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odin-sphere-shitposts · 3 hours ago
Odin Sphere au where the valentinians have Australian accents. That’s it, that’s the whole au and frankly, it should have been canon.
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thoridsgewandung · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Thanks for the great picture ❤️ #thoridsgewandschneiderei #gewandung #vikings #vikinglife #livinghistory #vikingstyle #etsy #thor #odin #vikingreenactment #vikingsofinstagram #larp #viking #medieval #etsyshop #medievaltimes #vikings #paganism #norsemythology #norse #vikingbeard #pagan #norseman #historyvikings #vikingage #heathen #vikingclothing #vikingspirit #vikingsofinstagram #pagansofinstagram (hier: Midgård)
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virgonix · 7 hours ago
I love ho Thor can get stabbed and be fine but when that doctor tried to take some blood he went all HOW DARE YOU ATTACJK TEH SON OF ODIN!!!11!!!!!!1!!1!!
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megafandomfreak · 7 hours ago
Best fathers in the MCU
Tony Stark
Clint Barton
Howard Stark
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theclockworkjules · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
MEAD finally done
(Brewers note: use caution while making mead under patronage to Loki and Odin, for your mead might be much harder to bottle and much more alcoholic than you expect. My gums are numb.)
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thedragonemperess · 8 hours ago
I wish a very happy Fathers' Day to Vision Maximoff, Tony Stark, Nick Fury, Bill Foster, Scott Lang, and T'Chaka Udaku
I also wish a very not happy Fathers' Day to Ego, Thanos, Odin, Howard Stark, Thaddeus Ross, Brian Banner, Hank Pym, Erik Lehnsehrr, and T'Chaka Udaku
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Disney has trademarked the names of a bunch of Norse gods.
This is not okay.
These gods do not belong to Disney. They do not belong to Marvel. They belong to themselves and themselves alone, along with all those who worship them as the deities they are.
Thor, Loki, Odin, etc., these gods were not thought up by anyone at Disney or Marvel.
Stan Lee knew how sacred these gods are to those who follow many different Pagan traditions, how sacred they are to Scandinavian cultures to whom they are so important.
My best friend follows the Norse gods. She will be so bloody offended when she finds out about this. These are her gods, this is her religion. These are the deities she worships, the gods she prays to, the traditions she follows. She enjoys the Marvel portrayals of these characters, but they are separate from the gods she believes in.
Disney is stepping on her religion in an effort to gain more and more money.
Stan Lee did not trademark these names. He understood their importance and their sacred meaning. He was respectful enough not to do this.
These names are not the intellectual property of anyone. Neither the original names in runes nor the anglicised names that are used in Marvel's works.
They were around well before us (a whole ass millennium before us), and they will be around well after the greedy bastards who have decided to trademark religious symbols are dust.
It should be common sense and common courtesy not to trademark the names of religious figures, which all of these gods and goddesses are, even if you do not believe in them.
mod is not christian but you would never see me trademark jesus ffs it crosses a Line
If you agree, please sign and share the petition. If you can, please chip in to get this petition everywhere it can possibly go.
It is f**king disgusting that Disney is doing this.
It needs to stop.
Oh, and one more thing.
i want to throw up ive included a bunch of tags trying to get the norse pagans attention bc im sure they'll want in on this if u have an in with the norse paganism community on tumblr pls do tag everyone u can
im wondering now if they've done this to the greek gods too ughh that would show even more of a disregard for other people's religious views and past people's religious views ughhhh ok imma go look at the toilet bowl for a bit 😅pls sign it'd mean the world to me
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prince-cally · 9 hours ago
Hello all!
I wanted to make a bit of PSA for some events I recently found out about :
Our wonderful friends at Disney are trying to make money off of Norse Mythology. ( Surprised arent we ?). They have been trying to trademark the names Loki,Frigga,Odin,Thor along with a few others. They have also been sending Cease and Desist letters to small businesses and Etsy shops who make deity candles.
I'll link a couple of videos I saw explaining the matter better and a petition.
Video links :
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rachdjarin · 9 hours ago
Happy Father’s Day to everyone except Odin
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maybe-your-left · 12 hours ago
We all know Dr. Ren celebrates Father's Day, but what about Daddy's Day? 👀
oh my god, well for father’s day i’m at a splash pad park with my dogs and my niece. so let’s make Dr. Ren go to a park for a family outing.
Tumblr media
TW/CW: NSFW talk, father’s day, female reader, children are involved, smoking, doctor ren is not having a good time, the Ren family has a German Shepard named Hux
Please enjoy this photo of doggie Hux
Tumblr media
A splash pad is a water feature in parks all around america where there are fountains and buckets and other water toys for people who want to play in recreational parks.
