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#mcu fandom
sinaesthete · 9 hours ago
not me having wine in the middle of the night and getting weepy over laurits seier and netflix ragnarok generally
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fuckgoblin77 · 10 hours ago
i’ve talked about the loki series so much my mom gets excited for me. this is becoming
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mandofury · 10 hours ago
Mobius: Hey Loki, want a kiss?
Loki: *surprised* Yes, I thought you'd never ask.
Mobius: Alright. *hands over a kisses chocolate*
Loki: *disappointed god noises*
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i was watching the tfatws boat montage on yt and there was a small buckysarah flirt scene, and guess what, I found a bloody racist. They specifically said “LOL @Marvel pandering to all the black females who hyperventilated when Chris evans helped Regina kings down the stairs” and “Just based on the difference in their physical attractiveness alone this couple will never happen IRL.” Sarah’s the pretty one, you racist fool. Am I right or am I right?
racists who wish they were as pretty as Sarah shut the fuck up challenge 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
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squishneedsahero · 11 hours ago
Holding Tight
Broken Things to Mend
Part 2 of 1
Word Count: 9746
A soulmate au where you have the first sentence your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body in their handwriting.
A/N: I had a need to do this all in one chapter so I apologize for the length.
Things are more than just a little bit awkward for you to figure out when Loki comes back for you. Firstly is the fact that Thor thought the both of you to be dead, second that Loki had somehow taken over Asgard and was pretending to be his father, third is the fact that you can just... do what you want. You want food? Yes you can have that, as much as you'd like too. You want to just vibe in a dark room, okay, you can do that too.
Out of everything it's probably the fourth thing that's the weirdest, and it's the fact that because Thor is off-world Loki lets you move into the palace with him, keeping some sort of illusion over you as you become healthy. You'd be surprised by how much just being a twig with grey skin masks your real appearance. Like, no one had any idea that you were the Wraith who had been in the dungeon a month ago, it made no sense so you could only agree with Loki that they must be idiots. Loki didn't really tell you much about what it was he was doing as 'king' and you didn't care enough to ask. The cover story he came up with for you was that you were a servant which was confusing but still, you knew nothing better, as far as you were concerned you were living the high life.
With Loki pretending to be his father and you pretending to be a servant the two of you kind of sneak around when you're hanging out together. That also isn't hard to do thanks to Loki's magic, most of the time is spent together in the library. He spends the time to patiently teach you how to read, and you absolutely adored it. You basically absorbed the knowledge held in those pages, taking anything you could get after millennia of knowing nothing about the universe.
You aren't anywhere near ready to do anything serious with Loki. Sure, the two of you had shared a kiss but that was in a moment of passion, relieving fears of having lost a chance with the other. You have your own suite to yourself, that allows you to figure yourself out along with every other thing that you're having to figure out. But, the two of you spend plenty of time together, reading in the library, sitting in the gardens at night and sharing meals in either his or your suite. So, you were becoming yourself. Healthy for the first time in your lifetime, no grayish skin, no longer just a wisp of a form, but how you had been each time you'd been in possession of an infinity stone.
Months pass and you grow close with your soulmate, first you got comfortable enough to hold his hand. Then it became shy kisses, as though you were a child with a crush though he was your soulmate. Eventually the both of you also discovered that from your centuries of isolation you were extremely touch starved, and Loki was as well, but as soon as you had discovered how safe you felt with his arms wrapped around you, you became a leech. That same night you'd started sharing a bed and you never wanted him to let go, every time he had to do anything as Odin you'd complain even if you still let him go.
So, yeah slowly but surely the two of you fell in love, and it was wonderful. For the first time in both of your lives you felt like you had someone you were safe with. You could be yourselves, say what you wanted and not having to worry about the other ever letting go. Pure bliss. Loki was the happiest he had been in his life, he never wanted to leave your side, to the point that he contemplated giving the throne back to Odin and running off with you. The two of you didn't get that chance.
Loki was out at one of his public appearances as Odin, keeping up the act of being king, you didn't like going out during the day so instead you stayed back in the library to read. More than surprised when he came back early, Thor following closely behind him, looking clearly upset.
"Brother what is this, take me to Father. I know he isn't on Asgard, so why have you brought me here?"
"Patience, Thor, I have some things here that I cannot just up and leave."
You look confused as they approach and Thor looks disgruntled until he finally looks up to find Loki's destination. You. His eyes widen and a smile breaks through the upset look he had been sporting, "Wraith! I thought you dead!? It is good to see you!"
Loki stops him from running to you, and instead allows you to stand up and approach them the rest of the way. You offer a small smile to Thor, and say, "my name is actually y/n."
You're close enough that Loki can't exactly stop Thor from pulling you into a hug, which shocks you more than a little bit and puts a sour look on Loki's face. Finally he puts you down and looks at you, setting a hand on your shoulder, "I'm sorry y/n, when Malekith had taken the Aether from you- you seemed dead. I apologize for leaving you on that planet."
You smile a little wider, "it's alright Thor... there was a lot happening, but Loki found me and brought me back here." You pause and glance between the two brothers, "what is it that brings you here?"
"My brother has let me think he was dead and has sent our father off to who knows where, Ragnarok is coming and Odin is needed here."
You nod, somewhat understanding but as said before you didn't ask about what Loki had done as Odin or why he had done it exactly, you just knew they had an extremely strained relationship.
"I am taking Thor to Midgard to find our father, and now with everyone knowing I am not Odin I thought it best if you join us."
"Midgard? Are you sure that is smart?"
"No, it isn't smart but it is the only option to get Thor to leave us alone."
You nod once again, "alright."
Getting to earth was more than a little weird, you held tightly to Loki as you went through the Bifrost and once you're on earth Loki changes into a suit and gives you a cute dress to replace your usual cloak/robe thing since that was a little obvious. You're surprised that the dress isn't as bad as you'd expected, it was a nice black dress, keeping with your usual vibe. Morticia Addams-esque is the only good way to describe it with its long sleeves, floor length skirt and the fit that hugged your body.
