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#helmut zemo x reader
lex-the-flex · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Imagine Being Zemo’s Sugar Babies
A/N: This gif totally makes it look like Sam and Bucky are Zemo’s bodyguards and I love it.
Like Sam and Bucky, Zemo decided to give you a better life, allowing you and the boys to live with him.
All the high-end clothes, jewelry, shoes, and electronics you could ever ask for.
All the best food and drinks would be at your disposable. Even when the four of you would be at home or in hiding.
Endless parties around the world and attending professional or private meetings.
Front row seats to concerts, private art exhibitions, and fashion shows.
While Sam would change his mind about sending Zemo back to prison once he realized how well the four of you worked together. 
No matter how perfectly weird it was. 
You would never have to drive anywhere. Zemo or Sam would always take the wheel, or have a personal driver.
On the occasion where you did have to drive, Bucky would always accompany you, even if you had to go to the grocery store.
Bonding with Sam and Bucky.
So much bonding!
Those boys would do anything and everything in their power to protect you. And you would do the same for them.
Being the voice of reason whenever Sam and Bucky didn't see eye to eye with Zemo.
Sam and Bucky would be your best friends, as well as Zemo, but the three of you agreed to keep everything platonic, in fear of slipping up.
But when the time came to travel to Madripoor, you and Bucky would secretly lock fingers, despite you being Zemo’s “personal bodyguard” for the evening, and Bucky “stepping” into the Winter Soldier’s shoes again. 
Once you and Zemo got separated from the boys, you immediately defended him, all the way until you all got back to the plane. 
As soon as you landed in Latvia, Bucky couldn’t contain his feelings anymore, and confessed to you. You felt the same way for him and agreed to form a relationship in secret, only for Zemo and Sam to constantly tease you about it. 
A/N pt. 2: I WANT this so much..
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baroness-zemo · 2 hours ago
Hi ! 8 + Helmut Zemo, please ? 🎇
Exhaustion (Zemo x Reader)
Prompt: “Come Here, I’ll carry you.”
Word Count: 395
“Schatzi” means Sweetheart
Tumblr media
The relief you felt as you and Zemo walked through the door of your home was immense. After being out all day shopping, you were exhausted, and although he didn’t say anything, you knew he was too.
You kicked off your shoes, “We’re never going shopping again.”
Zemo smiled and hung his coat on the rack, “You’re the one who insisted we go to every store in the mall, schatzi.”
“Well you’re the one who told me I could buy whatever I wanted! You can’t tell me something like that, I’m too picky Hel, I wanna buy everything!”
He looked down at the many bags hanging from his arms, most likely cutting off circulation. “From the looks of it, you did buy everything.”
You rolled your eyes and grabbed a few of the bags, helping him carry them to the living room. You both sat everything on the couch and you looked over at the stairs.
“Oh what I would give for a hot bath right now,” you fell onto an empty spot on the couch, your back aching.
“Why don’t you go take one then?” Zemo was looking through the stuff that was bought, pulling out the new bottle of his favorite cologne.
“Because,” you frowned, “I don’t wanna go upstairs, my feet hurt.”
Zemo sighed. “Come here, I’ll carry you.”
Before you even had a chance to reject, he was picking you up, one arm supporting your back, the other looped under the bend of your knees. You gasped in surprise, instinctively wrapping your arms around his neck.
He chuckled and started making his way up the stairs.
“If you drop me-“
“I won’t, relax dear.”
True to his word, he didn’t drop you. He even went the extra mile, taking you to the master bathroom and sat you down on the counter next to the sink.
You watched as he went around, gathering towels, a fluffy loofah, and a silk robe, setting them all on the table next to the bath. Then, he started running the bath water, making sure it was the perfect temperature.
He looked to you once he deemed everything ready, and you couldn’t help but to walk over and kiss him. “You treat me so well, Helmut.”
“I simply treat you like the queen you are, my dear.” He placed a kiss to your forehead, “Enjoy your bath.”
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sorcerersofnyc · 3 hours ago
The Last Thing Left (Zemo x F!Reader) 1/?
Ghosts weren’t enough to hold two people together.
While they wait for Torres to locate Donya Madani, Zemo reflects upon his relationship to you, his only tether to his wife and closest friend.
Slow burn, previous relationships, angst, various mentions of death & mourning. You both lost your spouse. You're a regular civilian person. Zemo's wife's name is Heike because of comics.
Note: Main Character is neutral in most regards but the story was written with my own cultural background in mind. (In other words, I won't say what she looks like but I envision her as a POC.)
I meant to write a one-shot but as it turns out I have feelings for this man.
I'll have part two by the end of the day and hope to update steadily.
He looks forward to coming face-to-face with Karli, the girl responsible for the birth of a new faction of Super Soldiers. His plan was simple really: He would find her and end her, just as he did Nagel.
Sam and James lack the conviction to do what needs to be done. It’s that weakness that makes Helmut invaluable—that and he’s the one with the private jet.
It’s night, so he prepares a meal for the three of them in the little kitchen near the cockpit.
As delicious aromas permeate the air, James relaxes on the couch near the back of the plane. Sam sits across from him, attempting to contact an associate. He hopes the man can help them find Karli’s mentor, Donya Madani.
But Helmut knows from experience how strenuous locating displaced persons can be.
After all, when the Avengers left Sokovia in an irreparable state, he searched displacement camps for his remaining friends and family—finding the dead was much easier.
Sam’s associate won’t find Donya as long as she’s alive. They’ll have to wait.
In the meantime, the jet would need refueling, and he simply refuses to spend his time listening to Sam and James bicker about shields and symbols. They would need somewhere to stay.
“Now what?” James asks, his voice and disposition bitter as Helmut hands him the plate. He eyes the meal with suspicion.
“We wait” Sam can barely withhold his frustration with James, but he accepts the food with a nod.
“For how long?”
“For as long as it takes.”
Whatever this is between them, it’s fraying—ripping at the seams.
If it wasn’t so painfully ironic (and hilarious to watch,) Helmut would find the relationship between Sam and James a little sad.
Ghosts weren’t enough to hold two people together.
“I know of a place we can go until then.” Helmut settles down into his chair and orders Oeznik to adjust their course towards Spain. He’d know where to port.
The journey would be long and annoying, but he would handle it as handled every arduous thing: with patience and a glass of whiskey.
And his impending headache will be well worth it; he can’t wait to see you again.
You were a friend of his wife, an artist she met at University.
Heike longed to see the world outside the trappings of nobility and studied abroad. She didn’t expect to meet a friend so quickly.
You were there for the important dates — the engagement, the wedding, and the baby.
He’s known you for years.
But despite your presence in his life, Helmut never really thought to consider you a friend, not really. Heike liked you, you were kind, and the rest mattered little to him.
But when his wife hosted dinner for her milestone birthday, your life became entangled with his. Because on that day, you caught the eye of his oldest friend, Dominik.
His family had been nobility once, many years ago, but Dominik had no title; he was free to live his life with impunity. Society wouldn’t care if the person he married was Sokovian or not, and no one would talk if they weren’t from old money. There might have been looks or whispers, but most were content to him be.
He could have chased after anyone—but you enchanted him from the beginning. You came from a different world, a different place; he valued your perspective and admired your art.
“They would make such a cute couple, wouldn’t they?” Heike asked that evening, her eyes filled with mischievous glee.
Helmut remembered a particular day when he found his friend thumbing through a pile of books you considered 'essential reading.' He was never meant to read them all at once, but he was determined to impress you.
"I asked about her favorites," he told him, "She really likes to read."
