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#loki fanfic
bouncydragon · 34 minutes ago
New chapter!
Special cameo 👀
Enjoy! Hope you like it!
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New Fic
Hey I just posted a new fic on Wattpad (cringe is dead) Its just some fluff with Steve and Loki (a tiny bit of hurt-comfort). I honestly want to get better at writing but the only thing I can write comfortably are random incoherent stories (not this one((hopefully)). So yeah go read it if you want something short and sweet.
Find it here:
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cosmickenobi · 3 hours ago
how’s everyone feel about the introduction? I know it’s a little short and I promise the chapters will be longer, but I had a deadline in mind and I wanted to get it out as soon as possible. I’ll be starting the new chapter soon and I want to start a tag list so if you’re interested in staying updated please comment on the next post that is labeled to do so!
- much love, cosmickenobi 💫
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loving-all-for-loki · 3 hours ago
Hey everyone,
So, obviously if you follow this account, you all know how much I love Loki. He's by far my favorite Marvel character. Well, I've been a writer for a long time now and have been writing some YA books, and as a frequent day dreamer, I make up scenarios in my head to help cope with some mental illness I deal with.
I was thinking the other day about why I don't write my own fan fiction. I think a part of it is fear, not wanting to screw up and write something bad, or do a part representations of the characters I love so dearly, but I thought why not?
I have been writing my own fan fiction for a little bit and thought I'd start posting them. I figured I'd write a couple one shots or imagine and see how well they were perceived before I start posting a series I'm working on based on the scenarios I make up and dream about. Obviously, if my work isn't taken well, I won't post and will keep some of my writings to myself, but I thought I might as well start posting just to see.
So in the next day or so, start expecting some original work and I would love it a lot if people were to repost it and help get it out there a little. I will not stop reblogging other people's writings, so I will make a masterlist straight off of the bat that way it'll be a bit easier to read what I have written.
Thank you for all the love and support I've gotten on this page for the last, who knows how long.
*Gif, not mine*
Tumblr media
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lokiskitten · 5 hours ago
Tom Hiddleston | stepdad issue
stepdad!Tom Hiddleston x fem!reader
Tumblr media
plot : after spending an evening with his friends, your stepfather comes home with alcohol running through his veins and accidentally mistakes your room for your mother’s. You find yourself trapped in bed with the man, who progressively begins to appear more and more eager regarding his lustful thoughts.
warnings : mention of drinking, slightly drunk Tom, stepdad x stepdaughter intercourses, age gap, unprotected sex, and y’all can visualize the rest
After spending a relaxing evening with his friends at a nearby pub, Tom was now making his way home in order to finish his night in a decent place. In fact, the man hadn’t moved in to live with your mother, but he would simply show up once in a while and stay for an evening or two before going back to his own apartment. You enjoyed seeing your mother happier than ever. Tom was a nice man who often made you laugh, and you therefore didn’t feel bothered by the way he organized his visits.
After managing to silently open the front door, Tom stepped inside of the house before closing the door behind himself. He took his jacket and shoes off before making his way upstairs, darkness and blurry vision leading him to mistaken your room for your mother’s. Besides, the couple of beers he had drank with his friends were also contributing to the handicapping side effects he held. Again, Tom made sure to walk inside of the place on the tip of his toes, trying his best to remain as silent as he could to make sure he wouldn’t wake up the woman he believed was his girlfriend : your mother.
Darkness, and the alcohol he had formerly swallowed, unfortunately held him back from noticing that the young being laying down in bed wasn’t his romantic partner but her own daughter- and that he wasn’t located in your mother’s room but yours. After unbuttoning his shirt and taking it off, Tom then removed his pants which led him to remain in his comfortable briefs. A tired sigh escaped his lips as he opened the covers before laying down by your side- his body turned towards yours as his muscular arm wrapped around your chest.
