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#loki x mobius
gaydistress · 3 minutes ago
Mobius is lucky he's cute >:(
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Ask permission and credit when reposting
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domisdrawings · 6 minutes ago
y'all. they're so gay for each other ARE YOU JOKING
Tumblr media
(also i never thought i'd ever draw owen wilson, but here we are ig)
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skullszeyes · 27 minutes ago
I like the tie thing too, but concerning the conversation they were having about manipulating each other must in a way have context than Loki randomly fixing Mobius's tie.
Mobius was using his family and feelings against Loki, and Loki knew this. He touched Mobius by fixing the tie to show how little Loki cares about what Mobius was doing, including...possibly, a power imbalance.
So if he's able to touch Mobius's case, this could come off as mocking, to gain back a bit of that power...but I'm just going to go with flirting, cause I think that's more fun. Lol.
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nyx-aira · an hour ago
Home sweet home
Summary: Loki is assigned to a new variants case  and has to guide them through the process
A/N: sorry for not posting soon, kinda accidentally delete the fic. Good news, I got inspired and now you get two Loki fics.
Taglist: @escapetodreamworld @midnight-lestrange @ynscrazylife @procrastinatingsapphictrash @ineffablebean @caseyfish @wlwlovesreading
Your day had started as every other day. You got up, made breakfast and went to work. Well you wanted to at least. You hated your job and after getting yelled at for the seventh time today you just packed your things and left.
That was when two orange portals opened, armed men stepped out, said something about "you're under arrest" and dragged you through the portals.
By now you had learned that the TVA, stupid name, was supposed to protect the proper flow of time. Whatever that meant. As you stepped into the lobby you got assigned an agent who was supposed to handle your case. He seemed like the only one who wasn't thrilled working for the time keepers.
He explained the basics to you, what was gonna happen and "this was only for your own good and in the name of the sacred time line". Loki, as you had found out a minute ago, sounded like he didn't believe this at all but hey, it was his job.
You started to walked to your first stop as you noticed another woman getting dragged through one of the portals. Paying her no mind you stepped in some kind of elevator, as instructed.
"Miss Carter, please..."
"Don't you 'Miss Carter' me, I'll tell that to the judge face to face. You're obviously complete fools."
After a, let's say eventful, elevator ride you were guided to a waiting area where you found Loki in a heated discussion with an older man. They didn't noticed you until you stepped next to them, clearing your throat.
The older man, Mobius judging from Lokis swearing, jumped at the sound, his coffee mug shattering on the floor.
Loki just pressed a ticket into your hand and pointed to the line of people waiting. He promptly started arguing with Mobius again, something about 'wasting talent' and being 'an complete idiot like always'.
You didn't know what that was about but you just assumed trouble in paradise.
After stepping into something you assumed was the court room you stepped forward, not really caring what will happen. You had seen what happened to a guy who didn't have a ticket, so at least you knew it shouldn't be too painful.
Looking around you saw a judge, four armed agents and in the last row, there they sat bickering like an old married couple, Mobius and Loki.
The judge listened all your supposed crimes and asked you if you were guilty or not. You were never one to lie if there was no chance to get out of this so you admitted your crimes, writing your own death sentence.
What came next was a surprise though.
"Taking into consideration your good behaviour, clean record and the faith of one of our best agents and Loki -you swore there was a faint hey coming from the back- we decided to give you one chance, only one, to redeem yourself for your crimes. Welcome to the TVA."
You just stood there, mouth open, as you were escorted to the side by one of the agents. You were gonna live and all that thanks to the mismatched pair walking towards you.
"You heard her, welcome to the TVA", Mobius said, giving you a friendly pat on the shoulder.
"Yeah, welcome to bureaucracy and space lizards", was the sarcastic reply of the grumpy agent who apparently just saved your life.
"Don't mind Loki", Mobius said, " This is just oddly familiar, right Loki?"
"Shut up!", was the only reply as they made their ways to wherever they were going.
"As you're technically still a criminal you gotta live with us as Loki is your handler and he's still in need of one, me, too."
