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#loki tv series
ehehehelokidbyhiddles · 28 minutes ago
Okay, just finished episode 2. Just in case it's not obvious, there will be spoilers here. There will also be some opinions that you may not agree with. That's fine but don't come after me in replies about it. I'm allowed to have my own opinion on things and express that. This is also pretty long lol. Okay, with that out for the way, here are my thoughts:
I enjoyed this one much more than the first.
I laughed a little at Loki vs Miss Minutes. It was a bit out of character in my opinion but I can reason it that being stuck at the TVA (and apparently having to study) must get boring. Especially if you have a cheery little cartoon character hanging around.
Loki seemed a little more Loki-like in this episode too which I liked. The moment at the renaissance fair was good at first. I thought we were getting some 'old' Loki before the end bit. I know there will be people who disagree in my perception of Loki as a character (and that's fine. You can interpret him anyway you like but so can I) but he's over a thousand years old, not to mention the God of Lies. It's silly for him to let his manipulation be so obvious like that.
Unfortunately, some of the campy stuff was still there in his character (I cringe everytime I see the 'I'd never do it again' clip. People really find that so funny?). It was bearable though. He was less 'cartoon-y' in this episode, at least.
The interaction with Mobius was great for the most part. Hiddles and Owen Wilson have great chemistry on screen. They play well off each other. I still don't know if I trust Mobius fully but, at face value, it really seems that Mobius wants to believe in Loki and trust him. I feel like it could be a front though and he has his own agenda. I could be wrong though.
As silly as it was, I actually (and believe me, it surprised me too) enjoyed Loki's method of causing a scene in Pompeii. I think the reason it didn't bother me like the other silly aspects of the last episode, is that it shows how done Loki is with all of this while also trying to prove he's right. And really, how iconic Loki can you get than him grinning maniacally as a volcano erupts in the background. Very God of Mischief that we never really got see much of in the movies.
I was a bit disappointed with the fight near the end of the episode. It wasn't bad but it showed nothing of Loki's usual fighting style. Sure, he didn't have his daggers but he usually moves a lot more fluidly when fighting than he does in this episode. We could assume that Lady Loki infused her host's bodies with super strength (otherwise they probably would have died considering Loki's body weight is 500 pounds. That display he got thrown into should have been a bit more destroyed because of that, in my opinion) but still, Loki usually fights a lot better than what we saw, even when up against formidable enemies. I guess writing Loki trying to use a dagger on Thanos was a slippery slope to some weird combat choices. I won't go on because then it will probably turn into a bad writing rant.
Anyway, I was also disappointed with the Lady Loki reveal. I predicted that she would be the Loki that's killing the minute men but I had hoped she would look more like comic Lady Loki. Why blonde? It just doesn't make sense for her not to have dark hair too. That look is iconic. Blonde just makes me think of Amora, the Enchantress. I'm just going to have to headcannon that it's to help stay under the radar, even though that excuse doesn't work. She can do illusions, after all. So far, I'm really pleased with the actress that's playing her though (don't know her name, forgive me). Can't wait to see more of her. Ooh, I just thought of a what if. Obviously it's not the case because Loki would have reacted more when she revealed herself but it could have a been cool twist. What if Lady Loki was actually Sigyn, Loki's wife turned evil? It would have tied in well considering the next episode is called The Ex Factor. If anyone wants to write that fic, go ahead lol.
Last point and it is very nit picky. When Loki and Mobius go to one of the places, you can see their breath, indicating it is cold. Loki's breath shouldn't really be visible though, should it? The way I understand it, your breath becomes visible in the cold because your body heat is interacting with the coldness (or something like that. I'm not a scientist). Loki is a Frost giant and doesn't have much, if any body heat. We know that from the Avengers movie where, on the screen, you can see Loki's heat signature in the glass cell. It was freezing cold. I know, its a very nit picky thing and you can reason that Loki uses his magic to make his body less Jotunn-like (because we know how much he hates being one). Still, it was something I immediately picked up on.
All in all, I liked the episode. If the rest of the show continues like this, I think I'll enjoy it. Like I said, it was definitely a step up from the first one.
One final note before I leave you, we all have to appreciate how great Loki looks in the TVA uniform. Sure, I miss his usual armour but he does look very handsome (still not a fan of the hair)
Oh, almost forgot, I did laugh quite a bit when they were showing the different Loki variants. Especially the normal looking one with the trophy. It looked like someone dug out one of Tom's photos from his Eton rugby playing days. Please give us more subtle jokes like this.
