t finished, not when someone else could come to finish what he should have.
Tumblr media
     𝐈𝐓 𝐒𝐇𝐎𝐔𝐋𝐃𝐍’𝐓 𝐒𝐔𝐑𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐒𝐄 him that he’s getting sloppy — he’s been watching over the sun saint   (not that he could call himself a guardian of any sort),  and she spots him, eyes wide with recognition. immediately his arms are held in surrender.   he considers kneeling and begging for forgiveness.   /   HE’LL NEVER KNEEL AGAIN.   what comes next confuses him even more.   “i’m sorry.”   ravkan feels foreign on his tongue. isn’t it supposed to be his native language? he blinks, shaking his head.   “i’m not here to hurt you. i — i need answers. and i can’t go back, not while you’re alive.”
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ghostsandmirrors · 19 hours ago
You look exhausted. (bucky)
My muse has been having the same nightmare for weeks now and it’s taking it’s toll. Send me “You look exhausted.” for my muse’s response.
Bucky took a deep breath before shifting just enough to look her way and reveal the extent of the unimpressed expression on his face.
"Y'could've lied," he joked, fighting back a smile while staring at her. "M'just tired, don't worry," he said seriously, shifting to sit up. She didn't need to hear anything more than that; she was a kid, not his therapist.
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angrybirdcr · 20 hours ago
White Wolf🐺
**Red Riding Hood AU**
Werewolf! Bucky Barnes x WOC! Reader One-Shot
Tumblr media
//You can also find me on AO3 // Wattpad A/N: A mix of fantasy, tooth-rotting romance, sexy times times and Bucky Barnes. This was written with a lot of love for three different challenges. Please check them out in the links below! I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.
@awesomerextyphoon // 27 Fairytales Challenge
@wkemeup // 9K Followers Challenge
@simsadventures // Sim's 6K Mixed Adventure
Special thanks to@tuiccim for putting up with me and being a wonderuful BETA! 💖
**DISCLAIMER: This is for entertainment purposes only. I ONLY own the rights over my own original characters // Pics are taken from the internet for reference only and they’re not meant to be a literal interpretation of the details hereby described (included but not limited to, to reader’s appearance) // Dividers by me
**Please DO NOT post any of my works on any other platform or site. Feel free to like, comment and/or reblog. Thank You!**
Tumblr media
Word Count: 6.2K+
Prompts (Included on BOLD)⁚
Red Riding Hood AU
"You have bewitched me, body and soul." (Pride and Prejudice, 2005)
Better Love- HozieR
Summary: There’s a tale about a white wolf roaming the woods, but you don’t believe in them, until the day you do, when a man enters your life to protect you from evil, carrying with him the biggest secret of all. 🐺🐺🐺
WARNINGS: 18+. Adult situations. Clear mentions of sexual harassment (Rumlow being an absolute jerk), Red Riding Hood AU, Cabin in the woods, brief allusions to magic/fantasy, This is pure fluff and soft romance, implied sexual content, soft!Bucky! YOUR MEDIA CONSUMPTION IS YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY
Tumblr media
They say that every forest comes with an enchanted tale and mystic monsters that haunt those daring to get inside, yet someone always believed that those stories were only meant to keep the treasures within safe from those wishing to harm the beauty in them.
It was that same naivety that drove her to ignore the tales about the creature that roamed the woods at night. She was not oblivious to the many beasts that surely inhabited the vast mountain expansions, but she bore no fear. There was a pull like no other that beckoned her into the darkness that everyone warned her about, yet she failed to see it. Her love for the woods was greater than any words could deter.
He was lonely, always staring into the blackness at some distant star and thinking about the time that seemed to escape between his fingers. Each day that passed was eclipsed by the ache of knowing how alone he was, how close or how far he could be from her and fearing the day that he would die being nothing but an unknown soul to the one he loved. He howled to the moon and confessed the longing he was dreaming of.