Endlessly curious, Helmut read them too. (He found the one on Pre-Columbian art extremely insightful, as was the one on Marvin Gaye.)
But it wasn’t until a year later that he realized the true depth of his feelings for you.
Usually, when Dominik received your amorous letters, he would grin and gloat about it.
“Look,” he would say, waving the envelope around as if it were your banner. “I have someone waiting for me.“
But one night, after a tough mission near the border of Lithuania, Helmut watched his friend pull your letter from the pocket of his uniform. The night was damp and freezing from the rain, but he read it quickly, thumbing at the wrinkled page with a smile.
He was happy for him, happy for you.
So Helmut watched your courtship from afar, offering advice and guidance where he could. Eventually, he attended your wedding.
It took a great deal of compromise for you to move to Sokovia (you found the contemporary art and film cultures lacking) but once you did, he and Heike entertained you on holidays.
There had been no children between you, but there was plenty of love.
There was so much love. In fact, someone found your letter in his pocket on the day they pulled him from the rubble of Novi Grad.
“Does anyone know where his wife is?” An officer asked.
“Does anyone know where anyone is?” Another replied.
It was an endless cycle of death and sorrow. People found soldiers and civilians buried.
Some were alive, most were dead.
People cried, families broke apart, people begged and fell limp in the streets.
Helmut buried his entire family.
You buried the love of your life.
Not for the first time did you have something in common, but this was the first thing that truly mattered.
You had no one left.
You made a beautiful speech at the service, one that spoke to the volumes of love you had for him.
"I loved him," you said, "and he loved me. He made me feel welcome, made me feel safe."
But when the service was over, you stood at the site of his freshly dug grave (just one in a long row of others) to say your private goodbyes.
After a while, Helmut joined you.
"I stand here and yet… I still can’t believe it.” You said, eyes cast down. “They’re gone.”
All because of the Avengers.
“What will I do without him?”
“… I’ll take care of you,” he promised.
“Thank you, Helmut. But… I…” You wanted to tell him you’d be alright. But the lie lodged itself in the back of your throat and a sob pushed forward instead. You cried.
“Please… It’s what they would have wanted. Heike and Carl… they adored you. I can do this much at least.“
You, the only thing he had left of the ones he loved.
He didn’t want to let you go.
Thanks for reading! Look out for part two! The reader will have more interaction with Zemo.
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clints-lucky-arrow · 3 hours ago
Dude Cursed is right up my alley I fuckin love the idea bless you
💜 I'm so excited to hear that! 💜
I really want to go for some dark gothic vibes. 😍 Honestly, I'm excited for it myself! Been putting together a little Pinterest board to help with visualisation and everything 😂
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writingtoforgetreality · 4 hours ago
Hi! Hope you are having a lovely day! I was wondering if you could do a concept where Zemo has to marry again (pretending that he didn't go to prison ) and if you could make the reader British so I can subtly live through it. Thank you!! :)
[Oh my-, I absolutely love the idea of Zemo finding love again & going as far as tying the knot! Hope your day is going great, too! <3] | Headcanons for Zemo & others are open!
Zemo Marrying A British!Reader Headcanons
Tumblr media
[no pronouns used]
First of all, the moment his eyes fell to your figure, he knew you would somehow change his life, though he was not quite sure how.
You were absolutely gorgeous & while he was not a man to care too much about looks, simply because personality was the most important trait for him, you made his body act out in the best way possible. One look & he was utterly smitten.
But it seemed like you had some tricks up your sleeves. Your first conversation had him falling head over heels. You talked about everything & nothing in particular. Small talk.
It was no secret that he was a sucker for the way you pronounced words with such casualty because you were not even aware that your voice could have that effect on someone else.
When you two talked, it was the sweetest mix of accents that was so different & yet blended together seamlessly.
While it was not the only reason for you guys to end up dating (Zemo could have written a list with thousands of reason, honestly. For example your shared love for tea.) it was definitely a part of why you were so interesting to him.
Dating, for once, was alright but when he found himself craving to show you how truly in love he was with you, he came across a border he had set for himself.
Marriage. After his family died, he promised himself to never marry again. It was some sort of loyalty to his wife & his son.
Then you waltzed into his life & the urge to break his promise became harder to resist each & every day. Because you smiled at him like he was the only one in this universe. You cared for him with such gentleness, it made him doubt if he even deserved it. You.
It was worth taking a risk & he finally found enough courage to ask you.
You watched his innocent, almost shy eyes as he was down on one knee, showcasing the most beautiful ring you had ever seen.
You said yes. Of course you did. Anything else would not have made sense.
The wedding took place in your hometown. It was Zemo’s idea. Because maybe he kind of fell in love with British accents? With yours in the first place, if you were entirely honest.
It was just the two of you, a small ceremony. Just like you had always dreamed.
During your vows, Zemo was completely vulnerable in front of you. Opening up about his fears of taking that step again but finding the needed courage inside of your big heart you offered to him. He ended his speech with a bit more humor, just like you expected him to.
“I must say, my love, your accent was a curse I could not resist.”
MY Ko-fi PAGE | Marvel-Masterlist
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nbmonsterkisser · 4 hours ago
me: I desperately want to write some zemo smut but I’m stuck on a premise
my id: literally just write about him jacking off while thinking about the reader???
Tumblr media
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mymagicsuitcase · 7 hours ago
Dangerous Masterlist
Tumblr media
AU! Pro racer Zemo 😎
Gender neutral reader
Chapter one
Chapter two
Chapter three
Chapter four
Work in progress
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italianraviolos · 7 hours ago
Wanna feel like going 100 on a flaming red Ferrari with Niki Lauda but you don't have you're driver license yet and Niki Lauda neither?
I got the perfect thing for you buba ❤️
Tumblr media
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mymagicsuitcase · 7 hours ago
Dangerous | Helmut Zemo
Tumblr media
AU! Race car driver Zemo 😎
Gender neutral reader
Collage by @realremyd
[Previous chapter] - [Next chapter]
Part 4
Zemo stared at his phone which he had sat on his desk. His car has been fixed up and he was about to go test run it, but his mind wasn't focused on the car. All he could think about was you.
Sam pokes his head into the office.
"Ready for the test run?"
Zemo looks up, acting as if his mind hasn't been elsewhere, and nodded. He glances at his phone once more before leaving with Sam.
You hadn't contacted him and he was missing you. He had no idea it would be this bad. It had been a couple of days since you had left and he was wishing time had paused that day, anything to spend a few extra minutes with you.
He looks at his car. He needed to put his racing mind on. He grabs his helmet, and gears up. Once he's in the car, he is in racer mode.
When you stepped off the train, your friend was waiting eagerly. She squealed as she ran over to you and pulled you into a hug. You chuckled as she nearly caused you to fall over.
"I've missed you!"
"I was only gone a couple of days," you chuckle.
"I know, but still. Something super amazing has happened and I'm about to lose my mind!"
"What is it?"
You both begin to leave the station, you eager to hear what is so exciting.
"Remember Tony Stark?"
Of course you did. You had literally seen him that weekend, racing.
As you exit the station, you come to a stop. Right in front of you is a limousine. Sleek, black, and expensive looking.
You look at your friend in shock.
Tony Stark climbs out of the limo before she can. You stare in shock. What was he even doing here? Shouldn't he be off training for the next race? Why was he here?
Your friend skips over to him and he places an arm around her.
"What is happening?"
Your friend smiles away, leaning against the billionaire beside her. Maybe you were imagining this. Tony Stark could not be here.
