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#loki x you smut
clandestineloki · 17 hours ago
Hey can I request a really soft Dom Loki where him and reader just have really sweet fluffy sex
"you're so beautiful like this, darling," he smiles down at your blissed-out expression, bending down to suck on your neck, an fresh addition to the previous purple and red marks on your chest and collar bone.
"norns," he sighs as you clench around him. "i love you so much."
as if in reply, you mewl into his shoulder, feeling his cock dragging inside you, hitting all the right spots.
everything is so intense, yet gentle all the same.
"i'm- i'm almost-" your ankles lock around his waist, pulling him harder towards you, but loki breaks your legs apart, holding your shaking thighs so that they don't get sore around his waist.
"ssh, ssh, don't force it, sweet, i'll get you there," he coos, placing your legs back on the bed and pushing into you deeper. "i'll get you there, i promise. we're in no hurry, just relax, darling."
he rubs your clit in gentle circles, and the tension in your body visibly eases as you sink into his touch, whimpering softly.
"you're so sweet, so lovely... a-and-" he hisses, throwing his head back at the feeling of you around his cock.
"-fuck, darling, i wish you could see yourself right about now. you're so beautiful. i love you so much."
those words of praise send you over the edge, and loki kisses you so passionately it almost brings you to tears. his movements stagger as he nears his high, pulling you close as he releases inside you, chanting your name like a prayer.
through heavy breaths and stutters, he chuckles. "i would have showered you in praise much sooner if i had known you loved it so much, darling."
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earlgreydream · a day ago
| loki x reader | smut |
anon requested. loki and fem!reader where he GETS really into it during a rough session and you start crying cause it’s so good & being teased all day with a vibration spell
cw: torture, slight dubcon, slapping, edging, dacryphilia, d/s, degradation, biting, mentions of blood, possession 
dark Loki 🖤
Tumblr media
“Stop that,” Loki hissed, stalking over to you like prey.
“Make me, master,” you taunted him.
Loki grabbed you by your hair, hauling you roughly to your feet. You shrieked, your hands going to his wrist as you tried to catch your balance.
“Am I going to have to whip the insolence out of you? Or is that what you want, you filthy little brat?” Loki snarled, his words hot against your face. You gasped as his teeth sank into your neck, leaving a mark that was soothed by his tongue and cold lips just seconds later.
You jumped at the sound of Loki cracking a whip beside you, black leather snapping the floor near your feet. Your soaked heat gave away your craving for Loki’s sharp discipline, wanting to be spanked.
And the god of mischief could see right through you.
He cracked the whip again, though nowhere near your body, only to watch you jump. He practically threw you onto the bed, releasing his grip on your hair. You bent to his unyielding strength, unable to fight the god off even if you wanted to.
“You think I’m going to give you what you desire? My dear, you cannot goad me into tanning your backside. If you’re going to act like such an insolent whore, I will punish you accordingly.”
Icy fear rippled through you, and your eyes widened. Loki’s sadistic laughter sent a chill down your spine, and you scrambled back toward the headboard, having a split second of distance between you. You’d never be able to escape the cunning god, and it was fruitless to even try. It only furthered his amusement, seeing you utterly helpless against his will. 
His magic was sharp and violent, surrounding you before you could even object.
“By the time I’m done with you, you will beg me for mercy,” the cold laughter left no room for argument, and a wave of terrorized regret settled in.
“Pleading with your god won’t help you now.”
Green sparks flashed from his fingertips, and your hands were restrained above you. You shook your head, starting to kick before leather bound your feet to the bedposts, forcing your legs open. Your body was completely exposed to him, the sturdy leather limiting even your ability to struggle.
“Not so brave now?” Loki feigned pity for you. You shook your head before he sharply grasped your jaw. His grip was tight, feeling like he could break it with no effort.
“Address me properly!”
“No, master,” your voice was meek, confidence and mischief long gone.
He let go of your jaw, waving his fingers inches above your face. A leather band appeared around your neck, and he tugged at the steel ring, forcing your head up. Your body burned in embarrassment, ashamed of the way he handled you.
“I’ll have to show you just how easily I can dominate you.”
You didn’t need to apologize, the words were meaningless to him. Whether or not you were regretful now, he was going to make you sorry.
His hands roamed your body before pinching you sharply, wanting to hear you shriek. You would’ve writhed if your limbs weren’t completely restrained, and he smirked as he groped your tits with bruising force.
“My darling, I’m going to torture you, and there is nothing you can do but just lay there and take it,” his words made you whimper.
He licked a hot stripe up your neck before nipping sharply at the underside of your jaw. You opened your mouth to protest, but in an instant he was kneeling above you and fucking into your throat.
He fully knew what your intention was, but he was fast enough to not have to hear your begs. His arousal only heightened as you choked around him and struggled to breathe.
“Bite me, and I’ll leave your ass bleeding,” Loki threatened, though you’d never dare to even think about it. You tried to relax your jaw as you stopped resisting, letting him brutalize your throat.
He leaned forward and slapped your sex, sneering at the way your body jerked from the sharp pain. Your shriek echoed around him, only furthering the pleasure he was taking from you. He did it again, soaking up your screams of pain and startled arousal.
Loki shouted something vulgar in old Norse as he came down your throat, pulling out and covering your mouth with his hand, forcing you to swallow it all. You choked as he pinched your clit sharply, tears pricking at your eyes. You swallowed and heaved oxygen into your lungs as soon as he let go of you, blinking away the moisture in your eyes.
He laid beside you, admiring the bruises that had already started to paint your skin. His lips curved into a smirk, scaring you further than you thought possible.
He was being generous in letting you catch your breath, though you flinched as his fingers ran over your body.
“Don’t worry, my darling, I’ve got to go work and attend to my subjects in the throne room,” Loki spoke, his voice still entirely sinister. You looked at him hopefully, though he didn’t release you of your bonds.
He snapped his fingers and suddenly you felt a dull vibration pulsing inside of you, spreading through your pussy and swirling around your nerves. You screamed as it grew more intense, crying out at the stimulation.
“I’ll keep you right on the edge all day, and maybe if you’re lucky I’ll turn it off when I come back.” Loki sneered, delighting in your begs for mercy. He stood up, armor appearing under shimmering seidr.
“Have fun, darling.”
The golden doors of his chambers thundered shut behind him, leaving you chained up to the bed with invisible vibrations pulsing and buzzing deep inside your throbbing cunt.
Sobs wracked your body until your mind was completely melted from exhaustion and hours of prolonged stimulation. It was never enough to push you over, keeping you teetering on the razor-sharp edge. You were helpless on the bed, weak sobs shaking your chest. You supposed you should’ve been thankful you weren’t chained up and tortured in the throne room for the Asgardians to witness. Loki had done it before, and you certainly wouldn’t put it past him to do it again.
Loki loved to humiliate you and put you on display, but you decided that this was infinitely worse. His sick and twisted game had you utterly weak and your mind numb. You were forced to take what he gave you
Loki returned hours later, and you were far past any point of sanity. The sun had set, leaving you to suffer in the dark. You were overly sensitive and soaked, and the echo of his footsteps on the floor practically jarred you.
“Look at you,” he breathed, golden lights glowing and casting halos around you. He looked almost heavenly, if it wasn’t for the expression of cruel, starving, sadism.
And you were so far from angelic.
A ragged scream tore from your lungs as the torturous vibrations ceased. Loki smirked, jerking your head up by the collar around your neck, wanting you to look him in the eyes. 
“Beg me to fuck you,” he commanded, earning a dry sob in response. 
“Please, master, fuck me, I need you,” your words came out in stammered gasps, but Loki appreciated the valiant attempt to obey. 
“As you wish, my darling.” 
The cuffs around your ankles disappeared, and Loki bent your knees up to your chest, leaving your hands tied to the headboard. The god sank into you all at once, forcing your body to take him. You were so overwhelmed from stimulation and pleasure you started to sob again, fresh tears rolling down your face as Loki slammed into you with as much force as he could use without breaking you. 
“You look so pretty when you cry.” 
Loki leaned down and licked the tears off of your face, making you shudder and writhe under him. You screamed as he pounded into you at a deeper angle, rough violence bleeding white into your vision, sending you deeper into rapture. 
You gazed blindly at the god you served, the king of Asgard who adored you far more than your mortal mind could fathom. You were his, in body, mind, heart, and soul, fully submitted to his will and desires. 
“I want to feel you fall apart.”
The bottled frustration from hours of edging shattered, Loki tearing an orgasm from you for the millionth time. Everything exploded into raw pleasure.
Loki followed quickly, the sight of your powerful orgasm and the feeling of you pulsing and throbbing around him bringing him to meet you. 
When you settled back into reality, the bliss wearing off, Loki was kneeling beside you. The leather was gone from your body, and he was gently cleaning you up. He wiped your face tenderly, tilting your head up to gaze at him. 
“Hi, darling. You alright?” Loki asked, making sure he hadn’t destroyed you. 
“I think so,” you murmured, barely able to keep your eyes open. 
He hummed as he wrapped his green cloak around your aching body. You buried into the safety of his arms, searching for your saviour even in your sleep. 
“You’re mine. My perfect girl.”
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sango-haveaniceday · a day ago
Tumblr media
Finally, after the new moon -and a good night of passion- they begin to brew the potion to restore Loki's powers.
Unfortunately, it seems that it is not enough to mix the ingredients and wait for it to work: it is necessary to have a pinch of magic for the potion to do any good, but as long as Loki continues to have his powers sealed it will be impossible to recover his magic. If only he had brought with him a small container with a little magic for an emergency...
Wait a minute...!
A short chapter with a little smut, some fluff and a brief mention of blood and needles.
En español por aquí
New chapter next week!
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marvelmenhoe · a day ago
Fuck me king of Asgard I’ll be ur pet on a leash
⚠️not my edit⚠️
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clandestineloki · a day ago
"not yet."
"please, please, please, i can't take it anymore, please, loki-"
"not. yet. wait for my signal."
"i-i-i don't think i can-"
"you will."
loki just loves watching people teetering on the edge of insanity. call him sadistic, but there's just something enthralling about the way you call out his name like a chant just as you let everything loose.
"just a little longer, darling."
he's looking for something, waiting for just the right moment so he can see the look of overwhelmed pleasure on your face as your body goes absolutely sensitive for his words and his actions.
over the buzzing of the vibrator and the clink of the wine glass in his hand, he hears your soft cries and whimpers. you feel absolutely good, really, but the amount of downright cruel edging you've gone through for the whole hour you've been tied to the bed with a vibrator in your is almost too much to handle.
loki's eyes soften in sympathy, and a small part in him wants to just let you come to relieve the pain.
but he knows you can take it.
because behind those vulnerable sobs he can hear the slightest bit of desperation to please him, because for you there's no pleasure in being disobedient.
"you're almost there, love... keep going... and... now."
loki snaps his fingers sharply, and the high-pitched song of ecstacy that fills the room not even a breath after brings a smug grin to loki's face.
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whoppert · 2 days ago
changing my meds have really taken it out of me but i will be uploading my new loki and stephen strange fight over reader fic by the end of the week!! 🕷️🌸🕸️💞🖤🌼
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fuckandfluff · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I’m With the Band Pt 2
Pairing: Rockstar Bucky x Female Reader
Warnings: Oral (M Receiving), Explicit language/content, 18+.
Word Count: 1000.
Reblogs, likes, and feedback welcomed!
Summary: After playing a show at our local college, Bucky follows you into the bathroom.
First time writing *light* smut - please be nice!
Part 1:
“Oh god..” you muttered to yourself, unsure of what had just happened out there. For the entire 45 minutes of The Winter Soldier’s raucous set, Bucky eye-fucked you with no shame.
You had slipped away to the restroom between the first and second encore in an effort to splash some cool water on your beet red face and hopefully regain a modicum of self-respecting composure after that dizzying, dazzling display of sexual prowess by Bucky out there. What the hell had just happened?
Jenny had texted you to let you know she was in line for the meet-and-greet, as was pretty much every other bar patron and you were grateful for a moment of peace in the fluorescently lit washroom. You cupped your freshly manicured hands under the thrashing stream of tap water and just as you went to lift them to your face, you heard the door latch click closed.
Your breath was punched out of you and you felt a warm, fuzzy feeling diffuse within your chest and through to your fingertips as you saw him in the reflection of the crooked, cracked mirror.