Following next to Loki he leads the both of you to a demolished building. "What is this?" Thor asks, still upset.
"I swear, I left him right here."
"Right here in this building or right here in this pile of rubble?"
Loki doesn't get a chance to answer as two girls walk up to Thor and ask to take a picture. By the time Thor is done he's forgotten the question he had asked and Loki didn't want to answer it. Nothing more is able to be said as a ring of sparkles sprouts around you and Loki, then opens up and lets the two of you fall into darkness. Loki quickly wraps his arms around you and puls you close to him.
"What is this?" you ask.
"I do not know, we will soon find out, though I cannot do anything to get us out of here."
You sigh gently, but the darkness and being held close by Loki was much preferred to the glaring sunlight you'd been in moments before. "At least we are together," you say.
This brings Loki back to the moment and he pulls you more tightly against him, "you know, Love, we could have some fun with this since we have nothing else to do."
His smooth voice flows over you and you lean into his chest, "we can kiss," you offer softly, having no desire for anything more.
"That sounds lovely dear," he says and pulls you into a kiss.
So, here's the thing, he kept suggesting things like this and though you knew what it was he was wanting you had no interest in it. Everything was so new to you that he didn't think much about it, but for you the more times he offered the more you realized that it was something you'd never want to do. The concept of it not being normal didn't occur to you, the idea that you should just tell him that didn't occur to you either.
So the two of you kiss for a while and try your best to cuddle as you free fall. Eventually and unexpectedly the two of you stop, crashing onto the floor, Loki taking the brunt of the fall with you landing on top of him. You sit up and find yourself in a somewhat compromising position but you're busy with Thor and the other dark haired man standing above you. You stand up, and Loki quickly follows, looking at the man and drawing some daggers.
"You think yourself a sorcerer? I will teach you to-"
"Okay, goodbye," the man says, and sends all three of you through another one of those golden portals.
You're a bit dizzy so it takes a moment longer to notice the man sitting on a rock over looking the cliff. Odin. You decide to stay back and let the brothers talk with their father, Loki doesn't let you do that though as he takes your hand for support and takes you along with him to see Odin.
"Father?" Thor questions.
Odin doesn't answer and instead says, "look at this place. It's beautiful."
"Father, it's us."
"My sons. I've been waiting for you."
"We've come to take you home."
"Home, yes. Your mother, she calls me. Do you hear it?" Odin responds and you keep your grip on Loki's hand, after all the stories you'd heard from Loki this was hardly how you had expected Odin to react.
"Loki, lift your magic," Thor says turning on his brother.
"Took me quite a while to break free from your spell," Odin stops Thor from punching Loki. "Frigga would have been proud," Odin pauses. "Come, sit with me. I don't have much time."
"I know that we failed you, but we can make this right," Thor says, desperately wanting his father to live.
"I failed you. It is upon us...Ragnarok," Odin says, ignoring Thor's pleas.
"No, I've stopped Ragnarok. I put an end to Surtur."
"No. It has already begun. She's coming," he says mournfully. "My life was all that held her back, but my time has come. I cannot keep her away any longer."
"Father, who are you talking about?"
"The Goddess of Death. Hela. My first born. Your sister," Odin gives the unexpected answer.
"...what?" Thor asks in shock, while Loki's only response is his grip tightening on your hand.
"Her violent appetites grew beyond my control. I couldn't stop her, so I imprisoned her. Locked her away. She draws her strength from Asgard...and once she gets there,  her powers will be limitless."
"Whatever she is, we can stop her. We can face her together."
"No we won't. I'm on a different path now. This you must face alone. I love you my sons," Odin says and with that he turns to a glittering mist that dissipates in the ocean breeze.
"Brother," Loki says, trying to prevent Thor from doing anything rash.
"This was your doing," the blond responds, electricity crackling at his finger tips.
You're ready to step in front of your soulmate to prevent a conflict, but you don't have too. There's a crackling sound behind you and you all turn to see a dark, smoky, portal open and a woman with dark hair and a slightly crazed look in her eye steps through.
"So, he's already gone," she clicks her tongue. "A shame, I would've liked to see that."
Nothing happens for a beat then Thor holds Mjolnir to the sky, calling lightning down which changes him into his armor. In the same moment Loki changes his clothes and yours to his armor and your usual cloak.
"You must be Hela, I'm Thor, son of Odin."
"Really?" The woman asks with a raised eyebrow, "you don't look like him."
"Perhaps we could come to an agreement," Loki steps in.
Hela then turns to him, not even giving you a glance, "you sound like him," she says in disgust. She pauses a beat before saying, "Kneel," another pause, "before your queen."
"I beg your pardon?" Loki questions the same moment that Thor throws his hammer at her.
She catches it. With one hand, something thats supposed to be impossible, and then she does something even more impossible. The hammer begins to quiver in her hand until it slowly shatters.
"Impossible," Thor murmurs.
"Darling, you have no idea what's possible."
"Heimdall! Open the Bifrost!" Loki shouts, wanting to get you to safety. Unfortunately he ignores Thor's protests to not do so but his arms are around you as you're once again sucked up into the Bifrost.
You think you're safe for a moment then you look below you and theres Hela, quickly growing closer until you goes to grab your ankle. Luckily you're able to turn partially to mist and avoid her, but Loki isn't so lucky. She gets ahold of his ankle and sends the both of you through the wall of the Bifrost and out into space.
Luckily, you were able to survive in the void of space, it was a wraith's natural environment after all. Not so luckily, Loki can't, for long at least. You pull him into your chest and look out into space, desperately searching for a nearby planet you can take him too.
"Y/n," you hear him speak in your mind, "Love, do not worry so much, I am able to breathe right here, your touch is keeping me alive."
You allow your shoulders to drop, the stress and tension leaving leaving you. You kiss the top of his head, "okay, darling, you hold onto me and I will get us out of here." Knowing that your soulmate won't die in your arms this day calms you, and from here you're able to take your time with finding a planet as Loki holds to you.
Well, you don't exactly find a planet right away. Instead you take him through a wormhole that is nearby. Why you do this you aren't sure but when you saw it, it seemed to call to you, its energy attracting you like a moth to a light.