Yet it was written in the stars, that they would soon find each other. 🐺🐺🐺
Tumblr media
They kept telling you stories trying to scare you off from constantly roaming “the forbidden” wilderness, but you refused to let fear cloud your better judgement. It surely didn’t stop you from enjoying the beautiful scenery that surrounded your grandmother’s cozy cabin near the woods. She was the only one that understood you and she always encouraged you to live your life to the fullest, even if your happiness lay in the hidden solitude of nature.
Every Friday you ventured into town where every shop owner happily greeted you. They were accustomed to seeing you with a bright smile as you gathered everything that your grandma loved, from the sweet fruity filled pastries to the colorful threads for her devoted knitting and tailoring. An enviable skill that you proudly wore in the form of the most beautiful carmesi cape, one that she made you from the softest fabric to keep you warm whenever you had to go out. You hoped that one day you would make her proud by displaying the same dexterity, in the meantime you delighted her taste buds with your homemade berry’s jam that she forevermore beamed about.
There was only one thing that you always dreaded about your shopping day and it had a name, Brock Rumlow.
Just the thought of the name itself made you shudder. He was the kind of man whose reputation kept everyone as far away from him as possible. His playboy ways and drinking habits were well known across the nearby towns and the fact that he had set his eyes on you made your hairs stand on end.
Today was no exception.
You smelled him before you saw him, that cheap whiskey mixed with tobacco and hints of the metal dust from his work as a blacksmith. Coming from anyone else you wouldn’t mind it, but from him you hated it so much. When he finally made his presence known, you were met with that typical dark smirk that made your insides churn.
“How are you, gorgeous?” He chuckled, eyeing you up and down, as if he was undressing you with his eyes. It made you extremely uncomfortable and all you wanted was to run away. But it was as if he could sense your unease, as he immediately blocked your exit with his towering figure. “Where are you going today? Let me guess, visiting the old lady?” He disdainfully said, making you clench your fists at your side.
“I’m doing okay, Mr. Rumlow. But I must be going, if you'll excuse me.” You said, trying to move past him.
He didn’t like it.
“Mr. Rumlow?” he said with indignation, stepping in your path. “I thought that I told you to call me Brock, darling...” The way he called you unnecessary pet names endeared him to you even less..
“I'm sorry, I do not wish to offend you, Sir, but I do not feel comfortable with you. Please, let me go.” You plead, fearful of the darkness that surrounded his eyes as he refused to give up.
“Are you afraid of me?” He said, moving closer to you and licking his lips.
“Please!” You begged him, afraid that no one would hear your pleas. But, right then, an unfamiliar face appeared from the shadows.
“I believe that the lady politely requested you to let go.” His piercing eyes locked with yours, but you didn’t feel any fear. The intensity of his gaze sent a wave of utter peace through your body. A warmth that disappeared as he icely stared at the man making you tremble and it sent a shiver down your spine. Brock dismissively looked at the unknown man, refusing to back down.
“Why should I listen to you?” Brock sneered at him.
“Because if you don’t, then you’ll regret it so very much.” He darkly chuckled, and, for the first time, you swore that you saw Brock flinch and cower away as he took in the impressive opponent in front of him.
“I’ll see you again.” He huffed. You released a breath, that you didn’t know you were holding, as you saw him walk away.
“Thank you,” you softly said. “What’s your name?” You marveled at the smile that adorned his face.
“You can call me Bucky, miss,” his voice brought a different kind of comfort that you didn’t think was possible, as you watched him extend his hand to you.
“Thank you, Bucky,” you said, unknowingly biting your lip. You gasped as an electric current travelled through your body as your hand connected with his. A shift in the air stroked you like thunderbolts and his smile grew impossibly wider, making you think if he felt it too.
Little did you know that he did.
You could have sworn that Bucky’s eyes darkened as a low growl rumbled from his chest. The idea of you being the source of such a reaction, if your eyes and ears didn’t fail you, was as amusing as it was thrilling and it made a heat pool beneath your cheeks.
He was stoked.