If you had managed to remain asleep for now, this gesture officially woke you up whilst putting you through a state of confusion on the same occasion. It took you a couple of long seconds to understand that it was none but your mother’s boyfriend laying down behind your half naked self, and the feeling of his warm thighs brushing against yours easily allowed you to acknowledge that he was half naked himself. Gasping anxiously, you remained silent and motionless whilst Tom shifted his body closer to yours in order to press his crotch against your panties clad bum.
This unexpected gesture sent you in a state of great panic and fear, your mind being unable to properly react as you felt like it was now too late to do anything about this situation. The scent of alcohol in his breath allowed you to understand that he was probably semi drunk, which in fact gave you an answer to most of the questions you’ve been asking yourself. Tom must’ve mistaken your room for your mother’s, and was now laying in bed with you believing that he was squeezing his rightful girlfriend in his arms.
The sensation of lips pressing against your neck dragged you out of your thoughts, eyes widening slightly as Tom’s remained entirely closed. Though his orbs were kept useless, the older man progressively began to press you harder against his body with the help of his strong arm resting onto your chest. It didn’t take long for the two of you to become a human sandwich, your legs interlocking as Tom’s hand now began to praise your breasts. “Mmh.. I want you..” he affirmed on a sleepy tone, yet which remained lustful enough to allow you to understand that he was determined to start an intercourse on the instant.
Gasping anxiously, you couldn’t help but heat up face to his statement- and that even if you knew that it wasn’t originally destined to you. For an instant, you began to realize that the reason to why you hadn’t pulled away yet was because you secretly wished to be in that position, to feel his arms wrap around you as his hardness would penetrate your sensitive core. You had always envied your mom for laying her hands on such a handsome partner, but now was your chance to get a taste of her daily medicine.
“Mmh.” You simply responded, fearing that any words would’ve betrayed the fact that you weren’t your mother. Tom smirked, his hand easily flipping your body over so that it would face his stronger and larger one. The fact that he still hadn’t tilted regarding the situation felt unbelievable- yet you wouldn’t be the one to complain. His lips pressed against yours in a lazy manner, hands roaming your waist and back as his crotch began to grind against yours. The hardness hiding within his briefs was soon to be felt against your sensitive cunt, a couple of moans escaping your lips as you allowed Tom to toy with your young body.
On another hand, the older man felt absolutely ravished that the person he believed was his partner had accepted to engage an intercourse with him- as alcohol led his libido to overflow. He pulled his briefs down, allowing his hard member to spring free and bump against your stomach- a gasp escaping your lips face to this unexpected feeling. Though you were left no time to space out as you were dragged back into reality when Tom took the initiative to roll on top of you. His hand pulled down onto the strap of your tank top, revealing one of your breasts which bounced due to the movement.
The gentleman bent over and took your nipple in his mouth, suckling and licking onto the hardening bud before sitting up on his knees in order to remove your panties. After carelessly tossing them to the side, and with a smirk on his face, the rather exhausted male allowed his chest to collide with yours again. This overall situation felt like a gift from the gods to you : getting to spend a night in the arms of your stepfather you had longed for since a while now. Whenever he kissed you, you found yourself kissing him back- not once thinking about what repercussions this intercourse would have on your mother and their relationship later on.
A raspy moan escaped Tom’s lips as he allowed his tip to penetrate your entrance, his forehead resting against yours as the heavy breath he held generously shared the taste of alcohol with your nose. You moaned painfully, your walls stretching as the older man’s member slid inside of you. The excessive amount of groans and moans coming from Tom seemed suspicious at first, but he soon enlightened you regarding this subject. “Fuck.. you’re so much tighter than usual...” the grown man confessed, indirectly giving you unwanted details about your own mother’s physical characteristics.
Thankfully, the pleasure it brought you to feel his hips grind against yours like a snake easily managed to brush all of those intrusive thoughts away. Your arms wrapped around his back, feeling how hard it actually was which allowed you to imagine the amount of work he put in keeping his body toned. You secretly wished you would’ve been able to see more of his abdominals, yet darkness and time held you back from receiving such treatment. High pitched moans escaped your lips as the man would go balls deep every time, attempting to get further in every time he thrusted.