It spits the both of you out on a planet covered in junk, where Loki is able to breathe. It's lucky that he can breathe because you had absorbed the energy of the wormhole, shielding him from it, and promptly passing out. In turn he shields you from the fall, and giving you a chance to wake up.
When you open your eyes you're on the ground, still in his arms. He gives you a gentle kiss when your eyes flutter open, "hello love, you did brilliantly back there."
"I am just glad I was able to keep you alive, I didn't know I was able to do that," you respond gently as you begin looking around. The planet is covered in junk, old ships, random things from different planets and different species of aliens. Something is off though, a ship quickly lands alongside both of you and someone steps out. Actually a few someones.
"Are you fighters, or food?"
"Neither," you answer.
"Then food it is," and they say as they ready their weapons.
You shake you head, "I just pulled us out of the void of space, got aren't going to kill us after I put in that much work."
Loki offers his hand to you in support but is willing to let you handle this. You'd only fought under the influence of the infinity stones before this, he was curious as to what your abilities were like on your own.
You don't know what you're doing, but you follow your gut instinct with it. Outstretching your hands, in front of you and towards the ground. Your skin grays for a moment as mist begins flowing from your fingertips. It goes slow, until it doesn't in a sudden blast it  shoots out around you in a wall, knocking all of them down and out. You then look at your soulmate then at the ship which had landed by the both of you, "shall we?" You ask with a smile, learning about the universe with Loki as your teacher probably wasn't the best thing for the safety of those around you but it worked.
"That was amazing, beautiful," Loki says and leads the way onto the ship, and takes the controls. It doesn't take the both of you long to find the main city on the planet and of course Loki takes it upon himself to find the most important building with the most important people.
The leader of the planet is a man who calls himself the Grand Master and Loki easily sweet talks his way into the man's favor. He gives you both a place to stay, and invites you to the extravagant parties he throws. For the first time they two of you aren't having to sneak around the public eye with your relationship and that means Loki takes you on real dates.
Sakaar is a weird place, so the dates are weird. You spend most of the time dragging him around to see new things you hadn't seen before. He finds it endearing, you're especially cute when you're learning new things. The way your eyes would light up like a child's, your smile covering your face, you were gorgeous.
The parties are glamorous, and you hate them at least a little bit, they're so crowded and and everyone is drinking and it's just a bit overwhelming. But they're something Loki enjoys and he always keeps you close so it isn't as bad as it could be. He teaches you how to dance, the two of you holding one another closely and moving in sync to the various songs the Grand Master plays.
"The two of you will absolutely love the contest of champions. The fighting, the maiming it's just wonderful. I cannot wait for the two of you see my wonderful champion he's absolutely terrifying," the Grandmaster says to the both of you one day.
"Yes, I've heard of your famous contest of champions I'm sure it will be absolutely wonderful when we are finally able to watch," Loki placates the man so that he will leave the both of you alone. You hated him more than a little bit, he was always hitting on you despite the fact Loki was right there. Granted he was also hitting on Loki while you were beside him, and suggesting something called a threesome that you had the feeling you didn't want to learn more about.
Fortunately Grandmaster leaves, distracted by something else, leaving you to take a seat next to Loki. "How long do we have to stay here?" You ask softly.
"We don't have to put up with him for much longer, just until I get the codes to access his ships then we can steal one and get our of here," he says softly in your ear and allows his hand to caress your thigh.
"Good, cause I can't stand him... and it would probably be good to get back to Asgard and help your people not be killed by your sister."
You can feel Loki roll his eyes, "you're still stuck on that?"
"Yeah, I am, and you aren't changing my mind cause I quite like helping people. It's much nicer than trying to obliterate an entire planet."
"Alright, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying to change your mind," he sighs. "Imagine, we could find another planet and rule over it together, you at my side as my queen. The Asgardians would never allow me to go back to being their leader."
"No, they wouldn't, but that's probably because you lied to them about being Odin," you respond with a sassy smirk. "Plus, maybe if you helped them they'd forgive you for that."
He gently pets the top of your head, "darling," he starts but you cut him off by placing a gentle kiss on his lips. You know if you let him keep going he'd just continue to demean himself, and you didn't want that.
His hands move to grasp your hips as he pulls you onto his lap and deepens the kiss. You lean back to look at him and softly say, "would you like to go back to our room?" You pause for a moment before continuing, "I have something I want to tell you."
His expression changes from something more lustful to his neutral mask to hide his confusion at your shift. Nevertheless he doesn't miss a beat as he says, "of course." He gets up with you and leads the both of you back to the suite the Grandmaster had provided.
Once there you pull him after you to the bed, where you sit next to him. "You know, I like to kiss and cuddle you."
"I do?" He says, allowing an eyebrow to raise.
"Yeah, but I wanted to tell you that I love you. I also wanted to tell you that," you pause attempting to make sure you find the right words, "well, when you keep offering to have the sex I don't want too," you end with a shrug.
Loki takes a moment to process your words before he says anything. "So you are asexual?" He asks gently.
"I am A-sexual?" You ask, confused by the words he had just said.
He smiles at you endearingly as he remembers that you don't know as much as he does. "Yes, asexual," he confirms while taking your hand. "It means that you do not feel sexual attraction, so you do not want to have sex," he explains to you.
You pause for a moment before responding, "yeah," you nod, "that's it. I'm asexual." A smile comes across your face as you say this, not having a single clue how this might be a bigger deal for many other beings.
Loki smiles at you, "thank you for telling me, love. I very much enjoy kissing and cuddling you as well, and we do not need to do anything more if you don't want too."
You put your arms around his shoulders and give him a kiss, "I love you." You pause for a moment and tilt your head, "why is it that you are acting so oddly about this?"
Loki caresses your cheek, "well, for many other beings it can be a big deal. For me it isn't a big deal, on Asgard such things are common, as for why I am acting oddly is because I wasn't expecting this and I am just taking a moment to process this, but I know that it doesn't change the love I feel for you in any way."