He had spent the last century of his life looking for you. He had almost lost hope of ever finding his mate, yet here you were, right in front of him. No words could explain the wide array of emotions that swamped him. He was glad that he chose to follow his instincts, which spellbound him to step into the town for the first time in decades.
“I really appreciate what you did, Rumlow can be a bit overwhelming at times and he doesn’t like no for an answer.” You explained, not even sure yourself why you felt the need to do it in the first place. But he seemed pleased that you did, and that filled you with unexplainable satisfaction.
“It was my pleasure to be of assistance to you,” his captivating smile called to you like a moth to light. “Does he do that often? Harass you like that, that is.” He asked with a frown and tight lips, as if saying that troubled him.
But you couldn’t figure out why.
“Hmm, yes, sometimes,” you all but whispered, a weird freeing sensation engulfed you by admitting that out loud. You had never told that to anyone else, in fear that they wouldn’t believe you despite his reputation, but with him? It came out so easy. “He’s like that with most unmarried ladies that cross his path. You’ll see, he’s the kind of man with a bad reputation.” You said, seeing his jaw tense at your words. You had never seen him before, nonetheless there was this mystic air surrounding him that was so bright yet so dark that you could not stop yourself from liking it and feeling safe with him.
“I see… Well, as long as I’m around I’ll make sure that it doesn’t happen again.” He firmly said, not leaving room for any discussions about it. His sudden possessiveness, although unexpected, was warmly welcome by you.
“Very well, Bucky. Thank you again,” you said, loving the way that he seemed to soften every time that you called his name. “Are you new in town? I hadn’t seen you before,” he nodded. “Okay, and are you planning on staying?” For some odd reason just the thought of his answer being negative, made your heart ache.
“I wasn’t going to stay. But I have the feeling that after today, I’ll never be able to leave.” He said, stepping closer to you. His earthy smell of fresh rain and sandalwood swathed you like a comforting blanket.
“In that case, welcome to town.” you beamed, reaching into your basket to give him a small jar of your homemade jam. “I made it myself.” You shyly said, all hints of apprehension gone with the wind the moment that he showed you his pearly whites.
“Thank you, doll,” you felt a wild flutter inside your stomach at the mention of such a cute pet name for you. “Do you mind if I walk you?” You nodded, feeling happiness overcome you as he walked beside you, in between laughs and heartfelt words.
That day was the first day of many others. You didn’t mind the curious and somewhat judging eyes of the other residents as you walked around with the handsome stranger. You were grateful to have met such a kind gentleman and that since his appearance in your life you hadn't seen Rumlow again.
There was no denying the connection that you felt with him too.
So, you kept meeting him.
Day after day your feelings grew stronger. Each time that he spoke his voice was carved in your memory like intrinsic designs on wood. Each casual touch of his set your skin on fire like blazing embers. And the way that his eyes bore into your soul awakened a passion that felt like molten lava in your veins. An invisible pull that made you feel closer and closer to him with every passing minute. Just being in close proximity with him awoke an unexplainable chain reaction in your body that made you crave him, his presence, his voice, his touch... everything about him.
But it wasn’t just you who was affected like this.
Since the moment he met you, your smell was impregnated on every pore of his skin and imprinted on every cell of his brain. Every flicker of your eyes enchanted him till the point where he just couldn’t stop gazing into them. He felt the bond building like a brick house, one touch and one look at a time. And the sound of your words fell on his ears like a sweet melody as he struggled to restrain the urge to hold you in his arms and never let go. He wanted you beyond any reason and he needed you like the air that he breathed.
But nothing lasts forever, and every tale must come to an end.
Tumblr media
A few weeks passed.
Sadly, Bucky could not join you in town today. It made you feel worried and empty, as if something was missing. But what was worse was the fact that his absence would undoubtedly leave you to face Brock by yourself once again. He was like a hunter stalking his prey, lurking in the dark just waiting for the right time to pounce on, and knowing that you were the prey here made you shake in fear.