Meanwhile, the drunk man was simply attempting to drive himself to his orgasm in the most primal way he could afford- especially as the beers he formerly drank were seriously beginning to hurt his brain and affects his stamina. Hisses and pants escaped his lips, his hips still rocking against yours whilst his forearms remained underneath your neck. Your foreheads were still pressed against one another as your stepfather reached his climax, desperate moans coming out of his mouth which once again allowed you to get an unwanted smell of his breath.
Even if this certainly wasn’t your first time in bed, you found yourself discovering new sensations you’ve never dared to near before. In fact, no boy your age had managed to provide you such emotions but Tom was now catching up for all of those nights you had wasted away- and you felt grateful for that. For a temporary amount of time, you got to discover how it felt to be taken care of by an older man, even if this situation was nothing but a huge misunderstanding. Your arms remained wrapped around his body as if you were never going to let go, head buried in the crook of his warm neck.
Soon enough, the first symptoms of climax began to build up within Tom’s crotch. His thrusts and grinds were becoming sloppier, his hand resting against your cheek as it seemed as if driving himself until the end resembled the most painful torture he’s ever known. The darkness thankfully held you back from noticing more awkward details, though all you seemed able to focus on was the good work he was providing your sensitive genitals. The feeling of his balls pressing against your entrance was blissful, especially as it allowed you to feel them throb and twitch when the older man finally came.
“Fuck.. me!” Tom cursed painfully, your body remaining obediently lying underneath his larger silhouette. Again, you didn’t dare to move nor speak up as you simply allowed the older man to ride away his orgasm, a couple of whimpers coming out of your mouth as Tom carried on grinding his hips against yours. Though your mother was on the pill, you weren’t, which was now something you were going to be forced to worry about as the male had just released his semen against your cervix. Though, for now, this detail was the least of your problems.
After pulling out in the laziest way, the man’s body fell down beside yours, his eyelids already being closed as he began to snort against the pillow. You could tell that he was tired and therefore refrained from bothering him, your arm simply wrapping around his body and earning a cuddle from Tom who allowed you to snuggle against his chest. He hummed tiredly, his hips still slightly humping the air as his crotch remained sensitive from the intercourse the two of you just had. This position filled you with bliss, a smile appearing on your face as you allowed yourself to fall asleep in his presence without bothering to think about what would happen tomorrow morning.
Fuck stepdad AUs make me so weak PLS. I hope y’all enjoyed this! Feel free to leave a request. Much love❤️
Dedicated to : @charlottepreston @marygut1407
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iamartemisday · 6 hours ago
After Loki drops a bombshell, it seems the movie is done for, but maybe there’s another way this story can end.
Thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy the final chapter!
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hela-avenger · 6 hours ago
To the Stars Who Listen- Part 15a
Tumblr media
Author: hela-avenger
Word Count: 1158
Summary: When Loki desires to never fall in love, he casts a spell to prevent such a thing from happening. Except, well, in the matters of love and magic, you never know the result it may have in the end. Loki x Reader
A/N: I’m hoping to finally get on a routine now that work seems to settle but we shall see! Btw this update is just pure angst so just take it in. 
Tags are open! (Send me an ask/message/response.)
TTSWL Masterlist
There’s nothing Tony could do to bring a smile to your face. He even called Peter up from school hoping the youngling would manage to do the impossible but even his youthful excitement wasn’t enough to crack a laugh from you. You remained silent and cold to everyone walking around the tower, a mere ghost to who you used to be. 
No one could blame you though. You had received the short end of the stick and no words of encouragement from anyone could get through to you. Not when you could see the lies that were laced with their words. 
Things are not going to get better. 
You are not going to be ok. 