You squeeze his hand and take a moment to think before determining, "it shouldn't be a big deal. It is just how I feel and you are my soulmate do I thought I should tell you."
"I agree, it shouldn't be a big deal and for most it isn't but for some reason Midgardians frequently and confusingly get very caught up on the subject. For instance if they knew on occasion I prefer to present myself as a female there would be a riot," he says and pulls you into a hug.
"That's absurd," you say as you muse over this information. The rest of that day is spent with you and your love discussing the complexities of the universe and how some creatures can be so close minded. There's also plenty of cuddling, and kissing, it's very enjoyable.
The Grandmaster seems to have parties everyday so the next day the two of you find yourselves out and about. For once you choose to wear a dress with shorter sleeves, showing your soul mark and having confidence in yourself for once. It's alright that your arm has the word "Useless" on it, it didn't batter because it was a reminder of how far you and Loki had come with one another.
You feel Grandmaster's eyes on you as you enter, and you also feel Loki's arm wrap around you and hold you to his side. This gives you some confidence as you go with him to get some drinks and take a seat on a couch. Your peace doesn't last long though as Grandmaster comes over and begins to flirt with both of you.
You squeeze Loki's hand and let him do the talking. The being in front of you is on your nerves and probably has a higher dose of pissing you off than is healthy or doctor recommended. Luckily he isn't able to stick around as his assistant comes up and says one of his scrappers is in need of a meeting with him.
You lean against Loki once the other man is gone, "are you sure that we need his codes to leave this place?"
"No," Loki answers honestly.
You look at him, "okay then let's leave."
He gently rolls his eyes, "later, today I'm still trying to convince you to stay here with me."
You pout and kiss his cheek, "okay, but it's not happening."
Before Loki can respond to you the both of you hear a voice to your side, "Loki! Loki!" It is an attempt at a whisper, a very poor attempt but it gets your attention.
The both of you turn and look, seeing none other than Thor stuck in one of the Grandmaster's prison chairs. Without thinking the both of you are on your feet and at his side. "What are you doing here?" Loki hisses at his brother.
"This man who calls himself the Grandmaster has taken me hostage, says I have to fight for him- you both must help me get out of here-"
You and Loki share a look before he says, "no, we've made friends with the Grandmaster we cannot sacrifice our position now."
You and Thor both open your mouths and there's a few moments of awkward babbling as you try to figure out who will speak. It's decided for you both when Grandmaster shows up right behind the both of you and asks, "what you talking about here?"
There's another few awkward moments as they all try and cover and get him to leave you alone. Eventually he does but it's after Thor is sent away and Loki somehow gets him to leave the two of you alone so he can drag you off to your room instead of letting you go after Thor.
"I suppose there is even less of a chance for us to stay here now?"
"Yeah," you say and give him a sweet kiss. "I don't want to stay here, if you don't want to help you don't have too. But I'm getting Thor out then I'll go help free Asgard and you find us a nice place to live and I'll come find you."
He rolls his eyes, "very well, but can we not worry about it until morning?"
You look at him before shrugging, "fine, as long as you hold me." You give in on this, knowing nothing more is going to be done today or you'd end up killing Grandmaster.
The next day Loki isn't very helpful with trying to figure out where Thor is. By the time you make some progress the Grandmaster announces that he contest of champions will be happening that evening.
Once the man is gone you turn on Loki, "that's your brother being a dumbass isn't it?! And I'm guessing you knew which is why you've been less than helpful." He doesn't answer which I'm and of itself is an answer. "I'm leaving," you say turning away from him walking towards the door. "I'll be back later, don't follow me I need some time to stop being mad at you."
The door closes behind you and you just walk, out onto the streets leaving the building. You can take care of yourself anyways, plus the fact that he hadn't just said 'hey I don't want to help find Thor' instead of pretending to be helpful all day. Like sure, you could see through his magic and could tell most of the time when he was lying since he was the only one you'd ever had a real conversation with. Like, Loki, just say that, sure you'll be upset but it's preferable to you straight up faking wanting to help all day.
You're so upset that before you even make it out of the building you bump into a woman you'd seen around before. "Sorry," you mutter and go to keep walking.
She catches your arm and looks at you, "what are you?" She asks, as politely as possible.
It's at that point you realize your black mist is currently rolling off of you due to your emotions. "I'm y/n," you say.
"Uhm okay, I'm scrapper 142, but that doesn't tell me why you're," she looks you up and down, "dissolving."
You pause, "You're scrapper 142? Do you know where I could find the blond man you brought to the Grandmaster yesterday?"
"He's in the lock up." She looks over you again, and you realize she's checking you out, "but there's no privacy down there so you'll hardly be able to get your way with him, plus he's property of the Grandmaster so you'd just have to ask if you wanted him."
It takes you a moment to catch on, visibly wincing and gagging a little. "Ew. No. Gross. He's just a friend and his brother is being less than helpful with helping me to find him." She doesn't need to know more so with that you scurry off after a hurried thank you.
You're able to find Thor in an area that seems to be a bar. Well, he isn't in the bar he's in the room that is blocked off from the bar with a huge glass wall. He has a different haircut so it takes you a moment but you spot him and make a beeline over there. "Thor, what are you doing?"
"Ah, Wraith- I mean y/n," he corrects when you shoot him a glare, "it is the only way to get my freedom from this place. It is easy I will beat the Grandmaster's champion and be free."
You shake your head, "Thor, this is serious no one has ever survived the champion. I haven't seen his strength but the delight Grandmaster takes in his fighting doesn't mean anything good. You have to call it off, Loki and I are working on a way off of this planet-"
"Is that what he's telling you?" Thor asks with a face filled with sympathy.
"No that's what I'm telling him. I refuse to stay on the god forsaken planet a moment longer than I have too. I have also determined I will be helping you get back to Asgard. Loki doesn't want too but I cannot stand by when I can do something. I have a chance to redeem myself from the lies Loki has told them."
Thor presses his hand against the glass and says, "that is honorable y/n, how you are my brother's soulmate I haven't a clue."