"Y/N, this is my boyfriend."
You are so sure your brain malfunctioned right there. You drop your bag and try to figure if you actually heard that.
You friend laughs as she grabs your bag and puts it into the limo.
"For real?" You ask, looking at Stark.
"For real." He grins.
"Come on, we'll take you home," your friend urges you into the limo. You cannot believe this is happening.
Once you're all in, your friend gives the driver your address and you all set off. You can only stare as she practically drapes herself over his lap.
You feel so confused.
The car was filled only with silence for the reminder of the ride. It was awkward and suffocating, but there was nothing you could say.
When the limo stopped outside of your apartment, you climbed out. Your friend got out too. You pulled her off to the side.
"How? When? How long has this been a thing?" You ask, rapidly firing out your questions.
"He asked me out. That night a couple weeks ago. At the party. The one you didn't come to."
"And you're only mentioning this now?"
"He asked me to wait, so I did. Then a couple days ago, he called me and said he was ready for to tell people."
"A couple of days ago? Friday?"
You glance back at the car. Friday was race day. Was that a coincidence?
"I'm your friend, why didn't you tell me?"
"I promised I wouldn't until he said I could. I really like him Y/N."
"Do you? Are you in love with him because he's amazing and loves you? Or because he's your favourite pro racer and billionaire?" You narrow you gaze at her.
Her jaw is clenched, eyes hazy with tears.
"That's not fair."
"It's very fair. I don't think you've thought this through."
She let's her tears fall, drops your bag at your feet, pushes you back, and then climbs into the car. You watch the limo drive off before you pick up your bag and go inside your home.
Something didn't sit right with you.
You throw your bag on your bed, deciding to unpack later, and slump down on your sofa. Your mind flickered to Zemo.
You hadn't contacted him. You could have done so on the train. You grab your phone and send him a message.
You: Hey :) I hope I didn't keep you waiting.
You put the phone down and wait. He was probably busy, but you would wait. Closing your eyes, you could almost imagine being back in his car, speeding down the road like crazy. You missed that feeling.
Life was too slow now.
You yearned to be a part of Zemo's lifestyle. You wanted to be beside him, cheering his name, watching as he wins against Stark.
Speaking of, you would have to make arrangements. You needed to check your work schedule and make sure you had that weekend off.
You didn't want to miss a race.
You feel asleep with those thoughts. The wind in your hair, laughter filling the car, Zemo looking over at you with a smile. He was right there in your dreams.
Zemo had done several laps up and down the runway. He would take it down to the track tomorrow to test it out proper, but for now it was in great condition.
The moment he changed out of his gear, he went to collect his things from the office. Picking up his phone, his heart leaped with joy when he saw the text.
You: Hey :) I hope I didn't keep you waiting.
He smiled at his phone and immediately saved your number.
It felt right to put you in his phone like that. He mentally scolded himself for getting carried away, but he didn't change it. He left it like that and replied.
Zemo: You did, but I'll forgive you. You can make it up to me when I see you next.
He smiled as he tucked his phone away and prepared to head home. On the drive home, his mind turned to you again. There was a silly grin on his face. He would take this third race as a sign. If you showed up, he would take you for that drink, and maybe something would happen. He was not ready to let you go just yet.
A thought crossed his mind.
What if he visited you before the race? He would surely be able to get you to give up your address to him. You would with the drive up. Maybe next could take a peek into your life.
Would you like that?
Never before had he questioned himself so much. When it came to you, there was doubt in his mind. It's not as if you were his anyway. Friend? Yes, quite possibly. Nothing more.
Yet, he yearned for it.
Would you enter his world if invited you? Perhaps he would keep that question up his sleeve until the time seemed right.
It wasn't until he was at home that he got a reply. You must have been busy.
You: That's fair. Assuming I make it, of course.
He smiled at your response.
Zemo: I'll be disappointed if you don't come. I may need your luck again.
You: Yes, because that went so well last time.
Zemo: My losing was no your fault. I blame Stark.
There was several minutes of silence before your next response.
You: How is the car?
Zemo: In working order. I'm going to tinker with it some more. I won't stop until it's up to standard.
You: You must be very busy then.
Zemo: Not too busy that I can't talk to you.
It was so easy to be all bold when you were communicating by text.
You: Cute, but I'm not falling for that ;)
Two could play that game, it seemed.
Zemo: May I ask you something?
You: Of course
Zemo: Where do you work?
You: Why? I can tell you now, it's no where as cool as your job.
Zemo: I want to know more about you.
There was another pause before your response. This one was a little longer than other and Zemo wondered if he had crossed a line.
Then you replied.
You: At cafe, it's called The Redwing. Nice enough place, but not as exciting as your job.
The Redwing? He had heard that name before. Sam came to mind as he thought about it. Zemo smiled.
Zemo: Sounds interesting to me.
You: If you say so. No fast cars here though, just people wanting coffee.
Zemo: I want to hear more, but perhaps some other time. I should eat before I fall asleep on my couch. See you soon?
A couple minutes go by, and then:
You: Maybe ;)
He smiled a smug grin as he put his phone down. He would see you soon, you just didn't know how soon.
Seemed like Zemo had a call to make.
@ajeff855 @moonstuffsteve @sky-writes-stuff @lieutenantn @lostghostgirl94 @friday18eo @yaskna @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @gingerwriter97 @lunamooney2406 @wilder-fangirl @nectav @whovianayesha @thesuitkovian @cathrin2405 @deathtothepatriarchy @belle82devart @dxrksxul06 @killeromanoff @alex-the-nb @latenightartist-author @hb8301 @goddessofmischief03 @xxidontwikeitxx @themeanestlittlewitch
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thedarkermarker · 8 hours ago
It has just become known to me that fanfic trades are a thing!?!?
Bitch I'm ready. Who wants a trade?
I need angsty,hurt/comfort Zemo x male reader content please.
Just fluff stuff no NSFW.
I can write for Steve, Bucky, Tony, Zemo. (Might be able to do others, just ask)
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mymagicsuitcase · 9 hours ago
Love and support | Helmut Zemo
Tumblr media
Requested by anon
Autistic reader. I tried my best with the research I did. I hope this is alright. I apologise for any inaccuracies.
I've done this as headcanons as I couldn't come up with a good plot for a fic 😔 I hope that's alright.
Zemo is very attentive.
He does whatever he needs to make sure you're happy and comfortable.
He's always keeping an eye on you.
Knowing him means a lot of things can happen, and it can be overwhelming.
Zemo will never put you out of your comfort zone unless absolutely necessary.
He always has time for you.
Anything you want to do or share, he'll be there.
Does not take kindly to anyone who has nothing nice to say about you.
Zemo is an extremely patient man.
He will happily sit and talk with you for hours about anything and everything.
Hates to see you get upset over things.
But he always knows how to cheer you up.
You can ask him for anything.
Say the word and it's yours.
Knows all your little cues.
Will leave you alone when needed.
But he will always be near by incase you need him.
He knows you can struggle sometimes, but it's all OK because he will help you.
There is nothing he won't do for you.
This man has all the love and care you could ask for.
Loves how happy you get over things you're passionate about.
Never gets tired of listening to talk passionately about things you love.
May even indulge himself into your passions too.
He likes to feel a part of your world.
If everything becomes too much, he is right there beside you.
As I said before, there is nothing he won't do to help you.
Call his name and he'll come running.
Where Zemo is concerned, you're safest by his side.
