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timevarianceauthoritea · 15 minutes ago
Miss minutes on twitter and TVA official on tumblr seem to be run by the same persons ^^
Tumblr media
"“hello is this stupid thing finally working?"
Hi! Sorry for the overdue response. I’ve heard of this account and am monitoring the posting BUT it’s most certainly a fake account -
The username has changed before
The runes they’re using don’t always have accurate translations and they’ve used different alphabets before
They’ve reposted/interacted with other accounts - while the TVA account has done so too, the Twitter account has done stuff such as retweeting…fan edits. Versus a somewhat legitimate AOS account. And interacting with other *really* obviously fan-run accounts.
No privacy policy
Their posting is more interactive and has more references than normal to the actual show (weird reasoning but it’s unusual in comparison to the actual marvel accounts)
It popped up the day we got Miss Minutes on a poster, henceforth putting her into direct view of fans. Even though she’d already been seen in trailers
It’s honestly up to personal weighing of facts and evidence to believe whether the TVA blog is legit, but I can say entirely convinced that the Miss Minutes account is fan-run. Believing they are run by the same person is another facet of your personal beliefs (can’t be run by the same person if TVA is official, y’know?). I don’t think they are run by the same person. But it’s entirely plausible :)
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i-have-zero-chill · an hour ago
It’s kinda hard to tell where the show is going with Loki and Mobius at this point, but I wouldn’t be surprised if something is revealed about the TVA or the time keepers that cause Mobius to lose his faith in what he’s doing and make him question everything. Even though he tells Loki he cares more about what is rather than worrying about what to believe, finding out that the everything is a lie would probably change his view. Something about the way he asked Ravenna how the time keepers were doing and pointed out that he’s never met them just made me think he starting to question things, even if it’s subconsciously.
The main thing we know about Mobius so far is that he’s confident in the purpose of his existence. The reason he’s okay with all the bureaucracy and secrecy is because he knows he’s working for the good of the universe. But if something were to shatter that? If it turns out that the TVA is involved in something shady? I don’t think he would just keep doing their bidding. He’s already been shown to be more of a free thinker than everyone else working there, it just hasn’t caused any problems until now. I could definitely see him teaming up with Loki to stop whatever nefarious thing the TVA might be involved in.
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mischievous-thunder · an hour ago
Loki: I've got some candy from the cafeteria. Yes, again. Do you want some?
Mobius: Candy? What are my options?
Loki: Either "yes, Loki" or "no, Loki".
Loki: Preferably "no, Loki" because I'm just being polite and don't want to share these gems.
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momos-peaches · an hour ago
A Better Man
Mobius x Reader
In which the reader she is a variant working at the TVA now as part and she is secretly in love with Mobius, maybe he convinced them not to reset her or something but after Loki betrayed him he is really upset and she is trying to him feel better and he says something like variants cant be trusted and they all should just be reset and she gets really hurt maybe she says "so like me"?
This request was sent in by the lovely @sourpatchspinster! If you guys want to send in asks for Mobius send them in! I hope you enjoy!
He hadn’t meant to say it but before he could retract his statement, the damage had already been done. Loki had bailed on them and left both Mobius and Variant 1124, Y/N to their own devices when it came to catching this she-devil. You had been sitting at your desk that was pushed up against Loki’s vacant one and Mobius’. He was pacing back and forth, running his palms through his hair, hand getting tangled in the grey locks. This was an extremely stressful situation for the both of you since his job and both his and your life were potentially on the chopping block here. 
“Mobius he might not have abandoned you! He could come back with the variant or at the very least he could come back with more evidence. I don’t think he would just up and leave like that-” You were trying to coax him into not blowing this into proportion. You full heartedly trust Mobius’ intuition with these sort of things since he had saved you from being reset as well. You too were a broken thing, having snuck into S.H.I.E.L.D to steal the tesseract for a third party terrorist group but you weren’t supposed to get past the guards but you did and that was quite the nexus event. You had been here for a while, in the TVA, but the only person who really still looked out for you was Mobius. But the same man who saved you had cut you off in that moment, blindsided by the betrayal he felt. 
“Of course he would, y/n! It’s in his nature, it’s the whole reason he is here in the first place. He is a variant, they aren’t trustworthy in the slightest! Hell he isn’t even supposed to exist!” In the heat of the moment, Mobius obviously hadn’t been taking great care in choosing his words and he would sorely regret it. Your face morphed into one of shock and distaste rolled into one, eyebrows furrowing at his statement. Originally, Mobius had sought out your presence so you could help him with his stress but he would be sorely mistaken if you had any sympathy for him after that slip up. You felt your heart swell into a heavy weight behind the vault of your chest, a lump forming in your throat at his outrageous claim.
“So you obviously mean me too right?” You asked, voice unwavering as you stood from the chair. It squeaked but you barely heard it since your blood was rushing in anger and it blurred out any whitenoise. 
