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rebl-ious · an hour ago
Jimmy Woo comic-book style cover by me. Because he deserves it!
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marvelousworlds · 13 hours ago
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@americashielded​ asked: "That plan's kind of vague." (for Darcy b/c why not)
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“Well to be fair, I’m not the plan person,” she admitted freely, “If you have any better ideas, I’d love to hear them.”
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grimeysociety · 19 hours ago
my heart above my head
Dear God, please give these men peace in death.
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marvelgifs · a day ago
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Intern says it’s that way
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janeykath318 · a day ago
Happy BIRTHday! (Shieldshock)
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“I should have known your kid would insist on being born on our birthday,” Darcy groaned, clutching her husband for dear life during a contraction.
She’d gone into labor late in the evening of July third, and strongly suspected baby America wouldn’t arrive until the date showed July fourth.
“We’ve still got a few hours yet,” Steve noted, eying her with concern and excitement. She knew he was totally stoked for fatherhood, given how happy he’d been ever since they’d found out she was pregnant.
“I highly doubt he’s just gonna pop out in two hours,” Darcy observed skeptically, slumping against Steve to catch her breath as the contraction eased. “Much as I wish that would be the case. Jane’s kid was definitely the exception, not the rule.”
Jane and Bucky’s daughter had arrived with astonishing speed, and Darcy was deeply envious.
“Alright,” she sighed. “I think I’m good. Let’s get to the hospital.”
Picking up her bag, Steve helped her out to the car, mentally reviewing all the advice he’d received on supporting one’s partner through childbirth.
Meanwhile, Jane was relaxing in bed, half heartedly perusing a science journal while her husband attempted to distract her with kisses. Hearing a buzz from her phone, she reluctantly pulled back to check it.
“Darcy’s in labor.” She informed Bucky. “They’re headed to the hospital now.”
Bucky beamed.
“Another Fourth of July baby? How very Rogers of him,” he murmured. “Do they need anything?”
“Darcy says no and has ordered me to stay put and not pace around all night,” Jane reported, rolling her eyes at Darcy’s typical bossiness. . “She says Steve will keep us updated. I sure hope it goes okay. It’s impossible not to worry when childbirth is happening.”
“As I recall all too well,” Bucky agreed, remembering how scared he’d been watching her go through it a few months ago. “You were such a trooper, doll.”
“I’ll never forget the look on the doctor’s face when he told me I could start pushing and we had barely even got settled at the hospital,” she reminisced quietly, a smile lighting up her face.
Little Rebecca had been in a tearing hurry to enter the world, and Jane had been grateful for that. She’d heard horror stories of how long labor could be and was bracing for the worst, only for her daughter to arrive after only three and a half hours.
“She was impatient to be out and start sciencing,” Bucky said with a shrug.
Jane giggled and poked his shoulder playfully.
“You goof,” she said lovingly, leaning in to kiss him again.
Sharon and Sam received a similar text as they arrived home after a long mission.
“Looks like you’re gonna owe me, Wilson,” Sharon commented. “He’s gonna be a Fourth of July baby.”
“I’ll happily pay up,” Sam admitted. “I should have known Steve’s kid would do that. Is Darcy doing alright?”
“Yeah. But there’s a long way to go yet. First babies take a while, unless you’re Jane Foster,” Sharon sighed. “I’m dead tired, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep while we’re waiting for news.”
She kicked off her shoes and shed her jacket, wincing as her bruises were aggravated. It had been a tough fight, and she was expecting to be sore for a while afterwards, but they’d caught the weapons smugglers, and she was relieved to count it a success.
“Hmmm. Maybe a nice hot bath would help?”
Sam suggested, holding up her favorite bubble bath solution.
Sharon cracked a tired smile.
“Maybe. Will you join me?” She asked hopefully.
“Happily.” Sam assured her with a grin.
It was nearly seven the next morning when James Samuel Rogers finally made his appearance, screaming his lungs out.
Darcy winced a little at the volume.
“I guess he got an enhanced set of lungs,” she gasped out as he was placed on her chest.
Steve chuckled, even as his eyes filled up with tears.
“He’s beautiful,” he whispered. “Our son.”
“Oh, he’s definitely our kid,” she agreed. “He’s got my hair and your stubborn chin. Hey there, James, it’s all right. Mommy and Daddy are right here,” she said soothingly, running her hand along the baby’s tiny back.