“Wow,” he marvelled, “you’re even fuckin’ prettier up close.” Your brow furrowed in utter confusion. What was he doing here?
The corners of his mouth turned upward into a sly smirk as he swaggered toward you. He unabashedly planted both hands firmly on your waist and smiled at you in the mirror. He was so incredibly sweaty from the marathon performance he had just put on but the cool steel from his metal hand was a welcoming contrast.
“’re.. Bucky Barnes…” you stammered embarrassingly, your eyelids fluttered in dumbfoundedness.
“Yep, can’t get anything passed you!” He teased, pushing his hardening cock against your back.
He took a strand of your wavy auburn locks and tucked it gently behind your ear as he looked you up and fucking down. It was so hot - watching him ogle you. His pants were leather and you could literally feel his swollen penis throbbing against you - just one layer of fabric between you and that growing length.
You looked at your reflection in the mirror and inquired, regretting it almost immediately, “Why me? I mean, what do you see in me?”
Bucky took his left hand off your hip and spun you around to face him - your lips maybe 2 inches from his. It was uncomfortably close but you would be lying if you said you didn’t love it. His knuckles dusted the side of your throat and you purred ever so gently at the touch.
“Because doll, you’re the only one in forever who hasn’t tried to suck me off behind a dumpster, and you intrigued me. You’re just so damn gorgeous, too,” he chuckled softly, but you knew he was serious about women throwing themselves at him. You had just witnessed Tiff from Psych 341 shamelessly throw her bra at him and he clearly had his pick of any woman he wanted - yet here he was with you, on a Wednesday night, in The Cave restroom.
“Are you a good girl?” His right hand migrated down to your plump ass as he took a healthy handful and squeezed mercilessly. The hand stayed transfixed on your ass as he awaited your answer.
You nodded coyly, “…yes, I’m a good girl.”
Within seconds, Bucky pushed his lips up against yours. He fought for space in your mouth as you parted your lips and allowed him in. The flavours of spearmint gum and Export A Golds permeated from him but you relished in the taste. You keened pathetically into his mouth.
His cock was now firmly pressed against your abdomen and you wanted to be able to provide whatever pleasure he was craving - to be that good girl.
“You see what you do to me, doll? This is all your fault, my rock hard cock, just for you,” he whispered into your ear as he peppered your neck with kisses. You tossed your head to the side gingerly as if to silently grant permission and encourage the smooching to continue. “Are you going to let me throat fuck that pretty little face?”
So much for coming into the bathroom to avoid anymore awkward, sexually tense situations because as soon as Bucky said these words - your face was prickly and warm with anticipation. You got down on your knees with no hesitation - if the Winter Soldier asks you to suck his cock, you do it.
He posited your head in front of his metal-studded belt buckle and with one fluid motion his belt was undone and the zipper unzipped. His cock sprung out because, of course, a rockstar wouldn’t be wearing underwear in such taut leather pants. With one glance, you weren’t entirely sure this cock would be able to fit in your tiny throat. You were enamoured with it - the length had to be at least 7 inches - maybe 8, and it was thick and just beautiful.
As you grasped his throbbing member and led it to your lips, Bucky let out a feral growl. You weren’t sure if he said something to you quietly or if it was just gibberish but you knew he was in a state of bliss, having you on your knees for him.
You eagerly licked the one singular drop of glistening pre-cum from the tip of his pulsating cock. Your mouth enveloped his length, inch by inch, somehow surprised that it was even thicker than it looked and it was stretching the shit out of your mouth already.
And just like that - it was over before it began.
“Bucky let’s fucking go!” his manager snarled, banging on the bathroom door. “You shoulda been out here 15 minutes ago. What the fuck!”
Well, shit.
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avenging-fandoms · 2 days ago
sin hours: loki would OWN your orgasms. there’s no way you’re doing anything without his permission. you’d have to figure out how to earn it
Tumblr media
"tell me, princess, did you touch yourself while i was gone?" loki backed you up against the wall, his nose pressing against your jawline with his fingers going up the inside of your thigh.
"j-just once, my prince, i just missed you so much and you were on asgard and i was here and.. fuck" you sigh and loki smirked against your skin, wrapping his hand around your neck and making you look at him.
"our rule, kitten, is no touching while we're away from each other. and you broke that rule. so now i want you on the bed, naked, and i will be with you in a minute" you open your mouth to speak but loki held up his finger making you huff.
you strip yourself of your clothing, laying on the bed like loki had ordered. you gulped nervously as he circled you like you were his prey, a smirk playing on his lips. "loki.. i'm-i'm sorry, okay? i just missed you so much, and i imagined you the whole time"
"quiet, pet, i didn't give you permission to speak. you disobeyed my rules" loki's fingers trailed up your thighs, his middle finger playing with your clit and you whimper. "did you feel so good when you came, pet? when you fucked yourself with your fingers, thinking it was me?"
"y-yes, sir, so good" loki smiled and pushed two fingers into you, thrusting his fingers slowly and curling them. "thank you, my prince, it feels so good"
"i'm sure it does" loki pulled his fingers away and pushed them into your mouth. "because now you're not cumming unless i say so. understand, pet?" you nod and he pulls his hand away, smacking your cheek softly. "words"
"yes sir, i understand" loki nodded and went back in between your legs, pushing your legs apart and looking up at you as his tongue flicked against your clit slowly, your fingers gripping his hair. loki hummed and put your hands behind your back, securing them with handcuffs.
loki added his fingers into the mix, and you bit your lips in between your teeth as you tried not to make a sound. loki knew just how he could get you squirming, but you knew his rules were no sounds or movements unless he said so. "now you listen to me. look at you, what a little whore"
you squeezed your eyes shut, trying with every ounce of your body not to scream out a moan. your nails dug into your skin, your breathing jagged as your orgasm built in your stomach. loki pulled away, his mouth glistening as he stood up with a smirk. you took deep breaths, opening your eyes and watching loki as he headed over to your special drawer.
"ah, my favorite" loki pulled out the vibrator wand and pressed it to your clit, moving it in circles slowly. "you may move, and you may moan. but you may not," he held your chin, turning on the vibrator and you gasp softly. "you may not cum unless i say so"
"yes sir" you moan softly and close your eyes, but loki held your neck. and you opened your eyes.
"keep your eyes open, i want you to watch me use you" you nod and follow his eyes, loki pressing the vibrator harder against your clit. you let out a moan and arched your back, scratching your back as you desperately wanted to grip loki's hand.
loki took off his pants, not giving you a warning as he thrusted his dick into you. "oh my god, sir, you feel so good" you whimper and loki smirks, turning up the vibrations of the wand. loki thrusted his hips into yours, circling the vibrator on your clit. you turn your head to the side and bite the sheets, a vein slightly popping out of your neck as loki hit the right spot.
"are you gonna cum for me, pet?" you let out a moan and pick up your head, loki holding the back of your neck. "come on, kitten, come on" he grunted. when loki saw you face twist and your moans became short, he pulled away completely.
"shit!" you exclaim, huffing as you rested your eyes. loki chuckled, going back in between your legs. he slapped his dick against your pussy, pressing the vibrator against your clit again.
"how bad do you want to cum, darling? how bad do you want to orgasm all over my cock?" loki spewed and you moan, biting your lip.
"so so bad, sir. i want to cum all over your cock and i want you to cum in me so bad, loki. please, sir, please let me cum" you panted and loki picked up the speed of his thrusts, turning the vibrator up to the max setting.
"come on, pet, come for me. cover my cock with your cum. yes.. yes" loki praised and you gasped deeply, your thighs shaking violently around his waist as you came on his dick. "good girl, such a good girl" he praised, massaging your hip with his thumb as he kept thrusting.
"loki, loki, holy shit!" you squeal and tug at the handcuffs, loki unlocking them and you gripped his shirt, moaning as he kept the vibrator hard against your clit.
"gonna fill you up, pet. i want you dripping my cum" his words were like silk falling off his lips, and your body trembled as the overstimulation was a little too much to bear. loki's thrusts got sloppy and he came in you, grunting and massaging your breast as he turned off the vibrator and thrusted slowly.
loki pulled away and spread your pussy lips, chuckling lowly as he watched his cum drip out of you. "thank you, sir, thank you for letting me cum"
"oh darling, we're not finished yet" loki smiled, kissing you sloppily and turning the vibrator on again, and you bit your lip excitedly, ready to play for as long as loki wanted.
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earlgreydream · 2 days ago
little miss.
| loki x reader | fluff | smut |
anon requested. Loki's sub and he gets really busy, neglecting them until they snap and then he does his best to make it up to them and its nice and fluffy at the end
cw: dom/sub, a bit of a size kink, and also a bit of an innocence kink
a/n: I’m feeling so soft, so here’s some soft dom Loki🥺
Tumblr media
Loki’s search for you halted when he discovered your body curled up in the domed window that overlooked the city. You were curled up in blankets, staring out at the foggy city. Loki wasn’t sure if you were studying the buildings peeking between low clouds, or if your mind was entirely somewhere else.
When he had returned from an emergency meeting held in the early hours of the morning, you weren’t in bed like he’d expected. Loki had assumed you’d still be asleep, and had intended to slot his body back against yours and sleep the morning away under the duvet.
He slid down beside you, his hand gently smoothing over your leg. You didn’t seem to react.
“Hey, little miss,” Loki’s voice was soft, calling your attention from wherever you’d mind had wandered.
You hummed, your eyelashes fluttering shut as he pressed a kiss to your cheek. You were easily moved onto his lap, snuggled into his body. His knees bent, feet on the other side of the window, trapping you between his thighs and chest.
“How long have you been up?” He asked against your forehead, trying to follow your line of sight.
“Don’t know,” your voice was soft.
He brushed some hair out of your face, relaxing as you settled into him, the tension leaving your body. His chin rested on the top of your head, and you listened to his heartbeat.
“Your mind feeling all foggy like the weather?” Loki nudged your jaw so you were looking up at him. You shrugged, making Loki frown. He didn’t like when you got deep inside your head, becoming non expressive and overly pliant. Usually, it happened after he pushed your limits in an intense punishment or session, but that wasn’t the case.
Loki had been incredibly busy lately, barely around. You hadn’t had sex in weeks, which was highly unusual for the two of you. Loki was gone before you were awake, and returned after you were already dozing off to sleep. When he was around, he was short-tempered and exhausted.
While you knew that you’d never be on the receiving end of Loki’s anger and frustration, it still frightened you. You had nothing to fear, but you kept your distance when he was in a stormy mood.
“Talk to me,” Loki kept his voice soft, free of sternness. He reeled in his dominating tone he used with you when you weren’t being cooperative, now more worried than annoyed.
“You’ve been gone,” you relented finally, not wanting him to pry into your head and read your thoughts himself.
“I’m so sorry. I should never have neglected you, it was not my intention.”
“I know. And... I know your work is important. You have people to protect but... I need you to protect me too.”
Loki felt like his heart was being clawed from his chest when he saw tears begin to slide down your cheeks.
“Y/N, please forgive me,” he cradled your head against his chest, holding you as you cried.
He didn’t try to hush you or explain it away, letting you weep in his arms. Loki was patient as he comforted you, gently rocking and staring out at the foggy city below.
“Let me spoil you?” Loki shifted you to face him once your sobs had subsided.
“Spoil me?”
“Yes. Maybe make up for my terrible, horrible, insidious neglect?” His blue eyes were soft. Amusement pulled a small smile at your lips. Loki kissed your cheeks and all over your face, making you giggled.
“I love your sweet sounds, little miss,” Loki’s voice was soft, careful not to break the atmosphere.
“I’m sorry,” you breathed out, and Loki’s brow knitted together. Your fingertips gently went to his forehead, smoothing over the tension. 
“Whatever are you sorry for? I’m the one who is sorry.”
“I should’ve brought it up sooner, that I missed you. Before I snapped.”
“Look at me,” he tilted your chin up so he could gaze into your eyes.
“It is my job to make sure I am attentive to you, and I should have never let work get in the way of that. You are my first priority, always. I am the one who is apologizing. You have nothing to be sorry for, do you understand me?” Loki held your face.
“Yes,” you nodded shyly, earning a gentle warning look.
“Yes, sir,” you corrected yourself.