That was the truth. At least for now it was. 
Though what everyone failed to notice as they were so preoccupied with you was the other hollow person under their roof. 
Loki remained silent and enclosed in his room. Thor assumed his brother was back into a sulking mood but it went deeper than that. If only Thor knew that his brother was more tormented than before. 
The balance that held Loki and you together no longer existed hence everything was off.
Not only to you and him, but to everyone. 
Natasha and Steve avoided you like the plague or maybe it was the other way around. Either way, you hadn’t seen them in a while and you didn’t wish to. 
As for the others, the one that took you by surprise was Tony’s immense focus to pick you right up. 
“You should eat more, kiddo,” Tony states as he shoves your plate back to you. “Asgardian-being or not, you need to eat.” 
The reminder of your sudden evolution makes you lose what little appetite you had left. You push the plate back and remain quiet. 
Tony sighs but doesn’t push it. He knew you would be bound to break if he persisted. Left with no choice, Tony leaves the untouched plate on the table hoping for you to relent and finally eat. With a sigh, he leaves the room finally allowing you to be consumed by your thoughts.
You glance down at your hands and sigh at the sight of the barely lit siphons. The need to use them grew less and less with each passing day. 
You didn’t feel any different but there was a difference. 
Everything felt more fragile in your hands. Your reflexes were more in tune and sharper than before. You required less and endured more.  
You were turning into a Goddess. Something many people would be glad to be. If only they knew the price that had to be paid.
The silver lining you desperately clung to disappeared alongside the humanity you so enjoyed. You knew this was the least of everyone’s problems and desperately wished to get over this slump you found yourself in but you couldn’t. 
You felt your emotions more deeply and to make it worse, you felt the emotions around you too. 
Natasha’s and Steve’s guilt. Thor’s confusion. Tony’s deep concern. 
Through it all, and what you hated to admit but knew was the truth, you found yourself missing the person you least wish to. 
Loki had always known what to say and knew exactly what you felt but he had betrayed you. He promised never to lie and he did and for something so trivial. 
You hadn’t seen him at all since your outburst. You didn’t mean to take it out on him but you were tired of everyone hiding things from you and lying to your face. Somehow Loki doing it too had made it worse. Out of everyone, you hadn’t expected him to turn his back on you but perhaps it was his nature.
Thor had once told you stories of Loki’s trickery. They ranged from petty pranks to an actual stabbing once but even through it all Thor loved him and trusted him still. 
You must be tired if you’re even considering forgiving Loki so you quickly rise from the table, ignoring the untouched plate, and make your way towards the windows. 
The mourning for your slipping humanity is enhanced as you watch the world continue on without you. Intrusive thoughts rain in again as you realize you will outlive your friends, your enemies, your own home too. Emotions crash into you and the anger returns once more. 
You're tired again so you rub your eyes and resign yourself into taking a short nap but that plan falls through when Friday alerts you. 
Avengers Assemble. All available agents get ready to depart. 
You’re quick to make your way to the helicarrier platform only to see everyone suited up and ready to go. Even Bruce, still regaled in his regular clothes, looked determined. 
“What’s going on?” 
This was the first time the entire team was called in together for something and you seemed to be intentionally left out of it. 
No one wants to answer your question and you blame your new power for it. 
It's too easy for you to reach for a flicker of power. It rejuvenates you instantly and you sense the shift in the air instantly. 
“We have a lead on the terrorist cell that took the book,” Steve answers. “Strange believes if we’re able to get it back there might be a chance to reverse everything without losing you.” 
He’s speaking the truth but you still feel unsettled. 
“You’re not telling me everything,” you point out. “I can see you hiding something.” 
Natasha calls out your name and your focus shifts to her. 
“We know what you’re doing. Please stop.” 
“Stop?” you repeat. “You think I can just stop this?” 
You step forward and you see them flinch at the simple act. You ignore it as you feel the truth so close to your reach. 