Mobius had stopped pulling at his hair only to start leaning against his desk with his palms at the edge of it. “For the timeline’s sake Y/N, no I didn’t mean you! Could you not blow this out of proportion right now?! You have no idea what I’m up against!” 
You swore you could’ve heard your jaw hit the floor, eyes widening as well in disbelief. “Excuse me for taking offense to something offensive, asshole.” Your face was a hot red and you had to get out of there before you lost your own temper. Gathering your things which consisted of your purse and an overcoat that you had taken off previously, you started to leave. 
His eyes registered what you were doing, packing up your stuff.  Mobius grumbled some not so pleasant things under his breath before coming back out of his thoughts to see you were already down the hallway. “Y/N. Y/N!” Mobius called after you but you picked up your pace, tears threatening to spill from your eyes as you rounded the corner. Not wanting to risk seeing anyone on the elevator, you opted for the stairs.  And damn were you quick, Mobius would’ve lost you if it weren’t for the sound of the fire escape door closing behind you. He connected the dots and pulled on the door, swinging it open. Obviously people had been staring at the commotion taking place but that was the least of his worries.
“Y/N, would you come back here?!” Mobius almost sounded like he was pleading, voice bouncing off the walls of the fairly acoustic stairwell. Though you pressed forward, black heels clicking against dark brown tiled stairs. An audible groan was pulled from the agent’s lips from this stubborn goose chase and he caught up with you in large strides, grabbing at your wrist in which you pulled back violently from his grip. 
Whipping around to see him looking at you with the utmost desperation a person could have, Mobius was met with glossy eyes and bright red face. “I suggest that you leave me alone before I really do something you don’t like.” You warned  in a deathly cold whisper. It was so cold, the verbal frostbite that fell from your lips stung his heart. Mobius opened his lips to speak but you started before he could even get the chance.
“You know, I really trusted you. Do you understand how hard it is to trust someone you barely know after finding out your entire existence is nothing but a joke only to serve nothing? Obviously not. I am just a stupid variant, a mistake out a million mistakes. A copy of a person who is doing the right thing while I am doing the wrong thing by simply existing but I thought you cared. I really thought you cared for me and my situation and I thought we were good friends. Hell, I even fucking thought we could be  more than friends but no! Of course not! I am just some no good, untrustworthy, insubordinate. A simple unimportant variant.” The word oozed from your mouth like it was venom on your lips, but although your tone was harsh tears were now rolling down your face and they weren't stopping anytime soon.
Mobius tried to reach for your hand but you swatted it away, turning from him. “When you have your meeting with your boss, make sure you have her reset me. Wouldn’t want to be a liability.” You were seething with anger at this point, walking off once more. You left the agent stuck in place, his own face showing how angry he was. His brows were pinched in contemplation as he ran his hands down face.  Mobius waited until you were out of earshot before he shouted: “FUCK!” 
Mobius ended up staying there on the steps for hours, sitting with his head in his hands, arms propped up on his thighs. He had to process what you had said. You had ended up telling him off, expressing your fears towards trusting him that he didn’t help sedate, and even confessed feelings for him.  You were so complicated....And he loved you for it. He loved you so much and he didn’t know if there was any coming back from his own arrogance. Mobius had meant to say that it was because it was a variant of Loki, and that's why he couldn’t be trusted not because he was a variant in general and you best believe that the agent has been kicking himself for not noticing the error in his ways. If Mobius ever got the chance to apologize to you though he would take it...He swears to himself on the stairs that night that if he lived through this, that he, Mobius, would be a better man for you. 
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moranslawyer · an hour ago
much to think about, so let me organize this:
not a fan of the other variant loki, but i'm very curious for what they want to accomplish with this
"i would never treat me like that"
loki getting the thing like thor does lol yes king
now i understand why i had the feeling he was gonna do something and i was fucking right, it just didn't work
overthrowing the time keepers sounds great, i'd help him with that
"looks like your favorite loki betrayed you" well he tried but he's honestly just struggling right now
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crimethecrow · an hour ago
Loki series: No multiverse only sacred timeline or else
Fanfiction writers who write #lokilives fanworks: I do not hear
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welcometoweebyhutjr · an hour ago
I love... how retro the TVA aesthetic is.
Cuz not only does it feel SO old that it's futuristic, it captures the timeless essence of things like cartoons, cubicles, shirts and ties, etc.
