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#thor ragnarok
bedlamsbard · 2 hours ago
trying to beat back the Loki series plot bunny where for reasons the TVA ends up with variants of Asgard’s royal family each from a different point in the timeline and there’s a very emotional family reunion and then, probably, Hela goes on a killing spree.
“everyone in this family is from a slightly different alternate universe but now they have to work together” is like PEAK BEDLAM
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kamwashere · 5 hours ago
this never happened but mobius definitely brought up the grandmaster at some point and loki probably just shrugged and said “guess i have a type” cue mobius’ head short-circuiting
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originaljiraiyan · 7 hours ago
Record of Ragnarok (Shumatsu no Warukyure) - Episode 1, Recap and Review
Record of Ragnarok (Shumatsu no Warukyure) – Episode 1, Recap and Review
Thor versus Lu Bu, from the first episode of Record of Ragnarok Record of Ragnarok – Episode 1: Ragnarok Record of Ragnarok (Shumatsu no Warukyure) is an anime based on the manga of the same name. Every 1000 years, God’s Council convene to determine the fate of humanity. After reviewing the last 7 million years of human history the Gods conclude that extinction is the only remedy. However, the…
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babyboy-laurits · 9 hours ago
its cool because laurits is so hyperaware of everyone else’s emotions he tends to ignore his own and internalise everything he’s thinking due to him not feeling like he can trust anyone with his thoughts, whilst he’s hyperaware of everyone else and majorly emotionally intelligent he’s really introspective and intuitive too!
yesssss so true
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First 19 minutes Tom talks about Loki and MCU :)
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daeneryssansa · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Are you Thor, the God of Hammers? That hammer helped you control your power, focus it, but it was never the source of your strength.
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smilesthroughfandoms · 10 hours ago
Petition to start a new tag on Ao3 for all future MCU fics, especially Alternative Universe fics, that reads “Not TVA Approved” or “Not Time Variance Authority Approved”. It’s what we need and deserve at this point.
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yourstruly-caycay · 12 hours ago
If you stuck in one room for 24 hours with one character from record of ragnarok, who would it be?
For me, it’ll be either Hercules or Buddha because they’re just someone who I feel like I can get along quite well. (I love them, but I’m chill with them more than simped them) 
I would love to be with Poseidon or Thor since I’m a simp for them, but hell no, I ain’t gonna have a torture silent from Thor or been mocked by Poseidon. Plus, they can kill me in a second if I accidentally annoyed them.
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yourstruly-caycay · 13 hours ago
Record of Ragnarok imagines part 1
What happened when fem reader tell Thor, Shiva, and Poseidon that she’s pregnant? (They might be out of character, but I’ll do my best to keep it accurate)
Since he’s a warrior and fighter, it’s actually quite hard to find a right time to tell him. But, by the time you tell him, prepare to be watched by him for 24 hours.
He smile at the thought of y/n holding their baby.
If they’re in bed, Thor likes to touch her stomach to feel the baby. 
When Odin heard the news, he's happy for them and excited to see his grandchild, on the other hand, when Loki heard it too, he would like to touch the baby if it wasn't because of Thor doesn't allow him.
Thor will ask you how to take care of a child casually, he might not show any worried, but your keen eyes have notice his movement.
He always take care of you and make sure you stay healthy, to the point that it feel like he’s being a bit too protective to you
You are strolling to the hallway with Thor by your side — just only the two of you, you walk carefully since the floor is quite slippery. But, luck isn’t on your side cause you slip and about to fall back. 
“Damn it.” You thought, while protecting your baby.
Before your head about to crush to the floor, Thor has immediately catch you and carry you in bridal style. “Oh, t- thank you Thor, but you can put me down now.”  
Since it’s just the two of you alone, he boldly said, “I don’t want you to get hurt, what if you fall again?” 
The word that fall from him have make you surprise, but in a few second, you laugh. “It’s rare to hear any romantic word from you, Thor, I’m flatter.”
He avoid eye contact from you, but you can see his ears turning red and giggle.
Sometimes, he has a negative thought about him being a father; like what if his child might dissapointed in him because he doesn't have a family time with them since he always go to war? Or maybe he might be over-strict to his child that it makes his child dislike him.
"You know what? I believe that you'll be a great father to the child, so stop with your concern." She cling to his arm on a bed, while he touch her stomach. 
"I guess so." He sigh, he knew that being a father will be challenging, but as a warrior and soon-to-be-father, he’ll protect you and his child with his life even if it meant sacrifice his life. 
Somebody better write this one-shot of him sacrificing himself for his family and I’ll be thankful while tearing up.
I apologize if there’s a grammar mistake.
Part two for Shiva will be coming soon.
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iforgettomorrow · 17 hours ago
Iman x Magne: A Think Piece
they look cute together
Thank You
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liminal-augury · 19 hours ago
Toward the beginning of Thor Ragnarok we see LokiAsOdin’s theatrical production. I didn’t really enjoy the scene when I first saw it, it felt very off to me. Like, serious second-hand embarrassment. I recently read some analysis about this scene and how (and why) it felt like it was mocking/being mocked. I wish I could find that again, it was fascinating. But it led to me thinking over the scene a lot and something hit me. 
Loki put on a show featuring himself as a jotunn.
This is fascinating. Did he start to come to terms with his race? Perhaps masquerading as Odin gave him the time and space to process it? Or maybe it was an attempt to overcome the xenophobia so prevalent in Asgard, showing that a jotunn can be heroic, which could land somewhere between altruism, being a good ruler, and making reparations for his actions in the first Thor movie. Going off my memory, I don’t believe anyone on Asgard knew he was a frost giant other than Odin, Frigga, and Thor. Not unless it happened behind the scenes, which I don’t see any reason to occur. So Loki must have been the one to make that choice. As a point on Loki’s personal timeline it was fascinating.
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ayzscream · 20 hours ago
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ayzscream · 20 hours ago
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