You let out a gentle laugh and rest your hand on the opposite side of the glass from his, "I do not either, but I love him even if he is an idiot for thinking no one on that planet has place in their hearts for forgiveness." You pause and look around, "I should get going, I told Loki I would return on time for the fight. You make it out of this and I'll be sure you make it off this planet."
"Thank you," Thor pauses momentarily, "sister." The term of endearment sends a smile across your face as you nod and leave, finding your way back to the room you shared with Loki.
Once you arrive back to your suite you're in a much better mood, of course Loki picks up on this and asks, "so you found him?"
"Yeah, I found him," you say and plop on the bed next to him. "I'm assuming Grandmaster is expecting us to sit with him during the fight?"
"Yes," Loki says, his tone a bit cold. Why do you care so much about Thor? You hardly know him and yet you're willing to sacrifice living in this place with him, Loki, your soulmate, to help.
You turn your head to look at him, catching the slight inflection of his voice. "Loki, I love you and I know you know I'm telling the truth. You're the god of lies, you'd know in an instant if I was hiding anything." You pause and turn to gently take his hands. "I just want to make up for the horrors I committed under Thanos, the people I killed-" you take a shaky breath, getting emotional as you always do when talking of your time serving Thanos.
Loki removes a hand from yours to cup your cheek and make you face him. "Darling," he says gently, "that was all Thanos, not you."
You smile gently at him, "I know it was, but that doesn't change the fact that I helped and feel grief over doing so." You pause, picking your wording carefully, "when I know I can help and have the chance, I can't not take it. I spent millennia locked up without purpose besides being a bargaining chip. Protecting innocents from going through anything similar to what I did allows me to feel more value in myself... and if you gave it the chance I think it would do the same for you."
Loki shakes his head when you change the subject to him, "love, I am a monster in their eyes, irredeemable even if you think you can see good in me-"
You shut him up with a kiss. "Loki, I know I see good in you. You are my soulmate and we know each other better than anyone else in this universe. I cannot force you to help, and that is alright, but I have made my choice and you cannot force me to not help. All I can offer you is my support in making your own choice with this, and all I ask is that you do the same for me."
He stays silent, knowing you were right and that he had been being unfair to you. You pull him into another kiss and say, "now come, we are going to go watch your brother fight this champion Grandmaster will not stop boasting of."
With that you stand and move to change into an armored gown. It had a flowy skirt and and armored chest plate/ corset. It was impractical but offered more protection than anything else you had and seeing as you planned to keep Thor from dying you'd most likely need it.
You link your arm with your Love's and walk with him to the Grandmaster's sitting area for this fight. There's a small warm up fight before he announces Thor. Then as he began to announce his champion the crowd roared. Their volume drowning out the words Grandmaster says and presumably the crash when the stadium door comes crashing in, flying straight at Thor.
Your eye go straight to Thor, watching to see if he was hurt. He of course dodged without issue but his reaction to his opponent catches you and everyone else off guard.
"Yeeeessssss!" He shouts, silencing the crowd with his excitement.
You feel Loki's hand grip yours more tightly and you turn to look at who Thor would be fighting.
This was either good or very bad. It's quickly decided bad when Thor shouts that he is a friend from work and Hulk in turn sends him flying across the stadium. They both use all of their power to bring the other down, leading to an intense but short fight.
It seems Thor is going to win, until Grandmaster leans forward in his seat and Thor collapses to the ground. Hulk jumps, high above the walls of the stadium and goes back down to smash Thor. Your hand is shaking in Loki's as Thor's body is dragged off.
"Is he dead?" You ask Grandmaster, trying to keep your tone neutral.
"No, no of course not. It is more entertaining to have a challenger who can put up a fight with my Champion," he pauses to raise an eyebrow at you, "why? Are you worried?"
You shake your head, "no, I was just curious. He was going strong and collapsed so suddenly it made no sense."
You and Loki stick around for the after party. Drinking and dancing, you trying to assure him that you do love him even if you're too stubborn to budge on the fact that you're going to help Asgard. It's a long fun night, probably the most fun you've had on Sakaar.
The two of you sleep in until noon when you're awoken by a summons from Grandmaster. You and Loki are met by Scrapper 142 at the door and all three of you enter together.
Okay, so Thor escaped... with Hulk, and Grandmaster wanted the three of you to find them. Like somehow turns it into a competition and once again you're ticked off by him and just walk away once you're out the door. He and the scrapper can compete in finding Thor, you're just going to find him and help.
By the time you make it outside the people have flooded the streets and are celebrating in an attempt to draw out Hulk. You're able to find him before anyone else can though, and that is due to one simple thing. You know what he looks like when he isn't Hulk.
You approach the nervous looking man and set a hand on his shoulder, which makes him jump and you ask, "where's Thor?"
Fear overcomes him and he points behind you. You turn and see Thor with a dumb rag over his head, "Thor what are you doing?"
"I am in disguise," he responds.
You can only shake your head, "okay- how are we getting out of here?"
Your conversation is interrupted by Scrapper 142 coming up behind you. "What are you guys doing? It's really annoying having the Grandmaster threaten my love over your idiotic ideas."
You raise an eyebrow, "Where's Loki?"
"Loki?" Bruce asks.
"Why do you care? You and I are the ones who found them first." You shake it off, and she says, "come on I have somewhere we can hide."
Bruce speaks up, "who is she? She's beautiful, what are those things by her eyes? Are they people she's killed?"
The scrapper turns to him and says, "I feel like I know you."
"I feel like I know you as well."
The Scrapper is introduced by Thor as Valkyrie and she takes you back to her apartment.
"I have a peace offering," she states as she opens the door and sitting there tied up is Loki. You laugh at the sight of him.
Bruce looks between the two of you then to Thor, "are you sure it is a good idea to have them here? Can they be trusted?"
Thor throws something at Loki's head and it bounces off, then answers Bruce. "Yes, y/n has promised to help-"
You cut in, "Look, I'm here to help. I could tell you my entire sob story in an attempt to get you to trust me but that would take too long. Let's just say Thor trusts me, I helped him defeat the Dark Elves and I was manipulated into doing what I did to earth and I feel bad about it so I'm trying to help."