“Finally, I found you alone again...” the dark glimmer in his eyes formed a lump in your throat before you tried to run away from him, but he was too fast for you. “Oh, no honey-- you already escaped once. Today you won’t be as lucky...” He had threatened you before, except that this time he didn’t try to back you into an abandoned alley, nor to inappropriately touch you in plain sight. Instead, he made sure to catch you miles away from anyone that could try to help you even if you chose to scream. “You will be mine.” He said, making his dark intentions known to you very clearly. You felt paralyzed, dropping your basket to the ground with a loud thump.
But you weren’t going to make this easy on him.
You ran into the woods.
The same woods that everyone feared, but that right now seemed to be your only chance at escaping from an otherwise dreadful fate. There was a calling beyond your understanding that told you that it was the best choice, that somehow you would be safe there.
Darkness covered the expanse underneath the sky, as a cold wind sent goosebumps over your skin and a rush of adrenaline into your veins. You kept running as the leaves crunched beneath your feet, the rustling of the trees and the endless chilling sounds hidden in the shadows heightened your fear and desperation. Each step was marked by labored breathing as your heart pounded in your chest. Your mind clouded with panic, making you lose track of the trail that you were looking for, yet you let the forest lure you to its heart with a mystifying force. The branches scratched your arms as you pushed your way through the thick bushes while constantly looking back in fear, a fatal distraction that made you trip on a concealed root, falling with a loud cry. You panted for air as you frantically crawled on your hands and knees, ignoring the burn of your scraped skin. The only thing in your mind was getting away from him, but all your attempts were to no avail as you saw him closing in, causing you to scream at the top of your lungs.
"Where do you think that you are going, sugar?" His taunting voice rang in your ears sending disgusting shivers to crawl on your skin.
You whimpered as you tried to stand up, discovering your ankle throbbed in excruciating pain which stopped you from fleeing. You heard his sickening snicker, painting a horrifying image in your mind of what was yet to come.
"Please, no..." you cried, using a nearby tree as your support to stand up.
You closed your eyes, hoping that if you did the impending nightmare wouldn't become a reality. Just when you felt his presence a hair away, a cold breeze swirled your hair as he was forcefully removed from you; an angry snarl resonated through the space.
Your blood curdling scream echoed in the trees, scaring the birds away. You squatted, pulling your cape around you as if trying to shield yourself from the new threat that made its unexpected entrance.
Until the noise was no more.
You faintly heard the rushed sound of boots scrambling away followed by a soft whine that made you slowly open your eyes. You were rewarded by an imposing sight, a gorgeous white wolf with yellow-rimmed blue-eyes stood in front of you. You were immediately bewitched by his penetrating gaze and your heart wildly beat at the undeniable connection.
You reached to touch him without hesitancy, the wolf seemed to understand you as he lowered to the ground to be at your level. You thought that you heard him whimper as he watched you groan in pain, he gently nuzzled and licked your ankle before he laid his head on your lap. You lovingly ran your hands over his soft fur reveling in the soothing purring sound emitted by him.
“Where did you come from?” You softly asked, watching him move away from you. It was then when you noticed his eyes again. They were the same eyes that had enamored you since the first time you saw them.
“Bucky?!” You asked in astonishment, slightly tilting your head to the side. It couldn’t be, could it? “It’s not possible, I must be imagining things.” You shook your head in denial. But somehow you knew that it was him.
All doubts were washed away the moment that you tried to stand up by yourself again. The pain you felt seemed to amplify ten folds as the adrenaline began to wear off. The loud pained moan you let out evoked a distressed whimper from the white wolf, before he got out of your sight. You tried to ignore the burn in your ankle, but it was too much and you stumbled down. You closed your eyes and waited for an impact that never came.
A pair of strong arms held you up, the electrifying familiar touch made your eyes bulge to meet the owner of those mesmerizing blue eyes. Except that right now there was not a single layer of clothing on him to stop you from directly feeling the warmth from his skin.
