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kamwashere · a minute ago
this never happened but mobius definitely brought up the grandmaster at some point and loki probably just shrugged and said “guess i have a type” cue mobius’ head short-circuiting
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fandomqueen6754 · 5 minutes ago
Question: Has anyone edited Traitor by Olivia Rodrigo over lokius?
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superdogbiter · 16 minutes ago
Mobius:”It’s not gay if i want to date Loki in a best friend way right?”
Ravonna:”I am no expert,but that sounds pretty gay”
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imposterogers · 18 minutes ago
someone pointd out on twitter how Loki looks at Mobius before they separate in the roxxcart store aaahhhh
Tumblr media
not loki walking backwards so he could watch mobius longer.........babe you are NOT slick
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sambucky-stupidity · 37 minutes ago
Mobius brings Loki a different type of sweet every time that they meet, Mobius‘s excuse is that he‘s making up for the fact that there was no candy in Asgard but the truth is he loves seeing the dopey little smile on Loki’s face every time he receives these little gifts
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overcoatangel · 41 minutes ago
Consider: Sylvie and Loki in the finale, burning the TVA down, magic and daggers flying everywhere, and Loki saving Mobius from his evil god bosses/Kang/whatever, to "I need a hero"
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superdogbiter · 42 minutes ago
Loki:”I think we should adopt another kid”
Mobius:”Because by “kid” you mean “snake” and we already have 13 of those”
Loki,unzipping his jacket:”14″
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imposterogers · 45 minutes ago
the idea of mobius and loki riding a jet ski together (in their suits preferably) is something that’s become so personal to me
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paninika · 56 minutes ago
just realised that marvel is queerbaiting us with literal god of mischief, son of Odin Loki and grey haired salad lover, jet ski enthusiast played by fucking Owen Wilson out of all people AND ALL OF THIS DURING PRIDE MONTH
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snitling · an hour ago
"Loki, wait!" is such an interesting line. It's not "Loki, stop", or "Loki, don't", which are both things a policeman-adjacent should say to an absconding prisoner. Especially one whose job is on the line. The implication with either of those words is "you can't do it. Don't you dare do it".
"Loki, wait!" to me, suggests "I know what you're thinking, and I know why you want to do it. But wait and THINK for a second why it might be a bad idea". OR, it suggests "Loki, it's a good idea and we're definitely going to do it but wait for all of us to be there, don't just go on your own, for multiple reasons including but not limited to it might be dangerous".
Or maybe it's just that Mobius knows telling Loki not to do something is the fastest way to get him to do the thing.
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littlehollyleaf · an hour ago
wait a minute let me just...
1a) saved from imprisonment/torture by a member of a powerful, bureaucratic organisation
1b) saved from imprisonment/reset by a member of a powerful, bureaucratic organisation
2a) put to work by said organisation to help prevent an enemy from disrupting the divine plan and causing the apocalypse
2b) put to work by said organisation to help prevent an enemy disrupting the sacred timeline and causing a multiverse war
3a) "Good things do happen" - "Not in my experience" - "You don't think you deserve to be saved?"
3b) "You do know yourself" - "I'm a villain" - "That's not how I see it"
well then
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whispering-about-loki · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Click here for Part One
Pieces (Rob Thomas)
Didn't I tell you you were gonna break down * Didn't I warn you, didn't I warn you * Better take it easy, try to find a way out * Better start believing in yourself
Ghosttown (Madonna)
Tell me how we got this far * Every man for himself * Everything's gone to hell * We gotta stay strong, we're gonna hold on
I Want Love (Elton John)
I want love, but it's impossible * A man like me, so irresponsible * A man like me is dead in places * Other men feel liberated
All This Time (OneRepublic)
Take all the time lost * All the days that I cost * Take what I took and * Give it back to you
Different World (Alan Walker)
And even though we might have lost tonight * The skyline reminds us of a different time * This is not the world we had in mind * But we got time
I've Loved You Before (Melissa Etheridge)
Did I cling to every moment with you, * In every parting glance? * An accidental touch, * Did we ever take the chance for more? * I know I've loved you before.