Loki kissed you, and you let yourself melt into him. He coaxed you into a hot bath with him, the water swirling with oils and expensive products. His skilled hands massaged your body with soap, getting you to relax into his touch. His body was cool, and you welcomed it in the hot water. 
“Can you get inside of me? I just want to be closer,” you gazed at him hopefully.
Loki rewarded you with a smile, wrapping your legs around his waist. He held your hips and sank you down on him, going slow to let you accommodate. He relished in your gasps and the feeling of your velvet walls squeezing around him and taking him inside. You didn’t struggle to let him in, completely relaxed. 
You leaned forward and draped your arms over his back, your head resting on his shoulder. Loki’s self control was unmatched, and he held still, letting you warm him as he trailed his fingers up and down your spine. 
“I love you,” he spoke into your hair, now wet and thoroughly washed. Loki had taken the time to massage your scalp and fully shampoo and condition your hair, an intimacy that you loved. He knew it was the best way to comfort you and get you to relax, and it made you feel safe.
“I love you too.”
A shudder rolled down your spine as Loki’s fingers went to where your bodies connected, sliding through your folds. You squirmed on top of him, growing more sensitive as he teased you. Your fingers gripped his raven hair, and you hid your face in his neck. Loki rubbed your clit in small circles, grinning as your small whimpers were muffled by your bite on his shoulder. 
“Gentle, little miss,” his voice was low, and you apologized, kissing the skin. He pinched your clit in return, making you jolt with pain, though it sent a sharp shot of arousal to your heat that had you tightening around him. 
“Please,” you breathed, and he returned to being gentle and slowly pulling you toward a cloudy euphoria. Fog filled your mind once again, and you melted against him. 
“You can use me, to get off,” you murmured, nearly inaudible.
“No, I’m spoiling you, remember? I’ll be alright.” 
His kisses were sweet, trying to wake you up some.
“I want to get out please, it’s too cold.”
Loki lifted you off of him, apologizing as you hissed. You stood on the heated floor, drying off with one of the warm towels your boyfriend wrapped you in. He kissed your forehead, making you smile and blush.
He was dressed in a shimmer of green, wearing black skinny jeans and a soft grey cable knit sweater. 
“What do you want to do today? It’s only ten am.”
“Will you take me to the MET?” you asked hopefully, wanting to spend the day walking around the museum with him.
“If that’s what you want, then of course.” You nodded, slipping into your own jeans. 
“It’s chilly, wear a sweater please.” Loki asked, looking up at you as you rifled through your drawers.
“Yes, sir.”
He gave you a pleased look, and you slipped a deep green sweater on, knowing he’d appreciate it. 
You heard Loki snap his fingers, and you obediently walked to where he sat on the edge of the bed. His hand went to your shoulder and he carefully pushed you to your knees in front of him. A content smile graced your face as his fingers skillfully braided your hair. You sat still while he cared for you, enjoying the cup of tea that had appeared in your hands. 
“Can we walk? I’d rather feel the fog than drive.”
“Yes, little miss.” 
His hands went to your hair, gently putting some pressure before kissing the crown of your head. You stood, the empty cup vanishing from your hands. He found your shoes and knelt before you, tying your laces for you like a child.
“I can put my own shoes.”
“I know, but I like to do it for you.” He squeezed your thighs before returning to his towering height above you. 
“If you had your way, I’d just be your little doll.”
You received a hard slap to your backside for your comment, making your breath catch in your throat. Your jeans protected you, but you knew better than to push your luck.
“Of course not. I value your autonomy.” Loki answered as you followed him through Stark Tower. 
“I didn’t mean that,” you clarified. You may have been Loki’s submissive, but he had nothing but the highest respect for you, giving you the real control in your relationship. You had unwavering trust in Loki, despite his history and talent for deceit. He would never break that trust. Your wellbeing and what was best for you was the most important thing to him, without exception.
“I would keep you naked in bed all of the time, buried deep inside your tight little quim if I always had my way,” Loki announced confidently. Steve, Bucky, Tony, and Sam all turned, blatantly overhearing the conversation. Your face burned red with embarrassment, and Loki looked pleased with himself, winking at you. 
“Relax, they’re very much aware that our relationship is sometimes of sexual nature.”
“You tried to embarrass me,” you accused.
“And it aroused you, did it not? Don’t you dare try to lie to me, little miss.” Loki’s words were threatening, but there was no malice in his tone. He was deeply amused by how shy you were, and he enjoyed letting everyone know you were his.
“Yes, sir,” you exhaled, taking the hand he offered as you went outside. 
His hand was much bigger than yours, matching his height and making you feel small. He kissed your forehead, leading you through foggy streets. 
You loved Loki, and you were overjoyed to have his undivided attention. He swore he loved it more than you did. He adored doting on you, willing to do anything to see your eyes light up or hear your laugh. 
You ascended the steps of the MET quickly, and Loki warned you to be careful about running on the rain-slick marble. 
“You worry too much. I may be fragile compared to you, but I’m okay,” you promised, pushing up on your toes to kiss his cheek. He turned and kissed you back before ushering you inside, insisting he didn’t want the cold to make you sick. You refrained from telling him that he was ridiculous, knowing all it would accomplish was another swat to your ass that you weren’t keen on receiving in public.
Loki held your hand as you studied paintings, drawings, sculptures, and artifacts that filled seemingly endless rooms. You dragged Loki to the impressionists, leaning back in his arms as you stared at Claude Monet’s paintings. 
“I like these the best.”
“Tell me about them,” Loki pressed, circling his arms around you.
“They’re so peaceful, and everything in them is soft. I like the colors too,” you looked up at Loki, your head tilting back.
“I like them too,” he murmured, kissing you sweetly.
He spent hours looking at art with you, even offering some of his knowledge of art history when he had it. You giggled as he swore to you that he was the model of Michelangelo’s paintings. 
“Lovely man, truly,” he grinned and you shook your head, laughing.  
You stayed until the museum closed, and you shivered when you stepped into the cold night. The two of you went to a cafe in the park for soup, warming up. You chattered about the paintings as you ate your soup, Loki making sure you had enough that you were no longer hungry.
It started to rain, and by the time you had finished eating, the storm was pouring down. Loki happily used magic to transport the two of you home, keeping you from getting soaked. 
When you walked into your bedroom, you smiled at the Monet print that hung on a formerly blank space on your wall.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, little miss,” Loki smiled against your kiss. 
“Do you feel less neglected?” He asked, seriousness edging at his tone.
“Yes. But I would definitely feel less neglected if you watched Harry Potter with me,” your eyes widened. Loki thought the movies were a little ridiculous, and always complained when you put them on.
“You’re being manipulative.”
You wrapped your arms around him and pulled him down to your height. 
“I learned from the best,” you whispered.
“Alright, but I could always perform real magic for you.”
“That’s okay.”
Loki rolled his eyes at you, and you changed into pajamas before crawling in bed with him. He dragged you between his legs, snuggling you into his chest under blankets. He distracted himself with you, tracing patterns on your skin and playing with your hair while you were lost in your film. 
“You’re being handsy,” you said when he groped you, his hand under the waistband of your joggers. 
“You just look so pretty, I can’t help myself.”
You spread your legs for him, letting him touch you. Your movie was quickly forgotten as he distracted you with his own magic. 
“I promise you, I will make up for the weeks of depriving you of sex,” Loki’s deep voice echoed through you.
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angeli-marco-writes · 3 days ago
Tom Hiddleston - Stripped Sunday
A/N & WC - I came up with this concept ages ago and only just got around to writing it, though it’s slightly short. I do not know Tom, nor do I claim to. 2k.
Warnings - Swearing (that's now just a given), definitely suggestive and nsfw but nowhere near explicit, just mentions of sex, nudity too. And unknowing exhibitionism I guess? 16+
Summary - Sunday's are always the best, especially when you and Tom walk around the house nude, but it's been a while. Too long a while. So, obliviously, you take matters into your own hands...
Tumblr media
THOMAS WILLIAM HIDDLESTON IS A SIMPLE MAN, believe it or not. He likes meals he can cook in fifteen minutes, he likes his tea with only a splash of milk, he likes the simple pleasures of nature. He likes morning runs and evening walks, re-watching movies he’s seen a dozen times, cuddles on a cold night. But most of all, he likes it when you walk around nude.
It might just be the one singular thing in the great mystery of life that is inexplicable to him, the one thing he enjoys so bloody much he daren’t speak of it, lest he risk losing it. Just the sight of your beautiful body keeps him up night after night after night when he’s working away, plotting and planning ways to ensure he never forgets it for the second he returns home. He can’t even begin to explain the things it does to him.
So, he set up a Stripped Sunday, with the basic premise that you both have to walk around in your birthday suits all day. It’s essentially his unique, perverse, inventive way of seeing you naked all day once a week. Not every Sunday, naturally, but just on occasion, when he’s not working, he’ll jot it down on the calendar. Nothing too glaring, in case someone catches a glimpse of his calendar, but just scribbling down a winky face in a Sunday space, and you know what you’re in for.
In all honesty, you love it just as much as he does. It’s hard not to. Seeing him walking around the house with not a scrap of clothing on all day does things to you you’ve never been able to put your finger on—or his. If you were to get pregnant, Stripped Sundays would be the culprit with the amount that the two of you shag in a single day. And he always seems to have another round in the bank to wake you the morning after, hungover on dripping lust.
However, it’s been far too long without one of these days, you think to yourself. And you know that there are no plans for the day, seeing as there’s nothing in the diary or the calendar, where—upon Tom’s own decree—all arrangements have to be written down. Seeing as you and Tom have a somewhat secret relationship, one certainly sheltered from the press, and no one knows you’re together, let alone live together, keeping all plans written down is imperative. His work meetings are always good reasons for you to get out of the house for a few hours.
Today, however, Tom seems to have made a mistake. Today’s meeting utterly slipped his mind, and he completely forgot to tell you, let alone jot it down, that he was having a casual meeting with a few co-stars to discuss future production of some sort—of what, he was entirely unsure, since this was texted about weeks ago, now. Nothing too major, though.
Logically, Tom thought that, with how late you were currently sleeping, and how much you enjoy your lie-ins, he’d be wrapped before you woke up, and even if that wasn’t to be the case and you wake up, that you’d have the sense to dress, or even call for him at the very least, before going downstairs.
You aren’t so lucky.
Waking up to an empty bed is never much fun. Usually if Tom wakes up before you, he’ll only slip out to put the kettle on, or fetch a new book to read from the library while he waits for you to stir naturally… that is if he isn’t waking you up in other, more pleasurable ways. At most, if he does have plans and doesn’t want to wake you after a late night, he’ll leave you a lovely note, a voicemail, and a thermal mug of tea.
Today, however, you can smell the coffee machine on—no wonder after the late, and rather energetic night you had—and hear the machine whirring, signalling that Tom likely hasn’t long been awake. That’s when the gears begin to turn and your plan begins to formulate, a completely devious idea that creeps into your mind and quirks your lips into a smirk. No matter how enticing the idea to nuzzle back into the pillows is, your need for Tom is overpowering your clawing need for sleep, especially with your primal instincts telling you he’s within grabbing distance, his aftershave still on the sheets you’re wrapped in. So, you strip his shirt, now perpetually appropriated by you, off and get out of bed, stretching as you go, beginning to make your way downstairs.
“What’s that?” Tom hears someone ask.
Not hearing your footsteps on the squeaky stairs over the whirring of the coffee machine and the layered discussions, including his own laughter, he simply replies, “Probably the dog.”
You, however, aren’t lucky enough to hear this brief conversation before your bare feet land on the cold hardwood floor, sending chills throughout you that don’t seem to even mildly combat the overwhelming heat building all throughout you. With just a few more steps, keeping your footing light and avoiding Bobby’s various chewies and toys littered all over the floor, you’re entering the kitchen in nought but your birthday suit. Utterly, completely in the buff.
“Morning baby,” you call out, yawning, your eyes fluttering shut, your jaw wide.
Except, instead of the warm embrace and slatherings of kisses that you expect to receive, or even a simple “Good morning, Princess,” you’re welcomed with a deadly silence, a stillness you can’t quite comprehend.
Your eyes fly open in shock, opening to see three people, mildly familiar faces, with mouths agape and eyes wide, sitting around the breakfast bar with mugs between their hands. Tom looks as stunned as you’ve ever seen him, over by the coffee machine, his hands trembling. With a fixed gaze of his baby blue eyes, so piercingly alarmed, he looks you up and down, his eyes blazing over your nude form, his kissable mouth practically watering at the mere sight of you.