It really reminds me of Disneyland's steampunk themed Tomorrowland too. That juxtaposition of old and new is so cool to me
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tasteofherhoney · an hour ago
i honestly love talking about marvel but out of context with my non-marvel friends because i get to say things like:
“the alabama supermarket divorce”
“oh yeah, the fandom is just simping over two different versions of lightning mcqueen”
and they just get really confused while i laugh my head off
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spnloverfromrussia · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
I've already seen it somewhere... 😏
Tumblr media
And this. Here, in this scene, Mobius and Loki talked about Free Will. Sounds very familiar, huh :)
Tumblr media
I see quite a poetic parallel in this: Mobius is like Castiel before he met Dean. He had his doubts but they had always been hidden so deep that he hadn't known about their existance - till he raised from perdition one hunter named Dean. Like elder Winchester for Cas, Loki psychologically completes Mobius. He is the one who with all his audacity and wisdom opens up these doubts in the agent (and uses them in his own benefit), tells him very logical scheme about how it all works - and Mobius falls for that. He feels that Loki might be right because he has always wanted this - to find answers to all his questions about Time Masters and the TVA where he works.
Mobius is naturally curious. I don't think it's greed for power that motivates him, but childish (in a GOOD sense!) desire to get all the answers to his questions: what are TVA's secrets? Who are Time Masters? Why and where are they hiding? Isn't it a lame excuse which he is always told about them? Can he make TVA better?
And Loki is his perfect partner: he has cockiness, baldness, audacity and centuries-gained wisdom which he, Mobius, doesn't have. I'm NOT saying he is stupid, gods, no: he IS very clever since he managed to adapt to work here while his inner self cries for rebellion. He is also very patient - it is something that Loki is lacking. He can take orders ans execute them while Loki is a born leader. They make a perfect team, dream team! Together, they can move mountains, and for sure they can reach for Time Masters themselves!
Loki completes him, as I have already mentioned above, and together they have all the chances to get what each of them wants and needs.
I totally believe in it!
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lightneverfades · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
“Is that possible? He can change?”
AU - Where Loki joins the TVA because it takes him and Mobius longer than expected to find the other variant Loki and they become dear partners while they go on other miscellaneous missions together, thus giving Loki the opportunity to gain the TVA (or at least Mobius’s) trust, and in turn is enough to earn the Loki their valued weaponry to his arsenal. 
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moranslawyer · 2 hours ago
so, tva is working on all this throughout their entire existence for the sole purpose of reaching the end of it all as well as their inevitable end while, from what i see, kind of glorifying that end as absolute order and their creators as the ones rightfully writing it? very catholic of them methinks
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mischievous-thunder · 3 hours ago
Loki: You've heard of built-in mechanism, right? Have you ever seen a built-in blow dryer?
Casey, excitedly: A built-in what?
Loki, equally excited: I'll show you. Hold my Tesseract-
Tumblr media
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sigridlaufeyson · 4 hours ago
Is TVA in the quantum realm? Remember, Mobius said "Time passes differently in the TVA."
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worstloki · 5 hours ago
Of all the things I expected/feared out of the Loki show, (basically) canonically ADHD Loki was a wonderful and (for me at least) unexpected surprise
Loki getting to do mischief and have fun is definitely nice!!
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im-a-queer-stan · 5 hours ago
Lady Loki and the Enchantress
There's a lot of discussion about whether the Variant is lady Loki or the Enchantress (though one might argue all the evidence - "if anyone's one, you're me" to the TVA saying its a different version of Loki - points towards her being Lady Loki)
But then there's the thing with Sophia's character being credited as 'Sylvie' in other language versions of the episode.
So since I'm pretty new to the Marvel fandom (like VERY new so if I do say something that doesn't make sense, blame it on me being a noob), I decided to look up the Lady Loki and the Enchantress of the comics.
The Enchantress, or Sylvie Lushton, is a human who was given her Asgardian-like strength and magic by Loki. Upon discovering her powers Sylvie models her persona after Amora, the Asgardian sorceress who originally went by the name Enchantress. It is also possible Loki created Sylvie and gave her false memories of life as a human before her powers and that is a huge twist for the character in the comics.
Meanwhile Lady Loki is basically just Loki occupying the body meant for Sif after Ragnarok which, in the comics, is a cyclic event after which Asgardians are reborn in different bodies. 
Now I don’t know about the comics but in Norse mythology, Sif’s hair is “golden” (one could say that’s just a fancy way of saying blonde) before Loki cuts it off, turning it brown. Sylvie Lushton is also a blonde. So at least the hair colour doesn’t indicate one over the other. The headpiece on the other hand, as most know, is an iconic part of the Lady Loki ensemble.
And something that bugs about this whole situation is the ‘Laufeydottir’ in the TVA’s files on the Variant. They’ve gotten other Lokis before (mostly male, going by the examples they showed us) and must’ve documented them as ‘Laufeyson’ like they did protagonist Loki. So when they have this information, why do they continue to refer to the Variant with ‘he’/’him’? Because they are fool enough not to recognise what that means? Because most Lokis are male? Wouldn’t they WANT to distinguish the Variant from other versions of Loki if that’s the case? 
However we’ve seen the Variant does not like to be called Loki. Is this because she has distanced herself from what it means to be a “Loki”? Or is it because she has fashioned a new identity for herself and no longer wants to be identified with her past? And if she’s not a Loki, what did she do to make the TVA think she is?
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