“I have sensed every lie told and every insincerity spouting out of your mouths. I have felt your closeted emotions and your runaround ways to hide the truth from me and others. It is an overwhelming weight to carry for the sake of keeping the peace but screw all of that. You want me to stop then perhaps you should have let Strange rip this power out of me and let me die.” 
Silence follows your outburst and you are slammed by everything once more.
The guilt is heavier, the concern is thicker, and Thor’s confusion has shifted into apprehension.  
They feared you. 
The power you reached for instinctively is suddenly gone and you feel cold and overwhelmed by it all.
You don’t recognize yourself anymore and it seemed like your friends didn’t either as you see them all on edge as if they were ready to take you on.
This was exactly what you feared and you alone were to blame.
You take a step back from them and you continue stepping back until you’re out of the platform and into the elevator. 
You had to get out of there. You had to get out now.
Tumblr media
TTSWL Tag: @catsladen @manyfandoms-marvel @mejusttryintogetby @illogicalfangirl @islinglivesinshire @musicconversedance @missmadwoman @smaranshakthi @adaydreamingdragon @poetic-fiasco @like-a-wildfire @jasminecalia @ha-tep @charbokbok @setsuna-meiou31 @ms-blvck @country-cowgirl-101 @bepo-is-sorry @hufflautia @waitforthehurricanrose @fictionalhoomanofnowhere @sanniegirl1214 @telenari @anonymouscastiel12 @ddaeing @kanemilove @casualdreamerdreamer @dark-night-sky-99 @nickkie1129 @mischiefmanaged71 @help-i-need-a-social-life @moncheriemoony @citrineasguardian @princessslashcrazy​ @l0ve-0f-my-life​
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xlonelythedreamerx · 9 hours ago
To Be Glorious & Free
Synopsis: Lady Loki visits young (kid) Loki in a dream, he feels lost and ashamed of who he is but she has a few words of wisdom to be shared.
A/N: Just an idea, nothing that’s logical but it’s a fanfic so it doesn't have to make sense 😂 Also Ik nothing about Loki in the comics, this fic doesn't really fit in the mcu either so just take it as it is. 🤷🏻‍♂️ I kinda imagine Lady Loki as Eva Green XD
- - -
Radiant white light blinded his vision. Young Loki placed a hand to cover over his squinted eyes. The radiance was warm and comforting. Though the feeling quickly faded when a thought entered his mind;
Was this Valhalla? At least he was grateful to have died a peaceful death in his sleep.
Loki still felt the rise and fall of his chest, the soft texture of grass between his fingers, the sound of soft winds. He pulled himself up to a sitting position, the mysterious light was the blazing sun. Loki rubbed his eyes; he was in a field. The sky was the perfect shade of blue, in fact, the whole place seemed too perfect to be real.
He studied his surroundings in hopes of finding a way out. Instead he saw a large beech tree in the distance. A darkened figure sat against it, hidden in the shade. If this was a dream, his dream, surely he'd remain safe from any potential threat. He hoped so anyway.
Loki began his walk towards the giant tree that swayed gently with the wind. The figure was shadowed by a hood that covered most of their facial features. Loki kept a few metres away to analyse this guest in his dream.
Young Loki struggled to keep his composure in order to stay calm.
The firmly built figure was dressed in some kind of green leather dress with golden armoured plates on the arms, accessorised with a black corset. The dress had a long slit on each side of the hips to reveal tight black trousers and boots underneath.
Loki felt his heart hammer in his chest.
The finely dressed female let out an amused laugh of the richest honey. The dark hood was was removed.
Waves of long black hair fell in place accompanied with piercing blue eyes painted in thin layers of black. A small horned headband rested around the forehead.
"I was expecting something more glamours than a field. But this shall do." She said, looking around at the view. Her voice spoke in confidence that demanded to be heard.
Loki attempted to swallow down his anxiety. "W-who are you?" He asked.