"Ah yes, home sweet home, a tiny apartment with no privacy, you're gonna love it"
Sarcasm was apparently one of the only things Loki did but it stared to grow on you. Stepping outside you saw the giant buildings and flying cars. In the back of your head you heard your two new roommates bicker but you blended it out. This was amazing.
A hand pulled you back from your thoughts. Looking away from the magical sight you looked at Loki who gave you a small smile.
"Welcome to the TVA"
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lauffeysson · an hour ago
a romance between Mobius and Ravonna is probably gonna happen and now I'm depressed
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to0oldforthisshit · an hour ago
Oops, I forgot to johnlock because I was busy sambuckying and lokiusing.
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untroubledkiss · an hour ago
listen, i’m fine. it’s just that all i can think about is the chaotic and cosmic energy of loki and mobius traveling through space and time. the epic chases among the stars and the exploration of apocalyptic planets. i’m all about that slow build and character development while the world is burning. i’m in for the redemption arc, and a few more tears on loki’s face but i so want to see tenderness, domesticity and hours of discussions by the cafeteria. while i cannot wait for loki to leave clues for mobius to find on a faraway star, i also need them to explore european ruins together. i’m longing for some philosophy, art and literature. i need the world most beautiful libraries, where falling asleep on a table and waking up with a cold cup of tea is easy. i need quiet, with loki posing as a antic roman god, while also needing bursts of light and wounds to mend. when i tell you i’m fine, i really am not.
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fandomqueen6754 · an hour ago
The reason Loki came out in June is because Loki and Mobius are going to get together and marvel wanted it to be in pride month.
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twilightdance · 2 hours ago
Me: I can’t believe I’m going to read fanfiction of Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston as Loki and Mobius.
Disney: I mean you don’t HAVE To?!?!?
Me: No I’m going to.
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diamondcitydarlin · 2 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"You ever been on one?"
"No. No. I think a TVA agent showing up on a jetski on the sacred timeline, that would create a branch for sure."
"'d be fun though."
"Yeah...yeah, it'd be really fun..."
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potterlet · 2 hours ago
You've heard of Cherik Cuba Beach Divorce, get ready for Lokius Supermarket Breakup.
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bohemienne-221b · 2 hours ago
owen wilson is really out there giving us the best and most nuanced emotionally packed gayest ships ever and i really love him
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thenutmegwriter · 2 hours ago
Mobiuki stans rise up :)
Honestly their adorable 🥰
Also if this ship has an actual name please tell me
Edit: I now realise this ship has a name, so uh, whoops
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n0obmaster69 · 2 hours ago
Renslayer: Mobius, you were supposed to catch the other Loki!!!
Mobius: maybe this isn't the Loki you want, but he's the Loki I need
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ohdeano · 3 hours ago
And while it starts off as strictly a business partnership, the two slowly warm up to one another. Or as star Owen Wilson tells, “the courtship is bumpy.”
“The friendship between Mobius and Loki, if you can call it that, is well-earned in that they really sort of put each other through things that are grueling and upsetting,” Wilson continues. “They test each other's patience and faith. Through all that, there is sort of a mutual admiration that emerges.”
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alexjcrowley · 3 hours ago
So, let's talk about the real revelation of episode 2.
Loki and Mobius can have pretty dates during apocalypses, like those pictures "5 seconds before a disaster".
This basically means:
Tumblr media
Mobius: So, where should we go?
Loki: Titan's destruction!
Mobius: Again? We have been there, like, five times already.
Loki: I want to see Thanos's home planet getting destroyed. Again.
Mobius, sighing: Alright, let's go. *takes a picnic basket*
Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.
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infinitebuckys · 3 hours ago
heyyy I'm thinking of opening requests just for Loki and Mobius because I feel we're lacking some good fics about them, specially for TVA!Loki, so...
send in your requests!
I am writing angst, smut and fluff. If a request makes me uncomfortable I will not write it, sorry! but hope you send your ideas, anon is on, thank you for the 200 notes on my Loki fic btw :)
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