“It was you-- it was you...” you repeated. Your hand moving on its own accord to caress his face. “You’re real, you’re here…” it was easy for you to put two and two together. “You’re him--the wolf, it's you.” You said in awe before everything went black as your body fell limp into his arms.
“It’s always been me.” He whispered. “I got you, my love, I got you.” He tenderly said, picking you bridal style as your head comfortably rested on his naked chest. Your lavender and roses smell filled his nostrils, burning his lungs and making his heart skip a beat.
Tumblr media
You softly moaned feeling the comfortable silky sheets beneath your fingertips. You slowly opened your eyes, panicking at the unknown environment and remembering the previous night's events before finally setting your eyes on the man looking at you.
“You’re awake,” Bucky said, slowly moving towards the bed. You noticed the way that he was careful enough not to make any sudden movements that could unsettle you. “I was really worried about you.” He said, lowering his eyes as he took a seat on the edge of the bed.
“Last night in the woods...” you stuttered. “You were there, you saved me.” You looked into his eyes with adoration, taking him by surprise.
“Wait… you’re not scared of me?” He asked in a pained voice, thinking that you would reject him and ask him to never contact you again.
“For saving me? Why would I?” You genuinely said. Unsure of the reason behind his uneasiness and the shock at your reaction.
“You saw me-- what I did, who I am...” something deeper than your understanding called you out to him. The way he diminished his own heroic actions made your heart ache, you soon found yourself interlacing your hand with his.
“You did it to stop him...” you softly said. “He’s never gonna try to hurt me, or anyone else I’m sure, all thanks to you.” You caressed his cheek with your free hand, earning a soft purring sound that reverberated from his chest. “It’s well known that the forest is always guarded by magic beings.” You simply said, referring to him being a shapeshifter. His eyes went wide as saucers at your calm demeanor, he truly was waiting for you to scream at him, to freak out and try to hurt him even but not this, this incredibly calm and rational way.
“Which still doesn’t explain how you knew that I was there and that I needed your help.” You furrowed brows, hearing him sigh.
“I was always with you, even when you thought that I wasn’t,” he said, taking you by surprise. “But even if I would have attempted to stay away from you, you called to me.” He said, gazing into your eyes.
“What? Call you? How?”
“You’re my mate.” He adoringly said, with so much emotion behind his words that made your heart pick up its beat, stirring the jittery feeling in your stomach.
“You might refer to it as a soulmate. You are the only person that will ever complete me.” He said, making you feel like the most valuable person on earth. “I knew it from the moment that I met you and each day that I spent with you strengthened the bond between us,” you attentively listened to him, without realizing how close you had drawn yourself to him. “As soon as you felt fear, I felt it too. My wolf took me to you.”
“Wow!” You exclaimed as your mind twirled with excitement around the idea of having a soulmate. “So, I’m your mate, what happens now?” If he was your soulmate, then that meant that you were destined for each other, wasn’t it? So, why were you seeing fear in his eyes?
This is the part that he knew would come, but he wasn’t ready to face it. You had seemingly accepted him well so far, but what if it was too much for you and you didn’t want to commit to this? What if the mate pull wasn’t as strong for you as it was for him? But all caution was thrown out the window as he heard the enticing sound of your giggles.
“Is this why I can’t seem to stop touching you every time that I’m close to you?” You said, moving your hands to cup his face. His eyes widened at the feeling, as you watched him take a sharp intake of air.
“Doll...” he shakily said. “You don’t know how I feel when I’m with you” You locked your eyes with his visibly darkened ones. But it wasn’t the same darkness from Brock’s eyes, no, Bucky’s eyes reflected the desire that he harbored inside him, only matched by yours. His hands soon found themselves sneaking around your waist, making you gasp.
“Is it the same as I feel with you?” You gulped, feeling your heartbeat rise and heat rush beneath your cheeks. You could see his inner struggle too, as if he was restraining himself from fully falling into the pull you were both feeling.