This..version of Loki rolled her eyes. "Don't ask questions you already know the answer to.” She patted the ground next to her underneath the tree.
"Sit. You're wasting time." She commanded. Loki obeyed silently and sat down. He felt captivated and almost jealous at this future version of himself. She began to inspect him, eyes moving up and down.
"You still have such a long way to go." Her voice sounded like Mother's, though it was lightly edged with darkness.
"Are you from the future?" He asked.
"Yes and no. I'm just one of the many version of who you'd wish to become one day." She responded. Loki pulled up his knees and wrapped his arms around them.
"Of someone I can never become." Young Loki said in small voice.
"Nonsense. You can become whoever or whatever you wish to be, you know you have the power to do so. The only thing stopping you is your own fear." Lady Loki said, she made it sound like an easy thing to overcome.
Loki felt his chest tighten. "Fear of what others may think of me." Though still so young, there were whispers of what many thought of him. A growing shadow amongst warriors.
"It's too late to fear what others may think of you, they have already decided." A hint of sadness laced her voice. "You are not responsible for how others perceive you. Show everyone you are better than them. They are the weak minded fools who follow what they have been taught, never having the courage to think for themselves."
Loki locked eyes with his female self, he could feel the confidence radiate from her.
"They are not free." He said, both of their lips mirrored a smirk.
"You are learning well. The world follows their little pathetic paths that are controlled by others. But you, us, are glorious and free." Lady Loki brushed a gentle hand along her younger self's cheek. "We make up our own rules.”
Loki closed his eyes, savouring this strange moment. These were the words he needed to hear for so long. A part of him did not wish to wake up. A brief pause of silence fell between them as Lady Loki waited for a response.
"But it's.. it's not natural to be..." Loki wasn't sure how to word this correctly
"To be both, or neither, somewhere in between." His female self shrugged. Loki nodded.
Lady Loki let out a chuckle. "Says who? There are many unnatural things in this world. Take our idiotic brother for example, " She joked. "It is only considered unnatural because others find it uncomfortable. Many tend to fear those who are different. I find being normal rather tedious."
"That is true." He mumbled to himself.
"We are not the only ones who feel this way. There's a realm that is and accepting, a realm of those who are similar to us."
Loki turned, appearing surprised. Surprised that he was not the only one. It brought him a sense of comfort that a world so far away lived beings similar to him.
"Where is this realm?" He asked.
"On Midgard. They are only mortal, they live such short lives."
"I've heard of that realm." Though he did not know much about it. It shocked him that mortals seemed to be more accepting than those who lived far far longer.
"Believe me, it's not a very exciting place to visit. I've had my fair share of fun with them” Well she wouldn’t exactly have called it a fun time...
"If they are more accepting then I'd much rather be there anyway.." Loki sighed.
Lady Loki's eyes widened. "No." She pointed a finger at him. Loki let himself laugh at her response.
"I see they do not like you very much?" He dared to ask.
Lady Loki moved in closer and smirked. "Not quite. They just couldn't handle all of my glory." She spoke proudly, twisting a strand of long hair with her finger. Young Loki let himself freely smile.
This.. dream gave him some hope but the fear still remained strong underneath.
"Let me ask you something." She said in deep thought. Loki nodded.
"Do you believe women are weak creatures in need of protecting?" She asked.
Loki frowned. "No, of course not!" He said in dismay. He knew many strong women, his mother especially. Her magic was something to truly admire and even fear at times.
"Good. Do you believe their appearance dictates their worth?"
Loki shook his head. "No that's completely absurd!"
Lady Loki chuckled. "If only you could see the look on your face, young one.”
Loki felt slightly embarrassed. "Why ask me this?"
She let out a soft sigh. "Because it is what many people believe. It's something that has been ingrained in us since we were children, in story books, in legends, when we are young it is easy to subconsciously believe these ridiculous ideation." She tapped the side of her head. "We both believed this without even realising it.” It took a great amount of years to break away from it all, she only wished it hadn't taken so long.