That’s before it clicks with him, the dire situation, and alarm bells begin to blare inside his head, causing him to jump into action. Almost instantly, he’s pulling his shirt off his strong arms and muscular torso with lithe fingers, and is tugging it over your head, covering your naked torso.
You can already feel the blush on your cheeks, your skin burning from the bruised base of your throat to the pierced tips of your ears, the blood in your veins rushing around so violently that it drowns out any other comments or noise within the room, within the situation, but you’re brought back to reality when Tom’s strong, callused hands fall to your arms, clasping the flesh before he’s all but lifting you off the tiled floor and steering you back out of the room. It snicks shut behind you, but all you can focus on is the kiss he gives you, slanting his thin lips over yours so intoxicatingly that you’re able to forget your humongous disaster, if only for a second. There’s an emptiness the second he stops kissing you, and you’re able to hear the previously shut out gossip from inside.
“Sweetheart, what the hell was that?” he commands, his tone soft.
Despite the austere authority he so naturally demands in a room, he doesn’t sound angry whatsoever. If anything he’s just a little exposed, his private home life revealed to people when he wasn’t in the least bit prepared for once in his lifetime, with a definite undertone of irritation, mostly that he can’t have his way with you instantly. His blood is roaring, his stomach an explosion of swarms of butterflies, his core pulsating. He can’t tear his eyes away from you, even now you’re covered, your hardened nipples poking through the fabric.
“I— I saw the calendar was empty, I wanted to impress you, have a nice Sunday because it’s been so long,” you confess, shuffling your feet on the floor, unable to meet his blue gaze boring into you, “I’ve felt… distant from you recently, you’ve been working so much. I don’t know,” you shift anxiously, tugging on his shirt wrapped around you, “I love you, I didn’t wanna lose you. I thought you’d like it.”
“Baby,” he says, “I love you and this so so much. Of course I like it!”
You let out a feeble cry against his chest, his arms knotting around you and tugging you into his chest in one swift movement. His hugs, the way he holds you and cradles you, always make you feel better, no matter what your troubles may be.
You sniffle a little, “Really?”
Any trace of hardness in his face just dissipates and is replaced with sympathy, empathy, love.
“I truly wish I could take you right now, Darling, and if they weren’t here, I’d be fucking you on that breakfast bar and you know it.” He sighs deeply. “But, I didn’t put down a special Sunday for a reason, love.” Leaning down, he kisses away your wry tears, and then the tip of your nose. “You are so thoughtful. It’s all my fault though, I must’ve just forgotten to write this down.”
How can you be mad at him when he’s being so thoughtful and heartfelt, confessing his mistake even when it was your rash thinking that’s gotten you into this mess?
Once you calm your breathing down, though, you realise that you’re actually not particularly phased by this at all. You don’t mind this; it was the sheer shock that passed over Tom’s face, the flash of terror he must’ve felt with his work colleagues in the room with him that scared you so. You know well enough that it’ll be a huge knock—monumental, even—for him, if this gets out. Your worry for your treasured boyfriend takes power over any of your own misgivings.
“I’m really sorry, Tom.”
“Don’t be,” he says hastily, “can you please pop up and get dressed, though, darling? Just some shorts, I don’t want you to feel exposed.”
You let out a soft chuckle, nodding, stepping away from him to make your way upstairs. Before you’ve taken so much as a step, though, he tugs you back by the bottom of his shirt, and ravels you into a searing kiss, everything he wants to say passes from his lips to yours.
You return a couple of minutes later, dressed simply, comfortably, his shirt in your hands, you find him waiting for you, standing outside the door with his hands clasped at his front. He greets you with open arms, prompting you to take his hands as he leads you back into the kitchen, your eyes connecting in a secret agreement before stepping inside.
The air is rife with anxiety, three panicked faces staring back at you, but thankfully, you’re able to recognise these people as ones he’s worked with for a while, people he knows really well; confidantes and friends more than co-stars or colleagues. However, by the inquisitive glint in their eyes and their parted mouths, you imagine they’ll still have a lot of questions, and this’ll still be a hit for Tom.
He wraps his spare arm around you, his head bowed as he meets the dead faces staring at him. That’s when you begin to wonder if something else has happened.
“Baby, everything okay?” you ask, cupping his jaw, caressing your thumb over the scruff of a beard shadowing his bone structure.
That’s seemingly when it hits him, his face paling, blanching, his grip around you loosening.
“It’s a good job you never got over the threshold, darling,” he says breathlessly, “or I’d be in much more trouble.”
You look to him, eyes searching his face imploringly as he viciously gulps. “We were live on Instagram.”
Well, it looks like Tom’s girlfriend is public knowledge. You can’t mind, though not as he dips his head and kisses you hotly, heartily. With this passion, the second these people leave, Stripped Sunday might just happen after all.
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marvel-sluts · 3 days ago
Hey bestie! I was wondering if you could write a fem!reader x mob boss!loki where she lives in a shitty part of town so she makes fake id/marriage license that shes the bosses wife to keep creepy guys away, and it doesn't even matter because loki'll never find out...right?
So then shes at the bar trying to get these guys to leave her alone but then loki shows up and plays along? Thanks!😘
fake ID's and creepy men
Tumblr media
pairing: mob boss!loki x fem!reader
warnings: swearing, creepy guys.
summary: you and your friend comes up with the idea to get fake ID's to be the mob bosses wife to get guys to leave you alone, somehow this ends up getting you a date with the mob boss himself.
a/n: I feel like I always say this but I'm sorry for being so late! I'm honestly behind on life at the minute. thanks for requesting though, I always appreciate it. enjoy! <3
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
"I'm so fucking fed up of men." your friend, Grace said as she entered your apartment.
"I can't believe you said that I was married to the mob boss." you laughed, pulling off your shoes.
"it worked didn't it? he fucked right off." she said, plopping herself down on your sofa. "you know, we should get fake ID's."
"why? we are already legal." you said, sitting down next to her.
"I know that, I mean fake ID's saying that you actually are Loki's wife. that way the men will leave both of us alone." Grace said, swinging her legs over yours
"why me though? why can't you get one?" you asked.
"because you look more the part, also I have a tenancy to get very drunk and leave with some guy. that wouldn't be very believable." she said, shrugging.
"true, okay. let's do it." you said, turning on the TV and choosing a movie.
»»————- ♡ ————-««
"hey baby, let me buy you a drink." some creepy guy said, sliding into the seat next to you.
you groaned internally, making a mental note to give Grace hell for being late.
"no thank you." you said, taking another sip of your drink.
"come on beautiful, just one drink." one of his mates said from the other side of you. you hadn't even realised he was there.
"sorry, I have a husband." you said, beginning to freak out as three more guys from the same group came up to your table.
"I'm sure he wouldn't mind." the first guy said, placing his hand on your lower back, making you tense up.
"really? do you know who my husband is?" you snapped, hoping that you had remembered your fake ID.
"whoever he is, I doubt he will mind us having a little fun." one of the other guys said.
"he would definitely mind, my husband is Loki Laufeyson." you said, feigning confidence.
you watched as the colour drained from their faces, there isn't a person in this town who doesn't know that name.
"I doubt it, prove it baby. if you can't prove it then we get to buy you a drink." one of the braver men said.
you pulled out your fake ID and marriage certificate and handed it to one of the closets guys.
"there, now will you please leave me alone." you said, reaching for the documents back.
"I doubt that's real baby, come on let me buy you a drink." one of them said, getting far too close for comfort.
"excuse me? why are you bothering my wife?" a voice came from behind the group. the men scattered quickly, all of them murmering apologies. you turned in your seat to see the mob boss, Loki.
"hello darling, we're those men giving you trouble?" Loki asked, taking the seat next to you and swinging an arm around your shoulder casually. "have they gone?" he whispered.
you looked behind you before answering. "yeah." you stuttered. "sorry for lying about who I was, I just thought that you'd never find out a-and me and my friends thought that it was a good idea to get creepy men to leave us alone." you said quickly, voice shaking.
"it's fine, honestly. I understand why you did it and I'm sure your not the only one with a fake ID to be my wife." he responded with a chuckle.
"oh o-okay." you stuttered, very aware of his arm that was still wrapped around your shoulders.
"are you by yourself or meeting with someone?" he asked, looking down at you with a smile.
"my friend is supposed to be meeting me here, but she's running late. she said she's about ten minutes away." you murmured, raising your glass to your lips.
"well I can't have my wonderful wife sitting by herself. how about I keep you company until your friend comes." he offered.
"only if you want to." you said, shocked that the feared mafia boss was offering to do something so sweet.
"don't look so shocked darling, I may be one of the most feared men in this city but it doesn't mean that I don't have a heart." he chuckled, gazing at you with his piercing blue eyes.
"it's not that, I just thought that you would be busy or something." you said feebly.
"don't worry about it darling, although I do have one question. do guys bother you like that often?" he asked curiously.
"yeah, a fair amount. that's why I decided to get a fake ID, it was my friends idea actually." you said. "now it's my turn to ask a question, why did you save me from those men? there must be hundreds of women in this bar that need someone to do that for them. do you do it for everyone?"
"I don't do it for everyone, I just thought that a pretty woman like yourself is far too good for scum like that. to be perfectly honest I had been working up the courage to talk to you for a while, when I saw those men bothering you I thought it would be a good excuse to talk to you. that and I didn't want their filthy hands all over you." he said, looking down slightly.
"I'm assuming you overheard me saying I was your wife then." you said, taking another sip of your drink.
"yeah, I thought-"
"y/n! sorry I'm late, my boss kept me late. he's such a dick." Grace said, sliding into the seat on the other side of you. "who's this- oh"
"Grace this is Loki, Loki this is Grace." you said, giggling slightly at her shocked face.
"Loki? as in the loki?" Grace asked, grabbing your drink and taking a sip out of it.
"hey! get your own drink and yes, the Loki." you said, grabbing the glass from her and finishing it.
"I should probably be going, it was nice meeting you darling." he said, standing up and slipping a piece of paper into the pocket of your jacket. he winked at you before turning away and heading towards a table of men in suits, obviously waiting for him.
"how the hell did you get talking to him?" Grace asked, leaning forwards and placing her elbows on the table.
"I dunno, it just sort of happened." you said, smiling down at the card you had fished out of your pocket. here's my phone number darling, maybe we can get coffee some time? it read. you tucked the card safely back into your pocket before turning back to Grace, smiling at her as she wiggled her eyebrows at your lovesick face.
"oh shut up you." you said, hitting her arm lightly.
"I didn't say anything!" she protested.
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clandestineloki · 3 days ago
Hiiiiii, I really love your loki work and I've literally saved so many just to read them over again and I was wondering if I could request a NSFW headcannon where the Sub!reader has been a little neglected by Loki and he realizes it and feels super bad so he does everything he can to make sure she feels loved with like NSFW and a dash of fluff 🥺
"how are we feeling?" loki checks up on you, a hazy, twitching mess soaked in cum and sweat.
"g-good," you shiver as he licks up your folds, your legs shaking from the overstimulation.
he chuckles against you, his hands keeping your thighs from closing. "hmm, i don't think so, darling. if you can still talk that means i haven't fully exhausted you."
a finger prods at your entrance, and his eyes twinkle at the way you're so responsive.
"don't worry, i'll make up for the lost time. in fact, how about for every day i was gone you get three orgasms. one for the mornings,"
he slips his finger in, curling it upwards, eliciting a long high-pitched whine from you.
"one for the afternoons," he drawls, lapping up your nectar, slipping his tongue inside your cunt as you moan and plead for mercy.
he glares at you, a warning to stay still. you turn your head away shyly and try to bring your hands to cover your burning cheeks, but the silk around your wrists leave you no leverage.
"and one for every night i know you tried to touch yourself to sleep."
you whimper as his fingers speed up, your legs too weak to resist. tears of pleasure form in your eyes and your body locks up as you feel that high coming very, very fast.
and you know it won't stop any time soon.
"one last, sweet," he gently pats at your cheek, making sure you're still awake. he chuckles as you nod dumbly, your strength long gone after the tenth(?) time he made you cum, leaving you to lie still and take the pleasure he so generously gave to you.