Late that afternoon, baby James’s two sets of godparents arrived, eager to meet him. Steve and Darcy hadn’t told anyone the name yet, and greatly enjoyed the stunned expressions on Sam’s and Bucky’s faces when Darcy introduced baby James for the first time.
“Wow, Steve…..I don’t know what to say,” Bucky managed, giving his friend a big hug. “He’s pretty adorable.”
“We’re honored, man,” Sam added, in his turn. “Congrats!”
“Oh, he’s so cute!” Jane agreed, rushing over to Darcy’s side to admire the newborn. “He obviously inherited the Lewis hair.”
Darcy chuckled. Baby James had a thick head of dark hair just like her.
“Yup. But look at his little chin and ears,” she cooed. “Totally Steve.”
“I’ve seen that look before,” Sharon commented, shooting a sly glance at Steve. “He’s got that stubborn Rogers jaw.”
“I call it the jawline of Freedom.” Darcy said, winking at Steve. “He’s also got his dad’s beefiness. Nine pounds, six ounces.”
Sam whistled, Bucky smiled, and Jane winced in sympathy.
“Holy crap, Darcy. You deserve a medal. You better treat her extra special, Steve,” she declared, pointing her finger at the new father, who nodded seriously.
“I will. She’s my hero,” he stated, looking at his wife and son with a very besotted expression that Darcy referred to as “heart eyes.”
“Do they know if the serum affected little James?” Sharon asked curiously. That had been one source of concern for both Steve and Bucky during the pregnancies. So far, Rebecca had not shown to have inherited any super abilities.
“We don’t think so,” Steve said. “But I just wanted him to be healthy. I can tell you from personal experience, It’s no fun spending half your childhood in the hospital.”
He shared a rueful glance with Bucky, who nodded knowingly.
Darcy passed Baby James to an eager Jane to hold and tugged Steve close to her.
“Steve was great. He let me crush his hand and swear at him without breaking a sweat,” she said fondly. “And he told me funny stories about you two to take my mind off the pain.”
She grinned at Sam and Bucky, who only sighed.
“We’re glad we could be of use,” Sam said with a snarky grin. “What stories did he tell?”
“Oh, the one where Spidey webbed you two up,” Darcy revealed with a sly smile. “You got your butts beat by a teenager.”
“A teenager who can lift an elephant!” Bucky defended mildly, making cute faces at baby James, whose dark blue eyes were now open and looking around.
“Hey there, little guy,” Bucky said to him. “I’m your cool uncle Bucky, this is your awesome aunt Jane and your awesome aunt Sharon. Over there is your much less cool Uncle Sam.”
“Quit feeding the kid lies, Barnes,” Sam retorted. “We all know I’m the cool uncle. You’re the embarrassing caveman uncle who scratches his back with random knives and grunts a lot.”
Darcy, Jane and Steve burst out laughing. The ridiculous banter between Sam and Bucky was ongoing and provided a great source of amusement for their friends.
Next, it was Sharon’s turn to hold little James and she too, quickly fell under his spell.
“He’s just perfect,” she admired, gently touching one tiny fist. “Talk about a birthday present, huh?”
“You can say that again,” Darcy said emphatically. “The best,” Steve agreed, a tender smile on his face.
That night, after an exhausted Darcy had fallen asleep, Steve held his tiny son until the baby also succumbed to slumber. “Happiest Birthday Ever”. He thought, kissing James’s tiny head as he laid him in his bassinet.
“Happy birthday, sweetheart,” he whispered to the sleeping Darcy.
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fuckyeahdarcylewis · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, WandaVision (TV) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Monica Rambeau/Darcy Lewis, Darcy Lewis & Monica Rambeau & Jimmy Woo Characters: Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis, Jimmy Woo Additional Tags: Fluff, BAMF Monica Rambeau, Darcy Lewis Supremacy, Jimmy Woo is Good Bro Summary:
Darcy felt Monica’s fingers gingerly stroke just above her knee as Monica sat mentally somewhere outside of the window she was staring through. Although Darcy had noticed this was just one of her quirks, it didn’t mean anything, it was hard to keep the electricity she felt subdued. - As the situation with the Hex develops, Monica and Darcy pass the time by testing the boundaries of their friendship.
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fuckyeahdarcylewis · a day ago
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FYDL turned 9 today!