@ajeff855 @moonstuffsteve @sky-writes-stuff @lieutenantn @lostghostgirl94 @friday18eo @yaskna @my-blood-is-maple-syrup @gingerwriter97 @lunamooney2406
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writingtoforgetreality · 9 hours ago
Two of my miniseries will continue with an actual schedule!
"Gold Rush" (Sebastian Stan x Reader): two parts are out already & three more are planned/written. Part three will be posted on Saturday & the last two each on the following Saturdays. [tags are open]
"Stockholm Syndrome" (Helmut Zemo x Reader): the second part will be posted this Sunday & the last one the following week. Be aware that this series will have an 18+ rating! [tags are open]
As always: all works will be crossposted on my AO3 so if you don't wanna miss anything, make sure to follow me there :)
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clints-lucky-arrow · 9 hours ago
Cursed is absolutely going to kill me, isn't it?
It's going to kill me. The concept popped into my head three days ago and I haven't been able to think of anything else since.
I've always loved the 'Beauty and the Beast' story. In-fact, my own WIP is a very loose rendition of the story but more a fantasy-horror style with a darker ending!
Also, the tale of Hades and Persephone has always been one of my favourite myths, and the two are so similar that it made sense to take elements from both.
I also really think that the styles suit Zemo? You could just see his character as the intense Hades/Beast type.
✨Anyhow, incase you missed it I'm planning a Zemo AU✨
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punemy-spotted · 13 hours ago
Helmut Zemo - Masterlist
Tumblr media
Everything You Stand For
Helmut Zemo comes to you with an offer. Your revenge and his. Warnings: Smut, Implied Violence, Implied Violence Against Women (Past), Implied Abuse (Past), Some Angst Ao3 Link
When The Stars Went Out
You know Helmut Zemo will find you in this and every life, so why pull the red thread any sooner? Warnings: Contains smut, some dubcon/noncon elements, references to being choked, aggressive abuse of astronomical terms and flowery language. Ao3 Link
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clints-lucky-arrow · 14 hours ago
Upcoming Mini-Series: 'Cursed.'
Pairing: Helmut Zemo x F!Reader
✨Hades & Persephone AU // Beauty and the Beast AU✨
Musical Theme.
Tumblr media
Deep in the forests of Romania lies a castle known to very few. Secret, hidden, and far from the prying eyes of the rest of the world. It is the type of place where one can never truly leave once trapped within. A place where the escaped Helmut Zemo can reside, and live in secret.
Or so he thinks, until a lost backpacker stumbles through the door one day, blissfully unaware of who she is about to encounter.
Herein lies the dilemma, for he cannot let her go. Not after she's seen both him, and this place. But for some reason, he cannot quite bring himself to kill another innocent either.
Tumblr media
Enemies to Lovers. Darker Themes. Angst. Falling in Love. Smut.
(Not a traditional AU but I wasn't sure how else to term it.)
My existing Zemo taglist will be added to the first chapter. If you are not already signed up, you can join here.
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mymagicsuitcase · 14 hours ago
Dangerous | Helmut Zemo
Tumblr media
AU! Race car driver Zemo 😎
Gender neutral reader
Collage by @realremyd
[Previous chapter] - [Next chapter]
Part 3
The next morning, after breakfast at the hotel, a call was made up to your room. It wasn't until you put the phone down that you realised you didn't have a way to contact Zemo. It was good he knew where you were staying. You would have to make sure to get his number later.
It felt strange to think about that. If he had your number, wouldn't that be like taking the next step? Were you getting carried away with this? Probably.
You couldn't ignore the fact you liked Zemo.
You never expected to develop a crush on a racing driver. It seemed like he liked you too, but you didn't want to get too carried away. This might very end up being a one time thing.
You make your way down to the lobby. Zemo is waiting for you. He looked so extra, but so stylish. A fur collared jacket, driving gloves, sunglasses on his head.
He turned when he heard you approach. His face lit up with a smile as you got closer to him.
"Good morning."
"Morning. You're looking smart today," you look him up and down, not so subtly checking him out. So much for trying to feel in that crush.
"Thought I would make an impression on you."
"You already did."
Zemo smiles at that. There was a proud feeling in knowing he had you hooked. Perhaps this would lead somewhere, but he would see. He didn't want to rush things and ruin any chances he may have with you.
He wouldn't do that.
"As I'll ever be."
Zemo leads you outside where another fabulous car is parked. You look at it, top to bottom. He can tell by your expression you're impressed.
"Just how many cars do you have?"
"Many. I could show you my collection if you like," he says, walking over to the car and opening the door for you.
You chuckle and climb in.
Zemo takes his sun glasses and puts them on as he gets into the drivers seat. He grins at you as he sets off.
You roll the window down and let the wind mess up your hair, wanting to feel that free feeling you got that first time. Even just sitting next to Zemo brought about all kinds of exciting feelings.
Zemo turned on the radio as he drove through the streets. There was a little drive to get to the garage his race car had been taken to. This gave him some time to bask in your company again.
He could get used to having you around all the time. In fact, he would love that.
Zemo considered himself more of a solo racer. Tony Stark always had fans hanging about, 'dates' in his stand watching him race. Zemo only ever had his pit crew waiting for him at the end of a race.
It was beautiful out. Even more so when you excited the town and got onto more open roads. You had no idea where he was taking you exactly, but you couldn't complain. if he got to see sights like this every day, that was amazing.
You glanced at him. He was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, in time to the music playing on the radio. He looked so relaxed and in his element.
Feeling your gaze on him, he turned to you with a grin.
"What is it?"
"Nothing. You just... look so at home."
He laughs, the sound joyous and wonderful. It makes your heart skip a beat.
"I live in the drivers seat."
You laugh with him.
"What do you say we speed this up? Just like last time," he peers at you over his shades.
"Alright. Thrill me."
You didn't need to say any more. He pushed his foot down on the pedal and you laughed as the car sped up. With such ease, the car glided down the road. Not another soul in sight as the scenery became a blur, just like that first day.
No rules. No restrictions. No Stark.
Just two people enjoying each others company on the open road. What more could a man ask for?
In the distance, you spot a building. That had to be where he was taking you.
"Where is this?"
"It's an old air strip. Hasn't been used in decades. I come here to drive often. I asked my team to bring the car here so we can take a look at it, thought you may also appreciate the area."
You smile.
"It's stunning. There's nothing else around for miles."
Knowing these roads like the back of his hand, he speeds up further, gliding along the rear of the way with ease. Your laughter just fuels him to go faster.
You reach the air strip in no time. He slows down on the approach and pulls up right outside the hanger. He gets out first and opens your door for you. You chuckle as you take his hand and climb out.
Even with your hair all wind struck, you look stunning to him. He won't tell you that though.
You both head inside.
There it is. His race car. He exterior looks pretty good, just scuffed from where Stark's car collided with it, but nothing too serious. The crew were busy working away on it as you both approached.
"Who's this?" A voice asks from your right.
"This is Y/N, my new friend," Zemo says, introducing you. "Y/N, this is Sam. He is very good with cars."
"Nice to meet you." You shake his hand.
"What's the damage?" Zemo walks over to his car.
"The engine gave out. That's all."
"That's all? It cost me a win," Zemo narrows his gaze at Sam.
"It could have been a lot worse. We'll have it fixed in no time."
"Good. I need to win the next one, and the other two to beat Stark. He cannot win them all." Zemo stands upright after looking over his vehicle.
"Trust us, we're on it."
Zemo doesn't give him any more of a response and returns to your side.
"Want to look around a little?"
"Yes please."
He places an arm around your shoulder and guides you out of the hanger. You're blushing from his touch. It almost felt like you were made to fit against him like this.