Bruce doesn't have anything to say to that, so he turns to Loki, "and what about you? Are you planning on killing us?"
"It varies from moment to moment," Loki responds ominously.
"He's not going to kill anyone," you say with a pointed look at him, to which he just rolls his eyes, knowing you're right.
"You really think you can control that psychopath?" Bruce asks in confusion.
Now you look at Bruce with a dead panned look, the look that you got when you were legitimately upset, complete calm before a storm. "Control him, no. Reason with him, yes." Thor steps in between you and Bruce, and you sigh at him before shaking your head and stepping back.
"Y/n may want to help us and my brother may be restrained but I suggest you watch your words Bruce."
"Why's that?" Bruce looks between the two of you carefully, slowly putting the pieces together.
"Soulmates," Thor says softly.
"Wait, the two of you are soulmates and you are completely fine with me tying him up?" Valkyrie speaks up.
"Not necessarily fine with it, but I'm somewhat annoyed with him at the moment so I'll leave him."
"Thank you Love," Loki says and you can hear him roll his eyes.
"You're very welcome, darling," you say as you stride over and stand behind him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.
"So, to get out of here you'll have to go through one of the wormholes and in 12- 18 months you'll arrive in Asgard," Valkyrie says.
"No, we're going through the big one," Thor says and points out the window.
"The Devil's Anus?" Valkyrie asks irrediculously.
"I did not know it was called that when I chose it."
Bruce looks at the dark shape in the sky to which Thor had gestured and began analyzing it.
"My ship won't hold up going through that, we're going to have to steal one of the Grandmaster's and that'll need a distraction," Valkyrie says.
"You could always bring out the beast," Loki says unhelpfully
"You guys have a beast?" Valkyrie laughs.
"Loki, didn't you get those codes from Grandmaster? The ones to access his ships?" you ask.
"Yes," he says glaring at you over his shoulder, "I don't remember telling you I got them though."
"Just a guess with how helpful you've been the last few days," you respond and try to placate him with a kiss on the cheek. Then you turn back to the others, "Okay, then we can get a ship and go from there."
Now you look at Bruce with a dead panned look, the look that you got when you were legitimately upset, complete calm before a storm. "Control him, no. Reason with him, yes." Thor steps in between you and Bruce, and you sigh at him before shaking your head and stepping back.
"Y/n may want to help us and my brother may be restrained but I suggest you watch your words Bruce."
"Why's that?" Bruce looks between the two of you carefully, slowly putting the pieces together.
"Soulmates," Thor says softly.
"Wait, the two of you are soulmates and you are completely fine with me tying him up?" Valkyrie speaks up.
"Not necessarily fine with it, but I'm somewhat annoyed with him at the moment so I'll leave him."
"Thank you Love," Loki says and you can hear him roll his eyes.
"You're very welcome, darling," you say as you stride over and stand behind him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.
"So, to get out of here you'll have to go through one of the wormholes and in 12- 18 months you'll arrive in Asgard," Valkyrie says.
"No, we're going through the big one," Thor says and points out the window.
"The Devil's Anus?" Valkyrie asks irrediculously.
"I did not know it was called that when I chose it."
Bruce looks at the dark shape in the sky to which Thor had gestured and began analyzing it.
"My ship won't hold up going through that, we're going to have to steal one of the Grandmaster's and that'll need a distraction," Valkyrie says.
"You could always bring out the beast," Loki says unhelpfully
"You guys have a beast?" Valkyrie laughs.
"Loki, didn't you get those codes from Grandmaster? The ones to access his ships?" you ask.
"Yes," he says glaring at you over his shoulder, "I don't remember telling you I got them though."
"Just a guess with how helpful you've been the last few days," you respond and try to placate him with a kiss on the cheek. Then you turn back to the others, "Okay, then we can get a ship and go from there."
The five of you part ways, you going with Bruce and Valkyrie while Loki goes with Thor. Nothing ever goes smoothly but things go as always. Valkyrie pilots her ship through the air and at this point Grandmaster has caught on that you're aiding Bruce and Thor and not finding them. So, you're flying around the city as she makes a distraction while waiting for Thor to show up.
As for you, you're hopeful that Loki will join you but not holding tightly to the thought. He didn't want to and just as he wouldn't change your mind you doubted you'd change his. Things in the air quickly grow messy, there's too many ships after you for Valkyrie to be able to shoot them all down. They're slowly but surely overwhelming her despite her extraordinary piloting skills.
There's that gut feeling again, you know the one when you have no idea what you're doing but know you can be doing more to help. The one that drew you towards that wormhole a few weeks ago. The one that had you pull Loki into your chest and save his life.
You don't take time to think about it before you're jumping off the ship, arms spread wide. Somewhere above you you can hear Bruce shouting at Valkyrie that you'd just jumped, but that doesn't matter. The wind whips your clothes around you and it feels amazing being in this free fall.
Free fall.
You're free falling.
Towards the ground.
At an incredible speed.
You don't know how to stop yourself.
The ground is approaching quickly and you're beginning to be able to pick individuals out of the crowd below you... Maybe you should stop listening to that gut feeling when you have other options. Yeah, you weren't making it out of this one, you close your eyes for impact.
You close your eyes for impact but the impact never comes. Slowly you convince yourself to open your eyes and when you do you're laying on the ground, black mist swirling around you. Okay... so you fell but didn't make impact... your hands are shaking as you you get yourself up and look to the sky.
There's many ships flying over your head zooming past and splitting off to try and catch Valkyrie and presumably Thor. You need to get back up there... so far that instinct hasn't lead you wrong. After all, you're still alive after jumping off that ship.
As you stand staring at the sky the black mist is rolling off of you in waves. The mist had always been a defense mechanism, you'd spent most of your life basically made out of the stuff and now that it seemed to be able to do more than just keep you alive.
As you continue to focus on the air the mist begins to spiral towards the sky, aiming towards the ships zooming past. You glance down at your feet and see that they're gone. As you look your ankles slowly dissolve into the mist and begin drifting towards the sky.