"i'm trying to pleasure my darling, and i can't do that if she's asleep, can i?" he teases. "now, lay back a bit. i'll be more gentle this time. savor it, love."
you feel his cock slide inside you, the feeling of being so full making you gasp and unconsciously pull him in deeper.
"you're-you're always so good for me, taking me so well," he grits out, trying to keep his composure.
"mhm," you sigh, your mind merely a floating mass of nothingness as he moves slowly, hitting all the right spots in you.
your orgasm washes over quickly- but it's a softer, warmer one, one that has you gasping and purring as you hit that sweet conclusion.
"there you go," he whispers, wiping away some half-dried tears from your face, smiling with pride.
he unties your wrists, making sure to rub your skin to ensure blood circulation.
"i'm so proud of you for taking all that so well," he hums into your ear. "i love you so much."
he can't help but smile wider as you mumble something incoherent while turning to him and burying yourself into his chest.
"please never leave me that long again," you whisper, pulling him closer.
"i might if you get this needy every time i do."
you slap him- at least, attempt to- because it comes out as a weak pat to his cheek that he merely snickers at.
"i'm kidding darling. i wasn't faring so well without you either," he wraps his arms around you.
absence truly makes the heart grow fonder.
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lokiskitten · 3 days ago
Loki Laufeyson | Valentine’s Day pt4
Loki Laufeyson x fem!reader
Tumblr media
Author’s note : so so so sorry for the delay! I was dealing with some personal issues. People who wanted to be tagged : @delightfulheartdream @idontreallyknowhonesyy @kaz11283 @cc12-02 @thegirlthatsfalling @likesiriuslydude @wolfish-trickster
plot : ( refer to the three previous part if you wish! ) After confessing time each other, you and Loki spend a romantic moment where you decide to loose your virginity together.
warnings : kissing, making out, virginity loss, consensual intercourse, self discovery, masturbation, premature ejaculation, unprotected sex.
As your lips moved against Loki’s in a shy manner, your tongue barely dared to peek out of your mouth in order to collide with the young man’s lower lip. Understanding the message yet remaining reserved at the moment, Loki parted his lips and allowed his own tongue to delicately penetrate your moist cavity. This was your first kiss, and you didn’t regret sharing it with someone such as Loki. The more your lips remained pressed against his, the more feelings grew inside of you.
The tip of your tongues collided with each other’s, tasting one another’s saliva and enjoying the way it mixed with yours. Soon, Loki took the initiative to place his hand onto your waist, crossing a line that no one had ever dared to cross before. A blush spread across your cheeks as you moved closer to your lover, the kiss progressively growing more confident as both of you made an effort to learn from this first interaction.
Pulling away from him, a smile appeared onto your lips as you looked down at your hands in order to avoid eye contact- secretly wishing that Loki wouldn’t notice how much influence he had on you. Though, that was something he would’ve never been able to deny. “That was..” you began, loosing your words only to be helped out by the demigod. “..absolutely ravishing.” He finished, head tilting as he attempted to make eye contact with you. However, his efforts were soon put to an end when you accepted to look up at him by yourself.
Lovingly staring at each other, you easily understood that both of you wished to go further. However, innocence and inexperience managed to fill your beings with doubt and anxiety. But talking would’ve been unnecessary, as nature was here to lead you both towards the greatest achievement that was loosing your virginity to someone you trusted and loved. You were the first one to take the initiative to remove a first layer of clothing, hands moving up to your shoulders in order to slide the straps of your dress off your silhouette.
Loki’s eyes widened face to this nice spectacle, his green orbs watching the way the thin fabric slid off your body to reveal your bare breasts. Gasping nervously, Loki adjusted his position on the bed as his eyes couldn’t seem to get off your chest. In fact, it was the first time he ever saw the upper private parts of a lady, and this honestly awoken sensations and feelings within him he already knew about. Before he could even tell, his member hardened underneath the fabric of his suit, creating an uncomfortable sensation for Loki to bare with. “You can touch them.” You ended up saying, secretly wishing that Loki would start taking more initiatives.
Gasping nervously, his hand rose from the bed sheets and gently travelled up to your breast, palm colliding with the soft and warm fleshy mound. You bit down onto your bottom lip, enjoying this first physical contact as your eyes looked down at Loki’s hand. In order to make him feel more confident, you added a couple of details to your previous sentence. “You can squeeze it, but gently. The feminine body is delicate.” You notified happily, allowing Loki to follow your advice. His hand squeezed your breast, causing tingles to take over your chest. It felt peculiarly good, allowing your mind to forever remember and learn from this move for your future intercourses.
On another hand, Loki seemed as pleased as you were, though for different reasons. Being a young man, it obviously felt like a great accomplishment to finally get to touch a woman’s bare body. But it wasn’t an act to take any lightly, and everyone in Asgard knew it required humbleness and great care. His cock didn’t take long to harden to a painful state underneath the fabric of his suit, your eyes locking with the appetizing sight which was his boner. After noticing this detail, Loki blushed and pulled his hand away, face turning down towards his crotch as he awkwardly cleared his throat. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You should see it as an asset.” You joked with a smirk before making your hand travel until his upper thigh.
The man did nothing to stop you, and simply watched curiously as it was now your turn to return the pleasant gesture. The tips of your fingers delicately collided with the long print, soon starting to rub up and down his shaft which easily caused your partner’s breath to itch sensitively. Loki pressed his palms against the bedsheets, leaning backwards as his eyes continuously stayed onto his crotch as if he was scared you would attempt to backstab him. As ironic as it could be. Though, that would’ve been a thought you would’ve been easily able to understand, as this probably remained the most fragile part of the masculine body- and even as a virgin, you knew. Or at least, you could expect it to be.
“This- this feels nice..” he spoke shakily as his positive words encouraged you through the sinful acts. Your fingers now clenched, locking the man’s girth between the phalanx of your folded digits and keeping on moving up and down in a enhancing manner. This eager initiative caused Loki’s balls to twitch lightly, length following the gesture which allowed you to feel the wave from underneath the fabric of his pants. A discreet smile appeared onto your lips, yourself secretly feeling proud about being able to please him efficiently enough for such a thing to happen. Now feeling more confident, the young man sat back up properly before unzipping the upper part of his suit, arms soon sliding out of the extensible fabric and leaving him bare chested for you to enjoy.
Your eyes respectfully settled onto his bulging abdomen, admiring the way he breathed in and exhaled repetitively, yet in a calm manner. Looking up from his body, you locked eyes with him and noticed the slight sadness which easily reflected in his green orbs. However, before you could even part your lips and speak up about the matter, Loki suddenly pushed his body forward and allowed his mouth to collide with yours again, hand instinctively moving up to your jaw with he cupped passionately. You obviously returned the gesture, progressively forgetting about the emotions you saw in his eyes as your lips tenderly moved against his.
Little did you know, sadness was far from being the emotion which previously filled Loki’s green eyes barely a couple of seconds ago. It was passion. The young man was simply and desperately in love with you. He wished to admire your features forever, and the only thought of his new source of happiness potentially drifting off to his brother caused his heart to shatter to billion of pieces.
Without ever breaking the kiss, both of your half naked bodies progressively moved further onto the bed as he allowed his hands to grab your waist in a securing manner- as if he wanted to hold you back from leaving if you ever planned on doing so. A gentle moan escaped your lips as you were soon to climb onto his lap, clothed cunt pressing and grinding against his hard bulge. You couldn’t help but allow your hands to move up to his head, breaking through the gel and messing up his usually silk hair into thousands of random strands. Some of them even started to fall before his handsome face. The room’s dark yet peculiarly illuminated ambiance set both of you into the right mood to fool around, though not as much as your respective and mixing hormones did.
The smell of your natural pheromones drove most of Loki’s senses wild, heavy breaths escaping his lips as he allowed his face to burry in between your breasts, pressing kisses to your skin and fleshy mounds in the most respectful manner you could’ve ever wished for. His arms remained wrapped around your waist, hands soon moving up to the back of your shoulders which he held in a securing and needy manner. Soon, both of you managed to overcome the excitement as Loki was now rubbing the tip of his nose against the skin of your bare chest. His eyes remained close, hips slightly thrusting forward as his cock felt like it would explode if it didn’t get to be trapped inside of your moist cavity any time soon.
At this point, your light dress had fell down to your crotch, revealing the top of your underwear whilst Loki’s suit unfortunately allowed its owner to remain dressed efficiently. Laying a couple of more kisses against your jaw, the demigod’s hands took the initiative to slide off your shoulders and release the grip he had passionately been keeping on you. Your clueless orbs looked down at him as you then understood that it would probably be the right time for you to get off your partner and allow him to fully undress. Loki indeed acknowledged your move, hands sliding the zipper of his suit down until he couldn’t go and further. He was now able to fully remove his upper piece of clothing before going for his pants which he seemed quite eager to get rid off.
Within a few seconds, the two of you were now sitting in underwear before each other, your eyes finally able to witness what his crotch was composed of a little bit better. He smirked as soon as he noticed that you were staring, large hand reaching out for your wrist as he decided to take the initiative to lay your palm down against his crotch. Surprisingly enough, it was boiling warm- a detail you didn’t expect to end up face to face with even though you probably should’ve. However, it was something you seemed to enjoy as it offered comfort to your usually cold fingertips. Biting down onto his bottom lip, Loki started to gently grind his hips again as he obviously couldn’t seem to maintain his physical nor hormonal excitement.
You didn’t feel an ounce grossed out, in contrary, you enjoyed his kinky gestures. At least, it gave you the guarantee that he felt confident and comfortable with this intercourse, which was something you believed was absolutely primordial. And just like you did before, your hand soon started to stroke his member through his underwear, now being able to feel it better then you did back when Loki still adorned his pants. Besides, you were also able to get a better hold of his length. The demigod’s facial complexions grimaced, brows raising and frowning continuously as it was his way of handling the pleasure without necessarily having to moan it out.
Your body moved forward as your partner tilted his head back, hand remaining on his cock as your lips started to press lustful and gentle kisses against his exposed Adam’s apple and jaw. This seemed to have a lot of positive affects on him, moans finally escaping his mouth as his member twitched. Unfortunately, this initiative turned out to have more repercussions than both of you expected, Loki’s climax progressively building up as he couldn’t help but remain quiet about it out of shame. “Y/n- I-..” loki stuttered painfully, hips thrusting forward in one great and sloppy move out of anticipation. Believing that he was only irrelevantly moaning out your name, you carried on stroking his girth without ever daring to slide your hand down his underwear.
And before both of you could tell, thick liquid sprayed out of his urethra, staining his underwear as Loki’s hands took a tight hold of the bedsheets. A guttural moan came out of his open mouth, your hand and entire body moving back as it was the first time that the demigod ever had such an eager reaction. It didn’t take too long for you to understand, both of you looking down at the stain on his underwear whilst your partner continued to pant tiredly. Eventually, his lips ended up pressing together out of shame, hand moving up to his messy hair which he sulk back in order to keep his anxious self occupied.
“I’m sorry..” he spoke, avoiding eye contact which allowed you to understand his mental state. Carefully, your body moved closer to his, placing himself behind his back and allowing you arms to wrap around his chest. “Hey.. it’s okay. It happens.” You whispered before laying a kiss against his cheek, though all you received in return was an inaudible groan. Whilst you thought about ways to make your partner feel better, Loki couldn’t help but once again think about the fact that this kind of accident probably never happened to his “perfect” brother. Unfortunately, those intrusive thoughts only managed to make him feel even more miserable.
Seeing how he wasn’t answering anything nor even taking the pain to look up at you, you took the initiative to move before his sitting silhouette. “This doesn’t make me want you any less. At least, we now know everything is working perfectly.” You spoke with a chuckle, hoping that this will help to lighten his mood. Loki’s eyes finally flickered up at you, smirk progressively forming on his face as he suddenly took the decision to crawl on top of you. Now that he had released once, the demigod had the guarantee that he would probably be able to make this intercourse last for a while. Or at least, he wished so.
A happy laugh escaped your lips, feeling glad that Loki had finally got his tricks and malice back to enhance this moment. Once again, his lips pressed against yours as he made his way between your legs, the cum stain rubbing against your inner thigh. Your back arched, initiating penetration and allowing your partner to understand that you now felt ready for more than rubbing and kissing. Loki’s confidence dropped slightly as he stopped his movements, head looking down at your crotch in apprehension and fear. Even if he was as eager through this moment as you were, the young man knew that he held the responsibility of taking your virginity as painlessly as he potentially could. And this was seemingly a duty he felt anxious with.