You both go to stand near the car.
"How come you have such a big rivalry with Tony Stark?" You ask, gazing up at him.
"He doesn't like the idea that I'm better than him."
"Honest. Stark is an engineer and a genius. He can build a car from scratch. I know the ins and outs of cars. I know how to make them better, how to improve them. My cars are better than his, and he is threatened by it."
"Sounds petty."
Zemo shrugs. He is not ashamed to admit he is better than Stark. His whole vendetta is to prove it. He just doesn't have many chances left to do so.
"Aren't you worried?"
"No," he looks you in the eye, "I'm certain."
"Does nothing scare you?"
"Not yet."
There is no expression on his face. You have no idea what's going on inside that head of his. You knew he knew what he was doing. This was his job, his passion. That didn't mean the risks didn't apply to him.
For some reason, Stark's words came to mind. "He's dangerous." Not just on the track, he had said.
Was he?
Who was this man standing before you? His personal information was almost non existent online. Other than his racing background, there was nothing about him. You didn't even know where he was from. His accent suggested not from around here.
Did you dare ask?
No. You didn't want to. No matter how curious you were...
"Would you like me to drive you along the strip?" He asked, nodding across the field where you could see the straight road.
"Yes. Don't go easy on me."
"Wouldn't dream of it," he grins.
You both get into the car and he wastes no time in driving over to the strip. This car doesn't even remotely come close to his racing car, but he'd be damned if he didn't leave you thrilled after this.
He lines up perfectly. You hold on tight and smile at him.
Wheels screeching, whole body jerking, and nothing but the wind blowing through the window. With all his skill and precision, the car speeds up in handled ease. This man knows what he's doing.
You trust him with your life.
You wanted to thank your friend for bringing you to the races that day. If she hadn't, what would you be doing now? Working? Sitting at home? Studying?
Nothing nearly as amazing as this.
Zemo brought life into your world, and you didn't want it to end.
At the end of the runway, he turns the car with ease, though the power causes you to lean toward him as he turns the vehicle around. He almost reaches out for your hand, but focuses his attention on his driving. Back up you go.
He glances at you from the corner of his eye.
Could it be that there was one thing he wanted more than winning against Stark?
No, he didn't think so.
The car comes to a screeching halt at the end of the runway. Heaven knows how his tyres are doing.
You grin at him once the car stops.
"I'll never get tired of that."
He chuckles.
"That pleases me to hear."
Your phone rings. You apologise as you pick it up and answer it, disappointed it was ruining your fun.
"Y/N? Hey, how was the race yesterday?" It was your friend.
"Oh, uh. It was good." You lied. It hadn't ended as you had hoped.
"Great. What time does your train get in tomorrow? I have something super exciting to share with you."
"About 2 o'clock I think."
"I'll be there to pick you up. Oh my gosh, you will not believe what's happened. I can barely contain myself. I'll speak to you soon."
She hangs up.
You stare at your phone, confused. She sounded super excited, whatever that was about.
"Uh, no. Just my friend calling. She's going to pick me up from the train station tomorrow."
"I see. It's a shame you do not live locally. I would get to see you every day," he smiles.
You're blushing again.
"You'd get board of me really quickly," you say, tucking your phone away again.
"I doubt that."
"With your lifestyle? Definitely."
"I may live an exciting life, but you are a rare treasure any man would be lucky enough to have in his life."
"Are you flirting with me?" You ask, eyeing him suspiciously.
"That depends, is it working?"
You laugh.
"It might be."
"Then yes," he says, grinning like a fool.
You both sit there and laugh.
"Allow me to drop you off back at the hotel."
"I'd like that."
Much slower, he drives back to the hanger to alert the team he is leaving. They wave as you both leave.
The ride back is a lot more gentle, more casual. The radio is turned on, but the volume is low. Zemo is just basking in your presence.
He can't admit that he will miss you once you're gone.
The ride is over much sooner than he would have liked. Once again, you both sit there together.
You pull out your phone.
"Can I have your number?" You ask, biting the bullet.
He grins smugly.
"Already making a move?"
"Shush. Can I?"
He nods, taking your phone and putting his number into your contacts. You smile as you take it back, pretending his gloved fingers didn't brush against yours.
"I expect to hear from you," he says.
"I promise."
You go to get out, but he stops you by grabbing your arm lightly. You look at him, a little confused.
"Remember what I said."
"About what?" You ask.
"Come to the races, and I'll take you in a date."
You bite your lip.
"I haven't forgotten."
He stays there until you've gone inside, out of sight. His phone suddenly feels heavy in his pocket, waiting for a text or call.
He was in deep, he just didn't know it yet.
He thinks of you as he drives off.
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clints-lucky-arrow · 14 hours ago
My brain: "Be productive! Finish your WIPs before starting more!"
Also my brain: "Announce your next Zemo series! There's no time like the present!"
Edit: Fuck it.
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writingtoforgetreality · 16 hours ago
Hi, really loving your work! Especially for Zemo so I jumped at the chance for a request. Please could you do a concept of a prison guard who has fallen for him?
[That would be me, by the way. I would so fall for Inmate!Zemo…Thanks for your support *mwah*. There you go.] | Headcanons for Zemo & others are open!
 Prison Guard Falling For Zemo Headcanons
Tumblr media
[no pronouns used]
The moment you first introduced yourself to Zemo, he was already gone for. There was a softness behind your eyes that somehow told him that you were one of the good ones. 
So obviously, he took advantage of that. Started small talks, opened up to you, …
His original intention was to wrap you around his fingers so maybe, MAYBE, his escape plan would become reality.
But things never worked out the way they were planned. And you found yourself drawn to the inmate. Your only job was to bring him food, three times a day. That was it.
And yet, after some time, you smuggled books inside his cell. He loved talking about them & you thought if you brought him some of your favorites, it gave you another topic to talk about.
Mostly, by the next time you were visiting him (because what else could someone do inside a small cell), he had already read through one & began discussing his opinions, the characters & how his views differed from the ones inside the pages.
That was the switch that changed his ulterior motives. Zemo enjoyed your company & even though you were not allowed to, you lingered around a little longer each time you brought him food.
Hence why he abandoned his previous plan. The one where you would assist him to break out.
He was quite fond of you & would not risk anything. Besides, he could tell that you were in this just as much as he was.
Not even once did the topic of escaping come up. Not a single time. And yet, it was always the elephant in the room nobody dared to address.
So it was not Zemo forcing you into anything. It was solely your decision to hide a small paper on his tray when you brought him breakfast.
You knew you had to be fast, time was calculated precisely, you simply hoped he would find the map soon enough.
He did. While he was confused at first, he noticed your handwriting at the bottom of the page & something inside of him clicked. You wanted to help him. Not because he coaxed you but because you had started falling for him.
You had everything prepared for him. The only thing left for him to do was run through the hallways, make it out of there & find you so you could start a new life together. Your relationship (or whatever it was at that point) had yet to be labeled but both of you knew that you wanted, needed, to be together.
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valwentinefics · 20 hours ago
First Impressions - Helmut Zemo x Reader (Pride and Prejudice AU) Part 1
The news of a new inhabitant of Netherfield Park has your family excited to meet the rich and single man Mr. Barnes at the upcoming ball. While there you come face to face with his friend, the Sokovian Baron named Helmut Zemo, who seems like he’d rather be anywhere else.
A/n: First part woo! This part was mostly based on the 2005 movie, the next part will follow the book more. I also won’t be doing such accurate lines in the future unless you guys tell me you want me to, I just felt like I should in this to set things up better. I’m also just slapping in marvel characters where I can, I hope you guys don’t mind!