“Oh and also, it’s possible to be both beautiful and strong at the same time.” She added with a wink.
This had never come to Loki's attention before, it was a lot to take in in such a short amount of time. He realised how much the idea of fear truly controlled everyone so easily, even him.
She continued; "No matter how hard you try, you'll never stop others from judging you no matter what you do, it's inevitable. You could pretend to fit in to avoid it all but that isn't who we are. Not when we were born for greatness. "
Lady Loki's prideful speech soon began to loose its confidence. "My only advice is to not strive for too much, it will only leave you disappointed."
Loki could see the hint of sorrow in those ancient eyes.
"Power is addictive." He commented, he was afraid of asking what sort of things had happened to her. Or maybe he did not wish to know at all.
With a frail smile, Lady Loki replied; "If only I knew that before it was all too late."
"It's never too late to start over." The words that left his lips sounded rather naive, though perhaps it was true in some ways. ".. are you happy?"
Happiness seemed like such a childish word.
Lady Loki tried to suppress a laugh for the sake of her younger self.
"Is anyone ever truly happy?" She responded.
A question in response to another question. Typical. Loki wasn't surprised.
"You're avoiding my question."
"It's one of our many talents." She replied, but Loki wanted an answer.
"It's my dream, I deserve answers. Skip the fancy philosophical responses for once."
Lady Loki raised an eyebrow, she should at least have the courage to be honest with her younger self, right?
She leaned back against the tree, eyes lost into the distance of the vast field, struggling to come up with a response.
"For awhile I forgot what it even meant to be happy, I was lost within myself, consumed by rage, never satisfied with what I had. Some people are just cursed to never feel satisfied and I've come to accept that as a part of my life... but now, after many years, you ask if I am happy... then yes, I am happy." She risked turning her head to meet her younger self's curious eyes.
"Liar." He whispered. Lady Loki's face tightened with anguish, a hidden fist began to clench but nevertheless, she smirked. She was unsure if it really was a lie or the truth.
"Guilty as charged." She said. "Lying may be our native tongue but we have yet to believe the lies we tell ourselves." She then began to stand up. "Looks like our time is up."
“Why so soon?” Loki stood up too. "Please don't go. I still have so many questions." Eyes pleading upwards to his older self. She was truly a beautiful sight to behold, so much power with a single look.
"All in due time. You'll find all the answer you seek soon. Don't forgot what I have told you or this would all have been for nothing." Would he even remember this dream when he woke up?
"Then can you promise me one thing before you go?" He asked. Promises weren't exactly her forte but she'd try to make an exception.
"Go on." She urged him.
Loki fiddled with his fingers. "Promise me you'll be happy one day." He said in a quiet voice, he knew how silly this sounded.
Lady Loki fought the urge to roll her eyes. "I promise." She said, though they were both not satisfied with her response but it would be enough.
Then she spoke again; "A promise for a promise then; promise me you won’t give up. Your story has only just began."
Loki nodded.
Lady Loki closed her eyes and began to fade away. He wanted to reach out to stay for awhile longer but it was no use. They shared a smile together before she had completely vanished away, a trail of glistening sparks flew up with the wind.
Sleep soon arrived to take Loki back home.
Loki drifted off and fell backwards thinking he'd fall on the grass but within an instant, his eyes opened wide as he awoke on his bed. He pulled himself up, moving his legs out to the side, feet touching the cold floor. A slow and steady sigh exhaled from his lips. He remembered.
He would not tell anyone, it would be his little secret. Though like all dreams, they are soon forgotten.
Loki got up and walked to his full length mirror, looking at his reflection. Placing a hand against the glass and holding his head up high, Loki spoke these words like a sacred prayer;
"Your story has only just began."
- - - -
A/N: As a trasguy who likes feminine clothes but is often scared to wear them, this felt really nice to write 🥺💚
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