The mist is you.
You are the mist.
The spiraling mist overtakes you and you are able to fly towards the sky. As you focus you're able to move faster and faster, sending yourself rocketing towards and through one of the ships, sending it spinning towards the ground. It felt freeing. This was what you were meant to be.
You begin taking out other ships, protecting your friends. The ship Thor is piloting is obvious as it's the only other one being chased besides Valkyrie's. Bruce is shot up from Valkyrie's ship and into the other then a few moments later Thor jumps out and begins leaping from ship to ship sending them flying towards the ground.
Everything is flying everywhere. It's overwhelming. Then add on top of that Thor gets back on the ship you'd be taking to Asgard and fireworks go off as some music plays from speakers as Grandmaster's voice echos, "It's my birthday," I'm a sing song voice. It's horrible but it causes Grandmaster's right hand crashing into a building.
Valkyrie is the next one to board the ship and now that the sky were cleared you could as well. Sending your misty body into the ship where you are then able to materialize.
"Now that we're on the same side can I know what you are and why smoke is flying off of you?" Valkyrie asks.
"I don't know, all I k is is that I'm a Wraith by my name is y/n so just call me that."
"Buckle up everyone, we're about to enter the devil's anus," Bruce says from the pilots chair. Valkyrie takes a seat in the copilots chair and you and Thor brace yourselves on the doorframe. The ship begins to quiver as you enter the wormhole, you brace yourself and try to take the brunt of the energy but it doesn't work super well because this one is a lot more powerful than what you had been expecting.
Everything goes black.
You're lying on the floor when you come around again. Everyone else is already awake which tells you you had done some good in shielding them. When you stand up and look out the window there's a beautiful planet, waterfalls flowing off all the sides and a giant bridge extending to one of the edges.
Well, it would be a beautiful planet if it wasn't currently up in flames.
"There's heat signatures up in the mountains. That's where the people are and Hela is going right for them."
"Drop me off at the palace, I will distract her and the rest of you get the people out of here," Thor says.
"How are we going to do that?" You ask.
"I have a man on the ground," Thor responds.
"I'll go start helping them get to the Bifrost, the rest of you can do your thing," you say as you jump off the ship yet again. This time you will yourself to dissolve and fly towards the peak of the mountains where you land.
Okay, so they're in the mountain. You begin looking around for an entrance but instead you find yourself face to face with Heimdal.
"Y/n," he inclines his head.
"You want to lead the way? I'll bring up the rear, Thor is distracting Hela at the palace," you say, forgetting that he can see everything. The next thing that happens is an earthquake and lightning striking the palace.
"Asgard!" Heimdal announces loudly, "to the Bifrost." With that all of you quickly move down the mountain and to the rainbow bridge. As you are finally stepping on the bridge behind the people of Asgard loud noises draw your attention away. An army more ugly than the Chitauri coming up behind you.
"Go! Get out of here!" You say and begin turning yourself to mist, flowing in and through them, taking them down. But there's too many of them, and they push you back, further onto the bridge and into the crowd.
They've stopped moving, you turn to see why. And of course things only get worse. There's a giant wolf at the other end of the bridge. Then even worse as Bruce falls from the ship, that Valkyrie is piloting, and his limp body bounces on the bridge.
You turn your attention back to the immediate threat you could protect the people from. The army of undead warriors. The mist thing isn't working very well so you turn and take a sword from one of the nearby Asgardians.
You swing the sword at the enemy and thing you cut through one but no, you had totally missed. The monster you'd swung at grabs the blade of the sword you were holding and wrenches it out of your hands before chucking it off the side of the bridge. You hear Hulk roar behind you and the bridge shakes underneath you, as he throws the wolf off the bridge.
You step towards the monster and begin trying to fight them off. How had you fought before? The infinity stones had clouded your mind. You had no idea what you'd actually done only that you had done it.
Okay, what do you have? You have the ability to turn to mist. You can survive the void of space and keep others alive there too. You can absorb and contain the energy from infinity stones. You're powerful and were able to fight all of the Avengers at once. You can take out a few mindless zombies.
You throw your arms out and release a wave of mist, throwing a ton of them off the bridge, giving yourself a moment to think. You were tiring out quickly, already tired from your previous fight. That's when the idea comes over you.
Something had brought these things into being. Some sort of power, you begin to focus on the closest of all of them. A tendril of mist extends towards them and slowly lifts them off the ground.
You can feel the energy draining from them, all of that power flowing into you. When he goes limp you finally release your grip before moving onto the next one. As you figure it out you're able to begin moving faster and taking the energy from more and more of them at once.
The wolf has stopped shaking the bridge but you can still hear them fighting. Valkyrie's ship had crashed into the bridge and fireworks shooting into the sky. Things aren't looking good despite the fact that you're now taking the creatures down in droves.
Lightning is flashing and the entire planet is shaking. All of you are cornered onto the bridge that is beginning to crumble under you. There's five million things happening at once and you're overwhelmed, maybe you shouldn't have left Loki thinking you were upset with him.
"Your savior is here!" A voice cuts through the noise and you turn to see Loki. The sight of him captures your attention, he had come on a giant ship to rescue his people. His battle armor shines in the light and you can see him look at you.
His eyes widen and you can see him shout something at you, but before you have a chance to figure out what he's saying you go flying off the side of the bridge into the water below. The wind is knocked out of you and your vision goes blurry. You make yourself focus enough to drag yourself out of the water, sputtering as you do so.
Despite having absorbed that energy you were still too tired to turn into mist and get yourself back up there. You're floating on the top of the water as you see Thor come flying lighting lashing out from him as he does. Things are turning in your favor but Hela is still too much for all of you.
The waves from Hulk and the wolf begin tossing you around and you find yourself sinking back under the water, your vision blotchy. It begins to make sense, you hadn't fully absorbed the energy, you'd merely sucked the energy from them but hadn't taken it into yourself. It's as you begin to black out that you feel some arms wrap around you and you see Loki's face come into view.