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. This opinion was held by the community for the newest inhabitant of Netherfield Park, despite not knowing his opinion on the matter, and the mothers in each of the surrounding families had their hearts set on ensuring that one of their daughters would be the one to stake their claim on the man.
Your chilly hands held a weathered book as you entered the small house, abandoning the crisp and fresh spring air for the warmer indoor air that always seemed to smell slightly of flour. You often read outside while walking, a way to enjoy your hobbies of walking and reading as well as relax in the quiet spring air without your often giggling horde of sisters to interrupt your thoughts as they were doing now.
Your eyes looked to the group of girls gathered outside the door to your father’s study, ears pressed against the wood. You gently bonked your sister Natasha on the head with your book when you saw her straining to hear whatever conversation was happening in the room.
“It’s not polite to eavesdrop Natasha.” You scolded your older sister who’s beautiful face turned to a pout at your words. Although you were only the second child you often felt as if you were the oldest.
“Y/n this is different! Mother says Netherfield Park has let at last. It has a young, wealthy, and single inhabitant!” She protested, making you hesitate your retort.
Normally you were not one to indulge in your mother’s gossip about men, but the news piqued your interest. It was no secret to you or your sisters that your family was not doing well when it came to money. With your father aging more by the day and a cousin you hardly contacted set to inherit the property and everything on it once he died, things were not looking good. It was due to this that your mother was frantic when it came to setting up her daughters with suitable husbands. You sighed and pressed your ear to the door, knowing your mother was likely to attempt to set you or one of your sisters up with this newcomer, you were hoping to figure out some things about him before she did.
“How does his fortune affect our girls?” You heard your father, Mr. L/n, ask. You knew he knew the answer, your father was an intelligent man, he just found great enjoyment in pushing at your mothers buttons.
“Mr. L/n!” Mrs. L/n’s exasperated cry could be heard clearer than anything else that had been said earlier. It was as if she wanted the whole world to hear of her plights. “You know it matters because I intend to marry one of them to him!” Marriage seemed to be the only thing on your mothers mind, it was as if she was put on the earth for the sole purpose of getting you and your sisters a husband with good connections.
“Does the man get a choice in this?” You could hear your father chuckle and you had to bite back your own.
“The odds are in our favour with the amount of daughters we have, he very well might fall in love with one of them, which is why you must go see him at once!” Mrs. L/n pleaded, earning a sigh from Mr. L/n.
“You and the girls can go, or you can send them by themselves. Perhaps the latter will work out better, for you are as handsome as any of them. This Mr. Barnes may like you the best of the party if you are in attendance.” He flattered her. You knew it was a mix of sincerity and a way to distract her from her nagging. If nagging was something people could compete in, your mother would likely be world renowned for her skill. 
“My dear, you flatter me. I have had my fair share of beauty, however it is nothing extraordinary now.” Mrs. L/n paused for a second before seeming to remember her mission. “But Mr. L/n, You must visit him! Think of our daughters!”
The door opened, causing your sister Peggy to nearly fall to the ground, caught by your other sister Carol. The greying Mr. L/n smiled at the group of girls gathered outside the door before walking past them, chased by Mrs. L/n.
“Mr. L/n! Mr. L/n! Are you listening to me?” She called out as she followed him.
The older man paused, turning around to look at his wife and daughters who had followed them both. “I don’t see why I must go visit Mr. Barnes for a second time.” A sly grin spread onto his face.
“A second time?” Mrs. L/n gasped. “Oh, how could you tease me? Have you no compassion for my poor nerves?”
“On the contrary my dear, I have the utmost respect for them. They are my old friends, I’ve dealt with them countless times over the years.” He teased, earning an eye roll from his wife.
“Will he be attending the ball tomorrow?” Spoke up Sharon, excitement clearly shown on her face as she looked at your father expectantly.
“I believe so.” Mr. L/n replied, sitting down and watching as your sisters exploded with joy, chattering loudly about what they would wear and pestering him with questions about what the man was like.
You couldn’t help but smile and find yourself excited for the event. It had been a while since you last attended a ball and you looked forward to looking good and getting to see the strange new man. Netherfield Park was an amazing property, and you had heard many good things about the library of the place. The new tenant Mr. Barnes was likely to be an avid reader because of it, and if he was perhaps you could find a friend in him. 
A friend was all you were interested in. Whenever the topic of marriage came up you found yourself zoning out, much to your mothers dismay. Men were either too cocky or too daft, and always too easy to figure out. You wanted someone with substance, someone intelligent enough to keep his cards close to him, whose character you couldn’t figure out as easily as the rest. It would take characteristics like that for you to even begin to grow interest in a man, and even then only the deepest, truest love could persuade you into the chains of matrimony. 
The jovial air of the ball made a smile appear on your face as you stood in the corner of the room with Natasha and Wanda Maximoff. Wanda was your very close and trusted friend despite being seven years older than you. Your mother often would go on rants about how you would end up just like her, an unmarried burden to your parents at twenty seven, but you ignored it. Your eyes were trained on the dancing people, your foot slightly tapping to the sound of the music until it suddenly stopped. Your attention snapped to the entrance of the room, spotting three newcomers, two men and a woman. 
“The man with the blue eyes is Mr. James Barnes and the woman is his sister Miss. Rebecca Barnes.” Wanda explained, noticing you and your sister’s confusion. Her father had brought her family to Netherfield to introduce themselves earlier.
“And the man with the bad attitude?” You asked, examining the man accompanying the two. He didn’t seem too happy to be here. He was extremely put together, not a hair out of place and his posture exuding importance. His brown eyes looked around the room, making those who they landed on wonder what they did to deserve the piercing look.
“Baron Helmut Zemo.” Wanda explained. “He comes from Sokovia, rumors say he owns about half of the country.” Your eyes hardened, assuming his reason for being so unimpressed with being in the room must have something to do with his wealth and not wanting to be around so many common people.
“The miserable half of Sokovia clearly.” You scoffed, unable to rip your eyes from him. He would have been attractive if not for the ill temper he seemed to have.
Wanda and Natasha laughed at your comment, the music soon resuming once the group made their way to the other end of the room. You couldn’t help but stare at them, your attention mostly on Baron Zemo as he spoke to no one, despite the Barnes siblings who he had come with mingling with others.
You felt a hand grab your arm and you turned your head to face the person, realizing it was your mother. “Y/n, come, I must have you and Natasha introduced to Mr. Barnes.” She said, hauling you away to the other side of the room as you gave Wanda a pleading look, although you knew she could do nothing to stop your determined mother.
“These are my daughters, Natasha my eldest, and Y/n the second. I have others but they’re already dancing.” She introduced you and your sister. You looked at the group, taking great effort to stop yourself from staring at the Baron, instead examining Mr. Barnes. 
Mr. Barnes was certainly handsome with his dark looks. He was well built, clearly a man who went outside quite a bit, and his striking blue eyes were filled with kindness but had a small darkness within them, despite that you read him as a kind and gentle man who worked past his past mistakes. His eyes stayed primarily on Natasha, and you couldn’t blame him. Natasha was always the most effortlessly stunning sister, but when it came to balls where she put effort in her appearance, she blew everyone away.
“Mr. Barnes, are you liking it here in Hertfordshire?” Asked Natasha, her eyes stayed on him as well. You allowed yourself to glance at the Baron while the two conversed, finding the man standing still and talking to no one, instead looking away from your group and watching the dancing crowd with an unreadable expression.