You could tell that the demigod seemed intimidated by what was soon going to occur, yet your mouth didn’t speak any words and that mostly due to anxiety progressively taking over your own self. Carefully, Loki’s hands firstly slid down his underwear; allowing his hard member to spring out of the confines of his tight briefs. Your head didn’t even tilted up in order to look at it, secretly feeling intimidated by the potential sight of masculine genitals. Though, you at least decided to slide your own panties down, your completely naked self laying underneath the young man and patiently waiting for him to break through your hymen.
Nervously, Loki’s forearm made sure to keep his body above yours in order to guarantee maximum comfort whilst his hand held his girth in order to properly align it with your entrance. When his tip finally collided with your wet slit, a shaky breath escaped your lips which probably betrayed the fact that you indeed felt as anxious as he did. Yet, you accepted to offer him your entire trust and didn’t do anything to put an end to the soon to occur vaginal penetration. Once the demigod believed that his girth was properly lined up with your own genitals, his other forearm made its way back up and landed beside your head to guarantee him great stability.
In a caring manner, Loki’s lips pressed against yours- his main goal being to distract your mind from the what he expected to be slightly painful penetration. And as he carried on moving his mouth against yours, his hips carefully moved forward, forcing his tip inside of your entrance as slowly as he could. Soon enough, the amount flesh broke through your hymen, allowing his full member to penetrate inside of your sensitive self. A high pitched wince escaped your lips as your eyelids shut close, Loki’s face pressing against your cheek as he took the decision to immediately reach balls deep, believing that it was probably better for him to put an end to your misery as soon as possible. Besides, he wouldn’t deny feeling absolutely impatient about finally getting to be inside of you.
The new sensation of his cock being trapped by your warm walls caused his breath to shiver, body squirming as his knees lost control and slipped along the silk sheets of the bed- causing both of your stomachs to collide together. He waited for a couple of seconds, waiting for your body to ease up and for your entrance to adjust to his size before he allowed himself to start thrusting in and out of you. You arms wrapped around his muscular back, eyes remaining closed as the pain progressively turned into pleasure. You moaned, shockwaves of pleasure going through your body as your partner seemed to perfectly know how to satisfy you and your sexual desires.
“Loki..” you moaned in his ear, enhancing his state and encouraging him to slowly start to upper his pace. Even though he wasn’t necessarily keeping an even pace, it was still enough to make your pussy throb. Besides, the way his pelvis collided with your clit only managed to make it feel even better. Both of you were as vulnerable as one another, sharing the same amount of love and passion. “You’re so tight..” he whispered vulnerably, keeping his voice low as he insisted on maintaining his energy locked in order to spend it with his hips rather than his mouth.
Apparently, it hadn’t taken your partner a while to stack more semen up even though he had released a couple of minutes ago. Progressively, his thrusts started to get sloppier and sloppier, hands clenching against the pillows as lustful groans would eventually escape his lips until he finally came inside of you. The sensation of his warm cum staining your walls and cervix caused you to moan yourself, hands wrapped around his back in a passionate manner as you made sure to keep his muscular body close to yours. Unfortunately, lust and excitement unfortunately hadn’t allowed you to think about the consequences this gesture would obviously have.
Raising his body in order to look down at you, his green orbs nervously collided with yours as his lips remained parted, soft pants escaping his mouth whilst his hips remained physically connected to yours. You were as messy as he was, a couple of sweat droplets staining the back of your neck- a spectacle which was thankfully hidden by your hair. Pulling out, Loki then allowed his bare body to fall down beside yours, hand resting onto his bulging stomach as he stared up at the ceiling. You followed this breathing pace, chest rising up and down as your body was progressively trying to get over the intense intercourse which had just taken place, and barely ended a couple of seconds ago.
[ 4/4 ]
Sorry for taking so long! Here’s part four. Lots of love. Would you guys like me to make a new series or imagine, connected to this one, where the reader finds out that she is pregnant? Let me know! It would probably be centered around an argument.
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Tumblr media
⚠️jumpscare⚠️ y’all he fine but that haircut is a NO
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Your Sovereign
Loki Laufeyson x fem!reader. Throne sex, king/lord kink (is that a thing???), king loki, riding, degradation, size kink, choking and breath play
word count: 1.5k
Your footsteps echo as you walk into the grand room, the high ceilings and open space still somewhat daunting despite your familiarity with it. The heavy doors boom shut behind you when the guards close them as you make it to the end of the walkway, stopping before the imposing stairs that lead up to your sovereign’s throne.
You dip your head in respect as you bow down, eyes trained on the flow in a show of subordination.
“What business do you have requesting an audience with the King, young maiden?” Loki’s smooth, deep voice rings out in the open space. You flick your eyes up to him, catching his growing grin. You return it to him as you rise back to full height.
“You make it sound as though you aren’t pleased to see me, your majesty.” You drawl as you continue towards him, easily striding up the large steps. His smirk widens as you make it to him, and he reaches out with large hands to pull you into his lap by your waist.
“That depends on your reason for coming here, my pet. What is it you wish to happen, exactly?” He murmurs, voice dropping further in pitch with his suggestive inquiry.
You reach up to cup his face, the soft pads of your fingers trailing over the distinct bone of his jaw as you gaze into his eyes seductively.
“I simply wish to please my King.” You murmur, tone soft and sultry. Loki’s eyes darken with lusty desire, a low rumble of a hum reverberating from his chest.
“Then please me you shall.” He rasps before leaning forward, connecting his lips to yours as he brings his large hands up to cup the sides of your head.
The kiss is deep and intense, but not rushed- Loki seldom allows any of your relations to be rushed. He likes to take his time with you- to slowly drag his tongue over the pillow of your bottom lip before pushing inside, to languidly explore every inch of the cavern of your mouth, to listen as your breath hitches and your whimpers grow in volume and recurrence. And that is just what he does now, working you up slowly with his skilled tongue, to fuel the arousal in your belly with the low rumble of his growls until your hips are rolling downwards involuntarily.
Loki chuckles as he pulls his mouth away from yours. “So desperate for me already, darling?” He asks, lips curled in a cocky smirk, his canines visible with the width of the grin. Heat floods your cheeks at his taunt, but still you grind against him once more.
“Yes, my lord.” You murmur, knowing the effect the title has on him. “I need you, right now.”
It’s clear your use of Loki’s powerful designation had it’s desire effect when the man lets out another low growl before reaching down, fingers expertly freeing his hard length from his trousers in no time at all. You stare down at his long, thick cock, still awed by its size despite the countless times you’ve taken it.
“How badly do you need me, pet?” He drawls tauntingly. “Enough that your quim is already dripping for me, that you’re wet and ready for my cock even after I’ve given you so little?”
“Yes” you immediately gasp out, rolling your hips downwards, desperate for the delicious drag of his lap against your aching pussy. “I’m ready for you. Please fuck me, my lord.”
Loki doesn’t need to be told twice as he reaches down to move aside the fabric of your dress. His brows shoot up when the wet skin of your folds meets the air.
“No panties? Naughty girl...” he says lowly, eyes flitting up to meet yours as he wears a cheeky smirk. You grin back at him.
“I said I was ready for you, did I not?” You quip as you rise up, knees on either side of Loki’s thighs, and position yourself above his cock. His hands find your waist, long fingers curling around your hips as he helps guide you downwards. His cock sheathes inside you slowly, pulling a drawn out gasp from your lips as his shaft caresses your inner walls.
“Yes, my pet. Look at how well your little cunt takes my big cock. You’re such a whore.” Loki quite nearly seethes, eyes trained downwards on where your bodies meet as he lets out the hissed words.
“Only for you, my king” you breathe out, hands coming out to find a stabilizing hold on Loki’s broad, clothed shoulders as you begin to roll your hips. You let out a breathy moan as his cock moves inside you, hitting new sensitive spots that have pure pleasure bursting through your nerves.
“That’s right. My own little personal pet.” Loki growls, using his grip on your waist to direct your movements. “My royal whore.”
The degrading words make you moan, especially since they’re coupled with a particularly direct thrust that has the head of Loki’s cock spongeing over your g-spot. You can feel his eyes trained on your chest, eyeing the visible movement of your dress where your breasts bounce, concealed by the obstructing material.
Then, suddenly, the material is gone, and you’re left exposed in the chilled air of the throne room, pulling a startled gasp from your lips. Loki grins predatorily as one hand trails upwards to palm the flesh of your now bare breast.
“If I’m going to fuck you like a whore, my pet, you may as well look like one.” Loki muses darkly, looking up at you with a glint of mischief in his eyes; a glint that is present more often than not.
You continue your rise and fall on his lap, whimpers and moans falling from your lips in a continuous slew. The sounds mingle with the lewd sound of skin on skin, moving outwards and bouncing off the golden walls to echo through the grand room.
“Loki” you gasp out, beginning to feel overwhelmed by pleasure as his cock coaxes your orgasm nearer. Suddenly a hand finds your throat- cool fingers curling around the column of it and squeezing slightly, making you gasp and look at Loki wide eyed.
“Is that any way to address your King?” He fumes, tone dark and dangerous as he stares back at you with a hard gaze.
“I’m sorry” you breathlessly choke out, Loki’s hand cutting off your airways just enough to have the words come out strained.
“You should be, you pathetic whore.” He spits back in response, using his grip on your neck and hip to lift you up, allowing him to thrust upwards into you. “How dare you disrespect me.”
Despite the fierce fury of his words, your arousal only grows. All you can do is moan as he snaps his hips upwards, his cock driving into your pussy in deep, strong strokes. Loki grins quite nearly evilly as he feels your walls tighten.
“And now you’re going to cum, aren’t you?” He gloats, the condescending lilt of his accent making your thighs tremble. “It appears my filthy little pet finds pleasure in having my hand around her neck and in being told how worthless she is.”
He’s right, as he surely knows- his sneered words only serve to bring your release nearer. Stars begin to dance across your vision, birthed from both your impending orgasm and the lack of oxygen occupying your tightened lungs.
“Cum” Loki growls, continuing his deep thrusts. It’s all you need to tip over the edge and fall into bliss, rapture overtaking your body. Your eyes roll back into your skull as Loki keeps his hand firmly on your neck, continuing to drive up into you as he chases his own release.
“That’s right, whore, fall apart for me.” He growls, finally releasing his hold on your throat and allowing you to fall forward, your forehead smearing against his shoulder exhaustedly. You fall quite nearly limp, your lethargic form granting Loki the ability to thrust up into your overworked cunt as he pleases. Finally, with your pussy clenching rhythmically with the aftershocks of your orgasm, milking Loki’s cock, his hips begin to stutter.
“Take my seed, my pet.” He grits out, voice tight as he nears his release. “It is an honor.” With that he snaps his hips upwards once more with a groan, slamming you down on his lap with such a force it makes you cry out as the first ropes of his hot cum enter your channel.
You moan softly as his seed paints your walls, the viscous substance filling you up and warming you from the inside out. Loki’s chest heaves below you as he comes down, his large hand finding your back to hold you firmly to him in a comforting embrace.
“Thank you, my lord.” You breathe out, nosing along his clavicle and inhaling his heady scent.
“You’re more than welcome, my pet.”
taglist: @whizzbeesdukes @snapesdaughsjm @kyleed24 @woman-with-no-name @barneswidow @randomoutsiders @fandom-puff @spxllcxstxr @frecklesandfirecrackers @layaaaa @wholebigboxofyikes @fific7 @sunrisefairy @pandaxnienke @weasleyposts @sw33tgirl @amourtentiaa @drachoesimp @st0nesnglitter @fjorelaant let me know if you want to be added to or removed from my marvel taglist!
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The Silver Shadow
Work Summary: You are a free agent. Killing for over a hundred years you have a dangerous reputation. Suddenly, however, an attraction to the God of Mischief himself threatens everything your life has become...
Word Count: 1,943
Warnings: Some smut
Tags: @daisy116
Other Chapters: Masterlist
Tumblr media
Chapter 2: Why’d it Have to be French!?