“Can I kiss you?” He huskily asked, you couldn’t find your voice. You nodded as you felt his lips graze yours in a tender kiss. Thundering bolts fluxed your veins as a flame ignited on your core. He tightened his hold on you to feel you closer to him. And soon, you were completely lost into the heat of the moment.
Until a whimper escaped your lips.
He let you go as if you were on fire, his eyes filled with worry as if he had been the one to hurt you. He released his breath only when he watched you smile, shaking your head.
“It wasn’t you. I twisted my ankle, remember?” You said trying to calm him down. The way that he sighed and his shoulders relaxed was the sign that he recalled it.
He carefully moved away, lifting the sheet that was covering your legs, furrowing his brows at the evident swelling there. He had applied some ointment on your cuts and ankle while you were unconscious which helped you a great deal but it still hurt. You weren’t a werewolf like him, so it would take you longer to heal.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t get to you sooner.” You saw the anguish and regret haze his mind as he rubbed some more of the soothing ointment with a grimace.
“Hey, it’s okay...” you softly said, reaching for his hand. Truth was it did hurt you and you weren’t going to run away any time soon but it wasn’t as bad if you kept it immobilized, and you were sure that you could even stand up if he let you. “I’m okay,” You said louder, making his eyes connect with yours again. There was regret swirling around the undeniable affection for you, you knew that he blamed himself over Rumlow’s actions but there wasn’t anything that you or he could do to change the past. You could only try to show him your commitment.
“Can I see him again?” You asked, beaming at the memory of the majestic creature that fiercely defended you.
“Huh… what?” He stuttered, visibly confused at your request. You couldn't be asking him what he was thinking, were you?
“Your wolf. I want to see your wolf again.” You requested sincerely, your lips tugging up at the corners admiring the beautiful smile on his face.
“You do?” Bucky breathed. You eagerly nodded, loving the way that he quickly rose to his feet and the smirk that played on his face. He tilted his head to the side, licking his lips as you felt heat rise to your cheeks.
He slowly took his shirt off without breaking eye contact with you, his hands carefully undoing his belt, soon followed by his pants but you’re enthralled by the yellow specks that started covering his deep blue irises, making it feel as if you were staring into his soul. It’s just a fraction of time until the man in front of you gives room to the wolf within.
A white wolf.
The gorgeous creation that you owed your life to and that had you wrapped in a dizzying spell. You knelt to his level, extending your hands to confidently caress him, showering him in affection to show him that you were not afraid of him.
“You’re stunning,” you whispered, enjoying the happy purring that vibrated on your skin, so much that you lost track of time. Only awakened by his shifting back, cheeks burning in appreciation of the fine specimen now standing next to you. He promptly got his pants back on, not wanting to make you more flustered.
“You know, I never imagined that this would ever happen to me,” you said, resting your head on his shoulder as his hands softly entwined yours. “To find this kind of connection with anyone,” you grinned, feeling warmth spread from your heart all over your body. He seemed to sense it too, silently asking for your permission before pulling you into a searing kiss until you both ran out of air. “I’m glad that I found you.” You breathlessly said.
“No, I’m the lucky one.” He chuckled. “C’mon, doll, you need to get some more rest.” He stated, making you notice how late it was. You nodded, getting back into bed and taking his hand for him to cuddle with you. Rejoicing that his soothing heartbeat immediately lulled you to sleep.
Tumblr media
You woke up to the sun welcoming you into a new day and the enticing smell of coffee and breakfast being served. Your hand absentmindedly touched the empty spot next to you, making you lazily open your eyes to realize that Bucky was up, causing a smile to form on your lips.
“Good Morning, Doll!” Your stomach somersaulted at the sound of his morning voice and the contagious happiness that radiated from him. You stood up, glad at the absence of any pain in your ankle, whatever magic ointment he used on you did its job, wonderfully.
“I didn’t know what you prefer, so I made a few different things.” He said, anxiously scratching the nape of his neck.