I Found (Amber Run)
And I'll use you as a makeshift gauge * Of how much to give and how much to take * I'll use you as a warning sign * That if you talk enough sense then you'll lose your mind
Before It's Too Late (The Goo Goo Dolls)
I wander through fiction to look for the truth * Buried beneath all the lies * And I stood at a distance * To feel who you are * Hiding myself in your eyes
All You Wanted (Michelle Branch)
I didn't know that it was so cold and * You needed someone to show you the way * So I took your hand and we figured out that * When the tide comes I'd take you away
Starlight (Starset)
At night the Earth will rise * And I'll think of you each time I watch from distant skies * Whenever stars go down and galaxies ignite * I'll think of you each time they wash me in their light
I have added all songs to my existing Lokius playlist (below)
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mimisempai · 2 hours ago
Do you really care for me or is it just a trick?
Loki, destabilized by the versatile behavior of Mobius, can't figure out if the man really cares about him or if Loki is just a means to an end for him.
1392 words - Rating G
Tumblr media
"Look, I know you have a soft spot for broken things."
Loki, with his head pressed against the door, managed to hear a few fragments of the conversation between Mobius and Ravonna, the judge of the TVA who seemed to be his superior.
"But Loki is an evil, lying scourge.
Loki couldn't even blame her for saying that, she was just one in a long list of people who thought they knew him.
"That is the part he plays on the Sacred Timeline."
Especially since for this "world" -he didn't even know what to call it- it was apparently his destiny. So here even less than anywhere else, no one would try to find out if he was someone else.
"Maybe he wants to mix it up."
Until this particular odd man.
The first person to question his destiny.
Loki didn't understand Mobius. He seemed convinced that Loki was someone else and yet believed hard that the Time Keepers and all that crap was real.
Mobius was to Loki a strange mixture of candor and trickery.
He had never met anyone like that.
"Sometimes you get tired of playing the same part."
If he only knew...
Hearing nothing more distinct, Loki returned to sit where Mobius had left him.
He had to admit that once again the man had read him perfectly, and that scared him a little. No one until now had really been able to see beyond his antics.
He had to try to take control, he couldn't let anyone see his flaws. The other man had already seen too much.
So when Mobius came out of his superior's office, Loki went straight on the attack.
He jumped around the advancing man and tried to lock him in a stream of words, "You're probably wondering what happened out on the mission. That was your first lesson in catching a Loki. Half the fun of being a trickster is knowing everyone knows you're a trickster, and then, many of your tricks can come from exploiting the fact that you know that they know..."
Mobius raised his arms to stop him, "Okay. Just… just shut up!"
Oh, this was getting interesting, for the first time, the man was breaking out of his smile and showed an uncontrolled emotion.
Oblivious to what was going on in Loki's head, he continued, "Please. What happened to the guy I met on the elevator? Who didn't like to talk. Remember him? Now I'm stuck with this guy who won't stop yacking away about what makes a Loki tick!"
What a hypocrite, he was the one who had told him that he wanted to know what makes a Loki tick. And now that he had it, he didn't want it anymore?
Loki asked him, "What? Isn't that precisely why I'm here?"
Mobius, annoyed, replied, "No. I don't care what makes you tick. You're here to help me catch the superior version of yourself."
This was it.
Loki should have known better.
It had been another smoke and mirrors. Mobius had only told him that, made him think he was interested in Loki, to achieve his goal. Loki was only a means to an end.
He wouldn't show him. Loki wouldn't show him that he was troubled.
Mobius added to make his point,"That's it!"
Loki tried to stop him, "Hang on. I'm not sure 'superior' is actually quite the right word."
They stopped in front of the elevator, face to face.
Mobius got even more annoyed and retorted, "See? There it is. Right there. I believed, stupidly, that insecure need for validation would motivate you to find the killer. Not 'cause you care about the TVA mission or bein' a hero, but because you know this Variant is better than you and you can't take it."