In the darkness of the King's Treason Inn, two bodies were shining. Sweat glistened off of their bodies as the heat of the room was getting unbearable. Only their primitive desires kept them going.
"Oh," you moaned. It wasn't often that you had sex. Rarer than you did so for personal reasons. When you did, you rarely got anywhere. If sex was to get to a vista, you had never had actually seen the view. The closest you had gotten was to feel the need to come. Only after the moment had faded did you realize that the sensation was your partner ejecting into you. He had pulled out right afterward, got dressed, and walked out.
It wasn't that you couldn't get a guy. Over your life, you had loved several times and had sex with more men than you'd like. The results were always the same. They used you to get what they wanted and left.
In the sheets, you were a completely different person. Your seductive confident personality disappeared. When it came to it, you were usually the submissive one in a relationship and rarely got what you wanted. Not that you ever asked for it, but it would be nice if they could give it to you.
All of your frustrations peaked when the man you were currently in bed with moaned. Loudly. His hips bucked, and his breath got ragged. Hot white cum shot out from him into your dry cunt. He had stopped going after this revelation and pulled out.
"Oh, no, you don't," you snapped, "let me finish!"
"Baby, why would I do that?" he asked, genuinely shocked that a woman would demand that she, too, would be granted an orgasm as well. You didn't wait for him to get his sentence out before you swung your legs out, tripping him. In a well-practiced move, you brought him to the ground and sprayed out his limbs. Instead of slitting his throat, however, you injected him with a sedative and started riding him, working yourself to completion.
“You fucking bitch,” he snarled, “you better get the fuck of of me!” Those were the last words he said to you but you didn't care anymore. It was sex that you wanted and sex you would get. Ignoring your partner's cries, you trusted yourself back and forth, occasionally swirling yourself around. His shaft was going in and out quickly now. In between your legs, there was a sensation that wasn't there before. After nearly a hundred years of trying, you were finally enjoying yourself during sex.
"Uhhh," you breathed as thick liquid gushed out. You had done it. You had come. Colors flashed around in your brain, and your dry tongue tasted like cotton candy. Your hips were sore, and your head fell back, experiencing everything at once. Panic set in as you were still unsure that what you were feeling was indeed what you were supposed to, but you honestly didn't care. Whatever it was, it felt amazing.
As the high wore off, however, new emotions began to set in. Like with killing, there was always a small amount of remorse inside.
The man underneath you was knocked out. He wasn't dead, however. That would've been disgusting. He would be waking up in a few hours from now and would have questions about what happened. You dug around one of your supply pockets until you found what you were looking for.
You weren't stupid. What you had done would stick with him. And guys like him talked. Standing over his naked form, you guessed that it would take 3 beers to get him talking—sort of like when you met him earlier that night.
You stood by yourself on the train tracks, alone, shivering in the middle of the woods. As of now, the sun was still shining, but you knew you only had a few hours until the world would be enclosed in darkness. Already the world seemed darker.
Where did this train take me?... Where was it going?... WHAT WAS ON IT?...
You walked off of the tracks and down the slope to the edge of the woods. You found a fallen branch and sat down. The fabric on your rear end moistened with water from the moss on the stick. As soon as you felt the wetness, you regretted picking that branch. With the temperature dropping and the noticeable moisture in the air, it wasn't going to be drying anytime soon.
With all the discomfort you had been through with being on the run your whole life, you could take a lot. Bruises, cuts, gunshot wounds were all OK with you, but you couldn't stand wearing wet clothes! They made you itchy, and you were always cold in them. You needed to find someplace to get new ones.
Out of your supply belt came a GPS. It wasn't super fancy. It was just an old one from the eighties. They were able to track the newer versions. After it booted up, the machine put you fifteen miles outside of a small Canadian town. If you followed the tracks and ran, you'd be there in a little more than two hours.
Well, it's not ideal, but I need clothes... They probably haven't heard of me... Of course not... They're all civilians….
Exactly two hours and 18 minutes later, you reached the edge of the town. You were pretty out of breath from the running. A little bit of running, in the heat of a mission, wasn't bad. But you had made it a point to never run for more than an hour and a half during training sessions.
A sign on the right side said, "Welcome to Mountain Paradise." It must have been quite a locale in its heyday. From the look of it, however, you didn't see the paradise part. The paint on the streets had faded from a bright yellow to a dull white, and the pavement was cracked. Gum littered the sidewalks, and the glass of the windows was dirty. With all the towns, large and small, you had seen, this would definitely be at the bottom of the list. Definitely not last, you'd seen worse, but Mountain Paradise would be placed firmly in the bottom half.
Judging from the state of the town itself, you figured that the residents would hardly notice a stranger. Small towns like this were used to people like you. Showing up messy and staying for a day before leaving. Your tired, chaotic state would definitely help you blend in.
You walked down the main street until you found a small clothes shop. As you walked in, a bell on the door rang. It was there to alert the shop owner to you entering the store so they could assist you, but your presence barely earned more than a gruff grunt like "Bienvenue" from a man at the counter.
Why’d it have to be French?... I hate speaking it… Whyyyyyy?...
You looked through the racks trying to find something your size that suited your tastes. A pair of jeans looked suitable, though they were a bit dirty. Much to your excitement, you found an old Metallica shirt. You were about to go pay for the items and find somewhere to put them on when a rack of flannels caught your eye. You were a sucker for flannels.
“Pourquoi bonjour ma chérie” (why hello there darling) a voice behind you whispered, “Que fait une fille comme toi ici? Ne me dis pas que tu habites ici, car je sais que ce n'est pas vrai. Tu es trop jolie pour être de cette décharge.” (What's a girl like you doing out here? Don't tell me you live around here, cause I know that's not true. Your too pretty to be from this dump.)
"Vous avez raison. Je ne suis pas. (you're right. I'm not)." you answered.
Give him enough to stop talking…. Not too much…. Just enough to satisfy his curiosity….
“Bon, d'où venez-vous? J'aimerais mieux vous connaître. Les étrangers comme vous m'intéressent. Et pour bavarder autour d'un verre? Vous pourriez aussi en apprendre davantage sur moi. (Well, where are you from? I'd like to get to know you more. Outsiders like you interest me. What about chatting over a drink? You could learn about me too.)”
"Shit," you mumbled.
He wanted to get a drink? With you? It wasn't like you had anything else to do or anywhere to be, but what if you accidentally spilled some secrets? And someone overheard them and spread them? That wouldn't be good...
In your head, you ran through every possible situation that could happen. Internally you tried every excuse to refuse his offer, but inside you were tired. After almost getting captured earlier today, you needed to unwind. Getting a drink, chatting with someone. It almost sounded normal. That was something you needed right now.
"Ça sonne bien. (That sounds great)," you answered after a great internal battle. The killer side of you said to get what you needed and to run, but the part of you that had stayed human compelled you. It had been a while since you relaxed. “Laissez-moi payer et changer de vêtements, alors allons-y. Connaissez-vous des pubs? (Let me pay and change clothes, then let's go. Do you know any pubs?)"
That's how you had ended up in the back room of a pub with a naked, unconscious man. After you had changed into your jeans, Metallica shirt, and flannel, he had driven you in his dirty red pickup truck to the King's Treason Inn. He had bought you a drink which turned into two, which turned into ten. Even after ingesting all of that alcohol, you were completely sober. Along with living insanely long, you were unable to get drunk. It bothered you more than anyone could ever know.
The man you were with said his name was Alex. After he had three beers, he turned out to be a reasonably nice person to talk to. He was tall. Not more than six feet tall, but taller than you. His brown skin was covered in tattoos. There was one on his bicep of the Korean word 'yeoubi.' It meant the sun shining through the rain. That's what talking with Alex had been like.
No… Don't get attached… You'll have to leave Alex… You know that…
Alex had realized that French wasn't your first language after he revealed himself to not be a native French speaker either. He was origionally from Alaska and was chasing down odd jobs, which had brought him out to Mountain's Paradise.
"I go where my heart tells me the money is."
That's how he had explained it to you. Deep down, you knew that you and Alex weren't that much different. Sure, you lied and killed, and he washed dishes, but you both only listened to your heart. When Alex had made a motion to kiss you, your primitive instincts kicked in. When he didn't please you as you pleasured him, you took action.
Now standing over his naked body, you weren't sure you had done the right thing. You felt bad for the way you had reacted. He was so nice earlier. You should have at least asked him to do you. But what's done is in the past.
So you took the Rohypnol tablet and shoved it in his mouth. He would have no memory of tonight. And that was fine by you.
You got dressed, stole the wallet out of his jean pocket, and walked out of the room. You handed a hundred to the bartender and disappeared into the night.
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marveicinematics · 4 days ago
shaken (loki x reader, smut)
Summary : Your date didn’t show up, but a stranger did and you willing to be his for the night.
Pairing : Loki Laufeyson x female reader.
Words : 1,597.
TW : Smut. Unprotected sex, dirty talk, (small) praise kink.
Note : Sometimes, I just miss Loki.  (•◡•)
I’m open for request, just check the requests page. ♡
Tumblr media
“I’ll take a Vodka Martini. Shaken, not stirred.“ Sitting at the counter of the bar you decided to spend the night in, you giggled at the demand of the man that was now standing next to you and sat where you date was supposed to be. “Like James Bond.“ You said, as you saw his inquiring gaze. It didn’t seem to answer his questions, as he frowned, eyes still looking at you. “I beg you pardon?“ He asked, tilting his head to the side.