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consulting-supernatural · 49 minutes ago
After watching episode 2 I see two ways this show will go. Loki will help Mobius stop lady Loki or Mobius will help both of them stop Time Keepers.
It'm pretty sure that Loki followed her because that's the only way to learn her plan and know where she is.
At this point Mobius is the only person that Loki likes in TVA. I would say also respect, even if he doesn't agree with what he believes in.
Loki and Mobius are hilarious together. I need more of them.
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endurraesa · 52 minutes ago
Loki Ep 2 Spoilers Below the Cut:
Loki seeing that he had started Ragnarok in his file was mostly heartbreaking because what he doesn’t know is that he started it in order to SAVE the people on Asgard but beyond that...
The scene afterwards when he’s trying to convince Mobius to go to the Apocalyptical events, THAT’S what got me
He wanted SO BADLY to go to Asgard, to Ragnarok, and it could have been for anything from closure to trying to stop himself, but it WASN’T to catch the other ‘variant loki’. 
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iamnmbr3 · 56 minutes ago
Ep. 2 Loki is the "annoying little brother" Loki from TDW, without the desperation, rage, gallows humor, quiet calculation, or depth.
Also without the wit, charm, ability to be funny, likability, or charisma.
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rellanka · 56 minutes ago
I just have to say this right here:
If the variant at the end of the episode is Sylvie instead of Lady Loki, then it actually will ruin the show for me. At least a little bit. Probably a lot.
I didn’t mind so much when they NERFED Loki and his powers because in the background they had another Loki running circles around the TVA being her/his amazing badass self.
I could accept that they weren’t portraying all of his cleverness and powers for our Loki, because they were doing so for another Loki.
 If they make the variant at the end of the episode a different character then all of that goes away. Loki becomes someone who is truly just a joke in his own show, who isn’t even capable of all the amazing clever things that the variant the TVA is chasing can do and has done.
Not only that, but the gender fluidity that they seem so proud to promise now has a possibility of being just a tiny throwaway line on a piece of paper. That is utter nonsense. I will be so angry if that’s all we get.
So very, very angry.
We deserve much, much more as Loki fans then what the show has given us if the Sylvie theories are true-
And I say this as someone who was very hopeful for the show just yesterday.
Sorry if I’m bringing anyone down, but right now I believe in the Sylvie theory and it has me very discouraged about the future of the show.
Here’s hoping I’ll be wrong and the show will give us everything we want.
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Why no one is talking that it was Agatha fucking Harkness in Loki in that 1985 timeline?!!! I screamed when I saw her!!
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scnofstark · an hour ago
The thing that is getting to me (apart from the complete round house kick the ending delivered) is the fact that 2012 Loki refers to Asgard’s people as his own.
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futureofthemasses · an hour ago
I really am grateful to also be a Doctor Who fan because otherwise watching Loki would be a whole new adventure in What the Hap is Fuckening
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scnofstark · an hour ago
I have to admire the way this show goes from absolute hilarity to gut wrenching sadness in a matter of seconds
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stanknotstark · an hour ago
Loki TV series spoilers written in real time as i watch the show lol
When Loki is shushed and he turns around like -.- and shushes her back 😂😂
THAT'S HOW WE GET THE SCENE OF POMPEII i just realized as Loki explained about the whole apocalypse thing lmao
Well looks like im writing a fic about you and Loki trying candy out 🤔
"God, now I know why Thor found this so annoying-" 🤣
Loki actually cussed. Through someone else’s body but still!!!
Dude this episode......
the choice that Loki had to make before he went into the time door the fact that he considered his options and you could see it in his face. I believe he's doing it for the better though I dont think he agrees with bad Loki's methods...the fact that it was her GOD SO GOOD. We get to see his gender-fluidity in play and that makes me SO happy!!!! Or at least that’s what I’m assuming happened? Like that was Loki right? Did i miss something or...sometimes i get so engrossed with shows I miss the small things until i rewatch them lol
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mischievous-thunder · an hour ago
Loki: *Hums a tune as he goes about his daily activities as a TVA employee*
Mobius's heart, to Mobius: You've been staring at Loki for hours. I can't take it anymore. Either you stop or I will!
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featherandcow · an hour ago
I bet we will see Loki and Mobius on a Jet Ski in the final episode🤣
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love-granger · an hour ago
I’m halfway thru the new Loki ep and people were saying it’s not that entertaining but I actually really like it and love the relationship mobius and Loki have 👁👁
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adhd-castiel · an hour ago
y’all if Loki and Mobius aren’t a thing then why the fuck do they always stand so close
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