Wow, talk about a low blow.
Loki smiled, deceptively of course and replied, "Very nice."
Then he approached Mobius, and adjusted the man's tie as he spoke, "I mean, it is adorable that you think you could possibly manipulate me.  I'm ten steps ahead of you. I've been playing a game of my own all along."
If Mobius believed that he was Loki as the world saw him, willing to whore himself out to get what he wanted, well, he'd let him believe it.
Mobius replied, that familiar smirk on his lips, "What, charm your way in front of the Time-Keepers, hustle them, and seize control of the TVA?"
Well done Loki. Mobius has proven to you once again that men and gods are all the same.They don't care who you are, they just want to fool you. You are not disappointed.
"Am I getting warm? A double cross by history's most reliable liar." Mobius added while going to call the elevator.
However, in spite of all this, something didn't add up. If Loki was just a means to an end for Mobius, then why bother defending him like that in front of Ravonna?
Loki couldn't help but ask him, "Okay. Why are you in there sticking your neck out for me?"
Mobius came back to him and replied vehemently, "I'll give you two options, and you can believe whichever one you want. A, because I see a scared little boy shivering in the cold. And you kinda feel bad for that ice runt. Or B, I just wanna catch this guy, and I'll tell you whatever I need to tell you."
Wow, when Mobius was pissed, he didn't mince words. But no matter how much it hurt, no matter how condescending it sounded, Loki wanted to believe in answer A. To believe that, as Loki thought just before, Mobius was the person who was able to see who Loki was.
But that meant doing something Loki had never done.
As the elevator doors closed, he couldn't help but make another brash statement, "I don't need your sympathy," because he wasn't going to be pitied.
Mobius replied in a tired tone, "Good, 'cause I'm runnin' out of it."
Loki continued on, "I have a tendency to provoke this reaction in-"
"Oh once again, shut up!"
Loki replied with a mocking smile on his lips, "Make me."
And it was as if a dam broke in Mobius.
He grabbed Loki's tie to pull him to him and before the god had time to wonder what he was doing, Mobius leaned in and placed his lips against Loki's.
The kiss was sweet but messy, their lips moved together repeatedly, both coordinated and chaotic. Just like them.
Mobius didn't pull back until Loki grabbed the front of his shirt and squeezed the fabric in both hands. Mobius looked at him and couldn't help but laugh as they bumped noses together, a flush spread across Loki's cheeks and nose, which contrasted with the paleness of his skin in the dim light of the elevator.
Loki stared at him with wide eyes and a stunned look.
It seemed that Mobius had succeeded in silencing him.
Mobius let go of him, smiled, and went out the doors that had just opened.
Loki held him back by the sleeve.
"Wait, what was that for?"
Mobius put a finger over Loki's mouth before telling him, "Well, you asked me to make you shut up, mission completed."
Loki lost his smile and asked in a lower voice, "Was it just for that reason?"
Mobius pushed a strand of Loki's hair behind his ear, then as he walked back, he replied in a mysterious tone, "Who knows?"
Loki ran behind him until he was walking beside him, closer than before.
"You know that's not going to stop me from talking, right?"
He knew he was trying to hold on to a twig, but he couldn't help but hope.
Mobius turned his head towards him and said, a playful sparkle in his eyes, "I sure hope so, the more you talk, the more I'm going to want to shut you up, and now that I know how, I'm not going to stop myself from doing it."
"And that' s me the God of Mischief...?!!"
Loki rolled his eyes, but his smile wouldn't fool anyone, and it didn't fool Mobius, who just gave him a little nudge with his shoulder.
So for now, Loki decided to let go, just a little, to let hope take a little place in his heart.
Not beta'd
I hope you enjoyed it 🥰
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superdogbiter · 2 hours ago
Loki:”I gotta to go on a mission so wish me luck”
Mobius:”Break a leg”
An hour later in the TVA hospital
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loki-laufeyson-variant · 2 hours ago
We need a fic if that last ask
so who's gonna take one for the team and write it?💀
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