“James Bond. The secret agent.“ There was no way he didn’t know who you were talking about, especially considering his condescending tone and accent that directly made you believed he was, just like the fictional character, coming directly from England. “I’m afraid I don’t know who you’re talking about.“ You giggled again, shaking your head, which seemed to both confuse and amuse him. Focusing your attention to your drink, you tried to avoid thinking about the stranger sitting next to you, yet everything in you was attracted to him. He was good looking, for sure. But he had this little something, a part of mystery you wanted to discover while chatting over a drink, spending the night getting to know him only to end up under his sheets screaming his name until next morning. You shook your head to clean your mind from this fantasy, taking another sip from your cocktail. “Are you here alone?“ You heard the familiar voice say, and after wondering if you should look at him or not, you turned around to see he was indeed talking to you, again. “Yes, I am. My date bailed out on me.“ “What a shame.“ He grabbed his drink as soon as it arrived, taking a sip from it. “No one should ever stand up a woman like you.“ Your face flushed, realizing the man was possibly flirting with you — or just being nice. Yes, he was probably just being nice. “Well, if you’re here alone too, maybe you can be my new date.“ Expecting him to talk about the person he was probably waiting for, you were surprised to hear his answer. “I would absolutely love to.“ “Then we should try to get to know each other and make it fun. Like, playing truth or dare.“ Once again, he looked confused, and he took a few seconds before letting you know. “I do not know this game.“ “For real? You never played it?“ You asked, surprised. The man shook his head, and you proceeded into telling him the basic rules of the game. Taking another sip from your drink, you let him reflect on all the informations he just got. “All right. So, will you tell me the truth or accept to let me dare you?“ He asked, and you chuckled at the way each of his sentences seemed so well made. “I’ll start with truth.“ “Why would you want to go on a date with someone stupid enough to stand you up?“ Another giggle, and you shook your head as your cheeks turned read. “Actually, I don’t know him. It’s just some guy from a dating app.“ “Dating app.“ He repeated, perplexed. “Yes. We were supposed to meet for the first time tonight, but he didn’t come. It happens all the time, it’s fine.“ You looked at him again, and the way his eyes seemed to be taking in anything you said, as if he was learning, in a way. The more time you spent by his side, the more you needed to know more about him. “Truth or dare?“ You finally asked, hoping he would still be up to play. “Truth.“ For a while, you thought about asking about him. His name, his age, his job, where he was coming from — but you were positive he was British. Yet, your body kept being attracted to him like a magnet, and you just needed to make sure this wasn’t only going one way. “Do you think I’m attractive?“ You asked, leaning a little closer to him. The cocktails were making you bolder than you usually were. “Anyone would be an idiot to not see that you are a gorgeous woman.“ He didn’t even hesitate, or stutter, or blushed. He even leaned closer to you, both your body slowly making their way to one another. “Truth or..—“ “Truth.“ You cut him off with a smile, earning a soft chuckle from the man. “Is it true you’re already fantasizing about me?“ You straightened up, face blushing again as you frowned. He seemed to be so serious that the question unsettled you. “How would you know?“ “Well, I see things.“ He started to explain, not wanting to worry you. “I see the way your cheeks are a little more bright red each time we talk, and the way your hands are fidgeting. I see how you looked away after the first time we talked, but can’t seem to look away, now. Not to mention the fact that your entire body seems to be leaning closer after each question, for the same reason.“ His smile was something between a cocky smirk and a genuinely kind grin. Keeping quiet, you tried to find something to shoot back. He was right, and from the way he was looking at you, he knew it. Shaking your head, you decided that answering the question would be the only way to get done with the awkwardness of the moment. “Yes, I guess I did fantasize about you for a minute. I am alone and you are gorgeous.“ But you didn’t let him answer to you. “Truth or dare?“ “Dare.“ You had to think for a minute, his eyes hadn’t looked away from your face for the whole time. Something in you was screaming at you to stop this little game right now, but each time you looked into his eyes, you just needed to take it a bit further. “I dare you to make my fantasies come true, then.“ It was only after boldly speaking out that your cheeks turned this familiar bright color, which made his grin widen. Without a word, he stood up from the seat, catching your hand so you imitated him. You followed him all the way to the back of the bar and inside the women’s bathroom, that he locked behind you. “I am going to need you to tell me a little more about what this sweet mind of yours is fantasizing about.“ He grabbed your hips, pushing you against the wall as he pressed his body against you. Truth was, you weren’t expecting him to be this strong, and it turned you on more than you were before. “I just want you to fuck me all night long.“ You said, incapable of controlling yourself around him for reasons that you couldn’t understand. His fingers undid the button in the front of your dress only to allow your chest to be visible, and as he was kissing down your neck and collarbone, you arched against him, sighs filled with lust and pleasure. “You’re such a dirty woman, about to get fucked in the bathroom by a stranger. Does it arouse you, love?“ And as if he was trying to get an answered, he slid two fingers inside your panties, teasing your slit. “All wet and ready for me, I knew it.“ You moaned, biting down at your lips, as you tried to get your underwear off to give him a better access. The stranger undid his pants, pushing it under his ass only to let his hard cock out. “Fuck.“ You let out, seeing how big he was. Your fingers slowly grazed the length, getting him to groan softly. “Sir, I think you’re just as aroused as I am.“ He looked serious but still let out a chuckle at your comment, grabbing your thighs to push you up against the wall, giving him access to your pussy. He asked permission with a gaze, and you nodded to give it to him. “Oh god—“ You moaned when he entered you, not letting you time to adjust before he was trusting inside you. “You’re so big.“ It seemed to please him, making him push harder inside you as you wrapped his body with your legs to keep him close, hands buried in his hair. “You’re fucking me so good, keep going!“ Again, he seemed to enjoy your words, moaning as his move began to be more frenetic, which caused you to moan louder. His hips met yours faster and harder, his pelvis stimulating your clit as your breasts kept grazing against the fabric of his shirt. “Tell me you like it.“ He groaned, hitting your g-spot almost every time he was thrusting back in. “I fucking love it. Ah, you’re gonna make me cum already!“ The familiar feeling in between your legs made you tighten your grip, keeping his body close as you neared your orgasm. One of his hand grabbed your breast as his lips finally connected with yours, and he gave you a hot and passionate kiss, massaging your breast over the lace of your bra to get you off. It was enough for you to climax, crying out in pleasure against his mouth as you started shaking against him. Walls clenching around his cock, it tipped him over the edge. Giving you one last thrust, he emptied himself deep inside you, hot seed filling you up as you rode out your orgasm.
“Fuck,“ he cursed for the first time, cock still pulsating inside you. “You were amazing, love.“ It took you a minute to catch your breath, putting your underwear back on as the man was buttoning his pants again, as if he hadn’t just fucked you against the wall. “Do you want to come get another drink in my hotel room?“ He asked, turning around to face you as you were adjusting your dress and your hair. “By the way, my name is Loki. It is very nice to meet you.“
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earlgreydream · 5 days ago
| loki x reader | fluff |
anon requested. loki kinda degraded sub!reader and she scrunches up all tiny and sobs afterwards because she thought he meant what he said
cw: slightly smutty, slightly angsty
Tumblr media
You begged Loki to let you come, fighting against the magical restraints your dom had placed around your wrists and ankles. 
“Oh, you want to come so bad you’re crying? You desperate, pathetic whore. You’re so fucking filthy, have you no shame?” Loki sneered, the words sending arousal pooling deep in your belly, even though you fought against it. Your body jolted at the slap administered to your inner thigh, a pained cry escaping your lips. 
You’d been acting up and testing Loki’s patience, which is what earned you this punishment, your pleasure being dangled in front of you, just out of reach. You’d broken his rules, and he’d had enough of your attitude. 
“Come now before I change my mind,” Loki’s tone was dangerous, and the pressure inside of you shattered. He followed your lead, finishing inside of you before he pulled out and made the restraints vanish. 
As the pleasure wore off, his words echoing in your mind, You desperate, pathetic whore. You’re so fucking filthy, have you no shame?
Loki stood off of the bed, going to run you a hot shower. As soon as he’d stepped away, a sob tore through your chest, your shoulders heaving as you cried. You curled up in a ball, feeling small and alone on his massive bed. 
Loki heard you crying, and he felt like his heart was being ripped out of his chest. He abandoned the shower and ran to your side, kneeling down on the bed. You looked so tiny and fragile, folding in on yourself. His chest ached when he heard your soft sounds and saw the way your hands trembled as you tugged at your hair, trying to self-soothe. He reached out to pull your hands away, wanting to keep you from anxiously tearing the hair from your sensitive head.
“My darling-” his voice cracked when you jerked away from him. You hiccuped on your broken sobs as they wrecked you, emotion flooding every last thought and turning you into a mess. 
Loki’s magic sparked around you, cleaning you up and leaving you both in loose clothing. The green shimmer surrounded you, Loki’s fruitless attempt to touch you without frightening you. It was warm, and seemed to buzz with its own life, but didn’t make you feel any better. 
“My darling, have I hurt you? Tell me whatever is wrong so that I may fix it,” Loki begged, wanting nothing more than to pull you into his arms. 
“Don’t touch me, please,” you tried to catch your breath, wanting to get your keys and leave. 
He sank back, giving you space. His eyes were concerned and sad, and he fought against the urge to pierce into your mind, ripping the truth from you. The door vanished from the wall as you tried to run out, and you whipped around to face the god, who was kneeling on the bed and looking wounded. There was no exit, Loki keeping you contained to the bedroom until your devastation was resolved. 
“Y/N, I won’t let you leave when you’re so upset. You cannot drive safely. If you wish, I can take you anywhere you want to go,” Loki fretted, and though you knew he was right, you only grew more and more upset. 
“Come to me, darling,” Loki opened his arms, the authority in his voice making you comply. You knew this was a fight you couldn’t win. You’d end up in Loki’s arms confessing your pain whether by his will, or your own.
Your sobs broke his heart, and he slowly wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you down into his lap. He held you firmly, and eventually your struggling subsided as you let yourself weep against his chest. 
“Please don’t make me pry the truth out of you,” Loki begged softly into your hair. He didn’t want to add to your pain, he only wanted to fix it. He was very aware that sifting through your mind to take your private thoughts was something that made you feel extremely violated. He wanted you to tell him on your own, but he wouldn’t let you keep such heartbreaking secrets from him. 
“Y-you... did you mean what you said about me? That I was pathetic, and d-desperate and a whore?” You sobbed out, stammering over your words.
“Oh, oh my goodness. My darling, I am so sorry. I never meant any of that. I thought you understood I just said it in the scene... please my love, I adore you more than all of the stars. Never think you are not the most perfect, beautiful, eloquent, and lovely person in my eyes. I love you, I will never say such horrible things again.” Tears flowed freely down Loki’s face. You were startled, unused to seeing raw emotion from him, especially not guilt. It hadn’t occurred to you that the words Loki had spoken were just part of the scene, part of the sex you were having. He wasn’t typically fond of degradation, but he was experimenting in the moment, never expecting it to be received as genuine. 
There was no room for doubt in his words. He meant his love then, and he would spend the rest of his life proving his love to you.
His strong arms cradled you against his body, trying to hold you together.
“I’m so sorry, so sorry,” he breathed apologies like a repetitive prayer.
You listened to his heartbeat, letting the rhythm slow your racing mind. Your sobs eventually subsided, calmed by the steady circles of his hand on your back.
“I forgive you,” your lips moved against the underside of his jaw.
“Please always stop me, tell me then, if anything at all makes you feel even the slightest bit unsafe. I never want you to feel this way again, certainly not at my fault,” Loki begged, and you nodded before burying your face back in him.
“Do you still love me?”
“I love you the most,” you promised.
Loki talked you into staying the night, doting on you to the point you were almost smothered. His magic conjured everything you wanted, even in the back of your thoughts.
“Do you want to go get some?” He asked, and you turned, tilting your head in confusion.
“To Paris. For the macarons.”
“You’re reading my thoughts,” you sighed softly, but a smile graced your expression as you kissed him.
“No, I’m sleepy. Maybe tomorrow?” You asked, and he nodded, sweeping you off your feet and carrying you back to bed.
You situated yourself in his arms, your back against his chest. His larger frame shielded you, wrapping you in safety and warmth. You slept soundly with him, the pain and uncertainty from the afternoon long gone and replaced by his love.
The smell of coffee rose you out of your sleep. Your eyes took a few moments to adjust to the soft light spilling in through the windows, and you sat up, suddenly realizing you weren’t in Loki’s bedroom at his apartment, where you’d fallen asleep.
“Loki?!” You called, and he leaned in the doorway.
“Good morning. I didn’t mean to frighten you. We took a short trip in your sleep. We’re at my Paris flat.”
You smiled, stretching your arms above your head as you yawned. Loki put a coffee in your hands, leaning down and kissing your forehead.
“If I cry will you spoil me more often?” You teased lightly, and he shot you his signature dom look of warning, making you shudder.
“It breaks my heart to see you cry, my darling,” Loki’s tone was apologetic, guilt still left over from the day before. You squeezed his arm as you sipped your coffee.
“I’m okay,” you swore, earning another kiss from your lover.
“Mm. Finish that up and we’ll go to the patisserie down the street.”
“Yes, sir.”
He smiled, happy you were cheered up and back to normal. He moved his fingers and a pretty sundress appeared hanging on the back of the washroom door for you, delicate white flats placed below.
“Dressing me up like your little doll?”
“Careful, or I will dress you, after I get that attitude in line.”
“I love the dress. And I can put it on by myself,” you apologized, pecking his lips before walking to the bathroom.
You returned in the sundress, a white beret adorning your head along with it. You relished in the bright smile Loki rewarded you with. In a shimmer of green, he was dressed in pastels that matched your own. You loved to see him in casual clothes instead of the Asgardian armor he frequently wore, and he indulged you for this small Parisian vacation. 
“You look stunning, my darling.”
Giggles erupted from your lips, making Loki’s heart soften. He dipped his head down to kiss you, making your nose scrunch up in the cutest way that he loved. His long, slender fingers folded with yours, holding your hand as the two of you made your way out of the flat and onto the bustling street. You were thankful for the sunny weather, greatly improving your mood from the rough night in New York’s rain. 
“Feeling better?”
“Much,” you nodded.
“Let’s get some crepes. Sound good?”
“Sounds perfect, Loki.”
The young god pecked your lips before pushing you inside of a patisserie. 
“Salut,” the girl working called to the two of you as the bell clinged on the door.
“Darling, what would you like? We can take some macarons to go,” Loki asked, pointing to the pastries behind the glass.
You chose a few, and Loki rattled off your order in French to the shopkeeper, taking the bag from her and moving you to sit at a table in the corner for your crepes. 
“Can we stay in Paris for a couple of days? Just us, not any of the distractions from New York,” you asked, leaning your head against his shoulder and accepting the bite he fed you. 
“Most certainly.” He kissed the sugar off of your lips before the two of you left for a park with your snacks for later. Loki held your hand as you walked along a low stone wall beside him, your eyes level with the extra height. 
“Y/N, you must know that you are so, so terribly loved.”
You turned and snaked your arms around his neck, looking deep into his crystal blue eyes.
“I do not doubt your love, Loki.”
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