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#loki tv show
alexjcrowley · 39 minutes ago
I am now realising the Lokius community has, I believe, completely ignored something from episode 2.
We know, Owen Wilson is Texan and is mostly associated with cowboys, so some of us (me in particular) started associating Mobius with the cowboy character, but I just remembered something from episode 2, something that has been ignored.
In episode 1, we saw a scene (not greatly executed, I have read on the internet, and I must admit, if you compare it to the scene in Latin, this is true) in which Owen Wilson speaks French. He speaks, I believe, at least a decent French (I am not French so I shouldn't really be the judge of this). Most of us have simply thought "Okay, it is probably required to TVA agents to know a lot of languages" (for example, in the same scene a Minuteman says he speaks French too). And it ended here, right?
Au contraire, my fellow Loki fans. "Au contraire" is also the French expression Mobius uses deliberately during his conversation in the cafeteria with Loki.
Which should lead us to believe Mobius, during casual conversations, could slip some French (and also other languages') expressions.
Honestly, Mobius using some casual French expressions and petnames with Loki (such as mindlessly calling him "chéri", "mon amour", "mon coeur") would make me so happy! I think it would be very sweet.
(By the way, the problem I had with the scene in French is just that at some point Owen Wilson switches back to English in front of the kid when he says something like "That demon is afraid of us", but the child shouldn't be able understand him because he is speaking in English. Don't @ me for this, please. But @ me if you can provide some useful information or an insight for the language that was used in that scene, I am curious to understand if it was accurate or not.)
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alexjcrowley · an hour ago
I was reading a Lokius fanfiction on ao3 ("Not so forgotten birthday" by Mercury_writer), which is about Loki's birthday and how Loki has always celebrated his birthday the day he was taken by Odin, but Mobius, having seen his whole life, knows when Loki is actually born.
Do you think Mobius, even before meeting Loki, had a little celebration for his birthday? Let me explain myself.
It's like when you celebrate the birthday of a fictional character. You know, when you post an insta story or a Tumblr post for a character you really like. Mobius could be considerated an expert in Loki (you know, like an academic who is specialized in a determined time period/author), and, as he declared in the first episode, he was really fascinated by Loki's character.
Because now I have this image stuck in my head of Mobius, on the day of Loki's birthday, simply taking a sweet from the cafeteria at lunch- like a slice of cake or a cupcake. You may say he uses Loki's birthday to treat himself, and I would be inclined to agree, because, you see, in the second episode we see Mobius at lunch. When Loki goes to Mobius to talk about his theory, Mobius is having lunch alone.
Now, I don't know how lunch break works in the TVA, but it is a pretty sad image, if you think about it, the one of Mobius eating alone at the TVA for all the time he was here. You may say that the show didn't say Mobius always eats alone, but we also see Casey eating alone in that scene. And he and Mobius, who are coworkers and should know eachothers, don't even think of sitting at the same table just for the sake of company and "there are literally two people in this place, might as well chat otherwise the situation would be awkward".
So yes, I am assuming Mobius always eats alone. (And I am assuming most of TVA employees eat alone too). And I am assuming, on Loki's birthday, Mobius takes something that could sweeten his lunch, which is mostly boring and lonely. And before eating that piece of cake of cupcake or whatever, he mentally says "happy birthday, Loki".
Consider this an excuse to eat some cake or a genuine bond he feels with Loki (like the one an academic feels for a figure he focused his studies on), Mobius celebrates every year Loki's birthday.
Alone and in secret, in a way. He may thinks "I am eating this for you too, buddy" or something like that, but still, it's kind of melanchonic image for me.
Every year, while Loki was growing up, was fighting, was being controlled by Thanos, was pretending to be Odin, was hurting, was lost, in a place far, far away, an old looking man is eating a piece of cake, murmuring, in a way no one can hear him, "Happy birthday, Loki, whatever age are you turning now".
He is alone in a sad cafeteria, he eats his cake thinking he probably shouldn't eat that much sugar at his age, but he is probably immortal, so he shouldn't get diabetis (he hopes).
And then, years later, he finally gets to eat with someone (an overexcited norse God who makes him almost regret eating alone, at least he could eat something and not get his salad ruined by salt, pepper and milk).
And it would be cool if one day Mobius brought two slices of cake to their table and when Loki would ask "what are these for?", Mobius would smile softly saying "Well, for you. Happy birthday, Loki, finally I get to tell you."
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thefirsthogokage · 2 hours ago
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sambucky-stupidity · 2 hours ago
Mobius brings Loki a different type of sweet every time that they meet, Mobius‘s excuse is that he‘s making up for the fact that there was no candy in Asgard but the truth is he loves seeing the dopey little smile on Loki’s face every time he receives these little gifts
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timetroublingtrickster · 3 hours ago
like, grapes and nuts are great, healthy and tasty but that´s not proper candy. How can they live?
(Loki s1ep02 “The Variant”)
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thezfc · 4 hours ago
I would argue that the reason he didn’t use his TK as much in the past (ignoring Marvel just fucking him over in the writing) is because he was raised in Asgard where brute strength and hand to hand combat ability was prized above all else. So he would obviously have wanted to showcase that above all else (especially in front of Thor and his pals) instead of his magic because magic was considered “feminine” and inferior. Thor even belittles him for it in that deleted scene from the first movie. So that’s my explanation for it. Now that he no longer feels the need (AS MUCH) to prove his melee ability he will open up and use his magic more. I think he still grappled in episode 2 though simple out of habit. Also this article didn’t notice that Loki also used his TK ability in the first Avengers movie to deflect bullets during his initial attack at the beginning of the movie.