“Very much.” He replied. You turned your attention back to the conversation to not appear rude, Mr. Barnes was giving your sister a charming smile.
“I’ve heard the library at Netherfield is one of the finest in the country.” You added to the conversation.
“It fills me with guilt, I’m not a very avid reader.” You had expected this from his athletic stature. “I prefer being outdoors. I mean, I can read, and I’m not saying you can’t read outdoors.” He began to ramble, seemingly embarrassed. Despite his kindness he didn’t seem to be too good when it came to socializing, either that or Natasha’s beauty was distracting him as he hadn’t taken his eyes off of her even when you had spoken.
“I wish I read more but it always seems as if there's other things to do.” Natasha spoke with a smile, saving Mr. Barnes from his awkward state. 
“That’s exactly what I meant!” He smiled, making Natasha smile in response. You knew they would get along well which would delight your mother.
You felt the warmth of someone's stare, turning your head to see Baron Zemo looking at you. Your eyes locked with his deep brown ones for a few moments, wordlessly trying to figure him out. You heard Mr. Barnes ask Natasha for a dance, and she accepted, leaving you with the Baron.
“Do you dance much, Baron?” You asked, hoping to ease the tension between you two by initiating a conversation.
“Not if I can help it.” He looked away, not seeming to be too pleased with being spoken to. The awkwardness of the moment threatened to consume you. You silently watched your sister dance for the duration of the song before heading to Wanda once it ended.
“What’s wrong?” She asked
“Baron Zemo is a dreadful conversationalist. He seemed so irritated with me just asking him a question, I can’t stand-” You were cut off with a shush, Wanda gesturing to where the Baron and Mr. Barnes were standing nearby, not noticing you two.
“I’ve never seen so many beautiful women in one place in my life.” Mr. Barnes spoke to his friend.
“You were dancing with the only beauty in the room.” The Baron replied with a scoff.
“She was gorgeous, but what about her sister? Y/n I believe was her name. She seemed intelligent, she asked me about the library. Maybe the two of you would be a good match” He nudged the Baron who sent him a look. Their dynamic was odd, and Y/n couldn’t help but wonder how such a kind man became friends with a man like Baron Zemo.
“She’s tolerable, but isn’t handsome enough to tempt me.” He replied, the two walking away to where Miss. Barnes was. You didn’t care about Baron Zemo’s opinion, but you couldn't help but be offended at his remark.
“If he liked you, you’d have to speak with him. Count your blessings Y/n.” Wanda tried to cheer you up. 
You forced a convincing smile. “I wouldn’t dance with him for all of Sokovia anyways, let alone his miserable half.”
Your joke made Wanda laugh, but your insecurities began to creep through. You had to forcibly stop yourself from dwelling on the Baron's words. He was pompous and judgmental and not worth your time. You looked over to him briefly and saw him looking unimpressed with everything around him. Was that really the man you would let spoil your fun night? He was the most disagreeable and unpleasant man you’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting, and you couldn’t stop yourself from wishing you would never have to encounter him after this night.
You stood up, determined to make the best out of the night, and headed to find a partner to dance with. You didn’t want to give the Baron the honour of haunting your thoughts. However, it was hard to keep him out of your mind when as you got in place to dance you felt the prickling of his stare on your back.
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adaodinson · 21 hours ago
Wrong place, wrong time
This is something I´ve been wanting to write for a while and I finally got the time to do so, wohooo. It´s going to have several parts and is based on the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. English is not my first language so I apologize for any mistake.
Summary: You needed to get in, seal the deal and get out. That would have been easy if a certain group of three men hadn´t been making business with Selby at the same time as you were.
Relationships: platonic in this chapter (different endings, you’ll choose) Bucky x reader, Sam x reader, Zemo x reader.
Warnings: Swearing and nothing else so far.
Part 1
Again, your stupid brother had managed to get himself into trouble, oh but this time you had to be the one to go and save him. You couldn’t have just stayed at your small, cozy apartment and enjoy a good movie, you had to grab a plane, go to Madripoor, head to a bar and find a way to make business (thing you had no idea how to do) with a woman named Selby because your mess of a brother couldn’t stay still.
He had gotten himself in trouble multiple times before, but this time it had been in Madripoor, of all places. You just needed to give Selby the money, hear her make the phone call confirming your brother would be left alone, and then you could go, take your plane and head back home. It couldn’t be that hard, could it?
You walked through the crowd, dancing a bit to the music. You guided your feet towards the bar and took a seat. Turning your head and taking in the place, you noticed three men walking in. They were all ridiculously handsome, like seriously, and they seemed to be there together.
They sat across the bar from you, and you swore you felt their gazes in you for a few seconds, but you weren’t there to flirt, specially with the people that came to the bar willingly. You did laugh on your insides at the reaction of one of them when the bartender put a part of a snake in his drink. It was weird though, he ordered that because he likes it, right? You didn’t let your mind wander in that for too long, you needed to focus on your task, not on the deep blue eyed brunette, or the beautiful chocolate skinned with amazing features, or the handsome brown eyed with light colored hair. Jesus, they were freaking gorgeous.
-You! Selby will see you- A tall, scary man called you out, and as you walked you heard a fight in the bar, but you didn’t look back. The place was a mess, hallway after hallway covered in packs of money, drugs and things you weren´t excited to know about.
-I had never seen you before, what do you want?- An… extravagant woman (to say the least) asked fiercely.
-My brother, he is …-
-I know who he is, your last name sold you out-.
-Well, if you know who he is, you probably know why I’m here-. You didn’t know where that came from, but it came out way more threatening that you were planning, and that was great.
-Give me the money and I’ll deliver what they ask for- you needed to give specific stuff to the people that had your brother in order to get him released, and Selby knew that.
-Here’s the money- you said, showing the inside of the bag you were carrying- but make the call first-.
-Hah, you are not as incompetent as you seem-.
While Selby was on the phone, you heard steps approaching the room. It was the three men you had seen before. But why where they here now?
-Perfect- Selby said as she hang up. It was done, you just needed to get the message from your brother confirming he was out, but that would take a few hours.
You handed the money to one of the bodyguards, since Selby was talking to the three man, and just as you were about to leave, the worst happened. In the blink of an eye a failed phone call sold the guys out and before you could even process anything, Selby was dead, shot.
Your business was made, but you knew that just by being there when it happened, you would be hunted down. FUCKING HELL. The men raced towards the door, but the one in the large, fuzzy coat turned to you first.
-Listen, you need to come with us, you’ll get killed if you stay. There’s a price on your head just for being here- he spoke with what seemed to be a Sokovian accent (your brother had many contacts, you knew Sokovian people), but you were too freaked out to notice the effect his voice had on your heartbeat.
Without saying another word, he grabbed your arm and when you didn’t pull back he walked on. You exited the place and ran through the streets. Just when you thought you were safe, a rain of bullets fell on you and before you knew it, the same guy had embraced you and led you to a corner. You knew the other two man had no guns, so when the bullets stoped your mouth acted before you could think.
-Who stopped them?!-
-I don’t know- he answered.
You two left your corner and headed towards the group. A blonde woman was pointing a gun at the guy that had saved your life twice, so you reacted by putting yourself in front of him. That took him by surprise, him and the other three had looks that screamed “what the hell are you doing”. Before they could say anything, you talked.
-Listen, I have no idea who any of you are, but this man here saved my life twice in the past 20 minutes, so I don’t appreciate someone shooting at him without knowing why- You didn´t see it, but when you finished talking, Zemo had the biggest smile he had produced since he had been in prison.