“It’s wonderful, Bucky,” you hugged him. “I love it.” You took a seat to devour everything that was placed in front of you, not missing the obvious pride filled look on his face. You could swear that it was the best meal that you ever had, maybe it was the fact that he made it all for you or that he had saved and used the jam that you gifted him a while back. But maybe, just maybe, it was the way that he stole glances at you throughout your meal.
“I’m glad that you liked it.” He said, washing the last plate.
“How not to when the chef did such an amazing job at it?” You teased him.
“I’m so happy to see you standing without pain,” he grimaced at the memory of you being hurt. “I’ll never let you get hurt again.” The promise in his voice caused you an overwhelming amount of indescribable emotions. You let his arms circle around you as you looked outside the window, the chirping of the birds and the rustling of the leaves as the wind danced with them in tandem… It was magical.
“Why weren’t you afraid of the woods?”
“I knew that there was no reason for me to fear,” you turned in his arms, intently gazing into his eyes. “I didn’t know that you would be there, but I knew that somehow the same magic that inhabits these woods would feel my desperation and that something unbelievable would happen, or so that was my hope.” He leaned on your caressing hand, doting in the mate bond that grew stronger with your presence in his lair, your home.
You had no idea how mates worked but judging by the way your body reacted to him whenever he was close to you, you had a very clear idea where it was headed. The fact that he kissed you with so much passion that you didn’t realize when you had walked to bed and that now you were laying on the silk sheets, making you gasp in awe. The compromising position made your dress ride up, exposing your legs to him. It was an open invitation for him to show you with actions what his words failed to express. And you let him, moaning in satisfaction as his hand roamed your skin with expert feather-like touches, making you throb for him.
“I see the question twirling in your mind, doll,” he said, licking his lip. “I can smell you too.” He smirked. Did that mean…? You felt warmth flood your cheeks.
“Your arousal, yes...” you hadn’t been aware of just how affected you were by his presence until he mentioned those words. “What is it that you want to ask?” He retook his place next to you, his fresh breath pricked your skin, sending shivers to every nerve of your body.
“If we are mates, does that mean that we...” you bit your lip, evoking a low growl from the depths of his chest. The alluring lust returned to his orbs once again.
Is this what he meant when he said you called to him?
“Do you know how much self-control It required to stop myself from ravishing you when I met you?” His voice was hoarse. “To stake my claim on you...” he marked each word with a caress of his finger over the exposed skin on your neck down your cleavage, causing goosebumps along the lines he traced. “You have bewitched me, body and soul,” you heard the longing and need in his voice. “Do you understand what this means?”
There was no doubt in your mind about the weight of his words, yet you welcomed it with arms wide open. You wanted it as much as he did. “I do, Bucky.”
“Are you sure that this is what you want? Once you’re mine, there’s no going back, there’s no undoing...” He risked it all to save you, by showing you his real self, but now here you were in front of him nodding to what he dreamt of for the last century of his life.
His mate, his soulmate.
“Yes.” you said without hesitation. He searched into you for your permission, satisfied with the eager nod that you gave him.
The moment that you felt his lips on you, you could not stop the moan that escaped your lips even if you had tried. You gripped his strong biceps as he kissed you, softly yet passionately, as his muscles twitched beneath your fingertips filling you with a sense of power and pride. But as his lips moved down the valley of your covered chest, you felt his hesitation in pulling up your dress. You pushed him away, letting him watch as you knelt on his bed and unashamedly did it for him.
His eyes roamed your body up and down with hunger, a strong emotion only overpowered by the love and adoration that shone through. “You’re beautiful” He said, taking the hand that you extended to him, pulling him closer until your hands tangled behind his neck and he captured your lips in a sweet dance that connected your souls in a perfect symphony.
You smiled in the kiss as you felt him carefully push you into the mattress, making sure that he did not set all his weight on you and avoiding your injured foot. Your naked breasts created an unbelievable friction against his chest that hardened him at a maddening pace as you enjoyed the breathtaking sensation of his hands sprawled behind your back.