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timetroublingtrickster · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“We have a saying in Asgard“ |Tom Hiddleston as Loki Laufeyson in Loki s1ep02 “The Variant” |   [More Absurdity  &  Loki*isms]
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alexjcrowley · 5 hours ago
After "Holding out for a hero", I propose:
Loki scenes with an ABBA a song in the background (I just really love ABBA music, don't judge me, I am brainrotring both and Lokius and their songs and this is the result, this post is very stupid).
Imagine the possibilities:
"Dancing Queen" with people fighting in a room with psychedelic lights.
"Mamma mia (here we go again)" when they visiting in a moment from Loki's past (especially if Loki himself is fighting, at the time of Thor the Dark World or the first Thor movie, I'd say).
"Waterloo" when they are trying to stop Lady Loki from reset bombing a particular time, with the lyrics "And I have met my destiny in quite a similar way/ The history book on the shelf/ is always repeating itself" go in the background. (In alternative, to Lokius shipper, it would be a perfect song for Loki and Mobius, trust me, go listen to it if you don't know it).
"Money, money, money" showing a timeline in which a character has reached peak of success (like that scene in the trailer when Loki is near that Asgardian-like throne).
"Super Trouper" can be used to emphasise any epic moment, but I'd suggest a moment in which there is a great explosion/light for some reason, so you can really grasp the the lyrics of "Super Trouper, lights are gonna blond me"
"Take a chance on me" with Loki saying to Mobius one last time he can trust him, and proceeds to do something incredible and absolutely crazy but, for some reasons, it works.
"Does your mother know?" would be perfect to Loki disguising himself and tricking various people while they think they have everything under control. I think it really incarnates the cocky attitude "Nah, you can't play me. When the going gets tough, the tough get going, so you'd better go back play with dolls."
"SOS" while Mobius and Loki finally admits in someway (not explicitly) they are friends/they care for eachothers, you know, helping eachothers in battle or something like that (or, if you ship Lokius, when they declare to eachothers, but still not explicitely). Or, in alternative, if Loki is fighting alone and then Mobius (and eventually the rest of the Minutemen) come to help him.
"Lay all your love on me" is the song I'd use as the background to an apocalypse, heck, I'd listen to that song during an apocalypse.
I know this is pretty useless, I might delete it, I just like ABBA songs a bit too much, maybe.
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xlonelythedreamerx · 5 hours ago
It Was Too Late (A Loki Poem)
Just a small poem from Thor’s perspective
- - -
I wanted you home, by my side
before you overdosed on jealousy.
You where loved as a brother, as a son
yet it was not enough for you.
It was never enough
until it was too late.
It was too late to save you.
Believe me, I tried.
But you betrayed me far too many times
that I long gave up ever trusting you.
So I stopped trying to save you;
you could not be changed.
You where already set in your ways.
I wonder if things could have been different
if we had noticed your pain from the beginning.
Or was it fate to become a mad man?
To never feel quite satisfied?
Loki, you were destined for so much more
than a life wasted on delusional dreams.
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mischievous-thunder · 5 hours ago
Mobius: *Checking in on Loki from time to time, making it seem as subtle and casual as he can*
Ravonna: What are you doing, Mobius?
Mobius: Just working...
Ravonna: On what? An article about "How to make your crush your boyfriend"?
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lokicoded · 6 hours ago
Why is no one talking about how Mobius calls Loki handsome in the Spanish subtitles when he puts on a jacket.
Tumblr media
So on the english version when Loki puts on his jacket Mobius says “good yeah smart” but that’s translated to “good, yeah. you’re handsome” (this is at 6:06-6:09 of ep2)
And i don’t know about y’all but ive not heard a man call another man Guapo in a platonic way. Not really.
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alexjcrowley · 6 hours ago
How much more Lokius powerful would episode 2 have been if they played "Holding out for a hero" while Loki and Lady Loki were fighting and Mobius arrived on the line "I need a hero" to help Loki out?
It would have been poetic cinema, just telling.
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trickster-grrrrl · 7 hours ago
Ya know, normally I'd be happy that the antagonists of the show would be some shady authoritarian organization that is obsessed with rules and bureaucracy and putting LITERALLY the ENTIRE UNIVERSE into this little box with all of these hard lines and rules
because it'd be the perfect offset and opportunity to truly showcase the fact that Loki is a Trickster: someone whose entire nature is breaking rules, pushing boundaries, forcing people to examine why they do what they do and question their entire points of view, someone clever and cunning who goes against the grain and breaks entire systems down and highlights the absolute absurdity and more important, the HYPOCRISY of organizations such of that
But let's be honest the writers aren't clever enough for that.
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ellena-asg · 7 hours ago
Zobaczyłam zajawki drugiego odcinka Skrull!Loki tv show. O dziwo nadal żyję. Cud.
Z moich obserwacji: serial pani Herron to zły fanfik jest. Gdyby te wszystkie absurdeski ktoś w formie fika wstawił na jakimś forum (mirriel np.) czy archiwum, to ludzie by zjedli (no chyba że byłby tam tag "crack", to wybaczone). Ale że tam gra Hiddleston, to ludzie przymykają oko, a nawet dwa. Serio, Tom powinien zostać sprzedawcą. Wszystko wciśnie, nawet gadający kreskówkowy zegarek w świecie superbohaterów (żeby to jeszcze byli Iniemamocni, to bym się nie czepiała). Po cholerę tworzyć coś, co niemal każdym drobiazgiem przeczy kanonowi - analizy można by pisać (no ok, można tworzyć, tylko po co, kiedy kanon taki piękny, ba, po co udawać, że to choćby koło kanonu kiedyś leżało).
Plus oglądania: człowiek widząc tyle baboli aż wenę twórczą odzyskuje (serio, wena zawsze się pojawia akurat wtedy, gdy mnie coś wkurzy).
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