-I´m Bucky, and, doll, this guy is Zemo, a criminal, a killer that tried to end the Avengers and succeeded in separating them- The blue eyed responded with a fierce look directed to who you now knew was called Zemo.
-Why is he not in jail then?- you asked with a tone that came out way too sarcastic than what you would have wanted. Zemo tried, unsuccessfully, to hide a snort at your words.
-Hey, we don´t really have time to convince you that he is a criminal- The other answered. He was right, it was clear they had many problems aside from the ones they had just gained, but you weren´t stupid enough to think you would beat bounty-hunters on your own. What you knew was that Zemo had helped you, and in your current situation, you couldn’t give yourself the luxury of denying help, even if it´s from a supposed criminal. You didn´t want to get in their way, and you didn´t want to get involved in whatever they were doing, but you needed their help. Those bounty-hunters were after you too now, and even though you knew how to defend yourself in the streets outside your apartment, you knew you needed help to escape Madripoor.
-Sam is right, you guys are clearly in a lot of trouble- The blonde woman said.
-We need your help, Sharon. Someone is recreating the serum and we need to stop them- Bucky said. The serum? What? You were confused as hell, and nobody seemed to want to explain to you what was happening.
-Ugh, I have a place in High Town, you´ll be safe there. And you- she said pointing at you- I guess it´s your time to leave-.
-WHAT? And where the hell I´m I gonna go?- You asked. You were panicking, if they didn´t agree to help you, you were gonna die. You noticed Zemo stiffened and he clearly wanted to say something, but he was waiting for the right time to do so.
-To your home, doll. Or wherever you wanna go- If you had been in any other situation, the nickname Bucky gave you would have turned you into a freaking tomato, but you were literally arguing for your life.
-If I try to get out of Madripoor on my own I won´t survive the next two hours. The same bounty-hunters that are after you, are after me now because I was with you when Selby died. I´m not stupid enough to think I can outrun them. Please, let me go with you. I promise I won´t be a problem, I just need help getting out of here and you’ll never hear from me again-.
-I guess you´re right. What´s your name?- Sam asked softly, almost empathetically.
-I´m Y/N-. You answered.
-Pretty name, it fits you- Oh so now Zemo talks. You smiled at him, criminal or not the guy was quite charming. Sam ignored him though, but Bucky gave him a look that would have made anybody else run in terror.
-Okay Y/N, we have some things to do first, but we´ll help you get out of Madripoor- Sam said as him and Bucky smiled at you. Again, in any other situation you would have melted right there.
-Thank you! I´ll do my best to be useful, even if that means staying out of your way-
Sharon sighed but she had a small smile in her lips. You had no idea what you were getting yourself into, but you definitely made the right choice by convincing them to help you.
The way towards Sharon´s apartment was… strange. You had tons of questions, but you really didn´t want to get yourself more involved, so instead you tried making conversation, and Sharon seemed interested in your life. The three men were sitting in the back and you and Sharon were together at the front. She was driving.
-So, what led you to a place like Madripoor, and more specifically, to Selby?- She seemed to have no intention on asking the guys more about their problems, and you didn´t hate talking to someone that wasn´t another boring neighbor. She seemed genuinely interested.
-Well, my brother is the type to get himself into trouble. He managed to owe a guy so much that he threatened him, so I had to buy some things from Selby to give to the guy what my brother owed because if he shows his face in Madripoor he´d get killed at the first step inside- In your voice the pain and concern was evident. All the hearts that were inside that car ached a little bit, not just at your suffering (since you were, in the end a stranger), but also at their own.
-I managed to finish the deal with Selby before you guys arrived, now I just need to get a message from him to confirm everything is fine. But, of course, I had to be at the wrong place in the wrong time and I now got myself into more trouble than my brother. I´m sorry, I really am. It´s pretty clear you guys have a lot in your hands now, so I really appreciate your help, all of your help- You finished, smiling at Zemo. He seemed to want to smile at you, but your words took him by surprise again and he only nodded.
-Well, it´s the least we can do, you did find yourself at the worst place and time. And I hope you get that message from your brother soon- Sam said.
-Thank you, Sam-.
The rest of the drive was silent, except for the occasional complaints from Bucky at how close Zemo was to him. You couldn´t help but giggle and little did you know, whenever that sound exited you, the three men went silent just to be able to hear.
Sharon´s place was HUGE, and quite frankly, a little too much for you, but it was nice. You got a fresh change of clothes from Sharon (you were curvier than her, but she seemed to have something perfect for you) and without interfering, you heard the conversations going on between Sam, Sharon and Bucky. They clearly had many issues with Zemo, and he was completely aware of it so he too remained silent.
Bucky seemed to take some pity in your soul and explained the situation a little bit. A version of the serum that had been used to create Captain America had been recreated and they needed to find it and destroy it while stopping the group called the Flag Smashers that was using it to go back to the way things were during the Blip. After the explanation you had mixed feelings. You didn´t vanish during the Blip, and with all honesty, even before it you came from a pretty privileged place, so during it nor after it you never had a problem, but you were aware of how things had gone for the people that came back, and you couldn´t help but agree with Sam when he said he sympathized with the fight, just not with the way they were fighting it. They also explained more about Zemo, but again, you agreed with his fight, just not in how he fought it. You completely agreed with his idea that no human should have more power than others, especially in the already capitalist world we live in. People with a lot of money were a problem (not for who they were, but for what they have that others don´t) and adding superpowers to money could never end in something good.
They respected your opinions, and even agreed on most. But before you could continue in your conversation and Zemo on his listening, Sharon announced she would help find information on the name they had earned from Selby, so you needed to just blend in her party while she took care of that. You were more than happy, you loved parties.
The peaceful and wide space you once knew as Sharon´s first floor was now covered in all types of people dancing to all types of music. You had always enjoyed dancing and singing, but by the first minutes you had it clear that Sam and Bucky didn´t particularly love parties, and that Zemo had missed the feeling while in prison.
After unsuccessfully trying to convince Bucky and Sam to go to the dance floor with you, you headed towards the Baron and smiled widely at him.
-How long has it been since your last party?- you asked leaning closer to him because of the loud music.
-Too long for my liking- He answered, and before you had any time to react, he grabbed your hand and had you spinning around at the beat in a mixture of laughter from the both of you. All the time you spent in the party was also spent holding Zemo´s hand and dancing ridiculously to the rhythm. Both yours and Zemo´s stomachs were aching from laughter, and to all honesty, you never expected to have this much fun while being basically a fugitive.
If you hadn´t been so immersed in your fun, you would have noticed the hateful gazes both Sam and Bucky were directing towards the Baron. But they had said no to dancing with you, so this was their fault.
You had no idea how much time had passed, it could have been two minutes or ten hours, but you were having the time of your life when Sharon called you back with the information she had found. You all called it a night and went upstairs. She stayed down because she was, in the end, hosting the party, but the three guys and you were ready to try to sleep.
Before each one headed to your respective rooms, you checked your phone and discovered two things. As you read the first one your heart felt a calm you hadn´t experienced in a long time, but when the second one came in… Bucky had to catch you to keep you from falling.
Your brother was safe and sound, everything had worked out, but he had used his connections to now if you were alright and found something. You only needed to get away from Madripoor to escape the bounty-hunters, but after being put on the list of bounties, the Flag Smashers had you on the spot because they were now convinced you had teamed up with Sam and Bucky, so now, according to them, you were their enemy as much as Sam and Bucky were, so even if you managed to leave Madripoor, you knew you couldn´t just go back home, not without the guys at least.
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