“Honey, did you pack the sunscreen?”
You rummaged through your tote bag on the grass, using one hand to dig while the other was holding onto Odins wrist. He kept trying to wiggle out of your grasp so he could bolt to the playground, but he was so pale he would burn from the sunlight.
Belle was sprawled on the blanket next to you, reading a magazine because she has been grounded from her phone for the weekend. After Ren caught her kissing a boy when he picked her up from school…
“He’s fine, Love,” Ren grumbled from his lawn chair. The man was trying so hard to look relaxed, too big for his lawn chair. Bare legs sprawled out before him, black swim trunks with hawaiian flowers on them (courtesy of Belle). He tore off his shirt the moment he sat down since it was 100 degrees outside, almost blinding other families with his pale chest.
A top his head was a black bucket hat, that you found at the store. It was a joke at first but he looked kinda good in it, despite his frown when you threw it over his well manicured hair.
“You need sunscreen too,” you glared at him, finally fingering the bottle, “Come here baby.” You dragged Odin into your lap, slathering his skin with a white cast of protection despite his whining.
“Odin, stop crying. You’re upsetting the dog.”
He glanced to his right, laying down was your new dog you recently adopted. Without permission, which was the result of you scrolling on Facebook. Seeing this beautiful german Shepard up for adoption at the local shelter. You had to rescue him, and despite Ren being upset. The two of them hit it off, napping together just this morning while you made brunch for father’s day.
After getting Odin fixed up, he dashed off into the abyss. Ren growled at him to stay where he could see, and that was that. Leaving you to sit between his knees while you watched. Belle had wandered off next, complaining about the heat.
You leaned your head back into his lap, a hand came up to play with your hair. “Happy father’s day,” you mumbled, pressing back into his massaging hands.
“Thank you,” he whispered, you felt him lean forward, his hands sliding down to cup your cheeks. You puckered your lips for him, expecting a big kiss as a sign of gratitude.
Rens voice dropped lowly in your ears, “You know what would make me happier?”
You opened your eyes, staring up at your husbands handsome face. His auburn eyes blown almost black as he hovered his lips over yours. You swallowed slowly, “What?”
“If you gave me a blowjob in the bathroom.”
“Shhh,” he hissed at you, landing a sharp smack to your cheek.
You giggled at that, you were on your knees in one of the changing cabanas. A towel under you for cushion, batting your paws at his swim trunks.
Ren ran his fingers roughly through your hair, a makeshift ponytail at the back of your head. Perfect for him to manhandle you, “Be quick, I don’t want the police to be called because you can’t give me faster head.”
“Oh?” you mouthed at the fabric, feeling his hardening length beneath. Straining against his muscles, you slipped your thumbs into his waistband. Tugging down, “Are you being impatient, Daddy?”
Ren raised a brow, maneuvering your mouth to the tip of his cock. Red and pulsing in anticipation, you opened your lips a little. Letting the velvet skin slide across a few times.
Both of you sighed at the feeling, darting your tongue out to lick up the pre-cum. Salty and smearing across your supple lips, “Open up.”
You obeyed without question, letting him pop inside. Hitting the back of your throat, agitating your soft palate. Crushing back a few times in shallow thrusts, Ren groaned loudly.
Echoing off the flimsy walls of the hot box you hid inside.
“Good girl,” he purred as you sucked around his length. You gagged, spittle pooling around the corners of your mouth. “Choke for your Daddy.”
You doubled down on your efforts, placing your palms on his hips. Choking yourself on his cock as he rammed it down your throat. He fucked into you, stroking your cheekbones with his thumbs in rhythm with his hips.
“Baby,” he groaned, “I’m gonna cum, can you swallow it all?”
“Yeash,” you garbled, swallowing a few times until you were at the base. Nose shoved into pubic bone, trying to take in deep breaths through your nostrils.
His length twitched on your tongue, nudging the back of your throat. Ren took a deep breath leaning over your kneeling form and letting out a strangled moan.
You closed your eyes as he came down your throat. Gagging on his head while he spurted jets of hot cum, you swallowed. Working your mouth up and down the length, slurping any remnants of his spend.
“Mommy,” Odin spoke with a mouthful of his snow cone, the corners of his mouth were stained red from the flavoring, “Why are your knees all bruised?”
You smirked, eyes hidden by your sunglasses. Your knees were scuffed from the cement. Ren fucked your throat hard enough to scoot you across the flooring, leaving a streak of cuts on your skin.
Ren let out a plume of smoke, followed by a drink of whatever he had smuggled in his water bottle. “She’s fine, Mommy was helping Daddy earlier while you were playing.”
Belle snorted to your left, “Guess you had a good father’s day…”
love the sassy Ren family
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