The rumbles of his chest sent you delightful vibrations that made your toes curl. You unconsciously opened your legs letting him settle in between, the feeling of his manhood pressed against your covered core made you buck your hips in desperate need. He growled, biting the shell of your ear, as he provided you with firm trusts that had you mewling in no time.
“Sing for me, doll.” He said, calling forth moans that you didn’t know were possible. You pulled his hair, deepening the kiss as his hand began to travel lower and lower each time.
“Bucky...” You moaned, as his hand played with the edge of your underwear, pulling them down at a torturously slow pace, until they were gone. He grinned at the warm wetness that he gathered on his fingers as he found your hidden treasure, otherworldly waves of ecstasy tightly embraced you before an unexpected free fall set your body on fire.
“I need you.” You cried in blinding passion, as your hands worshipped the rippled muscles of his back before reaching the strips of his sweats. His hand halted your movements, as he adoringly looked into your eyes.
“You’re perfect.” He said with a husky voice, kneeling in the bed as he removed the only layer of clothing that was in between you.
“I love your voice.” You said.
“It’s only to praise you.” He smirked, as you drank every ridge and crevice of his perfectly sculpted body, pushing you impossibly under the profound seas of euphoria. He lowered himself down, ravishing the source of your addicting essence with great reverence.
You chanted his name like a melody of devotion that reached the marrow of his bones. The sounds that fed his lust and swelled his chest with great pride. The pressure in his loins at an almost unbearable point, and as if reading his mind you rewarded him with his coveted prize before tasting yourself into his luscious lips. An unleashed rapturous sensation that engulfed you both in synchronic heartbeats.
He stared at you through the windows of your soul.
“I love your eyes.” You said, feeling him pressing at your entrance. You gasped as you felt him stretch your walls with a pleasurable pain.
“They’re only to see you.” He grinned, his rough hands fondled your breast with raw urgency but at the same time with the delicacy that made you writhe beneath him.
“I love your hands.” You said between moans and ragged breathing. Each perfectly aimed stroke inside you took you to unimaginable highs as he showered you in the love that he felt bursting inside his heart.
“They’re to worship you.” He whispered in between kisses. Groaning in delight as your legs rested around his hips. The increased speed of his ministrations drowned you both in an all-consuming passion that was only concealed by the majestuous songs of the forest
You loudly moaned as he took you to heaven, blurring all lines away as his hand worked to extend that reverie into oblivion. His now unrelenting pace announced to you his impending pinnacle, instinctively tilting your head to the side making room for him to stake his claim on you with his mark.
He groaned as his teeth sunk into you, all pain ebbed away as waves of pleasure shook you and your nails traced half-moon indentations all over his back. An action that heightened his own share in the bliss. He let out a satisfied sigh as he peppered your neck in soft kisses while he thrusted in the last aftershocks. Before taking your lips prisoners with his love.
“Did I tell you how much I love your lips too?” You breathlessly said, tangled in his arms and enveloped by the soothing beating of your hearts.You felt the smile on his lips before you saw it.
“They’re only yours to taste.” He teasingly said. Causing you to clench around him in sweet payback, he groaned as he twitched in immediate response to your newly found joy.
“Did you practice those lines?”
“No, but they’re as true as they get. My beautiful mate...” he said, the fluttering in your belly going wild at his loving gaze upon you. He tightly hugged you, so your head rested on his chest and your hand drew patterns in his skin, feeling complete.
“I love you.” You both said in unison, falling once again into the unbridled throes of passion.
Tumblr media
That day the forest witnessed the union of two souls that had finally found each other.
Some say that they were never seen again, choosing to peacefully live the rest of their lives in the same woods where their love bloomed. But others think that they moved away, looking for others like him. They also said that he fathered many children, forming their own pack that thrived beyond everyone’s expectations, reveling in the happiness of having his own family.
Everyone talked about them.
But nobody ever really knew.
They simply all agreed that they found each other and went on to create the most beautiful story ever written into their books.
That’s the tale of how the White Wolf found his mate, becoming the legend of those enchanted woods. 🐺🐺🐺
Tumblr media
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