With that you're able to let yourself relax and close your eyes. No, it's not a good idea but you physically can't keep them open any more so you might as well relax about it.
When you come too, you're in Loki's arms. "Lo?" You ask groggily.
"Yes, I have you darling," he says and slowly lets you stand on the ground, though his arms stay around your waist to steady you. He looks back up out the window and you follow his gaze just to see a giant thrusting his sword deep into the ground of Asgard.
You look at him before turning back, just to see the planet implode. "Loki?" You ask worriedly.
"It is alright Love, as Thor said Asgard is not a place it's a people."
"But you came back," you say and turn in his arms. "I knew you had it in you to be the hero," you say proudly.
"I couldn't very well leave my soulmate to fight my sister on her own," he says in a soft voice and you absolutely melt. No matter the differences of opinion the both of you had on helping and not helping he fully had your heart.
"I love you," you say and give him a kiss. "Let's get your people to somewhere safe then we can run away together, I've always wanted to see the galaxy."
Loki rests his hands on your hips and kisses you deeply, "I'd love nothing more than to spend eternity with you and show you the beauties the universe has to offer."
Everything is perfect right there in that moment. You're safe in the arms of your love, Loki, and he's safe in your arms. It's wonderful, so wonderful you kiss him again and when a shadow blocks out the light through the window it doesn't even matter enough for you to look up.
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talaruhar · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
- Maybe you should drink? - ... Loki should try the sparkling water(or what is it?). So I drew this. All links:
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xlonelythedreamerx · 17 hours ago
Brother OF Mine (Loki Poem #2)
From the perception of Thor. Wrote this a couple of years ago
- - -
Brother of mine,
I thought you and I
would fight side by side
till the end of time.
But the future was never kind
on your misguided soul
and I partly take the blame .
I wish I had told you
that I thought the world of you
before it was all too late.
Brother of mine,
I thought you and I
could still fight side by side
despite our differences
until the end of time.
But instead I'll watch the sun rise and fall
without you by my side.
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just-another-marvel-nerd · 18 hours ago
one of the places that Lady Loki " bombed" is Vormir!!! are we going to see Natasha's or Gamora's death again????? or maybe how things would be if they aren't dead??? is Marvel that cruel???
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dynamicduoofstackie · 18 hours ago
Apparently, Anthony being a father of four is what's stopping them from shipping Stackie even though he divorced in 2018. Mcu fandom is so virtuous. Unlike those who ship Cate Blanchett, married mother of 4 and Rooney Mara because of that one movie. I'm gonna ask those Evansson stans if they cease their shipping when Scarlett is married. Also, time to check if folks still thinks Benedict Cumberbatch wife and kids are fake.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just cause you are single and got kids, don't mean Anthony is dead. It just means if he does pursue a relationship, whether it is with Sebastian Stan or someone else, he not going to outright let the world know.
Let's be honest, most celebrities live private lives when it comes to their kids and who they are romantically involved with.
He more than likely will have to deem that person worthy enough to introduce to his kids and family then and maybe not even then, let the world know he seeing someone. 😉
Just cause Sebastian and Anthony ain't clasping hands and sneaking kisses in the open, don't mean they not doing it behind closed doors where gossiping people can't blast their daddy to their kids.
When you have kids you got to protect them. You know if Anthony ever came out as bixsexual or willing to date outside his race, all hell going to break loose around him, his partner, and his kids.
MCU fandom and even some stackie fans refuses to see the amazingly gifted actor Anthony Mackie and/or why he may be a contender for the equally amazing Sebastian Stan's heart. I don't know if it is the race thing... More than likely the race thing. Or the flimsy excuse of he was married, when it has been years since had been married and there are things called affairs. But I don't know...
I mean fans have no shame shipping themselves with either married/dating/single celebrities and/or shipping those same celebrities with other celebrities. So it boggles my mind that anything Anthony Mackie related is platonic. But if a female and/or white celebrity did the same stuff Mackie did with Sebastian and had Sebastian looking at them with heart eyes, cuddling with each other, giving each other nicknames, complimenting each othet, etc., you would see blogs for days on the new power couple. But since it is Anthony Mackie, a black man, Sebastian and him are just friends.
But y'all forget that still waters run deep. Just cause you don't see Stackie PDA doesn't mean stuff isn't going down behind closed doors.
If Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie make each other happy romantically and don't want to share all their business with the world than I'm still happy for them. I'm happy just imagining them together. Though if they want to toss me a photo of some PDA to get these haters shook; I wouldn't turn it down 😊
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marvelousescapism · 18 hours ago
Hiya! You posted in response to that steggy related anon and one thing caught my eye that I wanted to copy paste in an ask here if you don't mind ^_^: clearly also the only sort of relationship a lot of people still expect between a man and woman (for context, a romantic one) Honestly!!! A man and a woman can have a relationship that's not explicitly romantic/sexual in nature. I feel like that's not talked about a lot, even in general. With Steggy it seems like that has to be the lens; a romantic one. Even among Stucky shippers who historically flat out ignore Peggy's existence rather than exploring the possibilities of friendship/mentorship/respect/etc. between them especially in canon discussions or works (I have been guilty of this in my life, I will admit). I dunno I just think it was an interesting point and then I rambled a little lmao sorry!
yesss!! like, Peggy doesn't need to be in a romantic relationship with Steve in order to be relevant or important!! idk idk maybe I'm just tired of het romances written by men at this point, but I think it's so much more interesting to explore their relationship from a more platonic perspective (or at least an It's Complicated perspective)!
I used to actually really like their relationship before Endgame! I used to think it was a lovely The One Who Got Away sort of story about the bittersweetness of the passage of time ruining What Could Have Been with a crush you used to be certain you'd end up marrying someday, only to realize years down the line that it never would have worked but you still love each other in a different sort of way now... and isn't that SO much more interesting than your run-of-the-mill guy-gets-the-gal story? Endgame sort of put a downer on it all, but still 😞
like, so many people love Steve and Nat's relationship because they're such a beautiful friendship. we could have that with Steve and Peggy too!!
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