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lokiofsassgaard · a day ago
Chapter 55 (1569 words) by LokiOfSassgaard
Chapters: 55/? Fandom: Thor (Movies) and Marvel Rating: Explicit Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con Relationships: Darcy Lewis/Loki Characters: Darcy Lewis, Phil Coulson, Jasper Sitwell, Clint Barton, Loki (Marvel) Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Post-Thor (2011), Unreliable Narrator, Kidnapping, Mindfuck, Stockholm Syndrome, Manipulation, Abuse, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Dark, Id Fic, Rape, Forced Pregnancy, Sexual Violence, Sexual Assault, Fugitives, Implied Vivisection, Villain Loki, Gaslighting
After the fight on the Bifröst, Loki falls to the unluckiest town in New Mexico. Stranded without his magic and desperate to leave the realm, he takes the first human shield he finds and uses her to guide him halfway across the globe.
I'm about to go get on a train, so I may not be updating again until Thursday. Meanwhile, tags, warnings, notes, ya lunatics.
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lokiofsassgaard · a day ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Thor (Movies), Marvel Rating: General Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Darcy Lewis & Loki, Darcy Lewis/Loki Characters: Darcy Lewis, Loki Additional Tags: tumblr prompt fill, Alternate Universe - Human, Ambiguous Relationship
Loki has a bad day. Darcy tries to fix it with cheesecake.
This one didn’t work for me.  But idk, you might like it.
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envyiism · a day ago
@eliterejects | [x] | continued Darcy stopped pacing as soon as he gave the affirmative, breathing the tiniest sigh of relief. It was easier to finish the conversation now that the hardest part of the whole thing is out of the way. She fiddled with her necklace, thinking about where they could meet for a short second before clearing her throat, "I'm home right now but I think I was told you're in New York as well? I mean if not, I can bribe Tony into giving me a ride. I organized his files in his lab and he kinda owes me one." She laughed, tucking her hair behind her ear as she shifted slightly.
"Do you have any preference in coffee places? I could go anywhere, I normally try to go to smaller coffee shops but sometimes I like Starbucks because they have nice cold brew." She realizes that she's rambling slightly, and finally quiets down. This only lasts for a moment before she clears her throat, "It's my treat of course!" She walks over to her kitchen table and sits on the corner, her feet dangling slightly.
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Darcy: Man, this is so great getting to hang out with you. I forgot how cool you were.
Woo: Aw, Darcy. You are so sweet. I love hanging out with you too.
Darcy: Shh, I'm on video chat with Monica.
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selenes-sun · a day ago
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Main Masterlist
Red means coming soon!
Coming Soon!
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Coming Soon!
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IF ANYONE IS ON TWITTER AND COMFORTABLE W TWEETONH AND SHIT TWEET #AGENTSOFSWORD WE DID IT ONCE WITH #RENEWAOS, we can do it again! (Monica running around with darcy and Jimmy and doing aos type shit can be so personal to me, y’a know?)
everyone head to twitter! we have twitters attached to @fansofcolor if you need something tweeted!
mod laina
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Triptych - Clint is well aware that life is full of surprises. Just look at his job, his friends . . . the people he's falling in love with . . . Yeah, surprise is one way to say it.
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madamebaggio · a day ago
Tumblr media
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Kissing without context 2 ***
Loki smirked at Darcy and tapped his thigh.
She narrowed her eyes at him, and his smirk only grew. They had a short staring contest, until Darcy sighed dramatically and made her way to him. She lowered herself on his lap, then pulled her legs up, curling into him, her head on his chest.
Loki’s arm went around her waist. “Isn’t this better?” He asked.
“Quiet.” She grumbled.
“Why fight it, when this is exactly what you want?” He whispered to her.
She slapped his chest without heat. “Quiet.”
Loki chuckled and used his hand to tilt her head up. “You like my voice.” He dropped a teasing kiss to her lips. “You like it when I tell you what to do.” Another lingering kiss.
Darcy gasped. “You are such a…”
Loki kissed her again, this time not teasing. The arm around her waist tightened, bringing her tighter against him, his other hand going to her thigh, caressing her. Darcy melted into him, her hand going to his nape to grab at his hair and pull his mouth more firmly against hers.
Their kiss became open mouthed and Loki’s hand squeezed her thigh. Darcy sucked at his tongue and Loki growled at her.
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scarletgiselle · 2 days ago
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Happy 35th birthday to Kat Dennings!🥳💖
{June 13th, 1986}
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